Porn Battle V (the fifth dimension)




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10 Things I Hate About You
Patrick/Kat, after, books

21 Jump Street
Fuller/Hoffs, babygirl
Hanson/Penhall, overlapping, act, blue, bubblegum, cell, freedom

Jack/Bill, scars
Jack/Chase, partners
Jack/Marilyn, what should have been, what could've been, risk, taking chances, kiss, hold, comfort, I thought I'd lost you, weakness
Jack/Nina, what used to be, kiss, not again, compromise, manipulative, weapons, gun
Nadia/Doyle, blind, kiss, impulse, comfort, I thought I'd lost you

28 Days
Gwen/Andrea, safe, hurt, bed

3:10 to Yuma
Ben Wade/Dan Evans, lost, forever, regret, taken, stolen, bound, bite, burn, submissive, oil, pride, loyalty, artist, the next life, dominance, possession
Ben/Charlie, crazy, devotion

30 Rock
Gretchen/Liz, history, positive
Jack/C.C., Captain Beefheart, clandestine
Jack/Jenna, too much trouble, crush, impressive
Jack/Liz, broken elevator, anchovies, Democratic Primaries, disaster, plan, office, interruptions, smug, red, secret, crazy, desk, emergency, poker, whiskey, drunk, exercise, high-heeled boots, skirt, shower, relief, standing up, risk assessment, ratings bump, allergies, once, so close, charming, hot tub, no AC, spirit, wealth, vodka, youtube, stilettos, Xena, apocalypse, backstage, blue, cheese, neck, stairs, finance, drunk calling, spontaneous
Jenna/Kenneth, shotgun wedding
Liz/Gretchen, impulsive
Liz/Jenna, Chicago, trial run
Liz/Keith Olbermann, foot-in-mouth disease

Astinos/Stelios, despair, victory

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints [back to top]
Dito/Mike O'Shea, drunk and stoned, feel, subway

A Knight's Tale
Chaucer/Wat, structure, tone
Chaucer/Will, crazy

A Room With a View
Lucy/George, lake

A Series of Unfortunate Events
adult!Violet/adult!Klaus, running, slick, jealousy, family, unit, island

A Song of Ice and Fire
Asha/Theon, discipline
Catelyn/Littlefinger, unspoiled, pretenses
Cersei/anyone, dildo
Edmure/Roslin, wedding night
Jaime/Brienne, aches, duel, ride
Jaime/Cersei, white
Jon/Melisandre, heat, night, torment
Jon/Theon, dominance, power
Melisandre/Daenarys, temptation
Ned/Robert, distance
Oberyn/Ellaria, choices
Sandor/adult!Sansa, blasphemy, fear, trust, knife, recognition, secret
Sansa/Sandor, haunted
Stannis/Melisandre, fire
Theon/Asha, bitch
Tywin/Shae, contempt

Absolutely Fabulous
Eddie/Patsy, high heels

Addams Family
adult!Joel Glicker/adult!Wednesday, silk, anniversary
Morticia/Gomez, roses, locks, question, blinded

Æon Flux
Aeon Flux/Trevor Goodchild, "Let this be the end of it", spirit and matter, the early years

Hawke/Caitlin, flying, spitfire

Jack/Irina, blood, Cuba, sunset
Jack/Irina, glass
Jack/Nadia, sunset
Jack/Sloane, bastard-cold
Jack/Sloane/Irina, compromise
Jack/Will, games
Lauren/Sydney, cherry, flogging
Rachel/Peyton, restraint
Rachel/Sark, smoke
Sark/Sydney, friction, lajatang
Sark/Vaughn, payback, whips and chains
Sark/Will, hidden agenda
Sark/Will/Vaughn, prisoner
Sydney/Nadia, comfort
Sydney/Sark, interest, edge, run
Sydney/Vaughn, cheat, dice
Sydney/Weiss, tequila
Sydney/Will, epiphany
Tom/Sydney, necessity, rain, undercover
Vaughn/Peyton, game
Vaughn/Sark, high, twice
Will/Nadia, permission

Aliens Quadrilogy
Ellen Ripley/Hicks, hibernation

Constanza/Salieri, temptation

American Dreams

Sam/Meg, Berkeley

Beka/Rhade, planet, gun
Beka/Tyr, mating habits
Dylan/Rommie, ship
Rommie/Beka, mouth, nothing

Angel the Series
Angel/Cordelia, eyeshadow, lullabies, menace, relax, commerce, release
Angel/Faith/Wesley, scars
Angel/Spike, bluff, destruction, thoughtful, makeup, sun, silence
Angel/Wesley, vampire, turn, tight pants, sexy, high heels, leather, art, draw, tattoo, nails, mark, reconciliation, repressed
Cordelia/Gunn, relieve, rose, almost, louboutin shoes
Cordelia/Gunn/Wesley, manic, smashed, natural high, hiding
Cordelia/Lilah, silk
Cordelia/Wesley, one time...
Darla/Drusilla, new
Faith/Gunn, spell
Fred/Harmony, candles, umbrella, dangerous
Fred/Lilah, mirror, darkness
Fred/Lindsay, player
Fred/Nina, soothe, red
Fred/Wesley, insight, smile, heart, sunshine
Illyria/Connor, blue
Illyria/Spike, old, dominate, mirror
Illyria/Willow, magic
Lilah/Faith, ties
Nina/any female character, canvas
Wesley/Faith/Fred, moon
Wesley/Gunn, break, three, confess, parish, greek
Wesley/Illyria, amber, phoenix, skeleton
Wesley/Lilah, icicle, pretense
Wesley/Spike, relaxed, heal, trip

Anne of Green Gables
Anne (adult), imagination, discovery, distortion, fairy princess
Anne/Diana (as adults), [any]

Arrested Development
George Michael/Maeby, drunk, home, model, porn, silk, work
Gob/Ann, trinity
GOB/Michael, massage, faking, first, wrong, closeness
Michael/Lindsay, alone, park, soft, sorrow, warm, wrinkle, relentless
Michael/Maggie Lizer, whoops
Michael/Mrs. Veal, sacrelicious

As the World Turns
Luke/Noah, breath, lips, caught in the act, hate, neck, jolt, chocolate

As Time Goes By
Jean/Lionel, glowing, white, listless

Atlas Shrugged
Dagney/Hank, dawn, stone, wound

Robbie/Cecilia, garden

Jeroen/Midnighter, cheat

Babylon 5 [back to top]
Byron/Zathras, [any]
Franklin/Garibaldi, medicine, dinner
Ivanova/Garibaldi, no boom today
Ivanova/Lochley, letting go, struggle
Ivanova/Lochley/Sheridan, trust
Lochley/Sheridan, memory, rekindle
Londo/G'kar, alcohol
Marcus Cole/Jeffrey Sinclair, future, in the end
Marcus Cole/Michael Garibaldi, dinner, law and order, I didn't know
Stephen Franklin/Michael Garibaldi, sympathy, grey
Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters, power, laughter, a deep breath, one
Susan/Marcus, deflowering
Talia/Garibaldi, privacy, wine, pursuit
Zach/Lyta, pizza

Astrid/John, lonely
Stu/John, possessive

Band of Brothers
Winters/Nixon, snow, grief, flight, sky, goodness, melancholy, red, absence, home, future

Batman Begins
Jim Gordon/Thomas Wayne, anything

Catwoman/Poison Ivy, Cunning

Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Adama/Tigh, passing by, complicated, first, hickey, mistakes, angst, cold, aren't we a bit old for this?
Apollo/Bojay, touch, shut up, vacation
Apollo/Starbuck, pollen!sex, wall!sex, comfort, confront, jealous, anger, kiss, betrayal, on another death mission, I've always got your back, at last, need, forbidden, everybody knows, letters to the dead, I had a dream about you, hickey, proctor, yours, do you have some kind of death wish? favorite mistake, by your command, sorry, orange
Athena/Sheba, issues, ust, anger, unexpected, surprise, shower, rings, need, hickey, jealously

Battlestar Galactica
Adar/Laura, ironic, secretarial
Anders/Caprica Six, angel
Anders/Dualla, dissonance, leather, lost together, pressed, ripe
Anders/Helo, wordless
Anders/Kara, crackers in bed, cracks, dance, flight suit, ghost, gravel, hidden, hit, lonely, nothing, pilot, pink, pressure, quarters, reunion, roof, secrets, shock, snowflakes, stark, tags, unfinished, viper, walls
Anders/Lee, alone, gone, images, temptation, waiting, worship
Anders/Lee/Kara, dare, fair, fly, forest, lucky, share, sky, smirk
Anders/Tory, forget, music
Athena/Caprica Six, experiment
Baltar/Dee, disdain, honesty, prayer
Baltar/Gaeta, meaningless
Bill/Kara, change
Bill/Kara/Tigh, homecoming
Bill/Laura, books, caught, hour, silence
Bill/Laura/Tigh, obsession
Bill/Tigh, ashes, regret
Billy/Dualla, comfort, promises, queen, salty, wanted
Billy/Jean Barolay, awkward, flowers, muck, sunshine, trainable, tree-line
Billy/Tory, pre-series
Cain/Gina, all that I am, all that matters, alone, anger sex, beginnings, betrayal, bite, bittersweet, blindfold, broken, bullet and a target, can’t fight the feeling, catch me as I fall, cold, dance, danger, desire, devil in disguise, dirt, don’t stop, downloaded, escape, evidence, eyes on me, fade away, far from submissive, fatal attraction, fight, first time, flesh, foolish, forbidden fruit, frakked, going down, gun, handcuffs, heartbeat, hope/faith, I loved you once, in the end, intrigued, jealousy, kisses, last time, lick, lies, love/hate, mistrust, more than a frakking toaster, never stopped loving you, not everything lasts, nothing to lose, one on one, poison love, rain, razor, real, reflection, resist, reward, running, seduce, shadows, smile, soft, surpass, surprise, surrender, survival, sweat, swimming with sharks, taking changes, tangled up, taste, the deepest cut, toaster, training, trust, victim, walk away, wall!sex, weakness, web of lies, what used to be, whisper, white chocolate kisses, you loved me once, you played me
Cain/Kendra, storm
Cain/Laura, quiet
Caprica Athena/Six, home, reunion
Caprica D'Anna/Six, sweat
Caprica Kara/Six, hate, prison, wrong
Caprica Six/Laura, distant
Caprica Six/Laura/Sharon, exalt
Chief/Helo, brig
Chief/Helo/either Sharon, imperfect
Chief/Sharon, reunion
Dualla/Jean Barolay, dust, earth, fingernails, shiny toy, solace, sunlight,
Dualla/Kara, ambrosia, cards, distance, deep down, time, waiting, what I want
Helo/Athena, first time, remember
Helo/Sharon, connect, first time, tears
Jean Barolay/Kara, anger, attraction, dirt, gun, heat, mud, sweat
Kara/Kendra, gravity, impossible, unimpressed, vanilla, wild-eyed
Kara/Laura, dress, field
Kara/Louanne Katraine, in the dark
Kat/Laura, rush
Laura/Tory, motionless
Lee/Caprica Six, alien, believe, hate, stars, trash
Lee/Dualla, bent over, chair, congratulations, decadent, laughter, push
Lee/Kara, anger, control, forgive, forgiveness, ghost, history, need, second chance, the end
Lee/Kendra, cherry, clash, complementary, lost, magnetic
Lee/Laura, accident, believe, confront, Madame President
Lee/OFC, control, restraint
Leoben/Kara, benediction, blood, blue, destiny, light, lost, new, rough
Six/Six, shared knowledge
Tigh/Ellen, light
Tigh/Kara, shatter
Tom/Laura, fear and loathing

Beauty and the Beast
Vincent/Eliot Burch, Loss, acceptance

Jesus/Mary Magdalene, water, fire, forever
Jesus/Peter, denial

Big Love
Ben/Brynne, couch, condom, infatuation
Ben/Margene, forbidden, giggle
Margene/Ana, perfect
Margene/Barbara, secret
Sarah/Heather, beauty, lonely, friends

Big Shots
James/Katie, mixtape, familiarity, best friends

Bionic Woman 2007
Jaime/Jonas, anarchy
Jaime/Sarah, mystery

Black Books
Manny Bianco/Bernard Black, cooking, sofas that swallow you
Manny Bianco/Bernard Black/Fran Katzenjammer, I told you so

Black Jewels trilogy
Dorothea/Lucivar, ownership
Saetan/Tersa, comfort

Edmund/George, ironic

Ripley Holden/Peter Carlisle, boots, dance, about Natalie, handcuffs, rimming

Blade: Trinity
Hannibal/Asher, Danica's out, salt in the wound
Hannibal/Dracula, reclaim, pet, equal, impress, fire, stupid, bite, naked, army, deal

Blakes 7
Blake/Avon, divorce, divorce, easily, favor, trade-off, unscheduled
Blake/Bran Foster, propaganda
Blake/Cally, best laid plans, favor, misunderstanding, warm
Dayna/Soolin, comparatively
Gan/Vila, jealous, memory, unscheduled
Jenna/Servalan, heels
Servalan/Bercol/Rontane, Congress

Cass Chaplin/Eddie G Robinson, without Marilyn, drugs, clean, lie, trust, truth, rimming

Blood Ties
Henry/Mike, darkness, sleep, together, stuck, handcuffs, reluctant, life, satin, unexpected, history, smear, pencil, artist, caricature, inked, comic, manga, offering
Vicki/Coreen, exhausted
Vicki/Henry, wounded
Vicki/Mike, collar, drawn, fate, inexorable
Vicki/Mike/Henry, darkness

Blue Castle (L.M.M.Montgomery)
Valancy/Barney, moonlight

Bold as Love
Ax Preston/Sage Pender/Fiorinda Slater, cling

Angela/Booth, quarantine, verse
Angela/Brennan, tired, cold
Angela/Cam/Brennan, stress, planned
Angela/Hodgins, blender, denim, martini, photograph, tatooo
Angela/Hodgins/Zack, laugh
Booth/Angela, heartache, sketch
Booth/Annie Oakley, woods, splinters
Booth/Brennan/Annie Oakley, slave
Booth/Brennan/Cam, drunk, bed, lounge
Booth/Hodgins, handcuffs, whiskey
Booth/Zack, rushBrennan/Annie Oakley, tack room
Brennan/Booth, blind, supernovae, celebration, chance, add, goose, tarp, glasses, paper, groove, darkness, coffee, burning, cowboy boots, knife, turban, mistletoe redux
Brennan/Hodgkins, grief

Brennen/Zack, dirt
Cam/Angela, morgue, late
Cam/Booth, freedom, smile, nails, brand
Cam/Brennan, dominant, switch
Cam/Hodgins, betrayal, mist, sunset
Hodgins/Zack, victorious, comfort, return, lock-down, gloat, unique, sand
Zack/Brennan, learning
Zack/OFC, books, learning, lines

Boston Legal
Jerry Espenson/clock radio, jealous

Boy Meets World
Cory/Shawn, finally, possessive, laughter
Jack/Eric, maybe, photos, heartbeat
Shawn/Angela, buttons, contrast, apologize

Bram Stoker's Dracula
Mina Murray/Lucy Western, Elegance

Breakfast Club
Bender/Andy, adulthood
Brian/Bender, drunk

Brendan/Brain, ask
Brendan/Dode, bruise
Brendan/Laura, burn
Dode/Emily, cigarette
Laura/Emily, you can trust me

Bridget Jones's Diary
Bridget/Sharon, drinking, rebellion, redder

Bring it On
Missy/Torrence, kick

Brokeback Mountain
Ennis/Jack, flashlight, grass, cabin, snow

Brothers and Sisters
Justin/Rebecca, wrong
Kevin/Jason, ThornBirds, wine, summer
Kevin/Scotty, pinot noir
Nora/Holly, impulsive, this is different, hurt, fight, pity fuck, anger fuck, cake sex, lick, is that a hickey, taste, wrong, changes, jealous, jaded, internet,
Saul/Milo, first time

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Angel/Buffy/Faith, voyeur
Angel/Xander, mistake, desire, smell, funny, White Knight, sacrifice, submit
Anya/Tara, movie
Anya/Willow, awkward
Anya/Xander, latex
Anyanka/Halfrek, satin
Buffy/Anya, desert, breakfast, fancy, leather
Buffy/Cordelia, liar, pom pom, glass, brandy
Buffy/Ethan, mind games, rope, stockings, ink
Buffy/Faith, comfort, crafty, gleam, dust, fine, space, office, edge, rogue, leather, jealousy, sleep
Buffy/Faith/Giles, possessive, storm
Buffy/Faith/Tara, darkness, magic
Buffy/Giles, denial, gin, healing, lights, picnic, heat, rain, hungry, jealousy, run
Buffy/Oz, sex pollen, welewolves, mates, beach,
Buffy/Riley, pie, secrets, trust
Buffy/Spike, broken, heat, after life, control, fight, love, tenderness, touch, trust, honey, nightblooming
Buffy/Spike/Giles, heat
Buffy/Spike/Xander, shiver
Buffy/Tara, dreams, safe
Buffy/Willow, candy, melting, ransom, fleece
Buffy/Xander, cute, beer bad, mr. pointy, plumbers crack, heartache
Faith, vinyl
Faith/Giles, pulse, aftermath
Faith/Oz, wild
Faith/Robin Wood, connection, surprise
Faith/Satsu, longing
Faith/Tara, wax, object, faithless
Faith/Willow, massacre, marksman, fluffy, urges, anyone
Faith/Xander, old time's sake
Giles/Ethan Rayne, reunion, myths
Giles/Jenny, scent
Giles/Joyce, twill, heat
Giles/Tara, firsts, sad, wilt
Giles/Wesley, swordpoint
Giles/Willow, feast, slippery, sonnet, heat, lesson
Giles/Xander, linoleum, polyester, reach, ranch, wrench
Joyce/Tara, calico
Oz/Willow, rebirth, full moon, forever, Istanbul
Spike/Giles, jeans, pen, drunk
Spike/Willow, spent, regret, heat
Spike/Xander, bare, beginning, blush, bare, candle, bunnies, demand, touch
Tara/Willow, breakdown, astray, burn, taffeta, topple, topless, tree
Tara/Xander, chocolate
Wesley/Buffy, tweed
Willow/Kennedy, candlelight, shower
Willow/Xander, exhilaration, exhibitionism, worried
Xander, lick

Burn Notice
Michael/Fiona, sweat, clarity, return, pulse, beach, black dress, breaking and entering, explosives, fast car, foreplay, heat, keys, past, knife, beach, sand, spies, toy, violence
Michael/Sam, pretend, hot

Cable and Deadpool [back to top]
Cable/Deadpool, crossdressing

Carmilla/Laura, silk

Ben/Jonesy, fight, connection.
Iris/Jonesy, sin, redemption, Colossus, voyeur, genteel, dirt
Jonesy/Sofie, sand, desert, resentment, always, car, tent, faith
Justin Crowe/Iris Crowe, fall from grace
Justin/Iris, portrait, kiss, break, salvation.
Ruthie/Jonesy, writhe, power, coin, darkness
Sofie Bojakshiya/Libby Dreifuss, drift
Sofie/Libby, dancing, movie, Hollywood, dress, skin, betrayal, grief

Caroline in the City
Richard/Caroline, stripped

Rick/Ilsa, white, fountain, star

Cashmere Mafia
Caitlin/Alicia, dirty martini

Chalet School
Joey/Jack, honeymoon
Nancy/Kathie, roses

Charlie's Angels
Jill/Kelly, lost, missed you, I thought I’d lost you, chances,
Jill/Maxine, watching, grab, force, smirk, shirt, prison, the house, cocktail dress, strip, uniform, poison, intoxicating, handcuffs, slap kiss, connection, risk, compromise, freedom, alone at last, mark, sweet, sanctuary, sugar, fabulous, never thought I'd see you again, you just kissed me, surprise, not so unexpected, dice, gamble, breathless, power, control, poker, undercover, plaything, I'm not your plaything, taste, manipulative, lick, weak, want, desperate, undone, understanding, foreplay, dirty, wet, shower, water, hot, hickey, aftermath, chance meeting, driving, racing, I've met worse people than you, we're not so different you and I, arrogant, what are you doing here?
Jill/Sabrina, believe, whole, you complete me, surprise, at last, sunset, taking chance,
Jill/Sabrina/Kelly, complete, unexpected, weakness, taking chances, interruptions, comfort, things unsaid, I never told Steve everything, need for speed, sports, favorite mistake, lust, misunderstanding, betrayal, tattoo, hidden, t-shirt, comfort, fight, connection, rain, fall, rainbow, spinning, dork, undercover, poker, back, black and white, aftermath, dirty, cocktail dresses, cocktail, drunk, mistake, if only, what if, second chance, no going back, gamble, death wish, we're going to die, cliche, things unsaid, writer's choice

Cole/Piper, little
Pru/Cole, sit, play
Prue/Phoebe, reckless, risk, protect
Prue/Piper, comfort, drunk

Mama/Velma, consume, tangled, fury
Roxie/Velma, obedient, cartwheel, mutiny

Children of Dune
Ghanima/Leto, masturbation, skin, tingle, goodbye, fantasy, dream
Leto/Ghanima, golden, coy

Chronicles of Barsetshire
John Bold/Archdeacon Grantly, firebrand, principles
Mary Thorne/Martha Dunstable, society matron

Chronicles of Narnia
adult!Edmund/ adult!Peter, kings, snow, blood, guilt, ride, castle, innocence, sea, believe
adult!Edmund/adult!Eustace, ship, end of the world, salt, sleep, bond, terrible
adult!Susan/ adult!Lucy, velvet, fur

Chronicles of Riddick
Riddick/Vaako, scars, service, keep, uniform, animal, instinct, cold heat, fire, armor, stare, wrist, shine, kill, blood brothers, spar, bitch, pack, alpha, Lord Marshal, dominant, tattoo, courtship, knife, cut

Bryce/Chuck, bookstacks, secret, hidden, blue, pumpkin, Stanford, surprise
Bryce/Chuck/Sarah, last, awe, prodigal
Bryce/Sarah, counter, mission, intelligence, combat
Casey/Chuck, guns, kill, listen, discomfort, car, cell, freeze, guns, boots, reverberate
Casey/Ellie, destruction, furnace, wind
Casey/Sarah, spy, theme, robe, couch, middle of the night, zen
Casey/Chuck/Sarah, commune, dress
Chuck/Lou, energetic, juggernaut
Chuck/Morgan, bro's before ho's, sleepover
Chuck/Sarah, drunk, faint, flight, kick, Nintendo, grip, track, pretend, slow, dinner, Dune, protect, secrets, truth, maid
Morgan/Anna, Red Bull
Morgan/Harry Tang, pudding, domination

CJ Cherryh's Foreigner-verse
Bren/Jago, first time

Cher/Dionne, undress, games, divinity, practice
Cher/Dionne/Tai, reevaluate, dye, drizzle, timely
Tai/Travis, chilly, redeemed, tickle

