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Updated: 26 January 2008
Final total: 532 stories/pieces of art/poems, in 155 fandoms from 217 authors/artists/vidders.  There are 63 bonus/extended pieces, 1 disjunctive fiction, 1 fanvid, and 16 pieces of art.
Sorted by author/artist/vidder, according to livejournal name.



What Would Happen by abby82, Crossover: Forever Knight/Smallville, Natalie/Clark, "birthday"


Devour by abmo, Crossover: Pushing Daisies/Supernatural, Chuck/Dean, "pie"


Obtuse by afrocurl, Moonlight, Beth/Josef, "smirk/shhh!/payment/heat"

Rosarita by afrocurl, Veronica Mars, Logan/Mac/Veronica, "Mexico"


Consummate Professional (Backstage Breakdown) by ailleann23, Bandom: Fall Out Boy, Pete/Patrick, "control"


Last Night by akamine_chan, Due South, Fraser/RayK, "lonely/wild"


What Was and What Could've Been by aliyaskie, Juno, Bleeker/Juno, "dreams"


Judging Books by Covers by alizarin_nyc, Angel the Series, Fred/Lindsay, "player"

Just His Type by alizarin_nyc, Doctor Who, Jack/Donna, "surprise"

when I was a child I reasoned like a child by alizarin_nyc, Doctor Who, Ten/Master, "childish"

Win-Win by alizarin_nyc, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "skill"


To Slap Or Not To Slap by all_you_wanted, How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Marshall, "slap-bet"

Customs by all_you_wanted, Crossover: Doctor Who/Firefly, Nine/Inara, "companion"

Eight by all_you_wanted, Smallville, Chloe/Clark, "discovery"

The Boy All The Bad Girls Want by all_you_wanted, Crossover: House MD/Supernatural, Cameron/Dean, "unexpected"

California Girls by all_you_wanted, Crossover: Angel the Series/Supernatural, Cordelia/Dean, "skin"


(Who Didn't?) by archae_ology, RPF/RPS: Stargate Atlantis, Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, "beards"

Music by archae_ology, Stargate Atlantis, Ronon/Evan, "violin"


A Little is All Right by argyleheir, Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, "t-rex"


Quadratura by athenejen, Crossover: Sandman/RPF/RPS, Delirium/Mikey Way, "unicorn/orange"

Chiaroscuro by athenejen, Crossover: Sandman/RPF/RPS, Death/Gerard Way, "life"


(Not So) Silent Night by austen, Bones, Brennan/Booth, "mistletoe redux"

Second Time's the Charm by austen, Juno, Juno/Bleeker, "headband"

Drunk Five! by austen, How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Robin, "scotch"

Home Theater by austen, The Office (US), Jim/Pam, "movie night"


Surrounded by Muscle and Protected by Bone by azephirin, Supernatural, Dean/Sam, "AU"


Untitled by babydraco, Bible, Jesus/Mary Magdalene, "water/fire"

A Sailor's Suit and Cap by babydraco, Gemma Doyle Trilogy, Fee/Pippa, "glass/windows/lace"


All the Damaged, Pretty Things by bank_farter, Dexter, Lila/Rita, "fire"

Their Hate Sex by bank_farter, Scrubs, Dr. Cox/Elliot, "pitiful"

Her New Me by bank_farter, Scrubs, Elliot/Molly, "elevator"

Anyone You Think About Is Better Love Than Me by bank_farter, Dexter, LaGuerta/Deb, "uniform/vice"


Childish Things by beatriceflaunts, NCIS, Tony/Paula, "pixie sticks"

Only Happy When It Rains by beatriceflaunts, NCIS, Gibbs/Abby, "weather"

Field Tested by beatriceflaunts, NCIS, Tim/Tony, "wall"


Reality TV is a Total Turn-On by bebitched, The Office (US), Kelly/Andy, "American Idol"


Substitute by bironic, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rod, "swing"

No Pain by bironic, House MD, House/Wilson, "analgesia"

Too Long by bironic, Crossover: House MD/Stargate Atlantis, Wilson/Sheppard, "benign"


Not So Much A Virtue by black_eyedgirl, Futurama, Fry/Leela, "patient"

Acceptable Behaviour by black_eyedgirl, Friday Night Lights, Tim/Smash, "juiced"

Kind of Like Applause by black_eyedgirl, Crossover: 30 Rock/Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Liz/Matt, "strike"

King of the Lab by black_eyedgirl, Bones, Hodgins/Zack, "return/victorious"

Unfaded by black_eyedgirl, Sarah Jane Adventures, Sarah Jane Smith/older!Maria Jackson, "inexplicable"

we could walk these paths blind by black_eyedgirl, The West Wing, CJ/Josh/Sam/Toby, "map"

know when to wait and went to move by black_eyedgirl, Eureka, Jack/Nathan, "bound"

Not Even The Comfort of Lies by black_eyedgirl, Robin Hood (BBC), Allan/Much, "second-choice"


First Time It Shouldn't Taste Like Blood by blissblar, Prison Break, Mahone/Michael, "knives"


En Pointe by bluerosefairy, Firefly, River/Simon, "dance/make-believe"

how blue can you get? by bluerosefairy, House MD, House/Wilson, "blues"


No Substitute by bluespirit_star, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "skill"


He Fucked With His Boots On by burntsm0re, Chuck, Chuck/Casey, "boots"

Day and Night by burntsm0re, Batman, Bruce (Batman)/Dick (Nightwing), "suit"

Morning Motivation by burntsm0re, Eureka, Jack/Nathan, "kitchen/counter"

Home Again by burntsm0re, Queer as Folk, Brian/Justin, "welcome"

Tongue-tied by burntsm0re, Bones, Booth/Hodgins, "whiskey/handcuffs"


Like the Sea by caelumi, Supernatural, Dean/girl!Sam, "beach"


Bribery by _call_me_snake_, Escape from LA, Snake Plissken/Brazen, "arresting officer"

Auto-Erotic (disjunctive fiction) by _call_me_snake_, Grindhouse: Death Proof, Stuntman Mike/Pam, "unwanted"

Comfort in All the Wrong Places by _call_me_snake_, Escape from New York, Snake Plissken/Maggie, "armed and dangerous"

