Porn Battle VI (The Undiscovered Country)




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Chase/solo!, father-daughter

Chloe/Edgar, hostile, geek

Jack/Chloe, trust, night

Jack/Tony, reunion, stop for a pee

Karen/Tom, despair, reconciling differences, bitter


3:10 to Yuma

Ben Wade/Dan Evans, the next life, burn, bite, artist, claim, missed opportunity, marked, confused, take, laugh, outlaw, wedding suite, yes, window, gun


30 Rock

Jack/Cooter, weird, again

Jack/Floyd, trick

Jack/Jenna, our special thing, secrets

Jack/Liz, bagel, forget it, German, dizzy, phone call, habit, silence, can't do this anymore, sharing, black, whatever, midnight, laugh, Snapple, after-party, movies, cereal, suspicious, busy, new shoes, hot chocolate, ratings, Batman, hiatus, proof, gravity, wind, mint, here we go, bias, there's no shame in being crazy, pep talk, tick, courtesy, charm, simple, divorceé, solidarity

Liz/Floyd, sandwich, Vaporub

Liz/Gretchen, Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian

Liz/Jenna, when we were young

Liz/Jenna/Cerie, Frank's wild years



Andrea/Siobhan, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, dog, cheating, masturbation, roleplay, mommy, golf


A Midsummer Night's Dream [back to top]

Titania/Oberon, dominant, hillside, rolling, naturally


A Room with a View

Lucy/George, library


A Song Of Ice And Fire

Arthur/Jaime, looking from afar, trust

Asha/Theon, mouthy

Asha/Theon/anyone, competition, sharing

Catelyn/Littlefinger, stolen

Cersei/Margaery, power, prisoners

Cersei/Robert, bedding, fantasy

Doran/Oberyn, guilt, the Water Gardens

Eddard/Theon, obsession, wrong

Euron/Victarion, blue eye, opening his mind, old memories

Garlan/Willas, when no one sees

Jaime/Brienne, aches, duel, ride

Jaime/Cersei, caution

Jaime/Loras, comfort, impulsiveness, the White Sword Tower

Jon/Melisandre, heat, guilt, torment, subtle

Jon/Satin, cold night, Ghost

Jon/Theon, command, jealous, skin, burning, tied

Loras/Renly/Margaery, ring, flowers

Oberyn/Cersei/Ellaria, golden

Oberyn/Elia, closeness, laugh

Oberyn/Renly, manners, hint

Oberyn/Willas, distance, Oldtown

Renly/Loras, flowers, bedding ceremony

Robert/Eddard, sorrow, solitude

Sandor/Alayaya, angry, rough

Sandor/older Sansa, recognition, secret, rough

Victarion/Asha, salt wife, axe, surprise


Ace Attorney

Gant/Lana, scarf

Edgeworth/Franziska, refuge, shadows

Gant/Edgeworth, sparks, swimming, before 3-4,

Gant/Franziska, resistance, battle

Kristoph/Dahlia, machinations

Kristoph/Apollo, open

von Karma/Lana Skye, how we got here

von Karma/Edgeworth, scandal, impatience, instructions, hands

von Karma/Morgan Fey, silence, paper walls


Across the Universe

Max/Jude, acid, home coming, all you need is love


Aeon Flux (TV)

Aeon/Trevor, starry dynamo, superstate, an original sin

Aeon/Una, lost in translation, duty bound


After School Nightmare

Mashiro/Sou, male


Age of Apocalypse (Marvel Comics)

Sabertooth/Wild Child, trust


Alex Rider

adult!Alex/Wolf, bite, soldier, cheap, sneak, dance, chocolate sauce, tea and biscuits, forget, regret



Jack/Laura, 'twas passing strange, made glorious summer

Lauren/Sydney, bonding, bondage, gravel, car, diamond

Nadia/Sydney, wrong, fulfilling, sugar

Nadia/Will, excitement, test, unexpected

Rachel/Peyton, hair, dirty, changing room

Rachel/Sark, spanking, train, Tahiti

Sark/Sydney, craft, pittance, mannequin, lockup, villain, tequila, project

Sydney/Tom, mission, silk, ties, tango, rain

Sydney/Vaughn, run, latex, desert, mud

Vaughn/Sark, rude, public, delivery, surrender


All My Children

Bianca/Maggie, strap-on, BDSM, love, family, parents, forgiveness, future, spittle, first word, mommy, suspicion

Chandler/Sydney (adult-aged), dildo, fuck, princess, poolhouse


Ally McBeal

Larry/Ally, dance, ice cream, glasses, road


Almost Famous

Penny/Russel, music, home, on tour, past


Ameilia Peabody Mysteries

Ramses/Nefret/David, loyalty


American Beauty

Jane/Angela, lipstick, sleepover, slut


American Dreams

JJ/Beth, Hawaii, haircut, ring, footrub

Sam/Meg, Berkeley, groove, LPs


American Gods

Easter/Bast, mist          



Andromeda Ascendant/Balance of Judgment, flashback, unconditional, technobabble, slipstream, avatar

Beka/purple!Trance, makeover, drugs, poison, galaxy, mud

Beka/Rhade, room, heave, stolen, purpose, late, nill

Beka/Rommie, stutter, book, wet, door, yet, eight

Beka/Tyr, DNA, denial, doorway, desperate

Dylan/Rommie, shock, forecast, salt, orb

Harper/Rommie, dirty, sparky, damage, foliage


Angel the Series

Angel/Cordelia, blood, champion, chocolate syrup, delicious, dumpster, luxury, mythical, secret, sumptuous, toenails

Angel/Cordelia/Wesley, bling, brood, predict, perfection, sparkle, summer

Angel/Doyle, bud, demon, drunk, sober, sweetheart, travel

Angel/Faith, redemption

Angel/Fred, city, darkness, escape, leg, night, streetlight, survive, yum

Angel/Gunn, brotherhood, enjoy, fight, fright, note, remember, sister, teeth, trust

Angel/Illyria, battle, discovery, stiff

Angel/Lindsey, bad hair day, breathplay, kink, possession

Angelus/Lindsey, slut, turned

Angel/Nina, comfortable

Angel/Spike, comfort, eternal, Greece, helpless, nostalgic, reversal, wine

Angel/Wesley, anger, back from the dead, bite, blood, clever, closet, death, devour, failure, fighting skills, found, glare, hell bound, hero, hotel, investigation, ironic, law firm, library, livid, lost, no, office, penthouse, rare book, Renaissance Man, routine, scholar, smitten, spell, stare, stubble, turn, wait, worship

Connor/Darla, blood

Connor/Fred, hurt, milk, twist

Connor/Spike, alcohol, lineage

Cordelia/Faith, BDSM, coma, family, fight, first time, jealous, love, please, pregnant, strap-on, TPTB

Cordelia/Fred, talk

Doyle/Cordelia, afterlife, demon, mask, phone, puzzle

Faith/Fred, bullet, girl, protect

Faith/Lilah, NIN "The Only Time"

Fred/Lilah, alien, bite, blood, braids, chilly, devour, Eden, glasses, gleam, LA, luxury, mascara, pain, rinse, sin, startle

Gunn/Eve, balcony, bargain, bottle, briefing

Gunn/Fred, pancakes, portal, poison, ponder, sleep

Gunn/Fred/Wesley, blink, bones, boss, die, gleam, production, proven, sing

Gunn/Gwen, safe

Gunn/Lindsey, need

Gwen, touch

Lorne/Wesley, daiquiri

Spike/Cordelia, demanding

Spike/Wesley, poof

Wesley/Cordelia, home, last, pegged, uncut

Wesley/Faith, sharp teeth

Wesley/Fred, beloved, braids, evermore, glasses, hidden, lecture, secret, shout, shy, song, whisper

Wesley/Illyria, albatross, amber, blush, drown, glacier, hidden, kaleidoscope, magnificent, pearl, phoenix, prophesy, rooftop, seawater, shadow, syntax, theory, time,

Wesley/Lilah, manicure, member, neat, reunion, scarring, video, wall, will


Animal House

Boon/Katy, hello again for the last time


Animated Series (Jewish Holidays)

Danny/Judy, Biblical



Jake/Melissa Chapman, window, hands, run

Tobias/Rachel, flight, breathe, tree, ashes

Tom/Melissa Chapman, secret, pool, questions


Anne McCaffrey's Pern Series

Menolly/Robinton, sea, bloom, beginnings, hands


Anne of Green Gables

Anne/Diana, memory, sleek, slender, tresses, jam, joy, violets

Matthew/Marilla, siblings, despair, lonesome, wind, silent



Bible/Koran, incest kink

cake/ice cream, melt, smear

Democrat/Republican, party, believe, defeat, concede

Earth/Air/Fire/Water, destroy, create, storm, fierce, loyal

Ethanol/Gasoline, competition

Fear/Depression/Anxiety, bloodplay, scream

Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, homophobia, God, knots, bondage, prepared, grown-up

hula hoop/yo-yo, fanciful, spin, fad, fashion, dizzy, freefall, purple

Hunter/Prey, switch

ice/water, summer

Keyboard/Mouse, used

Needle/Vein, rape

reality TV/scripted TV, compete, shine, commercial, real, fake, complement

Salt/Pepper, missing

sci-fi/fantasy, fantasy, adventure, worlds, wild, unreal, discovery

Silver/Gold, hit where it hurts

West Germany/East Germany, reunited

Wind/Rain, wet



Thomasina/Septimus, forbidden, adult, woman, waltz, fire, focus, educate, mind


Arrested Development

Gob/Lindsay, bees, second best, unusual, afternoon

Lindsay/Bob Loblaw, french maid

Lindsay/Tobias, calendar, blue, spinner, leather

Maeby/George Michael, we'll always have Cabo

Michael/Kitty, the last time

Michael/Lindsay, game, rough, run away, trust, right, wrong, crazy, related, children, Mexico, bikini, water, drunk, hands, good guy, losing it

Michael/Maggie, defense rests, two minutes, maybe, voir dire, acquitted, under-handed and over-dressed


As the World Turns

As the World Turns, Luke/Noah, camera, frustrated, possessive


As Time Goes By

Jean/Lionel, forever, record, lifetime, diamond, sparkle, softness, whisper, dark, melting, awkward, perfection


As Told By Ginger

adult!Carl/adult!Blake, bankrupt, jackpot, scheme, shampoo, blood, not good enough

adult!Courtney/adult!Ginger, champagne, bubbles, jeans

adult!Ginger/adult!Sasha, what could have been, horse, camping, mint, published print


Ashes to Ashes

Alex/Gene, office, desk, finally, "but you're not real!", yearning, before I go, words unsaid, coffee, James Bond, formal-wear, politics


Atlas Shrugged

Dagny Taggart/Eddie Willers, loyalty, torch song

Dagny Taggart/Hank Rearden, the last line left to cross


Avatar The Last Airbender

Haru/Zuko, company

Iroh/Ty Lee, revolution

Jet/Sokka, vines, weapon, anger, warrior

Zuko/Sokka, swords, courage, pain, tears, sister, again, bend, boys, girls


Baby Mama [back to top]

Kate/Angie, beer, guilt, pregnancy hormones

Oscar/Angie, gradual, affection, joy

Rob/Kate, proposal, shoes


Babylon 5

Jeffrey Sinclair/Delenn, rituals

Jeffrey Sinclair/Michael Garibaldi, off-duty, aftermath, sacrifice

Londo/G'kar, lesson, fortune, book, lie

Londo/Vir, suitable, mercy

Sheridan/Delenn, waltz, warning, wisdom, whistle

Stephen Franklin/Marcus Cole, teach, fix, habit, accident

Susan Ivanova/Jeffrey Sinclair, tucking-in, sweet, breakfast, parks

Susan Ivanova/Marcus Cole, flattery, steel, down below, starfury, first time, mortal, pining, Minbar, sleep-deprivation, chocolate, comfort

Ivanova/Talia Winters, full-contact video game, fighting over remote, footsie, make-up sex, surrender, possession, hand-holding, elephant ears, firsts, insights, sharing, shower, revelation, apple, carpet, strap-on, BDSM, love, control, mindwalker, Li, Ranger, suicide, lamb, stims, alcohol, Ops, fear


Baby-Sitters Club

Dee Pike/Maureen McGill, hats, caserolles, shopping, couch, kilt

Rachel Goldberg Stevenson/Jonathan Stevenson, last, always, simmer, holiday, sacred, enjoy

Richard/Alma, diamond, spiders, sweetness, best

Richard/Sharon, cats, food, glasses, myopia, milk, vacation, suite, high school, honeymoon, church



John/Stu, jealous, surprised


Bad Girls

Helen Stewart/Jim Fenner , release, drunk, tension, hotel

Helen Stewart/Karen Betts, shower, champagne, dinner, club, love

Helen Stewart/Natalie Buxton, lust, surrender, desire, temptation

Helen Stewart/Selena Gleeson , party, fun, thanks

Helen/Nikki, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, restraint, cuffs, solitary, rules


Band of Brothers

Richard Winters/Lewis Nixon, drunk, nightmare, snow, fragile, foxhole, auburn, haunt, bullet



Sarasa/Shuri, denial, love and hate


Batman (comics)

Harley/Poison Ivy, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, seed, aphrodisiac, vine, Venus, control, promise

Bruce/Dick, independence

Bruce/Tim, grown

Dick/Tim, movement


Battlestar Galactica

Anders/Caprica, comfort, other paths

Anders/Chief, refuge, cigarettes, permanent, sins, survive

Anders/Duck, prayer, candle, patterns

Anders/Ellen, alone, lifeline

Anders/Helo, secret

Anders/Kara, attachment, flight, cramped quarters, sweat, CAP, chocolate, notes, climbing, pitch a tent, trace memory, cordite, detonator, knife, slick, water, acrid, drunk, hallucinatory, new, robot, stamina, blue, high, lost, tight, rush, different, playful, sorry, endurance, Leave, done, Marriage, wonder, time

Anders/Kara/Lee, Earth

Anders/Kara/Leoben, empty, found, comfort, entwined, spines, mine, temple, symmetry, tattoo, discovered

Anders/Leoben, destiny, hurt, cold, intentions, scattered, blue, blind, strong, design, mask, questions, natural

Anders/Natalie, Picon, Bar, Before the world ended

Anders/Racetrack, aggression, stone

Anders/Sharon(Athena), secret, enemy, creek, haunted

Anders/Tory, Cylon, music, rush, guilt, light-hearted

Athena/Caprica, learn

Athena/Helo/Kara/Sam, dust, tempest, windswept, enclosed, seeing red, OT4

Baltar/Caprica, Remember how we used to be

Baltar/Caprica/Head!Six, torn, protest, egocentric

Baltar/Dualla, abandoned, on the run, fist, realisation, persuasion

Baltar/Gaeta, meaningless, halfway, lies

Baltar/Head!Six, the way we were, reassurance

Baltar/Tory, humanity

Balter/Caprica/D'Anna, together, comfort, gods, open, possessive

Balter/Six, skin, red, flash, after, relax

Balter/Six/Three, electric, water, daydream

Balter/Three, want, vulnerable

Bill Adama/Kara, grief, soft, blue, shove, icon, promise

Bill Adama/Laura, earth, skin, pillow, hair, queen, moon, before the dawn, black ops, fear, open guard, perception, pet, "talk to me", taste, vivid imagination, "don't even think about it" , forever, space, open, journey, frozen, spotless, opportunity, mud

Bill Adama/Tigh, push, break, missing, locked, red, join

Cain/Gina, hate, dinner, first, what used to be, AU, moments, brig, off guard, gun, office, chair, rack, down, sweat, need, surprise, uniform, irresistible, smile, devious, take, apology, too late, trust, sleeping, glow, torn, marked, fire, ice

Cain/Kara, please, quick, sir

Caprica/D'Anna, golden

Caprica/Dualla, encounter, suspicion

Dualla/Kara, curious

Helo/Basestar!Sharon, memory, rescue

Helo/Dualla, human

Helo/Kara, limit, written

Helo/Sharon, leather, dresser, burn, time off, cell, heat, rain, choices, confusion, clarity

Kara/Kat, blue skies, competition, peril, competition

Kara/Kendra, forget

Kara/Laura, between the lines, beyond, escape, red, ice and stone

Kara/Lee/Leoben, wonder

Lee/Dualla, badge, dirt, gym, fight

Lee/Kara, authority, fraternisation, battle damage, guilt, indiscretion, Triad, secrets and lies, bond, opposites, longing, naked, jealous, sand, moon, house, night, earth, starting over, "I hate you", fast, special, shiner, drunk, duty, window, confrontation, fingers, smoke

Lee/Laura, after dark, betrayal, beyond, like ice, commander and chief

Leoben/Kara, fate, grip, paint, shatter, coloured, tight, ashes, current, morning, shelter, rain, weapon

Natalie/Six, unexpected, surprise, sixth sense, want, strong,

Tigh/Caprica, life, hold on, function, peace, meaning, curse.

Tigh/Ellen, battle, grief, desire

Tigh/Kara, cell, bright, lost, kiss.

Tigh/Laura, discovery, hold, allegiance

Tigh/Six, secrets, eyes, old

Zarek/Laura, tumble, illicit


Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Adama/Tigh, comfort, side by side, understanding, unexpected, leader,

Apollo/Starbuck, devious, give and take, flirt, afraid, chances, moment, dirty, damaged, comfort, protect, comprise, here, there, quit dying on me, desperate, stolen, jealous, fashion victim, lust, touch, shower, battle damage, secrets and lies, authority, fraternisation, guilt, indiscretion, Triad

Apollo/Starbuck/Boomer, unexpected, drunk, jealous,

Athena/Sheba, desperate, expected, more than meets the eye, stolen, stolen moment, leader, follow, jealous, pilot, fighter, idolize, unfinished business, forever, safe, flirt, angel, betrayal, weak, rivalry, reconciliation
Cassie/Sheba, oedipus, lace


Beast Wars

Blackarachnia/Silverbolt, bitten, savagery, bondage, trust

Blackarachnia/Silverbolt/Quickstrike, control

Cheetor/Silverbolt, competition

Depth Charge/Rampage, becoming what you hate

Dinobot/Quickstrike, teacher

Megatron/Dinobot, fierce

Megatron/Dinobot/Ravage/Optimus, harem

Megatron/Optimus, silence

Optimus/Dinobot, instinct, obedience

Optimus/Rhinox, late at night, reassurance, hidden darkness

Tigerhawk/Optimus, gods

Waspinator/Jack/Una, ritual


Bend it Like Beckham

Jesminder Bhamra/Joe, promise, Christmas, California



Beowulf/Grendel's Mother, ...and in the end

Beowulf/Wealthow, Danes do it Great



David/Jonathan, drawing, mountains, impatient

Delilah/Samson, bed

Jesus/Mary Magdalene, gown, green, sleet, steep, impossible, intricate

Ruth/Naomi, deceive, gust, gleam, grown

Saul/David, diplomat, silk, cold


Big Bang Theory

Penny/Leonard, cat, date, babbling,

Penny/Sheldon, science


Big Love

Margene/Ana, nervous, hairbrush, pie, dance, rain

Margene/Sarah, girl talk, fashion magazine, bitten, bubblegum

Sarah/Heather, help, jealous, longing, share      


Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill/Ted, startled


Birds of Prey

Barbara/Dinah, coffee, clock tower, girls' night in

Barbara/Helena, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, baby, strong, weak, chair, control

Dinah/Gabby, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, future, meta, power, rain


Black Dagger Brotherhood

Qhuinn/Lash, hate, jealous

Rhage/Mary/Layla, experiment

Scribe Virgin/Bloodletter, conception, endure

Vishous/Butch, longing, temptation

Vishous/Butch/Marissa, friends, gift

Vishous/Darius, sparring, submission

Vishous/Marissa, bloodlust, feed, needing

Zsadist/Bella, caught, chase



Edmund/George, ironic



Ripley Holden/Peter Carlisle, boots, dance, about Natalie, handcuffs, rimming



Aaroniiro Alulueri/Cirucci Thunderwitch, tilt, veil, negative image

Abarai Renji/Adult!Asano Keigo, gloves, king's ransom, Hawaii, pasta

Abarai Renji/Grimmjow Jaegerjacques, predators

Abirama Redder/Izuru Kira, choke, wishbone, select, slow and deliberate wins the race, getting in the mood

Adult!Kurosaki Ichigo/Grimmjow Jaegerjacques, mask-to-mask, fur flying, wash, 45 degrees tango

Adult!Chad/adult!Ishida, guitar, hands, mouth, silence, change

Adult!Hitsugaya/Matsumoto, ice, watermelon, duty

Adult!Ishida Uryuu/Abarai Renji, sleeveless, true, fabric, beholden

Adult!Kurosaki Ichigo/Abarai Renji, wrists, title

Adult!Kurosaki Ichigo/Hirako Shinji, stroll, twitterpated

Aizen Sousuke/Hinamori Momo, library

Aizen Sousuke/Hollow!Hirako Shinji, blank, retroactive, ripoff, alliance

Aizen Sousuke/Loli, bitches ain't shit

Aizen/adult!Ichigo, stone, rage

Aizen/adult!Orihime, Stockholm syndrome, protection, rejection

Aizen/Hinamori, trust, presents, shield

Aizen/Hollow!Ichigo, unleashed

Aizen/Ulquiorra, blind devotion

Byakuya/Grimmjow, teeth, release

Byakuya/Hanataro, apple, scarf, protection

Byakuya/Renji, orders, comb, graceful

Ganju/Hanataro, sand, loud, quiet

Grimmjow Jaegerjacques/Abarai Renji, mobility

Grimmjow Jaegerjacques/Hirako Shinji, stereoman, nerves, 666

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques/Inoue Orihime, secret agents

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques/Kurosaki Ichigo, Soul Calibur

Grimmjow/adult!Orihime, foul language, delicacy

Grimmjow/Aizen, punish, power, authority, challenge,

Grimmjow/Tousen, dark, blue, arm, demoted

Grimmjow/Ulquiorra, numbers, superior, contrast

Hirako Shinji/Urahara Kisuke, whiskey, rites

Hitsugaya Toushirou/Ulquiorra Schiffer, hierro, wolves, eye of the storm, a requiem, whisper

Ichigo/Rukia, Dark moon and Ice

Ikkaku/Yumichika, kimono, sake, sweat

Isshin/Ryuuken, cigarettes, doctor, stethoscope

Isshin/Urahara, past, human, experiment

Kuchiki Byakuya/Abarai Renji, commandeer, inflection

Kyoraku/Ukitake, cough, blood, flowers, sake, bond

Nell Tu Oderschvank/Nnoitra Jigura, angel/angle, fortitude, jester, elsewhere, gallows, memento mori

Renji/Tatsuki, Fighting

Shunsui/Nanao, swats

Tousen/adult!Wonderweiss, butterfly, kiss, pure, learn

Ulquiorra Schiffer/Grimmjow Jaegerjacques, geometry

Ulquiorra Schiffer/Hitsugaya Toushirou, dragon dance

Ulquiorra/Orihime, Teach me what love is

Urahara Kisuke/Hirako Shinji, hat, lunacy, siren song, merrymaking

Urahara/Yoruichi, flash, skin, feline, complimentary       



Cass Chaplin/Eddie G Robinson, without Marilyn, drugs, clean, lie, trust, truth, rimming


Blood Ties

Coreen/Vicki, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, goth, blood, sugar, sex, magic



Angela/Brennan, girl talk, ancient history, art, necklace, jail, loyal, empathy, ink, strap-on, BDSM, love, family, crime, book, skull, past, detachment, guilty

Angela/Hodgins/Zack, laugh

Booth/Bones, fire

Booth/Brennan, bathtub, clinical, decision, symbiosis, drunk, mistletoe redux, innuendo, partnership, talking, challenge

Booth/Cam, relapse, office, remember

Booth/Zach, hero

Brennan/Cam, coffee, rain

Brennan/Hodgkins, grief

Hodgkins/Angela, lab, paintbrush, color, sand, medieval

Hodgkins/Zack, visiting-hours, illogical, victorious, test, penance

Zack/Cam, trust


Boondock Saints

Connor/Murphy, backseat, roadtrip, Irish Pub, rimming, ghost, gun, match, fire, wound, blood, cross, wrong, die, mission, hurt, comfprt, forget, remember, brand, cigarettes, mirror, twin


Boston Legal

Alan/Shirley, serious, I win

Brad/Denise, lesson

Claire/Jeffrey, Boston

Denny/Alan, rooftop, closing, scotch, buddies

Katie/Jerry, soothing, maybe, crush

Lori/Brad, missed, drunk, knee, barefoot, office

Shirley/Denny, Denny Crane, remember, young again, whisper, shiver

Shirley/Paul, aging, fun, discreet


Bourne Ultimatum

Jason/Nicky, caught, white flag, hair dye, Estonia


Boy Meets World

Cory/Shawn, family

Shawn/Angela, buttons, constrast, apologize


Breakfast Club

Brian/John, prime, coat



Brendan/Emily, how it was, accident, alone

Brendan/Laura, comfort


Bridget Jones' Diary

Bridget/Sharon/Jude, drunk, party, shop, style, silk, tears, cocoon, sleep


Bright Lights, Big City (movie)

Tad Allagash/Jaime Conway, blackout


Brokeback Mountain

Ennis/Jack, alternate, last time, away, ice, a new home, open


Brother Termite

Reen-ja/Marian, the wheel of karma, the dreams of men


Brothers and Sisters,

Holly/Nora, wrong, give and take, lick, fight, anger, unexpected, heat.

Justin/Rebecca, inappropriate, daisy, photograph, unexpected, travel, shoes, knitting, costume, searching endlessly, just breathe, revelation

Kevin/Jason, inappropriate, kinky

Tommy/Justin, arguments, winter, ranch


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Andrew/Dawn (post-series), homework, Italian food, shoes, deal

Angel/Buffy, mutual masturbation, dance, gone, line, elephant, lily, scar, precious, diamond, glitter, discover, uncover, alley, ancient, misery

Angel/Darla, red, forever

Angel/Spike/Buffy, asserting dominance

Angel/Willow, homework, practice, read, free

Angelus/Spike, eternity, teacher, open, anything, veins

Anya/Willow, forget, magic, lies, no more, moment, there, here, speed, fly, demon, sparks, feel.

Buffy/Cordelia, competition

Buffy/Faith, dust, swimming pool, autumn, grass, sapphire, lies, soft, silver, storm, glitter, combat, need, ropes, sandals, shower, barbecue sauce, adrenaline, raspberry, tension, friend, happy morning, sweet, happy-ending

Buffy/Lily-Anne-Chanterelle, apron, arrival, weakness, Slay, strength, speed, fight, actual

Buffy/Satsu, distract

Buffy/Tara, secret, understand, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, magic, hiding, clothes, shy, insecure, blood, breasts

Buffy/Willow, I lied, pillow fight, fingernails, girly, magazine, lip gloss, pout

Dawn/Willow, magic, silence

Dracula/Xander, willing

Drusilla/Faith, temptation, black

Ethan/Giles, history, struggle, whiskey, dry, heat, bone, guttural, mania, rough, sour, relics

Faith/Tara, intuition

Giles/Anya, at last, pulling a Clark Gable, (un)expected, flirt, kiss, horny, want, take, desire, fuck, trapped, body swap, fucked up, overrated, bite, magic, sparks, jealous, sexy, shower, dirty, crazy, everything, lick, wall, fly, sense, lust, at last, lost, confused, dizzy, giggle, need, betrayed.