Cold Mountain
Ada/Ruby, night

John/Balthazar, hellfire, rope
John/Gabriel, mortal, whiskey

Cosmic Marvel universe (comics)
Adam Warlock/Gamora, sand, infinity, confusion, comfort, anger, breakdown
Phylla/Moondragon, new, fahrenheit, blankets, armor, oblivion

Coupling (UK)
Sally/Jane, mirror
Sally/Patrick, awkward
Sally/Susan/Jane, limber
Steve/Patrick, tv
Susan/Jeff, stains

Cowboy Bebop
Electra/Faye, surprise, jealousy, latex, easy, bounty, life
Faye Valentine/Spike Spiegel, distance, fleeting, river, gunshot, dust, hallucinate

Criminal Law
Ben/Martin, obsession

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi, heavy
Aaron Hotchner/Elle Greenaway, gravity
Aaron Hotchner/Garcia, smile, capture.
Aaron Hotchner/Jason Gideon, fall
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia, spinning
Elle/Gideon, abandonment, anger, father
Jennifer Jareau/Emily Prentiss, tense
Jennifer Jareau/Penelope Garcia, skin
JJ/Elle, broken, forget, lost
JJ/Emily, askew belt, car, vest, on the job, doorway, firefight, class, weapon, slide
JJ/Morgan, after hours, shoot first, flashlight, chase
Morgan/Garcia, storm, bleed, sinking, shine, sunlight, rain
Morgan/Garcia/Hotchner, shelter

Crossfire Trail
JT Langston/Rock Mullaney, brand, desperation

Crossing Jordan
Jordan/Lily, afterhours, next time, soft, together

Cruel Intentions
Blaine/Greg, jock
Blaine/Sebastian, friends
Kathryn/Sebastian, payment, bet, pity, pride

Brass/Catherine, mountain, yard, fluorescent
Catherine/Nick, sunset, gaze, protect
Gil/Sara, heat
Greg/Hodges, coffee, scientific curiosity, chocolate
Greg/Nick, DNA
Grissom/Catherine, hands
Grissom/Hodges, secret, infatuation, experiment
Grissom/Sara, rain
Nick/Catherine, heat, elevator, beach, rose,
Nick/Warrick, shift, late, sorry, scared, claim, help, rest, quiet, safe, reconnect, cowboy
Warrick, Vegas
Warrick/Catherine, pegging, salvation
Warrick/Catherine/Nick, exposure
Warrick/Grissom, attention, judgment
Warrick/Nick, Africa, glass, Texas
Warrick/Nick/Grissom, concealment

Calleigh/Delko, smolder, trigger finger
Calleigh/Ryan, peaches
Delko/Woods, aftermath
Horatio/Calleigh, bracelet
Horatio/Yelina, betrayal

Flack/Angel, game
Flack/Bonasera, smile
Flack/Hawkes, Houdini
Flack/Messer, puns
Flack/Monroe, home
Flack/Taylor, trust
Hawkes/Bonasera, welcome
Messer/Monroe, science matters
Messer/Taylor, choice
Monroe/Bonasera, secrets
Taylor/Bonasera, family
Taylor/Driscoll, in between
Taylor/Hawkes, stories

D.E.B.S. [back to top]
Lucy/Amy, skirt

Daria/Trent, tattoo
Trent/Daria, rock goddess, laugh lines, wiser

Dark Angel
Alec/Asha, media
Alec/Ben, Swimming
Alec/Logan, breaking and entering, library, feel, skin, need, closer
Alec/Logan/Max, deal, sweat, hide, safe
Alec/Max, forbidden, touch, anger, last to know, rebuilding, travel, alone, anger, close, give in, sympathy, tied up, crib, bike, south, feral, finally
Alec/Normal, distraction, change
Alec/OC, tender
Alec/Rachel, forgotten
Asha/Original Cindy, orange, trick, taste
Logan/Max, body glove, tattoo, between, cure
Max/Asha, green
Max/Zack, forgiveness, unattainable, replacement

Dawson's Creek
Pacey/CJ, star

Days Of Our Lives
E.J./Sami, push, home, fire, tissue, scent

DC Comics
Batman/Dick Grayson, night, tension, pressure, streets, rain
Batman/Nightwing, independence, mentor, pain
Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, happier times, dissemble, suit
Harley Quin/Poison Ivy, bloom

Dead Like Me
Daisy/George, stories, flirt, loneliness, lies
Daisy/Mason, okay, death, yes, kiss
George/Betty, dance
George/Mason, gone, torch
George/Rube, sad
Mason/Daisy, devotee
Rube/Roxy, location

Al/Dan, rifle, promise, whore, beginnings, partner, uncertain, knowledge, whiskey
Bullock/Alma, atonement
Cy Tolliver/Joanie, moonlight
Dan/Flora, protection, scorn, blood, fear, pretense, whore, red, little girl
Trixie/Al, broken, hands, lace, words, yellow
Trixie/Sol, bruises, corset, dark, secret, silk

Paige/Alex, 10 year reunion
Paige/Ellie, scars

Devil Wears Prada
Andy/Miranda, inappropriate, desktop

Debra Morgan/Agent Lundy, humid, ache, phone sex
Debra Morgan/Maria LaGuerta, bathroom, loss
Debra Morgan/Sgt. Doakes, admire, restraint, hurricane, shadow
Dexter, masturbation
Dexter/Brian, blood, rebirth, understanding
Laguerta/Deb, uniform, vice
Lila/Rita, fire
Sgt. Doakes/Lt. LaGuerta, bond, trust

Diana Wynne Jones' Chrestomanci series
Christopher/adult!Cat, adoration, uniform, different, arrogance, necktie, hide, secret
Christopher/Millie, vague
Christopher/Tacroy, curls, mist, partner, dungeon

Dirty Sexy Money
Dutch/Tish/Tripp, hurt, share
Jeremy/Juliet, drunk, imaginary, jukebox, quickly, whispers
Jeremy/Lisa, high, again, crush, secret, paint, low
Juliet/Jeremy, compassion, protection, love
Karen/Sebastian , imaginative
Nick/Brian, (not) family
Nick/Juliet, brilliant, dress rehearsal, first, lewd, sparkling, stage fright
Nick/Karen, Alaska, gold dust, seduction
Patrick/Carmelita, Chanel No. 5

Adora Belle/Sacharissa, bold, crossbow
Carrot/Angua, obedient, beg
Moist/Adora Belle, crook
Polly/Maladict, bravery
Polly/Maladicta, orders
Susan/Lobsang, all the time in the world
Vetinari/Margolotta, lesson
Vetinari/Moist von Lipwig, challenge, duty, for the City, lies, desperate, choices
Vimes/Angua, heat
Vimes/Seamstress Guild, heat
Vimes/Susan, convenience
Vimes/Vetinari, push, sarcasm, quiet, rain, tired
William/Sacharissa, words
William/Vimes, baffle

Doctor Who
Doctor/Astrid, blondes
Eight/Romana, regeneration
Five/Peri, home-grown, weeds
Four/Harry Sullivan/Sarah-Jane Smith, scarf, hat, tie
Jack /Susan Foreman, left behind, secrets, wrong
Jack/Donna, surprise
Jack/Jack, "linear time is for wimps"
Jack/Romana I, tracer
Jack/Rose, damaged
Jack/The Master, experiment, chains, smile
Lucy/The Master, diamonds, pop music, school uniform, adoration, arrangement, twisted
Martha/Shakespeare, inspiration
Martha/The Master, familiar faces
Martha/Tom Milligan, new sheets
Mickey/Jake, Paris
Nine/Jack, alien, wanton, need, rimming, broken heart, Ten
Nine/Martha, alignment, patient, galaxy
Nine/Rose, flirting, always, sonic, sneak, hiding, trail, jelly baby, heat, need, mask, Story
Nine/Rose/Jack, bondage, planet, secret room, dance, steam, leather, silk, lace, both, rimming, space, easy
Rose/Martha, experience, salt, desperate, holiday, brilliant, exposure, gentle, indecent, milky way, slippery, tactile, wet, girl-talk, heroine, hiding-place, console, journey, surprise, memories, shoes, doctor
Rose/Martha/Jack, playing doctor (or playing Doctor...)
Rose/The Master, pretend, throb, sick, delicious, mobile, king tut, jelly baby
Ten/Donna, button, red, boom
Ten/Jack, cheeky, test, steel, alien, secret, defense, handcuffs, library, purple, ancient, slouching, relief, sorry, lick, salt, sensitized, TARDIS, tied up, water, dominate, impossible, watch
Ten/Lucy, dark
Ten/Martha, doll, punk, stealth, straddle, wardrobe, release
Ten/Reinette, impossible, lace, silk, underneath, elegant
Ten/Rose, dichotomy, imagination, seeds, renewed, forever, stuck, pissed, crush, jelly baby, rain, weave, horizon
Ten/Rose/Jack, profiteroles, reunion, change, affection
Ten/Sarah Jane, goodbye
Ten/The Master, finish, battle, apocalypse, childish, memories, struggle, illuminate, green
Two/Jaime/Victoria, scrabble

Bartleby/Azrael, Hell
Bartleby/Loki, transubstantiate

Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange/Clea, sanctified

Dresden Files (TV series)
Bianca/Connie Murphy, unimpressed, gun, cocky, glinda, coffee,
Bianca/Harry Dresden, lies, moon, bill for services, gallowglas

Due South
Francesca/Elaine, cookie
Fraser/Ray Kowalski, red, lonely, unreal, braces, cupboard, stoop, snow, wild
Fraser/Ray Vecchio, bindlestitch, lick, print, ground
Fraser/Ray Vecchio/Ray Kowalski, mixer, coincidence, sly
Ray Kowalski/Maggie, litter
Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, stapler, apology, drill
RayK/Fraser, alley, GTO
RayK/Fraser, consulate, closet
RayK/Fraser, consulate, kitchen
RayK/Fraser, restroom, public, blowjob
RayK/Fraser, undercover, hooker, first-time

Elizabeth [back to top]
Elizabeth I, Mistress

Emily of New Moon
Emily, feverish, rotting, diamond
Emily/Dean, winter, bud, explode

Empire Records
Debra/Corey, break, lips, feel

Ari/Eric, stiff negotiations, peace treaty, pity fuck, amateur, pizza boy, fast cars
Ari/Lloyd, queer as folk
Ari/Mrs Ari, kiss, headboard, anniversary, premiere
Ari/Vince, ice-cream
Billy Walsh/Vince, muse
Drama/Ken, Vegas
Drama/Turtle, crossed swords
Eric/Vince, anonimity, piano, first time, freckles, kink, vanilla, paparazzi, sport-fucking, the dream team, management, Vegas, 40, Aston Martin, broken, end, envy, furrow, interrupted, syrup, hands, limelight, red, star-fucker
Turtle, craigslist
Vince/Eric/Ari, D/s, wooing back

Doug/Carol, heat
Dupree/Gates/Sam, [any]

Escape from LA
Snake Plissken/Lt. Brazen, arresting officer

Escape from New York
Snake Plissken/Maggie, armed and dangerous

Fargo/S.A.R.A.H, talk, dirty
Henry/Kim, smoke and mirrors
Jack/Alison, what-might-have-been
Jack/Callie, bleach
Jack/Henry, [any]
Jack/Jo, girlfriend, heat, pod people
Jack/Nathan, broken, desk, fling, global, kitchen, counter, lick, missing, rain, science fair, reunion, caught, favor, honey, touch, silk, tie, bound, wrong, always, mine, force, dance, winner, sound, taste, touch, trapped, bugs, alien, house, lightbulb, equals, gun
Jack/Zoe, protection, sex pollen, aftermath
Jo/Fargo, chaos theory
Jo/Zoe, Armageddon, Paris, protection
Nathan/Allison/Jack, excuses, excuses, the machine made us do it?



Ephram/Amy, ferris wheel, necklace, haircut


Fables [back to top]
Bigby/Snow, clingy, hard, vacation
Boy Blue/Rose Red, suddenly
Cinderella/Rose Red, bounty, jostle, fickle

Fairy Tales (traditional)
Rapunzel/Wicked Witch, lettuce, linger, comb, caress
Snow White/Wicked Queen, burn, blunder, resist, heart, bleed

Family Album
Lionel/John, roommates

Fantastic Four
Reed/Sue, super powers
Sue/Johnny, heat, first time, sex pollen

Aeryn Sun/Stark, promises, infinite, grease-monkey, snow, scrape, pirates, kiss, jade, tranquility
Aeryn/Chiana, drunk, gray
Chiana/D'Argo, recovery, featherbed, lip gloss
Chiana/Jool, clumsy, matchsticks, candy, challenge, river, napkin
Chiana/Noranti, tea, sex pollen, shower, heated, ice cream, shock, vigilante
Chiana/Sikozu, burn
Crichton/Chiana, stranded, undercover
John, solo
John/Aeryn, coarse, dark, denial, dive, rain, healing, hurt, heal, heaven
John/Aeryn, home, life, leather
John/Aeryn/John, T-shirt
John/Clone!John, leather
Noranti/Zhaan, guns, pirates, lace, wisdom, growing, bullet, grass
Sikozu/Scorpius/Braca, control

Felicity/Noel, ice cream, beets, dust, used books, Dean and Deluca, crayons
Noel/Ben, beer, jam, damson

Ferris Bullers Day Off
Cameron/Sloane, skipping

Fight Club (movie)
Narrator/Angel Face, destroy, beauty
Narrator/Marla, cigarette, burn
Narrator/Tyler Durden, fight, soap, control

Final Fantasy XII
Basch/Balthier, silver

Maud/Sue, token, cushions, dirt

Badger/Jayne, distraction
Badger/Simon, derelict
Gabriel Tam/Regan Tam, convention
Inara/Kaylee, adagio, blanket, console, back, choice, hairbrush, gauze, hope, nude, art, alive, skin
Inara/Kaylee/Saffron, gaudy, black and white, gander
Inara/Mal, constant, fog, honesty, restless, simple, slip, quiet, snow and air
Inara/Saffron, nefarious, kimono, conquest
Inara/Zoe, lace
Jayne/Kaylee, confusion, open, wrong, lost, worry, sled, flower, golden, song, indiscreet, tense
Jayne/Kaylee/Simon, heat
Jayne/Mal, scared, stubborn, control, so what?
Jayne/River, guns, understand, sadness, simmer, purple, candle, mind, aggression, test, hero
Jayne/River/Simon, sharing
Jayne/Saffron, trouble
Jayne/Zoe, just this once
Kaylee/Mal, space, candy, engine room, rawhide, flannel, smile, greased
Kaylee/River, barefoot, inside, motion, Serenity, broken, dance, red, serenity, lock
Kaylee/Saffron, charm, feverish, knowing
Kaylee/Simon, first
Kaylee/Tracey, miffed
Kaylee/Wash/Zoe, discovery
Kaylee/Zoe, again
Mal/Fanty/Mingo, exhilaration
Mal/River, flying, birds, curious, heat, ink, whisper
Mal/Saffron, danger
Mal/Simon, amber, blind, encyclopedia, submission, rough, temporary, tomorrow, sleepy, drugs, tree, hands, war stories
Mal/Zoe, pride, sins, necklace, promise.
River/Simon, adult, absolve, alone, dance, make-believe, guns., found, grace, shindig, fascination, playing for keeps
Wash/Kaylee, Secrets
Wash/Zoe, denim, heat, play

Flash Gordon
Aura/Terek, common ground, loyalty
Baylin/Dale, education
Baylin/Flash, shower, proud, surprise, oil, bounty
Baylin/Zarkov, scared, prisoner, lab
Dale/Flash, bondage, memento
Flash/Dale/Aura, indecisive
Flash/Ming, vengence
Flash/Rankol, adoration, idol, faith

Nelson/David, anything

Flight Of The Conchords
Bret/Jemaine, nerves, teach, games

Forever Knight
Nick/Natalie, afterlife, bite, blood, love, secrets, trust

Four Brothers
Bobby/Jack, backseat, handcuffs

Freaks and Geeks
Daniel/Lindsay, makers mark

Friday Night Lights
Eric/Jason, contrition
Eric/Tami, public
Jason/Lyla/Tim, confession, control
Jason/Tim, convalesce, party, sorry, team-bus, sleepover, lost, jacket, bruises, homecoming

Jason/Tim/Tyra, unrepentent

Jason/Tyra, a smile that reaches the eyes
Landry/Tim, locker room, book, music
Landry/Tyra, moments, quiet, beach
Matt/Julie, forgiveness, sweet, tequila, rediscovery
Matt/Landry, car
Matt/Smash, ice cream, drive
Matt/Tim, extraordinary, lesson, notebook, stay, fixed, strip poker

Matt/Tyra, 50 yd. line, backseat of the car
Tim/Julie, protector, shower
Tim/Lyla, angst, comfort, sin, waste, same
Tim/Smash, juiced, overtime
Tim/Tyra, escape, jump, waver, remember
Tyra/Lyla, decision, roadside, Mexico by dawn, moment

Fried Green Tomatoes
Idgie/Ruth, tall tales

Fry/Leela, holophoner, mutant, mistaken identity, moon, blastoff, patient
Kif/Amy, support system
Zap Brannigan/Leela, Brannigan's Law

Galaxy Quest [back to top]
Alexander/Jason, sound

Gemma Doyle Trilogy (A Great And Terrible Beauty/Rebel Angels/The Sweet Far Thing)
Gemma/Felicity/Simon, need
Felicity/Pippa, grass, windows, lace
Gemma/Felicity, dust, spice, starlight, New York, purpose, Paris, trousers, liberty, spanking
Gemma/Pippa, wax, wishes

General Hospital
Alexis/Diane, competition, music, revelations
Coop/Logan, anger, comfort, familiarity, forgiveness, hurt, secrets
Georgie/Logan, Texas, coffee
Georgie/Spinelli, smile
Jason/Carly, apology, friendship, sadness
Logan/Johnny, claim, propriety

Gentlemen Bastards sequence
Jean Tannen/Ezri Delmastro, noisy
Jean Tannen/Locke Lamora, undercover
Zamira Drakasha/Ezri Delmastro, salt

Ghost in the Shell
Batou/The Major, routine, oil, tachikoma, target, grass, sunshine

Gilmore Girls
Dean/Jess, angry, revenge
Dean/Lane, squeeze
Dean/Lorelai, laugh, beach, secret, tall, punch, rock
Dean/Rory, jealous, letters, dildo, coffee, bridge, car, dance, skirt, secret, ice cream, sweetness, book, hair
Dean/Tristan, uniform
Jess/Lorelei, shut up!
Jess/Rory, metaphor, secret, alphabet soup, electric
Lane/Jess, poetry in motion
Lorelai/Luke, counter, pregnancy, snowed in
Michel/Lorelei, cheese
Rory/Dean/Jess, misunderstanding
Rory/Lucy, obvious
Rory/Paris, competition, complicated, designs
Rory/Tristan, future

Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)
Kip/Memphis, hero

Gone with the Wind
Scarlett/Melanie, chiffon, impatient, trust
Scarlett/Rhett, charcoal, carriage, city

Good Omens
Aziraphale/Crowley, experiment, shatter, wings, halo, rain, Eden

Gordon Korman: I Want to Go Home!
adult!Mike/adult!Rudy, mirror, autumn, college

Fuschia/Steerpike, bored, toy

Gosford Park
George/Bertha, reciprocity
Henry/Robert, sharp
Ivor/Henry, substitute
Mary/Elsie, friendly
Robert/Mary, obstacles

Gossip Girl
Blair/Dan/Serena, movie, date, share
Blair/Nate/Serena, blindfold, shadow, touch
Blair/Senera, ritual,tradition,everything, castoff, drop, sift, clarity, echo, wine, slip, lingerie, field hockey, sex tape, cake, alcohol, jealousy, shower, France, gin, inside, marked, complicit, dogged, frantic, expelled, outside, shoes, thin line, drunk, forget, champagne, ice, kiss, public brawl
Blair/Serena/Dan, class, eager, easy, hands
Blair/Serena/Dan/Vanessa, community, together
Blair/Vanessa, debt, grab, observation, slum
Chuck/Blair, blush, brunch, pool, strip, lonely, scarf, wealth, new tricks, once, hate, fear, rumor, cuff link, gamble, flippant, regret, suite, Victorias Secret, wicked
Chuck/Blair/Serena, Victrola
Chuck/Dan, Chelsea, electric,, possesions
Chuck/Dan/Nate, double dare
Chuck/Jenny, teacher
Chuck/Lily, lust
Chuck/Nate, always, guilt, longing, substitute, morning, girls, boats, hot-pants, velour, aluminum can, movie, ice water, rock candy
Chuck/Nate/Blair, champagne, fucked up, ice, ride, expect, silk, resolution, temporary, juniper
Chuck/Serena, bet, incest, brunch, joint, Central Park, couture
Dan/Blair, slow, the Met, roof, Chanel, India ink, ducks
Dan/Chuck, cold, lollipop, tutor
Dan/Serena, snowstorm
Jenny/Nate, new, trust, friend
Nate/Blair, videotape, first, window
Nate/Jenny, understanding
Nate/Serena, cave, resignation
Rufus/Lily, groupies, remember, reminisce
Rufus/Serena, next-best-thing
Serena/Carter Baizen, yacht, tuxedo, travel, association, palace, key
Serena/Carter Baizen/Blair, cotillion

Gray Matters
Gray/Sam/Charlie, drunk, inevitable, open

Principal McGee/Blanche, surprise, 'bout time, back in my days, intrigued

Cappie/Casey, frat party, library
Rusty/Calvin, teacher

Grey's Anatomy
Alex/Cristina/George/Izzie/Meredith, quarantine, hazy, teamwork, askance
Alex/Izzie, time, again, moments
Bailey/Callie, comfort
Cristina/Burke/George, show-off
Cristina/Derek/Meredith, vengeance
Cristina/Meredith, civil union, duvet, wedding
Cristina/Meredith/Lexie, drunk, gay, whore
Cristina/Sloan, you'll do
Derek/Izzy, smile
George/Izzie, flour, voyeur, unexpected, ring
Izzie/Addison, ice cream, travel, car
Izzie/Meredith, dirty mistresses
Lexie/Alex, fast, restraint, tease, whatever
Lexie/Meredith, approval, dance, lime, taste
Mark/Derrick, buddies, Addison, fake, drunk, college
Meredith/Addison, almost like love
Meredith/Alex, sluts, strings, fever
Meredith/Lexie, menial
Meredith/Lexie/Alex, unexpected

Grindhouse Death Proof
Stuntman Mike/Pam, unwanted

Grindhouse Planet Terror
Cherry Darling/El Wray, second chance, gate, sea, pitch

Cherry Darling/Dakota Block, multitude, crinkly, sweat

Grosse Pointe
Dave/Marcy, marathon

Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel
Ned/Melanie, sneaky

H2O: Just Add Water [back to top]
Rikki/Zane, mermaids, beach, midnight, first time