Sleepless Nights by _call_me_snake_, Grindhouse: Planet Terror, Cherry Darling/Dakota Block, "sweat"


just one of those things by Carla_scribbles with bluerosefairy, Mad Men, Don/Joan, "cynical"


Post-Op by casspeach, NCIS, Tony/Tim, "angry"

Therapeutic Touch by casspeach, NCIS, Tony/Tim/Abby, "massage"

sleeping with the enemy by casspeach, Harry Potter, Draco/Neville, "tender"


kiss kiss bang bang by catwalksalone, Due South, Ray/Ray, "stapler"

hush hush, whisper who dares by catwalksalone, Stargate Atlantis, Rodney/Radek, "silence"

needs a little more than bread by catwalksalone, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, "cake"

Right At Home by catwalksalone, Due South, Ray/Ray, "drill"

And Nobody Knew They Were There by catwalksalone, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, "lock"

Invisible Ink by catwalksalone, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, "writing"

Public Decency by catwalksalone, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, "privacy"


Inquiring Minds by cats_mother, Sports Night, Dana/Natalie/Jeremy, "arrange/flower/wallpaper/whispered"


electric clock in a thunderstorm by cerebel, Tin Man, Cain/Glitch, "pre-surgery"


Show me how to be him by ceria_taliesin, Tin Man, Cain/Glitch, "coil/loop/remember me"


New Supplies by chaps1870, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "blanket"


Nighttime Conversations by chase_acow, Fried Green Tomatoes, Idgie/Ruth, "tall tales"


At Long Last Words by chellefic, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "silence"


We Can Work It Out by cidercupcakes, Heroes, Claire/Hiro, "breath"

Brown Liquor by cidercupcakes, Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Die Hard, Buffy Summers/John McClane, "drinks"

Winter Storm Warning by cidercupcakes, Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Due South, Buffy/Ray K/Fraser, "sex pollen"


Fag Hags Are Best (Because They're Not Hags At All) by cinaed, How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Ted, "legendary"

Watch Those Explosions in the Sky by cinaed, Crossover: Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Laura/Dean, "explosions"


Heated Disagreement by curtana, Discworld, Vimes/Angua, "heat"

Nothing Better To Do by curtana, Gosford Park, George/Bertha, "reciprocity"

While There's Still Time by curtana,Vorkosigan Saga, Miles/Taura, "delicate"

More Fun by curtana, Firefly, Badger/Jayne, "distraction"

if you should ever need by curtana, Labyrinth, Sarah/Jareth, "whisper/first time"

Hush by curtana, A Song of Ice and Fire, Asha/Theon, "discipline/bitch"

Honestly by curtana, Laurie R. King's Mary Russell Series, Marsh/Iris, "champagne"

The Rivals by curtana, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow/any wench, "teeth"

what do you see with those eyes? by curtana, Sweeney Todd, Sweeney Todd/Mrs. Lovett, "comfort/sharp/bleed"

Over The Phone by curtana, House MD, House/Wilson, "lazy"

Not The One With Whitney Houston And That Damn Song by curtana, Venture Brothers, Brock/Rusty, "wrestle"

Share Alike by curtana, Firefly, Jayne/River/Simon, "sharing"

Blasphemy by curtana, A Song of Ice and Fire, Sandor/adult!Sansa, "blasphemy"

All the Lonely People by curtana, Backbeat, Astrid/John, "lonely"


Right Now by cynthia_arrow, Battlestar Galactica, Anders/Lee, "alone"

Pull by cynthia_arrow, Battlestar Galactica, Anders/Kara, "tags"

Read by cynthia_arrow, Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/Firefly, Lee Adama/Mal Reynolds, "yellow"

Sour by cynthia_arrow, Crossover: Brothers & Sisters/Grey's Anatomy, Justin Walker/Lexie Grey, "tart"


Infractions by damerel, Battlestar Galactica (1978), Apollo/Starbuck, "proctor"

A Taste for Good Things by damerel, Without a Trace, Danny/Martin, "tie"

Empty Spaces by damerel, Supernatural, Dean/Sam, "desperation"


The More Things Stay the Same by dancinbutterfly, Jekyll, Hyde/Claire, "nail polish"

Speed Limits by dancinbutterfly, Entourage, Eric/Vince, "Aston Martin"

By Ear by dancinbutterfly, Entourage, Eric/Vince, "piano"


kind of ridiculous by daybreak25, Bandom: Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Maja Ivarsson/Travis McCoy/William Beckett, "video"


Love We Know by dea_liberty, Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters, Jules/Robin, "snow"

Need by dea_liberty, Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "desperation"


sub by deelaundry, House MD, House/Wilson, "obey"

Purple by deelaundry, Crossover: House MD/Stargate Atlantis, House/John Sheppard, "haze"


Happenings by devilc, Friday Night Lights, Landry/Tim, "locker room"


Eating the Apple by dolimir_k, Crossover: Cheaper By The Dozen/Smallville, Charlie Baker/Lex Luthor, "temptation"


Satin and Lace by dreamyraynbo with t_usual_suspect, Crossover: Bandom: Cobra Starship/The Academy Is , Gabe Saporta/William Beckett, "pot/panties/dress-up/drunk/hips/lipstick"


We Have the Technology by elandrialore, Stargate Atlantis, Rodney/FRAN, "rewritten"


See You Next Time by empressvesica, Greek, Cappie/Casey, "library"

Waiting by empressvesica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith/Giles, "pulse"

Choosing Not To Choose by empressvesica, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, "fault"

Cruel, Cruel Heart by empressvesica, Amadeus, Constanze/Salieri, "temptation"

What It Is by empressvesica, Waitress, Jenna/Dr. Pomatter, "rain/spring"


Scientific Endeavours by enigel, Crossover: Heroes/Pirates of the Caribbean, Mohinder/Jack, "sun-kissed"


Easy Way Out by entwashian, Live Free or Die Hard, John/Matt, "safe"

You Know My Name by entwashian, Crossover: Psych/Stargate Atlantis, Shawn Spencer/Rodney McKay, "spirits"

Beating Heart by entwashian, Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Faith/Kaylee, "repairs"

