Porn Battle VIII (The Eighth Wonder - Bigger, Longer, Uncut)




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.hack//Another Birth
Kite/BlackRose, secret, loyalty, jealousy

Tsukasa/Subaru, embodiment

Frau/Teito, shameless, grown-ups, immortality, bath
Hakuren/Teito, braid, admiration, friendship, love, giving

17 Again
Mark/Scarlet, names, regrets

2 Fast 2 Furious
Brian/Rome, you're the only one I never lie to, not riding solo anymore
Brian/Verone, restraints, gun

21 (2008)
Fisher/Rosa, used, walls, blackboard

Jack/Bill, loyalty
Jack/Chase, scar, partner, adrenalin
Jack/Chloe, forever, loyalty, wedding suite, voyeurism, jealous
Jack/Nina, regret, handcuffs, forget, Mexico, Tony, name, fingerprint, Santa Barbara, wife, exotic, kill, drug, game, wrong, exquisite, scorch
Jack/Renee, tension, release, pain, flower, trust, touch, space, death, minutes, fear, need, connections, collateral damage, scars, weary
Kim/Chase, back together
Tony/Michelle, reunion, alcohol, spend the night, sparkle, sing, swing, stiletto, curl, purr

28 Days Later
Jim/West, deals, sanctuary, dub!con

3:10 to Yuma
Ben Wade/Charlie Prince, twitch, loyalty, pride
Ben Wade/Dan Evans, claim, bad man, confused, take, laugh, next-lifetime, finders keepers, kidnapped, hogtied, gun hand, bounty, hunter, bait, switch, revenge, Mexico, train, hanging, hospital, artist's hands, dusty, rough, camp, gentle, slow, whisper, handcuffs, gambling, trail, stars, dream, heroic
Ben Wade/Mark, sneaking out

30 Rock
Devon Banks/Kenneth Parcell, randy, peacock, unbelievable, loud
Jack/Cooter, sigh
Jack/Jenna, trouble, non-stop, gossip, quiet
Jack/Jonathan, rehired

30 Rock
Jack/Liz, 1800-WHATEVS, cake, pretzels, scotch, bandaid, Jack/Liz, awards show, giggle, holding hands, hiatus, laugh, never, no, summer, bad, boyfriend, commitment, jealousy, reality, water, workplace sex criminal, debauchery, oven, elevator, 12th floor, CC, revelation, melt, history, fingertips, summer hiatus, safe, backstage, gummy bears, socks, favor, slow-burn, taste, spark, sleepy, long-term, ratings, promo, demographic, red dress, shower, dancing, zipper, boots, Proactiv, poker, why?, facepalm, posing as couple, party, reluctant, glass, red, whisper, smirk, black tie, elevator, brawl, negotiate, wedding dress, wine, Disney cruise, confide, play, acting, soap opera, protect, Bijou, elevator
Liz/Claire, hat, crazy
Liz/Conan, LA
Liz/Gretchen, martini, sweat, boots
Liz/Jenna, blanket, trendy
Tracy Jordan/Kenneth Parcell, new, spontaneous

6 Teen
Jonesy/Jude, crossdressing, skirt, restroom

9 To 5
Doralee/Judy, marijuana, apology, country songs, m&ms, having an affair, nervous
Doralee/Judy/Violet, run for the border, kidnap, prison, personal affects
Doralee/Violet, banging the boss, scarf, gun, coffee, memos, one man women
Joe/Violet, interoffice fraternizing, numbers, clapper, original
Judy/Violet, nice, I didn't cry this time, life without Dick, trivia,

90210 (new)
Annie/Liam, whisper, choke, cry, heat, denial, scar
Ethan/Liam, fire, fighting, biting, red, secret, underwear
Ethan/Ryan, wrong, hotel, walls, waist, detention
Ethan/Silver, private, blush, warmth, rain, high, secrecy, backseat
Liam/Naomi, biting, lips, ice, lighter, blood, Liam/Naomi, reunion, kissing in cars

A League of Their Own
Jimmy Dugan/Dottie Hinson, lonely, locker room

A Little Princess
Ralph Crewe/Tom Carrisford, diamonds
Ram Dass/Tom Carrisford, comfort

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Titania/Oberon, dominant, hillside, rolling, naturally

A Series of Unfortunate Events
adult!Violet/adult!Klaus, alone, home, fire, libraries

A Song of Ice and Fire
Aerys/Rhaegar, young, flame, expectations, mad, detached
Arianne/Darkstar, seduction, tower, orchids, rebel, denial, tease
Arya/Gendry, escape, puppy, growl, dirt, slap, struggle, fucked out
Arya/Jon, wrong, broken, godswood, nuzzle, spreading
Arya/Jaqen, corner, no names, finger, unseen, shoulder
Brienne/Jaime, doubt, obvious, farewell, hello, grip, blushing, rub, thrust, ser, maid, redemption, sword, Kingsguard
Catelyn/Jaime, alone
Cersei/Brienne, curious
Daenerys/Asha, top, scissoring, understand, men
Daenerys/Cersei, dominance, fondle, foot, unsatisfactory, obediance
Danaerys/Victarion, greedy
Edmure/Roslin, wedding night, chains
Euron/Asha, wrist, knives, tongue, grin, climb
Euron/Theon, toy
Jaime/Cersei, wall, rage, clothed, thigh(s), marked, mirror, white, gold
Jaime/Loras, advice, outdone, adrenaline, untrue, training
Jaqen/Syrio, badassery, dancing
Jon/Melisandre, torment, ache
Littlefinger/Sansa, creepy, substitution
Margaery/Daenerys, queens
Melisandre/R'hllor, fire
Ned/Catelyn, second, territory, haunted, instruction, yes
Ned/Lyanna/Robert, wild
Ned/Robert, distant, impatient
Oberyn/Renly, manners, subtle
Oberyn/Willas, piety, misunderstanding, next room, facefuck
Petyr/Sansa, punishment, wishful thinking
Renly/Loras, privacy, summer, questions, waist, linger, graceful, summerwine, flowers, glory
Renly/Loras/Margaery, undressing, soft, between, suck, wine
Renly/Ned, grief, need, sunset, memory
Rhaegar/Lyanna, love, laughter, fate, wolf, Rhaegar/Lyanna, tragic, flowers, caress, slim, song, passion
Robert/Ned, dazed, unspoken, careless, breeches, forceful, not sorry, women
Sandor/Sansa, bird, song, knight, burn, elope, lemon cake, Alayne, frozen, hurry, armed, exile, rough, secret, trust, fire, rescue, sweet, feather, home
Stannis/Jon, disciplined, repressed, vows, grip, numb
Theon/Jon/Robb, experiment, taste, jealous, helpful, laugh, insecure
Theon/Robb, begging, older, dare, stroke, sloppy, frottage, corrupt, pretenses
Tyrion/Daenerys, dragons
Tywin/Catelyn, formal, command, red, plead, miss
Tywin/Cersei, hush, pet, heavy, confused
Tywin/Oberyn, tempted

Abbey Series
Joan/Jen, my Queen, alone, just once, crush,
Joan/Joy, cousins, delicate, love, need, discoveries
Joy/Jen, family, belonging, want, warm, smile, kind, scared
Joy/Maidlin, protector, understanding, wedding night, instruction, teaching, knowing
Maidlin/Rosamund, not sisters, scared, holding, sleeping, midnight, confession, want, always

Gina/Feri, nightingale, magnolias
Mici/Zuzanna, cigarette

Absolute Boyfriend
Soshi/Riiko, Spain, thoughtless, cooking

Absolute Obedience
Louise/Kia, friendship, together
Louise/Werner, miscalculation, pony, mafia, whip

Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth, on top of a desk, using evidence inappropriately

Across the Universe
Jojo/Max, broken solider boy, bitter, before,
Judd/Max/Lucy, tomorrow never knows
Jude/Max, noise, Canada, domesticity, French, run, war, missing, want, need, first, dibs, fight, sis, love, New York, jerk, tough, quiet, away, settle, hidden, secret, hair cut, check, hug, touch, music, Beatles, disco, concert, pit, 1980s, jobs, grown-up, family, forever, other-side, Memorial Day, Washington DC, medal, parade, honor, home, come back, visit, uncle, divorce, okay, right, perfect, Princeton, basement, Sadie, dress, acid, high, paint, artist, showing, nudes, gallery, time-gone-by, gratitude, wish, delusion, brushstrokes
Prudence/Rita, indigo, commiserate, niche, backbend
Sadie/Prudence, gypsy, voice, bell, strawberry, swirl, ticket to ride

MAC/PC, college, surprised, snuggle

Nisus/Euryalus, courtship, war games

Afterschool Nightmare
Sou/Kureha, fight, cry, scream

AI Love You
Hitoshi/Saati, counting, real, trying

Box/Page, bunks, gloves, strategy

Kaneda/Tetsuo, gang, tears, lights, stronger

Aladdin/Jasmine, magic, silks, knife

Alan Garner - The Owl Service
Alison/Gwyn, feathers
Alison/Roger, petals

Irina/Will, encounter, Moscow
Jack/Irina, ignite, hands, dedication, maps
Jack/Sark, pain, clean, tuxedo, tie, martini.
Jack/Will, wall, curiosity
Sark/Sydney, fight, mountain, island, captured, bunker, naked, champagne, lightbulb, screaming, running, forest, fire, Glasgow, specialist, perfume
Sark/Vaughn, reunion, smirk, fondness, cooperation, snark
Sark/Will, Taipei, torture, spread-eagled, identity, bound
Sydney/Lauren, porcelain
Sydney/Rachel, lonely
Sydney/Tom, dance, disguise
Sydney/Vaughn, challenge, disguise, family, job, sand
Sydney/Will, car, leader, calculator, home

Ripley/Hicks, survival, scars, hunted, redemption

All My Children
Annie/Adam, protect, linger
Edmund/Dimitri, stables, secret, curl

'Allo! 'Allo!
Helga Geerhart/Hubert Gruber, decisive
Michelle Dubois/Otto Flick, sawdust

Amélie/Nino, bicycle, photobooth

America's Best Dance Crew
JC Chasez/Koi Fish, hospital, water, dress

American Beauty
Jane/Angela, slut

American Dad
Steve/any, promiscuity, protege

American Dreams
JJ/Beth, Hawaii, haircut, ring, footrub
Sam/Meg, Berkeley, groove, LPs


American Dreamz
Martin Tweed/Sally, narcissistic, me, enjoyment, mirror, favors, games, toy

American Gods
Low-Key/Shadow, prison sex, mistletoe
Wednesday/Shadow, heritage

Dylan/Harper, rules, drunk, sparkle, trust, narrow, cold, hot, bright

Angel Sanctuary
Angel/Doyle, beauty, dildos, heat, prostitutes, smiling, warriors, Lazarus, green, brogue, atonement
Alexiel/Kira, "the art of war", Kira/Alexiel, persistence, unending, chase, eternity, locked together, clasped,
Kira/Setsuna, desperation, confusion, regret
Katan/Rosiel, bandages, unusual injuries, licking, blood
Sara/Setsuna, steadfast, protection, dominance, unyielding

Angel the series
Angel/Spike, drunk, dork, orce, joke, laugh, quality, un-sexy, ridiculous, job, hot, failure
Angel/Wesley Windham-Price, bite, turn, scholar, livid, anger, no, sword, Renaissance Man, lost, found, back from the dead, hell bound, hero, failure, law firm, investigation, library, rare book, stubble, harem, Angel/Wesley, negotiation, breakdown, cage
Angel/Willow, loud, Bavaria, contextual, three
Angelus/Drusilla/William the Bloody, voyeurism, bloodplay, chains
Angelus/Spike/Wesley, Pet, soothe
Angelus/William the Bloody, teaching, lessons, Prague
Cordelia/Gunn, Dennis, lights, comfort, desire, mutual, timeless, dressed, life, power, angel, visionary
Cordelia/Lindsey, wrong
Cordelia/Wesley, annoyed, about, warning, funeral
Darla/Lindsey, humanity, devil, beauty, music, main, revenge, dessert, tasty
Faith/Spike, rough, dirty, sheets, whiskey, dominance/submission
Faith/Wesley, slam-dunk, drawn, shaved thin, blade, bound, raw, socks, handcuffs, tonight, torture, motorcycle, leather, equals, trust, authority, gently, do-over, chosen, nightmares
Gunn/Spike, fire
Gunn/Wesley, snackfood, stuck-in-the-middle, triangulate, fall, shiver, leather, plunge, lean after, stupid, oneupsmanship, ghosts
Lorne/Spike, rain, wounds
Wesley/Illyria, amber, eclipse, nova, Ozymandias, pearl, Vertigo, blue, whiskey
Wesley/Lilah, remember, burn, lace

Angels and Demons
Langdon/Vittoria, science, big bang, religious experience, time, sky

Angels in America
Harper Pitt/Hannah Pitt, together

Cassie/Rachel, afterwards, tears, children
Tobias/Rachel, deadline, flying

Anita Blake Series
Asher/Jason, boytoy, closets
Asher/Jean-Claude, bath, hair, history, love
Asher/Nathaniel Graison, dance, lick, master, scar,
Edward, knife
Jason/Jean-Claude, domestic, ticklish, underground
Jason/Nathaniel, feet, gentle, rough,
Nathaniel, delicate
Richard Zeeman/Jean-Claude, injury, insult, sorry, wolf
Richard Zeeman/Micah Callahan, hate, hot chocolate, leaders, truce

Anne of Green Gables
Anne/Ruby, face

Another Country
Bennett/Fowler, cane, bite, order, uniform
Fowler/Judd, sarcasm

DreamWidth/LiveJournal/InsaneJournal/Journal Fen, any
girl!DreamWidth/giril!LiveJournal, anything
Papyrus/Comic Sans MS, hurt/comfort

Antique Bakery
Jean-Claude/Ono, Paris
Ono/Eiji, cream, different, new
Ono/Tachibana, dance, temptation
Tachibana/Chikage, serving

Apartment 3-G
Margo, power

Everett Hitch/Virgil Cole, words, gun, quiet, women

Apt Pupil
Todd/Dussander, corruption

Thomasina/Septimus, dance, fire, physics

Arrested Development
George Michael Bluth/Maeby Funke, baseball, divorce, graduation
George Michael Bluth/Michael, neurotic
Michael Bluth/GOB Bluth, magic, fingers, tears, taste
Michael Bluth/Lindsay Funke, golddigger, fire, drunk, irresponsible, parent, white, mistake, model, charity, boat, tennis, prom
Michael/Maeby, lie
older!George Micheal/older!Maeby, reunion, Bloody Marys

Arthurian Legend
Gawain/Gareth, cold, comfort, injured, scar, cuddle

As Time Goes By
Alistair/Judy, anxious, gondola
Lionel/Jean, gentle, wrinkles, tender, olive oil

Ashes to Ashes,
Alex/Gene, lush, fumble, corruption, lion, secrets, Quattro, saviour, stalwart, confidant, brave, slinky, posh, call my name, home, mirror, driving stick, hangover, boots, stakeout
Alex/Shaz, sweet, learn, heels, paperwork, potential.
Gene/Chris, amends, broken.

Authority (comics)
Jenny Sparks/Angela, repeat, bend, reflect
Jeroen/Jack, opposition, feel, candy, button
Jeroen/the Earth, throb, song, perfection

Apollo/Midnighter, domestic, sunshine, separation

Avatar: the Last Airbender
Aang/Katara, rebuilding, threesome, five years after, growth spurt, wind, waves, hurricane, soft, mercy, curves, arrows, paper, drift, scalp, symphony, celebration, Arugment, thunderstorm, Mile high club, moonlight, high as a kite
Aang/Zuko, experiment
Aang/Katara/Zuko, scalp, fan, ruffle, ivory, center, throat, still
Aang/Sokka/Zuko, sleeping-bag
Azula/Jun, careless
Azula/Katara, captive, reform, power, force, lightning, cyclone, soothe, break, strange, nails
Azula/Song, needles, fire, scar, lick, nightshade, unbreakable
Azula/Ty Lee, good intentions
Azula/Zhao, planning, force, partner in crime, master, monster, freedom, domination, possession
Azula/Zuko, stroke, seduction, manipulation
Bato/Hakoda Battlecry, brothers, strength of the pack, communion, temptation, regret.
Dai Li
Hahn/Yue/Sokka, share, moon, tides, undertow, mistake, fur
Hakoda/Ozai, ice, command, respect, breath, bath, chocolate, madness, storm, sunlight, desert
Hakoda/Piandao, steel, clash, darkness, valor
Hamma/Katara, promise, moonlight, dry
Haru/Jet, earthquake, avalanche, oak, jade, binds, hair, dirty, undoing
Haru/Katara, tide, beach, earthquake, undertow, braid, turquoise, rinse, pamper, music
Haru/Katara/Jet, chance, earth, leaf, stalk, cave, personal, worship
Haru/Katara/Zuko, hair, binding, stroke, elements, mingle, salt, stone, volcano, riverbed, linen
Haru/Song, hair, walls, nails, sweet, comfortable, acupuncture
Haru/Song/Jet, cave, tree, shape, darkness, fireflies, earth, harvest, clay
Haru/the Boulder, dirty, muscles, pretty
Iroh/any, dragons, tea, memories
Iroh/Ozai, hair, heat, phoenix, dragon, tea, coffee, soot, gold, amber, honey, lightning, proper, ignite, seduce, teach, princes, linen
Jeong-Jeong/Pakku, steam, game, run, melt, leather, armor
Jet/Katara/Zuko, fur, snowmelt, pine, spicy, salt, dark, fan
Jet/Katara/Song/Zuko, moonlight, dance, arise, dirty, baked, clay
Jet/Mai/Zuko, wood, hay, leather, blades, scrape, share, jealous, fire
Jet/Mai/Song/Zuko, wild, cuts, blood, aphrodisiac, summer, dusk
Jet/Sokka, undoing, fight, cut, lies, smolder, dirty
Jet/Song, willow-o-wisp, tea, bamboo, braid, hurts, sweet, unbreakable, yielding, needle
Jet/Song/Zuko, oak, willow, fire, brown, sway, kiss, cotton, needles
Katara/Mai, sharp
Katara/Mai/Zuko, blade, cinnamon, silk, undressing, layers, breasts, burgundy
Katara/Painted Lady, thank you
Katara/Sokka, water, flow, ocean, moon, chocolate, stolen
Katara/Sokka/Zuko, fur, attraction, smolder, hard, woven, cotton, armor
Katara/Song/Zuko, delta, stream, soft, art, chance, pearl, jade, dance
Katara/Suki, painted lady
Katara/Toph, river, reeds, fruit, burial, emerge, drift, touch, dirty, sugar
Katara/Yue, tradition, a woman's place, hot springs
Katara/Zuko, comparison, trade, threesome, diplomacy, twenty years later, widow/er, contrast, steam, fire, ice, tree, dirt, eyes, observant, hate
Mai/Katara/Song/Zuko, jade, unruly, blade, needle, whip, chains, lovely
Mai/Song/Zuko, seduce, share, heal, hands, hidden, core, scars, needle, painting
Mai/Zuko, privacy, strawberries, knives, blood, spanking, hairbrush, cream, wine, decadence, gold, bewitch
older!Azula/older!Jin, deja vu, fugitive, jasmine
older!Azula/older!Katara, visit, mistress, obsession, rematch, mother
older!Azula/older!Toph, affection, mockery, stone, scrape
older!Mai/older!Katara, aristocratic, resentment, grudgingly, bath
older!Toph/older!Mai, sarcasm, Sokka's jealous, knifeplay
older!Toph/older!Smellerbee, footsie, mud
older!Ty Lee/older!Smellerbee, pink, go away, cutie
older!Ty Lee/older!Toph, fangirl, wrestling, annoyance, undercover
Ozai/Hakoda/Bato, fur, heat, jealousy, darkness, night, sunrise, smother
Ozai/Ursa, happier times, swords, fire, darkness, spice, throne, delight
Piandao/Jeong-Jeong, scars, forge, comet, ash, heretic, desert, quench
Piandao/Jeong-Jeong/Pakku, forge, steam, middle, freeze, bake, bleed, origami
Roku/Gyatso (in their twenties), Lingam, retribution, simplicity, sacrifice, taboo, lies, duality
Roku/Souzin deceit, betrayal, forgivness, Second chances, dreaming, (threesome with Gyatso)
Roku/Ta Min Firstborn, care, Lullaby
Sokka/Piandao, test, blade, brush, ink, poetry, calligraphy, sunlight
Sokka/Suki, reunited, firsts, lessons, threesome, tent, roses, peace, training, weapons, contact
Sokka/Toph, dare, boomerang, bare feet, name calling, competition, laughter, time
Sokka/Zuko, arrangement, secret, power, glory, soldier, prince, chief, wolf, dawn, dusk, sword, blue, sweet, fish
Song/Zuko, scars, volcano, poison, willow, jade, needles
Suki/Ty Lee, warriors
Teo/Haru, fly, tower, exhaust, crystal, agate, hands
Teo/Toph, fly, dig, endure, touch, fear, great, taste
Ty Lee/Haru, flexible, hair, binds, flirt, hard, jade, benefit, dirty, muscles, bath, acupressure

Axis Powers Hetalia
America/Lithuania, movies, nightmares, comfort
Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania, pieces
Germany/Italy, darkness, surrender
Russia/Lithuania, alive

Baby Mama
Angie/Kate, what, shoes, bed
Angie/Oscar, comfort, take-out, ice cream

Babylon 5
Catherine Sakai/Talia Winters, negotiation
Delenn/Jeffrey Sinclair, farewell, ritual
G'Kar/Lyta, threshold, patience
Ivanova/Franklin, gods
Ivanova/Lyta, inside, barriers
Ivanova/Marcus, first time, mortality, roses, boff, trapped, mental-link, vodka, surrender, Talia, telepathy, cryogenics, music, stars
Ivanova/Sheridan, break, crisis, water, secrets, bargain, wrists
Ivanova/Talia, dream, hope, white, soul, duty, betrayal, stories
Londo/Vir, two or three, assistance
Marcus/Franklin, return
Sheridan/Delenn, space, diplomacy, sun, hair, garden, stars,
Sinclair/Garibaldi, friendship, benefits, follow, dinner

Baby-Sitters Club
Ed McGill/John Pike, bitch
Kristy/Karen, spoiled
Maureen McGill/Dee Pike, resentment
Stacey/Charlotte, questions
Wesley Ellenburg/Cary Retlin, punk

Claire/Chane, perfect, gift, possession
Czeslaw/Fermet, torture, love, uncertainty, blood
Czeslaw/Maiza, destination, hope, eternal, remember, guilt, wonder, regret
Dallas/Eve, salvation
Eve/Luck, corset, lace, Luck/Eve, protection, clear
Firo/Maiza, Camorra, family, hats, knifeplay
Graham/Ladd, fixing, laughter, talking, killing
Isaac/Miria, theft, awe, confusion

Back to the Future
Biff/George, scrape, convertible, power
Biff/Lorraine, waited
George/Lorraine, taffeta, television, hope chest, victory

Mashiro/Azuki, ink

Baldur's Gate
Edwin/Xan, magic, annoyance
Edwin/Xzar, evil, corruption, lunacy

Band of Brothers
Nixon/Winters, Vat 69, relief, foxhole, regulations, jump, swim, adrenaline, backseat, bathtub, blood, cigarettes and whiskey, dirt, home, ride, alcohol, tee-totaler, differences, similarities, bond, aftermath
Roe/Winters, blood, tourniquet, anger, disappointment, "you ought to know better"
Webster/Liebgott, ivy league, mozart, coward, severed ties, reconnect

Bas Lag series
Tanner Sack/Shekel, machine, nature, sea, exile
Uther Doul/The Brucolac, memory, dead

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
Kalas/Lyude, haunted

Cass/Steph, acrobatics

Batman (any)
Bruce Wayne(Batman)/Selina Kyle(catwoman), quickie, caught

Batman (original animated)
Bruce/Dick, yearning, innocence, virgin, bat mobile

Batman Beyond
Terry/Bruce, reward
Terry/Dick, training, nostalgia
Terry/Superman, flying
Terry/young!Tim, time travel

Alfred/Lucius, comfort, strength, power, love, cunning, travel, globe, work, dedication
Bruce/Alfred, pain, shame
Bruce/Alfred/Lucius, unexpected, cave, boardroom, youth, experience, stress
Bruce/Dick, deja vu
Bruce/Gordon, secrets, hidden, shadows, lips
Bruce/Jason, games, reunion
Bruce/Lucius, help, unity
Bruce/Tim, stitches
Harvey/Rachel, flirting, fresh, rose, mouth, danger

Batman: The Dark Knight
Alfred/Bruce, safe, protected, constant, healing
Alfred/Lucius, tired, comfort, strength, touch, blind fold

Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Alex (Crashdown)/Sharon, karma, machine, ration, jealousy, replacement
Athena/Helo/Tyrol, bruise, shower, memory
Baltar/Laura, tongue, toes, cloak-and-dagger
Bill/Laura, outside, brig, healing, tomorrow, Colonial Day, gravity, paperwork, healthy, second time, glasses, raptor, fantasy, on the phone, tactile, five minutes, truth, guilty, staring, focus, cabin, ending, paper, hope, balanced, democracy, reliable, stoned, pointed, breath, rain, report, blessing, prayer, ships, run, airlock, brig, earth, rock, test, solo, hair, sandbags, this is Earth, tease, Quorum, dress grays, voice, reading, pale
Bill/Saul, off-duty, old school Viper jocks, spill, must you betray me with a kiss?
Bill/Saul/Ellen, luck be a lady, plain, laugh, get it while you can.
Billy/Dualla, observation
Billy/Felix, innocent, serve
Cally/Margaret (Racetrack), Raptor, needs
Cally/Seelix, work
Caprica/Sharon, dreams, reunion
Cavil/Sharon, cold, shame
Cottle/Laura, alternative therapy, fantasy, games, gurney
D'Anna/Dualla, found, undiscovered countries
D'Anna/Sharon, tender
Ellen/Laura, smack, vote
Felix/Dualla, friends, divorce, flirt, grief, save, locker, spread
Felix/Gaius/Caprica, compromise
Felix/Hoshi, spurn, shake, regret
Felix/Kara, winning
Felix/Lee, complication, strategy, strip
Felix/Lee/Kara, ambrosia
Felix/Sharon, light
Gaius/Caprica, Earth, farming, child, family
Gaius/Dualla, mistake, tender, learning
Gaius/Ellen, deal
Gaius/Felix, cold, slap, following orders, meaningless, halfway, lies
Gaius/Tory, circuits, hematology, signal
Helo, shower, love
Helo/Athena, slight, bath, glow, fate, strike, sweet, Earth, bathroom, belowdecks, workout, steam, discussion, doggie-style
Helo/Kara, tease, dare, lollipop, crush, deal, boot camp, defend, whine, listen, joyride, base camp, academy, flying, raptor, missed, hug, bend don't break, cylon, dirty talk, frakbuddy, not the one I want, tease, fight, more
Helo/Sam, paint, boredom, pyramid, missing, shower
Helo/Sam/Kara/Athena, dessert, relief, games
Helo/Sharon, fight, Caprica, bombshell
Hybrid, pornography
Hybrid/Kara, colloquy
Kara/Laura, controls, careless, tent, CIC, daughter
Kara/Six, blackout, threats, held down, crying
Laura, white, forget
Laura/Bill/Cottle, celebration, insatiable, needs
Laura/Bill/Saul, stay the course, compromise.
Laura/Margaret (Racetrack), underneath, air
Lee/Dualla, badge, dirt, gym, fight, fight, tryst, trust, cuffs
Lee/Ellen, knees
Lee/Ishay, new, secret, travel
Lee/Kara, again, new, different, Earth, joy, banter, play, Anders, fall, gift, hide, pause, second, speak, still, waste, stogie, alone, slip of tongue, stealth, hug, locker, sickbay, drugs, not remember, ride, fields, free, returned, fuck, slide, fan, mock, yes, tied, torn, gulf, prank, CIC, Dee, comms, paint, brush, canvas, CAG, triad, pool, bet, stims, bet, fatigues, lap, hair, jealous, domestic, copy that, regulations, sweet, please, chocolate, close quarters, exercise, silence, Yes sir, cuddle, instruction, all the things we never said, table, Zak, order, whisper, stay, better than you, family, Aurora, other people, sacrifice, twenty-first century, PDA, daddy issues, patrol, confess, untouchable, dream, lips, alone together, apology, alive, angel, bandaid, bet, birthday, bite, the brig, bruises, card game, control, dance, Earth, famous, first time, flight school, fireworks, giggle, girlfriend stealer, heels, high, hungry, jalapenos, jealous, last time, laugh, lightning, lingerie, lipstick, locked in, lost power, makeup, midnight, mirror, one true god, promotion, public, punch, raw, religion, shoes, smile, stars above me, summer, sweat, swimming, table, thunder, water, addiction, wasted, palm, running, frantic, remembered, rack, stealth, triad, victory, territorial, jealousy, after, mark, Viper, throw, dig, traitor, back, caught, breathless, infinite, mine, torn, beginning, suit, sneer, fall, tools, observation deck, tie, weapons locker, regret
Lee/Kara/Laura, secret, surprise
Lee/Kendra, XO, inject
Lee/Laura, title, proof, age, Adama, revenge, tea, bitter, trust, cancer, clear, focus, dance, law, presidential
Lee/Margaret (Racetrack), repair, brig, ambrosia
Lee/Sam, acquaintance, awkward, evidence, honorable, Starbuck, well, breeze, distance, mountain, without, together
Lee/Sam/Kara, awkward, bridge, bunk, caught, interrupted, judge, masturbation, pause, goodbye, bunks, arrangement, family, fight, silk, flower
Lee/Sharon, arrow, mission
Lee/Zak/Kara, family, hands, share, tease, unaware, shared bed, sleeping, unaware, jealous, prove, lost, Academy, instruction, sim
Leoben/Kara, dehumanizing, wall, dying, table, lie, worship, grass, after, new world, drop, ice, yearning, chasm
Leoben/Kara/Natalie (Six), obsession
Leoben/Leoben/Kara, [any]
Leoben/Natalie (Six), maps, projection
Leoben/Sam, rough, spine
Leoben/Sam/Kara, survival, knife, paint, home, spine
Margaret (Racetrack)/Sharon, raptor, triad
Sam/Kara, Apollo, beauty, flash, grace, peace, sand, soft, games, blanket, morning, tags, laundry, powerful, tall, tub, dream, past, living, pyramid, green, edge, flying, forever, table
Sam/Sharon, revelation, basestar, rescue
Sam/Tory, memory, forever, secret, think, somewhere, timeless, need, substitute, break, argument
Sam/Tyrol, different, blood brothers, aftermath, alike, AU-ending, before-and-again, bright, Earth, flow, rockstar, Scotland, sense-memory, shack, stars
Saul/Caprica, penance, improbable
Saul/Ellen, fold, fray, days gone by, history, scratch, Cylon, Earth, future, memory
Saul/Kara, disobedient, alcohol
Sean/Laura, pink, smoke, burn, does your mother know
Seelix/Sam/Kara, competition, ambrosia, inferior, sloppy, seconds
Tyrol/Sharon, connection, first, house, betrayal
Zak/Kara, first time, jealous, kitchen, striking a superior officer, brothers, envy, flying, argument, jealous, brother, family, marriage, soft, hidden, truth, flying, guilty
Zarek/Laura, snub

Dar/Tao, loincloth, waterfall, sweat, tent, grapes, scent

Beauty and the Beast
Beast/Belle, princess, fur, never

Becoming Jane
Jane/Tom, illicit, night, dance, absence, adjectives

Being Erica,
Erica/Ethan, kiss, 1995

Being Human
Annie, invisible, peeping Tom
Annie/George, moon, changed, here, beastly, unafraid, calming, nerdy, Christmas, beverages
Annie/Gilbert, haunt, scream, winner, broken, love, devotion, oblivious, soulmate
Annie/Janey, owen, betrayal
Annie/Mitchell, faint touch, transparent, blood lust, mechanics of ghost sex, touching, affection, chocolate, cocoa, doomed, find happiness, what's the pointfear, strength, explosions, comfort, sweetness, awkwardness, games, stay, sensations, gloves, whisper, kiss, accident, miss, afterlife, immortal, soul, want, emotion, power, tea, accidental, dance, cooking, touch, feel, chair, unseen, breath, darkening, forgotten, air, demons, underworld
Annie/Mitchell/George, we are so awesome, sleepless
Annie/Owen, fire, run, smile, terror
evil!George/Mitchell, sunrise, grass, protective, breath, basement, back, time
George/Mitchell, Pack, coffee, leather, bite, blood, change, eat, smirk, sorry, saved, hate, scrabble, cold, oranges, porn, stubble, deep-throating, hands, jealousy, sleepy, vulnerability, threesome, hospital, shy, clean
George/Mitchell/(Annie), tea, blood, faith, nakidity, voyeur, normal, dark, night
Mitchell/[Any], past, transient, lover, bloodlust
Nina/George, wolf
Seth/Mitchell, history, sex slave, pity, lust, mocking, shame, disgust, passion

Bend it Like Beckham
Jesminder/Joe, California, flutter, promise
Jess/Jules, college

Casca/Farnese, before, afterwards, daggerplay, cognizant
Guts/Griffith, ownership, toppled, chains, epilogue, campfire
Farnese/Luka, authoritative, armor, spanking
Farnese/Slan, sadomasochism, more
older!Sonia/older!Charlotte, undone, teasing, control
older!Sonia/older!Schierke, divination, magical, flight

Better Off Ted
Lem/Phil, cavalry, sense, defrosted
Ted/Veronica, efficient, cost-cutting, tie, discipline, hair

David/Jonathan, honey, worship, fallible, promise, undone
Samson/Delilah, bound

Big Eden
Henry/Pike, grass, dinner, return, invisible, simple

Big Love
Ana/Margene, innocence
Barb/Margene, age, seasons, glory, love
Barb/Nicky, faith, spanking
Barb/Nicky/Margene, direction
Ben/Jason, peek, sin, sleepover
Ben/Margene, barefoot, couch, pretend, guilt, connection, step-parent, unspoken want, blended family, forbidden, innocent, silent
Heather/older!Rhonda, manipulation, convenient, proxy, second-best
Heather/Sarah, beach, touch, sun devils, roommates
Heather/Sarah/older!Rhonda, blackmail
Joey/Kathy/Wanda, sealed, wish
Adaleen Lura, excoriation, unrelenting
Margene/Nicky, cunnilingus, blonde, power shift, appreciation, hope
Margene/Sarah, boundaries
Nicky/Sarah, wrath
Sarah/older!Rhonda, obsession, runaway

Big Wolf on Campus
Tommy/Merton, curse, vampire, rainstorm, movie marathon, totem, bite
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill/Ted, confused, unexpected, extravagant, bossy

Bionic Woman
Jaime/Nathan, technology

Birds of Prey
Babs/Dinah, obedience

Black Dagger Brotherhood
Bloodletter/Scribe Virgin, swear
John/Lash/Qhuinn, break
Lash/John, not!gay
Lash/Qhuinn, captive
Vishous/anyone, dominant
Vishous/Butch/Marissa, vow, hunger
Wrath/Payne, workout

Black Jewels
Karla/Surreal, interest, dream, strong

Black Lagoon
Balalaika/Chang, clash, tension, weapon
Balalaika/Revy, provoke, swearing, command, threat
Benny/Jane, cybersex
boy!Revy/girl!Rock, shooter, rocking, fear
Eda/Revy, bet, boredom, testing, heat, alcohol
Eda/Gretel, gun
Ginji/Yukio, unseen, restraint
Gretel/Hansel, toys
Revy/Fabiola, teasing, talents
Revy/Roberta, blood, madness, dogs
Revy/Rock, denial, importance, fight, genderswitch, unconscious, push, awareness, wound, hands, feet, real, simple
Shenhua/Rotton, idiot

Blackadder II
Edmund/Queenie, swear

Blackadder III
Edmund/George, naughty Hellfire Club

Blackadder IV
Edmund/Darling, insubordination

Peter/Ripley, boots, dance, about Natalie, handcuffs, rimming

Blade Runner
Rachael/Rick Decker, aftermath, run, expectation

Blade Trinity
Drake/Hannibal King, claim, fangs, master, secret, consort, hell-on-earth, new breed, hunter, slave, pet, fight, family, strong, reclaim, chains, broken, snuggle, hide, keep, war, decorate, pierce, tattoo, reject, sunlight
Hannibal King/Abigail Whistler

Deacon Frost/Blade, bite

Rachael/Roy, memory

Blades of Glory
Chad/Jimmy, berber, roommates
Coach/Jesse, domestic

Blake's 7
Avon/Blake, programme, hate, scar, alien, resistance

Blazing Saddles
Bart/Jim, trust, drunk

Aizen/Gin, deception, switch
Byakuya/Renji, relaxed, your-eyes-only, fading, flowers, rain, win, bath
Gin/Rukia, regret, fear, hesitation, force, anger
Grimmjow/Nnoitra, strength, supremacy, payback
Grimmjow/Ulquiorra, lies, loyalty, eyeliner
Ichigo/Orihime, determination
Ichigo/Renji, privately
Ichigo/Rukia, age, sharp edges
Ichigo/Rukia/Renji, love, hate
Ichigo/Shinji, Captain
Ikkaku/Yumichika, laughter, blood, dance, brilliance, century, morning, fight
Juushirou/Shunsui, maybe
Karin/Chad, prom
Karin/Hitsugaya, friendship, truth, soccer
Nemu/Ikkaku/Yumichika,voyeurism, secret(s)
Nnoitra/Neliel, force, misogyny, revenge
Renji/Rukia, distance, yearning, nostalgia, teeth, cold, drunk, sparring
Rukia/Orihime, healing-hands, united-front
Shunsui/Ukitake, art, beauty, silver, whispers
Szayel/Grimmjow, alpha, captive, experimental, vicious
Szayel/Grimmjow/Il Forte, tangled, punishment
Szayel/Il Forte, useful, useless, superiority, voyeurism
Szayel/Ishida Uryuu, stitches, specimen
Ulquiorra/Orihime, curiosity, white, walls, fairy-tales
Urahara, solo, voyeurism
Uruhara/Yoruichi, heavy-petting
Yoruichi/Soi Fong, relax

Bleak House
James Hawdon/Honoria Barbary, flush, we mustn't

Cass/Eddie, alone, drugs, clean, lie, trust, truth, rimming

Blood Ties (TV)

Henry/Mike, bite, blood, chains, fight, persuasion, power, trust

Blood Ties
Henry/Mike, reluctant, blood loss, jealousy, dawn

Blue Crush
Eden/Annemarie, salty, training, homecoming
Eden/Lena, riptide, smile, whole, sandals
Lena/Annemarie, laughter, dress-up, unexpected, postcard

Angela/Booth/Brennan, sweat
Angela/Brennan, blindfold, laughter, fingers, happinessvibrator, dance, comfort, bondage
Angela/Hodgins, drought, tonight, scarves.
Angela/Hodgins/Zack, laugh
Angela/Jack, Infidelity
AU!Sweets/AU!Nigel-Murray, lies
Angela/Sweets, psychonanalyze
bartender!Sweets/hostess!Angela, after hours, coat closet, tipsy, theraputic
Booth/Brennan, agression, guns, disguise, hold my hand, forever, remember, always, ice cream, funeral, flowers, hands, pain, storm, Protective, tears, chair, wind, ice cream, red, science, textbook, riddles, car, fathers, waiting, restless, she knows, breaking the rules, secrets, getting away, nightclub, baby, hands, undressed, scars, fascination, risky, chance, moving, apartment
Booth/Gordon Gordon Wyatt, food, therapy, daddy issues
Booth/Hodgins, Zach, glasses, squint, rebound, love, hate, frenetic, candle, black sheep
Booth/Sweets, mouth, teasing, belt, orgasm denial, pie, dinner date, pushing buttons, psychology, hospital
Brennan/Perotta, jacket
Brennan/Sweets, imprint, hands, necklace
Cam/Hodgins, lab, fun, whatever, coordinate, introspection
Daisy/Sweets, first time, jealousy, wedding dress, lost, karaoke, psychology, summer, contagious, resume, bogus, desk
Fisher/Hodgins, conspiracy, sci-fi
Fisher/Mr Nigel-Murray, challenge, trivia, marginalised
Fisher/Sweets, Vegas, negative, consult, metal
Hodgins/Zack, reruns, car-ride, king of the lab, scientific method, visiting-hours, illogical, victorious, test, penance, Visiting Hours, puzzle, frustration, help
Hodgins/Nigel-Murray, names
Hodgins/Sweets, psychological distress, loss, assured, advice, learn, Therapy
Hodgins/Jared, outside, anger, slide
Sweets, victory
Sweets/Zack, darkness, hidden, heirarchy, straightjacket, conspiracy

Fearless/Freaktown, rockets, singing, cake, secrets

Boston Legal
Alan/Denny, domestic
Jeffrey/Brad, cockfight
Katie/Jerry, learning, comfort, new

Boy Meets World
Angela/Topanga, curves
Cory/Shawn, babe, threesome, show, trailer, history, cocoa, laughing, fireworks, games, New York, sleepover, wedding, hero, sofa-bed, midnight snack, cars, backseats, music, driving
Eric/Jack, repression, need, lonely
Eric/Shawn, second
Jason/Eric, wingman
Angela/Rachel, friends
Angela/Shawn, kiss, hands, smile
Shawn/Minkus, recidivist
Shawn/Turner, apartment
Topanga/Eric, first

Boys Grammar
Gareth/Nick, forgiveness, tentative, flinch

William Wallace/Robert the Bruce, betrayal, broken, forgiveness, hope, loyalty

Breaking Bad
Jesse/Walt, dessert, rage, crush, barefoot, crazy, chance, trust, smash

Bring It On
Missy/Isis, celebrating, no hard feelings
Missy/Torrance, back seat, bikinis, short skirts, gymnastics
Torrance/Isis, college, discovery, cooperation, moves

Britannia High
Danny/Jez, alcoholic
Jez/Stefan, secret
Jez/BB, on air, toilet stall, muscle memory, mates

Brokeback Mountain
Ennis/Jack, stars

Brothers and Sisters
Justin/Rebecca, paint, bedsheets, family, Sister
Kevin/Jason, quiet, collar
Kevin/Scotty, Devotion, loyal, family
Robert/Justin, getaway, stories, hero
Robert/Kevin, orders, substitute, collar, identity

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Adult!Dawn/Spike, London, glam rock, Guinness, quarters
Andrew/Spike, believe, food
Andrew/Xander, needed, Trekkies
Angel/Xander, bickering, rain, closet
Angelus/Spike, pain, ownership, lessons, smile, mine, whore
Anya/Giles, magic, glasses, twirl, experience, stare
Buffy/Buffy-bot/Giles, surprise, want
Buffy/Faith, nostalgia, release, older
Buffy/Faith/Giles, magic, training, giggle
Buffy/Giles, wounds, music, evening
Buffy/Kennedy, red
Buffy/Riley, glorious, picnic, sunshine, light, hurt, kissing, constant, loving, monster, initiative, twilight, slinky
Buffy/Spike, absolution, ease, eventuality, grab, lick
Buffy/Willow, vision, playbook, pounce, watching, battle, sneezing
Buffy/Xander, silent, need, wander, support, skin, daisy, army, sparring, dream, magic, recruit, private, illegal
Dawn/Faith, battle, role model, pool, checkmate, knife, college girl, getting out of trouble, fast cars, storm,
Dawn/Kit, library
Dawn/Rona, heroes
Drusilla/Faith, let go
Drusilla/Spike, lust, wicked
Faith/Giles, ache, distance, forbidden, mistakes, sparks, safe, surrender, chosen, smirk, overcome, vacation
Faith/Wesley, trust, training
Faith/Willow, jealousy, change, role, vicarious, time, blood
Giles/Joyce, car, handcuffs, jail
Giles/Spike, graves
Oz/Veruca, driven, intoxicate, loam
Oz/Xander, travel, beads, counting, comic books, freckles, rumors
Riley/Xander, exhaustion, scar, sunlight, grin, sparring, afterthought, barbeque,
Spike/Robin Wood, forgiveness
Spike/Tara/Willow, including, magic, smiles, understanding, soul
Spike/Willow, that fuzzy purple number, future, immortal, soul, magic, fascinating, trestle, dead, hungry, slip, Halloween, risk, lurk
Spike/Xander, kicked out, shudder, father, secrets, boots, fire, beard, battle, lust, possessive
Tara/Willow, bubblegum, museum, tofu, slushie, scabbard, kerchief, lipgloss, cake, library, Shalot, Gawain, Nimue, Athena, hope, dream, reality, integrity, choose, wine, unspoken, sparkle, lather, delicacy
Tara/Willow/Xander, soft, lips, caress, wet, breasts, moan, between, shiver
vamp!Willow/vamp!Xander, turning, mirror, bite, bloodplay, bound
vamp!Xander/vamp!Willow, play, speed, rough
Willow/Xander, library, need, always, dusty, surprise, icing, bite, dark
Xander/Cordelia, unexpected, closet, found, young love, caught, anger

Burn Notice
Fiona/Michael, fanfare, fireworks, kalashnikov, rain, abandon, forever, quick, arson, cocktail, tuxedo, explosion, molten, bluff, accents, sunglasses, shoes, Charger, getaway, miniskirt, leverage, problem, dirty, leak, stairs
Fiona/Michael/Sam, forgiven, teamwork, got your back, obedience, notorious, fool me twice.
Fiona/Michael/Victor, last-chance, mission, success
Fiona/Sam, show-off, mark, leather, two of a kind, handcuffs.
girl!Michael/Fiona, strap, rain, dolls
Michael/Lucy, old flame
Michael/Sam, boyfriend, radio, vodka, deep cover, firearms, necessity, brothers in arms, gold, tried and true, informant
Michael/Samantha, curls, nostalgia
Michael/Victor, AU, trust, plane, warehouse, beleaguer, shift, close, break, cut, Cuba, lost, save, hidden, Cuba, free, dead, missing, want, missed, same, shared, experience, Mojito, limes, crazy, family, relax, stay, rough, agreement, handshake, plan, keep, AU, the-one-that-got-away, boat, naked, player, cover, control, tied, spy game, crowd, bar, club, dancing, identity, break, break-in, safe house, ram, lucky, hard-to-kill, team, mai tai, tongued, submit, comfort, standoff

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Butch/Etta/Sundance, rainbow, triangle, ties, on the run, white hats, tender, raindrops, falling, head, stealing, banks, shootout, bang, wanted

Cabin Fever
Bert/Paul, virgin

Mia/Hank, birthday, future, dress, inspiration

Camp Rock
Caitlyn/Tess, bad-press, electronica, occasionally

Albert Campion/Amanda Fitton, biplane, broadcast, motorcycle, New York City, rhyme

Joseph Adama/Daniel Graystone, progress, point of no return, loss, cigarette, virtual, unreal

Cardcaptor Sakura
Eriol/Sakura, English, phonecalls, silk, hair, kisses, match, forget
Sakura/Tomoyo, princess
Sakura/Yue, precious, tender, wings
Syaoran/Sakura, China
Tomoyo/Meiling, fingernails
Touya/Yukito/Yue, cyclic
Yukito/Nakuru, alternatively

Justin/Iris, alive, flirt, speaking in tongues, a woman scorn'd, haze, kneel, lullaby, blue
Ruthie/Jonesy, waster, hidden, weight, tattoo
Ruthie/Libby, sandstorm, sweat-stuck, eclipse
Sofie/Jonesy, bargaining, anywhere-but-here, horizon
Sofie/Libby, Hollywood, lipstick, old-dress, belly

Castle in the Air
Abdullah/Flower-in-the-Night, genderswitch
Abdullah/Jamal, squid
Howl/Abdullah, snark

Alexis, [any], homework
Alexis/[any], [any]
Castle/Beckett, espresso, father, hunt, sour, secret, past, flirt, idiot, everybody, dare, whimsical, coffee, don't, jealous, sofa, handcuffs, safeword, snark, tease, inspiration, undercover, assignment, sexy, leather, arousal, book, romance novel, mystery, comfort, mom, family, weird, strange, flirt, naked, blush, funny, laugh, jacket, bullet-proof, kinky, heroine, spy, game, cards, trick, cover art, pose
Esposito/Ryan, couch, banter, fanboy, kickass boss, subtle flirting, resolved sexual tension

Mistofelees/Rum Tum Tugger, magic, posturing

Céline and Julie Go Boating
Céline/Julie, candy

Prue/Andy, prom, sneak, laughter, ready
Prue/Cole, control, impress, little red dress

Chasing Amy
Alyssa/Banky, secret, once, getting over him, gay bar

Roxie/Velma, damage, whimper, scratch

Hideki/Chii, alternatively

Mung Daal/Schnitzel, escape, heavy, sensual, nice, thrice cream, fustration, burple nurple, Truffles, Radda Radda

Dennis/Arnie, letter jacket, rock and roll

Anna/Morgan, casual, discipline, Hawai'i, car, nerdy, want, sorry, kitchen, lei
Awesome/Ellie, surgery, lie, extreme
Casey/Sarah, gunplay, leather, future, later, trust, undercover, solace, survive, knowledge, deal
Casey/Sarah/Chuck, training, acceptance, colonel, loyalty, curls, protect, team, comfort, spies, hotel, wedding
Casey/Sarah/Ellie, neighbors, solace, seduction
Chuck/Anna, friends
Chuck/Bryce, alternatives, computers, darts, dorm, escape, geekery, mission, strategy, ties, toy-guns, return, protect, always, geek, surprise, Star Trek, fight, spy-game, square, glass, secret, undercover
Chuck/Bryce/Sarah, chance, unexpected, mission
Chuck/Casey, care, electronics, healing, games, goodbyes, number, wedding-planner, surprising, God and country, flash, trigger, skilled, hopeless, learning curve, audio, mission, straight-arrow, harddrive, sweat, paintball, angry, jealous, hurt, future, hero, argument, glasses, loyalty, flash, public, emergency, grunt, Converse(tm), sunglasses, tie, games, sunlight
Chuck/Jill, last
Chuck/Sarah, adventures, happiness, charm-bracelet, workout, homecoming, irresponsible, guilt, summer, lipgloss, morning, Intersect 2.0, off the grid, motel, practicing, break-room, call, boat, believe, wedding, sassafras, toothache, watching
Ellie/Casey, undercover
Sarah/Alex Forrest, competition, tank tops, pole, gun
Sarah/Ellie, comfort, friendly, bonding

Clamp School Detectives
Suoh/Akira, excuses, blondes, changing
Suoh/Nokoru/Akira, comfortable, natural, routine
Utako/Nagisa, girls' night

Clare/Jean, use me, power surge
Clare/Riful, thank you
Deneve/Riful, warning, befriend, silent type
Galatea/Miria, fight
Helen/Miria, idolize, negative attention
Irene/Clare, training, reunion, whiplash
Irene/Teresa, shame
Jean/Clare, knight