Giles/Buffy, teach, train, sword, hotel, sweat, destiny, sacred, mythical, Amazon, warrior, tweed, tea, demons, desperation, desire, scream, fire, love, need, burn, incense, smoke, crossbow, training, pommel horse, Magic Box, generations, "this is the way women and men have behaved since the beginning", revelations, illness, prophecy, near death experience, "they picked the perfect thing; I can't lose you", obscene, fantastic, nightmare, "let that be a lesson", subtext becoming text, forgiveness, fear, lust, police car, chocolate, food, kinky, sweet, sour, bitter, drunk, sober

Giles/Faith, partner, fast, mission, vodka, glasses, need, unsaid, forbidden, home, distance

Giles/Jenny, earring, afternoon, football, floppy disk

Giles/Olivia, relief

Giles/Spike, tea-time

Giles/Tara, song, ice, quiet, lap

Giles/Xander, carpenter, Moses, knowledge, silent

Giles/Xander/Buffy/Willow, hats, feet, twin beds, ribcage

Giles/Willow, guardian, phone, filled, fortune, airplane, wisdom

Kennedy/Willow, candlelight, physics, slayage, rooftop, worry, love, green, magic, veins, addict

Oz/Faith, van, school

Oz/Tara, wolf, wilderness, wild, homecoming, survival, sweetness, breath, wrist, wrinkle

Oz/Xander, awkward

Oz/Willow, moonlight, taming the beast, strength, water, bold, remember, doughnuts, dangerous, stalwart, cross, guitar, fingers, toes, tickle

Riley/Buffy, tulips, tropical, tangerine, pace

Robin/Faith, wait, weapon, different, respect, surprise, challenge, connection

Satsu/Willow, forget

Spike/Buffy, chains, lipstick, gentle, rough, broken, balance, lighter, blanket

Spike/Drusilla, birds, stars, waltz, dinner, forever

Spike/Xander, daytime, redundant, ordinary, seduction

Spike/Willow, hot, understand, 1001 uses, began, help, trick, sweet, stone

Tara/Willow, return, goosebumps, lips, sweet, lazy, breath, moonlight, rose, calculus, egg salad, naked, red, liquid, petal, perfume, fury, myth, piercing, soft

Xander/Anya, money, diamond, bunnies, bored

Xander/Anya/Tara/Willow/, games, guests, loss, comfort

Xander/Buffy, one, shirt, waffles, slow, new, surprise, think, thunder, thousand, thoroughbred

Xander/Cordelia, car, candid, linoleum, Listerine, reunion, locket, promise, cheesecake

Xander/Dawn, crush

Xander/Tara/Willow, curious, soft, shiver, kisses

Xander/Willow, warm, gasp, falling, shapes, board game, matinee, hands, scars


Burn Notice

Fiona/Michael, give in, taunt, vulnerable, laundry room, last time, memories, violence is foreplay, handcuffs, public!sex, thanks for the memories, explosive, hatchback, switchback, stab your back

Fiona/Sam, gunfire, explosion

Michael/Lucy, training, favors, for old times sake, identity

Michael/Sam, vodka, spies, secrets, don't ask don't tell

Michael/Sam/Fiona, team, trust, explosion


Calamari Wrestler [back to top]

Kanichi/Miyako, pillow, park, ice cream, fight


Card Captor Sakura

Touya/Yukito, tender, pure, snow, moon, magic



Ben/Sofie, lightning, dust

Clayton/Rita Sue, lace, quiet, scratch, surprise.

Justin/Iris, study, blue, hatred, promise.

Sofie/Jonesy, pitch, promise, older, horizon

Sofie/Libby, stars, tent, fire, tarot, lace, piano


Charlie Bartlett

Charlie/Nathan, bathroom meeting, lecture, history class, scotch, cigar, consequences, caught, pool



Cole/Phoebe, telepathy, sunrise, honeymoon, drain, proof

Cole/Prue, vase, shadow, spank, language, justice

Leo/Chris, issues, past perfect, footsteps, terror, Monday

Leo/Piper, furious, fascination, interrupted, chandelier, perfection, mirror, corner, left, animal, airplane

Paige/Phoebe, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, magic, premonition, truth, work, taboo, redhead, Seer, athema

Phoebe/Kira, touch, human, emotion, sight, blindness, grass, twirl, eyes

Wyatt/Chris, future, audience, path, jeep, silence          



Daly/Zoe, discovery



Hideki/Chi, bookstore, bakery, bowling alley, board game


Chronicles of Narnia

Adult!Peter/adult!Susan, royal bed, loss, tearing, jealousy, dancing, gorgeous, sword

Aslan/Lucy, lioness, ritual

Caspian/dryads, discovery

Caspian/Edmund, diving, pirates, jellyfish,

Caspian/Peter, change, eager, dance, drunk, love, mistake, right, smile, relief, battle, endings, woods, dark

Caspian/Peter/Susan, forbidden, comfort, tears, forest

Edmund/Peridan, park, cloves, finally alone

Edmund/Rabadash, biting, ropes, barefoot

Lucy/Tumnus, laughter, music, sunrise

Miraz/Sebastian, naked ambition

Peter/Edmund, guilt, punishment, control, pillows

Peter/Susan, secret, quiet, the first year, Christmas, missed, need, desperation, remembrance


Chronicles of Riddick

Riddick/Vaako, court, blade, sly, lithe, pale, strength, force, might, consort, bow, equal, Lord Marshal, space, hellhound, spike, sharp, wit, laugh



Bryce/Chuck, Dungeons & Dragons Smackdown, Stanford, roommates, normal, hazing, mystery, brain, meeting, lecture, secret, first, language, code, understood, quad, fraternity, betrayed, return, same, pacman, wishful thinking, spy games, masquerade ball

Bryce/Chuck/Sarah, memory

Casey/Chuck, gun, detail, protect, reserve, screen, backseat driver, close call, danger, fugitives, lies, movie room, quiet, stakeout, takeout, trust, undercover, hero,

Casey/Chuck/Sarah, running, safe, hack, bomb, true

Casey/Sarah, disagree, handcuffs, guns, protection, silence, irritation, grown-ups, boarding pass, fifth column, flexible

Chuck/Lester, unrequited

Devon/Ellie, breakfast, cold feet

Ellie/Sarah, awesome, secret, tipsy

Lester/Morgan, pwnage

Morgan/Anna, breakroom, costumes



Jinhoo/Jooha, piano, men

Joonha/Taehyun, humble, transformed

Joonha/Yoomi, mystique

Yoomi/Heewon, cats



Budweiser horse/Geico Gekko, jealousy


Count Cain

Alexis/Jezebel, nurturer

Jezebel/Riff, tools


Coupling UK

Jeff/Susan, Halleujah chorus

Patrick/Sally, Spiderman, training, tripod

Sally/Susan/Jane, limber


Cowboy Bebop

Spike/Faye, warp, skip, jump

Spike/Julia, nightingale


Criminal Minds

Aaron/Derek, easy, drink, broken boy soldiers.

Aaron/Spencer, neck, tie, hit, lie, secret, safe, gun, magic, hands, codeword, skin

Derek/Penelope, couldn't-save-you, faith, rage.

Derek/Spencer, first time, muscles, good enough, playful, friends, genius, mind, quick, quiet

Garcia/Kevin, online poker

Gideon, dive bar, redheads

Hotch/Prentiss, Southern Comfort, truth or dare, perfume

Morgan/Garcia, kiss, sweet, phone calls, the nearness of you

Spencer/Female character, quiet


Crossing Jordan

Jordan/Lily, morgue, sweet, night, snowstorm, blackout



Catherine/Grissom, Got your back, give in, horny, surprise, expected, unexpected, interrogation, gun, smile, flirt, fuck,

Catherine/Sofia, caught, blush, handcuff, uniform, kiss, roses, wall!sex, cliched!sex, coffee, why not, giggle, closet, horny,

Catherine/Warrick, sunset, lab coat, chocolate ice cream

Gil/Greg, dissect and analyze

Grissom/Sara, awaken, heat, night, boiling point, reunion

Nick/Greg, regenerate


CSI: New York

Adam/Lindsay, Wii, dizzy, just breath, random things

Danny/Don, transparent, bar

Danny/Don/Mac, river

Danny/Lindsay, subway, new, shopping, sweater, green, Yankees, musical, naughty, fall, art, unbelievable, in a car, burn, you belong to me, awkward, elevators, sunrise

Flack/Stella, signs, in the still of the night, sexy, safe

Lindsay/Stella, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, crime scene, evidence, microscope, murder, case, IA, court, fantasy

Mac/Don, scars

Mac/Stella, love, trust  


D. Grayman [back to top]

Allen/Lavi, dignity, sight

Arystar/Lavi, seeing stars

Cross/Anita, atonement, sword dancer

Cross/Komui, taken in stride/astride, vanity, glasses

Kanda/Komui, tragicomedy, a beautiful mind, vows, toy soldier

Komui/Bak, boatmen

Komui/Kanda, sheer

Lavi/Tyki, rainy day, replay, heroes, indelible ink

Tyki/Cross, panther, incense(d)

Tyki/Lavi, train, spelunking, sides



Amy/Lucy, strap-on, BDSM, love, children, crime, justice, money, evasion, uniform, capture, legs



Patty/Ellen, fickle, mask, going through the motions, fear


Daredevil (Marvel Comics)

Daredevil/Elektra, playground, necklace, ninja, novelty



Daria/Jane, tricky, track, field, flourish

Daria/Tom, back seat, fumble, orange neon

Daria/Tom/Jane, conflict resolution, successful experiment


Dark Angel

Alec/Ames, surrender, scent

Alec/Ben, mirror, link, untouchable, remember, burning, lace, pizza, barcode, gay, romance

Alec/Logan, handcuffs, baking, kink, language, freak, substitute

Alec/Max, power, fight, chuckle, unrequited, banter, heist, trust, breeding partners,

Alec/Normal, gold, muscle, temptation, smirk, historical setting

Alec/Zack, healing, mission, roses

Joshua/Alec, green, nostalgia, room-mates

Logan/Max, contact, finally, sex without touching, gloves, phone-sex, glass-wall, freedom, chicken, pasta, closet, gloves, skin, heat, desire, food, wheels

Max/Zack, happy-ending, snuggle

Original Cindy/Asha, escape, dance, bicycle, grenade

Zack/Ben, brother, protect, hide, quickie


Dark City

John/Emma, renewal, recreation, education


Dark Tower

Roland/Cuthbert, fire, dust

Roland/Cuthbert/Susan, if, fate


Darker Than Black

Hei/Yin, trust


Dawson's Creek

CJ/Pacey, revenge


Days of Our Lives

Lucas/Sami, hold, push, children, finally, rug, flip

Philip/EJ, blackmail, Europe, accommodating, mouth, blow job, rimming

Philip/Lucas, brothers, lips, slick, rimming, leather

Sami/Chelsea, pleasing men, teasing, girls' secret, strap-on, mentor, cousins

Shawn/Mimi, paradise, keep, charm, believe, point, count



Barbara/Helena, trust, sun

Bruce/Selina, jealousy, questions, rooftops

Bruce/Zatanna, trusting, hat, old friends, work

Bruce/Clark, overwhelm, refuse, give-away, urbane, trick

Cassandra/Stephanie, welcome back, violets

Cassandra/Tim/Stephanie, union, winner takes all

Clark/Tim, exchange, mask, flying, first, snowfall

Deathstroke/Green Arrow, rivalry, killer, marriage

Dick/Tim, sacrifice, confession, survival, rescue

Green Arrow/Black Canary, love, long story, family

Jaime/Tim, moonlight

Kid Devil/Ravager, smile, swimming pool, warmth

Roy/Donna, old times, problems, JLA

Scandal/Knockout, make-up-sex, love

Ted/Booster, green, retired

Ted/Booster/Jaime, wrong

Tim/Cassandra, first time, distance, missing, words


Dead Like Me

Daisy/Mason, fragile

George/Mason, idiot, kitchen, waffles, bed, bored, wish, clock, paint, job, scream

George/Rube, belgian waffle, starbucks, costume, peanut, waffles, sigh, look, sky

Roxy/Daisy, uniform, lipstick, car


Dead Poets Society

Neil/Todd, Shakespeare, ocean, god, puzzle, snow, before, soliloquy



Al/Dan, rifle, loyal, servant, monster, bind

Al/Silas, (any)

Alma/Trixie, care, scarf, loopy, secret, smoke

Bullock/Alma, crystal ball, uneven deck, the tarot of faro

Dan/Flora, jealousy, apple, dirt, liquor

Jane/Joanie, dream, waking, calm,


Death Note

L/Light, handcuffs, mind games, kiss, bondage, handjob, shower, apologize, breathing, sugar, chocolate sauce, candy, chains, deception, sleep, will power, battle of wits, struggle, desperate, love/hate, foodkink, surveillance

L/Misa, lipstick, lolipop, skin, loli, blindfold

Light/Matsuda, keeping quiet, bribes, alliances

Matsuda/Near, end



Marco/Spinner, always, sick, tremor

Paige/Alex, fever, transit, midnight


Degrassi: The Next Generation

Darcy/Mia, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, rape, abortion, religion, child, mother, stockings, internet, photo    

Manny/Emma, bathing suit, innocence, whisper, angel


Demolition Man

Spartan/Huxley, Manhattan transfer, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am



Dexter/Deb, scent, feral, jewelry, inquire, zipper, gone, undeniable, bittersweet, uniform, handcuffs

Dexter/Doakes, power

Dexter/Rita, ice cream


Die Hard

John/Matt, unexpected


Dirty Sexy Money

Brian/Nick, reveal, watch, sin, better, confess, bitter, touch,

Jeremy/Juliet, confusion, exception, sun, king size bed, hair-pulling, biting, jealousy

Nick/Juliet, sparkling, helpless, distress, advantage, sex tape



Meredith/Tom, RAM, BIOS, not so hesitant



Adora Belle/Sacharissa, working girl, interview, lilacs, good girls don't, proper

Agnes/Perdita, spring, deceive, dress-up, destroy, winner, loss, song, dance

Carrot/Angua, obedient, beg

Cherry/Angua, dress, lipstick, heels, crossbow, officer, salute, feral, homeland

Esme/Lily(Lilith), mirror, sister, subside, silky, proof, godless, hells

Granny Weatherwax/Nanny Ogg, chicken, child, chide, decide, power, weakness, wick

Maladict/Margolotta, blood

Moist/Adora Belle, smoke, golden, plan, flash

Polly/Maladict, mud, socks, duty, graffiti, bravery, thirsty, disguise, patrol

Roger/Grandad, be quiet, overhead, night shift

Sam/Vetinari, strain, snow, clacks, mirror image, vulnerable, code

Vetinari/Margolotta, lesson, wine, red

Vetinari/Moist, constraint, dare, lies, desperate, angel, tease, shadow, sack, govern

Vimes/Angua, alpha, fear, bite, chase

Vimes/Sybill, undone, stolen moment, crash

William/Moist, service, manipulate

William/Sam, information, headache


Doctor Who

Blon Fel Fotch Slitheen/Face of Boe, improvising

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart/Martha, sparky, gentleman, tea, reminisce, conversant

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart/Nine, shadow, brilliant, everybody lives

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart/Sergeant Benton, formality, service, kilt, silence, devotion

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart/Ten, recognition, TARDIS, tea, revival, suit

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart/Three, polarity, opinion, Bessie

Donna/Martha, after, sky, good, beautiful, companion, at last, missing you, broken, roses, horny, need, flirt, bounce

Donna/Rose, remember, happy, important, heroine

Elton/Ursula, peaceful, ELO

Five/Peri, volcano, deep, hot, lost, hanging on

Jack/ Nine/Rose, fun, joy, charges, last, exploration

Jack/Donna, console, water, temping, mine! quickie, de ja vu, hugs, don't, pursuit, glorious, just desserts, smirk, laugh, sharp, chase

Jack/Martha, apocalypse, brilliant, doctor, the Hub, affection, respect, curiosity, caveman, condition, camera, reunion, light, kiss, sunshine, time, blue, butterflies

Jack/Mickey, reunited, boss, new

Jack/Mickey/Ten/Donna/Martha/Rose, pilot, fitting, steady, need, him, remember

Jack/Nine, alien, wanton, need, rimming, quiet, control

Jack/Nine/Rose, silk, lace, both, rimming

Jack/Romana I, chance, caustic, sparring-match, tracer

Jack/Rose, relief, reunion, Bad Wolf, heartache

Jack/Susan, left behind, secrets, wrong

Jack/Ten, apple, box, war, white, future, hard, stroke, waste, forfeit, ice-lolly, kilts, mind-meld, impossible, ring

Jack/Ten/Rose, reunion, discussion, faith, relief

Jake/Mickey, celebration, Daleks, guns, double, resent, life, Torchwood, aliens, mission, Rose, lonely, missing, help, van, Paris, liberation, smile, tongue

Jamie/Ten, Christmas

Jenny/Rose, big guns

Lee/Donna, fated, lost

Martha/Rose, console, red-handed, orbit, rain, jelly babies, Barcelona, forever, lace, kicking ass and taking names, travel, sympathy, heroine, friendship, different

Master (Delgado)/Three, familiar, bygones, forgive

Master/Lucy, grief, conquer, end, rope, smirk, hug, story time, mechanics

Master/Ten, bonds, flight, cherries, mask, illumination, discord, disinterest, human, void, memory

Nine/Donna, slap, moves, slide, whisper

Nine/Rose, ape, dance, army, public, fantastic, coat-rack, burn, leather, lips, dark, lime, drive, dancing, chocolate, lips, frame, cloth, perfect, plaster, peanuts, wave, morning, again, love, good bye, rewind, safety

Nine/Ten, come when you call, confrontation, never, drums

Nine/Ten/Rose, love, lust, ears, hair, teeth, better

Shakespeare/Martha, inspire, why not?

Ten.2/Rose, new life, pyjamas, ready, trouble, babbling, sonic, embarrassing, laughter, tabloid, loss, heart, jumper cables, chips

Ten/Donna, spa, towel, green, alien, rudeness  , stars, temporary, things forgotten, unknown, alien, once, needed, switch

Ten/Joan, sweet

Ten/Martha, damaged, broken, shop, maid, coat, once more with feeling

Ten/Martha/Rose, overloaded circuits

Ten/Reinette, silk, impossible, educating the Doctor

Ten/River, handcuffs, spoilers, beach, learn, spice, hearts, walking backwards, the ravages of time

Ten/Rose, abandoned, reality, suds, yellow, tree, wall, table, fixed, collar, pyramid, behind, aggressive, subject, shill, stained, rule, layers, tainted, distance, scribble, fortune cookie, vending machine, imagination, love, enough, beyond, backtrack, happiness, Reinette, dancing, asexual, sexual, lust, running, panting, stitch, veil, parallelogram

Ten/Shakespeare, poetry

Ten/Ten.2, beach, confusion, telepath, avoidance

Ten/Ten.2/Rose, clash, possession, vocal, hands, straightforward, stimulate, pressed, verbal

Tom/Martha, honeymoon, scared, thunderstorm, new to this, hospital, pond, ring, honeymoon, anniversary


Doctor Strange

Strange/Clea, ceremony, celebration, conjuration


Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Captain Hammer, hammer

Captain Hammer/Dr. Horrible, nailed, ray, ray-gun, malfunction, broken, heist, position, goggles, hands, mend, teaching, broken, inner sanctum, swivel chair, pain, redemption, faulty mind control device, the big damn remote control, revenge, blame, suspicion, voyeur, true evil, pillow talk, mwahaha, unmasked, injury, fake, surprise, "never saw it coming"

Captain Hammer/Penny, the weird stuff, unappreciated, folding chair, speech, corkscrew

Dr. Horrible/Moist, villainy

Dr. Horrible/Penny, serenade, lather, synchronicity, hesitate, rewrite, stop, speak, freeze, warm, clean, villains, surprise, secret identity, gift, laundry, van, texting, bad horse, hair

Johnny/Moist, betrayal

Moist/Penny, henchman, chance, second

Moist/Pink, buddies



Mina/Lucy, truth


Dragon Drive

Adult!Oozora Reiji/Adult!Hagiwara Daisuke, year, warming, delirium, hotel, strawberry, mapping, parallel, twisting


Dragon Quest VIII

Angelo/Marcello, piety, non-con, mpreg

Eight/Angelo/Jessica, amnesia, control, reunion


Dragonball Z

Bulma/Vejita, flirt, science, ritual, food, dress-up, love

Gohan/Videl, primal lust, animal, tail, fight, spirit


Dresden Files (books)

Gard/Hendricks, hunt, professional, slow burn

Harry/John, handcuffs, helicopter, obligations, strictly business, water

Jared/Karrin, gloves, sword, vacation


due South

Fraser/Kowalski, candy, confession, bribe, lick, moist, alien, rim, running, snow, hat, sempiternal, allegory of a mountie, cola,

Fraser/Vecchio, braces, snow, danger, bathtub

Kowalski/Vecchio, snarl, bite, cars, swallow, lube job


Earth 2 [back to top]

Adair/Danziger, fire, tire, mire, sire

Julia/Alonzo, tent, toga, tibia, tofu

Morgan/Bess, mining, greed, drummer, reality


Earth Final Conflict

Lili/Boone, sleep, flying


Eerie Queerie!

Adult!Ichi/Adult!Hibiki, butterfly kisses, ring, reach out, norm, breaking, profession, passion


Eli Stone

Eli/Maggie, happy sacrilege


Ella Enchanted



Ellen Kushner - Swordspoint (book)

Richard/Alec, abandon, cut



Ellen/Paige, vanity


Empire Records

AJ/Deb, nowhere

Deb/Gina, satisfied

Lucas/Joe, anything

Mark/Joe, snitch

Mark/Lucas, naturally




Giselle/Robert, dungeon, bondage


Ender's Game quartet

Ender/Novinha, second chance, precision



Jonathan/Trip, night shift

Malcolm/J, flashbacks

Trip/Hoshi/Malcolm, more battles, more food, more …



Ari/Eric, knot, mark, bruise, suits, splinter, mission, background, wager

Eric/Vince, high school reunion, needy, silk tie, home movies, Gary's desk, patio, Italy, Colombia, Queens, lipstick, Jager, drama class, tie, present, refuse, fumbling, first, E! News, musical



Abby/Kerry, breathing, crutch, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, baby, mother, disorder, crutch, test, fire, chocolate

Neela/Ray, apology, trip, return



Fargo/S.A.R.A.H, talk, dirty

Henry/Jack, friendship, admire, garage

Jack, shower, watched

Jack/Allison, chemistry

Jack/Nathan, experiment, house arrest, cuffs, collars, accord, meeting, AU, scientist, kink, mating habits, tight pants, hot, flirting, boss, requisition form, hidden away, vacation, study, IQ, zoom, blue, yellow, gray, invisible, trapped, drugged, IQ, surprise, bunker, extra-terrestrial, freaky

Jim Taggert/Jo Lupo, dirty, guns

Nathan/Allison, power



Bright/Hannah, reunion

Ephram/Amy, ferris wheel, necklace, haircut, wedding

Ephram/Laynie, tent, school trip, jazz piano, bonfire



Christopher/Etain, sacrifice, change, renewal, opportunity

David/Senna, power, fear, magic, pain


Eyeshield 21

Hiruma/Kongou, erosion, barking, halved, sordid, candid,

Kakei/Mizumachi, legs, mold, England, Queen, switch, nose, legos

Kongou/Habashira, cigarette, vagrant, hijack, artsy-fartsy

Mamoru/Kiminari, warriors, wild, long dream, rock and roll, good times, do it again, shut down


Fables [back to top]

Bigby/Snow, clingy, vacation, exhaustion, responsibility, unknown

Boy Blue/Rose Red, suddenly


Family Guy

Kevin/Meg, leaves, ears, daydreams


Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics)

Ben/Alicia, rockslide, delicate, fantastic, sculpture

Johnny/Crystal, ego, hair, ocean, kettle

Sue/Reed, superpowers, quiet, dark matter, media

Reed/Johnny, fast, long, flames



Chiana/Jool, blue

D'Argo/Chiana, cunnilingus, tralk, costumes, pushy, top/bottom, pink

John/Aeryn, books, boots, black, queue, toes, luck, trill, slide, hover, spoiler, shuttle, ordinary, rescue

John/Chiana, delicacy, forbidden, undercover, tingle, passed over

John/Scorpius, consent, torture, torment, satisfaction

John/Zhaan, first light, blue, meditation, answers, the universe

Meeklo Braca/Scorpius, gloves, loyalty, near-death, obey, adore, heat, cold, lick


Farseer Trilogy

Fitz/Fool, beloved, catalyst



Ben/Felicity, finale, dress, summer, roof

Felicity/Julie, solace, curls, confined

Julie/Noel, beets, hyper, weed, fingers


Final Fantasy IX

Aldebert Steiner/Beatrix, unshakeable

Amarant/Garnet, careful

Beatrix/Garnet, maple sugar, oath

Zidane/Freya, drink, music

Zidane/Garnet, gifts, making up, storybook


Final Fantasy VII

Aeris/Cloud, sunlight

Barret/Tifa, home

Cid/Cloud, tough love

Cid/Vincent, alcohol

Cid/Vincent/Shera, warm

Cloud/Tifa, strong woman

Cloud/Zack, penance, drinking, cross-dressing, loss

Reeve/Tseng, conscience

Reeve/Vincent, feeling old

Reno/Rude, puppet, fallen

Reno/Yuffie, pegging, gags, stealth

Rufus/Tseng, paperwork, practice, neglect

Sephiroth/Cloud, adoption, redemption

Sephiroth/Kadaj, rain

Sephiroth/Vincent, monster

Shera/Vincent, comfort

Zack/Aeris, float


Final Fantasy XII

Ashe/Fran, simplicity

Balthier/Ashe, history, secrets, victorious

Balthier/Fran, close to the end, loss, starting over, telepathic

Balthier/Vaan, mouth, first time

Basch/Balthier, desperation, locked

Basch/Vaan, healing, training

Larsa/Penelo, dance, silk, flight



Badger/Jayne, scoundrel
Badger/Simon, deal
Inara/Kaylee, comfort, lost, green, art, abstract, music, put back together, release, careful, braid, sandalwood, velvet, silk, corset, indulge, barefoot, horse, garter, wedding, weeds, frisky, rain
Inara/River, comb, fallen angel, streaming, gentle
Inara/Saffron, lips, silk
Inara/Zoe, perfume, legs
Jayne/Kaylee, happy, gentle, dirty, engine, squeeze, stupid, substitute, over, umpire, breath, fantastic, wrench, hat, trade, strawberries, dark, indiscreet, tense
Jayne/Mal, pretentious, hats, smoke, fog, forest, wander, so what, sly
Jayne/Mal/Simon, frolic, rough, share, mine
Jayne/River, breathe, kinky, holster, step, clothes, hide, reason, poet, sister, water, glitter, retribution
Jayne/River/Simon, trust, substitute
Jayne/Saffron, payment, sneaky, stupid, deal, envy
Jayne/Simon, companion, compulsion, cowgirl, drug, sly, orchid, polish, handle, peacock, spiral, tape, mouths, myth, moon, fight, hiding, test, hero
Jayne/Zoe, just this once
Kaylee/River, water, moon,  giggle, dance, swim, clever, sweetness
Mal/Inara, demand, scarves, caress, lassiter, wiles, perfume, gunpowder, release, shuttle, tea ceremony, silk, red, "you always have", elsewhere, slip, quiet, tell me, confession, spin, whore, pirate, love, silence
Mal/Kaylee, tools, smudge, dance, frilly, fruit, engines, oil, guilt, bruises, jealous
Mal/River, auto-pilot, sleepless, hum, beauty, perfect, broken, pieces, flight, falling, eclipse, forward, throttle, marooned, power, hand, gun, water, hair
Mal/River/Simon, telepathy
Mal/Saffron, plot
Mal/Simon, doctor's hands, expertise, fingers, fix, swimming, toy, journey, physical, submission, rough, panties, trust, slip, open, glass, neat, count,  whore, spoils, companion, control, comfort, knife, rings
Mal/Zoe, snap, brace, heat, grief, scream
River/Saffron, body
Simon/Inara, anatomy
Simon/Kaylee, quick, stupid, realm, work, covert, all, wish, silence, apology, fortune teller, engine grease, home, ships, future
Simon/River, devotion, berries, sanctuary, salvation, clear, graph, disease, wonder, void, tattoo, Egypt, power, family, need, secrets, fair, sorority, transformation, kink, hot, rain, summertime, death, gilt, twirl, pink, comprehend, girl, reach, exhausted, cherry, flavor, scar, library, forest, eternity, thirteen
Simon/Wash, hidden, lockers, fan, blood, past and present
Wash/Zoe, flower, realization, laughter, child, relaxation, zombie, live, love, lotion, romantic, hurry, whisper, slink



Ed Lane/Gregory Parker, cool, shock

Sam Braddock/Jules Callaghan, rappel, dinner, pizza


Forbidden Love

Christian/Olli, waiter, oranges, Christopher Street


Freaks and Geeks

Daniel/Lindsay, first, library, practice, study, getting high

Daniel/Nick, disco, angst, craving

Kim/Lindsay, truth or dare, trust, secrets

Lindsay/Millie, sacred, nostalgia, braids

Nick/Lindsay, regret, song, fragile, first time, heal


Friday Night Lights

Jason/Tim, sorry

Jason/Tyra, perfection, tattoo, hurricane, cuffs, a smile that reaches the eyes, relearning

Landry/Matt, car

Landry/Tim, reading, watch

Landry/Tyra, again, Landry/Tyra, forget, forgiveness

Lyla/Tyra, deny

Matt/Julie, rediscovery, water

Matt/Tyra, surprise

Tim/Julie, naked, want, blush, forbidden, wet dreams, heat wave, ice cream, popcorn, movies, sweat

Tim/Lyla, Bible, sweet

Tim/Tyra, bother, smile, apologize, remembering, lesson



Monica/Rachel, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, twins, betrayal, nubbin, Unagi, Baywatch, Tulsa, wedding, lesbian, parent, kiss


Frisky Dingo

Xander Crews/Grace Ryan, go time, freezer, anthill


Full Metal Panic!

