Porn Battle VIII (The Eighth Wonder - Bigger, Longer, Uncut)


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Fired Up, We, We Are Awesome by [info] - personaloxoniensis, Bianca/Angela, cheer

Primeval, Public by [info] - personalmerihn, Connor/Becker, bite

Fringe, Not Right by [info] - personalcrazylittleelf, Peter/John/Olivia, slience, identity

Batman, untitled by [info] - livejournal.combrushed_velvet, Bruce/Gordon, secrets, hidden, shadows, lips

NCIS, Rewind, Replay, Reset, Restart by [info] - personalcatwalksalone, Tim/Tony, stories

Crossover, NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Vala's Favourite Party Game 1/5 by [info] - personalleyna, Ziva David/Vala Mal Doran, handcuffs

Oz, My Favourite Drug by [info] - personalstarkiller, Beecher/Keller, cocaine

Star Trek: Reboot, Intriguing by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Spock/Kirk/Uhura, intrigue, fantasize

Stargate Atlantis, Kill Me Again by [info] - personaltielan, John/Teyla, lick

Chuck, Occupational Hazards by [info] - personalrecrudescence and [info]nakeno, Chuck/Casey, grunt

Firefly, Femerall by [info] - personalrecrudescence, Jayne/River, play

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, this is about the point by [info] - personalpesha, Harry/Perry, big

Star Trek: Reboot, Convert, by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, McCoy/Spock/Uhura, kiss

Merlin, Reborn by [info] - personalximeria, Arthur/Merlin, rebirth

RPF, Almost Anything You'd Care to Leave by [info] - personalraedbard, Rob Lowe/Richard Schiff, shave

Crossover, Entourage/The West Wing, Agents & Lies by [info] - personalraedbard, Ari Gold/Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, protective

Angel the series, Vala's Party 2/5 by [info] - personalleyna, XFaith/Wesley, handcuffs [ART]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Untitled by [info] - livejournal.comnanewt011, Derek/Cameron, wet

CSI: New York, We Will Leave You High And Dry by [info] - personalnoxnoctisanima, Adam/Danny, reveal

Star Trek: Reboot, Always by [info] - personalingridmatthews, Spock Prime/Uhura, potential

Dollhouse, High Voltage by [info] - personalslash4femme, Boyd/Topher, over stimulated


Dollhouse, On a Cloudy Night You Can't See Stars by [info] - personalcatwalksalone, Boyd/Topher, complex

Firefly, Better Than Prison by [info] - personalrecrudescence and [info]nakeno, Mal/Simon, disorientation

Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Lost Cause by [info] - personalanenko, Rihito/Mei, making the bed


DC Comics, Of Trust and Zip-Strips by [info] - personalsaavikam77, Dick Grayson (Nightwing)/Tim Drake (Robin III), zip-strips

Extended versions

Crossover, Entourage/The West Wing, Agents & Lies (extended) by [info] - personalraedbard, Ari Gold/Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, protective


Firefly, Better Than Prison (extended version) by [info] - personalrecrudescence and [info]nakeno, Mal/Simon, disorientation



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RPF, Unschooled To The Rules by [info] - personalslybrunette, Kate Walsh/Katee Sackhoff, flying

Heroes, Firsts by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Sylar/Elle, first

Supernatural, slow (don't go so fast), baby by [info] - personalonomatopoetic, Sam/Dean, forgetting, hot weather, wake

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Solitaire by [info] - livejournal.comshelled_avenger, Lee/Margaret (Racetrack), ambrosia

Heroes, One Day by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Luke/Sylar, muffled

Appaloosa, Set Camp by [info] - personalmerfilly, Virgil/Everett, quiet

Crossover, Star Trek:Reboot/Torchwood, Boldly by [info] - personaltwinsarein, Kirk/Jack Harkness, time agency, bar fight, back alley

Stargate SG-1, Awake by [info] - personalsue_c, Sam/Jack, awake

Stargate Atlantis, Natures Bubbles by [info] - livejournal.commuses_mistress, Elizabeth/Ronon, bubble bath

Heroes, Filling the Void by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Sylar/Elle, masturbation

Battlestar Galactica (2003), The Only Safe Place by [info] - livejournal.comshelled_avenger, Cavil/Sharon, cold

Stargate Atlantis, Inevitable by [info] - personalemerald_embers, John/Todd, compulsion

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Untitled by [info] - livejournal.comnanewt011, Derek/Cameron, spanking

Lost, untitled by [info] - personalticcy, Sawyer/Kate, guilt, whiskey, stubble

Eyeshield 21, Good Girls by [info] - personalanenko, Agon/Mamori, curves

A Song of Ice and Fire, Close Enough To Feel by [info] - livejournal.comredcandle17, Theon/Robb, corrupt, pretenses

A Song of Ice and Fire, Almost Worth It by [info] - livejournal.comredcandle17, Petyr/Sansa, punishment

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Untitled by [info] - livejournal.comnanewt011, Derek/Cameron, beg

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Permutations by [info] - personallysapadin, Kyoko/Haru, genderswitch

Lost Souls, Touched by [info] - personalemerald_embers, Steve/Ghost, wandering

RPF, Journeys by [info] - livejournal.comishmael_xf, Gillian Anderson/David Duchovny, sequel, vancouver

xxxHOLiC, For Granted by [info] - personalpleonasm, Yuuko/Watanuki, possession

Amélie, Surprise by [info] - personalasdi, Amélie/Nino, bicycle, photobooth

Amélie, Full Circle by [info] - personalemerald_embers, Amélie/Nino, photobooth

The Big Bang Theory, Small Talk Really Is All About The Weather by [info] - personalslybrunette, Penny/Sheldon, snow



Page 3

House MD, Untitled by [info] - personalticcy, House/Cuddy, smile

Grey's Anatomy, Not In Love by [info] - livejournal.comjeribearrn, Cristina/Alex, [any]

Black Dagger Brotherhood, Serious Payback by [info] - livejournal.comredcandle17, Lash/Qhuinn, captive

Elfquest, All Or None by [info] - personalmerfilly, Leetah/Cutter (Skywise), threesome

Supernatural, Waking Lioness by [info] - personalsaavikam77, Dean/Impala, growl

Good Omens, Patterns and Rhythms by [info] - personalemerald_embers, Crowley/Aziraphale, eternity

Superman Returns, Secret by [info] - personaljammyjar, Lois/Superman, secret

The Mummy, New Beginnings by [info] - personalmerfilly, Ardeth/Evie, tattoo

Arrested Development, (Non)family Reunion by [info] - livejournal.comshelled_avenger, older! George Michael/older!Maeby, Bloody Marys

Warcraft, Surrender by [info] - personalemerald_embers, Kael'thas/Arthas, power

Birds of Prey, Patient Obedience by [info] - personalmerfilly, Babs/Dinah, obedience

Back to the Future, Next to Nothing by [info] - personalnomelon, Biff/Lorraine, waited

The West Wing, The Speech by [info] - personallauriestein, Toby/Andrea, podium

CSI, Proof by [info] - personalscoob2222, Nick/Mandy, leaving prints

Eyeshield 21, victory (to the oblivious) by [info] - personalanenko, Hiruma/Mamori, resistance

Primeval, Pitch Black by [info] - personalximeria, Becker/Quinn, secrets

Good Omens, Dirty Job Done by [info] - livejournal.comshelled_avenger, War, sword

The Haunting, Exhalation by [info] - personalsionnain, Eleanor/Theo, scotch

Star Trek: Reboot, In the Name Of by [info] - personaljai, Kirk/ex-Mrs. McCoy, betrayal

How I Met Your Mother, Under Covers by [info] - livejournal.comotempora42, Ted/Lily/Marshall, college

Star Trek III, Chosen and Claimed by [info] - personalmerfilly, David Marcus/Saavik, ears, blood, mind-meld, bonding, Genesis

Star Trek: Reboot, Fever by [info] - livejournal.compenknife, Sarek/Amanda, secrets

CSI: New York, Hot by [info] - personalscoob2222, Danny/Lindsay, glasses

The Abyss, Familiar Seas by [info] - personalmerfilly, Bud/Lindsey, ring



Page 4


Crossover, Lost/Supernatural, Fire of Unknown Origin by [info] - personaljanie_tangerine, Castiel/Jacob, fate

Doctor Who, Vala's Party 3/5 by [info] - personalleyna, Martha/Rose, handcuffs [ART]

RPF, The Art of Random Conversation by [info] - personalslash4femme, Jon Stewart/Keith Olbermann/Stephen Colbert, surviving zombies

RPF, People Who Live In Glass Houses by [info] - personalth_esaurus, Zac Efron/Kevin Jonas, Awkward

The Fast and The Furious, Open Your Eyes by [info] - personalmerfilly, Letty/Mia, Temper

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, You Wear It So Well by [info] - personalminkhollow, Billy/Penny, experimental

Supernatural, Adoration by [info] - personaljena, Dean/Castiel, wings, stare

CSI:NY, Not Telling by [info] - personalscoob2222, Flack/Aiden, jealous

Kuroshitsuji, Experienced by [info] - personalbranchandroot, Ciel/Sebastian, experience

Monochrome Factor, Out of Patience by [info] - personalbranchandroot, Shirogane/Kou, tug-of-war

Bandom, Empires/The Academy Is, Long Time Coming by [info] - personalgreenet, girl!Tom Conrad/girl!Mike Carden, purple

Crossover, Iron Man (movie)/Psych, Ask Me No Questions by [info] - personalblackeyedgirl, Tony Stark/Shawn Spencer, genius, temp

Crossover, Battlestar Galactica/NCIS, We Could All Be Together by [info] - personaljai, Roslin/Gibbs, ships

Merlin, untitled by [info] - personalmerihn, Merlin/Arthur, begging

Supernatural, Gauge Is On The Red by [info] - livejournal.comjadeblood, Dean/Impala, growl

Crossover, Angel the Series/Merlin, In a Handful of Dust by [info] - personalglim, Morgana/Illyria, timeless

A Song of Ice and Fire, A Candle in Winter by [info] - livejournal.comshelled_avenger, Jaime/Brienne, grip

DC Comics, Burn Bright by [info] - personalnokomis, Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, hurt

CSI:NY, Challenge by [info] - personalscoob2222, Danny/Aiden, healthy competition

The Pretender, You always fold (just before you're found out) by [info]personalkatarikJarod/Miss Parker, momentary

Star Trek: Reboot, Diametric by [info] - personaldamalur, Spock/McCoy, fierce

Star Trek: Reboot, Demonstrating restraint by [info] - personalblackeyedgirl, Kirk/Spock, bonds

Hellboy, untitled by [info] - personalraisedbymoogles, Hellboy/John Meyers, collar

Enchanted, New Sports by [info] - personalscoob2222, Prince Edward/Nancy, lessons

Stargate Atlantis, We Just Do What We Please by [info] - personalemerald_embers, John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, friction