Larry/Dan, office, chat, future, friendship

Ogami/Sakura, front, undressing, legal, marking, library

Codex Alera
Isana/Lady Aquitaine, carriage, dress
Tavi/Kitai, hold, rush, good morning

Coffee Prince
Han Kyul/Eun Chan, coffee, chocolate syrup, stars, food, phone call, whipped cream, genderswitch, alien
Han Kyul/Ha Rim, practice, nerves
Han Sun/Yoo Ju, night, dance
Han Sung/Eun Chan, play, admiration, music
Min Shik/Ji Young, marriage, longing, waiting
Min Yeop/Sun Ki, Japan
Mr. Hong/Sun Ki, roommates, nostalgia, memory
Sun Ki/Ha Rim, experimentation, aish, My Ki, love lessons, language
Yoo Joo/Eun Chan, paint, art, closer

Cold Case
Kat/Scotty, hot and cold, you win
Lilly/Kat, solidarity, nipple, breath, undercover
Lilly/Scotty, colleagues, sister, shoot, steel, memory, anger, death, obsession, stakeout, back-up, office, guilt, handcuffs
Scotty/John, anger, suspended
Will/Vera, housemates, late night drinks, reminisce, bad day

John/Chas, addiction, love

Coraline (movie)
Coraline/Wybie, after prom, grinning, laughing, feels good
Other Mother/Othehr Father, caught in a web, revenge

Patrick/Sally, insecurities, overconfidence, prickly sweetness, argument, crazy friends, love, routine, home, life, resolution, willpower, gossip

Cowboy Bebop
Faye/Spike, hot, cold, weightless, hate, want, need
Jet/Faye, desperation, annoyed, surprise
Spike/Faye, hot, hungry, sneaky, cheating, lying, gun, plan
Spike/Jet, company, friendship, fun, meaningless

Criminal Minds
Garcia/JJ, baby, scars, comfort, girls night, love, email, comfort, late night, coffee
Garcia/Kevin Lynch, IM, doorways, fingers, trapped
Gideon/Garcia, dance, kitchen
Gideon/Reid, bruise, chess, discovery, forgiveness, trust, return Gideon/Reid/Hotchner, apology, heal, limit, return
Hotchner/Morgan/Reid, Faith, Safety, Promotion.
Hotchner/Prentiss, [any], jealous, snow, compartmentalize, divorce, plane, submissive, games
Hotchner/Prentiss/Reid, blanket, gun, chase, handcuffs, water, trapped, secret
Hotchner/Reid, Freedom, tie, hit, lie, secret, safe, gun, magic, codeword, hidden, mile high, smile, neck, tie, wrists, fingers, suit, magic, help, handcuffs, official, office, collapse, subordinate, superior, desk, wall, study, learn, read, glasses, memory, undercover
Hotchner/Rossi, empathy, casefile, marriage, weariness, concern, history, shared burdens, listen, equals, kink, rough, need
JJ/Prentiss, massage, sweet, late night, drinking, bar, heartbreak, need
JJ/Will Lafontaine jr, celebrate, first weekend
Morgan/Garcia, addiction, computer, phone, watching you, playing doctor, phone sex, dirty talk, return, cameras, movie night, jazz, talk to me,
Morgan/Garcia/Reid, comfort, firsts
Morgan/Prentiss, geek, hot tub, Vonnegut
Morgan/Reid, Addiction, eidetic, phone-sex, virgin, memory, ties, socks, facts, first time, reassurance, glasses, comfort, profiling, rimming, wall sex, rough sex
Reid/Austin, sleight-of-hand
Reid/Elle, teaching, hotel
Reid/Garcia, off-balance, contrast, glasses, convex, whimsy, first time, nervous, giggly, amazement, bond
Reid/Prentiss, compartmentalize, vein, mouth, remember, oral, slow teasing handjob, teasing
Reid/Tobias, haven, addiction
Rossi/Prentiss, Catholic, undone, insomnia, mother, secrets, hidden, lust, tease, holster, adrenaline, kink, handcuffs, SUV, book, Joyce, don't Emily me, legs, book, zip, elevator, wins and losses, poker face, discretion, qui tollis peccata mundi

Crossing Jordan
Bug/Nigel, Nothing
Lily/Garret, crisis, snow, inappropriate

Cruel Intentions
Greg McConnell/Sebastian, blackmail
Kathryn/Sebastian, the game, rough, better, winner takes all

Dureena/Galen, magic
John Mattheson/Sarah Chambers, music, touch, space

Crusoe/Friday, fruit, reading, trap

Any combination of Mandy/Wendy/Henry/Archie/Bobby, [any]
Archie/Henry, dither, quiet night,
Bobby/Nick, Balistics
Catherine/Brass, badge, gun, crush, strong-and-silent
Catherine/Grissom, apologies, roller coaster, smile
Catherine/Warrick, eyes, regret, dancing, crush, endearment, flirt
Greg/Hodges, quiet
Hodges/Nick, trip
Mike Keppler/Catherine, anything
Nick/Greg, danger, rescuing, scars, drunk, confession, embarrassed, surprise, outted, switch, roles, submission, kinky, mentor, mending, conceal, apartment, home, first time, kiss, cowboy hat
Nick/Mandy, leaving prints, dance
Sara/Greg, [any]
Wendy/Hodges, [any]

CSI: Miami
Eric/Ryan, Blind, toys, argument, hummer, pool, sunscreen
Eric/Speed, Memory

CSI: New York
Adam/Danny, Geek, reveal, impress
Adam/Jess, please, wanting something you can't have, everything I'm not
Adam/Lindsay, video games, melting
Danny/Aiden, healthy competition, in the shower, jealous, bondage, remember, eulogy, elegant, diamonds, Brooklyn, ice, candlewax
Danny/Flack, excursion, work-out, evening, spar, glasses, question, Secret, trash-talk, angst, father, bliss, sport, beer, keys
Danny/Hawkes, Blood, defend, code
Danny/Lindsay, love, marriage, jealous, ghosts, spanking, firsts, at the scene, boots, just like in the movies, motorcycle, vacation, quiet, warning, impatient, glasses, bottle, counter, music
Danny/Stella, one night stand, trouble, liqour, between, fingerprints
Flack/Adam, comfort, forgetting, amused, badge, sorta drunk
Flack/Aiden, jealous, hold me close, scared
Flack/Angell, shirt, last, badge, jealous, stealing kisses, behind closed doors
Flack/Lindsay, deceit, rain, baseball, tie, station, hospital, future, doll, bath, wet, fixing your clothes
Mac/Aiden, unexpected, jealous
Mac/Danny, past, ghosts, revenant, restless, stasis, frustrate, prove
Mac/Flack, bound, fidelis
Mac/Hawkes, quiet, thinking too much, science, trivia, laugh, first, wait, moment, fingers, ache
Mac/Stella, finally, Greece, boxers, take-out, snow, out-of-town, subtle, interrupted, familiar, can't-sleep, jealous, unintentional, insomnia, trust, ghosts, map, bonds, whisper, hollow, curve, blood, flag, music, life, dinner
Mac/Stella/Flack, domestic, laugh, fingerprints
Mac/Stella/Hawkes, morning, invention
Stella/Flack, feels so right, public, debauched, clothes, innuendo
Stella/Hawkes, escape, whisper, steam, coffee, tangle, pulse, morning, blues
Stella/Quinn, secret, cat-and-mouse, balance, bed, sheets, takeout, rain, bridge, snow, mouth, thighs, waiting

Cupid (new)
Claire/Lita, drunk, match, tongues
Claire/Trevor, confidentiality, date, dinner, hands, jealous, raining, stupid

Amy/Lucy, diamonds, differences, running, thief, plane

Allen/Renalee, pants, real, dream, stalking

Da Vinci's Inquest
Dominic/Patricia, [any], again, work, affair, hidden

Dalziel and Pascoe novels
Peter Pascoe/Edgar Wield, straight, friend, motorcycle

Ellen/Patty, trust, gun, brief, lipstick, blood on your hands, truth, smoke and mirrors, informant, lessons, control, seduction, gun, student, regret, apartment, explain, knowledge, vindictive, London, alone, right to remain silent
Ellen/Wes, projecting
Patty, shaken, beach house
Patty/Phil, don't, glass
Ray Fiske/Gregory Malina, hotel, witness, pressure, okay

Dangerous Liaisons
Danceny/Valmont, certain
Merteuil/Cecile, garter, insincere, sincere, smallpox, tutelage
Merteuil/Tourvel, undone, masquerade, mar
Merteuil/Valmont, glass

Daphne du Maurier—Rebecca
Rebecca/Mrs. Danvers, devotion
The Second Mrs. de Winter/Max, doubt

Daria/Trent, past, college

Dark Angel
Alec/Ames, hate, rough, dub-con, interrogation, control
Alec/Joshua, friendship, comfort, stupidity, naive
Alec/Logan, dirty, desperation, alley, because, sweat, thief, comfort, agile, feline, tempt, prowl, teach, salvation, proxy, bite
Alec/Normal, sides, fantasy
Max/Alec, sadness, future, past, breeding, slap fight, homesick, sister, snark, fists, heat, blue, leather
Max/Original Cindy, love, trust, strength, power, protection
Max/White, origin
Max/Zach, ghosts, rescue, protector, strength

Dark City
Emma/John, elicit, seek, rebirth

Gort/Komiyan, master

Darker Than Black
Hei/Yin, masks, observing, silence, blood

Dawson's Creek
Pacey/Joey, banter, running, quiet, love, truth, lashing out, glasses, commute, long-term, friendship, honeymoon

Days of Our Lives
E.J./Philip, healing, touch, letting go, blackmail, Europe, accommodating, mouth, blow job, rimming
Nicole/Sami, hate sex, baby, blackmail, why not?
Philip/Lucas, brothers, lips, slick, rimming, leather
Sami/Chelsea, pleasing men, teasing, girls, secret, strap-on, mentor, cousins

DC Animated Universe
Batman/Flash, duality, cover, tear, introduce

DC Comics
Arsenal/Black Canary, respect
Barbara (Oracle)/Helena (Huntress),, midnight, rooftop, spar
Barbara Gordon/Cassandra Cain, bondage
Barry Allen/Bruce Wayne/Iris West-Allen, exhale
Bart Allen/Kon-El, wet, sun, resurrection
Bart Allen/Tim Drake, tied, sundaes
Bart Allen/Tim Drake/Kon-El, tickling, movies, games
Batman/Catwoman, tease, laughter
Batman/Flash, speed, slow, deja-vu, laughter, identity-porn, giggling
Batman/Huntress, temper
Batman/Robin (Carrie Kelly), fail, beginnings, storm, country
Batman/Sasha Bordeaux, secrets
Batman/Wonder Woman, games
Booster Gold/Blue Beetle II (Ted Kord), missed, prank, invention, dumb, saved
Booster Gold/Blue Beetle, cookies, costume, time, fool, deviate, scheme
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, boy-scout, prepared, unprepared, surprise, trespass, punishment, love, passion, tied-up, zero-gravity, impotence-pollen, SuperCock, geekgasm, identity-porn brothers, past, present, future, shared, threesome
Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, sparks, badguy, remnants, trust, breathplay, test, drunk, weak
Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, rage, hurt, memories
Bruce Wayne/Tim Drake, bandages, training
Bruce Wayne/Tim Drake/Kon-El, busted date, voyeurism, jealousy
Catwoman/Riddler, balance, stuck, bait, twist, priceless, alert
Clark Kent/Jason Todd, misunderstood
Clark Kent/Kon-El, tutelage
Clark/Lois/Bruce, island, summer, hot
Dick Grayson (Nightwing)/Tim Drake (RobinIII), threesome, stars, civilian, abduction, zip-strips, plainclothes, laugh, game, tag, drag, shower
Dick Grayson/Bart Allen, reunited
Dick Grayson/Roy Harper, adrenaline
Dick Grayson/Selina Kyle, secret
Green Arrow/Black Canary, petals, reconcile
Guy Gardner/Kyle Rayner, faith, fear, oath, between, spark
Guy Gardner/Power Girl, secret, cape
Harley Quinn/Jonathan Crane, mad science, femdom, intrigue, pinned
Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, college, heady, territory, thread, sleeve, rooted
Helena Bertinelli/Zinda Blake, brawl, shameless, blindfold, joyride, pointy objects
Jaime Reyes/Tim Drake, lessons, teamwork, exhaustion, armor, frustration, healing, easy
Jason Todd/Jaime Reyes, dark
Jason Todd/Tim Drake, knife edge, motorcycle
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, hidden, masks, silk, throat, panic, truth, detect
Knockout/Scandal Savage, sweet
Lois Lane/Bruce Wayne, first, champagne
Lois Lane/Mon-El, secret, guilt
Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy)/Selina Kyle (Catwoman), vines, slither, survival of the fittest, rain
Question/Huntress, snipe, linger, possessive, gunpowder
Stargirl/Cyclone, costume, stretch, chatter, chant
Steph Brown/Cassandra Cain, past, present, future, rooftop, Bat-noun, slumber party, makeover
The Question/Huntress, mask, rooftop, cooking
Tim Drake/Cassie Sandsmark/Kon, reunion, joy, airborne
Tim Drake/Steph Brown, catch, fallen, chasing
Wonder Woman/Kate Spencer, an exercise in futility, cocktails, silk
Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor, palace, water

Dead Like Me
Daisy/Mason, fragile
George/Daisy, work, fighting, mediator
George/Mason, boss, funeral, ashes, coffee, waffles, first, kissing, shower, naked, beauty, better

Alma/Trixie, lace, faith, brass
Dan/Flora, rifle, pale, tender, betrayal, substitute
Jane/Wild Bil Hickock, dominate, road
Silas/Joanie, connections
Trixie/Sol, candid, soar

Death Note
Hal/Mello, femslash
Halle/Gevanni, survivor's guilt, necessity, bondage
L/girl!Light, goddess
L/Light, ripples
L/Mello, afterlife, AU, first, shards
L/Misa, forbidden-fruit
Light/boy!Misa, fashion
Light/Mikami, fearplay, God, worship, femslash
Light/Misa/L, femslash
Light/Ryuuga Hideki, impostor
Matsuda/L, femslash
Mello/Matt, games
Mello/Near, bound, bitter, reflection
Mikami/Light, prayer
Misa/L, pegging, femslash, diets
Misa/Rem, fairytale, memory, chance
Misa/Sayu, frustration, explosive, giggling
Near/Mello, femslash
Rem/Misa, deathkink, red, lull, flight
Ryuk/Light, apples

Death Race
Jenson/Joe, Igor, scars

Degrassi: The Next Generation
Paige Michalchuk/Alex Nuñez, [any]
Spinner Mason/Marco del Rossi, closet-case

Luke/Ruby, coursework, rescue, training, pizza, last, girl, stacks, research, awkward, seen, shirtless
Ruby/Rupert, red, stubborn, forbidden fruit

Devil May Cry
Vergil/Dante, sharp, scarred, claimed, marked, dominant, imprisoned

Devil Wears Prada
Miranda/Andy, corset, stocking-cuban-heeled, well-dressed, deportment, model, lingerie, Barbie doll, makeover, AU, different choices, passing the torch, "The New Andy"

Deb/Dexter, crop top, chopping, roles, branding, tied
Dexter/Rita, First time, vulnerable

Digimon 02
Daisuke/Ken, skipping class, out in public
Daisuke/Ken/Willis, you can get away with a lot in New York City
Mimi/Sora/Willis, cultural differences
Taichi/Yamato, backstage at a concert, a quicky

Dirk Pitt Novels
Al/Dirk, Panama

Dirty Sexy Money
Brian/Andrea, growth, prayer, sacrilege
Jeremy/Lisa, gallery, lust, paper, vengeance, paint, crush
Jeremy/Nola, faker, lies, fun, Shanghai
Karen/Nick, green, Italy, lifetime, love, true, baby, wild
Nick/Brian, taboo, broken
Nick/Lisa, making-up, trying, daughter, marriage

adult!Tiffany Aching/Granny Weatherwax, headology, borrowed, sharing, impetuous, winter, gift, restraint
Carrot/Angua, fear, relief, moon, sharp, careful, animal, seduce, laughter, obedience, beg
Cheery/Angua, beard, silver
Esmerelda Weatherwax/Mustrum Ridcully, spring, mountainsides
Moist von Lipwig/Havelock Vetinari, angels, scale, lies, desperate
Polly/Mal, soldier, blood, courage, thirsty
Rob Anybody/Jeannie, hiddlins
Sam Vimes/Havelock Vetinari, city, map, wall, terrier,
Tiffany/Annagramma, corrected
Tiffany/Roland, practicality, presents, other
Tiffany/Wintersmith, above, world, frostbite
Vetinari/Margolotta, lesson, question
Vimes/Sybil, getaway, staying-late, comfort, coach, badge

Disney Princesses
Ariel/Belle, voice, grand tour, ballroom
Belle/Giselle, worldly, reading material, glade
Jasmine/Mulan, disarm, magic carpet ride, secret
Mulan/Belle, crowd, diplomacy, understood

Maleficent/The Evil Queen, duet, fairest, wickedness

Doc Martin
Doc/Fenn, secrets

Doctor Who Expanded Universe
Ace/Bernice, angular
Brax/Romana I, erosion
Chris/Roz, professional understanding
Jason/Bernice, mortal peril, temporary limited advantage, definitely your fault
Leela/Romana, shadow, divide

Doctor Who
Ace/Mel, companions
Ainley!Master/Nyssa, reveal, intricate, labrynthine.
Ainley!Master/The Rani, boots, subzero, control, theory, parallel, not a war to be won.
Braxiatel/Romana, idolatry, computations, creation, power behind the throne.
Brigadier/Mike Yates, loyalty
Doctor/Jamie, shirt, dragging, sleep, safe, memory
Doctor/Martha, friendship, snark, guilt, comfort, injury, hug, tea
Doctor/Master, education, quarrel, obsession, thwarted, secret, underhanded, public, humiliation, fabulous
Doctor/Rose, broken
DoctorDonna/Sarah Jane, shopping, computers, lipstick, shoes, drinking, stars
Donna/Jack, meeting, internship
Donna/Lee, drifting, peace, thunder, green, queen, order, shine, breathing, left, halting, shared, drums
Donna/Lucy Saxon, afterwards, temp, amnesia, new job, hospital, rehabilitation, first, lips, sweet, long hair
Donna/Martha, loss, eye, bright, mind probe, beginnings, saving-the-world
Donna/Romana, survival of the species
Donna/Rose, dimension cannon, tea, slippers, lipstick
Eight/Fitz Kreiner, identity, lost, tea, forget, constellation, entropy
Eight/Romana, detente, what price victory?, end of days, reign.
Eight/Rose, love
First Doctor/Second/Third/Fourth/Fifth/Sixth/Seventh/Eighth/Ninth/Tenth, [any]
Five/Ainley!Master, conscience, destroy, breathe, irrevocable.
Five/Nine, leather, drink, alone, memories, bondage, punish, cuddle
Five/Nyssa, the brains of the operation, respite, understanding, glow.
Four/Romana I, debate, teasing, research, tempestuous, sweet, hat, tender, chess
Four/Romana II, Paris, wardrobe, Brighton, routine, covert, dancing, picnic
Four/Simm!Master, memories, scarf, old fashioned, hands
Harry Sullivan, sailors
Ian/Barbara, perfect, understanding, home, stars
Jack/Jake, flirtations, introductions
Jack/Rose, unbelievable
Jamie/Three, tickle, kisses, kilt, spank
Liz/Brig, snap, bemused, uniform, a small crime, stay.
Martha/anyone, heroine, dreams, doctor's orders, alternate universe, letting loose
Martha/Jack, drinking contest, sunshine, time, blue, butterflies
Martha/Lucy Saxon, domme, mistress, understanding, knowledge, visit, kindness, help, wanting, beautiful
Martha/Rose, adrenaline, freedom handcuffs, stockings, mirrors, giggle, left behind, rebound, lipstick, Run!!!, forgetful, poppies
Martha/Sally Sparrow, today
Martha/Sarah Jane, resourceful
Martha/Tom Milligan, hospital, pond, ring, honeymoon, anniversary
Martha/Tom Milligan/Lucy Saxon, polyamory, girl, you're a man, interesting, why not?, collar, theirs
Master/Martha, maid outfit, visitation
Master/Romana, deal with the devil.
Master/Rose, attraction, despair, longing, stairway, frustration, secrets
Mickey/Jake, victory, replacement, truck, heroes, travel, van, loss, stress, war, not the same
Nine/Donna, second chances.
Nine/Jabe, understanding
Nine/Jack, understanding, comfort, need, marked
Nine/Martha, fantastic, adventures, medicine, diplomacy, knowledge, sleep
Nine/Rose, aggressive, tender, shower, apples, baking, close, burn, drunk, wanderlust, chemistry, breakfast, sleepy, building, sharp, travelers, life, awkward, pills, margin, outrage, support, remember, golf, train, confusion, nail polish, fire, future, war, time, flowers, stomach, tongue, showers, adored, sunshine, heroine, ache
Nine/Rose/Jack, [any], picnic, human, fantastic
Nine/Rose/Ten, run, slippery, mud, shower
Nine/Simm!Master, escape, vengeance, penance.
Nyssa/Tegan, bedroom, giggle, sky, connection
Ricky/Mickey, AU, mirror
Romana/Leela, politics, bodyguard
Rose/Reinette, being
Sally Sparrow/Eleven, chance
Sally Sparrow/Kathy Nightingale, late afternoon
Sarah Jane/Rose, teach
Seven/Ace, cold, new, sly, tentative, ridiculous, meticulous, unexpected, bunk-beds, subtext, fenric, future, surrender, dare, voice, lie to me,
Simm!Master/Rose, drawn, resist, heal, replace, down, urge, crossroad, cream, luscious, knickers, insatiable, need
Six/Rose Tyler, kinky
Ten II/Rose, dream, Vortex, watch, angst, skin, freckles, comfort, time, carpets, roadtrip
Ten/Donna, authentic, run, shine, transparent, queen, thunderstorm, blow-jobs, domesticity, jewelry, restraint, spooning, worry
Ten/Jack, immortality, little-death, glee, time, worlds, endless, enthusiasm, insolent, missing Rose, hopeless
Ten/Jack/Simm!Master, willing, play, chains
Ten/Jackson Lake, remembrance.
Ten/Martha, apology, waiting, happy, damaged, broken, shop, maid, coat, please, thank you
Ten/Martha/Jack, control, final
Ten/Master, forgiveness, I can't decide, names, kept, attention
Ten/Mickey, alien-world, victory, drunk
Ten/Reinette, corset, hair, soft, sweet, wanting
Ten/Rose, fantasy, loved, shower, nip, taste, lake, hurt, fallen, overture, mastery, extra, want, need, have, nailpolish, rock opera, sweet, cards, sin, japan, diners, shiver, spain, jazz, drunk, neverland, 1940's, taste, plus, parade, small, against, book, glasses, fight, tap, fall, hold, proud, football, believe, gun, late, fix, key, return, alone, control, protect, infinitesimal, busted, reaching, tease, flirting, lap dance, Disney World, belief, naked, tie, blindfold, handcuffs, xenobiology, facial
Ten/Rose/Jack, consequences, surprise, heart-to-heart, grief
Ten/Rose/TenII, watch, water, smoke
Ten/Simm!Master, we're all mad here, test, playing dirty, Cain and Abel.
Three/Brig, stranded, the upper hand, silence.
Three/Delgado!Master, fashion, velvet, obedience, chameleon, game, betrayal
Three/Mike Yates, acceptance
Two/Jamie McCrimmon, history, discover, music, clothing
Two/Rose, New
Zagreus!Eight/TARDIS!Brig, betrayal, fear, forgotten

Justin/Car wash customer, sponge, squeaky bed frame, dog collar, tank top, strawberry daiquiri

Bartleby/Loki, holly, blasphemous, indefinite, fleeting

Adele DeWitt/Boyd, "That's good. That's bad"
Adele DeWitt/Caroline, contract, pursue, convince
Adele DeWitt/Claire, lick, acceptance, broken, pain, pink, nightmares
Adele DeWitt/Laurence Dominic, betrayal, blood, touch, return, chair, challenge, betrayal, Attic, touch, whisper, cruel, control, forgiveness, carpet burns, blindfold, possession, punishment
Adele DeWitt/Topher, very british, drugged, mistake, serenity
Alpha (as Bobby)/Echo (as Crystal), we're not real
Alpha (as Bobby)/Whiskey (as Crystal), gentle, doomed love
Alpha/Echo, crush, push, red, scene, trail, memory, attachment, replacement, watch, martyr, competition, whirlwind, danger zone, broken toys
Alpha/Topher, BFF, consequences, you-made-me, playing, warning signs
Alpha/Whiskey, hurt, memory, bad, influence, criminal, retain, connection, question, team, absond
Boyd/Claire Saunders, pretend, forget, identity, please
Boyd/Topher, complex, personality, frenzy, over stimulated, hold me, couch, lazar tag
Claire Saunders/Echo, unbroken
Echo/Boyd, father figure, trust
Echo/November, grind, anarchy, defender, leather, intuition, like
Echo/Paul Ballard, empty, need, parallels, metaphor, tiled ceiling, blacked out windows
Echo/Sierra, protection, new again, hold you, cry, kiss, the only one, recognition, save me
Echo/Topher, manipulation
Laurence Dominic/Echo, team, memory
Mellie (November)/Paul Ballard, Mellie in charge, regret, history, humiliation, safe, trust, dinner,want
Paul Ballard/Lubov, lies, secrets, vodka
Paul Ballard/November, cemetery, reunion, again, freedom, inexplicable, always, reality, outside, lost, sense, comfort, found, grace, vinegar
Paul Ballard/Topher, eyes, hero, undone, alive, believe, did-I-fall-asleep, forceful, geek, scare, run
Sierra/Victor, hands, hurt, soap, vanilla, new, remember, sleeping, normal, forget, skin, reckoning, showers, all grown up, fake marriage, gentle, innocence, air, guardian, skin, truth, woman reaction, licking
Topher/Claire Saunders, memory, sucker
Topher/Laurence Dominic, shelved, threaten
Topher/Victor, common-sense, antics, affectionate, mewl
Victor/Paul, mission, collaborate, danger, need, touch, close, kiss, fuck, grunting, outdoors, swallow, disillusioned, frozen, more, gunpoint, collapse, return
Victor/Paul/Echo, captive, forced, treat, temptation, manipulation, again, hardcore, unbearable, porno, sordid, insane, cumshot, sleep
Victor/Whiskey, scars

Donald Strachey mysteries
Donald/Timmy, toybox, own, bet, argue, shave

Doom (movie)
Sarge/Reaper, nightmares

Sam/Kunal, surprise

Double Arts
Kiri/Elraine/Sui/Farren, pollen, company

Sister Aloysius/Sister James, radio

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Billy/Penny, experimental, we'll make time stand still, Possibilities
Captain Hammer/Dr Horrible, Nemesis, broken, petulant, dominant, gloves, goggles, accident, urges, secret, crushed, hammered, spoiled
girl!Billy/Penny, the benefits of mad science, unexpected, lab coat

Dracula (novel)
Dracula/Jonathan Harker, addiction, obsession, pleasure from pain

Dracula/Jonathan Harker, ecstasy, bite, moan, writhe, suck, fingernails, carriage, wolves, velvet, candle wax
Lucy/Mina, dazzle, sparrow
Quincey/Arthur, England, shape, bow-legged, dangerous

Dragon Wars: D-War
Ethan/Sarah, bling, motherfuckingdinosaurs

Dragonball Z
Bulma/Vegeta, biting, angry, thoughtful, jerk, usual
Gohan/Piccolo, comfort, family, knowledge, mine, possesion, cage
Gohan/Videl, flight, outside, argue, baka
Goku/Chichi, confused, wall, marriage
Goku/Vegeta, violence, control
Pan/Trunks, secret, impassioned, worried, sensei

Dalamar Argent/Kitiara Uth Matar, steel
Raistlin Majere/Dalamar Argent, power, seduction

Drake and Josh
Drake/Josh, college, party, dare, rough housing, codependent, nightmares, popcorn, movie night, bets, buttons, freckles, blue

due South
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, cream, dance, stars, sugar, handcuffs, tongue, trapped, uniform, north, light, dark, pack, mark, vacation, snow, loud
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, jealousy, passionate, uniforms, boots, lanyard, silk, leather, cotton, flannel, lie-in, undomesticated, wild, shower, head, red, leap
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Stella, blink, watch, kick
Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio, nose, smoke, fire, ice
Benton Fraser/Thatcher, discipline
Benton Fraser/Victoria, candle, ice, wind, fire, entwine
Frannie/Elaine, partnership, trust, loyalty, first, last, breeze
Ray Kowalski/Francesca, dancing, frustration, colours, flowers, cake, chocolate
Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, near, helpless, drugged, caress, city, snow, music, no return, jealous, mouth, welcome, hard
Ray Kowalski/Stella/Ray Vecchio, time, scars, night, pride
Ray Kowalski/Thatcher, passionate, mad, punishment
Ray Kowalski/Welsh, scolding
Ray Vecchio/Thatcher, button
Stella/Ray Vecchio, eden, glove, stars, heat, ocean

E.M. Forster - A Room With a View
Lucy/George, autumn, loggia, river

E.M. Forster—Maurice
Maurice/Clive, meadow

Early Edition
Gary/Marissa, feeling, seeing

Earth 2
Alonzo/Julia, dirt, sky, dream, traitor, breathe, first
Devon/Danziger, journey, water, taste, fear, sensation

Earth Final Conflict
Boone/Lili, morning, run, grass, break

Kagetsuya/Chihaya, finally, comfort, wife, Japan, devil

Earthsea (book series)
Ged/Tenar, finality, namelessness, simplicity

Eastern Promises
Nikolai/Kirill, sober

Eerie Indiana
Dash-X/Marshall, co-ordinates, hair, drunk, girls, belt

Eight Days of Luke
Luke/David, free

Cutter/Skywise, threesome, brothers, silent, star, reunion, happy
Leetah/Cutter, threesome, jealous, silent, star, happy, comfort

Emma/Mr. Knightley, passion, silence

Empire Records
Lucas/Joe, home, safety, stable
Lucas/Mark, band, music, party

Prince Edward/Nancy, lessons, flower bed, fantasy, magic
Robert/Giselle, twilight, summer, after

Ari/Eric, business, mirror, bruise, drunk, complicit, game, industry, sunglasses, suit, phone sex
Ari/Eric/Mrs Ari, pegging, compromise, deceit, sense, hotel
Ari/Eric/Vince, protect, battle, Mexico, judgement, talent, summit, win,
Ari/Lloyd, kiss, promotion, desk, repay, reciprocal, chaos, rescue, conference, denial, offence, devoted
Ari/Mrs Ari, one, college, known, knot
Charlie/Eric, thanks, drive, green-light,
Eric/Lloyd, gentle, competence, glass, tie,
Eric/Vince, AU, fired, forgiveness, Queens, hair, slide, touch, pull, curve, closet, pattern, beg, everything, bridge, musical, E!News, rules, trust, better, fumble, history, t-shirt, media, contract, mark, high school, collar, experience

Archie/Claudia, fire, unique
Benton/Carter, afterwards, older, devotion, trust, disillusionment
Carter/Abby, lab coat, ankles, return, hello
Carter/Hathaway, even, Ross
Carter/Lucy, what-if, still, unchanged, amber, celebrate, mourn, grieve, sticky, Chicago, train
Doug/Carol/Mark, favour, dare, cocktails
Doug/Mark, alcohol, desperate, goodbyes, snow, the-L, scratch, favour
Lucy/Kovac, crush, shiver, lap, dark
Ray/Neela, finally, together, new place
Sam/Neela, scrubs, ponytail, bangs, accent

Fargo/S.A.R.A.H, program
Henry/Jack, respect, fun, aliens, pheromones
Henry/Kim, memory, reunion, legs, winter, don't forget, guilt
Jack/Allison, popscicles, sunlight, prom queen, handcuffs, bubbles, IQ, library, dancing, pink panties
Jack/Allison/Nathan, honey, sky, rocket, crisis, desk, trapped, AI
Jack/Nathan, experiment, house arrest, cuffs, collars, accord, meeting, AU, scientist, kink, mating habits, tight pants, hot, flirting, boss, requisition form, hidden away, vacation, study, IQ, zoom, blue, yellow, genderswap, Science Fair, Reunion, caught, favor, honey, touch, silk, tie, bound, wrong, always, mine, force, dance, winner, elevator, desk, pheromones, accident
Jo/Zane, flowers, tough, break
Jo/Zoe, soft
Taggart/Jo, blue, field, eccentric
Vincent/OMC, café, anything

Evelyn Waugh - Brideshead Revisited
Charles/Sebastian, cathedral, wine

Ephram/Amy, ferris wheel, necklace, haircut, wedding

Che/Evita, anonymous, thought, dream, dance, waltz, actress, elegant
Che/Evita/Juan Peron, chosen, once, backstreets, bit of rough, elegance
Che/Juan Peron, secret, hidden, blackmail, comfort, finally
Evita/Juan Peron, ruthless, dictator, not love, mistress, wife, renewal, rough, elegance

Ex Machina
Rick Bradbury/Mitchell Hundred, crash, frustration, silence, glow, box, room
Mitchell Hundred/January Moore, betrayal, apologies, game

Eyes of the Dragon
Thomas/Dennis, servant

Eyeshield 21
Agon/Hiruma, futures
Agon/Mamori, curves
Hiruma/Mamori, devil, resistance, indiscretion, pride, ease, nice-outfit, distraction, competence, guns-are-sexy, explosions-as-aphrodisiacs, secret, playbook, sign language, graduation, victory
Juumonji/Sena, huh?, blindsided
Kakei/Sena, polite
Mizumachi/Kakei, soaked
Monta/Taka, honor, hero, work
Sena/Panther, same, language
Sena/Suzuna, unseen, unmistakable, unapologetic
Shin/Sena, get-a-room, slow-and-steady, big-hands
Yamato/everyone, crush, sparkle

Beauty (from Beauty and the Beast)/Snow White, apples and roses, skin deep
Bigby/Snow, family, history, pack, unexpected
Boy Blue/Rose Red, friendship, sudden
Charming, smitten

Fairytale: East of the Sun and West of the Moon
Girl/Prince, distance, warmth

Family Plot
Blanche/George, chandelier, ring finger, revolver

Fantaghiro/Romualdo/Tarabas, fairytale

Fantastic Four (movie)
Silver Surfer/Human Torch, playful, sky

Aeryn/Chiana, after, escape
Aeryn/Sikozu, reptile, shimmer
Aeryn/Zahn, song, unnatural
Braca/Scorpius, loyalty
Chiana/Jool, boredom, drop, tight
Chiana/Nerri, special
John/Aeryn, baby, bitter, clones, family man, grief, home, inexperience, irritated, Moya, pistol, rain, soldier, translations, underwear, unrest, wait, wired
John/Aeryn/Chiana, abandoned, bargain, substitute, tension
John/Chiana, bored, comfort, delicacy, forbidden, lost, undercover
John/D'Argo, unrealized reality
John/John, surprise, experiment, twins
John/Stark, Aurora Chair, face, light, prison
John/Zhaan, answers, blue, meditation, the universe
Jool/Sikozu, centre of gravity, frantic
Moya/Pilot, pulse, tide
Scorpius/Sikozu, anywhere, heat

Fatal Frame II
Ryozo/Yae, memories

Fatal Frame III
Miku/Rei, company, snow

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Cameron/Sloane, daydream, lie, morning, radio, sheets, sunscreen

Fight Club (book or film)
Tyler Durden/Narrator, electricity

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core
Sephiroth/Zack, boss, knees, orders
Zack/Cloud, asleep, confession, mentor, obsession

Final Fantasy IV
Edward/Anna, memory, music, spooniness
Kain/Cecil, despair, jealousy
Kain/Rosa, longing, voyeurism
Rydia/Edward, comrades, magic

Final Fantasy VII (Advent Children)
Kadaj/Yazoo/Loz, bitter, taking-care, together
Rufus/Kadaj, benevolent, father

Final Fantasy VII
Aeris/Cloud, apologise, bloom, desolate, longing, presentiment, wistful
Aeris/Tifa, solidarity, understanding
Aerith/Cloud, apricot, dirt, coffee, endless, orchard, spy, sticky
Aerith/Tifa, breasts, forgotten, sideways
Cid/Vincent, airship, chaos, coffins, gunplay, tea, xenophilia
Cloud/Barret, scoff, smirk, strange, stubborn
Cloud/Sephiroth, blood, force, leather, pressure, wrists
Cloud/Tifa, out of control, rain
Cloud/Zack/Tifa/Aeris, sharing a house and a bed
Reeve/Aeris, mischief, playful, soft
Reno/Elena, bruised, comfort, dirty, hollow, secrets
Rude/Reno, materia, silence, suits
Rufus/Reno, gunplay
Rufus/Scarlet, abused, desks, fallen, gunplay, left, loveless, power
Rufus/Vincent, loyalties, Turks

Final Fantasy VIII
Irvine/Squall, fingers, grope, gun, plush, train
Squall/Zell, knuckles, leather, rasp, rough, straddle, yell

Final Fantasy X
Auron/Braska, collide, death, defender, ghost, phoenix, sacrifice, sin, temple, treasure
Auron/Lulu, regret, solace
Jecht/Auron, cripple, night swimming, razor, smudge
Rikku/Auron, dares
Seymour/Yuna, force, Unsent

Final Fantasy X-2
Gippal/Rikku, machina, spring, dig, hunt, adventure

Final Fantasy XII
Balthier/Basch, desert, illness
Balthier/Fran, battle, heat, rage, Strahl, underground
Balthier/Vossler, allies, dreams, eyeliner, spicy, unexpected
Basch/Vossler, Nebra, cuffs, ice, magicplay, nipples, rimming
Basch/Vossler/Balthier, competitive, h/c, poisoning
Fran/Balthier, madhu, narcissism
Fran/Balthier/Basch/Vossler, furry, whorehouse
Fran/Balthier/Vossler, need

Fire and Hemlock
Thomas/Polly, nowhere

Fire Emblem
Eliwood/Lyn, comfort, fencing, traveling

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Ike/Soren, jealousy, strategy, submission
Oscar/Kieran, competition
Rhys/Titania, comfort

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Elincia/Lucia/Geoffrey, service
Naesala/Leanne, freedom
Sothe/Micaiah, sacred
Tanith/Marcia, punishment
Tibarn/Naesala, forgiveness
Tibarn/Reyson, complementary, flight

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Kent/Sain, example, obvious
Serra/Erk, staff

Fired Up
Bianca/Angela, more, surprise, bed, jump
Nick/Downey, closet, bracelet
Shawn/Carly, boyfriend, cheer, lift
Shawn/Nick, not-gay, naked-cheering

Badger/Saffron, business, shadows
Inara/Jayne, chance, crush, curious, darkness, survivors, sweet
Inara/Kaylee, anguish, blushing, brushing, close, cold, damask, fruit, frustration, incense, massage, men, pepper, potential, recreation, sweet, tea, yearning, wet, whore
Inara/Kaylee/Mal, space, culture, dirty, messy
Inara/Kaylee/River, voyeur
Inara/Mal, affection, betoken, being quiet, curtains, elsewhere, garden, linen, passion, reunions, sleepy, the black, truthsome, adrift, undercover, customs, whoring, rumpled, duel, outdoors, story, silk, bitter, alone, ritual, home, tell, release, quick
Inara/River, what's left
Inara/Saffron, schooling, unfair, chameleon, conquest
Inara/Saffron/Mal, trap, turn, satellite
Inara/Simon, culture, tea, academy, Egypt, forgiven, lost, understanding, skyline, fancy, dating, proper
Inara/Zoe, stillness, creativity, fierce, warrior, solace
Jayne/Kaylee, crush, fruit, grease, gun, meddle, sweet, wonder, undercover, engine, play, engines, jealousy, courtin', hat, trade, strawberries, dark
Jayne/Mal, procedure, loyalty, bent, tussle, hat, fancy, boots, shiny, fumble, kindred, rough, merciless, t-shirt, knife, gunmetal, leadership, balance of power, so what, sly, steel, bite, adrenaline, bruises
Jayne/River, better in red, brainpan, secret, warrior spirit, parallels, trust, abandoned, healing, hope, play, weapon, realization, kiss, intellect, instinct, crazy, trust, secret, disapproval, confusion, topsy-turvy, dominant, striking, deep, lead, slurp, dust, learnin', table, yours, far
Jayne/River/Inara, rules, instruction, silk
Jayne/Saffron, challenge
Jayne/Simon, arms, captain, clean, medical, shirts, control, flushed, arrangement, crazy, demi-monde, doppleganger, dignified, spit-shine, peace, fiction, pretty, injection, sick, rails, boots, undercover, moron, smarts
Kaylee/River, affection, superb, longing, best, moving, glad, gloves, resist, grease, first, responsible, lilies, second, toys
Kaylee/Serenity, hum, sleek
Kaylee/Simon, begging, strip, wait, heart, lovin', pretty, girls, tryin', lightning, ship, scars, gift, strawberries, tease, soft, exhale, fantasy, dreams, inspiration, deserved, loud, suggestions, unrestrained, comfort, hands, hickey, wanting, courtship, yours, stakeout, against the wall, etiquette, linger, fun, springtime, alone, payback, oral fixation, side effects, sweetie, silk, infirmary, taste, ring, honest, hangover, improvise, haircut, drunk, trust, quiet moments, morning coffee, hugs, changing, mate, unwrapped, instinct, overload, intervention, making out, flowers, private, adept, shore leave
Mal/Kaylee, fix my ship, little sister, substitutes, sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, loyalty, hold
Mal/River, aching, ask me, open, spent, the only one, lead, moonlit, soft, fierce, combat boots, scars
Mal/Saffron, desert
Mal/Simon, disorientation, repair, voyeur, Doctor, sun, open, undress, nurse, doctor, stethoscope, medical, weapon
Mal/Zoe/Wash, bluff
River/Saffron, bounty
River/Simon, ache, guilt, box, clandestine, mythology, history, pretend, fragmentary, lucid, flight, escape, juxtapose, joy, disheveled, resurrection, language, orchid, balloon, hands, parentheses, sleep, patience, fighting, revelation, skin-to-skin, human, comfort, secret, touch, wound, softly, bound, stripped, married, amnesia, crazy, pretending
Wash/Zoe, bridge, child, team, laughter, dinosaurs, pilot, necklace, laughter, sunshine, conflict, gift, cooking, cold, speed, three switches
Wash/Zoe/Mal, triangle, resolution, captain

First Monday
Jerry/Julian, bow tie, surprise, desk, punishment, gift, humiliation, official, off day, seventeen, fidget, pepper, unexpected, heterosexual, after-work, reunion

Ed Lane/Greg Parker, choices, friends, hard, suit, understanding
Lewis/Spike, communication
Sam/Jules, hunt, paint, again

Flight of the Conchords
Bret/Jemaine, engagement, marathon, laundry

Forbidden Game trilogy
Dee/Jenny, friends, I'll always need you
Dee/Jenny/Julian, a study in contrasts, light
Julian/Jenny, touch

Legs/Maddy, fence, sharp, glow

Francesca Lia Block - Dangerous Angel Series
Cherokee Bat/Raphael Chong Jah Love, mango, sunshine

Emilia/Sally, mindfuck, broken, art, reality, subconscious

Freaks and Geeks
Daniel/Kim, love, hate, forgiveness, reunion, backseat, road
Daniel/Lindsay, favor, station wagon, beer, library, A/V, expectations
Daniel/Nick, drumming, shut-up
Ken/Amy, tuba, anticipation, sideburns, banter
Ken/Lindsay, unexpected, crush
Lindsay/Laurie, dancing, weed, random
Nick/Lindsay, Lady L, changed, smoking, clinging, apologies

Friday Night Lights
Eric/Tami, heatwave, obligation, crazy, dance, anniversary, secret, school, picnic, scotch, principal, curtains, locked
Jason/Tim, conduit, repression, summer days, pre-accident, heat, sudden superstar, forever, Texas forever
Jason/Tyra, [any], solace, quit passion, future, accomplished dreams, cutting old ties, second-best, quarters, whisky, hospital, comfort, fun
JD/Matt, football, orders, straight-edge, expectations, evidence
Julie/Santiago, forbidden, desire
Lyla/Tyra, college, cheerleading, pep-rally, sugar
Matt/Julie, rediscovery, lake, blonde
Matt/Landry, eventually
Matt/Smash, ice cream
Matt/Tyra, surprise
Tim/Julie, daylight, truck, beer, pink, finger-licking good, blushing
Tim/Landry, bleachers, read
Tim/Lyla, proud
Tim/Tyra, issues, hot, afterglow, tall, couch, regret, friends,
Tim/Tyra/Jason, caught, AU, loved, peace
Tyra/Julie, experiment, kiss, voyeur, mole, tattoo
Tyra/Landry, sorry, protect, off the hook, happy, PDA, books, football, study

Fried Green Tomatoes
Idgie/Ruth, custard, mermaid, lemon, brazen

Chandler/Ross, college, roomies
Joey/Ross, help
Monica/Chandler, hidden, promises, subterfuge

any/Olivia/Peter, lost, obsession, sunlight
any/Peter, slick, bound, gunplay, wasted, liars
Astrid/Charlie, forbidden, never, bond, end
Astrid/Olivia, cotton-candy, dancing, table, thunder, lightning, routine, experiment, hypothesis
Astrid/Peter, confection, locked in
Astrid/Walter, analytical, study, late night, lab, creation
Charlie/Olivia, tactile
Peter/John/Olivia, brainwaves, suspicion, identity, silence
Peter/Olivia, science, attached, chase, possession, LSD, caught, imagined, loss, find, memory, duality, temper, childhood, dream, tank, gore, gruesome, found, maybe, multiple, dare, pegging, comfort, home, piano, reality, signal, strength, water, outside, framework, damages, leather, stubble, comfort, science, trenchcoat, chase, monsters, hideaway, nook, lost

From Eroica with Love
Dorian/Klaus, thief, tank, kiss, flirt, surrender
Dorian/Saleem, crossdressing, drunk, substitute
Klaus/Z, cake, mission, so-wrong

Fruits Basket
Shigure/Hatori, secrecy

FullMetal Alchemist
Ed/Al, forever, alchemy, reading, alone, together
Ed/Ling, exotic, silk, tattoos, gods
female!Edward Elric/male!Winry Rockbell, return, summer, automail, convince
Greed/Envy, insult, vinegar, tenements
Greed/Ling, suggestions
Hughes/Roy, static, contrived, shoe polish, homonculus
Ling/Olivia, royalty, war
Lust/Gluttony, cradle, examples
Riza Hawkeye/Roy Mustang/Edward Elric, comfortable, laughing-with-not-at-you
Roy Mustang/Edward Elric, automail, feminine, mature, miss-you, sunshine, tender
Roy/Hawkeye, , Edward, moon, sand, success, tent, threshold
Wrath/Lust, unrestrained

Fushigi Yuugi
Nakago/Hotohori, diplomacy
Suzaku/Hotohori, divine visitation
Suzaku/Seiryuu, kiss and make up

Amy/Kif, flexible, flying, earthquake
Bender/Calculon, acting, "NO!", Coilette, robosexual
Fry/Leela, cheese, hypnotism, Star Trek, disco, helpful
Leela/Leela, science
Leela/Zap Brannigan, heroic, Brannigan's Law

Galaxy Quest
Alexander/Jason, method, furtive
Fred/Laliari, tentacles, creativity, baby
Jason/Mathesar, hero

Albert/Eugenie, fruit, song, roses, golden
Franz/Albert, intoxication, trust, pirate, fencing, Luna
Franz/Albert/Eugenie, ghost, triad, sand, dance, sea

Angela/Broadway, premature, poetry, mate, flight
Brooklynn/Lex Confessions, diary, rree fall, clubbing
Fox/Xanatos, heist, blaze, ten years, second child, fortune, spontaneous dancing with devils, roleplay, foreplay, fun
Goliath/Elisa, gentle, romance, new, Gods, religion, strawberry, interspecies, doubt, confidence, rough
Lexington/Owen Burnett, spectacle, sexytiems, demure
Lexington/Stagheart, apples

Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray
Gemma/Felicity, hardcore, Paris, starting over, seduction, mirror, affection, popular, imagination, letters

Generation Dead
Phoebe/Karen, skin

Generation Kill
Brad/Nate, challenge, semper fi, motto, disillusionment, chain of command, cigarette factory, baghdad, distance, thrum, fog, patience, baseball, hint, underwater, pink, stubborn, puzzle, ice, sword, swim, semantics, drunk, restraint, guitar, sheets, fingers, dare, killer elite, intelligence, banter, debate, the peanut gallery, gravitational pull, tourist, museum, campfire, underwater, shamal, ice, salt, love, mirror, rules, paint, protect, prowl, swift, silent, deadly, garden, maze, unfuck, uniform, collar, dry, gun-cleaning, dirt, photograph, pillow, tongue, stubble
Brad/Ray, gold, stripes, argument, pandas, awful
Nate/Ray, aftermath, zombies, doubt, hard, manipulation, shotgun
Ray/Lilley, birthday, pressure, stuck, hide, stubborn
Ray/Walt, weed, spicy, blue, dream, grin, shells, secrets, Brazil, mirror

Gentleman Bastard Sequence
Locke/Jean, unspoken, aftermath
Zamira/Ezri, casual, presence, between

Ban/Ginji, car, glasses, small spaces

Ghost Whisperer
Melinda/Jim, family, newborn, meeting, eyes, fire, rescue, words
Melinda/Rick, beginning, haunted, chance, found, belief

GI Joe (cartoons)
Leatherneck/Wet Suit, friendly, rivalry

GI Joe (comics)
Scarlett/Snake-Eyes, trust, extend, sense, bolt

Gilmore Girls
Chris/Lorelai, honeymoon, tequila, cheap, arrest, music
Colin/Finn, drunk, secret, life or death brigade
Dean/Logan, party, waiting, margarita, pool-house, revenge, truck, limo
Dean/Rory, bubble, hiccup, hodgepodge, smithereens, hen-night, double, light, feel, one-sided, aspirin, sugar, crate, finger, belt, knees, karaoke, whoops, in-love, fecund, silver
Finn/Lorelai, party, holiday, college, video
Lorelei/Dean, dare, martini, wrong, skip, heart, bar
Luke/Lorelai, at last, leaving, should've, thank you, coffee, friendship, always, plaid, warm, snow, dance, dream, couch, sing, tease
Paris/Jess, fries, guitar
Rory/Jess, who, dark, pizza, politics, wedding, meeting again, this time, could've, prom
Rory/Paris, sharp, beach, bunker, Chinese food, keys, snark, bittersweet, treason, heat, rage, battle, victory, excitement, plotting, cartwheel

Gil's All Fright Diner
Cathy/Earl, ectoplasm, showgirls, roses

Gintoki/Kagura, bicker, bite, bold, beauty, close, comfortable, languid, seduction, snuggle, murmur, lurch, burn