Sosuke/Kaname, Be mine, Possessive, UST


Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward/Winry, Longing

Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye, Discovery


Fushigi Yuugi

Chichiri/Taski, flames, spells, fox mask, scar, beauty

Nakago/Tamahome, slave, control, pity, strikingly beautiful, kiss

Suboshi/Amiboshi, bond, devotion, rain



Fry/Leela, helpful

Kif/Amy, flexible, froggie, squishy, ceiling, underpants

Zapp/Leela, heroic


G.I. Joe [back to top]

Destro/The Baroness, arms dealers do it in crates

Duke/Scarlett, polishing the brass

The Baroness/Scarlett, a captive audience


Gemma Doyle Trilogy

Felicity/Pippa, wanton, magic, wrong


General Hospital

Damian/Maxie, limber, redux, Orange soda

Jason/Claudia, comfort, revenge, sex at gunpoint

Jason/Elizabeth, ride, dirty, garter

Jax/Skye, trapped, chaos, chocolate, remember

Jerry/Alexis, twist

Jerry/Emily, naughty

Ric/Elizabeth, indulgence, honest, pale, freckles


General Hospital: Night Shift



Generation Kill

Cpl. Jason Lilley/Sgt. Rudy Reyes, gun oil, gay porn

Sgt. Brad Colbert/Lt. Nathan Fick, obeying orders, supply lines

Sgt. Rudy Reyes/Anyone, sand, work outs


Get Smart (movie)

Max/99, appearances


Ghost Whisperer

Jim/Melinda, playing doctor     


Gilmore Girls

Christopher/Lorelai, motorcycle, balcony, friends, horizon, new, buttons, vacation

Dean/Jess/Rory, California

Dean/Lane, cold, homework, lake

Dean/Lorelai, babble, candy, desk, movie, rosy, warm, wired

Dean/Rory, basket, garden, water, cotton, swing, four, Chicago, California, Florida, St Louis, road trip, glasses, frills, pump, batteries, dark, earn, ice, ice cream, read, last time

Dean/Tristan, jacket

Jess/Rory, blue, longing

Luke/Lorelai, coffee, finally, regret, I'm sorry, love, please, coffee, comfort, friendship, waltz

Paris/Rory, drunk, strip tease, toes, insecure, surprise, first time, love, family, Luke, skirt, stockings, wax, money, WPM, hymen

Tristan/Rory, make do, forgive, lemon, sweat, vile, blowing, closet, lunch break, cliché



Gavin/Santiago, decadence, sorry


Gone with the Wind

Ashley/Rhett, strange, politics, polite, ill

Ashley/Scarlett, fierce, dirt, wealth, courage, disgust, momentary

Gerald/Ellen, begin, lose, procreate, silent, smile

Rhett/Scarlett, excellent, tiger, travel, silk, invention, praiseworthy, sin



Steerpike/Fuschia, bored, toy, permission


Gosford Park

Elsie/Mary, friendly

Henry/Ivor, substitute

Henry/Robert, sharp

Robert/Mary, obstacles


Gossip Girl

Blair/Serena, backseat, love, little black dress,, Champagne, close, model, serious, scene, co-dependent, sweet, slumber, smooth, scratch, ribbon, future, college, roommates, tragedy, headband, tied up, pillow fight, slick, heat, ice, soft, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, suicide, party, dress, lingerie, stockings, skirt, heels, alcohol, drugs, rage, guilt

Blair/Serena/Georgina, girlfriend, coke, whore

Blair/Vanessa, debt, easy, need, secret, purse, thrift shop, latte

Chuck/Blair, "Shut up, you like it", apply, jewel, serve, twist, backseat, slip, deny, library, scarf, shatter, tease, ticklish, hate, plane, finally, college, broken, break up, make up, secret, hidden, perfect match, trust, punish, silk, new shoes, scarf, kinky, claws, jinx, seduction, sweet, honey, fly, gift

Chuck/Dan, competition, fault, proof, unexpected, disparity, business, rival, fascination, eyebrow, dark

Chuck/Dan/Nate, fault, new, hotel, loft, band, take

Chuck/Dan/Nate/Blair/Serena, debauched, left, victory, broken, last, comfort, fitting-in, plot

Chuck/Nate, attach, bitten, feed, settle, shy, severe, cigarette, girlfriend, damn, spring break, wine, drunk, virgin, need, vulnerable, you, special, elevator, smoke, shake, poison, reed, middle, mute, chemicals

Chuck/Nate/Blair, chair, scarf, sheet, tie, devour, jealous, stoned, tease

Chuck/Nate/Serena, caught, drunk, lap, lonely

Chuck/Serena, desperate, family, jet, summer, forbidden, cocktail, sibling, suite, protective, rescue

Dan/Blair, betrayed, hair-band, loyal, understand, plot, coat check room

Dan/Blair/Serena, outsider, share, compromise, fly

Dan/Nate, friendly, Brooklyn, novel, outside, give

Georgina/Serena, gin, Tiffany's, manipulation, mind game, leash

Nate/Blair, submission, mistake, cane

Nate/Serena, sibling

Rufus/Lily, date, cook, tattoo, inertia, meaning


Gray Matters

Sam/Charlie/Gray, hall



Danny/Kenickie, grease, scared


Greek Mythology

Eros/Psyche, queen, touch, arrow, mistake

Hades/Persephone, years, dark, soft, intertwined

Zeus/Hera, now, payback, sky, why, marriage



Calvin/Evan, brothers, alone, dark, tell

Calvin/Rusty, confide, movie, smart

Cappie/Casey, pie, bail, taste, intellectual, first, secret, complicated, memory

Cappie/Evan, bitch, top, bottom, rush, roommates, challenge, bend

Cappie/Rusty, responsibility, lesson, cheat

Casey/Ashleigh, Olsens, silk, sisters, trust, help,

Evan/Fran, tentative, commit



Blackie/Sean, sacramental, 10th century, worship, tabernacle


Grey's Anatomy

Alex/Cristina, gleam, outdo, sanity, unexpected, harder, drunk, resourceful

Alex/George, closet, bruise, share, shy, thanks, food

Alex/George/Cristina/Izzie/Meredith, quarantine, hazy, teamwork, askance, ours

Callie/Erica, something new, secret, giggle

Richard/Addison, defiance, affection, just once

Addison/Callie, baby, time, missing

Addison/Callie/Erica, salt lick, ocean

Addison/Erica, something in common, whiskey, Joe's, in spite of, light

Addison/Izzie/Meredith, eyeroll, hiccup, fingers, midnight

Addison/Izzie, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, cancer, C-section, salmon, teacher, marzipan, lingerie, sweet, steam, zero, lake

Alex/Addison, regret

Alex/Callie, hug, bite, vodka

Alex/Cristina, evil, blood, glass, rough

Alex/George, birthday, car accident

Alex/Izzie, before, tears, muffins, at the end, broken, again, closet

Callie/Erica, books, paint, shower, left, swearing, keys, warm, fingers, lecture, snow globe, ruins, closet, truth, panic, tongue, deprived, blindfold, candle

Callie/Izzie, hurt, bitch, even

Cristina/Erica, mentor, hate, challenge, knees

Cristina/Lexie, ground, intern, lesser, stitch, please, power play, festive, intern

Cristina/Meredith, better than, denial, nasty, shower, person, dictionary, evil, microscope, ship, Operating Room, person, bed, comfortable, pretty

Derek/Addison, always, marriage, Columbia, Chinese food, trout

Derek/Mark, on-call room, ten years, college, not about Addison, first time, rimming, slick, comfort

Derek/Meredith, haircut, faster, mirror

George/Lexie, frame, peanuts, clear, salt

Izzie/anyone, invisible, secret, mechanical, paranoid

Izzie/Meredith, hey, stealing, whimper

Lexie/Meredith, swimming, removed, caught, comfort

Mark/Callie, bruise, pinch, flush

Mark/Erica, waist, hook, slick, desperate, beg, technique, slap, top, star

Mark/Izzie, cookie dough, rope

Mark/Miranda, different, McSteamy, orb, needle, history, tough


Guiding Light

Coop/Ashlee, whole again, collision course


Gundam 00

Adult!Setsuna F. Seiei/Tieria Erde, agenda

Ali Al-Saachez/Patrick Colasour, peak, raw, immaterial, suit

Lockon Stratos/Patrick Colasour, foxhole, penmanship, cheeky, envy

Tieria Erde/Adult!Setsuna F. Seiei, mar


Gundam Seed

Athrun/Cagalli, Forbidden, Rush


Gundam Wing

Heero/Relena, Heat, Jealousy


Hacking Harvard (novel by Robin Wasserman) [back to top]

Eric/Max, [any]



Corny/IQ, fight

Corny/Link, consolation

Corny/Mabel, family



Cortana/Master Chief, digitize, mesmerize



Claudius/Gertrude, trust, trickery, luxury

Hamlet/Horatio, her election hath sealed thee for herself, confide, worthy

Hamlet/Ophelia, flowers, found, fishmongery


Hana Kimi

Jian/Rei-Xi, finally

Shiyu-yi/Rei-Xi, bubble tea, bunny



John/Mary, Rome, desperate, foolish, phone booth, cardboard box, peppers, Greece

John/Mary/Ray, timeshare

John/Ray, drunk, forever, replacement, unexpected, family, flying, belonging

Ray/Mary, faith


Harry Potter

adult!Albus Severus/Draco, misjudged

adult!Albus Severus/adult!Scorpius, villains, afterwards

Barty/Regulus, smoke, pure, crazy

Bill/Charlie, adolescence, discovery, dormitory

Bill/Harry, the Burrow, scar tissue, reproaching, adultery

Blaise/Hermione, coffee, creep, finger

Cedric/Hermione, potion, classroom, giggle

Charlie/ (Older) Louis, admiration, holyday

Charlie/Draco, dark, harness, stroke

Charlie/Hermione, cowboy, teacher, hidden, whip

Colin/Harry, pictures, camera

Draco/Ginny, screaming infidelities

Draco/Harry, blindfold, hiss, book, charismatic, spellbinding, breath, slip, faith, different, one-sided conversation

Draco/Hermione, roses, scared, nipples

Draco/Hermione, unforgiving, never, wear, end, slick, window

Draco/Lucius, pretty things, silk, devotion, apple, stockings

Draco/Pansy, intuition

Draco/Remus, professor, Slytherin, seeker, war, sneer, cough, fire, victory, family

Draco/Ron, adultery, lies, truth, uniforms

Draco/Snape, Christmas, candles, bricks, stupid hat, skin, thunderstorm, greenhouse

Draco/Theodore, affair, dirty talk

Dumbledore/McGonagall, twisted, young, old, ancient, newness, blue, bothered, arrow

Fleur/Hermione, smile, touch

Ginny/Luna, new, purple, buttons

Ginny/McGonagall, freckles, red, blush, winsome, cat

Harry/Hermione, hot, punishment, exhibitionist, moist, the weather, underground

Harry/Luna, The Quibbler, headache, seaweed, witching hour, a frog, corks

Harry/Remus, tension, repression, protection

Harry/Ron, jealousy, bathroom

Harry/Ron/Hermione, tradition, discovery, beach, hurting, distortion, truth, confess

Harry/Sirius, hidden, empty room, silence

Harry/Sirius, I love you, gems, pancakes

Harry/Snape before, beneath, claim, examine, eyes

Harry/Teddy, affection, warmness, smile

Hermione, lick, train, swell, figures, pink, snarl

Hermione/Luna, moon

Hermione/McGonagall, beads, discipline, transfigure, torture, forgiven

Hermione/Pansy, secret

James Jr./Teddy, summer, afternoon, discovery, teddy-bear

James/Regulus, snitch, curious, payback, train

James/Sirius, motley, charity, pedantic, headache , motorbike, complicity, Invisibility Cloak, sharp, smile, signal, unfair, hit and run, identity, spitting games


James/Snape, faking, solace, mistakes

Lucius/Bellatrix/, bite, smirk, better

Luna/Pansy, submission

Marcus/Katie, aggressive, cup, broom, bite, choke, captain

Neville/Pansy, unexpected, freedom, curious

Regulus/Fleur, painting, music, grass

Regulus/Lily, red, prefect, midnight

Regulus/Remus, library, secret, smirk, moon, lost, glitter

Remus/Luna, joy, top, chocolate, creature, legs, skirt

Remus/Sirius, disco, potions, aftermath, crazy, rain, high, lazy, warm, potion, rug, pub, shelving, leash, wolf, wild, smile, caress, creation

Remus/Snape, lines, grey, teeth

Ron/Hermione, cat, nail polish, against the odds

Scorpius/Teddy, cane, metamorphmagus, dare, universal, breakfast, tutor

Snape/Hermione, angry, robes, magicless, role-play, leave, resolution, indulgence, research, bibliophile, stubborn, brilliance, fierce

Voldemort/Bellatrix, serve, sublime



Alison/Emily, cocaine, skinny dip


Hearts Afire

Georgie/John, novel, snow, barefoot, cooking



Abe/Hellboy, mission, slide, ghost,

Hellboy/John, leaving, consort, hell-on-Earth, angel, comeback, uncle, past


Hellboy/BPRD (comic)

Abe/Liz, drowning, wet, fire, slippery



Adam/Hiro, antihero, hate, tea, worship, wabi sabi

Adam/Peter, accent, discovery, pet, trick

Adam/Sylar, deafening, evolutionary imperative, god, hell on earth, idea, ignorance is bliss, missionary, quarter, superiority complex, uncontrollable

Charlie/Claire, big sister i never had

Claire, grey, ramblin', summer, turn

Claire/Elle, [any], bossy, bruise, cherries, clueless, dominate, edge, forget, green-eyed, heal, healing, hurt, lightening, monstrous, pose, running, sadistic, Slurpo, stakeout, static electricity, strawberry, tease, uniform, venetian blinds, vibrator

Claire/Maya, babeland, first time, girl's club

Hiro/Elle, chicken soup, envelope, guilt, sneaky

Hiro/Nathan, flying, new, trust, waffles,

HRG/future!Claire, blood, dirt, glasses, pistol

Isaac/Claire, hope, later, painting

Isaac/Peter, exchange, power

Matt/Audrey, sirens, "Vulcan mind meld"

Matt/Mohinder, aftermath, apartment hunting, bed, betrayal, bruise, clumsy, The Company, cooking, dirty, domestic, faraway, fight, holidays, India, intelligence, king, laughter, lore, mint, overtime, parent/teacher night, serious, share, shield, silence, stakeout, subway, survival, tests, unaware, yield

Matt/Mohinder/Nathan, father, jealous, sex-phone, winner

Matt/Mohinder/Sylar, compromise, hold, variety, weak

Matt/Nathan, apartment, flight, gun, investigate, parents, thoughts

Matt/Sylar, body double, desperate, lollipop, mindfuck, Mohinder, resist

Mohinder/Monica, dance, family, future, sprinkle

Mohinder/Niki, coffee break, journey, life, swallow

Mohinder/Sylar, amnesia, animosity, blackmail, breathless, bound, car, "Come unto me ye who are weary and overburdened and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28), depravity, divine, grace, hiss, invisible, jealousy, joke, never, pool, quiet, rescue, revelation, thunderstorm, unlikely, Girl!Mohinder, Girl!Sylar, they fight crime!

Mohinder/Zane!Sylar, grateful

Nathan/Claire, secrets

Nathan/Niki, affair, cliché, goodness, mirror, politician

Nathan/Peter, adversary, away, blood, breathplay, catholic school, caught, death, family values, flip, gold, happy, heritage, hopeless, illicit, Navy pilot, morally gray, nurse, political, politics, reunion, rimming, secrets, sleep, town car, trance, victim

Nathan/Peter/Claire, edge

Nathan/Peter/Niki, good guys gone bad

Nathan/Sylar, presidency, prostitute, unhinged

Peter/Claire, future, holiday, jealous, not real, roadtrip, running, Vegas

Peter/Elle, Rice Krispies

Peter/Sylar, possession

Sylar/Claire, bloodplay

Sylar/Maya, unknown

Sylar/Jessica/Niki, anal, blonde, jaw, stiletto, work it

Zach/Claire, cheerleader, high, I never thought that this would happen



Cassie/Thelma, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, ghost, intangible, dream, death, life, abortion, son, uniform, fantasy



Duncan/Methos, sword, fight, quickening, leather, sweater, feet, nose, hush, barge, yak butter, tailoring, cooking, choice, name change, ships-passing-in-the-night, watcher, gift, birthday, memory


Hikaru no Go

Adult!Isumi Shinichirou/Adult!Waya Yoshitaka, blanket, balcony, cinnamon, China, moon, gondola, syrup

Adult!Ko Yongha/Adult!Su Yeong/Adult!Yashiro Kiyoharu, syllable, hair-pulling, birthday, treasure, energy, samba


His Dark Materials

Asriel/Marisa, fall, manipulate, need, fleeting, magnetic, dangerous, daughter, love

Boreal/Marisa, substitute


Holby City

Chrissie/Connie, work, alcohol, jealousy



Johnny/Linda, seasick



John/Craig, urgent, marked

John/Craig/Kieron, contest, torn

John/Kieron, sacred, grin


Home Movies

Lynch/McGuirk, bleachers


Hot Fuzz

Nicholas/Danny, back row, working late, bubbles, breathless, night shift, squad car, rescue


House M.D.

13/Cameron, insomnia, the truth will set you free
13/Cuddy, panties
Amber/House/Wilson, calculations, pawn, tie, white, dream, authoritative
Amber/Wilson, embrace, fall, House, rain, good, the beginning, video, mattresses
Cameron/Cuddy, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, diagnosis, death, drink, abortion, lab coat, lingerie, life
Cameron/Cuddy/House, sandwich, wicker, whip, ambivalent, bicurious, pretty
Cameron/Chase/Foreman, bar, familiar, empathy, old-school, celebrate, tentative, practiced, why not?, prove it
Cameron/House/Wilson, apocalypse, Mexico, humidity, date, fight
Chase/Cameron, code blue, life, need, over, sink, leather, fairytale, bruise, apple, poison, fish, strawberry, water
Chase/House, vigil, trick, overtake, reacquaint, diagnosis, blue, wrong
Cuddy/House/Wilson, fantasy, suspended, hypothetical, backwards
Foreman/Chase, control, full
Foreman/Cuddy, reprimand, smart, buttons
House/Cameron, fear, tidal, gravity, storm, push, scream, leave, answer, adhere, submit, obey, destroy, total, lucky, tremor, overcast, study, bruise, thirst, merciless, quell, quietly, secret, wield, headshrinker, scalpel
House/Cuddy, attitude, midnight, cleft, torn envelope, college, greedy, desk, Michigan, phantom, don't, kiss, seven, shaken,  first time, college, drunk
House/Wilson, trap, green, clinic, high, stutter, purr, road trip, underneath, resist, delay, parole, killer, fight, grudge, ice, rain, help, closet, old & new, trade-off, bathtub, lost and found, numb, wreck, fickle, stoned, buried
Wilson/Cameron, catharsis, grief, grey, catalyst, fairytale, zombie, satellites, unexpected, platitudes, drunk, caught, sliding, peaceful, smile, breathless, live with, death & life, in between, house
Wilson/Cuddy, sample, panic, conspiracy
Wilson/Stacy, stoic, fall back


How I Met Your Mother

Barney/Lily, One time at band camp..., San Francisco

Barney/Robin, business trip, news anchor, ten reasons why Canada is lame, dude, androgyny, sailor, hard, relapse, spank, suit, heat wave, suit, stripper, legendary, awesome, suit, beer, bro, legendary, games, intense, sand, tie kink

Barney/Robin/OFC, one-upsmanship

Barney/Ted, gentleman, button, legendary, taught, skin, live, tag, cellphone, lonely, idiot, suit kink

Barney/Ted/Robin, balance

Lily/Robin, heartbreak, surprise, new

Marshall/Ted/Lily, tree, smooth, depends

Ted, Marshall, Lily, sandwiches

Ted/Lily, that last time Ted got drunk in college



Danny/Mickey, distorted collar of a shirt


I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry [back to top]

Chuck/Larry, truth


I, Claudius (TV)

Claudius/Herod, decimate, blockhead, curls, old friend

Claudius/Postumus, exile, prophecy, heir, soul, sword   


Ice Princess

Casey/Gen, ice, cold, skirt, victory, regret, comfort


I'm Not There

Jack/Alice, ideologue, splitting hairs

Jude/Coco, rattle yer sabre babe

Robbie/Claire, lonesome when you go, idiot wind


Imaginary Heroes

Kyle Dwyer/Tim Travis, ecstacy, stars, just like you and me, remember


Imagine Me and You

Luce/Rachel, first time, home


In Plain Sight

Marshall/Anyone, dancing lessons, geekery

Marshall/Mary, danger, bite, trust, Saturday, dance, comfort, fear, undercover, touch, euphemism, satin, bullet, tackle, partner, gun, play along, trivia, ten dollar bill, angel, Freud, schadenfreude, margarita, breakdown, Rocky Horror Picture Show, new car, static.


In Treatment

Paul/Kate, splinter

Paul/Laura, mistaken


Inventing the Abbots

Doug/Eleanor, panties, notes, taking one for the team


Iron Man (movie)

James/Tony, alive, rhythm, doorway, cook, drums, soul, paper, fly, test, electric, college, drinking-buddy, rescue, safe, phone, contact, confine, recovery, understated, young, flexible, reclaim, missing you, emotionless, mobile, V2.0, next generation, attachments

James/Tony/Pepper, plan, timetable, minders, heart, power, right, trust, red, subtle, silk, rain, wild, video, forget, warning.

Jarvis/Tony, cybernetics, touch type, masculine, poke, glamour, sly, crazy, new suit, special, friend

Nick/James, command, keep, check

Nick/Tony, invade, negotiate, proof, home-base

Tony/Pepper, coffee break, failure, symptoms, shine, devil, pour, nowhere, normal, metal, schematic, ice cube, wait, harm, trouble


Iron Man

James/Pepper, waiting

James/Tony, first, funvee, MIA, drink, home, flight, uniform, lost, found, safe, jet, lightning, program, speech

James/Tony/Pepper, dance

Jarvis/Fire control robot, diagnostic

Jarvis/Pepper, diagnostic, glitch, testing, simulation, substitute, gentle

Jarvis/Tony, functional

Tony/Pepper, computer, Dummy, her shoes, hell yeah she's in charge, power dynamics, grease, the couch, the dress, party,, freckles, high heels, strap on, bruises, hole, scar, Pepsi, hair, Ally McBeal, morning, scramble, high heels, torch, button, roses, apology, payback, trip, kneel, miscommunication, wire

Tony/Tony, bizarre, clone, dimension, mishap


IT Crowd

Richmond/Jen, daylight, tequila, blink, shoes


Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel Series [back to top]

Anafiel Delaunay/Alcuin nó Delaunay, whisper, worship, guilt, love

Imriel/Sidone, ropes, always, diamonds, flutter

Phedré nó Delaunay/Joscelin Verreuil, need, angel, savior, dart

Phedré nó Delaunay/Melisande Shahrizai, diamond, time, drop



Clayton/Loren, tension, brake, surprise, cake

Harm/Mac, four-finger salute, court order, click

Harm/Clayton, unappetizing

Sergei Zhukov/Loren, foreign, laughter, military, propose


James Bond

James Bond/Natalya Simonova, simple, satellite, schoolgirl

James Bond/Xenia Onatopp, crush, crunch, scissor, crack

James Bond/M, authority         


Jeeves and Wooster

Bertie/Jeeves, disciplined, massage, duet



Claire/Jackman, fancy a fuck

Claire/Jackman/Katherine, possibility

Hyde/Claire, Greeks bearing gifts

Jackman/Katherine, make-believe, mistaken, sunken    



Markus/Jeremiah, loss, play

Markus/Theo, no, again


Joan Aiken's Wolves of Willoughby Chase

Dido/Simon, finally

Dido/Sophie, trying


Joan of Arcadia

Joan/Cute Guy God, dance with me, Paris        



Kaitlin/Sarah, jealous, high, heels, wasted, throat, game



Jude/Drunken Undergraduate, books, Latin, learning, different education, need, mouth, rimming



Bleeker/Juno, after, conception

Bleeker/Juno/Steve Rendazo, spice


Just Shoot Me

Elliot/Finch, photo-shoot, alcohol, office, jealousy, internet


Justice League Unlimited

Batman/Flash, tricks, candy, identity, hide-out, car

Batman/Flash/Superman, conscience, stranded, quarters, distress-signal

Batman/Superman, saved, turn-about, javelin, dark, light


Katekyo Hitman REBORN! [back to top]

adult!Ryohei/Yamamoto, sports, inexperience

Colonello/Marmon, comrade, shortchanged, coarse, challenge, Mediterranean, fragments, grasp, toss-up

Hayato Gokudera/Hibari Kyouya, synapse, Siberia, nihilism, petrify, sticks, compel, refract, reflect, weathervane, clandestine, confection, reaper


Keen Eddie

Eddie/Pippin, elevator  


Kill Bill

Beatrix/Bill, truth

O-ren/Vernita/Beatrix/Elle, training, dominance


Kim Possible

Kim/Shego, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, redhead, hymen, crime, job, plasma, prom, cheerleader, uniform


King's Shadow

Harold/Evelyn, constellation, tent, scar


Kingdom Hearts

Axel/Zexion, board, sortie, fathoms, flotsam, jig

Demyx/Marluxia, carve, dry spell, Pied Piper, past tense, detective, cave, Eden, wooden

Marluxia/Zexion, water, sing, awakening, winter, nature, overlap, territory, waltz, stony

Zexion/Axel, fishy, dip, windmill, mythology, fiction


Kingdom Hearts II

Axel/Sora/Roxas, marks

Belle/Beast, master of the castle

Cloud/Sephiroth, flying together

Cloud/Tifa/Aeris, complete

Kairi/Sephiroth, healing

Mickey/Minnie, don't you dare

Namine, stolen

Riku/Sora, magic

Sephiroth/Riku, wing kink

Sora/Demyx, dance

Sora/Riku, blindness

Tifa/Aeris, light


Kingdom of Heaven

Balian/Sibylla, whiling away, uneasy hours, happy infidelity


Kitchen Confidential

Jack/Stephen, bouillabaisse, chocolate, secret stash, crock pot, sharkfin, rival, pudding, gala, black tie, sold, 4-star review, michelin stars


Knocked Up

Ben/Pete, chemistry, lonely, chairs        


La Double Vie de Véronique  [back to top]

Weronika/Véronique, delirium



Jareth/Sarah, punishment, darkness, power, first, magic, lost, whisper, crystal, cake


Lady Cops

[any]/[any], cancellation, heels, pursuit, pink, Cadillac, freeze, gun         



Navarre/Isabeau, moment, yearning, reversal, celebration


Laurie R. King's Mary Russell series

Holmes/Russell, longing, foolish, search

Marsh/Ali, disguise


Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Eames/Goren, apology, tenderness


Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

[any]/[any], "I'm done", baby, perp walk

Alex/Olivia, past, makeshift, silk, tequila, fist

Casey/Olivia, peach, grey, grass, wall, cold

Elliot/Casey, softball, broken, screen, tableau

Elliott/Olivia, notorious, discomfit, confrontation, interlocking, innocuous, otter-pops, heat wave, predictability, nadir, volition, puzzle, oddity, cargo, shelter, storm, recrimination, support, confession, bruised, synchrony, sarcasm, shambles, my blood, flavour, time, pavement, six, fever, cross, microscope, octopus, incense, cowboy hat, lava lamp, trilobite, iced tea, super hero, perp, gun, passion, repent, honest, salvation, catalyst, wreck, grace, wasted, between, freefall, burden, crucify, possession, deception, taste, suicide, disease, skin, space, unspoken, heavy, grind, silence, succumb, fear, explosive, missing, apologize, hard, crave, risk, descent, smoke, grief, life, closet, pajamas, ninjas, lost, pink, orange juice, blood, "Really?"