Corny/Maybelle, wind
Corny/Nikki, spark, attention
Penny/Seaweed, honey, knot, salt, music

Hana Yori Dango (live action/anime)
Tsukushi/Tsukasa, heartache, Saturn, beauty, forgiveness

Hard Core Logo
Billy/Joe, tender

Harold and Maude
Harold/Maude, growth, bubbles, daffodil, only, lonesome, smiles, skin, summertime

Harry Potter
Bill/Draco, cursed, family, galleons, hygiene, scars, veela
Charlie/Draco, Albert Square, dragon hide boots, nose picking, pestering, scales

Draco/Angelina, graveyards

Draco/Ginny, screaming infidelities
Draco/Harry, writhe, emerald, autumn, priceless
Draco/Harry/Severus, contrasts, sacrifice, under cover
Draco/Hermione, stupid, low
Draco/Lucius, prisoners of war, cane, tradition, blood, survivors, pardon
Draco/Neville, bind, family, green, lore, tender
Draco/Remus, wild, give up, steel, assurance, shatter, comfort
Draco/Severus, protection, submit, lust
Fleur/Luna, yellow
Fleur/Tonks, infidelity
Fred and/or George/Harry, flying
Fred/George, pranks, invention, joke, freckles, different

George/Angelina, Skiving Snackbox
Ginny/Hermione, grief, transfigure
Ginny/Luna, cumbersome, dawn, silver, freckles
Ginny/Tonks, experience
Harry/Hermione, future, theory, London Underground
Harry/Lucius, pride
Harry/Luna, silence
Harry/Pansy, destiny, fighting, naked, reconciliation, remorse, unbelievable
Harry/Remus, fever
Harry/Ron, play, plummet, domination, weekend
Harry/Ron/Hermione, ambition, defeat, treetop, linen, bossy, homework
Harry/Severus, tease
Harry/Sirius, ghost, home, sweat
Hermione/Lavender/Parvati, midwinter
Hermione/Luna, house rivalry, intuition, velveteen, illogical, quills
Hermione/McGonagall, cotton, wool, whisper, wicked, living quarters
Hermione/Narcissa, caught, soothe, revenge, rough, tumble
Hermione/Pansy, research
Hermione/Tonks, celebrate, research, watching
James/Remus/Sirius, free fall, last time
James/Sirius, inseparable, the Veil, Marauders, flying, always, pureblood
Krum/Luna, houses, wilderness, cold
Lucius/Ginny, treatment, unnecessary
Lucius/Hermione, blind, bound, goldenrod, laughter, lost, mourning, restraint, unforgiving, velvet
Lucius/Narcissa, ribbon, holly
Luna/Tonks, colours, moon
Narcissa/Tonks, courage
Neville/Ron, first
Oliver/Katie, Quidditch
Oliver/Percy, moving in, obsession, pensieve
Pansy/Fenrir Greyback, bruises
Percy/Snape, detention
Remus/Sirius, angry, growl, smoke, sunlight, scarlet, free, sunrise, dirt, new, scene
Remus/Tonks, bite, carefree, genderbending, spellbound
Riddle/Snape, heat
Scrimgoeur/McGonagall, war, underground, adventure
Snape/Hermione, heat
Snape/Lily, heat
Snape/Luna, aging, amethyst, engaged, kinky, married, redemption, unicorns
Snape/Trelawny, comfort

Harsh Realm
Inga/Florence, fight, hate, listen
Inga/Sophie, heal, help, promise, two-faced, follow

Heavy Metal
Harry Canyon/Taarna, Last of a Kind

Abe/Liz, heat

Hero by Perry Moore
Thom/Goran, firsts

70s!Adam/70s!Angela, secrets
70s!Adam/70s!Victoria, lab
Adam/(Niki or Jessica), payment, smirk, mirror,
Adam/Audrey, elevator, smirk, game,
Adam/Bennet, virgin
Adam/Claire, heat, legendary, beach, hidden,
Adam/Elle, enclosed, secrets, camera, control, electric, fire, give in, manipulation, slave, stiletto heels, taste, velvet, volatile, wicked
Adam/Hiro, cat and mouse, obsession, revenge, analogy, suck, diamond, water, sake, dizzy, history, frail, sword, fight, change
Adam/Nathan, sins of the mother
Adam/Nathan/Peter, jealousy, power, words
Adam/Peter, blindfold, deal, dim, malleable, dawn, sadism, symbiosis, travelers, coffin, nightmare, forest, heal, cheat, height, best
Adam/Peter/Sylar, pet
Adam/Sylar, dominance, mutually beneficial partnership, read my mind
Ando/Hiro, broken, frozen in time, geek, hidden, save, sweet, antidote, commiserate, antithesis, sword, close, grief, comic books, whisper
Ando/Niki, discovery, treasure, waterfall, unexpected, comfort
Bennet/Claire, drugs, spanking
Bennet/Eden, control
Bennet/Elle, little girl, daddy kink, spanking, begging, duct tape, masochist Bennet and lots of shock play, very enthusiastic blow job, very vocal Bennet, dirty talk
Bennet/Mohinder, gone native
Claire/Claude/Peter, on the run, pain
Claire/Elle, no way out, blonde, jealous, red, student, it starts with a kiss, lavender, lightning, poison, roadtrip, struggle, glass, knots, rivalry
Claire/Hiro, special, escape, breath, candy
Claire/Peter, secrets, strangers, twist blonde, lovely, reach, tease
Claire/Sylar, in your mind
Eden/Elle, experiment
Elle/Maya, death of me
Elle/Mohinder, keep him
Elle/Nathan, thunderstorm, lace, ties, scotch
Elle/Noah, smoking, mutually assured destruction
Elle/Peter, black lace, control, faulty, naked, restless, sadistic, taste, twisted, hands, tingle, torture, forget
Elle/Sylar, control, crazy, fear, sweat, violence
Heidi/Niki, glare, on the run
Heidi/Peter, thanks, elevator, secret,
Heidi/Peter/ Nathan, voyeurism

Matt/Audrey, sirens
Matt/Mohinder, breakfast, coffee, feeding, heart, first time, sunlight, savory, shove, daydream, crescendo, survivors, sweltering, ably, whiskey, Darjeeling tea, cherish, scars, recess, too late, bedshaped
Matt/Mohinder/Sylar, game, freefall, insanity, voyeurism, blood, possession
Matt/Nathan, fly, sometimes, trapped
Maya/Sylar, power, blood, punishment, need, cotton, salvation, deception, dust, innocence, hero, fog, blindness, scars, confession, sinners, spring, control, fairytale, you're a god,
Mohinder/Monica, body language
Mohinder/Nathan/Peter, sharing
Mohinder/Niki, help
Mohinder/Peter, turn
Mohinder/Sylar, apology, blindspot, give in, trigger happy, bay of bengal, help, somber, reflection, captive, illusion, enemies, strange affection, back in my life, prayer, self-loathing, yearning, heaven, compassion, dreaming, natural, peak experience, origins, imitation, forever, time pieces, need, present, apocalypse, test, soul, fear, Catholicism/Hinduism, under the stars, surprise, twist, waiting, mocking
Monica/Niki, teamwork, fall, beginnings, humidity
Nathan/Jessica, wine, gamble
Nathan/Niki, ambition, parents, love, affair, elevator, forbidden, strength, flight, dance, silhouettes
Nathan/Peter, asphyxiation/breath play, attention, tease, rug, headboard, scandal, desk, used, clothed frottage, common sense, whipping, cosmopolitan, crossdressing, rimming, Superman, Legion of Doom, caught, up against the wall, party, closet, accepted, genderswap, runaway, in-hiding, press conference, uniform
Nathan/Peter, heal
Peter/Simone, heal, care
Peter/Sylar, fight
Slut!Peter/anyone/everyone, [any]

Frank Hopkins/Jazira, Figs

High School Musical
Chad/Ryan, clothes, baseball, hair

Duncan/Methos, public, control, forever, end, last stand, together, forgiveness, double quickening
Duncan/Methos/Amanda, drunk, first-time, grief, comfort, quickening
Kronos/Duncan, duality, duel, devil, dancing
Kronos/Methos, warm, feather, accessories, baby, time

Hikaru no Go
Shindou/Touya, accident, jealousy, relief

His Dark Materials
Lord Asriel/Marisa Coulter, natural philosophy, eternity, games, home, malice, manipulation
Marisa Coulter/Serafina Pekkala, arctic

Linda Seton/Johnny Case, commence

John Paul/Craig, Guiness

Homicide: Life on the Street
Frank Pembleton/Mary Pembleton, Viagra
Kellerman/Lewis/Cox, dramamine

Honey We Shrunk Ourselves
Jenny Szalinski/Mitch Szalinski, grounded, banana, shrink machine

Horatio/Archie, alive, blood, chains, chocolate, fire, hangover, ice, lash, navigation, ropes, shadows, starlight, travel
Horatio/OFC, heat

Dennis/Kevin, belts
Mars/Dennis/Kevin, drugs

Hot Fuzz
Danny/Nicholas, platonic, altruism, inconcievable, action, movie night, rules, Cornetto, partner, patrolcar, London, sweet, weight, safe, idol, laughter, team-building, back row

Hotel Babylon
Rebecca/Charlie, compromising, support, devious, arrogant, hands, interruptions

House M.D.
Cameron/Cuddy, dominance, office, playtime
Cameron/Foreman, break-in, trust
Cameron/House, blonde
Chase/Cameron, cold
Chase/Foreman, hidden.
Cuddy/Wilson, sample, panic
Foreman/Chase, working, lilt
Foreman/House, negotiate
House/Cameron, merciful
House/Cameron/Cuddy, rabbit and hat
House/Chase, hidden, tension
House/Cuddy, college, greedy, comfortable, shoes
House/Cuddy/Wilson, silence, tinder, watching
House/Wilson, ache, define, wait, analgesia, home, hotel, foreign, soft, rough, jealous, bet, ransom, bitter, comfort, heat, prank, smile, tease, vocal, boat, bravery, cane, chance, friendship, gay porn, lazy, trade-off, relationship, snap, grasp, blink, sticky, obey, pull, ties, laughter, imperfection, blues.
House/Wilson/Cuddy, lessons.
Thirteen/Amber, coffee, jealousy, mind game
Wilson/Chase, here, future, again, mooning over House

House of Wax (2005)
Bo/Vincent, artist, brothers, alone
Carly/Nick, aftermath, bad twin, good twin, twins
Nick/Wade, secret, cars, bad boy

How I Met Your Mother
Barney/Lily, towels
Barney/Marshall, slap-bet
Barney/Robin, battleship, denial, scotch, pick-up, laser tag, legendary, heat, show-off, ninja, subway, thunderstorm, newsworthy
Barney/Ted, secret, legendary, last, trust, bored
Lily/Barney, cushion, [any]
Lily/Marshall/Ted, co-dependent, house-keeping, locks
Lily/Robin, presents, missing, gossip, close, advice, strawberry
Marshall/Ted, drunken hook-up, party, bunk-beds, lawyered
Ted/Lily, sandwich

Ice Princess [back to top]
Casey/Gen, costume, freedom

Imagine Me and You
Cooper/Luce, pint
Rach/Luce, first time

In and Out
Howard/Peter, awkward, first, sports, wedding, reporter, showbiz, car, want, need, at last, chocolate, baseball, baseball cap, New York, connection

Indiana Jones
Indy/Marion, glass, flash, morning

Brianna/Conti, unusual, anxiety, departure, miniature golf

Jimmy/Mary, control, conflicted values, shared sacrifice, wine, late night visits, unloading burdens

Into the Woods
Baker's Wife/Witch, decadent, darkness, quicksilver
Cinderella/Baker's Wife, beast, entice, debateable
Cinderella/Witch, meditation, braids, pitch

Tom/Russell, drown, oblivion, knock

Invisible Man
Bobby/Darien, adrenaline

Jack and Bobby [back to top]
Grace/Peter, exams
Grace/Tom, bars, liquor

Harm/Allison Krennick, pursued
Harm/Mac, slant, sail, post, water, uniform, hotel, longing
Harm/Meg, flight suit, green light, smile
Harm/Webb, dress whites, whiskey
Mac/Chegwidden, forbidden
Mac/Webb, undiscovered, jungle, smile
Meg/Allison Krennick, dragon lady

Jake 2.0
Jake/Diane, a little ditty
Jake/Dumont, forget, fire, lightning, water

James Bond
James Bond/all Bond-girls, fleeting
James Bond/Honey Ryder, scuba diving
James Bond/Vesper Lynn, ache, black lace, blind, heat, martini, painting, soft, velvet

Jeeves and Wooster
Jeeves/Wooster, country, discovery, dare, hat, indiscretion, rescue, engagement, disciplined, yes

Hyde/Claire, wrong, nail polish, guilt, ankles
Hyde/Katherine, bad ideas, capture, need, duty.
Tom/Claire, better things
Tom/Katherine, camera, dropped call, security cameras, Indian food

Jeremiah/Markus, hesitation, outside
Markus/Theo, shower

Hawkins/Jake, trust
Heather/Jake, softly, injured, touch, broken, closet
Jake/Heather, dark
Stanley/Mimi, quilt

Jesus Christ Superstar
Jesus/Judas, loophole, whimpering, amenity
Jesus/Simon, meek, clasp, lime

Joan Aiken's Wolves of Willoughby Chase series
Dido/Simon, finally
Dido/Sophie, trying

Joan of Arcadia
Joan/CuteBoyGod, truth, chosen, friendship, yelling, love, gentle

John Tucker Must Die
Heather/Beth/Carrie/John, revenge

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Joseph/Pharaoh, caught out, astound, dreams

Dan/Katie, sleep
Dan/Livia, anguish, ghost
Katie/Jack, confused, comfort

JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series
Zsadist/Bella, rough, fantasy
Zsadist/Bella/Phury, bonding

Jude/Drunken Undergraduate, books, Latin, learning, different education, need, mouth, rimming

Bleeker/Juno, blue, college, dreams, panic, pink, whore
Juno/Bleeker, headband
Leah/Juno, blue

Jurassic Park
Ian Malcolm, leather

Justice League Unlimited
Batman/Flash, tricks, candy, identity, hide-out, car
Batman/Flash/Superman, conscience, stranded, quarters, distress-signal
Batman/Superman, saved, turn-about, javelin, dark, light, visitor
Bruce/J'onn, mind-fuck
Hawkgirl/Wonder Woman, alien, little-black-dress, superior
Huntress/Black Canary, competition

Keen Eddie [back to top]
Eddie/Fiona, sight, question, obstacles

Kill Bill
Beatrix/Bill, true
O-ren/Vernita/Beatrix/Elle, training

King Kong vs. Godzilla
King Kong/Godzilla, incompatibility

King Lear
Regan/Kent, poison

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harmony/Perry, unrequited
Harry/Perry, obvious, stupidity

Knight Rider
Michael/Devon, trust, understanding, death wish, coffee, KITT, overrated, along for the ride, leather, boys and their toys

Kushiel's Legacy
Imriel/Maslin, yield

Kyle XY
Jessi/Kyle, same
Kyle/Declan, roads

La Femme Nikita (TV) [back to top]
Michael/Nikita, anger, dominate, hope, love, trust, undercover

Jareth/Anyone, cold, feather, accessories, baby, time
Sarah/Jareth, whisper, first time

Laurie R. King's Mary Russell series
Ali/Mahmoud, close
Ali/Marsh/Iris, circle
Holmes/Russell, longing, foolish, search
Marsh/Iris, champagne

Law and Order: Criminal Investigation
Goren/Eames, orange, stakeout, tweed

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Casey/Olivia, cream, fleeting, natural, scream
Elliot/Danny, heat
Elliot/Olivia, looks, coffee, cot, wall, handcuffs, hidden, jealous, baby, celebration, thank you, strength, rough, cheat, partners, touch, missing, relax, workout, heat
Munch/Fin, sugar
Olivia Benson, delicate

Law and Order: Trial By Jury
Tracey/Kelly, cupcake

Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Merteuil/Valmont, war, goodbye
Valmont/Danceny, celebration

Xev/Kai, dead, room, bored, apple

Life as a House
Sam/Josh, deal, tie

Life on Mars
Gene/Annie, loss
Gene/Ray, broken
Gene/Ray/Sam, sharing
Gene/Sam/Annie, Stonewall
Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt, T-Rex
Sam/Annie, beauty, dismissal, dominance, stay, life, forge, plunge, treachery
Sam/Chris, boss, education, 2006, travel
Sam/Gene, betrayal, holiday, surveillance, cortina, sleep, indelicate, naughty, steady, genderswap

Life with Derek
Casey/Derek, first time, grounded, elevator, chocolate, smoothie

Charlie, alive, relax, zen, cry, justice, home, weird, headcase
Charlie/Connie, defense, dreams, fruit, life goes on, sunlight, salt, knight, hostage
Charlie/Dani, partners, case, honesty, trust, at the bar, fruit, irritated, loyalty, pool, red tractor, solar farm
Dani, forget, drink, past


Lincoln Heights

Cassie/Charles, someday

Lindsey Davis - Falco series
Marcus Didius Falco/Q. Camillus Justinus, room
Marcus Didius Falco/Titus Caesar, payment

Little Mosque on the Prairie
Amaar/Ali, rivals, surprise, endear, competition, flash, spiritual, salaam alayka (peace be unto you), university, autumn, clean cut, jeans, serenity
Amaar/Rayyan, honeymoon, blossom, indiscretion, knowledge

Little Women
Dan/Demi, truth, falter, feeling

Live Free or Die Hard
John/Matt, jinx, protection, daddy, pain, tough, lips, sweat, internet porn, party, tied, kink, stunned, email, touch, hand-to-hand, knuckles, gift, teach, falling, fire, hero, home, phone, couch, water, safe
Lucy/Matt, push, elevator
McClane/Farrell, hard, scarred, holster

Logan's Run
Logan/Francis, what used to be, runner, sandmen, understanding, betrayal, fight, anger!sex, wall!sex, risk, weak, sanctuary
Holly/Jessica, lies, what could've been, kiss, risk, passing, touch, darkness, blinded, runner, weak, temptation, undo, sanctuary

Lord of the Rings
Boromir/Eowyn, alone
Boromir/Theodred, mead
Eowyn/Arwen, no comfort

Lord Peter Wimsey series
Peter/Bunter, faithful

Lost Boys
David/Michael, family, seedy bar
David/Sam, corruption

Boone/Shannon, obsession, dark, purgatory
Charlie/Desmond, blood and tears, hammock, too drunk to care
Desmond/Penny, waves
Jack/Juliet, darkness
Jack/Sawyer, collarbone, luck, storm, coup
Jack/Sawyer/Kate, blanket
Juliet/Jack, sand
Juliet/Kate, bandages, insomniacs
Juliet/Sayid/Sawyer, manipulation
Kate/Jack, swim
Kate/Sayid, fight
Sawyer/Kate, banter, empathy, gun kink, sweat
Sun/Jin, familiarity
Sun/Michael, deadlock

Love Actually
Peter/Juliet/Mark, leather, petal, fiddle
Peter/Mark, etiquette, hood, nostalgia

Lucifer Box
Lucifer/Charlie, sir, common, jealous

M*A*S*H [back to top]
BJ/Hawkeye, bad dreams, touch, winter, comfort, reconciliation
Hawkeye/Margaret, hot tub, Switzerland
Sydney/Hawkeye, breathplay, love vs lust
Trapper/Hawkeye, whiskey, movie night, blood, letters, supply closet

Macgyver/anyone (or solo), stars, solace, fire
Macgyver/Nikki, sand, sun, sea

Mad Men
Don Draper/Joan Holloway, cynical, beauty mark, veil, heels, circle
Don Draper/Rachel Menken, distant
Joan/Peggy, sharing
Paul Kinsey/Joan Holloway, mistake
Roger Sterling/Joan Holloway, compromise

Magnificent Seven
Chris/Ezra/Vin, wrong
Chris/Vin, white light
Ezra/Vin, smell

Main Street
Gigi/Min, indiscretion, youth, quilting

Man From Uncle
Napolean/Illya, injury, recovery, undercover, hooker

Marvel Comics
Baron Zemo/Fixer
Baron Zemo/Swordsman/Sin, [any]
Daredevil/Iron Fist, [any]
Daredevil/Spider-man, [any]
Doctor Doom/Namor, [any]
Dr. Doom/Mr. Fantastic, forever
Green Goblin/Spider-Man, never
Iron Man/Spider-man, betrayal
Namor/Invisible Woman, [any]
Namor/Jim Hammond, [any]
Phyla/Moondragon, [any]
Taskmaster/Maria Hill, mutual
Taskmaster/Sandi, worry

Luke Cage/Danny Rand, intersection
Luke Cage/Logan, costume
Tony Stark/Emma Frost, trust
Tony Stark/Steve Rogers, circuits, forgiveness

Mary Renault - The Charioteer
Ralph/Laurie, imperfect

Mary Renault - The Persian Boy
Alexander/Bagoas, honesty
Alexander/Hephaistion, sage

Maurice/Clive, tea

Allison/Joe, foretold, spice

Melrose Place
Sydney/Kimberly, kinky

Memphis Belle
Danny/Clay, brandish, pat, chaotic
Phil/Val, engraved, carelessness, deprived

Men With Brooms
Cutter/Lennox, spring

Metal Gear Solid
The Joy/The Sorrow

Miami Vice
Sonny/Rico, high

Midsomer Murders
DS Ben Jones/DS Dan Scott/DS Gavin Troy, footprints

Mike Hammer Novels
Mike/Velda, beacon, sway, shoes

Honey Bear Kelly/Linda Nordley, lies, grab, disgust, sweet like honey, curiosity, kiss, chocolate, different, you’re not very lady like are you?

