Porn Battle VII (The Seven Deadly Sins)




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Any, abstain courteously
John Adams/Thomas Jefferson, dancing, srs biznes
Richard Henry Lee/Thomas Jefferson, eterna-LEE
Thomas Jefferson/Martha Jefferson, violin, romance

2 Fast 2 Furious
Brian/Verone, restraints

Audrey/Jack, solace, anything, possibility
Bill/Jack, scars, loyalty
Carl/Jack, barracks, reminisce
Chase/Jack, chance meeting
Chase/Chloe/Jack, bad
Chloe/Jack, public
Jack, distraction, Nina, forgotten
Jack/Kate, fire, it doesn't hurt when I'm with you, round the world, liar, sympathetic, ripped clothes, lazy, secrets, silent, careful, scars
Jack/Nina, one hand behind my back, frosted glass, earring, power, explosion, TNT, collaboration
Jack/Renee, handcuffs, forgiveness, personal space
Jack/Tony, absolve, salvage, breath-play, interrogation, code, pool, reunion, scrape, scars, rimming, stakeout
Kate/Michelle, high heels, swimming, furniture, loss
Michelle, empty, bubbles, mid-afternoon
Michelle/Tony, angry, disheveled, sweet, sneaking, sand and sun, forgiveness, watching, drink of water, funny, eleven, discretion, playing at work, jungle gym, stronger than you look, gun play, handcuffs, roleplay, photograph, fingertips, hips, desperate, devotion, sweaty, forever, slick, reunion, fear, torture, biting, rooftop, nape of the neck, phone, strings, no strings, jealousy, tight, healing, appreciative, simple
Tony, used, calluses, her

20th Century Boys
Kanna/Koizumi, flustered, bowling alley, rock star

28 Days Later
Jim/Major West, fear, dirt, madness, sacrifice
Selena/Corporal Mitchell, last, survival
Selena/Jim, first, touch

3:10 to Yuma
Ben/Dan, claim, missed opportunity, confused, take, laugh, next-lifetime, finders keepers, kidnapped, hogtied, gun hand, bounty, hunter, bait, switch, revenge, sloth, rage, bound, vices, priceless, stolen, desire, whore, temptation

30 Rock
CC/Jack, Inauguration Ball
Cerie/Liz, shenanigans
Cooter/Jack, what happened?, awkward conversations
Elisa/Jack, fountains, Spanglish.
Floyd/Liz, laughter
Gretchen/Liz, dancing shoes, please, reunited,second date
Jack/Liz, glasses, rehearsal, inaugural ball, blonde, airport, Sarah Palin, coffee, co-dependent relationship, wedding dress, gossip, way too rich, chocolate cake, never gonna happen, debauchery, oven, elevator, 12th floor, freaky, fancy, glasses, jealous, peer, skirt, sneak, tie, Snapple, HBO, musical theater, dancing, synergy, decent set, team-building exercises, hotel, impulsive, what friends do, different, thumbs up, evaluation, inappropriate, neither the time nor the place, desk, taped-together bra, joy, no more secrets, happy pills, heartbreak hotel, lemonade, corporate ladder, stumbling, funny, mistake, smirk, warm, neurotic, desk, drinking, food in bed, creative, luxuriate, dancing
Jack/Jenna, convenience, secrets
Jenna/Liz, Chicago, that's a no, celebration
Jenna/Tracey, acting out
Liz/Pete, loneliness, soft, comfort
Liz/Rachel Maddow, ladies and gentlemen, fire escape

40 Year Old Virgin
Cal/David, gay, tattoos, ex-girlfriend

/b///v/, buttsecks?

Annie/Naomi, envy, hate, loss, revenge
Dixon/Silver, art, first-time, paint

A Bit Of Fry And Laurie
Tony/Control, coffee, spies, pigeons

A Companion to Wolves
Isolfr/Skjaldwulf/Vethulf, home, heat

A Knight's Tale
Wat/Chaucer, speechless

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Titania/Oberon, dominant, hillside, rolling, naturally

A Passage to India (movie)
Dr. Aziz/Richard Fielding, enthusiasm, curiosity, teach, grateful, touch, acceptance, faith

A Room with a View
George/Freddy, tennis
George/Lucy, gondola, roses, cottage, the Arno

A Song of Ice and Fire
Arya/Gendry, simple, escape, puppy
Asha/Sansa, salt wife
Asha/Theon, disobedient, spank
Brienne/Jaime, helping hand, ache
Catelyn/Ned, different, surprise
Cersei/Margaery, power, satisfied
Dany/Victarion, conquer, mount
Edmure/Roslin, wedding night, chains
Jaime/Brienne, dishonor, virgin
Jon/Melisandre, torment, subtle
Jon/Theon, deflower, suck
Loras/Renly, apple, prayer
Ned/Lyanna/Robert, Northern ways, wild
Ned/Robert, distant, impatient
Oberyn/Renly, manners, hint
Petyr/Sansa, punishment, wishful thinking
Rhaegar/Lyanna, chivalry, wolf, banner
Sandor/adult!Sansa, faithful, rough, disgust, frozen, kiss, ravish
Theon/random wench/Robb, corrupt, pretenses
Tyrion/Alayaya, writing lessons
Tyrion/Jamie, sleepwalking

Feri/Georgina, nightingale
König/Mici, graduation

Absolute Boyfriend
Soshi/Riiko, Spain, thoughtless, cooking

Aeon Flux
Aeon/Trevor, zipless and bible black, string theory, continental drift

After School Nightmare
Knight/Mashiro, pull the trigger and the nightmare stops
Kuresha/Sou, don't fight, don't cry, cry more
Machiro/Sou, guys

Agatha Christie
Poirot/Hastings, murder, mystery, discovery

AI Love You
Hitoshi/Saati, counting, real girl, trying too hard

Aladdin/Jasmine, magic, silks, knife
Jasmine/Jafar, she's a fast learner

Irina/Jack/Sloane, territory
Irina/Jack, dance, blanket, chopsticks, glasses
Jack/Nadia, blue beret, right heel, lie to me
Jack/Sloane, later, forget
Jack/Sydney, shame
Jack/Vaughn, soda
Lauren/Sydney, panties, moody, glossy, ruby, further, allure, naughty or nice
Nadia/Sydney, definition
Nadia/Rachel/Sydney, what works
Rachel/Sark, deception, mockery, faithless
Rachel/Sydney, feather, shine, tell, all we have
Sark/Sydney, caught, entwined, laughter, shunned, water, remote, hidden, light, trap, used, giving in, blade, mercy, stifle
Sark/Vaughn, spanking, covetous, alley, drifting, high, working together, naked, reunion
Sydney/Tom, undercover, rain, information
Sydney/Vaughn, sand, loyalty, feathers
Sydney/Weiss, smile, touch

Alien/Aliens/Alien Resurrection (movie series)
Call/Ripley, human, fire, milk
Hicks/Ripley, ice, kissing, guns, fire, alley
Johner/Ripley, tongue, guns, basket

American Dreams
Beth/JJ, Hawaii, haircut, ring, footrub
Meg/Sam, Berkeley, groove, LPs

Andromeda/Balance of Judgment, gravity, truth, Domme
Beka/purple!Trance, music, spheres, glowing, youth, disaster, racing
Beka/Tyr, DNA, respect, leather
Dylan/Rommie, space, leadership, lipstick
Gaheris Rhade/Rommie, enemy, flicker, smirk, pride
Harper/Rommie, matrix, creativity, obedience

Angel the Series
Angel/Connor, memory, blood, spite
Angel/Cordelia, fantasy, nectar, pearls, breasts, scent, sparring, family, orgasm denial
Angel/Doyle, green, blood, bite, leather, smoking, hold, reunion, lost, loneliness, anger, death, laughter, comfort
Angel/Faith, church, conflict, declaration, eventual, guide, obvious, yes,
Angel/Fred, ice cream, shower, grasp, door
Angel/Gunn, bite, blood, brother
Angel/Lindsey, hand, rivalry, bite
Angel/Wesley, turn, restraint, helpless, bloodlust, bite, turn, wait, scholar, livid, anger, no, fighting skills,
Connor/Darla, kidnapping, kinship
Cordelia/Gunn, Dennis, lights, comfort, desire, mutual, timeless,
Cordelia/Gunn/Wesley, wisdom, mercenary, fiction, karaoke, strip, cards, fuzzy navel, impressions, Birthday, alternate
Cordelia/Lilah, rush, cocky, accidental, wouldn't it be nice
Eve/Gunn, office, suspicion, hatesex, ballgag
Faith/Fred, leather
Faith/Gunn, roleplay
Faith/Wesley, guilt, try, knife, rush, sliver, pull, glitter, blood, scars, shotgun, mirror, memories, dirt
Faith/Illyria/Wesley, promises, not the end of the world
Fred/Gunn, calculate, street, blink, differences, assumptions, hair pulling, writing on skin, girl on top, taste, walls, glasses, soul, pancakes, teamwork, oral
Fred/Illyria, past life, separation
Fred/Lilah, fingernails, handcuffs, pigtails, pain, costumes, flesh
Fred/Lindsay, replacement, comfort
Fred/Wesley, blue, secret, rain, science, language, come, sophistication, innocence, crayons, longing, spanking, glimpses, slick, jaw, limbs, untangle
Gavin/Lilah, better to give than to receive
Gunn/Wesley, AU, resolve, salvage, walk, bro code, bond, forget, rebuild
Gunn/Gwen, calculate, street, blink
Gwen/Kate, Los Angeles
Illyria/Wesley, rooftop, exploration, control, Ozymandias, watercolor, amber, waltz, frozen, funeral
Lilah/Wesley, opportunities, absolution, burn
Justine/Wesley, closet, betrayal, topping from the bottom

Angel Sanctuary
Kurai/Setsuna, adulthood

Cassie/Rachel, afterwards, wipe away the tears, we were only children then
Cassie/Jake, wedding
Rachel/Tobias, college, impostors, substitutes, black lace, aftermaths, post-series

Anne Bishop - Black Jewels Trilogy
Daemon/Surreal, last
Karla/Jaenelle, help
Lucivar/Marian, late
Saetan/Sylvia, second chance
Saetan/Tersa, comfort

Anne of Green Gables
Anne/Diana, promises kept and otherwise
Anne/Gilbert, after Joy, winter, leaves, pages, castle, first, sunshine, homecoming, imagine
Anne/Katherine, red, quick, letter
Anne/Ruby, unwise
Diana/Delilah, so we meet again
Diana/Mary, show her a thing or two
Jem/Faith, raised by wolves

Another Country
Bennett/Fowler, cane, bite, order, uniform
Fowler/Judd, sarcasm

Dr. Pepper/keyboard, inexperience, thrill-seeker, psycho
Dr. Pepper/straw, awkward, demanding, comfort
Dr. Pepper/Vanilla, kink
Fear/Depression/Anxiety, bloodplay, scream
needle/vein, rape
pencil/paper, facial

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Carl/Shake, homophobia, lies, rock-n-roll

Thomasina/Septimus, waltz, education, fire, carnal embrace

Army Wives
Emmalin/Jeremy, connection, lost, stand-in
Army Wives, Emmalin/Jeremy/Logan, share, understanding

Arrested Development
Bob/Lindsay, tailoring, final countdown, pony-play
George Michael/Maeby, get over it, sociopath, bunk bed
Lindsay/Michael, dress, sober, tie, wound
Lindsay/Tobias, instruction manual, short shorts, peg, drought
Lindsay/Michael, bathroom, orange juice, cocktails, drunk, irresponsible, out of control, twins, Cabo, quality, charity
Michael/Maeby, learning
Michael/Maggie, liar, hurry, two minutes

Arthurian Legend
Arthur/Morgan le Fay, my sister, wife.
Gawain/Green Knight, kissing game, nightmare, trees
Guinevere/Lancelot, tournament, guilt, chaste
Mordred/Galahad, bastard, chiaroscuro, devil, Celt, magic

As the World Turns
Luke/Noah, crawl, film, manipulation

As Time Goes By
Alistair/Judy, comfort, Venice, anxious
Lionel/Jean, gentle, wrinkles, long time, tender

As Told By Ginger
Adult!Ginger/adult!Courtney, confession, follow, reunion, smirk, angst, betrayal, rage, soft, reminisce

As You Like It
Celia/Oliver, negotiation, protection, bandages
Celia/Rosalind, pastoral, house-warming, eggs
Orlando/Rosalind, idyll, Ganymede, poetry

Ashes to Ashes
Alex/Gene, don't blink, ghosts, heat, leaving marks, trying to cope, anger, driving, psycho-babble, heatwave, undercover, fur, stockings, respect, slap, nightclub, shorts, porn, curls, tie, desk, bruising, cold, compromise, déjà vu
Alex/Sharon, help me, sweet, self-indulgent
Chris/Sharon, smoking-up, giggling, eyeliner

Asimov's Robots
Elijah Baley/R. Daneel Olivaw, hold, survival, skin

Banky Edwards/Holden McNeill, queer, ten years, I love you, man, creative process

Briony/Lola, explorers, dangerous
Briony/Robbie, crush, water, lust
Celia/Robbie, secrets, letters

Avatar: The Last Airbender
adult!Aang/adult!Katara, steamroom
adult!Aang/adult!Ozai, push/pull, scalding, pathetic
adult!Aang/adult!Zuko, responsibility, speech-writing, rebuilding, meditation, firedance
adult!Aang/adult!Toph/adult!Zuko, Zuko always bottoms
adult!Azula/adult!Mai/adult!Ty Lee, pressure points, team
adult!Azula/adult!Zuko, rose garden fountain
adult!Azula/f, moment of weakness, still standing
adult!Azula/adult!Jun, killer queens
adult!Azula/adult!Katara, stop visiting!
adult!Azula/adult!Mai, trust
adult!Azula/adult!Ty Lee, consort, distrust, topping from the bottom, fix you up, entice, bad for your health
adult!Iroh/adult!Ursa, Dragon of the West
adult!Jet/adult!Zuko, sword practice
adult!Jun/adult!Toph, fangirl, tagalong, cool!!!, booze
adult!Jun/adult!Ty Lee, tracking her down, reminiscent, scent
adult!Katara/adult!Zuko, opposites
adult!Mai/adult!Zuko, leather trousers
adult!Sokka/adult!Toph, gemenite candy
adult!Sokka/adult!Suki, sharing clothing
adult!Sokka/adult!Zuko, please, Sifu Hotman
adult!Suki/adult!Ty Lee, we are now bff, acrobatic, teaching

Avengers (comics)
Captain America/Iron Man, necessity is the mother of... , explosive, resurrection, inauguration
girl!Captain America/Iron Man, a hell of a dressing-down, rough, sand, solutions
Steve/Tony, post-mission, frantic, re-affirm, careful, secrets, flying, sentient armour, slow, extremis

Axis Powers Hetalia
Austria/Hungary, music, soul, dance, yaoi
China/Russia, communism, lost, faith, peace, fallen
Germany/Italy, food, pet, war, ending, burden
US/UK, jazz, revolution, dream, speech, frozen

Azumanga Daioh
adult!Kagura/adult!Sakaki, impressed, marathon, animal rights
adult!Kaorin/older!Tomo, show-off, cute wins over cool
adult!Tomo/adult!Yukari, assistant teacher
adult!Tomo/adult!Yomi, same college, the more things change
adult!Minamo/adult!Yukari, spouses, booze, gamble, strip poker, exasperate

Baby Mama
Angie/Kate, shut up, friendship, girls' night out
Angie/Oscar, let's try it, acceptance, sharing, skin

Babylon 5
Cole/Ivanova, poetry, adoration, stopwatch
Delenn/Sheridan, waltz, partnership, vanilla
Delnn/Sinclair, candle, goodbye
Elizabeth/John, war-bride, reunion, uniform
Elizabeth/Michael, an impressive right hook, console
Garibaldi/Ivanova/Winters, stuck, middle
Garibaldi/Sinclair, riot, destiny
G'Kar/Londo, shelling, jala, declaration, you expect me to trust you?, first time
G'Kar/Lyta, threshold, patience, trapped, redemption, intercrural
Ivanova/Lyta, within, barriers
Ivanova/Marcus, first time, mortal
Ivanova/Sheridan, old times, waterfalls, stars, endless, telepathy, touch, hurt, sweet, sad, destined
Ivanova/Winters, jumpy, missing, sleepy, shower, surprise, reunion
Londo/Vir, two or three, assistance

Baby-Sitters Club
Abby/Dawn, sunglasses, hippies, gay pride
Abby/Kristy, soccer, baseball, competition
Dawn/Kristy, California, snow, fireplace, bisexuality

Band of Brothers
Nixon/Winters, Vat 69, snow, river, peace, ammo, smoke, soft, cinders, battle

Batman - The Dark Knight
Batman/Harvey, forgiveness

Batman Begins
Alfred/Lucius, before, breakup, reconciliation

Batman/Flash, espionage
Bruce/adult!Dick, Beethoven, thrill seekers, training, darkness, elevation, trust, independence, dependence, pressure, weight, breath, secrets
Harley/Poison Ivy, scents

Batman: The Animated Series
Babs/Dick, pizza, barefoot
Batgirl/Nightwing, sparring, forget
Batman/Catwoman, trust, contradiction

Battlestar Galactica (original)
Apollo/Starbuck, boredom, child-care, patrol
Athena/Sheba, cold, first, bored, fix me, dirty, blood, safe, change, take a chance, bite, understanding, misunderstood, rain, home, in their fathers shadow, lights out, vipers, indiscretion, reconciliation,
Starbuck/Zac, history, newbie

Battlestar Galactica
Adama/Ellen, this isn't happening
Adama/Roslin, burning, slide, reading, glasses, flesh and blood, behind the desk, a million stars, admit, shore leave, pinch, spill, nuisance, queen, thank you, age, lemon, smoke, defeat, moustache, heels, viper, prophet, written on the skin, ache, learn your lessons well, dreams., lessons learnt, mistakes, cherish, shared moment, drunk, laughter, history, history in the making, first dance, last dance, last kiss, heartbreak, tomorrow, the right to live, Tigh, space, starlight, duty, slow
Adama/Roslin/Tigh, not only human, alchemy, strength.
Adama/Tigh, giving up, pissing contest, penance, faith, on your knees
Anders/Apollo, punch, mouthful
Anders/Apollo/Starbuck, ending, unhappy
Anders/Barolay, follow, partner, hurry
Anders/Dualla, vengeance
Anders/Duck, before, don't, boots, fall
Anders/Ellen, New Caprica, white, link, press, shoulder
Anders/Helo, metal, second, red, hips, music, despair, sunlight
Anders/Leland Adama, dust in our mouths, laundry, splint, penknife
Anders/Leoben, different, destiny, cold, intentions, blue, strong, design, flight, hiding, quick, scent, spines, calling, brother, questions
Anders/Leoben/Starbuck, found, comfort, glow, scare, mine, temple, tattoos, streams, flying, inside, stomach, drown, lost, three, distant music, mud, aurora borealis, pieces, spines, middle, stars, smooth, release
Anders/Racetrack, even, tempt, wall, back, steel
Anders/Starbuck, first meeting, sparkles and glitter, brawl, flight suit, in another life..., just married, knowledge, history, payback, lonely, smoking, comfort, maelstrom, shoving match, painting, diamonds, solitude, wires, tattoos, rack, guitar, daybreak, tattoo, rack, rockstar, what am I, synthetics, sense, hum
Anders/Tory, confusion, guilt, guitar, Earth, let's go
Anders/Tory/Tyrol, Yoko Ono, equilateral, reborn, backstage, song, fools, sonata
Anders/Tyrol, reach, first, sea, push, rockstar, flow, bright, before and again, sensory memory, alike
Apollo/Balter, ambition
Apollo/Dualla, badge, dirt, gym, fight
Apollo/Helo, kidding
Apollo/Romo, confrontation, rough, eager, thief
Apollo/Roslin, lessons, madam president, successor, smooth, stare, hide
Apollo/Six, skin
Apollo/Starbuck, again, ask, game, tight, thumb, bruise, again, new, different, Earth, joy, banter, play, at last, forgiveness, bound, inauguration, locked, oath, rough, unknown, untruth, family business, end of the world, quiet, war, grief, touching, smirk, laugh, fate, flaring, stalker, clench
Athena/Boomer, changed, smooth, rage, duplicate, synergy, jealousy
Athena/Caprica!Six, comfort, hairplay, soft, baby shower, emulation, prison days
Athena/Chief/Helo, unresolved, teamwork, secrets
Athena/Dualla, history
Athena/Helo, in the name of love, sand, wine, bliss, welcome home, quiet, Raptor, bath, glow, fate, strike, real, desperate, saved, stone, stars, heartbeat, palms
Athena/Helo/Starbuck, dead, lucky, mow
Athena/Starbuck, uncertainty, need, wrong, gold
Baltar/Chief, absolution
Baltar/Dualla, darkness, desperate, sound, silica, wholesome
Baltar/Gaeta, meaningless, halfway, lies
Balter/Caprica!Six, all I want is you, indivisible, two houses, touch, laughing, token, angel, light, blinding
Balter/D'Anna, sacred, destiny, vision
Balter/D'Anna/Six, first, bossy, vulnerable
Balter/Head!Six, oops, public, perverse, always, dominance, voices, priorities, orders, echo, humble, promise, the way we were
Balter/multiple Sixes, archaeologists
Balter/Roslin, furious, undeniable, bruise, masochist, indecision
Balter/Tory, sensation
Boomer/Cally, devour, gifts, lead
Boomer/Caprica!Six, shore, cybernetic, echoes, love, twelve, orchestra, panda, putting up a front
Boomer/Chief, broken, found, sounds, repossess
Boomer/Crashdown, teams
Boomer/Leland Adama, soul, garden, cherry, delineation
Cain/Gina, cold, lips, fight, chance, first, au, water, shower, sparring, ticket, hands, history, lessons learnt, seduce, cold, hot, history in the making, historical figures, first dance, Cylon takeover, memory, sink, instinct
Cain/Kendra, edges, steel
Cain/Roslin, absolute power corrupts absolutely, power play
Cain/Starbuck, discipline
Cain/Starbuck/Shaw, mentor, hierarchy, comrades
Cally/Crashdown, narc
Cally/Gaeta, wandering, only one, paperback novel, grease
Caprica!Six/D'Anna, lipstick, dust, humans
Caprica!Six/Natalie, identical, sisters
Caprica!Six/Tigh, new life, forgiveness, pale, bruises, in your eyes.
Dualla/D'Anna, following the fleet, understanding, different, differences, seduce, share, colours, red, date, cloud nine, broken, caught, shower, flowers, fire, home, empowerment, motivated, spar, one on one, rage, tactics, manipulation
Dualla/Jean Barolay, step to the left, earth, afterlife, cold
Dualla/Leland Adama, finish line, birds, sunlight, laughter
Dualla/Starbuck, intermediary, shock, drinking games
Ellen/anyone, sugar and spice, alcoholic, heels, small deaths, patterns
Erin Mathias/Jean Barolay, resistance, gun oil, pay grade, full speed
Gaeta/Crazy!Eight, psychotic girl, happy
Gaeta/Eight, obvious, secrets
Gaeta/Hoshi, awakening, say it, morpha, crave, underground
Helo/Athena/Longshot/Starbuck, adrenaline, shower, bet, comfort, hunger
Helo/Basestar!Sharon, inches, kiss, desperate, confusion
Helo/Racetrack, faith, playful, loss
Helo/Sharon, rain, duality, blindfold
Helo/Starbuck, cubit, listen, ashes, Delphi, lonely, dirt, confused, shots, sweat, knees, maps
Kat/Starbuck, burn, camaraderie, lost, before and after, mirror, rough, bleed
Leoben/Seelix, lost, drunk, spring water, grass
Leoben/Six (any), projection, prayer, God is love
Leoben/Starbuck, angry, disappointed, field, easy, revenge, drink, cotton, poison, same, wrong, forgotten, I remember, enough, sick, bitter, paint, human, bolt, grasp, Kara on top, anger, loss, loneliness, a deeper understanding, prophecy, lost, forgotten, after death, taking back control, the naming of parts
Natalie/Starbuck, glow, sincere, babblings, spiritual
Racetrack/OFC, tears, cold fusion, trees, space heater
Racetrack/Shelley Godfrey, glasses
Roslin/Six, aura
Roslin/Tory, ashes, betrayal, more than we are, confidence, desk
Roslin/Zarek, revolution.
Saul Tigh/Ellen Tigh, dance, Cylon, Earth, parallel
Simon/Six, practice
Six (any)/Starbuck, comfort, just two lost frak-ups
Six/Tigh, concessions, threat
Starbuck/Racetrack, frakking and flying
Starbuck/Three, idolatry
Starbuck/Tigh, powerless, questioning.
Tory Foster/Billy Keikeya, accidents happen, stumble, politics, skin

Beauty and the Beast
Beast/Belle, princess, fur, never

Bedrooms and Hallways
Brendan/Leo, reconciliation, fantasy, tease, reunion, aggressive

Being Erica
Erica/Dr. Tom, choice, frustration, past, quotations
Erica/Ethan, waiting, candle, remembrance

Being Human
George/Mitchell, home, hunger, denial, comfort, dream, history, pet, mine, sofa, that time of the month, not doing the laundry, ride home, Team Jacob/Team Edward

Ben 10: Alien Force
older!Ben/older!Kevin, changed

adult! Charlotte/adult!Sonia, your majesty, off-guard, the last straw
Casca/Farnese, once upon a time, horseback, aware, knifeplay
Farnese/Serpico, scourge, deliverance
Farnese/Luka, learn by example, discipline, admire
Farnese/Slan, sadomasochism
Luka/Nina, stay, campfire
adult!Sonia/adult!Schierke, taking flight

Big Eden
Henry/Pike, art, myth, taste, sensual, empty, solitude, wishes, thousand, stars

Big Love
Adaleen/Alby, proclivities
Anna/Margene, exploration, sweet, pie, what love is
Barb/Margene, a mother's love
Lois/Wanda, sane inside insanity
Rhonda/[any], she gets what she wants
Sarah/Heather, cry, ideal, queer, sore, twist, wind, overwhelming, candyfloss, spinning

Big Wolf on Campus
Merton/Tommy, admiration, lair, pal

Birds of Prey
Helena/Zinda, ain't it funny, south of the border

Black Books
Bernard/Fran, vertigo, thief
Bernard/Manny, rub-a-dub-dub

Black Butler
Ciel/Lizzie, mark, what are you hiding?, let me see your eyes
Ciel/Sebastian, teatime, clock, chime, bittersweet, fingertip

Black Dagger Brotherhood
Blay/Qhuinn, resist, captivated, lips, jealousy, worthy, protect, bond, teach/learn, realise
Bloodletter/Scribe Virgin, unveiled
Butch/Vishous, blowjob, glow, mine, complete, bonding scent, wash, want, taste, fighting together, missing piece
Butch/Vishous/Marissa, joining in, trade-off
Darius/Vishous, sparring, submit
Lash/Qhuinn, fight, slut
Layla/[any], wanted
Layla/Rhage/Mary, experiment, reluctance
Marissa/Vishous, bloodlust, need
Phury/Rehvenge, junkie, persuasion

Black Donnellys
Kevin/Tommy, always

Black Jewels Trilogy
Andulvar/Saetan, drink, friend, taken, night
Dorothea/Hekatah, dominance, death, illusion

Blackadder Series
Blackadder/Darling, darling, drag, final, push, funny, hobby
Bob/Queenie, kneel
Edmund/George, naughty Hellfire Club
Edmund/Queenie, swear
Edmund/Darling, insubordination
Flashheart/Nursie, moo
George/Melchett, the perfect woman, guns, drag, trenches, Captain, darling
Topper/Smedley, heroic in all areas of life

Peter/Ripley, boots, dance, about Natalie, handcuffs, rimming

Blade of the Immortal
Doa/Rin, close quarters, adrenaline, Doa is amazing
Hyakurin/Makie, cracking a smile, chokehold, opium
Hyakurin/Rin, specialise, confrontation

Blade Trinity
Abby/Hannibal, chains, nails
Drake/Hannibal, [any], claim, fangs, master, secret, consort, hell-on-earth, new breed, hunter, slave, pet, fight, family, strong, reclaim, chains, broken, blood, turning, eternity, rape, seduction

Blades of Glory
Chazz/Jimmy, affectionate

Blake's 7
Avon/Blake, Dominance, werewolf, vampire, locked door, you don't remember
Avon/Cally, gift, touching, walls
Avon/Servalan, enemy, ally, purpose, control
Avon/Vila, undo, listen
Cally/Jenna, sarcasm, blowing things up, dust
Cally/Travis, explosion, trust, second chances,
Dayna/Soolin, target practice, obnoxious, bullets

Aizen/Gin, darkness
Aizen/Ulquiorra, loyalty
Byakuya/Renji, restraint
Byakuya/Urahara, giving in
Chad/Ishida, support, change,
Chad/Ishida/Orihime, triangle, unusual skills, warmth, peace of mind
Chad/Orihime, healing, shields, oranges, simplicity, sheets
Cirucci/Luppi, princesses
Gin/Hitsugaya, white
Gin/Kira, choke
Gin/Orihime, violence, biting, smiles
Grimmjow/Ichigo, bite
Grimmjow/Ulquiorra, hole
Halibel/Nel, calm, sticky
Hisagi/Tousen, belief
Ichigo/Ishida, bondage
Ichigo/Ishida/Orihime, couch
Ichigo/Orihime, breathless, homework, sunshine, silver, underneath, help, drowning
Ichigo/Rukia, experience, femdom, hair
Ichigo/Shinji, mask
Ichigo/Yoruichi, first time, quick, temptation
Komamura/Shuuhei, respect
Kuukaku/Yoruichi, firecracker
Nel/Nnoitra, bitemarks, pity
adult!Orihime/adult!Tatsuki, apartment
Orihime/Rukia, experimenting, grass stains
Renji/Rukia, truth, uniforms, rain, waiting
Ryuuken/Uryuu, spanking, gloves
Soi Fon/Yoruichi, instruction manual, toy
Urahara/Yoruichi, clothes, training

Cass/Eddie, alone, drugs, clean, lie, trust, truth, rimming

Blood Series (Tanya Huff novels)
Henry/Tony, hunger, lust, jealousy, sharp, need

Blood Ties
Coreen/Vicki, disco, celebration, comfort, rescue
Henry/Mike, bite, fire, giggle, dark, Vicky, fair

David/Julia, mirror, blood, hope, loss, guns
Diva/Saya, twin, blue-blood, dress, opera

Blue Castle (L.M.M. Montgomery)
Barney/Valancy , moonlight, dying, future, forest

Bollywood: Barsaat
Anna/Kajal, strong women, common ground, admiration, temptation, silk, sari, rose-water bath, surprises

Angela/Hodgins, paints, picnic, reminiscence, swings, twice, reunion, do-over, late night in the lab, gala, miss you, color, armor
Angela/Hodgins/Zack, brush, edges, evidence, old, movies, laugh
Angela/Booth, soothe, tea
Angela/Brennan, learning, experiment, circus, blindfold, apologies, only you
Angela/Zack, threes, time, houses
Booth/Brennan, not, jaded, fogged, adrenaline, trust, again, challenge, confusion, joke, sunshine, tease, dark, bound, destiny, dimple, labcoat, fantasy, featherlight, only you, dress-up, not myself, ice, smile, unexpected, necklace, karaoke, dolls, lips, car, terminology, blush, blood
Booth/Brennan/Sweets, date, session, trust
Booth/Cate, climbing Everest, handcuffs, international co-operation
Booth/Hodgins, phylum, curtains, Zach, glasses, squint, rebound, love, hate, frenetic, candle, black sheep, lonely
Booth/Sweets, analyze this, gun, rain, pushing buttons, psychology
Brennan/Cam, disco, taut, shenanigans, day off
Brennan/Hodgins, confined, regret, secrets
Brennan/Sweets, sunscreen, phenomenon, clay
Cam/Hodgins, lab, rebound
Hodgins/Zack, visiting-hours, illogical, victorious, test, penance, inevitable, pillows, rent, hollow, vacate, viscous, aquagenic

Boston Legal
Jerry/Katie, learning, comfort, new

Boston Red Sox RPF
Jon Lester/Jacoby Ellsbury, caught, home, bar, chase

Bourne (movie-verse)
Bourne/Nicky, sunlight, addiction, royalty, obligation

Boy Meets World
Angela/Shawn, first, shirt, kiss, hands, smile
Cory/Shawn, experiment, surprise, teeth, tempt, nudge

Brave New World
Bernard/Helmholtz, dark, fruit, freedom, lush

Breakfast Club
John/Claire, tongue

Brain/Brandon, need, hide, loyal, blood, knife, hand, want, denial, partnership
Brandon/Kara, rags
Dode/Emily, high
Emily/Tug, tender

Bridei Chronicles
Eile/Faolan, practice, fealty

Brideshead Revisited
Charles/Sebastian, curtains

Devil/Zeke, elevator, gloves, shower

Britannia High
Jex/BB, radio, flaunt, rival, discovery, reward, flat-share

Brokeback Mountain
Ennis/Jack, impatient, space

Brotherhood of the Wolf
Fronsac/Mani, brothers, ghost, skin
Fronsac/Mani/Thomas, learning, exposure, frost

Brothers and Sisters
Ethan/Kyle/Sarah, celebrate, share, assets
Ethan/Sarah, beauty, experience, glasses
Justin/Rebecca, war, love, hate, DNA
Kevin/Robert, guns, ethics, lies, secrets, desk, hubris
Kevin/Scotty, marriage, caught, hands
Kitty/Robert, brain sex, tactics

Buckaroo Banzai
Rawhide/[any], argue, regret, travels

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Andrew/Dawn (post-series), changes, formal wear, Italy, frustration
Andrew/Spike, crush
Andrew/Spike/Xander, Twilight
Andrew/Xander, inevitable
Angel/Buffy, cemetery, dusk, headstone, tremor, blindfold, I knew it, new beginnings, ghosts, temptation, ice cream, time, cemetary, youth, passage,
Angel/Buffy/Spike, the way it should have been all along
Angel/Spike, unguarded, boredom, ash
Angel/Willow, homework, practice, read, free
Angel/Xander, anger, giggle, fear, metal
Angelus/Spike, inside, lesson, grin, fangs
Anya/Buffy, dislike, test, joke, crazy
Anya/Giles, age, dark, house, mouth, water, glasses, hot, underwear, money, magic, bicker, compromise, human
playing doctor, spanking, singing
Buffy/Faith, amends, tears, time, bondage, leather, strap-on, adrenaline, sweet, snuggle, sleigh, glamorous, cocky, slow jam, exquisite, stop staring,
Buffy/Giles, chosen, destiny, screw this destiny crap, scooby snacks, comb, brush, button, butter, lick, communication, isolation, desperation, sunlight, records, library, training, dancing, tradition, apocalypse, tragedy, unwanted fantasies,
Buffy/Giles/Spike, keeping Spike in line,
Buffy/Kendra, sisters, lines, training, lines
Buffy/Oz, guilt, rumble, pinned, snarl, bite, van, nails
Buffy/Riley, again, picnic, respect, glorious, picnic, sunshine, light, hurt, kissing, constant, loving,
Buffy/Satsu, culture shock, first time, wow
Buffy/Spike, allies, stake, too much, resist, naughty, public places, ice, Wagner, moonlight, roses, vodka, beer bad, , tree, wrong, bondage, grin, slap, blood, fingers
Buffy/Wesley, train, watcher, dirty, sweat, ride
Buffy/Willow, hypothetically
Buffy/Xander, silk, foundation, fingering, t-shirt
Cordelia/Xander, linoleum, cheerleader, groping
Dawn/Spike, adulthood, guardian, reunion, virginity, embarrassed
Dawn/Willow, magic, student
Dawn/Xander, crush, protector, twister (the game), shots, nervous, flirt
Drusilla/Giles, hypnotism
Drusilla/Kendra, special, slayer, youth
Drusilla/Spike, whips, change, batteries, baby, get away, growl, purr, games
Ethan/Giles, memory, chaos, bruise, sweet, drugs, guitar, glass, skin
Faith/Giles, agent, replacement, mistakes
Faith/Spike, bondage, blood play, cursing, accents
Faith/Wood, surprise, skills, sincerity
Giles/Jenny, first, kids, understanding, never, lost, backwards, what if, solution, seduction, football, computer, time, the first, speak, history,
Giles/Spike, Buffy
Giles/Willow, magic, menace, non-con, misunderstanding, skin
Kennedy/Willow, piercing, shower, begging
Oz/Spike, howl, teeth, tear, claws, bite, animal, change
Oz/Willow, rounding third, mistress of pain, opportunity
Riley/Spike, bruise, mouth, surrender
Riley/Xander, training, gold, comfort, play, fear
Spike solo, memories, ache, anger, push, want
Spike/Tara, subtle, wild, willing, unexpected
Spike/Willow, free, pedestal, gum, puzzles, ball, fingers, help, trick, sweet, stone
Spike/Xander, sly, wicked, want, boy, daddy, handcuffs, scent, hypnotism,
Tara/Willow, wet, love, naked, breakfast, action, moonlight
Tara/Willow/Xander, soft, thrill
Willow/Xander, warm, time, stead

Burn Notice
Carla/Michael, con, power, denial, timeout, blackmail, hate's such a strong word, death ray, interrogation techniques, attraction, scratch
Fiona/Michael, favors, lick, playing house, skeletons in the closet, gunplay, explosives, arms, fun, gunpowder, gasoline, cheap thrills aplenty, undercover
Fiona/Michael/Sam, explosive, kiss and tell
Fiona/Sam, shoot-first-ask-questions-later, roleplay, illegal
Lucy/Michael, old flame
Michael/Sam, crazy, war stories, understanding, rules of the game, fair play, cheating, drunk, this one time..., mentor, friends, assignment, undercover, let me show you the ropes

C.J. Cherryh
Justin/Grant, monitored, voyeur, safe, entwined
Tom/Conrad, Australia, plots, whore

Calamari Wrestler
Kanichi/Miyako, tentacle, bathtub

Hank/Karen, spiral
Hank/Mia, birthday, future, dress

Cardcaptor Sakura
Eriol/Sakura, hair, kisses, match, forget

Carnival (Elizabeth Bear)
Vincent/Michelangelo, momentum, parry, partners, thrust

Iris/Jonesy, sneaky
Iris/Justin, seven trumpets, where they made a desolation and they called it peace, revelation, wine, depths, blessed, sacred, ash, cassock, river
Iris/Tommy, blade

Louis/Rick, fog, usual, suspects, lies, friendship, convictions, law, free, watch, cloud

Casino Royale
James Bond/Vesper Lynd, bare

Yossarian/Dunbar/the Chaplain, insanity
Catch-22, Yossarian/Nately, misunderstanding
Catch-22, Yossarian/the Chaplain, hospital

Céline and Julie Go Boating
Céline/Julie, sweet

Charlie Bartlett
Charlie/Nathan, genius, graduation, guilt, proven, wrong

Charlie's Angels
Jill/Kelly, indiscretion, reconciliation
Jill/Sabrina, indiscretion, reconciliation
Charlie's Angels, Jill/Kelly/Sabrina, indiscretion, reconciliation, southern charm, baseball, cars, speed, stakeout, smirk, playful, sleepy

Charm School
Bunny/Dean, motorcycle, dance, first, sweet
Bunny/Fairer Than, spell, dress, waterfall, Halloween, nature, trouble, leaf, wand, forest

future!Chris/Leo, revelation, blood, destruction, hope, forgiveness
Cole/Prue , at last, horny, bodyswap, need, lust, kiss, lost, comfort, cowgirl, weapons, magic, misunderstandings, surprise,

Mama/Velma, motherfucker
Mama/Velma/Roxie, red
Mama/Roxie, impress
Roxie/Velma, bitch

Children of Dune
Ghanima/Leto, water, fading, sacred

Chi/Hideki, reality, delusion, exploration, alternatively

Chowder/Panini, um I'm still not your boyfriend!, lure, play with your food

Chrono Trigger
Crono/Marle/Lucca, cuddling, comfort, fun times
Flea/Magus, apprentice
Magus/Schala, longing

Anna/ofc, experiment, college, sleepovers, revenge
Anna/Morgan, leather, snuggle, boxers, morning
Awesome/Chuck, spontaneity, confusion, awesome, genes, gross, mail
Awesome/Ellie, [any], playing doctor, scrubs, kitchen counter, awesome
Bryce/Chuck, complicated, computer, dorm room, exes, innocence, Klingon, protection, spies, threat, unexpected, undercover, university, watergun, video, savior, gift, talk Klingon to me,hot plate, protect, game, danger, tie, hidden, gift, holiday, project, anger, games, robot, never, truth, zork, bicycle, understood, quad, fraternity, betrayed, return, same, kidnap, spy games, World of Warcraft, all-nighter, apologies, you are likely to be eaten by a grue
Bryce/Chuck/Sarah, mission, overprotective, ties, review, proof, trust, sacrifice
Bryce/Casey, tease, competition
Bryce/Jill, challenge, sublimation, tender
Bryce/Sarah, mistake, vacation, useful, denial, truth
Casey/Chuck, care, electronics, healing, games, hidden, bite marks, The Crown Victoria, payback, bite, deep cover, don't touch anything, loss, marked, possessive, here, taken, rescue, inappropriate, robot, watching, finally, in-laws, double, out of bullets, working hours, Chinese food, workplace relationships
Casey/Chuck/Sarah, protection, warmth, duty, laughter, running, safe, hack, bomb, true, undercover, dangerous times, teamwork, relax, comfort, jealousy, spies, hotel, Casey/Ellie, neighbor, sugar, curious, muscles, cooking, strength, sensual, smell, lift, green, spy, doctor, play, wedding, mission, together
Casey/Ilsa, lonely, return, longing, apologies, sorrow
Casey/Sarah, life, strange, castle, gun, hot, grenade, bomb, fight, adrenaline, shyness, bonsai, joke, surveillance
Chuck/Jill, first, win, raid
Chuck/Lou, salami, cars, after hours
Chuck/Sarah, compromised, broken, dance, stockings, backseat, mascara, button,
Ellie/Sarah, wrong, betrayal, comfort, hidden
John/Ellie, bite
Jill/Sarah, gun, vicious, resolution, heal
Morgan/Lester, spaz, comfort, wounded, broken, lost, glee, conventions, family, epic, hidden, out, beer, afraid

City of God
Bene/Li'l Ze, codependence, burst, too intense

CLAMP School Detectives
Akira/Suoh, excuses, blondes, changing

Classic Star Trek
Kirk/Spock, t'hyla

Clay Pigeons
[any]/Lester, suspect, fishing, truck, highway, kink
Clay/Lester, buddies, secrets, knife, hero, hat, needs
Lester (solo), sharp, ache, need, loneliness, slick, daddy

Clare/Ilene, subtle
Clare/Galatea, thigh-highs
Deneve/Helen, scars, spar, drunk, bathing
Galatea/[any], perception
Galatea/Miria, dust, research
Ilene/Teresa, late
Luciela/Riful, diplomacy
Miria/Ophelia, tease, bloodplay, unmoved
Miria/Riful, sensitive, tentacles
Ophelia/Raphaela, unnerving, annoyance, eyes

Cleopatra 2525
Hal/Sarge, teamwork, first, falling, stars, dust, forgotten

Clerks II
Becky/Dante/Randal, kink, handcuffs, gag
Dante/Randal, Florida, grand opening, jail

Alice/Anna, sublimation, tease, curiosity
Dan/Larry, sublimation, rage, never, game

Gingetsu/Ran, tangled, tea, smile
Kazuhiko/Oruha, pearls, wine, wings, dress straps, tattoo
Oruha/Suu, memorial, songbird, inspiration

Code Geass
Schnizel/Lelouch, little brother, zero, identity

Coffee Prince
Han Kyul/Eun Chan, close up shop

Cold Case
Lilly/Kat, sympathy, no work, lips, eyes, curves, warmth, slick, cats, smile
Lilly/Scotty, overwork, protectiveness, jealousy, warm, sad, nostalgia, wrists, sweetness, time, play, laughing, fingers
Lilly/Eddie, playful, fun, laughter, moment, gasp, hands, dancing

Damien/Gerald, archangel, fire, knight, theology, bound, feeding

Mac/PC, ram, firewire, USB

Coupling (UK)
Jane/Sally/Susan, limber, negative, burst
Jeff, breasts
Jeff/Patrick/Steve, conversation, shadows, awkward, combust
Patrick/Sally, engage, donkey, vodka, bar stool, fantasy, happily ever after

Cowboy Bebop
Jet/Spike, food, ship, lock, key

Crash (movie)
James/Vaughan, ache, sudden, explosion, tattoos, convertible, pain, crash

