Porn Battle IX (Dressed to the Nines)




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.hack//AI buster
Orca/Balmung, legendary, wings

Kite/Black Rose, loyalty

Tsukasa/Subaru, reality

Bastien/Frau, precious
Castor/Frau, understanding, threads
Frau/Teito, irresistible, vulnerable, destiny, learning
Labrador/Teito, gentle
Mikage/Teito, memory

10 Things I hate About You (movie)
Kat/Patrick, mine, hand, dirty, hair

17 Again
Maggie/teen!Mike, [any]

18 to Life
Tom/Jessie, first, university, anniversary, appliances

Cole/Dana, secret, ring, glass
David Emerson/Tony Almeida, persuasion, loyalty, weapons, trust, ownership, clarity, hand-to-hand, bruises
Jack Bauer/Cole Ortiz, training, integrity, comparison, Captain America, handcuffs
Jack Bauer/David Palmer, President, kneeling, debt
Jack Bauer/Tony Almeida, completion, shadow, essential, ear
Jack Bauer/Tony Almeida/David Emmerson, competition, ownership, denial
Jack Bauer/Chase, home, job
Jack Bauer/Chloe, cell, minute, trust
Jack Bauer/Renee, darkness, coat, release, rushed, escape, driving, gun, hidden, water
Michelle/Tony Almeida, moments, stolen, scrape

28 Days Later
Jim/Major West, surrender
Jim/Selena, aftermath
Selena/Corporal Mitchell, sacrifice

3:10 to Yuma
Any Pairing, Fire and Ice, Dust and Water, sweat
Ben Wade/Dan Evans, rough, Scars/Blood, skinny dipping, stack of cards, bottle of rum
Ben Wade/Emmy, memory
Velvet/Emmy, unforgettable

30 Rock
Elizabeth/Jack, dirty, corporate, secret, impulse, closet
Jack/Jenna, last chance, elevator, awkward, pretend, calculated move
Jack/Liz, beach sex, shoes, what, snowed in, apples, trapped, rain, shower, France, complicated, role playing, underwear, whiskey, sandwich, ice cream, stop, envious, roses, comfort, fancy dress, after party, drunk, touch, business trip, synergy, electricity, snow, desk, restraint, pretend, dance, soap opera, caught, regret, unrequited, corporate, suit, close call, tie, count down, dirty 30's, moustache, overrated, underrated, Vegas, divorce, pregnancy, education, Emmy award, silk, allergies, in trouble, encouragement, high five, foreplay, promiscuous, afterparty, hungry, morning, experimentation, ginger ale, biological clock, office redecoration, socks, fatherhood, BIanca, false alarm, after the show, amnesia, problem, elevator, waiting, revelation, stuck, movies, reunited, business, birthday, imagination, jealous, familiarity, roadtrip, trust, denial, role play, shark week, against the wall, bath, boobies, starting now, unexpected, urgency, close, precedent, wet, toaster, desk, dancing, becoming real, glasses, habits, wine, Late Night Wars, fame, negotiating, her office, merger, inspiration, finally, breakfast in bed
Jack/Liz/Claire, impulsive
Jack/Nancy, German
Liz/Claire, frustrated, Jack, Chicago
Liz/Conan, finale, New York, NBC, goodbyes
Liz/Danny, awkward, sofa, dress up, illicit, desire, role play, Chips, knees, thin lips
Liz/Drew, practice, glasses
Liz/James Franco, weird
Liz/Jenna, grow up

9 to 5 The Musical
Doralee/Judy, xerox machine

90210 (new)
Ethan/Silver, [any], summer, dress, tent, college, feather
Liam/Ivy, [any], sand, chill, photobooth

90210 (original)
Brandon/Dylan, secret, pool, quiet

A Little Night Music
Anne/Henrik, fumble, apology, free, excitement, smile
Carl-Magnus/Charlotte, after, unreasonable, return
Charlotte/Anne, desperate, virgin, feel
older!Frederika/Henrik, sin, liaisons, practice

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Shakespeare
Titania/Oberon, dominant, hillside, rolling, naturally

A Room With a View - E.M. Forster
George/Lucy, touch, veranda
Lucy/Cecil, once

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Arianne/Tyene, heat
Arya/Sansa, wolfcubs, needle, faceless
Asha/Theon, dominance, kraken, tentacles, sea, queen
Daenerys/Irri, comfort
Euron/Victarion, games, gift
Jaime/Brienne, sorrow, oathbreaking, fate, hope, lies, truth
Jaime/Cersei, mirror, ghost limb, spun gold.
Jaqen H'ghar/Arya Stark, identity, man, reunite
Renly/Loras, cloak, midnight, wick, fate, starred
Sandor/Sansa, knight, truth, hound, wolf, cunning, saved, lemon, cake, smouldering, flight, winter, sinkhole, double-edged, confession, fire, kiss, lie, sword

A Streetcar Named Desire - Tennessee Williams
Stanley/Stella, fierce, smash, blood, animal, bliss

A Winter's Tale - Shakespeare
Hermione/Paulina, loyalty, years, truth, conviction, hope, sorrow, beauty, touch, familiar, home, know

Candy/Carrion, hurt, dark things, power

Absolutely Fabulous
Patsy/Edina, flashback
Patsy/Saffron, hatesex, virginity

Ace Attorney
Edgeworth/Gumshoe, size, loyalty, food, dinner, money
Godot/Maya, spirit, belief, pity, red
Godot/Mia, waiting, reunited, beloved
Maya/Edgeworth, femdom
Mia/Diego, kitten, stamp, hairflick, paperwork
Mia/Maya, sisters, teaching
Phoenix/Edgeworth, argument, dinner, case, Germany, protectiveness, co-dependency
Phoenix/Maya/Edgeworth, [any]

Across the Universe
Jude/Max, denial, drunken, free, healing, painting, protest, relief, reunion, roadtrip, Across the Universe, noise, Canada, domesticity, French, run, dibs, New York, hidden, secret, hair cut, check, hug, touch, music, disco, 1980s, grown-up, Memorial Day, medal, parade, honor, uncle, divorce, Princeton, basement, dress, acid, high, artist, nudes, gallery

Addams Family
Morticia/Gomez, crimson, s'il vous plait, midnight, storm, burning, wine, impatient, time

Em/Connell, on your back, sheets, quiet, bad, losers

Air Gear
Agito/Kazu, fashion, paycheck
Spitfire/Kazu, illusion, cold

Archangel/Caitlin, one blanket, thunderstorm, scars, nightmares, first time, "good guys wear white"

Albert Campion novels - Margery Allingham
Valentine Ferris/Amanda Fitton, innovation, electric, fancy dress
Valentine Ferris/Georgia Wells, comfort, acting a part

Alex Rider
Alex/Wolf, RST
Alex/Yessen, fantasy

Alias (comics)
Jessica Jones/Jessica Drew, undercover, jealousy, team-ups, sparring, cigarettes, leather

Jack Bristow/Julian Sark, regret, threesome, widower, negotiate
Jack Bristow/Irina Derevko, stairwell, picnic, disguise, injury, liar, time, reminder
Jack Bristow/Sydney Bristow, Derevko, crimson, knife, balance
Julian Sark/Irina Derevko, danger, knife, Messiah
Julian Sark/Sydney Bristow, champagne, style, dice, guns, handcuffs, heat, neck, snow, train, trust, wall!sex, wrists, missing years, pretending to be together, trust, guns, strategy
Julian Sark/Michael Vaughn, reunion, smirk, fondness, cooperation, snark
Julian Sark/Will, Taipei, torture, spread-eagled, identity, bound
Sydney Bristow/Michael Vaughn, adrenaline, home, laughter, return, wig, loyalty, hot wax, cheeseburger
Tom Grace/Sydney Bristow, marriage, train
Michael Vaughn/Sydney Bristow/Weiss, trap, plan, undercover
Will/ Sydney Bristow, music, sweet, lights

Alice (SyFy)
Alice/Duchess, missing, perspective, history
Alice/Hatter, emotions, tea, everything, deck, top hat, doll, ghost, guest, wanting, game, blindfold, candles, Hatter's right hand, lips, dizzy, new, amazed, morning, memories, dance, sacrifice, birthday, Christmas, regret, journey, drunk, unconditional, laughter, learn, soft, hope, fireworks, outdoors , reunion, apology, laundry, taste, smell, touch, tea time, movement, wild, tangle, stars, cards, help, payment, waiting, watching, [any]
Alice/Hatter/Jack, AU, contrition, surrender
Alice/Jack, forgotten, ring, gi
Duchess/Jack, honesty, second, withdraw, ring, flirt, love, handcuffs, tea, dress

All Creatures Great and Small
Helen/James/Tristan, late night, consolation, champagne

All My Children
Bianca/Kendall, together, discovery
Bianca/Maggie, regret, always, return
Edmund/Dimitri, stables, lord of the manor, snuggled in bed, fight
Erica Kane/Ryan Lavery, desk, fashion
Erica Kane/Tad, the only one in town she hasn't married
Leo/Greenlee, candles, bath, snarky, leave the world behind
Tad/Dixie, laughter, reunion, playful

Alles Was Zaehlt
Deniz/Roman, trust, love, voyeur, fire, ice, water, flame

'Allo, 'Allo!
Rene/any, apron, cupboard, table

Almost Famous
Jeff/Penny/Russell, music, together, this way, yes, touch, rimming, needing, more
Penny/Russell, Morocco, apology, years, enough, love, wanting

Kuchiha/anyone, fight or flight

Amélie/Nino, strawberries

American Dreams
JJ/Beth, Hawaii, haircut, ring, footrub
Sam/Meg, Berkeley, groove, LPs

Dmitri/Anya, fighting, run, train, dance, roadtrip, Paris

Ascendant/Balance of Judgment, ancient literature, forgiveness, submission, cargo
Beka/Rhade, speak, springs, venom, bedside, ghost, tree, Egypt
Beka/Tyr, sounds, breath, lazy, choice, figure, paper, time
Harper/Avatar, planet, trouble, function
Rommie/Rhade, surrender, caught, trail, popcorn, back, sorrow, stars

Angel Sanctuary
Kira/Katou, drugged
Kurai/Setsuna, older
Lailah/Sandalphon, curse
Mad Hatter/Kurai, tribute
Raphael/Barbiel, match
Raphael/Sara, innocent
Raziel/Sheatiel, dust
Setsuna/Katou, temporary
Uriel/Katou, binding


Angel the Series
Angel/Doyle, drugs, chains, possession
Angel/Fred, private, innocent, Wesley watching, dark, markings
Angel/Kate/Lindsay, rough
Angel/Spike/Lawson, set in 'Why We Fight' on the submarine
Angel/Wesley, impossible, handjob, touch, voices
Connor/Darla, resolve, heart, warmth, blood, sacrifice, redemption, never
Connor/Jasmine, true face, beauty, strength, lie, pain, calm, always
Cordelia/Gunn, [any], one-off, lazy, laughter
Darla/Cordelia, whimper
Drogyn/Illyria, any
Faith/Wesley, bitch, fire, scarlet, chair, black, feather, bulls-eye, runners, lingerie, hunter, fists, trees, tabletop, knife, equal, bathroom
Fred/Faith, small, hard, connection
Fred/Harmony, social lubricant
Fred/Illyria/Spike, complex, misty
Fred/Wesley, purify, commiseration, Halloween, beauty, nerds, redemption, library, duty, glasses, spectrum
Gunn/Faith, swagger
Gunn/Gwen, [any], skip, scarlet
Illyria/Spike, discovery, whisper, useless
Illyria/Wesley, aphelion, blueshift, amber, albatross, cenotaph, permafrost
Lilah/Wesley, undone
Sam Ryan/Jack (from the episode 'Provider'), second thing I ever bought him
Wesley/Cordelia, leather, motorcycle, boots, confidence, old haunts
Wesley/Gunn, not anymore
Wesley/Illyria, supernova, dress, top, unrequited, Fred

Angels & Demons
Camerlango/Vittoria, elusive, secrets
Langdon/Vittoria, desperate, stranded

Animorphs - K. A. Applegate
Ax/Cassie, experiment, shift, guileless
Ax/Tobias, Shorm, Tail-blade, morph, stuck, home, family
Elfangor/Loren, dream, memory, reality
Jake/Marco, easy, bound
Marco/Cassie, dance, soft, twist
Marco/Rachel, battle, deal, plan
Rachel/Tobias, beginnings, family, vacation, last, feathers, happy, mile high club, disco
Tobias/Marco, moving on, try, distraction
Tobias/Rachel, second chance, ghost, memory, live

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter - Laurell K. Hamilton
Anita/Olaf, adrenaline, hunt, monsters
Anita/Ronnie, companionship, ribbing, sleepover, gunfight, undercover, got your back
Anita/Shang-Da, professional courtesy, gunplay, helpless little girl, respect, play nice in front of the humans
Richard/Raina, animals

Anne of Green Gables – L. M. Montgomery
Gilbert/Anne, morning glory, genderswap, lace, new, attempt, kindred
Ken/Rilla, whole, anger, lost

Another Country (any)
Bennett/Fowler, cane, bite, order, uniform
Judd/Fowler, sarcasm

City Hall/Union, compromise, antagonistic
Coffee/Milk/Sugar, mess, spilled
Comic Sans MS/Papyrus, comfort
English language/German language, complicated
ontd_ai/ontd_startrek, rough'n'tumble, celebratory, squee
Pepsi/Cola, rivals, music, shiny
Porn Battle/Yuletide, prude, party, illicit, timing

Antique Bakery
Ono/Chikage, cream, cake, alcohol, tenderness
Ono/Eiji, boxing, teacher
Ono/Tachibana, surrender

Apartment Zero
Adrian/Jack, sanity, survive, ptsd, repression

Appleseed (2004)
Deunan/Briareos, technophilia

Apt Pupil
Todd/Dussander, corruption

Sho/Jun, Dom/Sadist, otp

Septimus Hodge/Thomasina Coverly, fire, curves, Fermat, mathematics

Are You Being Served?
Mr. Humphries/Capt. Peacock/Mrs. Slocombe/Ms. Brahms/Mr. Grainger/Mr. Lucas, Are you free?, elevator, Mr. Rumbold's office

Arrested Development
G.O.B./Michael, taste the happy
Michael/Lindsay, drunk, children, pretend, medication, steering wheel, charity benefit, mojitos, poor decision-making, sandwiches, politics, cabo, magic
Michael/Maeby, halfway

Arslan Senki
Arislan/Daryoon, loyalty
Narsus/Arislan, coming-of-age, teaching
Narsus/Arislan/Daryoon, victory, celebration

Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer
Butler/Artemis, soldier, devotion, cunning.
Butler/Juliet, reversal, on the ropes, jade, evening, name.

Arthurian Legend
Gareth/Gawain, after the battle, protective, remembering after death

As I Lay Dying
Darl/Dewey Dell, eyes, supernatural, jealousy, barn, cotton picking

As Time Goes By
Alistair/Judy, anxiety, Paris
Lionel/Jean, creaky, gentle

As Told By Ginger
Carl/Blake, not a blushing virgin
Courtney/Ginger, luxury of the rich

As You Like It (2006 film)
Rosalind/Orlando, poetry, trousers, Ganymede, flirt

Ashes to Ashes
Alex Drake/Gene Hunt, expertise, unzip, ruffle, concentration
Alex/any, trust, resilient, wine, muffled
Alex/Shaz, collide, hero, "my favorite construct", wedding, waking up, lipstick
Chris/Shaz, bride, gun, strap-on
Gene/Alex, argue, command, vulnerable, return, test, connection, date, out of time, tension, bitter, breakable, hero, giving in, backseat, Luigi's, undercover, grief, shiver, languid, impulsive, still, fingering, lies, cleavage
Gene/Ray, repressed

Assassins Creed II
Ezio/Leonardo, conviction, lost, prayer, invention, leather, sweat

Avatar (2009)
Eywa/Grace, curiosity, spirit
Grace/Jake, earth
human!Jake/Neytiri, small, fragile, pink, beard
Jake/Neytiri, tail, nonverbal, ears
Jake/Neytiri/Tsu'tey, triumvirate
Jake/Trudy, [any]
Neytiri/Tsu'tey, [any]
Norm/Trudy, [any]

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Aang/Jet, forgiveness, trees, weapons, freedom
Aang/Katara, anxious, bending lessons, healing session, innocence, cherish, the past, the future, wind, waves, sand
Aang/Meng, future, mistakes, presence, flower, forgiveness
Aang/Sokka, Sharp, breeze, laughter, crazy, speed
Aang/Toph, grown-up, opposites, spar, fond, master
Aang/Ty Lee, cheerful, air, dance, chi-blocking, acrobatics
Aang/Zuko, despite, youth, dominance, please
Azula/Katara, struggle, dominance, fight, opposites
Azula/Ty Lee, gentle, mine, beach, betrayal, need, boss, like, insecure, restraints
Azula/Zuko, pride, fire, envy, father
Bato/Arnook, weapons, the past, spirits, yesteryear
Bato/Hakoda, battlecry, strength of the pack
Bato/Ozai, revenge, pain, want, denial
Bato/Song, confused, wound, scar, testing, healing
Boulder/Katara, fame, gentle
Hakoda/Bato, friendship, jealousy, youth, first, warriors
Hakoda/Kya, young, different, joy, sorrow, want
Hakoda/Ozai, ice, command, respect, breath, madness, storm, sunlight, reckless, want, hate, responsibility, seduce
Hakoda/Piandao, steel, clash, valor
Hakoda/Ursa, memory, clean, smile, touch, worn
Hama/Kanna, warmth
Haru/Katara, harvest season
Haru/Teo, gentleness, flying, sky, earth, green
Iroh/Jeong Jeong, drinking, flames, anger
Iroh/Ming, hero, compassion, June/December, waiting
Iroh/Ozai, taboo, fire, tea, honey, rage, resentment
Iroh/Toph, blind, see, age, youth, fire, stone, family, flee
Iroh/Zuko, mentor, need, tea, teaching
Jeong Jeong/Pakku, steam, undertow, scratch, steam, game, melt
Jeong Jeong/Piandao, scar, forge, pastry
Jet/Katara, crazy, grass, plan, treetops, slap, lessons, hammock, scent, payback, trapped
Jet/Song, willow-o-wisp, tea, bamboo, braid, hurts, sweet, unbreakable, yielding, needle, flirt
Katara/Azula, restraint, overpower, hazy, steam
Katara/Pakku, necklace, red moon, frostbite
Katara/Zuko, blood bending, forgiveness, past, judgment, unlikely, touch, breath, competitive
Mai/Katara, bonds, redemption, pleasure, boredom, water, the beach, silk, steel
Mai/Ozai, challenge, flame, blade
Mai/Ty Lee, Bend, break, sweet, curious, aura
Mai/Zuko, bonds, love, affection, black, scar, hair, destined, experimenting, alone, affair
older!Ty Lee/older!Smellerbee, pink, go away, cutie
Ozai/Hakoda/Bato, fur, heat, jealousy, smother
Piandao/Jeong-Jeong, scars, forge, ash, heretic, quench
Piandao/Jeong-Jeong/Pakku, forge, steam, middle, bleed, origami
Piandao/Sokka, master, endurance, hand-feed
Smellerbee/Longshot, broken
Sokka/Suki, adventure, fun, roleplay, dress up, jealousy, war paint, plants, water, moon
Sokka/Yue, full moon, sacred, snowfall, spiritual
Sokka/Zuko, arrangement, soldier, prince, chief, sword, warriors, bend, break, forgive, tribal, warrior, bending, burns, fire, normal, water, play, bargain, heat, snap, relax
Song/Long Feng, earth, needles, May/October, herbs
Song/Zuko, scars, candles, herbs, worship
Sozin/Roku, corruption, seduction, possession
Sozin/Roku/Ta Min, twist, royalty, throne, rivalry
Sozin/Ta Min, abandon, jealousy, claiming, fire, biting
Suki/Katara, painted lady
Suki/Sokka, sparring, pant, dress, blade
Suki/Ty Lee, lessons, amends, novelty
Toph/Haru, Muscles, brawn, fighting, teaching, competition
Toph/Katara, mud-wrestling, hair, blind, respect, talent
Toph/Smellerbee, rough, open, partners
Toph/Teo, strength, curiosity, taming, air, earth, green
Toph/Ty Lee, spar, fun, nickname
Ty Lee/Haru, aura, laughter, bending, pouncing, kiss
Ursa/Ozai, dominance, anger, candles, love, sorrow, break, bend, gone, hair
Ursa/Ozai/Hakoda, need, jealousy, fire, vows, breaking
Yue/Katara, tradition, hotsprings, women
Zhao/Ozai, dance, devils, delirium
Zhao/Yue, ocean spirit
Zhao/Zuko, bite, push, scarification, instruction, steel, first time
Zuko/Jee, May/October, sea, salt, ships, stroke, salt and pepper
Zuko/Jin, comfort
Zuko/Katara/Azula, silk, reluctant, fire
Zuko/Mai, boredom, quiet, sunset
Zuko/Sokka, return, sun-catcher, midnight, practice, spirit, overcome
Zuko/Song, mending

Away We Go (2009)
Burt/Verona, remembrance, humid, cotton, burrowing
Burt/Verona/Tom/Munch, consolation

Axis Powers Hetalia
America/Poland, lucky, simple, hilarious, slick, campfire
China/Korea, adoration, reluctant
France/America, battlefield, panic, dust, taste
Greece/Lord Byron, ocean, sorrow
Russia/America, hero worship, ideology, strength
Russia/China, debts, summer, invasion, splinters, sweets, manacles, weapons
Switzerland/Austria, [any], sound, mess, comfortable, snow

Baby Mama
Angie/Oscar, party, confession, hungry, high five
Kate/Angie, bed, annoying, Italian sub, crazy talk

Babylon 5
Bester/anyone, telepathy
Catherine Sakai/Jeffery Sinclair, distance, dreams, return, lifetime, ship, station, Minbar, past, future, dare, remember
Delenn/Neroon, honor, loyalty, death, respect
Delenn/Jeffery Sinclair, memory, old ways
Michael Garibaldi/Jeffery Sinclair, friend, benefits, desperation
John Sheridan/Jeffery Sinclair/Delenn, time loop, the one
Londo/G'Kar, destiny, anger, grudging, bonds
Londo/Vir, support
Marcus Cole/Susan Ivanova, roses, boff, trapped, mental-link, vodka, surrender, Talia, telepathy, cryogenics, latent, heat, skin, smile
Susan Ivanova/Alfred Bester, rage, untouched, frenemies
Susan Ivanova/John Sheridan, lost, before, stars
Susan Ivanova/John Sheridan/Michael Garibaldi, open secret
Susan Ivanova/John Sheridan/Talia Winters, relief, sweet, coffee
Susan Ivanova/Michael Garibaldi, familiar, past, wild
Susan/Talia, gloves, confessions, slow, salad

Dallas/Eve, religion, salvation, breath, elixir
Firo/Maiza, brothers
Isaac/Miria, echoes
Ladd/Chane, knife, win, love, pain, last
Ladd/Graham, murder, laughter, suicide
Luck/Claire, reunions
Luck/Dallas, immortal, unwilling, death, bribe, water
Luck/Keith, silence, brotherhood
Maiza/Czeslaw, aging, AU

Back to the Future
1955!Doc/Marty, fireplace, knowledge, stay, go
Biff/George/Lorraine, forgotten
Doc/Marty, amplified, lightning, speed

Baldur's Gate
Edwina/Viconia, overwhelmed
Korgan/Mazzy, once, unlikely, bath
Solaufein/Phaere, devastation, what-if, possibility, surface

Ballistic: Ecks vs Severs
Sever/Ross, training

Band of Brothers
Babe Heffron/Doc Roe, adrenaline, soft, shiver, dark, blush
Babe Heffron/Doc Roe/Spina, quiet, stars, morning, close
Dick Winters/Lewis Nixon, reconciliation, strife, married, foot locker, sober, training, closet, secretary, spy games, lake, divorce, VE Day, day of days, warmth, coat, faith, comfort, play, virgin, Korea, cold, ice, hole, religion, home, New Jersey, gaze, embrace, hallowed, history, waiting, smoke, longing, blood, bullets, foxhole, sleep, dell, jealousy, bullet
Lipton/Speirs, leader, mother, wound, pneumonia, squad, modesty, hardcore, scars, muscle
Luz/any, impression, radio, smile, broken, Saint Luz, Saint Luz, Bastogne, cigarettes, comedy
Lewis Nixon/Webster, ivy-league
Dick Winters/Doc Roe, penitence, responsibility, expectations, hierarchy, blood, wounds, solace

Sa5m/Charlotte, backstory, performance, reunited, growl

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
Kalas/Lyude, haunted, wings
Lyude/Savyna, past, burdens, war


Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Anastasia "Dee" Dualla/Felix Gaeta, survive, together in mutiny, married, defending each other
Anastasia "Dee" Dualla/Lee "Apollo" Adama, honeymoon, gym, partnership, desire
Anastasia "Dee" Dualla/Leoban, empty
Boomer/Cally Henderson Tyrol, unforgiven, Raptor, grease, machinery
Boomer/Caprica Six, love, revolution, robotics, kinetic, red, blue, hope, bitter, sun, shark, iteration, glow
Boomer/Galen "Chief" Tyrol, forget
Boomer/Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Sharon "Athena" Agathon, memories.
Boomer/Leoban, complete, journey, redemption, wrist
Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza/Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, repay, metal, injury, used
Cally Henderson Tyrol/Tory Foster, jealousy, foothold, education, competence
Caprica Six/D'Anna, trapped
Caprica Six/head!Baltar, distract, feather
Caprica Six/head!Six/Baltar/head!Baltar, crowded
Caprica Six/Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, sweat, sparring, angel, visions, child
Diana Seelix/Lee Adama, afterwards, survivors guilt, mutineer, the village bicycle
Ellen Tigh/Laura Roslin, competition, sharing, retreat, cold
Ellen Tigh/Sam Anders, rainstorm, quench, revive, milk, dirt, sweater, bite, yes
Ellen Tigh/Saul Tigh, Earth, eternity, ambrosia, no one to blame
Ellen Tigh/Saul Tigh/William Adama, speculate
Gaius Baltar/Six, farming, infinity, blindfold, team
Gaius Baltar/Tory Foster, spark
Galen "Chief" Tyrol/Karl "Helo" Agathon, unforgiving
Galen "Chief" Tyrol/Karl "Helo" Agathon/Sharon "Athena" Agathon, steady as she goes
Galen "Chief" Tyrol/Sam Anders, alike, AU ending, before and again, bright, Earth, flow, rockstar, Scotland, sense memory, shack, stars, raptor, resistance, sidearm, brew, remember, before, vagabond
Gauis Baltar/Felix Gaeta, defeat, tattoo, administration, cigar
head!Six/Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, afterlife
Helena Cain/Gina Inviere, in the blood
Helena Cain/Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, expectation
Helena Cain/Kendra Shaw, weakness
Julia Brynn/Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, motherhood, hybrid, desperation
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Karl "Helo" Agathon, pride, caprica, bonfire, starry
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Karl "Helo" Agathon/Sharon "Athena" Agathon, acceptance, domestic, trust
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Kendra Shaw, mirrors
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Kendra Shaw/Lee "Apollo" Adama, dance, command, quarters, tangle, challenge, high, overwhelm
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Laura Roslin, apology, devotion, discipline, redemption, teasing, power struggle, respect, quiet, need, naughty, paddle, schoolgirl, teacher, flying, power, loss, destiny
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Lee "Apollo" Adama, cigar, Anders, bet, fall, gift, hide, masturbation, mirror, pause, second, speak, still, waste, Zak, a lotta love, angel, before Zak, fight 'em til you can't, go big or go home, I'm in love with a girl who's in love with the world and I can't help but follow, in charge, jalapenos, oh captain my captain, pickup truck, power outage, setting suns, we gotta stop doing this, well i know how i'm supposed to feel/but here we go again, first contact, sleepless, freshman, knife, stuck, sweat, hands, smirk, guns, wing, earth, secret, eternity, zipper, throttle, grounded, sir, instructor, thrust, engagement, subtle, ticklish, "interrogation"
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Lee "Apollo" Adama/Louanne "Kat" Katraine, dare you, intoxication, reckless
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Lee "Apollo" Adama/Sam Anders, awkward, bet, bridge, bunk, caught, gift, interrupted, judge, masturbation, mirror, pause, watch
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Lee "Apollo" Adama/Zak Adama, family, both, mine, need, selfish, share, unaware, awkward, bet, bridge, caught, gift, interrupted, judge, masturbation, mirror, pause, sleeping, watch
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Leoben, awaken, rebirth, hunger, forgiveness, bodies, caution, garden, stitch, anchor, wrists, bury, collarbone, choke, laugh, drowning, painplay, ice, foreseen
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Leoben/Sam Anders, dog days, summer, victory, reincarnation, Earth, hybrid, projection, future, home, real, possessive
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Louanne "Kat" Katraine, jock, teacher, Viper, dogfight, falling, angry, discipline, rivals, yelling
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Sam Anders, getting caught, modern AU, skinny-dipping, playground, wings, rain, projection, end times, Apollo, beauty, flash, grace, peace, sand, soft, betrayal, gun, ground, piano
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Saul Tigh, abandoned
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/William Adama, consequences
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Zak Adama, first time, good pilot, just sex, last time, nugget, stay the night, stick around
Karl "Helo" Agathon/Margaret "Racetrack" Edmonson/Sharon "Athena" Agathon, flight, partners, downtime
Karl "Helo" Agathon/Sam Anders, comfort, temporary
Karl "Helo" Agathon/Sharon "Athena" Agathon, time, compromise, navigate, gloves, haze, rack, rum, ruby, rogue
Kendra Shaw/Lee "Apollo" Adama, lingerie, risk, smolder, expectations
Laura Roslin/Lee "Apollo" Adama, politics
Laura Roslin/Tory Foster, choke, presidential, aided and abetted, slut, knees, hurt
Laura Roslin/William Adama, maybe she has a thing for bad boys, alternate reality, before, ceremony, close call, future, intoxication
Lee "Apollo" Adama/Sam Anders, breeze, comfort, distance, mountain, temporary, acquaintance, awkward, bet, evidence, honorable, masturbation, well, possessive, projection, battle, yield
Lee "Apollo" Adama/Tom Zarek, idealism, manipulation, words, hero, naive
Leoben/Six, substitutions, for love, space
Louanne "Kat" Katraine/Margaret "Racetrack" Edmonson, speed
Margaret "Racetrack" Edmonson/Sam Anders, insult, enemies, despite
Sam Anders/Leoben, stream, clamor, respite
Sam Anders/Tory Foster, anticipate
Sam Anders/Tucker "Duck" Clellan, limp, freckles, drowsy, oil, singe
Saul Tigh/William Adama, burned out
Six/Tory Foster, alike, sex is godly

Beautiful Thing
Jamie Gangel/Ste Pearce, home, magazine, fantasy, experiment

Beauty and the Beast
Beast/Bell, warmth, fire, beautiful
Belle/Prince, adjustments, change, princess, rough

Being Erica
Dr. Tom/Erica, beginning, circumvent, hold
Erica/Kai, future

Being Human
Annie/George/Mitchell, friends, couch, sharing, alive, domesticity
Annie/Mitchell, [any], mirrors, tea, sash windows, gloves, eastenders, breath, touch, jealousy, room, tea, heartbeat, heartbeats, layers, frost, echoes, curls, voyeurism, eavesdropping, cold
Annie/Nina, touch, laugh, kinship
George/Annie, [any]
George/Mitchell, brick, smoke, water, danger, geekery, paranoia, star of David, endearment, hunter/prey, primitive, hilarious, hoodie, special, respect, protective, future, scars, juice, kitchen, tea, CDs, Karl
George/Nina, aggression, hold, bond, [any]
Herric/Mitchell, myth, teaching, treachery, UST, wartime
Mitchell/Josie, cigarette, youth, river, confused, finding, necklace, chain, surprise
Nina/Daisy, mine, fight, innocent, history
Russel/George/Annie, rules, fear, wish, morning-after, safe, bond, innocent, food-fight

Better Off Ted
Dr. Bhamba/Linda, unexpected, unisex bathroom
Lem/Lucy, hopscotch, labcoats, down in the basement
Lem/Phil, experiment, safe, learn
Ted/Linda, elevator, tease
Ted/Veronica, astronaut, roofsex (is the bioluminescent squirrel watching?), reciprocity, cooties, zing bang boom!, Veronica's weekly report, efficiency, executrix, janitor, metallic, quick, promotion, useful, science, lab, jabberwocky, sales, competition
Veronica/Linda, bagel, good job, intimidation, hair, mentoring, revenge

Adam/Eve, first time
David/Jonathan, first time, Michal, battle, jealous, oaths, loyalty, roleplay, tears, goodbye, dreams, ruthless, wish, arrow, sword
Jesus/Mary Magdalene, worship
Joseph/Asenath (his wife), goddess, religion, idol, family
Joseph/Potipher's wife, money, lust
Lucifer/Michael, if, longing, hunger, ache
Ruth/Naomi, walking

Big Fish
Edward Bloom/Sandra Bloom, dance, discovery, dreaming

Big Love
Alby Grant/Dale Tomasson, foliage, linen, hiding, wall
Ana/Margene, periphery
Barb/Nicki/Margene, compromised
Bill/Adaleen, prophet
Heather/Cara Lynn, found, absolved
Joey/Kathy, celestial
Margene Heffman/anyone, topping, roleplay, bikini-line
Margene/Ben, explosion, quick, wrong, dirty
Nicki/Barb, ungrateful
Nicki/Margene, laundry, sibling rivalry, window, virtue, slow, skirt
Nicki/Ray, [any]
Sarah/Heather, anonymous, careful, want, delicate

Big Wolf on Campus
Merton/Tommy, howl, huge, moon, night queen, class, grass, moonlight, ginger, locker room, experiment, dirty, switch, skin, dusk
Merton/Vince, lock, mess, chess

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill S Preston Esq./Ted "Theordore" Logan, confusion, metal, heatwave, exploring

Bionic Woman (new)
Jaime/Nathan, technology

Birds of Prey (tv series)
Helena Kyle/Jesse Reese, on-the-job, exposed, swings, park, roof-top, clash, undercover

Bitch Slap
Trixie/Hel, guns, heat, pink, exploit, B-movie

Black Books
Bernard Black/Manny Bianco, cheap champagne, Harry bloody Potter

Black Butler
Grelle/William, bloodplay, roses, paperwork
Sebastian/Ciel, stockings

Black Dagger Brotherhood – J. R. Ward
Bella/Rehvenge, crush, inappropriate
Beth/Wrath, comfort, desk, return, sense
Butch/Vishous, perfect
Butch/Vishous/Marissa, Armani, harbor, safe place, snow
John/Lash/Qhuinn, payback, provoked
Layla/Rhevenge, Needing, question, request, rest, silk
Mary/Rhage, capture, pillows, revive, voice
Rhage/Mary, mine, beast, blood, jealous, needing
Vishous/Darius, sparring
Wrath/Payne, workout

Black Lagoon
Balalaika/Eda, caught, punishment, pardon
Revy/Eda, smoke, aggression, secrets
Revy/Fabiola, teasing, talents
Revy/Roberta, blood
Revy/Rock, unrestrained, gag, mess
Rock/Revy, simple, genderswitch
Shenhua/Rotton, idiot
Yukio/Ginji, restraint, unseen, fairgrounds

Blackadder/Darling, Melchett's desk
Blackadder/Queen Elizabeth, giggles, beer, lick, coquette
Edmund/Bob, hose

Blade Trinity
Drake/Hannibal King, claim, fangs, secret, consort, hell-on-earth, hunter, slave, always, fight, family, strong, reclaim, chains, snuggle, hide, war, pierce, tattoo, reject, sunlight

Blade/Frost, games

Blake's 7
Avon/Blake, impenetrable, jarred, slumming

Aizen/Gin, deception, switch
Aizen/Ichigo, anything, boy, truth, reformed, fast, touch, victory, break
Aizen/Momo, chain, kiss, switch
Aizen/Shinji, evenings
Aizen/Urahara, illusion, monster
Byakuya/Hisana, courtship
Byakuya/Renji, D/s, bruises, bite marks, hunting, strength, loyalty, cherry blossoms, zanpakuto!sex
Byakuya/Senbonzakura, o-nushi, D/s, blood play, sensation play, masks, beautiful
Byakuya/Yoruichi, arrogance, competition, hair tie
Chad/Ishida, hands
Dark Rukia/Dark Ichigo, blood, domination, hate sex, pale skin
Gin/Kira, safe, unsteady
Grimmjow/Ichigo, bite, power, tattoo, heat, blister, dark, obsession, feline
Grimmjow/Il Forte, "on your knees", kings
Grimmjow/Nnoitra, strength, supremacy, payback
Grimmjow/Ulquiorra, lies, loyalty, eyeliner
Hitsugaya/Hyouinmaru, size, growing, silence, touch, teasing, bratty, older brother
Hitsugaya/Matsumoto, body
Ichigo/Ishida, sewing, banter, mercy, homework, composure
Ichigo/Orihime, balance, smoke, giggle, fairytale, everything
Ichigo/Rukia, time, visit, routine, forever, repeat, ocean
Ichigo/Zangetsu, on your feet, strength, self, warm coat, older lover
Ikkaku/Yumichika, soulmates
Ishida/Harribel, water, unexpected, divergence
Kazeshini/Hisagi, cease-fire
Kensei/Shuuhei, destiny
Kyouraku/Ukitake, history, joke, search, captain, protege, wisdom, prank, familiar, apart, eventual
Mayuri/Urahara, regret, prisoner
Nnoitra/Neliel, breast worship, fascination, obsession, force, misogyny, revenge
Nnoitra/Tesla, punishment
Orihime/Fairies, size!kink
Renji/Byakuya, fading, flowers, rain, win
Renji/Rukia, distance, yearning, size difference, hair, tattoos, darkness
Rukia/Dark Ichigo, devour, forceful, madness, pale, soul, tongue
Rukia/Grimmjow, holes, instinct, primal urges, pure, scars, scratches, white on white
Rukia/Ichigo, bickering, surrender
Rukia/Kaienmist, ress,rain of blood, regret, resurrection
Rukia/Orihime, strength, hair, kidoh!bondage, dressing, pretty, multiple orgasms, strength, now you're here
Rukia/Orihime/Ichigo, sharing, sweets, voyeur, small spaces, rain
Rukia/Orihime/Ichigo/Renji, harem, poly, weird suggestion, redheads
Rukia/Renji/Byakuya, family register, class play, fancy kimonos, orgasm control/denial, training
Rukia/Shinji, mask, tongue ring
Rukia/Sode no Shirayuki, beautiful, cold, need, ribbon bondage, kidoh!bondage, equality, temperature play
Ryuuken/Unohana, healing, power, envy, knowledge, discovery, brilliant, compete, teach, learn, change, offer, Quincy, arrow, sword, listen, future, protect
Ryuuken/Uryuu, medical fetish
Shunsui/Ukitake, art, beauty, silver, whispers
Shuuhei/Kazeshini, fear, bloodlust, restraint
Stark/Ukitake, capture, caress
Starrk/Nnoitra, bored
Szayel/Grimmjow, alpha, captive, experimental, vicious
Szayel/Grimmjow/Il Forte, tangled, punishment
Szayel/Il Forte, experiment, machines, blood, useful, useless, superiority, voyeurism
Szayel/Ishida Uryuu, stitches, specimen
Ulquiorra/Orihime, redemption, dust, calm, army, starve, heart
Ulquiorra/Orihime, rough, cell, redemption
Urahara, solo, voyeurism
Uryuu/Ichigo, Chinese food
Yoruichi/Byakuya, past lives
Yoruichi/Soi Fon, sting, power, stealth, knowledge, trust, forever, change, persist, battle, sweat, hot-spring, world, spring, ash, ropes, forgotten, truth
Yoruichi/Urahara, genius, sugar, drunk
Zangetsu/Ichigo, garden, together

Cass/Eddie, alone, drugs, clean, lie, trust, truth, rimming

Blood Plus
David/Julia, medicine, betrayal, reunion, countryside, ship, pen, awareness

Blood Ties
Henry/Mike, reluctant, blood loss, jealousy, dawn

Blossom Culp series
Alexander/Blossom, [any]

Bodies, Rest & Motion
Sid/Beth, inside, paint


Angela/Brennan, spanking, pleasurable, curious
Angela/Cam, office, secret, paperwork, black tie, security cameras, private, unorthodox, power reversal, adrenaline, rain, confused, hiding, surprise
Angela/Hodgins, nostalgia, regret, lab, research, shadows, multiply, lost, solace, tactile, theory, tracing, smile, stay, rich, luxury, rain, cliche, public, ties, desert, roses, quickie, reunion, stranded, roses, vacation
Angela/Hodgins/Brennan, invite, strap-on, pegging
Angela/Hodgins/Zack, laugh, visit, both, together, choose
Angela/Roxie, cookie, kiss, paint
Angela/Sweets, "come back to the world", "this doesn't count", dark, sweet, shocking, victory
Angela/Wendell, bar, wrists, interrupted by the piglet
Booth/Brennan, handcuffs, closets, Egyptology, thief, ties, enchanted, evening, without, touching, tracing, harsh, forced, prison, hotel, secret, desperate, dishonored, mummy, magic, locked, evidence, denial, the social contract, role-play, arrested, kneeling, supply closet, fantasy, second trimester, "you like brown sugar on everything," shoulder holster, peepshow, probing, protect, survive, process, aliens, sloppy, painted, porn, wood chimes, smoky mountains, conclusion, control, messy, baby, forever, fluid, survive, scandal
Booth/Brennan/Sweets, analysis
Booth/Hodgins, Zach, glasses, squint, rebound, love, hate, frenetic, candle, black sheep
Booth/Zack, taste
Booth/Zack/Sweets, bind
Brennan/Daisy Wick, closing, heroine, fired
Brennan/Hodgins, pre-series, Tequila
Brennan/Sweets, learn the language, hide from the world, orphans, stand-in
Cam/Hodgins, lab, fun, whatever
Fisher/Mr Nigel-Murray, challenge, trivia, marginalised
Hodgins/Fisher, conspiracy, sci-fi, waiting lines
Hodgins/Jared Booth, outside, anger, slide
Hodgins/Sweets, open, resistance, bondage, scars, time, grieving, need, assistance, psychological distress, loss, assured, advice, learn
Hodgins/Zack, scars, corrupted, freedom, faith, play, visiting-hours, illogical, test, penance, reruns, car-ride, king of the lab, scientific method, coat, television, candy, fiance', children, hair, lesson, dirty-talk
Sweets/Daisy, karaoke, psychology, first time, jealousy, wedding dress, lost
Sweets/Fisher, Vegas, negative, consult, metal
Sweets/Zack, darkness, hidden, heirarchy, straightjacket
Zack/Angela/Brennan, new,
Zack/Hodgins/courier from The Man in the Bear, threesome, dinner
Zack/Angela/courier from The Man in the Bear, threesome, dinner

Bonnie and Clyde (movie or musical)
Bonnie/Clyde, scared, flashback, tender

Boondock Saints
Connor/Murphy, future, childhood, blood, cordite, Sheep fuckers, Beards, Cargo, windswept, plateau, shining, sugarcube, frayed

Boston Legal
Alan/Denny, "I'm not gay", old married couple, cigars

Boy Meets World
Cory Matthews/Shawn Hunter, curiosity, experience, lifelong, options, patience, poetry, window, yearn, familiarity, nicknames, retrospect, shave, stroke, watch, history, guy, first, pen, poetry, kissing, laughing, kinky
Stuart Minkus/Shawn Hunter, french, cross-pollinate, blankets, picnic
Shawn Hunter/Angela Moore, bond, shatter, kiss, hands, smile
Shawn Hunter/Topanga Lawrence, betrayal, helpless, New York

Boys Grammar
Gareth/Nick, forgiveness, tentative, flinch

Boys Over Flowers (Korea)
So Yi Jung/Chu Ga Eul, pottery, luxury, reunion
Yoon Ji Hoo/Geum Jan Di, swimming, happy

William Wallace/Robert the Bruce, betrayal, broken, forgiveness, hope, loyalty

Shiho/Chunwoo, faith, laughter, teamwork, tease

Breakfast with Scot
Eric/Sam, Sunday morning, quiet, surprise, desperate, rushed, balls

Breaking Bad
Jesse/anyone, mess, awakening, trouble
Walt/Jesse, dysfunctional, tailspin, debris, partner, money, torture, father, drama, lies, hidden, teach, refuse, disorientation, brutal

Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh
Charles Ryder/Sebastian Flyte, timeless, stars, rose, danger, Oxford, return
Charles Ryder/Julia, ceremony

Bridgerton series
Colin/Penelope, teasing, ink stains, voyeurism

Bright Lights Big City
Tad Allagash/Jaime Conway, blackout

Bright Star
Fanny/John, violets

Bring It On
Missy/Torrance, backflip, kicky, sucker, lollipop, swingset, unlikely, chance, experiment
Torrance/Isis, college, competition, cooperation, friendship, same team

Britannia High
BB/Jez, radio show, proud, coffee, snow, finally
Claudine/Lauren, giggling, light

Brokeback Mountain
Ennis/Jack, Vermont, run away, dreams, hunger, hope

Brothers and Sisters
Kevin/Robert, political, secret, family, quiet, tie, file
Kevin/Scotty, loyal, family

Brothers Bloom
Bang Bang/Penelope, vodka, explosives, playtime, hobbies, karaoke
Bloom/Stephan, brothers, younger, forbidden, trickery

Bruno & Boots
Boots/Bruno, scheme, chaos, boarding-school, dean, match-making, friendship, maturity, love

Bucky O'Hare
Dead-Eye/Jenny, hands, pirates, righteous indignation, astral projection


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Andrew/Dawn, blood, date, food, key, Latin, partners, party, portal, Rome, roommates, summoned, sun, tux, zombies, quadraped, college, coins, calculus
Andrew/Spike, quiet, True Blood
Andrew/Spike/Xander, taken
Andrew/Warren, secrets.
Andrew/Xander, geeks, new
Angel/Xander Harris, tipsy, foolish, mistake
Angelus/Spike, pain, hunt, grin, marked, thrum, first
Anya/Angelus, vengeance
Anya/Buffy, frank, catch-up, gossip
Anya/Ethan, hell, curse, cure, unamused
Anya/Giles, library, forgive, forget, lonely
Anya/Spike, level, realise
Ben/Buffy, any
Ben/Dawn, any
Buffy/Angel, allow, ask, future, taken
Buffy/Angelus, boiling blood, light, poetry in motion, tease
Buffy/Caleb, any
Buffy/Darla, compare, dressy
Buffy/Faith, bathtub, red lipstick, adventure, whim, irresponsible, begging, sweet, moonlit, class, cross, dye, nail, red, release, older, summer dresses, cotton candy, lipstick, knotted
Buffy/Giles, books, training, chase, taste, Buffybot, broken promises, mending, the wrong reasons, sunlight, possibilities, forgotten, library, return, teach, patrol, rush, stone, targets, winter, watcher, excuses
Buffy/Graham, apocalypse, beach, birthday, blind date, dancing, heels, hotel, party, popcorn, rain, rest, sparring, survivor, vacation, zombies
Buffy/Kendra, fight, stakes, stuffed animals, books, dancing, education
Buffy/Oz, surprise, strength, animal
Buffy/Spike, jackknife, power, phoenix
Buffy/Wesley, secrets, salt, trust, betrayal, punishment, valentine
Buffy/Willow/Xander, spellbound, shower, pirate
Buffy/Xander, blindfold, Africa, jungle, grass
Darla/Drusilla, dollhouse, decay
Dawn/Faith, pancakes, thrice, sister
Drusilla/Darla, diversion, close enough, nail file
Ethan/Faith, mentor, chaos, magic, divergence
Faith/Anya, uncertainty, door, dress, bottle, wall
Faith/Giles, cheat, bet, rag, teacup
Faith/Wesley, black dress, diamond
Faith/Wood, education, contest, ego, oil
Giles/Joyce, nostalgia, repeat, electric, records, cuffs, gum
Giles/Oz, post-Chosen, different, need, secrets, familiar, sushi, poetry.
Giles/Wesley, bind, history
Giles/Xander, tools, belt, wood, accent, voice
Harmony/Spike, tiff, philosophical, unicorns
Kendra/Lilah, corruption, information, weapon
Riley/Xander, hands, laughter, marked, secret, wait
Spike/Dawn, apocalypse, end, questions
Spike/Drusilla, blood, life, poetry, fairies
Spike/Riley, addict
Spike/Willow, sudden, throwing, happy, never, last, sucks, free, taunt
Spike/Xander, bite, seduced, taste, dust, sweet, move, drums, bite, fear, blood, hate, basement
Tara/Wesley, soothe, damage, purpose
Willow/Kennedy, Italian food, fighting evil, foot, shampoo
Willow/Oz, concert
Willow/Riley, spell, revelation, cage, black
Willow/Tara, arrow, final, hold, warm, confidence, experiment, toys, safe
Xander/Giles, public, unexpected, spell, reveal, surprised, boyfriend, jealous

Burn Notice
Carla/Michael Westen, [any]
Carla/Michael Westen/Victor, alley, blindfold, double penetration, handcuffs, rope, silk, urgency, wall!sex, wrists
Carla/Victor, [any]
Fiona Glenanne/Sam Axe, controlled explosion, alcohol, run, loss, forget, bickering, dominance, explosive, waterbed, reciprocity, escapology, touch, technicality, danger, misunderstanding, old flames, flamethrower, introductions
Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen/ Sam Axe, trust, sever, mother, burn, fire, parameters, lazy, jealousy, different, pretense, gotcha
Michael Westen/Carla training, turnabout, silver, jester, pastel, smoke, winter, shattered
Michael Westen/Fiona Glenanne, 4th of July, song, undulate, shadow, salt, window, yacht, aftershock, explosion, gun, tender, faith, caught, yogurt, accent, first time, guns, mission, rain, sweat, before and after, concrete, fire, dictator, firepower, drenched, handcuffs, fistfight, undercover, bruises, Ireland, Miami, dawn, drunk, bar top, jukebox, memories, future, target, scars, mile high club
Michael Westen/Sam Axe, mentor, friends, assignment, undercover, let me show you the ropes, war stories, marking, bruises, comfort, partner, sidetracked, housewares, preserve, unsightly
Michael Westen/Victor Stecker-Epps, justified, lime, forgotten, 10 years later, istanbul, exonerate, pistol, club, hustle, undercover
Michael Westen/Lucy Chen, debts, favors, office-hours
Michael Westen/Samantha, heist, adrenaline-rush
Michael Westen/Spencer, calm, frantic, saved, hand, mouth
Michael Westen/Victor, evaluate, miracle, resurrection, getaway, speed, unbreakable, never, rain, sand, electricity, bite, paradox, stare, save, hidden, free, dead, missing, faked death, shared, experience, limes, crazy, family, relax, stay, rough, agreement, handshake, AU, the-one-that-got-away, cover, control, spy game, dancing around, identity, safe house, hard-to-kill, team, shadows, stubble

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Butch/Sundance, drunk, safe, morning, if, still, warm, run, hide
Etta/Butch/Sundance, raindrops, falling, head, thieves, banks, shootout, bang, wanted, Australia, escape


Cal Leandros
Cal/Robin, huge cock, blowjob, monsters, teeth, hair, long-lived
Robin/Hob, dubious consent, bindings, tears, escape, delayed orgasm, begging

Cain Saga aka Godchild

Riff/Cain, aphrodisiac, curse, shadows on the wall, watching, trust, neediness, bruises

Calamari Wrestler
Kanichi/Miyako, match, tentacle, tornado, shower

Calamari Wrestler
Hank/Karen, redemption, mature, Hell-A, need, smoke, blog
Mia/Hank, birthday, future, dress, inspiration

Albert Campion/Amanda Fitton, ocean liner, chase, forest, jewels

Joseph Adama/Daniel Graystone, evolve, shut, coffee, silence, loss, need, pretence

Captain Blood (1935 film)
Captain Blood/Captain Levasseur, swordplay, foreplay, coin toss
Captain Blood/Colonel Bishop, authority, delayed, grinning
Captain Blood/Jeremy Pitt, compass, cabin, comfort
Colonel Bishop/Jeremy Pitt, authority, brutality, condemn

Cardcaptor Sakura
Chiharu/Yamazaki, sex ed, lies, growing up
Eriol/Tomoyo, calculation, dress, metaphorical leash
Sakura/Syaoran, magic, vacation, dreams, in-laws
Touya/Yue, sustenance, hire, part time job, college, move-in, cook
Touya/Yukito, sleep

Ben/Sophie, rain, bomb, cards
Jonesy/Iris, overlap
Jonesy/Rita Sue, dust to dust
Jonesy/Sofie, winter
Justin/Iris, hallelujah hallelujah, prayer, lines, sunrise, dream, warning, siren, pause, shadows
Libby/Sofie, distort
Ruthie/Ben, elegy
Sofie/Brother Justin Crowe, revival, Chautauqua

Brian/Kate, alone, tide, pebble
Brian/Kate/Danny, forgetful, fear, chill, sleepingbag


Alexis Castle/Richard Castle, amnesia, dark, despair, forbidden, guilt, self-destructive, wrong
Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan, backup, participation, bickering, food, congruent, concurrent, awesome, expansive, proximity, touch, bubble, dapper, clotheshorse, vice, kidnap, domesticity, red-couch, bets, ties, linger, teamwork, afterhours, morning-after, sync, tandem, restraints, sleepy!sex, dirty-talk, handcuffs, honeymilk, Madden, couch, pair, poker, sentences, communication, care, rope, desk, ties, flirt, coffee, partner, back, home, ties, television, public, excuses, unassuming, stealthy, inexperienced, curious, marriage, working late, sneaking, killing time, marathon, games, oblivious, flirtation, seduction, success, Nikki Heat, books, jealousy, writer, dreams, tease, distraction, weird, Castle, obvious, suspect, couch, tie, interrogation, bet
Kate Beckett/Javier Esposito, secret
Kate Beckett/Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan, subordinates
Kate Beckett/Richard Castle, angry, fight, indulge, page 105, argument, coffee, snark, wit, closet, handcuffs, duct tape, water, cold, chair, desk, team, poker, groupies, presumptuous, bluff, pigtails, pussyfoot, tactless, partner, book, fiction, sensual, sweet, tender, love, City Hall, ink, breakfast bar, apology, shut you up, cell, rooftop, coffee, handcuffs, kinky, handcuffs, coffee, stress relief, undercover, comfort, snowball fight, stakeout, handcuffs, impish, future, family, book, write, like, literature, research, don't tell, poker, revenge, second chance, hotel, stakeout, heat, want or don't want, undercover, orders, disobey, writer's block, convention, espresso, you could have been killed
Kevin Ryan/Jeremy Preswick, remember, jealous, crush, smile, good guy, books, first kiss, hug, couch, friend, naked, bump-into
Richard Castle/Kira, dorm room, charity auction, euphoria
Richard Castle/Lanie Parish, Captain, cyanide, the boys, all dressed up, no soundtrack
Richard Castle/Kevin Ryan, fanboy, undercover, Shakespeare

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – Tennessee Williams
Brick/Maggie, scratch, soft, perfume

Brick/Maggie/Skipper, understand, hotel
Brick/Skipper, think, give, close

Cavalier of the Abyss
Serin/Regis Nex, torment, blood, possession, defiance, prisoner
Yuan/Xix, blood, magic, retaliation, witch, heart, irreverence, kiss, sparring, devil

Céline and Julie Go Boating
Céline/Julie, spun sugar

Center Stage
Eva Rodriguez/Juliette Simone, home
Center Stage, Eva/Juliette Simone, cigarette, stretch, strength,

Chaos Walking - Patrick Ness
Ben/Cillian, family, peace, toughened
Davy/Todd, second, okay, solo
Viola/Todd, clutch, final

Peter/Regina, scarf, train, snow, smile, pull, believe

Chariots of Fire
Harold/Sybil, victory, opera, laughter

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Mike/Wonka, daddy

Billy/Amos, name

Chronicles of Chrestomanci – Diana Wynne Jones
Cat Chant/Marianne Pinhoe, future
Christopher/Conrad, agent
Christopher/Conrad/Millie, hols

Chrono Trigger
Lucca/Crono, letting go, curiosity, invention, testing
Lucca/Marle, girl talk, experiments


Bryce/Casey, pretty boy, better
Bryce/Casey/Sarah, mission
Bryce/Chuck, Klingon, leveling, code, extra life, home, honesty, unacceptable, nostalgia, promises, history, firsts, stolen-moments, greek-week, roadtrip, nerd!gasm, secrecy, adrenaline, possessive, libraries, study-breaks, public!sex, shower, Tron, games, closure, confidence, spy training, promise, return, protect, alive, conspiracy, tired, Star Trek: Reboot, robbery, sword, tie, spying, trust
Bryce/Chuck/Ellie, dependence, run, trust
Bryce/Chuck/Jill, AU, desire, lips, celebration, complicated, rewards, jealousy, lies, signs, wishes, drunk, competition
Bryce/Chuck/Sarah, mechanical, breakfast, order, curl
Bryce/Ellie, beach, bed, blindfold, caress, closet, dancing, handcuffs, kiss, lips, moon, music, silk, tender, wrists, hot
Bryce/Jill, calculation, prizefight, skill
Bryce/Sarah, last, cuffs, first
Bryce/Shaw, suspicion, training, long con
Carina/Casey, competition, flexibility
Casey/Chuck, gauze, brick, fast, nervous, growl, locked-in, undercover, realisation, bodyguard, sarcasm, tuxedo, misunderstanding, tease, fight, paranoia, gunplay, training, bodyguard, danger, language, in your place, metallic, Prague, malice, charisma, seduction school, sparring, swagger, pizza, lolcats, weak, privacy, fire, push, stakeout, pressure, cover-story, disarm, control, workout, pleasure, suits, Crown-Vic, Sarah, efficient, blunt, lie, sandwich, Ronald Reagan, manly man, target practice, reload, tattoo, recipe, pressure points
Casey/Chuck/Sarah, hoodie, implement, retirement, notoriety, trust, folly, balance, initiation, consent, handcuffs, team, turf war, blending in, inexplicable, undercover at an orgy
Casey/Devon, arms, hug, jump, tackle, punch, training
Casey/Devon/Ellie, lies, protection, comfort, invitation, hoping, civilians, love
Casey/Roan Montgomery, pesky
Casey/Sarah, lull, apartment, sheets
Casey/Shaw, guns, good boy, training, control, experience
Chuck/Cole, flirtation, lessons, rescue, travel, hotel-suites, undercover, spying, heroes, belt, seduction, memories, rough, experience, training, feathers, handcuffs, binding
Chuck/Devon, reverence, aftermath, secret, trust, hug, spy-games, admiration, smiles, performance, tango, spy, bros, bond, oath, blood, triage, road trip, first aid, Bartowski appeal
Chuck/Devon/Ellie, reforged, truths, intimate, genetic, soothe, cuddling, eager
Chuck/Ellie, alone, hero, comfort, morning, secrets, unexpected, stronger, bind, abandoned, solace, cake, licks
Chuck/Sarah, morning, shower, secret, phonesex, fantasy, webcam, lingerie, tease, bandwidth, beach, pink, walk, birthmarks, birthdays, untrained, release, photographs, boundaries, touch, facade, protector, bossy, Bryce, castle, alone, table, music, dance, dry-cleaning, first, mission, danger, forgiveness, hidden, submerge, is that the Intersect?, mirror, hope, beach, power, poison, red, threshold, slam, holiday, watch, reward, magic words, chocolate syrup, handcuffs, stilettos, suit, worse, hour, break, reveal, dirty, geekitude, parachute, strategic knife placement
Chuck/Sasha Banachek, [any]
Chuck/Shaw, bonding, hazing, training, guns, intelligence, the Castle, experience, heroes, history, welcome, story, shoulder, aim, family, playing nice, surplus, need-to-know basis, ropes, understanding, grind, first-time, hurt/comfort, sensible, illustration, precipice, loyalty, veneer, sand, justice, optical, ruminate, mentoring, immobile, professionalism, limits, Superman
Chuck/Tyler Martin, backup, international, tabloids
Devon/Ellie, love, table, food, doctor, treatment, exam, awesome, seduction, roses, tender, secrets, spy, residence, housewarming, laptop, closet, wedding, fight, roses, chocolate, interruption, honeymoon
Devon/Morgan, lessons
Jeff/Lester, buds, power, fight club, Bud, clammy, wicked, trip, naughtiness, jester
Sarah/Shaw, comfort

Circle of Magic - Tamora Pierce
Daja/Sandry, saati
Rosethorn/Lark, kids, time, circle, magic, partners
Tris/Briar, books, advice, understanding

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (film)
Darren/Evra, breakup, freak, peel, outsiders

Galatea/Miria, touch, light, discovery

Larry/Dan, buster, office, chat, future, friendship

Gingetsu/Kazuhiko, comrades, darkness, silence

Clue (1985)
Professor Plum/Miss Scarlet, check, homicidal, library, professionals, red.

Code Geass
Kallen/Gino, attraction, ignite, pilot suit, piloting skills
Kallen/Lelouch, accident, camaraderie, blindfold, emperor robes, falling, frenemies, loyalty, pain, promise, refrain
Kallen/Suzaku, bondage, cell, coercion, gag, lust, refrain
Lelouch/C.C., offer, hide, please, red, contract
Lelouch/Jeremiah, loyalty, regret, orange
Lelouch/Shirley, hope, water, blank, omen
Lelouch/Suzaku, continuation, destiny, stalk, scale, history, sin, chess, fear, gamble

Codex Alera - Jim Butcher
Amara/Sextus, redemption, trust, rumor, remember, rediscover, wind, equal, dream, know, recognize,
Araris/Isana/Septimus, watercraft, emotion, loyalty, discover, AU, mature, appearance, family, beauty, include, change
Ehren/Kitai/Tavi, dinner, cooperate, innovate, dare, quiet, intuition, insight, tradition, furycraft
Fidelias/Sextus, redemption, might-have-been, youth, collaborate, learning, politics, ally, adrenaline, history

Coffee Prince
Han Gyul/Eun Chan, chocolate syrup, stargazing, music, admiration, genderswitch, AU, what if, threesome
Han Gyul/Sun Ki, practicing, worry
Han Sung/Yoo Ju, dance
Mr. Hung/Sun Ki, loneliness, similarity
Sun Ki/Ha Rim, lessons, Japanese, waffles, My Ki
Yoo Ju/Eun Chan, paint

Cold Case
Kat/Curtis, food, laugh, weird, friend
Lilly/Kat, mother, steak, files, hands
Lilly/Scotty, nightmares, shoulder-to-shoulder, gun, hard, alcohol, closing a case
Will/Vera, housemates, late night drinks, reminisce, bad day


Abed/any, re-enact, genderswap
Abed/Britta, surprise, anthropomorphized animals
Abed/Fake Britta, smoking
Abed/Troy, John Hughes movies, bunk beds, psychic webisodes, stupid skinny jeans, auditioning as a duo, video games, shenanigans, pranks, music, movies, videotaping, games, video games, sleepovers, twosome, Spain, Batman, napping, dancing, red, broken, bored, bunk beds, SIMS, essays, red bull, classroom, AV cart, telephone, heroes, carpe diem
Abed/Troy/Annie, teamwork, movies
Annie/Abed, awkward, news, kissing tropes, movie
Annie/Britta, jealous, secrets, tension
Annie/Jeff, ace, thumb in a turtleneck, Annie's old cheerleading uniform, Jeff in a lawyer!suit, getting a B, house warming, in his Lexus, beso, another psych experiment, Jeff playing guitar while Annie watches, Annie and Jeff get drunk in his office, debate, reversed conventions, crosswords, jealousy, hyper, investigative journalism, puke, sweettarts, gum, studying, moonlight, first date, moving on, inappropriate, jerk, pancakes
Annie/Jeff/Professor Duncan, double-team, chocolate, breasts
Annie/Professor Duncan, GPA
Annie/Professor Whitman, rebuttal
Annie/Senor Chang, A minus, course evaluation, cheater
Annie/Troy, astronomy, back in the closet, sandpaper, prom queen, crush, element of surprise
Any/Any, Mexican Halloween
Britta/Jeff, arguing, lies, homework, illegal, better, argument, Spanish tutor, Greenpeace, mistake, scrubbing bubbles, bidet, Winger's got moves, beer, condo, textbook, camera, entertainment, youtube videos, sarcasm, shut up
Britta/Pierce, daddy issues, drunk, you were pretty good for a lesbian
Britta/Professor Duncan, espionage
Britta/Troy, dancing
Dean Pelton/Human Being, safe sex, you've woken something in me
Doreen/Jeff, appropriate footwear
Human Being/any, humanize
Jeff/Abed, bromance, roomies, cereal, [any]
Jeff/Professor Duncan, backseat, blackmail, consultation
Jeff/Professor Slater, Robin Hood, extra credit
Jeff/Señor Chang, extra credit
Jeff/Shirley, whatnot, impossible to stop that mouth, stepdad
Jeff/Tube Top, REM Concert," "star me, kitten"
Shirley/Britta, sex dreams, theatrics, truthfully
Shirley/Jeff, rumors, gossip, ignorance is bliss
Shirley/Jeff/Britta, dubious, laughable, studying


Constantine (movie)
Constantine/Lucifer, rescue
Gabriel/Lucifer, succumb, tar
Lucifer/John Constantine, wager, ground, psychic, rules.