Page 5


The Big Bang Theory, Chemistry of a Car Crash by [info] - personalslybrunette, Penny/Sheldon, roadtrip

Crossover, Batman Begins/Smallville, Inspection by [info] - personalsunandsilence, Chloe/Bruce, story

xxxHOLiC, Labored by [info] - personalpleonasm, Clow/Yuuko, door-slamming

Due South, Vala's Party 4/5 by [info] - personalleyna, Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, handcuffs [ART]

RPS, Little White Lies by [info] - personalsashataakheru, Tony Abbott/Craig Reucassel, secrets

House MD, two coins with no sides by [info] - personalfated_addiction, House/Cameron, reunion

Friday Night Lights, Naughty Thoughts by [info] - personalscoob2222, Tyra/Julie, voyeur

The X-Files, Vala's Party 5/5 by [info] - personalleyna, Mulder/Scully/Krycek, handcuffs [ART]

The Sacred Hunt, Making up by [info] - personalilyena_sylph, Soredon/Elsabet/Norn, satisfaction

Chronicles of Narnia, Practice by [info] - personalbedlamsbard, Peter/Susan, swordplay

Crossover, Superman Returns/The Dark Knight, Silent Promise and Hope (1/3) by [info] - personalsaavikam77, Lois/Bruce, ache

Crossover, Superman Returns/The Dark Knight, Silent Promise and Hope (2/3) by [info] - personalsaavikam77, Clark/Lois/Bruce, silver

Crossover, Superman Returns/The Dark Knight, Silent Promise and Hope (3/3) by [info] - personalsaavikam77, Clark/Bruce, night

Twin Peaks, If Spock Were a Quaker and other Random Thoughts by [info] - personalpeapods42, Cooper/Rosenfield, longing

Watchmen, Relent and Obverse and Inverse by [info] - personalchiaroscuro, Laurie/Rorschach, wound

Angel the Series, Dirty Filthy Wrong by [info] - personaldamalur, Faith/Wesley, raw

Merlin, So fair and full of flesh by [info] - personalcurtana, Merlin/Arthur, catch, illusion, Beltane

iCarly, Squeaky Clean by [info] - personalmadkrazyghetto, Spencer/Melissa Benson, shower

Supernatural, Please by [info] - personalstarkiller, Dean/Castiel, begging

Generation Kill, Political Spouse and Heroics by [info] - personalmelliyna, Brad/Nate, Protect

Doctor Who, I Feel a Thunderbolt by [info] - personaltakethewords, Nine/Rose, drunk, close, burn, margin

Star Trek: Reboot, Still Waters by [info] - personalmedie, girl!Spock/Kirk, ocean

Journeyman, Footnotes by [info] - personalviennawaits, Jack/Dan, hold, police car

Extended versions

House MD, two coins with no sides (extended version) by [info] - personalfated_addiction, House/Cameron, reunion

The Sacred Hunt, Making up (extended version) by [info] - personalilyena_sylph, Soredon/Elsabet/Norn, satisfaction



Page 6


Superman Returns, Superman Can wait by [info] - personaljammyjar, Lois/Richard, hate, mindless, guilt, bar, replacement, nails

RPF, Geek Tease by [info] - personalmelliyna, Keith Olbermann/Richard Wolffe, obscure references

Supernatural, Mark of the Beast by [info] - livejournal.comjadeblood, Sam/Madison, bite

Harry Potter, Alternative Medicine by [info] - personalpeapods42, Harry/Luna, vision(s)

Bones, and there's daylight in my fingers but it's snowing in my bones by [info] - personalfoolmoonshining, Brennan/Sweets, hands

Superman Returns, Tryst by [info] - personaljammyjar, Lois/Clark/Richard, shifting, quiet, together, smile,sheets, warm

Glee, Needed by [info] - livejournal.com0penhearts, Rachel/Will, need

Scrubs, Supply by [info] - personalbankai, Dr. Cox/JD, vampire

Pandora Hearts, Nicotene and Sugar Addicts by [info] - personalbankai, Raven/Break, cigarette

Antique Bakery, Lesson by [info] - personalbankai, Ono/Tachibana, dance, temptation

Soul Eater, Jealousy in the key of G by [info] - personalbankai, Soul/Maka, fingers

Merlin, Untitled by [info] - personalmerihn, Arthur/Merlin, woods, denial

RPF, Yours, Mine, Ours by [info] - personalsashataakheru, Wil Anderson/Hamish Blake/Marieke Hardy, domination, ownership, submission

Supernatural, A Moment's Peace by [info] - personalannabeth_fics, Dean/Sam, dust, Stanford

Crossover, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Double the Load by [info] - personalbeechball, Stabler/Beecher/Keller, double-penetration

Death Race, The Scars That Mark The Years by [info] - personalnoxnoctisanima, Jensen/Joe, Scars

Lost, from pent-up rivers and loaded guns by [info] - livejournal.comlenina20, Sawyer/Kate, ache

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Hugging the Floor by [info] - personalsarasparilla, Helo/Kara, deal

Life, Something More by [info] - personalnoxnoctisanima, Crews/Reese/Tidwell, Guns

Bandom, Maps by [info] - personalpocus, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, coffee, stick-on tattoos

Star Trek: Reboot, Personal Time by [info] - personalciaan, girl!Kirk/Spock, going down on her in the captain's chair



Page 7


Bandom, Delay by [info] - personalcynthia_arrow, Empires/Panic at the Disco, Jon Walker/Tom Conrad, ink

Castle, this was always what we were in it for by [info] - personalonomatopoetic, Castle/Beckett, comfort, don't, mother

Terminator Salvation, Pulse by [info] - livejournal.comluckybrans, Blair Williams/Marcus Wright, warmth

Life With Derek, When I Think About You, I Touch Myself by [info] - personalmadkrazyghetto, Casey/Derek masturbation, voyeurism

NCIS, Best Laid Plans Title by [info] - livejournal.comannundriel, Tim/Tony, dominant; follows Double Oh from the last porn battle.

Crossover, Life/Standoff, Target Practice by [info] - personalwihluta, Matt/Charlie, firing range [ART]

Star Trek: Reboot, Bored with Not Having Sex by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Gaila/Kirk/McCoy, boredom

House, Breathing His Dream by [info] - personaltopaz_eyes, Cuddy/Wilson, breathe

Bleach, Voice of Experience by [info] - personalbranchandroot, Shinji/Ichigo, Captain

Bleach, Internal Dialogue by [info] - personalbranchandroot, Renji/Ichigo, privately

Gargoyles, Wake Up Call by [info] - personalkuwdora, Lexington/Owen, demure

Torchwood, Control by [info] - livejournal.comliadan14, Jack/Ianto, Control

Blade Trinity, New Day Dawning by [info] - personaldevilc, Drake/Hannibal King, claim, fangs, master, consort, new breed

Gilmore Girls, Probability by [info] - livejournal.comliadan14, Colin/Finn, Drunk

Lewis, Moustache by [info] - livejournal.comliadan14, Lewis/Hathaway, undercover

Star Trek: Reboot, Hot Doctors and Their Infernal Contraptions by [info] - personalingridmatthews, Kirk/McCoy, hypospray

Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pushing Daisies, Untitled by [info] - personalbitterfic, Ned/Faith, sweet

Glee, Now it begins, now we start by [info] - personalhtbthomas, Finn/Rachel, duet

Flashpoint, Tactics by [info - personal]sionnain, Spike/Lew, communication

Crossover, Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Supernatural, Untitled by [info] - livejournal.comseriousfic, Head!Six/Anna, human

ER, She Has a Crush by [info] - personalm7storyteller, Lucy/Kovac, crush, dark

Promethea, Untitled by [info] - personalbitterfic, Stacia/Sophie, projection

Farscape, Still Falls the Rain by [info] - personalrivrea, John/Aeryn, rain

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Hiding Place by [info] - personalbakatulip, Kara/Lee, close quarters

Page 8


The Owl Service, Rose Growing Thorns by [info] - personalelwing_alcyone, Alison/Gwyn, feathers

Advertisements, In Your Eyes by [info] - personalkelene, MAC/PC, college

Merlin, Were it not that I have bad dreams by [info] - personalcurtana, Merlin/Morgana, control, no touching, bare

Harry Potter, Moving In by [info] - personalminkhollow, Hermione/Padma, literary reference

Dollhouse, Untitled by [info] - personalbitterfic, Paul Ballard/November, freedom

Due South, Radio Chatter by [info] - personalsionnain, Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, mouth

Merlin, Enchanted by [info] - personalximeria, Arthur/Merlin, magic

Torchwood, Pucker Up by [info] - personalximeria, Jack/Ianto, tongue

Birds Of Prey, The Best Thing About Sparring by [info] - personaltiptoe39, Barbara/Helena, spar

Torchwood, Symphony by [info] - personaltiptoe39, Ianto/Tosh, music

The Big Bang Theory, Stream by [info] - personaldamalur, Penny/Raj, mojito

Supernatural, by [info] - personalmerihn, Dean/Sam, shatter, pinned, rain, fumbling

Night At The Museum, Culture Shock by [info] - livejournal.comac_123, Jedidiah/Octavius, culture shock

Law And Order: Special Victims Unit, Down by [info] - personalsin_after_sin, Elliot/Olivia, cell phone

Coraline, I Give You Lots by [info] - personalpleonasm, Wybie/Coraline, after prom

90210 (new), Love and Hate by [info] - personalscoob2222, Liam/Naomi, kissing in cars

Torchwood, Girls Night In by [info] - livejournal.com4492, Gwen/Tosh, lipstick, mini skirts

DC Comics, Mask by [info] - personalcyclops_squid, Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, masks

Bones, Ready For Bed by [info] - personalscoob2222, Booth/Brennan, undressed

Crossover, Kings/Star Trek: Reboot, Shore Leave by [info] - personalthedeadparrot, Jack/Kirk, charm

The Rundown, Option R by [info] - personalkuwdora, Beck/Travis, choice, recipe

Heroes, Power Paradox by [info] - personalslash4femme, Mohinder/Sylar, power reversal

Marvel Comics, Supposed To Be by [info] - personalcyclops_squid, Luke Cage/Danny Rand, movies

CSI:NY, Something New by [info] - personalscoob2222, Danny/Aiden, remember

RPF, Enough To Go By by [info] - personalslash4femme, Jon Stewart/John Oliver, smiles



Page 9


Merlin, Trousers First by [info] - livejournal.comtartanshell, Arthur/Merlin, smooth

Death Note, Worship In The Form Of Love by [info] - livejournal.comuser, L/girl!Light, goddess

Transmetropolitan, The Last Cigarette by [info] - personaltiptoe39, Channon/Yelena, the last cigarette

Labyrinth, Cake (And Eat It, Too) by [info] - personalscaramouche, Jareth/Sarah, longing

Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Equal Footing by [info] - personaltiptoe39, Dean/Faith, power

ER, Talk Later by [info] - personalscoob2222, Archie/Claudia, fire

A Song Of Ice and Fire, The dagger you sharpened on my body and soul by [info] - livejournal.commississippienne, Aerys/Rhaegar, detached/mad

Star Trek: Reboot, Stealing Time by [info] - personalnan, Kirk/McCoy, uniform

The Big Bang Theory, The Thermal Comfort Economization by [info]htbthomas, Penny/Sheldon, webcam

Marvel Comics, Mirror Moves by [info] - personaldevilc, Daredevil/Iron Fist, Identity

Saiyuki Reload, Harbor of Your Arms by [info] - livejournal.comac_123, Goku/Sanzo, safety

Terminator, As Real As Life by [info] - livejournal.comjadedblood, Sarah/Kyle, dream

Crossover, RPF/Supernatural, Groped by an Angel by [info] - personalfroggimus_rex, twitter, ponies, crack

X-Men Origins:Wolverine, dark languages rarely survive by [info] - personalchiaroscuro, Victor/OFC, brutal

Nancy Drew, Consumed by [info] - personalndnickerson, Nancy/Ned, lip, break-in

Superman, Love or Lust by [info] - personaljammyjar, Lois/Clark, dream, restless, agony, perfection, love, lust, fire

Doctor Who, A Mouth That Says O by [info] - personaltakethewords, Ten/Rose, overture, have, reaching, shiver

Supernatural, From Thy Hand by [info] - livejournal.comannundriel, Castiel/Dean, awake

Glee, The Seduction of Finn Hudson by [info] - livejournal.comhyacinthian, Finn/Rachel, letterman's jacket

Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Untitled by [info] - personalcrossfortune, Tatsuya/Jun, guilt

Crossover, Battlestar Galactica/Supernatural, Untitled by [info] - livejournal.comseriousfic, Head!Six/Castiel, orders

90210, sweet as mary by [info] - personalviennawaits, Annie/Liam, whisper, choke, cry, heat, denial, scar


Page 10

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Prehistoric by [info] - personalwisteria, Kara/Lee, paint

High School Musical, oh would you just look at me by [info] - livejournal.comnalakaori_chan, Kelsi/Gabriella, you notice me

NCIS, Impatient by [info] - personalsomeoftheday, Tony/Abby, pegging

Crossover, Bones/House MD, Trust Me, I'm a Doctor by [info] - livejournal.com0penhearts, Cameron/Sweets, reassurance

Supernatural, a love of my own invention by [info] - personalsmilla, Dean/Jo, sweat, wet

Queer as Folk (UK), kisses: from the sun and otherwise by [info] - personalpesha, Stuart/Vince, sun-kissed

Leverage, Sunshiney Day by [info] - personalijemanja, Parker/Nate, daddy issues

Crossover, Oz/RPF, Mirror Image by [info] - personalbeechball, Kelle/Christopher Meloni, mirror

RPF, Good Catholic Girl by [info] - personalwisteria, Katee Sackhoff/Jamie Bamber, interview

A League of their own, Suicide Squeeze by [info] - personalfinefoxyladies, Jimmy Dugan/Dottie Hinson, lonely

Crossover, Merlin/RPF, Stuck on a Line of Misadventure by [info] - livejournal.comrandomeliza, Arthur/Adam Lambert, gays are wizards!

The Big Bang Theory, Under Your Tweeds, You Sweat Like a Teenager by [info] - personalfujiidom, Sheldon/Penny, Carl Sagan

Keeping Up Appearances, Keeping it up by [info] - personalingridmatthews, Onslow/Daisy, romance novel, boa and bacon

Star Trek:Reboot, Untitled by [info] - livejournal.comseriousfic, Gaila/Kirk/Uhura, roommates

NCIS, You're not the boss of me (but you might be big) by [info] - personalcatwalksalone, Tony/Tim, dominance

Chasing Amy, Out of the Dark by [info] - personalconeyislandbaby, Alyssa/Banky, secret, once, getting over him, gaybar

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, For Saints Have Hands by [info] - personalsiria, Sarah/Ellison, vertigo

Merlin, Venus In Leather by [info] - personalconeyislandbaby, Morgana/Uther, pinned, femdom

Crossover, Life/Standoff, Familiar by [info] - personalwihluta, Matt/Charlie, familiar

Brideshead Revisited, Transubstantiation by [info] - personalathousandwinds, Charles/Sebastian, wine

Doctor Who, Late Afternoons by [info] - personalconeyislandbaby, Sally Sparrow/Kathy Nightingale, late afternoon

Crossover, Life/Standoff, Bedroom by [info] - personalwihluta, Matt/Charlie, pressure

Pandora Hearts, Nostalgia by [info] - personalbranewurms, Raven/Oz, different

Stargate Atlantis, Command Trading by [info] - livejournal.commuses_mistress, John/Elizabeth, command, fingers


iCarly, Here's To Mister I-Could-Have-Been by [info] - personalpiecesofalice, Spencer/Sam, mature



Page 11


Good Omens, Times Change by [info] - personalminkhollow, Crowley/Aziraphale, balance

The West Wing, Fastened Here We Cannot Move by [info] - personalraedbard, Toby/Andrea, mile-high

Kings, The Plan by [info] - livejournal.comisogi, David Sheperd/Jack Benjamin, usurper

Supernatural, put arms around the state you're in by [info] - personalonomatopoetic, Sam/Dean, cabin, lake

Bones, Something Borrowed by [info] - personalsotto_voce, Sweets/Daisy, wedding dress

Sapphire and Steel, Now by [info] - personalfabrisse, Sapphire/Steel, arrogant

Drake and Josh, the stuff that dreams are made of by [info] - personalingridmatthews, Drake/Josh, nightmares

Brothers and Sisters, Fit To Be by [info] - personalinlovewithnight, Robert/Kevin, collar

The Devil Wears Prada, Adapting by [info] - personalmadkrazyghetto, Miranda/Andy, the new Andy

Bandom, Empires/The Academy Is, take me apart by [info] - personalninthandash, girl!Tom Conrad/girl!Mike Carden, shine, purple, stars, fight

Merlin, Not About Magic Wands by [info] - personaloconel and [info] - personalnefernat, Arthur/Merlin, kilt, bitemarks

NCIS, Dirty Boy by [info] - personaljanedavitt, Gibbs/DiNozzo, boss, tease, coffee, desk, push-ups

Bandom, My Chemical Romance, Race You by [info] - personalmaryangel, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, hole, cigarette, hail, fence, van

Crossover, Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Promethius Unchained by [info] - personaldevilc, Ronon Dex/Sam Winchester, grove, wax, cut

Singin' in the Rain, Silly Love Songs by [info] - personalathousandwinds, Don/Cosmo/Kathy, song and dance, love in b minor, close

Skip Beat!, So Ordinary by [info] - personalanenko, Kyoko/Sho, sex appeal

Grey's Anatomy, Just Look At The State Of You by [info] - personalslybrunette, Owen/Cristina, shower

Disney Princesses, Take Me Higher by [info] - personalgwain, Jasmine/Mulan, magic carpet ride

Criminal Minds, Uninhibited by [info] - personalalizarin_nyc, Morgan/Reid, rough sex

Star Trek: Voyager, Janeway's Turn by [info] - personalalara, Janeway/any, power

Stargate Atlantis, Clarke's Third Law by [info] - personalsiria, John/Rodney, magic

The X-Files, On A Clear Night by [info] - livejournal.com13th_blackbird, Mulder/Scully, telescope, home

RPF, Untitled by [info] - personalbitterfic, Vincent Van Gogh/Paul Gauguin, passion

Hairspray, Blackberry Tart by [info] - personalminkhollow, Seaweed/Penny, dessert


Jem and the Holograms, Untitled by [info] - personalbitterfic, Minx/Techrat, touch



Page 12


A Song of Ice and Fire, Blessed be jubilation by [info] - personalrivrea, Jaime/Brienne, redemption

Bandom, My Chemical Romance, Hazards by [info] - personalcynthia_arrow, Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, darkness

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Kitchen Duty by [info] - livejournal.comtaragel, Lee/Kara, water, play

Crossover, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Beautiful Drug by [info] - personalsin_after_sin, Benson/Keller, illusion

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Portraits of a Marriage - Couple, Rendered in Gouache by [info] - livejournal.comuberscribbler, Kara/Lee, alone together

Crossover, Battlestar Galactica/NCIS, Before by [info] - personalcrushing83, Laura Roslin/Jethro Gibbs, past lives

30 Rock, Everybody Loves the Sun (Pale Irishmen, Maybe Less So) by [info] - personalriseoverrun, Liz/Conan, LA

Star Trek: Reboot, Water Conservation by [info] - personaldamalur, Spock/McCoy, culture conflict

Doctor Who, My Body is a Cage by [info] - personalslash4femme, Four/Simm!Master, old fashioned

A Song of Ice and Fire, Rose Red by [info] - personalminviendha, Oberyn/Willas, misunderstanding

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Any Tool, When Held Correctly, Is A Weapon by [info] - personallysapadin, Mukuro/Xanxus, overwhelmed

Doctor Who, And It Burns, Burns, Burns by [info] - livejournal.comlaurab1, Nine/Jack, marked

Glee, Earning Praise by [info] - personalscoob2222, Finn/Rachel, gold stars

Bandom, Fall Out Boy, Whoopee by [info] - personalquettaser, Pete Wentz/Joe Trohman, girl!Pete

How I Met Your Mother, Can by [info] - personalscoob2222, Barney/Lily, can't

Inu Yasha, The Devil's Mark by [info] - personalscarletseraph, Sesshoumaru/Older!Rin, mark

Psycho, Penance by [info] - personalblackmamba, Norman/Marion, taste

RPF, Chaperone by [info] - personalglim, Bradley James/Colin Morgan, dinosaurs

Harry Potter, In The Dark by [info] - personalxxlareinaxx, Severus/Sirius, darkness

Final Fantasy VII, Rain by [info] - personalcyclops_squid, Reno/Rude, material

due South, shafted by [info] - personalsionnain, Kowalski/Vecchio, helpless

Battlestar Galactica, Tit For Tat by [info] - personalslybrunette, Ellen/Laura, vote

Lost, Just a Little Warning by [info] - personalscoob2222, Juliet/Sawyer, mine

RPF, Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself by [info] - personalmelliyna, Ana Marie Cox/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, 28th Amendment

The Professionals, Meltdown by [info] - livejournal.comtears_of_nienna, Bodie/Doyle, tension

Extended Versions


Battlestar Galactica (2003), Kitchen Duty (extended version) by [info] - livejournal.comtaragel, Lee/Kara, water, play

Bandom, Fall Out Boy, Whoopee (extended version) by [info] - personalquettaser, Pete Wentz/Joe Trohman, girl!Pete