Girl Genius
Agatha/jägers, courtship
Agatha/Zeetha, flexibility, training

Akko/Mari, wrong, curves, knees

Maximus/Juba, loyalty, trust

Emma/Finn, guidance, release, pure, scene
Finn/Puck, victory, awkward, secret, shout
Finn/Rachel, costumes, sex tips from Cosmo, duet, harmony, bleachers, lockers, alone, quiet, study, future, gold stars, practice, hesitation, in the future, singing in the shower, locked in, eggs, letterman's jacket, year book, sweat, shower, bedsheets
Finn/Will, inappropriate, temptation, noise
Kurt/Puck, bleachers, locker room, straight, closet, respect
Kurt/Tina, fabulous
Puck/Quinn, hate, unclean, need, backseat
Rachel/Tina, relax, costume, drink in hand
Rachel/Will, ingenue, extra credit, practice, prince charming, disappointment, need, professional, Marius, star, scream

Kumiko (Yankumi)/Shin, after school, homework, family dinner, knife fight, scars, the family business, denial, a real man, tattoo, discipline

Gone With The Wind
Careen/Rhett, nightgown
Careen/Will Benteen, corset
Rhett/Scarlett, damned, better, magnolia, taffeta
Scarlett/Melanie, clinging, scared, reliance, strong, sweet

Good Neighbors
Tom Good/Barbara Good, courgette, self-sufficient, scrub, sweet

Good Omens
Adult!Them, together, forever, idyll
Crowley/Aziraphale, balance, tempt, slither, fly, mild, tea, eternity, silly buggers, persuasion, temptation, wings
War, solo, strength, passion, redhead, sword, grin, teeth, bite

Gosford Park
Ivor/Henry, substitute
Mary/Elsie, gossip
Robert/Mary, obstacles

Gossip Girl
Agnes/Georgina, wicked, fever
Agnes/Jenny, dress up, hangover
Blair/Chuck, breathplay, rough sex, oral, finally, new shoes, sweetness, unspoken, hidden, wanted, rough sex, struggle for dominance, class, open secret, hair pulling, passion, stockings, leather, at the movies, fairytales, reality, expectations, want, feral, society, jealousy, mistake, one upmanship, trust
Blair/Chuck/Nate, calm, white, double penetration, jealous, finally, obvious, jealous, tease, power play
Blair/Dan, backstage, scratch, books, dolls, quiet, books, late night, dates, dolls, quiet, performance, secret, surprise, power, control, rope, feathers, thighs, fairytale, movies, ribbon, compassion, afraid,
Blair/Georgina, spar, massage, under her thumb
Blair/Jack, business, brunch, new, drop
Blair/Jenny, my queen, feather, lipstick
Blair/Nate, almost, on a short leash, picture perfect, the roles we play
Blair/Serena, champagne, dressing room, influence, shopping, best friends, experimenting
Blair/Serena/Nate, ownership, knees
Blair/Vanessa, aesthetics, beauty, films, French, photography, dorm, gallery, enemies-with-benefits, photography, NYU
Chuck/Dan, corruption, alcoholic, drugs, drunk, fun, jail, unexpected, dark, fascination, possess, opera-box, book, tattoo, gift, awkward, bet, revelation, high-road, disparity, depend, scarf, power, choke, Brooklyn, knees, blindfold, spread, scene, tinted, future
Chuck/Dan/Nate/Blair/Serena, funeral, reunion, sunshine, match, slumber, black-out
Chuck/Dan/Vanessa, Brooklyn, bar, gallery, dislocated, share, hidden
Chuck/Eric, big brother, virgin, underwear, feel, taste, cry, yell
Chuck/Eric/Nate, Central Park, public, hard, brick, white
Chuck/Jenny, apologize, chats, shared, design, games, rooftop, first time, moving in, drunk
Chuck/Lily, wrong, touch, rescue
Chuck/Nate, after, forgiveness, park, drunk dial, trade, second, stoned, used, wish, throat, tongue, bulge, command, youth, videotape, text, shoulder blades, dominance, restitution, bite
Chuck/Serena, fauxcest, lace, bruise
Chuck/Vanessa, compassion, falling, femdom, love, lost, shoulder, truth, slick, bargaining chip, wrong, carmel
Dan/Nate, friendship, room-mates, soccer, trust, recover, soft, hair, blue, hips, lick, ride, Hamptons
Eric/Jonathan, solace, first, laugh, soft
Jack/Nate, control, forced, hands, pinned, cry, scream, guilt
Nate/Jenny, avalanche, unfinished, because, freudian, confrontation, pretense, haze, shower, distraction, reign, gaze, breath, rain, hello, goodbye, make up, moonlight, forbidden, muffle, pound, crowded, apartment
Nate/Rufus, secret, age, music, pliant, bright, youthful, wine, Dan, whiskey
Nate/Serena, dress, soiled, ankles, hair, champagne, suck
Nate/Vanessa, Amsterdam, comeuppance, femdom, regret, laughter
Rufus/Vanessa, criticism, collaboration, composition, harmonize, muse, singing
Serena/Rufus, caught, trouble
Serena/Vanessa, art, London, paint, roses, teacher
Van Der Woodsen/Lily, oxymoron, rant, status, elitest, drunk, collide, rude, impossible, frustration

Gray Matters
Gray/Sam/Charlie, draw

Great Teacher Onizuka
aged up!Hidemi/Daimon, slave, feet
Daimon/female!Onizuka, domination, proxy, disgusting
Daimon/Sakurai, ferrari, legs, discipline, Prada, desk
Miyabi/Urumi, crossdressing
older!Miyabi/older!Tomoko, foodporn, domestic
older!Miyabi/older!Urumi, fantasy, fightsex, soliloquy, denial, business suit, possessive
older!Tokiwa/Fuyutsuki, healing, replay, role reversal
Teshigawara/Onizuka, femslash, violence, panties, wedding dress, beer, freedom, anime convention, high school
Tomoko/Ms. Kanzaki (Urumi's mom), shorted out, ruinous, frazzled, poor taste, warmth

Greek Mythology
Achilles/Patroclus, sand, wound, grief, shield, Trojans
Apollo/Dionysus, opposites, release, chaos, caught, domination
Aegisthus/Clytemnestra, hospitality, bathing, plot, fury
Odysseus/Penelope, weaving, trickery, seduction, tease, friend

Andy/Jordan, safe, pattern
Ashleigh/Fisher, dirty, food, order
Ashleigh/Rebecca, curious, gay-bar, disco, secret, spy
Calvin/Grant, roommates
Cappie/Beaver/Wade, Round 1
Cappie/Casey, oral, pool, first time
Cappie/Casey/Evan, freshmen, angry sex, post-break up, revenge, only possible solution, sharing is caring, secret, rivalries, surrender, fraternity, sorority, expectations, friendship, past, mistakes, reunion
Cappie/Evan, camp experimentation, freshmen, drunk sex, rough sex, hate sex, hate!sex
Cappie/Evan/Rusty, fighting, protection
Cappie/Rebecca, dress up, secret sex spies, wall sex
Cappie/Rusty, big brother
Casey/Ashleigh, [any]
Casey/Cappie, complicated, pie, smile, finals, forgiveness
Casey/Max, normal, tame
Frannie/Rebecca, inappropriate, scheming

Green Wing
Boyce/Guy, lift, note
Caroline/Mac, lion, river
Mac/Guy/Caroline, wedding
Sue/Caroline, apricot, narrow

Grey's Anatomy
Addison/Alex, overlooked, lost loves, solace, red, real women, appreciated, Jane Doe, mistake, missing, notice, settle, intern, babies
Addison/Alex/Mark, Seattle, weather, escape, lust, easy, riveted, femdom, Queen Addison, gynaecology vs. plastics, competition
Addison/Mark, want, used, left, shell, road, marked, destined, starry, romantic, spite
Alex/Cristina, [any]
Alex/George, hate
Callie/Arizona, dance, laughter
Callie/Mark, bruise, pinch, flush, hug, vodka, maybe, drunk, once
Callie/Sadie, easy, complicated, hidden
Cristina/Owen, happy, humid, therapy, thunderstorm, shower, trying, chances
Cristina/Lexie, cold-feet, OR, elevator
Denny/Izzie, [any]
Derek/Izzie, blonde, perfection, dark, model
Derek/Mark, best friends, drunk, debt, incidental, revenge, furtive, orange, pen, competition, comfort, anger, loneliness, hair, ten years, college, first, rimming, slick, comfort, remember, camping, easy, forget, thief
Derek/Mark/Meredith, fantasy
George/Izzie, anytime, closet, hormones, need, destruction, lifetime, forever, perfect, sweet, kitchen, brownie, nuzzle, kiss, profound, holiday
Lexie/Amanda, happenstance, knightless, accident, inappropriate
Lexie/Mark, comfort, home, fingers, memory, naughty, smile, young, photographic memory, moving in, surprise, proposal, indecent, photographic memory, skin, bubble-bath, unprotected
Mark/Meredith, dirty mistresses, impulse, commitment issues
Virginia/Cristina, blood, hands, science
Virginia/Richard, board of directors, heart, offer, on-call

Grindhouse: Death Proof
Kim/Zoe, challenge, fondle, keys, gloves

Grindhouse: Planet Terror
Cherry/Dakota, lonely, salt, fierce, tongued

Gundam 00
Neil!Lockon/Tieria, stars, delicate, combat, technology, regrets, nature
Setsuna/Tieria, fool, future, sand, comfort, peace, acceptance
Tieria Erde/Neil Dylandy, shadow, image, reveal, chance
Tieria/Regene, prison, white, learning, differences, heat, forever

Gundam Wing
Duo/Hilde, greasy, goofy, lovable
Duo/Zechs, time, end, space
Heero/Duo, awkward positions, provoking, adrenaline high, bad jokes.
Heero/Relena, hesitant, alcove, night, dancing
Noin/Zechs, high heels, whip, reverse
Quatre/Dorothy, duel, music, anger, denial
Relena/Wufei, chance, seduction, high heels, uniforms, intrigue.
Treize/Quatre, checkmate, gossamer
Treize/Wufei, ashen, signal, egoism
Wufei/Sally, silly, tickle, outrage
Zechs/Treize, virus, entitlement, conquest, noblesse oblige

Corny/IQ, secret
Corny/Link, corruption, arrangement, mirror
Seaweed/Penny, dessert

Hamlet/Horatio, alive, worthy, confide

Hana Kimi (jdrama)
Mizuki/Nakatsu, shower

Hana Yori Dango (jdrama)
Makino/Rui, apples

Kayashima/Nakatsu, internal monologues, prescience, roommates

John/Ray, cut, enough, substitute, proud

Hard Candy
Jeff/Hayley, hunt

Harper's Island
Abby/Jimmy, reunion

Harry Potter
adult!Rose/Draco, forbidden, red, bitchy, rain
Albus/Gellert, knowledge
Albus/McGonagall, young, drunk
Albus/Severus/Scorpius, teeth, tongue, green, snark, competion
Albus/Severus/Teddy, awe, crush, dream, tension, touch, overwhelming, expectations, breaking, fear.
Andromeda/Rosmerta, loss, wine
Angelina Johnson/Montague, fight, sides
Angelina/Draco, unexpected, hideaway, mocha
Angelina/Fred/George, [any], try
Angelina/George, [any]
Bellatrix/Hermione, autumn, regret
Bellatrix/Luna, bend, contrast
Bellatrix/Voldemort, service, sublime
Bill/Sirius, elder
Blaise/Hermione, television, coffee, creep, finger
Cedric/Hermione, potion, classroom, giggle, secrets
Charlie/Hermione, cowboy, teacher, hidden, freckles
Cho/Draco, tears
Dean/Seamus, beer, smile, fingers
Draco/Ginny, babies, green ribbon, corset, fire, anger, adultery, dildo, rough, semi-public, tease, wanted, tie, divorce, Scorpius, Lily
Draco/Hermione, loathing, watch, start, leave, chapped, ride, water, moaning, slippery, charge, control, hot, muggle, voyeur, everything, panting, heavy
Draco/Lucius, tempest, solitude
Draco/Neville, requirement, scars
Draco/Snape, brat, spanking
Dumbledore/Snape, longing, substitution, years, office, cruelty, unrequited, misunderstandings
Fleur/Rita, candid
Fred/George, from beyond the grave, loss, AU, deafness, half
Fred/George/Hermione, surrounded
George/Oliver, comfort, replacement, post-war
Ginny/Hermione, experiment, seven, tired, around, tongue, perform, ready, comfort, tea, sweetness, empathy, friendship
Ginny/Lucius, mask
Ginny/Luna, freckles, first time, sundress, tickling, broomsticks, Muggle
Ginny/Neville, bound, loved
Ginny/Tom, ink, writing, devil, secrets, darkness, lies, red hair, dark queen, nightmare, throat, candle, jewel
Harry/Bellatrix, nails
Harry/Draco, bitch, messy, weak, sleepy, expensive, fight, denial, lips, hiding, jealousy, watching, pout, exasperation, unsaid, hate, hurt, sick, stone, obsession, want, passion, closet, Quiddich field, reunion, set up, why not?, forgive, redemption
Harry/Draco/Neville, surprising, handcuffs, forceful
Harry/Ginny, skinny dipping, clouds, flirty, tower, quick, silly, family
Harry/Ginny/Cho, compete, forgive
Harry/Hermione, grand, free, unburdened, slick, over, moisture, pamper, dirty, guilt, underground, library, found, secret, unafraid, bright, need, ache, forlorn, letters, escape, broken, defied, forever, legendary, studying, camping, broom closet
Harry/Hermione/Ron, always
Harry/Luna, comfort, vision(s), difference, vision, laughter, knowledge, healing, patterns, laughter
Harry/Oliver, finally, waited, lonely, strong, protection
Harry/Pansy, drunken, wicked game
Harry/Remus, patience, surprise, powerplay
Harry/Ron, bffs, comfortable, sword, locket, destiny, normal teenagers, Quidditch
Harry/Snape, AU, college, ramen, DND, teacher, obssesion, resentment, confirmation, hate, apologies, potions, resistance
Harry/Teddy, darkness, insecure, first time, silence, secrets, past, thunderstorm, gasp, loneliness, temper, bedsheets.
Harry/Tom/Ginny, possessiveness, dream!sex, bruises
Hermione/Krum, stacks, library, foreign language, muggles, beauty
Hermione/Luna, books, riddles, games, ink, story, runes, tower
Hermione/Padma, academic, literary reference
Hermione/Ron, comfort, first, spanking, scolding, anxiety, love, daring, dare, beginning, children, giggle, "it's about time!", wedding night, surprise, understanding, maturity, playfulness, setting up house, devotion, years, wartorn, pregnancy, hair, hands, tears, costumes
Hermione/Snape, rough, tangles, curls, cure, kisses, soft, love, lust, fishnets, leather, voyuer
Hermione/Viktor, broom, letter, goodbye
James/Lily, lost underwear, rimming, experience, crevices, smirk, wet, neck, tangled.
James/Sirius/Remus/Peter, loyality, forever, pranks, dormitary
Lily/Scorpius, owl, red, pink, secrets, blond, Malfoy Manor
Lily/Severus, different, pure
Lucius/Narcissa, velvet, banquet
Lucius/Sirius, letter
Lucius/Snape, sculpture, craven, scoured
Luna/Neville, dream(s), trust
Luna/Padma, word games
Luna/Pansy, besotted, dazzled, softness
Luna/Ron, thoughtfulness
Luna/Tonks, mirror
Lupin/Snape, colleagues, moon, spite, alpha, wolfsbane, frottage, molasses, Dover, legilimency, emu, tea, vampire, time-turner, partonus, youth, accident, Teddy
Lupin/Tonks, morph, tentative, reunion
Marcus/Oliver, finally, alike, passion, desperate, frottage
Marcus/Percy, unexpected, dungeons, tenderness, love, secret
Narcissa/Percy, museum, muscles
Narcissa/Sirius, cousins
Neville/Pansy, delicate, home, incognito, surprise, untouched
Oliver/Percy, comics, music, vacation, butter beer
Percy/Tonks, rain
Peter/Ron, desperation, longing, obsession, bargin, redemption, compromise
Portrait/Portrait, ink
Regulus/Remus, ice, make up, bite, blood
Remus/Severus, desire, solace
Remus/Severus/Sirius, veil, mirror, spine, centering, field, forgiveness, touch
Remus/Sirius, faith, safety, hereafter, memories, wishes, do-over, babies, kitchen, saucer, tea, ice cube, lingerie, scar-licking, first time, public sex, biting, striptease, possessiveness, heat, slow, noise, role-playing, banter, comfort, boots, saltwater, moonlight, homecoming, grief, veil, kissing, smile, fantasy, solace, forgiveness, submission, Mauraders era, first time, curtains, fingertips, Remus/Sirius, night, askew, embarrass, humid, mates
Ron/Snape, chess, detention, AU
Severus/Sirius, forbidden, secret, rough, wrong, battle, desperation, horny, afraid, bestial, darkness, veil, jealous, rivalry, hatesex, hands, understanding
Sirius/James, inseparable, friends, Lily, secretkeeper
Sirius/Remus/Sirius, years, need, reunion, bite
Snape/Voldemort, ugly, loyalty, virginity, tears, magic
Tom Riddle/Minerva McGonagall, prefect, library, warning, sniff

Haru wo Daiteita
Iwaki/Katou, dungeon, kidnapped, tied, auditioning, karma, Shibari, theater, switch, lapse, competition

Harukanaru Toki no Naka De
Tomomasa/Takamichi, lantern, sizekink, duet

Thom/Balfour, hands, mechanical engineering, sea

Rob Walker/Phil Bellamy, city

John/Chas, loyalty, infidelity, sex pollen, magic, demon, illusion, Hamlet, philosophy
John/Davey, comfort, life, death
John/Stanley, bondage, sadism, masochism, manipulation

Hellboy/John Meyers, leaving, consort, hell-on-Earth, angel, comeback, uncle, past, mpreg, collar, chains, nipple rings, armbinder, power, fight, partners, follow, size difference, determined, jealous, hot headed, tail, pancake syrup
Hellboy/Liz, checkmate, tempers, tail, separation, jerk, hand, patient, perception, fire, slow, steel, explode, burn, play, synergy, security, sleek, size, supernatural

Integra Hellsing/Alucard, doggystyle, armour, grace
Seras Victoria/Alucard, century, bound, suck, bite, eternity

Herbie Fully Loaded
Maggie/Trip, ride

Hercules (Disney)
Hercules/Meg, weak ankles
Hercules/Megara, wedding, smoldering, goddess

Adam/Mohinder/Monica, double-penetration, chain
Adam/Monica, AUs, cuddling, corrupt, scars, silence, virginity,
Adam/Peter, dominance, retribution, bruise, suffocate
Adam/Sylar, splinter, slap
Audrey/Matt, sirens, Vulcan mind meld
Claire/Elle, fourth orgasm, post-apocalypse, nail polish, journey, misunderstanding, synthesis, renegades
Claire/Zach, first, experiment, close, nice girls, reunion, dorm, affair
Claude/Peter, practice, public place, ghosts, guru
Gabriel(Sylar)/Elle, hate, stubborn, lust, damned, kill, pain, sadist, love, adventure, exciting, refusal, powers, confusion, unexpected, lost, revenge, innocence, family, memories
Luke/Sylar, internship, muffled, iodine, unrequited, asphyxiation, first time
Matt/Mohinder, jilted, chastise, gnaw, desperate, negativity, bleak, inspire, Las Vegas, underground, reunion
Micah/Molly, college, married, war
Mohinder/Sylar, reverse, inevitable, leash, liar, petty, genderbend, telepathy, knocking, edema, touch, sharp, on your knees, power reversal, double penetration, temperature, requiem
Monica/Maya, feather pillows
Mohinder/Gabriel, different, forever
Nathan/Claire, motel, plastic, reception, cocktail
Nathan/Niki, true, connection, mate, unacceptable, accusations, strength, love, deception, Jessica, ambition, presidential, children, disgust, beloved
Nathan/Peter, blood, supremacy, power struggle, bond, one of us, alone, fight-or-flight, leader, dreaming, powerless, hero worship, regrets, amends, advantage, illegal, protection, undeniable, missing, flight, defiance, city, socks, permission, melt, embrace, hands, brown, chiseled, war, sigh
Nathan/Tracy, blondes, powers, destined, manipulative, evil, regret, bondage, heights, sharp, wavelength, family, uncertain, sensory
Peter/Claire, flying, heels, innocent, hiding, relax, fireworks, holiday, matching, disguise, dancing, vertigo, fear, stars, incest, illicit, touch, coat, light, invisible, secret, experiment, torture, beach, undone, memories, cheerleader, home, before, father, fearless, comfort
Peter/Elle, sarcastic, painful, pink, confusion, want.
Peter/Mohinder, comfort, betrayal, indiscretion, thumb ring, opalescent, nostalgia, morning after, asylum
Peter/Simone, regret
Peter/Sylar, cold, turnabout, mohinder, lark, interim, bondage, orgasm denial, bottom!Sylar
Sylar/Claire, blood play, caught, impervious, trunk, laugh, red, wine, invisible, power, overheard, rope, silence, airplane, zoo, nicknames
Sylar/Claire/Peter, mine, cuddle, epic, dinner, tempting, fondue, taken, stolen, sandwich, memorial, elevator, mall, blink
Sylar/Elle, happy, special, alley, gabriel, first, innocence, masturbation, lap, potion, space, joke, hiccup, velvet, drag, contrast, technology

High School Musical
Chad/Ryan, bleachers, college, servant, frustration, watching, curls, competition, rushed, car, sweet, capture, liar, seduction, right, bondage, ten minutes, whipped cream, lonely, cheating, flowers, prom date, last dance, unexpected, don't, separation, soul mate, falling, apologize, inches, come back to me, afterglow, air, yours, mark, somewhere, beat, close, honey, deep, follow, I can make you dance, prince, seven, swimming, confession, permanent, because, no defenses, raw, hiding, spark, unknown, under the table, causing a scene, prom, crisp, spin, leap, pool, secret sex, dancing, dirty talk
Chad/Troy, jealous, experimentation, Chad/Troy, reunion, hardcore, porn, busted, teenage fumbling
Kelsi/Gabriella, listen, long hair, you notice me
Kelsi/Taylor, aggressive, fingers, hallway, brilliant, rhythm, dresses, wonder, music, bondage, Domme!Taylor, violet
Ryan/Sharpay, lesson, teach, heels, bent, understanding, always there, fabulous, you, kisses, devotion
Ryan/Troy, backstage, breathing, grass stains, giggle, stroke, experiment, clumsy, denial, flirt, cheat, gentle, voice, movement, taste, snap, ass, basketball, sweat
Troy/Gabriella, first time, cunnilingus
Troy/Sharpay, fingernails, mistake, closets

Connor/Duncan, quickening
Duncan/Methos, sword, fight, quickening, leather, sweater, feet, nose, hush, barge, tailoring, cooking, choice, name change, ships-passing-in-the-night, watcher, gift, birthday, memory, swordplay, quickening, bar, hell
Joe/Methos, beer, uncertainty, loneliness, lies
Kronos/Methos, unthinkable, ancient, brothers, horsemen
Methos/Alexa, Helen, Faust, immortality
Methos/Amanda, trouble
Richie/Tessa, secrecy, hurry

Hikaru no Go
Akira/Hikaru, arguments, trust, exhibits, lost, pursuits
Akira/Waya, lunch date, politeness
Hikaru/Toya, paint, letters, spank, rest
Ogata/Isumi, hiding
Ogata/Shindou, answers, obsession
Shindou/Touya, never, competition, beauty, game, want, necessary

His Dark Materials trilogy
Lord Asriel/Mrs.Coulter, garden, gate, redeem, rough, ice, Marisa, golden, touch, awakening
Lee Scoresby/Serafina Pekkala, wind, moonlight
Lyra/Will, midsummer, night, pleasure, last, forever, skin, hands

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Marvin/Eddie (the computer), recharge

John Paul/Craig, holiday, desperation, telling tales, dance, scratches, sweet, jealous, public
John Paul/Kieron, sofa, unreprentant, disguise, engagement, instruction

Honey and Clover
Ayu/Hagu, admiration, experimentation

Horatio Hornblower
Archie/Horatio, Prisioner
Hornblower/Bush, hat, cannon, cobblestone
Hornblower/Kennedy, sodomy, lash, rum, fit, penny, leave, laudinum, unlikely, smile
Hornblower/Pellew, duty, flag

Hot Fuzz
Danny/Nicholas, leverage, ambidextrous, elated, juxtaposition

Edward Kikuchi/Mizusawa Keigo, boss, magnificent bastard

House M.D.
Amber/Kutner, astral plane, after
Cameron/anybody but Chase, old, new, borrowed, blue
Cameron/Chase, honeymoon, champagne, uneasy
Cameron/Chase/Foreman, memory
Cameron/Foreman, belief, history
Cameron/House/hallucination!Amber, any
Cameron/Thirteen, destiny
Chase/Foreman, peer, couch, gap, marks
Cameron/Cuddy, mothering, argument, House
Chase/Cuddy, burned, question, cougar, skirt, desk, emails
Cuddy/Foreman, desk, rules, stare
Cuddy/House, flash, understanding
Cuddy/House/Wilson, eavesdropping, backwards
Cuddy/Taub, move, fall, assess, comfort
Cuddy/Wilson, mistake, breathe, guarded
Foreman/Thirteen, how it works, threesomes, beat, stretch, never.
House/Amber, hallucination, what you need, broken, expectations.
House/Blue the janitor, supply-closet
House/Cameron, cheating, connect, voyeur, desperate, clandestine, reunion, coffee, mistake, cane, satisfied, phone, sideways, carpet, blind, once, mistake
House/Cameron/Wilson, want, need, desperation, consequence, possession
House/Cuddy, asleep, blue, scared, desk, hope, books, babysitting, clinic, glasses, a play, wine, forgiveness, pain, Christmas, wine, you can't always get what you want, autumn leaves, what could have been, sway, tender, heartache, tangled sheets, breakfast, cold toes, drowning, drowsy, summer nights, midnight snack, M&Ms, phone call, I'm sorry, slow, longing, smile, anger, secret, confession, serenade, strawberries, oversized t-shirt, nostalgia
House/Cuddy/Wilson, hallucination, planned, puzzle, mistake, entanglement, watching TV in bed, coffee, dancing, Europe, three's a crowd, midnight snack, consequence, bathtub, flowers, bitterness, couch, rainy day
House/Foreman, anger, revenge, unexpected, five years later, diagnosis, love, certifiable, delusional, lost, leaving, home, wreck, strong, personal, possession, device, tolerable
House/Stacy, photograph, nostalgia, moving in, chocolate, red wine, no more 'I love yous', lipstick, watching TV in bed, birthday, party, slow dancing, vacation, welcome home, coffee, laughter, desperate, burn, gentle, running fingers through your hair
House/Wilson, alcohol, happiness, cracks, bachelor party, the White album, last chances, island, public, opinion, hurry, replacement, revenge, memories, amnesia, surcease, forget, forgive, spark, tie, tense, obsess, play, shadow, heat, silence, follow, hide, ease, laugh, possessive, distracted, ache, wait, tease, in synch, balcony, impure thoughts, motorcycle, distract, domestic, stay, waggle, piano, laugh, stare, measure, alibi, move, idiots, love, in charge, impress, sacrifice, dream, mattress, remember, history, half-asleep, comfort, bodyshots, enjoy, trust, cane, less-than-sober, bachelor party, pantsless, glass wall, roadtrip, busted
House/Wilson/Amber, ghost, sharing, uninhibited, synthesis, fleeting, parallels, arrangement, insufferable
Kutner/Taub, connection, House
Thirteen/Amber, contrast, dark, nape
Thirteen/ghost!Amber, death
Wilson/Amber, the last time, grin, video
Wilson/Cameron, realize, laugh, warm, draw, change, scheme, see, shiver
Wilson/Kutner, read, easy, sprawl, sweet

House of Wax (2005)
Nick/Carly, twins, survivors, shock, blood, fight, good twin, evil twin, heroes, aftermath
Nick/Wade, cars, football, Carly, a guy thing, loser, beer

How I Met Your Mother
Barney/Lily, can't, have, sleep, turn, silly, break, lost, tonight, caught, massage, trust, secret, San Francisco, secrets
Barney/Lily/Marshall, complementary, dare
Barney/Marshall, rooftop, Ted's gay dreams
Barney/Robin, bang, gotcha, suit up, shower, again, business, mornings, cigars, sports, the goat, finally, truth, fingers, tie, kiss, words, licentious, robe, gun, magic, fire, spark, winter, twist, intervention, arching, gaze, phonetag, Mosbying, Marshall, Lily, laser-tag, bros, abnormal, self, suit, tag, jump, confession, shot, the greatest woman on the planet, toast, suit, scotch, snicker, battleship, war, denial, share, thigh, watching, trouble, dreams, snapshot, tender, rave, awkward, Vegas, the Mosby, occasional cad, the talk, diehard anti-romantics, underlying friendship, shopping, syrup, wedding, tailor, showtime
Barney/Ted, [any]
Marshall/Lily, pancakes, Vegas, margaritas, wet, soft
Robin/Wendy the Waitress, tips, scotch, ice, surreptitiously
Ted/Barney/Robin, bet, high-five, bros, devil's threeway
Ted/Lily/Marshall, entangled, college, manipulate, forever
Ted/Marshall, roadtrip, sandwiches

Howl's Moving Castle (book)
Calcifer/Howl, talking, coaxing, celestial, power
Howl/Sophie, beholder, clean, nosiness, Wales, poetry, Donne, motion, hats, suits, vanity, red, sarcastic, sweet
Michael/Martha, sweet, self, magic

Hunger Games
Kat/Gale, missed, jealous, competition, hunting, woods, kiss, friend, carry, game

Danny/Mickey, all's fair
Danny/Mickey/Stacie, escalation

King Billy/Silenus, desk

I Want to Go Home
Mike/Rudy, university, ties that bind, oblivious, genius

Freddie/Spencer, 18th birthday, old enough
Sam/Freddie, snark, meat, hungry, secret
Sam/Spencer, mature, food, robot, whipped cream, model
Spencer/Griffin, scuplture, secret, outsmart
Spencer/Melissa Benson, spank, grin, basement, shower

In & Out
Howard Brackett/Peter Malloy, bicycle, wedding

In Plain Sight
Brandi/Peter, class, drunk, heart
Mary/Marshall, gun, handcuffs, fingers, stumble, shot, cowboyboots, whiskey, bruises, anger, submit, caught, wild, arroyo, rain, slow, broken, accident, late, thunderstorm, argument, tied
Mary/Bobby D, jurisdiction
Mary/Rafe, sleepy, handcuffs, smile, heal
Mary/Stan, driving, secret, hard, rusty

In the Heights
Usnavi/Vanessa, sunrise, safety, escape

Independence Day (1996)
Captain Steven Hiller/David Levinson, the fat lady sings, cigars, aftermath

Indiana Jones
Indiana/Marion, Abner, abandon, reunion, feisty, age, mileage, son, beginning, middle, end, miscommunication, shared ground

Initial D
Ryousuke/Keisuke, incest, cars, home, night, secret, possessive, show-off, spread-out, car-hoods, jealous, back-seat, sky-above
Ryousuke/Takumi/Keisuke, smoke, light, wind, watch, trust

Instant Star
Jude/Tommy, older, hard, rock, slam, sugar, rules, tour, underage, reunion, affair, sex, love, need, passion, nothingness, unfeeling

Into the Woods
Baker's Wife/Cinderella, purity, console, rose

Sesshomaru/Miroku, forest, torn grass, sweat, surprise, doggy style
Inuyasha/Kagome, biting, doggie, future, talk
Sango/Miroku, hand, oral, instruction, slap
Sessomaru/(older)Rin, seduction, mark

Iron Chef
Fukui/Ohta, aphrodesiacs
Kaga/Sakai, victory, employee
Michiba/Morimoto, teacher, student, katsuobushi
Morimoto/Ohta, competition, letters

Iron Man (movie)
Tony Stark/Tony Stark, purposeful
Tony/Obadiah, family ties, gunmetal, wanton, dynamics, hubris
Tony/Pepper, beneath, seam, shell, drink, silk, weapon, Sugar-Daddy, morning, suit, rescue
Tony/Rhodey, crash, repair, personnel, glacial, the gun show

Iron Man
Tony/JARVIS, no-win
Tony/Pepper, mojito, boutique, glove, speed
Tony/Rhodey, success, machine, green, margarita, requirement, peacock

Beverly/Henry, switchblade, motor oil, leather
Eddie/Stan, fussy, sparrow
Henry Bowers/Losers Club, forgotten
Richie/Beverly, bravado, ice cream soda
Stan/Richie, applause, merit badge, recite, freckles

Mac/Harm, ocean, bed, silk, paper, time, long, deal, Mattie, combat, desert, uniforms, rose, lips, purple

Jak and Dexter
Jak/Keira, Zoomers, public, rough

Jak II
Dexter/Ashley, beer, oral, public, trees, table

Jake 2.0,
Jake Foley/Dumont, AU, fever, hackers, hi-tech

James Bond (Die Another Day)
James/Jinx, guns, diamonds, sunset, salt, deception, dark curls

James Bond (movies)
Bond/Strawberry Fields, oasis, kisses, old scars
James Bond/Moneypenny, [any]

James P. Hogan's Giants series
Hunt/Danchekker, coffee, confrontation, Ganymede

Jane Austen, Emma
Emma Woodhouse/Jane Fairfax, opportunity, letters, longing

Jane Eyre
Jane/Rochester, jealousy, palms, tropics

Hyde/Claire, touch-me-not, chains
Hyde/Katherine, bargaining, vertigo

Jem and the Holograms
Kimber/Stomer, good girl/bad girl, temper, sweet, blue, new wave, Berlin, fire
Minx/Techrat, touch

Jeremiah/Erin, desperate, loyalty
Markus/Jeremiah, after, forest
Markus/Theo, relief, follow

Jake/Jonah, father issues, betrayal, worry, gun, breath play
Stanley/Mimi, signs, lightning, gun

Jigoku Shoujo
Hone Onna/adult!Tsugumi, sin, damnation
Ichimokuren/Hone Onna, midnight

Joan of Arcadia
Joan/Adam, apologies, God, rediscovery, hands, collage
CuteGuyGod, unexpected, birth, religious, idea, connections, full, love
Luke/Grace, glasses, physics, menorah, kiss, leather

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Arabella/Jonathan, never, dry, wait
Arabella/Lady Pole, fairydust, recovery
Childermass/Mr Norrel, détente, gratitude
Norrell/Strange, oldest magics
Stephen Black/John Uskglass, names
the silver-haired gentleman/Stephen Black, stranglehold

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Trevor/Hannah, crystal, guide, sedimentary, paradise, lost, remember, heat, sweat

Dan Vasser/Jack Vasser, handcuffs, police car, fists, blue, hold

Juno/Mark, comics, guitars, music, dancing, grin, fantastic, shower, pain, Satan, pinky-swear, storm
Juno/Paulie, first, second, condoms, chair, prom, summer, banter, Tic-Tacs, baby

Jurassic Park 3
Alan/Billy, bone, dig, flying, hospital, learn, sand, scars, tent, tools

Jurassic Park
Alan/Billy, alcohol, walls, regrets, nightmares

Alan Grant/Ian Malcolm, Costa Rica, convalescence, dirty, diversion, sunglasses

Muldoon/Ellie, prey, red

Justice League Unlimited
Batman/Flash/Superman, conscience, stranded, quarters, distress-signal
Batman/Superman, saved, turn-about, javelin, dark, light,
Question/Huntress [any]

Kamikaze Girls
Momoko/Ichigo, dress-up, skirt

Karen Lowachee
Azarcon/Dorr, loyalty, grief, impatience, waiting

Tomari/Hazumu/Yasuna, polish, naked, holding,

Kashimashi~Girl Meets Girl
Hazumu/Tomari/Yasuna, brilliance, love, summers

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
20YL I-Pin/20YL Lambo, family, desperation
Chrome/girls, acceptance, softness
Chrome/I-Pin, shy
Dino/Hibari, teacher-and-student, discipline, competence, why-didn't-you-just-say-so, reversal, take-a-break
Dino/girl!Hibari, skirt, nap, rage, birds, trap
Gokudera/Haru, spitfire, temper, flare, well-suited
Gokudera/Ryohei, fight, fuck, smoke, funny
Gokudera/Tsuna, downpour, hopeless, names, AU, tattoos, suits, gentle, everything, movies, photo, cats, alliances, unstoppable, shelter, a-shoulder-to-lean-against, bent-over, yes-boss, craving
Gokudera/Yamamoto, patience, affection, surprisingly-good, library-sex, you're-kidding-right, glasses, requirements, second, right-and-left-hands, elegant
Gokudera/Yamamoto/Tsuna, rules, confusion, perfect, ice-cream
Hana/Ryohei, revelations, enthusiasm, mysteries
Hibari/Belphegor, wild
Hibari/Gokudera, carnivores, friction, adrenaline, lazy, culture
Hibari/Ryohei, indestructible, strange, boxing
Hibari/Yamamoto, giri, to-the-edge-and-back, hot, tradition, you-speak-my-language, possession
Ken/Chrome/Mukuro/Chikusa, dogpile
Kyoko/Haru, genderswitch, cute
Kyoko/Haru/Tsuna, happy, excuses
Kyoko/Tsuna, lucky, sweetness, first-time, impatience
Mukuro/Chrome, voyeur
Mukuro/Xanxus, overwhelmed
Lal Mirch/Colonnello, kung-fu
Mukuro/Chrome, training, spear, dress-up, sum
Ryohei/Hana, stupid, argument
Shoichi/Spanner, time
Shoichi/Spanner/Gokudera, geeks
Squalo/Xanxus, cracked
Squalo/Yamamoto, brutal, instruction,
Tsuna/everyone, Willpower
Tsuna/Hibari, the-only-sensible-one, boss
Tsuna/Lancia, comfort
Tsuna/Spanner, heroes, lead
Tsuna/Yamamoto, laughter, forgiveness, peace, nowhere, resentment, leaving aria, orgy, selection, replacements, movies, grass, stains
Yamamoto/Kyoko, giggling
Yamamoto/Gokudera/girl!Tsuna, loyalty, twice
Yamamoto/adult!Reborn, attention

Kaze Hikaru
Yamanami/Akesato, the love of adults

Keen Eddie
Eddie/Fiona, everything, refrigerator, post-its, annoyance, closet, silk
Eddie/Monty, sleeping, work, sandwich, distance

Keeping Up Appearances
Onslow/Daisy, romance novel, boa, bacon

Kill Bill
Beatrix/Budd, sweat, dust, jaw
Elle/Beatrix, alcohol, slither, tangle

King Lear
Cordelia/Edgar, loyalty, rain, fruit, shade
Edgar/Edmund, ink, blood, games
Edmund/Cordelia, defiant, soft, wrists, bait
Edmund/Cordelia/Edgar, share, tangle, astonish

King of Thorn
Marco/Kasumi, cheek, touch, look, news, cold, lean, awe, quiet, king, queen, power, worthy

Kingdom Hearts II
Leon/Cloud, dress, wig
Leon/Sora, dress, wig

David Shepherd/Jack Benjamin, usurper, compelling, see, want, wrong, flirting, dazzled, city, royal, promiscuous, changes, forever, friend, forbidden, pleasures, boyfriend, alright, clasp, naked, uniform, sir, welcome, kiss, shy, hidden, willing, harem, party, club, pictures, the-wrong-one, me, front, port, shore-leave, relax, spa, betray, betrothal, betrayal, boots, shopping, lay, protect, grass, please, crown, beloved, cruel, games, intrigue, politics, fast, lick, tango, Michelle, red tie, road, bruise, storm, borrowed, patience, future, dream, harp, reverend, prince, college, military, pride, masquerade, late, shock, prodigal, destiny, luminary, anoint, absolute, sign.
David Shepherd/Silas Benjamin, kneel, king, blowjob, thank you, New Serenity, care-taking, courtship, tried, fight, tied, waiting, sign, butterfly, caress, fortune, blessed, touch, beautiful, deny, watch, play, shine, silence, favor, festival, offering, home, keep, distract, gift
David/Jack/Joseph, office, goldfish, scar, spoiled
David/Jack/Michelle, sharing, surprise, twins, togetherness, beauty, destruction
Jack Benjamin/David Shepherd, domain, light, trick, trustworthy, villa, ours, shiver, sharing, control
Jack/Joseph, forgiveness, touch, hands
Michelle/Jack, sour, hunger, impressive, bounds, payback
Silas/Thomasina, discretion, serenity, lightning, all that remains unsaid.

Kingyou Hime
Keisuke/goldfish, beautiful, fish food, swimming

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry Lockhart/Gay Perry, in cognito, big, naked, scary, curtains

Kitchen Confidential
Becky/Jim, sausage
Becky/Stephen, porn, terror, rabbit-slayer
Becky/Stephen/Jack, walk-in cooler, flame
Jack/Stephen, bouillabaisse, chocolate, secret stash, crock pot, sharkfin, rival, pudding, gala, black tie, sold, 4-star review, Michelin stars, Inaugural Party

Ciel/Sebastian, experience, trust, mark, laughter, master/slave, role reversal, catboy
Soma/Agni, reversal,tease, devotion

Kushiel's Legacy
Barquiel/Jocelin, partytime

Kyle XY
Kyle/Jessi, pod, learn, attachment, sense, wordless, spark, electricty, call, rage, sides, grow, tender, passion, urge, midnight, covert, forbidden, experimental, first, overwhelm, lightening, harbour, naive

Kyou Kara Maou
Adalbert/Conrad, pain, sharing, solace
Adalbert/Yuuri, hiding, sharing, warmth
Bob/Conrad, acceptance, authority
Conrad/Berias, admiration
Conrad/Yuuri, shiver
Gwendal/Yozak/Conrad, balance, lieutenants
José/Conrad, homesick, world-weary
Maou!Yuuri/Conrad, finally, want
Saralegui/Berias, devotion
Shouma/Conrad, teaching, smile
Shouri/Conrad, test, loyalty
Shouri/Yuuri, secret,sin
Yozak/Conrad, dancing, river, trying, new
Yozak/Conrad/Alford, voyeurism, invitation

La Double Vie de Véronique
Weronika/Véronique, delirium, encounter

Jareth/Sarah, return, enslaved, lost, longing, undecided, wish, dream, lost, crystal
Jareth/Toby, home, dream, stolen, fae, true consort, makeover, stalking, choice, naked, power, dark, public claiming, above ground, fairy ring, called, peach, owl

Etienne/Mouse, overheard
Isabeau/Mouse, cloak

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (movie)
Lara/Alex, physical, dry heat, mercenary

Last King of Scotland
Idi Amin/Nicholas Garrigan, obsession, wealth

Laurie R. King's Mary Russell series
Holmes/Russell, elementary, detection, first

Law and Order
Bernard/Lupo, Partners
Connie/Mike, blonde, scotch, terrified, oak, floor, cable, fairy dust

Green/Lupo, partner, one last time, goodbye
Lupo/Cutter, sharing, walk the dog, allergic, verdict, car, flowers, protection, after hours, dirty laundry, I need that for work tomorrow, nymph, sexy voice, suits and ties, scar, flowers, protection, after, hours, dirty, laundry, nymph, sexy, voice, suits, ties, clothing, coffee, library, anything

Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Barek/Eames, turn
Bobby Goren/Alex Eames, arcane, content, cuffs, desperate, endearing, languid, laughter, stammer, mea culpa, nose, pocket, shirttails, warmth, restless, not quite, self-inflicted, shy, belt, Insanity, phoenix, comfort, limp, shave, spaghetti, graffiti, handcuffs, tight squeeze, stress, late night, cold, fireplace, holidays, not so lonely, apologize, talent, clairvoyant, quiet, tool, comfort, car trouble, stranded, exiled, desert, humidity, moonlight, longing, lie-detector, thunderstorm, silence, no-happy-endings, caught, lazy-afternoon, impulsive, jealous
Eames/Wheeler, irridescent, sparks, hallway, sarcasm, victory
Eames/Wheeler/Goren, comfort, fireworks, pillow, luminious, utility
Logan/Barek, wakeful
Logan/Eames, straight up
Megan Wheeler/Mike Logan, chance, sweat, rain, surprise, late, easy, partners, [any]
Megan Wheeler/Zach Nichols, careful, want, partner, tired, touch

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Alex/Olivia, professional, scream
Benson/Stabler, cut, bigamy, reliant, weeds, built, relax, partner, share, divorce, fear, bondage, handcuffs, weekend, stakeout, blue tie, snow, hotel, cell phone, shower, jealous, fury, angst, bruises, divorce, humid, laugh, partner, forgotten, scars, ring, fresh, horror, need, undercover, undercover, jealous, regrets, desk, perp, probe, toy, sight, holiday, heat, sweat
Elliot/Kathy, comfort, love, healing, commitment, love, family
Cabot/Stabler, bitter, gift, hidden, warrant
Olivia Benson/Dean Porter, commit, upset, cold, broken heart, phone call
Olivia Benson/Ryan O'Halloran, late night, weekend, surprise, storm, sadness, hospital
Stabler/Warner, driving, droplet, ice, preparation

Law and Order: UK
James Steel/Matt Devlin, justice, gym
Matt/Alesha, banter, desk, win
Ronnie Brooks/Matt Devlin, partners, sugar craving

League of Extraordinary Gentleman (movie)
Dorian/Mina, ache, manipulation, weak

Legend of the Seeker
Darken Rahl/Kahlan, submission, bed, rich, silk, hair, fingertips, wrong, evil, future, hatesex
Denna/Kahlan, bond, revenge, shatter, opposites
Denna/Richard, agiel, love, tears, hate, escape, pain, fundamental, surrender, whimper, scream, pain
Richard/Kahlan, blindfold, choice, destiny, impossible, magic, power, contagious, sunlight, Mord-Sith, costume, play, splash, love, lust, power, Orden, force, memories, lips, hair, sword, darkness, comfort, end, secret, cockblocked, undressing, undress, consequence, sharp, chaos, light, woods, credit, box, disgust, relief, picture

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
adult!Kafei/Link, memory loss.
adult!Link/adult!Romani, crop circles, table

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Link/Sheik, getting dressed.
Link/Zelda, gender issues.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Shad/Zelda, sunlight, library, playful.