Coraline (any)
Coraline/Wybie, birthday present, surprise, sneaking out, later
Other Wybie/Coraline, remnant

Jane/Sally/Susan, sublime, confident, surprise
Patrick/Sally, Captain Subtext, melty-man, confidence, ego, argument, neurotic, love

Cowboy Bebop
Faye/Jet, married, regret, wreckage
Faye/Vicious, bargain
Spike/Faye, distance, wet, teamwork, orders, voice, IOU
Spike/Jet/Faye, comfort, food, drunk, elbow
Spike/Julia, guns n roses, leather, heart, dreams, desire, unspoken, ice, over
Spike/Viscious, regret, anger, projection, friendship, guns, wounds
Vicious/Gren, watchtower, azure, stormclouds
Vicious/Julia, dark, lipstick, third
Vincent/Electra, crippled, crosshairs, blinding

Crash (1996)
James/Vaughn, wrecked


Criminal Minds
Elle/Reid, drinking, hotel, teaching
Hotch/Elle, ragged
Hotch/Gideon, old days, betrayal, home, control
Hotch/Haley, pegging, silk, quiet, alarm, epistolary, marksman
Hotch/JJ, forbidden, regrets, smiles, swelter
Hotch/Garcia, teach, hum, blindfold, tickle.
Hotch/Morgan, authority, belief, trust, damage, childhood, suits, uniforms, Kevlar, guns, interruptions, distrust, suspicion, concern, loss, romance, grief, goodbyes, offices, hostage situation, hospitals, conflict, secret, hours, presence, grief
Hotch/Prentiss, live through this, need, dysfunctional, stolen moments, crack a smile, jeans, gasp, snow, walk me home, overtime, fall apart, nightmare, promise, report, empty, glass, stomach, hidden, challenge, long night, pain, slow, blast, obscure, profile, stranded, comfort, divided, risk, secret, undercurrent, surrender, fervent
Hotch/Prentiss/Reid, strength, risk, relief
Hotch/Reid, aloof, control, temper, BAU, missing, divorce, protection, restraint, chess, friendly, honour, help
Hotch/Reid/Gideon, physics, secret, discovery, invitation
Hotch/Rossi, understood, protection, sharp, duty, music, faith, compromise, listen, equals, loneliness, restraint, the blues don't bother me, adrenaline, cotton, hubris, reward
Hotch/Rossi/Prentiss, double deal, broken, shiver, place your bets, waiting, truth takes time, believe, normal, silent, dirty talk, see no evil, tradition, repent, break, memory, slick, the Bible didn't mention us, white, hope, negotiate, dream, desperation, breathe, awareness, stranded, possessive, manicotti, loyalty, guns
Hotch/Rossi/Reid/Morgan/Garcia/JJ/Prentiss, comfort, after-hours
JJ/Garcia, comfort, downtime, phone, dirty, girl, fist, soft
JJ/Prentiss, collapse, hands, hair care, switching shirts
JJ/Will, first
Morgan/Garcia, [any], dancing, office, smile, screens, fashion, inspire, lust, profile, faith, protect, writing, music, kiss, phone sex, tease, danger, working late, phones, banter, dance, warning, spanking, ice cream, anticipation, envy, genius
Morgan/Garcia/Kevin Lynch, tipsy, hands
Morgan/Garcia/Reid, banter
Morgan/Garcia/Prentiss, books, ice cream
Morgan/JJ, attraction, worry, strong, anger, want
Morgan/Prentiss, thirsty, basement, flight, Chicago, church, roll, swear, mess, sweat, hair, demanding
Morgan/Reid, contrast, genius, gun, contrast, hands, skin, chest, discovery, mischievous, fall, chocolate, pretty, eidetic memory, tie, undercover, kidnapped, rescue, vacation, begin, end, take, flashback, enjoy responsibly, Halloween, strength, fumble, loose, student, handcuffs, fruit, frottage, humming
Prentiss/Elle, family, ties
Prentiss/Garcia, play, breathless, hands, slap, laugh, fantasies, repress, technobabble, windmills
Prentiss/Garcia/Reid, flirt, geekout
Prentiss/Haley, new, politic
Prentiss/Jordan, tripped
Prentiss/Reid, equation, convalescence, realization, geeks, accidental, fingers, instruct, loud, practice
Reid/Garcia, first, glasses, nerves, red, genius, trivia, six degrees of Kevin Bacon
Reid/Gideon, return, dance, mismatched socks, flustered
Reid/JJ, fear of dogs, addiction, confide, phone sex, nervous, date, television, talk, hair, touch,
gentle, pillows, refuge, safety
Rossi/Prentiss, penance, sunrise, new, smile, darkness, ties, wish, birthdays, teach, memory, tattoo, glasses, thunderstorm, careful, say what you mean, adrenaline, eavesdropping, victory, eyes, hotel, garage, phone, tacit
Rossi/Reid, longhand, near-sighted, recovery, Renaissance, archives, vintage, respect

Crossing Jordan
Bug/Nigel, crawl, love, possession

Cruel Intentions
Greg/Sebastian/Blaine, blackmail
Kathryn/Sebastian, Lust, Hate, Handcuffs, Coke, Cross, Journal, Porsche, Chaise, Blindfold, Whip, Seduction, Destroy

Crying Freeman (manga)
Yō Hinomura/Emu Hino, endurance, foreplay, exquisite


Greg/Mike Keppler, shock, recovery, one-night stand
Grissom/Catherine, affair, divorce, vacation, I missed you, strip tease
Hodges/Nick, lab, new, surprising, Texas, cowboy, handsome, blush
Mike Keppler/OMC, rough
Nick/Warrick, showers, secrets, phonesex

CSI: New York
Adam/Danny, fingerprints, bruises, glasses, red, saved, computer, lab
Adam/Danny/Flack, three, blue, guns, want, together, secret, help, need
Danny/Lindsay, baby, baseball, walking, firsts, dinner, support, black, blanket, darkness, taken, order
Flack/Danny, beach, ice cream, moonlight, shower
Flack/Angell, frozen, haunted, handcuffs, missing, breakfast, Irish coffee, music
Flack/Mac, command, beginnings, explosions, physics, logic, anger
Flack/girl!Mac, position, war, concern, overprotective, fragile, courtship
Flack/Lindsay, stare, lab, door, shared, snow, park,
Flack/Lindsay, streetlights, neon, kisses, cereal, books,
Mac/Flack/Danny, cookies, silk, switch
Mac/Stella, marine, safety, jealousy, boxer shorts, overtime, elevator, handcuffs, chocolate, martinis, mercy, Greece, vacation, sunshine, grief, consolation, leather, insubordination, you could have been killed

Cupid (original)
Alex/Claire, surprise, cake, couch, new

Janet/Scud, email, apocalypse, Iceland, bingo
Lucy/Amy, sketch, scandal, screaming, handcuffs

Melissa/Wheeze, wordplay, adventure

Ellen/Patty, education, grudgingly, rage, revenge, ho-ho, comeuppance
Ellen/Tom, memo, trial, linoleum
Ellen/Wes, motives
Patty/Phil, façade, no-fault, cupcake, circumstantial

Dance 'Til Dawn
Angela/Kevin, art, Europe, gallery, museum, airplane, reunion

Dangerous Liaisons
Merteuil/Valmont, gambit, possession, rough, angry, denial, marriage, consumed, real, smashed, cross-dressing, cruelty, delicious, mine, understanding, pawn, assignation

Dante's Cove
Elena/Brit, necktie, surf, slick
Kevin/Ambrosius, destiny, denial, possession, prolong, revealed, rings, bracelet, bedroom mirror
Toby/Adam, eventual, crush, closet
Toby/Kevin, sunkist, sun-kissed

Dark Angel
Alec/Sketchy, play, bet, cage, truth, fragile, faking, hide, bravado, brownout,
Alec/Ben, hide and seek
Alec/Joshua, paint, home
Alec/Logan/Max, compromise, go-between, interstitial, coalesce
Alec/Logan, sweat, thief, comfort, agile, feline
Alec/Max, [any], restraints, commiseration, liquor, sparring, pain, broken, fierce, slap, knees, hard, compete, choke, chains, dirty, wet, heat, scar, fear, apologies, burn, blanket, proposal, proposition, craving, scratch
Alec/Mole, drunk
Alec/Normal, gladiator
Alec/Sketchy, D/s
Kendra/Max/Original Cindy, intervention, brown out, trapped, cold, taste
Max/Logan, statistics, secret, stormy, surgical gloves, sideways, skyscraper, mythology
Max/Original Cindy, lazy, sweetheart, fist, brownout, body heat, sleep, Heat
Max/White [any], strength, darkness, restraint
Zack/Ben, brothers

Dark Blue
Carter/Dean, obey, desk, anger
Carter/Jaimie, undercover, dangerous, wall
Dean/Jaimie, smoke, perfect, summer, bikini, bra, laundry, beach, shower, morning, stars, porn, internet, picture, nightgown, sleep, map, food, lick, creepy, book, romance, flower, fight, emotional, Undercover, mystery, public, hangover

Dark City
Daniel Schreber/Frank Bumstead, clinician, lonely
Emma Murdoch/Frank Bumstead, comfort, forbidden, garters
Emma Murdoch/May, Secrets, Lipstick, Silk
John Murdoch/Daniel Schreber, watching, linen, bath, blindfold, syrup, asphyxiation, tea
John Murdoch/Mr.Hand, individuality, cold

Dark is Rising
Will/Bran, candlelight, memory, sword, music

Dark Visions Trilogy - L.J. Smith
Gabriel/Kaitlyn, first, solace, punish
Rob/Anna, slide, caress, bite, scrape

Gort/Komiyan, master

Darker Than Black
Amber/Hei, de-aging, reborn, jungle, forgiveness, cat, sin, libido, rational, monsters, different, Eve, Adam, gone, utopia, Gate, traitor, memory, memory, laugh
Amber/November 11, apples, flirt, undercover, pride
Hei/Kirihara, horizon, safe
Hei/Misaki, cat

Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor
Hazuki/Misaki, flirting

Darkover series - Marion Zimmer Bradley
Regis Hastur/Danilo Syrtis, moons, duty, knife, pillow, lineage, bredu, laran

Dawn of the Dead (1978)
Peter/Roger, alcohol, truck, gun, sale

Dawson's Creek
Dawson/Joey, boat, window, roof, flowers, film/video,
Joey/Pacey, [any], banter, pretend, movie, tango, ocean

Ed/Frankie, life, sinking, blaze, crisis, starving, delicate

Days of Our Lives
Chloe/Sami, breasts, sure, warm, slick, turned-on, vibrator, hairpulling, lingerie, voice.
E.J./Philip, healing, touch, letting go, blackmail, Europe, accommodating, mouth, blow job, rimming
Nicole/Sami, hate-sex, baby, blackmail, why not?
Philip/Lucas, brothers, lips, slick, rimming, leather
Sami/Chelsea, pleasing men, teasing, girls, secret, strap-on, mentor, cousins


Anita Fite/Traci Thirteen, magic
Atrocitus/Saint Walker, soothe
Bane/Ragdoll, baffling, damage, diamonds, drag, just plain wrong, light, rigid
Bane/Scandal, daddykink, no penetration, affectionate
Barbara Gordon/Stephanie Brown, surveillance cameras, trying, batsuits, acceptence
Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes, any
Bart Allen/Jason Todd, flirt, fear, poker, Gotham
Bart Allen/Kon-El, alive, Titans Together, kissing games, faster than a locomotive
Bart Allen/Owen Mercer, out of time, swings, catch
Bart Allen/Tim Drake/Kon-El, escape, crossdress, fantasy
Bart Allen/Dick Grayson/Kon-El/Tim Drake, unexpected, sharing
Batman/Harvey Dent/Two-Face, fairest, coin-toss, mercy
Batman/Joker, catcall, straitjacket, gasoline, insidious, statistics, genderswap (both), thunder, classic, the void, jackal, everything, bones, sea, salt, monster, sharp, ground, junk yard, dog, slipping, time, the docks
Batman/J'onn J'onzz, mind sex, mutual, open, learning, comfort
Batman/Music Meister, a different tune, bewitching, flamboyant, unexpected outfit change, unique
Batman/Riddler, body size difference, bruises, chase, delicate, flexibility, gutter, identity, lingerie, playful, rooftops, slutty, spanking, submissive, wrists
Batman/Wonder, Woman night, rooftop, unexplained, awe
Bernard Dowd/Tim Drake, costume, identity, hostage, date
Billy Batson/Courtney Whitmore, first time
Black Canary/Music Meister, infatuation, femdom, harmony, punishment
Booster/Guy Gardner/Ted Kord, accidental threesome
Booster/Jaime Reyes, time travel
Booster/Jaime/Ted Kord, reunited
Brenda del Vecchio/Jaime Reyes/Paco Tejas, team up
Brenda del Vecchio/Paco Tejas, anger girl, tights
Brenda del Vecchio/Traci Thirteen, anger girl, stupid boys
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, commlink, frustration, mission, kryptonite, fever, Fortress, Cave, polyglot, bumbling, underestimation, smarter than you know, contrivances
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lois Lane, shared, arrangement, bond, double penetration, careful, grief, hazy, kinky, silk, wine, gazebo, moonlight
Bruce Wayne/Diana Prince, understanding
Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, identity, posture, gravity, silence, freefall, trust, laughter, sunlight, healing, hostage, legs, flexible, sex pollen, mentor, short pants, desk, hard
Bruce Wayne/Harvey Dent, believe, Gotham, suit
Bruce Wayne/Jaime Reyes, mentor, snow, flight, beetle, identity
Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, memory, shattered, spanking, scar, grief, regret, cold, hunger, vengeance, leather, eyes, knife, sex pollen, grip, sorrow, apologies, angry, goodbye, undercover mission, spar, tied to a chair
Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon, shield, phonecall, rooftops, emptiness, stalking, mistake, coin, forgiving
Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, daylight, unrepentant, sly, conference room, skyscraper, share, friend, help, gift, ease, gentle, date, young, kink, red, champagne, plane, high heels
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, hot, leather, scratch, shadows, sigh, jewelry, smirk, purple, tarot, time, rest, chase, kitty-kitty, purr, diamonds, whip, seduction, gravity, tongue
Bruce Wayne/Talia al Ghul, mistakes, frozen, time, devious, red dress, redemption, misbehave, defiant, masks, empires
Bruce Wayne/Terry McGillis, don't move, hunger, switch, night, blood, smoke, violence, touch, taste
Bruce Wayne/Tim Drake, denial, reunion, escape training, rooftop, Tim time-travels to the cave!bat age
Bruce Wayne/Tim Drake/Jaime Reyes, shower, sharing
Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown, acrobatics, feminine
Cassie Sandsmark/Kon-El/Tim Drake, jealousy, hurt/comfort, best friends
Clark Kent/Dick Grayson, World's Finest, black and blue, routine, desperation, kink, daybreak, sun worship, wounded, lick, flight, taboo
Clark Kent/Jimmy Olsen, welcome home, cake, beer, excitement, friendship, identity, insistence, lunch, Centennial Park, glasses
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, long night, wait, dawn, warm, sheets, languorous, weakness, cigarette, flight, Fortress, strength, story, bullpen, bathroom, morning, shower, urgent, heart, blue, hot, watching, trust, relief, you'd be so nice to come home to, identity, wrong, right, balcony, story, single, apartment, bed, couch, tired, snuggle, friends with benefits, lie, bullpen, late, desk, lamp, conference room, break, friendship, apartment, secret, couch, memory, revelation, unrequited, tentative, quiet, ocean, lights, want, needed, desire, circumstance, overcast, stars, wind, glasses, incognito, glory, lies, newspaper, dreams, reality, cigarette, pink, glasses, scoop, sweet, water, fall, height, weak, grief, unexpected, home, memories, skin, lace, smitten, grin, tie, suit, kiss, fire, city, lights, cold, big hands, flight, mile high club, hair, being human, fed-up, elevator, grasp, small, wrists, ardent, different, thong, lick, Fortress, apartment, costume, hidden, secrets, legs, closet, note, late, errands, kiss, boots, cape, warmth, protect, reunion, dinner, food, flying
Clark/Mason, regrets, date, cabin, secrets
Clark Kent/Richard, office, strength, desk, plane, flight, loneliness, brotherhood, bar, coat, drink, exhaustion, arms, heroes, competition, tie
Count Vertigo/Deadshot, death wish
Courtney Whitmore/Mary Marvel, any
Courtney Whitmore/Maxine Hunkle, dress up, sleepovers
Damian Wayne/Lian Harper, pigtail pulling, rivalry, mommy issues
Danielle Garrett/Ted Kord, science
Deadshot/Catman, sprawl, boneless, thighs, tongue, cigarettes, alcohol
Deadshot/Jeanette, death, skin, honest, time, sprawl, boneless, thighs, tongue, cigarettes, alcohol
Deadshot/Owen Mercer, guns, bonding
Diana Prince/Karen Starr, truth
Diana Prince/Steve Trevor, bracelets, paradise, sparkle, fire, bound, uniform, sand, sun, ocean, Goddess, worship, ecstasy
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, library, jungle gym, shower, trapeze, costume, impersonation, ass, loathing, mouth, Golden Boy, handcuffs, zip-strips, guns, rain
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd/Tim Drake, solidarity, reconciliation, bed, Cave, patrol, blood, nightmare, eye roll, fever, skin, scars, the Clown, bite
Dick Grayson/Roy Harper, complaints, school, bonfire, vacation, sticky, gravitate, booty-call, bondage, experiment, chase, bright, flight, flexible
Dick Grayson/Tim Drake, mirror, breath, obsession, training, sparring, wounds, grief, patrol, gun oil, cowl, costume, handcuffs, uniform, water, massage, times, Batman, subway, flat, little brother, sweet, howl, dark, heartbeat, ropes, return, broken, voyeurism, therapy, hideout,
Dick Grayson/Wally West, any, teenage experimentation
Donna Troy/Jason Todd, power, control, snark, fist, bound, hair, bracelets, guns, knife, exhausted, snarl, frustration, discipline, strength
Donna Troy/Jason Todd/Kyle Rayner, resolved sexual tension, release, control, bound
Gar/Vic, fucking machines, snuggling
Guy Gardner/Jaime Reyes, headtrip, clash, crazy, mission
Guy Gardner/Kyle Rayner, golden boy, return, trip, protect
Harley Quinn/Jason Todd, spite, crowbar, the Clown, alley, loathing, hilarity, chaos
Hartley Rathaway/James Jesse, flute, music, prank, yo-yo, smirk, team, partnership, survival, bound, revelation, ghost, flesh, breath, eyes
Helena Bertinelli/Dinah Lance, fever pitch, midnight, heatwave, motorcycle, leather, wishes
Helena Bertinelli/OFC, faith, redemption, priorities, issues, lashing out, dishonesty, belief
Helena Bertinelli/OMC, burial, escape, denial, secret, cold, need
Helena Bertinelli/Question, lifeline, faceless, mind-games, delusions, safe, trust, mischief
Iris West II/Lian Harper, Titans, sparring, first crush
Jaime Reyes/Khaji Da, any
Jaime Reyes/Peacemaker, training, aliens, training, trust, stay, go, injury
Jaime Reyes/Tim Drake, armor, alien, trust, help, the Scarab, trapped, adrenaline, sparring, support, wounded, anger
Jaime Reyes/Tim Drake, crushes, mentors
Jaime/Khaji Da, friend, reboot, imagination
Jason Todd/Kyle Rayner, Lantern Ring, bound, hate, blood, restrained, spit, tension
Jason Todd/Lois Lane, cigarette, experience, Boy Scout, late, Mrs. Robinson, coffee
Jason Todd/Roy Harper, healing, toys, bondage, Bats, massage
Jason Todd/Tim Drake, bound, search, gravitate, replacement, costume, fire, heat, contradiction, gala, alley, filth, bite, bruises, adrenaline, desperation, broken, rope, knife, Batarang, shadows, breath, voice, cowl, team-up, friends
Jesse Chambers/Rick Tyler, honeymoon, PDAs, phone sex
Joker/Two-Face, panties, devils, bandages, bell jar
Karen Starr/Ted Grant, sparring
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, rooftops, anger, accidental meeting, quest
Ke'Hann/Laira, UST
King Faraday/J'onn J'onzz, fire, sacrifice, belief, shifting
Kon-El/Paco Tejas, bros
Kon-El/Tim Drake, control, bubble, galaxy, no masks, future, in Lex's lab, robots, playful, watch, rooftop, sunset
Kyle Rayner/Connor Hawke, fixate, play, sun, never, stretch, Kryptonian, mad, Luthors, gentle
Lady Shiva/Black Canary, equal, opposite, rivalry, punch, fishnet,
Lady Shiva/Tim Drake, repayment, little bird, death, broken, nature, weapon
Lois Lane/Lana Lang, hate!sex, catfight, jealousy, vicious, vivacious, lick, evil plot bunny of doom, passion, teenage, Clark, evil
Lois Lane/Mon-El, familiar, bright, smile, blue, comfort, apologize, permission
Lois/Richard, anger, violent, annoyed, fast, kitchen, bruise, grief, emotion, goodbye, shiver, tears
Lois Lane/Wonder Woman, comfort, legend, tradition, river, veranda, courtyard
Lois Lane/Zatanna, experiment, laugh, champagne, spa, sauna
Michael Carter/Ted Kord, Halloween, invention, geek out, pranks, teamwork, brotherhood, follow, tickle, fluidity, the Bug, goggles, time
Michael Carter/Ted Kord/Guy Gardner, stay
Misty Kilgore/Ystina (Shining Knight), chivalry, magic, crossdressing
Owen Mercer, his hand
Owen Mercer/Piper, bad ideas
Owen Mercer/Tim Drake, apologies, hoodie, super-speed, ice cream, forgiveness, dancing
Patience/Tom, handcuffs, illicit, surprise, chase
Piper/Ted Kord, blind date, techies, fashion victims
Piper/Trickster, back from the dead, queen, denial, anti-gravity boots, music, lost, trap
Piper/Wally West, any
Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn, garden, eclipse, bonadge
Renee Montoya/Helena Bertinelli, grief, reckless, laws, teach, penance
Renee Montoya/Scandal Savage, moral ambiguity
Scandal Savage/Jeannette, prison, loss, sharing, comfort, trust
Scandal Savage/Knockout, love, loss, travel
Scandal Savage/Liana, new, firsts, dance, heroic
Soranik Natu/Iolande, clash
Soranik Natu/Kyle Rayner, work
Stephanie Brown/Jason Todd, ladders, surveillance
Stephanie Brown/Kara Zor-El, competition, crossdress, cards, Catwoman
Tam/Tim Drake, virgin
Tim Drake/Lex Luthor, amanuensis, evil, kidnapping, correct, office
Tim Drake/Roy Harper, undercover, hidden, unexpected
Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, fall, regret, rooftop, kiss
Tim Drake/Zachary Zatara, words, spell, costume, hat, arrogance, tension
Vic Sage/Helena Bertinelli, searching
Wonder Woman/Jeannette, sister, blood
Wonder Woman/Superman, gods
Wong/Doctor Strange, devotion, exhaustion, fingers, gentle, isolation, pepper, soot, sore, tease

Dead Last
Scotty Sallback/Vaughn Parrish, hell, breakfast, complicated, cheap

Dead Like Me
Daisy/Mason, body swap, rescue, pride, gentle
George/Mason, delicate, hobo gloves, mind, life
George/Cameron, wish fulfillment
George/Rube, delicate, caustic, secret, trust
Mason/Rube, inside, dominance
Roxy/Mason, needy

Dead Man on Campus
Josh/Cooper, 4.0, grad school, life-partner, scared, sacrifice, grown-up, AU, impressed, roommate, graduation, break, amused, dating, team

Dead Poet's Society
Todd/Neil, dorm room, quietly, cave, reciting, can't live without you, for once in my life

Death Note
femme!Light/L, first times, coffee, up all night, guilty, innocent, moon, hair, sugar, sweet and sour
Gevanni/Halle, ephemeral, unreal, afterwards, grieving, alone
Hal/Kiyomi, gun, hate, professional
Hal/Stephen, coffee
L/Light, ripples, light, chained
L/Mello, shards
L/Misa, strawberry, notebook, light
Light Yagami/Kiyomi Takada/Teru Mikami, reverence
Matt/Halle, substitutes
Matt/Mello, church, God, love, sin, games, sweet, smoke
Mello/Light, win, lose, hate, love, power
Mello/Near, bound, bitter, sweet
Mikami/Light, forty, monster, decision, prayer, writing, note, worship, manna
Mikami/Takada, alike, luxurious, soft, claim
Ryuk/Light, apples, AU, pen

Death Race
Jensen/Case, Backseat, Lap, Oil, Leather, Mask, Mexico, Bars, Hot, Mechanical
Jensen/Joe, scars, wife, baby, family, cars

Decoder Ring Theatre
Deck/Control, holodeck
Jack/Freddie, radio, reminecense,
Jack/Trixie, stakeout, boredom, coffee,
Red Panda/Flying Squirrel, starlight, shadow, mind, dropkick, want, endings, backseat, retire, protect
Red Panda/Professor Zombie, late, cloak

Defying Gravity
Jen/Rolley, good guy, dreams, house-keeping, family, selection

Galvin/Luke, one night stand, catalyst, limp
Galvin/Ruby, youth, virginity, Luke, smiting, "you have to keep me happy"
Mina/Rupert, bite, hat, doll
Ruby/Luke, unsaid, whisper
Ruby/Rupert, red, stubborn, forbidden fruit

Desperate Housewives
Andrew/Orson, hit and run
Bree/Andrew, hate
Bree/Lynette, laundry room, fresh sheets, baking, formality, consolation, babysitting, wine, regret

Detective Conan
Aoko/Kaito, Handcuffs, softly, silk, honor, forced, gossamer, catboy, tradition, alleyway, cargo, locked, trunk, god, wanted, raider, lust, desk, uniform, unwanted, cursed

Devil May Cry
Dante/Virgil, payback, gunplay

Angel Baptista/Maria La Guerta, lime, bailar, whirlwind, slinky,
Brian, together for eternity
Deb, boat, apocalypse, ending, prison, summer, discover, possessive, fate
Deb/Frank, idol, soothe, jazz, peanut butter, undisciplined
Debra/Doakes, fight, show me the ropes
Dexter Morgan/Jonah Mitchell, Thanksgiving, car, monster, vision, food, sharp
Dexter/Deb, matches, bullets, empathy
Dexter/Doakes, dust-up, daze, dragnet, non con
Dexter/Lundy, desperation, deception
Dexter/Rita, forgiveness, hiding, soft, glow, shine, goodbye
Quinn/Deb, anger, hurt, working late

Die Hard movies
John/Matt, attention, care, small spaces, retribution, tease, Daddy, pain, tough, lips, sweat, internet porn, party, tied, kink, stunned, email, touch, hand-to-hand, knuckles, gift, teach, family, adrenaline, new, Lucy, first, helping, kinky, lick, oops, tender, tongue, garish, ill-prepared, risk, Easter, Halloween, Arbor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Bastille Day, July 4th, Founders' Day, May Day
Thomas/Mai, computer games
Zeus Carver/John McClane, pride, strength, anger, vulnerability, green, blue, yellow, glass, possession, memorabilia, help

Digital Devil Saga
Angel/Gale, intersex, penetration, hatesex, chaos, peace, honor
Full Cast, military academy AU, fine young cannibals
Serph/Gale, loyalty, breathplay, orgasm denial, intelligence, bitemarks
Serph/Heat, D/s, chastity, bloodplay, loyalty, embrace

Diplomatic Immunity
Kirsty/Leilani, prank, peculiar, food, festival, club, evil, bored, desk
Leighton/Kirsty/Leilani, bad, spiked, culture
Leighton/Leilani, kama, whale, thing, forbidden

Dirk Pitt Novels - Clive Cussler
Al/Dirk, Air Force, hiding, eternity, follow, free

Dirty Sexy Money
Nick/Brian, hate sex

Adora Belle Dearheart/Moist von Lipwig, handcuffs, toys, excitement
Adora Belle Dearheart/Sacharissa Cripslock, dangerous, high heels, interview
adult!Tiffany Aching/Granny Weatherwax, headology, borrowed, sharing, impetuous, winter, gift
Agnes/Vlad, flight, twist
Esme Weatherwax/The Queen, music, new, old, tempt
Greebo/any, surprise, costume
Igors, fix, beautiful, stitches
Moist von Lipwig/Havelock Verinari, angels, lie, scale
Rob Anybody/Jeannie, hiddlins
Sam Vimes/Havelock Vetinari, city, map, wall, terrier,
Tiffany/Annagramma, corrected
Tiffany/Roland, other, home, practicality, presents
Tiffany/Wintersmith, above, world, frostbite
Tonker/Lofty, burn, freedom, wars
Vimes/Sybil, getaway, comfort, coach

Disney's Gargoyles
David Xanatos/Fox Xanatos, diabolical
Owen Burnett/Lexington, unexpected, Puck, moonlight, babysitter

C.O.D./Ultimecia, control
Emperor/Ultimecia, manipulation
Exdeath/C.O.D., roots

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Firion/Cloud, ride, trust, fire, "show me your blade", sparring practice, laughter, tease
Firion/Tidus, tease, inspire, joke
Squall/Cloud, teamwork, blood, steel, touch, rescue


Doctor Who
Adam Mitchell/Jack Harkness, save, mystery, thrills
Ainley!Master/Nyssa, reveal, intricate, labyrinthine, depths
Ainley!Master/The Rani, boots, subzero, control, theory, parallel, not a war to be won, purr, convenient, pulling strings, witness
Braxiatel/Romana, idolatry, computations, creation, power behind the throne
Christina De Souza/The Unicorn, apprentice, lie, adventure, adrenaline, trust, seduction, costume(s), theft, rules, promise, game, bet, surprise
Doctor/Jack, together, left, alone, freedom
Doctor/Jackson Lake, comfort, rescue, secrets, goodbye
Doctor/Master, tribal, journeys, fission, effervescence, past, present, future, re-start, please, jump, kneel, travel, bondage, hunger, virgin
Donna Noble/Donna Noble, genetic, experiment, pleased
Donna/Rose, adventure, scissoring, first
Eight/Fitz Kreiner, homecoming, freedom, adrenaline, legend
Eleven/Donna, [any], cougar, past, cheating, another go, lottery winner, familiar, geronimo, new memories, detangle the brain
Eleven/River Song, stargazing, burnout, incident, collision, memories, lick
Eleven/Rose, [any]
Eleven/Sally Sparrow, graveyard, photography, recognition, kismet
Five/Tegan, quarrel
Five/Turlough, all tied up, comfort
Four/Sarah Jane, pockets
Jack Harkness/Nine/Rose Tyler, ears, ten
Jack/Donna, fun, memory, free, laugh, adventure, wild, snow, alien, song, blanket, journey, don't, spectacular
Jack/Mickey, attention, porn, desk
Jack/Rose, corners, stolen, secret
Jack/Sarah Jane, hotel
Jake/Mickey, travel, van, loss, stress, war, not the same
Liz/Brig, snap, bemused, uniform, laughter, a small crime, stay, never, unorthodox
Martha/Mickey, heroes, adrenaline, run, honeymoon
Martha/Rose, [any]
Martha/Tom/Mickey, spaceship, adventures, Sunday
Master/Jack Harkness, survival, torture, year, resign
Nine/Donna, [any], lady, accidents, gift
Nine/Eleven, new, crisscross, heal, honey
Nine/Jabe, peace and quiet
Nine/River Song, lasting, cross
Nine/Rose, pleasantries, morning, cartography, rhythm, sex pollen, size kink
Nine/Sarah Jane, distance
Nine/Ten, dream, comfort, moment, hello, goodbye, taboo, timey-wimey, dying, spiral, grief, sparks, leather
Ricky/Mickey, AU, mirror
Rose/Sally Sparrow, one-nighter
Seven/Ace, explosive, betrayal, time, trust, regeneration, lies
Simm!Master/Ainley!Master, warning, preemptive strike, future me scares me, brilliant
Simm!Master/Donna, surprise, kneel, lush, questioning, not my memories
Simm!Master/Rose, broken, desperation, lost, shadows, wall!sex, wrists
Ten/Donna, one more time, ginger, Harvey Wallbanger, husband and wife, kiss, breasts, "you're the most important woman in the universe", clever, forever, burning, mate, complications, anonymous, biting, prize, bad, Slutty, Comfort, Forgetting
Ten/Jack, knowledge, recoil, pursuit, tentacles, devotion, endless, enthusiasm, glee, the l word, time, worlds
Ten/Jackson Lake, memory, one
Ten/Martha, wet, escape, edge, breath, mouth, masturbation, frottage, awkward, uniform, TARDIS
Ten/Master, "come with me", centuries, beloved, strange, angry, collar, seduction, pet, brothers, alone, Timelords, together, beard, torture, madness, healing, light, Tardis, embrace, tears, sonic, coat, secrets, whisper, drums, hunger, longing, regeneration, fear, death, closer, time, cure, ceasefire, taste, scent, amnesia, fear, forgive
Ten/Mickey Smith, alien world, victory, drunk
Ten/River Song, handcuffs, chocolate, love, rough, seduction, tricks, spoilers
Ten/Romana, fix, flavor, fantastic, pudding, tea, whimsy, forgotten
Ten/Rose, accidental stimulation, fingering, cartography, library, hush, kryptonite, impossible, examination, tie, worship, fate, hearts, reaching, rage, swords, wind, rain, risk, reward, retold, red
Ten/Sarah Jane, home, upstairs
Ten/Simm!Master, fishing, writing, notes, hear, balance, reciprocal, lost, found, tie, master, price, bound, comfort, homecoming, eternity, feast, hurt, kept, orders, names
Theta/Koschei/Ushas, oops, experimentation, studying, walls, crossed wires, failure, games, immortal, admire, hand in the cookie jar, betrayal, innocence, temperamental, binding, alchemy
Three/Delgado!Master, banter, swordfight
Three/Sarah Jane, stowaway
Tish Jones/Captain Jack, solace, wink, after, hands
Tom/Martha, like Jesus in a way, saving the world, married

Doctrine of Labyrinths - Sarah Monette
Felix/Mildmay, D/s, kissing, Pharaohlight, bondage, fox-headed, scars, masochism, S&M club, object penetration, orgasm control/denial, bruises, bitemarks

Bartleby/Loki, heaven, Wisconsin, death, forgiveness
God/Metatron, father, love, free-will

Sirius/Kathleen, effulgent, queen



Adelle/Anthony Ceccoli, Roger, remember, understanding
Adelle/any, panache, Riviera, sword, breeze
Adelle/Boyd, security, trust, power
Adelle/Caroline, exchange, equal, revolution, contract, hate, taunting
Adelle/Claire, free will, bullet wounds, medicine, destruction
Adelle/Clyde!Whiskey, face, deals, scars
Adelle/Dominic, Arizona, drunk, Attic, nightmare, vodka, hands, tight, stubble, blue, shopping, friends, alternative, loyalty, twisted, oral, devotion, furry, silences, paths, drinks, suits, genderfuck, bodyswap, first, meeting, interview, hatred, emptiness, challenge, betrayal, Attic, touch, whisper, cruel, control, apocalypse, vodka, scratch, refuge, elevator, attic, scream
Adelle/Dominic/Victor, consequences
Adelle/Echo, apology, quick, fascination, destiny, blame, cursing
Adelle/Laurence, imprint chair, power, power, elevator, office, The Attic, suits, elevators, liquor, nightmares, survival, center, torture, hair
Adelle/Roger, run, deflect, candle, hide, squares
Adelle/Topher!Victor, wrong, deceit
Adelle/Topher, anatidaephobia, World of Warcraft, flannel shirts, genius
Alpha/Echo, princess, disturbed, tolerance, lust, contract, be your best, treatment
Alpha/Topher, BFF, consequences, you made me, playing
Alpha/Whiskey, Bobby and Crystal, glitch, crime, original
Anthony/Priya, apocalypse, active, breakfast, relax
Ballard/November, swell, savor, slope
Ballard/Topher, sorry, never, claim
Bennet/Caroline, explosions, make overs, obsession, information, books
Bennet/Topher, brains, mechanics, bed, even, halo, paper, code, flaw, blood, fantasy
Bennet/Topher/Topher!Victor, sandwich, juicebox, tightening
Bennet/Topher/Whiskey, dream, smooth, fragments
benny!Alpha/Lars/crystal!Whiskey, previously, fantasy, hitchhiking, ride, blood, remembrance, glitch
Boyd/Claire, honesty, emptiness, shock
Boyd/Clyde!Whiskey, partners, changes, obedience
Boyd/Clyde, body, creation, survival
Boyd/Echo, always, question, escort, rules, deception, trust
Boyd/Topher, like, mathematics, subjective, abracadabra, scowl, cell-phone, blood, best manfriend, morality, safety
Boyd/Whiskey, edge, taunt, sour, scalpel
Caroline/Bennet, homework, new, warm, best friends, sorry, never, teach me, pretty
Claire/Echo, broken, slow, lasting, final
Claire/Topher, fears, hate, revenge, divine plan, unstable, imprint chair, security cameras, end game, grudge, forgive, punish, history, haloperidol, scars, real, release, truth, fall, ruin, wires, revenge, hate
Daniel/Echo, real, grip
Dominic/Adelle, torture, walk, official, loyalty
Dominic/Adelle/Topher, nightmare, humorous
Dominic/Topher, animosity, choke, save, shelved, threaten, world
Echo/Laurence/Sierra/Victor, attic, survivors, mind, comfort, spin
Echo/November, intuition, like
Echo/Paul, bath, honey, rose petals, silk, wrists, remember, feel, haunt, secrets, finish, hurt, possible, tease
Echo/Sierra, assignment, free, friends, swimming, awareness, sunshine
Echo/Sierra/Victor, friendship, loyalty, past, identity, showers, innocent
Echo/Tony/Priya, person, run, self, remember, nurture, team, fight, stick, rose, heat, sweetness
Echo/Topher, electric, whole, replacement, separate, better
Echo/Whiskey, compare, awakening, lollipops, best, competition, rival, cooperate
imprinted!Alpha/imprinted!Whiskey/Any, perfection
imprinted!Alpha/OMC, british, successful, repeated, engagement, spanking, satisfied, rough, requested
Ivy/Topher, memories, unrequited, endings
Loomis/Adelle, glasses
Lubov/Paul, lies, secrets, vodka
Mag/Zone, tunnels, poison, hideaway, disappear
Mellie/Paul, restrain, system, sleeper, bruises, soothe, grieve, dress, smile, protect
Paul/Echo, boxers, vodka, hotel, strawberries
Paul/Topher, alive, believe, did I fall asleep, forceful, geek, scare, run, brain, hiding, unknown, water, captive, involuntary, later, physical, reflection
Priya/Tony, escape, dream, fuck, firearms
Priya/Topher!Victor, upgrades, memory, bodies, talkative, uncanny
Priya/Topher, secret, beer, help, crazy
Sierra/Topher!Victor, magnets
Sierra/Victor, bliss, riot, poptarts, champagne, gold, rain, forever, imprints, memory, adoration, optimism, incomplete, finally, home, lost, forgiveness, healing, strength, light, you, layers, facepaint, bird, paint, childhood, imprints, grouping, paint, leather, surprise, soft
Tony/Ballard, comfort, lost, regain, battle, memory
Topher Brink/Topher!Victor, virgin, wrong
Topher/Victor, public, clothes, shower
Whiskey/Topher Brink, birthday, sleeper, contract

Donald Strachey Mysteries
Timothy Callahan/Donald Strachey, spontaneity, voyeur, movie, timed, listen

John/Sam, superhuman, gun, past, lock, demons, dystopia, dog tags
Sarge/Reaper, downtime

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Billy/Penny, frozen yogurt, laundry, safe space
Captain Hammer/Dr Horrible, enemy, friend, masochist, need
girl!Billy/Penny, comfort, unexpected

Dragon Age: Origins
Alistair/female Warden/Isabella/Leliana, [any]
Alistair/Queen Anora, [any]
Cailan/Duncan, orders, King, glory
Anora/Cailan, [any]
Cullen/Female Mage Warden, crush
Duncan/Alistair, Joining, duty, companions
Hespith/Branka, [any]
King Cailan/Empress of Orlais
Sten/Morrigan, nuzzling
Sten/Shale, kadan
Zevran/Leliana, release
Zevran/Wynne, maturity

Dragonball Z
Android 17/Android 16, strength, hair, machine
Bulma/Vegeta, frustration, screaming, tenderness, fighting, food
Gohan/Piccolo, cuddle, stubbornness, adoration, my boy, claws
Piccolo/Gohan/Videl, good boys share
Vegeta/Mirai Trunks, what you don't know, instinct, animal side

Dragonriders of Pern
Lytol/Jaxom, dragonback
Menolly/Piemur, friends, flight
Menolly/Robinton, master, firelizard, beauty, song

Dragon's Bait
Alys/Selendrile, winter, hoard, witch, hunt, heat, nude, scales

Drop Dead Diva
Grayson/Jane, complicated, delicate, bare
Tony/Jane, office-hours, cuddling, lips

Due South
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, climbing, tune-up, dirty, swimming
Elaine Besbriss/Benton Fraser, breakfast, soapbox, whisper, action
Elaine/Vecchio, better, fire, joy
Frannie/Elaine, challenge, bondage, refresh, fight
Frannie/Meg, thigh-highs
Fraser/Denny Scarpa, pressure
Fraser/Elaine/Vecchio/Kowalski, red
Fraser/Frannie, persuasion, distraction
Fraser/Ray Kowalski, fever, danger, gasp, grin, gag reflex, streets, foreign exchange, the pound, red, wall, undercover, sleepy, pounce, pheromones, dress, possessive, rimming, breath, back-seat, snow, warmth, cuffs
Fraser/Vecchio, zombies, eventuality, closet, mostly, date, scar(s), fresh air
Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski/Stella, dancing, beginnings, attempt, distance
Kowalski/Vecchio, handcuffs, angry, commonality, water,
Maggie MacKenzie/Frannie Vecchio, jokes, bedtime story, exploration
Ray Kowalski/Elaine, shoulders
Ray Kowalski/Frannie Vecchio, skirts, flowers, siblings, dinner
Stella Kowalski/Meg Thatcher, ambition, licorice, tall tales

Chani/Irulan, hate, winner
Ghanima/Farad'n, the unknown, touch, affection, rub, sand

Early Edition
Gary/Marissa, sense, feel, touch, fall
Gary/Miguel Diaz, the hero thing, secret

Earth: Final Conflict
William Boone/Lili Marquette, flying, resist, scars

East of Eden
Adam/Cathy/Charles, share alike

Steve Owen/Matthew Rose, care

Eastern Promises
Kirill/Nikolai, desire, denial
Nikolai/Anna, [any]

Darryl/Kat, bond, illusion, moon, silk, stars, wrists
Joanna/Kat/Roxie, moon, wishful, "it's witchcraft", making trouble
Joanna/Penny, buddies, competition
Kat/Joanna, comfort, midnight snacks
Roxie/Joanna, relaxing, laughter

Eerie Indiana
Dash-X/Marshall, skill

Egyptian Mythology
Anubis/Bast, apocalypse, eyes, stars
Bast/Sekhmet, ages, dust, not forgoten

Eleventh Hour
Rachel/Hood, experiment, boundaries

Elisabeth (musical)
Der Tod/Rudolf, crossdressing, throat, blood

Elsie J Oxenham - Abbey series
Joan/Jen, crush, sweet, alone, honeymoon, mine
Joan/Joy, cousins, delicate, love, need, discoveries
Joy/Jen, family, belonging, want, warm, smile, kind, scared
Joy/Maidlin, protector, understanding, wedding night, instruction, teaching, knowing
Maidlin/Rosamund, not sisters, scared, holding, sleeping, midnight, confession, want, always

Emily of New Moon – L. M. Montgomery
Dean/Emily, wonders, experience

Emma – Jane Austin
Emma Woodhouse/Jane Fairfax, intimate

Edward/Giselle, dreaming, filthy, unreal, euphemisms, shy

Enemy Mine
Willis/Jeriba ("Jerry"), abandoned, shelter, waiting, joyous arrival, no longer alone

Eric Murphy/Vincent Chase, drunk, hide, home, jealousy, nip, office, taunt, tempt

Kerry/Elizabeth, strength, desire, passion
Kerry/Susan, cranky, hurt, thankful
Mark/Susan, children, babysitting, loss, snow
Mark/Susan/Elizabeth, alcohol, friends, desire
Susan/Peter, lounge, desire

Van/Hitomi, fate, stay, telepethy, connection, homecoming

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Joel/Clementine, fate, orange, snowy beach, train ride


Allison/Jack, future, cotton, shoes, blue, timing, once, need, wishes, business-and-pleasure, family, electric
Allison/Jack/Nathan, bodyswap, bed, competition, sugar, experimentation, silk, virtual-reality, universe, origins, protect, difference, science, laughter, belong, discover, friends, respect, brilliant, competence, crisis, desk, trapped, AI, perfect, clumsy, experiment, water bed, babies
Allison/Jo, shooting range, orders, acceleration
Allison/Nathan, reunion, silver, books, education, prizes, marriage, sins, adoration
Allison/Tess, roommate, college, cold, universe,
Douglas Fargo/Jack, cookbook, hacker, lost, rescue
Douglas Fargo/Nathan, better, buttons, desk, kneel, lost, tears
Douglas Fargo/Sheriff Andy, identity
Douglas Fargo/Zane, cybersex, matched
Henry/Jack, companionship, trust, release, mechanic, secrets, loss, last minute saves, pilot
Henry/Kim, innovation, rediscovery, kiss, collaborate, space, laughter, comfort, genius, pioneer, AU, history, familiar, time, memory, dancing, art, life
Henry/Nathan, risk, drive, blame, science
Jack/Jo, comfort, annoyance, heat, trapped, practice-makes-perfect, mission, downtime, skills
Jack/Nathan, angry, gone, suit, freaky, experiment, house arrest, cuffs, collars, accord, meeting, AU, scientist, kink, mating habits, hot, flirting, boss, requisition form, vacation, common sense, genderswap, Reunion, caught, tie, bound, wrong, force, dance, winner
Jack/Nathan/Douglas Fargo, experiment
Jack/Sheriff Andy, exploration, similarities, confusion
Jack/Tess, shower
Jack/Tess/S.A.R.A.H, jealousy, vibrations, toys
Jack/Zane, outlaw
Jim Taggert/Jo, hunting, expressions
Jo/Zane, firsts, cuffs, toys
Lucas/Zoe, first
Nathan/Allison, secrets, finally, need, temptation
Vince/Any, flambé
Zane/Zoe, wrong, temptation

Eureka Seven
Dominic/Anemone, binds, boundaries,edge
Hilda/Mathew, rest, reminisce, plan
Holland/Talho, guilt, forgiveness, promise

Ephram/Amy, ferris wheel, necklace, haircut, wedding

Ex Machina
Hundred/Bradbury, current, industrial, stalwart
Hundred/January, converted, avenged
Journal/January, chimera
Rick Bradbury/Mitchell Hundred, crash, nerd, concert, take-out

Eyes of the Dragon
Thomas/Dennis, loyalty

Eyeshield 21
Agon/Hiruma, futures
Agon/Mamori, legs, steamy, stubborn
Agon/Mamori/Hiruma, competition, jealousy, stamina
Hiruma/Mamori, cameras, damage control, elevator, flowers, football gear, ice cream, locker room, marks, mind games, promise, public affection, publicity, pyromaniac, red dress, rules & regulations, seeing red, silence, slender fingers, smoke, stamina, strip poker, ties & stilettos, trick plays, weakness, disturbance, half time, maid outfit, photographs, evidence, jittery, cream puffs, university, victory, wounds, photos, discipline
Hiruma/Mamori/Musashi, coffee
Ikkyu/Mamori/Monta, aerial battle, showing off
Kakei/Sena, polite
Kid/Mamori, cowboy hat & boots, quick hands, rodeo
Koutarou/Juri, dedication
Mamori/Suzuna, cheerleading outfit, study
Mizumachi/Kakei, soaked
Monta/Taka, honor, hero, work
Panther/Homer, bros
Sena/Panther, same, language
Sena/Suzuna, confidence, taking charge
Yamato/everyone, crush, sparkle


Fables (comics)
Bigby Wolf/Snow White, dwarves, wolves, biting, rough, love, dangerous, comfort, scent, taste, nape, parents, centuries, forgiveness

Beast/Beauty: adventure, unwind, listen, patience, compromise

Fairy Tail
Natsu/Erza/Grey/Lucy, bonds, power.

Fairy Tales
East of the Sun and West of the Moon, Girl/Prince, warmth, distanced
Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf, [any]
Snow White, Huntsman/Snow White, soft, grass, strong, sadness
Snow Queen, Kai/Gerda, eternity, release, warmth, completion

Family Guy
Brian/Stewie, megalomaniac, weapons, olive juice

Eric/Linus, argument, daring, fumbling, history, hospital, lightsabers, regret, roleplay, van

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
Agnes/Kristofferson, ears, spots
Ash(adult)/Kristofferson(adult), different, memories, natural

Aeryn/Chiana, beauty, art, color, hand
Aeryn/Chiana/John, bargain, tension
Aeryn/John, danger, flowers, salt, leather
D'Argo/John, unrealized reality

Farseer Trilogy
Fitz/Fool, open your eyes, kiss

Fatal Frame II
Itsuki/Mutsuki, secrets, letters, winter
Sae/Yae, sisters
Yae/Ryozo, kindness

Fatal Frame III
Akito/Kyouka, snow, promises
Rei/Miku, warmth, solace

Fatal Frame
Akito Kashiwagi/Kyouka Kuze, hairpin, delicate, curious, seclusion, photograph
Ayame/Akane, dolls, object penetration
Choushiro Kirishima/You Haibara, game, handcuffs, secret
Itsuki Tachibana/Mutsuki Tachibana, despair, hands, purification, forest, breath, Remaining, hide-and-seek, differences, breathplay, ritual sex, birthday
Itsuki Tachibana/Mutsuki Tachibana/Yae/Sae, the life my brother and I could not have, birthday, hide-and-seek, seperated, experiments, protection
Itsuki Tachibana/Yae, tears, hope, secret
Kaname Ototsuki/Reika Yukishiro, piercing, voice, twilight, departure
Kei Amakura/Mafuyu Hinasaki/Yuu Asou, ink, studious, beer
Kei Amakura/Rei Kurosawa, hope, comfort, bruise, phone
Madoka Tsukimori/Misaki Asou, toy, friend, special, lighthouse, lies
Madoka Tsukimori/Misaki Asou/Ruka Minazuki, sleepover, song, memory
Mafuyu Hinasaki/Kirie, rope bondage, outside
Mafuyu Hinasaki/Miku Hinasaki, visions, rope, haunted, orphans, trust
Miku Hinasaki/Rei Kurosawa, snow, nightmares, sweet, camera, lonely
Mio/Mayu, connection, heart, mind, betrayal, loyalty, twist, butterfly, memory, time, wait, abandonment, masochism, breathplay, butterfly
Misaki Asou/Ruka Minazuki, surviving, sea, celestial, grounded
Rei Kurosawa/Reika Kuze, tattoos, contact, cold, sympathy, blue
Rei/Miku, things in the house, tattoo, rebirth, sexy lingerie
Sakuya Haibara/You Haibara, flower, exile, beach, twisted, prisoner

Fate/Stay Night
Gilgamesh/Saber, obsession
Rin/Archer, loyalty, mana, past/future/present, absolute obedience, tsundere, knowing
Saber/Emiya Shirou, spar
Tohsaka Rin/Emiya Shirou, ribbons

Ben/Felicity, shy, necklace, choice, confession, tutor

Fight Club
Tyler Durden/Marla Singer, cigarette butts, closer, insomnia, lipstick, mind blowing, post-apocalypse


Final Fantasy IV
Cecil/Kain, competition, friendship, forgiveness
Cecil/Kain/Rosa, competition, adore, forgiveness
Cecil/Rosa/Kain, leap
Kain/Ceodore, the good old days, training, lance, like father like son, absolution, growing up
Kain/Rydia, comfort, companionship, misery doesn't love company
Palom/Eleanore, lessons, heat, water, electricity, frustration
Rosa/Cecil/Kain, prisoner, threesome, control, choose, fuck or die
Rosa/Kain, salt

Final Fantasy VI
Celes/Locke, regret, joy, escape
Cyan/Terra, guardian
Terra/Kefka, broken, doll, rage, monster, revenge
Terra/Setzer, fly, magic, fire, scars, home, bet
Terra/Shadow, youth, past, pain, mask, monster

Final Fantasy VII
Aeris/Cloud, autumn, before, blossom, earth, forest, leaving, lilac, knowing, open, soil, temple
Aeris/Reno, capture, signs, bastard, crush
Aeris/Sephiroth, benediction, forbidden, revenge, fascination, force, smooth
Aeris/Tifa, drunk, friendship, understanding
Aeris/Vincent, snowfield, metallic, delicate, sensation
Aerith/Cloud, comfort, fate, lost & found, peace, sanctuary, search, trust
Aerith/Sephiroth, darkness, forbidden, piercing, dream
Aerith/Vincent, coffin
Aerith/Zack, church, comfort, flowerbed, longing
Angeal/Cloud, bruise, learn, stronger, tease
Angeal/Genesis, argue, bind, change, first, muddy, quote, strain, tree, wings
Angeal/Genesis/Sephiroth, apples, between, coax, leather, mission, popcorn, sword, rival, tame
Angeal/Zack, dance, departure, exhaustion, fail, leash, orders, recover
Barret/Cloud, boss, repairs, distance, ridiculous, heroics, adaptation, feathers, jealousy
Cid/Vincent, tea, xeno, chaos, blood, limit, space, alliance
Cloud/Aeris, flowers, balance, laughter, wonder
Kadaj/Yazoo/LOz, bitter, caretaker, together
Reno/Elena, bruised, comfort, dirty, hollow, secrets
Reno/Rude, partners, materia, accent, sunglasses, electricity
Reno/Rufus, danger, work, elegant, privacy, important
Reno/Tifa, fists speak louder than words, sparks, spikes
Reno/Vincent, Turks, history, curiosity
Rude/Reno, boredom, drink, drown, electric, wounds
Rude/Tifa, bar, close, contact, date, physical, messy, nails, secret, tattoo, punching bag, stolen, ally, stretching
Rufus/Kadaj, benevolent, father-figure
Rufus/Reno, gunplay, Shinra, boss, arrogance, wildfire, labyrinthe, shaving, ruination
Rufus/Scarlet, abused, desks, fallen, gunplay, left, loveless, power
Rufus/Tseng, espresso, triumph, jackknife, paralysis
Sephiroth/Aerith, church, flowers, singing, water
Sephiroth/Cloud, absolution, forest, lake, bend, break, cadet, experiment, mark, memory, number, pray, rain, rise, switch, teeth, use, weight
Tseng/Elena, evolution, solitude, frenetic, camisole, sweet
Vincent/Tifa, try, red, cloak
Vincent/Yuffie, red string, tied up
Zack/Cloud, comfort, home, flame
Zack/Cloud/Tifa/Aeris, honeymoon, aphrodisiac, experience, flowers, darkness, bed

Final Fantasy VIII
Irvine/Shiva, dare
Laguna Loire/Kiros Seagill, relaxation, massage, goofball, distraction, paperwork, fingers, brothers-in-arms, trust, experiences
Laguna/Raine, cherish, eternity, vow
Quistis/Rinoa, stroke, "I like you better!"
Quistis/Seifer, redemption, save-the-queen, bind, spar, train
Quistis/Squall, bad, whip, extra-credit, flush
Rinoa/Ultimecia, fate
Seifer/Quistis/Squall, tandem, satisfaction, tutorial, study-breaks, pulse, bruises, control, private-lessons
Seifer/Zell, competition, unexpected tenderness, domination, electricity
Selphie/Squall, tease, height difference, dance, giggle
Squall/Irvine, leather, guns, hesitation, commander, Girl Next Door
Squall/Kiros, memories, cold, blades, spar
Squall/Zell, uniform, dorms, downtime, desk, tease, hair

Final Fantasy IX
Amarant/Freya, journey, push, gratuity, shadows, distraction
Zidane/Garnet, flexible, hero, necklace, time

Final Fantasy X
Auron/Braska, disrobe, miles, gamble
Auron/Lulu, loss, solace, solace, ease, bruised, yearning
Auron/Rikku/Jecht, possession
Jecht/Auron, grass, starlight, drowning, ego
Jecht/Auron/Braska, unravel, methods, bone-deep
Tidus/Auron, swords
Tidus/Yuna, touch, culture shock,
Yuna/Jecht, jealousy, drunk

Final Fantasy X-2
Baralai/Gippal/Nooj/Paine, bloodsport, teamwork, trust, adrenaline-high, forgiveness, bounty
Final Fantasy X-2, Paine/Nooj, regret, longing, nostalgia

Final Fantasy XII
Balthier/Ashe, princess, enrapture, seduce, blush
Balthier/Vaan, dance, touch,
Basch/Balthier, dare, capture
Basch/Penelo, dance, touch, sing, stroke
Fran/Ashe, on your knees, stroke, nails
Fran/Penelo, touch, shiver, animalistic, claim, hair, size difference
Vaan/Penelo, partners, free time, laughter, spar, stretch

Finder no Hyouteki (Viewfinder)
Ryouichi Asami/Akihito Takaba, desk, riding, sleepy, ginger, porn

any male Llaverac/any male Llaverac, [any]

Fire and Hemlock
Thomas/Polly, nowhere

Fire Candy
Haru/Leo, dirty talk, squeeze, hight, perfect, shy
Leo/Ryo, adrenaline junkies, speed, kneeling, truth

Fire Emblem 10
Geoffrey/Elincia, duty

Fire Emblem 7
Florina/Wil, wings
Karel/Lyn, bloody
Kent/Lyn, vow
Lloyd/Lyn, unbeatable
Sain/Serra, flirt
Vaida/Wallace, strength

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Ike/Soren, strategy, jealousy, wall, tease, silence, hair, bound
Oscar/Kieran, competition
Rhys/Titania, comfort

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Elincia/Lucia, hair, loyalty, submission, service, swordplay, trust, pride, comfort
Elincia/Lucia/Geoffrey, service, strength, trust, sharing, loyalty
Naesala/Leanne, freedom, taint, strength, song, empathy, silence
Sothe/Micaiah, sacred, comfort, freedom
Tanith/Marcia, punishment, apologies, debt, protest, flight
Tibarn/Naesala, forgiveness, debt, guilt, mockery, strength
Tibarn/Reyson, complementary, flight, courage, strength, song

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Kent/Sain, example, games, secret, public
Serra/Erk, staff, chase

Fired Up
Bianca/Angela, grace, sunshine, smile
Nick/Shawn/Carly, synergy, phrase, routine, new, milkshake


Book/Inara, sinful
Mal/Inara, past, reunion, veils, never, professional, passion, the black, sleepy, affection, once, twice, tumbleweed, profit
Mal/Jayne, right, rich, filthy, survival, kissing, rules, obsession, ship, ownership, loyalty, trust, challenge, taunt, insubordination, Mexican standoff, mistake, diversion, gamble
Mal/Nandi, thumb, inconvenient
Mal/Simon, break, punch, easy, sorry, hurt, medbay, near-miss, orders, private, parties, upper-class, job, too small, iron, cell, finger food, wreck, bone, kick, ability, alienating, what going mad feels like, hostage, pistol, sutures, skill, regret, wait, take
Mal/Wash, imagination
Mal/Zoe, survivors, best, domestic
Jayne/Inara, bed, date, massage, experience, frustration, tension, fear, nightmares, hat, lipstick, skills
Jayne/Kaylee, flying, hat, piston, hammock, overheated, nose, engine, play
Jayne/River, brain, slow, weapon, little, thin, skirt, gorram, scaredy cat, midnight, shaving, priorities, red, age, maturity, reavers, growth, change, trust, hat, dance, grace, power, victory, sash, wine, weapon, gun, kiss, avalanche, violence, dare
Jayne/Simon, boots, drugged, kiss, silk, trust, care, slow, fast, crossdress, dressed, dirty, language, shave, stitches, tumble, different, cruel, need, love, heat, snap, rush, apples, smooth, study, taste, scars, precision, beg, drunk, pulse, beard-burn, anatomy, bruises, snark, bait, slackened, genderswap, uniform, needle, crash, fancy, whores, threeway with male prostitute, ape, sneer, dislike, alone, similarities, worlds, planets, earth, outlaws, #1
Kaylee, strawberries
Kaylee/Inara, close, cold, different, incense, grease, untidy, roleplay, dress-up
Kaylee/Mal, bullet, kiss, ice, wife, policy, substitutes, Serenity
Kaylee/Simon, dirt, fruit, sick leave, selfishness, traditions, makeup sex, morning, patient, plate,
Kaylee/Wash, Serenity, manly fashion
River, solipsism
River/any, pieces
River/Inara, gentle, trust, furtive, teach
River/Kaylee, conceit, cherrypick, grease, flowers, dance, fruit, lick, sweat, heat, beautiful
River/Mal, any, exhibit, privacy, ease, gasp, fire, stalk, malleable, exploding star, stars, guilt, comfort
River/Simon, family, memories, insanity, please, knife, together, blow, link, ritual, music, broken, lips, atoms, boots, runaways, salty, pocket, contemplation, inhibition, January, dove, Miranda, fire, palindrome, lethal, red, sweet, crush, touch, lifetime, fallen, safe, ties-that-bind, pinafore, questions, radiation, tangible, bodyswap
River/Zoe, redemption, warriors, rescue, talk
Saffron/Inara, walk, playful, intense, competitive, erotic
Saffron/Jayne, challenge
Saffron/River, outplay the player, dancer
Simon/Inara, apricot, curls, decorum, lust, massage, release, seduction
Zoe/Wash, child, team, laughter, dinosaur, baby, warriors, moustache, family, irreparable, inappropriate hairstyle choices, silence, leaves, black, survive, laugh, lick, longing, lavender, open, protect, stars, three switches
Zoe/Inara, solace, slender, lieutenant
Jayne/Inara/Simon, gift
Jayne/Kaylee/Simon, geometric, stabilizer, gun oil
Mal/River/Simon, any
Mal/Simon/Inara, refinement, manners, orders
Mal/Simon/Jayne, air
Saffron/Simon/Mal, combine, cleave, changeling
Simon/River/Jayne, nuance, whiskey, lick, summer, fair, fourth

First Monday
Jerry/Julian, glasses, borrowed, wet, punishment, unexpected, unexpected, heterosexual, after-work, reunion
Julian/Miguel, mistake, homophobia, frenzy

Flash Gordon (1980 movie)
Flash Gordon (1980 movie), Dale Arden/Prince Baron, alone, shave, battle

Bryce/Nicole, desperate, understanding, about to die
Demetri/Janis/Zoey, out of time
Janis Hawk/OFC, future, carefree, society
Lloyd Simcoe/Mark Benford, cheat, silent, prevent
Lloyd Simcoe/Simon Campos, martyr, physics, Schrodinger
Lloyd/Olivia, scrubs, hope
Mark Benford/Demetri Noh, partners, save, promise

Jules Callaghan/Donna Sabine, first date, coffee, locker room, fancy dress

Dave Labraccio/Nelson Wright, recompense, need, spanking, secret, always
Joe Hurley/Anne, forgiveness, gold, never

Flight of the Conchords
Bret/Jemaine/Mel, snowbound

Forever Knight
Janette/Nick, past, jealousy, freedom, exquisite, hate, Natalie, Paris, anger, hunger, turtleneck, candle light, Raven
Janette/Vachon, 1920s, blood, dress, heels, history, hunt, silk
Natalie/Nick, jealousy, sorry, joy, weather, heat, cold, danger, caution, darkness, bed, stars , private, precinct
Nick/Tracy, amnesia, blood, handcuffs, partners, secrets, stakeout, trust, undercover, wrists
Tracy/Vachon, bite, blood, drink, fangs, hunger, hunt, lessons, lips, mouth, neck, pink, red, teeth, tender, wrists
Urs/Vachon, blood, celebration, history, hunt, purple, midnight, music, rush, silk, song, sweet, tender, tomorrow

Four Rooms
Ted/Angela/Siegfried, game

Legs/Maddy, queen of my world, leap, chance, reunion, cage

Harth/Melaka, other, wrong, only

Freaks and Geeks
Daniel/Lindsay, backseat, records, library, proximity, car
older!Sam/older!Kim, bully, reunion, freak, kitchen


