Porn Battle XV - The Ides of Porn




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Azure Kite/Haseo, revenge, forgiveness, data, battle

Frau/Teito Klein, reincarnation, wait, teasing, first time, annoying, holy

10 Things I Hate About You (Movie)
Kat Stratford/Patrick Verona, curls, hair, bed, smile, college, charm, accent

10 Things I Hate About You (TV)
Kat/Patrick, autumn, break, eyes, rake, second

Abigail Adams/Martha Jefferson: erotica, erotic letters
John Adams/Abigail Adams, at last, reunion, Boston
John Adams/Benjamin Franklin, "Not everyone's from Boston, John."
Martha Jefferson/Thomas Jefferson, poetry, wine, candles, violin, Virginia, loneliness

2 Broke Girls
Max Black/Caroline Channing, pink, vagina, strap on, cupcake, food porn, hipsters, cunnilingus, face-sitting, riding, grinding, breasts, hickeys

2 Guns (2013)
Stig/Bobby Trench, grin, easy, team, genderswap, breeze

21 Jump Street (Movie)
Jenko/Schmidt, high school, high, chalk, shake

28 Days Later
Jim/Hannah/Selena, comfort, growing up, harmless, defense, heaven, hell, ease
Jim/Major West, surrender
Selena/Corporal Mitchell, sacrifice
Selena/Hannah, risk, aftermath, safety, first time, delight, displacement, escape, hollow, laugh, nightmares

28 Days
Gwen/Andrea, heroin, fragile, safe, hurt, bed

28 Weeks Later
Doyle/Tammy, [any], night, scared, dirty, strangers, alone, together, learning, sniper, guns, age, accents, dreams, training, sacrifice, hiding, sunrise, run, home, past, memories, tears
Tammy/Scarlet, nightmare, isolation

30 Rock
Cerie/Liz, sexting
Devon/Jack, truce, winner, fantasy, blackmail
Gretchen/Liz, do-over
Jack/Liz, food, games, german, mythbusters, bi-curious, the arts, feelings, line
Jenna/Liz, porn doubles
Kenneth Parcel/Cerie Xerox, lips, immortality, first time, innocence, ride, money

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Otilia/Gabita, life, body, blood

47 Ronin (2013)
Mika/Mizuki, magic, mutual, hate!sex, live, reincarnation

7th Heaven
Lucy/Mary, blasphemy

8 Femmes
Gaby/Pierrette, top, smoke, kiss, shy, cold

8 Simple Rules...
Kerry/Bridget, affirmation

Adrianna Tate-Duncan/Navid Shirazi, home, fireplace, regret, second chance, baby
Adrianna Tate-Duncan/Taylor Williams, champagne, first time, heat, say goodbye, tease
Ryan/Silver, [any], teacher-student, wrong, age, Kelly, secret, hide, Dixon, bipolar, alcohol, drunk, need, home, beach, bikini, test, detention, punishment, writing, AU, travel, sunshine, heat

A Certain Scientific Railgun
Misaka Mikoto/Shirai Kuroko, sparks, lace, chocolate, skirt, heart
Saten Ruiko/Uiharu Kazari, flower, hot, bake, hand, trust, smile, scent, rumor

A Civil Contract - Georgette Heyer
Jenny Chawleigh/Adam Deveril, happily ever after, falling in love, emotional intimacy, life after heartache, future, curtainfic, happiness
Jenny Chawleigh/Adam Deveril/Julia Oversley, threesomes, alternate endings, forgiveness

A Kid in King Arthur's Court
Princess Katey/Princess Sarah, promises

A League of Their Own
Dottie/Kit, grow up, strike out

A Little Night Music - Sondheim/Wheeler
Anne Egerman/Charlotte Malcolm, stratagem

A Room With a View - E.M. Forster
George Emerson/Lucy Honeychurch, Florence, chapel, petticoat, violets, innocence.

A Royal Affair
Caroline Mathilde/Johann Friedrich Struensee, honesty, clarity, youth, delirium, progressive, daring, garden, earthly, release
Caroline Matilda/Christian VII/Johann Friedrich Struensee, ot3, victory, surreal, roleplay, Camelot, content, distraction, affection, friendship, polyamory, trust, truth, blunt, amuse, public, balance, plan, outburst, tease

A Separate Peace - John Knowles
Gene Forrester/Brinker Hadley, cynicism, sympathy, reunions, older, Los Angeles, sardonic, queer
Phineas 'Finny'/ Gene Forrester, first, love, discovery, forgiveness

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Arya Stark/Gendry Waters, betrothal, blood, bull, chastise, desire, direwolf, drunk, fate, fear, fight, first, heat, honor, innocent, instruction, longing, lost, m'lady, mob, modern, name, promise, protect, runaway, stag, status, tales, wolf
Arya Stark/Tywin Lannister, anger, blade, dark, disobey, lesson, lion, possession, pregnancy, protection, submission, temper, truth, unspoken, vengeance, weakness, wolf
Asha Greyjoy/Theon Greyjoy, salt, ocean, ship, pirate, shackle, bondage, comfort, rescue, thrall, seduce, hesitant, axe, family, gentle, death, linger
Brandon Stark/Lyanna Stark, breathless, chase, edge, godswood, Jon, obsession, possessive, pregnant, reckless, refusal, run, secret, tangled, wild
Brienne of Tarth/Jaime Lannister, knighthood, beauty, guilt, wounds, duel, winter, my lady, kneel, yearning, seduction, forgiveness, sweet, dream, golden, trust, oath, Cersei, honor, mouth, sapphire, words, sword, bath, proposal, war, quest, wench, scars, stories, pregnancy, sword, clash, mission, find, render, disarm, banter, kind, defend, dream, warm, alone, touch, fight, temptation, sword fighting, practice, bath, dirty, injury, awkward, wench, outside, tentative, aggressive, anger, armor, cold, north, war, captive, ropes, banter, first time, prayer, safe, comfort, beauty, forgiveness, warmth, clothed, misery, tenderness, slick, safe, kiss, lady, rend
Catelyn/Brandon, kiss, taste, wild
Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister, golden, hands, smile, curve, hard, sweet, bite, wine, mirror, public, knife, blood, painplay, ache, jealousy, refusal, fabric, inappropriate, exhibitionism, caught, cross dressing, pegging, gender, golden, dominance, fuse, separation, kneel, void, completion, always, bruises, falling, fighting, forever, golden, have, hidden, knight, laughter, need, pregnancy, queen, red, remember, take, water, young
Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister/Sansa Stark, betrayal, bittersweet, chains, courtesy, crown, darkness, doll, gold, humiliation, lesson, look-alike, mirror, observation, power, prophesy, protégé, rewards, scream, show, smiles, strength, threesome,
Cersei Lannister/Taena, frustrated, release, serve
Daenerys Targaryen/Cersei Lannister, best, crown, dragons, castle, greed
Daenerys Targaryen/Margaery Tyrell, dreams, same, kingdom, hope, end
Daenerys Targaryen/Robb Stark, power, queen, throne, sword, mine
Dany/Victarion, conquer, ride, storm
Drogon/Daenerys Targaryen, bond, victory
Elia Martell/Oberyn Martell, fierce, close, promise, regret, heartbreak, flowers, longing, touch, scratch, lace, purple, spear, smile, memory, sand
Gendry Waters/Myrcella Baratheon, affection, bastard, castle, duty, king, lost, princess, queen, royalty, smile
Illyrio Mopatis/Varys, partnership
Jaime Lannister/Sansa Stark, golden, honor, pretend, false, hope, furs, blood, fear, songs, Alayne, amnesia, blood, broken, caged, cloak, commander, delicate, dreams, dungeon, fairytale, favor, fire, honor, ice, king, knight, memories, penance, pretend, protect, queen, red, rescue, restitution, scars, scream, shield, smile, spring, summer, tied, valor, warmth, winter
Jaime Lannister/Sansa Stark/Tyrion Lannister, affair, betrayal, command, duality, found, greed, perception, sharing
Jeyne Westerling/Jon Snow, bitter, cunnilingus, cut, damaged, desolation, edge, frozen, heartless, dark, madness, Robb, ruins, transference, wall
Jeyne Westerling/Jon Snow/Robb Stark, belonging, greedy, home, id/ego/superego, winterfell, kings and queens, rings, bound together, brothers, overwhelmed, restraint, reveal, reversal, secrets, voyeur, sharing, soft, all in black, vows, invitation, share a bed, stay
Jeyne Westerling/Robb Stark, cunnilingus, curse, hair, map, outside, public, quiet, reckless, rushed, scratch, selfish, shudder, silence, teeth, undress, vulnerable, wall
Jeyne Westerling/Ygritte, curiosity, north, partners, runaway, steady
Joffrey Baratheon/Myrcella Baratheon, birth, bite, castle, environment, passion, Persephone, princess, scream, sin, tears, temper, tenderness, weakness
Joffrey Baratheon/Sansa Stark/Myrcella Baratheon, auburn, beg, fire, gold, history, ice, pleasure, scream, slave, [any]
Jon Snow/Arya Stark, reflection, memory, alike, snow, direwolves, heat, half, safe
Jon Snow/Robb Stark, consort, warg, bond, claim, king, command, wedding, cousin, north, ice, Wall, sword, leather, kiss, rough, fast, reunion, alive, oath, bite, blood, brother, desperation, distance, equals, frustration, godswood, gone, grin, growl, haunted, honor, hush, instinct, king, marked, mirrors, practice, prayer, public, regret, shame, vow, want, hide, promise, resurrection, drunk, jealousy, possessiveness, warmth, snow, fire, love, modern, summer, haircut, eternal, loyalty, regret, admit, return
Jon Snow/Robb Stark/Theon Greyjoy, sass, bruises, miscommunication, leather, swords, ocean
Jon Snow/Sansa Stark, older, songs, frozen, red, truth, secrets, gods, pretend, tender, king, queen, Queen in the North, snow, ice, melt, fire, claim, red, promise, revenge, knight, hero, silk, home, ruin, Robb, memory, [any]
Jon Snow/Sansa Stark/Robb Stark, family, godswood, brothers, wrong, dirty, gasp, tender, song, lick, protectiveness, scars, memories, hair, shudder
Jon Snow/Satin, black, oath, heat
Jon Snow/Ygritte, alcohol, pub, smoking, cunnilingus, teasing, trust, forever, loss, luck, silk, fire, ice, knowing, kissed, pierced, vow, honour
Jon Snow/Melisandre, flame, ritual, shadow
Loras Tyrell/Margaery Tyrell, roses, garden, green, whisper, coy, practice, pretend, understanding, smooth
Loras Tyrell/Margaery Tyrell/Renly Baratheon, help, kneel, politics, surrender, persuasion, seduction, modern, experimentation, river, vacation, worship, power
Loras Tyrell/Renly Baratheon, guard, cloak, peach, swear, curls, anal, behind, public, obvious, shaving, nervous, witty, amused, modern, club, dance, laughter, hurry
Margaery Tyrell/Sansa Stark, comfort, escape, confide, soft, sisterly
Margaery Tyrell/Cersei Lannister, drink, etiquette, fingertips, gowns, venom, weapons
Margery Tyrell/Renly Baratheon/Loras, anal, beard, voyuer, understanding, kisses, friends, incest
Myrcella Baratheon/Robb Stark, melody, accident, beauty, broken, castle, childhood, conversation, direwolf, golden, hostage, king, modern, pregnant, queen, smile, star-crossed, tryst
older!Arya/Gendry, wolf, fight, smudge, hammer, bull, winter, wine, dare, bathhouse
Ramsay Bolton/Roose Bolton, garnet, mimic, decay
Ramsay Bolton/Theon Greyjoy, gloves, tongue, devices
Robb Stark/Jeyne Westerling, wolf, bite, howl, grin, beast, bond, tremble, rip, curse, ghost, yearning, children, wedding, happiness, devotion, worship, sigh, introduction
Robb Stark/Sansa Stark, sin, silk, addicted, win, fire, rage, blood, moonlight
Robb Stark/Sansa Stark/Theon Greyjoy, invitation, use, tame
Sandor Clegane/Sansa Stark, Alayne, anti-hero, caged, castle, cloak, courtesy, cruelty, drunk, fright, hero, hound, humiliation, kiss, lady, light, little bird, memory, mistaken identity, mob, modern, monster, name, pain, princess, protection, pups, queen, regret, restraints, runaway, scar, shield, songs, sword, tied, wolf, command, leashed, tempt
Sansa Stark/Daenerys Targaryen, negotiation, alliance, treaty
Sansa Stark/Margaery Tyrell, feather, lemoncakes, letters, politics, masquerade, corset, ribbon, sensual
Sansa Stark/Robb Stark, remember, savior, direwolf, torn, understanding, bruise, comfort, secret, refusal, wish, knight, protect
Shaggydog/Osha, unleash, wild, desperate, anger
Tyrion/Bronn, sincerity, laughter, allegiance, struggle, regret

A Sudden Wild Magic - Diana Wynne Jones
Josh/Philo/Tod, magic, safety, clever, trees

A Wrinkle in Time - Madeleine L'Engle
Calvin/Meg, bed, fumble, glasses, hands

Ace Attorney
Adrian Andrews/Franziska von Karma, confidence, leather, whip
any/any, rival, remember, hands, objection, whip, leather, dish, date, time, brush, hair, pornography, found, accident, deign, femdom, D/s, shift, grinding, recess, memories, happy,
Apollo Justice/Any, bicycle
Apollo Justice/Clay Terran, grief, bond, stars
Apollo Justice/Kristoph Gavin, breath, rope, voice, moan, power, control, prison
Apollo Justice/Phoenix Wright, nerves, bathroom, sweatshirt, apology, trust, tricks, stubble, desk, lazy
Aura Blackquill/Metis Cykes, feelings, intuition
Byrne Faraday/Tyrell Badd, hands, desk, paper, lollipop, mirrors, hairtie, scarf, gags, office sex, oral fixation, kisses, dessert, happiness
Dahlia/Iris, family, secrets
Dick Gumshoe/Miles Edgeworth, wishes, presents, elevator, happiness, food
Dick Gumshoe/Will Powers, food, compliments, buffet, kisses
Diego Armando/Mia Fey, confessions, working late, gifts, happiness
Dual Destinies, Aura Blackquill/ Metis Cykes, lonely, picture, change, leave, labcoat
Dual Destinies, Aura Blackquill/Apollo, inquiry, machines, bondage, hold, still, loud
Dual Destinies, Myriam Scuttlebutt/Juniper Woods, box, scoop, vixen, spy
Franziska von Karma/Adrian Andrews, dependency, therapy
Franziska von Karma/Maya Fey, fun, sarcasm, kiss
Kristoph Gavin/Phoenix Wright, bite, enemies, glasses, wine,
Manfred von Karma/Damon Gant, control, perfection
Miles Edgeworth/Phoenix Wright, desk, hot, clothing, affection, tease, pleasure, passion, domesticity, trust
Phoenix Wright/Constance Courte, lost, love
Simon Blackquill/Apollo Justice, duel, rough, handcuffs
Simon Blackquill/Athena Cykes, penance, feathers, edge, fix
Simon Blackquill/Bobby Fulbright, jolt, chains, truth
Simon Blackquill/Franziska Von Karma, whip, shackles, perfect
Simon Blackquill/Klavier Gavin, nightmares, tongues, hurt, comfort, desire, warmth, anger, lust

Ace of Diamond
Any or original/Miyuki, bleak, destructive, disturbed, intervene
Chris/Miyuki, desperation, break
Furuya/Miyuki, quiver, rain
Kominato Haruichi/Furuichi Satoru, pretty, quiet, secret, possessive, fast, strength
Kominato Haruichi/Furuichi Satoru/Sawamura Eijun, exhaustion, bath, admiration, sleepover, control, stamina
Kominato Haruichi/Sawamura Eijun, attraction, kissing, haircut, awkward, strength, names
Kuramochi/Miyuki, collarbone, fingertips, quiet, unacknowledged
Miyuki Kazuya/Furuichi Satoru, nail polish, stamina, dirty talk, advice, height difference, advice
Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun, obedient, rebellious, explanation, exhaustion, dreams, laughter
Takigawa Chris Yuu/Sawamura Eijun, loud, guidance, kneeling, massage, touch, embarrassment
Tanbu/Miyuki, reluctant, teasing, pretend

Adventure Time
Fionna the Human/Marceline, shower, [any]
Fionna the Human/Flame Princess, unexpected, better, fix, quest, what, cold, power
Fionna the Human/Marceline/Marshall Lee, double penetration, tongue, feed, fight, music, shared, [any]
Marceline/Princess Bubblegum, chord, friction, dork, castle, candy, red, whatever, break, band, jam, slow day, science, spindle, spank, nails, hangover, bedroom, headboard, savory, sustenance, pink, red, Hambo, t-shirt, tired, pink, tongue, fight, memory, red, fpreg, hair kink, candy-apple, sticky, butts, scream queen, [any]
older!Finn the Human/older!Flame Princess, hot, species, au, [any]
older!Finn the Human/Prince Gumball, moonlight, romance, music, dance, [any]
Prince Gumball/Marshall Lee, aeronauts, [any]
Princess Bubblegum/Fiona the Human, bubbles, [any]
Wildberry Princess/Me-Mow, assassination, dagger, hesitation

Em Lewin/Joel, quotes, sparklers, whiskey

Agents of Cracked
Benedict Arnold/Daniel O'Brien, blowjob, surprise, robbery, wink, strip, phone sex
Benedict Arnold/Michael Swaim, chains, poolside, heist, messy, damage, drunk
Daniel O'Brien/Michael Swaim, knives, corkscrew, domestication, alcohol, sloppy, lick, elevator, glitter, magic, intensify
Mandy Manderson/Sarge, eyepatch, faster, wet

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [see also Marvel Cinematic Universe]
Grant Ward/Jemma Simmons, alien artifact, anger, first, hypothesis, lust, research, wound, sex pollen, touch, innocent, first, kiss, want, table, counter, backseat, touch, whisper, falling, protect, bare, voyeurism, close quarters, touch, jump
Grant Ward/Jemma Simmons/Leo Fitz, warmth, comfort, playful, protective, better
Grant Ward/Leo Fitz, angry, mission, surprise, undercover, stress, relief, handjob, fingering
Grant Ward/Melinda May, secret, jeans, wall, rage, stealth, spies, fierce, fight, overcome, experience, submission, submission, trust, silence, clandestine, shower, quiet, body language, appreciation, competence, obey, height difference, advantages of youth, cunning linguist, adoration, hotel, respect, femdom, apartment, skin, without words, lick, mouth, hands, cute, sweet, comfort, feelings, slow, careful, zipper, cook, woo, romance, apology, beauty, showing off, warm, caution, anniversary
Grant Ward/Melinda May/Phil Coulson, scars, past, find, alone, protocol, same,
Grant Ward/Melinda May/Skye, team, hold, game, fight, silence, trust, honesty
Grant Ward/Skye, backseat, bite, dressed up, handcuffs, regret, truth serum, undercover, burn, confidence, leather, motorcycle, scars, touchdown, unfettered, gun, battle, tears, trapped, explosion, bunker, [any]
Jasper Sitwell/Melinda May, sneaky, snarky, dinner, dessert
Jasper Sitwell/Melinda May/Phil Coulson, friendship
Jemma Simmons/Leo Fitz, dance, kiss, sexting, roommates, rocking-that-dress, costumes, road trip, watching movies, high school AU, backseat, plane, quiet, shots, future, bowties, bra, tattoo, tuxedo, sun dress, Britishness, experiments, aphrodisiacs, make-up sex, food, Bond, genius, roleplay, trap, courage, competition, cookies, jealous, college, kiss, best friends, shy, hands, accent, bond, science, mission, lab, food, drunk, hormones, trapped, a simple explanation, prank
Jemma Simmons/Leo Fitz/Grant Ward, sandwich, training, battle, smarts, popular, aggressive, sneaky, pectorals, exam, hair, ticklish, family, trauma
Jemma Simmons/Leo Fitz/Grant Ward/Skye, bonding, team, accommodations, planes, closets, momentary, frustration, impulsive, planned, seduction
Jemma Simmons/Leo Fitz/Melinda May, excite, sweet, ice cream, cavalry, warrior, science, bed
Jemma Simmons/Leo Fitz/Skye, introduce, new, creative, laughing, bed, First time, nervous learning, science, toys
Jemma Simmons/Melinda May, downtime, need, training
Jemma Simmons/Phil Coulson, ties, age, secret, daddy, science
Jemma Simmons/Skye, accents, fannish, costume, undercover, bad girl shenanigans, history, trust, the bus, company, quiet, overheard, privacy, lack of privacy, lab, kiss, tease, music, science, hack, equipment, experiment, friendship, sweet, skye's van, fingers, hug, play, fancy dress, safeword, kink, pegging, sex toys, sneak, hotel, blindfold, angels, ChapStick, heels, insecure, knees, sunset, shenanigans, striptease, sweetheart, toys, bad girls, dare, experiment, secrets, inexperienced, cute, sweet, awkward, kissing, touching, homework, manscaping, rescue, candycane, anatomy, awkward, laughter, adorable, lipstick, rooftop, Paris, kiss, hands, New Year's Eve, undercover, club, girl's night, ponytail, confetti, friends with benefits, boy shorts, beach, chocolate, promise, vacation, scarf, shots, hair, lip gloss, liquor, braid, youth, live a little, high school AU
Jemma Simmons/Skye/Phil Coulson, good, bad, behaving, daddy, example
Melinda May/Natasha Romanoff, mission, together, hotel, relax
Melinda May/Nick Fury/Phil Coulson, trust, watch, heal, favorites
Melinda May/Phil Coulson, [any], past, protocol, sex pollen, freefall, compromised, history, mats, warmth, comfort, Scars, Hands, Healing, elsewhere, ink, trust, secrets, touch, lock picks, dark, C4, shoulder, maze, stage, camouflage, old-school
Melinda May/Skye, aggression, anger, darkness, sparring, kicking, cavalry, alone, plane, shhhh, mentor, fight, beauty, technology, flight, hacker, rough, leather, fashion, horror, compassion, first time, mission, passion
Melinda May/Victoria Hand, command, lessons, priorities, played
Phil Coulson/Grant Ward, mission, failure, reprimand, reaction, snow
Phil Coulson/Grant Ward/Skye, training, discipline, laugh
Phil Coulson/Skye, daddy, comfort, spanking, resilience, daddy's girl, teacher's pet, me-time

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III/Caitlin O'Shannessy, unexpected, fireplace, blankets, heat, wine, cabin
Michael Coldsmith Briggs III/Marella, wardrobe, desk, one-blanket, winter

Isabelle Vaughn/Rachel Gibson, resurrection
Jack Bristow/Michael Vaughn, grief, respect, power, dominate, bitter, gun, mess, past, comfort
Jack Bristow/Irina, scars, Panama, glass, red wine, debriefing
Jack Bristow/Sydney Bristow, death
Julian Sark/Michael Vaughn, torture, hate, bite, bloody
Lauren/Sydney Bristow, bonding, bondage, gravel, car, diamond, despair, lockdown, silk, chained
Nadia/Sydney Bristow, wrong, fulfilling, sugar, soft
Rachel Gibson/Lauren, stiletto
Rachel Gibson/Nadia, deceit, raise, glow, heaven
Rachel Gibson/Peyton, teacher
Rachel Gibson/Sydney Bristow, broken, new, outside, scared, hero, undercover stripper, lesson, crush
Sydney Bristow/Michael Vaughn, hide, secret, desperate, trying

Alice (2009)
Alice Hamilton/Hatter, starlight, conundrum, dance, delight, water
Jack/Alice/Hatter, karate, gamble, suit, road trip

Alice in the Country of Hearts
Alice Liddell/Julius Monrey, heartbeats, clocks, points, hair

Alien Series
Dwayne Hicks/Ellen Ripley, calm, dream, if, sweat
Ellen Ripley/Dwayne Hicks: together, new, fresh, quiet
Gorman/Vasquez, always
Ripley/Hicks, slick

All My Children
AJ/Miranda, dance, realization, jealousy, fingers entwined, crush, filled,
Babe/Bianca anal, apology, D/s, revenge, secrets, toys, pregnant
Bianca/Kendall, incest, lust, massage, need, rimming, longing
Bianca/Kendall/Erica, family, tradition
Bianca/Laura, crush, illness, Libidizone, yacht
Bianca/Lena, anal, firsts, seduction, strap-on
Bianca/Maggie, anal, breast play, break up sex, comfort, dirty talk, Paris, plane, rimming, screamer, anal, blindfold, sex toys, squirting
Dimitri Marick/Edmund Gray, stable, brothers, rough, laughing
Edmund Gray/Brooke English, feisty, angry, tease
Erica/Krystal, whore
JR/Kendall, anal, bondage, D/s, rough sex, scratches
Kendall/Greenlee, past

'Allo, 'Allo!
Herr Flick/Helga, garter, knickers
Rene/any, apron, cupboard, table

Ally McBeal
Ally McBeal/Billy Thomas, short skirt, high-heels, lipstick, tie, desk, office

Almost Famous
Penny/Russell, alone, enough, magic

Almost Human
Charlene/Vanessa Stahl, affection, absence, loneliness, delight, [any]
Dorian/Maya Vaughn, surprise, sweet, date, [any]
Dorian/Rudy Lom, longing, forbidden, grateful, roommates, recharge, soul, karaoke, hat
Dorian/Vanessa Stahl, skin, human, doubt, comfort, [any]
John Kennex/Dorian, first time, kiss, surprise, bromance, experienced, urgent, needy, trust, danger, voyeurism, learning, sweetness, tongue, fear, trust, like, human, dream, oil, size, handcuffs, dysphoria, bones, partners, undercover, cold, black-eye, consequences, morning, handjob, cooking, drive, bodies, need, blood, guard, clothes, experimentation, truth-or-dare, human limits, malfunction, sexbot, reprogrammed, interface, love, drug, attachments, undercover, customised, connection, interface, kiss, live together, protect, VR, light, freeze, low power, captive, hum, upgrade, analog, special features, tendons, surreal, diversion, battle of wits
John Kennex/Dorian/DRN 494 (Darren), threesome, dinner, airtight, sandwich, noodles
John Kennex/Other Male or Males, memory alteration, mind control, mindfuck, remote control, public use, prostitution, undercover
John Kennex/Sandra Maldonado, after hours, lonely, vigil, friendship, relief, public, private, office, human, quiet, needy, understanding, laughter, ease, comfort, music,
John Kennex/Valerie Stahl, doodle, date, investigation, swimming, cybersex, note, bourbon, noodles, laughter, technology, prosthetic
John Kennex/Valerie Stahl/Dorian, poetry, wine, hospital, games, proposal
Sandra Maldonado/A.D.A. Ortega, flattery, respect, dancing, negotiation, red wine
Sandra Maldonado/Dorian, secrets, partners, common, student, programming, history, human

Cameron Hicks/Rachel Pirzad, forgiveness, healing, touch, balance, overwhelmed, practice, training, firsts, desensitize, perfect balance, longing, [any]

Always Crashing in the Same Car
James/Bill, blackmail, submission, phone, orders, boss, cock cage, blowjobs, kneel, office, discovery, Prime Minister, exposure

Ame-Comi Girls
Barbara Gordon/Kara Jor-El, meeting, costume, backup, internet, communication, origin, first,
Barbara Gordon/Kara Zor-El, school, heroics, culture, teamwork, shopping, mall, plan, date

American Beauty
Angela Hayes/Jane Burnham, insecure, tits, whimper, lipstick, sleepover, slut, games, cunt
Jane Burnham/Ricky Fitts, camera

American Dad!
Hayley/Avery Bullock, Viagra
Hayley/Stan, hatred, morality, religious right
Stan/Jeff, van
Stan/Roger, acting
Steve/Barry, getting boob
Steve/Barry/Toshi/Snot, sleepover, autofellatio, jerk-off buddies
Steve/Hayley, blackmail
Steve/Jeff, pot
Steve/Roger, prostitution
Steve/Snot, manhood
Steve/Toshi, robots

American Dreams
JJ/Beth, Hawaii, haircut, ring, footrub
Meg Pryor/Sam Walker, first, music, slow

American Horror Story: Asylum
Angel of Death/Jude Martin, kiss me, dance, so long
Jude Martin/Lana Winters, therapy, canes, blackmail, peak, lingerie
Jude Martin/Sister Mary Eunice, possession, lingerie, red, lace
Kit Walker/Lana Winters/Sister Jude, together, lounge, dance, bathe, escape, dark, trapped, relief, hide, trust, comfort, bed, family
Lana Winters/Sister Jude, rescue, story, revenge, forgive, fingertips, skirt, smooth, woods, bathe, blue, snap, breathe, sing
Sister Jude/any, club, sway, red, cigarette, fantasy, one night stand, weep, yearn, thrill

American Horror Story: Coven
Cordelia Foxx/Madison Montgomery, banter, headmistress, repercussions, student
Cordelia Foxx/Misty Day, dancing, denim, healing, lace, leather, raw, secret, senses, sorcerer, fingertips, midnight, smoke, itch, skip, spin, aloe, green, rapture, lace, leather, weeping willow, fantasy, savior, grace, dance, healing
Fiona Goode/any, trick, ease, dark, high, fun, once, cigarette, youth
Fiona Goode/Madison Montgomery, survive, drink, pool, test, perk, manipulate, power, jacket
Fiona Goode/Marie Laveau, conquer, clash, accord, drink, lipstick, revenge, team, youth, eternity, enemies, power, soul
Fiona Goode/Myrtle Snow, enemies, school, fire
Kyle Spencer/Zoe Benson, dead, huntsman, obedient, guide, lead, hair tugging, communication, cold, creepy, comfort, hair petting, nuzzle, speak, teaching, fairytale, twisted, overprotective, too close
Madison Montgomery/Misty Day, alive, angry, helpless, numb
Zoe Benson/Kyle Spencer/Madison Montgomery, compromise, temperature play, sweat, feel, compromise
Zoe Benson/Madison Montgomery, shower

American Horror Story: Murder House
Ben/Chad/Patrick, shower
Ben/Patrick, glance, curious
Billie Dean Howard/Constance Langdon, drunk, denial, fire, reading, gift, mouth, comfort
Constance Langdon/any, night, blood, humility, control, sober, greed
Hayden/Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short), petals
Hayden/Violet, breakdown, bitter
Leah/Violet, fear
Tate/Ben, redemption
Tate/Chad, force, dare
Tate/Patrick, adventurous

American Hustle (2013)
Carmine Polito/Irving Rosenfeld, buddies, cigar, keyswap, wives
Dolly Polito/Rosalyn Rosenfeld, husbands, keyswap, makeup, nails
Richie DiMaso/Rosalyn Rosenfeld, could've, informant, unwitting
Richie DiMaso/Sydney Prosser, sorry
Richie DiMaso/Sydney Prosser/Rosalyn Rosenfeld, dreaming
Sydney Prosser/Rosalyn Rosenfeld, angry, art, Danny, drinks, fire, housewife, Irving, kiss

American Pie series
Heather/Oz, right, finally, settled, cups, cutlery, back, freckles, shine
Jim Levenstein/Steve Stiffler/Danielle/Amber, imitation, boundaries, grasping, punishment, strap-on
Steve Stifler/OMC, exploration, new, right, kiss, wanted, happy, fingers, tongue, "there?"
Stifler/any m, any

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Alexander of Brennenburg/Daniel, torture, nightmares, punishment, naivety, chains

Anastasia (1997)
Anya/Dimitri, do svidaniya

Beka Valentine/Trance Gemini
Beka Valentine/Tyr Anasazi
Gaheris Rhade/his wives, alone, betrayal, future, trust
Gaheris Rhade/Rommie, alliance, antithesis, sacrilege
Rommie/Beka Valentine
Rommie/Gabriel, [any]
Rommie/Remiel, [any]
Trance Gemini/Seamus Harper
Trance/Tyr (or past!Trance/Tyr/future!Trance), not that innocent, gold dust, dusk, fireflies, psychology

Angel With the Sword - C.J. Cherryh
Altair Jones/Thomas Mondragon, boat, ease, madcap, inopportune

Angel: the Series
Angel/Cordelia Chase, November, vision, line, fractures
Angel/Darla, bite, history, time
Angel/Faith, hug, redemption, Buffy, lust, trust, Slayer, understanding, blood, taste, past, memories, [any]
Angel/Lindsey McDonald, hands, smile, kiss, blood, neck, trust, back, tattoos
Angel/Lindsey McDonald/Spike, trio, smirk, swearing, middle, protecting, foreskin, feeding, anchor
Doyle/Cordelia, visions, kiss, date, truth, heaven, power, trust, alone, Irish, drunk, hands, messy, apartment, shower, [any]
Drusilla, fingers
Lindsey McDonald/Spike, smug, smirk, face-fucking, fingers, grin
Wesley/Cordelia, teach, books, barrier, behind, past, kiss, trying, faithless, alone, [any]
Wesley/Cordelia/Gunn, Angel, trio, fighting, sharing, together, battles, differences, coffee, tea, domestic, singing, drunk, [any]
Wesley/Faith, bleeding
Wesley/Fred, love, eternal, together, fate, backwards, moan, British, geek, science, languages, dinner, wine, parents, family, [any]

Animorphs - K.A. Applegate
Ax/Cassie, alien, strange, touch, taste, sounds, bond, beautiful, morph, Jake, pacifist, warrior, nature, animal, [any]
Cassie/Marco, joke, soothe, morphs, tease
Jake Berenson/Tobias, anger, resentment, teenagers, change, size, love
Jake/Cassie, first, heat, goodbye
Jake/Rachel Berenson, [any], cousin, kissing, tempt, experiment, Cassie, nervous, final, time, teaching, help
Marco/Rachel Berenson, acceptance, battlelust, dawn, fight, brutal, blood, date, teasing, drunk, bloodlust, fuck, late, injuries, help, [any]
Marco/Rachel Berenson /Tobias, share, birdboy, feathers, talons, strange, anxious, flight, together, laughter, date, dance, formal, [any]
Rachel Berenson/Tobias, fear, ponytail, promise, quick, strong, t-shirt, taut, time

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter - Laurell K. Hamilton
Anita/Olaf, adrenaline, hunt, monsters

Anna and the King
Louis Leonowens/Prince Chulalongkorn, grown-up

Anne of Green Gables - L. M. Montgomery
Anne Shirley/Diana Barry, flowers, forest, crown, swimming, soulmate, fireworks, wine, dress, bed, sunshine, moonlight, grass
Anne Shirley/Gilbert Blythe, reunion, first, sweet, dreamer, admire, study, roleplay, dance, poetry, remember

Anne of Green Gables (Mini-series)
Anne/Gilbert, love, carrots, comfort, first kiss, reunited, swimming
Anne Shirley/Diana Blythe, flowers
Anne/Leslie, wicked
Anne/Susan, dear
Jane/any female, dull

Annie (Movie)
Miss Hannigan/Lily St Regis, pearls, gin

34/69, dirty, rebellious, public
Blue/Red/Purple, bleed
Boomerang (TV Channel)/Cartoon Network, incestuous, jealous, share, twins
Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees, rivalry, rings, springtime, summer, autumn, monster
Camera/Film, moment, capture
Canada/America, argument, borders, reconciliation, comfortable, kinky, hat, pants
Cat/Dog, purr, teeth, cuddle, sit, stay, roll-over, beg
Christmas/Halloween, cozy, woolly sweater, fire, alcohol, costume, party, laughter, gift, trick, treat, goth, scared, temperature
Cold/Nipple, tease, dubcon, any
Debauchery/any, any
Denial/Isolation, any
Denial/Satisfaction, seduction, surrender, change, any
eggs/oil, aioli, cake, healthy, mayonnaise
fabric/needle, double-penetration
Fahrenheit/Celcius/Kelvin, jealousy, absolute, tradition, zero, freeze, boil
Fall Fashion Week/Spring Fashion Week, collection, drunk, front row, jealous, star fucking
Freckles/Nose, sunshine, burn, skin
graham cracker/marshmallow/chocolate, melt, fire, camping
Heart/Blood, life, oxygen, rhythm
Library/Internet, new, old, comfort, time, information, history, words
Livejournal/Dreamwidth, friends, interface, language skills, next-big-thing, together, upstart, wish, Porn Battle, competition, meta, lag
London/Paris, tension, admiration, words, weather, rivalry
MSNBC/FoxNews, AU, hate, secret, Shakespearean
Netflix/Blockbuster, streaming porn
New York/Texas, hipster, cowboy, unexpected, shared, tension, politics, rough
oil/water, fight, slick, unrequited
Paper/Ink, words, movement
Pillows/Blankets, comfort, soft, feathers
Remote/Fingers, any
Repression/Denial, guilt, any
Sriracha/Tabasco, egg, competitive
Temptation/Infidelity, scheming, any
Time/Space, curves, slow, black-hole, equations, energy
Tumblr/deviantART, crash

Any fandom
any adult female/any adult female, fingers, toys, clothes, partially clothed, oral, smile, sea, kind
any adult male/any adult female, domesticity, lingerie, hands, kiss, bed, fun, meal
any adult male/any adult male, coming, smile, holding hands, fingers, first time, blowjob, wanted
any trio or more of male/female adults, polyamory, threesome, flirting, exploration, fun, eyes, smile, hands, kiss

Ao no Exorcist
Arthur Auguste Angel/Lewin Light, indulge, undone, pretty
Fujimoto Shiro/Mephisto Pheles, agreement, curiosity, cigarette
Kirigakure Shura/Mephisto Pheles, scheme, snake, vitriol

Aoi Hana
Okudaira Akira/Manjoume Fumi, any

Apt Pupil – All Media Types
Todd/Dussander, corruption

Apt Pupil
Todd/Dussander, corruption

Lana Kane/Pam Poovey, slapping, sarcasm, pool balls, office, elevator, server room, fingering
Lana Kane/Sterling Archer: pregnancy, guns, banter, hotel room, surveillance, late night
Pam Poovey/Cheryl Tunt: choke, d/s, top!pam, sploosh, understated, manic
Pam Poovey/Sterling Archer: best, elevator, reluctant, food
Ray Gillette/Sterling awkward, rage, voyeurism
Sterling Archer/Lana Kane, phrasing, mission, undercover, mistake
Sterling Archer/Lana Kane/Pam Poovey, cocaine, sploosh, bondage, wreck, femmedom, pegging, covert

Are You Being Served?
Mr. Humphries/Capt. Peacock/Mrs. Slocombe/Ms. Brahms/Mr. Grainger/Mr. Lucas, Are you free?, boardroom, elevator, Mr. Rumbold's office, pussy

Arkham Horror (Game)
Daisy Walker/Kate Winthrop/Amanda Sharpe, library, books, science!, lore, forbidden, comfort, dimensions, horror
Gloria Goldberg/Darrell Simmons, news, truth, investigation, facts, interviews, phenomena
Sister Mary/Kate Winthrop, science, religion, evil, good, fact, conflict, argument, comfort, hope, magic, horror

Arrested Development
George Michael/GOB, [any]
GOB Bluth/Tony Wonder, normal
GOB/Michael, eager, mistake, hermanos, forgive, drunk, tension, dove
GOB/Stan Sitwell, daddy
GOB/Tony Wonder, babysitting, same, experienced, furtive, glitter, showmanship, illusion, wedding, praise, amnesia
Lindsay/Sally, cheerleader, rivals, hair, dare
Maeby/Ann, scheme, surprise, secret, revenge, secular
Michael/Lindsay, birthday, future, twins, food, loyalty, wrong

Arrow (TV 2012)
Barry Allen/John "Dig" Diggle, surprise, connection, oral
Barry Allen/Oliver Queen, costume, kissing, trapped, desperate
Count Vertigo/any, cavalier, cock ring, yellow, queer, justice, adviser, acute, hallucinogen, charade, blunt, blizzard, fork, accent, empire, clue, puppet, forgiveness, judicious,
Count Vertigo/Oliver Queen, diabolical, stubble, restraints, AU, hellbent, whisper, accent, zipper, orgasm denial, suffuse, sanity, apocalypse, OCD,
Felicity Smoak/Barry Allen, instagram, twitter, fawn, hack, bowling, encrypt, geometry, arrow, subterfuge, heat sink, masquerade gadget, official, dartboard, mass spectrometer, feminist, first-time, upload, oreos, ankle, AOL, tie, flowerpot, compile, cute, lantern, movie, oral sex, crease, analog, bohemian rhapsody, hurt/comfort, sheet, wake, playful, hair, electric, lab, sweet, firsts, kiss, bed, wanted, eager, tender, trust, nerd love, oral sex, reunion, [any]
Felicity Smoak/John "Dig" Diggle, fixation, sweat, giggles, cherry, stars, hand, trust, arms, kiss, desire, glasses, caring, eyes, smile, injured
Felicity Smoak/Sara Lance, black, watch, secret, clue, bonding, hiding, nightmares, scars, sleepover, strap-on
Felicity Smoak/Helena Bertinelli, bondage, psycho, retribution, revenge, healing, distance, domination
Felicity Smoak/Isobel, hate sex, insults, skirts, taunting
Helena Bertinelli/Oliver Queen, crime fighting, fast, grieve, leather, shoot
Helena Bertinelli/Sara Lance, throw-down
Helena Bertinelli/Dinah "Laurel" Lance, non-con
Laurel Lance/Thea Queen, quiet, cool, watching, patience, community service, drugs, loss, mentoring, revenge
Malcolm Merlyn/Moira Queen, furtive, awkward, quickening, revenge
Malcolm Merlyn/Oliver Queen, shackles, flogging, master and apprentice, shadows
Malcolm Merlyn/Rebecca Merlyn, cuddling, snow, defrosting, compass
Moira Queen, Walter Steele, shock
Moira Queen/Dinah Drake Lance, comfort, fingering
Moira Queen/Dinah "Laurel" Lance, comfort, parenting, undressing
Moira Queen/Walter Steele, trust, dream, masturbation
Oliver Queen/Barry Allen, denim, blindfold, clubhouse, rescue, collide, mirror, worship, service!submissive, flash, worship, devastate, prologue, residual, any
Oliver Queen/Dinah "Laurel" Lance, secret identity, future, mask, hood, wall sex, alleyway, dark, costume, undercover, hidden, torn clothes, scars, compartmentalize, after hours, midnight, try, control, release, defense
Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak, apology, dance, computer virus, locked in, formalwear, green, mask, safe, desk, blackout, wine, door, archery, dreams, jewellery, arrow, claim, costume, feral, gift, green, hood, hurt, Isabel, jail, jealous, kidnapped, love, protect, Russia, skirt, stolen, strength, sun, training, crush, secret, journey, slow, touch-starved, sugar, movies, showerhead, truth, cookies, rain, arms, union, alley, intense, blip, whirlwind, size, coast, daydream, voyeurism, haunted, flood, fortune, compel, skirt, acrobatic, hand-to-hand, circularity, Google, carnal, love, humming, leather, mask, training, sweat, office, short skirts, rooftop, alley, coffee, wine, whisper, strength, protection, undercover, loyalty, stronger, Arrow, green leather, office sex, temptation, Linux, salmon ladder, eyes, clean, bug, nail polish, tease, laughter, window, transfer, library, abs, counting, breathe, [any]
Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak/John "Dig" Diggle, cooperation, blackout, undercover, cooperation, dependence, corporate, fundraiser, fit, logic, obvious, puzzle, team, needs, meet, morning after, home, flowers, game, tie, help, make, late, comfort, genius
Oliver Queen/John "Dig" Diggle, sparring, training, anger, remind, trust, right, take, sweep, lips, bondage, submission, subdrop, headspace, pectoral, crude, fever, metal, equal, ghoul, dilemma, bourbon, husk, locust, amber, parallel, appetite, arbitrary, gift, soothe, pragmatism, secret, trust, dusk, Rome, adventure, lime, belt, sparring, sparring, reliance, rebuilding, secrets, bodyguard, tired, dawn, pining, sublimate, loyalty, pranks, tease, commitment, misunderstanding, denial, wrestling, lies, fiction, duality, wet, damaged, wounded, frustration, fixation, training, sweat, lick, smile, pinned, bed, trust, mentor, gag, orgasm denial, respect, equal, domination, water, [any]
Oliver Queen/John "Dig" Diggle/Felicity Smoak, teamwork, together
Oliver Queen/John "Dig" Diggle/Slade Wilson, retaliate, mind games, compete, uncomfortable, immediate, hands, power
Oliver Queen/Quentin Lance, know, find, trust, hope
Oliver Queen/Roy Harper, learning, teaching, kissed, wall, urgency, confession, atonement, tactical, rib, 38, bleak, helicopter, bruise!kink, hood, stubble, reveal, aerial, dive, elbow, flinch, bisexuality, club, bronze, drift, any
Oliver Queen/Shado/Slade Wilson, beauty, slow, quick, outdoor, comfort
Oliver Queen/Slade Wilson, foul, fear, Shado, training, perplexing, breathily, concussion, dub-con, AU, glades, intoxicant, gravel, unfold, direct, waterfall, ether, bitter, forge, profane, torpedo, teeth, suit, blind, thunder, balustrade, hidden, betrayal, barbwire, ground, hard, can't, more, excess, overwhelm, overpower, kiss, rough, heat, grab, boredom, jungle, hunt, eyes, midnight, bow, training, bullet, ice cream, pink, letter, question, ignorance, light, hero, villain, train, truce, team-up, rescue, lost, duty, shake, fever, chill, swords, discipline, soldier, training, protective, rough, kiss, island, accent, revenge, anger, wild, [any]
Oliver Queen/Slade Wilson/Felicity Smoak, compromise, flirt, heels, lipstick
Oliver Queen/Slade Wilson/Shado, jealous, favor, sweetness, morning, scent, night, touch, yearn, whisper, unsaid, understood, loss, ghost, heat, poison, will, tattoo, respect, spar
Oliver Queen/Thea Queen, all, dreams, familiar, mistake, party, scars, chest, too close, touching, stumble, discovery, heart, intoxicated, shame, secret, distance, study, watch over, stripped down, blood, miss you, cling, unhealthy, mess, siblings, secret, open, masks, death, protection, training, sick, sleepy, scars, television, drugs, party, club, vigilante, team-up, learning, fight, school, alcohol, defense, camping, rich, hide-out, trust, love, [any]
Oliver Queen/Tommy Merlyn, blowjob, confession, forgiveness, memories, swimming, love, kiss, smile, friends, trust, happy, bed, share, grief, firsts, remember, rebuild, threesome, ear, lick, hair, play, laugh, thighs, lick, outdoors, new
Oliver/Felicity, dress, blue, garters, rough, unmarked, suspenders, sweat, lipstick, leather, books, desk, restraints, pressure, night time, shadow, sunshine, shudder, banter, control, safety, grip, notch, office, glass, press, upturned, rip
Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak/John "Dig" Diggle, emails, "I never", coffee, mirror
Oliver Queen/Slade, [any]
Roy Harper/Thea Queen, pregnancy, healing, AU, reunion, arrow, crime, partners, truth, speedy, first time, strength, lick, hard, seduce, suck, wall sex, stamia, spanking
Sara Lance/Felicity Smoak, binoculars, software, green, radio, footsteps, reverse, loop, cute, comfort, home, team, cuddling, power play, kissing, trauma, hot, turn on
Sara Lance/Thea Queen, accidental, alley, storm, glitter, leather, lace
Sara/Sin, bruises, leather, saving, tower
Sebastian Blood/Slade Wilson, balcony, tragedy, standalone, equal, blink, fellatio, dub-con, skyscraper, memory, grandiose, forlorn, aftershock, young, pawn, bauble, noir, dosage, miracle, any
Shado/Slade Wilson, beautiful
Sin/Roy Harper, eyeliner, leather, clasp, miracle, clitoris, gunplay, stamina, bisexual, window, remorse, thief, open, halloween,
Sin/Sara Lance, hero, partner, private, risk, bells
Sin/Thea, alley, bad girl, makeover, mansion, slutty dress
Slade Wilson/Felicity Smoak, twist, taint, smoke, ruin, tempt, snake
Slade Wilson/Shado, death, needle, romance, orgasms
Slade Wilson/Thea Queen, admiration, wrong, seduce, seduction, protective, dangerous
Thea Queen/Sin/Roy Harper, undone, danger, alley, arrow, wait
Tommy Merlyn/Oliver Queen, guilt, dream
Tommy Merlyn/Thea Queen, darkness, secret, desperate, jealousy, secret, date auction, chocolate, secrets, grief, drinks, tights, in

Nigel Ratburn/Alan "Brain" Powers, numbers
Nigel Ratburn/Bailey, art

Arthurian Legend
Gawain/Gareth, protective, older, brothers, frightened, sacred, vow
Guinevere/Arthur/Lancelot, solution, best chance, stars, blossoms

As If
Alex Stanton/Allen Rissbrook, tender, slow, kissing, fingers, lube, smile
Jamie Collier/Sooz Lee, piercing, love, kiss, hair, content, tease, lick,
Nicki Sutton/Rob Conway, happy, sunshine, beach, kisses, loved, accepted, trust

As Time Goes By
Alistair/Judy, anxiety, stairs, Venice
Lionel/Jean, gentle, olive oil, tender, wrinkles

As Told By Ginger
Hoodsey/Carl, doghouse

As You Like It - Shakespeare
Celia/Rosalind, matched, disguise, page, stranger, delights, liberty, loyalty
Orlando/Rosalind, genderfluid, makeup, dress, forest

Ash and the Army of Darkness
Ash Williams/Sheila, savior, swordplay, hiding, rescue

Ashes to Ashes
Alex Drake/Evan White, recursion
Alex Drake/Gene Hunt, hands
Alex Drake/Jim Keats, breathless, display, marked, red
Alex Drake/Sharon Granger, champagne
Alex/Shaz, boots, help me, lipstick traces, modern world, stars, ma'am, modern, uniform, heels
Gene Hunt/Jim Keats, jagged

Assassin's Creed II
Ezio Auditore da Firenze/Claudia Auditore da Firenze, leaders, secrets, eagle, training
Ezio Auditore da Firenze /Leonardo da Vinci, paint, codex, teamwork, flying, safe, protection, creative

Assassin's Creed
Connor Kenway/Clipper Wilkinson, admiration, leadership, awkward, surprise
Desmond Miles/Lucy Stillman, lipstick, training, undress

A-Team (2010)
H.M. Murdock/B.A. Baracus, wall, falling, moments, timing, trigger, food

Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland
Lionela Heinze/Rorolina "Rorona" Frixell, catgirl, charity, patches, dolls, healing, future

Atlantis (UK TV)
Hercules/Medusa, sweet, romance, food, drunk, surprises, hiding, barrels
Hercules/Pythagorus, triangles, drunk, fear, confession, shock, bickering, [any]
Jason/Ariadne, silence, secrets, key, darkness
Jason/Pythagoras, introductions, triangles, danger, haste, fumble, catch, heroics, stranger, unfamiliarity, teaching, culture, language
Jason/Pythagoras/Hercules, threesome
werewolf!Jason/Queen Pasiphae, revenge, anger

Briony/Cecilia, undone

Attack on Titan
Armin/Any, crazy, blind
Levi/Mikasa, loneliness, desire, healing, understanding
Levi/Patra Ral, heichou, forget, night, bruises, marks, clean

Aubrey-Maturin series - Patrick O'Brian
Jack/Sophie, court, need, pleasure, shoreleave, afternoon, hold, letter, pride, deep, huff, ride
Jack/Stephen, ear, duet, overindulge

Austin Powers
Austin Powers/Basil Exposition, years, college, alcohol, mission, behave, mojo, fear, cradle, kink, finally
Dr Evil/Mr. 2, boss, victory, loyalty, humiliate, respect, eyepatch
Number 3/Scott Evil, common, betrayal, allure, embarrass, comfort, redemption

Ava's Demon
Ava/Maggie, torn, want, hurt, any

Avatar (2009)
Grace Augustine/Neytiri, mentor, lessons, spirit
Jake Sully/Trudy, competition, courage

Avatar: Legend of Korra
Asami/Bolin, accident
Asami/Tahno/Mako, domination, toys, technology, vibration, stimulation, sensation, test, trial, payment
Giant!Korra/Unavaatu, save, rescue, protect, change, understand, spiritual, giants
Katara/Zuko, comfort, age, memory, forgiveness, rest, touch, new, trust
Korra/Amon, survival, scars, discovery, capture, bend, break, femdom, change, similarity, love, hate
Korra/Asami, older, vacation, mountains, snow, cabin, fire, fur, pleasure, warmth, linger
Korra/Asami/Tahno, polyamory, mansion, bed, naked, together, care, tender, suck, kiss, stroke, massage, agreement, turns
Korra/Tahno, healing, summer, willing, unconfined, open, tryst, anywhere, anytime, lover, friend
Lin Bei Fong/Asami Sato, speed, heights, metal, pulse
Lin Bei Fong/Kya, caught, games, tease, seduce, experience, fingers
Lin Bei Fong/Kya/Tenzin, wild, youth, elements, bath, pressure, open, warmth, threesome, refresh, tickle, forget
Lin Bei Fong/Tenzin, parental expectations, formalities, secrets, restless, denial, blindfold, breathplay,
Lin Beifong/Iroh II, heat
Mako/Asami, prison, quick, fear, betrayal, lust
Noatak/Tarrlok, bend, compulsion, ache, remorse
Pema/Tenzin, adoration
Tahno/Desna, compete, dominate, royal, spotlight, handjob, oral, anal, water, waterbending, ice, hair, stroke, lick
Tonraq/Senna, surprise, pregnancy, impregnation
Unavaatu/Giant!Korra, destroy, noncon, darkness, defeat, force, orgasm, enslave
Varrick/Bolin, isolate, loom, boytoy, money, luxury, oral, anal, dependence, promises
Wan/Raava, longing, incorporeal, touch, eternal
Asami Sato/Korra, alcohol, competitive, freedom, luxury, motorbike, pool, racing, satomobile
Bolin/Korra/Mako, combination, pattern, sleep, wake, midnight, dawn

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Embers-Verse)
Zuko/Shirong, training, trust, sparks, control, together, safe

Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV)
Katara/Zuko, blood, fire, cool, burn, ice, trust, balance
June/Piandao, meticulous, hunt, assert, indomitable
Katara/Suki, water
Katara/Toph Bei Fong, blindfold, earth, pretty, sensation, touch, trust, water
Mai/Ty Lee, boredom
Suki/Toph Bei Fong, blush, competition, crush, spar
Suki/Ty Lee, energy, training
Toph/Aang, forceful, cloudy, taste, pinch, vacation
Toph/Suki, paintbrush, motivation, accent, soft, vacation
Toph/Zuko, nicknames, winner, Fire Lady, dirt, romantic
Zuko/Azula, fire, red, nails, teeth
Zuko/Katara, affair, candles, river, reminiscence
Zuko/Sokka, journey, boys, dirt, forest

Michael Britten/any, fleeting
Vega/Michael Britten, dream

Jake/Jenna, different, slide, exhaustion, finally

Axis Powers Hetalia
any/any, bounce, breasts, nuzzle, stolen, undressed, battlefield, comfort, daybreak, know, kind, alternate, marriage, release, made, rations, dinner
any/any, forgiveness, hate fuck, delicious, cold, make up, realize, warm, seeing, once, agreement, trade, treaty, history
Greece/South Italy, sea, mutual
Spain/Greece, sea, sun, intimacy
Turkey/Greece, subjugation, parent, blood
Turkey/Spain, clash, empires, fascination

Azumanga Daioh
Sakaki/Chiyo, cute
Sakaki/Kaorin, worship
Tomo/Osaka, hyper
Tomo/Yomi, teasing
Yukari/Nyamo, competition

Babylon 5
Delenn/John Sheridan/Jeffrey Sinclair, the one, time, balance, trinity, one, sacred, height, body worship, kisses, exhibitionism, rivals, curiosity, desperate, human, liminal
Delenn/Lennier, bittersweet, claim, peace, submission, loyal, hidden, bruises, look up
Delenn/Neroon, trust, ritual, ceremony, loss, sacrifice
Delenn/Susan Ivanova, connect, cold, lasting, unfailing, rope, robe, binding, huddling, touch, waiting, experiment, warmth, temptation, elevator, uniform, vulnerable, wet, triumph
Jeffrey Sinclair/Michael Garibaldi, loss, dream, shower, Valen, return, alien, reunion
Jeffrey Sinclair/Marcus Cole, mystery, voice, delight, training, robes, renewal, arrow
John Sheridan/Lennier, rage, unanticipated, forget, impossible, triage
John Sheridan/Stephen Franklin, resourceful, discreet, adventure, awkward, frantic, evidence, office, stubborn
John Sheridan/Susan Ivanova, Io, wolves, vodka, starfuries, telepathy
Marcus Cole/Susan Ivanova, roses, boff, trapped, mental-link, vodka, surrender, Talia, telepathy, cryogenics, latent, first-times, happiness, virgin, warming
John Sheridan/Michael Garibaldi, betray, control, mistake, forget, forever
Michael Garibaldi/Stephen Franklin, forgiveness, future, second chances, shock, perfect, firepower, epsilon iii, Mars, guarded, resolve
Michael Garibaldi/Susan Ivanova/John Sheridan, secrets, pressure valve, rebellion, touch, dark
Stephen Franklin/Marcus Cole, argument, shuddup, surprise, pining, tackle, confined, newlyweds, bondage, bickering, wall, tease, silence
Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters, cold, fluff, died, tied, wait, expectation, Vorlon, mindmeld, regret, hope, lies, telepath, gloves, secrecy, gestalt, water shower, Garibaldi, Ironheart's gift, soulmates

Back to the Future
Female!Marty McFly/Jennifer Parker, Great Scott, paradox, history, butterfly effect, loyalty, trust, happy, switch

Bad Education (UK TV)
Frank Grayson/Stephen Carmichael, poetry, Shakespeare, dance, acting, happy, hands, proper kiss, date, sweet, football, Robocracker, opening up, couple
Mitchell Harper/Stephen Carmichael, first time, wanking, kiss, smile, coming out, trust, talk
Mitchell Harper/Jing Chow, closet, hands, bored, games

Bad Girls
Helen/Karen, champagne, passion, escape, lace, jealousy, party, alcohol, kiss, dancing, desire, comfort
Helen/Nikki, authority, strip, adjudication, solitary, special gifts
Karen/Yvonne, men, hard, damn it all, so wrong its right
Helen/Frances, inner, bondage, surprise, shower, office
Helen/Jim Fenner, hotel, temptation, anger, tension, hottub, dinner
Helen/Karen/Frances, alcohol, reunion, meeting, desire, party, comfort

Baldur's Gate
Alora/Edwin Odesseiron, sizekink, magic, thief, hair, laughter
Mazzy/Korgan, unromantic, sparring, belief, healing

Band of Brothers
Eugene/Renee, chocolate, warmth, ease, red, snow, reprieve, gift, hands

Banshee (TV)
Lucas Hood/Proctor, sloppy, redeem
Job/Sugar, nostalgia, sharp, relent
Rebecca Bowman/Kai Procter, dirty, dissolve, shower, masturbation, touch, spank, tease, vacant, voyeur, lace, forbidden, fruit, tattoo, family, dress, swimming, sun, lazy, apple
Lucas Hood/Job, heist, exhausted, trust, teach, taken, suck, frosted, crumble, anal beads, lonely, master, accustomed
Lucas Hood/Siobhan Kelly, ache, understand, harder, belt, bite, mistakes, scars, soft
Lucas Hood/Rebecca Bowman, dance, summer, night, forbidden, fruit
Lucas Hood/Kerry, gun, blood, motorcycle
Proctor/Rebecca Bowman, pride, shells, split
Rebecca Bowman/Nola Longshadow, temptation, deliver, hungry, cunnilingus, linger, consequences, sweet, bike, thigh, hair

Bates Motel (2013)
Bradley Martin/Dylan Massett, comfort, hungs, tentative, soft, hair, crush, gasp, nuzzle, tender, oral
Dylan Massett/Emma Decody, motorcycle sex, curious, revenge, older, inappropriate, ill, hair stroking, displacement, red, bra, slick, date, collide, cunnilingus
Dylan Massett/Norma Bates, control, restraint, slip, wall, zipper
Dylan Massett/Norman Bates, motorcycle, AU, advice, stubble, beard burn, memory, blood ties, mistake, throat, exposed, freedom, roadtrip, roadside, oral, guide, wrong, half-brother, lost, protection, projection, sick, sheltered
Dylan/Remy, California
Emma Decody/Norma Bates, you deserve better, [any]
Norma Bates/Norman Bates
Norman Bates/Miss Watson, make-up test
Norman Bates/Zach, fishing

Batman (Nolan series)
Bruce Wayne/John Blake/Selina Kyle, mentoring, dress up
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, partners in crime, marriage, kids, tied up
John Blake/Selina Kyle, secret, touching, tempting
Rachel Dawes/Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne, ideals, history
Jen/Selina, storm

Battlestar Galactica (1979)
Athena/Sheba, bitch, training, fathers

Battlestar Galactica (2003)

D'Anna Biers/Laura Roslin, documentary, desk, detention, humanity, connection, cabin, surrogate

Dee/Billy, stargazing, intimate, muffled, military

Gaeta/Dee, love, discovery, safe, secret, finished, together, come what may,

Galen Tyrol/Sharon Valerii, leaving, need, desperate, pictures

Helena Cain/Laura Roslin, pre-attacks, history, politics, knife, shoes

Helo/Athena, return, flustered, intense

Helo/Sharon Valerii, raptor, honeymoon, mission, trust

Jeanne/Paulla, purity, touch, open sky, harvest

Kara Thrace/Cain, Ma'am

Kara Thrace/Ellen Tigh, drunk

Kara Thrace/Jack O'Neill, competing, fighters

Kara Thrace/Karl Agathon, the worst bar in Caprica City, laughter, solitaire, torn fabric, not forgotten, Kara wants to show him something

Kara Thrace/Kat, top dog

Kara Thrace/Laura Roslin, green places, puzzle, unexpected talent, after they've denied themselves, Ma'am, saviour, arrow, Kobol, grind, raptor, shame, desperate

Kara Thrace/Lee Adama, brig, I'm glad you're alive, prayer, steel, broken pieces, trying to take a vacation, this is the end, morning, running, quiet, starlight, guilt, regret, coming back, don't let go, endings, shoot, never, happiness, beginnings, flight, combat, lust, fighting, boxing, slick, trust

Kara Thrace/Leoben Conoy, alive, nightmare, stitches, sweat

Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, between, fingers, dream, fall, Demetrius, escape, late-night, outside, pre-canon, promise, storm, twisting, visit, winning, easy, flying, pilots, banter, fight, loss, wings

Kara Thrace/Saul Tigh, cigar, boxing, sweat, scent

Kara Thrace/Zak Adama, proposal, cold feet, stronger stuff, Zak lives AU, package, first time

Karl Agathon/Sharon Agathon, sunlight, new, bars, touch

Karl Agathon/Sharon Valerii (Athena), slow dance, sensual, survival, satisfaction

Laura Roslin/Ellen Tigh, au, college, bff, resistance

Laura Roslin/Ellen Tigh/Tom Zarek, drinking, resistance, options, dance, eternity, colonial day, founder's day

Laura Roslin/Lee Adama/William Adama, need, love, sharing

Laura Roslin/Three, pray, worship, absolution

Laura Roslin/Tom Zarek, indiscreet, powerful, wits, chess, game, teasing, brig, quorum, quarters, kobol, new caprica, freezer

Lee Adama/Laura Roslin, mini-series, attacks, raptor, Laura, ambrosia, lonely, hunger, drunk, sneak, anger, loud, quickie

Lee Adama/Laura Roslin/Tom Zarek, power, struggle, wet, hers, kobol, presidential, quorum

Lee Adama/Sam Anders, competition, alpha-male, muscles, hands, locker room, Lee went for the Arrow, the CAG, while Kara watches

Leoben Conoy/Kara Thrace, shuttle, reality, pain, mate

Natalie/Boomer, warrior

Richard Adar/Laura Roslin, desk, discretion, cabinet, struggle

Sam Anders/Felix Gaeta, post-Collaborators, late watch, tattoo, torn pages, grief,

Sam Anders/Galen Tyrol, Earth 1.0, the smell of grease, resistance, false memories, bad booze

Sam Anders/Hot Dog, rook, shower-sharing, freedom, green grass, empty space and stars

Sam Anders/Lee Adama/Dee/Kara Thrace, confusing, messy, worth it, pregnancy, joy

Sam Anders/Saul Tigh, long journey, pyramid, trying to remember, New Caprica, dog tags

Sharon Valerii/Caprica Six, neck, regret, sunlight, return, touch, red, glow, new world, acceptance, strength, taken

Sharon Valerii/Galen Tyrol, number, along, fingertips

William Adama/ Laura Roslin, reincarnation, responsiblity, parents, teachers, nuture forever, earth, books, rack, raptor, pre-attacks, oral, vocal, shower, command, blind

William Adama/Saul Tigh, alien, fallout, teach, sunshine, blood, marks, water, mirror, breathe, couch, endings, champagne, single, pocket, spies!AU, good wife, sweets, starlight, pink, nibble, stranger, trust, sunset

William Adama/Saul Tigh/Laura Roslin, school, legs, weed, tie, gag

Beautiful Creatures
Lena Duchannes/Ethan Lawson Wate, powers, strength, willpower, dreams

Beautiful Thing
Jamie Gangel/Ste Pearce, married, first, anniversary

Beauty and the Beast (1991 movie)
Belle/Beast, argument, apology, flowers, snow, books, silken sash, horseback
Belle/Gaston, chapter six
Lumiere/Cogsworth, ticking, PTSD, wax

Beauty and the Beast (2012)
Alex Salter/Vincent Keller, memories, honeymoon, on call, scrubs, proposal, high heels, cabin
Catherine Chandler, Vincent Keller, revenge, scorn, playing dirty, games, jealousy, rebound

Becker (TV)
Becker/Reggie, Empire State Building, kiss

Jed Harper/Ryan McAllister, tea, striptease, quiet, grave, club, favourite, couch, mud, trapped, ghost, regret, nightmare, misunderstanding, kinky

Bedwyn Series - Mary Balogh
Christine Derrick/Wulfric Bedwyn, quizzing glass, hideaway, time

Being Human (UK)
Alex Millar/Annie Saywer, chips, pottery, sex, tea
Alex Millar/Hal Yorke, subjective, worn, masturbation, tactile, voyeurism, AU, star wars, ceramic, knitting, misunderstanding, exquisite, swearing, ecstasy, hallucinations, forlorn, polylingual, dream, superfluous, carpet, any
Allison Larkin/Tom McNair, baby, chatter, debate, university
George Sands/John Mitchell, fingerless gloves, yellow, green, wolf, fangs, blood, smirk, "George", tease, flirt, smile, stubble, firsts, saved, trust, thrust, single bed, laughter, transformation, protect, origin, secret
Hal Yorke/any, any, anxious, elegant, ball, couple, polyamory, paris, bloodlust, marriage, arson, blonde, rapid, Aphrodite, melancholy, necrosis, poetry, voluptuous, irreverent, new york city, sorcery, dancing, soulless, frenzy, effort, vienna, addiction, modernity, bisexuality, sturm und drang, criticism, debauched, red, escape, arch, vaudeville, any
Hal Yorke/Nick Cutler, AU, rehabilitation, chop, playground, time, flinch, sphere, attic, dozen, fedora, dystopia, breakfast, swarm, drown, protect, 24, destroy, celibate, grin, indecent, diary, iPod, brass, alarm, equilibrium, lopsided, derelict, barn, devout, behead, dominant/submissive, hobbies, castle, reunite, abnormal, neon, martyr, calculate, injustice, supreme, revenge, dial, search, cacophony, solicitor, mea culpa, elite blowjob, dancing, timid, first time, touch-starved, fortify, blasphemy, cigarette, any, old, god, hotel, break, intervene, blue, wait, dirt, work, glass, grave, history, choke, own, possess, bond, victim, hunger, delicate, complicated, partners, hearbeat
Hal Yorke/Tom McNair, stretch, beard, obfuscate, bondage, coax, dystopia, sonata, queer, lesson, refractory, post-moon, niche, comfort, hidden, bashful, bite, 1780s, olympics, telepathy, cranberry, trousers, rouse, sweater, charades, saddle, lonely, cotton, electricity, exposition, peach, 8, theology, Devil, paradise lost, anxious, Friday, huff, prose, ravenous, windowpane, sea, nickelodeon, cuddle, any, bound, chair, control, dominoes, hair, ritual, anchors, blood, restraint
John Mitchell/Annie Sawyer, best friends, heaven, purgatory, windsor, beach, cartwheel, telepathy, masturbation, voyeurism, spade, glove, touch-starved, rosemary, attribute, stone, waylaid, ash, skin, daydream, any, forgive, sin, safe, need, sunlight, heartbeat, memory, kiss, denial, tea, surprise, reincarnation, afterlife, touch, choice, future, [any], eternity, faith, grey, curls, heat, tea, AU, bubbly, sunshine, touch, sex, years, telekinesis, flicker, children, adoption, marriage, rings, gloves, love, truth, clothes, hide, beach, heaven, hell, twilight, pink, house, beginning, end, hope, hair
John Mitchell/Herrick, blood, postcoital, Leeds, S&M, rancor, meat, costume, impure, tattoo, knuckles, drive, horizon, blank, hitherto, exile, lockbox, ancestor, faithless, plaything, bleak, hunger, shine, curse, philosophy, savior, leash, destruction, guilt, hands, wept, any
Nina Pickering/George Sands, bump, last
Tom McNair/Alex Millar/Hal Yorke, antiques, blood, couch, domestic, dragons, forgiven, killed, men, now, older, parents, quiet, restless, sleepy, unsure

Being Human (US/Canada)
Aidan Waite/Henry Durham, past, feed, compromise, excitement, teach, formal wear, violence, impulsive, oral, uniform, whisper, bite, learning curve, crush
Aidan Waite/James Bishop/Suzanna Waite, gift, AU, travel, blood, kill, family, trio, eternity, celebration, humanity, monsters, rough, hedonism, bad ideas, torn, hunt, teach, explore, bodies, colliding, spiral, by the water
Aidan Waite/Josh Levison, desperation, howl, laugh, loyalty, need, scars
Aidan Waite/Kenny, power, replacement, youth, curiosity, morbid, desire, ask, bites, hunger, nature, newborn, thirsty, mentor, guide, first crush, inappropriate, AU, guilt, shame, one-sided, imagination, hands on, reckless
Aidan Waite/Suren, slick, femdom, bloody, messy, knives, weapons, femoral, claws, AU, dress, formal wear, torn up, return, silk, lingerie, fangs, suck, rough sex, ripped sheets
Aidan Waite/Suzanna Waite, human, feed, forest, AU, modern, punishment, apology, worry, rebirth, restart, nuzzle, kiss, take care, nurse, loyalty, fidelity, vampire!Suzanna, drink, timeline, thighs, spread open, stitched up
Aidan/Sally, [any], ghost, vampire, hands, alive, touch, dance, age, laughter, blood, survive, human, decay, promise, hug, kiss, wonder, absolution, trust
Josh Levison/Nora Sargeant, wolf, moonlight, twilight, in between, hands, rough, bite, dirt, scent, fur, snarl, newlyweds, threshold, comfort, scratches, anger, honeymoon, hurried, kiss, tear, sundown, relief, denial, wild, unexpected, adventurous, storm, champagne, interrupted
Kat Neely/Aidan Waite, secrets, dangerous, happy, experienced, perfume, fire, cuddle, observant, snow

Belle de Jour
Belle de Jour/Madame Anais, innocence

Ben 10 Alien Force
Ben Tennyson/Kevin Levin, shapeshifting, xenokink, tentacles,

Ben and Kate
BJ Harrison/any, hilarity, accent, breasts
Kate Fox/Tommy, responsibility, stolen, fulfillment, gorgeous

Bend It Like Beckham
Jess Bhamra/Jules Paxton, games, uniforms, giggle, sharing, bed, smile, exploration, confidence, training, shower, hands, fingers, toys, homesick, whispered

Benjamin January Mysteries - Barbara Hambly
Benjamin January/Hannibal Sefton, cold, music, secret, overheard, intercrural, flirt, oral, opium, beauty, first time, bent over, pianissimo, conqueror
Benjamin January/Rose Vitrac January/Hannibal Sefton, dance, breathplay, withdrawal, pegging, costumes, negotiations, opera, morning, food, nicknames, laughter, loyalty, comfort, friendship, loss, champagne, zombies AU, pirates AU, hurricane, music, kiss, secrets
January/Hannibal Sefton, altar, longing, Mardi Gras, elf au, temptation, hand-jobs, punks au, spanking, Greek myth, bow, clue, roleplay, bet, muse, smoke, bondage, waterside, carnal, noir au, long-distance
Dominique Javier/Chloe Viellard, orgasm, delight, permission, en deshabille,
Rose Vitrac January/Hannibal Sefton, experiment, poetry, lock picking, trust, sugar, home, oral, nail polish, books, friendship,

Griffith/Guts, iron, chaste, gentleness, consent, blade, loyalty, blood, betrayal, snarl, beast, memory, whore, claim, wield, thrust, wound, weakness, scars, alpha/omega, sacrifice, noncon

Betrayal (2013)
Jack McAllister/Sara Hanley, floor, food, guilt, photography, secret, shower, sorry
Jules Whitman/Valerie McAllister, birthday, candles, comfort, ex, experience, first, gentle, heartbreak, home, leather, loft, nightclub, sext, toys, trust

Better Off Ted
Lem Hewitt/Lucy, sexy, scientific, principles, hypothesis, glasses
Ted Crisp/Veronica Palmer, power outlets, haircut, suits, hand-holding, denial, undercover, science, experiment, office, memo, chicken, robot
Ted Crisp/Veronica Palmer/Linda Zwordling, paperwork, childcare, date, Valentine
Veronica Palmer/Linda Zwordling, TPS, paperclips

Beverly Hills 90210
Brandon Walsh/Brenda Walsh, secret, familiarity, sun, tease, begging, anal, rimming, [any], lust, twins, beach, heat, summer, memories, road trip, Dylan, jealous, touch, ice cream, connection, Minnesota, winter, snowed in, grounded
Brandon Walsh/Dylan McKay, hiding, first, blowjob, rimming, anal, restraints, dom, sub
Brandon Walsh/Steve Sanders, belonging, afraid, turned on, blue eyes, caring, need, want
Brenda Walsh/Kelly Taylor, kiss, secret, please, teasing, no panties, domme, sub, virginity, strap-on, anal, rimming
Dylan McKay/Steve Sanders, misfits, rich, lonely, once
Kelly/Valerie, anal, D/s, hate sex, strap-on

Beverly Hills Cop
Axel Foley/Jenny Summers, history, comfort

Delilah/Samson, betray, knife, temptation, strength, forsaken
Esther/Xerses, unrobed, humbly
Eve/Adam, as one flesh
Eve/Lucifer, knowledge, good, evil, slither, bliss, holy
Eve/Seth, necessary, mother, human, genesis, multiply
God/Lucifer, Worship, begging, forgiveness, sin, angels, impure
Jesus/Mary Magdelene, gnosis, secrets learned, sharing of souls

Big Love
Adaleen/Alby, the Lord sees
Adaleen/Wanda, accomplices
Barb/Margene/Nicki, [any]
Heather/Rhonda, unnatural
Heather/Rhonda/Sarah, crowded
Kathy/Wanda, first wife
Margene/Ana, nervous, hairbrush, pie, dance, rain, perfect, fourth
Margene/Barb, secret, role reversal, hiding, dirty, baptism, fire
Margene/Ben, explosion, quick, wrong, dirty, commando, grass, nightswimming, sweat, kiss
Margene/Sarah, girl talk, fashion magazine, bitten, bubblegum, pillow fight
Nicki/Alby, understanding, conspiracy
Nicki/Margene, approval, healthy needs
Nicki/Sarah, prophecy, need to breathe
Rhonda/[any], she gets what she wants
Rhonda/Cara Lynn, your mama
Rhonda/Sarah, prayer, thief, playtime

Big Time Rush
Gustavo/Kelly, recording, snuggles, comfortable, holiday, surprise
Kendall/Lucy, elevator, rock, backstage, frustrate, apartment, plant, game, present
Logan/Camille, role, spy, shenanigans, reality, pool, support

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
Bill Preston/Ted Logan, love, hands, music, smile, kiss, bed, together, sixty-nine, booth, friendship, sugar, punch, ice, six-pack, wander, swimming pool, backstage, rush, dive

Bioshock Infinite
Booker Dewitt/Rosalind Lutece, any
Robert Lutece/Rosalind Lutece, experiment, analysis, reflection, alternate

Clayton Danvers/Elena Michaels, biting, rough, passion, outdoors, wolves, running, blood, need, moon, golden, sheen, droplet, wolf, hunt, pack, blood, anger, denial, family, [any]

Bitterblue - Kristin Cashore
Bitterblue/Giddon, [any], voice, brave, strength, secret, affair, romance, kindred
Bitterblue/Saf, [any], gold, celebration, dance, sorrow

Black Dagger Brotherhood - J. R. Ward
Bella/Rehvenge, crush, fantasy, inappropriate
Rhage/Mary, mine, beast, blood, jealous, needing, forever

Black Jewels - Anne Bishop
Daemon/Surreal, employment, honey, blood, witchfire, tenderness, playful, teeth, recreational, partner
Saetan/Tersa, bittersweet, dream, lost, mine

Black Lagoon
Bai Ji-Shin Chang/Okajima "Rock" Rokuro, restraint, corruption, alike, manipulation, judgement, disdain, mocking, negotiations, car
Balalaika/Chang/Rock, nails, threesome, corruption, neck, negotiations, villain
Balalaika/Rock, door, wall, nails, scar, teeth, laughter
Lotton/Sawyer/Shenhua, adrenaline, blade, family
Lotton/Shenhua, courting, blade
Revy/Rock, possessiveness, partners, gun, tattoo, hands
Revy/Shenhua, adrenaline, culture, weapon, lipstick, nails

Black Sails
Eleanor Guthrie/Max, clean, sea, night, quick, frantic, kind, rip, tongue, soft, smell, wrap, doors, rum, free, hair,, corset, whore, brothel, piracy, first, denial, secret, [any], confidants, liberty, power dynamics, trust, betrayal, first time, shudder, fingers, trust, harbor, shelter, respite, rum, sugar, listen, audience, scissoring

Black Swan
Nina/Lily, tattoo, chocolate, wings, relax, stalking, tease, blackout
Blackadder, Edmund Blackadder/any, cunning, vitriol, villainous, tongue, heartache

Blade (Movie Series)
Abigail Whistler/Hannibal King, any, challenge, command, memories, trust, friction, gunplay, restraint, silence, spirit, steady, snark, broken, flirt, whiskey, wry, scars, pegging, virgin, tease, undercover, drunk, tattoos
Blade/any, submission, virgin
Blade/Drake, temptation, retribution
Blade/Karen Jenson, strength, faith
Danica Talos/Hannibal King, bitterness, twisted, pet, blood, stiletto, scars, breathplay, marked
Danica Talos/Hannibal King/Asher Talos, breathplay, clinical, voyeurism, conduit, pet, torment, tension
Deacon Frost/Dr. Karen Jenson, alternate ending, warm, cold, blood, friction, curious, hate, death, sharp

Blade Runner
Roy Batty/Rick Deckard/Gaff, watch

Blade Trinity
Abigail Whistler/Hannibal King, licking, sword
Drake/Hannibal King, bite, club, consort, desire, distraction, fight, final, hide, hunter, naked, please, return, run, skill, senses, smell, suck, sword, take

Blades of Glory
Jimmy McElroy/Chazz Michael Michaels/Katie Van Waldenberg: try, firsts, family, parkas, snow, summer

Blake's 7
Anna Grant/Servalan, debt, freedom, decadence, scheme
Cally/Travis, explosive, pain, run, romance, sneer
Dayna Mellenby/Del Tarrant, cold, schematic, rushed, closet
Dayna Mellenby/Soolin, dangerous, draw, weapon, sand, mellow
Kerr Avon/Cally/Del Tarrant, platitudes, competition, alien, sweat
Roj Blake/Jenna Stannis, AMTDI, temder, frills, alcohol, release

Blast From the Past (1999)
Adam Webber/Eve Vrustikoff, teacher, learn, the apple, defile, taste, honeymoon, seduce

Bang Shishigami/Jin Kisaragi, forgiveness, frostbite, nemesis, melt, blade
Bang Shishigami/Kagura Mutsuki, old times, duty, betray, rebel
Litchi Faye Ling/Arakune, swarm, chatter, slither, devour
Rachel Alucard/Valkenhayn R Hellsing, servant, roses, dog, good boy, ribbons
Ragna the Bloodedge/Jin Kisaragi, murder, severed, blood, slice, bite, obsess, never
Ragna the Bloodedge/Kokonoe, maintenance, cyborg, candy, favors
Relius Clover/any, torture, puppeteer, beg, bloody, Astral

Blaze - Stephen King
George/Blaze, [any]

Aizen/Gin, eternity, sharp, switch, thrones, worship
Grimmjow/Nnoitra, payback, strength, supremacy
Hisagi Shuuhei/Muguruma Kensei, hero, service, tattoo
Ichigo/Orihime, [any], Rukia, Aizen, blood, past, PTSD, scared, shield, healing, battle, trust, protect, family, wedding, cooking, baby, love, sleep, alone, rain, future, date, friends, sunset, goodbye, truth
Ishida Ryuuken, alone, rain, watching
Ishida Ryuuken/Ishida Uryuu, estranged, sanguine, stitches
Ishida Ryuuken/Szayel, examination, madness, perversions
Kibune Makoto/Kira Izuru, pretty-cryer, superior, wounded
Kibune Makoto/Szayel, mirror-image
Kuchiki Byakuya/Ichimaru Gin, destruction, friendship, education
Kurotsuchi Mayuri/Szayel, tentacles
Nnoitra/Neliel, force, misogyny, revenge
Nnoitra/Szayel, favours
Nnoitra/Tesla, adoration
Ootoribashi Roujuro/Kira Izuru, redemption, flowers, poetry, captain, slow
Ryuuken Ishida/Kanae Katagiri, life together, friction, acceptance
Shihouin Yoruichi/Urahara Kisuke, languid, history
Shunsui/Ukitake, artwork, silver, whispers
Szayel/Grimmjow, alpha, captive, experimental, vicious
Szayel/Grimmjow/Il Forte, punishment, throne, useful, useless, superiority, voyeurism
Szayel/Ishida Uryuu, specimen, toybox

Bleak Expectations
Pip Bin/Gently Benevolent, quaint, daddy, lace, bondage, any

Bleak House
Lady Dedlock/Rosa, lonely, tears, devotion, fear, stoic, stone, hurt, love

Blue Bloods
Jamie Reagan/OMC, uniform, handcuffs, coming, bed, loved, smile, unbutton

Blue Murder
Janine Lewis/Richard Mayne, best friends, desk, bed, first time, kiss, smile, charm

Boardwalk Empire
Arnold Rothstein/Charlie Luciano, forgiveness, ordinary
Arnold Rothstein/Charlie Luciano/Meyer Lansky, reconciliation
Charlie Luciano/Gillian Darmody, cruel, bad habits, simple
Charlie Luciano/Meyer Lansky, partners, whiskey, lies, return to normalcy
Gillian Darmody/Richard Harrow, different, quiet, blinding

Bob's Burgers
Bob/Jimmy Pesto, rivals, moustache, cooking, UST, euphemism, hair, stains, new, secret, dirty, frottage
Hugo/Ron, afar, unrequited, quickie, birthday, job, trust, mistletoe, unconditional
Linda/Bob/Jimmy Pesto, games, kids, celebration, vulnerability, nicknames, kink, understanding

Bodacious Space Pirates
Jenny Dolittle/Lynn Lambretta, ship, space, gravity, club

Body of Proof
Kate/Megan, champagne, united, understanding, loyalty, desire, off-limits, my office, respect, professionalism, wine

Bomb Girls
Betty McRae/Gladys Witham, princess, relief, uncertainty, swing, gender play, silk, spy, wild side
Betty McRae/Teresa Hill, tension, joy, cunnilingus, firsts, uniform
Betty McRae/Kate Andrews, jail, letter, love, lust, moans, scent, singer, bail, hellfire, honesty, faith, coming home, vocal, healing, lipstick, nylons, solace, mercy, grace, nightmare, scars, protection, voice, music, red, champagne, dancing
Kate Andrews/Leon, safe, tender, gentle, trust, push, bathe, song, dusk, hands, smile
Vera Burr/Kate Andrews, lesson, burlesque, home, peace

Bones (TV)
Angela/Cam, brown
Angela/Daisy, loud, restrain
Angela/Roxie, pleasure/pain principle
Booth/Hodgins, believe, break, fever, mark, scars, sweat
Booth/Sweets, sunglasses
Brennan/Angela, girl talk, ancient history, necklace, jail, loyal, empathy, ink, strap-on, BDSM, crime, skull, past, detachment, guilty, tired, cold, blindfold, jewelry, release, girls love easily, still life, wait, girls just wanna have fun, affair, lipstick, rave, earring, research, sleeping bag, security tape, there are people around, couch, stress, danger, home, pony play, hypothesis, ice, science
Brennan/Annie Oakley (from "Death in the Saddle"), spurs
Brennan/Cam, sarcasm
Brennan/Daisy, role model, academia
Hodgins/Sweets, couch
Temperance "Bones" Brennan/Seeley Booth, family, life, secrets, play time, stop, friends
Zack/Hodgins, tattoos, ant farm, advice, danger, experiment
Zack/Sweets, freedom, vocabulary

Bonnie and Clyde (2013)
Bonnie Parker/Clyde Barrow, excitement, bloodlust, photos, lipstick, glamour, guns, silk, money, cars, stockings, murder, femme-fatale, [any]
Bonnie Parker/P.J. Lane, fame, gun, surprise, deal, windows

Books of the Raksura
Chime/Jade/Moon, welcoming, teasing
Ember/Pearl, protective, sweet

Boondock Saints (Movies)
Connor McManus/Murphy McManus, summer, jeans, lip gloss, tattoos, pool table

Maya/Axton, competitive, girlfriend
Maya/Lilith, eridium, sirens
Maya/Zer0, gender, sniper, suit

Emma Kane/Ian Todd, whatever

Boston Legal
Alan Shore/Denny Crane, cake, giggling, reminiscence, honeymoon, any

Bourne (Movies)
Aaron/Marta, succumb, pressure, warm, cling, stubble, warm, wet, at
Jason/Nicky Parsons, memories, training, sessions, pills, silence, ghost, touch, feel, together, Paris, perfume, gloves, gun, on the lam

Bourne Legacy (2012)
Aaron/Marta, warriors

Boxcar Children
Henry/Benny, like the big boys
Violet/Jessie, New England resourcefullness

Boy Meets World
Cory Matthews/Shawn Hunter/Topanga, inevitable, family
Shawn Hunter/Angela Moore, bond, shatter, kiss, hands, smile
Shawn Hunter/Cory Matthews, forever

Bravest Warriors
Chris Kirkman/Beth Tezuka, sassy
Danny Vasquez/Wallow, Catbug, glove, pinch

Breakfast with Scot (2007)
Eric McNally/Sam, secret, forgiveness, naked, forget, hurt

Breaking Bad (TV)
Jane Margolis/Jesse Pinkman, sober, sting, vapor
Jesse Pinkman/OMC (played by Bryan Cranston), au, prostitution, start, healing, vampires, truckers, vans, punishment, afterlife, any
Jesse Pinkman/Skyler White, revenge, justice, fugitive, coffee shop

Annie Walker/Helen Harris III, friends, date
Rita/Becca, drunk, reunion

Bridgertons Series - Julia Quinn
Kate Sheffield/Anthony Bridgerton, mallet of death, carriage, bee, garden, sweet, darkness, winter, gardens, bees, nooks, bookshelves, ink, secrecy, blush, chemise, cravats, press, exposure, carriage
Michael/Francesca, forest, rain, snow, desk, secrets, cunnilingus, palms, longing, carriage
Simon Basset/Daphne Bridgerton, honeymoon, letters, waltz,

Bright Star
Fanny/John, scent, flowers, freedom, garden, gingerly, lace, butterflies

Bring It On
Isis/Missy/Torrance, push, competition, teamwork
Jan/Les, pom poms
Missy/Torrance/Cliff, indecision

Brokeback Mountain
Ennis Del Mar/Jack Twist, quiet, golden, Australia, smile, eyes, rimming, bed, bliss, masturbation, kiss, afterglow, love

Broken Age (Doublefine adventure game)
Shay/Marek, undressing, observation, danger, temptation, wolf suit, instructions, Grabbing Gary
Vella/Curtis the Lumberjack, wood, trees, hipsterism, art, firsts, cabin, flannel, cuddles, comfort, hands
Vella/Shay, connection, growing up, firsts, escape, rebellion, puzzles

Lars/Martin, hate, anger, history, share,

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV)
Amy Santiago/Jake Peralta, adrenaline, scent, nuts, ring, costumes, date, backseat, hotel, sincere, ponytail, contacts, paperwork, undercover, prank, handcuffs, park, chase, competition, bet, pineapples, secret, presents, payback, holiday, maturity, rivals, friends, competition, denial, partners, laughter, tease, academy, mess, muscle, ride, laughing, denial, pigtails, ties, puppies, shut up, the Captain, flowers
Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz, leather, motorcycle, pink, ponytail, missy, shots, bullet, pillow, front clasp bra, partners, unwinding, comb, eyeliner, leather, dare, smoke, sisters, hairstyle, bone, coffee, snark, gun, looks, overnight, discover, teamwork, kiss, playful, secret, taxi, club, leather, glasses, throat, public, dress, proposal, shh, any, tension, trust, rivals, friends, back-up, sting, bloody jacket, bare, commando, bet
Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz/Jake Peralta, bondage, doing shots, velvet, stakeout
any/any, pegging, femdom, work, lunch, mission, buddy, threesome, taste, win, joke, unreal, ultra, evidence, asshole, daydream, roleplay, laugh
Jake Peralta/Rosa Diaz, one-off, threats, trust, office desk, trust, whiskey, fun, game, surprise, leather, academy, celebration, partnership, team, workout, benefits, academy, teamwork
Ray Holt/Kevin Holt, in sickness and in health, emotion, daiquiris, any
Ray Holt/Husband, wedding, sand, Paris, meeting, home, anniversary
Ray Holt/Jake Peralta, au, divorce, precinct, game, [any]

Brotherhood of the Wolf
Gregoire de Fronsac/Mani, wine, sticks, escape, tongue

Brothers (2009 film)
Cassie/Grace, children
Tommy/Sam, hero

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Andrew/Rupert Giles, self-esteem
Andrew/Spike, roadtrip
Angel/Buffy Summers, snow, midnight, spells, cookies, human, masturbation, phone sex, substitute, cemetery, domme, trust, rain, blood, nails, aggression, dance, fixation, reunion, immortal, midnight, leather.
Angel/Faith Lehane, shaking, teeth, warm
Angel/Spike, remembrance, leather
Angelus/Tara Maclay, damned
Anya Jenkins/Buffy Summers, vengeance
Anya Jenkins/Faith Lehane/Buffy Summers, new
Anya Jenkins/female Xander, weird
Anya Jenkins/Halfrek, time
Anya Jenkins/Tara Maclay, memento
Anya Jenkins/Spike, scar
Anya Jenkins/Willow Rosenberg, awkward
Buffy Summers/Faith Lehane, dark!Buffy, role reversal, bad girl, shadow, humiliation/degradation, friends, trust, allies, loyalty, redemption, renegade, AU, leather, knives, post-Slaying, strength, teeth, fast, hard, powerplay, public, leather, breath, dirty talk, anal, dom!Faith, nails, princess, dream, rain, aggression, anal, dirty, humiliation, play, knife, mirror, dance, roof, collaboration, graveyard, aftermath
Buffy Summers/Rupert Giles, hold, rush, slow, dream, mine, touch, table, joy, peace, day and night, water, pregnancy, interlocking
Buffy Summers/Willow Rosenberg, best friends, deep, trust, loyalty, magic, strong, allies, anal, magic, red, submission, top!Dark Willow
Spike/Tara Maclay, serene, fingering, flirting, needy, rogue, spellbound
Buffy Summers/Cordelia Chase, queen, hatesex, grudging, blunt
Buffy Summers/Dawn Summers, green, trust, secret, guilty, sister's love, too much information
Buffy Summers/Drusilla, shadows, release, wary, moon
Buffy Summers/Faith Lehane/Rupert Giles, possessive
Buffy Summers/Faith Lehane/Spike, anal, double penetration, pet training, top!Spike
Buffy Summers/Kendra, sisters, new, fight, hope
Buffy Summers/Spike, keep, strap-on, fingering, voices, kiss
Buffy Summers/Spike/Angel, balance, rough, chains, dubcon, firsts, humor, mocking, teasing, flirting, angst
Dawn Summers/Faith Lehane, misery, revenge, seduction, virginity
Dawn Summers/Faith Lehane/Willow Rosenberg, double penetration, sub!Dawn
Dawn Summers/Tara Maclay/Willow Rosenberg, rolemodels, magic, punishment
Faith Lehane, shower, solo, abandonment issues
Faith Lehane/Willow Rosenberg, AU, tension, redemption, good
Faith Lehane/Rupert Giles/Wesley Price, control
Faith Lehane/Willow Rosenberg, anal, sub!Willow
Rupert Giles/Anya Jenkins, understanding
Joyce Summers/Tara Maclay, calico
Rupert Giles/Ethan Rayne, past, pain, choas, one last time, strength, help, demon, candy, tentacles, possessive
Rupert Giles/Spike, houseguest, bound, magic, bathtub, glasses,
Spike/Darla/Angelus/Drusilla, hierarchy, family
Spike/Dawn Summers, [any], Buffy, replacement, key, lock, crypt, motorcycle, guardian, differences, taste, older, age, fake, England, trust, promise, patrol, routine, training, rescue
Spike/Xander Harris, surprise, wish, anger, taunt, wallsex, denial, seduction, surrender, knifeplay, bloodplay, rimming, scent, lick, rope, mind reading, tentacles, casserole, craigslist, what to do with the eye patch, pirate, luck, Scotland, castles, avoiding the sun, time travel, time loop, driving
Willow Rosenberg/Kennedy, cape
Willow Rosenberg/Tara Maclay, cars
Willow/Jenny, fantasy
Willow/Vamp!Willow, debasement, humiliation, it's not masturbation
Xander Harris/Riley Finn, details

David Brenner/Paul Conroy, phone

Burn Notice
Fiona Glenanne/Jesse Porter/Michael Westen/Sam Axe, [any]
Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen, [any], grind, vacation, hair, caught
Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen/Sam Axe, suits, ties, together, family, fix-it, beaches, margaritas, morning, rough, fast, Ireland, Paris
Fiona Glenanne/Sam Axe, handcuffs, tied together, drugs, banter, spank, tough, h/c, rough, slow, tease, ice, gentle, silk, alone, covers
Jesse Porter/Dani Pierce: found, sunglasses, dance, tropical breeze, hold, cling, trust, wall sex
Sam Axe/Madeline Westen, new, passion, trust, home, roommate
Sam Axe/Michael Westen, covers, brothers, hurt/comfort, Charger, ice, rescue
Sonya Lebadenko/Fiona Glenanne, vodka, weapon, sparr, language, Michael
Sonya Lebadenko/Michael Westen, strap-on, seduce, vulnerable, ice, vodka

But I'm a Cheerleader
Megan Bloomfield/Graham Eaton, pompoms, uniform

Byzantium (2013)
Clara Webb/Darvell, bloodplay, handcuffs, smoking, club, hotel, messy sheets, travel, time, slick, make up, cunnilingus, soldier, knives, make up, rough, huntsman, dark, hips, body worship, pearl, company, trust, eternal
Eleanor Webb/Frank, first time, turning, blood, feed, hungry, roadtrip, teaching, warmth, island, cradle, freckles, cunnilingus, fingering, experimental, practice, immortality, hand holding, on the run, soft, curiosity, nails, vein, sick, nurse, story, creation, taste

Cabin in the Woods [see The Cabin in the Woods]

Cabin Pressure
Arthur Shappey/any, maturity, wow!, fresco
Douglas/Any, smooth, barter, bet, smuggle, boredom, mute button
Hercules Shipwright/Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, convincing, humor, proposal, stuffed sheep
Martin Crieff/any, family, coping, singing, success, French
Martin Crieff/Douglas Richardson, silk, snow, emergency
Martin/Theresa of Liechtenstein, cocktails, cunnilingus, fancy dress, hats, tits, athletic

Cain Saga and Godchild
Cain C. Hargreaves/Riffael Raffit, possessiveness, gloves, crossdressing

Hank Moody/Karen van der Beek, New York, blackout, momentary, laughter, mellow

Calvin and Hobbes
Older!Calvin/Hobbes, cuddle, fuzz, delusional, comfort, rough, imagination, time machine, escape, time wasting, loneliness, delusion
Older!Calvin/Other Male, college, awkward, tiger, imagination, remembering, forgetting, hiking, snowballs, stories, disclosure

Canterbury's Law
Elizabeth Canterbury/Russell Krauss, expertise, ignorance, skirt, tactics, delay

Captain America (2011) [see Marvel Cinematic Universe]

Captain America (comics)
James (Bucky) Barnes/Sam Wilson, free-fall, friendship, high, flight, strength, upside down, year, longing, mocking, age difference, throwback, pop culture, date night, fist fights, bruises, heart bruised, TLC, stretching, spar, wits, careless, protective, dance, jitters, topical, strip, stars, red, patriotic, red white & blue, backstory, street kids, lingo, alley, rooftop, secret, pride

Captain America [see also Marvel Cinematic Universe]
Steve Rogers/James "Bucky" Barnes, lost, cave, asthma, stubble, triumph

Captain Marvel (Marvel)
Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew, trust, fly, uniform, hurt, feather

Captain Planet and the Planeteers
all Planeteers/Captain Planet, power
Kwame/Gi, ache, trapped, hurt/comfort, jungle, greenhouse, tropical, waterfall, warm, outdoors, undress, tender, whisper, promise, desperate, goodbye, plead, revenge
Kwame/Gi/Wheeler, trust, love, acceptance, sharing, jealousy, revenge, power, worship, double penetration, oral, waterfall, ocean, moonlight
Kwame/Wheeler/Gi/Linka, open relationship, swap, strap on, pegging, giggle, together, multiple, sensitive, midnight, dare, idea, relaxed, ice, alcohol, celebration, adrenaline, loss, banter, breakfast, family, love, date night
Wheeler/Gi, history, bruises, bondage, fast, D/s, oral, shower, ocean, isolated, adrenaline, breathless, sparks, laughter, friendship
Wheeler/Linka, D/s, bondage, tease, oral, undress, banter, love, clever, rescue, opportunity, kiss, mountains, lake, cabin
Wheeler/Linka/Gi/Ma-Ti/Kwame, rings

Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat
Auguste/Laurent, guilt, unrequited, once, lies
Damen/Laurent, hold, king, myth, surrender, sword, trust, nightmares, felicity, possibilities, kneel, twisted, embrace, laces, happiness, fight, revelation, bathe, river, first, scars, marriage, tent, sky, balcony
Damon/Laurent/OFC, first, teach, nervous, water
Laurent/OMC (played by Stark Sands), chase, trust, bodybuard, sword, practice
Laurent/OMC (played by Tom Hiddleston), chief, guard, fight, teach, youth
Laurent/Regent, jewel, hurt, orphan, shame

Carmilla - J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Carmilla/Laura, sweet, girlish, drained, rise, vampire, lust, blood, lost

Brother Justin/Iris, sin, blood, family, loyalty, repent, new canaan
Libby/Sofie, sisters, fortune
Ruthie/Rita Sue, nothing changes
Sofie/Iris, blaspheme, pray
Sofie/Jonesy/Libby, apology

Caroline In The City
Annie Spadaro/Caroline Duffy, drunk, costumes, friendly, hallway, wall sex
Richard Karinsky/Caroline Duffy, union, Rome, Wisconsin, Valentine, pregnant, romantic

Case Histories
Jackson Brodie/Louise Munroe, vindication, paranoia, rested, plaintive, childcare, teeth

Alexis Castle/Kevin Ryan, wedding, underage, forbidden, lust, rough, undercover, wall, car
Javier Esposito/Lanie Parrish, backseat, comfort, lingerie, reunited, stockings, break-up, reunion, holiday
Kate Beckett/Alexis Castle, 69, strapon all grown up, anal, bondage, naughty, rimming, spanking, squirting
Kate Beckett/Eric Vaughn, cheating, multiorgasmic,
Kate Beckett/Jared Stack, FBI, boss, orders, disease
Kate Beckett/Javier Esposito, friends with benefits, blowjob, cunnilingus, rough sex, anal sex,
Kate Beckett/Lanie Parish, public, fingers, fantasy, Nikki Heat, locker room, friends, work
Kate Beckett/Pi, handcuffs, camcorder, submission
Kate Beckett/Rachel McCord, boss, fbi, fired, apartment, unpacking
Richard Castle/Kate Beckett, commissariat, interrogation room, quick sex, elevator, handcuffs, weapon, breakfast, fantasy, uniform, streaptease, secret, public, role play, geeks, fantasy, story, exhibitionism, past, healing, vows, dance, music, passion, film noir, secret agents, life, pregnant, joy, Batman, porn, time, suits, necktie, bullet, baby, wedding, destruction, mirrored, heat, ice, honey, wine, dance, kiss, hands, honeymoon, Halloween, wedding, bruise, formal wear, wedding dress, coffee, morning, backseat, confetti, flexible, engagement ring, promise, home, date night, quiet, snow, ice, fireplace, family, birthday, sweatshirt, laugh, California, naked, late-night, paparazzi, Los Angeles, Vegas, deadline, lingerie, handcuffs, elevator, bed, rain, bubble bath, sleeping in, bra, wedding night, thighs, cold, Hawaii, spring, honeymoon, just married, undercover

Albus/Shanoa, familiar, regret, desperate
Hugh Baldwin/Nathan Graves, whip, envy, competition
Joachim Armster/Leon Belmont, deal, pulse, starved, fangs
Soma Cruz/Genya Arikado, reincarnation, genteel, suit, arcane

Catch Trap
Matt Santelli/Tommy Zane/Bart Reeder, 3some, trapeze, injurie, bruises, negotiation, solitary, rage, books, greeks, technology, hands, feets, swing, acrobatics, games, remembrance, fight, teasing, bravery.

Billy Collins/Michael Dorset, accent, poem, laugh, Shakespeare, write, run, sharing, trusting, licking, touching, holding
Billy Collins/Rick Martinez, flirt, glint, music, home, poetry

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Mike Teavee/any, [any]

Charlie's Angels (Movies)
Alex Munday/Dylan Sanders, blueberry, highschool, cocktails, AU, crossdressing, any

Charlie's Angels (TV)
Kelly/Sabrina, bikini, motor oil, not butch, first kiss, comfort, darkness, cold weather

Chris Halliwell/Bianca, secret, love, healing, darkness, knifeplay, breathplay, silence, mirror, perception.
Paige Matthews/Cole Turner, [any], Phoebe, power, battle, guardian, immortal, human, humble, kneel, date, secret, desire, love, laughter, shirtless, team-up, exhaustion, adrenaline
Paige Matthews/Phoebe Halliwell, sugar
Paige Matthews/Phoebe Halliwell/Piper Halliwell, anal, double penetration, demonic influence, bonding
Phoebe Halliwell/Cole Turner, defiance, faith, underworld, magic, bondage, trust, levitation, sparring, date night.
Phoebe Halliwell/Piper Halliwell/Prue Halliwell, power of three
Prue Halliwell/Bane Jessup, secrecy, quickie, magic, blindfold, quiet, roof, rain, reunion, satisfaction.