Les Miserables (musical)
Javert/Valjean, gloves, trapped

Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer, cooking, video games, hair, fighting, skills, branding, kissing, handcuffs, submission, computer virus, explosives, homemaking, dark, bruises, job, muscle, geekgasm, suits, tech, x-ray, TARDIS, lawyer, wrestling, touch, food, apron, french kiss, geek, salt, comedy
Alec/Parker, parkour, bunny, closet, soap, hide-and-seek, puzzle, crossword, nintendo, postcards, stalk, summer, pretend, surprise, strap-on, video games, cosplay, video, Canada, persuasion, suspended, night, keyboard, hack, dance, firsts, flexible, dress, discussion, game, couch, soda, smile, geek, bungee, magic, xBox, digital, chest, password, invisible, jump, oranges, ankle, sugar
Eliot Spencer/Nathan Ford, alcohol, con, games, hockey, muscles, spy, teeth, training, skills, retrieval, baking, sweat, one-hand-tied, tux, close-quarter fighting, unexpected, trade, hit-on, chef, skills, broken, hospital
Eliot/Hardison/Parker, body swap, smoke, striptease, strawberry, Sunday, bounce, wikipedia, comfort, pink, cherry, muscle, fall, fall, ghosts, lies, reunions, tracking, truths, gravity, singing, wish, pizza, cold, night, glasses, teeth, crazy, twisty, upside-down, flair, undercover, winnings, poker, strap-on, download, sweet, pearls, midnight
Eliot/Sophie, mistake
Nate/Maggie, liar, theft
Nate/Sophie, godhead, confess, wrists, kneel, liminal, gun, Getty, breathe, spaces, teeth, priest, confessional, liar, chess, hands, addiction, sleight-of-hand, mouth, artistry, hat, guarded, dangerous, covet, pride, sin, hell, evil genius
Nate/Sterling, past, wounds, drink, truth, weapon
Parker/Eliot, just for fun, on the job
Parker/Maggie, gift, scent, touch, highwire, shiny
Parker/Nate, daddy issues
Parker/Sophie, secret, unnoticeable, liar, Shakespearian
Sophie/Hardison, surveillance
Sophie/Hardison/Eliot, elementary
Sophie/Maggie, secrets, shared, spaces, lies, surrogate
Sophie/Parker/Hardison/Nate/Eliot, game day
Sophie/Parker/Maggie, master plan
Sophie/Sterling, turncoat

Lewis/Hathaway, age, promise, belief, solitude, trust, undercover, questions, yorkie

Lie to Me
Cal/Gillian, lie, truth, secret, touch
Eli/Ria, lies, yearn
Foster/Lightman, infidelity, honesty, red, divorce
Lightman/any, ignore it
Lightman/Loker, Truth

Life On Mars (UK)
Annie/Gene, dancing, undercover, leave Sam out of it, standing, arguing, tensions, resolved, nurse's outfit, oral, lipstick, regrets, rush, dance, trouble
Annie/Ruth, lonely, never, sweet, soft, kind, gentleness, lipstick, dildo, top!Annie
Gene/Sam, spanking, flowers, ties, public sex, kisses, cuddling, anger, grief, hard, scratch, cross-dressing, lecture, scent, Gladys, fairy, top!Sam, fisting, rimming, slut, gag, slam
Sam/Annie, first, gentle, modern, tie, teach, look, escape, bleed
Sam/Chris, experienced!Chris, begging, slow, BDSM, needy, ropes, commanding, rimming
Sam/Gene/Annie, role-play, fixed, question, seducing, selling, top!Annie, sexy, rimming, lipstick

Life With Derek
Casey/Derek, joy, life, breakfast, broken, divorce, seduction, indiscreet, caught, rain, reading, viable, envy, masturbation, slippery, accident, careless, locker, masturbation, voyeurism, anniversary, cheat, guilty pleasures, wedding, divorce, stubble, car, handprint

Charlie Crews/Dani Reese, beer, cocktail, trust, catch, sunshine, tamarind, grass, open spaces, hold, silence, still, wrist, ice cream, fruit, One, clean, purple lace, sugar, desk, tattoo, zen, undercover, bullet, lies, citrus, handcuffs, addiction
Charlie Crews/Rachel Seybolt, push, alone, protect, fruit, oranges, sun, dark, impulse, wet, rebellion, exonerated, lingering doubt, shame, lost innocence, sorrow, solace, cling, normalcy, nightmare, fairy tale, burn, grass, going to hell, child, lies, flower, ginger, millions, safe-keeping, protect
Charlie/Dani/Tidwell, Together, guns, motel room
Charlie/Ted, Belong, protect, safe, escape, fences, pool, inside, possession, hands, savour, blinding
Charlie/Tidwell, Alone
Crews/Jennifer, first time, last time, glass, car, fantasy, escape
Dani/Tidwell, pegging, competition, target practice, bar, Crews, ex-wives
Karen Davis/Dani Reese, running, stakeout, shimmer, shoelaces, talisman

Lindsey Davis - Falco series (books)
Marcus Didius Falco/Lucius Petronius Longus, debauchery
Marcus Didius Falco/Q. Camillus Justinus, travel
Marcus Didius Falco/Titus Caesar, gold

Link: The Faces of Evil
Gwonam/Link, squadallah

Little Britain
Prime Minister/Sebastian, unrequited, kiss, bedtime

Little Miss Sunshine
Frank/Dwayne, temptation, understanding, growing up

Live Free or Die Hard
John/Matt, asshole, bullets, momentum, rimming, webcam, coffee, office, engine, corduroy, deep-throating, splat, Daddy, pain, tough, lips, sweat, internet porn, party, tied, kink, stunned, email, touch, hand-to-hand, knuckles, gift, teach, dominance, toys, public sex, awkward, converse sneakers, exceptions, winding, handcuffs, roleplay, kiss, tenderness, midnight, rooftop, stakeout, adventure, ferry, drive, road trip, talkative, laptop, laughter, pain, underwear, scars, networking, virgin, young

Lois & Clark
Clark/Lois, drive, infant, glass
Lois/Lex, [any], temptation

Long Walk
McVries/Garraty, beat

Los Hombres de Paco
Pepa Miranda/Silvia Castro, jealousy, swagger, sneaky, jeans

Lost in Austen
Amanda/Darcy, lust, seduction,
Bingley/Jane, America, new world, breath, soft
Bingley/Lydia, room, elope, bored, opera, underneath, proper
Bingley/Whickam, oblivion, comfort, bitter-sweet
Caroline/Amanda, hidden, loss, out of time, mirrors, candles, riding crop, dresses
Darcy/Wickham Georgiana, lies, jealousy, betrayal, innocence, grief

Lost Souls (and various fiction of Poppy Z Brite)
Steve/Ghost, hands, wandering

Ana Lucia/Jack, being bad
any, DHARMA, cages, videos
Ben/girl!Jack, hatch, shifting obsession
Ben/Sayid, broken, fight, apology, motive
Charlie/Claire, blue, moments, private, quiet, giggles
Charlie/Desmond, adrenaline, claiming, fantasies, mirrors, public, toughness, alive, water, London, letter, 108
Claire/Juliet, alpha, collars, fingers, neck, furniture, undressing,
Daniel/Charlotte, heaven, chance, travel, reborn, stay, for-now, pretense, breakthrough
Desmond/Daniel, constant, maze
Desmond/Claire, alternate, reunite, distance, coping, ring
Frank/Sun, alcohol, beach, pain
Jack/Ben, games
Jack/Boone, comfort, falling, doctor, hospital, saved, grateful, first, unexpected, hero forever, family, fathers
Jack/Jacob, Apollo bar
Jack/Kate, nudity
Jack/Locke, belief
Jack/Sawyer, grief, pain, acceptance
Jack/young!Ben, first-time, manipulation
Jin/Sawyer, differences, clumsiness, bitch, music, vehicles, trapped,
Juiet/Kate, cold shoulder
Juliet/Ben, mine, ham
Juliet/Jack, safe word
Juliet/James, understanding, back, guns
Juliet/Kate, handcuffs, exasperated, competition, island, sea
Juliet/Sawyer, hair, guilt, muffins, tickle, sad, honey, blonde, growl, mine, mouth, submarine, dirty talk, flirtatious, home, domestic, heels, jumpsuit, bathtub
Kate/Sawyer/Jack, conflict resolution, lost & found, hand holding
Nadia/Sayid, change, home, safety, loss
Penny/Desmond, sick, waiting
Richard/Ben, others, innocence, leader, shadow, Jacob
Richard/Jack, deja vu, guilt
Richard/Jacob, leader, learning, will
Sawyer/Kate, backseat, humidity, mango, pickup truck, stars, storm, tide pool, memories, years, forgiven, before, past, strangers, ocean, dirty clothes, haircut, confessions, guilt, campfire, ache, thunderstorm, lonely, whiskey, home, stubble, secretly watching
Sayid/Kate, different, torture, eyeful
Sayid/Sun, shadow, ring, assassination, dress
Shannon/Boone, missing, separate, airport, hotel, wreckage, polish

Love Me if You Dare
Sophie/Julien, finally, release, soft, love, heaven, solid, runaway, imaginary

Kio/Soubi, waiting, blood, watching, pain, marked, art
Natsuo and Youji/Ritsuka, sensation, voyeurism
Nisei/Soubi, hatesex, broken
Ritsu/Soubi, perfection, proof, ownership, bound
Ritsuka/Soubi, forbidden, obedience, adoration, marked, presents, college, discovery
Seimei/Ritsuka, cold, clean
Seimei/Ritsuka/Soubi, training
Seimei/Soubi, obedience, possession

Loving Annabelle
Annabelle/Colins, sharp
Annabelle/Simone, flower

Lucifer/Michael, human, nostalgia, wings

Ryo/Saijo, debate, a little less mysterious

B.J./Hawkeye, Tent, reunion
Charles Winchester/Margaret Houlihan, dignity
Frank/Margaret, comedy, ferretface, hair, selfish, crop
Hawkeye/Trapper, kiss received, Note
Hotlips/Hawkeye, still, liquor, scalpel, silence

Macbeth/Banquo, sharp, white, remember

MacDonald Hall
Boots/Bruno, confusion

Mad Men
Betty Draper/Arthur Case, sad, stables, crop, riding
Betty/Don, office, first time, office, disapproval, first, after, apathy, smoke, pout, silk, silk,lace
Betty/Helen, heels, shameless
Betty/Joan, feather, occupied, face, nails
Betty/Peggy, butter knife, pearls, whisper, need, beauty
Don/Bobbie, cornered, penance, one of my kind
Don/Joan, flood, glass, cream, strong.
Don/Peggy, reappraisal, belief, the hardest thing in this world, secrets, lies, this happened, siren, rising, tarnish, desk, smoke
Don/Pete, discipline, punishment
Don/Rachel, angularity, outsiders, fools in love
Harry/Hildy, rain
Joan/Peggy, arch, martini, height, copier, all of you, deserved, trade, office politics
Peggy Olson/Pete Campbell, couch, stockings, torn, rough, slow, forbidden
Peggy/Father Gill, absolved, quiet, nightclub
Peggy/Father Gill, careful, kneel, confession
Peggy/Pete, cinnamon, rifle, storm, in charge, destruction
Sal/Ken, suit, ash, spine, cold

Magic Knight Rayearth
Lantis/Eagle/Hikaru, awaken, celebrate, educate, growing up

Mahou Sensei Negima!
Konoka/Setsuna, muscle

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
Neuro/Yako, falling, hug, lust, honor, promise, trust, seize, surrender, fascination

Man From UNCLE
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo, partners, Russian, karaoke, drunk, drugged, sleepy, beautiful, elegant, hands, lips, shoulders, thighs, capable, sensual, hedonistic, seductive, sneaky, determined, voyeur, dirty, American, lover, loyal, cat-like

Mansfield Park
Fanny/Lord Bertram, knees, slave, chains, money, prayer, tongue
Henry Crawford/Mary Crawford, secret world, country manners, fashion, solitude, sunlight, childhood

Marvel Comics (Exiles/New Exiles)
Psylocke/Sabretooth, different

Marvel Comics (X-Men: Age of Apocalypse)
Sabretooth/Wild Child, bonding

Marvel Comics
Sabretooth/Wolverine, birthdays
Anya Corazon/Carol Danvers, standing
Anya Corazon/Kate Bishop, strict
Ares/Carol Danvers, power
Billy Kaplan/Eli Bradley, futuristic
Billy Kaplan/Stephen Strange, breath
Billy/Teddy, squirm, crackle, spatial, antidote, first
Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton, friction
Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton/Bobbi Morse, ticklish
Cable/Deadpool, ballast, tingling, twitch, programming, duct tape, Providence, swords, cowl, thighs, why?
Cannonball/Boomer, drive
Carol Danvers/Jessica Jones, deep, soldiers, after a shower
Chase/Gert, resurrection, game, birthday
Clint Barton/Pietro Maximoff, family
Clint Barton/Steve Rogers, apologies
Daredevil/Iron Fist, identity
Daredevil/Spider-Man, bipolar
Doctor Doom/Namor, equals
Doctor Doom/Princess Python, temptation
Eli Bradley/Teddy Altman, static
Emma Frost/Jean Grey, key, defend, modern
Felicia Hardy/Jessica Drew, perspective
Hank Pym/Janet Pym, tiny
(Stark)/Captain America (Rogers), old-fashioned, strength, war stories, Norman Rockwell, armour, history, surrounded, fait accompli, ceremony, marble, nerves, genderswap, shield, lab, swing, big-band
Iron Man/Captain America, battery, pure, glove
Kate (Hawkeye)/Eli (Patriot)/Steve (Captain America), question, practice
Kate Bishop/anyone, bow, purple, struggle
Kate Bishop/Clint Barton, practice, toxophilite
Luke Cage/Danny Rand, demand, movies
Magneto/Karima Shapandar, body heat
Moon Knight/Rob, closer
Mystique/Destiny, hereafter, adhere, timely
Namor/Dorma, honeymoon, love
Namor/Sue Storm-Richards, obsession, water, sand, oasis
Namora/Betty Dean, ropes
Nick Fury/any, voyeur
Norman Osborn/Tony Stark, capture, history, champagne, suits
Northstar/Iceman, truth
Peter/Mary Jane, dreams
Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)/Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch), defiance, collapse, slow, evidence
Sharon Carter/Val de Fontaine, leisure
Steve Rogers (Captain America)/Tony Stark (Iron Man), realization, home, firsts, trust, uniform, dreams, content
Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, nostalgia
Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, awake
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark/Thor, pancakes
Ted/Billy, role-play, hands, crush
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan/Tony Stark, ideas
Tony Stark (Iron Man)/Cassie (Stature), comfort
Tony Stark/Emma Frost, arrangement, photograph
Victor Mancha/Chase Stein, apologetic
Xavin/Karolina, reunion, flight, Starbucks

Mary Renault - The Persian Boy
Alexander/Hephaistion, camomile

Mary Russell
Holmes/Russell, startling, bolthole, meandering, patience, disguise,
overcome, distraction, tenderness

Master and Commander
Aubrey/Maturin, rock, line, island, sea-bird

Matthew Reilly Novels
Book II/Scarecrow, Son
Doogie/William Race, Teacher
Knight/Scarecrow, Owe
William Race/Van Lewen, Bodyguard

Alec/Maurice, swim, book, cigarette, peace

Mean Girls
Cady/Janis, colors
Duvall/Norbury, dance, stare, confident, calculus, limits

Mei-chan no Shitsuji

Mei/Rihito, tea
Rihito/Mei, making the bed, his lady's honour, glasses, rules and regulations

Memphis Belle
Danny/Clay, fetish, study, please, insatiable
Phil/Val, defeatist, consume, strip, hint

Meredith Ann Pierce - The Darkangel Trilogy
Aeriel/Irrylath, heartbeat, return, sand

Arthur/girl!Merlin, skirt, moans, smirk
Arthur/Gwen, changes, childhood, swordfight, protection, stubborn, clumsy, dresses, destiny, royalty, earth, dungeon, firsts, risk, kiss, banquet, debauchery, games, smithy, sweet, hilarity, love, armor, religion, obsession, desperation, tears, queen, king, future, smile, Coronation, Nuptials, hero, prisoner, alone
Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot, together, solution, jealousy, problems, Camelot, future, Excalibur, sheath, sheets
Arthur/Gwen/Morgana/Merlin, circle, dance
Arthur/Lancelot, competition, battle, test, victory, like a knight, drinks, merry, devotion, reunion, Sword, Blood, Brothers, water, hugging
Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin, shared, sorcery, arms, seven, army, field, celebrity, guilty, neck, surprise, bowling, restraint, sword, blood, spread, jealous, competition, prize, waves, stress, drink, opposites, rainbow
Arthur/Merlin, absence, bondage, endearments, massage, rough, pillow-talk, alley, AU, breakfast, club, glitter, zipper, Beltane, Coronation, catch, heavy, cloak, leaf, river, night, destiny, fate, armour, fear, trust, kilt, magic, mystery, music, spar, filthy, snow, heat, cave, light, sex-magic, chimera, chastity-belt, illusions, vision, wet, enchanted, sword, skull, destiny, skirt, wig, collar, shadows, ride, crown, wench, borrow, wheelbarrow, tampering, hurdle, jester, wink, smooth, rumour, stocks, tickling, trust, quests, hidden, glow, whoops, woods, hunt, cider, neck, begging, bitemarks, obedience, slave, sleepy, arms, car, mouse, canopy, grass, denial, fire, lazy, early, snow, dirt, hidden, portrait, rebirth, joy, dungeon, chains, lake, surrender, gift, truth, red, stone, sleepy morning sex
Arthur/Merlin/Morgana/Gwen, secret touches, tangled, flush
Arthur/Morgana, bait, eavesdrop, denial, key, fight, sore, mock, trust, lies, rivalry, bickering, linger, time, unexpected, voice, slumber, dream, armour, storm, blanket, power, nightmare, tapestry
Arthur/other, tentacles
Gaius/Uther, memories, youth, mistakes, maturity, magical, unscientific, experiment
girl!Arthur/girl!Merlin, sword, armor, corset
Gwen/Lancelot, suggestion
Gwen/Merlin, dorky, smile, grass, magic
Gwen/Morgana, garden, pendant, light, shadow, fisting, chance, diamond, rockstar, soap, chill, fling, catch, lift, soda, roses, dust, saw, hood, god, quest, knight, hilt, test, rise and shine, glow, needlework, hopeful, strip, maid, first, accidental magic, storm
Merlin/Gwen/Arthur, comfort, loss
Merlin/Lancelot, sword, preparation, knight, silver, magic, journey
Merlin/Morgana, Fate, Gifts, magic, control, laughter, magic, witch, see, calling, no touching, perfumes, secret, hair, run, dungeon, magic, special, destiny, rum, bare, corner, table, shimmer, float
Merlin/Will, city, tears, fluff, home, homestead, comfort, warmth, straw, young, carefree, water, experiment
Morgana/Nimueh, power, reclamation, resurrection, prentice, redeem, teach you, power, use, bind, silk
Morgana/Uther, pinned, femdom, thirst, plan, fruit, blood, chains, luxury, velvet, crown, tongue, knife, desperation, wrong, youthfull, impossible, respite, anger, inevitable, denial, transcend, visions, comfort, guilt, irrepressible, inappropriate, table, discipline
Uther/Arthur, gold, penance, regret
Uther/Gorlois, treachery
Uther/Merlin, stare, magic, seize, time, future, promise, dragon, wood, stone, sword, armor

Metal Gear Solid
Otacon/Snake, slip, fall, spend, regret, voice, instructions, regret
Solid Snake/Raiden, legacy, lessons

Miami Vice
James Crockett/Ricardo Tubbs, boat, drinking, white suit, striptease, club, kiss, sports car

Michael Chabon - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
Sam Clay/Tracy Bacon, idol, sunshine, mouth, lock-up, West-coast, novel

Michael Chabon - The Yiddish Policemen's Union
Bina Gelbfish/Meyer Landsman, snowing, definition, memory

Michiko to Hatchin
Michiko/Atsuko, gunpoint, strip search, floodgates, uniform
Vanessa/Atsuko, dead end, coconut, reunion

Mighty Boosh

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Jason/Billy, fetish, kata, fight, tongue, drinks

Miss Cogeniality 2
Gracie/Sam, takeout, back-up, spar

Miss Match
Adam/Kate, persistent, date, kiss, trick, lawyer
Kate/Victoria, lingerie
Michael/Kate, architecture
Nick/Victoria, roommates, storage, casual

Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day
Guinevere/Delysia, delicate
Michael/Delysia, like a man who's just got out of prison, stars, formal wear, the one, perfect, forever, happiness, lipstick, morning, sleepy, warm, ring
Miss Pettigrew/Joe, discover, bloom

Mission: Impossible (TV)
Rollin/Cinnamon, scarf, ache, bracelet

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
Char Aznable/Garma Zabi

Disher/Stottlemeyer, river dancing, texting, wristwatch, evidence, adult video, big gulp

Monochrome Factor
Akira/Kou, experiment, pretence, jealousy
Aya/Ruru, dojo, dedication, fighting spirit, restraint
Shirogane/Akira, training, truthful, protective, challenge
Shirogane/Kou, frustrating, tug-of-war, never-speak-of-this-again

Eva/Lunge, banter, kinky, booze, smirk
Eva/Nina, cynical, leave me alone, divorce lawyer
Eva/Tenma, provoke, strap-on, unsatisfied, bondage

Beth/Josef, suck, angel
Mick/Ben, blood play, truth, trust, fight
Mick/Beth, devilish, beast, handcuffs, turning, sun, desert, water, not so different
Mick/Josef, lick

Mortal Instruments
Magnus/Alec, teaching

Moulin Rouge
Satine/Nini, lamplight, handkerchief, angel, stockings

Mr & Mrs Smith
Jane/John, vertigo, domestic

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Molly/Henry, toys, magic, desk, piano, pen

Much Ado About Nothing
Beatrice/Benedick, guarded, wordplay, courtship, grass

Shang/Mulan, dominance, skillful, silent, genderswitch, secrets, war trophies, wedding night, strength, crude
Shang/Ping, confusion, lust, earned respect, bring dishonour to us all

Murder by Death
Dick Charleston/Sidney Wang, grip, well-bred
Dora Charleston/Sidney Wang, blonde, adoption
Marcel/Milo Perrier, shrunk, strength, chocolate

Ginko/Tanyu, after-it's-all-over

My Beautiful Laundrette
Omar/Johnny, forgiven, past mistakes, hope, wine, equals

My Boss My Hero
Makio/Umemura, president
Manabe Kazuya/Sakaki Makio, the little wife
Sakurakoji Jun/Sakaki Makio, schoolboy crush

My Own Worst Enemy
Edward/Jack, knowledge

Christopher/Lucas, masks, imperfect, Friendly
Gwen/any, smile

Nana Osaki/Nana Komatsu, comfort, starstruck

Nancy Drew (1930s books)
Nancy/George, clandestine, secret passage

Nancy Drew
Nancy/Ned, undone, liar, break, lip, billiards, bachelor, lifeguard, break-in, tease

Albrecht/Friedrich, snow
Friedrich/Heinrich Stein, red
Friedrich/Justus, order

Kakashi/Asuma, vanguard, raindrops
Kakashi/Guy, fighting, showers, touch, bed, public, benefits
Kakashi/Sakura, mission sex, training, gloves, thigh-high boots, hair-pulling
Konan/Tsunade, hokage, politics, not so easy, outreach, flower
Naruto/Sasuke, skinny-dipping
Neji/Hinata, whisper, worship, wall
Neji/Lee/Tenten, victory
Omoi/Killerbee, manly tears, homecoming
Samui/Karui, ice queen, adrenaline, hero worship

Marlene/Catherine, stay

National Treasure
Ben/Riley, genius, puzzle, treasure

Abby/Callen, introduction, vacation, division, hello, team, new, caution, evidence
Abby/Gibbs discipline, elevator, undercover, protective, rules, time, Shuck me, suck me, eat me raw
Abby/Kate, spa, blender drinks, emeralds, cemetery, dancing, vibrator, yoga, sensation, needleplay, phonesex, more than friends, video camera, testing, betrayal, wonder, if, when, listen, take out, anniversary
Abby/McGee, jealousy, last straw, lab, "you're mine", kinky, different, lush, knot, black, mistakes
Abby/Tony, cockring, shoes, coffin, clothespin, chopsticks, elastic bandages (Ace bandages), aphrodisiacs, porn, pegging, crossdressing, always, seen, epiphany, lab, Barbie, Marilyn Monroe, scratch, lab, again, surprise, linger, training, sin, comfort, ink, solace, glass, smooth, sticky, smirk, fun, games, lipstick
Abby/Ziva, beads, nipple, orange, salty, metaphor, strong, survivor, girly, soft, giggles, morning, goodnight, workaholic, focussed, understanding the idioms, boots, baby, drag, lipstick, guns
Gibbs/Callen, Russia, coffee, defend, comfort, history, bandage
Gibbs/Ducky, bow ties, kisses, sexy, classic movies
Gibbs/Tim, insecurity, romance, silk, candlelight, coffee, navy, rimming, Gibbs' desk, Hawaii, sorry, flowers, sign language, baby
Gibbs/Tony, technology, any, boat, boss, movies, silver, bourbon, Israel, dogtags, spank, rain, slow, comfort, clothed, porn flick, tease, text message, coffee, quiet, undercover, crawl, drugged, pet, out-of-town convention, rent boy, drift, teach, tattoo, borrowed clothes, addiction, sling, cracked, pain killers, desk, coffee, boat, basement, seduce, first time, elevator, laugh, making new memories, control, AU, war, separation, kiss goodbye, made you, loyalty, royalty, flirt, punishment, stay, leave, boat, moving on, fight, funny, obsolete, commandeered, boat, cuffs, deep cover, sparring, struggle, discipline, vacation, baseball, push-ups, uniform, bitemark, stable
Gibbs/Ziva, rules, trust
Gibbs/Tony/Abby, puppy, leather, oil, knees, surrender, breath, belt, nippleplay, stable, lab, collar, kneel, caf-pow, lost a bet, observe, paddle, indecision, blanket, heal, laugh, masterful, plot, submit
Hanna/Callen, wounded, hidden, missing, cuffs, orders, bite me, possession, protect
Kate/Tony, holster, stakeout, mud wrestling
Kate/Ziva, tease, flirt, time-paradox, Ari, duty, high-heels
Tim/Tony, boyfriends, unlikely, accidental, faithful, vanilla, dominant, submissive, writing, erotica, suit, jockstrap, sunday, lay-abed, synonymous, decadent, seduction, tease, elves, close, soft, dark, porn, ties, safe, timer, sories, surprise, backseat, crimes, trick, puppet, information warfare, python, oil and water, quoth the raven, ready steady go!, January, leak, radiation, mistaken
Tim/Ziva, comfort, flannel, quarantine
Tony/any, angry
Tony/Jen, secrets
Tony/Ziva, beach, camping, Israel, Hitchcock, film, fa-la-la, pearls, starch, fury, language, revenge, damage, guns, protect, orders, eyes, lab, disease, home, mission, want, twelve, movies, smile, handcuffs, anger, hurt, gun, smile, eyes, nothing
Tony/Kate/Gibbs, car, elevator
Tony/Ziva/Gibbs, incomplete
Ziva/Jen, Egypt, overseas, why, office, loyalty, future, call, protect, fire, forget

Nero Wolfe
Archie/OFC, dancing

Richard/the Marquis de Carabas, night, rooftop, sleight-of-hand, stories, stone, trust, wall

Jack/David, exhale, powder, wanton, impromptu

Bill/Lisa, competition, elevator, sober

Night at the Museum
Jedidiah/Octavius, culture shock

Night Court
Dan/Christine, infuriating, subway
Harry/Lana, cards, vest, uptight

Night World
Jez/Morgead, leather, fight, blood money, avoidance
Quinn/Ash, Vegas, cold, guarantee

Alec/Seregil, dance, blush, missions, compromised, success, celebration
Dick/Tim, lessons, mirror

Nikki and Nora
Nikki/Nora, chase, dancing, family, partners

Ava/Christian, mirror mirror

No Heroics
Alex/Devlin, restroom, mind games, innuendo, competition

No Rest for the Wicked
November/Red, cloak, rain, bruised

Nobuta wo Produce
Akira/Nobuta, camera
Nobuta/Mariko, flowers
Shuuji/Akira, well-tailored suits, wet dreams

Nodame Cantabile
Chiaki/Nodame, fine-tuning, performance, lost causes

Kirika/Mirielle, flower, stairs, sheets, rain, on the move, hello

North and South (US)
Ashton/Charles, wise, unbelievable, shameless, fingertips
Ashton/Madeline, improper, thanks, blackmail, pregnancy, boat, disapproval, parasol, hair, scratch
Augusta/Charles, dawn, past, longing, more
Bent/George, rape, dominance
Bent/Orry, rape, dominance
Billy/Brett, alone, mine, snatched moment, together,
Billy/Charles, snatched moment, other side, painful, need, West Point
Billy/Charles/Brett, alone, together, solution, friendly, natural
Brett/Ashton, despoil, revenge, hate!sex, never, surrender, scared
Constance/Brett, family, sweet, kindness, practicality, wanting
Constance/Isabel, allure, accent
George/Constance, adore, remember, pregnant, afternoon, flour
George/Orry, snow, charisma, distraction, uniforms, difference, warmth, kiss, uniform, conflict, friendship, West Point
George/Stanley, hurt, pain, redemption, forgiveness
George/Stanley/Billy, youth, fun, brotherly
Madeline/Constance, unexpected, warm, pale, sweet

North by Northwest
Phillip/Leonard, permission, strategy

Northern Exposure
Chris/anyone, poetry, cabin, lake
Joel/Maggie, domestic, snow, forgotten, awkward, air

Alicia/T.R., need

Now and Again
Michael/Lisa, [any]

Alan/Margaret, past, threesome, Sixties, Seventies, reunion, marriage, renewal
Alan/Millie, reunion, farewell, curves, bounce, strip poker, book
Amita/Alan, family, waiting, father,
Amita/Charlie/Don, middle, unexpected, guilt, fantasy,
Amita/Megan, soft, kiss, sigh
Billy/Don, threesome, party, wall, punch, visit, call, click, note, recovery, stakeout, road trip, intel
Charlie/Colby, guns, brilliant, run, gum, clearance
Charlie/Amita, past, present, threesome, culture, yogurt, beans, laptop, light, calculate, click, sweater, slip, dress, shoe
Charlie/Don, fear, unexpected, fantasy, loss, hidden, threesome, insane, secret, sparkle, shirt, light, darkness, dream, sleep, scar, bite, kiss
Charlie/Ian, Killer
Charlie/Larry, Homeless
Colby/David, lines, threesome, hair, shirt, shoe, ankle, tattoo, map, gun, apple, dinner, fall, book
Colby/Don, straps, kevlar, downtime
Colby/Liz, bruise, bar
Coop/Don, History
David/Claudia, reunion, farewell, threesome, visit, letter, thought
Don/Ameida, watching, choices
Don/Amita, math, sweetheart
Don/Ian, Fun
Don/Robin, stop, start, drive, car, gun, spar, shirt, slip, dress, shoe
Edgerton/Colby, scope, track, poker, drive, stare
Larry/Megan, glimpse, phone, discussion, decision, star, nebula, galaxy, change, book, geeky, scientific explanation, shy, determined
Liz/Nikki, strip poker, star, curl, wash, shower, kick, spar, threesome, bra, dress, polish, paint
Megan/any FBI agent, control, high heeled shoe, handcuffs, gun, in charge, open, window

Eve/Kurt, rivalry

Ocean's Eleven Trilogy
Danny/Rusty, food, undercover, heist, run, score, cave-of-riches, list, claim, missed, convince, cocktail, explosion, break, lucky
Linus/Rusty, awkward

Okage: Shadow King
Ari, privacy
Stan/Ari, "slave," pushy, redhead, camp

Oliver Twist
Dodger/Oliver, loyalty

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
El/Sands, music, note, darkness, retribution
Sands/Ajedrez, funky, played, hips

One Night Stand
Charlie/Max, theatre, news

One Piece
Chaka/Pell, grooming
Luffy/Nami, gold, summer, sewing, sinking

One Tree Hill
Brooke/Haley, kissing-booth, cheerleader, fashion, locker
Brooke/Julian, movie
Chris/Haley, tour, diary, mini-golf, band, movie
Nathan/Haley, unmarried, sprinkler, shower, engagement

Oniisama E
Kaoru/Rei, candles, anger, tears, fingertips, pretend, desperation, break, reach, cautious, scars, need, demand, want, perfect-moment, hidden, leave-this-behind

Ookiku Furikabutte
Mihashi/Abe, heartbeat
Mihashi/Shinooka, flustered, blushing
Momokan/Hanai, manipulation
Ren Mihashi/Takaya Abe, fighting-panties
Tajima/Hanai, loud, unsubtle

Order of the Stick
Belkar/anyone, portable, half-pint
Belkar/Vaarsuvius, explanation, nosy
Haley/Elan, epic poetry, lockpick
Nale/Sabine, polymorph
Roy/Vaarsuvius, confession

Orosman at Zafira
Zafira/Orosman, a queen beautiful and terrible
Zafira/Zelim, a loyal ally

Oscar Wilde - The Picture of Dorian Gray
Dorian/Basil, derision

Kimie/Takako, chores, following, school

Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi/twins, secret
Kasanoda/Haruhi, big, hands, matter-of-fact
Kasanoda/Tetsuya, rain, gentle, trusted, summer
Kyouya/Haruhi, "How very interesting"
Mori/Haruhi, ice cream
Tamaki/Haruhi, "My princess", tearful, purple

John Grey/Jamie Fraser, close, scared
John Grey/Jamie Fraser/Claire Fraser, drunk

Outlaw Star
Gene/Melfina, technically

Adebisi/Said, deception, self-destruct, begging
Alvarez/Keller, dusty, flavorful, possession, show, strut
Alvarez/Mukada, post-series, savior, sandwich, outside
Alvarez/O'Reily, ability, dulling, glisten, slap, throw
Augustus/Eugene, symphonic, gentility, dislocation
Beecher/Keller, chord, exhibitionism, genuine, June, keening, listening, magic, mirror, nitpick, rough, shove, taxing, tease, teeth, water, family, kids, together, firsts, in-laws, introduction, hands-free, blind, foreplay, soft, cocaine, home, comfort, love, lick, suck, dick, bite, bunk, press, squeeze, pull, glass, pod, sink, dirty, confined, submit, cry, meeting, sight, love, forever, mine, top, spin, dance, humanity, shower, stoned, stairs, closet, stage, costume, strip
Beecher/O'Reily, glass, itch, murmur, sugar
Beecher/Said, neon, risky, scratch, virgin, seduce, slow, silent, secret
Gloria/O'Reily, never, twist, tape
Keller/Anyone, risk, flex, charm, laugh, manage
Keller/O'Reily, weak, mythology, secrets
McManus/Murphy, riccochet, rock, time
Murphy/O'Reily, consequences, lick, spread
Supreme Allah/Arif, uneasy, inhibition, faith, fistfight

P.G. Wodehouse - Jeeves and Wooster
Jeeves/Wooster, phone, need, rub, subtle, proximity, comfort, tension, secret, shower, again, pain, home, tattoo, tease, loyal, devoted, beloved, flibbertigibet, cad, virgin, invert, cravat, jodhpurs, posting (the horse riding term), chartreuse, efficient, proficient, laissez-faire

Pandora Hearts
Alice/Oz, tyrant
Alice/Raven, ownership
Jack/Raven, green, memory, ghost
Raven/Break, cigarette, darkness, gun, secrets, sweet
Raven/Oz, loss, wait, unexpected, different, sunlight, naked, subservience

Parks and Recreation
Leslie/Ann, affection, breaking-up, formal wear, high-five, drunk, warm, trophy wife, tend, confide, pit, epiphany, loser boyfriends, understanding, awkward, sugar mama, oblivious
Leslie/Ron, Tom
Mark/Leslie, sorry, thoughtless, spontaneity, messy, office, desk, election, grope

Fox Crane/Whitney Russell, inevitable, choice
Reese Durkee/Simone Russell, rebound, outcast

Patrica Briggs - Mercy stories
Adam/Sam, lost, fight

Pawns and Symbols
Jean/Tirax, fantasy, dagger, naked, AMTDI

Jimmy Rethrick/Mike Jennings, erased

Penny Arcade
Tycho/Gabe, witchalok, vanguard, chimpanzee

Pepper Dennis
Chick/Charlie, game

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Maya/Tatsuya, forbidden, fidelity, regret

Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Tatsuya/Jun, guilt

Persona 3
Chidori/Junpei, art
Shinjiro/Mitsuru, skirts

Anne/Frederick, waves, whisper, anniversary
Captain Wentworth/Anne Elliot, reunion, necessity, relief, seperation, ocean

Petshop of Horrors
Leon/D, island, dragon, moon, dawn, working

Phantom of the Opera
Erik/Christine, underground, mirror, fly

Phoenix Wright
Gumshoe/Edgeworth, faithful, handcuffs, waiting
Maya/Ema, replacement

Picnic at Hanging Rock
Miranda/Sara, daisy chains

Pineapple Express
Dale/Saul, boxers, bong, volks wagon van, plastic bags, opium den, fruitcake, cheese slices, Olivia Newton John movie

Lampwick/Pinocchio, mourn, drink, share

Pirates of the Caribbean
Beckett/Jack, deserved, passing the time
Beckett/Norrington, limits
Beckett/Elizabeth, listening intently
Elizabeth/Anamaria, braggadocio, context, trust, abstinence
Elizabeth/Norrington, pedestal, dishonour
Elizabeth/Will, day, water, sunset, captain
Jack/Barbossa, finery, pompous, dripping
Jack/Elizabeth, hopeful, surreal, freedom, jealousy, heat, letters, contest, devotion, silk, slow, perserverance
Jack/Norrington, undone, injustice, ravishing, promises, bindings, heat
Jack/Will, Pearl, what really happened, secrets, behind closed doors, carry on, blacksmith, sword, The Flying Dutchman, forever, immortality, virgin
Jack/Will/Elizabeth, deserted, buttons, portrait
Murtogg/Mullroy, companionship, giggle, barter, derail
Pintel/Ragetti, certify, sweating, crime, finesse
Will/Norrington, Dutchman, service

Point Pleasant
Boyd/Christina, anger, innocence, devil, child, pain, kiss, hatred, cliche

Poltergeist the Legacy

Portrait of Jennie
Eben/Jennie, undertow

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Conner/Hayley, visit, lessons, apologies, revelations
Conner/Kira, [any]
Conner/Kira/Ethan, sack, kitchen, fear, loss, comfort, heartache, bond, circle, support

Power Rangers Mystic Force
Xander/Madison, nervousness, frustration, phone, lonely

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Mack/Tyzonn, breakdown, holiday, joyride, traditions
Will/Miratrix, running, hiding, sneaking, power, man code

Power Rangers SPD
Jack/Sky, leader, legacy
Syd/Z, princess, love, caring, fucking, first, privacy, crying, punishing

Powerpuff Girls Z

Kaoru/Miyako, graduation, loss, green

Pride and Prejudice
Caroline Bingley/Elizabeth Bennet, [any]
Darcy/Whickam, blindfold, white scarf, beautiful, cambridge, bribery, childhood friends, betrayal, once
Mr Collins/Darcy, [any]
Charlotte/Elizabeth, friendship, pragmatism, passion
Darcy/Bingley, open, blunt
Darcy/Elizabeth, repartee, reading, stretching, dominant

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Elizabeth/Darcy, honeymoon, lesson, splatter, Kyoto

Abby/Connor, Stuck
Becker/Abby, anger, wall!sex, rescue, trapped, introduction, bad, influence, protect, armed, tomato, trapped, cover
Becker/Connor, biting, discomfort, thighs, PDAs, spanking, sated, rope
Becker/Connor/Danny, clean, bite, smile, secret, touch, lift, food, red bruise, anomaly, geek, lessons, roommates, stars
Becker/Danny, testing, bound, equal, leader, rough, training
Becker/Quinn, adrenalin, game, guns, glory, control, secrets, jump, top dog
Connor/Cutter, begging, discipline, ice, protectiveness, snark, washing,
Connor/Danny, Equipment
Connor/Lester, roommates, mess, car-share,
Connor/Nick, fix
Helen/Christine, dependent
Lester/Connor, domesticity, morning after, dinner
Nick/Claudia, [any]
Nick/Connor, alone, horrified, papers, research, touch
Nick/Connor/Becker, more, aching
Nick/Jenny, anomaly
Quin/Jenny, authority, sudden, urge, claws, shirt
Stephen/Abby, coffee, seconds, drift, heartbeat,last, morning, remnants, echo
Stephen/Abby/Becker, replacement, similiar

Prince of Tennis
An/Sakuno, good-hands
Fuji/Saeki/Yuuta, old-friends, sandwiches, surprise, what-seriously
Fuji/Yuuta, rebellious-streak, long-day, hush, secret, unspoken, yearning, pacified
Inui/Kaidoh, challenge, breath, more, subtext, studying, postcard
Kirihara/Yuuta, matching-tempers, mischief, kinky
Mizuki/Yuuta, territory, independence
Niou/Sanada, rebellion, control, games, unspoken
Niou/Yagyuu, inside-out, partners-in-crime, alibi
Niou/Yukimura, fun, another, storm
Ryoma/Sakuno, clips, sign, name, grow, refusal, question, win, overcome, capture
Saeki/Yuuta, water, perfect-understanding, helping-hand
Sanada/Kirihara, size-differentials, respect, laughter
Sanada/Tezuka, silence, rivalry, anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better
Sanada/Yanagi, chairs, blowjobs, bathroom, shirtless, anxiety
Sanada/Yukimura, power, urgent, switching, clothes, hands, fumbling, firsts
Tezuka/Atobe, slow, still-waters-run-deep, long-match
Tezuka/Fuji, frustrating, pinned-down, crazy
Yagyuu/Niou, poker, lies, dress, thighs, tattoos, library, pull, impromptu, predict, wounded
Yukimura/Niou, sharp-minds, strange-friends, urgent, ways-to-end-arguments, you're-the-boss
Yukimura/Sanada, strength, territorial, what's-mine-is-mine, ten-years-later, fingers
Yuuta/Fuji, grown-up-now
Yuuta/Saeki, work-and-play, driven, sand
Ahiru/Fakir, Odette, friendship, loyalty, love letters, pas-de-deux, dance, story, knighthood

Princess Tutu
Ahiru/Rue, sympathy, hope, jealousy, tearing, dance-off
Mytho/Rue, swan-feathers, bite, love, consummation, desperation, manipulation

Prison Break
Gretchen/Kellerman, you remind me of me
Gretchen/Lincoln, hate you
Gretchen/Michael, spark
Gretchen/Sara, lights out
Kellerman/Sara, train, iron, payback, testify, crack
Lincoln/Gretchen, game, shoot, head
Lincoln/Sucre, any
Michael/Mahone, push and pull, scent
Michael/Sucre, any

Private Practice
Addison/Charlotte, competition, surgery, in charge, hair
Addison/Noah, don't, rain, stop
Addison/self, kiss, rain
Naomi/Dell, teacher, punishment, goodbye, silk, chocolate
Violet/Cooper, sorry, lies, listen, jealous, years, yearn
Wyatt/Addison, office, return, elevator

Professor Layton
Layton/Claire, happiness
Layton/Luke, genderswitch

Jim/Joanne, recognition, fury
Joanne/Sykes, descent, break, shadow.
Profit/Bobbi, button, style, beg, uncomplicated.
Profit/Gail, one of my kind, corruption, student, focus, admire.

Sophie/Roger, superheroes, costume, science
Stacia/Grace, banter, darling, magic mushrooms
Stacia/Sophie, imaginative, curves, projection

Carlton/Gus/Shawn/Juliet, mishap, Twister
Carlton/Shawn, cupboard-love, handcuffs, situation, AU, job, shooting-range, game, back, covered,
Gus/Shawn, blueberry, case, caught, comfort, cookies, game, permission, pillow, slide, entrapment, gummy, phone-number, spider, road-trip, job, key, break, phone-call, run, race, habit, quirk, fact, uncover, vacation, quit, secret, detect, femslash, huh, know, pineapple, risk, listen, sneak, sand
Jules/April MacArthur, fish food, sunny, enduring, chapstick
Jules/Vick, perky, respite, desk
Juliet/Lassiter, stake out, nintendo, bulletproof vest, adrenaline, undercover
Lassiter/Shawn, belts, restraint, gone, lurch, switch, tread
Lassiter/Spencer, gun, pineapple, gum smacking, badge, bunny suit
Shawn/Gus/Jules, slumber party, roller derby, Comicon
Shawn/Juliet, proof, test, once, putting together clues
Shawn/Lassiter, sneakers, bicycle, swords, time, beads, water

Norman/Marion, shy, suitcase, taste

Pushing Daisies
Alfredo/Olive, breathe, happily ever after
Emerson/Ralston, case, different
Lily/Vivian, soft touch
Maurice/Olive/Ralston, illusion, lovely assistant
Ned/Chuck, distance, flowers, morning, sleepy, warmth, steady, strong, pink, green, strawberry, need, poison, hurt, cake, surprise, untouchable, bubbles, bees, walls, bells, scent, contraptions, plastic wrap, proxy, minute, elephant, normal, heat
Ned/Olive, birthdays, weddings, funerals, detectives, pining, touching, abandon, friendship, comfort, ending, joy, forbidden, real, love, fantasies, song, taste
Ned/Olive/Chuck, yes, between the lines, unexpected, overjoyed, swinger, surrogacy
Olive/Chuck, roommates, sharing clothes, sensory deprivation, substitutions
Olive/Emerson, positive thinking

Quantum Leap
Al/Sam, home, touch, desert, cigar smoke, leap, reflection

Queer as Folk (UK)
Stuart/Vince, public, dirty, backseat, sun-kissed, separation, letters, shopping, money, fiftieth

Queer as Folk (US)
Brian/Michael, car
Jim Stockwell/Brian Kinney, curiosity

Questionable Content
Hannelore/Marigold, sanitize

Charlie Decker/Ted Jones, hide

Ranma ½
Mousse/Ryouga, commiseration
Nabiki/Tatewaki, honesty, mercenary, curse, promise
Tatewaki/Ranma, romance, confusion, secret, pretense, treasure, kendo, Jusenkyo, triumph, pigtail
Tofu/Kasumi, shy, care, medicine, love

Rave Macbeth
Marcus/Lidia/Troy/Helena, dance, ecstasy, heat, lights

Raymond Chandler - The Long Goodbye
Terry Lennox/Philip Marlowe, scars, gimlet, cocktails, quiet-bar, queer, disguise, bitter

Read Or Dream
Yomiko/Nenene, storybook

Morgan/Sam, reunion
Sock/Gladys, horrible, nightmares, friends, enemies, collecting

Red Eye
Lisa/Jackson, ka-bar, coffee

Refugee (Arthur C Clarke)
Captain Saunders/Prince Henry, cabin-boy

David Sandstrom/Caroline Morrison, table, bourbon, science, hotel
Owen/Jill, mistake

Reno 911!
Johnson/Garcia, confessions
Williams/Garcia, in the club

Maureen/OFC, catscratch
Roger/April, single drop, addiction

Repo! The Genetic Opera
Blind Mag/Shilo, mermaid, voices, echoes, sleeping
Graverobber/Amber, clean, withdrawl, fishnets
Mag/Marni, pre-wedding jitters

Reservoir Dogs
Blonde/Orange, bitch
Orange/White, daddy

Return to Labyrinth (comic/manga)
Sarah/Jareth, dreaming, thirteen, seduction, passion, artless, amazing, Pathfinder

RG Veda
Kendappa/Souma, dance, music, sensual

Nick/Cody, beach, candy, cool, drunk, grateful, heat, lips, moustache, revenge, swimming, search, sunshine, mirror, coffee

Robin Hood (BBC 2006)
Allan/Will/Djaq, quiet, foreign, alchemy, you
Guy/Marian, betray, love, outlaw, decent, good, evil, sad, faith
Prince Johan/Isabella, wily, king, treason, protection

Robin Hood
Guy/Robin/Isabella, forbidden, seduction, sandwich
Prince John/Guy of Gisbourne, love, bondage, desperation
Robin/Djac, war, understanding, holyland
Robin/Isabella, strawberries, Locksley Manor, ruthless
Robin/Kate, independant, sweet, blonde, glare, fight, bars, guarded, kiss, campfire, woodland, hidden, river, bath

Robin of Sherwood
de Bellem/Marion, empty
Nasir/Will, sword
Sarah/Nasir, home
Sheriff/Guy, whipping boy

Antony/adult!Octavian, motherfucker
Antony/Octavian, snack
Antony/Brutus, control, victory, knees, contrary, truth, ruins of the Republic, head held high, fall on your sword, last man standing
Atia/Pullo, slumming, trade
Caesar/Brutus, pledge, loyalty, marked
Niobe/Vorenus, whisper, unknown
Octavian/Livia, slap, weakness
Octavian/Octavia, jealous
Vorenus/Pullo, brothers in arms, bloodplay, manly, disgusting, obvious, scars, desert, Mars, Hades, strength

Brandon/Phillip, elegant, rain, bathtub, envy, vacation, piano, mountains, deviance

Rose of Versailles
Alain/Andre, barracks, relief, refusal, asleep, hidden, voyeurism, need, subvert, need, avoidance, barfight
Oscar/Andre, time, equality, experiment, touches, denial, alleyway, swordplay, jealousy

Max/Liz, aliens
Michael/Isabel, desert, forget, pregnancy
Michael/Maria, argue, fab, history, nails

Run Fatboy Run
Dennis/Libby, habit, comfortable, quiet, rain, discovery

Rurouni Kenshin
Enishi/Kenshin, family, hair, obsession, revenge, giult, duty, insanity.
Kenshin/Kaoru, you, sleeping, moon
Kenshin/Tomoe, sheathe, winter, snow, scent, flowers, consummation, rain, blood, solace, tender, fire, water, festival.
Saitou/Battousai, fast and hard, guilt, dark alley, rainy day
Saitou/Kenshin, amber, sword, hate, alleys, blood, ambush, bridge, eyes.