Criminal Minds
[any]/[any](/[any]), mile-high club, comfort!sex
[any]/[any]/[any](/[any]...), team!sex
Aaron/[any], masturbation, sub!Hotch, orgasm denial
Aaron/David, balance, the abyss stares back, equivocate
Aaron/Derek, learned from the best, compromise, mirror, breathplay, orgasm denial
Aaron/Derek/Penelope, walk the line.
Aaron/Emily, break from type, loyalty, handcuffs comfort!sex, pegging, laugh, sleepy, careful, femdom, trusted, good cop/bad cop, hangover, red dress, can't be your angel, candy, tears, motel, Jack, politics, subordination, your sin on my skin
Aaron/Emily/Spencer, bonds, waves, guns, loss, tired, hopeless
Aaron/Elle, whiskey, it's personal, orgasm denial
Aaron/Haley, honeymoon, quiet, falling apart, interrupted
Aaron/Jason, rope, distance, touch, push, leaving
Aaron/J.J., alternate universe, appreciation, smile
Aaron/Penelope, fuck-or-die
Aaron/Spencer, profiling, close, victim, vampires, fire, kohl, neck, hit, lie, secret, safe, gun, magic, hands, codeword, skin, wall, tie, heat, bruised, pain!kink, breathplay, trapped, shared trauma, abuse, self-destructive, biting, fisting, taking one for the team, injured, toys/objects, push, hands, shooting, UST, dirty talk, secret, sex in public
David/Emily, easy, let me in, quiet, ridiculous
Derek/Elle, friendly, harbor, sudden, release, handcuffs, easy, friends, orgasm denial, power play, biting, pegging, mistake, hoarse, sparring
Derek/Elle/OFC, vacation
Derek/Emily, careful, bitten
Derek/Emily/Spencer, twist, held, once , silence, watching, orgasm denial, eyes closed
Derek/J.J./Spencer, spanking, ties, learning, double-penetration, instruction, smoking, blindfold
Derek/Lila/Spencer, getting caught, experience, voyeurism
Derek/Penelope, phone sex, ride, touch, pink, at last, tease, shelter from the storm, waiting, brilliance, no substitutes, chat, phone, wireless, laughing or joking during sex, magic, misstep, uncertain, silk, accident, spanking, anticipation, too long, dirty talk, mutual masturbation, chocolate, closet, flowers, cyber, goddess, envy,
ice, earrings, paint, PG-13 or NC-17?, You're on speakerphone, finally private, sybarite, crinolines, scar, t-shirt, finally, banter, bondage, pet names, on the phone, transfer
Derek/Penelope/Spencer, instructions, watched, laugh, easy, morning, oral fixation, skills, needy, comfort!sex, teasing, on camera, skills, watching, domestic, awkward, comfortable, webcam, hair-pulling
Derek/Spencer, phone sex, dirty talk, breathplay, biting, competitive, teasing in public, play, trust issues, shut up, rescue, anxiety, letters home, teasing, rough, mouth, dreams, taking a break, Las Vegas, up against a wall, fingernails, dirty talk, mutual masturbation, jet, camping, desk, stretch, sub!Reid, rough sex, up-against-a-wall sex, riding, quiet, hand over mouth, notes, press, firm, stakeout, watching, tackle, pinned, rimming, hair-pulling, recovery, orgasm denial, unreserved, classic, chameleon, season, lightning, neckties, Spanish dance
Elle/Emily, rivalry, replacement
Elle/Lila, tabloids
Elle/Spencer, new, hands, unspoken, oral fixation, scratch, mutual masturbation, runaways, recovery, revenge, siblings, daddy issues, safe, after, fingers, first, vigilante, magic, needy, hair-pulling, magic, direction, switch
Elle/Penelope, gun, heat, ice-cream
Elle/J.J., drinks, oral, surprise
Emily/J.J., familiar, office, pregnant!sex, dexterity, geeky, danger, fingering, oral, fitting room, mile-high club, liquid, entwine, loss, dancing, work, ambition, political, guilty, practical, wait
Emily/J.J./Penelope, drink, tongue, car, relax, dirty, petting, praise, slick, scratch, strap-on(s), bonding, tequila
Emily/J.J./Will, lucky guess, invitation
Emily/J.J./Spencer, speechless
Emily/Jordan, realization, smile
Emily/Spencer, lessons, surprise, clingy, frustration, together alone, talk too much, toys, undercover, movies, comfortable, fingering, magic, pegging, rough sex, semi-public sex, orgasm denial
Emily/Jordan, reassurance, office, drinks
J.J./Penelope, summer, clubbing, backseat of a car, laughing, phonesex/cybersex, fingering, dirty talk, possessed, play, cuffed, bffs, toys, ladies night, different from profilers
J.J./Will, public place, shower sex, fingering, smile
J.J/Spencer, the date, mile high club, fingering, mouth, satisfaction, scratching, grip, riding, teasing, dirty talk, bruises, lapdance
Jason/Penelope, dance, kitchen, comfort
Jason/Spencer, creepy paternal relationship, fantasy, dumb, this time, taught, look don't touch.
Lila/Spencer, exhibitionists, phone sex, vacation, on-location, pool, trailer, oral, secret, paparazzi, the ocean, hiding out, public place, begging, hair-pulling, surprise, up against a wall, bruises, sleepy sex
Penelope/Spencer, showing the ropes, nervous, cybersex, off-balance, contrast, glasses, convex, whimsy
Spencer/Austin, magic
Spencer Reid/[any], masturbation

Crossing Jordan
Jordan/Lily, safe, warm, arrived, rescue

Cruel Intentions
Cecile/Kathryn/Sebastian, tarnish, twist, tempt, tease, play, advantage, lose

Gideon/Matheson, afraid, telepathy, needs, anticipate, battle, darkness, blind, shore leave, domestic, whisper

Crusoe/Friday, fruit, reading, trap

Catherine/Sofia, at last, first dance,
Catherine/Greg, dominatrix, waxplay, showgirls
Catherine/Warrick/, rebound sex, confess, secret
Greg/Nick, first-time, close quarters, bullet, talk, forward, first, jingle, fine, test, green, sour, shadows, ironic, goofy, wired, makeup, staying in bed all day
Nick/Sara, touch, lust, smoke
Nick/Warrick, Pancho, mancrush, refuge, movies

CSI: Miami
Horatio/Speed, fail, illuminate, forecast, water, paint

CSI: New York
Adam/Don, beer, undercover, risk, gun
Adam/Mac, Adam sees things others miss, unexpected
Aiden/Stella, safe, cold, ice skating, rumours, kiss, wet, soft, warm, need
Danny/Don, [any]
Danny/Don/Mac, gather, supper, cold, borrow, quiz
Danny/Lindsay, frozen, rain, snow, wet grass, woods, ocean, lake, elbow, her lower back, curve of her stomach, back of her knee, back of his knee, his lower back, his callused hands, greek god, greek goddess, wheat field, Central Park, the Zoo, gym, tan lines, innocence, high heels, feathers, fight, back seat of the car, pregnancy, Karma Sutra, hunting, tie, cowgirl, pinstripes, cheerleader, angel outfit, devil outfit, his obsession, high school, tattoo, lab coat, he is sex on legs, he is mine, burlesque feather fan dance, stakeout, jealousy, lust, sloth, envy, anger, pride, avarice, gluttony, Eros and Psyche, laundry, snowed in, vacation, pregnancy, cravings, sugar
Don/girl!Mac, trust me, early morning, coffee, late night, storage closets
Don/Jessica, quickie, adrenaline, silk ties
Don/Lindsey, best friend's girl, always, explosion, Flack/Lindsay, flight, freedom, euphoria, secrets, someone else's girl, experiments
Don/Mac, trust, badge, silence, how to seduce Mac Taylor, trust, scared, angst, need, love, trust, always
Don/Stella, learning to trust, more than friends, undercover, lipstick, friends first, dancing, game
Lindsay/Mac, comfort, demonstration, office gossip

Scud/Janet, what now?
Lucy/Amy, check

Anita/Mahoja, loyal
Cross/Allen, money
Crowley/Eliade, killers
Kanda/Rabi, fire
Komui/Rinali, protection
Tiki/Allen, tease

Dalemark Quartet
Brid/Kialan, countess, cwidder, law, clever, study, music
Hern/Kars Adon, blood, trust, pipes, shirt, immortality
Robin/Tanamil, sickness, god, sea, clay, fruit

David/Katie, wrong, fork, slide
Ellen/David, finally, cheating, curve
Ellen/Katie, restaurant, cocaine, discreet, desperate
Ellen/Tom, attorney-client-privilege, briefcase, suit and tie
Ellen/Wes, assault weapon, liar, hotel lobby
Patty/Ellen, brief, power, knees, weak

Daredevil (Marvel Comics)
Daredevil/Elektra, distance, reunion, reflection

Dark Angel
Alec/Ames, surprising, disgusted, ropes, biting, possessive
Alec/Asha, substitute, sweet
Alec/Logan, rope, fever, smirk, sweat, thief, comfort, agile, feline
Alec/Max, need, press, time, handcuffs, forgetting, need, hurting, dark, snark, secrets, fun, lust
Alec/Max/Original Cindy, exception, way
Alec/Normal, subtlety
Alec/Zack, defend
Joshua/Annie, soft, color, truth
Joshua/Annie/Alec, touch, darkness, stunt-double
Max/Logan, massage oil, strawberries, sensation, relief, grief, untouchable
Normal/Alec, indulge, massage
Original Cindy/Asha, bet, bondage, discovery

Dark is Rising
Arthur Pendragon/Merriman Lyon

Dawson's Creek
Pacey/Joey, banter, running, quiet, love, truth, lashing out

Days Of Our Lives
Philip/EJ, blackmail, Europe, accommodating, mouth, blow job, rimming
Philip/Lucas, brothers, lips, slick, rimming, leather
Rafe/Sami, pregnant
Sami/Chelsea, pleasing men, teasing, girls, secret, strap-on, mentor, cousins

DC Comics
Brainiac 5/Andromeda, dirty talk, touching through clothing, love/hate.
Brainiac 5/Invisible Kid, powers, semi-public, battle, bound.
Leviathan/Cosmic Boy, discreet.
Leviathan/Kinetix/Shrinking Violet, wish, lick, tentative.
Saturn Girl/Cosmic Boy, known.
Saturn Girl/Cosmic Boy/Livewire, home, finally.
Anissa Pierce (Thunder)/Grace Choi, schoolgirl crush
Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, pirates, castle, devotion
Barbara Gordon/Ted Kord, geek, boredom, fuckbuddy
Barbra Gordon/Tim Drake, mission, Dick, trauma, mobility, no mans land
Bart Allen (Kid Flash)/Owen Mercer (Captain Boomerang II), sibling rivalry
Bart/Dick, independent
Bart/Gar, fools
Bart/Jaime, speed trap, the scarab approves, beam
Bart/Kon, live
Bart/Tim, squeeze, motion, joyful, triumphant, jacuzzi
Black Canary/Green Arrow, snark, rooftops, chase, underneath, blood on the water, weapon of choice
Blue Beetle II/Booster Gold, future
Booster Gold/Trixie Collins,culture shock, loneliness, star struck
Brainwave II (Hank King Jr.)/Jade I (Jen Hayden), pretend, public, mindgames.
Brainwave II (Hank King Jr.)/Obsidian I (Todd Rice), taunt, bound, secrets.
Brenda/Paco, let's make a baby, awkward, seethe
Batman/Green Arrow, one up, flying
Bruce/Clark, envy, lust, stubbornness, pride
Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, old, new, replacement, rooftop, rough, smile, black, red, curl, birdwatching
Bruce/Barry, frequency, halcyon
Bruce/Dick, handling, scared, luxury, ward
Bruce/Tim, pollen
Cass Cain / Steph Brown, snow, memory, reunion, anger, penance, threesome, rooftop, star, Robin, ex-
Catwoman (Selena)/Batgirl (Babs), debauch, bring it, mischief, all work and no play
Clark/Dick, away, need, soar
Connor Hawke/Kyle Rayner, world, bullet, sketchbook, martial arts, dive, stick
Daniel Carter/Rose Levin, fate, reluctant, fondness
Diana/Artemis, impress, show off
Diana/Etta Candy, woo woo
Diana/Lois Lane, tease, confide, messy, suddenly, I see, would I lie to you
Dick/Roy, team, baby, beer, tattoo, plainclothes, injury, scars, history, handcuffs, city, lights, quick, comfort
Dick/Tim, city, lights, rooftop, memory, teach, girls, boys, observation, music, dance, slide, mouth, breath, texture, reach, grasp, training
Dick/Jason/Tim, consume
Floyd Lawton (Deadshot)/Owen Mercer (Captain Boomerang II)
Floyd Lawton (Deadshot)/Thomas Blake (Catman), breakfast, mercenaries
Green Lantern V (Kyle Rayner)/Jade I (Jen Hayden), creativity, object, surprise.
Guy Gardner/Fire, burn, jealous, anger, arrogance
Guy Gardner/Ice, sexy, sweet, cold, giggle, submit, fate, lonely, birthday, dirty, wild, proposal, bawdy
Guy Gardner/Kyle, lantern, fly, hot, laugh, fun, crazy
Hal/Kyle, first
Hal/Roy, strip, sigh
Harley Quinn/Jonathan Crane, femdom, shut up, psychobabble
Hourman II (Rick Tyler)/Liberty Belle II (Jesse Chambers), public, dirty talk, something new
Huntress/Black Canary, brawl, the job, fishnets, candles, history, teacher, purple, desire, short skirt, secrets, heartbreak, butterflies, tattoo
Huntress/Catman, dancing, freelancing, any
Huntress/Question, unanswered, fierce, zen, stranded, fears, burn
Jaime/Tim, hand in glove, nuzzle
Jason/Roy, mumble
Koriand'r/any, threesome
Koriand'r/Tim, delight, swoop
Lex Luthor/Tim Drake, obsession, brilliant
Liberty Belle II (Jesse Chambers)/Damage (Grant Emerson), hidden, oral fixation, left.
Maxwell Lord/L-Ron, power, cybersex, submission
Michelle Carter/Ted Kord, desperate, chance, need
Obsidian I (Todd Rice)/Jade I (Jen Hayden), need, clingy, recover.
Owen Mercer (Captain Boomerang II)/Tim Drake (Robin), truce
Renee Montoya/Kate Kane, batsignal, subtlery
Roy/Tim, escape, fantasy, ways and means
Scandal Savage/Knockout, beloved, vacation
Slade/Tim Drake, savior
Star-Spangled Kid I (Syl Pemberton)/Jonni Thunder, femdom, gun, dance.
Star-Spangled Kid I (Syl Pemberton)/Stripesy (Pat Dugan), power games, car, secret.
Thomas Blake (Catman)/Roy Harper (Arsenal), ex-girlfriend
Tim Drake / Steph Brown, snow, memory, reunion, anger, penance, threesome, rooftop, star, Robin, ex-
Tim Drake/Rose Wilson, rage, masks, Gotham
Wildcat II (Yolanda Montez)/Wildcat IV (Tom Bronson), bar, music, one-night.
Wildcat IV (Tom Bronson)/Cyclone (Maxine Hunkel), awkward, sneaking out.

Dead Like Me
George/Daisy, it wouldn't work, fighting, mediator
George/Mason, first, kissing, shower, naked, beauty, better, flannel, fork, cup and saucer
Mason/Rube, welcome, affection, annoyance, withdrawal

Death Note
female!Light/female!Mikami, unladylike
L/Light, handcuffs, mind games, submission, chocolate, voyeurism/exhibitionism, cameras, shower
L/Misa, like it's going out of style, femslash
Lidner/Misora, training, camaraderie
Lidner/Takada, duties
Light/L, femslash
Light/Misa, pegging, aphrodisiac, femslash
Misa/Rem, appreciation, deathkink, high school AU, firsts, perfection, adoration, warmth
Death Note, Misa/Sayu, frustration, investigation, detective agency
Death Note, Misa/Takada, unexpected enjoyment
Death Note, Near/Mello, femslash
Death Note, Wedy/Lidner, hunt, chase
Death Note, Wedy/Misa, thrill, freedom

Demon Diary
Krayon/Erutis, chase, irritation, sprites
Raenef V/Eclipse, learn, torment, books, dark arrow, lord

Galvin/Luke, training, scars, sleep, loneliness
Mina/Luke, demons, angel, blanket, bed, blind, baby, kiss, half-lives
Ruby/Luke, party, cake, unrequited, love, blanket, baby, drunk, fight
Ruby/Rupert, red, stubborn, forbidden fruit

Desperate Housewives
Bree/Katherine, flirt
Dave/Mike, redemption, revenge
Susan/Edie, help

Devil May Cry
Dante/Lady, playing around, bored
Devil May Cry, Dante/Trish, BDSM, mis-use of sharp objects, fight-sex, leather, hellfire and brimstone, cotton sheets
Devil May Cry, Nero/Kyrie, faith, foundation, home, true love, family, the little things

Devil Wears Prada
Andy/Miranda, undressing, stiletto, armour, corset, stocking-cuban-heeled, well-dressed, deportment, model, lingerie, Barbie doll, makeover, AU, different choices, passing the torch, The New Andy

Dexter (tv)
Dexter, solo, splatter, defender, addiction, hero, fetish
Deb/Dexter, emotion, severed, grown
Dexter/Brian, blood-play, broken rituals

Jai/Kabir, understanding, regret, longing, love, alive, masculinity, jealous, free

Die Hard
John/Matt, virgin, tattoo, partner, massage oil, pliant, piercing, taken, sweet

Taichi/Daisuke, grass
Taichi/Sora/Yamato, best friends, trifecta, love, letters

Digital Devil Saga
Argilla/Sera, hands, skin, dance, delicate
Heat/Sera, irrational, control, soothe, PTSD, tongue
Heat/Serph, icicle, fealty, validation, submission
Heat/Serph/Sera, worship, contrast, unspoken, tangle

Dinosaur Comics
T-Rex/Utahraptor, philosophy, the tiny arms problem

Dirty Sexy Money
Brian/Nick, reveal, watch, sin, better, confess, bitter, touch,
Jeremy/Lisa, gallery, lust, paper, vengeance
Juliet/Nick, secret, dulcet, fever, misstep, privy
Karen/Nick, green, Italy, lifetime, options

Angua/Tiffany Aching, secrets
Carrot/Angua, neck, brush, taste
Esmerelda Weatherwax/Mustrum Ridcully, surprise, fire, catch
Lady Margolotta/Maladict, are you trying to seduce me?
Lofty/Tonker, revelation
Maladicta/Polly, socks, undone, terrible poetry, courage, thirsty
Moist von Lipwig/Adora Belle Dearheart, bondage, toys, dangerous, cigarette
Nanny/Granny, misspent
Serafine von Uberwald/Lady Margolotta, scratch
Serafine von Uberwald/Lady Sybil, the things I used to do for her
Susan Sto Helit/Adora Belle Dearheart, girdle your loins
Sybil/Vetinari, dragons, cats, heat, city, Vimes
Tiffany/Annagramma, villagers
Tiffany/Roland, shrug
Vetinari/Margolotta, lesson, question
Vetinari/Moist von Lipwig, lies, desperate
Vimes, time, trousers, cobblestones
Vimes/Vetinari, alpha, bitter, meeting, city, ground under your feet, distractions, ambassador, reward, retirement
The Watch, dartboard

Disney's Hercules
Hercules/Megara, wedding night, smoldering, goddess


Doctor Who
Ace/Bernice, angular
Ace/Donna, loud, nitro, doctor
Ace/Mel, handover
Ace/Shou Yuing (from Battlefield), tights
Ainley!Master/The Rani, you think you know me, power plays, chemical reactions, chaos
Barbara/Ian, history, excuses, Rome, forgetful
Ben/Jamie/Polly, just like in the Navy, skirts, dancing
Ben/Polly, the swinging sixties, dance, shore leave, love > brainwashing
Ben/Polly/Dodo, comfort, ladies' night at the Inferno, seeing the world
Brax/Romana I, erosion
Chris/Roz, professional understanding
Doctor/Jack, wrong, forgotten, gun, cocktail, unacknowledged, impossibility, technobabble, victory
Doctor/Master, circular, paradox, gameplay, domination, hypnosis, regeneration
Donna/Four/Ten, jelly-babies
Donna Noble/Jack Harkness, sex pollen, console, water, temping, mine!, quickie, first meeting, internship
Donna/Rose, remember, laugh, important, heroine, kitchen, argument, discovery
Eight/Charley, pin, house, insane, voices
Eight/Romana, just like old times
Eleven/Donna, remember
Eleven/Ianto, surprise, stranger
Eleven/Ianto/Jack, desire, new, exploration
Eleven/Jack, new, change, familiarity
Eleven/Martha, slap, joke
Eleven/Romana, test drive, mistress, spanking
Eleven/Rose, test drive, bondage, reward
Eleven/Rose/Hand!Ten, second chances, pit stop
Eleven /Sally Sparrow, familiar
Five/Nyssa, transformation, sacrifice, genius, vibrator, last, nightmare, perfect
Five/Peri, leaving, bikini top, strangled
Five/Tegan Jovanka, brilliant, you make me laugh, blue
Four/Leela, knives, curious, magic
Four/Romana, scarf, Mona Lisa, druids
Four/Romana I, eggnog, capture, sarcasm, intellect, vines, custom, wicker, so sharp you'll cut yourself
Four/Romana II, gondola, spring, crossdressing
Four/Sarah Jane, curls, teeth, deadline, petulant, yarnbombing, interview, sneak, stowaway, habit, veins, candy, scarf, undo, home, lead
Four/Sarah Jane/Jack, greed, wobble
Jack Harkness/any, Pompeii, Bronze-age, Stone-age, city, wall, spontaneous-orgy, Classical, ancient, Greece, Rome, Egypt, Crete, Mesopotamia, Macedon, province, England, France, prince, princess, queen, king, general, slave
Jack/Mickey, something new, boots, hero¬¬¬es
Jack/Mickey/Ten/Donna/Martha/Rose, pilot, fitting, steady, need, him, remember
Jack Harkness/Nine/Rose, Pompeii
Jack/River, futuristic, confidence, hustle
Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler, Jack-Rose-cocktail, threesome, naked, adventure
Jack Harkness/Susan Foreman, left behind, secrets, wrong
Jamie/Victoria, like a lady and a gentleman, miniskirts, my hero
Jason/Bernice, mortal peril, temporary limited advantage, definitely your fault
Jo/Yates, faith, dinner and a movie, know
Leela/Romana, shadow, divide
Liz/Brigadier, on the desk after-hours, discipline, unorthodox
Liz/Martha, 1969, improbable, more, starlight
Lucy Saxon/Martha, afterwards, dance, year
Lucy/Rose, blonde, vengeance, nail polish
Martha/Donna Noble, alcohol, dancing, fantastic, after
Martha/Jack, playing doctor, sunshine, time, blue, butterflies
Martha/Rose, flying, tumbling, stars, fallen, spaces, happy, time, parallels, surface
Martha/Sally Sparrow, bandage, understand, movies,
Martha/Tom, hospital, pond, ring, honeymoon, anniversary, hot chocolate, silk, clouds, monday, desk
Martha Jones/Zoe Heriot, engineering, ice planet, noise, experiment, pinch
Master/Rani, cold, electric
Nine/Donna, just a bit unlikely, tolerate
Nine/Jack, alien, wanton, need, rimming, Pompeii, repentance
Nine/Jack/Rose, silk, lace, both, rimming
Nine/Rose, fit, hands, stretch, fierce, old movies, Maine, sailboats, lip, rainstorm, flavour, ankles, stare, pause, heroine, fingernails, longing, jealousy, morning-after, mistake, lovely, fright, slip, trying, sucks, fires, balloons, luck, paper, reality, alcohol
Nine/Sarah Jane, sorry, cropped, wendy, solace
Nine/Simm!Master, not that different after all.
Nine/Ten, reverse the polarity, technobabble, future past
Nyssa/Ainley!Master, I can still hear you, fatherhood
Nyssa/Tegan, other worlds, indestructible, uniform
Rose Tyler/Reinette, language
Rose Tyler/Sarah Jane Smith, home, night, mascara, hands, downpour, blaze
Sarah Jane/Harry Sullivan, silence, shame, blame, rain, shoes, timing after, try something new, smoke
Sarah Jane/Jack, professionals, underwear, quiet, anticipation, lost, familiar, [any]
Sarah Jane/Mike Yakes, tea, ink, shower
Sarah Jane/Third Doctor, wonder, dust
Seven/Ace, trust, rare and unusual
Seven/Mel, summer, spin, pinstripes
Simm!Master/The Rani, the Time War, nothing changes, shifting timelines
Simm!Master/Lucy, we're all mad here, introductions, defilement
Simm!Master/Ten, domination, drums, loss
Steven/Sara Kingdom, stolen moments
Ten/Ainley!Master/Five, remember when?
Ten/Donna, transformation, best mates, alien sex pollen, just this once, fancy dresses, laughter, new worlds, comfort, ice, unknown, alien, once, needed, switch, remember, fear, loneliness, domination, 'You don't know me'
Ten/Jo, reunions, velvet jackets, wedding crashers
Ten/Jack, lapdance, glasses, collapse, humming, wandering, unexpected, drugged, lost, overwhelmed, desire, 'for a lark,' glasses, suffocate, unexpected, Jack/Ten, move, jump, glee, time, worlds, endless
Ten/Martha, walk a lonely road, get it while you can, thankfulness, affection, travel, hug, damaged, broken, shop, maid, coat, bonded, temptation, wrath, fury, wanton, useless, stranded
Ten/Master, strike, rise
Ten/Mickey, alien world, victory, drunk
Ten/River, backwards, learning, spoilers
Ten/Romana, impossible, reunion, debate, teasing
Ten/Rose, first, forever, light, grief, joy, confusion, sticky, advance, body, chocolate, concert, dress-up, earlobe, filthy, high, lost, nickels, oxygen, peeking, pickles, pills, rage, sex pollen, sins, slow, stretch, stickler, sweets, sweater, telescope, inside, trailing, tied, time change, vibrator, watching, wanking, whisper, wolf, fairs, apple groves, hellos, tilt, hips, heat, knowledge, awareness, hotel, Peru, cards, finally, key, peanut butter and jelly, 'what now?'
Ten/Rose/Jack, consequences, surprise, heart-to-heart, grief
Ten/Sarah Jane Smith, apology
Ten/TenII/Donna, singularity
Ten II/Rose, paisley, snooze, grass, drunk, hurt, romance, quietly, story, terror, quiet, robots, basement
Three/Brigadier, power struggle, drunk, quiet
Three/Delgado!Master, game, understanding, swordplay
Three/Jo, locks and keys, dusk, trust, textures
Three/Liz, for science, banter, out on the town
Toshiko Sato/Tish Jones, drunk, story, song, nickname, freedom, bondage, lipstick, tea
Two/Jamie, cuddles, danger, shaken
Two/Jamie/Zoe, it'll be great fun!, silliness
Zoe/Isobel (from Invasion), perfectly straightforward

Bartleby/Loki, fire, sweet, sword, wings, stuck, never, revelation, wings, vengeance

DOGS: Bullets and Carnage
Giovanni/Haine, bullets
Haine/Badou, liquor

Donald Strachey Mysteries
Donald/Timmy, renovations, mystery, ocean

Sarge/Reaper, nightmares, furlough

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Billy/Penny, dream, could have been
Captain Hammer/Dr. Horrible, rays, atomic wedgie, freeze-ray gun, transformation, bondage, here goes no mercy, revenge, blame
Captain Hammer/Male Groupie, glue
Captain Hammer/Penny, the weird stuff
Dead Bowie/Dr. Horrible, initiation
Dr. Horrible/Captain Hammer/Penny, time machine, redemption
Dr. Horrible/Moist, loyalty, sandpaper

Dr. Horrible/Penny, spin cycle
Fury Leika/Tie-Die, scorned
Groupie #1/Dead Bowie
Moist/Moist's Pink-Clad Friend, spandex
Moist/Pink Pummeler, buddies, henching, support

Dragaera (Steven Brust novels)
Kragar/Vlad, knives, stones, Loiosh, orders, work, lanky
Loiosh, voyeur, unexpected, boss, slippery, surprise
Morrolan/Vlad, black, sorcery, magic, sparks, backfire
Morrolan e'Drien/Vlad Taltos, experiment, witchcraft
Sethra Lavode/Aliera e'Kieron/Mario Greymist, duel, games, Iceflame, Pathfinder

Drake and Josh
Crazy Steve/Drake, similar
Crazy Steve/Drake/Josh, insane
Crazy Steve/Josh, afraid, ride, Sally
Drake Parker/Josh Nichols, attached, mutual, roughhousing, thunder, closet, corndog, fabulous, fingers, flaming, gay, indecent, music, naked, payment, pride, raspy, sharing, signs, weight
Drake/Luke, guitar, thanks
Josh/Luke, good, heart
Megan/Drake, first time, bondage, kiss, drunk, shower, UST, striptease, midnight, blanket, prank

Due South
Francesca Vecchio/Meg Thatcher, sharp little something
Frannie/Kowalski, picnic
Fraser/Kowalski, baseball, bruise, lanyard, handcuffs, sauna, fresh, passive, persuasion, stitches, quiet
Fraser/Ray Vecchio, endings, wrestle, second date, focus, being saved by a Mountie is much like being saved by a wolf
Fraser/Victoria, entwined
Ray/Ray, vacation, swimming pool, jewelry

Dune series
Paul/Chani, beloved, quiet night, spice

Earth 2
Adair/Danziger, cave, clay, campfire
Devon/Danziger, home, ocean, stars, lost
Julia/Alonzo, traction, comfort
Morgan/Bess, dirty talk

Eastern Promises
Nikolai/Kirill, any

Easy Money
Brandy/Morgan, fraud, sibling, unconditional

Eerie Indiana
Marshall Teller/Dash X, graduation, answers, liar, beauty

Elemental Gelade
Kuea/Rowan, fingering, sleepwalking, soft touches, eating, sharing a blanket

Eleventh Hour (US)
Rachel/Hood, protector

Eli Stone
Chen/Lee, dark arts, pulse
Eli/Jordan, inappropriate
Eli/Keith, bathroom, conference
Eli/Maggie, only, return, stay

Ellen Kushner - Swordspoint (book)
Richard/Alec, abandon, cut

Emily of New Moon
Emily/Dean, write, future, house
Emily/Ilse, moonlight, skinny-dipping, scandal
Ilse/Perry, quarrel, parliament, dress

Emma Bull - War for the Oaks
Eddi/Hedge/Phouka, music, joy, quiet, support, understanding, diner
Eddi/Phouka, chance, park, tour, real

Knightley/Elton/Churchill, comparisons

Empire Records
Joe/Lucas, fired, money, drums, music, humour, car
Lucas/Mark, party

Ari/Eric, powerplay, beach, suits, fuck you, drunk, knot, mark, bruise, suits, mission, background, wager, office, commute
Ari/Eric/Mrs Ari, top, negotiate, system, pieces, mark, pegging, hotel, cuckolding, mentorship
Ari/Eric/Vince, management
Ari/Lloyd, rescue, my boss, diary, wish-fulfillment
Ari/Mrs Ari, powerplay, withhold, tie
Eric Murphy/Michael Phelps, random encounter, wet
Eric Murphy/Vince Chase, forgiven, angry, Queens, Mexico, twin bed, Hawaii, mile high club, in the woods, fire, smoke, pie, Gary's desk, dominance, number one priority, collar, history, future, pool, deck, living room, kitchen table, kitchen counter, Johnny Drama's condo, phone sex, tripping, mushrooms, bruises, phone sex, tie, fumbling, E! News, musical, beg, better, New York, present, industry, watching, replacement, category, crossword, scar, Italy, heatwave, birthday gifts
Eric Murphy/Vince Chase/Natasha, work it out, sharing, fade away, helping
Mrs Ari/Dana Gordon, power
Turtle/Jamie-Lynn Sigler, satisfied, snuggles, dirty talk, spanking, say my name, lovefuck
Vince Chase/Freddy Line, begging, needing, white, green, sunshine, beautiful boy, secret, Dolce and Gabana, cocksucking
Vince/Drama, pizza, memories, ecru, chosen

John/Errol, hidden, feel something

Carter/Abby, cold, rooftop, hospital, bitter, exposure
Ray/Neela, passion, ending

Allison/Beverly, deception, business
Allison/Jack, date, books, trapped
Allison/Jack/Nathan, triangle, problem solving, lingerie, work, play, balance, ahead
Allison/Nathan, wedding night, bitter, soft, deep, clocks, dreams
Jack/Henry, dawn, languid, lead, accident, private, tired, dinner, develop
Fargo/S.A.R.A.H, deal
Henry/Jack, gizmo, unusual, present, hot, swizzle, fast, late nights, truth
Henry/Kim, memory, making up for lost time, dance
Henry/Nathan, ego, mathematics, respect, mentor, brilliant, inventive, experiment, expert, garage, mind
Jack Carter/Nathan Stark, experiment, house arrest, cuffs, collars, accord, meeting, AU, scientist, kink, mating habits, tight pants, hot, flirting, boss, requisition form, hidden away, vacation, study, IQ, zoom, blue, yellow, genderswap, Science Fair, Reunion, caught, favor, honey, touch, silk, tie, bound, wrong, always, mine, force, dance, winner, invisible, trapped, IQ, bunker, extra-terrestrial, glass houses, lake, boom, separated, high tech, return, genius, Zoe, love conquers all
Jack/girl Nathan, science, uniform, fight
Jo/Jack, killer robot, invisibility, super death ray
Jo/Zane, guns, gadgets, pyrotechnics
Jo/Zane/Fargo, reserve, spur, incentive
Jo/Zoe, future, flirt, making out, electric mayhem, spinner

Bright/Ephram, linger
Bright/Hannah, jump, curls, let go, touch
Ephram/Amy, ferris wheel, necklace, haircut, wedding

Christopher/Etain, honor, white, flowers
David/Senna, whipped, boytoy, mistress

Ex Machina
Mitchell Hundred/any, electric
Mitchell Hundred/Rick Bradbury, bodyguard

Eyeshield 21
Banba/Harao, precious
Gaou/Kisaragi, follow
Hiruma/Kid, quick-draw, secrets
Kuroki/Juumonji/Toganou, sharing
Kuroki/Taki, outrageous
Mamori/Hiruma/Musashi, coffee
Maria/Marco, ruthless
Mizumachi/Harao, surfing
Mizumachi/Kakei, strip
Rui/Megu, training
Sena/Monta, hands
Taka/Monta, melting
Takami/Sakuraba, private
Unsui/Agon, deny
Yamato/Kakei, fan

Fahrenheit 451 (novel)
Guy/Clarisse, unfettered

Fairy tales
Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty, midnight, glass and roses

Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics)
Ben/Alicia, rockslide, awkward, art
Johnny/Crystal, hair, flying, bad boy
Reed/Sue, superpowers

Aeryn/John binding, quiet, earth, zero gravity, bitter, wired, rain, leather, guns, touch, leather, pain, fun, joy, smile, swallow, topping, dominance, consent, guns, flowers, sign, arid, cookies, calculate, Earthside, all the stars to come
Braca/Scorpius, tangible, rough, molten, blood, pain, loyalty, chains, leather, lies, obedience
Chiana/Zhaan, blue, button, control
D'Argo/Chiana, cunnilingus, sweat, exhibitionism, relaxation, bathing
John/Zhaan, answers, meditation
John/Chiana, alone, need, chocolate, comfort, mistake, frelled, introduction, killing time, lost in space, in-between days, the clone sleeps alone
Jool/Chiana, boredom
Sikozu, Chiana, break, rope, obsession, careful
Zhaan/Noranti, through peace, madness, golden, tasty

Deaq/Van, surf, Sunday, high, stubble, beach, heat, cover

Ed/Gaia, wheelchair, dreaming
Heather/Ed, perfect, guilt
Heather/Gaia, schadenfreude

Ben/Felicity, first time, anniversary, doctor's orders, annoyed
Noel/Felicity, future, christmas, tree, fireplace
Noel/Julie, turn, beets, away, melancholic

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Cameron/Sloane, cut it out

Final Fantasy IV
Cecil/Kain/Rosa, one night stand
Edge/Rydia, veiled
Kain/Cecil, darkness, regret
Kain/Cecil/Rosa, penitence, benediction

Final Fantasy IX
Beatrix/Freya, healing, new beginnings, all fall down
Blank/Ruby, buckle, costume, accent
Kuja/Zidane, breath, beauty
Zidane/Dagger, mischief, curiosity, starlight, escape, cages, song, stages, homecoming, verse, prose

Final Fantasy Tactics
Delita/Ovelia, innocence, use
Delita/Ramza, youth, idealistic, past
Delita/Valmafra, observation, sincerity, cunning

Final Fantasy V
Bartz/Faris, role-reversal, plunder, heights

Final Fantasy VI
Celes/Locke, treasure, order, ice
Celes/Terra, fire, ice, duty, wish, breathe
Edgar/Locke, loyalty, caught, emptiness
Edgar/Locke/Celes, compromise, visits
Edgar/Setzer, ribbons, pistons
Locke/Celes, scars, betrayal, bandanna
Locke/Celes/Setzer, rivalry, dare

Final Fantasy VII
Cloud/Tifa, rough, leather and steel, motorcycles, Materia, understated strength
Tifa/Aerith, sideways, breasts, forgotten
Turks (any/all), suits, ties, desks, paperwork, pens, guns, long dark nights


Final Fantasy VIII
Irvine/Selphie, coat
Seifer/Zell, bravery
Squall/Rinoa, magic, gun powder, junctioning, wandering
Zell Dincht, slash, pass around
Zell/Irvine, food, hunger

Final Fantasy X
Auron/Braska, alone, snow, choice, hair
Auron/Braska/Jecht, chocobos, traveling, summoning, clawing, stars and pyreflies, rivalry, revelation, blitzball
Lulu/Rikku, prejudice
Paine/Rikku, respect points, bondage, spanking, on the desk of the Celsius
Tidus/Auron, blitz, daddy issues
Tidus/Wakka, confused, voyeurism
Tidus/Yuna, quiet, dreaming, water, solace, mischeif
Wakka/Lulu, wedding, argument, black magic
Yuna/Aeon (any), magic, faith, power, turning back, bonds, tied together, singing

Final Fantasy X-2
Baralai/Yuna, shadows
Tidus/Yuna, breathe

Final Fantasy XII
Ashe/Balthier, tremble, chain, ring, desert, dare, diplomacy
Balthier/Ash, plunder
Balthier/Fran, long nails, smooth cheeks, spike heels, full moon
Balthier/Fran, treasure
Basch/Balthier, any
Basch/Gabranth, fury
Basch/Larsa, promises
Gabranth/Ffamran, argument
Larsa/Penelo, secrets, mistress, walled gardens, kidnapping, honeyed fruits
Vayne/Larsa, ties
Venat/Dr. Cid, forever girl
Vossler/Basch, loyalty

Sue/Maud, guilt

Badger/Saffron, ain't no sunshine
Wash/Simon Tam, respite.
Inara/Jayne, pegging
Inara/Jayne/Simon, gift
Inara/Kaylee, fruit, incense, tea, massage, anguish, frustration, the foolishness of men, pretty, support
Inara/Mal, fantasy, adrift, undercover, local customs, whoring, fire, silk, books, humiliation, blossom, knowledge, training, soldier, love, sexual tension, secrecy, kissing, returning from a job (either person), suspenders, hiding from the crew, truthsome, tighter, please, always, it's been so long, confession
Inara/River, warmth, blood
Inara/Saffron, fair, chameleon, conquest
Jayne, solo
Jayne/Kaylee, butterfingers, juicy, pucker, engine, play, hat, trade, strawberries, dark, joy, pegging, gratitude, knock, dropkick, coats, trapped, sound, alive, secret, hat, book, wrench, communicate
Jayne/Kaylee/Mal, dirty, messy, sticky, nasty, fun
Jayne/Mal, candy, power, struggle, submission, captain, orders, underneath, fire, heat, tied, weapon, command, structure, hat, hero, crossdressing, fire, water, black, rim, grass, sunshine, so what, sly
Jayne/River, battle of minds or will, experiment, needful, subject, red, blanket, weapon, stalk, tingle, moan, elevator
Jayne/Saffron, stupid, jealous, ribbons
Jayne/Simon, bar fight, child, creep, guns, oil, toothy, confusion, compromise, scarf, rough-house, loyalty, unsure, fantastic, hovering, ache, yearning, motion
Kaylee/Inara, engines, grass, midpoint, eternity, frisky, rain, veils, tease, taste, discover, uncharted
Kaylee/Mal, eager, open, press, smile, protect, fixing. business, fault, steam, siren, sweet, sweetheart, shiny
Kaylee/River, games, deadly, unforgiven, pillow, light, sing, swim, float, fly, cry, water
Kaylee/Serenity, sleek, beauty, hum, ache, skin, need, baby
Kaylee/Simon, excellent, playing doctor, foot fetish, engine grease
Kaylee/Simon/Jayne/Mal/Zoe/Inara/River, sorrow, comfort, inevitable
Mal/Jayne/Simon, trip, hill, down, storage
Mal/River, giggles, dress, cockpit, jealous, tiring, knowing, lawless, wave, weapon, together, ale, bonfire, nightscape, flying, desert, fear, hold me
Mal/Saffron, free, use me
Mal/Simon, flush, shot, gender roles, trust, lost, spirit, trick, stand, coy, slow, meaningful, glasses
Mal/Wash/Zoe, [any], criminals, surprise, gift, hard, vow
Mal/Zoe, comfort, smile, slam, together, pride, unbroken, orders, chains that bind.
Mal/Wash, reckless.
River/Saffron, match
River/Simon, dance, joy, laughter, reading, surprise, magic, fight, genetic, ballerina, willow, loss, dancing, family, curiosity, fantasy, music, dance, patience, fighting, revelation, skin-to-skin, human, comfort, sweets, thick, right, tender,belonging, pirouette, slumber.
River/Zoe, needs, river, wash, babylon
Simon/Inara, fancy, a proper date, jealousy, demonstration, learning, help, guide, shiver, release, trick
Simon/Zoe, need
Wash/Saffron, anger
Wash/Zoe, child, team, laughter, content, flirting, dull, fire, surprise, in a hurry, whirlwind, gratitude, leaf, bridge, laughter, genuine, spaceship, sunshine, laughter, leather.
Zoe/Inara, loss

First Monday
Jerry/Julian, nickname, late, proper, unexpected, heterosexual, after-work, future reunion
Julian/Miguel, antagonistic, offensive

Flash Gordon (80s)
Flash/Prince Barin, whip, forest, vines, moustache, wink
Flash/Princess Aura, kinky, pilot, leather, scarf, rebellious

Flash Gordon
Baylin/Flash, bathe, shower, tree

Ed Lane/Greg Parker, choices, friends, hard, suit, understanding
Sam/Jules, shadows, yellow paint, interruption

Flight of the Conchords
Mel/Bret/Jemaine, trapped, contest winner, fulfillment, songwriting

Forever Knight
Janette/Nick, past, jealousy, freedom, exquisite, hate, Natalie, Paris, anger, hunger
Natalie/Nick, children, jealousy, sorry, joy, weather, heat, cold, danger, caution, darkness, bed, stars

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Aldous Snow, any
Peter/Rachel, puppetry

Four Brothers
Jack/Bobby, jab, howl, grin

Foyle's War
Rex/Andrew, charm, flying, father

Frank Herbert - Dune
Alia/Duncan, AU, balance, initiate, question
Alia/Paul, AU, cease, consequence, hidden, justify, sign
Jessica/Leto, inevitable, silver

Frasier/Niles, locked-in, wine club, young, tender, broken, afraid

Freaks and Geeks
Daniel/Kim, love, hate, forgiveness, reunion, backseat, back from summer vacation, dating a geek
Ken/Amy, any
Kim/Lindsey, any, reunion
Lindsay/Daniel, clandestine
Nick/Lindsay, happily ever after

Friday Night Lights
Billy/Mindy, jalapenos, firecrackers, bottle, sweatpants
Eric/Tami, bickering, blankets, bliss, chili, dirt, field, joy, loneliness, peace, scotch, separation, summer, sunshine, victory, hat, sunshine, satin, vacation, tackle, back, love, trust
Jason/Lyla/Tim, Mexico
Jason/Tim, home, lift, sunset, Texas forever
Jason/Tyra, future, numb, perfection, tattoo, hurricane, cuffs, a smile that reaches the eyes, relearning
Julie/Matt, blankets, Chicago, lilacs, Church on Sunday, blankets, drive, movies, mud, smile, water, rediscovery, lake, blonde
Landry/Tyra, dorm room, self-esteem, rain, key
Lyla/Tyra, dress
Matt/Landry, high, flip
Matt/Lyla, quiet
Matt/Smash, sweat
Matt/Tim, drunk, relaxing
Matt/Tyra, surprise
Smash/Waverly, chlorine, homework, lip gloss
Tami/Tyra, mentor
Tim/Julie, backseat-boogie
Tim/Landry, books, match
Tim/Lyla, college, goodbye, lace, fight
Tim/Tyra, beer, freedom, party, tease, no regrets, college
Tim/Tyra/Jason, caught, AU, loved, peace
Tyra/Julie, experiment, kiss, voyeur, mole, tattoo

Charlie/Olivia, tactile, trust, waiting, office, memo, telephone lines, classified, what you don't need to know, never's better than now
Olivia/John, reality, trust and betrayal, reunion
Olivia/Nina, thread, needle, digital hum
Olivia/Peter, fear, experiment, the unknown, run, secret, strength, walls, piano, interruption, sand, chin, family tree, state, core, separate, sign
Peter/Astrid, cake, pajamas
Walter/Astrid, recombination, another word for forget
Walter/Nina, history, rememberance, damage

From Eroica with Love
Dorian/Klaus, flamboyant, moon, surrender

Fullmetal Alchemist
Envy/Marcoh, abuse, hypothesis, human behavior
Father/Hohenheim, fear
Father/Lust, birth
girl!Ed/boy!Winry, home, understand
Greed!Ling/Ed, man, we need to get you laid
Lan Fan/Ling/Greed, appreciation
Lust/Greed 1.0, femdom, I don't like annoying men
Lust/Hawkeye, alleyway, blood, scratches, gunkink, gloves, espionage, gunplay, double bluff
Lust/Olivier, standstill, adrenaline
Miles/Olivia, blood, devotion, desperation, mighty
Olivia/Riza, queen, theft, ice, immigrant song
Olivier/Hawkeye, hips, uniform
Riza/Roy, paperwork, overtime, tattoo, loyalty
Roy Mustang/Edward Elric, reunion, maturation, realization

Funny Games
Peter/Paul, boredom, new game, silence

Amy/Kif, flexible, fluid-filled sacs, snu-snu
Fry/Bender, anatomy, friendship
Fry/Leela, cowboy dimensions, tales of interest, helpful, roleplay, stamina, emoticons, instructions
Leela/Amy, girl talk, tunnels, Neptune
Leela/Leela, science
Leela/Zap Brannigan, heroic, Brannigan's Law

Izumi/Kei, coercion, guns, pandalove

Gemma Doyle Trilogy (Libba Bray) - incl A Great and Terrible Beauty
Gemma/Felicity, hardcore, Paris, starting over, seduction, mirror, affection, popular, imagination, letters, drag, men's boots, trousers, the theatre, society ball, gowns and corsets, sitting for famous Parisian painters, Victorian sex toys, prostitution, stockings and lace

General Hospital
Carly/Jax, retry, reacquainting, heart, handcuffs, christening
Elizabeth/Jason, ride, dirty, garter
Georgie/Spinelli, chat
Matt/Maxie, challenge, elevator, strength, fingers, banter, confidence, fun, surprising
Maxie/Spinelli, the pink bedroom,

Generation Kill
Brad/Nate, lipstick, trigger, adrenaline, comforts, space, open, rough, gentle, rhythm, sharing, possessive, claiming, vanilla, lips, porn, blind
Ray/Walt, tongue

Ban/Ginji, boys, eat, money, in-laws
Emishi/Amon, prank, whip, drink
Kazuki/Juubei, bodyguard, hair, heal, inappropriate, more important
Shido/Madoka, lion, lark ascending, concert, dance

Ghost Whisperer
Melinda/Gabriel, grip, force, dim, despair, fight, away
Melinda/Ned, unexpected, ghosts, affair, blanket, cake, drunk
Melinda/Rick, stars, drunk, ghosts, affair, midnight, baby, blanket, kiss,