Sharona/Monk, touch, clean

Beth/Coraline, candlelight
Beth/Josef, smirk, payment, heat, "shhh!"
Coraline/Mick, blood, fire, confusion, pull
Mick/Beth, act, habit, tragic, leaving, bite, blood, control, daffodils, dominate, drowning, fire, forget, heal, love, passion, past, trust, undercover, sun, desert, water, not so different, devilish

Moonlight, Mick/Beth/Josef, fangs
Mick/Coraline, phobia
Mick/Josef, confidence, spa, weight, familiarity, new, tongue, rimming, blood

Moulin Rouge
Satine/Nini, gutter, highway, elated

Murder By Numbers
Richard/Cassie, vein

My Fair Lady
Alfred P. Doolittle/Henry Higgins, tongue, discpline, morality,
Henry Higgins solo, bachelor, library, coherence
Hugh Pickering/Henry Higgins, uniform, India, suit, kohl

My Name is Earl
Earl/Catalina, conjugal
Earl/Joy, brutal

My So-Called Life
Angela/Jordan, after all this time, ease
Angela/Rayanne, bathroom
Brian/Rickie, library
Jordan/Rayanne, car

Mystery Men
The Blue Raja/The Bowler, seriously?
The Blue Raja/The Sphinx, wisdom


Nancy Drew (1930s books) [back to top]
Nancy/George, alcove

National Treasure
Ben/Riley, puzzle, quest
Ian/Ben, battle, freedom, reunion
Riley/Abigail, unexpected, library

Abby/Kate, black, tattoo, music, argument, heels, mud mask, banana
Abby/Ziva, explosive, lab, soft
Hollis Mann/Jenny Shepard, retirement, heels, firing range
Jethro/Abby, brilliant, empty, focused, giddy, hundred, random, sharp, weather
Jethro/Abby/Kate, finger, hands, mouth, teeth, toes, tongue
Jethro/Abby/Tony, basic, bruise, element, leather, slick, whine
Jethro/Hollis Mann, sawdust, wine, sharing
Jethro/Kate, ditto, lunchtime, memory, message, siege, silk, steel, sunrise, sunset
Jethro/Kate/Tony, air, beg, music, opposite, space, twitch
Jethro/Tony, grin, camcorder, dominance
Jethro/Ziva, longing, substitute
Kate/Tony, contempt, fake, sarcasm, struggle, wonder
Tim/Abbey, commit, nunnery, [any]
Tony/Abby, blink, cold, memory, strength, tattoos, warm, water, gearshift
Tony/Abby/Kate, airport, boss, button, secret, sky, strain, video
Tony/Jenny, secrets
Tony/Kate, marathon, motel, whisper
Tony/Paula, pixiesticks
Tony/Tim, book tour, exposure, fan, handcuffs, interrogation, procedure, football, angry, lie, salsa dancing, wall, residue, snow, theater, blindfold
Tony/Tim/Abby, evidence, tattoo, [any], massage, table, spying

Nero Wolfe
Archie/Lily, milk, watch, edge

Jack/David, trade, nervous, mouth

Night At the Museum
Jedidiah/Octavius, drive in, glass, battle

Alec/Seregil, first, stakeout, blush

Christian Troy/Ava Moore, narcissist
Christian/Aidan Stone, learn from the master
Christian/Julia/Sean, home
Christian/Kimber, disaster, heat
Christian/Sean, table
Julia/Christian/Sean, fantasy
Julia/Olivia, cheating
Sean/Aidan Stone, you're not in charge here

Northern Exposure
Chris/Maggie, engine, sawdust, comfort, dance, langour
Chris/Nikolai, War and Peace, summer, knowledge
Joel/Chris, words, lake
Joel/Ed, [any]
Joel/Maggie, exhilaration, flight, regret, snow, breathless
Maggie/Shelly, laugh, wine, puzzle

Nowhere Man
Thomas/Alyson, wilderness, confuse

Amita/Liz, dream, wet, talent
Amita/Terry, inexperience, gun
Charlie/Amita, first, chalk
Charlie/Colby, trust, scared
Colby/Amita, nightmares
Colby/Megan, tease
Don/Charlie, failure, prime-not-prime, formula, trip, practice, bullet proof vest, protection, hug, hold, vacation, runaway
Don/Colby, battered, wet

Ocean's 11 series [back to top]
Danny/Rusty, oral fixation, partners, favor, jailbreak, con, remember, lunch, quick, hustle, shirt, shine, tattoo, mark, hotel, pineapple, elevator, pool, run, settled, money, surprise, getaway, ex, always, honeymoon, finally

Of Human Bondage
Philip/Mildred, scorn

One Life to Live
Cole/Langston, pain, understanding, comfort, regret
Marcie/Todd, hurt, angry, bite, mark, pain
Natalie/Chuck, hay, barn, stars, boots

One Tree Hill
Brooke/Haley, fraying, learning
Brooke/Peyton, mascara, jumper, primary, mystery, vinyl, phone, layover, remember
Brooke/Rachel, bag, trophy, later
Brooke/Skillz, ripped

Jake/Peyton, smile, soft, guitar strings
Lucas/Brooke, dance, sharp, kilts, gum, noon
Lucas/Haley, confide, together
Lucas/Peyton, inspire, love, destiny, book, gasp
Lucas/Peyton/Brooke, share
Mouth/Brooke, beginning, wine
Mouth/Peyton, time
Mouth/Rachael, locked
Nathan/Brooke, secret
Nathan/Chris, bitter, skirts
Nathan/Haley, massage
Nathan/Peyton, remember, indelible, glitter, success, ordinary, swimming pool, pool hall, shower
Peyton/Brooke, change, lost
Peyton/Haley, alto, curler
Peyton/Lucas, blue

Hiromasa/Mitsumushi, butterfly kisses
Seimei/Hiromasa, chopsticks, flute music, locked heart, onsen, sake
Seimei/Hiromasa/Mitsumushi, sharing
Seimei/Lady Aone, trials of youth

Order of the Stick
Belkar/anyone, portable
Haley/Elan, poetry
Roy/Vaarsuvius, level

Beecher/Keller, mind games
Keller/Sister Peter Marie, fall from grace
Ryan/Gloria, fantasy
Said/Adebisi, faith
Said/Keller, corruption

Persona [back to top]
Alma/Elisabet, mirror

Peter Wimsey series
Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane, practical

Petshop of Horrors
Count D/Leon, leash, tea, dream
Count D/Leon, shower, chocolate, hesitant

Phone Booth
The Caller/Stu, mindfuck

Picnic at Hanging Rock
Sara/Miranda, fevered

Pirates of the Caribbean
Anamaria/Elizabeth, tenderly, bestow, pact
Anamaria/Tia Dalma, conjure, cotton, barge
Jack Sparrow/any wench, teeth
Jack/Anamaria/Will, salt
Jack/Elizabeth, dress, fade
Jack/James/Elizabeth, lies
Jack/Norrington, honour, tide, shackles
Jack/Will/Elizabeth, water, marriage, loyalty, faith, voyage, time
James/OFC, afterlife, dancing, eternity, heroism, sense, summer
Murtogg/Mullroy, duty, creation, pine
Pintel/Ragetti, bedspread, concession, coral
Will/Elizabeth, hurried, impatient
Will/Jack, the Interceptor, rum, pirates, first, eunuch, steel
Will/James, tension

Point Break
Johnny/Bodhi, wax

Point Pleasant
Christina/Boyd, sex, death, control, destruction, apocalypse, vulnerability, hatred

Poltergeist The Legacy
Derek/Nick, fog

Portrait of Jennie
Eben/Jennie, paint

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Ethan/Conner/Kira, candy, foreplay, breakfast, tabloid, fame

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Mack/Tyzonn, breaking down, vacation

Practical Magic
Sally/Gillian, safe, guardian, care, blood

Jarod/Parker, switch, closed, salty, normal

Pretty in Pink
Blaine/Stef, seduction

Pride and Prejudice
Darcy/Bingley, mystery, proud
Darcy/Elizabeth, lesson, touch

Princess Bride
Inigo/Westley, emptiness

Prison Break
Caroline Reynolds/Samantha Brinker, poison, revenge, exploit, bitter, sly, secrets, dirt, control, need, green, quiet, loud, power, presidency, white house, lies, admire, bruise, bite, fuck you, watch, grab, want, trust issues, benefit, obsession, unrequited, jaded, bitter, dangerous, rough, fast, hard, prison, vent, dark, weak,
Lincoln/LJ, gone
Lincoln/Sofia, unforgiving
Mahone/anybody, high
Mahone/Michael, knives
Michael/Lincoln, rescue
Michael/Sucre, handcuffs
Whistler/Michael, possibilities

Private Practice
Cooper/Violet, friends with benefits, hair
Dell/Naomi, breath, shock

Bodie/Doyle, anonymous, floor, injury, first-time, undercover, hooker

Chaz/Bobbi, easy
Jim Profit/Bobbi Stakowski, greedy, the perfect fit
Jim Profit/Gail Koner, attend, after-hours, expensive, descent, lipstick, reward, music, eye of the beholder, bound, teach
Jim Profit/Nora Gracen, web
Joanne Meltzer/Jeffrey Sykes, oblivious

Buzz/Gus, Star Wars
Chief Vick/Juliet O'Hara, office hours, open door policy, tough case
Gus/Juliet, trust, beginnings, disguise, umbrella
Gus/Shawn, bite, sweets, cupcakes, pictures, competition, playing doctor, games, locks, nap, cuddling, danger, running, peaches, knowledge, cook, proud, candy, weak, spelling
Henry/Lassiter, slip knot
Juliet/Lassiter, nagging feeling, hug, gun range, in sync, fight, competition, stake out
Shawn/Gus, evidence, dress up, ring, funny, finally, fickle, quiet, vacation, quit, Mexico, notes, office, pineapple, pineapple daquiris, push, stars, tattoo, carnival, funnel, tie, baseball, faucet, orange
Shawn/Juliet, comfort
Shawn/Lassiter, bolero, spying, cell, experienced, silence, cuffs, caught, holster, key

Pushing Daisies
Chuck/Olive, binoculars, bond, flour, touch, dizzy, prudish, bitter, substitute, surprise, touch, triumph, cheeses, need, tell
Emerson/Olive, insanity, gift
Lily/Vivian, effervescent, limelight, diary
Narrator/Ned, clarity, epilogue, patience
Ned/Chuck, barriers, Catherine the Great, flatten, titillate, forget, vanilla, flour, fight, sneaky, solution, watch, touch, kiss, glass, sweat, flour, horny, watch, air, stare, stand-in, gift, stinger, bumble, buzz
Ned/Chuck/Olive, arrangement, proxy, complicated, touch, tension, comfort, pleasure
Ned/Olive, apron, flour, pie filling, complications, lie, pie, resist, touch, knight, jockey, side-saddle

Queer as Folk (UK) [back to top]
Vince/Stuart, money, tape, envelope

Queer as Folk (US)
Brian/Justin, eager, habit, shower, welcome
Brian/Michael, denial, finally

Madeleine 'Maddy' LeClerc/The Abbe du Coulmier, Confessions
The Marquis de Sade, poetry

Reaper [back to top]
Ben/Sam/Sock, jealous
Ben/Sock, duh, hot tub, constant, mine
Cady/Sam, fire
Sam/Andi, confession, forgetful
Sam/Cady, diabolical
Sam/Devil, caution
Sam/Sock, food, Twinkies, drunken kisses, strip poker
Sock/Gladys, evil, nightmares

Red Cap
Angie/Bruce, fantastic, frequent, cake, honeymoon, naked
Jo McDonagh/Neve Kurland, jealousy, competition, tart, rough, silk
Jo McDonagh/Philip Roper, against a wall, table, couch, shower, gravel, seeing red

Red Dwarf
Rimmer/Lister, bickering, established relationship, regret, the past, missed opportunities

Regeneration Trilogy
Prior/Rivers, ethics, mended

David/Caroline, broke, armor
David/Mayko, peel, drift

Mark/Roger, heat, script, cross-dressing, sugar, tattoos
Mark/Roger/Mimi, dance

Robin Hood (BBC)
Allan/Much, second-choice, warmth, momentary, understanding, defensive
Allan/Robin, forgiveness, nobility, disguise, thanks
Guy/Marian, wind, bruises, wine, wood, leave
Robin/Much, back to the wall

Robin Hood
Guy/Marian, temptation
Robin/Marian, eternity

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Robin Hood/The Sheriff, sinners
Robin Hood/Will Scarlett, harlot, brothers, revenge

Anthony/adult!Octavian, jealousy
Antony/Cleopatra, serpent
Antony/Octavia, vengeance
Octavia/adult!Octavian, nostalgia, shatter
Pullo/Cleopatra, button
Pullo/Vorena the Elder, forbidden
Vorenus/Niobe, forgive, unbridled
Vorenus/Pullo, fix, [any]

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo/Mercutio, shard, violet

Isabel/Kyle, discovery
Kyle/Liz, van
Kyle/OFC, needs, sugar
Liz/Tess, clandestine, escape, grip, spanking
Max/Liz, cold, first love, psychic, dream, wedding night, alien
Max/Maria, song
Max/Tess, destiny
Michael/Maria, left, pout

Chase/Gertie, trust, again, stomach, purple, hand
Karolina/Xavin, sparkle, sad

Emma/Simon, spider

Sanctuary (webseries) [back to top]
Will Zimmerman/Joe Kavanaugh, arrest, after hours,
Will/Helen, library, death threats, latex

Bast/Dream, huntress
Hob Gadling/Death, flirt

Sapphire and Steel
Sapphire/Silver, amuse
Sapphire/Steel, cold

Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Smith/Andrea Yeats, quantum
Sarah Jane Smith/older!Maria Jackson, inexplicable

Saved by the Bell
Jessie/Zack, first time, whisper, chocolate, love

Dr Cox/Jordan, before
Dr. Cox/Elliot, first, pitiful, strong
Dr. Cox/JD, domestic, sheets, ink, hero
Elliot/Carla, friendship, jealousy
Elliot/Jordan, hair, eyebrows
Elliot/Jordan/Perry, sharing
Elliot/Molly, elevator, yellow, yesterday, bedding, moonstruck
Elliot/OFC, handkerchief, barrage, fraction
JD/Dr Cox/Jordan, secret
JD/Dr. Cox, "I need your help with something."
Todd/anyone, score!, ______ five!

West/Cally, harbor

Seinfeld/Elaine, rules

Sex and the City
Carrie/Big, anniversary
Samantha Jones/Miranda Hobbes, secrets

Sherlock Holmes
Holmes/Irene Adler, heat

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series
Nick/Ash, forgiveness, beads, reunion
Zarek/Valerius, anger, reconciliation

Silas Marner
Godfrey/Aaron, droit-du-seigneur
Godfrey/Nancy, adoption, industrial revolution

Silk Stalkings
Chris/Rita, partner, protection, life, banter, umbrella

Six Feet Under
Billy/Nate, high, jealous
David/Nate, taboo
Nate/Lisa, control, firm, pressure, spooning

Cassie/Jal, awake
Cassie/Jal, lovely
Cassie/Jal, reality
Jal Fazer/Chris Miles, resigned
Jal/Chris, spit
Maxxie/Chris, surprise
Maxxie/Tony, break, last, improved, slut, dance
Tony Stonem/Sid Jenkins/Michelle Richardson, selfish
Tony/Jal, mockery, persuasion

Sky High
Warren Peace/Layla Williams, Paper Lantern, comfort, jealousy
Warren Peace/Will Stronghold, rivals, heroes, strength, flames, passion
Warren/Layla/Will, uniform, nickname, treat, strawberries

Slings and Arrows
Anna/Barbara (the Lizard Queen), accommodations
Anna/Nahum, cream
Ellen/Oliver, cake
Geoffrey/Anna, vengeance
Geoffrey/Ellen, mouth, sorry, stairs, sweater
Geoffrey/Oliver, sandwich, spectral
Richard/Sanjay, cat

A.C./Bart/Clark/Oliver/Victor, circle jerk
Adam/Lana, mouth
Alexander/Kal, world, dictator, consort, power, soft, win, lose, castle, slave, open, tied, conquer
Bizarro/Chloe, beg, burn, lick, trick, trust, trap, sin, quiver
Bizarro/Clark, helpless, laugh, mirror, pretty, sin, vengeance, vain
Chloe/Bizarro, red, elevator, heat, smirk
Chloe/Lana, ache
Chloe/Lois, bond
Chloe/Lois/Clark/Lana, wet
Chloe/Mikhail Mxyzptlk, trick, temptation, hard, universe, rehabilitated, nails
Clark/Alicia, guess
Clark/Chloe, aftermath, anger, bite, balloon, hide, lift, minty, pie, blood, heat, restraint, pain, bullpen, firsts, freckles, stars, discovery, rematch, strip, thrills, lost, cold, scared, passion, heal, bound, control, corn field, dominate, elevator, trapped, exploration, forget, freak, healing touch, hidden love, passion, realization, red, bizarre, fruit, book, soothe, stripping, tease, undercover
Clark/Chloe/Jimmy, picture
Clark/Chloe/Lana, torrid, forbidden, clandestine
Clark/Chloe/Lois, help
Clark/Lana, lace
Clark/Lana/Chloe, surprise
Clark/Lex/Chloe, switch, cookie,
Clark/Lois, blossom, blush, fragile, somber
Clark/Oliver/Chloe, trio
Clark/Pete, bathroom
Jason/Chloe, ignored, Spark, Temptation
Jason/Lex, desire
Jason/Lois, bottle
Jonathon/Jor-El, bargain
Kal-El/Chloe, alpha, destiny, flight, hunt, incandescent, dictator, control, mystic, wrong, pressure, want, desire
Kal-El/Lex, settle, find, winner, spoils, accept, change, alien, different, kill, harem
Lex/Adam, piano
Lex/Chloe, chemistry, anger, intellect, conversation, byline, knowledge, cold, fear, fighting attraction, hate, inevitable, memories, picture, tablet, basement, alleged, pen, teasing, villain
Lex/Clark, celebrity, closet, future, finally, reunion, forgiveness, angry, fight, mark, mine, pon farr, oops, lock-down, jail, claim, shield, together, wrong, candle, car, summer, lost, genderswap, paparazzi, jungle, kneel, destiny, Kryptonite, friends, Alexander, lights
Lex/Clark/Oliver, purple
Lex/Lana, again, evil, hate, candles, whore, dark, betrayal, humiliation, love, alimony, dark, diamonds, high-rise, smoke, black, fire
Lex/Lois, smirk
Lois/Grant, cheap
Oliver/Chloe, "One tequila...", angels, broken, cocktails, coffee, home, impossible, lick, practice, sidekick?, Star City, reconnaissance, security cameras, smirk, mistake, once, tower, safe, beginnings, heroes, surprise, touch, tower, undercover, 2:00am
Oliver/Martha, shiver
RedK!Lex/Clark, mouth

South of Nowhere
Paula/Ashley, monster

Space Above and Beyond
Vansen/West, knocking boots, flower, dirt

Alan Carter/Sandra Benes, solace, danger, wishes
Alan Carter/Tony Verdeschi, sir, flying, jealousy

Tim/Daisy, sweet, sorry, dance, tickle, wanker
Tim/Mike, paint, comics, pub, flowers

Spider-Man (movie)
Harry Osborn/Peter Parker, forget
Harry/Peter/MJ, house, echoes, peace

Spooks (aka MI-5)
Danny/Sam, first date
Ros/Adam, affection, breathe, exclusive, fingertips, union, warm
Tom/Christine, elsewhere, helpless, icy
Tom/Zoe, Nighthawks, coffee, fissure
Zaf/Jo, indeed, mist

Sports Night
Dan/Casey, clown, lock, vacation, cake, cuddle, ferret, forever, leak, fever, longing, privacy, cooking, secrets, sofa, virtue, wonderment, writing
Dan/Natalie, years, heels, whisper
Dana/Natalie, shoes, attempt, sorry
Dana/Natalie/Jeremy, arrange, flower, wallpaper, whispered
Jeremy/Natalie, toys, furniture, shirts
Natalie/Kim, independence

Star of the Guardians series
Sagan/Maigrey, dance, away, dream

Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Bashir/O'Brien, home, war
Garak/Bashir, need

Star Trek: Enterprise
Archer/Hoshi, heat
Archer/Shran, heat
Archer/T'Pol, heat
Phlox/Hoshi, heat

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Picard/Female Q, heat
Picard/Q, multiverse, dreams, trial
Picard/Vash, heat
Ro/Guinan, back so soon, uncomfortable, risk, take a chance, awkward, crush, date, differences, so we're different what's your point? favorite mistake, touch

Star Trek: Voyager
Chakotay/Janeway, heat
Chakotay/Torres, heat
Chakotay/Torres/Paris, heat
Janeway/Chakotay, freedom
Paris/Chakotay, holodeck
Paris/Janeway, heat

Star Wars
Anakin/Padme, coerce, darkness
Dooku/Ventress, temper
Grievous/Shaak Ti, nightmares
Han/Leia, lessons, unusual, beg
Han/Luke/Leia, aftermath
Jaina/Jag, turn around
Jaina/Kyp, arguments
Jaina/Zeck, goddess
Kit/Aayla, ride
Luke Skywalker/Wedge Antilles, cockpit, downtime, Hoth, leadership, snowfall, [any]
Luke/Leia, voyerism
Mara/Luke, wait
Sidious/Anakin, seduction
Sidious/Maul, lullaby
Wedge Antilles/Tycho Celchu, comfort, lights, moonlight, shatter, silence, [any]
Wedge Antilles/Wes Janson, cravery, exhibitionism, experiment, show-off, teasing, [any]
Wedge/Iella, stars
Wedge/Tycho, scars

Stardust (movieverse)
Lamia/Yvaine, weak, want, control, battle, bite, taste, irresistible, curious, youth, beauty, star, [any]
Tristan/Yvaine, candle, light