Page 13

RPF, Boredom Fades, But Infidelity's For Keeps by [info] - personalamathela, Alona Tal/Danneel Harris, convention, bored

Supernatural, No More Than It Is by [info] - personalcyclops_squid, Dean/John, hell

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, A Thoroughly Modern Marriage by [info] - personaltemplemarker, Miles/Julian/Keiko, voyeur

Torchwood, first impressions by [info] - personalphinnia, Jack Harkness/John Hart, introduction

Blue Crush, Salt by [info] - personaltemplemarker, Eden/Annemarie, salty

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Can't Wait by [info] - personalfoolmoonshining, Michael/Delysia, like a man who's just got out of prison

Bandom, My Chemical Romance, Rising With the Heat by [info] - personalshoemaster, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, sidekick

Batman, Hidden Depths by [info] - personalminim_calibre, Alfred/Lucius, dedication

A Song of Ice and Fire, Bedding Alayne by [info] - livejournal.comredcandle17, Sandor/Sansa, Alayne

Chuck, the secret you don't know how to tell by [info] - personalndnickerson, Chuck/Sarah, toothache, practicing

A Song of Ice and Fire, In This Drought by [info] - personalminviendha, Sansa/Sandor, trust

Smallville, Twisted Betrayal Mine by [info] - personalsinecure, Lex/Chloe, office

Batman, The Hunter and The Game by [info] - livejournal.comjadeblood, Bruce Wayne(Batman)/Selina Kyle(Catwoman), caught

The O.C., Why Pink Handcuffs Rarely Work by [info] - personaltemplemarker, Ryan/Taylor, kink

Cowboy Bebop, Distraction: or Things To Do In Space When You're Starved by [info] - personalcyclops_squid, Spike/Jet, meaningless

Ocean's Eleven, Mediating Problems with Your Co-workers by [info] - personaltemplemarker, Rusty/Linus, awkward

Dark Angel, Gladiator by [info] - personalminim_calibre, Alec/Normal, sides, fantasy

Psycho, Rattle by [info] - personalsandoz_iscariot, Norman/Marion, shy

RPF, Dollhouse by [info] - personalsashataakheru, Jennifer Byrne/Marieke Hardy, dolls, shackles, spanking

Firefly, Prop Me Up by [info] - personalentwashian, Jayne/Mal, boots

Twin Peaks, Wireless Connection by [info] - personalpeapods42, Cooper/Rosenfield, missing

Final Fantasy IV, Under Your Spell by [info] - insanejournal.comjunkiecosmonaut, Rydia/Edward (in a way), magic

DC Comics, Closeted by [info] - personalcyclops_squid, Booster Gold/Blue Beetle, prank

Star Trek Reboot, What's One More? by [info] - personalcuriouslyfic, Chekov/Kirk/Sulu, addition

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Cheap Shots by [info] - livejournal.comamcw177, Hibari/Belphegor, wild



Page 14


House M.D., The Evening of the Day by [info] - livejournal.com0penhearts, House/Cameron, connect

Merlin, Untitled by [info] - personalmerihn, Merlin/Arthur, fire, AU

9 To 5, Orchestrated Paradise by [info] - personalgirlie_girl_23, Doralee/Judy/Violet, run for the border

Generation Kill, Melt by [info] - livejournal.comashkt, Brad/Nate, restraint, ice

Live Free or Die Hard, Sometimes It's Like This by [info] - personalscaramouche, John/Matt, pain, stunned, winding

Flight of the Conchords, Words Are Overrated by [info] - personalshe_burns, Bret/Jemaine, marathon


Crossover, Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars, you'd better not mess with major tom by [info] - personald_generate_girl, Alex/Sam, understanding

Firefly, Kettledrum by [info] - personalrecrudescence, Kaylee/River, toys

Merlin, Glitter by [info] - personalconeyislandbaby, Uther/Arthur, gold, penance, regret

NCIS, Because My Baby Wants Me by [info] - personalslash4femme, Abby/Ziva, strong

Torchwood, T Minus One Minute by [info] - personaltiptoe39, Jack/Gwen/Ianto, apocalypse

RPF, Third by [info] - personalconeyislandbaby, Sophia Myles/Alex O'Loughlin/Holly Valance, touch, Australia, ring

Heroes, Suddenly Awake by [info] - livejournal.comluckybrans, Mohinder/Sylar, genderbend, liar

Twin Peaks, the other one by [info] - personalingridmatthews, Laura/Audrey, coins

RPF, Mourning by [info] - personalconeyislandbaby, Rock Hudson/Sal Mineo, mourning, left behind

Friday Night Lights, Extracurricular Reading by [info] - personalmlyn, Tim/Landry, beachers, read

90210 (new), wolves by the road by [info] - personalmathematics, ethan/liam, biting

Nodame Cantabile, Amoroso by [info] - personallysapadin, Chiaki/Nodame, lost cause

glee, please know your heart before you begin to sing by [info] - personalonomatopoetic, rachel/will, need

DC Comics, Tree Climbing Cat by [info] - personalosmalic, Poison Ivy/Catwoman, vines [ART]

Harry Potter, I'll Blame You in a Minute by [info] - personalosmalic, Lupin/Snape, accident [ART]

Star Trek: Reboot, The Game by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Spock/Uhura, erogenous zones

Juno, Curiosity Only Kills Cats by [info] - personalnoplacespecial, Juno/Mark, guitars

Dollhouse, Keep you safe by [info] - livejournal.comkrilymcc, sierra/victor, gentle

Big Love, Our Sacred Place by [info] - livejournal.comkrilymcc, Sarah/Heather, roommates


Page 15

Veronica Mars, LBD by [info] - livejournal.comkrilymcc, Veronica/Lilly, little Black dress

Gossip Girl, Lie with My Mistakes by [info] - livejournal.comkrilymcc, Van Der Woodsen/Lily, drunk

Arcadia, Thermodynamics by [info] - personalnoplacespecial, Thomasina/Septimus, fire

One Tree Hill, Boundaries by [info] - personalnoplacespecial, Nathan/Haley, unmarried

Star Trek: Reboot, For Me, It's You by [info] - personalslash4femme, McCoy/Spock, differences, gentle

Terminator Salvation, The Longest Road by [info] - personaldevilc, Blair Williams/Marcus Wright, firelight, warmth

White Oleander (film), Never Explain by [info] - livejournal.commiss_universe93, Astrid/Ray, sawdust, shelter, hair

due South, Days Like These by [info] - personalcatwalksalone, Ray/Ray, caress

House M.D., While You Were Sleeping by [info] - personaltopaz_eyes, House/Cuddy, asleep

The Chronicles of Riddick, Power Play by [info] - personalcrimsonquills, Riddick/Lord Vaako, power

Heroes, Tug of War by [info] - personalkuwdora, Mohinder/Sylar, telepathy

Supernatural, Fetish by [info] - personalemerald_embers, Castiel/Dean, toes

Star Trek TNG, Brought Low by [info] - personalalara, Picard/Q, gender-change

Star Trek: Reboot, Share and Share Alike by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Gaila/Spock, unexpected

House M.D., Coffee and Cigarettes by [info] - livejournal.comlittle_missmimi, House/Stacy, coffee, red wine

Firefly, Winner takes the core (and all the rest too) by [info] - personalximeria, Jayne/Mal, tussle

Battlestar Galactica, left for fire by [info] - personalsionnain, Sam/Kara/Leoben, survival

RPF, Phone Sex by [info] - livejournal.comnanewt011, Brian Austin Green/Summer Glau, phone sex [ART]

Star Trek: Reboot, Not So Lonely... or Cranky by [info] - personalsaavikam77, Chekov/Kirk/Sulu, additional

Prince of Tennis, Parched by [info]personallysapadin, Saeki/Yuuta, water

Bones, Never Forget by [info] - personalscoob2222, Booth/Brennan, remember

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fuck Me Boots by [info] - livejournal.comnanewt011, Derek/Cameron, Ballet boots [ART]

Watchmen, Conquest by [info] - livejournal.comshelled_avenger, Silhouette/Silk Spectre I, team-up

Primeval, After by [info] - personaltoestastegood, Becker/Connor, sated

CSI: New York, Truth by [info] - personalscoob2222, Danny/Aiden, jealous


Extended versions

Gossip Girl, Lie with My Mistakes (extended version) by [info] - livejournal.comkrilymcc, Van Der Woodsen/Lily, drunk



Page 16


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Untitled by [info] - livejournal.comnanewt011, Derek/Cameron, Last Night

Friday Night Lights, Naughty by [info] - personalscoob2222, Tim/Julie, pink

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, And the Sky to Hold Them All by [info] - personallysapadin, Tsuna/everyone, Willpower

Lost, Sawyer Doesn't Share by [info] - personalscoob2222, Juliet/Sawyer, hair

RPF, Sway by [info] - personaljamapanama, Ana Marie Cox/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, lapdance

Torchwood, Jack Harkness's Perfect Morning by [info] - personaltiptoe39, Jack/Roman soldier, [no prompt]


30 Rock, We Have to Be Very, Very Quiet by [info] - livejournal.commichellek, Jack/Liz, workplace sex criminal

RPF, It's 2:34 And I Love, Love You by [info] - personaltakethewords, David Tennant/Billie Piper, red, drink

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Experimental by [info] - personalcrushing83, Bill/Laura, voice

Angel the Series, Nothing Beside Remains by [info] - livejournal.comazephirin, Wesley/Illyria, Ozymandias

Crossover, Star Trek/Stargate Atlantis, Expect the Unexpected by [info] - personalalizarin_nyc, Kirk/any or Spock/any or McCoy/any, [any]

Superman, Flicker by [info] - personalsaavikam77, Lois/Clark, cigarette

Crossover, Burn Notice/James Bond, Four Tries by [info] - personalaugustfalcon, Michael Westen/James Bond, anything

Watchmen, here is where i sleep by [info] - personalchiaroscuro, Dan/Rorschach, day job

Chuck, Revisionist History by [info] - personalndnickerson, Chuck/Sarah, homecoming

Batman, Shades Of Dark by [info] - personalcyclops_squid, Bruce/Tim, stitches

Crossover, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Instruction (aka Have a Seat) by [info] - personaltrillingstar, Keller/Stabler, heat, territory

CSI: New York, Canter by [info] - personalnoplacespecial, Danny/Lindsay, boots

RPF, Slow Burn by [info] - personalsashataakheru, Jeff Lynne/George Harrison, silence, moonlight, stars

Merlin, Illumination by [info] - personalthemis, Gwen/Morgana, diamond

Heroes, One Foot on the Ground by [info] - personalfoolmoonshining, Nathan/Peter, flight

Supernatural, Taking A Mate by [info] - personalstarkiller, Dean/Castiel, leather