(ART) Roleplay by entwashian, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "fanboy"


Honesty by erinya, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack/James/Elizabeth, "lies"

Only a Little Wicked by erinya, Tin Man, Cain/Azkadellia, "trapped"


Autophilia by evilmaniclaugh, Chuck, Casey/Chuck, "car"

The Man Most Likely To by evilmaniclaugh, Breakfast Club, Bender/Andy, "adulthood"

Homoioi by evilmaniclaugh, 300, Astinos/Stelios, "despair"


On the Other Hand by executrix, Life on Mars, Sam/Annie, "beauty/dismissal/dominance/stay/like/forge/plunge"


Taking Angela Out by fabrisse, Crossover: Heroes/Profit, Angela Petrelli/Jim Profit, "differences"

All Dressed Up by fabrisse, Heroes, Heidi/Peter, "elevator/secret"


when we wanted to be marianne instead by fated_addiction, RPF/RPS, PJ Harvey/Bjork, "whiskey"

for each gold star by fated_addiction, House MD, House/Cameron, "blonde/merciful"


Wasn’t That Complicated by fatema, General Hospital, Coop/Logan, "familiarity/forgiveness"


Pygmalion by fawsley, Life on Mars, Gene/Sam, "sleep"


From Memory by fiareynne, Stargate Atlantis, Beckett/Lorne, "paints"

Pride by fiareynne, Stargate Atlantis, Carson/Teyla, "pride"


Played by fic_zat, Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Adria/Merlin, "vie"

Control by fic_zat, Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Adria, "control"


dreaming of a day by fleshflutter, Supernatural, Dean/Ruby, "red"

between the lines by fleshflutter, Crossover: NCIS/Supernatural, Jethro Gibbs/Dean Winchester, "daddy"

it's not performance (without romance) by fleshflutter, Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "AU"


The Shortest Distance Between Two Points by fox1013, One Tree Hill, Lucas/Peyton/Brooke, "share"


her high heel against the wall by froggimus_rex, James Bond, James Bond/Vesper Lynd, "ache/heat/soft"


Guilt by Association by gespawcho, Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, "complicit"

Layovers and Duty Free Liquor by gespawcho, Crossover: Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Tim/Serena, "layover"

That Old Black Magic by gespawcho, Crossover: Gossip Girl/The Covenant, Serena/Caleb Danvers

Maps by gespawcho, Crossover: Veronica Mars/Gossip Girl, Carrie Bishop/Serena, featuring Blair/Serena from Gossip Girl

She Goes Down Like The Setting Sun by gespawcho, RPF/RPS, Blake Lively/Leighton Meester/Henry Cavill, "hotel"


promises to you that I can't keep by giventofly37, Heroes, 70s!Adam/70s!Angela, "secrets"


(ART) Untitled by goss, Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, "illusion"


Hell by goth_clark, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles/Spike, "drunk"


attention by greenet, Bandom: Fall Out Boy, girl!Joe/Pete


By the Moonlight by guanin, Heroes, Adam/Hiro, "sake"

History by guanine, Heroes, Adam/Hiro, "history"

Sweet Indulgence by guanine, Heroes, Hiro/Ando, "sweet"


(ART) Piece Of Her by gwain, Heroes, Nathan/Jessica, "wine"

(ART) Don't Move by gwain, Heroes, Nathan/Peter, "tease"


Languor by hariboo_smirks, Crossover: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Cameron Mitchell, "oral"

angel by your side, but a devil on her way by hariboo_smirks, Crossover: Firefly/Heroes, River/Peter, "doesn't belong"

Present Sense Impression by hariboo_smirks, Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Vala, "meaningful"

Two Guys (For Every Girl) by hariboo_smirks, Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Jack/Vala, "hieroglyph"


Wartime Companion by hegemony, Crossover: Doctor Who/Supernatural, Martha/Dean, "hair"

Whatever You Want by hegemony, RPF/RPS: CW, Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, "D/s, bondage, trailer"

Dystopic by hegemony, Crossover: Dark Angel/Supernatural, Alec/Bela, "stealth"

Screech and Crash by hegemony, Crossover: Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tish Jones/Jack Harkness, "safe"

Hivemind and Conduit by hegemony, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto/Toshiko, "grudges"

The Sirens Inside You by hegemony, Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "prey/possession"

Tactical by hegemony, Dark Angel, Alec/Original Cindy, "tender"

The Only Way Out is Through by hegemony, Supernatural, Dean/Bela, "hate sex/objectify"


Touch by helsinkibaby, One Tree Hill, Jake/Peyton, "guitar strings"

Keeping Secrets by helsinkibaby, Firefly, Wash/Kaylee, "secrets"

Soft by helsinkibaby, One Tree Hill, Jake/Peyton, "soft"


Capable by hestia_lacey, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "Miller's Crossing"


Cookies in Bed by hyperfocused, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "oreos"


Pineapple by infinimato, Ocean's 11 Series, Danny/Rusty, "oral fixation/pineapple"

Just Desserts by infinimato, Crossover: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Cameron Mitchell, "revenge/dessert"

Little Surprise by infinimato, Crossover: Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Susan Ivanova/Ba'al, "BOOM!"


Turnabout by inkscribe, Stargate Atlantis, Carson/Michael, "mindfuck"


Little Bat Ears by innie_darling, The Tick, Batmanuel/Captain Liberty, "ultimate"


Echo Echo by iridescentglow, Gossip Girl, Rufus/Serena, "next-best-thing"


Persuasion by irony_rocks, Stargate Atlantis, Sheppard/Weir, "regret"


Undressed to Kill by isiscolo, The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Andy, "inappropriate"

Low Stakes by isiscolo, Crossover: 3:10 to Yuma (2007)/Tombstone, Ben Wade/Doc Holliday, "gamblers"

The Morning After by isiscolo, Hornblower, Horatio/Archie, "hangover"

Alive by isiscolo, Northern Exposure, Chris/Maggie, "languor"

Calypso Dreams by isiscolo, Crossover: Pirates of the Caribbean/Stargate Atlantis, Tia Dalma/Elizabeth Weir, "wind"

Snowmobile Parts by isiscolo, Due South, Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski, "mixer"