Sailor Moon
Haruka/Usagi, argumentative, gravity, hair
Mina/Malachite, [any]

Saiyuki Gaiden
Tenpou/Kenren, lazy, change, below, stars, tree, alcohol, laughter, goodbye

Saiyuki Reload
Chin Iisou/Hakkai, guilt, secrets, alley
Gat/Hazel, safety, denial, guilt, fingernails
Gojyo/Hakkai, mafia, secret, lifeline
Gojyo/Hakkai/OFC, watching, sharing
Gojyo/Sanzo, violence, punch, shoot, die, red, hatred, dislike, want, discomfort
Goku/Sanzo, mountain, travel, past, future, promise, relief, shatter, break, heal, bright, sunlight, bond, depth, safety
Gojyo/Hakkai, demons, home, adventure, longing, gun, knife, computers, glasses, office, windows, blackout, panties, trust, knowledge
Goku/Hakkai, teacher, gift
Hakkai/Kannan, wild, passion, naughty
Hakkai/Sanzo, journal, bitching, absolution, guardian, sanctuary, chance, punishment, kink, silk, intensity, saved
Hazel/Sanzo, cloth, vow, dead, revelation, mystic, y'all, tourist, surprise, humanity
Sanzo/Anyone, silence, sleep, touch, secret, teasing

Samurai Deeper Kyo
Kyo/Yuya, clothing, bigger

Ashley/Henry, benefits, first, accidental, protective, fighting, death, danger, camera, longing
Ashley/Henry/Will, bedroom, Helen, touching, life, scar, hilarity, proposition
Druitt/Helen/Watson, need, desire, etiquette, proper
Druitt/Tesla, dangerous, knees, pissing contest
Druitt/Watson, rivalry, friendship, criminal
Druitt/Will, scared, psychology, mind games, choke
Druitt/Helen, fiance, urge, evil, darkness, death
Eleanor/Helen, morgue, cold, slab, lunch
Helen/Tesla, electricity, bite, futile resistance, smirk
Helen/Will, in the dark, beginning, power, accept, refuse, quit
Henry/Will, game, mutate, piercing, still, trapped, music, secrets, life, desperation, cure
Joe Kavanaugh/Will, secrets, observation, handcuffs, engine, smoking gun

Bast/Dream, huntress
Chantal/Zelda, meeting, immobile
Death/Desire, empathy
Dream/Titania, midsummer
Gilbert/Rose, gardens, unrequited, dreamscape

Sapphire and Steel
Sapphire/Steel, clockwork, elemental, vanished, trap, trust, arrogance

Save the Last Dance
Derek/Sarah, strength, grace, shake it

Randy/Stu, before

Carla/Jordan, baby blues
Dr Cox/Elliot, on-call
Dr Cox/JD, nightmare, possession, wall, mine, vampire, blood, red, bravery, shout
Dr Cox/Jordan, years, anniversary, hate, walls, borderline, apology, family, caress, soft, unspoken
Elliot/Jordan, lemon drops
Elliot/Molly, apples, nail polish
Elliot/Turk, scrubs
JD/Janitor, date, dinner, movie, repression, anger, penny
JD/Janitor/Cox, games, winning, sharing
JD/Turk, Guy Love, chocolate, excuses, stress, lazy,

Sea Patrol
Bomber/Buffer, Tease
Buffer/RO, Bunk
RO/Spider, Coward

Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Ben/Hannah, pretend, unmasked, playing, couples, stockings

Cosmo Kramer/Jerry Seinfeld, ordinary
Elaine Benes/George Costanza, buttons

Sense and Sensibility
Brandon/Willoughby, fight, swords, punishment, cold, hunter
Elenor Dashwood/Col Brandon, grief
Mrs Dashwood/Willoughby, lonely

Shadow of a Doubt
Uncle Charlie/Young Charlie, fedora, bite, spider, newspaper

Shakespeare—Romeo and Juliet
Tybalt/Lady Capulet, favorite nephew
Tybalt/Mercutio, explosive combination

Stark/Jessica, desk, courtroom, tension

Sharpe/Harper, exasperating, horse, quality, insult, drunken

Shaun/Zach, serendipity, wrist, bedding, texting

Sherlock Holmes stories (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Holmes/Watson, deduce, lead, affinity, heartbeat, pulse, fear, dreams, hands, eyes, invitation, reunion, massage, convince, calm, pirates, distraction, captive, tease, birthday, surprise, tattoo, demonstrate, violin, corset, car, pain, touch, poison, language, afterglow, forgiven, travel, exasperation, healing, leaving, reckless, caning
James Dodd/Godfrey Emsworth, reunion
Dr Mortimer/Henry Baskerville, convalescence
Violet de Merville/Kitty Winter, rough, soft

She's The Man
Duke/Viola/Olivia, straightforward, costume

Mike/Ethan, Amazon, Shortpacked-pulls-the-porn-tag

Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Anthy/Utena, equal, freedom, rewritten, adventure
Juri/Miki/Nanami, overdone
Juri/Nanami, sunlight, ticklish, sudden, college
Juri/Kozue/Nanami, trouble
Mikage/Mamiya, mirror, flowers
Shiori/Juri, later, understanding, revolution
Saionji/ Touga, trust-fall

Shounen Onmyouji
Guren/Kou, old-friends
Guren/Masahiro, absolute, tender-hearted, deep-seated, lingering, amnesiac, ownership, protectiveness, protect
Guren/Seiryuu, rage, steam, pressure
Masahiro/ Seiryuu, surprise, curiosity
Seimei/ Seiryuu, relief, wonder, permission
Masahiro/ Yukinari, education

Silk Stalkings
Chris/Rita, happy, never, undercover, friendship, falling

Silver Diamond
Chigusa/Rakan, excuses, touch, need, familiar, embrace, comfort, initiative, blossoms, change
The Ayame Prince/Kinrei, beautiful, monster
The Ayame Prince/Rakan, beauty, possessiveness, rescue, grace

Singing in the Rain
Cosmo/Don/Kathy, rain, window, premiere, famous, scandal, family, close, love, Lina, missing link, whole, joy, song and dance, love in b minor

Georgie Whitsig/Brian Kohler-Voss, regret, baby, happiness, age, forgiveness

Anwar/Chris/Jal/Cassie /Tony/Sid/Michelle/Maxxie, love
Cassie/JJ, medicated, bright
Cassie/Michelle, it doesn't matter anyway
Chris/Maxxie, spliff, exhale, alcoholic
Chris/Maxxie/Tony, hobby, experiment, smell
Chris/Cook, spliff, fumble
Cook/Effie/Freddie, power play, claim
Cook/Freddie, puberty, virgin, bruise, porn, masturbate, love, bite, grab, taste
Cook/JJ, protection, smile, magic, tease, pills, virgin, fast, eager, hands, wet, saliva, tongue, world, panic, teeth, again
Effy/Emily, lips, sticky, Schnapps, shots, stomach, licking, bittersweet, guilty
Effy/Freddie, touch, water, fishnets, woods, cry, mess
Effy/JJ, laugh, fast, drunk, limbs
Effy/Katie, stitches, marijuana, cunt
Effy/Tony, high, kiss, rough, quick, bedroom, quiet, sheets, birthday, mirror, pills, runs in the family
Emily/Naomi, loud, public, passionate, eager, press, arch
Emily/Katie/Naomi, possessive, who's who, extraneous
Freddie/JJ, ease, morning, slow, young, the shed, mutual masturbation, soft
Freddie/Karen, shower, guilt, masturbation, tease, breath
Karen/Katie, prank, striptease, tits, revenge
Katie/Naomi, tricked you, bitemark
Maxxie/Tony, dance, lapdance, mistakes, stolen
Sid/Tony, porn, handcuffs, invitation, trust-fall, afterglow
Sid/Michelle/Tony, inevitable, friends, alcohol, tangle, lipstick, drowning

Skip Beat!
Amamiya,/Kyoko Natsu
Kyoko/Kanae (Moko), stardom, sleepy, rituals, chocolate, Valentine, sleepover, nude scene
Kyoko/Reino, curse doll
Kyoko/Ren, dangerous, tabloids, sensational
Kyoko/Sho, defeat, the good times, sex appeal

Sky High
Gwen/Penny, clonecest, multiple, minion, bored
Layla/Warren, fire, water, earth, air, growing
Warren/Will, confusion, spandex, broken electronics, noise
Warren/Will/Layla, graduation, legacy, media, attention, superpowers, growing up, adolescent awkwardness, love triangle in the truest sense, flowers, fire, strength, sidekicks, superheroes, college, life

Sleeping Beauty
Aurora/Philip, forest

Slings and Arrows
Anna/Nahum, roll, venture, ordinary, fingertip
Ellen/Geoffrey, punctual, surreptitious, honesty, intangible, sorry
Ellen/Oliver, pity, sublime
Geoffrey/Oliver, bitextual, superstition, bastard, vocabulary
Geoffrey/Oliver/Ellen, subliminal, ridiculous
Richard/Darren, competition, paperwork, eyeglasses, suit, impossible

Slumdog Millionaire
Latika/Jamal, after, beginning

AC/Dinah, slide, underwater
AC/Dinah/Oliver, boss, house
AC/Victor, one night stand, pretend, unexpected
Bart/Chloe, whipped cream, Watchtower, lingerie, shower, together
Blur/Lois, phone booth, exclusive
Chloe/Kara, smarter than you thought, understand, test, comfort
Chloe/Lana, more than friends, living together, dorms, what they don't know, I missed you, experimenting, Talon, candles
Chloe/Zatanna, parlor tricks
Clark/Alicia, wishes, red
Clark/Chloe, alone, secret, stranded, rebound, L.L.,deadline, remains, ruins, remember, dance, tender, cause, effect, darker, hazy, forgive, beacon, after, human, left, becoming, salvation, redemption, guardian, difference, somnambulism, red, dirt, warm, move, space, sorry, home, lips, fever, zing
Clark/Davis/Chloe, sacrifice, selfless, protection
Clark/Jason, stalker, friendly, showers, teaches, wet, panting, filth, dominate, weeping, amazed, once, torment, love
Clark/Lex, garden, symbiosis, reuinion, bruises, spring, flight, world, grow, combine, illuminate, return, forever, consort, invasion, ring bearer, crown, history, hostage, tied, sleepy, snuggle, sexy, photo, stalk, new car smell, tattoo, hostile, silk, satin, cotton, flannel, hair cut, entice, custom made, AU, royalty, prince of the city, genderswap, concubine, poetry, rooftop
Clark/Lois, adrenalin, front page story, handcuffs, heatwave, jail cell, mug shot, oblivious, snuggle, stubble, swimming, undercover, wet, alley, arctic, bondage, bruises, desperation, fecund, femdom, friction, gentle, heat, hunger, ink, ice, idyllic, island, Kryptonian, Kryptonite, marking, mating, raspberries, revelation, restraints, roleplaying, rough, sailing, soaring, solitude, stranded, videotape, arbiter, despair, falter, forgive, grief, humanise, keepsake, miscommunication, outstretch, redefine, reveal, understand, blues, clouds, gingerly, limitless, mirth, reds, solace, sunrise, Daily Planet, phone booth, possessive, interruption, convince, cuddle, seduction, desire, I'm yours, truth, more, red kryptonite, Red Blue Blur, Superman, interview, blur-etto, future, soulmates, reveal, desk, watchtower, time travel, fly, realise, uncertain, barn, fortress, destiny, office, depowered, headline, desk, jealous, quiet, sneak, watchtower, identity, time, fast, x-ray, threaten, surpirsed, glasses, rules, reporting, home, movie, snappy, candy, fuchsia, notebook, confidential, kitchen, rain, videogames, fanfiction, snark, desperation, field, hands, miniskirt, flying, Legion, future, happy, love, lust, red-k, restraint, repent, open, soar
Clark/Maxima, betrothed, elevator, signals
Clark/Oliver, barn, tornado, dream, costumes, plane, farm, passion, forgiveness, "give me a chance", green, one last time, mine, smile, shower, breathless, silk, cape, leather, club, confusion, jealousy, angry sex, working out, sneaking around, fun, Vegas, vacation
Clark/Oliver/Chloe, tango
Clark/Oliver/Lois, belong, coming home, eventually, happily ever after, bed, Sunday mornings, normal, Pulitzer, chores
Clark/Rokk Krinn, future
Davis/Chloe, interest, giving in, on the run, drunk, rose petals, sacrifice, intent, wedding dress, placebo, laugh, grass, truck, lick, redemption, angel, light, dark
Dinah/Zatanna, rely, seduce
George/Chloe, curious, giggle, proposal, vacation, t-shirt, handcuffs, sweat, quiet, fast
Grant/Lois, copy, storage, headline, desk, break
Jason/Chloe, gamble, tease, uniform, flash, revenge, urgent
Jimmy/Chloe, still, present, right
Kal/Chloe, need, whispers, haze, danger, ink, star city, club, alley, rip, defenseless, inhabition, human
Kal/Lois, nightlife, steal, demand, entrance, arouse, psychotic, intoxicated, hunger, fuck, sweat, morning, revert, discomfort, kiss
Kara/Lois, sharing clothes, dressing room, girls night in, drunk
Lana/Tess, agendas, partners, touch, chocolate, offer, smirk, two peas in a pod, exploit
Lex/Adam, piano
Lex/Chloe, office, blackmail, couch, Torch office, addicted, rampant, clue, settle, past, protect, welcome, release, bridge, movie, hard, resistant, haste
Lex/Lana, power, teacher, silk, temptation, lure, unseen, shadow, cream, suit, elite, real, pull, crash, yes, want, desire, shameless, quake, shiver, rug, drive, Paris, remember, Talon, anger, lust
Lex/Oliver, clock, leather, bookcase, iron
Lex/Tess, power, claw, incarnate
Lionel/Chloe, debt, control, fear, closet
Lois/Tess, bondage, toys, nasty, swearing, work, writing, secrets, Clark, night, mansion, champagne, desk, redacted, intrigue, misapprehend, late nights, confront, return, mansion, coming out, wall, anger, love/hate, misconceptions, denial, pursue, tabloids, compliments, giving in, tension, family, past
Oliver/Chloe, healing, suture, lust, pretend, power, today, rain, night, level, meet, ground, casing, mistake, lust, on the beach, celebration, after the mission, temptation, presentation, Watchtower, alone, publicity stunt, travelling, work, duty, partner, second, watchtower
Oliver/Dinah, blindfold, exposed, preparation, stealth, can't stop, second chances, argument, love, happiness, mirror, tights, stories
Oliver/Lois, affair, still, interview, rescue, bed, romance, finding time, whipped cream, penthouse, silence, luggage, promise, article, duties, stiletto
Oliver/Tess, motion, planning, naked, bed, lust, airplane, responsibility, loyalty, restraint, skin
Oliver/Zatanna, spark, magic
Pete/Chloe, first time, fumbling, sweet, lake
Rokk/Lois, [any], future, teach, beginning, distance
Wes/Lois, base, soldier
Whitney/Chloe, hotel, tears, comfort, cream

Smokin' Aces
Darwin/Lester/Jeeves, jail cell, bucket, shotguns
Ivy/Georgia, idleness, manners, bandages
Ivy/Israel, underhanded, blurring, hollow-point

So Weird
Fiona/Jack, need, bus, bathroom, shower, acoustic, belief, spiritual, lick, close, love, possessed

Son Of A Witch
Trism/Liir, education

Soul Eater
Kid/Liz/Patty, counting, marriage, perfectionism
Maka/girl!Chrona, faces, lesbianism, lists, mending, survivors
Soul/Maka, connect, library, books, nails, eat, serve, teeth, fingers, strength, coexistence

South Park
Butters/Cartman, sleep over, caffiene
Cartman/Kenny, inside

Ben/Cooper, beer, cars, heat, smoke, scrape
Cooper/Cesar, quiet comfort, cold beers, gardening, backache, dating a cop
Cooper/Sherman, persistence, pit bull, age difference, Beverly Hills, daddy issues, respect
Lydia/Russell, tempted, garters, shotgun, let go, truths
Sammy/Lydia, after hours

Space: Above and Beyond
Vansen/Handsome Alvon, billiard table, mind-games

Daisy/Tim, jaffa cakes, letter, warm

Speed Racer (movie)
Racer X/Trixie/Speed, overwhelming, pretense
Sparky/Speed, milk, practiced, win

Normie/Mayday, heal

Spider-Man (comics)
Peter Parker/Harry Osborn, Wall, Sins, return
Peter/Mary-Jane, return, need, forever, wedding, lust, coffee, energy

Spider-Man (movie)
Harry Osborn/Peter Parker, [any], question, her, visit, warm, skin, want, riches, envy, green, cranberries, high, flight
Harry/Peter/Mary-Jane, close, wrong, touch, once, sometimes, windows, hurt, betrayal, hope
Spider-Man, Harry/Mary-Jane, settling
Spider-Man, May/Ben, memories, growing, observation
Spider-Man, Peter/Mary-Jane, expectation, fear, love, career, unseen, eyelashes

Spinal Tap
David/Nigel, up to eleven, serenade, love pump

Spirited Away
Haku/Chihiro, memories, water, wind, bridges, home

Tom Quinn/Adam Carter, pain, bite, handcuffs, gun, hope, plead, wait
Tom Quinn/Zoe Reynolds/Danny Hunter, team, punch-drunk, feel, outdoors, loss, pain, forgiveness
Tom/Harry, safe, thief, sleight, wait, funereal
Tom/Jools, security, double-cross

Sports Night
Dan/Casey, charge, talk, soccer, away game, hands, glasses, St. Crispen's Day, declaration, keep, partners, years-gone-by, new company, alone, mistake, return, own, hiding, quiet, affection, little boy, winter in the city, hot time, taxi
Dan/Kim, on-air, pants, hangover, Chinese, pick-up
Dana/Natalie, playful, crazy, drunk, experiment, distance

Jean/Yu, patrol, command, fragile

Spring Awakening
Ernst/Hanschen, lewdly, devoted, predatory
Moritz/Melchior, cheapen, etched, prudish

Star Trek III
David Marcus/Saavik, bonding, mind-meld, experiment, expectations, blood, heat, Genesis, Romulan Ale, ears

Star Trek Nemesis
Picard/Shinzon, mirror, change, pride

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Dax/Sisko, casual, tall-tales, identity, confusion, older, previously
Dax/Worf, harmony, surprising, cultural, bed, fight, wedding
Jadzia/Ezri, memory
Jadzia/Kira, spar, strength, spots, ridges, stretch
Jadzia/Leeta, silly, spots
Julian/Dax, hot, wild, furious

Julian/Garak, reunion, rebuild, kanar, literature, farewell, mystery, education, suspicion, secrets, enhanced, heat, ordinary, frustrating, metaphorically, spying
Julian/Miles, buddies, permission, threesome, hope, beer, drunk, holosuite
Julian/Miles/Keiko, games, voyeur
Laas/Odo, link, reproduction
Odo/Kira, golem, phantom, return, grace, effervescent, goodbye, shimmer, holodeck, laugh, shapeshift, goo, faith, genderless, complicated, wall, sing, solid
Odo/Quark, adversarial
Quark/any, oo-mox
Sisko/Dukat, concerned, political, bargain
Sisko/Worf, mourning, beards, drunk

Star Trek: Enterprise
Archer/Tucker, tent, shuttlepod, stolen moment, water polo, silent, history
Trip/T'Pol, stars, quiet, reflection, neuropressure, wrists, spark

Tucker/Reed, swimming, hand-to-hand combat, sneak, camping, insect, rope
Tucker/Reed/Archer, later, extra, pile, bound, broken

Star Trek: Reboot
Amanda/Sarek, precious, mine, devotion, secrets
Captain Robau/George Kirk, tired, after-hours, languid, nervous

Captain Robau/OFC, command, hard
Chapel/Kirk, familiar, stitches, injury, clandestine, unrequited, flirtation, naughty nurse
Chekov & Kirk/OFC, voyeur
Chekov/Kirk, guild, jailbait, puzhalsta (please), cold, stranded, spar, muscle, lesson, physics
Chekov/Kirk/McCoy, education, physicals, angst, flirting, intellect, southern accents, captain's chair, physical, gaze
Chekov/Kirk/Sulu, additional
Chekov/McCoy, alcohol, cooking, comfort, semantics, coming out, drunk, hangover, fever, whizz-kid, off-limits, fantasy, masturbation, ownership, facial, train
Chekov/Scotty, confirming, mathematics is (not) your boyfriend, engineering, seduction, inappropriate touching, drinking, pranks
Chekov/Spock, improbable
Chekov/Spock/Uhura, threesome, instruction, initiation, customs
Chekov/Sulu, away, quarters, learn, shy, bridge, numbers, youth, training, beginning, desk, lessons, exams, tandem, wonders, silence, away-team, turbolift, vodka, winter, lovely, new, pure, virgin, young, statistics, fly, crush, worry, guilt, fencing, numbers, spar, quarters, math, orientation, xenobotany, linguistic, mirror, difficulties, experience, surprise, control
Chekov/Uhura, sweet, wait, prodigy
First Officer!Kirk/Captain!Spock, chair, example, rebel, balance
Gaila/Kirk, alternate-universe, clash, study hall, shuttlecraft, breathing, flirt, reunion, book, surprise, hidden, reunion
Gaila/Kirk/McCoy, boredom
Gaila/Kirk/Uhura, roommates, celebrate
Gaila/McCoy, doctor, study, green, shower, awesome
Gaila/Scotty, geekgasm, malfunction, still, Jefferies tube
Gaila/Spock, unexpected, release, illicit, projection, green, pointed
Gaila/Spock/Uhura, voyeur, virgin, touch, miniskirt
Gaila/Sulu, meet, greet, whistle, pectorals
Gaila/Uhura, vibrator, shower, first time, rug burn, breakfast
Girl!Kirk/Spock, going down on her in the captain's chair
Kirk/(any), phallic idolatry
Kirk/ex-Mrs. McCoy, bones, betrayal
Kirk/girl!Spock, shiny, ocean
Kirk/McCoy, adrenalin, hostage, risk, stubborn, advice, conditioned, apple, frustration, stupid, space, be careful with that thing, bend, riddance, secret, bones, homesick, drinks, bitter, stitches, inebriation, teeth, away-team, regrets, loneliness, phobias, anchor, bourbon, tongue, bruise, motorcycle, academy, need, Doctor, examination, incorrigible, talk, casual, fever, recklessness, protectiveness, back-up, furious, sick, late, gratitude, jealousy, break-up, eye-roll, hypospray, academy, uniform, fever, home, idiot, patience, learned leadership skills, matchmakers: Spock and Uhura, jealous, sad, comfort, laughter, mend, second, warned, beginning, on-duty, dress uniform, makeup, lost time, school, hands, blue, temper, flirt, stars, rough, floating, anti-gravity, stun, treatment, remedy, sabotage, slutty, music, cheating, tied-up, bound, space bugs, illusion, supernova, don't ask, alcohol, divorce, sharp, stethoscope, prostate exam, check-up, allergy, bed rest, apples, dress uniform, brawl, sober, shared, naked, brothel, off-planet, the ex, boyfriend, stumble, pheromones, sharp, melt, hangover, easy, tintinnabulation, irregular, commission, first, hitch, glass, virgin, secret, date night, sleeping, shut up, hair ruffling, loyalty, bait, oh captain my captain, advantage, aviophobia, aggravation, needles, angst, kinky porn, medical bay, physicals
Kirk/McCoy/Spock, fever, storm, bonding, bold, bright, hush, necessary, stranded, pon farr
Kirk/Spock, accident, captain, wait, fascination, opera, alien, human, touch-telepath, xenophilia, pon farr, partners, oh captain my captain, bar fight, bet, gossip, jealousy, puzzle, biting, mess, fingers, gold, torn, blast, brick, overdrive, snow, books, academy, warp, chair, emotion, rules, destiny, expertise, eternity, intense, prank, familiar, hurry, illogical, still, fever, chess, mind-meld, obvious, bonds, sunlight, forgetting, relentless, undeniable, friendship, shame, home, late night, eyes, non-universal, sweetheart, seed, wind, sunburn, Q, sonic shower, messy, wounded, gelatinous, structure, shore-leave, misfit, memory, new, idiom, heat, surprising turn of events, lap, hair stroking, angry, bait, tear, tease, time, trust, realize, force, joining, finally, dark, history, convince, taste, towel, disguise, cross-dressing, high heels, iridescent, mahogany, alternatives, cargo bay, choke, caress, pollen, drugged, teeth, unexpected, watching, fingers, seduction
Kirk/Spock/Spock Prime, overflow
Kirk/Spock/Uhura, contrast, qualified, vast, room, heels, hair, stars, wonder, composure, playful, luxurious, insistent, surround, not logical, practical jokes, pon farr, aliens, strange, space, endless, shift, teach, deviation, dialect, ice, touch, sweet, rope, patience, mute, gag, nerve-pinch, honey, hyperactive one, intrigue, calming touch, fantasize, one time deal, enterprise, bets, pool, Nyota, why, logical, arrangement
Kirk/Spock Prime, nostalgia, mind meld, heat, longing, texture, skin, knowing fingers, confusion, yearning, impatience, link, memories, fate, substitute, rebirth, image, youth
Kirk/Sulu, breath, adrenaline, favors, skills, Academy, bar, command, uniform, fencing competition, speed, thrust, hiking, warp speed, diplomacy, pulse
Kirk/Uhura, fidelity, talented tongues, line, ship, captain, sex-pollen, diplomacy, trade, language
McCoy, damnit, unrequited, touch, examination, cheating, dorm, desperation
McCoy/Scotty, drinking, exasperation, homesickness, science
McCoy/Spock, snark, disagreement, denial, drunk, "Dammit, I'm a doctor, not a toy!", anatomical differences, intoxicated, concealed emotions, opposites attract, dancing, literal, Dammit, differences, date night, emotions, opposites, bite, bourbon, accent, obvious, gentle, fierce, subterfuge, surprising pon farr focus, advantage, language, culture conflict, misunderstanding, lack of communication, pon farr, anatomical, turbolift, attraction, toy, doctor, concealed
McCoy/Spock/Uhura, angst, drinking, teasing, kissing
McCoy/Uhura, fever, hidden, planet, loyalty, paranoia, dancing, songs, advice, rush
Scotty/Sulu, atmosphere
Scotty/Uhura, kinks, bolts, wrench, grease
Spock, massage, tactile, sounds, dirty-talk, turbolift, calculations, experienced
Spock/Uhura, romance, gender role switch, exotic flowers, angles, bets, patterns, rumours, wind, comfort, barriers, reputation, customs, humanoid, race, family, cunning linguists, challenge, dinner, seduction, alien, drums, meditation, repression, singularity, art nouveau, epiphany, persuasion, instruction, wine, constellation, erogenous zones, truth or dare, exam, patience, first, eyebrows, sunshine, voyeur, dirty, animals, high-heeled boots, hair, aphrodisiacs, letting go, test every hypothesis, lost, unleashed, love, music, distance, hands, peek, fingers, smile, pirates, elevator, repopulate, love-bite, candles, rough-sex, mind-melds, voyeurs, pon farr, turbolift, translating, heartbeat, hair, precious, emotion, anger, proof, joy, road, cold, sunrise, stars, rough, tie, smooth, velvet, stars, bridge, buttons, grades, symbolism, diphthong, glottal, grief, power, understand, meld, embrace, tongue, lessons, wait, restraint, Earth, translate, translation, undeniable logic, after class, secret, intellectual bond, sensuality, discreet passion
Spock Prime/Uhura, potential
Uhura, alone, lights on, half-dressed, annoyed

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Beverly/Jack Crusher, sweet, lovemaking, duty, rain, last time
Beverly/Picard, one for the road, shore leave, breakfast, warm, croissant
Beverly/Picard/Jack Crusher, claret, shore leave, demons
Beverly/Riker, act, trust, scar
Beverly/Riker/Troi, elusive
Data/Geordi, functional
Data/Picard, acting, education, curiosity
Data/Yar, memories
Geordi/Wesley, learning, experiments, ascended
Madred/Picard, perception, relief, sensation
Picard/Q, space-time, unexpected, gender-change, shapeshift, mortal, surprise, inevitable, snap, teasing, omniscience, omnipotent, Borg
Picard/Riker, command, questions, reason, discussion, reliance, number one, manual, jazz
Picard/Worf, father-figure
Riker/Troi, command, dress, Imzadi
Troi/Laren, touch
Troi/Worf, rough, empathy, honor, Klingon
Q/any, genderplay, soliloquy

Star Trek: The Original Series
Amanda/Sarek, unconventional, private
Chapel/Spock, dream, pon farr, fail, crash, desert, sea, corrolate, mine, obscure, mind meld, logic
Chapel/Uhura, mini-skirt, Spock, hard
Chekov/Kirk, attention, condoms, gags, pampering, shyness, vampires,
Chekov/McCoy, amnesia, coming, first, noise, clothes, urgency,
Chekov/Scotty, animalistic, conditioning, flirting, orientation, shower, UST
Kirk/any, xenophilia
Kirk/Spock, alien, human, touch-telepath, illogical, xenophilia, pon-farr, partners, chastity, command, knowledge, quantum, evolution, age, desert, question, viewscreen, mental, choice, alien planet, stranded, observation deck, time travel, pon farr
Kirk/Spock/McCoy, balance
McCoy/Spock, addicted, chocolate, alien, anger, laugh, sickbay, fal-tor-pan, trickster, mirrorverse, chess, mind melds, injury, complaint, bruise, breath
McCoy/Uhura, liquor, red, blue, costumes
Spock/Uhura, music, flirtation, gentleness, restrained, heat, control
Sulu/Uhura, mirrorverse, fencing, captivating

Star Trek: Voyager
B'Elanna/Paris, names, pegging, pregnancy, tradition, painsticks
Chakotay/Janeway, pegging, Captaincy, de-stress, bathtub, control, isolation, lonely, woman
Chakotay/Kim, kink, smarting, discipline
Chakotay/Paris, hurt, jealousy, undeserving, back story, control, denial
Chakotay/Tuvok, undercover, rebels, revenge, spiritual
Janeway/any, power
Janeway/Seven, assistance, Astrometrics, innovation, equality, colour, speed, velvet, cheesecake, structure
Janeway/Torres, humanity, difference
Neelix/Tuvok, bend, Tuvix
Paris/Torres, anger, home, television, duty, red, scream, flying
Seven/Tuvok, damaged, logical, implants, neurochemical imbalance

Star Wars Books (EU)
Jaina Solo/Jagged Fel, ice cold, swollen, bitter, cover story, Force, competition
Tycho Celchu/Winter Celchu, reunion, deals, undercover, trial, starry night
Wedge Antilles/Iella Antilles, married life, retirement, kids, moving house, spooks, missing, time apart, solo missions, wishes, promises
Wedge Antilles/Tycho Celchu, extreme, life or death, trial, Wedge's cooking, relief, parade,
Wedge Antilles/Wes Janson, poker face, practical jokes, Hoth, Sithspit, partners,

Star Wars
Anakin/Padme, beaches, soft, distance, conception, nature, grace, trust, time, sorry, temper, lessons, in charge, flexible, under, worthy, love, Vader, field, privacy, Obi-Wan, Force, father, pregnancy, hair, roboclaw, angst, piracy, stars, pretending, deja vu, overheated
Bethany/Ordo, difficult
Cody/Rex, duty
Corran Horn/Mirax Horn, push, spin, defiance, reunions, trust, pressure
Dash Rendar/Guri, danger, reaching, blasters, silk, sweet
Garik 'Face' Loran/Ton Phanan, scars, cuteness, holovid
Han Solo/Leia, banter, asphyxiation, love, morning, Lando, Chewbacca, forest, spaceship, politics, snark, memories, trust, pride, Force, competition, words, diplomacy, grinning, switch, ladies go first, inspection, hair brush
Han Solo/Wedge Antilles, luck, home, fly, command
Han/Luke, Force, snark, speed, gravity, aftermath, celebration, brandy
Han/Luke/Leia, enclosed, heat, lucky, wink
Jag/Zekk, challenge, steam, scars
Jaina/Kyp, partners, apprentice, Dark Side
Kit Fisto/Aayla Secura, wet, edge, rules, attachments
Leia/Luke, Force, distance, the unknown, force, saber, teach, breathe, memory, mirror, connection
Leia/Winter, remembrance, exasperation
Luke Skywalker/Wedge Antilles, friends, leader, sneaky, fun, celebration, harness, x-wing
Luke/Mara, once
Obi-Wan/Anakin, bound, substitutes, desert, attachments
Obi-wan/Padme, planets, alcohol, sand, wind, camouflage
Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon, illadvised
Queen Amidala/Darth Vader, surrender, kneel, blood,
Qui-Gon/Ben Kenobi, at last
Scorch/Sev, return
Thrawn/Leia, mylady, humor, flirtation, blue
Tycho Celchu/Winter, memory, service, home
Vader/Han, wrong, Force, wingman, loyalty, Imperial, Rebel
Wedge Antilles/Baron Soontir Fel, history, solitude, betray, family, home, farm
Wedge Antilles/Iella Wessiri, past, beg, worry, sun
Wedge Antilles/Tycho Celchu, burn, star, flight, drink, home
Wedge/Wes, bantha, fuel, flying, drinking game, downtime
Wes Janson/Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian, Adumar, crash, Bothans, remember
Wes/Hobbie, tease, alcohol, joke, Kettch

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)
Ahsoka/Anakin, save, leap, hidden

Captain Shakespeare/Skinny Pirate, loyal
Tristan/Yvaine, talisman

Stargate Atlantis
Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson/John Sheppard, lab, sex-pollen
Cameron Mitchell/Teyla, smirk, gleeful, heaven can wait, pretty flyboy
Cameron Mitchell/Vala, art, war, friendship, heartbroken, seduction
Carson/Laura Cadman, explosions, family, camping, fishing, harvest festival, water
Carson/Rodney, care, sweater vests, tea, stay
Carson/Ronon, reunion, healer, dreads
Daniel Jackson/John, alien, ascended, explorers, tongue, rain, storm, geektalk, videogame
Daniel Jackson/John/Rodney, geektalk, play, shameless, videogame, banter
Daniel Jackson/Rodney, genius, betrayal, exhaustion
Elizabeth/Evan Lorne, charged, need, easy, second
Elizabeth/John, redecorate, tongue, command, heartache, careful, flying, water, machines, ocean, hair, neck, fingers, sky, machines, bed, thinking, water, eyes, travel, hope
Elizabeth/Sam, suppose, relieve, chain, opposite, brief, laze
Elizabeth/Radek, choices, regret
Elizabeth/Ronon, bubble bath
Elizabeth/Steven Caldwell, over, camaraderie, push/pull, temper
Elizabeth/Teyla, visit, kidnap, rescue mission, AU, lead, communication
Evan Lorne/John, orientation, boots, posture, silk, comfort, losses
Evan Lorne/Laura Cadman, regulations, underwater, skinny dip, painting, fling
Evan Lorne/Parrish, Pollen
Evan Lorne/Radek, Seconds
Evan Lorne/Rodney, mouth, feather, pencil, keys
Evan Lorne/Teyla, teaching, playful, date, slow, perfume, chocolate, tissue box, laid out
Jack O'Neill/Rodney, retirement, translate, blood
Jennifer/Rodney, weird, blue, computers
Jennifer/Rodney/Ronon, choice, spar, lesson, wafer, draw
Jennifer/Ronon, ease, stitch, converse, ocean, practice, theory, repression, smile, taste, foreign, Earth, offworld, protection
Jennifer/Teyla, lull, carriage, juicy
John/alien princess, transvestite
John/Ava Dixon, reality, touch, visit
John/doppelganger!John, adversity, issues
John/Larrin, bondage, adrenalin, gene, playful
John/Richard, paperwork, exhaustion, wine, enjoy, rope, craving, refinement
John/Rodney, accent, acquaintance, consult, first, girls, pause, second, still, testify, vintage, brainiac, teach, hypochondriac, citrus, quiet, play, collar, On, wet, push, watch, soft, finally, mission, magic, Sphincterine, accidental, glowing, chairs
John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, friction, lean, game, OT4
John/Ronon, knife, injury, San Francisco, surfing, rope, DADT, fight, broken, kiss, run, running, Chewbacca, sports, hair, guns, swords, surfing, lessons, culture clash, fight, words, truth, possessiveness, game, spanking, leather, worship, glasses, obstinate, fire, brand, chase, kink, tentacle, primal
John/Sam, hello, goodbye, Rodney, underwear, regulations, chain of command, math, uniforms
John/Steven Caldwell, kept, bitemarks, obvious
John/Teyla, choices, introductions, silence, storm, tenderness, heat, tea, blue, finders keepers, that's what you get for waking up in vegas, chocolate, lick, slam, down and dirty, blur, laughter, quiet, whisper, practice, new, undress, shower, comfort, luxury, worship, tea, stories, touch, ground, threadbare
John/Todd, compulsion, brother, bond, submit
Radek/Rodney, arguing, wine, screw driver, feather bed, fear, accent, Lab, refuse, scientistic, creation, Czech, arrogance, fail safe, eyeroll
Radek/Ronon, commit, destroy, renew, adjust
Radek/Sam, elevator, laptop, pigeon, home, balcony, lab, glasses, physics
Radek/Teyla, language
Rodney/robot, chrome
Rodney/Sam, exposed
Rodney/strangers, fruit
Rodney/Teyla, hands, joy, quiet, relax, lecture, gentle, fierce, strange, serendipity, desert, ocean, wind, strong, science, distraction, silence, wind, weather
Ronon/Amelia Banks, trapped, long, silk, scent, scar, fun, music, knife, embraceable you, fast and dirty
Ronon/Sam, paint, spar, hair, run, track, lead, workout, training, bodyguard, backache
Ronon/Teyla, ocean, galaxy, fight, startle, cliff, child, loss, calm, race, flip
Sam/Todd, smart, play, power, exlusive, sneaky, confident, confidence, submerged
Teyla/Chuck, gateroom, control, submission, after-hours
Teyla/Kate Heightmeyer, whisper, heights, alcohol, history, meditate
Teyla/Sora, penance
Teyla/Todd, dna, instict, queen, power, hunger, unexpected, comfort, alley, truth, angry, disgust, surprise, feminine, undercover
Todd/f, desperation, loss, hybrid, cure, hunger, feeding, night, forest, cave, hive, superior, scenario, strenght, supple, grand, mine, stars

Stargate SG-1
android!Daniel/android!Jack, experiment
android!Jack/Daniel, reality
Ba'al/Adria, Earth, toys, power, telekinesis, converting
Ba'al/Ba'al, balls
Baal/Jack, hatesex
Ba'al/Qetesh, knife, game, strategy, phone, seize, stroke
Ba'al/RepliCarter, replibondage, dominate, trap, spider, growl
Baal/Vala, adept, insolent, mock, pluck
Baal's host/Vala, agate, brazier, brocade, charisma, empty, fire, possess, revive, thigh, vibrant
Barrett/Sam, undercover, code, stakeout, donut, not exactly, foothold, undercover, dream, assignment, fireworks
Cameron/Daniel, repentance, new, overwhelmed, warm beer, bullet, pinch, ties, leather, bodyswap, tease, star, bang, peer-reviewed, candle, pen, wax, leave, open, dance, finger, star, smoke, drag, bet
Cameron/Daniel/Jack, bonds, brothers, sin, aliens-made-them, sea, stick, petal, thrust, jump, patterns
Cameron/Daniel/Sam, alone, timeline, rope, blind, hope, peace
Cameron/Jolan, spar
Cameron/Paul, surprise, power, truth
Cameron/Sam, ice cream, highway, explosion, pale, apocalypse, chocolate, kneel, pay, key, pride, contrast, TARDIS, fly, clouds, motorcycle, dress blues, scar, wonder
Cameron/Sam/Teal'c, Unending, staff, spar, forgiveness, trust, blame, hold
Cameron/Sam/Vala, toe, spread, trees, leap, secret
Cameron/Teal'c, tiger, bounce, read, stone, shine, memories
Cameron/Teal'c/Vala, glimmer, whine, stick, jewel, obvious
Cameron/Vala, jewel, red, bird, bright, burn, struggle, hairbrush, suede, plug, porn, strap-on, Xbox, mirror, cars, desert, gifts, endings, this seems familiar, have we done this before?
clone!Jack/any, retry
Coburn/Reynolds, [any]
Daniel/Adria, sins
Daniel/Daria, soup, language, caress, car, tree, hat
Daniel/Jack/Sam, lost, coping, wrestle, quiet, bound
Daniel/Jack/Sara, [any]
Daniel/Jack/Sara/Sha're, [any]
Daniel/Janet, laugh, ascended, movie, comfortable
Daniel/Jonas/Sam, home, fish, cell, prayer
Daniel/Kerry, flirt, mystery, payback, secrets
Daniel/Paul, hotel, operate, power, Russia, smooth, translate
Daniel/Robert, chalk, friendship, nostalgia, parchment, unearth
Daniel/Sabrina, adventure, convenience, excavate, family, mischief, obligation, whips
Daniel/Sam, undress, storm, body, tip, pants, books, fishing, history, difference, translate, connect, heal, touchstone, soul, burn, rain, fire
Daniel/Sam/Rodney, genius, puzzle, ancient, stars
Daniel/Sam/Teal'c, tentative, burn, lost, stranded, trap, familiar
Daniel/Sam/Vala, tease, overwhelm, tickle, martini, sparkle, slide, trickery, motorbike, force, cold
Daniel/Sara, [any]
Daniel/Sarah, repair, pottery, grad school, tomb, coffee
Daniel/Sha're, language, sand, future, tears, ascended, memory, sand
Daniel/Teal'c, lesson
Daniel/Vala, pyramids, mirrors, stranded, angry
Daniel/Weir, blonde, etymology, negotiation, silk
Faxon/Sam, diplomacy, hands, rescue, shoe, smile, dress, mud, sun, time, harvest
Ishta/Vala, [any]
Jack/Cameron, aside, cactus, border, accessory, silk, wine, servitude, laughter, bend
Jack/Daniel, listen, cabin, lake, fish, wine, whine, pile of books, alien sex scrolls, woods, muffled, game, reverse, slow, retreat, vacation, tent, teeth, fire, frozen, wasteland, summer, bandage, initiation, music, old, Retire, dildo, famished, grief, laughter, Merlot, phallus, soothe, tentative, toy
Jack/Janet, before, loss, hold, laugh, solitude, comfort
Jack/Joe, [any]
Jack/Pete, handcuffs
Jack/Sam, pie, chocolate, vanilla, explanation, lips, curtains, smile, curling, invisible, linger, window, sweat, flying, jello, dog tags, uniforms, cake, hands, public scrutiny, uniform, shiny brass buttons, DC winter, silk, equations, tree, slow, lake, hands, uniform, awake, jello, normal
Jack/Sara, end, whisper, grieve, lifetime, wedding, hockey, laundry, never enough, forgive
Jack/Teal'c, party, hat, wind, table, bow
Jack/Vala, voyeur, exhibitionist, furious, leather, mockery, solace
Janet/Bregman, eyes, gold, observe
Jolinar/Martouf, sunset, rebellion, secrets, hands
Jolinar/Qetesh, [any], torment, twist, glow, memory
Jolinar/Rosha/Martouf/Lantash, body, sun, happy, scars
Jonas/Vala, squeeze, caper, steal, run, Earth
Kerry/Sam, [any]
Martouf/Sam, reunion, hand, BDU, undercover, memory, relief, endings, similar, blind
Sam/Sara, bereaved, compare, denim, golden, engine, sufficient
Sam/Teal'c, tentative, faith, cello, Odyssey, forever, hug, abandon, pizza, 'Unending', grief, divorce, enough, slim, ocean, rain, neck
Sam/Vala, grief, save, curl, ring, fire, chain, identity, toys, exploration, shopping, hidden, Tok'ra, earring, money, serious, reverse, island, survival
Sara/Sha're, capable, courage, lithe, mist, sand, smoke
Sha're/Vala, free, identity, plunder, rebel, self, sinuous
Teal'c/Siler, gentle, laconic, muscle, strength, tool
Teal'c/Tomin, heal
Teal'c/Vala, human, alien, basketball, jump, cooking, spar, religion
Vala/Marks, seduction, nervousness
Vala/Tomin, wedding bed, conception, forgiveness, goodbye, affection, armor, battle, impossible, love, need, respect

State Of Play (UK)
Cal/Anne, chest groping, fool's gold, uncertainty, red lips, Domme, damaged, caresses, muscles, hotel, red wine, phone!sex, illicit, red/gold, bedlinen
Cal/Anne/Stephen, embarrassment, always, wanting, reconciliation, take him home, seduction, dominatrix, BDSM, strap-on
Cal/Cameron, boss, subordinate, knees, job, journalism, determination, for the story,
Cal/Dan, ropes, investigative, technique, good,` story, fast, hard, rimming
Cal/Dominic, scared, wet shirt, lager, don't know, under an hour
Cameron/Dan, Daddy, undercover, for the story, pretence, collar
Dan/Dominic, similarities, fun loving, me?
Della/Bell, handcuffs, exchange, lips, powerful, hair
Della/Helen, comfort, stay with me, drunk, kisses
Dominic/Sid, anonymous, magazine, half-smile, why not?, game on, he's fit, nine minutes
Helen/Cal, journalists, moment, wall
Stephen/Cal, comfort, spare room, mates, dirty talk, rimming, painless affair

Storm Hawks
Aerrow/Dark Ace, capture, ego, obedience
Aerrow/Finn, ego, trash, misfire, cheat, spar
Dark Ace/Ravess, dominance
Finn/Dark Ace, capture, ego, flight, spar
Harrier/anyone, proper, tea, fight, cheat
Piper/Cyclonis, callous, calluses, work, truce
Piper/Finn, trash, mishap, out!, easy, spanner

Strangers in Paradise
Katchoo/Francine, home, enough, regret

Strangers on a Train
Guy/Bruno, spin, electric, satin

Street Fighter
Vega/Sagat, costume, allies, murder, tiger

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Danny Tripp/Matt Albie/Harriet Hayes, trapped, sky, hands, overwhelming, tongue-tied
Jack/Jordan, affair, awards show, bite me, control room, dirty talk, red, scotch, technicolor, wedding
Jordan/Harriet, after-party, bedpost, boys, champagne, kiss, public, tongue, voyeur

Suite Life of Zack & Cody
Maddie/London, silk, tease, strap-on

Summertime Switch
Freddie Egan/Frederick Egan III, name
Frederick Egan III/Ferret, dumped

Sun Sword
Alora/Teresa, harem, duty, surrender
Auralis/Kiriel, kiallinan, weakness
Avandar/Jewel, gentle, power, visions, history, blood
Kallandras/Evayne, time, bitterness, trust, power, stories, comfort, end
Margret/Diora, Voyanne, vows, loneliness, honor, vision, heart
Valedan/Diora, sun, Lady, duty, power, water, strength

Sunset Boulevard
Norma/Joe, wait

Superman Returns
Clark/Lois/Richard, shifting, price, surrogate, quiet, together, smile, love, threesome, sheets, team-up, warm, tackle
Lois/Richard, hate, mindless, guilt, lust, bar, replacement, nails, biting, memories, demons, snark, hilarity, awkward, accident
Superman/Lois, secret

Clark/Jimmy, newspaper, hero, wet, curls, glasses, copier, camera, cape
Clark/Lana, bright, intellect, school, farm, pretty, dreams, boyhood, marriage, careful, Superman
Lois/Clark, dream, restless, agony, perfection, field, love, lust, cigarette, fire, city, pulse, senses, pregnancy, hands, skin, eyes, impenetrable, world, work, privacy, stories, memories, chasing, everywhere, look, red, bright, taffeta, sunshine, water, ink, desk, dusk, Lois/Clark/Lana, women, hair, choices, team-up,
Lois/Lana, Superman, pretty, rivalry, hatesex, hair, nails, jealousy, friendship

Alastair/Castiel, bargain, break, fallen
Alastair/Dean, expertise, investment, quietude
Anna/Castiel, abandon, bittersweet, shudder, before, celestial, float, disobedient, obedience, rebellion, edge
Anna/Dean, last night on earth, rescue, revered, devout
Anna/Dean/Castiel, glory, relief, downfall
Ava/Sam, distraction, nervous
Bela/Dean, angry sex, misgiving, rack, sharp, denial, blood, strong, hint, scent, absolution, bargain, anger, tuxedo
Bill/John, march, truck, campfire
Bobby/Dean, mortal, budweiser
Bobby/John, Vietnam
Castiel/Chuck, revered, faith, lost
Castiel/Dean, soothe, hearth, heat, whisper, shield, sword, tempest, comet, purr, sing, catch, taunt, infinite, handjob, pliant, seed, wings, feather, fly, burn, tears, desperate, honey, mountain, river, leather, light, begging, hurt/comfort, praying, belief, natural, morning, breathing, coat, desperate, blaze, command, faith, stare, vows, wings, fall, sacrifice, bleed, frightened, red, zombies, guardian angel, eternity, loss, grasp, gasp, leather, soft, rain, tears, park, bench, moon, picture frame, piety, circle, record, apocalypse, survivors, purgatory, fall, saved, healed, Anna, jealousy, clouds, sin, prayer, blaspheme, toes, awake, salt, quick, stone, elevator, twitch, nightmare, pie, wings, enfold, generous, brother
Castiel/Dean/Jimmy, illegal, enemy, honorable, fight, impossible
Castiel/Dean/Sam, blood, punishment, comfort, shock, saved, rocksalt, chalk, flowers, clouds, sentence, lasting, meaningful
Castiel/John, pact, sent, divide, missing
Castiel/John/Mary, save
Castiel/Lilith, Duality, Fall, Temptation
Castiel/Lucifer, flesh, damnation, falling
Castiel/Sam, blue, ties, bright, power, strange, redemption, water, spring, save, sound
Dean Smith/Sam Wesson, artifice, Master Cleanse, watersports, telephone, spreadsheet, tie
Dean/Sam, Halloween, deal, end, fight, blood, dust, motel, double bed, honeymoon suite, sunlight, hell, gun, knife, hand-to-hand, Stanford, college boy, easy lay, 5-star accommodations, teddy bear, boots, Lucifer, Morningstar, ash, burden, passion, showstopper, mouth, deny, pinned, rain, first, kiss, injury, steam, trapped, darkness, blind, drunk, fumbling, anger, punch, bottom, weight, register, leap, trust, shatter, discovery, books, different, wrong, change, hot weather, Popsicle, knife, faeries, rock, hardcore, lies, betrayal, sacrament, oil, natural, lilies, love, hate, bitter, suck, hug, icecream, chair, haunted, burst, lake, bacon-flavored lube, cabin, survive, wake, evil!Sam, memories, hope, zipper, reconciliation, shopping, laundry, sometimes, forgetting, sweat, stale, raw, blood, cheap, teach, scent, snuggle, playground, sheets, wisdom, French
Dean/Impala, growl, horsepower
Dean/Jess, broken, scarred, dusty, ache, forgive
Dean/Jo, return, gun, sweat, beer, long, wet, hair, hunter/hunted, callus/calluses, straddle, road, protection, smile
Dean/Jo/Sam, heal, settling, witchcraft
Dean/John, possession, Hell, dreams
Dean/Lisa, yoga, nails
Dean/Ruby, knife, blood, jealousy
Dean/Victor, pull, lost, mockery, badge, jacket, shiver
ghost!Bill/John/Jo, connect, lost
Jo/John, handcuffs, tease, thunderstorm, sparring, relief, smiles
John/Dean/Sam/OFC, postapoc, stubble, cabin
John/Ellen, comfort, keys, startled, pictures, forget
John/Mary, summer, drinks, backseat, sweet, sun, thunder, spring, water
Lilith/Ruby, over, hero, red
Meg/Sam, backwards, hit, mark
Ruby/Sam, crush, silver, tacit, feather, pulse, altar, testament, weakness, morning star, smile, blood, plan, seduction, burning, friction, dark, deep, against, deperation, deception, bleed, fix, written, blade, command, hell, crush, weak, fail, loyalties, betrayal, love, intoxicated, hopeless, helpless, grief, powerful, mistakes
Sam, faster, porn, watch, shower, fantasy, droplets
Sam/Female!Angel, sacrament, forgiveness, holy, light, path, prophecy
Sam/Jess, silver, candle, tattoo, surround, confess, sleep
Sam/Lenore, feed, retreat, clutch
Sam/Madison, bite
Sam/Pamela, grumpy, nickel
Sam/Sarah, mirror, curse, portrait, paint
Sam/Shapeshifter, enslaved, secret, evil, laughter, intense, humiliation, starved, power, undoing, romantic, nightmare, smile
Sam/Trickster, control
YED!John/Dean, bruise, promise, fracture, wanting, raw
YED!Samuel/Dean, taunt, teeth, marking, threat

Survivors (remake)
Tom/any male, prison, bitch
Tom/Greg, alpha, denial, control, tongue,

Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing/Abby, winter, bloom

Sweeney Todd
Anthony/Johanna, yearning, dreams, escape, newspaper, ship, wife, yellow-hair, song, lark, house, bullet, madness, doctor
Benjamin Barker/Lucy Barker, courtship, child, jealousy
Judge Turpin/Lucy, watch, eyes, fallen, taken, broken, flee
Sweeney Todd / Mrs. Lovett, accomodation, seaside, picnic, pie
Sweeney/Lovett, food, gristle, cleaver, fingers, gagging, bloodplay

Janet/Susan, burn
Roger/Susan, cherries

Take the Lead
Danjou/Sasha/Ramos, tango, teamwork
Sasha/Morgan, I like to move it

Tales of Symphonia
Zelos/Sheena, destiny, hero

Tales of the Abyss
Asch/Luke, closer, worth, deserve
Guy/Luke, lessons
Jade/Guy, technobabble, science!
Jade/Luke/Guy, h/c, teaching, secrets
Jade/Peony, code, majesty, experiment
Legretta/Tear, test, soldier
Luke/Ion, heroism, weakness

Tales of Vesperia
Flynn/Yuri, bondage, chasing, trust
Rita/Estelle, never, first

Tamora Pierce
Daine/Numair, [any]
George/Alanna/Jon, knighthood, rogues
George/Jonathon, lessons, curiosity, guilt

Target in the Finder
Asami/Takaba, irresistible
Fei Long/Asami, hunters and hunted

Tarzan/Jane, children, London, grinning

Team Fortress 2
Medic/Scout, exam, click, bonk
Medic/Spy, unveil, never, burn

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
April/Casey Jones, cricket, fight, bicker

Granby/Laurence, flight, honest, left, loyalty, ocean, harness, service, pressed
Granby/Laurence/Tharkay, Australia-fair, clouds, discreet, happy, song, still
Granby/Tharkay, light, maps, mist
Laurence/Riley, furtive, polite
Laurence/Roland, fun, aggressive, trousers
Laurence/Tharkay, battles, comfort, liquor, ship, travellers, honour, dedication
Laurence/Tharkay/Granby, playful, loyalty, put-upon, worn, leather, jewels, adornment, trust, love

Ten Things I Hate about you
Patrick/Kat, college, paint, guitar

Tenchi Muyo
Aeka/Ryoko, tension, solutions
Kiyone/Mihoshi, fixer-upper

Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Sarah/T-1000, smooth, mimic, pliable
Sarah/T-800, curious, muscle, unyielding, spark

Terminator Salvation
Blair Williams/Marcus Wright, firelight, warmth
John Connor, survive, prophet, legend, God, remember, dirt, sweat, tears
John Connor/Kate Connor, destiny, sand, ready
John Connor/Marcus Wright, cyborg, machine, new world, heart, battery, shock, beautiful, no, dupe, plant, better, want, desire, escape, second chance, rescue, loss, thank you, Skynet, infiltrate, link, Kyle, change, future, activate, fight, save, protect, flip, sacrifice, understand, motor oil, gravity, fragments
John/Barnes, liability, family, grenade
John/Kate, benediction, march
Marcus/Dr.Coogan, alive