Chaser Nonstop News Network (CNNNN) (TV)
Anna Skellern/Dom Knight, D/s, whipping, ponyplay, gags
Craig Reucassel/Andrew Hansen, glare, phone, interruptions, silence, blindfold, control, power, punishment
Craig Reucassel/Chris Taylor, kissing, public, video, voyeurism, cameras
Craig Reucassel/Dr Peter Jensen, hypocrisy, flirting, biblical, quotations, lips, knowledge, sweet, beauty, impressions
Julian Morrow/Craig Reucassel/Chris Taylor, cybersex
Rudi Blass/Bob Paskernal, glasses, hands, fingers, curtains, smiles
Simon Target/Charles Firth, opposites
Simon Target/Rudi Blass/Bob Paskernal/Andrew Hansen, clones, self-love

Chess (Game)
Black Queen/White Queen, rivalry, forbidden, hate, power, defeat, dominance, hidden, war
Pawn/Queen, forbidden, unfaithful, comfort, war

Chicago (2002 Movie)
Billy Flynn/Mary Sunshine, exclusive, pulling the strings,
Mama Morton/Velma Kelly, reciprocity,
Roxie Hart/Velma Kelly, choke, rough, hate, dance, nylons, prop gun,

Roxie Hart/Mama Morton, bars, leg, show, any
Roxie Hart/Velma Kelly, lingerie, bitch, edge, bloodplay, any
Roxie Hart/Velma Kelly/Mama Morton, gay, follies, pearls, any
Velma Kelly/Mama Morton, class, seduction, smoke, any
Velma Kelly/Roxie Hart: nowadays, radio, jazz, liquor, lipstick, red nails

Chicago Fire
Gabriela Dawson/Katie Nolan, hiding, laughter, dinner, smile
Gabriela Dawson/Leslie Shay, drunk, shower sex, friends, mourning, bar, fire, domesticity, comfort, friendship, romance, efficient, skilled, push, command, college, affection, withdrawn, tied
Gabriela Dawson/Matt Casey, danger, greed, loss, memory, secrets
Gabriela Dawson/Peter Mills, rush, time, work, well endowed
Jeff Clarke/Peter Mills, DADT, discovery, fear, laughter, letting go, trust
Kelly Severide/Leslie Shay, betrayal, anger, unwelcome, friends
Kelly Severide/Leslie Shay/Gabriela Dawson, threesome, unity, unit, pressure, in sync
Matt Casey/Kelly Severide, Hate!sex, pain, anger, friends-with-benefits
Shay/Rafferty, comfort, tears, ambulance

Chicagoland Vampires
Caroline "Merit"/Ethan Sullivan, sleep, cuddle, naughty, swords, blood, pain, battle, bar fight
Mallory Carmichael/Catcher Bell, recoup, time, lure, temptation, betrayal

Chloe (2010 film)
Chloe/Catherine, hair, moonlight, trust, blood, secrets, silk, silver

Chronicle (2012)
Andrew Detmer/Matt Garretty, flying, hats, water

Chrono Trigger
Ayla/Lucca, competition, outdoors
Crono/Lucca, glasses, gun, science, skirt
Crono/Lucca/Marle, elements, millennium, time, Triple-Tech
Frog/Magus, revenge, heroes, magic, water, tongue
Lucca (solo), toys, experiment, all-nighter, overclocked, data
Lucca/Magus, shadow, sides
Lucca/Marle, antipode, challenge, gown, princess, teach, experiment, antipodes
Lucca/Robo, electricity, upgrades, maintenance, buzz, malfunction, metal, heart, friend, humans, sympathy

Bryce Larkin/John Casey, strong, caring, training, mission, wary, respect
Bryce Larkin/Sarah Walker, lust, dark, lace, dance, provocative, public, hidden, lies
Bryce Larkin/Sarah Walker/Chuck Bartowski, complete, training, undercover, nerds
Carina Miller/John Casey/Sarah Walker, anal, bondage, double penetration, payback, photos, sub!Carina, sub!Sarah
Carina Miller/Sarah Walker, anal, mission, porno, spanking, strap-on
Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin, college, competition, kiss, remember, Comic-Con, roleplay, distance, lies, secrets, punish, safe, do-over, underground, whistle, masks, precipice, taser, taste, highway, first time, playing, bonding, tuxedos, confession, Converses, feet, drunk, college, promise, pizza, movies, flirting, sexting, awkward, rope, beer, shower, confessions, banter, addiction, college, college, intersect, train, gaming, coding, hands, hold
Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin/Sarah Walker, stilettos, gun, rough, competition, beach, hotel, black, holidays
Chuck Bartowski/Carina Miller/Zondra, stripper, fling, bachelor
Chuck Bartowski/Devon Woodcomb, flirt, dance lesson, ass, scrubs, sweat, mission, spy, smile, beautiful
Chuck Bartowski/Hannah, stripper, fling, bachelor
Chuck Bartowski/John Casey, protective, kissing, couch, date, love
Chuck Bartowski/Molly, teenager, eighteen, anal, future
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker, dress, remember, mascara, reunion, vertigo, origami, home, memories, photographs, bikini, plaintive, teeth, travel, skin, hope, touch, tie, picture, beginnings
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Ellie Bartowski, rehearsal, bride, bridesmaid, wedding, approval, anal, drunk, misstake, anal
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Jill Roberts, revenge, anal,
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Molly, eighteen, birthday, anal, dress, fancy, limousine
Devon Woodcomb/Ellie Bartowski/Sarah Walker, anal, present, wish
Devon Woodcomb/Sarah Walker, affair, anal, awesome, mission
girl!Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin, secret, revelation, reunion, baby, fate, firsts, horizon, broken
John Casey/Sarah Walker, anal, roughness, stripping
Mary Bartowski/Hartley Winterbottom/Stephen Bartowski, fruit, brilliance, new, delicate, vicious, danger, comfort, home, England
Sarah Walker/any, wedding dress, stripper, bachelorette,
Sarah Walker/Cole Barker, anal, Fiji
Sarah Walker/Ellie Bartowski, toys, anal, first time, dominant, repression, spanking, spy training
Sarah Walker/Ellie Bartowski/many, gang-bang, double penetration, anal
Sarah Walker/Lon Kirk, bikini, anal, boat
Sarah Walker/Shaw, anal, D/s, sub!Sarah

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away (2012)
Mia/The Aerialist, union, high, together, always, passion

Clash of the Titans (2010)
Draco/Andromeda, devotion, foresworn, protector, worship, braids, training, silken

Clay Pigeons
Clay Bidwell/Lester Long, pool, bet, trust me, smooth, seduction, fishing, desperation, accomplice, truck, molester, beer, cowboy, cigarette, flirt

any/any, Pacific Rim AU
Cassandra/Roxane, alone, dust, desire, hate, hollow, hurt, jealousy, love, power, pride, thorns
Helen/Deneve, apples, defiant, gamble, heart, human, smoke, steal, stoic, survive, whisky
Jean/Clare, dark, debt, defend, devotion, fierce, flight, ghost, knight, monster, serve, silent, steel, touch, warmth, wilderness
Miria/Galatea, beauty, blood, chains, clean, cut, demons, forgive, garden, history, pain, regal, regret, restraint, ritual, rival, stone, trust, war

Clerks II
Randal Graves/OMC, coming out, scared, nervous, firsts, mutual masturbation

Anna/Alice, picture

Clueless (1995)
Cher/Josh, [any], hands, step-siblings, differences, drive, tease, hair, dimples, shopping, marriage, parents, school, travel, politics, debate, news, love, date, sleep, sex

Code Geass
Cornelia li Britannia/Gilbert G.P. Guilford, defer, loyalty, competence
Schneizel el Britannia/Kanon Maldini, confidante, discretion, ideal

Coffee Prince
Choi Han Gyul/Go Eun Chan, pegging

Cold Case
Jason Kite/Lilly Rush, nervous, breathless, snow, whisper, secret, apology, reunion, dancing, fingers, relaxed, home
Lilly Rush/Christina Rush, drunk
Scotty Valens/Lilly Rush, adrenaline, trust, dark, stranded, cold, warm, cabin, handcuffs, hurt/comfort, pulse, kissing

Cold Comfort Farm
Flora Poste/Charles Fairford, experience, non-fiction
Seth Starkadder/any, groupie, gossip, thread, curls

Coldfire Trilogy - C.S. Friedman
Almea Tarrant/Gerald Tarrant, sacrifice, altar, humanity, torture, death, transformation
Gerald Tarrant/Damien Vryce, clothes, shop, sarcasm, vanity, weight, love, hate, guilt, kiss, lust, temptation, nightmares, channel, despair, night, blood, hunger, vampire, prophet, church, redemption, hell, faith
Gerald Tarrant/King Gannon, torch, church, knight, adeptitude, loss

Combat Sheep
Peaches/any, interrogation, shearing, drenching, lambing

Coming to America
Randy Watson/any, chocolate, jheri-curl

Budweiser Clydesdale/Geico Gecko, jealousy
Folger's sister/Peter, Christmas

Common Law
Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell, always, beautiful, chase, crook, infidelity, legal, live, naked, stare, together, vacation, argument, spiral, cactus, trunk, shower, escalation, night, neon, flirt, tease, banter, kiss, order, chaos, need, clothes, urgent, slow, roommates, water, too close, boundaries, pining, ties, awkward, awakening

Abed Nadir/Britta Perry, healing, insight, clone, imagination, help, caring, sane
Abed Nadir/OFC, office, aloof
Annie Edison/Abed Nadir, unrealistic, isolated, lonely, understanding, empathy, vision, documentary, emotion, feeling, distance, companions, friends, porn, forensics, maturity, fun, clothes on, oral, baking, cashmere
Annie Edison/Annie Kim, mirror mirror, negotiate, cleavage, criminology, pacific rim au
Annie Edison/Britta Perry, curiosity, (any variation on) feminism/girl power, convincing, growing up, psychology, lipstick, spanking, strap-on, tart, vibrator, rivals, sparks, similarities, equals, jealousy, confidence, insecurity, self-loathing, screw-up, healing, forgiveness, together, authority, light, maturity, fun, modesty, anal, Britta'd paintball, toys, expectation, application, experimentation, provocation
Annie Edison/Britta Perry/Rachel, [any], phase, learning, seconds, fluid, biromantic
Annie Edison/Magnitude, pop, study
Britta Perry/Professor Duncan, one time only, gasp, sexting, Tummy Tuesdays, body shots
Jeff Winger/Abed Nadir, [any], antagonize, obsess, distraction, consequences, guess, drinking, choice, alone, first, discovery, study room, backwards, clueless, more, breakfast
Jeff Winger/Alan Connor, [any], desk, cigar, belt
Jeff Winger/Annie Edison, dildopolis, voyeurism, exhibitionism, secret, anonymous, facial, public-sex, jealousy, seduction, vibrator, kama-sutra, cum-fetish, teacher, student, bodyswap, sex-pollen, sex tape, facesitting, 69ing, office sex, rough, mutual masturbation, masturbation, strip-tease, revenge, restraints, handjob, trapped, teasing, bikini, D/s, orange paint, memory, dance, kiss, first date, oral, little black dress, ice cream, roommates, slow, costumes, Halloween, Sunday morning, first time, couch, cheerleader, whipped cream, jeans, ponytail, scotch, heels, desk, student/teacher, promise, bikini, ice, stairs, office, fireworks, summer, laugh, rain, hair, lace, pregnancy, late-night, cleavage, short skirt, graduation, party, bed, alternate timeline, paintball, lip gloss, ten years later, spin-the-bottle, seven minutes in heaven, study room, soft, bra, vanilla, giggle, on her knees, ours, smart-ass, couple, age-difference, thighs, spring break, youth, taste, skirt, law, personal space, what, dreams, challenge, dare, dawn, manipulate, reveal, lace
Jeff Winger/Annie Edison/Britta Perry, shared blowjob, cumplay, threesome, strap-on, double-penetration, mutual-masturbation, competition, teasing, sextape, orgasm-denial, femdom, variety, home, together
Jeff Winger/Annie Edison/Troy Barnes, threesome, double-penetration, double-team, competition, double-handjob, double-blowjob, bukkake, submission, sextape, jealousy
Jeff Winger/Britta Perry, marriage, kiss, space cowboy, old time's sake, graduation, nipple play, big, panties, high, dance, kiss, oral, pool table, summer, sexting, table, Halloween, last time, road trip, wedding, need,music, long weekend, midnight, bikini, boy shorts,chocolate, promise, New York city, shots, Tummy Tuesdays, future, L Street, hair, bar fight, Vegas, paintball, hipster, study room, boots, sleeping in, make-up sex, pigtails, zipper, spring break, seven years, live a little, last kiss, dirty, rules, socks, texts, tipsy, words, redemption, screw-up, equals
Jeff Winger/Britta Perry/Shirley Bennett, heathen, 3-second-rule, homework, smoke
Jeff Winger/Craig Pelton, [any], dean-by, will-they-won't-they, closet, bi, cool, dalmation, trains, whatever
Jeff Winger/Jeff Winger, arm, mirror, Narcissus, timeline
Jeff Winger/Shirley Bennett, family, forgiveness, smack, sincere, lonely, games, movie, grown-ups, good, bad, violence, match, lingerie, beard, crossdressing, dough, messy, food, any
Shirley Bennett/[any], warmth, bare, original female character, original male character, old spice guy, sensual
Shirley Bennett/Andre Bennett, [any], lessons
Shirley Bennett/Ben Chang, how
Shirley Bennett/Britta Perry, brownies, baked, difference of opinion, AU
Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir, away, millions, movies, morning, nights, Clive, Bent, audio, everyday, screenkiss, homecoming, au, project, Jeff, apartment, shower, special, any, superheroes, Star Wars, domestic, soulmate, awkward, public, backseats, camera, bubble, landlocked, fort, pillow, lava, best, only, fantasy, domestic, homework, accidental, summer, break, genre, isolation, go, clone, genre, conventions, audience, appeal, cosplay, tropes, LLBFFs, attached, evil versions
Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir/Annie Edison, [any], adult, responsibility, play, passion, lies, pillows, laughing during sex, exploration, experimentation, reunion, trope, meta, porn, fanfiction, OT3, Tumblr, watch
Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir/Jeff Winger, [any], pizza, context
Troy Barnes/Britta Perry, strap-on, toys, cunnilingus, olives, knuckles, Radiohead, best, reunion, Star Wars
Troy Barnes/Clive Owen, gala, Internet, any
Troy Barnes/OMC, [any], Costa Rica, yacht, locker

Con Air
Nathan Jones/Cyrus Grissom, means to an end

Confessions of Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray/Toby, alley, bridge, corner, sounding, breathless, knife, soul, sunset, pain, heart, lightbulb, strap, whore, knees, ruffle, bow, Master, spit, forever, denial, sunset, moonlight, skin,afraid, crush

Constantine (2005)
John/Angela, prayer

Continuum (TV)
Kiera Cameron/Matthew Kellog, gun, conartist, smirk, time, toys, handcuffs, intimacy, rooftop, liquor, soft, bra, Jack Daniels, remember, gasp, pretending, skin, leather, milkshake, on the run, tomorrow, rooftop, oral, hands, drunk, only two left, legs, New Years Eve, elevator, strawberries, whiskey, heels, boat, shots, alcohol, skinny-dipping
Kiera/Carlos, release, covered, doggy-style, hidden
Kiera/Garza, tempted, twisted, secret, convenience, fingerbang
Sonya Valentine/Travis Verta, history, betrayal, rescue, passion, adrenaline, relaxation, lies, dedication, belief, ride, intimacy, restraint

Kevin Corcoran/Adult!Annie Reilly, education, found, grownup, homecoming, lost, trollop

Coriolanus - Shakespeare
Caius Marcius Coriolanus/Tullus Aufidius, [any], AU, battle, reversal, snide, sword, bravery, betray, sublimate, loyalty, unable, defeat, discord, matched, acclaim, fire, hate, lust, complication, sweat

Coronation Street
Rosie/Sian, anal, cheating, lust, modeling, naked, revenge
Rosie/Sian/Sophie, anal, double penetration, drunk, gift, hangover, party, sex toys
Sian/Sophie, anal, bath, first, fisting, New Year's, squirting, strap-on, wedding, wetness
Sian/Tina, party, first time, kiss, exploration, lust
Sophie/Tina, alcohol, crush, experimenting, fantasy, Rover's

Cougar Town
Ellie/Grayson, arrangement, prank, compatibility
Jules/Grayson, what?
Jules/Grayson/Andy/Ellie/Bobby, negotiation, change, hot-tub

Covert Affairs
Annie Walker/Auggie Anderson, touch, slow, need, reassure, kiss, couch, clothing, love, complete, sacrifice, restraint, finders keepers, taunting, tattoo, duty, laughing
Annie Walker/Auggie Anderson/Jai Wilcox, hands, middle, trio, kisses, reassurance, life-affirming
Annie Walker/Eyal Lavin, charm, smile, voice, hands, thigh, lick, kiss, smile, mission
Annie Walker/Jai Wilcox, heat, desire, blush, oral, lingerie, need
Auggie Anderson/Jai Wilcox, face-fucking, sloppy, strong, bed, urgent, kiss, slow, love, touch, exploration, rimming, lips, eyes, smile
Eyal Lavin/Auggie Anderson, improbable, dare, bold, laugh, common, brilliance
Joan Campbell/Annie Walker, frustration, mother hen, fuss, orders, confide, divulge, comfortable
Joan Campbell/Auggie Anderson, trust, always, play

Cowboy Bebop
Faye/Jet, casual, frustration, friends, family, nostalgia, comfort
Jet/Spike, caring, needed
Julia/Spike Spiegel/Vicious, comparison, risk, distance
Spike/Vicious, brotherhood, raw
Vicious/Faye, blade's-edge, pinned
Vicious/Gren, foxhole, pretty
Vicious/Julia, lust, balance
Vicious/Julia/Spike, worship, insatiable
Vicious/Spike, pain, swordplay, teasing

Cracked: After Hours
Daniel O'Brien/Soren Bowie, debate, nerd, biceps, sweat, kissing, shaking, Spider-Man, t-shirt, glasses, scruff
Katie Willert/Michael Swaim, bowling alley, stroke, awkward, smell, gravy
Katie Willert/Soren Bowie, smirk, insult, bite, sudden, slap, eyefucking
Michael Swaim/Soren Bowie, drag, fingers, dirty, inappropriate, weird, tease

Eddie Fitzgerald/Jane Penhaligon, stubborn

Crash (1996 film)
James Ballard/Vaughan, raw, tattoo, convertible, back seat, driving, power, seduction, hands, breathplay, fisting, wound, bruise

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi, leadership, weekend, order
Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan, au, sweat, skin, knife, hand to hand, observation, choices, escort, tease, suit, submission, prince, cock ring, bed, wall, desk, spooning, warmth, trust, abuse recovery, scars, trust, strength, tired, shoulders
Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, trio, desire, middle, double, need, kiss, want
Aaron Hotchner/Emily Prentiss, command, compartmentalize, mini bar, reflection, wall, angst, dance, illicit, wicked, restraint, flirt, sweat, fixation, mouth, unashamed, scars, voyeurism, roleplay, library, blindfold, reunion, pegging, seduction, duality, undercover, tequila, uniform, bathe, possessive, rumours, mirror, curiosity, improvise, taboo, pretend, rare smiles, high heels, office
Aaron Hotchner/Jennifer Jareau, secrets, smile, hair, hotel, satin, gunpowder
Aaron Hotchner/Jennifer Jareau/Will LaMontange Jr, breakfast, kids, quiet, play dates,
Aaron Hotchner/John Blackwolf, snark, banter, relaxing
Aaron Hotchner/Penelope Garcia, any, stationary, corset, lipstick, laugh
Aaron Hotchner/Penelope Garcia/Derek Morgan, [any], chocolate god, flirty, silk, disobedient, dress to impress, fingering, after hours, nickname, offering
Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, equal, secret, fixation, cupidity, pining, duality, knowledge, perception, jealousy, scars, voyeurism, roleplay, analyze, anticipate, forbidden, debrief, commitment, safety, bathe, flirt
Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, held, love, hair, eyes, ties, flirt
Aaron Hotchner/Vincent Perotta, connection, strength, acceptance
Aaron Hotchner/Will LaMontagne Jr, bubbles, snuggle, Halloween, park, sneak, quiet, text, phone, stolen
Alex Blake/Erin Strauss, forgiveness, restitution, conference, tongues, late night, profile
Alex Blake/Katie Cole, [any], solace, comfort, coping, survival, allies, fight, water, anger
Alex Blake/OFC, [any], bondage, experiment, seduction, silk, blindfold, lace, candles
Alex Blake/Sarah Morgan, [any], strangers, welcome, new, distance, cake, coat, shopping, dinner, stranded, secret
Derek Morgan/Jennifer Jareau, desire, lust, tease, anal, shaving
Derek Morgan/Jennifer Jareau/Spencer Reid, PTSD, safe, loved, hair, kiss, neck, chest, positions, panties, partially clothed
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia, flirting, finally, perfect, curves, differences, fitting, undercover, whiskey, black widow, dressup, spanking, laugh, shameless, biceps
Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, gentle, equals, self-confidence, home, grapes, pajamas, bathing, candles, library, glasses, candy, injured, pretty boy, hair, tease, fingers, slow, needy, loved
Emily Prentiss/Ashley Seaver, [any], teaching, sunshine, friends, slick, scissoring, outdoors, water
Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau, hotel, mirror, toys, back for good
Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau/Penelope Garcia, feathers, furs, laughter, colours,
Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, scars, voyeurism, phone, email, reunion, relapse, delusional, wounded, texture, pining, pegging, praise, resentment, bathe, blindfold, improvise, exploration, public, secret, fixation, elevator, first, last, cupidity, flirt, bond, sublimate, eyes, visions, design, move, shave, miss, touch
Erin Strauss/Ashley Seaver, [any], boots, dominance, leather, surprise, fitness, lipstick
Erin Strauss/Elizabeth Prentiss, [any], velvet, bearskin, fireplace, champagne, appearances, embassy, politics, reception, fur, strawberries
Jason Gideon/Elle Greenaway, [any], reunion, elevator, snow, weekend
Jason Gideon/Penelope Garcia, dance, kitchen
Jennifer Jareau/Spencer Reid, teach, slow, oral, kiss, shyness, new, hair, Spence, gun, hipbones
Jennifer Jareau/Will LaMontagne Jr, face-sitting, smile, breath, brilliant, touch, need, loving, kneel, Domme, hair, stubble, thigh, oral
Kevin Lynch/Penelope Garcia, oral, tongue, tease, flirt, cosplay, roleplay, keen, eager, flirt, pegging, adored
Penelope Garcia/Jennifer Jareau, relax, wine, wait, mourn, awkward, coffee
Penelope Garcia/Jennifer Jareau/Emily Prentiss, Girls-night
Spencer Reid/David Rossi, nightmares, comfort, marines, lake, cabin, lecture, books, blanket, armchair, fireplace, paper
Spencer Reid/Penelope Garcia, bruises, first, glasses, nerves, nightmare, red, wonder

Cruel Intentions
Annette/Kathryn, winning
Cecile/Kathryn, kissing, whore
Cecile/Kathryn/Sebastian, defile
Kathryn/Sebastian, nostalgia, haunted

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Catherine Willows/Lady Heather, strength, teacher's pet, silk, leather, collar
Gil Grissom/Catherine Willows, history, stripper, reunion, vacation, forgetting, remembering, best friends, Catherine's office
Gil Grissom/Greg Sanders, tease
Gil Grissom/Lady Heather, deduction, no, perception, retreat
Gil Grissom/Nick Stokes, recovery
Greg Sanders/Nick Stokes, submission, exhibitionism, wild, domestic, cooking, chores, teasing, flirting, touch-starved, lover
Sara Sidle/Catherine Willows, pack, car, stranded, evidence, powders, ranting
Sofia Curtis/Sara Sidle, dildo, waiting, impatience, phone booth
Wendy Simms/Catherine Willows, candy, lab, locker room, cocktails

CSI: Miami
Calleigh/Natalia, party, office, guns, longest day, moonlight, rough, smooth
Eric Delko/Ryan Wolfe, dancing, frottage, squeezing, licking, neck, hips, enchanting
Horatio Caine/Ryan Wolfe, boss, voice, commanding, accepting, forgiving, close, light, coffee

CSI: New York
Adam Ross/Danny Messer, laugh, work, movie, shy, tentative, thumb, lips, nerd, lab, desk, online, help
Adam Ross/Don Flack, respect, insecure, trustworthy, held, secrets, handcuffs, car, geek, tease, hair
Adam Ross/Mac Taylor, sub, collar, trust, spank, hold, tied, chastity, kiss, behave, adored, safe, sunshine, patience, touch-starved
Danny Messer/Don Flack, friendship, love, opening, interruption, sharing, kiss
Danny Messer/Don Flack/Mac Taylor, sub, Doms, peace, trust, threesome, overwhelmed, secure
Danny Messer/Mac Taylor, trust, confidant, nurture, table, sub, bliss
Danny Messer/Lindsay Monroe, anniversary, hungry, lingerie, newborn, pool table, working out
Don Flack/Mac Taylor, need, want, bond, justice, tears, confide, submission
Don Flack/Sheldon Hawkes, friends, romantic, dinner, shower
Don Flack/Stella Bonasera, top, curves, boxers, hands, entwine, sheets, intrigue
Jo/Lindsay, daughters

Amy Bradshaw/Lucy Diamond, backseat, boats, diamonds, drawing, game, gunplay, handcuffs, milkshake, screaming, scandal, sketch, skirt, uniform

Da Vinci's Demons
Leonardo/Zoroaster, rumors, fortune, genius, breathtaking, shiver, journey
Nico/Zoroaster, demanding, dust, blush, warning, exhausted, possessive

Ann Ewing/Bobby Ewing, desk, shower, sweetheart tree, first, cunnilingus, birthday, pool, absolution, ride, home
Ann Ewing/Sue Ellen Ewing, dress-up, boots, trust, blindfold, gratitude, tape, hero, cowboy, drought, drink, rough, masturbation, addiction, honeymoon, mornings, toys, laugh, date, vulnerable, experiment, leather, single, suffered, stronger, campaign, Austin, heartbroken, trial, gentle, wish, jealous, skittish, wait, housewife, cheat, bath, stockings, indecorous
Bobby Ewing/J.R. Ewing/Sue Ellen Ewing, [any], quirks
Bobby Ewing/Sue Ellen Ewing, crush, wrong brother, grief
Pamela Rebecca Barnes/Emma Brown, revenge, competition, business
Sue Ellen Ewing/Clayton Farlow, [any]
Sue Ellen Ewing/Dusty Farlow, damsel, rodeo, hotel, dream, reunion
Sue Ellen Ewing/Elena Ramos, date, bitch, debt, morals clause

Ellen Parsons/Patty Hewes, kiss, snap, buckle, chandelier, bruise, choke, cheat, mud, pajamas, silence, forget, splurge, grass, knife, orange, sleep, dominant, setup, sauna, team, angle, daybreak, suspicious, forgiveness, return, endless, gift, bake, sweets, stop, voyeur, help, whiskey, rope, handcuffs, honesty, trust, stranger, betrayal
Patty Hewes/Any, desk, advice, new, strategy, once, replacement

Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Song)
Dani California/Any, simultaneous, priestess, priest, .45, cash, outlaw

Dark Angel
Alec McDowell/Logan Cale, careless
Alec McDowell/Max Guevera, flexible, heat, rain, slick, smack, triage
Alec McDowell/Logan Cale/Max Guevara, cold, dynamic, information, perfect, trade, peace
Cynthia "Original Cindy" McEachin/Max Guevara, after, body heat, boo, bounce, brownout, chocolate, curl, gift, heal, heat, roommates, sleep, support, visitation, wash, friends, ‘Boo', lessons, bath, smile, friends with benefits, bubble bath
Alec McDowell/Calvin "Sketchy" Theodore, play, bet, cage, truth, fragile, faking, hide, bravado, brownout,
Kendra Maibaum/Max Guevera/Cynthia "Original Cindy" McEachin, intervention, brown out, trapped, cold, taste
Max Guevara/Ames White, strength
Max Guevara/Logan Cale, cold

Dark Harbor
David/Young Man, meeting, coffee, mushrooms, office, possessive, demands, whiskey

Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Bane (DCU)/John Blake, amnesia, fire, force, forgotten, missed, mole, shame, want
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, Europe

Dark Shadows (1966)
Roger/Victoria, drunk, lonely, fear

Dark Shadows (2012)
Roger/Victoria, introduction, midnight, lonely, cigarettes

Morrigan/B.B. Hood, cutthroat

Darkangel Trilogy – Meredith Ann Pierce
Irrylath/Aeriel, bride, queen, winged

Darker Than Black
Amber/Hei, time, future, mask, black, knife, spark, coat, smile, bound, cord, past, secret, stolen, forgotten
Hei/Kirihara Misaki, eat, stars, rain, drink, secret, lies, gun, blood, truth, quiet
Ishizaki Kanami/Kirihara Misaki, smoke, laugh, stars, memory, taste, drink, hair, mirror

Erica/Kate, coming-out, denial, second-date, sexuality, [any]

David Becket and Simon Ames – Patricia Finney
Simon/Rebecca, peach

Dawson's Creek
Doug Witter/Jack McPhee, virgin?, kiss, fingers, rimming, exploration, neck, stubble, thigh
Jack McPhee/Pacey Witter, challenge, first, quiet, secret
Jen Lindley/Joey Potter, anal, jealousy, tomboy, window, wine
Joey Potter/Pacey Witter, runaways, saltwater, sweat

Days of Our Lives
Abby Deveraux/EJ DiMera, wrong, tease, seduce, seduction

DC Animated Universe (DCAU)
Bruce Wayne/Diana of Themyscira, issues, hot, age, flight, lasso, truth, reveal, clay, cave, crave, guilt, thirst

DC Comics / DC Universe (DCU)
Barbara Gordon/Booster Gold/Ted Kord, observe, giggles, brag, science
Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, ice cream, communicator, smirk, lipstick, bruise, practice, partnership, stimulation, kissing
Barbara Gordon/Jason Todd, tutor, discipline, heel, thighs, genderplay, kindred, surveillance
Barbara Gordon/Stephanie Brown, sleepover, breasts, seduction
Bart Allen/Owen Mercer/Kara Zor-El, unusual, exciting, slow
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Selina Kyle, planned, performance, interview, debrief
Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown, rooftop, spandex, identity, tradition, legacy, reunion, instruction
Bruce Wayne/Diana of Themiscrya, damaged, warrior, redemption, healing, peace
Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, bastard, ghost, temptation, weakness, blood, fall, forgiveness, proclivities, Jane Austen, wound, slick, hooker, mistakes, muscle memory, hollow, Talia al-Ghul, punishment, withhold, shame
Bruce Wayne/Pamela Isley, reformed, damaged, healing, sanity,
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, complicated, sass, tease, lust, chase, costume, dance, reunion, legitimate, costume, sweet, date, rose, squeeze, fight, danger, run, high, whip, claw, snuggle
Bruce Wayne/Stephanie Brown, training, discipline, batcave, patrol, blind
Cissie King-Jones/Cassie Sandsmark, costume, admiration, mall, movie, bath, hero, stars
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, begging, dancing, experiment
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, flying, shower, trust, Kryptonite
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne/Diana of Themiscyra, truth, danger, public, perform, perfume, sparring, work, hard, torn, deep
Clark Kent/Diana of Themiscrya, icon, equal, partners, immortal, perfection
Clark Kent/DCnU!Lana Lang, learning, secrets kept
Clark Kent/Dick Grayson, hero worship, sloppy, shower, flying
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, destiny, elevator, glasses, ties, examine trust, equal, partners, immortal, eternal, reliable, family, woman of steel, sass, marriage, children, pregnant
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Bruce Wayne, married, sharing, fast
Clark Kent/Pamela Isley dirty, drugged, noncon, dubcon, hands
Clark Kent/Pamela Isley/Selina Kyle, intoxication, domination, seduction
Clark Kent/Selina Kyle, unexpected, petting, tongue
Connor Hawke/Jason Todd, replacements, encouraging, dirty, impulsive
Damian Wayne/Jason Todd, feint, stalk, mouth, trophy, eyebrow, puppyplay, black tie, the case
Diana of Themyscira/Lois Lane, rescue, fight, passion, AU
Diana of Themyscira/Steve Trevor, lasso, wild, strong, beach, kinky, domination
Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon, acrobatics, comfortable, history, kindness, communicator, video, warm, chocolate, smile, memory, hand, leap, fly, gift, kissing, hurt/comfort, beginners, hotshot, [any]
Dick Grayson/Bruce Wayne, prison, hurt/comfort, family
Dick Grayson/Donna Troy, trinity, AU, pizza, leadership, memory
Dick Grayson/Helena Bertinelli, noir, handcuffs, adrenaline, undercover, dancing
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, incestuous, acceptance
Dick Grayson/Roy Harper, red, couch, leather, rooftop, drink, dance, bound, bruise, familiar, slingshot, tradition, quiet, Tower, soft, slow, parents
Dick Grayson/Stephanie Brown, future, fighting, family, surprise, pollen, hug, costume, fun
Dick Grayson/Tim Drake, cuddling, weird, stalking, kissing, partner, intercrural, shower, date, AU, pretending, jealousy, sex pollen, car, love, rooftop, share, watch, heat, follow, shiver, practice, partner, hero, blanket, flip, flexible, bruise, breathe, red, blue, black
Dick Grayson/Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, spandex, identity, Robin, night, star, gargoyle, rough, smooth, tentacles
Dick Grayson/Wally West, friends, speed, rubbing, time travel
Dinah Lance/Oliver Queen, argument, kissing, married life
Donna Troy/Koriand'r, partner, warrior, synchronized, swim, sweat, fly, contest, bold, yes, no, please, never, sister, fall, soar, sing, spill, tentacles
Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, ice, manacles, reunion
Harley Quinn/Pamela Isley, greenhouse, friends, giggles
Harley Quinn/Pamela Isley/Riddler, damaged, powerplay, unexpected, intelligence, reformed
Harley Quinn/Riddler, romance, heartache, understanding
Harvey Dent/Dick Grayson, hate, bet, game, coin, anger, turning
Helena Bertinelli/Barbara Gordon, healing, anger, passion, love
Jaime Reyes/Traci 13, magic, beetle, homework, interrupted
Jason Todd/Kyle Rayner, bicker, wrestle, drawing, mistake
Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown, games, street-smart, crime, history, backstory, even, odds, afterlife
Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, competition, claiming, massage
Kara Zor-El/Owen Mercer, adulthood, naughty, endurance, vibrate
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, vigilante, investigation, dangerous, post-breakup, frustration, cunnilingus, flush
Nicholas Gage/Stephanie Brown, jail, investigate, coincidence, college
Raven/Donna Troy, understanding, magic
Stephanie Brown/Damian Wayne, purple, polish, sweet, awkward
Stephanie Brown/Dick Grayson/Tim Drake, sex pollen, family, embrace, licking
Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, pregnancy, multiple, sloppy, kinky
Ted Kord/Booster Gold, flashback, temptation, supply, parents, closet, finally, ties, boobs, shiny, flirt, time travel
Tim Drake/Kon-El/Bart Allen, game, eat, adventure, dare, secret, costume
Trickster/Pied Piper, pollen, musical, treats, romance, bisexual, denial

Dead Like Me (TV)
Daisy Adair/Georgia "George" Lass, purple, pearls, satin, smoke
Georgia "George" Lass/Mason, teach, smart, sarcasm, accent, flirt, affection, reap, grief, held, sweet, love, couch, bed, firsts, afterlife, liquor, hangover, public place, scratching, milkshake, wine, oral, only two left, post it, Halloween, spin-the-bottle, margaritas, couch, late-night, apocalypse

Dead Man's Curve
Tim/Chris, plot twist

Dead Poets Society (1989)
Neil Perry/Todd Anderson, drugs, shotgunning, first time

Dead Space
Isaac Clarke/Ellie Langford, wounds, darkness, distance, joke, hiding

Alma Garret/Trixie, conspire, dress, loyal, New York
Calamity Jane/Joanie Stubbs, closed, drapes, dreams, ruffle, wash
Whitney Ellsworth/Alma Garret, gentle, married, trust, wish

Death Becomes Her
Helen Sharp/Madeline Ashton, lingerie, paint, forever, green, fame, reveal, mirror, book party, forever, painting, frenemies, school, jersey

Death by Silver – Amy Griswold and Melissa Scott
Julian Lynes/Ned Mathey, bored, roommates, bath, snow, celebration, hurt

Death Note
L/Misa, argue, broken, naive, intelligent, hidden, sweet(s), temptation, justice, stockings, friend, snake, desperation, rooftop, spoil, regret, game, AU
Mello/Near, control, restraint, handcuffs, game, toy, puppet, resentment, competition, dildo
Rem/Misa, sacrifice, coy, eyes, protection, wine, giggle, gaze, wonder
Rem/Ryuk, amusement, apples, eternity
Sayu/Near, foreign, lead, relief, link, toys, clever, new, lonely, god, sex
Stephen Gevanni/Halle Lidner, home, graveyard, pen

Death Proof (2007)
Julia/Arlene, Forest, cabin, seduction, music, darkness

Joanna Locasto/Julian Bowers, envy, misconception, pride, change, hide, apartment, proposal, truth, kisses, rain, light
Joanna Locasto/Will Moreno, deep, water, rules, borders, walk, stargaze

Deep Impact (1998)
Leo/Sarah, family

Defiance (TV)
Amanda Rosewater/Stahma Tarr, begging, madame, manipulation, power
Joshua Nolan/Amanda Rosewater, alcohol, gun, braid, forest, desert, comfort
Kenya Rosewater/Stahma Tarr, bathtub, guilt, jewels, life, mine, payback, pink, privacy, roses, secret, simple, silver

Degrassi: The Next Generation
Jay Hogart/Emma Nelson, bed, bracelets, danger, experiment, eyes, favor, innocence, late, lessons, new, oral, protect, safe, trust, van

Demon Knights
Exoristos/Madame Xanadu, type, victory, untied
Horsewoman/Al Jabr, respite, responsibilities, accompanied, technique
Jason Blood/Madame Xanadu/Etrigan, switch, compete, triplicate, scorch
Sir Ystin/Al-Jabr, bite, steward, verse, adjust
Sir Ystin/Cain, sweetness, subordinate, visions, tarnish
Sir Ystin/Exoristos, regard, bold, desire, won, past, myth
Sir Ystin/Horsewoman, champion, company home, quiet
Vandal Savage/Jason Blood, servitude, repeat, chain
Vandal Savage/Sir Ystin, valiant, drink, berserk, blasphemy

Der kleine Vampir | Little Vampire – Angela Sommer-Bodenburg
Grown-up!Anton Bohnsack/Grown-up!Anna von Schlotterstein, au, time, turning, [any]
Grown-up!Anton Bohnsack/Lumpi von Schlotterstein, waltz, [any]
Grown-up!Anton Bohnsack/Grown-up!Rüdiger von Schlottersein, patterns, coffin, rigor, secret, [any]
Hans-Heinrich Geiermeier/Schnuppermaul, domestic, [any]
Lumpi von Schlotterstein/Schnuppermaul, after, [any]

Desert Hearts
Vivian/Cay, the city, trains, awakening, new life

Design For Living
George/Gilda/Tom, kiss, forward, explore, sleep, leader, encouragement, bed

Desperate Housewives
Andrew Van De Kamp/Carlos Solis, camping
Andrew Van De Kamp/Orson Hodge, [any]
Bree Van De Kamp/Mary Alice Young, make-believe, repressed, secret, before, regret, conservative

Desperate Romantics
Dante Gabriel Rossetti/Fred Walters, curls, bed, Lizzie, art, poetry, muse
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Adam Jensen/David Sarif, belief, boss, vision, son
Adam Jensen/Frank Pritchard, snark, mouth, haughty, elevator

Devious Maids
Marisol Suarez/Taylor Stappord, accident, time, help, show

Arthur Mitchell/Rebecca Mitchell, Lot's daughters
Debra Morgan/Christine Hill, daddy
Debra Morgan/Rita Bennett, trauma
Debra Morgan/Frank Lundy, romantic, canadian shack, skating, kiss, proposal, sweetheart, music, picnic
Dexter Morgan/Debra Morgan, ending, ocean, beach, roses, technical, define, steel
Dexter Morgan/Arthur Mitchell, house
Dexter Morgan/Brian Moser, memory
Dexter Morgan/Jonah Mitchell, damage control
Dexter Morgan/Miguel Prado, vision
Dexter Morgan/Rebecca Mitchell, trade
Frank Lundy/Debra Morgan, recovery, scars, family, truth, flight, tears, lunchtime, return, cooking, find
Maria LaGuerta/Ellen Wolf, ETOH
Rebecca Mitchell/Jonah Mitchell, washed in the blood
Rita Bennett/Rebecca Mitchell, runaway
Rita Bennett/Sylvia Prado, blue

Dhoom 3
Sahir Khan/Jai Dixit, subterfuge, hatred, height, risk

Diablo III
Imperius/Tyrael, domination, sarcasm, fight, power, demons, force, armor, separation
Ithereal/Auriel, Comfort, stories, family, petting
Diablo(/Any), demon, fire, flay, talons, transformation

Diamond no Ace
Yuuki Tetsuya/Isashiki Jun, domestic, cuddles, kisses, first time, experimentation, phonesex, dirty talking, sleepover, sharing a bed, awkwardness, taking a bath together, laughing, handjob, wall sex, exhibition, yakuza, bloodplay, scars

Die Hard (Movies)
John McClane/Hans Gruber, afterwards, sheets, calm, mutual, affection
John McClane/Matt Farrell, possessive, territorial, handcuffs, nightmares, workout, alley, praise, nightmares, pinned down, laughter, panties

Dirty Dancing (1987)
Frances "Baby" Houseman/Johnny Castle, wedding, lingerie, honeymoon, glow, slow, hands, trail, loved, dancing, hold, frame

Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men (Song)
Dirty Paws/Furry Friends, safety, den, pack, pride, celebration, victory

Dirty Sexy Money
Jeremy Darling/Nola Lyons, reconciliation, limousine, gorgeous

Discworld – Terry Pratchett
Adora Belle Dearheart/Moist von Lipwig, pegging
Carrot Ironfoundersson/Minty Rockbottom, virginity, hair
Cheery Littlebottom, beardless, naked, kink
Cheery Littlebottom/Detritus, comrades, large, beard, explore, delve
Gytha Ogg/Esmeralda Weatherwax, play, mindfuck
Jack Jackrum/William, engaged, any
Lobsang Ludd/Susan Sto Helit, pause, breathless, grave, crystal
Lt. Blouse/Jack Jackrum, rules, any
Maladict/Polly Perks, monsters, adrenaline, any
Mort/Death, adult, whisper, petite, home, disassociation
Nutt/Glenda, hands

Cecilia/Callista Curnow, drink, spill, lesson, strive, together, rough, hurt/comfort, any
Corvo Attano/The Outsider, altar, distance, marked, worship
Jessamine Kaldwin/The Outsider, chosen, curious, elusive, watchful

Disney Princes
Any/Any, adventure, magic, romance, surprise

Disney Princesses
Anna (Frozen)/Rapunzel, sugar, hyper, sleepover, truth, dare
Ariel/Belle, different, library, stories, education, illuminated, bubbly, enliven
Ariel/Elsa, court
Ariel/Jasmine, fountain, more, treasure
Ariel/Jasmine/Belle/Tinkerbell/Mulan, apocalypse, hordes, zombies, run, fight, survive
Ariel/Rapunzel, freedom, hair, new, water
Aurora/Snow White, sleep
Beast/Belle/Rapunzel, castle, claws, hair, tie, shy
Belle/Elinor, long ago, responsible, wise, trained
Belle/Jasmine, exciting
Belle/Mulan, adventure, tradition, smart, protect, guard, customs, freedom, strap-on, mead, war, rough, protector, crumble, haven
Charlotte La Bouff/Tiana, princes/ses, [any]
Elsa/Merida, summer, queen, tradition, [any]
Jasmine/Ariel, skinnydipping, breathe, shells, sand, storm, silk
Jasmine/Mulan, east, road, caravan, carpet, AU, royalty, unexpected, [any]
Jasmine/Tiana, boredom, busy, diplomacy, royalty
Merida/Mulan, spirit, impossible, learn, woods, forged bond
Merida/Rapunzel, adventure, courage, dance, flowers, riding
Tinkerbell/Ariel, charades, cheater, punishment
Vanessa (Ursula)/Cinderella, trick, cajole, seduce, defile, sing
Vanessa (Ursula)/Megara, manipulate, power, sacrifice, Hercules, sing

Divergent – Veronica Roth
Amar/George, reunited, first, touch, craving, finally, overzealous
Caleb/Peter, vicious, outsiders, villains, together
Cara/Christina, vicarious, pain, blonde, longing
Evelyn/Therese, warm, huddle, winter, wet, smile
Jeanine/Cara, mentor, experiment, electricity, curiosity, shock, clitoris, multiple, exhaustion
Jeanine/Johanna, young, strange, different, gentle, scars
Johanna/Cara, leaders, mine, bound, clever, sweet, pain
Lynn/Marlene, playing, teenagers, touching, exploration
Natalie/Evelyn, pain, help, friends, bed, warmth, tears, suffering, comfort
Tobias/Caleb, vicarious, hard, anger, not, punishment
Tobias/Tris, wild, longing, touching, all, mine, strength
Tris/Susanne, kisses, innocent, children, experiments
Uriah/Lynn/Marlene, comfort, poly, hard, wild, dauntless
Zoe/Cara, frustration, irritation, differences, understanding, revenge, teasing

Django Unchained
Calvin Candie/Stephen, [any]

Doctor Faustus – Christopher Marlowe
Faustus/Mephistophiles, erring, mortality, pious, beards, covetousness, lechery, cruel, attire

Doctor Who (Big Finish Audio)
Ace McShane/Bev Tarrant, theft, hiding, holding hands, aphrodisiac
Ace McShane/Thomas "Hex" Schofield, tongue, artless, sarcasm, demand
Lucie Miller/Charley Pollard, AMTDI, class war, kissing, cherry
Peri Brown/Erimem, lipgloss, call to arms, blue sky, belonging

Doctor Who
Amy Pond/Amy Pond, spoilers, it's not cheating
Amy Pond/Clara Oswin Oswald, fez, ginger, legs, skirts, timey wimey, swimming pool, holiday, cocktails
Amy Pond/Eleventh Doctor, bowties, soft, pigtails, 2 am, fantasy, suspenders, rewritten memories, space Florida, last kiss, little black dress, pink, New Years Eve, boots, hipster, margaritas, whipped cream, goodbye
Amy Pond/Eleventh Doctor/Rory Williams, double, home, love, excite, want, sleep, keep, stay, taste, sand, pool, magnify, jealous, fix, sweet, run, royal, red, stockings, slow, brilliant, kiss, games, telling, share, forget, bad, bi, in-laws, sorry
Amy Pond/Jethro Cane, [any]
Amy Pond/Rita Afzal, voyage, friend, virginal, new
Amy Pond/Rory Williams, submission, loyalty, public places, magic, corn, office, skirts, proposal, sleeping in, make-up sex, wedding night, remember, comfy, "I love you", first love, Paris, dance, kiss, first date, oral, fast, Christmas, dress, flannel, spin-the-bottle, bunk bed, naked, coffee, pregnancy, flexible, photoshoot, engagement ring [any]
Amy Pond/Rose Tyler, red, blonde
Amy Pond/Sally Sparrow, notebook, DVDs, writing, smile, games, gorgeous, escape, pleasure
Amy Pond/Sarah Jane Smith, teaching, laughter
Amy Pond/Vincent Van Gogh, paint, flowers, anger, voices, red, stars, sunflowers, alone, missing, sunlight, stardust, together
Any Doctor/Any Doctor/Jack Harkness, daring, double, home
Any Doctor/Jack Harkness, found, return, ties
Blon Fel Fotch Slitheen/Face of Boe, improvising
Clara Oswin Oswald/River Song, fingers, rings, wine, desire, destiny, cupcake
Clara Oswin Oswald/Rose Tyler (Bad Wolf), war, hallucinatory, gratitude, verisimilitude, knowing
Clara Oswin Oswald/Rose Tyler,wine, dance, kiss, purple, hands, TARDIS, Halloween, club, girl's night, scarf, nail polish, in another life..., lace, skin, girl-next-door, Bad Wolf, being the Doctor, Tardis, The Moment
Clara Oswin Oswald/Victorian!Clara Oswin Oswald, impossible, twins, paradox
The Doctor (Any?)/Clara Oswin Oswald, alone, Christmas, cup, console, tea, bell, memory, impossible, paradox, mirror, repeat, healing, protector, time, echo, copy, unwitting, encounter, companion
The Doctor (Any?)/Donna Noble, lost, silk, wind, chair, bowtie
The Doctor (Any?)/River Song, goodbye, tease, rope, adventure
The Doctor (Any?)/River Song/The Master (Any?), experiment, lust, trust
Doctor 10.2/Rose Tyler, proposal, bubble bath, Forever, sleeping in, soft, giggle, pigtails, on her knees, ours, perfume, fantasy, Hawaii, first love, unbutton, seven years, wine, ice cream, pink, legs, Christmas, lingerie, need, shower, flexible, engagement ring
Donna Noble/Jack Harkness, drinks, gossip, laughter, tender, skirt, lust, grabby, dominance, ginger
Donna Noble/Lee McAvoy, renewal, reunion, tender, relief, reality, family, everyday adventures, alternate timeline, AU
Donna Noble/River Song, mad, stranger
Eighth Doctor/Bernice Summerfield, reunion, comfort, aggressive, bottom, inevitable, returning, bite
Eighth Doctor/Charley Pollard, domestic, breakdown, languages, queenly, history
Eighth Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald, AU, companion
Eighth Doctor/Fitz, jacket, past, copy, memory
Eighth Doctor/Lucie Miller, drunk, dodging, curiosity, easy, timeout, disguises
Eighth Doctor/Martha Jones, confusion, UNIT, hospital, war, soldier, PTSD
Eighth Doctor/Mary Shelley, AMTDI, wish-fulfilment, imagined,
Eighth Doctor/Ninth Doctor, contrast, curls, leather, pre-war, fantastic, wrestle, wrists, frottage
Eighth Doctor/Rose Tyler, romantic, dirty
Eighth Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith, velvet, Aberdeen, Victorian, scarf, poetry
Eighth Doctor/Third Doctor, bickering, captured, bondage, vulnerable, height, voices, fashion, intercrural, taken, size kink, arrogant, gentle
Eleventh Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald, fez, bossy, size, top, dress, corset, unlace, cupcakes, chocolate, frosting, fun, protection, Paris, kiss, red, ice cream, slow, instruction manual, New Years Eve, "selfie", beach, chocolate, promise, bikini, Spain, late-night, short skirt, bubble bath, bowties, age-difference, suspenders, comfy, spring
Eleventh Doctor/Donna Noble, cure, impossible, worlds, ginger, age, remember, heartbeat, forgiveness
Eleventh Doctor/Jack Harkness, loss, hands, return, bowtie, caress, exploration, madman, old, stag night, wedding, trust, loyalty, blues
Eleventh Doctor/Jack Harkness/Clara Oswin Oswald, impossible, vortex, fact, surprise, riding, alien biology, journal
Eleventh Doctor/Luke Smith, university, tweed, physics, chin, weird, formulas
Eleventh Doctor/Martha Jones, awkward, inexperience, new, undress, tattoo, awkward, change, weapons, ozone
Eleventh Doctor/The Master (Simm), telepathy, drums, walls, surrender, friction
Eleventh Doctor/River Song, mystery, lonely, hurt, kiss, bruise, react, timeless, petrichor, thoughtless, murder, black, silk, telephone, handcuffs, gags, femdom, submission, trust, forgiveness, rain, memory, kiss, first date, oral, hands, second chances, fast,legs, Christmas, New Years Eve, dress, last time, first time, wedding, engagement ring, tie, quiet, "I love you", goodbye, fireworks, hair, strawberries, cleavage, Vegas, lingerie, champagne, bowties, tuxedo, Hawaii, last kiss
Eleventh Doctor/Rory Williams, dream, alien, roman, reward, accept, alone, cold, time, outside, wait, pollen, best, take, complex, disaster, still, antimatter, resolved, lobster, brag
Eleventh Doctor/Tenth Doctor, compensating, fez, screwdriver, memories, dance, queen
Eleventh Doctor/Tenth Doctor/War Doctor, opportunity
Eleventh Doctor/Victorian!Clara Oswin Oswald, friends, companions, AU, flirt, tease, dress, skirt, impractical, corset, run
Fem!Eleventh Doctor/River Song, past, improvement, bow tie, blindfold, sonic, gangly
Fifth Doctor/Adric, change, shudder, stare
Fifth Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald, AU, companion
First Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald, youth, training, strong, flight, rescue
Fourth Doctor/Leela, leather, rope, reprimand, plain, mother
Fourth Doctor/Romana, gown, feathers, argument, duty, class, key, sidelong
Fourth Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith, bluffing, grandeur, strides, closet, cold, after, strip, vacation, cooking, Florana, hobbies
Harry Sullivan/Sarah Jane Smith, afterlife, reincarnation, regrets, friends
Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones/Eleventh Doctor/River Song, [any]
Jack Harkness/Martha Jones, promises, secrets, lies, seduction, dance, kissing, blue, braces, understanding, lingerie
Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler, not, corners, stolen
Jack Harkness/The Doctor's TARDIS, caress, telepathy, singing, protecting, soothing, solace, fempreg
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, relief
Jack Harkness/War Doctor, trust, loyalty, soldier, Moment
Jackie/Sarah Jane Smith, fame
Jake Simmonds/Mickey Smith, smile, wall, banter, frantic, slow, happiness, held, realisation, kiss
Jenny Flint/Madame Vastra, slick, warm, green, tail, hope, first, last, kiss, hold, knees, arms, sword, heart, amusement, integrity, pomegranate, my wife, katanas, trousers, tongue, green, toughest case, soft scales, my favourite monkey
Jo Grant/Polly Wright, James Bond, mini-skirt, space, ringfinger, naughty
Lady!Doctor/River Song, my love, spoilers, glasses
Liz X/Martha Jones, pit-stop, valiant, mythical, gratitude
Martha Jones/Clara Oswin Oswald, destined, sacrifice
Martha Jones/Donna Noble, memories, restore, UNIT
Martha Jones/Lucy Saxon, Doctor, Mistress, forgive not forget, love changes everything
Martha Jones/Metacrisis Doctor, uncertainty, identity, experimentation
Martha Jones/Mickey Smith, days, just, nights, work, UNIT, admiration, competence is sexy, home, dirt, uncomfortable, raygun,
Martha Jones/Mickey Smith/Tom Milligan, secure, content, stable, trio, middle, double, kiss
Martha Jones/Ninth Doctor, chill, mouth, order, dust, blindfold, guide, leather, tactile, TARDIS, grin, meeting, timelines
Martha Jones/River Song, battle, guns
Martha Jones/Rose Tyler, before, experience, remembering
The Master (Simm)/Bad Wolf!Rose, chained, electric, kingdom, mastery, weapon
The Master (Simm)/Rose Tyler, desperation, lost
The Master (Simm)/Tenth Doctor, bound, comfort, eternity, feast, homecoming, hurt, kept, orders, names
Ninth Doctor/Donna Noble, sass, sorrow, solitude
Ninth Doctor/Jabe of the Trees, companion, tentacles, bound, playtime
Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness, tentacles, watersports, denial, desperation, premature, leather, mpreg, drink, flexible, hard work, hiding, raw, reality, quilt, oh, shower, flirt, fisting, travel, wish, stay
Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler, comfort, vanilla, stars, bathing, music, soup, mistress, boots, restraint, candles, tied, blindfold, pegging, turns, needed, tease, hands, athletic, marathon, touch, skin, enthusiastic, playful, parallel universe, undercover, tease, lace, lost, retrieve, tempt, heat
Ninth Doctor/River Song, stranger, cold, war, anal, trust, regeneration
Ninth Doctor/Rory Williams, future, heat, moon, window
Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler, hair, touch, outdoors, grass, experimentation, aphrodesiac, intense, wall
Ninth Doctor/The Master (Simm), survivor's guilt, struggle, rough, anger, mocking
River Song/Liz X, break-in, majesty, spanking, thief, flashlight, mask
Romana(Any)/Leela, savage, knife, Madame President
Rose Tyler/Gwyneth, twin, learn, giggle, potential, rewrite, mirror
Rose Tyler/Reinette, being, petals, loss
Rose Tyler/Sally Sparrow, in her eyes
Rose Tyler/Sarah Jane Smith, my Sarah Jane, diary, time vortex, strength, sonic lipstick, nothing like him/her, diary
Sally Sparrow/Kathy Nightingale, late afternoon
Sarah Jane Smith/River Song, guns, run, wall, kinky, lipstick, daring, wibbly-wobbly, shirts, boots, sonic
Second Doctor/Jamie McCrimmon, hands, walking, return, song, fury
Seventh Doctor/the Rani/the Master(Ainley), tryst, experiment, fangs, disguise
Sixth Doctor/Peri, friction, release, scant, provoke
Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler/Doctor 10.2, consuming, blindfold
Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble, teasing, frottage, friends-with-benefits, voice, proposal
Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble/Jack Harkness, flirtation, wiles, tie, smirk, restraints
Tenth Doctor/Eleventh Doctor, day, night, trouble, loop, Moebius, jammie dodgers, tour, dizzy, fade, unexpected
Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness, coats, rejection, wrong, lost, sad, lonely, reunited, solace, mpreg, captive, clothes, god, unimportant
Tenth Doctor/Martha Jones, oral, licking, fingers, proximity, foreplay
Tenth Doctor/The Master (Simm), rebel, shout, bite, obey
Tenth Doctor/Reinette, dancing, secret, universe
Tenth Doctor/Rory Williams, track, weird, spin
Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, fate, hearts, reaching, silly, oral, memory, kiss, second chances, last time, first time, need,chocolate, vacation, quiet, snow, ice, New York city, glitter
Tenth Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith, reunion, missed, memories, kiss
Tenth Doctor/Toshiko Sato, technobabble, chance, geek, glasses, science, alien
Third Doctor/Jo Grant, fidelity, teeth, champagne, report, jungle
Third Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith, brave, detective, cape, Bessie, curiosity, protective, tease, favourite, curls
Twelfth Doctor/Jack Harkness, forward, memory, new, twist
Twelfth Doctor/River Song, breaking-in, new, adventure, wrinkles, libido, screamer
Victoria Waterfield/Zoe Heriot, future shock, companions, memory, Season 6b
War Doctor/Bad Wolf, science, magic, telepathy, omen, foregone, crime

Doctrine of Labyrinths – Sarah Monette
Mildmay Foxe/Cardenio Richey, intimacy, skin, finery, gaze, hierarchy
Mildmay Foxe/Mehitabel Parr, contrary, consolation, cunnilingus, satisfy, facepaint, acting, equality

Eddie Birdlace/Rose Fenny, peacetime, values, hippies, freedom, public, dirty talk, homecoming, damaged

Adelle DeWitt/Topher Brink, comfort, pod, cracks, eat,
Claire Saunders/Topher Brink, bent, mouth, pillow, rip

Don Jon (2013)
Jon/Esther, kitchen, ocean, lines

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
Chloe/June Colbern, innocence, instruction, curiosity, latte, shocker, anal, drugged, hangover, marriage, sex toys whip cream, groping, strap-on, trash

Doom (2005)
Duke/Samantha Grimm, touching, flirting, push, desperation, huddling
John Grimm/Samantha Grimm, together, hands, hurt/comfort, hope, blanket, home
Sarge/John Grimm, support, trust, loyalty, background

Double The Fist (TV)
Rod Foxx/Any, bisexuality, orgy, moresomes, secrets, dubcon
Rod Foxx/Tara, rough sex, D/s, swordplay, blades, restraints, machines, tokens, roleplay
Steve/The Womp, secrets, misunderstandings, play

Sister Aloysious/Sister James, Our Father, habit, crucify, mortal sin, hush, quiet, free, dream, yearn, loathe, edge, wrists, break, meal, bound, certainty, rosary, confession, together, needs

Downton Abbey
Anna Smith/John Bates, married life, happy, choose me, bonds, loyalty, tension
Anna Smith/Mary Crawley, kisses, comfort, pretend, fingers, roles, jazz, secret, lesson, sweetness, hotel
Carson/Hughes, nostalgia, seaside, banquet, old days
Lavinia Swire/Mary Crawley, [any], Paris, pearls, escape, rescue, skin, glimmer, sheer, throat, breast, tread, whisper, sheets, flush, eye, mirror, Egyptian
Lavinia Swire/Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, [any], protest, jazz, try, alter, brooch, cleave, damnation, elegant, fortune, gala, hum, sly, lean, thumb, rue, joy, mute, suckle, savor, turn, lip
Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, domesticity, champagne, happiness, echo, gone, gift
Matthew Crawley/Sybil, compromise, breathless, doorway
Thomas Barrow/James Kent, candle, first, discipline, nightclub, praise, pie, tempt, Scotland
Thomas Barrow/Sybil Crawley/Tom Branson, gentlemen, comfort, politics, pants, cards, injury, Ripon, hotel

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
Dr. Horrible/Captain Hammer, burn, pain, ray, mercy, lace

Dracula – All Media Types
Jonathan Harker/Lucy Westenra, any, pretend, scratch, wet, desperate, ravish, expose, touch

Dracula (TV 2013)
Alexander Grayson/Abraham Van Helsing, blood, sunlight, experiment, bite, alliance
Alexander Grayson/Lucy Westenra, teach, exchange, monsters, defeat, loss, monster, turning, blood, darkness, need, hunger, revenge, enlightenment, Mina, training, [any]
Alexander Grayson/Lucy Westenra/Mina Murray, mutual devotion, worship, celebration, vampire, bite, blood, need, training, sharing, teaching, humanity, [any]
Alexander Grayson/Mina Murray, victory, dream, hospital, pleasure, blood, tender, slap, nightdress, sheer, muscle, tongue
Alexander Grayson/R. M. Renfield, empathy, forbidden, negotiation, drunk, voyeur, duality, pining, equal, envy, respect
Jonathan Harker/Lucy Westenra, revenge, wall, fuck, neck, virgin, infidelity, replacement, guilt, seduction, Mina, solace, loneliness, wrong, [any]
Lady Jayne Wetherby/Lucy Westenra, liars, combat, absinthe, strap-on, good girl, let me show you, first, seduction, teaching
Lucy Westenra/Mina Murray, sweet, drunk, kisses, hands, tears, heartbreak, angst, letters, late, sleepover, compulsion, bite, blood, hunger, vampire, turning, forever, dance, confession, seduction, modern-AU, vampires, wrong, silk, wooing, courtship, exhibition, illicit, fingering, experimental, uncertainty, hunger, blood, improper, drunk, corset, dress, tearing off, crush, fixation, AU, mistake, heat, sweat, breasts, nipples, cunnilingus, absinthe, blindfold, experimenting, fangs, lust, need, Jonathan, anatomy, turning, [any]
R. M. Renfield/Abraham Van Helsing, competence

Dragon Age: Origins
Alistair Theirin/Leliana/Zevran Arainai, Satinalia, blue, camp, fire, blanket, amused, rose, drink, leather, soft, rough
Alistair Theirin/Zevran Arainai, tease, leather, rose, tattoo, bath, fire, snow, blade, pain, smirk
Isabela/Aveline Vallen, uniform, game, night, bar, sway, blood, red, lick, smile, drink, spank
Isabela/Merrill, drink, foot, blood, magic, night, warm, water, ear, tattoo, curious
Isabela/Zevran Arainai, bar, sea, night, smoke, knife, danger, play, blood, drink, tease, silk
Zevran Arainai/Male Mahariel, tattoo, tree, herb, ear, leather, tease, hunt, bullseye
Zevran/Male Elf Mage Warden, artistry, dexterity, laughter, lewd, kinky, leather, licking, first, saved
Alistair Theirin/Warden, darkness, desperation, meetings, goodbye, forest, tents
Female!Warden/Alistair Theirin, [any], sacrifice, teaching, experience, battle, swords, lamppost, winter, together, children, royal, marriage, throne
Zevran Arainai/Leliana, [any], assassin, past, share, reading, drunk, wine, chase, flattery, secrets, tease, looks, rogue, arrows
Zevran Arainai/Warden, challenge, daggers, theft, earring

Dragon Age 2
Anders/Female Hawke, not, nice, angry, passion, right, deep, secrets, magic, trust, heartbreak, kill, blood, hands, hurt, pain, home, running, capture, hope, [any]
Anders/Merill, [any], magic, different, share, lost, strange, past, truth, dirty, barefoot, robes
Aveline/Isabella, prosecution, seduction, lapse, unique
Female Hawke/Isabella/Merrill/Fenris/Anders, lady, loyalty, harem, belonging
Female Mage Hawke/Fenris, loathing, white-hot, femdom, raw, feral
Fenris/Merill, [any], elf, hate!sex, magic!sex, bloodlust, fever, helpless, pity, opposite, tattoos, scars, memory
Fenris/Merill/Anders, [any], companions, strange, outsider, sword, magic, overdose, experiment, tease, nature, wild, beauty, ears, trust
Hawke/Fenris, longing, ribbon, magic, loyalty
Isabella/Female Hawke, scoundrel, lawless, wine, table, salt
Isabella/Female Hawke/Merrill, teaching, team, sweet, innocence, lust, temptation
Male Hawke/Bethany, [any], sister, magic, forbidden, hopeless, blood, control, jealous, trust, past, mercenaries, hiding, sides
Sebastian Vael/Female Hawke - vows, honor, chastity, creativity, throne, dragons, wings, freedom, duty

Dragon Age: Asunder – David Gaider
Rhys/Evangeline, trust, discovery, beginning, mourning

Dragon Ball Z – All Media Types
Bulma/Vegeta, biting, angry, thoughtful, jerk, Yamcha, turned down, drunk, attack, almost, rape, savoir, beat-down, attraction, sex
Chichi/Goku, confused, wall, marriage
Gohan/Videl, flight, outside, argue, baka
Pan/Trunks, secret, impassioned, worried, sensei
Trunks/Marron, any, innocence, discrete, growing up, children, family, phone sex, gift, sweet, taste

Dragon Quest VIII
Jessica/Medea, fire, healing, magic, role-play

Dragon Quest IX
Hero(ine)/Erinn, worship

Dragonriders of Pern – Anne McCaffrey
Lessa/Kylara (any order), catfight, fight sex, dominance, lust, foe yay
Thella/Kylara (any order), catfight, fight sex, dominance, strong-willed
Kykara/Brekke, master, apprentice
Kylara/Brekke/F'nor, teaching, learning, competition, rivalry

Drake & Josh
Drake/Josh, I told you so, alone, door locked, revenge

Dredd (2012)
Cassandra Anderson/Madeline "Ma-Ma" Madrigal, test, memory, torture, sacrifice, altered, control, mindfuck, splatter, walls
Cassandra Anderson/Joseph Dredd, partner, death, city, daylight, awake, seer, knowing, face, armor, fucked, law, read, surface, release, lonely, understand, streets, ready, earned, willing, rough, demanded, eyes, voice, armor
Joseph Dredd/Madeline "Ma-Ma" Madrigal, memory, before, again, torture, sacrifice

Drop Dead Diva
Jane/Grayson, again, at last, courage, dance
Jane/Tony, negotiation, breakfast in bed, cocktails, laughter

Dublin Murder Squad Series – Tana French
Frank Mackey/Cassie Maddox, earpiece, tease, trust, song

Due South
Benton Fraser/Francesca Vecchio, mess, control, toys, [any]
Benton Fraser/Margaret Thatcher, run
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, begging, bond, pining, kink, subspace, needy, desperation, toys, id, poetry, devotion, holding, denial, close, cuddle, hugging, tied, rough, sweet, hands, scent, dancing, massage, voyeurism, bondage, toys, beach, swimming, uniform, hat, tease, public sex, masturbation, cabin, flirting, cross-dressing, striptease, leather, buddy breathing, trust, glasses, journal, outdoor sex, patriotic, Canada, marriage, first time, tent
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Francesca Vecchio, pegging, voyeurism, masturbation
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, family, restraint, discovery, phone sex, jealousy, dirty talk, comfort, morning, voyeurism, first time, domestic, puzzle
Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio, Vegas, closet, Riviera, scars, cross-dressing, reunion, undercover, tie, first time, outdoor sex, uniform, comfort, forgiveness, healing, smile, laughter, banter, date, family, years, ice, heat, fear, any
Elaine Besbriss/Francesca Vecchio, training, station, uniform, hat, dress, heels, seduction, lipstick, gloves, uniforms, handcuffs, dancing
Francesca Vecchio/Margaret Thatcher, uniform, bound, police work, Fraser, yearning, tease, seduction
Meg Thatcher/Francesca Vecchio, closet, family, public, any
Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, undercover, rough, alcohol, Florida, handcuffs, sweat, taste, caffeine, car, comfort, tease, banter, understanding, Vegas

Dumbing of Age
Billie Billingsworth/Ruth Lessick, sports, alternatives, any
Joyce Brown/Sal Walkerton, motorcycle, any
Sarah Clinton/Sal Walkerton, if, any

Dune Chronicles - Frank Herbert
Alia Atreides/Duncan Idaho, what-if, AU, children, happy, sand, Arrakis, blue, abomination, deserted, martyr, water, blue, sacrifice, relieve, soothe, whispers, blood, sting, knife
Alia Atreides/Paul Atreides, holy, pure, heir, other, repeat, water, spice, AU, Caladan, blood, bite, visions
Chani/Paul Atreides, water, sand, blue, tent, stars, different, prophet, devotion, always, cave, first, blind, madness, time, comfort, forever, warmth
Ghanima Atreides/Irulan, mother, wish, comfort, less, agony, cry
Irulan/Leto Atreides II, trust, hiss, hormones, prescience, grind, light, tongue, worm, empress
Paul Atreides/Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, battle, dominance, corruption, superiority, rough
Sheeana/Duncan Idaho, dark, future, explore, labyrinth, memories, sand

Dungeons & Dragons (Game)
Any Changeling Character/Any Character, shapeshifting, bisexuality, trap, confusion, dreams
Any Female Character/Any Female Character, armor, weapons, battle, glory, magic, survival
Any/Any, danger, artifact, trap, monster, terror, illusion, healing, ritual, sacrifice, lore, darkness, fire, ice

Heiwajima Kasuka/Heiwajima Shizuo, comfortable, trust, outfit, role
Kida Masaomi/Orihara Izaya, history, lies, criminal, laughter, adrenaline, training
Kida Masaomi/Ryuugamine Mikado/Sonohara Anri, symbiosis, toys, weapon, cuddle, studying
Orihara Izaya/Yagiri Namie, replacement, pawn, office

Earth 2
Devon/Danziger, alone, breathing, laughing, dance, for you, today

Earth: Final Conflict
Liam Kincaid/Renee Palmer, first, beg, undercover, evasive, dance, regrets, hesitant

Earth's Children - Jean M. Auel
Jondalar/Attaroa, trophy, triumphant, dominant, bondage, prisoner, reluctant, non-con, bruises, deal, hopeful
Jondalar/Ayla, furs, leather, river, fire, sweat, teach, suck, bathing, shaving, snuggle, winter, summer, naked, outdoors, bondage, apology, voyeurism
Jondalar/Serenio, furs, height, desperate, goodbye, sweet, promise, fire, tea, tent, alone

Steve Owen/Matthew Rose, take care

Ed Edd N Eddy
Double D/Eddy, manager, deterrent, determination, frustration, used, laundry
Kevin/Edd, harassment, jawbreakers, candy, weed, junk, nerd, adrenaline, school
Kevin/Eddy, exchange, rate
Rolf/Kevin, show, culture, feet, farmhand, strange

Edward II – Marlowe
Edward II of England/Piers Gaveston, games, crown, remembrance, early

Eerie Indiana
Dash-X/Marshall, obvious potential

Eight Cousins series - Louisa May Alcott
Phebe Moore/Archie Campbell, revelation, rosy, conduct, character, urgent

El Cazador de la Bruja
Nadie/Ellis, telekinesis, open road, eyes, future

Elder Scrolls V: Skyri
F!Dragonborn/Ingus Black-Briar, spite, aide, collect, thank, magic, Winterhold, any
F!Dragonborn/Sapphire, confide, slow, any
Sapphire/Vex, thieves, sneak, pin, watch, loot, help, quiet, any

Electric Dreams (1984)
Domme!Madeline/sub!Miles, any
Edgar/Madeline, music, electricity, strings, voice, tears, cello, touch, bodies
Edgar/The Internet, future!AU, cybersex
Miles/Madeline/Edgar, threesome

Elementary (TV)
Jamie Moriarty/Joan Watson, angels, demons, snark, tea, newspapers, lazy century, art, revenge, mutual, conducive, a year, misread, interesting, clever, proclivities, discretion, deception, lieutenant, obsession, soul mate, magic, tap, game, jealousy, bi-erasure, children, obsessions, philosophy, body-painting, smear, tongue, surrender, denial, chase, paint brush, counterfeit, dangerous, surveillance, case study, interlope, freckles, film noir, recovery, portrait, paint, stop-loss, score, inventory, tactics, tricks, endgame, Ouroboros, swords, music, fingertips, hold, tension, figure, think, AU, texts, confession, blank, escape, circumstances, allies, anger, necks, open, painting, plotting, mind games, eye sex, chocolate, mystery, scarf, letter, houses, brush, ink, private viewing, charcoal, criminal mind, disdain, love letters, escalation, defeated, unsolvable, superior, public fingerfucking, fine wool, caught
Jamie Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes, arch, bathtub, beauty, buttons, high, honey, mouth, muzzle, paint, pegging, red, ribbon, shave, spine, voice, words, letters, corset, crossdressing, brush, electricity, scars, whip, flogger, Wartenburg wheel, femdom,
Joan Watson/fem!Sherlock Holmes, waistcoat, hair, bondage, bookshelf, video,
Joan Watson/Marcus Bell, date, hospital, cooking, case, watercooler, elevator, stitches, therapy, touch, trace, romantic, camaraderie, deduction, theoretical, stamps, healing, hobby, therapy, domestic, tipsy, sigh, bedside, amuse, grace, fingers, mystery, domestic, sports, purple, food
Joan Watson/Marcus Bell/Sherlock Holmes, partners, detective agency, apology, crime solving, smirk, experiment, ideas, invitation, plans, confession, rope, bondage, handcuffs, fool around, case work, skin, domestic, shirtless, throat, exposed, body worship, tag teaming, nuzzle, opportunity, day off, sharing, blanket, camera
Joan Watson/Mycroft Holmes, roleplay, wedding night, morning after, vacation, rebound, seduce, indulge, white, understanding, delicious, unspoken
Joan Watson/Sherlock Holmes, anticipation, surprise, thin walls, research, challenge, inappropriate, practice, undercover, chase, buzz, handcuffs, morning, rope, stubble, tights, trail, winter, buzz, morning, tights, trail, winter, comfort, switch, therapy, nightclub, surveillance, needles, knuckles, sense-memory, sharing, wax, electric, boundaries, bathroom, dress-up, cunnilingus, lace, underwear, exhibitionism, behave, temperature, experiments, dinner date, impatient, stiletto, tango, kidnapped, tension, bruise, Victorian, femdom, breakfast, lock, riding crop, winter, handcuffs, locks, spanking, puzzles, stable, constant, touché', wits, homework, willpower, temptation, banter, crave, lingerie, French, certification, fear, wrists, medicinal, testing, experimentation, accusation, surrender, hurt and comfort, dying, grab, drag, push, transference, stones, buckles, switch, raise, bees, birds, cereal, cats, sealed, glass, ocean, cars, undercover, accidental, home
Marcus Bell/Sherlock Holmes, challenge, case, dexterous, respect, purple, fascination, challenge, rooftop, t-shirt, club, brothers, escape, clue, penance, friendship, pizza, forgive, laughter, target-practice, tie, polite, gay club, undercover, hilarities, hate, anger, betrayal, dark, salvation, saviour, first kiss, crack, princess, frogs, spanking, intercrural, consent, fun, expectations,
Sherlock Holmes/Alistair, books, speech, stories, memories
Sherlock Holmes/Jamie Moriarty/Joan Watson, toxic, sensory, shudder, depends, heat, anal, impressed, bathing
Thomas Gregson/Original Female Character, desk, cunnilingus, ties, biting
Thomas Gregson/Sherlock Holmes, trust, foundation, discipline, sigh, anger, spanking, dominance, admire, trust, relax, addictive, trust, want, secret, affair, daddy, dominant, submissive, toys

Cutter/Kahvi, mutual
Cutter/Leetah/Skywise, furs, any
Cutter/Rayek, kink, au, any
Dewshine/Scouter/Tyleet, family, any
Krim/Pike/Skot, rough, ride, hunt, any
Tyleet/Venka, play, snow, any

Alicja/Anne, dance, snack, new, floor, again

Johnny Gage/Mike Stoker, hurt, fluff, roadtrip, burnout, exhaustion
Johnny Gage/Roy DeSoto, skinwalker, phobia, fire

Emma - Jane Austen (any version)
Emma Woodhouse/herself, perfect, mirror, good enough, reward, candle,
Emma/Harriet, obedience, teach, old clothes, long grass, wildflowers, lips,
Emma/Mrs Weston, lonely, habit, distance, need, loss, married women,
Mrs Weston/Mr Woodhouse, family dynamics, homesick, cold, pregnant, employment, music, sleepless nights, ill child, fret, candle, charge, laughter

Emma (BBC)
George Knightley, Emma Woodhouse, any, time, passion, affection, educate, discipline, student, teacher

Endless Ocean series
Katherine/OFC, destiny
Oceane/OFC, enthusiasm

Enemy Mine
Jerry/Willis, lonely, understanding, cold, afraid, stubborn

Pete/Randy, lessons, nightmares, soft, bath time

Epic (2013)
M.K./Nod, secret, true love's kiss, water, autumn, pollen, curse, speed, size, phone sex, long-distance relationship
Ronin/Tara, petals, touch, duty, memory, tied up, plants, vines, tentacles, fluff, kissing, worship

Abby/Susan, quarantine
Anna/Maggie, hair
Carter/Abby, together
John Carter/Kerry Weaver, wine
Maggie/Randi, rent

Van/Hitomi, fate, stay, wings, ogle

Allison Blake/Jack Carter, happy, baby, slow, deep
Allison Blake/Jack Carter/Nathan Stark, cooperation, experiment gone wrong, sleepy, peace, closed, sexpollen
Jack Carter/Zane Donovan, laundry, power, wrestling
Jack/Jo, after hours, bet, powercut, hypothermia, zapped, pheromones,
Jack/SARAH, watch, direct, shower, sentient, jealous, stay
Jo/Zane, differences, heat, need, ring, marks, possess, stuck, cell, strap-on, denial, want-take-have, pamper, let go, hidden
Jo/Zane/Zoe, share, pegging, scarves,
Nathan/Zane, discipline, feather, technology, Eureka, teach, lab, whip

Ever After
Danielle de Barbarac/Prince Henry, crown, wings, feet, garden, paint, art, literature, happy, song, dress, haste, tease, enchant, pregnancy, carriage, lake, poise, jewels, mouth, chase, diplomacy, love

Amy/Ephram, after everything, Ferris wheel, necklace, haircut, wedding, necklace, medicine

Evil Dead (2013)
David Allen/Eric, alcohol, backstory, beard burn, bitter, college days, dorm room, ex-boyfriends, history, miss you, oral, past, rough, run away, sharp
David Allen/Eric/Mia Allen, survivors, trauma, lean back, throat, exposed, clinging, only ones left, history, open, spread legs, clothes off, living together
David Allen/Mia Allen, AU, bare, beautiful as always, beg, cling, desire, drugs, eat out, experimental, family issues, forehead kiss, high, hold me, going clean, guilty, I'm sorry, incest, neck kisses, need, nightmares, nude, recovery, reveal, roadtrip, run away, secret, shame, sketches, sneak a kiss, sober, survive, trauma, warped, nudes, portrait, sketch, posing, embarrassed, caught, wrong, snark, desperate, cigarettes, high, sober
Mia Allen/Eric, secret, high, guitar, charcoals, portrait, nudes

Evil Dead Trilogy
Ash Williams/Annie Knowby, teach, smart, bathtub, rocking chair, hurt/comfort
Ash Williams/Bobbie Jo, Snap, drawl, sarcasm, quickie
Ash Williams/Cheryl, secret, wrong, cursed
Ash Williams/Linda, firsts, college, dorm, tickle, tied up, jewel, rocking chair, bite
Ash Williams/Lord Arthur, banter, battle, dominance, apology
Ash Williams/Scotty, booze, party down, naive, first, pine
Ash Williams/Sheila, save, love, corset, fireplace, pregnancy, celebration, faith, adoration, stay, home, life
Ash Williams/Sheila/Lord Arthur, peacemaking, celebration, heirs

Ex Machina
Mitchell Hundred/machines, programming, force, wired
Mitchell Hundred/Rick Bradbury, alternate, reconsiliation, remember, drunk

Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King
Thomas/Dennis, duties, flagg, devotion, drunk, master, good

Eyeshield 21
Gaou Rikiya/Kisaragi Hiromi, admiration, eager
Hiruma Youichi/Kongo Agon, bitter, bruise, nostalgia
Hiruma Youichi/Mushanokouji "The Kid" Shien, intelligence, hands, challenge
Hiruma Youichi/Takekura "Musashi" Gen, tactics, memory, celebration, locker-room
Kobayakawa Sena/Shin Seijuurou, differences, uncertainty, strength
Takumi/Sakuraba, future, disappointments, rain, sync, first

Bigby Wolf/Snow White, seduction, meetings, crime, stroking, hard, slap
Rose Red/Boy Blue, fighting crime, together, happy, hope
Cinderella/Snow White, comfort

Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms
Baby Bear/Goldilocks, bed, sleep, porridge, surprise
Big Bad Wolf/Little Pig(s), straw, blow
Cinderella/Stepsisters, vengeance, history, payback
Gretel/Hansel, breadcrumbs, candy, fire, blood, nightmares, comfort
Little Red Riding Hood/the wolf, tongue, long, lap, chase, heat, urban, rough, pink, wet
Rapunzel/Prince, rapacious, triumph, union, strawberry
Snow White/Dwarves, rent, exhausted
The Shoemaker/The Elves, shoes, thanks, sleep, surprise, dream, magic

Falling Skies
John Pope/Maggie, night, soft, gone, morning, alien, time, hands, run, skin, cheek

Fallout 3
Female Lone Wanderer/Harkness, first time, armor, bridge, reaction
Female Lone Wanderer/Moira Brown, experiment
Female Lone Wanderer/Sydney, crush, cooperation, reward
Charon/James, anatomy

Fallout: New Vegas
Arcade Gannon/Craig Boone, bound, past, return
Arcade Gannon/James Hsu, gentleman, uniform
Craig Boone/Female Courier, understanding, water, travel, teamwork, escape, hands, patience, shelter, sneak, comfort, urgency
Joshua Graham/Vulpes Inculta, myth, belief, conspiracy
Rose of Sharon Cassidy/The King, courtship

Family Album (1994)
Greg Thayer/Lionel Thayer, secret, mourning, masturbation, memories, forbidden, drunk, once, dominang, submissive, rimming, private, photography
John/Lionel Thayer, first, committed, photography, memory, ring, slick, mourning, dominant, submissive, rimming
Lionel Thayer/Paul Steel, addiction, rehab, photography, acting, support, slick, committed, dominant, submissive, daddy, rimming

Family Guy
Brian/Stewie, losing a bet

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell
Cath/Levi, reading, listening, light, attic

Fantastic Four (Comic)
Reed Richards/Susan Storm, threesome, femdom, closed-off, hush, alone, joke, peace,
Reed Richards/Susan Storm/Namor the Sub-Mariner, open, experiment, staring, contest, still, environment, restraints, power, femdom

Fantastic Four
Johnny Storm/Susan Storm dream, AU, unrequited, feel, please, hurt, comfort, [any]

Aeryn Sun/John Crichton, feel, grip, want, hunger, naked, finally, overnight, parenting, self sacrifice, truth or dare, body swap, alien, challenge, runaway, small spaces, quiet, vocal, catch, night, alive, [any]
Aeryn Sun/Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, love, unity, power, [any]
Bialar Crais/Chiana, [any]
Chiana/John Crichton, recreation, taste, desire, slippery, seduce
Aeryn Sun/Chiana/John Crichton, watching, bonds, leather, fur, prolong, denial, organic
John Crichton/Ka D'Argo, watch, want, tongue, warm, safe, gentle, [any]
John Crichton/Other Male or Males, tentacles, mindfuck, mind control, gaslighting, sex pollen, nudity, customs, brothel, asset, enslavement, public use
Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan/Stark, soul, merge, light, air, regrow

Fast Food
Burger King/Ronald McDonald, competition, money, jealousy, laughter, scandal, betrayal

Fate/Stay Night
Archer/Shirou, hero, sacrifice
Saber/Rin Tohsaka, desire, regret
Sakura Matou/Rin Tohsaka, sisters, darkness

Gilgamesh/Kotomine Kirei, theory, riches, sovereign, transfer
Rider/Waver Velvet, euphoria, claim, reunion

Father Ted
Dick Byrne/Ted Crilly, chicken, bet, rough, any
Dougal McGuire/Ted Crilly, city, hotel, drunk, shower, duvet, sweater, age, any

Fearless Defenders
Annabelle Riggs/Valkyrie, masturbation, sharing, mirror
Elsa Bloodstone/Misty Knight, shotguns, arm wrestle, sarcasm-off, workout, hair-pulling
Hippolyta/Valkyrie, warrior, armor, grass, braids, breeze, sweet
Ren Kimura/Annabelle Riggs, sweat, dance, sand, pulse

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Ferris/Jeanie, special

Final Fantasy II
Firion/Emperor Mateus, rebel, disobedience, finery
Hilda/Leila, control
Leila/Any, swashbuckling, rough

Final Fantasy IV
Barbariccia/Rosa, bondage, breath, hair
Cagnazzo/Kain Highwind, fluid, teeth, shapeshifter, king, anyone, inhuman
Cagnazzo/Scarmiglione, broken, rot, filth, stillness, teeth, blackened, bile, humiliation
Cecil Harvey/Edge/Kain Highwind/Rosa Farrell/Rydia, moon, teamwork
Cecil Harvey/Edward Chris von Muir/Rosa Farrell, diplomacy, accepted, royal, diplomacy, ballad, alliance, oasis,
Cecil Harvey/Kain Highwind, Baron, darkness, king, loyalty, soldier
Cecil Harvey/Kain Highwind/Rosa Farrell, complete, forget, healing
Cecil Harvey/Odin, fealty, haunted
Edward Chris von Muir/Golbez, AU, songbird, hostage, cage, pet
Edward Chris von Muir/Kain Highwind, atonement, comfort, innocence, pacify, burden
Edward Chris von Muir/Rydia, monster, bite, whip, feral, soothe, obedient
Edge/Rubicante, obsession
Edge/Rydia, summon, sneak, courting, green, tent, small, taste, Eidolons, flirt, winner, [any]
Golbez/Kain Highwind, control, puppet, armor, kneel
Kain Highwind/Rosa Farrell, submission, pennance, worship, tenderness, faith, skin, hair, blond, stay
Rosa Farrell/Rydia, healing, admiration
Leviathan/Rydia, overwhelmed
Luca/Rydia, toys, spellcraft, flying
Dr Lugae/Rubicante, burning, dissect, blister, honor, lies

Final Fantasy V
Bartz Klauser/Faris Scherwiz, piracy, mimic, chocobo, adventure, bar
Faris Scherwiz/Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, identity, music box, moogle, dancer, piano

Final Fantasy VI
Celes Chere/Sabin Figaro, journey, comfort, loss, unexpected, companionship
Celes Chere/Setzer Gabbiani, wager, scars, escape
Celes Chere/Terra Branford, airship, esper, freedom, fire, fur, ice, inn, love, magic, opera, trance, veil, answer, alight, armor, bathe, bird, echo, esper, dress, fear, flame, imperial, love, ribbons, soldiers, song, summer, sword, traitor, understanding, vines, water, weightless
Edgar Roni Figaro/Locke Cole, loyalty, dungeons, treasure, undercover
Edgar Roni Figaro/Setzer Gabbiani, machines, grease, hair, strip
Gogo/any, ask, cloth, gloves, mime

Final Fantasy VII
Aerith/Sephiroth, Cetra, conquer, forgive, Lifestream
Aerith/Tifa Lockheart, camping, garden, Planet, punch, sky, tree, wedding
Barret/Tifa Lockheart, accident, Avalanche, balance, bar fight, disguises, gun, home, leader, lost, mako, memories, Midgar, planet, scars, suit and tie, train, victory
Cid Highwind/Vincent Valentine, warmth, restraint, demon
Cloud Strife/Reno, after, harsh, place, magic, materia, strawberry, alone, private
Cloud Strife/Sephiroth, respect, practice, impatience
Cloud Strife/Tifa Lockheart, promise, hero, airship, love, kiss, home, hope, memories, past, rescue, battle, Aerith, ribbon, leather, motorcycle, cellphone, [any]
Cloud Strife/Zack, bed, home, childish, loving, laughing, practice, purple, Shinra, sword
Elena/Reno, bruised, dirty, hollow, secrets
Genesis/Angeal, teamwork, apples, precious, dying, Loveless, copy, bright
Reno/Rude, solid, explosives, free, beer, agreement
Reno/Rufus, gunplay
Rufus/Scarlet, abused, desks, fallen, gunplay, left, loveless, power
Tifa Lockheart/Vincent Valentine, fate, claws, danger, chocolate, combat, beauty, guns, competence, trust
Tseng/Elena, sweet
Vincent Valentine/Scarlet, beast, blood-red, vengeful
Yuffie Kisaragi/Vincent Valentine, adventure, materia, cloaks, darkness, mortality

Final Fantasy VIII
Edea Kramer/Squall Leonhart, bar, night, time, training, workout
Edea Kramer/Ultimecia, challenge, fire, forgive, red, plan, victory
Irvine Kinneas/Quistis Trepe, flirt, game
Irvine Kinneas/Rinoa Heartilly/Squall Leonhart, double
Irvine Kinneas/Selphie Tilmitt, flirt, hat, Irvy, Sefie
Irvine Kinneas/Squall Leonhart, touch, open, trigger
Irvine Kinneas/Squall Leonhart/Zell Dincht, circlejerk, train
Irvine Kinneas/Zell Dincht, comfort, stress
Laguna Loire/Rinoa Heartilly, reminiscent, secret
Laguna Loire/Squall Leonhart, casual, Esthar, good, connection, guilt, unspoken, proximity
Quistis Trepe/Rinoa Heartilly, control, darkness, feathers, magic, silence, whip, comforter, kitchen, knight, noon, whip
Quistis Trepe/Rinoa Heartilly/Selphie Tilmitt, double, fantasy, journey, trains, triple, whip
Quistis Trepe/Selphie Tilmitt, glasses, haste, mission, post-mission, teaching, uniform, whip
Quistis Trepe/Xu, friends, invisible, learning, reflect, whip, glasses, home, lingerie, noise, office
Quistis Trepe/Zell Dincht, protect, reading
Rinoa Heartilly/Selphie Tilmitt, aura, celebration, feathers, float, sleep, trains, warm, uniform
Rinoa Heartilly/Squall Leonhart, leather
Selphie Tilmitt/Zell Dincht, blanket, library, shirt, shout, sofa, space, room, T-board
Squall Leonhart/Zell Dincht, jeans, need, quick

Final Fantasy IX
Beatrix/Garnet til Alexandros XVII, allegiance, jewels, loyalty, protection, respect, royalty, summon
Eiko Carol/Freya Crescent, lance, journey, rain, adult, pub, engagement
Freya Crescent/Zidane Tribal, tavern, tails, banter, moon, names, Fratley
Garnet til Alexandros XVII/Ruby, play, theatre
Garnet Til Alexandros XVII/Zidane Tribal, fantasy, play, outdoors, public, exhibition, royal, daggers, danger, adventure, tail, kidnap, tail, sick, secret passage, heal, voice, bath, brawl

Final Fantasy X
Auron/Rikku, pyreflies, katana, thief, ronin, sake, drunk, hope, Farplane, home, airship, secret, sleep, bed, love, age, tired, stories, smile, sunglasses, red, coat, protect, laughter, alchemy, coarse, courage, crimson, desert, fallen, fiend, heal, renew, ruin, snow, stern, Yevon, [any]
Auron/Tidus, time
Balgerda/Doram, games, play, post-game, water, wet
Dona/Lulu, control, penance
Elma/Lucil, downtime, worship
Ginnem/Lulu, bonds, hips, Pyreflies, skin
Kimahri/Yuna, runaway
Lulu/Rikku, belts, confused, electricity, magic, pregnancy, prejudice, slow, thunder, toys, prejudice
Lulu/Rikku/Yuna, guardians, machines, travelling
Lulu/Yuna, belts, confidence, duty, faith, goodbye, guardian, holy, magic, praying, respect, silence, toys, holy
Rikku/Yuna, airship, Al-Bhed, dance, darkness, dresspheres, eyes, gifts, gunplay, hair, knifeplay, lightning, machine, magic, music, protect, stealing, thunder
Shelinda/Yuna, healing, interview, magic, worship
Tidus/Wakka, underwater
Yuna/Rikku, lightning

Final Fantasy X-2
Baralai/Gippal/Yuna, politics
Baralai/Tidus, beginning, greeting, pillow
Baralai/Tidus/Yuna, astronomy, Bevelle, fascination
Baralai/Yuna, both, conference, Yevon
Gippal/Rikku, banter, different, lively
Leblanc/Yuna, complicated, guilt, idol, perform, perfume, punishment
Leblanc/Yuna, fan, massage, sphere
Lulu/Paine, belts, differences, fury, quiet, black, butterflies, date
Lulu/Paine/Rikku/Yuna, bed, elements, journey, new, seasons, second, ship
Lulu/Wakka, memories, strength, Vidina
Paine/Rikku, adventure, cliffs, reluctance, airship, Al-Bhed, begging, bondage, dresspheres, flirting, full-throttle, hair, hurt, machines, respect, respect-points, scarf, spanking, thunder
Paine/Rikku/Yuna, airship, dresspheres, fame, festival, hot-spring, luck, showtime, treasures, clouds, Dressphere, last
Paine/Yuna, body, desire, legend, muscle, red, shower, strip, dresspheres, falling, new, past, silence, slow, strength

Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2
Auron/Tidus, apprentice, Farplane, sword, training
Braska/Yuna's mother, celebration, dare
Lulu/Rikku, desire, elemental, guardian, passion, strip
Lulu/Rikku/Yuna, delta, flame, travel, warmth
Lulu/Yuna, fire, hero, seasons
Rikku/Tidus, Al Bhed, giggle, gloves, joke, ship, thief
Rikku/Tidus/Yuna, festival, laughter, perfection, time, travel
Rikku/Yuna, bed, cave, cold, confusion, cuddle, movie, night, orange, pajamas, speed, stars, thievery
Tidus/Wakka, Blitzball, body, handjob, shower, temple, water
Tidus/Yuna, beach, equal, magic, marking, partner, temple, towel, worship

Final Fantasy XII
Ashe/Drace, authority, diplomacy, privileges, respect
Ashe/Fran/Penelo, faith, outdoors, service
Ashe/Penelo, bathing, command, dance, desert, knifeplay, luxury, palace, protect, sand, wish
Balthier/Fran, partners, trust, pirates, pilot, fly, height, age, alone, scared, past, blood, handcuffs, hero, sheets, hair, ears, shoes, freedom, [any]
Balthier/Fran/Penelo, comfort, dream, little, partner, team
Balthier/Penelo, wonder, laughter, ticklish, rogue
Balthier/Vaan, teaching, pirate, fight, gun, tempt, lessons, naivete
Basch fon Ronsenburg/Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, ghost, honorbound, quiet
Drace/Fran, capture, control
Fran/Penelo, aid, biting, blushing, claim, claws, clothes, confusion, crying, dancing, distance, ears, fascination, fear, flying, hair, healing, hoverbike, instinct, knifeplay, lost, magic, marking, mist, nails, nature, pleasure, quiet, share, shiver, silence, simplicity, sky, skyships, slow, strong, teaching, tied-up, touch, young, outdoors, innocence, first time, sly, surprise, AU, nature, heal

Final Fantasy XIII
Fang/Lightning/Vanille, contest, crystal, tears
Lightning/Oerba Yun Fang/Oerba Dia Vanille, fight, fire, magic, share
Lightning/Serah, ruin, weapons
Oerba Yun Fang/Oerba Dia Vanille, first, fur, outdoors, sweet, trust
Sazh/Vanille, sunshine, lies, sugar, rainbows, guns, sneaking, lines, sleep, crystal, blankets, truth, protection, date, chocobo, heal, [any]

Final Fantasy
Chaos/any Light Warrior, servitude, darkness, failure, humiliation, submission, domination, pain

Maud Lilly/Sue Trinder, servant, lady, proper, dresses, rain, books, ink, thief, guilt, asylum, reconciliation, forgiveness, [any]

Fire Emblem: Awakening
any/any, eat, delve, hungry, anger, future, together, undaunted, swords, bicker, misunderstanding, reunion, change, flick, awake, panting, spanking, discipline, honor, nobility, virginity, fpreg, threesome
Chrom/Robin, strategy, night, camp, trust, memory, past, future, partner
Cordelia/Sumia, fly, feather, fortune, trip, console, harp, bake, red
Gaius/Lissa, sweet, princess, stolen, blush, lesson
Maribelle/Lissa, sweet, silk, music, calm, trust, staff, flavor, tea, guess
Sully/Sumia, bold, red, stable, fly, polish, armor, protect, fire, fight

Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword
any/any, fated, lave, touch, staff, bicker, quiet, safe, shared,

Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi
Dieck/Klein, mature, training, improper

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn
any/any, femdom, costumes, dance
Bastian/Volke, payment, surreptitious
Haar/Jill, drowsy, hesitant, observe
Ike/Soren, complete, stars, wind, protect, plan, robe, rough, secret, table, road, camp, devotion, careful, forever
Jill Fizzart/Lethe/Mist, fur, light, comfort, peace, growl, honor, forgive
Reyson/Tibarn, contrast, elegance, wings, silk,fragile, wings, fly, sing, bound, fearless, strength, determined
Soren/Stefan, after, comfort, loneliness

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Heath/Legault, charm, tease, stolen
Karel/Lucius, tame, benevolence, rough, mar
Lyndis/Rath, eyes, ride, gentle

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
any/any, twincest, forbidden, dark, dewy, brazen, drawn, artistic, languorous, strive, push, harder, delicacies, ladies, feathers,
Artur/Joshua, luck, fluster
Eirika/Ephraim, dedication, covert, bond, understanding
Gerik/Marisa/Tethys, dance, night, flowers, sultry
Kyle/Lute, first, domineer, laugh

Fire From Heaven - Mary Renault
Alexander/Hephaistion, sword, bow, wrestle, lyre, thigh, arm, hand, finger

Book/Kaylee Frye, hope
Hoban Washburne/River Tam, AU, pilot, ghost, Reaver, saving, poetry, dinosaurs, play, trust, rules, [any]
Hoban Washburne/Zoe Washburne, action, baby, laughing, lost, fly, eyes, fighter, pale, smile, talisman, [any]
Inara Serra/Jayne Cobb
Inara Serra/Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam, between, gift
Inara Serra/Kaylee Frye, green, art, braid, sandalwood, barefoot, horse, henna, birthday, strawberry, [any]
Inara Serra/Kaylee Frye/River Tam, voyeur
Inara Serra/Malcolm Reynolds, lessons, urges, irritation, ritual, silk, sheets, undress, slow, finally, courtesy, lips, honey, moon
Inara/Nandi, old times, education, paths we take
Inara Serra/River Tam, comb, fallen angel, streaming, gentle
Inara Serra/River Tam/Simon Tam, ethics
Inara/Saffron, trade secrets, tricks, sumptuous, training, seduction, tricks, kimono, drugged
Inara Serra/Simon Tam, common, shared, client, past, smile, wound, physical, needle, medicine, message, looks, [any]
Jayne Cobb/Malcolm Reynolds, surrender, surprise, submission, challenge, push, fisting, feeding, stubborn
Jayne Cobb/Malcolm Reynolds/Simon Tam, trio, duo, watch, masturbation, muscle, slight, healer, captain, fighter, belonging
Jayne Cobb/River Tam, deliberate, grease, Vera, Miranda, lies, pretense, clairvoyance, tenderness, flirting, dress, flowers
Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam, backwater, Companion, fear, Reavers, rim, somnophilia, sweet, Vera, capable, breathless, mask, muscle, strong, thigh, secret, smile, heal, wonder, vest
Jayne Cobb/Mattie, ratty old blanket
Jayne Cobb/River Tam, stone, weapon, weapon, realization, kiss, intellect, instinct, spar
Kaylee Frye/Malcolm Reynolds, grease, sunshine, unicorns, peaches, jasmine
Kaylee Frye/Nandi, vice
Kaylee Frye/Petaline, comfort
Kaylee Frye/River Tam, braids, guns, flying, love, collaborate, hearts, core, albatross, stars, in transit, shimmer, mechanical help
Kaylee Frye/River Tam/Simon Tam, playing games, voyeur
Kaylee Frye/Simon Tam, strawberries, determination, fight, anger, make up, hammock, resting, engine, grease, medical, quick, sweet, love, passion, alive, oil, Serenity, River, wedding dress
Kaylee Frye/Zoe Washburne, hope
Malcolm Reynolds/River Tam, ballet, space, stars, headache, fever, heartache, flying, control, chase, courting, skirt, flowers, horses, AU, Serenity, love, peace, marriage, guns, future, back-to-back, dance, gentle, quick, flame, you know what I'm thinking, the special hell, magic pixie ninja, flight, wings, worship, savior, red, faith, frozen, revelation, [any]
Malcolm Reynolds/River Tam/Simon Tam, share, boots, lessons, fight, argue, books, salvation, dark, whisper, dinner, our witch, emergency, [any]
Malcom Reynolds/Simon Tam, doctor, captain, honorifics, yes sir, vest, tight pants, erection, smirk, cost, coat, bed, bunk, fly, fight, protect, seduce, eyes, face-fucking, rough, comfort, kiss, soothe
Malcolm Reynolds/Zoe Washburne, domesticity, adventure, arms, stalwart
River Tam/Saffron, body, two by two
River Tam/Serenity, calculation, cows, quicksand
River Tam/Simon Tam, shaving, skin, kiss, blue, water, pulse, DNA, home, siblings, secret, everything, berries, family, drunk, pretty, trust, escape, [any]

First Blood | Rambo (movie series)
John Rambo/Samuel Trautman, scars, protectiveness, salvation, bloodied, competence, vulnerability, affection

Flowers in the Attic (2014)
Cathy Dollanganger/Christopher Dollanganger, forbidden, wrong, role play, dress up, older, attic, bath, hair cutting, first time, kiss, experimental, tentative, touch, taste, sensory, hands, torn clothes, shameless, damned, public, semi-public sex, intimate, pushing boundaries, consensual, desire, heat, parents, alcohol, blood ties, wild, illicit, secret, gentle, train, drinking for the first time, safe, hidden, attic, sweet, remember, love

Forbrydelsen | The Killing
Mathias/Borch/Sarah Lund, morning after
Sarah Lund/Troels Hartmann, after the storm

Foreigner Series - C. J. Cherryh
Algini/Tano, partners, uniforms, explosions, Guild, knife, gentle, wordless
Banichi/Bren Cameron, safe, salad, rooftop, aiji-ma, leather, voice, kind

Forgotten Realms - R. A. Salvatore
Artemis Entreri/Jarlaxle, devious, game, slow, trump card

Four Rooms
Angela/Ted/Siegfried, game

Foyle's War
Christopher Foyle/Hilda Pierce, game, intellect, practical, intense, chess, toll, hidden

Franklin & Bash
Jared Franklin/Peter Bash, beer, party, dare, kiss, trust, case, crease, thigh, papers, desk, share, bed

Frasier Crane/Niles Crane, competition, locked-in, wine club, young, tender, broken, afraid
Daphne Moon/Niles Crane, tentative, pun, eloquent, merry
Daphne Moon/Roz Doyle, cosplay (the episode where Roz dressed up like Wonder Woman and Daphne was Elton John), comfort, tomorrow, hospital, Story of O

Freaks and Geeks
Daniel Desario/Kim Kelly, Gremlin, slow, tickle
Kim Kelly/Lindsay Weir, dare, high, jacket, warm, wish

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Matsuoka Gou/Mikoshiba Seijuro, captain, water, practice, cute

Hazuki Nagisa/any swimmer, friction, clothing, arousal, teasing, aggressive, orgasm
Hazuki Nagisa/Matusoka Gou, cunnilingus, beach, stars, sweet
Hazuki Nagisa/Ryuugazaki Rei, pizza, blushing, blowjobs
Matsuoka Rin/Matsuoka Gou/Nanase Haruka, comfort, love, loathe, fear, water, threesome
Matsuoka Rin/Nitori Aiichirou, crossdressing, names, classroom, embarrassment, porn, imagination
Matsuoko Rin/Nanase Haruka, hate sex, biting, bruises, angst
Nanase Haruka/Ryuugazaki Rei, beginner, learning, beautiful, breathing, poolside
Nanase Haruka/Tachibana Makoto, bath, sleepover, date, domestic, awkward, surprise
Tachibana Makoto/any, M-preg, affection, cuddle, anal

Fresh Meat (TV)
All, orgy
JP/Giles, rudder
JP/Kingsley, helping hand, shower, water conservation, shut up, music, eyes, camping, kiss, drunk, ridiculous
Oregon/Vod, build-up, drugs, jealousy, tactile, affection, passing time, introduction, stop talking, strap-on, Vod/Oregon, pretend