Fin/Lake, case, goodbye, undercover

Fin/Munch, conspiracy

Huang/Lake, gentle, latent


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Dorian/Mina, power, lies, eternity


Life on Mars

Gene/Annie, interrogation, charm, pull, earring, silk.

Sam/Annie, guilt, hoodoo, cloven hoof

Sam/Gene/Annie, angles, cut, puzzle, sweet, sacred, clever.

Sam/Gene, ash, hurt, wall


Life With Derek

Derek/Casey, anniversary, cheat, guilty pleasures, wedding, divorce



Charlie/Dani, shut up, there's that, time, overly zen, mystery, truth, shopping, insecurities, daddy issues


Lincoln Heights

Cassie/Charles, someday


Lindsey Davis - Falco series

Marcus Didius Falco/Q. Camillus Justinus, parchment

Marcus Didius Falco/Titus Caesar, gold


Little Mosque on the Prairie

Ali/Amaar, college, jeans, competition, salaam


Lone Gunmen

Jimmy Bond/Yves Adele Harlow, memory, monument, eyecandy, classic

John Byers/Yves Adele Harlow


Lord of the Rings

Faramir/Eowyn, whisper


Lost and Delirious

Paulie/Tori, sneak, courage, timeless, flame



Alex/Richard, time, ground

Ben/Boone/Locke, [any]

Ben/Locke, [any]

Boone/Claire, skin, sand

Boone/Shannon, wrong, glitter, crime, perfume, dance, crush

Charlie/Claire, peanut butter

Charlie/Desmond, dark, future, dirt, visions, friendship, urge

Claire/Shannon, nail polish, pink

Daniel/Desmond, constant, relate, physics

Desmond/Penny, finally, wedding, home, life, finally

Jack/Boone, flower, nothing, scar, clock, bomb, comet

Jack/Claire, follow, burn, eyes, addicted, distance

Jack/ Sawyer/Claire, power, firelight, warm, glass, changed, pure

Jack/Sawyer/Juliet, arms, middle

Jack/Kate, normal, jungle, friends, swim

Jack/Sawyer/Kate, pregnancy

Jack/Sawyer, forest, fight, passion, living together, pain, beach, past, return, plane, promise, mourn, hero, not alone, undertow, isolation, warm

Sawyer/Claire, trick, survival, illusion, comfort, passage

Sawyer/Charlotte, twisted, frame

Sawyer/Juliet, rough, dirty, blood

Sawyer/Kate, safe, flashback, distance, tent, a little too late

Sawyer/Sayid, hard, voices, unwanted

Sayid/Ana, tan lines


Lovely Complex

Otani/Koizumi, awkward, fun, first time


Loving Annabelle

Annabelle/Simone, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, Jail, journalist, book, poem, uniform, bath tub


Lynn Flewelling - Nightrunner series

Alec/Seregil, blush, unwrap, loud


M*A*S*H  [back to top]

Hawkeye/Trapper John, anatomy, poker, watching, clean clothes, dirt, incoming

Hawkeye/BJ, dance, movie night, letters, rushed

Hawkeye/Sydney, home, fingers, medicated



Macbeth/Lady Macbeth, insinuate, eradicate, illuminate


Mad Men

Betty, alone

Don/Betty, mystery, disconnect, evening gown, sacrifice, what he wants

Don/Joan, candy, brains, silver, listen, jazz.

Don/Midge, there is a season

Don/Pete, desk, manage, inconvenient, debt, under, mentor, protégé, defeat, drink, heat, jealous, seen

Don/Rachel, understand, different, religion, woman, clonk, Kennedy

Joan/Peggy, red, type

Paul/Joan, mean, funny, tender

Pete/Betty, manipulation, paper

Pete/Peggy, sneak, pride, tear, ankle, wiles, writing, cold shoulder, lipstick tubing, denial, scarf, tease, wet

Pete/Trudy, the slipping-down, losing control

Roger/Betty, response

Roger/Joan, play, bird, glances 


Mamma Mia!

Sam/Donna, not too old, found, time    


Mark Gatiss - Lucifer Box series

Lucifer/Charlie, waistcoat, morning, sir


Marvel Comics

Captain America/Iron Man, sparring, sacrifice, tied up

Emma Frost/Carol Danvers/Sue Storm Richards/Jennifer Walters, girls' night out

Kate Bishop/Chase Stein, control, vacation

Maya Lopez/Jessica Jones, jewels, comfort


Mary Renault's The Persian Boy

Alexander/Hephaistion, grass



Maurice/Clive, leaves


Mean Girls

Cady/Janis, okay, rumors, water

Cady/Regina, dress, status, hypocrite, what a bitch

Duvall/Norbury, shouldn't, dance, stare, confident , calculus, limits

Gretchen/Karen, favorite, catch, drunk

Regina/Karen, don't be stupid


Metal Gear Solid 3

Snake/EVA, shangai surprise

Snake/Para-Medic, beware of the blob, blue genes

Naomi/Vamp, the bitter end

Otacon/Mei Ling, apple, Atlantis rising, youth

Otacon/Naomi, really know how to pick 'em

Snake/Meryl, auld lang syne, notorious, compass, cardinal, glacial

Snake/Naomi, needle, faithless



Ofdenson/Toki, allowance

Skwisgaar/Toki, anything

Toki/Nathan, chocolate, guns, sunshine, nuclear explosion


Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

Sam Clay/Tracy Bacon, pulp, matinee, Brooklyn, World's Fair, shirt, wish, letter, dream, disillusionment, never again, summer


Miss Guided

Becky/Tim, Saturday detention, mistletoe


Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Miss Pettigrew/Joe, discover, bloom    



Siobhan/Dominic, forbidden, lick, business, lawless



Monk/Sharona, future, if, heal, favor, adorable, irresistible, curls



Josef/Beth, break-up, red

Josef/Mick, sire, bite, appease, key, bend, centuries, secret, date, familiarity, new, tongue, rimming, blood, uncertainty

Josef/Mick/Beth, cold, hide, mark, fresh, photograph, dim, sempiternal, havoc, manipulate, agency, fangs

Mick/Beth, devilish, beast, handcuffs, turning, sun, desert, water, not so different


Much Ado About Nothing

Beatrice/Benedick, guarded, wordplay, courtship


Mulholland Drive

Betty/Adam, jitterbug, cinemagic

Rita/Betty, inside out, upside down


Murder in Suburbia

Ash/Scribbs, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, crime, suspect, murder, Sullivan, dancing, pull, retirement, undercover



Connie/Gabe, movie, lemonade


My Boys

PJ/Bobby, black tie, game, locker room, on deck, proper, secret

PJ/Brendan, crave, DJ, high, one night, roommate, show


Mystery Men

Invisible Boy/The Spleen, misfits

The Blue Raja/The Bowler, you've got to be kidding

The Blue Raja/The Sphinx, wisdom



Jamie/Adam, busted


Napola (USA title: Before the Fall)  [back to top]

Friedrich/Albrecht, unfinished, poetry   



Adult!Aburame Shino/Adult!Inuzuka Kiba, infiltrate, scene, tale, cinders, syndrome

Adult!Inuzuka Kiba/Adult!Aburame Shino, drag, belly

Adult!Inuzuka Kiba/Adult!Yamanaka Ino, rational

adult!Kankurou/adult!Kiba, wild, chakra threads, wood, desert

Adult!Kankurou/Adult!Inuzuka Kiba, trace, forgery, stones, pagan, burr

Adult!Kankurou/Hyuuga Neji, savor, letting, horn, unbalanced, cosmos, masquerade

adult!Shikamaru/adult!Temari, wind, challenge, feminine, ponytails

Adult!Uzumaki Naruto/Hyuuga Neji, holiday, brush, puppet, profile, crafty, stage, triad, witless

Adult!Yamanaka Ino/Adult!Inuzuka Kiba, because, precious

Adult!Yamanaka Ino/Haruno Sakura, skin-deep, branch, twice in a lifetime

Asuma/Kurenai, true love, blush, nindo

Haruno Sakura/Adult!Yamanaka Ino, compass, step, sail, desert, fairy tales, perfume

Kakashi/Iruka, rain, coffee, tree

Nara Shikamaru/Adult!Yamanaka Ino, hair, bon voyage, jump, that, blue monday, hanamatsuri, change

Naruto/Hinata, trust, family

Sasuke/Naruto, duel, pain



Abby/Jenny, the real thing, lab, lovers

Abby/Jenny/Ziva, ladies' night, glamorous

Abby/Kate, strap-on, BDSM, love, DNA, evidence, elevator, dungeon, tattoo, drawing, piercings, sinner, proof, lust, coffin, desperation, secret, shame

Abby/Ziva, blindfold, first time, approval, flight, projection, supernatural, glass, handcuffs, metal, pillows, lab, massage, "to wish impossible things", rough sex

Ari/Kate, guns, Hebrew, darling, omens, club, undercover, lipstick, guns, sparks, hate!sex, dangerous, desperation, hunger, wrong, twisted, sick, evil, bastard, secret, postcard

Fornell/Gibbs, elevator, coffee, Diane, basement

Fornell/Gibbs/Tony, lies, attraction, lust

Gibbs/Abby, kinky, sign, cuddle, childlike, Daddy, spanking, bad girl, knees, leather, whip, dirty, strawberry, gunpowder, lab

Gibbs/Hollis, how did I fall in love with you?, payback, redheads, lovers, party, hotel night, bourbon, close call, foot massage, running late, crazy, ritual, mesmerize, secrets, shower, fight, interfere, saying grace, two can play that game, "wanting you, taking you, loving you", stubborn, Hawaii, dreams

Gibbs/Jenny, challenge, tension, temptation, power, flirtation

Gibbs/Kate, box, wooden, insistent, fish, breathe, candy cane, pen and ink, charcoal, sticky, long distance, untouchable, redheads, accident, hope, losing a bet, picture, uncomfortable, under covers, boxed in, hinky, power, blush, alcohol, boat, something to prove, green, bar, kink, sweaty, older, blind ,intense, sleeping bags, "trick or treat", quiet, honey dust , control, seduction, hands, heat, tough love, "don't you dare", control, daydreams, flowers, bath, back seat, stakeout, games, void, coffee, care, "isn't there a law against that?", older men, insecurity, power exchange, control

Gibbs/Tim, teaching, nervous, careful, "practically still a kid", reboot

Gibbs/Tim/Kate, alarm, key, jacket, iPod, fire, scream, writhe, anger, fear, fingertips, rule 12, too young, older men, submission, tops and bottoms, switch, "fall for me", desire, burning, lust, feverish, leather, control, beg, discipline

Gibbs/ Tony/Kate, boss, special, rule 12, punishment, healing, tears, cigarettes, boat, movies, ice cream, alive, near miss, narrow escape

Gibbs/Tony/Ziva, lips on skin, wine, "room with a view", nocturnal visitors, "payback is a bitch"

Gibbs/Stephanie, Russia, observation, memories, cheating

Gibbs/Tony, daddy, elevator, stakeout, suits, gun, knife, bastard, AU, war, separation, kiss goodbye, made you, loyal, loyalty, royalty, flirt, punishment, stay, leave, go, keep, flame, boat, moving on, fight, funny, obsolete, commandeered, beach, possessive, submit, stubborn, flying, belonging, spare bedroom, uniform

Gibbs/Tony/Abby, movie, cuddle, porn, honey dust, compete, rough sex, toys

Gibbs/Tony/Jenny, my turn, secret, ready, no regrets, rough sex, toys

Gibbs/Tony/Stan, boat, "give and take", unprofessional jealousy

Gibbs/Ziva, coffee, shot, fever, elevator, fight, boss, pop culture, language, look

Jenny/Ziva, out of the ordinary, eastern Europe, taxi, secret, nepotism, demand, Cairo, needs

Jimmy/Michelle, lust

Jimmy/Tony, something, misunderstandings

Tim/Abby, computer, desk, beer, love, bondage, handcuffs

Tim/Abby/Ziva, games, fun, power

Tim/Kate, birthday surprise, pretend, virtual, game, character, flowers, shot, photograph, fancy, jewelry, tongue, jealousy, ponytail, disbelief, "very very bad idea", tango, ice cream, greedy, couch, novel, ballpark, coast, sunlight, lost, hopeless, thankful, sweet superhero, frosting, laughter, joyful, down and dirty, uninhibited, "freak in the sheets", moment, bound, busted, complicated, convention, dark

Tim/Tony/Kate, mislead, desperation, heal, flame, deep dark secret, shame, fear, column, wonder, cherry, together, fascinate, "that thing you do with your tongue", make-up sex, scars, secrets

Tim/Tony/Ziva, teamwork, trapped

Tim/Tony, probie, circumstance, easy, bet, dance, tickle, James Bond, leather, partner, spaghetti, secret, e-mail, busted, vocabulary, professional, absence, jealous,

Tim/Ziva, hotspots, jealousy, elevator sex, bittersweet, sauna, ice cream, dessert, hidden, intimidation

Tony/Abby, distractions, leather, pizza, toys, wrong, guilt, big gun, tattoos, handcuffs, dance, high heels, drink, saint, sex in cars, tension, satisfaction, distractions

Tony/Jenny, awkward, secrets

Tony/Kate, chocolate, wounded, ego, lotion, music, telephone, special order, secret, horse, honey dust, kink, "stop being such a good girl all the time", rainy, wet, hot, desperate, plead, pain, need, dance, Italian food, help, portrait, always, fingers, sleaze, coward, Mr. Right Now, perfection

Tony/Paula, "crazy is good", stakeout

Tony/Sacks, movies, accident

Tony/Ziva, misunderstand, coffee, simple things, the night we met, working late, tradition, quickie, elevator, power outage, strip poker, bullpen, nails, scars, running, breakdown, sex, competition, shivers, vodka, drink



Libby/Pepper, return, bath       



Case/Molly, countermeasure, intrusion, excision



Catherine/Lisa, the boss, perfect, handcuffs

Dave/Lisa, fire, blue, tap, anger

Joe/Catherine, desk, Garrelli 3000, duct tape, elevator



Alec/Seregil, apology, knots, practice

Micum/Thero, barter


Norse Myth

Loki/Tor, crossdress, funny, revenge


North and South (BBC series)

John Thornton/Margaret Hale, master, stern


Northern Exposure

Joel/Ed, morning

Joel/Maggie, high, talkative, bossy, sofa


Notes on a Scandal

Barabara/any female, write, better, close, intimate, bite, weep, kitty, proper



Charlie/Amita, chalk, equations, writing, watching

Charlie/Colby, admire, moment

David/Colby, aftermath, gun, trust

Don/Charlie, proud, scared, wound, certainty, mathematics, curve

Don/Colby, secret

Liz/Colby, honky tonk


Ocean's 11 series [back to top]

Danny/Rusty, cocktail, elevator, explode, fingers, whiskey

Danny/Rusty/Linus, student, overturn, con, cunning, pickpocket, identity, idolise,

Linus/Rusty, fixate, pocket, gum, shark, disguise, crush, fall, cocky, payment, slick


October Road

Janet/Eddie, anniversary, forgiveness


Odyssey 5

Kurt/Neil, world ending, chilli, underage


Of Human Bondage

Philip/Mildred, disrespect


Once and Again

Jessie/Katie, first time, love, family, letter, hymen, roof, play


One Life To Live

Brody/Gigi, blanket, fireworks, rain

Natalie/John, nursemaid, beer, mistake


One Tree Hill

Brooke/Lucas, alone, fantasy, wine, candy

Brooke/Peyton, love, drunk, suicide, accident, pregnant, charcoal, music, mole, kiss, rain

Brooke/Rachel, devious, sex

Jake/Peyton, baby, smile, someday, second best

Mouth/Brooke, kiss, wine, whoa, time, address, nerves, last, clock

Nathan/Haley, first, drink, need, rough, basketball, flirting, playing dirty, longing, temptation, restraints, high heels

Peyton/Lucas, pavement, red, pillow, blueberry


Order of the Stick

Belkar/anyone, portable, half-pint

Haley/Belkar, hate!sex, anger, mark

Haley/Elan, poetry

Roy/Vaarsuvius, level, mystery



Iago/Desdemona, covet

Othello/Desdemona, two backs, averted eyes, escape


Ouran High School Host Club

adult!Kyoya/adult!Tamaki, blond, no glasses, slender fingers, vacation, risks, mousse au chocolat

Hikaru/Kaoru, lies

Kyouya/Tamaki, beauty, broken

Mori/Hunny, cry, cradle, training, sweaty, strength

Tamaki/Hikaru/Kaoru, dare

Tamaki/Kyouya/Hikaru/Kaoru/Mori/Honey/Haruhi, parting


Out of the Past

Jeff/Kathie, blackmail



Beecher/Keller, just like you


Passions [back to top]

Ethan/Theresa, watch, innocent, falling, green

Luis/Fancy, unique, Italy, open, dazed

Sam/Ivy, again, guilty, sand, mansion


Petshop of Horrors

Chris/D's son, yielding

Leon/D, cycle, earned, mammalian, resistance


Pirates of the Caribbean

Davy Jones/Calypso, hurricane, shipwrecked, marooned

Davy Jones/Elizabeth, shiver, to forget, doldrums

Elizabeth/Barbossa, dress

Elizabeth/Jack, rum no more

Elizabeth/Will, ocean, dawn, sword, bath, piracy is a harsh mistress, queen, quest, crush, impatient, open

Elizabeth/Norrington, lime, music, town, after

Jack/Anamaria, first, slap, notorious, tan, luck

Jack/Anamaria/Will, salt, rum

Jack/Barbossa, switch, orders

Jack/Elizabeth, rum, filthy cur, pirate, captain, seduction

Jack/Elizabeth/Barbossa, trio

Jack/Norrington, freedom, waves, honour, bruised, injustice, proper, alone

Jack/Will/Elizabeth, lies

Norrington/Will, captain, human


Pitch Black    

Riddick/Jack, light, dark, wink, blood, knife


Planet Terror

Cherry/Dakota, margaritas and mini-guns


Point Pleasant

Boyd/Christina Nickson, corruption, flower, white, control, innocence, childhood



Brooke/Sam, love control, family, pregnancy, hospital, cheerleader, costume, lingerie, stockings, heels, legs


Portrait of Jennie

Eben/Jennie, sand


Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Conner McKnight/Ethan James /Kira Ford, soup, bonding, handcuffs, truth, coming out, anxiety


Power Rangers Mystic Force

Madison/Xander, love, curtain, next door, after hours, secret, unexpected


Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Mack/Tyzonn, alien tradition, maintenance, vacation

Ronny/Rose, opposites, friendship, talking, phone sex, departure, tied


Power Rangers SPD

Elizabeth Delgado/Sydney Drew, adored, beauty, leaving home, retirement, vase, fame, magazine cover


Power Rangers Time Force

Jen/Lucas, fast, grief, hardship, car, trust, racing, adrenaline

Jen/Wes, forever, reunion, hunger, loneliness, past


Power Rangers Wild Force

Cole/Taylor, change, slipping, military, jungle, command, tension


Presumed Innocent

Caroline/Rusty, deconstruction, dissolution, dissemble


Pride and Prejudice

Darcy/Bingley, haughty, blunt

Darcy/Elizabeth, wedding night


Prince of Tennis

Adult!Akutsu/Adult!Dan, small, big, sweet, gravity, force, dream

Adult!Atobe Keigo/Adult!Mukahi Gakuto, layover, telling, gut, olive

Adult!Atobe Keigo/Adult!Shishido Ryou, merit, terrible, tart, means, racecars, Sunday, streets, grill, scrape, sheik, mirror

Adult!Atobe Keigo/Adult!Kabaji, mutt, social class, obedience, comfort

Adult!Fuji/Adult!Yuuta, blue, phone, fear, sin

Adult!Inui/Adult!Kaidoh, juice, bandana, training

Adult!Oishi/Adult!Eiji , cat, motherly, strawberry, toothpaste, doubles

Adult!Sanada Genichirou/Adult!Yanagi Renji, garden, lean, creation, self, character, karma, tepid, slope, symmetry

Adult!Shishido Ryou/Adult!Taki Haginosuke, soapbox, fist, beret, roost, letters, crass, carat

Adult!Shishido Ryou/Adult!Yagyuu Hiroshi, pepper, nest, morning, chapstick, collision course, peer, melt, course, chariot

Adult!Tezuka/Adult!Ryoma, eyes, pillar, professional


Princess Bride

Inigo/Westley, emptiness

Westley/Buttercup, reunion, secret, promise, pirate


Prison Break

Mahone/Michael, blackmail, absolution, they fight crime!

Michael/Sara, fuck, grass, stolen, burst

Michael/Sucre, private, hard, return, papi, together


Private Practice

Sam/Naomi, work, fix

Violet/Addison, crazy, friendship, hands, waiting

Violet/Cooper, listen, I can't, explanation, benefits, jealous, secret, touch, confession, secret, girlfriend



Bobbi Stokowski/Chaz Gracen, hide, surprise, nail polish, easy.

Jeffrey Sykes/Joanne Meltzer, distraction.

Jim Profit/Gail Koner, pressure, haze, precision, restraint, future, dress, slip, figure it out.



Gus/Juliet, convention, sympathies

Gus/Mira, cliffdiving, Costa Rica, summer house

Gus/Mira/Shawn, sharing, shenanigans, the Alps, vows

Gus/Shawn, anger management, fling, jealousy, new furniture, roadtrip, sample case, smoothie, tie, pineapple, help, friends, mind reading, shenanigans, memories, fall, office, cockblock, glimpse,

Lassiter/Juliet, office, rampage, unofficial, admission, rough-housing

Lassiter/Shawn, snowglobes, anger, authority, eyebrows, tie, holster, babble

Henry/Madeleine, second chances, therapy

Henry/Nigel, discipline


Pushing Daisies

Chuck/Olive, bittersweet, pie, friendship, comfort, recipe, improvise, stealth, survey, voyeur

Emerson/Ned, apology, car, cold, simple, safe

Ned/Chuck, Cheese, haunted house, top hat, Ziegfeld follies, plastic, distance, night, snow, car, gloves

Ned/Chuck/Olive, relay race, slow and steady, second-hand free

Ned/Olive, Italian leather, Randy Newman, clip-on tie, rotten fruit


Quantum Leap [back to top]

Sam/any, awkward, origin, statistics, cheese


Queer as Folk (UK)  

Stuart/Vince, crib, light, heroes


Queer as Folk (US)

Blake/Ted, grace and speed

Brian/Justin, arms


Questionable Content

Dora/Faye, fancy-free, sticky-fingered

Dora/Marten, Xerox, broken lock, role reversal

Dora/Marten/Faye, buxom, excessive, exhausted


Ravenous [back to top]

Boyd/Colqhoun, grease, hair, blood, licking      



Ben/Sam/Sock, apartment, lights, getaway, close, carry, easier

Sam/Sock, vessel, hell, backseat, box, ability, hold, hands,



Mrs. De Winter/Maxim, haunt, cotillion, mistaken identity


Red Dwarf

Lister/Kochanski, sport, spy, spin, spork


Resident Evil: Apocalypse (movieverse)

Alice/Jill, strap-on, BDSM, love, family, monster, inhuman, weapon, eyes, goodbye, jealous



Cody/Murray/Nick, hands-free technology, fear, non-con

Lt. Ted Quinlan/Murray, dare


Robin Hood (BBC)

Djaq/Will, hide, green

Marian/Guy, stable, shackle, fire, guilt

Robin/Marian, thief


Romancing the Stone

Jack/Joan, desperate, dance, twirl, spark



Antony/Brutus, domineering, under, cornered, kiss

Antony/Caesar, victory, challenge, dominance

Antony/Cleopatra, desire, hegemony, hieroglyphic

Antony/Octavian, war, options, senate

Antony/older!Octavian, secretly, power, control

Atia/Octavia, bitter, control

Atia/Pullo, bully, slumming, trade, fuck

Maecenas/Agrippa, prosaic, hurry, golden

Octavian/Octavia, fall, restraint

Adult!Octavian/Octavia, family, return, safety, rekindle

Pullo/Vorenus, brothers in arm, journey, share, slave, desperate, holiday



Isabel/Kyle, sweet, compulsive, balloons, pond, spark, new, only

Isabel/Maria, strap-on, BDSM, love, power, museum, bathroom, alteration, lingerie, milkshake, star, sing

Kyle/Liz, memories, final, hidden

Kyle/Tess, dreams, mission, feel, breath

Liz/Tess, scared, trap, flash, fake

Max/Liz, cheap, faster, hamster, honeymoon, dress, white, future, electricity, flashes, distance, other world

Max/Tess, destiny, unwanted

Michael/Maria, corner, guitar, insurance, skittles, orange, arrive, case, turnover, brash, coaster, shower, dirty



Chase/Victor, change

Chase/Xavin, terrible


Rurouni Kenshin

Aoshi/Saito, blades, bondage


Sakura Card Captor [back to top]

Touya/Yukito, icecream, feathers


Samurai Champloo

Mugen/Jin, glasses, dirt, sake, bushido


Sanctuary (webseries)

Will /Joe Kavanaugh, coffee, beer, arrest

Will/Ashley, babysitting duty, danger

Will/Helen, I quit



Dream/Bast, huntress

Dream/Titania, midsummer

Hob Gadling/Death, flirt


Sapphire And Steel

Sapphire/Steel, harpoons, magic


Sarah Monette - Doctrine of Labyrinths series (books)

Felix/Mildmay, broken, janus


Sarah Monette & Elizabeth Bear - A Companion to Wolves (book)

Isolfr/Vethulf/Skjaldwulf, permission, heat, entwined, open, mine          


Saving Grace

Butch/Bobby, making amends

Butch/Grace, healing, horses

Butch/Ham, fight-sex, rent!boys, Stetsons, spurs

Grace/Rhetta, Calm, laugh


Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Lee/Amanda, rehearsal, crystal dew drops, little league, sandwich         



Cox/JD, comeback, tequila, girly, hair, apartment, mentor, trust

Elliot/Carla, lick, rumor, clap

Elliot/Molly, transference, car, couch, lipstick, hungry

Elliot/Molly/Jordan, best friends, comparison, competition

Janitor/JD, dirty

JD/Keith, wheels


Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Belle/any, pretend, escape, posh

Hannah/any, vanilla, secret


Shaman King

Adult!Tao Ren /Adult!Asakura Yoh, shining, sibling, smorgasbord, cloak, frippery

Adult!Tao Ren/Adult!Lyserg Diethel, pesky, maple, goblet, crossroads, dressing



Stark/Danny, Mexican jail

Stark/Jessica, confrontation


She Spies

Cassie/D.D., strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, crime, jewelry, surveillance, innocence, mothers, baby, internet, prison, legs, cuffs



Shaun/Zach, paint, ocean, screenplay world

Shaun/Zach/Gabe, drunk, sleep, family 


Shock Treatment

Cosmo/Nation, no good, not a children's game 


Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Bridget/Lena, destiny, perfect, Tiramisu


Six Feet Under

Claire/Parker, drunk, dare, hidden

Nate/Lisa, outdoors, spunk, rough, aggression, suppressed


Skinny Legs and All (book)

can o' beans, dirty sock, spoon, witching hour

painted stick, conchshell, sacred



Cassie/Effy, burn, starving, perfect, star

Cassie/Jal, mush, cream, red, spliff, party, tricks

Cassie/Michelle, bathroom, fingernails, ecstasy, confession

Cassie/Sid, something to prove

Chris/Jal, christening the new flat, familiarity, alcohol, party, flat

Maxxie/Anwar, regret, denial, drawing

Michelle/Sid, "Leave the hat on"

Tony/Maxxie, blank, easy, learning

Tony/Sid, bed, morning, routine


Sleuth (movie 2007)

Andrew Wyke/MIlo Tindle, beach, games



Quinn/Wade, soft, timer, curse, daffodil, park


Slings and Arrows

Darren/Geoffrey, phallic, rough, envy

Ellen/Geoffrey, punctual, surreptitious, silent, fight, memories, party, pizza

Ellen/Oliver, pity, direct

Geoffrey/Oliver, interpretation, wilful, roomies, superstition, mentor

Geoffrey/Oliver/Ellen, meaning, ridiculous

Kate/Jack, pot, stage, dream, Hawaii



Adam/Lana, sour, secrets, heal

Adam/Lex, music, blood

Alicia/Lana, substitute, pretend

Bart/Chloe, lucky, power shortage, shock

Chloe/Kara, I kissed a girl...