Sarah/Kyle, dream, fate, future, hold my hand

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Allison/Derek, memory, wall, warmth, secrecy
Cameron/John, enemy, smooth, chip, fear, locket, heartbeat, buzz, kitten, answer, dizzy, electric, exposure, narrow, follow, past, real, feeling, anger, destiny, bullshit, beauty, trust, patience, undecided, anger, unwise, revelation, addictive, cool, sensation, sheets, covers, emotion, complex, drift, weapon, rise, dip, found, reunion, alone
Charley/Sarah, breast, trust, safe, truck, believe
Derek/Sarah, end, again, machine, insomnia, gunpowder, shotgun, sunlight, grease, blood, watchful, closet, disguise, safe
Derek/Cameron, Ballet boots, Beg, Mouth, Deception
Derek/John, summer, metal, fight, Cameron
Jessie/Riley, manipulation, quiet, clean.
Sarah/Ellison, flames, belief, wait, familiar, vertigo
Sarah/Kyle, memory

That '70s Show
Eric/Jackie, ridiculous, haircut
Hyde/Donna, comfortable, haze
Jackie/Donna, nail polish, stretch

The 4400
Kyle Baldwin/Shawn Farrel, forbidden-fruit, future, joy, prophet
Tom Baldwin/Marco Pacella, geek-squad
Tom/Jordan, phone sex

The Abyss
Bud/Linds, ocean, drowning, ring
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja,
Dr. McNinja/Hortense, escape, receipt, hook-up, theft, superheroes

The Authority
Apollo/Midnighter, balloons, punch, domestic, after, madness, sunshine, cloud
Jenny Sparks/Shen, peace, rowdy
Jeroen/Jack Hawksmoor, desolate, countryside, fame, burn

The Big Bang Theory
Howard/Raj, "platonic", project, grasshoppers
Leonard/Leslie, reboot, Cheerios, futon
Leonard/Penny, flowers, romantic, jealousy, makeover, Thai, graphs, couch, name, whisper, forget, alcohol
Leonard/Sheldon, pantsless, games, back-up, cold
Leonard/Sheldon/Penny, role-play, logic, coffee
Penny/Raj, chance, mojito, gloss
Penny/Sheldon, physics, webcam, cheesecake, nerd TV, Bazinga!, trust, ticklish, epiphany, distance, webcam, curiosity, roadtrip, lab, reunion, messy, knock, press, gaming, midnight, champagne, composition, notes, critic, edit, sleepwalk, buck, bull, knee, carpool, inertia, porn, jello, flamingo, freezer, leftovers, station, cabin, train, cigarettes, tire, bunk, tea, spurs, Texas, handshake, Stockholm, closet, sunrise, wristwatch, releases, after-hours, bed, contract, rubber duck, semantics, speed, time, shower, stairs, perfume, library, Carl Sagan, snow, forward, knocking, bottoms, juice, sing, comics, explaining, oops, touch, knocking, bicker, prank, give and take, bed, lean, smile, benefits, soothe
Raj/Missy, signals, wink, monkeys
Sheldon/any, unexpected, clinical, snark, experience
Sheldon/Penny/Raj, experiment

The Birds
Melanie/Annie, lesson, bend

The Boat That Rocked
Carl/Mark, Music

The Boondock Saints
Connor/Murphy, hiding, Il Duce, smokes, guns, ammo, twins, close, biceps, church, confession, Repent, twins, prayer, calling, tattoos, universal, requirements, radiator, sutures

The Bourne Series (movies)
Nicky/David, undercover, sigh, touch
Nicky/Jason, Paris, perfume, gloves, gun, on the lam, robot, government, weapon, fear, memories, confusion, Nicky/Jason, past life, calm waters, lost memories, instant change
Jason/Krill, snow, liquour, hotel room, antiseptic

The Brave One
Detective Mercer/Erica Bain, tease, silent, longing, isolated, car, phone

The Cave
Jack/Charlie, survival

The Chronicles of Amber
Corwin/Gerard, combat

The Chronicles of Narnia
Caspian/Edward, throne
Caspian/Peter, King, home, make-up sex, where I belong, confront, unexpected, don't go, visit
Caspian/Peter/Susan, regal
Caspian/Susan, sparring, ruling, crown, sword, bow
Edmund/Peter, Brother
Peter/Susan, remembrance, swordplay, negotiations

The Chronicles of Riddick
Riddick/Lord Vaako, claim, right, non-con, consort, hunger, power, darkness, deliverance, forced, sunspot, lithe, pale, strength, force, light, consort, bow, hellhound, spike, sharp, wit, laugh, concubine, scars, service, animal, instinct, cold heat, fire, armor, stare, wrist, shine, spar, bitch, pack, alpha, Lord Marshal, dominant, tattoo, courtship, knife, cut, Furyan, sparring, armour, wine, hair
Riddick/Carolyn, scared of the dark, peppermint schnapps, eyes like that, I'm not gonna die for you, sweet spot

The Closer
Brenda/Fritz, kitty, curtains, scars, lost, rainbows

The Core
Josh/Beck, ocean, resonance, pizza

The Dante Valentine Series
Dante/Japh, leash, protect

The Dark is Rising
Bran/Will, Apocalypse, Vodka, university, sheep

The Dark Knight
Alfred/Lucius, privacy, reminders, afternoon tea
Batman/Gordon, daylight, suit, memory, security, faith, doorstep
Batman/Joker, intertwined, straitjacket
Bruce Wayne/Harvey Dent, oblivious
Joker/Harley Quinn, squealers, mayhem, prodigy
Joker/Two-Face, magnum opus, peripheral, authority
Scarecrow/Rachel, revenge

The Demon's Lexicon
Nick/Alan, betrayal, control, force, comfort, spell
Nick/Jamie, magic, fear, uncertainty, substitute, future

The Departed
Billy Costigan/Dignam, undercover, desperation
Ellerby/Dignam, realizing

The Dresden Files (books)
Dresden/Marcone, coming out, inevitable, alike, future, alliance, understanding
Harry Dresden/Jared Kincaid, blaze, help, kiss/kill, storm
Harry Dresden/Jared Kincaid/Thomas Raith, boom, fieldwork, incubus
Harry Dresden/Thomas Raith, choice, fight, gift, sane, shower, undercover, shattered
Mab/Harry, cold, price, promise, power, bargain
Maeve/Harry, temptation, ice
Thomas Raith/Carlos Ramirez, prey, that-virginity-problem

The Dresden Files
Harry/Morgan, allies, invisibility, hatesex, hounded, sword, obsession, apology
Harry/Murphy, silence, magic, sweetness, battered
Anastasia/Molly, hidden, clothes
Harry/Author's Choice, grimoire, genderswap.
Harry/Lash, my regret, guitar
Harry/Marcone, benefits, beusiness, club, water, mob, helicopter, money, eyes, stubborn, magic, secret, water
Harry/Molly, unfortunate, grasshopper
Harry/Thomas, teasing, work, experiment, yes or no, infallible, family, car, white, bdsm, aphrodisiac, book, chocolate, control, possession
Karrin Murphy/Anastacia Luccio, sword, easy, solid, wild
Lasciel/Harry, illusion, mind games, angel.
Molly Carpenter/Maeve, fire, ice, magic, flirt, break, spin, wild, honey
Molly/Vince, date night, werewolves, poison
Nicodemus/Harry, scripture, arrogance, asphixiation, shadow, respect

The English Patient
Kip/Hana, house, library
Kip/Hana/Caravaggio, spring

The Eyes of the Dragon
Thomas/Dennis, pact, lime, coolness, jest

The Faculty
Casey/Delilah/Stan/Stokely/Zeke, mud, tender, list, hollow, dance, highway, cancer, bigger bed, huddle, pass, best, believe, bones, monster,
Casey/Zeke, tie, photo, graduation, probe, hunter, special powers, finding, denial, wings, rescue, detention, ford, grass, speeding, photos, internet, post it notes
Zeke/Miss Burke, books, cigarette, spin, sweet

The Fast and the Furious,
Brian/Dom, backseat, collar, disappearance, Bus, fight, chase, touch, powerplay, hair, Mexico, city lights, partnership, equal footing, rescue, tabula rasa, here and now, shaving, messy, begging
Brian/Letty, mutual, straight, speed
Dom/Letty, on the run, car, stick with me
Letty/Mia, lost, temper

The Fast and the Furious/2 Fast 2 Furious, Dom/Brian/Rome, speed, chase, ten-second car, the family you make, teamwork
Dom/Rome, challenge, alpha
Suki/Letty, girl's world, lipstick, pink

The Fifth Element
Korben/Leeloo, candle, green, rubdown, slippery

The Forbidden Game Series (book)
Julian/Jenny, twisted
Zack/Jenny, denial, taboo, photos

The Four Constables (comic)
Cold Blooded/Emotionless, wolf cub

The Grimm Bros' Snow White (aka Snow White: A Tale of Terror)
Will/Lilly, apple, kiss, rain, scars

The Haunting
Eleanor/Theo, scotch

The History Boys
Dakin/Irwin, ache, drink, suck, swagger, look in the eye, cigarette, student, Drinks
Dakin/Posner, Longing
Dakin/Scripps, Abstinence
Posner/Scripps, Friendship

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
Arthur/Ford/Zaphod/Trillian, improbability

The Hollows
Ivy Tamwood/Skimmer, anger, break-up sex
Rachel Morgan/Ivy Tamwood, blood, night, spar, consequences
Rachel Morgan/Kisten Phelps/Ivy Tamwood, drunk, leather, handcuffs

The Host
Wanda/Kyle, violence, hands, being human

The Importance of Being Earnest
Algernon/Jack, cucumber, Bunburying, earnestness, surprise-incest
Gwendolen/Cecily, boredom, cake, diary, Sappho, curls, dresses

The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Emil Blonsky/Bruce Banner, vulnerability

The Incredibles
Bob Parr/Helen Parr, carpet, gently, fighting, hands
Violet/Mirage, legendary, phase, white

The Inside
Mel/Danny, normal, heat wave, easy.
Paul/Web, deflection
Rebecca/Mel, missing
Rebecca/Web, dirty, playing the game, teach, memory, tear, hunting, games, temptation, the space between.

The Invisible Man
Bobby/Darien, lube, quiet, exhausted

The Invisible
Annie/Nick, dark, stain

The L Word
Alice/Dana cardboard, tiniest, biting
Shane/Jenny, repairs

The Last King of Scotland
Nicholas Garrigan/Sarah Merrit, once, heat

The Last Unicorn
Lady Almathea/Haggard, happy

The Left Hand of Darkness
Genly/Estraven, AU, kemmer, waking, sledge, mindspeech, trust, starship, flight, heat

The Lion in Winter
Geoffrey/Alais, missed opportunities, betrothed
Geoffrey/Richard, hero worship
Henry/Alais, honesty, treasure
Henry/Eleanor, indifferent, never again
Philip/Richard, chaste, wanderlust

The Listener
Toby/Mina, stay

The Little Mermaid (Disney)
King Triton, surface
Ariel/Ursula, tentacles, breath, nipples
Eric/Ariel, fingertips, breathing, water, first time

The Lord of the Rings
Aragorn/Arwen, choice, regret, changes, war, solitude
Aragorn/Boromir, fall, traitor, king, land, oath, swear, sweet, before, throne, understanding, hidden, sword, history, mountain, cup
Aragorn/Gandalf, weary, path, deserted
Aragorn/Halbarad, early, fear, inspire, fire
Arwen/Eowyn, mystery, challenge, bold, comparison
Elladan/Grima, redemption, horseback riding, robes, picnic, ink
Elrond/Gil-galad, beyond, endings, war, last
Eowyn/Faramir, grassland, joint, control, smile, spring, sunshine, Aragorn, battle, skirt, dare, riding, first, love, acceptance
Faramir/Boromir, spires, relief, wounds, legends
Haldir/Legolas, princeling, moonlight
Marigold Gamgee/Rosie Cotton, girl next door, hurt/comfort, baking, tea, jam, honey, freckles
Pervinca Took/Marigold Gamgee, freckle, dance, secret, midday, nap, comb
Pervinca Took/Rosie Cotton, seedcake, runaway, bodice, husband, wedding, mushrooms

The Lost Boys
Michael/Sam, aftermath, lovebite, hopeless

The Lost World
Marguerite/Roxton, danger, discovery, diamond

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)
Eleanor Shaw/Raymond Shaw, bath

The Master and Margarita
Margarita/Azazello, bench, park

The Mentalist
Cho/Rigsby, Difference
Grace/Rigsby, stakeout
Jan/Van Pelt, dance, mentor, lick
Jane/Lisbon, red handprints, restraint, trust, brief joy, guilt, memory
Jane/Van Pelt, lady in red, whisper
Lisbon/Jane, trust, Red John, vigilante, barriers, friendship
Patrick Jane/Kim Cho, undercover
Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon, boss, instruct, ignore, lie, sleep, shirt, look, grasshopper, patience, jeans, smile, guilt, told-you-so,
Rigsby/Van Pelt, Denial, desk, snacktime

The Middleman
Lacey/eyepatch, bride, accident
Lacey/The Middleman/Wendy, exclamation
Lacey /Wendy, smile
Lacey/Middleman, scheme, wonder, vanilla, skinny dip, twist
Lacey/Middleman/Wendy, crisis, aliens, triumph
Lacey/Noser, limousine, glamorous, musical, paint, smear, dirty, moan, singalong, body paint
Middleman/Lacey, discovery, waltz, vampire bait, succubi, truth, toys, performance, uniform, dirty talk
Middleman/Roxy, leash, accident
Middleman/Wendy, duty, tie, handcuffs, alien gizmos, world-ending, alarm, decontamination, lockdown, classic, redact, zombies, aliens made them do it, water, katana, pinned, psychic, weird-shit-o-meter, theater, costumes, stakeout, competition, the locker room, restrained, sex pollen, middlemobile
Tyler/Wendy, sidekick, art, evil
Wendy/Lacey, cuddling, discovery, lipstick, friends, trust, paint, mouth, roommates, fights, comfort, jealousy, trust, pillow fight, fudge, streaking
Wendy Watson/Middleman, mentor, strong, wrestle, training, spar, hit, need, aliens, hot, AU, seduction, lust, closet, loud
Wendy/Middleman/Lacey, typical, ret-con

The Mighty Boosh
Howard/Vince, fashion, potion, rescue, reward

The Mummy
Ardeth Bey/Rick O'Connell, reincarnation, friend, lover, step aside, desert, nurse, find, keep
Ardeth/any woman, killer, aftermath, twisted, burn, lost, past imperfect, Nile, business
Ardeth/Evy, tattoo, secret, adventure, rain, treasure
Ardeth/Jonathan, moonlight, water, gold, quiver, fabric, tattoo
Ardeth/Meela, enemy, grave, rebirth, forbidden, rescue, sand, oaths
Evie/Imhotep, pharaoh, gold, sand, myrrh, smolder

The Nautical Chart
Coy/Tánger, uses

The NeverEnding Story (films)
Atreyu/Bastian, free

The O.C.
Johnny/Volchok, guilt, suck, spread, tanned, cheekbones
Kaitlin/Taylor, flirting, lipgloss
Marissa/Ryan, slow, memory, eyes, spread
Ryan/Johnny, beach, AU, fight, diner, mentoring
Ryan/Anna, [any]
Ryan/Julie, lock, Riverside
Ryan/Kaitlin, whatever, charge
Ryan/Lindsay, Shakespeare, red, sigh, first time
Ryan/Seth, public, pubic hair, straddle, beach, sunlight, curve, muscle, tongue, blow, words, Star Trek, humid
Ryan/Seth/Summer, homesick
Ryan/Taylor, kinky, deceptively innocuous, linguist, climb, jungle-gym, size difference, dorks, France, marriage, insecure, book-smart, street-smart, differences, pie, fantasy, public, movies, car, Flapjacks, stalking, peaches, book
Ryan/Theresa, first love, last love, smokes, hotel paper
Ryan/Volchok, anger, swell, surfboard, forced, push, kiss, bite, jeans, bed, bottle, punches

The Odyssey
Odysseus/Calypso, possessive, pleasure, give in, stay, water

The Office (US)
Andy/Oscar, ice, drunk, singing, reluctant, Rogers and Hammerstein, movie theater
Jim/Karen, missing
Jim/Pam, masturbation, tattoo, nobody's looking, trouble, homeless, boat, anniversary, key, desk, caught
Jim/Pam/Ryan, spice
Jim/Ryan, done
Karen/Jim/Pam, clarity
Karen/Pam, genius
Pam/Karen, couch
Pam/Karen/Jim, awkward
Pam/Katy, freckles
Ryan/Kelly, hate, addicting, unstoppable, need, desk, necktie
Ryan/Michael, fire
Toby/Michael, denial

The Office
Andy/Oscar, buds, desk, accounting, singing, wingman, delightful, handshake, sinking, cornflakes, spaghettification, close, cover, dance, tipsy, grin, vacation, bromance
Dwight/Angela, unicorn, church, plowing, hemp
Jim/Pam, calloused, thread, glasses, language, ballet, jazz, stripes, careful, congratulations, happy now, thank God, conception, bare-back, honeymoon, limo, wedding, Japan, desk, phone call, rowboat, Philadelphia, electricity
Karen/Jim, carry, flirt, battle, piggyback, prank, reunion
Michael/Holly, reunion, quote-fight, leap
Michael/Ryan, professional, secure
Pam/Angela, under my skin, frenzy, nail polish, third time's the charm, locks, hold on
Pam/Karen, drink me, one cell in the sea, chaos, covers, hotel, rain, drowning, headphones, about time, one more try, maybe, tea, yes, chocolate
Pam/Ryan, [any]
Ryan/Kelly, jail, blackmail, party, present, shopping, accident, slap, foul, Twitter

The Omen (2006)
Keith Jennings/Robert Thorn, atonement, regret, happy ending, possessed

The Orphan's Tales
Tomomo/Oluwafunmike, rakish, blade, teeth

The Outsiders (book)
Dallas/Johnny, thinking, sweat, bruises
Johnny/Ponyboy, silence, warmth, reading, drive in

The Pact (2001 movie)
Lenny/Spence, practice

The Phantom (comic)
Prince Rex/Princess Alicia/Captain Lara, compromise, our hero, two mommies and a daddy

The Philadelphia Story
Dexter/Mike/Tracy, rich, poor, class, judgmental, acceptance, grand, finale, tabloids

The Picture of Dorian Gray
Basil/Dorian, gold, hope

The Piglet Files
Peter/Sarah, bugged, secrecy, undercover

The Prestige
Alfred/Freddie, shared, split, double, illusion, twice, flitting
Alfred/Freddie/Sarah, halved, sharing
Borden/Angier, trick, sabotage, upper hand, beneath

The Pretender
Jarod/Miss Parker, catch me if you can, phone, pieces on the game board, play a new game, biology textbook, happy, fluff, carnival, dizzy, asphyxiate, hurt, lie, deceive, bite, sandpaper, cat and mouse, thrill of the chase, clandestine meetings, frenzied control, hotel, case, rain, Georgia, grass, natural, momentary
Sydney/Miss Parker, daddy issues

The Professionals
any of Bodie's girlfriends/any of Doyle's girlfriends, consolation
Bodie/Doyle, feather, flying, telephone, steady, blindfold, grey, green, blue, gun, silence, secret, revolution, sketchbook, gunslingers, charcoal, philter, leather, handcuffs, ritual, tension, tea, heat, rentboy, partners, scars
Bodie/Doyle/OFC, distraction, attraction

The Riddle-Master Trilogy
Morgon/Deth, hands
Morgon/Rude, punch-drunk
Morgon/Tristan, heal

The Road to El Dorado
Miguel/Tulio, fresco, misguided, callous, gritty

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Columbia/Magenta, hair-dryer, fishnets

Frankenfurter, beautiful
Frankenfurter/Janet/Brad, girls, genderplay
Janet/Magenta, teach, smooth
Riff-Raff/Magenta, victory, sister, plotting, home, Time Warp, moon

The Royal Tenenbaums
Margot/Richie, secret, can't, ache
Richie/Eli, zombies, catalyst, confidential
Richie/Margot, canvas, trauma, holiday

The Rundown
Beck/Travis, artifact, orgy, sun god, altar, restraint, submissive, skill, choice, squatter, well, dirty, recipe

The Sacred Hunt
Gilliam/Stephen, jealousy, trance, bound, chase
Soredon/Elsabet/Norn, arrangement, satisfaction, schedule

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Clyde/Luke, curiosity, adrenaline, attic, school tie, protective, laughter
Sarah Jane/Mrs Wormwood, duplicitous

The Secret History
Camilla/Charles, gratitude, crossdressing, queer
Camilla/Richard, feminism
Francis, stigma, miasma, philos
Francis/Henry, expensive
Francis/Richard, graduate, tenure, bemused

The Secret Show
Victor/Anita, fly, disaster, crash, stranded, fire

The Sentinel
Blair/Rafe, first date, stairs, piercings
Jim/Blair, moving, road trip, bubbles

The Simpsons
Lenny/Carl, together
Lisa/Juliet Hobbes (Lisa the Drama Queen), college

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Lena/Bridget, swimming, barefoot

The Talented Mr Ripley
Dickie Greenleaf/Marge Sherwood, maintenance, awkward-first-time, bathtub, sea, steam, drunk, Italy,
Marge Sherwood/Meredith Logue, acquaintances, mourning, conspiracy, discoveries, want, slick, lipstick, girdle,
Marge Sherwood/Peter Smith-Kingsley, awkward, you're gay, only girl, helping, expected
Tom Ripley/Marge Sherwood, observing, skin, hate sex, never, why?
Tom Ripley/Peter Smith-Kingsley, litany, redemption, basement, AU, survival, hiding, love,

The Three Investigators (Crimebusters)
Jupiter Jones/any, plump, furrowed

The Tomorrow People
Adam/Ami, oscillate, telepathy, visions
Jade/Megabyte, concert, jealousy, blanket

The Tudors
Anne/Cromwell, seduction, beg

The Uninvited (2009 movie)
Anna/Alex, secrets
Anna/Mildred, stories

The Unusuals
Banks/Delahoy, real men don't need instructions, jacket, bullet, fly
Jason Walsh/Allison Beaumont, "Allison", "Jason", journey, woman not girl, adults, comfort, testimony, stage-fright, red bra, discipline, fantasy, anticipation, understanding, dreams, apology, red, Eddie Alvarez, constant, long-term
Jason Walsh/Casey Shraeger, lap, cross, direct, partners, unexpected, comfort, alley, truth, angry, disgust, surprise, feminine, undercover, secret, ring, thrust, pole, superstition, rookie, admiration, touching, handcuffs

The Venture Brothers
Brock Samson/Phantom Limb, uptight, rogue, Brando-esque
Colonel Gentleman/David Bowie, key party, oddity, curious, red
Dean/Triana, maybe, static, twister, virgin, fear
Dr. Girlfriend/Kim, villainy, the girl with something extra, arching, lipstick
Jonas Sr./Colonel Gentleman, discovery, science, swingers, swap, intrude
Kim/Triana, news, sisters, exceptional
Monarch/Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, firsts, home, argument
Monarch/Sheila, puppet, roleplay, moth
Phantom Limb/Queen Etheria, tidy, house, curves, wine, nibble
Rusty/Dr. Quymn, nostalgia

The West Wing
Ainsley/Donna, pale, blonde, music
Amy/Donna, alcohol, Manhattan, waiting, alabaster, beer, red, skin
Amy/Josh, bikini, bruise, melt, satin, balloons, hurt, hot, old time's sake, bathing suit, phone, water balloons
Amy/Toby, rough
Charlie/Sam, handjob, closet
CJ/Danny /Toby, kitchen, writing, hands, secret, books, silence
CJ/Danny, conference room, goldfish
CJ/Josh, jealousy, secrecy, once, exhausted, win, between
CJ/Josh/Sam/Toby, R-and-R, beachhouse, card-tricks, answer-B, gangbang, mirror
CJ/Sam/Toby, bullpen, dynamics, rain, road-trip, symbiosis, mirror
CJ/Toby, oranges, ink, travel, notebook, crush, speakeasy, stand-up, couture, lie-to-me, skin, formalwear, trust, touch, hate you, battle, wordplay, last, chance, cigar, flamingo, tall, memory, ice cream, yoga, window
Danny/Josh, college, Fulbright, guys, insider, trade, alley
Donna/Charlie, lock down, sexual tension
Donna/Josh, girl-next-door, Iowa, red, smooth, bathroom, closet, desk, dress, eyeliner, fight, fire, fists, hands, scars, shoes, skirt, Tuesday, desk, love, waiting
Donna/Sam, friendship coffee, California
Jed/Leo, Office
John/CJ, argument, elevator, lies, Texas, truth
Josh/Sam, interrupt, Law, symmetry, lifeboat, manage, flame, insanity, quantifiable, poker, joke, laugh, college, drunk on power, tradition, sweaters, Thanksgiving
Josh/Sam/Toby, fit, passing, silver, after
Josh/Sam/Toby/CJ, end, once, barn, bus, , campaign, hotel, king-sized bed, vacation
Josh/Santos, partners, powerplay, Blackberry
Josh/Toby, powerplay, breakdown, envy, meglomaniac, comfort, grudge, drunk, glory, brokenhearted, favour, rough, forgetting, bondage, unsure, left-behind, victory, defeat, home, telephone, memory
Sam /Ainsley, navigate, peach, Carolinas, remember, run, high, unforgettable, sweet, vintage, tart, Rapunzel, California, Republican, dance, baking, years, election, cupcake
Sam/adult!Huck Wyatt-Ziegler, late-that-night, grief, newspapers, substitute, kiss, lost, reminder, voyeur, anxiety, beg, pain
Sam/Amy, politics, fair, bet
Sam/CJ, CJ's couch, post-show, lost, reconnect, soft,
Sam/Ginger, memo, stapler, speech, rain, redheads
Sam/Toby, boat, summer, hero-worship, desk, words, woods, bridge, traitor, hero, first, visiting-hours, overture, stars, familiar, tacit, fingerprint, Words, campaign, ink, tie, family, ties, sunshine, Sunday mornings, long distance, marriage, stolen, secret, crossroad, enigmatic, song, hero, devotion, family, half-asleep, powerplay, sorrow, goodbye, fingerprints, holding-hands, formalwear, discipline, blanket, sleep-tight, beg, bondage, pain, shave
Toby /Sam /CJ, history, scotch, visit, want
Toby/Andrea, dedication, plane, shore, spine, stilettos, podium, heat, secret, fast, pain, silent, restraint, domestic, desolate, redefinition, vacation, serenade, celebration, sleeping, car, train, mile-high, proposal, voyeur, aphrodisiac, pain, alcohol
Toby/Donna, bar, hazy, jazz, Rusty Nail, scotch, strangers, skin, sweet-talking, seduction, formalwear, fragile, voyeur,
Toby/Ginger, secrets, call-waiting, tender, substitute, serenade, grief, beg
Toby/Joey Lucas, signals, tongue, silence
Will Bailey/Kate Harper, taken, private, undercover, nerves, tired

The Wind Blows Backwards
Spencer/Lauren, mouse

The Wizard of Oz (books)
Dorothy/Ozma, birthday gift, whisper, fountain, Glinda/Wicked Witch of the West, points on a compass
Dorothy/Scarecrow, crown

The X-Files
Dana Scully/Ed Jerse, submit
Doggett/Reyes, touch, gentle, forget, release, opportunity, risk, belief, tryst
Doggett/Skinner, forget
Krycek/Marita, brinksmanship, secrets, tell, leave, amputate, break, soulless, shining, dark, revelation, unclear
Mulder/Fowley, choice, history, crash
Mulder/Krycek, beg, righteous, fist, blood
Mulder/Scully, Christmas, suit jacket, fear, slap, scar, cheat, indigo, onomatopoeia, alliteration, ember, shaving, bored, paranoid, lonely, snow, hospital, messy, normal, snow, telescope, time, snow, forgiveness, home, bored, spaceship
Mulder/Scully/Krycek, assignment, watch, twist, handcuffs
Mulder/Skinner, lies, backhanded, office, save
Scully/Fowley, chance, power, partners
Scully/Reyes, lies

There Will Be Blood
Daniel/Eli, absolve, prayer

Freya McAllister/Brendan Dean, beauty, childhood, love, wonder, fascination, listen, reading, knowing, hidden, affectionate, staring, drunk, boxer briefs, fantasy, lists, books, comfort, Christmas, weapon, blindfold

Tin Man (2008)
Ambrose/Queen, united, torture, run, magic
Azkadelia/Glitch(Ambrose), regret, crying, advantage, calm
Azkadellia/Zero, unhelped, force, delicate, flower, prison, trapped, sparkle, deeper
Cain/DG, games, trust, future, epiphany, AU, survival, dance, wedding, trying, discussion, drunk
Cain/Glitch, head-fucking, cliche, purr, breakdown, clever, chafe, saffron
DG/Azkadellia, mercy

Dick/Roy, flexibility, nostalgia, relaxation

Tithe (YA Novel)
Kaye/Roiben, ponytail, mirror, destiny, fruit, burn, rings

Tokyo Babylon
Hokuto/Subaru, experiment, pegging, hide, jealous, secret

Ryuuji/Taiga, acceptance, wedding, dress, belong, true, clash, games, hair, embrace, drying off, hurts to wait, the night of his graduation

Kazuya Uesugi/Koutarou Matsudaira, Koushien, marriage, takoyaki
Shouhei Harada/Minami Asakura, coffee, secrets
Tatsuya Uesugi/Kazuya Uesugi, rivalry, roleplay

Tour of the Merrimack
Augustus/Farragut, wall, timeline, neck, wrestle

Gwen/Ianto/Jack/Ianto/Tosh, fix, hazard, rewrite, foresight
Gwen/Rhys, honeymoon
Gwen/Tosh, lipstick, save you, geeks, mini skirts, universe, rope, dream, nightmare, keep
Ianto/Jack/Tosh, envy, unexpected, abide
Ianto/Owen, alcohol, surprise, need, cold, alcoholic, dominance, fight, copper, alone, archives, camping, hot, Jack's back, lazy, rimming, want you, blind, command, pretend, ice, earth, hate, curse, trick, snicker, vacation, study, blue, bright, desire, option
Ianto/Owen/Tosh, sun, rescue, wanton
Ianto/Tosh, music, dusty, spell, smoke, water, sky
Jack/any, tentacles, threesome, foursome, impossible
Jack/Captain Jack Harkness, coins, dance, fleeting, intercrural, kiss, London, momentary, moon, rimming, safety
Jack/Captain Jack Harkness/Ianto, care, Rift, rimming, soft, tender, time, moments
Jack/Captain Jack Harkness/Owen, glide, helpful, medically inadvisable, rimming
Jack/Gwen, fantasy, gifted, loyal, 'never say never', one night, pretend, show me, the one, once
Jack/Gwen/Ianto, apocalypse, behind, mission, pieces, start
Jack/Gwen/Rhys, double penetration, sex pollen
Jack/Ianto, cuffs, hole, ties that bind, refuse, rejoined, rejoice, in public, mile-high club, gentle, reminder, feather, strap, toys, gravity, beast, forever, burnt, resentment, desk, coat, need, marathon, birthday, please, diary, home, stopwatch, first, newspaper, control, pain, salvation, tongue, language, sewers, tease
Jack/Ianto/Gwen/Rhys, celebration
Jack/Ianto/Owen, caught out, alternate
Jack/John, face-off, hurt, time loop, introduction, regrets, brightly burning
Jack/Mickey, abduction, bonds, face-fucking, messiness, schmoop, temperamental,
Jack/Roman soldier
Jack/Tosh, away
Martha/Tosh, science, woman in uniform, geeks
Owen/Gwen, affair, danger, request, order, engagement, Hub, death, bed, wall, emotions, arguments, prat, arguments, bed, death, desperate, emotions, engagement, fun, Hub, prat, wall
Owen/John, power struggle
Owen/Martha, apologies, business, acquisition, stars
Owen/Suzie, tooth and claw, coffee
Owen/Tosh, table, coffee, forgotten, noticing, quiet, unobservant, doctor, undead, radioactive, paradox
Suzie/Gwen, glove
Suzie/Tosh, dancer, metalwork
Tosh/John, brains and beauty, flirting, not wearing underpants today

Transformers (live action movie)
Bee/Sam, rescue, awkward, eager

Channon/Yelena, the last cigarette, girls with guns

Jay/Tyler, caught, clothes, furtive, hidden, ripped, silence, motel, running, hair dye
Jay/Tyler/Will, even, forgiveness, friends, future, perspective, punish, rain, raw, shelter, stripped, skewed
Tyler/Will, in the end, survival, trust
Will/Jay, camera, beginning

Kambal/Hannah/Ammie, girls (and boys) just wanna have fun

Meryl/Milly, substitute, apartment, looking
Vash/Wolfwood, gunplay

Trinity Blood
Abel/Vaclav, blood, communion, confession, kneeling

Trois Couleurs: Rouge
Auguste/Valentine, recognise

Tropic Thunder
Alpa/Kevin, knowing
Alpa/Kirk, playing
Kevin/Kirk, acting

Troy (2004)
Hector/Achilles, warriors, prisoners
Hector/Paris, siege, sailing, war, brothers, impetuous
Paris/Achilles, spoils of war

Tru Calling
Tru/Andrew, grateful
Tru/Jack, duality, gray, tight, close, unknowing, destiny

True Blood
Bill/Eric, control, power, trade, dirt, grunt, Alpha, sheriff, etiquette
Bill/Sam, feral, sweat, trailer, guilt, betrayal
Eric/Jason, seduction, control, trick, choke, lips, bondage
Eric/Jessica, blood, thirsty, hungry, horny, begging
Eric/Pam, grudge, trance, blood
Eric/Sam, alpha
Eric/Sookie, Bill's Bathtub, Merlotte's, basement, tequila, laughter, secrets, confession, scratching, self-discipline, blood-lust, need, blonde, growling, dress, ride, sweet tea, fairy, flying, moon, experienced, wet, sunshine, chocolate, destruction.
Jason/Tara, teeth
Jessica/Pam, disciplinarian, obey
Lafayette/Jason, lawnmower, ecstasy, couch, boots
Sam/Tara, fetch, pillow, giggle, fog
Sookie/Eric/Bill, rules and regulations, she has all the power, living and undead
Sookie/Pam, pretty face, not so sweet
Sookie/Tara, afternoon, dog, fireplace, TruBlood, grass, V-juice, alone
Tara/Sam, lies, veiled

Trust Me
Simon/Mason, desk, beer, accent

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (manga)
Fai/Kurogane, sword, honour, time, customs, silence, blood, feed, restoration, get-a-grip, sharp-eyes, after-it's-over
Fuuma/Seishirou, challenge, game, hunt
Kamui/Subaru, blood, hunger, lick
Syaoran/Sakura, fixed, relaxed, kisses, tree
Fai/Sakura, reminder

Twelfth Night
Olivia/Viola, strings, warm, crown

Alice/Bella, future, soft, dress-up, decisions made, offering, avoid, Edward
Alice/James, darkness
Bella/James, forest
Edward/Jacob/Bella, hot, cold, scent, unplanned, safeguard
Jacob/Leah, bite, confrontation, animal, pack, deep, peak, needed, completely, tremble, outburst, sanctury, moonlight, distraction, broken, taint, taste, skin, connect
Jacob/Rosalie, instincts

Twin Peaks
Cooper/Audrey, indiscretion, coffee, promise, lipstick, sleepless
Cooper/Rosenfield, tired, trees, missing, longing
Laura /Audrey, coins
Laura /Dale Cooper, dream
Laura/Audrey, the mirror crack'd
Laura/Donna, riptide, painting
Sam Stanley/Chester Desmond, found, scared,

Twitch City
Hope/Curtis/Newbie, experiment, TV dinner, lamp
Nathan/Newbie, annoy, wrists, bathrobe

Ugly Betty
Daniel/Betty, comfort, soul, safe, honey, lick
Daniel/Wilhelmina, submit, lessons learned, inappropriate, vouyer
Mark/Wilhelmina, comfort, prompotion, fingers, surprise

Ultimate Force
Alex/Jamie, Pain

Angie/Pearse, desk, tie

Undead and Unwed
Betsy/Tina, smirk, sexuality, taste
Sinclair/Marc, temptation, bite, order, giving in, bossy

Michael/Selene, different, impulses, risk, hiding

Until Death Do Us Part
Mamoru/Haruka, contract, compensation, compromise, friends, children, admission, grown, decision, attack, hints, rumors, misunderstanding, insanity, wedding, clause, submit, commit

Danny/Phoebe, past-lives, cupid, target, arrow, myth, prophecy, take-out

Vampire Diaries
Stefan/Damon, best, blood, mirrors, sand, water, power, trapped

Vampire Knight
Ichiru/Zero, unforgiven, envy, blood, farewells
Kaname/Aidou, obedience, rebellion, jealousy
Kaname/Yuuki/Zero, voyeurism
Kaname/Zero, possession, hunger
Zero/Yuuki, sacrifice

Velvet Goldmine
Brian/Curt, happy ending, magic, music, solo album, secret, glam

Verbotene Liebe
Christian/Olli, besotted, possessive, blush

Veronica Mars
Cassidy/Dick, damaged
Cassidy/Mac, AU, broken, first time, New York
Dick/Mac, beach, tutor, secret, tutor
Duncan/Lilly, pills, ghosts, before, after, competition, Logan, Veronica
Duncan/Logan, mistake, punchy, poolhouse, Lilly, Veronica, grieving, soccer practice, honeymoon, suite, poor, rich
Logan/Mac, MacBook, rebound, smirk, bridges
Logan/Rafe, prisoner
Logan/Weevil, punch, taste, cursing, forgetting, Veronica, competition, highway, slumming
older!Veronica/older!Logan, tired
Veronica/Casey, brainwash, publish, graduation
Veronica/Dick, surf, flask, ice
Veronica/Duncan, momentary
Veronica/Lamb, investigation, tropical, surveillance, sting, sticky
Veronica/Lilly, miniskirt, bikini, thong, prom dress, little black dress, fuck-me heels
Veronica/Logan, adversary, cantankerous, lap, credit, sarcasm, mouth, library, shore, beach, entering, estate, mystery
Veronica/Mac, absolutely not, healing, I knew it, sweater, tell me something, college, cliche, bells, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert
Veronica/Meg, guilt, virginity, adrenaline, burglary, uniform, AU
Veronica/Weevil, remember, tough, motor, trust, ink, messy, lie, bike, undercover, PCH, taser
Weevil/Mac, another side, jealous

Scottie/Judy, differences

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Antonio/Maria/Cristina, nerves
Maria/Cristina, first time

Fei/Yoh, teaching, doubt, renew

Virginia Woolf—Orlando
Orlando/Sasha, fate

Kaito/Meiko, force, excess, crossdressing, scarf
Luka/Gakupo, desk
Luka/Kaiko, grope
Meiko/Rin, drinking game
Rin/Len, double

Vorkosigan Saga
Bel/Ivan, horizons, talent, indiscreet
Bel/Miles, roughing it, memory wipe
Cordelia/Aral, equality, soldiers, balance, public, mud, grandchildren, anger, marriage, analytical, backwards
Ivan/By, habit-forming, reluctantly

Dean/Monty, kitchen, shenanigans, swirly

Arthas/Jaina, loss, beholden, longing
Kael'thas/Arthas, power
Malfurion/Illidan, fallen, regret

Adrian/Dan, clever, bitterness, wit, studio, tease, apocalyptic, corrupted, loss, anger
Blake/Adrian Veidt, power
Blake/Laurie, whiskey, smoke
Brady/Byron, cider, laugh, cashmere, worship, fireworks, ordinary, justice, wings
Comedian/Adrian, superior, disillusionment
Comedian/Ozymandias, half-queer, twisted
Comedian/Rorschach, daddy, insane, mutual, admiration, dislike, patronising, war stories, smoke
Comedian/Silk Specter I, nylons, pinup, wet dream
Comedien/Silk Spectre II, costumes, alley
Dan/Laurie, maturity, legs, boobs, manboobs, toast, thrill, burn, temptation, bold, exhibitionism, safe
Dan/Laurie/Rorschach, compromise, teamwork, jailbreak, scars, learning, raw, mirrored, hunger, f/f/f, kitchen, alias, motel, hot tub, crazy, cupcakes, fighting, wiry, bathtime
Dan/Rorschach, broken, shadow, alley, dysfunctional, rubber, fabric, tailorschach, mending, clean, stench, ducky, femslash, handcuffs, walkie-talkie, shower, gasp, ornithology, apocalypse, paranoia, hands, water, careful, goggles, sore, feed, scorn, scars, fingernails, Samson, streets, rescue, day job, dedication, trigger, hospital, shorty
Dr. Manhattan/Laurie, overwhelming
Hollis/Sally, comfort, stockings, glory, beer, midnight
Hooded Justice/Captain Metropolis, any
Janey/Laurie, glare, dangerous, kindle
Jon/Adrian, aftermath, ice, femslash
Jon/Wally, regret, atomic
Laurie/Rorschach, chess, after, clean, dare, femslash, rivalry, boxing, tongue, strength, sting, pulse, gloves, wound, curve, bruise, taunt
Nite Owl II/Rorschach, unicorns
Nurse/Silhouette, cigarettes, possessive, finale, girlish, scarlet, dew, growl, victory, nylons
Sally/Ursula, smoke, gravel
Silhouette/Silk Spectre I, plaything, bitterness, stockings, dislike, trapped-in-an-elevator, team-up, Sally bottoms

We Will Rock You (musical)
Galileo/Khashoggi, rehab, bohemian
Khashoggi/Killer Queen, glitter, dynamite, sunglasses

Andy/Kat, delight, falling, illegal, adventure, wild
Andy/Nancy, Mexico, sofa, fake, sudden, weird, okay, high, whoa, vibrator
Nancy/Cecilia, children, alone, end, tipsy, imprisonment
Nancy/Celia/Conrad, impulsive
Nancy/Conrad, lost, apologize, later, accident, MILF, partners, return, wet
Nancy/Valerie Scottson, bondage, breasts, wine

Weiss Kreuz
Aya(Ran)/Ken, protection, flowers, katana, leather, goggles, earpiece
Aya/Yohji, leather, cigarettes, trust
Crawford/Ken, suit, glasses, hands, protection, passion
Crawford/Nagi, plans, teaching
Crawford/Schuldig, teasing, violence, loyalty, tie, bondage, domination, rebellion, partners, unicorn, trust, sizekink, oracle, dreams, obsession, love
Crawford/Silvia, cabin, snow, chess
Nagi/Tot, living, sweet, toy, misunderstanding, dandelion
Ran/Aya, language of flowers, devotion, protection, guilt
Ran/Crawford, necking, enemies, hate!sex, kittens
Schuldig/Nagi, unrequited, persuasion, uncertain
Silvia/Schuldig, manipulation, silk, hair, seduction, virgin, betrayal, lust, failure, high heels, femdom, humiliation
Yohji/Ken, banter, teasing, desperation, aftermath

West Side Story
Anita/Bernardo, hot, passionate, stockings, skirt, loved,
Bernardo/Maria, jewel, wrong, want, innocence, need,
Maria/Anita, aftermath, finding home, pregnant, alone, together, reconciling, not in vain, love, acceptance
Maria/Tony, a moment, fleeting, wedding night, first, once, lips, slow, dancing
Tony/Riff, sleepover, innocent, need, hard, tender

Wet Hot American Summer
Beth/Coop, accident, late, town, swimming
Gene/Beth, hot, early, lost, alcohol
Gene/Coop, refrigerator, mess, lake, cabin

White Oleander (film)
Astrid/Ray, hair, little, sawdust, kitchen, baptism, father, shelter

Whitechapel (TV)
Chandler/Kent, hero-worship, suit, lunch, working late, coffee, bed, tired, tie

Wicked (musical)
Elphaba/Glinda, dirty, carriage, seducing, careful, emeralds, rich, touching, bathing, stilettos, return, secret, reunion, mine

Wilby Wonderful
Dan/Duck, tree, ocean, glass, touch, coffee, cowboy, lost, yard, travel, watching

Wild Adapter
Kubota/Tokitoh, inner natures, sake, secrets
Kubota/Tokitoh/Kou, harsh medicine, tea

Wild Things
Duquette/Sam, bar
Kelly/Susie, aunt

Kris/Junior, trailer, photobooth, porche, road, picnic, jump, camp, glide, barn, stable, hay, stall, class, car, backseat, driving, release, wrong, chased, breakfast, motel, 5-star, graze, flower, pinned, determined, eco, run, jeans, hose

Willa Cather - The Song of the Lark
Thea/Fred, canyon

Wings of Desire
Damiel/Cassiel, infinity
Damiel/Marion, fleeting

Brian/Casey, frantic
Joe/Helen, breakfast

Wire in the Blood
Tony/Angelica, relief, therapy
Tony/Carol, distanced, fingernails, the edges of things, intellectual, weirdo, darkside, life-saver, impotence

Shuichiro/Kohaku, wings, again, cold

Witch Hunter Robin
Amon/Robin, candles, chanting, sand, fire, ice, run, night, powers, words, tea, possession, wound, church, travelling, astray, hide

Without a Trace
Danny/Jack, betrayal, punishment, interoffice politics
Danny/Martin, case, family, jealousy, ransom, stakeout, comfort, feelings, words, family, kids, meeting, firsts, obvious, pain, hurt, comfort, caring, rocky reunion, lost their way, path to redemption, horizon, teasing, tenderness, family, socks, tie, hole punch, ties, hands, jealousy, stakeout, undercover, tension, off duty
Elena/Martin, smiles, secret
Elena/Sam, ease, solidarity, wine
Jack/Martin, family, longing, perfectionist, timid
Jack/Sam, regret, pretend, replacement, snow, second-first-date, Los-Angeles
Jack/Viv, politics, regulations, duty

Woman in the Dunes
Niki/Woman, moisture

Women's Murder Club
Cindy/Lindsay, fear

Aaron/Jaye, cuckoo, Jesus, voices
Aaron/Mahandra, awkward, breathless, wax lion
Beth/Jaye, levels
Sharon/Jaye, I love you

World of Warcraft
Bolvar/Saurfang the Younger, imminence, unlikely, shieldmates, rebirth
Illidan/Gul'dan, skullfucking
Jaina/Thrall, hope, renewal, distance, differences, shamanism
Magni/Muradin, homecoming
Malfurion/Illidan, betrayal, imprisonment, memory, dream
Nefarion/Vaelastraz, control
Zul'Jin/Ashli, voodoo

BEAST/Satsuki, awareness, mark, possess
Fuuma/Kamui, dream, mirror, wings, miracle
Fuuma/Kamui/Kotori, foreshadow, homecoming, welcome
Hokuto/Kotori, alike, different, emotion, spirit, watch
Kamui/Kotori, gentle, regret, virginal
Kamui/Subaru, hurt, masochist, need, safe, comfort, pure, tender
Seishirou/Fuuma, danger, play, snark
Seishirou/Kamui, illusion, mindfuck, molest
Seishirou/Kamui/Subaru, flaunt, mine, tempt, untouchable
Seishirou/Subaru, binding

Albedo/Rubedo, pain, boundaries, sensation, voyeur
chaos/Canaan, truth
KOS-MOS/Shion, hidden, salvation
Wilhelm/chaos, recursion, mercy

Guy/Edie, vacation, celebrity, flash, sensation

Man With A Hat/Girl Who Stole His Hat, snookums, bastard, competition, gift

X-Men (comics)
Emma/Bobby, ice, mind, power
Gambit/Iceman, popsicle, roof, flight, fight, run, spark, fragment, thighs, drift, bite, fire, water
Gambit/Rogue, river, jail-break.
Gambit/Wolverine, hunted, captured, claws, bo-staff, charged, identity-porn, spandex, relax, possessive, scent, strap, leather, bike
Logan/Mystique, scent, struggle
Logan/Remy, sunday, off-duty, first-time, lazy, seductive, pheromones, charm, french, claws, gymnast, tightass
Remy/Warren, feathers, hatred, Antarctica, fight
Wolverine/Nightcrawler, incense, snikt
Wolverine/Sabretooth, blood, past

X-Men (movie)
Bobby/John, melt, cheating, danger, girlfriend, defect, rescue, salvation, villain, bad guys, heroes, lies, better, heat
Bobby/Kitty, physics, Danger Room, Rogue
Bobby/Rogue, voices, future, past, breathing, sleeping, unforgiving
Bobby/Rogue/John, hope, lying, cheating, forbidden, cutting, testing, powers
John/Mystique, projection, longing, lust
Pyro/Iceman, afterwards
Pyro/Magneto, afterwards
Pyro/Rogue, cheating, reunion, envy
Rogue/Wolverine, desperate, holding, fissure, water, behind, tear, repair, energy, impatient
Toad/Mystique, create, lie, destroy, cure, queen
Warren/Kitty, wings, flight, rebound, freedom
Wolverine/Gambit, memory, re-appearance, return, beer, poker, cuffs, debauchery.
Wolverine/Rogue, possession, Lolita, trust, reunion, healing
Wolverine/Storm, midnight, need

X-Men Evolution
Scott/Rogue, learning, yearning, seeing red, control

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Kayla/Victor, pity, will
Logan/Remy, trust, sweat, crumbling, engraving, tarot, sizzle, wager, slap, stubble
Logan/Scott, crush, secret
Logan/Victor, [any], bite, burn, regret, overwhelming, blackened, muzzle, starvation, mud, fangs, 1900, fireworks, first time simultaneous masturbation, top!Logan, tender, cuddling, bloody, primal, intercrural, exclusive, brothers in arms, war, reunion, memory, claws
Scott/Emma, escape, heroics, mutants, interesting
Stryker, soldiers, Team X, angst
Victor/Keyla, revenge, Logan, dangerous, persuation
Victor/OC/Logan, about us,over time, closer, restraint, surveillance,
Victor/OFC, brutal, casualty of war, kiss, tender, muffle
Victor/Scott, captured, struggling, surrender, hunt, bite, whimper, pierce, relentless
Wade/Logan, bind, swift, sharpen, half-life
Wade/Wolverine, mouth, swordplay, mission, jungle
Wolverine/Gambit, feisty, wall, punch, amnesia

Emma/Jean, treachery, checkmate, collision, salvage
Gambit/Rogue, skin, thief
Kitty/Pyro, caress
Logan/Remy, lost, fight,chaos
Logan/Scott, primal, possession, forest, chase
Logan/Victor, brothers, terror, rage
Magneto/Rogue, dance, doll
Xavier/Magneto, backwards, immersed, heavenly

Clow/Yuuko, equals, goodbyes, doorslamming, know
Doumeki/Watanuki, silence, tangled, mirrors, following, scream, company, cooking, bow, steadfast, good-taste, reassurance, something-that's-real, food-porn, holding-on
Yuuko/Watanuki, [any], possession, fluster, tease

Y: The Last Man
355/711, training, therapeutic, boots
355/Allison/Rose, reawakening, cramped, collarbone
355/Alter, different ending, gunplay, backhand
355/Yorick, amateur, never got to, protecting you, survival, jacket, symbol
Alter/Natalya, unwilling laughter, comfort, softening, hope, cabbage stew
Hero/Beth/Rose, outback
Hero/Natalya, gorgeous maniac
Waverly/Bobbi, dress-up