Friday Night Lights
Becky, imagination
Becky/Luke, healing, truck, fence
Becky/Tim, beer, firsts, lipstick
Devin/Julie, experiment
Eric/Tami, alone, quiet, warmth, backseat, 2 am, first, honeymoon, field, whiskey, first time, wine, patio, pancakes, field, courtship, wild
Jason/Lyla/Tim, Mexico
Jason/Lyla/Tim/Tyra, summer, hopes, loss, brush, tumble
Jason/Tim, "Texas forever", shove, summer, follow, rain, sprawl, heat, thaw
Jason/Tim/Tyra, caught, AU, loved, peace
Jason/Tyra, war, Paralympics, Post-Its, Texas, AU
Jess/Landry, backseat, waver
Jess/Vince, angry, touch
Julie, memories, angry
Julie/Matt, Austin, lake, blonde, father, rediscovery, socks, first, hope
Julie/Tim, [any], truck, movies, back seat, field, couch, dance, strip, shower, game, dare, tattoo, towel, jersey, barefoot, forbidden, lust, sweet, temptation, wrists, ride, secret, lust, backseat, truck, bed, Riggins' Rigs
Julie/Tyra, experiment, kiss, voyeur, mole, tattoo
Landry/Tim, lost, share, sympathy, alone, study, bleachers, look, read
Landry/Tyra, blond, sheets, mistake, stay
Luke/Vince, future, elements, teamwork
Lyla/Tim, beer, help, telephone, fireflies, lonely road, sundress
Matt/Tim, frisbee, curfew, east dillon, seven, thirty-three, call the play, hail mary pass
Tim/Tyra, bike, watching porn, familiar, making up, lazy, sofa, truck, bleachers, families, promise, choice, redemption, home, rescue, hunting, skinny dipping, forever, soft, delicious, Indian Summer, ice cream, tequila, sweet, familiar, hips

Fried Green Tomatoes
Idgie/Ruth, honey, Southern-fried, summer, sweat, heat, strip poker


Amy/Nick, strength, faith, alternate, empathy, history, teacher, rules, unexpected, bond, united
Astrid/Agent Kashner, drugged, dream, risk, treatment, regulation
Astrid/Amy, badge, whipcream
Astrid/Brandon, byte, linkage, computer, message, blink, geek
Astrid/Olivia, private, secrets, insanity, girls' night out, beer, solution, warmth, healing
Astrid/Peter, [any], supplies, experiments, commiseration, beer, case, understanding, Walter, lab, alone, rescue
Astrid/Walter, science, ice cream, future, humor, dream, the tank, specimen, screams, names, attention, smile, jokes, milk, implements, roleplay, new words
August/Christine, comfort, confusion, custom, feelings, rules, survivors, time
Broyles/Nina, strong, rely, betrayal
Charlie/Olivia, [any], alone, once, green, double, helix, postcard, paper, coffee, mirror, traffic, orange, bright
Charlie/Peter, bourbon, tomorrow, alleyway
Charlie/Sonia, iPod, different tastes in music
Christopher/Loraine, complications, danger, family, secrets
Ginger/Nick, change, hope, shadows
John/Olivia, [any]
John/Peter/Olivia, mind, body, wine
Nick/Olivia, partners, trust, rollercoaster, wounds
Nick/Olivia/Peter, 3, neighborhood, kiss, candles, matches, fire, ice cube, midnight, striptease, shower, patience, running, closet, porcelian figure, ballet recital, ribbon, stars, backseat, lick, ink, cookies, attached, caught, chase, childhood, comfort, damages, dare, dream, find, found, framework, gore, gruesome, heartbeat, hideaway, home, identity, imagined, leather, loss, lost, loyalty, LSD, maybe, monsters, multiple, ninja, nook, outside, piano, possession, reality, science, signal, silence, strength, tank, temper, trenchcoat, water, together, run, gun, memory
Olivia, doppelcest
Olivia/other!Charlie, 'who are you?', tell me, scars
Olivia/Peter, [any], experiment, mutate, sperm, electric, skin, feelings, secret, desire, will, want, undress, rise, swallow, velvet, bondage, real, safe, mourning, death, monster, science, lost, false, madness, partners, elevator, wall, fruit, storm, nightmare, unbuttoned, shirt, liar, cold, closer, scratches, genius, tie, handcuffs, plane, thirsthy, fantasy, table, rain, prison, evidence, pattern, memories, past, instinct, riptide, smoke and mirrors, hide and seek, blankets, overheard, negotiation, the truth, blue, frustration, loneliness, hair, games, poker, jacket, gun, hands, language, cheap motel, soda cans, uncomfortable, heat, home, physics, undercover, closet, hickey, ponytail, betrayed, sweetheart, trigger, countdown, birthday, belong, magic, car, hair down, mirror, world, ice, van, tank, MIT, office, synesthesia, bodyswap, quarters, sightline, murky, ease, stilettos, thermodynamic, bunker, holster, magazine, train ride, cramped, scent, competition, phonesex, silk, memory, hospital, sunlight, genderswap, animalplay, leather, club, trapped, challenge, wild, alternates
Peter/Anyone, interrogation
Rachel/Thomas, confession, deception, mission, unexpected, wrong

Frisky Dingo
Frisky Dingo, Killface/"Barnaby Jones", BFF, disguise

From Eroica with Love
Agent Z/Agent G, mission, drinks, lace, lipstick
Dorian/Saleem, crossdressing, drunk, substitute
Klaus/Dorian, lost, stubborn, handcuffs, steel
Klaus/Agent Z, cake, mission, so-wrong

Fruits Basket
Kyo/Tohru, watching, first, teasing
Shigure/Ayame, futon, birthday, fabric
Shigure/Hatori, secret, sweet, touch

Fugitive Kind & Tennessee Williams
Leo/OFC, first, park, snow
Leo/OMC, college, lost, radical
Leo/Texas, education, song

Full House (Korea)
Young Jae/Ji Eun, tent, honeymoon, fiction

Full Metal Panic!
Sousuke/Kaname, possessive, UST, dumb, mission, misunderstanding, uniform

Fullmetal Alchemist
Alphonse/Mei, daydreams, cultural exchange, healing
Denny/Maria Ross, belief, discovery, return
Edward/Alphonse, whisper, itch
Edward/Ling, food bill, greed, Greed, prince, follow
Edward/Roy, insistent, original, paper cut, mythology, obstacles, money, exchange, promise, respect
Edward/Winry, costumes, pretense, satisfaction
Greed/Ling, suggestions
Greed/Lust, claws
Greed/Martel, fighting, hard
Hohenheim/Tricia, monster
Hughes/Roy, chronicles, blurred, cigarettes, smudges, woodgrain, rivets
Ling/Ran Fan, awe, surprise, experimental, mask, sore spot, devotion, tease
Lust/Havoc, pitiless, pretend
Lust/Wrath, teach
Riza/Roy, guard, studying, back, burn, desert
Roy/Edward/Alphonse, spiral, academic, war stories, gossip, breakfast, orders, uniform
Roy/Riza, command, reversal, arc, uniforms, titles, words
Scar/Winry, lost
Sig/Izumi, tender
Trisha/Hohenheim, youth, domestic, focus, house
Wrath/Lust, unrestrained

Fushigi Yuugi
Fushigi Yuugi, Hikitsu/Tomite, echo, comfort, alone, whisper, imperfect, perfect
Nakago/Hotohori, diplomacy
Suzaku/Hotohori, worship
Suzaku/Seiryuu, rivalry, kiss, slap, hatesex

Amy/Kif, fluid-filled sacs, sandwiches, ballet, kittens
Fry/Bender, aliens try to keep them from doing it
Fry/Leela, weekend, sticky, unknown

Galaxy Quest
Tommy/Guy, overshadowed

Kable/Castle, control
Kable/Simon, puppet master, not for sale, my psycho, savior

Albert de Morcerf/Eugenie de Danglars, fruit, song, roses, golden
Franz d'Epinay/Albert de Morcerf, intoxication, trust, pirate, fencing, Luna
Franz d'Epinay/Albert de Morcerf/Eugenie de Danglars, ghost, triad, sand, dance, picnic, car

Rei/Kaoru, replacement
Rei/Kouga, learn to be human, my name is Zaruba
Rei/Kouga/Kaoru, paint, art, sweet, strongest shape in nature

Garrow's Law
Garrow/Silvester, drink, defeat, humility, banter

Gemma Doyle Trilogy - Libba Bray
Kartik/Gemma, tongue, fire, within, pair

General Hospital
Dante Falconeri/Lulu Spencer, truth, handcuffs, love, need, want, desire, Dante, fear, worry, explore, lies
Franco/Jason, bound, art, blood, fantasy, surprise, rough
Jason/Maxie, unlikely, run, blush, toxic, stare, soft, realization, affection, chance, need, numb, foolish, fireworks, obvious, wrong, impulse, awkward, secret, fantasy
Johnny/Maxie, hostage, anger, Lulu, Champagne, limo, regret, fight, sacrifice, jealous, drunk, acceptance, addiction, toxic, stare, soft, need, hope, fireworks, impulse
Kristina/Michael, hormones, comfort


Generation Kill
Any, ice, fingers, lick, massage, insertion point, hot extraction, rendezvous, landing zone, threesome, after action, night-vision, heat-signature, riot, provoking speeches or gestures, improper hazarding a vessel, carnal knowledge, unnatural carnal copulation, article 125, good order and discipline, excite lust
Brad Colbert/Antonio 'Poke' Espera, [any]
Brad Colbert/Evan Wright, how it is, craving, sunset, ballerina
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, light, pyrrhic, smoke, obtuse, reassurance, panacea, hook, crash, burn, medicine, alone, coffee, still, need, lazy, restraint, temptaion, mine, tan, blizzard, flexible, history, Greek, vacation, glasses, weakness, pedestal, impulse, needs, confidence, composure, impatient, improper, unbecoming, crave, intimate, fury, booty call, real world, sleep deprivation, dawn, fight, football, fraternity, massage, midnight, motorcycle, piercing, possessive, safe-word, throat, thunderstorm, vacation, Valentine, wrestle, field, experience, sweat, ropes, goodbye, stars, medals, insecurity, worry, promises, oaths, binding, ghosts, regrets, grass, sunscreen, roadtrip, knots, inspect, cove, shade, bake, stutter, beg, motorcycle, tide, risk, tequila, Germany, dress blues, medal, undercover, dogtags, scars, rifle, discipline, obey, treasure, cockpit, costumes, gamble, vacation, letters, promise, moonlight, taste, spice, surrender, open, slip, berm, college, snow, huddle, cold, warmth, price, calm, still, reality, ending, mature, secrets, men, competent, bond, rough, force, denial, blood, smut, reading, first time, conduct unbecoming, fraternization, indecent language, fingers, restraint, study break, election day, journey, telepathy, watch, understanding, trust, principles, politics, debate, solace, sane, hierarchy, snark, banter, competency, secret, discreet, dynamic, quiet, bikers, distance, respect, war, elements, intoxicating, separation, commentary, ink, slow, burn, charms, telephone, stress, opinion, rank
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick/Walt Hasser, dare, new, birthday
Brad Colbert/Ray Person, debate, flow, laugh, mouth, bruise, silent, shower, pray, jewelry, slippery, avoidance, bake, radio, contact, road trip, breakdown, motherfucker, singing, food, home, tattoos, breach of the peace, wrongfully used words, deprave the morals, rope, fingers, married sex, combat jack, California, high, first time, bicker, motorcycle, high school, discipline, domestic, old age, nerds, combat, sleep, affection, strip, quiet, food, sure, cards, silent, aftermath, taunting, gay-chicken, troublemaker, greed, superhero powers, foreplay
Brad Colbert/Walt Hasser, country, respect, summer
Bryan Patterson/any, snap
Bryan Patterson/Nate Fick, fear, determination, combat jack, silence
Damon Fawcett, combat jack
Damon Fawcett/Eric Kocher, offer, rumor
Eric Kocher/Daniel Redman, frustration, charge, close
Evan Wright/Ray Person, catnip, fuckup, tool, fire
Gabriel Garza/Walt Hasser, glasses
girl!Brad Colbert/girl!Nate Fick, tease, Latin
John Christeson/Evan Stafford, boxes, truck
Larry Patrick/Rudy Reyes, drive, nebulous, ocean, looks, tension
Michael Brunmeier/Timothy "Doc" Bryan, connoisseur, safe
Nate Fick/Ray Person, dogtags, college, humour, band, laundry, monster, professional, punch, music, room-mates, tickle, tattoo, ice cream, debate, replace, defense, command, laughter, surprise, appearances, opposites, calm, manic, tentative, friendship
Nate Fick/Timothy "Doc" Bryan, late
Ray Person/Rudy Reyes, coffee, lip balm, porn star, driving, bruise
Ray Person/Walt Hasser, bruises, quiet, morning, surprise, rebel, country music, tour, shenanigans, instruct, dirty talk, hard, flirt, blonde, smile, smoke, disappointment, guitar, habit, porn, thief, past, itch
Teren Holsey/Michael Stinetorf, break, clear
Timothy "Doc" Bryan/any, destruct, blood, hidden, memory
Timothy "Doc" Bryan/Eric Kocher, tension

Genju no Seiza
Fuuto/Mayu/Atisha, broken, reincarnation, togetherness

Ban/Ginji, backseat, bruise, memories, battle, illusion, hotel, shock, Maria, trust, money
Juubei/Kazuki, devotion, crossdressing, fear, loyalty, jealousy
MakubeX/Sakura, wired, silk, whisper, intent

Ghostbusters (movie)
Egon/Janine, book, prayer, science, werewolf, freaky, heatwave, spark, virginity, research, alarm, eyeglasses
Egon/Peter, candy, professor
Egon/Ray, beyond, explosion, partners, science
Peter/Ray, hero, possessed, waiting

Gilmore Girls
Christopher/Lorelai, fantasy, balcony, bed, drunk, curious, handcuffs, yes, addiction, chatter, inevitable, linger, playful
Colin/Finn, [any], drunk, need
Dave/Lane, unsure
Dean/Jess, music, hurt, New York, distance, break up, car, new
Dean/Lane, tryst, comfort, fun, forgotten
Dean/Rory, candy, reunion, straddle, heat, snow, car, shirt, writing, pregnant, shy, forgiveness, nickel, reunion, dance, giddy. wedding
Jess/Rory, reunion, Boston, redux, literacy, diner, acorn, community college, bungalow, dial tone, unlikely, affair, unknown, whenever, mine, finally, books, porn, instead, convince, spine, tranquility, unique, Dodger, library
Jess/Shane; cars, leather jackets, smoke
Lindsay/Shane, other woman
Logan/Rory, life, airplane, DC, home, reading, invitation, newspaper, jacket, lock
Lorelai/Luke, late, roses, candy, coffee, playful, coffee, friendship, always
Paris/Rory, reunion, beach, PBS

Ginger Snaps
Brigitte/Ginger, squirm
Brigitte/Sam, first

Girl Genius
Agatha/Gil/Tarvek, teamwork
Zeetha/Agatha, grindstone and knife


Gives You Hell - All-American Rejects Music Video
Rocker/Family Man/Rocker's Wife/Family Man's Wife, heaven, hell, purgatory


Artie/Finn/Kurt, nice
Artie/Kurt, glasses, secretive
Artie/Kurt/Puck, tenative
Brittany/Quinn, baby talk, careful
Brittany/Quinn/Santana, mindless
Brittany/Santana, afernoon, college, fingertips, first, hiding, uniform, dance, flexible, normal, confused, unicorns, cute, best friends, shopping, sexting, tutoring
Finn/Kurt, balladeers, exposing, enclosed spaces, dreams, shopping, new york, exclusive, smirk, wish, shy, reveal, listen, croon, Lady Gaga, hot mess, Adam Lambert, American Idol, fantasy, give in, basement, secret, hope, fast, oblivious, Gucci, football, sweet, slow, cherry pie, outcomes, consequences, forgiven
Finn/Kurt/Puck, naughty
Finn/Kurt/Rachel, negotiate, planning
Finn/Puck, fuck prom, radiohead, graduation, Wesleyan, touch football, quinn, gone, friendship, reconcile, mistake
Finn/Puck/Quinn/Rachel, domestic, pieces
Finn/Rachel, established relationship: hard, shameless, dark-ish sex, established relationship: toys, first timer, oral, first, duet, music, awkward, rehearsal, lose, game, blindfold, piano, after-school special, prom night, revenge, Sandra Dee
Finn/Rachel/Quinn, experiment, Rachel!Quinn hatesex, Finn watching
Kurt/Matt/Mike, doubles
Kurt/Mike, courting, fingering, muscles
Kurt/Puck, lockers, showers, keys, lost, secrets, white, television, drive-in's, apologies, breakdown, carnal, closet, duet, experience, however, kiss, love, rimming, skirts, toys, bleachers, classroom, football, passion, rough, blush, fauxhawk, broadway, juliard, serenade, ten years on, feng shui, perform, acoustic, hair, yes, west end, duty, locks, charm, suit, shut, jewelery, email, escorts, pamper, ninjas, notes, teach, surprise, first, duet, laugh, picture, New York, future, outrageous, peppermint, approach, cavern, laryngitis, shave, Madonna, Givenchy, icon, style, outrageous, alliance, skinny jeans, flirty, lockers, scarfs, scars, corsets, slushies, topping from the bottom
Kurt/Puck/Will, heavenly
Kurt/Rachel, breasts, skirts, drunk!sex, rape
Kurt/Will, unacceptable
Mercedes/Puck, hate, annoyance, acceptance, happy, dance
Puck/Artie, comiseration, uncertainty, stairs, charm
Puck/Brittany, comfort, pent up emotion, away game, locker room
Puck/Brittany/Santana, hot tub, moonlight, soft kisses, skinny dipping, truth or dare
Puck/Quinn, [any], flashback, breast, curves, night, sofa, sensitive, wine coolers, memories, touch, bed, snow, rain, response, torso, steal, baking, babysitting, shower, locker, home, bath, lick, hormones, crave, belly, sharing, hallway, cheerleader, playing house, sugar, first, feather, burn, jacuzzi, lollipops, shopping, baking, good girl, locker room, dressing room, cheerleader's skirt, tattoo, anger, ponytail, sexting, cheerleading, dress
Puck/Rachel, boots, shower, whispers, coda, quiet, ring, snow, future, first, duet, slushie, sweat, gifts, hand cuffs, secret, lust, inappropriate, dream, kiss, elevator, jersey, blanket, uncertainty, exploration, tattoo, babysitting, lap, duet, hair, comfort, parent, competition, normality, hidden, NYC, party, revenge, lust, prom, backseat, practice, knee socks, short skirts, pink, white, eyes, mohawk, nipple ring, skin, glitz and glam, stardom, guitar, silence, moonlight, romance, sweet, spicy, serenade, drive, wet
Puck/Santana, rough, desperate, wall, dressing room
Puck/Will, demanding, pool boy, uncertain
Quinn/Finn, basement, betrayal, forgiven, first, hot tub, disappear, baby, clothing
Quinn/Santana, alpha
Quinn/Will, daddy, redemption, father figure, breast milk, madonna/whore, spare bedroom, hide, irony, prom night
Rachel/Quinn/Puck, teaching, still
Rachel/Quinn, baby, cramps, massage, relaxation, pregnancy hormones, bruises, flexible, coffee, doubt, confidence, dreams, practice, duet, soft, passion, musical notes, piano, insults, regret, repression, tension
Santana/Tina, eyeliner, freak, rehearsal, uncomfortable, knee highs, correspondence
Tina/Artie, touch, look
Tina/girl with dyed hair who plays music for the club, comparison, hairdressers
Will/any student, trainwreck
Will/Emma, clean, garters, habits, gasp, first, thick, mouth, taste, finally, sneak, clean, tight, never, lick, come, surprise, rough, mark, proud, respect, sing, ring, Whitney Houston, white, flame, rough, duet, ice, silk
Will/Finn, forget, audition, backseat, awkward, showers
Will/Rachel, fantasy, let's play a love scene, cheap beer, stars, impress, crash, fever, subtlety, storm, mirrored, teacher, exam, learning, touch, sounds, lessons, performance, star, driving, voice, silent, Short Skirt Long Jacket (by Cake), her performance at Sectionals, ballet, prom night, songfic, plaid, secrets, gasps, darkness, whisper
Will/Sue, bring it on, challenge, dance, cheer, different, revenge, kneel, stretch, beg, smudge, outrageous, applause
Will/Terri, lies

Shin/Kumiko, tattoo
Yankumi/Shin, pegging, makeover, lessons, sparring, classroom, seduction

Gone With the Wind
Rhett/Scarlett, branch, weeds, skirt
Rhett/Scarlett, sharp tongued, disappear, argument, tender
Scarlett O'Hara, fantasy, alone

Good Neighbours
Tom Good/Barbara Good, courgette, forgot, muck

Good Omens
Adult!Them, together, idyll
Anathema/Newt, forever, premonition, storm, family
Anathema/Newt, glasses, learning
Aziraphale/Crowley, coffee, reality television, combing, guidebook, ever after, effort, befuddled, history, cooking, spill

Gorgeous Carat
Gorgeous Carat, Azura/Noir, possessive


Gossip Girl
Blair/Carter, rough, hate, tug
Blair/Chuck/Vanessa, education, drunk, fun, lick
Blair/Dan, [any], alternate, I don't like you
Blair/Georgina, battle, dominance, handcuffs
Blair/Jenny, roleplay, blonde
Blair/Serena, caught, realization, soothe, finally, forever, i thought i'd lost you, first time, weakness, more than once, lost, fragile, repetition, jealousy, desire, fight, morning, future, tangled, tender, test, first, wine, better, paint, food, love, shopping, dressing room, steps, Thanksgiving, elevator, scotch, dorm, champagne, balcony, scarves, pomegranate, high, lonely, laughter
Blair/Serena/Nate, firsts, this doesn't count, ache, powerless, high, hickey, trust, communication
Blair/Vanessa, hidden, lonely, hate, comfort, lipstick, high heels, unexpected, scratch, hate, denial, fumbling, weed, notebook, exhibitionism
Chuck/Blair, any, comfort, lust, games, undress, nightcap, plotting, Purple, Paddle, Headband, Crown, Queen, King, Outside, Empire, trust
Chuck/Blair/Serena, share, careless, mistake, fun, ache, relief, fantasize
Chuck/Dan, home, fraternal, hotel, future, secret, opera-box, patience, parallel
Chuck/Dan/Blair, roommate, fit, surprise, future
Chuck/Jenny, [any], drunk, virginity, desire, lips
Chuck/Nate, tradition, seduction, envy, unconditional, unforgiving, addiction, destruction, truth, power, drunk, need, numb, wrong, scarf, irk, finally alone, dude, scratch
Chuck/Vanessa, [any], 2030
Dan/Serena, chocolates, videocam
Dan/Vanessa, carmel, couch, safety, video camera, headband, cold, loyal, air, comfort
Jenny/Eric, virginity
Nate/Jenny, alley, save, college, trip, beat, persona, grown, alchopop
Nate/Vanessa, 2020
Serena/Carter, elevator, handcuffs
Serena/Chuck, [any]
Serena/Nate, white, flashback, champagne, 3rd Avenue
Serena/Rufus, bar, drink, wrong, regret
Serena/Vanessa, closet, music, sharing, secrets, tied, chocolate sauce, games

Danny/Sandy, backseat, compromise, movie night, tight squeeze


Ashleigh/Casey, experiment, president, comfort, girl-grind dance, laughter, trust, friendship, experiment
Ashleigh/Rebecca, bored, bisexual, transference, snacks, dance, eighties, strip, organiation, horror, infidelity, kitchens, dump Fisher, the beauty of bisexuality, messy, trust, sleepover, cheating, drunk
Beaver/Ashleigh, costumes, Pub crawl, Spirit Week, Love, undress, walk of shame
Calvin/Dale, bed, bluff, swap, religious experience, accidental boyfriends
Calvin/Evan, brothers, confidant, care, president, Omega Chi, spring break, frottage, road trip, president, choices
Calvin/Heath, bong voyagee, doctor, reunion, reunion, graduation, sober, rivalry, second chances
Cappie/Casey, bodyswap, memories, forever, destiny, years, need, hope, Parents, forever, happy, judge, I'm sorry, dance, party, kiss, renewal, past, future, ice-cream, chocolate, party, closet, attic, car, blindfolds, beach
Cappie/Casey/Evan, chance, forgiveness, voyuerism, jealousy, mediation, sorority pranks, hash brownies, plus one, dirty talk, stoned, plot, fraternity, sorority, expectations, friendship, past, mistakes, reunion, obvious, tied up, need, hurt, heal, voyeurism, jealousy, hickeys, high, seduction, drunk
Cappie/Casey/Rebecca, observing
Cappie/Evan, Amphora, rivalry, competition, memories, backseat, shots, blindfold, camp, reunion, amphora, mutual masturbation, ritual, camp, working, secret, denial
Cappie/Evan/Rebecca, manipulate, dark, closet
Cappie/Rebecca, bodyswap, exhibitionist, pegging, exhibitionism, sex spies, revenge, games, hickeys, rebound, handcuffs, crossdressing
Casey/Evan, elevator, ambition, cash, underwear
Casey/Frannie, big sister, jealous
Casey/Katherine, bodyswap, hurt, fair, height, rules, clipboard
Casey/Rebecca, enemies, skill, exasperation, wrists, teasing, car wash, nails, handcuffs, empty house, want, frustrated, revenge, fighting, truce, rivalry, competition, spin the bottle
Casey/Rebecca/Cappie, handcuffs, dress-up, costumes, voyeur
Evan/Rebecca, forgiveness, pegging, friends-with-benefits, comfort, pegging, restraints, marks, settling, mutual, rich kids, stockings, Cappie, fuckbuddies, rescue, trust

Greek Mythology
Adonis/Aphrodite, blinded, unusual, arrogance
Aphrodite/Apollo, suggestion, music, dawn, mistake
Aphrodite/Hera, consideration, trial, competition, adjust
Apollo/Dionysus, spark, music, food, lust, generous, vines, non-traditional
Artemis/Hera, revenge, secret, selfish, reaction, understanding
Eros/Psyche, always, mornings, shadows, candles, blindfolds, wings, perfection, feel, stimulate, heat, tease, petals, art
Hades/Persephone, [any]

The Green Mile
Wild Bill/Percy, warning


Grey's Anatomy
Addison/Alex/Mark, Seattle, weather, escape, lust, easy, riveted, femdom, worship, goddess
Alex/George, car accident
Alex/Izzie, edge, stay, trailer
Alex/Lexie, cigarette, bruised, boots, good
Arizona/Alex, lesson, fuel, isolation, bonfire
Burke/Cristina, carve, flee, ache, when, plane, kitchen floor, never again, rough, wedding dress
Callie/Arizona, dance, laughter, On-call room, sideways, hero
Callie/Erica, vengeance, fire, sorry, reunion, impossible, anniversary
Cristina/Meredith, need, breakfast, slutty
Cristina/Erica, lessons
Cristina/Alex, "You fucking whore.", scream, there was no alcohol involved
Cristina/Owen, faking it, beautiful, firecrotch, ginger, shower, I can make you love me, I've had better, sand, afraid, whisper, fierce,
Denny/Izzie, Unyielding, Second chance, Stay, hidden, tears, Happily Ever After
Derek/Izzie, light-hearted, easy, sweet, wrong, unavailable, inappropriate
Derek/Mark, chief, follow, please, hate, punishment
Erica/Mark, unlikely, pretty, intense, dedication, proposal
Erica/Addison, fine wine, cheaters, no sexual moral compass to speak of
George/Meredith, again, cry, seven, afar, smile
Izzie/Addison, before
Mark/Addison, making babies, multiple orgasms, unusual positions
Mark/Callie, Benefits, Tequila, diamond, bleeding, misery, moonlight, friendship
Mark/Derek, pinch, punch, push, pull, putty, tracks, winter
Mark/Lexie, reunite, smoke, regret, stripes, corner, backhand, clasp, coconut, comfort, forget, hot, sweaty, on-call room
Mark/Owen, crash, willful, tired, sheets
Meredith/Addison, distance, elevator, heels, regret, lips
Meredith/Cristina, pretty
Meredith/Derek, sea, shadows, release
Meredith/Izzie, closet, roommates, baking, giggle
Meredith/Lexie, bed, sweet, bonding, bad, never, awkward, thighs, tear, straight, pillow
Meredith/Lexie/Cristina, whoops, hello
Owen/Cristina/Teddy Altman, compromise, surprise, drinks, dancing, sutures, on call, teeth
Owen/Derek, regrets, release, fishing
Owen/Lexie, hike, salt lake city
Owen/Mark/Lexie, forget

Grindhouse: Death Proof
Zoe/Kim, stranded, tie me down
Zoe/Kim/Abernathy, not this shit again, undertow, hush, remember

Grosse Pointe
Quentin/Johnny, rumours


Gundam 00
Allelujah/Marie, sunshine, fading, children, socks, moe
Kati/Patrick, femmedom
Neil/Lyle, purity, family, mirror images
Neil/Tieria, desire, ambiguous,
Nena/Louise, vengeance, road, similarity, irrational
Ribbons/Regene, fear
Saji/Louise, bitter, space, unstable, free

Gundam SEED Destiny
Andy/Murrue, Valentine's Day, scars, ghosts
Andy/Murrue/Neo, unspoken agreement
Neo/Murrue, nightmares, catharsis, identity, truth

Gundam Wing
Dorothy/Relena, tickling, tricks, tools, music, laughter, teasing, spar
Duo Maxwell/Chang Wufei, knives, hands, hearts, regained, manly men
Duo/Heero, missions, guns, carnival, basketball, email
Duo/Quatre, sane, rich, gadgets, back door, business
Duo/Relena, adrenaline, herecy, blush
Heero Yui/Relena Peacecraft, quiet, leaving, shuttlecraft, cockpit, braids, Queen, gunplay, femmedom, teddies, hiding, OZ uniform, gravity, freedom, secret, if, heat, alcove, night, dancing, vices, indulgence, chance
Noin/Lady Une, betrayal, handcuffs, rebirth
Noin/Trowa, student/teacher
Noin/Zechs/Heero, voyeurism
Quatre Raberba Winner/Dorothy Catalonia, fencing, barbs, wits, losing, insanity, war, beauty
Quatre Raberba Winner/Relena Peacecraft, words, tea, tables, organize, bar
Quatre/Dorothy, duel, music, anger, denial, chess
Quatre/Trowa, athletic, balance, grateful, connection, business suit
Relena/Dorothy, chess, ethics, conscious, blue blood, lace, mirrors, confession
Relena/Heero, trust, politics, explosions, assassination
Relena/Wufei, chance, heels, uniforms, intrigued
Sally/Noin, valkyrie
Treize/Une, downcast, waiting, ribbon, phonesex, distance
Treize/Wufei, stumble, riposte, quality
Trowa Barton/Heero Yui, silence, campfire, truck, threats, siblings, smiles, scars
Zechs/Relena, royalty, prerogative, heirs, teasing, your fault, easy
Zechs/Treize, longing, quartered, breathe
Zechs/Noin, harbor, reconciliation, protocol

Gunnerkrigg Court
Diego/Jeanne, shredded
Parley/Andrew, bedroom

Gurren Lagann
Kamina/Simon, brothers, happiness, bold
Kittan/Yoko, "and our bruises are coming/but we will never fold"
Simon/Viral, prison sex, hair-pulling, reunions, lost


Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten (Good Times, Bad Times)
Carsden/Lenny, warm, snow, wine, swimming

Hair (2009 Broadway)
Berger/Claude/Sheila, bruises, cold, cotton, feather, glow, hope, kiss, natural, new, sweat

Hairspray (2007 film)
Tracy/Link, rhythm, choice, shelf

Hamlet - Shakespeare
Hamlet/Horatio, alive, worthy, since my dear soul was mistress of her choice
Hamlet/Ophelia, once, whore, sweet, noble, mastery, sympathy, mine, rosemary

Hana Kimi (manga or TV)
Sano/Mizuki, shower, school uniform, private

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
Dr Worth/Conrad, beg, blood, knees
Hanna/Zombie, songs, friendship, stages
Conrad/Hanna/Zombie, dragged, default

Hard Times
Louisa/Tom Jr, breast suckling, taboo, co-dependence, ungrateful
Louisa/Sissy, laughter

Hardy Boys
Chet Morton/any, hobby, plump, eager, moan, fright, panting, jalopy

Harper's Island
Abby/Henry, push, nowhere, lost, freckles, rainstorm
Abby/Shane, drown, scrubbed clean, scars, november
Abby/Sully, sunset, neck, fingers, august
Henry/Shane, the cannery, after, sail, hands, may
Henry/Sully, ashes, railroad tracks, hips, dirt, summer
Shea/Sully, after, heal, 'come with me', east, winter


Harry Potter
adult!Rose/Draco, forbidden, red, bitchy, rain
Angelina/Draco, unexpected, hideaway, mocha
Angelina/Fred, hidden passages, influence, Yuletide Ball
Angelina/Fred/George, [any]
Angelina/George, [any]
Bellatrix/Sirius, scratches, Grimmauld Place, bright
Bellatrix/Voldemort, service, sublime
Blaise/Pansy, questions
Cedric/Harry, not dead, crush, dreams, 5th year, reciprocation
Cedric/Hermione, blanket, blue, castle, dance, fluff, midnight, resurrection, spell, talisman, unspeakable
Charlie/Draco, dragon, soil, sunlight, fingertips, reflection
Charlie/Katie, cover, circumstance, spanking
Charlie/Tonks, after, curse, hide, stars
Cho/DracoHermione, crying in the bathroom
Cho/Harry, forgiveness, jitters
Cho/Luna, keeping a secret, exposure
Draco Malfoy, chocolates, butterbeer, business, flying, competing, wager
Draco/Ginny, [any], whole, tie, divorce, Scorpius, Lily, manor, nurse, loyalty, trust, family, wand, magic, marriage, touch, beautiful, toy, candy, first, fingers, mouth, hand, husband, breast, clean, dirty, pluck, virgin, paint, dungeon, potion, ferret, snitch, virtue, broom, bed, need, closet, hall, class, desk, flowers, chocolate, hormones, angel, worship, wife, tender, hope, fruit, juice, lips, air, breath, rub, suck, ride, tease, lick, slide, intense, soft, deep, long, chair, groan, moist, cream, teeth, red, hot, snog, explore, shag, massage, shower, floor, fierce, waist, cheek, eyes, watch, cravings, trace, anniversary, petals, crave, tension, fantasy, dream, smirk, fire, ice, graze, swallow, peak, climax, time, provoke, dragon, amulet, lesson, bored, silk, sweet, nipples, throb, taste, good, orgasm, freckles, harden, neck, ear, eyebrow, flirt, cunnilingus, spread, skinny dipping, sensual, pinch, soul mate, friction, flick, tight, variety, stroke, push, grind, slow, night, gaze, shiver, hair, lamp, light, scent, room, lingerie, pregnant, ice cream, arousal, fingertip, rush, explode, feather, castle, cloak, hug, devour, conceal, uniform, nails, rough, smooth, fairytale, pillow, leg, dinner, beg, denial, soaked, ball, awake, bound, nibble, mirror, reflection, brat, shudder, rhythmic, straddle, dare, blindfold, gasp, swim, sharing
Draco/Ginny/Tom Riddle, scarves, ties, used/manipulation, jealousy
Draco/Harry, Auror, scars, bossy, luxurious, cold, price, cheat, backwater, Le Tub, class, ink, mythos, steampunk, wand, comfort, smile, green, silver, home, shiver, desire, chocolate, Valentine's Day, silk, gift, magic
Draco/Hermione, loathe, resistance, temptation, education, necktie, green, secret, castle, silk, light, shadow, sunshine, emptiness, damage, undone, strong
Draco/Katie, tension, hurt, shatter, release, redemption
Draco/Neville, taught, ridiculous, masquerade, professor-parent conference
Draco/Ron, biting, bruises, enemies, wooden, wall, wands, wet, know your enemy
Dumbledore/Grindelwald, AU
Filch/Snape, mutual understanding
Fred/George/Hermione, discipline, pranks
Fred/George/Tonks, metamorphogus
Ginny/Harry, dark, shadow, mutual, infection, shimmer
Ginny/Harry/Tom, ghosts
Ginny/Luna, leaders, break, hiding, dancing, defend, freckles, strawberries
Ginny/Neville, comfort, confusion, drunk, promise, grin, happy, candelight
Harry/Ginny/Hermione/Ron, [any]
Harry/Hermione, affair, guilt, forest, lessons, flying, morning, cloud, discover, fly, grass, weather, alone, timid, gist, whisper
Harry/Hermione/Ron, trio, only, support, ghosts, tent, lightning, vacation, cottage, scars, camping, trust, natural, comfort, hands, complete, frustrated
Harry/Hermione/Snape, hate!sex, voyuer!Harry, first time
Harry/Lucius, silk
Harry/Luna, barebacking, partners, experience, thunder, flying, ice, ginger, house, timber, wok, tan, quirky, understanding, twirl, glitter, green, sunshine
Harry/Millicent, surprise
Harry/Neville, comfort, forgive, if, yes
Harry/Pansy, robes, corner, wanton
Harry/Snape, bottom!Snape, hate!sex, death, idiocy, Dumbledore's office
Hermione/alive!James, any
Hermione/Luna, disruption, dance, textbook stuff, pale
Hermione/McGonagall, bound
Hermione/Regulus, alley, library, sand
Hermione/Regulus/Sirius, blindfold, chaos, time
Hermione/Ron, giggle, want, mine, surprise, anniversary, together, rough, cold, awkward, library, maroon, studying, test
Hermione/Scorpius Malfoy, seduction, classroom, homework
Hermione/Sirius,, never, dance
Hermione/Snape, teach me, dark, bite, languid, icing
Hermione/Tonks, guide, understanding, alone, playful
Hermione/Viktor, power, sweet, library, honor, task, reality
James Potter (II)(adult)/Teddy Lupin (adult), metamorphmagus, riding broomsticks, Quidditch, Honeydukes
James/Lily, newlyweds, doe, love, stubborn, propose, hiding, unexpected, birthday, possessive, yours, red
James/Lily/Sirius, together, motorbike, leather, freedom, need, try, unsure, break, frustrated, secret, unhealthy, bond
James/Sirius, motorbike, fun, experiment, transform, prank, unrequited, curious, codependent
Katie/Marcus, eyes, competition, lesson, midnight
Kingsley/Percy, unwind, relax, ropes, perfection
Krum/Percy, scarves, words, flying
Lavender/Seamus, recovery, morning, release
Lily/Narcissa/Snape, quandary, colors, betrayal
Lily/Scorpius, owl, red, pink, secrets, blond, Malfoy Manor
Lily/Snape, different, pure
Lucius/Narcissa, cloudy, burnt, savior, overpowered, comfort
Luna/Neville, rainforest, secret code, first time, running, wonder, understand, shock, caress
Luna/Ron, gurdyroot, laugh, dance, birthday, weird
Luna/Tonks, eccentrics, soft, music, sunshine
Lupin/Tonks, wolfsbane, age, AU, glove, winter, transformation
Narcissa/Snape, smoking, shadows, gold, laughter, tired
Neville/Percy, care
Oliver/Percy, school tie, reunion
Pansy/Ron, screaming, take, punish, lust
Quirrell/Voldemort, Back to back
Regulus/Remus, rebellion, subsititution, games
Remus/Sirius, bite, need, reunion, silent, moonlight, growl, forgive, tonight, lies, marauders, glitter, neat, forgotten, high, lazy, warm, lost, map, betrayal, left, schoolboy, sleeves, animal
Remus/Snape, wolf, mate, potion, cure
Sirius/Snape, hate!sex, devotion, battle, death, desperation, genderqueer, bottom!Snape, rough, secret, wrong

Hell Girl
Enma Ai/Hone Onna, river, orders
Enma Ai/Ichimoku Ren, higanbana, water, sunset, straw
Hone Onna/Tsugumi Shibata, hell, bones, sin
Ichimoku Ren/Hone Onna, scarlet, midnight, human, steel, playful

Chas/Renee, love, forget
Chas/John, faith, sacrifice, betrayal, Hamlet, demons

Hellboy/John Meyers, leaving, consort, sent away, angel, comeback, uncle, past, mpreg, collar, forbidden, cheater

Kirsty/Pinhead, pain, regret, acceptance, joy, trembling, labyrinth, catharsis

Alucard/Seras, bond, coat, guard, watchful, attention, questions, return, coffin, fierce, legend, patience, memento

Herbie: Fully Loaded
Maggie/Trip, ride

Here is Greenwood
Igarashi Miya/Hasukawa Kazuya, knife
Tezuka Shinobu/Ikeda Mitsuru, skirts, prank, teasing, blackmail

Hero - Perry Moore
Thom/Goran, first, eager, shy, costume, mark, accent


Adam/Claire, allies, blood, flame, forever, handcuffs, match, rough, rush, silk, wall!sex, wrists
Adam/Elle, normal, charm, pain, pleasure
Adam/Monica, fuck-or-die, shyness, smarm
Alex/Claire, superman, resist, on the lam, resourceful
Ando/Daphne, wrong, divorce, movies, adultery, porn, carefree
Ando/Hiro, rescue, slushy, cosplay, recovery, temple
Angela/Nathan, close, twist, tower, explain
Angela/Nathan/Peter, favouritism, manipulation, mother, need
Audrey/Matt, sirens, "Vulcan mind meld"
Charlie/Hiro, chances, phrasebooks, seconds, dancing, again, waffles
Claire/Claude, any
Claire/Eli, 180 degrees, gangbang, releases, let me love you, kidnap, struggle
Claire/Gretchen, vibrator, jersey, valentine, first kiss, yellow, breathe, arduous, after, radar, flimsy, mixer, semester, all nighter, danger, cuddling, touching, keys, impressive, toys, healing!kinkiness, rough!sex, kiss, open, hands, walk, bed, sharing, life-saving, appreciation, candle, obviousness, pitchfork, violence, punching, candy, trust, shower, angles, height, air
Claire/Gretchen/Sylar, turns, shared, double
Claire/Knox, ocean, forgiveness, banter, first-time, last time, heartbroken, kaleidoscope, animosity, revenge
Claire/Peter, wrong, turn, phrase, loyalty, betrayal, dark, grieve, trust, lead, fantasy, blood, save, amnesia, DNA-testing, comfort, forbidden, healing, stars, betrayal, eternal, helping, bikini, therapy, grief, do-over, wishes, lemons, hospitals, rooftops, circus, shared, invisible, control, game, trigger, [any]
Claire/Peter/Sylar, costume, couch, museum, experiment, message, boxers, buttons
Claire/Samuel, older, experience, rough, charisma, charm, struggle, memories, binding
Claire/Samuel/Sylar, trust, together, charm, denial, urging, release, older, seduction
Claire/Sylar, battleground, anger, form, creepy, similar, kiss, pencil, heal, wall, dorm, telekinesis, learn, watch, toys, play, prey, take, plead, section, freckle, play, slip-up, misdirection, dominant, fix, giving, taking, faster, morning after, choice, the one you're with, trust, deceit, acceptance, alone, holiday, drinking, sleeping, after-hours, contract, deal, experiment, unconventional, private, innocence, window, anger, hidden, picture
Claire/The Haitian, any
Claire/Zach, future, magazine, dress, prom
Claude/Noah, invisibility, accent, voice, glasses
Claude/Peter, breathplay, collared, restraints, flying
Daphne/Nathan, fly, fall, dislike, control
Daphne/Peter, shoes
Elle/Nathan, crazy, mutual
Elle/Sylar, four, moon, eclipse, grey, pie, joke, rewind, mission, time, endless, regret, morning
Emma/Peter, fingerspelling, SEXY fingerspelling, lab coat, tiara, forgiveness, desire, love, release, harmony, sound, color, light, cello, music, trust, distrust, snark, snuggles, orchestrate, fuscia, bounty, reveal, saturday night, second time, surprise, queen, hero, unexpected, wishful, quarter, illustrate, fingers, warm
Gretchen/Zach, replacements, awkward, university
Heidi/Nathan/Peter, sweetness, seduction, dominatrix, collar
Luke/Sylar, 4 years later, regret, malevolent, underrated, 7:48, oakland, abercrombie, dissident
Matt/Mohinder, conch, secure, home, research, reunion, coffee, dreams, strength, reunion, dominance, thought control, manipulation, fight
Micah/Molly, adult, winners, losers, distance, finally, sunrise, grave
Mohinder/Peter, cure, right, dizzy, first, [any]
Mohinder/Sylar, plastic, rest, sawbones, traditional, red lines, lingua franca, sorrow, erase, magnanimous, chess, never, versatile, snide, liminal, unorthodox, astute, lies, finale, kill, hope, suture, wish, river, flood, dream, nail, trust, regret, sharp, toxic, energy, taste, skin, rip, climb, heal, bicycle, tea, bone, land, sand, trust, jealous, pinned, morning, prisoner
Mohinder/Zane!Sylar, grateful
Monica/Nathan, differences, politics, superwoman
Nathan/Peter, brothers, close, need, after, trust, slow, birthday, Navy, catch, kiss, ownership, power, safe, begging, rooftops, flying, brothers, warm, dysfunctional, unwell, burning, sweet
Nathan/Simone, decadent, successes, favourites
Niki/Noah, chance, glass, meddle
Noah/Peter, phone, clip outs, all nighters, failure, alone
Noah/Tracy, fidelities, apology, wet, jealous, banal, blondes, antagonism
Noah/Zach, Daddy, yours, pleas, murmurs, aggression, whore
Peter/Sylar, unmatched, secret, kneel, ritual, coagulate, resist, last time, st. louis, goad, relentless, coexist, final, french, loss, crucified, replaced, double, grief
Peter/Tracy, waterpolo, serendipity, pinehearst, limelight, covert, velvet, heels
Peter/West, codependency, flight
Samuel/Sylar, defenses, resist, useful
Sylar/any, felix culpa, rudimentary, sylvan, saccharine, nebulous, verisimilitude, sanctify, continue, hexagon, goodbye, tasteful, kierkegaard, quizzical, burnish, last, sorrow

Heroes for Hire
Luke/Danny, trust, quips, costume, dragon, beer
Luke/Danny/Misty/Colleen, teamwork, understanding, love, backup, domestic
Misty/Colleen, guns, reflection, sister, superheroes

He's Just Not That Into You
Alex/Gigi, name, kiss, grin, purple nailpolish, smile, fast, Spoon

Hetalia Axis Powers
America/England, camping, flyboys
America/France, lessons, cooking, blush
England/France, enmity, cake
Germany/England, modern, potatoes

Azazeal/Cassie, any

High School Musical
Chad Danforth/Ryan Evans, bind, bounce, cafeteria, contrast, court, curl, glide, makeover, mouthy, share, spectate, spin, audition, graduation, laughter, Sexile, Dorm, teaching, quickstep, text messages, long distance, reunion, romcom movie night, hair salon, post-it notes, burning dinner, candlelight
Chad Danforth/Troy Bolton, game
Gabriella Montez/Ryan Evans, any
Gabriella Montez/Sharpay Evans, competitive, short skirts, extracurricular, rivalry
Gabriella Montez/Troy Bolton, breakfast
Ryan Evans/Sharpay Evans, sharing
Sharpay Evans/Tiara Gold, dutiful, sneak, secret, orders, pinch
Sharpay Evans/Troy Bolton, [any], class, reunion, sensation, fist, virgin, dance, strip, smile, comfort, college, soft, spread, voice, future
Sharpay Evans/Zeke Baylor, cookies, worship, laugh, dance, Hershey's Kisses, Valentine's day, Miss America Pageant

Alexa/Methos, immortality, death, kiss, time, forever
Amanda/Methos, rushed, jewel, trinket
Duncan/Methos, sword, fight, quickening, leather, sweater, feet, nose, hush, barge, tailoring, cooking, choice, name change, ships-passing-in-the-night, watcher, gift, birthday, memory
Joe/Methos, blues, history, lesson, academy, beer
Kronos/Methos, horsemen, Cassandra, quickening

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Akasaka/older!Rika, age, eons, hope, future, truth
Kasai/Shion, time, together, stay, remember, guard
Rika/Takano, knife, mercy, voice, blue, live
Shion/Mion, captive, tattoo, dangerous, overload, gloomy

Hikaru no Go
Akira/Hikaru, notice, continuation
Isumi Shinichiro/Waya Yoshitaka, toys, honesty, blindfold, cooking
Ogata Seiji/Ashiwara Hiroyuki, move in, pinch, bondage, belt, possessive
Ogata/Akira, older
Ogata/Akira/Hikaru, tentacles
Shindou Hikaru/Touya Akira, game, fantasy, sake, desperate, caught, waiting, fruition, laundry, blankets, phone, ice cubes

His Dark Materials
Asriel/Marisa, claws, elegance, stiletto, wolfskin, rough, ice, Marisa, golden, touch, awakening
Will/Lyra, gaze, dream, truth, longing

His Girl Friday
Hildy/Walter, typewriter, bored, divorce, fast, distracted

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Arthur Dent/Ford Prefect, spirits
Arthur Dent/Fenchurch, flying, hiking, searching, finding
Arthur Dent/Trillian, improbable, home, tea, drive, falling whales

Johnny/Linda, voyage

Craig Dean/John Paul McQueen, competitive, drive, public, rhythm, twist, university
Keiron Hobbs/John Paul McQueen, admission, beautiful, blush, daydream, family, reminder, shame, shower, wedding night

Home Room
Alicia/Deanna, heart, rules, promise

Honey and Clover
Ayu/Hagu, admiration, experimentation, sweet, art

Horatio Hornblower
Archie/Horatio, future, AU, new life, sea

Hot Fuzz
Danny/Nicholas, bashful, ears, cell, recovery, scar, That weren't me, unridiculous, trust


House M.D.
Amber/Thirteen, dominance, bitch
Cameron/Thirteen, rebound, flowers, consultation, consequences
Chase/Thirteen, raw, experiment, retaliation, party, reckless, bar, chance, wrong, hide, divorce, spark
Chase/Cameron, how it used to be, flirt, koala jokes
Chase/Foreman, hesitant
Chase/House, dominance, games, clever, punishment, need, regret, snark, new, indiscreet, games, power, discipline, unexpected, different, sulk, tension
Chase/Wilson, breathless
Cuddy/Cameron, goodbye, crying, adultery, power struggle, red dress, public, gossip, sarcasm, told you this would happen, beautiful, tears
Cuddy/Amber, argument, bitch, sneaking around, chocolate, outdoors, car, Hannukah, sharing with House, telling Wilson, lace, power, alike, time
Cuddy/Chase, regret, collar, second time
Cuddy/Foreman, desk, power play, negotiate, rough
Cuddy/Lucas, first, quickie, work, safe, comfortable, sweet, laughter, moving, morning, domestic
Cuddy/Stacy, guilt, smoke
Cuddy/Taub, rebound
Cuddy/Thirteen, drunk, angry, losing, strap-on, anal, rough, regrets, caught, unashamed.
Cuddy/Wilson, replacement, comfort, , punishment, needy, manipulation
House/Wilson, game, sleep, rest, want, date, cheese, lavender, answer, lingering, apartment, cats, domestic, happiness, when, argument, Chorus Line, moving in, scar, sleep, cancer, time, together, madness, proposal, music, moving in, our place, kitchen counter, warm, laugh, need, stalking, public shows of affection, protective, saving him from himself, drugging, stealing all his pants, whispers, disturbing the neighbors, stay, bedhead, serenade, cooking, domestic, feeding, morning glory, “roommates”, lies, unexpected, joke, games, cooking, TV, endorphins, change
House/Cameron, cane, car, visiting, lazy, goodbye, command, motorcycle, webcam, negotiate, visit, desert, intense, observe, equals, emergency, reason
House/Foreman, perfection, flight, begging, middle age, heir, nurture, irk, shadow, depth, corn flakes, meningitis, phone call, gearing up, stalk, push, knowing, saving a life, shine, how I like my coffee, playing games, creak, unexpected, symptomatic, useful, cockblock, dutiful, despise, alphabetical, physical training, take it as read, shaken, handcuffs, cockring, delicious, tools, sex or death, watching porn, mobility, ties, conference room, closet
House/Cuddy, always you, can't help myself, college, college party, path lab, playground, wrath, breasts, bondage, handcuffs, gasp, breath, dominance, fight, watch, analyze, puzzle, charm, blue, cheating, pegging, war, payback, laughter, anal, pharmacy, stockings, blindfold, forgiveness, fingernails, facial, Wilson's office, stairwell, hate, right now, seduction, dare, humiliation, cooking, domesticity, tension, fun, wine red, drums, regret, smile, lipstick, dance, silence, remember, personal, fantasy, present, bite, broken, look, jealous, scent, mark, smile, tender, being proud of her
Cameron/Chase/Thirteen, post-honeymoon
House/Cameron/Chase/Foreman/Thirteen/Taub, research
House/Cuddy/Lucas, boredom, relief, surrounded, warm, voyeurism, competition, respect, less wrong, negotiations, administrator, show off, wants vs needs, interference, drunk, jealousy
House/Cuddy/Wilson, intertwined, open, chaos
House/Wilson/Amber, the last time, sharing, together, dating
Wilson/Amber, House
Wilson/Cameron, goodbyes, coffee, warm
Wilson/Kutner, ease

How I Met Your Mother
Aldrin/Lily/Robin Scherbatsky, Superbowl, alcohol
Barney/Lily, AU, unexpected, carebearshare, mistake, once, drunk
Barney/Lily/Marshall, kept
Barney/Lily/Marshall/Robin/Ted, not in the story
Barney/OFC/Robin, one-upsmanship
Barney/Robin, heatwave, suit, stripper, sleep, ggambling, morning, safeword, handcuffs, tie, smoking, summer, stealth, adulthood, 2013, underneath a motivational poster, sore from laser-tag
Barney/Robin/Ted, balance, Robin 101
Barney/Ted, demonstration, hypothetical, idiot, suit, but-um, legendary, dare-gone-wrong/different, proof, first-time
Cindy/Ted, sunshine, graduation silks
Marshall/Lily, jealousy, last cigarette ever, angst
Marshall/Robin, guns, shampoo
Lily/Marshall, familiar, firsts, sweet
Lily/Marshall/Ted, drunk, fitting
Lily/Robin, beach, new, lipstick, support, playing, experiment, backup, fluid-sexuality
Lily/Ted, AU, betrayal, longing, what if
Mother/Ted, wishing and waiting, with the band
Robin/Ted, relapse

How to Ditch Your Fairy
Fiorenze/Charlie, fairy, understanding, don't even think I like boys, driving in cars with girls

Howl's Moving Castle - Dianna Wynne Jones
Calcifer/Howl, starfire
Howl/Sophie, marriage, slippery, Wales, red, dazzle, boots, hair, run, share, flamboyant, laughter, never, slap, charming

Human Target
Christopher/Stephanie, train ride, dancing

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Katniss/Peeta, politics, martyr, hostage, sleep, deception
Gale/Katniss, future, protect, argue, wedding, volunteer, runaways, trap, swim, bow

Ash Morgan/Sean Kennedy/Mickey Stone, time
Danny Blue/Mickey Stone, discipline, gambling, lesson, submission, tenderness, foolish, dress-up, please, laughter, mark, games, I dare you, complicated, proving, fuck-up
Danny Blue/Stacie Monroe, truth, kid a kidder, play the part
Mickey Stone/Stacie Monroe, distance, conjugal visit, banker, phone sex, honeymoon suite, dinner party, bathroom, wedding dress, money

I Capture the Castle
Cassandra/Simon, regret

I Dream of Jeannie
Jeannie/Tony, bottle, magic, space

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
Chuck/Larry, truth

I Robot
Calvin/Spooner, easier, emotions, safe, synthetic

I Want To Go Home
Rudy/Mike, camp, kids, counsellors, watch, guarded, open, change, rescue, home

Carly/Sam, rehersal, hidden, bacon, shoe shopping, Galaxy Wars, books, the world's best cheeseburger, college, ratings, bachelorette, honey
Carly/Freddie, dubcon, first time, anger, leaving, rain, snow, easter
Carly/Freddie/Sam, bondage, vodka
Freddie/Sam, backtalk, break, false, resist, barbeque sauce, tangled, elevator, fire escape, French fries, secrets

Ice Age
Diego/Manny, pack

Cartoon Head/Psycho Paul, porno, sober, bondage, voice

Imagine Me & You
Heck/Girl on Plane, Mile high, In-flight entertainment, Destination
Luce/Rachel, flowers, rose petals, vibrator, lotion, letters, wall!sex, punch, paper, polish, pillow

Immortal Regis
Noche/Depore, descent, madness, blood, sunshine, battle, flight, yield, belonging, promise, tease, chocolate
Serin/Jae Hyuk, hunger, bare, savior, dangerous, crush, tease, live, bruises, black silk, magic, fire, seduce, longing, imbalance, vulnerable, trust, fight for you, formal, i hold your heart, you make me want to live, perfectionist
Serin/Semek, possession, wielding, battle, ancient, trickster, protective, heart

In Plain Sight
Marshall Mann/Mary Shannon, clean, confession, enough, handcuffs, vulnerable, heat, desert, office, paperwork, holster, apron, cowboy boots, hiding out, UFO, desert, certain, bruises, handcuffs, desert, silence, release, challenge, miss, hotel, wild, big, late night, musicals, Texas, wonderbra, pyjamas
Marshall Mann/Mary Shannon/Raphael Ramirez, bedroom, empty, safe

In The Heights
Nina/Vanessa, fire escape, skyline,

Indiana Jones
Elsa/Indy, [any]

Indefinite Undiscovery
Edward/Capell, loyal, taste, touch, endearing, gasp, adore
Sigmund/Capell, differences

Inglourious Basterds
Aldo Raine, bootleg, beginnings
Aldo Raine/Donnie Donowitz, comfort, brandy, fire
Aldo Raine/Donny Donowitz, beginning, command, tops, Camping, Prizes, Betting, Explosions
Aldo Raine/Hans Landa, blood, scars
Aldo Raine/Hugo Stiglitz, respect
Aldo Raine/Smithson Utivich, surprising, folk wisdom, postwar, protege
Archie Hicox/Bridget von Hammersmark, spectatorship, theory, improvisation, key, Paris, newspaper, history
Archie Hicox/Hugo Stiglitz, dialect, gentlemen, rank, scars, study, fraud, masquerade, temper, allegiance, opposites, survival, rough
Archie Hicox/Shoshanna Dreyfus, strategy, war
Bridget von Hammersmark/Hugo Stiglitz, rope, liar, wooden
Dieter Hellstrom/Shosanna Dreyfus, gun, fist, throat, quiet
Donnie Donowitz, bat, home, mamma
Donny Donowitz/Hugo Stiglitz, fight
Donny Donowitz/Shosanna Dreyfus, dominating, red, revenge, survival, improbability,
Donny Donowitz/Smithson Utivich, abstract, after, confusing, direction, lost, punishment, trouble, war wounds, wine
Donny Donowitz/Smithson Utivich/Wilhelm Wicki, harder, German, temptation, tongues
Hugo Stiglitz/Smithson Utivich, domination, muscle
Hugo Stiglitz/Smithson Utivich/Wilhelm Wicki, between
Hugo Stiglitz/Wilhelm Wicki, knowing, whispers, after, peace, knife, quiet, tongue, gunplay
Marcel/Shosanna Dreyfus, bittersweet, complexities, escape, precognition, retribution, revolution, risk, sacrifice, souhaiter, trivialities, uncaged, undiscovered, prelude, discreet, identities, covert, rapport, freedom, allay, solace, afterward, escape, future conditional, cinematography, mise-en-scene, [any]
Smithson Utivich/Wilhelm Wicki, keys, lonely, whore

Innocent Bird
Karasu/Shirasagi, reunited, gentle, finally

Inspector Chen series
Chen/Inari, marriage, human, rain

Into the Woods
Jack/Red, experience, off the path, bossy, cloak, magic
Cinderella/Prince/Prince/Rapunzel, tangled, heir, agony, comparison
Rapunzel/Witch, show you the world

Inuyasha/Kagome, last chance, grass, dirt, clothes on, awkward
Miroku/Sango, bet, desire, turnabout

Iron Chef
Fukui/Ohta, reporting, aphrodesiac, catchphrase
Michiba/Morimoto, katsuonbushi, student, support, calligraphy, letter, menu

Henry Bowers/Losers Club, forgotten

It's Always Sunny in Philadephia
Charlie/Dennis, drunk, hangover, mistake, wildcard!
Charlie/Mac, Green Man, Irish, logic
Dee/Dennis, peaking, double-dropping, savages
Dee/Mac, holdouts, beer, next morning
Dennis/Mac, buds, church, natural

It's Complicated
Jake/Jane, impossible

Richard/Rebecca, [any]
Wilfred/Rebecca, longing, touch, hands, heal, champion


Harm/Mac, choice, happiness, names, workout, gym
Harm/Webb, uniform, flying

Jake 2.0
Jake Foley/Dumont, AU, fever, hackers, hi-tech, handcuffs
Jake 2.0, Jake/Diane, experiment, forever, laugh

James Bond (movies)
Bond/Felix Leiter, rum, change, climb, deal, breathe
Bond/M, adopted, benefactor, revenge, broken, desperate
Bond/Strawberry Fields, oasis, kisses, old scars
Bond/Vesper, tuxedo, alive, stirred, dress, hover, inside, rain
Le Chiffre/Bond, win, take, keep

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë
Jane/Rochester, field, wedding, library, snark, hesitance, later, scar, touch, slide, life, breath

Jeeves and Wooster
Bertie/Jeeves, cast out, parlor

Jeremiah/Markus, first time, submit, future

Dale/Skyler, household
Jake/Dale, army, bite mark, gun, gloves
Jake/Heather, sunshine, tornado, blackout, dirty
Jake/Jonah, father issues, betrayal, worry, gun, breathplay
Robert Hawkins/Jake Green, war, peace, quiet, recovery, broken

Joan of Arcadia
Grace/Luke, science, first, leather, secret, snark, glasses, physics, menorah, kiss, leather
Joan/Adam, apologies, God, rediscovery, hands, collage

Johnny Quest
Johnny/Jessie/Hadji, Questworld, artifact, college
Race Bannon/Benton Quest, tweed, denim, cowboy, hands, suspicious

Nick Lucas/Kevin Lucas, cheerleader, addictive, hot cocoa, shut up
Nick Lucas/Macy Misa, locker room, school spirit, tutoring, ribbon

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke
Lady Pole/Arabella, freed, recovery
Arabella/Jonathan, again, never
Childermass/Mr Norrell, [any]
Stephen Black/John Uskglass, names
the silver-haired gentleman/Stephen

Dan Vasser/Jack Vasser, time, transgress, challenge, hope

Jules et Jim
Catherine/Jim/Jules, solution

Junni Kokki
Enou/Enki, restraint, broken, pulling
Keiki/Youko, cage, untouchable, duty, longing, want
Rakushun/Youko, human, touch, hair, private, wet

Jurassic Park movies
Billy Brennan/Alan Grant, watch, years, birthday, wood, fingering

Kamikaze Girls
Momoko/Ichigo, dress-up, skirt


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
(YL) Mukuro/Yamamoto, decisions, time, growth.
Bel/Fran, bitchy
Belphegor/Gokudera, knives, restraints, involuntary piercing
Belphegor/Mammon, money, prostitution, illusion
Bianchi/Haru, stockings
Bianchi/Reborn, disguises
Byakuran/Mukuro, delayed orgasm, vibrator, blindfold, gags, illusions, pillows, marshmallows, chain, blood, cold, wound
Byakuran/Shoichi, dubcon, need, deception, tears, tattoo, lies, patience, fluffy, white, again
Chrome/Bianchi, acceptance, crush
Chrome/Gokudera, home
Chrome/Tsuna/Hibari, motorbike
Chrome/TYL MM, bitch
Dino/Hibari, cock piercing, delayed orgasm, handcuffs, gags, clumsy, leather, ropes, Italian, dirty words, blindfold, pervert, unexpected, power, promises, dominance
Fran/Bel, impossible
Ganma/Gokudera, rentboy, respect, electricity
Genkishi/Byakuran, worship, sickness
Ghost/20YL Lambo, lightning
Ghost/Mukuro, inhuman, doors
Giotto/Storm Primo, tattoos, goodbyes, red, youth, vigilante, cloak
Gokudera/Ryohei, fight, smoke, funny
Gokudera/Yamamoto, stylish, necktie, ridiculous
Gokudera/Yamamoto/Tsuna, rules, courting, kisses
Haru/Tsuna/Kyoko, fear, understanding, losing, keeping.
Hibari/Dino, Dino's whip, handcuffs, bucking
Hibari/Dino/Hibari, GQ
Hibari/Ryohei, indestructible
Hibari/Yamamoto, elegance, what is proper, adrenaline, curious aphrodisiacs, after school, just right, biting, sweat slick, sake
Ken/Chikusa/Mukuro, used, wanted, torn, empty, fangs
Ken/Mukuro/Chikusa, dogpile
Kyoko/Haru/Tsuna, excuses
Kyoko/Tsuna, late, luck, pregnant
Lal Mirch/Gokudera, vicious, alike
Lambo/I-Pin, battle, date, spontaneity.
Levi/Xanxus, pain
Mukuro/Fran, snark, teachers
Reborn/Tsuna, indulgence, strictly
Ryohei/Hana, louder, argument, revelations, enthusiasm
Shoichi/any, rockstar
Spanner/Shoichi, genius, robots, sexbot, fucking machine, collaboration, lollipops, oral fixation
Squalo/girl!Belphegor, skirt, split, tiara, victory
Squalo/Xanxus, cracked
Squalo/Yamamoto, games, distractions, lessons, mentor, problems, choices
Tsuna/Gokudera, downpour, cats, alliances, hopeless, unstoppable, give, obedience, pain, kindness, bias, succor, balance, resting places, hand-holding, jewellery
Tsuna/Lancia, comfort
Tsuna/Mukuro, dreamers
TYL!Dino/TYL!Hibari, ride, bite, kimono, pleasure, battle, dinner, forest
TYL!Mukuro/TYL!Chrome, criminal, life, shadow, loss, deep, morning, sensory overload, different now, freedom, possessive, territory, fuck me boots
TYL!Mukuro/TYL!Hibari, ghost, blood, restraint, tea
TYL!Squalo/TYL!Xanxus, role-reversal, boss, first, hair, gun, photograph, punch
TYL!Squalo/TYL!Yamamoto, grief, sushi, play, strike, steel
TYL!Tsuna/TYL!Hibari, worthy, herbivore, open
TYL!Yamamoto/TYL!Hibari, show, ice, tea, impatience, irony, cut, lose
Xanxus/Squallo, guns, competence, genderswap, Boss, submission, hair, blood heat, whiskey, older, servant, boots, choke, size, sharpness, pursuit, belonging
Xanxus/Tsuna, collar, slave, broken, blood, kneeling, kissing, riding, guns, ties
Yamamoto/Gokudera, finally, opposites attract, sword, tattoos, second place, laughing, façades, practice makes perfect, confidence
Yamamoto/Tsuna, rain, laughter, cuts, dangerous, gently, sociopathic

Kaze Hikaru
Yamanami/Akesato, adults, storytelling, laughter

Keeping Up Appearances
Hyacinth/Richard, directions, impropriety

Kill Bill
Beatrix Kiddo/O-Ren Ishii, silly rabbit, samurai
Budd/Bill, disappointment
Budd/Elle, past my prime,
O-Ren/Vernita/Beatrix/Elle, bitch

Kindred: The Embraced
Archon/Julian, teaching, precious, calm, closeness
Caitlin/Julian, any
Cameron/Sasha, any
Cash/Julian, prince, independence, spirit, fighting, trust
Cash/Lillie, any
Cash/Lillie/Sasha/Zane, any
Cash/Sasha/Zane, any
Daidalos/Julian, friendship, devotion, blood, company, comfort
Julian/Sasha, any
Sasha/Zane, any

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Axel/Roxas, lessons, silence, feeling, heights, mending, filling, sea salt, skateboard, gloves
Saix/Axel, fangs, broken, alone, unemotional, almost rape, full moon, burning

Kingdom Hearts II
Axel/Roxas, memories, bare skin, fire, nerf bat
Rai/Seifer/Fuu, winning, tussle, photos, belly, scar

Kingdom Hearts
Aerith/Leon, reminders, something-new, spring, ribbons
Axel/Roxas, ice cream, schemes, sunsets, next time, heart
Leon/Cloud, alley, belt, bite, potion, weapon
Marluxia/Vexen, formula, freeze, green, reason, science, superior, tangle, test-tube, theory, Wonderland
Namine/Kairi, paint
Roxas/Axel, first kiss
Selphie/Kairi, smile, sunshine, swimsuit
Sephiroth/Leon, mark, pet, rival, safe, territory
Sephiroth/Riku, copy, darkness, ease, hunt, poison, silence, twilight
Sora/Riku, brothers, darkness, anger, need, confusion, night time, keyblade, wrestling, parents, silence, grab
Sora/Riku/Kairi, balance, beach, magic, soda, trinity, water, high school, future career, mayor's daughter

Kingdom Hearts: Days
Roxas/Axel, forgotten
Saix/Axel, memories, friendship

Kingdom Hospital
Antubis/Paul, give and take, die, balance, Mary

Lyle Anderson/any, wet
Peter Kingdom/any, rumpled, solicitous
Sidney Snell/Gloria Millington, bath

David Shepherd/Jack Benjamin, butterflies, secret, night, reign, crown, suit, fingers, eyes, taste, forbidden, wander, pretence, compelling, flirting, dazzled, city, royal, promiscuous, changes, forbidden, pleasures, boyfriend, naked, uniform, sir, kiss, shy, hidden, willing, club, pictures, the-wrong-one, shore-leave, betray, betrothal, betrayal, crown, easy, prophecy, resistance, stupid, uniforms, desire, forbidden, lust, second chances, regret, royalty, torn loyalties, choices, mine, possession, casualty, collateral, motivation, sin, jealousy, innocence, king & country, control, collaboration, vision, rope, submit, obey, rebel, resist, thrash, replacement, future
David/Michelle, crown, curves
David/Silas, kneel, king, blowjob, thank you, New Serenity, care-taking, courtship, waiting, sign, butterfly, caress, fortune, blessed, touch, beautiful, shine, silence, festival, offering, home, distract
Jack Benjamin/David Shepherd/Michelle Benjamin, unity, dignity, breath, white, rimming, solace, unbroken, clandestine, peaceful, piano, imagination
Jack Benjamin/Katrina Ghent, lush, accident, speculate.
Jack/Michelle, bruises, pegging, gilded cage, seeing double, pride, disappear, shroud, impact, forest, spooning, confession, ice, catastrophe
Katrina Ghent/Rose Benjamin, thwarted, possessive, scrape.
Silas/Thomasina, orders, gospel truth, heresy, revelation, suits, the mark of the beast

Kingyou Hime
Keisuke/goldfish, beautiful, food, swimming

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry/Perry, big, size, ouch, puns, big mouth, teddy bear, take out

Kitchen Confidential
Jack/Stephen, bouillabaisse, chocolate, secret stash, crock pot, sharkfin, rival, pudding, gala, black tie, sold, 4-star review, Michelin stars

Knight Rider (2008)
KARR/Michael Knight, possessiveness, destiny, obsession
KITT/Michael Knight, friends, inventive

Kureha/Utsuki, blood, earth, skin
Sakuya/Utsuki, dream, silk, struggle, rescue

Bard/Finny, fun with water
Ciel/Elizabeth, flowers, picnic, grass-stains, dress
Ciel/Sebastien, cats
Joker/Beast, leather, whip, x-rated, skin
Lau/Ciel, dub con
Sebastian/Ciel, "As you wish", revenge, sweets, bad
William/Grell, paperwork

Kyle XY
Kyle/Jessi, race, bright, science, electric, war, equal, experience, hidden, grounded, window, bathtub, blanket, cream, whisper, sensation

Kyou Kara Maou
Adalbert/Conrad, sharing, pain, solace
Adalbert/Yuuri, hiding, sharing, warmth
Bob/Conrad, acceptance, authority
Conrad/Berias, admiration
Conrad/Yuuri, shiver
Gwendal/Conrad, familiar, silence
José/Conrad, homesick, world-weary
Saralegui/Berias, devotion
Shouri/Conrad, contest, distrust, dare
Shouri/Yuuri, secret, sin
Yozak/Conrad, burdens
Yozak/Conrad/Alford, voyeurism, invitation
Yuuri/Conrad, precious, easy, smile, baseball, outside, safe, longing, trust

L.A. Confidential - James Ellroy
Bud White/Ed Exley/Lynn Bracken, blue, force, honey, worship,
Ed Exley/Inez Soto, near-miss, sudden, necklace.
Ed Exley/Lynn Bracken, vivid, mirror, replacement, second-best, caress, smooth, bright.