Supernatural, That Gilded Cage by [info] - personalannabeth_fics, Dean Smith/Sam Wesson, watersports, tie

Merlin, Lousy Menservants Make Great Mattresses by [info] - personalgwain, Arthur/Merlin, sleepy, arms, lazy, early [ART]

The Sentinel, Seeking Fresh Air by [info] - personallapetite_kiki, Jim/Blair, road trip [ART]

Extended versions

Heroes, One Foot on the Ground (extended version) by [info] - personalfoolmoonshining, Nathan/Peter, flight



Page 17


Abbey Girls, My Queen by [info] - personalsangerin, Joan/Jen, my Queen

RPF, Between by [info] - personalslash4femme, Jon Stewart/Keith Olbermann, gentleness

Smallville, Blind Trust by [info] - personalhtbthomas, Clark/Lois, exclusive

RPF, The Workout by [info] - livejournal.comnanewt011, Brian Austin Green/Summer Glau, [any] [ART]

Stargate Atlantis, Cultural Studies by [info] - personalsiria, John/Rodney, chairs

Battlestar Galactica (2003), 117 by [info] - livejournal.comolaf47, forced Kara/Leoben, chasm, dying


Generation Kill, Evolution by [info] - personallunasky, Nate/Brad, mirror

X-Men, Untitled by [info] - livejournal.comseriousfic, Emma/Jean, collision

Bandom, My Chemical Romance, Drift by [info] - personalcynthia_arrow, Frank Iero/Mikey Way, fall

RPF, Not What She Expected by [info] - personalconeyislandbaby, Meryl Streep/Amanda Seyfried, awe

Brokeback Mountain, Stars by [info] - personalmahaliem, Ennis/Jack, stars

Heroes, Memories by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Gabriel (Sylar)/Elle, memories

Watchmen, As Time Goes By by [info] - personalhyel, Sally/Ursula, smoke

Watchmen, A Sigh Is Just a Sigh by [info] - personalhyel, Silhouette/Silk Spectre I, bitterness, stockings, Sally bottoms

Firefly, Break even by [info] - personalsionnain, jayne/inara, chance

Crossover, Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Not Trying to Be Subtle Here by [info] - personalhyel, Buffy/Fred, indelicate

Arrested Development, How can we ask for more? by [info] - livejournal.comkrilymcc, George Michael Bluth/Maeby Funke, Divorce

Battlestar Galactica, Not A Fairytale by [info] - personaldustinherface, Lee/Laura, Bitter

Star Trek The Next Generation, Need by [info] - personalalara, Picard/Q, mortal

X-men (comics), Wildcard by [info] - personalximeria, Gambit/Iceman, spark

Much Ado About Nothing, Pillowtalk by [info] - personaldariaw, Beatrice/Benedick, wordplay

Supernatural, Hang and Switch by [info] - personalemerald_embers, Dean/Sam, forgetting, fumbling

Jake 2.0, Duty by [info] - personaldariaw, Jake Foley/ Dumont, AU

Watchmen, Untitled by [info] - personalbitterfig, Nurse/Silhouette, possessive, finale, victory

M*A*S*H, Untitled by [info] - personalchickadilly, Hotlips/Hawkeye, still, liquor, scalpel, silence


Page 18


Generation Kill, Untitled by [info] - personaltrolleys, Brad/Nate, restraint [ART]

Fringe, Tangled by [info] - personalponderosa, Peter/Olivia, pegging

Leverage, Scream by [info] - personalscoob2222, Parker/Eliot, on the job

Harry Potter, Persuasion by [info] - livejournal.comredcandle17, Tom Riddle/Minerva McGonagall, library


Fables, A Tad Bit Smitten by [info] - personallielabell, Charming, smitten

RPF, Smoke and Mirrors by [info] - personalsashataakheru, Adam Hills/Wil Anderson, handcuffs, leather, corsets, cats, sleeping


Crossover, Dollhouse/His Dark Materials, Shadows by [info] - personalfollies, Adelle/Asriel, familiar

Coupling, Donkey vs Donkey Brain by [info] - personallielabell, Patrick/Sally, gossip

Life On Mars (UK), Fifty-fifty by [info] - personalcurtana, Sam/Chris, experienced!Chris

Glee, Now Comes The Refrain by [info] - personalneonbliss, Finn/Rachel, sweat, singing in the shower

Generation Kill, Grooming Standard by [info] - personalromantical, Brad/Nate, stubble

Star Trek: Reboot, Romulan Ale by [info] - personaltheintersect, McCoy/Uhura, dancing

A Song of Ice and Fire, All My Thickets Grow by [info] - personalminviendha, Rhaegar/Lyanna, laughter

Battlestar Gallactica, Caprica by [info] - personalsomewhereapart, Lee/Kara, not remember

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mine by [info] - personalkatekintail, Spike/Xander, possessive

Crossover, Dark Angel/Supernatural, Dean Never Liked Hunting Alone by [info] - personaldariaw, Zack/Dean, Ben

RPF, Afterparty by [info] - personalbaked_goldfish, Bruce Springsteen/Clarence Clemons, adrenaline

Sherlock Holmes stories, Watching Watson by [info] - livejournal.comthedamnraven, Holmes/Watson, pulse

Chuck, Close Enough by [info] - personalhtbthomas, Chuck/Sarah, adventures

Castle, Beckett, In the Bedroom, With the Little Black Dress by [info] - personalmadkrazyghetto, Castle/Beckett, undercover

Star Trek: Reboot, An Illogical Truth Universally Acknowledged by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Spock/Uhura, dirty talk

Star Trek: Reboot, Fix Me by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Gaila/McCoy, doctor

RPF, if you think you are by [info] - livejournal.comdaybreak25, Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, compete

Transformers, Want by [info] - personalsilkensky, Bee/Sam, rescue, eager

Star Trek: Reboot, Yours by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Spock/Uhura, rough sex


Page 19


Generation Kill, A Few Simple Rules by [info] - personalnightanddaze, Brad/Nate, rules

Stargate Atlantis, Cyclical by [info] - personalemerald_embers, John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, OT4

High School Musical, And He Can Sing Too by [info] - personaljalabert, Chad/Ryan, unexpected

Battlestar Galactica, Rainbow by [info] - personalnoplacespecial, Lee/Kara, paint

Stargate SG-1, After Hours by [info] - personalpaian, Jack/Daniel, famished [ART]

Dead Like Me, The Difference Between Life and Death by [info] - personallielabell, George/Mason, first


X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I Don't Need Your Civil War, by [info] - livejournal.comghanistarkiller, Victor/OFC, muffle

RPF, Untitled by [info] - livejournal.comromanshoes, Antinous/Hadrian, gods

Supernatural, If this were real by [info] - personalosmalic, Dean/Sam, honeymoon suite

30 Rock, Rubber Duckie by [info] - livejournal.comgrenyarni, Jack/Liz, shower

P.G. Wodehouse - Jeeves and Wooster, Untitled by [info] - livejournal.comromanshoes, Jeeves/Wooster, tattoo

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ice Lolly by [info] - personalladyoneill,Buffy/Spike, lick

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Unwilling by [info] - personalsinecure, Spike/Willow, magic

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Return Engagement by [info] - personalalara, Q/any, genderplay

Smallville, New Toy by [info] - personalsinecure, Chloe/Lex, office

Harry Potter, No More Hiding by [info] - personalladyoneill, Harry/Draco,Hiding

Doctor Who, Sensing by [info] - personalsinecure, Ten/Rose, loved

Supernatural, No Room For A Rubber Duckie by [info] - personalemerald_embers, Dean/Castiel, handjob, twitch

The Chronicles of Narnia, Joie de Vivre by [info] - personalbedlamsbard, Peter/Susan, negotiations

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Needed by [info] - personalbruttimabuoni, Xander/Cordelia, unexpected

Doctor Who, Not Quite Simultaneous by [info] - personalsinecure, (Simm)/Rose, longing

Heroes, Five Things About Gabriel Gray that Make Elle Happy by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Gabriel/Elle, happy, love

House, middle of nowhere by [info] - personalphinnia, House/Wilson, island

Naruto, Duty (Takes Many Forms) by [info] - personalanenko, Kakashi/Sakura, mission sex, hair-pulling



Page 20

Stargate SG-1, Coming Down by [info] - personalpaian, Jack/Daniel, soothe [ART]

Firefly, Too Close by [info] - personalkatekintail, Jayne/Simon, sick

Crossover, Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Promethius Unbound by [info] - personaldevilc, Ronon Dex/Sam Winchester, groove

Weeds, Or Maybe Normal Would Make Me Run by [info] - livejournal.commichellek, Andy/Nancy, weird

Lost, in another life by [info] - personalknockharder, Sawyer/Kate, pickup truck, past, strangers, thundrestorm

Big Wolf on Campus, untitled by [info] - personalanenko, Tommy/Merton, bite


Star Trek: Reboot, Report from the U.S.S. Enterprise Acting Captain Spock on Bridge Command Training Exercises by [info - personal]tiptoe39, Kirk/Spock

P.G. Wodehouse - Jeeves and Wooster, Cartreuse by [info -]thedamnraven, Jeeves/Wooster, chartreuse

RPF, Success was Survival by [info - personal]jamapanama, Ana Marie Cox/Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, home

Lost, Porn Battle viii mix by [info - personal]kiki_miserychic, Juliet/Sawyer, tickle, sad, honey, blonde, mine, mouth, dirty talk, heel

Skip Beat!, The Dividing Line by [info]anenka, Kyoko/Sho, the good times

The Big Bang Theory, Rockabye (everything's gonna be alright) by [info - personal]slybrunette, Penny/Sheldon, sing

Fairy Tales, The Hole at the Edge of the Story by [info - personal]ms_treesap, Snow White/Beauty, apples and roses

RPF, A Light by [info - personal]bessemerprocess, Jon Stewart/Rachel Maddow, porch, weed

Watchmen, Couples that Laugh Together Stay Together by [info - personal]dariaw, Comdian/Rorschach, smoke

RPF, There's a Baseball Metaphor Here Somewhere by [info - personal]bessemerprocess, Rachel Maddow/Dan Patrick, Jailbait

Doctor Who, Want You To Be My Prize by [info - personal]takethewords, Rose/Master, secrets

Scrubs, The Dragon (in some languages, "the" goes after the noun) by [info - personal]dariaw, JD/Cox, vampires

How I Met Your Mother, It's Not Me, It's the Universe by [info -]kay_obsessive, Barney/Robin, awkward, tie

His Dark Materials, Memory Made Flesh by [info -]shelled_avenger Lord Asriel/Mrs. Coulter, Marisa

Kings, these are my drugs by [info - personal]d_generate_girl, Michelle/Jack, bounds

Star Trek: The Original series, Soup on the Wall by [info - personal]saavikam77, Chapel/Spock, dream, pon farr, crash

RPF, Drawing in the Dark by [info - personal]jamapanama, Ana Marie Cox/Rachel Maddow, depression