Chloe/Lana, pink, surveillance, bubbles, speed

Clark/Alicia, time, instant

Clark/Chloe, eight, smile, football jersey, laugh, grass, truck, lick, letters, break/protect, fire, batman, costumes, whip, office, cape, red, underwear, elevator, surprise, fight, pie, bizarre, help, redemption, seduction, supply closet, the Fortress, Isis, the loft, the living room, Gotham City, Metropolis, the League, laughter, impatient, flying lessons, just a little push, on the cape

Clark/Jason, locker room, field, strong, hide

Clark/Lana, museum, quiet

Clark/Lex, "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 5:3, fuck-or-die, blackmail, ritual, here, mine, love, want, return, forever, consort, invasion, ring bearer, power, exchange, holiday, celebration, crown, history, hostage, tied, sleepy, snuggle, relaxed, sexy, photo, stalk, museum, new car smell, care and feeding, tattoo, hostile, clothes, silk, satin, cotton, flannel, hair cut, present, entice, custom made, AU, royalty, prince of the city, glasses, Lionel's funeral, closure, caskets, more, red, history, alone, obsession, family, love, red kryptonite, money for nothing, The Daily Planet, dirty little secrets, Up yours!

Clark/Lionel, mind games, the loft, sex pollen, heat

Clark/Lois, bet, breakable, cautious, careful, crash, convalesce, commiseration, clumsy, cataclysm, condolence, contrition, clandestine, celestial, chilled, carnival, dress up, gingerly, insatiable, nervous, phone booth, pretend, read, plaid, rescue, unexpected

Clark/Oliver, bondage, desire, first time, heat, jealousy, pool, red

George/Chloe, t-shirt, handcuffs, sweat, quiet, fast

Jason/Chloe, gamble, tease, uniform, flash, revenge, urgent

Jason/Lana, candles, dark, triangle

Jason/Lois, before

Jimmy/Lois, why not?

Jonathon/Martha, shower, barn, quick, undisturbed, lazy

Kal/Chloe, slam, bruise, dance, rub

Kal-El/Chloe, regal, blinding, fly, release, mate

Lana/Martha, learn, same, true

Lex/anyone, club

Lex/Chloe, almost, crazy, darkness, dare, flirting, week, peak, wretched, similar, foreign, abacus, strap, camera, take, poke, liquid, mark

Lex/Jason, control, Lana or Clark, mouth, homework

Lex/Lana, control, ties, purple, grown, passion, hate sex, whipped cream

Lex/Lionel, lying as art, red blood runs true

Lionel/Martha, watch, necessity, lonely

Lois, pretend

Oliver/Chloe, 2:00 am, undercover, arrow, flowers, law, whisper, resist, set up

Oliver/Lois, desk, future, tease

Whitney/Chloe, hotel, tears, comfort, cream


Solaris (novel)

Hari/Kris, echoes


South Park

adult!Stan/adult!Kyle, hat, high school, snow, adulthood


Speed Racer (movie)

Pops/Mom, huge, lap, laugh

Racer X/Rex, crack!, mirror

Racer X/Speed, angst, atonement, black leather, deep. desk, first, flirt, garage, kiss, love, motor oil, mask, red socks, reversed cowboy, rough, tears, tender, track, race, unknown, secret, white t-shirt

Speed/Racer X/Trixie, any

Speed/Trixie, finger-fucking, hand-job, lipstick, pegging, safe to fly, open road, where the rubber meets...


Speed Racer

Detector/Rex, partnership

Detector/Sparky/Speed/Taejo, fantasy

Detector/Taejo, contract

Racer X/Speed, yellow, red, countdown, mask, truth, eyes, smell

Rex/Speed, lies

Rex/Speed/Racer X, ideal, reality, object, tracks

Rex/Taejo, goals

Sparky/Speed, milk, victory

Sparky/Speed/Taejo, chance

Sparky/Speed/Trixie, comfort

Speed/Speed, dumbfounded, harem

Speed/Taejo, breath


Spider-Man (movie)

Harry/Peter, forgive

Harry/Peter/MJ, house, empty, echo, laughter, perfect



Harry /Peter, roommates, towel, toaster, bed-sharing, costume, fix, slow, wait, what if

Peter/MJ, caress, wedding night, sewing, television, headshots, organized



Adam/Ros, safehouse, delicate, fire alarm, countryside, hideout, cabin

Tom/Christine, penthouse, dilemma, treason


Sports Night

Dan, new start

Dan/Casey, dreams, remember, uncertain, capable, tender, need, melody, angry, soccer, boxing, arena, away game, hands, glasses, St. Crispen's Day, declaration, keep, partners, years-gone-by, new company, alone, mistake, return, own, hiding, quiet, affection, little boy, winter in the city, hot time, taxi, words

Dan/OMC, substitute

Dana/Natalie, report, Bible, blink, spinning, enjoy, peanut, pink, piano

Jeremy/Natalie, love, smiles


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Ezri/Kira, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, future, past, host, trill, thrill, spots, nose, turbolift, taboo, Prophets, weapon, handstand, close, learning, Quark's, Mexico,

Garak/Bashir, need, ordinary, reading, poker, tiger, metaphor, sickbay, fabric

Jadzia/Lenara, strap-on, BDSM, love, future, past, rejoined, forbidden, taboo, tongo, nagus, replicator, latinum

Jadzia/Sisko, old, new, youth, blue, crystal, orbit

Kira/Odo, shapeshift, excellence, pearls, formal, laughter


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Data/Yar, laugh, sense, performance, temper, engineering


Star Trek: TOS

Kirk/Spock, pummel, passion, tradition, sulk, boytoy

Scotty/Uhura, tricorder, tribble, away team, bridge


Star Trek: Voyager

Brad Harrison/Noah Mannick, xenobiology, combadge, phaser, ornament

Carey/Wildman, temptation, regret, price, lie

Chakotay/Seska, Cardassia, prime, forced, dominant, tender

EMH/7, allusion, implant, opera, hobbies

Janeway/Chakotay, bathtub, haven't you always wanted a monkey, parameters, love song

Paris/Torres, china, poetry, bat'leth, pony

Sue Brooks/Deborah Lang, parents, expectations, leadership, deflector control

The Doctor/Seven of Nine, digital, lesson, winter, sideways

Vorik/Lyssa Campbell, logic, ritual, proposal, laughter


Star Wars

Anakin/Obi-Wan, boots, mission, bond, beard, braid, practice, temple, danger, home, goosebumps, mine, lucky, battleground, grace, patience

Anakin/Padme, fear, distance, end, regret

Bail/Padme, comfort, alliance

Han/Leia, money, white, desert, justice, trust, last, armor, g-force

Jacen/Tahiri, remembrance, training, sweat, eyes

Obi-Wan/Bail, politics

Obi-Wan/Ferus, sanctuary, grief

Obi-Wan/Padme, passion, bodyguard



Captain Shakespeare/Humphrey, night

Tristan/Yvaine, falling, orchard, banter, laughter, magically chained!Tristan, startle


Stargate Atlantis

Carson/Radek, color, skin, lube, sticky

Carson/Rodney, heat, friction, touch, joined, dreams

Carson/Teyla, baby, paternity, goodbye, homeopathic, reuniting, sore, thistle, unrequited

Chuck/Evan Lorne, BDUs, naked, heart, chocolate, DHD

Elizabeth/Laura Cadman, hurt-comfort, toffee, P-90s, off-world, contest

Elizabeth/Teyla, alien, love, ritual, dance, sunset, nanites, shape-shifting, ship

Evan Lorne/John, first time, paints, reckless, caught, uniform, bruises, exhaustion, sheets, evidence, flack jackets, power bars, Johnny Cash, flying

Evan Lorne/Laura Cadman, sweet, damsel-in-distress!Lorne, sarcasm

Evan Lorne/Lindsey Novak, construction worker, hard-harts, tool-belt!Novak

Evan Lorne/male, home

Evan Lorne/Parrish, alive, dirt, bamboo, wheat, lake, free-fall, burn

Evan Lorne/Rodney, charcoal, criminal, substitute, vines, ice, granite, party

Evan Lorne/Ronon, driven, unexpected, relaxation.

Evan Lorne/Samantha, battle scars, commander, puddlejumper, paint, stammer, tease, paint, late, darkness, gentle

Evan Lorne/Teyla, comfort, painting

Jennifer/Samantha, cup, sick bay, sheets, home

Jennifer/Samantha/Teyla, taking care of you

John/Atlantis, shock, electricity, addiction, lonely, flying, spying, unwelcome attention, alive, snow

John/Larrin, tree, friendly-fire, knees, bruise

John/Rodney, equation, jumper, needy, obvious, off duty, quickie, rescue, safe, tangled, free, easy, stiff, possibility, cloudy, grass, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, rant, theater, flake, lost, quiet, shore leave, sedative, omnibus home, friends, fun, jerk, tease, play, dominance, jerk off, rewind, near death, first time

John/Rodney/Ronon, opportunity, curiosity, deliberate, quiet, cell, natural,

John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, movies, natural, team, tent, marketplace, bond, visible, challenge, option, after, sleepy, watching

John/Rodney/Samantha, wild, goose bumps, free, apocalypse

John/Ronon, goodbye, snack foods, stranded, insomnia, watch, game, predator, fallout, sweat, backwards, staring contest

John/Samantha, diplomacy, jumper, off-duty, things left behind, hands, ocean, empty, suck, soft, gentle, unbreakable, command

John/Teyla, cry, smile, spar, reward, focus

Radek/Rodney, computers, midnight, overtime, hockey, national pride, rain, first time, glasses, desire, crystals, confusion, talk

Radek/Ronon, strength, dominate

Radek/Samantha, elevator, pigeon, farewell, cake, stammer

Rodney, bath

Rodney/Elizabeth, rainy, wet, liquor, embrace, beloved

Rodney/Jennifer, chess, awkward, safe, drink, trapped, dream, wonder, wet

Rodney/Samantha, date, fight, isolation, office, reality check, faint, meltdown, supernova, hero, trio, this doesn't add up, heaven, you're better than a hallucination, bewilderment, pink,

Rodney/Teyla, physical, physics, chemistry, unexpected

Ronon/Jennifer, bathtub, fire, trees, broken, consumed, expect, list, training, line, island, swallow, hard, breathe, running out of time, unique, five senses, something new, shower, kiss, touch, linger, sweet, freckles, lotion, love bites, whispers, wet, skin, undertaken, earth girls, magnet

Ronon/Samantha, apology, first impressions, missed opportunity, mistaken, catalyst, anywhere, nightmare, fallen, lightning, city, end, need

Ronon/Teyla, ocean, trust, understand, hands, spar

Sora/Teyla, summer, youth, betrayal, reunion, forgiveness, music, allergies


Stargate SG-1

Amaunet/Qetesh, stolen, gasp, flicker, hidden inside

Ba'al/Adria, alliance, power play, Qetesh, revenge

Ba'al/f, lockup, innocent, cynical, ocean, entropy

Ba'al/Jack, awry, bastard, irresistible

Ba'al/Sam, plan, secret, knives, harem, garden, mastermind, in your dreams, rain, travel, pin-strip suit, earthly pleasures, cock ring,

Barrett/Daniel, clash, boxes, return

Barrett/Sam, patience, not exactly, door, investigate

Cameron/Daniel, submit, soldier, hurt, question, worth, tangled, surrender, drive, tuna, pool, toes, Voltaire, music, bandana, overwhelmed, hard, really cool, control, steam, illegible, glasses, uniforms, Chinese food, cold, books, vision, glasses, struggle, bite, soothe, doze

Cameron/Daniel/Jack/Jonas Quinn/Sam/Teal'c/Vala, trampoline

Cameron/Daniel/Janet, learning, touch, burn, medicate

Cameron/Daniel/Sam, desperate, hold together, choice, loss

Cameron/Daniel/Vala, patience, arch, twist, smear, gaps, sigh, camera, biting, voyeur, toes, nose, kitchen, breakfast

Cameron/Jack, power, wreck, uninvited, home, rain, missing, shadow, lonely, please, dominance, beer, zero g, lake, flight, late, wet, dream

Cameron/Janet, cobbler, south, outsiders, ache, collarbone, zero-g, firing range

Cameron/Jonas, alien, banana, rain

Cameron/Lam, elevator, eye contact, unconscious, boots

Cameron/m, Antarctic, sunshine, ice, sweat

Cameron/Sam, defeat, waiting, macaroon, P-90, fighter jet, father, ice, arms, bruise, mine, flirt, fuck, horny, hard, fast, want, need, dirty, trapped, aliens supposedly made them do it, smile, guns, fight, thought you were dead, clichés, something, missing, missed you, at last, anger, instinct, intact, cage, explore, taste, fuck the regs, uniform, hurt, comfort, drunk, dog tags, lick, bite, control, urge, alive, feeling, football, baseball, overrated, safe, jealous, trust, protect, test, drive, leather, ass, silence, once, twice, touch, never let me go, love, lust, change, bleed, dying, angel(s), (un)expected, afraid, type, sore, bruise, smile, rain, motorcycle, pants, whiskey, motor oil, hands, silence

Cameron/Sam/Vala, lucky, tongue, trouble, motorcycle, toys

Cameron/Teal'c, hunger, free-fall, grapes, pitcher, stick, run, eyebrow

Cameron/Vala, games, flirting, love, tension, Starbucks, twice, smile, reassurance

Daniel/Jack, candle, water, tent, sand, panties, hunger, cunnilingus, midnight, canopy, whisper, silly, feather, thrust, control, time, toes, treats, tradition, love, beer, boyfriend

Daniel/Jack/Janet, warmth, push and pull, remembering, a woman's touch, sight, mediate, headache

Daniel/Jack/Sam, orbit, shower, sleeping bag, home, fingers, camp, coy, marry, devout, cynical, story, tango, Cheez Whiz, The End

Daniel/Jack/Sam/Teal'c, fish, fright, tent, sleepless, dread, enjoy, eat, forever, beginning, envelop, beautiful, shine

Daniel/Janet, simple, trapped, example, pulse, antihistamines, loss, return, cuneiform, Rome, myths, digits, strain

Daniel/Jonas/Sam, redemption, metal, belief, forgiveness

Daniel/RepliCarter, dig, cold, sand

Daniel/Robert Rothman, college, first-time, de-stress, unlikely, stargate, camaraderie, breakfast

Daniel/Sam, yes, back, handcuff, sweet, rope, book, familiar, exhausted, microscope, coffee, frazzled, mornings, sunrise, fire, darkness, early, anger

Daniel/Sam/Teal'c, always there, cell, tired, hat, let go

Daniel/Sam/Vala, spaceship, ice cream, giggle, release

Daniel/Sha're, sand, salt, laughter, tastes

Daniel/Teal'c, forgive, alone, armor, candle

Daniel/Vala, anger, Daniel's office, Paris, denial, deception, shopping, illusion, glasses, amazement, Washington, meaningless, pink, distraction, museum, trapped, comfortable, glitter, books, under the influence, Briefing Room, censorship, desperation, roller skates, trickery, oxygen, handcuffs, trading, explosion, fruitcake, longing, poker channel, tease, peaceful, sleepy, tense

Hammond/Sam, protection, feather, pillow-talk, look, lost, history

Jack/Janet, despair, cabin, sample, scrubs, tactics, basic training, APFT, P-90, glove, hold still, alive

Jack /John Sheppard, earnest, hero-worship, bed-post

Jack/Jonas, replacement, ring, learning

Jack/Maybourne, paradise, gun, history, future, herbs, beer, bite

Stargate SG-1 Jack/Sam, fishing, caring, lipstick, briefcase, hidden, off-duty, desperate, swim, safety, rules, long, scissors, blue, Sam/Jack, want, nowhere, ocean, everlasting, waste, memorial, thunder, jagged, unearthed, breathless, bottle, heat, speed

Jack/Teal'c, bargain, stroke, power, loyalty, boxing, skeptical, tradition, hockey, jell-o

Janet/Sam, mascara, heels, immune, mutable, coil, pink, regal

Joe Faxon/Sam, abandon, betray, bedroll, wedding

Jonas/Sam, exception, memory, motorcycling, teach, rules, hardware, tool, smile, laughter, pink

Jonas/Sam/Vala, introductions, share and share alike, tickle, leather

Jonas/Vala, nomad, rescue, SGC, return, unknown, television

Martouf/Janet, saviors, afterlife, wine, gold

Martouf/Jolinar, centuries, sunset, Netu, lifetimes, memory

Martouf/Sam, remember, again, tunnelsSam, sand dune, fire, reflections, memory, memories, gender, montage, bodies, restraints, timeless, motorcycle, earnest

RepliCarter/Sam, not me, trust, power, survive

Sam/Vala, car, stargazing, subterranean, soft, duo, peace, hunger, manhandle, lip gloss, bored, ship, fifty, mischief, silk, rope, porn, body-shots, imagine, pirate, leather, joy, purity, love, beauty, donut, anxious, comfort

Teal'c/Ishta, honor, saddle, vacation, peace

Teal'c/Sam, breathe, dream, stay, elemental, flame, earth, silver, distance, liquid, nova, silence, yesterday, eternity, music, hug, goodbye, hollow, secret, queen, ritual, lonely, unending, understanding, memory

Teal'c/Vala, muscles, basketball, alien, understand

Tomin/Vala, prayer, child, slip, believe, change


Station Agent

Joe/Olivia, enthusiasm



Brandon/Steve, any, piss drunk, recruited, black-eye, don't ask don't tell

Stop-Loss, Brandon/Tommy, yes sir, any


Storm Hawks

Dark Ace/Stork, distraction, pain

Murk Raider (Eyeball)/Stork, kitchen


Strangers in Paradise

Katchoo/Francine, paint, convention, giggle, interruption


Street Kings (movie)

Ludlow/Disco, lips, partnership


Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Danny/Jack, angry, punch, open

Danny/Jack/Jordan, trade-off, red, snark, commanding, giggle

Danny/Matt, lie, hurt, phone-call, steps, amends, divorce, interlude, commercial, office

Harriet/Jordan, friendship, defence, lunch-break

Jack/Matt, boss, cigarette, insubordination, panic, reassure, laugh, history

Jack/Simon, agree, bet, respect

Jordan/Jack, argument, skirt, bristle, ice

Simon/Tom, jacket, warmth, share, protect, boys, drugs, dressing-room, stretch, new


Suburban Girl

Archie/Brett, dysfunctional, technology, music, dress, black, tissue


Sunshine (2007 movie)

Capa/Cassie, shared space, common ground


Sunshine (novel by Robin McKinley)

Constantine/Sunshine, flour, hesitate, stare



Andy/Ash, secrets

Azazel/Dean/Sam, favoritism, yellow

Azazel/Ruby, secrets

Bela/OFC, snarl

Bobby/Ellen, cellar, chocolate

Bobby/John, … would ruin the fantasy for him. A lot like life, history

Dean/Andrea, water, hidden

Dean/Bela, crucifix

Dean/Carmen, dream, reality, pie

Dean/Cassie, drive, forgive, pie, waiting

Dean/Ellen, angry, been around the block, not your mother, gun, end, cotton, fault

Dean/Emily, first time, peace

Dean/girl!Sam, white

Dean/Gordon, hidden

Dean/Henriksen, grudge, dance, tangle, manhunt, interrogation


Dean/Jess, silent

Dean/Jo, last rites, hunting

Dean/John, inappropriate, collapse, AU, closet, clincher, ostrich, narcissistic, a very silent moment

Dean/John/Sam, special hell, double penetration, rimming, bloodplay, breathplay, pretty when you cry

Dean/Lisa, marathon, sweaty, pie

Dean/Meg, remember

Dean/OFC, white, black

Dean/Ruby, short-bus

Dean/Evil!Sam, jedi mind tricks

Dean/Sam, ghost, goblin, Halloween, deal, end, fight, blood, dust, motel, double bed, honeymoon suite, sunlight, hell, gun, knife, hand-to-hand, panty, suitcase, cell phone, Stanford, college boy, easy lay, getting laid, Impala, rental car, lost, forest, camping, 5-star accommodations, teddy bear, teach, survival training, compass, boots, beneath, black tie, strip, want, crave, hurt, seedy, soft, faster, bone, tremble, smile, eyes, final, drug, I'm not here to save you, muddy boots, music, pictures, flashlight, chase, fairy, Illinois, phonesex, incubus, power, forgiven, roadside, dirt, spit, socks, aftermath, abandoned, determined, dream, highway, quiet, sweaty, apartment, Sunday, pumpkins, pay day, Egyptian cotton, corn fields, back alley, genderswap, shared shower, wrestle, cabin, remember, twin beds, close call, fighting, wordless, apart, the end, accident, freedom, available, silly, energetic, stripe, jinx, grumpy, bedhead, cheat, grudge, shirt, hell, jail, Reese's Pieces, insomnia, cursed, swimming, sneaking out, absinthe, iPod, mechanic, rebellion, telekinesis, black cherry Kool-Aid, learning to shave, black and blue, mixed tape, pain pills, blackout, breaking and entering, target practice, Latin, sand, blue, sweat, burning, fly, seasons, overseas, arms, silent, need, tickling, ukulele, jarring, bozo, torn, waterlogged

Dean/Sam/Jess, adrenaline, balance, fucked out, handcuffs, lesson, protected, public, rules, tipsy, trust, watching, fantasy, morning, risky, short skirt, snowed in

Dean/Sam/Jo, hidden, bruises, want

Demon!Dean/Sam, ride

Evil!Dean/Evil!Sam, rimming, bloodplay, breathplay, tattoos, public places, kitten, birthday, vacation

Jess/Jo, dream

John/Ellen, remorse, rain

John/Jo, observe, truck, dolled up, roadhouse, whiskey

John/Mary, clouds, quiet, mechanic, eternity

John/Sam, brinkmanship, empty places

Meg/Ruby, slap, black, molasses

Sam, shower, loss

Sam/good!Ava, chatter, fiancé, tears, nervous

Sam/Ava, strength

Sam/Bela, jealousy, slippery, wrong, dream, spell, money

Sam/Cassie, rough, shadow

Sam/Ellen, comfort, forget, hands, beer, question, hunted, hunter

Sam/Jess, breakfast, morning, cramming, gold, pearl, wistful, pegging, moles, point of no return, summer

Sam/Jo, precious, forlorn, heat, new year's eve, knife, memories

Sam/Dean!Ruby, tits

Sam/laptop, [any]

Sam/Lenore, leader, change, road, last, loss

Sam/Lilith, contempt

Sam/Madison, bite, close, change, mistakes

Sam/Meg, mistake, happy

Sam/OFC, early

Sam/Ruby, demon say what?, agnosticism, torrid, witchcraft, personal, epiphany, belly, bite, sweet, black, bruise, flowers, hell, lonely, hair-pulling, normal, broom, cut, rust, melt, twist, break,

Sam/Sarah, mirror, laugh



Janet/Tom, kiss, flush

Janet/Trina, new, first

Susan/Roger, secret, touch, fantasy


Takin' Over the Asylum [back to top]

Eddie McKenna/Campbell Baines, hero, dawn streets, game of chance


Tales of Symphonia

Kratos/Zelos, taken, passionate, beautiful


Tales of the Abyss

Jade Curtiss/Luke fon Fabre, aftermath, chronicle, chore, sneeze, world, scientific method, tomorrow, dignity, simple, distant shores, privilege


Tamora Pierce – Circleverse

Lark/Rosethorn, rest, respite, wrinkle, gentle, harsh, calming, winsome, discipline

Tris/Sandry/Briar/Daja, encircle, embody, rooted, fascinate, destroy, secrets, departure, lonely, unison, smile, experiment, once


Tanya Huff - Blood Books

Henry/Tony, young, desperate, bloodlust



Laurence/Granby, victory, aloft, harness, manners


Tempted (TV movie)

Emma/Kala, Boston, divorce, rescue, underneath


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Derek/Cameron, good robot, destruction

Derek/John, wasteful, grey

Derek/Sarah, catalyst, healing, combust, repressed

John/Cameron, hard, comfort, loss, love, confession, built, precise measurement, lesson, smudged, clear, curiosity, distance, acceptance


That 70's Show

Donna/Jackie, strap-on, BDSM, love, family, redhead, tiny, mouth, beauty, cheerleader


The 10th Kingdom

Wolf/Virginia, tail, castle, return, New York, fairy tale, bubble, pizza


The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Cal/David, joke


The 4400

Jordan/Shawn, hero worship, messiah, mourning, promise, better, isolation, need

Jordan/Tom, telephone, saviour, future, lie, hands, mission, message, next, talents, compromise, promicin, war

Marco/Diana, sparks, intelligence

Nikki/Shawn, ability, jealous, guitar


The Black Dahlia (movie)

Lee Blanchard/Bucky Bleichert, any


The Chosen – Chaim Potok

Reuven Malter/Daniel Saunders, resolution, future!fic, college


The Closer

Brenda Leigh Johnson/Andy Flynn, any


The Covenant

Any pairing/threesome/foursome, book, power, light, love, ring, emotion, eyes, words, touch, fight, bond, tie, anger, recklessness, beauty, call, name, flying, magic, family, meaning