La double vie de Véronique,
Véronique/Weronika, Warsaw

La Femme Nikita (tv)
Madeline/Nikita, valentine
Madeline/Operations, glass, shackle, perch, control
Madeline/Operations/Egran Petrosian, winning side
Michael/Nikita, mission, impossible, pretence, truth

Jareth/Sarah, mistake, crystal, suggestion, tumbling, fly, within you, show me your teeth
Jareth/Toby, home, dream, stolen, fae, consort, makeover, stalking, choice, naked, power, dark, public-claiming, above ground, fairy ring, called, peach, owl

Las Vegas
Danny/Mary, past, hunger, salvation, smile, sweetness, home
Mary/Sam, favors, slip, whip-cream, lace, blush
Steindorf/Jenny the Maid, hair, maid outfit, gloves, microfiber

Last Remnant
David/Rush, borrow, chase, private, smile
Snievan/Young, manners, silence, stain

Last Rune
Beltan/Travis, beer,

Lauren Canyon (2002)
Sam/Alex, any, angry

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Lupo/Cutter, [any]
Alex Eames, Broken, despair, grey, depression
Alex Eames/Zac Nichols, jealousy, replacement, shower, sheets, Wall, secret, sexy, fingernails
Alex Eames/Zac Nichols/Bobby Goren, truth, lies, fake, silk
Bobby Goren/Alex Eames, comfort, distraught, gloves, languid, slip, stammer, tight squeeze, insist, interrogate, suspect, present, trust, relieve, low, friend, outside, lie detector, rest, light and dark, stormfront, lifeline, armani, boyish charm, boys with toys, partner, schizophrenia, child, demons, code red, endearing, office, bittersweet, solitude, Domestic, Dinner, Table, Delicious, Left, Scar, Keys, Lock, tragedy, comfort, darkness, size, mirror, snow, endless, rigid
Bobby/Mike, know, public, common, touch, ask,
Carolyn Barek, leaving, afraid, partner, lost

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Alex/Olivia, taxi, awkward
Benson/Stabler, "I'm done", "It's not over", touch, smile, baby, illicit, tease, anger, car, midnight, rough, laughing, rooftop, basement, drunken, eye-sex, risky, voracious, tether, succumb, strength, slow, provoke, intense, consequences, assume the position, AU, personal, manipulation, photograph, blindfold, lipstick, reunion, Bondage, Honey, Ice, Whip, crib, blanket, sneaky, caught
Casey/Olivia, Drunk, Dance, Hang-over, Regrets, horror, need, undercover
Elliot Stabler solo, longing, shower, stakeout, exhibitionism, driving, sluggish
Elliot Stabler/Olivia Benson/Ashok Ramsey, scotch, hotel, jealousy, voyeur, heatwave, wary, undercover, soft, bright, curse, gunpoint, mondays, travel, crucify, always, muscle, training
Munch/Fin, hospital, awkward
Olivia Benson, Work, Masturbation, Stall, Quiet
Olivia Benson/Casey Novak, Desk, Blue, Late, First

Law & Order: UK
Alesha/Matt, lost, listen, timing
James/Alesha, bond, office, linger, chance
Matt Devlin/Alesha Phillips, comfort, late, rain

Adult!Stephanie/Sportacus, back when, can't forget, special superhero

Legal Drug
Rikuo/Kazahaya, keep, size difference, tease, tremble, possessive, clever, laugh, tables turned, cheat

Legally Blonde
Elle/Veronica, dumb


Legend of the Seeker
Cara/Denna, captured, Richard, pain, domination, submission, braid
Cara/Kahlan Amnell, Richard, lake, Mord'Sith!Kahlan, domination, restraint, corset, lacing, waterfall, leather, agiel, sisterhood, dresses, forgiveness, uncontrollable, leather, agiel, admiration, sisterhood, tongues, trust, forgiveness, red, training, challenge, mistress, pain, any, struck, water, fire, air, earth, sparkling, moss, sickness, azure, touch, quest, artifact, confess, trust, understanding, you, late, here, wounds, forgiveness, opposites, line, laughter, silk, heal, impressed, painplay, competition, leather, consent, water
Cara/Kahlan/Richard, magic, sublimation, whisper, possession, swordplay, foolish, lost, necessity, conduit, battle
Cara/Richard, duty, attraction, heat, spark, smile, warm, dress, different, pine, secret, pretend, protect, prize, protection, appreciation, reveal, blush, unforgiven, jealousy
Darken Rahl/Giller, blades, blood, command, rough, venom
Darken Rahl/Kahlan Amnell, so wrong, empress, red
Darken Rahl/Richard, Underworld, dreams, fire
Denna/Kahlan, power struggle, unwanted
Denna/Richard Cypher, pain, turning the sword white, white leather, kiss, devotion, anything, power, torso, need, never
Kahlan Amnell/Richard Cypher, forest, stone, restrain, bed, truth, confess, family, future, sweat, scent, ripple, dirty, electric, edge, happy ending, finally, pregnant, devotion, bloodlust, Con Dar, Mord'Sith!Kahlan, corset, moonlight, berries, white, water, magic, forest, forbidden, family, honor, sleep, protection, masturbation, dirty-talk, Wizard training, Rada'Han, [any]

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Link/Marin, dream, ballad, remember, flight

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Link/Nabooru, child, future
Link/Zelda, sheik, au, hyrule, queen, music

Legend of Zelda
Link/Colin, Battle
Link/Dark Link, Blood

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Link/Zelda, bumpy, wildflowers, first

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Link/Minda, doggie, ride, mischief, hair

Legion (2010 movie),
Michael/Gabriel, jealous, regret, touch

Les Miserables (musical)
Valjean/Javert, chase, hide, whip, gun, rope

Less Than Perfect
Claude/Kipp, hate!sex, afterhours, desk, lush, strip, lapdance

Alec/Eliot, cyber sex, food play, thief, beaten up, comms, nerdy, cooking, handcuffs, cocksucking, struggle, partners, bruise, comfort, snark
Alec/Eliot/Parker, kids, blondes, gambling, trust, teamwork, discussion, seduction, mark, target, hide, reveal, keys, online, reckless, vault, slippery, brave new world, bite, prestidigitation, fourth, marathon, OTP, toy, kitchen, back, blue, pearls, veer, boots, dress, games, handcuffs, laughter, leather, moon, shadows, silver, slinky, trust, escape, loot, bet, the score, caught, Nate's Room, couch, pool table, kitchen island, sugar high, fixed, stuck, arial, offline, perfect, chaos, still, playful, party, mutter, inconvenience, teamwork
Eliot/Nathan, training, skills, retrieval, baking, sweat, one-hand-tied, tux, close-quarter fighting, unexpected, trade, hit-on, chef, skills, broken, hospital, man liner, scotch, identity, lion's den, shatter, protect, change, coffee, fedora, bandage
Eliot/Sophie, role play, protective, slippery, high heels, suntan
Hardison/Parker; freefall, wrestling rematch, sparks, nibble, freefall, visible, cover, geeks, secret, uncomfortable, resolve, strength, geek, push, lemon, mischief, unbelievable
McSweeten/Parker/Eliot Spencer/Taggert, cups, investigate, wristwatch
Nate/Sophie, apart, dissolve, over, wreck, feel, center, wine, distance France, Madrid, Boston, LA, London, Rome, con, truth, coffee, shirt, backstage, lie, accent, farewell, return, costume, stage, performance, jealousy, name, homecoming, personal space, lack of privacy, tuxedo, man in uniform, misdirection, little black dress, home-office, punishment, far, years, telephone, red, trouble, judgment
Parker, control, disorder, twist, leather, strap, buckle, hunger, succor
Parker/Eliot Spencer, surprise, nibble, first, fearless, misunderstanding, awkward, stiff, twizzler
Parker/McSweeten, handcuffs, surprise, tight

Raquel Dayan/Eliot, snipers, handcuffs, wet, overpower
Sophie/Eliot, thread count, boredom, heels, mouth, diversion
Sophie/Maggie, elegant, polygon, museum, thievery
Sophie/Tara, debt, friendship, favor, blessing, torch, lie, baklava, sweat, power, rebirth, past, letter, con, touch, display
Sterling/Nate, honesty, pride, history, thief, signal, complication, justice

James Hathaway/Robert Lewis, bed, chess game, celibacy, uncertainty, loneliness, together, careful, sir, facetious, trust, undercover, questions, yorkie, ties, tea, sir, James, slow, jeans, hair, smile, smug, confession, absolution, penance, cover, firebird, guilt, drug, facetious, test, Beatles, quotation, guitar, bells, bed, chess game, celibacy, uncertainty, loneliness, together, careful, sir, facetious

James Hathaway/Will McEwan, exorcism, bed, chess game, celibacy, uncertainty, loneliness, together, careful, sir, facetious

Liaden - Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Aelliana/Daav, math, pilot, reflex, learning, adventure, new, lifebond, family, dramliza, Scout
Nova/any, ghosts, freedom, unbalanced, beginnings, choice, tradition, dignity, control, friend, dare, Korval, memory

Liar Game
Akiyama/Asuka Kiryu, fate, belief, fortune
Akiyama/Yokoya, rivalry
Fukunaga/Akiyama, smart, longing, acceptance, reluctance
Nao/Akiyama, belief, enthusiasm, virgin, plan, together, threesome, friends, salvation

Lie to Me
Cal Lightman/Ben Reynolds, argument, dominance, drunk, Gillian, need
Cal Lightman/Eli Loker, complex, date, experience, Monday.
Cal Lightman/Gillian Foster, anal, bathtub, car, chocolate pudding, dance, domestic, elevator, garden, hidden camera, office, laundry, pegging, rimming, romance novel, rooftop, sleep, snow, tattoo, survival, meaning, solid, stories, cold, spanking, wine, twilight, dawn, loss, roulette, stilettos, leather, pain, beg, support, comfort, silence, feel, moving, resistance, lines, proposal, liason, comfort, summer, park, hot, sweet, survive, crushed, gentle, surprising, suicide, patterns
Cal/Eli, approval
Cal/Eli/Ben, office
Gillian Foster/Zoe Landau, argument, Cal, common ground, resentment
Lightman/Loker, Lightman Institute, please, truth, try, truth, paid, need
Ria/Gillian, honey

Life on Mars (UK)
Gene/Ray, bitter, envy, dangerous, competition, dare, obsession, duty
Ray/Annie, unexpected, baby, whiskey, mustache
Sam/Gene, slave trade
Sam/Ray, madness, twisted, trigger, burn, body, antagonise, injustice
Chris/Annie, concert, drinks
Sam/Annie, laugh, teaching, you, needed

Life Unexpected
Baze/Cate, caravan
Baze/Kate, van, snowflake, crush, taste, rebellion, twice, sheets, shots
Cate/Nate, old times, heat, surprise

Charlie, solitary
Charlie/Constance, glass, lunch
Charlie/Dani, any, adrenaline, exponential, hands, bright, true, the bottom, saviour, clarity, two, fruit, gun, pursed, unspoken, grip, sunlight, bright, performance art, costume, fruit, one, understanding, citrus, sun, zen, light, blue
Charlie/Dani/Tidwell, together, one plus one equals three, guns, Ted
Charlie/OFC, scent
Charlie/Rachel, alive, crisp
Charlie/Ted, inside, protect, mine
Dani/Karen, run, need, wait
Dani/Tidwell, protect, phone, love

Little Mosque on the Prairie
Amaar/Nate, secret, humor, forbidden, fear, humility, acceptance, front page news, hockey, freefall, revere, sermon, friendship, director, jittery, escape, maudlin, action movie, quran, grin
Amaar/Rayyan, honeymoon, chastity, doctor, embarrassment, flush, trust, buffoon, ears, shy, home, smile, pride, generosity, confidence

Little Women – L. M. Alcott
Josephine/Prof. Bhaer, tricks, learning, cold
Laurie/Jo, attic, hair, words, maybe, know, hide, reflection

Basement Cat/Ceiling Cat, watch, masturbate
Instrumental Cat/Serious Cat, saxophone

Lord John Series - Diana Gabaldon
Lord John/Neil, secrets, hidden, pretending to be sodomites

Lord of the Rings
Elrond/Haldir/Aragorn, alliances
Faramir/Eowyn, new, old, forlorn
Gimli/Legolas, hands, stars, water

Lord of War
Yuri Orlov/Jack Valentine, gun-play, test, villain



Alex/Jacob/Richard, into the fold, likeness, souls
Alex/Richard, cotton, winter, thicket, sink, shave, become, possession, tree house, alleyway, pistachio, 'her roots were sweet, but they were so shallow', cavern, 'I was a lover of time, and once she was mine'
Alex/Sawyer, pistol, 'look what the cat dragged in', saint, driftwood, lamb
Ben/girl!Jack, reset
Ben/girl!Jack/Locke, covet
Ben/Jack, books, Go (the game), dandelion, green, glass, rabbit, radish, work, footpad, blindfold, overcoat, snow, glass
Ben/Jack/Sun, remorse, revenge, right
Ben/Juliet, taking back control, lie to me
Ben/Locke, shadows, Janus, restraint, code
Boone/Locke, fever, wilderness, remnants
Charles/Eloise, bomb, sixteen, green
Charlie/Desmond, getaway, sleepy, caress
Charlie/Sawyer, gun!kink, spanking, trapped
Charlotte/Richard, marks, 'ancient history,
Claire/Desmond, any
Claire/Jack, excuses, unknown, oblivious, unexpected, wolves, rust, finger paints, 'our story ends before it begins', 'papa died smiling', cracks, mud, 'ghost town', 'forgive our sins'
Claire/Jack/Sawyer, tulsa, stain, 'the music was like electric sugar', nowhere, riverbank, 'make-believe memories
Claire/Juliet, down the rabbithole, yellow sheets, moonlit
Claire/Sawyer, dandelion, salty, lemonade, clover, save yourselves, diary, stash, seconds, tent, flood, innocence, trust, comfort, family, weeds, pick-up truck, ashes
Claire/Shannon, leggy, tan lines, peach
Daniel/Charlotte, another life, plane ride
Daniel/Desmond, relate, physics
Daniel/Juliet, hurt/comfort, vow, fight
Esau/Jacob, 1600s, bonds, undressing
Jack/Alex, sinner, crush, teach, needle
Jack/Claire, first and last, pills, wine, laces, wash, pink, walls, sickness, unsafe
Jack/Eloise, gloaming
Jack/Kate, forever, slow, bar, music, sand, car
Jack/Locke, teamwork, faith, dymnamite
Jack/Marc, cigarettes, 'train tracks', 'where have you been?'
Jack/Richard, time, tent, tree
Jack/Sawyer, distrust, water, rust, sunburn, hurt, find, drunk, grab, acceptance, 'I wear the brand of traitor', 'when I am king, you'll be first against the wall', pain, beach, past
Jack/Sawyer/Claire, garden, 'together we stand, alone we fall apart', dead leaves, dime
Jack/Sun, apology, Los Angeles, closet, thirst, disease, price, carousel, eve, thunderstorm, crave, 'there are things we can't recall', piano, spider fractures
Jacob/Jack, deja vu, dessert
Jacob/Richard, madrid, 'even the king has bowed his head', dust, 'we are false prophets', parallel, stardust, lines
Jin/Michael, foreign, stone, sandpaper , pyre, caves, bruises, fires
Juliet/Richard, shiver
Juliet/Sawyer, jungle, touched, close quarters, first time
Kate/Sawyer/Jack, conflict resolution
Kate/Sayid, second chances, stuck, stakeout, trail, jumpsuit, jail
Kate/Shannon/Claire, gossip, cosmopolitan, girl talk
Kate/Sun, soil, hotel, distance
Kevin/Sawyer, cold, underdogs, virgin
Michael/Sun, follow, bastard, seeds, trail, 'in the bottom of your heart you don't love no one', bullets, birds, 'on my knees and out of luck, I look up', never, language, silent
Richard/Sun, arch, thief
Sawyer/Sun, 'on a foggy night, an abandoned road', scarf
Sayid/Sun, flowers, mourning, revenge, determination

Lost and Delirious
Paulie/Tori, rain, vacation, Shakespeare, sensible

Lost in Austen
Bingley/Jane, America, new world, breath, soft
Caroline/Amanda, hidden, loss, out of time, mirrors, candles, riding crop, dresses
Darcy/Wickham Georgiana, lies, jealousy, betrayal, innocence, grief
Fitzwilliam Darcy/Amanda Price, lust, seduction, jealousy, possessive
Lydia Bennet/Caroline Bingley/George Whickam, seduction, oblivion, lust

Lost Room
Howard Montague/Joe Miller, coffee pot, comb, objects, pants

Love Shuffle
Kei/Airu/Ojiro, sleepy

Kio/Soubi, cling, whistle, suck
Natsuo and Youji/Ritsuka, sensation, pain, observation
Nisei/Soubi, hate, broken
Ritsu/Soubi, perfection
Seimei/Ritsuka, clean, sweet, ears, devotion, beloved
Seimei/Ritsuka/Soubi, training, possession, obedience, sharing
Seimei/Soubi, possession, beloved, traitor, memory
Soubi/Ritsuka, forbidden, adoration, obedience, love, memory


Lucifer Box – Mark Gatiss
Charlie/Lucifer, disrespectful, public, easy


Lucifer (comic)
Lucifer/Michael, fall, battle, constant, taint, humanity, nostalgia, wings

B.J./Hawkeye, home, family, blood, choppers, The Swamp, mud, sound, medic, movie night, dark, Tokyo, R&R, realization
Hawkeye/Charles, operation, prank, tent, wine, music
Radar/Nurse Kellye, dance, unappreciated, unclothed, uniform

Macdonald Hall
Boots/Bruno, locked out, uncomfortable roommate situations, political aspirations, O Canada, science experiment, closet, riot, the Fish's office, experimenting, lights out, college, separation, girlfriends, dirty laundry, world as we know it, first time, last time, job interview, chastity, training camp, sexting, dress code, ties
Cathy/Diane, sneaking out, stupid home ec, after football, sex ed

Macross Frontier
Ranka/Sheryl, voice

Mad Men
(the real) Don Draper/Dick Whitman, foxhole, whistle
Betty/Joan, feather, pillow, knowing, perfume, whispers
Don Draper/Joan Holloway, trust, might-have-been, heels, temptation, green, savor, cigarette, fixation, office
Don Draper/Joan Holloway/Roger Sterling, play nice, experiment, perfection
Don Draper/Peggy Olsen, chase, terms and limitations, lipstick, account, evening, ink, radio.
Don Draper/Roger Sterling, return, victory, toast of the town, the high life, obedience, gin, aphrodesiac.
Don/Anna Draper, tapestry
Don/Betty, complications, destruction, illicit, temptation
Don/Betty/Joan, watch, caring, touch
Father Gill/Peggy, identity, grasp, confession, anxious, streetlight, lipstick
Joan Holloway/Roger Sterling, the definition of insanity, always, reprise, lonely, arrangement
Joan/Peggy, lesson
Joan/Roger, older, routine, telephone, unless, material, glow, known, paint, wrong, juxtaposition, minute
Pete/Peggy, apartment, moving, memories, because, bossy, silhouettes, finally

Magic Kaito
Kid/Saguru, sky, hangglider

Magnificent Seven (tv series)
Chris/Vin/Ezra ATF AU, surprise, party, striptease

Make it or Break it
Damon/Emily, apologies, longing, missing you, lies, hold, breaking and entering, soft, kiss
Emily/Sasha, "catch me"
Sasha/Chloe Kmetko, comfort, friendship, understanding, drunk, bus trip, help, begging

Mamma Mia! (2008 film)
Donna/Sam, boat, beach, bounce
Harry/Petros, freedom, fellow, fling
Rosie/Bill, research, risk, recipe
Sophie/Sky, tradewinds, train, tease
Tanya/Pepper, hot, cool, slow
Harry/Bill, tattoos, licking, confiding

Mansfield Park – Jane Austen
Fanny/Lord Bertram, knees, slave, chains, money, prayer, tongue
Henry Crawford/Mary Crawford, secret world, country manners, fashion, solitude, sunlight, childhood, their uncles house, naval,
Henry Crawford/OMC, navy, admiralty, rears and vices,

Mario Games
Bowser/Peach, kidnap, facade, shell


Anole/Rockslide, sunrock, bikini, claws, crossdressing, big sissy, oblivious
Black Cat/Peter Parker, thief, webbing, arrested
Clint Barton/Hank Pym, wings
Clint Barton/Wanda Maximoff, any
Crystal/Ronan the Accuser, married
Daken/Bullseye, pheremone, blood, tell me lies, mindfuck
Daken/Mac Gargan, jealous
Danny/Misty, crossdress, new york, mornings, comfort, massage, tattoo
Daredevil/Iron Fist, warmth, martial arts, senses, welcome
Daredevil/Peter Parker, ashes, heartbeat, honesty, rain, regard
Dark Avengers, foursome, any
Deadpool/Siryn, femdom
Deadpool/the universe, meat
Doctor Doom/Namor, regret, rule
Doctor Doom/Princess Python, any
Doctor Octopus/Peter Parker, bound, redemption, romance
Doctor Strange/Peter Parker, sarcasm, teacher, travel
Elixir/Wither, hunger, untouchable, blackness, zen master
Emma/Bobby, ice, mind, power
Emma Frost/Scott Summers, laughter, loyalty, love, routine, roleplay, rope, trust
Emma Frost/Tony Stark, stripper, escort, money
Gambit/Iceman, freezing, explosions, rough trade, chill, cool, poker, strip, hide, fight, blindfold, touch, serene
Gambit/Warren, feathers, hatred, Antarctica, fight
Gambit/Wolverine, drunk, taste, bound, blood, grin, feral
Hank Pym/Bruce Banner, understanding
Hank Pym/Bruce Banner/Janet Pym, better
Harry Osborn/Peter Parker, question, visit, warm, skin, want, riches, envy, green, high, flight
Harry Osborn/Peter Parker/Mary-Jane Watson, close, wrong, touch, once, sometimes, windows, hurt, betrayal, hope
Harry Osborn/Mary-Jane Watson, settling
Hellion/Wind Dancer/X-23, busy
Hercules/Amadeus Cho, legendary
Iron Fist/Power Man, smile
J. Jonah Jameson/Peter Parker (or Peter Parker), face, heroic, metropolis, truth
Jamie Madrox/Layla Miller, someday, trouble, knows stuff
Jessica Drew/Johnny Storm, flirt, new
Jessica Jones/Carol Danvers, egg, uniform
Jessica Jones/Luke Cage, home, practice, honeymoon, pregnancy, breast-feeding, flying, violence
Kate Bishop/Clint Barton, age, sight, craftsmanship
Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom, building trust, surrender, survive, liquor, falling, evolve, strength, innocence, underwear, alive, deprivation, once, longing
Kitty/Lance, behaving, prom night, quake, tease
Luke Cage/Danny Rand, recovery, alcohol, blindfold, breath, pillow talk
Monet st. Croix/Theresa Cassidy, closer
Mary Jane Watson/Peter Parker, bondage, ceiling, dance, devotion, domestic, echo, kiss, soul, night, tiger, webs, wild, expectation, fear, love, career, unseen, superpowers, soup, soap, sand
Mercury/Wither, flexible
Nate Grey/Peter Parker, reunion
Nick Fury/Tony Stark, civilized men
Nightcrawler/Cerise, alien, human, education, colors
Nightcrawler/Scarlet Witch, team rivalry, undercover, recon, how I met your mother, you think your family is strange
Nightcrawler/Shadowcat, swashbuckle, clever, hurt
Northstar/Iceman, affection, ice, warmth, domination, time
Norman Osborn/Peter Parker, dominance, family, masks, patriarch, possession, submission, trap
Peter Parker/Wolverine, scent, pollen, faith
Peter/Eddie Brock, corruption
Pete Wisdom/Nightcrawler, tease
Polaris/Havok, polarity, magnetic, memories
Prodigy/Cuckoos (David/Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe), psychic, orgy
Prodigy/Surge, shocking
Punisher/Daredevil, prison sex, certainty, sin, gunplay, scars
Punisher/Peter Parker, alliance
Pyro/Magneto, for you
Reed/Sue, superpowers, sidewalk, rooftop, rain
Rogue/Colossus, steel, flower, kiss
Rogue/Gambit, first time, kiss, playful, scarf, shower, silk, snow, tender, touch, denial, flames, flirting, striptease, staff, trenchcoat, wedding, temptation, forbidden
Rogue/Joseph, food, comfort
Rogue/Scott, candles, gloves, journey, public, road trip, scarf, secret, sheets, student/teacher, bickering, denial, uncontrollable
Sabretooth/Rictor, cruel, keep, take
Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers, worthy, partners, wings, Harlem, Brooklyn, America
Scott/Wolverine, competition, rage, need, future, death, command, battle scars, blue eyes, gasoline, cook, learn, bowling, IHOP
Shatterstar/Rictor, longing, rest, cherish, new, red
She-Hulk/Peter Parker, laughter, pegging, damsel in distress
Silver Surfer/Human Torch, sky, playful
Simon Willams/Wanda Maximoff, past, call, infatuation, witch, magic
Steve Rogers/Bobbi Morse/Clint Barton, seduction, threesome, fun, heroes
Steve Rogers/Mary Jane Watson, pool (the game), mourning, grin, freckle
Steve Rogers/Peter Parker, heroism, downtime
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark/Peter Parker, seduction, family, recruitment, outnumbered, double penetration
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, blackout, crisp, falter, scarlet, boundaries, ice cubes, spanking, tease, ass, hands, summer, comfortable, first times, surprise, awkward, sleek, S&M, wrists, jugular, biting, dependency, contrast, unrequited, jasmine, bath, shower, romance
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark/Thor, family
Storm/Thor, giving something to talk about
Storm/Wolverine, sunshine, exhaustion, campfire, pancakes
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan, almost, first, hands, kiss, power, rough, change, morning, sleepy, messy, fingers, storm, letters, fly, friend, hulkling-sized, adrenaline, rough sex
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan/Chase Stein, try
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan/Tony Stark, anniversary, bad, celebrity, influence, special
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan/Victor Mancha, newness, triad
Thor/Hank Pym, broken
Thor/Loki, ozone, fingertips, fire, the beast, bruises, control, punishment
Tigra/Peter Parker, bounce, play
Tony Stark/Anyone, anonymous, scotch, party
Tony Stark/Carol Danvers, rush, headlong
Tony Stark/Obadiah, family ties, gunmetal, bedpost
Tony Stark/OMC, fun, hero, ego, light
Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, call-waiting, dancing, hat, black, ocean, denial, crush, grease, heels, organized, business, dyed hair, mascara, grin, damaged, blood, dead, cocktail, binge, garage, gunshot, relief, oops
Tony Stark/Peter Parker, trust, persuasion
Tony Stark/Rhodey, joyride, heart, worry, drinks, ammo, mile-high, tenuous, scatter, coffee, sake, medals, equipment, fly, now, illusions
Tony Stark/Victor Von Doom, armor, knights
Victor Mancha/Chase Stein, given, youth
Victor Mancha/Gambit, therapy, hurt, comfort, loving, cuddling, GambitTop
Victor Mancha/Scott, captured, struggling, surrender, hunt, bite
Victor Mancha/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, convincing
Victor Mancha/Tony Stark, electric, robotics, wrongness
Victor Mancha/Wolverine, shudder, leaves, eggshells, spring, marrow, control, Mpreg, birth, parenting, sweet, beer, reminiscing, incest, too young, wars, prostitutes, teaching
Venom/Peter, hate, inextricable
White Tiger (Hector Ayala)/Peter Parker (Peter Parker), friends, honesty, loss
Winter Soldier/Jessica Drew, any
Wolverine/Archangel/Dom, Night on the Town
Wolverine/Bruce Banner, abandon, haven
Wolverine/Gambit LeBeau, lost a bet, bulletwound, cloudy, bricks, smoky, wandering
Wolverine/Mystique, struggle, scent
Wolverine/Nightcrawler, scent
Wolverine/Rogue, real, return, pretend, always, indestructible, exile, warm, guard, human, glove, scarf, skin, claw, sweet, heartbeat, drown, fast, blind, leave, enough
Wolverine/Shadowcat, red, succubus, silk, shadow
Wolverine/Tony Stark, outside
Wolverine/Victor/Gambit, balance,housedad, parenting, Mpreg, captured, struggling, surrender, hunt, bite
Xavier/Magneto, twisting, crystalline, void

McLeod's Daughters
Claire McLeod/Alex Ryan, anger, rescue, survive
Claire McLeod/Nick Ryan, dynasty, open sky, boots

Mean Girls
Cady/Karen, outside the circle

Henry/Karin, truth, tongues, secret

Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Mei/Rihito, tuxedo, graduation, brush

Melrose Place
Ella/Lauren, silk, movie night, risk

Memphis Belle (1990)
Sgt. Clay Busby/Sgt. Danny Daly, rubberband, hospital, trust, night

Chloe Payne/Dr. Chris Sands, young, wrong, drunk, kisses
Chloe/Sonia, evening gown, swollen, mirror, begging, winter, scarves, mouth, shopping, scrubs, disarray, inappropriate, dressing room, rooftop
Chloe/Sonia/Nick, gown, things you do in your twenties, ploy, planned, gunpowder


Arthur, (dub)non-con, bondage, absolute, aphrodisiac, baby, change, cornered, crown, horses, omen, prophecy, tree, academia!AU, teacher and student, bewitched, spell, care, longing, serve, colors, dark!character(s), destiny, choice, fitted, vocabulary, proper, invisible, rope, stocks, beloved, power, reveal, royalbed, trust, loyalty, relaxing, caretaking, adoration, love, eternal, rebirth, magic, fire, oil, sword, refusal, undone, hopeless, insanity and genius, shaking hands, breathing, broken, fealty, sunrise
Arthur/Gwen, desperation, love, royalty, Lancelot, queen, equals, experiment, pegging, excalibur, slow, sore, AU!mechanic, temptation, benefits, forbidden, curve, honeymoon, cooking, gown, crown, gold, rings, flowers, loyalty, regret, opposite, secrets, hiding, cling, bathe, balcony, silk, sword, forge, scent, glow, knights, burning
Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot, sprawl, fealty, longing, mouth
Arthur/Gwen/Merlin, ruling, eternal
Arthur/Gwen/Merlin/Morgana, change, opposition, regret, golden age, magic, outside, swords, friendship
Arthur/Lancelot, like a knight, drinks, merry, devotion, magic, mystery, music, spar, filthy, snow, heat, cave, light, shared, sorcery, arms, seven, army, field, sword, master, Gwen, submit, leather, trapped, dominance, reward, hunt
Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin, tournament
Arthur/Merlin, awakening, the last frontier, secret hopes, chains, wanderlust, clothes, hungry, danger, secrets, whisper, lush, hidden, quest, meadow, the next life, laughing, sweat, protect, Arthur finds out, labyrinth, fantasy, touch, stay, dessert, lips, rules, scandal, forgive, dream, bound, reversal, gluttony, Far East, firefly, marijuana, mad, slow, wet, sorry, magic, taken, tree, sunlight, holes, orders, bare feet, cooking, diary, hunting, library, silent
Arthur/Morgana, [any], legend, spar, over, cave sex, moving carriage, feild, nurse, wine, public, jewels, crown, balcony, rainstorm, possessive, tournement, virture, honor, sin, party, last, tears, secret, foretelling, nightmares, evil, avalon, banished, armor, graze, love, lake, table, light, marriage, fall, lavender, blossom, wind, angel, cave, rose, carriage, sword, spring, skinny dipping, queen, wall, lace, ceremony, dungeon, court, throne, soap, summer, virtue, family, dance, children, son, fire, home, bed, stroke, petals, sheet, candle, bliss, rain, snow, scarf, coat, dress, mercy, chocolate, hands, magic, wedding, aphrodisiac, blindfold, winter, champion, curtain, cunnilingus, chains, erotic, grind, cherry, thrust, touch, king, intense, hold, sensual, comfort, lick, garter, trace, spank, strip, corset, kiss, tongue, naked, oral, beautiful, suck, juice, bite, storm, wet, gasp, straddle, breath, hard, jealous, tease, kingdom, mesmerized, explore, bicker, flirt, Excalibur, cheek, moist, night, day, find, thunder, gaze, eyes, chin, engagement, chambers, pregnant, shiver, caress, crave, desire, endure, peek, peak, fingertip, whiff, castle, anniversary, tender, curve, waist, shoulder, cloak, wrap, chest, ride, grass, float, glide, nature, dream, allure, AU, blush, protect, forever, hair clip, ribbon, stubborn, lap, soaked, mouth, wedding night, tension, massage, watch, quiver, please, squeeze, sneak, luscious
evil!Merlin/evil!Arthur, illogical, flame, dragon, proof, blind, hidden
evil!Morgana/any, time, crown, story, untouchable, bite, grab
Gaius/Uther, care, deception, weapon
Gwen, soft, response, flower, innocent, apology, instead, message
Gwen/Lancelot, [any], never-ending, honour, fairy tale, table, flowers, night, goodbye, knight, honor, love, secret, forest, stables, bed, courage, warm, safe, silence, run away, protect, savior, lover, trust, depend, pure, blush
Gwen/Merlin, sweet, unspoken
Gwen/Morgana, arrangement, beg, stare, caress, dresses, mirrors, flowers, machinery, sorcery, fire, embrace, rescue, adventure, shared clothes, understanding, grace, fireplace, nightmare, fruit, understand, comfort, scared, college AU
Lancelot, treasure, alarm, mission, cape, selfish, vision
Lancelot/Morgana, exiles, substitute
Lancelot/Uther, loyalty, facial, Cinderella
Merlin/Morgana, magic, drunk, angry, similarities, fear, kink
Merlin/Morgana/Uther, justice, magic, sin
Merlin/Uther, relent, leather
Merlin/Will, young, first kisses, practice
Morgana/Morgause, sorcery, learn, avalon, waited, wanted, right, certainty, willingness
Morgana/Sir Leon, sword, exercise, friendship, secret, want, push, bruise, hold
Morgana/Uther, thief, tremble, colour, nights, bare feet, cooking, gloves, caress, power play, dominion, chaos, irresolution, hate, breathe, enough, crush, ownership, untouchable, release, missing you, sleeping, assassination, wine, first time, informal
Morgause/Nimueh, teacher, red, ground, stone
Uther, ally, dungeon, stables

Merry Gentry
Sholto/Merry, tentacles

Metal Gear Solid
Otacon/Solid Snake, voice, obedience

Metal Gear Solid
Solid Snake/Raiden, legacy, lessons

Charles/Pickles, past, locket, mourn, relief
Pickles/Toki, sober, drunk, fun

Midori no Hibi
Midori/Seiji, closest

anti-Helena/Valentine, tower, falling, ruby, ball, skip
Mirrormask, Helena/anti-Helena, love, black

Ben/Larry, Angst, promise, fix, companion, partners, adultery
Ben Carson/Mirror Demon, assimilation, sharp

Alisha/Curtis, not touching, Saftey, Rewind
Alisha/Kelly, Accidents, Forethought
Alisha/Nathan, destructive, beginings, toxic, naked, laughter, numb, foolish, wrong, impulse, secret, tease
Kelly/Nathan, chav, never, stare, first, strings, need, hope, fireworks, obvious, thoughts, wank sock, figuring out his powers, Relief
Nathan, Boredom, Light
Nathan/Simon, barry, invisible, incompatible, beginnings, wrong, awkward, secret, invisible, "Barry", future, graveyard, habit, movies, necrophilia, obsession, partners in crime, phobia, prize
Simon, Regrets, Creep, Pub
Simon/Sally, breath, watch

Mobile Suit Gundam
Amuro/Lalah, play, haunting
Char/Lalah, weightless, the beautiful, hair, tell me
Char/Sayla, calling
Kai/Sayla, bickering, empathy, confidante

Moby Dick The Musical
Ahab/Pip, longing

Randy/Sharona, baseball game, listen, wood, kitchen, New Jersey, new beginning, visit, excited, hotel room

Medicince Man/Kaiyo, truth
Medicine Seller/Kayo, ink
Medicine Seller/Otherself, mirror

Sam Bell/Sam Bell, artist, sweat, interior monologue, Jess
Sam/Sam, symmetry, muscle memory

Josef/Mick, future, noise, sunrise, echo
Mick/Ben, blood play, truth, trust, fight
Mick/Beth, devilish, beast, handcuffs, turning, sun, desert, water, not so different

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
Shuga/any, disrobe, exiled, studying

Mortal Kombat
Johnny/Sonya, sunglasses, hold, maybe

Moulin Rouge
Christian/Satine, backstage, fireworks

Mrs. Pollifax series
Carstairs/Bishop, late nights
Emily/Farrell, inappropriate, age gap, rogue

Much Ado About Nothing
Beatrice/Benedick, guarded, wordplay, courtship, grass

Mulan (2009 movie)
Mulan/Wentai, reunion, widowed, scars, victory, awake

Mulan (Disney)
Mulan/Shang, revealed, armour, courtship

Mulan(Ping)/Shang, uniform, home, comfort, peonies

Mulholland Drive
Camilla/Diane, restraint, rejection, lipstick, method, light, Santa Ana, premonition, bruise

My Bloody Valentine
Axel/Tom, mistakes

My Boss My Hero
Manabe Kazuya/Sakaki Makio, wifely, worship
Sakurakoji Jun/Sakaki Makio, crush, boyfriend

My Hero
George/Janet, bum, hearts, where?

My Own Worst Enemy
Henry/Edward, hate, jealousy, message, alone, dream, cheating

My So-Called Life
Angela Chase/Brian Krakow, impatient, practical

Chie/Aoi, robe, flirt, background
Midori/Youko, remember, medicine, Aswald

Adam/Jamie, teenage, college, stoned, AU, salami, superglue, spackle, sexdoll, oysters, work-out, panting, bond, myth, impossible, busted, sweet

Nabari no Ou
Kouichi/Raimei, fly, confusion, gray, nowhere, cold
Raikou/Gau, relief, mission, bandages

Nana/Hachi, starstruck, fireflies, comfort, wine

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories – Carolyn Keene
George/Nancy, attic
Nancy/Ned, third, stairs, moonlight, ribbon, ricochet, carpet

Helen/Dave, genderswap, Large Hadron Collider, electronic, strawberry milkshake

Asuma/Kakashi, maples, ashes, snowfall
Chouji/Shikamaru, chubby, quiet, clouds, protection, bento, White Day
Deidara/Sasori, explosions, limbs, argument, break-up-sex
Gaara/Lee, relearning
Genma/Iruka, rumor
Hidan/Deidara, hands, convert, tryst
Hinata/Neji, jealousy, mercy, chakra play, paralyzed
Ibiki/Anko, rough, scar, tease
Itachi/Sasuke, cold, forgiveness, warmth, fire, look upon me, left you behind
Kakashi/Deidara, forbidden, trouble, betrayal
Kakashi/Shizune, checkup, paperwork, shameless
Kankuro/Kiba, alpha male
Kiba/Hinata/Shino, acknowledgement, ticklish, puppies, sparring, slow down, midnight, disapproval
Kisame/Itachi, peace, silent, partner, soup, sickness, homemaker, rough skin, killing, bounty hunter
Kisame/Suigetsu, sharp, hunger, moonlight
Naruto/Sasuke, apology kitsune, teeth, burning, making up, punishment, kimono, Hokage, weapons, opposites, blood sport
Neji/Hinata, kissing cousins, water
Neji/Lee, drunk, blushing, piggy-back, too rough, misunderstanding
Orochimaru/Kabuto/Sasuke, jealousy
Orochimaru/Sasuke, possession
Orochimaru/Suigetsu, bound
Sai/Suigetsu, remember
Sakura/Naruto, scratch
Sakura/Naruto/Sasuke, equal
Sakura/Sai, etiquette
Sakura/Sasuke, wound
Sasuke/Sakura, sharingan, salve, redemption
Sasuke/Suigetsu, comfortable
Shikamaru/Ino, tease, mind, strategy
Yamato/Kakashi, hero worship, wooden dildo, praise, cages, exhaustion
Zabuza/Haku, after, devotion

Narziss and Goldmund – Hermann Hesse
Narziss/Goldmund, severe, path, monastery, pupil

Marlene/Catherine, affair, devotion, whisper


Abby Sciuto/Caitlin "Kate" Todd, friends, desire, overcome, push
Abby Sciuto/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, discipline, lust, seduction, jealousy, possessive, puppy, mine, collar, spank, black
Abby Sciuto/Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo, collar, pillowtalk, glitter, leather pants, sawdust
Abby Sciuto/Timothy McGee, jump, lab, worry, sharp, no, shake, subtle
Abby Sciuto/Timothy McGee/Tony DiNozzo, sweaty, geometry, stubborn, lab, security video, tie, movie night, key, first bullet, no more Caff Pow!, together, Major Mass Spectrometer, Career Girl Barbie, Marilyn Monroe, collar, pigtails
Abby Sciuto/Tony DiNozzo, [any], tattoo, date, chemical, Halloween, Chasity belt, Bondage, moan, fondle, Ride Home, hinky, chains, plaid, lemon drop
Abby Sciuto/Ziva David, metaphor, testing a hypothesis, penguins, nightmare, tattoo, science, sunlight
Caitlin "Kate" Todd/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, illusion, airplane, pain, secret, grass, rocking chair, bar, red, bourbon, press, smoke, under covers, ari
Caitlin "Kate" Todd/Tony DiNozzo, holster
Donald "Ducky" Mallard/Ziva David, grace, manners, potato, undercover
Gerald Jackson/Jimmy Palmer, life, regrets, replace
Jenny Shepard/Ziva David, Cairo, breakfast, sweat
Jimmy Palmer/Tony DiNozzo, answers, hiding, know, trick
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/girl!DiNozzo, coffee, hidden chocolate bars, tools, snark, elevator office, trap, innocent, undercover, Christmas, silence, marathon
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo, AU, war, separation, kiss goodbye, made you, loyalty, royalty, flirt, punishment, stay, leave, moving on, fight, funny, obsolete, commandeered, office, coffee, growl, slap, easy, tonight, want, deny, memory, anniversary, love, silly, laugh, tension, car, chocolate, director's office, food, sports, Super Bowl, interrogation room, music, dance, team, boat, water, apartment, silence, open water, Mexico, danger, chocolate fondue, swashbuckling, locked up, steak dinner, spanking, riding, rescue, broken, possessive, kindness, insubordination, rumpled, chained, D/s, 24-7-365, legendary, waves, sea, moonlight, blood, sweat, tears, vacation, storm, design, priority, home, latex, purple, stakeout, slavery, cover, burn, basement, bourbon
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David/Timothy McGee, pack mentality, non-magical, celebrate, alone, love, peace
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Ziva David, [any], silence, duty, sawdust, slippery, heat, rust
Paula Cassidy/Ziva David, mean, nice
Timothy McGee/Tony DiNozzo, camera, travel, affordable, wet, muddy, hair, tight, mocking, enclosed, fear, boredom, baked goods, closet, fictional, sexual tension, sunglasses, vanity, ego check, apartment, computer, stash, dominance, stakeout, coffee, hiding, angry, rug burn, drip, wrestle, cold, kittens, twitter, trekkie, taxes, book, fiction, real, partner, drunk, theater, kitchen, mine, hickey, marking, elf-lord, spank, restraint, car, "Boss", public, foreplay, tattoos, red leather pants, equals, Jethro, day off, new couch, hospital, compromise, typewriter, fear of height, handcuffs, official date, jail, lollipop, scared, abroad, guns, adrenaline, intense, danger, bookshelves, nerdy, hurt knees, loud sounds, phone
Timothy McGee/Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David, elevator, blackout, chocolate, language, dog, technobabble, awkward, whipped-cream, stakeout, celebrate
Timothy McGee/Ziva David, flannel, quarantine
Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David, bathroom, partner, metaphors, bowling, Paris, dull the pain, quitter, sleeping bag, phone call, soaked

NCIS: Los Angeles
Callen/Kensi, undercover, secret, heels, home, possession
Callen/Kensi/Sam, patience, handcuffs, tie, relief, toys, borrowed clothes, discipline, marked, domestic, scratch an itch, smile, boathouse, watching
Callen/Macy, reunion, report, uniform, office
Callen/Sam, beer, feelings, music, paperwork, children, baby powder, next time, like a fox, how to, ink, Sam's car, gay bar, scars, slow, public, fingers, pillow-talk, submission, paddling, drugged, punishment, sick and tired, silent, bonfire, trust, teasing, rent boy, origami, outdoors, stretch, home, don't touch, Star Trek quotes, undercover, prove it, crazy, "doubt me all you want...Hetty is still going to kill you", code-breaking, first time, misunderstandings, gunplay, extraction, clean shirt, touch, open, moving, kid, injury
Dom/Kensi, stilettos, lyrical, messy
Kensi/Nate, handcuffs, rough, pool table

Never Cry Werewolf
Jared/Loren, cage, free, handcuffs, rough, wild, wrists
Loren/Redd, any
Loren/Steve, first time, longing, sweet

Door/Richard, hero, keys, obstacles
Hunter/Serpentine, lair, quest, whisper

News Radio
Dave/Jimmy, award, tuxedo, private jet, wooing
Dave/Joe, office, air conditioning, tool belt
Lisa/Dave, space prostitute, petition, supplies, sofa

Night Court
Dan Fielding/Harry Stone, role play, bruise, undress, waking up

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge
Demitri/Morrigan, war, changing, power

Night World
Ash/Mary-Lynnette, worthy, return, stars
Delos/Maggie, castle, servant, stop
Galen/Keller, choice, break, melt
Hunter/Aradia, bite
Morgead/Jez, win, yield, temper
Quinn/Rashel, hunt, defeat, hesitate
Rashel/Quinn, dance, switch

Anton/Kostya, permit, discovery, white noise, catalyst

Ninja Assassin
Raizo/Kiriko, training, flowers, comfort, escape, captive

No Heroics
Alex/Devlin, restroom, mind-games, innuendo, competition
Doomball/She-Force, advice column, blind date, losers, masterplan, psychobabble.
Electroclash/She-Force, fanservice, Lady Trouble.
Timebomb (Don)/Excelsor (Devlin), bad news.
Timebomb (Don)/Fusebox (Steve), revenge, second time, suggestive.
Timebomb/Doomball, autograph, bar fight, double agent, drinking game.

No Rest for the Wicked
Red/November, paths, cloak, rain, bruised

Hitoshura/demons, alpha

Nodame Cantabile
Chiaki/Nodame, bath, taut, nimble
Nodame/Chiaki, slide, grasping

Mireille/Kirika, gunfire, manor, Paris, sand, cocktails

Norse Mythology
Loki/Freya, any

North and South (US)
Ashton/Charles, wise, unbelievable, shameless, fingertips
Ashton/Madeline, improper, thanks, blackmail, pregnancy, boat, disapproval, parasol, hair, scratch
Augusta/Charles, dawn, past, longing, more
Bent/George, rape, dominance
Bent/Orry, rape, dominance
Billy/Brett, alone, mine, snatched moment, together,
Billy/Charles, snatched moment, other side, painful, need, West Point
Billy/Charles/Brett, alone, together, solution, friendly, natural
Brett/Ashton, despoil, revenge, hate!sex, never, surrender, scared
Constance/Brett, family, sweet, kindness, practicality, wanting
Constance/Isabel, allure, accent
George/Constance, adore, remember, pregnant, afternoon, flour
George/Orry, snow, charisma, distraction, uniforms, difference, warmth, kiss, uniform, conflict, friendship, West Point
George/Stanley, hurt, pain, redemption, forgiveness
George/Stanley/Billy, youth, fun, brotherly
Madeline/Constance, unexpected, warm, pale, sweet

Northanger Abbey – Jane Austen
Catherine/General Tilney, adventure, chastise, discipline

Northern Exposure
Chris/Ed/Joel, tradition
Chris/OFC, morning
Joel/Maggie, anticipation, neurotic

Alicia/T.R., impatience
Devlin/Alicia, mine, hurt, never, end


Alan/Margaret Eppes, threesome, commitment, spice, travel, decide, music, play, baby, quickie
Alan/Margaret Eppes/Mildred Finch, threesome, college, coed, tutor, past, present, future
Amita/Megan, cinnamon, show, code, slick, armed, geeks, lip gloss, glasses
Amita/Alan, family, waiting, father,
Amita/Colby, blindfold, dancing, handcuffs, shower, silk, wall!sex, wrists
Amita/Ian, [any]
Amita/Liz/Nikki, smooth
Amita/Terry, smile, chair, bite
Charlie/Amita, threesome, sparkle, fractal, combinatorics, calculate, glitter, wave, soft, hard, rigor, beauty, computer, arm, lace, shine
Charlie/Billy Cooper, explain, immense, lift, slide
Charlie/David, strength, smile, shine, whisper
Charlie/Don, know, intimate, scar, twinkle, yell, curl, strong, leave, tell, stay, fear, unexpected, fantasy, loss, adrenaline, gunpowder, curls, obsession, secrets
Charlie/Don/Amita, unexpected, middle, guilt, fantasy
Charlie/Colby, chalk, guns, brilliant, run, gum, equation, dynamic, Cal-Sci, blackboard, math, FBI, contrast
Charlie/Ian Edgerton, silence, desk, danger, against a wall, sniper, trust, stalk
Colby/David, threesome, shine, gun, heartbeat, key, trip, hospital, visit, travel, carry, ask, leap, recover, stroke, finger, hand, trust, friend, investigate, joke, rapport, banter, know, happiness, unspoken, competent, courage
Colby/Don, bets, cap, chewing gum, danger, fire, holster, dominance, conflict, trust, sweat, tank top
Colby/Ian, mancrush, fanboy, sniping, poker, drive, stare, hiking
Colby/Liz, beer, after hours, dreams, injury, undercover, pretty, admiration, silence
David/Claudia Gomez, goodbye, decide, tickle, nerve, anatomy
David/Don, names, tension, cheer
Don/Amita, look, don't, touch, sheer, bra, betrayal, notes, rush, protective, forbidden, conduit
Don/Billy Cooper, ginger, freckle, count, kiss, run, bite
Don/Robin Brooks, argue, law, pegging, throw
Don/Terry, try, twice, coffee, hour
Liz Warner/David Sinclair, alternate, chance, wish, spar, run, shade
Megan/Colby, kneel, sit, stay, bone, puppy
Nikki/Ian Edgerton, gun, target, agreement, shot, wind, trigger
Nikki/Liz Warner, adrenalin, partners, goddess, battle, hunt, victory

Nurse Jackie
Jackie/Fitch, breasts


Ocean's Movies
Danny/Rusty, here, remember, sarcasm, her, score, cave-of-riches, list, claim, missed, convince
Rusty/Isabel, [any]

Oliver Twist
Oliver/Jack (aka Dodger), laundry, fish fry, velvet, top hats, empty, attics, first name, last, water, balcony

One Life to Live
Oliver/Kyle, game, shower, comfort, morning-after, candles, wait, labcoat, first-time, dare, police-station, second-time, fantasy, distraction, classic, picnic, uniform

One Piece
Nami/Luffy, treasure, length, hat, sand, fingers, strip, fast

One Tree Hill
Brooke/Lucas, memory, cramped, close, choice, hot tub, snow, fireplace, trip
Brooke/Peyton, friends, tears, back, demand, honesty, blush, movie, maybe
Brooke/Rachel, thank, urge, me, pink, more, sure
Julian/Alex, heal, tension, sweet, revel, gentle, giggle, skin
Nathan/Haley, first, miss, rain, car, okay, tattoo, tutor, reward, practicing, tour
Peyton/Jake, follow, lazy, top, negotiate, truth, feet

Abe no Seimei/Hiromasa, subtle, summer, moonlight, ink, cherry blossoms, entwine, honey, tendril, elusive

Ookiku Furikabutte
Mihashi/Shinooka, flustered, blushing
Momokan/Hanai, manipulation
Tajima/Hanai, unsubtle

Open Season
Elliott/Boog, nature

Orlando - Virginia Woolf
Orlando/Princess Sasha, flowers

Death/Eurydice/Orphee, danse macabre, smoke
Death/Orphée, mirrors

Othello - Shakespeare
Iago/Cassio, fool

Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi/Kyouya/Tamaki, understanding, possessive, balance
Haruhi/Tamaki, romance, honesty, cheap, secrets
Haruhi/Hikaru, music, dress-up, prank
Haruhi/Kasanoda, ride, fumble
Haruhi/Renge, stereotype, prince, doujinshi, luck
Kasanoda/Haruhi, big, hands, straightforward
Kasanoda/Tetsuya, rain, trusted
Kyouya/Tamaki, art, business, belong, nightclubs, glasses, early mornings, planning, cold, glasses, depth, black, romantic
Kyouya/Tamaki/Haruhi, sleepy, blessed, comfortable, cotton
Mori/Haruhi, ride, sweat
Ritsu Kasanoda/Tetsuya Sendou, umbrella, shy, touch, summer, nekomimi
Tamaki/Haruhi, reality, graduation, roses, chance, tearful, purple

Out of Sight
Jack/Karen, now, regret

Alvarez/Ray Mukada, forbidden, robes, hands, prayer, embrace, protect, save
Beecher/Keller, bars, first-time, diploma, diplomacy, mirror, suck, heart, itch, regret, shame, lethal, gift, rainbow, laundromat, clock, tick-tock, pod, bunk, bars, death, hope, pain, privacy
Keller/Beecher/OFC, contact, risk, drunk, anger, tease, chain, victorious
Keller/Alvarez, beast, pennies, reaching out
Keller/Bonnie, lush, wicked, tangled
Keller/Ronnie Barlog, trick, kiss, pawn, twist, own
Keller/Ryan, prince, tiger, kitchen, creative, insane, teamwork, sympathy, blade, celebrity, scheme, advantage, partners, tangle, trapped, fight, giggles, crazy, motivated, share
Mondo Browne/Beecher, teach, kiss, power, shank, jealous
Richie Hanlon/Shirley Bellinger, distance, need, fulfillment, yarn, dirty talk
Said/Beecher, ignite, nervous, angst, sin, yellow, soothe, suck, relapse, scars, ritual, helpless
Sean Murphy/OFC, loneliness, kiss, hidden, blatant, urgent
Sean Murphy/Tim McManus, sushi, green, knife, curtainfic
Toby/Ryan, twilight, snowflake, bondage, ratatattat

Pandora Hearts
Alice/Alice, mirror, jealousy, cookies, clocks, friends
Eliot/Leo, books, flirt, bad dreams, glasses, mess
Gil (solo), silence, memories, pain
Gil/Break, baiting, punishment games, asphyxiation, secrets, biting
Gil/Oz, growth spurt, scars, target practice, black coat
Gil/Oz/Alice, double team, argue, agree, entitled
Jack/Glen, music, swords, sparring, clock work, friends
Lottie/Vincent, femdom, whips
Raven(chain)/Gil, agitation, out of control
Vincent/Ada, embroidery, kidney pie, all Vessalius are S, dolls

Pantomime: Cinderella
Buttons/Dandini, happily ever after, sidekicks, velcro, he's behind you, once upon a time, consolation prize
Dandini/Prince Charming, service, long-suffering, hare-brained schemes, royalty, role-reversal, Oh no he didn't

Consolata/Deacon, mindfuck, haunting, feast
Gigi/Seneca, Convent faucets, scars, window/door, Norma Fox, desert

Parks and Recreation
Andy/April, hookey, songwriting, whiskey, ink, paper cut, smile, band, hickey, spit-take
Leslie/Ann, accidentally dating, awkward, real, soft, roses, snowed in, girlfriends, peaches, trees, orange, bracelet, KaBoom!, playful, best friends, embrace, pretend date, fiasco, misunderstanding, blonde, Clinton, politics, hardball, pushy, proud, girlfriend
Leslie/Dave, San Diego
Leslie/Ron, budget, happy hour, necktie, desk, dream, work spouses, accident, trust, dreams, what did you say?, dream, rumour, comrade, storm

Party Animals
Jo/Danny, Scotch, Office, Texting, Speechwriting
Scott/Ashika, Shower, Reunion, Ballot Box, Making up, Taxi, Holiday, Pub, Photography

Passion (musical)
Clara/Fosca, undefinable, how quickly pity turns to love

Pawns & Symbols
Jean/Tirax, fantasy, dagger, naked, AMTDI

Peep Show
Mark/Jeremy, mistaken identity

Pepper Dennis
Chick/Charlie, admiration

Percy Jackson & The Olympians
Annabeth/Clarisse, power
Apollo/Artemis, oral
Hades/Persephone, jealousy, home, winter
Kronos/Percy/Luke, double penetration, voyeurism, torture, delayed orgasm
Luke/Nico, unnatural
Luke/Percy, eromenos, scars, trust
Nico/Bianca, forbidden
Percy/Annabeth, wet dreams
Percy/Chiron, masturbation
Percy/Ethan, dreams
Percy/Nico, caverns, hiding, friendship, trapped, flood, 5 years later, peace, generosity
Poseidon/Sally, sex on the beach
Rachel/Nico, staying a virgin

Perry mason
Perry/Della, stranded
Perry/Hamilton, bet, consequences
Perry/Paul/Della, celebratory

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Maya/Tatsuya, forbidden, shatter, time, destiny, sin

Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Tatsuya/Jun, pain, blood, broken, desire, safety, protection, loyalty, submission, sin

Persona 3
Junpei/Minato, jealousy, movie
Shinjiro/Akihiko, friendly, hands, midnight

