Welcome to the Porn Battle website.  A battle in which everyone is a winner!


A Porn Battle, basically, is a challenge in which authors, artists, vidders and song-writers produce erotic fan works and post them in the comments of a Porn Battle post (initially on Livejournal, more recently on both Dreamwidth and Livejournal) for all to enjoy.  It lasts just over a week, there are always thousands of prompts to work from, and it's a lot of fun!


The first ever Porn Battle was in January 2006, and it's been a twice yearly event (in January and June/July) until 2012, when it became an annual event.



Porn Battle XVI

I'm sorry to announce that the Porn Battle challenge is on indefinite hiatus. It isn't over forever, though, so do check back here occasionally for an update on Porn Battle XVI.


Check here or here for the most up-to-date information.


Selected updates:

19th February 2015: [community profile] pbam, the Porn Battle amnesty community, is running the Golden Oldies round until Wednesday, February 25 (22:30 GMT).

14th January 2015: The Porn Battle challenge is on hiatus.

20th February 2014: The page of entries for Porn Battle XV sorted by fandom is now finished.  And [community profile] pbam, the Porn Battle amnesty community, is open for entries.  All late entries can also be posted on AO3.

18th February 2014: All the entries (approximately 800) are up on the entries page now - a page sorted by fandom will be coming soon is up in rough form.

16th February 2014: The battle is now closed for entries!

16th February 2014: The first 650 entries are now up on the entries page.  A reminder: the battle closes today!

11th February 2014: The poll is still open, but given the overwhelming votes for extending the battle, the new deadline is 20:00 GMT Sunday 16th February 2014.

11th February 2014: The first ~350 400 entries are now up on the entries page. Also, there is a poll regarding extending the Porn Battle until Sunday 16th February here.

8th February 2014: The credits page has been updated with all the wonderful volunteers who are helping this time around.

2nd February 2014: The first page of entries from the Dreamwidth post are now up on the entries page.

2nd February 2014: The battle is now open (see the side bar for prompts).  Entries should be posted either on Dreamwidth or Livejournal, and if possible mirrored on AO3 as well. 

26th January 2014: The prompts posts are now closed, and prompts are being sorted. Sorted prompts will go up on the website on Sunday 2 February, and the Battle will go live then.

25th January 2014: The FAQ has been updated with some recent questions. If you still have questions, ask here or here, or email the mod.

21st January 2014: Prompt posts are now open for Porn Battle XV, on LJ and on DW.  Both posts include links to question pages, beta posts and 'special' prompt pages.  If you'd like to encourage others to take part, please use any of the link buttons.




Disclaimer: Much of the material on this site is only suitable for adults.  Please do not click on the links if you are underage in your country.  This is a non profit-making site.


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