Gilmore Girls
Dean/Lorelei, naughty, flirty, like mother like daughter, inexperienced, kitchen
Dean/Rory, malarkey, osculate, mumpsimus, formication, nebulous, laughter, quintessential, ebullient, if, halcyon, panacea, twist, swing, cast, wind, sweep, outside, design, question, skin, Miss Patty's, first time, second time, car, pregnant, like mother like daughter, inexperienced
Dean/Tristan, clap, race
Jess/Rory, campaign, correspondent, graded, soothe, bridesmaid, writer, bridge, finally, tour, election, interview, karaoke gazebo
Lorelai/Luke, linked, coffee, shelter, flannel, friendship, always
Rory/Marty, [any]
Rory/Paris, argue, emote, by the book, blue, memories, uniforms, hearten, instruction, morning, awake, reunion, PBS as aphrodisiac, contentious
Rory/Tristan, reunion, laugh, caress

Ginger Snaps
Brigitte/Ginger, scent, sisters, touch, take, fear, change, chaos, bitter, submit, alpha
Ginger (solo), heat, animal, lust, hunger, wanton

Akko/Mari, nothing wrong, curves, knees

Gavin/Santiago, initiation, lockers, thanks

Gone With the Wind
Ashley/Rhett, revenge, guilty, drunk
Belle/Rhett, last resort, unhappy, jealous
Melanie/Rhett, before
Melanie/Will Benteen, refugees
Rhett/Scarlett, forgiveness, flame, wit, temper

Good Neighbors
Tom Good/Barbara Good, dirt, self-sufficient, scrub, sweet

Good Omens
Aziraphale/Crowley, Antarctica, gloves, dirty, true, whisper, silver, wings, brush, dust, longing, ages, wings, feathers, trust, war, home, tea, comfort, tempting, Arrangement, grace, adapt

Good Will Hunting
Chuckie/Will, forgotten

Fuschia/Steerpike, bored, toy, permission

Gosford Park
Henry/Robert, tease, challenge, denial, convenience
Ivor/Henry, substitute
Ivor/Mabel, sweet, calm, piano, water, hidden, real
Mary/Elsie, friendly
Mary/Robert, fascination, kiss, blank, stairs, blue, obstacles

Gossip Girl
Blair/Chuck, barbed, restaurant, breathe, easy, soft, wall, Yale, court room, showerhead, costume, bodyshots, jealousy, suddenly poor, dirty little secret, future, competition, hate, pot, canvass, exposure, truth in advertising, wife
Blair/Chuck/Nate, bound, hit, jealous, slip, ecstasy, fumbling, Central Park, high, bondage, hotel room, voyeurism, negotiation
Blair/Chuck/Nate/Serena, primordial
Blair/Dan, books, dolls, quiet, distraction, superficial, books, frustration, delicate, harder, surprise, swear, wall, Barbie, revenge, bite, thighs, betrayed, hair-band, loyal, understand, plot, dawn, lies, opposites attract, victory, slumming, elevator, blackout, surprise, intimidated, unexpected, Cabbage Patch Kids, denial
Blair/Dan/Nate, silk, games
Blair/Dan/Serena, outsider, share, compromise, fly
Blair/Georgina, détente
Blair/Jack, unwanted attention, new year's, toilet
Blair/Ms Carr, payback, black ops, coercion
Blair/Nate, familiar, goals, game, force, delusion, expensive, high school reunion, regret
Blair/Serena, co-dependent, sweet, slumber, smooth, scratch, ribbon, day, bounce, narrow, hair ribbons, same dress, Central Park, smudged lipstick, S on top, rain, queen bee, hair pulling, begging, summer, heat, ocean, tension, lipgloss, fruit
Chuck/Dan, family vacations, getting along, lovefuck, bottom!Chuck, sub!Chuck, mine, competition, fault, proof, unexpected, disparity, business, fascination, eyebrow, dark, tattoo, jealous, blood, bruise, muse, jail, drugs, drunk, fun, limo, story, strip, Victrola, reversal, overreaction, lush, exposed
Chuck/Dan/Nate, misunderstanding, road trip, fault, new, loft, take, hidden
Chuck/Dan/Nate/Blair/Serena, left, victory, broken, last, fitting-in, plot, memory, sure-thing, last, snowed-in
Chuck/Jenny, design, games, rooftop, history repeating itself, first time, dub-con
Chuck/Lily, monopoly, signature, wrong, touch, rescue
Chuck/Nate, curve, concentrate, need, vulnerable, you, special, elevator, smoke, shake, sunday afternoon, cereal and milk, locker room, hot for teacher, i am not a bottom, bodyshots, shotgunning, the last high, wearing too much purple, bromance, experimentation, hotel, fond, disheveled, jet lag
Chuck/Nate/Vanessa, double dare
Chuck/Serena, betrayal, corruption, pierce, comfort, drinks, shower, towels, temptation, lick, recover, stolen, want, no one's watching, the Hamptons, substitution, sibling, suite, protective, rescue, dominant, forbidden, gloating
Chuck/Vanessa, rebound, redeem, revenge, saved, swallow, sincere, vulnerability, heartfelt, smoking, fascination, better, thought wrong, impressions
Dan/Nate, Bridge and Tunnel, necessity
Eric/Jonathan, first, funny, movie
Georgina/Serena, sweetness, tub, claim, sparkling, victory, public, reminisce
Georgina (Sarah)/Vanessa, pretend, experienced, lip gloss, stilettos
Jenny/Agnes, giggle, dizzy, grit
Jenny/Nate, pervert, penthouse
Rufus/Lily, secrets.
Nate/Serena, forbidden, fruit, guilty, Nate/Serena, summer
Nate/Vanessa, museum, poetry, candy, beach, away
Rufus/Vanessa, mistake
Serena/Vanessa, toys, laugh, mistake

Gray Matters
Gray/Sam/Charlie, speed, stream

Danny/Kenickie, jealous, grease, shark

Great Teacher Onizuka
Daimon/Sakurai, ferrari, gold star, homecoming
Fujiyoshi/Murai, sexual confusion, pretty boy
Julia Murai/older!Tokiwa, construction crew
Ms. Kanzaki/Julia Murai, offended sensibilities, odd couple
Ms. Kanzaki/older!Tomo, disapproval, collateral damage, warmth, flustered
older!Miyabi/older!Urumi, university, boundaries, reunion, crossdressing
Teshigawara/Onizuka, wedding dress, women's underwear, anime convention, gamers, romance novel, alcohol tolerance

Greek mythology
Aphrodite/Hephaestus, quiet love, forgiveness
Artemis/Hera, hunting, pleasures
Dionysus/Ariadne, wine, dance, bacchanal
Medea/Jason, manipulation, magic, potion
Persephone/Hades, fulfilling, the round of seasons

Calvin/Dale, temptation, change, persuasive argument
Calvin/Evan, brothers, alone, dark, tell
Calvin/Rusty, confide, movie, smart
Cappie/Casey, loose, freeing, laughter, morning
Cappie/Casey/Evan, friendship, what used to be, need, love, sharing
Cappie/Evan, camp, secrets, wrestling, playful, reassurance, comfort, love, hurt, rendered speechless, shaving, roommates, challenge, bend
Cappie/Evan/Rebecca, competition, buttoned-up, old habits
Cappie/Rebecca, sex spies, fantasy, wish fulfillment, costumes, pegging, orgasm denial, handcuffs
Cappie/Rusty, responsibility, lesson, cheat
Casey/Ashleigh, Olsens, silk, sisters, trust, help,

Green Wing
Guy/Caroline, green, bummed

Mac/Caroline, cool, spice
Mac/Guy/Caroline, after

Grey's Anatomy
Addison/Derek, trailer, trying, anger, fingernails, panties, toothpaste
Addison/Derek/Mark, back to the beginning, 60 days, bleeding in my brain
Addison/Izzie, denial, forgiveness
Addison/Mark, finally, self-loathing, college, snow, hotdogs
Addison/Meredith, debauchery, favorite mistake, say yes, gold
Alex/Addison, blue, success, return, open, sand, dreaming, ice-cubes
Alex/Cristina/George/Izzie/Meredith, quarantine, hazy, teamwork, askance, ours
Alex/George, closet, bruise, share, shy, thanks, food, wide-eyed, stuttering, stethoscope
Alex/Izzie, blizzard, cupcakes, tattoo, slipping, sutures, forehead, cries
Alex/Izzie/Denny, forgetting, illogical, dead/alive
Alex/Mark, crush, proxy
Bailey/Cristina, glum, stressed, teaching, sensation
Bailey/Meredith, seriously?
Callie/Erica, forever, mistake, hate, heart
Callie/Izzie, disgusting, defend, crazy, lost
Callie/Mark, bruise, pinch, flush, more, helping out, just for fun, a friend in need
Callie/Sadie, easy, complicated, hidden
Cristina/Meredith, cold shoulder, I'm sick of hearing about Derek!, advanced
Cristina/Owen, shower, wall, surgeon's hands, in the after, trust, legitimate, tires, 24-hour news channel, red dress, stain, try again, shower, trying, chances, unrepentant, dominant, broken, shower, wine, surgery, laughter
Denny/Izzy, touch
Derek/Meredith, blah, holidays, lazy summer, blizzard, blackout, pink hair scrunchie, hospital, proposal, love, hug
Derek/Mark, furtive, orange, pen, competition, comfort, anger, loneliness, hair, on-call, years, college, first, rimming, slick, comfort, remember, camping, easy, forget
Derek/Owen, rivalry, defeat, acceptance
Erica/Izzie, shade, force, cruelty
Erica/Mark, book, different, passion, leaf, disaster, emergency
George/Izzie, anytime, closet, hormones, need, destruction, lifetime, forever
Lexie/Mark, comfort, home, on-call room, rumors, gentle, teach me, dirty, caught, movie night, neat, fun, scared, dirty, photographic memory, secret, dime, bet, promise, on call room, caught, fingertips
Lexie/Meredith, joint, room, reluctant, wrong
Lexie/Sadie, taking chances
Mark/Owen, even, cost, rough, keep, claim

Dustin/Eric, honeymoon suite

Guilty Gear
A.B.A./Paracelsus, free from innocence, far from innocence
Baiken/Bridget, I'll make a man out of you
Baiken/Jam, curves, marinated
Bridget/any, skipping, blue eyes, dressing up
Faust/Bridget, suffering, blindsided
Ky/Bridget, divided of the consequence, going home
Millia/Jam, taste test, running free
Robo-Ky/Bridget, short circuit

Gundam Seed
Athrun/Cagalli, couch, lazy, sloth
Kira/Athrun, cockpit, history
Mwu/Kira, teaching

Gundam Wing
Heero/Duo, Adrenaline, Grunt, Laugh, Hair

Gunnerkrigg Court
adult!Kat/adult!Annie, letters, traveling, Polaroids
Parley/Smith, boring

Haibane Renmei
Rakka/Midori, solace, tattered, mural

Corny/IQ, support

Hamlet/Horatio, alive, worthy, confide
Hamlet/Laertes, curtain, darkness

Hana Yori Dango
Tsukasa/Rui, past, present, future

John/Ray, intertwined


Harry Potter
Albus Severus Potter/Scorpius Malfoy, quill, silent, tie, game, Latin tease, hide, envy, treasure, silver, blend
Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald, hunger, late
Angelina/Draco, unexpected, hideaway, mocha
Antonin/Daphne, first
Bellatrix/Voldemort, service, sublime
Bill/Ginny, weekend
Bill/Sirius, smart
Blaise/Dennis/Natalie, unspeakable, foxtrot, boom
Blaise/Ginny, burn, root, umber
Cedric/Harry, idolize
Draco/Ginny, recovering, adultery, rushed, rough, semi-public, tie, divorce, Scorpius, Lily
Draco/Neville, fear, hero, punishment
Dudley/Harry, birthday, learning
Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape, tension, agreement, duty
George/Angelina, [any]
George/Angelina/Fred, [any]
Ginny Weasley/Cho Chang, broom shed, lemon, brogue, encumber
Ginny/Fleur, bite, sour, feather
Ginny/Lucius, wiser
Ginny/Luna, tickling, broomsticks, Muggle things
Ginny/Remus, untamed
Ginny/Sirius, careless
Ginny/Tom, heart
Harry/Draco, dominate, rage, pulse, life, fear, slow, soft, yearn, neck, Laugh, Blush, Smitten, Fuck, silk, butter, cords, stockings, wand, fight, kiss, first time, concern, together, public
Harry/Hermione, demanding, warm, comfortable, truth, infidelity, what should have been, brains, weakness, hot, punishment, exhibitionist, moist
Harry/Lucius, weakness
Harry/Neville, candle
Harry/Sirius/Remus, guide
Harry/Snape, rush, stolen, heat, edge, free, order, nightmare, defy, names, promising, voyeur, parents
Harry/Tom Riddle/Ginny, possessiveness, dream!sex, bruises
Harry/Tom, unaware
Hermione Granger/Padma Patil, restricted section
Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson, homework, kids, playschool
Hermione/Blaise, television, coffee, creep, finger
Hermione/Cedric, potion, classroom, giggle, secrets
Hermione/Charlie, cowboy, teacher, hidden, whip
Hermione/Draco, roses, scared, nipples
Hermione/Fleur, euphoria
Hermione/Ginny, dissolute
Hermione/Lucius, different
Hermione/Lucius/Severus, rough
Hermione/Luna, trauma
Hermione/Pansy, crisp, orange, boa, wicked game, confession, who knew
Hermione/Rita Skeeter, party
Hermione/Viktor Krum, broom, letter, goodbye, swimming
James/Lucius, trick
James/Narcissa, purebloods
Lily/Lucius, lesson
Lily/Sirius, around
Lucius/Pansy, neighbourhood
Lucius/Percy, lie
Lucius/Ron, web
Lucius/Sirius, indisputable
Luna Lovegood/Cho Chang, common room, desk
Narcissa/Sirius, family
Pansy/Walden, initiation
Remus/Hermione, after the war, bookshop, werewolf rights, brilliant
Remus/Sirius, banter, bathroom, no Gryffinwhore!Sirius or meek!Remus, high, rushed, Bite, Legs, Exhibitionism, School Uniform
Remus/Tonks, handcuffs, bruise, furious, pink, shiver
Rita/older!Luna, apprentice, quill
Ron Weasley/Pansy Parkinson, Rome
Ron/Harry/Hermione, victory, forever
Ron/Hermione, first, spanking, scolding, anxiety, love, daring, dare, beginning, children, wedding night, pretend, dreams, surprise, anniversary
Ron/Pansy/Ginny, curves, eggs and bacon for breakfast, the Burrow, swingsets
Ron/Sirius, other
Scorpius/Lily, owl, red, pink, secrets, blond, Malfoy Manor
Sirius/Harry, locked in, wands, promise
Snape/Hermione, bargain, pity, guilt
Snape/James Potter snr., rage, accident, debt
Snape/Lily, before, grudges, water, magic
Snape/Lucius Malfoy, sanctuary, faith, initiation
Tom Riddle/Minerva McGonagall, prefect, library, favourite

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
Harvey/Peanut, weird, secret

Adamo/Royston, drunk, dragon, in the Airman, kissing, first time meeting, boots, oops, biting, tongue, swearing, Royston not being restrained, semi-public

Hawaii Five-O
McGarrett/Williams, hair, surfing, tired, vacation
Williams/OFC, beach, boredom, drunk, stupid

Hearts Afire
John/Georgie, snow, gloves, bathtub

Heather Chandler/Heather Duke, history, power

Hellboy (movie)
Abe Sapien/Nuala, books, gold, water, loneliness, modern music
Nuada/Nuala, mind-reading, mirror, power

Hellboy/John Meyers, leaving, consort, hell-on-Earth, angel, comeback, uncle, past, mpreg, collar, chains, nipple rings, armbinder

Adam/Elle/Monica, toy, true love, rivalry
Adam/Hiro, rebirth, future, end
Adam/Monica, sweet, cold, smile, accent, innocence, age
Adam/Peter, 1984, scheme, Xanadu, rock bottom, give up, orgasm denial, radical, lifetime, fallen, million, captivity, whirlwind,
Adam/Sylar, skittles, destiny, ambition, hollow, pinprick, soldier, manipulated, felix culpa, fourth horseman, gnostic, apotheosis
Alejandro/Mohinder, never
Ando/Daphne, cheating
Audrey/Matt, sirens, Vulcan mind meld
Charlie/Hiro, remember, time-warp, movies, comic books
Claire/Daphne/Elle, alphabetical order, blondes, carefree
Claire/Elle, airport, denial, sweet and sour, down, rare, red, sweet, first, trust, tickling, toys
Claire/Knox, fearless, leather, birthday, future, painless, acoustic, tincture,
Claire/Monica, crime-fighting, apples, costumes
Claire/Peter, bruise, fear, heal, slack, incest, hiding, running, secret
Claire/Sylar, powerless, agent, comfort, belief, Yosemite, BDSM, forgiveness, redemption, cotton, skyscraper, numb, conscience, velvet, hangman, jazz,
Claude/Noah, colors
DL/Hiro, time, bend, rescue
DL/Tracy, never, other, woman
Daphne, solo, work, speed, thief
Elle, electricity, Gabriel-fantasy
Elle/Hiro, dice, pencil, peanut butter
Elle/Mohinder, trickery, popsicle, thunder, hat, requiem, wizard of oz, alleviate, ecstatic
Elle/Sylar, family
Haitian/any, subside, discipline, wrist, memory, duplicity, phase, observe, monologue, compassion, satire,
Haitian/Peter, double entendre, spirit, smear, helix, scars, laugh, sunlight, line,
Hiro/Kensei, moonlight, grass
Jessica/Nathan, whipped
Matt/Mohinder, respect, hidden, underground, separation, reality, chain, redefine, snowstorm, normalcy, secrets, truth
Mohinder/anyone, nymphomania
Mohinder/Nathan, becoming, failure, plan, generate, fiery, struggle, onyx, cue, suit
Mohinder/Niki, charm, mission, gloves
Mohinder/Noah, phone call, tempting
Mohinder/Peter, desperate, reconciliation, grey, mirror, universal, explore, revitalize, anguish, discovery
Mohinder/Sylar, bottom!Sylar, relentless, darkside, cacophony, whiplash, invincible, ink, Nietzsche, Beirut, friendship, philanthropist, jest, oedipus, mockingbird, sui generis, medicate, envious, tense, caress, scarf, cut, jealousy, possessive, daring, science, computers, interlude, confrontation, future
Mohinder/Tracy, unlimited, hopeless, jockey, nowhere, map, platitudes, thong, brazen, curtains
Nathan/Niki, true, connection, mate, unacceptable, accusations, strength, love, deception, Jessica
Nathan/Noah, contrast
Nathan/Peter, evil!Peter, expert, missed, ties, control, lipstick, permission, Samson, used
Nathan/Sylar, patricide, courage, simple, disguise, sleepless, same side, diatribe, pardon, food chain, appropriations committee, gag rule, liberty
Nathan/Tracy, blondes, powers, destined, manipulative, evil, regret, bondage, heights
Noah/Sylar, subservient, tie, liar, wistful, gone, predictable, water,
Peter/Sylar, patricide, surrogate, disappointment, surprise, ilk, gift, equal, infinite, what if, jack the ripper, bow and arrow, make yourself, destined for nothing, unstable, role play, faith, static

Azazeal/Raphael, backseat, religion, wings, seal
Azazeal/Roxanne, pure, untouchable, altar, burning
Cassie/Jo, what are you going to do, cane me?
Cassie/Thelma, frills

High School Musical
Chad/Ryan, breath, loud, moan, curve, gleam, shower, mutual, reunion, tease, drive, daydream, detention, afterthought, competition, future, college, New York, Valentine's Day, watching the Disney Channel together, current events, skateboards, ballroom dancing, cooking, domesticity, scarf, tears, red, sweet, wine, need, confused, risk, fierce, hear, endearment, bite, rain
Chad/Troy, reunion, hardcore, porn, busted, teenage fumbling
Ryan/Troy, denial, flirt, cheat, gentle, voice, movement, taste, snap, ass, basketball, sweat
Troy/Sharpay, fingernails, mistake, closets
Zeke/Sharpay, the perfect creme brule, racism, birthday cake, bakery/pastry shop, feather boas, crossdressing

Amanda/Rebecca, envy, delight, lust, luxuriant
Duncan/Amanda, avarice, anticipate
Duncan/Methos, sword, fight, quickening, leather, sweater, feet, nose, hush, barge, tailoring, cooking, choice, name change, ships-passing-in-the-night, watcher, gift, birthday, memory, drunk, jealous, past, angry, gluttony, exquisite, pride, ephemeral, sloth, exuberant, wrath, unexpected

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
Mion/Shion/Keiichi, jealousy, pleasure,
Nomura/Takano, limosex
Oishi/Oryou, Depends™
Shion/Mion, tattoo, electric shock, Kalashnikov
Takano/adult!Rika, sympathy, crazy, god, visions, mission completion
Takano/Nomura, limousine, mind-reader
Takano/Tomitake, pegging, bondage, photography, bandages
Tamako/Akasaka, goddess, worship, teeth

His Dark Materials
Baruch/Balthamos, exile, heaven, Metatron, free will
Lord Asriel/Marisa Coulter, a song of devotion, alibis, theft, all this shall be yours, reaching the mountaintop, heaven, affair, lies, career, amorality, bristle, rough, ice, Marisa, golden, touch, awakening, forgiveness, darkness, gold
Lyra Belacqua/Will Parry, night, pleasure, last, forever, skin, hands
Marisa Coulter/Serafina Pekkala, around her long white neck, power, love, revolver
Serafina Pekkala/adult!Lyra Belacqua, grief, comfort
Serafina Pekkala/Mary Malone, discovery, exploration, forbidden witch lore, distance, bird, magic, physics, circle

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Fenchurch/Arthur, probability, flying, guide, splagberry sauce
Ford/Arthur, probability, alcohol
Ford/Random, lemons, time, knife, rain
Ford/Zaphod, ambidextrous, cunning
Trillian/Arthur, homesick, Heart of Gold
Trillian/Zaphod, two heads, that kind of party, restaurant

Hitman (movie)
Agent 47/Nika, watching, wine

John Paul/Craig, underestimate, gasp, party, wonder, ring, recharge, fight, sunset, present
John Paul/Kieron, laughter, collar, promise, fantasy, exception
Sarah/Zoe, no regrets, never say never, pain, heartbreak, public,

Bayliss/Pembleton, strength, genius, leather

Horatio Hornblower
Horatio/Archie, fear, tomorrow, duel, fight, laughter, touch
Horatio/Bush, duty, uniform
Horatio/Pellew, excuses, return

Hot Fuzz
Andy/Andy, the fucking record
Danny/Nicholas, open your mouth, belt, slip, hands

House M.D.
Cameron/Cuddy, could have, hospital smell, brassiere, power play
Cameron/Thirteen, chance, watching, while we still can, is this love, clandestine
Cameron/Wilson, sheets, edge, fresh, wet
Chase/Cameron, life, new, scalpel, blonde, list, smoke, stoned, sugar, south, winter, top
Chase/Foreman, breathe, sink, old times
Chase/Foreman/Cameron, bar, familiar, empathy, old-school, celebrate, tentative, practiced,
Chase/Kutner, hidden
Chase/Thirteen, desperate, ice, leather, orange, drink
Chase/Wilson, chocolate, mountains, never, close enough, distance, hidden, taken
Cuddy/Foreman, admire
Cuddy/Thirteen, discipline, high heels, dance, scarf, locked, fear of loss
Cuddy/Wilson, wine, music, endings
Foreman/Thirteen, freedom, goodbye, lies, on-call, heartache, desperate, shaky, new, old, fragile, House, tempting fate, life, everlasting, spark, high heels, desperation, breathe, surprise, placebo effect
House, voyeurism, exhibitionism, fantasy, pain, jealousy
House/Cameron, brunette, naive, lust, diagnosis, cane is able, battle, equal, lesson , understand, blonde, possibility, reveal, denial, once, mistake, speed, melancholy, secret, drive, sanctuary, war, need, secrets, static, pretense, introspection
House/Cameron/Wilson, weekend, skin, perception, pain
House/Chase, bowed heads, prayer beads, cane, joke, riding, chair, closet, meditation, yesterday, more, hope
House/Cuddy, airplane, anal, driving, furtive, mirror, restaurant, wakeup, baby love, by the book, darkness, love, breathless, baby, vulnerable, negation, I win, don't test me, desk, Michigan, big baby, giving in, inconvenience, panty thief, comfort zones, resentment, angry sex, resistance, secret crush, smirk, baby, skin, touch, sublimation, hypochondriasis, college, flash, understanding
House/Cuddy/Cameron, puddle, spanking, mimic, mock, madness
House/Cuddy/Thirteen, double-teaming, power plays
House/Cuddy/Wilson, boundaries, nothing underneath, understanding, agreement, fantasy, circular, fellowship, together, time
House/Foreman, laughter, quiet, heritage
House/Foreman/Thirteen, sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll, a little bisexuality is good for the soul, winter, an empty exam room
House/Kutner, priorities
House/Lucas, displacement, lonely, broke, high
House/Thirteen, discovery, intrigue, mystery, tryst, trust, mistrust, terrified, teacher, fantasy, desk, biopsy, lap dance, jeans, travel, japan, the world isn't fair, hunger, hurt/comfort
House/Wilson, last chance, another round, Thai food, is there life on Mars?, truth, airplane, driving, furtive, wakeup, casablanca, case-book, Norbury, cook, wash, clothing, kink, fix, cooking book, new, chains, eyes, silent words, forgiveness, playful, adultery or cheating, bareback, lies, possessive, reaffirming, exposed, safe, fun, understanding, history, ease, prickly, roadtrip, throat, humid, couch, flashing eyes, glasses, fitted, solve, grip, sprawl, stare, jealousy, racing, bet, hands, bluff, need, curious, play, fear, apple, sleepy, hug, cooking, prostate, kink, cocaine, whore, public, opinion, hurry, rejection, role reversal, dominance, scotch, red, splinter, sour, bitter, sweet, salty, feather, nap, toys, slap, surprise, anger, trust, time, love, private, public, coffee, tomorrow.
House/Wilson/Amber, negotiations, intrigued, mattress, marking territory, observe
House/Wilson/Cuddy, eavesdropping, backwards, in other words, it gets better, still, plan, knots, sweat, piano, cars, breakfast, laughter, comforting, in the past, surprise, during pregnancy
Kutner/Taub, accident, awkward
Kutner/Thirteen, cereal, science fiction, pillows, swing, slide, zen
Kutner/Wilson, new
Taub/Thirteen(/Mrs. Taub), habits
Thirteen/Amber, mind games, stare, close, space, on edge
Thirteen/Wilson, denial, drunk, anger, red dress
Wilson/Amber, legs, smile, warmth, laugh, pegging, phone, mirror, waterbed
Wilson/Taub, commiserate

How I Met Your Mother
Barney/Lily, baby, smile, watching, suit up, alcohol, phone call
Barney/Lily/Marshall, oops, tag-team
Barney/Robin, brandy, karaoke, satin, smooth, crossing the border into Canada, cigars, sports equipment, double entendres, game night, roommate, lie, sparkles, sleep, laugh, midnight, gift, travel, scorching, bets, high-five, smoke, tacos
Barney/Robin/Ted, bros before hoes
Barney/Ted, bros, legendary, totally awesome, gentleman, button, taught, legendary, skin, live, tag, cellphone, flashback, arbitrary, birthday suit up, bachelor party, appletini, afternoon delight, motivational poster, last chance, relaxed, secrets
Lily/Ted, sandwiches, secrets, longing, legendary
Marshall/Lily, monkey sex, dishes, rewards
Marshall/Ted/Lily, tree, smooth, depends, sandwiches, entangled, shared

Howards End
Helen/Charles, freedom
Tibby/Charles, academia

Danny/Mickey, all's fair, mentor, admire, divorce, playing cards, sweet, juice, asleep, suit, pursue, grow a pair, anything you can do I can do better, public nudity.
Danny/Mickey/Stacie, escalation, I'll take that bet, lightning, suckers.

I Spy
Kelly Robinson/Alexander Scott, the best solution for the current predicament

I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space
Susie/Janet, twine, romp, howl
Velma/Marge, tie

Imagine Me and You
Heck/grown-up!H, books, visit, accident, freckles
Luce/Rachel, nine, research, breathless

In Plain Sight
Brandi/Raphael, [any]
Marshall/Mary, bubblegum, bullets, belt, food, guns, lists, target, damaged, mine, joking, partners, dance, desert, sunset, handcuffs, undercover
Mary/Bobby D, drunk, winning, dress, trip
Marshall/Mary/Stan, paperwork

Indiana Jones
Belloq/Indy, control
Henry Jones I/Marcus Brody, dead languages, geekery
Indy/Marion, honeymoon, artifacts

Dick Hickock/Perry Smith, gun, dirt, mouth

Inherit the Stars
Danchekker/Hunt, coffee, debate, Ganymede

Inkheart (book)
Dustfinger/Roxane, magical

Inspector Lynley (tv)
Lynley/Havers, tea, jacket, companion, reversal

Instant Star
Jude/Tommy, reunion, affair, sex, love, need, passion, nothingness, unfeeling

Mark/Eve, caught

Invisible Man
Darien/Bobby, partners, sweet, understanding

Iron Man (movie)
James Rhodes/Pepper Potts, rain, watching, help.
James Rhodes/Tony Stark, fly, test, electric, college, drinking-buddy, rescue, safe, phone, contact, confine, recovery, understated, convince, sour patch, understanding, young, flexible, reclaim, missing you, emotionless, mobile, V2.0, next generation, attachments
James Rhodes/Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, plan, timetable, minders, heart, power, right, trust, red, subtle, silk, got the life
Nick Fury/James Rhodes, command, keep, check
Nick Fury/Tony Stark, invade, negotiate, proof, home-base
Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, testing boundaries, couch, awkward, orders, strap-on, Prada, startle, drink, skirt, shells, microwave, map, ponytail, party, car, handcuffs, tease, skirt, shoes
Tony Stark/JARVIS, cybernetics, touch type, masculine, poke, glamour, sly, crazy, new suit, special, friend

Iron Man
Rhodey/Pepper, left
Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, [any], schedule, olives, planner, vodka, gin, coffee stains, pencil skirts, dance, memo, massage, clean, bubbly
Tony/JARVIS, suit up, blueprint
Tony/Rhodey, gravity
Tony/Tony, intriguing
Tony/Tony/Tony, mishap

IT Crowd
Jen/Richmond, biting, bondage, barbeque

It Started With A Kiss II: They Kiss Again
Xiang Qin/Ah Jin/Christine, fumbling, comfort, surprise, admiration

Ivy League
dorm sex, jetset, sex at the opera

Harm/Meg, green light, smile
Harm/Webb, don't ask don't tell, gold wings

James Bond
James/Dench!M, character reference, complex, formidable, detente
James/M, history, revelations, scars, obedience, secrecy, authority, impudence, toeing the line, magnificent bitch, whore for his country, beg, control, discipline, follow, teacher, unconcerned
James/Vesper, AU, harsh, lead, wash, deception, truth, one-upmanship, resolve, composure
Felix/James, danger, allegiance, favor, dirty

Jane Austen - Emma
Emma, solo, spoiled, beauty
Emma/Mr. Knightley, scandal, novelty, trees, surprises, witticisms, triumphant, content, gift, secret

Jeeves and Wooster
Bertie/Jeeves, confidence, surprise, trust, fit
Bertie/Tuppie, punch
Gussie/Spode, surprise!
Honoria/Madeline, whip
Jeeves/Wooster, private, discovery, pride, Brinkley, marvel, drink, newts

Claire/Hyde, whisper, girls and boys come out to play, alpha, touch-me-not, chains
Claire/Katherine, mine, new tricks
Hyde/Katherine, bargaining, vertigo, hide-and-seek, captured
Hyde/Wife, hot, black eyes
Tom/Katherine, letter, not that nice, please, kneel, secret, shame, silent night in St. Margaret's
Tom/Hyde/Claire, best of both worlds, bitter, listen.
Tom/Hyde/Katherine, daddy, sweet, shred.

Markus/Jeremiah, rain, sweater, victory

Jake/Jonah, father issues, betrayal, worry, gun, breath play
Stanley/Mimi, home, lost, farm, hungry

Joan Of Arcadia
Joan/Adam, apologies, God, rediscovery, hands, collage
Luke/Grace, glasses, physics, menorah, kiss, leather

John Adams (miniseries)
Abigail/Jefferson, admire, liberty

Jonathan Creek
Jonathan/Maddie, compromising, aftermath, eventually

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
Lady Pole/Arabella, fairy dust
Strange/Norrell, oldest magics

Jonny Quest
Dr. Benton/Race, grip

Jack/Dan, wrong, pain, fists, bound, slipping, caught, time, save
Jack/Katie, once, sorrow, intricate, old times
Theresa/Dan, meds, assumptions, mistakes, revenge

Cancer Cowboy/John Doe, cock ring, dashboard, first time, bittersweet, practice, design, innovation, lukewarm, jealous, syrup, Dr. Love, information highway, foreign, Mortal Kombat
Kaitlin/Sarah, rival, selfish, research, shipment

Jude/Drunken Undergraduate, books, Latin, learning, education, need, mouth, rimming

Julius Caesar
Brutus/Cassius, seduction, pride, ideals

Juno/Bleeker, laughing, Tic-Tacs, protection
Juno/Leah, close, better, fishing, canoe, college
Juno/Mark, ease, heard, paper, pool, record, slip
Juno/Vanessa, two wrongs are so right

Justice League Unlimited
Batman/Flash, tricks, candy, identity, hide-out, car, smile, take, knees, caress, awe, sleepy, adrenaline
Batman/Flash/Superman, conscience, stranded, quarters, distress-signal
Batman/Superman, saved, turn-about, javelin, dark, light,
Diana/Princess Audrey, chivalry
Diana/Shayera, faith, team-building exercise, sleepover, freefall, kiss you back
Mari (Vixen)/Shayera, perhaps, detente

Kaiba/Neiro, blurry, entwined souls-not bodies
Kaiba/Popo, I shoot you run, you want to kill me
Popo/Neiro, are you in or are you out?
Vanilla/Kaiba, brush off, out of body experiences

Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~
Ayuki/Tomari, comfort, growing up
Hazumu/Tomari/Yasuna, stepping stones, butterflies, tomboy, playful, mountainside
Tomari/Hazumu/Yasuna, fingernail polish, naked, holding back

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
20YL Tsuna/20YL Gokudera, done
Bianchi/Shamal, tattoo, cherry-bomb
Colonnello/Viper/Lal Mirch, coaxing
Dino/Romario, nights, catch
Gamma/former Giglio Nero boss, what?, boxers
Lal Mirch/Bianchi, hair-washing
Nana/Iemitsu, lies, role-reversal
Squalo/Xanxus, bones
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto/Gokudera's mother, courtship
TYL Bianchi/TYL Gokudera, blindfolds
TYL Chrome/Glo Xinia, revenge
TYL Futa/20YL Lambo, thanks
TYL Futa/TYL Bianchi, danger
TYL Futa/TYL Tsuna, stargazing
TYL Gokudera/TYL Ryohei, calmer
TYL Haru/TYL Kyoko, guns
TYL Hibari/TYL Chrome, birds, snow
TYL Hibari/TYL Ryohei, healing
TYL Hibari/TYL Ryohei/TYL Kusakabe, sparring
TYL Hibari/TYL Yamamoto, bushido
TYL Ken/TYL Chikusa, waiting, blood
TYL Ken/TYL Chikusa/TYL Chrome, wild, Kokuyo-Land
TYL Shoichi/TYL Tsuna, trust
TYL Squalo/TYL Yamamoto, swallow
TYL Tsuna/Spanner, workout, Mosca, search
TYL Tsuna/TYL Chrome, please
TYL Tsuna/TYL Gokudera, piercings, possessive, flowers, rings, Uri, bullets, genderswitch
TYL Tsuna/TYL Gokudera/TYL Yamamoto, negotiation, recovering, mornings, icecream
TYL Tsuna/TYL Haru, study
TYL Tsuna/TYL Haru/TYL Kyoko, morals
TYL Tsuna/TYL Kyoko, playful, flames
TYL Tsuna/TYL Lancia, stay
TYL Tsuna/TYL Yamamoto, baseball, flying
TYL Xanxus/TYL Belphegor, demanding
TYL!Gokudera/TYL!Tsuna, storm, inside, home, castle
TYL!Tsuna/Xanxus, benediction
Xanxus/Squalo, freezing

Keen Eddie
Eddie/Monty, blush, stake-out, joke

Keeping Up Appearances
Onslow/Daisy, romance novel, boa

Knapp/Turner, shoes, favor, secret

Kill Bill
Beatrix/Elle, help, sparring, that bitch, adrenaline rush, eye patch
O-Ren/Elle, stimulation, stranded, tracking
O-Ren/Gogo, friction, devotion, polished, massacre, manic, sword, entertainment

Kim Possible
adult!Kim/Bonnie, heroic
adult!Kim/Shego, mistake, trapped, mission, attack, weak, foiled, speechless, body swap, throb, again, playground, because of love, debauchery, anniversary, reflection

Kingdom Hearts
Aerith/Leon, care
Ansem!Riku/Kairi, unchanged
Ansem!Riku/Sora, ownership
Axel/Davy Jones, recruiting
Axel/Roxas, nothing else to do, denied orgasm, out of control
Cloud/Sephiroth, inescapable bond, opposites, flying, snarling
Cloud/Tifa, catch-up, real
Demyx/Xigbar, clown, patience
Marluxia/Larxene, royal
Riku/Sora, jealousy
Sora/Riku/Kairi, god save the queen, we are a circle that never ends, purgatory
Sora/Riku/Kairi, making it work, all for one, blindfolds, nude sunbathing, skinny dipping
Squall/Cloud/Sora, training
Yuffie/Leon, rubber

King's Shadow
Harold/Evelyn, constellation, tent, scar

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry/Perry, assistant, focus, gun, monkey, PR, zebra, employee relations, good with his hands, stake-out, just like in the movies, who taught you hand jobs

Kitchen Confidential
Jack/Stephen, bouillabaisse, chocolate, secret stash, crock pot, shark fin, rival, pudding, gala, black tie, sold, 4-star review, Michelin stars, Inaugural Party

Knight Rider (2008)
Charles/Alex, secrets, trust, darkness
Charles/Billy, protégé, robot
Michael/Billy, omnisexual, robotics, tease, slick, crackle, electric

Sebastian/Ciel, orders

Kyou Kara Maou
Conrad/Yozak, drag, war, spy games
Wolfram/Yuuri, engagement, nightgown, fire, down, drunk, maids

L.A. Confidential
Bud/Ed, any, water, buttoned-up, sharp
Ed /Lynn, like it's the last night of the world, two of a kind, diary, gold
Ed/Lynn/Bud, music, peaches, pool
Ed/Inez, you turn ugly so well, turnabout is fair play, voyeurism, no time for slow

La double vie de Véronique
Weronika/Véronique, visions, chance, fevered

La Femme Nikita
Nikita/Madeline, love song

Jareth/Toby, all-grown-up, home, dream, Sarah, fae, true consort, makeover, stalking, choice, naked, power, dark, public claiming, above ground
Jareth/Sarah, illusion

Navarre/Isabeau, moments, reunion

Laura Bow Mysteries
Laura /Lillian, moonshine, shower
Laura/Steve, safe

Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Bobby/Alex, defend, soothe, long, breathe, confess, hidden, powerful, frozen, shirt, hands, shy, sniff, overcoat, languor, tic, interrogation, pastrami, fidget, belt, lugubrious, happy ending, silver, stubble, mirror, defend, lie, protect, harm, bind
Bobby/[any], shrink, commit, sanity, parent
Goren/Eames, sandwich, cool, carousel
Goren/Ross, insubordination

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Elliot/Olivia, I'm done, it's not over, touch, smile, baby, tangle, filth, damage, neck, pimp, heels, cigarette, fire, forget, late shift, hotel, cheating, ache, glare, succumb, touch, slide, whisper, bus, cut, glass, gun, undercover, smirk, crib, wall, caress, help, loyalty, need, regret, crucify, tangled, solitary, underneath, infinite, duty, devour, ice, razor, Armageddon, between
Elliot, yearn, pressure, mirror
Elliot/Casey, whiskey
Olivia/[any], cheat, hurt, need, burn

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Tom/Dorian, superiority, great, pride

Let Dai
Dai/Jaehee, possession

Alec/Eliot, back seat, couch, smells like sex
Eliot/Hardison, age of the geek, computer virus, hair pulling, biggest geek, con, cupboard, geeky attraction, tequila, similarities, differences, geek, Rambo, showing-off, say-what?, talk geeky to me, tech support, obscure reference, age of the geek, hand-to-hand, don't mess up the keyboard
Eliot/Hardison/Parker, success, deal, webcam, orgasm denial, voyeurism, defenestration, grumpy, explosions,
Eliot/Hardison/Parker/Nate/Sophie, a little more than a team, choice, one more, risk, game
Eliot/Nathan, drunk, reason, self-doubt, denial, sensual, angry, motorcycle, cooking, long nights, training, skills, retrieval, baking, sweat, one-hand-tied, tux, close-quarter fighting, unexpected, trade, hit-on, glasses, history, favors owed, tight spot, mile high, comfort, strong whiskey, cowboy boots
Hardison/Parker, accident, score, awkward flirting, first date, explosions, laughter, limelight, snow, sand, joy, For the Horde!, The Thieving Magpie, invasion of personal space, role play, strange, hideaway, sneaky, similarities, control, rocking-that-dress, swing, smirk, compete, trapped, eye contact, not completely crazy, awkward
Nathan/Sophie, history, Paris, le petite morte, sensual, con, tricks of the trade, not technically cheating, kiss, gun, adultery, innocent, pleased to meet you, the last long con gone down, Spanish Prisoner, badger game, fiddle game, game theory, worth the wait, marriage, con jobcon
Parker/Sophie, girl's night out, unexpected, trading secrets, shower sex, mile high club, motorcade, sunglasses, abilities, shoe shopping
Sophie, solo

James Hathaway/OFC, call, burn
James Hathaway/OMC, light, ride
James Hathaway/Robbie Lewis, late, aside
James Hathaway/Will McEwan, secret, flush, double

Lie To Me
Ria Torres/Eli Loker, [any]

Life On Mars
Life On Mars, Sam/Gene, fight, car, oblivious

Life On Mars (UK)
Annie/Ruth, lonely, never, sweet, soft, kind, gentleness, lipstick, dildo, top!Annie
Annie/Gene, dancing, undercover, leave Sam out of this, standing, arguing, tensions, resolved, nurse's outfit, oral, lipstick
Sam/Gene, anger, grief, hard, scratch, cross-dressing, lecture, scent, Gladys, fairy, top!Sam, fisting, rimming
Sam/Gene/Annie, role-play, fixed, question, seducing, selling, top!Annie, sexy, rimming, lipstick
Sam/Chris, experienced!Chris, begging, slow, BDSM, needy, ropes, commanding, rimming

Life On Mars (US)
Sam/Annie, emotional rescue, tattoo you, not always what you want
Sam/Windy, dance, shirt, tea, thoroughly cold, hot through and through, mu

Life With Derek
Casey/Derek, joy, life, breakfast, broken, divorce, seduction, shoving, yelling, wrath, tongue, interruptions
Derek/Casey/Sam, sharing, hands

Charlie/Constance, [any], mistake, apart, beyond, wine, donuts, memory
Charlie/Dani, hurt, drive, shot, 2 am, oranges, partners, alcohol, prison, handcuffs, unsaid, bullet, silence, touch
Charlie/Jen, blue, yesterday
Charlie/Rachel, caught, safety, please, foam, green, strawberry, ghosts, nightmares, red, unsaid, last, pool
Charlie/Roman, knees, prison, submission
Charlie/Ted, innocent, coyote, fireworks, closet, accuse, repress, money, prison, memories, secrets and sins, trust, protection, family
Dani/Karen, authority, handcuffs, stake out, sirens, fathers
Dani/Tidwell, [any]

Lincoln Heights
Cassie/Charles, faith, trust

Lindsay Davis—Falco Series
Marcus Didius Falco/Q. Camillus Justinus, spiral
Marcus Didius Falco/Titus Caesar, king

Lion In Winter
Richard/Phillip, forgive, after, tapestry, Paris

Little House On The Prairie
Caroline/Harriet, corset, gossip

Little Miss Sunshine
Dwayne/Frank, mistake
Richard/Frank, loser

Little Mosque on the Prairie
Amaar/Ali, collegiate, jeans, competition, gay bar, no regrets,
Amaar/Nathan, boundaries, faith, delusions, bromance, dating, clueless, indiscretion, surprise, crush, first time, kiss, Moxy Fruvous, why?, minaret
Amaar/Rayyan, chastity, honeymoon, lilac, secret, unveiling, husband, epiphany, knowledge

Little Women
Laurie/Jo, ingénue

Live Free or Die Hard
John/Matt, self-defence techniques, drugged, phone sex, Daddy, pain, tough, lips, sweat, internet porn, party, tied, kink, stunned, email, touch, hand-to-hand, knuckles, gift, teach, princess, coy, introduction, lessons, wit, tease, spread, whine, fingers

Lois and Clark
Lois/Clark, breathless

Lois Bujold - Vorkosiverse
Aral Vorkosigan/Cordelia Naismith, equality, rank, spar, smile, gift, song, adjust, skirt, trousers
Bel Thorne/Donna Vorrutyer, before, after, advice, experience
Bel Thorne/Miles Vorkosigan, whisper, drunk, midnight, supposition, boundaries
Bel Thorne/Nicol, glance, reunion, music, kiss, travel, goodbye, hello, stars
Ivan Vorpatril/Byerly Vorrutyer, faith, memory, deduction, game, alliance
Mark Vorkosigan/Kareen Koudelka, travel, orb, experiment, butter, dinner, touch, bite, curl
Miles Vorkosigan/[any], tall, sleek, mountaineering, charm, scar, story, pillow, kiss
Princess Kareen/Ludmilla Droushnakovi, training, dress, weapon, protect, bandage, regret, screams

Lone Gunmen
John Byers/Yves Adele Harlow, lies, lotion, Laundromat
Jimmy Bond/Yves Adele Harlow, car, cucumber, cash

Lord of the Rings
Aragorn/Arwen, banner, sword, tree
Aragorn/Boromir, all kinds of courtly love, Thorongil
Aragorn/Boromir/Arwen, serenity, being human
Aragorn/Eowyn, [any]
Aragorn/Faramir, Thorongil
Boromir/Eowyn, horses
Boromir/Faramir, Thorongil
Denethor/Aragorn, Thorongil
Eowyn/Faramir, crest, slow, saga, tapestry, shield, hearth, sunshine, spring
Gimli/Legolas, sailing west, frisky
Sam/Rosie, golden mornings
Sam/Rosie/Frodo, broken down to basics