Supernatural, Send me an angel by [info - personal]starkiller, Castiel/Dean, nightmare

Star Trek: Reboot, A Need as Great by [info - personal]nan, McCoy/Spock, pon farr



Page 21

Generation Kill, Remember Zion by [info] - personalromantical, Brad/Nate, garden

Supernatural, time to prepare a face to meet the faces by [info] - personalonomatopoetic, Sam/Shapeshifter, undoing

RPF, Practice, Finesse, and Expertise by [info] - personalsarken, Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, first, second

Lost, Reason by [info] - livejournal.comkey_sama, Ben/girl!Jack, hatch, shifting obsession

NCIS, It's Not Only Ships That Pass in the Night by [info] - personalcatwalksalone, Tim/Tony, unlikely

Gossip Girl, With Your Mouth Not Your Hand by [info] - livejournal.comsnoozin81, Blair/Chuck, rough sex

Franklyn, People You've Never Met by [info] - personalscaramouche, Emilia/Sally, art, reality

High School Musical, Benefits of Linguistics by [info] - personalozalina, Chad/Ryan, dirty talk

Star Trek: Reboot, Communication Transcript 27759, Recorded by Lt. N Uhura by [info] - personalnaughtysnail, Spock/Uhura, patience

Dollhouse, the cinders they splinter by [info] - personalfollies, Boyd/Claire, identity

Stargate SG-1, Window on their World by [info] - personaljdjunkie, Jack/Daniel, soothe

How I Met Your Mother, shower by [info] - livejournal.comkrilymcc, Barney/Robin, shower

RPF, Tumbling Barriers by [info] - personalconeyislandbaby, Angel Coulby/Katie McGrath, mouth, shock, movie, do you realize

Being Human, Anything You Need by [info] - personaltoestastegood, George/Mitchell, sorry

Crossover, Merlin/Star Trek: Reboot, Envy Is Always Best Solved By Sex by [info] - personalozalina, Arthur/Merlin/Kirk, jealous

Wild Things, Madea Was In Love Once by [info] - livejournal.comseriousfic, Kelly/Susie, aunt

28 Days Later, Almost Guilty by [info] - personalconeyislandbaby, Jim/West, deals, sanctuary, dub!con

Phantom of the Opera, Lesson In Touching by [info] - personalconeyislandbaby, Erik/Christine, underground, mirror, fly

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Papa's Got a Brand New Suit by [info]kuwadora, Bashir/Garak, ordinary, heat

Chuck, to keep the sky from falling by [info] - personalndnickerson, Chuck/Sarah, wedding, watching, charm-bracelet

Bandom, Fall Out Boy, I've got a mind full of wicked designs by [info] - livejournal.comlikeasugarcube, Pete/Patrick, first time

Mad Men, Rabbit's Foot by [info] - livejournal.comshelled_avenger, Peggy Olsen/Pete Campbell, forbidden

Live Free or Die Hard, Kiss Me With That Mouth by [info] - personalbentrumors, Matt/John, laughter

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, My Brunette with Golden Eyes by [info] - personalbabydykecate, Tara/Willow, library

Extended versions

Chuck, to keep the sky from falling (extended version) by [info] - personalndnickerson, Chuck/Sarah, wedding, watching, charm-bracelet



Page 22

Dark Angel, Bonded by [info] - personaltwasadark, Max/Alec, leather

Without a Trace, Let's Not Do This Again by [info] - livejournal.commichellek, Jack/Sam, regret

Discworld, Educational by [info] - personalminkhollow, Vetinari/Margolotta, lesson

Big Love, Bite by [info] - livejournal.comshelled_avenger, Sarah/older! Rhonda, runaway

Criminal Minds, Presbyopia by [info] - personalfabrisse, Morgan/Reid, glasses, first time

24, The Night Before (the morning after) by [info] - livejournal.comexoticrooftile, Jack/Renée, scars

RPF, When Morning Comes by [info] - personalaliya, Ana Marie Cox/Rachel Maddow, tease, morning-after

Heroes, {dance with me across the ocean blue} by [info] - personalwithout_wings, Peter/Claire, undone, illicit

Crossover, 30 Rock/The West Wing, I've Never Done This Before by [info] - livejournal.commichellek, Liz Lemon/Amy Gardner

Marvel Comics, To Make Impure for Ceremonia Use by [info]perryficgirl, Kate Bishop/James Barnes, purple

Dark Angel, untitled by [info] - personalbitterfic, Alec/Normal, fantasy

Highlander, Spark Runs Through Us by [info] - personalperfect_enigma, Duncan/Methos, quickening

NCIS, Miles To Go by [info] - personalwaldo, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Israel, comfort

RPF, Excuses to stay indoors by [info] - personalblackeyedgirl, Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell, London rain

Dark Angel, Push/Pull by [info] - personalanenko, Max/Zack, strength

Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pushing Daisies, imagine me in technicolor by [info] - personalbebitched, ned/faith, fresh start

Chuck, {the island is lovely, but nobody lives there} by [info] - personalwithout_wings, Chuck/Sarah, summer, irresponsible

In Plain Sight, Hard Day's Night by [info] - personalbessemerprocess, Mary/Marshall, bruises, submit

How I Met Your Mother, After the Beep by [info] - livejournal.comkay_obsessive, Barney/Robin, phonetag

Firefly, Sometimes the Clothes Do Not Make the Man by [info] - personalmadkrazyghetto, Inara/Simon, fancy

Superman, Whispers In The Dark by [info] - personalkalalanekent, Lois/Clark (Superman), Dream

RPF, Time by [info] - personaljamapanama, Ana Marie Cox/Rachel Maddow, AirAmerica

Live Free or Die Hard, Kink for Great Justice by [info] - personalscaramouche, John/Matt, tied, kink, roleplay

The Chronicles of Narnia, Faith and Desire by [info] - personalsnacky, Caspian/Peter, king, home, make-up sex, confront, unexpected

Dead Like Me, Aloha by [info] - personalmalisita, George/Mason, kissing

Extended versions

Live Free or Die Hard, Kink for Great Justice (extended version) by [info] - personalscaramouche, John/Matt, tied, kink, roleplay

NCIS, Miles To Go by [info] - personalwaldo, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Israel, comfort



Page 23

Entourage, If the bright lights don't receive you by [info] - personalblackeyedgirl, Eric/Vince, AU

CSI: New York, (csi ny){only in horseshoes and hand grenades} by [info] - personalwithout_wings, Flack/Lindsay, deceit, doll

Stargate SG-1, It’s Never Too Late by [info] - personalsid, Jack/Daniel, cabin, old, wasteland, laughter, retire

Michael Chabon - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, I Have Seen the Future by [info] - personaldoveheart, Sammy/Tracy, mouth

Dostana, Picture Perfect by [info] - personalmalisita, Sam/Kunal, surprise

Doctor Who, Having a Ball by [info] - personalalizarin_nyc, Doctor/Master, humiliation, fabulous

NCIS, Starch by [info - personal]tosca1390, Tony/Ziva, starch

Parks and Recreation, i cannot tell a lie by [info] - personalhyacinthian, Mark/Leslie, thoughtless

Crossover, In Plain Sight/Life, Ease The Gun From My Hand by [info] - personalbessemerprocess, Marshall Mann/Dani Reese, smirk, alcohol

DC Comics, Dared to Confess by [info] - personalaphelant, Bruce Wayne/Tim Drake/Kon-El, voyeurism

RPF, I Never Felt So Lonely by [info] - personaljamapanama, Ana Marie Cox/Chris Lehmann/Rachel Maddow, cats

Harry Potter, Ghosts by [info] - personalkatekintail, Fred/George, from beyond the grave

30 Rock, Do It Again by [info] - livejournal.commichellek, Jack/Liz, debauchery

xkcd, Call It A Draw by [info] - livejournal.comtears_of_nienna, Man with a hat/Girl who stole his hat, competition [ART]

Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Souvenirs by [info] - personalndnickerson, Goren/Eames, holidays

X-men (comics), Bedmates by [info] - personalximeria, Wolverine/Nightcrawler, Snikt

Merlin, Between Waking and Dreaming by [info] - personalhtbthomas, Merlin/Morgana, float

RPF, Confusion by [info] - personalsashataakheru, Jeff Lynne/Dhani Harrison, celebration, champagne, bubbles

How I Met Your Mother, Addicted to Love by [info] - personalhyacinthian, Barney/Robin, intervention

Generation Kill, Patience by [info] - personalkaneko, Brad/Nate, patience, restraint

Heroes, Anyone But by [info] - personalserrico, Nathan/Claire, motel, Peter/Claire, hiding

RPF, Your Favorite Stranger by [info] - personaljamapanama, Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow, coke

Alias, Spies Like to Change Identities by [info] - personaldariaw, Jack/Sark, pain

Beastmaster, Food Critics by [info] - personaldariaw, Dar/Tao, grapes

Star Trek: Reboot, Not Part of the Plan by [info] - personalpervyficgirl, Kirk/McCoy, learned leadership skills

Extended versions

Entourage, If the bright lights don't receive you (extended version) by [info] - personalblackeyedgirl, Eric/Vince, AU

NCIS, Starch (extended version) by [info] - personaltosca1390, Tony/Ziva, starch



Page 24


The Mummy, Welcome to the Desert by [info - personal]jassanja, Ardeth/Jonathan, tattoo

Grey's Anatomy, i don't deserve you but it's too hard to live without you by [info - personal]pesha, Mark/Derek, remember

House M.D., {one last time let's go there} by [info - personal]without_wings, House/Cameron, connect, desperate

X-men (movie), Evasive Techniques by [info - personal]lysapadin, Wolverine/Gambit, re-appearance

Bandom, Panic at the Disco, Hands-on by [info - personal]stealstheashes, Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith, hands

24, About time by [info -]noalinnea, Jack/Nina, regret

Oz, The Darkness Lets You Go by [info -]silver_galaxy, Gloria/O'Reily, tape

Crossover, iCarly/Supernatural, Whether It's Suicide by [info - personal]piecesofalice, Sam Puckett/Dean Winchester, pie, legal

Greek, The Best Laid Plans by [info - personal]malisita, Cappie/Casey, first time

DC Comics, Up All Night by [info -]seriousfic, Steph Brown/Cassandra Cain, slumber party

Black Dagger Brotherhood, Death Warmed Up by [info - personal]shimyaku, Vishous/Butch/Marissa, vow, hunger

The West Wing, The Fisher King by [info - personal]slash4femme, Sam/Toby, words, devotion

Crossover, Law and Order: Criminal Intent/Oz, I Don't Want to Say Goodby by [info -]daystarsearcher, Robert Goren/Shirley Bellinger

High School Musical, Love Is by [info - personal]lielabell, Chad/Ryan, Raw

Star Trek: Reboot, Apply Some Pressure by [info - personal]slash4femme, McCoy/Scotty, drinking