Stargate Atlantis
Carson/Evan Lorne, paints, quiver
Carson/Michael, mindfuck
Carson/Rod, reunion, shallow, unrequited
Elizabeth/Evan Lorne, exposed, fantasy, forbidden
Elizabeth/Kate Heightmeyer/, sweet, pink, intrigued, here, right now? musicals, more than a crush, sports, guns, trapped, off world, body swap,
Elizabeth/Laura Cadman, dancing
Elizabeth/Radek, command, exotic, negotiations, unexpected
Elizabeth/Radek/Evan Lorne, naive
Evan Lorne/Dr. Parrish, bored
Evan Lorne/Laura Cadman, Atlantis black barket, books, BOOM!, closet, coin, dragons, fcuk, flowers, laughter, paint smudges, poker night, portraits, water
Evan Lorne/OFC, chocolate cake, floor, hallway
Evan Lorne/Rod, pizza, mistaken, impersonation
girl!John/Rodney, want
John (solo), guiltmemory
John/Carson, beach, deflower, restrain, restrictions, wrestling, return, watched
John/Elizabeth, ache, long, booze, calm, carpe diem, cupcake, drive, freckles, hail Mary, handcuffs, heat, hope, intense, leather, lights, calm, hold, loyalty, secret, regret, miscommunication, movie night, no underwear, on top, the boss, secret, quarry, rebellion, reunited, silk, table, telepathy
John/Elizabeth/Evan Lorne, business as usual, obey, revel
John/Evan Lorne, flyboys, sir, Star Trek, green
John/John, fighting dirty
John/Larrin, leather
John/Radek, French, decompression, submission
John/Radek/Carson, drunk, fold, still, red
John/Rod, swing, enslave
John/Rodney, aliens, save, balcony, blanket, dark, floor, smell, doubles, downtime, Earth, fanboy, football, ice cream, leather, lipstick, lollypop, love, maroon, orange, Miller's Crossing, oreo, exploration, sharing, organ, Puddlejumper, sand, silence, skill, cruiser, stigma, struggle, taste, unknown, white
John/Rodney/Carson, high
John/Rodney/Elizabeth, bothered, pennies, history
John/Rodney/Radek, transporter, touching
John/Rodney/Radek/Carson, switch
John/Rodney/Teyla, missing, unity
John/Rodney/Teyla/Ronon, health, kink, bondage, D/s, morning, mud, curiosity, nap
John/Ronon, blood, power, revolt, duct tape, exercise, envy, handcuffs, lap, miscommunication, understanding, wordless
John/Ronon/Carson, gauntlet, Sateda
John/Ronon/Elizabeth, fingers, lost
John/Sam, drawn together, hidden, friendship, homesick, hold, home, command, swimming, festival
John/Teyla, anger, baby, babydaddy, control, dominate, dreams, fight, first time, forgiveness, hidden love, jealousy, love, necessary, realization, title, touch, trust, understanding, song, window, wraith, connection
John/Teyla/Ronon, saying goodbye
John/Teyla/Ronon, warrior
Katie Brown/Dr. Parrish, pollen
Radek/Carson, eclipse, fixtures
Radek/Evan Lorne, amnesia, territory, debt, flying, guns, surprise, prime, skin, unleashed
Radek/Rod, recursion, poker
repli!Elizabeth/Kate Heightmeyer, power, stunned, controlled
Rodney/Carson, do over, summer, flagelliform, indulgence, triumphant
Rodney/Elizabeth, unexpected, brush
Rodney/Elizabeth/Carson, unaware
Rodney/Evan Lorne, glass, hobby
Rodney/Evan Lorne/Rod, crazy
Rodney/FRAN, purpose, rewritten
Rodney/Laura Cadman, silly
Rodney/Radek, coffee, passion, blue, synergy, confined, language, parameters, girlfriend, prime, silence, survival, talk
Rodney/Radek/Carson, daylight
Rodney/Ronon, dirt, escape, macaroni and cheese, wine, breathless
Rodney/Ronon/John, abstinence, thunder
Rodney/Teyla, disguise, misinterpret, heat, music, hope, longing, untouched, linger, relax,
Ronon/Carson, pierced, restless
Ronon/Daniel Jackson, rain, wraith
Ronon/Elizabeth, obedience, bad, training, listening
Ronon/Evan Lorne, violin, bacchanal
Ronon/Keller, lockdown, off-world, protection
Ronon/Ladon Radim, animal, irresistible
Ronon/Radek, swear, intimidation
Ronon/Sam, bone, running, bathe, silence, soft, isolation, dark, knife, power struggle, remembrance, knot, chair, waiting, breath
Sam/Evan Lorne, chain of command, missing in action, delegate
Sam/Jennifer Keller, escape
Sam/Radek, mutual, frozen, science, puddlejumper, kiss, candlelight
Sam/Rodney, competition, enjoyment, supernova, equation, torch
Sam/Rodney/Radek, exploration, stars, flight, desperation
Teyla/Carson, pride, lonely
Teyla/Elizabeth, goodbye, trust, issues, football, white chocolate kisses, kisses, caged, trapped, off world, body swap,
Teyla/Evan Lorne, abandoned, bound, dance, dominant, starlight, stick, cider, traditions
Teyla/Michael, primal, unique
Teyla/Radek, haze, warm, silence, loyalty, whisper, wanting
Teyla/Ronon, winner, hidden, winner, warrior, berries, shade
Teyla/Ronon/Elizabeth, veil

Stargate SG-1
Ba'al/Adria, power, hand device, prisoner, summit
Ba'al/Qetesh, control crystal, stars
Ba'al/Vala, back
Cameron/Adria, yield
Cameron/Carolyn, white lies
Cameron/Daniel, accident, late, gasp, fast, submit, new, talk, ruins, lockers, mirror, whoops, closet, date night, experimentation, blindfold, play, shirt, sweat, end, battle, light, vanilla, door, football
Cameron/Daniel/Sam, stranded, past, hope
Cameron/Daniel/Teal'c, hunger, muscle
Cameron/Daniel/Vala, retirement, sharing, too much, not enough
Cameron/Jack, forest, random, power, sweat, deep, cold
Cameron/Jack/Sam, envy
Cameron/Janet, flight, trust
Cameron/Jolan (from Babylon episode-Sodan), death, hope, need
Cameron/Sam, familiar, leaving, mist, cabin, rush, shelter, sober, bar night, beer, cave, lost pants, mud-wrestling, quiet, rain, silk
Cameron/Teal'c, seek
Cameron/Teal'c/Vala, comfort
Cameron/Vala, banter, headache, family, turning cartwheels, antagonism, secret amusement, revelation, deeper, curiosity
Carolyn/Vala, sulk
Daniel/Adria, control
Daniel/Adria/Merlin, vie
Daniel/Jack, arpeggio, clash, desperate, drowsy, lube, truck, Atlantis, candle, history, uniform, new, smirk, injured, reunite, screwdriver, slick, whittling
Daniel/Jack/Vala, hieroglyph
Daniel/Janet, bubbles, taste, vacation
Daniel/Sabrina Gosling, fling
Daniel/Sam, cherish, anger, burn, secret, chopsticks, orbit, passion, lingerie, secret, waiting
Daniel/Teal'c, care, hot, sand, forest, fight, trial, faith
Daniel/Vala, meaningful, mud, salt, trust, storm, playful, rough
Gen. Hammond/Walter, duty, relax
Jack/Kerry Johnson, secrets
Jack/Sam, after, soon, never, bother, chime, falter, honor, bind, fruit, trickle, spring, surrender, spark, hard, fishing, pegging, waiting
Jack/Teal'c, power, graze, soft, sucker, reward, aimless, envy, dedication, gentle
Jack/Vala, amity, bare, consolation, knives, solace
Jolinar/Qetesh, glitter
Jonas/Sam, black dress, chocolate, color co-ordination, feathers, honey, ice, ice-cream, illusions, jello, lock-picking, lollipop, strength, thunderstorm, weakness, weather
Jonas/Vala, lost
Martouf/Sam, again, other
RepliCarter/Ba'al, illusion, power, game, late
RepliCarter/Daniel, mind, sun, control
Sam/Vala, awkward, easy, achievement, futility, dirt, swelter, haste, parley, pleading, shore, sate
Teal'c/Cameron, faith
Teal'c/Ishta, ephemeral
Teal'c/Sam, honor, sweat, understood
Teal'c/Vala, soothe

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Jack Rudolph/Matt Albie, drink, smoke
Simon/Tom, coat, beginning, overprotective

Dean/Sam/Ava, voyeur
Bobby/Ellen, aftermath
Bobby/Jo, hurt
Bobby/Missouri, spellbook
Dean [solo], boring
Dean(21)/Sam(17), drink
Dean/Bela, crazy, hate sex, objectify, play you, water
Dean/Casey, knowledge, glow, body, reunited, skin
Dean/Cassie, glow, body, reunited, skin
Dean/Crossroads Demon, red
Dean/Ellen, one last time, survivor's guilt
Dean/girl!Sam, beach
Dean/Gordon, bite
Dean/Jess, alone
Dean/Jo, breathe, dust, fast car, impatient, morality, nightmares, pink ribbon, pitiless, regret, waiting
Dean/Lisa, best, hair, remember, weekend
Dean/OFC, demon, white
Dean/OMC, alone, hotel, quiet, taste, trapped
Dean/Ruby, faith, red
Dean/Sam, amulet, invade, laptop, peanut butter, angels, annual, AU, Dean in college, bodyswap, comedian, genderswap, normal, prey, sweat, possession, without, sky, feather, ambushed, desperation, growing, iron, night, rage, tourists, first
Jo/Jess, hunted
John/Dean, hurt, demon, soldier
Sam/Ava, ring
Sam/Bela, means to an end
Sam/Bobby, first, daddy, beginnings
Sam/Crossroads Demon, revenge
Sam/Dean/Jo, trapped
Sam/Ellen, bar
Sam/Jess, fingernails, flour, giggle, summer, pegging, moles
Sam/Jo, jukebox, backroom, beach
Sam/Lenore, regret, blood, silver
Sam/Madison, moon
Sam/OFC, first
Sam/Ruby, bite, black, secrets, trust
Sam/Sarah, floor, staircase

Rich/Laura/Jackson, lost, persuasion

Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters
Jules/Robin, phone sex, snow

Sweeney Todd
Sweeney Todd/Judge Turpin, secrets, both, opportunity, recognition, second chance, fire, perverted, sodomy
Sweeney Todd/Mrs Lovett, comfort, sharp, cold comfort, better, lace, bleed, submission

Sweet November
Brandon/Chas, laughter

Pete/Stitch, Jack Daniels, nipple clamps, helmet, motorcycle, imaginary
Poppy/Daisy, romance, flowers, champagne, dildo
Poppy/Pete/Stitch, threesome, boobies, elephants, gay, public sex

Richard/Alec, adrenaline, voice

Tape (movie) [back to top]
Jon/Vincent, regret, fight, high

The 10th Kingdom
Wendell/Wolf, piglet, touchy, naivete

The 4400
Diana/Marco, passion, power
Jordan/Kyle, authority figure
Jordan/Shawn, hero worship, messiah, mourning, promise, better, isolation, need
Jordan/Tom, telephone, next, talents, compromise, promicin, war
Kyle/Shawn, apocalypse, light, breath
Marco/Diana, apologies, desk, elevator
Marco/Tom, wait
Tom/Alana, time, somber

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
Buckaroo Banzai/Rawhide, new music, old friends, long life

The Avengers
John Steed/Cathy Gale, flirt

The Bedford Diaries
Richard/Professor Macklin, videotape
Richard/Sarah, argue

The Big Bang Theory
Penny/Leonard, babble
Penny/Sheldon, pushy

The Black Donnellys
Kevin/Tommy, family, control, safe

The Boondock Saints
Connor/Murphy, soul mates

The Bourne Trilogy (Films)
Bourne/Landy, platitude
Bourne/Nicky, time
Jason/Nicky, aftermath, blood, the job, I know you, memories, white flag, hair dye, Estonia, before
Nicky/Conklin, business

The Breakfast Club
Allison/Andrew, continuity
Andy/Brian, pizza, puzzle, glance
Brian/Bender, invitation, car, strip

The Chronicles of Riddick
Lord Vaako/Dame Vaako, possession
Riddick/Dame Vaako, seduction

The Closer
Brenda/Fritz, surprise, taste, relaxed
Daniels/Gabriel, seduction, heat, proposal
Flynn/Provenza, sports, sarcasm, friendship

The Contender
Lane Hanson/Agent Wilhemina, election night

The Darkangel Trilogy
Aeriel/Irrylath, desert

The Double Life of Véronique
Véronique/Weronika, reverie

The Dresden Files (books)
Harry/Johnny Marcone, transaction
Harry/Lasciel, mentalism, shrink, onanism
Harry/Michael, trancendance
Harry/Murphy, saw, abracadabra, subtle
Harry/Susan, fierce
Harry/Thomas, car, shower, light, magic, wine, helpless, hungry

The Dresden Files
Harry/Connie Murphy, spell

The Eyes of the Dragon
Thomas/Dennis, dreamy, hysterical, electric

The Fast and the Furious/2 Fast 2 Furious
Brian/Dom/Rome, jealousy
Brian/Rome, adrenaline
Brian/Verone, revenge
Dom/Brian, ice cream, heat, ropes, reunion, car show, race, seatbelt, oil change, GPS, undercover,
Letty/Mia, real, breathe, wrist

The Fifth Element
Leelo/Korben Dallas, orange

The Ghost Whisperer
Melinda/Rick, misunderstanding

The Great Fire
Aldred/Helen, moonlit

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
Doug/anyone, release, survivor
Doug/Brenda, memories

The History Boys
Dakin/Posner, first, Oxford
Fiona/Irwin, mystery
Irwin/Dakin, making sense, endings, plaything, Shakespeare, spelling errors
Scripps/Posner, finally, grass

The Invisible Man
Bobby/Darien, drunk, dangerous, alive
The Invisible Man
Bobby/Darien/Claire, possible, dare, silk

The L Word
Alice/Shane, toys
Bette/Joni, senses
Bette/Tina, ownership

The Last Legion
Aurelius/Mira, sky, hands , abandon

The Lion in Winter
Geoffrey/Alais, wasted chances
Henry/Eleanor, indifferent
Philip/Richard, apology

The Magnificent Seven
Chris/Buck, scoundrel, favor, mine
Chris/Ezra, blanket, ride, necessary
Chris/Vin, guilt, truth, more
Ezra/Buck, look, plans, fumble
Ezra/Vin, alive, clear, stream
Mary/Inez, poetry, independence, skin
Nathan/Rain, river, trust, fears

The Manchurian Candidate(2004)
Raymond Shaw/Eleanor Shaw, bathtub

The Merchant of Venice
Gratiano/Nerissa, beard
Lorenzo/Jessica, bacon, the morning after

The Mighty Boosh
Hitcher/Howard, fingering, box, candy
Howard/Vince, roof, bounce, shop floor, chameleon lounge, desert, girls
Naboo/Anyone, hookah, brownies, milk
Neon/Ultra, blinding, taste, tied
Neon/Vince, costumes, stab you up, music

The Mountain
David/Travis, competition, sauna

The Mummy
Evelyn/Rick, crypt, museum

The O.C.
Ryan/Julie, so wrong
Ryan/Kirsten, wishes

Ryan/Lindsay, Shakespeare, red, sigh
Ryan/Seth, giggles, hickey, spoil, jealous
Ryan/Summer, sweat
Ryan/Taylor, bliss, gruyere, curling, spider
Ryan/Theresa, unfamiliar, first love, last love, smokes, hotel paper
Summer/Theresa, smiling
Summer/Marissa, pool, summertime, drunk

The Office (UK)
Tim/Dawn, honeymoon, paint, laundry, Christmas, moonlight, playful, early
Tim/Gareth, handy, promotion

The Office (US)
Dwight/Angela, authority, beet farm, winning, battle
Jan/Jim, deserve
Jim/Karen, boots, wedding, New York, night of Pam's art show
Jim/Karen/Pam, mistaken identity
Jim/Pam, dance, drunk, warm, caught, home, tease, tie pulling, rough, food, opposite, useless information, movie night
Karen/Andy, serenade
Karen/Katy, coincidence
Karen/Kelly, lipstick
Karen/OC, happy
Karen/Pam, art, lonely, bathroom stall
Karen/Pam/Jim, trouble
Kelly/Andy, '90s music, American Idol, movies, laughter
Oscar/Toby, miscommunication
Michael/Jan, argument, quitting, smoke
Pam/Karen, regret, reunion

The Outsiders
Dallas/Darry, mint green, praised, crazy
Sodapop/Steve, prowl, without a word, feathers

The Owl Service
Alison/Gwyn, leaves

The Picture of Dorian Gray
Dorian/Basil, bitter

The Practice
Helen/Lindsay, at last, unsaid, mistakes, white chocolate kisses, smooth, weak, come on over, mine, war, fight, on the wrong side, stress

The Pretender
Parker/Jarod, hideaway

The Road to El Dorado
Chel/Miguel/Tulio, paintbrush, indefinite, loser
Miguel/Tulio, justice, contraption, spark

The Scarlet Letter
Hester Prynne/Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale, indecent, sacrilege

The Secret Garden
Mary/Dickon, tulips

The Sentinel
Jill Marin/1st Lady Sarah Ballentine, to serve and protect, I know you've been watching me, flirt, impulse, instinct, lake, favorite mistake,
Jim/Blair, why, hurried, marks

The Silence of the Lambs
Clarice/Lecter, piano

The Simpsons
Burns/Smithers, nap
Apu/Manjula, braid

The Sopranos
Melfi/Carmella, loss
Tony/Melfi, betrayal

The State Within
Sir Mark Brydon/Nicholas Brocklehurst, expedient, hotel, run, desperate

The Tick (live-action)
Batmanuel/Lady Liberty, ultimate

The Time Traveler's Wife
Clare/Henry, kaleidoscope, quicksilver

The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Tomas/Sabina, blue
Tomas/Tereza, red

The Unit
Mack/Bob, stress relief
Mack/Kim, grief
Williams/Grey, brothers

The Warriors
Swan/Mercy, Travel

The West Wing
Andrea/Ann Stark, argument, juxtaposition, push, secret, young
Charlie/Zoe, forgiveness
CJ/Andrea, legs, match, pull, tangle, win
CJ/Danny, fire, frying pan, handcuffs, lace, scarves, silk, wood
CJ/Donna, lush, leaves, calligraphy
CJ/Donna/Josh, chair, chortle, chocolate
CJ/Gina Toscano, faith
CJ/Josh, skin, heels, punish
CJ/Josh/Sam/Toby, map, quarter, cemetary
CJ/Josh/Toby, felt
CJ/Kate Harper, FBI, Oval Office, quiet, reception
CJ/Liz Bartlet, campaigning
CJ/Sam, pristine, priceless, shimmer
CJ/Sam/Toby, office, covert, letter, promise, happiness, voyeur, words, failure, porcelain
CJ/Toby, arch, at last, politics, from the moment we met I knew you wanted me, sunset, cold, motorbikes, leather,, deceit, high heels, ink, scotch, scratch, shoulders, shudder, unexpected
Donna/Amy, one last time, silence, beauty, anger, blouse, fingers, green
Donna/Amy/Josh, hotel, broken, three's a crowd
Josh/Donna, cold, Hilary Clinton, 2am, quiet, red, Tahiti, stoplight, Las Vegas
Josh/Sam, Air Force One, candy, celebrate, insomnia, miserable, tuxedo
Josh/Sam/Toby, afterwards, brilliance, colour, rivals, promise, brothers, rerun, city, book, faith, left, loss
Josh/Toby, betrayal, telephone, future, false, tie, prayer
Leo/Josh, bottle
Matt Santos/Josh, hotel
Sam solo, boss, letter, quiet, office
Sam/Ainsley, arrested, distribution, peaches, peppermint, pipe, steam, venue, lessons
Sam/Josh, inevitable, shut up, risk, internet, dirt, what’s slash?
Sam/Josh/Toby, at last, leather, dirt, all wet, shopping, obey, doing it for our country, we thought we’d lost you Josh, hands, touch, feathers, history,
Sam/Toby, maps, shirt, music, memory, fifty-fifty, miracle, strike, interesting, risking it all, a walk on the wild side, all wet, don’t stop, ink, rain, partners, voyeur, home, melancholy, brother, pressure, poet
Sam/Will, Oregon, real, election, reunion, new, cursed
Toby solo, dream, guilt, tension, never
Toby/Andrea, scarf, neck, blush, disappointment, ownership, devotion, morning, secret, behind, bruises, covert, fall, hips, leaving, New York, red, satin, spine, too much
Toby/Annabeth, charming, purr, toes
Toby/CJ, friends, connection, soulmate, laughter, comfort, solace
Toby/Ellie, sad, safe, jail, letter, guilt, forgiveness, desk
Toby/Jed Bartlett, apostasy
Toby/Will, betrayal, envy, missing, try, door, desk, hard

The X-Files
Doggett/Scully, rescue, solace, regret, time, alone
Mulder/Scully, calm, flashlights, heat, twist, loss, fire, burn-out, lost
Scully/Detective Kresge, immediate
Scully/Reyes, surprise!

This is Spinal Tap
Nigel/David, balcony, hairy, jest

This Life
Miles/Anna, regret

Brendan/Freya, entrapment, hungry, jealousy, moment, coffee, intimacy, spontaneity, first, partner, thought sex, tell me

Tin Man
Ahamo/the Queen, retirement
Azkadellia/Airofday, peppermint, advantageous, tinted
Azkadellia/Cain, comfort, field, trapped, letters, outcast, grudge
Azkadellia/OFC, mewed, seamstress, inertia
Cain/Adora, family, love, wedding
Cain/DG, first time, pink, smirk, blush, angel, joy, new, beginnings, blue, dancing, heart, history, light, natural, princess, jeans, fish-out-of-water, nightfall, possessive, watcher, protection, hot, naked, magic
Cain/Glitch, coil, loop, fumble, pre-surgery, remember me, forgetfulness, boy scout
DG/Glitch, weird
DG/Jeb, healing, restoration
Zero/Azkadellia, regret

Tipping the Velvet
Florence/Nan, atheist, challenge, heart

Doc Holiday, Dice
Doc/Kate, torch, cloak, shield

Top Gun
Everyone!, locker-room
Maverick/Goose, true

Andy Davidson/Rhys Williams, radiator
Gwen/Ianto/Jack/Owen/Tosh, match, secret, history, inevitable
Gwen/Suzie, displacement
Gwen/Toshiko, lopsided, vibrating
Ianto Jones/Eugene Jones, devotion
Ianto/Owen, suit, genderfuck, archives, alone, Jack's back, want you, rimming, camping
Ianto/Owen/Jack, pieces, camera, unreasonable, office, research
Ianto/Toshiko, research, coffee, computer, cooking, life, ocean, red wine, discovery, faith, alone, wistful
Jack Harkness/Andy Davidson, gladiator, rivalry, yoghurt
Jack Harkness/Estelle Cole, country, fleeting, tremulous
Jack Harkness/Kathy Swanson, darkness, invasion, necessary, sweat, vertigo
Jack, missing, water, enthusiasm
Jack/anyone, memory
Jack/Gwen, coat, gun, longing
Jack/Ianto, anger, bandage, bet, blue, monkeys, too serious, bondage, cherry, cold, fault, forgiveness, mirror, habit, home, lazy, lost, make up, moonlight, mpreg, obstinate, office supplies, patience, porn movie, pub, rain, schizophrenic, defensive, serenade, smirk, sneak, snuggle, spank, spotted, stopwatch, strawberry, taste, tattoo, tent, uptight, Welsh, kinky, oblivious team, suspenders (braces)
Jack/Ianto/Toshiko, grudges, syrup, ice, hard day, from the stars, feathers, dust, chocolate, caution, alone, alliance
Jack/Jack, fleeting, momentary, kiss, dance, London, moon, rimming
Jack/Owen, payback, superiority, mechanism, tension, need, hand, office romance, unexpected, telepathy, balance, resentment, worship
Jack/Real!Jack/Ianto, time, moments, Rift, care, soft, tender, rimming
Jack/Real!Jack/Owen, medically inadvisable, helpful, glide, rimming
Jack/Toshiko, darkness, letting go
Owen/Gwen, fun, understanding, banter
Owen/Rhys, payback
Rhys, understanding
Rhys/Gwen, anchor

Touching Evil (UK)
Dave Creegan/Susan Taylor, dirt, murder, blood, pressure, potluck, bluff, never

Transformers - the movie
Sam/Bumblebee, skin
Sam/Mikaela, taste

Spider/Royce, telephone
Spider/Yelena, cockroach

Jay/Tyler, comfort, change, fear
Jay/Will, limits, power
Jay/Will/Tyler, fight, space, book
Tyler/Will, unrequited, anger, feel, second

Hector/Achilles, warriors, bloodlust, power, honor
Hector/Paris, blood, lust, temptation, war, beauty, forbidden

Tru Calling
Tru/Jack, figure you out

Bella/Alice, bite
Bella/Edward, still, statue, hard, fragile, human, first love, wedding, masturbation, dreams
Bella/Jacob, "you can't hurt me", motorcycle
Carlisle/Edward, mentor
Edward/Alice, sexual tension
Jacob/Edward, enemies, scent, battle fever, snow, traitors
Jacob/Quil, what friends are for

UFO [back to top]
Gay Ellis/Ed Straker, family, homecoming, regret
Gay Ellis/Paul Foster, crayons, thunderstorm,
Paul Foster/Ed Straker, alcohol, training, bed sheets
Peter Carlin/Paul Foster, comfort, command

Uglies trilogy
Tally/Shay, Special, trick, icy
Tally/Zane, icy, bubbly, masquerade, anti-heroes, pretty-making

Ugly Betty
Betty/Alexis, whiskey, defeatist, crawl
Betty/Amanda, bite, idiocy, blazing
Betty/Daniel, allies, hope, japan, ribbon, round, tension, unrequited, wedding, satin, smile, shy, snow, desk
Betty/Henry, surprise
Betty/Sofia, do-gooder, flammable, articulate
Christina/Wilhelmina, breathing, incense, peevish
Cliff/Marc, cuddle, beret, clumsy
Daniel/Alexis, careful, fur, new, crazy, beautiful, shopping, bra, lace, different, okay, short skirt, legs, stiletto heels, naked, shower, desk top, forbidden
Marc/Betty, slip
Sofia/Alexis, condemn, flamboyant, endow

Mike/Kirsty, forgiveness

Michael/Selene, mate, forever, feral, pegging

Velvet Goldmine [back to top]
Brian/Curt, free, galaxies

Venture Brothers
Brock/Molotov, snap, smokin'
Brock/Rusty, wrestle
Monarch/Dr. Girlfriend, first time
Phantom Limb/Dr. Girlfriend, oops
Rusty/Dr. Orpheus, male bonding

Veronica Mars
Casey/Mac, broken
Duncan/Troy, outcast, possession
Lamb/Keith, undercover, silliness, absurdity, banter, angst, past, history, mentor
Lilly/Logan/Veronica, satin, shiny
Logan/Duncan, Mexico, 80s night, late night drive
Logan/Lilly, only
Logan/Mac, lost
Logan/Veronica, anytime, history, regret, press, jeans, entrapment
Mac/Dick, beach
Veronica/Carrie Bishop, bathroom, snark, cunning, surprise, agile, smug, smarts, eyebrows, pencils, collect, vindication
Veronica/Clarence, game, rivals, learning curve
Veronica/Duncan, beach, red, waves
Veronica/Lamb, absolution, forgiveness, healing
Veronica/Leo, mumble, mafia, favors
Veronica/Lily, sleepover
Veronica/Mac, film noir, frak, porn, sleepless
Veronica/Mac/Logan, Mexico
Veronica/Mac/Weevil, tutoring
Veronica/Meg, misunderstanding
Veronica/Weevil, payment, protection
Weevil/Logan, consolation, missing someone, getting even

Viva Laughlin
Ripley Holden/Nicky Fontana, way back, winner, roulette table, rimming, "I win."