The Dark Knight

Batman/Harvey Dent, distinctions, flip, heads, balcony, cape, gloves, hero worship

Batman/Harvey Dent/Rachel, compromise, shades of grey, wedding white

Batman/The Joker, aces, night, poker, too far, push, card, nightmares, anticipation, dancing, unwanted ally

Bruce Wayne/Harvey Dent, flame, dusk, desperate, vision, war, mirror-mirror, neckties, suits

Bruce Wayne/Harvey Dent/Rachel Dawes, balance, push, bruise, belief, lesson, suits

Bruce Wayne/Rachel, pause

Harvey Dent/Rachel, promises, acceptance, red, without, gamble, noble, beauty, ring, gold, holiday, celebrate, adoration

Rachel/Harvey/Bruce, chilly, touch, wine


The Darkangel Trilogy

Aeriel/Irrylath, earthshine


The Devil Wears Prada

Andy/Emily, contention, completion

Andy/Miranda, Corset, stocking-cuban-heeled, well-dressed, deportment, model, lingerie, Barbie doll, makeover, AU, different choices, passing the torch, "The New Andy", stripping, blackmail, an evening out


The Doomsday Book – Connie Willis

Father Roche/Kivrin, confessions, candles, blessing


The Dresden Files (books)

Harry/Thomas, white, silver, blood, covet, champion, weapon, watching, ephemeral


The Enigma

Enigma/Michael, end, fixed, flow, sway


The Fast and the Furious

Brian/Dom, grease, rent, ten seconds, help, future, badge, discovery

Brian/Mia, team, secret, if he knew, truth, impossible, drink, shower


The Fly (1986)

Seth/Veronica, duck amuck


The Gemma Doyle Trilogy - Libba Bray

Felicity/Gemma, Paris, America, suffrage, letters, love, new, success, education


The Heidi Chronicles

Scoop/Heidi, bad habit, could've, do-over, feminism, art, A+, surprise


The History Boys

Dakin/Irwin, ache, drink, suck, swagger, look in the eye, cigarette, student, seconds, gamble, bitter, stopwatch, quotation

Scripps/ Dakin, bet, alcohol, sink, hide

Scripps/Posner, song, pub


The Inside

Rebecca/Mel, unknown subject, unsolved mystery

Rebecca/Paul, playtime's over, always faithful

Rebecca/Web, broken bone, reined-in, passing strange


The Invisible Circus (movie)

Wolf/Faith, gun, home, back again

Wolf/Phoebe, temptation, search, hands, remember


The Invisible

Annie/Nick, ephemeral, wonder, dark


The L Word

Alice/Helena, strap-on, BDSM, love, family, baby, guitar, poor, roommate, yoga, limber, dress, blond, mothers, mansion

Alice/Lara, comfort, dark, quiet, soft

Bette/Helena , new bonds, dinner

Shane/Jenny, cut, hurt, soothe, wet


The Lion in Winter

Geoffrey/Alais, missed chances, betrothed

Henry/Eleanor, indifferent, never

Philip/Richard, apology, chase


The Lord of the Rings

Aragorn/Boromir, anytime, familiarity, betrayal

Aragorn/Frodo, night, darkness, comfort

Aragorn/Legolas, Lothlorien, golden, Celebrant

Merry/Pippin, ordinary, kisses, bruise

Sam/Frodo, longing, haven, tenderness


The Lost Boys

Michael/David, fallen, toy


The Lost World

Marguerite/Ned, entry, alone, natural, stop

Marguerite/Roxton, ironclad, convict, stroll, mountain, keepsake


The Man Who Fell to Earth (film)

Thomas/Mary Lou, cold


The Mentalist

Patrick Jane/Wayne Rigsby, secret, distraction


The Middleman

Middleman/Wendy, competence, danger, gadgets, voyeurism, art, late night


The Mighty Ducks (movie)

adult!Jess/adult!Adam, cake eater, closet, stick, love, hate, taboo


The Mummy Returns

Rick O'Connell/Evy O'Connell, wedding, passion, dreams, ancient past, worry, tenderness


The Mummy

Ardeth/any woman, killer, aftermath, twisted, burn, lost, past imperfect, Nile, business

Ardeth/Evy, entropy, secret, adventure, rain, moonrise

Ardeth/Imhotep, song, Nile, tattoo, chest, treasure, sight, corpse

Ardeth/Jonathan, sand, oaths, babbling, tattoos

Ardeth/Meela, enemy, grave, rebirth, forbidden, rescue, screaming, past imperfect

Ardeth/Rick, destiny

Rick/Evie, dig, gunpoint, arrogant, bright, library, adventure


The Notebook (movie)

Noah/Allie, table, rain, once more, history


The O.C.

Alex/Marissa, love, alcohol, drunk driver, coma, diary, letter, everlasting

Ryan/Lindsay, Shakespeare, red, sigh, first time

Ryan/Marissa, why, devoted, pool-house

Ryan/Seth, real, flushed, comic(s), weed, touching, television, not wrong, secret, hands

Ryan/Taylor, temptation

Ryan/Theresa, first love, last love, smokes, hotel paper

Ryan/Summer, sweat, vanilla, pool

Seth/Marissa, different, if he knew, always


The Odyssey

Odysseus/Calypso, possessive, pleasure, give in, yearning, stay


The Office (UK)

Tim/Dawn, playful, early

Tim/Gareth, handy, promotion


The Office (US)

Andy/Karen, serenade, pampered, dignity

Andy/Kelly, duet, karaoke, bananas, any

Angela/Dwight, desk, choice, letting loose, morals, orgasm, staying late

Darryl/Kelly, sweetie, nuzzle, butterfly kisses

Jim/Karen, there's nothing good on TV, carry, flirt, battle, piggyback, prank, reunion

Jim/Kelly, locked in, curves, stamina, espresso, Sandra Bullock

Jim/Pam, bonding, coffee, collapse, movie night, supply closet, film, hidden, sheet, tease

Jim/Pam/Katy, pink, pert, rosy, relaxed

Jim/Pam/Karen, funny thing, forum, freaked out

Karen/Toby, awkward, happiness

Karen/Pam, drink, hurt, lonely, sweet, hey, nowhere, car, mistake

Michael/Jan, insane, understanding, tripod

Pam/Toby/Ryan, loneliness

Pam/Toby, skin, worth it, memory

Ryan/Jan, enticing, revenge

Ryan/Karen, impatient, escape

Ryan/Pam, vodka, flowers, so that happened, Ryan took more than Jim's desk

Ryan/Toby, boredom, mutual enemy


The Other Boleyn Girl

Anne/Mary/George, practice, games, wine, ribbons


The Picture of Dorian Gray

Dorian/Basil, hope, malice


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Brad/Frank, lasting

Brad/Rocky, out

Magenta/Columbia, hair-dryer, laugh

Magenta/Janet, teach me, smooth

Magenta/Riff-Raff, victory, sister, plotting, home, insane


The Royal Tenenbaums

Margot/Richie, ache, sting, wish


The Rundown

Beck/Travis, artifact, orgy, sun god, altar, restraint, submissive, skill, choice, squatter, well, dirty, chop, recipe


The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Lauren/Adrienne, Sunday, slut, class, pink


The Sentinel

Jim/Blair, biting, possessive, claiming, cross-dressing, lipstick, gym, sweat, showers, rainbow, rain, wet clothes, vivid, caliber, juxtaposition, locked


The Shield

Mackey/Shane, love and guns

Mackey/Aceveda, iron sharpens iron

Shane/Lem, famous last words


The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

London/Maddie, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, hymen, rich, poor, work, car, first year of college, doing it wrong, slumming it


The Talented Mr.Ripley (movie)

Tom Ripley/Dickie Greenleaf, bath


The Time Traveler's Wife – Audrey Niffenegger

Henry/Clare, flutter


The Venture Brothers

21/24, fanny pack, jet-boy, the back seat of a yugo

Brock/Dean, dress

Brock/Dean/Triana, excitement

Brock/Hank, heat, mistake

Brock/Molotov, snap, smokin'

Brock/Rusty, loyalty, zombies, robot, science

Dean/Triana, sweet

Dr. Girlfriend/Monarch, first time

Dr. Girlfriend/ Phantom Limb, oops, grades

Rusty/Dr. Orpheus, male bonding


The Warrior Heir

Hastings/Jack, potion, personal weapon

Jason/Seph, reunited, attraction, role reversal

Will/Fitch, size, soccer, locker room, privacy, computer, piercing


The West Wing

Abbey/Amy/CJ/Donna, purpose, mess, fancy, tease, quite the nerve

Abbey/CJ, swimming pool, garter belts

Ainsley/Donna, pale, blonde, music

Amy/CJ/Donna, relaxing, New York, hidden

Amy/Donna, funny, more than once, contact, cell phone, music

Andy/CJ, twins, red, California, senator

CJ/Donna, embarrass, advice, goldfish, gowns, tipsy

CJ/Kate, wedding, baby, later, sickness, addiction, feather, briefing, heat

Danny/CJ, Wet

Danny/Josh, college, Fulbright, guys, insider, information, trade, alley

Jed/CJ, mentor, roleplay, spank, brush, tall, weakness, wilt, breasts

Jed/Toby, whiskey, apostasy, recompense, shatter, mend, birthday

Josh/Amy, simple, phone, hey you

Josh/CJ, flirt, tease, bet, prompt, applaud, murder, jeans, camping, clique, kinship

Josh/CJ/Donna, people, us, divide, divorce, laughter, floor, office, wall, clock

Josh/Donna, hotel, chief of staff, pun, new, gift, dance, ice, broken, Christmas, sorry, paperwork, liquor, postcard, family

Josh/Joey, throat, hips, poll, police, insult, minus

Josh/Mandy, irritation, blatant, foot, release, ambitious

Josh/Matt Santos, campaign

Josh/Sam, again, symmetry, need, comforter, firemen are sexy, party

Josh/Sam/Toby, DC, compromise, afterwards, duty, faith, football, drunk, ink, fragile, blindfold

Josh/Sam/Toby/CJ, coffee, empty house, all you need, circle, clothes, hair, mother, blanket, chilly, slumber, skin, beard, spin-boys, waiting, road trip, motel, break, brief

Josh/Toby, divorce, ring, Bob, win, loss, pardon, covert, envy, touch, temple, blue, diesel, Barnes and Noble, slick, don't stop

Leo/CJ, blinds, neckties

Mandy, motherfuck, milk, desire, jingle

Sam solo, boss, leaving, bad news,

Sam/adult!Huck Wyatt-Ziegler, son and heir, arthouse, Thursday afternoon, papers

Sam/Ainsley, peachy, juicy, naughty, steam, fever, wet, words, Republican, years, miss you, satin, blue, cleavage, touch, fierce

Sam/CJ, back, switch

Sam/Donna, tie, act

Sam/Laurie, wishing, beeper, chance, see you around

Sam/Toby, home, beach, fire, leaving, Central Park, presidential, music, beach house, esoteric, recondite, State of the Union, epistolary, maps, office, tension, queer, tangle, crossroads, dust, long road ahead, black curls

Sam/Toby/CJ, laugh, blindfold, desperate, office, hand

Sam/Toby/Will, nomination, candidate, press, push, ink, travel, return, Oregon

Toby solo, denial, subpoena, bygones,

Toby/Andrea, collarbone, high, office, table, inauguration, train, fingertip, black and blue, margarita, keys, fall, shirt, scarf, dream, name, seaside, family, letter

Toby/Annabeth, charm, blinds, sofa, speechless

Toby/CJ, loyal, friendship, hate you, smoke, light, clean up, above, tree, wrist, red, podium, curl, Mine, Christmas present, lick, decorate, dizzy, talk, overrated, talk, surprise, sunrise/set, kiss, stolen, flirt, horny, stolen moments, perfect, white house, chair, promise, letter, dance, desolate, spine, stars

Toby/Ellie, heartbeat, no air conditioner, jail, safe, ballroom, dance, queer

Toby/OMC, back alley, first time, Brooklyn, caught out


The World Ends With You

Adult!Sakuraba Neku/Bito Daisukenojo, rising, beer garden, tarot, bicycle, measure, go, hawk

Adult!Sakuraba Neku/Minamimoto Shou, courtship, belt, marital bliss, mental, noose, infinity, chain reaction

Adult!Sakuraba Neku/Adult!Shiki, glasses

Minamimoto/Konishi, bisect your angles


The X-Files

Doggett/Reyes, wash away, yours, opportunity, risk, easy, belief

Krycek/Marita, face-off, loyalty, maneuver, virus

Krycek/Mulder, reality, primitive

Mulder/Scully, distraction, change, alone, history, "don't give up", fire, shower, forest, spooky, gaze, red, color blind, February, constant, blood, home, faith, moment, speed, nostalgia, porch, eyes, red, hand, cross, snow, beard, rebirth,

Reyes/Scully, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, William, mother, Mexico, alien, ocean, doubt, Roswell


There Will Be Blood

Daniel/Eli, absolution


Third Watch

Bosco/Faith, at last, horny, need, love, missed you, fate, meant to be

Cruz/Monroe, betrayed, anger, lust, want, need, hurt, comfort, kiss, something more, unexpected, fate


This Life

Miles/Anna, high


Thought Crimes

Brendan/Freya, warmth, belonging, fire-place, words, silence, first, behind, partnership, thought sex, jealousy, internet dating


Tin Man

Cain/DG, raw

Cain/Glitch, flame, stupid, dance, melt, morning, deep, memories, dancing, curls, moonlight, heart, sweetheart, thoughts

Cain/Zero, jealousy, bitter, submission, bondage revenge, dub!con, partners, surprise, bondage, mind games


Tipping the Velvet (TV)

Florence/Nancy, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, motherhood, politics, brother


Top Ten

Smax/Toybox, grief



Alex Hopkins/Jack, protégé, roadworks, alley, shoreline, sweat

Andy/Jack, gladiator, yoghurt

Andy/Rhys, radiator, rivals

Charles Gaskell/Jack, gaslight, educated, cravat, observation, snow

Gwen/Tosh, slippery, voyeur, plaits, coffee, chocolate, lips, alone, skills

Ianto/Gwen, missing, the space between, need, time, surprise, instinct, comfort

Ianto/Jack, amnesia, sexual healing, competence kink, strip poker, coffee, copy machine, grief, role play, naked hide and seek, date, desk, reports, dry cleaning, reversal, gold, exotic, silk, rough, inexperience, hilltop, interpretation, naked hide and seek, date, chocolate, desk, red, dress, sea, sand, sticky, alien, tie, potted plant, dancing, storm, Timer

Ianto/Jack/Gwen, necessity, inspire, broken, blood, bonds, all we have left, fun, mission, behind, pieces, start, bond, touch, rain, hide and seek, hub, rickshaw, poison

Ianto/Jack/Real!Jack, time, moments, Rift, care, soft, tender, rimming

Ianto/Jack/Owen, delicate, difficult

Ianto/Jack/Owen/Gwen/Tosh, perfect, together, alien, hub, Myfanwy, dusk, cause, fix, soldiers, overlap

Ianto/Jack/Owen/Rhys/Gwen/Tosh, apocalypse, designer jeans, spin the bottle, trapped

Ianto/Jack/Tosh, cherish, hold

Ianto/Owen, archives, alone, Jack's back, want you, rimming, camping, stand-in, contest, lipstick, mistake

Ianto/Owen/Tosh, post-nuptial, left, others, broken, mended, dawn, lonely, research, archives, errant

Jack/Alice Guppy/Emily Holroyd, steampunk, corsetry, Victorian values, underground, slick, bronze, aspidistra

Jack/Estelle, country, fleeting, tremulous, basement, sunshine

Jack/Gwen, help, smoke, it's not cheating, truth, drink, apocalypse, weevil, nightstick, train, chance, forbid, deep, flirt

Jack/Jack, dance, timeloop, turtle, pocketwatch, fleeting, momentary, kiss, dance, London, moon, rimming, kiss, dance, goodbye, uniform, second chance

Jack/John, debt, barfight, whimsical, artifact, guilt, punishment, spanking, "for old time's sake," punch, booze

Jack/Kathy Swanson, darkness, invasion, necessary, sweat, vertigo

Jack/Owen, payback, superiority, mechanism, tension, need, telepathy, balance, resentment, worship, tension, need, hand, office romance, unexpected

Jack/Owen/Real!Jack, medically inadvisable, helpful, glide, rimming

Jack/Rhys/Gwen, sex pollen, procrastination, vault, piano

Jack/Tosh, brilliant, feather, vision, reason, technology

Mark Lynch/Owen, bondage, pain, dub!con, payback, rage, power play

Owen/Gwen, fun, wedding, symbol, frankness, happy, Hub, illicit

Owen/Tosh, zombie survival guide, pool, glove, Rubik's Cube, pool, unpolished, undead, creative, brilliant

Rhys/Gwen, anchor, fireworks, pounce, dice, wipeout, chips, snowglobe, pegging


Mary/Tosh, beads, sensation, device, damage


Transformers Beast Wars

Silverbolt/Blackarachnia, poetry, trust, touch, watching, distance



Tyler/Jay, bed sheet

Tyler/Will, the sound of breaking bones


Tsubasa Chronicle

Syaoran/Sakura, memory of the body


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Kurogane/Fay, dream, power, books

Shoran/Sakura, summer, butterfly



Bella/Carlisle, secret, cold, turning, heartbeat, instinct

Edward/Bella, choices, change

Edward/Rosalie, beauty

Edward/Tanya, ice, blood, nails, bite

Embry/Quill, fight, jealousy, heat, flirting, drunken blow

Emmett/Rosalie, fierce, blood

Leah/Jacob, cigarettes, hair, laughter, book

Leah/Rosalie, strike a match, let it burn, enemy

Leah/Sam, remember, first time, fire, beach

Jacob/Bella, hidden, heart, kiss, grin, match, fire and ice, fire, fever, night, woods, sky, life

James/Alice, star, mine

James/Victoria, forever, mate, jealousy

Jasper/Alice, premonition, emotion, seeing, blind

Quil/Claire, waiting, Pack, gentle

Quil/Embry, imprint, hidden, fear

Rosalie/Tanya, if wishes were horses, stone, laughter, learning


Ugly Betty [back to top]

Betty/Christina, soft

Betty/Daniel, wrong, unreal, drugged, forget, teeth, suck, smile, cry, hug

Betty/Gio, sandwich, Italy, new beginnings, under the weather

Betty/Henry, last, dream

Daniel/Alexis, desperate, new

Daniel/Amanda, drunk, dress

Mark/Cliff, bedraggled, hungry



Selene/Michael, feral, pegging


V.I.P. [back to top]

Kay/Nikki, strap-on, BDSM, love, internet, hacker, glasses, gun, bomb, shy, discovery, legs, short

Tasha/Vallery, strap-on, BDSM, love, nightstick, cuffs, protection, implants, premiere, fake, knife


Valdemar Universe - Mercedes Lackey

Vanyel Ashkevron/Tylendel, any


Vampire Knight

Ichiru/Zero, betrayal, separate, longing

Kaname/Zero, thirst, blood and lust, grace, Vampire Hunter


Verbotene Liebe

Christian/Oliver, spread, flirt, bent

Christian/Olli, boys, caveman


Veronica Mars

Keith/Kendall, money, safety, shower, tequila

Keith/Veronica, backup, cell phone, makeup, old age, newspaper, forever, family, blood, DNA, accidental, luck

Lilly/Aaron, auld lang syne, summertime, bikini, yes, yacht, not what it seems, could be love, always

Lilly/Logan/Veronica, always wanted this, secret, pretend

Lilly/Veronica, live a little, pink, pillow, double, mocha, milkshake, yard, pool, bikini, ghosts, done this before, no doubt

Logan/Duncan, any, friends, girls, breakdown

Logan/Keith, tape, blank, silent moment

Logan/Lilly, truth, what it was, love, the end

Logan/Mac, lollipop, glasses, MacBook

Logan/Veronica, always, anytime, history, play, remember, damage, connect, wish, think, on, steer, forward, hell, tower, grant, lapel, reunion, someday, love and marriage, night, graduation, slap, open, closed, tornado, acting, Neptune Grand, stakeout

Logan/Weevil, competition, prank, Lilly's memorial, pink

Mac/Dick, beach, tutor, secret, didn't see that coming

Mac/Veronica, love, undercover, hacker, website, glasses, video, photo, gay, elevator, handkerchief, proof, camera

Mac/Weevil, grease, library, scream

Veronica/Duncan, stake-out, case, mockery, gift, again, reunion, runaway, letters, now and then, past

Veronica/Weevil, burn, silence, tutor, bad boys (good girls)

Veronica/Wallace, ham, cookie, kindergarten, nose, smile, stories, future


Vinland Saga

Askeladd/Bjorn, parlay, bear

Askeladd/Thorfinn, gnarled

Canute/Thorfinn, end, stand, ribbon


Viva Laughlin

Ripley Holden/Nicky Fontana, way back, winner, roulette table, rimming, "I win."


Vorkosigan saga

Aral/Cordelia, homesick

Bel/Ivan, horizons

Bel/Miles, roughing it, bad taste

Miles/Ivan, smashed


WALL-E [back to top]

Eve/WALL-E, lost in translation



Dan/Laurie, skinning the knee

Sally/Eddie, forgiveness, summer in the city


Wedding Crashers

Jeremy/John, bored, off-season, plans, work



Andy/Kat, road trip, delight, falling, illegal, adventure, wild

Doug/Celia, apologize, mistake, free

Nancy, tired, forget

Nancy/Andy, every time, watch it, weird, high, apocalypse

Nancy/Celia, hit, tussle, blue, bruises, only once, unnecessary, bonding

Nancy/Conrad, gone, page, alcohol, one last time, trouble, pull, wall, sudden, tears, oasis, clutch, smoke, kiss, last

Nancy/Conrad/Celia, everyone here is crazy, truth, tangled

Nancy/OFC, road, park

Nancy/Val, husband, wine, money, friends, oral fixation


What I Like About You

Holly/Tina, begging, cherry, lemonade, accident


Wild Things (movie)

Sam/Kelly, carwash, soap, scrub

Sam/Suzie, nationwide

Suzie/Kelly, serving girl, maid, mistress

Suzie/Sandra, duking it out, first charm is the time

Suzie/Kelly/Sam, success, triumph, celebrate

Suzie/Kelly/Sandra, like daughter like mother, ... as the Romans do


Wings of Desire

Damiel/Marion, sensation


Wire in the Blood

Alex/Tony, comfort, destiny, back-up, mirror, bathroom, gentle


Without a Trace

Danny/Martin, after hours, ties, paperwork, home

Danny/Sam, undercover, hands

Jack/Sam, rain, alone


Woman in the Dunes

Niki/Woman, thirst


Women of the Otherworld

Lucas/Paige, trouble, laugh


Women's Murder Club

Lindsay/Cindy, bedside, words

Lindsay/Jill, silk, scared

Lindsay/Pete, phone sex



Jaye/Eric, ease, kiss, need, scarf


Xena: Warrior Princess [back to top]

Xena/Gabrielle, campfire, braiding, hot spring, horseback


X-Factor (comic)

Jamie/Layla, eventually


X-Men (comic)

Emma/Jean, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, thought, wrong, open, 198, legs, lingerie

Rictor/Shatterstar, do-over, ordinary

Scott/Emma, diamonds


X-Men (movie)

Bobby/John, drop, push, flicker

Bobby/Rogue/John, reunion, false hope, the cure

John/Mystique, change, helicopter, training, skin

John/Kitty, cookie, flame, lesson

Rogue/Iceman, touching, after the cure, pegging, frost, touch, taste, silk

Rogue/Wolverine, blame, yours, nerve, cream, time, pay, striped socks, treat, shock, pace

Scott/Jean, knowing, feeling, changing, trying


Y: The Last Man (comic) [back to top]

Yorick/355, ammo, paris, jagged

Allison/355, Mann, humble

Hero/Beth II, missing


Young Americans

Hamilton/Jake, bind, motorbike, tease, hide

Scout/Bella, river

Scout/Will, sleep, pretense, summer

Scout/Will/Sean, any

Will/Sean, scared, hate


Young Avengers

Billy/Teddy, older, powerful


Zero Effect [back to top]

Darryl Zero/Steve Arlo, secret, guitar



Derek/Hansel, stride, beautiful

Derek/J.P Prewett, hands

Derek/Matilda, reading, babies


Crossovers [back to top]

24/Iron Man, Tony Stark/Jack Bauer, any

30 Rock/Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Liz/Jack, strange, remind me of someone

30 Rock/Suburban Girl, Liz/Archie, offended, mistake

30 Rock/The West Wing, Jack/Amy, differences, irritating, legs

30 Rock/Torchwood, Liz Lemon/Jack Harkness, uptight

4400/Heroes, Isabelle/Sylar, stronger, dominance, breath, heal, sadistic, play, torture

4400/Heroes, Shawn Farrell/Peter Petrelli, surprise

Ace Attorney/Bleach, Edgeworth/Hinamori, comfort, not so different

Ace Attorney/Gintama, Hijikata Toushirou/Miles Edgeworth, squabble

Ace Attorney/Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Takano Miyo/Manfred von Karma, bad end

Ace Attorney/Katekyou Hitman Reborn, Adult!Yamamoto Takeshi/Manfred von Karma, god you idiot

Ace Attorney/Tales of the Abyss, Jade Curtiss/Miles Edgeworth, good evening sir

Ace Attorney/The World Ends With You, adult!Beat/Trucy, unpredictable, backstage

Ace Attorney/The World Ends With You, Phoenix Wright/Sanae Hanekoma, manipulative bastards

Alias/Burn Notice, Sark/Michael Westen, control, weaponless, yogurt, handcuffs, gunpoint, trust

Alien 4/X-Men, Ripley/Wolverine, medium, balance

American Gods/Supernatural, Ruby/Sam Black Crow, hitchhike

American Gods/Supernatural, Sam/Shadow, roadside

Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel/Xander Harris, food, eat, blood, daddy, tie, basement, soul, shopping, LA, aftermath, claim, hair, heir, red, black, hawaiian shirt, leather, latex, earring, tattoo, power, Angelus, hyena, pack, alpha, magic, spell, new day

Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fred/Oz, foliage, autumn, chilly, music, wide-eyed, tower, growing, green, pillow

Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fred/Tara, magical, shine, queer, flower, blossom, brilliant, starlight, full moon

Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fred/Willow, books, magic

Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gunn/Fred/Oz, game

Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow/Wesley, books, dust, bitter

Angel the Series/Chuck, Chuck/Gwen Raiden, femme fatale

Angel the Series/Dead Like Me, Cordy/Daisy, act

Angel the Series/Doctor Who, Wesley/Sally Sparrow, bookshop

Angel the Series/Firefly, Connor/River, strength, memory

Angel the Series/Firefly, Fred/Kaylee, sweet, tart, sugary, machine, giggle, hidden, banquet, aroma, tarnish

Angel the Series/Firefly, Gwen/Inara, inside out

Angel the Series/Psych, Cordelia/Shawn, impostor, glass, sunlight

Angel the Series/Pushing Daisies, Fred/Chuck, stripe, pie

Angel the Series/Supernatural, Dean/Lindsey, boots, truck, sunshine

Angel the Series/Supernatural, Spike/Angel/Dean/Sam

Angel the Series/Supernatural, Spike/Dean

Artemis Fowl/Harry Potter, Artemis/Pansy, bored, challenge

Bad Girls/D.E.B.S., Helen Stewart/Lucy Diamond, dress, desire, freedom

Bad girls/Holby City , Helen Stewart/Connie Beauchamp, bar, bedroom

Bad girls/The L Word, Helen Stewart/Bette Porter, meeting, dancing, bath

Bandom/Criminal Minds, Vicky-T/Garcia, flush, cyber

Bandom/Dresden Files, Pete Wentz/Molly Carpenter, club

Bandom/Madame Bovary, Guy Ripley/Emma Bovary, fantasy, lick

Bandom/Psych, Gabe Saporta/Shawn Spencer, believe

Bandom/Runaways (comic), Joe Trohman/Chase Stein, chance, guitar, breakfast

Bandom/Stargate Atlantis, Greta Salpeter/Teyla Emmagen, flowers

Bandom/Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Keltie Colleen/Cameron, studio

Batman (movie)/Iron Man (movie), Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark, ouch!, playboy, papparazzi, job description, weapons

Batman/Heroes, Bruce/Nathan, public vs. private lives

Batman/Heroes, Dick/Peter, always in his shadow, compassion

Batman/Heroes, Mohinder/Barbara, great minds, forensics

Battlestar Galactica/Doctor Who, Sam/Martha, arms

Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Kara/Inara, appearances, deception, revelation

Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Laura/Kaylee, clarity, mechanics, not so simple

Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Laura/River, transparent, washing away

Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Six/Inara Serra, hypnotize.