Generation Kill, Laying in the Light by [info - personal]shosh, Brad/Nate, garden

RPF, Drowned by [info - personal]jassanja, Amanda Palmer/Neil Gaiman, bathtub, photographs, quite moments

Weeds, The Sudden Flash of a Thought by [info - personal]kiki_miserychic, Andy/Nancy, sudden

Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Tearing Apart at the Seams by [info - personal]anguis_1, Goren/Eames, handcuffs

Fringe, Appropriate Behaviour by [info - personal]brookeormian, Charlie/Olivia, tactile

BSG, "Couple, Rendered in Gouache" (11th Portrait of a Marriage) by [info -]uberscribbler, Lee/Kara, alone together

Death Note, Bones and Blood by [info - personal]elwing_alcyone, Rem/Misa, deathkink

RPF, This Will Be Our Year by [info - personal]jamapanama, Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, wet

Crossover, Star Trek: Reboot/Torchwood, Because I Choose It, Same as You by [info - personal]blackeyedgirl, Uhura/Tosh, mini-dress

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Solace by [info - personal]sin_after_sin, Elliot/Olivia, need, bruises


Page 25


Harry Potter, Go On, I'm Listening by [info - personal]osmalic, Lupin/Snape, colleagues [ART]

Supernatural, Look, Sam, No Hands! by [info - personal]osmalic,Dean/Sam, zipper, mouth [ART]

Twin Peaks, Three Fingers of Anything by [info -]nan_pouty, Cooper/Rosenfield, tired

NCIS, Tony'd Do Anything for McGee (But He Won't Do *That*) by [info - personal]catwalksalone, Tim/Tony, close

Angels and Demons, Between Me and God by [info - personal]brookeormian, Langdon/Vittoria, religious experience

24, That Voice by [info -]noalinnea, Jack/Chase, adrenaline

Life On Mars (UK), Anesthesia by [info - personal]mushroom, Annie/Gene, leave Sam out of it

RPF, Untimely by [info - personal]endymionic, John Cho/Anton Yelchin, impatient, interview, surprise, giggle

High School Musical, everyone's in love and flowers pick themselves by [info - personal]strongplacebo, Troy/Gabriella, first time

High School Musical, In The Wings by [info - personal]lemon31, Chad/Ryan, hiding

Harry Potter, His Dark Queen by [info - personal]ladyoneill, Ginny/Tom, dark queen

Angel the series, Framed by [info - personal]ladyoneill, Wesley/Lilah, lace

Supernatural, Ineffable by [info - personal]ladyoneill, Castiel/Lucifer, falling

The Big Bang Theory, too easy by [info - personal]ndnickerson, penny/sheldon, curiosity, epiphany

Watchmen, Patterns by [info - personal]cyclops_squid, Dan/Rorschach, dysfunctional

Harry Potter, Dear Lucius by [info - personal]coneyislandbaby, Lucius/Sirius, letter

RPF, Pretty Man by [info - personal]coneyislandbaby, rad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/George Clooney, lucky

Doctor Who/High School Musical, Several People by [info - personal]coneyislandbaby, Jack Harkness/Ryan Evans, flirting, swagger

Merlin, Blue Velvet by [info - personal]coneyislandbaby, Morgana/Uther, luxury, velvet, tongue, knife, desperation

Veronica Mars, Best-Laid Plans by [info - personal]madkrazyghetto, Veronica/Lilly, miniskirt

Doctor Who, Not Settling by [info - personal]coneyislandbaby, Sarah Jane/Rose, teach

30 Rock, Once You Start, You'll Never Stop by [info -]michellek, Jack/Liz, soap opera

NCIS, Punished by [info - personal]taylorgibbs, Abby/Gibbs, discipline, elevator, protective, rules

NCIS, Uncertain by [info - personal]taylorgibbs, Gibbs/McGee, insecurity, Gibbs' desk, sorry, sign language

NCIS, Barbie versus Marilyn by [info - personal]taylorgibbs, Tony/Abby, porn, Barbie, Marilyn Monroe


Page 26


The Professionals, Placebo Effect by [info -]tears_of_nienna, Bodie/Doyle, philter

Watchmen, Human by [info -]daylilymoon, Dan/Rorschach, Samson

DC Comics, Making it Last by [info - personal]saavikam77, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, boy-scout, prepared

Battlestar Galactica, Hi-ho the derry-o by [info - personal]follies, Gaius/Caprica, farming, Earth

Stargate SG-1, Self-satisfied by [info - personal]sid, Cameron/Daniel, bodyswap

CSI: New York, Treat by [info - personal]scoob2222, Danny/Aiden, ice

CSI: New York, Talker by [info - personal]scoob2222, Danny/Lindsay, quiet

Bones, Just to Be With Her by [info - personal]scoob2222, Booth/Brennan, baby

CSI, No More by [info - personal]scoob2222, Nick/Mandy, dance

Criminal Minds, Finally by [info - personal]scoob2222, Morgan/Garcia, movie night

24, His by [info - personal]scoob2222, Jack/Chloe, voyeurism

Glee, What it means by [info - personal]scoob2222, Finn/Rachel, letterman's jacket

Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Maybe by [info - personal]scoob2222, Goren/Eames, no-happy-endings

The Unusuals, Undercover Mission by [info - personal]scoob2222, Jason/Casey, pole

Veronica Mars, Pick Me by [info - personal]scoob2222, Weevil/Mac, jealous

Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Fantasy by [info - personal]scoob2222, Dawn/Sam, backseat

CSI: New York, In Charge by [info - personal]scoob2222, Danny/Aiden, bondage

Harry Potter, First Contact, by [info - personal]fragmentedspace, Remus/Sirius, fingertips, humid [ART]

Star Trek: Reboot, La Cadenza by [info -]tehlanes, Uhura/(Spock), alone

Smallville, Fit to Print by [info - personal]ancarett, Clark/Lois, ink

Grey's Anatomy, Lasting Impression by [info - personal]crushing83, Virginia/Richard, on-call

NCIS, Giving In by [info - personal]crushing83, Gibbs/Tony/Abby, surrender

The West Wing, In the House of the Rising Sun by [info - personal]crushing83, Amy/Toby, rough

NCIS, Finding What’s Missing by [info - personal]katekintail, Gibbs/Tony, porn flick

Heroes, In Our Summer Skin by [info - personal]foolmoonshining, Nathan/Peter, melt

Extended versions

Star Trek: Reboot, La Cadenza (extended version) by [info -]tehlanes, Uhura/(Spock), alone



Page 27


How I Met Your Mother, It's a Hot Day for a White Wedding by [info - personal]sotto_voce, Barney/Robin, wedding, diehard anti-romantics

Stargate: Atlantis, Missed Opportunities by [info - personal]miera_c, Weir/Sheppard, heartache

30 Rock, Falling Through the Ice by [info -]grenyarnia, Jack/Liz, bad

Black Dagger Brotherhood, Not Gay by [info -]redcandle17, Lash/John, not!gay

Highlander, Brothers in Blood by [info - personal]katekintail, Kronos/Methos, brothers

Star Trek: Reboot, Space Pollen Has Nothing on This by [info -]13th_blackbird, Kirk/Spock, bonds, surprising turn of events, drugged


Crossover, A Midsummer Night's Dream/Tempest, Earth and Sky by [info -]romanshoes, Puck/Ariel, freedom

Big Love, With Hands Like His Father's by [info -]allthingsholy, Ben/Margene, connection

Firefly, Untitled by [info - personal]nakeno, Jayne/Mal, boots

Journeyman, A Private Apocalypse by [info - personal]bessemerprocess, Dan Vasser/Jack Vasser, police car

DC Comics, Like Skin by [info - personal]hawkbub, Renee Montoya/Kate Kane, mask

Fringe, Inescapable Fantasies by [info - personal]chichuri, Peter/Olivia, imagined, reality

Generation Kill, Bed of the Earth by [info - personal]nightanddaze, Brad/Nate, sheets

Gossip Girl, Not an Avenger by [info -]danniisupernova, Chuck/Jenny; drunk

Generation Kill, Gun Oil by [info - personal]mydocuments, Brad/Nate, gun cleaning

Firefly, Field Trip by [info - personal]agonistes, Simon/Kaylee, springtime, shore leave

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Diamonds Are A Boy's Best Friend Too by [info -]ghanistarkiller, Scott/Emma, mutants, interesting

Nancy Drew, Reclaim by [info - personal]ndnickerson, Nancy/Ned, lifeguard, tease

Generation Kill, The Weight On Your Shoulders by [info - personal]bijoux, Brad/Nate, chain of command

Fringe, Need Versus Nature by [info - personal]chichuri, Peter/Olivia, memory, loss

RPF, Some of Them, They Surprise by [info - personal]jamapanama, Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, convenience

DC Comics, Breaking by [info - personal]saavikam77, Jason Todd/Tim Drake, knife edge

Battlestar Galactica (new), Nothing Is Real Til It's Gone by [info - personal]lizardbeth, Sam Anders/Leoben, spine

Crossover, The Dark Knight/ Superman Returns, Soothe by [info - personal]jammyjar, Clark/Lois/Bruce, shower, tears, wary,ache

NCIS, This by [info - personal]tejas, Gibbs/DiNozzo, rain, slow, comfort

Extended versions

Battlestar Galactica (new), Nothing Is Real Til It's Gone (extended version) by [info - personal]lizardbeth, Sam Anders/Leoben, spine



Page 28


The Professionals, London Calling by [info -]tears_of_nienna, Bodie/Doyle, telephone

A Song of Ice and Fire, Dawn Approaches by [info - personal]ponderosa, Sandor/Sansa, frozen

The West Wing, 1976 by [info - personal]baked_goldfish, Jed/Leo, Office

RPF, Like Lightning Running Through My Veins... by [info - personal]foolmoonshining, Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, privacy

Star Trek: Reboot, Vulcans make great conversationalists by [info - personal]pesha, Spock/Uhura, after class

Star Wars, Fear of the Future by [info - personal]moontyger, Anakin/Padme, Vader

RPF, Dirty Laundry by [info - personal]sarken, Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, laundry

Final Fantasy VII, Storms by [info - personal]ricochet, Cloud/Tifa, out of control, rain

Fringe, No Longer Fantasy by [info - personal]chichuri, Peter/Olivia, imagined, reality

Leverage, Silence Is... by [info - personal]ladyjax, Alec/Elliot, handcuffs, submission

Ouran High School Host Club, Analytical by [info -]kay_obsessive, Kyouya/Haruhi, how very interesting

Stargate SG-1, Neither Here Nor There by [info - personal]paian, Jack/Daniel, retire [ART]

Crossover, Burn Notice/Leverage, Maybe Croatia Wasn't All Bad by [info - personal]zelda_zee, Michael/Elliot, croatia