Vorkosigan Saga
Aral Vorkosigan/Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, uniform
Aral/Cordelia, homesick
Bel Thorne/Nicol, complicated
Bel/anyone, horny
Miles Vorkosigan/Elena Bothari, fall
Miles Vorkosigan/Elli Quinn, sharp
Miles/Gregor, propriety, application, voyeurism
Miles/Taura, delicate

Waitress [back to top]
Jenna/Dr. Pomatter, rain, craft, spring

War of the Worlds
Harrison Blackwood/Paul Ironhorse, family, Why don't you listen?, curtains
Paul Ironhorse/Suzanne McCullough, disbelief, gentle, chores

Celia/Heylia, hot flashes
Nancy/Celia, frenemies, coffee, regret
Nancy/Conrad, evil, coffee, wait, harder
Nancy/Doug, huge mistake
Nancy/Kat, irritating, insane
Nancy/Valerie, "I still hate you", wine, forgiving, stalker, prove me wrong, money

What I Like About You
Holly/Tina, dancing, pink, syrup

Elphaba/Dorothy, dresses, learning, gingham

Wilby Wonderful
Buddy/Duck, family
Buddy/Sandra, cavern
Duck/Dan, green, paper, slow, surprise, towel, drowsy, argument

Wings of Desire
Damiel/Marion, taste

Wire in the Blood
Alex/Tony, comfort, unspeakable

Without a Paddle
Tom/Jerry lies, adventure, cave

Without a Trace
Danny/Martin, addiction, gun, tie, dress shirt, leather jacket, nap, sleepover, tailor, cross-dressing, laid out, hair cut, return, scars, dark, done, unexplored, high
Jack/Sam, fidelity
Martin/Sam, falling

Woman in the Dunes
Niki/Woman, sand

Women's Murder Club
Lindsay/Jacobi, language
Lindsay/John Ash, teamwork
Lindsay/Tom, glass, bourbon, hospital gown

Jaye/Mahandra, wax lion

Xena: Warrior Princess [back to top]
Xena/Ares, warfare
Xena/Gabrielle, veil, warmth

Xenozoic Tales (Cadillacs and Dinosaurs)
Jack/Hannah, red, smoke, hunt

X-Men comicverse
Domino/Cable, cordite, detonator, knife, slick, water, acrid, drunk, hallucinatory,
Domino/Jean, shades, dr. pepper, interrogation, duality
Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom, ash, laundry, pier, room service, thunderstorm, whiskey, wit

X-Men movieverse
Bobby/St. John, opposites, friends, comrades, fire, ice, wild, rebellion
Charles/Erik, found, ghosts, metal
Cyclops/Rogue, heat, sonnet, whisper, training
Erik/Mystique, change, war

Iceman/Rogue, touching, after the cure, pegging
Rogue/Angel, flight, training, touch, heat, sex pollen,
Rogue/Colossus, touch, sex pollen, training,
Rogue/Wolverine, comfort
Scott/Jean, babysitting, dangerous, engagement, holiday, hot-tub, lakeside, road trip, toast, rooftop, float
Storm/Jean, so totally doing it, missing you, power, bite,
Wolverine/Rogue, crazed

Marie/Logan, heaven, choice
Rogue/Wolverine, between, cloud

X-Men: Evolution
Cyclops/Rogue, red, rose, curse, smile,
Cyclops/Scarlet Witch, sex pollen, heat, curse

Y The Last Man [back to top]
355/Yorick, trust

Young Americans
Hamilton/Jake, graduate, lesson
Scout/Will, night, watch
Scout/Will/Sean, jealous, wet, accident
Sean/Will, holiday, long

Young Avengers
Kate/Eli, fight, mocking, flower

Young Justice
Tim/Kon, zero gravity, masks, celebration


A Zed and Two Noughts
Oswald/Oliver, feather, camera, snail, film, decay


Crossovers [back to top]