The Strands In Your Eyes That Color Them Wonderful by ivorykiss, Smallville, Clark/Chloe, "dominate"


Burning by jadekirk, Crossover: Doctor Who/Harry Potter, The Master/Barty Crouch, Jr., "dark side"

Closer by jadekirk, Crossover: Harry Potter/Life on Mars, Barty Crouch, Jr/Sam Tyler, "flying"


Heatstroke by janedavitt, The Sentinel, Jim/Blair, "marks"


Shrouded in Love by jd_junkie, Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel, "drowsy"


Almost Lost by jenab, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series, Ash/Nick, "forgiveness"


The Reid Technique by jesshelga, Psych, Lassiter/Juliet, "competition"


Inevitability of Life by Joanne_c, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Elizabeth I/Bess Throckmorton, "mistress"

All He Would Have by Joanne_c, Crossover: Torchwood/The X-files, Jack Harkness/Walter Skinner, "adulthood"

Be The Edie To My Andy by Joanne_c, RPF/RPS: Torchwood, John/Naoko, "impossibilities"

Too Good To Lose Himself In by Joanne_c, James Bond, James Bond/All Bond Girls, "fleeting"

Better Late Than Never by Joanne_c, RPF/RPS, Pierce Brosnan/Sean Bean, "memories"


Stage Fright, Treatment Of by kageygirl, NCIS, Tony/Tim, "book tour/wall"

A Mute Observance by kageygirl, NCIS, Tony/Tim/Abby, "spying" and Tony/Tim, "exposure"


Cold Mountain by kangeiko, Alias, Jack/Arvin Sloane, "bastard-cold"


Reciprocal by kashmir1, Stargate Atlantis, girl!John/Rodney, "want"


Eyes Open by katethegater, Stargate Atlantis, John/Elizabeth, "heat"


kung fu training by katrina87, Chuck, Chuck/Sarah, "kick"


Silence of the Jam by kellifer_fic, Felicity, Noel/Ben, "jam"


wouldn't kick him out of bed by kiarasayre, Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Vala, "playful"

Untitled by kiarasayre, Crossover: Torchwood/Doctor Who, Martha/Tosh, "any"


Cookie Capers by kira_snugz, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "oreo"


(VID) Centerfold by kuwdora, Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, "reflection"

dwelling in forlorn luxury by kuwdora, Heroes, slut!Peter/The Haitian, "memory"


Grace by ladyames, Band of Brothers, Winters/Nixon, "future/home"


Beg by ladyjax, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney/Teyla/Ronon, "kink"


Silence is Golden by lady_match, Harry Potter, Harry/Luna, "silence"


Addictive by ladytalon1, Chuck, Casey/Sarah, "middle of the night"


(ART) Behind a Closed Door by lapetite_kiki, Smallville, Lex/Clark, "closet/kneel"

(ART) Special Consult by lapetite_kiki, House MD, House/Wilson, "pull"


Looking for Invisible Moons by lenkti, Stargate Atlantis, McKay/Sheppard, "balcony"


Tear in Your Hand by lerdo, Bones, Booth/Brennan, "knife"

Light by lerdo, Bones, Booth/Brennan, "darkness"


(ART) Shatter by leyna55, Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley, "experimentation"

(ART) Undressing with Intent by leyna55, CJ Cherryh's Foreigner-verse, Bren/Jago, "first time"


Lockdown by lilithbint, Torchwood, Ianto/Owen/Jack, "research"

The Taste of Ianto by lilithbint, Torchwood, Ianto/Owen, "rimming"


That Old Stakeout Magic by linaerys, NCIS, Jethro/Tony, "dominate"


...and call me pretty by linzeems, Bandom: Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, "makeup"

from what I've seen by linzeems, Bandom: Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, "image"

need no lines by linzeems, Crossover: Bandom: Fall Out Boy/Bandom: Panic! At the Disco, Pete Wentz/Ryan Ross, "text-message"

price you pay by linzeems, Bandom: Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, "paparazzi"

trailer trashed by linzeems, Crossover: Bandom: Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe Saporta/Patrick Stump, "tour/one-uppsmanship"


Six Months by littledrop, Supernatural, Dean/Sam, "Dean in college"

Idle Dreaming by littledrop, Dark Angel, Alec/Normal, "distraction"


Double Figures by little_lilac, Stargate Atlantis, girl!John/Rodney, "want"


Mostly Human by lizardbeth_j, Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1, Sam Anders/Baal, "apple"

Testing by lizardbeth_j, Babylon 5, Jeff Sinclair/Marcus Cole, "future"

A Piece of Eternity by lizardbeth_j, Crossover: Pirates of the Caribbean/Supernatural, Will/Dean, "rain"


shoreline by lovebashed, Bandom: My Chemical Romance, Frank/Gerard, "sober"


And Such an Innocent Smile by lozenger8, Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, "cortina"

Heart's a Mess by lozenger8, Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, "betrayal"

When You Dream by lozenger8, Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, "sleep"

To the End of Time by lozenger8, Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, "steady"


Hands Down by lvs2read, Firefly, Mal/Simon, "hands"


Booty Call by lyssie, Battlestar Galactica, Anders/Kara, "lonely"

Silences by lyssie, Battlestar Galactica, Kara/Anders, "crackers in bed"

snowflakes on eyelashes by lyssie, Battlestar Galactica, Anders/Kara, "snowflake"

All's Fair by lyssie, Battlestar Galactica, Anders/Kara, "ghost"

Just for a Day by lyssie, Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/Dresden Files, Anders/Connie Murphy, "wall/dust"

not expecting morning sun by lyssie, Battlestar Galactica, Kara/Kendra, "impossible"

need by lyssie, Battlestar Galactica, Anders/Kara, "stark/flight suit"


Through the Flames by madkrazyghetto, Stargate Atlantis, John/Sam, "festival"

Braeburn by madkrazyghetto, Pushing Daisies, Ned/Olive, "flour"


We Interrupt This Program by marksykins, Bandom: Cobra Starship, Guy Ripley/Vicky-T, "adoration"

To Read a Writer by marksykins, Bandom: Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, "earworm/literature"


Anacrusis by mazily, Bandom: My Chemical Romance, Bob/Brian, "van"