Persona 4
Adachi/Dojima, handcuffs, briefcase, drunk.
Adachi/Souji, masks, fog, food, help
Chie/Yukiko, cooking, kimono, prince, tea, hot-springs
Dojima/Souji, wrong, right, family
Kanji/Naoto, pegging, crossdressing.
Naoto/Kanji, gender, penis, height difference, pegging, gay, hat, scientific, steel, uniform, male
Naoto/Rise Kujikawa, fear, heterosexual, breasts, double-sided dildo, intercourse, bikini, television
Souji/anyone, caught-in-the-act, daisies.
Souji/Yosuke, shadows, curious, listen, study
Yosuke/Kanji Tatsumi, electricity play, gay, hands, nimble, anger, beating, wind, piercings

Captain Wentworth/Anne Elliot, reunion, necessity, relief, seperation, ocean

Pet Shop of Horrors
Count D/Leon Orcot, bottom!Leon, magic bond, candy, melting, art, sweets, lavish, silk, claws, chase, dress up, capture, hands, touch, tame, high, shiver, brute, clever, defend

Peter Pan
Hook/Mr Darling, mirrors

Phone Booth
Kelly Shepard/Pam, similar, betrayal
Stu Shepard/The Caller, understanding, test, voice, Kinbaku

Picnic at Hanging Rock
Miranda/Sara, poems

Picture Bride
Kana/Riyo, silence

Pineapple Express
Dale/Saul, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, action heroes, lazy, opera

Lampwick/Pinocchio, drink

Pirates of the Caribbean
Beckett/Jack, deserved
Beckett/Norrington, limits
Elizabeth/Anamaria, braggadocio, trust, abstinence
Elizabeth/Norrington, comfort, you, tell, truth, pedestal, dishonour
Jack/Calypso, last
Jack/Tia Dalma, first
Jack/Barbossa, finery, pompous, dripping, winner, hats, plumage, alliance, triple-cross, distance, warning, shiver, invisible
Jack/Elizabeth, [any], dagger, silk, small talk, hostile, whisper, candlelight
Jack/Gibbs, storyteller, rum
Jack/Will, me, sail, ship, Pearl, her, hat, impress, sword, fight, fall, freedom, immortality, bold
Jack/Will/Elizabeth, sun, greedy, honey, fountain, salt, rainbow, quickly, shelter, sharks, resourceful
Pintel/Ragetti, sweating, crime, skinny, literature
Ragetti/Calypso, tender, talking
Will/Elizabeth, party, lace, restraint, pull, shy, dirty, beach, reunion, day, water, sunset, captain

Pitch Black
Riddick/Carolyn, scared of the dark, peppermint schnapps, eyes like that, I'm not gonna die for you, sweet spot, animal side, survival instinct
Riddick/Jack, hero worship, running, shine-job, animal, throat, cage

Planescape: Torment
Falls-From-Grace/Annah, demonic, blood, tail, heat
Nameless One/Deionarra, used, never, scars

Hercule Poirot/any, little grey cells, rumpled

Poltergeist: The Legacy
adult!Kat/Nick, blood, crush, dreams, first time, mission, secret, surprise, sweet, tender, zombies
Julia/Nick, any
Kristin/Philip, cherish, comfort, fingertips, forbidden, kiss, kneel, sin, tears
Nick/Derek, car, fog
Nick/Derek/Alex, Tarot, storm

Portrait of Jennie
Eben/Jennie, eddy

Hawkins/Ramirez, hot, knife, quiet, river

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action)
Ami/Nephrite, secret, dark, power, innocence
Makoto/Motoki, alone, movie, found
Mamoru/Usagi, cape, moonlight
Rei/Minako, memory, hotel, uniform, princess

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
Any/Any, whore, church, gloves, riding crop, zombies, swords
Darcy/Wickham, beautiful, cambridge, bribery, childhood friends
Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy, morning
Georgina Darcy/Bingley, AU
Jane Bennet/Elizabeth Bennet, coming of age, sisters

Pride and Prejudice (2005 movie)
Mr Collins/Darcy, any

Danny Quinn/Sir James Lester, caviar, posh, dirty, stapler
Abby Maitland/Sarah Page, books, leather, history
Abby Maitland/Sarah Page/Jenny Lewis, Clubbing, chocolate, bonding
Abby/Connor, first, nerves, gloves, waiting, caught, knickers, realization, chance, affection, unconditional, greif, laughter, dance, dream, beginnings, soft, hope, fireworks, obvious
Becker/Danny, fight, hide, run, outside, public, dare, quiet, alpha, bruised, sweet, triumph, stranded, heat, hide, oneupmanship, soldier, rebel, boots, guns, tired
Connor/Becker, saved, tac vest, first, adrenaline, breakfast, stare, guns, boy, lips
Connor/Lester, roommates, mess, car-share,
Danny Quinn/Captain Becker/Conner Temple, playful, submission, puppy, teamwork
Danny Quinn/Conner Temple, education, mistake, overrated, grin
Danny Quinn/Nick Cutter, interview, secrets, science
Danny Quinn/Nick Cutter/Conner Temple, desperate, mentor, arrangement, bail
Helen/Stephen, substitute
Nick Cutter/Claudia Brown, [any], last chance, double take, misplaced, thoughtless
Nick Cutter/Helen Cutter/Stephen Hart, angry, tangled, first, ancient history
Nick Cutter/Jenny Lewis, [any], deja vu, through the anomaly, accident, precision
Nick/Connor, left, alone, papers, bite, brush.
Nick/Lester, hate!sex
Stephen/Abby/Connor, sex pollen
Stephen/Nick, his master's voice

Prince of Persia (2008)
Prince/Elika, ledge, faith, hanging, wild, acrobatics

Prince of Tennis
Fuji/Yuuta, possessive
Mizuki/Yuuta, luxurious, frustration, impatience, insecurities
Saeki/Yuuta, unexpected, arguments, pleased
Sanada/Kirihara, skeptical, senpai, inexperienced
Syuuske/Yuuta, brother complex
Tezuka/Ryoma, partners
Yukimura/Sanada, silky, candles, reminiscing, sunlight
Yuuta/Saeki, fur

Princess Tutu
Pique/Lillie, missing, bff, class, dorm, loose
Rue/Ahiru, pas de deux, tutor, magic, friend,
Rue/Mytho, fairytale, doll, prince, dance, smile

Prison Break
Alex/Sara, addiction, missing, safe, glass, bonds, match, memory
Michael/Alex, chess, intellect, mind-games, truce, trust, focus, goal, connect, need, teamwork, inevitable, trust, equal, push, fury, acceptance, revelation, heat, chase, obsession, sweat, tattoo, deal, stare
T-Bag/Gretchen, knife

Private Practice
Addison/Charlotte, competition, surgery, in charge, hair
Addison/Naomi, comfort, best, office
Addison/Violet, mistakes
Cooper/Charlotte, bitch, like, ears, salt, wounds
Violet/Cooper, sorry, lies, listen, jealous, years, yearn

Jim Profit/Bobbi Stakowski, history, spanking, pearls, flying high.
Jim Profit/Gail Koner, control, loss, strength, learn your lessons well, first, blindfold, alone.
Jim/Joanne, surface, fury

Promethean Age – Elizabeth Bear
Kit/Lucifer, wings
Kit/Morgan/Murchaud, wine
Kit/Murchaud, queens
Kit/Will, a play
Kit/Will/Annie, tea and sugar, wrist
Mehiel/Lucifer, grace

Provost's Dog Trilogy - Tamora Pierce
Beka Cooper/Dale Rowan, dice, luck, opal, ink
Beka/OFC, honeylove, discovery
Beka/OMC, spintry, noble
Nestor Haryse/Okha Soyan, amber, orchid, unafraid, trickster, between

Juliet/Chief Karen Vick, handcuffs, please, panties
Juliet/Shawn, [any], vision, plan, assignment, bar, desk, mission, client, discovery, secret, silk, skin, champagne, drink, lick, suck, flowers, ice, ice cream, leather, paint, nervous fumbling, perhaps, drunk, revelation, sudden, impulse, push buttons
Lassiter/Gus, first time, rules
Lassiter/Juliet, "Ace of Cakes", chocolate, lip gloss, flame, console, secret affair, unrequited, desperate, later, green, since, DVDs, night off, takeout, happy, lace, leather, soft, feel, purse, stash, sharing, stakeout, mouth, red, undercover, nail polish
Shawn/Gus, [any], confusing, open window, common object, discovery, semi-public, DVR, night out, matchbox, showdown, nicknames, enclosed space, competition, jealous, playing, sing, history, lifetime, hide, convention, music, flashback, jokes, undercover, laughter, puns
Shawn/Gus/Abigail, [any]
Shawn/Gus/Juliet, [any]
Shawn/Gus/Lassiter, [any], banana split, blankets, oral, dress up, scarves, pineapple
Shawn/Gus/Lassiter/Juliet, together, solution
Shawn/Lassiter, guns, invasion, AU, job, shooting-range, game, back, covered, tease, sensory deprivation, annoying, Casablanca, drugged, gun, handcuffs, remarried, Tang, business socks, heteroflexible, shoulder holster
Shawn/OMC, Gus is away at college

Public Enemies
Hoover/Purvis, dashing, silent, phonecall, lost, devotion, power, trapped

Carver/Victor, control
Emily/Hook, new, shine, powers
Emily/Kira, lost, sense, shine
Nick/Cassie, dice, nightmare, ending, sweet, time, seeing, sketch, guessing
Nick/older!Cassie, birthday, seize the day, vision, cold, skirt, balloons, birthday, camera, mirror, present, waterfall
Pop Girl/Teresa, stitch, future, revenge, pain, sweet

Pushing Daisies
Chuck/Ned, devices, ingenuity
Chuck/Olive, roommates, coffee-maker, blueberries, huddle, voyeurism, sweet
Emerson/Olive, helper, persistence
Emerson/Ralston, case, outing, pop
Emerson/Simone, call, surprise, food, appreciation, mystery, allure
Lily/Olive/Vivian, pie, comfort, eye, dress up, doll
Ned/Chuck, contraptions, ending, honey, gloves, apples, quilt, bows, walls, fade, breath, bruise
Ned/Chuck/Olive, description, voyeur, possibilities, touch, fantasy
Ned/Olive, raspberry, wallpaper, push, brandy
Olive/Vivian, nice, pink, green, sequins, tart, clothing

Quantum Leap
Donna Elyse/Sam Beckett, desert

Queen of the Damned (movie)
Jesse/Lestat, blood, hunting, jewels, leather, playful, red, sheets, silk, silver, stars, tease, trust

Queer as Folk (UK)
Stuart/Vince, co-dependence, love, friendship, monogamy, need, America, journey, America, road-trip, want, jealous, admit, desire, friendship, history
Vince/Nathan, hidden, epiphany, crush, schoolboy, unattainable, release

Questionable Content
Sven Bianchi/Faye Whitaker, apology, forgiveness

Charlie Decker/Ted Jones, hide

Ranma 1/2
Akane/Ranma, hydrophile, hydrophobe
Ranma/Ryoga, vengeance, humiliation

Rave Macbeth
Marcus/Lidia/Troy/Helena, floating, lights, happy, lick, together, rhythm

Herbert/Dan, visceral, clammy, coat, glare

Rebecca Drysdale is a Time Traveling Lesbian
Rebecca Drysdale/any, costume, improv, history

Red Dragon
Lecter/Will, first, meeting, handshake, ink, cologne

Red Dwarf
Lister/Kochanski, curry sauce, candles, coffee, pineapple

Red Eye
Lisa/Jackson, Scar, Redemption, Payback, Lust, Night, Gentle, Dreams

Remington Steele
Laura/Remington, office sex, desk, tension, massage, undercover, sleight, aphrodisiac cookies

RENT (movie)
Mark/Roger, film, shadows, songs, life, chances, cure, unforgotten, memorial, disbelief, Santa Fe, goodbye, unexpected, comfortable, realization, new millennium, survival, connection

Repo! The Genetic Opera
Luigi/Shilo, knife, run, virgin, coffee

Requiem for the Phantom
Ein/Zwei, gravity, me, dream

Reservoir Dogs
White/Orange, twist in the tale, dirty

Resident Evil 4
Leon S. Kennedy/Ada Wong, RGL[Rocket Grenade Launcher], stealth, teamwork

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Anthy/Nanami, punishment
Anthy/Utena, hope, scent, tower
Kozue/Miki, milkshake
Nanami/Touga, dark, scar
Saionji/Utena, bitter, bruise, duel
Touga/Saionji, memory, snow, ice, sweet

Robin Hood
Allan/Guy, leather, control
Allan/Will, betrayal
Guy/Marian, [any], clandestine, leather, celebrate, stables, bound, betrayal

Rocket Science (movie)
Ben/Hal, pizza, college, free, forget

Rock'n Cop
Wolf/Bear, comfort, security, comrades
Wolf/Hawk, comfort, security, comrades
Wolf/Ludwig, untouchable, reverence, permission, master, white, pale, forever, hurt, protection, surprise, devotion
Wolf/Shark, comfort, security, comrades

Handsome Bob/One Two, like, long kiss, mouth, dance, bed, tied down, save, fuck, blowjob, cock, crush, jealous, lie, covet, one touch, backroom, secret, not-gay, desire, scream, moan, acquired taste, quality, junkies, ballroom, french kiss, shoelaces, restless, incomplete, race, clean

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Brad/Rocky, new

Roman Holiday
Ann/Joe, reunion, soft, silk, tight, eyes, pull

adult!Octavian/Octavia, possessive
Antony/Brutus, war, sides, lose, win, gloat, manners, warrior, poet, government, morals, wrong, drunk, power, violence, betrayal, alliance, lust, control
Brutus/Servilia, Oedipus
Octavian/Octavia, if, mistake, repriseOctavian/Octavia, locked, secret, agony, fine line, punishment

Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare
Romeo/Juliet, curtain, soft
Tybalt/Lady Capulet, favorite, favorite nephew
Tybalt/Mercutio, explosive

Brandon Shaw/Phillip Morgan, appreciation, deviation, famous, trick, winning, chaos, charm, cottage, piano, privilege

Alex/Isabel, innocent, crush
Isabel/Kyle, image, van, nightmare, inevitable
Max/Liz, flashes, balcony, normal, UFO, hands, recovery, aftermath
Michael/Isabel, dreams, destiny, Las Vegas, on the road, tempt, powers
Michael/Maria, future, regret, comfort, scooby, bike, desert, banana
Michael/Tess, betrayed, lust, power, fire, smolder
Michael/Tess/Isabel/Max, four-square, past-lives, royalty, bacchanalia
Tess/Isabel, sugar, strength, blondes-have-more-fun, pegging
Tess/Max, nostalgia, sense-memory, passion, fingertips

Royal Pains
Boris/Evan, master
Boris/Hank, claim, intrigue, revelation, argue, discrete, delicious, court, naked, close, public, mark, marry, jealous, concubine, spread-eagle, spreader
Divya/Evan, sunglasses, unexpected, revolt, wager, hello, evening, cocktail, determination, volley, ringer, popsicle, suspect, fumble, wills, arrogant, little did he know
Hank/Evan, jealousy
Hank/Tucker, daddy kink

Chase/Gert, virgin, purple, perplexed, ring, future, return
Xavin/Karolina, flight, meteor, song, Starbucks

Rurouni Kenshin
Saitou/Battousai, fast, hard, guilt, alley, rain

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Harvey/Sabrina, [any]

Sailor Moon
Chibiusa/Hotaru, royalty, questions, solace
Haruka/Michiru, depths, secluded, balance, desperation, seduced, silence, foreboding, reflection
Jadeite/Aluminum Siren, water
Jadeite/Rubeus, chess
Jadeite/Tetis, doomed
Kunzite/Minako, battle, bright, night, garden, silence, black
Rei/Minako, tricks, reprimand
Rei/Usagi, fire, temple, food, Sailor V
Rubeus/Saffir, precious, smoke, blend

Saint Young Men
Buddha/Jesus, irreverence, boredom, experimentation

Saiunkoku Monogatari
Eiki/Enjun/Shou, supernatural, youth, deceit, ally, friend, lover, destiny, history, responsibility, caring, happiness, distance
Juusan-hime/Ryuuki/Shuurei, politics, trust, ambition, attraction, learning, future, pond, palace, travel, happiness
Juusan-hime/Shuurei, choice, female, costume, new, peace, place, beauty, truth, dreams, sword,
Kouyuu/Shuuei, choice, future, friendship, guide, learn, family, together, respect, protect, brilliant, confront

Samurai Champloo
Fuu/Jin, bite
Fuu/Mugen, wall
Fuu/Mugen/Jin, under

Samurai Girl (tv miniseries)
Heaven/Jake, blindfold, bare, in-sync, loyalty
Heaven/Severin, vulnerable, choices, unsaid, protection
Hiko/Jake, sparing, clash, buddy, honor-code
Hiko/Severin, charm, bemused, claim

Bigfoot/Henry Foss, piercings, full moon, beach, comics, strength, gentle, home, different, protecting, size, bite
Helen Magnus/James Watson/John Druitt/Nicola Tesla, discovery, experiment, time, knowledge, friendship, family, students, forever, power, understanding
Helen/Ashley, normal, birthday, strap-on, fallout, guilt
Helen/Ashley/Will, fucked-up
Helen/Henry, rescue, trust, technology, moon, familiar
Helen/John, distance, stars, nightime, darkness, for all eternity, i love you
Helen/Tesla, conductive, resistance, cuddle, tears, comfort, vampire, teeth, wine, calculate, static, electricity, bite, futile resistance, high voltage, blood, bite, concern, old friends, you, second time, bondage, bite, forever, cyclical, perfect, hair, before, savor, sparks, claws, magnetism, world domination, wine cellar, rope, supremacy, experience, hunger, vibrator, voltage, invention, insufferable, rules, grandeur
Helen/Watson, history, London, accents, intelligence, mystery
Helen/Will, final, enigma, bordeaux, comfort, rescue, rope burn, distant, rigor, mumbai, dance,
Henry/Tesla, dank, 1902, surprise, overwhelm, casual, keystroke, camaraderie, victory, post-apocaylpse, bond
Henry/Will, prospect, nine, discover, sweet spot, protect, home, everything, jest, comics,
Joe Kavanaugh/Will Zimmerman, intuition, jaded, secret, trust
John Druitt/Helen Magnus, history, solace, ache, demons
John Druitt/James Watson, repair, propriety, logic, offer, brandy, afterthought, falsehood, puzzle, deception, guilt, suspicion
John Druitt/John Watson, lies, shadows, candles, experiment, confession, invention
John Druitt/John Watson/Helen Magnus, caught, study, promise, question, trial
John Druitt/Will Zimmerman, secrets and lies, substitute, whirlwind
John Druitt/Will Zimmerman/Helen Magnus, poetry, escape, advantage, overwhelmed, captive, initiation
Tesla/any historical figure, [any], wine, charm, opera, tailor, don juan, john milton, ellipsis, casanova, revel, dine, spine, leaflet, familiar, muse, deviance, subversion, vienna,
Tesla/Watson, five, embarrass, surprise, 1888, television, battle of wits, comeuppance,
Tesla/Will, intrigued, smirk, Dracula, pinot noir, nefarious, intellectualism, shock, forefront, WH Auden, Lord Byron,

Chantal/Zelda, meeting, immobile
Daniel/The Corinthian, clear, creation, domain.
Desire/The Corinthian, blind, fake, force, special.
Destruction/Delirium, circle, irrevocable, evening,
Dream/Death, crystal, affirm, justice, bond.
Dream/Destruction, shatter, encompass.
Gilbert/Rose, gardens, unrequited, dreamscape

Santa Olivia
Lupe/Pilar, honey, lazy, calor, dress

Sapphire and Steel
Sapphire/Steel, atoms

Save the Last Dance
Derek/Sarah, strength, grace, shake it

Saving Grace
Grace/Rhetta, confusion, drinks, expectations, inevitable

Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Lee/Amanda, [any], op, newbie, Cold War, retire, adrenaline, rush, kiss, quiet, finally, hidden

Scarecrow Series - Matthew Reilly
Knight/Scarecrow, glasses, favour, freedom, gay, scars, bruises, freedom, plane

Science of Sleep
Stéphane/Stéphanie, insomnia

Denise/Elliot, cravings
Denise/Sunny, kiss.
Doug/JD, fumbling
Dr. Cox/Carla, jealousy, beach ball, contest
Drew/Denise, never, rule, scars, morning, shut-up, last, coffee, go, strip, feelings, sarcasm, blindfold, scent
JD/Elliot, bra, couch, daydream, friends w/ benefits, slip-ups,
Lucy/Denise, mentor, cheating, guilt, spanking.
Turk/Carla, food

Sea Patrol
Buffer/RO, radio, antisocial, close, bunk
Buffer/Spider, new, subordinate, ship
Buffer/XO, imagined, alone, stolen

Second Shift
Fezmer/Arkhan/Jareth, kitchen, delivery, temptation, betrayal
Fezmer/Jareth, textbook, secret
Katherine/Mike, tackle, dancing, cha-grendi, parting, kitchen, aim, hands
Oren/Shauna, eternity, trap, chain
Shauna/Mike, freshman, drink, rush hour
Shauna/Porec, tent, lake, magical, forbidden

Secret Files: Tunguska
Nina/Max, got your back, politics, hiding, notebook

Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen
Brandon/Willoughby, fight, swords, punishment, cold, hunter
Colonel Brandon/Marianne, fingers
Elenor Dashwood/Col Brandon, grief
Mrs Dashwood/Willoughby, lonely

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters - Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters
Marianne/Colonel Brandon, [any]
Marianne/Willoughby, [any]

Setting Free The Bears
Siggy/Graff, bath, grass, happy-ending, dream

Shades of Ray
Ray/Sana, tequila, beginnings, first-time, across-the-border, chances

Shadow Chasers
Jonathan/Benny, bouncy, brave, ghosts made them do it, irreverent, kidnapping, normal, not dead

Shadow Hearts
Yuri/demons, well-fucked

Shaman King
Asakura Hao/Asakura Yoh, devour, lost, silence, unforgiven
Lee Bailong/Tao Jun, fireworks, dragon, talisman
Tao Ren/HoroHoro, trapped, chains, family, oceans, spirits, soul

Shaun/Zach, picture, model, oil, massage, read, ocean, intercrural, beach, frogs, furniture

Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Clark/Holmes, understanding, Clarkie
Clark/Holmes/Watson, hair, moustache
Clark/Lestrade, tangle
Coward/Dredger, obligations
Coward/Holmes, dashing, fascination
Coward/Holmes/Watson, chambers
Dredger/Holmes, French, large, options
Holmes/Adler, Crossdressers, frenzy, jewellery, quick-fingered, trick, crop, slapping, applause, audience, first time, history, thief, steal, irony, missing, past, conciliation, despair, cigarettes, silk, games, crossdressing, intrigue, bondage, sneaky, pegging, savour, assignation, ties, first meeting, leap
Holmes/Mary, proxy, tease, agreement, assumption, desperation, sex-pollen, disguise, better, deduce, fiction, they believe Watson is dead
Holmes/Moriarty, maths tutor, authority, captives
Holmes/Watson, [any], absolved, affair, always, aphrodisiac, cane, case, compound, fit, Gladstone, marriage, massage, message, solve, solvent, torrid, addiction, book, ink, blood, stain, surgery, lips, cold, together, bath, Boswell, camera, acid, experiment, silencer, blankets, fire, scar, shoulder, touch, violin, bow, suspenders, split, bruises, hair, moustache, senses, water, details, partnership, secrets, night, breath, cane, waistcoat, wounds, chemical, clutter, supernatural, partners, curiosity, fire, ties, whisper, need, slow burn, danger, prisoner, won't give in, struggle, poison, begging, bondage, married, lost, more than brothers in bond, examination, feverish, twitch, rumpled, stillness, fine, moonlight, ridiculous, cheap, jealous, high, frustration, housekeeper, unconventional methods, gambling, bet you can't, over stimulated, distracted, game, limp, jealousy, shared, detect, late night, domestic, bedtime reading, mine, stay, old injury, something funny in Holmes' pipe, relax, doctor/patient confidentiality, plan, irritated, obvious, polyamory, technicality, clothes, drift, aliens, teeth, jealousy, smoke, travel, snow, awake, music, trousers, premature ejaculation, exotic, future, appetite, impossible vs improbable, opium, irregular, alarming, disguise, seduction, mystery, criminal overlords, spontaneous genderswap, jealously, medicate, polar, need, fireplace, protect, wired, escape, book, dinner, broken chair, gravel, bathtub, clues, fake case, deceit, laughter, coy, handcuffs, kisses, midnight, boxing, longing, missed, true love, overload, Mary, possessive, claimed, marked, kept, Moriarty, taste, relief, opium, dubcon, hands, bare-knuckled, a gamble, bruises, bitemarks, anger, gamble
Holmes/Watson/Adler, [any], captivity, outwitting, indelicate, laces, lockpicks, secrets, follow, impossible, merriment, foreplay, sensation, master of disguise, jewels, thief, pose, scandal, spying, apricots, mirror, pocket watch, rapier, fireplace, barefoot, cunning
Holmes/Watson/Irene/Mary, crush, analytical, accidental, messy
Holmes/Watson/Mary, case, trick, accidental, unconventional, inquisitive, outmatched, alliance, lessons, learning how to share, letters, argument, rustle, share, kidnapping, domestic, fireplace, mystery, boundaries, dynamic, tea, compromise, action, genderswap, a domestic agreement, cross-dressing, hair-pulling
Irene/Mary, guns, still, kiss, scheme, crossdressing, diamond, secrets, severe, knowledge, diamond, conversation, fine wine, perfume, forceful, rouge, wistful
Mary/Watson, mask, desire, trust, wedding
Moriarty/Watson, selfish, seduction, trap

Shonen Onmyouji
Touda/Kouchin, believe, bound, heat

Ethan/Jacob, experiment, toys
Ethan/Mike, Amazon, Shortpacked-pulls-the-porn-tag

Nikki/Daria, road, forget, music

Silmarillion – J. R. R. Tolkien
Amarie/Finrod, light, people, chance, rebirth, rediscover, conviction, remember, Valinor, trees, leader, life
Celebrimbor/Gil-Galad, ring, sword, trust, know, Noldor, craft, past, dance, ancestors, descent, darkness, light
Nienna/Olorin, grief, hope, help, soft, gleaming, courage, explore, return, joy, sorrow, together

Silver Diamond
Chigusa/Rakan, excuses, touch, need, initiative, blossoms, change, familiar, embrace, comfort
Kinrei/The Ayame Prince, beautiful, monster
The Ayame Prince/Rakan, beauty, possessiveness, rescue, grace

Singing in the Rain
Cosmo/Don/Kathy, friends, tub, laughter, need, rain, window, premiere, famous, scandal, family, close, love, Lina

Miyata Shiro/Kei Makino, jealousy, shattered

Siren 2
Abe Soji/Mikami Shu, sight

Six Feet Under
Billy/Brenda, suppression, yearning, wrong
Toby/Claire, hippy, music, naked, chance, meeting

Chris/Effy, Any, baked, messy, drunk, public
Cook/Effy, Any
Cook/Freddie, tradition, envy, unconditional, unforgiving, addiction, destruction, truth, drunk, beginnings, toxic, need, numb, obvious, wall, rough, accident, spliff, life, spontaneous, forget, joke
Cook/Freddy/Effy, game, middle, rules, love, regret, drink, anger, power, bonds
Cook/Freddy/JJ, first, bond, dare
Cook/Freddy/JJ/Effy, adventure, okay, cuddle, peace, try, if, asea
Cook/Katie, destruction, addiction, drunk, beginnings, strings, need, numb, foolish, fireworks, impulse, compromise, secret, tease
Effy/Freddie, length, summer, unconditional, settle, need
Emily/Naomi, swimming, sombrero, dancing, sugar, laugh, high, music, rain, reminisce, touch, forever, entwined, dream
JJ/Katie, knock
JJ/Thomas, surprise, comfort, heat, red, together, imagine
Katie/Effy, bite, tease, tie, scar, redemption, stifle, bliss, outside, hope, games
Katie/Emily, forbidden, possession, urge, strength, share, forgive, time, shameless
Katie/Naomi, infidelity, hunger, acceptance, guilt, substitute, dirty, corkscrew
Katie/Tony, revenge, destruction, run, toxic, strings, need, numb, foolish, wrong, secret, tease
Naomi/Effy, deception, laugh, regret, leather, secret, sweat, resist, voyeurism
Tony/Effy, trust, leaving, challenge, similarity, blood, dare, light, chaos
Tony/Maxxie, dance, kiss

Skip Beat!
Kanae/Kyoko, nude scene, sleepover, confusion, promise
Kyoko/Kanae, stardom, sleepy, rituals
Kyoko/Reino, aftermath, demons
Kyoko/Ren, breakdown, princess, romance
Kyoko/Sho, truce
Ren/Kyoko, stardom, training, crossdressing, gentle
Ren/Kyoko/Sho, accident
Sho/Kyoko, revenge, better days, understanding, tabloids

Sky High
Gwen/Penny, tease, multiple, flexible, minion, many
Warren/Layla, prom, dinner, see, green, burn
Will/Warren/Layla, flowers, fire, strength, sidekicks, superheroes, college, life

Xelloss/Lina, monster, fireball, play, chaos
Zelgadis/Lina, voyage, trap, search

Sleeping Beauty (ballet)
Carabosse/Aurora, ravish

Slings and Arrows
Geoffrey/Darren, Berli, funding, production, university
Geoffrey/Kate, where, direction, honest, fire, never
Jack/Kate, rehearsal, backstage, filmset, Shakespeare, Hollywood, coffee, balcony, forgotten, lines, ache, stoned

Sluggy Freelance
Gwynn/Zoe, magic, lonely

AC/Victor, success, benefits, clothes, mirror, watch, gift, massage, water
Chloe/Bart, red, caught, dance, wall, celebrate, anger, ache
Chloe/Clark/Jimmy, blindfold
Chloe/Davis, basement, monster, cure, dimples, healed, backseat, road trip, hiding, remember, basement, belong, try, first time, enough, more, runaway, attraction, possessive,
Chloe/Jason, rejection, prom, first time, silly
Chloe/Kara, show, teach, lovers, fly, beautiful, dream
Chloe/Lana, roommates, experiment, secret, shine, beautiful, green
Chloe/Lex, [any], power, family, pregnant, trust, door, desk, office, window, sky, handcuffs, lust, wicked, pleasure, jealous, future, tattoo, ink, waves, swimming pool, picnic, house, mate, couch, pool table, drink, game, limo, bald, lab, library, button, cleavage, neck, smirk, heat, champagne, heels, stroke, vibrate, pout, suit, snark, coffee, story, deadline, jet, reward, sexy, tied, pregnant, tie, desire, erect, phone, castle, selfish, kinky, deal, boss, mile high club, struggle, trace, hands, fire, bizarre, freak, solace, road trip, jazz, first, time, article, erotic, false, purple, strain, jealous, love, part, book, room, felony, sample, slender, hate, office, couch, substitute, test, lesson
Chloe/Oliver, [any], arrow, leather, team, watchtower, gold, desk, secret, hip, hero, undercover, rescue, mission, smile, caught, slow, fast, sleepy, perfume, enter, wish, arch, morning, rooftop, hot, drive, load, desperate, trigger, unexpected, bitter, missing, Watchtower, hero, justice, checkmate, interest, leather, proposal, need, grief, tequila,, happy, surreptitious, fruit, daybreak, smile, awe, leather, sidekick, mouth, theory, fortify, broken, survival, posture, relic, paths of good intention, sword vs pen, playing to win, saviour, watching, video, dancing, stilettos, champagne, bed and breakfast
Clark/Lex, red, green, dominion, forever, hay, fly, space, together, forever, consort, invasion, ring bearer, crown, hostage, tied, sleepy, snuggle, sexy, photo, new car smell, tattoo, hostile, flannel, hair cut, entice, custom made, AU, royalty, prince of the city, genderswap, concubine, redemption, back to basics, new, unwritten, ice, cold, snow
Clark/Chloe, [any], pandora, need, loyalty, trust, heal, addiction, heat, distance, return, home, forever, radio, ink, memory, apocalypse, apology, light, opportunity, final, flight, future, x-ray, influence, first time, scent, unexpected, words, backseat,
Clark/Lana, naïveté, sweet, jealousy,dance
Clark/Lois, authenticity, confession, earnest, earth, emotion, eyelash, fumble, groundless, Magellanic, question, radiate, sunlight, terrestrial, unclose, uncover, elevator, late, coffee, story, phonebooth, roof, pen, ink, glasses, editing, desks, bullpen, phone booth, call, imminent, disappearance, disaster, frustration, tension, lipstick, hair, skin, suit, eyes, secrets, interview, globe, phone booth, desk, lust, fantasy, wish, try, confess, shiver, hers, dominate, barn, close, caress, sigh, challenge, fly, seduction, glasses, heartbeat, rain, cold, phonebooth, costume, pegging, red-k, possession, desire, no choice, breathless, rip, clutch, sweat, black, aggressive, pregnant, hands, unravel, gingerly, interview, experimentation, unfurl, seclusion, interstellar, inelegantly, impulse, contusions, intertwined, soar, sorrow, scarlet, undercover, high heels, boots, silk, wind, sky, rain, promo, hot, barn, waiting, pressure, wilting, sweat, curves, night shift, elevator, sheets, shower, returned memories, superhero club, couch, flannel, chocolate, first, blue, silk, lick, ice cream, hands
Clark/Lois/Oliver, share, agreement, vacation, bed, kiss, tonight, right, wrong, drunk
Clark/Oliver, comfort, costume, shower, apology, cape, Fortress, late, glasses, win, naughty, cuddle, caught, nicknames, yes, his, mark, listen, desire, enough, tease, satisfy, belong, yoga, submissive, misinterpretation, invitation, drink, dinner, colleagues, partnership, sleep, dreams, leather, symbol, identity, luxury, need, cabin
Clark/Zod, worship, House of El, symbol, copy, savior, survivors, destiny, Phantom Zone, followers, public display, forged, tangled, power
Jor-El/Zod, brothers, support, betrayal, fist, oath, loss, faith
Kal/Chloe, (any), crawl, exhale, crave, blinding, inhibition, pocket, release, drunk
Lana/Oliver, any
Lana/Tess, control, hunger, almost, bet, torment
Lex/Impulse, captive, pranks, rebel, kiss, seduce
Lex/Lana, love/hate, interest, after, dark, slow, stop
Lois/Blur, unseen, touch, soft, silk, whisper, wind, night
Lois/Kal-El, training, Jor-el, midnight, thunderstorm, dark, cold, dream, fire
Lois/Kara, mate, curious, club, taste, wrong
Lois/Oliver, shirt, torture, bikini, stay, rooftop, present, green, reminiscing, jealousy, rooftops
Lois/Tess, change, fake, concern, hurt, fireplace, rum, silk, defy, negotiation, toys, terms, raise, story, jealousy, romance, costume, revenge, tremble
Oliver/Dinah, company, fight, help
Oliver/Tess, arrow, jet, blindfold, spar, bruise, blood, grin, mirrors
Tess/Zod, power, dark, submission, anger

Smoke books - Tanya Huff
Henry/Zev, power, thirst, control
Tanya Huff, Lee/Tony, fame, secrets, history, comfort

Smokin' Aces
Darwin/Hollis, carjack, maryjane, fatal
Darwin/Lester/Jeeves, ink, prison, knives, ribcage
Ivy/Georgia, scar, mirage, magazine, moonlight
Ivy/Isreal, face-down, lines, dice, poolside, wavering, critical
Pasquale Acosta/Bill, pierce, ownership, heaven, blood, pain
Richard Messner/Hollis Elmore, partnership, mexico, tequila

Tommy/Turkish, Germans, guns, wet

Malte/Georg, breathe

Son of a Witch
Trism/Liir, education, warmth, bodies, wonder, explore

Sonny With A Chance
Sonny/Chad, secret kissing

Sons of Anarchy
Jax/Tara, tomorrow, memory, life
Juice/any, genius, worth, angle, dare, late
Tig, depraved
Tig/Juice, bonding
Tig/OMC, prison

Sookie Stackhouse novels - Charlaine Harris
Sookie Stackhouse/Eric Northman, memory loss, happily ever after

Soon I Will Be Invincible
Elphin/Fatale, memories, fighter

Soul Eater
Giriko/Justin, confessions, amputation, favours.
Medusa/Eruka, obey, trick, over, games
Soul/Maka, insanity, music, grin
Spirit/Stein, experiment, revenge, young, scar, trust
Stein/Marie, blue, far away, insanity
Stein/Medusa, lies, vast, knife, bondage, serve, laughter, treachery, snakeskin, gore, perfume.
Stein/Spirit, fracture, icecream, sharpie (marker), bitemarks, overworked, humiliation, power, role reversal

South Park
Cartman/Wendy, crazy

Ben Sherman/John Cooper, handcuffs, overwhelming, need, please, slumming, undercover, uniform, good enough, pain, beat, gay, first-time, pills, patrol car, vice squad, reversal, relief, equals, stubborn, thigh, bandage, undercover, partners, push, pull, chatter, questions, discovery, suspicion, closet, knock, pretty, cuffs, impatient, sleepy
Cesar/Cooper, culture, uniform, strong, pathway, backyard, calm

Space: 1999
Alan Carter/Tony Verdeschi, beer, fly, pants

Space: Above and Beyond
Vansen/Handsome Alvon, billiard, mind-games, flirt

Speed Racer (film)
Royalton/Speed, contract
Sparky/Speed, bond, oil
Speed/Taejo, agreement

Annie/Jack, stubborn, surprise
Jack Traven/Harry Temple, badge, uniform, wager, beer, shoot the hostage, snark

Spirited Away
Chihiro/Lin, home, escape, wistful
Haku/Chihiro, memories, water, wind, bridges,

Adam/Jo, explosion, hunt
Adam/Zaf, found, closet, fast cars, bound, rendezvous, surveillance, secrets, grief, reward, safe house, mission, resistance, comfort, pain tolerance
Danny/Zoe, [any]
Lucas/Harry, loyalty, prison, power, unknowing, broken, promise, entwined
Lucas/Ros, decision, instinct, tactics, command, redemption, solace, bruise
Malcolm/Colin, robots, comfort, forest, understanding, drinks, small talk, liar
Ros/Zaf, control, banter, want, facade, mirror image
Tom Quinn/Adam Carter, pain, bite, handcuffs, gun, hope, plead, wait
Tom Quinn/Adam Carter/Lucas North, unlikely, blood, secret, plan
Tom Quinn/Zoe Reynolds/Danny Hunter, team, drunk, forgiveness

Sports Night
Casey/Dan, articulate, frenetic, moonlight, summer nights, score, caught, fragile, limo, busted, boyfriends, quiet, pining, memory, snark, making plans, sleep, trust, couch, athlete, scandal, gay, away game, hands, glasses, St. Crispen's Day, declaration, keep, partners, years-gone-by, new company, missed, own, hiding, quiet, affection, little boy, taxi, hotel, sauna, sweat, jealousy, concert, handjob, wordplay, saynora, Fiji, physical therapy, co-dependence, break, couch, never shuts up, banter
Casey/Dana, lamps, love, living
Dan/Natalie, armchair, blanket, birthday, flowers, football, scoring, underneath, ice storm, late night, punch drunk, new apartment, lights, want

Spy Game
Nathan/Tom, waltz, straightrazor, low, currency

St Trinian's
Chelsea/Ms Dickinson, command, sub/dom, penitence, wisdom, sexy, glasses.

Star Ocean Till the End of Time
Cliff/Fayt, size, craft, mission

Star Trek (any)
Any/Any, sex pollen, aliens made them do it
Kirk/Spock, telepathy, evolving, tribbles, touch, sensitive, friendship,
Scott/Uhura, waking up
Spock/McCoy, chess, heat, hands, medicine, overwhelming, privacy, kinky, stare, green, wet
Sulu/Chekov, more

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
katra!Bones/Kirk(/Spock), need, thirst, fire, repression
Saavik/David Marcus, Romulan, legacy, fight, frustration, bond, fingers, blood, cold, snow, fire, jacket

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Dax/Bashir, cloud, fight
Garak/Bashir, home, tension, change, kiss, truth, empty
girl!Garak/Bashir, heat, safe, scars
Bashir/Keiko/O'Brien, breasts, quickie, caught
Kira/Bashir, betting
Kira/Odo, cultural, amorphous, dissolving, tentacles
Sisko/Worf, mourning, beards, drunk

Star Trek: Reboot
Amanda Grayson/Sarek, tradition, stars, dinner, chocolate, treat, spiral, tickle, dance
Gaila/any, hair, ocean, exhilaration, educational, fun, bubbles
Gaila/Chekov, science, lessons, nowhere
Gaila/OC, try, next, embellish
Gaila/Scott, [any]
Gaila/Sulu, consider, team, alcohol, swing, curve, line, exchange, homework, diaphanous, slave, breeze, vista, sky
Gaila/Uhura, storytelling, threesome, cooking, dinner, cheese, planetside, slave, undercover, diaphanous, spiral, runaway, explore, city, sky, fly, gift, comb, read, dance, sing
Gaila/Winona Kirk, translate, swear, transcendental, dew, fever, silk, baby, reminisce, history, comparison, stars, breeze
George Kirk/Richard Robau, planetside, slave, undercover, earn, command, capture, rescue, dream, angle, observe, message, transport, shanty, sing, visit
girl!Chekov/McCoy, pregnant, bi, gangly, Joanna, AU
girl!Chekov/McCoy/Gaila, threesome
girl!Kirk/McCoy, restraint, young, drunk
girl!McCoy/Chekov, cougar, oops
girl!McCoy/girl!Chekov, [any]
girl!Spock/Pike, braid, teacher, undone, vengeful
Kirk, speculation
Kirk/Chekov, bully, kissing, dreams, energetic, indulgent, restless, diaphanous, heat, spiral, tickle, dance, translate, swear, transcendental, dew, fever, silk, baby, reminisce, history, comparison, stars, breeze, vacation, capture, rescue, ritual, captain, fragile, sublety, rolemodel, seconds, [any]
Kirk/everyone, discoveries.
Kirk/Gaila, orgy, gangbang, genderswap, scar, escape, storytelling, threesome, cooking, dinner, cheese, planetside, slave, undercover, diaphanous, heat, spiral, tickle, dance, translate, swear, transcendental, dew, fever, silk, baby, reminisce, history, comparison, stars, breeze, vacation, capture, rescue, ritual, rope, gift, chair, vista, sky, tentacles, skirt, dream, angle, observe, message, transport, sing, visit, laundry
Kirk/Gaila/OC, [any]
Kirk/Janice Rand, efficiency, jealous
Kirk/McCoy, control, limits, teeth, pain, breaking point, kiss, agree, gangbang, genderswap, scar, escape, storytelling, threesome, cooking, dinner, cheese, planetside, slave, undercover, diaphanous, heat, spiral, tickle, dance, translate, swear, hypospray, treat, turn, transcendental, dew, fever, silk, baby, reminisce, history, comparison, stars, fist, punch, breeze, vacation, capture, rescue, ritual, rope, gift, chair, vista, sky, tentacles, skirt, dream, angle, observe, message, transport, shanty, sing, visit, uniform, bandaged, bio-bed, hypospray, bourbon, boots, massage, tension, shift, mission, undercover, surgery, alteration, shore leave, sleep, stubble, nausea, drugs, implements, toys, cave, blood, dammit, hypospray, captain, fear, announcement, smirk, Sulu, narrow, jealous, Joanna, college, gargleblaster, mission, secret, aphrodisiac, aviophobia, best, injection, never reaction, teeth, bad dreams, awkward, annoying, kisses, one, bourbon, lick, peach, snuggle, truth, con, reputation, uniform, impotence, shut up, scream, academy, on-off relationship, parting, anger, betrayal, thoughtful, murky, taken, cold, frozen, recovery, cathartic, separation, cull, opposing, prank, public, command, bone, quarter, push, storm, jewel, reassure, break, ricochet, stethoscope, prostate exam, check-up, allergy, bed rest, apples, dress uniform, brawl, sober, shared, naked, brothel, off-planet, the ex, boyfriend, wife, affair, daughter, grumpy, vacation, must, aphrodisiac, closet, dammit, aced, follow, Ready Room, share, fingering, frottage, merman, needles, feint, reputation, easy, reign, group, dynamic, rimming, spanking, chocolate, paint, tree
Kirk/McCoy/Chekov, blow, overcome, toys, reunion, worry
Kirk/McCoy/OFC, carry, cuff, ink, pierce
Kirk/McCoy/Sulu, gift, listen, smirk, finally, indeed, awesome, double, similar, team
Kirk/McCoy/Uhura, any, disguise, over, patch, pattern
Kirk/Scott, engineering, dust, tentacles
Kirk/Spock!Prime, baby, reminisce, history, comparison, stars, breeze, vacation, capture, rescue, ritual, rope, gift, chair, vista, sky, tentacles, skirt, dream, angle, observe, message, transport, shanty, sing, visit, future
Kirk/Spock, rage, strange, shields, aphrodisiac, chocolate, ever, fascinating, foreign, lasting, logical, minds, mpreg, pon farr, stranded, captain, chair, flirt, bond, unknown, want, taunt, see, stars, cold, tumble, convergence, experimentation, dubcon, restraint, eyebrows, humor, hypnosis, brothel, exhibitionism, emotions, green, redact, planet, fallen, illogical, thrill, pon farr, anger, trouble, hobby, love, eternity, tribbles, desk, academy, alien spores, ears, fingers, touch, ice cream, eyes, lips, dress, skirt, deaged, teenagers, horny, sickbay, turbolift, engineering, the cahir, captain's quarters, kiss, professional, distancing, dare, challenge, smart, survive
Kirk/Spock/Chekov, observe, voyeurism
Kirk/Spock/McCoy, birthday, Captain, naked, roleplay, oneupmanship, friendship, closet, voyeurism, ears
Kirk/Spock/McCoy/Chekov, accident, ache, grow, pollen
Kirk/Spock/McCoy/Uhura, away, afterwards, drunk, spontaneity, dare
Kirk/Spock/Uhura, blood, menstruate, together, explore, lavish, ring, stretch, fighting = foreplay, intricate, darkness, restraint, unusual, respect, enterprise, bets, pool, Nyota, why, logical, arrangement
Kirk/Spock/Uhura/Gaila, mess
Kirk/Spock/Uhura/McCoy/Sulu/Chekov/Scotty, genderswap, orgy, tradition, polyamory, official
Kirk/Sulu, cheese, image, light, established, unfamiliar, feud, danger, rush, understanding, fencing, fun, rush, bite, spar, adrenaline-rush, velocity, drunk!sex, fly, race, wind, gale, switch, transcendental, explain, physics, startle, dance, companionship, stress relief, sparring, history, families, swordplay, pilot, relief, downtime, flight, fight, sweat, training, stimulation, sparring, game, bond, heat, hostage, movies, weapons, tentacles, tension, scar
Kirk/Sulu/Chekov, kink
Kirk/Uhura, observe, message, transport, shanty, sing, planetside, undercover, recover, rescue, bar, whisper, captain, banter, belief, tongue, linguistics, translation, date, esteem, past and present, drinks, mistrust, respect, solace, laughter, smoke, paradise, wingwoman, stand, meaning, disregard
Kirk/Uhura/Gaila, expression, choice, opportunity
McCoy/Chapel, aliens made them do it, need, spanking, crawling, tears, humiliation, equality, bottle, thermometer, charts, protocol
McCoy/Chekov, [any], age is a state of mind, accent, "I'm a doctor…", "dammit, Jim," bourbon, "It is invented in Russia…", AU, anti-hero, denial, aliens, games, older, lust, aliens made them do it, skinnydipping
McCoy/Gaila, [any], comfort, frustration, ease, experience, blanket, toys, need, healing, taste, oil, massage, candles, grief
McCoy/Scott, blunder, booze, prostate, wrench, out, report, run
McCoy/Scott/Chekov, smile
McCoy/Spock!Prime, any
McCoy/Sulu, alternate, bruises, please, time, rest, tattoo, wings, again, lucky, medicine
McCoy/Sulu/Chekov, doctor, please
McCoy/Uhura, bare, floor, gauze, lace, post-breakup, snark, unimpressed, win, give, challenge, moon, hands, warm, the doctor is in, trust, issues, drinking, together, clocks, southern, wine, seduction, mature, easy, humid
Mirror!James T. Kirk/Mirror!Leonard McCoy, wrists, save, love
Nero/Winona Kirk, AU, stockholm
Pike/Chapel, authority, uniform
Pike/Chekov, storytelling, planetside, silk, reminisce, teach, settle, breeze, ritual, gift, visit, message, angle, sing
Pike/Gaila, sky, tentacles, skirt, dream, angle, observe, message, transport, shanty, sing, visit
Pike/George Kirk, dream, sky, sparks, stars, diaphanous, calculus, organize, kiss, reckless, leather, orders
Pike/Kirk, appreciation, measured, daddy kink, discipline, snarky, amused, exhibibitionism, push, kiss, prostitute, answer, heat, planetside, undercover, capture, breeze, observe, message, shanty, visit, lines, steel, gleam
Pike/McCoy, submission
Pike/Number One, command, chair, skills, protect, phaser, restraints, bed, hair, hands, rank, games, book, tells, poker, desk, ready room, mission, undercover, vacation, alien, naked
Pike/OFC, bury, cast, hazel, lie
Pike/Richard Robau, jailbait, training, officer, kneel, learn, teach, tug
Pike/Spock Prime, relive, light, stars, spiral, translate, swear, transcendental, silk, baby, reminisce, history, comparison, stars, breeze, vacation, capture, rescue, meld, secret
Pike/Spock, curiosity, learning, empathy, hand sex, inside joke
Pike/Uhura, cup, edge translucent, window
Pike/Winona Kirk, spiral, tickle, dance, translate, swear, transcendental, dew, fever, silk, baby, reminisce, history, comparison, stars, breeze, vacation, capture, rescue
Sarek/Amanda, [any], breakdown
Sarek/Kirk, [any]
Sarek/Pike, wheelchair
Scott, transporters
Scott/Chapel, laughter, scotch
Scott/Chekov, genius, prodigy, wish, kilts, age, experience, jeffries tubes, warp core, lilt, vodka, scotch, exam
Scott/Chekov/Enterprise, [any]
Scott/Gaila, nacelles, warp, scotch
Scott/OC, shore leave, notable, foreign
Scott/Uhura, sweet, [any]
Spock!Prime/Uhura, wish, experience, spiral, kiss, meld
Spock/Chekov, fresh, tears, radient, Wulcan
Spock/McCoy, hot, experimental, argument, truce, bickering, first time, breath, difference, sight, first, frustration, grit, addiction, evening, collaboration, medbay, logical, science, teamwork, fascinating, gravity, colors, detective, malfunction, bet, free fall, shower
Spock/McCoy/Chekov, taste
Spock/McCoy/Uhura, toys
Spock/Scott, engineering
Spock/Sulu, fencing
Spock/Sulu/Chekov, experimental
Spock/Uhura, first time, Pon Farr, language, logic, intimate, mind-meld, untarnished, feelings, tango, halo, song, exam, turbolift, patience, mind, share, sheet, spine, touch, radio, xenolinguistics, chartreuse, tantalizing, underscore, pegging, lesson, desperate, silence, comfort, braid, baby, sparkle
Spock/Uhura/Spock!Prime, any
Sulu/Chekov, control, controls, seats, sweet, young, helm, shift, coffee, darkness, skin, sweat, home, wounds, phaser, sword, tentacles, spores, virginity, shower, curls, language, equation, kiss, prostitution, gangbang, genderswap, scar, escape, storytelling, threesome, cooking, cheese, planetside, slave, undercover, spiral, tickle, dance, translate, transcendental, baby, history, comparison, stars, breeze, capture, rescue, ritual, rope, gift, chair, vista, sky, tentacles, dream, angle, observe, message, transport, alien planet, kidnapped, fencing badassery, first time, apparent, station, time, blush, hurt,
Sulu/Janice Rand, notes, karaoke
Sulu/Uhura, [any], satisfaction, unlikely, garden, best, stab, accident, legs
Uhura/any, transcription, quickie, classroom, redshirt, orchids
Uhura/Gaila, voyeurism, example, off, lace, reunion, competition
Winona Kirk/George Kirk, storytelling, threesome, cooking, dinner, planetside, undercover, diaphanous, heat, spiral, tickle, dance, translate, swear, dew, fever, baby, reminisce, stars, punch, breeze, ritual, rope, gift, chair, vista, sky, tentacles, skirt, dream, angle, observe, message, transport
Winona Kirk/Richard Robau, threesome, dinner, cheese, planetside, spiral, transcendental, silk, baby, reminisce, breeze, vacation, capture, rescue, dream, angle, observe, message, transport, shanty, sing, visit

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Data/Troi, counseling, understanding, exploration, experiment, emotion, humanity, cake, cigar, dreams, crows
Data/Geordi, bird, experiment, eyes, fascination, lost, machine, new, soul, tremble
Data/Tasha Yar, memory, intoxication, service, uniform, weapons
Picard/Crusher, thoughts, don't go
Picard/Q, space-time, unexpected, gender-change, shapeshift, mortal
Riker/Troi, forever
Wesley/Geordi, learning, experiments, ascended

Star Trek: The Original Series
Chapel/Spock/McCoy, [any]
Chekov/Scotty, ambition, help, mirrorverse, unnoticed.
Kirk/Scotty/Enterprise, jealousy
Kirk/Spock, protocol, dance, bondage, bricks
McCoy/Uhura, disease, language, spoken, rise, alive, heart
Scotty/Uhura, engines, orange, insect, song
Spock/Chapel, outgrowing, equality, understanding, seeking, bond, hands, kiss, apology, uniform, treatment, strength, protect
Spock/McCoy, debate, elevator, resolution, fall, history
Spock/McCoy/Kirk, friendship, officers' club, claustrophobia, caves
Spock/McCoy/Uhura, inevitability, Vulcan mind
Sulu/Uhura, fencing
Uhura, action, fun, self
Uhura/Chapel, test, explain, overheard, spaces, time-travel, miniskirts, hyposprays
Uhura/Saavik, endless, communication, doubt
Uhura/Spock, banter, aliens made them do it

Star Trek: Voyager
Chakotay/Paris, undeserving, back story, control, denial
Chakotay/Tuvok, undercover, rebels, revenge, spiritual
Doctor/Paris, physician heal thyself,
Kim/Tuvok, holodeck, fever
Janeway/Chakotay, dark, evil, gloves, bondage, mistake, angry warrior, lose control, pegging, Captaincy, de-stress, bathtub
Janeway/Seven, taking orders, collective of two
Paris/Torres, names, pegging, pregnancy, tradition, painsticks
Seven/Paris, adjustment, human,
Seven/Tuvok, damaged, logical, implants, neurochemical imbalance, year of hell, first time, pon farr, maturity, inhuman, mind meld, blind, control, resistance is futile, shaving, domestic habits
Torres/Kim, comfort, consolation, bond, snark, restrained, fever, anger, nails, assertiveness, winter, holodeck, beach, flowers
Torres/Neelix, Pressure Valve, Insult, Morale Officer

Star Wars (Books)
Jaina Solo/Jagged Fel, escape, state dinner, alive, clandestine, covert, Jedi mind tricks
Wedge Antilles/Tycho Celchu, survival, bond, trust, adrenaline, alone

Star Wars
Anakin/Padme, [any], secret, forbidden, family, meeting, mind, relax, force, pregnant, cravings, breath, arousal, caress, lush, nails, devour, twist, devotion, worship, rough, pregnant, roboclaw, Force, sun, hair, pretending, deja vu, overheated, fall, attraction
Anakin/Ashoka, grown up, once my master, won't look back
Darth Vader/Han Solo, pilots, Force, what if, soulless, devoted, space
Han/Leia, box, belt, hairpin, pilot, experience, grief, driver's seat, pride, Force, competition, horizon, victory
Han/Luke, Force, snark, speed, pride
Han/Luke/Leia, enclosed, ties
Kit Fisto/Aayla Secura, wet, edge, forbidden, cut
Lando/Leia, wrong, temptation, Han, bet
Luke/Leia, memory, mirror, connection, royalty has its privileges, jedi and princess, a different world
Luke/Mara Jade, stars
Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker, horizon, emotional disconnect, blue, bound, substitutes, desert, traitor, memory, love, war
Obi-Wan Kenobi/Padme Amidala, politics, husband, ceremonial robes, caveat, cloak, dress
Obi-Wan/Bail Organa, stillness, touch
Obi-Wan/Beru, comfort, compassion, respect
Obi-Wan/Siri Tachi, Force, sparring
Padme Amidala/Bail Organa, politics, allegiance
Palpatine/Anakin Skywalker, wrong, fear, Sith, cloaked, ruined, demons, darkness, red
Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, memory, horizon, infinite, padawan, ghost, forever, fix-it, loss
Thrawn/Leia, mylady, humor, flirtation, blue
Wes Janson/Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian, score, bacta, card, confirmed
Winter/Iella Wessiri, jealous, undercover, memory, lost, because

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic
Carth/Revan, past, Force, memory, love, betrayal, loyalty, waiting, duty

Tristan/Yvaine, blanket, thunderstorm, candle

Stargate Atlantis 
Carson Beckett/Rodney McKay, drugs, pet-play, disturbing, exhibitionism, sadism, guilt, humiliation, role-play
Carson Beckett/Teyla Emmagan, bondage, first kiss, roleplay, kilt, hills, starlight, accent, liquid
Clone!Carson/ Teyla Emmagan, bittersweet, reunion, angry sex
Daniel Jackson/John Sheppard, alien, ascended, explorers, tongue, rain, storm, geektalk, videogame
Daniel Jackson/John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, laboratory, dreams, Ancient, geektalk, play, shameless, videogame, banter
doppelganger!John Sheppard/anyone, force, forbidden, subvert
Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard, lace, anal, kneel, paddle, ride, immobilized, pegging
Elizabeth Weir/Laura Cadman, lost in translation, ocean
Elizabeth Weir/Rodney McKay, new years eve, stay
Elizabeth Weir/Ronon Dex, force, wall-sex, marking, washing, chocolate, romantic, hurried
Evan Lorne/John Sheppard, competition, future, grief, reward, patience, stupid, mistake, razor, paperwork, orders
Evan Lorne/Laura Cadman/John Sheppard, tuxedo, spy, old-school, hope, psychic
Evan Lorne/male, home, DADT
Evan Lorne/Parrish, allergy, study, capture, vines, leaves, paint, dirt, houseplants, outdoors, pollen
Evan Lorne/Radek Zelenka, firing-range
Evan Lorne/Teyla Emmagen, bittersweet, paint, lick, brush, foreplay
Jeannie Miller/John Sheppard, substitute, blue, [any]
Jennifer Keller/John Sheppard, restraints, drugged, enema, medical instruments, playing doctor
Jennifer Keller/Rodney McKay, geeks, date, hero, wet, mile high club, Latex gloves, check up, alone time, cheat, aliens made them do it, first time
Jennifer Keller/Sam Carter, ice, hair, toys
Jennifer Keller/Sam Carter/Teyla Emmagan, care
Jennifer Keller/Todd, not supposed to feel this way
John Sheppard/doppelganger!John Sheppard, adversity, issues
John Sheppard/Girl!Rodney McKay, pegging
John Sheppard/Radek Zelenka, glasses, glimpse, tease, gun, asleep, glasses, precise, marks, invisible
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, desperation, dogtags, puddlejumper, ritual, sarcasm, sweet, team, blustering, sex pollen, not dead yet, world takeover, Atlantis, allergies, custom, math, prophylactics, shirt, crisis, loss, return, family, clothes, dirtytalking, oblivious, robots, amnesia, doppelgangers, dubcon, mindcontrol, hypnosis, teenage, drugs, drunk, jock-strap, skirt, high heels, nail polish, latex, gloves, marked, kneel, leach, plug, finger, preparation, shaving, lube, suck, worship, lip gloss, facial, chastity, spanking, cleanse, primp, shy, crawl, gag, age-play, coercion, sleeping, trick, embarrassed, tears, endearment, sweetheart, blindfold, candy, embers, examine, ice, nipples, remember, spank, thigh holster, tremble, vocal, whisper, zipper, lipstick, wait, pool, balcony, silence, nervous, silk, marking, closet, vacation, massage, surprise, accent, acquaintance, consult, first, girls, masturbation, pause, second, still, testify, vintage, watch, citrus, sweet, senses, intelligent, universe, girl, awkward, DADT, ferris wheel
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Jennifer Keller, together, sorry
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex, playful, snap, undone, huddle for warmth, trust, fur, king sized bed, tied up, spark
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, tussle, picnic, swimming, costumes, pillows, bond, bound, crave, mirror, vacation, years, secrets, morning
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Sam Carter, bet, caught, exposed, interrupted, judge, watch
John Sheppard/Ronon Dex, knife, symbiosis, Sateda, brotherhood, rope, jumper, naked, shower, silence, loyalty, taste, scars, partners, swordplay, soldier, victory, quarantine, rope, music, shower, flirt, vacation, waterfall, free-fall, freedom, sensory deprivation, scars, fight, panties, improvised, yield, flow, light, speechless, abandoned, stone, river, home, salvage, trust
John Sheppard/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, loyalty, respect, laughter, comfort, toys, sharing, discipline, struggle, kneel, snow, sunrise
John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan, nipple-play, rimming, fingering, fisting, bondage, dildo, present, lick, fantasy, control, movie night, pillow talk, elegance, dance, fight, respect, lingerie, reality, hope, Washington, smoke, leather, campfire, politics, sparring, soldier, sparring, tired, hands, safety, scream, swim, sleep, dream, riot, lobster, cut, monolith, tongue, no-tell, beginnings, grace, snow
John Sheppard/Todd, broken, surrender, AWOL, forced to rely on each other, adversaries, Wraith physiology, twisted, control, need
Kate Heightmeyer/Teyla Emmagan, insight, silk, bliss, listen, playful, hands, wall, brush, candles, bubble bath, treat, sleepless dreams, never the same
Katie Brown/Laura Cadman, expectations, military, body
Laura Cadman/Ronon Dex, training
Radek Zelenka/Rodney McKay, arguments, box, cork, drunkenness, efficient, flying, games, geeking out, heights, inured, jam, kelp, labels, mint, nude, opposition, post-it, quaint, restraint, sodden, training, ubiquitous, veer, wall, xenobiology, yank, zip
Rodney McKay/Jeannie Miller, Meredith, family
Rodney McKay/Teyla Emmagan, aroma, dance, fighting sticks, meditation, pegging, rope, sunlight, training, understanding
Rodney McKay/Todd, pet, telepathy, claiming, feeding, protection
Rodney, bath
Sam Carter/Teyla Emmagan, leaders, shopping, downtime
Sora/Teyla Emmagan, interrogation
Vegas!verse John Sheppard/Vegas!verse Rodney McKay, alone, rescue, pipe dream, payback, lure, persuade, necktie, ring, offer, strip, bare, heat, sweat, linger, entice

Stargate SG-1
Adria/Ba'al, sense, power, blade, self
Adria/Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson, positions
adult!Cassie/Daniel, any
android!Daniel/clone!Jack, bemusement, concerted, meltdown, substitute
Aris Boch, sly, strength, snark
Aris Boch/Ba'al, trade, laugh, collateral
Ba'al/Janet Fraiser/Sam Carter, escape
Ba'al/Malek, memories, again, lost
Ba'al/Sam Carter, touch, cry, naked, anger, battle, chaos, strip, disbelief
Cameron Mitchell/ Daniel Jackson, spiral, sheet, glasses, beard
Cameron Mitchell/ Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, genes, control
Cameron Mitchell/Teal'c, sparring, partnership, teacher, movie, date, blindfold, apartment, luxury, sweet, caress
Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, adventures, new, familiar, please, flight, pilot, locked, cars, endings, gentle, ocean, advertise, countdown, laundry, wink
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, crash, cuddle, edible jockstrap, muscle, rock 'n' roll, sinuous, distance, alien, planet, trust, hunger, cold, fever, sand, time, space, cabin, loon, water, midnight, unexpected, memory, write
Daniel Jackson/Sha're, first
Daniel Jackson/Teal'c, languages, artifacts, television, breath, forgiveness, exploration, explanations
Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, anger, bicker, bank, bounty, bored, choas, break, reading, writing, rope
Jack O'Neill/Frank Cromwell/Sara O'Neill, pre-Iraq
Jack O'Neill/Kerry Johnson, bittersweet, breezy
Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter, games, secrets, telephone, breakfast, sharp, fishing, road, microscope, coaster, role-reversal, pegging, fetish, whumped-Jack, happily-ever-after
Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter/Janet Fraiser, pegging
Martouf/Jolinar, past, spy, work
Sam Carter/Barrett, resolution, Atlantis, home again
Sam Carter/Cameron Mitchell, running, brilliant, pilot
Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, horses, tent, starlight, rules, balance, tangle, beach, history, domesticity, misunderstanding
Sam Carter/Janet Fraiser, hiding, argument, safe, uniform, wall!sex, roleplay, prisoners, desperate
Sam Carter/Janet Fraiser/Jennifer Hailey, seduction, bait-and-switch, guilt, caught
Sam Carter/Jennifer Hailey, lessons, established-relationship, on-base, mistake
Sam Carter/Jonas Quinn, wrapping paper, birthday cake, little black dress, stars, night-vision, exemplar, top of the class
Sam Carter/Martouf, memory, heat, sand, desert
Sam Carter/Teal'c, motorcycles, science, marriage, wistful, time travel, hunger, reunion, dominance, handcuffs, candles
Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran, dragon
Teal'c/Jonas Quinn, firsts, smiles, food, glut, smooth, aliens-only
Teal'c/Va'lar, redemption, warriors