Friday Night Lights (TV)
Becky Sproles/Luke Cafferty, last, stars, truckbed
Billy Riggins/Tim Riggins, injury, ice, rough, tender, competition, jock, puppy, first, drunk, fun, muscular, athletic, feet, body hair, taste, public, high, stripping, prostitution, pornography, criminal, prison, secret, bet, domesticity, showers, rain, mud, fire, cuddles, sweat, heat, werewolf
Brian "Smash" Williams/Any Male Character, speed, hero, reunion, hometown, college, coaching, feet, socks, cramp, sweat, exertion, muscular, mud, rain, sun, snow, injury, sex as spectator sport
Brian "Smash" Williams/Waverly Grady, erratic, embrace, melancholy, lips, search
Eric Taylor/Any Male Character, father figure, hug, rough, enslavement, cuddle, control, reciprocation, hug, advantage, manipulation, instruction, reversal, scandal, corruption, reliving his youth, dark, savior, support, adoption, training, prostitution, pornography, college, video tape, review, teaching, feet, socks, sweat, exertion, muscular, mud, rain, sun, snow, sex as spectator sport AU
Eric Taylor/Matt Saracen, punishment, service, training, grip, showers, support, shouting, manipulation, strength, muscles, exertion, jock, jockstrap, fatherhood, practice, exposure, sweat, mud, cuddles, grief
Eric Taylor/Tami Taylor, laughter, irresponsibility, college, high school, jockstrap, oral, newlyweds, domination, principal's desk, roleplay, school, protection, break, cuddles, pegging, strength, chastity, weed, alcohol
Eric Taylor/Tami Taylor/Other, hair pulling, voyeur, cuckold, instruction, pegging, humiliation, student, bull, performance, broken, domestic, double penetration, spit roast, experimentation, forced homosexuality
Eric Taylor/The Dylan Panthers, harem, service, punishment, jockstrap, enslavement, obedience, celebration, scandal, locker room, game, reward, training, practice, shouting, love, exertion, acceptance, care giving, sweat, mud, muscles, pain, showers, sex as spectator sport
Jason Street/Any Male Character, rough, hero, comfort, carry, wheelchair, pride, control, coaching, reminiscing, training, selling, prostitution, pornography, muscular, feet, socks, sweat, exertion, mud, rain, sun, snow, injury, sex as spectator sport
Jason Street/Tim Riggins/Tyra Collette, caught, AU, loved, peace
Jason Street/Tyra Collette, war, Paralympics, Post-Its, Texas, AU, tattoo
Julie Taylor/Matt Saracen, Austin, lake, blonde, father, rediscovery, socks, first, hope, art, broken, damaged, "I love you"
Julie Taylor/Tim Riggins, any, field, benches, flavor, charm, hunger, impatience, emotion, secrets
Julie Taylor/Tyra Collette, experiment, kiss, voyeur, mole, tattoo
Landry Clarke/Any Male Character, geekiness, tutor, blasphemy, swearing, inclusion, first time, kegger, party, alcohol, drugs, metal, mosh pit, band, furry, singing, awkward, shy, babbling, reunion, sweat, feet, socks, exertion, prostitution, pornography, college, experimentation, church, mud, rain, snow, sun, sex as a spectator sport
Landry Clarke/Matt Saracen, first time, fun, experiment, music, metal, blasphemy, hero, best friends, boundary, injury, help, aid, babbling, hair pulling, care giving, feet, sweat, tutor, artist model, awkward, reunion
Luke Cafferty/Any Male Character, secret, labor, work, dirt, callused, rough, tender, comfort, happiness, work, first time, experimentation, escape, leather, farming, shame, pride, humiliation, exposure, soap, washing, chaste, romantic, date night, honesty, proposal, wedding night, physical, soldier, reunion, training, victory, obedience, ropes, lasso, duty, submission, fun, addiction, payment, stripping, prostitution, pornography, enslavement, grip, hair pulling, strong, innocence, corruption, feet, sweat, socks, exertion, muscular, mud, rain, sun, snow, injury, sex as a spectator sport
Lyla Garrity/Tim Riggins, belonging, go, dance, rugburn, soft, sorry, story, stuck, sweat, tremble, wall, wind
Lyla Garrity/Tyra Collette, dress, grind, ponytail
Matt Saracen/Any Male Character, art, paint, charcoal, comfort, awkward, rough, pride, proposal, wedding night, sketch, artist model, college, exposure, experimentation, enslavement, liberal arts education, big city, hipster, scruffy, prostitution, pornography, feet, sweat, socks, exertion, muscular, growing up, enslavement, mud, rain, sun, snow, injury, sex as spectator sport
Matt Saracen/Julie Taylor, marriage
Matt Saracen/Tyra Collette, angry, stubble, ground, hit, pull, rebound, Austin, Chicago
The Dylan Panthers/Any, orgy, harem, host club, service, punishment, nude calendar, enslavement, group hug, teamwork, gangbang, hire, locker room, celebration, reward, training, practice, team building, stripping, prostitution, pornography, corruption, scandal, sweat, muscular, mud, rain, sun, snow, ice, reunion, showers, sex as a spectator sport.
Tim Riggins/Any Male Character, fighting, training, prison, crime, romance, rough, sweet, coaching, competition, pride, stripping, prostitution, pornography, feet, socks, sweat, exertion, muscular, mud, rain, sun, snow, injury, sex as a spectator sport.
Tim Riggins/Tyra Collette, bike, watching porn, familiar, making up, lazy, sofa, truck, bleachers, families, promise, choice, redemption, home, rescue, hunting, skinny dipping, forever, soft, delicious, Indian Summer, ice cream, tequila, sweet, familiar, hips, settling, date night
Vince Howard/Any Male Character, escape, comfort, rough, reunion, pride, unguarded, sweet, prostitution, pornography, feet, socks, cramp, sweat, exertion, muscular, mud, rain, sun, snow, injury, sex as spectator sport
Vince Howard/Jess Merriweather, road, laughter, football, pride, smile, nostalgia, remember, bruise, rain, contact

Friends With Benefits
Dylan/Jamie, love, kiss, couch, beer, desk, office, suits, sports, ring

Chandler Bing/Joey Tribbiani, umbrella, naked, Thursdays, car, friends, bored, couch, TV, easy
Chandler Bing/Joey Tribbiani/Ross Geller, [any]
Chandler Bing/Eddie Menuek, replacement
Joey Tribbiani/Rachel Green, share
Monica Geller/Rachel Green, strung-out, hair, bathrobe
Monica Geller/Ross Geller, [any]

Fright Night (1985)
Amy Peterson/Edward "Evil Ed" Thompson, young, helping hand, curiosity, fangs, experimental, one time, older, rebirth, follow, high school, closet, bright, sheen, sweat
Amy Peterson/Jerry Dandridge, fate, history, anger, fight, compromise, hunger, feed, blood, dancefloor, mirrors, slow, deeper, white, memory, ghost, muscle memory, leftover, remains, fangs, teethmarks, seduction, roses, dreams, sneak in, desire, uninvited, restraint
Billy Cole/Jerry Dandridge, roommates, backstory, ghoul, take care, comfort, wounds, stich up, longing, savior, oral, kneel, caretaker, couple, personal space, personal bubble, pressed together, fingers, knuckles, clean, perception
Edward "Evil Ed" Thompson/Jerry Dandridge, baby vampire, seduction, lonely, prey, hunt, misunderstood, outcast, cling, new, orders, eager, idol, claim

Fright Night 2 (2013)
Amy/Gerri, blood bath, immortality, teacher, white dress

Alt!Astrid Farnsworth/Astrid Farnsworth, understand, support, curiosity, eyes,
Alt!Astrid Farnsworth/Alt!Olivia Dunham, dark, control, misunderstanding, touch, no touch, gloves,
Alt!Astrid Farnsworth/Peter Bishop, awesome, fascinating, care,
Alt!Charlie Francis/Alt!Lincoln Lee, first time, stress, fascination, tentative, secret, nothing, more
Alt!Charlie Francis/Alt!Lincoln Lee/Alt!Olivia Dunham, oath, fire, numb, rainbow
Alt!Charlie Francis/Alt!Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, reunion, identity, desire
Alt!Charlie Francis/Olivia Dunham, vision, see, turn, stars, feel, want, dreams, stakeout, cigarette, grin
Alt!Lincoln Lee/Alt!Olivia Dunham/Alt!Frank Stanton, birthday, present, restraints
Alt!Lincoln Lee/Lincoln Lee, loved, differences, similarities, topping, kissing, oral, rimming, eyes, mirror, shy, insecure, safe, changing, becoming confident, glasses, snark, handcuffs, payback, teasing, crush, paths, flatter, difference, lust
Alt!Lincoln Lee/Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, charm, flirt, opportunity
Alt!Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, attraction, leather, mission
Alt!Lincoln Lee/Peter Bishop (+ Lincoln Lee / + Olivia Dunham), poker, boredom, amusement
Alt!Lincoln Lee/Amber!Lincoln Lee, similar, glasses,
Alt!Olivia Dunham/Astrid Farnsworth, surprise, test, hide, pass, control, skin
Alt!Olivia Dunham/Alt!Lincoln Lee, red, shop, new, locked, guns, public, sassy, trust, candy, dancing, leather
Alt!Olivia Dunham/Lincoln Lee, anniversary, table, gifts
Alt!Olivia Dunham/Olivia Dunham, teasing, handcuffs, D/s, spanking
Older!Olivia Dunham/Older!Lincoln Lee/Younger!Olivia Dunham, comfort, loss
any/all characters, sex pollen, bodyswap, genderswap, the Bridge
Amy Jessup/Lincoln Lee, outsiders, determined, frustration
Astrid Farnsworth/any!Lincoln Lee, time, need, connection
Astrid Farnsworth/Etta Bishop, secrets,
Astrid Farnsworth/Olivia Dunham, lips, bra, hurt, remember, drug, girls night, console, dark, lab, nails, pretty, lips, smile
Astrid Farnsworth/Peter Bishop, admiration, camisole, curve
Astrid Farnsworth/Walter Bishop, astride, names, secret, care, drugs, assist
Charlie Francis/Olivia Dunham, fate, life, touch, distance, link, watch, laugh, team
Elizabeth Bishop/Walter Bishop, happy, gentle, nip, marriage, courting, trains, physics, forces, hotels
Ester Figglesworth/Olivia Dunham, case, working late, first aid, tend, lipstick, heels, assistance, phone,
Etta Bishop/Simon Foster, reset, future, trust, authority
Lincoln Lee/Nick Lane, hello, sport, blue, water, reunion, misunderstood, gentle
Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop, motel, dinner, reports, calls
Nick Lane/Olivia Dunham, joy, stubble, apple, home, memories, connection, same, familiar, understanding
Nick Lane/Sally Clark, inferno, smolder, childhood, promise
Nina Sharp/Walter Bishop/William Bell, experimental, calculated, time
Olivia Dunham/Lincoln Lee, glasses, pegging, taste, slow, hearing, hour, trip, lost, kaleidoscope eyes, fool me once
Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop, ease, simplicity, teasing, slow, sweet, lab, office, quiet, outside, car, handcuffs, home, reunion, safe, victory, time warp, loneliness, warmth

Frontier Wolf - Rosemary Sutcliff
Alexios/Cunorix, fate, connection, ghosts
Alexios/Cunorix/Connla, drunk

Frontierville (game)
Bess/Fanny, red

Anna/Elsa, blush, crystallize, eternity, glass, imagination, laughter, roses, royalty, window, snow, hide, ice, gloves, safe, warm, trap, sleepover, first, flush, sweet, chocolate, dance, skirts, beautiful, excite, share, teach, touch, close, distance, igloo, palace, memory, protection, acceptance
Elsa/Anna, sunlit
Anna/Elsa/Hans/Kristoff, huddle, avalanche, unexpected, tulip, reward, punishment, ice, end, perfect
Anna/Elsa/Kristoff, ice, fanboy, ice-geek, backseat
Anna/Hans, manipulation, pull, power, flourish, crown, voice
Anna/fem!Kristoff, ice, strong, huddle, that happened, thanks, first, kiss, true, gold, rough, castle, worst, protect, strap-on, complain, work, need, storm, best
Anna/Kristoff, please, rough, first, gentle, sleigh, fight, stars, expected, laugh, whisper, sledding, insurance, family, future, cherish, wily, mischievous, [any]
Anna/Oaken, sauna, gentle, sweet
Elsa/any, iceplay, heatplay, office, braid, glacier
Elsa/Hans, dress, switch, ice, suck, punish, control, uniform, breath, fist, cell, pull, unknown, power, taken, punishment
Elsa/Original Female Character, repression, burden, liberation, free, duty, power, magic, hidden, alone, found
fem!Hans/fem!Kristoff, rough, cheat, curse, deliver, promise, use, ice, sword, take, deep, cabin
Hans/Kristoff, cold, gloves, mountain, castle, isolation, overwhelm, stubble, heat, hay, guess, restrain, sleigh, take, guilty, rope, ride, need

Fruits Basket
Hanajima Saki/Sohma Kazuma, traditional, patience, tender
Honda Tohru/Samajima Saki, love, need, first time, kiss, any
Honda Tohru/Sohma Momiji, protect, cuddle, violin, joy, gentle, any
Sohma Hatsuharu/Sohma Rin/Sohma Yuki, proposition, teach, adept
Sohma Kureno/Uotani Arisa, free, brilliant, grin, reverence
Sohma Rin/Sohma Shigure, sly, aloof, perceptive, autumn

Fullmetal Alchemist
Alphonse Elric/Mei Chang, local customs, travel, sunlight, adventure
Edward/Alphonse, parting, heart, dysphoria, taboo, hands
Edward/Roy Mustang, hands, burn, water, breathe
Edward/Winri, first time, family, surgery, bandana, gear
Envy/Any, tentacles
Envy/Greed, blood, caged, claws, cross, drug, mocking, monster
Envy/Greed/Lust, brand, deserved, lash, taste, tied, torn
Envy/Lust, bitter, blood-bond, comfort, prize, throne
Envy/Roy Mustang, bitch, gunsucking
Envy/Zolf J. Kimblee, blood, dressup, marked, raw
Frank Archer/Zolf J. Kimblee, burn, hedonism, cruelty, entertain
Hughes/Roy Mustang, war, sickness, fever
Olivier Mira Armstrong/Izumi Curtis, respect, strength
Original!Greed/Ling!Greed, mirror, scratch, walls
Paninya/Winry Rockbell, automail, craft, flexible, strength, work
Rebecca Catalina/Riza Hawkeye, post-mission, training
Riza Hawkeye/Winry Rockbell, earrings, hair
Riza Hawkeye/Zolf Kimblee, gun sex, fight sex, explosion kink, consensual, seduction
Riza Hawkeye/Roy Mustang, hair, sunshine
Rosé Thomas/Winry Rockbell, bath, legs
Roy Mustang/Lust, dominance, control, consensual, switch, rough, aroused
Roy Mustang/Maes Hughes, chains, comfort, covet, fate, heat, pride, shame, stolen, wounded
Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye, deep, drink, gold, promise, rain, gloves, intoxicated, bonds, survival
Roy Mustang/Zolf Kimblee, volatile, rough, switch, consensual, memories
Roy Mustang/Maes, tent, PTSD, surrender, mission, dessert
Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye, dog, shaving, uniforms, closet, gunplay
Zolf J. Kimblee/Roy Mustang, kneel, scorched, volatile
Zolf J. Kimblee/Scar, burn, vengeance, victorious, violate

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Edward Elric/Winry Rockbell, first, exchange, alchemy, gold, automail, Major, disciple
Greed/Ling Yao/Lan Fan, bodysharing, disobedience, avarice
Riza Hawkeye/Roy Mustang, desertion, immortal, order,, partners, burn, gate, atonement
Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye, breathplay, accidentally handcuffed, puppies, formal, marriage of convenience, Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye, dependency, revolution, tension, undercover, history, unraveling, looking forward, intimacy, restraint

Bender/Philip J. Fry, alcohol
John Zoidberg/Marianne: sweet, courtship
Philip J. Fry/Turanga Leela: explore, oral, travel, couch

Galaxy Quest (1999)
Gwen/Jason, awards night

Gallagher Girls Series - Ally Carter
Abby Cameron/Edward Townsend, Buenos Aires, mission, plane, argument
Macey McHenry/Preston Winters, identity, perfume, museum, fall

Game of Thrones (TV)
Arya Stark/Gendry Waters, brothers, dry-humping, fight, journey, needle, nobility, spar, trauma, bicep, clean, haircut, leaves, sparring
Brienne of Tarth/Jaime Lannister, adventure, confession, cunnilingus, golden, flaws, kiss, nervous, orgasm, scars, shaking, smiles, tickle, trees, gold, surprise, desperate, feast, blush, climb, fur, nude, oath, silence, sleep, debt, winning, mock, slick, water, rescue
Bronn/Ros, coin, sell, steal, stealth
Bronn/Shae/Tyrion Lannister, bet, cunning, crew, laugh
Catelyn Stark/Petyr Baelish, blood, cold, emotion, devotion, desperation, forever, grief, hatred, hungry, nails, possessive, please, unrequited, silence, tears, revulsion, quiver, virgin
Catelyn Stark/Tyrion Lannister, regret, willing, wit
Cersei Lannister/Margaery Tyrell, submission, lesson, ink, fingering, games, lies, power, queen
Cersei Lannister/Margaery Tyrell/Sansa Stark, blackmail, wine
Cersei Lannister/Sansa Stark, anal, submission, weakness, dubcon, purr, tempt, honey, shame
Daenarys Targaryen/Gendry Waters, heat, kindness, bound
Daenerys Targaryen/Jon Snow, fire
Daenerys Targaryen/Jorah Mormont, abjection, bear, devotion, end, forget, mistake, nightmare, warrior, kneel, throat, blade, flame, unrequited, bath, books, voice
Daenerys Targaryen/Sansa Stark, territory, explore, disguise, homey, private, air, impulse
Daenerys Targaryen/Viserys Targaryen, blind, cost, reward, stop
Davos Seaworth/Yara Greyjoy, rogue, salt, surrogate
Drogo/Jorah Mormont/Daenerys Targaryen, advisor, horsehair, language, scandal, Westeros
Gilly/Samwell Tarly, gentle, lullaby, name, warm
Jon Snow/Samwell Tarly, already, back, brothers, safe, underneath
Jon Snow/Ygritte, bloodlust, live, red, sharp, whisper
Margaery Tyrell/Sansa Stark, bloom, fantasy, honey, prick, soft, crown, flowers, pretty, grapes, keep, safe, rule, doll, twist, ocean, roses, scheming, bride, firsts, fondle, kissing, pretty girls, roses, virginity, wedding, womanhood, blossom, innocence, leap, perfection, perfume, prick, slipper, tears
Margaery Tyrell/Shae, allegiance, knife, spy, truth
Olenna Tyrell/Tywin Lannister, bargain, equal, stain
Robb Stark/Other Male or Males, capture, broken, submission, humiliation, defeat, training, enslavement, public use, belonging, gratitude, wolf, bestiality, degraded
Sansa Stark/Sandor Clegane, after, bite, blood, broken, bruise, chirp, choke, clean, crush, feather, flight, fog, hands, home, mirror, own, saddle, sweet, Stranger, tame, tethered
Sansa Stark/Shae, brush, comfort, preparation, service
Shae/Tyrion Lannister, bend, island, liar, roar, yours

Alex Benedetto/Nicolas Brown, touch, fingers, lips, sound, music, song

Gangster Squad (2013)
any/any, ridiculous
Jack Whalen/Jerry Wooters, past, present, future, Grace Faraday
John O'Mara/Jerry Wooters, ask, answer, wriggle, slide, Grace Faraday

Gargoyles (TV)
Angela/Broadway, premature, poetry, mate, flight
David Xanatos/Fox Xanatos/Owen Burnett, plans, share, teach, nibble, float
Demona/Macbeth, seduced, truce, triumph
Fox/Puck/Xanatos, cunning, magic, adventure
Goliath/Elisa, gentle, romance, new, touch, difficulty, human, floor, biting, midnight, dance
Jackal/Hyena, bond, games, jealous
Xanatos/Fox, roleplay, foreplay, fun

Gavin and Stacey
Pam/Dawn, golf widows, wine
Stacey/Nessa, what happens on hen night..., yo Stace

General Hospital
Brenda Barrett/Jasper Jacks, feel
Elizabeth/Nikolas, affair, anal, temptation
Elizabeth/Robin, comfort, hospital gown, letting loose
Elizabeth/Sam, anal, breast play, first, Kelly's. hate!sex
Ethan Lovett/Kristina Davis, first, trust, hero, love, memories, creation, future, stare
Ethan Lovett/Kristina Davis/Johnny Zacchara, wish
Jason/Carly, [any], Sonny, fix, death, soulmate, lovers, touch, desperation, tears, falling, adventure, beer, pool, dream, family, claim, bet, lost, anger, lies, truth, help, Sam, Liz, trapped, kids, marriage, rings, swing, love, eternal, friendship, smile, hug, past, headache, guns, mafia, guard
Johnny Zacchara/Kristina Davis, river, princess, revenge, safe, hate, kiss, touch, trust, protect
Julian Jerome/Alexis Davis, sixteen, blue, dream, dress
Lucky/Emily, [any], hospital, snowcones, hiding, running, touch, hug, summer, kiss, taste, lips, best friends, dance, paradise, realize
Lucky/Maxie, [any], baby, drugs, relapse, collapse, crush, hope, understanding, forgive, best, kiss, bed, sleep, truth

Generation Kill
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, bell, nose, grind, first move, burden, command, sand, dry, example, can't pretend, pretense, secret, rough, strength, shave, stubble, dress uniform, pie, tan, spies, pirates, lord, space, partners, swords, surfing, waves, worth it, distance, worlds apart, silent communication, inappropriate, breathtaking, leadership, running, time, high, mouths, mint, protect, aim, windswept, Greek, Latin, Babylon, claim, choice, green, freckles, burn, oil, nostalgia, faded, principled, too late, prank, trip, stolen, deadpan, fit, balance, bruises, laughter, rock, team, accomplishments, climbing, executive, superior, snob, arrogance, unsure, potential, aloof, cool, hidden, knowing, brave, oasis, pause, respite, connection, precious, bite, professional, sign, drinking, unknown, one-night stand, repeat, key, white towel, spark, lick, mark, warmth, tense, relax, mouth, dormitory, close, marks, fingers, road, dress blues, comfort, reconnecting, tattoo, memory, revolver, switching, fire, road-trip, drowning, underground, surveillance, silence
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick/Eric Kocher, substitute, divide, pool
Brad Colbert/Ray Person, dragons, sand, AU, familiar, trouble, tension, dirty, bruised
Brad Colbert/Walt Hasser, help, gentleman, road trip, cheap
Eric Kocher/Mike Wynn, tattoo, wind, motorcycle, heart
Ray Person/Walt Hasser, broad, pinata, fireworks, tequila, donkey, Scooby Doo
Tim Bryan/Bryan Patterson, skittles, band-aid
Tim Bryan/Eric Kocher, healing, wrestle

Generator Rex
Noah/Rex, sex toys, nanotech, dildo, shapeshifting, adaptable, riding

Gentlemen of the Road - Michael Chabon
Amram/Zelikman, restrained, consolation, endurance

Get Smart (TV)
Agent 99/Max Smart, kaos, undercover, tied up, apartment, haystack, airplane, honeymoon, spy school, purple knights, leather, mannekin, camping, schwartz's island

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Batou/Makoto, masquerade, plugged-in, unseen

Ghost Whisperer
Melinda/Rick, friend

Gilligan's Island
Ginger/Mary Ann, coconuts

Gilmore Girls
Dean Forester (solo), fantasizing about Lorelai
Dean Forester/Rory Gilmore, fecund, skirt, working, words, future, lazy, bed, morning, snowfall, clumsy
Jess Mariano/Rory Gilmore, books, cigarette, chocolate, friction, letters, longing, Paris, Philly, phone, reading, typewriter, whimsical, words, reunion, vows, secret, darkness, promise, hot, scrape, sharp, lace, books, bookshelves, mark
Lane Kim/Rory Gilmore, experimenting, rebellion
Logan Huntzberger/Rory Gilmore, away, fantasy, drunk, birthday
Lorelai Gilmore/Luke Danes, heart, speed, summer, honeymoon, concert, skin, caught, nets, ocean, beach, snow, rain, spring, home
Lorelei Gilmore/Rory Gilmore, closeness, incest, toys, virginity
Madeline/Louise/Paris, loosen up
Paris Geller/Lorelai Gilmore, hug, lust, anal, D/s, mommy issues, sweet, tender, anger, suck, infatuation, backseat
Paris Geller/Rory Gilmore, anal, college experience, drunk, spring break, strap-on, drunk, insecure, surprise, money, WPM, hymen, forever, connected, hunger, longing, determined, office, table, crossword, competition, coffee, cuddle, celebrate, graduation, reunion, sarcasm, literature, references, history, accuracy, grammar, pop culture, foreplay, protective, hair, amusement, perfectionist
Tristan DuGrey/Rory Gilmore, celebration, forgetting, charm

Ginger Snaps
Brigitte Fitzgerald/Ginger Fitzgerald, blood, den, mouth, heat, secret, hollow, rage, taste, run, wolfsbane, bite, wild, pack, broken, lick, deadly, flesh, teeth, embrace, fur, scent, chase, resist, run, tears, arousal, glamor, jealous, yearn, wolf, claws, hallucination, fever, dream, masturbating, under her skirt, eating, feed, hunt, sniff, pack, bleeding, menstrual blood, first time, mutual masturbation, bed sharing, beast, howl, tremble, run off, trip, together, alcohol, knife play, games, intimacy, codependency, AU, fix it, ghost, itch, scratch, palm, blood bond, linked, haunted, pre-movie, lust, fixation, wrecked
Brigitte Fitzgerald/Ginger Fitzgerald/Sam, compromise, stunted, curious, in deep, seduction, scent, marking, claiming, pack, hesitancy, fed up, tangled, twisted, incest, wolfish, bite, snarl, monsters, run away, blow, breath, fighting, in the middle, survive, transformation, turning point, voyer, spine, weakness, spit
Brigitte Fitzgerald/Sam, first time, curiosity, drugs, weed, help, support, smoking, stroke, caress, kiss, dirt

Hijikata Toushirou/Kondo Isao, loyalty, choice, acceptance, paperwork, reward, sword
Kagura/Okita Sougo, sex pollen, desperation, fight, kiss, strength, reunion
Shimura Tae/Yagyuu Kyuubei, worship, undressing, clumsy, soft, rough, work
Tsukuyo/Sarutobi Ayame, second best, alcohol, rough, clumsy, elegant, support

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [see Millennium Trilogy – All Media Types]

Arthur "Artie" Abrams/Brittany Pierce/Santana Lopez, Director, birthday,
Arthur "Artie" Abrams/Kurt Hummel, oops
Blaine Anderson/Cooper Anderson, dancing, dumb, fun, reluctant, one-upmanship, showing off, pretend dating, teaching, admiration, acceptance, on stage, sport, hypnosis, mind control, audition, stripping, pornography, prostitution, filming, enslavement, reversal, auto-fellatio, gym, models, role research, performance, forced
Blaine Anderson/Cooper Anderson/Kurt Hummel, dumb, fun, birthday, cuckold, bull, hung, performance, orders, service, public, taboo, incest, discovery, instruction, direction, filming, on stage, role research, reversal, auto-fellatio, prostitution, pornography, stripping, double penetration, spit roast, enslavement, auction, hugging
Blaine Anderson/Jake Puckerman, muscles, exertion, rough, leather jacket, detention, scooter, locker room, boxing, dancing, bonding, mud, sweat, snow, curls, bow ties, weed
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel, dumb, fun, roleplay, on stage, blazer, tentacles, fratty, wedding night, New York hipsters, voice, tie pulling, New York, musical, public, skype, curls, feet, fame, attention, auto-fellatio, dancing, auction, date night, cannibalism, dick punching, romance, wall, bind, shower, desperate, muffled, boypussy, dominant, roleplay, curls, punishment, spank, Nightbird, unplanned,
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel/Mercedes Jones, confident
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel/Mike Chang/Tina Cohen-Chang, experiment, partners, bicurious, safe word, mistress, bondage,
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel/other, threesome, experiment, dancefloor
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel/Rachel Berry, once, curiosity, intoxication,
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel/Sam Evans, dumb, fun, birthday, cuckold, bull, hung, performance, orders, service, public, taboo, incest, discovery, instruction, direction, filming, on stage, role research, reversal, auto-fellatio, prostitution, pornography, stripping, double penetration, spit roast, enslavement, auction, hugging.
Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans, dumb, fun, on stage, superhero, reassurance, pretend dating, dancing, hypnosis, mind control, tentacles, aliens made them do it, comfort, stripping, prostitution, pornography, feet, spying, auto-fellatio, hung, sweat, misunderstanding, straight sub gay master, competition, agreement, alcohol, forced, cannibalism, dick punching
Brittany Pierce/Sam Evans/Santana Lopez, happy, share, friends, interlocking,
Brittany Pierce/Santana Lopez, basement, make-up sex, locker room, 2 am, public place, sleepover, spring, rain, kiss, sexting, ice cream, pink, costumes, Halloween, seven minutes in heaven, spin-the-bottle, lip gloss, tequila, girl's night, pregnant, snow, cheerleading, backstage, classroom, love, scissoring, fingers
Dave Karofsky/Kurt Hummel, worship, prove, slick, fancy, stage, locker room, guilt, bitter, reality,
Dave Karofsky/Sam Evans, web-cam, obedience, orders, lazy day, college dorm, football, Scandals, dance, strip, work,
Emma Pillsbury/William Schuester, pieces
Finn Hudson/Mercedes Jones/Noah Puckerman, runaway, need, taken, DP, mark, road trip, wall sex, strip club, first time, au, possessive, addictive, ice cube, masturbation, unexpected, dive bars, uniform, morning
Finn Hudson/Noah Puckerman, dense
Finn Hudson/Quinn Fabray, life, toxic, flirt, tease, endgame, regrets, fix, control
Finn Hudson/Rachel Berry, music, breathing, partnership, emptiness, complete, need, want, silence, noise, smile
Finn Hudson/William Schuester, premature
Jake Puckerman/Marley Rose/Ryder Lynn, innocent, fun, double, secret, study, blowjob
Jesse St. James/Rachel Berry, sleeping in, bra, giggle, on her knees, dance, history, gasp, live a little, last kiss, sneak out, simpler times, breathe, rebellion, spring, memory, sexting, fast, Halloween, spin-the-bottle, lip gloss, childhood bedroom, formal wear, music, college, snow, taxi
Kitty Wilde/Marley Rose, apology, firsts, fun, games, hugs, innocence, prom, sexy, sleepover, touch
Kitty Wilde/Quinn Fabray, adoration, begging, cheerleading, doppelganger, worship
Kurt Hummel/Burt Hummel, Daddy's little girl, [any]
Kurt Hummel/William Schuester, fag
Lauren Zizes/Noah Puckerman, smack, bribe, crown, cockring, tease, denial, gigolo, pool, wrestle
Mercedes Jones/Noah Puckerman, graduation, nightlife, friends
Mercedes Jones/Quinn Fabray, lick, hickey, soft, experimentation, sensuous, reunion, temptation, spank, secret garden, toy, piercing, tension
Mercedes Jones/Sam Evans, dumb, fun, domination, bondage, whipping, body worship, electrical stimulation, reassurance, date, hung, instruction, food play, wax play, service, hair, praise, hugging, scissors, clothes, stripping, pornography, prostitution, auction, exposure, auto-fellatio, giggles, cuddling, adventurousness, first time, experimentation, acceptance, honesty, secret, support, awkwardness, memory
Mike Chang/Tina Cohen-Chang, submissive, stutter, worship, virgin, classroom, persuasion, public, benefits, doggie style
New Directions, orgy, porno, fun, experimentation, sex pollen, intoxication, oral, direction, fantasy, memory
Noah Puckerman/Quinn Fabray, finally, crazy, dance, wedding, New York
Noah Puckerman/Rachel Berry, memories, rememberance, future, acceptance
Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry, au, royalty, magic, ice
Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopez, bathroom, changing, club, cops, dancing, desk, detention, domestic, dorm, dresses, ecstasy, fantasy, goddess, honeymoon, inspiration, massage, mercy, neighbors, night, painting, perfume, poetry, reward, ride, scarf, stoned, strap-on, suit, tie, uniform, wanky, wings, wrestling, sleepover, punk, pink, practice, strap-on, soft, anal, experimenting, sub!Santana, toys
Quinn Fabray/Terri Del Monico, contact
Rachel Berry/William Schuester, [any], Finn, memories, star, truth, crush, age, rings, broken, hope, hug, comfort, cheating, trust, special, height, fall, New York
William Schuester/as many glee club members as you can fit in, straight As

Go Fish
Alex/Tlaloc, manipulation, music, unintended, worship, begging

Go On (TV)
Steven/Lauren Bennett, pizza

God Bless America
Frank/Roxy, France, blood, diner, hat, skirt, hotel, morning

Golden Sun series
Alex/Felix, manipulation, ego, midnight, mask
Any/any, psyenergy, hands free, stimulation, mind reading, tease, lick, laugh, love, always,
Felix/Karst, melt, calm, promise, contention
Felix/Piers, stray, years, crow's nest, stars

Gone with the Wind
Rhett/Scarlett, rough n' ready, Tara

Good Christian Bitches
Blake Reilly/Cricket Caruth-Reilly, conception, trying, perfect marriage
Cricket Caruth-Reilly/Amanda Vaughn, high school, retreat, mexico, choir, jeans, benefit

Good Luck Charlie
Teddy/Skylar, jealousy, tease, revenge, sex tape

Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
Adam Young/Anyone, stretch, gold, power, adventure, Aquarian, future, global, loyalty, dream, change, suck, want, strain, claiming, rise.
Aziraphale/Crowley, antique, absinthe, souvenir, fashion, debt, blasphemy, irritation, cloaca, relief, scandalized, collector, ocean, corset, codpiece, pirates, revolution, opium, invert, carnal, giggles, stern, scent, pretend, possession, mead, desert, swallow, speed, clouds, water, miracle, cross, feathers, nails, pages
Aziraphale/Crowley/Adam Young, press, sings, hunger, service, human, balance, gaze, forever
Nanny Ashtoreth/Brother Francis, whore, Babylon, nature, strife

Gossip Girl
Blair Waldorf/Chuck Bass, experimentation, exploration, yacht, beach, shopping, pregnant, window, balcony, handcuffs, toys, balcony, rough, bondage, discipline, gifts, diamonds, silk, strawberries, undressing
Blair Waldorf/Dan Humphrey, ache, autobiographical, coffee, curl, dance, driver, drunk, excuses, eyelash, fear, fingertips, frown, gin, habit, ink, Italy, lazy, lipstick, lonely, misspoke, mouth, pegging, private, proof, punishment, Queens, rain, raw, requited, ride, screwball, sharp, shower, slow, stairs, story, talk, taut, teeth, tights, voice, wet, words, yawn, zipper, bubble bath, make-up sex, soft, vanilla, roles reversed, zipper, limo, Brooklyn, affair, divorce, married, history, tuxedo, lipstick,2 am, public place, pretending, sneaking around, clandestine, milkshake, prom dress, breathe, taste, spring, fashion, Paris, kiss, oral, little black dress, hotel, drunk, table, fast, dress, flannel, hipster, spin-the-bottle, lip gloss, champagne, bed, childhood bedroom, elevator, lingerie, formal wear, in another life..., bathroom, silk, late-night, strawberries, pregnancy, college, bikini, tie, dirty talk, coffee, mirror, dirty talk, lipstick, truth, seek, words, excess, coffee, tangled, same, target, center, future, regret, friends
Blair Waldorf/Jack Bass, answer, bargain, broken, comfort, dress, future, happy, high heels, hotel, ice, limo, lips, new years eve, payback, permission, phone call, please, red, revenge, tears, temptress, trust, wreck
Blair Waldorf/Serena van der Woodsen, pet, spoil, pleasure, toys, swing, window, public, ice cream, bath
Carter Baizen/Serena Van Der Woodsen, diamonds
Dan Humphrey/Georgina Sparks, frisky, nails, oral, shower, voice, wall, yes
Dan Humphrey/Serena Van Der Woodsen, erotic, phone sex

Graceland (TV)
Catherine "Charlie" DeMarco/Joe "Johnny" Tuturro, take care, pop, comfort, heal, cunnilingus, body worship, first time, embrace, scratch, tattoo, body art, dress up, undercover, learned behavior, bathroom, shower, curious
Catherine "Charlie" DeMarco/Joe "Johnny" Tuturro/Mike Warren/Paige Arkin/Paul Briggs, team building exercise, bonding, orgy, open relationship, poly, welcome, come together, initiation, undercover, sweat, slick, party, alcohol, unprofessional, firelight, camp, miss you, cling
Catherine "Charlie" DeMarco/Joe "Johnny" Tuturro/Paul Briggs, invitation, overhear, jerk off, tag team, seduction, welcome, soft, keep together, caretaker, why, belonging, nuzzle, sweat, slick, grin, knuckle
Catherine "Charlie" DeMarco/Mike Warren, fake boyfriend, undercover, heat, sensation, dress up, spread legs, wall sex, woman on top, riding, tattoo, body worship, lick, pretend dating, history, sponge, comfort, stroke, hair, oral, flirt, fun, fingering, beach, bonfire, desire, partially clothed
Catherine "Charlie" DeMarco/Mike Warren/Paul Briggs, comfort, strength, handcuffs, trio, need, fluidity, bed, hands, lips, middle, double, bed sharing, shower, carry, blood, moan, double penetration, two on one, tag team, seduction, hurt/comfort, heartbeats, sharing, stich up, wounds, matching, affection, nuzzle, heal, lies, sneaking around, truth, wrapped up
Catherine "Charlie" DeMarco/Paul Briggs, history, heated, mistake, partner, slip up, mishap, friends with benefits, oral, riding, straddling, tight, bite down, mission, undercover, blankets, massage, take good care, comfort, liar, truth, fight, burn, mouths, tempest, dirt, semi public, passion, consensual rough sex, pinned, hair, want, stubble, strength, comfort, rough, stubble, trust, laughter
Dale Jakes/Joe "Johnny" Tuturro, buddy, birthday, apology, bubbly, drinking, annoyed, sunshine, closer, push away, oral, nuzzle, kiss, tentative, closed off
Jeremiah Bello/Mike Warren, undercover, too close for comfort, kiss, first time, tentative, history, prison, escape, consensual, blowjob, bodyguard, box, doctors, affection, movies, westerns, slick, spit, wrong, mistake, drawn in, desire, heated, enemy, tricked, come with me, guilt, attraction, handjobs, defend, elevate, high esteem, bruises
Joe "Johnny" Tuturro/Mike Warren, fun, flirt, kiss, shy, bed, kitchen, house, shush, waves, newbie, welcome home, fun, surfing, public, kneeling, virgin, phone sex, cellmates, snuggle, rent boy, confusion, roadtrip, subspace, spin-the-bottle, bonfire, comfort, blindfold, spanking, exploration, dancing, undercover, flirting, blowjobs, warmth, kissing, first time, first kiss, experience, pretend boyfriend, enthusiasm, worried, wanted, beach, desire, truth or dare, fooling around, hoodie, bounce house, from behind, body worship, against the wall, car sex, off the job, shaving, tattoos, history, prove yourself, adrenaline, body shots
Joe "Johnny" Tuturro/Mike Warren/Paige Arkin, playful, possessive, teaching, drunk, alcohol, lick, throat, sweat, double penetration, in between, ours, domesticity, morning light, bed sharing, hurt/comfort, wounded, take care, elevator, stir crazy, tag team, overwhelm, huddle for warmth, beach, cuddle, football, spin the bottle, teasing, mirrors, shameless, home, family, strip poker, frantic, fraught, near death experience
Joe "Johnny" Tuturro/Paige Arkin, betting, games, curious, smirk, years together, mouth, bottle, tongue, lick, all over, playfully, bra, slide down, professionalism, pencil, tease, strip
Joe "Johnny" Tuturro/Paul Briggs, partner, eyes, hips, smile, new, respect, kiss, lube
Mike Warren/Jeremiah Bello, gun, old-fashioned, stetson, outlaw, betrayal, adrenaline, handcuffs, desperate
Mike Warren/Paige Arkin, honesty, lean on, miss you, phonecall, phone sex, firelight, campfire, undercover, working together, team, come back, comfort, return, ill advised, spread legs, photograph, workout, exercise, long distance, clean cut, stubble
Mike Warren/Paul Briggs, dance, blowjob, car sex, gunplay, knifeplay, gentle, deceptive, secrets, duality, future fic, phonesex, sweat, language, wounded, h/c, drugs, suspicion, trust, abuse of power, bend over, wall sex, sneaking around, hidden, seduction, games, twisted, blood, suck, hollow out, liar, lies, undercover, pretend, topping from the bottom, bullets, wounded, played, affection, touching, collarbones, bite, throat, exposed, crime, partner up, lips, stubble, beard burn, truth, pulse, friction, fraught, intoxication, adrenaline, intimate, touch, shoulders, splayed out, college, experience, smile, hair, clean cut, fingering, stubble, competence, eyes, hands, unexpected, trust, call, long-distance, mess, addict, undercover, tangle, games, lies, trust, suspicion, bruise, manipulate, restrain, handcuffs, scar, rough

Graceling - Kristin Cashore
Katsa/Po, [any], play, tease, ocean, beach, swim, joy

Grand Theft Auto V
Trevor/ Michael, buddy, family, grief, disgust, redemption, meaning, drug, coward, prison, suit, tennis, speed, freak, armor, fragment, selfish, confidence, tattoo, broken, twisted

Gravity (2013)
Ryan/Matt, space, after, touch

Gravity Falls
Dipper Pines/Mabel Pines, possess, dark, book, machine, top, forest, clock, college, experiment, only, know, share, everything
Wendy Corduroy/Mabel Pines, college, summer, eventually, sweet, whatever, band, wet

Gray Matters
Gray/Sam/Charlie, drunk, inevitable, open

Danny Zuko/Kenickie, friends, lovers, kiss, cool, car, secret, wish, coming out?, couple, hands, smile, flirt, jacket
Kenickie/Danny/Rizzo, solve

Greek and Roman Mythology
Achilles/Agamemnon, power, hate, opposites
Achilles/Patroclus, comfort, future
Adonis/Aphrodite/Persephone, jealousy, competition, pleasures, sharing, compromise
Aeneas/Cassandra, doom, carry, wild, jealousy, destiny, passion, gods, wistful, possibility, understanding, wrong, maybe, horses, betrothal, battle
Apollo/Dionysus, wine, party, music, dancing, ecstasy, sunlight, naked, art, mystery, incest, clarity, madness.
Ares/Athena, war, fight, gold, competition, secret, flame, ride, underworld
Ariadne/Dionysus/Maenads/Satyrs, bacchanalia, pleasure, pain, exquisite, savage, pure, screams, flesh
Atalanta/Meleager, virginity, technicality
Cinyras/Myrrha, trick, secret, taboo, hidden, night, lamp, light, exposed, guilt, tears
Cupid (Eros)/Psyche, oil, hot wax, ambrosia, flowers, moonlight, sweet
Hades/Persephone, any, role play, sin, sense, power, season, months, time, family, worship, snow, darkness, flowering, soothe, abandon, judgment, acknowledge, rivers, spring, fires, strength, forbidden, matriarchy, longing
Hercules/Hippolyta, girdle, strength, gentle, lion, throat
Jocasta/Oedipus, eyes, unknown, oracle, suspicion
Medusa/Poseidon, rape, punishment, unjust, madness, terror
Tyresias/any, sex-change, snakes, discovery, sight, loss

Ashleigh/Casey, [any]
Cappie/Rebecca Logan, break, giggle, serious
Casey/Rebecca Logan, [any]
Rebecca Logan/Evan Chambers, trophy husband, skirt, naughty, love, pretend, marriage, secret, politics

Green Hornet (2011)
Kato/Britt Reid, silk, culture, mile-high, wedding, any
Lenore Case/Kato/Britt Reid, boss, any
Mike Axford/James Reid, 1976, history, desk, outed, any

Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Razer/Aya, learning, protocol, found, hope, emotions

Grey's Anatomy
Addison Montgomery/Derek Shepherd, hurt, tears, lonely, wedding, cheating, affair
Addison Montgomery/Derek Shepherd/Mark Sloan, together, drunk, Hamptons, trapped, always, lost, hate, death, fear
Alex Karev/Izzie Stevens, now
Alex Karev/Jo Wilson, new, spinning, dance, joy, pegging, discovery, tease
Alexandra "Lexie" Grey/Mark Sloan, something
April Kepner/Jackson Avery, desperation, unavoidable, bathroom, exams, eyes, flirt, lips, hiding, secrets, reason
Calliope "Callie" Torres/Addison Montgomery, together, open, honest, on-call, vodka, believe, tease, spank, dirty
Calliope "Callie" Torres/Alexandra "Lexie" Grey/Mark Sloan, lace
Cristina Yang/Teddy Altman, guide, teach, fist, hands, latex, grief, obey, on call room, phone, leaving, desperate
Derek Shepherd/Meredith Grey, showerhead, post-it
Teddy Altman/Henry Burton, trouble, bar, earlier, alias, hands
Teddy Altman/Owen Hunt, hell

Eddie Monroe/Nick Burkhardt, confession, trailer, desire
Eddie Monroe/Rosalee Calvert, baby, genes, appearance, surprise, homesick, cabin, stranded
Nick Burkhardt/Sean Renard, gym, kitchen, tools

Gross Point
Dru Hardly/Brian, death, scarf, temperature
Terri/Meat, monster, eyes, close

Grosse Pointe (TV)
Marcy/Sarah Michelle Gellar, yoga
Quentin/Johnny, dude

Guiding Light
Doris/Olivia, anal, blackmail, comfort, top!Doris
Natalia Rivera/Olivia Spencer, my two mommies, farmhouse, beacon, hope, wedding, desire, ache, waiting, patience, forever, roadtrip, chicago, hiking, spa, cook out, park
Natalia/Olivia, anal, D/s, farmhouse, gambling, pool, strap-on, sub!Olivia

Guilty Gear
ABA/Paracelsus, open, golden, bleeding, chain, true love
Baiken/Anji-Mito, rough, swordsman, rope, precise, elegant, force
Baiken/Jam, cooking, ingredients, companion, swift, blades, booze
Bridget/Sin, thyme, roses, performance
I-NO/Jam, G-String, smell, captive, chords
Ky Kiske/Sol Badguy, Gear, Dragon Install, frenzy, calm, no
Venom/Eddie, shadow, tentacles, corpse, cold, devotion, blind

Gundam Wing
Duo/Hilde, greasy, goofy, lovable
Heero/Relena, hesitant, alcove, night, dancing, queer, trans, watching, queen, dare, uniforms, freedom, gravity, ZERO, control, strength, hesitant, dancing, relief, the only time, downer ending, betrayal, missed shot, enemy
Noin/Zechs, high heels, whip, reverse
Quatre/Dorothy, duel, music, anger, denial
Quatre/Trowa, if, never, brutal way, disguise
Wufei/Sally, silly, tickle, outrage
Zechs/Noin, roses, space, boredom

Gunnerkrigg Court
Antimony "Annie" Carver/Katerina "Kat" Donlan, share, closer, friendship, warm, first time, mechanical, [any], fire, surprise
Gamma/Zeta "Zimmy", rain, fear, hurt/comfort, AU, safe, kiss, [any]
Katerina "Kat" Donlan/Paz Cadena-Blanco, first time, [any], experiment, secret
Robot/Shadow, fly, hug, AU, real, snuggle, [any]

Gunslinger Girl
Henrietta/Claes, different
Henrietta/Eleanora, define
Henrietta/Rico, love
Henrietta/Triela, pain, sweetie, Beethoven
Rico/Triela, blood

Hachimitsu to Clover | Honey and Clover
Hanamoto Hagu/Hanamoto Shuuji, [any]

Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou, snark, obtuse, deadpan, teasing
Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu, confidence, size difference, locker room, strength, laughter, waiting
Kageyama Tobio/Hinata Shouyou, amazing, clumsy, bruises, frottage, change, kiss
Kageyama Tobio/Oikawa Tooru, rivals, adoration, pining, denial, tension
Michimiya Yui/Sawamura Daichi, captains, bluff, tears, comfort, hereafter
Nishinoya Yuu/Tanaka Ryuunosuke, porn, Kiyoko-san, masturbation, awkward
Shimizu Kiyoko/Hitoka Yachi, crush, admiration, pillow fight, competent, confidence, blush, sleepover, lingerie, first, fingering
Takeda Ittetsu/Ukai Keishin, smoking, stubborn, relaxing, outdoors, work, drinking

Hairspray (2007)
Motormouth Maybelle/Edna Turnblad, liberated, cocktails, dance, tunes
Tracy Turnblad/Seaweed Stubbs, secret, dance, energy, steam, stars

Hamlet – William Shakespeare
Hamlet/Horatio, university, prince, latin, ghost, favourite

Hannibal (TV)
Abel Gideon/Will Graham, hallucinations, unexpected, hurt, comfort
Abigail Hobbs/Freddie Lounds, story, slytherin, manipulate, games, smile, confuse, rebel, ink, fingering, capture, beneath, contact, teach, play, game, lies, scheming, dishonest, manipulate, admiration, imitation
Abigail Hobbs/Hannibal Lecter, games, mindscrew, control, trapped, bed, protection, sister, regret, blood, knives, guardian, Persephone
Abigail Hobbs/Will Graham, older, AU, drunk, alcohol, lonely, madness, mistake, crawling, nightmares, dreamscape, future, bonding, close, promise, desperation, control, wall, restraint, initiate, palm, lips, whole, ride, overwhelm
Alana Bloom/Bedelia du Maurier, file
Alana Bloom/Beverly Katz/Will Graham, equilibrium, fun, bed sharing, collarbones, heat, alcohol, unprofessional, attire, legs, comfort, cunnilingus, tag team, touch, holding, pressed together, lick, spread
Alana Bloom/Freddie Lounds, Sauternes
Alana Bloom/Hannibal Lecter, Bach, smirk
Alana Bloom/Will Graham, anchor, adrift, lost, cuddling, bare, dream, kiss, rasp, shave, swell, teeth, tender, throat, wounded, affair, illicit, comfort, care, poetry, deeper, show me, bad idea, reckless, nuzzle, skin, slick, warmth, faith, skirt, desk, affection, restrain, health, restraint, homecoming, realization, acceptance, cunnilingus, moon, entropy, touch-starved, immersed, ouroboros, earrings, hoarse, nipple, glass, deprivation, glimpse, [any]
Bedelia du Maurier/Beverly Katz, shed
Bella Crawford/Jack Crawford, worry, acceptance, smile
Clarice Starling/Hannibal Lecter, terror, appetite, gunpowder, courage
Dr. Frederick Chilton/Will Graham, study, intense, follow, sweat, caress, instruct, regard, understand, linger, wanted
Hannibal Lecter/Abigail Hobbs/Will Graham, family
Hannibal Lecter/Bedelia Du Maurier, dominance, equal, power play, distrust, mindfuck, power, analysis, wine, blood, dissociate, unavailable, distance, voyeur
Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham, shaving, straight razor, lost, time, constant, monsters, hearsay, circumspect, jury, trial, terror, nightmare, hunger, turmeric, ginger, corpse, corpus Christi, sacrilege, percolate, flambé, testing, vests, three-piece suit, paisley, stubble, difficult, serrated, scimitar, smite, smitten, parrot, mirror, delusion, hallucination, therapy, fever, care, control, insight, breathplay, orgasm denial, daydream, voyeurism, hindrance, assist, CBT, wallow, spiritual, canine, flush, monsters, dance, madness, dark, blood, teeth, roll, prison, reckoning, handcuffs, roadtrip, pencil, storytelling, surrender, reversal, broken, gaslighting, hypnosis, comeuppance, triumph, [any]
Jack Crawford/Will Graham, balance, control, freedom, interrogation, refuge, rock, safety, understanding
Will Graham, dark matter, pornography, snuff
Will Graham/Beverly Katz, friendship, pegging, cuddles, ruffle, laughter, scars, trust, hands, fingering, riding, bondage, gun, proper, stance, too close, d/S, safeword, respect, friends with benefits, handcuffs, understanding, gentle, solve, ice, heedless, psychic, vest, fingernails, scarf, collarbone, alphabet, temporary, lipstick, [any]
Will Graham/Freddie Lounds, anger, resentment, roadtrip, nails, hair, disdain

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)
Gretel/Ben, crush, unrequited, dom/sub
Gretel/Edward, size kink, dom/sub, sex magic
Hansel/any, witches, sex magic, sweets, bondage
Hansel/Gretel, magic, wand, witch, power, trust, twins, scars, guns, wounds, teamwork, swim, heat, gold, sweet, healing, looks, touch, stitch, comfort, memories, scared, alone, tears, hunt, adrenaline, sick, immortal, eternity, blood, love, leather, ritual, cast, lure, equal, inn, healing, weaponry, competence, deliberate, smokescreen, lick, candy, skin, water, [any]
Hansel/Gretel/Mina, intruding, invitation, teacher, legend, water, wonder, opposites, bodice, wand

Happy Endings
Brad/Jane, role-play
Dave/Penny, wedding, music

Hardy Boys
Chet Morton/any, hobby, plump, eager, moan, fright, panting, jalopy
Joe/Iola, first

Harper's Island
Abby Mills/John Wakefield, trapped

Harry Potter - All Media Types
Alicia Spinnet/Angelina Johnson/Katie Bell, flying, games, practice, showers, team
Angelina Johnson/Fred Weasley/George Weasley, ghost
Angelina/George, [any]
Arthur/any, vibrators
Bellatrix/Lily, dark corners
Bellatrix/Luna, dreams
Bellatrix/Trelawney, darkness
Bill Weasley/Draco Malfoy, freckles, ginger, scar, wolf, bite
Bill/Charlie, sun, red, hot, forbidden, delicious, yesterday
Bill/Harry, tall, sweet, summer, Egypt, experience, cursed
Bill/Neville, bloom, smooth
Blaise Zabini/Luna Lovegood, apartment, hidden
Charlie Wealsey/Draco Malfoy, straps, glint, teach, youth
Charlie/Harry, dragons, fire, life, death, fling, promise, early
Charlie/Scorpius, [any]
Charlie/Teddy, [any]
Dolores Umbridge/Hermione Granger, abuse, blood, denial, detention, first, lines, pink, punishment, quill, restraints, slave, strap-on, test, tongue, toys, wand, test
Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, temptation, ties, any, fire, surprise, fantasy, trouble, perky, whisper, barrier, blood, teeth, dark, sneak, silver, bonded, success
Draco/Crabbe&Goyle!polyjuiced as random young girls, abuse
Draco/Ginny/Harry, jealousy
Draco/Ginny/Pansy, voyeur
Draco/Neville, fumbling
Dumbledore/Fawkes, punishment
Fleur Delacour/Nymphadora Tonks, amused, clumsy, french, transformation
Fleur/Gabrielle, [any]
Fleur/Ginny, a kiss, bath, summer heat, speaking French, feminine
Fleur/Luna, water, yellow
Fleur/Tonks (morphed as Bill), cream, infidelity
Gabrielle Delacour/Ginny Weasley, flirt, fun, ivory, first time
Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger, comfort, empathy, experiment, friendship, perform, ready, seven, sweetness, tea, tired, tongue
Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood, leisurely
Ginny Weasley/Luna Lovegood, alone, whispers, fire, strange, sneaky, show, teasing, calm, friends, nature, break, broomsticks, bubbles, dancing, defend, feathers, first time, glowing, waves, new, purple, buttons, cumbersome, dawn, silver, daydream, knees, rain, sunshine, freckles, leader, Muggles, new, train, braid, hair, tub, clean, wash, dry
Ginny Weasley/Severus Snape, chained, detention, disobedience, faithless, obedience, pretend, punishment, redhead, restraints, scream, spanking, toys, prostitution
Ginny/McGonagall, freckles, red, blush, winsome, cat
Ginny/Narcissa, bite
Ginny/Scorpius, [any]
Ginny/Teddy, [any]
Ginny/Tonks, color, ending star, half, head down, water, experience, fur
Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, tower, quick, silly, family
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, lost, darkness, tv, wine, rite, silence, glasses, winter, socks, paper, young
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, over, home, build, trust, magic, muggles, fire
Harry/Colin, camera shy
Hermione Granger/Hermione Granger, time-turner
Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood, book, riddle, mirror, vision, magic, wand, shy, ink, library, pale, riddles, runes, stories, textbook, tower, quills
Hermione Granger/Regulus Black, [any], time-travel, afterlife, lie, disguise, alias, passion, desperation, secret, defiance, Sirius, post-battle
Hermione Granger/Severus Snape, banter, bed, bitter, bond, death eater, disobedience, domestic, essay, faith, forbidden, games, hope, hospital, last, legilimency, obedience, promise, prostitution, protect, punishment, recovery, restraints, sarcasm, spank, student, sweet, touch, undercover, vow
Lucius Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, cane, dirt, feud, forbidden, freckles, marriage, purity, strain, time
Lucius Malfoy/Hermione Granger, banter, bargain, battle, bed, bond, cane, chase, dance, dirty, disobedience, dominance, dungeon, game, gift, knees, mudblood, obedience, penance, please, power, promise, prostitution, protect, pure, restraints, scratch, scream, smile, soul
Lucius Malfoy/Luna Lovegood, bargain, blonde, captive, heal, ice, knees, serene, similarity, summer, torture, transparent
Luna/Lily Luna, name
Luna/Tonks, colours, moon
Marcus/Katie, lesson, unexpected, longing, magic
McGonagall/Luna, tongue
Minerva McGonagall/Hermione Granger, detention, dildo, favorite, humiliation, lesson, punishment, strap-on, tongue, wand, discipline
Molly/Tonks, knitting
Narcissa/Tonks, courage
Neville/Ron, first
Tonks/Remus Lupin, morph, tentative, reunion
Pansy/Ginny/Angelina/Tonks, greedy
Severus/Lily, broken, different, pure, take
Sirius/James/Lily, home
Sirius/Remus, found, lost, prayer, timeless, treasure, puppy love
Sirius/Severus, rough, secret, wrong
Snape/Draco, curtains, promise
Snape/Tom Riddle/Harry, choices
Teddy/Scorpius, [any]
Tom Riddle/Ginny Weasley, blood, bond, control, diary, guilt, memory, possession, real, understanding, Voldemort, wrong, mine

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Bellatrix Lestrange/Harry Potter, want, toy, breasts, mine, take, issue
Cedric Diggory/Other Male or Males, betrayal, Imperius curse, mind control, humiliation, mindfuck, gaslighting, turned
Umbridge/Hermione Granger, learn, place, grind, toad, feathers, quill, Imperius
Draco Malfoy/Albus Severus Potter, spoil
Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, butterbeer, heat, fire, red, affair, anal, ginger, hate!sex, insults
Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, after, again, crime, professors
Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger, give, anal, hair pulling, hate!sex, manipulation, sub!Hermione
Draco Malfoy/Luna Lovegood, dungeon, prisoner, touch, cold
Draco/Ginny/Hermione, anal, D/s, Dom!Draco, polyjuice, traitor
Draco/Ginny/Pansy, anal, double penetration, magical phallus, ruin, snakes
Draco/Hermione/Pansy, anal, Death Eater, double penetration, facial, squirting, sub!Hermione
Dudley/Luna, first, see
Dudley/Millicent, blood, feint
George Weasley/Luna Lovegood, free
Ginny/Tom Riddle, anal, diary, manipulation, power, seduction
Greyback/Draco, bruise, delicate, howl, whimper
Harry Potter/Giant Lake Squid, tentacles, humiliation, pheromones, penetration, seen
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, fate, chosen, scars, battle, graveyard, legs, scar, scarf, shave, snow, splayed, stubble, tangled, tender, muggle porn, sex toys, painplay, voyeur, mirror, magic, outside, breathplay, broom, facial, flying, forbidden forest, tent
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, dancing, valentine's day, huddle for warmth, dream, always, asleep, awakened, boundaries, dance, destiny, friendship, goodbyes, hand holding, hugging, forever, loyalty, raindrops, seminal, storytelling, trio
Harry Potter/Lily Evans Potter, mother and son, possess, seduce, darkness, scream, little, destruction, give, kisses, milk, skin, [any]
Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, crackle, magic, muse, quiet, stars, walk, Nargles, familiar, strange
Harry Potter/Oliver Wood, locker room, showers, reunion, bet, feet, socks, massage
Harry Potter/Other Male or Males, betrayal, Imperius curse, mind control, humiliation, mindfuck, gaslighting, turned
Harry/Millicent, curl, soft, stiff
Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley, friends, night, secret, kisses, dirty talk, experimenting, perfectionist, potions, practice, screamer, wetness
Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson, hate, abandoned, lost, night, terror, forbidden, shackles, quiet
Hermione/Luna, correcting, flabbergasted, rimming, scissoring, soaked, squirting, unexplainable
Hermione/Tom Riddle, anal, betrayal, dirty talk, know-it-all, manipulation, mudblood, possession
Luna/Remus, moonlight, understanding, pale, eyes, bite
Neville Longbottom/Draco Malfoy, unexpected
Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood/Harry Potter, different, huddle, outside
Neville/Millicent, dirt, fist
Regulus Black/James Potter, slip, bruise, drown, fold
Regulus Black/Narcissa Malfoy, secret, wedding, heir, lace
Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks, pink, shine, dance, chocolate
Remus Lupin/Other Male or Males, betrayal, Imperius curse, mind control, humiliation, mindfuck, gaslighting, turned
Neville Longbottom/Other Male or Males, betrayal, Imperius curse, mind control, humiliation, mindfuck, gaslighting, turned
Rita/Hermione, nails, revenge, squirm, trap
Ron Weasley/Other Male or Males, betrayal, Imperius curse, mind control, humiliation, mindfuck, gaslighting, turned
Scorpius Malfoy/Albus Severus Potter, detention, parents, rebels, secluded, secret
Scorpius Malfoy/Harry Potter, desperate, guilt, shame, young
Sirius Black/Bellatrix Lestrange, blood, taunt, wall, tree
Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, traitor, dark, disobey, destroy, flee
Sirius/James, unrequited, anger, abandonment, wish, run, stars
Tom Riddle, wand, ritual, dark arts, sounding, come play, blood play, forbidden, teenager
Tom Riddle/Other Male, wand, infatuation, control, Imperio, mind control, violence, rivalry, teenager, tutor

Hart of Dixie
Lemon Breeland/Zoe Hart, ashamed, betrayed, secret, dreams, hidden slave, petticoats, milk, curse, dare,
Lemon Breeland/Wade Kinsella, romance novel, falling in love, full skirts, necking, backseat, lemon meringue pie, self-discovery, authenticity, practice, kiss, unexpected
Wade Kinsella/Zoe Hart, outside, rough, tease, finally, fantasy, ropes, striptease

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade
Molly/Gale, fortune, wish, eternity, coffee, crystal, tranquility
Molly/Vivi, pumpkins, curse, corset, shining, jam, ice cream
Vivi/Kasey, brew, mushroom, forest, blackberries, hex, denial

Haunting Ground
Fiona/Daniela, noncon, dubcon, Azoth

Haven (TV)
Any Version of Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos, bubble bath, soft, liquor, oral, Grey Gull, skirt, on her knees, water, scar, skin, pancakes, simpler times, accent, dance, first date, naked, drunk, ice cream, second chances, Halloween, ten years later, short skirt, last time, coffee, music, jeans, backseat, pregnancy
Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos, connection, touch, blood, boat, cops, thief, cheater, poker, mangle, blood, pain, bruises, coffee, pancakes, cooking, vanilla, showers, triumph, history, hopes, masculinity, ghosts, weird, eerie, panic, perfect, rut, twitter, seasons, rescue, limber, camping, skinnydipping, frogs, surplus, time travel, sex pollen, reassure, still here, see, proxy, petals, cure, watch, direct, middle, double, press, feel, rose, watching, undressing, liquor, Grey Gull, hangover, scar, experimenting, poker, sun dress, wine, legs, tangled, flannel, tequila, last time, road trip, lonely, shots, humor, pride, submission, flirting, waves, ocean, galley, touch, taste, transfer, tell, comparison, jealousy, future, plan, test, search, boat, breakfast, share, tranquil, wild, BDSM
Audrey Parker/Audrey Parker 2, scars, remember, taste, compare, boarding house,
Audrey Parker/Audrey Parker, reflection, too much alike, you don't even have to ask
Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker, ankle, saltwater, sunburn, tattoo, apartment, sea, razor, history, last minute on earth, pure, temptations, partners, dubcon, penalty, secret, jealousy, dance, song, whisper, yell
Audrey Parker/Jordan McKee, memory, touch, tears
Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos, experiment, attempt, try, fail, cunnilingus, pressure, tickle, sensation play, roses, firefly, grass, cave, broken, fingers, touch
Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos, cured, grudges, kiss, lust, regret, loneliness, scotch, pirate, gunshot, table, badge, cowboy, outlaw, falling, history, relief, annoyed, survivors, after the troubles, missing, cocksucking, vetiver, denim, cardigan, Shiraz, ex-boyfriend, friend, enemy, fall, denim, resolve, tension, anger, BDSM, negotiation, homecoming, fishing, knot, wish, sunrise, horizon, anger, temptation
Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos/Audrey Parker/Claire Callahan, analyze, self-aware, lovers, decision
Duke/Jennifer, sea legs, yoga
Mara(Audrey Parker)/Nathan Wournos/William, pet, abuse, rescue, resurrection, belief, troubled, court, sweetheart, progress

Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Catherine Rollins/Danny Williams/Steve McGarrett, trio, threesome, attention, adored, first time, kisses, fisting, neck, lips, back, hips, oral, anal, smile
Catherine Rollins/Steve McGarrett, happy, content, joy, calendar, wish, eyelash, eyes, kneeling, smirking, cooking
Chin Ho Kelly/Kono Kalakawa, Blood, Family, Sin, devotion.
Chin Ho Kelly/Steve McGarrett, hike, workout, sweat, beach, kiss, tongue, whisper, filthy
Danny Williams/Kono Kalakaua, charm, partners, case, seduce, surf, bikini, commando
Danny Williams/Steve McGarrett, tension, want, need, fight, flirt, reconcile, confide, eyes, smile, shirt, shirtless, tattoo, tie, food, car, Dangerous, Risk, Gags, Hate!Sex, Make Up Sex, Ocean, Arms, comfort, nails, beach, couch, tease, outside sex, public sex, coming out, voyeur, bondage, silent, spanking, semi-public, comfort, tight, submission, overheated, disciplined, caught, Steve's old car, memories, camping, mile-high club, ache, favor, sermon, obvious, dessert, drunk, Grace, height, crazy, surf, sand, sea, gun, blood, rebound, Camaro, Jersey, smile, "book ‘em Danno", sunglasses
Kono Kalakaua/Adam Noshimuri, hiding, reunited, heart, shower
Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarrett, riding, breasts, oral, touch, surf, fun, flirty, camera, laugh

Hawkeye (Comics)
Clint Barton/Kate Bishop, carnival, acrobat, trapeze, postcard, aim, bullseye, dress, partners, reliable, pizza, home, endure, stun, target, practice, breathe
Kate Bishop/Kazimierz Kazimierczak, weary, lights, masquerade, masks, party, heels

Heartbeat (TV)
Nick Rowan/Jo Weston, snow, storm, fire, cottage, heather, curls, scarf, handcuffs, frost, pub, dinner, date, sweet, comfort, tentative, candles

Veronica/Heather Chandler, princess

Hell on Wheels (TV)
Eva/Elam Ferguson, hand

John Constantine/Chas Chandler, monkey, roadie, taxi, oral, sacrificed,
smoke, drink, cab, magic, blood, tea, coat, couch, scent, memory, trust, punch, aid, mutual

Hellboy (movie-verse)
Liz Sherman/Hellboy: cuddling, rain, photography, New York, kittens, pregnancy

Hellboy/Abe Sapien, fire, water, loneliness, down time, research

Alucard/Integra Hellsing, master, dominance, blood

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2013 comic)
Teela/Adora, despair, lost, scars, sword, escape, Horde, childhood, fantasy, imaginary

Hemlock Grove
Alexa Sworn/Alyssa Sworn/Christina Wendall, AU twins, comfort, hold, kiss, soft, light, sneak out, bed sharing, best friends, together, experimental, giggling, heal
Dr. Clementine Chasseur/Destiny Rumancek, prayer, make out, desk, table, spread out, fingering, survive, holy, oral, thighs, clean hands
Letha Godfrey/Peter Rumancek, kiss, throat, stay in, wolf, sniff, cuddle, forest, AU
Peter Rumancek/Roman Godfrey, fuck, dizzy, stubble, friends, grass, protective, nowhere, blood, bathtub, belt, knees, salt, eyes, run, trees, raven, bats, factory, smash, glass, razor

Henry IV - William Shakespeare
Hal/Hotspur, hate, romance, moon, bewitchment, grief, youth, oral, chains, soft, slow, kissing, brutal, temptation

Henry IV Part 1 - William Shakespeare
Hotspur/Kate Percy, lap, restless, heated, variations

Henry IV Part 2 - William Shakespeare
Hal/Poins, match, scar, game, leather, preference, sore, absence

Henry V - William Shakespeare
Henry V/any, complacent, seduction, regret
Henry V/Montjoy, touch, respect , tease, smirk, armour, back

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Autolycus/Cupcake: sugar, poodle, perform, carriage, stick around, fling, flirt
Autolycus/Iolaus: reluctant, stuck together, mud, banter, ridiculous, big guy

Heroes (TV)
Adam Monroe/Claire Bennett, forever, sunshine, alcohol, weapon, world, past, future, last, smile, sword, survivor, fascination, count, risk, impregnation, differences, darkness, car, rain, lightning, chase, lost, found
Claire Bennet/Hiro Nakamura, [any]
Claire Bennet/Peter Petrelli, deception, forbidden, dark, secret, future, guns, rough, stars, kiss, rain, hero, blood, healing, sharing, invisible, secret, crush, New York, Texas, cheerleader, subway, touch, blanket, blindfold, scars, drunk, Nathan, hurt, runaway, hide, love, apocalypse, [any]
Claire Bennet/Sylar, code
Claire/Gretchen/Zach, compromise, experimenting, surprise
Elle Bishop/Peter Petrelli, bare, rain, scar, taut, tendon, umbrella
Gabriel(Sylar)/Elle, hate, stubborn, spark, lust, damned, kill, pain, sadist, love, adventure, damaged, blood, exciting, refusal, powers, confusion, unexpected, lost, revenge, innocence, family, memories
Micah/Molly, college, married, war, finders keepers, spark
Nathan Petrelli/Peter Petrelli, hidden, once, demand, betray, honest, power, hold, genetics, together, always, heat, choke, stay, legs, chest, stuff, dream
Peter Petrelli/Claude Rains, sight, lost, found, scar, run, fear, touch, staff, train, rough, chance, scar, bullet

He's Just Not That Into You

Hetalia: Axis Powers
any/any, femdom, crossdressing, hot waiter, failure, come
America/Belarus, farming, range, understanding, past, hurt, family, argument, AU
America/Taiwan, club, student, food, flowers, birds, fluffy, jacket, dancing, tea, AU
Hungary/Ukraine, cooking, warrior, sword, vampire, tears, protection

Cassie Hughes/Azazeal, [any]
Cassie Hughes/Thelma Bates, [any]
Cassie Hughes/Troy, [any]
Cassie/Jo, caning
Ella Dee/Leon Taylor, [any]
Ella Dee/Thelma Bates, [any]
Leon Taylor/Tom Wright, [any]
Maya Robertson/Thelma Bates, [any]
Roxanne Davenport/Thelma, [any]

Chess/Rook, believe, hell, truth
Yiska/Songbird, first time

Hey Arnold
Arnold/Gerald, numbers
Helga/Arnold, fantasy, sneak, shrine, ribbon, walls
Helga/Lila, deflowering
Helga/Olga, what I hate about you
Helga/Phoebe, poetry, secretary, glasses, respect, recognition, one-sided, sleepover
Helga/Rhonda, nails

Hey Dude
Brad/Melody, snobbery, leather
Ted/Danny, dare, horses

Highlander (TV)
Amanda Darieux/Methos, diamonds, holiday, aliases, dance
Duncan/Methos/Amanda, given, heist, running, stolen
Joe Dawson/Methos, coffee, beer, history, age, swords, kisses, sarcasm, wine, experience, music, beer, Adam, secrets, history, food
Methos/Alexa, immortality, dying, wonders, truth
Methos/Cassandra, death, forgiveness, murder

His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
Lyra Belacqua/Mrs Coulter, corrupt

Hitman (2007)
47/Mike, visit, table, frisk, gunpoint, snarky, morals

Hocus Pocus (1993)
Max Dennison/Sarah Sanderson

John Paul McQueen/Spike, virginity, better, shy, reassured, soon, lips, smile
Kieron Hobbs/John Paul McQueen, towel, laugh, kiss, soothe, shared, intimate, firsts, loving
Mark "Dodger" Savage/Texas Longford, wedding, honeymoon, first dance, joyous, closeness, secure, shelter, fireworks, tender, in love

Home and Away
Charlie/Bianca, healing, lovers, chance, beach, comfort

Brody/Carrie, nosegay, scars, regrets, memories, involuntary
Brody/Special Forces Team, needle, withdrawal, hallucination, training, drowning, downtime, scars, teamwork, comfort
Carrie Mathison/Peter Quinn, throb, exhaustion, release, simple, negotiation, pregnancy, bullet, friendship, immediate

Aranea Serket/Meenah Peixes, puns, fish, impossible, gone, moon, watch, piercing, humanstuck, shiny, best, shark, water, books, post-apocalypse
Bro/Dave Strider, genderswap, heat, strife, smuppet, frottage, guilty, hero, dumb, music, games, denial, broken, gone, mute, missing, suffocate, anime, ba-dump
Calliope/Roxy Lalonde, green, pink, hidden, mask, swift, void, perfect, beautiful, cuties, drawing, fanfiction, wizards, roleplay, humanstuck, sad, lonely, distance, different, dressup, crossdressing, clarity
Damara Megido/Feferi Peixes/Jade Harley, anime, coven, tentacles, strife
Dave Strider/Karkat Vantas, red, anger, romcom, AU, humanstuck, xeno, loud, handjob, Doritos, any
Gamzee, gangbang
Jade Harley/Roxy Lalonde, science, experiment, rivalry, banter, quadrant flipping, specieswap, any
Kanaya Maryam/Porrim Maryam/Rose Lalonde, blood, bondage, bite, exotic, tattoos, double-penetration, voyeurism, teach, warm, daylight, outdoors, piercing, romance, awkward, humanstuck
Kurloz/Meulin, mind, over, matter, monochrome, colours, up, smoke, object
Rose Lalonde/Eridan Ampora, AU, troll hunters, capture
Rose Lalonde/Vriska Serket, hate, rough, bondage, humanstuck, pain, xeno, any
Sollux Captor/Feferi Peixes, witch, blood, AU
Terezi Pyrope/Vriska Serket, redrom, rough, reluctant, thief, chase, done, caress, lick, dragon, eight, better, treasure, opposite, humanstuck, regret, pity, shameless, red, broken
Vriska, gangbang

Homicide: Life on the Street
Kay Howard/Mike Kellerman, water, sailing, fugitives, ice cream, partners, home

Hornblower (TV)
Horatio Hornblower/Maria Hornblower/William Bush, arrangement, bottom, warm, overcome, bullied, biting
Horatio Hornblower/Sir Edward Pellew, age gap, gray hairs, youth, tease, experience, reassurance, rough
Horatio Hornblower/William Bush, kiss, comfort, hands, strength, gentle, calm, quiet, pining, secrets, loyalty, request, submission, imbalance, flogged, hypothermia, restraint, restraints, role reversal, hair, neckwear, frottage, crossdressing, marking, ownership, joy, wild, weather
Horatio Hornblower/William Bush/Archie Kennedy, shore leave, curiosity, book, illegal, experiment
Sir Edward Pellew/Kitty Cobham, laugh, tease, secret, stockings, bath
William Bush/Andre Cotard, pride, crush, taunt, France

Duncan/Morgan, pregnancy, aftermath, confidant, guilt-wrecked, smart

Hot Fuzz
Danny Butterman/Nicholas Angel, firsts, sweet, victory, celebration, home, action, patrol, citizenship, play, cuddle, bashful, cell, Cornetto, ears, recovery, scar, That weren't me, trust, unridiculous

Hot in Cleveland
Victoria Chase/Joy Scroggs, couch, fashion, shoes, cocktails, canada, pancakes, syrup, porch swing, sneaking, bar, storm cellar

Hot Tub Time Machine

House M.D.
Amber/Cameron, untied
Amber/Cuddy, competition
Amber/Kutner, astral plane
Amber/Thirteen, ghost, rivals, scare tactics, hate, , "I'm very adventurous", competition, dead girls
Cameron/Chase/Thirteen, honeymoon
Cameron/Cuddy/Thirteen, threeway
Cameron/Thirteen, countdown, distraction, inappropriate, lab coat, relax, insecure, overtime, strapless, buttons, electricity, acid, amateur, comfort, "let's get invisible", one night stand, "down for the fight", replace, save me, night shift, the truth will set you free, rebound, flowers, consultation, consequences, obsession, psychology, fetish
Chase/Foreman, change, eyebrow, contrast
Greg House/Eric Foreman, control, boss, forgiveness, prison, contact, negotiate
Greg House/James Wilson, pain, road-trip, discovery, motorcycle, recovery, bed, hotel, couch, role-play, medical, fire, burn, hands, cat, meatballs, phone, clothing, bra, cane, hunt, midnight, painkiller, penitence, rehab, retribution, thoughts, tie, indifferent, ache, define, wait, analgesia, bet, ransom, bitter, gay porn, lazy, trade-off, imperfection
Greg House/James Wilson/Lisa Cuddy, child, remorse, control, handcuffs, cane, poker, heat, drugs, future, play, flowers, eavesdropping
House/Cameron/Chase/Foreman/Thirteen/Taub, research
House/Cameron/Cuddy, rabbit and hat
House/Wilson/Amber, negotiations, compromise, Thursday
House/Wilson/Cuddy/Sam, double date
House/Wilson/Sam, didn't see it coming
Lisa Cuddy/Gregory House, lobe you, car, forever, vacation, tub, serenade, clinic, office, table, fate, equals
Lisa Cuddy/Julie Whitner, parking, hair, double ds, lab, hair
Lisa Cuddy/Remy Hadley, hostage, dying, saved, bus, adventure, bucket list, spasm, prison
Lisa Cuddy/Stacy Warner, law, books, bed and breakfast, cross, adultery, comfort, martha's vineyard, college, reunion
Martha/Thirteen, no more time, order
Taub/Thirteen/Rachel Taub, habits
Wilson/Chase, aspirin, repent, warning, mooning over House

House of Lies
Marty Kaan/Jeanie van deer Hooven, pegging, orgasm denial, leather, penthouse, London, any

House War - Michelle West
Jewel Markess/Duster, slick, dirt, dark, cold, slap, hurt, blood, gentle, comfort, sight, dream, coin

How I Met Your mother
Barney Stinson/Robin Scherbatsky, sleeping in, make-up sex, liquor, zipper, awesome, hangover, porn, married, wedding night, tuxedo, 2 am, panties, fantasy, whipped cream, leather, cold, kiss, little black dress, table, fast, costumes, flannel, tequila, hot tub, role play, shower, strawberries, confetti, flexible, scotch, tie, pictures, snow, taxi, fireworks, elevator, honeymoon, scotch, feelings, love, fall, baby
Barney/Robin/Ted, wedding, gesture, champion, challenge, solution, problem, hope, demons, bite, grind, war, gates, dresses, umbrella, signs
Lily Aldrin/Marshall Eriksen, Scotland, unpause, sandwiches, Minnesota, quiet, family, Paris, Rome, San Francisco
Patrice/Anyone: "shut up, Patrice!"
Robin Scherbatsky/Lily Aldrin, as written by Barney, dream, cake, beautiful, driven
Ted Mosby/The Mother, lighthouse, picnic, beach, scotch, courtship, perfect
Ted/Marshall, geese
Ted/Mother/Robin, alone, sweet, jealousy, hinge, sushi, angles, hair
Ted/Robin, naughty, christmas, attack, tequila, bones, towel, plastic, weak, breath, pets, tickle, dreams, baby, sing, slap, bells, road, stolen, universe, rain

How to Train Your Dragon
Astrid/Hiccup/Toothless, femdom, cuddles, kissing, spitroast, partnership
Fishlegs/Meatlug, pegging
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III/Astrid Hofferson, any, growing up, far away, puberty, cave, dirty
Hiccup/Toothless, riding, mate, hemipenes, flying

Howards End - E. M. Forester
Paul Willcox/Tibby Schlegel, importance

Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones
Howl/Sophie, dawn, revenge, silly

Human Target
Christopher Chance/Jessica Shaw, any, scars, date

Hush (1998)
Helen Baring/Jackson Baring/Martha Baring, voyeur, dance, dress, necklace
Helen Baring/Martha Baring, bath, sheets, dinner, comfort

Ash Morgan/Sean Kennedy, shy, virgin?, dinner, alone, blush, thumb, lips, neck, sharing
Danny Blue/Mickey Stone, encounters, again, lick, quiet, charming, approval
Danny Blue/Mickey Stone/Stacie Monroe, fun, challenge, dared, kissed, stroked, eyes, first, tempting

older!Ib/older!Mary, gallery, paint, surreal

Carly/Melanie, secret
Carly/Missy, since you've been gone
Carly/Sam, Build-a-Bra
Carly/Sam/Freddie, compromise
Carly/Shelby Marx, make love not war
Carly/Spencer, guardian
Freddie/Gibby, cross-dressing
Freddie/Spencer, adult
Melanie/Sam, dysfunctional
Sam/Shelby Marx, "she's an animal! i love her!"
Spencer/Gibby, massage
Spencer/Socko, socks

Ice Age
Diego/Manny, pack

Illusion - Paula Volsky
Dref/Eliste, hidden

In Plain Sight
Mary Shannon/Marshall Mann, gun, rough, angry, hypothermia, bullet wound, fated

In the Flesh (TV)
Amy Dyer/Jemima Walker, antagonize, girl, human, punk, rotter
Rich Macy/Kieren Walker, alternate, boyfriend, cave, first, forever, hands, letter, wrists, zombies, campfire, cigarette, pale, birthday, frottage

In Time (2011)
Fortis/Henry Hamilton, stripes, turn, theft, bar, arm
Sylvia Weis/Henry Hamilton, spoils, forever, give, rebel
Sylvia Weis/Rachel Salas, wild, flowers, dress, swim
Will Salas/Henry Hamilton, avenge, memory, glass, drink

Inception (2010) Ariadne/Arthur, flying, joke, mist, language, mystery, knots, silence, cathedrals, infinity, non-Euclidean,red string, mazes, sunlight, twist, vacation, time, retire, crash, tease, quiet, alone, future, inevitable, curiosity, experiment, spiral, introductions, after, wake, gravity, lovely, trust, permission, silence, build, Cobb, push, gamble, electric, breath, risk, fight, bored, heels, lipstick, pinstripes, covert, convertible, pegging, drag, unstable, destiny, haze, chemicals
Ariadne/Dom Cobb, au, student/teacher, coffee, [any], Mal, Arthur, blindfold, trust, share, dreams, train, maze, building, children, safe, fall, limbo, beach, wet, ashore, French, teach, lessons, piano, smoke, ring, totem, reality, life, test, love
Ariadne/Dom Cobb/Mal, replace, knowledge, elevator, falling, forgive, create, danger, glass, fragile, obsession, distance
Ariadne/Eames, subterfuge, mastery, game, satin, exploration, hiding, demonstration, fingers, stubble, queer, height, walls, silence, femdom, hair, linguistics
Arthur/Ariadne/Eames, king-size, giggles, blending, telephone, blurring, competitive, marking
Arthur/Eames, AU, dreams, knowledge, on-the-run, sexy, shoot, suit, throat, touch-starved, banter, tease, flirt, spank, fun, joy, fingering, rimming, bondage, intelligence, bickering, chair, rope, smile, pranks, subtlety, training, Arthur/Eames, protection, snark
Eames/Yusuf, sweat, I.C.E, smoke, comfortable, spooning, high

Incryptid series - Seanan McGuire
Fran Healy/Jonathan Healy, knives, privacy, space, hope
Verity/Dominic, costumes, space, dancing, heat, aches, massage

Independence Day (1996)
David/Constance, special
Steve/Jimmy, hold me

Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones/Marion, bar, shower, bruises, professional

Inglourious Basterds (2009)
Donny Donowitz/Aldo Raine, alphas, recruit
Donny Donowitz/Bridget von Hammersmark, opportunity, wall
Donny Donowitz/Hans Landa, could, explosive
Donny Donowitz/Hugo Stiglitz, bloody, savage
Donny Donowitz/Hugo Stiglitz/Wilhelm Wicki, bottom, fetish, vocal
Donny Donowitz/Smithson Utivich, dominate, protect, sweet
Donny Donowitz/Wilhelm Wicki, language
Hugo Stiglitz/Wilhelm Wicki, bond, dubious
Shosanna Dreyfus/Marcel, goodbye, odds, victory, develop, uncover, paint, bravery, clinch

Joe/wife, unmistakable, illness, pregnancy

Inside Llewyn Davis
Llewyn Davis/Jean, anger, fire, wary, addiction

Intelligence (2014)
Gabriel Vaughn/Riley Neal, any, glitch, virus, distracting, render, protect, comfort, competition, natural, forgiveness, soft, curious, grace, scars, revenge
Lillian Strand/Gabriel Vaughn, undercover, test, dancing

Inuyasha/Kagome, biting, doggie, future, talk
Miroku/Sango, codependence, survival, life, touch
Sango/Miroku, hand, oral, instruction, slap
Sessomaru/(older)Rin, seduction, mark, resistance, love

Irene Adler series - Carole Nelson Douglas
Irene Adler/Godfrey Norton, negotiation, marital, clever, contest, sleek
Nell Huxleigh/Quentin Stanhope, vision, petticoat, ritual, curls

Iron Man (Movies) [see Marvel Cinematic Universe]

Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Arthur Parks/Tony Stark, kidnapping, secret identity, frottage, dubcon, romantic, wedding
Bruce Banner/Howard Stark, research, labs, kindness, family
Gene Khan/Tony Stark, enemies, technology, change, dubcon

Ironside (2013)
Teddy/Virgil, jealous, adrenaline, spoiled, pub, undercover, knife, desk

It - Stephen King
Henry Bowers/Losers Club, forgotten

It Happened One Night
Ellie Andrews/Peter Warne, magnificent, Jericho, subterfuge, allies

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Mac/Dee Reynolds, [any], blackout, sex tape, blackmail, tequila, secret, disgust, denial, wrestling

It's Complicated
Harley/Jane Adler, close, celebrate, high, hold, dessert, hotel

Jab We Met
Aditya Kashyap/Geet Dhillon, wedding, laughter, smile, optimism, mischief, birth, dance, dawn, lucky, worship, energy, [any]

Jack and Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp
Jack/Diane, basement, library, soft, bra, locker room, wine coolers, pigtails, zipper, on her knees, homecoming, 2 am, gasp, spring break, youth, "I love you", gentle, cold, girl-next-door, baseball, sleepover, prom dress, first love, sneak out, rebellion, taste, spring, sun dress, childhood bedroom, dance, kiss, first date, hands, tomorrow, hotel, sexting, Halloween, dress, flannel, boots, seven minutes in heaven, spin-the-bottle, ten years later, lip gloss, graduation, pickup truck, "I never", first time, skype, music, jeans, ponytail, backseat, late-night, weekend, cheerleader, flexible, college

Jack of All Trades
Emilia Rothschild/Jack Stiles, bet, spank, drunk, games, dare, before Napoleon

Jackie Chan Adventures
Older! Jade Chan/Shendu, feelings, talisman, back, mutual, return, demon

A.J. Chegwidden/Sarah MacKenzie, replacement
Harmon Rabb Jr./Sarah MacKenzie, flammable,help

Jake 2.0
Jake/Diane, everything

James Bond (Craig Movies)
Eve Moneypenny/James Bond, tease, whiskey, papercuts, gold, razor, red, desk
Eve Moneypenny/James Bond/Q, determination, mission, new world, seduction, teamwork, together, M, grief, teamwork, new, scars, mission, distraction, weapons, experiment, AU, blankets, [any]
Eve Moneypenny/Raoul Silva, double agent, data, island, foot fetish, generation
Eve Moneypenny/Q, morning, tea, sweater, elbow, snark, hack, tea, glasses, dorky, desk!sex, blowjob, computers, flatmates, undercover, sleep, tease, video games, compete, AU, road trip, [any]
James Bond/Le Chiffre, deal, suits, steam
James Bond/M, cross dressing,, sensory deprivation, training, wrestling, discipline, electroshock, drugged, hallucination, dubcon, punishment
James Bond/Female!M, epilogue, birthday, torture, civilian, understand, privacy, forget, lost, need, help, old, test, trust, bitch, alive, AU, hope, right, bulldog, England, tears, [any]
James Bond/Raoul Silva, mother, family, scars
James Bond/Q, intelligence

Jane Eyre – All Media Types
Edward Rochester/Jane Eyre, feathers, tassels, sand, pocketwatch, seduction, blindness, feel, infirmity, later, scar, sweet, freedom, scar, ring, thorn, messy

Jeeves & Wooster – All Media Types
Jeeves/Wooster, devastated, plot, tie, WWI

Jennifer's Body
Jennifer Check/Needy Lesnicki, horny, nail-polish, skinny-dipping, tits, vibrator, wet

Markus Alexander/Jeremiah, forest, quick, leader, wreckage, pant

Jericho (TV)
Mimi Clark/Stanley Richmond, anything, distance, run, home

Jesus Christ Superstar
Jesus/Judas, martyr, beloved, prayer, kiss, thorns, price

Jewelpet Kira Deco
Garnet/Blue Knight, orders, servant, [any]
Pink/Ruby, glitter, naked, [any]

Jewelpet Rinko Arc
Mint/Rinko, fantasy, forbidden, leather, [any]

Jewelpet Sunshine
Kanon/Hinata, homework, reward, tease, [any]
Kanon/Ruby, experimentation, fight, friendship, [any]
Shouko/Hinata, awkward, forceful, maid, secret, [any]

Jewelpet Twinkle
Alma/Akari, comfort, possessive, [any]
Sara/Akari, alone, feelings, flowers, ice, magic, unscientific, [any]

Joan of Arcadia
Adam/Joan, apologies, God, rediscovery, hands, collage
Adam/Ryan, angel
Helen/Lilly, calling
Joan/CuteBoy!God, reverie
Joan/Grace, heavenly
Joan/Judith, forgiveness

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Any Stand User/Any Stand, invisible, experiment, mirror
Caesar Zeppeli/Joseph Joestar, nope, Ripple, rivals, dandy, bandana, fuck, trick
Caesar Zeppeli/Lisa Lisa, training, breath, hold, willpower, master
Dio Brando/Joseph Joestar, bloodline, fangs, voyeur, ancestor, danger, secrets

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke
Arabella/Lady Pole, protection, dance, cold, gun, tarot

Jo's Boys - Louisa May Alcott
Bess Lawrence/Dan Kean, influence, runaway, secret, goodness, accepting, welcome

Jugun-ui Taeyang | Master's Sun
Joo Joong Won/Tae Gong Sil, bed, firsts, naked, protection, kiss, proposal, gift, touch, spyglass

Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare
Marcus Junius Brutus/Gaius Julius Caesar, desperation, envoy, hurt/comfort, father, need, madness, one-sided, peaches, possession, ripeness, romance, uniform

Jumpers for Goalposts - Tom Wells
Danny/Luke, timid, condoms, books, diary, training

Juno/Leah, kittens
Juno/Su Chin, Sharpies
Juno/Vanessa, anniversary, birthday

Justice League Unlimited (Cartoon)
John Stewart/Mari Jiwe McCabe, patience, perfect, healing
John Stewart/Shayera Hol, feather, fly, grow, green, fear, trust, past, pregnant, forgiveness, drunk, thrust
Wonder Woman/Wally West, friends, naive, trust

Art Mullen/Frank Reasoner, AU, youth, chase
Ava Crowder/Boyd Crowder, cunnilingus, scars, bullet wounds, adrenaline, high stakes, house, suburbs, soothing, calm, dance, twirl, lemon, lick, stubble, blood, stich up, lean on, dreams, hard, woman on top, straddle, kissing, passionate, bonnie & cylde, roadtrip, car sex
Ava Crowder/Boyd Crowder/Raylan Givens, invitation, belong, triad, draw in, bed sharing, hotel, messy, voyeurism, drunk, cunnilingus, two on one, body worship, reluctance, guns, knives, tough, open relationship
Ava Crowder/Raylan Givens, crush, longing, desire, inflame, permission, heated, fingering, oral, dress, cut off, tear off, stairs, cook, straddle, kis
Boyd Crowder/Mara Paxton, bar, hands, gun, tattoos, skin, blackmail, survivor, drunk, home
Boyd Crowder/Raylan Givens, banter, smile, tease, handcuffs, chastity, discipline, misbehaving, challenging, legs, hat, home, nostalgia, reminiscing, coal, stain, outlaw, legacy, mistake, bite, rough, frottage, handcuffs, criminal, hat, hug, memory, high school, youth, dirt, blood, bleeding, wounded, family issues, fuck it out, locked together, end, prison
David Vasquez/Raylan Givens, humoring, exasperation, seduce, hat, desk, gun, draw, grin
Dewey Crowe/Dickie Bennett, slapfight
Jackie Nevada/Raylan Givens, shower, towel, naked, skin
Mara Paxton/Raylan Givens, bait, handcuffs, shoot, temptation, underhanded
Rachel Brooks/Raylan Givens, lesson, domestic, coffee, space, alcohol, friends with benefits, working relationship, wet, down time, fingers, straddle, twist, friendly, loud, desk, impulse, handcuffs, charm, cheerful, hat, beer, case, gun, cuffs, desk, ride, exhaustion, show tunes, "oh hell no", [any]
Rachel Brooks/Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson, law enforcement, pursuit, hat, legs, share, sarcasm, dare, badge, shushing, middle, trio, whiskey, poker, unprofessional, elevator, sharing, one time, silence, high stakes, locked in, overnight, riding, tag team, laughter, dry
Rachel Brooks/Tim Gutterson, behind the scenes, nightmare, burning
Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson, adrenaline, sarcasm, tentative, smile, trust, experiment, subtle, lie, curse, bruise, hat, wet, undercover

Juuni Kokki | Twelve Kingdoms - Ono Fuyumi
Gyousou/Taiki, warmth, fire, nestle, cover, breath, essence, voice, hands, reverence, care, consent, yearning, heat

Kairos (O'Keefe) Series - Madeleine L'Engle
Aariel/Yalith, seraph, heaven, wings, lion, song

Kamen Rider Gaim
Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kureshima Takatora, fruit, dessert, cake, cream, competence, perfection, swoon, hearts, fairytale, melon, hire, compliment, hidden-identity
Jounouchi Hideyasu /Hase Ryouji, [any], opposites, parfaits, scheme, teamwork, reindeer, practice, neckerchiefs, nuts, leather
Kumon Kaito/Kazuraba Kouta, grudge, power, future, destiny, war, stage, lock
Kumon Kaito/Kureshima Takatora, [any], strength, power, dominance, crying, torture, interrogation, chains, ropes, capture, captive, blood, bruises, broken, appearance, trash, lick, shoes, seethe, fruit, crush, desperation
Kumon Kaito/Team Baron member(s), [any], strength, power, dominance, loyalty, crying, banana, spear, hierarchy, fruit
Kureshima Mitsuzane/Sengoku Ryouma, any, secrets, blackmail, lure, spy, evidence, threat, irresistible, prize, antagonize, Takatora, amoral, fruit, desperation, melon, deal, uniform
Kureshima Mitsuzane/Kureshima Takatora, [any], secrets, pure, innocent, moe, moebait, uniform, study, spying, competence, dark-side, confession, discipline, truth, future, forbidden, fruit, pristine, car, questions
Kureshima Mitsuzane/ Kureshima Takatora/Sengoku Ryouma, any, brothers, reasons, trophies, car, wine, fruit, restraints, desperation, videos, science
Mitsuzane, test-subject, past, research, secrets, suit, control, tease, tension, temper, fruit, desperation
Sengoku Ryouma/any, [any], data, experiment, test-subject, lab, chemicals, cameras, forced, recordings, restraints
Sengoku Ryouma/Kureshima Takatora, any, eye-contact, toy, plaything, private-recordings, watching, energy, ambition, ignorance, competence, chemistry,

Kamen Rider Wizard
Nitou Kousuke/Nara Shunpei, mayonnaise, beast, wedding, rings, magic, find, admit, accidental, hot-spring

Akari/Hirato, kneeling, teasing, arrogance, admiration, years, honesty
Gareki/Yogi, costumes, weapons, skills, denial, smile, communication

Kate Daniels Series - Ilona Andrews
Kate Daniels/Curran Lenart, dinner, fight, forgive

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Adelheid/Enma, loyal, power, trust
Bianchi/Gokudera, ghosts, last, love
Bianchi/Shamal, opposed, help, convenient
Byakuran/Irie Shouichi, [any], future, manipulation, game, beg, public
Chrome/MM, hit, fashion, hate, alliance
Chrome Dokuro/Rokudou Mukuro, [any], mist, discipline, bright, broken
Enma/Tsuna, fumble, bruised
G/Giotto, empire, dreams, regard, rings
Gokudera/Ryohei, volume, punch, trust
Gokudera/Tsuna, genderbending, details, power, imbalance, home Gokudera/Tsuna/Yamamoto, famiglia, ice-cream
Hana/Ryohei, extreme, hidden, sarcasm
Haru/Kyoko, married, care, secrets
Kyoko/Tsuna, crazy, fire, zombies, lucky
Hibari Kyouya/Kusakabe, motorbikes, address, endearments, birds
Hibari Kyouya/Rokudou Mukuro, [any], blood, payback, missing, attack, illusion
Hibari Kyouya/Yamamoto Takeshi, tension, surrender, bite, arrangement

Keeping Up Appearances
Daisy/Onslow, bacon, boa, going for it
Hyacinth/Richard, first date, letting go, wild, directions, impropriety, mind

Keroro Gunso
Giroro/Dororo, tent, peace, tree, weapons, clashing, denial
Koyuki/Natsumi, playful, perverted, touch, sneak, school,
Kururu/Tororo, mindfuck, manipulation, begrudging, snarky, glasses, tail, bound, age difference, inventions, hacking, computer, online, cyber, ninja, stealth, electricity, walls, ceiling, space, repairs, silent
Mekeke/Putata, rhyme, puppet, thread, mask, paint, art, mischievous, messy

Phango/Khumba, marked, stripes, obsession, scent, blood, flesh, flank, predator, prey

Kick Ass 2

Kill Bill
Beatrix Kiddo/Bill: long ago, plane trip, cuts, bruises, memories, last time, first time

Kill la Kill
Mikisugi Aikurou/Kinagase Tsumugu, rendezvous, uptight, physicality
Mikisugi Aikurou /Matoi Ryoko/Kisagase Tsumugu, exhibitionist, femdom, lights, needles, ecstacy
Gamagoori Ira/Mankanshoku Mako, bondage, huge, stretch, bind, twist, punish, tease, tremble, multi-orgasmic,
Matoi Ryoko/Kiryuin Satsuki, aggressive, scissor, desire, kiss, tongue
Matoi Ryoko/Senketsu, nervous, dubcon, enshroud, drink, sensitive, consume, fill, bite

Killer Women
Linda Clark/Molly Parker, authority, jurisdiction, hostage
Molly Parker/any, boots, truck, handcuffs, secrets, bruises, fight
Billy Parker/Molly Parker, coffee, stables, alone, secret
Becca Parker/Billy Parker/Molly Parker, share, bed, together
Molly Parker/Dan Winston, holsters, sidearms, past, secrets, court, hotel, case, handcuffs, shower

Kindred: The Embraced
Daedalus/Julian Luna, trust, bloodplay, claws, friendship, devotion

King & Maxwell
Sean King/Michelle Maxwell, any, burn, undercover, skin, safe, trust

King and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men (song)
Lionheart/King, comfort, fierce,

King of the Hill
Bobby/Joseph, rodeo
Bobby/Joseph/Connie, doghouse
Boomhauer/John Redcorn, tricks
Dale/John Redcorn, conspiracy
Dale/Nancy/John Redcorn, lightbulb
Clark/Dooley, camping
Buck/Hank, daddy issues
Joseph/Kate, destruction

Kingdom Hearts
Aeleus/Ienzo, data, understanding, experience, heart, earth, books, research, firsts, home, overwhelming, safety
Aerith/Leon, interpret, restraint, delicate, silence, feather-light
Axel/Larxene, [any], sparks, fire, fight, blades, hate!sex, Nobody, past, hearts, memories, reading, downtime, mission, coffee
Axel/Roxas, honesty, flavors, program, Hayner, tears
Axel/Saix, remnants, fade, estranged
Demyx/Xigbar, play, sand, upside-down, dive, precision, eavesdrop, naptime, Braig, vindicated, run, authority, stamina, alpha, window, throat, recompleted
Fuu/Olette, friends, fun, oppositon, summer
Fuu/Selphie, fun, play, sparring
Hayner/Roxas, playful, mock-indignation, wrestling, alienation, heartache, best friend, duo
Kairi/Namine, innocence, memory, paint
Kairi/Olette, sofa
Kairi/Riku/Sora, perfect, awkward, triforce, giggles
Kairi/Roxas, light, share, touch, warmth, familiar
Kairi/Selphie, boredom, practice, school, uniform
Leon/Tifa, similar, longing
Leon/Yuffie, [any], partners, spar, ninja, soldier, past, wet, sneaky, thief, kiss, hope, heart, love, tease, young, loud, quiet, trust
Lexaeus/Zexion, experiment, champion, careful, meaningless, empty, team
Larxene/Marluxia, deception, flaunt, enticement, garden, scratches
Namine/Riku, [any], shadow, trust, drawing, artist, blindfold, disguise, masks, silver, gold, leather, darkness, white, sunshine, hope, night, secret, pale, ephemeral, sad, smile
Namine/Sora, try, whole, reward, white, secrets, choice, portrait, guilt, real, obsession, exploration, reverence
Roxas/Xion, belonging, copycat, pixie dust, sparring, samurai

Lyle Anderson/any, wet
Peter Kingdom/any, rumpled, solicitous
Sidney Snell/Gloria Millington, bath

Jack Benjamin/David Shepherd, nightmares, uniform, moan, embarrassed, war, kingdom, power, reluctance, learning, secrecy, first time, inexperienced, corrupt, dominate, submit, obey, blush, pleasure, tongue, hands, forest, battle
Michelle Benjamin/David Shepherd, crown, trust, fate, last, adore, urge, possessive, creative, curves

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
Harmony Faith Lane/Harry Lockhart/Perry van Shrike, click, puzzle
Harry Lockhart/[any], rainy, dubcon, banter, intercrural, misogyny, delivery, service, sofa, water
Harry Lockhart/Perry van Shrike, car, caught, huge, gym, shoot

Klondike (2014)
Byron Epstein/Bill Haskell, bath, alcohol, adventure, loud, brothers, mourn, miss, home, shave, train, semi-public, sneak around, grave, dreams, desire, secret, longing, ache, drink, bottle, brother
Bill Haskell/Belinda Mulrooney, dangerous, carry that weight, impulsive, heat, warmth, huddle, body heat, hold close, kiss, come with me, senseless, torn dress, revenge, intriguing, alluring, gold, citrus, taste
Bill Haskell/Jack London, blood, tent, grief, kiss

Kuroko no Basket
Murasakibara Atsushi/Himuro Tetsuya, intelligence, gentleness, appetite, in public, crush, admiration
Hyuuga Junpei/Kiyoshi Teppei, denial, affection, injury, touch, gentle, kneeling
Aomine Daiki/Kagami Taiga, first time, competition, jealousy, confidence, insecurity, bruises
Hyuuga Junpei/Aida Riko/Kiyoshi Teppei, show, hands, coaching, shameless, hesitant, biting
Kagami Taiga/Himuro Tatsuya, challenge, guilt, beginning, lazy, understanding, dark
Kagami Taiga/Kuroko Tetsuya, first time, trust, size difference, in English, jealousy, night