Lord of War
Yuri Orlov/Jack Valentine, debt, handcuffs, rescue, time, gun-play, war, hotel

Los Hombres de Paco
Pepa/Silvia, such a boy, twenty-one questions, completely inappropriate

Lost and Delirious
Paulie/Tori, forgiveness, tasks, courage

Lost in Austen
Amanda/Bingley, memories, desperation, lips, imagination
Amanda/Wickham, knowing, expectation, solace, honour, rebound, dissemble

Adult!Aaron/Adult!Clementine, lies my mother told me
Ana Lucia/Michael, ice, blackness
Ana Lucia/Sawyer, rope, alliance
Charlie/Claire, domination, pegging, devotion, regret
Charlie/Claire/Desmond, voyeurism, outfits, kinkier than she looks
Charlie/Desmond, wishes, escape, need, fingernails, pub fight
Charlie/Desmond/Sayid, help, hands, rope
Charlie/Jack/Sawyer, sharing, exploration, relief
Charlotte/Daniel, reunited, advantage, time, never forget
Charlotte/Libby, resort, daring, minimal
Charlotte/Richard, you, underbrush, clean, truth
Claire/Desmond, auriferous, dim, tenebrous, retrieval, lantern, Big Ben, drowning
Claire/Juliet, comfort, gentle, tease
Daniel/Desmond, i know you, horses, blue shirt, oxford, tie
Daniel/Juliet, science, greenery
Daniel/Sawyer, nerdy, shirts, sand
Daniel/Desmond, time, again, broken, remember, forget, pattern
Desmond/Penny, home, letter, reunion
Jack/Charlie, kiss, cure, hold
Jack/Claire, resistance, salvage, guidance, seed, hands, sin, pills, damned, scotch, rough
Jack/Juliet, happy, waterfall, sun, piano, porch, cooking, addiction, future.
Jack/Kate, fierce, run, water, phone call, burn, photos
Jack/Kate/Sawyer, conflict resolution
Jack/Sawyer, manifold, sand, heat, luscious, morals, return, plane, promise, mourn, hero, alone, together
Jack/Sawyer/Claire, hidden, stars, goosebumps, weary, rescue
Jack/Sayid, after, salve
Juliet/Ben, hate, force, lost, lie to me
Juliet/Richard, soldier, time, obedience
Juliet/Sawyer, alone, captured, guilt, playing house, tickle, shirtless, consolation, sand, stuck, all we got, vanish, purple
Kevin/Sawyer, arrest, handcuffs, claim, dimples
Richard/Alex, match, words, skin, forever, clock, front lawns, elbow
Sawyer/Kate, two of a kind, restraint, domesticity, unhappily ever after
Shannon/Boone, glow, lace, glass
Sun/Jack, fire, mistake, song, lips
Sun/Kate, desperation, past, comfort
Sun/Michael, pebbles, gold, exacerbate
Sun/Sayid, changes, desolation, assassin games, hope, sunlight, nothing left to lose, reception, quiet, mirrors

Love! Valour! Compassion!
John/Ramon, handcuffs

Loving Annabelle
Annabelle/Colins, sweetness
Annabelle/Simone, games

Lucifer Box
Lucifer/Charlie, sir, orders, creative

Charles/Houlihan, dignity
Hawkeye/BJ Hunicutt, ignorance, greedy, cold, blood, hope, swipe, tickle
Hawkeye/Hotlips, gin, wound, peace, war
Hawkeye/Trapper, pain, sunrise

Macbeth/Lady Macbeth, conquer, claim

Mad Men
Betty/Helen, hair pulling
Don /Joan, heels, awaken, permission, windswept, firsts
Don/Peggy, strategy, disaster, irresistible, legacy.
Don/Roger, in-really-good-scotch-veritas, a well-fitted suit.
Don/Betty, treble, trouble, tribulation, finally, sweat, wrists, floor, underwear, tear
Don/Peggy, for thyself another kingdom, one day all this could be yours, magnetism, mirror, sweet, show, office, tumbling, midnight
Don/Pete, desk, manage, inconvenient, debt, under, mentor, protégé, defeat, smirk, desperation, smoke
Joan/Roger, no less than she deserves, let's pretend, veil, midnight, before and after
Joan/Salvatore, we all keep secrets.
Joan/Peggy, learning the ropes, lipstick, office, infuriating
Peggy/Father Gill, careful
Peggy/Pete, control, revealed, rose, silk, tacit, tight, destruction.
Salvatore/Ken, nameless.
Salvatore/Kitty, diamonds are a girl's best friend, it's not love, beautiful.
Trudy/Pete, blue period, concept art

Magical x Miracle
Yue/Vaith, black, healing, trust, war

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Napoleon/Illya, tie, dance, laugh

Mansfield Park
Edmund/Fanny, lay back
Mary/Henry, truly depraved

Marvel Comics
Avengers - Jack of Hearts/Ant-Man, not so bad after all, survived, ready-made family, relief
Cable/Deadpool, not gonna take any more, hay, motor oil, that's just wrong, nose to nose
Carol Danvers/Tony Stark/Jessica Jones, pegging
Doom/Namor, unexpected, water, mask
Jean/Emma, glamorous, exposed, our house, blonde ambition, could it be, diamonds are a girl's best friend, frost, scotty doesn't know
Kitty/Pete Wisdom, [any]
Kitty/Emma, white flag, thaw, reconciliation, arch, glamorous
Matt Murdock/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Danny Rand, home
MODOK's 11 - Puma/Living Laser, glow, kitty, energy
Mr. Sensitive/U-Go Girl, road trip, reuniting, daughters
Namor/Sue Storm, at last, mischief, tease, lost
Nick Fury/Madame Hydra, scars
Nick Fury/Wolverine, Fury tops
Nightcrawler/Cerise, reunion, last kiss
Nightcrawler/Meggan, fantasy, television
Nightcrawler/Scarlet Witch, wedding night
Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver, mask, seclusion
Sue Storm/Namor, cuckold
Tony Stark/Rogue, intrigue, party, mutation
Tony Stark/Hellcat, fashionista, Alaska, celebrity
Winter Soldier/Frank Castle, conflict resolution
Young Avengers - Clint/Kate, age gap, identity porn, crush

Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanova, vodka, spy games, Cold War
Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson, poker, training, legacy
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, front lines, resistance, undercover
Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark, trial, trust, fight
Dane Whitman/Faiza Hussein, ride, charge, miss, control
Luke Cage/Danny Rand, rich kid, undercover, trust, track
Sam Wilson/Sharon Carter, rest, lost, comfort

Marvelous Midadventures of Flapjack
K'nuckles/Flapjack, three step letdown, bad influence

Mary Renault - The Bull From the Sea
Chryse/Hippolyta, Amazon, wrestle, smooth, limbs, skin, tradition, homesick

Mary Renault - The Charioteer
Laurie/Andrew, purity, maturity, knowledge
Laurie/Ralph, gun, ship, Blitz, post-war, midnight, pain, answer, strive, relax, caress, tender
Sandy/Alec, wounded, scar, courage

Mary Renault - The King Must Die
[any]/[any], Naxos, wine, ritual, orgy, pines, dance, leap, gilded

Mary Renault - The Mask of Apollo
Nikeratos/Thettalos, parting, meeting, affair, story, shadows, cloak, polish, shine, woman

Mary Renault - The Persian Boy
Alexander/Hephaistion, crown, kiss, haystack, divine

Master and Commander/The Aubreyad/Aubrey-Maturin series
Babbington/Fanny Harte, mine, yours, ours, sloshed, adoration
Jack/Stephen, rock the boat

Jack Aubrey/Tom Pullings, [any]
Stephen/Diana, claw, make up, make love, rip, comfort

Maurice/Alec, outdoors, secret, blackmail
Maurice/Clive, guilt, masturbation, silent, grass

Mean Girls
Cady/Janis, college, painting, lies, trouble, what was there all along
Cady/Karen, outside the circle
Cady/Ms Norbury, smart
Cady/Regina, control, fingers, skirt
Duvall/Ms Norbury, shouldn't, dance, stare, confident, calculus, limits
Gretchen/Regina, tension, Christmas, gossip

Lee/Allison, affair, grief, kiss, drunk, bondage, shower, DA office, hotel, full moon, lust, spell, midnight

Arthur/girl!Merlin , thighs, hips, hair, Lady, laughter, prat, grumpy, in disguise, magic, coronation, Avalon, boat, woods, swords
Arthur/Gwen, bathing, feasts, too much wine, palm, clean, barrette, fall, respect, sword, argue, candy, secret, battle, future, hero, prisoner, alone
Arthur/Gwen/Merlin/Morgana, legends, unity, winning team, stars, twist, lamplight, unburden, kissing games
Arthur/Lancelot, like a knight, drinks, merry, devotion, rivalry, impressed
Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin, armour, admiration, chivalry, spell, the sorceress made them do it, shared, chivalry, fairies, lake, enchantment
Arthur/Merlin, adumbrate, beatific, beleaguer, bubble, androgyny, anger, book, heady, magic, choice, courage, envy, faith, gluttony, greed, hope, justice, love, lust, pride, prudence, restraint, sin, sloth, virginal, virtue, wrath, cross-dressing, fever, if it pleases you, quill, revenge, gender swap, gold, blush, humming, water, jealousy, listen, winter, lost, cold, alone, celebration, comfort, rescue, oil, unicorns, music, spar, filthy, snow, heat sharing, prat, secrets, neckerchief, duck, restraint, silence, kiss, spell, idiot, sword, taste, quiet, spells, famine, want, startled, untie, sunrise, history, rain, camping, conquer, undress, private, swim, tampering, hurdle, jest, wink, smooth, rumour, time, comfortableness, wings, walls, strength, held, wired, voice, pretend, mystery, hair, snail, apocalypse, aswang, boat, Chupacabra, crown, Death, fairies, genie, ghouleh, gnome, goddess, golem, lamia, Maenads, mermaids, Nessie, nymph, satyr, siren, swim, Wendigo, werewolves, vampire, zombies, bonfire, cock ring, throat, damn dragon, deviant, spark, symbol, teeth, fire, future proof, infidelity, inaccurate, incubus, jealous, succubus, want, acceptance, massage, shine, present time, summer, snow, feast, finding out, test, taboo, unexpected, untouched, tether, punishment, sir, fruit, water, fowl, tamed, flight, fancy, tryst, madness, crown, staff, bite, sleepless, twist, winter, phoenix, jealousy, bite, taste
Arthur/Merlin/Uther, penance, magic, proclamation
Arthur/Morgana, emerald, fingers, cold floors, hands, queen, spar, mocked into submission, pattern, heat, promise, games, childhood, swords
Arthur/Uther, king, dominance, need, loss
Gaius/Uther, memories, comfort, youth,
Gwen/Knight, paths
Gwen/Lancelot, destiny, understanding, queen, oaths, tug
Gwen/Merlin, worthy, okay YES I meant you, secret, magic, servant, queen, herbs
Gwen/Lancelot/Merlin, could not resist
Gwen/Morgana, flowers, cross-dressing, tempering steel, changing, comfort, crush, jealousy, flowers, vision, dreams, summer, sweet, complicit, mirror, home, dreams, mutual devotion, slipping, magic, dreams, meeting, accidents, clasp, more than a servant, secret, escape, my lady's bed, peek, rise and shine, glow, needlework, steady, night, silk, treason, saviour, loyalty, vampirism, corset, exposure, battle, wound, dream, sticky, food, fur, armour, spring, lost, velvet, dungeon, lingerie, fumbling, new, serving, quiet, sweet, ridiculous, scrubbing, bondage, silence, forbidden
Lancelot/Merlin, [any], problematic, quiet, water, hugging, purity, replacement, unappreciated
Lancelot/Morgana, elope
Merlin/Morgana, dark side of the moon, rejected, identity, magic, secret, forbidden, sea, travel, darkness, night, sneaking, jealousy, one-sided
Merlin/Uther, power, magic, king, bondage, prisoner, desire, want, I think I may have a death wish, resist, breath, lick
Merlin/Uther/Arthur, jealous, pointers
Morgana/Morgana, portent
Morgana/Nimueh, hate, power, control, I know what you need, lessons
Morgana/Uther, denial, crown, inheritance, emancipation, role reversal, prophecy, fury, goblet, tempted, dinner table, forbidden, guardian, magic, dungeon, power, salvation, watching you watching me, she moves in mysterious ways, swords, lessons, clueless, thin line between love and hate, young, fruit, ward, service
Nimueh/Will, entwined
Uther, watching Morgana from the window
Uther/Igraine, all things calm and quiet
Uther/Igraine/Nimueh, now watch me
Uther/Slash Dragon, singing, candlelight

Metal Gear Solid
The Sorrow/The Joy (Boss), rain, language barrier

Miami Vice
Sonny/Rico, gunshot, cruise, vacation

Michael Chabon - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
Sam Clay/Tracy Bacon, half-asleep, idol, pulp, shirt, crave, summer, disillusionment

Michiko to Hatchin
adult!Hatchin/adult!Rita, reunion, distance, first love
adult!Maria/adult!Rita, mine, stay away
Atsuko/Michiko, fuck the police, freedom, police car, lady killer
Michiko/Atsuko, enjoy, realignment, alliance, humiliation, power switch, sunglasses, sweat, wallsex, fightsex, biting, interrogation
Michiko/Pepe, pants off dance off, lollipop, party, Pepe lives, competitive streak, body shots, sunshine, tequila

Will/Lydgate/Rosamund, how we work

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers
Jason/Billy, leader, power, pack
Tommy/Kim/Billy, [any]

Minority Report
John Anderton/Agatha, possibility, alternate futures, proof

Paul/Alva, bed, death

adult!Helena/Valentine, smoke and mirrors, tower, darkness

Miss Match
Kate/Victoria, reliable
Nick/Victoria, alleviate

Mists of Avalon
Arthur/Lancelot/Gwenhwyfar, charm
Arthur/Morgaine, sweat

Moby Dick
Ishmael/Queequeg, marriage

Modesty Blaise
Modesty/Willie, acting, AMTDI, escape, clash

Linda/Eloise, bitter, rivals, rugged, friendship, sheltered, wild, drunk, flirt, unexpected, conclusion, reputation, comfort, chance meeting, New York, explore, rain, stars, gently, misunderstood, comfort, gift, stay, blue, lonely, stars, pretty mouth, façade, goodbye, no tomorrow, regret, broken, sunset, what if, secrets, heartbreak, different time

Monster (manga)
Eva/Lunge, desperation, release, work
Eva/Nina, learning, size, cold, sizing her up, melt, laughter, unflappable, redemption, release
Eva/Tenma, domineering, perception, sickness, position, kicking a puppy, femslash
Grimmer/Roberto, reunion, cocoa
Johan/Nina, genderfuck
Lotte/Nina, research, pen, dress-up
Margot Langer/Anna Sr., body heat
Nina/Eva, cold, sizing her up, melt, laughter, unflappable, redemption, release
Tenma/Lunge, unexpected arousal, overanalyze, chopsticks

Josef/Mick, partying, giving in, waiting for daylight, sire, bite, appease, key, bend, centuries, secret, date, familiarity, new, tongue, rimming, blood
Josef/Mick/Beth, cold, hide, mark, fresh, photograph, dim, havoc, manipulate, agency,
Mick/Ben, blood play, truth, trust, fight
Mick/Beth, devilish, beast, handcuffs, turning, sun, desert, water, not so different, freezer, sunlight, biting, bondage, sun, desert, water, different

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Jane/John, foreplay

Much Ado About Nothing
Beatrice/Benedick, guarded, wordplay, courtship, grass

Mulan/Shang, cross-dressing, poetry, honour, warrior, peach, cut sleeve, dominance, skillful, silent

Murasaki Shikibu - The Tale of Genji
Genji/Prince Hyobu, useful, anger, test, beauty, sadness, mistress, reward
Genji/To no Chuji, friendship, envy, sublimation, politics, dance, fan, truth

Murder in Suburbia
Ash/Scribbs, crush

Mutant X
Adam/Shalimar, feral, stalk
Brennan/Emma, telepathy, longing

Connie/Gabe, future, ice

My Beautiful Laundrette
Johnny/Omar, spin, squeeze, water, tumble, rinse, clean, dirty

My So-Called Life
Angela/Brian, university

Mystery Men
Invisible Boy/The Spleen, dynamic
The Blue Raja/The Bowler, virgin

Adam/Jamie, spank, discipline, disobedience, kink

Aphrodite/Ares, leaving.
Athena/Aphrodite, luscious
Athena/Aphrodite/Artemis, cherish
Athena/Hera, jealousy.
Frig/Vili/Ve, oh boys
Heimdall/Freya, come in
Hera/Zeus, anger.
Thor/Loki, slap slap kiss kiss

Nancy Drew (1930s books)
Nancy/George, secret passage

Nancy Drew
Nancy/Ned, need, rooftop, satin, exception, shower

Chiyo/Tsunade, competition, outdone, desert
Deidara/Orochimaru, tongues
Deidara/Sasori, puppetry
Deidara/Tobi, bang
Gaara/Naruto, scared, blood
Gaara/Rock Lee, mystery, dominance, the games we play, childhood's end, don't think about tomorrow, winning
Haku/Zabuza, dressing
Hidan/Kakuzu, sacrifice
Iruka/Kakashi, argue, hitch, hide, shoulder
Itachi/Sakura/Neji, genius, nunekin, arranged, hurt, mission, waterfall
Itachi/Sasuke, blindness
Jiraiya/female!Naruto, bikini
Kabuto/Orochimaru, kneeling, shut up Kabuto
Kakashi/Naruto, lesson
Kiba/Shikamaru, bite marks
Konan/older!Sakura, paper chains
Madara/Sasuke, rope
Naruto/Sai/Sakura, punch, ramen, teamwork, overcompensate
Neji/Shikamaru, sarcasm, touch, deny, smooth
Orochimaru/Sasuke, snakes, chains, pride
Rock Lee/Gaara,
Sakura/Tenten, jealousy, Tsunade

Mau/Daphne, sea, letters, dolphin, leadership

Abby/Gibbs, energy, boots and collars, taste, sawdust, boat, power games, dynamics, caf-pow, coffee, buzz, remember, natural, magic
Abby/Gibbs/Tony, chocolate, smear, rough, push, pride, slave, submit, daddy
Abby/Kate, flavored lip gloss, gunpowder, tattoos, piercings, sinner, proof
Abby/McGee, again, handcuffs, metal, softly, computer, desk, beer, love, bondage, handcuffs, Mac guy, USB port, hardware and software, video games, taking the lead
Abby/McGee/Tony, clue, intrigue, ride, tremble
Abby/Tony, drink, saint, sex in cars, tension, satisfaction, distractions, toys, dress up, friends, legal, family, preparations, goodbye, coffee, chocolate, flower petals, surprises, friendship, hat, late
Abby/Ziva, boots, desktop, dancing, heels, massage, to wish impossible things, insult, rough sex, submission, bondage, tattoo, fighting, surface
Ari/Kate/Gibbs, wrong, i want to fuck you like an animal, bondage, hostages, guns, handcuffs,
Ducky/Jordan, antiques
Gibbs/Abby/Tony, movie, cuddle, porn, honey dust, compete, rough sex, toys
Gibbs/DiNozzo, long nights, submit, boy, hunt, tremble, tie, bewildered, endure, place, submit, stubborn, knife, flying, belonging, spare bedroom, uniform, gun, knife, bastard, AU, war, separation, kiss goodbye, made you, loyal, loyalty, royalty, flirt, punishment, stay, leave, go, keep, flame, boat, moving on, fight, funny, obsolete, commandeered, boss, probie, can't, orange, undone, bridge, backseat
Gibbs/Ducky, never, alone, date
Gibbs/Faith Coleman, argue ,tension, power
Gibbs/Fornell, elevator, coffee, Diane, basement
Gibbs/Kate, back seat, stakeout, games, void, coffee, care, isn't there a law against that?, boats and red wine, choices, cover blown, to wish impossible things, untouchable, under covers, flirt, Rule Twelve, Air Force One, worth the risk, lies, who is she, a team, mouth, classy, out of his league, slumming, tattoo, walnut, coffee, redhead, kink, like the devil's got your hand, unsolved, hiding, don't touch me, stop saying that, sweet, hard, desperation, secrets, reveille, sunrise, dawn to dusk, I miss you, smile
Gibbs/Kate/McGee, training
Gibbs/Kate/McGee/Tony, initiation, probie, bottoms up, he's got potential
Gibbs/Kate/Tony, partnership, welcome to the team, this is what we do, initiation, it's not love but it's the next best thing
Gibbs/Mann, fight, interfere, saying grace, two can play that game, wanting you, taking you, loving you, stubborn, Hawaii, dreams
Gibbs/McGee, teaching
Gibbs/Stephanie, Russia, observation, memories
Gibbs/Tony/Stan Burley, boat, doctors, take and give
Gibbs/Ziva, pop culture, language, look, close proximity, coffee, control, fight, forbidden
Kate/Ari, hard and fast, dangerous, risky, red sand, twisted, bitter, wrong, cruel, white wine, God, deep, his eyes, furious, worthwhile, hard, veil, secrecy, sparks, Stockholm syndrome, spies, vibration, accent, lies, was this over before it ever began, hate!sex, tears, work it out, have faith
Kate/McGee, sunrise, peace, lick, tongue, soft, stroke, family, hopeful, heart and soul, slow and easy, Paloma Picasso, probie
Kate/McGee/Tony, sinful, wounded, hopeful, safe place, love triangle, it just works, snap-on cock, that isn't funny, worried, new ways to make a family, private matters
Kate/Tony, fire, passion, raw, not quite right but not quite wrong, hurtful, opposites attract, the player gets played, snooping
McGee/Abby, process, nostalgia, collar
McGee/Tony, jealousy, post Caged comfort, bet, dance, tickle, James Bond, leather, bullpen, mantle, alternate, campfires, overworked, teasing
McGee/Ziva, comfort, flannel, quarantine, sauna, ice cream, dessert, tied-up, timing, idioms
Palmer/Agent Lee, lust, betrayal
Paula/Tony, crazy is good, stake out
Tony/Ziva, wine, comfort, dress, dance, hugs, kisses, dreams, fever, lioness, tamer, breakdown, sex, competition, shivers, vodka, drink, laughter, ninja, radiate, function, tent, camping, quiet
Tony/Ari, [any], kidnapping, alone, weeks, obsession, driven, rape, secrets, friends, lovers, college, seduction, Stockholm syndrome
Tony/Jenny, awkward, secrets
Tony/Sacks, movies, accident

Nero Wolfe
Archie/Lily, dancing

Valkyrie/Arch Lich, domination

Never Back Down
Jake/Ryan, alive, fight, public bathroom, friend, tiles, payback

Hunter/Serpentine, dance, blood, midnight
Richard/Marquis, darkness, brickwork, illusion, fantasy, favour, velvet

New Avengers (Marvel Comics)
Tony Stark/Peter Parker, control, alchemy

adult!Jack/ adult!David, bandana, cap, discovery, grace, fire escape, friends
adult!Skittery/adult!Snitch, cold, day, sleep, breath
adult!Specs,/adult!Dutchy, belt, match, wish, grip
adult!Spot/adult!Racetrack, anger, punch, cane, ace of hearts, smoke, money, escape, bruise

Joe/Catherine, duct tape, coffee, slap
Dave/Lisa, space prostitute, rooftop, fight

Aaron/Captain, bubble-wrap

Alec/Seregil, inventive, lock, trick, hair, leather, relaxed, adrenaline

No Country For Old Men
Anton Chigurh/anyone, [any]

No Heroics
Alex/Devlin, restroom, mind games, innuendo

No Rest for the Wicked
November/Red, witches, guarded, dark
November/the boy, honeymoon

Chloe/Mireille/Kirika, living arrangements, afterwards, grudging affection

North and South (US)
Ashton/Madeline, improper, thanks, blackmail, pregnancy, boat, disapproval,
Bent/George, rape, dominance
Bent/Orry, rape, dominance
Billy/Brett, alone, mine, snatched moment, together,
Billy/Charles, snatched moment, other side, painful, need, West Point
Billy/Charles/Brett, alone, together, solution, friendly, natural
Brett/Ashton, despoil, revenge, hate!sex, never, surrender, scared
Constance/Brett, family, sweet, kindness, practicality, wanting
Constance/Isabel, allure, accent
George/Orry, warmth, kiss, uniform, conflict, friendship, West Point
George/Stanley, hurt, pain, redemption, forgiveness
George/Stanley/Billy, youth, fun, brotherly
Madeline/Constance, unexpected, warm, pale, sweet

North and South
Margaret/Thornton, first night, skein, fingers, surrender

Northanger Abbey
Catherine Morland/Henry Tilney, fantasies
Catherine/General Tilney, caught
Catherine/Isabella, talk

Northern Exposure
Chris/Maggie, poetry, running
Joel/Ed, engage
Joel/Maggie, translate, solitude, obfuscate

Alan/ Larry, friendship, threesome, alliance, care, pumpkin, bicker, history, widower, Margaret
Alan/Margaret, baby, moment, threesome, Sixties, memory, telephone, lonely
Amita/Colby Granger, curious, sparkle, threesome, present, red, green, blue
Amita/Megan, profile, combinations, consult
Billy/Don, [any], unrequited, fuck, or, die, old times, muscle, grit, concrete, shower, goodbye, hello, forever, settling, together, now, Alan, shock, relationship, serious, unrequited, fuck, or, die, vampire, wooing, gifts, office, public
Charlie/ Ian, badge, curl, stare, restraint, practice, rifle, tie
Charlie/Amita, swing, threesome, calculate, viscosity, precocious, travel, embrace, curl, spin, whirl, light, experiment, gold, ginger, take a break
Charlie/Colby, recovering from a case
Charlie/Don, sunday mornings, promiscuous, precocious, relinquish, education, textbook, observe, wall, answer, threesome, out-of-time, resume, divide, alternate-universe, frozen, fight, secret, arrogance, lecture, proud, flight, scared, handcuffs, sacred, hostage, clemency, ending, stakeout, innocent
Colby/David, fight, dustup, gift, moment, gunshot, mirror, darkness, food, holiday, betray, entrust, circle, Biting, Possession, Don/Charlie, Voyeurism, Locker room, Morning off, Together, threesome, foursome, amnesia, awakening, song, partners, comfort, alone, bound, dance, Idaho, traitor, van, forgotten, home, show, game, promise, cover-up, lie, sweet, stakeout, evidence, exhaustion, traitor, penance, scar, peace
Colby/Dwayne, drunk, risk, rescue, reward, meeting, bicep, fist
Colby/Charlie, Shoot out, Worry, Late, Weapons, Clean, Chalk
Colby/Don, Dog tags, Surfing, Dinner, longing, first, peace, longing, secret, afraid, unrequited, fuck, or, die, wooing, gifts, office, public
Colby/Don, Romance, Dinner, fuck, or, die
David/Claudia, lab coat, latex, brown, red, ice-cream, goodbye, visit, hello
David/Liz, threesome, heat, goodbye, hello, sparkle
Don/ Terry, word, promiscuous, textbook, power, reunion, spar
Don/Amita, breakdown, hip, bracelet, drunk, secret, comparison, closet
Don/Megan, tryout, attempt, past, present, future, kick, punch, meant-to-be, not-meant-to-be
Don/Robin, aim, firearm, red, shine, glass, nooner, 4AM, suit- and-tie, explanation
Don/bad guy, [any], rape, revenge, alone, Stockholm syndrome, unexpected, fallen, hard, wooing
Don/Buck, rape, Stockholm syndrome
Don/Ian, [any]
Numb3rs, Don/Ian, first, seduction, revelation, games, dominance, surrender, pursued, hunter, prey, determined, relationship, serious, secret, unexpected, Charlie, secret, unexpected, revealed, together, Alan, shock, forever, unrequited, fuck, or, die, vampire, wooing, gifts, office, public
Larry/Charlie, lab-not-lecture, hands-on, theory, theorem, proof, particle, graduation, shift, experiment
Larry/Megan, nebula, galaxy, supernova, transmission, radiance, sweet, phone, transcontinental
Liz/Colby, goodbye, one-shot, honky-tonk, dance, wiggle, dinner
Nikki/Ian, diamond, chance, long-distance-relationship, glitter, spar, gun
Nikki/Liz, nipple, explanation, red, purple, bruise, storytelling, steam
Colby/Liz, dancing, honky tonk
Megan/Billy, flirt, strap on

Ocean's 11 Series
Danny/Rusty, bounce, skim, moderate, score, cave-of-riches, list, claim, missed, convince
Danny/Rusty/Linus, student, overturn, con, cunning, pickpocket, identity, idolise,
Linus/Rusty, fixate, pocket, gum, shark, disguise

Odin Sphere
Cornelious/Velvet, bunny, ears, transformation, human
Gwendolyn/Oswald, soft, bed, feathers, flying, cursed, eyes, going on
Mercedes/Ingway, reward, bail-out, vassal

Odyssey 5
Kurt/Neil, time, age, drinking

One Life To Live
Marty/Todd, sleep

One Piece
Johnny/Yosaku, brotherhood

One Tree Hill
Brooke/Julian, film-making
Brooke/Lucas, promise, carnival, stars, engagement, goodbye
Brooke/Mouth, kiss
Brooke/Peyton, epiphany, what if, friendship, subtle, in store, mannequin, Victoria, mend, new, repair, rage, au, slap kiss, embrace, belong, blinded, craving, horny, college, competition, sleepover
Deb/Karen, behind closed doors, snow, freezing, backseat, busted, lust, need, crave, aftermath, coffee, embrace, missing, jealous, bitter, chocolate, wrong, horny, broken, home made movie.
Lucas/Peyton/Brooke, broken, split
Millicent/Owen, burn
Nathan/Haley, always, pregnant, silly, cuddle, present
Nathan/Peyton, fantasy, first love, now, apologetic, undeniable
Peyton/Chris Keller, not lucas, vocal, soundbooth
Peyton/Jake, return, invitation, inevitable
Peyton/Lucas, voyeur, desperate, homecoming
Rachel/Brooke/Peyton, admit, once, amend

Oniisama E
Fukiko/Rei, piano
Mariko/Nanako, fixation, perfect
Mariko/Nanako/Tomoko, control, price
Miya-sama/Rei/Kaoru, levels, strength
Tomoko/Mariko, hatesex

Hiromasa/Seimei, shikigami, name, sake, garden

Order of the Stick
Belkar/anyone, portable, half-pint
Belkar/Vaarsuvius, allow me to explain, nosy
Haley/Elan, epic poetry, picture book
Nale/Sabine, polymorph, twisted
Roy/Vaarsuvius, confession

Orlando/Princess Sasha, fuchsia

Iago/Cassio, dreams, silence, scandal
Iago/Othello, motives

Kimie/Takako, chores, following, at school

Ouran High School Host Club
Kasanoda/Haruhi, yakuza
Kasanoda/Tetsuya, rain
Mori/Haruhi, graduation
Mori/Honey, ties

Adebisi/Said, redemption, Adebisi lives, ideology, abomination
Alvarez/Keller, tattoo, hands, tied, anger, wish, hide
Alvarez/O'Reily, slick, want, arrangement, plan, sneaky
Author's Choice/Keller, dangerous, chances, knees, willing, hurt, bruise
Beecher/Keller, forever, owned, anger, free, innocent, lost, movie, possessive, sleep, dream, whisper, fall, nowhere, shadows
Beecher/O'Reily, share, oblivion, drugs, smirk, spread, open, surrogate
Keller/OFC, drunk, desperate, fetish, soft
Howell/Bellinger, provocation, role reversal, vulnerable, death wish
Keller solo, urge, pleasure, plead, wound, blood
Mukada/Alvarez, afterwards, freedom, consolation, sacrifice
Ryan/Gloria, touch
Ryan/Miguel, ghosts, heat
Ryan/Toby, haze
Sean Murphy/Anyone, sharp, texture, groan, addiction
Sister Pete/Dr. Nathan, support, scrubs, telenovela
Supreme Allah/Arif, uneasy, advantage, godless
Tobias Beecher/Chris Keller, territory, contraband, lick, bind
Tobias Beecher/Kareem Said, revelation, slow, hard

Paycheck (2003)
Jimmy Rethrick/Mike Jennings, erased

PD James
Dalgliesh/Cordelia Gray, red, book, enigma, heroine
Dalgliesh/Kate Miskin, sincere, exception, photograph, stars

Annie/Penelope, experience, new, park, pint, scarf
Johnny/Penelope, learning, masks, missed

Penny and Aggie
Aggie/Penny, future, guess Sara was right
Aggie/Sara, don't tell Penny
Sara/Lisa, don't tell Aggie
Stan/Brandi, hedonism, adoration
Stan/Rich, everyone has an exception

Perks of Being a Wallflower
Charlie/Patrick, Drunk or high
Charlie/Sam, College
Patrick/Brad, Not hiding

Perry Moore's Hero
Thom/Goran, first time, nerves, toys, quiet, blush

Pet Shop of Horrors
D/Leon, argue, fuss, protest, suspect, hide, tender, melt, t-shirt, candy, silk, strength

Phone Booth
The Caller/Stu, mindfuck

Picnic at Hanging Rock
Miranda/Sara, perfume

Pinky and The Brain
Brain/Pinky, domination
Brain/Snowball, cages, pretty

Pirates of the Caribbean
Barbossa/Elizabeth, high piracy, immortality, apples, knives, learning
Calypso/Davey Jones, endless
Cutler Beckett/Elizabeth Swann, listening intently
Elizabeth/Calypso, negotiations, brine
Elizabeth/Jack, As her majesty commands, fires burning bright, corset, smoke, tattoo, gold, game, fools, cool, bed, ocean, taste, listen, swell
Elizabeth/Norrington, faith, pedestal, dishonourable, entwined, parted, drifter, lie, queen, warrior
Elizabeth/Tia Dalma, corset strings, diversionary tactics
Elizabeth/Will, heart, bathtub, Elizabeth/Will, storms, Queen, honeymoon, trick, powder, impatient, loneliness, making it count, courting
Elizabeth/Will/Jack, Well why not? , conduit
Gibbs/Jack, stories
Jack/Elizabeth/Norrington, swell, curve, cartography, wind, starlight
Jack/Elizabeth/Will, ocean, fountain, storm, weary, free, strong, note, bird, drink
Jack/James, enemies, secrets, mirror, sand
Jack/Norrington, favours, tattoos, scars, bite, heat, water, stars, adventure, rum, freedom, undone, injustice, reach, ravishing, forever and a day, apocalypse, high tide
Jack/Tia Dalma, salt, tide
Jack/Will, eons, pirates do it with rum, shipwrecks, steel, whisper, question
Lian/Park, revenge, steam bath, dressing the same
Ragetti/Pintel, grooming
Teague/Tia Dalma, lore
Will/James, shameful, fury, practice, swords
Will/Norrington, eternity, damned
Groves/Gillette, French, breeches, leave
Norrington/Gillette, sir, rest, quiet

Point Pleasant
Boyd/Christina, anger, innocence, devil, child, pain, kiss, hatred, cliché

Poltergeist The Legacy
Nick/Derek, ritual

Sam/Brooke, watching

Portrait of Jennie
Eben/Jennie, undertow

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Conner/Kira/Ethan, sack, kitchen, fear, loss, comfort, heartache, bond, circle, support

Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Cam/Hunter, waves, caves, blue
Shane/Dustin/Tori/Blake/Cam/Hunter, operations, space, pile

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Mack/Tyzonn, foreign customs, happy holidays, trip abroad

Power Rangers SPD
Syd/Z, princess, love, caring, fucking, first, privacy, crying, punishing

Power Rangers Time Force
Eric/Jen, fall, water, peace, anger
Lucus/Trip/Katie/Nadira, comfort, morph, mutants, human

Powerpuff Girls Z
Kaoru/Miyako, graduation, loss, green

Powerpuff Girls
Blossom/Princess, ends to the means
Buttercup/Princess, powerlust, I called you when the time was right, bye bye, MINE
Miss. Bellum/Blossom, I never thought!, admiration, short skirt long jacket
Mojo/Blossom, around your pretty unbreakable neck, domination

Jesse/Tulip, finally

Pride and Prejudice
Darcy/Bingley, open, blunt, practice, lonely, displacement
Darcy/Elizabeth, repartee, reading, stretching
Darcy/Wickham, betrayal
Lydia/Wickham, virtue, flirt

Nick/Stephen/Connor, loose, wet, bugs, neat, books

Princess Bride
Inigo/Westley, what now?
Westley/Buttercup, innocence, white, black

Princess Tutu
Lilie/Neko-sensei, sadism, evil grin
Rue/Autor, sacrifice, wholehearted

Prison Break
Michael/Fernando, hang, silent, sweat
Michael/Alex, horizon, alien, grief, numbers
Michael/Mahone, crane, handcuffs, chase, tattoo, crawl, touch, addiction, searching, safe
Paul/Caroline, unrequited, bittersweet

Private Practice
Addison/Charlotte, competition, surgery, in charge, hair
Addison/Kevin, goodbye, handcuffs
Addison/Violet, confessions, fruit, new friends, smile
Addison/Wyatt, comfort, heat, home, intrigue, passion, secret
Charlotte/Cooper, coochy cream, knock it off, would you stop saying that, family, southern accent, cry, magnolia blossoms, a bunch of babies
Cooper/Violet, friends with benefits, remembering, happiness, hands, jealousy, I'm sorry, lies, off track, wrong turn, listen, jealous, years
Dell/Naomi, breath
Pete/Violet, toe-nail polish, apology isn't enough, forgiveness, cheating, turnabout is fair play, more

Luis/Sage, cry, gentle

Professor Layton
Flora/Luke, not what you thought it would be
Layton/Claire, rainy monday, I hope you're waiting
Layton/Luke, genderswitch
Luke/Flora, stay by my side

Chaz/Bobbi, need, the power behind the throne.
Jim/Bobbi, momma's boy, satin, belt, stiletto.
Jim/Gail, flame, soft, catch me as I fall, pearls, black, heard it through the grapevine, sir, taskmaster, one of my kind.
Jim/Pete, open, damage
Jim/Joanne, recognition
Joanne Meltzer/Jeffrey Sykes, playful, maybe it's not that hard.

Carlton/Shawn, dreams
Gus/Jules, movie night
Gus/Juliet, roller derby, geekery
Gus/Lassiter/Shawn, innocence, senses, tie
Gus/Mira, fleeting, covers, ski slope
Gus/Mira/Shawn, fluke
Gus/Shawn, bottle, scream, flower, cheating, games, knowledge, office, vibes, first, song, dance, sweet, forethought, funny, finally, fickle, quiet, vacation, quit, ghost, humming, pineapple, blanket, stripped, gagged, silence, helpless, chained, zodiac, heresy
Joy/Shawn, summer
Jules/Lassiter, competition
Juliet/Lassiter, amend, apology, lonely, bdsm, peaches, undercover, partners, undercover, wishful thinking, sandwich, wonder, cupcake, stakeout, coffee, roller skates, handcuffs, pegging, power play
Juliet/Shawn, pegging
Juliet/Vick, ma'am, lipstick, ponytail, unprofessional, wrists
Lassiter/anyone, unrequited, fantasy, masturbation
Lassiter/Shawn, Can we say bondage?, mutual understanding, compromise, I've got your back if you've got mine, gun, chicken, control, push-pull, steer, career, option, trigger, prediction, undress, tie, timing
Shawn/any(m), masturbation, hookup
Shawn/Gus, confined space, monkey house, costumes, sleeping bag, slapfight, tied up, glare, confined spaces, relief, stake-out, geeks, pull, first, roughhousing, snacks, hotel, stake-out, strike, tickle fight, whine, puppy,
Shawn/Gus/Carlton/Juliet, solution, overcome, undercover, team, tangle, victory, lazy
Shawn/Gus/Juliet, tumble, sleepover, wet, breathless
Shawn/Hornstock, tie shopping
Shawn/Jules, exasperation
Shawn/Juliet, derby, rough
Shawn/Lassiter, blindfold, parking-lot, handcuffs, teasing, office, scotch, guns, llamas, smirk, divorce, firsts, trust., frustration, mistake, handcuffs, when did you start buying pineapples, former, good cop bad cop, dazzle and stretch, holster, Clark Gable

Pushing Daises
Olive/Vivian, companionship, within these walls, swimsuit
Chuck/Olive, bittersweet, pie, friendship, comfort, recipe, improvise, although, berries, hands, fairytale princesses
Emerson/Maurice/Ralston, strange
Emerson/Ned, apology, car, cold, simple, safe, experience
Emerson/Ned/Chuck/Olive, polygamy, else
Emerson/Olive, case, partners, pie, serve, oh HALE no, sidekick, honey
Emerson/Ralston, differences
Emerson/Simone, control, sharp, elegant, knitted presents
Maurice/Olive, better
Ned/Chuck, all this useless beauty, contraptions, distance, breath, fast, fine
Ned/Chuck/Olive, voyeurism
Ned/Olive, choice, denial, surrender, devotion, longing, obsession, partners, pie, trust, enclosed spaces, aversion therapy, spray-on tan, flour, hands, pining, touching, abandon, friendship, comfort, ending, taste
Ned/Olive/Chuck, exhibitionism, lending a hand, instructions, triangulation, transitive property, yes, between the lines, unexpected, overjoyed, swinger, surrogacy
Olive/Lily, pushy, insults, intrigue
Olive/Vivian, birdhouse, pie, comfort food
The Coroner/Emerson, bribery

Quantum Leap
Sam/any, dominatrix

Quantum of Solace
Bond/Strawberry Fields, oasis, kisses, old scars

Quarters-series (Tanya Huff)
Bannon/Benedikt, cocky, soak, song

Queer as Folk (UK)
Stuart/Vince, fumble, high

Queer As Folk (US)
Brian/Justin, gallery, canvas, marriage, new york, art, cuddling, passion, blue, spread, share, flame, kiss, champagne
Emmett/Justin, comfort, anonymity

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Surinder/Taani, honeymoon

Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman
Bunny /Raffles, grab and take, invite and seduce, diamond, silver, bullet, indecency, music, hansom cab

Collette/Linguini, it's Paris!, sharp, in the kitchen

Razia's Shadow
Adakias/Pallis, dub-con, non-con
Anhura/Pallis, transference

Real Genius
Chris/Jordan/Mitch, lasers, mice, experiment, ice, Lazlo, heatwave, rocket, ice cream

Re-Animator movies
Dan Cain/Herbert West, you will help me
The Bride/Herbert West, gratitude, curiosity

Ben/Sam/Sock, apartment, lights, getaway, close, carry, easier, cold, constant
Sam/Sock, vessel, hell, backseat, box, ability, hold, hands,
Gladys/Sock, horrible nightmares, making friends, making enemies, collecting
The Devil/Sam, ice cream, red, classic

Mrs. Danvers/Rebecca, service

Red Dragon (film version)
Hannibal Lecter/self, memory, scent, wonder, need, yearn
Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham, touch, taste, lick, hunger, learn, any

Red Dwarf
Lister/Kochanski, shower, curry sauce

Red Eye
Jackson/Lisa, one year later, envy, prey, mile high club, quickie, eggs, manager

Caroline/David, loss, dance, alcohol, colourful
Owen/Jill, mistake

Renaissance Man
Any Pairing, lost, found, back from the dead, hell bound, hero, failure, law firm, penthouse, office, hotel, investigation, library, rare book, stubble, harem

Angel/Collins, fingernail polish

Repo! The Genetic Opera
Amber/Graverobber, clean, withdrawl, fishnets, knife, brunette, gluttony, zydrate, exhausted, your own personal Jesus, spill, disaster.
Amber/Luigi, last, slut, pride
Amber/Mag, competition, hate, teeth
Amber/Nathan, never enough, skin, interview, yes, concern
Graverobber/Nathan, past, knowledge, need
Graverobber/Shilo, first time, french kiss, rough sex, dumpster, lovefuck, daddykink, save me, hostile takeover, high on lust, fuck the pain away, oral sex, first time, I can't feel nothin' at all, alone, blood, don't touch, this tainted love, better, swimming, buried, tame, gentle, soothing, voice
Mag/Marni, heads, pre-wedding jitters
Mag/Nathan, I promised her this much, when the walls came down, coloratura, comfort
Mag/Shilo Wallace, sleeping beauty
Marni/Nathan, hands, the long last kiss
Nathan /Shilo, daddy's girl, secret, safe, it's in our history, guilt, monster, protect, lonely, mother, love
Nathan /self, she looks just like you

Resident Evil
Billy/Rebecca, first time, reunion
Chris/Jill, separation, partners, red, one night stand
Claire/Jill, bonding, drinking games, left behind
Claire/ Leon, gunpowder, caught in the act
Jill/Sheva, substitute, heat

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Anthy/Utena, unselfish, so close
Juri/Nanami, starting over, miracles, sweetness, student council, tsundere, adulation, newfound respect
Juri/Shiori, apology
Juri/Utena, to the hilt, duel, savior
Nanami/Utena, hero worship, girly, skintight

Cody/Nick, smoke, hungry, sleep, voyeurism
Cody/ Murray/Nick, make me
Murray/Quinlan, hurry

Robin Hood (BBC)
Allan/Marian, not so different
Friedrich/Marian, courtship, dress, games
Guy/Marian, stable, shackle, fire, guilt, deceit, trust, powerplay, shadow, trickery, instructions, domination
Marian/Much, pears, justice, not about Robin, service, war, archery
Marian/Robin, frantic, relief, upright, tumbling

Robin of Sherwood
Isadora/Nasir, swords
Lilith/Robin, night
Marion/Bertrand, inn
Marion/Lord Owen of Clun, bride
Marion/Nasir, behind
Marion/Prince John, pastime
Marion/Reynald, hostage
Marion/Will, protection
Mildred/Nasir, fragile
Morgwyn/Robin, superstition
Reynald/Will, power
Sarah/Guy, despite
Sarah/Nasir, compatriot
Sarah/Will, compensate
Sarak/Reynald, temple
Sheriff/Guy, home, quiet
Sheriff/Prince John, servitude
Simon de Belleme/Abbot Hugo, altar
Simon de Belleme/Marion, oblivion
Simon de Belleme/Morgwyn, struggle
Simon de Belleme/Much, promise
Simon de Belleme/Nasir, desert
Simon de Belleme/Prince John, crown
Simon de Belleme/Sheriff, pleasure
Simon de Belleme/Will, soldier
Tuck/Abbot Hugo, order