30 Rock/Juno, [any]
30 Rock/Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Liz/Matt, strike
30 Rock/The West Wing, Jack/Amy, bad idea
30 Rock/The West Wing, Liz/Donna, strange
30 Rock/Torchwood, Liz/Jack, blergh, wow
30 Rock/Weeds, Jack/Nancy, new
300/Supernatural, Leonidas/John Winchester, dine in Hell
3:10 to Yuma (2007)/Tombstone, Ben Wade/Doc Holliday, gamblers
A Dog's Breakfast/Any, Patrick/Any, nightmares, normal
Action/Slings and Arrows, Richard/Stuart, strike
Alias/Angela's Eyes, Jack/Angela, lies
Alias/Burn Notice, Julian Sark/Michael Westen, gun, loaded, downtime, pain, turned back, trust, last
Alias/Burn Notice, Vaughn/Michael Westen, punk, attachments, one-that-got-away
Alias/Heroes, Adam/Sark, narcissism
Alias/Heroes, Adam/Vaughn, mistaken identity
Alias/Stargate SG-1, Sydney Bristow/Jack O'Neill, lost, suspicion
Alias/The State Within, Julian Sark/Nicholas Brocklehurst, gold, traitor, elevator
American Dad/Family Guy, Hayley/Meg, experimental
Angel the series/Dark Angel, Lilah/Original Cindy, boo
Angel/Blood Ties, Angel/Henry, territory, swords, Irish, bar fight, possessed
Angel/Blood Ties, Henry/Wesley, stand-in, watcher, assignment, England, cousin, royalty
Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel/Xander, mate, consort, kidding, firm, search, relax, watch, demon lord
Angel/Firefly, Darla/River, heartbeat
Angel/Firefly, Fred/Kaylee, heartache, recovery, skies
Angel/Harry Potter, Gunn/Charlie, burn
Angel/Harry Potter, Winifred/Fred and/or George, backfire
Angel/Heroes, Angel/Adam, barefeet, bloodlust
Angel/Heroes, Wes/Mohinder, breakthrough
Angel/NCIS, Lindsey McDonald/Timothy McGee, [any], law, mark, performance
Angel/NCIS, Lindsey McDonald/Tony Di Nozzo, [any], money, music
Angel/Petshop of Horrors, Spike/Leon, beer, keys, bruise
Angel/Petshop of Horrors,Count D/Wesley, curious, miss, lips
Angel/Supernatural, Cordelia/Dean, skin
Angel/Twilight, Angel/Alice, 1965
Animal House/Babylon5, Flounder/Vir Cotto, hangover
Any fandom/Rocky Horror Picture Show, any male/Frank Furter, blush
Babylon 5/Stargate Atlantis, Susan Ivanova/Evan Lorne, second-in-command blues
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Marcus Cole/Daniel Jackson, history
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Morden/Ba'al, What do you want?
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Susan Ivanova/Ba'al, BOOM!
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Susan Ivanova/Sam Carter, tough, touch, tangy
Batman Begins/Superman Returns, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, saved your ass, emo?
Batman Begins/X-Men, Bruce Wayne/Scott Summers, masks, training
Batman/Batman Returns, Vicki Vale/Selina Kyle, photograph, investigate, pleasure,
Batman/The Silence of the Lambs, Vicki Vale/Clarice Starling, chance meeting, photos, evidence, unsaid, what used to be, avoid, no regrets, coffee, late, protect, need, Hannibal Lecter, writer's choice,
Battlestar Galactica/Battlestar Galactica (TOS), Tom Zarek/Apollo, names, faces, lights
Battlestar Galactica/Battlestar Galactica (TOS), Tom Zarek/Starbuck, reality, women
Battlestar Galactica/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cally/Willow, fire
Battlestar Galactica/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kara/Buffy, forgiveness, knuckles
Battlestar Galactica/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kara/Faith, fighting
Battlestar Galactica/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lee/Faith, startle, imagination
Battlestar Galactica/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Leoben/Buffy, do-over, metal, blue, dive
Battlestar Galactica/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, any/Dawn, rebellion
Battlestar Galactica/Carnivale, Laura Roslin/Iris Crowe, strength, sacrifice, idolatry, heresy, crimson.
Battlestar Galactica/Criminal Minds, Kara Thrace/Morgan, drinking buddy, crime, use
Battlestar Galactica/Dresden Files (TV series), Chief Tyrol/Connie Murphy, spit-polish, belief, pink
Battlestar Galactica/Dresden Files (TV series), Kara Thrace/Bianca, strike a pose,
Battlestar Galactica/Dresden Files (TV series), Karl Agathon/Connie Murphy, rain, chicken, happy
Battlestar Galactica/Dresden Files (TV series), Sam Anders/Bianca, velvet, chains, lit match, chocolate
Battlestar Galactica/Dresden Files (TV series), Sam Anders/Connie Murphy, wall, built, mud, dust
Battlestar Galactica/Farscape, Karl Agathon/Chiana, bemused, handcuffs, fuzzy dice
Battlestar Galactica/Farscape, Sam Anders/Aeryn Sun, accident, moment too soon, rip
Battlestar Galactica/Farscape, Sam Anders/Chiana, silk, raslak, ambrosia, tongue, dirt
Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Galen Tyrol/Kaylee, mechanical failure, curiosity
Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Karl "Helo" Agathon/Zoe Washburn, understanding.
Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Laura Roslin/Zoe, questioning
Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Lee Adama/Inara, quiet
Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Lee Adama/Mal Reynolds, breakdown, misunderstand, yellow
Battlestar Galactica/House, Kara Thrace/Robert Chase, faith.
Battlestar Galactica/House, Laura Roslin/Greg House, bonds.
Battlestar Galactica/NCIS, Laura/Abby, switch
Battlestar Galactica/NCIS, Laura/Ziva, dark
Battlestar Galactica/NCIS, Sam Anders/Ziva David, desperate, stark, white, trapped, cave
Battlestar Galactica/Pirates of the Caribbean, Lee Adama/James Norrington, Course Correction, Night time, Pier, Ships
Battlestar Galactica/Red Dwarf, Sam Anders/Christine Kochanski, odd one out, sold, devil, alcohol, need, long legs, against a wall, muscles
Battlestar Galactica/Smallville, Leoben/Chloe, fate
Battlestar Galactica/Smallville, Leoben/Kal-El, river
Battlestar Galactica/Space:1999, Lee Adama/Alan Carter, fight, flying, sir
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis, Helo/John Sheppard, fear, wisdom, guilt
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis, Helo/Ronon, lost
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis, Kara Thrace/Laura Cadman, guns
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis, Lee Adama/Kara Thrace/John Sheppard/Evan Lorne, flying, tired, strap-on
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis, Racetrack/Elizabeth Weir, secret
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis, Sam Anders/Elizabeth Weir, jungle, diplomatic, shot, sea, moonlight, vines, skin, vanilla, breeze, nails
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1, Kara Thrace/Ba'al, torture, the sound of waves
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate: SG-1, Kara Thrace/Sam Carter, jetstream, lust, grease, fingers, stranded, jungle, starlight, steam, peanuts, loser, sarcasm, thrust, sincere, boots, grease, desire, dust, compass, gold, rifle, leaving, island
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate: SG-1, Laura Roslin/Jack O'Neill, stockings, surface, icicles, cherry, harsh
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate: SG-1, Laura Roslin/Janet Fraiser, fetish, system, entwined, incident, inventive
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate: SG-1, Lee Adama/Vala Mal Doran, irritation, undertow, sugar-sweet, unimpressed, guilt, cards
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate: SG-1, Racetrack/Sam Carter, engine, dilapidated, ghost, disbelief, ambiguous
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate: SG-1, Sam Anders/Ba'al, enough, hate, opposition, sweat, apple
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate: SG-1, Sam Anders/Janet Fraiser, amenities, diplomacy, hands, adjustment, edges
Battlestar Galactica/Stargate: SG-1, Sam Anders/Kara Thrace/Sam Carter, guilt, stolen, curiosity, spanking, bonus, solace
Battlestar Galactica/The Silence of the Lambs, Cain/Clarice, I'm not your lackey, razor, understanding, twisted, before the war began, you can't control me, touch, push, evidence, awe, bullet and a target, put that away before you hurt yourself, you're overrated and arrogant, this is war, fighting, taken by surprise
Battlestar Galactica/The Silence of the Lambs, Cain/Clarice, break you down, girls and their guns, leather, power, control, I've met worse people than you, we're not so different you and I, fuck me, power mad, wall!sex, fatal attraction, brig, under your command, FBI
Battlestar Galactica/Tin Man, Billy Keikaya/DG, unexpected, innocence, red, obscurity, lush, pouring, rust, taste
Battlestar Galactica/Tin Man, Laura Roslin/Cain, engage, loss, memory, death, dreams, red, ice
Battlestar Galactica/Tin Man, Lee Adama/Azkadellia, lost, moss, leather, alteration, undone
Battlestar Galactica/West Wing, Lee Adama/Sam Seaborn, sins of the father.
Big Love/Heroes, Sarah/Claire, secrets, lockers
Blackpool/Cracker, Peter Carlisle/David Bilborough, mentor, cuffs, first murder, candy floss, beach, hotel room, seminar, sex toys, rimming
Blackpool/Life on Mars, Peter Carlisle/Sam Tyler, Interrogation Technique.
Blade Trinity/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hannibal King/Angel, hunters
Blood Ties/Bones, Vicki/Brennan, mistress, weekend
Blood Ties/Charmed, Vicki/Phoebe, caught, crystals
Blood Ties/Life, Viki/Dani, drinks
Blood Ties/Moonlight, Henry Fitzroy/Josef, age, whisper
Boa vs Python/First Monday, Emmett/Julian, fear
Boa vs Python/Thoughtcrimes, Brendan/Emmett, snakes, partners, chance, surprise, d esk, bed, kitchen, floor, laughing, couch, whiskey, burn, stretch, lick, summer, spring, presents, games, friends, strangers
Bones/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rupert Giles/Seeley Booth, penance
Bones/House, Temperance Brennan/House, "you've met your match"
Bones/The X-Files, Brennan/Scully, whispered, laughter, darkness
Boondock Saints/Heroes, Peter/Murph, vigilantes
Boston Legal/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alan Shore/Xander Harris, poetry
Bourne Trilogy/James Bond, Jason Bourne/James Bond, fight, strangers
Brothers and Sisters/Grey's Anatomy, Lexie Grey/Justin Walker, not enough, cocktail, radio days, tart
Brothers and Sisters/One Tree Hill, Justin/Brooke, changing room
Brothers and Sisters/Supernatural, Justin/Dean, engine
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Buffy/Connor, colors, giggle, ascent
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Buffy/Gunn, work, true
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Giles/Fred, symmetry
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Giles/Lilah, gray
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/CSI:NY, Giles/Hawkes, knowledge
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/California Diaries, Xander/Ducky, California, surf, seaweed, squiggles, poetry, proof
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Casino Royale, Buffy/Bond, stealth, comb, wager, sparring
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Cruel Intentions, Spike/Kathryn Merteuil, tastes good, revenge, winners
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Die Hard, Buffy Summers/John McClane, flashpoint, experience, shots, drinks
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Faith/Rose, sharing, fun, new
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Faith/Ten, ex-girlfriend, violence
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Due South, Buffy/Ray K/Fraser, wild, lazy, sex pollen
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Buffy/Mal, wrestle, sunshine, inconvenient
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Faith/Kaylee, repairs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Faith/River, shut up
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Giles/Simon, fallback
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Mal/Oz, quiet
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Mal/Riley, flats
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Willow/Kaylee, learning, sizzle, surety
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Friday Night Lights, Faith/Tyra, dance, coffee
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ghost Whisperer, Buffy/Melinda, force, haunted, light
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Gilmore Girls, Spike/Lorelai, Billy Idol, cemetery, smile,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Good Omens, Anathema/Tara, witch, magic, robes, family
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Grey's Anatomy, Daniel "Oz" Osborne/Lexie Grey, familiar
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Dawn/Luna, desk, language
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Faith/Sirius, escape
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Giles/Hermione, retirement
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Tara/Tonks, spark
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Wes/Remus, ink
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Willow/Hermione, competition, eager
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Heroes, Buffy/Claire, fearless
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Heroes, Faith/Niki, suspicion
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Heroes, Spike/Sylar, mommy issues, cock fight, immortality, William Woodsworth, art, blood, taste
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/House MD, Buffy Summers/Gregory House, disaster, mortality, getting lucky
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/House MD, Faith/Foreman, workout, after hours
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Life With Derek, Oz/Casey, werewolves, pact, feverish, heat
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lost, Faith/Jack, shave
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Moonlight, Beth/Spike, cemetery, chocolate, heartache, blush,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Moonlight, Josef/Buffy, sex pollen, smirk, chocolate,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Moonlight, Mick/Buffy, smile, heat,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ocean's 11, Buffy/Danny, score, formal, cocktails, penthouse
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ocean's 11, Dawn/Linus, reputation, independent, poker face
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ocean's 11, Faith/Rusty, scenery
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ocean's 11, Xander/Linus, video games, chill, upper hand
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville, Giles/Martha, plane
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville, Lexx/Willow, broken down, searching
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Spike/Michael, understand
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/John Winchester, shaving, backseat, whose is bigger
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy/Sam, sex pollen,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith/Dean, handcuffs, stake
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Sam/Willow, hands, library
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Tekken, Buffy Summers/Anna Williams, slinky dress
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Mighty Boosh, Anya/Vince, bunnies, penis, Xander
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Mighty Boosh, Ethan Rayne/Howard Moon, tweed, jazz, mischief, pants
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Mighty Boosh, Harmony/Vince, unicorns, hair products, pink, glitter, clothes, lipstick, bitch
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Mighty Boosh, Rupert Giles/The Spirit of Jazz, music, trance, rocking, possession
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Buffy/Josh, competition, pain, duty
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Buffy/Sam, shopping, kisses, papercut
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Buffy/Willow/CJ, girls, nails, giggle, pajama
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Giles/CJ, correspondence, shy, laughter, marigold, mascara, mildew
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Giles/CJ/Toby, historian, gardening, anniversary, miraculous
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Giles/CJ/Willow, hypothesis, embargo, ring
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Giles/Toby, left behind, English lesson, sarcasm, library
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Tara/CJ, composure, blush, pirate
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Tara/Toby, city, tender, compulsion
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Tara/Toby/Sam, twitter, birdlike, pillow, graceful
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Tara/Willow/CJ, muffins, earmuffs, muffled, mortify, luxury, lapdance
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Willow/CJ, sharp, red, proving ground
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Xander/CJ/Josh, educate, infiltrate, espionage, withdrawn, excellence
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Xander/Sam, fool, secret mission, neck
Buffy the Vampires Slayer/Twilight, Spike/Bella, Scent
Buffy/Supernatural, Dawn/Dean, squeak
Buffy/X-Men, Spike/Wolverine, pissing Contest.
Burn Notice/Casino Royale, Michael Westen/James Bond, plan, undercover, newbie, training, hand-to-hand, "Bond Guy"?, play along, gun, slick, stunt
Burn Notice/Dexter, Michael/Dexter, battle, equals, uncontrolled
Burn Notice/La Femme Nikita, Michael Westen/Madeline, out of the fire, close call, recruitment, no
Burn Notice/La Femme Nikita, Michael Westen/Michael, dour
Burn Notice/The State Within, Michael Westen/Nicholas Brocklehurst, explosion, secret, lead
CSI:NY/Doctor Who, Stella/Martha, point in time
CSI:NY/Sea of Souls, Peyton/Megan, envy
CSI:NY/Supernatural, Lindsay/Dean, questions
CSI:New York/Smallville, Danny/Clark, Values, Worldly
Cane/Gossip Girl, Rebecca/Serena, mirror
Casanova/DoctorWho, Giacomo/Simm!master, A lesson in Morals.
Casanova/X-Men, Giacomo/Wolverine, Did You Spill My Pint?
Cellular/Dangerous Minds, Jessica Martin/Louanne Johnson, new neighborhood, sneak, comfort, dance, understanding
Charlie's Angels/Knight Rider, Jill/Bonnie, I hear you race cars now, speed, go detect, talking cars, burning, desire, sports, favorite mistake, KITT
Cheaper by the Dozen/Judging Amy/Smallville/The Fog, Charlie/Nick/Rob/Clark, circle jerk
Cheaper by the Dozen/Smallville, Charlie Baker/Lex Luthor, corruptable, temptation, available, chance
Cheaper by the Dozen/Smallville, Charlie/Chloe, flat tire
Chronicles of Narnia/Harry Potter, Susan/McGonagall, understanding, ballgown, uniform, lost
Chronicles of Riddick/Doctor Who, Riddick/Ten Cellmates.
Chuck/The O.C., Chuck/Seth, fumble
Cold Case/Criminal Minds, Lilly Rush/Emily Prentiss, badge, type
Cold Case/Law & Order, Lilly Rush/Serena Southerlyn, transfer
Commander in Chief/NCIS, Mac/Kate, bullets, flesh, wound
Constantine/Dogma, Balthazar/Azrael, suits
Constantine/Dogma, Balthazar/Bartleby, punishment
Constantine/Dogma, Balthazar/Loki, pet
Contact/Stargate SG-1, Ellie/Sam Carter, science, faith, befriend, belief, telescope
Covenant (movie)/Gossip Girl, Caleb Danvers/Serena van der Woodsen, pool
Covenant (movie)/Gossip Girl, Pogue Parry/Blair Waldorf, skirt
Cowboy Bebop/Ghost in the Shell, Faye Valentine/The Major, serial, rabbit, chocolate, credit, earing, gold, bullets, adrenaline
Criminal Minds/CSI, Jennifer Jareau/Sofia Curtis, aviators, pocket
Criminal Minds/L Word, Emily Prentiss/Helena Peabody, money, mothers
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Garcia/Sciuto, outside, blue, Angor
Dangerous Minds/The Sentinel, Louanne Johnson/1st Lady Sarah Ballentine, chance meeting, letters, just passing by, what used to be, that night by the lakeside, moving on, overrated, lets do it for our country
Dark Angel/Supernatural, Alec/Bela, stealth
Dead Like Me/Reaper, Sam/George, funerals
Dead Like Me/Smallville, George/Jonathon, time
Dead Like Me/Smallville, Mason/Martha, blueberry muffins
Degrassi/Gossip Girl, Paige/Blair, queen
Dexter/Heroes, Dexter/Sylar, kindred spirit, killer, darkness, blood, retribution, special
Dexter/Six Feet Under, Dexter/David, doppelganger
Diana Wynne Jones' Chrestomanci series/Diana Wynne Jones' Howl's Moving Castle, Howl/Chrestomanci, suit, immaculate, glass, incantation, tense, bargain, traveller
Die Hard/Supernatural, John McClane/John Winchester
Die Hard/Supernatural, Matt/Sam
Die Hard/Supernatural, McClane/Dean
Discworld/Good Omens, Jonathan Teatime/Anthony Crowley, night, sneaky, riding crop
Discworld/Hercules, Jonathan Teatime/Strife, pitch, leather, pain
Discworld/Highlander, Jonathan Teatime/Kronos, black, hard, sharp
Discworld/X-Men comics, Mrs. Palm/Emma Frost, grace, satin
Doctor Who/Firefly, Captain Jack/Saffron, name
Doctor Who/Firefly, Inara/Rose, companions
Doctor Who/Firefly, Nine/Inara, Companion
Doctor Who/Firefly/SG-1, Captain Jack/Vala mal Doran/Saffron, lies
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Martha Jones/Barty Crouch Junior, replacement
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, The Master/Barty Crouch Junior, dark side, blood sport
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, The Master/Barty Crouch Junior/Ten, jacuzzi
Doctor Who/Heroes, Jack Harkness/Claude Raines, second chance, time, real, stream, refuge
Doctor Who/Kate and Leopold, Leopold/Ten, Welcome to the 21st Century.
Doctor Who/Life on Mars, Master/Gene, dance, fire, brave new world
Doctor Who/Midsomer Murders, Ten/DS Ben Jones, Badge
Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures, Nine/Sarah Jane, longing, surprise, tin dog
Doctor Who/Smallville, Ten/Chloe, immortality, destiny, time, endings, running, time
Doctor Who/Spooks, Ten/Adam, insane
Doctor Who/Stargate SG-1, Captain Jack/Vala mal Doran, con
Doctor Who/Supernatual, Martha/Dean, hair
Doctor Who/The Dresden Files (books), Jack Harkness/Carlos Ramirez, cocky, pretty, proof
Doctor Who/The Dresden Files (books), Jack Harkness/Harry Dresden, magic, never, fire
Doctor Who/The Dresden Files (books), Jack Harkness/Thomas Raith, competition, shape
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Harriet Jones/Jack Harkness, protocol, velvet
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jackie Tyler/Jack Harkness, biscuit
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Gwen Cooper/Toshiko Sato, [any]
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Jack Harkness, graduation, diamond
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Jack Harkness/Toshiko Sato, [any]
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Toshiko Sato, [any], shadows
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Tom Milligan/Owen Harper, medical
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Sally Sparrow/Jack Harkness, blink, stop-over
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Sarah-Jane Smith/Jack Harkness, ageless, broken
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ten/Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, lonely
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tish Jones/Jack Harkness, connection, safe, silver, toothpaste
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Yvonne Hartman/Jack Harkness, office politics, tight
Dracula/Interview with a Vampire, Lucy Western/Lestat, Dominance
Dracula/Lost Boys, Mina Murray/David, Daring
Dresden Files (TV series)/X-Men (comicverse), Harry Dresden/Kitty Pryde, computers, cordite, wax, coffee, blood
Due South/Stargate Atlantis, Fraser/John Sheppard, sleezy
Enterprise/Firefly, Trip Tucker/Kaylee, spanners, berries, bright red
Entourage/Gossip Girl, Vince/Nate/Blair, Strawberries
Entourage/Heroes, Vince Chase/Nikki Sanders, party girl
Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Jack Carter/Elizabeth Weir, lies, intelligence, snow and ice
Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Jack Carter/Kate Heightmeyer, trust issues, I'd make a terrible spy
Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Jack Carter/Radek Zelenka, experiment, fly
Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Jack Carter/Rodney McKay/John Sheppard/Nathan Stark, incident, double, demonstration
Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Jo Lupo/Rodney McKay, firepower
Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Nathan Stark/Elizabeth Weir, appreciation, "Honey, I'm Home", like herding cats, loggerheads, out of the frying pan
Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Nathan Stark/Kate Heightmeyer, you'd be surprised
Eureka/Stargate Atlantis, Nathan Stark/Rodney McKay, Mensa, smart, orgy
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Douglas Fargo/Vala Mal Doran, play, tour, theft
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Jo Lupo/Vala Mal Doran, gun, coffee
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Nathan Stark/girl!Daniel Jackson, irritating, crackpot archaeologists
Family Album/Where the Heart is, Lionel/Jimmy, art
Fantastic Four/Sky High/X-Men movies, Johnny/Warren/St.John, flames
Fantastic Four/Smallville, Human Torch/Chloe, sex pollen, elevator, lesson,
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, Aeryn Sun/Cameron Mitchell, oops
Farscape/The X-Files, John Crichton/Dana Scully, sins of convenience
Farscape/Torchwood, Aeryn/Jack/John
Farscape/Torchwood, Chiana/Jack
Final Fantasy VII/Tekken, Kazuya Mishima/Cloud Strife, power struggle
Firefly/Heroes, Kaylee/Peter, ain't you pretty
Firefly/Heroes, River/Peter, doesn't belong
Firefly/Oz, Jayne Cobb/Chris Keller, bad guys
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, Kaylee/Radek Zelenka, [any]
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, Malcolm Reynolds/Evan Lorne, trust, insanity
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, Malcolm Reynolds/Paul Davis, wishes, alcohol
Firefly/Supernatural, Jubal Early/Gordon Walker, dominance
Firefly/The West Wing, CJ/Kaylee, hollow, geese, gears
Firefly/Torchwood, Mal/Jack, ammunition, dirt, gun, tetchy, time, war
Firefly/Torchwood, Simon/Jack, curiosity, subtle
Forever Knight/Smallville, LaCroix/Lionel, family
Forever Knight/Smallville, Natalie/Clark, birthday
Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Lyla/Serena, doppelganger, fact
Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Tim Riggins/Blair Waldorf, game, hulking, bravery, earn
Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Tim/Serena, layover, lost, important
Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Tyra/Blair, height, stun, merge, exact, pretend
Friday Night Lights/Heroes, Claire/Tyra, new
Friday Night Lights/Supernatural Tyra/Sam, lollipops
Friday Night Lights/Supernatural, Riggins/Sam, babyoil
Friday Night Lights/Supernatural, Tim/Dean, admire
Futurama/Tek Jansen, Zapp Brannigan/Tek Jansen, larger than life, Sexlexics Anonymous, feats of derring-do
Gemma Doyle Trilogy/Indiana Jones, Gemma/Indy, civilization, spirits, religion
Gemma Doyle Trilogy/Peter Pan, Felicity/Wendy, heat, sunlight, riverbank
Gemma Doyle Trilogy/Peter Pan, Gemma/Hook, growing up
Gilmore Girls/Smallville, Jess/Chloe, cheap beer
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Dean Forester/Sam Winchester, confusion
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Lorelai/Sam, sex pollen, elevator
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Rory/Sam, familiar
Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)/Transformers (2007), Memphis Raines/Bumblebee, joy ride
Good Omens/Heroes, (legal/adult age)Adam Young/Peter Petrelli
Good Omens/Heroes, Crowley/Adam Monroe
Gossip Girl/Harry Potter, Chuck/Blaise, lineage
Gossip Girl/Harry Potter, Chuck/Theodore, time
Gossip Girl/Harry Potter, Sirius/Serena, where?
Gossip Girl/One Tree Hill, Blair/Brooke, fashion week
Gossip Girl/Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (movie), Blair Waldorf/Bridget, familiar
Gossip Girl/The Covenant, Blair/Pogue, enormity, expanse, swim, leather
Gossip Girl/The Covenant, Serena/Caleb, wealth, powers, illusion, mystery
Gossip Girl/The O.C., Blair/Seth, unexpected
Gossip Girl/The O.C., Dan/Seth, advice, locker room
Gossip Girl/The O.C., Nate/Ryan, construction
Gossip Girl/Veronica Mars, Blair Waldorf/Carrie Bishop, mirror, jealous, bitch
Gossip Girl/Veronica Mars, Serena van der Woodsen/Carrie Bishop, double, deny, vacation, cheat, alone
Gossip Girl/Weeds, Serena/Nancy, boarder, lonely
Grease/Grease 2, Sandy/Stephanie, overrated, Pink Ladies
Grey's Anatomy/The West Wing, Meredith/Donna, trouble
Hairspray (2007)/The Sentinel, Velma von Tussle/1st Lady Sarah Ballentine, unimpressed, bitter, fierce, used,late, force, bitch, pity fuck, compromise, manipulative, sly, control, terms,writer's choice,
Harry Potter/Heroes, Hermione/Adam, legendary, whisper, bind, knowledge,
Harry Potter/Heroes, Hermione/Nathan, secretary, thank you,
Harry Potter/Heroes, Hermione/Peter, empathy, smile, picnic,
Harry Potter/House M.D., Hermione/Chase, competition, first time, worried, loved, chocolate
Harry Potter/Life on Mars, Barty Crouch Junior/Sam Tyler, flying
Harry Potter/Moonlight, Hermione/Josef, secretary, whisper, bite, knowledge,
Harry Potter/Pirates of the Caribbean, Hermione/Will, pirate, map, beach,
Harry Potter/Sandman, Luna Lovegood/Delirium, delight, real
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Charlie/Dean, cake, dragon, match, smoke, tattoo
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Dean/Ginny, fire, stubborn
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Hermione/Sam, research, blush, heat
Heroes/Final Fantasy VII/Heroes, Cloud Strife/Nathan Petrelli, bodyguard
Heroes/Firefly, Elle/River, Illumination
Heroes/Firefly, Peter/Mal, Threat
Heroes/Highlander, Adam (Kensei)/Adam (Methos), eternity
Heroes/Moonlight, Josef/Adam, power, vintage
Heroes/Oz, Sark/Ryan, manipulation
Heroes/Pirates of the Caribbean, Mohinder/Jack, sun-kissed, exotic
Heroes/Profit, Angela Petrelli/Bobbi Stakowski, bonding
Heroes/Profit, Angela Petrelli/Jim Profit, differences
Heroes/Profit, Peter/Profit, image, voice, ache
Heroes/Supernatural, Peter/Sam, special
Highlander/Stargate SG-1, Methos/Baal, submit
Homicide: Life on the Street/The Wire, Howard/Griggs, neckline
Hotel Babylon/Red Cap, Rebecca Mitchell/Philip Roper, surprise, confusion, need, blonde with legs, alcohol, undercover
House MD/Stargate Atlantis, House/John Sheppard, haze
House of Wax (2005)/Supernatural, Nick/Sam
House/CSI, James Wilson/Lady Heather, wine.
House/Life on Mars, James Wilson/Sam Tyler, escape.
House/Stargate Atlantis, House/Carson Beckett, xenogenetic
House/Stargate Atlantis, House/Rodney McKay, piano
House/Stargate Atlantis, Wilson/John Sheppard, benign
House/Supernatural, Cameron/Dean, unexpected
House/The OC, Ryan/Chase, unexpected, smirk, covers
House/Veronica Mars, House/Veronica, snark
Inside Man/Stardust Madeleine White/Lamia, understanding, power, beauty, want, magic, ownership, manipulative, power, under your spell, writer's choice,
James Bond/Tomb Raider, James Bond/Lara Croft, engine oil
James Bond/Torchwood, Dench!M/Jack Harkness, jurisdiction, trust
James Bond/Veronica Mars, James/Veronica, jealous ex
Jeeves and Wooster/Lord Peter Wimsey series, Bertie/Peter, old chum
L Word/Sex and the City, Charlotte/Tina, museum
L Word/Weeds, Bette/Nancy, alcohol
La Femme Nikita/Stargate SG-1, Michael/Ba'al, control, obey
La Femme Nikita/Stargate SG-1, Walter/Walter, alien technology, follow orders, maroon
Labyrinth/Supernatural, Jareth/Sam, wish
Labyrinth/The Mighty Boosh, Jareth/Vince, hair products, boots, eyeshadow, inspiration
Labyrinth/Velvet Goldmine, Jareth/Brian Slade, glamour
Labyrinth/Velvet Goldmine, Jareth/Curt Wild, magic
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Stargate SG1, Olivia Benson/Sam Carter, Medal of Honor
Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Washington Irving short story)/Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton film), Brom Bones (short story version)/Katrina Van Tassel (film version), an accident in the kitchen
Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Washington Irving short story)/Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton film), Ichabod Crane (short story version)/Ichabod Crane (film version), murder mystery, dinner table
Life as a House/The O.C., Sam Monroe/Ryan Atwood, houses
Lost/NCIS, Ana Lucia/Ziva, fight, protection
Lost/Six Degrees, Claire/Anya, pictures, public
Lucifer/Torchwood, Lucifer/Jack, seriously
MacGyver/Stargate SG-1, Macgyver/Sam Carter, library, combustion, rain
Memphis Belle/Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness/Sgt Danny Daly, dance
Moonlight/Supernatural, Beth/Dean Winchester, tabloid, pretense
Moonlight/Supernatural, Mick/Dean, close shave
Moonlight/Veronica Mars, Josef/Logan, bump in the night, whore, suit
Murphy Brown/Stargate Atlantis, Scott/Rodney McKay, play
My Fair Lady/The Mighty Boosh, Henry Higgins/Vince Noir, teaching, fair, lady, coy, tart
NCIS/CSI: Miami, Jethro Gibbs/Calleigh Dusquesne, manners
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Gibbs/Lorne, suspect
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Sciuto/Laura Cadman, timer
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Tony DiNozzo/Laura Cadman, tease
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Abby Scuito/Teal'c, symbols
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Tony DiNozzo/Samantha Carter, layover
NCIS/Supernatural, Jethro Gibbs/Dean Winchester, Daddy
NCIS/Supernatural, Jethro Gibbs/John Winchester, Semper Fi
NCIS/Supernatural, Timothy McGee/Dean Winchester, [any]
NCIS/Supernatural, Timothy McGee/Sam Winchester, [any]
NCIS/Supernatural, Tony Di Nozzo/Dean Winchester, [any]
NCIS/Supernatural, Tony Di Nozzo/Sam Winchester, [any]
NCIS/The West Wing, Kate Todd/Gina Toscano, luck
NCIS/West Wing, Jethro Gibbs/CJ Cregg, vacancy, femme fatale
Nip/tuck/Torchwood, Christian Troy/Jack Harkness, alpha.
One Tree Hill/Psych, Brooke/Shawn, handcuffs
One Tree Hill/Supernatural, Lucas/Sam, Hotel lobby
One Tree Hill/The OC, Brooke/Summer, miniskirt
Oz/Supernatural, Dean/Any, lockdown, life, freedom, prag
Pirates of the Caribbean/Supernatural, Will Turner/Dean Winchester, loss, water
Pirates of the Carribbean/Stargate: Atlantis, Elizabeth Swann/Elizabeth Weir, simple, strafe, slick, poignant
Pirates of the Carribbean/Stargate: Atlantis, Elizabeth Swann/Kate Heightmeyer, dissect, possibilities, discovery, mouth, relaxed, railing
Pirates of the Carribbean/Stargate: Atlantis, Elizabeth Swann/Laura Cadman, explosive, direction, deck, bruises, echoes
Pirates of the Carribbean/Stargate: Atlantis, Elizabeth Swann/Teyla Emmagan, delicacy, plush, battle, knives
Pirates of the Carribbean/Stargate: Atlantis, Tia Dalma/Elizabeth Weir, ancient, repletion, wind, toll, nails
Pirates of the Carribbean/Stargate: Atlantis, Tia Dalma/Teyla Emmagan, loss, grit, excertion, bronze, spider
Pirates of the Carribbean/Tin Man, Tia Dalma/Azkadellia, broken, dreams, magic, only
Prison Break/Rocky Horror Picture Show, T-Bag/Frank Furter, harsh
Private Practice/Supernatural, Addison/John, whiskey
Professionals/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Bodie/Doyle, ambush, rapacious
Profit/Oz, Jim Profit/Chris Keller, plotting
Profit/Veronica Mars, Jim Profit/Veronica Mars, backfire
Psych/Stargate Atlantis, Spencer/Rodney Mckay, spirits
Psych/Veronica Mars, Shawn/Veronica Mars, Long Island Iced Tea
Pushing Daisies/Supernatural, Chuck/Dean, pie
Queer as Folk (US)/Supernatural, Brian/Dean Winchester, mutual
Roswell/Smallville, Alex/Chloe, geek
Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood, Sarah Jane/Toshiko, computer, home, tea
Smallville/Burn Notice, Lex/Michael, Amsterdam
Smallville/Superman Returns, Chloe/Clark, new, rain, cape, coffee
Smallville/Superman Returns, Chloe/Richard White, broken, lust, nice
Smallville/Supernatural, Kara/Sam, flush
Smallville/Supernatural, Lex/Bela, business
Smallville/Supernatural, Lois/Dean, Whitesnake
Space:1999/UFO, John Koenig/Ed Straker, command
Stardust(movie)/The Brave One, Lamia/Erica Bain, understanding, control, hate, charm, want, under your spell, fierce,
Stargate Atlantis/Eureka, Elizabeth Weir/Nathan Stark, games, not my first day
Stargate Atlantis/Eureka, Kate Heightmeyer/Jack Carter, I'd make a terrible spy
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Carson Beckett/Janet Frasier, healing, forever, distance
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Cameron Mitchell, indiscretion, youth, Washington DC, honey, offworld, oral, leather, abrasion
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Daniel Jackson, morning
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Jack O'Neill, history, laughter, denial, thank you, lost and found, Washington, promotion
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Janet Fraiser, lawyer, laughter, strippers, handcuffs
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, hostage
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Vala mal Doran, duplicate
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Daniel Jackson, artifacts
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, basketball vs football, boys with toys, tv, chance, captivate, balcony, flight, domesticity, mess hall, teammates
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran, [any], hair, playful, dancing, presents, humanity, comfort, experience
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran/Cameron Mitchell/Sam Carter, war, competition, dignity, theft, adorable, banter
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Major Evan Lorne/Major Paul Davis, private
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate: SG-1, Rodney McKay/Cameron Mitchell, revenge, dessert
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Laura Cadman/Dean Winchester, explosions, attraction
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Teyla Emmagan/Sam Winchester, knowledge, touch, puzzle
Stargate Atlantis/The 4400, Evan Lorne/Jed Garrity, bitter, disbelief
Stargate Atlantis/The West Wing, Elizabeth Weir/CJ Cregg, boys-club, heels, diplomacy
Stargate Atlantis/The West Wing, Elizabeth Weir/Liz Barlet, feathers
Stargate Atlantis/The West Wing, Elizabeth Weir/Sam Seaborn, California
Stargate Atlantis/The West Wing, Sam Seaborn/Teyla Emmagan, wonder, pure, adventure
Stargate Atlantis/Thoughtcrimes, Rodney McKay/Brendan, substitute
Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Evan Lorne/Ianto Jones, Beer vs. Coffee, classified, paperwork, restraint, running, silk tie, vacation
Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Evan Lorne/Jack Harkness, snark, red
Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, John Sheppard/Jack Harkness, fire, seduction, hair
Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Ronon Dex/Jack Harkness, [any]
Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Teyla Emmagan/Jack Harkness, stick fighting, power, flexibility
Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Teyla Emmagan/Toshiko Sato, dance, moonlight, laughter
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Jo Harvelle/Vala Mal Doran, mischief, thievery, handcuffs
Stargate SG-1/The Sentinel, Daniel Jackson/Blair Sandburg, settle, news, keep
Stargate SG-1/The Sentinel, Jack O'Neill/Jim Ellison, harsh, heavy, light
Stargate SG-1/The West Wing, Daniel/Sam, tongue, decipher, colour, sadness
Stargate SG-1/The West Wing, Daniel/Toby, irritant, push, lesson
Stargate SG-1/Torchwood, Ba'al/Ianto Jones, sneaky, coffee, brown
Stargate SG-1/Torchwood, Jack O'Neill/Jack Harkness, old soldiers, regret, second chance
Stargate SG-1/Torchwood, Vala Mal Doran/Jack Harkness, pursuit, weapon, flirting, invitation
Stargate SG-1/War of the Worlds, Jack O'Neill/Paul Ironhorse, bitter, aging military boys, black
Supernatural/Torchwood, Dean Winchester/Jack Harkness, hesitant, card, drink, watch
Supernatural/Veronica Mars, Dean/Mac, change
Supernatural/Veronica Mars, Sam/Mac, fly
Supernatural/X-Files, Dean/Scully, damage
Supernatural/X-Men, Sam/Madelyne Pryor, chocolate, empathy, heartache,
The Boondock Saints/Dexter, Connor/Murphy/Dexter, justice
The Boondock Saints/Fight Club (film), Connor/Murphy/Tyler Durden, bar fight
The Dresden Files (TV)/Supernatural, Harry Dresden/Sam Winchester, rescue, expertise, rules
The Fast and the Furious franchise/Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000), Dominic Toretto/Memphis Raines, partners, thieves, honor, race, bet, drive, ride
The Fast and the Furious franchise/Transformers (2007), Dominic Toretto/Bumblebee, race, ride, stolen
The O.C./Supernatural, Seth/Sam, Bright lights
The Office UK/The Office US, Jim/Dawn, tequila
The Office UK/The Office US, Tim/Dawn/Karen, secrets
The Office/The West Wing, Karen/Amy, professional
The Office/The West Wing, Karen/Josh, New York
The Rules Of Atraction(movie)/Smallville, Lex/Paul Denton, [any]
The Sentinel/ The Silence of the Lambs, 1st Lady Sarah Ballentine/Clarice Starling, to protect and serve, gun, closet, power, struggling, dance, lakeside, fear, lets do it for our country, favorite mistake
The Sentinel/Torchwood, Blair/Jack, illusion
The Sentinel/Torchwood, Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg/Jack Harkness, satisfied, tease, paper
The State Within/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Nicholas Brocklehurst, assassins, national security, silk
The West Wing/The X-Files, Sam Seaborn/Fox Mulder, cheese-meeting, monument, conviction
The West Wing/The X-Files, Toby Ziegler/Dana Scully, red, belief, sceptic
The West Wing/X-Files, Donna/Scully, cops and robbers
Torchwood/Doctor Who, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones/Ten, TARDIS, blame, circle, blindfold, panties
Torchwood/Doctor Who, Martha/Gwen, fight, knock
Torchwood/Smallville, Capt. Jack/Lois, military
Torchwood/The Wire, Omar/Julio/Captain Jack, precision
Torchwood/X Files, Jack Harkness/Walter Skinner, adulthood
Torchwood/X-Files, Jack Harkness/Dana Scully, satin
Transformers (2007)/Supernatural, Bumblebee/Dean Winchester, drive, road, race
Women's Murder Club/Stargate Atlantis, John Ash/Rodney McKay, mix-up