Kuroko no Basuke
Aida Riko/Hyuuga Junpei/Kiyoshi Teppei, overwhelmed, support, balance
Aida Riko/Kiyoshi Teppei, shelter, tiny, massage, muscle. hands, iron-heart
Akashi Seijuuro/Mibuchi Reo, arc, smile, form, grip, fingers, victory, battlefield, flirtation, spread, switch, ride, tongue, au
Akashi Seijuuro/Midorima Shintarou, divination, kneel, knots, emperor, impose, tender, humiliation, concede, persistence, throat, sensory deprivation, riding crop, shogi, virginity, height difference, abandon, acknowledge, come marking, pride, knotting, au
Akashi Seijuurou/Aomine Daiki, expectation, alone, powerplay, teamwork, irresistible force paradox, victory, defeat, acknowledge, stare, laze, reunion, history, uniforms, strength, play, slam dunk, grind, bench, arrogance, au
Akashi Seijuurou/Nijimura Shuuzou, calculating, overthrow, shiver
Aomine Daiki, Touou gangbang, camera, masturbation, selfcest, narcissism, sex tape, anonymous, rooftop, locker room, porno au
Aomine Daiki/Kagami Taiga, hard, ego, push, reach, physicality, streetball, yawn, feline, appetite, apron, ridiculous, zone, natural, sweat, burgers, escalate, stubborn, Los Angeles, rivalry, heat, restless
Aomine/Kuroko, handcuffs, tenderness, genderswap, firsts, kissing, fingers, AU, genderswap, catboy, partnership, reconciliation, topping, apologies, adrenaline, urgent, desire, toys, restraint, excitement, temptation, date, silk, dance, feline, stretch, size, intense, kneel, stroke, bite, cover, buzz, bared, nape, submit, slink, snuggle, confused, virgin, experience
Aomine/Kuroko/Kagami, AU, genderswap, intensity, teaming up, balance, stretch, hungry, size, complement, foil, toys, urgency, distraction, relaxed, sprawl, heavy, sensation, spanking, restraints, anticipation
Aomine Daiki/Kuroko Tetsuya/Momoi Satsuki, domesticity, memory, milkshake, practice, lick, tangle, complicated, balanced, hungry, history, trio
Aomine Daiki/Midorima Shintarou, tutor, hot springs, alcohol, grope, dirty talk, harder
Aomine Daiki/Momoi Satsuki, together, rooftop, bra strap, panties, cherries, friendship, kiss, femdom, breasts, behave, selfish, apology, childhood, Kuroko Tetsuya, pegging, undress, future, oblivious, study, pornography, kagami taiga, scowl, injury, ice cream, play, home, boyfriend material, au
Himuro Tatsuya/Murasakibara Atsushi, sweet, jealousy
Imayoshi/Aomine, genderswap, AU, intense, push, control, dare, need, insight, full, ride, pound, edge, certainty, testing, hard, spanking, firm, obedience
Imayoshi Shouichi/Hanamiya Makoto, deliberate, games, patience, cornered, collar, thrill, sensation play, revenge, turnabout, spanking, details, insight, spread, wall, AU, genderswap, bite
Imayoshi/Kasamatsu, forfeit, AU, genderswap, irritation, flirt, drawl, undone, determination, matched, games, anticipation, adrenaline, winner, bets, not-nice
Imayoshi/Momoi, AU, genderswap, desk, tease, skirt, hush, urgent, date, partnership, respect, need, hunger, sweet
Kise Ryouta/Midorima Shintarou, personal space, texts, notice, ridiculous, magazine, disguise, shopping, reservations, facial
Kise Ryouta/Momoi Satsuki/Midorima Shintarou, flirtation, share, coax, sly, toys, fantasies, festival, roommates, bedhead, history, lip gloss, color theory, negotiate, tsundere, overwhelm, sweet, genderswap, au
Kiyoshi Teppei/Hanamiya Makoto, size difference, fingering, sadomasochism, crown, ruin, manhandle, fake, spank, hospital
Midorima Shintarou/Takao Kazunari, demonstrative, disarming, dishevel, relief, hand holding, top!Takao, height difference, genderswap, understated, satisfaction, partners, distraction, pretty, lace, AU, decorative, silence, ride, delicate, astonishing, deep, urgency, lick, anticipate, intense, tease, pressure, spread, stun, overcome, edge, connection, fantasy, cuddle, lazy, stretch, lounge, trade, ambitious, toys, experimental, leather, wet, hot
Momoi/Riko, teasing, curves, cherries, senpai, AU, genderswap, date, flirtation, equals, interest
Riko/Hyuuga/Kiyoshi, domesticity, surprises, lick, rewards, AU, genderswap, pegging, support, toys, show, ecstatic, loud, anticipation, massage

Ciel/Elizabeth, flowers, picnic, grass-stains, dress, polish, pout, smile,
satin, silk, velvet, protection, safety, weapons, sugar, spice, cute
Ciel/Elizabeth/Sebastien, life, death, bargains, marriage bed, business, evil, costume, ship, tight spaces, knives, wife, contract, peril, swordplay, training, value, mistrust, missions, dog, monster, princess, heels

Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey
Amarante of Namarre/Sidonie de la Courcel, hunger, trust
Barquiel L'Envers/Phedre no Delaunay, wit, distrust, compassion, language, espionage, hidden
Imriel de la Courcel/Sidonie de la Courcel, grief, pregnant, surrender
Imriel de la Courcel/Sidonie de la Courcel/Maslin de Lombelon, together, alcohol, curiosity, love, traveling

Kyoukai no Kanata
Nase Hiroomi/Kanbara Akihito, fetishes, tease, armpit, temperature play, relief, dangerous, cage, senpai
Nase Izumi/Kuriyama Mirai, formality, methods, skirts, syrup, blades
Nase Izumi/Nase Hiroomi/Nase Mitsuki, secrets, sleepless, adulthood, family, instruct, control, confine, dom!Izumi
Nase Mitsuki/Kuriyama Mirai, blush, curl, possibilities, kiss, loneliness
Nase Mitsuki/Nase Hiroomi, siscon, wet dream, first time, wrong, mutual, safe, cunnilingus, shameless, intercrural, beg, stroke, disapproval, orgasm denial, idol au, caught, future

L.A. Confidential
Bud White/Ed Exley, case, danger, reunion, rifle, partner, proxy, silk
Bud White/Ed Exley/Lynn Bracken, sweet, tradition, alive
Bud White/Lynn Bracken, warm, safe, secret, deep, share, moment, free, dress, sheets, rub, big

La Princesse de Montpensier
Marie de Montpensier/Francois de Chabannes, demure, adolescent, heavy, lavender, beard

Labyrinth (1986)
Jareth/Sarah, falling, love, starved, exhausted, everything, wish, dream, lost, crystal
Jareth/Toby, rebel, leather, tattoos, runaway, chase

Ladies of Letters (TV)
Vera Small/Irene Spencer, conflict, shenanigans, relief, prison, letters, confinement, arguements, friendship, drink, gin, isolation, travel, adventures, loss

Lady Knight - Tamora Pierce
Keladry of Mindelan/Wyldon of Cavall, armour, honour, courage, hero, scars

Latter Days
Aaron Davis/Christian Markelli, secure, premature, delay, hair, uniform, eyes, bliss, happy, joy, nerves

Laverne and Shirley
Laverne DeFazio/Shirley Feeney: lonely, cuddle, practice, faithful, kiss
Lenny Kosnowski/Laverne DeFazio: bra snap, flirt, tease, wrestle, bet, slow dance, beer, train, beer truck, Scholnick Pond
Shirley Feeney/Carmine Ragusa: parking, firsts, carnival, good girls do

Law & Order
Mike Cutter/Connie Rubirosa, mocking, teasing, flirting, baseball, green, arrogant, push

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Robert Goren/Alex Eames, awkward, comfort, distraught, gloves, guilt, languid, slip, stammer, tight squeeze, cabin, book, reunited, nervous, lonely, gasp, vision, history, time, observation

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Alex Cabot/Liz Donnelly, cell, chambers, D/s, flogger, making up, judge, robes
Elliot Stabler/Olivia Benson, [any], partners, guns, training, badge, drunk, confessions, secrets, love, lost, danger, hostage, children, parents, friends, alone, forgotten, letters, need, dependence, want, breathe, now, ten, everything
Odafin Tutuola/John Munch, drinks, awkward, unexpected
Olivia Benson/Alex Cabot, champagne, protection, devotion, memories, mornings, coffee, late night, forever, love, heartache, dress, au, guarded
Olivia Benson/Amanda Rollins, crush, once, tension, lust, first, drink, tired, mistake, comfort
Olivia Benson/Dana Lewis, undercover, upstate, secrets, trust, kindred, hospital, interrogation, apartment, girlfriend, couch

Law & Order: UK
Alesha Phillips/Matt Devlin, striptease, suit, tie, case, blue, home, first time, first kiss, belief, partner, fingers, hand, breasts, lips, smile, joy

Lawrence of Arabia (Movie)
T.E. Lawrence/Ali ibn el Kharish, sand, stars, saddle, robes, admiration, first time

Sportacus/Stephanie (aged), grown-up, need, strong, dance

Le Pacte des Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf)
Gregoire de Fronsac/Mani, rain, snow, bodyguard, language, clothes, courting, mine, castle
Gregoire de Fronsac/Jean-Francois de Morangias, hate, AU, family, warriors
Gregoire de Fronsac/Mani/Thomas d'Apcher, education, scars, writer, escape, youth, crossbow

Legacy of Kain
Rahab/Zephon, fixated, observe, manipulate, scorn, wary

Legally Blonde: The Musical
Elle/Emmett, so much better

Legend of the Seeker
Cara Mason/Dahlia, delicious, scratch, wilful, wrestle
Cara Mason/Darken Rahl, gift, exchange, thrum, veins, broken, loyalty, submission
Cara Mason/Denna, agiels, anal, begging, Dom!Denna, hate!sex, submission, white leather
Cara Mason/Denna/Kahlan Amnell, agiels, anal, blackmail, double penetration, rimming, squirting, sub!Cara, sub!Kahlan
Cara Mason/Kahlan Amnell, anal, dirty talk, hate, leathers, rada han, white dress
Cara Mason/Zeddicus Z'ul Zorander, magic, shadows, hope
Darken Rahl/Giller, blades, blood, command, rough, venom
Darken Rahl/Kahlan Amnell, anal, D/s, sub!Kahlan, submission, breaking, children, struggle, training, hate, lust, need, hatred, magic, lust, anger, bloodplay, bondage, agiel, roses, morning, anniversary, gifts
Denna/Kahlan Amnell, anal, confession, death, pain, sub!Kahlan, blood, soft, hatred,
Denna/Richard Cypher, unexpected, Queen, thorns
Jennsen/Darken Rahl, [any] sister, breath,
Kahlan Amnell/Richard Cypher, babies, pregnant, shock, games, tricked, happiness, future, trust, magic, love-making, pregnancy, moonlight, wedding night, hurt/comfort, adrenaline, post-battle, daggers, makeup sex, biting, scratching, rada'han, possession, breathplay, devotion, prayer, rule, rada'han, bond, bound, sight, mistress, finally, expectation, tease, need, distraction
Kahlan Amnell/Richard Cypher/Cara Mason, sharing, loyalty, teaching, balance, faith, tension, agiel
Kahlan Amnell/Nicci, anal, confessed!Kahlan, dirty talk, rada han, squirting, strap-on
Richard Cypher/Cara Mason, obedience, duty, warrior

Legion of Superheroes (1994 comics)
Invisible kid/Brainiac 5, pizza, experiments, hugs, blue

Legion of Superheroes (2004 comics)
Invisible Kid/Brainiac 5, Unresolved sexual tension, resolved sexual tension, confessions, licking
Invisible Kid/Brainiac 5, wooing, weddings, surprise, frosting

Gabriel/Audrey Anderson, strong, fallout, sword, holding, tears, warmth, heart, early, light
Michael/Charlie, angel, sin, child, prorect, salvation, rising, falling, father, soul

Les Misérables - All Media Types
Army Officer/Enjolras, AU, gunplay, past, reflections, rescue
Bossuet Laigle/Joly/Grantaire, friendship, dinner, cuddle, Musichetta, caretaking, pet, easy, revel, rumpus, puns, bottle, au
Bossuet Laigle/Joly/Musichetta, middle, tease, tangle, switch, polyamorous, domesticity, flush, hypochondria, hand holding, mistress, opera, dance, tiptoes, breakfast, au, calm, laughter, luck, panic, pulse, share, sofa
Chabouillet/Javert, working late, reports, patronage
Combeferre/Courfeyrac/Enjolras, liberté, égalité, fraternité, passions, rally, shoulders, schoolboys, asexual, compass, arsenal, alchemy, rise, dystopia, triumvirate, anchor, soothe, touch, affections, aromantic, campaign, au
Combeferre/Enjolras/Grantaire, arrangement, glasses, ink
Combeferre/Grantaire, contemporary, treatise, doorway, sensibility, posture, stroke, aftercare, linger, pity, sober, zombie, moth, soil, storm, au
Cosette Fauchelevent/Éponine Thénardier, lark, magpie, honeysuckle, sisters, twirl, nimble, crossdress, runaway, bewitch, whisper, window, hair, garden, letters, Marius Pontmercy, au, shelter, violets, winter, crushed, mine, substitute, better, hungry, own
Courfeyrac/Combeferre, hearts, hands, maps, unbutton, straddle, telepathy, au
Enjolras/Grantaire, AU, bdsm, bickering, collar, drift, first, future, heartbeat, leather, paint, politics, red, silk, stockings, trust, belt, betting, billiard, biting, night, poker, rally, romanticism, marble, classics, arousal, melancholia, D/s, sub!grantaire, boots, permission, invective, disdain, beast, martyr, graces, aromantic, riposte, passions, praise, chaste, fairytale, stare, sigh, idle, puppy, irresponsible, rumple, aside, prose, asexual, pomegranate, canvas, raw, fervor, temper, pulse, panic, mess, anxiety, obvious, longing, simple, fearless, kiss, doubt, swallow, debate, mock, distract, concuss, grin, cup-bearer, tribute, mermaid, curls, au, yoga, bodyhair, insomnia, cliche, ties
Eponine Thenardier/Cosette Fauchelevent, bite, resentment, garden, envy, nails, pure, ruin
Eponine Thenardier/Montparnasse, knifeplay, blood, spite, promises, transference, slap
Eponine/Combeferre, cello, Eurostar, hieroglyphs, library, port, swimming
Eponine/Cosette, dress, gate, ribbon, rain, touch, gentle, canon era
Eponine/Feuilly, books, kisses, happiness
Fantine/Georges Pontmercy, first kiss, happiness
Fantine/Simplice, tenderness, kisses, bed sharing
Fauchelevent/Javert, the anti-Madeleine club, wine, knee-touching, kisses
Fauchelevent/Jean Valjean, knee-touching, wine, harvest, confessions
Grantaire/Javert, tangled
Jean Prouvaire/Grantaire, apparitions, charcoal, wild flowers, vices, verses, romanticism, macabre, melodrama, laughter, hobbies, melancholia, comfort, creatures, bare, pas de deux, constellations, genderfluid!jehan, bedsharing, au
Jean Valjean/Fauchelevent, lift, indulge, companion, brother, silent
Jean Valjean/Javert, observe, pursue, abstain, withhold, capture, frustrate, redeem, sting, soothe, post-Seine, rescue, forgiveness, understanding, guilt, pursue, revenge, scars, furtive, public, desperate, obsession, strength, mercy, chains, shave, water, washing, massage, comfort, hidden, clothing, Mayor, secret, beg
Jean Valjean/Myriel, illuminate, sanctuary, forgiven, forbidden, chaste, worship
Joly/Jean Prouvaire, hypochondria
Marius Pontmercy/Cosette Fauchelevent, playful, comfort, trauma, laughter, rebuild, scars, discovery, pleasure

Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Bishop Myriel/G, the conventionist, miracle, understanding, gentle, new
Chabouillet/Javert, authority, obedience
Combeferre/Courfeyrac, barricade, candlelight, comfort, disapproval, distraction, fire, fraught, ideals, impulsive, interruption, kiss, persistent, rain, smother, study
Combeferre/Jean Prouvaire, barricades, blush, h/c, hand holding, home, hush, infatuation, ink stained fingers, latin, library, mend, moths, poetry, pressed together, raining, springtime, tongue-tied, waiting
Cosette Fauchelevent/Courfeyrac/Marius Pontmercy, awkward, au, blush, college, drunk, endearing, flirt, giggle, hands, invite, overwhelm, similarity, snuggle, sweat, sweet, tangled, tag team, tease, tender
Cosette Fauchelevent/Eponine Thenardier, bite, jealousy, memory, nails, rival, sharp
Cosette Fauchelevent/Marius Pontmercy, body worship, clinging, crossdressing, cunnilingus, D/s, femdom, first time, lace, lingerie, pegging, petticoat, recovery, smiles
Cosette/Javert, flirting, first, virgin, kiss, home, hands, sizekink, tentacles, chocolate, pegging
Courfeyrac/Marius Pontmercy, bed sharing, blankets, bliss, blowjobs, body worship, clinging, deeper, devious, experienced, first time, flushed, hands on, intimate, nuzzle, practice, roommates, sleep with you, slow, teach
Enjolras/Grantaire, absinthe, addiction, argue, beg, blasphemy, bound, breathplay, burn, charcoal, claim, cut, desk, deliberate, disciple, fraught, friction, hair, inhibitions, kneel, need, obsession, pride, repression, revere, secret, semi-public, shove, swallow, tactile, virgin, worship
Eponine Thenardier/Jean Valjean, alike, apology, bed, curious, desire, devil, gentle, forgiveness, heat, hidden, home, light, kiss, make up, parallels, tentative
Eponine Thenardier/Montparnasse, alleyway, chase, collarbones, cunnilingus, grovel, kneel, knives, Paris, public, runaway, slap, street, wall, wolf
Éponine/Javert, wolf, pegging, blood
Fantine/Georges Pontmercy, restart, ribbon, kiss
Fantine/Jean Valjean/Javert, AU, compromise, light, linger, night, save
Favourite/Dahlia, teacher, cleverness, patience, sarcasm, rain, wetness
Javert/Montparnasse, hatesex, enemies, insults, battles
Jean Valjean/Bishop Myriel, grace, kiss, love, slow, faith
Jean Valjean/Fauchelevent, strength, snuff, melons, discovering, angel
Jean Valjean/Favourite, chance, clothes, unexpected, fire, seduction, lace, silver, cake
Jean Valjean/Grantaire/Javert, spitroast, double penetration, rimming, forget
Jean Valjean/Javert, forgiveness, worship, touch, trust, hair, mercy, vows, virginity, honesty, comfort
Jean Valjean/Jean Prouvaire, foreign, silence, poem, nettle, bloom, ending
Jean Valjean/Montparnasse, bedroom eyes, careful, criminal, claws, comfortable, cunning, dandy, dangerous type, knives, lecture, take home, temptation, thief, warm, corset, youth, dirty talk, lips, redemption, cravats, strength, oral

Eliot Spencer/Alec Hardison, dual, tea
Eliot Spencer/Mr. Quinn, equal, rough, need, smooth, danger, trust, enemy, dark, lick, dominance, submission, hold, manhandled, power, equal, safe, dominate, need, lust, forbidden, desperate
Eliot Spencer/Sophie Devereaux, silk, marking, uninhibited, flavour, pegging, hair-pulling, control, lust, disguise, food, sensory, plan, seduction, lingerie
Nathan Ford/James Sterling, compromise, catch, deception, handcuffs, long con, blackbook, faked, justice, order, scotch, surveillance, rough, museum, roadtrip
Nathan Ford/James Sterling /Maggie Collins, scotch, innuendo, fireplace, catalyst, home
Nathan Ford/Maggie Collins, old days, scotch, comfort
Nathan Ford/Parker, broken, end, bridge, drunk, power, blackbook, daddy, forgive, cooking, drunk, past, saviour, loud, purple, hide, locked
Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux, bubble bath, undressing, make-up sex, liquor, Italy, on her knees, middle of a con, married, real name, oral, Madrid, Boston, London, Rome, Ireland, San Lorenzo, hands, tuxedo, lipstick, perfume, kitchen, poker, thighs, "I love you", seven years, Hawaii, accent, kiss, hotel, fast, Christmas, ten years later, lingerie, Europe, Los Angeles, formal wear, coffee, music, silk, strawberries, confetti, plane, handcuffs, fireworks, languages, truth, suits, tie, hats
Nathan Ford/Sophie Deavereaux/Jim Sterling, impressed, fascination, steel
Nathan Ford/Sophie Deavereaux/Maggie Collins, unconventional, tangled, queens
Parker/Alec Hardison, bra, pigtails, on her knees, camera, rocking-that-dress, Comic-Con, orange soda, middle of a con, thief, Boston, San Lorenzo, tuxedo, public place, couple, Chicago, suspenders, cold, sun dress, dance, kiss, oral, hands, hotel, drunk, sexting, ice cream, costumes, Doctor/Companion AU, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Sunday morning, boots, seven minutes in heaven, spin-the-bottle, ten years later, Europe, Los Angeles, tequila, "I never", wonder-woman, watching movies, role play, whipped cream, ponytail, flexible, midnight, beach, fireworks, found, laughter, safe, pet, travel, drinking, advice, taco, ropes, falling, roleplay, unguarded, theft
Parker/Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer, [any], teamwork, lips, scary, private, strength, protective, time, follow, trio, new, company, war, computers, crush, boyfriends, lovers, friends, trust, relationship, weird, touch, sleep, sick, interesting, acrobatic, shutdown, bypass, reciprocated, kitchen, plan, team, public, dangerous, think, touch, say, spark, cake, sauce, chocolate, sugar, trio, tango, dance, breakfast, chocolate, groceries, domestic, rooftop, falling, fallen, broken, bandages, bruise, knives, hack, electric, orange, stroke, movies, popcorn, hypnotic, resonant, violin, guitar, musical, snow, chilled, job, trouble, x-ray, snoop, private, malicious, cavalry, clam, waistcoat, vests, suit, dress, heels, undercover, impersonation, interrogation, buckle, poach, dice, museum, mammoth, pedigree, constitution, Nic Cage, platypus, game, bet, distance, ceremony, fake, costumes, truth, hyper, boardgame, lucille, pillows, snapchat, instagram, green, cupcakes, bedroom, backseat, smooth, slow, tease, undercover, tuxedo
Parker/Eliot Spencer, [any], fall, catch, danger, working, trust, invisible, hurt, thief, crazy, grifting, lies, hair, cooking, chocolate, help, scared, life, dangerous, help, flexible, wrestle, protect, bodyguard, wild, sneak, kitchen, haircut
Parker/Maggie Collins, [any]

Lewis (TV)
Hathaway/any, awkward
James Hathaway/Laura Hobson, music, pre-dawn, qualification
James Hathaway/Laura Hobson/Robert Lewis, allotment, balance, teamwork
James Hathaway/Robbie Lewis, laughter, loyalty, sofa, bravery, mystery, undercover, music, control, morning, insomnia, food, trust, undercover, questions, retirement, after
Jean Innocent/Laura Hobson, not too bright, scrubs, private
Lewis/any, comfortable

Lie to Me
Cal Lightman/Gillian Foster, [any], seduction, rooftop, breakfast, birthday, smile, slurpee, pudding, lies, truths, trust, couch, office chair, porn, silence, faces, hands, darling

Life (TV)
Charlie Crews/Dani Reese, afterward, persimmon, grace, test, pool, furniture, apples, rainbow, furniture, hair, freckles, nimble, tongue, fingertips, shaggy, sunlight, specter, hostage, insecure, word, love, one, zen, trapped, relapse, conviction, proof, ocean, infinite

Life on Mars (UK)
Annie Cartwright/Gene Hunt/Sam Tyler, luck, balance, problems, intimacy, wrists, secrets
Annie Cartwright/Sam Tyler, bra, fumbling, reward, food, massage, silk, discovery, pegging, stockings, music, trust, impossible, red
Chris Skelton/Sam Tyler, new, shy, teaching, confidence, charm, innocence
Gene Hunt/Jackie Queen, spanking
Gene Hunt/Sam Tyler, blinds, cuffs, belt, rescue, adrenaline, fantasy, collision, empathy, pining, perception, prejudice, pride, equal, sober, invitation, fixation, wounded, rank, sleepless, euphoria, heat, green shirt, reunion, insomnia, confession, music, comfort, bath, French, teaching

Life With Derek
Casey McDonald/Derek Venturi, orgasm denial, boredom, chapped lips, alcohol

Lightning Force (TV-Series 1991)
Lt. Col. Matthew Alan "Trane" Coltrane/Lt. Winston Churchill "Church" Staples, [any], daddy, explosion, hallucination, outdoors, locked-in, training
Marie Joan Jacquard/Col. Zaid "Zeke" Abdul-Rahmad, [any], fight, wits, snark, food, struggling, injury, heat, swamp

Lincoln Rhyme series - Jeffery Deaver
Amelia Sachs/Kathryn Dance, hands, evidence, grid, dove, grief
Amelia Sachs/Lincoln Rhyme/Kathryn Dance, opportunity, falcon
Amelia/Pammy, goddess

Lip Service
Cat/Sam, truth, officer, secrets, laying down the law

Little Miss Sunshine
Dwayne/Frank, mistake, temptation
Richard/Frank, loser

Little Shop of Horrors
Seymour Krelborn/Audrey Fulquard, life, green, blossom, passion, bravery, green, fertility, laundry, chorus, happiness

Little Women Series - Louisa May Alcott
John Brooke/Margaret "Meg" March, tranquil, domestic, happy ending, under the table, warmth, education
Josephine "Jo" March-Bhaer/Friedrich Bhaer, chocolate, winter, paradise, accented, privacy
Josephine March/Theodore Laurence, proposal, soft, vanilla, letters, Boston, homecoming, privacy, "I love you", gentle, sleepover, first love, sneak out, rebellion, outdoors, wine, Paris, ice cream, second chances, modern AU, legs, Christmas, grown-up, ten years later, cheat, first time, high school AU, fated, riverbank
Meg/Sally, dress
Ned/Jack, failures.

Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Lizzie Bennet/William Darcy, kiss, party, try, wine, Paris, kiss, first date, little black dress, ice cream, slow, costumes, Christmas, New Year's Eve, couch, watching movies, coffee, whipped cream, shower, morning, silk, long weekend, confetti, heels, button up shirt, scarf, beach, moving in, vacation, tie, snow, fireplace, family, New York city, birthday, office, anniversary, sex tape, summer, pregnancy, five years' time, Vegas, Europe, lingerie, party, bed, ten years later, hipster, flannel, bubble bath, bowties, make-up sex, skirt, zipper, on her knees, camera, rocking-that-dress, Pemberley, compromising footage, suspenders, Hawaii, prom dress

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Alt-Clark/Lois Lane, what if, Congo, stuck in a different world
Alt-Clark/Lois Lane/Clark Kent, Clark sandwich, "We'll help find her."
Arianna Carlin/Lex Luthor, ex-wife
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, reconcile, frostbite, secluded, slow, rivalry, martini, flight, Ultra Woman, lightning strike bequeathing Lois powers, Revenge(perfume) again
Lex Luther/Lois Lane/Clark Kent, seduction, dubcon, performance, temptation
Lex Luther/Superman, coercion, Kryptonite

Vic Moretti/Walt Longmire, any, shower, hips, truth, lies , sagebrush, tailgate, skinny dipping, ride, dust, wind, wrist, saddle

Lord Peter series - Dorothy Sayers
Mervyn Bunter/Lord Peter Wimsey, care, discipline, dress, postprandial, wee hours, stranded, transgress, skills, history, habit
Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane, footing, cricket, nimble, tongues

Losing Chase
Chase Phillips/Elizabeth Cole, look, return, beach, splash, hide, try, t-shirt, first

Lost Girl
Bo/Ciara, knives.
Bo/Dyson, rough, bite, wedding, Latin, spell, blood, fingering, happy, rough sex, slow sex, kiss, touch, positions, feeding, strength, tattoos, riding, breasts, thigh, lick, stubble, smile, wet
Bo/Dyson/Kenzi, need, want, take
Bo/Dyson/Lauren, bodyswap, bar, cage, stable, family, love, bath, kitchen, domestic, cooking, moon, time loop, Samhain, free, power
Bo/Dyson/Tamsin, fate, hunters, feed
Bo/Kenzi, alcohol, anal, lust, need, sex toys, strap-on, top!Kenzi, jealous, chocolate, snack, domestic, grooming, rope, threat, tease, dance, playing house, seperation,
Bo/Lauchlan, power, control, champion, payment, slave, lonely, top, pegging,
Bo/Lauren, ass play, blindfold, handcuffs, rimming, whip cream, masks, public, drunk, feeding
Bo/Lauren/Crystal, protection, claimed, introductions.
Bo/Lauren/Dyson, sharing, curiosity, compromise
Bo/Morrigan, anal, D/s, dark fae, sub!Bo
Bo/Tamsin, blood, injury, power, wings, bound, sword, Valhalla, armor, lost, again, gone viking, boxing, training, fighting, blood, loyalty, knives, struggle, glass, guidance, light, new, raw, reborn, teen, wings, snap, healing, drunk, affection, blush, knives, eager, stamina, study, easy, open, pinning, discover, confess, play, warmth, dominate, reveal, submit, desperate, allow, Groundhog Day, mouths, curl, lingering, repeat, timing, ticking clock, unexpected, forbidden, sweet, Valkyrie, Succubus, kissed, undress, breasts, lick, thigh, oral, flirt
Crystal/Lauren, confessions, forgiveness, motel, squirter, tribbing
Dyson/Hale, apology, partners, trust, partners, warmth, helping hand, stakeout
Dyson/Hale/Kenzi, mask, Midsummer, cope, war, hide, safe, iron, tango, sweat, feral, Ash, friends, human, sharing, tango, want, tango, triplicate, tantalise, slide, sidestep, snap, balance, thrill, lost
Dyson/Kenzi, adrenaline, human, stars, magic, oaths, Beltane, attack, comfort, drunk, hair, illicit, kitchen, wolf, love, pregnant, soulmate, safe, pals, silk, dance, surrender, future, smooth, bite, danger, forever, purple, sparks, nails, wall, kimono, untamed, primal, wild, educate, kneel, dominance, wolf, throat, red roses, moon, trust, loophole, love, size, alabaster, rock, bound, instinct, ropes, magic, control, chaos, fantasy, mini skirt, heels, lipstick, slide, remember, steal, teach, "so young", kohl, handcuffs, vodka, comfort, pack, sine qua non, boots, bite
Dyson/Lauren, bonds, restraint, loss, stuck, sexpollen, grief, drunk, ocean, science, consent, Lamas, undercover, friendship, similarities, drunk surgery, lab coat
Dyson/Rainer, brothers.
Dyson/Tamsin, hooking up, partners, gratification, kinky, stubble, back, kiss, wall, frantic, tender, desk, bed, cell
Dyson/Vex, corset, genderfucking, fisting, accent, "yes, Sir", flirt, dirty talk, stubble, thighs, fangs, corset, cross-dressing, cosmetics, masturbation, facial, rimming, submission, cuffs, safe
Evony/Tamsin, favor, owe, loyalty, punish.
Hale/Kenzi, hat, song, sing, whistle, tease, laugh, bluff, manipulate, illegal, blackmail, jail, songs, bath, dancing, shoes, dancing, species, mate, Ash, abomination, silk, blood, whistle, pant
Kenzi/Bruce, big, fun, party
Kenzi/Tamsin, dancing, exposed, height, intimate, laughter, lewd, loud, please, practice, mom, morning, tease, tension, vodka
Lauren/Evony Marquise, beer, dark, debauchery, desk, devil, doubt, frazzled, lab, real, slow, temptation, thirsty, wrecked
Lauren/Kenzi, human, dare, underwear, competition, nervous baking
Lauren/Morrigan, anal, devotion, examination, power, traitor
Lauren/Tamsin, restraints, candlewax, burn.

Lost in Austen
Amanda Price/Caroline Bingley, reality, hidden, skin, homesick, punt, society, loss, out of time, mirrors, candles, riding crop, dresses
Bingley/Jane, America, new world, breath, soft
Caroline Bingley/Wickham, second best, reminders, laughter, scheme, best, surprise, dirty, improper, fire,
Darcy/Wickham, Georgiana, lies, jealousy, betrayal, innocence, grief

Lost in Space (1998)
Don/Judy, stars

Boone Carlyle/Shannon Rutherford, [any], mile high club
Charlie Pace/Claire Littleton, pride, marriage, private, quiet, giggles, singing, family
Daniel Faraday/Charlotte Lewis, heaven, chance, piano, science
Jack Shephard/James Ford, trust, jealousy, temptation, whisky, vampire, sweat
Jack Shephard/Juliet Burke, make-up sex, soft, Dharmaville, sideways-verse, fantasy, skin, stretch, baseball, taste, unbutton, oral, drunk, sexting, bruise, couch, lonely
Jack Shephard/John Locke, peek
James Ford/Juliet Burke, rain, campfire, comfort, books, con, time travel, flirt, fun, intimidation, stubble, summer, beach, time, treatment, home, proposal, bubble bath, sleeping in, make-up sex, soft, vanilla, zipper, thief, Dharmaville, remember, water, oral, scar, sideways-verse, kitchen, panties, skin, lunch-break, poker, memory, motorcycle, cigarette," I love you", tomorrow, last kiss, outdoors, taste, glasses, sun dress, rain, hands, drunk, second chances, fast, costumes, New Year's Eve, Sunday morning, dress, boots, spin-the-bottle, ten years later, bed, "I never", California, last time, first time, road trip, role play, whipped cream, bathroom, morning, music, jeans, ponytail, backseat, pregnancy, whiskey, beach, in another life..., skinny-dipping
Jin-Soo Kwon/Michael Dawson, words
Jin-Soo Kwon/Sun-Hwa Kwon/Michael Dawson, bridge
Jin-Soo Kwon/Sun-Hwa Kwon, bare, memory, morning, flowers, swimming, afterlife, [any]
Kate Austen/James Ford, drink, freckles, stars, protect, match
Kate Austen/Juliet Burke, rematch
Kate Austen/Claire Littleton, nightmare
Kate Austen/Jack Shephard/James Ford, heat
Kate Austen/Sayid Jarrah, guns, guilt, video, Malibu
John Locke/Boone Carlyle, flight
John Locke/Charlie Pace, clueless
John Locke/Claire Littleton, [any]
Penny Widmore/Desmond Hume, sick, waiting, dancing, painting
Richard/Jacob, forever, waterfall, touch, healing, possession
Sayid Jarrah/Shannon Rutherford, bikini, language, dance, diversion, boat, sunset, bossy, intense, playful, food, order, believe [any], reunion, weapons, limo, jealousy

Love Actually (2003)
David/Natalie, pregnancy, spoiled, held, kiss, privacy, stockings, note, tight, smile, spun sugar, seconds
Juliet/Mark/Peter, threesome, accepted, work, moments, sleep, middle, trio, new
Sarah/Karl, time, second chances, bed, shout

Love and Rockets
Maggie Chascarillo/Hopey Glass, playtime, any
Rena Titañon/any, power, any

Love Me If You Dare
Julien Janvier/Sophie Kowalsky, dare, truth, live

Love Never Dies
Eric/Raoul, mourn, Gustave, smashed, drunk, mask, deserve

Agatsuma Soubi/Kaidou Kio, tattoo, paint, pierce, drink, blood, comfort, frustrate, secrets
Aoyagi Seimei/Agatsuma Soubi/Aoyagi Ritsuka, sweet, bath, gentle, slow, worship, test, blood, bound, lesson
Nakano Yamato/Sakagami Kouya, [any], pain, survive, new, trapped, needy
Agatsuma Soubi/Aoyagi Seimei, obedient, cut, cold, bound, blood, bruise, empty, test

Loving Annabelle
Annabelle/Colins, sweetness, sharp, affection, need, first, grief
Annabelle/Simone, strap-on, BDSM, journalist, book, poem, uniform, bath tub, willing, memory, photograph, tides, games, flower
Kat/Kristen, secrets

Lucifer (comic)
Elaine Belloc/Mona Doyle, wings, light, dance, laugh, tea, black, immortal, loyal, soft, cold
Lucifer Morningstar/Duma, words, smile, wings, calm, warm, remember, light
Lucifer Morningstar/Mazikeen, loyal, fierce, bite, voice, taste, bold, silk, mask, wait, obey, heart, name, fire, blasphemy, dark
Lucifer Morningstar/Michael Demiurgos, fruit, wine, smile, wit, blade, light, wings, dance, fire, free, sweet, sharp, power

Luther (TV)
Alice Morgan/Mary Day, curiosity, tongue, dubcon, angel, pixie, ruin, shadows
John Luther/Alice Morgan, adventure, blood, coat, command, event horizon, knifeplay, mystery, run, stars, voice kink, void, grin, rain, undressing, liquor, skirt, hangover, tuxedo, little black dress, lipstick, water, kitchen, poker, scratching, leather, on the run, rooftop, Paris, first date, hotel, table, New Year's Eve, stockings, champagne, first time, hot tub, formal wear, silk, strawberries, whiskey, button up shirt, tie, apple, handcuffs, meow, red, sand, taste, broken, smug, wine, thighs, mile-high, stubble, shower, voyeur, undercover, widow, role-play, cowgirl, slow dance, scars, dress-up, hammock, motorbike, breaking&entering, escape, hidden, lost, chemistry, explosive, coffee, brief encounter, telescope, meteor, spanking, widow, twist, disappear, apple, logic, satisfaction, pale, codependent, challenge, accept, on the run, control, knife, denial, blood, luminous
John Luther/Justin Ripley, badge, uniform, worn down, gun, cold, mess, boss, confession, forgiveness, goodbye, loyalty, one-sided relationship, pining, protect, whisper, boxing

Charles Winchester/Hawkeye Pierce/B.J. Hunnicut, darkness, blood, drunk, pain, bitter, wounds, scalpel, nightmare, trapped, restless, skill, freezing, snow, soldiers, rank, fear, eternity
Hawkeye Pierce/B.J. Hunnicut, friendship, regret, heart, error, hands, skin, sorrow, betrayal, humor, joke, canvas, feet, dirty, sky, deal
Hawkeye Pierce/Charles Winchester, snob, pretty, vengeance, Scotch, hair, talent, symphony, misery, sanity, prank
Hawkeye Pierce/Margaret Houlihan, chivalry, sleep, rest, peace, war, divorce, Swamp, drink, ceasefire, landmine, sutured, reconstructed
Margaret Houlihan/Charles Winchester, pristine, snarl, anger, manners, intellect, accent, dinner, music, smirk, frank, annoyance, pale, money, marriage, prospects, calculation, wild, dignity
Maxwell Klinger/Charles Winchester, dress, beauty, high heels, army, salute, nose, equality, disagreement, paperwork, happy end, light-headed, fever, code, secret, shame, stomach, work, color, duty
Radar O'Reilly/Nurse Kellye, dance, disrobe, fumble, glasses, round, shelling, shy, trust, unappreciated, unclothed, uniform

MacBeth – William Shakespeare
Lady MacBeth/MacBeth, blood, corset, club, crime, evil, lace, licking, lingerie, lipstick, modern, posh, Prime Minister, secret, silverware, swords, tower

Machete Kills
Machete/Mendez, symptom
Miss San Antonio/She, bitch

Mad Dogs (TV)
Quinn/Baxter, driving, escape, pool, comfort, healing

Mad Men
Bob Benson/Pete Campbell, uninterested, hotel, bedsharing, third time's the charm, secret
Don Draper/Pete Campbell, Kennedy, comfort, shock, protest, tie, board, rescue, rough, slap, hold
Don Draper/Roger Sterling, barber, old fashioned, baseball, experience, eager
Lane Pryce/Joan Harris, talking, awkward, playful, morning, secret, roleplay,
Megan Draper/Michael Ginsberg, first time, writing, beer, laughter

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Judar/Ren Hakuryuu, luxury, dark, scars, mocking, determination, seduction

Magic Kaito
Hakuba Saguru/Kuroba Kaito, caught, handcuffs

Magic Mike
Adam/Ken, breakup, gutter, withdrawal
Adam/Big Dick Richie, big, double, first, power
Mike Lane/OFC, appreciated, vulnerability, DIY, creative, dance, ogled, flirt, smile, opening up, striptease, teaching
Mike Lane/OMC, appreciated, vulnerability, DIY, creative, dance, ogled, flirt, smile, opening up, striptease, teaching

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Akemi Homura/Miki Sayaka, cutlas, once, knight, magic, confusion, timeline, reversal, alternate, sleep
Akemi Homura/Tomoe Mami, guns, ribbons, age, experience, PreCure, cake, tea, future, trapped, broken
Akemi Homura/Kaname Madoka, pigtails, empathy, pact, rain, witches, mark, lost, angel
Kaname Madoka/Miki Sayaka, friendship, homework, sports, art, festival, sleepover
Kaname Madoka/Tomoe Mami, hero, teacher, distance, hope, death, mourning, family
Kaname Madoka/Akemi Homura/Tomoe Mami/Sakura Kyouko/Miki Sayaka, heaven, tears, light, guardians
Miki Sayaka/Tomoe Mami, fashion, skirt, teamwork, help, comfort, talk
Sakura Kyouko/Miki Sayaka, candle, mermaid, water, fire, silhouette, horse, spark
Tomoe Mami/Sakura Kyouko, forgiveness, wound, finish, Pocky, tribute, grave, family

Major Crimes
Andrea Hobbs/Sharon Raydor, cookies, blunt, coach, brunch, quick, want, wine
Andy Flynn/Sharon Raydor, discreet, wedding, office, covert, couch, reciprocity, desperation, longing, ache
Fritz Howard/Sharon Raydor, solace, stability, mourning, adultery, comfort, quiet, silence, house, car, desperation, lust, regret, motel, sneaking
Jackson Raydor/Sharon Raydor, inevitable, young, poker face, games, office, disappointment, home, icy, movies
Sharon Raydor/Emma Rios, who's the boss, submission, whip

Mamma Mia!
Donna/Sophie, letting go
Sophie/Dads, bonds

Man of Steel (2013)
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, recovery, arctic ice, alien technology, work, partner, secret, taste, fly, power, wall, shower, grab, tender
Clark Kent/Lana Lang, locker room, first, awkward, gentle, careful, new, breath
Jor-El/Lara Lor-Van, marriage, courtship, choice, true, science, decision, together, press, warm, scratch, sky, future, forever, after, hands, rain, gentle
Zod/Faora, war, exile, tigress, strength

Mansfield Park – All Media Types
Fanny Price/Mary Crawford, choices, practice, theatre, lovers, vows, red, velvet, wet, rain, apples
Fanny Price/Sir Thomas Bertram, advantage, skin, innocent, indebted, punishment, slave, distance, pale
Henry Crawford/Mary Crawford, secret world, country manners, fashion, solitude, sunlight, childhood, their uncles house, naval, rears and vices, pretend

Mansfield Park – Jane Austen
Fanny Price/Henry Crawford, temptation, apples, curls, bodice
Henry Crawford/Fanny Price, first(s), last(s)
Henry Crawford/Mary Crawford, forbidden, jealousy
Mary Crawford/Fanny Price, first(s), last(s)

Marathon (Computer Games)
Durandal/Security Officer, aftermath, adrenaline, voyeurism, xeno, bodyswap, countdown, explosions

Marple: What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw (2004)
Tom Campbell/Lucy Eyelesbarrow, hands, strength, kiss, banter

Marvel – All Media Types
Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew/Wanda Maximoff, friendship, intimate, gentle, bad day, hair, touch, silk, surprise, flight
Jane Foster/Sif, size kink, sword, straddle, stars, surprise
Loki Laufeyson/Sif, [any], family, love, reunion, denial, smile, do over, comfort, scratch, children

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
Betty Ross/Bruce Banner, sweetest, run, hurt/comfort
Bruce Banner/Clint Barton, asexual, masturbation, romance, shyness, confidence, competence
Bruce Banner/Darcy Lewis, green, blatant desire, brilliance, science, kitchen, quiet, lab, tower, fluffy, green, warm, red, dance, flirt, coffee
Bruce Banner/Emil Blonsky, Hulk, hold, beat
Bruce Banner/Loki Laufeyson, admiration, capitulate
Bruce Banner/Loki Laufeyson/Steve Rogers, pollen, submit
Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanoff, adrenaline, guilt, worse, sharp, monsters, compromised, ideal, travel, depth, surveillance, instinct, hard, manipulation, observation, compliance, masks, fear, mind control
Bruce Banner/Pepper Potts, talk, call, write, phone, text, page
Bruce Banner/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, pet, service, roles, vacation, teamwork, dating, protect
Bruce Banner/Steve Rogers, nowadays, science, confidence, probing, fist, the superhero lifestyle, settling down, breakfast, extremes
Bruce Banner/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, heat, luxury, negotiations, watching, couple, voyeur, polyamory, intelligence, firsts
Bruce Banner/Tony Stark, caustic, dildo, forgiveness, hijinks, internet, JARVIS, morale, peers, rude, ugly, yours, experiment, green, tension, reckless, wardrobe, limits, challenge, push, hug, kiss, explore, difficult, safety, science!, shirt, pants, fit, round, square, threesome, foursome, team some, Pepper, denial, restraint, shared, air, flight, for science, change of lifestyles, understanding
Bucky Barnes/Jasper Sitwell, surprise, team, oddity, food, annoyances
Bucky Barnes/Loki Laufeyson, frost, forgotten, island, tent, fruit, cell, chasm
Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanoff, fire, blood, alcohol, bondage, control, affection, snow, flowers, Moscow, shadows, synchronity, memory, blue, lies, 1969, garter belt, weaponized femininity, wisdom, together, memories, passion, affection, yearning, love, trust, alone, espionage, thrill, rope, bracelets, metal, sensory play, life, laughter, red, languages, trains, opportunities, reunion, bad idea, heat, leisure, quiet, ordinary, health, competent, body language, fashion, garters, undercover, 1960s, war, veteran, uniform, partners, proposal, body appreciation, safe, the future, home, wall, arms, hair, rub, clandestine, daemon AU
Bucky Barnes/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, together, learn
Bucky Barnes/Pepper Potts, undercover, zombiepocalypse, haircut, stranded, kissing, suit, weapons, arm
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, firsts, learning, lonely, tease, size difference, photographs, reunions, forever, again, best friends, heat, temper, dogtags, always, winter, warm, heart, return, warmth, friend, hand, sketch, lost, triumph, mask, Paris, reverse, blizzard, blankets, lips, train, costumes, alcohol, orders, fall, subspace, huis clos, hypothetical, uniform, smirk, deception, last, stairs, pause, mask, trap, Brooklyn, surveillance, skin, magnet, jagged, voice, folie à deux, finally, tied, music, soul, hands, smile, protest, photograph, party, cold, distance, pretend, silence, unrequited, always, find, sly, sugar, sizekink
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanoff, new memories, take the shot, share nicely, sensitive, wound, shield, mission, relationship, unspoken, security, tough, patience, coy, flirting, birthmarks, scars, whispers, biting, mask, fight, repair, table, wall, mirror
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, blind, vows, smile, forever, claiming, promise, Steve in the middle, stay
Clint Barton/Bucky Barnes, distance, sight, patience, comeback, silence, trust, snark
Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, bodyguard, taste, seduction, iPod, rooftop, taser
Clint Barton/Maria Hill, dominance, silence, restraint, power, explosion, safe
Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, blood, ropes, red, headspace, Budapest, passion, trust, danger, rescue, teaching, sensory deprivation, femdom, arms, hands, debts, payback, bondage, heat, height, whiskey, recovery, childhood, flirty, on top, banter, tease, kinky, trust, slow build, friendship, affection, romance, trust, giggle, flexible, gentle, control, submit, sofa, heels, breathe, red, purple, web, tie, quirks, hourglass, bed, silk, body worship, sweet, glasses, sensory play, hold still, steady, Paris, memory, dance, kiss, oral, little black dress, red, fast, legs, costumes, New Year's Eve, bruise, formal wear, spies, naked, undercover, morning, after Shawarma, flexible, blonde, snow, voice, birthday, skinny-dipping, taste, tequila, vodka, cleavage, Los Angeles, short skirt, bra, 2 AM, Russian, Budapest, thighs, Hawaii, sun dress, suspended, handcuffs, self-control, naked, all these things we have done, scarlet, old buildings, tumble
Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff/Phil Coulson, mission, discipline, bondage, trust, together, question, sleep, hot, chivalrous, family, appropriate, destination, [any]
Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, forever, remember, wrecked, impetuous, unexpected, secretive, recovery, ties, scars, arrows, boomerang, sneaking, danger, kissing, honey, mission, secret, scones, cuddling, Helicarrier, office, desk, fingers, birds, domestic, wedding, coming out, mission, warmth, desk, office, relief, sex pollen, recovery, dancing, undercover, handcuffs, blind, public sex, massage, tired, striptease, gay bar, couch, beach, phone sex, office
Clint Barton/Phil Coulson/Nick Fury, mission, secret, marriage, vents, Helicarrier, treat
Darcy Lewis/Any Avenger, education, "bite me", snow, movie night, cookies, paperwork, public relations
Darcy Lewis/Bucky Barnes, temperature, babies, trapped, emotions, safe, snark
Darcy Lewis/Fandral, [any], costume, lingerie, fun
Darcy Lewis/Jane Foster, sweet, comfort, baking, cookies, overworked, distraction, handcuffs, sensory, teasing, tickles, smart phone, headband, first time, kiss, biting, vampirism, blood-play, angry, jerk, smile, plans
Darcy Lewis/Loki Laufeyson, fresh air, obnoxious, complete, king, queen, mischief, playful, extraterrestrial, amusement, bar, confused, intense, public, wall, outwit, taser, impress, temptation, laughter
Darcy Lewis/Natasha Romanoff/Maria Hill/Sif, strip-poker, secret bases
Darcy Lewis/Phil Coulson, suit, red, desert, music, tasers, partners, desk, handcuffs
Darcy Lewis/Sif, courtship, maiden, city, magic, impressed, freedom, tease, ponytail, sweater, dance, challenge, glory, nuisance, cheeky, disrespect, spanking, enticing, soft
Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers, anthem, rough, curvaceous, snow, dance, kiss, first date, purple, ice cream, roommates, slow, dress, road trip, couch, club, jeans, moving in, snow, summer, "I never", graduation, pink, bra, Brooklyn, on her knees, age-difference, spring break, youth, frosting, moving, lipstick, modern, jealousy, motorbike, essay, glasses, artistry, Sunday morning, ride, old-fashioned, orientation, job
Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, dressed up
Darcy Lewis/Tony Stark, pliable, ruby, longing, table
Emil Blonsky/General Thaddeus Ross, slavery, touch, awe, loathing
Emil Blonsky/Samuel Sterns, reverence, better, worse
Female!Nick Fury/Clint Barton, wild, mission
Gabe Jones/Peggy Carter, alive, celebration, walk me home, saxophone, jazz, red dress, dance, don't be late, respect, smile, laugh, hands, sharp, music, pin-striped suit, ride, dishevelled, a class act, wedding, mess, joy, drink, morning, nerves, proposal, red lipstick, dinner, mouth, whisper, accent, beg, blue-stocking, languages, garters, heels, appreciation, wall, daring
Girl!Phil Coulson/Girl!Clint Barton, dress, mission, leather
Howard Stark/Peggy Carter, late night, friends with benefits, uniform, bossy, chair, table, still dressed, dance, drink, fly, plane, experiment, class act, whatever you say, fondue, exasperation, cocky, understanding, laughter, relax, that was close, boredom, wine, kiss, New Year's Eve, S.H.I.E.L.D., need, morning, midnight, alcohol, stockings, liquor, condolence, regret
Howard Stark/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, ménage à trois, bold, desperation, uniform, bed, hotel, orders, mouth, heels, teamwork, alive, flirt, belt, worship, hands, legs, co-ordination, taking turns, scandalous, dance, yes ma'am, breathless, share, instruction
James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Sam Wilson, flying
James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Tony Stark, flashback, lost, found, idiot, slap, punch, discuss, kiss, threesome, Pepper, Bruce, adventure, beer, metal, hurt/comfort, out of control, uncertainty, guilt, responsibility
James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, comfortable, poly, domestic
Jane Foster/Frigga, grace, moments, plan, realms
Jane Foster/Loki Laufeyson/Thor Odinson, riddle, question, angry, rivalry, magic, threesome, sex toys, soft, science, equals, magician, brains, [any]
Jane Foster/Malekith, ether, thrall, power
Jane Foster/Sif, devotion, armor, undressing, warrior, wield, respect , smile, free
Jane Foster/Sif/Thor Odinson, triangle, terror, argument, encouragement, domestic, bliss, toaster, hairspray, wet, lotion, armor, displacement, break, strength, perfume, marshmallow, dipped, experience, novelty, singing, share, drunk, intrigued
Jane Foster/Thor Odinson, beautiful, bed, breakfast, femdom, rope, passion, stars, science, tests, astronomy, instruction, telescope, planetarium, interview, research, theoretical, cereal, cooking, dates, paparazzi, size, costumes, laughter, hangover, couch, tangled, blankets, hair, makeup, laundry, apartment, ownership, grownup, wellingtons, plaid, flannel, shopping, jeans, thrift, cross-dressing, domestic, quantum, wormhole, sea, armor, gaze, safety, comfort, electric, reflection, weight, galaxy, size difference, interspecies romance, rough, loud, stars, adoration, vigour, break the bed, body worship, laugh, dorks, heat, fierce, shy, voice, caravan, animal, trust, strength, gentle, giant, rumble, blue, calculus, strength, beauty, customs, smile, arms, hands, different, new, gift, food, fond, sweet, pining, angry, sparring, gentle, wishes, reunion, mpreg, adapting
Jane Foster/Thor Odinson/Steve Rogers, glee, tradition, honour, Mjolnir, astrophysics, magic
Loki Laufeyson/Jane Foster, experiment, science, understanding, silk, tea, gold, green, talk, shame, Halloween, transformation, undone, experiment
Loki Laufeyson/Natasha Romanoff, need, beg, pegging, damage, red, poise, play, repent, shadows, awake
Loki Laufeyson/Sif, childhood, wed, rough, bloodplay, tease, dance, oral, last time, shower, memory, lies, promise, goodbye, in another life..., lonely, hair pulling, strawberries, make-up sex, vanilla, fantasy, thighs, taste, dominance, possession, sweet, fighting, mating, heat, Alpha, Omega, hatesex, broken, secret, dancing, bathing, fistfight, injury, pegging, bluffing, leather, booty call, pin-up, dirty talk, kneeling, escalation, casual, boredom, virgin, double-entendre, banter, blowjobs, restraint, crown, forfeit, furs, desperate, drinking games, ice-storm, knife, threats, adultery, shame, triumph, sweet, simple, balance, Thor, slow, dagger, candle, whisper, oral, grind, jealous, table, promises, bound, longing, soft, memory, sharp, teeth, femdom, dog, kneeling, collar, rough, taunting, glaives, secrecy, defiance, layers upon layers, courtly dress, armour, leather
Loki Laufeyson/Sif/Thor Odinson, scars, appetite, angry, fire, heat, urgent, threesome, shape-shifting, magic
Loki Laufeyson/Steve Rogers, images, stolen, ice, mindfuck, touch, injured, careful, frost, heat, marathon sex, comfort, [any]
Loki Laufeyson/Thor Odinson, always, brother, cannibalism, coy, delicious, elegant, never, obligated, pretend, toy, versus, brilliance, magic, lost, realm, understanding, daddykink, watersports, dragon, unforgivable, demand, want, possessive, ravenous, forceful, bruises, wrath, wolf, covet, domination, bossy, angel, antagonist, once, love/hate, bondage, teeth, anger, wargames, throne, tattoos, knifeplay betrayal, forgiveness, angry sex, relief, courtship, gag, blade, palm, thumb, knee, trust, wooing, shapeshift, magic, shape-shifting, unexpected, urgent, needy, angry, mating, heat, Alpha, Omega
Loki Laufeyson/Thor Odinson/Tony Stark, gods, sacrifice, worship, kitchen, grind, spread, valour, own
Loki Laufeyson/Tony Stark, because, demon, together, ashes, blue, darkness, double agent, drink, empire, game, Lima Syndrome, mind control, phoenix, power, puzzle, redemption, Stockholm Syndrome, throne, respect, intelligence, magic, rule, king, deceive, power, technology, steel, ice, magic, science, cold, ferocious
Malekith/Algrim, adamant, disquiet, exhausted, restraints, revenant
Maria Hill/Clint Barton, report, sex pollen
Maria Hill/Bucky Barnes, coffee, new, soldiers, intimidating, physical, stroke
Maria Hill/James "Rhodey" Rhodes, uncomplicated, fast, smile, smooth, breath, blunt
Maria Hill/Steve Rogers, kick, wax, wine, carpet, bite, strength, conversation, senses, black, tight, portrait, weapon, curl, quick, relaxing, ocean, storm, desk, uniform, zipper, lingerie, forbidden, rank, protocol, code, backup, rescue, outdrink, romance, downfall
Maya Hansen/Bruce Banner, science, ethics, furious, fire
Maya Hansen/Natasha Romanoff, redemption, scars, understanding, stare, curls, red, fire, sin, undercover, party, got your back, thank you, please, pride, recovery, heat, control,
Maya Hansen/Pepper Potts, redemption, refuge, freckles, strands, threesome, notes, Tony, tease, grin, bright, brains, strut
Natasha Romanoff/Clint Barton/Loki Laufeyson, [any], femdom, command, bleed
Natasha Romanoff/Darcy Lewis, student, Russian, clever, fast, dirty talk
Natasha Romanoff/Girl!Clint Barton, pegging, dress, mission, comfort, warmth, recovery
Natasha Romanoff/Loki Laufeyson, pegging, bloodplay, bondage, power, femdom, time-jumping, shape-shifting, bondage
Natasha Romanoff/Maria Hill, trust, recovery, submission
Natasha Romanoff/Peggy Carter, war, enemy, flirt, mission, garters, gown, bracelet, bond, covert, impatient, kind, curls, age difference, ingenue, corrupt, play, rope, tied up, cooperation, train, ride, admire, respect, bite, scratch, red nails, lipstick, fashion, tea, champagne, thwart, negotiate, rain, car, saving the world
Natasha Romanoff/Pepper Potts, heels, boots, red, protection, details, bodyguard, heels, dance, D/s
Natasha Romanoff/Sif, power, respect, tie-up, metal, red, warrior, companion, spar, rough, cold, ballet, grace, swords, knives, blood, tactile, labels, leather, armor
Natasha Romanoff/Steve Rogers, sparring, wall, ballet, closet, hidden, gorgeous, jealous, sex tape, shower, tease, valentines day, vodka, understanding, friendship, want, comfort, trust, perseverance, vodka, dominant!Steve, spanking, humiliation, ownership, athletic, painplay
Nick Fury/Phil Coulson, anger, loss, height, leather, Lola, paperwork, holiday, coffee
Nick Fury/Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers, gift, fantasy, indulgence, truth
Nick Fury/Phil Coulson/the Cellist, tears, fixed, reunion
Odin/Frigga, peace, care, tricks
Ororo Munroe/Kurt Wagner, scars, fur, fangs, skin, heat
Peggy Carter/OFC, club, singing, grieving, discovery
Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, body worship, dance, impress, nervous, shy, trapped, Paris, dance, second chances, slow, quiet, shots, bed, stockings, on her knees, dirty letters, time-travel, reunion, last night, after the war, don't be late, red dress, uniform, boots, garters, yes ma'am, distract, conquest, victory, cunnilingus, home, adrenaline, marathon, draw me like one of your french girls, artist, hands, rain, wet, wall, tent, test, dance, mud, night flying, fondue, kiss, dance, partner, lipstick, date, Captain, gunplay
Pepper Potts/Sif, Extremis, wrestle
Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, agenda
Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, blondes, coax, drunk, satin, flashback, lost, found, idiot, slap, punch, discuss, kiss, threesome, Rhodey, Bruce, Maya, adventure, games, pegging, champagne, repairs, grounded, support, gifts, anniversary, side by side, femdom, wine, dance, little black dress, marriage, Christmas, first time, hot tub, button up shirt, beach, moving in, vacation, date night, birthday, science, paparazzi, sleeping in, "I love you", Hawaii, puzzles, politics, writing, suits, kink, sub, Rescue, voyeurism, protect
Phil Coulson/Clint Barton/Tony Stark, voyeur, cameras
Phil Coulson/Girl!Clint Barton, pegging, massage, dress, lipstick, dancing
Phil Coulson/Girl!Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, pegging, sharing
Phil Coulson/Nick Fury/James "Rhodey" Rhodes, power, time, coffee, deadline, official
Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers, big damn heroes
Sif, shower, toys, cultureshock
Sif/Fandral, annoy, benefits, sparkle, break, pegging, friends, quiet
Sif/Loki Laufeyson/Thor, burlesque, silk, honey
Sif/Steve Rogers, honor, victory, breath, pearls
Sif/Thor Odinson, [any], engagement, battle scars, bleed, celebration, impress, warrior, oral, hands, table, laugh, strawberries, naked, giggle, thighs, battle, match, distraction, diversion, family, battle, blood, injury, pregnancy, royalty, Midgard, armor, weapons, rain, hand, wrestle, dress, scream, fight, marriage, golden, rivalry
Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson, trust, fall, bathtub
Steve Rogers/Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, invitation, dominance, submission, switch, seduction, hold
Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter/Bucky Barnes, dancing
Steve Rogers/Thor Odinson, gasp, milking, muscle, secrets, sparring, laughter, fun, strength, kings, dreams, Excalibur, rough, shower, command
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, comfort, courtly, date, fast car, feed, future, old timey, shopping, stare, spill, understanding, arguments, teeth, uniform, mask, armor, drawing, sex pollen, desperate, lonely, friendship, contest, fingertips, lost soulmate found, warm, submissive Steve, belonging, prince wand, lock, trust
Thor Odinson/Clint Barton, meddler, fall, flight, perch, elves
Thor Odinson/Steve Rogers/Clint Barton, shield brothers, ale, triumph, crowded
Thor Odinson/Thor Odinson, masturbation
Tony Stark/James "Rhodey" Rhodes, history, forever, reckless, glasses, suit, hold, winter, cold, comfort, home, socks
Tony Stark/Nick Fury, edging
Tony Stark/Phil Coulson, angry, daddy, punish, comfort, information, control, line
Tony Stark/Steve Rogers/Clint Barton/Bruce Banner/Thor Odinson/Natasha Romanoff, family, breakfast, protection

Marvel Comics
Beta Ray Bill/Sif, bite, arms, ride, zero g, guffaw, stars, scuttlebutt, never
Bobbi Morse/James Rhodes/Maria Hill/Nick Fury Jr./Phil Coulson, team, rebuild, stress, release
Bobbi Morse/Natasha Romanoff, laugh, fight, mission, beach, lips, happy, touch, rain, sweet, bed, food
Bobbi Morse/Phil Coulson, smirk, blonde, orders, test
Carol Danvers/James Rhodes, challenge, Top Gun, age gap, sweat, overseas
Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew, flight, adored, impostor, window, tease, banter, flying, seduction, pleasure, desire, thrill, friendship, switch, pheromones
Carol Danvers/Steve Rogers, military hierarchy, utter trust, equality, wild abandon
Carol Danvers/Wanda Maximoff, sinking, fire, ice, goodbye, chaos, slippery, apple, evenings, loyalty, vindication
Clint Barton/Bobbi Morse, flirting, memories, shower, heat, yearning, love, honeymoon, hot tub, champagne, hearing impaired character
Clint Barton/James 'Bucky' Barnes, bottom!Clint, jealousy, angry, marking
Clint Barton/Kate Bishop, archery, hands, teasing, banter, slow, emotional, laughter, developing relationship, cunnilingus, oops, play, open-mouthed, beach
Daken Akihiro/Johnny Storm, manipulation, dark, submission, dominance, lies, blood, lick
Danny Rand/Luke Cage, unbreakable, broken, missed, resurrection, betrayal, reconciliation, table, bruises
Danny Rand/Luke Cage/Jessica Jones, competition, negotiation, fierce, possessive, collaboration, teamwork, pushy
Darla Deering/Jennifer Walters, [any], girly, lingerie, power, tussle, suit, starlight, margarita, sip, suckle, city, mischief
David Alleyne/Tommy Shepherd, speedy, flexible, sex pollen, fumbling, phone sex
Elizabeth Braddock/Fantomex, [any], bite, wine, plush, cushion, mouth, butterfly, dance, cape, hollow, grind, victory, element, pyrotechnic, sash, sudden
Elizabeth Braddock/Fantomex/Lady Fantomex, [any], one, together, zig-zag, pile, carpet, trust, venture, pegging, trial, hesitate, slacks, disguise, dare, ash, beg, curious,
Gamora/Angela, banter, irresistible, bondage, fighting, rivalry, understanding, lust
James 'Bucky' Barnes/Natasha Romanoff, dominance, permission, possession, rescue, memories, shield, hair, clothing, snow, comfort, love, kiss, desire, need, passion, respect, Moscow, shadows, synchronity, memory, blue, lies, 1969, garter belt, weaponized femininity, wisdom, an education, sex standing up, language barrier
James Rhodes/Nick Fury Jr./Phil Coulson, shenanigans, jokes, back-up, quiet, unexpected
Jennifer Walters/Scott Lang, [any], size kink, femdom, briefs, salt, easy, dress-up, sizzle, wait, unlikely
Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Scott Lang, unconventional, pregnancy, induldge, family, lust, sandwich, investigate
Johnny Storm/Peter Parker, apartment, breakfast, rooftop, swing
Misty Knight/Colleen Wing, knives, blood, dangerous, trapped, waiting, loyalty, reunion, partners, sharing, overtired
Misty Knight/Danny Rand, inexperience, hot-blooded, temper, education, stand-by, breakage
Natasha Romanoff/Elektra Natchios, [any], sharp, borders, give, cost, instinct, tangle, unaware, knuckle
Natasha Romanoff/Jessica Drew, relaxation, understanding, we carry on, atonement
Natasha Romanoff/Sharon Carter, mindwipe, truth, motel
Nick Fury Jr./Phil Coulson, memories, desert, uniform, suit
Peggy Carter/Helen Cobb, ride, secrets, flying, leather, gunpowder, quickie, hiding
Steve Rogers/Sharon Carter, white, seduction, distance
Victor von Doom/Tony Stark, armor, sparks, interface, ritual, dominance, prisoner, seduction, lackey, reluctant, power, magic, trust, ruin, engineering, oral sex, post-coital, banter, gag, party, mpreg, temptation

Masada (TV)
Lucius Flavius Silva/Sheva, surprises, meetings, visits, happiness, travel

Mass Effect
Ashley Williams/James Vega, soldiers, competitive, cunnilingus
Commander Shepard/Garrus Vakarian, loyalty, friendship, understanding, awkwardness, research, exploration, scars
Commander Shepard/Thane Krios, warm, healing, laughter, memory
EDI/Any, voice, voyeurism, lifelike
Fem!Shepard/Tali Zor'ah vas Normandy , masturbation, anatomy, toys
FemShep/Garrus Vakarian, weary, comfort, rage, xenophobia, retire
Male!Shepard/Garrus Vakarian, difference, unknown, slither, foreign, troubled, calibrations, opaque, miscommunication, longing, monstrous, alien, expectation, fetish, engine, uniform
Paragon!Male!Shepard/Kaidan Alenko, strong, control, afterwards
Tali Zor'ah vas Normandy/Commander Shepard/Garrus Vakarian, trust, familiarity, experimentation

Masters of Sex
Bill Masters/Virginia Johnson, [any], experiment, advice, mistake
Virginia Johnson/Dr. Lillian DePaul, expert, roll

Mean Girls
Cady/Janis, colors, painting, trouble
Cady/Karen, circle
Regina/Gretchen, visible panty lines
Regina/Janis, backhanded compliments
Regina/Karen, harmless
Sharon Norbury/Cady, equation, smart girls

Megamind (2010)
Megamind/Metroman, banter, witty, understand, kink, good, evil, invention, experiment, success

Men in Black
Jay/Kay, partners

Merlin (BBC)
Arthur/Gwaine, nobility, loyalty, honesty, tavern, drunk, pranks, dares, competition, training, knight, king, [any]
Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin, strength, courage, magic, tavern, drunk, sharing, knight, loyalty, inclusion, nobility, triumvirate, [any]
Arthur/Gwen, promise, jealousy, blush, magic
Arthur/Gwen/Merlin/Morgana, together, sharing, destiny, fate, harmony, [any]
Arthur/Gwen/Morgana, cuckold, cuckquean, sharing, together, solution, Camelot, rulers, harmony, incest, [any]
Arthur/Merlin, boots, armor, gloves, grass, fireside, camp, king, power, magic, role-reversal, dragon, heart, enchantment, quest, destiny, quest, return, rope, gloves, danger, revelation, confession, powerplay, submission, stocks, haunted, quiet, bathing, dressing, blue, red, riding, fear, insecurity, infidelity, risk, caught, close, shaving, shackles, cells, table, knight, servant, outside, stars, stay, jealousy, denial, last night, first, touch, modern day, joy, wish, hope, secret, dragon, lost, desperate, possessive, eager, tower, first time, rough, enchantment, glimmer, dusk, quest, forceful, confident, unsteady, chaos, [any]
Arthur/Merlin/Mordred, choices, sharing, destiny, Camlann, fate, change, Druid, jealousy, initiation, new, knight, king, servant, [any]
Arthur/Merlin/Morgana, together, sharing, magic, seduction, ritual, rulers, Camelot, cuckold, voyeurism, incest, [any]
Arthur/Mithian, marriage, princess, white, fur, hunting, games, competition, Snow White, rescue, gratitude, proper, forgiveness, [any]
Arthur/Mordred, redemption, forgiveness, Druid, betrayal, comfort, knight, king, loyalty, protection, [any]
Arthur/Morgana, role play, taboo, reunion, scandal, forbidden, memories, alternative, time, siblings, rulers, secret, creation, mount, thrones, rival, sheets, darkness, betrayal, vengeance, envy, darkness, covet, incest, family,, nostalgia, first, betrothal, death, blood, broken, hate, knight, armour, secret, lies, angst, blame, denial, rule, burn, magic, reconciliation, games, competition, hunting, swordplay, play-fighting, winning, battle, confrontation, siblings, lies, hope, children, past, memories, share, royalty, magic, Mordred, Merlin, Gwen, Avalon, eternity, love, swords, hate, future, reincarnation, control, endlessly, fall, [any]
Arthur/Sophia, enchantment, sidhe, magic, spell, water, drowning, forever, red, eyes, elope, prince, sacrifice, Avalon, [any]
Arthur/Uther, final, cure, time, teach, rub, wrath, lesson
Arthur/Vivian, destiny, chicken, perfection, enchantment, first, elope, escape, princess, blonde, silk, [any]
Elena/Vivian, princess, messy, clumsy, perfection, imperfection, Arthur, spell, true-love, HBIC, [any]
Gwaine/Merlin, drunk, tavern, apple, unrequited, angst, Arthur, knight, status, strength, duty, honour, secret, armour, nobility, [any]
Gwaine/Percival, honour, training, Arthur, adrenaline, hero, rush, sword, armour, quest, valour, death, grief, angst, pranks, size-difference, Lamia, ghosts, apple, play-fighting, cave, comfort, Morgana, [any]
Gwen/Morgana, Queens, conquer, gift, tower, lock & key, want, chains, dream
Gwen/Morgana/Morgause, triumverate, servant, lace, night, ropes
Gwen/Lancelot, infidelity, secret, hidden, caught, Arthur, elope, knight, honour, proper, captured, cells, comfort, night, rescue, nostalgia, choices, ultimatum, [any]
Gwen/Leon, young, frogs, first, impropriety, status, noble, queen, loyalty, grief, comfort, marriage, pregnancy, [any]
Gwen/Merlin, nerves, awkwardness, giggles, first, [any]
Gwen/Morgana, hair, violet, nervous, giggles, bathing, dressing, servant, mistress, lady, hands, green, silk, magic, witch, enchantment, role-reversal, dark!Gwen, powerplay, nostalgia, Stockholm-Syndrome, memories, longing, darkness, fear, danger, imperfections, denial, nightmares, soothing, death, caged, domme, dagger, ropes, ribbons, bondage, [any]
Gwen/Uther, servant, ownership, king, pet, slave, collaring, [any]
Kara/Mordred, young, first, Druid, goodbyes, imprisoned, cells, sunlight, woods, fireside, hurt, comfort, knight, [any]
Kara/Morgana, recruit, lured, magic, darkness, promises, Mordred, loss, comfort, brainwashing, conviction, [any]
Merlin/Arthur, crown, robe, fire, smoke, kneel, jeweled, sword, wine, drugged, lips,faint, strain, mine, slave, hurt
Merlin/Lancelot, touch, hidden, secret, camp, firelight, quest, hall, yearning, grief, loss, rose, lance, armor, sword, smile, danger, magic, first, flexible, outdoor
Merlin/Mordred, suspicion, betrayal, dark!Merlin, Druid, tattoo, darkness, death, Arthur, deception, trust, knight, magic, telepathy, secrets, lies, confrontation, promises, guilt, death, choices, destiny, Camlann, powerplay, what-if, [any]
Merlin/Mordred/Morgana, magic, dark!Merlin, redemption, betrayal, trust, power, dominance, powerplay, submission, darkness, ritual, Druid, spell, enchantment, destiny, Old-Religion, sacrifice, altar, worship, [any]
Merlin/Morgana, fuck, hate, immortal, darkness, light, destiny, doom, death, redemption, magic, sharing, differences, trust, betrayal, dark!Merlin, secrets, lies, confession, nostalgia, history, capture, powerplay, revenge, Emrys, servant, lady, deception, impropriety, status, power, what-if, [any]
Merlin/Nimueh, magic, distrust, dark!Merlin, power, rain, fire, voyeurism, darkness, revenge, sides, [any]
Merlin/Uther, seduction, bedmate, warmth, right, sample, bite
Merlin/Will, young, first, nostalgia, leaving, last-chance, goodbyes, death, mourning, magic, secret, caught, heartbreak, angst, nobility, status, woods, Ealdor, [any]
Mordred/Any Male(s), prostitute, credits, alley, knees, car, stretch, gloves, pain, cry, hurt, break, leather, pirate, crystal, sideshow, thief, gun, diamond
Morgana/Arthur, wrong, hate, beautiful, ours, kingdom, ring, crown, throne, bury
Morgana/Morgause, sisters, press, skin, slick, prove, loyalties, consort
Morgana/Uther, provide, give, seed, bound, pale
Morgana/Morgause, sisters, learning, new, magic, Old-Religion, priestess, sacrifice, spells, enchantment, encouragement, power, greed, incest, bracelet, nightmares, belonging, loyalty, strength, magic, lust, sister, swords, chain mail, lace, my Queen, [any]
Morgana/Morgause/Nimueh, magic, Old-Religion, priestess, binding, ritual, death, life, nature, learning, power, [any]
Morgana/Sophia, distrust, nightmares, fear, battle, magic, sidhe, power, jealousy, HBICs, [any]
Morgana/Uther, incest, daddy!kink, belonging, love-hate, revenge, hate!sex, breeding!kink [any]
Morgana/Vivian, magic, enchantment, Arthur, jealousy, perfection, light, darkness, HBICs, [any]
Nimueh/Uther/Ygraine, magic, witness, spell, ritual, pregnancy, conception, [any]
Nimueh/Ygraine, infidelity, secret, magic, spell, barren, life, death, mourning, blame, power, Uther, Arthur, pregnancy, dangerous, priestess, [any]

Merrily We Roll Along – Sondheim/Furth
Charley Kringas/Franklin Shepard/Mary Flynn, Pulitzer, balcony, semaphore, legerdemain, atrophy, sortes, paramount

Metal Gear
The Joy/The Sorrow, affirmation, loss, scar, outdone, glasses
Mistral/Raiden, clash, crude, cybernetics, damaged, mocking, nimble

Nathan Explosion/Abigail Remeltindrinc/Pickles the Drummer, inspiration, vocalization, tequila
Nathan Explosion/Abigail Remeltindrinc, rust, oral, payback, perform, together
Pickles the Drummer/Charles Offdensen, sobriety, voice, drugged, fan, secret, awkward

Midnight Cowboy
Rizzo/Joe, fag

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Tommy/Kimberly, [any], first, date, phone call, racing, chase, trust, love, forever, power, flight, ninjas, crane, falcon, future

Millennium Trilogy – All Media Types
Mikael Blomkvist/Lisbeth Salander, fight, surrender, embrace
Mikael/Blomkvist/Erika Berger, safe haven

Steve/Female Villager, trade, alone, survival, travel, construction

Minority Report (2002)
Agatha/John Anderton, fierce, loyalty, knit, pool, home, howl, paint, settle

Miranda/Gary, kitchen, fruit friends, karaoke, pull out sofa, joke shop, park, spontaneity, planned, slow, apologies, making up, make up, AU, firm, commitment, strangers on a train, al fresco, alpha male, clubbing, voyeurism, student life
Miranda/Gary/Tamara, lessons, show-and-tell, preferences, how-to, interruption, divorce, marriage, clubbing, dancing

Alisha Bailey, fear, nostalgia, shower
Alisha Bailey/Simon Bellamy, ashes, camera, dirty, eyes, gloves, heat, heroine, legs, knickers, last, lollipop, quick, shaking, sheets, skinny-dipping, slit, smart, something, spread, sticky, strip, stroke, weird, wet, rooftop, watching, bubble bath, Forever, soft, bra, giggle, wine coolers, kiss, pigtails, on her knees, camera, history, London, remember, gasp, public place, thighs, leather, milkshake, rewritten memories, "I love you", first love, last kiss, simpler times, outdoors, rooftop, ice cream, fast, costumes, Halloween, New Year's Eve, lip gloss, cleavage, margaritas, bruise, role play, need, apocalypse, whiskey, chocolate, bikini,skinny-dipping
Jess/Rudy Wade, bedroom, car, dare, dark, dirty, handcuffs, hard, ink, liquor, memory, oral, orgasm, payback, revelation, roof, skirt, storm, suit, surprise, throat, tight, time, trust

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Albert "Bert" Johnson/Cecil "Cec" Yates, mates, trust, comfort
Albert "Bert" Johnson/Jack Robinson, swear, fight, control
Dorothy "Dot" Williams/(Phryne Fisher), eavesdropping, masturbation
Hugh Collins/Dorothy "Dot" Williams, virgin, rough, modern, premarital, courage
Hugh Collins/Jack Robinson, orders, superior, training, undercover, touch, close
Hugh Collins/Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson, fan-dance
Hugh Collins/Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson/Dorothy "Dot" Williams, instructional, sharing, fondness
Jack Robinson/Phryne Fisher, door, handcuffs, water, gloves, champagne, delay, satin, red, surreptitious, disarmed
Lin Chung/Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson, tentative, driven, experiment, tired, silky, expanse, wine, dance, danger
Phryne Fisher/Albert "Bert" Johnson, protect, dirty, bite
Phryne Fisher/Albert "Bert" Johnson/Cecil "Cec" Yates, marked, rough
Phryne Fisher/Albert "Bert" Johnson/Jack Robinson, one-up, contest
Phryne Fisher/Albert "Bert" Johnson/Jack Robinson/Cecil "Cec" Yates, undercover, brothel, protect
Phryne Fisher/Dorothy "Dot" Williams, virgin, premarital, education, lesson, companion, vice, Hail Mary, war bride
Phryne Fisher/Dr Elizabeth "Mac" MacMillan/Jack Robinson, dare, wild, voyeurism, sappho, tease
Phryne Fisher/Elizabeth "Mac" Macmillan, genderplay, cocaine, silk, feathers, cocaine, clever, hats, adventure, mystery, lipstick, driving, thigh, sappho, experimental, friendship, hedonist, pragmatist, club, holiday, fan, roaring twenties, trenches
Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson, blood, cunnilingus, smile, champagne, party, fan, dance, picnic, skinnydip, sheets, drugged, drunk, exposed, laugh, exhibitionist, rush, holiday, dancing, beach, tattoo, public, traveling, car, cold, fire, voyeur, masturbate, taste, pegging, oral, heel, checkers, snap, space, flight, wine
Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson/Dorothy "Dot" Williams, teach, care, virgin

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Delysia Lafosse/Guinevere, masks
Michael Pardue/Delysia Lafosse, unpolished, Grubb, intentions, fedora, pianist, fingers, hatbox

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)
William Brandt/Ethan Hunt, trust, danger, gunfight, impervious, enigmatic
William Brandt/Jane Carter, surprise, progress, recovery, belief

Vin/Elend Venture - empire, mist, burn, hero, rebellion, waltz, bath, relaxation

Mob City
Joe/Ned, angry, fixer, tie, holster, blood, war, restroom

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Duo/Hilde, whisper, free fall, sass, passionate
Heero/Relena, secret visit, shy, wedding dress, heartbeat, eyes, skin

Moby Dick – Herman Melville
Ishmael/Queequeg, adrift, tattoos, forgiveness, chowder, warmth, first, education, silent

Mockingbird Lane
Marilyn Munster, make-up, school, dress, car, bondage, casual, sport, wig

Modern Family
Alex/Gloria, questions
Alex/Haley, denial
Alex/Mackenzie, mean girls
Claire/Gloria, sexy underwear
Dylan/Phil, dancing, edging, teacher, cool dad
Manny/Luke, cosmopolitan
Mitchell Pritchett/Phil Dunphy, boxes, driving, toys

Modesty Blaise
Modesty Blaise/Any Female, languid, [any]

Mojo – Jez Butterworth
Baby/Skinny, jukebox, cutlass, cheating, grabbing, cloakroom, [any]
Potts/Sweets, cake, ice cream, Margate, pills, [any]

Mona Lisa Smile
Giselle/Katherine, smokescreen
Nancy/Amanda, decorum

Monster High
Abbey/Frankie, misunderstanding, grinding, horny, teenagers, electrifying, sense play
Clawdeen/Toralei, rivals, cats, dogs, scratching, biting, wild, sudden, awkward Monster High Spectra/Operetta, voyeur, masturbation, music, dirty talk

Monster Hunter International – Larry Correia
Earl Harbinger/Heather Kerkonen, moonlight, pine, fireplace, bearskin

Josef/Mick, dangerous, history, limo, grace, turned, sired, fangs, bond, guilty, forgiveness, possessive, desired, needed, firsts, knees, consummated, kiss, slow, please, pleas
Mick/Beth, devilish, beast, handcuffs, turning, sun, desert, water, not so different, child, fang
Mick/Beth/Josef, training

Maddie Hayes/David Addison, argument, lipstick, kneel

Moral Orel
Clay/Reverend Putty, I hate my boss
Doughey/Mr. Creepler, attention
Orel/Clay, belt, commandment
Orel/Doughy, Leviticus
Shapey/Block, storm

Mordant's Need Series – Stephen R. Donaldson
Castellan Lebbick/Terisa Morgan, understanding, peace, experience
Terisa Morgan/Geraden, undue, fever, justification, glass

Mother | EarthBound Zero
Geigue/Ninten, abduction, loneliness, fear
Ninten/Ana, hat, silence, waltz, hail, mountain
Ninten/Loid, bottle rocket, chemistry, courage, key, zoo
Pippi/Ana, snow, mittens, candy
Pippi/Loid, stockings, freckles, geeky
Teddy/Loid, underestimate, streetsmart, shades

Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushuu | EarthBound
Jeff Andonuts/Tony, graduation, snow, uniforms, cocoa, glasses
Ness/Paula Polestar, pink, lesson, bench, escort, trapped
Ness/Paula Polestar/Jeff Andonuts/Poo, tangled, bond, melodies
Ness/Poo, obedience, beach, clouds, training, sword
Poo/Paula Polestar, luxury, manners, dance, PSI, zen

Mother 3
Kumatora/Duster, band, waitress, hot spring, Tanetane, renewal

Abraham Kane/Red, initiative, convenience, leash, patronize, disgust, wreck, misdirected anger, substitution, means to an end, rentboy au, consequences
Abraham Kane/Red/Mike Chilton, methods, victory, ownership, resistance, training, obey, bruises, comparisons, show, trophy
Red/Mike Chilton, outmaneuver, crash, adrenaline, mercurial, tension, corrosive, antagonize, flirtation, fantasies, haunt, tease, reckless, repairs, sex pollen, spark

Moulin Rouge!
Christian/Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, absinthe, prostitution, costume, rehearsal, backstage, unconscious, requited, unrequited, huge talent

Much Ado About Nothing – All Media Types
Beatrice/Benedick, [any], strange, voice, wonder, joust, trippingly, speech, arrow

Much Ado About Nothing (2012)
Leonato/Don Pedro, wine, laughter, battle, celebration, breakfast

Murder in Suburbia
Ash/Scribbs, my rules, discipline, lose control, beach, mother in law, wedding rules, honeymoon, suspect, Sullivan

Murdoch Mysteries
William Murdoch/James Pendrick, lure, walk, stumble, confession, hidden, creative
William Murdoch/Julia Ogden, trip, train, quiet, exhausted, edge, slow, discreet
William Murdoch/Julia Ogden/James Pendrick, playful, loud, rope, laugh, surprised

My Beautiful Laundrette (1985)
Omar Ali/Johnny Burfoot, wet, regret, college, school, silent, mattress, taking, equals, survive, old, out, forever

My Boys
P.J. Franklin/Brendan Dorff, poker, college, seduce

My Hero
George/Janet, bum, hearts, two, where?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Human!Discord/Human!Fluttershy, naughty, animals, submissive, mischievous, crazy, trolling
Human!Discord/Human!Nightmare Moon, alliances, bloody, crown, tentacles, victory
Human!Discord/Human!Princess Luna, bound, defeated, tentacles, thorns, vengeance

My Mad Fat Diary
Chloe Harris/Finn Nelson, mistake, nail-polish, ponytail, scrape
Finn Nelson/Rae Earl, backseat, bounce, closet, cunnilingus, finger, fumble, giggle, grope, kiss, mixtape, premature, stutter, tits, trace, wasted, words

My Name Is Bruce
"Bruce Campbell"/Kelly Graham, hayloft, simple, adjustment, experience, bite

My Name Is Nobody
Nobody/Jack Beauregard, reunion, grin, secret, joker

My So-Called Life
Angela Chase/Jordan Catalano, clouds, hair, pressure, wrist
Angela Chase/Rayanne Graff, beautiful, hurt, red, socks, color, [any]
Brian Krakow/Rayanne Graff, bananas, basement, chemistry, joke, munchies, pancakes, panties, pull, shaving, slut, stubble, sweater
Rayanne Graff/Sharon Cherski, haha, movies, sexy, really

My Summer of Love
Tamsin/Sadie, storytelling

Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Joel Robinson/Mike Nelson, explorers, stillstore, gossip, sketch, observation, round the world

Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene
Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson, shower, ocean, hidden, voyeur, shadow, open, tender, bite, teaching, adrenaline, midnight, trouble, hands, ache, tease, Chicago, clothed sex, haste, candles, isolated

Hatake Kakashi/Might Guy, shiver, trust, comfort, hatred, balance, weapon, ice, envy, creature, undertow, misunderstanding, mortality, support, love, frozen, desire, shift, change, burn, slow, untouchable, future, heartbreak, masquerade
Ino/Sakura, fight, strength, win, callous, sharp, breakthrough, temptation, arrogance, study, ugly, intelligence
Neji/Tenten, perseverance, sarcasm, shoulder, tears, defiance, pride
Shizune/Tsunade, nag, serve, drink, heal, rescue, master, return, lost, wisdom, solace
Tenten/Temari, desert, scowl, diversion, shy, embarrassment, tickle, tear, mimic, lover, jealousy, sigh, ambition, chain, blade, photo, bikini, beach, blink, competition
Yamato/Hatake Kakashi/Might Guy, gone, magnanimous, share, hierarchy, withdrawal, control, loss, teacher, forest, nature
Yamato/Might Guy, superiority, challenge, brave, somber, careful, hindsight, temper

Nashville (TV)
Avery Barkely/Juliette Barnes, music, hipster, serenade, chord, midriff, third-time, unequivocal, beauty, hope, fortitude, any, advice, bed, bittersweet, duet, fingers, haircut, hands, harmony, impossible, love, plane, raw, sometimes, wait, why, , desperation, groping, starstruck, , need, fingering, worship, service, tease
Avery Barkely/JT, envy, friendship, punishing, desperation
Gunner Scott/Will Lexington, AU, bar, lovemaking, first-time, roommates, bonfire, ubiquitous, tour bus, fame, closet, harbor, hat, saddle, sunglasses, wrecked, effect, fiery, partners, any
Juliette Barnes/Deacon Claybourne, forgiveness, family, guitar, duet, garden, mirror, jellybean

Natsume Yuujinchou
Madara/Natsume Takashi, ancient, power, sweet, hunger, foolish, lie, charming, snake, recoil, lazy, fur, soft, fragile, provoke, wrath, protection, transform, girl, protection, charmed, drunk, beloved, bound
Matoba Seiji/Natori Shuuiichi, exorcism, human, youkai, snare, childhood, distrust, cruelty, sly, shibari, formality, politics, favors, mutual, bloodplay, breathplay, ritual

Abby Sciuto/Anthony DiNozzo, Domme, collar, short skirts, knee socks, smile, oral, kneel, kisses
Abby Sciuto/Anthony DiNozzo/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, electricity, subs, sir, cared, boss, gruff, love, caress, lucky
Abby Sciuto/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, art, domesticity, vanilla, rules, brush, flower, grind, music, trust, whisper, protect, collar, dress-up, rules, skill, domestic, tied, plaid, pinch, boat, vacation, tremble, yearn, heal, time, years, collar, grief, comfort, need, scared, sacred, help, hope, ideal, listen, silence, today, tomorrow, grain, lab, fear, comfort, family, memory, cherish, future
Abby Sciuto/Timothy McGee, coding, texting, phone sex, pet names, positions, reignite
Abby Scuito/Ziva David, flirty, gunplay
Anthony DiNozzo/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, hazard, headslap, boat, orange, woodwork, trust, approval, smile, films, hot, boat, soothe, restrain, sleep late, subspace, kneel, firelight, snuggle, safety
Anthony DiNozzo/Jimmy Palmer, scars, doctor, love, compassion, understanding, seduction, thrust
Anthony DiNozzo/Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Timothy McGee, surprised, stable, loved, bed, desk, spoil, need
Anthony DiNozzo/Timothy McGee, flirting, films, cramped, quarters, boat, snowed in, boss, protect, devotion, badge, banter, drink, frown, joke, lie, trophy, tease, vicious, loud, light, keep, avoid
Ellie Bishop/any, food, cerebral
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Timothy McGee, tie, files, flies, coffee, chocolate, games, survivor's guilt, grief, boat, trees, paint
Timothy McGee/Ziva David, anal, curiosity
Timothy McGee/Ziva David/Jimmy Palmer, surprise, nerds, distraction
Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David, anal, need, trust, long, matched, careful, sliver, uncertain, skin, pressure, vacation, struggle, remembrance, heart, heat, reunion, sharp, memory, dig, breath, remember, trip, body, language, miss you, always, forgive, very special agents, fall, here, why, passion, guns, pregnancy, Foreign Tongue control, wild
Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, comfort, dp, loved
Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David/Timothy McGee, sharing, dp, first time

NCIS: Los Angeles
G Callen/Kensi Blye, name
Marty Deeks/Kensi Blye, dark, copy machine, whisky, beach, fight, sunshine, together, cronut, lake, couch, hot, creepy, handcuffs, sniper, tattoo, crimson, chocolate, twinkies, birthday, vulnerability, partners, reunion, tender, midnight, undercover, jealousy, their thing, ocean, sweet, trust, truth, time, text, darling, obsession, explosion, want, wet, lace, table, sun, smile, challenge, flowers, high-heels, lost, scars, love, memories, red, lace, surfing, bikini, pants, LAPD, cars, scar
Eric Beale/Marty Deeks, fun, movies, games, flirty, smiles, bed, glasses, shorts
G Callen/Nell Jones, computer, virus, swift, training, touch, tongues, undercover, daring, mystery, training
G. Callen/Kensi Blye, partner, undercover, hands, fingers, vulnerability, riding, nipple
G. Callen/Marty Deeks, banter, smile, tease, hair-pulling/gripping, eyes, opening up
Sam Hana/G Callen, Callen's house, cocky, exhibitionism, capitulate, fire, experimentation, discipline, Romania, reunion, shower, scars, busted, massage, control, obey, exhausted, protective, bossy, evaluate, under, table, arms, hold down, cry, show, fear, honest, intimate, love, together, commit

Summer/Natasha,party,first time,comfort,friends,jealousy

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Kaworu/Shinji, time, depression, breathing, lonely, music, angels

Nero Wolfe - Rex Stout
Archie Goodwin/Lily Rowan, hats, ties, dancing, guns, orchids
Archie Goodwin/Saul Panzer, suit, tie, splash, skid, drive, fall

New Girl
Cece Parekh/Nick Miller, bar, loser, oops, tequila, waste, unexpected
Cece Parekh/Winston Bishop, deep, dancing, cat, pegging
Cece Parekh/Mick Jagger, memorable
CeCe Parekh/Schmidt, beautiful, reconcile, banter
Coach/Winston Bishop, competitive, baking, basketball, cocktail
Jess Day/Nick Miller, furniture, revelation, hood, lunges, vodka, aliases, roleplay, choke, genderswap, do, missing, night club, shoes, oral, tied, panties, surprise, texting, dressed, carried
Jess Day/Winston Bishop, Pleasuretown, lingerie, bubbles
Jess Day/Nick Miller/Schmidt, birthday, double penetration, pancakes, pegging, pregnancy, blowjobs
Jess Day/Cece Parekh, virgin
Jess Day/Dr. Sam, loud, shaving
Nick Miller/Angie, best
Nick Miller/Schmidt, camping, tradition, stubble, telepathy
Schmidt/Elizabeth, vibrator, new
Winston/Nick Miller, penis-fights

New Tricks
Esther Lane/Sandra Pullman, salsa, secrets, remodel
Sandra Pullman/Gerry Standing, food, couch, salsa, new tricks
Sandra Pullman/OFC, old men, change of pace, United Nations, criminals

Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant
Georgia Mason/Rebecca "Becks" Atherton, [any]
Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason, self-reinvention, impulse, bedtime stories, camera angles, frottage, body worship, comfort, like you're in my head, mirrors, homework, stakeout, toys, creative, forced orgasms, fear/thrill of discovery, now you see me, storms, taste, hotels
Magdalene Grace Garcia/Dave Novakowski, long distance, almost in love, movie night, playmates

Night Court
Dan Fielding/Christine Sullivan, list, playtime, pet, scandal, do-gooder

Night of the Living Dead (1990)
Ben/Barbara, [any], AU, alive, rest, shotgun, pants, past, strangers, travel, wounds, protect, truck, living, cold, nap, blankets, cuddle, stress, scared, crying, hug, heart

Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Skelligton/Sally, any, thirst, holiday, vacation, bones, soft, cloth, wet, mystery, fog

Nikita (TV 2010)
Alex Udinov/Seymour Birkhoff, observation, cybersex, vibrator
Alex Udinov/Seymour Birkhoff/Cyrus, victory, swagger, confined
Alex Udinov/Cyrus, guns, desperation, deal
Alexandra Udinov/Sam, dinner, foreplay, promise
Seymour Birkhoff/Michael Bishop, undercover, substitute, lonely, friendship, desire
Seymour Birkhoff/Michael Bishop/Nikita Mears, undercover, roommates, relax, first, teaching
Michael Bishop/Alex Udinov, [any], fuck or die, mission, training, drugs, hug, trust, lies, blood, guns, knives, scars, past, pregnant, secret, hope, survive, loss, plans, touch, run, hide, kiss, date, red, Russia, future, tattoos
Michael Bishop/Alex Udinov/Nikita Mears, [any], laughter, AU, family, blankets, teasing, baby, secret, past, sleepy, watchful, mission
Michael Bishop/Alex Udinov/Owen Elliott, [any], share, lost, outsider, jealous, rescue, men, princess, money, family, children, fight, hope, bed, sleepy, sweet, cooking
Michael Bishop/Nikita Mears, honeymoon, locks, partners, voyeur, tempt, straddle, coms
Nikita Mears/Alex Udinov, [any], mentor, here, relapse, help, need, trust, embrace, sweet, gifts, follow, anywhere, target, anger, protect, regret
Nikita Mears/Cyrus, mission, pinned, cuffed, diversion
Owen Elliott/Alex Udinov, [any], butterfly, chances, survive, kevlar, bullets, addiction, need, help, dinner, airplane, bodyguard, princess
Owen Elliott/Nikita Mears, [any], trust, breakfast, need, Amanda, lies, taken, bloodshed, scars, tattoos, impatiant, waiting, quick, partners, smile, truth, swim, naked
Ryan Fletcher/Nikita Mears, [any], death, truth, hero, hallucination, love, heart, Division, partners, desk!sex, slow, snow, smile, kiss, worthy, alive, memory, family
Ryan Fletcher/Nikita Mears/Owen Elliott, [any], rush, temper, agents, boss, antsy, energy, protect, trust, friendship, downtime, Amanda, memory, intelligence, past, regret
Seymour Birkhoff/Sonya, nerdgasm
Sonya/Alexandra Udinov, unexpected, overseas, forgery, loyalties, jealousy

Ridley Lange/Vanessa Bartholomew, apology, hate, real, rough, unrequited, withdrawn

No Quarter - Polly Stenham
Arlo/Robin, prince, lost, third

Mireille Bouquet/Yuumura Kirika, trust, fear, guns, bed

Yuki/Hiyori Iki, snow, blush, nape, neck, dirty, thoughts, spar, wrestling, tail, silhouettes

Norse Mythology
Angrboda/Loki/Sigyn, triumvirate, magic, shapeshift, children, race, rebirth, loyalty, Tricksters,
Baldr/Freyr, sun, growth, green, musk, secret, breeding, stag, elves, Vanir knowledge, sex pollen
Baldr/Freyr/Freyja, sun, siblings, growth, seduction, virility, gender play, breeding, mystery, Vanir knowledge, sex pollen
Baldr/Loki, golden boy, popular, trick, humiliation, reversal, mistletoe, body hair, facial hair
Baldr/Thor, boisterous, brothers, wrestle, laughing, thunder, rough, body hair, facial hair, muscles, heroes
Freyja/Dwarves, necklace, gold, price, humiliation
Freyja/Freyr, hidden, time, love, pleasure, cloak
Loki/Odin, shape, family, birth
Loki/Sif, gold, affair, sly, secret, whisper, fertile
Loki/Sigyn, snake, loyalty, earthquake, agony, comfort, end

North and South – All Media Types
Margaret Hale/John Thornton, modern AU, pegging, slow burn, riding, laughter, rape fantasy, sleeping in, masquerade, valentine

North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell
Margaret Hale/John Thornton, married, first, kiss, any, snow, hell, platform, stays, fire, Plato, exhibition.

North and South (UK TV)
John Thorton/Margaret Hale, tender, careful, fluff, feelings, soot, stolen

Northanger Abbey – All Media Types
Catherine Morland/Eleanor Tilney, sister, quiet, sooth, sorry, guilt, tyrant, wise,
Catherine Morland/Henry Tilney, gothic, read, write, bridle, riding crop, furtive, pulpit, learn,
Catherine Morland/Isabella Thorpe, read, scandal, learn, pictures, book, sneak, tempt, cross-dressing, somehow managing to have undetected sex while other people are in the room.