Stargate Universe
Chloe Armstrong/Camille Wray, diplomat, mentor, attraction, water
Chloe Armstrong/Eli Wallace, cold, shower
Chloe Armstrong/Senator Armstrong, comfort, mother, support, campaign trail, training, politics
Chloe Armstrong/Vanessa James, shower, lonely, bonding, wall!sex
Eli Wallace/Matthew Scott/Ronald Greer, hope, party
Eli Wallace/Ronald Greer, gaming, protection, unlikely pair, water, zenit
Everett Young/Matthew Scott, role-reversal, chain-of-command, games, distraction
Everett Young/Matthew Scott/Ronald Greer, habit, BDSM, AMTDI
Everett Young/Nicholas Rush, atonement, command, reconnection, simple pleasures, connection, return, forgiveness
Everett Young/Ronald Greer, soldier, respect, forbidden, hierachy
Hunter Riley/Ronald Greer, prime/not prime, Star Wars cantina, friend, hostile
Matthew Scott/Ronald Greer, rank, strength, negotiations, blindfold, professionalism

Starship Troopers
Rico/Carmen, history, military, salute, crowded, rescue

Starsky and Hutch
Starsky/Hutch, first, Torino, protect

State Of Play (UK)
Cal/Anne, chest groping, fool's gold, uncertainty, red lips, Domme, damaged, caresses, muscles, hotel, red wine, phone!sex, illicit, red/gold, bedlinen
Cal/Anne/Stephen, embarrassment, always, wanting, reconciliation, take him home, seduction, dominatrix, BDSM, strap-on
Cal/Cameron, boss, subordinate, knees, job, journalism, determination, for the story,
Cal/Dan, ropes, investigative, technique, good,` story, fast, hard, rimming
Cal/Dominic, scared, wet shirt, lager, don't know, under an hour
Cameron/Dan, Daddy, undercover, for the story, pretence, collar
Dan/Dominic, similarities, fun loving, me?
Della/Bell, handcuffs, exchange, lips, powerful, hair
Della/Helen, comfort, stay with me, drunk, kisses
Dominic/Sid, anonymous, magazine, half-smile, why not?, game on, he's fit, nine minutes
Helen/Cal, journalists, moment, wall
Stephen/Cal, comfort, spare room, mates, dirty talk, rimming, painless affair

Static Shock
Virgil/Richie, college, research, comics, the League, GLBT

Storm Warriors
Cloud/Nameless, training, sweat, sword, name, quiet
Cloud/Wind, brother, hand, rain, fist, fan

Strange Angels
Dru/Graves, bloodlust, dork, alpha, competent, on the run, mine, milkshake

Strangers in Paradise
Katchoo/Francine, home, sweet, paint, beauty, paint, pickles, pretend, puff

Street Fighter
Ryu/Chun Li, match, sometimes, white

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Danny Tripp/Matt Albie/Harriet Hayes, comedy, missteps, backstage
Jack/Jordan, affair, skin, soft, table

Suburban Girl
Brett/Archie, adjustment

Suburban Shootout
Babs/Camilla, old times sake
Pam/Hilary, tussle, floral

Suikoden III
Hugo/Caesar, grass, fire, story, dance, reunion
Lucia/Chris, firelight, whip

Suikoden Tierkreis
Luo-Tao/Liu, embarrassment
Marica/Len-Lien, hair

Sun Sword
Alora/Teresa, harem, duty, surrender
Auralis/Kiriel, kiallinan, weakness
Avandar/Jewel, gentleness, power, service
Kallandras/Evayne a'Nolan, recursion, nightfall, certainty
Kallandras/Teresa di'Marano, distance, voices
Margret/Diora, vows, honor, heart
Valedan/Diora, sun, the Lady, duty, strength, shadows

Cassie/Robert, silence
Kaneda/Searle, heatshimmer, poetry, tea leaves, fear
Mace/Capa, split, neutral, howling, breathless
Mace/Cassie, control, blue, silent

Super Robot Wars
anybody/anybody, quickie

Alice/Warden, fragile, gender, rainbows, sherbet, subjugate, yellow

Alastair/Castiel, blasphemy, breathe, hell, silence
Alastair/Dean, break, blade, scars, white hot
Anna/Castiel, any, foxhole, history, obedience, skin, grace, wings, home, fallen, tempt, trace, tremble, pain, rabbits, sour, starved, in hiding, Dean, side, forgiven, grace, lightning wings, soul, flesh, pleasure, lesson, rebellion, sky, heaven, smile, jokes, lost, water, dancing
Anna/Dean, blindfold, wall!sex, need, longing, bright, comfort, confession, dance, gentle, redemption, sin, sweet
Anna/girl!Castiel, sensation, time, longing
Anna/Jo, protect, wings, dress
Anna/Lucifer, loss, rebellion, redemption, regret, seduction, unspoken, wrists
Anna/Mary, take, legs, muscle
Anna/Ruby, impossible, overcome, dark, skin, wings, her face, warmth, deliverance, sin
Azazel/John, desire, scent
Bela/Castiel, any
Bela/Dean, angry, money, lie, scars, wall, any, heels, keys, honour, wolf, gun, pegging
Bela/Jo, alive, bite, dance, hunt, chase
Bela/Sam, lingerie, back, human, toys, reciprocity, broken, better, deception
Bill/Ellen, ghost, sun
Bobby/John, guns, oil, vengeance, whiskey
Carmen/Jess, curious, empathy, laughter, paradise, pieces, substitute
Castiel/Dean Winchester, absolution, alive, experience, tides, birdwatching, text messages, God only knows, reality TV, dreams, feathers, light, burn, plans, skirt, savage, wires, ghost, voyeur, pewter, guardian, (not) falling, first kiss, crazed, future, end, start, curiosity, need, trust,neck, foolish, game, isle, bright, fishing, lighten, paint, sure, ancient, playing field, the box, trashy magazines, fluffy wings/halo, blind, tie, hunger, impatience, protection, jealousy, claim, tattoo, loyalty, human, domestic, apology, bruise, wait, slow, teach, tease, warming, wicked, oil, sleepy, blue, ripple, talisman, glory, grasping, torn, kitten, learning to fly, reverence, exile, Impala, safe, chaste, alive, tie, demons, smile, hands, domestic, burn, virtue, static, culminate, vacation, sacrifice, servitude, worship, revelation, whiskey, "try it, you'll like it", hope
Castiel/Dean/Sam, shock, saved, rocksalt, chalk, flowers, clouds, sentence, lasting, meaningful, puppy eyes
Castiel/Ellen Harvelle, sanctuary, impact, quirk
Castiel/Gabriel, dreams, family, Greek, stream, prank, understanding, reconciliation, surprise, perception, need, hiding, fantasy, phone, ritual, blood, lip, coat, reality, rewrite, television, change, separation, regret, trickery, brothers, save, candy, opulence
Castiel/Jo, blur, glass, gray, outside
Castiel/John, hell, heaven, righteous, pain, forgiveness
Castiel/Lucifer, brother, mine, brothers, car, phone, little, shrimp, tree, church, burn, manipulation
Castiel/Mary, longing, teeth
Castiel/Meg, knife, forgotten, restraint
Castiel/Michael, patience, promise, light
Castiel/Raphael, mercy
Castiel/Ruby, corrupt, implore, save, skirt, Ruby Tuesday/Last Temptation
Castiel/Sam, power, shirt, strange, redemption, water, spring, save, sound, awkward, faith, morality, fate, lost, confession, unexpected, forsaken, absolution, puppy eyes
Castiel/Sam/Lucifer, fallen, unholy, suffocate, lust
Castiel/Sam/Ruby, fallacy, pegging, bite, haze
Castiel/Uriel, wings, fallen, sin
Chuck/Becky, manuscript, NaNoWriMo, forum, support, coffee, nerds, fangirls, geeking out, slash fic, email, beta reader, convention, hangover
Dean Smith/Sam Wesson, lessons learned, microphone, forgotten, bondage
Dean/always a girl!Sam, together, always, never, ghost, broken, bury, wedding, leaving, rationale
Dean/Andy, reference
Dean/Ash, easy, hair, mullet, pooltable, simple, sleazy, snark
Dean/Castiel/Jo, arrangement, shot
Dean/Dean, time, scars, experience, payback, lessons, bound, rough, hands, taste
Dean/Ellen, desperate, sheets, barefoot, rock, bar, grin, grim, apocalypse, chocolate, end, fault lines, loyalty, unbroken, fuel, fire, whiskey, Metallica, drive, bed, turn, slow, luxurious, tempt, forget, mourn, tears, forgiveness, secrets, cougar, reunion, whiskey
Dean/Ellen/Castiel, corrupt, drink
Dean/Gabriel, chocolate, plain, salt, tea, wrapper, hand, figures, walk away
Dean/girl!Sam, protection, tattoo, question, skin, pattern, outdoors
Dean/Impala!Sam, trunk, oil, seats, voice, stroke, rain, shifter, radio, road, gas
Dean/Impala, leather, purr, companion, Baby, home, radio
Dean/Jess, aching, bonfire, bound, heat, laughter, peach, sand, shiver, hellfire, tan, fairy dust
Dean/Jimmy Novak, comfort, vessel
Dean/Jo, first, tequila, pegging, ropes, short skirt, cocktease, while we're alive, one night stands, thunder and lightning, any, afterlife, field, revolve, clouds, pie, bar, refrain, milk, same, home, magazine, stars, red, teeth, necklace, future, empty, car, hair, hole, prayer, burning, left, meaning, word, stare, aligned, hellhound, ring, rain, backseat, little sister, hair, liquor, experience, taste, skin, stranded, toy, ghost, whiskey, belt, trigger, rain, table, resurrection, sweat, clock, blinds, sunglasses, iron, boots, undercover, dream, messy
Dean/Jo/Sam, necktie, lapse, buckle
Dean/Maggie Zeddmore, video, training,
Dean/Michael, comfort, time, future, denial, quiet, tender, patience, acquiescence, regret
Dean/Molly McNamara/Sam, any
Dean/OFC, pregnancy, bunker, broken
Dean/Original!Ruby, violence, rough, splayed
Dean/Pamela/Sam, sight, double, apology, kick, smirk, hands, amends, invitation, lucky, spell
Dean/Ruby, familiar, horsepower, fever, hate, universe, hell, sound, breath, dust, flicker, shower, dark, knife, blood, jealousy, wounded, fear, slick, perfume, push, help, torture
Dean/Ruby/Sam, trust, blood, past, learn
Dean/Sam, brother, the family business, evil, hamburger, asphalt, circle, bond, illogical, furry, lime, deep well, powers, deal, end, fight, blood, roles, motel, reruns, Sexy Doctor, M.D., sunlight, hand-to-hand, Stanford, college boy, easy lay, 5-star accommodations, teddy bear, Lucifer, Morningstar, Michael, straight, burn, pyrrhic, water, bed, motel, fingers, wound, stitches, boots, exhaustion, fantasies, dreams, alone, eyes, similarities, demons, morality, porn, research, wanderlust, Impala, throat, tight, shiver, jacket, hoodie, kill, need, darkness, years, scars, strip, gore, piss, blood, spit, roadside, Roadhouse, witness, bareback, adept, clear, comfort, knowledge, payback, open, oral fixation, scars, sleep, sound, understanding, water, wrench, zipper, Gospel of Chuck, slash fans, sugar, trapped, hints, sloppy, spell, forced, fangirls, coven, fighting, wordless, apart, end, accident, selfish, powerless, redemption, wish, branding, mutual, books
Dean/Sam/Jo, sharing, want
Dean/Sarah, roadtrip
Dean/Zachariah, breath play
Ellen/Gabriel, one too many, chocolate, saviour
Ellen/John, pregnant, liquor, bar stool
Ellen/Mary, settle, record
Gabriel/Anna, remade, rebellion
Gabriel/Sam, blood, water, addiction, demon eyes, candy, sacrilegious, wings, blood, temptation, feathers, payback, petulance, playing keepaway, sex, candy, chocolate, laughter, pornomancer, sex pollen, claim, mark, lollipop, ritual, pagan, cold, touch, dreams, trust
Gabriel/Sam/Lucifer, hate, love, sex
Gabriel/Sam/Ruby, mine, possession, burn
girl!Dean/Castiel, lonely, afraid, breakthrough, disaster, relief, fading memory, sword
girl!Sam/girl!Dean, glitter, hunting, sisters
girl!Sam/girl!Dean/girl!Castiel, vicarious, voyeurism
girl!Sam/Jo, tutor, explosion
Jess/Jo, afterlife, lip gloss, trip
Jo Harvelle, love the one you're with
Jo/John, handcuffs, tease, lightning, sparring, whisper, workout, easy, drunk, playing with fire, wicked, spank, fur, shiver
Jo/Ruby, blondes, gravel, kiss, rough, fight, passion
John/Mary, secret, hunter, home, wonder, beautiful
John/OFC, battle, flow, homeward, linen, midnight
Lilith/Ruby, superior, bound, Machiavellian, ritual
Lillith/Dean, toy
Lucifer/Bela, any
Lucifer/Lilith, consort, crown, thorns
Lucifer/Sam, admittance, confessions, dangerous, signs, yes, power, bright, devotion, forgiveness, prayer
Michael!Dean/Lucifer!Sam, leash, pet, brothers, tension, loathing, love, burns, scarred, redemption, forgiveness, fire, pit, torture, blood, light, tremble, collar, dry, water, breath, voice, table, sacrifice, hell, heaven, forsaken, touch, wings, sword
Ruby/Sam, knife, blood, blood, light, hair, rewind, simple, kiss, bite, moon, strike, down, buried, sin, missing, secret, neck, dream, wind, collar, hands, halo, diamond, hope, drink, deceive, human, monster, retaliation, knife, guard, flare, smear, blade, darkness, abandon, socks, closer, fear, wicked
Ruby/Tammi, witch whore, fires of hell, scratch
Sam/Ash, disbelieving, hands, huge, lazy, ragged
Sam/Carmen, broken, deception, fallout, pretend, quick, slam
Sam/Jess, adroit, burn, dance, door, guitar, kneel, nailpolish, lizard, salt, ring, holiday, ghost, bite, tight, challenge
Sam/Jo, curtain, former, belonging, lost, recover, restraints, revenge, hunt, eternal, throat, mirror, curtain, wrist, black, river, shimmer
Sam/Lenore, bare, gold, recover, writing, key, run
Sam/Madison, cage
Sam/OFC, bend, lean, tie, wall, lavalamp, deodorant
Sam/OMC, black, close, metal, rig
Sam/Sarah, project, serendipity
Sam/Uriel, salvation
teenage!Dean /older woman who is not a teacher, first time

Survivors (BBC 2008)
Tom/Al, threats
Tom/Any Male, prison, bitch
Tom/Greg, alpha, denial, control, tongue,

Sweeney Todd
Anthony/Johanna, lost, smile, cross-dressing, compass, confused, hourglass, paradise lost, unreal, stolen

Trina/Susan, baton, camera
Trina/Susan/Janet, tupperware

Swordspoint series – Ellen Kushner
Katherine/Marcus, devotion, exploration, mystery, blade

Haruka/Kantarou, married, jealousy
Raikou/Kantarou, bad-touch, necessary

Take the Lead
Danjou/Sasha/Ramos, tango, teamwork

Taking Woodstock
Elliot/Vilma, serve, protect, changes, revolution

Tales of Destiny
Leon/Chaltier, history, secrets
Miktran/Leon, pet
Stahn/Rutee, roleplay

Tales of Destiny 2
Karell/Chaltier/Judas, difficult
Loni/Nanaly, loss

Tales of Legendia
Elsa/Chloe, burn
Norma/Grune, wisdom

Tales of Symphonia
Kratos/Raine, argument, river, grass, magic, laughter, remembering.
Zelos/Sheena, gasp, card, magic, fight, wings.

Tales of the Abyss
Anise/Arietta, animalplay
Anise/Jade, flirt
Asch/Luke, closer, worth
Asch/Natalia, comfort, secret, breath, voyeurism, chance, hair, time
Guy/Luke, bonds, collar, lessons, service, private
Jade/Guy, technobabble
Jade/Peony, secret
Largo/Legretta, mutual respect
Legretta/Tear, lessons
Legretta/Van, time, change
Luke/Ion, hero, weakness
Luke/Van, domination, toy
Natalia/Tear, trust

Tales of Vesperia
Flynn/Yuri, bondage, boundaries, competition, trust, wall, bunny ears, courage, punishment, home, holiday, games, comfort, love, partners
Judith/Kaufman, fun
Raven/Yuri, trust, snark, understanding, excuses
Rita/Estelle, bonds, truth, experience, never, creativity, book
Rita/Estelle/Judith, strength
Rita/Judith, writing

Tamara/Chloe, the nice girl

Temeraire – Naomi Novik
Granby/Laurence, care, fidelity, distance, loyal, flight, honest, left
Granby/Laurence/Tharkay, Australia-fair, clouds, discreet, happy, song, still
Granby/Tharkay, light, maps, mist
Laurence/Tharkay, battles, comfort, liquor, ship, travellers, freedom, water
Will Laurence/Jane Roland, orders, leather, flight, gift, embrace, sympathy

Terminator Salvation
John Connor/Marcus Wright, machine, man, flesh, burn, faith, machine, new world, heart, battery, shock, beautiful, dupe, desire, escape, second chance, rescue, thank you, Skynet, infiltrate, link, Kyle, future, activate, fight, save, protect, flip, sacrifice, understand
Kyle Reese/Marcus Wright, difference, teach, trigger, run, machine, human, protect, age, Sarah, time, travel, dystopia, time travel, teenagers, attempted rape, savior
Marcus/Blair, Smoke, Gun, Metal, Heart, Pulse, Desert, Comfort, Glove

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Cameron/Derek/Kyle, any
Cameron/Sarah, never, few, loathe, sweet
Catherine Weaver/anyone, secrecy, means, plan, explore, imitate, curious, better, astonish
Charlie/Sarah, past, settle, normal
Derek/Allison, silence, lost, tunnels, wrists, hard ground, garden
Derek/Cameron, drunk, broken, eyes, rough, kitchen, promise, memories, allison, drought, pulse, human, beg
Derek/Jesse, trust, alive
Derek/John, wreck
Derek/Sarah, forgiveness, time travel, connection, pulse, fist, hardened, secret, rough, needy, urgency, desperation, keyboard, life, defeated, down, we, slumming, pistol, trust, memory, control, wrong, slowly, ready, time
Ellison/Sarah, heat, grief, comfort, city, joy, partners, firefight, sin, 'last days', worship, distance, again, proof, rain, rest, thief, revision, absolute
future!John/Derek, needful, knowing, other, future, crazed, bitter, bite, touch, waist, hard
Jesse/Riley, focus, submission
Jesse/Sarah, mutual, cause, soldier
John/Cameron, any, fashion, idle, marble, lace, destruction, command, metal, core, standard, skin, digital, secret, tunnels, future, karma, fairytale, heat, sensation, breeze, malfunction, strict, order, override, cold, shiny, guns, toys, rope, burn, teaching, sliver, suppose, battery, chapstick, filthy
Kyle/Allison, tunnel, guns, huddle, caught

That '70s Show
Donna/Eric/Hyde, basement, van, awkward, explain
Eric Foreman/Donna Pinciotti, reunion, spidey bedsheets
Eric/Jackie, desperate, fitting, bitching, kiss, boredom, Leia's-gold-bikini
Jackie Burkhart/Steven Hyde, unicorns
Jackie/Hyde, the 80s, zen, basement, memories

The 10th Kingdom
Virginia/Wolf, shoes, moon, desire

The 4400
Kyle Baldwin/Shawn Farrel, forbidden fruit, future, joy, prophet
Tom Baldwin/Marco Pacella, geek squad
Tom/Diana, coffee, mornings, taste, paint, yellow, remnants, when, partners, desk, heat, unexpected, what happens after

The Agency
Matt/Terri, undercover, fancy dress, underwear

The Avengers
John Steed/OFC

The Baby-Sitter's Club
Abby/Kristy, student council president, Kleenex, sad movies, the championship game, allergies

The Big Bang Theory
Howard/Penny, unexpected, strange, mechanics
Howard/Raj, erstwhile, comic book store, argue, abandon, shoot down, evidence, backfired, change, inadvertent, habits, jealous, whisper, subtext, unresolved, homoerotic, lifemates, partners, Wii, drinking game, boyfriends, crossdressing., pon farr
Leonard/Leslie, laser, health, fight, spank, sudden, rationale
Leonard/Penny/Sheldon, rules, logic, explicate, match, together, finally, fraction, synthesis, flash
Leonard/Sheldon, theoretical, reproduction
Leslie/Missy, begging, commitment, contemplate, disdain, touch, appearance
Missy/Penny, family resemblance, mattress, bridesmaids, waitresses, nails, talk, intentions, bulletproof
Penny/acting career, [any]
Penny/Leslie, steam, droll, flaw, density, synthesis, geeks, haystack, references, amused, challenge, incoherence, obligation, paradigm, Barbie, glasses, hypothesis, girlfriend, affair
Penny/Raj, local cuisine
Penny/Sheldon, [any], smart, cute, sexy, experiment, theory, function, web cam, email, rules, routine, thunder, provoke, perpetual motion, movie night, strike 2, stairway, for the win, football, user error, baseball metaphors, standard deviation, one day rush, plug and play, fanfic, personal, replicate, intent, wrong, compliment, reading lines, teaching Sheldon, virgin, scientific method, masturbation, shower, voyeur, hypothermia, strawberries, yellow clothing, proof, comfort, rejection, asexual, overcompensation, machine, hands, cockblock, religion, realization, adultery, loss, countertop, bottoms, routine, under-things, laundry, fumbling, bra clasp, entropy, suit, evolution, cornhusker, Thursday, score, prank war, chicken, knock, stairwell, experiment, knocking, chocolate, teach, sharp, vie, comfort, role-playing, virtual, warm, jealousy, pain, tongue, math, desire, gulp, mountain, art, ritual, nuance, cracked, documentary, tidy, lust, declaration, jetlag, order, neurotic, care, soft-kitty, mee-maw, slow-burning, crash, science, unequal, pop-culture, uncertainty, scientifically, apartment, blonde, alien, ponn farr, bond, detatched, halloween, hello kitty, cold, hypothermia, statistical improbability, ill, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter
Raj/Abby, Rock Band
Raj/Leslie, honour, payment, redefine
Sheldon/Leslie, judgment, mate, tachycardia, level
Sheldon/Raj, tattoo

The Birds
Melanie/Annie, educational

The Black Donnellys
Jenny/Tommy, sketch, coffee, knuckles
Kevin/any, jealous, violent, kiss, lucky

The Black Jewels – Anne Bishop
Daemon/Surreal, eyes, flower, sky, spike
Jaenelle/Daemon, claws, black, queen, healing, mischief, outdoors, phantom touch, tied down, trust, sadist
Karla/any, back, catch, laugh, soft
Surreal/Jaenelle/Daemon, moonlit, fur, silk, playful, dangerous, teaching, bloody, kitchen

The Boondock Saints
Connor/Murphy, sun, road trip, bottle, smart

The Bourne Series (movies)
Nicky/David, undercover, sigh, touch
Nicky/Jason, Paris, perfume, gloves, gun, on the lam

The Brady Bunch
Carol Brady/Mike Brady, doorknob, nose, tiger

The Breakfast Club
Bender/Brian, magazine
Claire/John, reunion, pale

The Brothers Bloom
Penelope/Bang Bang, everyone gets what they want, abandonment, honesty, explosion, phone

The Butterfly Effect
Tommy/Evan, path

The Charioteer – Mary Renault
Laurie/Ralph, ink-stains, dorm, school, library, lights-out, message, book, school

The Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny
Benedict/Fiona/Julian, mock
Corwin/Deirdre, dream, shadow, silk

The Chronicles of Elantra - Michelle Sagara West
Nightshade/Kaylin, dress, Outcaste, magic

The Chronicles of Narnia (any)
Caspian/Peter, stable boy, secret rendezvous, caught, running away
Caspian/Susan, second chances, high queen, transubstantiation
Edmund/any female but a Pevensie, magic, silks, knife
Edmund/Peter, king, forgiveness, slave
Jadis/Mr Tumnus, prisoner, cold, reluctant
Lucy Pevensie/Mr. Tumnus, court, snow, cross, eternity
Peter Pevensie/Susan Pevensie, gospel, frame
Peter/Caspian, reunite, love, forever, swords, fight, forgive, worship, king, seduce, blue, happy, manipulate

The Chronicles of Riddick
Riddick/Dame Vaako, descend, throne, smell
Riddick/Dame Vaako/Vaako, compromise
Riddick/Kyra, Underverse, Black, Hell, Cut, Death, Protect, Save, Pain, Time
Riddick/Vaako, collar, kidnap, consort
Riddick/Vaako, custom, marriage, aliens, unwanted
Riddick/Vaako, lithe, pale, strength, force, light, spike, sharp, wit, laugh, concubine, scars, animal, instinct, cold heat, Underverse, armor, shine, spar, bitch, pack, alpha, dominant, courtship, knife, cut, Furyan, gift
Riddick/Vaako, overwhelming, biting, teeth, swollen

The Closer
Brenda/Irene, secret, handcuffs, quiet
Brenda/Sharon, dislike, competition, fast

The Covenant
Tyler/Caleb/Reid/Pogue, witch-hunt, danger, heat, masquerade
Tyler/Reid, trouble, fingers, stain

The Darkangel Trilogy - Meredith Ann Pierce
Aeriel/Irrylath, earthrise, sheets, memories, dream, exchange, feather

The Devil Wears Prada (movie)
Emily/Andy, shape, snippy

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer
Ellen/Rose Red, fabric, meant to be, possession
Ellen/Sukeena, protection, truth

The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Carlos Ramirez/Thomas Raith, prey, that virginity problem
Harry Dresden/Jared Kincaid, blaze, help, kiss/kill, storm
Harry Dresden/Jared Kincaid/Thomas Raith, boom, fieldwork, incubus
Harry Dresden/John Marcone, magical restraints, narcotic spit, control, limits, compulsion, consort, kept, offering, tiger, pounce, heat, compulsion, brilliance, temporary insanity
Harry Dresden/Thomas Raith, books, leather, touch, poison, ecstasy, taboo, eyes, blood, lust, feeding, need, hunger, tears, training, restraints, torture, shattered, choice, fight, gift, sane, shower, undercover, mother, substitute, hairdresser
Harry/Lara, web, crystal
Kincaid/Murphy, rough, guns, Bahamas, swimsuit
Maeve/Harry, ice, temptation
Susan/Thomas, any

The Dresden Files (TV)
Harry/Morgan, jazz clubs, unsafe, Justin Morningway, anger, skin

The Dresden Files (any)
Harry Dresden/Maeve, simple, peace, height, season
Harry Dresden/Michael Carpenter, taint, sword, believe, synch,
Karrin Murphy/Anastacia Luccio, sword, easy, solid
Molly Carpenter/Maeve, fire, ice, magic

The Dreyfus Affair
Randy/DJ, home run, pinch-hitting, baby-sitting, maine, other team, just like with zsa-zsa, chocking up on the bat, third base

The Edukators (Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei)
Jan/Peter/Jules, Barcelona, nomadic, open secrets

The End of Mr. Y
Ariel/Adam, coded, infinite, Canaan

The Fall
Roy Walker/Nurse Evelyn, locket, halo, wish, wings

The Fast and the Furious
Brian/Dom, escape, Charger, orange, devotion, frustration, Mexico, jailbirds, career, obsession, cross, Mia, Letty, grief, partnership, the end, Nevada, broken down, vacation, on the lam, inside, upgrade
Brian/Rome, you're the only one I never lie to, not riding solo anymore
Brian/Verone, restraints, gun
Dom/Brian/Letty, skirmish, liquid, blaze, hands
Dom/Brian/Rome, speed, chase, ten-second car, the family you make, teamwork
Dom/Rome, challenge, alpha
Suki/Letty, girl's world, lipstick, pink

The Fixer
John/Rose, Outside, Sunday Morning

The Forbidden Game - L. J. Smith
Dee/Jenny, friends, I'll always need you
Cam/Kiah, siblings, family, secrets, games
Jenny/Julian, first star I see tonight, penalty, myth, accept, barriers, clarity, turn

The Forgotten (tv)
Alex/Grace, boxing, run, dance, reckless

The Forsaken
Nick/Sean, control freak, tired, complicated, cozy, shove

The Four Constables (comic)
Cold Blooded/Emotionless, cub

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Makoto/Chiaki/Kousuke, group, baseball, forever, leap

The Good Wife
Alicia/Amber, payment, punishment, innocence, experiment, anger,
Alicia/Carey/Kalinda, femdom, women, adults, competition, submit
Alicia/Cary, competition, boytoy, revenge, respect, suits, milf, once,
Alicia/Kalinda, beautiful, dress up, dry spell, fingering, oral, relax, selfish, sexy, tongue, brief, public, revenge, tender, kicking, back-up, drinks, sharpish, lilies, moonlit, silk, leather, secrets of her own, tequila, ten, chase heartbreak, humilated, quickie, tequila
Alicia/OFCs/OMCs, disillusionment, clamps, punishing, reward
Alicia/Peter/OFC, bdsm, escort, hidden tape, his kinks, partners, prostitute, enjoyable, force, wallflower, marriage, protect, open-eyes
Alicia/Peter/OMC, bad boy, bent, dominatrix, her kinks, ring gag, tied, atone, down, apology, unexpected, pick-up
Alicia/Will, late night, smile, touch, nostalgic, surrender, touch, comfort, slick, ice queen, sexual sabbatical, university, studying, alcohol, unrequited, desk, working late, not about you, UST, reality
Cary/Diane, judge, unexpected
Cary/Will, case law, counsel, probation, job performance, courtroom, sartorial choices, silk, first base, infield fly rule, trial, working late, stealing home, first time, may-december, sexual sabbatical, hotel rooms, habeas corpus, mentor
Kalinda/Will, no office politics, respite, hotel suite, bare feet

The Graveyard Book

The Haunting
Eleanor/Theo, chill
Hill House/Nell, trapped, fabric
Theo/Nell, light, shadow, taste

The Hidden (1987 movie)
Lloyd Gallagher/Tom Beck, almost lost, knowing who you are, believing, loss

The History Boys (any)
Dakin/Irwin, ache, drink, suck, swagger, look in the eye, cigarette, student, date, book, accident
Dakin/Scripps, friendship, God, abstinence, temptation
Posner/Scripps, religion, fingers, song

The Hollows
Ivy/Skimmer, jealousy
Ivy/Rachel, blood
Ivy/Kisten/Rachel, sugared

The House of Mirth (any)
Lawrence Selden/Lily Bart, tryst, secret, hope, letters

The Hunger Games
Katniss/Cinna, fire, fashion, twirl, focus, smile
Katniss/Madge, mockingjay, forbidden, secret, comfort
Katniss/Peeta, fake, cameras, bread, revolution, comfort

The Iliad – Homer
Helen/Hector, doomed, fate, proper

The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Emil Blonsky/Bruce Banner, any, vulnerability, dream. lazy, sweet, unrepentant, lines, medicine, surreal, watch

The Inside
Rebecca Locke/Virgil Webster, fallen, gossamer, notes, glow, switch, undercover

The IT Crowd
Douglas/April, revenge, reconciliation,
Douglas/Richmond, secrets, bend, lapse
Jen/Richmond, eyeliner, drawing, doorknob, dance
Moss/Jen, awkward, apart, detour
Moss/Richmond, closet, failure, misunderstanding
Moss/Roy, tie, convention
Moss/Roy/Jen, computers, toys, break, events, run, pretense
Richmond/April, parallel, relax, end
Roy/Jen, hopeless, walls

The Karate Kid
Daniel Larusso/Johnny Lawrence, costume, trophy, belt, car, school, radio, bicycle

The Lady Vanishes
Gilbert/Iris, adventure

The Lair
Damian/Colin, alpha, beta
Tim/Athan, sculpture, swim, show

The Last King of Scotland (film)
Nicholas Garrigan/Sarah Merrit, once, heat

The Last of the Mohicans
Uncas/Alice, night, before, leave, longing

The Last Remnant
Rush/David, inebriation
Rush/Torgul, animalistic, embrace, treasure, manipulate

The Last Unicorn
Haggard/Amalthea, happy
Molly/Amalthea, maiden
Schmendrick/Molly, finality, unicorn, magic, life, garlic

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Alan Quatermain/Tom Sawyer, mentor, sunshine, Africa, whiskey
Henry Jekyll/Captain Nemo, outcast, coffee, home
Henry Jekyll/Dorian Gray, hidden, cologne, knowing, cane
Henry Jekyll/Rodney Skinner, unwanted, eyes, trembling

The Legend of Zelda
Ganondorf/Zelda, castle, white, anticipation

The Little Mermaid
Ursula/Ariel, threat

The Long Walk
McVries/Stebbins, road

The Lord of the Rings
Frodo/Sam/Rosie, food
Merry/Eowyn, melancholy

The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets
Penelope/Harry, second chances

The Lost Boys
David/Dwayne, first, substitute, tension
David/Michael Emmerson, bikes, oil, weed, denial, craving, jealousy, master. [any]
David/Star, [any]
Michael/Sam, suck
Sam Emmerson/The Frog Brothers(either or both), sunshine, comics, initiation

The Magnificent Seven
Ezra Standish/Chris Larabee, candlelight, sweat, knives
Ezra Standish/Inez, skirts, song, wit, romance, holster

The Matrix
Agent Smith/Clones, masturbation
Agent Smith/Neo, mindfuck
Morpheus/Neo, religion, salvation, organic, shadows, red pill, program

The Mentalist
Cho/any, interrogate, biceps, deadpan
Cho/Jane, trick, saviour, magic, mourning, justice, celebration
Jane/Lisbon, trees, pencil, loss, dare
Rigbsy/Van Pelt, grace, undercover, manhandle, lies
Rigsby/Van Pelt, secret, discrete, job

The Middleman (TV series)
Middleman/Lacey, erasure, substitution, unbuttoned, thesaurus, loose
Roxy/Lacey, hazing, fur, drifting
Tyler/Noser, discord, counterpoint
Wendy/Tyler, zombie apocalypse, trainee, BTRS, catsuit, lovenado

The Middleman (any)
Lacey/Pip, Pollyanna, good, reinforcement
Lacey/Wendy, idea, naked, protest, art, rescue, laughter, bored, giggles, underwear
Middleman/Lacey, rescue, storybook, sunset, ending, lips, rescue
Middleman/Wendy, flame, handcuffs, knight, late, stars, wrists, sleep, silver, questions, hunt, "never have I ever", dress, the Nakatomi Protocol, decontamination, mind probes, lick, uniform.
Middleman/Wendy/Lacey, ret-con, giggle, twenty-four hours, pool, summer, hope
parallel!Middleman/parallel!Lacey, resistance, leather, hotwire, partner
Wendy (solo), tech, paint

The Mighty Boosh
Howard/Vince, bouncy-castle, music, afterglow, adventure
Neon/Ultra/Anthrax/Ebola, makeup, holiday, switch, competition, clash

The Mighty Ducks
Charlie Conway/Gordon Bombay, coach, captain, teach, training, grown-up, ice, blue line
Connie Moreau/Julie Gafney, room, warm, time, hair, glove, helmet
Gunnar/Julie, foreign, steal, victory
Jesse/Adam, secret lovers
Kenny Wu, figure skating, shoes, jersey, cold, breathe
Scooter/Julie, join, locker, new

The O.C.
Marissa/Summer, escape, need, want, release
Ryan/Anna, [any]
Ryan/Lindsay, Shakespeare, red, sigh, first time
Ryan/Seth, first time, held down, fast and hard, pain, jock strap, rough, secrets, college interview, dorm room, game, food, pool, pretentious, skin
Ryan/Summer, grief, waves, [any], heat, thrill, lipgloss
Ryan/Taylor, fantasy, alien, road trip, party, college, pretend, quake, shudder, tape, jungle gym, sway
Ryan/Theresa, first love, last love, smokes, hotel paper
Ryan/Volchok, bed, bottle, punches

The Office (US)
Andy/Oscar, reluctant, karaoke
Angela/Pam, prayer, short-hand, possessed, pillow, lace
Any/Any, sexual health awareness week
Erin/Kelly, bridesmaid, cross-dressing, lipgloss
Jan/Michael, first time, intentions, mistake, Jamaica
Jim/Karen/Pam, calm
Jim/Pam, first, cold, corner, haystack, domestic, out, in, gift, unexpected, maybe, renovations, desk, spring, curtain, tuxedo, conception
Jim/Pam/Ryan, spice
Karen/Pam, gloves, smudges, New York, static, dark chocolate, pin-curls, wonder, strong, smile
Karen/Pam, Manhattan, forbidden
Kelly/Ryan, OMG, compromise, boyshorts, photography, Thailand, familiar, NYC, lost, Facebook, Twilight
Kelly/Toby, revenge, Saturday morning cartoons, pink, alcoholics, gossip
Michael/Pam, mistake
Michael/Ryan, porn, tequila
Pam/Toby, realisation, envy, settling, smile, dinner

The Outsiders – S. E. Hinton
Dallas/Johnny, sweat, bruises, teeth, Johnnycake

The Pact
Lenny/Spence, practice

The Phantom
Phantom/Lamanda Luaga, midnight, visitor
Prince Rex/Princess Alicia/Captain Lara, compromise

The Phantom of the Opera
Raoul/Christine, safe, fantasy, makeup, privacy

The Philadelphia Story
Dexter/Mike/Tracy, rich, poor, class, judgemental, acceptance, grand, finale, tabloids

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
Basil/Dorian, symmetry

The Piglet Files
Peter/Sarah, bugged, secrecy, undercover

The President's Daughter series – Ellen Emerson White
Meghan Powers/Jack Taylor, first time, cad, heat, skiing, dorm room, spring break,
Meghan Powers/Preston Fielding, finally, west wing, oval office, graduation day, skiing, tennis, captured, kidnapper, first gentleman, tender, windsor knot, election day

The Pretender
Jarod/Miss Parker, catch me if you can, phone, pieces on the game board, play a new game, biology textbook, hurt, lie, deceive, bite, cat and mouse, thrill of the chase, clandestine meetings, isolated, kidnap, without a paddle, trapped, lockdown
Lyle/Miss Parker, brotherly love, you look just like her, it's just business
Miss Parker/Broots
Sydney/Miss Parker, daddy issues

The Princess and the Frog
Naveen/Tiana, calluses, syncopation, lightning, balloons, tabasco, king cake, rising, diaphanous, sparkling, comfort food, jazz, morning, spice, Lindy Hop, war, closing, savor, jungle, winter, knife, music, visiting, Maldonia, green, lazy afternoon
Tiana/Charlotte, dress-up, beignets, beads, prince

The Princess Bride
Westley/Buttercup/Inigo, comfort, kisses, masks, piracy, pulse
Westley/Inigo, lithe, mantle, motion, seasalt, steel

The Professionals
Bodie/Doyle, happiness, gun, Capri, gloves, curl, melt, burn, blue, green, escape, scotch, confiscated, rope, twist, admit, deny, guilt, recover

The Proposal
Andrew/Margaret, after, Alaska, allergies, baby-maker, date, editing, novel, tattoo, water, wedding

The Quick and the Dead
Rev/Lady, Drinking Game (He isn't as tough as he thought)

The Real Ghostbusters (TV)
Egon/Janine, embarrassed, forever, science
Janine Melnitz/Winston Zeddemore, Ecto-1
Peter/Egon, friends, language, mistaken, time
Peter/Janine, confidence, flirt
Peter/Ray, early, hero, music, stars
Ray Stantz/Winston Zeddemore, Drive-in Movie
Ray/Egon, gentle, smile, waiting
Ray/Janine, flowers, quiet, second
Winston/Janine, normal

The Rose Tattoo - Tennesee Williams
Jack/Rosa, just once, connection, full moon

The Royal Tenenbaums
Margot/Richie, secret, can't, ache

The Rundown
Beck/Travis, artifact, orgy, sun god, altar, restraint, submissive, skill, choice, squatter, well, dirty, recipe

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Clyde Langer/Luke Smith, adrenaline, delight, dreams, expectations, sport, technology, trade
Clyde/Luke, alien intervention, saviour, joke, mobile, normal, observation, rescue, sleepover, teach
Gita Chandra/Haresh Chandra, schoolgirl
Rani Chandra/Eve, exploration, friendship, happy

The Secret Circle - L.J. Smith
Cassie/Adam, hurt, act, sun, coffee, creative, private
Cassie/Chris/Doug, bikini, college, fire, games, snowball fight, surprise, sweet, wild, winter
Cassie/Nick, water, breathe, oil, outside, lonely, cold, bruise
Deborah/Diana, garden, graduation, heels, longing, lush
Deborah/Diana/Nick, bed, black, bonfire, cotton, dress, goddess, heart, jeans, lips, morning, pizza, red, sheets, shift, silk, sleep, stars
Deborah/Nick, coffee, dreams, Egypt, green, red, sand, smoke, travel
Diana/Nick, [any], secret, cotton, smoke, contact, salt, chance

The Sentinel
Alex Barnes/Jim Ellison, tantric, mating instincts, revenge, recognition, perfect, biting
Alex Barnes/Naomi Sandburg, guide, scent, beautiful, flexible, scenic route, artist
Blair Sandburg/Jim Ellison, amnesia, collar, campfire, bite marking, make up sex, experiment, kama sutra
Carolyn Plummer/Jim Ellison, difficult case, tuxedo, bet, guilty verdict, champagne, competence, honeymoon, last time
Incacha/Jim Ellison, blue jungle, advice, memories, waterfall, orchids, teaching, birds in flight
Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, uniform, hot tub, truck, camera, silk, ink
Jim Ellison/Lee Brackett, partners, blackmail, undercover, reluctant attraction, temporary alliance, opposites, good/bad guy reversal
Jim Ellison/Simon Banks, burnout, secrets, divorce, down low, fishing

The Shawshank Redemption
Andy/Red, Zihuatanejo, sailboat, chess, freedom, truth

The Ship Who Sang - Anne McCaffrey
Helva/Niall Parollan, circumvention, mutual, nontraditional, technophilia

The Simpsons
Apu/Manjula, flower, trying to conceive, braid
Carl/Lenny, sky, gutter, beer, handshake, cereal, summer

The Sisters Grimm
Puck/Sabrina, superglue, high school, showoff, bad puns

The Song of the Lark - Willa Cather
Thea/Fred, nightblooming

The Song of the Lioness - Tamora Pierce
George/Alanna/Jonathan, knight, rogue, dove, sword, Gift
George/Thom, substitute, absence
Jonathan/Thayet, queen, rule, hawk

The Sound and the Fury
Caddy/Quentin - contrition, growing up, restless

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Maddie/London, closet, jealousy, pretty things, manual labor

The Talented Mr Ripley
Dickie Greenleaf/Marge Sherwood, maintenance, awkward-first-time, bathtub, sea, steam, drunk, Italy
Marge Sherwood/Meredith Logue, acquaintances, mourning, conspiracy, discoveries, want, slick, lipstick, girdle
Marge Sherwood/Peter Smith-Kingsley, awkward, you're gay, only girl, helping, expected
Tom Ripley/Marge Sherwood, observing, skin, hate sex, never, why?
Tom Ripley/Peter Smith-Kingsley, litany, redemption, basement, AU, survival, hiding, love

The Tempest – Shakespeare
Ferdinand/Ariel, air, water
Miranda/Caliban, learning
Miranda/Ferdinand, brave

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall - Anne Bronte
Helen/Gilbert, memory, flinch, affection, smile

The Thin Blue Line
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib, defense, sweet
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib/Frank Gladstone, elephant impression, training exercise, baton
Raymond Fowler/Patricia Dawkins, exasperated
Robert Kray/any, curry

The Three Investigators (Crimebusters)
Jupiter Jones/any, intellect, plump

The Tick
Batmanuel/Captain Liberty, repeat offender

The Tomorrow People
Adam/Ami, waves

The Triangle (2005)
Bruce Geller/Howard Thomas, change, paradoxes, words

The Tudors
Anne/Cromwell, seduction, beg, fire, kiss, forbidden

The Unbearable Lightness of Being – Milan Kundera
Tomas/Tereza, idyll

The Uninvited (2009 movie)
Anna/Mildred, stories

The Unusuals
Banks/Delahoy, plastic, doctor, birthday, stripper
Casey Shraeger/Jason Walsh, vices, skittles, surveillance, covers, stir, accept, enthusiasm, overtime, handcuffs, perp walk
Casey Shraeger/Davis, cowgirl on top, expectation, money
Delahoy/Crumb, break up to make up
Jason Walsh/Allison Beaumont, woman, adults, tough, compromise, public, lust, games, friendship, banter, content

The Vampire Diaries – L. J. Smith
Matt/Meredith/Stefan, grief, comfort, attic, blood, hands, watching, want
Meredith/Damon, voyeur, Italy, temptation, seduction, hate, taste

The Vampire Diaries (tv)
Damon, watching
Damon/Elena, guilt, freedom
Damon/Elena/Stefan, any
Damon/Katherine, innocence
Damon/Katherine/Stefan, indolence
Damon/Stefan, laughter, past and present, eternity, century, yin and yang, remorse, time, regret, ties that bind, military, death, into the sunlight
Damon/Vicki, jitters
Elena/Bonnie, magic, rush, silky, snar
Elena/Stefan, blood
Stefan/Katherine, sweet

The Vampire Diaries (any)
Alaric/Jenna, absinthe
Bonnie/Damon, chocolate, first, silk, wonder, wrong, forbidden, want, lust, rain, fingers, fear, pain, rough, layer, cemetary, appologies, redemption
Bonnie/Damon/Elena/Meredith/Stefan, share, wet, spells
Bonnie/Elena, feathers, refuge, taste, fingers, blankets
Bonnie/Elena/Caroline, sleepover, care
Bonnie/Elena/Meredith, girl's night in, candy, magic, tricks, in charge, taffy, bondage
Caroline/Damon, control, fairytale, down, lips, scream, spice
Caroline/Elena, truth or dare
Caroline/Matt, cherish, tender, untamed, white, cake
Damon/Elena, gently, float, dependance, proximately, wake, irresponsible, thigh, photo
Damon/Elena/Stefan, [any], patterns, history, trace
Damon/Stefan, history, meetings
Damon/Vicki, regret, lust
Elena/Stefan, "Twilight", enthusiasm, oral, broken, lost, redemption, collide, rain, smile
Jeremy/Tyler, issues

The Venture Bros.
Brock/Hank, return, hair, jacket
Dr Girlfriend/The Monarch, adoration, femme, pegging, protective, thigh-high
Monarch/Sheila, wings, throne, fortress, science

The Village
Ivy Walker/Lucius Hunt, lost, redeemed, gentle

The Virgin Suicides
Cecilia/Lux/Mary/Therese/Bonnie, rotting

The Wallflower
Sunako/Kyohei, ghosts, cold, shrimp, competition, blood, rope, taken, sex pollen

The Warriors
Ajax/OFC, rough
Swan/Ajax, challenge
Swan/Mercy, flower

The West Wing
Ainsley Hayes/CJ Cregg, spirit of bipartisanship, opposites, red lipstick, ballroom, high heels, disapproval, press interference
Ainsley Hayes/Sam Seaborn, California, Republican, dance, baking, years, election, cupcake, carpet burn, banter, loyalty, inevitable, decadent, stop talking, competition, flowers
Amy Gardner/Donnatella Moss, sarcasm, lipstick, necklace, scotch
Amy Gardner/Donnatella Moss/Joshua Lyman, rivalry, porno
Amy Gardner/Joey Lucas, signs, illicit, strap-on, tease, girls' night
Amy Gardner/Josh Lyman, balloons, hurt, hot, old time's sake
Andrea Wyatt/Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, triangle, ring, lovestruck, entropy
Andrea Wyatt/Toby Ziegler, balcony, public, vodka, ribcage, accident, apology, voyeur, quotidian, idling, throat, arcadia, rooftops, whiskey, flowers, rage, library, jealousy, territorial, baseball, iced tea, wedding dress, limo, monument, field trip, picnic, guitar, yacht
Ann Stark/CJ Cregg, Democratic majority, leaking information, red
Annabeth Schott/Lou Thornton, secret tattoos, the old guard, new administration
CJ Cregg/Danny Concannon, goldfish, hands
CJ Cregg/Danny Concannon/Toby Ziegler, kitchen, writing
CJ Cregg/Josh Lyman, closed, cover, halcyon, pleased, shared, waiting
CJ Cregg/Josh Lyman/Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, fieldtrip, ideogram, entropy, trust
CJ Cregg/Sam Seaborn, trouble, crush, hands, laughing, pants, CJ's couch
CJ Cregg/Toby Ziegler, college, grad school, prose, after the fact, two bottles of expensive champagne, trust, touch, hate you, battle, wordplay
Colin Ayres/Donnatella Moss, fling, photo, bright
Danny Concannon/Josh Lyman, college, Fulbright, guys, insider, trade, alley
Donnatella Moss/Josh Lyman, dance, love me do, tender, file, tension, desk, tie, desk, love, waiting, supermajority
Donnatella Moss/Toby Ziegler, adamant, saturnine, mile-high
Jed Bartlet/Toby Zeigler, devotion, hubris, anxiety, balance
Josh Lyman/ Donnatella Moss/Sam Seaborn, comfort, beautiful
Josh Lyman/Sam Seaborn, press release, office, caught, White House, public, politics, office, goodbye, challenge, Congress, words, tradition, sweaters, Thanksgiving, rapprochement, sweater, quietude, secrets, logophile
Josh Lyman/Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, drunk, fragile, baseball
Josh Lyman/Toby Ziegler, rapprochement, mutual, hide, poppies, stoop, coffee
Kate Harper/Will Bailey, undercover, nerves, tired
Sam Seaborn/adult!Huck Wyatt-Ziegler, strangeways, horology, ineluctable, library, heliotropism, dorm, promise, newspapers, ictus, entropy, gauche
Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, airplane, sporting, look, boat, summer, ink, inseams, birthday, dictionary, gift, swallow, oxymoron, rapprochement, salt, heliotropism, torn, hatreds, letters, jubilee, sophistry, promise, NYC, cigar, afterglow, bar, crush, boss, discipline, scholion, backseat
Sam Seaborn/Will Bailey, new office, first day, champagne, election day, beach, worried, rough, sleep, silk ties, strategy, opposition research

The Whole Nine Yards
Jimmy/Jill, his clothes, career, stories, teamwork

The Whole Wide World
Robert/Novalyne, please

The Wire
Stringer/McNulty, surveillance, upper hand, the game

The Worst Witch
Ethel/Drusilla, dominance, homecoming,
Ethel/Enid, power struggle, sarcasm

The X-Files
Doggett/Reyes, tree, street, picture frame
Krycek/Marita, normal
Marita/Krycek, betrayal, kill, justice, chase
Mulder/Scully, burnt-out, ruins, faded, time, whispers, goodbye, home, unrequited, bar, bruises, anger, reading, glasses, motel, shower, pillow, telephone, tornado, timing, tourist, wish, hope, slow, fitting perfectly together, won't give in, pinned
Scully/Krycek, lately, pilot, goggles, logic, bamboo, umbrella, zen
Scully/Reyes, apocalypse, end, guilt, drunk
Scully/Skinner, shower, surprise, boss, need
Skinner/Mulder, plot, movie, box, cat, random, videogames

There Will Be Blood
Daniel/Eli, litany

Thick of It
Jamie/Malcolm, 10, crisis, idiots, fixers, Al Johnson, ipod, threats, companionship, curse, foul, friends, stress, Scots, companionship, subterfuge, politics, Nutter

Third Watch
Faith/Cruz, redemption
Kim/Alex, bunk

Brendan Dean/Freya McAllister, alley, blindfold, candles, fingers, experimentation, handcuffs, honey, kiss, shower, silk, sweet, tender, toes, trust, wall!sex, wrists, harmless fantasy, tie, nervous, gift, intrusion, synergy, distraction, captive, privacy, practice, uniform, mature, new, pegging
Brendan Dean/Freya McAllister/Michael Welles, share, alive, team, jealousy, listen, struggle, team, trust, whisper, wrists
Freya McAllister/Michael Welles, training, literature, privacy, independent, frustration

Three Colours Red
Valentine/Auguste, discovery, litigation

Lion-O/Pumyra, first time, welcome home, shyness, strength

Tin Man
Ambrose/Lavender Eyes, naming, chances, riddled
Azkadellia/Cain, forgiveness, wicked, dark
Azkadellia/Zero, memory, zippers, corset
Cain/DG, consort, apple, reaching, gift
Cain/Glitch, off-kilter, repaid, tea, wreckage, dry
DG/Glitch, talented, spring

Tom Brown's Schooldays - Thomas Hughes
Tom/Flashman, caning

Tomb Raider (films)
Bryce/Hillary, dishevelled, waiting

Alonso/Jack, warmth, repeat
Gwen/Jack, practice, patience, anything goes, restless, new, affair, gun, longing, feud, once, fantasy, touch, reunion, gun
Gwen/Owen, needles, tattoos, photographs, small prick
Ianto/Owen, angelic, bathing, cross-dressing, need, lust, lost chances, death, forgiveness, Jack, relationships, dysfunctional, happily ever after, broken, goodbyes, forever, never, indefinite, all that glitters, shattered, illusions, promises, sounding
Jack/Gwen/Rhys, share, normal, future, integration, forget, trust, pack, possession
Jack/Ianto, lipstick, games we play, grave, water, roses, past, inevitable, office, stapler, uniform, glee, joke, rooftop, watch, hub, stranded, lost, time, games, sharp, dress
Jack/Jack, rift, rivet, round, intercrural
Jack/John, face-off, hurt, time loop
Jack/Owen, candlelight, complex, loss, instruct, scheme, harsh, breath, team, shaving
Jack/Rhys, impulse, irresistible, contact, Gwen, curiosity, voyeur, rebel, imagine
Johnson/PC Andy, oncle-terror, interrogation
Rhys/Gwen, forgiveness, baby, tired, sugar
Rhys/Ianto, trust
Tosh/Ianto, hiding, quiet, data
Tosh/Jack, grief, slowly
Tosh/Mary, sudden

Tortall - Tamora Pierce
Kel/Neal/Yuki, spar, heal, history, Yamani, pride, friend, home, relax, swim, ship, return, poetry, moon, bright, blossom

Total Drama Island
Duncan/Courtney, fight, fun, win
Heather/Gwen, frustration, cold

Mark Renton/Diane, clubbing, deceiving, high

Transformers Animated
Megatron/Shockwave/Lugnut, competition, loyal, competent, leader
Strika/Lugnut, consort, trophy, general, Charr, Megatron, dominant

Transformers: Beast Wars
Megatron/Dinobot II/Rampage, replacement, transference
Megatron/Dinobot, betrayal, Hamlet, revolution
Megatron/Rampage, spark, torture, turnabout

Transformers: Generation 1
Cyclonus/Scourge, comfort, replacement, box, prison, bound
Cyclonus/Ultra Magnus, warriors, Quintessions, respect
Galvatron/Cyclonus, healing, loyalty, Unicron, destruction, battlefield
Galvatron/Cyclonus/Scourge, triad, insanity, conquest, resistance
Jazz/Optimus, playing our song, red, loyalty, carry on, put your burden down
Megatron/Shockwave, lonely, waiting, reward, manipulation, guardian
Megatron/Starscream, Russian roulette is not the same without a gun, baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun
Red Alert/Inferno, comfort, protection, safe sane and consensual
Starscream/Skyfire, old friends, second chances, let's try this one more time, I knew him once, betrayal, Don't say you're happy/Out there without me/I know you can't be
Sunstreaker/Sideswipe, kid-friendly sociopath, brothers, mine, arena, paint, wax job
Tracks/Raoul, city, carwash, humanwash, breakdancing

Jay/Tyler, caught, clothes, furtive, hidden, ripped, silence
Jay/Tyler/Will, confined, hands, rain, style, tent, even, forgiveness, friends, future, perspective, punish, rain, raw, shelter, stripped, skewed
Jay/Will, running, shower, trust issues, wrong
Tyler/Will, in the end, survival, trust

Vash/Wolfwood, sermon, kids, target practice, lies

Trinity Blood
Abel/Cain, blasphemers, keeper
Abel/Vaclav, blood, communion, confession, kneeling
Caterina/Tres, devotion, loyalty, life, blood, softness, red, wire, spark
Esther/Shahrazad, survive, family, friend, uniform, warm, safe
Mirka/Seth, decoy, advice, sweetness, lock

Jonty/Ross, picnic, rowing, cravat, first time, tattoo, "I'll teach you to jump on the wind's back, and away we go", top hat, photograph, sweater, straddling, bedhead, drunk

Flynn/Alan/Lora, executive, teamwork
Flynn/Ram, power, worship
Flynn/TRON/Yori, kiss, new

Tropic Thunder
Kirk Lazurus/Kevin Sandusky, awe

Tru Calling
Tru/Andrew, water, phone call

True Blood
Bill/Sookie/Eric, respect, sharing
Bill/Sam, alliance
Eric/Bill, pet
Eric/Godric, maker, centuries, tears, face, dreams, scars, sunlight, cold, comfort, thirst, marks, teeth, hope, bound, beginning, marking, tasting, magic, family, sunrise, death, entwine, fangs, conquer, sand, technology, boredom, danger, praise
Eric/Godric/Sookie, [any]
Eric/Jason, delicious, substitution, mark, handcuffs
Eric/Jason/Lafayette, twisted
Eric/Jessica, lost, alone, forever, virgin, cold, dead, blood, drip, teach, desire, weakness, dust, red, stone, wall
Eric/Lafayette, do over, hide and seek, dark, nightmare, blood, high, imprisonment, violence, whimper, payment, side effects, pulse, trick, thrall, tribute, pretty, age, price, useless, post-apocalypse, hero, invisible, unconscious, debt, payment, excitement
Eric/Pam, wake up, welcome to your new life
Eric/Sookie, bond, dreams, bitten, tongue, primal, need, eyes, skin, heartbeat, inevitable, dream state, trust, blood, Fangtasia, alliance, payment, confidence, protection, skin, teeth, chill, moonlight, distrust, want, uncontrolled, palm, fury, head, phonesex, betrayal, leather, hands, gravel, surrender, heartbeat, taste, addiction, joy, strong, blood, irresistible, push, bite, sweet
Eric/Sookie/Jason, greed
Eric/Tara, angry, wrong, WTF?, molten
Godric/Jason, instead
Godric/Sookie, [any]
Jason/Lafayette, come-on, hither, unplanned
Jason/Lafayette/Sam, tasty
Jason/Sam, beer
Jason/Sookie, dream, drunk, rain, shower, wall!sex, wrists
Jessica/Hoyt, milk, pink, fireworks, bird, pain, sorry, boredom, vein
Lafayette/Sam, bar, employment, Merlotte's, vampirism
Pam/Eric/Sookie, dream
Sookie/Pam, clothes, girl talk, secrets, whispers
Sookie/Bill, ravished, push, need, protect, apocalypse, Fresca
Sookie/Jessica, girly, blood
Sookie/Tara, sisters, candy, summer, sweat
Sophie-Anne/Eric, bite, blood, rough

Trust Me
Simon/Mason, beer, touch, accent

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Fai/Kurogane, sign language, home, blood, lies
Kurogane/Fai, still bites
Touya/Yukito, responsibility, yearn, protect, govern

Twelfth Night (1996 film)
Orsino/Cesario, bath, smoke, bed
Orsino/Viola/Sebastian/Olivia, wine, song, feast

Twilight (movie)
Bella/Jacob, eat, sunshine, bloodplay, reckless, motor oil, sweat, feathers, heavenly, exorcism
Edward/Jessica, trifle
Eric/Mike, prom kings, tutoring, secrets
Eric/Tyler, yearbook candids, high school reunion
Eric/Tyler/Mike, rumor, surprises, college
Mike/Tyler, football, locker room sex, hurt/comfort, roughhousing, competition, spring break

Twilight (any)
Alice/Bella, baby doll, seams, measurements
Alice/Emmett, teacup, football, tutu, cheater, belly laugh, Monopoly
Alice/Rosalie, gold, glitter
Bella/Edward/Jacob, heat, waiting, overcome, guilt, desperation, two worlds, shock
Bella/Rosalie, truck bed, warning
Bella/Tanya, ink-stained, divorce
Edward/Bella, obsessed, abusive, predator, naive, idiot
Emmett/Angela, finders keepers, protecting
Jacob/Nessie, change, accidental, jealous
Jasper/Bella, lavender, bathrobe, hydrogen peroxide, taste
Jasper/Rosalie, brick, surnames, frost, stole
Kate/Tanya/Irina, harem
Rosalie/Tanya, bet, fireplace, drift, newborn, ruby

Twin Peaks
Albert/Dale, amigo, sandals, marathon, tent, wings, danger, case, exhaustion, disbelief, laughter
Albert/Sam, scientific methods
Audrey/Dale, mistake
Audrey/Laura, lipstick, signals, woods
Bobby/Shelley, danger, dawn, sneak, spice
Chester Desmond/Sam Stanley, counting, found, escape, confusion
Dale/Audrey, supple
Dale/Harry, blind, costume, fleece, wine
Laura/Maddy, skin, curtains

Ugly Betty
Amanda/Betty, braces, clever, lush, sly, stolen, neighbors, warmth, drawn, confessions
Betty/Daniel, changes, reality, temptations, cost, rescue, 2015, road trip, hike, realization,, editor, shoes, reassurance, Justin, watch, office, relaxation, something borrowed, photograph.
Daniel/Betty, fitting, curves, lust, realizations, curves, pink, impulse
Daniel/Marc, flirtation, gay, morning, suit, razor, fall, dare, blow-job, fashion, bulldozed, giddy, mojitos

Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Beatrice/Battler, leash, boot-licking, begging, whipped cream, out-wolfed, furniture, incompetent
Beatrice/Battler/Ronove, chocolate, voyeurism, turning the tables, pinned, mocking, whisper, ears
Lambadelta/Bernkanstel, konpeito bath, mutual aggression
Moetrice/Beatroll, mirrors, big sister
Ronove/Battler, yes your majesty, whim, teasing, the proper location

Selene/Michael, feral, pegging

United States of Tara
Tara/Max, multiples

Up in the Air
Alex/Ryan, burrito, heavenly bed, don't leave a mark
Natalie/Ryan, roommates, thank you, family, surprise

V (2009)
Erica/Jack, confession, The Thorn Birds, forgotten, sin, white, moving, run, hide, safe, uprising, blood, books

Alberich/Skif, undercover, sneakthief, companion
Keren/Sherrill, comfort
Kethry/Jadrek, love, children, clan
Ma'ar/Firesong, nightmare, memory, guilt
Stefen/Tylendel, dream

Danny/Kate, bullseye

Valkyria Chronicles
Faldio/Welkin, war, college, learning, nature
Rosie/Isara, courage, tank, strength, rest
Welkin/Alicia, Lion's Paw, honor, Valkyria, beetle-tastic, compliments, promises

Vampire Academy
Dimitri/Rose, bloodwhore, obsession, athletic

Vampire Game
Ishtar/Darres, grown up, playful, chase, command
Ishtar/Duzell, history, blood, riches, realization

Vampire Hunter D
D/D's Hand, desperation

Vampire Knight
Ichiru/Zero, unforgiven, blood, bound
Kaname/Aidou, obedience
Kaname/Yuki, candlelight, fire, blood, flowers, snow
Kaname/Zero, possession, passion, blood, pain
Zero/Yuuki, sacrifice, scent

Charley/Johnny, desperate, ambitious, sway, dignity, caricature, favourite, bullet, back-and-forth, sin, bath
Johnny/Rayfelle, reflection
Rayfelle/(adult)Cheryl, punishment, God's judgment
Rayfelle/Charlie, in dreams, temptation

Vengeance Unlimited
KC/Mr. Chapel, Trust, Partners

Verbotene Liebe
Christian/Oliver, rubber duck, immobilized, rimming, slow, tease, sun light

Veronica Mars
Casey/Veronica, silk, sweet, tender, wrists
Cassidy/Mac, AU, broken, first time, New York
Lamb/Veronica, cell, handcuffs, angry, undercover, comfort, tender, kisses, undercover, drunk, nail polish
Liam/Veronica, bruises, chair, drugged, drunk, dub-con, handcuffs, non-con, pool table, rope, rough, struggle, wall!sex, wrists
Lilly/Veronica, crush, pool, fight, memory
Logan/Mac, MacBook, rebound, smirk, bridges
Logan/Veronica, lessons, laundry, lariat, level, reunion, true, heart, at last, spiral, repetition, fantasy, finally, first time, unsaid, breakable, love, hate, fear, hope
Logan/Weevil, 09er, criminal, power, pay
Mac/Weevil, brainy
Rafe/Horschach (from episode 'My Big Fat Greek Rush Week'), prisoner
Troy/Veronica, beach, hot tub, ice, ocean, pool, rain, river, shower, storm, water, wrists
Veronica/Weevil, back-up, trust, confidence, unprepared, stuck, edge, overlook, smart mouth, not Lilly, partners, quid pro quo, Logan, rich girl, smart, motorcycle, saturn, grease, engine, revved