Battlestar Galactica/Ghost in the Shell, Dualla/The Major, lines, angel, under the skin, exploration

Battlestar Galactica/Ghost in the Shell, Natalie/The Major, politics, sweat, swimming

Battlestar Galactica/Heroes, Caprica Six/Nathan, Penthouse, alive, harsh light of day

Battlestar Galactica/Heroes, Head Six/Nathan, not real, alone

Battlestar Galactica/How I Met Your Mother, Kara/Thrace/Robin Scherbatsky [any]

Battlestar Galactica/In Plain Sight, Baltar/Marshall, better than you

Battlestar Galactica/My So-Called Life, Kara Thrace/Rayanne Graff, drink

Battlestar Galactica/NCIS, Laura/Abby, switch, not your mother

Battlestar Galactica/NCIS, Laura/Ziva, downtime, weapons training

Battlestar Galactica/Smallville, Caprica Six/Chloe, news, blonde

Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1, Leoben/Prior, religion

Battlestar Galactica/Supernatural, Sam Anders/Dean Winchester, hell, alone

Battlestar Galactica/The X-files, Lee/Mulder, similarities

Battlestar Galactica/Torchwood, Kara Thrace/Ianto Jones, hot, repair

Bewitched/Charmed, Samantha Stevens/Prue Halliwell, magic, surprise, unexpected, time travel, lonely, caught, charm, charmed I'm sure, spell, bewitched, who are you?

Bewitched/Charmed, Serena/Prue Halliwell, flirt, devious, lonely, learning, curve, fire, ice, unexpected, playful, mischievous, horny, chocolate, bounce, kiss, bewitching hour, who are you?

Blackpool/Cracker, Peter Carlisle/David Bilborough, mentor, cuffs, first murder, candy floss, beach, hotel room, seminar, sex toys, rimming

Bleach/Kuroshitsuji, Shihouin Yoruichi/Sebastian Michaels, true identity

Bleach/Naruto, Yoruichi/Jiraiya, breasts, sexy jutsu, muse, moonlight

Bleach/Naruto, Yoruichi/Kakashi, kitty, porn, nipples, puppy, speed, ninja

Boa vs Python/Thoughtcrimes, Dr Emmett/Brendan Dean, hapless, foolish, adventurous, cartoon, playful, forceful, relax

Bones/Burn Notice, Seeley Booth/Michael Westen, handcuffs

Bones/CSI, Brennan/Sara, undercover in las vegas

Bones/House MD, Brennan/House, perplexing

Bones/James Bond, James Bond/Seeley Booth, guns, sniper, playing soldiers, elite, patriotism, gamble, handcuffs

Bones/Saving Grace, Brennan/Grace, faith, trust

Bones/Stargate Atlantis, Brennan/McKay, soft science

Bones/Supernatural, Dean/Angela, freedom

Bones/The West Wing, Jack Hodgins/Sam Seaborn, conspiracy, interest, recover

Bourne Ulitmatum/Burn Notice, Jason Bourne/Michael Westen, assignment, desert

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dark Angel, Alec/Spike, smartass

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dark Angel, Alec/Xander, wit

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dark Angel, Faith/Max, strong

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dark Angel, Logan/Xander, replacement

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dark Angel, Xander/Zack, saved

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Anya/Dr. Horrible, wish, revenge, mumbling,

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Spike/Moist, assist, monologue, contacts,

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Captain Hammer/Xander, thanks

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dr. Horrible/Andrew, awesome

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dr. Horrible/Spike, evildoer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dr. Horrible/Xander, frightened

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Firefly, Dr. Horrible/Simon/Xander, weird

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Anya/Mal, denial

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Buffy!Bot/Jayne, salvage

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Faith/Inara, silk

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Faith/Inara/Mal, intercession, balance

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Faith/Mal, shotgun

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Faith/River, ship, hair, soft

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Jayne/Xander, impressive

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Kaylee/Willow, machinery

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, River/Willow, prophecy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Simon/Spike, delicious

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Simon/Xander, stragglers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Spike/Zoe, adrenalin

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Xander/Kaylee, machine, hands, flight, eye,

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Friday Night Lights, Faith/Tyra, waitress, rescue

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ghost Whisperer, Buffy/Melinda, dead, almost, quiet, darkness, basement, breath, stake

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Drusilla/Bellatrix, darkness

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Faith/Harry, lost, smoke

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Giles/Narcissa, gift, lovely

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Willow/Remus, different, spell, cuddle, light

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Iron Man, Faith/Tony Stark, chance, hint

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Psych, Xander/Shawn, pineapple, fork, beach, watch

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Evan Lorne/Riley Finn, orientation, deployment, sucking, addiction

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Faith/McKay, skills, perception, gossip

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Spike/Michael, white

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, adult!Dawn Summers/Daniel Jackson, oops!, trapped, off-world, glowing, caught

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dean/adult!Dawn, make-up sex, need, lust, whimper, sunshine, daddy like

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dean/Faith, bruise, lipstick, scars, tattoos, knives, armchair, desperate, hunter, roadtrip, soothe, handcuffs, hunt, denial, danger, weapon

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dean/Sam/Faith, liquid, slow

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Jo/Faith, hair, alcohol, Dean, motorcycle

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Sam/Anya, bad idea, carefree, mourn

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Sam/Anya/Faith, cling

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Sam/Buffy, fist, concussion, donuts

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Spike/Ruby, Martini and Fries

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Xander/Dean, glass, fast, pearl, vivid

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Xander/Sam, humor, male-bonding, women

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Covenant, adult!Dawn Summers/Pogue Parry, first-time, sleep-over, lace

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, CJ/Tara, torment, closet, distant, tears, moment, knowledge, mother, skirts

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Toby Ziegler/Rupert Giles, library, scholar, ink, silence, draw the line,

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Torchwood, Angel/Jack Harkness, recurring

Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Chuck, undercover

Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael/Chuck/Bryce, whoa, sharing

Burn Notice/Heroes, Michael/Nathan, caution

Burn Notice/Iron Man (movie), Michael Westen/Tony Stark, body guard, protect, job description, weapons, handcuffs, [any]

Burn Notice/James Bond, James Bond/Michael Westen, restraint, hand job, gun, knife, explosions, fire, hurt, kiss, undercover, burned, caught, eye-candy, training, machine oil, gun powder, unconventional methods, inter-departmental, hand-to-hand

Burn Notice/Oz, Fiona/Ryan, luck

Burn Notice/Smallville, Michael Westen/Lex Luthor, bar, trick

Burn Notice/The X-Files, Michael/Krycek, bad habits

Burn Notice/Torchwood, Michael Westen/Jack Harkness, retcon, rift

Cane/Gossip Girl, Rebecca/Serena, white, bar, tangy, tart, beach

Care Bears/Commercial, Shamwow guy/Love a Lot Bear, pride, wet, dirty boy

Chronicles of Narnia/His Dark Materials, Serafina Pekkala/adult!Susan Pevensie, archery, queens, flight

Chronicles of Narnia/Lord of the Rings, Aravis Tarkheena/Eowyn, cross-dressing, similarity

Chronicles of Narnia/The Princess Bride, Caspian X/Inigo Montoya

Chuck/Gossip Girl/Stargate Atlantis, Chuck/Chuck/Chuck, confusion

Chuck/Heroes, Chuck/Sylar, complicated

Cowboy Bebop/Firefly, Faye/Jayne, take

Cowboy Bebop/Firefly, Gren/Simon, centuries

Cowboy Bebop/Firefly, Simon/Spike, Julia

CSI: New York/Supernatural, Sam Winchester/Mac Taylor, father figure

Dark Angel/Heroes, Alec/Nathan, expensive

Dark Angel/Heroes, Logan/Mohinder, studious, library, India, Eyes Only, genetics, ink, data

Dark Angel/Supernatural, Dean/Max, criminal behaviour, Do I know you?

Dark Angel/X-Men (movie), John/Max, game, heat, zippo, freak

Dark Knight/Heroes, Bruce/Peter, quality, easy

Dark Knight/Stargate SG-1, Bruce Wayne/Baal, civility, service, enemy

Dark Knight/Stargate SG-1, Bruce Wayne/Sam Carter, technology, persona, advice

Dark Knight/Superman Returns, Bruce Wayne/Richard White, alone, powerless, truth

DCU/Iron Man, girl!Clark/Tony Stark, "I fucked the woman of steel and didn't even know?", scotch, freefall, can't get drunk, vices, interview, League

DCU/The Dark Knight, girl!Clark/Bruce, newcomer, penthouse, dichotomy, cape, League, charity ball, interview, finding you

Dead Like Me/Harry Potter, Mason/Remus, waffles, bell, pot, smirk

Dead Like Me/Reaper, George/Sam, employers, gifts

Dead Like Me/Supernatural, George/Dean, nice car

Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Doctor Who, Dr. Horrible/Martha, "Doctor." "Doctor."

Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Doctor Who, Dr. Horrible/Ten, sonic screwdriver

Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/How I Met Your Mother, Dr. Horrible/Marshall, audition

Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Smallville, Dr. Horrible/Lex Luthor, death sex ray

Doctor Who/Firefly, Ten/River Tam, confusion

Doctor Who/How I met Your Mother/James Bond, Harriet Jones/M/Barney Stinson, cougar heaven

Doctor Who/Iron Man (movie), Donna Noble/Tony Stark, temp, fire, dancing

Doctor Who/James Bond, Harriet Jones/M, introductions, loyalty, state security

Doctor Who/Life on Mars, Donna Noble/Gene Hunt, lipstick, smart, gloves, spin.

Doctor Who/Life on Mars, Donna/Gene, argument, cheap wine, drinking contest

Doctor Who/Supernatural, Donna/Dean, cowboy, bicker, alarm

Doctor Who/Tin Man, Glitch/Ten, brain, time

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ianto Jones/Mickey Smith, jealous

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ianto/Jack/Ten, exes, middle

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, time loop, military man, suit, friend, lonely, pride, whiskey and water,

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Donna, Adonis, [any], missed opportunity, oi! well hello there, salacious

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Harriet Jones (Prime Minister), protocol, stockings, velvet

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Jackie Tyler, biscuit

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Jamie McCrimmon, sideshow, kilt, memory, loyalty, longing, safe

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Martha Jones, graduation, diamond, rainfall

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Mickey, reunion, food, party, experiment, trust, companions, the doctor, rose, apocalypse, rambo

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Sarah-Jane Smith, ageless, broken, couch

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Ten/DocDonna, heaven, bliss, wettest dream ever

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Tish Jones, connection, safe, silver, toothpaste

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Yvonne Hartman, office politics, tight, filing cabinet

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha/Owen, [any]

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Nine/Toshiko Sato, legend

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Owen Harper/Martha Jones/Tom Milligan, medical

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ten/Ianto, cybermen, tea

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Eureka, Dr. Horrible/Dr. Nathan Stark, world-domination, laser, experiment, doctorates, accident

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Firefly, Captain Hammer/Jayne, desperate

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Firefly, Captain Hammer/Mal, narcassism

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Firefly, Captain Hammer/Simon, fix

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Firefly, Dr. Horrible/Jayne, intimidation

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Firefly, Dr. Horrible/Mal, dream

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Firefly, Dr. Horrible/Simon, corruption

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Firefly, Moist/Simon, medication

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Billy, likeness

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Iron Man, Captain Hammer/Iron Man, disadvantage

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Iron Man, Dr. Horrible/Iron Man, captive, torture

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Pushing Daisies, Dr. Horrible/Ned, deal

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Stargate Atlantis, Dr. Horrible/Rodney McKay, world domination, puppies, stupid people, moist, screwdriver

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/The Middleman, Dr. Horrible/Lacey, social change

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/The Middleman, Dr. Horrible/Middleman/Wendy Waston, musical, best laid plans, evil laugh

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dr. Horrible/Frank, mad

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/The Tick, American Maid/Moist, nemesis

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Torchwood, Dr. Horrible/Dr. Owen Harper, undead, genius, lair, blog, twist

due South/The Middleman, Benton Fraser/Middleman, manners, uniform, good deeds

Dukes of Hazzard/Supernatural, Daisy/Sam, straw, denim

Ella Enchanted/Enchanted, Ella/Giselle

Enchanted/Supernatural, Giselle/Dean, melody

Entourage/Iron Man (movie), Vince/Tony Stark, famous

ER/Harry Potter, Sam/Remus, bruises, smile, jello, shoes

Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Jack Carter/John Sheppard, smart, sidelines, save

Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Henry Deacon/Rodney McKay, eureka, competition

Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Nathan Stark/Rodney McKay, snark

Fantastic Four/Iron Man, Johnny/Tony, ouch

Fantastic Four/Iron Man/Spider-Man, Johnny/Peter/Tony, public

Farscape/Stargate SG-1, Chiana/Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran, naughty, influence, kiss, rope, bedpost, aliens

Farscape/Stargate SG-1, Chiana/Vala Mal Doran, toy store, tentacle, laughter, bikini, glitter, taste, explore, fasten

Farscape/Stargate SG-1, John Crichton/Sam Carter, wormhole, inertia, stars, moon-landing, father, fly, space

Farscape/Stargate SG-1, John Crichton/Vala Mal Doran, doppleganger, whiplash, home, stars, punch

Farscape/Stargate SG-1, Sam Carter/Chiana, this is how you do it

Felicity/The L Word, Felicity/Alice, coffee, curious, demonstration, rally

Final Fantasy XII/Tales of Symphonia, Balthier/Zelos, prettier

Final Fantasy XII/Tales of Symphonia, Basch/Zelos, words

Final Fantasy XII/Tales of Symphonia, Kratos/Balthier, submission

Final Fantasy XII/Tales of Symphonia, Kratos/Basch, duel

Firefly/Harry Potter, River/Luna, dance, bright, tender, whispers, lost, dew

Firefly/Supernatural, Dean/Jayne, shotgun

Firefly/Supernatural, Dean/Kaylee, grease, mechanic, straw hats and sun

Firefly/Supernatural, Dean/River/Sam, strangers

Firefly/Supernatural, Mal/Winchesters, hunters

Firefly/Supernatural, Sam/Kaylee, bad influence

Firefly/Supernatural, Sam/River, kindred

Firefly/The West Wing, Donna/Kaylee, umbrella, gossip, winsome, winter, hairdo, shopping, clean, tree, mirror

Firefly/The West Wing, Kaylee/CJ, height, falling, smile, joy, frills, preen, explode

Firefly/The West Wing, Mal/CJ, loosen, tied, bedroom, grunge, cowboy

Firefly/Twilight, Kaylee/Jacob, engine, scent

Firefly/Twilight, River/Jacob, dance, nudge

First Monday/Stargate Atlantis, Julian Lodge/Rodney McKay, petty arrogant and bad with people, wallflower

First Monday/Stargate Atlantis, Julian Lodge/Ronon Dex, unexpected, need

Flashpoint/Stargate Atlantis, Ed Lane/John Sheppard, leave, hostage, aftermath

Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Tim/Blair, dirty, football, truck, tongue

Friday Night Lights/Supernatural, Dean/Tyra, hotel pool

Friday Night Lights/Supernatural, Tim/Dean, car

Friday Night Lights/The O.C., Tyra/Ryan, heat

Friends/Harry Potter, Phoebe/Remus, intuition, singing, socks, wand

General Hospital/Supernatural, Dean/Emily, banter, silk

Generation Kill/Over There, Sgt. Rudy Reyes/Pvt. Frank Dumphy, Marines vs. Army

Gilmore Girls/Heroes, Rory/Peter

Gilmore Girls/Smallville, Jess/Chloe, cheap beer

Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Dean Forester/Dean Winchester, apocalypse, regret, substitute, [any]

Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Dean Forester/Sam Winchester, uncertain

Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Lorelai/Dean Winchester, MILF, fun

Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Lorelai/Sam, elevator, hunted, need, slap, soft

Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Rory/Dean, hunter, leather, strength, taut

Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars, Rory/Logan, drunk, one-night stand, read, short skirt

Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars, Rory/Veronica, hiding, library, press, sneak

Gossip Girl/Harry Potter, Chuck/Pansy, steam, indulge

Gossip Girl/Harry Potter, Draco/Georgina, game, power

Gossip Girl/Smallville, Lois/Vanessa, concert

Gossip Girl/Supernatural, Blair/Dean, O.M.G.

Gossip Girl/Supernatural, Lily/John, rebound

Gossip Girl/Veronica Mars, Jenny/Weevil, dare

Grey's Anatomy/NCIS, Addison/Gibbs , pleasure

Grey's Anatomy/House, Thirteen/Meredith, underwater, sullen girl, puzzle

Grey's Anatomy/Supernatural, Addison/John, whiskey, bar, Seattle

Gundam Wing/Supernatural, Sam/Dean, [any]

Hancock/Iron Man, John/Tony, addict, battle, punch

Hancock/Iron Man, Ray/Tony, image

Harry Potter/Scrubs/Supernatural, Draco/Elliott/Dean, blisters

Harry Potter/Skins, Luna/Cassie, silence, magic

Harry Potter/Stardust, Aberforth's goat/Billy, wool

Harry Potter/Supernatural, Sam/Dean

Harry Potter/Supernatural, Sirius/Sam, brothers, motorcycle

Harry Potter/The X-Files, Tonks/Doggett, explanation

Heroes/Iron Man, Tony/Nathan, dinner, money power and sex, caribbean, mile-high club

Heroes/NCIS, Ziva/Hannah, snow, kotel, red lollipops

Heroes/Profit, Claire Bennet/Jim Profit, forbidden.

Heroes/Profit, Peter/Nathan/Profit, surrounded, temptation

Heroes/Profit, Peter/Profit, substitute

Heroes/Stargate SG-1, Daniel Jackson/Mohinder Suresh, surprise, compromise, assumption, brevity, stargate, limitless, stars, evil, mutual, crackpot, DNA

Heroes/Supernatural, Dean/Eden, cars

Heroes/Supernatural, Dean/Nathan, whore

Heroes/Supernatural, Elle/Sam, lock down

Heroes/Supernatural, Nathan/Peter/Sam/Dean, double date

Heroes/Supernatural, Sam/Peter, illegal substances

Heroes/Supernatural, Sylar/Sam, frustration, jesus, unattainable, bastard, kill, that ain't gonna cut it, ironwood michigan, demonized, curse, I never knew TK could be this dirty, hitchhike,

Heroes/Veronica Mars, Elle/Logan, You remind me of someone

Heroes/X-Men, Claire/Logan, pain, heal, similar, lust, time

Heroes/X-Men, Nathan/Angel/Peter, fly, wings, pride, floating, myth

Highlander/Stargate SG-1, Methos/Baal, immortality

House/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Greg House/Sarah Connor, sanity, last drink

House/Torchwood, Cuddy/Jack, clinic, flight, mirror, rooftop, stairs

How I Met Your Mother/Psych, Trudy/Shawn, Pineapple

How I Met Your Mother/RPF, Robin Scherbatsky/Tricia Helfer, Canada

How I Met Your Mother/Supernatural, Robin/Sam, Oh Canada

How I Met Your Mother/The Office, Karen/Ted, she gets the corporate job

In Plain Sight/Saving Grace, Mary/Grace, time off, partners

Iron Man (movie)/Spider-Man (movie), Tony Stark/Peter Parker, paparazzi

Iron Man (movie)/The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark, merger, research, weapons, teamwork, training, war games, playboys, money, flight

Iron Man (movie)/The Incredible Hulk (movie), Betty/Pepper, strap-on, BDSM, legs, military, redhead, shaved, frustration

Iron Man/James Bond, Pepper/Bond, fast car, dress, competence

Iron Man/Smallville, Tony Stark/Oliver Queen, acquisition, League, boys with toys, scotch, hostile takeover, boardroom, club, paparazzi, nocturnal activities

Iron Man/Speed Racer, Pepper/Speed/Tony, plaything

Iron Man/Speed Racer, Pepper/Speed/Tony/Trixie, double

Iron Man/Speed Racer, Speed/Tony, booze, cars, cowboy, race

Iron Man/Speed Racer, Speed/Tony/Trixie, voyeur

Iron Man/Spider-Man, Peter/Tony, flexible

Iron Man/The Incredible Hulk, Bruce/Tony, laboratory

Iron Man/X-Men, Colossus/Tony, metal

Iron Man/X-Men, Nightcrawler/Tony, kinky

Iron Man/X-Men, Tony/Wolverine, stuck

Iron Man/Young Avengers, Billy/Teddy/Tony, learning, opportunity, sharing

JAG/NCIS, Webb/Kate, tie, spy, desk, weapon

James Bond/Torchwood, Dench!M/Jack Harkness, jurisdiction, trust, sharp

James Bond/Torchwood, James Bond/Jack Harkness, mansluts, recruitment, rivalry, cute red beret

Joan of Arcadia/Reaper, Joan/Sam, chance meeting

Kingdom Hearts II/Tortall series, Kairi/Keladry, courage

King's Shadow/The Striped Ships, Evelyn/Juliana,chivalry, horse, cat got your tongue?

Lost/Six Degrees, Claire/Anya, magazine, camera, nude, stiff, robe

Memphis Belle/Torchwood, Sgt Danny Daly/Captain Jack Harkness, dance

NCIS/Pretender, Ms. Parker/Ziva , secrets

Ouran High School Host Club/Prince of Tennis, adult!Atobe/adult!Tamaki/adult!Kyoya, rich, extravagant, prince, host, tennis, resort, flaunt, gorgeous

Ouran High School Host Club/Prince of Tennis, adult!Fuji/Hunny, nii-san, strength, restraint, angry eyes, taste

Ouran High School Host Club/Prince of Tennis, adult!Yuuta/adult!Chika, ototo, goal, roommate, determination

Prison Break/Supernatural, Fernando Sucre/Dean Winchester

Prison Break/Supernatural, Michael/Dean, struggle, scars

Prison Break/Supernatural, Michael/Sam, skin, space

Private Practice/ER, Addison/Neela, question, lesson, advice

Professionals/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Bodie/Doyle, ambush, rapacious, Capri

Psych/The Mentalist, Shawn Spencer/Patrick Jane, ruse

Pushing Daisies/Supernatural, Chuck/Dean, honey

Pushing Daisies/Wonderfalls, Chuck/Aaron, kiss, need, tease

Pushing Daisies/Wonderfalls, Ned/Jaye

RPF/Supernatural, Jared/Dean, regret, sweat, laughter

RPF/Supernatural, Jared/Sam, [any]

RPF/Supernatural, Jensen/Sam, mourning, blind

RPF/Supernatural, Sam/Dean/Jensen, [any]

Ruroni Kenshin/Supernatural, Sam/Dean, [any]

Saving Grace/The Closer, Grace/Brenda, control

Scrubs/Supernatural, Elliott/Dean, cider

Secret Diary of a Call Girl/Weeds, Belle/Nancy, illegal, secret lives, gay for pay, impulse

Six Feet Under/Sport's Night, Casey/David Fischer, unlikely, touchdown, haven't I seen you before?, arrangement, stuffy

Smallville/Supernatural, Dean/Chloe, wet, tattoo, water, blink, faster

Smallville/Supernatural, Lana/Ruby, red

Smallville/Supernatural, Lex/Bela, checkmate

Smallville/The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne/Lex Luthor, regret, party, dark side, pathways, villians

Smallville/The X-Men (movie), Chloe/Logan, burn, boxers, prick

Smallville/The X-Men (movie), Chloe/Scott, bright, dark

Smurfs/The West Wing, Bartlet/Smurfette, oval office

Spider-Man/The X-Men, Peter Parker/Kurt Wagner, crawl

Star Trek: TOS/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jadzia Dax/Spock, math, logic, kink, sextoys, Tribbles

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Cameron/John, hard, comfort, loss, jumper, fast, tender, hidden, fighting, hostage, high school, stupid-cute, yours, pining, wet white t-shirt, berry-stained lips, puddlejumper!sex, milk, intergalactic mission, desert, Antarctica, skillet, cooking, grocery-shopping, kid!fic, biscuits

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Cameron/John/Samantha, high school, USAF Academy

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Cameron/John/Samantha/Vala, tugging, affection, dedication, solo, teasing

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Carson/Daniel, glasses, dimples, smiles. glasses, eyes

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Carson/Janet, eyes closed, memorise, take-over, accent

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Elizabeth, anticipation, chocolate decadence, identity, language, mythology

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Teyla, scroll, explore, sweet, culture, lost, balcony, sane, strike, ripple

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth/Samantha, possession, job, uncertainty, tentative, stress, time, explore

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Jack/Elizabeth, duty, loss, exposure, connection, visit, hope, shatter, regrets, lonely, long-distance relationship, "don't do this to yourself"

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate Sg-1, John/Rodney/Vala, cream, duck, lips

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John/Vala, kitten, affection, teasing, fingernails, tender, heartbreak

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Laura Cadman/Samantha Carter, reprise, Coruscant, tool-belt

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Repli!Elizabeth/Repli!Samantha, faith, city, link, revelation, subspace, death, flicker, recognition, steel, infinite

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon/Teal'c, circling, grunt, cliff, earth, patience, candle, running, mending, knife, fear, defeat, universal, unexpected, stone, traveller, bond, compromise, tattoo

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teal'c/Elizabeth, size up, ship, depend

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teal'c/Teyla, festivities, vision, child, spar, affection, thirst, sleep, memory, hope, silence

Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, John Sheppard/John Winchester, shelter, whiskey, blue

Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Teyla/Dean, cube, phone

Stargate Atlantis/The West Wing, Rodney McKay/Sam Seaborn, linguist, diplomat, blue, sailing, true

Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Rodney, bottom, coffee, silence, surprise

Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, John/Ianto/Jack, jealously, want, desire

Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Rodney/Ianto, coffee, efficient, computers, snark, kissing

Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Baal/Dean, god, help

Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Jack/Dean, protection

Stargate SG-1/The West Wing, Daniel Jackson/Toby Ziegler, punctuation, relic, headache

Supernatural/The X-Men, Sam/Logan, battle, telekinesis

Supernatural/Tin Man, Azkedelia/Sam, hidden, shattered

Supernatural/Torchwood, Dean/Jack, family, misunderstanding

Supernatural/Torchwood, Sam/Jack, lessons

Supernatural/Torchwood, Sam/Toshiko, research

Supernatural/Veronica Mars, Dean/Meg, easy, mistake, naive, soft

Supernatural/Veronica Mars, Sam/Veronica, library

Supernatural/Weeds, Sam/Nancy, break

Supernatural/Weiss Kreuz, Sam/Dean, [any]

Supernatural/Without a Trace, Dean/Danny, Most Wanted

Supernatural/Wonderfalls, Dean/Jaye

Supernatural/Xena the Warrior Princess, Dean/Xena, fire, iron

The L Word/The O.C., Alice/Alex, the planet, music, bisexuality

The State Within/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Nicholas Brocklehurst, assassins, national security, silk