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
Catherine Morland/Henry Tilney, vampires, midnight, eerie, bookmark, coffin, thrill, candle, laces, muslin, scribbles
General Tilney/Catherine, caught, spanking

Northanger Abbey (2007)
Catherine Morland/Henry Tilney, assertive, knowledgeable, passion, fondness, taste, extraordinary, sweetness, siblings

Notes From the Garden of Lilies
Fujiwara Misono/Kurashiki Yuri, body swap, drawing, class, home

Now You See Me
Alma Dray/Dylan Rhodes, any, happy, future, domestic, magic
J. Daniel Atlas/Dylan Rhodes, smartest, banter, smirk, magic, handcuffs, sheets
J. Daniel Atlas/Henley Reeves, escape, illusion, tarot, team

Billy Cooper/Charlie Eppes, reunion, shower, home, curls, cook
Billy Cooper/Don Eppes, partner, trust, jeans, smile, laughter lines, teasing, banter, flirt
Charlie Eppes/Colby Granger, protective, smart, challenging, fun, muscles,
Charlie Eppes/Colby Granger/Don Eppes, brothers, differences, nervous, middle, double
Charlie Eppes/Don Eppes, brothers, closeness, bond, curls, treasure trail, suck
Charlie Eppes/Don Eppes, forgiveness, uncertainty, derailed, mischief, surprise, untenable, reason, simple, chaos, protective, shatter, first
Colby Granger/David Sinclair, compromise, tie, rope, beer, stroke, wish, denim, day off, bullet, spark, car, plane, trip, city, country, farm, horse, hero
Numb3rs, Colby Granger/Don Eppes, blue jeans, ass, tracking, armpit, ice, submission, shaving

Nurse Jackie
Jackie Peyton/Eleanor O'Hara, love, soulmate, betrayal, craving, addicted, shadow, secrets, balance, light, dark, exposed, embrace
Zoey Barkow/Eleanor O'Hara, crush, laughter, gurney, Louboutins

Edie Miller/Mike Antonioni, London, flat, oasis

Jack/Julia, reunion, memory, cabin, mission, zero-g

Ocean's Eleven
Linus Caldwell/Rusty Ryan, inexperience, food, shy, listening, chest, lips, rush, gorgeous, tender, touch, confidence, smile, steal

October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire
Chelsea Ames/Gillian, education, extraordinary, fairytale, hands, learning, magic, nail, novel, playful, pillow, pride, routine, tree
October Daye/Tybalt, dance, genderswap, observation, playful, purr, pride, prison, roulette, routine, search, stars, supplies, swimming
Quentin/Gillian, blood, playful, stolen
Quentin/Katie, day, forever, innocence, playful
Quentin/Raj, future, past, playful, present, princes, claws, hair, spar, laughter, heard
Tybalt/October, sleep, safe, coffee, water

OFF (Game)
any/any, purification, blow, right, tragedy, lie, alienate, redemption, empty, raze
Dedan/The Batter, violence, dictatorship, dirty talk
The Batter/Vader Eloha | The Queen, hatred, sorrow
The Batter/Zacharie, bargain, mask
The Batter/Zacharie/Vader Eloha | The Queen, tentacles, teeth, add-ons, credits, kill-switch
Zacharie/The Batter/(You), knowledge, excitement, speak, curiosity, puppet

Off the Map
Lily/Ryan, heat
Mina/Ryan, power of attorney, heart, sweat

Apprentice Ivan/The Xoan Ambassador Sandoval, negotiation, coercion, seduction
Greir the mercenary/bridge keeper ('sad tosser'), mercy, pleasure, surprise, roses
Greir the mercenary/Snow Queen, spring, happiness, joy, mutual, return, consort, shiver, summer, strap-on, toy, enchant, thaw, blush, pink
Ivan/Mistress, slave, bonds, tied-up, pleasure
Ivan/Sandoval, pet, tattle, treaty, romance, poison
Navaan the vampire, fake-deaths, bounce, wheeee!, tea
Navaan the vampire/Any, heal, blood, worse, catastrophe
Sandoval the Xoan ambassador/any, obsession, teasing

Oldboy (2003)
Lee Soo-ah/Lee Woo-jin, bed sharing, behind their backs, body worship, breasts, cunnilingus, curiosity, don't let go, eat out, first kiss, first time, hips, mirrors, nipple, school, sneak around, sweet, regret, runaway, tentative, underwear

Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
Benjamin Asher/Mike Banning, 2nd term, bodyguard, hero, kiss long-standing desire, Oval Office, shame, training, window, unrequited, protect, secret, tuxedo,
Mike Banning/Benjamin Asher/Maggie Asher, hers, hidden

Once Upon a Mattress
Sir Harry/Lady Larken, honeymoon, Normandy, spring, before Winnifred, soft
Winnifred of the Woebegone/Prince Dauntless: woken, delicate, swim, consummate

Once Upon a Time (TV)
(Cinder)Ella/Thomas, first glance, ball, dress, dance, song, glass
Archie/Regina, change, love?, temptation, conscience
Aurora/Mulan, fairy tale, truth, spell, AU, kiss, heart, fealty, bond, gone, journey, kind, royal, sweet, armor, bondage, sweat, kneel, partner, gender, culture, desecrate, poker face, thorns, top sub, rest in peace, indifferent, don't think of me, storm, shelter, remember, fingerprints, grasp, trembling hands, whisper, strength, comfort, tired, sweet, hungry, smile, magic
Aurora/Mulan/Phillip, triad, strength, Royalty, unexpected,
Baelfire | Neal Cassidy/Emma Swan, family, Neverland, Tallahassee, at last, bonnie, drunk, duvet, crime, family, fingers, happy ending, hope, real, smoking, socks, snuggling, together, vow, reunion, alluring, marriage, found, thieves, criminal, I love you, tease, banter, kiss, shelter, freeze, first, home, forever ago
Belle French/Ruby Lucas, bathroom, bite, broken, cage, dominance, hunt, lick, scent, taste, touch, training, wolf, chains
Belle/Rumpelstiltskin|Mr Gold, relentless, petals, journey, silk, beach, obvious, home, darkness, curious, treasure
Captain Hook | Killian Jones/Evil Queen | Regina Mills, red, ocean, bind, scarf, home, suits
Captain Hook | Killian Jones/Tinker Bell, forest, magic, lost, green, wish
Captain Hook/Emma Swan, couch, pancakes, leather, defiance, wild, battle, kiss, crush, lost, swords, wounds, craving, seduction, toys, touch, tattoo, shock, wanking
Cora Mills/Rumpelstiltskin, tower, gold, hurt, covert, helpful, love, loss, heart, apprentice, magic
David/Kathryn/Mary, date, dinner, popcorn, relaxed, cuddles, kisses, firelight
Dr Whale/Ruby, colour, time, blood
Emma Swan/Killian Jones/Tinkerbell, domination, games, belief
Emma Swan/Ruby Lucas, hunt, prey, taste
Emma Swan/August Booth, lover
Emma Swan/Graham Humbert, kiss, memories, socks, station, desk, jackets, jail cell, crushed, reincarnation, forest, secret, future, save, royalty, curse, broken, cured, kisses, heart, belonging, handcuffs, nature, forest, magic, heartbeat, entwined, soul, scars, whisper, promise, forever, cabin, fear, joy, reunion, leather, dirt, sweat, river, campfire
Emma Swan/Graham Humbert/Regina Mills, slap, fist, kiss, between
Evil Queen Regina Mills/The Woodcutter (Hansel & Gretel's father), caught, bound, entice, furious
Evil Queen|Regina Mills/Emma Swan, slipper, chores, wind
Jefferson|Mad Hatter/Whale|Frankenstein, stuck, experiment, jump, memories, magic, science
Mary Margaret|Snow White/Whale|Frankenstein, honesty, pure, experiment, heart, suck
Mulan/Emma, innocence, knights, outdoors, rough edges, muscle
Mulan/Rapunzel, bitter, fool me once
Prince "Charming" James (David Nolan)/Snow White (Mary Margaret Blanchard), trust, found you, challenge, always
Prince Charming | David Nolan/Regina Mills | Evil Queen, hatred, evil, sin, betrayal, spell, blood, chains, wrong, unholy union, Stockholm Syndrome, rivals, passion, bewitched, bondage, dubious consent, femdom, prisoner, slave
Prince James (Prince Charming | David)/Captain Hook (Killian Jones), bitter, protect, bondage, hold, smile, rum, threat, overpower
Regina Mills/David Nolan, [any], cursed, numb, icy, rancor, fuck-or-die
Regina Mills/Emma Swan, mentor, magic, connection, fairytaleland, wonderland, appletinis, backyard, fireplace, dinner, sharing, shower, inn, cell
Regina Mills/Killain Jones, mischief, danger, sin, wickedness, bondage, amputee fetish, magic, submission, ocean, rough, fool, queen, servant, adventurous
Regina Mills/Robin Hood, hate, words, chance
Regina Mills/Ruby, walk, docks, toys, tongue, diner
Regina Mills/Snow White, terms, power, bare, choke
Regina Mills/Tinkerbell, angry, bed, caged, exhaustion, expectations, forgiveness, heart, magic, mayor, ocean, pleading, choice, sharing, pressure, wings
Ruby Lucas/Dr. Whale, Monster, Hunger, Relation, Trust, Red, Scarlett, Soft, Howl
Ruby Lucas/Graham Humbert, once upon a time, hunt, wolf, knickers, basket, new, at last, remember, kindred, tongue, red
Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)/Captain Hook (Killian Jones), beg, hard and fast, angry
Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)/Prince Phillip, true loves kiss, deep, bite, together
Ursula/Ariel, goddess, statue, slighted, wrath, mermaid mine, creator, restoration, negotiation

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (TV)
Alice/Cyrus, bathe, Victorian, splendor, grass, gender roles,
Alice/Knave of Hearts | Will Scarlet, wishes, shadows, fight, heart, grip, water, fire, flower, darkness, hug, freedom, home, longing, perfection, throat, lips, fight, hiding, truth, hearts, betrayal, fate, second, beloved, travel, honest
Anastasia/Will, escape, leap of faith, reunion,

Ondine/Syracuse, selkie, myth, truth, family, linger, cottage, swim, sing, enchant

One Life To Live
Blair/Tea, hate sex, rimming
Cutter/Natalie, anal, dirty dancing, facial, tit fuck
Danni/Destiny, dancing, drugs, experimenting
Danni/Michelle, anal, hate sex, insults, liar
Jessica/Natalie, alters, rimming

One Piece
Coby/Helmeppo, marines, broom closet, strength, unwind, trust
Monkey D. Luffy/Bon Clay, impersonate, surprise, lipstick, rubber, kissing, ballet, sweat, laughter
Monkey D. Luffy/Nami Trafalgar, gold, summer, sink, treasure, length, hat, sand, fingers, strip, fast, hold, storm, bribe, ocean, food, stretch, lightning, map, suntan, hands, rubber, water, nakama, electric, tongue, sweet, teeth, navigation, tart, heal, grow, eat, disobedience, friends, crew, allegiance, electricity, weather, greed, strength, treasure
Nefertari Vivi/Kohza, heat, leader, rain, swords, honour, luxury, bath, sand, bravery
Pell/Nefertari Vivi, bodyguard, duty, loyalty, safe, relief, desperation, tears, protect, thankful, guardian, eyelashes, desert, social class, wedding night
Robin/Crocodile, scheme, hands, fur, handjob, partner

One Tree Hill
Brooke Davis/Haley Scott, anal, cheerleader uniform, commando, sex toys
Brooke Davis/Peyton Sawyer, anal, top!Brooke
Brooke Davis/Rachel Gatina, hate!sex
Haley Scott/Rachel Gatina, anal, hate!sex, slapping, spanking, strap-on
Jake Jagielski/Peyton Sawyer, road trip, lake, curls, storm, whisper, arch, tangled, grief, letters, kissing, hurt/comfort, snuggling, morning sex, shower, reunion, alternate universe, cityscape, sunset, Savannah, Jenny, someday, basketball, pain
Lucas Scott/Peyton Sawyer, [any]
Nathan Scott/Haley Scott, best friends, friends with benefits, masturbation, movie night, munchies, neighbours, seduction, stoned, stress, stubble, tease, tutoring, vibrator
Nathan Scott/Peyton Sawyer, fresh start, AU, basketball, NBA, mesmerize, ring

Orange Is the New Black
Alex Vause/Piper Chapman, first, drunk, dark, chapel, secret, caught, [any], anal, drugs, glasses, shower, squirting
Alex Vause/Nicky Nichols, comfort, fingering, secret, needy, generous, greedy, laundry, fingers, gifts, release, boredom
Galina "Red" Reznikov/Nicky Nichols, detox, sarcasm, crying, cunnilingus, mommy, promise
Lorna Morello/Nicky Nichols, denial, comfort, quick-fix, wedding, [any]

Orphan Black (TV)
Alison Hendrix/Beth Childs, pill popping, heal, comfort, bisexuality, hidden, suburbs, tough, stubborn, inside, drugs, leave, desperation, quick one, dancing, experimental, rain, wine, memory, dance, kiss, first date, oral, work out, hands, drunk, slow, Sunday morning, last time, first time, cheerleader, jeans, ponytail, flexible, boy shorts, pink, Chanel #5, same, family, before, skinny-dipping, "I never", lip gloss, undressing, bra, shoulders, "I love you", sleepover, last kiss, simpler times
Alison Hendrix/Sarah Manning, [any], body mapping, control, desperation, drunk, quiet, scar, whimper, protect, guns, secrets, ponytail, delicate, skin, complete, compare, twins, mirrors
Alison Hendrix/Cosima Niehaus, selfcest
Arthur "Art" Bell/Beth Childs, comfort, take care, infidelity, trust, secrets, need, partner, rely, wall, desk, home, guilty, lonely
Arthur "Art" Bell/Sarah Manning, liar, fascination, trust, loyalty, dig deeper, press, tentative, bleed, deceit, apology, whisper, breath, collarbones, touch
Colin/Felix Dawkins, corpses, liar, morbid
Cosima Niehaus/Delphine Cormier, biology, chemistry, date, faded, lunch, scar, first time, bisexuality, anger, rain, wine, dance, kiss, oral, little black dress, red, purple, hands, drunk, ice cream, costumes, dress, watching movies, whipped cream, spies, club, music, silk, lies, tights, chocolate, pictures, ice, like a normal couple, sweatshirt, goodbye, scarf, lonely, hair, lace, strawberries, science, cleavage, Europe, champagne, bubble bath, undressing, make-up sex, bra, tattoo, zipper, braid, rocking-that-dress, water, cigarette," I love you", sleepover,
Cosima Niehaus/Katja Obinger, before
Delphine Cormier/Allison Hendrix/Cosima Niehaus, eff, monitor, unleashed
Delphine Cormier/Cosima Niehaus, lab coats, lingerie, ice, comfort, tears, truth
Felix Dawkins/Paul Dierden, big, jealousy, stealing, teaching
Felix Dawkins/Raj, hello, straight
Felix Dawkins/Vic, bad
Helena/Raj, better, pretending, silent
Helena/Sarah Manning, Biblical, playtime, sister, prayer, worship, patterns, music, twin, drawn, light, sacrifice, holy, worship, kneel, gun, knifeplay, gunplay, take home, cling, hunger, heated, lessons, crush, fixation, bondage, kiss, handcuffs, home, AU, phoenix, breath, sharp, uncanny, two sides, bible
Paul Dierden/Helena, questions
Paul Dierden/Rachel Duncan, alike, desk, ownership
Paul Dierden/Sarah Manning, hers, protect, run
Rachel Duncan/Sarah Manning, power exchange, steel-toe boots, stilettos
Raj/Sarah Manning, equipment, whoops
Sarah Manning/Cosima Niehaus, sex toys, strap-on, mutual masturbation
Sarah Manning/Paul Dierden, differences, rough sex, Paris, kiss, red, drunk, table, bruise, bathroom, whiskey, heels, bikini, home, snow, shots, nail polish, alcohol, sex tape, mouths, elevator, boots, Jack Daniels, kitchen, pretending, tomorrow, taste,

Fleur Morgan/Karina , I love a woman in uniform, alone, my brave new world
Fleur Morgan/Stella Isen, Omega, power, secrets, rebuilding

Oyasumi Punpun
Seki Masumi/Shimizu Koh, any, comfort, snow, trust

Oz the Great and Powerful
Oscar "Oz" Diggs/Theodora, witchcraft, magic, fire, seduction, revenge, restraints, domination
Oscar "Oz" Diggs/Theodora/Glinda, jealousy, competition, shackles

Anyone, fantasy, freedom, solitary, voyeur
Anyone/Anyone, cell, claim, freedom, lockdown, marks, public, showers, voyeur
Chris Keller/Anyone, seductive, cruel, bondage, fingering, blowjob
Chris Keller/Miguel Alvarez, push, bruise, defiant, angry, bite, breathplay, beg, dirty, lick, noncon, watersports
Chris Keller/Ray Mukada, pride, shame, smoke, guilt, frottage, lies, confession
Chris Keller/Ryan O'Reily, deceit, no, take, rope, fandango, partners, noncon
Chris Keller/Tobias Beecher, free, cell, lockdown, dark, library, orders, trust, scars, out, wine, invade, underwear, t-shirt, mirror, office, scream, wrestle, sweat, lights out, escape, cuffs, ghost, hands, lick, stolen, tattoo, kiss, beg, clean, soap, eyefuck, trade
Claire Howell/Diane Wittlesey, mouth, gag, spank, tied up, threat, baton, dress up, shower
Miguel Alvarez, solo, the hole, alone, fingers, vanity
Miguel Alvarez/Donald Groves, LSD, teeth, trapped, secrets, scars
Miguel Alvarez/Ray Mukada, willing, sacrament, heart, hunger, hollow, yearning, release, lost, guilt, ache
Miguel Alvarez/Ryan O'Reily, addiction, submit, comfort, reward, t-shirt, scars, travel, torn, sneakers, unwashed, high, regrets, slow, jealousy, claim, scar, convenience, howl, taste, crave, night, plan, possessive, rescue, pretty, release, elusive
Miguel Alvarez/Tobias Beecher, palm, rest, wish, protection, imagination, comfort, slow, lick, flirting
Ryan O'Reily/Sean Murphy, trust, watching, hidden, fight, nightstick, duty, spanking
Ryan O'Reily/Tobias Beecher, brothers, tits, smoke, laugh, release, hold, schemes, frottage
Sean Murphy/Tim McManus, take-out, beer, basketball, passion, office, truth, desk, spank, fingering, bruise, leather, gift, bold
Simon Adebisi/Ryan O'Reily, blowjob, tease, suck, twist, agreement, promise, rope, submit, manhandle, bite, trapped

Pacific Rim (2012)
Aleksis Kaidanovsky/Mako Mori/Sasha Kaidonovsky, heat, fear, plaything, share, possess
Aleksis Kaidanovsky/Sasha Kaidanovsky, pain, memory, devotion, courage, survival, hunger, link, protection, snow, ice, control, strength, bound, femdom, slow, agonizing, noisy, laughing
Chuck Hansen/Mako Mori, companionship, curious, exploration, understanding, history, night, nightmares, anger, private, trust, body language, sparring, confidence,, rivalry, teenagers, first, experiments, femdom, competition, first time, close quarters, shatterdome, blue, pilots, dreams, curl up, backstory, awkward, imperfect, anger, claws, back, stern, stronger, better, virgin, familiar, contempt, jealousy, used to be close, fraught
Chuck Hansen/Mako Mori/Raleigh Becket, compromise, fighting, floor mat, friction, practice, sparring, training, AU, last night, punch, frustration, fed up, history
Chuck Hansen/Newton Geizsler, sick, nerd, kill, blue, glasses, science
Chuck Hansen/Raleigh Becket, magic, excited, bottom!Raleigh, affection, human!Max, oblivious, babysitting
Chuck Hansen/Raleigh Becket/Yancy Becket, tension, amused, mistake, young, bet, sweet, furious
Chuck Hansen/Stacker Pentecost, arrogance, challenge, connection, daddy kink, drift, holding on, moment, power dynamics, survive, smirk
Chuck Hansen/Tendo Choi, bomber jacket, tired, crush, provocative, bruise
Chuck Hansen/Yancy Becket, sheets, strut, tickle, messy, rope, subdrop, figging, caning, discipline, drinking, shower, chocolate, scars, sunburn, sugar
Hercules Hansen/Raleigh Becket, compromise, accent, prison, team, ghosts, rage, truth
Hercules Hansen/Raleigh Becket/Yancy Becket, responsibilities, Chuck, overprotectiveness, surrender, shapeshifter, sanity
Hercules Hansen/Mako Mori, first-time, virginity, bondage, outdoors, camping, forbidden, chocolate, experience, want, myth, convincing, wall, grip, reverence, reveal, advance, officer, mentor, bunk, scars, blue, first-time, sunset, snow, virginity, cunnilingus, drunk, chocolate, tears, silk, velcroing, drift, subliminal, distraction, ocean
Hercules Hansen/Mako Mori/Raleigh Beckett. balance, cleansing, ambush, sliding, domestic, binding, retreat, awaken, accord, touching, sleep, experience, submission, mountains, double
Hercules Hansen/Stacker Pentacost, trials, sweat, tears, horror, monsters, nightmares, burns, scars, suits, workout, spar, wrestle, grind, error, hope, follow, charisma, reliance, trust, warriors, moustache, stubble, haircut, accent, bisexual, polyamorous, death, illness, family, hands, military, orders, dominance, second,, drink, older, fist, rest, ache, believe, fight, youth, war, soldiers, leader, follow, barracks, side by side, comfort, heal, quiet, handjobs, in the dark, bruises, wounded, corridor, mourn, listen, weary, memory, hot dads, blood, burn, ill, one night, silent, swallow
Mako Mori/OFC, spar, lead, first time, crush, win, any
Mako Mori/Raleigh Becket, entwined, taste, gift, blue, quick, smile, Drift, circling, strength, rope, chocolate, petting, hair, rain, light, coil, sparring, laughter, teasing, vicious, any, music, drifting, ghosts, silence, early, domestic, nudity, scars, disability, sparring, pegging, smiles, chocolate, gummy bears, strength, elliptical, holidays, family, death, mourning, spiritual, lemons, socks, bare feet, loose clothes, manual labor, kittens, formal wear, celebrity, interviews, PTSD, comfort, language, oranges, staves, tarot, movies, theatre, infomercials, colors, hair dye, routine, float, swim, ocean, danger, triumph, marriage, stars, laughter, trauma, recovery, absence, after-hours, shared memory, reclamation, absolution, sunshine, ocean, drift, home, ghost drift, jaeger, forehead kissing, sharing, tentative, permission, hair color, sparring, fight, dance, sneak around, slick, oral, exercise, rooming together, mind, hallucinate, body worship, bound, distance, wall sex, shower sex, light, fix, hand holding, collarbones, rough, fight, tease, training, capture, struggle, humor, ocean, uniform, blowjob, practice, scars, body, worship, post-Drift, rain, blue, knitting, grace, spice, fighting as foreplay
Mako Mori/Raleigh Becket/Yancy Becket, possibility, sharing, package deal, body worship, sunset, new world, brand new, heal, between, double penetration, secrets, in the drift, hidden, spread out, AU, survive
Mako Mori/Sasha Kaidanovsky, lipstick, sparring, training, gym, submerge, hero
Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb, rivalry, fast, genius, hands, relief, science is sexy, drift, save the world, glasses, cane, tattoos, lecture, lab, equipment, boundaries, fidget, Rule 63, end of the world, make do, team,, laughter, dark, rope, ink, burn, belly, tattoos
Newton Geizsler/Raleigh Becket, weird, idea, nosebleed, illegal, revenge
Raleigh Becket/Chuck Hansen/Mako Mori, first-time, virginity, blindfolds, pregnant
Raleigh Becket/Yancy Becket, alternate, cushion, terror, internal, ghost drifting, hole, mourn, rise and shine, desire, longing, intimacy, ghost, scars, shower, left behind, drift, silence, memories, haunted, escape, blowjobs, give in, war, bunker, partners, brothers, wounded, sheets, slick, noise, photographs, afterglow, dream, secret, loss, silence, guilt, shame, stigma, love, drift
Stacker Pentecost/Hercules Hansen, companionship, sharing, warmth, longing
Stacker Pentecost/Mako Mori, first, last, taste, forget, pretend
Stacker Pentecost/Raleigh Becket - touch, scars, restraint, solo combat, silk, loss, joy, hope
Stacker Pentecost/OC (M or F), what we keep, burn
Tendo Choi/Yancy Becket, respect, memories, bareback, pillow talk, stubble, time travel
Yancy Beckett/Raleigh Becket/Mako Mori, sharing, joy

Pan Am
Dean Lowrey/Ted Vanderway, new, virginity, exploration, mutual, desire, kiss, hold, hands, risky, happy

Pandora Hearts
Gilbert Nightray/Oz Vessalius, loyalty, reciprocal, worship, secrets, voyeurism, forever

Pan's Labyrinth
Ofelia/Faun, blood

Paradise Kiss
Hayasaka Yukari/Koizumi George, lipstick, resentment, laughter, nails, clothing, blindfold

Parks and Recreation
Andy Dwyer/Ben Wyatt, stubble, boredom, unwind, muscles, unemployed
Andy Dwyer/Ron, bacon
Ann Perkins/Leslie Knope, waffles, bff, itch, serious, girls night, oval office, improvised bondage, waffles, Netflix, blankets, halloween, wedding
Ann Perkins/Tom Haverford, smooth
Ann Perkins/April Ludgate, babysitting
Ann/Ben/Chris/Leslie, stratosphere, home, kidfic
April Ludgate/Andy Dwyer, costume, roleplay, party, crossdressing, handcuffs, Skype, laugh
April Ludgate/Ben Wyatt, bite, dishes, fanfiction, joke, mixtape, spine, wrestle, wrist, yikes, desk, hotel, loneliness, hurt, pranks
April Ludgate/Donna Meagle, intern, dominance, leash, Mercedes, morbid, dressup, needles
April Ludgate/Lucy, drunk, waiting
April Ludgate/Tynnyfer, roleplay, spa, ironic
Ben Wyatt/Chris Traeger, good cop/bad cop, boss, fanfic, advice, affection
Ben Wyatt/Leslie Knope, airplane, Cleopatra, historical, lover, ride, stolen, suede, whipped, marriage, hike, wilderness, peace, promise, roleplay, fantasy, filibuster, snowglobes, Halloween, sexting, skype, time
Jean-Ralphio/any male character, dance, crush, strip
Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt, drunk, laugh, sugar, skates, smirk, babble, Batman
Leslie/April, mosaic
Leslie/Ron, breakfast, raccoons, cabin, interview, budget cuts
Tom Haverford/April Ludgate/Donna Meagle, eager, service, humiliation
Tom Haverford/Donna Meagle, livetweet
Tom/Justin, crush, stallion
Tom/Ron, Scrabble

Peaky Blinders
Arthur Shelby/John Shelby, brothel
Arthur Shelby/Thomas Shelby, midnight, orders, stop, wish, trust
Chester Campbell/Grace Burgess, corruption, dangerous, daughter, descent, monster, raise, shame
Chester Campbell/Polly Gray, mastermind, pray, wall, shame, smug, control, facade, queen, scratch
Chester Campbell/Thomas Shelby, games, punch, castigation
Grace Burgess/Ada Shelby, champagne, comrade, otherwise
John Shelby/Esme Lee Shelby, laugh
Polly Grey/Thomas Shelby, whisper, gun, sleepless nights, beg, prayer, chains of commanding, opium, gold, grin, fever dream, royals, confession, scold, collude, lace, educate, seduce
Tommy Shelby/Freddie Thorne, bruising, forgetting, underground, razors, share
Tommy Shelby/Grace Burgess, dancing, gunpowder, penance, razor's edge

Charlie Brown/Lucy, humiliation
Charlie Brown/Sally, doubt
Lucy/Linus, blanket

Peep Show
Mark/Jez, watersports

Pegasus - Robin McKinley
Ebon/Sylvi, hands, feathers, wings, stroke, flight, sculpted, caves, secret, bond, speech

Penelope Wilhern/Johnny Martin, payment, debt, sing, undone

Pennies from Heaven
Arthur Parker/Eileen Everson, gin, dust, movies, happy ending

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan
any/any, love, lost, power, breath, happiness, Elysium, after, desire, snark, remembered, held,
Apollo/Percy Jackson, anger, finger, glass, mud
Jason Grace/Nico di Angelo, bondage, flip, loud, whip
Leo Valdez/Nico di Angelo, hands, sleep, socks, wish
Luke Castellan/Percy Jackson, comfort, redemption, stripping
Nico di Angelo/Percy Jackson, leather, outdoors, rope, granite, shadows, urgency
Nico/Percy/Annabeth, the truth, complicated, in the middle, slick and wet, competition, solo
Percy/Annabeth, please me, silk, pegging, sweetness, seashells, sunset, tied with bows
Rachel/Nico, bisexual, exploration, loved, starlight
Poseidon/Sally Jackson, shore line, touch, sweet, force

Perfect Creature
Silus/Lilly, careful, quiet, rain, evening

Perfect Girl Evolution
Sunako/Kyohei, swords, uniform, teeth, rope, horror, exposed, rescue, control, leather, knife, glitter, appetites, bitten, breath, ropeburn, bondage, slasher, bloodplay

Perry Mason
Della Street/Perry Mason, debt, payback, dancing, secret, moonlight

Person of Interest (TV)
Harold Finch/John Reese, chess, pining, revelation, bargain, partnership, jealousy, identity, duality, silence, misunderstanding, sober, preconception, pride, prejudice, preference, rough, origin, doubt, loneliness, reunion, origin, goodbye, chaos, amateur, amnesty, breakfast, bribe, complication, confession, persuasion, proportion, rumour, voyeur, fitting a new suit, 4c, Rome, tailoring, planes, sleep, phone, library, theatre, glasses, rescue, dinner, savior, suit, understated
Harold Finch/Root, debugging, collaboration, disciple, divine
Harold Finch/Root/Shaw, distress, complications, huddling, convenience, sensuality, unexpected
John Reese/Joss Carter, cuffs, play, kiss, respect, kiss, firearms, equals
John Reese/Sam Shaw, wounded, play, ice
John Reese/Zoe Morgan, coming home, 4c, martini, heels, comfort, hotel room, champagne, no strings, clay, heels
Joss Carter/John Reese, on the run, quickie, backseat, handcuffs, mouth, learning
Joss Carter/Sam Shaw, gun oil, sniper, watching, lips, nightclub, underwear, bathtub
Root/Sam Shaw, jungle, tangled, anticipation, paint, transference, fingers, tap, torture, boss, wall, pant, bullet, cuffs, mission, virus

Persona (1966 Movie)
Elisabet/Alma, acting a role
Yuka Ayase/Yuriko Yamamoto, tentacles

Persona 2
Jun Kurosu/Tatsuya Suou, motorcycle, impressions
Katsuya Suou/Nekomata, pussy
Maya Amano/Ulala Serizawa, driving, envy, sharing

Persona 3
Akihiko Sanada/Mitsuru Kirijo/Shinjiro Aragaki, sparring, chill, mediation
Akihiko/Mitsuru, [any], date, gloves, differences, rich, trust, partners, study, protect, charmed, July, falling, perfect, need, taste, dinner, training, future, travel, scars, nervous, first, together, mine, ribbon, gifts, talk, injuries, New Years, hope, ice, weakness, storm, beach, vacation, bikini
Elizabeth/FeMC, curiosity, favor, public
FeMC/Any, pegging, crossdressing
FeMC/Fuuka Yamagishi, sweet, teasing
FeMC/Saori Hasegawa, secrets, comfort, repressed
Junpei Iori/Ryoji Mochizuki, practice
Minako Arisato/Shinjiro Aragaki/Akihiko Sanada, trust, adrenaline, bittersweet, blindfold
Mitsuru Kirijo/Yukari Takeba, dominance, bath, dress-up
Shinjiro/Female!Main Character, [any], AU, cooking, laughter, senpai, love, heart, pocket watch, lost, moon, October, coma, trust, sex, date, walk, shrine, kimono, hope, tears, smile, future, cold, sick, naked, secret, noise, calm, need, dinner
Shinjiro/Mitsuru, [any], Akihiko, AU, surnames, cooking, lessons, adapt, pills, headache, stress, touch, dorm, attempt, trust, learning, need, lust

Persona 4
any character/their shadow self, truth, pain, acceptance, frustration, fantasies, weird, same, subtle, different
Tatsumi Kanji/Sanada Akihiko, manly, dork, fighting, emperor
Adachi Tohru/Dojima Ryotaro, break, tie, helping hand, influence
Adachi Tohru/Seta Souji, accomplice, smirk, trapped
Dojima Ryotaro/Seta Souji, apron, relief, drunk, seduction
Yosuke/Chie, [any], bike, spar, training, jogging, helpless, steak, dinner, slap, fight, replacement, rebound, useful, skin, sunset, wanted, tease, tears, virgin, lust

Persuasion - All Media Types
Anne Elliot/Mrs Smith, schooldays,
Captain Wentworth/Admiral Croft, at sea, jealousy, keeping it in the family, family,
Captain Wentworth/Anne Elliot, reunion, necessity, relief, seperation, ocean, at last, slide, home, rock,
Captain Wentworth/Mr Elliot, rival, best, Lyme, waves,
Dick Musgrove/Any Male Character, ship, shipmates, training, punishment, hammock, water,
Elizabeth Elliot/Mrs Croft, cold night, possession, show, lace, nipple, ice,

Persuasion - Jane Austen
Anne Elliot/Frederick Wentworth, sweat, dancing, bond, loved

Peter Pan - J. M. Barrie
James Hook/Wendy Darling, deserved
Peter Pan/Wendy Darling, chance

Peter Pan (2003)
Captain Hook/Mr. Darling, penetration, party, switching, deep throat, any
Captain Hook/Mrs. Darling, stolen, kisses, wedding, deceit, any
Mrs. Darling/OFC (played by Olivia Williams), after, widows, proper, cunnilingus, any

Phantom of the Opera
Christine Daaé/Meg Giry, ribbons, pointe, oral, whisper, tulle

Emily Aster/Silent Girl, pull shapes, connected, atomic, ice cream, graffiti

Phryne Fisher Mysteries - Kerry Greenwood
Phryne Fisher/Lin Chung, bruises

Pinky and the Brain
Brain/Pinky, domination, plan

Pirates of the Caribbean (Movies)
Elizabeth/Norrington, guard, dirt, pining, futures
Jack/Elizabeth, horizon, kiss, pirate
Philip Swift/Syrena, any, fantasy, hunger, deep, darkness, kiss, games, emotional, possessiveness, songs, renamed, picnic, shopping, cove, sticky,
Will/Elizabeth, oceans, blacksmith, gifts
Will/Elizabeth/Jack, rich, poor, inept, mystery, mythology, swords

Pitch Perfect
Beca Mitchell/Chloe Beale, watching, bubble bath, undressing, soft, bra, Jesse's girl, wine coolers, pigtails, tattoo, awesome, privacy, glitter, 2 am, public place, kiss, panties, fantasy, experimenting, practicing, hand holding, skin, shoulders, spring break, comfy, gentle, girl-next-door, sleepover, live a little, experimentation, innocent, breathe, rebellion, sun dress, rain, wine, dance, first date, oral, hands, drunk, sexting, ice cream, roommates, pink, legs, costumes, Christmas, New Year's Eve, seven minutes in heaven, spin-the-bottle, lip gloss, tiny, childhood bedroom, party, short skirt, Vegas, Los Angeles, cleavage, tequila, pickup truck, naked, whipped cream, margaritas, "I never", cheat, first time, road trip, hot tub, high school AU, cheerleader, alcohol, role play, skype, D.E.B.S. AU, club, shower, music, girl's night, jeans, ponytail, lonely, weekend, shots, confetti, "selfie", flexible, heels, college, button up shirt, boy shorts, vacation, pictures, in another life..., dirty talk, fireworks, skinny-dipping, singing, loud, voices, showers, water, dance
Chloe/Beca Mitchell/Aubrey Posen, tight, anxious, comfort

Alice/Susan, reliable, secret, laughter

Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Anime)
Newton Graceland/Zero, reversal, science, cold, experiment, machine
Sir Aaron/Lucario, flower, tree, oath, glove, chocolate, hot spring, cape, staff, mega stone

Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
Grimsley/Darach, suits, demands, riches, palace
Grimsley/Malva, cunning, burn, risk, bet, devil
Volkner/Flint/Jasmine, electric, flame, steel, sand, lighthouse

Pocket Monsters, Black & White | Pokemon Black and White Versions
Shauntal/Caitlin, inspiration, dreams, nightmares, princess
Grimsley/Burgh, ink, paint, phobia, scarf
N/Hilda, cave, truth, monochrome, ponytail, flight
N/Hilbert, ferris wheel, formula, jacket, grass, ideal
N/Hilda/Hilbert, harmony, calculations, rainbow
Hilda/Aurora, maid, seasons, ice cream, served, restaurant

Pocket Monsters, Black 2 & White 2 | Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 Versions
Iris/Bianca, champion, apprentice, bodyguard, knowledge, crown, glasses
Nate/June, crossdressing, vacation, city
Nate/Yancy, grotto, celebrity, privacy, musical
Rosa/Curtis, Xtransceiver-sex, movie, avenue, grass
Rosa/January, lament, lullaby, fame

Pocket Monsters, Diamond & Pearl & Platinum | Pokemon Diamond Pearl Platinum Versions
Dawn/Lucas/Barry, million, lake, courtship
Candice/Marlene, snack, exercise, igloo
Gardenia/Cheryl, honey, vines, ivy, bouquet, old chateau
Lucian/Aaron, buzz, concentration, hair
Riley/Roark, mine, ore, dirty, connection, underground
Volkner/Flint, tease, static-electricity, power-outage, shower

Pocket Monsters, Gold & Silver & Crystal | Pokemon Gold Silver Crystal Versions
Morty/Eusine, obsession, sacred, memory, rebuild, ghosts
Eusine/Crystal, ruins, legendary, bowtie, capture, phonesex, lake
Eusine/Lyra, congratulations, visit, dash, cape, temple, Pokéathlon
Morty/Eusine/Falkner, tug-of-war, autumn, messy

Pocket Monsters, X & Y | Pokemon X & Y Versions
Lysandre/Augustine Sycamore, beauty, beast, shave, stubble, recover
Serena/Calem, rival, best, dress-up, winter, spring
Serena/Korrina, skate, aura, duchess
Serena/Shauna, fireworks, new, makeup, tattoo, fairy
Serena/Valerie, make-believe, matryoshka, hinaningyo, doll, swamp

Arthur Hastings/Hercule Poirot, grooming, military, any
Hercule Poirot/any male, Paris, salon, stockings, any
Hercule Poirot/any, little grey cells, rumpled

Pokemon (games)
Alder/Cheren, demanding, adult, conscience
Archer/Petrel, submission, callous
Archie/Maxie, before, quarrel, proxy
Byron/Riley, embarrassed, docile, oblivious
Grimsley/Marshal, coax, gamble, command
Lyra/Petrel, disguise, clandestine, innocent
Norman/Wallace, relax, voice, pool
Palmer/Thorton, invention, probability, roleplay

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Dusknoir/Grovyle, grudge, frozen, worth, hope, revelation
Dusknoir/Grovyle/Celebi, chance, alive, heal
Grovyle/Celebi, future, sacrifice, sunrise, clock, beauty

Pokemon Special
Blue/Sabrina, thief, argue, telepathic, distraction
Giovanni/Red, corrupt, fake, authority, magnetism
Green/Koga, teacher, poison, solemn
Lance/Yellow, dragon, ideals, straw

Officer Jenny/Nurse Joy, domestic, uniform

Poker Face - Lady Gaga (Song)
Narrator/ofc/omc, daydream, fantasies, taboo, unsatisfied, pretend, closeted

Political Animals
Elaine Barrish/Susan Berg, skirt, sneak, mile high, tumble, public, travel

Chell/GLaDOS, rut, hardware, surface, cake, expert

Possession (2009)
Roman/Jess, order, palimpsest, effort, sweeter, bite

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Trent/Kira, [any], evil, drawing, singing, connection, sweet, prom, date, dance, sunrise, love, hope, trust, forgiveness, future, rings, nervous, touch

Power Rangers in Space
TJ/Cassie, [any], change, space, Earth, homesick, dreams, understanding, teammates, love
Zhane/Karone, [any], Astronema, loss, princess, trust, hope, Andros, unusual, campfire, s'mores, date, movies

Power Rangers Jungle Fury
RJ/Fran, [any], pizza, laughter, Dominic, trust, best friends, tattoo, martial arts, defense, honesty, yoga, reading, dance, lessons, quirky, love, need, mate, bond, help, chair!sex, comfort, loneliness, understand

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Ryan/Dana, [any], time, secret, evil, hate, love, trust, hope, family, blood, healing, attention, touch, cling, lust, wrong, need

Power Rangers Mystic Force
Daggeron/Madison, [any], prince, kiss, fairy tale, sunshine, nervous, courting, dreams, teaching, lessons, need, swimming
Xander/Vida, [any], skate, lust, music, magic, earth, air, trust, snark, tease, argue

Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Blake/Tori, [any], evil, apologies, surf, practice, date, blush, teasing, need, hope, trust, snuggling, engagement
Cam/Hunter, [any], snarky, issues, glasses, sparring, past, secret, honesty, sleep, date

Power Rangers RPM
Dillon/Doctor K, [any], Venjix, amnesia, past, memories, physical, trust, touch, pocket watch, computers, relax, outside, sunshine, argument, height, lab coat, training, heat, need, names

Power Rangers SPD
Bridge/Z, [any], gloves, clones, aura, toast, butter, babbling, oddball, warmth, naked, shower, close, mind reading, chess, music, headstand, mission, sex

Power Rangers Zeo
Adam/Tanya, [any], sing, baseball, training, jog, race, hope, love, move, acceptance, trust, sunset

Power Rangers
Kimberly/Tommy, reunion, regrets, soulmates, first

Powerpuff Girls
Bubbles/Buttercup, chase, hide, colouring, bully
Mojo/Blossom, pull, similarities, villains, heroism, world, repetition, vial, chemical, genius
Princess/Buttercup, thorns, royalty, boss, cold, hard, cash

Practical Magic (1998 film)
Sally/Gillian, safe, guardian, care, blood

Predators (2010)
Isabelle/Royce, feral, spear, survival

Press Gang
Spike/Lynda, tomorrow

Jarod/Miss Parker, exposed, innocence, love

Pretty Little Liars (TV)
Alison Dilaurentis/Spencer Hastings, hate, dominance, obey, prove, jealousy, wine, memory, dance, kiss, little black dress, hands, promise, roommates, second chances, legs, dress, last time, first time, hot tub, cheerleader, heels, college, bikini, pictures, before, goodbye, shots, nail polish, anniversary, future, in another life..., skinny-dipping, hair, pregnancy, mouths, California, "I never", late-night, Radley, Memorial Day, short skirt, party, alternate timeline, lip gloss, ten years later, spin-the-bottle, watching, soft, bra, locker room, vanilla, giggle, wine coolers, camera, history, experimenting, fantasy, practicing, spring break, on the run, girl-next-door, sleepover, live a little, prom dress, last kiss, simpler times, manipulate, strap-on, anger, ownership, dirty talk, anal, blackmail, bottom!Spencer
Alison DiLaurentis/Emily Fields, desperate, dream, fear, favorite, innocence, reluctant, return, stay, anal, D/s, mind games, dragon, demon, anger, exorcism, the last time, loyalty, epiphany
Aria Montgomery/Hanna Marin, art, dress, edge, heels
Aria Montgomery/Jason DiLaurentis, betrayal, alcohol, broken
Aria Montgomery/Jenna Marshall, light, spite, texture
Aria Montgomery/Spencer Hastings, college, perfection, test
Aria/Emily/Hanna/Spencer, A,S anal, double penetration, strap-on, text, video
Caleb River/Hanna Marin, roleplay, happy, shower, home, fashion, playful, bikini, bossy, hospital, reciprocate, breath, car, sunshine, wolf, death, shoplift, cyberhack, thieves, unresolved sexual tension, louder, unfaithful to others
Darren/Hanna, forbidden, coerce, church, kiss, kitchen
Emily Fields/Hanna Marin, bedroom, boots, road-trip, sleepover, sorry, swimming, bed, protective, sweet, slow, sun, stars
Emily Fields/Spencer Hastings, fight, hair, mud, wounded, vicious, silk, lingerie, devoted, clutch, jealous
Emily/Alison, experiment, first, bedroom, teasing
Emily/Jenna, blindfold, secrecy, sound, temptation, quiet
Emily/Paige, anal, bike, pool, strap-on, swimming
Ezra Fitz/Aria Montgomery, caught, wicked, desire, shower, masks, night, paint
Ezra Fitz/Jake, boxing, breakfast, yoga
Ezra Fitz/Noel Kahn, blackmail, partners, plotting, vacation
Hanna Marin/Mona Vanderwaal, angry, answers, apology, corruption, lying, rain, tease, test, loyalty, audience, thigh highs, lipgloss, A, fear, giggle, spoils, anal, D/s, masks, toys, trains, manipulate, bath, clit, forbidden
Jason/Spencer, touch, accident, breakdown, tender, secret, once
Paige/Spencer, anal, fighting, sub!Spencer
Spencer Hastings/Toby Cavanaugh, quickie, home, hot, photos, sunlight, truck, weakness, anal, rain, dance, kiss, oral, red, purple, hands, ice cream, couch, coffee, shower, morning, jeans, pillow, button up shirt, bikini, moving in, date night, quiet, snow, fireplace, birthday, stairs, future, summer, laugh, lace, pregnancy, strawberries, pickup truck, graduation, bed, ten years later, undressing, vanilla, pigtails, Jack Daniels, on her knees, skin, spring break, on the run, "I love you", prom dress, first love, sun dress

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live
Suzuno Gen/Mihama Takiyuki (JO), gay, dads, gay-dads, music, lame, intense, gaping, arrangement, guitar, lucky, star, stan, stage, foursome, band, leather, hair-products, fingering

Pride and Prejudice - All Media Types
Charles Bingley/Fitzwilliam Darcy, brothers, forgive, avoid, desk, practice, sport,
Charlotte Lucas/Elizabeth Bennet, distance, wedding, miss you,
Fitwilliam Darcy/Elizabeth Bennet, any, water, heat, bondage, public, rough, senses
Fitzwilliam Darcy/George Wickham, remembrance, riding crop, swim, stables, slide, proud, pound, slick, leather, fine, porcelain, beautiful, Cambridge, bribery, childhood friends, experiment, no words, hate, screw, blood, drawn together, need, anger, bonds, lake, jealousy, pride, innocence,
George Wickham/Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy, hidden, understand, mouth,
Jane/Bingley, smile, shy, gloves, church, propriety, in-laws
Mr Collins/Darcy, any

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Catherine de Bourgh/Elizabeth Bennet, teach, pride, place, stern, command, weak
Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy, modern, glasses, wine, smirk, apartment, illicit, temptation, wedding night, wedding night, layers, ribbons
Elizabeth Bennet/Georgiana Darcy, unexpected, Pemberley, light, playful
Elizabeth Bennet/Jane Bennet, sheets, whisper, candle, secrets
Kitty Bennet/Georgiana Darcy, white, spinsters, visit, Longbourn, silent, thrust
Kitty Bennet/Mary Bennet, bond, secret, hidden, last
Lydia Bennet/Other, AU, fallen, lost, abandoned, ruined, prostitute, survival, fool, wisdom
William Darcy/George Wickham, hate, relief, bargain, Pemberley

Priest (2011)
Black Hat/Priest, hate sex, sparring, fear, blood, rivalry,

Jennifer Tate/Queen Aino, underwater

Abby Maitland/Connor Temple, oral, need, fast, fingers, vibrator, urgency, love, kiss
Abby Maitland/Connor Temple/Hilary Becker, trio, share, watch, perform, duo, fucking, rimming, oral, poly, settled
Abby Maitland/Connor Temple/James Lester, birthday, treat, lingerie, kisses, year, kneeling, birthday
Abby Maitland/Emily Merchant, exploration, new, fingers, nipples, desires, freedom, toys
Abby Maitland/Hilary Becker, indulgence, tender, kiss, quick, arms, held, protective
Abby Maitland/James Lester, submission, nipple clamps, orgasm delay, return, ice, wax, missed, kneeling, oral, wanted, tie, desk, spank
Abby Maitland/Stephen Hart, charm, smile, eyes, masturbation, tracking
Abby Maitland/Tom Ryan, flirt, smile, hands, competence is sexy
Claudia Brown/Nick Cutter, chemistry, lips, neck, kiss, happy, trust, new
Claudia Brown/Tom Ryan, uniform, soldier, presents, hands, assured, assertive, flirty, fun
Connor Temple/Becker, catastrophic, fire, advantage, fingering, jeans, dessert
Connor Temple/Danny Quinn, hair, shaved, teasing, fun, flirt, happy
Connor Temple/Hilary Becker, content, slow, oral, couch sex, pet names, laughter
Connor Temple/James Lester, love, happy, coming, oral, couch, bed, desk, lips, touch, roommates, clutter, chaos, punishment, rent, mess, car-share,
Connor Temple/Jess Parker, learning, shyness, virgin, blush, orgasm
Connor Temple/Nick Cutter, idol, accent, slow kisses, wanted, blowjob, hair
Connor Temple/Tom Ryan, body worship, submission, first time, hair washing, shaving, fingers, spank, praise, thigh strap
Danny Quinn/Hilary Becker, together, lick, kiss, shaving, felching, arse, wanking
Danny Quinn/James Lester, fun, office, desk, reward, hands, fingers, sloppy, kiss
Danny Quinn/Jenny Lewis, cheeky, flirt, tease, underwear, commando
Danny Quinn/Tom Ryan, banter, flirt, charm, tease, grin, coming home, safe, muscles, gift, anniversary
Emily Merchant/Hilary Becker, charm, chivalry, kinky, consensual rough sex, good bruises, liberating
Emily Merchant/Jess Parker, new, bed, sleep, vibrator, giggle, share, fashion, bare, make-up,
Emily Merchant/Matt Anderson, drifters, charm, smile, flirt, furniture, lipstick
Emily Merchant/Sarah Page, fascination, exploration, first time, fingers, toys
Ethan Dowbrowski/Matt Anderson, trust, wary, slow, gentle
Hilary Becker/James Lester, watersports, partners, rimming, collar, fucking, cross-dressing
Hilary Becker/Jess Parker, CCTV, shower, training, sweat, care, blood, infirmary, gun, protect,, chivalry, seduction, short skirt, firing range, fairytale
Hilary Becker/Jess Parker/Matt Anderson, poly, trio, wanted, firsts, flirt, macho, tease, clit, skirt, bed
Hilary Becker/Matt Anderson, armpit, lick, nipple, tease, banter, fitness, fingering, orgasm denial
Hilary Becker/Tom Ryan, thigh strap, big gun, innuendo, chain of command, flirt, smile, obedient, gym, hair
James Lester/Jenny Lewis, suit, tie, assertive, undress, high-heels, lingerie
James Lester/Nick Cutter, frustration, accent, debate, slow, sleepy, passion
Jess Parker/James Lester, panties, dark, wardrobe, choose, tie, desk, exhibitionism, camera, spy,
Nick Cutter/Stephen Hart, friends, believe, kiss, marry, outdoors, tracking, domesticity, "Stephen"
Sarah Page/Stephen Hart, Domme, beauty, trust, competence, light cbt, subspace, bliss, goddess, slowly, collared, face-sitting, pleasure
Stephen Hart/Tom Ryan, tactical gear, trek, hike, smile, fingers, hands, flirt, rings

Primeval New World
Angelika Finch/Dylan Weir, boss, strap-on, heels, running, competition, saucy
Evan Cross/Dylan Weir, trapped, fissure, mouth, danger, adrenaline, sand, bullet
Mac Rendle/Samantha Sedaris, teamwork, fingers, perfect, lazy
Toby Nance/Dylan Weir, laughter, hip-huggers, tits, closet, lost
Toby Nance/Natalie, bikini, stupid, make-up sex, truth
Toby Nance/Samantha Sedaris, shower, dare, trouble

Prince of Persia
Dastan/Tamina, fantasy, tease, tempting

Princess Hours
Shin Chae-kyeong/Crown Prince Lee Shin, [any]

Private Practice
Addison Montgomery/Amelia Shepherd, wine, secret, sisters, shame, ocean, red, comfort, ring
Addison Montgomery/Charlotte King, scalpel, fiery, hospital, dark
Addison Montgomery/Jake Reilly, bride, honeymoon, cake, love, scared, confession, embarrassed

Bobbi Stakowski/Constance Gracen, long con
Jim Profit/Bobbi Stakowski, mirror
Jim Profit/Gail Koner, brave
Jim Profit/Joanne Meltzer, choke
Jim Profit/Nora Gracen, trauma
Joanne Meltzer/Jeffrey Sykes, intensity

Charlie Holloway/Elizabeth Shaw, try, first, last, memory, passion, knowledge, bed, wine
David/Elizabeth Shaw, tamper, strange, new, use, affection, head, obsession, circuits, lonely, touch, brush
Janek/Meredith Vickers, only, ship, issues, play, hands, faster, pilot, fun, feel, bend, sweet

Prowl (2010 movie)
Amber/Susie, immortal, sunrise

Burton Guster/Rachel, candy, family, sweet
Carlton Lassiter/Marlowe Viccellio, pregnant, overwhelmed, bite, unbutton
Juliet O'Hara/Carlton Lassiter, suits, cruiser!sex, guilt, partners, unison, crush
Juliet O'Hara/Shawn Spencer, costume, motorcycle, snuggle, movie night, hug, ask, impressed
Karen Vick/Henry Spencer, handsome, drunk, flirt, handcuffs
Shawn Spencer/Abigail Lytar, travel, ties, going steady, sweetheart
Shawn Spencer/Burton Guster, trust, sweetness, downtime, adrenaline, loss, sweet tooth, mornings, trouble, tv night, competition, nostalgia, inseparable
Shawn Spencer/Burton Guster/Juliet O'Hara, blankets, cuddles, playful, negotiation, rewards, deal, ideal, cooperation, best, worship, Juliet tops, board game
Shawn Spencer/Burton Guster/Juliet O'Hara/Carlton Lassiter, rush, tangle, negotiate, handjob, dare, commit
Shawn Spencer/Pierre Despereaux, idolize, hero worship

Psy-Changeling - Nalini Singh
Brenna Kincaid/Judd Lauren, bed, furniture, telekinesis, bite, nightmares, silk
Hawke/Sienna, control, snarl, teeth, handcuffs, silver, flame, secret, danger, heart, courting, precious, attitude, burn, desire, lust, hair, handcuffs, denial, fight, spar, play, competition, touch, gifts, plans, dancing
Kaleb/Sahara, dirt, scars, memory, dreams, joy, shudder, muscle, water, lake, precious, heavy, dance, extension, loyalty, crown, vows
Mercy Smith/Riley Kincaid, challenge, beginning, dare, dirt, pregnancy, games, fight, trees, forest
Naya Hunter/Julian Ryder, smell, change, growing up, hidden
Sahara Kyriakus/Kaleb Krycek, home, bed, food, wish, memory, loud, porn, visual, kitchen, marble, hair, childhood bed, pleasure, outside, event, telekinesis, business
Sascha Duncan/Lucas Hunter, cake, dream, domestic, dreams, lace, lingerie, touch, taste, new, emotions, empathy, soft, sex dreams, control, claws, fingers, woods, trees, tremble, moonlight, sharp

Psycho Beach Party
Bernadine/Bettina Barnes, worship, glamour, reality
Captain Monica Stark/Kanaka, backseat, future, commit, tough, gunshot
Florence "Chicklet" Forrest/Kanaka, Ann Bowman Lives
Florence "Chicklet" Forrest/Starcat, pinned, parking, lessons

Akane/Shinya, leash, control, clean, criminal, hound

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
any/any, tentacles, clockwork, beat, breath, fight, adoration, andante, tea, cake, idolize,

Push (2009)
Nick/Cassie, [any], telekinesis, future, drunk, help, drawing, Kira, enough, trust, partners, hope, trapped, isolated, run, age, clarity

Pushing Daisies
Chuck Charles/Ned, dimples, breath, high-five, giggle-fit, contraptions, masturbation, talking, dirty talk, watching
Ned/Olive/Chuck, vicarious, sweet, dirty, kinky, pie, paddle, triad
Olive Snook/Alfredo Aldarisio, boysenberry, aria, solo, earnest, gentle, bones, cheese, music, France, Halloween

Puzzle & Dragons
Haku/Echidna, delay, serpent, transform, ribbons, bloodplay

Queer as Folk (UK)
Stuart Jones/Vince Tyler, eventually, happy, realisation, content, secure, domestic, settled, arousal, smirk, beautiful

Queer as Folk (US)
Chris/Justin, blowjob, jealousy, coming-out, NYC, darkroom

Questionable Content
Dale/Marigold, first, wiener, level-up, nosebleed, cunnilingus

Radiant Historia
any/any, time, partner, kneel, rule, ending, saving

Raffles – E. W. Hornung
Raffles/Bunny, frightened, caught, trapped, smoking, drunk, rolling

Rage – Stephen King
Charlie Decker/Ted Jones, queer

Raising Hope
Virginia Chance/Burt Chance, quickie, practiced, stories

Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater
Any/Any, trees, watching, summertime, underground, tarot, bare, royalty
Gansey/Ronan, ink, brothers, trust, protect, secrets, insomnia

Miranda/Olivia, kiss, purple, bored, second chances, first time, bathroom, silk, friends with benefits, chocolate, time, ice, sweatshirt, scarf, future, lonely, hair, bubble bath, undressing, experimenting, practicing, spring break, girl-next-door, sleepover, prom dress

Real Steel (2011 Movie)
Midas/Noisy Boy, revenge, rematch, humiliation, prize
Zeus/Atom, battle, boxing, domination, defeat, size, beating

ReBoot (TV)
AndrAIa/Enzo Matrix, adrenaline, water, training, first, home, comfort, desperation

Red (Movie)
Sarah/Frank, adrenaline
Sarah/Victoria, girl talk

Red Dragon (Movie)
Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham, seduction, wound, touch, taunt, trust, knifeplay, whisper, noncon, frottage, fear, dreams, flesh, taste, drink, fire, red, darkness, time, please, betrayer, found, beach, drunk, last, chains, liver-and-onions, feed, taste, close, chosen, appetite

Red Dwarf
Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer, blame, authority, shame, size, prostitution, fantasy, any
Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer, claustrophobia, malfunction
Dave Lister/Low Rimmer, bondage, masturbation, consent, any
High Lister/High Rimmer, tantra, any
Kristine Kochanski/Dave Lister, vanilla, any
Kryten/Dave Lister, circuitry, flesh, any
Low Lister/Low Rimmer, bruises, welts, any
Spanners Lister/Ace Rimmer, mancrush, any

Red Riding Hood (2011)
Peter/Valerie, moonlight, fingers, future

Victoria Winslow/any, snow, learn, traitor, trees, bullets, gown, ball, reunion

Reign (TV)
Aylee/Greer/Kenna/Lola/Mary Stuart, alcohol, beauty, bonding, breath, dress up, fingering, giggling, hands, hips, insular, lean on me, orgy, stay with me, together, touch, wild, wine
Aylee/Mary Stuart, curious, dance, exploration, faith, first time, giggle, kiss, skin, skirt, thighs, trust, wish
Aylee/Nostradamus, front
Catherine de Medici/Mary Stuart, alike, corset, crown, dressing room, fiery, fond, intimate touch, lessons, lungs, queens, secrets, sparks, teaching, test, understanding, woman to woman
Francis/Mary Stuart/Sebastian de Poitiers, advice, bed sharing, belonging, blood bond, brothers, crowns, country, exposed, greedy, heavy, intense, learn to share, poly, royals, ruling, runaway, sacrifice, sweat, voyeurism, wild, work together
Francis/Sebastian de Poitiers, bastard, bedroom, blood, desire, fierce, heat, heal, hunt, intensity, lion, practice, pre-series, restraint, secretive, storm, swords, trapped together, trust, wounded
Greer of Kinross/Leith, adventure, common, My Lady, heartbreak, safe, drunk, innocent, modern, dress, cook, flour, giggle, kitchen, kiss, laughter, lay down, lightly neck kisses, secretive, sneaking around, time, throat, wall sex, wishes, fingers, gasp, sneak, secret, first time, savour, smile
Kenna/Lola, breasts, comfort, fingers, gentle, hand holding, hair stroking, kiss, lips, lonely, naked, night, nude, reassure, slip, skin, stars
Kenna/Mary Stuart, bed sharing, here for you, home, hurt/comfort, listen, kiss, playful, promise, silk, sheets, soft
King Henry/Lady Kenna, [any], passion, love, lust, gift, morning, kisses, modern, death, flowers, mark, possession, trust, modern
Mary Queen of Scots/ Prince Francis II, claim, crown, chess, king, worship, spar
Mary Stuart/Simon Westbrook, [any], envoy, enemies, affair, stolen kisses, flirting, threats, pleasure, corrupt, red, nails, risk, modern, indecent
Prince Francis II/Sebastian, demonstration, horses, hunting, forest, darkness, envy, finger, tease, gasp, candlelight, rut, dominate, spar, sweat, caught
Prince Francis/Mary Stuart, first, sweet, love, marriage, death, modern
Sebastian "Bash" de Poitiers/Mary Stuart [Queen of Scots], drunk, alcohol, mistake, affair, passion, marriage, trust, modern, consummate, duty, camaraderie, passages, secret, touch, Scotland, back, secluded, tryst, quarrel, dark, whimsical, hope, daring, arrow, quest, second, momentary, awakening, lost, taste, adoration, apology, bright eyes, charming, choice, dirt, drunk, inn, forest, huntsman, journey, riding, road, runaway, travel, wine

Hank Storm/Buster McHenry, dare, jeans, grass, date

Clementine Johnson/James Garcia, houseboat, explosion, tattoo, honest woman

Larson, Angel Dumott Schunard/Tom Collins, skirt, high-heels, cosmetics, nail polish, loved, fucked, slow, tease, charming
Larson, Mark Cohen/Roger Davies, kiss, mutual masturbation, warmth, light, sing, wishes, AU, summer
Larson, Mimi/Maureen, fragile

Repulsion (1965 film)
Carol/Helen, white

Rescue Me
Tommy/Janet, beyond

Reservoir Dogs
Mr. Orange/Mr. White, banana, alley, kind, leather, jacket, true, daddy, begin, marked, down, undercover, [any]

Resident Evil
Claire Redfield/Jill Valentine, serious, unexpected
Leon Kennedy/Ada Wong, sharp, closeness, breath, dangerous
Rebecca Chambers/Claire Redfield, blackout, catch, dark, elevator, flashlights, giggle, hands, hidden, humour, injured, instinct, lucky, mint, nightmares, quiet, steady, tension
Rebecca Chambers/Claire Redfield/Jill Valentine, sharing
Rebecca Chambers/Jill Valentine, bandana, hat, lucky, protective, steal, training, uniform, young

Return to Night
Mary Renault, Hilary Mansell/David, emulation, competition, demonstrator, feminist, dissection
Mary Renault, Hilary Mansell/Julian Fleming, Oedipal, endure, kneeling, worship, silk, experiment, cave, mascara, performance, outdoors, pegging, virgin, oral fixation, bisexual, honeymoon, teaching
Mary Renault, Hilary Mansell/Lisa Clare, coffee, understanding, schoolgirls

Revenge (TV)
Aiden Mathis/Emily Thorne, love, understood, lust, eyes, charm, need, want, held, threesome
Aiden Mathis/Emily Thorne/Nolan Ross, charm, trio, middle, double, lips, touch, smile, plan, positions
Aiden Mathis/Nolan Ross, accent, flirt, pinned, wanted, smile, undress, 007, roleplay, hacking, dirty talk
Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne, cell, dirty, fist, hairbrush, trust, identity, hair, juvie, scar, smile, sister, manipulation, comfort, close, respite, touch, shudder
Ashley Davenport/Nolan Ross, lipstick, games, handcuffs, restraint, nails, necktie, toys
Ashley Davenport/Nolan Ross/Tyler Barrol, lipstick, games, nails, necktie, smirk
Charlotte Grayson/Daniel Grayson, comfort, siblings, femdom, easy, sin, pure
Charlotte Grayson/Daniel Grayson/Emily Thorne, manipulation, hell, siblings, sex, abomination
Conrad Grayson/Emily Thorne, blackout, amazing, revenge, allies, revelation, knowledge, release, midnight swim, [any]
Daniel Grayson/Emily Thorne, anger, loathing, disdain, rough, AU, ten years later, library, exile, Paris, no regrets, lick, flames, business, alcohol, dead
Daniel Grayson/Emily Thorne/Sara Munello, arrangement, blackmail, anniversary, wine, morning, wake-up call, sex tape
Daniel Grayson/Patrick Osbourne, resentment, sudden, bite, jealousy, rough
Emily Thorne/Jack Porter, drowning, slow, kissing, vulnerability, beach, laugh, boat, safe
Emily Thorne/Jack Porter/Nolan Ross, her guys, lingerie, trio, middle, watch, fun, kiss, new, secrets, tryst, trust, dark and light, stubble, smirk
Emily Thorne/Nolan Ross, danger, undercover, teamwork, fake, alley, gossip, wedding, shopping, trust, kneel, eyes, oral, sweet, obey, need, handcuffs, dominance, worship, secrecy, sneaking, trust, admiration,
Emily Thorne/Sara Munello, truth, push, sendoff, hurt, cake
Emily Thorne/Victoria Grayson, mutually assured destruction, victorious, suckle, breasts, beach house, merciless, burn, fire
Jack Porter/Nolan Ross, protector, sailing, bar, sweet, wing fic, dirty, hot, kiss, first, reveal, savor, submission, obey, playful, facial, sailing, flirting, lovers, protected, stubborn, smirking, clothed, confiding, regret, arms, warmth, forgive, secrets, anger, protective, push
Nolan Ross/Padma Lahari, handcuffs, playful, bind, pegging, laughter, intimacy, kitchen, domestic
Nolan Ross/Patrick Osbourne, paint, trust, water, fingers, blue
Nolan Ross/Tyler Barrol, smirk, games, necktie, negotiation, payment

Revolution (TV)
Bass Monroe/Charlie Matheson, gratitude, messy, banter, defiance, full names, battlelust, marriage, storm, need, beard, warmth, honey, hatesex, monstrous, tenderness, pregnancy, sharing a bed, domesticity, sweaty, marking, games, leader, rain, moonlight, blood, shiver, nails, breathe, more
Bass Monroe/Miles Matheson, first and last, cities, comfort, Semper Fi, absolution, darkness, calluses, sharing a bed, nudity, sparring
Charlie Matheson/Miles Matheson, bullet, look, window, journey, love, blind, together, uniform, battle, follow, fingertips, gloves, discipline, protege, urgency, tactile, hush, reunion, accidental, morals, adrenaline, swords, combat, practice, tackling, dirt, leave, stay, look
Charlie Matheson/Nora Clayton, adventure, grown up, quick and dirty, secret, fire, teaching, sharing a bed, vocal, soft, thighs
Charlie Matheson/Sebastian Monroe, dirt, beard, swords, blood, adrenaline, beneficial, competition, understanding, desire, cover, pretend, spy, redemption, love, chocolate, safe
Connor Bennett/any, gag, quick on the draw,(female)domination
Connor Bennett/Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe, jealousy, arrangement, voyeurism, competition
Maggie Foster/Jeremy Baker, Femme Fatale, bondage, hands,cunnilingus, pragmatism
Maggie Foster/Miles Matheson,cover, strong, assuage,slake, alive, car hood
Miles Matheson/Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe, brands, history, competence, swordplay, uniforms
Rachel Matheson/Connor Bennett, lips, cold, lullaby

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Juri/Utena, replacement, curls, duel
Utena/Anthy, escape, discover, hands, glasses, rain, roses

Richard II - Shakespeare
Richard II/Aumerle, parting, confidences, minion
Richard II/Bolingbroke, choice, sweet, afterwards, dreams, layers, silk, lustful, sin, armour, genderswap
Richard II/Bushy/Bagot/Green, diversions, hunt
Richard II/Henry IV, sacrilegious, stain, image, gold
Richard II/Mowbray, silence, conquered, lewd

Riddick - All Media Types
Dahl/OFC, any, rooftop, light, tremble, nails, redwings, hangnail, iota, beer, unassuming, spacestation, relief, tumble
Dahl/Riddick, any
Riddick/Jack, any, pool, alcohol, moon, flying, dangerous, suck, eyes, discreet, planets, new, sensations,

Ripper Street
Albert Flight/Fred Best, sudden, secret, darling, letters, danger
Bennet Drake/Homer Jackson, sober, pining, scandal, misfit, shadow, scent, rumour, insomnia, graveyard, fester, denial, cupidity, enemies, savior, gentleman, carriage, funeral, fight, black eye
Edmund Reid/Bennet Drake, control, comfort, cups, stitches, waistcoat, elocution, boxing
Edmund Reid/Homer Jackson, consolation, secret, need, rope, submit, silence, understanding, undercover, role play, cross-dressing, masculinity, ripped apart, suggestion, bleeding, dirty, hat, hidden, hose, taste, tough, trauma
Fred Best/Harry Collins, print, story, poetry, glasses
Fred Best/Homer Jackson, ink, scars, reputation, gin, assertions, shirtsleeves
Homer Jackson/Bennet Drake/Rose Erskine, lessons, in-between, show and tell, one night, comfort
Homer Jackson/Susan Hart, outlaws, freedom, lace, breaking rules
Susan/Raine, mend, allegiance, ripe, oath, marks, undress
Vincent Featherwell/David Goodbody, escape, freedom, secret, wish

Nick/Cody, restrained, public, games, fingers, ice, toys

Rise of the Guardians - All Media Types
Bunnymund/Jack, tentacles, carrots, sex toys, eggs, ice, flowers, staff
Jack Frost/Thoothiana, any, temptation, fun, reunion, moon, restrain, enthusiasm
Jack/Bunny, vines, chocolate, bath, rainbow, grooming, bow ties, vines, chocolate, bath, rainbow, grooming, bow ties
Nicholas St. North/Toothiana, music box, feathers, swordplay, tickle, hugs, kissing, sweet, oral
Sandy/Pitch, beach, cowlick, waves, stars, teddy bear, beach

Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Abdul Haqq Walid/Thomas Nightingale, care, doctor's orders, procedure, experiment, private, border-crossing, naked
Peter Grant/Lesley May, never
Peter Grant/Molly, drinking
Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale, magic, lessons, Latin, laughter, danger, hope, technology, trust, driving gloves, Jaguar, disheveled, reversal, desires

Riyria Revelations – Michael J. Sullivan
Hadrian Blackwater/Royce Melborn, legacies, thieves, job, partner, duo, rescue, rope, fight, elf, trust

Rizolli & Isles
Frost/Korsachs, daddy issues, wind down, drinks after work, expression,
Jane Rizolli/Maura Isles, anal, Boston, gambling, handcuffs, strap-on, undercover, home, sleep over, didn't realise, natural, events, in public, medical

Road House (1989)
Dalton/Wade, backstory, sweat, wrestle, throat, meditation, revenge, escape, driving

Robin Hood (BBC)
Robin Hood/Marion, dancing, feeling, sneaking, thick and blunt, are you prepared, love, night, trust
Robin of Locksley/Guy of Gisborne, breathplay, dubcon, h/c, hair brushing, snow

Rock of Ages
Stacee Jaxx/Constance Sack, lust, music, lips, tongue, pants, oral

Handsome Bob/One Two, long kiss, mouth, dance, bed, tied down, saved, fuck, cock, crush, jealous, backroom, secret, not-gay, desire, scream, moan, acquired taste, blow job, drunk, bar, jealous, Stella, painting, thieves

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Columbia/Janet Weiss, corset, costumes, naughty, touch
Columbia/Magenta, biting, blood, hairdryer, nails, performance, service, corsets, dress-up, rose-tinted, show, teasing, voice
Columbia/Magenta/Janet Weiss , voyeuristic-intentions
Eddie/Frank N Furter, bike

Rocky Series
Rocky Balboa/Adrian Balboa, strong, skating, New York, winter, wool, park

Lucius Vorenus/Marcus Antony, honor, loss, compassion, madness
Lucius Vorenus/Niobe, dedication, dispensation, fertility, laughter, red, luck, fate, duty
Octavian/Octavia, emperor, jealous, prerogative
Servilia/Brutus, domina, faithful, resigned
Vorena/Octavia, touch, heal, breathe

Romeo and Juliet – All Media Types
Juliet/Mercutio, betrothal, bitter, contempt, hate to love, wicked

Rookie Blue
Andy/Sam, everything, happy
Gail/Holly, dirty talk, handcuffs, scratches
Rope, Brandon/Phillip, control, reserve, fingers, beg

Rose of Versailles
Andre/Alain/Oscar, secret, taming, touching
Marie Antoinette/any, surprise, pleasure, screaming
Oscar/Robespierre, tavern, brawl, romance, passion
Oscar/Rosalie, bathing, lesson

Rosemary & Thyme
Rosemary Boxer/Laura Thyme, green, jealous, longing, devotion

Roswell (TV)
Alex/Kyle, straight
Ava/Tess Harding, differences, nipple, hands, piercings, tattoo, sky
Isabel Evans/Tess Harding, lipstick, understanding, secrets, whisper, curls, gasp, spicy, sugar
Isabel/Maria, collar
Jim Valenti/Jeff Parker, camping
Jim Valenti/Kyle, ice cream
Jim Valenti/Max, dust
Jim Valenti/Michael, darkness
Kathleen Topolsky/Alex, extracting information
Kathleen Topolsky/Liz, stars
Kyle Valenti/Tess Harding, mystery, closeness, condom, jersey, underwear, healing, heat, scrape, vanilla, cunnilingus
Liz/Ava, kitten, piercings
Liz/Isabel, icy, leather
Liz/Maria/Isabel, relax
Liz Parker/Michael Guerin, books, hot, over, ponytail, sand, coffee
Liz/Tess, ice, heatwave, cherries, motel
Michael/Maria, anal sex, apartment-sitting, blanket, fantasy, haircut, homework, lollipop, mirror, motorcycle, quickie, watching porn
Tess/Ava/Isabel/Lonnie, mirrors

Round About Five
Man/Courier, travel, quest, wind, low

Runaways (comic)
Molly/Karolina, aura

Gert Yorkers/Chase Stein, romance, smart, Lace, run, alley
Karolina/Xavin, shifting, sunlight, alien

Rune Factory 3
any/any, ocean, salty, food, drugged, wilds, peace, outdoors, flowers, gentle, sky, soft, night, rescue, acceptance, will, magic,
Micoh/Karina, sleep
Micoh/Raven, transform, silence, blush, feathers, wool

Rune Factory 4
any/any, order, princess, prince, master, save, gentle, blade, wedding night, floral, agreement, arrangement, pillows, bounce, transparent, silly, touch, kisses, threesome

Rune Factory Frontier
Raguna/Kross, hands, darkness, wood
Raguna/Mist, sweat

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
any/any, birthday, chocolate, Dragon Shrine, Fenith Port, forge, night, ocean, rain, snow, wine

Running Time
Janie Kerchensky/Carl Martushka: Third try, instruction, hideaway

Rurouni Kenshin
Makimachi Misao/Shinomori Aoshi, night, wish, undress, tea, wait, kunai, restraint, watch, maple, height, crackle
Saitou Hajime/Sagara Sanosuke, rival, strike, stalk, disguise, lock-up, proposition, fantasy, gloves, sword, war, denial, defeal

Rush (2013)
James Hunt/Niki Lauda, aftermath, banter, beg, competition, desperation, hate, kiss, postcards, relent, race, scars, secret, silence, wind, metal, handsome, rivalry, obvious, gratitude, possessive, dominant, quiet, quick, guilty, loud, biting, blood-play, playful, sarcasm, smile, copper, golden, stability, race, before, Tokyo, Strange, love

Rush (TV)
Lawson/Shannon, finally

Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai
Yashiro, gangbang, public use, exhibitionism, humiliation, degradation, begging, spread, reputation, yakuza, suits, boredom, prostitution, bondage, office, cigarettes, pain, moan, more, harder, heat

Safety Not Guaranteed
Darius/Kenneth, firsts, awkward, time

Saga (Comic)
Alana/Marko, twat, novel, new, discomfort, colour, redden, piercings, laughter, sing, innuendo,
Marko/Alana, [any], new, first, cuffs, private, explore, wing, taste, green, sky, fill, aimless, echo,
The Stalk/The Will, [any] rival, job, eight, exhibitionist, hallucination, sucking, pale, shiver, asphyxiation

Sailor Moon – All Media Types
Chiba Mamoru/Tsukino Usagi, forgotten, alien shooting, formal wear, secret, costume, masked sex, sneak
Fish Eye/Usagi, girls, rivals, curiosity, wicked, sweet
Haruka Tenoh/Michiru Meioh, reliance, mission, music, daring, vindication, cynicism
Makoto/Usagi, food, cooking, belly rubs, kisses, soft
Mamoru Chiba/Rei Hino/Usagi Tsukino, heat, jealousy, comfort, completion, wonder, competitive
Mamoru Chiba/Usagi Tsukino, any, moon, earth, eternal, heavenly, space, future, essence, first, pregnancy, impregnantion, wings, light, peace, happy, devotion, eager, languid, costume
Michiru/Haruka, training, kneel, mine, boots, licking
Minako Aino/Rei Hino, love, fire, passion, chains, secrets
Nephrite/Jadeite, bound, broken, cold, crown, found, lost, warm
Rei Hino/Minako Aino, seduction, partnership, passion, priorities, duty
Tenoh Haruka/Tsukino Usagi, oath, service, knight, once, fidelity, windswept
Usagi Tsukino/Rei Hino, smile, sweet, bunny, moonlight, fighting, shrine
Usagi/Minako, idol, rubbing, hot, toys, penetration, hotel, experienced, unexperienced

Saint Young Men
Jesus/Buddha, first, temptation, meditation, indulgence, sacrifice, new, internet, date, fire, snuggle, condition, hot chocolate, celebration

Saiyuki Gaiden
Kenren/Konzen/Tenpou, adornment, gamble, bite, hair, flowers, surprise

Genjo Sanzo/Sha Gojyo, dirty talk, rough, cigarettes, switch, jeans, gamble, pool table, hurry, jealousy, clothed sex, pirates AU, hurt
Genjo Sanzo/Sharak Sanzo, scars, rest, practicality, tough, guns, time

Sakamichi no Apollon
Kaoru/Sentarō/Ritsuko, rhythm, soul, youth, bright, giggle, girly, tender, blush, sun, breeze, fragile, kiss, happiness, tiptoe, whisper, loud, blue, present

Sally Lockhart - Philip Pullman
Jim Taylor/Adelaide Bevan, queen, cat, coarse, grace, written

Salute Your Shorts
Michael/Budnick, flagpole
Pinsky/Budnick, salami

Sam and Cat
Cat/Jade, spank, love, rub, lift, squeal
Sam/Cat, mama knows, rough, squeak, meat, hungry, silly, show and tell
Sam/Freddie, hurt and comfort, hurt Sam, dinner, fun, warm bed
Sam/Jade, understanding, misanthropy, blase, boots, leather

Samurai Champloo
Fuu/Jin, comfort, loyalty,propriety
Fuu/Mugen/Jin, danger, fun, dancing, familiarity
Mugen/Fuu, rough, trust, release
Mugen/Jin, masturbation, swords, tension

Sanctuary (TV)
Declan Macrae/James Watson, history, firearms, modern, precise
John Druitt/Helen Magnus, memory, breath, handcuffs, corset
John Druitt/James Watson, knife, machinery, darkness, mercy, opium
Kate Freelander/Ashley Magnus, cable
Kate Freelander/Will Zimmerman, smirk, incense, tired, elsewhere, shoulder, clever
Nikola Tesla/James Watson, chess, thunder, blood, science

Save the Last Dance
Derek/Sarah, strength, grace, shake it

Hilary Faye/Cassandra, tough, prejudice
Hilary Faye/Mary, sin
Hilary Faye/Tia, pray

Saving Face
Vivian Shing/Wilhelmina Pang, clothes shopping, dancing, food

Saving Grace (TV)
Butch Ada/Grace Hanadarko/Hamilton "Ham" Dewey, first time, last time, play, sobbing, angels, road trip, bathroom, priest, pegging, slave, prank, grace

Scandal (TV)
Abby Whelan/Harrison Wright, snooping, hiding, office, con, braces
Huck/Olivia Pope, beard, hurt/comfort, wine, hug, breathless, limousine, countertop, roses, brush, keyboard, any
Jake Ballard/Olivia Pope, dark, glass, tequila, mind games, wall, down, scars, burgers, beer, wine, stain, bruise, wine, kiss, oral, slow, formal wear, spies, need, music, whiskey, promise, shower, pretending, fantasy, shoulders, tomorrow, blindfold, mirror, claim, fire, seduction, uniform
Mellie Grant/Olivia Pope, rooftop, wine, memory, dance, kiss, oral, little black dress, fingers, drunk, fast, first, New Year's Eve, last time, first time, formal wear, heels, flowers, home, Chanel #5, Iowa, ice, fireplace, like a normal couple, shots, future, sex tape, strawberries, cheat, naked, paparazzi, elevator, make-up sex, skirt, zipper, affair, divorce, history, ours, pregnancy, scratching, chief of staff, election night, last kiss, simpler times
Olivia Pope/Quinn Perkins/Huck, initiation, loyalty

Scandanavia and the World (webcomic)
Canada/America, needy, insecure, reassurance, size
Denmark/Norway, fun, care, teaching

Scarecrow & Mrs. King
Amanda King/Lee Stetson, panda, undercover, wedding, retreat, discretion, housesit, germany, london, iff, billy's office, after hours, closet elevator, armchair
Francine Desmond/Amanda King, freezer, chocolates, available, proof

Scooby Doo - All Media Types
Daphne Blake/Velma Dinkley, bag, biting, costumes, disguise, girls-night, glasses, haunted-house, mystery, rescue, surprise, toys, reveal, van
Fred Jones/Daphne Blake, any, dominate, home, vocal, curiosity, flexible, tired, sleep
Shaggy Rogers/Velma Dinkley/Scooby Doo, deserted, glasses, Scooby Snacks
Velma Dinkley/Shaggy Rogers: glasses, van, brownies, knowledge, study, curiosity

Scooby Doo (2002)
Fred Jones/Velma Dinkley

Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated
Velma Dinkley/Marcie, taste, hacking, assignment, lace, trade

Scott & Bailey
Gill Murray/Rachel Scott, sexting, drunk, office, desk, discipline, Godzilla, fraternisation, "look Lady", handcuffs, ex husbands
Gill Murray/Janet Bailey, secrets, history, birthday, history, champagne, Rachel's wedding
Rachel Bailey/Gill Murray, approval, cliff, insubordinate, mobile, Sherlock, smirk
Rachel Bailey/Gill Murray/Janet Scott, discussion

Scott Pilgrim
Scott Pilgrim/Gideon Gordon Graves, defeat, mind control, submission, humiliation, heart, bondage, fighting, kneeling, victory
Scott Pilgrim/Stephen Stills, practice, vegetarian, kitchen, stubble, dance floor, dancing, on stage, instruments, awkwardness, making out, blushing, Young Neil, lookalike
Scott Pilgrim/Wallace Wells, kept boy, money, roommates, clubbing, alcohol, dance floor, makeover, training, fight preparation, bed sharing, casual, arrangement, discovery, handcuffs, gag

Billy/Stu, mask
Dewey/Tatum, when mom's away
Sidney/Hicks, lost boy
Sidney/Tatum, whisper

Scream 3
Gale/Dewey/Jennifer, stardom
Gale/Jennifer Jolie, doppelganger

Scream 4
Jill/Kirby, virgin
Sidney/Jill, victim

Denise/Katie/Sunny, home movie
Dr. Cox/Kelso, hate you
Elliot/Jordan/Perry, sharing
Elliot/Molly, apple thief, bonding, girltalk, lesbian vibe, vibrator
JD/Dr. Cox, "I need your help with something.", Janitor, games, winning
JD/Dr. Cox/Jordan, secret
JD/Janitor, mop, repression, anger, penny
JD/Turk, bathtub, Guy Love, chocolate
JD/Turk/Carla/Elliott, 11:59pm
Todd/anyone, score!, ______ five!

Sea Patrol
XO/Commander White, knocker, Mike Flynn, promotion, transfer, our secret
XO/Nav, so close and yet so far, training course, forbidden love

Sean Dillon novels - Jack Higgins
Billy Salter/Sean Dillon, disguise, charm, accent, shot, injured, diving, adrenalin, success, succinct, preposterous, family, mission, slick

Secret Garden (kdrama)
Choi "Oska" Woo Young/Gil Ra Im, oppa, socks, tease, coffee, lips, song, sweet
Choi "Oska" Woo Young/Yoon Seul, sing, night, candle, sparkle, remember, reconcile, gift, snow, heart
Gil Ra Im/Im Ah Young, uniform, pant, black, satin, leather, lipstick, mirror, snag, dance, energetic

Elaine/Sidrah, spectacular
George/Bonnie/roommate (from "The Label Maker"), velvet, into it
George/Jerry, worth a shot
Kramer/Newman, get rich quick
Sidrah/Sue Ellen Mishkie, bra

Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi | Spirited Away
Haku/Chihiro, any

Sense and Sensibility – All Media Types
Colonel Brandon/Marianne Dashwood, fingers, duet, closeness, stories, dancing, unexpected
Elinor Dashwood/Colonel Brandon, grief, Alternative, surprise, unexpected, blindfold, cross dressing
Elinor Dashwood/Marianne Dashwood, secret, play,
Margaret Dashwood/Willoughby, crush, lookalike, future, jealous,
Mrs Dashwood/Colonel Brandon, age, understanding, carriage, adrenalin, comfort, any
Mrs Dashwood/Willoughby, lonely, pegging, sin, surprise, loneliness, beach, winter, rain, secret, revisit, alone, sea, stranded, storm, heal, wet,
Willoughby/Colonel Brandon, fight, tired, blood, place, ride, flee, child, resent, jealousy, Marianne, Eliza, swords, punishment, cold, hunter, ruin, dirty, rough, duel, furtive, held down, regret

Sense and Sensibility (Movie)
Colonel Brandon/Marianne Dashwood, [any], illness, India, fingers, buttons, pianoforte

Sesame Street
Bert/Ernie, letter P

Seven Seas of Rhye - Queen (Song)
Any/Any, epic, power, flash, thunder, fire, survive

Shades of Grey
Eddie/Jane, colour, nose, spoon

Shadow of Memories | Shadow of Destiny
Dana/Margrette, antiques,clothes, time

Shameless (US)
Ian Gallagher /Mickey Milkovich, bitch, bitter, fond, hit, kiss, stain
Ian Gallagher/Lip Gallagher, personal space, butt in, privacy, magazine, curiosity, clinging, desperation, weed, shotgunning, bad influence, tie, trust, illicit, semi public, pushing boundaries, secret, caught, towel, shower, attention, mixed up, bed sharing, experimental, trust, frottage, handjobs, oral, wrong
Ian Gallagher/Mandy Milkovich, sorry
Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich, hands, stockroom, back, come back, needy, repress, sneak around, toys, AU, blowjob, orgasm denial, bend over, wall sex, face to face, bite, smoke, apology, miss you, make-up sex, experience, handcuffs
Jimmy/Fiona, [any], trust, alone, money, travel, past, cars, thief, love, gone, haunted, need, comparisons, family, swim, weed, work, stress, shower, caring, sick, understanding, compromise, promise, suit, dress, fancy, dinner, opposites
Karen Jackson/Lip Gallagher, bent, camera, champagne, closer, concert, dance, layers, lipstick, longing, lust, memory, mixtape, nail-polish, name, nipple, nothing, oral, orphans, phone, quicky, quit, smoke, straddle, studying, taskmaster, tattoo, taut, teeth, telephone, test, want, wish
Lip/Mandy, [any], Karen, insecurity, college, runaways, sex, replacement, fight, blood, tattoos, sharing, smoking, drunk, trust, anything

Sharpe (TV)
Richard Sharpe/Arthur Wellesley, victory, superior, officer, gentleman, uniform, obedience, submission, dirty

Shayla the Pink Mouse
Bealzabub/Mei Ling/Yuriko, taboo, sisters, fertile, pregnant, sharing, triangle, devotion
Shayla the Pink Mouse, Kasey/Katrina/Shayla, playful, punishment, roleplay, handcuffs, tongues

Shaun Andrews/Zach, loved, making love, slow, rimming, kiss, beach, sea, surf, picnic, bonfire, cookery, writing, painting, deadlines, partnership, perfect, touch, fingers, coming, need

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Adam/Adora, twins, sky, swords
Adora/Catra, allies, cold, future, lost, queen, victory
Adora/Glimmer, light, wings, rebellion, princesses
Angella/The Sorceress, wings, past, dreamers, power, moon
Frosta/Mermista, ice, play, north
The Sorceress/She-Ra, mentor, otherworldly, tower, visions

Sherlock (TV)
Greg Lestrade, drunk tank, (recreational) scolding
Greg Lestrade/John Watson, enormous, comfort, crime scene, hiding, pub, realization, sink, velvet, shy, cheek, capable
Greg Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes, phone!sex, ripple, fight, laughter, exercise, burn
Greg Lestrade/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, reward, comfort, left, outside, late, sharing, inclusion, detecting, voyeur
Irene Adler/John Watson, Desperation, headspace, bondage, whips, punishment, emptiness, comfort, remember, scintillating, wholesome
Irene Adler/Molly Hooper, agreement, spark, hair
Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes, first-times, undercover, reunion, virgin, love, obsession
Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, threesome, double-penetration, passion, smugness Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, wall-sex, laboratory, accident, surprise
Jim Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes, temptation, mirror, loneliness, edge, dark, revenge, imprisonment, torture, dubcon, noncon, cockring, drugs, manipulation
John Watson/fem!Sherlock Holmes, addict, flay, tongue, diminish
John Watson/Mary Watson/Sherlock Holmes, fit, fibbing, bedshare, psychopaths, fault, happy, middle
John Watson/Mycroft Holmes, kidnapping, cars, guilt, anger, forgiveness, comfort, truce, knife, conspiracy, danger, bruise, punishment, danger
John Watson/Sally Donovan, BAMFs, click, sharp, apple
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, merciful, intoxicated, overdramatic, daunting, mess, mixed messages, faithful, demand, explain, criminal, vicious, greedy, orgasm denial, chastity, virginity, love, drugs, adrenaline, coat, deductions, exam, experiment, food, hope, laughing, sleepy, angry, baby, hold, hug, idiot, mad, moustache, silence, chocolate, creep, forever, idiots, keys, no, oral, sea, seduction, used, variables, clock, denial, cupidity, scent, blanket, collision, misunderstanding, bribe, accident, custard, superstition, sweat, whistle, missing, cemetery, wedding, armchair, scarf, experiment, dirty, reunion, first time, public sex, distraction, voyeur, masturbation, second time, favor, damsel in distress, texting, TMI, undercover, blackmail, stag night. Confession, withdrawl, truth, divorce, resolution, comfort, relationship, drunk, awkward, joining, milkshakes, tease
graduate chemist, error bars, sexting, nightmares, intoxicated, bondage, bathing, dom!Sherlock, experiment, fireside, taxi, stimulating, silent, spanking, prolonged, smug, camping, apology, virgin!John, comfort, women's underpants, blindfold, reunion, 24/7 dom/sub lifestyle, possessive, marks, improvised sex toys, orchestrated, snuggle, kneel, taxi, clean-shaven, reconnect, Buckingham Palace, touch, startle, bite
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan, Trinity, whole, marriage, fasincation, clues, games, sharing, voyeurism, openess, comfort, together, polyamory, sharing, asexuality, baby, desperation, virginity, tickling, dream, dildo, high heels, secrets, watching, violent, giggles, bonds, truth, innocence, "my boys", ace/demi Sherlock, snow day, tipsy, arrangement, sharing, lies, Christmas, family, holiday, babyroom, robe, running, abrupt, case, four, seduction, vows, big bed, co-parents, danger, first time, hormones, mouth, need, together, guns, any, voyeurism, bondage, surprises, domesticity, tea, virginity, works, safe, home, guns, adrenaline, forever, knitting, balance, adventure, tea
Mary Morstan/threesome, accept, power, laugh, raise
Molly Hooper/Greg Lestrade, wine, nerves, desk, first, dance, discovery, wall, laugh, smile, experience, new, playful, dress, cuffs, explore
Molly Hooper/Sherlock Holmes, alcohol, always, choke, declaration, desperate, flowers, hair-pulling, jealous, Latin, redeem, whisper, underwear, awkward, learning, hands, life, puzzle, falling, belonging, yearning, desperation, want, need, together, yellow, first, logic, comfort, want, graduation, hair, sense, midnight, watching, mind, knife, wall, goosebumps, gift, experiment, feelings, catch, discovery, scalpel, bedroom, taxi, wing, bite, rain, bathing suit, alley, slick, dom!Molly, sub!Molly, virginity, chastity, orgasm denial, multiple orgasms, garters, toys, love, cunnilingus, pegging, observations, apples, microscope, candy, gift, remorse, forgiveness, pregnancy, belittled, cunnilingus, experiments, closet, newspaper
Molly Hooper/Anderson, evidence, cold, unlikely, serendipity, murder, dance, chance
Mrs Hudson/Margaret, youth, wedding
Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade, attention, plus, goldfish, run, edge, formal, orders, obey, suit, sharp, rumpled, smoke, desperation, conceal, tie, pet, physical, guilt, comfort, after, dancing, proper, unspoken, demand, wooing, divorce, comfort, coffee
Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes, mine, obey, understanding, same, force, disappointed, wrong, advantage, caring, heart, break, cocaine, safety, practice, limits, domestication, dating, rain, fried rice, hermit, otaku, manga, obsession, video games, snacks, case, books, holidays, sunburn, hot tub, ice tea, brother dear
Mycroft Holmes/excess, tamed, overwhelmed, milk, cookies, baking, tofu
Sally Donovan/Greg Lestrade, party, celebrate, understanding, mistake, haste, vision, secret
Sherlock Holmes, chemical, collection, dry, fingering, hair, John, pantyhose, public, quiet, masturbation
Sherlock Holmes/Greg Lestrade, bold, boredom, suck, frustration, rough, crime scene
Sherlock Holmes/Greg Lestrade/John Watson, full, witness
Sherlock Holmes/Janine, denial, missing John, fantasy, pegging, phone sex, drugs, punishment, rough sex
Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper/John Watson, sex fantasies, forbidden
Sherlock Holmes/Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, any, poison, science, reality, experimentation, flirtation, realization, leather, blindfold, work
Sherlock Holmes/any, awkward, cold
Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan, mission, guns, infidelity, liar
Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper/Irene Adler, pegging, honey, scratching, spanking, bondage, softness, comfort, blood, orchids, lipstick

Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
John Watson/Female!Sherlock Holmes, secret, truth, observation, scandal, manuscript, lost, chronicle, friends
Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/JohnWatson, case solved, rich girl, smile, agreement, scandalous, husbands, portrait, cunnilingus, sharing, train compartment, crime fighting trio
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, angry, firsts, intercrural, awkward, sublime, one-upmanship, turnabout, bathtub, almost-caught, hush, violinist, interval, domestic, husbands, haughty, dissolve, chemistry, sadness,

Sherlock Holmes (Downey films)
[any] jealousy, experiment, banter, wounds
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, decisions, alone, desperation, reunion, us against the world,
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson/Mary Watson, reunion, cross-dressing (any), roleplay, laughter

She's All That
Brock/Zach, college
Taylor/Laney, 5 years on

Shigeki no Kyojin
Erwin Smith/Levi, harness, shave, scrub, size difference, trust, injury, chase, power reversal, lash, edging, rimming, boundaries
Erwin Smith/Nile Dawk, rough, truce, favors, uniform, desk, trainees, suck, threesome

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner
Kuzunoha Raidou XIV/Narumi Shouhei, summer, lethargy, loosen up, amused

Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Annie Leonhardt/Eren Jager, spar, teeth, hold, grind, instinct, weapon, prey, naked, vore
Annie Leonhart/Hange Zoë, fascination, science, excitement, confusion, chains
Annie Leonhart/Mikasa Ackerman, competition, blade, shell, crystal, understanding, cold, loss, speed
Annie Leonhart/Ymir, biting, gore, skin, lies
Any/Any, vore, body horror, tentacles, guro, noncon, violence, authority abuse, death, genderswap, bondage
Armin Arlert/Eren Jaeger, first, protect, summer, midnight, secret
Armin Arlert/Erwin Smith, eager, teach, obedience, training, silk
Eren Jaeger/Annie Leonhardt, biting, scent, savagery, honesty
Eren Jaeger/Armin Arlert, beginnings, book-learning, experiments, alcohol, fairytale, monster, beauty, violence
Eren Jaeger/Armin Arlert/Annie Leonhardt, shackles, envy, pain, manipulation
Eren Jaeger/Jean Kirstein, unwilling
Eren Yeager/Annie Leonhart, [any], sparring, footjob, titan, slick, hunter, time
Eren Yeager/Levi, [any], role-reversal, captive, dog, monster, freedom, chase
Eren Yeager/Mikasa Ackerman, [any], blindfold, possessive, slave, killer, protect, scar
Eren Yeager/Mikasa Ackerman/Levi, [any], fight, heal, share, distance, vulnerable, blowjob, double-penetration
Erwin Smith/Levi, [any], manhandle, bruises, collar, blood, loyalty, time, hatred, plot, cold, boots, ritual, subordinate
Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharius, secrets, trust
Hange Zoë/Any, [any], experiment, restraint, shower, tease, pain
Hanji Zoe/Levi, undressed, scars, conversation, eccentric
Hanji Zoe/Moblit Banner, comfort
Hitch/Annie Leonhart, sleepyhead, gunpoint, bully
Hitch/Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss, any, aristocracy
Ilse Langnar/Ymir, double, mistake, cannibalism
Jean Kirstein/Marco Bodt, meeting, jealousy
Jean Kirstein/Mikasa Ackerman, [any], comfort, rough, longing, gag, fever, sharp
Jean Kirstein/Sasha Blouse, practice, date, training, hunting, birthday
Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss/Ymir, [any], reunion, name, 69, devour, snow, freckles, vore, naming, warmth, grooming
Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss/Annie Leonhart, burning, parents, false
Levi/Mikasa Ackerman, [any], femdom, payback, training, regret, pegging
Marco Bott/Annie Leonhart, snuff, grave robbing, guilt, gore, cannibalism
Marco Bott/Bertolt Hoover, snuff, grave robbing, guilt, gore, cannibalism
Mikasa Ackerman/Annie Leonhart, [any], battle, fall, brutal, lies, handcuffs, trapped
Mikasa Ackerman/Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss, survivors, guilt
Mikasa Ackerman/Sasha Blouse, training, feeding
Mike Zacharius/Nanaba, sunrise, battle
Mina Carolina/Annie Leonhart, bed sharing, deception, tiny, training, grief
mob/Levi, [any], gangbang, bukkake, double-penetration, humiliation
Moblit Berner/Hange Zoë, safety, experiment
Nanaba/Hange Zoë, any
Nanaba/Mike Zacharias, any, size kink, scent marking
Oluo Bossard/Petra Ral, crushes, laughter
Petra Ral/Hange Zoë, solo, testing
Reiner Braun/Bertholdt Hoover, strength, child, years, stress
Reiner Braun/Bertolt Fubar, together, careful, emotions, nape, positions, desperate, walls, Annie Leonhardt, subspace, protect, future, frottage, apology, training, stress, gore, body horror, fear, first, kiss, love, bottom!Reiner
Reiner Braun/Bertolt Hoover/Annie Leonhart, rivalry, blood, atonement, prison, femdom, cannibalism
Reiner Braun/Bertolt Hoover, reminder, duty, marking, bloodplay
Reiner Braun/Connie Springer, showers, crush, wrestling, crush, laugh, guilt, bed sharing, size difference
Rico Brzenska/Hange Zoë, philosophical disagreement, authority
Sasha Blouse/Annie Leonhart, sparring, wirework, hunters, prey, vore
Sasha Blouse/Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss, comfort, woods, archery
Sasha Blouse/Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss/Ymir, addition, agreement, aphrodisiac, oral, tangling, aftermath
Ymir/Christa Lenz, lost, tension, sleeping
Ymir/Historia Reiss, nape, height difference, vore, kiss, trust, bandages, forest, hair, wet, loud, selfish, lick, inexperience, feelings, love, touch, safe, relief, survive, reunion, humanity, faith, happy ending

Lee Minwoo/Mun Junghyuk| Eric, CEO, boss, cap, dominant, dance, forget
Lee Sunho|Andy/Kim Dongwan, beg, puppy, forgiveness, ski, smile, warmth, forever, safety

Short Term 12
Grace/Mason, bath, bed, blanket, charcoal, cooking, morning, mutual, nude, paint, pull, raw, safe, scars

Silent Hill 2
James/Maria, jail cell, make believe
Mary/Angela, heaven

Silent Hill 3
Claudia/Alessa, mercy

Silent Witness
Nikki/OFC, stress relief, life not death

Silk Stalkings
Rita Lance/Chris Lorenzo, stockings

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Danny McDaniels/Pat Solatano Jr, helping
Tiffany Maxwell/Pat Solatano Jr, corset, dominatrix, roleplay, women, decisive, relaxation, Sunday

Sin City
Lucille/Claire, psychology, hands, memory, gun, pain
Miho/OC, snow, blade, silk, stars

Sinbad (Sky1)
Nala/Gunnar/Sinbad, queen, kisses, femdom, comfort, cold, adventure, rigging, crossdressing, guards, AMTDI
Nala/Rina, caught, fingers, pushed, tasting, testing, bedroom, cabin
Sinbad/Gunnar, sparring, temper, restraint, restrained, fight, comrades, homeland, moonlight
Taryn/Akbari, knives, kneeling, sin, begged, submission

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's: The Lost World
Roxton/Marguerite, scarves, quiet, longing, destined, wit, dance

Ashley Greenwick/Rachid Mansaur, alpha, fantasy, experiment, smirk, smug, blowjob, ropes, bondage, grin, bond, commitment, frustration, words, questions, dirty talk, comfort
Ashley Greenwick/Stuart Bayldon, flatmates, scar, adorable, breakfast, sharing, music, earnest, knowledge, safe, ambulance, blind date, comfort, drink, closer, emergency contact, I.C.E
Maxine Fox/Stuart Bayldon, topping, uniform, yielding, friendship, trust, known

Six Feet Under
Billy/Brenda, Nathaniel and Isabelle
Billy/Brenda/Claire, camera
Billy/Brenda/Nate, compromise
Brenda/Claire, idolize, mentor, handcuffs, discipline, fragile
Brenda/Lisa, massage
Claire/Anita, trying again
Claire/Anita/Edie, closer
Claire/Brenda/Nate, high
Claire/Nate, cathartic
Claire/Parker, drive
Claire/Sarah, Joni Mitchell
David/Nate, masturbation
Nate/Brenda/Lisa, acid
Ruth/Hiram/Nikolai, shame

Skins (UK)
Cassie Ainsworth/Tony Stonem, attention, burn, wow
Effy Stonem/James Cook, anything, band-aid, bare, blood, bones, bored, caretaker, clean, condom, cunnilingus, dirt, easy, fingers, frustration, hands, heaven, high, laundromat, leak, lost, mates, nail-polish, names, nightmare, outlaws, perfect, pinch, pocketknife, posture, present, rough, sharp, shoplifting, shower, sober, splint, stairs, surprise, teeth, tense, wait, walk, weak, yawn
Effy Stonem/James Cook/Pandora Moon, dildo, jealousy, practice
Effy Stonem/Pandora Moon, lessons, lollipop, sticky, tits
Freddie Mclair/James Cook, high, pull
James Cook/Naomi Campbell, good, kiss, lonely, maybe, messy, pegging, sorry, why
Liv Malone/Mini McGuinness, sleep, tits, voyeur
Maxxie Oliver/Tony Stonem, experiment, suck, pulse, firsts, rimming, expertise, teaching
Michelle Richardson/Tony Stonem, shave
Tony Stonen/EffyStonem, [any], smirk, sneaking, vodka, weed, drugs, dancing, sweat, mental, road trip, blood, future, prison, visit, need, blue, family, only, apart, absent, missing, tears, manipulation

Skip Beat!
Mogami Kyoko/Tsuruga Ren, revelation, roleplaying, love, lust, heel siblings, method acting, sex scene, pandora's box, fairytale
Kyoko/Ren, Bo, unpopular, success, demons

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Joe Sullivan/Polly Perkins, desk

Sky High
Principal Powers/Coach Boomer, volume, friends, help, chaperone, sneaky

Skyfall (2012)
Bill Tanner/Q, saved, fingers, knife, gun, dangerous, hair, under-estimated, quiet, bite, science, beer, save, authority, know, quiet, obedience, office, smile, tangle, weekend, dextrous, shattered, crisis, adrenaline, unzipped
Eve Moneypenny/James Bond/Q, spies, desk, shaving, sharing, gadget, work together, seduction, laughter, scars, drinks, alcohol, sneaky, king sized bed, hotel, luxury, languid, pleased, skin, lick, in the middle, home, soft places, trust, beard, blade, gun, arrow, bullet, weapon
Eve Moneypenny/Severine, secret, quiet, rescue, slink, new, admire, smile
James Bond/Anonymous!Male, hungry, bloodlust, wounded, fucking, blinded, painplay, brutality, noncon, dubcon
James Bond/Eve Moneypenny, begging, swim, snow, public, phone, silk, shack, lost, undercover, domestic, rain
James Bond/Gareth Mallory, [any], gentlemen, tuxedo, politics, watersports, guns, blindfold, restraint, whiskey, fog, snow, palace
James Bond/M [Judi Dench], owned, ma'am, cold, heather, unknown
James Bond/Q, imprint, danger, brilliant, gadgets, Scotland, science, sexy, morning, cool, control, phone
James Bond/Q/Tanner, agent, waiting, smooth, yes, sunshine, snow, careful, professional
James Bond/Bill Tanner, competence, suit, smoke, gun, clever, fine, martini, casual
M [Judi Dench]/Raoul Silva, responsibility, testament, provocateur
Q/M [Judi Dench], times change
Q/Raoul Silva, defense, overload, prize, throat, acquisition

Aela the Huntress/Mjoll the Lioness, beast, night, wilds, commonalities

Zelgadis/Amelia, blue, royal, spells, baking

Sleeping Beauty (Disney)
Maleficent/Philip, tied, chained, restrained, trained

Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Abbie Mills/Andy Brooks, childhood, date, rejection, prom, hair, creepy, watching you, stalker, handcuffs, fixation, desire, death, manipulation, hands, messy, shadow, hollow
Abbie Mills/Ichabod Crane, wine, dance, kiss, first date, oral, ice cream, only two left, Halloween, New Year's Eve, first time, road trip, formal wear, shower, morning, backseat, weekend, apocalypse, scotch, midnight, heels, button up shirt, moving in, time, quiet, ice, fireplace, shots, fireworks, future, laugh, lace, strawberries, margaritas, naked, pickup truck, party, flannel, undressing, liquor, soft, bra, vanilla, giggle, tuxedo, water, smart-ass, age-difference, practicing, scratching, comfy, cabin, cold, baseball, accent, spring
chosen, sunlight, jeans, sheath, trust, fingertips, haircut, brotherhood, coat, nudity, tight jeans, drunk, sexting, denim, guilty, power, ride, rum, satisfied, sexting, warmth, wet
partners, conversation, delinquency, peace, revelation, boundaries, awe, urge, belong, electric, lessons, witchcraft, bond, burden, unchanged, clever, return, loyal
pegging, itch, candles, trust, savior, mascara, public, fingers, breast worship, wedding, begging, hymn, unbreakable, cross-dressing, sexting, shopping, confusion, awkwardness, SMS, sexting, smiley-face, communication, bewilderment, thanks, dessert, leading, vines, butt, witness, watch, see, gadget, explore, corrupt, snow, cabin, huddle, demon, accident, modern, improper, warrior, final, reconnect, teach, big words, dance, car, television, movie theatre, destiny, wet, fingernails, shadows, skinny-jeans, darkness, booty, sweat, trousers, hot tub, technology, conflicted, desire, gentleman, jeans, Katrina, longing, naked, sex magic, tantric, friendship, sour, rescue, strength, hopeless, Internet, alcohol, skinny jeans, gun, tongue, car, height, bite, bitter cold, knowledge, height difference, "the darkness comprehended it not", run, cabin, warmth, trust, loyalty, making out, car, confusion, time travel,
Abbie Mills/Ichabod Crane/Frank Irving, team work, badge, trapped, held together, tied up, handcuffs, experimental, bonding, curiosity, trying new things, blood, ritual, double penetration, unprofessional, uniform, new clothes, bound, hands, fingering, pressed together, two on one
Abbie Mills/Ichabod Crane/Jenny Mills, magic, power, witness, sex pollen, voyeurism, body worship, cunnilingus, touch, sparks, heated, fever, tag team, wicked, divine, car, handcuffs, freedom
Abbie Mills/Ichabod Crane/Katrina Crane, certain, curious, introduction, ribbons, magic, ritual, ache, come together, wife, share, forest, paint, blood, tongue, grind, witch, alliance, forge, bond, voyeurism, prophecy, fire, heart, shopping, takeout, gun, history, internet, confusion, red, belief, reunion, celebration, cabin, fire, purgatory, return, share, big bed, shyness, exploration, forbidden, ghost, dream, modern media, internet porn, clothes fetish, haircut, shave, prophecy, trinity, lust, open, timeshare, cool, opportunities, porn, onanism, cabin, laces, witchcraft, , purgatory, protection, strength, rescue, shower, modern, amenities, witch, toys, adaptation, flexible
Abbie Mills/Jenny Mills, apocalypse angels, fated, blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb, m.i.a. playlist, not alone, complicated, drugs, fight, past, secrets, shame, history, bite, lips, desire, too close, anger, miss you, longing, need, you and me, left alive, take good care, tease, rainstorm, biting, hell, heaven, stairway
Abbie Mills/Katrina Crane, coming back, necklace, visions, sensual, sensory, dreams, thighs, stroke, dress, tear up, lick, kiss, taste, tantalizing, bra underwear, strip, oral, breasts, vision, dream, hell, understanding, sharing, wisdom, curiosity,
Abbie Mills/Luke Morales, [any] anniversary, quickie, one on one, worry, possession, aftermath, knowledge, truth, comfort, fuck buddies, break up sex, past, history, quiet, handsome, jealousy, happy, anniversary, quickie, desk
Abbie Mills/Jenny Mills/Ichabod Crane, destiny, taste
Frank Irving/Jenny Mills, [any], Thanksgiving, normal, date, danger, argument, chase, bonds, drinks, secret, companionship, optimism, light, hello, goodbye, desk, captain, handcuffs, authority, rebel, grin, smirk, tie, jewelry, gun, suit, shaving, domestic, hot dad, warmth, joking around, hoodie, wrapped up, cunnilingus, drunk, victory sex, teamwork, trust, fingertips, sarcasm, Thanksgiving, sidelines, silent, bruise, playing house, falling
Ichabod Crane/Katrina Crane, freedom, reunion, future, hurried, forest, summer, swimming, marriage, labyrinth, ring, corset, rescue, spell
reunite, memory, spell, dream, purgatory, phallus, vines, together, bliss, joy
Jenny Mills/Ichabod Crane, awkward, cheeky, laughter, bra
Jenny Mills/Katrina Crane, beauty, comfort, electric, expectations, first, free, gentle, inhibitions, lonely, lost, skirt, strap-on, touch, gun play, genre savvy, magic, physicality, irony, cursed, survivors, strange bedfellows, isolation, modern wonders