Scottie/Judy, roles

Asami/Feilong, heat, feelings, true
Ryouichi Asami/Akihito Takaba, escape, rewind, love, dog, hunger
Yoh/Feilong, hope, precious, protection

Violinist of Hameln
Hamel/Flute, royalty, forbidden, unholy, kindness, wings, demon, music, healing, family

W Delta Z (aka The Killing Gene)
Eddie/Danny, get you off

Jenna/Dr. Pomatter, here, safe, comfort, mine

Walking and Talking
Amelia/Andrew, [any]

Wallander/Martinsson, Idiot, Aftermath, Relaxation

Wanted (show)
Eddie Drake/Faye Templeton, bomb, faith, fear, cross, dream
Eddie Drake/Lucinda Rose, beer, desperate, pegging, table, high heels

Arthas/Jaina, roses, beholden, longing, wish, hope
Kael'thas/Arthas, example, power, hate, revenge
Kael'thas/Jaina, jealousy, lust
Malfurion/Illidan, fallen, preparation, Tyrande, struggle, jealousy
Nefarion/Vaelastrasz, triumph, subjugation, flames, death
Zul'Jin/Ashli, voodoo

Warehouse 13
Artie Nielsen/James McPherson, comicbook, assignation, clues, teamwork, sidewalk, freedom
Claudia/Myka, artifacts, inappropriate, fighting, secret, recognition, my hero, surprise

Adrian Veidt/Dr Manhattan, mortal, knowledge, time, slutty bottom, greed, copies
Bill Brady/Byron Lewis, noble
Comedian/Adrian Veidt, scars
Comedian/Moloch, magic
Comedian/Rorschach, hero worship
Comedian/Silk Spectre I, baby, endings
Comedian/Silk Spectre II, smoke, unforgiven, unknown
Daniel Dreiberg/Rorschach, vampire, grounded, coffee, hiding, confusion, stillness, neon, grindhouse, pornography, cereal, noon, closer, mouth, red
Daniel Dreiberg/Laurie Juspecykz, rope, winter, glasses, power, anal-play, heights
Hollis Mason/Sally Jupiter, belonging
Silhouette/Nurse, bandages, white, ashtray, lipstick
Silk Spectre/Nite Owl/Rorschach, forgiveness, mattress, scratch, midnight

We Need to Talk About Kevin
Kevin [solo], watching, butter

Andy/Nancy, Mexico, coffee, trunk, promises, need, revenge, morning, rattle, nails, fingertips, sudden, trust, running
Celia/Jill, bitch
Nancy/Celia, sarcasm
Nancy/Conrad, bar

Weiss Kreuz
Aya/Yohji, blood, date, dance, messy, muffled, nightclub, struggle
Berger/Geisel, fire, mind, heart
Crawford/Schuldig, anarchy, cigarette, control, drug, dye, punish, rebellion, first, last, thought, future, dreaming, Russia, home
Farfarello/Sally, love
Nagi/Tot, purity
Schuldig/Aya, guilt
Schuldig/Nagi, silence, telekinesis, aspiration, learning, longing
Schuldig/Yohji, alcohol, secret, slut
Yohji/Ken, friends, spying, life

What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Gilbert/Becky, inspiration, lake

Whip It
Bliss/Maggie, learning, curious
Bliss/Maven, rivals, hair-pulling, fishnets, breath
Bliss/Pash, bruised, manic panic, ivy league, party, bed, skirt, smile, the pageant life, earrings, rockabilly, best friend necklaces, college, reunion
Eva/Rosa, hot tub, fingers, secret, strap-on

White Collar
Clinton Jones/anyone, smile, down, played
Diana/Elizabeth Burke, kiss, unfulfilled, guess
Diana/Lauren Cruz, sparkle, smirk, hat
Diana/Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke, new, paperwork, birthday
Elizabeth Burke/Lauren Cruz, on the side, strawberries
Elizabeth Burke/Lauren Cruz/Peter Burke, welcome, teamwork, laugh, caught, habit, hero worship
Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey, sharing, hat, drag, dress-up, the finer things
Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, change, display, odd, window, earring, friends, anniversary, crazy, sharp dressed man, lingerie, shopping, matching underwear, tied down, bed, triad, unconventional, love, marriage, home, old jazz, time, bet, touch, longing, freedom, broken, treasure hunts, shelter, teaching., blush, peacock, pegging, red-eye, bouquet, calibration, rain, cross-dressing, dance, date, dessert, marriage, keep, share, open, whipping cream, professionalism, pretenses, clothes, ice, painting, birthday, pajama, Peter Burke, secret, clothes, party, closet, favor
Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke, Belize, Neal Caffrey, work, love, trust
June/Neal Caffrey, heat, sweat, money, class, old school, sugar, mama, cougar, sweet, amusement, bemusement, obeisance, attendance, escort, esquire, queen, knight, courtly, death, widow, debt, payment, whore, squire, agreement, conversation, contract, Devore, party, dance, pretty
Kate Moreau/Neal Caffrey, music box, betrayal, wine, undercover, sorry, wineglass, stubble
Lauren Cruz/Neal Caffrey, masterpiece
Mozzie/Neal Caffrey, getaway car, fake ID, cult classics, hat trick, nearsighted, paint smears, standby, wrists
Neal Caffrey, surveillance
Neal Caffrey/Mozzie, friends
Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, 5-years-later, chase, hat-fu, jealous, kiss drunk, mine, caught, new suit, protection, mine, Antigua, art, cells, run, trust, cold feet, chase, ring, catch, possessive, mischievous, grin, shirt, kiss., poker, fingering, pheromones, midnight, strip-poker, caught, paint, cool, perfect, rooftop, reversal, massage, comfort, bet, beg, bed, celebrate, rules, bed, trust, nerves, hotel, apology, compromise, morning-after, second-time, tie, obscure, run, clothes, sexting, dance, hat, obligation, prison fantasy, prison nightmare, consequence, undercover, kinky, jealous, origami, porn film, partners-in-crime, bruises, handcuffs, lonely, drunk, five years ago, permission slip, undercover, walking the dog, New Year's Eve, hidden message, tailor-made, plan, inconstant, manipulated, consequential, fluorish, silk, punishment, tongue, tangle, unstoppable, wall, desperate
Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke/Lauren Cruz, morning-after, crimesolving, adventure, command

Chandler/Kent, bed, tired, tie, morning

Whole Nine Yards
Jimmy/Oz, hidden, oblivious, tied down, find, miss, open, kinky, sexy, lick, danger, passport

Elphaba/Galinda, diamonds

Wilby Wonderful
Buddy/Carol, Korea
Duck, window
Duck/Buddy, salt
Duck/Dan, apples, calm, paint, home, break
Sandra/Carol, summer

Wild Magic
Daine/Numair, magelet, pet, wicked

Wild Things
Duquette/Sam, dirty
Suzie/Sandra, sister

Peter/Lizzie, game, set, rooftops, victory, celebration, tender, bouncy, racquet, soft, sporty, shower

Wing Commander IV
Admiral Tolwyn/Tamara "Panther" Farnsworth, borderline, betrayal, secrets

Wings of Desire
Damiel/Cassiel, synaesthesia
Damiel/Marion, salt

Wire in the Blood (TV or books)
Tony/Carol, give, submission, wine

Wire in the Blood (TV)
Alex/Carol, meeting, comparison, push
Alex/Paula, respect, handcuffs, adrenaline
Alex/Tony, office, dominate, dark, lipstick, quick, comfort, date, skirt
Tony/Carol, unfinished, frisson, Paris, phone call, proximity, regret, rain, finally, history

Witch Hunter Robin
Amon/Robin, fugitive, loneliness, candles, chanting, latin, fire, ice, night, power, wound, church, astray, car, candle, sin, nightmare, masturbation, Rome, adrenaline, stifled

Without a Trace
Danny/Martin, tie, unfamiliar, lost, help
Martin/Jack/Danny, striptease
Samantha/Elena, fingers

Wizards of Waverly Place
Justin/Alex, bodyswap, jealous, vampire, potion, genderswap, crying, mind-reading, crossdressing, virginity, frenemies, normal, ridiculous, insecure, suspicious, boat, need, magic, fight, wand, codependent, trust, vacation, homework, amnesia, monster, fight, fake, lie, school, locker, potion, Max, genie, couch, book
Max/Harper, love, fun, happy

WKRP in Cincinnati
Bailey Quarters/Andy Travis, foam, no, push, speaking

Woman in the Dunes
Niki/Woman, diaphoresis

Women's Murder Club
Lindsay/Cindy, cell, silly, whisper

World of Warcraft (Wrath of the Lich King)
Blue Dragon Flight/Black Dragon Flight, bloodlust
Malygos/Kalecgos, D/s, dragonform/humanform, forced consort, bloodplay, shades of blue, orgasm control

Xena: Warrior Princess
Xena/Gabrielle, journey, justice, staff, strict
Xena/Helen of troy, beauty, comfort

Albedo/Nigredo/Rubedo, voyeur
Albedo/Rubedo, boundaries, sensation, fast as you can, as far as eyes can see, breathplay
Chaos/Canaan, truth, consequences, kiss, darkness, tears
KOS-MOS/Shion, hidden, salvation, pain, bonds, heart
Nigredo/Rubedo, disappointment, betrayal, trust, beginning, reliant, alone, fear, denial, age, suit
Wilhelm/Chaos, recursion, mercy

Doumeki/Spider Lady, payment, protective, jealous, taunt
Doumeki/Watanuki, alcohol, growing up, college, studying, errands, mental age, as you wish, protective
Doumeki/Watanuki/Himawari, leaving, luck, enough, over
Kohane/OC, i see dead people, in-laws, apprentice, dating
Watanuki/Spider Lady, foxfire, down payment, distrust

Y: The Last Man
355/Yorick Brown, scarf, all tied up

Yami no Matsuei
Byakko/Tsuzuki, sweets, feline, first
Souryuu/Tsuzuki, exasperation, water, hair
Tatsumi/Hisoka, intelligence, size difference, snark, charming
Tsuzuki/Byakko, play, tease, blindfold, protect, possess
Tsuzuki/Hisoka, tender, touch, tease, comfort
Tsuzuki/Touda, protection, darkness, longing, pride, unexpected, touch, awe, snarl, taste
Watari/Tsuzuki, experiment, mischief

You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift Music Video
Girl Next Door/Football Star, stargazing, caramel apple

Young Americans
Scout/Will, bed, door, summer
Hamilton/Jake, wet, hidden, secret

Young Avengers
Kate/Cassie, footsteps, candy, pink, black, mirror
Teddy/Billy, blood, civilwar, found, school, desk, sixteen, thirty, foundation

Young Guns
Doc Scurlock/Chavez, summer, knives, intrinsic
Doc Scurlock/Dick Brewer, whisky, heat, camping

Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Carmela Rodriguez/Ronan Nolan, overkill, curling iron
Christopher "Kit" Rodriguez/Lone Power, temptation,
Dairine/Roshaun, sun, power, collaborate, discover, manual, bicker, inevitable, search, jewel, silicon, sacrifice
Esemeli/Nita, we're all mad here
Kit/Nita, partner, Life, explore, change, home, future, Speech, travel, foresight, rowan, together
Lone Power/Nita, rewrite the world, speech, book, wizardry, ambiguity, when the sun goes out
Lone Power/Winged Defender/Hesper, redemption, spiral

You're Beautiful
Tae Kyung/Mi Nyu, close quarters, stars, duet, tie

Yu Yu Hakusho
Kurama/Botan, mirror, plants, uniform
Kurama/Hiei, by night, brief, burning, merciless, silence
Kurama/Karasu, bear with it
Yusuke/Kurama, shadow, ageless, wandering, schism

Bakura/Ryou, biting, giving, forgetting
Dark Magician/Dark Magician Girl, games
Kaiba/Kisara, unwanted, given
Mai/Jonouchi, experience, surprise, love
Pharoah/Priest Seto, smirk, deference
Priest Seto/Kisara, queen, alien
Rishid/Isis, refuge, alone
Rishid/Malik, bowed
Ryou/Bakura, therapy, dolls, RPG, shiny
Yugi/Yami, solitaire, video games, bullies, leather, shopping

Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Yuusuke/Kuwabara, best friends best enemies

Zap! Online Comic
Gunner/Zap, past, partners, force, betrayal

Link/Zelda, holy, rescue

Luke/Luca/Michelle/Max, possibilities, exploration, laugh, water, combination, change

Zeta Gundam
Bright/Mirai, distance, Newtypes
Quattro/Reccoa, meaningless, change, soldier, woman

Columbus/Wichita, pegging, cuter with your mouth shut, safe, role reversal
Columbus/Wichita/Tallahassee, nut up or shut up
Tallahassee/Columbus, tease, protect, backseat, laugh, nervous, claim

2 Fast 2 Furious/3:10 to Yuma, Ben Wade/Charlie Prince, Charlie always comes for him, sure as God's vengeance
24/Alias, Jack Bauer/Sydney Bristow, file, drink
24/Castle, Jack Bauer/Kate Beckett, drink, scars, teamwork
24/Eleventh Hour, Jack Bauer/Dr. Jacob Hood, recovering, victory, temperance
24/Iron Man (movie), Tony Stark/Jack Bauer, relax
24/Lost Boys, Jack Bauer/David, Unreal, perfection, wine
24/Lost, Jack Bauer/Jack Shepard, airplanes, wounded, deft, hero
24/Lost/Torchwood, Jack Bauer/Jack Shepard/Jack Harkness, anonymity, jacks, poker, bananas
24/Primeval, Jack Bauer/Danny Quinn, Dinosaurs, unexpected, hope, rogue, bomb
24/Prison Break, Jack Bauer/Alex Mahone, gun, dirt, handcuffs, training, rogue, alone, scar, addiction, test, strength, adrenalin, hero
24/Stargate SG-1, Jack Bauer/Jack O'Neill, alarm, escape, position
24/Torchwood, Jack Bauer/Jack Harkness, sass, molestation, whiskey, alone
30 Rock/Baby Mama, Jack/Kate, doubtful
30 Rock/Better Off Ted, Jack/Veronica, efficient, elevator
30 Rock/Better Off Ted, Liz/Linda, rebellion
30 Rock/How I Met Your Mother, Jack/Barney, scotch, alpha males
30 Rock/How I Met Your Mother, Liz/Ted, clumsy, spectacles
30 Rock/Parks and Recreations, Cerie/April, confident, lunchbreak, camera
30 Rock/Psych, Liz/Gus, unsteady
30 Rock/RPF, Liz Lemon/Conan O'Brien, Craigslist
30 Rock/Star Wars, Liz/Han Solo, awesome, fantasy, whoa
30 Rock/Star Wars, Liz/Leia, inspiration, dream, buns
30 Rock/Suburban Girl, Liz/Archie, weird, familiar
30 Rock/The Office (US), Liz/Pam, glasses, creativity
90210 (New)/Gossip Girl, Silver/Blair, wish, again, mistakes, truth, horny, explore, games, pulse

A Knight's Tale/RPF, Chaucer/Adam Lambert, minstrel
Alias/Being Human, Irina/Mitchell, immortality, 1980s, faked death
Alias/Burn Notice, Julian Sark/Michael Westen, guns, hit
Alias/Burn Notice, Michael Vaughn/Michael Westen, punk, attachments, novice, naive, op, interdepartmental, burned, threesome
Alias/Burn Notice, Sydney Bristow/Fiona Glenanne, high heels, molotov cocktail
Alias/Burn Notice, Sydney Bristow/Michael Westen, guns, handcuffs, hidden, scarf, stairs, teamwork, wall!sex, wrists
Alias/Heroes, Julian Sark/Sydney Bristow/Adam Monroe/Claire Bennet, any
Alias/Heroes, Sydney Bristow/Adam Monroe, mistaken identity
Alias/Heroes, Sydney/Mohinder, back talk
Alias/Lost, Sydney/Sayid, tortured
Alias/Veronica Mars, Julian Sark/Veronica Mars, chase, fireplace, handcuffs, seduction, surrender, wall!sex, wrists
Alice (SyFy)/Fringe, Olivia Dunham/Jack Heart, deception, order
Alice In Wonderland/The Wizard of Oz, Alice/Dorothy, magic, wish, special, skirt, dream, adventure, memory
Alien 4/X-men Origins: Wolverine, Ellen Ripley/Logan, blood, secrets
Andromeda/Farscape, John Crichton/Andromeda, element, alien, unrealised, crossed, halluciation
Angel the Series/Bones, Angel/Brennan, funny
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Connor/Dawn, inferno, thunderstorm
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doyle/Buffy, any
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doyle/Dawn, any
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drogyn/Buffy, any
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drogyn/Buffy/Dawn, any
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drogyn/Dawn, any
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drogyn/Illyria/Buffy/Dawn, any
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fred/Jenny, science, computers, discovery, woman, college, might-have-been, watching
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Illyria/Buffy, any
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Illyria/Buffy/Dawn, any
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Illyria/Dawn, any
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lindsey/Buffy, any
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lindsey/Buffy/Dawn, any
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lindsey/Dawn, any
Angel the Series/Death Note, Kate Lockley/Hal Lidner, apocalypse
Angel the Series/Firefly, Fred Burkle/Kaylee Frye, sweet, invention, Texas
Angel the Series/Heroes, Gwen Raiden/Elle Bishop, voltage
Angel the Series/Leverage, Angel/Eliot, mistaken identity, fight, bad ass, oops, dust, paladin, old soul, reincarnation, the-right-one, reward, still gray, wrong, cook, smell, Lindsey, desire, reward, amused, takedown, bump
Angel the Series/Merlin (BBC), Illyria/Morgana, tidal
Angel the Series/Smallville, Angelus/Red-Kryptonite-Clark, ends
Angel the Series/The Sentinel, Lilah Morgan/Alex Barnes, seduction, spell, job offer, greed
Angel the Series/The West Wing, Cordelia Chase/Sam Seaborn, party, awkward, designer, champagne
Angel the Series/True Blood, Faith/Eric, hungry
Angel the Series/Watchmen, Angel/Comedian, the eighties, guilt
Angel the Series/Watchmen, Angel/Spike/Comedian, World War II
Angel the Series/Watchmen, Spike/Comedian, the sixties
Angel the Series/X-men Origins: Wolverine, Victor Creed/Illyria, sweat, blue, water
Angel the series/Damages, Wesley/Ellen, contract*s
Angels and Demons - Dan Brown/The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown, Vittoria Vetra/Katherine Solomon, commiseration, eureka, faith, intelligence, research, science
Anthropomorfic/RPF, Foxtel/Charles Firth, seduction, slavery
Antique/Coffee Prince, Sun Ki/Sun Woo, sweets, twins, seduction
Archie/High School Musical, Troy/Archie, friends
Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars, Sam/Gene/Alex, 1984, dream
Avatar (2009)/Star Trek Reboot, Neytiri/Uhura, communication, contact nonverbal, whip-smart
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Gundam Wing, Jet/Middie, loyalty

Babylon 5/Burn Notice, Jeffrey Sinclair/Fionna Glenanne, bombs, Earth, time
Babylon 5/Dollhouse, Michael Garibaldi/Paul Ballard, cold, suspect
Babylon 5/Firefly, Susan Ivanova/Malcolm Reynolds, darkness, pilot, swing
Babylon 5/Space: Above and Beyond, Susan Ivanova/Shane Vansen, fierce, seeking
Back to the Future/Supernatural, Dean/Marty McFly, time travels, laugh, classic, bent over
Bandom/RPF, Adam Lambert/Gabe Saporta, shit-talker, Perez, flash-photography, hand-job
Bandom/RPF, Cobra Starship/RPF - Criminal Minds, Victoria Asher/Matthew Gray Gubler, pier, concert, tent, sleepover
Bandom/RPF, Cobra Starship/RPF - Gossip Girl, Victoria Asher/Leighton Meester, backstage, lipstick, dirty, detectives
Bandom/RPF, Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas, break, covering, joy, learn, heat, hidden, play, ring, slippery slope, tangle
Bandom/RPF, Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas, calluses, dare, dirty, freckles, inches, surprise
Bandom/RPF, Panic at the Disco/Twilight RPF, Brendon Urie/Taylor Lautner, new, spotlight, exhibitionism, music, fascination, blowjobs, shower sex
Bandom/RPF, Victoria Asher/Leighton Meister, [any]
Barney & Friends/Sesame Street, Barney/Elmo, punish, rope, spanking
Batman (Nolanverse)/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Batman
Batman (Nolanverse)/Gossip Girl, Bruce Wayne/Blair Waldorf, manipulate, penthouse
Batman (movieverse)/Watchmen, Harvey Dent/Adrian Veidt, truth
Batman (movieverse)/Watchmen, Joker/Comedian, scars
Batman Begins/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bruce Wayne/Buffy Summers, surprise, party, prowl, warning, sign, step, beginnings
Batman Begins/Smallville, Bruce Wayne/Chloe Sullivan, reporter, costume, trapped, water, alone, interview, interest, wander, protect, party, smirk, ice-skating, zipper, ice cream
Batman Begins/Smallville, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, cave, costumes, refuse, unexpected, hide, tie, interrupt, bathroom, bite, pie
Batman Begins/Smallville, Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, Batmobile, if, should, story, alley, lick, so, music, snark, storm, chase, coffee, dance, Manor, shower, lips, release, blood
Batman Begins/Superman Returns, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, breath, forsaken, leather, kevlar, Tumbler, capes, shield, hands, Fortress, Cave, desk, bullpen, patrol
Batman Begins/Superman Returns, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lois Lane, complete, time, need, competition, hands, breath, seeking, bed, the Manor, breakfast, legacy, family
Batman Returns/Leverage, Selina Kyle/Parker, plum, emerald, dinero, euro, exquisite, leopard, lip gloss, training, damage
Batman/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bruce/Faith, black, shine
Batman/Superman (Reeveverse), Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, nasty, rough, masked, glitz
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Battlestar Galactica (TOS), Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Apollo, metallic, negative, Orion
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Battlestar Galactica (TOS), Tom Zarek/Apollo, assume, power, Zeus
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sam Anders/Buffy Summers, any
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Damages, Laura/Patty, truth, ambition, compare, contrast
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Dollhouse, Paul/Athena, eight, mission, parallel, conspiracy, unexplained, resurrection
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Due South, Fraser/Leoben, ice
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Farscape, Lee Adama/Aeryn Sun, cynical, edge, escape, sorrow
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Firefly, Cally/Kaylee, engines, grease, argument.
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Firefly, Starbuck/Zoe tough, sparring, penalty.
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Friday Night Lights, Kara/Tim, grease, tune-up, bum knee, issues, cowboy
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Generation Kill, Kara/Brad, kickass, competition, Marines, unfazed
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Grey's Anatomy, Kara/Meredith, drunk, cheat, lost, mistakes
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Human Target, Six/Chris, dream
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Lost, Caprica Six/Juliet Burke, blonde
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/John Sheppard, Cylon, storm, writer's choice
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate Atlantis, Lee Adama/John Sheppard, hesitant, stars, stranded
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate Atlantis, Sam Anders/John Sheppard, adrenaline, anywhere anytime, fight, flight, flyboys, reborn
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Kara Thrace/Sam Carter, comfort, reflections, storm
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Supernatural, Sam Anders/Sam Winchester, haunted house, rockstar
Being Human/Flight of the Conchords, Annie/Bret, confusion
Being Human/Supernatural, Annie/Sam, undead, family, purpose
Being Human/Supernatural, Nina/Dean, fantasy, cage
Being Human/The Chronicles of Narnia, John Mitchell/Susan Pevensie, any
Better Off Ted/How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson/Veronica, competition, magic, meetings, weapons
Big Wolf on Campus/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Merton/Oz, on the road, contrast, epiphany
Black Books/Castle, Bernard Black/Richard Castle, book, drunk, shoes, tomato
Black Butler/Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Beatrice/Ronove/Sebastian, battle of the butlers, good service, voyeurism
Black Butler/Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Ronove/Sebastian, civilized aggression
Black Jewels Trilogy/Star Trek: Reboot, Surreal/Kirk, dagger, fingers, hell, stand
Black Jewels Trilogy/Supernatural, Daemon/Sam, drink, hand, mystery, power
Black Lagoon/Hellsing, Balalaika/Integra, cigars
Blake's 7/Stargate SG-1, Kerr Avon/Vala Mal Doran, barter
Bleach/Yu-Gi-Oh!, Byakuya/Kaiba, deck-out, scarf, trap, cold, Rescue Cat
Bones/Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid/Zach Addy, bones, geek, aphasia
Bones/Stargate Atlantis, Temperance Brennan/Rodney McKay, any
Bones/Supernatural, Temperance Brennan/Sam Winchester, case, dinner, fire, guns, haunting, heels, missing, red, research, sheets, silver, talisman, undercover, zombies
Bones/The X-Files, Brennen/Scully, intellectual, debate, proof.
Bones/Torchwood, Temperance Brennan/Jack Harkness, any
Books of Magic/Merlin, Tim Hunter/Merlin, magic, names
Boondock Saints/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Connor/Murphy/Buffy/Dawn, any
Boston Legal/Star Trek: The Original Series, Alan/Kirk, mistaken identity, Klingons
Breakfast at Tiffany's/Some Like it Hot, Holly Golightly/Sugar Kane Kowalczyk, open, humour, reading, palm, sunshine
Britannia High/High School Musical, Jez/Ryan, hat, sarcasm, audition, family expectations, poor little rich boys, show off
Brothers & Sisters/The West Wing, Robert McAllister/Josh Lyman, summer, dreams, boardroom
Brothers & Sisters/The West Wing, Robert McAllister/Toby Ziegler, monogram, substitute, deal,
Buckaroo Banzai/In Plain Sight, Buckaroo Banzai/Marshall Mann, cursing, science
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Burn Notice, Buffy Summers/Michael Westen, agenda, beach, bomb, fighting, fire, guns, handcuffs, observe, rough, sand, sleep, sparring, sun, target, tux, wall!sex, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Castle, Buffy Summers/Richard Castle, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Castle, Dawn Summers/Alexis Castle, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Chuck, Violet (Vi)/Anna Wu, partners
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Death Note, Drusilla/Misa Amane, sunset, change
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dexter, Faith/Dexter
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Due South, Buffy Summers/Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Eastern Promises, Buffy/Nikolai
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Eastwick, Buffy/Darryl, bad boys
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Farscape, Buffy Summers/John Crichton, blood, blue, crazy, Earth, green, leather, Moya, plan, portal, sacrifice, trust
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Dawn Summers/River Tam, broken, eternal, green, joy, key, lost, time
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Dawn Summers/Simon Tam, blood, lips, mouth, pink, red, scratches, shirt, stranded, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Drusilla/River, stars, singing, whispers, blood, emptiness
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Graham Miller/Nandi, showdown, drink, western, disorientation
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Rupert Giles/Severus Snape, pasts, demons, darkness, regret
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man movie (2008), Buffy/Tony, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Leverage, Anya/Parker, money, uncommon
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Leverage, Buffy Summers/Sophie Devereaux, subterfuge, Egyptian cotton, gold, diamonds
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lord of the Rings, Buffy Summers/Legolas, blonde, grace, trees, age, life
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lost Boys, Buffy/David, shock, memory, dream, smile
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lost Boys, Spike/David, hair, competition, beautiful, cream
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Macbeth, Drusilla/Lady Macbeth, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Merlin (BBC), Buffy Summers/Uther Pendragon, into the woods
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Merlin, Giles/Arthur, home, portal, sorcery, demon
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS, Buffy Summers/Tony DiNozzo, apocalypse, assignment, club, dancing, guns, handcuffs, interrogation, investigation, leather, red, undercover, vacation, witness, wrists, zombies
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Psych, Faith Lehane/Juliet O'Hara, rumble
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pushing Daisies, Ned/Buffy, back to life
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Trek: Reboot, Buffy Summers/James Kirk, enthusiastic, flirt, pillows, playful, smirk, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Wars (prequels), Buffy Summers/Obi-Wan Kenobi/Qui-Gon Jinn, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Buffy Summers/Evan Lorne, blue, lightning, oil, paint, purple, red, silk, sunrise, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Buffy Summers/John Sheppard, blue, flirt, green, puddlejumper, smirk, white, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Buffy Summers/Rodney McKay, intense, picnic, quip, red, sarcasm, sunshine, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Buffy Summers/Teyla Emmagan, Atlantis, beach, blades, boots, California, city, club, dancing, meditation, mission, shopping, solidarity, sparring, team, vacation, vampires, wraith, zombies
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Buffy Summers/Sam Carter, fling, secret, military, trust
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Buffy Summers/Cameron Mitchell, black, boots, joy, laugh, red, sheets, sweet, uniform, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Dawn Summers/Cassie, roommates, lonely,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Dawn Summers/clone!Jack O'Neill, aliens, alley, blood, cage, camping, cemetery, dinner, dust, fingers, fishing, flat tire, full moon, gun, hitchhiking, kidnapped, locked out, matches, meetings, nails, recruit, red, ritual, silver, sleeping bag, stake, summoning, top secret, tranq, vampires, watcher, werewolves, zombies
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Graham Miller/Sam Carter, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Castiel, comfort, complete, home, warmth
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Dean Winchester, steel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/John Winchester, fight or flight, sweat, hunger, silk, throat, push, darkness, swimming, porn, tease
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Dawn Summers/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, apocalypse, hitchhiking, sparring, trust, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn Summers/Castiel, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn Summers/Sam Winchester, books, control, handcuffs, library, manipulation, possessive, research, rope, talisman, wall!sex, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith/Bella, take
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Tara/Dean Winchester, spell, binding, patience, slow, Impala, road, meadow
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Willow/Dean Winchester, rest, rope, try, wrap
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Buffy Summers/Cameron, rest, touch, skin, swap, protect, restraint, curious
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Mentalist, Buffy Summers/Patrick Jane, agenda, demons, secrets, silence, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Office (US), Xander/Jim, business trip, The Bronze, alley, stake
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Sentinel, Anyanka/Maya Carasco, wish
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The X-Files, Mulder/Buffy Summers, bar, tequila, older men, leather couch
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Torchwood, Dawn Summers/Jack Harkness, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Adult!Dawn Summers/Eric Northman, blood, energy, fresh, green, key, virgin, forbidden, pale
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight, Angel/Bella, a moment of imperfect happiness, experience, maybe his demon's on the outside
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight, Jessica/Xander, normal adolescent behavior
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight, Spike/Edward, pain, blood, soul, sunlight, challenge, mock, chains, fluids,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/White Collar, Buffy Summers/Neal Caffrey, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/White Collar, Dawn Summers/Neal Caffrey, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/the Middleman, Willow/Wendy, geeky, trivia, magic.
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Chuck Bartowski, learning-curve, lessons, charm, mentor, tips, efficiency, teamwork
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Sarah Walker, undercover, handcuffs, car chase
Burn Notice/Chuck/Jake 2.0/Traveler, Michael Westen/Chuck Bartowski/Jake Foley/Will Traveler, spy orgy
Burn Notice/Firefly, Fionna Glenanne/Jayne Cobb, fight, guns, knives, vodka
Burn Notice/James Bond (Movieverse), Michael Westen/James Bond, bikini, machine oil, gun powder, undercover, plan, newbie, play, "Bond Guy", eunuch, ponce
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Eliot Spencer, block, mark taught, do-it-yourself, competition, Croatia, rescue, no-help-needed, cooperation, bleed, dinner, protection
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Parker, fly, overturn, simple
Burn Notice/Smallville, Michael Westen/Lex Luthor, price, bar
Burn Notice/White Collar, Neal Caffrey/Michael, ties and hats

CSI: New York/Supernatural, Dean/Sam/Flack, werewolves
Castle/Firefly, Kate Beckett/Malcolm Reynolds, cows, crime, donuts, fish
Castle/Highlander: The Series, Alexis Castle/Richie Ryan, carnival, cotton candy, fog, grass, innocence, lace
Castle/In Plain Sight, Richard Castle/Marshall Mann, bow, dress-up, negate, trivia
Castle/Leverage, Javier Esposito/Eliot Spencer, caught, laugh, twist, yawn
Castle/Leverage, Richard Castle/Parker, research, handcuffs, falling
Castle/Lie To Me, Alexis Castle/Emily Lightman, sparkle, gentle, sorrow, sugar
Castle/Stargate Atlantis, Alexis Castle/John Sheppard, arrival, ATA, Atlantis, captured, Earth, escape, gate, mission, New York, offworld, puddlejumper, vacation, Vegas, wraith
Castle/Supernatural, Alexis Castle/Dean Winchester, apocalypse, club, ghouls, guns, haunted, hitchhiking, hunting, mirror, roadtrip, sheets, talisman, undercover, zombies
Castle/Supernatural, Richard Castle/Dean Winchester, case, holy water, sigils, salt, guns, books, dark hero, sacrifice, rope, devil's trap, character, alley, motel room, inspiration
Castle/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Alexis Castle/John Connor, any
Castle/White Collar, Lanie Parish/Diana Lancing, after hours
Chrono Cross/Chrono Trigger, Nikki/Janus, rock and roll, leather, make-up, music, magic, darkness
Chuck/Jake 2.0, Chuck Bartowski/Jake Foley, geekgasm, followed, plane, hijacking
Chuck/Psych, John Casey/Carlton Lassiter, guns, bonding
Chuck/Superman Returns, Clark (Shaw)/Chuck, deep undercover, mission, identity, guns, kryptonite, hero, family, ring, Intergang, hostage
Chuck/Superman(Movieverse), Lois/Shaw, investigation, identities
Chuck/Supernatural, Anna Wu/Dean Winchester, damsel, geek
Chuck/Supernatural, Bryce Larkin/Sam Winchester, longing, replacement, release, exposed
Chuck/Traveler, Bryce Larkin/Tyler Fog, help, second chance, trapped
Chuck/Traveler, Bryce Larkin/Will Traveler, hideaway, spy, team
Chuck/Traveler, Chuck Bartowski/Jay Burchell, computer, photo, pretty, running
Chuck/Traveler, Chuck Bartowski/Tyler Fog, geek, photo, running
Chuck/Traveler/White Collar, Bryce Larkin/Neal Caffrey/Tyler Fog, overload, happy
Chuck/Veronica Mars, Bryce Larkin/Veronica Mars, games, handcuffs, undercover, wall!sex, wrists
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce Larkin/Neal Caffrey, intriguing, naughty, partners
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce Larkin/Neal Caffrey/Chuck, doppelganger
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce aka Neal/Chuck, consultant, shock, new, surreptitious
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce aka Neal/Peter, past, agents, gun, volatile, skulk
Chuck/White Collar, Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey, con, save the world, keyboard, input, saffron, hat, millimeter, never, diplomacy, santa monica, cocktail, undercover, jurisdiction, cold case, ring, fiber, vacant, new-identity, replacement, mistaken-identity, trust, undercover, sweet-talk, fedora, bar
Chuck/White Collar, Chuck/Sarah/Neal Caffrey, familiar
Community/Glee, Annie/Rachel, journalist, starlet, awkward, pretty, dressing room, kinship
Constantine (movie)/Prophesy, Gabriel/Gabriel, brother
Constantine/DCU, John Constantine/Zatanna, incantation, visit, tantric sex
Constantine/Hellblazer, John Constantine/John Constantine, suspicion, exorcism
Constantine/Supernatural, Angela Dodson/Dean Winchester, research, tattoo, bail, angels
Constantine/Supernatural, Gabriel/Castiel, sides-of-the-coin, downcast, sinners,
Constantine/Supernatural, Gabriel/Dean Winchester, advice, sinners, hell
Constantine/Supernatural, John Constantine/Dean Winchester, unavoidable, coin, tattoo, whiskey
Criminal Minds/CSI: New York, Aaron Hotchner/Don Flack, alpha males
Criminal Minds/Doctor Who, Aaron Hotchner/Ninth Doctor, grief, hope, heal, scent
Criminal Minds/Doctor Who, Aaron Hotchner/Tenth Doctor, investigate, survive, learn, touch
Criminal Minds/Doctor Who, Spencer Reid/Sally Sparrow, mysteries
Criminal Minds/Dollhouse/Lie To Me, Spencer Reid/Topher Brink/Eli Loker, convergence
Criminal Minds/Fringe, Emily Prentiss/Olivia Dunham, gradual, fire, mysterious, smart, searching, hope, fierce, guns, handcuffs, exhaustion, champagne, aftermath
Criminal Minds/Fringe, Spencer Reid/Peter Bishop, equation, misfit, run, hide
Criminal Minds/Highlander, Spencer Reid/Methos, old books
Criminal Minds/In Plain Sight, Emily Prentiss/Mary Shannon, challenge, handcuffs, grass
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Spencer Reid/Goren, magic, crazy, genius, textbook, library, catharsis, lexicon, sanatorium, tousled
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Reid/Goren/Ducky, arcane, sons, gloves, circuitous
Criminal Minds/Life, Spencer Reid/Charlie Crews, questions, silence, ties
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Derek Morgan/Tony Dinozzo, jealousy
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Penelope Garcia/Abby Sciuto, paint, car
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Penelope Garcia/Timothy McGee, computers, computer sex, convention, leather, lush, chivalry, webcam
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Spencer Reid/Ducky Mallard, listen, ramble
Criminal Minds/RPF, Emily Prentiss/Rachel Maddow, desk, handcuffs
Criminal Minds/Stargate Atlantis, Emily Prentiss/John Sheppard, adventure, case, formal, history
Criminal Minds/Supernatural, Spencer Reid/Sam Winchester, facts
Criminal Minds/The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper/Spencer Reid, words, experiment, data
Criminal Minds/The Three Investigators (Crimebusters), Spencer Reid/Jupiter Jones, prodigy, awkward
Criminal Minds/The X-Files, David Rossi/Mulder, old friends
Criminal Minds/The X-Files, Derek Morgan/Krycheck, running
Criminal Minds/The X-Files, Spencer Reid/Mulder, meeting of minds
Criminal Minds/Veronica Mars, Aaron Hotchner/Veronica Mars, any
D.Gray-Man/Air Gear, Lavi/Kazu, sparks, gamble.
DCU/Leverage, Selina Kyle/Parker, plum, emerald, dinero, euro, exquisite, leopard, lip gloss, training, damage
DCU/Marvel, Bruce/Tony, doppler effect, science/math kink, femme!Bruce, pegging, rough sex, needy, bruises, prison fantasy
DCU/Marvel, Bucky Barnes/Jason Todd, castoffs, sidekick, biker boots, mask, sweat, salt, stubble
DCU/Marvel, Catwoman/Black Cat, big game, poker, casino, mistrust, professional interest, kitten
DCU/Marvel, Jessica Jones/Renee Montoya, detectives, whiskey, self-pity, fight, phoenix, anger, suits
DCU/Marvel, Nightwing/Iron Fist, spandex, kung-fu, distraction
DCU/Marvel, Nightwing/Spider-Man, acrobat, team-up
DCU/NCIS: Los Angeles, Nightwing (Dick Grayson)/Sam Hanna, pursuit
DCU/Supernatural, Jason Todd/Dean Winchester, toys, Batman, guns, cars, scars, broken, wounds, forsaken, Hell, pit, resurrection, knife, snark
DCU/The West Wing, Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson (adult)/Sam Seaborn/Toby Zeigler, heroes
DCU/The West Wing, Bruce Wayne/Toby Zeigler, white tie, charity, bondage
DCU/The West Wing, Dick Grayson (adult)/Sam Seaborn, idol, hands, rooftop
Damages/The Good Wife, Ellen/Kalinda, scrutiny, voyeur, cognac
Dark Angel/Star Trek: Reboot, Original Cindy/Uhura, hair
Dark Knight/Smallville, Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, new, classic, elegant, dark, pale, smooth, exciting
Dark Knight/Superman Returns, Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, casual, t-shirt, return, comfort, friends, coffee, kitchen, couch
Dark Knight/Superman Returns, Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane/Clark Kent, coy, heat, couch, business, lingerie, nonchalant, suck, pink, caress, sticky, steam, tied, blindfold, hot, cold, non-stop, grip, possessive, dinner, dress, suite, bath, champagne
Darker Than Black/Gundam Wing, Amber/Relena, idealism, charisma, bribe
Dawson's Creek/Thoughtcrimes, Vincent/Brendan, first, handcuffs, fingering, rimming, watching, beard
Dawson's Creek/Veronica Mars, Pacey/Veronica, culprit, mistaken identity, smirk, bar, boat
Death Note/Dexter, Dexter Morgan/Kira, understanding
Desperate Housewives/The Sentinel, Karl Mayer/Megan Connor, knockout, knockout punch
Dexter/Heroes, Dexter Morgan/Sylar, blood play
Dexter/Leverage, Deb Morgan/Parker, welcome, dirty, retreat, belt, tired
Dexter/Oz, Deb Morgan/Chris Keller, suspicious, bite, growl, fuck, spellbound
Dexter/Oz, Dexter Morgan/Chris Keller, familiar, observe, basic, territory, hands, surrender
Dexter/Veronica Mars, Deb Morgan/FBI Agent!Veronica, adrenaline
Dexter/Veronica Mars, Dexter Morgan/FBI Agent!Veronica, investigation, closet, despair
Die Hard/Die Hard with a Vengeance, Hans Gruber/Simon Gruber, gun, dark, money, small, powder, smoke
Doctor Who/Ashes to Ashes, Donna/Gene, yell, difficult, pride, alien, help, work, far
Doctor Who/Dresden Files, Rose/Tenth Doctor/Harry, tentacles
Doctor Who/Firefly, Doctor/Master/River, watching
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Doctor (any)/Percy Weasley, spectacles, ginger
Doctor Who/Hellblazer, Captain Jack Harkness/John Constantine, coat, accent, flirt
Doctor Who/Heroes, Master/Adam, power, regeneration, destruction
Doctor Who/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Jack Harkness/Ford Prefect, wrist device
Doctor Who/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Tenth Doctor/Ford Prefect, treat, gin-and-tonic, icecube
Doctor Who/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Tenth Doctor/Zaphod Beeblebrox, brilliant, steal, two heads, two hearts
Doctor Who/Howl's Moving Castle, Dianna Wynne Jones, Ten/Howl, experiment, game, ginger
Doctor Who/Leverage, Martha/Hardison, artifact, apocalypse, games
Doctor Who/Lost, Master/Jacob, sky, endings
Doctor Who/Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Dalek/Servo, any
Doctor Who/RPF, Tenth Doctor/Jon Stewart, wonder, peace, travel
Doctor Who/Rebecca Drysdale is a Time Traveling Lesbian, Martha Jones/Rebecca Drysdale, timestream, pints, Leak
Doctor Who/Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Tenth Doctor/Belle, oldest profession
Doctor Who/Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Tenth Doctor/Hannah, familiar
Doctor Who/Secret Diary of a Call Girl/Torchwood, Doctor/Belle/Jack, disapproval, almost, regrets
Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes (2009) Tenth Doctor/Watson, cyberman, womanizer, disingenuous, admiration, war, oblique, mask, sherlock, capable, the magic flute, pocketwatch, history, effortless
Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes (2009), Tenth Doctor/Watson, braces, restless, hello, brilliant, subversive, guitar, thames, underwhelmed, tailor, evening, opera, doctor, tentacles, inspector, specs, envelope, disguise, ruminate, glasses, inductive reasoning, laudnum, sonic pipe, fog, memory, disharmonious,
Doctor Who/Star Trek: Reboot, James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, Ten, Romulans, Klingons, Donna
Doctor Who/Star Trek: Reboot, Martha/Uhura, geeks, linguistics, boots
Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis, Donna Noble/John Sheppard, any
Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis, Donna Noble/Ronon Dex, any
Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis, Martha/Teyla, technology, candles, meditation, medical
Doctor Who/The Dresden Files (books), Jack Harkness/Thomas Raith, novelty, life
Doctor Who/The Sentinel, Donna Noble/Simon Banks, "Alien invasion? In Cascade?"
Doctor Who/The X-Files, Tenth Doctor/Scully, doctor
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Doctor/Jack Harkness, video recordings, loneliness
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha/Gwen, clever, beg, toys
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Rose/Gwen, any, past lives, snuggling, unexpected meetings, fist panties, gasp
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Rose/Ianto, any
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Rose/Jack, adventure, bittersweet, dance, forever, happy, running, together, wrists
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Rose/Owen, lust, need
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tenth Doctor/Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness, sonic, TARDIS, alien, calm, storm
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness, grief, loss, embrace, alone, Tardis, escape, obsession, brotherhood, years, tears
Doctor Who/True Blood, Godric/Master, sunset, drunk
Dollhouse/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Paul/Faith, any
Dollhouse/Thoughtcrimes, Echo/Freya, any
Doom/Star Trek: Reboot, Reaper!Bones/Kirk, name, gun-fu, "Leonard McCoy", take, old clothes, retirement, rescue, war paint, nickname, training exercises, war games
Dresden Files (books or tv)/Harry Potter, Harry Dresden/Hermione Granger, any
Dresden Files/Supernatural, any/any, wet, secret, dangerous
Due South/Leverage, any/any, Chicago, stake-out, chase, pie
Due South/Star Trek: The Original Series, Fraser/Spock, impress, belief, awkward
Due South/The Middle Man, Fraser/The Middleman, Inuit, snow

Entourage/RPF, Eric Murphy/Ryan Seacrest, agency, awards, red-carpet
Entourage/The West Wing, Eric Murphy/Sam Seaborn, manage, beach
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/Smallville, Clementine/Lois, commiserate, vodka
Eureka/Numb3rs, Charlie/anybody but Carter, aliens
Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Jo Lupo/Ronon Dex, firearms, muscles, smiles
Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Tess Fontana/Ronon Dex, unusual, red, reminders
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Allison Blake/Sam Carter, physics, surprises
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Diane Lancaster/Sam Carter, realities, reunion, Daniel, constants
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Jack Carter/Sam Carter, brilliant, authority, reminders

Family Guy/The Simpsons, Maggie Simpson/Stewie Griffin, adults, genius, protective, marksman, evil, accuracy
Family Guy/The Simpsons, adult!Maggie Simpson/adult!Stewie Griffin, genius, world domination
Farscape/Star Trek: Reboot, Chiana/Gaila, playful
Farscape/Star Trek: Reboot, Chiana/James Kirk, Orion, space oddity
Farscape/Star Trek: Reboot, John Crichton/James Kirk, alcohol, off-world, astronaut
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, Aeryn Sun/Cameron Mitchell, lost, familiar, consolation
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, Chiana/Vala Mal Doran, thieves, naughty, caught
Fatal Frame/Monster, Kirishima/Tenma, case, optimism, hope, shelter, fugitive
Final Fantasy VII/Kingdom Hearts II, Reno/Axel, symmetry
Final Fantasy X/Gundam Wing, Tidus/Relena, familiar
Firefly/Futurama, Inara Serra/Philip Fry, cancelled, formal, panic
Firefly/Heroes, Mal Reynolds/Claire Bennet, any
Firefly/Heroes, Mal Reynolds/River Tam/Adam Monroe/Claire Bennet, any
Firefly/Heroes, River Tam/Claire Bennet, any
Firefly/Highlander: The Series, River Tam/Methos, beer, dance, dream, early, gasp, sword, tender, wrists
Firefly/Leverage, River Tam/Parker, alone, boredom, dance, odd, giggle, camble
Firefly/Mad Men, Saffron/Joan Harris nee Holloway, red, confidence, sex, independent
Firefly/NCIS, River Tam/Abigail Sciuto, complex, simple
Firefly/Pushing Daisies, Kaylee/Ned, strawberry, summer, contraptions
Firefly/RPF, Kaylee/Rachel Maddow, engines, hammocks, market, strawberries, fingertips, warmth
Firefly/Resident Evil, River Tam/Alice, I can kill you with my brain
Firefly/Sherlock Holmes (2009), Saffron/Irene, clever
Firefly/Star Trek: Enterprise, Kaylee/Hoshi, any.
Firefly/Star Trek: Reboot, Kaylee/Kirk, "I love my captain"
Firefly/Star Trek: The Original Series, Serenity/Enterprise
Firefly/Supernatural, River Tam/Castiel, any
Firefly/Supernatural, River Tam/Dean Winchester, any
Firefly/Supernatural, River Tam/John Winchester, any
Firefly/Supernatural, River Tam/Sam Winchester, any
Firefly/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, River Tam/John Connor, any
Firefly/Torchwood, Kaylee/Jack Harkness, engines, invisible, search, sin, sleep, wander, legend
Firefly/Torchwood, River Tam/Jack Harkness, any
First Monday/Stargate Atlantis, Julian/Ronon, basketball, sparring, spark
FlashForward/Thoughtcrimes, Janis/Freya, hope, future
FlashForward/White Collar, Janis/Diana, confidential, phone-sex, trust
Freaks and Geeks/That '70s Show, Jackie Burkhart/Daniel Desario, loser, car, zen, Led Zeppelin,
Friday Night Lights (movie)/Friday Night Lights (tv), Mike Winchell/Tyra Collette, Texas, escape, touch, taste
Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Blair/Tim
Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Blair/Tim/Serena
Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Serena/Tim
Friday Night Lights/Heroes, Tim Riggins/Claire Bennet, any
Friday Night Lights/Whip It, Julie Taylor/Bliss Cavendar, football, boots, dust, summer, water, lazy, music
Friday Night Lights/X-Men (movies), Julie Taylor/Remy LeBeau, any
Friday Night Lights/X-Men (movies), Julie Taylor/Tim Riggins/Remy LeBeau/Rogue, any
Friday Night Lights/X-Men (movies), Tim Riggins/Remy LeBeau/Rogue, any
Friday Night Lights/X-Men (movies), Tim Riggins/Rogue, any
Fringe/Minority Report, Agatha/September, future, past
Fringe/Oz, Olivia/Miguel, any
Fullmetal Alchemist/Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Bradley/Xanxus, wrath
Futurama/NCIS, Turanga Leela/Tony DiNozzo, aliens, disbelief, foot, two

GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra/Smallville, Duke/Chloe, spark, want, consume
Generation Kill/Gilmore Girls, Ray/Paris, breakfast
Generation Kill/NCIS, Bryan Patterson/Tony DiNozzo, classmates, history, battleship, investigation, talking, buddies, bunkmates, port of call,
Generation Kill/True Blood, Eric Northman/Nate, bloodlust, pet
Generation Kill/True Blood, Eric Northman/Ray Person, punk, sweat, confusion, talk, identity, bloodplay, limits
Generation Kill/White Collar, Brad/Neal Caffrey, thief, caught
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Lorelei/Sam Winchester, elevator
Glee/Bandom, Kurt Hummel/Bob Bryar, Clothes
Glee/Gossip Girl, Nate Archibald/Rachel Berry, Broadway, club, bar, New York, encounter, lips, stars
Gossip Girl/Iron Man (movie), Tony Stark/Serena Van Der Woodsen/Blair Waldorf, expensive, liquor, jetsetting, only the finest, heights
Gossip Girl/Smallville, Vanessa/Lois, hiking, music
Gossip Girl/Star Wars, Serena Van Der Woodsen/Qui-Gon Jinn, sparring, exposure, training
Gossip Girl/Supernatural, Serena Van Der Woodsen/Dean Winchester, any
Gossip Girl/The O.C, Blair/Ryan, t-shirt, waves, strength, wall, pool, midnight, stranger, instructions
Gossip Girl/The O.C, Serena/Marissa, touch, need, popularity, hair, troubled, spring break
Gossip Girl/True Blood, Blair/Eric, sire
Gossip Girl/Twilight, Dan Humphrey/Edward Cullen, beautiful-people
Gossip Girl/Vampire Diaries, Blair/Damon, lamb
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Erica Hahn/Addison Montgomery, sand, accident, sunset, pier
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Lexie Grey/Addison Montgomery, nylons

Harry Potter/James Bond, Hermione Granger/James Bond, borrow, curve, stun, ward
Harry Potter/Queer as Folk (US), Reumus Lupin/Michael, magical comic
Harry Potter/Sanctuary, Hermione Granger/Helen, experiment, ribbon, waistcoat.
Harry Potter/Sanctuary, Hermione Granger/Will, intellect, stimulus, stroke, hidden.
Harry Potter/Star Trek: Reboot, Hermione/Kirk, blanket, curtain, lens, paper, crimson, flare, instigate, law
Harry Potter/Star Trek: Voyager, Ginny Weasley/Tom Paris, strawberries, fruit, competitive, flying, scratch, kiss.
Harry Potter/Star Trek: Voyager, Hermione Granger/Kathryn Janeway, best, bed, hair, coffee, questions, curiosity, books, cleverness, practicalities.
Harry Potter/Star Trek: Voyager, Remus Lupin/B'Elanna Torres, play, whisper, cuddle, protect.
Harry Potter/Star Trek: Voyager, Sirius Black/B'Elanna Torres, bite, lick, kink, holodeck, memory, dare.
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Ginny Weasley/Sam Winchester, curl, shadow, shoulder, sinew
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Hermione Granger/Castiel, any
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Hermione Granger/Dean Winchester, amazing, seeing stars, love bites, gentle, fun, tease, light, alleyway, grass stains, rug burn, blindfold.
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley/Dean Winchester, fun, toys, bound, tickle.
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Luna Lovegood/Castiel, any
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Tonks/Madison, grace, knot, silver, white
Harry Potter/Torchwood, Hermione Granger/Jack Harkness, any
Harry Potter/Torchwood, Luna Lovegood/Jack Harkness, any
Harry Potter/Twilight, Hermione Granger/Alice Cullen/Jasper Hale, blood, dance, desire, fire, magic, surprise, wish, wrists
Harry Potter/Twilight, Hermione Granger/Edward Cullen, blood, cold, fire, magic, skin, sparkle, sun, tallow, touch, zoo
Hellblazer/Planescape: Torment, John Constantine/Falls-from-grace, redemption
Hellblazer/Supernatural, Ellie/Ruby, revenge, sin, harlot
Hellblazer/Supernatural, Gabriel/Castiel, perdition, salvation, hell, heaven
Hellblazer/Supernatural, John Constantine/Castiel, clothes, curiosity, trench coat, sanctimonious, sin, soul
Hellblazer/Supernatural, John Constantine/Dean Winchester, soul, hell, exorcise
Hellblazer/The Authority, John Constantine/Jenny Sparks, cigarettes, beer, wanker, establishment
Hellblazer/The Dresden Files (books), John Constantine/Harry Dresden, coats, fire, beer, goo, chancer,
Hellblazer/The Dresden Files (books), John Constantine/Thomas Raith, incubi, lucky
Hellblazer/The Dresden Files, John Constantine/Harry Dresden, bonkers, law, bonkers, the-wizards-least-likely-to
Hellblazer/Torchwood, John Constantine/Jack Harkness, coats, beer, death, mask,
Heroes/Leverage, Peter/Sophie; manipulation
Heroes/Lost, Adam/Richard, repetition, forever, reversible separation
Heroes/NCIS, Nathan Petrelli/Tony DiNozzo, boarding school, knowledge, family, society, riding, stable, hay, parties, boredom, rebellion, service, investigation, motorcycle, leather, collar, boots.
Heroes/Supernatural, Adam Monroe/John Winchester, intimacy, eyes, training
Heroes/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Claire Bennet/John Connor, apocalypse, blood, fight, future, guns, hidden, intense, metal, mistaken identity, red, rough, skin, teamwork, tender, trust
Heroes/Torchwood, Claire Bennet/Jack Harkness, any
Heroes/Torchwood, Heidi Petrelli/Gwen Cooper, investigation, protection, bodyguard, discoveries, curves, slick, mouth, legs, boots, worship, lipstick.
Highlander/Stargate SG-1, Methos/Daniel Jackson, languages, papyrus, student
Highlander: The Series/Supernatural, Richie Ryan/Jo Harvelle, any
Homicide: Life on the Street/Wanted, Dennis Knoll/Eddie Drake, caught, reward, money, whore, share
House M.D./Lie To Me, Lisa Cuddy/Gillian Foster, genius, responsibility, weekend, vacation, risk, silk
House M.D./Lie to Me, Gregory House/Cal Lightman, competition
House M.D./Sherlock Holmes (2009), Gregory House/Sherlock Holmes/James Wilson/John Watson, stolen, mimic
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Gregory House/Carson Beckett, mistake, stethoscope, Scotland
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Gregory House/Rodney McKay, pseudoscience, laugh, expert, equation, take, blunt
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Gregory House/Rodney McKay/John Sheppard/James Wilson, leave, crowded, dream, wrestle
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, James Wilson/John Sheppard, diner, divorce, repeat, sacrifice
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, James Wilson/Rodney McKay, Canada, commiserate, tutor, lock, lab, sidekick
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, James Wilson/Ronon Dex, tie
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Lisa Cuddy/Elizabeth Weir, dominance, negotiate
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Lisa Cuddy/Teyla Emmagan, lonely, motherhood
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Remy Hadley/Radek Zelenka, unexpected, flexible
House M.D./The O.C., Thirteen/Alex Kelly, Kindred spirits, syncronicity, writhe, lick, medical exam, escape, strong, hard, toys, secret, past,
House M.D./The X-Files, Lisa Cuddy/Dana Scully, "she blinded me with science", "short skirt, long jacket", BFFs, shoes, aggravating
House/Iron Man (film)/The X-Files, Lisa Cuddy/Pepper Potts/Dana Scully, impossible
House/Lie to Me, House/Lightman, expectations, plans, superiority, challenge, knowing, amused, attitude
House/Supernatural, Chase/Dean, ghost, occult, witch, prophecy, heal, blood, attack
How I Met Your Mother/The Office (US), Ted Mosby/Karen Filippelli, fate, karaoke
Howl's Moving Castle - Dianna Wynne Jones/The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Dianna Wynne Jones, Chrestomanci/Howl, dimensions, closets, magic-touch
Howl's Moving Castle, Dianna Wynne Jones/Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke, any/any, [any]
Human Target/Leverage, Christopher Chance/Eliot Spencer, training, recruit, decline, hand-to-hand, instructor, stunt, fall, guns, knife fight, friend, protect, cover, help, don't
Hustle/Leverage, Danny Blue/Sophie Devereaux, training, diversion, short con
Hustle/Leverage, Mickey Stone/Sophie Devereaux, game, rules, mark, reunion, the lure, grift
Hustle/Leverage, Stacie Monroe/Eliot Spencer, poker,
Hustle/Torchwood, Mickey Stone/Jack Harkness, switch, plan
Hustle/White Collar, Danny Blue/Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, pick-up
Hustle/White Collar, Mickey Stone/Neal Caffrey, mark, wait

IT Crowd/Torchwood, Moss/Jack Harkness, confusion, Amsterdam, P-spot, cubicle
In Plain Sight/Leverage, Mary Shannon/Eliot Spencer, dizzy, early, garbage, headcase
In Plain Sight/Life, Marshall Mann/Dani Reese, bar, boots, stars
In Plain Sight/NCIS, Mary Shannon/Tony DiNozzo, bitter, college, snarky
In Plain Sight/RPF, Mary Shannon/Rachel Maddow, cocktails, adapt, encourage, overwhelm
Inu mo Arukeba/Kingyou Hime, goldfish/Kuro, play
Inu mo Arukeba/Kingyou Hime, goldfish/Kuro/Ukyou/Keisuke, pets, friends, loyalty
Iron Man (movie)/Firefly, Tony Stark/Kaylee, maybe, great minds think alike, simple, grease
Iron Man (movie)/RPF, Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr., any
Iron Man (movie)/Speed Racer (film), Tony Stark/Speed Racer, cars, fast, nova
Iron Man (movie)/X-Men (movies), Tony Stark/Scott Summers, motor oil, bruises
Iron Man/RPF, Tony Stark/Adam Lambert, shiny, filthy, gratitude

Jake 2.0/Traveler, Jake Foley/Will Traveler, spy stuff
James Bond (Craig)/Hairspray, James Bond/Link Larkin, rescue
James Bond (Daniel Craig)/The X-Files, James Bond/Dana Scully, gun
James Bond/Star Trek: Reboot, James Bond/James Kirk, challenge, clash, dare, suit
James Bond/Star Trek: Reboot, James Bond/Uhura, aural, collar, link, palm
Just Shoot Me/Will & Grace, Nina Van Horn/Karen Walker, pills, elevator, confused

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!/Soul Eater, Tsubaki/Yamamoto, swords, demons
Kill Bill/Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Elle/Agent Sands, blind, fury, touch, lips, sunglasses

La Femme Nikita/Veronica Mars, Michael/Veronica Mars, betrayal, blood, guns, handcuffs, hands, manipulation, recruit, undercover, wall!sex, wrists
Las Vegas/CSI, Danny/Mandy, touch, prints, any
Las Vegas/CSI, Mike/Wendy, geeks
Law and Order/Law and Order: SVU, Serena/Casey, disbarred, co-workers again, politics
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/House M.D., Alex Eames/Lisa Cuddy, heal, repayment, laughter, soft
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/Law and Order: SVU, Alex Eames/Olivia Benson, memories, pain, finger tips, tears
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/Law and Order: SVU, Robert Goren/Olivia Benson, ache, distraction, common, risk
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Robert Goren/Ducky Mallard, digression, shirttails, British Museum, old and tired
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Robert Goren/Ziva David, switchblade
Law and Order: SVU/Oz, Elliot Stabler/Tobias Beecher, lei, stomach, scratch, holding cell, sweat, zealot, mountains, cuffs, kids, Catholic, wife
Law and Order: SVU/Oz, Olivia Benson/Chris Keller, ignite, stalk, visitation, addiction, lick, pray, vulgar, possessive, pegging, release, MDMA, memories, deja vu, heat, betrayal
Law and Order: SVU/Oz, Olivia Benson/Tobias Beecher, secret, mouse, ghost, crickets, selfless, eggshell, antique, rope, heartbreak
Law and Order: SVU/Wanted (show), Eddie Drake/Elliot Stabler, cut loose, tickle, guilty pleasure, up against the wall, trade, blue
Legend of the Seeker/Xena Warrior Princess, Kahlan/Gabrielle, forgiveness
Legend of the Seeker/Xena Warrior Princess, Kahlan/Xena, swords,
Leverage/Live Free or Die Hard, Alec Hardison/Matt, flirting, famous, accident, friend
Leverage/NCIS, Alec Hardison/Timothy McGee, battle, hacker, wine
Leverage/NCIS, Parker/Ziva David, crawlspace, surveillance
Leverage/National Treasure, Sophie Devereaux/Abigail Chase, value
Leverage/Stargate Atlantis, Eliot Spencer/Teyla Emmagan, any
Leverage/Stargate Atlantis, Parker/John Sheppard, hair, jewels, link
Leverage/Stargate SG-1, Parker/Vala Mal Doran, any
Leverage/Supernatural, Nate Ford/Dean Winchester, submission
Leverage/Supernatural, Parker/Bela Talbot , reminder
Leverage/The Big Bang Theory, Hardison/Raj Koothrappali, comics, time
Leverage/The Big Bang Theory, Parker/Sheldon Cooper, awkward, sparks, ritual, human, untouched, ritual, confusion
Leverage/The Big Bang Theory, Parker/Raj Koothrappali, tease, superheroes, beg
Leverage/The Big Bang Theory, Parker/Penny, accident, denial, apocalypse, empowerment
Leverage/The Big Bang Theory, Parker/Howard Wolowitz, suspension
Leverage/The Middleman, Alec Hardison/Wendy Watson, fan geekery, fine art, body paint
Leverage/White Collar, Alec Hardison/Peter Burke, star wars
Leverage/White Collar, Eliot Spencer/Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey, backup
Leverage/White Collar, Parker/Neil Caffery, confusion
Leverage/White Collar, Sophie Devereaux/Neal Caffrey, fashion, shoes, expensive, smooth, con, black dress
Lewis/The Professionals, Bodie/Doyle/Hathaway, experiment, ties, hair, tease, pot, envy, modern
Lewis/Torchwood, Hathaway/Jack Harkness, time, coat, Shakespeare
Lewis/Torchwood, Hathaway/Lewis/Jack Harkness, inhibitions, relief, amusement
Lie to Me/Supernatural, Ria/Dean, trap, freak, risk
Lie to Me/Thoughtcrimes, Cal Lightman/Freya McAllister, read
Life/RPF, Charlie Crews/Jon Stewart, peaches, loneliness, zen
Life/Standoff, Charlie Crews/Matt Flannery, together, jail, bed, tattoo
Life/Standoff/Band of Brothers, Charlie Crews/Matt Flannery (Winters/Nixon), reincarnation, history, truth, desire
Lucifer (comic)/Sandman, Lucifer/Mazikeen, assurance, goodbye, ruin
Lucifer (comic)/Supernatural, Lucifer/Castiel, angel, piano, creation, fight
Lucifer (comic)/Supernatural, Mazikeen/Ruby, twist, savage, mother, revenge
Lucifer (comic)/Supernatural, Mazikeen/Sam, wrench, subtle, break