Stray by medie, Crossover: Dresden Files/Supernatural, Harry/Sam, "rescue"


Possessive by melliyna, Band of Brothers, Winters/Nixon, "snow"


Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle (Though Gloria Didn't Coin the Phrase) by michellek, 30 Rock, Jack/Liz, "plan"

Change Can Be A Good Thing by michellek, 30 Rock, Jack/Liz, "Democratic Primaries"

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Donaghy's Door by michellek, 30 Rock, Jack/Liz, "interruptions"

Sing You To Sleep by michellek, The Office (US), Karen/Andy, "serenade"


Belonging by Mickeygirl, Stargate Atlantis, John/Teyla, "anger"


Cresting Waves by mickey_stone, The Boondock Saints, Connor/Murphy, "soul mates"


Traditions by miera_c, Stargate Atlantis, Teyla/Evan Lorne, "traditions"

Belief by miera_c, Stargate Atlantis, John/Elizabeth, "rebellion"


Perspective by montanaharper, Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "bodyswap"


From the Floor of Jumper One by m7storyteller, Stargate Atlantis, Evan Lorne/OFC, "floor"

There's no "I" in Team by m7storyteller, Women's Murder Club, Lindsay/John Ash, "teamwork"

Waking Cain by m7storyteller, Tin Man, Cain/DG, "first time"

Caught by m7storyteller, Stargate Atlantis, Ronon/Keller, "off-world"

Do It Again by m7storyteller, Tin Man, Cain/DG, "smirk"

The Day DG Stopped Wearing Jeans by m7storyteller, Tin Man, Cain/DG, "jeans"

He was the One by m7storyteller, Tin Man, Cain/DG, "natural/joy/light"

Let's Make a Baby by m7storyteller, Stargate Atlantis, Ronon/Keller, "protection"

The Peach Comparison by m7storyteller, CSI: Miami, Calleigh/Ryan, "peaches"


(ART) In Your Arms by mssullivan, Smallville, Clark/Chloe, "soothe"

(ART) Under The Stars by mssullivan, Smallville, Clark/Chloe, "stars"

Screaming Whispers by mssullivan, Smallville, Clark/Chloe, "realization/passion"

The End is the Beginning by mssullivan, Smallville, Chloe/Oliver, "mistake/impossible/beginnings"


Big by neevebrody, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "exploration/sharing"


if Will, not Elizabeth, was on that island by niektete, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack/Will, "heat"


Silk by noafterglow, Stargate SG-1, Jonas/Sam, "black dress"


Uncharted by noelia_g, Angel the Series, Faith/Illyria, "exploration"

Pulse by noelia_g, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith/Giles, "pulse"


Earning His Inches by nonky, Smallville, Lex/Chloe, "byline"


After the Party by notatracer, RPF/RPS, Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie, "college"


No Quarter by obsessivemuch, Torchwood, Gwen/Owen, "understanding"

Promotion by obsessivemuch, Crossover: The 4400/Stargate Atlantis, Jed Garrity/Evan Lorne


Man of Many Hats by oh_mcgee, RPF/RPS: Jossverse, Joss/Summer, Nathan/Summer, Nathan/Joss

Between a Gasp and a Whisper by oh_mcgee, Heroes, Nathan/Peter, "breathplay"

Like a Brother by oh_mcgee, RPF/RPS: Jossverse, Sean Maher/Summer Glau, "big brother"

Souvenir by oh_mcgee, Heroes, Noah/Elle, "smoke"


Last Chance by out_there, Dead Like Me, George/Mason, "gone"


this near wild heaven by oxoniensis, Stardust (movieverse), Tristan/Yvaine, "light"

hang up your hang-ups (and climb into bed) by oxoniensis, Gossip Girl, Chuck/Nate, "substitute/morning/girls"

the inside of out by oxoniensis, Life, Charlie, "zen/home"

all that is left is all that I hide by oxoniensis, Brokeback Mountain, Ennis/Jack, "grass"

go on little girl, feet twirl, go and make him smile by oxoniensis, Gilmore Girls, Dean/Rory, "dildo"

an experiment in memory (time-lapse photography) by oxoniensis, (A) Zed and Two Noughts, Oswald/Oliver, "decay/film"

never been afraid to die, and not afraid to live by oxoniensis, Stargate Atlantis, Ronon/Keller, "lockdown/protection"


Not On This Planet! by ozcmom, Battlestar Galactica, Anders/Lee, "alone"

Two's Company by ozcmom, Supernatural, Sam/Ava/Dean, "voyeur"


Inspiration by pepper_field, Crossover: MacGuyver/Stargate SG-1, MacGuyver/Sam Carter, "rain"


even in blood by pesha, Quills, Marquis de Sade, "poetry"

starving for your sex by pesha, Uglies Trilogy, Tally/Zane, [all prompts]

nice guys always finish last by pesha, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Riley, [all prompts]

it should be obvious you owe me by pesha, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Harry/Perry, [all prompts]

keep the talent happy by pesha, Entourage, Eric/Vince, "star-fucker/paparrazi/management"

tastes like damnation by pesha, Supernatural, Dean (solo), "boredom"

like a Stockholm shock to the head by pesha, Heroes, Peter/Elle, [all prompts]

reflections of each other inside a life of faith by pesha, The Boondock Saints, Connor/Murphy, "soul mates"

clothing you with me by pesha, Supernatural, Dean/Sam, "growing/desperation"

take a chance on me by pesha, Entourage, Eric/Vince, 40


sweet and creamy by phinnia, House MD, Amber/Thirteen, "coffee"

all that's missing is the cherry by phinnia, House MD, House/Wilson, "sticky"

Hot Stuff by phinnia, House MD, Kutner/Thirteen, "mouth"


A Room on the Park and a View and You by phoebesmum, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, "sofa"


smoke gets in your eyes by pink_faerie81, Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, "smoke"


in the midnight hour by piper47, Bandom: Panic! At the Disco, Brendon, "alone"

I can see it in your eyes by piper47, Bandom: Panic! At the Disco, Jon/Ryan, "eyeliner"