Anthony/Atia, pride, obedience
Anthony/Octavia, dutiful, a minor inconvenience
Antony/adult!Octavian, manhood, motherfucker
Antony/Brutus, crude, hold on, mindfuck, strong, bent, noble, passion, Caesar, seduction, regrets, wall
Atia/Octavia, bitter, mirror
Atia/Pullo, bully, slumming, trade
Atia/Servillia, nemesis, cursing, ice cold
Octavia/adult!Octavian, jealous, win
Adult!Octavian/Octavia, fall, restraint
Octavian/Livia, slap, weakness
Pullo/Vorena the Elder, family, secret
Pullo/Vorenus, remembrance, longing, grief, reward, desperate, holiday, restless
Vorenus/Cleopatra, anger, despair
Vorenus/Octavia, Urge

Romeo and Juliet
Benvolio/Prince Escalus, [any]

Romeo x Juliet (anime)
Francisco/Curio, manipulation, sparring, tease, eye
Hermione/Mercutio, poison, ear, arranged marriage
Juliet/Cordelia, fear, bed-sharing, laundry
Juliet/Curio, student, practice, loyalty
Juliet/Hermione, embroidery, knife, breakfast
Juliet/Tybalt, anger, sympathy, lantern, hood
Mercutio/Tybalt, switch, disguise, mindfuck, sword

Brandon/Phillip, vacation
Rupert/Phillip, piano

Max/Liz, strawberries, balcony, orange juice
Isabel/Kyle, dreamscape, surprise, balloons
Liz/Tess, close, coercion, caught, missing
Max/Isabel, trust
Max/Michael, drive
Michael/Liz, [any]
Michael/Maria, on the run, rooftop, power tools, orders, stupid, authorized, hanging around, need

Chase/Victor, wounds

Rurouni Kenshin
Kenshin/Kaoru, for you, sleeping, moon

Sadlers Wells
Robin/Mariella, student, money, hotel, climb, Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh
Sebastian/Fiona, jealousy, brooch, Veronica
Sebastian/Veronica, ballet shoes, piano, ring, illicit, London

Sailor Moon
Haruka/Usagi, playing games, future, crying

Nii/Kougaiji, control

Ashley/Henry, benefits, first, accidental, protective, fighting, death, danger, camera, bestiality, laugh, bed, snuggle, secret, kiss, closet, rebellion, electricity
Ashley/Henry/Will, bedroom, Helen, touching, life, scar, hilarity, proposition
Ashley/Will, learn
Helen/Henry, doctor, teach, fight, mission
Helen/John, fear, disgust, time,, invasion, ravaged, broken, possess, prisoner, transformation, haunted, legacy, imprisoned, cleanse, shattered, history, years, child, forgiven
Helen/Tesla, electric, electricity, bite, futile resistance, smirk
Helen/Watson, time
Helen/Will, eternal, tea, elevator, stitches, lost, mystery, insecurity, desire, release, once, experience, scream
John/James, fellowship, checkmate, underneath, infamous
Will/Joe, handcuffs, greasy engine, smoking gun

Bast/Dream, huntress
The Corinthian/Daniel, reborn
The Corinthian/Loki, eyes
Delirium/Destruction, change, insight
Dream/Death, last rites
Dream/Titania, midsummer
Nuala/Nada, wandering

Saturday Night Live
Debbie Downer/Penelope, best, help, monotone, worst
Penelope/Virginia Horsen, pony

Saving Face
Jay/Little Yu, father, screwed
Jay/Stephen, participate, unfamiliar
Little Yu/Ma, moment
Vivian/Wil, dance

Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Lee/Amanda, collection, appeal, prisoner

JD/Perry, lapdance
Jordan/Elliot, goodies, wtf, unforgettable

Secret Diary of a Callgirl
Ben/Hannah, client, push, pretend, giggling, wrestle

Blair/Jim, protection, stars, blush, wayward

Johnny/Gareth, first, heir, silence, fairies, island

Shadow Hearts
Yuri/Alice, belief, strength, monsters and angels, comforting hands

Shakespeare - Much Ado About Nothing
Beatrice/Benedick, playful, serious, water, servants, hide, marriage

Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet
Mercutio/Romeo, experiment, comfort, dream

Jessica/Danny/Stark, voyeur
Jessica/Stark, fight, tension
Stark/Danny, jail

Shaun of the Dead
Shaun/David, we will never speak of this again
Shaun/Ed, let's play

Shaun/Zach, beach, suit, flash, run, interview, sand, strip, family, inspiration, shade, obscure, intercrural, beach, toothpaste

Sherlock Holmes
Holmes/Watson, deduction, holiday, however improbable, reunion, addictions, interpretation, skin, shadows, notes, smoke, chill, syringe, oblivion, sharp, sensitive, companion, known, festive
Sherlock/Irene Adler, mutual
Sherlock/Moriarty, edge

Shounen Onmyouji
Akiko/Kouchin, vision, knife
Guren/Masahiro, flame, memory, incantation, invisible, hands
Kazane/Rikugou, feather, silence

Six Feet Under
Nate/Lisa, help, again, comfort, blame, sex tape

Skies of Arcadia
Vyse/Aika/Fina, secret handshake, piratical, moons, freedom, open skies

Angie/Chris, sex at school
Anka/Anwar/Maxxie, favourite
Anwar/Maxxie, yes, turn, dangle
Cassie/Chris, experimenting
Cassie/Jal, lovely, warmth, power of pussy, rebellion, spliff, purging
Cassie/Michelle, pills, silly, safe
Cassie/Sid, Drugs, flutter, space,
Cassie/Sid/Tony, let, truce, share, experimenting, faster
Cassie/Tony, Revenge, hazy, stranger, need
Chris/Jal, [any]
Cook/Freddie, first, better, control, friction, longing, power, games
Cook/Freddie/JJ, rap, cold, want, play, curious, trust
Cook/JJ, curious, teach
Cook/Naomi, energy, banter, babe, hips
Effy/Emily, arson, gin, naughty, test, lesson, secret, better, pale
Effy/Pandora, lollipop, positions, practice, flexible, tasty, ecstasy
Emily/Naomi, closet, flower, desperate
Freddie/Emily, kick, misadventure, slut, mistake, sweet, second best, shower, bow, tease
Jal/Michelle, just tonight, do that again, slick
Maxxie/Tony, second try, comfortable, limber, dance, rhythm, slut, sorry, tied, bite, cheating, sweetheart, london, university, words
Michelle/Sid/Tony, voyeurism, inclusion
Sid/Tony, malice, choke, um, grip, surround, manipulation, possess, bruise, call, tight, succumb, just a kiss, dare, cream, finally, wanker, definition, cling, jeans, careful, weakness
Tony/Effy, light, playful, rough, pop, drugs, hide and seek, uniform
Tony/Michelle, always, addiction, smile, nips, Angry

Sky High
adult!Warren/adult!Will, duo

Sleeper Cell
Darwyn/Ray, tension, relief, cover
Farik/M, manipulation

Quinn/Wade, home, mouthful

Slings and Arrows
Ellen/Geoffrey, punctual, surreptitious, silent, motley, stamina, police tape, motley, stamina, police tape
Ellen/Oliver, pity, sublime
Geoffrey/Kate, essence
Geoffrey/Oliver, bitextual, superstition, you bastard
Geoffrey/Oliver/Ellen, subliminal, ridiculous
Kate/Jack, taste, high, Hawaii

AC/Victor, mission, photograph, swim, injured
Adam/Lana, mouth
Bizarro/Chloe, lick, trap, quiver, smirk
Chloe/AC, pool, love, drunk, lake, underwater, kiss, bed, celebrate, bondage
Chloe/Bart, burritos, lingerie, want, believe, home, nicknames
Chloe/Brainiac, bondage, meltdown, mindgames, rape
Chloe/Clark, bondage, copy room, bathroom, cake, whip cream, sky, farm, photograph, giggle, red, underwear, skin, flush, fruit, pheromones, magic, bizarre, undercover, partners, eyegasm, kiss, trust, reunion, hope, memory, remember, touch, taste, silk, wind, cool, accident, wishes, support, heal, journalism, Scooby, together, deals, remorse, burn, denial, eternal, end of the world, x-ray, socks, laugh, grass, truck, lick
Chloe/Clark/Lana, surprise,
Chloe/Clark/Lana/Lois, wet, orgasm
Chloe/Clark/Lex, switch, cookie
Chloe/Clark/Oliver, trio
Chloe/Davis, collision, touch me, attraction, darkness, pain, misgivings, danger, rise, after, mistake, touch, rescue me, redemption, angel, light, dark, secret, heat, doom
Chloe/George, t-shirt, handcuffs, sweat, quiet, fast, first date
Chloe/Jason, gamble, tease, uniform, flash, revenge, urgent, laugh, the Torch, drunk, football field, under the bleachers, affair, bondage
Chloe/Jimmy, alone, recovery, at last, honeymoon
Chloe/Kal, fire, glass, slam, bruise, dance, rub, regal, blinding, fly, release, mate
Chloe/Kara, bondage, customs, vacation, sing, bikinis
Chloe/Lana, Isis, interest, change, come away with me, roommates, deceive, pleasure
Chloe/Lex, anger, heat, possessive, unexpected, candlelight, bound, cold, break, table, intrepid, means, frigid, harp, selection, job, artist, pain
Chloe/Lex/Oliver, damaged, once in a lifetime, hush little baby
Chloe/Oliver, guardian, cooking, voyeur, aroma, cinema, appreciation, forgotten, heat, jet, watchtower, costumes, Paris, technology, room with a view, slinky, lies, security cameras, late nights, rush, lust, magic, costume, leather, bondage, backroom, late night, whip cream, shower, secrets, first sight, they never see me, i would walk to the ends of the earth, sidekick, tequila, whisper, fishnets, practice,
Chloe/Whitney, games, truck, hotel, tears, comfort, cream, Wall of Weird, the Torch, locker room, drunk, ice cream, shower, bondage
Clark/Lex, here, mine, love, want, return, forever, consort, invasion, ring bearer, power, exchange, holiday, celebration, crown, history, hostage, tied, sleepy, snuggle, relaxed, sexy, photo, stalk, museum, new car smell, care and feeding, tattoo, hostile, clothes, silk, satin, cotton, flannel, hair cut, present, entice, custom made, AU, royalty, prince of the city, glasses, genderswap, concubine, crossdressing, homework, powerless, apology, reunion, phonebooth, comfort, reconciliation, leather, danger, hide
Clark/Alicia, bite, watch
Clark/Bart, fast
Clark/Chloe/Davis, push/pull
Clark/Jason, showers, grass, stained, jealousy.
Clark/Lana, quiet
Clark/Lois, closed doors, secret, gingerly, fragility, clumsiness, warmth, thunderstorm, apocalypse, birds, solace, glasses, merry, lost, happy, deadline, masquerade, endure, fatalistic, absence, sunlight, coalesce, wordless, sceptic, wayward, sense, forgiveness, complete, destiny, propose, roses, fly, bed, romance, storage room, phone booth, birthday, shout, wishes, stars, rain, innocence, silence, solitude, passage, dance, fool
Clark/Oliver, jealousy, mine, clubbing, dare, silk, elope, pool, shower, first time, desire, justice league, plane, penthouse, loft, red k, porn, Valentine's Day, secrets, passage, dance, fool
Clark/Rokk Krinn, ring
Jason/Lois, bottle
Lana/Lex, gold, delight, dessert, reunite, piano, pool table,
Lana/Oliver, North Korea,
Lex/Adam, splash
Lex/Lois, smirk
Lionel Luthor/Chloe, blackwash, interrogate
Lionel/Clark, blind, newspaper, red
Lionel/Genevieve, family, tentative, memorial
Lionel/Jason, hatred, secrets, broken
Lionel/Martha, redemption, pie, trust
Lionel/Morgan, escape, numbers, poker
Lois /Tess, stripper club, maid, intelligence, AU, girls, authority, Daily Planet, circumstance, miscalculate, compromise, annihilate, mercy, dinner, clandestine, nylon, understanding, redacted, late nights, mansion, woo, wicked, desk, naughty, shiver, seduce
Lois/Jimmy, alcohol, fun, journalism, first
Lois/Kara, dressing room, tease, almost, forever
Lois/Oliver, convince, movies, snuggle, want, phone sex, challenge, yours, giggle
Martha/Jonathan, regrets, hay, college
Oliver/Dinah, rooftop, Star City, team, trust, set up, lazy morning
Tess/Lex, power, beauty, clawed

Jeff/Tom, reckless

Tommy/Turkish, future

Some Like It Hot
Jerry/Joe, bachelors
Jerry/Osgood, engaged, jealousy. Perfect, zowie!
Osgood/Daphne (aka Gerald), happily ever after
the bellhop/Joe, revealed

Sons of Anarchy
Jax/Tara, road, escape, reign, queen, scar, tattoo, hands, bones

Space: Above and Beyond
Hawkes/McQueen, beaten, tank, training
Shane/Cooper, gun, stars, forgotton, kiss
Vansen/Handsome Alvon, billiard table, mind-games

Alan/Sandra, secret, dom, homesick
Alan/Tony, guilt, beer

Brian/Marsha, like a pony
Brian/Twist, it's more like peach
Daisy/Tim, high, confession, telly, milk, share, blanket, tampons
Tim/Brian, I have a complicated relationship with pink
Tim/Daisy, let's cut this short

Speed Racer (movie)
Racer X/Trixie/Speed, overwhelming, pretense

Speed Racer
Sparky/Speed, milk
Sparky/Taejo, fix, thanks
Speed/Trixie, pink satin, parking brake, skiing

Spider-Man (comics)
Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson-Parker, courage, colors, dance, party, memory, webbing
Peter Parker/Matt Murdock, trust, touch, radar, fear

Spider-Man (movie)
Harry Osborn/Peter Parker, cloud
Harry/Peter/MJ, house, empty, echo, laughter, perfect
Peter/MJ, perceptive, bruises, stretching, Peter/Mary Jane, webbing

Adam/Ros, delirious, night, delighted, covert, rush, tomorrow
Lucas/Elizabetha, glasnost, fear, longing, afterwards
Malcolm/Colin, robots, comfort, scent, wool
Tom/Adam, old days, Moscow Rules, Morse code, water, guns, tangled, loss, pain, breaking
Tom/Christine, misconception, limp, lost, relief, peace, chemistry
Tom/Jools, allowance
Tom/Zoe/Danny, team, alcohol, loss, pain, forgiveness
Zaf/Sam, smile, crisis, danger, tea

Spooks: Code 9
Kylie/Rachel, livid, manipulation, bright, corner, denial

Sports Night
Casey/Dan, desk, pray, sheet, tend, surprise, repression, cool, finally, Chicago, winter, shower, memory, Hillary Clinton, breakfast, jack, stall, soccer, boxing, arena, away game, hands, glasses, St. Crispen's Day, declaration, keep, partners, years-gone-by, new company, alone, mistake, return, own, hiding, quiet, affection, little boy, winter in the city, hot time, taxi, sports, news, hiding, whole, coffee, renaissance, subway, wordle, playboy, height, pitching and receiving
Casey/Dana, cheese, neckline
Jeremy/Natalie, shirt

Dan/Kim, papers, late

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Jadzia/Worf, honor, honeymoon
Odo/Kira, surrounded, gift, impossible
Sisko/Jadzia Dax, old friends, comfort, no expectations, Romulan Ale, the Prime Directive, haunting
Garak/Bashir, intercrural, potpourri, friendship,

Star Trek: Enterprise
Trip/T'Pol, future, decon, quarters, anti-grav

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Data/Yar, function, fantastic, future, laughter
Picard/Crusher, stockings, tea, smoke, pretend
Picard/Q, Romulans, pin, surprise

Star Trek: The Original Series
Bones/Kirk, release, hurt/comfort, dust, perverse, never mind, zenith, patisserie,
Bones/mirror!Spock, mind-reading, good and evil
Bones/Spock, suspect, hallowed, pinpoint, voyage, wry, meditation
Bones/Uhura, music, medic, softly spoken, mini-skirts
Chekov/Sulu/Uhura, lazing on a sunday afternoon
Kirk/Spock, bite, heat, glasses, distraction, memory, ocean, happy now?, strange affection, farewell, sugarcoat,
mirror!Uhura/any, boots
Scotty/Uhura, singing, scotch, stamina

Star Trek: Voyager
Brad Harrison/Noah Mannick, intercrural, portion, tricorder
EMH/7, experiment, confusion, love
Harry/Tom, stars, home, music, re-assure, complete, silk, seduce, cuddle
Janeway/Chakotay, holodeck, bathtub, secret
Janeway/Paris, secret, loss, distraction
Janeway/Torres, lately, switch, dancing, trapped
Paris/Torres, energy, ritual, love, honesty, pottery, fire, bikini,
Sue Brooks/Deborah Lang, insight, strap-on, confessions
Vorik/Lyssa Campbell, logic, engagement, candy

Star Wars
Anakin/Padme, beaches, soft, fear, reunion, betrayal
Han/Lando, nostalgia
Han/Leia/Lando, rushed
Han/Leia, excited, pegged, cockpit, treasure, torture, tiara, chemicals
Han/Luke, flying, kid, sand
Han/Leia/Luke, keeping warm on Hoth, skin hunger, filling the silences
Leia/Lando, comeuppance
Obi-Wan/Padmé, adultery, friendship, alderaan, tatooine, politics, drinking, politics, sand

Lamia/Yvaine, shine, betrayal, heartbeat, night, magic, stardust, soft, kiss, unexpected.
Tristan/Yvaine, broken, light, summer, thunderstorm, candle

Stargate Atlantis
Amelia/Dusty, roundhouse, bubblegum
Amelia/Ronon, behind closed doors, need, want, lust, promises, surrender, noisy, secret, fighter, re-match, sparring, laughter
any female characters, poker
Caldwell/John, clash
Cameron/Vala, art, war, friendship, heartbroken, seduction
Carson/John, kilt, voice, training
Carson/Laura, love, hesitant, accent, weapon, bold, awkward, longing, turtles
Carson/Lorne, sweet, smile, art, pose, paint, kiss, lick
Carson/Ronon, hair
Carson/Teyla, shy, sweet, laugh, visiting Scotland, unexpected force, tongues
Daniel Jackson/John, curiosity, peaceful explorers, tongue, rain, storm, geektalk
Daniel Jackson/John/Rodney, geektalk, play, shameless
Elizabeth/Jeannie, alone, aliens
Elizabeth/John, gun, diplomacy, commander, order, sunlight, glass, surf, water, secret, dream, breathless, familiar, loud, daydream, reborn, hidden, literature, post-its, hope, freedom, mistake, touch, vice, pursue, stillness, restoration, spicing things up, masks, trust, leather, breathe
Elizabeth/John/Lorne, AMTDI, servicing, ravaging, double-penetration
Elizabeth/Kate, confessions, afterlife, relaxation, girl talk, release, weekend, music, dancing, you left your underwear, puddle jumper fantasies, surrender
Elizabeth/Laura, lithe, bells, high, strip poker, oh!, regs
Elizabeth/Lorne, abrasion, sweat, flirting, wild abandon, stranded
Elizabeth/Lorne/Radek, reunited, Never done anything like this before, testing the waters, blindfold
Elizabeth/Lorne/Teyla, isolation, good ideas, off-world privacy
Elizabeth/Radek, loyalty, force, sheer obstinacy
Elizabeth/Ronon, date, sleep, voyeurism, relief, home, fantasy, room service on Earth, blue jeans, hostage, deliberate
Elizabeth/Ronon/Teyla, lonely hour, introductions, domination
Elizabeth/Teyla, cultural misunderstandings, leader instinct, relaxed, burnt, pegging, sunshine, whisper, water, tea, fur, silk, sticks, art of war, warmth, smirk, tea, off-world, home
Ford/Rodney, math, guns, puppy
Jeannie/Sam, university, silly, convention, science
Jennifer/John, dark and twisty, wrong, insanity, doctor
Jennifer/Richard, annotated, doctorate
Jennifer/Ronon, bitter, soft, latex, regret
Jennifer/Teyla, sparring, height, warmth, tea
Jennifer/Todd, compassion, relationship advice, kiss
John/Ava Dixon, reality, touch, visit
John/John, my greatest fan, my own enemy, it's not really gay, is it?
John/Kate, confessions, sweet, explosions
John/Larrin, full disclosure
John/Laura, trading clothes, rank kink
John/Lorne, bend, drunk, fingers, squabble, think, jumper, lost, death, desire, Rodney, reserved, graceful, ocean, canvas, longing, hands, procrastination, evasion, back on Earth, transfers, party, rebels, Vegas, cheap motel sex
John/Lorne/Teyla, chance, shoulds, shouldn'ts
John/Richard, formality, understanding, exile, expert, closeted, toy, cigars, mature, dog-tags
John/Rodney, angry!sex, games, bandaid(s), city exploration, dare, de-aging, Evian, fleece, junk mail, puddlejumper lesson, stranded, yearn, beach, gateroom, labyrinth, sunlight, ceremony, I love you, longing, blood, all I want is you, wall, lust, need, domination, hug, snuggle, red, bondage, passion, wine, bond, nightmares, he is mine, bite, finally, slowly, ripped clothes, lazy, secrets, silent, careful, scars, kisses, impulse, lick, neck, desire, teasing, dirty talk, bruises, sex in public, handcuffs, wet, proposal, hidden, forever, coffee, chocolate, seduction, tattoo, jumpers, expectation, conference, narrow, encourage, frustration, laughter, perplexed, magic 8-ball, fear, illusion, wing, slip, mistake, interview, knight, bitter, exile, rebound, chitter, pheromone, blue, buddies, pliant, melting, weary, over, mewl, panting, double bed, sleepy, water, heat, explosion, hot, rambling, sex pollen, food, chocolate, late movies, tree, toothbrush, normalcy, ordinary, conspicuous, photographs, strings, serene, music
John/Rodney/Ronon, corrected, rhetorical, declare, soap, honesty, tattoo, sweat, competition, food, control, race
John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, bonding, teamwork, bound, challenge, alien, kinky, RandR, reveal, disappear, criticise, charged, agreement, signature, sun and sand, android dreams, film, glowing, Earth customs, blanket, bantos, cola, jumper, stalk, don't, fun, games, whee
John/Ronon, bite me - but not there, that's how you put out a fire, collar, kneel, need, submit, order, leather, home, comfort, don't ever leave, seams, first, sparring, hormones, trapped, hips, singe, teeth, trees, run, game, leather, brother, home, frottage, morning run, Han and Chewy, sports, play, fight, sleep, sight-seeing, quiet, sweet, surfing, midnight, padded, trust, warrior, intimate, alternate, morning, confess, bonfire, leather, big, proud, subtle, old soldiers, training, truth or dare, memories, tattoo, smooth, throat, secret
John/Sam, missing, fight, science, saying hello, saying goodbye, Rodney, underwear, bet you can't top this
John/Teyla, ceremony, smile, spar, reward, cry, politics, fear, sweat, sunshine, waiting, earth, visit, soap, Earth, reconciliation, desperate, slow, kinky boots, scented, gun, seething, fantasies, moonlight, sunbathing, vacation, dreams, tarot cards, diaries, secrets, death, comfort, snow, bittersweet, torn, adrenaline, sand
John/Todd, banter, flirt, dangerous, hide, laugh, hunger, lick, gloves, candy, wall, Earth, leather, trust, kneel, prisoner
Kate/Laura, poker, chocolate, vodka, shock, shields, music
Kate/Lorne/Teyla, whipping boy, chocolate
Kate/Ronon, good sweaty sex, blow job, explaining 'doggie style'
Kate/Teyla, introducing vibrators, stolen pleasure, discovery fantasies
Laura/Lorne, big bang, painting, sunset, end of all things, travel, big guns, black dress, poker, space pirates, leather, shore leave, silk scarf
Lorne/Parrish, aphrodisiac, gate, open, gun
Lorne/Radek, hold, wait, warm
Lorne/Rodney, push, create, threatened, silence, solace, breakable, painted, adoration, usual,
Lorne/Rodney/John, revenge, markers, air, ink
Lorne/Ronon, off-duty, dirty, blind, restraint
Lorne/Sam, violation, guilt, portrait, jogging
Lorne/Teyla, babysitter, insanity never, remember, temporary, MILF, calm, thigh man, ocean, teach me, help with pregnancy hormones, quarry, in the rain
Michael/Teyla, enemies, sparring, alliance, darkness, alien, defenses, respect, defiance
Radek/Rodney, buddy-breathing, lost, wilderness, conflict, disagree, respect, geek sex, prime/not prime, urgency, anticipation, science and sex, ideology
Radek/Ronon, strangers, laughter, stars, language, outside cultures
Radek/Sam, calculations, stars
Radek/Teyla, apple, temptation, first kiss, unexpected, infatuation, the lady and the geek
Richard/Teyla, relations
Rod/Rodney, alternate, mirror, practice
Rodney/Ronon, hard, tense, genius, smug, intense, painful, stealth, talkative, path, tattoo, scars, run, Jell-o
Rodney/Sam, failure, id, supernova, sensible, wonder, carousel, movie, bonus, Gershwin
Rodney/Teyla, bruise, sticks, fight, friendship, learn, push, treat, relax, hands, quiet, tea
Ronon solo, lonely, search, want, home, more
Ronon/Sam, reunion, authority figure, workout, training, bodyguard, backache
Ronon/Teyla, control, happen, secret, share, earthbound, now, once, lips, opposites, first time, audience, lip bite, cool sheets
Sam/Teyla, leader, first, silence, swept, curl
Teyla/Todd, queens and pawns, issues of trust 


Stargate SG-1
200FarscapeCrichton!Daniel/200FarscapeStark!Cameron, heart, tradition, openness, submissive, obligation, dishes
200StarTrek!Cameron/200StarTrek!Daniel, dominance, love, abuse, intellect, reward, punishment, advantage
Adria/Baal, Earth toys, power play, telekinesis, converting
Adria/Cameron, leaders
Adria/Daniel, battle, [any]
Agent Barrett/Sam, kinky, vibrator, handcuffs, magazine, first date, programmed, experiment
Anubis/Daniel, ascended, timetravel, timetravel, host, blended, forever, [any]
Anubis/Daniel/Ra, timetravel, stuck, favorite
Aris Boch/Baal, payment, pleasure, revenge
Aris Boch/Daniel, innocent, smile, [any]
Baal, need, quiet, slave
Baal/Baal/Baal, narcissus
Baal/Cameron, fun, indecent, surprise
Baal/Daniel, [any]
Baal/Jonas, [any]
Baal/Sam, edge, domination, queen, ascension, deference, supplicant, jewel, iridescent, pinot noir, smirk, loneliness, lust, needy, lust, exotic
Baal/Sam/Vala, party, frenemy, wild, strange, trouble
Baal/Vala, boredom, adventure
Baal/Walter, chevron, curiosity
Cameron, yearn, family, seek, find, convince, contribute
Cameron/Carolyn, date, uncertainty, doctor's orders, doctor's orders, elevator, basketball, massage
Cameron/Daniel, dinner, everything, only, waiting, whore, hope, holiday, never, blood, fasting, choices, fear, hundreds, tears, way, worship, experience, handcuffs, sweat, blanket, cookies, dust, smoke, whiskey, genderplay, lingerie, burned, facial, permission, unfaithful, mistaken identity, frottage, force, submission, bloodplay, tears, roleplay, orange, strap-on, initiate, flyboy, waiting, off-world, language
Cameron/Daniel/Vala, patience, arch, twist, smear, gaps, sigh, camera, biting, voyeur, toes, nose, kitchen, breakfast
Cameron/Jack, balls, chutzpah, classified, competitive, evaluation, forbidden, kneel, orders, rough, secrets, surprise, test, tumble, genderplay, lingerie, burned, facial, permission, unfaithful, mistaken identity, frottage, force, submission, bloodplay, tears, roleplay, orange, strap-on
Cameron/Janet, disrespectful, dirty talking, honey
Cameron/Jonas, recovery, fun, earth customs
Cameron/RippleEffect!Daniel/ trick, unfaithful, once, ending, share, free
Cameron/Sam, Air Force Academy, flight, hard truth, cookies, cocoa, chain-of-command, chain, command, blanket, broken, lost, F302, macaroons, motorcycle, pillows, recognize, sugar, tequila, skin, leather, sweet, cooking, pranks, sexy, rebellious, astrophysics, trapped, dirty, smirk, stuck, off world, blood, bored, geek out, sweat, rain, out, what if, funfair
Cameron/SG-1, fire, experiment, changed, cash, level, duct tape, film, bond, yellow, fantasy
Cameron/Teal'c, fanboy, sparring, spar, command, order, kneel, tap-out, yell, forgotten, learned, cinnamon, leather, rough, slither, serene, bound, subdue, motorbike, quiet, rough, challenge, dirt,
Cameron/Vala, accident, cream, laughter, massage, smooth, tender, ask nicely, chase--not chaste, held, handcuffs, irresistible, reassurance, family, ship, spin, stolen, bet, drunken, fairy tales, leather, teasing, smiling, help, home, know-how, scissors
Camulus/Daniel, [any]
Carolyn/Sam, heal, Cosmopolitans, general's daughters
clone!Jack/robot!Daniel, comparison, identity, memory, regret, semen, sensation, skin
Daniel/Goa'uld, [any], host, trapped, forever, host, worst, nightmare, implanted, mate, prisoner, sarcophagus, addicted, powertrip, control, stockholm, syndrome
Daniel/Hathor, beloved, implanted, pharoh
Daniel/Jack, accusation, affection, belt, blindfold, bluejeans, cashmere, cigarettes, forever, forgive, nadir, secrets, stargazing, zenith, tease, flirt, subtle, eyes, hands, kinky, baby, genderplay, lingerie, burned, facial, permission, unfaithful, mistaken identity, frottage, force, submission, bloodplay, tears, roleplay, orange, strap-on, petrified, perfectionism, lazy, milk, bones, earth, reach, protect, remembrance, field, flash, stars, stutter, holding, champagne, fear, doubt, promises, awake, anger, smile, beginnings, bliss, daybreak, wishlist, brevity, quiet, ocean, relinquish
Daniel/Jack/robot!Daniel, bet-ter, demonstrate, explore, fantasy, peace, stamina, vertigo, voyeur
Daniel/Jack/Sam/Teal'c, stranded, rainstorm, dry, warmth, cliche
Daniel/Janet, ice cubes, unexpected ferocity, oral fixation
Daniel/OMC, sauce, roleplay, drive, mirror, fantasy
Daniel/Osiris, [any]
Daniel/Ra, [any]
Daniel/Sabrina Gosling, daydream, dinner, elegant, frottage, lost, secrets, treasure, voluptuous, whips
Daniel/Sam, bound, searching, freedom, mischief, spirit, shards, uncover, survival, flying, falling, faltering, speech, geeks, coffee, insomnia, sleepy, regrets, comfort, burn, brains, don't, earplugs, fire, break, comfort, laugh, knowledge, whisper, snow, surf, car, cold, bond, geeks, giggling, his-office, afterwards, visitation
Daniel/Sarah Gardner, lust, Egypt, books, healing, home
Daniel/Seth, [any]
Daniel/SG-1, hat-trick, coma, static, blank, epiphany
Daniel/Sha're, dream
Daniel/Teal'c, candles, trust, family, belonging, weight, saviour, outsiders, relic
Daniel/Vala, games, sincerity, lotion, body chocolate, learning, teaching, coffee, stress, truth, dare, Shakespeare, tragedy, poems, holidays, space pirate, trick, opposite
Emmett/Janet, classy, date, integrity, intense, married, novelty, opalescent, passion, soiree, spice, sugar, tuxedo
Garshaw/Jacob/Selmak, old times, tunnel
Girl!Baal/Sam, pretty, heels, dress
Ishta/Teal’c, rain, sparring, leather, horseback
Jack/Kerry Johnson, breakup, cute, easy, insistence, intelligence, issues, mahogany, operator, secrets, silk
Jack/Sam, cake, fishing, long distance, nookie, official, private, tease, Revelations, symbiont
Jack/Sara, athletic, comfort, fireplace, foreplay, intimate, jackhammer, orgasm, reunion, reverie, secrets, stimulation, before, baseball
Jack/SG-1, comfort, management, real, past, salvation, synergy, book-on-tape, incarnation, droit de
Jack/Teal'c, make-up, fish, kissy, Styrofoam, lighting, zen, chocolate, bravo, powerplay, warrior, lonely
Jack/Vala, anger, backbone, bitter, bourbon, canny, conniving, Guinness, muscle, satin, secrets, sinuous, smart, strength, supple, wine
Jacob/Selmak, Comparisons, confusion
Janet/Sam, snuggle, lust, cake, whipped cream, sunrise, light, seduction, brainy, stethoscope, astronomy, doctorates
Janet/Vala, pajamas
Jonas/Nirrti, laboratory
Jonas/Sam, exception, memory, motorcycling, teach, rules, hardware, tool, smile, laughter, pink, lock picking, lessons, insanity, martinis, gravity, polaroid photos, black and white, hangover
Jonas/Sam/Vala, introductions, share and share alike, tickle, leather
Jonas/Vala, alien, resident, surprise, uniforms, unknown, television
Marks/Vala, seduction, nervousness, getting caught
Martouf/Sam, reunion, lost, campfire, unrealized, wine, love, weathered, natural, yield
RippleEffect!Cameron/RippleEffect!Daniel, trapped, exacting, special, brood, broad, break
robot!Jack/robot!Daniel, discovery, failed, victory
Sam/Teal'c, journey, history, flicker, goddess, cornerstone, collide, barter, sacrifice, forgotten, confession, saint, computer, catgirl, sex pollen, belly, tent, stay, rock, silence, sunset, rain, secret, 2 AM, Unending, grief, divorce, enough
Sam/Vala, friendship, laughter, excuses, apology, poker, quiet, secrets, whiskey, silk, tease, solace, dawn, lost, green, blue, giver, stolen, laughter, shopping, what if, dirty, run, rain, chocolate, eggnog, missing, mission, free, funfair, night, teddy,, torrid, debauchery, gloves, frell, hips don't lie, winter wonderland, slippery when wet
Teal'c solo, discipline, instruct, behave, inform, command, solace
Teal'c/Tomin, discipline
Teal'c/Vala, everyone else, pride, spanking
Tomin/Vala, change, you amaze me, appreciation, treasured, comfort, firelight, cups 

Jack/Shade, decadence

Starsky and Hutch
Starsky/Hutch, betrayal, insomnia, beer

State Of Play (UK)
Cal/Anne, chest groping, fool's gold, uncertainty, red lips, Domme, damaged, caresses, muscles, hotel, red wine, phone!sex, illicit, red/gold, bedlinen
Cal/Anne/Stephen, embarrassment, always, wanting, reconciliation, take him home, seduction, dominatrix, BDSM, strap-on
Cal/Cameron, boss, subordinate, knees, job, journalism, determination, story,
Cal/Dan, ropes, investigative, technique, good,` story, fast, hard, rimming
Cal/Dominic, scared, wet shirt, lager, don't know, under an hour
Cameron/Dan, Daddy, undercover, for the story, pretence, collar
Dan/Dominic, similarities, fun loving, me?
Della/Bell, handcuffs, exchange, lips, powerful, hair
Della/Helen, comfort, stay with me, drunk, kisses
Dominic/Sid, anonymous, magazine, half-smile, why not?, game on, he's fit, nine minutes
Helen/Cal, journalists, moment, wall
Stephen/Cal, comfort, spare room, mates, dirty talk, rimming, painless affair

Static Shock
Richie/Virgil, spark, cap, gear

Stephen King's The Long Walk
Garraty/Jan, bargaining, not quite there
Garraty/McVries, goodbye, big damn hero
Garraty/Stebbins, dream a little dream, flirting
Jan/McVries/self, imagination, masturbation, secret
McVries/Stebbins, afterlife, missing/dirty conversations, whispers

Strange Meeting
Barton/Hilliard, cold, absence, music, philosophy, intimacy, Swinburne

Strangers in Paradise
Katchoo/Francine, brainstorm, canvas, coconut, strawberries, hipbones, sunglasses, lap

Strawberry Panic
Hikari/Yaya, duet, fountain, protection
Nagisa/Tamao, sharing an umbrella, Etoile, roses

Street Fighter
Guile/Cammy, special assignment, international affair

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Danny/Jack, angry, punch, open, drink, censor,
Danny/Jack/Jordan, trade-off, red, snark, commanding, giggle
Danny/Matt, lie, hurt, phone-call, steps, amends, divorce, interlude, commercial, office, words, lyrical, lights, bonds, fear, drugs, hope
Danny/Matt/Harriet, secrets, lies, tangled, hands, songs
Harriet/Jordan, friendship, defence, lunch-break
Jack/Jordan, technicolor, Sinatra, scotch
Jack/Matt, boss, cigarette, insubordination, panic, reassure, laugh, history
Jack/Simon, agree, bet, respect
Jack/Tom, waiting, scissors
Simon/Tom, jacket, warmth, share, protect, boys, drugs, dressing-room, stretch, new
Tom/Harriet/Simon, steam, sunset, change, records

Sugar Rush
Sugar/Kim, dance floor, bathtub
Sugar/Saint, living arrangements
Sugar/Saint/Kim, playing house, compromise

Suikoden V
Georg Prime/Sialeeds, drinking contests, secret passages, blind sides, oral sex
Prince/Lyon, partners, sparring, Rune ties, napping, quiet consideration
Shigure/Sagiri, smiles, bad mornings, new life, bondage, knots

Sunday in the Park with George
George/Dot, studio, belonging

Capa/Cassie, faith, flooded
Mace/Capa, air, dust
Mace/Cassie, gray, military, privacy

Superman Returns
Clark/Richard, mask, prove, gentle, desk
Lois/Clark, darkness, bridge, sunshine

Andrea Barr/Dean, sunset, homecoming, comfort, family
Anna/Castiel, obedience, feeling, falling
Anna/Castiel/Dean, glory
Anna/Dean, redemption, sin, dance
Good!Ava/Sam, chatter, fiancé, tears, nervous
Bela/Dean, lost, safe
Bela/Jo, negotiations, pursuit
Bela/John, bare, breaking out
Bela/Sam, greed, reciprocity
Castiel/Dean, elevate, servant, waver, fall, laughter, faith, sword, death, flying, illusion, threat, denial, flying, girl!Dean, marking, leather, tie, pool, tender, angry, fury, release, hope for the hopeless, Impala, laundry, shadows, lust, pool, bar, shrine, reborn, food, lick, vessel, white, blasphemy, wings
Castiel/Dean/Sam, angelic, fallen, demons
Supernatural, Castiel/girl!Dean, broken wings, beating heart, masquerade, tie, shirt, burdens
Castiel/OFC, discover, wake
Castiel/Sam, wrong, sacrilege, boy king, fallen, command, proscribe, confessions, wings, hair pulling
Castiel/vessel, find, take
Dean, solo, dirty, grime
Dean/Ellen, are you lonesome tonight, chocolate, pretzels, combat, black, blood, cassette
Dean/Jess, guilt, sleepy, guilty, stranger
Dean/Jess/Sam, AU, constant, harness, march, stiletto
Dean/Jo, legacy, student, cuffs, lace, whiskey, all grown up, hunters, broken, alone, fighter, growing up, the hunt, motel room, bittersweet
girl!Dean/Jo, leather, Impala, loneliness, ghosts, cold, gold
Dean/Jo/Sam, intriguing, reasons, tattoos
Dean /John, submissive, boy
Dean/Kathleen Hudak, again, arrest, copy, hand, silence
Dean/OFC, demon, white
Dean/OMCs, prostitution, rough,
Dean/Pamela, wet, fingers
Dean/Ruby, beg, guilt, hide, refuse, sinner, escape, sulphur, right-hook, sam, foul-mouthed, wrath, gluttony
Dean/Ruby/Sam, hands, tender, rough, weird
Dean/Sam, ghost, goblin, Halloween, deal, end, fight, blood, dust, motel, double bed, honeymoon suite, sunlight, hell, gun, knife, and-to-hand, panty, suitcase, cell phone, Stanford, college boy, easy lay, getting laid, Impala, rental car, lost, forest, camping, 5-star accommodations, teddy bear, teach, survival training, compass, boots, back seat, fairy tales, grief, capture, details, incentive, inconvenience, sight, dissolve, circle, kiss, nudge, sleep, wind, Sam in leather, strip club, Bobby's house, gym class, smoking, drugged, blind, grope, darkness, bruises/biting, public sex, food, laughter, dating, rain, tired, hot, home, kink, blood, contest, pissing, tattoos, licking, hungry, empty, last five bucks, both boys and their fixation on each other's mouths, softball game, Stanford and Christmas Cards, heat and black and feather, heartache, sleeping together becomes normal, upside-down, disco music and a leisure suit, wrists, a friend is a second self, Latin and ritual, the slow man catches up with the swift, a home and happy hand-holding, dream a little dream of me, ten minutes before the world ends, running, waterfall, first gunshot heard outside of training, bubblegum summer, until the wheels fall off, exchanging rings, next, eyes, feet, bound, rope, snack, smile, ring, resurrection, time travel, rebellious, control, resistance, Sam's jealousy as Dean is his, stifling, darkness, regret, unrequited, worry, shame, heat, guns, blood, breathless
Dean/girl!Sam, jelaousy, wrestle, amulet, protection, pretty, reststop, bullets
Dean/Evil!Sam, greedy, burn, resistance
girl!Dean/Sam, balance of power, greedy, ache, silence
Dean/Sarah, lost
Ellen/John, hide, outside, salvation
Ellen/Sam, glow
Jess/Sam, AU, pearls, symbol, exhausted, laughing, wall, tease, flight, note,
Jo/John, stranded, silver
Jo/Ruby, wet, hot, sweet, demand, spanking
Jo/Sam, cut, hunt, rope, swing, aftermath, forgiveness, lust,
Jo/girl!Sam, balance
John/Mary, glitter, tickets, lost, show a little faith/there's magic in the night, keeping out the darkness, wedding preparations, dirty hands, redemption, summer days, rivers
John/Sam, defiant, scared, hidden
Lenore/Sam, passing, bridge, source, act
Madison/Sam, proof, cry, wild
Meg/Sam, steam, blind
OFC/Sam, compromise, decide, partake, share, pull, Buick, flustered, save
OMCs/Sam, desperation, money, bondage
Ruby/Sam, crawl, inside, gluttony, good, knife, guilt, blood, swell, secrets, star, focus, trust, wintering, protection, wrong,
Sam/Sarah, ace, strong
Sam/Tamara, encounter, late, ripple
Isaac/Tamara, second, waltz

Sweeney Todd
Anthony/Johanna, passion, expectation, freedom, healing, stars, locks, failure, after-effects, madness, profaning, blood
Judge Turpin/Lucy Barker, kept woman, desperation, escape, small glass bottle, eyes, captive
Lovett/Todd, flour, rolling pin, shaving cream
Sweeney Todd/Judge Turpin, secrets, both, opportunity, recognition, second chance, fire, perverted, sodomy
Sweeney/Mrs Lovett, kitchen, knife, dance, flour, fingerprints

Bruce Miller/Trina Decker, you're being an idiot, teacher/student.
Susan/Roger, blue, grass, winter
Tom Decker/Janet Thompson, bright, soaked, competition, you're thinking too much.
Tom Decker/Janet Thompson/Trina Decker, how can we thank you?, unconventional parenting, partnership.
Tom Decker/Trina Decker, bikini, laughter, forever, letting go of the past, beginnings, craving
Trina Decker/Janet Thompson, massage, sleepy, make a wish

Tales of Symphonia
Kratos/Lloyd, punishment
Kratos/Raine, learning, experience
Kratos/Yggdrasill, blood
Regal/Zelos, cocky
Zelos/Sheena, pale, lies, understanding

Tales of the Abyss
Asch/Luke, ruined
Asch/Natalia, seductress, blonde, red-head, bombshell
Guy/Asch, revenge
Guy/Luke, belong
Jade/Peony, burden, taxation, treason, rappig
Van/Asch, master

Tales of Vesperia
Rita/Estelle, cute, grating, height requirement, sex-ed, dangerous
Yuri/Flynn, discovery, gel, costume, rivalry

Baloo/Becky, bare, necessities, life

Tanya Huff - Blood Books
Henry/Tony, owned, safe, bad habit

Tarzan/Jane, children, London, grinning

Teen Titans (Cartoon)
Raven/Starfire, sensuous, bare necessities, cherish

Teen Titans
Eddie/Jaime, fire, wing, talk
Jaime/Tim, sharp, tongue, stalk
Tim/Virgil, mind, reserve, attack

Cpt Laurence/Cpt Roland, splash
Cpt Laurence/Temeraire, I can't believe you went there
Cpt Laurence/Tharkay, reading the signs

Ten Things I Hate About You
Patrick/Kat, college, paint, guitar

Tenchi Muyo!
Kiyone/Mihoshi, letting go, sleeping in, innocence

Tender is the Night
Caroline Sibley-Biers/Contessa di Minghetti, swallow

Terminator (films)
John Connor/Kate Brewster, last call, breath, alone, no fate, quiet moment, laughter, pain, change it all

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Cameron/Riley, family, future, suicide, blood, struggle
Cameron/Sarah, angry, cold, machine, work, time, John, run, fight, dots, nudity, release, parameter, threat, trust, acceptance, inside, concrete, tear, endoskeleton, expand, metal, understanding.
Derek/Allison, twist, identity
Derek/Cameron, grace, broken, toy soldier, inhuman, poker face, betrayer, metal, perfume, dark, I know you, dust, skin, alive, more, love, possible, feeling, red, skin, steel, unsafe, chainlink, Cain and Abel
Derek/Jesse, good for you?, together, hunger, burning, fear, desperation, minefield, fever
Derek/John, mirror, hope, instructions, hands, incest, hands, gun, metal, warm
Derek/Sarah, dirt, relief, sticky, shower, late, lick, intense, weapon, ink, brothers, pain, shower
Ellison/Cameron, force, mission, girl
Ellison/Sarah, hiding, wrong, savior, pancakes
Ellison/Weaver, touch, metal, future
Eric/Cameron, lesson, doughnuts, cherry
future!John/Allison, humanity, responsibility, tickling
John/Cameron, breathless, bleed, tangled, scratch, pink, dress, heels, fated, vice, humanity, personality, want, dance, aim, runner, expose, real, feeling, anger, destiny, bullshit, beauty, resonance frequency, 4th dimension
John/Sarah, birds and bees
Kyle/Sarah, across time, dreams, lost, eternal
Riley/Jesse, never, too much, messes

Tetsuwan Girl
Ms. Kanzaki/Tamako, inner beauty
Ms. Kanzaki/Tome, reins, graceful
Tome/Tamako, dugout, apprentice, accidental contact