Mad Men/Twin Peaks, Joan Holloway/Harry Truman, fluster
Marvel (616)/Marvel (Ultimates), Steve/Tony (doesn't matter which), workshop, grease, accent, provenance
Marvel Comics/The West Wing, Peter Parker/CJ Cregg, exclusive, coffee, desk
Marvel Comics/The West Wing, Steve Rogers/CJ Cregg, Brooklyn, charcoal
Marvel Comics/The West Wing, Tony Stark/Sam Seaborn, Republicans, hotel, rimming, whisky, Princeton
Marvel/Torchwood, Mr. Immortal/Jack Harkness, eternity
Merlin/The Sentinel, Blair Sandburg/Merlin, fascinating, sidekick, shaman, hostage, comparisons, obfuscate
Mulholland Drive/RPF, Adam Kesher/Anderson Cooper, fame, creativity, limousine, catering, industry, money
Mulholland Drive/RPF, Diane Selwyn/Keith Olbermann, wanting, ambition, television, celebrities, fallen, invitation

NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/G. Callen, Russia, Russian, bullet wounds, soothe, history, coffee, dreams, guilt , loyalty, touch, fix, affection, secret identity, training, director, sail away, green
NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/G. Callen/Sam Hanna, new and old, comfort, inventive, excel, bandage, dogtags, trust, undercover, nightmare, nerves, cuddle, share, tipsy, tight
NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles/White Collar, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/G. Callen/Peter Burke, stress relief, group effort, lost partners
NCIS/Ocean's 11 series, Abby Sciuto/Rusty Ryan, any
NCIS/Ocean's 11 series, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Danny Ocean, caught, deny, turkey
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Abby Sciuto/Radek Zelenka, fry, test, visions, zap
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Tony DiNozzo/Evan Lorne, grin, jazz, story
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Tony DiNozzo/John Sheppard, eyeball, faster, sin, steam
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Ba'al, anger, bow tie, invasion, jello
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Daniel Jackson, coffee, deep, intelligent, readers, hands
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Jack O'Neill, military, Sir, secrets, sarcasm
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo/Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, pretty boys, sarcasm, wood, leader
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Ziva David/Vala Mal Doran, exchange, leather, sarcasm
NCIS/Supernatural, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Dean Winchester, orders
NCIS/The Sentinel, Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard/Vince Deal, ride along, show consultant, papparazzi, Emmy's
NCIS/The West Wing, Tony DiNozzo/Josh Lyman, backpack(s)
NCIS/White Collar, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Peter Burke, LEOs, Fornell, FBI
NCIS/White Collar, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo/Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey, irreverent, art, working with hands, classic
NCIS/Without a Trace, Tony DiNozzo/Fitzgerald, hotel, champagne, balcony
NCIS: Los Angeles/White Collar, G. Callen/Peter Burke, old partners, history, reunion
NCIS: Los Angeles/White Collar, G. Callen/Peter Burke/Neal Coffrey, snow, cooperation, comfort
NCIS: Los Angeles/White Collar, G. Callen/Sam Hanna/Neal Coffrey, captured, undercover, risk, explore
Never Cry Werewolf/The Vampire Diaries (tv), Loren Hansett/Damon Salvatore, hunt, moon, stalk, sun, wicked, wrists
Never Cry Werewolf/The Vampire Diaries (tv), Loren Hansett/Elena Gilbert, any
Numb3rs/Traveler, Bryce Larkin/Charlie Eppes, admiration, skill, danger

Oliver Twist/Sweeney Todd (movieverse), Toby/Dodger, get by
Oz/Supernatural, Chris Keller/Dean Winchester, gun oil, ache, demon
Oz/The Sentinel, Vern Schillinger/Garret Kincaid, territory, power, prag, alliance, target, unrequited, payback
Oz/Wanted, Chris Keller/Eddie Drake, extra sauce, bent over, elephant

Pinocchio/The Princess and the Frog, Ray/The Blue Fairy, "Evangeline"
Pirates of the Carribean/RPF, Jack/Adam Lambert, kohl
Planescape: Torment/Supernatural, Annah/Sam, blood, demonic
Poltergeist/The Sixth Sense, Carol-Anne Freeling/Cole Sear, therapy, second sight, blanket, closet, chase, warmth, safety
Psych/The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon/Shawn, memory, fascination
Psych/The Middleman, Wendy Watson/Burton Guster, catsuit
Push/The X-men (comics), Nick/Kitty Pyrde, powers, flirt
Push/The X-men (comics), Nick/Stepford Cuckoos, any
Pushing Daisies/Supernatural, Chuck/Dean, pie

Queer as Folk (UK)/Queer as Folk (US), Vince/Michael, fan convention
Queer as Folk (UK)/Torchwood, Vince/Jack, hand in a Jar aka The doctor detector, dalek in a fish tank

RENT/Star Trek: Reboot, Maureen Johnson/James Kirk, hookup, slut, enthusiastic, time warp, ancestor, descendant, open-minded
RPF/Sherlock Holmes (2009), Jude Law/Sherlock Holmes, replaced
RPF/Singin' in the Rain, Rachel Maddow/Kathy Selden, dancing, tap pants, cake, stage, music, sidecar
RPF/Sports Night, Casey McCall/Dan Patrick/Dan Rydell/Keith Olbermann, football, parallel
RPF/Star Trek: Reboot, Adam Lambert/Kirk, bar, handcuffs
RPF/Star Trek: Reboot, Adam Lambert/Spock, alien, sparkly
RPF/Stargate Atlantis, Anderson Copper/John Sheppard, flash, grin, judge, mirror, pause
RPF/Stargate SG-1, Rachel Maddow/Sam Carter, post-interview, disclosure, unbelievable
RPF/Stargate SG-1, boy!Rachel Maddow/Sam Carter, scientific explanation, adjusting
RPF/Story of My Life (Jay McInerney), Anderson Cooper/Alison Poole, parties, aging, poodle, club, bathroom, booth, delivery, lobster, drugs
RPF/Supernatural, Jared/Sam, mirror
RPF/Supernatural, Jensen/Sam/Dean, quiet
RPF/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Summer Glau/John Connor, any
RPF/The West Wing, Ryan Seacrest/Sam Seaborn, blue, Hollywood
RPF/True Blood, Adam Lambert/Eric, teeth, deal
Real Ghostbusters/Remington Steele, Laura Holt/Ray Stantz, Topology
Real Ghostbusters/Remington Steele, Winston Zeddemore/OFC, convention
Remington Steele/Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Laura Holt/Remington Steele Lee Steson/Amanda King, Red-Carpet

Sanctuary/Stargate SG-1, Helen/Baal, abnormal, trophy
Saving Grace/The Closer, Grace/Brenda, new, after, wild, mistake
Saving Grace/The Sentinel, Grace Hanadarko/Simon Banks, jurisdiction, laughter, lighten up, growl, cigar
Scrubs/The Middleman, Wendy/Denise, snark, hospital.
Secret Diary of a Call Girl/Torchwood, Belle/Jack, Rose, hope, want, need, consolation, regular
Sherlock Holmes (2009)/The Middleman, Sherlock Holmes/Wendy Watson, [any]
Smallville/Star Trek: Reboot, Lois Lane/James Kirk, infuriating
Smallville/Superman Returns, Lois (SV)/Clark (SR), interview, cherries, stone, skills, hardened, snark, whip, desk, taser, cape, reality check, real hero, rescue, beer, jersey, better, replacement, game, story, lead, closet, hush, voice, mercy, lost
Smallville/Supernatural, Chloe Sullivan/Dean Winchester, lingerie, tease, Impala, beach, pie, undress, confidence, unusual, withhold, bad, thunder
Smallville/Supernatural, Lois Lane/Dean Winchester, case, snark, beer, hero, stiletto, Latin, rope, devil's trap, leather, guns, training, demon, snark, undercover, case, tease, hero, Impala, suggestion, why, hurt, good, resist, deal, rain, trust
Smallville/White Collar, Lex/Neal, fake IDs, hat, drink
Spooks/The Ghost Squad, Lucas North/Pete Maitland, interrogation, smart-ass
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Stargate Atlantis, any/any, warp, holosuite,
Star Trek: Enterprise/Bones, T'Pol/Brennan, science, cold, controlled,
Star Trek: Enterprise/Star Trek: Voyager, T'Pol/Tuvok, biology, stranded
Star Trek: Reboot/Star Trek: The Original Series, Gaila/Saavik, hypothesis, demand, flirt, forgotten, nonsense
Star Trek: Reboot/Stargate Atlantis, James Kirk/John Sheppard, charm, booze
Star Trek: Reboot/Stargate Atlantis, Scotty/Zelenka, engineers
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, James Kirk/Dean Winchester, poker, bar, leather, mission, urgent, bike, scars, daddy issues, liquor
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, Pike/Ellen, bottle, flame, resolve, total
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, Uhura/Castiel, fabric, furl, line, wrap
Star Trek: Reboot/The Matrix, James Kirk/Trinity, code, hail, outfit, report
Star Trek: Reboot/The Matrix, Trinity/Uhura/Trinity, envelop, fire, mission, truth
Star Trek: Reboot/The X-Men (movieverse), James Kirk/Rogue, key, lap, yellow, zephyr
Star Trek: Reboot/The X-Men (movieverse), Uhura/Rogue, leave, power, skin, sovereign
Star Trek: Reboot/Torchwood, Kirk/Jack, bar
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson/John Sheppard, lab, sex-pollen
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Cameron Mitchell, power, Sheppard, snowfall
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Ronon Dex, agreement, fierce, shelter, sharp
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, choices, language, proposal, sand, sweet, travel, truth, dress blues, breakfast, sunshine, macaroons, beer, rope, spanking, girl!John, girl!Cam, dirty, nipple clamps, collar, rimming, blackout, winter, farm, wedding, heartbreak, handcuffs, curtains
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Jack O'Neill, uniform, salute, submission, alcohol
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Sam Carter, formal-wear, Washington, skyline, puddlejumper, AMTDI, what-if, hairdo, black tie event, lace, vibrator
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran, decadence, playful, Id, solace, toys
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson, geek, conquer, stars
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla/Cameron, any
Stargate Atlantis/Starship Troopers II, Bug!John Sheppard/Captain Dax, territory, mine, leave no one behind, team, behind lines, battle weary, rogue
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, John Sheppard/Jo Harvelle, shotgun, chopper, shirt
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, John Sheppard/John Winchester, gun, beard, motel
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Laura Cadman/Jo Harvelle, teacher, explosive, big bang, recruit
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Ronon Dex/Jo Harvelle, fist, cheekbone, locked
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Ronon Dex/Sam Winchester, hair, sweat, tears, revenge
Stargate Atlantis/The Big Bang Theory, Rodney McKay/Sheldon Cooper, experiment, challenge, unexpected
Stargate Atlantis/The Big Bang Theory, Todd/Sheldon Cooper, don't be ridiculous you're not real
Stargate Atlantis/The Sentinel, Radek Zelenka/Blair Sandburg, Prague, cafe, convention, glasses, kidnapped, gate team, AMTDI
Stargate Atlantis/The X-Files, Vegas!John Sheppard/Fox Mulder, aliens, cover up, wrong (succubi?) theory, sulky mouth
Stargate Atlantis/Thoughtcrimes, Ronon Dex/Brendan, protect, inscrutable, chore
Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Bug!John Sheppard/Jack Harkness, "Blue's one of my favorite colors."
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Vala Mal Doran/Dean Winchester, clever, escape, evasion, pie
Stargate SG-1/The Sentinel, Daniel Jackson/Blair Sandburg, AMTDI, tentacles, diplomacy, cultural misunderstanding, the joy of research, pyramids, papyrus
Stargate SG-1/The West Wing, Daniel Jackson/Sam Seaborn, talk
Superman (Reeveverse)/Superman Returns, Richard White/Clark Kent/Lois Lane, double penetration, angsty hate!sex, threesome, teasing
Superman (Reeveverse)/Superman Returns, Richard White/Lana Lang, sweet, vibrant, naughy, hot tub
Supernatural/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Castiel/Cameron, any
Supernatural/The Authority, Dean Winchester/Jack Hawksmoor, city, travel, weird
Supernatural/The Authority, Sam Winchester/Jenny Q, destiny, god,
Supernatural/The Dresden Files (books), Dean Winchester /Molly Carpenter, tattoo, hide, tradition, chain
Supernatural/The Dresden Files (books), Dean Winchester/Harry Dresden, demon, idiot, cars, blood, whiskey, brand
Supernatural/The X-Men (movies), Castiel/Rogue, any
Supernatural/Torchwood, Dean Winchester/Jack Harkness, vampire, case, assistance, need, tension, resurrection, hope, experience, guns, toys, pea coat, leather, secrets, blood, soaked, urgent, sparring, snark, Batman, cold, blanket, bandages, field surgery, demon
Supernatural/True Blood, Dean Winchester/Jason Stackhouse, humidity
Supernatural/Vampire Diaries, Dean Winchester/Bonnie, witch
Supernatural/Veronica Mars, Castiel/Veronica Mars, any
Supernatural/Veronica Mars, Jo Harvelle/Logan Echolls, any

Terminator Salvation/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Marcus/Cameron, obvious, learn, blood
The 4400/Heroes, Isabelle/Sylar, power
The Big Bang Theory/The IT Crowd, Penny/Moss, puzzlement, improve, lasting
The Big Bang Theory/The IT Crowd, Sheldon/Moss, negotiations
The Forbidden Game - L.J. Smith/The Secret Circle - L.J. Smith, Julian/Diana Meade, any
The Sentinel/The X-Files, Lee Brackett/Alex Krycek, business deal, collision, target, amnesia, vacation, black market, true love, revenge
The Sentinel/Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series, Jack Kelso/Jack Ryan, glory days, classified, debrief, consultation, chess
The West Wing/The X-Files, Sam Seaborn/Fox Mulder, Bob, meeting, conspiracy, truth, belief
The Wizard of Oz (1939)/Wicked (musical), Dorothy/Elphaba, road, shoes, colour, mission, sight, house, emerald
The X-Men (movies)/True Blood, Rogue/Eric Northman, any
The X-Men (movies)/True Blood, Rogue/Sookie Stackhouse, any
The X-Men (movies)/True Blood, Scott Summers/Sookie Stackhouse, any
Torchwood/True Blood, Eric/Jack, immortality, secrets, stamina
Torchwood/True Blood, Jack/Ianto/Lafayette, flirt
Torchwood/White Collar, Jack/Neil, con-men, gun, smile
Traveler/White Collar, Neal Caffrey/Tyler Fog, consolation, tie, hats, whisper
True Blood/Vampire Diaries, Eric/Vicki, addiction
True Blood/White Collar, Eric Northman/Neal Caffrey, grandiose, double, silver, scent, trap

Veronica Mars/Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Veronica/Carmen, more, found, later, meet

All American Rejects, Tyson/Nick, glitter, made out, moving
Ashlee Simpson/Fall Out Boy, Ashlee Simpson/Pete Wentz, bound, public, costumes, on stage, hiding

Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/girl!Nate Novarro, lies, pink
Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Nate Novarro, growing up, popcorn, laughter
Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Victoria Asher, criminal minds, gossip, travel, crossdressing, hickey, fed up, leave your hat on
Cobra Starship, Ryland Blackinton/Alex Suarez, video games, cooking, guy ripley
Cobra Starship/Empires, Nate Novarro/Ryan Luciani, beat, beer, follow
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe Saporta/Patrick Stump, dance, sing, floors, elevator, card
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz, friendship, stitches, misunderstandings, worry, guardian angel, fight
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta, excess, narcotics, one-uppsmanship, hustle
Cobra Starship/Gold Motel, Gabe Saporta/Greta Salpeter, high, competition, seduction
Cobra Starship/Gym Class Heroes, Gabe Saporta/Travis McCoy, drug [ab]use, relax, bliss
Cobra Starship/Panic! at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Gabe Saporta, empathy, fragile, spiral, fixation, lips, cling, voice
Cobra Starship/Panic! at the Disco, Brendon/Vicky-T, intimidated, ride
Cobra Starship/The Academy Is..., Gabe Saporta/William Beckett, comfort, stuttering, flirty, adorable, drinking games, tour, hips, gentle, crash, bite, trust, close, unthinking

Empires, Al Smith/Ryan Luciani, massage, van, bar, drunk
Empires, Sean Van Vleet/Ryan Luciani/Tom Conrad, voice, apartment, road, picture
Empires/Gold Motel, Tom Conrad/Greta Salpeter, Los Angeles, camera, tour
Empires/Gold Motel/The Young Veins, Tom Conrad/Greta Salpeter/Jon Walker, cross-dressing, backseat
Empires/The Academy Is..., Tom Conrad/Mike Carden, jealousy, last time, kiss
Empires/The Academy Is.../The Young Veins, Tom Conrad/Mike Carden/Jon Walker, drunk, tease, rough
Empires/The Young Veins, Tom Conrad/Jon Walker, dark, forever, radio, sunrise, jealous, first, snow, bar fight, stubble, drunk, heart-to-heart, on the floor, feet, Monopoly, date night, beer, museum, snow

Fall Out Boy, Ashlee Simpson Wentz/Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, [any], happy, domestic, parental, Bronx
Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump/Joe Trohman, young, couch, forget, promise, best friends
Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, vibrator, fight!sex, first time, cuddling, carnival food, guitar, hats, tattoos, Patrick singing in his lower register, red, fingers, thighs, words, bus, silence, work, lost, joy, fate, filth, lips, seventeen, shiver, writing, forever, words, soundless, crazy, Benzadrine, crossdressing, fighting
Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz/Joe Trohman, pulling, smile, bar, teenager, exhaustion, silence, truth or dare, stoned, sleepy, New York City, radio, guitar, tattoos
Fall Out Boy/Gym Class Heroes, Pete Wentz/Travis McCoy, art, sleepovers, painting, pills
Fall Out Boy/Gym Class Heroes, Travis McCoy/Pete Wentz, painting
Fall Out Boy/Mest, Patrick Stump/Jeremiah Rangel, vans, mixtape
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, experiments, laughter, secrets, whispers, summer, sneaking around, backseats, ice, heat, nights, writing, rush, sleepovers, WWII, cigarette, bunk, socks, hesitate, interrupt, wait, reunion, hurt, glasses, hoodies, hair, plane
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way/Alicia Simmons-Way, pegging, familiarity
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way/Bob Bryar, tension, plans
Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco, Pete Wentz/Brendon Urie, almost, silence, new, surrogate, replacement, fantasy, substitute, hyperactivity, morning, bunks, dare, jetlag, tattoos, AU, violent, boyfriend, ADD, insomnia, pot, photographs, kiss, writer's choice
Fall Out Boy/The Cab, Patrick/Alex DeLeon, new, young
Fall Out Boy/The Young Veins, Pete Wentz/Ryan Ross, hero, absence, insomnia, change, desperate, separate, 2006, accident, internet, haste, waiting, blog, lyrics, forgotten, angry, aloof, begging, mouth, hands, role reversal

Gold Motel/Panic! at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Greta Salpeter, fetish, dress
Gold Motel/The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Greta Salpeter, music, secret, camera, sub!Jon
Gym Class Heroes/The Academy Is..., Travis McCoy/William Beckett, smoke, stage, wrists, bedposts, lyrics

Hey Monday/Panic! at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Cassadee Pope, go down

McFly, Tom/Danny/Dougie/Harry, flat
Mindless Self Indulgence/My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Lyn-Z Way, high school, pegging, uniforms, pretty, soft, silent, rush
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter, manage, sane, sticks
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Frank Iero, crawling, album, cloth, cheek
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, shutdown, loop, beating, ash, care, roadtrip, tugging, red
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Mikey Way, vague, knees, quiet, easy, watching, first
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro, domestic, wrists, records, hair
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, art, bathe, bus, cramped, interview, ration, smoke, summer, super, youth, feathers, gloves, dye, pegging, blindfold, pull, high, journey, spare, slope, old, coffee, early, bus, dirty, giving, desolation row, rhythm, cheap, bite, possible, explain, moon, fantasy
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Mikey Way, heat, drinking games, smoking, alcohol, van, listening, quiet
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Mikey Way, best friends, roommates, crossdressing, bodyswap, cold, smoking, banter, facial hair, married life, dogs, glasses
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Ray Toro, hair, New Jersey, teeth, single, grip
My Chemical Romance, girl!Bob Bryar/Frank Iero, crossdressing, gags
My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way/Ray Toro, walls, music, practice, INOK!verse, crossdressing
My Chemical Romance/Cobra Starship, Mikey Way/Gabe Saporta, dancing, party
My Chemical Romance/Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Mikey Way/Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz, casual, accident, friendly
My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy, Bob Bryar/Patrick Stump, blush
My Chemical Romance/Panic! at the Disco, Bob Bryar/Spencer Smith, drumsticks, lesbians
My Chemical Romance/The Used, Gerard/Bert, love, forever, heartbreak
My Chemical Romance/The Young Veins, Brian Schechter/Jon Walker, chance, fire, climbing

Panic! at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, imagine, together, adventure, oblivious, sleepwalking, tour, manhandling, crush, dream, family, puppy, rumpled, delicious, delicate, small, nightmare, orgasm denial, cock ring, watersports, beach, bruises, biting, bondage, shower, virginity, begging, exhibitionism, voyeurism, crossdressing, bed-sharing, spanking, need, family, prodigy, dork, new, cuddles, sweet, time, sleepover, beardburn, comfort, loyalty, jitters
Panic! at the Disco/Gold Motel, Brendon Urie/Greta Salpeter, crossdressing, virginity, sleepy, orgasm denial, vampire, piano, stranded
Panic! at the Disco/My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Spencer Smith, drummer, 'pretty lesbian', hips, too young
Panic! at the Disco/The Cab, Brendon Urie/Alex DeLeon, Vegas, lips
Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins, Brendon Urie/Jon Walker, awesome, phonesex, coffee, jealousy, ignore, argument, first time, meet-up
Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins, Brendon Urie/Jon Walker/girl!Ryan Ross, new, push down, double, corner, hard, mouth, jealousy
Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins, Brendon Urie/Jon Walker/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith, change, two, break-up sex, fireworks, dinner, cabin, smoke, bondage, shower, fast, money, again, open, wrist
Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins, Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross, caught, revelation, kept, ties, hands, obsession, symphony, touch, bound, first, handcuffs, hairpulling, control, hard, fast, dirty, wrong, shut the fuck up, bodyswap, feverish, not gay, fighting, musical differences, squeeze, secret, blindfold
Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins, Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith, first time, shy, virginity, sleepover, pornography, crossdressing, bed-sharing, time travel, genderswap, jealousy, voyeur, return, home, photograph, anger, love, empty, missing
Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith/Jon Walker/Ryan Ross, giggles, candy, muscles, sun, hungover, kitchen, sexting, talking, scarves, breathplay
Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Spencer Smith, flip-flops, foot fetish, distance, AU, phone, kneeling, backseat of a car
Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins, Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith, home, movie, safety, loss, friendship, nostalgia, disappointment, memories, cliques, habits, epiphany, holiday, belief, music, twitter, experiment, phone sex, routine, affair, pining, sleep, reunion, anger, kissing, desperation, indecent proposal, truce, psychic, high, link, ties, fighting, serendipity, laughter, rivalry, hickeys, dares, backstage

The Academy Is..., Adam Siska/The Butcher, sand, beach, comfort, painting, basketball, sweet
The Cab, Alex DeLeon/Cash Colligan, buttplug, performance, rough, cameras
The Cab, Alex Marshall/Ian Crawford, guitars, hair care, tickling
The Cab, Cash Colligan/Alex Johnson, [any]
The Cab, Cash Colligan/Alex Marshall, [any]
The Cab, Cash Colligan/Ian Crawford, [any]
The Hush Sound/Panic! at the Disco, Greta Salpeter/Brendon Urie, laughter, pegging
The Hush Sound/Panic! at the Disco, Greta Salpeter/Ryan Ross, dates, backstage, touring
The Hush Sound/Panic! at the Disco, Greta Salpeter/Spencer Smith, drums
The Hush Sound/The Young Veins, Greta Salpeter/Jon Walker, early days, flower, hotel, ferris wheel, sunshine, sleepy
The Like, Charlotte Froom/Tennessee Thomas, miss you, hands, telephone, shh
The Like, Z Berg/Charlotte Froom, prom, hate sex, silence, forgiveness, bass, red dress
The Like, Z Berg/Tennessee Thomas, books, familiarity, fresh air, morning, nostalgia, bodyswap, secrets, England, eyeliner, just friends, drunk, stockings, boyfriend, summer
The Like/The Young Veins, Ryan Ross/Z Berg, laughter, games, travel, handcuffs, feather, forget, destiny, married, genderswap, snuggies, pretentious, aggressive girls, change
The Young Veins, girl!Jon Walker/Ryan Ross, pegging, bra, makeup, flip-flops, studio, hiding, pillow, garters
The Young Veins, Jon Walker/girl!Ryan, hoodie, secret, candy, mirror, pregnant sex
The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross, beach, on the road, messy, stairs, phonesex, fingers, bruise, neck, moon, campfire, tired, hair, spies, roadtrips, backstage, high, nature, outdoors, beard, recording, winter, cock ring, tie, in public, chess, break-in, break-up, dependency, future, sex pollen, doppelganger, mouth, rough, library, vinyl, pool, chair, no touching, plug, collar, kneel, trapped, wall, outside, push, bruise
The Young Veins/Phantom Planet, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross/Alex Greenwald, smoke, alley, stain, feet, loud
The Young Veins/Phantom Planet, Ryan Ross/Alex Greenwald, new suits, twitter, cult

Real Person Fiction
Aaron Rodgers/Brett Favre, jealousy, insomnia, call waiting, forgot, six shooter, game plan, hold, bite, regret, man in motion
Aaron Rodgers/Dan Orlovsky, best man, lapel, reminisce, hope, break, warm, hands, broke, kiss, wife, love, fence, ring, crowd, closet, state, shadow, sight, park, joke, wander, clock
Aaron Rodgers/Matt Leinart, tequila, secret, drunk, touch, ice, hip, burn, pocket, lonely, bed
Adam Brody/Rachel Bilson, revenge, swing, suntanned legs
Adam Hills/Hamish Blake, reunion, collars, champagne
Adam Hills/Mark Watson, secrets, rope, teasing
Adam Hills/Paul McDermott, costumes, prostitutes, 'Red Riding Hood'
Adam Hills/Russell Howard, collars, foot play
Adam Hills/Tim Minchin, festival sex, foot play
Adam Hills/Wil Anderson, corsets, whips, heels
Adam Lambert, stage
Adam Lambert/Amanda Palmer, just try it
Adam Lambert/Brad Bell, glitter, narcotics, tied up, tongue-tied, ownership, possessiveness
Adam Lambert/Jakob Kerr, on a string, jump higher
Adam Lambert/Kris Allen, indiscretion, changes, tour, distance, difficult, camera-ready, appropriate, photo shoot, magazine, tell-all, airport, tour, backstage, bus, fierce, alien, guitar, Arkansas, tiny, wings
Adam Lambert/Kris Allen/ Katy Allen, timeshare, sunshine, getaway, tickle, tour, trust, deliberate, PDA, exposure
Adam Lambert/Kris Allen/Tommy Ratliff, gift, pace, yacht, club
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff, dry humping, purple hair, body modification, leather, boyfriend, glitter, thrall, casual, labels, restraint, cat o'nine tails, mile-high club, possessiveness, corsetry, piercing, marked, telescopic lens, costumes, bro-sex, filth, pool, Bowie, easy, ego
Adrian Grenier/Matthew Gray Gubler/Victoria Asher, old school, reunion, stripey socks
Adrianne Palicki/Scott Porter, rebound, subway
Aldis Hodge/Chris Kane, scripts, laughter, theft, beer
Alexander Skarsgård/Anna Paquin, [any]
Alexander Skarsgård/Stark Sands, arms, barefoot, bubbles, morning, rain, slam, stubble, reunion, couch, watch, secret, lips, muscle, memory, teasing, sand, roadtrip
Alice Ripley/Allison Janney/Lisa Edelstein, accidental, barefoot, forget, magazine, peach, rain, revolve, stars, taste, yoga
Allison Janney/Alice Ripley, commiseration, bi-coastal, grace, mockery, farewell, television, blue, violet, matinee, welcome back
Allison Janney/Andy Karl, publicity, LA, neutral ground, reunion, picnic, cranberries, audition, producer, dressing room, in the wings, escape
Amanda Palmer/any, lace, nipples, hair
Amanda Palmer/Brian Viglione - rock love
Ana Marie Cox/Anderson Cooper, panel, writing
Ana Marie Cox/Keith Olbermann, longing, bourbon, cherries, wince, hold, crisis
Ana Marie Cox/Chris Hayes, high, Blackberry, cocktails, dress-shirt, freckle, tattoo, airport bar, giggling, twitpic
Ana Marie Cox/Chris Lehmann/Rachel Maddow, work, kitchen, snow, fences, liveshot, studio, nowhere, divorce, scandal, trail, books, museum
Ana Marie Cox/Peter Orszag, soda, secrets, running, morning, sidewalk, town car, getaway, summer house, marriage
Ana Marie Cox/Rachel Maddow, tie, counter, window, little-black-dress, ankle, lose, cocktails, derby, missteps, college!AU, fling, crush, complementariness, disagreement, kinky, lazy, dinosaurs, face paint, letters, mood ring, pockets, socks, window, distribution, radio, joyride, team, exhibitionism, breathless, tempt, hips, dance, puppies, twitter, brown, red, bourbon, winter, twitter, flirt, on-air, finally, domination, toys, kink, AU, fisting, queer, semi-public
Ana Marie Cox/Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann, bracelet, journal, discovery, fired, train, cocaine, plug, rainstorm, graduate school, vinyl record, mint, bonfire, cartoons, filming, flag-football, teacher, vacation, unusual, 1:25AM, unnerved, promise, ins, cut, mister, centerfold, spring-training, rain, Sunday-morning, rope, grass, corrupt, window, seek, surprise, pegging, payback, strip-poker
RRF, Ana Marie Cox/Rachel Maddow/Melissa Harris-Lacewell, dancing, late night
Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann/Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert/Rachel Maddow, hiding, laundry, space, widow, complicated, knots, two-step
Anderson Cooper/Anthony Bourdain, pork, cut offs, tequila, cigarettes, reincarnation
Anderson Cooper/Ivan Watson, radio, dinner, coffeehouse, backpack, danger, Blackberry, satellite phone, water, sleep, beach, vacation
Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin/Levi Johnston, teaching, fascination, seductress
Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann, manpurse, worry, discretion, parents, children, career, education, cards, novel, revolution, manhandling, snow fight, shiny, telescope, hash, staying over, taunt, toes, MST3K, visitor, detective, competition, jeopardy!, wrestle, tasting, DailyKos, caught, jealousy, travelling, paintbrush, groceries, danger, girlfriend, correspondence, taxi cab, paramour, mirror, princess, smell, downfall, holiday
Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, overused, gamble, fake, untouchable, undone, boys, stolen, balance, night
Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow, spark, rebel, halfway, misery, addictive, lightning-storm, fisting, smooth, disaster, war, longing, lone, games, inside-out
Anderson Cooper/Stephen Colbert, liar, taunt
Anderson Cooper/Richard Engel, night, reckless, slums
Andrew Hansen/Chas Licciardello, confined spaces
Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel, cat suits, furries, cross-dressing, wigs, fantasies, heels, drag queens, world's gayest ninjas
Andrew Hansen/Dominic Knight, domination, bisexuality, cages
Andrew Hansen/Matt Bellamy, clones, pianos, hair porn
Angel Coulby/Bradley James, games, sharing
Anita Pallenberg/Marianne Faithfull, pierce, gypsy, stolen, scarves, bite marks
Anna Paquin/Ryan Kwanten, [any]
Anna Paquin/Stephen Moyer, [any]
Anna Torv/Joshua Jackson, boots, accent, nails, arrangement, shiver, tangled, lipstick, dress, flirt, charming, script, interview, guilt, mistake, pause, comic-con, sofa, secret, forbidden, jealous, rehearsal, fruit, telephone, taboo, cigarette, kittens, fever, scandal, wedding, scent, magazines
Anne Hathaway/Hugh Jackman, [any]
Anne Hathaway/Scott Speedman, [any]
August Diehl/Melanie Laurent, south, sunshine, narrator, red, teeth
Barry Zito/Billy Beane, driving, chapstick, hotel room, callouses, sweat, talking, swimming pool
Beatles, John/Paul, LSD, mates, no one else understands
Bessie Smith/Ma Rainey, moonshine
Beyonce/Lady Gaga, dance off, costumes, smudge
Beyonce/Rihanna, leather, handcuffs, giggling
Billie Piper/Eve Myles, honey
Billie Piper/John Barrowman, domme
Billie Piper/John Barrowman/Christopher Eccleston, cramped, closet, hotel room, really?, leather, both
Billie Piper/John Barrowman/Matt Smith, only you, laughter, drink, kisses, sweet, determination
Billie Piper/Sophia Myles, corset, dress, unpinning, warmth, firelight
Billy Burke/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Halloween
Blake Lively/Alexis Bledel, field, blankets, filming, Greece, patio
Blake Lively/Dianna Agron, suspenders, party, experiment
Blake Lively/Leighton Meester, bite, tease, ice cream, desk, vacation, fan, sheets, temptation, weakness, secret, storm, grass, breath-play, submission, heels, silent, public, careful, spanking, slick, voyeurism, recover, feeling, dirty talk, possession
Bono/Edge, bright, end, fly, leap
Bradley Cooper/Sharlto Copley, Vancouver, Cape Town, sequel, blue, real, Hollywood, phony, "fook"
Bradley James/Colin Morgan, antics, blush, France, Glasgow, home, cuddling for warmth, gay for you, jealousy, skinny dipping, spin the bottle, truth or dare
Brandon Routh/Christian Bale, superheroes, longevity, bad ass, lessons, blood, scenes, harness, jet lag, paparazzi, hands, casting, wounds, fangirls
Brandon Routh/Erica Durance, chance, latte, lines, mistakes, behind the scenes
Brandon Routh/Kate Bosworth, choice, laughter, pinch, squeeze, interview, chemistry, trailer, down time, tickle, costume, almost-kiss
Brandon Routh/Zachary Levi, hazing, pranks, behind the scenes, running lines, competition, geeking out, Superman, unsettled
Brian McCann/Jeff Francoeur, lonely, disappointment, surprise, grass stains, beer
Bridget Regan/Craig Horner, alone, scenery, wine
Bruce Guthro/Brian Hurren, piano
Bruce Springsteen/Clarence Clemons, first time, comfort, persuasion
Bruce Springsteen/Patti Scialfa, baggage, intermission, duel, guitar, sweat
Bruce Springsteen/Patti Scialfa/Steve Van Zandt, boredom, lucky
Bruce Springsteen/Steve Van Zandt, skin, simple

Cary Grant/George Clooney, anything
Catherine Tate/David Tennant, 'Well you don't have to sleep with men'
Chad Michael Murray/Hilarie Burton, "oh really?", handcuffs, squint, cigarette, stroke
Chad Michael Murray/Jensen Ackles, Vancouver, L.A. smoking, engagement
Charles Firth/Andrew Hansen, muffins
Chas Licciardello/Julian Morrow, doggie-style, tickle wars
Chas Licciardello/Dominic Knight, best friends
Chase Crawford/Taylor Momson, rumour, club, crush, perfect, rehearsal, glance
Cheryl Cole/Simon Cowell, star, fight, silence, lunch, smile, argue, quicky, rough, kiss, whisper, fireworks.
Chris Cillizza/Dana Milbank, arrogant bastards, submissive, player, editor, power, newsroom, convention
Chris Hayes/Keith Olbermann, jeans, late, sports
Chris Meloni/Lee Tergeson, late, silence, risk, stroke, set, reunion, distance, forget, bitch, prop, phone, camera, shock, hands, leaning, sad, coffee, lemon, shopping cart, marathon, torment, crossdressing, leather, harness, heartbreak
Chris Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, blackout, California, wine, vacation, awards, fashion, cold, sleeping, negotiate, thick, vacation, formal, critic
Chris Meloni/Mariska Hargitay/Lee Tergeson, argument, glance, arouse, party, hotel, relax, familiar, sharp, promises, jewel, vibration, shudder, love swing, heartbreak
Chris Pine/Karl Urban, Button-fly, owned, hardcore, languorous, surf, brave, sleepy, smudge, read
Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, aftermath, edge, Noah, tangy, want, book club, marathons, books, thrift, yoga, eco-friendly, coffee, dog, scarf, smoking, London wings, recluse
Chris Taylor/Andrew Hansen, Destination Porno, handjobs, tiny skirts, desperation
Chris Taylor/Chas Licciardello, pretentiousness, pity, drinking alone
Chris Taylor/Craig Reucassel, backstage pass, break-up sex, make-up sex
Christian Bale/Billy Crudup, twist, pull, push, headstrong, defiant, quiet, reflection, tear
Christian Bale/Christopher Nolan, comfort, scene, wise, fit, calm, resist
Christian Bale/Erica Durance, coincidence, fans, Kermit Bale, chance, hotel suite, shower, sweet, chemistry
Christian Bale/Jason Isaacs, dominant, lessons
Christoph Waltz/Eli Roth, awards, hug, unrequited, jealousy
Christopher Eccleston/Cillian Murphy, quiet, smile, blue eyes, shy, sweet, not changed, famous
Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant, boys' club, regret, Doctor, TARDIS, ten years, Jude, rimming, grin,
Christopher Eccleston/John Barrowman, kiss, farewell, hello again, smile, rimming, tall, blue eyes, intense, rolling, sailing, running
Christopher Eccleston/John Simm, Doctor, Master, cage dancer, reunion, rimming
Christopher Eccleston/Rachel Nichols/Sienna Miller, fantasy, tongues, eyes, curves, breasts, hands, fisting, voyeur, dreaming, heat, whispers, strap-on, orders, dominatrix.
Christopher Eccleston/Rachel Nichols/Zachary Quinto, acquaintances, reunion, memorable, sharing, dominatrix, submitting.
Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale, setbacks, [any]
Cillian Murphy/Keira Knightley, singing, tropical, Wales, cold, yes
Colin Morgan/Bradley James, outdoors, cinema, costume fetish.
Conan O'Brien/Jay Leno, satisfaction, Bugatti mouse, NBC
Craig Ferguson/Kristen Bell, laugh, soft smile, shouldn't
Craig Reucassel/Andrew Hansen, anger, fairy!sex, voyeurism
Craig Reucassel/Charles Firth, lingerie, toys, domination, submission, humiliation
Craig Reucassel/Mark Latham, nerf bat
Craig Reucassel/Julian Morrow, cross-dressing, tea ceremonies
Craig Reucassel/Chris Taylor, CNNNN-verse, contracts, indulgences
Craig Reucassel/Wil Anderson/Dylan Lewis, transgender, dresses, drunken orgies, dawn, sequins

Dana Milbank/Nico Pitney, hate, love, whisper, scream, panel, files, attraction, shame, campout, park, handcuffs, exposure
Daniel Bruhl/Romola Garai, dancing, fan, wire, wash
Danii Minogue/Cheryl Cole, smile, baby bump, laugh, whisper, dress, shoes, sing, sun, Twitter.
David Archuleta/David Cook, virgin, The Anthemic, gosh, music, trust, waiting, guitar, silence, understanding, handcuffs, breathplay, crossdressing, prostitute, silence, relapse
David Boreanaz/Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel,[any]
David Boreanaz/Kristen Stewart, fate, circumstances
David Bowie/Mick Jagger, caught, smoke, mirror
David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson, trailer, inappropriate, escape, tattoo, years later, birthday, Vancouver, memories, phone call, stage, 2012
David Henrie/Joe Jonas, elevator, Wii
David Henrie/Selena Gomez, ice cream, concert, public, game, props, spell, bossy
David Tennant/John Simm, lick
Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez, movies, D.E.B.S., twitter, inkbrush, purity, phone call, wings, fumble, patience, stage
Demi Lovato/Taylor Swift, lies, leaving, rain, guitar, untouchable, blizzard, unexpected
Dianna Agron/Heather Morris, golden
Dianna Agron/Matthew Morrison, Polaroids
Duncan Kieth/Brent Seabrook, partners, bruises, teeth

Elaine Paige/John Barrowman, fairy godmother, once, trying, watching
Eli Roth/Brad Pitt, fight, scars
Eliza Dushku/Zoe Saldana, mutual acquaintances, licking, vibrators.
Emily Dickinson, [any]
Eve Myles/Naoko Mori, girls
Eve Myles/Sophia Myles, room mixup, light and dark, just sex, fingers
Ezra Pound/TS Eliot, cruelest month

Foxtel/Charles Firth, seduction, slavery

Gareth David-Lloyd/James Marsters, try
Gary Oldman/Tim Roth, nostalgia
George Clooney/Brad Pitt, pretty
Gerard Butler/Harry Connick Jr., accent, lips, piano, hair, whisper, rimming, hands
Gerard Butler/Harry Connick Jr/James Marsters/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, wrap party, overwhelmed, sweet, warmth, rimming
Ghost Hunters, Jason/Grant, danger, from beyond, reincarnation
Gillian Anderson/Lisa Edelstein, laughter
Gina Torres/Nathan Fillion, [any]
Gwen Stefani/Shirley Manson, BDSM, Catholic guilt, absolution, sanctuary
Gwen Stefani/Tony Kanal, revenge

Hadrian/Antinous, peace, gift, wine
Hamish Blake/Wil Anderson, envy, restraint, voyeurism
Harvey Keitel/Tim Roth, method
Hayden Panettiere/Kristen Bell, learn, hands
Hayden Panettiere/Summer Glau/Thomas Dekker, any
Hayden Panettiere/Thomas Dekker, any
Heather Morris/Naya Rivera, blue eyes
Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin, experience, anger, bipartisanship
Hugh Dancy/Stark Sands, theatre, work-out, coming out, reunion, admire
Hugh Jackman/Liev Schreiber, workout, Shakespeare, reunion, in drag, dancing, anything, cross-dressing choreography, Broadway, hickey, cheap, muffled, sheets
Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison, boardwalk, cigarettes, dawn, ruin, goodbye, unscripted
Hugh Laurie/Lisa Edelstein, hotel, on location, on set, table read, photoshoot, confession, going public, celebration, paparazzi, bondage, wrong name, Golden Globes, silver, crutches, long dresses, UST, conversation about sex, angry!sex, New York, mild BDSM, love
Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Leonard, inertia, slope, fraction, brittle
Hugh Laurie/Stephen Fry, confessions, perfunctory

Jackie Earle Haley/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, laugh
Jackson Rathbone/Ashley Greene, wife, fan convention, accent
James Dean/Paul Newman, answering, yes, drink, blue, hand tied, screen test, rimming, secret, silence, lost, steal, cigarette, hands, kiss, friends, experimentation, screen-test, young, tentative, blonde, Hollywood, legends, screen test, flirt, drunk, smile, eyes, want
James Dean/Rock Hudson, closet, lavender, without, taken, crying, too soon, rimming
James Dean/Sal Mineo, gentle, like this, full lips, swallow, please, too good, too soon
James May/Jeremy Clarkson, luddite, overalls, megaphone, challenge, road-trip, donkey, seaside, tuxedo
James May/Jeremy Clarkson/Richard Hammond, Bolivia, lock-in, symbiosis, explosions, cold, caravan, pub, America, separation, roadtrip, island, cabin, hotel, Jacuzzi, leather, gloves, cigarettes, ale, overprotective, possessive, Bugatti Veyron, rocket cars
James May/Richard Hammond, headbutt in the gentleman's region, helmets, bonding, collar, drunk, switch, spanking, rouge, shoulder, countryside, meadow, hair, architecture
James McAvoy/Bill Nighy, Daddy, you didn't!, not old, sexy, kisses, comfort, rimming
James McAvoy/David Morrissey, playful, young, Daddy, fisting, ties, suit, rimming
James McAvoy/John Simm, learning, hands, mentor, sweet kid, completely unexpected, fuck me now!, rimming, fisting
James Roday/Maggie Lawson, [any]
Jamie Bamber/Katee Sackhoff, improvise, shhhh, ending, chemistry, drunk, stoned, hot, wistful, mistake
Janet Gaynor/Margaret Lindsay, midnight
Jang Geun Suk/Park Shin Hye, filming, bed, music, ceremony
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, dessert, lines, cast-incest, apartment, sweat, trailer, secret, clueless, bruises, convention, fangirls, fourth wall, piercing, tattoos, toys, bed, nails, scratch, bite, bitch, hangover, rumors, liquor, skin
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Kristin Kreuk, [any]
Jason Isaacs/Sean Bean, Old Guard, fetish, contest, symbolism
Jason Momoa/Joe Flanigan, phone sex, surfing, housework, ESPN, drunk, basketball, joyride, wall, counter, cancellation, wrestling, kink
Jason Priestley/Luke Perry, reunion, younger, accident, music, tongue, eyes, restraints, crop, kinky?, sometimes, starting anew, strong, needing, more, champagne, joined, commitment, collar, boots, stable, riding, hay, DVDs, memories, nostalgic, relationship, different, blue, ocean, sand, beach, surfing, maybe, too late, right, almost, regret, wrong?, car, backseat, dance, cane
Jeff Lynne/Bev Bevan, partners
Jeff Lynne/Bev Bevan/Kelly Groucutt, threesome, genderswap
Jeff Lynne/Dhani Harrison, distractions
Jeff Lynne/Roy Wood, grinding, cars, cellos
Jeff Lynne/Tom Petty/Dhani Harrison, comfort sex
Jennifer Morrison/any, rising, magazines, late night, dressing room, party,
Jensen Ackles/Jessica Alba, déjà vu
Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, costumes
Jensen Ackles/Kristin Kreuk, [any]
Jeremy Clarkson/Will Young, grace, discourse
Jeremy Clarkson/James May, anal, order, great pillock, Viagra, gilded, equation, vector
Jeremy Clarkson/Richard Hammond, hair, teeth, kids, don't speak
Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, first, sleep, whisper, shower, motel, hands, gift, beach, iPhone
Joe Flanigan/Navi Rawat, [any]
Joe Jonas/always a girl!Nick Jonas, gravity
John Barrowman/Burn Gorman, just a game, singing,
John Barrowman/Eve Myles, fantasy, naked, once
John Barrowman/Gareth David-Lloyd, rehearsing, not gay, unexpected, rimming, beer
John Barrowman/John Simm, names, camp, fuck, now!, blue eyes, short
John Barrowman/Matt Smith, guide, tour, TARDIS, hands, eyes, kissing, tradition, rimming
John Barrowman/Neil Patrick Harris, #biggaybattle
John Barrowman/Perry King, firsts, Daddy, last time, blue, satin, cloudy, Scotland, rimming
John Cho/Chris Pine, laugh, find, interest, only, in-jokes
John Cho/Karl Urban, eyebrow, fine, beard, gun, stride, matching
John Cho/Zoe Saldana, [any]
John Cleese/Graham Chapman, sobriety, envy, team
John Cleese/Michael Palin, age, death, broken, substitute, Graham
John Francis Daley/TJ Thyne, haircut, skinny, commiseration
John Keats/Percy Bysshe Shelley, birds
John Mayer/Taylor Swift, sessions, child's play, ice cube, backstage, Twitter
John Simm/David Tennant, blonds, "the end"
John Simm/Philip Glenister, family, "I used to be a cage dancer"
Jon Stewart/Anderson Cooper, steady, Amazon, elephants, comfortable
Jon Stewart/Brian Williams, softball, snark, mano a mano, underestimate
Jon Stewart/Denis Leary, smoke, bomb, heckle, cocaine, indecent exposure
Jon Stewart/George Clooney, porn star AU
Jon Stewart/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, princes, kneel, spin, fight
Jon Stewart/Samantha Bee/Jason Jones, domestic, dominatrix, prank, control, gender
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert/Rachel Maddow, domestic, tongue, old fashioned,
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert, cold, family, south, flinch, morning, oral fixation, forever, broken, understand, pinstripe, insincerity, nailed, what if, rain, insomnia, time, silence, warm, routine, never, hands, the end, competition, public, once, sleep, day one, addiction, toss, tie, GFF, in-joke, tension, secret, observe, laugh
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert/Steve Carell, circle jerk, porno, favoritism, nostalgia, banter, distance, cross the line, food fight
Jon Stewart/Wyatt Cenac/John Oliver, for the lolz
Jonathan Toews/Brent Seabrook, breakfast
Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane, black eyes, fights, Olympics, hotel, home, roadtrip
Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane/Patrick Sharp/Brent Seabrook, birthday, responsibility, drunk
Jonny Greenwood/Thom Yorke, aubade, landscape, pensato, rubato, resonance, tremolo, dolor, ardor, sea glass, saudade, e minor, climbing, madeleines, celeste, nocturne, oysters, dissonance, tall grass, apricots, inland sea, moors, marmite, cheap wine
Josh Beckett/Jon Lester, competition, clubhouse, travel, sunburn
Justin Hartley/Kristin Kreuk, [any]
Justin Verlander/Joel Zumaya, tattoo, needle, tequila, carpet, elbow, rain, glow, tree, cookie, smile
Justin Verlander/Rick Porcello, tease, hazing, stripper, alcohol, mom, lesson, caught, sensitive, wise, lip, dress, old-fashioned, cocky

Karl Urban/Anton Yelchin, Star Trek, beating around the bush, daddy!kink, accents
Kate Walsh/Tricia Helfer, heels, tall
Katee Sackhoff/Jamie Bamber, affair, first time, just sex, let's get high, mistake, not the first time
Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer, dress, if the boys knew, lips, men, red, Tricia's fault
Kathryn Erbe, couch, break, breath, sweat
Kathryn Erbe/Kevin Bacon, Off-camera, practice, trailer, sigh
Kathryn Erbe/Vincent D'Onofrio, Hurt, Sad, Tears, Kisses, Secret, Trailer, Fingers, Skin
Kathryn Erbe/Vincent D'Onofrio/Carin, Cheater, Anger, Lust, Fight
Katy Perry/Zooey Deschanel, kiss, similarities, inspiration
Keith Olbermann/Dan Patrick/Rachel Maddow, overboard, afterhours
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, français, silk, adrenaline, football, growl, aftershave, muscles, photoshoot, bite, curiosity, curves, honor, future, touchdowns, spaces, lies, bodyswap, hardhearted, Cialis, chaperone, peach cobbler, DVR, mermaids, ass, grey, interview, jackets, remote, silence, subway, queer, sky, the Constitution, activism, the 1940s, supernatural, handcuffs, travel, exotic, roadtrip, apron, tease, struggle, absinthe, baseball, explosion, information, library, truck, credit, resignation, lamp, sweet, steak, cocktails, drunk!sex, genderfuck, apocalypse, teasing, secret, Pete Rose, bar
Keith Olbermann/Richard Wolffe, typing, take-out, newsroom, scratches, tea, visa
Kevin Barnes/Bryan Poole, descent, madness, moonlight
Kevin Barnes/Conor Oberst, psychedelia, colours, playing with fire
Kevin Jonas/Zac Efron, misunderstanding, apology, poolside, first and last
Kevin Rudd/Joe Hockey, responsibilities, alcohol, loyalty
Kirk Baltz/Michael Madsen, method
Kris Allen/Cale Mills, collaboration, snuggle, glances
Kris Allen/Cassidy Haley, expectations, smirk, guitars, tattoo
Kris Allen/Jim Cantiello, cake, blush, Catan, 4Real
Kristin Kreuk/Michael Rosenbaum, [any]
Kuroki Meisa/Horikita Maki, photobook, playground, makeup

Lea Michele/Cory Monteith, kitchen table, shower
Lea Michele/Cory Monteith/Jonathan Groff, drunk, slash, oral, anal
Lea Michele/Dianna Agron, gasp, shoulders, fingers
Lea Michele/Mark Sailing, slut, easy, wet, tattoos
Lee Miller/Man Ray, aperture
Leigh Sales/Annabel Crabb, cupcakes, twitter, flirting, virtual relationships
Leigh Sales/Lisa Millar, bdsm, fireworks
Leighton Meester/Benjamin McKenzie, breath, hair, heatwave, pegging, ties
Leighton Meester/Blake Lively, lick, play, rough, ice
Leighton Meester/Blake Lively/Chris Pine, trust, voyeurism, stranger, familiarity
Leighton Meester/Blake Lively/Gabe Saporta, watch, indulgence, invitation, discovery, second time, say it
Leighton Meester/Blake Lively/Taylor Kitsch, frustration, understanding, gameplay
Leighton Meester/Blake Lively/Zac Efron, smug, voyeurism, shower, dancing
Leighton Meester/Gabe Saporta, high, friends, music, skirt, glasses, killer kisses, handcuffs, laughter, dirty talk
Leighton Meester/Jessica Szohr, appreciation, friendship, banter, activity, new game
Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet, award, regrets, someday
Lord Byron/Percy Bysshe Shelley, smoke

Malcolm Turnbull/Joe Hockey, betrayal, power
Marieke Hardy/Jennifer Byrne, serving tea, dolls, collars, whips
Marieke Hardy/Myf Warhurst, experimentation, alcohol, hair
Marieke Hardy/Patience Hodgson, dresses, kinks
Mariska Hargitay/any, rusty, wet, funny, holy, wistful
Mark Harmon/Michael Weatherly, blue eyes, green eyes, silver, wives, Airstream, hate Tiva, praise of older men, mentor, rough sex, vacation in Vermont, jealousy, in shape, football, lust, need, voice, tender, take care of me, daddy issues, vacation, snow, athletic, whiskey, beer, forbidden, wanted, horseback riding, chest hair, kissing, dominance, control, command, wood-working, swimming, spontaneous erection, scary movie, hard labor, sweaty, sand, skinny dipping, pool, fanfiction, shaving, man crush, shooting gun, cuddling, dog walking, stroking hair, romantic
Mark Harmon/Michael Weatherly/Pauley Perrette, threesome, voyeurism, exhibitionism, impulse, hedonist, black hair, shared oral, black hair, ink, little boy smile, ride 'em cowgirl, Gothic clothes, thigh highs
Mark Harmon/Pam Dawber/Michael Weatherly, threesome, need, want, younger man, impulse, movies, date, strip, classy lady, watch me, submission
Mark Harmon/Pauley Perrette, older man, porn, voice, accidental stimulation, ink
Matthew Goode/Stark Sands, theatre, impressed
Mark Salling/Chris Colfer, off-key, imperative
Martin Brodeur/Sean Avery, fight, wife, net, bite, stars, bruise, blue, devil, cross, snow, kingdom, hate, neckties, fashion, bruises, teeth
Mary Louise Parker/Katee Sackhoff, smile
Matt Dallas/Jaime Alexander, repore, camera, fun, hands, competition, make-up chair
Matt Leinart/Kurt Warner, blessing, wide, gone, rival, grass, sun, red, glass, drink, pain
Michael Jackson/Madonna, bad words, french fries, wine, dance, king and queen
Michael Palin/Graham Chapman, breadth, follow, Tunisia
Michael Voltaggio/Jennifer Caroll, simple food, chocolate
Michael Weatherly/Pauley Perrette, leather, pigtails, singing, movie night, nudist, fanfiction, Brazilian, swinging, red lips, cooking
Michelle Trachtenberg/Zac Efron, [any]
Morena Baccarin/Alan Tudyk, reunion, V, aliens

Napoleon/Czar Alexander I, gunpowder, truce, forget
Nathan Fillion/ Neal Patrick Harris, song
Nathan Fillion/Summer Glau, [any]
Nathan Fillion/Tricia Helfer, set-up, comic-con, science fiction
Neil Gaiman/Tim Burton, shades, glasses, snark, library, oyster, jacket
Neil Patrick Harris/David Burtka/Jason Segel, voice
Neil Patrick Harris/Jason Segel, inevitable, marked
Neil Patrick Harris/Nathan Fillion/Felicia Day, gentle, trust, experiment
Nick Jonas/Joe Jonas, hipster, star guitar, absent, repetitive strain injury, rooftop
Nick Jonas/Zac Efron, backstage, public, haircut, Xbox

Orlando Bloom/Keira Knightley, script, costume, drenched

Paris Hilton/Britney Spears, slut, falling
Patti Scialfa/Soozie Tyrell, sidewalk
Patti Scialfa/Steve Van Zandt, buzzed, legs
Patrick Dempsey/James Marsden, piano, music, velvet, tights, rimming, comfort
Patrick Dempsey/Kevin McKidd, blue, fatigues, new, soft, accent, kilt, laugh, breakdown
Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellan, partners, old times
Peter Gabriel/Sinead O'Connor, doubt, eyes, older, soul
Philip Glenister/John Simm, inevitable, anticipation, longing, need, shouldn't, wine, cage dancer, rimming, voice-over
Philip Glenister/John Simm/Marc Warren, pretty boy, ours, cocksucker, lips, dominance

Rachel Maddow/Alison Stewart, husbands, dress, note, pillow, sewing, woodwork, ring, grass, confusion
Rachel Maddow/Chris Hayes, pegging, bar, tease, note, breakdown, neck, glasses
Rachel Maddow/Cpt. Jack Harkness, spaceship, grin, promises
Rachel Maddow/Ellen DeGeneres/Portia De Rossi, [any]
Rachel Maddow/Emily Prentiss, comfort, hurt, bruises, matched set
Rachel Maddow/Erica Hill, first, freckles, dinner, email, rain, laugh, hair, suits, competition, valentine, legs, bartending.
Rachel Maddow/girl!Jon Stewart, any
Rachel Maddow/girl!republican!'Stephanie' Colbert, hatesex
Rachel Maddow/James May, beer, good wine, sweater, poetry, twigs, Oxford, video, piano, studying, public, transatlantic
Rachel Maddow/Jeremy Clarkson/Richard Hammond/James May, bartender, pub, wonkery, ecomentalists, Bugatti Veyron
Rachel Maddow/Jon Stewart, ozone, pot, philosophy, tragedy
Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann/Dan Patrick, baseball, SportsCenter,
Rachel Maddow/Liz Lemon, set-up, initiative
Rachel Maddow/Mary Shannon, protection, car, drinking, glee
Rachel Maddow/Melissa Harris-Lacewell, research, first time
Rachel Maddow/Murphy Brown, ink, journalism, change
Rachel Maddow/Olivia Dunham, handcuffs, motion, under
Rachel Maddow/Paul Rieckhoff, goddess, worship, couch, pegging, beer, win, fight, drought, draft, backseat, bars, singing, sweaters
Rachel Maddow/Richard Engle, maps, rockets, heartbreak
Rachel Maddow/Richard Engle/Ana Marie Cox, battlelines, best dress
Rachel Maddow/Stephen Colbert, drugs, roller coaster, cotton candy, genderswap
Rachel Maddow/Susan Ivanova, vodka, war, resistance
Rachel Maddow/Ten, TARDIS, manic, glee, time loop
Rachel Maddow/Tina Fey, competition, glass
Rachel Nichols/Ray Park/Zachary Quinto, maybe, first, knees, legs, curves, noticed, eyes, smile, dominatrix, restraints, lingerie, collar, sure, sweet
Rachel Nichols/Sienna Miller, lingerie, exes, modelling, green, hair, vibrator, strap-on, wet, silk, leather, tough, vulnerable, sweetness, first, boots, mine, collar, dominatrix, submissive, yours, slick, needing, crawling, heels, nightgown, pink, girly, chocolate, music, dancing
Rachel Weisz/Adrien Brody, [any]
Rahm Emanuel/Nancy Pelosi, perfume, illicit, worst-kept secret, tumble, it's not cheating if you don't get caught, details, garter, nail polish, ties, attack, tease, desk
Richard Dean Anderson/Mark Harmon, pain, safari, sports, youth
Richard Schiff/Bradley Whitford, jubilee, indiscretions, foolproof, motel
Rick Porcello/Ryan Perry, Arizona, New Jersey, young, smile, drive, roadtrip, basketball, composure, pieces, rookie, egg, believe, mole, tattoo, skyscraper, apple, cat, mascot, fingers
Rob Lowe/Richard Schiff, swallow, cheat, 4:00AM, zeugma, jubilee, backseat
Robert Downey Jr./Bret Easton Ellis, party
Robert Downey Jr./Hugh Jackman, photoshoot, payback, Oscars
Robert Downey Jr./Jeff Bridges, tricks of the trade, daguerreotype, mentor
Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law, acting, two, first
Robert Downey Jr./Kevin Jonas, fanboy
Robert Downey Jr./Kiefer Sutherland, sobriety
Robert Downey Jr./Nick Jonas, puppet, eighties, flirt, three-piece suits
Robert Downey Jr./Shia LaBeouf, repeat
Robert Downey Jr./Susan Downey, chickflik, embarrassment, public, congratulations, backstage
Robert Downey Jr./Susan Downey/Jude Law, open
Robert Downey Jr./Zac Efron, fun, laugh, hero, Disney, tease
Robert Gant/Hal Sparks, it doesn't mean anything, uncomfortable, sweet, not so bad
Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart, coffee
Rock Hudson/Sal Mineo, left behind, mourning, memories, anniversary, grey, capturing, happy
Rose Byrne/Matthew Goode, [any]
Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams, thirds, stolen, wigs
Ryan Seacrest/Joel McHale, height, jealous, Seacrest worship
Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell, don't leave, penthouse, bite, oranges, razor, girlfriends, drive, auditions, hotel, ballroom, final, shine, laugh, new, trip, apologise, clue, political, news, AU, trailer, smoke, tender, lust, sleeping, role reversal, tabloids, weekend, escape
Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell/Paula Abdul, desk, places, choreography, retro, hiatus, cue, amateur, shelter, disorder, rumour

Sam Worthington/Zoe Saldana, [any], pilot, sea, humidity, city, nectar, bars, camera, brick, cave, sunshine, disarm, skin, back, Illinois, Minnesota, purple, turquoise
Sandra McCoy, dance
Sarah Palin/Tina Fey, SNL, convincing, vote
Sean Maher/Colin Ferguson, practice
Sean Maher/Summer Glau, [any], off screen, teasing, reunion
Siegfried Sassoon/Wilfred Owen, requiem
Simon Amstell/Amy Winehouse, crazy, incognito, when, real, tea, drinking
Sophia Myles/Alex O'Laughlin, rebound, cancellation, fangs, tattoos, surprise
Stark Sands/any, fantasy, natural
Stephen Colbert/Amy Sedaris, freeze, Paul, motel, vicodin
Stephen Colbert/Paul Dinello, gay chicken, Amy, Neanderthal, rehearsal
Stephen Colbert/Paul Dinello/Amy Sedaris, failure, break, two-against-one, boredom, home, claustrophobia, Chicago, New York, high, yes, deny, trio, road, liar, influence
Stephen Colbert/Steve Carell, ladies man, marshmallows, shut up, dare, regret, roleplay, Jon
Stephen Strasburg/Drew Storen, shoulders, money, reflection, ice, prayers
Summer Glau/Eliza Dushku, close encounters, dance, hair
Summer Glau/Thomas Dekker, [any]

Tamron Hall/David Shuster, newsbreak, lunch, listen, New York, cookies, kite, computer, shuttle, takeout, intern, necktie, tissue
Taylor Kitsch/Steven Strait/Lynn Collins, reunion, beer, sofa, twilight, location
Taylor Lautner/Taylor Swift, guitar
Taylor Swift/Kanye West, greatest
The Stig/Lamborghini Gallardo, difficulties, power, garage
Tim Lincecum/Matt Cain, leash, handcuffs, hangover, game, rain, collar, leather
Tim Roth/Gary Oldman, ink, London, alternate, gangs, secrets, cigarettes, silence
Tom Felton/Emma Watson, crush, character, canon
Tony Abbott/Christopher Pyne, dog training, BDSM
Tucker Carlson/Jon Stewart, furtive, comfortable, marijuana, pizza, reconnection, embarrassment, intellectuals
Tucker Carlson/Willie Geist, longing, success, magazine, fathers, Washington, D.C., sarcasm, dancing, jealousy, resentment
Tyler Nelson/Mia Carruthers, practice, stage, piano
Tyler Shields/Zachary Quinto, portrait, ubiquitous, soak, payback, crème brulee, anarchy, milk, root beer float, cardboard, sunset, anachronism, bondage, sketch, elastic, boots, comb, unprecedented, light, industrial, found art, vagabond, pon farr, champagne, grime, penetrate, cord, bridge, distant, fiber, rain, confidant, poker face, hipster, February

Vicky-T Asher/Matthew Gray Gubler, coffee, serendipity
Vincent D'Onofrio/Kathryn Erbe, ending, clash, car, beach, possessive
Vincent Kassel/Mathieu Kassovitz, props

Zac Efron/Kevin Jonas, art, Disney, separate, unlikely, tucked
Zachary Levi/Matthew Bomer, perfection, roleplay, crush
Zachary Levi/Yvonne Strahovski, airplane, bathroom, steamy, late night, carkeys, videogame, couch, tease
Zachary Quinto/Anderson Cooper, gay rumours, hair, frottage
Zachary Quinto/Milo Ventimiglia, physical
Zachary Quinto/Sendhil Ramamurthy, constant
Zoe Saldana/Michelle Rodriguez, fast, spaceship
Zoe Saldana/Sigourney Weaver, sci-fi queen




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