Yami no Matsuei
Byakko/Touda, opposites, soft, fur, sleek, scales
Byakko/Tsuzuki, skipping, work, pleasure, never, enough, first, lover, exercise, sweets
Hisoka/Tsuzki, empathy, teacher, promises, unseen, blood, dream, trust
Souryuu/Touda, secret, visits, cell, fighting, foreplay, explosive
Souryuu/Tsuzuki, protection, exception, blue, pretty, sacred
Tatsumi/Watari, dazzle, unusual, laughter, shadows

Tsuzuki/Touda, massage-oil, soft, darkness
Wakaba/Terazuma, boots

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Shinagawa/Adachi, decided, assumptions, ganglands

Goh/Taki, chase, gunplay, heat, stop

Koiwai/Fuuka, gag, cleaning

You Got Served
Elgin/Wade, competition

Young Americans
Hamilton/Jake, answer, puff, bike, dress, swim
Scout/Bella, truth, sister, boat
Scout/Will, lock, rail, room, late, secrets
Sean/Will, woods, jealous, friend

Young Guns (1988)
Billy/Doc, I can make you famous, famous, Mexico, guns

Young Wizards
Power/Nita, rewrite the world, speech, book, wizardry, ambiguity, when the sun goes out

You've Got Mail
Joe/Kathleen, book club, houseboat

Anzu/Yugi/Yami no Yuugi, switch, compromises
Bakura/Ryou, biting, giving, forgetting
Dark Magician/Dark Magician Girl, games
Kaiba/Kisara, unwanted, given
Mai/Jonouchi, experience, wide-eyed, love
Pharoah/Priest Seto, smirk, deference
Priest Seto/Kisara, queen, alien
Rishid/Isis, refuge, alone
Rishid/Malik, bowed
Yami no Yuugi, thread, vague, memories

Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Kurama/Hiei, fire, trust, wild, blood

Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008)
Zack/Miri, practice, screen test, friends

Zap! Online Comic
Gunner/Zap, remember, time

Avery/Graysmith, looming, worship, brokenhearted, library
Graysmith/Toschi, Eureka, restless, loyalty

24/Battlestar Galactica (2003), Nina Myers/Six, angel, play
24/Damages, Karen Hayes/Patty Hewes, represent
24/Stargate SG-1, Jack O'Neill/Jack Bauer, conflict, explosion, gritty, losses, mission, sand
3:10 to Yuma/Appaloosa, Everett Hitch/Ben Wade, theoretical, justice
3:10 to Yuma/Appaloosa, Everett Hitch/Charlie Prince, sidekick
30 Rock/RPF, Rachel Maddow/Liz Lemon, chucks, laugh, awkward, rain, freedom
30 Rock/West Wing, Liz Lemon/Amy Gardner

A Tale of Two Cities/Harry Potter, Sydney Carton/Remus, hidden depths, sacrifice
Aladdin/Beauty and the Beast, Jasmine/Belle, distance
Alias/Burn Notice, Julian Sark/Michael Westen, elevator, Mexico, pain, back, trust, last, rescue, help, played, orb, wound, Miami, endgame
Alias/Burn Notice, Vaughn/Michael Westen, punk, attachments, novice, naive, op, interdepartmental, burned, threesome
Alias/Standoff, Anna Espinosa/Cheryl Carrera, doppelganger, secrets, past, alternatives
Aliens/Terminator, Ripley/Sarah, guns, leather, bathing
American Psycho/RPF, Patrick Bateman/Rahm Emanuel, card
American Psycho/RPF, Patrick Bateman/Tim Geithner, acquisitions
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel/Xander Harris, food, eat, blood, daddy, tie, basement, soul, shopping, LA, aftermath, claim, heir, Hawaiian shirt, leather, tattoo, power, Angelus, hyena, spell, pet
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Fred, sky, indelicate
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike/Xander, love, game, sincerity, sacrifice
Angel the Series/Chuck, Marcus Hamilton/Sarah, public, debt, power
Angel the Series/Criminal Minds/The West Wing, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce/Aaron Hotchner/Sam Seaborn, brothers, doppelgangers, chaos, crime-fighters
Angel the Series/Death Note, Hal/Kate Lockley, apocalypse
Angel the Series/Leverage, Angel/Eliot, mistaken identity, fight, bad ass, oops, dust, paladin, old soul, reincarnation, the-right-one, reward, still gray, wrong, cook, smell, Lindsey, desire, reward, amused, takedown, bump
Angel the Series/Merlin, Morgana/Illyria, ascension, drift, fatalism, invocation, timeless
Angel the Series/Moonlight, Cordelia/Josef, teeth
Angel the Series/Smallville, Lilah/Tess, bonding, transaction
Angel the Series/The West Wing, Cordelia Chase/Sam Seaborn, party, prize, disbelief, one-night-stand, dark
Angel the Series/The West Wing, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce/adult!Huck Wyatt-Ziegler, double-barrelled, substitute, stare, scars, miracle
Angel the Series/True Blood, Angel/Eric, showdown, hate sex, bloodplay, power struggle
Angel the Series/Watchmen, Dr. Manhattan/Illyria, aphelion, aurora, blueshift, parallax
Anita Blake Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Asher/Willow Rosenberg, feed, laugh, magic, rescue
Anita Blake Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Damian/Faith, dance, fight, skill, taste
Anita Blake Series/Criminal Minds, Jean-Claude/Jason Gideon, exception, feed, rest, token, travel
Anita Blake Series/Criminal Minds, Jean-Claude/Spencer Reid, experiment, flavour, offering, sacrifice, study, territory
Anita Blake Series/Criminal Minds, Nathaniel Graison/Spencer Reid, addiction, recover, rescue, trapped, unknown subject
Antique/Coffee Prince, Sun Woo/Sun Ki, waffles, cakes, attraction, forgetting
Artemis Fowl/Harry Potter, Artemis/Pansy, bored, challenge
Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars, Alex/Sam, understanding

Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Susan Ivanova/Vala Mal Doran, sarcastic, sweetheart
Bandom (My Chemical Romance)/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bob Bryar/Xander, wrist brace, sunrise, history
Bandom (My Chemical Romance)/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gerard Way/Spike, hair gel, Marlboros, whisky
Bandom (My Chemical Romance)/Gundam Wing, Frank Iero/Duo Maxwell, mayhem, explosions, space
Bandom (My Chemical Romance)/X-Files, Gerard Way/Alex Krycek, hunter, boredom, truck stop, shadows
Bandom, The Killer/U2, vampire!Brandon Flowers/Bono, AU, older
Bandom/Heroes, Patrick Stump/Peter Petrelli, backstage, powers, flight
Batman Begins/Smallville, Bruce/Lois, dinner party, press, night
Batman Begins/Smallville, Bruce/Lois, forget, better, peace
Batman Begins/Smallville, Chloe/Bruce, curiosity, heal, present, fear, story
Batman Begins/Smallville, Clark/Bruce, corner, demand, trust, Fortress, suggest, history, maybe, calm, worry, monitor, watch, Batmobile, fly
Batman Begins/Smallville, Lois/Bruce, Batcave, Daily Planet, "who do you think you are?", discover, frantic, need
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Damages, Laura Roslin/Patty Hewes, bitch, smile, woman, defense, eyes
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Death Note, Head!Six/Light Yagami, shinigami, note, angel, delusion, masturbation
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Doctor Who, Kara Thrace/Martha, accident, corridor, ambrosia, cigar
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Doctor Who, Nine/Roslin, solution
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Dollhouse, Eight/Paul Ballard, programming
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Dollhouse, Kara Thrace/Paul Ballard, officer, gun, smile, teasing, secret, informant, action, activate, real, fight, "You look familiar"
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Farscape, Kara Thrace/Aeryn Sun, boredom, uncharted
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Farscape, Lee Adama/Aeryn, bitter, edge, space, sorrow, speed
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Farscape, Sam Anders/John Crichton, wormhole, mixing, alone
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Firefly, any!Six/River Tam, tango, razor, subltery
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Firefly, Kara Thrace/Inara Serra, bruises, elegant, whiskey
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Firefly, Kara Thrace/Malcolm Reynolds, bar fight, Captain, smirk, leather, attitude, coat
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Firefly, Kara Thrace/Zoe Washburne, sidearm, release, leather
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Firefly, Lee Adama/Inara Serra, companion, ceremony
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Firefly, Leoben/River Tam, grace, desperate
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/FullMetal Alchemist, Felix Gaeta/Jean Havoc, injury, casualty
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/FullMetal Alchemist, Felix Gaeta/Riza Hawkeye, friends, banter, support
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/FullMetal Alchemist, Kara Thrace/Edward Elric, pilots, short, military, Viper, superior
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/FullMetal Alchemist, Kara Thrace/Olivier Armstrong, women, superior, problem, impetuous, blizzard, cigars
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/FullMetal Alchemist, Kara Thrace/Roy Mustang, playboy, discipline, military, frak
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/FullMetal Alchemist, Six/Lust, work, politics, seduction
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/House M.D., Kara Thrace/House, booze, chair, control, hips
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/House M.D., Kara Thrace/Wilson, grin, needy, strong, wicked
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Jeremiah, Head!Six/Markus, favorite, message, strange-attractor
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Lost, Kara Thrace/Kate, fruit, juicy, jungle, tree, voyeur
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Lost, Kara Thrace/Sawyer, blonde, control, failed con, nickname
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Lost, Sam Anders/Jacob, perfection, fate
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/NCIS, Laura Roslin/Jethro Gibbs, hiding, past lives, ships
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Private Practice, Kara Thrace/Addison, danger, lips
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/John Sheppard, Cylon, storm, writer's choice
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate Atlantis, Sam Anders/John Sheppard, anywhere, anytime, reborn, flyboys, adrenaline, fight, flight
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Supernatural, Head!Six/Anna, body, desire, human
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Supernatural, Head!Six/Castiel, angels, orders
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Supernatural, Head!Six/Dean, favorite, message
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Supernatural, Sam Anders/Sam Winchester, haunted-house, rockstar
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator Salvation, Sam Anders/John Connor, resistance, machines
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cain/Jesse, insubordinate, robots suck, blade
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Kara Thrace/Cameron, emotions, water
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Kara Thrace/Jesse, recognition, poker, adrenaline, machine gun
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Kara Thrace/Sarah Connor, death, fate
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Kendra/Riley, fear, timejump, confusion
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sam Anders/Derek Reese, post-apocalyptic, angels, metal
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Six/Cameron, advanced model, teach me
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Six/Cameron, research
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/The West Wing, Laura Roslin/CJ Cregg, journey, leader, legs, words
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Twilight, Bella Swan/head!Six, coercion
Being Human/Dead like Me, Mitchell/Mason, river, tea, rooftop, drunk, friends
Being Human/Doctor Who, Annie/Rose, friends, lonely, something else, tired, my boys, lost, candle
Being Human/Doctor Who, Mitchell/Rose, forget, still, airplane, rooftop
Being Human/Doctor Who, Mitchell/Rose, timelines, immortal, loneliness, eyelash, cigarettes, magic
Being Human/Secret Diary of a Callgirl, Mitchell/Belle, untamed, hungry, lust
Being Human/Supernatural, Sam/Dean, motel, backseat, Annie, blurry, spit
Being Human/Supernatural, Sam/George, hunters, library, lunch, bridge
Blackpool/Doctor Who/Heroes, Peter Carlisle/Rose Tyler/Claude Rains, threesome, romance, unusual, lick, scruffy, jealous, claim, convince, guilty, sway, accept, snog
Blade Trinity/Supernatural, Abigail/Dean, combat boots
Blade Trinity/Wolverine Origins, Hannibal King/Wade Wilson, snark
Blake's 7/Stargate SG-1, Kerr Avon/Vala Mal Doran, cajole, calculating, crystal, dare, ghost, risk, universe, wager, whisper
Bleach/Naruto, Rangiku/Tsunade, sober
Boa vs. Python/Thoughtcrimes, Brendan/Emmett, unforgettable, anniversary, biting, topping, first-time, virgin, oral, lollipop, date, restaurant, overtime
Bones/Brick, Brendan/Angela, visions, grief
Bones/Castle, Seeley Booth/Rick Castle, awkward, interrogation, stalking, research
Bones/Criminal Minds, Garcia/Brennan, relax, for science!
Bones/Criminal Minds, Sweets/Reid, geek, hair, tongue
Bones/Deadpool, Booth/Deadpool, I shot a clown once
Bones/Firefly, Angela/Inara, lipstick
Bones/Firefly, Booth/River, Paladin
Bones/House M.D., any pairing
Bones/House M.D., Sweets/Cameron, reassurance
Bones/Las Vegas, Sam/Hodgins, rasp, accomdations
Bones/The Office, any pairing
Bones/The Office, Booth/Angela Martin, prayers, prim, sin, white
Bones/The Office, Brennan/Jim, sarcasm, jello, bones
Boondock Saints/Supernatural, Dean/Sam, blood, monsters, faith
Bourne trilogy (movies)/Burn Notice, Jason/Carla, job
Bourne trilogy (movies)/Burn Notice, Michael/Nicky, Venice
Brittania High/High School Musical, Ryan/Jez, mirror, tempo, sweat, finding differences,
Brothers and Sisters/The West Wing, Robert McCallister/Sam Seaborn, rivals, doppelganger, unite, divide, stranger-things
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Death Note, Drusilla/Misa, taste, doll, night, death, lace, ink
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Devil Wears Prada, Faith/Miranda, belong, roles, submission
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Buffy Summers/Martha Jones, sacrifice, savior, monsters
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Due South, Buffy/Fraser/Ray K, pace, watch, clouds
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Dawn/River, ballet, pisces, vertigo, curse, forge, iris, cousin, mirror, real enough, hiss, tea, pilot, wish,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Faith/Inara/Mal, intercession, balance
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Spike/Inara, stars, kiss, hard, affection, kindness, free
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Spike/Kaylee, strawberry, heart, warmth, human
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Spike/Mal, bite, jaded, dark
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Friday Night Lights, Faith/Tyra, diner, save
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Drusilla/Bellatrix, chasm, darkness
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Faith/Draco, authority, mystery, snark
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Faith/Harry, firewhiskey, lost, smoke
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Giles/Narcissa, comfort, loss, relax
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Rupert Giles/Severus Snape, pasts, demons, darkness, regret
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Highlander, Xander Harris/Methos, laughter, teach, new, daylight, see, give
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/League of Extraordinary Gentleman (movie)/Supernatural, Dean/Dorian/Faith/Mina, atonement, blood price
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Psych, Faith/Lassiter, badge
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pushing Daisies, Ned/Faith, sweet, fresh start, temporary
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Sarah Jane Adventures, Rupert Giles/Sarah Jane Smith, somewhere-else, delicate, patterns
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Faith/McKay, skills, perception, gossip
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Spike/Michael, red, smuggle, sunlight
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate: SG-1, Dawn Summers/Jack O'Neill (clone), high school, underage, special, courage, unarmed combat
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, adult!Dawn/Dean, loud, noisy, dirty
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Anya/Faith/Sam, cling, wound
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Anya/Sam, carefree, forget, sigh
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy/Faith/Dean/Sam, birthday
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy/John, sand, weapon, respite, breath
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy/Sam, joke
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn/Dean, danger, ingénue, whimper
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn/Sam, against the world, backseat
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dean/Faith, bite, bound, power,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dean/Faith, knives, lipstick, heavy breathing, leather
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith/Bela, acquisition
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith/Dean, femdom
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith/Dean, kick
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith/Jo, destiny, secrets, shared
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Middleman, Buffy/Middleman, trap
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Tara Maclay/Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, bed, blank, paper, anticipation, magic
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Tara Maclay/Toby Ziegler, provider, safe, quietude, movie-house
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, adult!Dawn/Eric, want, take, have
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Sam/Veruca, local flavor
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight, Buffy/Edward, staking, joke
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars, Buffy/Veronica, smart for a blonde, a fan of your work, not again
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Watchmen, Buffy/Sally, skin, bloom
Burn Notice/Chuck, Bryce/Michael, coping, fun, survival
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael/Chuck, undercover, amused
Burn Notice/Chuck/Jake 2.0/Traveler, Chuck Bartowski/Jake Foley/Will Traveler/Michael Westen, spy-orgy
Burn Notice/Dollhouse, Adelle DeWitt/Victor, demand, dominate, nightmares
Burn Notice/Eureka, Michael Westen/Carter, old warrants
Burn Notice/In Plain Sight, Michael Westen/Marshall Mann, smile, teeth, heat
Burn Notice/In Plain Sight, Michael Westen/Mary Shannon, job, block, caught
Burn Notice/James Bond (movie), Michael Westin/James Bond, bikini, training, machine oil, gun powder, unconventional methods, hand-to-hand, undercover, plan, newbie, play, Bond Guy, harem, eunuch
Burn Notice/James Bond, James Bond/Michael Westen, criticism, battered, competition
Burn Notice/James Bond, Michael Westen/James Bond, anything
Burn Notice/La Femme Nikita, Michael Westen/Madeline, out of the fire, close call, recruitment, no
Burn Notice/La Femme Nikita, Michael Westen/Michael, dour
Burn Notice/Leverage, Fiona/Parker, favorite, Ireland, nostalgia
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Eliot, garnish
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Eliot, taught, do-it-yourself, competition, Croatia, rescue, no-help-needed, cooperation, bleed, dinner, protection
Burn Notice/Life, Michael Westen/Charlie Crews, apple, C4, run, chase, sunburn
Burn Notice/NCIS, Tony DiNozzo/Michael Weston, salsa, interrogation, C4, swimming, harpoon
Burn Notice/Smallville, Michael Westen/Lex Luthor, games
Burn Notice/Stargate SG-1, Fiona/Vala, explosion, seclusion, shopping, mischief, author's choice
Burn Notice/Stargate SG-1, Michael/Daniel Jackson, humiliate, animal, obsession
Burn Notice/Stargate SG-1, Michael/Vala, client, larceny, mojito, bikini, fair play,
Burn Notice/Stargate SG-1, Victor/Jack O'Neal, decision, regret, water
Burn Notice/The Sum of All Fears(2002), Michael Westen/John Clark, anything

Casino Royale/Leverage, James Bond/Eliot, old habits
Castle/Chuck, Casey/Castle, jig, bottom, agent, bug, tacit, puns, duty, cover
Castle/Chuck, Chuck/Castle, auction, surveillance, action, prose, sensible, smarmy, sardonic, cops, author
Castle/Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, Rick Castle/Captain Hammer, ego
Castle/Gossip Girl, Alexis/Owen, virtue, reputation, soft, delicious
Castle/How I Met Your Mother, Castle/Robin, cigar, book, smirk
Castle/Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Castle/Stabler, cynical, lean, plug, shadow, trash
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Harry Potter, Mike/Dudley, gamers
Chronicles of Chrestomanci/Howl's Moving Castle, Chrestomanci/Howl, dimensions, closets, magic-touch
Chuck/Generation Kill, Casey/Brad, competitive
Chuck/Jake 2.0, Chuck Bartowski/Jake Foley, geekgasm
Chuck/Leverage, Chuck/Parker, slip
Code:Breaker/Samurai Deeper Kyo, Sakura/Yuya, fight
Constantine/Hellblazer, John Constantine/John Constantine, clonesex, suspicion, exorcism
Constantine/Supernatural, Angela Dodson/Dean Winchester, research, tattoo, bail, angels
Constantine/Supernatural, Gabriel/Castiel, sides-of-the-coin, downcast, sinners,
Constantine/Supernatural, Gabriel/Dean Winchester, advice, sinners, hell
Constantine/Supernatural, John Constantine/Dean Winchester, unavoidable, coin, tattoo
Criminal Minds/CSI: New York, Emily Prentiss/Stella Bonasera, skin, guns
Criminal Minds/Death Note, L/Spencer Reid, idol, hero, detectives, colleague
Criminal Minds/Fringe, Olivia Dunham/Emily Prentiss, badge, handcuffs, hands, school
Criminal Minds/In Plain, Emily Prentiss/Mary Shannon, run, cuffs, blood, teeth, space, training
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Reid/Goren, magic, crazy, genius, textbook, library, catharsis, lexicon, sanatorium, tousled
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Reid/Goren/Ducky, arcane, sons, gloves, circuitous
Criminal Minds/Life, Spencer Reid/Charlie Crews, survival, sweet, weakness
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Aaron Hotchner/Tony DiNozzo, overtaken
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Emily Prentiss/Ziva David, friends, teenager, experiment, reunion
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Garcia/McGee, computers, leather, chivalry, avatar, webcam, tech support
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Garcia/Sciuto, geekgasms, sexy, curvaceous, unsubtle, bad-girl, bondage, bisexual, feather-boa, leather, collar, pvc, corset, loving, gentle, lesbian, curiousity, psychology, computers, internet, email, phone-sex, lipstick, ponytails
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Morgan/Tony DiNozzo, mouthy, movies, flowers, kindness, sex-therapy
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Reid/Ducky, listen, ramble
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Reid/McGee, geeky, memorable, tough, sex-god
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Spencer Reid/Leroy Gibbs, tighten
Criminal Minds/Psych, Spencer Reid/Shawn Spencer, genius, notice, tease, analyse
Criminal Minds/Smallville, Spencer Reid/Lex, bibliophile
Criminal Minds/Stargate Atlantis, Emily Prentiss/John Sheppard, drink, case, chance, shared
Criminal Minds/The MiddleMan, The MiddleMan/Aaron Hotchner
Criminal Minds/The Three Investigators (Crimebusters), Reid/Jupiter Jones, prodigy, awkward
Criminal Minds/The West Wing, Penelope Garcia/Toby Ziegler, hacker, miserable, snark, avatar, unexpected,
Criminal Minds/Thoughtcrimes, Spencer/Brendan, total-recall, first-time, virgin, experienced, sex-god, phone-sex.
Criminal Minds/Torchwood, Penelope Garcia/Jack Harkness, drinks, bringht, smile
Criminal Minds/X-Files, Spencer Reid/Fox Mulder, perfect
CSI: Miami/RPF, Calleigh Duquesne/Rachel Maddow, suit
CSI: Miami/RPF, Horatio Caine/Rachel Maddow, vacation
CSI: Miami/RPF, Horatio Caine/Tucker Carlson, smuggling
CSI: New York/Doctor Who, Don Flack/Ten, suit
CSI: New York/Doctor Who, Stella Bonasera/Martha Jones, night-sky
CSI: New York/Law and Order (Original), Don Flack Jr./Cyrus Lupo, hadncuffs, Miranda rights, beer
CSI: New York/Law and Order (Original), Mac Taylor/Jack McCoy, any
CSI: New York/Law and Order (Original), Sheldon Hawkes/Ed Green, past, off the job, comfortable
CSI: New York/Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Don Flack/Mike Logan, innuendo, jurisdiction
CSI: New York/Supernatural, Don Flack/Sam Winchester, crime scene, illegal, identity theft, handcuffs, stiff drink
CSI/Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Sofia Curtis/Megan Wheeler, swagger, jurisdiction
CSI/Stargate Atlantis, Sofia Curtis/Sam Carter, swagger
CSI/The West Wing, Catherine Willows/Andrea Wyatt, interrogate, restrained, scarf, rendezvous

Damages/The Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Ellen, make over, help, understanding, in love with someone else, need, glorified assistants, horror stories
Damages/The Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Patty, transference, trust issues, jealous, lawsuit, ho-ho, cerulean, rangle, jargon
Damages/The Devil Wears Prada, Ellen/Miranda, revenge, lesser of two evils, fashionista, playing for both sides,
Damages/The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Patty, patricia, bitches, inferiority complex, anything to win, power play, destroy
Dark Angel/Doctor Who, Max/Rose, time, heat, ride, height
Dark Angel/Star Trek: Reboot, Original Cindy/Gaila, time travel, curls, one-night stand
Dark Angel/Supernatural, Logan Cale/Dean Winchester, debauched, first-time, writhe
Dark Angel/Supernatural, Zack/Dean, Ben, suspicion, flight
Dark Knight/Death Note, Bruce Wayne/L, hurried, riddles
Dark Knight/Death Note, Light/Scarecrow, powerplay
DC Comics/Death Note, Jason Todd/Mello, successor, second, rebellion, wild, replacements
DC Comics/Marvel comics, Mia Dearden/Kate Bishop, faster
DC Comics/Marvel Comics, Zinda Blake/Tony Stark, joyride
DC Comics/RPF, Dick Grayson/Jack Wrangler
DC Comics/The West Wing, Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson (adult)/Sam Seaborn/Toby Zeigler, heroes, little friend, benefits, tough on crime, white-tie, big-city, skyscraper, vista
DC Comics/The West Wing, Bruce Wayne/Sam Seaborn, bruises, caretaker, stoic
DC Comics/The West Wing, Bruce Wayne/Toby Zeigler, white tie, charity, bondage, darkness, alleyway, suits, cave
DC Comics/The West Wing, Dick Grayson (adult)/Sam Seaborn, idol, hands, rooftop, competitive, rope-burn, tie
DC Comics/The West Wing, Dick Grayson/Toby Ziegler, circus, silk, sceptic, shadow
DC Comics/V for Vendetta (movie), Dick Grayson/Evey Hammond, rooftops, fireworks, fighter, survivors, damaged
DC Comics/X-Files, Det. Dick Grayson/Special Agent Dr. Dana Scully, Bludhaven
Death Note/Sailor Moon, L/Ami Mizuno, geniuses, Kira, helping
Dexter/Oz, Deb Morgan/Chris Keller, bind, crave, fuck, intense, laugh, stalk
Dirty Sexy Money/Smallville, Brian/Lex, church, old-friends
Doctor Who/Firefly, Rose/Simon, understanding
Doctor Who/Gossip Girl, Sally Sparrow/Vanessa, camera, photograph, trinket
Doctor Who/High School Musical, Jack Harkness/Ryan Evans, flirting, swagger
Doctor Who/How I Met Your Mother, Donna/Barney, American, older, red head
Doctor Who/James Bond, Ace/Bond, big-bada-boom
Doctor Who/Life On Mars, Donna/Gene Hunt, rough, flirting
Doctor Who/Merlin, Doctor/Arthur/Merlin, time
Doctor Who/Merlin, Jethro/Merlin
Doctor Who/RPF, Tenth Doctor/Rachel Maddow, travel, alien aphrodisiac, timeloop, fluke
Doctor Who/Secret Diary of a Callgirl, Ninth Doctor/Belle, storm, silence
Doctor Who/Smallville, Sally Sparrow/Lois, graveyard, investigate
Doctor Who/Sons of Anarchy, Jax/Rose, reckless, concrete, dandelion, skies
Doctor Who/Star Trek, Doctor/Bones, lover
Doctor Who/Star Trek: Reboot, Donna/McCoy, annoyed, temper
Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tenth Doctor/Q, apotheosis, corinthian, crystal fields, risa, sonic screwdriver, author's choice
Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis, Doctor/Rodney McKay, mechanic
Doctor Who/Stargate SG-1, Doctor/Daniel Jackson, glasses
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness/Captain Jack Harkness, wrong, right
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Eleventh Doctor/Ianto/Jack, Eleven, jealousy, pillow-talk
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Rhys/Sally Sparrow, bystander, quiet
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tenth Doctor/Ianto/Jack, wrench, sonic, hyper, customs, glass, pride, shades, time-warped, pet, shared
Dollhouse/His Dark Materials, Adelle/Asriel, familiar, shouldn't, seductive
Dollhouse/His Dark Materials, Adelle/Marisa, mirror, confidence, children
Dollhouse/OZ, Echo/Ryan O'Reily, expert, midnight, training
Dollhouse/Supernatural, Echo/Bela, trick
Dollhouse/The Big Bang Theory, Echo/Howard, reunion
Dollhouse/Torchwood, Boyd/Toshiko, bonds, should, solace
Dollhouse/Veronica Mars, Topher/Mac, pwnd
Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog/The Middleman, Billy/Wendy, pinkberry, foes, Reaper/Supernatural, Nina/Dean, demon
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Iron Man (movie), Penny/Pepper, girls' night out
Drake and Josh/iCarly, Megan Parker/Sam Puckett, evil

Elfquest/Gargoyles, Newstar/Titania, what measure a nonhuman?
Entourage/Iron Man (movie), Eric Murphy/Pepper Potts, schedule, restraint, understanding
Entourage/RPF, Eric Murphy/Ryan Seacrest, agency, awards, red-carpet
Entourage/The West Wing, Ari Gold/Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, deal, promise, secrets, promotion, double-team, award-show, conference, protective
Entourage/The West Wing, Ari Gold/Toby Ziegler, [any], deal, snark, bruise, desk, protective
Entourage/The West Wing, Eric Murphy/Sam Seaborn, manage, beach
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/Smallville, Clementine/Lois, amnesia, commiserate, vodka
Eureka/Life, Jo Lupo/Dani Reese, guns, desk
Evil Dead/Re-Animator, Ash/West, swagger, spite, dominance, green, vein

Farscape/Firefly, Zhaan/Inara, meditation, art, contemplation, hidden
Farscape/Star Trek: Reboot, Chiana/James Kirk, Orion, space oddity
Farscape/Star Trek: Reboot, John Crichton/James Kirk, alcohol, off-world, astronaut, dive, explosion, do or die
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, Aeryn Sun/Cameron Mitchell, mistaken, lost, familiar, alien
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, John Crichton/Vala Maldoran, mistaken, lost, stolen
Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy X, Yuffie/Jecht/Tidus, recovering after a tough battle
Final Fantasy VII/Smallville, Cloud/Clark, explore, naïve, reluctance
Final Fantasy XII/Kyou Kara Maou, Balthier/Yozak, jewellery
Final Fantasy XII/Persona 3, Balthier/Fran/Akihiko/Shinjiro, lost, weaponry
Final Fantasy XII/Vagrant Story, Fran/John Hardin, language
Firefly/Generation Kill, Mal/Nate, gunpoint
Firefly/House M.D., Jayne Cobb/Cameron, nice, cowboy, rescue-fantasy
Firefly/House M.D., River Tam/House, sanity, answers
Firefly/Iron Man, Jayne Cobb/Tony Stark, payment, muscle
Firefly/Star Trek: Reboot, Kaylee/Scotty, grease
Firefly/Star Trek: Reboot, Zoe/Kirk, [any]
Firefly/Star Wars/Star Trek: Reboot, Mal/Han/Kirk, trifecta
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, Inara/Teyla, tea, ceremony, importance, Zen
Firefly/Supernatural, Kaylee/Dean, strawberries
Firefly/Supernatural, Simon/Sam, massage, hurt/comfort
Firefly/Torchwood, Saffron/Jack, con, lipstick
First Monday/Stargate Atlantis, Julian Lodge/John Sheppard, do I know you?, authority, judge, mirror image, difference, control, narcissism
First Monday/Stargate Atlantis, Julian Lodge/Rodney McKay, up, substitute, describe, illegal
Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Tim/Blair, dirty, football, truck, tongue
Friday Night Lights/Supernatural, Tyra/Jo, escape, flight, finality, joy
Fringe/In Plain Sight, Olivia Dunham/Mary Shannon, odd, gun, chase, fall, freak, feather
Fringe/True Blood, Peter/Sam, beer, humid, popcorn, laugh
Fullmetal Alchemist/Claymore, Riful/Lust, tentacles, useful, bloodless
Fullmetal Alchemist/Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Bradley/Squalo, duel, handicap
Fullmetal Alchemist/Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Bradley/Xanxus, wrath
Fullmetal Alchemist/Naruto, Alex Louis Armstrong/Gai, sparkles, muscles
Fullmetal Alchemist/Twilight, Alex Louis Armstrong/Edward Cullen, sparkles
Fullmetal Alchemist/Twilight, Edward Elric/Bella Swan, crack, obsessed, dazzle
Fullmetal Alchemist/Twilight, Edward Elric/Edward Cullen, crack, dazzle, sparkle

Gargoyles/Star Trek: Reboot, Diane Maza/Spock, youth, song
Gargoyles/Star Trek: The Next Generation, Xanatos/Riker, immortal
Gargoyles/Star Trek: The Original Series, Diane Maza/Uhura, doppleganger, folktales
Generation Kill/True Blood, Brad/Nate/Eric, alpha, dominance, compromise, trained killer, sigh
Ghostbusters/Supernatural, Venkman/Dean, experts, competition
Gilmore Girls/Heroes, Claire/Jess, books, displaced, scars, comparison, familiarity
Gilmore Girls/Heroes, Jess/Claire, New York, record, small-town
Gilmore Girls/Heroes, Nathan/Lorelai, superpowers, broken
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Lorelai, laundry, inn, unnatural, demons, town-meeting
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Dean Forester/Sam Winchester, similar
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Rory Gilmore/Sam Winchester, rescue
Gilmore Girls/The West Wing, Lorelai/Sam, language, independence, anything, murder
Glee/Gossip Girl, Rachel/Blair, competition
Glee/Mean Girls, Quinn/Regina, two-of-a-kind
Glee/Supernatural, Rachel/Sam, school
Good Omens/Supernatural, Sam/Dean, entrenched, Antichrist, angels
Gossip Girl/Harry Potter, Chuck Bass/Pansy Parkinson, match point, outwit
Gossip Girl/Harry Potter, Chuck/Pansy, steam, indulge
Gossip Girl/Harry Potter, Draco/Georgina, game, power
Gossip Girl/Harry Potter, Pansy Parkinson/Poppy Lifton, hocus-pocus, subjugate
Gossip Girl/Lipstick Jungle, Serena/Kirby, bar, cosmopolition, photography, gala, rebellion, lens, type, unforgetable, charm
Gossip Girl/Mad Men, Chuck Bass/Don Draper, dominance, cigar, whiskey, tie
Gossip Girl/Skins, Blair/Cassie, eat, perfect, tourist
Gossip Girl/Smallville, Vanessa/Lois backpacking, concert, festival, Prague, outsider
Gossip Girl/Supernatural, Dorota/Sam, uniform, curves
Gossip Girl/Twilight, Dan Humphrey/Edward Cullen, beautiful-people
Gossip Girl/Veronica Mars, Jenny/Weevil, dare
Grey's Anatomy/Life, Owen Hunt/Charlie Crews, scars, freedom, sand

Harry Potter/Merlin, Merlin/Dumbledore, youth, knowledge, legend, mistakes
Hellblazer/House M.D., John Constantine/House, demonic blood, snark, cigarettes, painkillers, bargains, bets
Hellblazer/Supernatural, Ellie/Ruby, revenge, sin
Hellblazer/Supernatural, Gabriel/Castiel, perdition, salvation, hell, heaven
Hellblazer/Supernatural, John Constantine/Castiel, clothes, curiosity, trench coat, sanctimonious, sin, soul
Hellblazer/Supernatural, John Constantine/Dean Winchester, soul, hell, exorcise
Hellblazer/The Dresden Files (books), John Constantine/Harry Dresden, coats, fire, beer
Hellblazer/The Dresden Files (books), John Constantine/Thomas Raith, incubi, lucky
Hellblazer/The Dresden Files, John Constantine/Harry Dresden, bonkers, the-wizards-least-likely-to
Heroes/Supernatural, Adam/John, bathing, dating, guns, possession, size, voice,
Highlander/Stargate SG-1, Daniel Jackson/Methos, languages, papyrus
Highlander/Torchwood, Methos/Jack Harkness, time
Homicide: Life on the Street/Life, Tim Bayliss/Charlie Crews, peace, mirror, fresh
Hornblower/Pirates of the Caribbean, Horatio Hornblower/Jack Sparrow, confusion, bright
House M.D./How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Chase, [any]
House M.D./How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Cuddy, [any]
House M.D./Leverage, Cuddy/Sophie, the administrative job
House M.D./Leverage, Thirteen/Parker, natural high
House M.D./Private Practice, Lisa Cuddy/Addison Montgomery, conference, dress, fingers, glasses, grace, hands, party
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Eric Foreman/Ronon Dex, unbridled
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, House/Rodney McKay, Genius, history, high school, clones, memories, reunion
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Lisa Cuddy/Elizabeth Weir, well met, collegial, memory, first, last
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Wilson/Rodney McKay, reunion, threesome, surprise, betrayal
House M.D./Stargate SG-1, House/Jack O'Neil, recruit, blood, speed
House M.D./The West Wing, Lisa Cuddy/Toby Ziegler, beard, college, synagogue
House M.D./The X-Files, Cuddy/Scully, BFFs, shoes, aggravating
How I Met Your Mother/Kings, Barney/Jack
How I Met Your Mother/Merlin, Barney/Arthur, [any]
How I Met Your Mother/Merlin, Barney/Arthur/Merlin, [any]
How I Met Your Mother/Merlin, Barney/Merlin, [any]
How I Met Your Mother/Star Trek: Reboot, Barney/Kirk, [any]
How I Met Your Mother/Star Trek: Reboot, Barney/Kirk/McCoy, [any]
How I Met Your Mother/Star Trek: Reboot, Barney/Kirk/Spock, [any]
How I Met Your Mother/Star Trek: Reboot, Barney/McCoy, [any]
How I Met Your Mother/Star Trek: Reboot, Barney/Spock, [any]
How I Met Your Mother/Star Trek: Reboot, Barney/Uhura, [any]
How I Met Your Mother/Supernatural, Barney/Dean, march madness, show-off, showdown, demons, suit, car, tie, smug, notch, job, secret, corporate, pie, legendary, awesome
How I Met Your Mother/The Unusuals, Barney/Casey, handcuffs
Howl's Moving Castle/Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Howl/Jonathan Strange, educational, inspiration
Hustle/Supernatural, Danny Blue/Dean Winchester, partners in crime

iCarly/Supernatural, Sam Puckett/Dean Winchester, Pie, Legal, Jailbait
iCarly/Supernatural, Spencer Shay/Sam or Dean Winchester, cool socks, pie, ghost, old friend, law school, Guitar Hero
In Plain Sight/Life, Marshall Mann/Dani Reese, step, fruit, smirk, rigorous, roadtrip, alcohol, handcuffs, young
In Plain Sight/NCIS, Marshall Mann/Tim McGee, biomed, mud,
In Plain Sight/Psych, Lassiter/Mary, gun, handcuffs
In Plain Sight/Supernatural, Marshall Mann/Dean Winchester, banter, held down, identity theft, witness, missing
Inu mo Arukeba/Kingyou Hime, goldfish/Kuro, play date
Inu mo Arukeba/Kingyou Hime, goldfish/Kuro/Ukyou/Keisuke, man's best friends
Iron Man (movie)/Merlin, Arthur/Merlin/Tony, knight
Iron Man (movie)/Psych, Tony Stark/Shawn Spencer, genius, temp, legal, details
Iron Man (movie)/Rent, Pepper/Joanne, escapism
Iron Man (movie)/Rent, Tony/Maureen, ego, single entendre
Iron Man (movie)/Speed Racer (movie), Tony Stark/Speed Racer, energetic
Iron Man (movie)/Star Trek: Reboot, Tony Spark/Sulu, spar
Iron Man (movie)/Star Trek: Reboot, Tony Stark/Chekov, brilliant
Iron Man (movie)/Star Trek: Reboot, Tony Stark/Kirk, match
Iron Man (movie)/Star Trek: Reboot, Tony Stark/McCoy, exam
Iron Man (movie)/Star Trek: Reboot, Tony Stark/Scotty, oil
Iron Man (movie)/Star Trek: Reboot, Tony Stark/Spock, conquest
Iron Man (movie)/Star Trek: Reboot, Tony/Uhura, flexible
Iron Man/Stargate Atlantis, Tony Stark/John Sheppard, flyboy, testing, cheap booze, Antarctica
Iron Man/Supernatural, Tony Stark/Sam/Dean, snarl, taken, ride, suit
Iron Man/The Incredible Hulk, Tony Stark/Emil Blonsky, Afghanistan

Jack the Ripper/The Professionals, George Godley/Doyle, rentboy, bustle
Jake 2.0/Traveler, Jake Foley/Will Traveler, spy-stuff
James Bond/The Middleman, Bond/Wendy, one-liners, exploits, catsuit, gadgets
James Bond/The X-Files, James Bond/Krycek, hard, duty
Jeremiah/Terminator Salvation, Markus Alexander/John Connor, apocalypse, resistance, leadership, palm
Juno/The Middleman, Juno/Wendy, attitude
Juno/Wilby Wonderful, Juno/Emily, fate, choice
Just Shoot Me/Will and Grace, Nina/Karen, [any]

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!/Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi/Haru, gentlemen
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!/Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi/Tsuna, centre, insanity
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!/Ouran High School Host Club, Mori/Yamamoto, tradition, learning
Kings/Merlin, Jack/Arthur, fight, sick, away, awkward, sugar
Kings/Smallville, Lex/Jack, knight, open, dry, black eye, chaos, flirt
Kings/Star Trek: Reboot, Jack/Kirk, charm, shuttle, strawberry, champagne, vacation, off-duty, academy
Kyou Kara Maou/Saiyuki, Yozak/Sha Gojyo, solidarity

Law and Order: Criminal Intent/Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Alex Eames/Elliot Stabler, exasperation, anger, smile, disheartened, quick
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Mike Logan/Elliot Stabler, reluctant, harsh, punch, dark, comfort, swallow
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Mike Logan/Olivia Benson, sarcasm, policeman's ball, crime scene, eye-sex, jealousy
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Robert Goren/Olivia Benson, share, drink, confess, sober, rigorous, pain
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Robert Goren/Ducky, digression, shirttails, British Museum, old and tired
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Robert Goren/Ziva David, switchblade
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/Oz, Robert Goren/Shirley Bellinger, resist, surrender, mind fuck, hollow, helpless, obsessed
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Benson/Keller, illusion, handcuffs, blackmail, deep, gasp
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Benson/Murphy, common ground, relief, smile, missing, date
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Benson/Stabler/Beecher, limo, date, memory, apartment, bed
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Stabler/Beecher, belt, highway, winter, parole, glare, partner, gun, bars, drink, wall, undercover
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Stabler/Beecher/Keller, double-penetration, jealousy, polish, yellow
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Stabler/Keller, bluff, gags, smoke, zig-zag, heat, easy, groan, hard, territory
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz/RPF, Stabler/Keller/Christopher Meloni, different, bound, slip, hold, asleep
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Stargate SG-1, Olivia Benson/Cameron Mitchell, conversation, uniform, summer, ride, truth
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Wanted, Stabler/Drake, badges, cigars, gun-play, oysters, skin
Legend of the Seeker/Merlin, Kahlan/Morgana, magic, power, control, pale
Leverage/Lie to Me, Cal/Sophie, glasses, aggressive, shaken, desperate, business
Leverage/Lie to Me, Sophie/Gillian, theatre, high heels, lipstick, stupid
Leverage/National Treasure, Alec Hardison/Riley Poole, system, glasses, cover, Algeria, target, indignant
Leverage/Oceans 11, Eliot/Linus, wager
Leverage/Psych, Gus/Hardison, chess, geeks, guild, job
Leverage/Smallville, Elliot/Lana, strong
Leverage/Supernatural, Eliot/Dean, guns, hunt, Impala, grease
Leverage/Supernatural, Parker/Bela, quick, glass, bitch, invitation
Leverage/Transporter Eliot Spencer/Frank Martin, package, rules, broken, team, caught, escape, last job, hot ride
Lie to Me/Supernatural, Dean/Eli, suit, white, hiss, games, informations
Lie to Me/Supernatural, Ria/Dean, blood, hot, silent, hero
Life on Mars/Torchwood, Gene/Jack, bet
Life/Pushing Daisies, Charlie Crews/Ned, personal chef, back to life, orange grove, ripe
Life/RPF, Charlie Crews/Jon Stewart, doctor, scream, indignation, slow, mango
Life/RPF, Dani Reese/Rachel Maddow, beer, bar, hotel, sharp, sheets
Life/Standoff, Charlie Crews/Matt Flannery, pressure, firing range, familiar, handcuffs, tattoo, jealous, cloth, sweat, orgasm denial, knife, pineapple, genderfuck
Life/The Middleman, Dani Reese/Wendy Watson, competency, spar, determined, grace, blindfold, gun
Life/Veronica Mars, Dani Reese/Veronica Mars, FBI, normal, undercover, petite
Lilo and Stitch/Supernatural, adult!Lilo/Sam, leave, blue jeans
Lost in Austen/True Blood, Wickham/Eric, redcoat, propriety, liar, horseback
Lost/Supernatural, Castiel/Jacob, Earth, fate, weaving, memories

MaiHime/Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Nao/Kozue, trouble
Marvel Comics/The West Wing, Peter Parker/CJ Cregg, exclusive, coffee, desk
Marvel Comics/The West Wing, Steve Rogers/CJ Cregg, Brooklyn
Marvel Comics/The West Wing, Tony Stark/Sam Seaborn, Republicans, hotel, rimming, whisky, Princeton
Max Headroom/RPF, Edison Carter/Anderson Cooper, exposure
Merlin/RPF, Arthur Pendragon/Adam Lambert, "gays are wizards!"
Merlin/RPF, Merlin/Adam Lambert, "I'm beginning to doubt your commitment to sparkemotion"
Merlin/Star Trek: Reboot, Arthur/Kirk, seduction, AU, stars, time, feast, holiday, brat
Merlin/Star Trek: Reboot, Arthur/Merlin/Kirk, wine, sunglasses, swords, magic, mistake, jealous, blowjob
Merlin/Supernatural, Castiel/Merlin, creation, devotion, magic, protect
Merlin/Supernatural, Lilith/Morgana, torment, coax
Merlin/Supernatural, Lilith/Nimueh, power, price
Moral Orel/South Park, Orel Puppington/Butters Stotch, escape
Murphy Brown/RPF, Rachel Maddow/Murphy Brown, journalism, desk, pen, fedora

NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Abby Sciuto/Teyla Emmagan, cheerful, explore, explain, shoes
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Jethro Gibbs/Elizabeth Weir, diplomacy, disagreement, history, sweet
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Tony DiNozzo/Evan Lorne, competition, glee, jazz, vacation
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Ziva David/Laura Cadman, explosive
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Jethro Gibbs/Jack O'Neill, fishing, boat, Minnesota, off-world, SPAM, sharp shooting, C4
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Tony DiNozzo/Jack O'Neill's clone, aircraft carrier, fighter plane, spring break, shades, Mustang,
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Ziva David/Vala Mal Doran, curious, handcuffs, impatient, leather
NCIS/Supernatural, Tim McGee/Dean Winchester, flirtation, hero, prey, green, lips,
NCIS/The West Wing, Jethro Gibbs/CJ Cregg, black Vera Wang, safety, truth, undercover
Night World/True Blood, Hunter Redfern/Eric, mythology, dangerous, affirm
Night World/True Blood, Thierry/Eric, patience, power, convincing

Oniisama E/Rose of Versailles, Kaoru/Oscar/Rei, escapism, relief, revolution
Oniisama E/Rose of Versailles, Oscar/Kaoru, quiet, support
Oniisama E/Rose of Versailles, Oscar/Rei, tease, games, disapproval
Ouran High School Host Club/Torchwood, Tamaki Suoh/Captain Jack Harkness, singing in the rain
Oz/RPF, Keller/Christopher Meloni, mirror, bitch, knees, belt, surprise
Oz/Supernatural, Dean/Keller, discomfort, honey, roadside, round
Oz/Wanted, Drake/Keller, collar, interrogation, silence, yes

Pirates of the Caribbean/Star Trek: Reboot, Jack Sparrow/James Kirk, two ships, exploration, rum
Pirates of the Caribbean/Torchwood, Captain Jack Sparrow/Captain Jack Harkness, grin, line, rough
Pirates of the Caribbean/Torchwood, Jack Sparrow/Jack Harkness, captain
Planet Terror/Supernatural, Cherry/Dean, bullets, illogical, smell, desperate, survive, TNT
Primeval/Robin Hood, Abby/Robin, anomally, native, spunk, cheek, pixie
Psych/Star Trek: Reboot, Gus/Uhura, voices, drink, language, sales, psychic
Psych/Supernatural, Shawn Spencer/Dean Winchester, hide, grass
Psych/The Mentalist, Shawn Spencer/Patrick Jane, belief, excuse

Reaper/Supernatural, Andie/Sam, souls
Red Dwarf/The Colbert Report, Ace Rimmer/Tek Jansen, damsel, heroics
Rome/Torchwood, Antony/Jack, exuberant
RPF/Sharpe, Viggo Mortenson/Richard Sharpe, jacket, hay
RPF/Slings and Arrows, Callum Keith Rennie/Geoffrey Tennant, contract, stage
RPF/Sports Night, Casey McCall/Dan Patrick/Dan Rydell/Keith Olbermann, trip, hockey, grammar, collision
RPF/Sports Night, Dana Whitacker/Rachel Maddow, sports, skirts, cocktails, cameras
RPF/Stargate Atlantis, Adam Lambert/John Sheppard, just go with it, puddlejumper, haircare
RPF/Supernatural, Chad Michael Murray/Sam Winchester, rabbit hole
RPF/Supernatural, Jensen/Dean, arch, cupboard, savior
RPF/Supernatural, Misha Collins/Castiel, twitter, ponies, trenchcoat, crack
RPF/Supernatural, Sam/Jared, brush, water, wolf
RPF/The Big Bang Theory, Leonard Nimoy/Sheldon, worship, fanboy, photography, fascinating
RPF/The West Wing, Rachel Maddow/CJ Cregg, breaking news, ball gowns, teeth, words
RPF/The West Wing, Rachel Maddow/Kate Harper, airplane, banter, rules, talisman
RPF/The West Wing, Rachel Maddow/Amy Gardner, [any]
RPF/Torchwood, Rachel Maddow/Jack Harkness, TARDIS, tongues, ties, timeloop, rain
RPF/Twin Peaks, Hillary Clinton/Dale Cooper, pie
RPF/Twin Peaks, Rachel Maddow/Laura Palmer, help
RPF/Veronica Mars, Rachel Maddow/Veronica Mars, California, photograph, outcast, kid, crime, spunk, cruise, snark, energy, bright, cocktail, fruit, lap, mentor, curious, trouble, play, kiss, summer, fling, pool, locker, highschool