That '70s Show
Fez/Michael, stupid, dumb luck, blow job, virgin
Hyde/Jackie, the 80's, chance meeting, rediscovery, 'you talk too much', 'shut up', ABBA, first time

The 4400
Jordan/Tom, telephone, saviour, future, lie, hands, mission, message, next, talents, compromise, promicin, war, phone sex

The Big Bang Theory
Leonard/Sheldon, testing a hypothesis
Leonard/Sheldon/Penny, surprising
Leslie/Penny, lab, nerdy music, outdoors, science
Penny/Rajesh, talkative, bollywood, curry, subtitles, oral, astrology, iTunes, bachelor, pi, henna
Penny/Sheldon, hypothesis, experiment, education, theory, chemical reactions, volcano cake, talk nerdy to me, Princess Leia's gold bikini, Seven of Nine's jumpsuit, mitosis, Cylon Number Six's red dress, Lt. Uhura's uniform, what happens at ComicCon stays at ComicCon, super hero sheets, Sheldon's bedroom, the Penny Knock during sex, rock-paper-scissor-lizard-Spock, pheromones, reproduction, lab tables, planetarium, Hadron Super-collider, supercomputer, cybersex, experiment, holodeck, ComicCon, love actually, distance, sex store, Princess Leia, couch, OCD, sloppy, pac man, youtube, New York City, sabbatical, genesis project, Star Trek, cinema, hail to the geek, nobel prize, mario kart, genius, cheesecake, terrifying, tolerate, in his room, knocking, endearing

The Black Dahlia
Lee Blanchard/Bucky Bleichert, [any]
Lee Blanchard/Kay Lake/Bucky Bleichart, dancing
Lee Blanchard/OFC, brutal, Kay, regret

The Boondock Saints
Connor/Murphy, panic, bruises, combat boots

The Bourne Series (movies)
Nicky/David, undercover, sigh, touch
Nicky/Jason, Paris, perfume, gloves, gun, on the lam

The Breakfast Club
Alison/Claire, practice, sushi, boys, prom
Andrew/Bender, repeat, age, postcard, tie
Bender/Brian, locker fire, pressure, fit, hickey
Bender/Claire, cherry, backseat, music
Bender/Vernon, power, bastard, you can't be serious

The Children's Hour
Karen Wright/Martha Dobie, daydreams, nightmares

The Chronicles of Narnia
Caspian/adult!Edmund, hammock, sword, jealousy, need, return, hero worship, state
Caspian/adult!Peter, crown, secret, rivalry, new, smile, memories, moonlight, stay, dance
Caspian/adult!Peter/adult!Susan, transparent
adult!Edmund/adult!Eustace, cigarette smoke, jazz bars
adult!Edmund/adult!Peter, guilt, punishment, control, pillows, Rome, subservient, spanking (Golden Age era)
adult!Edmund/Rabadash, biting, ropes, barefoot
adult!Eustace/adult!Peter, dusty books
Jill/Tirian, gritty

adult!Peter/adult!Susan, Christmas, the first year, missed

The Chronicles of Riddick
Riddick/Dame Vaako, beautiful, on order, breeding program, revenge
Riddick/Vaako, court, blade, sly, lithe, pale, strength, force, light, consort, bow, equal, space, hellhound, spike, sharp, wit, laugh, concubine, scars, service, keep, uniform, animal, instinct, cold heat, fire, armor, stare, wrist, shine, kill, blood brothers, spar, bitch, pack, alpha, Lord Marshal, dominant, tattoo, courtship, knife, cut

Vaako/Dame Vaako, attention

The Cleaner
Akani/Arnie Swenton, enough

The Closer
Flynn/Provenza, buddies, baseball, a matter of convenience

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Benjamin/Daisy, mirror, phonograph, wrinkles

The Dark Knight
Alfred/Lucius, mourning, lost, phone call, Hong Kong, dirty talking
Batman/Jim Gordon, blackout, blindfold, touch
Batman/Harvey, knights, armor
Batman/Harvey/Two-Face, [any]
Batman/Joker, cracked, filth, blind
Batman/Two-Face, regret, meeting
Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon, car, races, lemon pie, coffee, crumbs, delight, silent, afternoon, secrets, divorce, champagne, lollipops, parade, dinner, cooking, sweaters, quiet, gunshot, protection, glasses, sunburn, Alfred, vampires, guises, conference, gifts, movies, charity, dancing, moonlight, shadows, Tumbler, open, twist, knot, masks, identity, restraint, tease, comfort, trust, truth, unexpected, blind, saved
Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon/Harvey Dent, promises, power, surprised
Bruce Wayne/Harvey Dent/Rachel Dawes, skyline, birthdays, desperation
Bruce/Harvey, cockworship, limousine, blowjob, wrestling, armpits, afternoon, sweet, scars, silence, Rachel, duality
Bruce/Harvey/Two-Face, established
Bruce/Rachel, ache
Harvey/Rachel, tv, speech
Joker/Jonathan Crane, deal
Rachel/OFC, AU, count, law, session, wonder
Rachel/OMC, AU, future, grasp, hold, stand

The Dark Tower
Any/Any, [any]

The Darkangel Trilogy
Aeriel/Irrylath, silver

The Devil Wears Prada
Andy/Emily, making a moue, pencilled in, lipsticking

The Dresden Files (books)
Harry/Karrin, sweet, fit, rain, implosion, hold tight
Harry/Michael, not like that, tender, reverence, savior
Harry/Thomas, white, silver, covet, champion, weapon, watching, ephemeral
Harry Dresden/John Marcone, business, forgiveness, magic, suits

The Eleventh Hour (US)
Rachel/Hood, driven, disaster, waiting, return, hints


The Faculty
Casey/Delilah/Zeke, alien, lost, share

The Fast and the Furious
Dom/Brian, Mexico, forgive, race, suck, urgent, living-room, barefoot, garage, reunion, punch, speed, stubble
Letty/Dom, cars, midnight, chains, fire, lies, Mexico
Letty/Mia, engines, books, daydreams, garage, tools, secrets, sweat, oil, school, swimming, ocean, dinners

The Godfather
Tom/Michael, brother, hands, politics, worry, brand

The Haunting (1963 film)
Eleanor/Theo, wine

The Heidi Chronicles
Scoop/Heidi, bad habit, do-over, feminism, art, A+, surprise

The Hills Have Eyes
Bobby/Doug, companion, secrets
Brenda/Doug, grief, guilt

The History Boys
Dakin/Irwin, ache, drink, suck, swagger, look in the eye, cigarette, student

The Hitcher 2007
Grace/John, revenge

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Arthur/Ford, 42, because
Arthur/Zaphod, horrible
Ford/Zaphod, booze

The Host
Wanda/Kyle, violence, hands, being human

The Hudsucker Proxy
Norville/Amy, liquid assets, spinning rings

The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Emil Blonsky/Bruce Banner, [any], unexpected, sweetness, envy, pulse

The Incredibles
Bob/Helen, gently, fighting crime, hands
Helen/Mirage, missing scene, rage, misunderstood, power, mistake, secret, opposites attract, surprise, unexpected, trapped, wall!sex, never again

The Inside
Rebecca/Karen, spite, emptiness
Rebecca/Mel, need
Rebecca/Web, calling the shots

The Invisibles
Maurice/Barbara, elevator, treatment, hazy

The IT Crowd
Jen/Moss, dance, jealousy, smoking, truth
Jen/Moss/Roy, games, online, photography, video
Moss/Roy, Amsterdam, frottage, taste

The L Word
Alice/Dana, biting, shopping trip, noticing
Shane/Tina, broad, taste, watch, window

The Lion in Winter
Geoffrey/Alais, missed opportunities, betrothed
Geoffrey/Richard, hero worship
Henry/Alais, honesty, treasure
Henry/Eleanor, indifferent, never again
Philip/Richard, chase, wanderlust

The Little Mermaid
Eric/Ariel, fingertips, breathing, water

The Lost World
Marguerite/Roxton, dinosaurs, snow, heat, modesty

The Magnificent Seven
Ezra/any, forgiveness, gamble
Ezra/Chris, barn, smoke, trick, whiskey
Ezra/Josiah, absolution,
Ezra/Nathan, fever, history, wound
Ezra/Vin, lesson, loan, poetry, track

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Illya/Napoleon, airplane, captivity, convertible, disguise, charge, gadget, inject, force, ice, drive, fire

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)
Eleanor Shaw/Raymond Shaw, bathtub

The Master and Margarita
Hella/Abadonna, alcove
Margarita/Azazello, bench

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi/Kyon, prank, jacket, Snow White, porno, monsters
Haruhi/Kyon/Itsuki, experiment, chance, scene

The Mentalist
Patrick Jane/Grace Van Pelt, vision, drugged, demons, hidden, teacher's pet
Patrick Jane/Kimball Cho, magic, insomnia, vest
Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon, ill-advised, sly, damaged

The Merchant of Venice
Antonio/Shylock, amends

The Middleman
Noser/Lacey/Wendy, art, crawl, guitar
Pip/Joe 90, making the art
The Middleman/Lacey, by the time I get to Phoenix, Wichita lineman
The Middleman/Wendy, training, undercover, protocol, lockdown, transgression, rules, voyeur, lo-tech, robots, handcuffs, darkness, silk, slime, pressure, it's the apocalypse all right, consarn it, killer squirrel surprise, protocols, awkward, aliens made them do it, oi, glue, fur ball, balloons
parallel-universe!Middleman/Wendy, eye patch
The Middleman/parallel-universe!Wendy, deception, bondage, durance vile
Tyler/Wendy, middle-watch, dorks, geek-sex, quotes, role-play, jobs, business suits, music, blue necktie
Wendy/Lacey, zomb-aid, zaphod, zardoz
Wendy/parallel-universe!Lacey, the thing is the thing
Wendy/parallel-universe!Wendy, possess, equal, squirm, without precedent, genre savvy, reflection, better than you

The Mummy
Evie/Rick, [any]

The Namesake (movie)
Gogol/OFC, free

The O.C.
Ryan/Anna, [any]
Ryan/Kirsten, lost, held, drinking, needy
Ryan/Lindsay, Shakespeare, red, sigh, first time
Ryan/Seth, familiar, time, space, music, wet, drink, constant, formal, charity, worry, soulmates, chatter, giggles
Ryan/Seth/Summer, poolhouse, winter, tuxedo
Ryan/Summer, sweat
Ryan/Taylor, accents, college, pancakes, carwash, pancakes, berries, pair, know, peaches, repeat
Ryan/Theresa, first love, last love, smokes, hotel paper
Ryan/Volchok, bed, bottle, punches, cage-fight, sweat, surge
Seth/Marissa, awkward, ryan, angles

The Odyssey
Odysseus/Calypso, possessive, pleasure, give in, stay, water

The Office (UK)
Dawn/Tim, hooky, duvet, tea, diamonds

The Office (US)
Andy/Kelly, duet, karaoke, bananas, you can do better
Andy/Oscar, wingmen, first date, awkwardness, alcohol, forget, matching ties, comfort, drunk, clueless, sigh
Jan/Hunter, That One Night
Jan/Kelly, be, swirl
Jim/Karen, carry, flirt, battle, piggyback, prank, reunion
Jim/Pam, polaroid, press record, holding pattern, crying, gift, whisper, beach, honeymoon, limo, wedding, Japan, desk, phone call, jellybeans, new house, after hours, instant messages
Jim/Pam/Karen, grudge, wish fulfillment
Jim/Pam/Ryan, kinky
Jim/Ryan, amends
Karen/Pam, Manhattan, rejection, mistletoe
Kelly/Toby, lazy, texting, lipstick, necktie
Michael/Holly, impressions, furtive, distant, giggle, first time
Michael/Ryan, insane, chocolate, disco
Oscar/Ryan, grounded
Ryan/Karen, e-mail, suits, drinking alone, bathroom
Ryan/Kelly, super cute, Jimmy Choo, corporate, Thailand

The Old Kingdom trilogy
Lirael/Nicholas, pages, anticipation, significance

The Owl Service
Alison/Gwyn, feathers
Alison/Roger, petals

The Persuaders
Danny/Brett, wine, hay, breakfast

The Phantom (1996 movie)
Diana Palmer/Sala, stay, sunset, a whole new world, in your eyes

The Picture of Dorian Gray
Dorian/Basil, gold

The Prestige
Alfred/Robert, disappear, sign, reveal, forever

The Pretender
Broots/Miss Parker, unresolved sexual tension, wishful thinking

The Prisoner of Zenda
Rudolf IV/Fritz, pillow, substitute, service
Rudolf/Flavia, favour, ink, thorns, power
Rudolf/Fritz, loyalty, bread, cup, pistol
Rudolf/Rupert, mask, play, traitor, curls
Rupert/Fritz, subversion, charm, old friend

The Professionals
Bodie/Doyle, bondage, James Bond, tight jeans, leather, guns, grin, Scotch, shower, closet, fumbling, silence, hurt, smoke, tantrum
Bodie/Doyle/OFC, drinks, French, catalyst

The Road to El Dorado
Miguel/Chel/Tulio, shenanigans
Miguel/Tulio, always, horse, hurt, left, scammed

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Columbia/Magenta, hair-dryer, fishnets
Janet/Magenta, teach me, smooth, why not?
Riff-Raff/Magenta, victory, sister, plotting, home, Time Warp, moon

The Royal Tenenbaums
Chas/Eli, taxi, alcohol, separate
Margot/Richie, secret, can't help it, ache

The Rundown
Beck/Travis, artifact, orgy, sun god, altar, restraint, submissive, skill, choice, squatter, well, dirty, chop, recipe

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Alan/Chrissie, drag, milky way, obnoxious, upbeat, team work, honeymoon on Skaro
Alan/Sarah Jane, comfort, parenting

The Secret Garden
Adult!Mary/Adult!Dickon, lilies

The Sentinel
Blair/Jim, slick, rumple, scent, eager, test, fingers, coarse, zone, blue, truck, naughty, plunder

The Shadow
Lamont Cranston/Margo Lane, leaving, pretend

The Silmarillion
Aredhel/Celegorm, competition, hunting, nostalgia, dogs
Beren/Luthien, dance, hair, song, partners, jewel
Feanor/Nerdanel, forge, bellows, fire, art
Haleth/Caranthir, dislike, tribe, Valinor
Maedhros/Fingon, red, grief, snow, build, battle, father
Turin/Beleg, cup, teach, luck, promise

The State Within
Christopher/Nicholas, negotiation, caught, pills, gun

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Maddie/London, spring break, private accommodations, slumming it

The Talented Mr Ripley
Ripley/any male, fearless, emotionless

The Thin Man
Nick/Nora, hoosegow, hangover remedy

The Thirteenth Floor
Ashton/Doug, unspoken, eyes, human
Ashton/Whitney, doppelganger, knives, swimming

The Three Investigators (Crimebusters)
Jupiter Jones/any, plump, furrowed

The Time Traveler's Wife
Henry/Clare, fragment

The Tomorrow People
Adam/Ami, drowning, telepathy, galaxies, entropy

The Triangle
Stan/Howard, writing, belief, newspaper

The Tudors
Anne/Cromwell, seduction, beg

The Unit
Bob/Mack, necessity, homecoming

The Venture Bros.
Dean/Triana, flailing, failing, panic, disaster, cuddles, first time, Spiderman pajamas
Brock/Dr. Orpheus, dangerous

The Warriors
Ajax/anyone, rough
Swan/Ajax, dominance
Swan/Mercy, special

The West Wing
Abbey/Amy, unspoken, anger
Ainsley/Donna, pale, blonde, music, blush, if you say so
Amy/CJ, laughter, low-cut blouse, what did you say?
Amy/Donna, blonde, heels, red, satin, tease, united, martinis, Manhattan, divorce, black shirt, ice cream, trouble
Charlie/Sam, errand, authorship, hangar
CJ/Donna, evening gowns, classical music
CJ/Kate, jealous, argument, morning, heels
Danny/CJ, five times, red inauguration dress, Santa Monica, three years later, goldfish, silence, cupcake, sunrise, kitchen
Danny/Toby/CJ, scandal, scarves, snow, drinking, letters
Danny/Josh, college, Fulbright, guys, insider, information, trade, alley
Donna solo, [any]
Elsie/Kate, jokes, confusion, smile, shoes
Hoynes/Amy, dissension, scowl, back channels
Hoynes/Josh, tension, mistrust, car, election
Hoynes/Leo, wiretap, keyboard
Jed/Toby, whiskey, chess, come up later, after-thought, weight, library
Josh/Amy, break, hurt, swear, wall, handcuffs, waiting, balloons, hurt, hot, old time's sake, cornbread, power, lights, desert, running, roads
Josh/Amy/Donna, appease, deficit, glasses, hope, press, scarf, crazy, tension, desk
Josh/Donna, dare, 'legislative process', on hold, elegant, simple, smear, tender, snow, wedding, deadline, headline, desk, love, waiting game, flowers, coffee, future, phone, travel, holiday, marriage, politics, new, workaholic, champagne, haircut, banter, vacation, seven years, Gaza, banter, election night, dimples, coffee, traffic lights, exposure, leaving, kittens
Josh/Sam, again, symmetry, need, blind, factor, capital, brief, resolution, want, propinquity, extravaganza, if, rebounding, baseball, hands, words, mouths, secret, understanding, longing, tradition, sweaters, Thanksgiving
Josh/Sam/Donna, high, rain, scandal, familiar, senior staff, stress relief, a wish and a prayer, keg of glory, teasing, exhaustion
Josh/Sam/Toby, DC, compromise, afterwards, duty, faith, football, drunk, fragile
Josh/Sam/Toby/CJ, spin-boys, waiting, road trip, motel, break, brief
Josh/Toby, divorce, win, loss, phone-sex, lost, suit, beard, kiss, touch, violence, uneasy, trust issues, for forgetting, gift, on the stoop, after dark, left behind, envy, touch, cold, don't stop
Leo/Jordan, dancing on the porch, conflict of interest, crooked smile, Christmas Eve
Matt Santos/Helen Santos, oval office
Matt Santos/Josh, relief
Sam solo, crushed, lonely, missing him, boredom, far-off places
Sam/adult!Huck Wyatt-Ziegler, son-and-heir, one afternoon, newspapers, promise me, substitute
Sam/Ainsley, reunion, rivals, peachy, trail, senate, cream, embarrassed, California, Republican, dance, baking, years, cupcake, Los Angeles, cafeteria, happy hour
Sam/Amy, winning
Sam/CJ, [any], CJ's couch
Sam/Donna, we shouldn't, friends, lime
Sam/Laurie, see you around, surprise, lawyer, briefcase
Sam/Toby, fire, leaving, Central Park, music, dusk, esoteric, asleep, aphrodisiac, violence, kissing, written on the body, goodbyes, long-distance, beach-house, State of the Union, stand up, dust, crossroads, queer, denial, bruise, photographs, beard, years, proximity, early crush, blanket, comfort, disillusionment, play, fantasy, desperate, my boss, discipline, don't stop
Sam/Toby/CJ, empty house, all you need, team, symbiosis, tease, blindfold, crush, longevity, old times
Sam/Toby/Will, nomination, candidate, press, push, ink, travel, return, Oregon
Sam/Will, office, committee, negotiate, reunion, tan, sunshine, song, sea, flying, blankets, debate, writing, tension, dinner, C-SPAN, spinning, glasses, drinks, fall, moonlight
Toby solo, photographs, come back, ring, melancholy, whiskey
Toby/Annabeth, short, excuses, spirit, blithe
Toby/Andy, tattoo, five years later, inauguration, letter, secret, literature, gentle, poem, eyefuck, bickering, sing to me, thighs, power suit, voyeur, dance, silence, giggling
Toby/Andy/Ann Stark, bipartisan, clandestine, jealousy
Toby/CJ, betray(al/ed), chastize, false, handwritten, speakeasy, experience, personal, waiting, procrastination, gratitude, promise, stars, desolate, loss, letter, dance with me, wrist, desk, Donna Karan, trust, touch, hate you, battle, wordplay, regret, college, youth, high, comfort, finally
Toby/Donna, bar, contrasts, beautiful, old and worn down, one night stand, no exit
Toby/Ellie, late, domestic, phonecall, stories, dawn, crave, scarf, love-in-idleness, fingers
Toby/Joey Lucas, silence, sign, language, signalling, communication, body, tongue, words
Toby/OMC, Brooklyn, found out, anxiety, power, fear
Toby/Tabatha Fortis, language, consequences, secret place, bar, a nice drink, list, rhyme, poetry
Toby/Will, betrayal, envy, missing, try, door, desk
Will/Elsie, math, equation, solution, squared, statistics
Will/Kate, awkward, jealous, tease, war, endless, war, sneaking out, honey

The Woman in White
Marian Halcombe/Count Fosco, defiance

The X-Files
Cancer Man/Krycek, power, struggle, denial, confession, fear, foreplay
Doggett/Reyes, touch, gentle, forget, release, opportunity, risk, belief
Krycek/Marita, betrayal, forgiveness, passion, enemies, explosions, power, face-off, loyalty, maneuver, virus, tough
Mulder/Doggett, beer, memories, death
Mulder/Krycek, hit, gentle, flushed, ready, sweetest, secret, kidnapping
Mulder/Scully, away, bend, water, backwards, faith, unremarkable, conjugal, solo, blanket, mile-high, masking tape, charred, memory, remains, hotel, caretaker, time, familiar, fairytale, antique table, sorrow, comfort, angst, baths, confessions, dancing, night, car, drive, apartment, first, running, end of the world, dream, years, runaways, kisses, snow, color blind, constant, blood, child, 3 a.m., distance, jealousy, mine, possession
Mulder/Skinner, power, changes, leverage, shiny, porn, conspiracy, smoke, surrender, daddy, master, order, bind, slick
Scully/Byers, gobsmacked, clandestine, asleep, loss, alone, roses, distance, again, end of the world
Scully/Frohike, solo, drunk, running, absence makes the heart grow fonder, tattoo, seduction
Scully/Reyes, understanding, darkness, lips, moon
Scully/Skinner, baths, lift, basement, mirror, night, affection, fast, trust, crusade, amnesia, memory
Skinner/Frohike, desk, indulgence, alone, journeys

There Will Be Blood
Daniel/Eli, prayer, unforgiven

This Life
Miles/Anna, edge

Brendan/Freya, beauty, childhood, love, wonder, fascination, mind-chock, gape, tease, silence, staring, drunk, boxer briefs

Lion-O/Pumyra, healing, reconciliation, clandestine
Panthro/Cheetara/Tygra, warmth, old habits

Tin Man
Ambrose/Lavender Eyes, loyalty, mindless, comfort, embers
Cain/Glitch, grace, tipsy, sweet, melt, shock tease, memories

Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell/Vidia, bitter, jealous, want, fast-flying, changes, anything, fly, dust, quiet, smirk, impress, sleepy, rage, vent, slap kiss, magic, fight, talent, follow, unexpected
Tinker Bell/Silvermist, lust, magic, comfort, main land, shudder, kiss, unexpected, pixie dust, change, curious, desire

Roiben/Nephamael, silver, iron, apples, names, power
Roiben/Talathain, duel, banter, grin

Top Gun
Maverick/Goose, true

Andy Davidson/Rhys, radiator, rivals
Gwen/Ianto, survival
Gwen /Owen, arguments, bed, death, desperate, emotions, engagement, fun, Hub, prat, wall
Gwen /Rhys, anchor, badge, cook, dancing, fireworks, green, potted plant, pounce, storm, tie
Ianto/Owen, alone, archives, camping, hot, Jack's back, lazy, rimming, want you
Ianto/Owen/Tosh, archives, broken, dawn, errant, left, lonely, mended, others, research
Ianto/Tosh, blouse, comfort, program, sloth
Jack /Alex Hopkins, alley, protégé, roadworks, shoreline, sweat
Jack / Alice Guppy/Emily Holroyd, aspidistra, bronze, corsetry, golden, nape, slick, steampunk, underground, Victorian values
Jack /Andy Davidson, gladiator, yoghurt
Jack/Captain Jack Harkness, coins, dance, fleeting, intercrural, kiss, London, momentary, moon, rimming, safety
Jack/Captain Jack Harkness/Ianto, care, Rift, rimming, soft, tender, time, moments
Jack/Captain Jack Harkness/Owen, glide, helpful, medically inadvisable, rimming
Jack /Charles Gaskell, cravat, educated gaslight, observation, snow
Jack /Estelle Cole, basement country, fleeting, sunshine, tremulous
Jack/Gwen, exhilarate, fantasy, gifted, loyal, 'never say never', one night, pretend, roots, show me, submission, sweat, the one, waterworks
Jack/Gwen/Ianto, apocalypse, behind, mission, pieces, start
Jack/Gwen/Ianto/Owen/ /Tosh, alien, cause, dusk, fix, hub, Myfanwy, overlap, soldiers
Jack/Gwen/Rhys, double penetration, sex pollen
Jack /Historical-figure, original-character, Time-Agent, torture
Jack/Ianto, addiction, camera, cigarettes, control, cream, date, eye candy, flavours, frozen, glasses, hair, helpless, jealousy, Kleenex, need, oil, pliant, tattoo, stubble, syrup, void, wine
Jack/Ianto/John, clean-up, dynamic, jealousy, ménage, possessiveness
Jack/Ianto/Owen, delicate, difficult
Jack/Ianto/Owen/Tosh, team
Jack/Ianto/Tosh, envy, unexpected
Jack/John, burial, drink, guns, hit, hurt, roof, stars, time loop, violence, wife
Jack /Kathy Swanson, darkness, invasion, necessary, sweat, vertigo
Jack/Martha, kisses, no strings, partners, trust
Jack/Owen, hand, Latin, loneliness, need, office, romance, tension, unexpected
Jack /Tosh, adrenaline, advice, crush, electronic, recruit
Martha/Tosh, geeks, jacket, slower
Owen/Tosh, get it right, lost time, please, sex pollen, spark, strange, stilted, survival guide, weird, wonderful, zombie

Tortall Series (incl Wild Magic and The Lioness Quartet)
Daine/Numair, magelet, graduation
Jon/George, absence, substitute, tension, kings

Raoul/Gary, duty, vacation, wife

Touching Evil (US)
Creegan/Rivers, grief, impulse, method

Jay/Tyler, caught, hidden, clothes, ripped, silence, furtive
Jay/Will/Tyler, punish, raw, friends, future, shelter, rain, stripped

Meryl/Milly, not a substitute, apartment, looking

Tropic Thunder
Alpa/Kevin, advertising
Alpa/Kevin/Lance, water
Alpa/Kirk, dominance
Alpa/Kirk/Lance, whatever
Kevin/Kirk, acting
Kirk/Tobey, method
Kirk/Tugg, method acting, immerse, pleasure, release, emotionality, identity

True Blood
Amy/Maryann, advantages
Amy/Sookie, Gaia, V, seduction
Eric/Pam, favor, beginning
Eric/Sookie, bayou, iced tea, disillusioned, smell, resistance, physical, ride, crisp, attraction, dress, smile, language, blue, tea
Jason/Tara, ache, agenda, bite, crush, longing, wrong
Jessica/Sookie, stepmom, understanding, teeth
Jessica/Tara, imbroglio, park bench
Mary Ann/Jessica, runaway
Mary Ann/Tara, heart-to-heart, spa, gelato, betrayed
Pam/Jessica, disciplinarian
Sam/Maryann, good dog
Sam/Sookie, insanity
Sam/Tara, laughter, clue, fizz
Sookie/Bill, silence, experience, viscera
Sookie/Tara, chicks before dicks
Tara/Sam, denial, indulge

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Syaoran/Sakura, fixed, relaxed, kisses
Kurogane/Fai, decision, sacrifices, acceptance, sweat, heat, new, blue, flirt, follow, home, want, unsure, first time
Fai/Kurogane, flame

Alice/Bella, forget Edward, more to see, Europe, temptation, sleepover, painted.
Alice/Edward, memory, music, lithe, gynmastic
Alice/Jasper, fated, alone, peace, fireworks, temptation, sparkle, winter, moonlight, idea, prophecy, first time, game
Alice/Rosalie, tested, cracked
Bella/Edward, dangerous, pulse, tongues, voyeur
Bella/James, chilly, evening
Bella/Jasper, gleaming, history
Carlisle/Esme, biting, hospital, dirty girl, impurity, quiet, lingerie, accent, purring, meeting, parent, tired, scarves, amber, peace, curved, eternity, doctor
Edward/Jacob, deafening, slam, hot/cold, dazzle
Edward/Leah, snarl, clash, earthquake
Emmett/Rosalie, trauma, sweet, rose, baby
Esme/Rosalie, blood, beauty, reassurance, motherly love
Jacob/Leah, fight, run away, live, outdoors, alone together, mindmeld
James/Jasper/Alice, watching, control
Jasper/Victoria, baseball, challenge, chase
Renée/James, charming
Rosalie/Bella, harsh, too much
Sam/Jacob, control.
Victoria/Edward, replace

Twitch City
Curtis/Hope/Newbie, tie, ace, score, late night
Hope/Curtis, breaking routine, early morning

Keith Ford/Ayshea, underlings
Straker/Foster, argue, think

Ugly Betty
Betty/Amanda, fun
Wihelmina/Christina, support

Ultimate Fantastic Four
Ben/Johnny, different

Ultimate Force
Jamie/Henno, mission, return, Friday, over, beginning

Lloyd/Ron, tom hanks, accent

Selene/Erika, who knew, favorite, invitation, just a little bit more
Selene/Lucian, feral
Selene/Michael, feral, pegging

Vagrant Story
Ashley/Sydney, magic, dragons, marks, sweat
Sydney/Ashley, knowledge, haunting, gifts, pity, truth, lies, wine, plans

Valkyrie Profile
Hrist/Arngrim, Boss, hazard, power bottom
Lezard/Alicia, minx, fun, sunshine, evil-ish
Rufus/Alicia, surprise!, dominatrix, prisoner, unrequited
Rufus/Lezard, how?, experiment, vessel

Vampire Game
Ishtar/Darres, catch me if you can, laughter, exasperation, knighthood, magic
Ishtar/Falan, knight in shining armour, learn, fair
Laphiji/Seiliez, drink, try, longing

Venture Brothers
Brock/Molotov, snap, smokin'
Brock/Rusty, loyalty, zombies
Colonel Gentleman/David Bowie, key party
Jonas Jr./Sally Impossible, invisible, spontaneous
Jonas Sr./Colonel Gentleman, discovery
Monarch/Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, first date, coming home, argument
Phantom Limb/Dr. Girlfriend, oops, sense of touch
Rusty/Dr. Orpheus, male bonding, experiment
The Monarch/Dr. Girlfriend, first time

Verbotene Liebe
Christian/Gregor, grief, stare, heat
Christian/Oliver, divided loyalty, not following his own advice, strength, couch, experiment

Veritas the Quest
Nikko/Calvin, reunions

Veronica Mars
Dick/Beaver, collarbone, pot, terror, ghost
Dick/Mac, beach, hide-out, careful, desperate, hot, beach, tutor, secret, friends
Duncan/Lilly, secrets, wax, boats,
Duncan/Veronica, beach, storm, papercut, adorable, partners in crime, jaded
Lamb/Veronica, handcuffs, loser, bet, locker, Veronica Mars is smarter than me, cookies, baseball, bust, please, apology
Lilly/Logan/Veronica, almost, gentle, teach, wonder
Logan/Duncan, poolhouse, Lilly, Veronica, grieving
Logan/Mac, tech support
Logan/Veronica, beach, mountain, need, sorrow, pain, substitution, exotic, break, hint, shine, shower, charge, return, handcuffs, home, trust, demonstrate, learn, future, illicit, unexpected, luck, Neptune Grand, beach, piano, finders keepers, act, screwdriver, staples, loud, imagination, clock, pride, dreams, night, graduation, slap
Logan/Veronica/Weevil, bruise, flash, stroke, turn, sharing, give and take, not unusual, stone cold sober
Logan/Weevil, bathroom, classroom, closet, garage, suspicious, alley, dark, voyeur, unwilling, do-over
Mac/Cassidy, AU, broken, first time, New York
Mac/Logan, MacBook, rebound, smirk, bridges
Mac/Weevil, tattoo, wonder, grease, library, scream
Veronica/Duncan/Logan, college, truth, need
Veronica/Mac, sharing a bed, payback, road trip, morning sex, undercover
Veronica/Weevil, payment
Veronica/Wiedman, eye-to-eye, pet, teamwork, advice
Weevil/Hector, in or out

Kaito/Len, practice, gloves, vulnerable, impropriety, blindfold, underestimate
Len/Rin, longing, choreography, sky, cage
Luka/Miku, etiquette, hairbrush, stage fright

Vorkosigan series
Aral/Cordelia, homesick, shocking
Bel/Ivan, horizons
Bel/Miles, roughing it, bad taste, over it
Bel/Mark, definitely not him

Wanted (movie)
Fox/Wesley, fight/fuck, tattoo, Russian

War of the Worlds (tv)
Blackwood/Ironhorse, anger, comfort, conflict, rigid
Ironhorse/McCullough, comfort, parent, sleepy, surprise

Niko/Jos, safety

Warcraft III
Arthas/Jaina, fooling around, flirting, first kisses, hide and seek, flowers
Illidan/Malfurion/Tyrande, trees, vines, moon, song, longest night
Lich King/Arthas, mindfuck, cold, hard

We Need to Talk About Kevin
Kevin [solo], angry, butter, watching

Andy/Kat, icicle, road trip, delight, falling, illegal, adventure, wild
Andy/Nancy, couch, drunk, slipping, bitch, break, fake, sale, backseat, bathroom, garden, Mexico, upstairs, coincidence, sudden, weird, okay, high
Nancy/Celia, circles, Mexico, Christmas, almost friends, wine
Nancy/Conrad, chances, reunion, lost, find you, ashes, need, apologize
Nancy/Kat, insane

WeiB Kreuz
Shuldig/Omi, Smirk, missions, business, memory

What I Like About You
Holly/Tina, purple, strap-on, promotion, fight, care

Wicked (book)
Frexpar/Melena/Turtle Heart, an understanding, complication

Wicked (musical)
Elphaba/Glinda, dirty, carriage, seducing, careful, emeralds, rich, touching, bathing, stilettos

Elphaba/Fiyero/Galinda, courting, decisions, greed
Fiyero/Elphaba, unrequited, books, dancing, flowers

Wilby Wonderful
Duck/Buddy, fog, lazy, rain, remember

Duck/Dan, cherish, nebulous, symbiosis, bridge

Emily/Mackenzie, cigarette, stoop, jeans

Will and Grace
Karen/Grace, years

Wings of Desire
Damiel/Cassiel, eternity
Damiel/Marion, tactile

Wire in the Blood
Tony/Alex, lipstick, helpless, tears, marmite, unavoidable

Shuichiro/Kohaku, wings, again, cold

Witch Hunter Robin
Robin/Amon, fugitive, travel, loneliness
Robin/Karasuma, leadership, substitute

Without a Trace
Danny/Martin, running, ties, lunch, stake-out, argument, flashlight, thinking, stars
Danny/Samantha, drinks after work, reaching out, music

Wizards of Waverly Place
adult!Alex/adult!Justin, magic, potion, bondage, shower, midnight, full moon, fight, lust, bond, first time, trapped

WKRP In Cincinatti
Johnny/Bailey, couches, remember, sleeping
Johnny/Venus, drugs, old, rock-n-roll, sex

Wolves Of Kromer
Gabriel/Seth, feather, rain, trust

Woman in the Dunes
Niki/Woman, parched

Women's Murder Club
Cindy/Lindsay, slowly, rescue me
Lindsay/Heather, kiss

Wonder Boys
James/Terry, imbalanced

Wonder Woman
Diana/Io, forge, sharp, shore

Aaron/Mahandra, formal event, trust, wax lion
Jaye/Aaron, sanity
Jaye/Sharon, I've always wondered

World of Warcraft
Any/Any, recovery, karaoke, hide, escapism

Aoki/Karen, elements, elbow, trains, work, religion, tea
Arashi/Sorata, barrier
Fuuma/Kakyou, depression, blood, prophecy
Fuuma/Kamui, cogs, Gemini, seven, glass
Kamui/Keiichi, earthquakes, smile, dinner, schoolwork
Subaru/Fuuma, misery, coat, Sakurazukamori
Subaru/Seishirou, alcohol, tradition, shadows, salt, suit, ghost

Xena: Warrior Princess
Ares/Joxer, fool
Xena/Gabrielle, campfire, bath, horseback, bodyswap

Albedo/Gaignun, noise, irritation, distance, grip, breath
Albedo/Jr., pain
Albedo/Kirschwasser(s), opera, father figure, playtime
Albedo/Standard URTV, pretend, explore, mirror, inferior
Canaan/chaos, accidental
Gaignun/Jr., red
Jin/chaos, dark, heavy, grass, tied, meditate
Jin/chaos, enigma
Jr./chaos, displacement, message, target, ozone, shy, glove
Jr./Gaignun, elders, thirst, silk, collar, phantom, comfort
Jr./MOMO, copper, hues
Jr./MOMO/Albedo, red will become white will become pink
Marguilis/Albedo, alpha male, sword, cane, lash, laughter, chess
Marguilis/Cherenkov, absolution, willing, signal, blue
Shion/KOS-MOS, bedtime, light, touch, voice
Tony/Hammer/chaos, flying
Wilhelm/chaos, nostalgia, weight, silence, scent, strength
Yuriev/Gaignun, crowded, hands, fingernails, scrape, scratch, bargain, beg

Jamie/Layla, eventually, reunion

X-Men (comics)
Bobby Drake/Jean-Paul Beaubier, throat, popsicle, lick
Logan/Mystique, scent, struggle
Ororo/Emma, snow

X-Men (movies)
Bobby/John, post-X3, enemies, powerless, soothe
Bobby/John/Marie, reach, stretch, try
Bobby/Rogue/John, forbidden, cutting class, testing the waters, powers
Charles/Erik, bitter, metal, laughter, different
Erik/John, fire, unrepentant, history, shiver
Erik/Mystique, naked, luxury, reading, villains
Iceman/Pyro, bittersweet memories, addiction, orange
Jean/Logan, touch, whole
John/Mystique, projection, longing, lust
Logan/Marie, careful, deny, morning, seventh
Logan/Ororo, stamina, tenth, wear, zenith
Logan/Scott, anger, bound, mission, rescue, fight, cigar, scotch, feelings, mine, heightened senses
Magneto/Kelly, tongue, freezing, bars
Magneto/Mystique, loyalties, history, weary
Magneto/Pyro, scorched, chains, shadows
Rogue/Bobby, touch, after the cure, Kitty
Warren/Kitty, wings, first flight, rebound, freedom
Wolverine/Rogue, skin, paper, remember, time, magnolia, sweat

Jean/Logan, fire, animal, forest

Logan/Marie, faith, presented, spacial, playground, save, online, time, design
Logan/Marie, pretty when you cry
Logan/Rogue, yours
Rogue/Gambit, skin, heartbeat
Rogue/Iceman, temperature, rules, breath
Scott/Jean, blind, red, tangles
Scott/Jean, blindfold, fortune, spandex
Scott/Logan, impulse, sense, brawl, silent, resist, desire, fingers
Storm/Wolverine (Ororo/Logan) candy, cotton, feathers
Wolverine/Marie, mine
Wolverine/Rogue, broken

X-Men: Evolution
Boom Boom/Cyclops, authority figure

Clow/Yuuko, children, magic, sunset

Y tu mama también
Julio/Luisa/Tenoch, that scene at the end of the film
Julio/Tenoch/any, another character as conduit

Y: The Last Man
355/711, training, her own good, bondage gear
355/Allison, knitting, collection
355/Toyota, knife, adrenaline, kickbox, personal space
Allison/Rose, lips, injury, classic, factual
Allison/Rose, technobabble
Alter/Natalya, laugh therapy, annoying, lost in translation, comfort, futile threat, renewal
Hero/Beth Deville, motorbike, tease, silence
Hero/Beth, brightness, uncharted
Hero/Natalya, gorgeous maniac

Yami no Matsuei
Watari/Tatsumi, a little glass vial, shadows and sun

Young Americans
Hamilton/Jake, bound, floor, even
Scout/Will, space, claim, bright

Young and the Restless
Billy/Chloe, affair, memory, same, similar

Young Avengers
Billy/Eli/Teddy, share, complete, sandwich
Billy/Teddy, first
Billy/Teddy, shapeshift, shock, twist, strength, quest, high school

Bakura/Dark Bakura, endless
Bakura/Ryou, biting, giving in, forgetting
Bakura/Yuugi, creampuffs
Dark Bakura/Yuugi, trying
Honda/Jounouchi, thugs
Kaiba/Jounouchi, genius
Thief King Bakura/Atem, AU
Yuugi/Anzu, bounce
Yuugi/Jounouchi, sleepover

Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Bobby/Brandon, cover

2 Fast 2 Furious/Fast and Furious, Brian/Dom/Rome, history, need, primal, speed, want
2 Fast 2 Furious/Fast and Furious, Brian/Vince, dominance, payback, thanks
24/Alias, Jack Bauer/Sydney Bristow, bar, co-operation
24/In plain sight, Jack Bauer/Mary Shannon, [any]
24/Iron Man(movie), Tony Stark/Jack Bauer, relax
24/Stargate SG-1, Jack O'Neill/Jack Bauer, ballistic, blow, bunker, desert, pressure, sand, steam, sweat
30 Rock/Realnews RPF, Liz Lemon/Keith Olbermann, change, ice cream, insanity, push
30 Rock/Realnews RPF, Liz Lemon/Rachel Maddow, caught, cocktails, hold on, lips, predatory, soft, tightrope
30 Rock/Sports Night, Liz/Casey, ratings
30 Rock/The West Wing, Jack Donaghy/Amy Gardner, bad ideas, champagne, feminism
30 Rock/The West Wing, Jack Donaghy/Donna Moss, dance, perfume
30 Rock/The West Wing, Jack Donaghy/Josh Lyman, [any]
30 Rock/The West Wing, Liz Lemon/Josh Lyman, [any]

Alias/Burn Notice, Julian Sark/Michael Westen, flag, hitch
Alias/Burn Notice, Michael Westen/Sark, last, pain, trust, turned back
Alias/Burn Notice, Michael Westen/Vaughn, attachments, one-that-got-away, punk
Alias/Burn Notice/Leverage, Julian Sark/Michael Westen/Eliot, demand, whistle
Alias/James Bond, Jack Bristow/James Bond, damaged goods, repression, mirror
Angel the Series/Bones, Angelus/Seeley Booth, break, defiant, mind fuck, resistance, vanity
Angel the Series/Bones, Fred/Booth, handsome man, sweet
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel/Xander Harris, aftermath, alpha, Angelus, basement, black, blood, claim, daddy, earring, eat, food, hair, Hawaiian shirt, heir, hyena, LA, latex, leather, magic, new day, pet, power, red, soul, shopping, spell, tattoo, tie
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Fred, girls make passes, painting, Willow's not the only one who's kinda gay
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fred/Giles, libraries, time
Angel the Series/Firefly, Angel/Saffron, target
Angel the Series/Firefly, Angel/Zoe, worship
Angel the Series/Heroes, Gwen/Elle, control, freak
Angel the Series/Leverage, Angel/Eliot, bad ass, dust, fight, kicked ass, mistaken identity, old soul, oops, paladin, the-right-one, reincarnation, reward, still gray, wrong
Angel the Series/Leverage, Lindsey/Eliot, law
Angel the Series/Smallville, Angelus/Red kryptonite!Clark, unstoppable
Angel the Series/Smallville, Lilah/Tess, merger, contracts
Angel the Series/Stargate Atlantis, Fred/Ronon, superheroes
Angel the Series/Supernatural, Illyria/Sam, blue, mark, restore, unnatural
Anne Bishop - Black Jewels Trilogy/Supernatural, Daemon/Sam, match
Anne Bishop - Black Jewels Trilogy/Supernatural, Jess/Surreal, meeting
Anne Bishop - Black Jewels Trilogy/Supernatural, Karla/Jess, crossing, world
Anne Bishop - Black Jewels Trilogy/Supernatural, Karla/Sam, first, power
Anne Bishop - Black Jewels Trilogy/Supernatural, Lucivar/Dean, hunt, rival
Anne Bishop - Black Jewels Trilogy/Supernatural, Saetan/John, fight, tired, whiskey
Anne Bishop - Black Jewels Trilogy/Supernatural, Surreal/Dean, push, rock, standing, tie
Anne of Green Gables/Blackadder Goes Forth, Jem Blythe/Bob, guess what I've got
Anne of Green Gables/Blackadder Goes Forth, Walter Blythe/Darling, afraid
Anne of Green Gables/Raffles: Amateur Cracksman, Walter Blythe/Bunny, run ragged
Arrested Development/Psych, Gob/Shawn, magic
Arrested Development/Psych, Lucille/Henry, ungrateful children
Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars, Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt/Alex Drake, vital signs.
Avengers/Young Avengers, Eli/Steve, art, history, paint