Crossover, Stargate Atlantis/Star Trek: Reboot, Takes One To Know One by [info - personal]sabinetzin, John Sheppard/Jim Kirk, hair

Die Hard, Live From New York by [info -]kritikeragent, John/Matt, webcam

Star Wars, Heat Transfer by [info]monntyger, Anakin/Padme, trust, roboclaw

Generation Kill, Study Break by [info - personal]lastwingedthing, Nate/Ray, hard

Burn Notice, Should’a Could’a Would’a by [info -]twilight_angel, Michael/Victor, AU

D.E.B.S., Can Take the Girl Out of Crime… by [info -]twilight_angel, Amy/Lucy, plane

Eureka, On Display by [info -]twilight_angel, Jack/Nathan, boss

Live Free Or Die Hard, The Care and Handling of Assholes by [info -]twilight_angel, John/Matt, asshole

Stargate Atlantis, The Perils of Hot Tea by [info - personal]tielan, John/Teyla, tea

Doctor Who, Forgetful by [info - personal]thedeadparrot, Rose/Martha, forgetful

Stargate SG-1, The Prosecution Rests Her Case by [info - personal]tielan, Sam/jack, hands

CSI, Prints by [info -]bisclaveret, Nick/Mandy, leaving prints

Extended versions

Crossover, Burn Notice/Leverage, Maybe Croatia Wasn't All Bad (extended version) by [info - personal]zelda_zee, Michael/Elliot, croatia



Page 29


Michael Chabon - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, And Now by [info - personal]doveheart, Sammy/Tracy, west-coast

CSI: New York, Sleepless by [info -]lady_match, Mac/Stella, can't sleep

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dishes and Kisses by [info -]cranberrysheep, Katara/Zuko, steam, tree

Battlestar Gallactica (2003), Home by [info -]olaf47, Kara/Lee, viper

RPF, One Lucky Bastard by [info - personal]aetenae, Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/George Clooney, lucky

Supernatural, Run On by [info - personal]aesc, Dean/Castiel, coat, loss

Heroes, {the words pictures don't say} by [info - personal]without_wings, Zack/Claire, nice girls

Crossover, Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, Cocky Bastard by [info - personal]saavikam77, Jim Kirk/Dean Winchester, cocky


Leverage, Far from the Madding Crowd by [info - personal]ijemanja, Sophie/Hardison, surveillance

The Boondock Saints, Forgive Me Father by [info -]lady_match, Connor/Murphy, church/confession

Marvel Comics, Vena Amoris by [info - personal]damalur, Peter/Mary Jane, dreams

Dollhouse, coming home to a place you never knew existed by [info - personal]bebitched, Echo/Sierra, recognition

RPF, Flirt by [info]alya, Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, jealousy, rough

Legend of the Seeker, A Seeker's Work is Never Done by [info -]seriousfic, Richard/Kahlan, blindfold,

RPF, Sex Tape by [info -]cstoplurking, Adam Lambert/Kris Allen, sex tape

Leverage, Call It Even by [info - personal]scarletts_awry, Nate/Sterling, truth, weapon

Da Vinci's Inquest, Until Then by [info -]veruska70, Dominic/Patricia, work, hidden, again, affair

The Office, strawberry constellations by [info - personal]bebitched, Pam/Katy, freckles

Dark Angel, Two of the Four 'F's of Basic Human Behavior by [info - personal]saavikam77, Max/Alec, breeding, fight, fists, heat

A Song of Ice and Fire, Before the fall by [info - personal]curtana, Euron/Asha, wrist, knives, tongue, grin, climb

Coffee Prince, Enchantmen by [info - personal]moontyger, Yoo Joo/Eun Chan, art, paint

True blood, thinkin' of you, I get what's comin' (sleepin' in the devil's bed) by [info - personal]onomatopoetic, Eric/Jessica, hungry

Merlin, Forget Me No by [info - personal]bentrumors, Arthur/Merlin, absence

Harry Potter, Away We Go by [info - personal]minkhollow, Hermione/Luna, ink

Star Trek Reboot, Shower by [info - personal]enk, Chekhov/McCoy, masturbation



Page 30

Sports Night, A Light That Never Goes Out by [info - personal]cats_mother, Casey McCall/Dan Rydell, years gone by

Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Teasing Game by [info - personal]alara, Picard/Q, teasing

Star Trek: Reboot, Flight Plan by [info - personal]saavikam77, Kirk/Sulu, adrenaline, skills, thrust

Generation Kill, The Value of Silence by [info - personal]fosfomifira, Brad/Nate, semantics

Legend of the Seeker, what's the fun in playing it safe by [info - personal]without_wings, Richard/Kahlan, costume, impossible

Sky High, summer storms by [info - personal]shiegra, Layla/Warren, water

The Professionals, Slow Hands by [info -]tears_of_nienna, Bodie/Doyle, steady, handcuffs (obliquely)


Die Hard, Punishments and Rewards by [info -]kritikeragent, John/Matt, rimming, deep-throating, daddy, pain, sweat, tied, kin


Hellboy, Secret Desires by [info -]kritikeragent, Hellboy/John, collar

Merlin, Forever Kneel'd To A Lady In His Shield by [info -]ghanistarkiller, Gwen/Lancelot, suggestion

Hellboy, Worry by [info -]kritikeragent, Hellboy/John, mpreg

The Chronicles of Riddick, The Embodiment of Hope by [info -]kritikeragent, Riddick/Vaako, consort

Heroes, Power by [info - personal]kathrynthegreat, Sylar/Claire, blood play, laugh

Regenesis, Long time Coming by [info - personal]osmalic, David Sandstrom/Caroline Morrison, table, bourbon

Merlin, Phenomena by [info - personal]mushroom, Arthur/Merlin/Morgana/Gwen, tangled

True Blood, Need by [info - personal]shiegra,Eric/Sookie, blood-lust

Supernatural, Jog Your Memory by [info - personal]singlesrvngfrend, Sam/Dean, memories

Rome, Harder by [info - personal]curtana, Octavian/Livia, slap, weakness

The Big Bang Theory, Definitely not Federation Approved by [info -]dansantflamber, Raj/Howard, Miniskirts

RPF, Entwined by [info - personal]zelda_zee, Hadrian/Antinous, tall green grass

RPF, Formative by [info -]miss_universe93, Amber Tamblyn/Blake Lively, Manhattan, texting, cancellation, park

Stargate SG-1, Blood and Thunder by [info - personal]madkrazyghetto, Daniel/Adria, sins

Lewis, Bloody Magnificent by [info - personal]oxoniensis, Lewis/Hathaway, questions

Star Trek: The Next Generation, A Private memorial by [info - personal]saavikam77, Data/Yar, memories

Forbidden Game Trilogy, The same old story by [info - personal]shiegra, Jenny/Julian, touch

Extended versions

Die Hard, Punishments and Rewards (extended version) by [info -]kritikeragent, John/Matt, rimming, deep-throating, daddy, pain, sweat, tied, kin



Page 31


Greek Mythology, Dawn of the Dithyramb by [info - personal]kuwdora, Apollo/Dionysus, release, opposites

RPF, Not Really a Lady... by [info - personal]hanachan01, Curtis Granderson/Grady Sizemore, Grady's Ladies [ART]

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Laundry Services by [info - personal]lizardbeth, Sam/Kara, laundry

Supernatural, only love can leave such a mark by [info - personal]onomatopoetic, Sam/Dean, end

House M.D., Proxy by [info -]magickaldreamer, Wilson/Amber, grin

Generation Kill, Instant Exposure by [info - personal]nightanddaze, Brad/Nate, photograph

Crossover, Jack the Ripper/The Professionals, Look So Tired by [info -]tears_of_nienna, George Godley/Doyle, rentboy

Crossover, Psych/The Mentalist, Not as clever as you think you are by [info - personal]blackeyedgirl, Shawn Spencer/Patrick Jane, belief

RPF, Legs.... by [info - personal]hanachan01, David Wright/José Reyes, cross-dress [ART]

Heroes, {pink elephants on parade} by [info - personal]without_wings, Sylar/Peter/Claire, sandwich

Avatar: the Last Airbender, Untitled by [info - personal]beckyh2112, Hahn/Yue/Sokka, moon

Chronicles of Riddick (Pitch Black), smell by [info - personal]shiegra, Riddick/Carolyn, scared of the dark

CSI, This Is How It Goes by [info -]bisclaveret, Any combination of Mandy/Wendy/Henry/Archie/Bobby, [any]

Firefly, Taste-test by [info - personal]curtana, Badger/Saffron, business

Psych, Love Game by [info - personal]htbthomas, Shawn/Juliet, test

True Blood, deeper down the rabbit hole she goes by [info - personal]pesha, Eric/Sookie, Bill's bathtub

RPF, Secrets by [info -]miss_universe93, Chris Nolan(voyeur)/Christian Bale/Hugh Jackman, any

Smallville, Time Off by [info - personal]saavikam77, Clark/Oliver, shower, vacation

Discworld, Silly Love Songs by [info -]innervoice_chan, Esmerelda Weatherwax/Mustrum Ridcully, spring, mountainsides

The Professionals, Unfinished #4 by [info -]tears_of_nienna, Bodie/Doyle, sketchbook

The Dante Valentine Series, Untitled by [info - personal]shiegra, Dante/Japh, protect

Dexter, Normal by [info -]magickaldreamer, Deb/Dexter, crop top

The X-Files, Untitled by [info -]serafine_fic, Dana Scully/Ed Jerse, submit

Twilight, i don't think this outfit was in the costumes bin in preschool by [info - personal]bebitched, Alice/Bella, dress-up

Supernatural, Ever After by [info - personal]emerald_embers, Castiel/Lucifer, falling



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One Tree Hill, Worth The Wait by [info - personal]paradiseblue, Nathan/Haley, unmarried

Bones, Oasis by [info - personal]caitn, Angela/Hodgins, drought

Star Wars, Trapped in a Closet by [info -]smercy, Han/Leia, banter

High School Musical, One Night Only by [info - personal]elvensorceress, Chad/Ryan, confession, last dance

Harry Potter, Untitled by [info - personal]xxlareinaxx, Severus/Sirius, hatesex, rough

Alias, Hidden by [info - personal]neonbliss, Sark/Syd, running, forest

Farscape, Morning by [info -]serafine_fic, John/Aeryn, underwear

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Holding On by [info - personal]caitn, Lee/Kara, last time

Eureka, One Man's Home is Another Man's Kinky Obsession by [info - personal]caitn, Fargo/S.A.R.A.H., program

Avatar: the Last Airbender, Earthquake Weather by [info - personal]beckyh2112, Haru/Jet, hair

Heroes, Virgin State of Mind by [info -]superkappa, Sylar/Elle, Gabriel


Generation Kill, Plan Well-Laid by [info - personal]alethia, Brad/Nate, underwater




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