Samurai Champloo/Stargate Atlantis, Jin/Ronon, hair, weaponry
Shoujo Kakumei Utena/XXXHolic, Kozue/Yuuko, trouble
Skins/True Blood, Maxxie/Eric, gift, pleased
Smallville/Star Trek: Reboot, Lois/Kirk, hero
Smallville/Stargate Atlantis, Lex/Cadman, gun moll
Smallville/Supernatural, Chloe/Dean, Impala, frustration, pool, try, sleep, sunset, beach, uncomfortable, soft, pie
Smallville/Supernatural, Lois/Dean, moving on, anger, hard, rebound, caress
Smallville/Veronica Mars, Lois/Logan, interview
Star Trek: Reboot/Star Trek: The Next Generation, Spock/Data, functional, logical, pleasure, difference
Star Trek: Reboot/Star Wars, Jim Kirk/Anakin Skywalker, speed, haughty, darkside
Star Trek: Reboot/Star Wars, Spock Prime/Ben Kenobi, comfort, desert winds, ghosts, belonging
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, Jim Kirk/Dean Winchester, bar brawl, bickering, supernova, academy, ship, brat, cocky, bike, speed, command, freckles, competition
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, Kirk/Sam, hair-pulling, poker, command, win
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, McCoy/Sam Winchester, second, left, stars, black
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, McCoy/Castiel, apocalypse, mission, bourbon
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, Spock/Sam Winchester, fascinating, heedless, illogical, strong
Star Trek: Reboot/Terminator: Salvation, Pavel Chekov/Kyle Reese, confusion, paranoia, exploring
Star Trek: Reboot/The Fast and the Furious, Brian/Dom, Romulan, speed, crash
Star Trek: Reboot/The Middleman, Uhura/Wendy, geeks
Star Trek: Reboot/Torchwood, James Kirk/Toshiko Sato, astonish, restraint
Star Trek: Reboot/Torchwood, Kirk/Jack Harkness, time agency, bar fight, back alley
Star Trek: Reboot/Torchwood, Nyota Uhura/Toshiko Sato, mini-dress, hush, boys-club, clever
Star Trek: The Original Series/Supernatural, Jim Kirk/Dean Winchester, bar brawl, bickering, supernova
Star Trek: The Original Series/The Big Bang Theory, Spock/Sheldon, housepet
Star Trek/Stargate Atlantis, Kirk/any or Spock/any or McCoy/any, [any]
Star Wars/The Professionals, Han/Bodie, rogues, rebels
Star Wars/The Professionals, Luke/Doyle, Jedi, desert
Stargate Atlantis/Star Trek: Reboot, John Sheppard/Jim Kirk, charm, booze, hair, surf, fluke
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Daniel Jackson, translate, Ancient, stars, flying, smirk, negotiate
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Jack O'Neill, city, snow, embrace, dog, replicator, cards, eyebrow, lost, dinner, long-distance, diplomacy, rude, intoxication
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, proof, sinful, laughter, comfort, rope, secret, lace, shower, camera, blush, devotion, shower, bluejeans, home, rough, tender, breakfast, domesticity, family, porn, first time, grudge, pie, smitten, honesty, motorcycles, beach, gradual, hidden, hope, run, victor, light, dark, violence, voyeurism, hoping, intergalactic, distant, staring, ass, international, intergalactic, team-up
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Daniel Jackson, yes sir, breakdancing, victory
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir/Cameron Mitchell, dynamics, soaring
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Sam Carter/Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, [any]
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran, flying, foreign, Vegas, Disneyland. implosion, off-world, jumper, surprise, stealing, punishment, adoration, shanghai, closet, handcuffs, chocolate, lingerie, seduction
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Laura Cadman/Daniel Jackson, distraction
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Radek Zelenka/Bill Lee, epiphany, excite, game, orgasm, telepathy
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Radek Zelenka/Rodney McKay/Bill Lee, challenge, downtime, tweak
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Cameron Mitchell, science fiction, run, victory, sorrow, speed, sand, tenderness, patterns, almond, dance, knee
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Daniel Jackson, enlightenment, discovery, passion, wrong, argue, lightning, pegasus, metallic waves, sarcasm, sportsmanship, translation, Ancient's kama sutra, rumours, wind, ocean, desert, spoon, mirror, advice, paperwork, open, glasses, umbrella
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Cameron Mitchell, tangle, cliff, captured, Sodan, grunt, dig
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Carolyn Lam, apocalypse, honey, gurney, expression
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Jonas Quinn, strange, literal, banana, storm
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Sergeant Siler, [any]
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Teal'c, politics, memory, laughter, violence, secret
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Vala Mal Doran, subterfuge, rogue, caramel,
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Daniel Jackson, language, apathy, lost
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Jonas Quinn, stranded, discovery, brightness
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Ronon Dex/Vala Mal Doran, bad idea, thunder, base, halfway
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Samantha Carter/Ronon Dex, command, off world, home,
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagen/Daniel Jackson, inscription, pattern, stick, vine, tea, ceremony
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagen/Teal'c, train, bow, Tau'ri, fly, moon, gods, art, popcorn, Star Wars
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Vala Mal Doran, excuse, together, Icarus, sunrise, hand, leather, wine, lips, cherry, reading
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Evan Lorne/Dean Winchester, alley, grin, morning, shadows
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, John Sheppard/John Winchester, order, slide
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Ronon Dex/Sam Winchester, groove, wax, cut
Stargate Atlantis/X-Men Origins: Wolvering, Ronon Dex/Gambit, secret, checkmate, laughter
Stargate SG-1/Doctor Who, Cameron Mitchell/Martha Jones, savior, accent, heat, charm
Stargate SG-1/Highlander, Mini-Jack/Methos, eyes, deceptive, understand
Stargate SG-1/Highlander, Vala/Amanda, take, competition
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Baal/Dean, forgetting, master, nightmares
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Vala Mal Doran/Dean Winchester, amused, cynical, evasive, pie, secrets
Stargate SG-1/The West Wing, Daniel Jackson/Sam Seaborn, ideals, suit, verbiage
Stargate SG-1/The West Wing, Jack O'Neill/CJ Cregg, strategy, compromise, flamingo, SOP
Superman Returns/The Dark Knight, Clark/Bruce, power, night, damp
Superman Returns/The Dark Knight, Clark/Lois/Bruce, silver, wary
Superman Returns/The Dark Knight, Lois/Bruce, rest, tears, ache
Superman/Superman Returns, Richard/Lois/Clark/Lana, foursome, bed, tumble, love, comfort, slick, hilarity
Supernatural/Terminator Salvation, Dean/John, apocalypse, dirt, forgetting
Supernatural/The Forsaken, Nick/Sean/Dean, help, sleepwalking, crowd, uniform, hunt, whisper, hot chocolate
Supernatural/The O.C., Dean/Taylor, zombies, Impala, stake, drive-through
Supernatural/The West Wing, Bela Talbot/Josh Lyman, hellish, priceless, desperate, hounded/
Supernatural/The West Wing, Dean Winchester/adult!Huck Wyatt-Ziegler, daddy-issues, suffer, drunk, inferno
Supernatural/The West Wing, John Winchester/Toby Ziegler, strange, bar, silence, disguise, old-coat
Supernatural/Tin Man, Azkedelia/Sam, hidden, shattered
Supernatural/X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Logan/Sam Winchester, hair, whiskey, branded

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles/Zetta Kareshi, Cameron/Night, mechanics, pleasure
The Big Bang Theory/The OC, Penny/Seth, comic books
The Middleman/Veronica Mars, Wendy/Mac, do you speak geek, talk nerdy to me, yeah I read comics, digital flirtation
The West Wing/The X-Files, Sam Seaborn/Fox Mulder, Bob, meeting, conspiracy, truth, belief
The X-Files/Torchwood, Mulder/Tosh, hack, speech
The X-Files/Torchwood, Scully/Mulder/Jack, theory, regeneration
The X-Files/Torchwood, Scully/Owen, dubious
Twilight/Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert/Bella Swan, education

Cobra Starship, Alex Suarez/Ryland Blackinton, glass, box, lesson
Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Victoria Asher, [any]
Cobra Starship, Nate Novarro/Ryland Blackinton, games, interest, blowjob, maltesers
Cobra Starship, Nate Novarro/Victoria Asher, bunk!sex, shortass, band bonding, something borrowed, drunk
Cobra Starship, Ryland Blackinton/Victoria Asher, seduction
Cobra Starship/Empires, Gabe Saporta/Max Steger, meeting, find, amused
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe Saporta/Patrick Stump, blue
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump/Gabe Saporta, recording, AK-47, sleeplessness, toys, one-up, bet
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Ryland Blackinton/Pete Wentz, next, costume, coffee
Cobra Starship/Hey Monday, Victoria Asher/Cassadee Pope, dancing, truth or dare, bunks
Cobra Starship/Hey Monday, Victoria Asher/Cassadee Pope, touring, prank war, photographs, violets
Cobra Starship/RPF, Victoria Asher/Ashlee Simpson Wentz, kiss, tickle, time, velvet
Cobra Starship/The Hush Sound, Victoria Asher/Greta Salpeter, scary, turn, skirt, wine

Empires, Al Smith/girl!Ryan Luciani, shower, dirty, sleepy, stages
Empires, Al Smith/Max Steger/Ryan Luciani/Sean Van Vleet/Tom Conrad, warm, after party, playing
Empires, Al Smith/Ryan Luciani, new, cold, hugs, sextape
Empires, Max Steger/Ryan Luciani, discipline, pizza, kiss, night, teasing
Empires, Ryan Luciani/Sean Van Vleet, amazing, mine, bored
Empires/My Chemical Romance, Sean van Vleet/Bob Bryar, accident, folded, marks
Empires/Panic at the Disco, girl!Tom Conrad/Jon Walker, pegging, strap-on, photography
Empires/Panic at the Disco, Jon Walker/Tom Conrad, ink, sheets, trust
Empires/Panic at the Disco, Tom Conrad/Jon Walker, airport, reunion, film, slow, blissful, weed, [any], surprised, hands, balcony
Empires/The Academy Is, girl!Tom Conrad/girl!Mike Carden, shine, purple, stars, fight
Empires/The Academy Is, Tom Conrad/Mike Carden, anger, chicken wings, trying

Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, Melrose Place, string, onesided, secret, 2003, robots, costumes, what if, rope, shenanigans, hidden camera, sex club, vibrator, van days, detox, witness protection program, jealousy, happily ever after, first time, groupies, girl!Pete, rediscovery, Bedussey II, bunk, underage, kiss, downfall
Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz/Joe Trohman, always-a-girl!Pete
Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump/Ashlee Simpson Wentz, longing, domestic
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, dragons, wristwatch, bittersweet
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Patrick Stump/Gerard Way, ink, woe, pink
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz/Bob Bryar, amused
Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco, Patrick Stump/Brendon Urie, ankle, recording
Fall Out Boy/RPF, Pete Wentz/Ashlee Simpson Wentz, domestic, fluff, pegging, pegging, ownership, pregnancy
Fall Out Boy/The Hush Sound, Patrick Stump/Greta Salpeter, dance

My Chemical Romance, all band members, bondage, orgasm denial, orgy, initiation
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Frank Iero, D/s, gift, neck, jerk, condom, forget, lick
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Frank Iero/Gerard Way, blowjob, rope, basement, guitar, hands, shower, exhaustion, blindfold, sunrise
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, first time, handcuffs, silk, smile, art, darkness, beat, frottage, fisting, makeup, muscle car, insomnia, roadtrip, backstage
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Mikey Way, protect, chase, chain
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro, fever
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, charcoal, crossdressing, drag, green, driving, dove, candle, hole, cigarette, hail, fence, fabric, flirt, van, pillow, blanket, dye, dirty, sidekick, cinema, touch, fireworks, summer, shiver, stubble, stick-on tattoos, sand, clean, light, bow, bone, coffee, spine, caress, sweat, longing, home
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Mikey Way, bondage, ball gag
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Mikey Way, dominant, submissive, hide, rope, sweat, sun, alone, puddle, fall, domestic, argument, roommates
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Mikey Way, history, caught, home, private, sex toys, underwear, lace
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Ray Toro, girl!Mikey
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Ray Toro, nerd
My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way/anyone, girl!oral, these boots
My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way/Ray Toro, D/s, solo, fruit, coffee
My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy, Gerard Way/Patrick Stump, sunshine, hair dye, freckles, ice cream
My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy, Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, happy, new, hope, friends, bus
My Chemical Romance/Mindless Self Indulgence, Gerard Way/Lindsay Ballato, awkward, cute, sub!Gerard Way, marriage proposal, domestic, pregnancy, vampire(s), period!girl!oral, crossdressing, sleepless
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Bob Bryar, safe word, dessert, pens
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Mikey Way/Ryan Ross, hero, strong, determined
My Chemical Romance/The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer/Gerard Way, groupie, paint
My Chemical Romance/The Dresden Dolls, Bob Bryar/Brian Viglione, mine, pancakes
My Chemical Romance/The Hush Sound, Bob Morris/Bob Bryar
My Chemical Romance/The Used, Bert McCracken/Gerard Way, sleepy, touch, bath, blood, cigarettes, tattoos, sunglasses, explosive, soundcheck

Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/anyone, crossdressing
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Jon Walker, couch, earplugs, keys
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Jon Walker/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith, tangle, watching, sex pollen
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross, coffee tables, furniture, Ikea catalogs, scarf, rose, green, words
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, drumstick, twitter, photos
Panic at the Disco, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross, wristcuffs, watches, links, getting high, making music, taking pictures, laughter
Panic at the Disco, Jon Walker/Spencer Smith, Dylan
Panic at the Disco, Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith, first time, voyeurism, trust, jealousy, understanding, denial, hands, sex pollen, friendly, denial, ties, competition, youth, just like old times, grow old together
Panic at the Disco/The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer/girl!Brendon Urie, restraint, piano, posture, tied, allow
Panic at the Disco/The Hush Sound, Greta Salpeter/girl!Brendon Urie, tease, touch, tag, tickle

The Academy Is, Adam Siska/The Butcher, burning, missed, better, socks, skin, sand, comfort, paint, vacation
The Academy Is, girl!Adam Siska/William Beckett, fangirl, always, laundry, morning
The Academy Is, Mike Carden/Michael Chislett, flowers, towel, box
The Academy Is/Cobra Starship, William Beckett/Gabe Saporta, frottage, chocolate, colours, tied
The Academy Is/The Sounds, William Beckett/Maja Ivarsson, dirt, white

The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer/Brian Viglione, rock love, androgony, eyeliner, lipstick, face paint, happiness, sleep, tour, yoga

The Hush Sound, Bob Morris/Greta Salpeter, apology

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Hester/Will/Jonty, ukuleles, hot tamales, George Formby, laughter
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Jonty/Will, Edinburgh, giggle, glances

Real Person Fiction
Aaron Eckhart/Thomas Jane, any, mistaken
demon!Aaron Eckhart/angel!Christian Bale, fallen, on Earth
Aaron Eckhart/top!Christian Bale, surrender
Aasif Mandvi/any, talented
Adam Baldwin/Nathan Fillion, ice cream, childish, sarcasm, fidgety, tactile, talkative, touchy-feely, bruise, holster
Adam Hills/Russell Howard, collars
Adam Hills/Wil Anderson, handcuffs, leather, corsets, cats, sleeping
Adam Lambert/Gavin Creel, Toronto, stage, tease
Adam Lambert/Kris Allen, makeup, glitter, glam, Hollywood, confession, dress-up, quiet, bunk, sex tape, inebriated, curiosity, drag, phone sex, hometown, pop goes the camera, push and pull, sly, roommates, giggles, open, linger, thumbnail, hair, guitar, smile, genuine, scary, lipstick, wife, Queen, crack, miscarriage, fanfic, new release, album, iPod, Heartless, everything, following, true, enough, fidelity, guyliner, obsession, vocabulary, guitar, tour bus, makeup lessons
Adam Lambert/Matt Giraud, soul, piano, strangers, dark, sensory, touch
Adam Lambert/Robert Pattinson, "I don't get it", liar
Adam Lambert/Simon Cowell, music, bitching, fabulous
Adrian Pasdar/Hayden Panettiere, airport, dinner, club, bloopers
Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, secret, quiet, ache, yearn, sailing, merlot, glasses, mistake, scruff, acute, hard, skyline, privacy, embrace
Adrianne Palicki/Scott Porter, rebound, subway
Alan Davies/Stephen Fry, sir, vulgar, cumming tonite, quiz, role reversal
Alan Tudyk/Eliza Dushku, formal wear, not wearing underpants today
Alan Tudyk/Nathan Fillion, [any]
Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens, longing, regret, duty, kisses, not acceptable
Alexander/Hephaestion, riches, skin, impossible, scars, mine
Alexis Bledel/Drew Fuller, the CW, launch party, dress, lunch, lot, security, audition, your, cute, unusual, fascination, unexpected
Alexis Bledel/James Franco, blue, chance, intense, smirk, grin, expression, fade, Hollywood
Alexis Bledel/Josh Hartnett, smoke, sin, smile, noir, seconds, read through, language, drive, princess
Allison Janney/Alice Ripley, competition, silk scarf, awards, comparison, deviate
Allison Janney/Andy Karl, awards, sorry, stage door, driver's seat, lipstick on your collar, bite, infidelity, fantasy, piano, softball
Allison Janney/Marc Kudish, cigarette, voyeurism, sordid, nicknames
Allison Janney/Stephanie J. Block/Megan Hilty, shine, dance, together, high, glasses, dressing room, alcohol, wicked, 8 to 4, dog people
Allison Janney/Tory Ross, twitter, you got us porn, flask
Allison Mack/Jensen Ackles, ride, dance, break, jacket, black
Allison Mack/Tom Welling, tremor, pretend, bite, tickle, blush, peek-a-boo, games, commitment, touch, chemistry, tongue
Alona Tal/Danneel Harris, convention, misogyny, boredom, question
Aly/AJ, beauty, pleasure, indecent, forbidden, heartache, touring, virginity, first, godly, vain, sanctimonious
Amanda Palmer/Neil Gaiman, bathtub, whimsy, laughing, photographs, skin, cherry, creativity, anglophile, messy hair, quiet moments
Amanda Palmer/Regina Spektor, rebels, piano, make-up
Amanda Tapping/Ben Browder, chase, game, trailer, on location, late night
Amber Tamblyn/Alexis Bledel, poetry, sheets, daylight, hug, sabbatical
Amber Tamblyn/Blake Lively, Manhattan, texting, cancellation, press, park
Amy Poehler/Will Arnett, sweet, funny, cigarettes, nightclub, dance, haven
Amy Poehler/Tina Fey, taxi, bicurious
Ana Marie Cox/Keith Olbermann, drink, fling, tie, red, summer, twist, use, wound, NerdProm, greenroom, breakfast, toy, coy, kitten, fedora, heels, forward, Rachel
Ana Marie Cox/Anderson Cooper, play, laugh, twirl, lies, scars, glide
Ana Marie Cox/Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow, sin, crib, stockings, weekend, twitter, water
Ana Marie Cox/Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, home
Ana Marie Cox/Chris Lehmann/Rachel Maddow, cats
Ana Marie Cox/Jeremy Clarkson, cocktails
Ana Marie Cox/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, water, waiting, wind, wonder, doctor, door, apocalypse, 28th Amendment, gamble, display, vacation, bruise, earn, knife, lapdance, mark, roadtrip, tease, Wonkette, dream, bed, apart, open, complication, disbelief, beauty, end, centerfold, teabag, erupt, rut, dress shirts, dance, spin, tequila
Ana Marie Cox/Rachel Maddow, bloom, bliss, audience, daylight, sweater, knife, headphones, weed, jumpcastle, mistake, Tucker Carlson, Tuesday, trains, Ambien, sugar, frogs, joke, next, hi, quick, protest, Amtrak, shameless, convertible, roadtrip, college, free, honey, morning-after, push, show, striptease, trust, use, wait, Playboy, tease, 10:00, desk, bubblegum, bedhead, Twitter, tattoo, pajamas, travel, depression, drunk, gah, sleepover, tour, nepotism, AirAmerica, menswear, nails, D.C., righteous, indignation, suspenders, liqueur, fierce, soapy, doctrine, suffocate, flirt, giggle, green room, teabagging, Washington, sneakers, glasses
Anderson Cooper/Cast of Star Trek: Reboot, birthday, cheat, nerd
Anderson Cooper/Jon Stewart, trust, before, eyes, cold, talisman, rain, ephemeral
Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann, circle, charity, paper, Gawker, pornography, rimming, pillar, scratch, belly, random meetings, first time, enigma, coffee, satisfy, handkerchief, discreet, seasons, anger, silence, cake, freedom, back roads, trade, orange, tent, desk, on camera, words, bar, seedy, confession, Janis Joplin, aloe, hiding, research, bong, tomorrow
Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, death, tomorrow, law, blinds, alarm, peaches
Anderson Cooper/Michael Ware, alcohol
Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow, crooked, invite, orthodox, loss, neck, headlong, tanks, kite, alive, café, wild child, scene, confusion, genderfuck, breasts, temporary, never, coke, substitute, transference, Keith, want, bad!sex, safe, wall, paparazzi, limousine, laughing, champagne, crossdressing, awkward, arms, swim, lapdance, high, 4:00, shots, rhythm, stealing, musicals, foreign policy
Anderson Cooper/Rahm Emanuel, scandal, fuck, ties, rough
Anderson Cooper/Reza Aslan, fiction
Anderson Cooper/Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart, elevator, tower, youth, silver, breath
Anderson Cooper/Stephen Colbert/Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann/Jon Stewart, [any]
Angel Coulby/Bradley James, irrational, foreign, laugh, milk, cleavage, notice, electric, London expo, movies, market, pranks, tease, sweetheart, fail, jerk, bee sting
Angel Coulby/Colin Morgan, flowchart, birthday, mind reader, dating site, loser,
Angel Coulby/Katie McGrath, letters, mouth, shock, text, Bechdel test, qualify, ace, movie, do you realize, leather
Anne Hathaway/Emily Blunt, backstage, after-party, London
Anne Hathaway/James McAvoy, corset, costume, stairs, library, velvet
Anne Hathaway/Meryl Streep, leading, unsure, fashion, lingerie
Anthony Head/Katie McGrath, forbidden, fatherly, Daddy, once, forest, fireplace
Anthony Head/Murray Head, brothers, music, piano, singing, taboo, irresistible, need, hard, massage
Antonius/Hadrian, build the world, Hispania, tall green grass
Ashley Tisdale/Vanessa Hudgens, ice cream, sugar, surprises, dress up
Ashley Tisdale/Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron, clothing, high, handsy, love, hidden, tempting, public, we're all in this together, hands, strap-on, shower, middle
Ashley Tisdale/Zac Efron, quiet
Austin Stephens/Ed Templeton/Deanna Templeton, open

B.J. Novak/Mindy Kaling, even, script
Barack Obama/Michelle Obama/Joe Biden/Jill Biden, trust
Barack Obama/Rahm Emanuel, Oval Office, Dom!Rahm, silver, hold, don't think, fake it til you make it
Ben Browder/Claudia Black, again, carousel, date, unknown, under, table, trailer, loss, beginning, guts, favorite, jealousy, fiction, convention, poker
Bill Bryson/Stephen Katz, [any]
Bill O'Reilley/Jon Stewart/"Stephen", time, self-hatred, game, tie, repression
Billie Piper/David Tennant, admired, pockets, porn, obvious, texting, Treats, brush, quiz, pub, candy, honey, guest star, secret, red, giggles, press, jealousy, smooth, laugh, music, skin, blush, drink
Billie Piper/John Barrowman, domme
Billie Piper/John Barrowman/Christopher Eccleston, cramped, closet, hotel room, really?, leather, both
Billie Piper/John Barrowman/Matt Smith, only you, laughter, drink, kisses, sweet, determination
Billie Piper/Sophia Myles, corset, dress, unpinning, warmth, firelight
Billy Boyd/Dominic Monaghan, cheetos, shoulder, paint
BJ Novak/Mindy Kaling, high school, forget, secret, public, shopping
Blake Lewis/Chris Richardson, pride, DJ, beatbox, voice, champagne, jealous/jealousy, unrequited, church, friendship, ice cube, pants, commando
Blake Lively/Leighton Meester, handcuffs, pony, giggly, makeover, knight-in-shining-armor, quiet, leather, bag, lace, satin, slick, tongue
Blake Lively/Robin Lively, sisters, red, blonde, pale, lick, tongue, fist, dressing room, fireplace, New York
Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/George Clooney, lucky
Bradley James/Colin Morgan, catsuit, teeth, x-rays, strategy, dinosaurs, bromance, soccer, tease, smirk, watching, understood, accent, frantic
Bradley James/Katie McGrath, moment, backstage, props, watching, subtext, hotel, quiet
Brian Austin Green/Summer Glau, Japan, sake, kimono, phone sex, solitude
Bruce Springsteen/Clarence Clemmons, adrenaline, backstage
Burn Gorman/John Barrowman, fight, fire, whiskey, rain, rimming

Callum Keith Rennie/Hugh Dillon, age, unfair, crash, pigtail pulling, space, closeness, intimacy, words
Casey Thompson/CJ Jacobsen, height, smile, sun, warm, feel, lick
Chad Michael Murray/Hilarie Burton, oh really?, handcuffs, squint, cigarette, stroke
Chad Michael Murray/Jared Padalecki, BFF, cigarette, cheetos, bean bags, Paris Hilton, pissing contest, shy, hair gel, nicknames, fuck, publicity, paparazzi, "the reach around", wax, image
Chase Crawford/Blake Lively, giggle, curls, chocolate, pretty
Chris Nolan(voyeur)/Christian Bale/Hugh Jackman, any
Chris Pine/Karl Urban, smoke, tequila, Tokyo
Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, blue, glasses, gym, Pon-Farr, role-playing, con(vention)s, press tours, eyes, mindmeld, biting, rimming, window, Australia, traveling, morning, party, fascinating, silence, restraint, dog, milk, loose, fedora, phobia, hog, compete, luck, run, sunsets, friendship, couch, glass, trekkies, strangle-hold, pretty, want, travel, exhaustion, elation, JJ Abrams, tense, tease, paparazzi, jogging, Jäger, once, slash
Christian Bale/top!Liam Neeson, 1993, nineteen
Christopher Eccleston/Ali Larter, wish, pigeons, beard,
Christopher Eccleston/Cillian Murphy, quiet, smile, blue eyes, shy, sweet, not changed, famous
Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant, boys' club, regret, Doctor, TARDIS, ten years, Jude, rimming
Christopher Eccleston/John Barrowman, kiss, farewell, hello again, smile, rimming, tall, blue eyes, intense, rolling, sailing, running
Christopher Eccleston/John Simm, Doctor, Master, cage dancer, reunion, rimming
Christopher Marlowe/William Shakespeare, legacy, lie, inspire
Christopher Meloni/Lee Tergesen, blowjob, clash, convertible, fedora, fingers, soft, watching, wedge, family, parents, happiness, feelings, surprise, handcuffs, kiss, tux, silk, tie, public
Christopher Meloni/Lee Tergesen/Mariska Hargitay, appearance, sexy, nipples, tattoos, dress, award, alone, table, dance, drink
Christopher Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, agreement, sullen, joke, limousine, Los Angeles, marriage, love, trailer, camera, married, scene, cut, secret, tapping, exhaustion, jerk, key
Ciara/Justin Timberlake, love, sex, magic
Cillian Murphy/Maggie Gyllenhaal, crush
Cillian Murphy/Keira Knightley, singing, tropical, Wales, cold, yes,
Claire Danes/Hugh Dancy, laugh, lip-balm
Cobie Smulders/Jason Segal, kink
Cobie Smulders/Neil Patrick Harris, whisper
Colin Morgan/Bradley James, bet, seducing, oblivious, hiking, fingers, magazine, snicker, pranks, filming, take
Conor Oberst/Kevin Barnes, nakedness, whimsy
Cote de Pablo/Mark Harmon, age, reality
Cote de Pablo/Michael Weatherly, acting

Damian Lewis/Ioan Gruffudd, dance, glee, success, flirt, long distance, casual
Damian Lewis/Ron Livingston, boot camp, flashback, salute, when you call
Daniel Agger/Fernando Torres, poker face, tool, attention, tattooing, rough, tease, studs up
Daniel Craig/any, popsicle
David Boreanaz/Emily Deschanel, "cut!", director, off-book, on top, pressure, weekends
David Boreanaz/Zooey Deschanel, next best thing, worst kept secret
David Cook/Michael Johns/Carly Smithson, superheroes, wet, giggles, tease
David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson, again, sequel, Vancouver, memories, phone call, stage, rage, resist, aloof, spread
David Hewlett/Martin Gero, awesome
David Mitchell/Robert Webb, jealousy, longing, secret
David Morrissey/Bill Nighy, scotch, drink, warmth, watching, thinking, rimming
David Morrissey/John Simm, accent, dominance, Daddy, cage dancing, eyes, voyeur, rimming
David Tennant/John Barrowman, dirty boy, chains, tease, on set, rimming
David Tennant/John Simm, Cardiff, cage dancer, Master, wanting, handcuffs, rimming, Master, name, quiet night, swordplay, history, research
Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez, shoes, haircut, pretenses, filming, hand-holding, staircase, texting, metaphor, twitter
Derek Jeter/Alex Rodriguez, jealous, search, score
Diana Taurasi/Sue Bird, what happens in Vegas, five times, Aussies, poker face
Drake Bell/Josh Peck, marijuana, bowties, turntable, secrets

Ed Westwick/Leighton Meester, weakness
Elaine Paige/John Barrowman, fairy godmother, once, trying, watching
Emily Deschanel/Jenna Fischer, good, curve, commiserate
Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel/David Boreanaz, understanding, home, games, worship
Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel, first
Emily Dickinson, any
Emma Watson/Kaya Scodelario, coffee, sleepover, break, restroom, sleep
Emmett McCarthy/Tim Gunn, hands, touch, voice
Eva Mendes/Rosario Dawson, pants

Gale Harold/Randy Harrison, potato
Gareth David-Lloyd/Burn Gorman, fight, beer, rest, long hours, straight, rimming
Gary Oldman/Tim Roth, smoking
Gerard Butler/Harry Connick Jr., accent, lips, piano, hair, whisper, rimming, hands
Gerard Butler/Harry Connick Jr/James Marsters/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, wrap party, overwhelmed, sweet, warmth, rimming
Greg Kinnear/Steve Carrell, awkward
Greg Pritchard/Shaun Smith, duet, sorry
Gina Glocksen/Haley Scarnato, tongue ring

Harold Dieterle/Tiffani Faison, hate, quiet, secret, taste
Harry Connick Jr/James Marsters, neck, Spike, sweet, lips, rimming, blow job, piano
Harry Connick Jr/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, moondance, wrong time, jazz, our song, piano, rimming
Hayden Panettiere/Milo Ventimiglia, rumours, skim, fever, gold
Hitomi Yoshizawa/Rika Ishikawa, butch-femme, moonlight, baseball, collared-shirt
Hugh Jackman/Liev Schreiber, workout, Shakespeare, reunion, in drag, dancing, anything, cross-dressing choreography, Broadway
Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison, charade, growing pains, the beginning of the end, gaze, music, hotel, London, party, motorcycle
Hugh Laurie/Leighton Meester, legal
Hugh Laurie/Stephen Fry, university, acting, books

Ian McKellen/Patrick Stewart, history, language, wings
Isaac Newton/John Wickins, heretic, alchemy, Trinity

James Dean/Paul Newman, answering, yes, drink, blue, hand tied, screen test, rimming, secret, silence, lost, steal, cigarette, hands, kiss, friends
James Dean/Rock Hudson, closet, lavender, without, taken, crying, too soon, rimming
James Dean/Sal Mineo, gentle, like this, full lips, swallow, please, too good, too soon
James Franco/Lance Black, unexpected, 70s, narcissism, library
James Lafferty/Bethany Joy Lenz, basketball, truth-or-dare
James May/Jeremy Clarkson/Richard Hammond, Speed
James May/Richard Hammond, America
James May/Stephen Fry, flowers, date, quiet
James McAvoy/Bill Nighy, Daddy, you didn't!, not old, sexy, kisses, comfort, rimming
James McAvoy/David Morrissey, playful, young, Daddy, fisting, ties, suit, rimming
James McAvoy/John Simm, learning, hands, mentor, sweet kid, completely unexpected, fuck me now!, rimming, fisting
James Ransone/Alexander Skarsgard, bathroom, premiere, borrowed
Jamie Bamber/Katee Sackhoff, affair, backseat, first time, just sex, marijuana, sober, chemistry, blog, angry, script, scene, boundaries, it's over, finale, convention, significant other, interview, body parts, drunk, agreement, tease, public, falling out, awkward, photo shoot, on set, reunion, old times, Law and Order, L.A., camera, sex, ice, paparazzi, closet, wrap
Jared Padalecki/Adrianne Palicki, rebound, consolation
Jared Padalecki/Genevieve Cortese/Ryan Sypek, jealously, practice
Jared Padalecki/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, clever, durable
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, sharing, boxers, control, banter, sin, shaving, blind, potholder, sunlight, treasure, buddy, guitar, glasses, AU, lost, snap, breakfast, voyeur, nervous, snow, late, console, first, stall, ride
Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins, watching, bent, joke, trailer, blowjob, found, huge, public, laughter, upset
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, jokes, mirrors, silk
Jared Padalecki/Leighton Meester, tall
Jason Isaacs/Orlando Bloom, pretty, boy
Jason Mraz/Colbie Caillat, married, honeymoon, sweet, smile, secret, tender, tuck, bright, beach, warm, light, kindle, shining, tasty, melodic
Jason Segal/Neil Patrick Harris, naked
Jeff Gordon/Jimmie Johnson, admitting, fear, love, held, kids, family, marriage, outted, kinky, handcuffs, play, roles, rain, Sunday, joy, happiness, wreck, broken, routine, comfort
Jeff Lynne/Bev Bevan, reunion, girls, exhaustion
Jeff Lynne/Dhani Harrison, celebration, champaign, bubbles
Jeff Lynne/George Harrison, silence, moonlight, stars
Jeff Lynne/Roy Wood, high, anticipation, minds, colours, painting
Jeff Lynne/Tom Petty, comfort
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Misha Collins, air, grass, pillows
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Katherine Heigl, how-to-be-dead
Jenna Fischer/Angela Kinsey, youth
Jenna Fischer/John Krasinski, understanding, confusion, pearls, smell, breakfast, strawberries, religion, bent over, relent, art, careless
Jennifer Byrne/Marieke Hardy, dolls, shackles, spanking
Jennifer Garner/Ellen Page, sting
Jennifer Garner/Judy Greer, bubblegum, supporting,
Jennifer Garner/Melissa George, nicknames
Jennifer Nettles/Kristian Bush, stay, laugh, hippie
Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, laugh, smile, guilt, trailer, trench coat, blinking, family, travel
Jerell/Suede, aftermath, liquor, workroom
Jeremy Clarkson/AA Gill, champagne
Jeremy Clarkson/James May/Richard Hammond, uncertainty
Jeremy Clarkson/Will Young, hissy fit, speed, competition
Jim Cramer/Jon Stewart, shame
Jim Parsons/Kaley Cuoco, lines, scripted, memorizing, rehearsal, kiss, rumors
Joe Biden/Jill Biden, soft, beach, study, honest
Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, phone, hotel, sleepover, seduction, work, break
Joe Flanigan/Jason Momoa, surfing, tattoo, wild card, competition, advice, towel, beer, ocean, kiss, birthday, sincerity
Joe Flanigan/Jason Momoa/Jensen Ackles, skateboard
Joe Flanigan/Joe Mallozzi, animosity
Joe Jonas/David Henrie, dating-pool, network, elevator, acquaintance, concert
Johannes Brahms/Joseph Joachim, dedication, youth
John Barrowman/Eve Myles, fantasy, naked, once
John Barrowman/Gareth David-Lloyd, rehearsing, not gay, unexpected, rimming, beer
John Barrowman/John Simm, names, camp, fuck, now!, blue eyes, short
John Barrowman/Matt Smith, guide, tour, TARDIS, hands, eyes, kissing, tradition, rimming
John Barrowman/Perry King, firsts, Daddy, last time, blue, satin, cloudy, Scotland, rimming
John Cho/Anton Yelchin, interview, impatient, high, surprise, giggle, uncomfortable
John Cho/Zachary Quinto, attention, time
John Hodgman/any, tweed
John Holmes/Marilyn Chambers, any
John Oliver/Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert, irreplaceable
John Oliver/Rob Riggle, distance, voices, phone, stand up, grocery shopping, the park, phone sex
John Simm/Marc Warren, reunion, laughter, soft, rough, fun, rimming
Johnny Cash/June Carter, duet, hands
Johnny Cash/Kris Kristofferson, Highwaymen, song, hit, writing, music, together, hidden, always, wanting
Johnny Cash/Waylon Jennings, down
Jon Stewart/Brian Williams, secret, comfort
Jon Stewart/John Oliver, comfort, smiles, manipulation, control, possession
Jon Stewart/Keith Olbermann, Mets, jimmylegs, rivals, baseball, politics, anger, gentleness, awkward
Jon Stewart/Keith Olbermann/Stephen Colbert, dinner date, kids, surviving a zombie attack, sweet
Jon Stewart/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, safety-net, snow, ink, lies, rules, fluke
Jon Stewart/Rachel Maddow, cigarettes, weed, bullshit, bars, fire-escape, insomnia, drunk, Atlantic City, cars, Nintendo, paper airplanes, 7-11, early, porch, loss
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert, candy, DND, college, dungeon master, elf, Frisbee, pier, cunning, play, domestic, on camera, dance, hands, character
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert/Rachel Maddow, domestic, laugh, food, socks, caught
Jonny Greenwood/Thom Yorke, aubade, celeste, cloudburst, cycling, haunting, hillside, kaleidoscope, kite-flying, lacuna, maritime, minor-key, nocturne, pensato, resonance, seaside, snowfall, sylvan, terrace, viola, white noise
Joshua Jackson/Katie Holmes, awkward, rescue, affection, caring, privacy, starlet
Julian Barratt/Noel Fielding, opposites attract, youth
Justin Timberlake/Andy Samberg, music, thoughts, desire, touch, dance, attraction, longing

Kanye West/Jay-Z/Beyoncé, secret, longing
Kanye West/Lil' Wayne, nostalgia, tiny, geniuse
Karl Urban/Anton Yelchin, demand, wessels, youth, eager, smooth, fingertips, gruff
Karl Urban/Chris Pine, man crushes
Kate Nash/Mat Horne, unfunny
Kate Nash/Ryan Jarman, together, tired, love
Kate Walsh/Katee Sackhoff, flying, red, tipsy
Kate Walsh/Katherine Heigl, awards show, limo, paparazzi, red, summer
Katee Sackhoff/Callum Keith Rennie, addiction, turpentine, sweat, ambrosia, dizzy
Keira Knightley/Sienna Miller, contrasts, curves, warm, wet, slick, strap-on, anal play,
Keith Olbermann/Ann Coulter, secret
Keith Olbermann/Dan Patrick, regret, scream, secret, hidden, long term, warning, timeout, wings
Keith Olbermann/Dana Milbank, anger
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, adrenaline, strangers, mistakes, drive, shoelaces, backseat, late, doubt, home, Ben Affleck, defend, porn, nosey, girl-on-girl, reputation, deviation, laughter, imbecile, olive, desk, laundry, running, pizza, want, fake, everything, crash, bored, rings, toothpaste, language, California, sand, wrong, insurance, birds, long legs, work, sneakers, tea cups, subway antics, walking the dog, hidden, iced-tea, taxi, locks, windows, allow, breath, ease, high, morning, resist, slip, wet, pain, focus, risk, glamour, blood, hope, tightrope, kneel, rules, Pete Rose, acquiesce, restraint, dinosaur, subway, baseball, diamond, safeword, touch, football, tomboy, disagree, toss, sober, first, second, consolation, tangle, sheets, rough, obnoxious, insult, pieces, radio, voice, pants, vibrate, knuckles, Cooperstown, special comment, lonely, convenience, pact, sham, indiscretion, rights, jealousy, bachelor, roommates, cuddle, sick, Clue, cheat, silence, legs, ballgame, playable, anchor, battlefield, sharp, prison
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow/Dan Patrick, accident, bruise, yellow, apple, football, television, beer, unequal, voyuer, deep, Cincinnati, middle, strut, taunt, intern, Republican, conflict, bar, victory, SportsCenter, SportsNight, impressed, awe, introduction, drunk, pretzel, possession
Keith Olbermann/Rahm Emanuel, complication, antique, bruise
Keith Olbermann/Richard Wolffe, bad jokes, obscure references, bar, glasses, office, sleeping in said office
Keith Olbermann/Stephen Colbert, disappointment
Kevin Barnes/Bryan Poole, need, madness, isolation
Kevin Jonas/Zachary Quinto, boots, fashion, help, scarves
Kevin Rudd/Joe Hockey, punishment, politics, dominance, control
Kris Allen/Matt Giraud, alike, lonely, indifferent, bed, feather, quiet, photograph, black and white, ivories, song
Kristen Bell/Zachary Quinto, rumors, premiere, pinch, Pine, phasers

Lauren Graham/Matthew Perry, unexpected
Lea Michele/Cory Monteith, reckless, young again, cock tease
Lea Michele/Matthew Morrison, ingénue, dare, drinking games
Lee Pace/Anna Friel, if I wasn't married, too cute
Lily Allen/Mark Ronson, snark, ties, formalwear, bitchy, pretentious, hipster, cigarettes, ecstasy, drugged, chivalry, inspired, talkative, close, family, public, lied, snuggle
Lisa Edelstein/Olivia Wilde, long day, agency

Maggie Gyllenhaal/Jake Gyllenhaal, liberal
Malin Akerman/Carla Gugino/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, yellow, cigar, party
Marc Kudish/Megan Hilty, cleavage, blonde, sexist, kinky
Marc Kudish/Stephanie J. Block, dance of death, cigarette, dress
Marisa Del Santo/Eveline Bouillart, bruised
Mark Ballas/Shawn Johnson, dancing, winning, prom, wood, high-heels, short, student-teacher, forbidden
Matt Dallas/Jaimie Alexander, arms, downtime, makeup trailer, grooming, obvious, promotion, convention, excitement, dance, Tyler Shields, whiskey, photo, photo shoot, roll, reality
Meryl Streep/Amanda Seyfried, awe
Meryl Streep/Amy Adams, adore
Michael Cera/Jason Bateman, laugh, trust
Michael Stipe/Kurt Cobain, teach me
Michael Stipe/Peter Orszag, candy
Michael Trucco/Grace Park, party, cylons
Michelle Obama/Jill Biden, campaign, privacy, poetry, classic, whiskey, charm
Mike Mills/Peter Buck, stereo, bus, photographs, Bill
Miki Fujimoto/Aya Matsuura, pretend, boy, shopping, jealousy
Morena Baccarin/Alan Tudyk, cast reunion
Morena Baccarin/Jewel Staite, maid of honour, last time
Morena Baccarin/Nathan Fillion, cast reunion, faux-pas

Nathan Fillion/Sean Maher, split, flexible, Yoga, sandwich, almost famous
Nathan Fillion/Stana Katic, BFFs, Canadianisms
Nathan Fillion/Tricia Helfer, set-up, comic-con, science fiction
Nathaniel Hawthorne/Herman Melville, obsession, tea, holding hands, order, propriety
Nina Siemaszko/Richard Schiff, quickie, screentime, shame, fully-dressed, marked, weight, dawn, photograph

Patrick Dempsey/James Marsden, piano, music, velvet, tights, rimming, comfort
Patrick Dempsey/Kevin McKidd, blue, fatigues, new, soft, accent, kilt, laugh, breakdown
Patrick Dempsey/TR Knight, coming out, facing, BDSM, slow, hot, need, rimming, comfort
Patrick Wilson/Jackie Earle Haley, role-playing, sex scene, ice cream, love-handles, poses
Paula Abdul/Simon Cowell, [any], sincerity, poker face, performance
Paula Abdul/Simon Cowell/Ryan Seacrest, desk, places, choreography, retro, hiatus, cue, amateur, shelter, disorder, rumour
Percy Bysshe Shelley/John Keats, flowers, letters
Percy Bysshe Shelley/Lord Byron, sin
Philip Glenister/John Simm, inevitable, anticipation, longing, need, shouldn't, wine, cage dancer, rimming, voice-over
Philip Glenister/John Simm/Marc Warren, pretty boy, ours, cocksucker, lips, dominance

Rachel Maddow/Dan Patrick, intermediary, Jailbait, FNIA, loss, solace
Rachel Maddow/OFC, Tokyo, window, tea
Rachel Maddow/Stephen Colbert, misunderstanding
Rachel Maddow/Tina Fey, glasses, geeks, sweater vests, laugh, friend, set-up, dance, cosmos, gentle, fierce, liberty
Rachel Maddow/Tucker Carlson, success
Rachel Maddow/Utada Hikaru, homecoming, party
Rahm Emanuel/Nancy Pelosi, handcuffs, desk, equals, business, games, level the playing field, razor, denial
Reza Aslan/Nic Robertson, escape
Richard Dean Anderson/Amanda Tapping, meet, rest, anger, joke, house, beach
Richard Hammond/Rob Brydon, workout, grin, fit
Richard Schiff/Bradley Whitford, college-boy, whiskey, road-trip, distance, audition
Richard Schiff/Rob Lowe, bicycle, script, wardrobe, cut!, guilty, secret(s), closet, cabbie, family, goodbyes, stars, washed-up, shave
Richard Schiff/Rob Lowe/Allison Janney, jackal, laugh, relax, smoke, trailer
Ricky Wilson/Lily Allen, unexpected
Robert Downey Jr./Bret Easton Ellis, parties, '80
Robert Downey Jr./Hugh Jackman, photoshoot, payback, Oscars
Robert Downey Jr./Jason Statham, iron suit, franchise, action, rakish, rapier, England, one
Robert Downey Jr./Kiefer Sutherland, sobriety
Robert Downey Jr./Shia LaBeouf, mistaken
Robert Downey Jr./Zac Efron, laugh, hero, Disney, tease
Robert Kubica/Nick Heidfeld, comfort, strength, denial, dominant
Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart, accent, hands, habit, fingers, attraction, direction, denial, tension
Robert Pattinson/Zac Efron, late, cigarette, naked, car, grass, laughter, skin, cigarettes, bad influence
Rock Hudson/Sal Mineo, left behind, mourning, memories, anniversary, grey, capturing, happy
Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell, contact, Twitter, premiere, salon, hide, vacation, lie, smoke, trailer, steps, public, personal, tender, beach, audition, charity, revelation, ungainly, kiss, first, prop 8, London rain, personal space, political, news, AU
Ryan Sypek/Genevieve Cortese, rehearsal, close, lines, pause, heat, set, kiss, re-take, camera, laughter

Sam Talbot/Elia Aboumrad, hush, smug, taunt, slap, against
Sean Maher/Summer Glau, off screen, teasing, reunion
Sean Patrick Flanery/Norman Reedus, [any]
Sophia Myles/Eve Myles, room mixup, light and dark, just sex, fingers
Sophie Myles/Alex O'Laughlin, rebound, cancellation, fangs, tattoos, surprise
Sophie Myles/Alex O'Laughlin/Holly Valance, "I think I prefer two", touch, Australia, ring
Stark Sands/Alexander Skarsgard, frathouse, humvee, rehearsal
"Stephen"/John Oliver, jealousy, enough is enough, rage
Stephen Colbert/Adam Savage, space station, explosives, words, myth
Stephen Colbert/any, microphone
Steve Gonsalves/Dave Tango, hotel
Steven Strait/Lynn Collins/Taylor Kitsch, reunion, new, beer, sofa, first
Syd Barret/Roger Waters, heroes, ghosts,

Tahmoh Penikett/Grace Park, wet, wrap, stunt
Tim Roth/Gary Oldman, break, drunk, angry, punk rock, trauma, out of control
Tony Abbott/Craig Reucassel, secrets
Tony Abbott/Mark Latham, hate, familiarity, opposites
Tony Romo/Brett Favre, hurt, fear, pain, comfort, kids, family, life
Tony Romo/Jason Witten, anger, comfort, caught, camera, truth, open
Torri Higginson/Joe Flanigan, fade out, after, skin, conviction, shirt
Tricia Helfer/Angelina Jolie, hollywood, tease, bite
Tricia Helfer/Katee Sackhoff, motorcycle, flashbulb photography, remembering, hotel room
Tucker Carlson/Willie Geist, absence

Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron, lace, sweat
Viggo Mortensen/Sean Bean, wry, adult, unbecoming, accent, akimbo
Vin Diesel/Michelle Rodriguez, jealous, tequila, bruise
Vincent D'Onofrio/Kathryn Erbe, exhaustion, talk show, waiting, dirty, Saturday, driving
Vincent Van Gogh/Paul Gauguin, vision, passion
Wil Anderson/Hamish Blake/Marieke Hardy, dominance, ownership, submission

Zac Efron, narcissism
Zac Efron/Hugh Jackman, lapdance, musicals, claws, hair
Zac Efron/Jason Statham, secret, grizzled, breakfast, chance, musicals, choreography, hips
Zac Efron/Kevin Jonas, awkward, wanting
Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens, tits, video games, blowjob, skateboard, sweet, slow
Zachary Levi/Yvonne Strahovski, hiatus
Zachary Quinto/Adam Lambert, the scene, unfortunate hair
Zachary Quinto/Zoë Saldana, dancing, heels, birthday, Mexico, gentleman, premiere, glasses, airplane, hidden, blogs

Real Person Fiction - Sports
Alexander Ovechkin/Evgeni Malkin, jealousy, inadequate, snow, blue, simple, tempting
any two 1986 Mets, smug, airplane
Bojan Krkic/Pep Guardiola, season, future, affection, real, awkward stage, medal, final
Coco Crisp/Jacoby Ellsbury/Jed Lowrie, jealous
Curtis Granderson/Grady Sizemore, porn-star name, Grady's Ladies, all-star, uncommon, gentle, grass, enemies, champion
David Wright/José Reyes, marriage, cuddle, first time, yours, mine, NYC, smile, playoffs, morning, frisky, cross-dress, handcuffs, punishment, masochism, lap-dance, sweat, tempting, beautiful, confession, giggle, sing, thighs, hips, ass, objectify, pretty, rain, romantic
Derek Jeter/Alex Rodriguez, lust, dugout, linger, dildos, possessive, reflection, submissive, domination
Dustin Pedroia/Kevin Cash, awkward, off-day, mini-bar
Fernando Alonso/Martin Whitmarsh, breath play
Fernando Alonso/Ron Dennis, forgiveness
Henrik Zetterberg/Evgeni Malkin, mercury, fury, blood, fist, ice, blade, victory
Jacoby Ellsbury/Jon Lester, caught, lips, congratulations
Jason Varitek/Jonathan Papelbon, birthday, blindfold
Jason Varitek/Josh Beckett, heavy UST, jealousy, temptation, seduction, rimming, animalistic, satisfaction
Jonathan Papelbon/Josh Beckett, dominant, spit, southern fried, swagger, cool, sky, ranch, spank, whistle, cowboy, red, cocked and loaded, farm, bitch, grin, rope
Justin Verlander/Joel Zumaya, tattoo, needle, teeth, humid, perfect game, tequila, high heat
Kevin Youkilis/Julio Lugo, errors
Rajon Rondo/Kendrick Perkins, clock
Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso, ask me to stay, worry, summer, yacht, mercy, language, plead, songs to sing, desperation, Phil Collins, Istanbul, bruise, boots, elevator, public, champions
Steven Gerrard/Fernando Torres, hero, red, undone, product, rewind, eight and nine, young
Steven Gerrard/Fernando Torres/Xabi Alonso, fit, dirty talk, kinky
Thurman Munson/Carlton Fisk, bondage, hate, mask





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