Music is My Hot Hot Sex by piper47, Bandom: Panic! At the Disco, Brendon/Ryan/Jon/Spencer, "music"

music to my ears by piper47, Bandom: Panic! At the Disco, Ryan/Brendon, "loud"


auld lang syne by pocky_slash, The West Wing, Sam/Will, "reunion"

Focus by pocky_slash, Stargate Atlantis, Sam/Radek, "science"


Tau'ri White Male by prehistoric_sea, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "downtime"


(ART) Saturday Nights in Neon Lights by puppetoflove, Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Friday Night Lights, Faith/Tyra, "dance"

The Fragments of a Name by puppetoflove, Friday Night Lights, Tyra/Lyla, "roadside"

(ART) Blue Eyes Color Me by puppetoflove, The O.C., Summer/Marissa, "pool"

Rise of the Mole People by puppetoflove, How I Met Your Mother, Robin/Barney, "laser tag/subway"

(ART) Acid Tongue by puppetoflove, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Cordelia, "liar"


The Birds and the Bees by purestvixen, Gossip Girl, Chuck/Nate/Blair, "champagne/fucked up/silk"

I Wanna Get With You and Your Sister by purestvixen, Gossip Girl, Chuck/Serena, "incest/joint/couture"

get all the sighs and the moans just right by purestvixen, Gossip Girl, Chuck/Blair, "lonely"


All the Summers by quettaser, Bandom: Fall Out Boy, girl!Joe/Pete


Almost As Much As Cornettos by raedbard, Hot Fuzz, Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman, "rules"

Best Wishes by raedbard, Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The West Wing, Toby/Sam/Tara, "pillow"

Love Anyway by raedbard, The West Wing, Sam/Toby, "all wet"

Myth by raedbard, The West Wing, Toby/Andrea, "New York"

Forgive Me by raedbard, The West Wing, Sam/Toby, "don't stop"

Safety by raedbard, The West Wing, CJ/Toby, "ink"

It Takes Guts To Be Gentle And Kind by raedbard, The West Wing, Josh/Toby, "betrayal"


Instruction Manual by randomeliza, Stargate Atlantis, Keller/Ronon, "protection"


Co-workers by random00b, RPF/RPS: The CW, Chad Michael Murray/Jared Padalecki, "BFF/Australia/fuck you/blow job/easy/wax"

Six Ways from Sunday by random00b, RPF/RPS: The CW, Chad Michael Murray/Hilarie Burton, "cigarette"


Sweet Dreams by redcandle17, A Song of Ice and Fire, Jaime/Brienne, "ride"

With Eyes Closed by redcandle17, A Song of Ice and Fire, adult!Sansa/Sandor, "recognition"

Deep Inside by redcandle17, A Song of Ice and Fire, adult!Sansa/Sandor, "secret"

Weakness by redcandle17, A Song of Ice and Fire, Tywin/Shae, "contempt"

Bleed by redcandle17, Fairy Tales (traditional), Snow White/Wicked Queen, "bleed"

Nothing Else in the World by redcandle17, Harry Potter, Oliver/Percy, "obsession"

Animal Attraction by redcandle17, JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Zsadist/Bella, "fantasy"

Only a Little Taste by redcandle17, A Song of Ice and Fire, Catelyn/Littlefinger, "unspoiled"

Queen's Pet by redcandle17, A Song of Ice and Fire, Cersei/Dany, "dildo"


she blinded me with science by returnofpiper, Stargate SG-1, Jack/Sam, "bind"


Comfort by ria_oaks, Crossover: Supernatural/Oz, Dean/Beecher, "prag"


Beginning by rolleson, Stargate Atlantis, Rodney/Elizabeth, "unexpected"


Shadow Shifts Into Light by romanyg, Justice League Unlimited, Batman/Superman, "visitor"

What's Yours Is Mine by romanyg, Smallville, Lex/Clark, "mine"


eyes could blaze like meteors by sapote3, Torchwood, Jack/anybody (Suzie), "memory"


Nine/Tenths of the Law by sasha_anu, 3:10 to Yuma, Ben Wade/Dan Evans, "lost"

Questionable Values by sasha_anu, Addams Family, Morticia/Gomez, "locks"

Virgin Territory by sasha_anu, Babylon 5, Susan/Marcus, "deflowering"

Give and Take by sasha_anu, House MD, Foreman/House, "negotiate"

Laid Bare by sasha_anu, Justice League Unlimited, Bruce/J'onn, "mind-fuck"

Sweet Dreams by sasha_anu, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Picard/Q, "dreams"

Shattered Dreams by sasha_anu, M*A*S*H, BJ/Hawkeye, "winter"


Home-cooked by sathinks, The O.C., Ryan/Taylor, "gruyere"


Flow by scoob2222, Big Shots, James/Katie, "mixtape"

Appreciating by scoob2222, Criminal Minds, Morgan/Garcia, "rain"

Love of the Job by scoob2222, CSI: NY, Messer/Monroe, "science matters"

Not Talking by scoob2222, Ice Princess, Gen/Casey, "costume"

All by scoob2222, CSI: NY, Bonasera/Monroe, "secrets"

Dream by scoob2222, Angel the Series, Fred/Wesley, "sunshine"

Feeling Better by scoob2222, Criminal Minds, JJ/Emily, "tension"

Pretend by scoob2222, Saved By The Bell, Zack/Jessie, "first time"

Ways to Pass the Time by scoob2222, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Goren/Eames, "stakeout"

Home by scoob2222, Jericho, Jake/Heather, "dark"

Screwed by scoob2222, CSI: NY, Messer/Flack, "puns"

Quiet by scoob2222, Criminal Minds, Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia, "spinning"

Montana by scoob2222, CSI: NY, Flack/Monroe, "home"

No Problems by scoob2222, Gilmore Girls, Dean/Lane, "squeeze"

Dumbo by scoob2222, Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ocean's 11 Series, Dawn/Linus, "poker face"

What She Had To Do by scoob2222, Bourne Series, Nicky/Conklin, "business"

First of the Month by scoob2222, Veronica Mars, Veronica/Weevil, "payment"

Early Morning Fun by scoob2222, What I Like About You, Holly/Tina, "syrup"

All Tied Up by scoob2222, Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith/Dean, "handcuffs"


The Trading Customs of MCX-534 by scribblinlenore, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "leather"

Erotic Reconstruction by scribblinlenore, CSI, Warrick/Catherine, "pegging"


Slip Ups by selfinduced, Crossover: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, "captivate/flight/mess hall"


Locum Tenens by sgatlantislight, Stargate Atlantis, Carson/Rod, "unrequited"

Glass Half Full by sgatlantislight, Stargate Atlantis, Rodney/Evan Lorne, "glass"

Numbers Game by sgatlantislight, Stargate Atlantis, Rodney/Radek, "prime"


Explosives by shutthef_up, Stargate Atlantis, Lorne/Cadman, "BOOM!"