Babylon 5/Doctor Who, Garibaldi/Nine, no, snark
Babylon 5/Doctor Who, Ivanova/Ten, insane, shoes
Babylon 5/Doctor Who, Stephen/Martha, doctors, time
Babylon 5/Firefly, Talia/Susan/Mal, boss, dominate, pushy
Bad Girls/Sugar Rush, Sugar/Denny, cellmates, panties
Bandom/Chuck, Jon Walker/Sarah Walker, food court, hostage, juice, Starbucks
Bandom/Chuck, Ray Toro/Chuck, tech support
Bandom/Criminal Minds, Kitty/Penelope Garcia, hello, flirt
Bandom/Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid/any, [any]
Bandom/Merlin, Pete Wentz/Arthur Pendragon, celebrity, grass, red
Bandom/RPF, Bob Bryar/Rick Astley, [any]
Bandom/the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Ray Toro/Cameron, awkward, knees, new friends, surprises
Baroque Cycle/Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Shaftoe/Jack Sparrow, madness
Baseball RPF/Football RPF, Jonathan Papelbon/Eli Manning, bets, hunting, roughhousing, sleepy, Wii
Batman Begins/Smallville, Chloe/Bruce, bake, Batman, refuse, stubborn, paradise, identities, paradise, refuse, stubborn
Batman Begins/Smallville, Clark/Bruce, Fortress, approach, commitment, dust, pie, secret, twinkle, Wayne Manor
Batman Begins/Smallville, Lois/Bruce, batcave, batmobile, revelations, black, batcave, carry, take, cooking, couch
Batman Begins/The Dark Knight, Bruce/Harvey, strangers, university, young, kissing, kegs
Batman Begins/The Dark Knight, Jonathan Crane/Harvey Dent, [any]
Batman/Iron Man, Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark, armor, strip, poker
Batman/Smallville, Bruce/Chloe, toast
Batman/The Shadow, Alfred Pennyworth/Harry Vincent, kinship
Batman: The Animated Series/Re-Animator movies, Scarecrow/Herbert West, anatomy of the problem, familiar voices, fearless
Battlestar Galactica/Burn Notice, Natalie/Michael, answers, boat, mistaken identity
Battlestar Galactica/Burn Notice, Six (any)/Michael Westen, home, rocky, susceptible, human, achievement,
Battlestar Galactica/Doctor Who, Anastasia Dualla/Martha Jones, asking too much, second best, perfect, bullet
Battlestar Galactica/Doctor Who, Caprica/Mickey Smith, water, stolen, world burns, sweet
Battlestar Galactica/Doctor Who, Kara Thrace/Sam Anders/Jack Harkness, until the day I die, drunk, lost, pride
Battlestar Galactica/Doctor Who, Kara Thrace/Sam Anders/Martha Jones, exuberance, dare, laughter, forgotten
Battlestar Galactica/Doctor Who, Lee Adama/Nine, the good soldier.
Battlestar Galactica/Farscape, Anastasia Dualla/Chiana, playful, raslak, conversations go nowhere, easy
Battlestar Galactica/Farscape, D'Anna/Grayza, negotiation, power, imbalance, flawed
Battlestar Galactica/Farscape, Laura Roslin/Zhaan, prophecy, skin, realization, no need to fight
Battlestar Galactica/Farscape, Sam Anders/Aeryn Sun, comfort, anger, touch, painless
Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, D'Anna/Zoe, meaning
Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Dee/Mal, loss and comfort, New Caprica
Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Laura Roslin/Inara Serra, unclench.
Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Starbuck/Jayne, fight, flip, fondle, food
Battlestar Galactica/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Baltar/Arthur Dent, connection
Battlestar Galactica/Pirates of the Carribbean, Sam Anders/Will Turner, sojourn, dead men tell tales, salt, rum
Battlestar Galactica/Space:1999, Starbuck/Alan, pilots, upside-down
Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek: Voyager, Six [any]/Seven of Nine, consecutive, instantaneous rate of change, resistance is futile
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis, Billy Keikeya/Teyla Emmagan, sandalwood, leaves, sweat, unexpected
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/John Sheppard, there are many copies, writer's choice
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis, Sam Anders/John Sheppard, anywhere, anytime, reborn, flyboys, adrenaline, fight, flight
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis, Sam Anders/Laura Cadman, boom, pilot, red dress, one-up
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis, Sam Anders/Ronon Dex, jogging, triumph, flowers, this is the way it ends
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1, Kara Thrace/Sam Carter, disco, candy, nuclear, kisses
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1, Sam Anders/Vala Mal Doran, leather, distance, all mine,
Battlestar Galactica/Supernatural, Leoben/Castiel, stare, holy, obsession
Battlestar Galactica/Supernatural, Sam Anders/Dean Winchester, rock star, hell, dreams
Battlestar Galactica/Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Kara/Derek, bunk, tunnels.
Battlestar Galactica/Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sam Anders/Cameron, machines, resistance
Battlestar Galactica/The Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Caprica/Cameron, always learning, elegance, running
Battlestar Galactica/Xena: The Warrior Princess, D'Anna/Gabrielle, reincarnation, vision, ethereal
Battlestar Galactica/X-Men, Anastasia Dualla/Logan, zeppelin, sideways, cuts to the bone, sea shells
Battlestar Galactica/X-Men, Sam Anders/Jean Grey, assignment, spies, heart, sunlight
Being Human/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, George/Oz, the very worst thing is that it feels so good.
Berserk/Monster, Eva/Farnese, pyromania, ale, blood
Berserk/Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann, Guts/Kamina, not even supposed to be happening
Big Bang Theory/Chuck, Morgan Grimes/Raj Koothrappali, Comicon, LARPing, cybersex
Big Bang Theory/Stargate Atlantis, Sheldon Cooper/Rodney McKay, aesthetic, astrophysics, Battlestar Galactica, brake, classified, colleague, conference, cuba libre,, ego, galactic explorers, Hiro, igloo, ignorance, impeccable, impossible, intelligentsia, method. modesty, naval gazing, ocean, piano, phobia, relief, research, science, superhero, Vienna, XKCD
Big Wolf on Campus/Merlin, Merlin/Merton, botched
Big Wolf on Campus/Scrubs, Merton/JD, speechless
Birds of Prey (comic)/The Dark Knight, Barbara Gordon(Oracle)/Bruce Wayne, trust, obvious, hero, worship
Black Books/Dirty Jobs RPF, Mike Rowe/The Cleaner, very dirty, I would like to clean it from the inside
Blackadder Goes Forth/Raffles: Amateur Cracksman, Raffles/Blackadder, sod it
Blackpool/Cracker, Peter Carlisle/David Bilborough, mentor, cuffs, first murder, candy floss, beach, hotel room, seminar, sex toys, rimming
Blade Trinity/Numb3rs, Don Eppes/Drake, any, power, rape, turning
Blake's 7/ Classic Trek, Cally/Spock, Alien minds
Blake's 7/Stargate SG-1, Kerr Avon/Vala Mal Doran, arousal, challenge, con, Einstein, genius, Houdini, intense, irresistible, key, passion, permission, permutation, prisoner, puzzle, rebellion, restraint, seduce, variable
Bleach/xxxHolic, Orihime/Himawari, sunshine, dreams
Bleach/xxxHolic, Yoruichi/Yuuko, catching up, wine
Blood Ties/Forever Knight, Janette/Henry, club, inexperience, territorial
Bones/Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid/Zach Addy, bones, geek, aphasia, tongues
Bones/House, Angela/Thirteen, endearment
Bones/James Bond, Seeley Booth/James Bond, action, interrogation, alley, fight, restraints, rough
Bones/Psych, Seeley Booth/Shawn Spencer, consult, flail
Bones/Stargate Atlantis, Temperance Brennan/Rodney McKay, soft sciences, human emotions, snark
Bones/Supernatural, Seeley Booth/Dean Winchester, all-American boy, guns, faith, protector, pie
Bones/Supernatural, Zack Addy/Sam Winchester, geek, outcast, Latin, slime
Bones/The West Wing, Jack Hodgins/Sam Seaborn, conspiracy, interest, recover
Books of Magic: Life in Wartime/Harry Potter, Tim Hunter/Albus Dumbledore, open, whistle, beard
Boston Legal/The West Wing, Josh Lyman/Alan Shore, negotiation, charm
Bourne Supremacy/James Bond, Bond/Nicky/Bourne, confinement, pursuit
Bourne trilogy (movies)/Burn Notice, Jason/Carla, job
Bourne trilogy (movies)/Burn Notice, Michael/Nicky, Venice
Brick/Veronica Mars, Brain/Mac, keyboard
Brick/Veronica Mars, Brendan/Veronica, shadow
Brick/Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars/Brendan Frye, backseat, pulse, brain, mac
Britannia High/High School Musical, Jez/Chad/Ryan, mirror, envy, voyeur, overwhelm
Britannia High/High School Musical, Jez/Ryan, understanding, leap, glance, rhythm, magnetic
Brothers and Sisters/The West Wing, Kevin Walker/Sam Seaborn
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Chuck, Xander/Chuck, normal guys, comic books, blush, tangle, speed
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/DC Comics/Iron Man, Buffy/Nightwing/Tony Stark, biting
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dead Like Me, Andrew/Mason, opportunism, spell casting, soul
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dexter, Dexter/Spike, blood, need, slaughter, willing, witness, mayhem, partners, push
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Die Hard, Buffy/John, skin, leaves you hungry and horny
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Ace/Faith, war, blood, cheese
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Anya/Dr. Horrible, wish, revenge, mumbling,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Spike/Moist, assist, monologue, contacts,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Eureka, Faith/Jo, competition
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Fast and the Furious, Letty/Faith, vampires, apocalypse, war, punching, bruises, blood, vicious, sunrise, sunset, peace
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Faith/Inara, comfort, beauty, ache
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Friday Night Lights, Faith/Tyra, false
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ghost Whisperer, Buffy/Melinda, last summer, account, stake, loneliness, light, depression
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ginger Snaps, Faith/Ginger, leather, fun, wet, wanton, danger
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ginger Snaps, Spike/Ginger, hunger, ink, beer, wicked, lust, bone
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Heroes, Faith/Elle, tough, good and evil, alleyway
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Heroes, Spike/Adam, bored, mortals, too long
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Heroes, Willow/Claire, homework, manatees, magic
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Heroes, Xander/Daphne, misunderstood
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/High School Musical, Ryan/Andrew, tacky
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/High School Musical, Sharpay/Harmony, match
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man, Buffy Summers/Tony Stark, playing cowboy (or cowgirl!)
Buffy the vampire Slayer/Kim Possible, Faith/Shego, revel, indolent, snark
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Kushiel's Legacy, Faith/Phedre, rope, healing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Merlin, Andrew/Arthur/Merlin, nerd
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Merlin, Spike/Morgana, fickle
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Merlin, Xander/Merlin, eyepatch
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS, Abby/Spike, sharp, intensity, ride, force, fierce, eager, black, coffin
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS, Abby/Spike/Tony, fetish, feed, leather, strap-on, strap, collar, boots, red
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS, Spike/Tony, willing, night, bite, bleed, bend
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Numb3rs, Don Eppes/Spike, any, blood, darkness,immortality, release, shelter, strong, turning, understanding, unexpected, violence
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Sandman, Dawn/Death, puzzle, energy, portal, change, grow, seek
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Sandman, Oz/Dream, howl, awake, alive, free, slake, watch
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Sandman, Spike/Death, old, friends, familiar, hands, laughter, touch
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Sandman, Spike/Dream, nightmare, needy, chaos, wild, unexpected
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Skins, Spike/Effy, feeling
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Skins, Willow/Cassie, magic, glow, drops, falling
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Trek: TOS, Buffy/Kirk, thrilling heroics
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Spike/Michael, irregular
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, adult!Dawn Summers/Dean Winchester, backseat-boogie
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy/Castiel, not quite human, earth(l)y
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy/Faith/Dean/Sam, superior, bite
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy/girl!Dean, a moment's peace
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy/John Winchester, dominance/submission, sparring, winter storm warning
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy/Sam, brace, broken, kick
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn/Dean, dirty, walls, whimper
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith/Dean, comfort, handcuffs, hard, picture, pick, rip, shine, slit, soft, swerve, tackle
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Buffy/Sookie, chance
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Buffy/Sookie/Bill, thunderstorm
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Faith/Sookie, replacement
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight, Buffy Summers/Alice Cullen, [any]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars, Dawn/Veronica, questions
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Watchmen, Buffy/Laurie, teenage superheroes have the best teenage rebellions
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Watchmen, Willow/Ozymandius, making things better, genius
Burn Notice/Brothers and Sisters, Kevin Walker/Michael Westen, crash
Burn Notice/Criminal Minds, Emily Prentiss/Michael Weston, beach, abroad, history
Burn Notice/In Plain Sight, Michael/Mary, any, guns, ow, lust
Burn Notice/James Bond, Michael Westin/James Bond, Bond Guy, burned, debt, code of honor, eunuch, eye-candy, gun powder, hand-to-hand, harem, injury, inter-departmental, lost, machine oil, my hero, newbie, plan, play along, spy games, training, unconventional methods, undercover
Burn Notice/La Femme Nikita, Michael Westen/Madeline, out of the fire, close call, recruitment, no
Burn Notice/La Femme Nikita, Michael Westen/Michael, dour
Burn Notice/Leverage, Fiona/Eliot, explosion, guns
Burn Notice/Leverage, Fiona/Parker, boooom!
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Eliot, bleed, competition, cooperation, Croatia, cut, do-it-yourself, no-help-need, rescue, taught
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Hardison, sure
Burn Notice/Numb3rs, Michael/Charlie, rescue
Burn Notice/Smallville, Fiona/Oliver, boom
Burn Notice/Smallville, Michael Westen/Lex Luthor, bar, pool
Burn Notice/Stargate SG-1, Michael/Sam Carter, super spy, gadgets, seduction
Burn Notice/Torchwood, Michael Westen/Jack Harkness, bridge, passing
Burn Notice/X-men, Logan Wolverine/Michael, Don't even think about it., knife play, masochism, power play
Burn Notice/X-men, Logan Wolverine/Michael/Scott Cyclops, look what we have here, voyeurism, two against one, surrender, sensory deprivation
Burn Notice/X-men, Michael/Scott Cyclops, what have we here?, tangles, checkmate, Mind your own business, power play

Chronicles of Narnia/Lord of the Rings, Lucy/Boromir, brawling
Chronicles of Narnia/Lord of the Rings, Susan/Eomer, shared burdens are halved burdens, wine
Chuck/Heroes, Chuck Bartowski/Hana Gittelman, connection
Chuck/Leverage, Chuck/Hardison, geek love, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty
Chuck/Leverage, Chuck/Parker, any
Chuck/Man from UNCLE, Chuck/Angelique, it all went horribly wrong
Chuck/Nancy Drew, Sarah Walker/Ned Nickerson, stand-in
Chuck/Veronica Mars, Chuck/Veronica, asset, target
Claymore/Fullmetal Alchemist, Riful/Lust, gore, power, standoff
Cleopatra 2525/Firefly, Hal/Zoe, breasts, guns, guessing, lost, mindfuck, surprise
Cleopatra 2525/Firefly, Sarge/Zoe, monsters, after, endings, memory
Cleopatra 2525/Monster Makers, Sarge/Sheriff Jay, dirty, gosh, polite, unlawful
Cleopatra 2525/Stargate SG-1, Sarge/Baal, different, curious, what!, serious, sly, sultry, master, servant, kinky, surprise
Criminal Minds/DC Comics, Penelope Garcia/Oracle (Barbara Gordon), hunting.
Criminal Minds/Dexter, Elle Greenaway/Deb Morgan, handcuffs
Criminal Minds/House, Hotch/Wilson, strong
Criminal Minds/House, House/Reid, mensa
Criminal Minds/House, Reid/Cameron, memories
Criminal Minds/House, Spencer Reid/Robert Chase, bar, roommates, mismatched clothes
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Reid/Goren, magic, crazy, genius, textbook, library, catharsis, lexicon, sanatorium, tousled
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Reid/Goren/Ducky, arcane, sons, gloves
Criminal Minds/Leverage, Elle/Parker, payback, drinks, off the grid, strap-on, vigilantes
Criminal Minds/Leverage, Morgan/Sophie, undercover, mile high club
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Emily Prentiss/Ari Haswari; middle east, assignment, spies, rough, exhibition
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Garcia/McGee, computers, leather, chivalry, avatar, webcam, tech support
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Penelope Garcia/Abby Sciuto, tattoos, genius, tease, laughter, innuendo, riot grrl, leather, kinky, glasses, lipstick, coffin, linux
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Reid/Ducky, listen, ramble
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Spencer Reid/Timothy McGee, challenge, louis l'amour, paradise lost, Quantico
Criminal Minds/Numb3rs, Charlie/Reid, geeks
Criminal Minds/Numb3rs, Derek Morgan/Colby Granger, tackling
Criminal Minds/Numb3rs, Elle Greenaway/Megan Reeves, guilt
Criminal Minds/Numb3rs, Spencer Reid/Charlie Eppes, chalkboards
Criminal Minds/Psych, Hotch/Lassiter, bad cop
Criminal Minds/Psych, Spencer Reid/Shawn Spencer, genius, notice, tease, analyse
Criminal Minds/Stargate Atlantis, Derek Morgan/Ronon Dex, judo, frustration, relaxation
Criminal Minds/Stargate Atlantis, Emily Prentiss/John Sheppard, history, dinner, late night
Criminal Minds/Supernatural, Reid/Sam, magic
Criminal Minds/The Mentalist, Aaron Hotchner/Teresa Lisbon, easy, natural, no-strings
Criminal Minds/The Mentalist, Spencer Reid/Patrick Jane, clever, lies, faultlines, insomnia
Criminal Minds/The Three Investigators (Crimebusters), Reid/Jupiter Jones, prodigy, awkward
CSI/Supernatural, Greg/Dean, club, gambling, mysterious circumstances, DNA, fingerprints
CSI: New York/Leverage, Danny/Eliot, bar
CSI: New York/NCIS, Adam Ross/Abby, [any]
CSI: New York/NCIS, Gibbs/Mac, alpha males, understanding Marines
CSI: New York/Numb3rs, Don Flack/Don Eppes, [any], soulmates
CSI: New York/Supernatural, Adam Ross/Sam Winchester, [any]

D.C. Comics/Marvel Comics, Selina Kyle/Felicia Hardy, jewellery
Dark Angel/NCIS, Max/Tony, mistaken Identity
Dark Angel/Supernatural, Alec/Sam, belated, wise
Dark Angel/Supernatural, Alec/Tamara, boy, guard, loss
Dark Angel/Supernatural, Original Cindy/Sam, snap
Dark Angel/Supernatural, Original Cindy/Tamara, dress, street
Dark Angel/Supernatural, Sam/Alec, hard, drunk, voyeur, proof, handcuffs, dominate
Dark Angel/Supernatural, Sam/Alec/Dean, danger, wishes, new, submission, desire
Dark is Rising/Merlin, Gwen/Jane, sing, mountain, sword
Dark is Rising/Merlin, Merlin/Merriman Lyon, mirror, water, slick
DC Comics/Friday Night Lights, Kory/Julie, lessons, gasp
DC Comics/Harry Potter, Dick/Sirius, challenge, bite
DC Comics/Kim Possible, Wonder Woman/adult!Shego, last night, bad reputation, one of those days
Dead Like Me/Discworld, Rube/Susan, the truth at last
Dead Like Me/Reaper, George/Sam, this is how it's done, beginning and ending, disaster
Death Note/Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Takano/Mikami, femdom, worship, blindfold, straitjacket
Death Note/Princess Tutu, Rem/Edel, second chances
Death Note/Star Wars, Mello/Anakin Skywalker, Sith-in-training
Devil Wears Prada/Harry Potter, Miranda/Rita Skeeter, bitch, blackmail, lust
Dexter/Oz, Deb/Keller, tease, torture, heartbreak
Dhoom/Dostana, Sam/Kunal, encounter Jai and Kabir
Die Hard/Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Matt Farrell/John Connor, expertise
Doctor Who/Chuck, Chuck/Rose, fantasy, cellphone, partners
Doctor Who/Firefly, Martha Jones/Malcolm Reynolds, just visiting
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Eight/Sirius, aristocracy, rebellion, transport, motorcycle
Doctor Who/House MD, Nine/Thirteen, damage
Doctor Who/James Bond, Ace/James Bond, boom, nitro nine, explosions, awesome, new recruit
Doctor Who/James Bond, Brigidier Lethbridge-Stewart/Dench!M, protocol.
Doctor Who/James Bond, Harriet Jones/M, making history, debriefing
Doctor Who/James Bond, Martha Jones/James Bond, storytelling
Doctor Who/Life on Mars, Donna Noble/Gene Hunt, handcuffs.
Doctor Who/Life on Mars, Ten/Sam Tyler, poor substitute.
Doctor Who/Lost, Rose Tyler/Desmond Hume, missing, unstuck, trying to get home
Doctor Who/Merlin, Eleven/Arthur/Merlin, new companions, legendary, special, time-travel, future, magic, universe, secrets
Doctor Who/Merlin, Eleven/Uther, magic, control, difference.
Doctor Who/Merlin, Jethro/Arthur, now, cussing
Doctor Who/Merlin, Jethro/Arthur/Merlin, peculiar
Doctor Who/Merlin, Rose/Arthur, robes, battle, rightfully, magic
Doctor Who/Pushing Daisies, Rose/Ned, rain, sunshine, always, cinnamon, strawberry
Doctor Who/RPF, Jethro/Bradley James
Doctor Who/Secret Diary of a Callgirl, Nine/Belle, dark, alone, leather, silence, flowers
Doctor Who/Sons of Anarchy Rose Tyler/Jax Teller, stars, bikes, board games
Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis, Martha Jones/Teyla Emmagan, warriors, culture, start
Doctor Who/Supernatural, Castiel/Rose, fairytale, white, burned, sensations, tongue
Doctor Who/Supernatural, Donna/Dean, cowboys
Doctor Who/Supernatural, Rose Tyler/Castiel, coats, baking, humanity, flirting, heavy
Doctor Who/The Devils Whore, Sexby/Martha, discontent
Doctor Who/The Middleman, Ten/Middleman
Doctor Who/The Office, Dwight/Rose, pranks
Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Rani/Rani, good humour, tea time, Doctor's diary
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Donna/Jack Harkness, crash
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Eleven/Jack Harkness, youth, surprise, deceit
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Harriet Jones (Prime Minister)/Jack Harkness, protocol, stockings, velvet
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jackie Tyler/Jack Harkness, biscuit, hallway
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Jack Harkness, graduation, diamond, kitchen table
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Tom Milligan/Owen Harper, medical
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha/Tosh, button, number, up
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Mickey/Ianto, metal, second, passing
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Mickey/Tosh, retcon, investigate, down
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Sarah-Jane Smith/Jack Harkness, ageless, broken, couch
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ten/Jack/Ianto, covers, filthy, mute, howl, dark
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ten/Tosh, tech, abduction, insanity
Doctor Who/Torchwood, The Doctor/Jack Harkness/Ianto, old friends, introductions, TARDIS
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tish Jones/Jack Harkness, connection, safe, silver, toothpaste
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Yvonne Hartman/Jack Harkness, office politics, tight, filing cabinet
due South/Stargate Atlantis, Benton Fraser/John Sheppard, Chicago, tracking, consulate
due South/The Middleman, Benton Fraser/The Middleman, practicality, down the rabbit hole, Inuit, snow, walk, talk, gag, scent, tongue, touch
due South/The Middleman, Ray Kowalski/Wendy Watson, circumstantial

Eleventh Hour/The Mentalist, Patrick Jane/Jacob Hood, any
Entourage/Angel the Series, Eric Murphy/Cordelia Chase, afterwards
Entourage/Gossip Girl, Eric Murphy/Chuck Bass, power corrupts
Entourage/Gossip Girl, Vince Chase/Blair Waldorf, the beautiful people
Entourage/Iron Man (movie), Eric Murphy/Pepper Potts, schedule, restraint, understanding
Entourage/RPF, Ari/Stephen Colbert, vulnerability
Entourage/The West Wing, Ari Gold/Josh Lyman, professional, newsworthy, appearances
Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Dr. Stephen Whitticus/Rodney McKay, lightning, unpredictable

Farscape/Stargate SG-1, John Crichton/Cameron Mitchell, spirit, television, earth, surreal
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, John Crichton/Vala Mal Doran, opposites, adventure, spaceship, handcuffs, laughter, memory, loss
Final Fantasy Tactics/Final Fantasy XII, Venat/Delita, making history
Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII, Vincent/Irvine, gunkink
Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy XII, Cid/Balthier, teach an old dog new tricks, showing the young punk a thing or two, racing
Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy XII, Vincent/Fran, listen, whispers
Final Fantasy VII/Kingdom Hearts, Mirror, blond, tattoo, guilt
Final Fantasy VII/Metal Gear Solid, Hojo/Para-Medic, everything's better with nanomachines
Final Fantasy XII/Final Fantasy Tactics, Balthier Bunansa/Meliadoul Tengille, hollow, stars, duty, crack
Firefly/Leverage, Jayne/Eliot, standoff
Firefly/Merlin, Jayne/Arthur/Merlin, honor
Firefly/Merlin, River/Merlin, stranger
Firefly/Merlin, Simon/Merlin, reason
Firefly/Space:1999, Any/Any, Earth
Firefly/Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Kaylee/Bashir/O'Brien, fixing, time, waiting
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, Kaylee/Aris Boch, laugh, fun, sweet
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, Kaylee/Dave Dixon, wrench, familiarity, curious, impressed
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, River/Aris Boch, strange, flexibility, run, dance, laughing, joyful, acceptance
Firefly/Supernatural, River/Dean, hell, fighting
Firefly/Supernatural, Zoe/John, reavers, grief, smoldering
Firefly/The X-Files, River/Mulder, mystery, forgotten, saved
Firefly/Torchwood, Saffron/Jack, lipstick, con artist, cocktail dress
Frank Herbert - Dune/Supernatural, Alia/Sam, misbegotten, storm, wire
Frank Herbert - Dune/Supernatural, Dean/Paul, raise, tag
Frank Herbert - Dune/Supernatural, John/Lady Jessica, haste, linger, replace
Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Tim/Blair, dirty, football, truck, tongue
Friday Night Lights/Rollergirls, Lyla/Tyra, pride, future, Texas forever
Friday Night Lights/Supernatural, Dean/Tyra, stranded, dust
Friday Night Lights/Supernatural, Tim/Dean, wash, roll
Friday Night Lights/Supernatural, Tyra/Jo, fight, flight, roadtrip
Fringe/House, Peter Bishop/Alison Cameron, cards, games, smile
Fringe/The X-Files, Olivia/Scully, inheritor
From Dusk Till Dawn/Ocean's 11, Danny/Seth, footprint
Fullmetal Alchemist anime/Fullmetal Alchemist manga, Dante/Father, philosophy
Fullmetal Alchemist/Claymore, Riful/Lust, tentacle fightsex
Fullmetal Alchemist/Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Takano/Dante, needles, insanity, dissection, waltz, SCIENCE
Fullmetal Alchemist/Higurashi, Dante/Takano, maniacal, schemes, world domination, fashion tips
Futurama/Beauty and the Beast, Zapp/Gaston, manly, quarry, overcompensate

Ghost Whisperer/Stargate SG-1, Melinda Gordon/Daniel Jackson, discovery, sharing, crossing over, knowledge
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Dean Forester/Sam Winchester, follow
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Lorelei/Sam, peppermint
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Rory Gilmore/Sam Winchester, blue
Gilmore Girls/The West Wing, Josh/Lorelai, Connecticut, experiments, booze, summer
Gilmore Girls/The West Wing, Josh/Paris, [any]
Gilmore Girls/The West Wing, Sam/Lorelai, words
Good Omens/Harry Potter, Aziraphale/Remus, books, desk, teatime
Gossip Girl/House M.D., Rufus/Cuddy, on-tour, parental advice
Gossip Girl/Smallville, Rufus/Lois, groupie
Gossip Girl/Smallville, Vanessa/Lois, documentary, unseen, videography
Gossip Girl/Twilight, Bella Swan/Chuck Bass, out of place, advantage, puzzle pieces, opposites attract
Gossip Girl/Twilight, Blair Waldorf/Edward Cullen, happenstance, sweet
Gossip Girl/Ugly Betty, Blair Waldorf/Daniel Meade
Gossip Girl/Veronica Mars, Blair/Carrie Bishop, games, gossip
Gossip Girl/Veronica Mars, Chuck/Logan, drip, seethe, struggle, understand
Gossip Girl/Veronica Mars, Chuck/Veronica, ease, hunt, leisure, lie
Gossip Girl/Veronica Mars, Logan/Serena, photos, clubs, martinis
Grey's Anatomy/Supernatural, Isobel Stevens/John Winchester(Denny Duquette), the ugly truth, dead but not gone, spirits, dating a dead guy, bump in the night, demons 101, end of the world, hell, heaven, try again
Grey's Anatomy/Wonderfalls, Callie/Sharon

Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew, Frank/Nancy, mountain, translation, Quantico, Chicago, chance meeting, vacation, reunion
Harry Potter/James Bond, Hermione/James, magic, Sig Sauer, tell
Harry Potter/Merlin, Arthur/Merlin/Draco, brat, jealousy
Harry Potter/Merlin, Draco/Harry, Merlin/Arthur, rediscovered, destiny
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Hermione/Dean, delightful, unsuspecting
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Hermione/Sam, egg, fire, new, sun
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Sirius/Dean, motorcycle, time travel, collar
Heroes/So NoTORIous, Sylar/Sasan, west hollywood, tunnel vision, makeover, crimson, feather, glitter lube, denial
Heroes/Stargate SG-1, Mohinder Suresh/Daniel Jackson, crackpot, kindred, formula, enlightenment, revelation, Alexandria, Jakarta, NID, hegemony, covert ops, Cheyenne, hunt, Ganesh, abyss, mouth, wrought, poison, business, crossroads, babylon, 3:55AM, speckle,
Heroes/Supernatural, Adam/John, friends, conflict, hunter, curious
Heroes/The West Wing, Nathan Petrelli/Sam Seaborn, perspective, suit, power
Heroes/The West Wing, Peter Petrelli/Sam Seaborn, blue, hope, skies, chance
Hospital Central/Los Hombres de Paco, Maca/Pepa, partners-in-crime, rules, highway
House M.D./Criminal Minds, James Wilson/Aaron Hotchner, divorce
House M.D./Scrubs, House/JD, astonishing
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Foreman/McKay, idiots, conflict, quiet
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Foreman/Ronon, loss, boss, floss, swimsuit
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Lisa Cuddy/Elizabeth Weir, diplomacy, resistance, replication
House M.D./Stargate SG-1/Terminator: the Sarah Connor chronicles, Cameron/Cameron/Cameron, third, time, charm
House M.D./Torchwood, [any]/[any], forever
House M.D./Torchwood, Cuddy/Tosh, elegant
House M.D./Yu-Gi-Oh, House/Kaiba, Statistics
How I met your Mother/Psych, Barney/Shawn, pineapple, wingman
How I met your Mother/Supernatural, Barney/Dean, awesome
How I Met Your Mother/The Office, Barney/Karen, alcohol, laser tag
Hustle/Leverage, Mickey Bricks/Eliot Spencer, are you falling for this?
Hustle/Life on Mars, Mickey Bricks/Sam Tyler, can't con a conman.
Hustle/Ocean's Eleven, Mickey Bricks/Rusty Ryan, gentlemen's bet

Imaginary Heroes/Wonder Boys, Terry/Tim, city, collaboration, interview, lust
In Plain Sight/Psych, Lassiter/Mary, gun, handcuffs
In Plain Sight/Psych, Mary/Juliet, custody
Incredible Hulk/Iron Man, Emil Blonsky finds Tony Stark in Afghanistan, violence fetish, obsession
Indiana Jones/The Mummy, Mutt/Alex, adventure, history, cursed, foreign, professor, seduce, archaeology, sand, treasure
Iron Man (movie)/RPF, Tony/Anderson Cooper, investigative journalism, party, car, famous, handcuffs, armour, arc reactor
Iron Man (movie)/RPF, Tony/Jon Stewart, interview
Iron Man (movie)/RPF, Tony/Rahm Emanuel, international incident, drunk, Blackberry, armour
Iron Man (movie)/RPF, Tony/Stephen Colbert, interview
Iron Man (movie)/The Dark Knight, Pepper Potts/Bruce Wayne
Iron Man (movie)/The Dark Knight, voyeur!Tony/Bruce/Harvey, knew it, snark
Iron Man (movie)/Torchwood, Tony/Jack Harkness, gay bar, drunk, time travel, experimenting, aliens, arc reactor
Iron Man/Merlin, Tony/Arthur, knight
Iron Man/Merlin, Tony/Arthur/Merlin, seduction
Iron Man/Merlin, Tony/Gwen, sweet
Iron Man/Merlin, Tony/Merlin, magic
Iron Man/Merlin, Tony/Morgana, spicy
Iron Man/Smallville, Lex Luthor/Tony Stark, intern, percussion
Iron Man/Speed Racer, Speed/Tony, cherries
Iron Man/Stargate Atlantis, Tony Stark/John Sheppard, confusion, crash-landing
Iron Man/Stargate SG-1, Tony Stark/Sam Carter, solid modling, fabrication, screwed, nailed, hammered, engineering
Iron Man/Young Avengers, Billy/Teddy/Tony, virgins
Iron Man/Yu-Gi-Oh, Tony Stark/Seto Kaiba, Pride, meeting

James Bond movies/Tomb Raider, James Bond/Lara Croft, leather, guns, rainforest, dark
James Bond/Supernatural, James/Sam, secrets, toss, vault
James Bond/Torchwood, Dench!M/Jack Harkness, jurisdiction, trust, sharp, old times' sake
James Bond/Torchwood, James Bond/Jack Harkness, easy
James Bond/Veronica Mars, James/Veronica, sly, tales, wish

King's Shadow/The Striped Ships, Evelyn/Julianna, gown, parchment, knife
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Brandon/Harry/Perry, opportunity

Law and Order/Phoenix Wright, Jack McCoy/Franziska von Karma, age is a question of mind over matter
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Goren/Ducky, digression, shirttails, British Museum
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Goren/Ziva, switchblade
Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit/Women's Murder Club, Alex Cabot/Lindsay Boxer, coincidence, collide
Leverage/Ocean's 11 Series, Eliot/Rusty, train
Leverage/Ocean's 11 Series, Sophie/Tess, river
Leverage/Psych, Hardison/Juliet, [any]
Leverage/Psych, Lassiter/Parker, [any]
Leverage/Psych, Parker/Gus, scream like a girl
Leverage/Psych, Parker/Shawn, [any]
Leverage/Supernatural, Eliot Spencer/Dean Winchester, laughter, cheat, money, screwed, electric
Leverage/Torchwood, Hardison/Tosh
Leverage/Torchwood, Nate/Capt. Jack Harkness
Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes, Sam/Gene/Alex, fear
Life/In Plain Sight, Charlie/Mary, absent partners
Life/In Plain Sight, Dani/Marshall, reminder
Life/Mentalist, Charlie/Patrick, quest, calm, belief
Little Mosque on the Prairie/Stargate Atlantis, Amaar Rashid/John Sheppard, guidance, forgiveness, wallow, smirk, breathless, moral compass, inside out, silhouette, journey, 5'oclock shadow, fear, shoreline
Little Mosque on the Prairie/Stargate Atlantis,, Amaar Rashid/Teyla Emmagen, celebration, unexpected, remember, fish out of water, spiritual, marriage, inner strength, crescent,
Live Free or Die Hard/Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Bobby/Brandon/John/Matt, party
Live Free or Die Hard/Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Bobby/Brandon/Matt, birthday
Live Free or Die Hard/Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Brandon/John, yesteryear
Live Free or Die Hard/Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Brandon/John/Matt, recording
Live Free or Die Hard/Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Brandon/Matt, freaky
Lost/Six Degrees, Claire/Anya, photograph, rooftop, black lodge, mystery, foggy
Lost/Supernatural, Jack/Tamara, blood, clasp, handle, worn
Lucifer (comics)/Supernatural, Lucifer/Castiel, old times
Lucifer (comics)/Supernatural, Lucifer/Castiel/Dean, overwhelmed, morning

Mad Men/Gossip Girl, Don Draper/Chuck Bass, challenge
Manhunter/Wonder Woman, Kate Spencer/Diana, amazon, coffee
Marvel comics/Supernatural, Tabitha Smith (Boom Boom)/Sam, disapproval, freaks
Matchbox Twenty/Fall Out Boy, Rob Thomas/Patrick Stump, facade, hollywood
Memphis Belle/Torchwood, Sgt Danny Daly/Captain Jack Harkness, straight
Merlin/Practical Demonkeeping, Merlin/Travis, shield
Merlin/Robin Hood 2006, Uther/Guy, loyalty, obedience
Merlin/RPF, Arthur Pendragon/Bradley James, flight
Merlin/RPF, Arthur/Colin Morgan, saved
Merlin/RPF, Merlin/Arthur/Colin Morgan/Bradley James, strange
Merlin/RPF, Merlin/Bradley James, warp
Merlin/RPF, Merlin/Colin Morgan/Bradley James, inspired
Merlin/Smallville, Clark/Merlin, coincidentally
Merlin/Star Wars, Arthur/Merlin/Luke, alone
Merlin/Star Wars, Merlin/Luke, prince
Merlin/Stardust, Arthur/Merlin/Captain Shakespeare, thunder
Merlin/Stargate SG-1, Merlin/Arthur/Daniel Jackson, memory, mindfuck, zest, landscape, illumination, requiem, drifter, love potion #9, respect, albion, diluted, restless

Nancy Drew/Supernatural, Nancy/Sam/Dean, Winchester mystery house (wiki-link!)
NCIS/Numb3rs, Don Eppes/Tony DiNozzo, [any], comfort, strength, understanding, masks, reality, release
NCIS/Numb3rs, Ziva/Ian, hunt, target
NCIS/Numb3rs, Ziva/Megan, chocolate, wine
NCIS/Sandman, Abby/Death, leather, black, goth, collar, boots, heel, white
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Abby Sciuto/Rodney McKay, knowledge, fantasies, jumpers, forensics
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, LJ Gibbs/Elizabeth Weir, leaders, followers
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Tony DiNozzo/Jennifer Keller, trauma, flowers
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Ziva David/John Sheppard, amused, crowded, victorious, impatient, confliction, attraction
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Ziva David/Ronon Dex, power, submission, conformity, struggle
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Abby Sciuto/Vala Mal Doran, curious, pretty, pick-up lines, competition
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Timothy McGee/Vala Mal Doran, fire and ice, freedom, inhibitions
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Ziva David/Daniel Jackson, language, secrets, Ancients, Ascension
Numb3rs/Stargate Atlantis, Don Eppes/Carson Beckett, [any]
Numb3rs/Stargate Atlantis, Don Eppes/John Sheppard, [any], iratus, changing, powerful
Numb3rs/Stargate Atlantis, Don Eppes/Ronon Dex, [any]
Numb3rs/Stargate Atlantis, Don Eppes/Todd, [any], feeding, bond, gift, life
Numb3rs/Stargate SG-1, Don Eppes/Adria, [any], power, surrender
Numb3rs/Stargate SG-1, Don Eppes/Daniel Jackson, [any], Goa'uld, host, lost, immortality, eternity, beam, off-world, shock, eternal
Numb3rs/Stargate SG-1, Don Eppes/Goa'uld, rape, host, forever
Numb3rs/Stargate SG-1, Don Eppes/Ra, [any], power, host, eternity
Numb3rs/Stargate SG-1, Don Eppes/Vala Mal Doran, [any], whirlwind, romance, bickering, theft, arrest, seduction
Numb3rs/Twilight, Don Eppes/Edward Cullen, [any]

One Tree Hill/Supernatural, Brooke/Sam, kiss, bed, blanket, drunk, love, ice cream, blanket, pool, tie
One Tree Hill/Supernatural, Lucas Scott/Sam Winchester, joint, aftermath, alone
One Tree Hill/The OC, Peyton/Seth, emo, ryan, shaking, brooke

Poltergeist The Legacy/Supernatural, Nick/girl Dean, guns, cars, virgin
Power Rangers Time Force/Power Rangers Wild Force, Eric/Taylor, parrots, mystery, competition
Princess Tutu/Revolutionary Girl Utena, Utena/Rue, breaking the story
Princess Tutu/RPF, Rahm Emanuel/Amy Rule, ballerina, heart
Prison Break/Supernatural, Michael Schofield/Sam Winchester, brother, broad, sullen, secret
Professionals/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Bodie/Doyle, ambush, rapacious, Capri
Profit/Iron Man, Jim Profit/Tony Stark, battle of wits.
Psych/The Mentalist, Lassiter/Patrick, fake, anger, struggle
Pushing Daisies/Supernatural, Chuck/Dean, pie

Raffles: Amateur Cracksman/Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Raffles, cleverer than you
ReGenesis/Repo! The Genetic Opera, Graverobber/Owen, zydrate?
RPF/Supernatural, Anderson Cooper/Sam Winchester, demons, truth, reporting, loss
RPF/Terminator: The Sarah Connor chronicles, Cameron/Summer Glau, duplicate, inviolate, teeth
RPF/Torchwood, Anderson Cooper/Jack Harkeness, labels
Runaways/Young Avengers, Billy/Chase/Teddy, dare
Runaways/Young Avengers, Billy/Teddy/Victor, repairs

Sanctuary/Stargate SG-1, Helen/Baal, devil, punch, gun, motorcycle, longevity, underrated, lust, familiar, want,agile, lick, bite, symbiosis, lust, hair, blonde, kick, hell, smirk, lithe, nerdy
Sanctuary/Torchwood, Helen Magnus/Jack Harkness, history, inmortality
Sandman/Torchwood, Death/Dream/Jack, bond, bend, wound, whine, shine, trick
Sandman/Torchwood, Death/Jack, fun, wild, ride, wonder, tattoo, wicked
Sandman/Torchwood, Dream/Jack, time, space, eager, necessary, angle
Sex and the City/The West Wing, Josh/Miranda, [any]
Skins/True Blood, Maxxie/Eric, hair, jailbait, lick, stronger
Smallville/Batman Begins, Chloe/Bruce, fight
Smallville/Robin, Lex/Tim, Teenagers, Topsy turvey, Bruce
Smallville/Superman Returns, Chloe/Clark, time, meeting, reconciliation, reunion, cape
Smallville/Supernatural, Chloe/Dean, envy, gearshift, tattoo, water, blink, faster, heat, anguish, desire, wrong, truth, leaning, riding shotgun, insist, Impala, regret, remember, whipped cream, Valentine's Day, chocolate, angry, naked, meetings, aftermath, hope, light
Smallville/Supernatural, Clark/Sam, Powers
Smallville/Supernatural, Lana/Ruby, black
Smallville/Supernatural, Lex/Sam, Experiment
Smallville/Supernatural, Oliver/Dean, artifact, saving people
Smallville/The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne/Lois lane
Smallville/The Dark Knight, Chloe Sullivan/Harvey Dent
Smallville/Veronica Mars, Weevil/Lois, [any]
Smallville/X-Men (movieverse), Chloe/Logan, burn, boxers, prick
Smallville/X-Men (movieverse), Chloe/Scott, bright, dark
Spider-Man/X-Men, Bobby Iceman Drake/Peter Parker, friends with benefits, restraints, cold, ice play, begging, snark, unexpected developments
Spooks/The Ghost Squad, Lucas North/Pete Maitland, interrogation, smart-ass
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Stargate SG-1, Kira Nerys/Vala Mal Doran, interesting
Star Wars/Stargate Atlantis, Chewbacca/Ronon Dex, joking
Stargate Atlantis/RPF, Sheppard/Anderson Copper, atone, bleed, far away, lost, grin
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Carson/Baal, clones, understanding, need
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Carson/Baal/Sam, experimental
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Cameron Mitchell, silk sheets, mile high club, youthful indiscretions, performance masturbation
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Daniel Jackson, available, distance, fluent, gentle, lithe, passionate, philology, sapphire, synergy, unexpected
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Jack O'Neill, free porn at the hotel, stress relief, shameless abuse of Asgard beaming technology, control, diplomacy, rude, intoxication
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, prisoner, anchor, hot tub or swimming pool
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Ba'al, fingers, insist, slippery, snark
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Cameron Mitchell, showering together, cooking lessons, alley sex
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Sgt. Siler, argue, left, wrench
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, GirlJohn Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran, slick, lightfingered, rogue, runaway
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, GirlRodney McKay/Daniel Jackson, geek-out, dust, stroke, stinger, allergy
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Hermiod/Thor, compare, end, insane
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Jennifer Keller/Carolyn Lam, off-world
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Ba'al, no, takeovers, turns
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, seduction, optimism, tender, hidden, hungry, envious, early morning, gifts, beginnings, fight, blood, beaches, lesson, lightweight, mistaken identity, summer, Kansas, family, academy, whisper, semi-public, still clothed, kids, light, dark, violence, voyeurism, hoping, intergalactic, distant, staring, ass, international, booty call, tag team, uniform, glare, compete, understanding, fucked into a wall, obey
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Evan Lorne/Cameron Mitchell, definitely against regulations, major in the middle, rimming
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Jack O'Neill, genetics, dress blues
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Daniel Jackson, scent, sound, leather, guns, boots, dogtags
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Sam Carter, command, respect, dance, civvies, rank, dogfight, academy, tutor, revenge, comfort, demonstration, settling
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell, rearrange, delicate, joystick, laughter
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran, jumper, surprise, stealing, punishment, adoration, kitten, unknown element, what people don't know, flying lesson, Vegas, Disneyland, foreign language, flirt, lace, easy, bite, homey, need, taste, citrus, alcohol, parts, water, surfing, happiness, temporary
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Laura Cadman/Vala Mal Doran, overwhelming perkiness, lace
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Radek Zelenka/Daniel Jackson, disagree, win
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Radek Zelenka/Vala Mal Doran, queen of hearts, laughter, unexpected
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Daniel Jackson 'shut you up,' trapped
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Sam Carter, banter, wine, couch, team, geek, light, loss
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson, genius, rocket, ocean, slow, start over, sound
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Aris Boch, powerful, tryst, fight
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Janet Frasier, youthful energy, overpowered
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Vala Mal Doran, climb, mountain, hungry, tango, fast
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Steven Caldwell/Vala Mal Doran, broken, butt, support, whatever
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell, smirk, finger, stolen moment, ache, skinny dipping, full body contact
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Daniel Jackson, rituals, sun
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Evan Lorne/Dean Winchester, silent, shadows, greedy, gentle
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, John Sheppard/Dean Winchester, Family
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Rodney McKay/Ellen Harvelle, protection, road, eyes, vampire
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Ronon Dex/Sam Winchester, football, hair, muscle, fist
Stargate Atlantis/The West Wing, Rodney McKay/Sam Seaborn, linguist, diplomat, blue, sailing, true
Stargate Atlantis/The West Wing, Rodney/Donna, advisor, invitation
Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Rodney McKay/Ianto Jones, snark, suit, voice, gun, public
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Baal/Ruby, possession, manacles
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Janet Frasier/Castiel, heaven
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Sam Carter/Dean Winchester, hustling pool, haunting
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Vala Mal Doran/Dean Winchester, pie, loud, bite, blanket
Stargate SG-1/X-Men, Sam Carter/Scott Summers, equations, loss, motorcycle, broken glass