Slings and Arrows
Geoffrey Tennant/Darren Nichols, stage, duel, Berlin, post-modern, Romeo & Juliet, college, drama class, costume, role playing
Geoffrey Tennant/Ellen Fanshaw/Oliver Welles, ghost, jealousy, Hamlet
Geoffrey Tennant/Oliver Welles, subway, papers, threshold, blackbird, antediluvian

Chloe Sullivan/Clark Kent, children, red Kryptonite, lust, longing looks, forgiveness, home, crisis, problem, life
Chloe Sullivan/Oliver Queen, warm up, friends, smile, green, bossy, union
Chloe Sullivan/Dinah Lance/Oliver Queen, training, control, whole, family, trinity, cry, adopt, hack, bowstring
Chloe Sullivan/Lana Lang, freak, nipple clamps, Red K
Clark Kent/Alicia Baker, grief, Vegas, together
Clark Kent/Jason Teague, team, ready, forget
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor - secrets, control, submission, flight, betrayal, angry sex, forgive, loft, Red K, rest, resurrection, stalk, watch, loft, lavender, ocean, wings, rage, sorrow, book, kiss, canyon, ice, lava, still, again, bond, sushi, glasses, hat, mission, caretaker, exotic, donation, tired, annual, silence, impossible, whiskers, tea, sweet, experiment, dance, cookies, nemesis, future, remember, familiar
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor/Chloe Sullivan, research, mood, time, inventive, curious, meteor, wall, tomato, basics, images, competition
Clark Kent/Martha Kent, alien, family, growth, spin, puberty, plants
Clark Kent/Oliver Queen, page, costumes
Jonathan Kent/Lex Luthor, acceptance, barn, manor, secrets, convention, letting go, dirt
Lex Luthor/any, servant, family, school, education, learning, loss, gain, corporation, glass, room
Lex Luthor/Chloe Sullivan, any, need, mansion, hair, rules, hiding, travel, adrenaline, caffeine, rumors, gift, amuse, food
Lex Luthor/Clark Kent/Tess Mercer, taunt, Luthor, crest
Lois Lane/Clark Kent, elevator, window, rain
Tess Mercer/Clark Luthor, forbidden, taboo, redhead, conspire, patricide
Tess Mercer/Emil Hamilton, trench coat, trust, secrets, alcohol, music, second chances, relax, fun, beginnings, sober, video

Ivy Lynn/Derek Wills, family, teasing, partners, déjà vu, possessive
Ivy/Karen, diva, sunshine, love, rehearse, heat, crowded, sober

Smile Pretty Cure
Aoki Reika/Midorikawa Nao, transformation, youth, trap, insect, monstergirl, fairytale, prince, Alice, enemy, angst

Smith (US TV)
Tom/Jeff/Annie, surfboard, blueprint

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
Eric (The Huntsman)/Queen Ravenna/Snow White, virgin, demure, playtime, sea, kneel, shy, whip, denial, perky
Eric (The Huntsman)/Snow White/William, denial, bondage, tease, feed, worship, library, blindfold, submissive, summer, child
Eric (The Huntsman)/Snow White, bath, height, dirt, rough, hair, headboard, forest, nuzzle, soothe, protect, chemise, baby, exile, children, capture, safe, consort, corset, dream, dominate, stable, hunt, guarded, bossy, training, accent, argue, beard, bed, blood, choose, confession, consort, corset, crown, declare, dirt, fair, fight, hair, happy, hunted, hunting, kiss, kneel, knife, look, love, manners, milady, politics, pull, pure, queen, rough, safe, sarcasm, secret, size, skirt, touch, transformation, trust, understanding, wall, forest

Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997)
Will/Lilly, snow

Celeste Talbert/Jeffrey Anderson, cliché, gamesmanship, classics, mellowing, Shakespeare

Son Of A Witch
Trism/Liir, education

Sonic the Hedgehog - All Media Types
Knuckles/Rouge, jewels, value, dreads
Metal Sonic/Sonic, steel, superior, chaos
Shadow/Omega, rulers, utopia, wires
Shadow/Rouge, conspiracy, scheme, wings
Shadow/Rouge/Omega, military, explosion, unbreakable
Sonic/Knuckles, wrestle, island, mushroom
Sonic/Shadow, doppelganger, space, ARK
Sonic/Shadow/Knuckles, fists, possession, pesky

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)
Bunnie/Rotor, gears, nerd, pinch
Sally/Bunnie, normal, disappointment, pillow
Sally/Lupe, blanket, leadership, scars
Sonic/Griff, light, chilidog, ring
Sonic/Sally, cool, brains, knothole

Sonic the Hedgehog (Video Games)
Black Doom/Shadow, mistake, Lovecraftian, slave
Espio/Shadow, defend, hide-and-seek, skill
Espio/Silver, instinct, partner, blade
Mephiles/Shadow, defiance, tentacles, crucify
Metal Sonic/Amy, abduction, love, stardust
Shadow/Silver, mentor, heroism, serendipity
Silver/Blaze, apocalypse, pyrokinesis, refuge
Sonic/Blaze, smile, theme park, chase
Sonic/Shadow/Silver, spines, mirrors, time
Vector/Espio, headphones, invisibility, rough, scales, tail

Sons of Anarchy
Chibs Telford/Colette Jane, kilt, teasing, need, want, desk, passion
Colette Jane/Jax Teller, wall, heat, forgetting, anal
Gemma Teller-Morrow/Nero Padilla, dance, morning, silk sheets
Gemma Teller-Morrow/June Stahl, crazy, liar, hate
Gemma Teller-Morrow/Tara Knowles-Teller, control, eager, teacher, bruise, toys
Jax Teller/Opie Winston, [any], brother, lion
Jax Teller/Tara Knowles-Teller, exploration, new, bondage, kitchen, outdoors, heated, pain, husband, fallen
Juice Ortiz/Chibs Telford, [any], tattoo, gun, escape, duty
Venus Van Damme/Tig Trager, [any], PVC, sunglasses, kinky, anal sex, post-coital, perfume, any, comfort, friendly

Soon I Will Be Invincible - Austin Grossman
Damsel/Blackwolf, mutation, chase
Dr. Impossible/The Pharaoh, plots, powers
Elphin/Fatale, magic, warrior
Lily/Dr. Impossible, sides, sense
Lily/Fatale, guess, seduction

South of Nowhere
Paula/Ashley, monster
Paula/Spencer, hypocrisy

South Park
Cartman/Jimmy, boner
Craig/Tweek, caffeine, addiction
Jimmy/Timmy, sucker
Tweek/Thomas (from "Le Petit Tourette"), expletives

South Riding (miniseries)
Sarah Burton/Lydia Holly, poetry

Ben Sherman/John Cooper, handcuffs, overwhelming, need, please, undercover, uniform, good enough, pain, gay, first-time, seatbelt, red-handed, irresistible, detective, promotion, study, fancy, murmur, frustrated, confession, manhandle, missed, talk, rough, partner, jump, jealous, handcuffs, frisk, training, scared, need, hidden, shooting range, dress blues, back, rehab, pain-free
Ben Sherman/Sammy Bryant, chaos, painless, lucky, badass
Nate Moretta/Sammy Bryant, chase, friends, badge, bedroom, grateful, couch, sharing, jealousy, work

SP: The Motion Picture (2010)
Soichiro Ogata/Kaoru Inoue, ties, solace, understanding, weapon

Space: Above and Beyond
Shane/Cooper, semper fi

Daisy Steiner/Tim Bisley, [any], homage, stoned, charming, reunited, quack, forthright, lazy, filthy, any

Spartacus Series (TV)
Agron/Nasir, day, freedom
Auctus/Lugo, minute
Aurelia/Varro, keep
Barca/Pietros, ring
Crixus/Naevia, heart
Diona/Gannicus, dream
Donar/Mira, same
Duro/Marcia, lose
Gaia/Lucretia, opium, sisterhood, masque, rimmings
Gaia/Lucretia/Quintus, public, wedding night
Ilithyia/Lucretia, sabotage, vicious, cunnilingus, orgasm denial, switch, restraint, biting, fingernails, blood, jewellery, nipple torture, display, pregnancy, masks
Laeta/Saxa, bathe, brand, roughness, silk, snow, warmth
Laeta/Sybil, comfort, freedom, memories, you
Lucretia/Quintus, strangers, burlesque, goddess, poetry, first time
Melitta/Oenomaus, whole
Mira/Saxa, anal, anger, lust, need, sated, taste
Saxa/Sybil, D/s, first, jealousy, scratches
Spartacus/Agron/Nasir, comfort, bind, plan, together, cold
Spartacus/Mira, heart, blood, heal, memory, drink
Spartacus/Sura, change

Speed (1994)
Jack/Annie, hold on

Spider-Man (Ultimateverse)
Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane Watson, envy, leather, smirk, share, lipstick, secret, note, sneak, hot, night, comfort

Spiritwalker Trilogy - Kate Elliott
Catherine Hassi Barahal/Andevai Diarisso Haranwy, finery, comfort, glow, steel, ripe, buttons

Sports Night
Casey McCall/Dan Rydell, alternate, fierce, voice, elevator, masturbation, hug, first, caress
Casey McCall/Dana Whitaker, [any]
Dan Rydell/Dana Whitaker, reality, bonding, pizza, subway
Natalie Hurley/Dana Whitaker, [any]
Sally Sasser/Dana Whitaker, [any]

St. Trinian's (2007 2009)
Annabelle Fritton/Kelly Jones, lipgloss, permanent, poetry, glimmer, boots, fight, spy, mentor, makeover, victory, home
Any/Any, things we do, girls, rebel, freedom, hockey, vodka, bombshell
Bella/Saffy, gorgeous, frills, crossdressing, it's a feeling

Stand By Me
Teddy/Chris/Gordie, drown

Stand Up Guys (2013)
Val/Doc, younger, cool, leather, smooth, dirty, talk

Matt/Emily, hotel people

Star Trek – All Media Types
any/any, sex pollen, aliens made them do it

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)
Admiral Marcus/James T. Kirk, prize, captive, war, peace
Amanda Grayson/Sarek, corset, manicure, blindfold, hoverbike, pon farr, distance, negotiating, pon farr, breakdown
Amanda Grayson/Winona Kirk, cadet, language, mission, competition, starship
Carol Marcus/Christine Chapel, hello, goodbye, blond, brunet, redhead, white, blue, pink, redtempting, spanking, lips, distance, comms, meetings, crush
Carol Marcus/Khan Noonien Singh, spying, suspicion, revenge, reveal, strip, voice
Carol Marcus/Leonard McCoy, mirrorverse, feeding, flirting, daydreams, pregnancy, vanilla, Reaper, peace, doctors, post-trauma, moving on, family, comfort, slow burn, drinking, desperation, sexual tension, hierarchy
Carol Marcus/Leonard McCoy/James T. Kirk, genderbender, dance, triangle, undercover
Pavel Chekov/Gaila, experienced, surprise, dominant, science, lessons, nowhere
Christine Chapel/Carol Marcus, bedside, comfort, cold, flu, heat, marriage, lonely, lovely,
Christine Chapel/James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, boys, flirt, relax, Dom, calm, Captain
Christine Chapel/James T. Kirk, goodbye, dub-con, memory, wild, drunk, embarrassment, bittersweet
Christine Chapel/Pavel Chekov, mission, charming, woman on top, deft fingers, accents, refuge, golden, alive
Christopher Pike/Gaila, savior, Orion, engineer
Christopher Pike/girl!James T. Kirk, whisper, skill, price, old, move, together, Captain and First Officer, justice, gloves
Christopher Pike/George Kirk, ambition, drive, flirt, smile, hair, fly, uniform
Christopher Pike/James T. Kirk, punishment, reward, captain, tender, challenge, bar, whisky, push, ice, daddy, combat, miss you, hold, release, last, apple, respect, trust, stroke, hold, crying, soothing, grin, spank, flogging, submission, praise, touch-starved, sugar daddy, daddy, belief, discipline, yell, make, submit, mouth, father, loss, drinks, rescue, discipline
Christopher Pike/James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, trio, support, poly, touch, skin, kiss, silver fox, subs, spank, love, collar, Doms, touch-starved, ambition, fly
Christopher Pike/Leonard McCoy, sunshine, leather, healing, horses, growl, denial, need, blood, coy, dinner, glove, rough, cuffs, fight, bridge, safe, return, submission, paper, subspace, wing fic, pain, permission, praise, wary, slow, chess, pining, sublimate, loyalty, tease, commitment, misunderstanding, denial, wrestling, lies, fiction, duality, wet, damaged, wounded, frustration, fixation, collision, euphoria, sleepless, scars, amnesty, rumour, voyeur, cupidity, sweat, whistle, preconception, silence, tentacles, weightless, salute, preference, memory, tequila, sober, freckles, salt, touch-starved, clone, fantasy, uniform, rebound, orders, submission, submission, water, butter, paper, subspace, pain, permission,
Christopher Pike/Spock, comeplay, bareback daddy, firsts, date, courtship, assignment
Christopher Pike/Winona Kirk, spiral, tickle, dance, translate, swear, transcendental, dew, fever, silk, baby, reminisce, history, comparison, stars, breeze, vacation, capture, rescue
fem! McCoy/fem! Kirk, backseat, wine, checkup, heels, dancing
fem! McCoy/fem! Spock, shower, peaches, stockings, ball, proposal
female!James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, lactation, her ship, trust, crew, caring, lust, skirt, Starfleet, academy, dorm, ambition, love, marriage, ring, slow, sleep, submission
Gaila/James T. Kirk, rimming, pegging, oral, eyes, smile, need, console, comfort, pirate, casual, serious, dates
Gaila/James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, adventurous, smiling, curls, held, double, hands, happy
Gaila/T'Pring, bind, birthright, blood, bright, burn, chance, fleeting, free, ritual, sand, silk, storm, water
George Kirk/Winona Kirk, best, last, pregnancy
girl!McCoy/Chekov, cougar, oops, training, baby
girl!McCoy/girl!Chekov, [any]
Hikaru Sulu/James T. Kirk, good bruises, training, close, eyes, smile, flirt, fencing, pranks, loyalty, date, bridge
Hikaru Sulu/Pavel Chekov, bored, drunk, intoxicated, landing party, shore leave, sparring, adventure, survival, AU, alternate timelines, consequences, fuck-or-die, speech, badass, aftermath, debrief, relief, absence, promise, alternate, cold
James T. Kirk/Carol Marcus, family, manipulation, match, science
James T. Kirk/Gaila, love, culture, pranks, programming, genius
James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, cold, flu, needy, angry, urgent, public, private, marriage, birthday, magic, surprise, mating, heat, Alpha, Omega, sharing, AU, frustrated, grumpy, knees, accidental, sexting, lust, marriage, bakery AU, public sex, frottage, collar, roommates, release, dirty talk, dreams, reality, face, eyebrows, naked, role play, safe word, dominance, submission, slow dance, voyeur, waiter, wing fic, southern, quick, slow, tender, sleepy, romantic, comfort, restraint, aliens, allergic, away mission, hypo, letters, Mirror-verse, mpreg, sex pollen, sleep, transporter accident, touch-starved, adored, frenemies, Jo, desert hooker, paparazzi, emetophilia, tribble, decadence, laughter, porn, training, thirst, aviophobia, leather
James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy/Nyota Uhura, trio, middle, kiss, share, duo, masturbation, eyes
James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy/Spock, body switching, marriage, swimming, exploration, shore leave, adventure
James T. Kirk/Khan Noonien Singh, absolute, alone, emperor, hung, madness, nowhere, only, paralyzed, rip, war, years, restless, fighting, frottage, lust, uniform, dominance, superiority, breakfast, victimization, dubcon, noncon, shirtless
James T. Kirk/Khan Noonien Singh/Spock, perverse, marriage, invitation, jealousy, mercy, private, massage, secret, cryosleep
James T. Kirk/Nyota Uhura, comfort, wine, respect, home, frantic, flirty, fun, ponytail, reassurance, bed, smile, kneel, sleaze, romance, friends, hurt/comfort, drinks, quiet, sing, fight
James T. Kirk/Nyota Uhura/Spock, argument, balance, middle, third, left, worry, fight, make, captain's chair, argument, possession, double teamed, whispers, whisper, sing, dance, orbit, fly, fall, hot, cool, dominatrix, mediator, test, friends, unite, escalate, domestic, challenge, space, moving, kiss
James T. Kirk/Spock, conflagration, downtime, harlequin, mind meld, expense, saved, formal, retort, cause, jealous, guarded, force, terror, skill, genius, defensive, fierce, robe, starlight, rivalry, choking, academy
Khan Noonien Singh/Spock, voice
Khan Noonien Singh /Christopher Pike, prisoner, bargaining, dubcon, gift, trade, madness, selfishness, wounds
Leonard McCoy/Carol Marcus/Christine Chapel – any, doctor, hands
Leonard McCoy/Christine Chapel, goodbye, return, emergency, wistful, food, recovery, feet, quarantine, pool
Leonard McCoy/Gaila, exam, massage, learn, mental, pepper, sex god
Leonard McCoy/girl!Chekov, pregnant, gangly, Joanna, AU
Leonard McCoy/girl!Chekov/Gaila, threesome
Leonard McCoy/Nyota Uhura, married, comfort, fingers, oral, smile, massage, fixation, quickie, escape, shower, phone sex
Leonard McCoy/Pavel Chekov, [any], guns, Sickbay, blowjob, accent, warp, vodka, bourbon, darling, AU, pollen, smarts, marathon
Leonard McCoy/Jocelyn McCoy, marriage, breakfast, strawberries, race, bath
Leonard McCoy/Winona Kirk, banter, need, lonely, explosion, wooing
Montgomery Scott/Keenser, drunk, alien customs, comfort, discovered, habit, unexpected
Montgomery Scott/Pavel Chekov, nerd, smarts, math, Enterprise, drinking
Nyota Uhura/Gaila, First time, alien, room-mates, academy, coffee, morning, breathless, marathon, endless, stars, moon, gentle, tender, angry, grabbing, biting, punishment, dress-up, pheromones, share, teach, relax, colours, art, bones, code, earth, feathers, gold, grass stains, iron, jewelry, laugh, learn, lipstick, machines, maps, navigate, oceans, salt, silver, voice, red, friends-with-benefits, sleep, secrets, jealousy
Nyota Uhura/fem!Spock, tongue, spar, injury, tribadism, massage
Nyota Uhura/Montgomery Scott, starlight, engine, fight, fire, cunnilingus
Nyota Uhura/Spock, ears, desperate, love, public, slow, ship, warp, translate, skilled, green, point, teaching, virgin, D/s, family, chess, separation, culture, pegging, handcuffs, opera, cooking, passion, alien, pon-farr, green
Nyota Uhura/Spock/James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, foursome, experiment, sofa, accident, slippery
Pavel Chekov/Christopher Pike, jailbait, swap, timetravel, star, instruct, favorite, storytelling, planetside, silk, reminisce, teach, settle, breeze, ritual, gift, visit, message, angle, sing
Spock Prime/James T. Kirk, longing, nostalgia, dopplegänger, second chance, student
Spock Prime/Sarek, bitterness, grief, loss, sentiment, weakness
Spock Prime/Spock/James T. Kirk, compromise, sharing, pon farr, kitchen, scandal
Spock/Khan Noonien Singh, hit, need, restraint, ruthless, similar, superior, violence, mindmeld
Spock/Leonard McCoy, pon farr, sickbay, crossdressing, courtship, anatomy
Spock/Spock Prime, curiosity, science, grief, understanding, teacher
Winona Kirk/Christopher Pike, anger, new, perfume, captain, spanner
Winona Kirk/George Kirk, demand, revenge, champagne, memorial, sex toys

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Benjamin Sisko/Julian Bashir, sex-pollen, stranded, mission, young, secrets, stubborn, eager, grim
Benjamin Sisko/Odo, symmetry, ambiguous, adrenaline
Dukat/Odo, authority, control, reemphasized
Emony Dax/Leonard McCoy, flexible, hands, discover, memory, young, spots, breathless
Jadzia Dax/Benjamin Sisko, old man, fire-forged, uniform, nostalgia, transformation
Jadzia Dax/Leeta, competition, winner, nudity, bet, drunk, fun, strip tongo, dabo table
Jadzia Dax/Lenara Kahn, reunion, lost, hope, earrings, kiss, rescue, desperate, laugh
Jadzia Dax/mirror Jadzia Dax, curiosity, weapons, experiment, symbiont, close, heat, spots
Jadzia Dax/Worf, courtship, battle, breakfast, sentimental, observation
Keiko O'Brien/Kira Nerys/Jadzia Dax, sharing, open, simple, new, old
Kira Nerys/Ezri Dax, temple, comfort, memory, holosuite
Kira Nerys/Jadzia Dax, bat'leth, lacerations, blood wine, frustrations, vedek robes, faith, strength, orb, static, height, cold hands, argument, distance, communication, wisdom, stupidity, hunger, regret, water, earth, air, fire, loss, frustration, need, misunderstanding, heal, love, imagination
Kira Nerys/mirror Jadzia Dax, differences, strength, courage, rough, fantasy, warning
Kira Nerys/mirror Kira Nerys, adulation, worship, narcissism, hate, respect, temptation, weakness, familiar, fascination
Kira/Intendant Kira, masturbation, latex, clamps, enamored, metal, rebel, dice
Leeta/Kira Nerys, culture, experience, strength, prayer, Bajor, grief, victory
Miles O'Brien/Julian Bashir, friendship, timeshare, post-canon, making time, visits, holodeck, loose ends, spying, canon alternate timelines, AU
Miles O'Brien/Keiko O'Brien/Julian Bashir, getting older, rank, unfinished business, balance, sharing, agreements, falling in love, threesomes, joy
mirror Ezri Tigan/Ezri Dax, jealousy, knife, rough, leather
mirror Ezri Tigan/mirror Kira Nerys, favors, loyalty
mirror Kira Nerys/mirror Jadzia Dax, manipulation, bath, bruise, please
Quark/Odo, latinum, unspoken, jealousy
Quark/Rom, profitable, discipline, acquisition

Star Trek: Enterprise
Charles “Trip” Tucker III/T'Pol, reflections, IDIC, stay, kiss, space, end, laughter, sunset, explorers
Hoshi Sato/T'Pol, smooth, uniform, whispers
Malcolm Reed/Charles "Trip" Tucker III, colloquialisms, pineapple, comfort

Star Trek: Pawns and Symbols - Majliss Larson
Jean/Tirax, confrontation, slap, ego, stranded, hypothermia, human, smile

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard, telepathic, pine, music,
Data/Lore, positronics, information-link, underhandedness
Deanna Troi/Tasha Yar, empathy, submission, safe, sliks, pretty, dirty, discovery, regrets, ghost, AU, combat, loose, art, blush, pull
Deanna Troi/William Riker, dream, teardrop, role-play, heal, jealous
Geordi La Forge/Data, literalism, sub-routines, indiscreet
Guinan/Jean-Luc Picard, special, more, history, trapped, console, Nexus, listen, family,
Guinan/Ro Laren, youth, play, isolation, jump, listen,
Jean-Luc Picard/Beverly Crusher/Jack Crusher, perfect, triangle, adore, cure, secret
Jean-Luc Picard/Q, space-time, unexpected, gender-change, shape-shift, mortal
William Riker/Wesley Crusher, execution, young, train, cadet, darkness, eager

Star Trek: The Original Series
Christine Chapel/Spock, crawl, fraternization, vulnerability
James T. Kirk/ NCC-1701 USS Enterprise, lady, throbbing, power, captain, flight
James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, worship, denial, letters, snow, heat
James T. Kirk/Spock/Leonard McCoy, threesome, dance, rescue, claustrophobia, break
James T. Kirk/Spock, love, need, desire, lust, languish, adoration, kiss, pon-farr, passion, lips, shudder, scratches, Pon Farr, sickbay, fever, guilt, control, chess, hands, showering, paperwork, desk, laboratory, demure, relax
Leonard McCoy/Christine Chapel, sweet, coffee, reminiscing, tied, sleepy, morning, darlin', loss, happy, rebound, longing, secret, jokes, cupcake
Leonard McCoy/James T. Kirk/Carol Marcus, disbelief, grumpy, massage, candlelight, powers, voyeurism, celebrations,
Leonard McCoy/James T. Kirk/Christine Chapel, any, fun, laughter, needful, threesome, playful, rivalry,
Leonard McCoy/James T. Kirk/Christine Chapel/Carol Marcus, any
mirror!Amanda Grayson/mirror!Sarek, pet, diplomacy, assassination, courtship, rule
mirror!Kirk/mirror!Spock, murder, loyalty, blood, sash, sweet
mirror!Kirk/mirror!Spock/mirror!McCoy, trade, negotiation, unstoppable, triumvirate, conquer
mirror!Spock/McCoy, captive, bondage, tender, arrangement, airlock, assassination, whip, mercy, information, hiding
mirror!Uhura/mirror!Spock, dagger, smirk, underground, drug, spar
Montgomery Scott/Nyota Uhura, whiskey, striptease, lingerie, wisdom, slow, warmth, comfort, fight, protection
Nyota Uhura/Christine Chapel, language, kiss, shy, date, shore leave
Sarek/Amanda Grayson, hands, logical, trust, distance, renewal, treasured
Spock/Romulan Commander, wine, admiration, rough, abscond, flirt
Spock/Sybok, meld, illogical, taboo

Star Trek: Voyager
B'Elanna Torres/Harry Kim, classmates, first, Ocampa, regulations, yearn, unexpected
B'Elanna Torres/Kathryn Janeway, release, craving, desperation, secret, caught
B'Elanna/Paris, names, pegging, pregnancy, tradition, painsticks
B'Elanna Torres/Seven, athletic, workout, sweat, beautiful, attraction
Chakotay/Kathryn Janeway, pegging, Captaincy, de-stress, bathtub, can't, ritual, submission, sunlight, telepathy
Doctor/Tom, physician heal thyself, teaching, exam,
Harry Kim/Seven of Nine, cold, metal, implants, cramped, jeffries tube
Harry Kim/Tuvok, [any], communicators, bridge, request, advice, older, loneliness, perplexity, caution, dextrous, wanted, pon farr, exile, confide, shuttle, energy, tachyons
Kathryn Janeway/Seven of Nine/B'Elanna Torres, yearning, console, loneliness
Kathryn Janeway/Seven of Nine, coffee, resistance, futility
Kes/Neelix, bartender, delicious, fertile
Kes/Neelix/The Doctor, sharing, cuckold, bisexuality
Kes/The Doctor, holosuite, dehumanize, unethical
Kes/Tuvok, dreams, bond, connection, teacher,
Neelix/Tuvok, plomeek, interjections, overprotective
Seven of Nine/Tuvok, damaged, logical, implants, neurochemical imbalance, year of hell, first time, pon farr, maturity, inhuman, control, domestic habits, ablutions, hell, blind, darkness, senses, hormones, touch telepath, shave,

Star Wars - All Media Types
Anaki Skywalker/Padme Amidala, any, hope, family, impatient, room, darkness, droid, open, self-control, possessive

Star Wars Expanded Universe
Luke Skywalker/Mara Jade, belt, burn, float, hiss, jacket, silence, sparring, testing

Star Wars
Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala, tease, dark, metal, cold, loyal, stars, candle, trust, bold, protect, dream
Han Solo/Leia Organa, drink, silk, private, sparkle, Force, challenge, fly, witty, time, cold, cramped, smile, hidden, water, bold, relax, blaster, warm, banter, playful, home, peace, role reversal, youth, hair kink, separation, Ewok village, stay
Han Solo/Leia Organa/Luke Skywalker, ship, Force, seek, bored, time, game, tease, secret, sense, trust, bravado, sense
Leia Organa/Winter Celchu, mirror, pale, silk, share, strategy, brilliant, longing, twist, velvet, switch, bath
Luke Skywalker/Leia Organa, royalty, royal siblings, throne, power, dark side, together, loyalty
Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker, sweat, trust, partner, night, heat, battle, challenge, restraint, reckless, bruise, comfort
Obi-wan Kenobi/Padme Amidala, cut, forbidden
Obi-Wan Kenobi/Qui-Gon, bond, Force, disobey, mission, bonding

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Atton Rand/Female Jedi Exile, twist, dark, blood, fire, salvation, broken, comfort, empty, frustrate, bound, reckless
Carth Onasi/Female Revan, black, night, fly, ship, memory, comfort, regret, fear, Force, silence, sweat, trust, balance, mirror

Star Wars: Thrawn Trilogy - Timothy Zahn
Grand Admiral Thrawn/Gilad Pellaeon, rank, regret, skin, gleam, alien, dream, salute, blue, red, fix, grief, time, orders, haunt
Leia/Grand Admiral Thrawn, intelligence, blue, touch, fragile, robe

Stargate Atantis
Acastus Kolya/Elizabeth Weir, leadership, negotiation, power, desperation, surrender, anger, hate, passion
Carson Beckett/Evan Lorne, dream, drugs
John Sheppard/Carson Beckett, lust, covet, need
John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, babies, pregnant, shock, games, tricked, protection, safety, bondage, femdom, authority, balcony, sea, lost, found, hands, trust, punishment, naughty, submission, dominance, passion, hurt/comfort, playful, loyalty, scars, healing, words, broken, mended, power, sharing, AMTDI, hot and bothered, enemies, clutching
John Sheppard/Nancy Sheppard, outside, first time, reunion, shower, ocean, quickie, kissing, silk, midnight, uniform, memories, seduction, dance, scars, non-verbal communication, pleasure, sensation, sparky, fall, follow, one, find, responsible, taste, inevitable, wait
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, apology, awkward, underwater, banter, playfulness, bondage, gags, surrender, arguments, make up sex, hands, eyes, equations, experiments, partnership, flying, dangerous, appetite, longing, space, silence, blindfold, stars, coffee, tense, discovery, fixate, favor, cut, boots, handy, obedience, wreck, pet, tickle, pillow, device, rain, robot, sex pollen, bond, sensual, whisper, heartbeat, bubbles, frottage, frisky, imagination, examine, shower, gift, denial, silent, first, admission, desk, phone, closet, offworld, skin, scratch
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Todd, alien, life-force, vampire, explore, frenemies, barter, chocolate, sideways, watch, escape
John Sheppard/Ronon Dex, hunger, hair, hope, longing, urge, craving, need, collar, dirty, thrust, rough, painplay, sensation play, knifeplay, anal, off-world, ancient technology, light bondage, top!Ronon, breathplay, submission.
John Sheppard/Samantha Carter, stress relief, helping hand, shhh, desk, nails, shadows, secret, naughty.
John Sheppard/Todd, alien, life-force, vampire
Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir, landslide, quiet, pressure, kisses
Laura Cadman/Kate Heightmeyer, wonderland, hands, banter, headlines
Laura Cadman/Teyla Emmagan, sensation, running, hard, nails
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, Culture shock, sparring, gentleness, fingers, mediation, mending, scars, wounds, rough, rugged, wild, belonging, learning, ritual.
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, puddlejumper, captive, ritual, pie, swimming, dream, warmth, road trip, crossdress, mark, gladiators, protect
Sam Carter/Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, any, colonel, restraint, straddle, fast, motorcycles, starlight, Atlantis
Teyla Emmagan/Elizabeth Weir, song, sweat, sand, ocean, leadership
Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard, nape, skirt, wrestle, thigh, skinny dipping, finally
Teyla Emmagan/Larrin, best, bicker, lies, diplomacy, dirt
Teyla Emmagan/Rodney McKay, verbose, pegging, music, hope, benefits, gloves, leather, reveal, bold, courtship, nipples, train, undercover, swap, press, nape

Stargate SG-1
Adria/Anubis, power-play
Anise|Freya/Daniel Jackson, romance, proposal, tau'ri-traditions, archaeology, cave, artifact, translations, alien-device, temporary-sex-change, difference, satisfaction, kissing, semi-public, exploration, release, improvise, linguistics, discretion.
Anise|Freya/Jack O'Neill, cave, trapped, accept, sweet, trapped, pegging, wall-sex, tender
Apophis/Amaunet, hosts, toys, leather, romance
Ba'al/Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, slaves, rough, drugged, aphrodisiac, fuck-or-die, need
Ba'al/Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Vala Mal Doran, pegging, dominatrix
Ba'al/Jack O'Neill, hate-sex, cell-mates, pain, pleasure, stretching
Ba'al/Jack O'Neill/Malek, AMTDI, need
Ba'al/Malek, urges, attraction, anger, display
Ba'al/Samantha Carter, consent, spaceship, bored, speed, want, need, hands, desire, chains,
Ba'al/Samantha Carter/Vala Mal Doran, worship, darkness, play
Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson, outlaw, cowboy, playful, suck, lick
Carolyn Lam/Cameron Mitchell, fuck-or-die, uniform, victory, duet, sparkle
Cassandra Frasier/Any, growing up
Daniel Jackson/Adria, command
Daniel Jackson/Cameron Mitchell/Jack O'Neill, sleeping, bridge, recovery, test, strength, poker, dogs, stop, kiss, destroy, skiing, sweat, tower
Daniel Jackson/Hathor, drugged, dreams, pegging, apologies
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, amnesia, never, perfect, skin, kneel, play, forgive, public, instrument, three, dictionary, neighbor, champagne, stranded, injury, pattern, snow, touch, forever, tray, lie, last, leather, sharp, dinner, lazy, sunshine, sweat, reflections, giggles, tears, fishing, museum, competence, comfort, fierce, desperation, lick, reading, unexpected, resignation, endgame, exercise, perfidy, torrid, sunset, dancing, motorcycle, crabby, sand, icicles, roses, leather, paddle, distance, teasing, swallow, vibrator
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter/Martouf|Lantash, AMTDI, shared
Daniel Jackson/Sha're, Earth, sand, sun, shade, nude, orgasm, sensory, gentle, curiosity, knowledge, skin.
Daniel Jackson/ Vala Mal Doran, marriage, trial, separation, longing, family, tears, convince, naughty, handcuffs, pigtails, powerplay, sleepy, seduction, alien sex toys, life-affirming sex, silk, taboo, leather, kissing, queen, burn
Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran/Jack O'Neill, fan, roll, shine, great, book, tragic, circus, define, tongue, leather, interstate, sneaky
Daniel Jackson/Janet Frasier, ice
Delek/Malek, lust
Egeria|Samantha Carter/Lantash|Martouf, consorts, happiness, relationships, love
Egeria|Samantha Carter/Lantash|Martouf, Queen, mating
Hathor/any, worship
Hathor/Jack O'Neill, love-slave
Hathor/Samantha Carter, bondage
Jack O'Neill/Malek, shame, lust, desire, alien-sex-toy
Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter/Daniel Jackson, after hours, teamwork, steakhouse, cabin, hypothermia, hyperthermia
Jacob Carter|Selmak/Janet Fraiser, survival, date
Janet Fraiser/Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, smile, darkness, lyrics, posture, day, rubber, awful, coffee, hurt, quick, ice, drop, quilt, bind
Janet Fraiser/Jack O'Neill, history, easy, pillows, presentation, classic, wonder, hope, store, song, promotion, static, lace
Janet Fraiser/Malek, chocolate, hot, kiss, massage, forced, sex-toys, love, undercover, picnic, swimming, pool, wall-sex, anal
Jolinar|Rosha/Lantash|Martouf, happiness, forever, mission, danger, goodbyes, returns
Jolinar|Rosha/Lantash|Martouf, love, eternal, promises, desert
Jolinar|Samantha Carter/Lantash|Martouf, first-times, returns, picnic, desire, attraction, love, changes, alien-technology, time-line
Lantash|Martouf/Samantha Carter, symbiote, proposal, child, necklace, aphrodisiacs, AMTDI, rutting, first-times, lake, prisoners, drunk, pool, undercover, temptation, fuck-or-die
Malcolm Barrett/Samantha Carter, table, stars, play, screen, know, hidden, cuffs, waves
Malek/any, rough, worship, Goa'uld, submission
Malek/Jack O'Neill, handcuffs, AMTDI, cell-mates, sex-toy, blowjob, handjob, butt-plug, transformations
Malek/Janet Fraiser, love, fantasies, vanilla, kisses, promises
Mini!Otp, prom
Osiris/Ba'al/Jack O'Neill, discipline, pet, pleasure, anger, shame, wax-candles
Paul Davis/Daniel Jackson, sun, silent, saint, crazy, gargoyle, target, discussion, need, movies, wine, support
Paul Davis/Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, blue, game, inspiration, wrong, band, magic, heroes, mastermind, missing, trip, rain, bells, flutter, silk, cave, challenge
Paul Davis/Jack O'Neill, drift, cottage, rewind, determination, silver, disappointed, trust, juggle, fun, security, contest, rowboat
Rosha|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash, undercover, meetings, brief, love, need, passion, desire, secret
Samantha Carter/Cameron Mitchell, tent, exhausted, choice, flowers, sweet
Samantha Carter/Charlie Kawalsky, covert, mentor, offworld, shoulders, run, C4, air
Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill, pie, pancakes, time loop, kissing, cake, forbidden, lust, once, base, camera, want, scars, true, USAF, younger, cello
Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, glasses, kissing, darkness, stretch, rimming, naked, wet, oral, lick, forget, tales, plug, mine, uniform, rush
Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill/Malcolm Barrett, intimate, secret, understanding, rough, bath, lips, relax, smirk, bruise
Samantha Carter/Vala Mal Doran, laughter, undercover, sexy, cake, spa day
Samantha Carter/Janet Fraiser, wounds, scars, Cassandra, fathers, mothers, motorbike, rock chick, uniform, wedding day, yes Ma'am, blue jello, training, doctor, holiday
Samantha Carter/Martouf|Lantash, undercover, lo'tar, meetings, mission, envoy, stranded, cabin, bbq, summer, pool, swimming, party, hotel, bonded, love, secret, meetings, date, touch, hands, Earth, visits, traditions, differences, happiness, hot-springs, lace, lingerie, seduction, comfort, lust, closet, rutting, aphrodisiacs, drunk, champagne, dinner, wine
Samantha Carter/Teal'c, unending
Samantha Carter|Jolinar/Jack O'Neill, oppurtunity, strenght, rules, off-world, mine, inevitable.
Samantha Carter|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash, quantum-mirror, time-travel, sarcophagus, life, love, eternal, hands, desert, pools, ocean, kisses, undercover
Samantha Carter|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash, returns, love, rescue, mudbath, hot-springs
Vala Mal Doran/Teal'c, reading, walk, pause, clouds, better, future, strength, escape

Stargate Universe
Camile Wray/Sharon, home, ugly chair, slide, sand, tie, paperwork, kitchen, drink,
Camile Wray/Tamara Johansen, guilt, cheat, wall, isolation,
Chloe Armstrong/Eli Wallace, cold, shower, fear, reward,
Chloe Armstrong/Matthew Scott/Vanessa James, share, jealous, middle, ours, beg, double, dildo,
Chloe Armstrong/Nicholas Rush, water, blue, nightmares, need, unexpected, life or death, experiments, future, destiny, virtual reality.
Chloe Armstrong/Ronald Greer, jealousy, girl time, still,
Chloe Armstrong/Vanessa James, drinking games,
Eli Wallace/Ginn, new, bittersweet, future, perfect, culture, clash,
Matthew Scott/Ronald Greer, lonely, angry, fluids, one time thing, secret, in public, hide, desert, use you, strong, cry, tent
Matthew Scott/Vanessa James, pegging, punishment, keep,
Matthew Scott/Vanessa James, catch, breath, drive
Tamara Johansen/Vanessa James, sisterhood, alone, man's world, soft, smile, silk,
TJ/Young, destiny

Starship Troopers (1997)
Dizzy/Rico, bulletproof

Static Shock
Richie/Virgil, electric, riding,

Makise Kurisu/Okabe Rintarou, bound, experimentation, clever, first, fumbling, hotel

Frankie/Andrew, rosary, whisper, gasp, worship, on the run

Charlie Stoker/Evelyn Stoker, uninvited, lack, wine, bruise
Charlie Stoker/India Stoker, sensory, blood, kill, strangle, touch, texture, fast car, wind, lush, family, wrong, stroking, hunt, new york, road, cunnilingus, taste, vampires, spiderweb, piano sex, rebirth, inheritance, sacrifices, letter, skill
Evelyn Stoker/India Stoker, understanding, disobey, grass, gifts, glee, stream, laces, books

Brandon King/Michelle, almost, caress, clean, rip, safety, trigger

Strangers in Paradise
Darcy/Bambi, heel, obey, provoke, anger
Katchoo Choovanski/Francine Peters, traditional, any
Tambi Baker/Casey Bullocks-Femur, gym, any
Strawberry Panic
Aoi Nagisa/Hanazono Shizuma, first time, garden, snow, graduation
Konohana Hikari/Otori Amane, responsibility, sports, beach, rest

Strictly Ballroom
Fran/Scott Hastings, innovation, tradition, heels, golden, lead, predator, grace

Strike Back
Damien Scott/Michael Stonebridge, sand, annoying, sunburnt, quiet, desperate, BAMF, Fuck Yeah!, mischief, quiet

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Danny/Jordan, magic
Matt Albie/Harriet Hayes/Danny Tripp, power, words, laughter, cocaine, comedy, stage

Tessa/Dalia, sleepover, boots, candy, Halloween

Sucker Punch
Baby Doll/Rocket, sweetness
Baby Doll/Sweet Pea, control
Blondie/Amber, glamor
Blondie/Dr. Gorski, trust
Blue/all, pegging
Sweet Pea/Rocket, worship

Suikoden I
Sydonia/Varkas, implicit, thrill
Teo McDohl/Sonya Schulen, spar, ease, taut

Suikoden II
Anita/Valeria, duel, regalia, friction
Klaus/Shu, stoic, instruction, example, praise

Suikoden V
Ferid Egan/Arshtat Falenas/Georg Prime, invitation, kindness, casual
Georg/Lyon, [any], please, begging, height, need, Twilight rune, training, bodyguard, past, swords, war, sea, ships, travel, duty, age, trust, hope, injuries
Mueller/Richard, worship, reward, tremble, reluctant

Suite Pretty Cure
Kurokawa Ellen/Minamino Kanade, cat, fetish, baking, cake, battle, enemies, friends, song, CD, radio, guitar, jump, punch, battle

Suits (TV)
Donna Paulsen/Harvey Specter, role reversal, AU, on top, hair, smirk, Domme, intuitive, bound, whisper, undressing, sleeping in, make-up sex, liquor, soft, 2 am, bra, skirt, Italy, zipper, limo, hangover, wedding night, married, history, tuxedo, lipstick, lunch-break, perfume, gasp, smart-ass, pretending, couple, green, sneaking around, hand holding, skin, kiss, poker, thighs, scratching, alternate timeline, shoulders, clandestine, "I love you", cold, Hawaii, stretch, baseball, tomorrow, taste, spring, unbutton, rooftop, wine, Paris, memory, oral, little black dress, hotel, drunk, table, ice cream, slow, fast, legs, costumes, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Sunday morning, dress, Las Vegas, stockings, champagne, bed, party, elevator, handcuffs, lingerie, Europe, cleavage, tequila, naked, scotch, margaritas, getting pregnant, "I never", first time, bruise, couch, watching movies, hot tub, high school au, formal wear, coffee, whipped cream, Spy AU, need, bathroom, shower, morning, silk, strawberries, weekend, apocalypse, flexible, whiskey, midnight, heels, button up shirt, desk, vacation, snow, office, alcohol, dirty talk, fireworks, whipped cream, the other time, apartment, voyeur, tie, game
Donna Paulsen/Rachel Zane, flirt, smile, wine, kiss, couch, caress, thigh, panties, heat, laugh, childhood, date, jealous, marry me, Mr. & Mrs., live, hair, champagne, lilac, once, repression, new
Harvey Specter/Jessica Pearson, suits, crisp, expertise, acolyte, jewelry, CIA, covert, desk
Harvey Specter/Mike Ross, dominance, submission, strength, hope, comfort, purple, bruise, loyalty, fierce, control, need, hurt, power, adore
Harvey Specter/Tanner, boxing, towel, punch, whiskey, suit, pristine
Mike Ross/Rachel Zane, [any], no underwear, research, food, test, oral, skirts, suits, fancy, dirty, wall, desk, unbuttoned, taxi, all-night, office

Sunday Without God
Alice Color/Dee Ensy Stratmitos, masturbation, ghost, sky, physical
Julie Sakuma Dmitriyevich/Scar, touch, marriage, hands, pegging

Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Gu Yong Ha/Moon Jae Shin, porno, secret cupboard, ghost, hiccup, tangerine

Sunshine Cleaning
Lynn/Norah, candy, blood, little bastard, veins, candy necklace bondage, fuzzy handcuffs
Rose/Norah, forgiveness, reconciliation, always
Rose/Norah/Lynn, cross-country

Super Junior
Kim Jongwoon|Yesung/Cho Kyuhyun, happy, coffee, mug, musical, missing, chocolate

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Bowser/Mario, challenge, kiss, bruise, ego
Bowser/Mario/Peach, secret, cycle, bondage, therapy, control
Geno/Bowser, wits, sarcasm, trick, compromise
Geno/Peach, blush, human, ethereal, stars, evanescent

Super Smash Bros
Ness/Lucas, sing, breakfast, PK Starstorm, festival, downtown
Pokemon Trainer/Lucas, giant, home, kiss, communication, park, stadium
Pokemon Trainer/Ness/Lucas, teamwork, triple battle, playground

Abaddon/Bela Talbot, devotion, freedom, deal, fashion, blood, consort, steal, Impala, triumph, linger, memory, vibrant, hair
Aiden/Josephine/Krissy Chambers, first time, team, always, coax, victory, gore
Amelia Richardson/Sam Winchester, [any], feeding, cunnilingus, vibrator, hair, comfort, nibble, deck, cabin, lipstick, blanket, damp, bones
Anna/Johanna Harvelle, fight, anger, resentment
Anna/Balthazar/Castiel, youth, experiment, past, wings
Anna/Castiel/Dean, temptation,jealousy, fruit, wings
Anna/Crowley, enticing, reprimand, forbidden
Anna/Dean Winchester/Castiel, human, explore, escape
Anna/Michael, havoc, principle, liability
Balthazar/Bela Talbot, thief, fling, hell, demon, green, money, heist, crime, artifact, handcuffs
Balthazar/Crowley, snark
Balthazar/Mary Campbell-Winchester, covet, partner, purgatory, desperation, clutch, curious, fascination, loyalty, confusion, identity, trust, grace, alive, adrift, change, friendship, compassion, bond
Becky/Chuck, muse, savior, dreams, depression, sloshed, write
Ben/Claire, Hunt, revenge, memories
Ben/Claire/Jesse, triumvirate, power, grease
Ben/Claire/Jesse/Krissy, badass, handcuffs, knife, snap, grace
Castiel/Anna, obedience, fallen
Castiel/Claire Novak, wrong, new, search, fix, inhale, rapture,
Castiel/Dean Winchester, noodles, socks, Impala, dangerous, forbidden, protection, tie kink, bound, wings, strange, need, heal, battle scars, alive, savior, blood, roadtrip, relief, watch, ask, overflow, wings, blood, nightmare, trust, betray, lie, touch, reunion, lost, family, scar, handprint, blue, red, kneel, exhaustion, cage, whisper, reach, lips, knife, teach, clutch, fire, ring, dependable, new, enjoyable, godsend, wings, mark, jade, wall, soothe, demand, panties, alien, heaven, war, kiss, first, water
Castiel/Dean Winchester/Jo Harvelle, [any], candle, light, wounds, grace, touch, mixed drinks, lace, crossdressing, pegging, Escher, Princess Leia, belly, intense, wanted, plentiful, restless, wings
Castiel/Jimmy Novak, subsume, grasp, mirror, echoes
Castiel/Jo Harvelle, [any] giggle, firelight, drunk, sloppy, grief, silhouette, sunset, tentacles, experiment, mpreg, basorexia, creatures, glow, dirgibles, robot, weapons, stunts, shots, shenanigans
Castiel/Meg Masters (demon), [any] black, resurrection, arch, root, mountain, lick, jewelry, seize, gown, dark matter, jasmine, licorice, into the woods, genderqueer, virginity, blood, rescue, hold, sink, sharp, feel, want, free, baby, debt, hummingbirds, ovipositor, penny-farthing, spies, seduction, autassassinophilia, vicarious
Castiel/Rachel, will, lead, choice
Castiel/Sam Winchester, dirty, delicious, hoist, subdue, comfort, rise, lift, water, healing, surrender, forgiveness, bin, store, lion, sand, song, Ondine, singularity, stakeout, trials, errors, basilisks, verstehen
Castiel/Victor Henriksen, fire, apocalyptic, memory,
Charlie Bradbury/Dorothy, picnic, freedom, love
Chuck Shurley/Victor Henriksen, unexpected, indulgence, phone sex
Crowley/Gabriel, expensive, deal, kiss, contract, detached, cackle, trumpet, Enochian
Dean Winchester/Abaddon, blood, pet, Hell, collar, pegging, torture, claws, own, release, delve, bruise
Dean Winchester/Benny Lafitte, dancing, rescue, upgrade, connivance, swallow, bartender
Dean Winchester/Cain, burden, paradise lost, fraternal, scar, mark, warrior, suicide by ritual, orgasm denial, beard burn, hell, lightning, any
Dean Winchester/Castiel/Jo Harvelle/Lisa Braeden, flock, PTA, High School, hands, wings
Dean Winchester/Castiel/Lisa Braeden, share, bad, arrangement, watch, visit, smile, refuge, hide, family, yoga, wings, parenting, peace, restraint
Dean Winchester/Castiel/Meg Masters, rope, filth, wrong, grin, tease, eyes, chains, bind, ritual, surprise, leather
Dean Winchester/Castiel/Sam Winchester, rest, inevitable, beer, library, wings, homecoming, negotiate, need, watch, marked, arch, keep
Dean Winchester/Ellen Harvelle, smoke, swallow, pistol, solace, doze, fancy, roses, whip, spread-eagle,
Dean Winchester/Ellie, found, still, in common, faith
Dean Winchester/Gadreel!Sam, table, light, sweet, wrong, sorry
Dean Winchester/Jo Harvelle, trace, salt, Hell, pet, possessive, demand, mark, nightmare, could have, highway, hunter, rock salt, knifes, guns, roses, trust, denial, substitution, faith, taste, succumb
Dean Winchester/Jo Harvelle/Sam Winchester, new, share, demon, will, moonlight
Dean Winchester/Victor Henriksen, handcuffs
Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, brothers, frozen, handcuffs, fate, grace, lips, magic, tempt, puzzle, save, memories, senses, forward, sweat, over, wild, sand, bookmark, voiceless, shattered, sacrifice, combustion
Ellen Harvelle/Rufus Turner, [any] sweet, whiskey, regret, unexpected, feather, gamble, after, nestle, picnic,
Gabriel/Castiel, duct-tape, blood, angel, family, believe, gag, touch, trust
Gabriel/Kali, fire, wild, pagan, believe, trick, hot, light, arms, honey, blood
Gabriel/Lucifer, Loki, alternate, brother, morning, light, groom, before, wings, one-upmanship, pranks
Gabriel/Sam Winchester/Jess, ruffles, handcuffs, skirts, laughter, pegging, truffles, flowers, grope, possessive, hunger
Gabriel/Victor Henriksen, saved, revelation, vessel, belief, candy, tricked, mystery spot
Jess/Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, hellfire, damnation, bed, lounge, stars, lazy forgiveness
Jo Harvelle/boy!Bela, accent, English, keen, quiet, return, suit, tie
Jo Harvelle/Jess, lipstick, red, hunt, substitute, blonde, heaven, hell, burn, blood
Jo Harvelle/John Winchester, driving, denim, music, valor, spark, run, grudge, deft, trace, fight, danger, direct, gritty, compromise, control, resentment, strength, salt
Jo Harvelle/Lucifer, clever, trick, influence, truth, scripture, faith, Scheherazade, storyteller, stay, mythology, unforseen, obsession, fixation, compassion, listen, resurrect, awry, strength, longing, genre-savvy, strange
Jo Harvelle/Ruby, [any], suck, fingers, laugh, teeth, marrow, leather, chocolate, lift, truth, taunt
Jo Harvelle/Tamara, [any], car sex, nuzzle, sensation kink, toes, enema, punk, cedar, slide, chin, eyes, fuse, frame, fierce, loss
John Winchester/Mary Campbell-Winchester, heaven, dreamland, fight, reunion
Kali/any, flame, scarlet, shiver, inner, simmer, patience, snap, table
Lucifer/Castiel, bargain, unholy, fire, sword, binding, broken, blood
Madison/Lisa Braeden, black, substitute, cherish, family, help, hold, listen
Meg Masters/Castiel/Sam Winchester, clash, alliance, mistakes, mecha, pyromaniacs, powers, ritual, retail, teeth, shadows
Meg Masters/John Winchester, pegging, writhe, truck
Michael/Lucifer, love, hate, heaven, last, fight, apocalypse, please, soulbond, brother
Michael/Raphael/Gabriel/Lucifer, together, family, flock, broken, last-time, falling
Raphael/Castiel, prisoner, lightning, shadows, blood, bite, war, justice
Sam Winchester/Gabriel, candy, lips, caged, flight, wings, grounded, amber, precious, jealous, furious, dark, untamed, janitor, illusion, collar, misunderstanding, unexpected, mint, expletive, pagan, wings
Sam Winchester/Gabriel/Castiel, wings, bound, boyking, dark, rough, pets, forever
Sam Winchester/Gabriel/Castiel/Dean Winchester, celebration, stars, flying, over, dreams, wishes, left, post-apocalyptic, survivors, free, bonding, relief, indebted, kinky, wings
SamWinchester/Gabriel/Lucifer, soul, tug-of-war, covetous, greedy, limits, grab, take, demand
Sam Winchester/Jess/Gabriel, Stanford, interlude, experiment, joyful, wings, secrets
Sam Winchester/Jess/Gabriel/Dean Winchester/Jo Harvelle/Castiel, flock, lust, grace
Sam Winchester/Jody Mills, coy, apple, hard, hungry, easy, relax
Sam Winchester/Lucifer, trapped, headspace, lies, cruelty, kindness, fire, heart, blood
Sam Winchester/Tamara, flesh, aftermath, ignite, ankle, punish, hallucinogenic

Sweeney Todd
Nellie Lovett/Sweeney Todd, cradle, candle, enough, blade, unrequited, brace, moon, gift

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
Lucy Barker/Judge Turpin, no, choice, escape, surrender, flee, capture, bargain, break

Sweet Valley High - Francine Pascal
Elizabeth/Bruce, porche, rebel, secret

Sweet Valley Twins
Amy/Elizabeth, newspaper
Lila/Jessica, day care, purple

Sword Art Online
Kirigaya Kazuto/Yuuki Asuna, cyber, touch, smile, real, married

Swordspoint Series - Ellen Kushner
Alec Campion/Richard St Vier, poetry, D/s, knifeplay, theft, cheat, party, hair, bathtub, threesome, jealousy, fire

Tales of Graces
Cheria Barnes/Sophie, light, power, bath, comfort, flower, smile, green, hope, share, gentle, protect
Malik Caesar/Hubert Oswell, joke, maddening, experience, unwind
Richard Windor/Asbel Lhant, ring, private, secret, trust, longing, night, curtain, letter, seal, wound, obey, loyal, knight, flower, bound

Tales of Symphonia
Lloyd Irving/Colette Brunel/Zelos Wilder, tent, warmth, curious, scrutinize, affection, strength

Tales of the Abyss
Asch the Bloody/Natalia Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, sheer, night, stars, wish, flame, promise, regret, watch, kiss, sweet, shy, dream, linger, berries
Luke fon Fabre/Natalia Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, sleep, reflection, unsure
Guy Cecil/Jade Curtiss, timid, control, inscrutable
Peony Upala Malkuth IX/Jade Curtiss, tease, smirk, armor, obedient, restraint, tickle, host, drink, hidden, velvet
Jade Curtiss/Anise Tatlin, interrogation, gloves, lying

Tales of the Flat Earth - Tanith Lee
Azhriaz/Chuz, magic, demon, strange, madness, years, once, forever, darkness, pale

Tales of Vesperia
Alexei Dinoia/Flynn Scifo, loyal, obey, armor, faith, bold, weapon, tired, bruise, wound, determined
Alexei Dinoia/Schwann Oltorain, empty, confirmation, alive, orders
Estellise Sidos Heurassein/Rita Mordio, flower, smile, sweet, tea, experiment, storybook, cute, magic, heart, dream, machine
Flynn Scifo/Yuri Lowell, laugh, bruise, fight, reconcile, knight, armor, trust, compliment, smirk, sweet, share
Judith/Flynn Scifo/Yuri Lowell, share, synchronicity, serendipity, warm, night, sun, home, fight, relax
Yuri Lowell/Judith, battle, sweat, breathless, smile, partner, laugh, challenge, game, relax, drink
Yuri Lowell/Raven, heartbeat, savior, need

Tales of Xillia
Milla Maxwell/Leia Rolando, cute, secret, share, admire, trip, invent, lesson, book, spirit, human, dream, home

Eugene Fitzherbert/Rapunzel, innocence, youth, freedom, duty, immodest, naive

Teachers (UK)
Liz Webb/Carol Schicklgruber, protection, friendship, loyalty, revenge
Brian McKenna/Carol Schicklgruber, beer, surprises, secrets, outdone, courage, drunk, revenge
Brian Steadman/John Paul Keating, virgin, suck, fingering, smirk, post-coital, dare, forfeit, couple
Brian Steadman/Kurt McKenna, curious, friends, unsure, enjoyed, boyfriend, drunk, couch, lazy, TV
Simon Casey/Jenny Paige, D/s, leather, leashes, corsets, puppyplay, collars, fantasies, pathetic, guilt
Simon Casey/Susan Gately, comfort, cigarette, tears, coping, angst, stress, moments, mothering, insecurities

Teaching Mrs. Tingle
Mrs. Tingle/trio, blackmail, lingerie, obey, overachiever, spank, switch, wine

Team Fortress 2
Any/any, bathroom stalls, biting, blood, blowjob, bootlicking, cock rings, crossdress, cunnilingus, dance, design, dirty talk, discipline, experiment, facesitting, facial, femdom, fingers, fisting, flirting, handjob, hard, humbled, intrigue, kiss, knifeplay, knot, lie, linger, lingerie, machine, mission, passion, pegging, punishment, quickie, roleplay, rough, scars, size!kink, skirts, strap-ons, suit, sweat, tentacles, tied, underwater, vibrator, virgin, voyeurism

Teen Wolf (TV)
Agent McCall/Stiles Stilinski, affair, anger, authority, blackmail, bribe, coercion, daddy, dirty, entrapment, espionage, gagging, handcuffs, lure, manipulate, prep, prostitution, punishment, secret, spanking, teasing, tell, texting, tie, touch, trade
Alan Deaton/Scott McCall, anatomy, injury, scent, taste, teaching
Alan Deaton/Stiles Stilinski, fire, ritual, sacrifice, safety, spark
Allison Argent/Chris Argent, desire, first times, hunger, hurt/comfort, secrets, seduction
Allison Argent/Chris Argent/Stiles Stilinski, anal, favor, opening, pull, quell, t-shirt, temper
Allison Argent/Derek Hale, allies, argument, arrow, beta, bondage, burn, comfort, enemies, eyes, fight, gentle, groceries, hypothermia, kintsukuroi, kiss, kitchen, knotting, leather, mirror, neck, pegging, quiet, riding, scratch, secret, sex pollen, shame, soaked, understanding, wall, whispers
Allison Argent/Deucalion, bleed, claws, dream, knife, rescue, sleepwalking, sparring, wolf
Allison Argent/Erica Reyes, anger, bitch, bra, division, fangs, fight, heartbreak, indecent, lick, lipstick, misunderstandings, pinned, red, smirk, tasty, uncomfortable, watch
Allison Argent/Isaac Lahey, arrow, darkness, denial, desk, edges, eyes, flirt, found, fun, heard, held, kiss, knife, moon, sarcasm, shirtless, smirk, sparring, tease, touch, wall
Allison Argent/Isaac Lahey/Scott McCall, anchor, comfort, dream, fingertips, flexible, fun, ivory, lips, reverse, rimming, scent, stealth, teamwork, teeth, trust, undressed
Allison Argent/Kate Argent, dreams, favorite, fetish, forest, hunt, student
Allison Argent/Kira Yukimura, brunette, edges, fascinate, library, similar, slick, strip, work
Allison Argent/Lydia Martin, anchor, arrow, ass, belief, breasts, cake, calm, clinging, comfort, console, continuance, curves, dreams, experimental, fingering, forget, freak, games, goddess, hands, heels, hers, home, hunter, hurt/comfort, knight, Latin, leather, length, lingerie, lip gloss, lipstick, lush, mauve, moonlight, mouth, nightmares, nipples, open, paint, practice, privacy, protection, reassurance, red, research, scars, scream, sheets, shower, skirt, sleep, sleepover, smart, stockings, strap-on, studying, swimming, taste, tease, toys, trust, water, writing
Allison Argent/Lydia Martin/Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski, bed-sharing, belonging, bonded, bound together, desire, drinking, experimental, exposed, fight crime, graduation, hands, hotel, hunt together, hurt/comfort, insular, longing, magic, marked, opened up, oral, orgy, overwhelming, pack, ritual, scent, sex pollen, spread, string, tactics, teamwork, together, wires
Allison Argent/Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski, [any], boots, club, glitter, kisses, mouth, safe, stockings
Allison Argent/Scott McCall, arrow, bite, blindfold, blowjobs, breakup sex, breasts, burn, buttons, classroom, closet, collage, cunnilingus, divide, divorce, end, estrangement, exes, fate, fingering, first time, forest, hard-on, howl, hunters, ill advised, illicit, knife, menstrual blood, partner, period sex, public, scent marker, shower, sneaking around, sneaky, spouse, suck, taste, top, wall!sex, warmth, wolf, woman on top
Allison Argent/Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski, amaranth, anchor, arrows, athletic, bardo, beacon, bite, bitten, bound, burden, cling together, cuddle, darkness, darkness around your heart, double penetration, dreams, enlightened, escape, exhibition, exploration, failure, fireflies, first, French, hallucinations, heart, hedonism, hunger, languid, leading, linger, love, moonlight, mouth, nipples, pack, protection, relay, semi public, sharing, show me, silver, soul, tag team, teaching, team work, triptych, triskelion, trust, voyeurism, warmth, wolf pack
Allison Argent/Stiles Stilinski, college, fun, hunt, once, quiet, release, Batman, Wonder Woman
Braeden/Derek Hale, abs, beginnings, bite, eat out, escape, exposed, handcuffs, heated, hero, lead, lick, motorcycle, muscles, oral, rescue, response, rough, rough sex, scars, slick, smirk, spit, sweat, wall!sex, woman on top
Chris Argent/any female character, beer, choices, comrades, desire, hunter, kisses, loneliness, wishes
Chris Argent/Derek Hale, control, divide, domination, emotional, fiery, gun, Kate, outside, overwhelm, pack, power, praise, quickly, reassurance, revelation, safe, scars, secret, shake, sleep, slow build, swallow, train, truce, trust, unguarded, urges, vulnerability, wary, wolfsbane
Chris Argent/Derek Hale/Peter Hale, begging, pack, spitroast, sub!Peter, submitting
Chris Argent/Isaac Lahey, admiration, bruises, gun, hunt, rescue, trapped, woods
Chris Argent/John Stilinski/Melissa McCall, charm, compete, domesticity, hunter, lucky, middle, negotiation, nurse, pet names, roleplay, rush, sheriff, slow, smiles, smirk, trio
Chris Argent/Kate Argent, desire, dominatrix, fear, guilt, hate!sex, long time, powerplay, wall!sex
Chris Argent/Lydia Martin, bitten, calluses, cock, couch, dripping, fantasies, fingernails, forbidden, forest, kiss, lingerie, panties, restraint, secrets, temptation, transformations, wall, want, worship
Chris Argent/Melissa McCall/Sheriff Stilinski, boundaries, chicken, coffee, dates, hospital, mystical, Nemeton, perfume, pot, protect, refuge, reprimand, rules, Scotch, stories, stress relief, support, whiskey
Chris Argent/Peter Hale, arrow, claws, crossdressing, dancing, denial, discovery, family, history, honey, knotting, licking, need, omega, secret, underground, wet, wolfsbane
Chris Argent/Sheriff Stilinski, chess, comfort, grief, handjob, human, hunted, loss, revive, rubber, touch, trail, unite, whiskey
Chris Argent/Stiles Stilinski, code, gun, prostitution, protection, resolution, secret, trade, training
Chris Argent/Victoria Argent, bruise, D/s, double penetration, masturbation, soft, tangled, tender
Cora Hale/Lydia Martin, experimentation, research, teamwork
Cora Hale/Stiles Stilinski, blush, car, first time, kissing, lips, mouth, smile
Danny Mahealani/Ethan, inches, intuition, reveal, ricochet, tumble, vulnerable, yell
Danny Mahealani/Jackson Whittemore, first, sleepover, tears, virgin
Danny Mahealani/Jackson Whittemore/Lydia Martin, careful, connection, negotiation
Danny Mahealani/Scott McCall, Armani, bitter, changing, Cheshire, constellation, cuffs, dandelion, firefly, garters, gay bar, gibbous, lacrosse, locker room, music, naked, orbit, scent, scents, secret, seduction, skin, spearmint, teach, team, trumpet
Danny Mahealani/Stiles Stilinski, bar, bite, blowjob, come over, curious, desk, dreams, first time, hollowed out cheeks, knowledge, lab partners, learning, open wide, party, questioning, silk, skills, small, smell good, snark, suck, tears, tight, virgin, virginity, warmth
Derek Hale/Isaac Lahey, alpha, bruise, comfort, control, desperation, fangs, feet, fight, fingering, grasp, growl, heat, hurt, important, keep, marking, massage, need, pleasing, power imbalance, praise, riding, service, shame, shower, sleeping, submission, taste, throat, touch, understood, wingfic
Derek Hale/Jackson Whittemore, alpha, biting, bleeding, choices, licking, love, marking
Derek Hale/Jennifer Blake, forgive, inheritance, promise, prophecy, sacrifices
Derek Hale/Kate Argent, comeback, happy
Derek Hale/Lydia Martin, bare, claim, cling, deadly, game, hips, inhale, large, plump, queen, smell, smooth, soulmate, steam, story, strong, submission, tempting, trees, twist, want
Derek Hale/Lydia Martin/Peter Hale, double penetration, fulfilment, groom, haunted, pressure, skirt, tremble, wet
Derek Hale/Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski, [any], adore, cuddle, eyeliner, fpreg, healing, hungry, seduction, sheets, smile, strawberry, sweat, swelter, taken, tantalize, throat, waterfall
Derek Hale/Peter Hale, alpha, blowjob, claws, darkness, denial, family, favors, hunger, omega, pack, silence, submission, test, want
Derek Hale/Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski, double, flogging, hair
Derek Hale/Scott McCall, bare, barebacking, bite, bonds, co-alphas, despair, embrace, encouragement, gift, human, intercrural, knotting, mine, missed, nemeton, pack, pain, polyamorous, sincere, succeed, tattoo, wolf
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, animalistic, arguing, argument, armpits, astronomy, AU, bed, biting, bound, Brooklyn, cherry, club, college, connection, constellation, dogtag, dream, drown, engage, excitement, fear, found, genderswap, glasses, grass, gumshoe, heartbeat, human!Derek, intruding, lazy, lips, longing, luck, magic, marks, memories, moonlight, moss, muscles, oral, overwhelmed, pissing, professional, prophecy, pull, raceswap, relief, rope, Rule 63, sexswap, shower, silence, smell, spying, strength, stubble, suck, three, towel, trust, warm, water, werewolf!Stiles, window, wine, wrists
Deucalion/Stiles Stilinski, biting, exhibitionism, kidnap, omega, ransom, rough
Erica Reyes/Vernon Boyd, friends, hands, smile, zamboni
Ethan/Scott McCall, alpha, blue, loyalty, trust
Isaac Lahey/Scott McCall, aggression, ballet, blue, blush, coaxing, coffee, copper, cub, D/s, family, gasp, gentle, homeless, kiss, leader, lockers, obey, pack, pillow, play, playful, possessive, praise, protection, rain, roommates, sandwich, scared, scars, scent, secrets, shower, soil, starlight, teasing, tennis
Isaac Lahey/Stiles Stilinski, jealousy, pranks, rivals, rough, sleepover, snow
Jackson Whittemore/Lydia Martin, breakup, date, fear, provoke, public
Jennifer Blake/Kali, after, alone, blood, guide, loss, magic, pack, power, recover, strength, tears, trust, worship
John Stilinski/Melissa McCall, bed, erection, eyes, fingers, kitchen, toast, together, want
Kali/Marin Morrell, curves, dominate, glow, scratch, speak
Kira Yukimura/any female character, fail, study date, try, wave
Kira Yukimura/Lydia Martin, annoy, beach, competition, different, electric, late, library, silk, sushi
Kira Yukimura/Scott McCall, [any], acceptance, anchor, beauty, belief, biting, body-worship, bonding, cute, delirious, dreams, electric, electricity, excitement, explosive, face, flirtation, fox, foxglove, hunter, lick, light, mirror, mysterious, nip, nuzzle, other, pizza, research, scent, shades, shiver, shy, sleepless, smile, spark, sushi, taste, touch, tricky, uncontrolled, wolf
Kira Yukimura/Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski, clever, curiosity, experiment, fingering open, follow, fumble, giggle, library, open, other, outcast, pack, package deal, sniff, wary, wet, wolves
Lydia Martin/Marin Morrell, acute, advise, fold, French, scream, shaken, slide, surrender, trust, violate
Lydia Martin/Peter Hale, amaze, blood, bondage, cunnilingus, D/s, good, handcuffs, killer, knifeplay, lingerie, muscle, peeping, pegging, perfume, possession, pregnancy, public sex, screaming, snap, undress, wall, wolfsbane
Lydia Martin/Scott McCall, alpha, instinct, lipstick, moonlight, motorcycle, office, protect, scream, wet, woods
Lydia Martin/Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski, focus, impulsive, overwhelming, riding, sensation, sharing, victory, wounded
Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski, apocalypse, application, banshee, bathroom!sex, blood, books, candlelight, chance, change, clever, cling together, college, cunnilingus, debate, desire, desperate, exhibitionism, eye contact, figure it out, fingering, first time, game, grind down, guiding, hair-pulling, hands, high heels, high school, horny, humanity, hypothesis, inhale, insanity, intelligence, knuckle deep, lacrosse, laughter, math, pegging, public sex, punishment, red string, relax, risk, rope, ruthless, sanity, scars, science, scream, seen, senior year, shoulders, skill, slipping, straddle, sunbeam, teaching, teamwork, tipsy, tongue, wall!sex, want, wife, woman on top, worship
Melissa McCall/Sheriff Stilinski, awkward, backseat, bandage, bond, breathe, casserole, closet, courtship, crush, date, divorce, experience, friendship, games, grin, handcuffs, name, new year, nudge, nurse, quiet, retrieve, ring, school, secret, sneaking, snow, speed handcuffs, stitches, taste, understand, yellow
Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski, biting, blowjob, bondage, classic rock music, cockblocking, daddy, difference, dub-con, fairies, guns, hunters, movement, mpreg, nemeton, offer, order, orgasm denial, revenge, whimper, yellow
Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski, alcohol, alpha, anchor, apex predator, awake, be your side, bed-sharing, bend over, beta!Stiles, bindweed, biting, blowjob, bond, brave, breathe, calm, chain, childhood, claim, clandestine, cold, collarbones, college, columbine, comeplay, comfort, control, craving, curly fries, date night, deepthroating, dependency, desperate, doors, dream, experiment, exposed, eyesight, fear, feet, fingering, first, fraught, friends, frottage, hair, hallucinations, hand!kink, held down, help, hickeys, high-five, hips, holiday, hoodie, howl, human, hurt/comfort, important, inhibition, injury, instinct, jacket, jeans, jeep, knot, knowing, late night, laugh, lightsabers, lionheart, marked, marking, movie night, needy, nicknames, nightmares, own, pack, pansexual, partner, past, phone sex, pinning, pot, practice, pressure, private, protect, protection, public sex, red, research, restraint, reversal, right hand, rimming, road trip, roommates, rough, rue, run, scent, scratch, shared, shiver, shotgunning, showers, sleep, slumber party, smile, snowball, socks, soft, somnophilia, sports, spread open, Star Wars, steel, stepsiblings, strength, striptease, study session, sun, support, surrender, sweet, take me with you, taste, tattoo, teamwork, teeth marks, there for you, thirties, throat, together, torture, trust, undercover, understanding, uninhibited, urges, werewolf!Stiles, white lies, woods, wool
Sheriff Stilinski/Talia Hale, alliance, comfort, memory, wolf
Stiles Stilinski/Vernon Boyd, big, laughter, quiet, size

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
April/Casey Jones, cricket, fight, bicker

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)
April O'Neil/Irma Langinstein, camera

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)
Angel/April O'Neil, SAINW, comfort
Leatherhead/Donatello, science, experimentation, size difference, intelligence, discovery, professor
Same As It Never Was Raphael/Donatello, age, hurt, comfort, lost, years, hesitate, return

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
April O'Neil/Oroku Karai, date, fight, food, new, princess, training
Raphael/Donatello, pheromones, danger, public, teasing, jealousy, quiet, loud, masturbation, watching

Temeraire - Naomi Novik
William Laurence/Temeraire, [any]

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Simon/Viral, wander, substitute, time, cling

Tenjou Tenge
Natsume Maya/Tawara Bunshichi, breasts, dream, ghost, haunt, motorcycle, naughty, rice

Terminator – All Media Types
Kyle Reese/Sarah Connor, reverence, future, hands

Terminator: Salvation
Marcus/Kyle, lost, time travel, stamina, AU, stealing away, run away

Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles
Cameron Phillips/John Connor, bed, blanket, cold, edge, eyelash, facts, future, past, quick, response, satisfaction, scar, soft, tattoo, tight
Derek Reese/Jesse Flores, bullet, knife, run, scar, sheets, shower, slow, sting, swim, taste, warm, adrenaline, blade, time
Riley Dawson/Jesse Flores, water, first, food, run
Sarah Connor/Jesse Flores, complication, trust, run
Sarah Connor/Catherine Weaver, creation, fluid, liquid, mothers, penetration, protection

Terra Nova
Jim/Malcolm, bicker, friends, drunk, Elizabeth, T-Rex, science
Nathaniel Taylor/Alicia Washington, tags, jungle, water, running, free, alone, brush, beginning, jealous, forever
Skye Tate/Carter, hero, above, tangle, forbidden, tight, drops, forest, angry, want

Britt Pollack/Hank Dolworth, dangerous, grin, future, lazy, truck, tattoo, insane, breakfast
Britt Pollack/Katie, coffee, lipstick, pegging, spread, oral, smile, thighs, stubble, charm

That '70s Show
Donna/Kelso, anal, burn, dare, prank, revenge, surprise
Donna/Jackie, fingers, ponytail, skirt, slit, stretch, anal, bottom!Donna, hair-pulling, insults, sex toys
Eric/Jackie, amigo, cookie dough, high, messy, oops
Hyde/Jackie, dear, sunglasses, beer, shade, backseat, perfume, glitter, making out, trophy husband, Camaro, congratulations, lonely, mouth, sarcasm, underwear

The 4400
Diana Skouris/Marco Pacella, unexpected, holiday, freaky, rebound, predicted

The Abhorsen Trilogy - Garth Nix
Sabriel/Touchstone, [any], young, children, reunited, titles, milady, bells, friend, memories

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Brisco County Jr./Dixie Cousins, Tijuana, alcohol, stars, untied, proposal, stage, wide-open spaces
Brisco County Jr./Dixie Cousins/Lord Bowler, predicament, solution, vineyard, wine, tipsy
Sheriff Aaron Viva/Pete Hutter, rhythm, simultaneous, piece
Socrates Poole/any, [any]

The Adventures of Lano & Woodley
Colin Lane/Frank Woodley, [any], kindness, questions, marriage, ageplay, partners, games

The Almighty Johnsons
Anders Johnson/Gaia, apples, text, remember, story, blood, unfair, craving, trouble, endless, reincarnation, restart, alcohol, perfect, please

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
Flash Thompson/Gwen Stacy/Peter Parker, accident, after school, benefits, detention, history, reveal, secrets, trapped
Flash Thompson/Peter Parker, bruise, childhood, grief, half-smile, hurt, nosebleed, nuzzle, shelter, stupid, comfort, camera, changes, crush
Gwen Stacy/Peter Parker, rooftop, stars, heights, dream, descend
Peter Parker, auto-fellatio, balance, bondage, brainwashed, college, comeplay, contortion, dancing, dildo, dirty talk, edge, edging, experiment, exposure, falling, feet, flexible, gravity, hoodie, humiliation, latex, laughing, masturbation, misbehaving, performance, photography, popularity, rain, rooftop, rubber, school, skateboard, spying, sweat, upside-down tentacles, video tape, wall-climbing, webbing
Peter Parker/any male character, auto-fellatio, balance, body-worship, bondage, brainwashed, climbing, college, comeplay, contortion, dancing, date night, dirty talk, edge, edging, experiment, exposure, falling, feet, flexible, gossip, gravity, hipster, hoodie, humiliation, latex, laughing, masturbation, mind control, misbehaving, peeping tom, performance, photography, popularity, pornography, prostitution, rain, reading, relax, release, reversal, romance, rooftop, rubber, school, science, skateboard, snark, spying, stripping, sweat, tabloids, trust, tutor, upside-down, video, virgin, voyeur, wall-climbing, webbing, Youtube
Peter Parker/MJ-played-by-Michael-B.-Jordan, neighbors, crush, families, saving the day, sharing, upside-down kiss in the rain, disclosure

The Americans
Elizabeth Jennings/Philip Jennings, abandoned, assimilate, bonding, bruised, capture, family, first, forget, future, game, growing pains, gun, heat, home, insomnia, laughter, lonely, misdirection, pie, public, real, recovery, red, repair, revenge, Russian, stiletto, time, together, training, trust, wait, water

The Art of Fielding - Chad Harbach
Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, library, snowstorm, scotch, recovery, kitchen, lecture, reveal, glasses, shopping
Pella Affenlight/Mike Schwartz, reading, wine, crackers, lips, truth, secrets
Henry Skrimshander/Mike Schwartz, catcher, deltoids, bodies, courage, triangle, want
Henry Skrimshander/Adam Starblind, run, weights, tumble, rookies

The Art Trilogy - Clive Barker
Howie/Jo-Beth, renegade, new, dream, pregnant, together, joined, change, sweet, body

The Artist
George/Peppy, premiere, date, chocolate, champagne, gossip, dancing, gifts, birthday, halloween, Christmas, tipsy, chemistry, silver, role

The A-Team (2010)
H.M. Murdock/Brock Pike, asshole
H.M. Murdock/B.A. Baracus, safe, hands, tough, machines, curry
H.M. Murdock/Templeton Peck, cold, barriers, pristine, scars, getaway

The Avengers (TV)
John Steed/Emma Peel, [any], desk, quiet

The Avengers
Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov, pegging, blush, kiss, danger, linger, flirt
Steve Rogers/Thor, courage, burdens, corsage, braids, rimming, hands, blooming, weapon, pout, rough

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!
Carol Danvers/Janet Van Dyne, strong, teamwork, flirting, voyeurism, shower
Hank Pym/Tony Stark, hate, science
Maria Hill/Tony Stark, authority, desks, snark, adrenaline, team
Skrull!Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, dub-con, food, pegging
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, misunderstanding, touching, cuddling, aftercare, whump, domination, aliens
Thor/Tony Stark, magic, battle, lust, fighting, experiment

The Avengers (2012) [see Marvel Cinematic Universe]

The Baby-Sitters Club - Ann M. Martin
Abby Stevenson/Kristy Thomas, token, accidental
Adam Pike/Byron Pike/Jordan Pike, ninjas
Alan Gray/Claudia Kishi, dessert, giggle, feathers, ribbon, first, quiet, summer, lipstick, skinny dipping, naked, friendship
Cary Retlin/Wesley Ellenburg, punk
Charlie Thomas/Janine Kishi, [any], neat, loose, car!sex, studying, stress, opposites, wall!sex, private, sneaking out, shhhh, giggling, surprise, happy
Charlie Thomas/Mary Anne Spier, soft, love, careful, whisper, secret, trust, ribbon, skirt, date, midnight, cityscape, thunderstorm, cabin, celebration, family, friendship, domestic, care, lace, lipstick, sweet, family, exhausted, D/s, want, moonlight, windows, apartment, comfort
Claudia Kishi/Janine Kishi, studying, skirts
Dawn Schafer/Mary Anne Spier, honeymoon
Dee Pike/Maureen McGill, hats, shopping, couch, resentment
Dr. Peggy Johanssen/Stacey McGill, educate
Janine Kishi/Mary Anne Spier, autumn
Jenny Prezzioso/Andrea Prezzioso, brats
John Pike/Dee Pike, date night, quiet, alone, massage, love, honeymoon, beach, road trip
John Pike/Ed McGill, bitch
Kristy Thomas/Karen Brewer, spoiled, brat, tantrum, selfish
Kristy Thomas/Mary Anne Spier, pigtails
Kristy Thomas/Shannon Kilbourne, first
Kristy Thomas/Stacey McGill, sophisticated, mature, dreams, secrets
Mallory Pike/Vanessa Pike, poetry
Margo Pike/Claire Pike, motion sickness
Mrs. Natalie Barrett/Dawn Schafer, unreasonable, demands
Richard Spier/Alma Spier, dating, proposal, field, summer, shock, grief, goodbye, whisper, promise, hold, honeymoon, domestic, lace, curves, happiness, pregnant, love, comfort, romantic
Richard Spier/Elizabeth Thomas, hurt/comfort, grief, ache, winter, rain, bed, secret, friendship, love, date, stranded, tears, formal wear, guilt
Richard Spier/Sharon Schafer, barn, rain, grief, reunion, first, family, friendship, history, star-crossed, teenagers, poetry, kissing, hands, undress, caress
Robert Brewster/Stacey McGill, heartbroken, sorrow, apology, love, luxury, money, breathless, hurt/comfort, whisper, diamond, tease, long distance, rain, hotel, shower, New York City, stilettos, clothed sex
Sam Thomas/Stacey McGill, math, career, clever, success, dating, fast, clothed sex, bondage, history, break up, make up, hospital, blush, curls
Stacey McGill/Charlotte Johanssen, innocent, sisters, questions
Tabitha "Morbidda Destiny" Porter/Karen Brewer, spell

The Benjamin January Mysteries - Barbara Hambly
January/Shaw, survival, awkward, trust, close, sharing, unsure

The Big Bang Theory (TV)
Amy/Penny/Sheldon, drunk, science, experiment
Amy/Sheldon, steamy, calculations, fumble, awkward, virgin, drunk, science, experiment
Amy/Raj, queer, touch, virgin
Raj/Stuart Bloom, vicarious, oral, thrill
Howard/Bernadette, sweetie, quiet, costumes
Leonard/Sheldon, domestic spaces, power, roommate agreement, sweet spot
Leslie Winkle/Penny, rivals, soft, act, play, secret, punishment, love
Leslie Winkle/Sheldon, insult, taunt
Penny/Sheldon, friendship, kindred, stranded, positive reinforcement, laundry room, jealousy, washing, cleaning, care, dreams, multiverse, dance with me, overheard, shut down, blackout, elevator, costumes, t-shirt, barbie, enemas, drugged, sponge bath, think, coitus, dare, rubber, mess, hug, ratings, NC-17, appropriate, Thursday, spot, secret, masturbation, dildo, alien, ponn farr, hypothermia, statistical improbability, age appropriate, hero

The Bill
Craig Gilmore/Luke Ashton, breakfast, bed, bliss, rough, forgiven, shower, reconnect
Craig Gilmore/Luke Ashton/Mickey Webb, new, explore, job, stress, relief, middle, sheet, double
Craig Gilmore/Mickey Webb, rebound, spooning, settled, together, accepted, domestic
Dale "Smithy" Smith/Mickey Webb, vulnerability, safety, trust, opening up, uniform, rape recovery, faith
Dale "Smithy" Smith/Nick Klein, console, tears, comfort, sweet, laugh, uniform, sarge
Jack Meadows/Mickey Webb, recovery, home, settled, kiss, hug, trust
Phil Hunter/Sam Nixon, flirt, commando, seduction, thrill, kiss, quick, settled, moving in, trustworthy

The Birds (1963)
Melanie Daniels/Annie Hayworth, nightgown, slick, teach, thighs, tremble

The Blacklist
Elizabeth Keen/Donald Ressler, adrenaline, drunk, frantic, rough sex, tension, office, undercover, elevator, handcuffs, zombie apocalypse AU, hidden, high heels, trust, neck, discovery, sleep, new, smile, happy, highschool, hotel, affair, lipstick, home, blue, desk, gun, sparring, first, SUV, Pacific Rim AU, angry, profile, tie, Romeo, box, denial, reckless, wall, engagement
Elizabeth Keen/Raymond "Red" Reddington, espionage, teach, obey, forbidden, trust, reunion, admit, succumb, tomorrow, heartbeat, history, telling, smoke
Raymond Reddington/Donald Ressler, pain, recovery, nightmare, ropes, handcuffs, betrayal, hospital, gun
Tom Keen/Lucy Brooks, bathroom, photography, class, beer, charm

The Bletchley Circle (2012)
Jean/any, solo, loner, library, surprise
Jean/Lucy/Millie/Susan Gray, secret, knowledge, blood, terror, humanity
Millie/Susan Gray, promise, Africa, travel, postcard, lies, desire, puzzles, what could have been, treat, wartime, cold, silk, cigarettes, pattern, light, machinery, history, running away, dancing

The Bold and the Beautiful
Hope Logan/Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester, [any], friendship, forget Liam, revenge, forgive, obsession, soften

The Book of Enoch
Azazel/Raphael, chains, quiet, press, dust, flicker, ours

The Borgias (2011)
Cesare Borgia/Lucrezia Borgia, [any], angst, armor, AU, betrayal, blindfold, blood, bloodless, cardinal, cipher, clean, confession, death, déjà vu, detachment, espionage, everything, face, fairy tales, faith, family, France, games, garden, God, hands, heart, incest, longing, marriage, mine, murder, naked, Naples, poison, possessive, quill, red, reincarnation, reunion, rumors, scandal, shadow, silk, sin, steel, The Devil, vampire, war wounds, young
Rodrigo Borgia/Vannozza dei Cattanei, disguise, temptation, silk

The Breaker
Han Chunwoo/Lee Shiho, tease, exhibitionist, kiss, touch, denial, sleep

The Breakfast Club
John Bender/Brian Johnson, test, candy, lost, car, book, mine, dirty, skin, away, always, rebel, lie

The Bridges of Madison County
Francesca Johnson/Robert Kincaid, porch, jazz, sting, trip, fantasy, home, more

The Butterfly Effect
Tommy/Evan, path

The Cabin in the Woods
Dana/Holden, compelled, escape, never, study
Dana/Marty, virgin, apocalyptic, shelter, rain, warmth, blankets, pot
Dana/The Director, protege, protocol, survivors, rebuilding, monster, gallows, gingerbread
The Director/any, rules, smile, judgment

The Charioteer - Mary Renault
Alec Deacon/Bunny, forbidden, sympathy
Laurie Odell/Andrew Raynes, confront, truth, kiss, heavenly, Limbo, reunion, revelation
Laurie Odell/Ralph Lanyon, drag dormitory, bookstack, caught, school, submission, sacrifice
Ralph Lanyon/Bim Taylor, flying, terror, exhilaration, deception
Ralph Lanyon/Hazell, caning, bite, shame

The Chaser's War on Everything (TV)
Crazy Warehouse Guy/Surprise Spruiker, competition

The Children's Hour
Karen/Martha, truth

The Chocolate Series - Laura Florand
Luc/Summer, cunnilingus, control, massage, oceans, vacation, lavender, cooking, bathtub, peace, dreams, island, sand, lavender, silk, childhood, Paris, Hades, pomegranate
Magalie/Philippe, scarves, scarf, door, heart, hands, size, heels
Patrick/Sarah, restraints, cunnilingus, springtime, Maui, wedding, garter belt, marble, midnight, relief, dreams, cake, vows, hesitant, touch

The Chronicles of Narnia – All Media Types
Aslan/Susan/Lucy, healed
Susan/Lucy, archer, velvet, fur
Susan/Edmund, traitor, ice, fertility, sacrifice, growth, sailing, anointed, dark, laughter, desert, magic, swimming, citrus, rushing, adult, rely, need, tears, believe
Susan/Aravis, diplomacy
Peter/Susan/Edmund/Lucy, magic
Peter/Caspian, seductive
Edmund/Caspian, land
Lucy/Caspian, love, wrestle, firelight, rush
Jill/Tirian, England, practice, archery, horn, camping

The Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis
Aslan/Lucy, devotion, pride, reward, wild, cubs
Peter/Lucy, grown, heirs, drowning, mystery, questions, answers, explore
Peter/Susan, night, swim, sheet, skin, union
Susan/Edmund, shadows, merge, fluids, conception, emperor, empress, sinful, taste
Edmund/Lucy, run, new, home, wardrobe, quiet

The Chronicles of Narnia (movies)
Edmund/Susan, loyalty, underneath, lingering, flame

The Chronicles of Riddick
Lord Vaako/Kyra (Jack), kneel, similitude, surrender, ambition, loyalty, allegiance, warrior
Richard B. Riddick/Kyra (Jack), death, dance, fight, killer, shivs, rebirth
Richard B. Riddick, animalistic, master, urgent, need, swift, slow, mating, Alpha, grasping, control, darkness, light, candles, fire, stars, planet, public, ritualistic

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
Richard B. Riddick/Kyra (Jack), prison, submission, bonds, loyalty, risk, possessive
Richard B. Riddick/Lord Vaako, choice, coup, court, fight, hound, lost, missing, planet, public, remember, stalk, staked out, tied up
Lord Marshal/Aereon, persuasion

The Closer
Brenda Johnson/Andy Flynn, interview, research, smirk
Brenda Johnson/David Gabriel, AU, secret, awkward
Brenda Johnson/Sharon Raydor, ache, ballet, bath, bikini, binge, birthday, boxing, breakfast, brunch, candles, caught, cheat, chocolate, Christmas, closet, club, control, court, dance, denial, dessert, ding-dong, eager, eternity, finally, forever, frenemy, Georgia, heart, heavy petting, high school, innocence, jealousy, lust, mimosa, negligee, office, pain, picnic, politics, proclivities, quick, rank, rendezvous, rock'n'roll, silent, silk, slap, slow, snark, squad car, strawberries, sweat, thanksgiving, time, tipsy, toys, travel, trusting, tryst, vacation, vibrator, whine, wine, wonder

The Craft
Nancy/all, control, sadistic
Sarah/Bonnie, scars, rose, beauty and the beast

The Crazies (2010)
Judy/Becca, escape
Judy/Deardra, yesterday
Russell/Becca, [any], immune, safety, jacket, comfort, kiss, talk, birthday, eighteen, eyes, hair, guns, running, hiding, bar, dance

The Crazy Ones (TV)
Sydney Roberts/Zach Cropper, ambulance, hair gel, blowout bar

The Crimson Petal and the White - Michel Faber
Sugar/Agnes Rackham, brittle, secret, train, angel

The Crying Game
Fergus/Dil, [any], phone sex

The Dark Is Rising - Susan Cooper
Will Stanton/Jane Drew/Bran Davies, memories, longing, discovery, loneliness

The Dark Knight Rises
Bane/Talia Al Ghul, collaring, champion, tend, first, slick, climb, loyal, pair, mask
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, ride, black, night, trip, new, habits, sticky, sharp

The Dark Tower Series - Stephen King
Roland Deschain/Cuthbert Allgood, post-war, twinner, footpad, eschatology, rook, interstitial, filigree
Susannah Dean/Eddie Dean, trees, outdoors, dust, gun oil, cordite, carry, fire, ka, strength

The Darkangel Trilogy - Meredith Ann Pierce
Aeriel/Irrylath, just once

The Death of the Necromancer - Martha Wells
Nicholas Valiarde/Arisilde, opium, sorcery, despair
Nicholas Valiarde/Inspector Ronsarde, rival, rescue, clues, chase, slippery

The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan
Alan/Nick, knee, nose, hands, scent, worship, drug, nightmare, sooth, flush, submit

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
Andrea Sachs/Emily Charlton, lipstick, laughter, sugarmama, use, write
Andrea Sachs/Emily Charlton/Miranda Priestly, desire, want, passion, strip, hers, power
Andrea Sachs/Emily Charlton/Miranda Priestly/Serena, matchmaking, AU, photoshoot
Andrea Sachs/Miranda Priestly, "that's all?", again, AU, authority, bathe, boss, breath, bribe, brothel, clever, closet, club, disaster avoided, distrust, force, forget, Hermès, high heels, honeymoon, hot, hot coffee, humble, ignore, inexperienced, ink, jewelry, knife, lace, lounge, mark, midnight, mirror, mutual, our baby, pace, resignation, restraint, robbery, rough, scratch, secrets, sheer, skirt, solitude, spring, sticky, strap-on, strip, strut, submission, switch, tears, the book, the Book, time, toys, trench coat, ultimatum, vampire, wax, wedding, wool, wrists
Andrea Sachs/Miranda Priestly/any, voyeur, threesome, once, breakfast, internet, first date, bed, affection
Miranda Priestly/any, trend, belt, break, smoke, crowd, surprise, service, prove, significant

The Devil's Mixtape - Mary Borsellino
Amy/Caroline Gubura, [any], oblivion

The Disappearance of Alice Creed
Vic/Danny, nick

The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Harry Dresden/Jared Kincaid, trip, naked, flame, safe, challenge, truth
Harry Dresden/Thomas Raith, closeness, trust, safety, lick, illicit, beautiful, wanted, kiss

The Duchess of Malfi - John Webster
Cardinal/Ferdinand, lycanthropy, thighs, overpower
Cardinal/Duchess/Ferdinand, illustrissimo, intact, inquietude, possession
Duchess/Ferdinand, corrupt, desolation, nightmares, symmetry, virtues
Duchess/Antonio, solace, allegiance, accounts, disheveled, grace

The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth
Esca/Marcus, lonely, fear, spine, muscle, rain, warmth, breath, farmer, violence, absence, longing, homecoming

The Faculty (1998)
Zeke/Burke, PTSD

The Fast and the Furious (movies)
Gisele Harabo/Han Lue, car, motorcycle, first, stars, drunk, dinner, history, rest, stay, race, suit

The Fear Series - B.A. Chepaitis
Alex Dzarny/Jaguar Addams, [any], fear, hope, mint, green, warm, kiss of life

The Firm
Mitch/Joey, deal, handshake, smirk, WitSec, bleeding, bodyguard, adrenaline, bruises

The First Time
Aubrey Miller/Dave Hodgman, practice, orgasm, awkward, bedroom, smile, kiss, dress, beach, flirt, loved, perfect, lick, taste, touch, sleep, date

The First Wives Club
Brenda Cushman/Elise Elliot, pictures, fight, exercise, Oscar, theatre, ideas, sober

The Five Find-Outers (and Dog) - Enid Blyton
Fatty/Bets, fond, disguise, recovery

The Following
Charlie Mead/Claire Matthews, kiss, follower, dance, surveillance, feel, escape
Emma Hill/Jacob Wells, [any], special, faith, throat, sharp, D/s, kill, cuddle, handcuffs, possessive, firsts
Emma Hill/Jacob Wells/Paul Torres, [any], together, sharing, jealousy, laughter, convince, focal point, negotiation, cuddle, religion, sharing, handcuffs, scars
Emma Hill/Paul Torres, sharp, smirk, nails, tanktop, water, undercover, couch, cuddle, scars, skirt, counter
Jacob Wells/Paul Torres, [any], pretending, drunk, denial, admittance, hurt, comfort, death, love, real, right, truth, together, love, sunset, trust, slow build, tease, flirt, darkness
Joe Carroll/Ryan Hardy, [any], story, resurrection
Luke/Mark, [any], twins, incest, sharing, everything
Mike Weston/Ryan Hardy, [any], frantic, tender, lips, slow, trust, share, comfort

The Fosters
Callie Jacob/Wyatt, bruise, road, shower, skin, use
Callie Jacob/Cole, street, bruise, prom night
Callie Jacob/Mariana Foster, Spanish tutor
Cole/Mariana Foster, bandage, nurse, Sadie Hawkins
Lena Adams Foster/Stef Adams Foster, anniversary, sleepy, jealousy, roleplay, quiet, pregnant, roadside, classroom, sheriff's desk, badge, honey, unresolved sexual tension, teenage dream, college years AU, Pacific Rim AU, first time, impulse, trust, celebration, relaxation, makeup sex, sneaking, locked door, hide, vacation

The Gamers: Hands of Fate
Cass/Natalie, date, femdom
Dundareel/Myriad Buxtehude, lost

The Gates (TV)
Nick Monohan/Dylan Radcliff, relief, dreams

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)  [see also Millennium Trilogy – All Media Types]
Lisbeth Salander/Mikael Blomkvist, worship, height, relief, desk, toys, worship, desire, laughter, vindication, children

The Golden Girls
Blanche Devereaux/Dorothy Zbornak, Friday, rusty anchor, cheesecake, midnight, double date, unrequited

The Good Life
Tom Good/Barbara Good, courgette, forgot, muck, scrub, self-sufficient, smudges, till
Tom/Barbara/Margo/Jerry, peapod burgundy, plough

The Good Wife
Alicia Florrick/Cary Agos, accident, boyish, deposition, distraction, elevator, exposure, firm, frustration, heated, inappropriate, laugh, mirrors, overtime, partners, partnership, power struggle, unprofessional, work, younger
Alicia Florrick/Cary Agos/Kalinda Sharma, combination, congruence, inevitable, logical, satisfaction
Alicia Florrick/Celeste Serrano, competition, drinks, gamble, seduction
Alicia Florrick/Kalinda Sharma, angry, before, betrayal, changes, deal, devil's advocate, distance, drinks, elevator, fingers, first, flirt, heels, leaking, lies, maps, payback, reunion, rivalry, scars, secret, sex tape, silence, tampering, touch, trust issues, unexpected, voir dire, waiting
Alicia Florrick/Will Gardner, accustomed, adversaries, alternate, anger, angry, baggage, bargain, bathroom, circle, code, confidence, control, desk, desperate, elevator, fulfillment, Georgetown, immature, linger, lingerie, loyalty, mad, private, professional, remember, signals, silent, smoke, standing, stay, stockings, sunlight, teeth, temporary, tie, wall, wish, wrinkles
Blake Calamar/Cary Agos, reluctant, seduction
Cary Agos/Clarke Hayden, buried, latent, novelty, revelation, twink, unexpected
Cary Agos/Diane Lockhart, desk, quiet, secret, skirt, whiskey
Cary Agos/Kalinda Sharma, black, boots, casual, clandestine, coded message, deception, fun, hair, handcuffs, high, in your dreams, investigate, investigation, lips, lonely, notebook, pegging, regret, smirk, snooping, spying, sting, switch, trick, turnabout, unseen, waxplay
Cary Agos/Robyn Burdine, amateur, argue, chaos, fire
Cary Agos/Will Gardner, brawl, bruise, careful, crinkle, first, hurt, painting, pride, protect, punish, sheets, smirk, suit, wolf
Diane Lockhart/Kurt McVeigh, argument, completion, compromise, cooperation, throat
Eli Gold/Natalie Flores, morning, stolen, stay
Grace Florrick/Kalinda Sharma, boys, firearms, internet, trolling
Kalinda Sharma/Will Gardner, aggressive, consolation, incendiary, slam

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Gatsby/Nick, consolation, pool, mojito, tuxedo
Jordan/Nick, scratch, lies, cheat, telephone, undressing, soft, on her knees, 1920s Paris, perfume, live a little, simpler times, spring, unbutton, wine, kiss, first date, hands, modern AU, New Years Eve, dress, stockings, ten years later, first time, nightclub, music, backseat, late-night, party, strawberries, lonely, midnight
Tom Buchanan/George Wilson, [any]

The Hangover (movies)
Cassie/Alan/Stu/Phil, sociopath

The Happening
Elliot Moore/Julian, [any]

The Heroes of Olympus - Rick Riordan
Annabeth Chase/Percy Jackson, tartarus, sword, drink, heal, mine
Annabeth Chase/Piper McLean, teach, charm, dream, letters, touch
Annabeth Chase/Reyna Ramirez-Arellano, trust, secrets, betrayal, travel, understanding
Jason Grace/Piper McLean, command, steamy, lace, table, ass
Leo Valdez/Calypso, garden, grease, toys, made for you, screaming, finger fucking

The History Boys – All Media Types
Dakin/Irwin, classroom, flirtation, cigarettes
Dakin/Scripps, crucifix, church, prayer, knees, smirk, friends, convincing, exception

The Hobbit – All Media Types
Any elf/any orc, damp, chrome
Azog the Defiler/Kíli, hurt, blood, terror, nightmare, prickly
Azog the Defiler/the Necromancer, shade, worship, ancient, wonder, breath
Azog the Defiler/Thorin Oakenshield, slavery, shackles, shovel, powerplay
Balin/Bilbo Baggins, books, tea, afternoon, bairn
Balin/Dwalin, again, beard
Bard/Tauriel, arrows, clash, unexpected, submission, rough, otherworldly, hair, scratching
Belladonna Took/Bungo Baggins, butter, book, candle, jars
Belladonna Took/Dís, adventuress, smile
Beorn/Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield, haven, forest, honey, fur, prowl, rough, sweet, warning, meadow, musk, stroke, refuge, taste, play, change, hunger, lick, bite, rest
Beorn/Radagast, fur, hearth, wood, birds
Bifur/Bilbo Baggins, [any], hands, language
Bifur/Kíli, raspberry, working, teasing, gentle, trace
Bifur/Óin, tea, laughter, cozy
Bilbo Baggins/any, [any], girl!Bilbo
Bilbo Baggins/Bofur, laughter, delight
Bilbo Baggins/Fíli, candle wax, lap, marathon session, fuck or die, alpha/omega, indiscretion, bath house, Hogwarts, armor, death, coronation, make up, wish, grace, slave, elope, dawn, quest, prison, knife
Bilbo Baggins/Fíli/Kíli, mischief, brothers
Bilbo Baggins/Kíli, spiders, protect
Bilbo Baggins/Nori, [any], sticky fingers, hum
Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield, loyalty, heart, beloved, regret, wounds, farewell, courage, hope, treasure, stolen, wanton, enthroned, humble, dirt, gardening, wall, stone, courtship, tattoos, sly, strategy, ink, stained, fur, braids, try, tease, boyfriend, strong, forgive, develop, sympathy, destructibility
fem!Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield, treasure, stolen, wanton, enthroned, humble, dirt, gardening, wall, stone, courtship, tattoos, sly, strategy, ink, stained, fur, braids
fem!Bilbo Baggins/fem!Thorin Oakenshield/Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, grumpy, proper, tea, service, bickering, exploration
Bofur/Bolg, broken, throw, bones
Bofur/Kíli, mirrors, hat, walnuts, kingsfoil, affection, loyalty, laughter, poem, blue, blankets, anything, healing, tears, forever, bury, poem, wedding, courting, vow, facesitting, zippy, drink, lick, suckle, nibble, mountain, Kintsugi, trace, fingering, tickling, potpourri, smokeplay, sharing, caring, comfort, gold, treasure, saving, date, strolling, plush, cushion, prince, smoke, rule 63 femslash, queen, pegging, worship, dress, ceremony, legs, wool, scarf, novice, archery, mattock, faith, melody, mining, shaft, flibbertigibbet, serenity, caves, dwellers, distance, breasts, waves, plunder, perfect, steadfast, bliss, unexpected
Bofur/fem!Kíli, mirrors, hat, walnuts, kingsfoil, affection, loyalty, laughter, poem, blue, blankets, anything, healing, tears, forever, bury, poem, wedding, courting, vow, facesitting, zippy, drink, lick, suckle, nibble, mountain, Kintsugi, trace, fingering, tickling, potpourri, smokeplay, sharing, caring, comfort, gold, treasure, saving, date, strolling, plush, cushion
Bofur/Kíli/fem!Kíli, trifecta, harem, prize, sweet, nectar
Bofur/Kíli/Tauriel, teasing, teaching, touching
Bofur/Nori, dirty, hair
Bofur/Radagast, amusement, atonement, aviation
Bombur/any, food, last, sleep
Bombur/Bombur's wife, [any], precious, food
Bombur/OFC, caress, fluffy, pillow
Bombur/Ori, rule 63 femslash, flirting, gifts, valentines
Dís/canonical husband, [any], quiet, children, proposal, years, stone
Dís/Dwalin, first, pining
Dís/Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, flowers, umbrella
Dís/Thorin Oakenshield, remain, tight
Dori/Gandalf, soft, tea, sharing, drink, old-fashioned, robes
Dori/Óin, old-fashioned, friendship
Dwalin/Nori, bitter, enemies, scream, dark, muscles, fast
Dwalin/Ori, courage, tattoos, library, grief, warhammer, difference, complementary, wisp, whip
Dwalin/fem!Ori, honeymoon, size, fit, squeeze, lewd, eager, squeaking
Dwalin/Thorin Oakenshield, comrades, battle, healing, hard, fireplace
Elrhoss/Legolas, service, distraction, kneeling, fast
Fíli/elf-guard!OMC, search, weapons, punishment, cheeky
Fíli/OFC, lovemaking, loud, elegant
Fíli/Kíli, braid, submit
Fíli/Ori, hero, worship, late, toast, handkerchief, young, ink
fem!Fíli/fem!Nori, princess, thief, clever, fingers, hushed, golden, butt
Fíli/Thorin Oakenshield, golden, heir
Galadriel/Rivendell elf maid harpist, impress, fingers, trail, scratch, circlet, stomach, locked, lembas
Galadriel/Gandalf, golden, understanding, morning, flaws, flirt, lantern, guide, patience, sunlight, hush
Galadriel/Tauriel, healing, gaze, wonder
Galadriel/Thranduil, power, magic, punishment, arrogance, teaching, femdom
Galion/Thranduil, wine, night, celebration, serve, lick, sweet
Gandalf/Radagast, pipe-weed
Glóin/Glóin's wife, beautiful, red, jewels, stage, seduction
Kíli/Tauriel, starlight, almost, forbidden, grace, braids, touch, glance, above
Kíli/Thorin Oakenshield, [any], wolf, uncle
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins/Otho Sackville-Baggins, pride, knees
The Necromancer/Óin, divinations, portents
The Necromancer/Smaug, fire, flight, alliance, illusion, heat, gold, wings, claws, ruin, dominion, jewel, stone, voice, mountain, sleek, tongue, eye, armor, possession, treasure, devour, taunt, whirlwind, dungeon, ancient, North, sky
Ori/Thorin Oakenshield, adorable, bells, pepper, drive, necessary
Rivendell elf maid harpist/Rivendell elf maid flautist, duet, gold, autumn, leaves, feast, backstage, flute, wet, lips, lick
Tauriel/any orc, teaching, opposites, scent, hidden, starlight, fire, inferno
Tauriel/OFC, leaf, trees, autumn, braids, silk, trader, journey, arrow, protector, mischievous, eastward, Dorwinion, plains, sunrise, tantric, water, reflection, sworn
Tauriel/Rivendell elf maid harpist, harp, sharp, hands, icicles, feathers, masquerade, sauna, garden, salad, alone, hour, source, heels, velvet, silk, starlight, sunlight
Tauriel/Sigrid, hero, wonder, young, admiration, first, orgasm
Tauriel/Thranduil, mutiny, crown, powerplay
Tauriel/Thranduil's wife, crush, flirt, underground, flowers, scepter, regal, disrobe, arrogance, necessary, discipline, indulge
Thorin Oakenshield/Thranduil, grief, pain, understanding