Road Signs by simplytoopretty, Smallville, Clark/Chloe, "corn field/lost"

August Rain by simplytoopretty, Crossover: Smallville/Superman Returns, Chloe/Clark, "rain"

Landslide by simplytoopretty, Smallville, Clark/Chloe, "control/bizarre"

Hallelujah by simplytoopretty, Smallville, Clark/Chloe, "aftermath"


(ART) Standing Still by sinecure, Doctor Who, Nine/Rose, "always"


All My Little Words by siriaeve, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "silence"

Any Outward Touch by siriaeve, Pride and Prejudice, Darcy/Elizabeth, "touch"

Shot by siriaeve, Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel, "screwdriver"

His Man Friday by siriaeve, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "puddlejumper"

Body Electric by siriaeve, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "dark"

Waiting Room by siriaeve, Stargate Atlantis, Ronon/Sam, "waiting"

If You Find Yourself Caught by siriaeve, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "Miller's Crossing"

Life on the Outside of Your Skin by siriaeve, Stargate Atlantis, Ronon/Keller, "lockdown"

In So Many Words by siriaeve, Thoughtcrimes, Brendan/Freya, "tell me"

Pulse by siriaeve, Thoughtcrimes, Brendan/Freya, "entrapment"

First Breath After Coma by siriaeve, Thoughtcrimes, Brendan/Freya, "first"


Work to be Done by skittythegreat, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow/Tara, "topless"

As Men Do by skittythegreat, Dogma, Bartleby/Loki, "transubstantiate"

Second Best by skittythegreat, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith/Satsu, "longing"

Punishment by skittythegreat, Robin Hood (BBC), Guy/Marian, "bruises"

It Doesn't Mean Anything by skittythegreat, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel/Faith/Buffy, "voyeur"

Buffy Want! by skittythegreat, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Xander, "beer bad"

The Way Things Are by skittythegreat, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Spike, "control"

Animal Heat by skittythegreat, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow/Oz, "full moon"


Like In All Good Stories by slybrunette, Oz, Beecher/Keller, "mind games"

My Dirty Little Secret by slybrunette, Lost, Boone/Shannon, "obsession"

Set The Example by slybrunette, Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Lexie, "taste"

Change Hands by slybrunette, Grey's Anatomy, Lexie/Alex, "tease"

Fix You Up by slybrunette, Lost, Kate/Juliet, "bandages"


Damnation by smercy, Carnivale, Justin/Iris, "kiss"


three-piece puzzle by snakevsladder, Crossover: Bandom: Fall Out Boy/Bandom: My Chemical Romance, Pete/Mikey/Alicia, "voyeurism"


Pureblood by snegurochka_lee, Harry Potter, James/Sirius, "pureblood"


Official by solvent90, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Faith

inevitable by solvent90, Torchwood, Gwen/Ianto/Jack/Tosh/Owen


Man on a Mission by sparklebutch, Angel the Series, Wesley/Faith/Fred, "moon"

Lino Dreams by sparklebutch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles/Xander, "linoleum"

Miles to Go by sparklebutch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Faith, "jealousy"

Wild by sparklebutch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith/Oz, "wild"

Less Than Nefarious by sparklebutch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles/Ethan, "reunion"

Indulgence by sparklebutch, Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Gilmore Girls, Spike/Lorelai, "Billy Idol/cemetery/smile"

Sunlight Through The Shutters by sparklebutch, Angel the Series, Angel/Spike, "sun"

Initiation by sparklebutch, Highlander, Kronos/Duncan, "dancing"


In From the Cold by spiletta42, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Xander, "cute"

Bad Wolf Bay by spiletta42, Doctor Who, Ten/Rose, "imagination"

Boiling Over by spiletta42, Firefly, Mal/Inara, "fog"

Want by spiletta42, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Spike, "trust"

Skin Hunger by spiletta42, Dark Angel, Max/Logan, "cure"


Nine Tenths of the Law by starry_diadem, Battlestar Galactica (1978), Apollo/Starbuck, "yours"


Circuit by stephanometra, Heroes, Adam/Elle, "enclosed"

just living by stephanometra, Crossover: Supernatural/Bandom: Fall Out Boys, Dean Winchester/Pete Wentz, "Dreams"

Trade by stephanometra, Supernatural, Sam/Bela, "means to an end"


Delicate Balance by stop_theworld, Firefly, Jayne/Kaylee/Simon, "heat"


wanted/wanting by stunt_muppet, CSI: Miami, Horatio/Yelina, "betrayal"


leather, pooling by sugargroupie, Farscape, John/Aeryn, "leather"


A Sense of Timing by taurenova, Crossover: Burn Notice/James Bond, Michael Westen/James Bond, "slick"

Inactive by taurenova, Crossover: Burn Notice/The State Within, Michael/Nicholas, "explosion"


(ART) Eclipse by tdancinghands, Stargate Atlantis, Carson/Radek, "eclipse/fixture"


Territorial by tears_of_nienna, Twilight, Jacob/Edward, "scent"

Short, Fast, and Loud by tears_of_nienna, Crossover: Bandom!Fall Out Boy/Supernatural, Pete Wentz/Dean Winchester, "dreams"


Adversity by tessykins, Heroes, Elle/Claire, "it starts with a kiss/lightning"


Tastes Like A Ho-Ho by thatdudejoe, Friday Night Lights, Matt/Julie, "forgiveness (with a little shot of tequila)"