Bandom [back to top]

Brand New/My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Jesse Lacey

Brand New/Straylight Run, Jesse Lacey/John Nolan, infinite, ladder

Brand New/Straylight Run, Jesse Lacey/Michelle Nolan, local, bunk

Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Maja Ivarsson/Travis McCoy/William Beckett, video

Cobra Starship, Alex Suarez/Lauren Ashley, home, tenses

Cobra Starship, Alex Suarez/Nate Novarro, caught

Cobra Starship, Alex Suarez/Ryland Blackinton, chances, prickle, flow, soap bubble, paint

Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Nate Novarro, basement, folly, goldfish

Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Ryland Blackinton, pause button

Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Vicky-T, hungry

Cobra Starship, Guy Ripley/Vicky-T, adoration

Cobra Starship, Nate/Vicky-T, glasses, glitter, rose

Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe Saporta/Patrick Stump, tequila, tour, lonely, production, one-upsmanship, studio

Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Vicky-T/Patrick Stump, cunnilingus

Cobra Starship/Law and Order, Marty Dressler/Victoria Asher

Cobra Starship/Mindless Self Indulgence, Vicky-T/Lyn-Z, chocolate milk, hard, pay, nails, boots

Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way

Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Gabe Saporta/Gerard Way, intoxication

Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Vicky-T/Ray Toro, smoke, studio

Cobra Starship/The Academy Is, Gabe Saporta/William Beckett, for now, pot, panties, dress-up, drunk, hips, lipstick

Cobra Starship/The Academy Is..., Nate Novarro/Adam Siska, back, ring, pen

Cobra Starship/The Hush Sound, Vicky-T/Greta, future tour, dork, stockings, elbow, camera, present, scarves

Crossover, Fall Out Boy/Supernatural, Pete Wentz/Dean Winchester, dreams

Fall Out Boy, Joe Trohman/Pete Wentz, key, morning, arc, tattoo, frayed, cappucino

Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, image, change, clothes, paparazzi, writing, future, business, makeup, change, city, control, endless, tingle, earworm, kink, jacket, persuasion, literature

Fall Out Boy, now!Pete/18!Pete, future

Fall Out Boy/Brand New, Pete Wentz/Jesse Lacey, lime, bridge, hangover

Fall Out Boy/Empires, Patrick Stump/Tom Conrad, novel, light

Fall Out Boy/Empires, Pete Wentz/Tom Conrad, work, alley

Fall Out Boy/Law and Order, Patrick Stump/Marty Dressler, mirrors

Fall Out Boy/Law and Order, Pete Wentz/Marty Dressler, hunt and capture

Fall Out Boy/Matchbox Twenty, Rob/Patrick, spotlight

Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Bob/Patrick, apartment

Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Joe/Bob, quiet, shines

Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Joe/Mikey, teasing, fingers

Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Patrick Stump/Gerard Way, for now, geek, bunks, chords

Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete/Mikey/Alicia, ankle, burn, voyeurism

Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco, Pete/Spencer, unlikely

Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco, Brendon/Pete, mistake, hold, finger, markers

Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco, Brendon/Pete/Ryan, possession, mentor

Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco, Pete Wentz/Ryan Ross, makeup, butterfly kisses, text message, showman, hope, late-night, play-date, casting couch, dream, worship

Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco, Pete/Jon, break

Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco, Pete/Ryan, eyeliner

Fueled by Ramen Alliance, Travis McCoy/William Beckett, smoochies

Gym Class Heroes/The Academy Is, William Beckett/Travis Mccoy, long-distance, cell-phone, bunks, tour

Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas/Paul Doucette, fight, hotel, hiatus, guitar, drug, hotel room

My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Frank Iero, sleep, soap, tradition

My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Mikey Way, crowded, blankets, action figure

My Chemical Romance, Bob/Brian, first, coil, van

My Chemical Romance, Brian/Gerard, notes, marks

My Chemical Romance, Frank/Gerard, sober

My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Bob Bryar/Lyn-Z, aftermaths

My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Frank Iero, wings, feather boas, snow day, tattoos, sweat, blue, sweet, airport, Japan, telepathy
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Matt Cortez, shirt, summer, barbecue
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Matt Cortez
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Jamia Nestor/Gerard Way

My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Lyn-Z/Frank Iero/Jamia Nestor

My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Ray Toro

My Chemical Romance, girl!Bob Bryar/Frank Iero, hospital, glass, ice

My Chemical Romance, girl!Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, fence, parking lot

My Chemical Romance, girl!Gerard Way/Brian Schecter, contract, fracture

My Chemical Romance, girl!Gerard Way/girl!Mikey Way, textbook, sweater

My Chemical Romance, girl!Gerard/boy!Lyn-Z, highschool

My Chemical Romance, Lyn-Z/Jamia Nestor/Alicia Way, roadtrips

My Chemical Romance/Panic! at the Disco, Bob/Jon, fond, flipflop, shoulders, sky

My Chemical Romance/Panic! at the Disco, Bob/Spencer, show, tease, fight

My Chemical Romance/Panic! at the Disco, Gerard/Brendon, music, tired

My Chemical Romance/Straylight Run, Mikey Way/John Nolan

My Chemical Romance/The Academy Is..., Gerard Way/Butcher, paint

My Chemical Romance/The Sounds, Gerard Way/Maja Ivarsson, dirt, heels, boa

My Chemical Romance/The Sounds, Ray Toro/Maja Ivarsson, shy, bottle

My Chemical Romance/The Used, Bob Bryar/Quinn Allman, sound, cigarette, camera

My Chemical Romance/The Used, Gerard/Bert, last, rough

Panic! at The Disco, girl!Jon Walker/girl!Spencer Smith, homework, cabin, puzzle

Panic! at the Disco, Brendon, alone

Panic! at the Disco, Brendon/Jon, bunks, candy, hands

Panic! at the Disco, Brendon/Jon/Ryan/Spencer, studio, music

Panic! at the Disco, Brendon/Ryan, first, loud, piano, silence

Panic! at the Disco, Brendon/Spencer, mine, stubble

Panic! at the Disco, Jon/Ryan, Wrigley, ivy, baseball, eyeliner

Panic! at the Disco, Jon/Spencer, timbre, fingers, camera, midnight, red

Panic! at the Disco, Jon/Spencer/Ryan/Brendon, bunks, dress, beach

Panic! at the Disco, Ryan/Ryan, time-travel

Panic! at the Disco, Ryan/Spencer, forever

Panic! at the Disco/The Academy Is..., Andy 'the Butcher' Mrotek/Spencer Smith, smile, dry, assistance

The Academy Is..., Jon/Tom Conrad, photo

The Academy Is..., Jon/William Beckett, sensitive

The Academy Is..., Mike/Michael, hat

The Academy Is..., Mike/Tom, cracks, lollipop, night light, overwhelm

The Academy Is..., Mike/William, bandana, never, apartment, failure

The Academy Is..., Adam Siska/Tom, brightly

The Academy Is..., Tom/William, anger, bitter, darkroom

The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship/Gym Class Heroes, William/Gabe Saporta/Travis, double penetration

The Academy Is.../Gym Class Heroes, William/Travis, smoke

The Academy Is.../Panic! at the Disco, Tom/Spencer, innocence

The Dresden Dolls/Lucent Dossier, Amanda Palmer/Dusty/Katie Kay, skirts or dresses

The Hush Sound/Lucent Dossier, Greta/Katie Kay, belly dancing

The Hush Sound/My Chemical Romance, Greta/Bob, dance, beat, shower

The Killers/U2, Brandon Flowers/Bono, Alternate Universe

The Used, Quinn Allman/Brian Schecter, leverage, office

girl!Frank/Bob, soft

girl!Frank/Gerard, dress

girl!Gerard/Frank, makeup


girl!Mikey/Frank, close

girl!Mikey/Gerard, whisper



Frank/Jamia/Bob, chair

Gerard/Lyn-Z, lipstick

Gerard/Lyn-Z/Frank, swimming pool

Gerard/Lyn-Z/Mikey, couch

Mikey/Alicia, black silk sheets

Mikey/Alicia/Gerard, eyes

Mikey/Alicia/Gerard/Lyn-Z, trace

Mikey/Alicia/Lyn-Z, fingernails

Mikey/Alicia/Pete, smile

Patrick/Andy, rhythm


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RPF Popslash, Nsync, JC/Chris, holiday, seduce, beads
RPF Popslash, Nsync, JC/Justin, leather, torn, party
RPF Popslash, Nsync, Lance/Chris, crazy, switch, hot tub
RPF Popslash, Nsync, Lance/Justin, letters, broaden, regret
RPF baseball, Boston Red Sox, Jonathan Papelbon/Jason Varitek, backdoor breaking ball
RPF baseball, Boston Red Sox, Jonathan Papelbon/Josh Beckett, ranch, Texas heat, southern hospitality
RPF baseball, Detroit Tigers, Justin Verlander/Joel Zumaya, bite, high heat, Mexico, my aim is true
RPF baseball, Minnesota Twins, Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau, too close for comfort
RPF baseball, New York Yankees, Derek Jeter/Alex Rodriguez, prince of New York, aim
RPF baseball, San Francisco Giants, Barry Zito/Noah Lowry, bridge, Alcatraz, offkey
RPF baseball, St. Louis Cardinals, Albert Pujols/Scott Rolen, afterimage
RPF baseball, St. Louis Cardinals, Mark Mulder/Chris Carpenter, blessings and curses
RPF baseball, St. Louis Cardinals/Arizona Diamondbacks, Mark Mulder/Dan Haren, alternate universe
RPF, Adrian Pasdar/David Anders, method.
RPF, Adrian Pasdar/Kristen Bell, spanking
RPF, Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, Common cold, "You are not wearing that", post-Halo breakup
RPF, Amber Benson/Michelle Trachtenberg, reunion
RPF, American Idol, Blake Lewis/Jordin Sparks
RPF, Anderson Cooper/Jon Stewart
RPF, Ann M. Martin/Paula Danziger, desperation, adventure, herione
RPF, Battlestar Galactica, Callum/Tahmoh, snow
RPF, Battlestar Galactica, Tahmoh/Katee, dry spell
RPF, Beatles, John/George, unstrung
RPF, Beatles, John/Paul, languid
RPF, Ben Browder/Claudia Black, tease, torment, impossibility, wings, unending, new, jagged, vow, excitement, phone
RPF, Blake Lively/Steven Strait/Leighton Meester, date
RPF, CW, Allison Mack/Milo Ventigmila, party
RPF, CW, Christian Kane/Jared Padalecki, Texas
RPF, CW, Jared Padalecki/Sandy, alone
RPF, CW, Jensen Ackles/Allison Mack, socks
RPF, CW, Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, friends, candy, birthday, silk, revenge, hungry, accidental, bondage, bittersweet, blowjob, kink, bondage, D/s, trailer
RPF, CW, Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, sofa
RPF, CW, Jensen Ackles/Sophia Bush, soft
RPF, CW, Lauren Graham/Jared Padalecki, water bottle
RPF, Callum Keith Rennie/Katee Sackoff, frustration
RPF, Carla Gugino/Samantha Mathis, bffs, lunch
RPF, Chad Michael Murray/Jared Padalecki, BFF, the H-list, Australia, wax, divorced, fuck you, blow job, easy
RPF, Chris Corner/Sue Demin, unicorn
RPF, Chris Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, pretend, escape, photoshoot
RPF, Christian Kane/Chad Michael Murray, first time, surrender, name calling *to Chad, from Chris*
RPF, Christopher Eccleston/Ali Larter, wish, pigeons, beard,
RPF, Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant, Doctor, TARDIS, ten years, Jude, rimming
RPF, Christopher Eccleston/John Barrowman, kiss, farewell, hello again, smile, rimming
RPF, Craig Ferguson/anyone, flirt
RPF, Craig Ferguston/Jon Stewart, [any]
RPF, Crossover, RPF/Supernatural, Jared Padalecki/Dean Winchester, familiar, smile, laughter, candy, beer
RPF, Crossover, 30 Rock/The Daily Show RPF, Liz/Jon Stewart
RPF, Crossover, Dresden files/RPF, Harry Dresden/Pete Wentz, movies
RPF, Crossover, Entourage/RPF, Eric Murphy/Chad Michael Murray, slumming, ego
RPF, Crossover, Entourage/RPF, Eric Murphy/Jared Padalecki, Lucky Charms
RPF, Crossover, Entourage/RPF, Eric Murphy/Jensen Ackles, red carpet
RPF, Crossover, Entourage/RPF, Vince Chase/Chad Michael Murray, rock star
RPF, Crossover, Entourage/RPF, Vince Chase/Jensen Ackles, the A-list
RPF, Crossover, Project Runway Canada/Project Runway, Lucian/Nick, silence
RPF, Crossover, RPF/Supernatural, Chad Michael Murray/Dean Winchester, bar fight, asshole, shots, wild, unexpected
RPF, Crossover, RPF/Supernatural, Chad Michael Murray/Sam Winchester, chance, fake, method, BFF, drunk, attitude
RPF, Crossover, Sandman/RPF, Death/Gerard Way, pigeon, life
RPF, Crossover, Sandman/RPF, Delirium/Mikey Way, unicorn, orange
RPF, David Anders/Adrian Pasdar, on set, dirty secret
RPF, David Anders/Greg Grunberg, reunion, picking up old habits
RPF, David Anders/Zachary Quinto, art museum, public sex, body shots
RPF, David Boreanaz/Emily Deschanel, costume, kink
RPF, Drake Bell/Josh Peck, relax, hidden, drugs
RPF, Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel, sleep, delicate, hug
RPF, Gale Harold/Randy Harrison, missing, travel
RPF, George Clooney/Anderson Cooper, phone, tie
RPF, George Clooney/Brad Pitt, sexy, Sexiest Man Alive, Ocean's 11, trick, press conference
RPF, Gossip Girl, Blake Lively/Leighton Meester, running lines, trailer
RPF, Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester/Margaret Conlin, cougar
RPF, Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester/Sebestian Stan, smoke
RPF, Greg Grunberg/Adrian Pasdar, silly
RPF, Grey's Anatomy, Justin/Katie, late-night phonecalls
RPF, Grey's Anatomy, Justin/TR, experiment
RPF, Grey's Anatomy, Katie/Sandra, Monopoly
RPF, Harry Connick Jr/Gerard Butler, accent, lips, piano, hair, whisper, rimming, hands
RPF, Harry Connick Jr/Gerard Butler/James Marsters/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, wrap party, overwhelmed, sweet, warmth, rimming
RPF, Harry Connick Jr/James Marsters, neck, Spike, sweet, lips, rimming, blow job, piano
RPF, Harry Connick Jr/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, moondance, wrong time, jazz, our song, piano, rimming
RPF, Hugh Dillon/Callum Keith Rennie, shoe
RPF, Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Leonard, Shakespeare.
RPF, Ian McKellen/Mikey Way, party
RPF, Ian McKellen/everybody, experience
RPF, Iceslash, Brian/Tanith, break
RPF, Iceslash, Johnny/Ben, "heathers"
RPF, Iceslash, Tanith/Brooke, reo speedwagon
RPF, Jack Coleman/Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, Writers Strike boredom
RPF, Jack Coleman/Hayden Panettiere, post-Halo breakup
RPF, Jackass, Bam/Ryan, bite
RPF, Jake Silbermann/Van Hansis, day off, tent
RPF, James May/Richard Hammond, Cessna, empty, test
RPF, Jamie Bamber/Katee Sackhoff/Tahmoh Penikett, loser
RPF, Jared Padalecki/Chris Kane, intense, love/hate, falling for eachother
RPF, Jared Padalecki/Steve Carlson, love, passion, forever
RPF, Jeffrey Dean Morgan/James Marsters, brief, smile, naked!, lips, rimming
RPF, Jensen Ackles/Chad Michael Murray, attitude
RPF, Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris, dorks.
RPF, Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris/Steve Carlson, kitchen.
RPF, Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, hotel, set, counter
RPF, Jensen Ackles/Steve Carlson, geeks.
RPF, John Barrowman/David Tennant, dirty boy, chains, tease, on set, rimming
RPF, John Barrowman/John Simm, my name, camp, fuck me now!, blue eyes, short
RPF, John Simm/David Tennant, Master, say my name, rimming, quiet night
RPF, Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Nora Zehetner
RPF, Jossverse, Joss/Alexis, method, prank, pratfall
RPF, Jossverse, Joss/Summer, hats, teaching, trying
RPF, Katee Sackhoff/Michael Trucco, tea, cellphone, laughter, red velvet, stupid joke, motorcycle
RPF, Kristen Bell/David Anders, Tipsy
RPF, Kristen Bell/Hayden Panettiere, fingernails, trailer
RPF, Kristen Bell/Zachary Quint, "Teach me how to do that"
RPF, Lucy Kaplansky/Dar Williams, grace, falling, glorious
RPF, Maggie Gyllenhaal/Mary-Louise Parker, Manhattan
RPF, Mary-Louise Parker/Janel Moloney, vacation
RPF, Michael C. Hall/Jennifer Carpenter, inappropriate
RPF, Michael C. Hall/Jennifer Carpenter/Keith Carradine, dirty
RPF, Mitch Hewer/Nicholas Hoult, nocturnal, milk
RPF, Nathan Fillion/Alan Tudyk, Laughs until his eyes water
RPF, Nathan Fillion/James Gunn, Gunn <3's cock
RPF, Nathan Fillion/Sean Maher, blushing like a school girl
RPF, Nathan Fillion/Summer Glau
RPF, Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Simon Amstell/Bill Bailey, off-key, chris deburgh
RPF, Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Simon Amstell/John Barrowman, "high on the hill with a great big dildo"
RPF, Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts, reminisce, longing
RPF, Noel Fielding/Julian Barratt, possession
RPF, Noel Fielding/Russel Brand, winning
RPF, PJ Harvey/Bjork, whiskey
RPF, Pierce Brosnan/Sean Bean, memories
RPF, Project Runway Canada, Lucian/Biddell, camera
RPF, Project Runway, Andrae/Tim, strange
RPF, Project Runway, Daniel V./Andrae, drunk
RPF, Project Runway, Nick/Daniel V., wicked
RPF, Radiohead, Thom/Colin, wit
RPF, Radiohead, Thom/Jonny, dawn, poem, rubato, tremble
RPF, Sarah Michelle Gellar/Marti Noxon, fetish
RPF, Shia Lebeouf/Milo Ventimiglia, Slut, "someone might hear us", oral fixation
RPF, So You Think You Can Dance, Sabra/any, falling
RPF, Sophia Myles/Billie Piper, corset, dress, unpinning, warmth, firelight
RPF, Sophia Myles/Eve Myles, room mixup, light and dark, just sex, fingers
RPF, Star Wars, Carrie/Mark, drinking games
RPF, Star Wars, Carrie/Mark/Harrison, "fuck Hollywood"
RPF, Stargate Atlantis, Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, Season 5, awards, the end, beards
RPF, Stargate Atlantis, Joe Flanigan/Amanda Tapping, missed flight
RPF, Stargate Atlantis, Torri/Jason, last to know
RPF, Stargate SG-1, Chris/Michael/Lexa, bet
RPF, Stargate SG-1, Michael/Amanda, drive me home
RPF, Stargate SG-1, Michael/Claudia, secret crush
RPF, Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie, birthday, college, first-time
RPF, Steve Carlson/Chris Kane, guitar.
RPF, Steven Colbert/Jon Stewart, [any]
RPF, Summer Glau/Sean Maher, Big brother
RPF, Tina Fey/Amy Poehler, cute, winter, Saturday night, party, affair, blue
RPF, Tina Fey/Rashida Jones, taxi, awards
RPF, Torchwood, Freema/Naoko, night shoot
RPF, Torchwood, Gareth/Freema, forgotten lines
RPF, Torchwood, John/Naoko, impossibilities
RPF, Tori Amos/Kate Bush, homage
RPF, Tricia Helfer/Grace Park/Katee Sackhoff, floss, fingertips, wide world, bomb, secrets, nail polish
RPF, Tricia Helfer/Katee Sackhoff/Michael Trucco, leather, rain, rough ride, asphalt, strawberries, popcorn
RPF, U2, Bono/Edge, grin.
RPF, Zachary Levi/Zachary Quinto, stoned


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