The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien
Beorn/Thorin Oakenshield, roar, time, within, honey, mithril, life
Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield, trust, rest, heat, healing, forgiveness
Kíli/Tauriel, awe, beauty, learning
Tauriel/OFC, guard duty, fire, under the stars

The Hobbit (movies)
Azog the Defiler/Bilbo Baggins, capture, break, yes, no, scream, persuade, size!kink
Azog the Defiler/Thranduil, authority, lure, messages, scapegoat, scars
Belladonna Took/Dís, adventure, speak, hair, silver, gold, mithril, children
Beorn/Bilbo Baggins, hobbit, nighttime
Bilbo Baggins/Bofur, look, smell, taste, touch, whistle, sing, dance, comfort, teach, feed, rescue, warm, twinkle, home, belong, toys, hands, tea, apology, relief
Bilbo Baggins/Bofur/Thorin Oakenshield, hat, goodbye, warmth, share, accommodate, custom
Bilbo Baggins/the Ring/any, invisibility, tricks, games, darkness, possession, unseeing
Bilbo Baggins/Smaug, burglar, delicious, gold, past, future, keep, lose, star, silver, scent, taste, touch, voice, dream, chief, great, calamity, fire, transform, size!kink, wrongitude, taxes, rage, obeisance, morning breath, trust, blood, illusion, smelt, growl, blackmail, greed, ring
Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield, morning, noon, night, held, hurt, sword training, treasured, braids, size difference
Dís/Thorin Oakenshield, harp, sin, blue, royal, love
Dwalin/Ori, married, books, reading, furs, sweet, whisper, braid, quiet, shout
Dwalin/Thorin Oakenshield, challenge, spar, battle
Fíli/human!OFC, [any], first, secret, doubt
Fíli/Kíli/Tauriel, resurrection, pampered, pegging, pony, sunset, Mandos, hidden, chariot, taboo, limp, unrequited, promises, starlight
Fíli/Sigrid, height, hair, table, walnuts, mountain, Dale, hands
Fíli/Thorin Oakenshield, rough, duty, lonely
Kíli/Legolas/Tauriel, bread, leash
Kíli/Tauriel, accommodation, armor, arrows, AU, bars, battle, birthday, blindfold, bodyguard, boots, braids, cage, cold, comfort, communication, competition, consummation, crown, cultural differences, dagger, damsel, escape, exploration, explore, fabric, first, forever, fumble, furs, garden, gaze, glory, gold, hair, hands, healing, height, heights, injury, interspecies romance, ithildin, jewelry, key, kiss, kneel, late nights, laughter, learning, leather, legs, light feast, loud, love, magic, moment, moon, mpreg, music, naked, never, oral, precious, privacy, promise, quiet, reckless, ribbon, river, rune, safe, scars, silk, skin, slave, snowed in, soft, soulbond, sparkle, starlight, stars, string, sun, sunlight, tease, Tinúviel, trees, true name, unlace, wedding, young
Kíli/Thranduil, bargains, agreement, steal, scrub
Legolas/Tauriel, scouting, knives, autumn, quiver
Thorin/Thranduil, agreement, argument, dungeon

The Hollow Crown (2012)
Katherine of Valois/Henry V, public, draughty, private, playful, experienced, gentle, candles, fire, shadows, danger, quick
Prince Hal/Henry IV, armor, sweat, flinch, blush, sword, song, spirits, spank, table, tankard, night

The Hollows - Kim Harrison
Ivy/Kist, roses, fingers
Ivy/Kist/Rachel, lace, fingers, toys
Ivy/Rachel, secret, toys, lace, graveyard

The Holly Tree - Dar Williams
Emily/The Doctor, price, safety, blood, pregnant, witchcraft, devil, betrayal

The Honeymooners
Alice/Trixie, couch
Ralph/Ed, scheme

The Host - Stephenie Meyer
Kyle/Wanda, life, mourning, mistrust, alien, humanity, slow, warmth, cuddle

The Hour
Bel Rowley/Freddie Lyon, alcohol, alert, bra, button up shirt, chair, desk, Domme, drunk, fireplace, first time, flowers, in another life, kiss, late-night, laugh, letters, love letters, modern AU, oral, overseas, producer, promise, snow, Spain, stockings, story, strawberries, sunrise, table, thighs, tie, vanilla, want, wedding, weekend, wine, work, worship
Bel Rowley/Freddie Lyon/Hector Madden/Marnie Madden, BBC, date, domestic, entangled, forgiveness, homemaking, party, pragmatic, share, switch, team
Bel Rowley/Hector Madden/Marnie Madden, cocktails, empty, house, permission, weekend
Bel Rowley/Lix Storm, cigarette, curl, elegance, greasepaint, mentor, notes, photograph, trousers
Bel Rowley/Lix Storm/Randall Brown, fragile, please, reward
Bel Rowley/Marnie Madden, behind the scenes, buckle, cake, clever, crimson, lipstick, perfect, petal, petticoat, poised, presentation, satisfaction, wanting, wool
Bel Rowley/Randall Brown, better, daddy, discipline, disruption, precise
Hector Madden/Lix Storm, kneel, payback, temper
Hector Madden/Randall Brown, alcoholic, deadline
Lix Storm/Marnie Madden/Randall Brown, lessons
Lix Storm/Randall Brown, ache, beginnings, exhaustion, gleam, gunpowder, impossible, never, paranoia, plaintive, rested, smoke, vindication

The Hours
Virginia/Vanessa, blood, bird, drowning

The House of the Spirits – All Media Types
Clara/Ferula, touch, breath, quiet, comfort, tears

The House of the Spirits - Isabel Allende
Clara/Ferula, honey

The Hunger Games – All Media Types
Annie/Johanna, learning, ocean, small
Beetee/Wiress, applied, arc, AU, clock, direction, electrochemical, mechanism, polarity, sign, spark, symmetry, theory, wire
Cinna/Katniss, art, artifice, AU, fashion, glass, glory, illuminate, mayflies, mirror, price, revolution, scales, scarf, shine, torch, weapons, wings
Effie/Haymitch, alcohol, bite, blindfold, bossy, broadcast, display, drink, fury, games, haircut, happily ever after, heels, help, honey, inappropriate, mutt, nightmares, oral, outdoors, rules, sneaking, sweet, undress, victory
Finnick/Johanna/Katniss, golden, reluctant, splash, thrill, trident
Foxface/Katniss, allies, AU, bold, clever, hidden, poison, pride, thief, unknown
Haymitch/Katniss, dark, don't, loathing, safe, silence, understand
Johanna/Katniss, axe, bird, choice, fear, guard, hunt, moment, night, numb, personal, push, share, strong, surprising, teeth, together, train, vulnerable, water

The Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins
Annie/Finnick, [any], clinging, crept up on me, dance, ebb, hurt/comfort, memory, mermaid, nails, nuzzle, return, scars, sheets, stitch up, sunset, tide
Annie/Finnick/Johanna, [any], comfort, entwined, escape, family, fight, illegal, rebellion, revolution, shelter, understanding
Annie/Johanna, aftermath, bed-sharing, clinging, home, peace and quiet, returning, shared load
Annie/Katniss, ivy, letters, service
Cato/Katniss, blood, cold, fire, hate, hunger, lust
Cato/Peeta, alliance, fear, friendship, nipples
Cinna/Katniss, AU, cloth, depilatory, eyeliner, fire, genderbending, mockingjay, muscles, preparation
Cinna/Finnick, design, illicit, muse
Cinna/Haymitch, AU, lost, protection
Cinna/Johanna, killer queen
Cinna/Peeta, bed, comfort, cuddling, dessert
Clove/Glimmer, angry, arena, knifeplay, lying, secret
Effie/Haymitch, angry!sex, desperation, it, outrageous, pink, unusual
Finnick/Gale, beginning, conquer
Finnick/Gale/Peeta, bound, instruct, show, wolf
Finnick/Johanna, [any], acceptance, ensnare, feign, hate, healing, knees, myth, savage, slaves, survival, touch
Finnick/Johanna/Katniss, persuasion
Finnick/Katniss, anchor, arena, blood, braid, clamor, clean, endings, equal, escape, fingers, knots, light, lost, moment, moon, rope, scar, sting, stitches, thirst, tight, touch, victors, victory, water
Finnick/Peeta, AU, victors
Foxface/Katniss, AU, ghosts
Gale/Johanna, alcohol, beauty, bent, broken, burning, convenient, easy, flexible, forest, hunger, leak, nature, pissed, premature, promise, rain, rebellion, rejection,scream, sharp, smart, soldier, sting, stripped
Gale/Katniss, bare, betrayal, bruise, caretaker, control, crumbs, dirt, dreams, fire, first, fist, goodbye, hard, home, hunger, hunting, kiss, lies, passion, promise, reunion, scars, smoke, stitches, stretch, sunburn, sweat, trap, victory, war, whisper, woods
Gale/Katniss/Peeta, AU, games, healing, hunger, hunting, married, obvious, room, scars, sharing, skin, sun, survive, teamwork, tolerance, trifecta
Gale/Madge, bitter, chocolate, criminal, hairbrush, hum, penalty, piano, ribbon, secret, silk, sweat, wall
Gale/Peeta, [any], grind, trap, trick, war
Gale/Prim, [any], AU, crush, healer, revolution, survive, travel, turn
Haymitch/Katniss, alike, before the games, bicker, drunk, favorite, fight, hungover, loyalty, no decent person, scars, self-hatred, white liquor
Haymitch/Katniss/Peeta, alive, ashes, AU, comfort, favorites, game, happy, hold on, hunt, knife, lost, only ones, playing house, scars, sharing, survivors, take care, training, trauma, victors
Haymitch/Peeta, AU, forgetting, rough
Johanna/Katniss, aggression, animal, arch, army days, best, biting, breathless, bruises, cool, elevator, exhibition, exploration, eyelash, familiar, fight, fire, games, grief, growth, gun cleaning as foreplay, hair, leather, nightmare, nostalgia, party, pine needles, rebellion, recovery, rip, rough, scars, sharp, spin, survivor, threat, throat, trauma, trees, trust, wild, winning, woods, wrecked
Johanna/Peeta, arms, awakening, dangerous, rough
Katniss/Lavinia (redheaded Avox girl), AU, speak
Katniss/Madge, AU, crush, help, hush, mockingjay, pin, revolutionary, secret,sponsor, young
Katniss/Peeta, [any], aching, aftermath, alcohol, always, apart, beach, blankets, blood, breathe, bruises, cave, cling, close, desperation, fearful, fingernails, fingers, first time, frantic, frosting, future, happiness, healing, hold, impulsive, keep, lips, longing, mouth, move, must, nightmares, no one else, paint, promises, Quarter Quell, recovery, real or not real, relaxing, relief, rescue, rush, safety, scent, survival, together, trying, virginity
Katniss/Prim, AU, bunker, helpless
Katniss/Plutarch, aftermath, anger, arena, opportunist, PTSD, spin, used
Katniss/Rue, AU
Peeta, baking, brainwash, Capitol, forced, mind control, pimped, prostitution, purchased, romance, torture
Prim/Rue, AU

The Hunger Games (movies)
Beetee/Katniss, comfort, intelligence, loneliness
Cinna/Katniss, dressing, prisoner, thanks
Cinna/Peeta, secluded
Effie/Haymitch, drunk, giggle, pink, sky
Effie/Katniss, bearable, chance, different
Finnick/Johanna, breathless, changes, competition, endings, hum, knifeplay, sunrise, vulnerability
Gale/Peeta, nothing
Gale/Peeta/Katniss, everything
Haymitch/Johanna, bite, hangovers, restraint
Haymitch/Katniss, countryside, feast, fight, hunger, massage, plans, plotting, rocking, sacrifice, scratch, spar
Johanna/Katniss, dysfunction, save
Katniss/Rue, AU, crush

The Illusionist
Eisenheim/ Sophie, trust, pent-up, duet, bow

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret
Brent Wilts/Doug Whitney, denial, porn, road trip, shame

The Incredible Hulk (1977)
David Banner/Jack McGee, confession, loneliness, rain, truth

The Incredibles
Helen Parr (Elastigirl)/Mirage, flexible, unexpected

The Inside
Paul/Danny, sweet little lies
Paul/Web, deflection, puppet
Rebecca/Gem, damaged goods
Rebecca/Karen, lost
Rebecca/Karen/Paul, playtime's over, faithful
Rebecca/Mel, office, unsub, missing
Rebecca/Paul/Web, twisted, entwined, night
Rebecca/Web, reined-in, hunting, temptation

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Thomas Lynley/Barbara Havers, smirk, sleek, passionate, slow-dance

The IT Crowd
Maurice Moss/Roy Tenneman, [any], married

The Jew of Malta - Christopher Marlowe
Barabas/Ferneze, alike, dignity, manipulation, flesh, sinful

The Killing
Stephen Holder/Sarah Linden, safe, warm, comfort, tongue, hoist, over

The King Must Die - Mary Renault
Theseus/Ariadne, star, girdle, chthonic, bull-dancer, gold, wool, linen, silk, kneel, stand, dance, fall

The King's Speech
Bertie/Elizabeth, rule, silent, eating, darkness, bombs, war

The L.A. Complex
Connor Lake/OC, safe, loved, wanted, trust, held

The Labyrinth (movie)
Jareth/Sarah Williams, challenge, brocade, puzzle, fae, magic, dream, age, adulthood, remembrance

The Last Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle
Haggard/Amalthea, happy

The Legend of Korra
Bolin/Lust Spirit or Demon, tentacles, dream, inhuman, capture, mindfuck, mind control, sex pollen, tongues, multiple penetration, struggle, addiction, ecstasy
Korra/Tahno, home, lessons, tribe, waterbending, healing, cheat, reconcile, sparring, oral

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Princess Hilda/Link, sweet, ballroom, blade, trust, lies, shadows, ugliness, happy endings, bindings
Zelda/Hilda, opposites

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past
Link/Zelda, destined, telepathy

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Anju/Cremia, daydream, longing, masks, wedding

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Malon/Zelda, music
Ruto/Zelda, disguise, royalty, water, Sheik, underwater, sapphire, fin, breath, queen, wisdom

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Link/Zelda/Midna, balance, shadow

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck
Scrooge McDuck/Glittering Goldie O'Gilt, [any], destructo

The Lion in Winter (1968)
Geoffrey Plantagenet/Richard Plantagenet, tempt, bend, bare, cover, comfort, sword, spar

The Lion King
human!Scar/any human!lioness, blood, claws, king, obedience, scruff

The Little Mermaid
Ursula/Triton, [any]

The Little Rascals
Spanky/Alfalfa/Darla, all grown up

The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types
Any orc/any orc, splinter, path, grin, loot, river, bones, rancid, sordid, enjoyable
hobbit!OFC/hobbit!OFC, winter, maiden aunts, snuggle, knitting, domestic, kissing, slow, fingers
Aragorn/Arwen, rough, hallway, deep, stamina, moans, dance, delicate, feet, room, death
Aragorn/Arwen/Boromir, salt, afternoon, dance, moss, river, drink, coax, ride, glass, stubble, clean
Aragorn/Elladan/Elrohir, Estel, memories, last, once, camp
Aragorn/Elrond, kingships, lessons
Aragorn/Elrond/Haldir, alliances, secret, unashamed
Aragorn/Haldir, arrogance, last, mortal, ride
Aragorn/Legolas, woods, strong, wait, dagger, water
Arwen/Éowyn, diplomatic, biting, heat, subjugation, queen, station
Balrog/Gandalf, helmet, sword, staff, burn, medical, wings, falling
Boromir/Faramir, reassurance, pride, gentle, help
Boromir/Figwit (Melpomaen), opposites, tickle, braces, squall
Celeborn/Galadriel, blizzard, garnish, wheels, indecision, savor
Celeborn/Legolas, insolent, proud, princeling, spanking
Celebrían/Elrond, sweep, complicity, beckon, multitude, pegging
Elrond/any male elf, lord, ring-kiss, tribute
Éomer/Lothíriel, horse, white, jump
Éowyn/Faramir, ride, world's ending, grass, spear, chill, mead, first, love, acceptance
Éowyn/Galadriel, curious, mortal, nervous
Éowyn/Haldir, sword, flowers, garden, death, power
Éowyn/Lothíriel, fingers, cherish, money, muse, sea, sand, similarities, riding
Frodo Baggins/Rosie Cotton/Sam Gamgee, [any], home
Erestor/Glorfindel, black, velvet, wood, scent, crumpling
Erestor/Glorfindel/Lindir, Neapolitan
Glorfindel/Lindir, teasing, hair, haughty, toys, loud
Goldberry/Tom Bombadil, flow, dinner, cup
Goldberry/Galadriel, power, nature, radiance, primal, savage
Haldir/Legolas, philosophy, crown, sentinel, taste
Legolas/Gimli, [any], farewells, glittering, victory, winter, spring, arrows, roleplay, encouragement, culture, differences, beauty, concepts, riding, fast, new, captive, discipline, guard, giggle, source
Lindir/Rúmil, temptation, wine, bowstring, arrow
Lurtz/Uglúk, wax, whistling, trap, fallow
Merry Brandybuck/Pippin Took, mushroom, dance, wife, memory, threesome, foursome, Lithe, orgy, wrestling, exuberant, tweens
Merry Brandybuck/Estella Bolger, size!kink, pony, rough, giddy, wine, enormous, gentle, grumpy, rainbow
Pippin Took/Diamond, annoyed, freezing, book, match
Rosie Cotton/Pervinca Took, always, never, willow, washing, ribbon, dance, sing, threesome, foursome, orgy
Rosie Cotton/Samwise Gamgee, [any], gold, wheat, marble, thirteen, hay, dream, whisper, garden, spring, mint, flowers, blossom
Saruman/Gandalf, nostalgia, craft, pride, books, guilt, spring
Saruman/Gríma Wormtongue, smirk, flattery, cold, once, servitude, lonely
Sauron/Witch-king, chill, heat, bone, pierce, breath, terror, ring, possession, armor, cloak, clutch, cry, vapor, tomb, glove, sword, steed

The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien
Any hobbit/any hobbit, Year of Troubles, discuss, release, recovery, 1420, 1419
Arwen/Éowyn, abide, sentinel, freedom, gallop, cheer, hills, escape, queen, bond, writhe, wrists, clasp, new, courtship, starlight
Berúthiel/OFC, Harad, shipwreck, survival, desert, embers, delight, new beginning, better
Celeborn/Galadriel, lament, creation, dawn
Celebrían/Mithrellas/Nimrodel, friendship, youth, exuberant, chase, silver, sunlight
Elanor Gamgee/Fastred of Greenholm, sight, star, sky, gold, red, blue, grey, flower, book, gift
Éowyn/Faramir, spring, sunlight, halls, torchlight, pegging, adjust, future, Aragorn, past, battle couple, peace, garden
Éowyn/Lothíriel, intrigue, clandestine, certain, etiquette, courtly, dress, deviant, restraint
Erestor/Glorfindel, twilight, autumn, red, silence
Erestor/Haldir, pride, trust, storm, disquiet
Frodo Baggins/Rosie Cotton/Samwise Gamgee, two, three, four, five, home, away, settle, comfort, fine
Frodo Baggins/Samwise Gamgee, ask, answer, yes, please, tea, ale, wine, regret
Glorfindel/Elladan, golden, flame, starlight, wander, leaves, autumn
Glorfindel/Haldir, leaves, rain, stubborn, guard
Goldberry/Rosie Cotton, wander, awe, beauty, river, teach, dreamlike, flutter, disappear
Merry Brandybuck/Pippin Took, escape, alone, together, share, kiss, explain, before, after
Merry Brandybuck/Pippin Took/any, threesome, foursome, tale, party
Pervinca Took/any, adventure, Tookishness, fairy wife
Rosie Cotton/Pervinca Took, worry, assure, tell, show, kiss, touch
Ruffian/any hobbit, fight, invade, capture, Rebel, struggle, interrogate, force

The Lord of the Rings (movies)
Aragorn/Legolas, hair washing, hair pulling, charm, skill, senses
Éomer/Aragorn, duty, understood, private, embrace, whisper, battle, my king, bow, brothers in arms, blue
Éowyn/Legolas, [any]

The Losers (2010)
Aisha/Clay, injure, anger, struggles, team
Aisha/Clay/Cougar, daddy!kink, begging
Aisha/Clay/Roque, superpowers, UST, knives
Aisha/Pooch, smirk, knife, dare
Jensen/Cougar, odds, heroes

The Lost World (TV)
Marguerite/Roxton, trust, care, always, marry me, stay

The Lunar Chronicles
Linh Cinder/Prince Kaito, metal, glamour, cyborg, trust, furtive
Scarlet Benoit/Wolf, train, rhythm, first, gun, uncertain

The Magic of Ordinary Days (2005)
Olivia Dunne/Ray Singleton, experiment, spouse, swimming, honeymoon

The Magicians - Lev Grossman
Eliot/Quentin, spell, fingers, cabin, beach, reunion, throne

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo, chess, cupidity, pining, trust, preconception, voyeur, duality, damaged, pranks, sublimate, wrestling, origin, reunion, goodbye

The Man in the Iron Mask – All Media Types
Athos/Philippe, father

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)
Eleanor Prentiss Shaw/Raymond Prentiss Shaw, gown, tie, obey, bitter, wine, pressure, travel, relief

The Mask of Apollo - Mary Renault
Dion/Nikeratos, midnight, kiss, confidence, dawn, dream, reward
Nikeratos/Thettalos, threesome, pillowtalk, girl, boy, man, woman, sing, act, speak, silence

The Masqueraders - Georgette Heyer
Anthony Fanshawe/Prudence Tremaine, undressing
Letty Grayson/Robin Tremaine, genderplay
Prudence Tremaine/Robin Tremaine, daring

The Matrix (movies)
Neo/Trinity, beginnings

The Mechanic (2011)
Arthur Bishop/Steve McKenna, advice, shadows, messy, poison, mission, hooker

The Mentalist
Kimball Cho/any, open, vulgar
Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon, abandon, attention, attic, beach, black, bruises, curls, dessert, family, fire, force, forgiveness, hold, hypnotise, kneel, laugh, lip, longing, loss, magic, observe, office, partnership, quiet, rain, realization, Red John, retaliation, running, seduction, smirk, submit, trust, truth, undercover, vacation, vulnerable, wanting, words

The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
Caroline/Fred, weird, limits, melt, shatter, teeth, horror
Caroline/OC, contract, death, sport, pain, jockey, trick, dominate
Caroline/Ozark, lesson, nervous, comfort
Ozark/Nugget, games, innocent, fall, secret, water
Lawrence/Nugget, ritual, family, tattoo, curious
Lawrence/OFC, test, cyberspace, planet, contract, stars, victory
Prime Intellect/OFC, testing, mirror, tentacle, imagine, hidden, shame
OC/OFC, space, nothing, star, nova, reality, questions

The Michael J. Fox Show
Leigh Henry/Harris Green, boots, robes, smoothies

The Middleman (TV)
Middleman/Roxy Wasserman, banter, hunger, decisiveness, protection
Middleman/Raveena Rao, mentor, tender, vigorous, discipline
Middleman/Lacey Thornfield, 2 am, alternate timeline, backseat, dance, enraptured, fantastic, first date, hair, Halloween, memory, midnight, milk, morning, organic vegan chocolate, party, pink, second chances, snow, soft, time, vanilla, watching movies
Lacey Thornfield/Wendy Watson, friends with benefits, damsel in distress, rescue, teasing, aliens made them do it, misunderstanding
Wendy Watson/any, kidding, vixen

The Mindy Project
Danny/Stevie, island
Danny/Mindy, 2 am, airplane, aphrodisiac, apocalypse, ass, babies, barefoot, baseball, bed, bra, Brooklyn, bucket list, button up shirt, camping, champagne, Christmas, clinical, clumsy, cold, confetti, costumes, couch, couple, cunnilingus, dance, dancing, darkness, date night, desk, dinner, divorce, dress, elevator, emergency, engagement ring, exam, exes, fashion week, fingers, first, first date, first time, foreplay, friends with benefits, future, giggle, glitter, glove, hands, hate!sex, honeymoon, ice, ice cream, jacket, kama sutra, kiss, kissing, lace, lip gloss, lipstick, little black dress, long weekend, lowlights, makeup sex, margaritas, medical fetish, midnight, morning, morning after, moving in, New Year's Eve, office, on-call, Oscars, party, pasta, pizza, plaid, plane, pregnancy, quickie, quiet, reassurance, red, road trip, rocking that dress, rom-com, rooftop, scrubs, sexting, shopping, shots, shower, skirt, sleeping in, sleepover, sneaking around, snow, snowed in, soft, spin-the-bottle, stairs, starbucks, stranded, striptease, Sunday morning, supply closet, sweatshirt, sweaty, taxi, thighs, tights, trouble, twitter, uncomfortable, undressing, Vegas, vodka, watching, watching movies, whipped cream, wine, zipper
Danny/Mindy/Brendan, embarrassing, relaxation
Danny/Mindy/Jeremy, partners, worship
Mindy/Brendan, annoying, healthy
Jeremy/Betsy, cake, virgin
Jeremy/Morgan, closet
Jeremy/Morgan/Peter, party
Morgan/Peter, beer, dogs, shame

The Montmaray Journals - Michelle Cooper
Sophie Fitzosborne/Simon Chester, diary, history, train, secret

The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare
Clary/Isabel, wardrobe, meal, outfit, kiss
Clary/Jace, rune, wounds, mirror, whisper
Jocelyn/Luke, uprising, Paris, pictures, wolf

The Mummy Series
Anck Su Namun/Imhotep, dark, dust, sand, desert, forever, rot, rebirth
Ardeth Bey/Evy Carnahan/Rick O'Connell, Egypt, reincarnation, destined, team, duty, desire, sands, monumental, princess, guards, brothers, protect, vow, discovery
Evie Carnahan/Rick O'Connell, first, proper, honeymoon, swear, courage

The Muppet Show
Bunsen/Beaker, voice

The Music Man (1962)
Harold Hill/Marian Paroo, rich, timbre, lucky, lothario, exploits

The Musketeers
Athos/d'Artagnan, find, learn, fight, drawn, prick, bath

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Helena Landless/Rosa Bud, laced, hands, shared, taken, forget
John Jasper/Edwin Drood, gilt, stifle, bright, dream, stranger, striven

The Nanny Diaries Series - Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
Chassie/Ingrid, love-starved
Grayer X/Stilton X, blurry
Nanny/Mrs. X, whore, human, lipstick, boundaries

The Nanny
C.C. Babcock/Niles, tired, race, competition, voice, curvaceous, rhyme
Fran Fine/Maxwell Sheffield, [any], promise

The Neighbors (TV)
Larry Bird/Jackie Joyner-Kersee, alien, green, tentacles, handcuffs

The New Adventures of Old Christine
Christine/New Christine, Vegas
Christine/Matthew, hangover
Matthew/Richard, bachelor pad
Marly/Lindsay, dominance

The Newsroom (US)
Don Keefer/Sloan Sabbith, academic, awkward, control, debate, dirty talk, discreet, Japanese, freakonomics, cold, trapped, live, research, event
MacKenzie MacHale/Will McAvoy, landmines, old, desk, window, die, bleed, punish, bourbon, apology, Billy, contact, high, news, revelation, voicemail, write, three years earlier, scar, roses, anniversary, dirty talk, movies
Jim Harper/MacKenzie MacHale/Will McAvoy, drugs, drunk, bad ideas, party, again
Jim Harper/Sloan Sabbith, casual, drunk, lazy, legs, off, second, 4 am, assignment, banter

The O.C.
Ryan/Kaitlyn, break, cigarette, college, costumes, dance, kiss, little black dress, pink, road trip, shots, youth
Ryan/Lindsay, Shakespeare, red, sigh, first time
Ryan/Theresa, beginning, first love, hotel paper, ice cream, last love, pregnancy, smokes, sultry, summer, unfamiliar
Ryan/Taylor, 80s, ambition, Barcelona, belt, childcare, Christmas, coffee, cooking, couch, cupcakes, family, fast, France, frantic, game, getting high, handcuffs, home, hot tub, insomnia, kiss, lace, laugh, lip gloss, mechanic, monogamy, morning, movie night, naked, night-swimming, pancakes, Paris, peaches, pretend, public, red, reunion, school, sinful, sleeping in, spring, stay, stubble, suit, summer, train, wall!sex, wedding, working out
Summer/Taylor, fantasy, fireworks, ice cream, kiss, promise, sleepover
Summer/Marissa, alcohol, anal, bikini, drunk, party, pool, sunbathing, vibrator
Summer/Seth, bathroom, boat, dance, engagement ring, first love, future, glitter, kiss, laugh, marriage, New Year's Eve, scarf, strawberries

The Odyssey - Homer
Circe/Penelope, equals, magic, placement, fascination, breath

The Office (UK)
Dawn Tinsley/Tim Canterbury, weary, plait, feet, dishes, holiday, sunshine, ambition, impulse, traditional

The Office (US)
Andy/Oscar, wingman, alcohol, matching ties, Oscar party
Angela/Kelly, anger
Angela/Pam, God, coffee, secret, sweater, blue, mistake, everything once, religion, wood
Creed/any, dog
Dwight/Pam, productivity, distracted, libido, mechanical, warehouse
Erin/Kelly, glitter
Erin/Pam, bright
Jan/Karen, power suit
Jan/Pam, dinner party, seduce, camera, smoke
Jim/Karen, counter, cherry, hotel, lingerie, mixtape, NYC
Jim/Pam/any, cuckold, webcam, Pratt, dorm
Jim/Pam/Karen, obvious, solution, happily ever after, beg, mistaken identity, clarity
Jim/Pam/Katy, wine
Jim/Pam/Penny Beesly, anniversary, surprise, threesome, gift
Jim/Pam/Ryan, kinky
Jim/Ryan, amends
Karen/Katy, coincidence, fashionable
Michael/Holly, expecting, memories, improv, late
Michael/Ryan, disco, fire
Michael/Ryan/Pam, unexpected, casual, threesome, desk, skirt
Pam/any, cheating, kinky, fetish, unexpected, desperate, single, rent, payment
Pam/Charles Miner, beg, blackmail, spanked, blowjob
Pam/Isabel Poreda, single, inexperienced, teaching, eager
Pam/Karen, Cheerios, ballet, names, side glances, party-planning committee, crossdressing, movie night, sugar, handy, talking dirty, tattoo, Times Square, candy, mistletoe, bathroom stall, strap-on, kinky
Pam/Karen/Ryan, threesome, handcuffs, kinky
Pam/Katy, lipstick, drugs, pink, plastic
Pam/Michael, mistaken identity, incentive, desk, office
Pam/Michael/David Wallace, conference room, blackmail, threesome
Pam/Penny Beesly, taboo, lonely, comfort, holidays, shared bed, shower, naughty, toys
Pam/Penny Beesly/Helene Beesly/Isabel Poreda, bachelorette, party, taboo, naughty, lingerie, toys, show
Pam/Penny Beesly/Isabel Poreda, bachelorette, partying, fun, wild, crazy, last hurrah
Pam/Toby, pity, once, anything, used
Ryan/Kelly, [any], accident, addicting, annex, antagonize, apology, bar, blackmail, boyshorts, compromise, corporate, desk, Dundies, Facebook, familiar, feisty, foul, genuine, hate, irrational, jail, jealousy, Jimmy Choo, lost, meaningless, movies, necktie, need, nice, NYC, office, OMG, party, photography, present, promise, proposal, public, quiet, romantic, shopping, slap, super cute, Thailand, Twilight, Twitter, unstoppable, wedding, work
Ryan/Kelly/Erin, fantasy, virgin
Ryan/Kelly/Jim, pleeeeease?, threesome

The Old Kingdom Series - Garth Nix
Alastor Dorrance/Hrule, manipulate, promises, flowers, goddess, worship, glass, wall
Sabriel/Mogget, light, choose, freedom, blood, form, fright

The Omen
Thorn/Jennings, room

The Once and Future King - T.H. White
Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot, complete, together
Arthur/Morgause, innocence

The Originals
Camille O'Connell/Klaus Mikaelson, forgive, compulsion, argument, violence, savior, tears, cemetery
Camille O'Connell/Sean O'Connell, grief, mourning, nightmares, dreams, longing, priesthood, sacrilege, student, confessional, dirty secret, twins, shame, ache, desire, ghost, language
Celeste Dubois/Elijah Mikaelson, woman on top, bath, bondage, cunnilingus, candles, grave, scream, candle wax, water
Davina Claire/Elijah Mikaelson, [any], bargain, blood, trust, honor, restraint, choke, strength, anger, hunger, agreement, deals, choice, needle, magic, spell, powerful, thousand
Davina Claire/Marcel Gerard, [any], home, power, savior, hero, magic, vampire, young, first, trust, death, ritual, mourning, spark, orphans, alone, fingertips, safe, secrecy, faster, games, knife, sharp, woman on top, control, light, kiss, practice, first time, regret, apology
Elijah Mikaelson/Hayley Marshall, [any], Klaus, feral, wolf, tentative, hands, wet, running away, secrecy, silence, marked, voyeurism, fever, scared, pool, heat, almost, closer, trust, hope, domestic, kind, touch, promise, water, safe, restraint, dress, fingers, politeness, beauty, etiquette, voice, caretaking, beauty, wedding dress, kiss, longing, dance, held, hormones, taste, take, desire, need, tease, want, honor, duty, baby, vampire, family
Elijah Mikaelson/Klaus Mikaelson, [any], loyalty, honor, duty, taming
Elijah Mikaelson/Klaus Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson, [any], family, dramatic, hallucination, Mikael, shame, home, bed, change, hands, love, desperation, forgiveness, sister, outsider, bond, dinner, promises, pretend, regret, share, protect, voyeurism, loyalty, blood
Elijah Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson, care, wanted, comfort, held, loved, hair, lingerie, sister, kiss, chivalrous, ladies first, neck, safe, protective
Elijah Mikaelson/Sophie Deveraux, [any], magic, fascination, secrets, lies, work, partnership, frown, darkness, lust
Hayley Marshall/Klaus Mikaelson, wolves, morning, hate
Hayley Marshall/Klaus Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson, [any], family, baby, bitch, alcohol, morning, routine, share, smirk, lust, weird, watchful, protect, shower, bed
Hayley Marshall/Rebekah Mikaelson, denial, sticking together, sniff, curious, lick, bloodplay, breasts, lips, rough, claws, sharp, clutch, grip, hips, wolf, alike, bite, taste
Jane-Anne Deveraux/Sophie Deveraux, dreams, silk, bed sheets, secrecy, desperation, promise, working together, left alone, legacy, devotion, forgiveness, fingering, bite, closer
Klaus Mikaelson/Marcel Gerard, [any], trust, family, loyalty, deception, lies, betrayal, Rebekah, New Orleans
Klaus Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson, [any], forbidden, hate, revenge, hard, rough, pinned, possessive, family, blood, death, centuries, forever, always, fangs, empire, ruling, trust, Marcel, kneel, beg, apology, siblings, need, language, painting, side by side, 1920s, running, past, immortal, eternity, comfort, devotion, Caroline, jealousy, pout, brat, lust, dagger, enough, angry!sex, party, clothes, sexting, drunk, fight, plots, full moon, memories, bastard, mate, piano, change
Marcel Gerard/Rebekah Mikaelson, passion, betrayal, power, control, nails, vicious, desire, hidden, secret, seduce, wicked
Marcel Gerard/Sophie Deveraux, bar, desk, secrets, lies, friends with benefits, mistake, collarbones, throat, magic, lust, dancing, sweat, fangs, curious, mischief, regret, enemy, clash

The Pact
Lenny/Spence, practice

The Page Turner
Ariane/Melanie, revenge, note, music, piano, sweet, pool, lessons, shy, knife

The Parent Trap (1998)
Nick Parker/Elizabeth James, [any], time, young, change, smile, practice, magic, better, challenge, moving forward, kidding, kissing, yes, please, and often

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)
Charlie Kelmeckis/Candace Kelmeckis/Patrick, life, songs

The Persian Boy - Mary Renault
Alexander/Bagoas, die, live, water, fire, Persian, translate, dance, joy

The Piglet Files
Peter/Sarah, bugged, secrecy, misunderstanding, undercover

The Pirates!
Pirate Captain/Black Bellamy, competition, lubbers
Pirate Captain/Cutlass Liz, swashbuckling, beard, rum
Pirate with a Scarf/Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate, bath, toes, nose

The Pretender
Jarod/Miss Parker, alive, bound, bruise, button up shirt, cabin, champagne, Christmas, cigarette, closet, dance, death, Europe, first date, first time, formal wear, girl-next-door, goodbye, gun, hands, heels, hotel, ice cream, Ireland, kiss, kitchen, last time, legs, lingerie, memory, music, New Years Eve, on the run, only two left, oral, Paris, perfect, plane, prom dress, public place, rain, rewritten memories, rooftop, rope, rose, run, scratching, second chances, situations reversed, skinnydipping, smoke, sneaking around, snow, Spain, spies, stay, strawberries, table, tear, thighs, together all along, wall, war, wine, youth

The Princess and the Frog
Charlotte/Tiana, costumes, food, play, sugar
Charlotte/Tiana/Naveen, celebration, share, bounce, laugh, magic, starlight, AU

The Princess Bride
Buttercup/Inigo, teach, sword, danger
Buttercup/Westley, true love, meadow, peace

The Princess Diaries
Nicholas/Mia, fairy tale, kiss

The Prisoner (1967)
Number Six/McKern!Number Two, ageplay, discipline, powerplay, domination, submission, mind games, coercion, manipulation

The Professionals
William Bodie/Ray Doyle, Jealousy, pining, sublimate, loyalty, pranks, tease, commitment, misunderstanding, denial, wrestling, lies, fiction, duality, wet, damaged, wounded, frustration, fixation, forbidden, sober, confession, voyeur, reunion

The Proposal (2009)
Margaret/Andrew, engaged

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner
Attolia/Eddis, gods, doom, learning, teaching, care
Attolia/Eugenides, AU, marked, obliviousness, stories
Attolia/Eugenides/Relius, ink, loyalty, unimaginable
Costis/Eugenides, planned, rafters, rooftop, hidden, fight, tease, longing, frustration, prisons, heists
Costis/Helen, cuddle, books, maps, crowns, bunny
Eddis/Sophos, virgin, silly, ugly, lion
Eddis/The Magus, love, history, avoid
Eugenides/Irene, braid, trust, protect, emeralds, scars, time, knots, power

The Quick and the Dead
Cort/Ellen, gun, quick, rain, sin, drink, leather, challenge, after, sweat, water, lick

The Rama Series - Arthur C. Clarke
Michael O'Toole/adult!Simone Wakefield, devotion, religion, marriage, isolation, humanity, faith, pleasure, alienation

The Revenger's Tragedy
Lussurioso/Vindice, dissemble, spar, harmless, compelled, spite, obedience, vows, twist
Vindice/Gloriana, relic, remembrance, gold, restoration

The Riches
Dahlia Malloy/Wayne Malloy, lies, reunions, rain

The River Wild
Gail Hartman/Wade, campfire, teach, swim, tent, dark

The Royal Tenenbaums
Eli Cash/Margot Tenenbaum, audiobook, closet, tent, vapor
Margot Tenenbaum/Richie Tenenbaum, blanket, sting, vinyl

The Runaways (movie)
Cherie Currie/Joan Jett, sip, tattoo, travel, bounce

The Running Man (1987)
Amber/Richards, tomorrow

The Sandman - Neil Gaiman
Cluracan/Nuala/Titania, before, charm, masks, dance, switch, thorn
Desire of the Endless/Dream of the Endless, deception, downfall, dreams, influence, history, shiver, slow, somnophilia, stories
Dream of the Endless/Hob Gadling, afterlife, always, constant, chances, immortality, lost opportunities, meeting, reincarnation, remember, sleep
Hazel McNamara/Foxglove, [any], normal, celebrity, everyday, love, devotion, family, quiet, anniversary
Lucifer Morningstar/Mazikeen, piano, face, fingers, wings, agony, fall
Thessaly/any, deception, power, demon, ward, eye of newt

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane/Andrea, quantum
Sarah Jane/Chrissie, pink
Sarah Jane/Maria, first, knitting, tea, force

The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett
Colin Craven/Mary Lennox, India, life, growth, books, exploring, save, answers, robin, music, earth, inheritance, realization, run
Colin Craven/Mary Lennox/Dickon Sowerby, wartime, hurt, heal, magic

The Secret Life of Us (TV)
Alex Christiansen/Evan Wylde, reading, wild, slow, true
Kelly Lewis/Justin Davies, return, admission, letters, reunion
Kelly Lewis/Nikki Martel, frustration
Simon Trader/OMC, off, sharing, sarcastic, date

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)
Walter Mitty/Cheryl Melhoff/Sean O'Connell, [any], shoes, mountaintop, Midler
Walter Mitty/Sean O'Connell, moment, reality, mountain, isolation

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien
Adanel/Andreth, hands, meeting, adoration, philosophy, reminiscence
Aegnor/Andreth, second chances, beauty, flame, moth, starlight, memory, truth, hope
Aerin/Morwen, support, resistance, service, gratitude
Aiwendil/Olorin, nature, beauty, Valinor, kisses, kooky, babbling, ecstasy
Alatar/Pallando, mystery, gone, East, doors
Amarië/Elenwë, discussion, earnest, fountain, laws of attraction, friendship, books, sunlight, windows, playful, scarves, tied up
Amarië/Finrod, reunion, letters, music, eternity, premarital, everything, taboo, waiting, frustration, amends, promise, miss, letters, tulips
Amras/Nellas, remnant, soon, confluent, leaves
Amroth/Nimrodel, splash, premonition, endearments
Anairë/Eärwen, before, first, kissing, first kiss, caress, summer, pearls, loss, forgiveness, waves, salt, sweat, sea, pearls, tidepool, baths, clothes, translucent, jewelry, second chances, shy
Anairë/Fingolfin, last, goodbye
Anairë/Nerdanel, statue, naked, pose, distraction, comfort, honesty, support
Ancalagon/Ungoliant, spawn, pins, jab, silk
Ancalimë/OFC, bitter, servant, trickery, hollow, defiance
Angrod/Caranthir, anger, fire, bruises, bold, distrust
Angrod/Maglor, burn, provoke, ash, gleam
Annatar (Sauron)/Ar-Pharazôn, flattery, vanity, gold, smoke, rise, gloat, comeuppance
Annatar (Sauron)/Celebrimbor, power dynamics, seduction, end, bondage, mindfuck, collaborate, capture, control, Rule 63, request, hatred, torture, death, seduction, power, create
Annatar (Sauron)/Maglor, captive, shore, echoes
Annatar (Sauron)/Melian, dream, struggle, heat, magic, white-hot, guard
Annatar (Sauron)/Melkor, forge, jewel, storm, tower, wolf, iron, music, shapeshift, escape, devotion, throne, surrender, creation
Annatar (Sauron)/Morgoth, mercy, sea, chains, stranded, discovery
Aredhel/Curufin's wife, mischief
Aredhel/Elenwë, contrast, garden, gold, gifts, ice, warmth, comfort, hiding, secret, light, edge, running, stars, barefoot, survival, post-battle, victory, blood, wild
Aredhel/Eöl, moonlight, naked, suckle, passion, dew, starlight, dance
Aredhel/Finrod, hands, woodlands, restless, treelight
Aredhel/Galadriel, festival, dance, hunt, wilderness, athletics, compete, meeting, memory, change, rivalry, laughter, antebellum, warmth, argument, different, power, freedom, bruising, young, outdoors, knives, rough
Aredhel/Glorfindel, dark, safe, secret, walls
Aredhel/Lúthien, forest, lost, adventure, ensnare, white, blue, stray, arrow, coincidence, lust, mirror image, blue, white
Aredhel/Lúthien/Curufin's wife, hair, ride, carefree
Aredhel/Nerdanel, pride, haughty, discipline, strong, hands, slapping
Aredhel/Turgon, shame, runaway, bird, cage
Arien/Uinen, opposites, anoint
Arien/Vána, fire, giggles, warmth, red, grass, experiments
Arminas/Gelmir, wound, mission, missionary, warmth
Aulë/Yavanna, harmony, moss, dimension, zip, forge, fighting, passion, heat
Beleg/Mablung, hunt, companions, music, marches
Beleg/Mîm, hate, power, control, slave, revenge
Beleg/Túrin, second chances, regret, reunite, remembrance, tryst, desperate, ancient, young, worship, observance, steam
Beren/Lúthien, bellydance, forbidden, consume, Rule 63, seduction, control, twilight, transform, rescue, respect, grow, dirty, forest, fucking, feral, she-beast, ecstasy
Berúthiel/Maglor, bonding, over, cats
Brandir/Nienor, second, fear, truth, release, sandal
Caranthir/Finrod, unlikely
Caranthir/Haleth, arrogance, undone, defiance, wine
Caranthir/Uldor, culture, language, learning, customs, alliance, seduction
Caranthir's wife/Haleth, stubborn, heat, hard, biting, clawing, pride
Celebrimbor/Gil-galad, Rule 63, family resemblance, echo, need, forget, mirror
Celegorm/Aredhel, first time, giggling, closed doors, crossdressing, ride, femdom, pegging, wild
Celegorm/Curufin/Orodreth, disgust, consensual, ruse, chains, oath, heavy, lies, crown, exile
Celegorm/Fingon, alcohol, anger, hiding, watching
Celegorm/Finrod, hair, teasing, outdoor, hunting
Celegorm/Orodreth, vicarious, aggression, hair-pulling, humiliation
Celegorm/Oromë, mentor-apprentice relationship, fascination, surreality
Círdan/Elros, teacher, sea, mulberries, aspiring
Curufin/Curufin's wife, het, rule 63 femslash, pegging, cuffs, forge, smithy, shells, frenemies
Curufin/Edrahil, jealousy, vicious
Curufin/Eöl, hate!sex, unrequited, sordid
Curufin/Finrod, justice, revenge, manipulation, standoff, return, angry, submission, changes, dungeon, wolf pack, leader, dream, dread, throne, haunt, Aman, unexpected, bad boys, jock, secret, politics, biting, restraint, jewelry, Rule 63, antagonist, wax, toys, knife, talent, gleam, deception, scheming
Curufin's wife/Nerdanel, crush, help, sculpt, seashells
Eärwen/Faniel, yellow, gradient, soft
Eärwen/Finarfin, pearl, water, blood, sea-wind, promise, courtship, silver
Eärwen/Nerdanel, pain, sensation, resentment, redemption, amends, cold
Eärwen/Uinen, ocean, starlight, beach, pearls, sand
Ecthelion/Eöl/Rôg/Voronwë, elements, earth, fire, water, wind
Ecthelion/Glorfindel, duty, captive, rain, fountain, ice, wind, driven, courage, fight, watch, drown, fall, left behind, sunrise, raiment, rainfall
Ecthelion/Voronwë, gates, memory, cold, entwined
Eilinel/Glóredhel, fire, waiting, danger, lost
Eilinel/Gorlim, ghost, lips, haunting, memories
Elemmírë/Findis, lore, music, words, songs of power, dance, history
fem!Elemmirë/Faniel, journeys, music, voice, winter, twilight, dawn
fem!Elemmirë/Irimë, intelligence, enchanted, forests, harp, instrument
Elenwë/Galadriel, breathless, golden, luxury, silk, hairbrush
Elenwë/Lalwen, teaching, mentor, fingers, sweet, noises, right
Elrond/Elros, wrong, one, longing, need, separation
Elrond/Gil-galad, spear, sword, letter, candle, battle, fear
Elrond/Glorfindel, fire, summer, gold, shadows
Elrond/Thranduil, bow, fight, tree, rope, caves, spring,
Elwing/Galadriel, salt, jewel, blood, fear, family
Elwing/Maedhros, enemies, bitter, exchange, flight
Enelyë/Iminyë/Tatië, wonder, discovery, similarity, kissing, first
Eöl/Rôg, demon, dance, ember, raft, grab
Erendis/Ailinel, manipulation, substitute, dependent, unhealthy, palace
Erendis/OFC, lonely, weep, help
Ernis/Nielíqi, snowdrops, moon, swimming
Estë/Melian, grey, mist, hush, gardens, dew
Estë/Vána, wake up, exuberance, taming, bound, teasing
Fëanor/Fingolfin, rivalry, jealousy, pride, powerplay, nostalgia, childhood memories
Fëanor/Nerdanel, first, competition, babymaking, turn aside, reunite, forge, counting, co-create, dilute
Fimbrethil/Yavanna, fruit, nectar, garden, delight, rustle, ivy
Finarfin/Nerdanel, rebellion, aftermath, comfort
Finduilas/Gwindor/Túrin, fated
Finduilas/Lúthien, companion, thankful, lonely, enchanted, prison, key, fairest, shadows, flight
Finduilas/Niënor, Haudh-en-Elleth, storm, drowse, vision, dream, spectre, protect, dress, synergy, heat, cool
Fingon/Glorfindel, accidental, blindfold, festival, ice, wind, close, courage
Fingon/Maedhros, 70s glam rock, purple, yellow fur, closed doors, hiding, indiscretion, loud noises, siblings, ache, power, bondage, denial, Rule 63, steel, resolve, devotion, queens, politics, angry, flame, pride, headstrong, fierce, ghost, regret, rescue, this time, fire, ice, song
Fingon/Maedhros/Maglor, in absentia
Finrod/Maglor, midnight, shadow, voice, breathe
Galadriel/Haleth, caught, magic, unforeseen, valiant, warrioress, negotiate, woods, laugh, ladies
Galadriel/Lúthien, aggressive, mutual, hiding, throne, pride, discipline, hierarchy, subjugation, primal, magic, forest, dark, winter, frost, awakening, teaching, sweet, corruption, stubborn, forest, magic, flirting, surprise, song
Galadriel/Meássë, wrestle, swordplay, victory, spoils
Galadriel/Melian, enchant, forest, secrets, deep, naughty, teasing, spanking, kneel, suck, taste, student, magic, transformation, nightingale, hesitation, teaching, role reversal, uncertain, mirror, narcissism, water, web
Galadriel/Melian/Morwen, beckon, surprise, fingers, bodies, obeisance, wine, honey
Galadriel/Melian/Thingol, welcome, comfort, starlight
Glorfindel/Maedhros, pride, storm, journey, dark
Glorfindel/Turgon, king, tower, struggle, loyal
Goldberry/Yavanna, reward, thirst, enchant, flowers, green, earth
Haleth/OFC, teeth, amazon, axe, training, handpicked, eager, oak
Húrin/Morwen, equals, battle, memory, time
Idril, alone, tower, lock, mirror, wonder, scars, stronger, cherish
Idril/Maeglin, [any], darkness, cousins, grave, conquest
Idril/Meleth, caged, mountains, tower, view, office, handmaid, honor
Idril/Nessa, young, joyous, silver, feet, lithe, fast, poetry, tracing, body
Idril/Tuor, discovery, will, determination, silver
Ilmare/Vána, cheeky, child, frustration, subordination, snap, insolence, surprise, hot
Ilmarë/Varda, queen, handmaiden, role switch, kneeling, universe, celestial
Imin/Iminyë, consummation, firsts, exploration
Indis/Finwë/Míriel, femdom, training, discipline, flogging, decadent, throne room, crown, opulent
Indis/Míriel, bright, gentle, memory, gratitude, return, joy, string, dash, silver, gold, patterns, heart
Indis/Míriel, seduction, tryst, whisper, daring
Indis/Nerdanel, hands, sculpture, detail, breathing, imaginary, departed, wine, remembrance, dancing
Indis/Varda, hallow, blessing, worship, preparation, marriage, experience, underestimate
Irmo/Vána, change, souls, misunderstanding, principles
Lúthien/Mandos, blasphemy, Ainur, fёar, death, darkness
Lúthien/Nellas, experienced vs. inexperienced, teaching, exploration
Lúthien/Nessa, teaching, dancing, sacred, worship
Lúthien/Thuringwethil, bite, tower, dreams, locked, clash, fight, subjugation, control, dream!sex, haunting, dark, light, protection, wings, nails, hair, veiled, sky, ravenous, admiration, shine, reign, trees, underworld, reunion, skin
Lúthien/Vairë, tapestry, conviction, change, fate, price, sway
Maedhros/Turgon, dream, ghost, creepy
Maeglin/Salgant, fawning, contempt, self-respect
Maglor/Gildor, sudden, strife, endings, wanderers
Maglor/Maglor's wife, sinner, forgiveness, stay, music, fingers, tongue
Melian/dwarf!OFC, culture, art, new, strange, size, touch, Aule
Melian/Nellas, youth, forever, sparrow, nightingale
Melian/Nienna, teaching, compassion, sweet, bitter, ice
Melian/Thingol, femdom, serve, happy, queen, supernatural, beauty, one, bond, fate, towering, throne, time, foresight, loss, reproach
Melian/Ungoliant, anthropomorphic, raiment, before, rejection, defense, spider silk
Melian/Vána, giggle, youth, licking, tickling, flowers, bees, servant
Meril-i-Turinqi/Míriel, one, same
Míriel/Vairë, lonely, task, comfort, spinning, living, tapestry, silver, thread, halls, immortality, needle
Mithrellas/Nimrodel, bread, plates, Mars, sorbin, reunion, winter, cold, vanish, wander, mist, shelter, cave, surprise, glow, waterfall, cold water, music, wild
Morgoth/Ulbandi, terrible, beauty, born
Morwen/Rían, sanctuary, orchard, plunder, secrecy, steel, pride, soon, soft, slip
Nellas/Niënor, first, sweet, adorable, quiet, showers, tiger, shy
Nellas/Vána, flowers, crown, vines, seeds, blossom, grass stains, pomegranate, juice, everyoungs
Nerdanel/Nienna, comfort, sweet, kiss, grief, ease, tears, soothing, pity, patience, strength, grace, wisdom, art
Nessa/Rían, mystery, forest, dark, sweet, moans, lost, deep
Nessa/Vána, dancing, naked, prayer, sing, power, music, magic, goddess, darkness, stars, exploration
Nessa/Yavanna, maiden, deer, found, laughter, stalling, discipline
Nienna/Niënor, tears, absorb, fusion, ease, scars, healing, eyes
Nienna/Vairë, tapestry, threads, hair, silence
Nienna/Yavanna, spring, flowers, outdoors, shapechanging, plants
Niënor/Túrin, twice-beloved
Orcobal/Othrod, ploys, amyous
Sauron/Thuringwethil, play, mess, dolls, steam
Tar-Míriel/OFC, darkness, escape, failure, lost, ocean
Tar-Míriel/Uinen, wave, rescue, mercy, dolphins
Tuor/Voronwë, huddle, warm, tear
Uinen/River-woman, hair, rapids, salt, spirit, willows
Varda/Yavanna, rivals, vines, light, trees, resentment, argument, energy

The Simpsons
Bart/Bashir, gay test
Bart/Flanders, hero-worship
Bart/Martin, comic book
Bart/Milhouse, wedgie, Fallout Boy, squishee, crossdressing, scrunchie, college, reunion, confession, stag night
Bart/Nelson, teenagers
older!Bart/Sideshow Bob, differences, cling, brains, best, red, blood, snigger, cunning
Bashir/Milhouse, Bart
Dolph/Jimbo/Kearney, ninja
Krusty/Sideshow Mel, humiliation
Lenny/Carl, promotion, sisters, belt
Lisa/Juliet Hobbes, fantasy
Ned Flanders/Reverend Lovejoy, miniatures, trains, speed dial
Rod/Todd, sin
Santa's Little Helper/Laddie, doggie style
Skinner/Chalmers, "SKINNER!"
Skinner/Martin, permanent record
Smithers/Burns, nap, Bobo
Smithers/John, diner

The Sims 2
Nervous Subject/Pascal Curious, aliens, anxiety, death, pregnancy, rescue

The Skin I Live In
Robert/Vincente, made to measure
Robert/Zeco, lion

The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)
Belansai/John Truscott/Selima, together, family, reunion, tribe, fathers, dancing

The Sound of Music – All Media Types
Elsa/Liesl, white flowers

The Sound of Music (1965)
Georg/Maria, love

The Spanish Tragedy - Thomas Kyd
Villuppo/Alexandro, hate, failure, bitterness, crush, teeth

The Stanley Parable
The Stanley Parable Adventure Line/The Narrator, annoyed, circles, dirty, curiosity, adventure

The State Within
Christopher Styles/Nicholas Brocklehurst, brief, briefing, danger, thrill, rush, politics, suits

The Sun Sword - Michelle West
Auralis a'Kalakar/Kiriel di'Ashaf, dark, shadow, sword, battle, challenge, smile, sweat, bleed, bruise, pant, metal, silk, drink, smoke, need, heat, light, ring
Kallandras/Evayne a'Nolan, blood, silk, sing, magic, moon, night, step, path, time, curl, gentle, harsh, words, woven, shine, hidden
Margret/Diora di'Marano, shade, water, sand, silk, city, wish, memory, song, whisper, secret, Lady

The Talented Mr. Ripley
Dickie Greenleaf/Freddy Miles, convert

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1996)
Gilbert Markham/Helen Graham, honeymoon, the moor, spring, society, ball, laughter, color, strength

The Thick of It
Malcolm Tucker/Nicola Murray, laugh, semi-public, bathroom, conjugal visit, fantasy, interrupted, foe yay, payback, close, accent
Malcolm Tucker/Nicola Murray/Jamie McDonald, relief
Malcolm Tucker/Ollie Reeder, yell, glare, sudden, teeth, snarl, possess

The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut
Tack/Princess Yum-Yum, speak, hush, veil, architecture, heart, jewel, bandages

The Thin Blue Line
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib, defense, sweet
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib/Frank Gladstone, elephant impression, training exercise, baton
Raymond Fowler/Patricia Dawkins, exasperated, prunes
Robert Kray/any, curry

The Third Man
Harry Lime/Holly Martins, sewer, desperation, overcoat

The Three Investigators: Crimebusters
Jupiter Jones/any, furrowed, intellect, plump

The Three Musketeers - Alexandre Dumas
Athos/D'Artagnan, firsts, risky, secrets, resourceful, hero-worship, eager

The Three Musketeers (2011)
Athos/Aramis, sleepless, sober, preconception, confession, jealousy, pining, voyeur, duel, denial, guilt, misunderstanding, rumor

The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Sparks Nevada/any, [any], gunplay, wagon wheel, hickory, lonely, mislead, bow, crayon, extinguish, lightning, bourbon, unbutton, saloon, espionage, orbital, discombobulate, clone, Valentine's Day, embargo, antipathy, scissors, crunch, diva, felon, dreamer, coddle, heal, duel, after, raid, mine, private investigator
Sparks Nevada/Croach the Tracker, [any], feet, antenna, lone wolf, red plains, wrestle, stun, jealousy, hurt/comfort, whiskey, alien, jettison, Galactus, AU
Sparks Nevada/Techs, electric, stamina, overstimulation, orgasm denial, bondage, badge, nemesis, circuits, banditry, murder men, pray, reprogramming, epiphany, regret, sundry, cowhide, wonk, dyson sphere, static

The Tick
Arthur/any, numbers

The Tomorrow People
Cara Coburn/John Young, smile, eyes, held, kiss, telepathy, emotional, bond, tender, slow, fun, tease, flirt

The Town
Krista Coughlin/Agent Adam Frawley, hate!sex, all she has left

The Troubleshooters - Suzanne Brockmann
Jules Cassidy/Robin Chadwick Cassidy, home, bed, freedom, sofa, stunning, new

The Tudors
Anne Boleyn/Francis I of France, [any], revenge, fantasy, dream, crown, AU, dance, longing, french, jealousy, secret, regret
Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII, [any], corset, stockings, desire, insanity, plotting, rough, biting, infidelity, pregnancy, orgasm denial, woods, hunting, riding, powerplay, TPE
Henry VIII/Katherine Howard, beg, bow, brazen, consequence, crown, innocent, jewelry, kiss, lavish, loving, possession, rose, sweet, throne, young
Charles Brandon/Catherine Brandon, surrender, sweet, candlelight, tears, always, soft, tickle, beard, hair, pull, melt, snow

The Unit
Jonas Blane/Charles Grey, orders, obedience, trust, understanding
Jonas Blane/Mack Gerhardt, trust, advise, dominant, love, knowing, secrets, orders, obedience
Mack Gerhardt/Charles Grey, adrenaline, comfort, dinner, sweet, poetry, fear

The Unusuals
Alison Beaumont/Casey Shraeger, backup, borrowed, dispatch
Alison Beaumont/Jason Walsh, backtrack, breakfast, dessert, healing, spill, diner, secrets, truths, danger, moving, partners, soundtrack, cooking, middle, numbers, competition
Casey Shraeger/Davis Nixon, dynamics
Casey Shraeger/Jason Walsh, miracle, confession, baseball, pretense, vows, together, need, trust, mine, countertop
Monica Crumb/Eric Delahoy, apology, steady, treatment

The Vampire Diaries – All Media Types
Alaric Saltzman/Damon Salvatore, friends, honesty, close, hunt, train, anger, bondage, bygones, drink, friendship, grief, lonely, ring, rock-bottom, teamwork, trust
Alaric Saltzman/Jenna Sommers, quiet, classroom, quickie, blood, vampire!Jenna, candles, bourbon, first, kitchen, innocence, secrets, relief, pregnancy, love
Anna/Damon Salvatore, age, schoolgirl, snark, jaded, casual, history
Anna/Jeremy Gilbert, buttons, gravity, fear, mouth, pull, ribbon, spine, weakness, wind, voyeur
Bonnie Bennett/Caroline Forbes, height, enemy, flowers, restraints, teacher, dirt, Amazon, comic book, aggressive, ascension
Bonnie Bennett/Caroline Forbes/Elena Gilbert, sleepovers, memories, magic
Bonnie Bennett/Jeremy Gilbert, shotgunning, smoke, magic, life, heartbeat, death, bleachers, school, teenagers
Caroline Forbes/Damon Salvatore, drink, fog, hiss, hungry, miles, sin, strong, RPattz, years, yes
Caroline Forbes/Elena Gilbert, bloodlust, blowback, dare, fingers, ring, sprinklers, strap-on, touch, vibrations, wrist
Caroline Forbes/Katherine Pierce, easy, femoral, frenemy, fun, itch, kiss, trouble, worst
Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson, [any], want, admittance, woods, goodbye, rough, wolf, vampire, hostility, compulsion, lips, playful, from behind, ice, trust, refuge, power, magic, witchcraft
Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore, realization, want, trust, bloodlust, linger, sheets, bondage, fall, home, impulse, real, belong, beauty, heart, heat, charm, hands, life, femdom, control, soft, tenderness
Caroline Forbes/Tyler Lockwood, animal, bare, bend, bite, bones, bye, caught, chains, dream, dress, echo, feed, fetch, fist, forest, horny, hunt, killer, knock, low, lust, moon, never, nipple, pale, raw, restraint, rip, run, scared, scratches, seconds, soft, stain, stop, suck, summer, sweat, tangled, television, theatre, wild, wind, wrong
Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert, [any], longing, desire, vampire, blood, sire-bond, redemption, Katherine, heart, humanity, summer
Damon Salvatore/Elijah Mikaelson, power, brash, clash, topping, chivalrous, charm, words, dirty talk, precise
Damon Salvatore/Katherine Pierce, [any], bondage, corset, fear, imagine, itch, liar, nostalgia, pegging, protective, remember, scar, self-interest, split, stop, tattoo, vain, vein, vampire, blood, hunger, desire, danger, love, hatred, betrayal, angst
Damon Salvatore/Katherine Pierce/Stefan Salvatore, [any], compulsion, sharing, both, brothers, incest, voyeurism
Damon Salvatore/Stefan Salvatore, [any], brother, eternity, misery, vampire, blood, sharing, Katherine, Elena
Elena Gilbert/Elijah Mikaelson, deal, attraction, lies, champagne, trust, betrayal, tea, surprise, concert
Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce, [any], mirrors, vanity, revenge, dirty, bondage, domination, power, break, toys, blood, possession, doppelganger, identical
Elijah Mikaelson/Jenna Sommers, teaching, control, lust, blood, biting
Elijah Mikaelson/Katherine Pierce, rendezvous, time-travel, masquerade
Elijah Mikaelson/Pearl, discretion, ruthless, strength, teeth, Victorian
Isobel Flemming/John Gilbert, blood, rebellion
Katherine Pierce/Stefan Salvatore, [any], compulsion, vampire, victim, blood, hunger, danger, redemption, forgiveness, claustrophobia
Klaus Mikaelson/Stefan Salvatore, blood, tear, control, revenge, ink, moon, mouth, no, spine, straddle, teeth
Tyler Lockwood/Vicki Donovan, countertop, high, legs, lipstick, skirt, slow, teeth

The Vampire Diaries (TV)
Alaric Saltzman/Damon Salvatore, belt, morning, clubbing, running
Alaric Saltzman/Jeremy Gilbert, first, flip, teacher
Anna/Jeremy Gilbert, teeth, puppy, haircut, restrain, handcuffs, teach
Anna/Katherine Pierce, resentment, laughter, jewelry, history, time, games
Bonnie Bennett/Caroline Forbes, starlight, lightning, sunbeam, comfort, eternity, magic, apocalypse, full circle, cling, oral, curl, fingering, dress up, alcohol, marshmallows, sleepovers, forever, honey, candles, magic, ritual, dance lessons, home, hair tugging, throat kissing, road trip, want
Bonnie Bennett/Damon Salvatore, cold
Caroline Forbes/Damon Salvatore, bruises, chain, compel, eyes, fairy tale, fear, haunt, human, lip gloss, lost, make up, memory, night, protect, rough, scarf, scars, undercurrent
Caroline Forbes/Damon Salvatore/Klaus Mikaelson, [any], broken, competition, cry, forgive, jealous, kiss, possessive, save, scars, smirk, torn, triangle
Caroline Forbes/Elijah Mikaelson, blonde, gentle, human, lips, prey, princess, protect, red, rough, scar, smile, spring, teach, touch, Persephone
Caroline Forbes/Elijah Mikaelson/Klaus Mikaelson, [any], brothers, history repeating, blonde, chase, broken, banter, blonde, blood, crass, dirty talk, drink, elegance, eternity, fairy tale, feed, future, games, gentle, love, mansion, mean, nice, opposites, pain, Persephone, polite, rivalry, rough, scream, share, swearing, sweet, trust, vacation, wolf
Caroline Forbes/Katherine Pierce, foreplay, dare, fantasy, teamwork, locked in, booty call
Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson, comfort, diamonds, patience, kissing, laughing, magic, rescue, ribbons, ruffle, sigh, sunlight, tongues, dare, amnesia, art, beauty, beg, birthday, blonde, dark, decadent, diamonds, hostage, light, lip gloss, London, love, moon, nail polish, obsession, Paris, Persephone, pet, pose, promise, restrain, rough, rubies, sketch, strain, submission, sun, sweet, tied, Tokyo, vampire, wolf, new, excitement, biting, rough, take, fangs, handcuffs, spanking
Caroline Forbes/Rebekah Mikaelson, affection, bound, gagged, hungry, initiation
Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore, future, flirting, college, accident, road trip, sneaking around
Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert, bathtub, bite, blood, compel, fear, human, love, moonlight, panties, red, rescue, rough, tied, tradition, vampire, vervain, beginnings, lust, night, silence, melt
Damon Salvatore/Jeremy Gilbert, safe, guilt, hero-worship, banter, road trip
Damon Salvatore/Tyler Lockwood, bribery, caught, mute
Elena Gilbert/Elijah Mikaelson, messy, tease, smile, seduce, secret
Elena Gilbert/Jeremy Gilbert, pre-series, hunter, vampire!Elena, hungry, turned, feeding, vein, offer up, resentment, anger, memories, secrets, longing, desire, vampire!Jeremy, keep, sister, graveyard, illicit, wrong, return, switched-off!Elena, fangs
Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce, alike, always, hate, masturbation, mirror, panties, strap-on, vampire, wrong, blood, fight, indomitable, mirror, narcissism, premature ejaculation, power, teeth, shatter, sunlight, yield, connection, born to die, similarities, explore, dress up, like sisters, road trip, knifeplay, fangs, forgiveness, deceit, player, bloodstain, feed together, equals, guilty pleasure, fire, symmetry, sharp, reckless, temptation
Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore, stay
Elena Gilbert/Tyler Lockwood, alcohol, first, friends, grief, loss, mistake, party, teenage
Elijah Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson, want
Jeremy Gilbert/Katherine Pierce, road trip, AU, running away, sister, look alike, history, kill, feed, taste, immortal, come back, held down, little Gilbert, used to you, oral, cunnilingus, nipples, breasts, dirty, bar, shameless, guilt, world view, forever, contempt, break
Jeremy Gilbert/Kol Mikaelson, smoking, drugs, information, consensual, kiss, taste, secrets, friendship, deceit, lies, baseball, blowjob, throat, lick, blood
Jeremy Gilbert/Matt Donovan, boxers, clothed, mentor, shopping
Jeremy Gilbert/Tyler Lockwood, bad idea, bite, bottom lip, boxers, buzzed, chains, collar, crossbow, dangerous, defiant, drunk, fetch, games, heat, intensity, knock, leash, nuzzle, powerplay, push and pull, sharp, sketchbook, sketches, stupid, topping from the bottom, wall!sex, woods, tree!sex, reckless
Katherine Pierce/Stefan Salvatore, road trip, do-over
Klaus Mikaelson/Elena Gilbert, bite, blood, defiance, desire, fairy tale, human, humanity, possession, remember, rough, share, Tatia, weakness, wolf
Matt Donovan/Rebekah Mikaelson, goodbye
Matt Donovan/Tyler Lockwood, dares, sleepover, tent, valentine

The Venture Bros.
Byron Orpheus/Rusty Venture, stupid, adventure, choices, magic, science, excuses, mastermind, deviance, imbalance, curse, horny
Byron Orpheus/Jefferson Twilight/The Alchemist, mission, disaster, bickering, safe, reluctance, compromise, argument, teamwork, age, joke, tolerance
Molotov Cocktease/Brock Samson, chastity, cigarettes, Siberia
Molotov Cocktease/Monstroso, unlocked
Dr. Girlfriend/The Monarch, first time
Dr. Girlfriend/The Monarch/Henchman 21, experiment, roleplay, middleman, boss, bodyguard, geeky, striptease, cuckold, watch, tease
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch/The Monarch, victory, grease, fly, roleplay, costumes, honesty, bond

The Vicar of Dibley
Geraldine/Alice, thunderstorm

The Virgin Suicides
Cecilia/Lux, fireflies, moon, stars

The Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Ivan Vorpatril/Tej, domestic, laughter, tan, home, teaching
Miles Vorkosigan/Ekaterin Vorkosigan, growth, space, learning, safe

The Walking Dead (TV)
Andrea/Michonne, regrets, alone, survival, connection
Carol/Michonne, hunt, steer, bible
Daryl/Michonne, [any], fleas, the Governor, Merle, Andrea, past, hope, trust, trail, night, back-to-back, jasper, eyes, laughter, motorcycle, ride, need, running, stay, summer, history, lost, found, touch, nervous, grass, scars, blood, smoking, lips, addiction, AU, job
Carol/Daryl, oatmeal, wander, gasoline, awkward, first time, sweet, romance, looks, passion, prison, future, hug, memory, kiss, table, second chances, only two left, flowers, alcohol, in another life, undressing, liquor, skin
Daryl/Beth, first, touch, want, kiss, hold, hiding
Daryl/Rick, blowjob, danger, thrill, shower, need, trust, bi, gay, coming out, bakery AU
Rick/Beth, [any], Judith, Carl, crush, wrong, secret, beard, shaving, skin, craving, plead, teasing, water, training, date, accident, age, parents, trust, blue, eyes, smile, period, cramps, blush, warmth
Rick/Shane, [any], AU, past, partners, trust, Lori, breaking point, letdown, help, insane, mind games, lust, teenagers, high school, pranks, experiment, love, lust, touch, pleading, command, leader, kneel, apology, coffee, guns, training, sorry, blood, fight, Carl, dinner, family
Rick/Shane/Andrea, [any], AU, family, Judith, parents, sniper, guns, fight, share, space, cramped, run, need, trust, free, looks, mouth, touch, skin

The Way Way Back (2013)
Owen/Caitlyn, after dark, waterslide, mayhem

The West Wing
Abbey Bartlet/Jed Bartlet, young, meeting, firsts, fascination, fierce, promised, anger, kisses, journey, faith, loyalty, just checking, love, letters, clean bill of health, a lifetime ago
Ainsley Hayes/Donna Moss, partisan, clothing
Ainsley Hayes/Sam Seaborn, accidental, awkward, baking, betrayal, bipartisanship, blonde, blueberry, brandy, cabin, California, campaign, catalogue, chocolate, combative, corner, cunnilingus, cupcake, desk, details, dinner, disagreement, door, dress, easy, event, evening gown, formalwear, friction, future, gala, glasses, grace, hair, hands, heat, heels, history, laughter, inauguration, lipstick, loneliness, night, office, opera, opposition, Oval Office, paperwork, pearls, performance, Pink Squirrel, promise, quiet, red, sass, secrets, sex kitten, shake, silk, snow, sprinkles, suite, sunlight, take out, textbook, travel, watch, White House, wishes
Amy Gardner/Donna Moss, looking, ice, caress, competition, ease, feminism, friendship, joking, kindness, legs, martini, rivals, sympathy
Amy Gardner/Josh Lyman, anger, balloon animals, bikini, cell phone, challenge, college, competition, constituency, corona, cyclical, debate, desk, drunk, easy, eventually, fight, finders-keepers, hosiery, ice cream, jealousy, kissing, lipstick, lock, longing, love (hurts), Mets, missing, NBA, office, pajamas, push, real, rough, sexile, silence, singing, snow, speechless, streak, suit, sweet, Tahiti, tie, toast, vacation, victory, water balloons, what if, win, win-or-lose, working late
Amy Gardner/Sam Seaborn, aftermath, beer, bewitching, ice cream, midnight
Andrea Wyatt/Toby Ziegler, ache, backseat, barefoot, beginning, bitter, breathing, Brooklyn, bunker, campaign, Catholic schoolgirl, celebration, Chesapeake, conjugal visit, corridor, crossed, desperate, differences, diner, distraction, dragon, eyeliner, face, falling, forever, gasp, goodbye, harder, hospital, hotel, Jerusalem, legs, librarian, limo, lips, litany, losing, mess, necktie, never, power, pregnancy, Presidential, princess, red wine, regret, respect, reunion, sand, Scotch, scribbled, secret, security, she's a pistol, shoulder blades, slogan, smoke, spaces, speech, stockings, streak, suitcase, summer, waiting, wedding ring, whiskey, wished, Yankee Stadium, years gone by
C.J. Cregg/Danny Concannon, oranges, sunshine, waves, blankets, hammock, peace, overwhelmed, away, different, finally, summer, hallway, tryst, front-and-center, Goldfish, teasing, kidding, luscious, silk, smile, shut up, Pulitzer, fourth row, absence, assignment, promise, practice, joke, jargon, advance, haughty, share, stare
C.J. Cregg/Donna Moss/Josh Lyman/Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, redacted, memo, speakeasy, 50s, theatre, costume
C.J. Cregg/Kate Harper, national security, uniform, Vera Wang, secret, lockdown, goldfish, secrets, history, new administration
C.J. Cregg/Simon Donovan, what if, AU, rain, chocolate, office, opera, night, loss
C.J. Cregg/Toby Ziegler, motel, grief, words, laughter, politics, Manhattan
Charlie Young/Jed Bartlet, [any]
Charlie Young/Zoey Bartlet, champagne, lawyer, learning, safe, young, video, staying in, trying, hassle-free, doing one's best in spite of it all
Donna Moss/Josh Lyman, wait, release, adrenaline, victory, smug, travel, time, red, wish, memory, desk, lazy, argument, home, stress, anniversary, tie, laughter, late
Donna Moss/Sam Seaborn, [any], advice, AU, consult, idealism, snow, daybreak, fingertips, arguing, inspired, speech, smile, interest, friendship
Joey Lucas/Josh Lyman, teaching, challenge, shut up
Josh Lyman/Sam Seaborn, ago, records, blackbirds, runaway, diptych, duet, longing, regret, sorrow, need, campaign, miss, touch, silence, the real thing
Margaret/Mrs. Landingham, grief
Sam Seaborn/adult!Huck Wyatt-Ziegler, eschatology, holiday, figment, golem, clay, diptych
Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, thinny, Pulitzer, blackout, lock-in, ever after, arcadia, diptych

The White Queen
George Plantagenet/Isabel Neville, [any], alliance, corruption, wine, first, pregnancy
Richard of Gloucester/Anne Neville, lavish, endure, bridegroom, marked
Richard Plantagenet/Anne Neville, [any], snow, first, sweet, love, Elizabeth, darkness, guilt, darkness, angst, illness, death

The Wire
Normal Wilson/Tommy Carcetti, stern, hope, flush, backseat, first time

The Witches of Eastwick
Sukie Ridgemont/Alexandra Medford/Jane Spofford, power of three, feathers

The World Ends with You
Any/any, crossdressing, skirts, lacy, silky, bind, hickey, public, held
Bito "Rhyme" Raimu/Misaki Shiki, slow
Eri/Misaki Shiki, costume, envy, outfit, shopping, toys
Joshua/Neku, deception, meeting, anger, headphones, open, explore
Koki Kariya/Uzuki Yashiro, movie night, spooning, lipstick, collar
Sanae Hanekoma/Joshua Kiryu, burrow, yielding, exhaustion, partnership, exist, mentoring, equals, humanity, honesty, wings, potential, wordless, paint, free will, self-determination, leeway

The World's End
Andy Knightley/any, teetotal, rugby, moves, roll, bruiser, pink, work, law, tie, glasses, desk, game, war paint
Andy Knightley/Gary King, drink, rugby, uniform, school, dare, vandalism, prank
Oliver Chamberlain/any, functionality, price, smile, communication, latte, horse, propriety, wriggle, laugh

The X-Files
Dana Scully/Walter Skinner, tender, nightmare
Dana Scully/Monica Reyes, skepticism, kindred, open, improbably, checkers, redhead
John Doggett/Monica Reyes, apocalypse
Dana Scully/Ed Jerse, LSD, stormy, surrogate, need, desperate, deserve
Dana Scully/Diana Fowler, small potatoes, humbug, high school, quagmire, immortal, irresistible, detour, syzygy, pusher, envy, fiery, ouroboros, luck, AU, quagmire
Dana Scully/Diana Fowler/Fox Mulder, harmony, desperation, vodka
Dana Scully/Angela White/Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, 2 am, backseat, baseball, bathtub, battleship, bed, beginning, bubble bath, cabin, California, children, Christmas, cold, confession, continue, couch, cuddle, dance, dark, date night, desk, drunk, engagement ring, explosion, family, fireplace, flashlights, folie a deux, giggling, goodbye, graceland, Halloween, hands, hollywood, home, honeymoon, hotel, jacuzzi, kiss, lines, lingerie, lips, millennium, moving in, New Year's Eve, obscene, on the run, oral, picnic, pictures, porn, pregnancy, promise, quiet, revelation, road trip, secret, secrets, shower, snow, strawberries, suit, Sunday morning, taste, tattoo, ten years later, tomorrow, trapped, trust, tunnel, undressing, vacation, vampire, Vegas, watching, watching movies, weekend, whammy, wine, wonder, zipper
Fox Mulder/Alex Krycek, bitter, loss, life, field, balance, comrade, smart, sharp, hurt, harder, rain, sleep, secret, shove, book, kiss
Melvin Frohike/Marita Covarrubias, seduction

The Young Ones
Rik/Vyvyan, dammit

Third Watch
Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli/Faith Yokas, [any]

Thirst (2009)
Evelyn/Tae-ju, bonding, displaced, different country, language barrier, trapped together, curiosity, turned, keep, bloody, hug, tight, lick, taste, slick skin
Sang-hyun/Tae-ju, AU, fuck it out, eternity, hellbound, priest, confession, broken vows, bite down, bleed, rough sex, wall!sex, hunting, anger, freedom, feed, carry me, cunnilingus, apology

This Means War (2012)
FDR Foster/Lauren/Tuck, fun, flirt, together, double, trio, toys, adventurous, anal
FDR Foster/Tuck, accent, beg, biting, bleed, desk, eyes, fight, friendship, hair-pulling, hands, heat, hot, kiss, ladies, laughter, love, lube, mission, mouth, naked, office, partners, pool, quick, rough, score, seduction training, snow, spy vs. spy, suck, tactical, take out, threesome, voyeurism, want, wounded

Thor (2011) [see Marvel Cinematic Universe]

Thoroughbred Series - Joanna Campbell
Ashleigh/Samantha, grief

Thundercats - All Media Types
Cheetara/WilyKit, growing, teach, soft
Cheetara/Lion-O, [any], wicked, seduction, sweat, blindfold, open, sweet, truth, wild, scratch, handcuffs
WilyKit/WilyKat, fruit, rip, teeth, discovery, games

Thundercats (1985)
Cheetara/Panthro/Tygra, three, bond, share, whip, tank
Lion-O/adult!WilyKit, arranged, bound, AU, mischief, patience, teeth, hair, first, scars
Lion-O/Pumyra, shy, heal, first, queen, strength, slingshot, fight

Thursday Next
Any/any, footnotes

Tiger and Bunny
Barnaby/Kotetsu, aftermath, enemy, first, hero, memory, pain, power, rescue, trust

Tin Man
Azkadellia/Glitch (Ambrose), regret, crying, advantage, calm, memories, fancy, childhood, love, broken
DG/Cain, dance, wedding, trying, discussion, ghosts, mistakes, yelling, protection, riding, sweet, serve

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)
Bill Haydon/Jim Prideaux, schoolboys, ties, confidence, bucking, trophy, pelt, nickname
Peter Guillam/any male character, deception, loss, hiding, smile

Tinsel Town
Lewis Reid/Ryan Taylor, officer, happy, travels, content, settled, threesome, commitment, eyes, smile, fucking, oral

TNA Wrestling
Gail Kim/Lei'D Tapa, best friends, training partners, food fight

To Kill A King
Cromwell/Fairfax, [any]

To Kill a Mockingbird
Atticus/Jem, prosecute
Atticus/Scout, whip
Scout/Jem, wire

To the Ends of the Earth (miniseries)
Edmund Talbot/Charles Summers, unrequited, unconscious, fresh, air, bath, delicate, yearning
Edmund Talbot/Marion Chumley, finally, music plays, fevered, dream, transgression
Edmund Talbot/Miss Granham, propriety, shapely, education, brother, governess, knowledge

Toby Daye - Seanan McGuire
Raj/Quentin, magic, squires, sneak, laugh, movies, secrets, rule

Tokyo Babylon
Seishirou Sakurazuka/Subaru Sumeragi, dub-con, sakura, outside, fashion, sushi, ghost

Tombstone (1993)
Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday, breathe, grit, dust, shelter, whiskey, blood, paths, badge, touch, drown, ghost

Tomorrow Series - John Marsden
Ellie/Fi, grace, scar, bird
Ellie/Robyn, footprints

Tomorrow, When the War Began (2010)
Ellie/Homer, war

Dorothy Michaels/George Fields, verisimilitude, boundaries, help
Dorothy Michaels/Jeff Slater, friendship, tease, process

Angelo Colasanto/Jack Harkness, companion, bedsprings, sleep, darkness, separation
Gwen Cooper/Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness, polygamous relationship, voyeurism, together, domestic, homecoming, comfort, cuddling
Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness, aging, warm, laugh, rediscover, wish, neck, taste, tickle, mine, wax, tie, knees, ring, promise, row, adept, adventurous, kiss, tied, submission, trust, coffee, service, stellar, immortality, resurrection, gift, hide-and-seek, cheating, tie!kink, edgeplay, life, proof, darkness, companionship, faith, adventure, trust, loyalty, measurement, tentacles, fire, confinement, fear, amnesia, sea, storm, nightmares, wet, cinnamon, vanilla
Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness/Toshiko Sato, voyeurism, masturbation, threesome, invitation, fantasy, shy
Ianto Jones/Lois Habiba, shorthand, competitor, allies, bright, voyeur
Ianto Jones/Martha Jones, doctor, coffee, hotel, massage, Welsh, waistcoat
Ianto Jones/Owen Harper, husband, rings, emotional, facefucking, frantic, slow, bed, bliss, understood, hands, Doctor, roleplay, need, loved, sarcasm, smile, dirty talk, kitchen, shower, suits, blowjobs, work, abandonment, biting
Ianto Jones/Owen Harper/Toshiko Sato, trio, felching, double, smiling, slow, understood, sarcasm, relationship, tension, sharing
Ianto Jones/Toshiko Sato, fingers, wet, kiss, fuck, held, slow, trusting, thrusting, vibrator, ostracised, broken, trauma, intimacy, mourning, comfort
Jack Harkness/Owen Harper, tense, rough, want, need, anal, grief, rimming
Jack Harkness/Toshiko Sato, tease, toys, orgasm denial, frantic, slow, pegging, toys, alien tech, instructions, unexpected, kindness, release
Martha Jones/Owen Harper, alive, lab coats, jealousy, territorial, unimpressed
Mary/Toshiko Sato, [any], tentacles, telepathy, light, warmth, confidence, fun, food, satin, electricity, forgive, travel, berries, wine, fingers
Owen Harper/Suzie Costello, handcuffs, betray, more, lick
Owen Harper/Toshiko Sato, Domme, shy, crossdressing, stockings, lips, beautiful, accepted, discovery, accident, touch, banter, fingering, slow, edging, secrets

Tortall Universe - Tamora Pierce
Alanna of Trebond/Jonathan IV of Conté, [any], besiege, scar, silence, swordplay, violet, warm, companionship, passion, trust, bad poetry, faces, together, destiny, frightened, bed, adjoining rooms, best friends, secret, pact, promise, sunder, firsts
Alanna of Trebond/Alexander of Tirragen, gender, purple, rivals, friendship, catlike, swordplay, sudden
Alexander of Tirragen/Roger of Conté, catlike, math, swordplay, mentor, student, seduction
Alexander of Tirragen/Thom of Trebond, twin, transference, fashion, math, catlike, sharp-tongued, purple, magic, pride, hands
Roger of Conté/Thom of Trebond, purple, magic, fever, AU, rivals, transference, student, scratch, biting, hollow, hands
Daine Sarrasri/Numair Salmalín, tutor, instincts, sweat, scent, lips, magic, wordless, disarmed, chaos
Domitan of Masbolle/Keladry of Mindelan, comrades, holiday, adrenaline, tired, massage
Alianne of Pirate's Swoop/Taybur Sibigat, spies, intrigue, admiration, equals

Total Recall (2012)
Carl Hauser/Lori Quaid, memories, savior

Touching Evil (US)
David Creegan/Susan Branca, silence, smile, weariness, juggling, child
Susan Branca/Mark Rivers, restless, shoes, blond

Tower Prep
Ian/Suki, uniform, tease, secret, protect, hickey
Suki/Ray, jealous, midnight, strength

Toy Story
Jessie/Bo Peep, play

Simon/Frank, vulnerable

Transformers: Generation 1
Blaster/Soundwave, secret, enemy, music, bass, struggle, war, phone sex, distractions, sabotage
Bumblebee/Jazz, overprotective, disapproval, secret, dancing, music, size difference
Megatron/Soundwave, gun, authority, power, respect, trust, violence, worship, kink, cleaning, serving, knowledge
Megatron/Soundwave/Shockwave, gun, power, authority, power, kink, safety, competence
Optimus Prime/Hot Rod, submission, worship, caring, gentleness, touch, comfort, cuddle, youth, enthusiasm, convincing, whispers
Prowl/Sunstreaker, playful, flirty, touch, sharing, cookies, berth, baths, cuddling, peaceful, sparks, fiery, submission, dominance, bondage, games, whips, chains, detailing, painting, erotic, wings, polish
Rodimus Prime/Galvatron, speechless, damaged, dominance, submission, whips, chains, bondage, fighting, surrender, belonging
Skyfire/Starscream, argument, science, size difference, ego, enemy, captured, bound
Thundercracker/Skywarp, prank, irritation, rebelling, immature

Transformers Animated
Lockdown/Optimus Prime, trophy, prize, toy
Optimus Prime/Prowl, tender, support, outdoors, touch, carry, flexible, kiss, masks
Lugnut/Shockwave, hate, battle, rival, one-up
Megatron/Shockwave, loyalty, submission, service, competence, sacrifice, pet, favorite, rough, slow, hard
Ratchet/Omega Supreme, size, safety, comfort, care, spark, touch, tentacles, shock

Transformers: Prime
Arcee/Bulkhead, size, gentle, cuddle, workout, warmth, strong
Optimus Prime/Dreadwing, acceptance, care, trust, deception, wings, touch, slow, soft, patient
Soundwave/Airachnid, dominance, service, violence, humiliation, broken

Will/Jay/Tyler, lost, faces, alias

Tremors (TV)
Tyler Reed/El Blanco, licking, desperation, perfection, weregraboid, tentacles, despair

Gabriel/Mark, serenade, call, date, finally, home, together, flowers, music, dancing, erotic, fucking, piano

Vash/Nicholas Wolfwood, gun, cross, doom, destiny, mistake, flophouse, bandage, scar, suit, red

Trinity Blood
Abel/Cain, blasphemers, brother's keeper
Abel/Vaclav, blood, communion, confession, kneeling

Kevin Flynn/Tron, utopia, sunshine, smile, flirting, teacher

Tron (1982)
Bit/Recognizer, [any]
Master Control Program/Tron, surprise, hate, control

Tron: Legacy
Alan Bradley/Clu, mistake, seduction, sore, revenge, gravity, escape, master plan
Alan Bradley/Sam Flynn, breathe, youth, insatiable, first time, kisses, hands, distraction, bar, last, lost, evasive, demanding, intractable, shiver, trust, certainty, rough, rimming, shaky, weakness, virus, opportunity
Sam Flynn/Edward Dillinger Jr., dare, fun, why not, battle, code, beliefs, suits, table, passion, tease, hack, control, boss, leash, interesting, leather jacket, window, high-rise
Sam Flynn/Quorra, piano, motorbike, beach, sunset, underwear, sheets, texture, warmth, chocolate, stargazing, warmth, light, bubbly, fast, play, learning, experience, glitch
Sam Flynn/Tron, inebriation, experience, boundaries, giddy, somber, linger, grasp, gratitude, unyielding
Zuse (Castor)/Gem, history, combine, meld, light, passion, loyalty, danger, trust, escape, clever, rule, club, code, moan, alive, survive

Tropic Thunder
Kirk Lazarus/Lincoln Osiris, reciprocity, experience, overthinking, method, acting, history, confidence

True Blood
Alcide Herveaux/Jason Stackhouse/Sookie Stackhouse, AU, transformation, bite, resist, left alone, sniffing, first time, double penetration, werewolf, pack, initiation, stay, only ones, reckless, arousal
Alcide Herveaux/Sookie Stackhouse, baby, outcast, sniff, consensual, control, choices, rough, stubble, beard, wolf, nuzzle, eating out, riding, height!kink, wall!sex, public sex, outdoors, by the water, knees, skin, hair, shower, oral, scent, bathing, one night, bar, bent over, foreplay
Andy Bellefleur/Jason Stackhouse, prettier than most girls
Bill Compton/Eric Northman, betrayal, loneliness, rough, decision, duo, vows unable, training, desk, forgiven
Bill Compton/Jessica Hamby, forever, mutual, recovery, rush
Bill Compton/Sam Merlotte, eager, obey, master, lick, tempting, denial
Bill Compton/Sookie Stackhouse, touch, tease, taste, finger, open, sweet, fangs, biting, blood, flirt, reconciliation
Eddie Gauthier/Jason Stackhouse, basement
Eric Northman/Jason Stackhouse, vampire blood, release, Sookie, fangs, curiosity, bad idea, business deal, negation, suck, coming back, hands, shoulder touching, befriend, dangerous, reckless, boundaries
Eric Northman/Nora Gainesborough, siblings, Godric, wall!sex, bloodplay, eager, games, pushing it, breasts, champion, bloody, sticky, hair-pulling, rough sex, fighting, marks, violence, turn on, first time, youth, double agent, secretive, longing, desire
Eric Northman/Willa Burrell, first time, hungry, baby vampire, eager, claws, dreams, desire, run off, carnage, cunnilingus, curiosity, rebellion, naked, inflamed, leverage, anger
Godric/Lafayette Reynolds, magic, seeing, unlikely
Hoyt Fortenberry/Jason Stackhouse, dreams, panther, return
Jason Stackhouse/Macklyn Warlow, blood, seduction, dreams, panic, interest, shaving, nip, curious, first time, stubble
Jason Stackhouse/Macklyn Warlow/Sookie Stackhouse, AU, eternity, seduction, dreams, teeth marks, vampires, magic, light, resentment, package deal, sharing a bed, hotel, travel, road trips, blood drinking, not yours
Jason Stackhouse/Sookie Stackhouse, sweet, alone, turning, faerie, empty house, comfort, hair-petting, stroking, experimental, secret thoughts, wrong, isolation, kisses, soft, apology, oral, breasts, scars, legs, rubbing, tired, orphans, clinging, desperation, bed-sharing, tentative, desire, truth, honesty, safety, fuck it, spread, show
Jason Stackhouse/Steve Newlin, glamour
Jessica Hamby/Sookie Stackhouse, cut, dress, legs, nail polish, twist
Jessica Hamby/Tommy Mickens, ask, blood, break, closing, hiss, listen, play, rasp, reckless, run, top, voyeur, wild
Jesus Velasquez/Lafayette Reynolds, car!sex, stroking, scent, candles, kissing, face touching, hands, clinging, ghost, reminder, high, magic, medium, oral, foreplay, marathon, adoration, drink, regret, dreams, imagination, rimming, bondage, silk, ties
Pam Swynford de Beaufort/Tara Thornton, blanket
Sookie Stackhouse/Tara Thornton, anger, forgiveness, regret, age, older, vampires, blood-sharing, feeding, caress, come, fingering, high school, thoughts, safe, rebirth
Sookie Stackhouse/Violet Mazurski, sharing, tiresome
Tara Thornton/Willa Burrell, experimental, touching, nuzzle, protection, dancing, bra, slip, skin, slick, fingering, clit, breasts, excited, eager, hair-stroking, road trip, by the side of the road, sunlight, hot, twirl, first time, teaching

True Detective
Maggie Hart/Rust Cohle, silent, trust, protection, decompress, rough, danger, smoke, liquor, infidelity, divorce
Rust Cohle/Martin Hart, drugs, insomnia, denial, reunion, impulse, confessions, weakness, booze, fingers, fists, pussy, trust

Truth or Die (2012)
Gemma/Eleanor, laughter, wicked, sweets, restrict, flesh, display
Justin/Felix, compulsion, solitary, mortification, dependence, reunion
Justin/Luke, high, command, defection, low, bruise

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Fai/Kurogane, blood, fever, ice

Haru/Akira Agarkar Yamada, captive
Haru/Sanada Yuki, spawning, watersports
Sanada Yuki/Usami Natsuki, jerking

Twilight – All Media Types
Alice/Jasper, flitter, blood, time, experience, war, hope, anguish, sparkle, laughter, bright, seer, special, future
Bella/James, hunt, blood, mirrors, break, scream, captive, lie, Stockholm Syndrome
Jacob/Nessie, change, accidental, jealous
Emmett/Angela, finders keepers, optimism
Emmett/Rosalie, je t'aime, high-heels, interested, patience, silk

Twilight Series - Stephenie Meyer
Alice/Bella, shining, illegal, pets, clean, papercut, bite, more to see, temptation, sleepover, dress-up, soft, free sample, shower
Alice/Bella/Rosalie, mirrors, Universal Cheerleaders Association Summer Camp
Alice/Rosalie, slow, tested, cracked
Bella/Esme, tender, comfort, first time
Bella/Jasper, true, worth, take, ocean, warm, motorcycle
Bella/Rosalie, compliment, harsh, too much
Carlisle/Charlie, heat, flirting
Carlisle/Edward, salvation, decent, honor
Edward/Jacob, deafening, slam, hot/cold, transformation
Edward/Jacob/Bella, puppies
Esme/Rosalie, blood, beauty, reassurance, motherly love
Rosaline/Renesmee, a long time ago

Twin Peaks
Albert Rosenfield/Dale Cooper, scared, breathing, peace, confusion, partners, loyalty
Audrey Horne/Blackie O'Reilly, instruction, dub-con, cherry, tights, bondage, femdom, edging, control
Audrey Horne/Dale Cooper, burn, cigarette, denial, older, mystery, shadow, soul, nightmare, future, trauma, scars, reunion, rebuild, comfort, missing, search, save, fight, singing, black, win, wood, sweater, change, lipstick, home, partners, academy, cherries
Audrey Horne/Denise Bryson, virgin, teach, escape, admiration, mutual
Audrey Horne/Donna Hayward, transference, animosity, tease, bite, proxy, tension, insult
Audrey Horne/Laura Palmer, alike, nail polish, rivals, bathroom, smoking, eyeliner, forest
Bobby Briggs/Shelly Johnson, secret, shudder, gun, burn, hope, sneak, grab
Dale Cooper/Harry Truman, flannel, forest, warm, natural
Donna Hayward/Harold Smith, writing on body, weakness, story, secrets, sick, clumsy
Donna Hayward/Laura Palmer, experimentation, secret, intimacy, ghost, hallucinate, haunt, admiration, close

Danny Desai/Jo Masterson, collarbones, neediness, carry, home, crush, charismatic, seduce, faith, skirt, caress, loners, diner, back alley, nuzzle, public sex, plotting, curls, hair-pulling
Danny Desai/Jo Masterson/Lacey Porter, fix it, cling, together, bed-sharing, nostalgia, suit and tie, dance, trio, poly, seduction, road trip, lick, locked in, familiarity, warmth, devious, plans, semi public, apartment, crime, handcuffs, high, adrenaline, AU, sports, after school, underwear, bra
Danny Desai/Lacey Porter, graveyard, dirt, torn skirt, hike up, uncertainty, oral, killer, sneaking around, sweat, dip, charming, sweet, personal space, cypher, push away
Jo Masterson/Lacey Porter, sweater, bracelets, baking, apology, taste, curiosity, hiding, secrecy, guilt, regret, inner thighs, bite, marks, swing set, dress, formal wear, tired, shotgunning, experimental, stolen, bittersweet, invitation
Karen Desai/Tess Masterson, pottery, stain, dirty hands, clean up, cheek, kissing, forgiveness, anger, husband, cheating, infidelity, high school, memory

Twister (1996)
Bill/Jo, thunder

Two and a Half Men
Alan/Charlie, boat
Judith/Kandi, gossip
Alan/Charlie/Judith/Kandi/Andy/Mandy, full house

Ugly Betty
Betty Suarez/Daniel Meade, London, glasses, fun, date, love, commitment, finally, grace, teach, smile, beer, surrender

Ultimate Spider-Man (cartoon)
Luke Cage/Danny Rand, meditate, denial, teamwork, flexible, danger, sneak, sacrifice, calm, silence, temper, pretend

Ultimate Spider-Man (TV)
Deadpool/Spiderman, secret, forbidden, public, teasing, nick-names, bondage, on-the-job, webs, latex, embarassing, rough, upside-down, motel, jet,

Uncharted (Game)
Harry Flynn/Chloe Frazer, old, lies, help, jackets
Harry Flynn/Nathan "Nate" Drake, trust, drinks, sun, art
Katherine Marlowe/Talbot, differences, lessons, combat, dressing
Charlie/Chloe Frazer, healing, broken, accents, travel, stealing, secret, calm, beer, pool, bar brawl, fight, skin, need, fidget, sarcasm, [any]
Nathan "Nate" Drake/Elena, fight, argue, guns, camera, documentary, life, rings, proposal, marriage, wedding, honeymoon, pregnant, adventure, bridges, climbing, rope, puzzle, drawing, journal, books, museum, [any]
Nathan "Nate" Drake/Elena/Chloe Frazer, family, trust, boots, sunshine, hope, cynical, bullets, wounds, scared, gun, protect, jeep, ride, shopping, hands, park, picnic, drunk, [any]
Nathan "Nate" Drake/any, kidnap, imprisonment, time wasting, undressing, jungle, wetsuit, stripping, prostitution, stubble, dirt, washing, comeplay, come eating, grin
Nathan "Nate" Drake /Other Male or Males, kidnap, imprisonment, time wasting, undressing, grin, pick up line, jungle, wetsuit, stripping, prostitution, tease, dirt, washing, comeplay, come eating, bargain, relaxation, public use, gangbang, charm, dive bar, enslavement, auction

Under the Dome
Julia/Barbie, rooftop, rain, dance, kiss, out of the dome, oral, hands, honeymoon, ice cream, New Year's Eve, first time, bruise, shower, confetti, whiskey, button up shirt, pictures, snow, fireplace, goodbye, alcohol, lace, pregnancy, pickup truck, liquor, Jack Daniels, zipper, sneaking around, cabin, taste
Norrie/Joe, rain, dance, kiss, out of the dome, hands, grown up, couch, sneaking around, promise, summer, laugh, Los Angeles, spin-the-bottle, seven minutes in heaven, soft, pigtails, live a little, first love

Michael/Selene, [any], desire, candles, sunlight, ancient, power, new, pellucid, inform, concrete

United States of Tara
Buck/Marshall, faggot
Buck/Max, strap-on
Kate/Lynda, wings
T/Charmaine, double dare
T/Kate, denim
Tara/Charmaine, soulless
Tara/Lynda, artistic vision
Tara/Pammy, apology

Universal Soldier (Movies)
Veronica/Luc, ice

Up in the Air (2009)
Ryan/Natalie, overnight

Upstairs Downstairs (2010)
Agnes Holland/Blanche Mottershead, daring
Blanche Mottershead/Portia Alresford, nostalgia
Hallam Holland/Persephone Towyn, shattering

Lisa/Joshua, queenship, temptation, cunnilingus, alien, skin, obedience

Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey
Vanyel Ashkevron/Stefen, first, soulbond, empathy, ghost sex

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead
Lissa Dragomir/Rose Hathaway, possessive, loyalty, fealty, hunger, necessity