The West Wing/The X-Files, Amy/Scully, hotel, coffee

The West Wing/The X-Files, Sam Seaborn/Fox Mulder, Bob, meeting, conspiracy, truth, belief

Torchwood/The X-Files, Jack Harkness/Dana Scully, satin, steel, unexpected

Ultimate Fantastic Four/Ultimate Spider-Man, Johnny Storm/Peter Parker, burnt

Weeds/The West Wing, Nancy/Amy, weird, hobbies, beach

Weeds/The West Wing, Nancy/Donna, pale, water


Bandom [back to top]

Ashlee Simpson/Fall Out Boy/Gym Class Heroes, Ashlee/Pete/Travis, sleepovers, sharing

Ashlee Simpson/Gym Class Heroes, Ashlee/Travis, fingering, parties

Cobra Starship, Alex/Gabe/Nate/Ryland/Vicky-T, IKEA, complicated, transformation, valentine

Cobra Starship, Alex/Ryland, studying, food, unseen, guitars, strings, paper, lost, chair

Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/anyone

Cobra Starship, Gabe/Nate, basement, slip'n slide, breathless, I promise, fish, bad idea

Cobra Starship, Gabe/Vicky-T, redwings, drunk, stockings, music, trust, change, purple, water

Cobra Starship, Ryland/Vicky-T, waiting, toes, dirty talk

Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe/Pete, protective, bad choices

Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Patrick/Vicky-T, laptops, music, hear you sing

Cobra Starship/Metro Station, Gabe/Trace, lessons, fighting back

Cobra Starship/Metro Station, Trace/Vicky T, experienced

Cobra Starship/Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Gabe, power bottom, handcuffs, biting

Cobra Starship/Panic at the Disco, Gabe/Ryan, are you ever gonna make a move or do I have to?, gambling, tease, surprisingly sweet

Cobra Starship/Panic at the Disco, girl!Brendon/Gabe, apple bottom jeans

Empires, Alfred/Max/RyanJ/Sean/Tom, van, on tour, hotel night

Empires, Alfred/Ryan J, spanking, clubbing, dancing

Empires, RyanJ/Sean, sing, sleepover, ready

Empires, RyanJ/Sean/Tom, sound check, photobooth, kaleidoscope, girl, drinking, summer heat

Empires, Sean/Tom, collar, folding, street lights, heat wave, secrets, bright lights, post show

Empires/Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Sean, rimming, enthusiasm

Empires/Panic at the Disco, girl!Jon/Tom, hoodies, forest, lake

Empires/Panic at the Disco, Jon/girl!Tom, best friend, swimming, pot, stupid bets, cold

Empires/Panic at the Disco, Jon/Sean/girl!Tom, PBR, jamming, broken heater

Empires/Panic at the Disco, Jon/Sean/Tom, celebration, post show

Empires/Panic at the Disco, Jon/Tom, shutter shudder, phone calls, collaboration, home, hotel rooms, camera, cheap wine

Fall Out Boy, Andy/Joe, convincing, tattoos, red

Fall Out Boy, Joe/Pete, beginnings, merry-go-round, car, visiting hours

Fall Out Boy, Patrick/girl!Pete, gossip, sidekick incident, scene, eighteen

Fall Out Boy, Patrick/Pete, worship, hiatus, friends, smile, happy, love, easy, hat, hoodie, convince, tease, pigtails, tour, guitar, change, history, nostalgia, old times' sake, handcuffs, bunk, club, drunk, fingers, dark, night, colors, notes, test, basement, trust, follow, mascara, toupee, teddy bear, lightning bolt, genius, chord, grin

Fall Out Boy/Cobra Starship, Gabe/Patrick, recording, tequila, lazy, simple, dance, jealous,

Fall Out Boy/Gym Class Heroes, Pete/Travis, sleepovers, painting, late nights

Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Bob/Patrick, drums

Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Gerard/Patrick, change, wrong, time, pale, tender, secret

Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Mikey/Pete, jokes, giggles, hands, secret, pictures, fun, length, run

Gym Class Heroes/The Academy Is..., Travis/William, sobriety, bruised, smoking up

Metro Station, Anthony/Blake/Mason/Trace, New York, welcome to the band

Metro Station, Mason/Trace, first encounters

Metro Station/other, Trace/Miley Cyrus, home sweet home, cell phone, jealousy, careers

Mindless Self Indulgence/The Sounds, Lyn-Z/Maja, bendy

My Chemical Romance, Bob/Brian, control, in charge, crazy, early days, dirty, mature

My Chemical Romance, Bob/Frank, tall, smoke, crush, plane, drums, annoying

My Chemical Romance, Bob/Gerard, consumed, claimed

My Chemical Romance, Bob/Mikey, smoke, skinny, brother, hiatus, hold down, tough

My Chemical Romance, Brian/Ray, unexpected, convincing, light year

My Chemical Romance, Frank/Gerard, Halloween, truckstop, Warped Tour, Dawn of the Dead, glow, ice, van, night, mohawk, revenge, tense, pillows, heart, dinosaur, cupcake, shandy, shiver, zombies, camera, album, shade, kiss, smelly, beer, on/off stage, outcast, high school, art, scream, crush, guilty pleasure, cross-dressing, real, shower, makeup

My Chemical Romance, Frank/Mikey, star, sated, moan

My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Bob/Brendon, show, target, amused

Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Jon, scared, photo, camera, smile, easy, new, tickle, crush, anger, trapped, Chicago, camera, bondage

Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Jon/Ryan/Spencer, movie, theater, lost, blue, discovered

Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Ryan, flirt, scarf, sing, play, beginning, crush, hands, mouth, tighter, scared, energy

Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Shane, home, blowjob, performance

Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Spencer, try, work, funny, laugh, drums, tour bus, smoking, crush, first time, first, fight, dirty, care, closet, jealousy, possesive, panties, summer, ice, costumes, mirrors, bathtub

Panic at the Disco, Jon/Ryan, elevator, alcohol, lights, daffodils

Panic at the Disco, Jon/Shane/Spencer, invitation, morning

Panic at the Disco, Jon/Spencer, stoned, happy, roof, embarrassed, pretend, drums, crush, tears, carpet, sky

Panic at the Disco, Ryan/Spencer, reunion, yearbook, balloons

Panic at the Disco/other, Ryan/Tom Waits, starstruck

Savage Garden, Daniel Jones /Darren Hayes, pining, heal, fix-it, ten-years-later

t.A.T.u., Lena/Yulia, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, religion, outed, confession, press, masturbation, public, pregnant, shaved

The Academy Is..., Adam/Andy, cleaning day, voyeur, tattoo, sweet, surfing, summer, bike riding, pizza, high school, tattoos

The Academy Is..., Adam/Andy/Jason Siska, summer heat, drinking, surfing, the beach

The Academy Is..., Adam/girl!Andy, kisses, accident

The Academy Is..., girl!Adam/Andy, drunk, Cancun, swimming

The Academy Is..., Michael/Mike, closer, play, travel

The Academy Is..., Mike/William, argument

The Academy Is..., Tom/William, anger, soft, touch

The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship, Adam/Nate, teacher, chance, drunk

The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship, Andy/Nate, blood, games, drummer tradition

The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship, Gabe/Vicky-T/William, long, skirt, lust, tight, pink, tequila, nights, taste, bra, rain

The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship, Gabe/William, talking, corizon, heat, breath, change, missing, linger, white, lace, feet, ink, touch, drive, bunk, hips

The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship, Guy Ripley/Vicky-T/William, dream?

The Academy Is.../My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Mikey Way/Spencer/William, beer, spine

The Cab, Alex "Singer"/Cash, high school, fail, spotlight, fight, crush, curly hair, tease, ridiculous, first time, joke, dirt, wrestling, biting, beer

The Cab, Alex Johnson/Cash, bed, incredulous

The Cab, Alex Johnson/Ian, silence, grin, exhausted

The Cab, Alex Marshall/Ian, frost, anger, wide open spaces

The Cab, Cash/Ian, tattoos, band, begin, song, sunglasses

The Used, Bert/Quinn, jerking off, sharing beds, bunk sex, dirty jokes, playground

The Used, Dan/Jepha, kink, spanking, biting, tattoos

 heat, tension, frustration, sleep deprivation


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Adam Baldwin/Nathan Fillion, voice-overs, super-heroes

Adrian Pasdar/Hayden Panettiere/Milo Ventimiglia, hotel beds

Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, rimming, tattoo, cigarette, beer, photoshoot, sailing, camera, Youtube, "Saturday", spanking, morning sun, shower, olive oil

Adrian Pasdar/Natalie Maines/Hayden Pannettiere/Milo Ventimiglia, screenplay, dildo, accents, lotion

Adrianne Palicki/Scott Porter, rebound, subway

AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels, miss you

AJ Styles/Jay Reso, hurt/comfort

Alex O'Loughlin/Jason Dohring, ring, fangs, screenplay, bite, breathless, helpless, weak

Alex O'Loughlin/Sophia Myles, tears, accents, secret

Alexis Denisof/Alyson Hannigan, wedding, boredom, tea, accents

Allison Janney/Bradley Whitford, party, boredom, blister, difficult, distance, details

Allison Mack/Milo Ventimiglia, reminisce, jealousy, TV

Allison Mack/Tom Welling, tremor, pretend, bite, tickle, blush, peek-a-boo, games

Aly & AJ, Aly/AJ, on the road, tour bus, wrong, break-up, creative differences

Alyssa Milano/Rose McGowan, strap-on, BDSM, love, cat, stereo, shaved, blindfold

American Idol, David Archuleta/David Cook, Truth or Dare, 21st birthday, they fight crime!, alien singing competition, jealousy, dancing, wishful thinking

America's Next Top Model, Adrianne Curry/Elyse Sewell, Paris, pearls, medicine, singular

America's Next Top Model, Camille McDonald/Yoannna House, Milan, ebony and ivory, fuck-enemies

America's Next Top Model, Janice Dickinson/any contestant, critique, strength, whimsy, nude, fingernails, growl, rawr, fabulous, lipstick, kisses, rude, diva

RPF America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks/any contestant, pander, model, role, revive, hair, mirror

America's Next Top Model, Xiomara Frans/Shandi Sullivan, hometown, french fries, runway, telephone

Anderson Cooper/George Clooney, relax, suit

Andy Samberg/Jorma Taccone, dancing, lick

Angel the Series, David Boreanez/Charisma Carpenter/Alexis Denisof/J. August Richards/Amy Acker/Andy Hallett, booze, swimming pool, photograph, prank, dressing room

Ann M. Martin/Paula Danziger, pistachio, ice cream, hats, cats, brats, secret, out, open, write

Anne Hathaway/Natalie Portman, Harvard, books, library!sex, tea-party

Ashley Tisdale/Vanessa Hudgens, strap-on, BDSM, love, nude, photo, internet, cell phone

Beatles, John Lennon/George Harrison, sitar

Beatles, John Lennon/Paul McCartney, hangover

Ben Barnes/William Moseley, secret

Ben Browder/Claudia Black, car, late, red, loud, sex appeal, lipstick, cross-dressing, shenanigans, Sydney, Vancouver, San Diego, New York, London

Ben Browder/Michael Shanks, beach, phone, hotel, slick

Big Brother 8, Eric/Jessica, fame, truth, America's Player, sequester, woobie, sequester, smile, lifetime, tickle, bring it, boyfriend, whatever, booyah!

Billie Piper/David Tennant, lick, laugh, cold, alone

Billie Piper/Eve Myles

Bono/Edge, tour, black, rain, hotel, blues, hymn.

Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera, strap-on, BDSM, love, family, period, wild, domestic, step-mother, escape

Bruce Willis/Justin Long, hero worship, glancing

Callum Keith Rennie/ Katee Sackhoff, vice, stolen, shiver, once, complicate, near, bent, touch, spark

Callum Keith Rennie/Katee Sackhoff/Michael Trucco, light, ache, humidity, drive, never

Callum Keith Rennie/Michael Trucco, hide, smoke, roadside, wrong, distracting

Chad Michael Murray/Hilarie Burton, "oh really?", handcuffs, squint, cigarette, stroke

Chad Michael Murray/Jared Padalecki, BFF, cigarette, cheetos, bean bags, Paris Hilton, pissing contest, shy, hair gel

Chad Michael Murray/Tom Welling, alley, first meeting

Charisma Carpenter/Alexis Denisof, rosary, first impressions, faithful, swizzle, method, milk, minx

Charisma Carpenter/Alyson Hannigan, bitch, sweetheart, American, top hat, band camp, journey, roller coaster

Charisma Carpenter/ Eliza Dushku, strap-on, BDSM, Playboy, cigarette, lingerie, stockings, heels, step-mother

Chase Crawford/Ed Westwick, hidden, high, kept, roommate, illicit, close, wet

Cheryl Tweedy/Nadine Coyle, friends, want

Chris Sabin/Alex Shelley, better together

Christian Bale/Aaron Eckhart, fangirls, photo, holiday

Christian Bale/Cillian Murphy, cameo

Christian Kane/David Boreanaz, food

Christian Kane/Jared Padalecki, beer, wink, hate, annoyance, love

Christian Kane/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, kisses

Christian Kane/Jensen Ackles, beer, home, truck bed, blanket

Christian Kane/Jensen Ackles/Steve Carlson, bet, hands, riding, sloppy, domestic, experiment, inspiration, shotgunning, lazy, new sex toy, surprise, tag team

Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, backstage, blue eyes, boots, fucking tease, improvise, kissing in the rain, mile high club, record player, Vegas, body shots, callused, comfortable, long distance, possessive, counter, delayed, foreign, light up, morning after, discovery, genderswap, new sheets, Patrón, cowboy boots, Ojai, raconteur

Christopher Eccleston/Ali Larter, wish, pigeons, beard

Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant, Doctor, TARDIS, ten years, Jude, rimming, transformation, fight, ending, rehearse, return.

Christopher Eccleston/John Barrowman, kiss, farewell, hello again, smile, rimming, tall, blue eyes, intense, rolling, sailing, running

Christopher Eccleston/John Simm, Doctor, Master, cage dancer, reunion

Christopher Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, catalyst, wait, almost, leather, stupid, mistake, midnight, silk, Vegas, tomorrow, depressed, afternoon, grin, wrestle, drink

Classical, Juvenal/Martial, admiration, vulgarity

Classical, Maecenas/Virgil, propaganda, alliance, poetry

Cytherea/Justine Joli, BDSM, love, business, money, fans, reality, g-spot, ejaculation, step-mother

Dar Williams/Richard Shindell, guitar, glorious, poem, prize, prison, genderbend, rainbow, three thousand, breakfast, van, mimosa

David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson, fuck you, return, cycle, games, history, destiny, photograph

David Tennant/John Barrowman, dirty boy, chains, tease, on set, rimming, convince, trick, video games, geekery, smile, home, hurrah

David Tennant/John Simm, Cardiff, cage dancer, Master, wanting, handcuffs, Master, say my name, rimming, quiet night, roles, tipsy

Emile Hirsch/Kick Gurry, suit

Emily Proctor/Eva LaRue, strap-on, BDSM, love, jealous, training, step-mother, breasts, tan, legs, fanfic

Eve Myles/Naoko Mori, girls club

Ewan McGregor/Hayden Christensen, fight, movie, bite, blue, prank, hello, move, pining, lightsaber, teasing

Gareth David-Lloyd/James Marsters

Germany's Next Top Model (Cycle 2), Barbara/Fiona, paint, pool, challenge, job, alias

Greg Grunberg/Sendhil Ramamurthy, jokers, backstage, orange juice, warmth, yin and yang

Harry Connick Jr./Gerard Butler, accent, lips, piano, hair, whisper, rimming, hands

Harry Connick Jr./Gerard Butler/James Marsters/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, wrap party, overwhelmed, sweet, warmth, rimming

Harry Connick Jr./James Marsters, neck, Spike, sweet, lips, rimming, blow job, piano

Hayden Panettiere/Jack Coleman, skirt, lipstick, bodyshots, lime and salt, hips, pockets

Hayden Panettiere/Kristen Bell, cheerleader, guns, alone, night light, strap-on, BDSM, love, fanfic, heels, cheating, spark, bikini, beard

Hayden Panettiere/Milo Ventimiglia, (any)

Hayden Panettiere/Scarlett Johansson , envy , premiere

Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison, smoke, driving, hide, flirt, dream, skin, trace, stare

Hugh Laurie/Stephen Fry/Emma Thompson, nostalgia, comfort

Idina Menzel/Kristin Chenoweth, strap-on, BDSM, love, 40, birthday, phone, reunion, movie, baby, fanfic

James Spader/Robert Downey Jr., memories

Jamie Bamber/Katee Sackhoff, magnet, surrender, wrist, crush

Jared Padalecki/anyone, motorcycles, Disney, alligators, Australia

Jared Padalecki/Adrianne Palicki, rebound, consolation

Jared Padalecki/Adrianne Palicki/Sandy McCoy, deja vu, fantasy

Jared Padalecki/Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles, bottom!Jared, taking turns, voyeurism

Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, camera, caught in the act, backseat, blanket, getting it right, restricted, rushed, spooning, touch, stage fright, panic attack, public display, coming out, cohabitation, guitar, honeymoon, make up sex, middle age, pounce, press conference, Shark Week, tequila, vacation, desperate, fumbling, heat, home, marathon, reunion, sleepy, foot massage, Gameboy, marijuana, betting, lost, snowstorm, genderswap, rough, misunderstood, hello, pink, internet, roleplay, running late, Christian Kane, lick, best friends, lake, breathing underwater, messy, anniversary, bar, fantasy, hidden, tickle, belt buckle, lips stained blue, sunburn, reading glasses

Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, crowded, hesitant, insatiable, kink, unexpected, swapping, cabin, fishing trip

Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris, twisted, dirty talk, rimming

Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Steve Carlson

Jared Padalecki/Katie Cassidy, candy, ticklish

Jared Padalecki/Steve Carlson, hotel room, hotel bar, backstage

Jason Bateman/Will Arnett, visit

Javier Bardem/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Oscar, lookalikes, collide

Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Harry Connick Jr., moondance, wrong time, jazz, our song, piano, rimming

Jeffrey Dean Morgan/James Marsters, brief, smile, naked!, lips, rimming

Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles, fingers, suck, tears, filming, pet, rough, soft, sweet, wardrobe, nicotine gum, drawl, flu, nasty, consolation prize, salty, chest hair, spanking, coat closet

Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Nathan Fillion, lips

Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Steve Carlson, touch, heat, lust, hair

Jensen Ackles/Allison Mack, ride, dance, break, jacket, black

Jensen Ackles/Michael Rosenbaum, shotgunning

Jensen Ackles/Sandra McCoy, rebound, dirty talk

Jensen Ackles/Steve Carlson, couch, night, movies, together, inebriated, hallway, last time, oranges, steady, Vancouver

Joaquin Phoenix/Reese Witherspoon, rehearsal

Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, start of something new, unending, cancelled, breaking the law, date night

Joe Flanigan/Jason Momoa, guitar, music, roommate, wine, hangover, pages, weather, pink Cadillac, road trip, moving in

John Barrowman/Billie Piper, domme

John Barrowman/Burn Gorman, fight, fire, whiskey, rain

John Barrowman/Eve Myles, fantasy

John Barrowman/Freema Agyeman, once, stories, change, hiding

John Barrowman/Gareth David-Lloyd, rehearsing, not gay, unexpected, rimming, beer

John Barrowman/John Simm, my name, camp, fuck me now!, blue eyes, short

John Barrowman/Neil Patrick Harris, musical

John Barrowman/Perry King, firsts, Daddy, last time, blue, satin, cloudy, Scotland, rimming

John Simm/Philip Glenister, inevitable, anticipation, longing, need, shouldn't, wine, cage dancer, married, burn, guns, in-character, funny

Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert, irony, characterization, media

Joshua Jackson/Katie Holmes, memories, new life, anxiety, back in time

Joss Whedon/Alexis Denisof, surprise, success, bubble

Joss Whedon/Alexis Denisof/Alyson Hannigan, silk, gag gift, piano, Shakespeare

Joss Whedon/Nathan Fillion, bored

Joss Whedon/Sean Maher, chains, kids, pretty

Joss Whedon/Summer Glau, graceful

Judi Dench/Maggie Smith, glamour, lasting, mature, mingle, party, blessed

Kate Walsh/Katherine Heigl, easy, limo, press, silence, strap-on, BDSM, love, replacement, moving, award, lingerie, legs, fanfic

Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer, drink, open, secret, hands, pink, what now?, new, private, video, internet

Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer/Michael Trucco, liquor, easy, heat

Katie Melua/Rachel Stevens, need, chance

Katy Perry/Zooey Deschanel, I Kissed a Girl, similarities

Keeley Hawes/Matthew McFadyen, paper, rain, attraction

Keira Knightley/Sienna Miller, strap-on, BDSM, dress, drama, cigarette, interview, England, lipstick, shaved

Kristen Bell/Enrico Colantoni, police, stocking, knit, grin, chuckle, belly

Kristin Bell/Hayden Panettiere, polaroid, sneaky, animal rights

Kristen Bell/Jason Dohring, buttons, camera, lick, press

Kylie Minogue/Wendy James (Transvision Vamp), later, glamour, swearing

Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson, desperate, dessert, on set, secret, smoke, striptease, strap-on, BDSM, love, family, papparazzi, music, dinner, rehab, LJ

Lita/Trish Stratus, strap-on, BDSM, first time, love, family, champion, music, outed, fight, lingerie, legs, stockings, tattoo, piercing, baby

Lord of the Rings, Dominic Monaghan/Billy Boyd, trailer, prank, pratfall, hobbits, high, blush, blather, married, seashore, accent

Maggie Gyllenhaal/Mary-Louise Parker, green, theater, happenstance

Make Me A Supermodel, April/Ben/Ronnie, playing house, substitutions

Make Me A Supermodel, Aryn/Ben/Ronnie, "boyfriends suck," nipples, hair

Make Me A Supermodel, Ben/Ronnie, (any), make-up, tattoos, skin

Make Me A Supermodel, Casey/Perry, "tie me up, tie me down"

Mary-Louise Parker/Janel Moloney, best, needy, body language

Mary-Louise Parker/Kate Walsh, cool, coffee, crazy

Matthew Fox/Emile Hirsch, box office, sequel, smoke

Matthew Fox/Emile Hirsch, rip

Michael Trucco/Kate Vernon, coffee, fragile

Michelle Trachtenberg/Blake Lively, cigarette, tease, chivalrous, hickey

Morrissey solo, swallow, melancholic, barbarism, strange, tomorrow, quiff, strangeways, queen, sunny day

Nathan Fillion/Gina Torres/Alan Tudyk/Morena Baccarin/Adam Baldwin/Jewel Staite/Sean Maher/Summer Glau/Ron Glass, drunkenness, dandy, daffodil, celebration, exhaustion

Nathan Fillion/James Gunn, beer, adhd, belt loops, nipples, surprise nudity, 'do you mind if i suck your cock?'

Nathan Fillion/Sean Maher, 'don't be such a girl,' frozen white mocha latte, caught, kissing, chapped lips

Nathan Fillion/Summer Glau, combat boots, cherry chapstick, legs, lap

Nathan Fillion/Tricia Helfer, set-up, comic-con, science fiction

Orlando Bloom/Jake Gyllenhaal, scissors

Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen, serendipity, reconciliation, reunion, horseback, barn, snow, fireplace

Patrick Dempsey/Eric Dane, rehearsal, married, temptation, tight jeans, rimming, comfort

Patrick Dempsey/James Marsden, piano, music, velvet, tights, rimming, comfort

Patrick Dempsey/TR Knight, coming out, facing things, BDSM, slow, hot, need, rimming, comfort

PJ Harvey/Björk, lipstick

Rachel Maddow/Katee Sackhoff, geek, motorcycle, visit

Rachel McAdams/Amanda Seyfried, laugh

Radiohead, Thom Yorke/Colin Greenwood, routine

Radiohead, Thom Yorke/Jonny Greenwood, crumhorn, Ondes-Martenot, cello, rubato, harbour, lighthouse, forest, typewriter, pinhole camera, unfurl, compass, Lake District, haunted attic, French, ghosts, manor, seaside, snowfall, tea

Richard Dean Anderson/Amanda Tapping, wherever, conversation, photograph, mysterious, wrong, naughty, tease, leaving, running lines, location, comfort, bored, argument

Rob Lowe/Richard Schiff, afterparty, locked, blur, messenger

Robert Downey Jr./Emile Hirsch, pretty

Robert Downey Jr./Jeffrey Dean Morgan, wrists

Robert Downey Jr./Jensen Ackles, stubble burn, bowlegged

Robert Downey Jr./Neil Patrick Harris, party, permission

Robert Downey Jr./Shia LaBeouf, buttons, lighter, shadows, stubble

Robert Sean Leonard/Ethan Hawke, journey, play, music

Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell, public, private, persona, tender, beach, audition, charity, revelation, ungainly

Samaire Armstrong/Seth Gabel, innocent, on camera

Sean Maher/Summer Glau, fool, obvious, long time no see

Shia LaBeouf/Andy Samberg, sketch

Shia LaBeouf/Jensen Ackles, hickeys, 'remind me of someone'

Shia LaBeouf/Milo Ventimiglia, nicstik, sugar rush, cameo by Adrian (Pasdar)

So You Think You Can Dance, Katee/Twitch, friends, mercy

So You Think You Can Dance, Mark/Chelsie, chemistry, high heels, rhythm

So You Think You Can Dance, Sabra/Dominique, crush, serious, stress, top dancer

So You Think You Can Dance, Twitch/Kherington, waltz, goodbye

Sophia Myles/Billie Piper, corset, dress, unpinning, warmth, firelight

Sophia Myles/Eve Myles, room mixup, light and dark, just sex, fingers

South Park, Matt Stone/Trey Parker, Oscars, Emmys, hiatus, Big Gay Al, premiere, all-nighter

Sports, Alex Rodriguez/Derek Jeter, pretty, spread, mine, tease, ties, rough

Sports, Cristiano Ronaldo, pegging

Sports, Iker Casillas/Fabio Cannavaro, siesta, sheets, Switzerland

Sports, Iker Casillas/Fernando Torres, medals, celebration, morning after

Sports, Michael Ballack/Torsten Frings, sweat, mark, booked, wild, greatest, easy

Sports, Rafael Nadal/Roger Federer, victory, yacht, Sundays, kissing, first time, loss, travel

Sports, Stephen Gerrard/Xabi Alonso, departure, sweat, red

Sports, Stephen Gerrard/Xabi Alonso/Fernando Torres, initiation, towels, accent

Taylor Kitsch/Scott Porter, carry, laughing, buddy system, lap, spoon

Taylor Kitsch/Zach Gilford, practice, workout, sweat, tackle, wrestle

The Brendan Leonard Show, Ryan Turner/Kevin Carlson, games, invention, secrets

Tina Fey/Amy Poehler, movies, allergies, mint, thinking

Tina Fey/Amy Poehler/Will Arnett, accident, confusion, Saturday nights

Top Gear, James May/Jeremy Clarkson, steampunk, doctor of engineering, rocket, maudlin, Bugatti, Boxster, Aston, snow, megaphone, glasses, mockery, challenge, breakdown, donkey, jeremiad, gear, oil, overalls, London

Tour de France, Cadel Evans/Andy Schleck, sabatoge

Tour de France, Cadel Evans/Robbie McEwan, consolation prize

Tour de France, George Hincappie/Thomas Lövkvist, guidance, mentor

Tour de France, Gerald Ciolek/Mike Cavedish, trust

Zachary Quinto/Milo Ventimiglia, physical

Zachary Quinto/Sendhil Ramamurthy, shy, quiet, hidden, hungry, stubble, supply room, trailer


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