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: The Original Series, Bashir/Lt. Watley, predestination, secret, stuck in the past, tribbles, tricorder
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: The Original Series, Bashir/McCoy, predestination, secret, stuck in the past, tribbles, tricorder
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: The Original Series, Bashir/O'Brien, predestination, secret, stuck in the past, tribbles, tricorder
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: The Original Series, Bashir/Sulu, predestination, secret, stuck in the past, tribbles, tricorder
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: The Original Series, Bashir/Uhura, predestination, secret, stuck in the past, tribbles, tricorder
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: The Original Series, Dax/Spock, predestination, secret, stuck in the past, tribbles, tricorder
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: The Original Series, Dax/Uhura, predestination, secret, stuck in the past, tribbles, tricorder
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: The Original Series, Dax/Uhura/Worf, predestination, secret, stuck in the past, tribbles, tricorder
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip/The West Wing, Danny/Sam, offer, chance
Supernatural/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dean/Derek, soldiers, hell
Supernatural/The Magnificent Seven, Buck/Dean, [any]
Supernatural/The X-Files, Ellen/Mulder, lost, most, solace
Supernatural/The X-Files, Ellen/Scully, found, garment, sound
Supernatural/The X-Files, Sam/Scully, young
Supernatural/True Blood, Dean/Bill, [any]
Supernatural/True Blood, Lenore/Bill, [any]
Supernatural/True Blood, Sam/Bill, [any]
Supernatural/Twilight, Bela/Bella, vampire, shimmer, sweat
Supernatural/Twilight, Bella/Dean, innocent
Supernatural/X-Men (movie), John/Marie, accident, backwards, lesson, naked, stranger
Supernatural/X-Men (movie), Ororo/Sam, top, undenied, velvet
Supernatural/X-Men (movie), Ororo/Tamara, goddess, miss, restraint, tactic
Supernatural/X-Men, Remy Gambit/Dean, ghosts, surprises, fisticuffs, sore loser

Teen Titans/Young Avengers, Bart/Billy/Teddy, rift
The Aubreyad/Temeraire, Cpt Roland/Diana Villiers, whist
The Big Bang Theory/Smallville, Sheldon/Chloe, brains
The Big Bang Theory/The Office, Raj/Kelly, silence, infatuation
The Dark Knight/Death Note, Bruce/L, uncertain
The Dark Knight/Death Note, Light/Crane, brutal
The Dark Knight/Iron Man, Bruce/Tony, dumbfounded
The Dark Knight/The Incredible Hulk/Iron Man, Bruce/Bruce/Tony, yes
The Dukes of Hazard (TV)/Supernatural, Daisy Duke/Sam Winchester, beer, daisy, boot, dust
The Incredible Hulk/Iron Man, Bruce/Tony, idiotic
The Lion in Winter/Merlin, Merlin/Richard, kneel, enchanted, clearing
The Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood, Sarah Jane Smith, Jack Harkness, it's all the same universe, so alternatively:
The State Within/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Nicholas Brocklehurst, assassins, national security, silk
The West Wing/The X-Files, Sam Seaborn/Fox Mulder, Bob, meeting, conspiracy, truth, belief
The X-Files/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Dana Scully, satin, steel, gunplay
The X-Files/Veronica Mars, Veronica/Mulder, pranksters, breathless, mystery, shore, dangerous, tongue
True Blood/X-Men (movie), Sam/Rogue, waitress, acceptance, ketchup

Ultimate Fantastic Four/Ultimate Spider-Man, Johnny/Peter, young
Ultimate Iron Man/Ultimate Spider-Man, genius

Wonder Woman/Xena, [any]/[any], stories, lasso, pride

Ashlee Simpson/Fall Out Boy, Ashlee/Pete, shine, skirt, wrists, spooning, insomnia
Ashlee Simpson/Fall Out Boy, Ashlee/Patrick/Pete, lipstick, ak-47, voyeurism, cling, video, speaker phone, old habits
Ashlee Simpson/Fall Out Boy/Gym Class Heroes, Ashlee/Pete/Travis, voyeur, touch, arrangement
Ashlee Simpson/Gym Class Heroes, Ashlee/Travis, fingering, redwings, pregnancy fetish

The Academy Is..., Butcher/Siska, crayons, pause, share, beach, sunrise, margaritas, roleplay, giggles, smoke, seduction, body drawing, beer, phone sex, Cancun, tattoos, pizza, beer, girl, underage, rope, plaid, hotel
The Academy Is..., Butcher/girl!Siska, first time, beach, body drawing, reggae music
The Academy Is..., girl!Butcher/Siska, first time, smile, drums, hotel, teaching
The Academy Is..., Michael Guy Chislett/Mike Carden, meet cute, jam, professional, lost in translation
The Academy Is..., Mike Carden/Siska, careful, apology, games, ice cream
The Academy Is..., Siska/William, waiter, something new, dorks, hero worship, on the road, bffs
The Academy Is.../The Cab, William/Singer, stuck, pillow, hair-pulling
The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship, William/Gabe, speech, restraint, longing, drunk, tired, fire, lost, laughter, tight, red, flavor, salt, taste, ring, sassy, chocolate, light, black eye, dominance, hip, shiver, anger, forgotten, after the last Midtown show, bondage, drunk
The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship, William/Gabe/Vicky-T, dress, lace, tension, new, lips, escape, fate, song, touch, food, nails
The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship, William/Guy Ripley/Vicky-T, interview
The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship/Gym Class Heroes, William/Gabe/Travis, distance, telephone tag, public, denial, webcam, phonesex, drunk, high, slow, easy, breakfast, cabin
The Academy Is.../Fall Out Boy, Mike Carden/Joe, persuasion, cold
The Academy Is.../Gym Class Heroes, Travis/William, heat, kiss, pressure, bruise, hips, smoke, whiskey, skin, cigarette, bus
The Academy Is.../Panic At The Disco, Mike Carden/Jon

The Cab, Cash/Johnson, inventor, fistfight
The Cab, Cash/Marshall, topped, girls, annoying
The Cab, Cash/Singer, phone, silly, embarrassed, movie, hero worship, excited, tattoo, premature, prom, awards, limo, tattoo, gloves, snow
The Cab, Ian/Johnson, annoyed, mellow, pink jacket
The Cab, Ian/Singer, bonding experience
The Cab/The Hush Sound, Cash/Greta, first time, lame, crush
The Cab/The Hush Sound, Ian/Greta, frets, fingers, curls

Cobra Starship, Alex/Gabe, tasty, bite, game
Cobra Starship, Alex/Ryland, acoustic, laughter, flannel, night, married, cooking, cabin, tacos, beer, World of Warcraft
Cobra Starship, Gabe/Nate, rap, vodka, cabin, spontaneous, wrong time, hoodie, appreciative
Cobra Starship, Gabe/Vicky-T, downtime, neon, rock royalty, grinding, on a webcam, redwings, stockings
Cobra Starship, Ryland/Vicky-T, lens
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe/Patrick, recording, smile for the paparazzi, jealousy
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Gabe/Pete/Mikey, makeouts, parties
Cobra Starship/Hey Monday, Vicky-T/Cassadee, soft, listen, sprinkles, stockings, van, peppermint, cold, smile, lollipop, wisdom, frustration, first, pearls, whisper, feather, heat
Cobra Starship/The Hush Sound, Gabe/Greta, against a wall, height difference, competition, nefarious, plotting, sketchy, taking over the world, school, tour, tricks, ties, surprise, lapdance
Cobra Starship/Mindless Self Indulgence, Vicky-T/Kitty, going down, happy, stripes
Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Gabe/Mikey, makeouts, text
Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Nate/Bob, pranks, beer, napping, park, subtle like a brick

The Dresden Dolls, Amanda/Brian, lipstick
The Dresden Dolls/Panic at the Disco, Amanda/Brendon, keys, growl, vicious
The Dresden Dolls/Panic at the Disco, Amanda/Ryan, dreams, shoulders, lace, atmosphere

Empires, Al/Ryan J, clutz, scene, drunk
Empires, Max/Ryan J, fightfight, grinning, basement
Empires, Ryan J/Sean, random kisses, crashing, figuring it out
Empires, Sean/Tom, pizza, books, roommates, cold, cigarettes, shower
Empires, GSF, movie night, practice, gangbang, popcorn, tour, van
Empires/Panic at the Disco, girl!Tom/Jon, cheap wine, undeveloped photographs, wind, overexposed, pop princess, pegging, video camera, Polaroids, shy
Empires/Panic at the Disco, Sean/girl!Tom/Jon, smoke, sheets, coffee, breakfast, practice, welcome home
Empires/Panic at the Disco, Sean/Tom/Jon, summer, guitars, cold, concert, vacation, jealousy
Empires/Panic at the Disco, Tom/girl!Jon, beer, bus
Empires/Panic at the Disco, Tom/Jon, airport, reunion, surprise, fight, jealousy, sunshine, sleepy, guitars, cigarette smoke, smoke, shower, frost, frame, center, resistance, anger, bitter, change, energy, memory, still, color, cake, tease, bittersweet

Fall Out Boy, Joe/Patrick, found, mine, envy, diner, experiment
Fall Out Boy, Joe/Pete, secret, hair, Morrissey, hair, jeans, dog, comfort, favor, prank
Fall Out Boy, Patrick/Pete, hat theft, smile, lullaby, crimefighting, tour, writing, album, fight, frustrated, hat, microphone, blog, tight jeans, scene, early days, marks, writing, tattoo, riding, obsess, jewelry, phone sex, sex tape, distance, Chicago, recording, studio, fighting, listening
Fall Out Boy/Misc, Patrick/Kanye West, hot air balloons
Fall Out Boy/Gym Class Heroes, Pete/Travis, pills, paint, sleep deprivation, nightmares
Fall Out Boy/The Hush Sound, Patrick/Greta, pegging, studio
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Patrick/Bob, young, denial, shower, studio, costco, breakfast, stereo, party, laptop, pink, drummers, callus, hands, sound, mess, apartment, drums
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Patrick/Frank, shy, bold, ink, denial, ice cream, sweat
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Patrick/Gerard, matter-of-fact, experiment, sweet
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete/Frank, hijinks, prank, stuck, competition, asshole, shower
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete/Gerard, confusion, tender, fascination
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete/Mikey, bridges, insomnia, distance, Angels and Kings
Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco, Pete/Brendon, Thanksgiving, Red Bull, porn ninja, tattoos, long distance, makeup, backstage, recording studio, constumes, movie night, bowling, New Year's
Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco, Pete/Jon, old times, truth or dare
Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco, Pete/Ryan, scarf, settled, tease, fashion disasters

Gym Class Heroes, Travis/Matt, familiar, hands
The Hush Sound, GSF, van, touring, singing
The Hush Sound/Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Greta, instruments, geeks

McFly, Danny/Dougie, secret, sweaty, lazy, please
Mindless Self Indulgence/My Chemical Romance, Lyn-Z/Gerard, role play, denial, heat, home, cravings
Mindless Self Indulgence/My Chemical Romance, Bob/Gerard/Lyn-Z, baby, challenge, trick or treat, curtains
Mindless Self Indulgence/My Chemical Romance, Jamia/Lyn-Z, understanding, shine, black, envy

My Chemical Romance, Bob/Brian, favor, pancakes, irony
My Chemical Romance, girl!Bob/Brian
My Chemical Romance, Bob/Frank, never, Jamia, soup, blood, watergun. sustainability, sheets, jealous
My Chemical Romance, Bob/Frank/Gerard, game
My Chemical Romance, Bob/Frank/Jamia, deep, cover, blush
My Chemical Romance, Bob/Gerard, roadtrips, flair, hamster, bunk, Superman, blink, boa, paint, artwork, pretty
My Chemical Romance, Bob/Worm, feathers
My Chemical Romance, Brian/Hannabeth, flying
My Chemical Romance, Frank/Gerard, wings, fight, sweat, hickey, kick, bite, door, wrists, rings, socks, hospital, teacher, ornate, frat-boy, sunlight, art lessons, fiction, glide, tattoo, college, mask, jersey, ballpoint pens, lip balm, war, ghost, shadow animals, sweat, love, home, domestic, smelly, sweaty, best friends, comics, horror movies, make up, crossdressing, nostalgic, Jersey, miss you, young, hot, tour, awkward
My Chemical Romance, Frank/Gerard/Ray [any]
My Chemical Romance, Frank/Gerard/Jamia, codependent, coffee, inevitable
My Chemical Romance, Frank/James Dewees [any]
My Chemical Romance, Frank/Jamia, honeymoon, cake, first
My Chemical Romance, Frank/Mikey, jealous
My Chemical Romance, Gerard/Ray, cuddle, coffee
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Gerard/Brendon, Red Bull, cigarettes
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Brian/Shane, sneaky, hired hand, closet, chance meeting
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Frank/Brendon, restraint, yearn, thrum, expose
My Chemical Romance/The Used, Bob/Jepha, apology, fruit, rope, quiet, loud, motion
My Chemical Romance/The Used, Frank/Jepha, show, lick, secret

Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Jon, bass, song, strong, held down, friends, act, hotel, race, game, competition, T.V., clock, marijuana, lounge, photography, fast, messy, fever, in a mirror, wall, awkward, blindfold, tipsy, comfort, connection
Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Jon/Cassie, phone, hotel
Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Jon/girl!Ryan, away, air
Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Ryan, hide, surprise, happy, motivated, inspired, annoyed, crush, hands, genderswap, roses, laugh, energy, restless, hyperactive, secret, pain kink, wrists, tattoos, guitar sex, desperate, body writing, neckties
Panic at the Disco, girl!Brendon/Ryan, apartment, beginning, tours
Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Shane, domestic, coffee, making a mess
Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Spencer, size, beard, hands, eyes, laugh, held down, crush, pretend, shy, nervous, trying too hard, drums, tight jeans, cigarette, first, hallway, bouncy, sugar, blue, hair, hold, stage, open, grass, lust, soft, panties, rope, silk, laugh, ride
Panic at the Disco, Jon/Ryan, anger, slow dance, drunk, fire, blue, stoned, lazy, tugging, shy, mirror, shoes, magic, camera, harmony, tattoo
Panic at the Disco, Jon/Spencer, new, found, scary, closet, road, pillow, dark, camera, energy, steam, test, ribbon, change, seclusion, smoke, in the background, beards, awkward, role playing, distance
Panic at the Disco, Ryan/Spencer, discovery, struggle to be quiet, first-time drunks, watching porn together, fingers, quiet, sharing, backyard, lie, avoid, snuggle, surprise, history
Panic at the Disco, Ryan/girl!Spencer, restraint, beg, gift, sleepy
Panic at the Disco, girl!Ryan/Spencer, pegging, car, tongue, careful
Panic at the Disco, Ryan/Spencer/Brendon, voyeurism, doubt, birthday present, conduit, kiss it better
Panic at the Disco, Shane/Spencer, snuggling, porno, bathroom
Panic at the Disco, GSF, together, four, stuck, quiet, game, rope, taunt, please, beg, home, Vegas, eyes, hands, kink, insular, thieves, reinvent love, in the desert, in the cabin, dreams, motel, cramped, wait, camera

The Used, Bert/Quinn, haircut, sleepless, knees, hide, answer
The Used, Dan/Jeph, biting, lips
The Used, GSF, pink, rain, feedback, press

Real Person Fiction
John Abraham/Abhishek Bachchan, kiss, stubble, doghouse, Miami, guilt, secrets, tentative, motorcycle race, abroad, secret, best friends, natural, fun
Jensen Ackles /Jared Padalecki, agent, anniversary, anonymous, aura, aware, backseat, bet, bite, broken, calm, camera, camping, caught, cohabitation, comeback, comfortable, coming out, covers, desperate, Disney movies, dog, drunk, Europe, fame, football, fumbling, glasses, genderswap, girl, green, grumpy, guitar, heat, hello, home, honeymoon, hot, internet, interrupted, interview, jeans, lazy, lonely, lonesome, loyalty, marathon, masquerade, melt, messy, middle age, mirror, nova, parents, photo, pinch, pine, pool, power, public, reading, restraint, restricted, reunion, rings, rough, roleplay, routine, rushed, scream, sharing, sheets, simple, singing, skinny-dipping, sleepy, snowstorm, soft, sometimes, spooning, steady, straight, t-shirt, taste, tickle, tired, touch, toys, trailer, trigger, unseen, usefull, vacation, vent, wow
Jensen Ackles/Allison Mack, ride, dance, break, jacket, black
Jensen Ackles/Danielle Panabaker, mistaken identity
Jensen Ackles/Gerard Butler, smoke, leather, dirty
Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins, flying, weekend, shake, recruit, overnight, logical, faith, after, scope
Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, rough, wet, asleep
Jensen Ackles/Sandy McCoy, unrepentant, selfish, sober
Jensen Ackles/Sandy McCoy/Danneel Harris/Jared Padalecki, insatiable, shotgunning, tag team
Jensen Ackles/Sophia Bush, just one of those things
Freema Agyeman/Catherine Tate/Liz Sladen, silk.
Freema Agyeman/David Tennant, champagne, silver, caught in the rain.
Saif Ali Khan/Preity Zinta, what were you thinking?, live-in relationships, we should do another film together, kissing, acting, nurse's uniform
Xabi Alonso/Steven Gerrard, home, knees, captain, discretion
Aly/AJ, beauty, pleasure, indecent, forbidden
Simon Amstel/Bill Bailey, DeBurgh
Simon Amstell/Noel Fielding, unfunny, dressing room
Gillian Anderson/David Duchovny, again, sequel, Vancouver, memories, young and foolish, fuck you, games, photograph, first, last, seasons, after, awards, distance, again
Richard Dean Anderson/Amanda Tapping, protect, Hawaii, salt, green
Richard Dean Anderson/Michael Shanks, absolutely
Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie, tabloid, borrowed, uncool
Anyone from the 1986 New York Mets team, airplane, winning, drunk, during-1986-season
Fred Armisen/Elisabeth Moss, backstage, marathons, Wii
Samaire Armstrong/Seth Gabel, on camera, canceled
Stephen Asprinio/Harold Dieterie, kitchen, wine, closing
Reiko Aylesworth/Carlos Bernard, pretend, sneaky, hotel room, disappointed

Tom Baker/Lalla Ward, champagne, shenanigans, scarf
Simon Baker/Lee Pace, smile
Tom Baker/Mary Tamm, outtakes, The Ribos Operation dress
Adam Baldwin/Jewel State, new
Christian Bale/Aaron Eckhart, [any], alternate universe, waxing, dinner, public relations, priest, sin
Christian Bale/Christopher Nolan, muse, unexpected, heavy, expectation, attuned, secret, professional, voyueristic, appreciative, talent, kiss, playful, trust
Jamie Bamber/Katee Sackhoff, family, read-throughs, sex, covering, fingers, skydiving, lick, heels, flash, giddy, illicit, rent, honest, tied
Javier Bardem/Robert Downey Jr./Jeffrey Dean Morgan, double penetration, PWP
Martin Barlan /Joe Jonas, aimer, American, chaton, Disney, gay, irresistible, joli, lcher, lit, mignon, ravissant, shoes, sourd, suit
Martin Barlan/Joe Jonas, romantic
Ben Barnes/William Mosely, pretty, shirts
John Barrowman/Billie Piper, domme
John Barrowman/Billie Piper/Matt Smith, only you, laughter, drink, kisses, sweet, determination
John Barrowman/Bradley James, fan, gayer, hoyay, kilt, pecs, plot, Torchwood
John Barrowman/Bradley James/Colin Morgan, gayest, persuasion, technique
John Barrowman/Burn Gorman, fight, fire, whiskey, rain, rimming
John Barrowman/Christopher Eccleston, kiss, farewell, hello again, smile, rimming, tall, blue eyes, intense, rolling, sailing, running,
John Barrowman/Colin Morgan, accent, Campalot, David, Merlin, trump
John Barrowman/David Tennant, dirty boy, chains, tease, on set, rimming
John Barrowman/Eve Myles, fantasy
John Barrowman/Gareth David-Lloyd, rehearsing, not gay, unexpected, rimming, beer
John Barrowman/John Simm, names, camp, fuck, now!, blue eyes, short
John Barrowman/Matt Smith, guide, tour, TARDIS, hands, eyes, kissing, tradition, rimming
John Barrowman/Perry King, firsts, Daddy, last time, blue, satin, cloudy, Scotland, rimming
Lance Bass/Kevin Richardson, snark, loneliness, anger
Bipasha Basu/Priyanka Chopra, sassy, taste, John, Omkara, beach, 'not a bikini—swimwear', shoes
Jason Bateman/Ellen Page, acting, careful, kneel, Method
Jason Bateman/Michael Cera, reunion
Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen, home, lost, connection
Josh Beech/Boyd Holbrook, wrist, backstage, joint
Jason Behr/Katherine Heigl
Kristen Bell/Zachary Quinto, nerds, photoshoots, piggyback rides
Joe Biden/Barack Obama, devotion, discreet, absolution.
Jill Biden/Hillary Clinton/Michelle Obama/Nancy Pelosi, girl's night, champagne
Joe Biden/Jill Biden, twirl, playing schoolteacher.
Jill Biden/Michelle Obama, understanding, choices, open your eyes.
Joe Biden/Rahm Emmanuel, prayer, silent, it's not about you and me.
Joe Biden/Rahm Emmanuel/Barack Obama, executive privilege, chain of command, all the President's men, late nights, stimulus package
Sue Bird/Diana Taurasi, sixth sense, one-upmanship, trigger happy
Claudia Black/Ben Browder, ink, script, Burbank, dressing room, again, carousel, date, unknown
Alexis Bledel/Jared Padalecki/, remember, blushing, inexperienced, on set
Corbin Bleu/Lucas Grabeel, ridiculous
Anthony Bourdain/Gordon Ramsay, footie, outdoors, cigarette
Anthony Bourdain/Ken Watanabe, yakisoba, samurai, sake
Amy Brennan/Tom Welling, dimples
Ben Browder/Amanda Tapping, tease, flirt, kiss, heat, spin
Ben Browder/Tamoh Penikett, deja-vu
Alton Brown/ his neighbor Chuck, whim, gravy, party, insane
Derren Brown/David Tennant, gift, heartthrob, magic, mind, time, tricks
Nicola Bryant/David Tennant, childhood crush
Kobe Bryant/LeBron James, rivalry
Hilarie Burton/Chad Michael Murray, oh really?, handcuffs, squint, cigarette, stroke
Sophia Bush/James Lafferty, makeup trailer
Gerard Butler/Harry Connick Jr., accent, lips, piano, hair, whisper, rimming, hands
Gerard Butler/Harry Connick Jr/James Marsters/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, wrap party, overwhelmed, sweet, warmth, rimming
Lord Byron/Percy Bysshe Shelley, opium

Steve Carell/Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart, dance, tightrope, blindfold, champagne, talk, tongues, ties, laugh
Wyatt Cenac/Jon Stewart, night, fine, loving, lust, tongues
Wyatt Cenac/Stephen Colbert, jealousy, lust, rain
Gaius Charles/Taylor Kitcsch, back home
Jeremy Clarkson/James May, steampunk, homosexualist, Veyron, speed-limit, Pole, ice, mockery, breakdown, insecure, overalls
John Cleese/Graham Chapman, mud
Scott Clifton/Lindze Letherman, memories, acting, Dillon and Georgie
Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama, nostalgia, diplomacy, power, negotiations, mirror, misunderstanding, Denver, unity, commiseration, 3AM
Hillary Clinton/Nancy Pelosi, living in the shadows.
George Clooney/Brad Pitt, guy's night out
George Clooney/Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie, the luckiest man alive
Steven Colbert/Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann/Jon Stewart, first time, hotel, voyeurism, snark, trust
Stephen Colbert/John Oliver/Jon Stewart, irreplaceable
Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart, acceptance, archives, commiseration, chat, couch, desk, emmies, fruit-basket, joking, reassurance, serious, skit, tickling, tie, familiar, hopeful, young, New York, apples, dance, scandal, holding hands, protect, eternal, remember, prank
Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart, self-made dreamers, breaking character, on-air, prank wars.
Stephen Colbert/Kayne West, attention, competition, sunglasses, twitter, victory
Stephen Colbert/Paul Dinello, act, habit
Stephen Colbert/Rachel Maddow, misunderstanding
Stephen Colbert/Rahm Emanuel, acceptance, Northwestern, rejection
Stephen Colbert/Rahm Emanuel/Nancy Pelosi, post Glamour awards, out of character

Stephen Colbert/Rahm Emanuel/Jon Stewart, power, corruption, gentle, rushed, trust
Stephen Colbert/Rain, collaboration, dance-off
Stephen Colbert/Sarah Palin, glasses, eh, hockey
Stephen Colbert/Tina Fey, humor, dancing, poking
Misha Collins/Billie Piper/, crazy, polite, hours, sudden
Ty Conklin/Chris Osgood, The Hoff, bullpen, cocky, Superbowl
Harry Connick Jr/James Marsters, neck, Spike, sweet, lips, rimming, blow job, piano
Harry Connick Jr/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, moondance, wrong time, jazz, our song, piano, rimming
Kevin Connolly/Adrian Grenier, starfucker, dry martini, location shoots, wasted
Kevin Connolly/Scarlett Johansson, retakes
Kyle Cook/Rob Thomas, pretty, smoke, callous, indiscretion, impulse
Anderson Cooper/Daniel Craig, laugh, dork
Anderson Cooper/Rahm Emanuel, death wish, Egypt, explosives, pulling some strings, laugh, dork
Anderson Cooper/Erica Hill, undercurrent, pulse, competition, travel, unspoken, rush, potato chips
Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin, lonely, vacation, shiver, disguise, party, flight, snow, smile, rough
Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann, marriage, Prop 8, election, inauguration, dancing, handcuffs, first time, tease, drunk, worry, ties, caught, public, coming out, patriotic, hands, voyeurism, angry, professional, polished, busted, solitude, slow, sunrise, leaving, cold, languid, kitchen table, balcony, tuxes, words
Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, dreaming, genderfuck, drunk, labels are for jars
Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow, kneeling, hands, war, steam, stars, wrong, I'm gay, first time, party, drunk, Prop 8, comfort, only once
Anderson Cooper/Rahm Emanuel, desperation, dawn, cities, sighs, disaster, libations, Blackberry, war, danger, worry, dancing, ballet, tease, handcuffs, fuck, suit, mess, sweetheart, hard core porn
Anderson Cooper/Tim Gunn, male fashion
Marion Cotillard/Eva Green, maroon, smoke
Angel Coulby/Bradley James, castle, roof, shoulders, coats, tease, Buffy, shopping, laundry, foreign, pbandj, Nice, playground crushes, truths, games, flats, parties,
Ann Coulter/Abraham Lincoln, infrastructure
Ann Coulter/Barack Obama, infrastructure
Ann Coulter/Ellen Page, infrastructure
Ann Coulter/Rachel Maddow, infrastructure
Ann Coulter/Rahm Emanuel, infrastructure
Ana Marie Cox/Rachel Maddow, banter, cocktails, nervous, jealous, inauguration, giggle, studio, Anderson Cooper/Any/None, restless, coffee break, 2 a.m., work, mirror, dream, wild, skin, honey, elevator, sky, hope
Chace Crawford/Ed Westwick, set, hard, push
Chace Crawford/Leighton Meester, All-American
Joan Crawford/Marilyn Monroe, try, see, just once, touch, lips, better, slick, wet
Tom Cruise/Ken Watanabe, learning japanese, proud, [any]

Vincent D'Onofrio/Kathryn Erbe, distant, laugh, early, overwhelm, trace, blink
Eric Dane/Patrick Dempsey, rehearsal, married, temptation, jeans, rimming, comfort
Paula Danziger/Ann M. Martin, role models
Pavel Datsyuk/Henrik Zetterberg, Eurotwins, inseparable, accent, schooled, deke
Gareth David-Lloyd/Burn Gorman, fight, beer, rest, long hours, straight, rimming
Alan Davies/Stephen Fry, cheeky, internet, teacher
Peter Davison/Sarah Sutton, our characters are obviously having it off
Rosario Dawson/Tracie Thoms, cake, heat, script, smile
Howard Dean/Rahm Emanuel, hate, taunt, bound
James Dean/Paul Newman, answering, yes, drink, blue, hand tied, screentest, rimming
James Dean/Rock Hudson, closet, lavender, without, taken, crying, too soon, rimming
James Dean/Sal Mineo, gentle, like this, full lips, swallow, please, too good, too soon
Roger Delgado/Jon Pertwee, getting in character, fixing Jon's back, costumes
Patrick Dempsey/James Marsden, piano, music, velvet, tights, rimming, comfort
Patrick Dempsey/TR Knight, coming out, facing, BDSM, slow, hot, need, rimming, comfort
Zooey Deschanel/ Joseph Gordon-Levitt, hands, regret
Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel, true love, throw it all away

Ben DiChiara/Ronnie Kroell, homesick, strut, glasses, shave
Hugh Dillon/Callum Keith Rennie, evoke, avoid, attraction
Hugh Dillon/Molly Parker/Callum Keith Rennie, fun, fluff, tie
Hugh Dillon/Paul Gross, funny story
Lexa Doig/Michael Shanks, photo album
Paul Doucette/Rob Thomas/, cigarette, van, Orlando, pot, earrings, baby
Robert Downey Jr./Emile Hirsch, talent
Robert Downey Jr./Hugh Jackman, photoshoot, payback, Oscars
Robert Downey Jr./Kiefer Sutherland, sobriety
Robert Downey Jr./Shia LaBeouf, permission
Robert Downey Jr./Terrence Howard, what people say
Robert Downey Jr./Zac Efron, secretive
Erica Durance/Tom Welling, wonder bra, affair

Christopher Eccleston/Ali Larter, wish, pigeons, beard,
Christopher Eccleston/Cillian Murphy, quiet, smile, blue eyes, shy, sweet, not changed, famous
Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant, boys' club, regret. Doctor, TARDIS, ten years, Jude, rimming,
Christopher Eccleston/John Simm, Doctor, Master, cage dancer, reunion, rimming
Lisa Edelstein/Huge Laurie, hidden, continental, stupid, scripts, ignore, poker, proximity, teasing
Zac Efron/Bradley James, rendezvous
Zac Efron/Colin Morgan, spontaneous
Zac Efron/Emile Hirsch, unsettling
Zac Efron/Joe Jonas, heartthrob
Zac Efron/Kevin Jonas, People
Zac Efron/Lucas Grabeel, rehearsal, music, massage, like this, not wrong, rimming
Zac Efron/Lucas Grabeel/Vanessa Hudgens, try something new, voyeur, double penetration, rimming
Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens, High, Cute, Blowjob, Skate
Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens/Ashley Tisdale, clothing, high, handsy, love, hidden, tempting, public, dance, perfume, reunite, house, smoke, hungry
Rahm Emmanuel/Abraham Lincoln, infrastructure
Rahm Emmanuel/Rachel Maddow, infrastructure
Rahm Emmanuel/Barack Obama, special session, working overtime, seriously?, milkshake, not very Presidential, oath of office, of the people, by the people, for the people, unconstitutional, executive orders, too many secrets, security briefing, professional, trust
Rahm Emmanuel /Barack Obama/Michelle Obama, have you heard?, all work and no play
Rahm Emmanuel/Nancy Pelosi, a tight leash, pearls, dream, the woman king, solidarity, always in your corner, worst-kept secret. UST
Rahm Emmanuel/Nancy Pelosi/Barack Obama, compromise
Rahm Emmanuel/Vladmir Putin, diplomacy, supervillain
Rahm Emmanuel/Amy Rule, crosswordpuzzles, date, first, safari
Fiona Erdmann/Barbara Meier, mission, queen, apology, high fashion, pose, infrastructure

Kyle Farnsworth/Ivan Rodriguez, wild
Joey Fatone/Kevin Richardson, sleep, comfort, talk
Tina Fey/Rashida Jones, Emmy parties
Tina Fey /Rachel Maddow, girly, Obama, fangirl
Tina Fey/Mary-Louise Parker, cookies, it's on
Tina Fey/Amy Poehler, high five, internet rumors, moving, it's not cheating if they know

Manny Fernandez/Tim Thomas, competion, goal, fighting, team, shower, gear
Nathan Fillion/Tricia Helfer, set-up, comic-con, science fiction
Jenna Fischer/John Krasinski, [any], coffee, constant, inside jokes, roleplaying
Carrie Fisher/Harrison Ford, affair, innocence, fame, paparazzi
Joe Flanigan/Torri Higginson, affair, smirk, hair, on-set
Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, phone sex, motel, chance meeting, audition, promise
Joe Flanigan/Rachel Luttrell, laughter, silence, symmetry, regret
Joe Flanigan/Jason Momoa, pink Cadillac, road trip, end of an era, vacation, goodbye
Brandon Flowers/Matthew Gray Gubler, Mr. Brightside
Dave Foley/Mark McKinney, so pretty
Harrison Ford/Carrie Fisher/Mark Hamill, bad choices
Anna Friel/Lee Pace, no touching, rules
David Frost/Richard Nixon, Watergate, infrastructure, stopwatches
Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie, partner, love, cheer, party, gadgets, university, smarts
Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie/ Emma Thompson, together, costume

Miki Fujimoto/Jose Reyes, winter, dominance, crack, first encounter, one night stand, spank

Gael Garcia Bernal/Diego Luna, [any]
Nomar Garciaparra/Derek Lowe, exile, drinking, ocean, gossip, redemption, bench
Ava Gardner/Grace Kelly, angst, baseball, birthday, blue, broken, brush, chance meeting, chemistry, coffee, cold, comfort, conclusion, crazy, denial, different times, dirty, drunk, explore, explosive, fangirls, facade, fingers, fireworks, flirt, forget Gable, fun, gently, gift, goodbye, Gracie, hands, hold, Hollywood, homesick, hot, hurt, ice queen, isolated, Katharine Hepburn, kiss, kiss me, location, lonely, lotion, misunderstood, Mogambo, muddy, new, no tomorrow, on set, opposites, orgasm, orgasm denial, Paris, pretty mouth, princess, rain, regret, reputation, royalty, rugged, saint sinner, secrets, smitten, speechless, star struck, stars, stay, sunset, sweet, tattoo, touch, undervalued, unexpected, unexpected attraction, vacation, what i
Jennifer Garner/Ellen Page, young again
Jennifer Garner/Kirsten Prout, waiting
Jennifer Garner/Melissa George, pet names
Martin Gero/Martin Wood, boss, rewrites
Steven Gerrard /Fernando Torres, locker room, shower, captain
Cam Gigandet/ Robert Pattinson, bite, chicken and honey, photo shoot
Summer Glau/Lena Headey, acting, lines, shy, lick
Summer Glau/Sean Maher, been awhile, off screen, teasing
Summer Glau/Leven Rambin, opposites
Philip Glenister/John Simm, inevitable, anticipation, longing, need, shouldn't, wine, cage dancer, rimming, not bloody likely, voice-over
Philip Glenister /John Simm/Marc Warren, pretty boy, ours, cocksucker, lips, dominance
Duff Goldman/Geof Manthorne, fondant, drunk, overnight
Lucas Grabeel/Bradley James, hat
Lauren Graham/Jared Padalecki, [any], dirty mouth
Matthew Gray Gubler/Shemar Moore, being really, really ridiculously good looking
Jonny Greenwood/Thom Yorke, sketches, garden, arabesque, lighthouse, dandelions, photography, celeste, shadows, sonnet, dusty, tides, constellations, untitled, haunted, rubato, summer rain
Jake Gyllenhaal/Andy Samberg, cameo, cats, lasers
Jake Gyllenhaal/Emile Hirsch, reason
Maggie Gyllenhaal/Cillian Murphy, crush

Emily Haines/Feist, dance, anthem, stars, dark room
Alexander Hamilton/George Washington, awe, mentor ship, dawn, remorse
Van Hansis/Jake Silbermann, summer
Mariska Hargitay/Christopher Meloni, Emmy, leather, camera, cotton, sleepy, Las Angeles, yearning, jealousy, if, criminal, heat, experiment, professional, alley, pretense, prostitute, best-friends, trailer, comfort, awards
Mark Harmon/Pauley Perrette, relationship, smile, kiss, hug
Daneel Harris/Sandy McCoy, boyfriends, drunk, flirt, need, pounce, soft
Daneel Harris/Jared Padalecki, mistake, hidden, quiet
Bjork/PJ Harvey, dressing room
Anthony Head/Bradley James, fanboy
Katherine Heigl/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, longing, rehearsal, tears
Katherine Heigl/Kate Walsh, dirty, hangovers, reunion
Tricia Helfer/Katee Sackhoff, wrap party, beer, my machine, motorcycle, motorcycle grease
Mitch Hewer/Nicholas Hoult
Marco Hietala/Tuomas Holopainen, studio, fireplace, snow, silence, new home, backstage, hair, kiss on stage
Frazer Hines/Deborah Watling, first date, knickers and miniskirts
Frazer Hines/Patrick Troughton, what we can get away with, resolution
Emile Hirsch/Bradley James/Colin Morgan, bastard
Aldis Hodge/Christian Kane, easy
Josh Holloway/Evangeline Lilly, smirk, sweat, waterfall
Katie Holmes/Joshua Jackson, awkward, rescue, affection, caring, privacy, starlet
Rock Hudson/Sal Mineo, left behind, mourning, memories, anniversary, grey, capturing, happy
Timothy Hutton/Christian Kane, poker, bet

Hugh Jackman/Anna Paquin/, Lolita (all grown up)
Hugh Jackman/Liev Schreiber, claw
Bradley James/Colin Morgan, accent, castle, cut, dare, gingers, hotel, hug, leather, milk, prank, salad, scarf, scene, strawberries, audition, character bleeding, gloves, cold, spider, shoe, teddy, pineapple, grass, fruit, vegetables, outside, on set, shopping, sex toys, fun, sweet, tease, obvious, third time, script, rehearsal, showering, on set, future
Wendy James/Kylie Minogue, bitch, 80s, still, London, awards
Bradley James/Will Moseley/Anna Popplewell, sand
Derek Jeter/Alex Rodriguez, thirsty, catch, shower, suit
Joe Jonas/Josh Peck, acting, closeted, conflict, cute, kids, ring, serious
Kevin Jonas/Josh Peck, out, pout
Joe Jonas/Pete Wentz, disaster, eyeliner
Rashida Jones/Amy Poehler, improv, taxi, downtown
Rashida Jones/John Krasinski, Sundance, cocktail, guest appearence
Chris Judge/Michael Shanks, bachelor party

Christian Kane/Jared Padalecki, song, punch, jaded, promises, loyalty, t-shirt
John Keats/Percy Bysshe Shelley, rainbow
Chris Kirkpatrick/Kevin Richardson, pillow, prank, skirt
Taylor Kitsch/Scott Porter, superhero

David Krejci/Blake Wheeler, high-sticking, cold, winning, hats
Diane Kruger/Jared Leto, danza de la muerte
Diane Kruger/Jared Leto/Sarah Polley, luck, wrong turns

Shia LaBeouf/Andy Samberg, boner, hats, pants
Shia LaBeouf/Brendon Urie, distance, text, race, curl, brag
Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison, envious, ocean, piano, party, cigarette smoke
John Lennon/Brian Epstein, hard-words, lonely-people, late nights, secret
John Lennon/Paul McCartney, fleeting
Zachary Levi/Yvonne Strahovski, accents, fruit, mixtape
Abraham Lincoln/Barack Obama, infrastructure
Abraham Lincoln/Rachel Maddow, infrastructure
Brian Littrell/Kevin Richardson, comfort, chicken, anger
Ryan Lochte/Michael Phelps, library
Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson, dance, hesitate, red, smack
Rob Lowe/Bradley Whitford, family, safe, Wilshire Boulevard, motel, overpower
Rob Lowe/Richard Schiff, remnants, opposites, sand, misunderstood, swallow, temptation, head-fuck
Nietzsche/King Ludwig, derangement, noise, jealousy
King Ludwig/Nietzsche/Wagner, formal dress, final destination, in my own world

Allison Mack/Michael Rosenbaum, PG porn, dance
Allison Mack/Milo Ventimiglia, reminisce, jealousy, tv
Allison Mack/Tom Welling, corset, directing, touch, stars, Vancouver, tremor, pretend, bite, tickle, blush, peek-a-boo, games
Rachel Maddow/Any(female), glasses
Rachel Maddow/Barack Obama, infrastructure
Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann, celebration, dinner, first time, only once, drunk, election, celebration, comfort, friendship, car, obey, pain, hurt, sad, landmines, ties, silk, honey, wine, future, past, language, tongues, apart, dance, hold on
Rachel Maddow/Ellen Page, infrastructure
Rachel Maddow/Sarah Palin, temptation, prayer, ashamed, sugar, gin sling
Rachel Maddow/Amy Sedaris, funny, alcohol, golden
Rachel Maddow/Jon Stewart, shower, rain, lost, broken, hurt, recovery, clavicle, remember
Katy Manning/Jon Pertwee, puppy love, huddling for warmth, saying goodbye
Eli Manning/any, [any]
James Marsters/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, brief, smile, naked!, lips, rimming
Angela Martin/Rainn Wilson, improvisation
Chris Matthews/Keith Olbermann, hate, victory
Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau, catch, stealing, mask, socks, sweat, grass
James McAvoy/Bill Nighy, Daddy, you didn't!, not old, sexy, kisses, comfort, rimming
James McAvoy/David Morrissey, playful, young, Daddy, fisting, ties, suit, rimming
James McAvoy/John Simm, learning, hands, mentor, sweet kid, completely unexpected, fuck me now!, rimming, fisting
AJ McLean/Kevin Richardson, lost, connection, tattoo, talk, laughter, touch, kiss
Spike Mendelsohn/Mark Simmons, bath, champagne,
Chad Michael Murray/Jared Padalecki, BFF, cigarette, cheetos, bean bags, Paris Hilton, pissing contest, shy, hair gel
MIA/Missy Elliot, dancing, lyrics, pot, curves
Nancy Mitford/Gaston Palewski, fidelity, edit, truth, anniversary
Colin Mochrie/Ryan Stiles, history, bitter, giggling
Janel Moloney/Bradley Whitford/, rehearsal
Janel Moloney/Mary-Louise Parker, once, fire
Marilyn Monroe/Jane Russell, preference, curves, sway, dance, duet, smile, kiss
Jeffrey Dean Morgan /Jared Padalecki, burn, lust, pictures, I'll teach you to cook, Watchmen premiere, old engagement rings, misbehaving
David Morrissey/Bill Nighy, scotch, drink, warmth, watching, thinking, rimming
David Morrissey/John Simm, accent, dominance, Daddy, cage dancing, eyes, voyeur, rimming
William Moseley/Anna Popplewell, [any]
William Moseley/Anna Popplewell/Liam Neeson, road trip, desert, hero worship
Stephen Moyer/Anna Paquin blood, Lolita, marks
Sophie Myles/Alex O'Laughlin, rebound, cancellation, fangs, tattoos, surprise
Sophie Myles/Alex O'Laughlin/Jason Dohring, well, this is awkward, smirk
Sophie Myles/Alex O'Laughlin/Holly Valance, I think I prefer two, touch, Australia, ring
Sophia Myles/Billie Piper, corset, dress, unpinning, warmth, firelight
Sophia Myles/Eve Myles, room mixup, light and dark, just sex, fingers

Steve Nash/Dirk Nowitzki, what you mean Bell is your best friend?,Uncle Loco, Germany
21-year-old!Miyabi Natsuyaki/19-year-old!Airi Suzuki, France, girlish, giggle, birthday, soft,old-fashioned
Nietzsche/Wagner, philosophy and opera, the best part of breaking up
Bill Nighy/John Simm, blow job, on yer knees, hair-pulling, Sir, rimming

Jack O'Connell /Luke Pasqualino/, unexpected
Barack Obama/Michelle Obama, yesterday, lights, not anyone's savior.
Gary Oldman/Kiefer Sutherland, drunk driving
Gary Oldman/Tim Roth, any
John Oliver/Rob Riggle, farewells, new, superhero

Jared Padalecki/Adrianne Palicki, rebound, consolation
Adrianne Palicki/Scott Porter, rebound, subway
Sarah Palin/Amy Poehler, mistaken identity
Jonathan Papelbon/Justin Verlander, All-Stars
Molly Parker/Ellen Page, clench, celebrate, spontaneous
Molly Parker/Callum Keith Rennie, casual, random, joy
Neil Patrick Harris/Andy Samberg, piano
Neil Patrick Harris/Colbie Smulders, whisper
Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart, flight, hotel, laughter, learning curve
Robert Pattinson/Ed Westwick, cigarette
Peisistratus/Solon, law, change, exile
Rupert Penry-Jones/David Tennant, premiere, set design, provision
Billie Piper/Matt Smith, role play, callgirl, client, fun, corset, kissing, wet, slick
Billie Piper/David Tennant, baking, dancing, train, boxers, cold, glasses, reception, wine, honey, lipstick, recovery, trip, pop, valentine, smile, crazy, mirror, glasses, scruff, baby, time off, ale, drunk, compass, batteries, Nandos, pasta, beer, nails, shoulders, legs, tongue, teeth, lust, sin, neighbors, reunion, working, project
Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie Pitt, Bed, Smile, Tired, Love

Sergio Ramo /Fernando Torress, best friends, freckles, distance, national team
Pepe Reina /Fernando Torres, barbeque
Callum Keith Rennie/Katee Sackhoff, winter, first, mine
Callum Keith Rennie/Michael Trucco, hike, deal, more
Jose Reyes/ David Wright, cute, heat, summer, long-time-crush
Frankie Rodriguez /Johan Santana, gratitude, first-encounters,
Michael Rosenbaum/Tom Welling, angel and devil (on my shoulder), everyone thinks we're doing it
Mike Rowe/Dave Barsky, forbidden love, annoy, geoduck, cleanup, rubdown

Andy Samberg/Jorma Taccone, dance, digital, jizz, shirtless, true
Andy Samberg/Jorma Taccone/Kristin Wiig, extreme
Andy Samberg/Justin Timberlake, box, experiment, glasses
Andy Samberg/Mark Wahlberg, -bergs, mother, resolution
Richard Schiff/Bradley Whitford, trailer, quiet, nighttime, tie, shirt, old friends, indiscretions, secrets, foolproof, laughter
Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell, public, private, persona, tender, beach, audition, charity, revelation, ungainly, kiss
Michael Shanks/Amanda Tapping, comfort, accident, truth
John Simm/David Tennant, Cardiff, cage dancer, Master, wanting, handcuffs, rimming, Master, name, quiet night, swordplay, history, research
John Simm/Marc Warren, reunion, laughter, soft, rough, fun, rimming
Cliff Simon/Amanda Tapping, film, go, should
Jason Siska/Todd Herzog, vacation, boat, Caribbean
Elisabeth Sladen/David Tennant, fanboy, obedience

Jorma Taccone/Justin Timerblake, mop, set
Catherine Tate/David Tennant, cheeky, mistaken, motormouth, pinstripes
Fernando Torres/OFC, [any]
Michael Trucco/Kate Vernon, theory, sew, warm
Ryan Turner/Kevin Carlson, games, haircut

Usher/any woman, pegging

Justin Verlander/Joel Zumaya, flames, heat, shattered, shoulder

Ed Westwick/Chace Crawford, after, Texas
Ed Westwick/Chace Crawford/Leighton Meester, camera phone
Ed Westwick/Leighton Meester, E minor
Kate Winslet/Leonardo Dicaprio/Kate Winslet, fights, finally, loyalty


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