Dark by the_cephalopod, Stargate Atlantis, Sheppard/McKay, "dark"


Hundred Ways to Keep Love Alive by theclosetalker, RPF/RPS, Leighton Meester/Blake Lively/Steven Straight, "date"

Turnabout's Fair Play by theclosetalker, Crossover: The Covenant/Gossip Girl, Pogue/Blair, "leather/skirt"

What Happens in Victrola by theclosetalker, Gossip Girl, Serena/Blair/Chuck, "Victrola"

Stays in Victrola by theclosetalker, Gossip Girl, Serena/Blair, "Chuck/Victrola"


Shake Up the Picture by thefannishwaldo, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, "moonlight"

How Does It Feel Out On The Ice? by thefannishwaldo, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, "blue/cold/sneak/kinky/oblivious/team"

Ass on the Glass by thefannishwaldo, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, "forgiveness/office supplies/rain"


The Sweet Smell of Sex by thegrrrl2002, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "smell"

The Experiment by thegrrrl2002, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "puddlejumper"


Counting Freckles by thehangedwoman, Harry Potter, Ginny/Luna, "freckles"


We Alone by thenyxie, Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "without"


What Dreams Have Come by tielan, Stargate Atlantis, John/Teyla, "dreams"

Fragility by tielan, Stargate Atlantis, John/Teyla, "touch"

Keeping Promises by tielan, Stargate Atlantis, Ronon/Keller, "off-world"


Whiskey Sour by tiptoe39, Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, "whiskey"


A Fresh Face by tju_tju_tju_tju, Heroes, Adam/Bennet, "virgin"


The Weight of Grief by toestastegood, Doctor Who, Mickey/Jake, "Paris"

Contemplation by toestastegood, Heroes, Mohinder/Elle, "keep him"

The Distance Between by toestastegood, Lost, Charlie/Desmond, "blood and tears"

Cold Contrast by toestastegood, Lost, Sun/Michael, "deadlock"

Reassurance by toestastegood, Chuck, Casey/Chuck, "kill"

Because Practice Makes Perfect by toestastegood, Heroes, Mohinder/Monica, "body language"


The One You're With by topaz_eyes, Crossover: Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ten/Captain Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, "lonely"

Every Minute Counts by topaz_eyes, House MD, House/Wilson/Cuddy, "watching"

Lessons Learned by topaz_eyes, House MD, House/Cuddy/Wilson, "lessons"


Huntress by trascendenza, Aeon Flux, Aeon/Trevor, "let this be the end of it"


Political and Personal by trialia, Battlestar Galactica, Tom/Laura, "fear and loathing"

Valid Recreation by trialia, Battlestar Galactica, Cain/Gina, "going down"

Sex Ed by trialia, Battlestar Galactica, Adar/Laura, "secretarial"

Your Raving Shine by trialia, Firefly, Inara/Kaylee, "hairbrush"

From Here by trialia, Battlestar Galactica, Bill/Laura, "silence"


Not Mine to Remember by triciabyrne1978, Stargate SG-1, Jolinar/Qetesh, "glitter"


mapping by turnyourankle, Bandom: My Chemical Romance, Lyn-Z/Jamia Nestor/Alicia Way, "roadtrips"

last train home by turnyourankle, Bandom: Panic! At the Disco, Ryan/Ryan, "time-travel"


Come Undone by ullman79, CSI, Nick/Warrick, "help"

Inhaler by ullman79, Boy Meets World, Cory/Shawn, "possessive"


Charity by velocitygrass, Crossover: Family Album/Where the Heart is, Lionel/Jimmy, "art"

What Works by velocitygrass, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "floor"


this is where the world drops off by vinylroad, Supernatural, girl!Sam/Dean, "beach"


Dark and Stormy Night by vulgarweed, Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley, "rain/wings/Eden"


Cloudburst by warded_portal, CSI, Grissom/Sara, "rain"


Secondary Use For Shirts by waterofthemoon, RPF/RPS: The CW, Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, "bondage"


Green Eyes by weirfan, Stargate Atlantis, Elizabeth Weir/Laura Cadman, "dancing"

Unexpected by weirfan, Stargate Atlantis, Weir/McKay, "unexpected"


Now That's Good Television by wisdomeagle, RPF/RPS: Jossverse, Summer Glau/Sean Maher, "big brother"

Was There Ever? by wisdomeagle, Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Sam, "anger"

Then Try Harder by wisdomeagle, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Faith/Tara, "darkness"

Thrice Loved by wisdomeagle, Bible, Jesus/Peter, "denial"

Deeper Magic by wisdomeagle, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow/Oz, "forever"

Lead You All The Way Home by wisdomeagle, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow/Tara, "burn"

Fear Not Guilt by wisdomeagle, Angel the Series, Angel/Wesley, "high heels"

Twitch, Shiver, Switch by wisdomeagle, Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/NCIS, Laura/Abby, "switch"


An Offer of Friendship by wizefics, Crossover: Burn Notice/James Bond, Michael Westen/James Bond, "play along"

Adrenaline by wizefics, Burn Notice, Michael/Fiona, "explosives"


Claiming Family by wolfsnc, Lost Boys, David/Michael, "family"

Fiery Sin by wolfsnc, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood/Will Scarlett, "brothers/revenge"


All Wrong by write_light, Supernatural, Dean/OMC, "alone/hotel/quiet/taste/trapped"


Downpour by ximeria, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, "rain"

Reflection by ximeria, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, "mirror"

Care by ximeria, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, "bandage"

Spank You Very Much by ximeria, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, "braces"


Untitled by yoruichiyoshi12, X-men Movieverse, Bobby/St. John, "wild/fire/ice/steam"

This is Bliss by yoruichiyoshi12, Dark Angel, Alec/Ben, "swimming"


Adorned by zinfic, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "lipstick"

(ART) Untitled by zinfic, Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, "lipstick"

No More Lonely Nights by zinfic, Supernatural, Bobby/Ellen, "aftermath"

Too Easy by zinfic, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, "anger/home/taste"


Reynolds Numbers by zooey_glass04, Firefly, Wash/Zoe, "heat"

Not the Second Saturday by zooey_glass04, Gilmore Girls, Dean/Rory, "skirt"   



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