Amy Brookheimer/Dan Egan, campaign, debate, election night, polling, family, office, arrogance, sarcasm, suit, tie, insults, skirt, politics, bet, debate, drinks, whiskey, stress, fingers, freckles, heels, late night, tension, competition, lust, birthday, yelling, whip

Velveteen - Seanan McGuire
Marionette/any, it won't hurt for long (much), [any]
Victory Anna/Polychrome, unmasked, little differences, shared language, bright spot

Venetia - Georgette Heyer
Jasper Damerel/Aubrey Lanyon/Venetia Lanyon, indoctrination
Jasper Damerel/Venetia Lanyon, orgy
Venetia Lanyon/Lord Damerel, orgies, happy endings, social ruination, country life, travel, teaching and learning, first times, new experiences

Veronica Mars (Movie)
Cindy 'Mac' Mackenzie/Wallace Fennel, reunion, sprinkler, scramble, hide, taste, rip, slurp
Logan Echolls/Eli 'Weevil' Navarro, wary, enemies, punch, bite, gratitude, debt, furtive, raw, spurt
Veronica Mars/Eli 'Weevil' Navarro, wife, cheat, painful, addicted, blonde, shaved, closet, reunion,

Veronica Mars (TV)
Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars, friends, lover, sunset, beach, photograph, hotel, balcony, slick, kiss, true
Veronica Mars/Eli 'Weevil' Navarro, deceit, prickle, savour, rebuild, machine, con, soul, piston, power

Veronica Mars – All Media Types
Eli "Weevil" Navarro/Lilly Kane, covert, sneak, ghost, dream, hallucinate, burn, haunt, liquor, tattoo
Veronica Mars/Eli "Weevil" Navarro, tension, unspoken, respect, motorcycle, trust, teeth, motorcycle, free, beach, time, future, tattoo, language, favors, helmet, ink, truth, demand, thanks, alive
Veronica Mars/Lilly Kane, ghost, hallucinate, ache, experimentation, dream, pool, first, memory, dance, kiss, red, ice cream, cheerleader, formal wear, club, girl's night, friends with benefits, beach, before, nail polish, in another life..., skinny-dipping, lace, alternate timeline, spin-the-bottle, pink, wine coolers, rocking-that-dress, fantasy, youth, sleepover, live a little, skinny dip, prom dress, first love, Neptune Grand, first love, last kiss
Veronica Mars/Logan Echolls, reunion, handcuffs, rebuild, scars, trauma, laughter, pleasure, fight, dirty, balcony, guilty, handcuffs, nipple, nothing, premature, promises, ripple, rotate, rough, satellite, sheets, skinny-dipping, tangled, wall, wrong, grin, puppy, reward, competition, victory, true, baking, classroom, comfort, drunk, epic, reunion, rooftop, rain, memory, dance, kiss, "don't go", second chances, Halloween, New Year's Eve, bikini, last time, bruise, watching movies, hot tub, formal wear, backseat, college, promise, date night, quiet, birthday, alcohol, anniversary, summer, cheat, naked, paparazzi, handcuffs, party, ten years later, pink, giggle, camera, history, tuxedo, couple, fantasy, sneaking around, Hawaii, prom dress, Neptune Grand, simpler times, spring, always, investigate, mistake, imagine, push, motel
Wallace Fennel/Jackie Cook - reunion, New York, laughter, past, fingers
Carrie Bishop/Veronica Mars, revenant, justice, uncanny
Cassidy/Mac, try
Don Lamb/Veronica Mars, squad car, undercover, flush, protect, pool table, illegal drinking
Duncan Kane/Lilly Kane, excitement, rush

Vicious – V. E. Schwab
Eli Ever/Victor Vale, knifeplay, painplay, torture, grave, extraordinary, writing on skin, ink, soul, angel, God, morality, youth, memory

Victorious (TV)
Beck Oliver/Sinjin, geek, date, dreamy, dance, flowers
Beck Oliver/Tori Vega/Jade West, robot, fine, sunny, boobs, blessing
Tori Vega/Jade West, sing, dance, hunger, necking, car!sex, collar, bite, pain, snark, tease, throw, rip, scissors, exposed
Andre/Tori Vega, slow, seduction, uncomfortable,
Cat/Jade West/Tori Vega, sleepover
Cat/Jade West/Tori Vega/Trina, Yerba
Cat/Trina, car sex
Jade West/Tori Vega, first, inexperience, blush, scissoring, frottage, kiss, share, tie up, sensory deprivation, red, coax, relent
Jade West/Beck Oliver, cross-dressing
Jade/Cat, pink, calming, fire, red
Tori Vega/Cat, love song, cupcakes
Tori Vega/Trina, birthweek, expensive, dance, sing, wiggle, spread

View Askew
Holden McNeil/Banky Edwards, queer

Vikings (TV)
Athelstan/Ragnar Lothbrook, slave, smirk, expected, rejected, inventive, oil, firelight, voyeurism, sacred, blasphemous, comfort, alone, winter, ruined, AU, hell, whispers
Arne/Leif, waves, snow, hunters, sunset
Athelstan/Lagertha Lothbrok, femdom, fierce, sea, grief, valkyrie, ride, vow, wolves, loom, lift, revenge, broken, drunk, patience
Athelstan/Lagertha Lothbrok/Ragnar Lothbrok, fur, teeth, braid, spear, treasure, serve, voyeurism, leash, tether, celibacy, pleasure, femdom, taste, family, read, prayer, weave, sword, commanding, middle, sleepy, tender, comforting, threesome, quietude, morning, midnight
Lagertha/Ragnar Lothbrok, bathe, bite
Ragnar Lothbrok/Rollo, axe, braid

Volpone - Ben Jonson
Mosca/Volpone, cunning, craft, later, nothing, alcohol

Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Bel Thorne/Mark Vorkosigan, freewheeling, subtle, [any]
Simon Illyan/Alys Vorpatril, hidden, prole, secured, trust, unexpected

Duncan/Oliver Sampson, protectors, mysticism, echoes

W Delta Z (aka The Killing Gene)
Eddie Argo/Daniel 'Danny' Leone, get you off

Walking and Talking (1996)
Amelia/Andrew, black, leather, pants, second, time, shopping, DVDs, family

Walking Dead (TV)
Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon, alone, afraid, comfort, walkers, tent, perfume, first time
Daryl Dixon/Glenn Rhee, museum, hunt, attack, cabin, cell, foraging, watchtower, scars

Wallander series - Henning Mankell
Kalle Svedberg/Kurt Wallander, surprise, finally, survival, confession, closer
Magnus Martinsson/Kalle Svedberg, desire, second, sweet, comfortable, domestic
Magnus Martinsson/Kalle Svedberg/Kurt Wallander, confusion, tangle, explosion, passion, salt, tears
Magnus Martinsson/Kurt Wallander, peace, blood, bruises, secret, mouth

Warehouse 13
Claudia Donovan/Abigail Cho, caretaking, electricity, artifact, welding, knees, crush
Claudia Donovan/Helena G. Wells, temptation, age, anal, curiosity, inventions, mentoring, seduction, teasing
Claudia Donovan/Helena G. Wells/Myka Ophelia Bering, artifact, daisy chain, double penetration, rimming
Claudia Donovan/Leena, lazy days, breakfast in bed, secret
Claudia Donovan/Paracelsus, battle, control, Warehouse 13, bed, illusion, [any]
Claudia Donovan/Todd, reunion, awkward, secrets
Helena G. Wells/Myka Ophelia Bering, anal, coat, D/s, grappler gun, handcuffs, sub!Myka, reunion, lips, fingers, thigh, lick, accent, adrenalin, glasses, gun, phone, video, frustrated, tease, wet, fingering, exhibitionism, watching, legs, high-heels, taste, oral, curls, hair pulling, corset, vibrator, submission, rain, wine, Paris, memory, dance, kiss, first date, oral, little black dress, purple, fingers, hotel, ice cream, costumes, Christmas, New Year's Eve, last time, first time, couch, wedding, high school AU, formal wear, whipped cream, undercover, need, bathroom, plane, heels, college AU, button up shirt, promise, home, time, pictures, quiet, snow, fireplace, New York city, locket, goodbye, shots, in another life..., skinny-dipping, summer, laugh, hair, lace, strawberries, late-night, cleavage, handcuffs, ten years later, boots, sleeping in, liquor, bra, tattoo, zipper, couple, darkness, "I love you", sleepover, last kiss, simpler times, Pete's room, twizzlers, accent, curls, childhood bedroom, lawyer AU, camera, remembrance, fire, devil, details, gold, fine wine, desert, dessert,
Joshua Donovan/Helena G. Wells, unexpected, science, broken, laughter, timeless
Joshua Donovan/Steve Jinks, artifact snag, exploring, last Christmas, Claudia's computer, Skype, long-distance
Leena/Helena G. Wells, aura, secrets
Myka Ophelia Bering/Pete Lattimer, strength, on top, rescue, fuck-buddies, flying, grope, caress, giggle, curls, comfort, comfortable, surprise
Pete Lattimer/Steve Jinks, experimentation, board game, sports, smile, shower, silly, kiss, slow, exploration, awareness, bi, revelation, Aladdin's lamp
Rebecca St. Clair/Jack Secord, cherries, stolen moments

Warhammer 40,000
Horus Lupercal/Sanguinius, communion

Warm Bodies - All Media Types
Julie Grigio/R, experiment, outdoors, praise
Perry/R, guide, jealousy, mindfuck, tease

Adrian Veidt/any, power, blemish, mechanical, plans
Edward 'Comedian' Blake/Moloch, mirrors
Dan Dreiberg/Laurie Juspeczyk/Rorschach, clumsy, warmth, devour, judgment, skin, dirty
Dan Dreiberg/Rorschach, swear, desperate, gloves, stretch, victory
Laurie Juspeczyk/Rorschach, soft, sabotage, teeth, comfort, obey
Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre, romance, tight, any
Sally Jupiter/Ursula Zandt, stockings, photo, boots, tough, lipstick, try

We Need to Talk About Kevin
Kevin Khatchadourian/Eva Khatchadourian, Oedipus

Andy Botwin/Nancy Botwin, Copenhagen, cunnilingus, high, quiet, Van Nuys, memory, kiss, oral, red, drunk, roommates, ice cream, second chances, high, lies, flowers, fireworks, in another life..., lonely, vodka, bar fight, California, make-up sex, public place, scratching, run, hope, second thoughts, lonely, what is this?, come back, fingers, night
Nancy Botwin/Celia Hodes, control, guilt, quickie, drunk, oral, bored, wait, friendship

Welcome to Night Vale
Carlos/Cecil Palmer, oranges, experimental, broadcasting, voice, hurried, car, unexpectedly normal, dirty talk, angels, noise, beast, backseat, midnight, for science, shave, statistics, measurable, lists, suck, taste, name, crows, unusual, sonorous, twisted, airtime, scientific, domestic, lazy day, science, broadcast, public, on-air, station, second date, hair, perfect, Strex, secret police, revolution, rooftop, rain, wine, kiss, first date, oral, slow, Halloween, Groundhogs Day, Christmas, morning, on the air, weekend, moving in, vacation, tie, time, date night, strawberries, champagne, paintball, hipster, watching, 2 am, public place, couple, scratch, darkness, shoulders, suspenders, "I love you"
Dana/The Man in the Tan Jacket, buzz, smoke, voice
Dana/Whispering Forest, leaves, whisper, dew, untouched
Earl Harlan/Cecil Palmer, camping
Intern Dana/Intern Vithia, collaboration, void, out-of-body experience
The Faceless Old Woman Who Lives in Your House/One of Hiram McDaniels' Five Heads, star-crossed

Welcome to the Punch (2013)
Max Lewinsky/Jacob Sternwood, rules, kiss, fight, trace, laughter, smoke, rescue, ice, partner

Wentworth (2013)
Erica Davidson/Franky Doyle, anal, D/s, hair pulling, handcuffs, privacy, punishment, strap-on, uniforms

What Maisie Knew (2012)
Lincoln/Margo, bed, curtain, sheets

What's Your Number?
Ally Darling/Simon Forrester, concentrate, pub, home, sweatpants, cushion, cliche

Whip It
Babe Ruthless/Maggie Mayhem, doubt, home alone, parent, puppy
Bliss Cavendar/Iron Maven, birthday, burn, fast, majority, mentor, rival, slap, trip
Bliss Cavendar/Pash, blush, freckles, sticky, taste
Bloody Holly/anybody, ice, night shift, scrubs
Eva Destruction/Rosa Sparks, hot tub, shove, track

White Collar
Clinton Jones/Neal Caffrey, ties, kitchen, lick, phone sex, rings, beer, wine, painting, wrists, skin, mouth
Diana Berrigan/Sara Ellis, fast cars, morning after, bondage, London, protect, secret, snow, first date, heart
Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, middle, trio, touch, loquacious, fingers, eyes, pregnancy, smile, shy, unguarded, snow, sun, rain, wind, water, air, alcohol, perfume, trust, taste, tie, flirt, hot, domestic, stretch, undercover, forever, tricks, complicated, relax, games
Elizabeth Burke/Sara Ellis, bikini, vices, untie, photograph, stormy, spank, bedroom, entire
June Ellington/Diana Berrigan, new tricks, history, dinner, breakfast, lunch, tea, coffee, wine
Neal Caffrey/Kate Moreau, wine, paint, sheer, tease, Paris, outdoors, panties, Van Gogh, beneath, cold
Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, prison, wake-up call, clothes, nobody's victim, adrenaline, relief, tied down, kneeling, photograph, broken, balcony, champagne, wet, sweet, challenge, backrub, obey, soft, beloved, rescue, still alive, first kiss, tease, pursuit, play, strip poker, real smile, first day off the anklet, hidden, lost, found, trust, ownership, possession, after, before
Neal Caffrey/Rebecca Lowe, future, lying, handcuffs, hatred, passion, biting, loyalty, choice, high heels, glasses, promises, betrayal, love, secret
Neal Caffrey/Sara Ellis, paint, bed, trench coat, date, midnight, handcuffs, new, luxury, diamond, con, hotel, adrenaline, escape, peril, perfume, hands
Neal Caffrey/Sara Ellis/Alex Hunter, share, finish, London, satin, wanted, anal, rain, trust, feather, cunnilingus
Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke, dance, roleplay, high heels, kitchen sex, wedding night, crying, moonlight, outdoor sex gone hilariously wrong, magic, treats, playful, wedding

Emerson Kent/Joseph Chandler, OCD, shared, kissed, smile, curls, scarred, blush, asexual, Dom, sub, spank, discipline, content, happy, laugh, confide, blush, bite, tongue, office, supernatural AU, tie, nerves, suit, twin, discomfort, rubber band, desk sex, chastity, obsessive, cleanliness, shower
Joseph Chandler/Ray Miles, age, anxiety, virgin, care, fingers, hands, clean, obsessions, help, comfort, command, control, D/s

Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Colin Mochrie/Ryan Stiles, bald, hug

Wicked (Musical)
Elphaba/Glinda, happy ending, fugitive, revolution, proposal, champagne

Wild Kratts
Aviva Corcorvado/Koki, when the boys are away, technology, nature, primal, sprinkle, ice cream
Chris Kratt/Martin Kratt, understanding, shared bed, mountain stream, Jimmy, pizza, virgin, true love
Chris Kratt/Zak Varmitek, bondage, unwilling, hostage, Stockholm
Donita Donata/Martin Kratt, fashion, strip, bondage, slave, pegging

Wild Things
Ray Duquette/Sam Lombardo, dirty

Wild Wild West (TV)
Artemus Gordon/James West, pining, sublimate, loyalty, pranks, tease, commitment, misunderstanding, denial, wrestling, lies, fiction, duality, wet, damaged, wounded, frustration, fixation

Wildfire (2005) (TV)
Kris Furillo/Junior Davis, whiskey, family, latched
Kris Furillo/Matt Ritter, games, dream
Matt Ritter/Junior Davis, satisfaction, crossroads
RJ Blake/Dani Davis, pink, bossy

Wilfred (2011) (TV)
Ryan Newman/Wilfred, wrong, peanut butter, dogsuit, mindfuck, marijuana, lick, human AU, identity, game, dancing

Willow (1988)
Sorsha/Madmartigan, release, castle, warrior, competition, undress, armor, formal, bicker, gold, bite

Wilsberg (TV)
Alex/Overbeck, Christmas, kiss, dance, rescue

Peter Colt/Lizzie Bradbury, game, set, rooftops, victory, celebration, tender, bouncy, racquet, soft, sporty, shower

Winnetou - Karl May
Old Shatterhand/Winnetou, campfire, lake, bath, skin, desire, faith, guilt

Winnie The Pooh
Eeyore, solo

Winter's Bone - Daniel Woodrell
Ree/Gail, tangles
Ree/Victoria, [any]

Withnail and I (1986)
Withnail/Marwood, bedroom, space, heat, lovers, appreciate, drunk, still ill

Without A Trace
Danny Taylor/Martin Fitzgerald, issues, AA, NA, trust, comfort, slow, kiss, bi, tell, cards, cooking, cases, languid, blindfold, smile, agent, Fitzy, fucked

Wizards and Warriors (TV)
Dirk Blackpool/Erik Greystone, leather, whips, restraints, arachnophobia

Wizards of Waverly Place
Justin Russo/Alex Russo, magic, competition, secret, clone, assignment, forget
Justin Russo/Harper Finkle, magic, again, cold, unavoidable

Women of the Otherworld - Kelley Armstrong
Jeremy Danvers/Jaime Vegas, laugh, play, strength, lust, appetite, magic, red hair, dates
Lucas Cortez/Paige Winterbourne, play, bet, morning, bed, breakfast, sneaky, long distance, competition
Clayton Danvers/Elena Michaels, restaurant, window, struggle

Wonder Boys – All Media Types
James Leer/Terry Crabtree, wide-eyed, smile, dentist, bruise, nectarine, green, hair

Wonder Man (1945)
Edwin Dingle/Ellen Shanley, erotica

Jaye Tyler/Aaron Tyler, peeping tom
Jaye Tyler/Bianca Knowles, stutter, words
Jaye Tyler/Mahandra, boredom
Jaye Tyler/Sharon, I've always wondered
Sharon Tyler/Diana Littlefoot, rivalry
Sharon Tyler/Maureen (from "Barrel Bear"), Republican party dating service

Wool - Hugh Howey
Juliette/Lukas, distance, first-time, stars, food, reunion

Becky Botsford/Tobey McCallister III, secret identity, first kiss

World of Warcraft
Arthas Menethil/Ner'zhul, mine, steel, frozen, crown, king
Asric/Jadaar, wander, forest, ride, heat, reputation, first time, friction
Bolvar Fordragon/Dranosh Saurfang, icicle, plan, armor, brother, Light
Brann Bronzebeard/Fennie Hornswaggle, kite, fly, admirer, dig, story, artifact, kafa, brew, lost, secrets, follow
Darkmaster Gandling/Kel'thuzad, living, bone, chill, peer review
Grand Apothecary Putress/Varimathras, tempt, betrayal, power, visions, hell
Inquisitor Whitemane/Commander Mograine, purge, kneel, devotion, light, red
Jaina Proudmoore/Veressa Windrunner, loyal, magic, moon, tower, thunder, tears, comfort, anger, plan, purple, velvet
Jaina/Vol'jin, alliance
Jin'do/Mandokir, hexed, bone, piercing, shackled, knifeplay, pet
Koltira Deathweaver/Orbaz Bloodbane, break, training, hatred, torment, blood, unholy
Koltira Deathweaver/Thassarian, resurrect, flinch, runeblade, fever, rot
Master Apothecary Faranell/Grand Apothecary Putress, apprentice, demonology, alchemy, bleed, embalm
Moira Thaurissan/Dagran Thaurissan, heir, fire, iron
Varian Wrynn/Arthas Menethil, admire, rose, summer, spring, cold, frost, heat, sword, wound, regret, loyal, Light, history, crown, armor, anger, stone, bold, reckless
Vol'jin/Zalazane, betrayal, magic, night, blood, tusk, blood, memory, bound, shore
Wrathion/Anduin Wrynn, game, smoke, heat, tea, fire, distrust, claw, ache, blood, ally, challenge, experiment, indiscretion, chance, holiday, story, advice, snow, secret, hidden, quiet, bath, romantic, lesson

World Trigger
Any Neighbour General/Arashiyama, Stockholm Syndrome
Jin/Arashiyama, flirty, wall, touch, trail, linger, trapped, adrenalin, hurt
Tachikawa/Arashiyama, firsts, heat, tipsy, needed, scandal, public, caught

World War Z (2013)
Gerry Lane/Segen, travel, survival, Europe, silence

Wreck-It Ralph
Calhoun/Felix, want, surprise, tender, relax, cater,

Wrestling (Indies)
Austin Aries/Chuck Taylor
Jimmy Jacobs/Adam Cole

Wrestling (WWF/E)
AJ Lee/Kane/Daniel Bryan/CM Punk, foursome
Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels, [any]
Kane/AJ Lee, [any]
AJ Lee/CM Punk/John Cena, compromise, secrets, fighting dirty
AJ Lee/Kaitlyn, anal, fisting, last match, locker room, showers
AJ Lee/Lita, anal, betrayal, hero worship, sub!AJ
AJ Lee/Paige, anal, anti-diva, champion, humiliation, NXT, paying dues, strap-on, sub!Paige
AJ Lee/Stephanie McMahon, anal, bribe, Diva's Title, forfeit, pipe bomb, surrender, strap-on, black widow, top!Stephanie, giggle, pin, bosslady
Beth Phoenix/Trish Stratus, anal, D/s, strap-on, sub!Trish
CM Punk/John Cena, tease, workouts, duty
Lita/Trish Stratus, anal, fisting, loser, squirting, submission
Mickie James/Trish Stratus, anal, psycho, strap-on sub!Trish
Natalie Neidhart/Stephanie McMahon, phonesex, drunk, smirk
Shawn Michaels/Triple H, bondage, warm, heartbeat
Shawn Michaels/Triple H/Stephanie McMahon, synchronicity

Xena: Warrior Princess
Ares/Calisto/Xena, anal, chains, double penetration, godlike, sub!Xena
Ares/Gabrielle, [any], AU, reincarnation, deja vu, Hope, god, ambrosia, accident, Xena, fight, mortal, humble, kneel, Amazon, queen, worship, teach, training, swords, scrolls, bard, mistake, nervous, golden, sunshine, lust, sacrifice, altar, want, spar, farm, understanding, goals, war, peace, heart, touch, naked, forget
Ares/Gabrielle/Xena, ambrosia, deal, underworld
Ares/Xena, anal, battle, facial, humiliation, pain, pleasure, sub!Xena, better, burn, promise, sword, temple, sleep, kiss
Calisto/Gabrielle, anger, bruises, phallus, slave, submission
Calisto/Gabrielle/Xena, anal, bargain, double penetration, sword
Calisto/Xena, anal, begging, breaking, fight, fisting, revenge, sub!Xena, squirting, shame
Gabrielle/Joxer: longing, poetry, awkward, once
Gabrielle/Joxer/Xena, cuddle, protect, family, together, blessed, wandering, flames, reincarnation, forever, home, worship, family, bargain, drunk, right, happy
Gabrielle/Xena, horses, leather, travel, bathing, domesticity, warmth, trust, loyalty, redemption, youth, beauty, fire
Hercules/Xena, [any], AU, pleasure, past, paths, baby, change, unchained, heart, cuddle, cold, warrior, Zeus, issues, parents, wet, please, stay, together, need, remember, ours
Xena/Ares/Cleopatra/Autolycus: courtly, voyeurism,
Xena/Autolycus: flirt, play, break, idyl, woods

Elly van Houten/Miang Hawwa, Ouroboros, reflection

Albedo Piazzolla/MOMO Mizrahi, siblings, colour, mayhem, breath, fire, stain
Albedo Piazzolla/MOMO Mizrahi/Gaignun Kukai Jr. (Rubedo), stream, strain, neural, release, thought, memory, keep
Chaos/Canaan, numb, belief, comfort, secret, gentle, warm, bound, rain, time
Gaignun Kukai Jr./MOMO Mizrahi, program, fireflies, date, bullets, bracelet, relatives, growth, spurt, height
Nigredo/Gaignun Kukai Jr. (Rubedo), grow, gun, ship, tease, hidden, red, bend, leap, bound, mind, desk, bridge
Gaignun Kukai Jr. (Rubedo)/Albedo Piazzolla, heart, whole, hurt, blood, bound, gun, leather, white, red, rain, memory, taste, lost, snow, violet
Shion Uzuki/KOS-MOS, pain, salvation, trust, metal, cold, light, memory, leap, faith, tears, restraint, obey, strong, R-Dong

X-Men (Movies)
Remy LeBeau (Gambit)/Rogue, creativity, scarves, frottage, audacity, nude
Robert Drake (Iceman)/Rogue, glove, touch, after the cure, leave, fire, kiss
Logan (Wolverine)/Ororo Monroe (Storm), [any], weather, senses, healing, Jean, need, trust, friendship, headmisstress, school, control, motorcycle, free, flying, naked, past, mission, lust, touch, tornado, freefall, rush, race, smirk, fight
Logan (Wolverine)/Rogue, [any], wicked, restraint, handcuffs, gift, flirt, Forrest, untamed, wild, phone sex, body paint, young, tight, vixen, truth, tolerance, sweet, open, amuse, experimentation, sweat, fixation, mouth, dirty, honest, rediscover, release, dominate, submissive, unashamed, affection, taste, touch, truck, train, caged, tent, marks, bite, bruise, lick, temptation, self-control, voyeurism, roleplay, ownership, stay, discipline, educate, tutor, library, leather, blindfold, backseat, bar, denial, reunion, rules, belong, homecoming, seduction, garage, motorcycle, ride, dangerous, suck, heat, unconventional, doppelgänger, public, undercover, kitchen, spank, scandal, pool, bondage, tequila, surrender, desperate, tongue, demand, breasts, tease, bikini, ravish, touchable, primal, uniform, indecent, thirst, rough, vulnerable, secretive, confidence, happiness, worship, enthusiasm, hope, exposure, barriers, tied, sticky, student, scratch, flexible, protective, pearls, wet, appreciation, sinful, prayer, loud, bathe, float, savour, flavour, erect, charm, lace, possessive, slick, ache, instruct, games, eager, obey, training, irresistible, emotion, rumors, loyalty, whisper, intense, mirror, shower, need, hunger, strength, scent, irresistible, kneeling, pout, perky, innocence, tender, curiosity, impatient, vocal, intoxicating, thick, indiscreet, improvise, corset, caught, trouble, comfort, understanding, fantasy, taboo, pretend, do over, role play, sauna, smile, together, trust, secret, control, smirk, touch, unafraid, sweet
John Allerdyce (Pyro)/Rogue, bad, bare, bent, burn, careful, experiment, fear, flick, killer, power, raw, shaking, skin, summer, sweat, tight, tits, wet

X-Men: First Class (2011)
Alex Summers/Armando 'Darwin' Muñoz, fleeting touches, anchors, explosive, sex as catharsis
Armando 'Darwin' Muñoz/Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, road trip
Charles Xavier/Raven Darkholme, experiment, fail, pegging, succeed, try, blue, red, pink, pearl
Emma Frost/Erik Lehnsherr/Sebastian Shaw, control, darkness, evergreen, bruises, hunger, orchestra, masks, mechanic, pets, power, tin soldier, sparring, weapon, White House
Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, future, reincarnation, reunion, control, discovery, scars, hard, hands, secret, lies, memories, anger, punishment, kinky, safe, frustration, kids, rooftop, bend, metal, mental, planes, forgiveness, reconciliation, meadow, hotel, sweet, rough, cross-dressing, service, betrayal, chess, clever, dream, fever, forever, illness, intransigent, loyalty, nemesis, nightmares, spirit, star matter, tired, wheelchair, found, searching, time, alone, submission, orgasm control, intercrural, 80s, drugs, alcohol, murder, investigation, rain, despair, monks, forbidden, lust, Satan's alley, happy, realism, anal, ow, comfort, kisses, top!Charles
Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier/Raven Darkholme, threesome, star, sparkle, wince, smile, sigh, arch, bask, competition, gnosis, hands, jealous, love, possession, teamwork, rainstorm, responsibility, sacrifice, superheroes, water
Erik Lehnsherr/Moira MacTaggert/Charles Xavier, polyamory, polygamy, hyenas, packs, matriarchy, mpreg, babies
Erik Lehnsherr/Raven Darkholme, awake, clean, energy, explore, forgiveness, forever, heartbreak, learn, new, mine, politics, release, same, stroke, shower, warmth, worship
Erik Lehnsherr/Sebastian Shaw, no, yes, past, future, forget, remember, shudder, beg, language, silence
Hank McCoy/Charles Xavier, mpreg, alpha!Charles, science!, fur
Hank McCoy/Raven Darkholme, blue, honest, change
Hank McCoy/Alex Summers, mornings, naked, vows, caught, timid, chores, teaching, block, sweets, portraits, towels, treetops, beach.

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito
Youko Sumeragi/any female character, travel, experience, cross-dressing, rivalry

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
Ain/Sittica/Yapp, reunited
Cadugan/Lucas Grayfort, lycanthropy, snuggling, indoors
Caelin/Glitterbranch, pastime
Gadjia/Glon/Ibkis/Shaija, family
Nephilia/Wolf, breeding

You Rang M'Lord?
Cissy Meldrum/any female, pose, any

Young Avengers
America Chavez/Kate Bishop, shorts, challenge, music, colors, coffee, frock, afterparty, thighs, stars, aim, princess, lips, sunglasses, solid, curves, dance, hair, instagram, leadership, denial, fingers, calluses, knuckles, fist, boots, bruises, team building exercise, dimensions, exes, rebound, flying, vertigo
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, first kiss, dance, senses, magic, experiment, makeup, laughter, breathless, kink, tied, trust, first, quickie, cloak, kiss, fly, desperate, swearing, trust, water
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman/Tommy Shepherd, naughty, secretive, birthday, accident, twisted, change, magic, jealousy, second
Billy Kaplan/Tommy Shepherd, missing, complete, tangle, hurry, mirror
David Alleyne/Tommy Shepherd, pansexuality, fluid sexuality, speed, intelligence, seduction, impulse, coffee, noodles, friendship, roommates, rave, dancing, dimensions, kisses, green, trust, super villains, heroes, wounds, broken heart, jelly beans, belts, wrestling, skintight suits, sunlight, magic, rain, movies, lego, tools, prepared, habit, swing, clandestine, dedication, obsession, rebound, dazzling, opinionated, arguments, relief, cameo, dinosaurs, magnetism, eerie, humming, flexible, galvanize, partners, talent, envy, sexting, ex-girlfriend, covet, vibration, nepotism, Avengers, growing up, hearts, anarchist, villain, trip, tangled, tickling, warm, simple, burned, marks, date, noodles, take out, flirting, smug, making out, phonesex, desk, cardigan sweater, exasperation, partnership, ninjas, tag, laws of motion, reflex, frenetic, vibrate, tangent, knowledge base, tmi, marathon, showing off, babble, tongue tied, misunderstanding, interrupt, Teddy Altman, labels, shrug, headache, insomnia, wikipedia, nightmares, belonging, hand holding, time zones, futon, midnight, metabolism, deadpan, zombies
Kate Bishop/Eli Bradley/Tommy Shepherd, run, smack, kiss, fist, shower, unusual
Kate Bishop/Noh Var, space
Thor/Billy Kaplan, heroes, worship, spandex, clogs, panties

Young Hercules
Iolaus/Hercules, partners, drunk, sharing, amnesia, daemons
Iolaus/OMC, teacher, sore, thief, punishment, summer, dream, afterlife, coming out, tease, daemons, wish, wings, massage, touch starved

Young Justice (cartoon)
Garth/Kaldur'ahm/Tula, glide, surface, float, air, complete

Young Justice (Comics)
Tim Drake/Kon-El, flight, summer, odd job, slave, alpha/omega, teamwork, role reversal, snow, cheating

Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Nita Callahan/Kit Rodriguez, moving in, telepathy sex, hogwarts, road trip, long distance

Yu Yu Hakusho
Itsuki/Sensui Shinobu, shift, apathy, dedication, eternity
Kurama/Yomi, conspire, sight, bygones

Yu-Gi-Oh! - All Media Types
Bakura Ryou/Yami Bakura, pain, payment, touch, apology, wanton
Kaiba Seto/Pegasus J Crawford, business, respect, betrayal, frills, foreign, knowledge, defeat
Kaiba Seto/Yami Yuugi, death, souls, battle, mine, stolen, fantasies, leather, abandon, cooking, rough, virgin
Kritias/Timaeus, fight, spar, training, stamina, tails, camaraderie
Mutou Yuugi/Kaiba Seto, rival, friend, darkness, puzzle, moments, lost, forgotten
Mutou Yuugi/Yami Yuugi, eternal, game, new, intoxicating
Priest Seto/Kisara, love, light, protect, dragon, time, virgin
Seto Kaiba/Kisara, any, dirty, dragon, future, past, present, family, blue, trust, uniform, caged
Yami Bakura/Kaiba Seto, poison, strange, judgement, thief, danger, grudge, kidnap
Yami Bakura/Malik Ishtar, paradise, enemies, experimentation

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
Mai Valentine/Serenity Wheeler, see, smile, teach
Serenity Wheeler/Tea Gardner, first, fun, sweet
Tea Gardner/Mai Valentine, car, competition, dance
Tea Gardner/Mai Valentine/Serenity Wheeler, blindfold

Yume Nikki | Dream Diary
Madotsuki/Poniko, transformation, cotton candy, sadism, perfection, deadly, isolation, pool
Madotsuki/Seccom Masada-sensei, piano, blood, tea, masochism, knife, galaxy, innocence

Zarafa (2012)
Bouboulina/Hassan, virgin, Greece, earrings, bed

Zero Dark Thirty
Jessica/Maya, friends, coffee, danger

Columbus/Tallahassee, Twinkies
Tallahassee/Bill Murray, clowns
Wichita/Little Rock, beyond

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
Utsusemimaru/Ian Yorkland, blood, bruises, anger, punishment, sword, gun, electricity, flowers, womanizer, perfect, leather, kiss, hair, basketball, tears, bondage


21 Jump Street/The Watch, Schmidt/Franklin, cops
30 Rock/Parks & Recreation, Leslie Knope/Liz Lemon, weird, affinity, bench, breakfast, syrup, play

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin/The Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis, Edmund Pevensie/Sansa Stark, loyalty, regret, understanding, separation, wolves, lions, homesick, summer, warmth, red, majesty, vow, consumation, flowers, beauty, silk, steel
Adventure Time/Homestuck, Fionna/Jade Harley, adventure, hunting, trouble, oral, BMO, dogs, any
Adventure Time/Homestuck, Marceline/Rose Lalonde, bite, any
Adventure Time/Homestuck, Marshall Lee/Dave Strider, music, rap, spar, red, irony, any
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (TV)/Pacific Rim, Melinda May/Hercules Hanson, any, questions, weary, comfort, breath
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Darcy Lewis/Skye, outsiders, enthusiasm, lipstick, giggling,
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Melinda May/Natasha Romanov, sparring
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Melinda May/Natasha Romanov, evaluate, stubborn, gym, dance, swirl, calm center, rationality, sense,
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)/Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011), Ethan Hunt/Melinda May, silence, adrenaline, frenetic,
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)/Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011), Phil Coulson/William Brandt, efficiency, debrief, quiet, relief, explosion
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)/Pacific Rim (2012), Melinda May/Stacker Pentecost, memories, drift, fight, kiss, release
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)/Secret Avengers (Comics), Phil Coulson/Melinda May/Bobbi Morse, genius, balance, intense, appearance, underground, away
Aladdin (1992)/The Little Mermaid (1989), Aladdin/Ariel, new, worlds
Aladdin/Frozen (2013), Aladdin/Kristoff, hot, cold, temperature, clothes, strength, unmannered, pickpocket, sand, snow, sauna, singing, ice, fire, wax
Alien: Resurrection/Wolverine, Ellen Ripley/Logan, futureshock, regeneration, skin, bruise, bite, burn, smile, cigar
Almost Human/Battlestar Galactica (2003), Kennex/Six, prowl, dress, ready, alive, ease
Almost Human/Person of Interest (TV), Dorian/John Reese, bullets, cause, Anonymous, firewall, DRN!Reese
Almost Human/Sleepy Hollow, Dorian/Jenny Mills, any, smile, trust, record
Almost Human/Tron: Legacy, Dorian/Quorra, any, curious, human, touch
Almost Human/White Collar, Dorian/Neal Caffrey, transparent, tells, emotion
American Horror Story: Coven/The Originals, Marcel Gerard/Marie Laveau, teach, respect, femdom, cunnilingus, smirk, grin, experience, age, boss, in charge, queen, hard, blood, hunger, curiosity, throat, power, magic, unstoppable, immovable object
American Horror Story: Coven/The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie Bennett/Marie Laveau, teach, tutelage, ancestors, queen, goddess, fire, lick, breasts, nails, hover, recover, floating, magic, ascend,
American Psycho/Reservoir Dogs, Patrick Bateman/Freddy Newandyke, corner, taste
Angel: the Series/Dollhouse, Adelle DeWitt/Lilah Morgan, frienemies, nails, lipstick
Angel: the Series/Dollhouse, Dr. Claire Saunders/Winifred 'Fred' Burkle, mirror, curious, science, warp, coffee, scars
Angel: the Series/Leverage, Lindsey/Parker, [any], con artist, evil, scoff, spar, steal, crazy
Angel: the Series/Leverage, Lindsey/Parker/Eliot, [any], lookalike, weird, different, need, moan, touch, hair, crime, past
Angel: the Series/Luther, Fred Burkle/Alice Morgan, sharp, music, wariness, games, intellect, weapon, survivor, scar, philosophy, physics
Angel: the Series/Supernatural, Illyria/Abbadon, creature, earth, investigate, pet, unlikely
Angel: the Series/Watchmen, Comedian/Angel, guilt
Anne of Green Gables/Les Miserables – All Media Types, Matthew Cuthbert/Jean Valjean, harvest, knee-touching, quiet moments
Antique (2008)/Chocolat, Kim Jin Hyeok/Vianne Rocher, chocolate, memory, favorite, cake, mirage, oral
Antique (2008)/Coffee Prince, Noh Sun Ki/Min Seon Woo, surprise, pastry cream, nail polish, hairtie, flirting, charm, date
Archer/Burn Notice, Pam Poovey/Michael Westen, nobody does it better
Arrested Development/Parks and Recreation, GOB/Jean-Ralphio, familiar, mistake, trick
Arrow (TV 2012)/Orphan Black, Felicity Smoak/Cosima Niehaus, any, AU, justice, entwine, hallowed, nebulous, regret, first-time, straw, orchestra
Arrow (TV 2012)/The Dark Knight Trilogy (Nolan), Oliver Queen/Bruce Wayne, snark, shallow, billionaire, tuxedo, gun, hidden, justice, terror, miscalculation, violent, rival, crazy, promiscuous, impression
Arrow (TV 2012)/The Tomorrow People, Oliver Queen/Stephen Jameson, cruising, peeping, prostitution
Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars, Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt/Alex Drake, Major Tom, relief, conspiracy, all along
Avatar: Legend of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender, Korra/Yue, lunar eclipse, descent, spirit oasis, glow
Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV)/Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Katara/Hermione Granger, seek, knowledge, wisdom, writing, guide, trust, drift, fruit, dessert, favorite, hoard, dragon

Babylon 5/Battlestar Galactica (2003), Susan Ivanova/Caprica Six, explore, touch, red nails, imperfect
Babylon 5/Star Trek: The Original Series, Alfred Bester/Pavel Chekov, the-guardian-of-forever
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Susan Ivanova/Daniel Jackson, meetings, comfort, loss, night
Batman (Nolan series)/DCU, John Blake/Dick Grayson, partners, AU, rescue
Batman Begins/Smallville, Bruce/Chloe, dark, elevator, alley, muscle
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Chuck/Traveller/White Collar, Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey/Jay Burchell, copies, plan, love, unique, Earth
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Doctor Who, Lee Adama/Clara Oswald, shoelaces, confusion, fingers, flyboy, glide
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Firefly, Cally/Kaylee, stranded, rogue, mechanic, tinker, similar, flirting, bubbly, flowers
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Firefly, Kara Thrace/Malcom Reynolds, frontier
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Person of Interest (TV), Cavil/The Machine, God, love, blasphemy, starlight
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Person of Interest (TV), Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Samantha Shaw, fire-starter, careless, Cylon!Shaw, kinky
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Person of Interest (TV), Tory Foster/Root, fury, perfection, bad code, taste
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Kara Thrace/Sam Carter, trigger, argue, stargate, Earth, need, stranded, purr, engine, command
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Kara Trace/Malek, power-play, desire, blatant, needs
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Sam Anders/Ba'al, pleasure, unexpected, handcuffs
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Sam Anders/Ba'al/Malek, leather, handcuffs, forced, fuck-or-die, slaves
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Sam Anders/Malek, massage, surprises, handcuffs, leather, whips, slow
Being Human (UK)/Sherlock (TV), John Mitchell/Sherlock Holmes, addicted, night, history
Bioshock/Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt/Jack Ryan, any
Bitten/Teen Wolf (TV), Elena Michaels/Derek Hale, any
Blake's 7/Doctor Who, Cally/Leela, crash, telepathy, ocean, travel, skin
Bones/Chuck, Seely Booth/John Casey, snipers, night, angle
Bones/Criminal Minds, Angela Montenegro/Penelope Garcia, flirt, technology
Boston Legal/Community (TV), Alan Shore/Alan Conner, degenerate, any
Boston Legal/Community (TV), Alan Shore/Marlene Stanger/Jeff Winger, play, any
Boston Legal/Community (TV), Marlene Stanger/Jeff Winger, NYC, eye-contact, nippleplay, any
Boston Legal/Star Trek: The Original Series, Alan Shore/James Kirk, exchanged, opportunities
Brave/Frozen (2013), Merida/Ana, fate, marriage, frustration, princess, hair, rebel
Brave/How To Train Your Dragon, Merida/Ruffnut Thorston, heights, any
Brave/Tangled, Merida/Rapunzel, climb, escape, hero, adventure, whisper
Breaking In/Smallville, Cameron Price/Lex Luthor, gift, car, charm, desk, smile,
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV)/Psych, Jake Peralta/Shawn Spencer: cover, weird, pineapples, clever references
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV)/Psych, Rosa Diaz/Juliet O'Hara: leather, banter, orders, snark, bondage
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV)/The Unusuals, Allison Beaumont/Rosa Diaz, armed, nope, patrol
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Criminal Minds, Tara Maclay/Jennifer Jareau, apocalypse, slow, touch, silk, kiss.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Ace McShane/Faith Lehane, companions, trust, damaged, jackets, redemption, past,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Amy Pond/Faith Lehane, lipstick, impossible, bunk, blind, wild.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Buffy/River Song, clever, thief, duty, harmony.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Dark!Willow/Bad Wolf!Rose, gods, dust, time, connection, light, dark, destruction, grief, death.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Willow/Jack Harkness, switch, flirt, seduce, pansexual.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Evil Dead Trilogy, Ash Williams/Buffy Summers, breaky
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Evil Dead Trilogy, Buffy Summers/Ash Williams, back roads, partnership
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Evil Dead Trilogy, Faith Lehane/Ash Williams, pool table, banter, beer, jukebox, drunk, pick-up, sawed-off
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Buffy Summers/Malcolm Reynolds, discipline, paint, flight, jewels, lazy, A/B/O
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Generation Kill, Buffy Summers/Nate Fick, refreshing, secrets, dreams
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter – All Media Types, Rupert Giles/Severus Snape, pasts, demons, regret
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Buffy Summers/Sirius Black, heaven, jest, hope, stuck, secret, hidden, blindfold, rough, belonging, whiskey, cuddle, trust, [any]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien, Elrohir/Buffy Summers/Elladan, [any]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lost Girl, Bo/Buffy, chosen, battle, human, murder.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lost Girl, Bo/Lauren/Willow, Sappho, painting, power, connection.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lost Girl, Lauren/Willow, science, tongues, Latin, spell, curious, books, research.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lost Girl, Tamsin/Anya, hell, vengeance.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lost Girl, Tamsin/Faith, whiskey, forget, fire.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Buffy Summers/Loki, fight, magic, reaction, reward
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Faith Lehane/Clint Barton, training, watch, flexible
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS, Buffy Summers/Abby Sciuto, vacation, one-night stand, photograph, evidence
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Buffy Summers/Ronon Dex, chance meeting, size kink, sparring, secret, strenght, teeth, nails, rain, shower, knives, improvise, texture, kindred, midnight, leather.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Castiel, humanity, student, teacher, admiration, sympathy, need, curiosity, fixation, taste, ice cream
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Dean Winchester, authority, differences, spirited, public, laughter, highschool, brazen
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Gabriel, broken, laughter, lollypops, bubbles, anguish, Trickster, decadent, mischief, resurrection, wings, costume, sugar, slayer, purgatory, vessel, partners, hair-pulling, tricks, dimension, pollen, nephilim, pregnancy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Sam Winchester, laughter, heart, normal, sweet, pink, whispers, beach, Stanford, portal, tree, benefits, divert, renew, unexpected, treasure, angels, demons, lipstick, faith, light, comfort, protective, beautiful, wonder, plaid, jealousy, kind, ally, unfridgeable, married, family, lucky
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Charlie Bradbury/Willow Rosenberg, magic, comic-con, red, hacker, costume, queen, serendipity, babble, glee, quip
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn Summers/Adam Milligan, resurrection, learning, protect, light, red, dirt, memory, devotion
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn Summers/Sam Winchester, Stanford, experiment, massive, whipped-cream, test, buy, park, Latin
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith Lehane/Dean Winchester, sweat, leather, wildfire, unbelievable, run, escape, prison
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith Lehane/Lenore, revelation, drink, questions
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Tara Maclay/Dean Winchester, magic, power, demon, nature, snow
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Hobbit – All Media Types, Buffy Summers/Bofur, glow, family, happy, music
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Hobbit – All Media Types, Buffy Summers/Dís, tender, hearth, laughter, friend
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Hobbit – All Media Types, Buffy Summers/Dwalin, rough, sweat, comfort, feast
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Hobbit – All Media Types, Buffy Summers/Thorin Oakenshield, defeat, prize, blood, young
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien, Buffy Summers/Maglor, heaven, pain, depression, solace, hope, redemption, companion, wander, want, longing, clutch, immortality, nevermore, blasphemy, falling, destiny, Valinor, laughter, tears, defy, compassion, fight, bravery, admiration, scold, adventure, quest, death
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien, Buffy Summers/Finrod Felagund, flowers, quirky, new, charming, strange, Valinor, forever [any]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Toy Story, Mr. Gordo/Hamm, adventure
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars – All Media Types, Buffy Summers/Veronica Mars, trick
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Bryce Larkin, mission, sniper, flirt, alike, smart, habits, agency, badass
Burn Notice/Leverage, Fiona Glennane/Parker, comfortable, acrobatic, throwdown, bodice-ripper, climb, aftershock, destruction
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Eliot Spencer, intelligence, hair-pulling, desire, need, understood
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Eliot Spencer/Mr Quinn, plans, hair, observant, rarity, smile
Burn Notice/Luther, Fiona Glenanne/Alice Morgan, M, eyebrows, knives
Burn Notice/Psych, Sam Axe/Burton Guster, drunk, flirt, charm, darts, paranoia
Burn Notice/Psych, Shawn Spencer/Michael Westen, hero worship
Burn Notice/Sons of Anarchy, Sam Axe/Gemma Teller Morrow, tattoo, bikes, trees, information, extraction, sweat
Burn Notice/The A-Team (2010), Hannibal Smith/Madeline Westen, smoke, disappearance, mystery, childhood, regrets
Burn Notice/The A-Team (2010), Templeton Peck/Michael Westen, skills, dossier, surprises, ceasefire
Burn Notice/The A-Team, Michael Westen/Templeton "Faceman" Peck, smooth, gin, scotch, flirt
Burn Notice/The A-Team, Sam Axe/Templeton "Faceman" Peck, smart, experienced, player, women

Captain Marvel/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Carol Danvers/James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Sam Wilson, flying
Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Laurent/Loki, charming, scheme, contrast, river
Carrie/Evil Dead Trilogy, Carrie White/Ash Williams, sins, blood, rescue, shy, protect
Casino Royale/Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, James Bond/William Brandt, first, martini
Castle/Fringe, Lanie Parish/Astrid Farnsworth, witness, secrets, lipstick
Castle/Veronica Mars – All Media Types, Alexis Castle/Veronica Mars, investigating, mystery, dorm
Charmed/CSI: New York, Chris Halliwell/Mac Taylor, discipline, desired, kneeling, submission, bliss
Charmed/NCIS, Chris Halliwell/ Leroy Jethro Gibbs, silver fox, hands on, submission, joy
Charmed/Stargate Atlantis, Prue Halliwell/John Sheppard, one night stand, new, magic, office, oppurtunity, shower, promise, undercover, perception, uniform.
Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D., Erin Lindsay/Kelly Severide, help, safety, fight, angry, protection
CHiPs/Dukes of Hazzard, Jon Baker/Bo Duke, straw, jump, city
Chronicles of Chrestomanci – Diana Wynne Jones/Howl's Moving Castle – All Media Types, Chrestomanci/Howl, closets, dimensions, magic-touch
Chuck/Criminal Minds, Chuck Bartowski/Penelope Garcia, oral, flirting, internet, camera, striptease, romance, date
Chuck/Fringe, Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb/Frank Stanton, scrubs, consultation, gym, appreciation
Chuck/Fringe, Sarah Walker/Olivia Dunham, any
Chuck/Leverage, Chuck Bartowski/Alec Hardison, nerds, fun, flirting, laughing, play, internet, feet, Converses
Chuck/Psych, Sarah Walker/Julliet O´Hara, strap-on, handcuffs, anal powerplay, repression
Chuck/Warehouse 13, Sarah Walker/H.G. Wells, anal, seduction
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey, paint, daring, camera, watching, stun, blush, enthusiastic, pool
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce Larkin/Neal Caffrey, exploring, frottage, smile, skin, touch, perfection, style, double-cross, spy
Chuck/White Collar, Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey, free, games, trust, temporary, secrets, undercover
Chuck/White Collar, Ellie Bartowski/Elizabeth Burke, college, study, sex toys
Community/Greek, Annie Edison/Rebecca Logan, anxiety, controlling, pleasing, rush, transfer
Continuum (TV)/Orphan Black, any/any, monopoly, withdrawn, house, seethe, yes, 10:32pm, tie, apprehension, tongue, music, any,
Continuum (TV)/Orphan Black, any/Cosima Niehaus, perfume, DNA, travel, bay, supplies, winter, DNA, any
Continuum/Stargate Atlantis, Kiera Cameron/Ronon Dex, timing, trigger
Corpse Bride/Nightmare Before Christmas, Emily/Sally, freedom
Covert Affairs/Daredevil, Auggie Anderson/Matt Murdock, pad, scratch, eyebrow, pull
Covert Affairs/Suits, Joan Campbell/Jessica Pearson, fog, payola, heels
Criminal Minds/Gilmore Girls, Spencer Reid/Rory Gilmore, smiles, awkward, hands, unplanned, hair, again, nails, knowledge, exploration, texture, secret, memories.
Criminal Minds/Leverage, Spencer Reid/Eliot Spencer, sweet, pet, stroke, boy, shiver, bite, collar, promise, bruise
Criminal Minds/Lightning Force (TV Series 1991), [any], Alex Blake/Marie Joan Jacquard, sweat, fighting, hiking, muscles, mosquitoes
Criminal Minds/Lightning Force (TV Series 1991), Emily Prentiss/Marie Joan Jacquard, [any], outdoors, scissoring, 69, undercover, combat, French, commands, prey, heat, humid
Criminal Minds/Millennium (TV), Jason Gideon/Frank Black, [any], abyss, darkness, fear, blood, nightmares, mind games, hunt
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Emily Prentiss/Ziva David, [any], outsider, language, past, secret, tough, hairbrush, shaving, exercise
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Penelope Garcia/Abby Sciuto, intelligence, nipple clamps, corset, beauty, pigtails, smile, oral
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Penelope Garcia/Abby Scuito, colour, competition, giggle, hands, sexting,
Criminal Minds/Stargate Atlantis, Emily Prentiss/John Sheppard, loss, remembrance, water, smooth, rush, escape, sober
Criminal Minds/The Losers (2010), Penelope Garcia/Jake Jensen, queen, fishnets, smile, best
Criminal Minds/The Pretender, Alex Blake/Miss Parker, [any], mindfuck, manipulation, fight, power, dominance, blindfold, black, experiment, hunt
Criminal Minds/Warehouse 13, Penelope Garcia/Claudia Donovan, hacking
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation/CSI: Miami, Greg Sanders/Ryan Wolfe, laugh, fun, piercing, dancing, thrust, trust
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation/House M.D., Gregory House/Catherine Willows, chance, seduction, stripping, snark, sarcasm, wit, challenge
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: New York/Criminal Minds, Alex Blake/Jo Danville, accent, tongue, drawl, fbi, goodbye
CSI: New York/NCIS, Adam Ross/Abby Sciuto, Domme, sub space, collaring, loved, happy, knee socks
CSI: New York/NCIS, Adam Ross/Tony DiNozzo, switch, subs, collar, caress, right, together
Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft/Mythology, Cthulhu/Mythological Being (any), greement, barter, boredom, frienemies, tentacles, wager
Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Any/Any, accident, bargains, exploring new frontiers, magic, spell, technology vs magic, tentacles

Damages/The Devil Wears Prada, Patty Hewes/Miranda Priestly, office, time, skirt, caught, power, ransom, bound, remote, stranded
Daria/Scott Pilgrim, Trent Lane/Scott Pilgrim, festival, backstage, battle of the bands, undressing, tent, on stage
Dawson's Creek/Gilmore Girls, CJ/Dean Forester, world, darkness, choice
DCU/Doctor Who, Diana of Themyscria/any Doctor, ambassador, renegade, equals, friends, timey-wimey, lonely god, hero, good, brave, intrigue, unique, different. hope, inspiration, strength
DCU/Marvel 616, Remy LeBeau/Selina Kyle, charity, heist, laugh, mourn, heroics
DCU/Person of Interest (TV), Barbara Gordon [Oracle]/John Reece, sparring, grace, scars
DCU/Person of Interest (TV), Dick Grayson/Harold Finch, damaged, brilliant, need
DCU/White Collar, Dick Grayson/Neal Caffrey, alternate universe, opposite, similar, blue
DCU/Xena: Warrior Princess, Diana of Themiscrya/Xena, warrior, duty, amazon, immortal, equal, peace, redemption
Dead Like Me/Pushing Daisies, Chuck Charles/George Lass, unfair
Dirty Sexy Money/Orphan Black, Jeremy Darling/Felix Dawkins, clubbing, hot, rentboy
Dirty Sexy Money/Political Animals, Jeremy Darling/TJ Hammond, dissolute, wealth, trouble
Dishonored/Thief (video games), Corvo Attano/Garrett, sneak, steal, loyal, snark, adrenaline, height, invisible, hidden, secret, favors, danger
Disney Movies/Labyrinth, Jareth/any princess, (any), dance, villain, corrupt, peach, feathers, maze
Doctor Who/Firefly, Eleventh Doctor/River Song/River Tam, brains, survival
Doctor Who/Firefly, River Song/River Tam, matched
Doctor Who/Fringe, Martha Jones/Astrid Farnsworth, [any], parallels, alternatives, unbelievable, allies, pretending, laboratory, plants, virus, ice, taste
Doctor Who/Game of Thrones (TV), Sansa Stark/Eleventh Doctor, forgetting, backwards, harvest, pool, heart, gold
Doctor Who/Labyrinth, Doctor/Jareth, impossible, boots
Doctor Who/Life on Mars (UK), The Master (Simm)/Gene Hunt, punish, control, misunderstanding
Doctor Who/Lost Girl, Bo/Amy Pond, red, knives, blue.
Doctor Who/Lost Girl, Bo/Jack Harkness, power, death, hello.
Doctor Who/Lost Girl, Bo/Martha Jones, remind, observe, doctor.
Doctor Who/Lost Girl, Bo/River Song, weapons, guns, knives, stars.
Doctor Who/Lost Girl, Dyson/Jack Harkness, wolf, teams.
Doctor Who/Lost Girl, Leela (Doctor Who)/Bo (Lost Girl), expertise, passion, sparring, magic, leather
Doctor Who/Lost Girl, Tamsin/Jack Harkness, hello, vodka, stopwatch.
Doctor Who/Lost Girl, Tamsin/River Song, angel, edge, song, harbinger, water, raw.
Doctor Who/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Eleventh Doctor/River Song/Tony Stark, build, hero
Doctor Who/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Eleventh Doctor/Tony Stark, amazing, mimic, sonic
Doctor Who/Once Upon A Time (TV), The Master/Regina Mills, power, mischief, evil, supernatural, clothing, passion, psychosis
Doctor Who/Rivers of London – Ben Aaronovitch, Peter Grant/Eleventh Doctor, handcuffed
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Amy Pond/Sherlock Holmes, clues, time, surprise, return, jump, falling
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Eleventh Doctor/John Watson, companion, lonely
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Eleventh Doctor/Sherlock Holmes, extraordinary
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Eleventh Doctor/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, everywhere, fix, impossible
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Eleventh Doctor/Sherlock Holmes/River Song/John Watson, anywhen, pollen
Doctor Who/Skyfall (2012), Martha Jones/Eve Moneypenny, [any], guns, leather, velvet, clash, tough, hiking, injury, tongue, humor, scissoring, oil
Doctor Who/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Christine Chapel/Martha Jones, appreciation, technology, history, modern
Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/Eleventh Doctor, fashion, motorcycle, picky
Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/Tenth Doctor, flight, books, tea
Doctor Who/The Chronicles of Narnia – All Media Types, Susan Pevensie/Ninth Doctor, comfort, wasteland, wind
Doctor Who/The Chronicles of Narnia – All Media Types, Susan Pevensie/River Song, forget, lipstick, accomplished
Doctor Who/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Thomas Raith/Jack Harkness, vampires, lush, satiate, deal, Harry
Doctor Who/The Prisoner (1967), Delgado!Master/McKern!Number Two, toys, domination, madness, dildos, whipping, mindplay
Doctor Who/The Prisoner (1967), McKern!Number Two/Vislor Turlogh, school master, caning, age play, uniforms
Doctor Who/The Sandman, Jack Harkness/Morpheus!Dream, dare, present, stream
Doctor Who/Tomb Raider (Video Game), 8th Doctor/Lara Croft, adventure, opposites, equals, challenge, exotic, explore, danger, rush, beauty, injured, healing
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Alice Carter/Jenny, parents, heal, journey, rebirth, hold, carry, cry, fantastic
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Clara Oswin Oswald/Toshiko Sato, hacking
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Mickey Smith, backstory, third time's the charm, laser, understand, Smith & Jones, ten, Ten
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Toshiko Sato, tea, sympathy, honey, salt, twist, pieces, lifeline, walls, drunk
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tish Jones/Toshiko Sato, nicknames, chance, smile, fate, Jack Harkness
Donnie Darko/Teen Wolf (TV), Donnie Darko/Stiles Stilinski, continuum, lips
Doom (2005)/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), James T. Kirk/Leonard "Reaper!Bones" McCoy, C-24, mirror-au, rescue, senses
Downton Abbey/Firefly, Anna/Mary/Inara, bright, starlight, clean, breath, dress
Downton Abbey/Firefly, Sybil/Kaylee, naivete, firelight, stains, fresh, study
Dracula (TV 2013)/Merlin, Lucy Westenra/Morgana Pendragon, black and white, alike, unrequited, magic, monster
due South/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Benton Fraser/Steve Rogers, patriotism, uniform, soldier, kindness, alienation, lonely, loss, belonging
due South/Sherlock (TV), Benton Fraser/Sherlock Holmes, deduction, brilliant, tracking, evidence, taste
due South/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Ray Kowalski, cars, guns, alcohol, hero

Ed Edd n Eddy/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), Donatello/Edd, Science, nerds, gap, studying, exploration
Elementary (TV)/Orphan Black, Irene Adler/Cosmia Niehaus, AU, world domination, femdom, murder, acquittal, acrylic, exhaustion, multiple-orgasms
Elementary (TV)/X-men: First Class, ladies, pirates, "booties", laughter, trade, voyeurism
Elementary/Fringe, Joan Watson/Olivia Dunham, whiskey, stress, confidence
Elementary/James Bond (Craig Movies), James Bond/Jamie Moriarty, martini, evening gown, abseil, cigarette, cards, beg
Elementary/Luther, Alice Morgan/Jamie Moriarty|Irene Adler, competitive, gambling, dominance, handcuffs, museum, gallery, bounty, casino, yacht, heist, skyline, exhibitionism, antimatter, ice cubes, champagne, phone-sex, student/teacher
Elementary/Luther, Alice Morgan/Joan Watson, observation
Elementary/Orphan Black, Cosima Niehaus/Joan Watson, degree, repair, spectrum, tinker
Elementary/Orphan Black, Helena/Jamie Moriarty, mad dog, mother, tool
Elementary/Orphan Black, Jamie Moriarty/Siobhan Sadler, bird, guardian, long con, system
Elementary/Orphan Black, Sherlock Holmes/Sarah Manning, ex-pat, jones, imitation, itch, punk
Elementary/Pacific Rim (2012), Joan Watson/Stacker Pentecost, any, grieving, scars
Elementary/Scott & Bailey, Sherlock Holmes/Gill Murray, ma'am, prodigy, specialist
Elementary/Sherlock, Irene Adler/Jamie Moriarty, balance, fair play, work, useful, plan, stockings, unique, likes
Elementary/Sherlock, Jamie Moriarty/Jim Moriarty, chaos, trouble, violence, team
Elementary/Sherlock, Joan Watson/Molly Hooper, appreciate, residency, distance, morgue, moment
Elementary/Sleepy Hollow, Marcus Bell/Abbie Mills, any, work, play, fun, right
Elementary/The Black List, Raymond 'Red' Reddington/Jamie Moriarty, adversary, angry, hate, lie, control
Elementary/The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - All Media Types, Jamie Moriarty/Lisbeth Salander, digital, recognition, talent
Elementary/The Losers (2010), William Roque/Joan Watson, big, redemption, solve
Elementary/Whip It, Maggie Mayhem/Joan Watson, conference, lace, release, wheels
Eureka/Warehouse 13, Douglas Fargo/Claudia Donovan, experiments, science, impulsive
Evil Dead Trilogy/Disney Princesses, Ash Williams/any or all, zombies, Deadites, boomstick, king, gore, hero, damsels, reward
Evil Dead Trilogy/Evil Dead (2013), Ash Williams/Mia Allen, banter, aim, chainsaw, smoking, team, hiding, normal, cling, blood, nature
Evil Dead Trilogy/The Cabin in the Woods, Dana/Ash Williams, familiar, cliches, survival, blood, victory sex, virgins

Fairly Legal/Longmire, Justin Patrick/Vic Moretti, convention, badge, rope, visitor, familiar, infidelity
Final Fantasy IV/Pokemon (any), Sabrina/Kain Highwind, glare, potential, dollhouse, possession, laughter
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy X, Garnet til Alexandros XVII/Yuna, hair, healing, magic, summon
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy XII, Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca/Garnet til Alexandros XVII, diplomacy, magic, royalty, treaty
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy XII, Beatrix/Drace, armour, battle
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy XII, Fran/Freya Crescent, fight, respect
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy XII, Fran/Lulu, knowledge, magic
Final Fantasy VI/Final Fantasy IX, Beatrix/Celes Chere, respect, training
Final Fantasy VI/Final Fantasy IX, Eiko Carol/Relm Arrowny, drawing, trouble, young
Final Fantasy VI/Final Fantasy XII, Penelo/Terra Branford, esper, magic, quiet
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X, Edea/Lulu, black, dress, home, ice, mage, magic
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X, Rikku/Selphie Tilmitt, airship, flying, machina
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X, Rinoa Heartilly/Yuna, feathers, magic, quiet, strength
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy XII/Final Fantasy XIII, Oerba Dia Vanille/Penelo/Rikku/Selphie Tilmitt, play, smiles
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X-2, Squall/Yuna, leader, goddess
Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy XII, Penelo/Rikku, airship, flying magic, sand, steal
Final Fantasy X-2/Final Fantasy XII, Balthier/Fran/Yuna, both, experience, spheres
Final Fantasy X-2/Final Fantasy XII, Balthier/Yuna, adventure, challenge, ruins
Firefly/Game of Thrones (TV), Sansa/Inara, tutelage, escape, bathe
Firefly/Sherlock (TV), Malcom Reynolds/John Watson, loyalty, battle
Firefly/Supernatural, Castiel/Kaylee Frye, fallen, feathers, Enochian, strawberry, ruffle, baths, glitter, shiny
Firefly/Vikings, Lagertha/Zoe Washburne, crash, boots
Foyle's War/The Bletchley Circle, Jean/Christopher Foyle, secrets, hardship, slip, nonsensical
Foyle's War/The Bletchley Circle, Millie/Sam Stewart, engine, settling, nylons, convention
Franken Fran/Soul Eater, Madaraki Fran/Franken Stein, cut, experimental, examination, madness, perfection, stitches, warped
Fringe/Justified, (any) Olivia Dunham/Raylan Givens, gunslinger, hunt, true
Fringe/Justified, Lincoln Lee/Tim Gutterson, sidekicks, weapon, reunion
Fringe/Skyfall (2012), Astrid Farnsworth/Eve Moneypenny, [any], toys, bonding, vacation, beach, dress, office, computer, sniper, secrets
Fringe/The Sandman (comic) - Neil Gaiman, Olivia Dunham/Death of the Endless, admiration, forgetting, soothe, quiet
Fringe/Torchwood, (any) Lincoln Lee/Captain Jack Harkness, travel, surprise, companion
Fringe/Torchwood, Astrid Farnsworth/Ianto Jones, coffee, distance, cleavage
Fringe/Torchwood, Astrid Farnsworth/Toshiko Sato, [any], computer, examination, slippery, tentacles, candy, satin, scent, milk, panty, communication, secrets, crush
Frozen (2013)/Oglaf, Elsa/The Snow Queen, control, bonding, focus, tongues, distraction
Frozen (2013)/Wicked (Musical), Elsa/Elphaba, rebel, snow, flight
Frozen (Disney)/Tangled (Disney), Elsa/Rapunzel, repression, burden, liberation, free, duty, power, magic
Frozen/Oglaf, Elsa/Snow Queen, spring, touch, ice, melt, rule
Frozen/Tangled, Ana/Rapunzel, dive, pull, stretch, giggle, snow
Fullmetal Alchemist (any)/X-Men (any), Gambit (Remy LeBeau)/Crimson Lotus (Zolf Kimblee), boom battle, snark fight
Futurama/Torchwood, Philip J Fry/Bender/Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, twist, invent, past, straight

G.I. Joe (2010)/Smallville, Duke/Chloe, naked, temptation, urge
Games of Throne (TV)/Legend of The Seeker, Cersei Lannister/Cara Mason, anal, control, pain, pleasure, spanking, woods
Generation Kill/Greek mythology, Nate Fick/Zeus, [any]
Generation Kill/Teen Wolf (TV), Derek Hale/Ray Person, [any]
Generation Kill/Teen Wolf (TV), Derek Hale/Ray Person/Stiles Stilinski/Walt Hasser, hunt, shut
Glee/The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien, Maglor/Rachel Berry, obsession, sing, competition, admiration, music, darkness, loneliness, companionship, optimism, light, silly
Glee/Torchwood, Mercedes Jones/Capt. Jack Harkness, cousins, mistaken identity, travelling, exchange
Graceland/White Collar, Paul Briggs/Neal Caffrey, art, smile, sea, spray, kiss, skin, heat
Gravity Falls/ParaNorman, Dipper/Norman, ghost stories, adults, tattoos, jobs,

Hannibal (TV)/Homeland, Carrie/Will, hospital, need, brains, restraint, drug, escape, truth
Hannibal (TV)/Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, William Graham/Hannibal Lecter, demons, blood, fire, mindgames,
Hannibal (TV)/The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Clarice Starling/Hannibal Lector/Will Graham, benefactor, rope, burn, squabble, lamb, pupil, screams, study, behavior modification, body modification, beauty, transformation, al dente, reflections, manipulation, comfort, incarceration
Hannibal (TV)/The Silence of the Lambs, William Graham/Clarice Starling/Hannibal Lecter, alliance, rudeness, chocolate, joining, guns
Hannibal (TV)/The X-Files, Bedelia du Maurier/Fox Mulder, witness, hummingbird, pseudonym, scheme
Hannibal (TV)/True Detective, Rust Cohle/Will Graham, narco, gun, visions, empathy disorder, grief
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gretel/Bruce Banner, healing magic, any tech sufficiently advanced seems like magic
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hansel/Clint, doppelganger
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters/Supernatural, Dean/Gretel, [any], leather, hustler, guns, fight, practice, drunk, bet, smirk, hands
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters/Supernatural, Hansel/Gretel/Sam/Dean, [any], siblings, weird, trust, bait, history, bed, research, snark, compare, centuries, better, whole, new
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters/Supernatural, Sam/Gretel, [any], books, interest, brothers, hunting, witch, power, drinking, pool, secrets, need
Hardy Boys - Franklin W. Dixon/Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene, Bess Martin/Joe Hardy, flirt, dimple, cheeky, fun, friend, explosion
Hardy Boys - Franklin W. Dixon/Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene, Nancy Drew/Frank Hardy, undercover, red, Egypt, married, competence, hair
Harry Potter – All Media Types/Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore/Snape, animagus, stuck
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling/Merlin BBC, Harry Potter/Morgana Pendragon, mistaken, conquest, time, vision, return
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling/Merlin BBC, Lily Evans Potter/Morgana Pendragon, tight, lick, deviant, snakes
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling/Supernatural, Castiel/Hermione, spell, new, faith, wonder
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling/Supernatural, Castiel/Luna, blink, feathers, lips, sunshine
Hawaii 5-0 (2010)/NCIS: Los Angeles, Steve/Sam, BUDS training, ocean, new partners
Hawaii 5-0 (2010)/Stargate Atlantis, Steve McGarrett/Elizabeth Weir, Wild, contol, arms, strength, risk
Hawaii 5-0 (2010)/Supernatural, Kono Kalakaua/Gadreel, pastlife, drink, surf, learn
Hawaii 5-0 (2010)/The Mentalist, Chin Ho Kelly/Kimball Cho, quiet, past, gang
Haywire/The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - All Media Types, Mallory Kane/Lisbeth Salander, freelance, fugitive, improvisation
Haywire/The Losers, Aisha al'Fadhil/Mallory Kane, best, burned, revenge, utility
Hellboy/Lucifer (DCU), Hellboy/Lucifer, piano bar, wry, rebellion, relaxation, mundane, cocktails, vacation, Los Angeles, sin, freedom, rough, angelic, predestined
Hellboy/Paradise Lost, Hellboy/Lucifer, light, manipulation, angelic, seduction
Hellraiser/Supernatural, Pinhead/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, pain
Hellraiser/Teen Wolf (TV), Scott McCall/Cenobites, chains, fear, bound, hooks, pierce, occult, torture, sadomasochism, pleasure, limits, body parts, experiment, mutilation, resistance
Hellraiser/Teen Wolf (TV), Stiles Stilinsky/Cenobites, chains, fear, bound, hooks, pierce, occult, torture, sadomasochism, pleasure, limits, body parts, experiment, mutilation, resistance
Highlander/Les Miserables – All Media Types, Amanda/Jean Valjean, saints and thieves
Highlander/Les Miserables – All Media Types, Darius/Javert, tea and sympathy
Hornblower (TV)/Master And Commander (2003), Horatio Hornblower/Jack Aubrey, rum, drunk, boast, violin, size kink, noisy
House M.D./The O.C., Thirteen/Alex Kelly, kindred spirits, syncronicity, writhe, toys, secret,
How I Met Your Mother/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Barney Stinson/Jim Kirk, awesome, instead, legendary

iCarly/Victorious (TV), Carly/Tori, boys suck
iCarly/Victorious (TV), Jade/Sam, because, boredom
iCarly/Victorious (TV), Tori/Shelby Marx, who's hotter?
Indiana Jones Series/Tintin – All Media Types, Indiana Jones/Tintin, trapped, stubble, alcohol, tied up, exploration
It's Complicated/The Devil Wears Prada, Jane Adler/Miranda Priestly, complications, bakery, latte, croissant, skype, sweets, pool, kitchen, beach, truth, trust, finality, mine, weed, tipsy

James Bond (Craig Movies)/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Camille Montes/Natasha Romanoff, Russian, dance, regret, scars, past, future, heal, touch, temper, heat, language, professional, inter agency cooperation,
James Bond (Craig Movies)/Spooks, Harry Pearce/female!M, negotiate
James Bond (Craig Movies)/Stargate Atlantis, Bond/Teyla Emmagan, infiltration, discovery, enigma, swift, bantos rods, state visit, interest, reciprocity
Justified/Sons of Anarchy, Juice/Waylan Givens, arrest, lip, transport, laugh

Kingdom Hearts/The World Ends With You, Kairi/Misaki Shiki, laughter
Kings/Political Animals, Jack Benjamin/TJ Hammond, sons, politics, promise

Labyrinth/Once Upon A Time (TV), Jareth/Evil Queen, (any), dance, leather, wicked, outlaws, deal, gloves
Labyrinth/RPF (The Chaser), Jareth/Andrew Hansen, mindfuck
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/Private Practice, Olivia Benson/Addison Montgomery, hurt, drinking, forget, abandoned, terror
Legally Blonde/Miss Congeniality, Elle/Gracie, learn
Les Misérables – All Media Types/RPF (Historical), Alex Dumas/Georges Pontmercy, frustration, kisses, ideals
Les Misérables – All Media Types/RPF (Historical), Antoine-Jean Gros/Georges Pontmercy, art, kisses, Napoleon
Les Misérables – All Media Types/RPF (Historical), Antoine-Jean Gros/Grantaire, drinking, art, absinthe, instruction
Les Misérables – All Media Types/The Phantom of the Opera, Enjolras/Grantaire/Raoul de Chagny, aristocracy, conflict, opera, overwhelm, surcease
Les Misérables – All Media Types/The Phantom of the Opera, Grantaire/Raoul de Chagny, bitter, drink, solace, waistcoat
Les Misérables - Victor Hugo/Supernatural, Javert/Victor Henriksen, casefile, past, biting
Leverage/Supernatural, Eliot Spencer/Sam Winchester, guy, fight, skin
Leverage/The Losers, Jake Jensen/Eliot Spencer, miscommunication, silence, blood
Leverage/The West Wing, Parker/Sam Seaborn, legerdemain, shoplifters, bridge
Leverage/The West Wing, Parker/Toby Ziegler, protocol, professor, sidewalk
Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers/Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch, Lord Peter Wimsey/Thomas Nightingale, magic, books, black tie, nightmares, discipline
Lost Girl/Teen Wolf (TV), Dyson/Derek Hale, fisting, smirk, smile, fangs, nails, bed, lift, shifting, running, scenting, heartbeat, passion, praise, alike, accepted
Lost Girl/Teen Wolf (TV), Kenzi/Derek Hale, revelation, split, sober, misfit, pining,
Lost Girl/Vikings, Tamsin/Lagertha, battle, shieldmaiden, destiny
Lost Girl/Warehouse 13, Claudia Donovan/Kenzi, dance, bounce, dye, drink, danger,
Lost Girl/Xena: Warrior Princess, Tamsin/Xena, collect.
Lost Girl/Xena: Warrior Princess, Tamsin/Xena/Gabrielle, belong, redeem, family.
Luther (TV)/The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Alice Morgan/Lisbeth Salander, intelligence
Luther/Sherlock (TV), Alice Morgan/Jim Moriarty, femdom, exceptions, deathwish, bitten, astrophysics, shake, ashes, design
Luther/Sherlock (TV), Jim Moriarty/Toby Kent, amateur, professional, interference, flinch

Machete/The Losers, Aisha al'Fadhil/Luz, bullet, contact, revolutionary
Mamma Mia/The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priestly/Donna Sheridan, greece, beach, courtyard, ferry, vacation, love, singing, abba, dancing, hotel, fate, gods, massage, bikinis
Mansfield Park – All Media Types/Sense and Sensibility – All Media Types, Edmund Bertram/Edward Ferrars, church, school, shame, sin,
Mansfield Park (2007)/The Vampire Diaries – All Media Types, William Price as Klaus/Any, [any]
Marvel (Comics)/DCU, Tony Stark/Dick Grayson, portal, hand, rope, science, groping, passion, dimension, anal
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Merlin (TV), Arthur Pendragon/Thor, restore, "if he be worthy", lake
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Modesty Blaise, Modesty Blaise/Natasha Romanova, friends, any
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Numb3rs, Clint Barton/Ian Edgerton, third, recruit, cabin, aliens
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Pacific Rim (2012), Natasha Romanoff/Stacker Pentecost, ashes, quiet, fight, lost, water
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Person of Interest (TV), Natasha Romanoff/John Reese, undercover, weapon, blanket, safe
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Sherlock (TV), Clint Barton/Mary Morstan, mission, drink, snow, handcuffs, trust
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Sleepy Hollow (TV), Loki/Ichabod Crane, magical, history, attire, help
Marvel Cinematic Universe/St. Trinian's (2007 2009), Natasha Romanov/Kelly Jones, spies like us, spandex, undercover, tricks of the trade, spin
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Loki/Khan, plans, closet, strength, years, trick, bindings
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Stargate Atlantis, Thor/Ronon Dex, belief, spar, army
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Supernatural, Darcy Lewis/Dean Winchester, superhero, motel, threat, talk, snark
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Supernatural, Loki/Kali, imagined, real, strength
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Supernatural, Steve Rogers/Jo Harvelle, cold, comfort, fright, hunter, nightmare, return, uniform
Marvel Cinematic Universe/The Amazing Spiderman, Peter Parker/Other Male Character, wall climbing, romance, date night, rain, experiment, snark, hipster, hoodie, clothes, costume, tuxedo, balance, edge, edging, sweat, tutor, science, college, reading, feet, flexible, dirty talk, humiliation, contortion, auto-fellatio, performance, popularity, stripping, pornography, prostitution, photography, video, youtube, rooftop, exposure, school, misbehaving, spying, masturbation, enslavement, voyeur, peeping tom, latex, rubber, virgin, skateboard, dancing, brainwashed, mind control, laughing, body worship, webbing, bondage, gravity, climbing, falling, trust, relax, release, cumplay, upside down, reversal, tabloids, gossip
Marvel Cinematic Universe/The Amazing Spiderman, Peter Parker/Steve Rogers, manhandle, clothes, costume, tuxedo, carry, rescue, reversal, fun, fanboy, anchronism, laughing, unexpected, hair pulling, joke, dirty talk, climbing, hands, feet, size, family, rough, webbing, wall-climbing, upside down, roof top, falling, geek, hugs, romance, chivalry, proposal, date night, old fashioned, history, auto fellatio, fist, gossip, tabloids, pride.
Marvel Cinematic Universe/The Amazing Spiderman, Peter Parker/Thor, manhandle, bruise, strength, crush, clothes, costume, tuxedo, wreck, carry, rescue, reversal, fun, Asgard, New York, laughing, in space, hammer, unexpected, hair pulling, joke, exploration, worship, climbing, hands, feet, size, age difference, family, rough, webbing, wall-climbing, flying, upside down, roof top, falling, geek, hugs, romance, chivalry, proposal, prince, auto fellatio, endowment, crown, fist.
Marvel Cinematic Universe/The Losers, Jensen/Winter Soldier, troubles
Marvel Cinematic Universe/The Tudors, Anne Boleyn/Loki, [any], schadenfreude, reprieve, shapeshifter, deus ex machina, clever, tricky, rescue, chaos, relief, laughter, euphoria, mischief, escape, deal
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Tron: Legacy (2010), Tony Stark/Sam Flynn, mentor, desk, tie, screen
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Tron: Legacy (2010), Tony Stark/Sam Flynn, convention, issues, drunk, leather jacket, motorbike, adrenaline-junkie, ego, legacy, invention, fame, image, prank,
Mary Russell - Laurie R. King/Sherlock (TV), Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes, games, hands, chess
Merlin/Warehouse 13, Claudia Donovan/Uther Pendragon, new, control, hands, fingers, lick
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries/Ruse (Comic), Elizabeth MacMillan/Emma Bishop, stockings, proper, mystery, please, stage, lace
Moral Orel/South Park, Orel/Butters, bicurious, camp
Mr. Men & Little Miss - All Media Types/The Muppets - All Media Types, Animal/Mr Bump, bruises, teeth, drumsticks, pining, umbrella, rhino, bandages, roleplay, cross-dressing, mpreg
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Teen Wolf (TV), Any, wereponies, sugarlumps, cross-dressing, halters, bridles, pony-play, threesomes, feminisation, mpreg, cutie-mark, whinnying

Naruto/Tiger & Bunny, Keith Goodman/Might Guy, surprise, failure, cheerful, weird, laugh, smile, teeth, crush, warm, puppy, hero, sparkle, charm
Nasvhille (2012)/Under The Dome (TV), Avery/Phil, airtime, studio, solo, performance
NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles, Gibbs/Callen, Russian, history, training, bathing
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Anthony DiNozzo/Daniel Jackson, piano, hands, language
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Jethro Gibbs/Jack O'Neill, beer, flyboy, compete, alien-abduction, sextoys
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David/Ba'al, slaves
Nikita (TV 2010)/Push (2009), Alex/Cassie, [any], seeing, princess, money, help, mothers, past, mentor
Nikita (TV 2010)/Push (2009), Nick/Nikita, [any], Division, move, outclassed, running, trust, cynical, reality
Nikita (TV 2010)/Sleepy Hollow (TV), Birkhoff/Jenny, technology, rituals, unexpected

Oliver Twist/Sweeney Todd (movieverse), Toby/Dodger, get by
One Tree Hill/The Guardian, Nathan Scott/Claire Stasiak, attraction, desperation, lick, lust, tease, touch
Orange is the New Black/Wentworth (2013), Alex/Frankie, anal, drugs, fighting, submission, showers, spanking, toys
Orphan Black/Teen Wolf (TV), Danny Mahealani/Felix Dawkins, art, loft, intelligence, clever, fingers, spread, honest, intoxicated, alcohol, older, fling, friends with benefits, clones, werewolves, bar, seduce, pick up, one night, make out, hair tugging, bed, topping from the bottom, talk, sidelines, secrets
Orphan Black/The X-Files, Dana Scully/Cosima Niehaus, boundaries, theory, uncanny, games
Orphan Black/The X-Files, Fox Mulder/Sarah Manning, forget, confession, uncanny

Pacific Rim (2012)/The Unit, Mack Gerhardt/Mako Mori, substitute, wrong, fantasy
Pacific Rim (2012)/Torchwood, Toshiko Sato/Hermann Gottlieb, mathematics, loneliness, genius
Pirates of the Caribbean/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Elizabeth Swann/Jim Kirk, travels, ships, magic, fightsex, code
Pride and Prejudice – All Media Types/Sense and Sensibility – All Media Types, George Wickham/Willoughby, molly house, alcohol, scheme, burn, dare, unite, untie, debase,
Prime/The Devil Wears Prada, Lisa Metzger/Miranda Priestly, therapy, bagels, terrace, hanukkah
Primeval/Primeval: New World, Sarah Page/Dylan Weir, AU, intrigue, perspective
Primeval/Sirens, Hilary Becker/Ashley Greenwick, soldier, ambulance, caring, flirting, cubicle, fucked, strong, smile, bed, fingering
Primeval/Torchwood, Stephen Hart/Toshiko Sato, fingerips, hunt, hidden, work, thirst
Pulp Fiction/Reservoir Dogs, Freddy Newandyke/Jules Winnfield, prison, wallet
Reservoir Dogs/True Romance, Freddy Newandyke/Clarence Worley, cruise, inform, honey, ring
Rivers of London – Ben Aaronovitch/The Dresden Files, Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale/Harry Dresden, sex magic
RPF (Actors)/The Mindy Project, Danny Castellano/Tom Hiddleston/Mindy Lahiri, opportunity
RPF/Supernatural, Misha Collins/Castiel/2014!Cas, high, cross-dimension, dreaming, double-penetration, shotgunning, crazy, giggly, fun, going-with-the-flow

Salem's Lot (2004)/The West Wing, Ben Mears/Toby Ziegler, lowmen, chase, doppelgänger, eschatology
Sanctuary/Stargate SG-1, Helen Magnus/Martouf|Lantash/Sam Carter, surprise, quantum-mirror
Sanctuary/Teen Wolf (TV), Helen Magus/Chris Argent, desire
Sherlock (TV)/Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Khan/Molly, tempation, passion, freedom, union
Sherlock (TV)/Supernatural, John Watson/John Winchester, discipline, ropes, deployed
Sherlock (TV)/The Big Bang Theory (TV), Sheldon Cooper/Sherlock Holmes, science, deduction, OCD, blind date, ex-boyfriend, college roommates
Sherlock (TV)/Torchwood, Mycroft Holmes/Toshiko Sato, goldfish
Sherlock (TV)/Torchwood, Sherlock Holmes/Jack Harkness, coats, military, deaths
Silent Hill/Teen Wolf (TV), Scott McCall/Pyramid Head, terror, dream, violence, body horror, claim, death
Silent Hill/Teen Wolf (TV), Stiles Stilinsky/Pyramid Head, terror, dream, violence, body horror, claim, death
Silk/Whitechapel, Clive Reader/Emerson Kent, substitute, charmed, seduction, dining, kissing
Skyfall (2012)/The Rock, M/John Patrick Mason, service, denial, church
Skyfall (2012)/Torchwood, Eve Moneypenny/Toshiko Sato, [any], secrets, 69, scissoring, theater, nightclub, sharing, stockings, lace, heels
Skyfall (2012)/Torchwood, James Bond/Jack Harkness, [any], rivals, hate, swamp, Skyfall, dancing, dress code, memories, guns, Nessie, joint, unconventional, recovery, blue, manners
Skyfall (2012)/Torchwood, James Bond/Jack Harkness, healing, humor, rough, biting, knifeplay, time-travel
Slings and Arrows/The West Wing, Geoffrey Tennant/Sam Seaborn, musical, roulette, untitled, Pulitzer, festival, weather
Smallville/Warehouse 13, Chloe Sullivan/Claudia Donovan, determined, flippant, disguise
Smash (TV)/RPF (Actors), Derek Willis/Johnny Deep, au, never, drag, pantomime, California, sun, any
Southland/The O.C., Ben Sherman/Taylor Townsend, beer, comfort, dirty, handcuffs, one night stand, stubble, uniform, urgency
Spooks/The Americans, Connie James/Elizabeth Jennings, motherland
Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)/Supernatural, Jim Kirk/Dean Winchester, rough, speed, brawl
Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)/The Losers, Aisha/Uhura, fight, suspicion, mimic
Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)/Torchwood, Gaila/Toshiko Sato, engineering, recruit, runaway, reinvent
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: The Original Series, Leonard McCoy/Jadzia Dax (Enomy), hands, flexible, firsts, mentor, cougar
Star Trek: Enterprise/Star Trek: Voyager, Tuvok/T'Pol, biology, stranded
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Star Trek: Voyager, B'Elanna/Ro Laren, battle, domination, wounded, kindred, thirst, bravery, honor
Star Trek: The Original Series/Stargate SG-1, any Vulcan/Freya|Anise, seduction
Star Trek: The Original Series/Stargate SG-1, James T. Kirk/Anise|Freya, lust
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard, history, desert, floating, stubble, moan, gravity, gentle, fierce, sky
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard/Samantha Carter, talk, space, silk, subtle, honesty, flirt
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, reunion, anal, kneeling, trust, off-world, Earthside, midnight, kindred, memories, possessive, curiosity, taboo, hands.
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, bondage, playful, sinful, passionate, lips, hands, chair
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Vala, fast, fake, ancient
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Vala, rules, adventure, steal, Earth, clothes
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Vegas!Sheppard/Dean Winchester, bar, shower, whiskey
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Vala Mal Doran/Dean Winchester, urgent, slick, rushed, motel, mirror,
Stargate SG-1/The West Wing, Daniel Jackson/Sam Seaborn, etude, hemlock, speakeasy, sleepwalk
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Anise|Freya/Fox Mulder, pleasure, disbelief
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Loki/Fox Mulder, anal-probe
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Thor/Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, abducted, picnic, fear, lust, alien
Suits/White Collar, Harvey Specter/Neal Caffrey, drinks, secrets, bondage, BDSM, slavery, servitude
Suits/White Collar, Mike Ross/Neal Caffrey, suits, intelligence, art, paint, ink, knowledge, rimming, fingers, ice-cube
Suits/White Collar, Neal Caffrey/Sara Ellis/Donna Paulsen/Mike Ross/Harvey Specter/Rachel Zane, gangbang, orgy, party, midnight
Supernatural/The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins, Sam Wincheter/Katniss Everdeen, hunters, broken, mended, nature, hands, blood, adventure, headspace, exploration, relate, sin, fight
Supernatural/The Tudors, Anne Boleyn/Balthazar, time-travel, gratitude, curiosity, devotion, wings, bemusement, snark, sarcasm
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries – All Media Types, Sam Winchester/Elena Gilbert, college, running away, high school, normalcy, hiding, secrets, soul, vampire!Elena, timeline, caress, slide, fingering, weapons, past, comfort, hold
Supernatural/True Blood, Castiel/Eric Northman/Dean Winchester, light
Supernatural/True Blood, Castiel/Godric, Rome, sapling, war
Supernatural/True Blood, Jo Harvelle/Alcide Herveaux, before, moonlight, secret, thanks, whisper

Teen Wolf (Movies)/Teen Wolf (TV), Allison Argent/Boof/Lydia Martin
Teen Wolf (Movies)/Teen Wolf (TV), Stiles/Stiles Stilinski, closet
Teen Wolf (TV)/The Vampire Diaries – All Media Types, Allison Argent/Elena Gilbert, cousins, arrow, fighter, vampire!Elena, hunters, AU, family issues, growing up together, skirts, new girl, lick, tear up, taste, lip gloss, nails, bleeding, suck, nipple, sweater, magic, toys, fingering, oral, scissoring, bedroom, illicit, behind their backs, sneaking around, code breaker, skin
Teen Wolf (TV)/True Blood, Derek Hale/Eric Northman, fangs, claws
Teen Wolf (TV)/True Blood, Derek Hale/Eric Northman/Stiles Stilinski, guest, movie, stranger
Teen Wolf (TV)/True Blood, Derek Hale/Eric Northman/Stiles Stilinski, two, red
Teen Wolf (TV)/True Blood, Eric Northman/Stiles Stilinski
Teen Wolf (TV)/True Blood, Peter Hale/Eric Northman, king, stake
Teen Wolf (TV)/True Blood, Scott McCall/Eric Northman, animal, scent, taste, heat, amused, physical, muscles, play, reversal
Teen Wolf (TV)/True Blood, Stiles Stilinsky/Eric Northman, bite, bloodplay, crush, dive bar, overwhelm, reversal
Teen Wolf (TV)/Twilight, Scott McCall/Jacob Black, alpha, similarity, wrestle, dominate, play, laugh, wild, mud, leaf mould, scent, taste, territory
Teen Wolf (TV)/Winnie the Pook, Eeyore/Derek Hale, miserable, any
The Cabin in the Woods (2011)/The West Wing, Hadley/Sam Seaborn, eschatology, tequila, blackout, nomenclature, doppelganger, autobiography
The Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis/The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien, Maglor/Susan Pevensie, [any], comfort, longing, song, myths, reverence, gentle, language, codependency, burn, eternity, travel, sanity, lost, found, braid, relief, Lucifer, blasphemy, comparison
The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher/White Collar, Thomas Raith/Neal Caffrey, con, magic, found
The Fast and the Furious/White Collar, Neil Caffrey/Han Lue, con, steal, necktie, fruit, shift
The Hobbit – All Media Types/Pushing Daisies, Thranduil/Ned, pie
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Gildor/Bofur, forest, meeting, broth, stars, rocks
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Goldberry/Tauriel, feeding, honey, vacation
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Tauriel/Arwen, petals, companion
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Tauriel/Éowyn, competition, composition, compilation
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Tauriel/Haldir/Legolas, femdom, boots, quiver, blindfolds
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Tom Bombadil/Beorn, hair, creaking, selection
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Tauriel/Eówyn, wonder, similarities, travel, freedom
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Arwen/Tauriel, station, different, Silvan, Peredhel, fates
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Arwen/Tauriel/Legolas, pegging, femdom, teaching, friends
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Thranduil/Celeborn/Galadriel, voyeuress, orders, deep, shining, triad
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Arwen/Tauriel, twilight, clearing, hemlock, clouds, star, leaf, return, amazed
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien, Eöl/Bofur/Kíli, spillage, song, stone, black, fulfillment
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien, Gildor/Maglor/Nori, awkward
The Hobbit – All Media Types/The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien, Maglor/Nori, sushi, diamonds, rags, riches, farther, masochism, tango
The Hobbit/The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien, Nellas/Tauriel, terra, forest, autumn, dress, tingles
The Hobbit/The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien, Thuringwethil/Kíli/Azog, tyrant, pain, blood, overstimulation, culprit, kill
The Hour/Peaky Blinders, Grace Burgess/Lix Storm, flash, radical, shutter, Spain
The Hour/Peaky Blinders, Randall Brown/Polly Gray, tick, tip, tutelage
The Newsroom (TV)/Sports Night, Nina Howard/Sally Sasser, [any]
The Originals/The Vampire Diaries – All Media Types, Bonnie Bennett/Marcel Gerard, mistake, power, bow, oral, slick, wet, magic, kneel, graveyard, smirk, wipe, respect, elemental, ache, immovable, stalemate, détente, war, council, ritual, come
The X-Files/Twin Peaks, Dale Cooper/Denise aka Fox Mulder, gentle, hurt, fierce, anger, grow
TNA/WWE, Dixie Carter/Stephanie McMahon, any
TNA/WWE, Gail Kim/AJ Lee, anal, champions, winner take all, tap out
TNA/WWE, Velvet Sky/Summer Rae, any
Torchwood/White Collar, Captain Jack Harkness/Neal Caffery, expertise, con, temptation
True Blood/Vikings, Godric/Floki, boat, herbs, moonlight

Warehouse 13/White Collar, Helena "H.G." Wells/Neal Caffery, wicked, theft, ruse
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego/Where's Waldo, Carmen San Diego/Waldo, adventures, globe-trotting, hat, run, lookout

Actor & Related RPF

Actor RPF
Adrianne Palicki/Aldis Hodge, [any], whipping cream, crop, drinks, panties, thigh, eyelashes, shadow, boy shorts
Alyssa Milano/Holly Marie Combs/Rose McGowan, new girl
Alyssa Milano/Holly Marie Combs/Shannen Doherty, early days
Alyssa Milano/Shannen Doherty, envy
Amanda Abbington/Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman, know-how, long distance, fidelity, triad, on set, afterparty
Amanda Seyfried/Julianne Moore, crystal
Amanda Seyfriend/Vanessa Redgrave, sunshine, sorrow
Amanda Tapping/JR Bourne, Stargate, kiss, friends, party, desire
Amber Benson/Michelle Trachtenberg, reunion
Amber Tamblyn/Alexis Bledel, poetry, sheets, daylight, hug, sabbatical, Washington Square
Amber Tamblyn/Blake Lively, Manhattan, texting, cancellation, press, park
Amy Adams/Emily Blunt, raining, professionals, laughing
Andrew Garfield/Michael B. Jordan, crush, date night, embarrassment, admiration, romance, flexible, proposal, hipster, hoodie, exposure, secret, mutual, performance, fantasy, dirty talk, cinema, masturbation, deep throat, showing off, gymnastics, costume, contortion, auto-fellatio, costume, rubber, latex, in jokes, public, casting couch, feet, gratitude, unrequited
Anna Kendrick/Brittany Snow, comfort, dirty, fame, interruption, overwhelmed, rehearsal, sexts, tease
Anna Popplewell/Tilda Swinton, experience
Anna Torv/Georgina Haig, sunlight, beach, home, secluded, water
Anna Torv/Seth Gabel, lazy, reconnect, shower, flirt
Anne Hathaway/Emily Blunt, hunger
Ariana Grande/Elizabeth Gillies, "I'm a good girl", cupcakes, high note, Thirteen
Ashley Benson/Shay Mitchell, anniversary, bar, cake, love, platonic, please
Ben Barnes/Georgie Henley, eighteen, finally, legal, waiting, kiss, want, touch, first
Benedict Cumberbatch/Tom Hiddleston, act, cigarette, impressions, name, try
Billie Piper/David Tennant/Elisabeth Sladen, frozen
Billie Piper/Elisabeth Sladen, youth
Billie Piper/Sophia Myles/David Tennant, fantasy
Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lawrence, love
Bradley Cooper/Liam Neeson, first, mourning, need, full, please, want, new, restraints, rimming
Brigitte Bardot/Claudia Cardinale, [any], bruise, gentle, overwhelmed, reluctant, tiresome, tease
Bruce Campbell/Sam Raimi, scotch, compromise, distance
Busy Philipps/Michelle Williams, BFFs, drunk, awards
Caroline Dhavernas/Katie Finneran, protective
Charlie Hunnam/Ramin Karimloo, advice, shirts, massage, heavy, hair, abs, arms
Charlie Hunnam/Travis Fimmel, audition, couch, lift
Charlize Theron/Kristen Stewart, breakfast, boxers, breath, lost, smile, tease
Chris Hemsworth/Daniel Bruhl, between, hot, heated, hair-pulling, biting, public, camera, rivalry, tender
Chris Hemsworth/Elsa Pataky/Tom Hiddleston, threesome, any
Chris Hemsworth/Kenneth Branagh/Tom Hiddleston, au, dollhouse, handler, client, daddy, engagement, jealousy, rentboy!Chris, sharing, presenting, any
Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston, comfortable, angry, sweet, cold, snow, candles, unexpected, surprise, birthday, emotional, gentle, sex toys, heat, mating, Alpha, Omega
Chris Pine/Zach Quinto, beach, walk, run, park, sigh, space, hair, shave, eyes, hands, mouth, food, late, talk, grief, loss, blue
Colin Farrell/Jeremy Renner, stars, hold, rough, smoke, games, surprise
Colin Farrell/Jessica Findlay Brown, say
Colin Firth/Meryl Streep, Cinderella, Greece, happy, Oscars
Daniel Craig/Clive Owen, dice, scotch, scarf, run
David Tennant/Benedict Cumberbatch, stage, flicker, pale, paint, wigs, singing, strength
Dianna Agron/Anna Paquin, first girl
Earl Carpenter/John Owen-Jones, body worship, biting, neckties, bondage, warmth, sex pollen, pornstar au, welshcakes
Emily Deschanel/Michaela Conlin, [any]
Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel, jealousy, sleep, delicate, first, bondage
Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel/David Boreanaz, games, costume
Eric Balfour/Emily Rose/Lucas Bryant, trailer, off-script, giggle
Eric Bana/Karl Urban, Down Under, muscle car, moles, laugh, phone, Qantas, accent, voice
Essie Davis/Nathan Page, [any], UST, brylcreem, desire, bike, tight, watching, costume, want, love-struck, game, love, joy
Evangeline Lilly/Elizabeth Mitchell, trees
George Clooney/Brad Pitt, trick
George Clooney/Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie, tabloids, Mapplethorpe
Gillian Anderson/David Duchovny, reminisce, crave, rough, illicit, expected, secret marriage, secrets, newspapers, hidden, passionate, slow burn
Harvey Keitel/Tim Roth, premier, dildo
Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Leonard, Shakespeare
Ian Bohen/JR Bourne, billiards, pint, stubble, cue, alley, Twitter, hat, drinking, secret, joy
Ian McKellen/Brendan Fraser, essential
Ian McKellen/everybody, experience
James Nesbitt/Aidan Turner, squeeze, dinner, costume, bed, massage, tongue, whimper, protection, heartache, crush, sympathy, wig, surreal, mirth, laughter, Ireland, luck, downtime, ticklish, nap, nuzzle, invite
Jane Levy/Bruce Campbell, argument, strap-on
Jason Bateman/Will Arnett, finally
Jenna Fischer/Angela Kinsey, babysitting, hurt/comfort
Jennifer Garner/Christa B Allen, slumber party
Jennifer Garner/Ellen Page, sunrise, vodka
Jennifer Garner/Kirsten Prout, superhero
Jennifer Garner/Laura Linney, click
Jennifer Garner/Melissa George, pet names, accents
Jennifer Garner/Rachel Nichols, horses
Jennifer Lawrence/Josh Hutcherson, dare
Jessica Lange/Meryl Streep, Oscars
Jessica Lange/Sarah Paulson, girlfriend, set, panel, car, rumors
Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, vacation, beach, letter, finger, sweat, promise, new
John Simm/Philip Glenister, costume, choices, secret, stage, moaning
Kat Dennings/Tom Hiddleston, nightcap, trailer
Kate Winslet/Leonardo DiCaprio, exhaustion, cigarette, filming
Katherine Heigl/Eliza Dushku, memories
Kenneth Branagh/Tom Hiddleston, au, dollhouse, handler, client, engagement, android!Tom, priest!Ken, rentboy!Tom, phone, call, backstage, vampires, sweetness, younger!Ken, older!Tom, any
Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning, dare
Kristen Stewart/Jodie Foster, butch, scowl
Kristen Stewart/writer's choice (2 girls or more), fickle
Linda Gray/Brenda Strong, Monte Carlo
Martin Freeman/Benedict Cumberbatch, bromance, sarcasm
Maureen McCormick/Eve Plumb, secret's out
Meryl Streep/Amanda Seyfried, sunkissed
Meryl Streep/Amy Adams, satin
Meryl Streep/Anne Hathaway/Emily Blunt, dawn
Meryl Streep/any, rehearsal, travel, public, laughter, enough, spotlight, lace, reunion, hotel, morning, food, undress
Meryl Streep/Emma Thompson, speech, awards, red carpet, fashion, friends, laughing
Meryl Streep/Helen Mirren, dames, competition
Michael Madsen/Kirk Baltz, method
Michaela Conlin/Tamara Taylor, commentary
Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman, BFFs, shared, rehearsals, [any]
Natalie Portman/Scarlett Johansson, au, first, belonging, humiliation, slave!Scarlett, dom!Natalie, reward, prize, anal, worship, anklet, barefoot, any
Neil Patrick Harris/David Hyde Pierce, chance encounter
Neil Patrick Harris/John Barrowman, gay off
Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts, reminisce, longing
Olivia de Havilland/Joan Fontaine, [any], hiding, rivalry, siscon, surprise
Olivia Wilde/Jennifer Morrison, permission
Olivia Wilde/Megan Fox, outrageous
Olivia Wilde/Melissa George, bikinis
Rachel Nichols/Melissa George, attic, common, blonde, blood
Rachel Nichols/Sienna Miller, dirty, hopeless romantic, London, valentine
Ramin Karimloo/Ellen Muth, new, smile, dark
Ramin Karimloo/Hadley Fraser, glasses, guitar, shaving, breathplay, oral, tattoos, wrestling, interval, fast, blowjob, affair, secret, chemistry, need, want, restraints, anal, double penetration, dominant, Phantom, daddy, rimming
Ramin Karimloo/Hadley Fraser/Sierra Boggess, voyeur, double penetration, Phantom, Wet, warm, slick, hard, daddy, anal, rimming
Ramin Karimloo/Sierra Boggess, once more, fairytale au
Ramin Karimloo/Will Swenson, cuffs, whiskey, practice, kneel
Richard Armitage/Graham McTavish, desperate, warmth, shy
Richard Armitage/Hugo Weaving, beard, welcome
Richard Armitage/Jonas Armstrong, break, reunion, unexpected
Rider Strong/Ben Savage, reunion
Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law, junket, hotel, understanding, argument, schedules, public relations
Rosario Dawson/Clive Owen, vinyl
Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen, novelty, cold, tender, ageing
Sebastian Stan/Jennifer Morrison, childish, Met Ball, gold, reward, attention, femdom
Taissa Farmiga/Vera Farmiga, age
Tina Fey/Amy Poehler, tradition, golden globes, funny, cleavage
Tom Hiddleston/Hadley Fraser, transference, breathplay, kiss, knifeplay, sparring, shaving, handclasp
Torri Higginson/Joe Flanigan, marks, faithful, written, love
Tricia Helfer/Katee Sackhoff, leather, alcohol, smile, outlaws
Victoria Justice/Daniella Monet, sisters
Victoria Justice/Elizabeth Gillies, scratches
Zac Efron/Shia LaBeouf, apologize, mistake, respect

Battlestar Galactica (2003) RPF
Jamie Bamber/Katee Sackhoff, celebration, 40th, sober, intensity, preparation, tension, relief, list, permission, music, performance, backstage, video, phone sex, eavesdropping, con, improv, illicit, squirm, mind, obsession, love

British Actor RPF
Ioan Gruffudd/Paul McGann, frottage, costume, neckwear, laughter, bet, spanking, push/pull, fucked out

CW Network RPF
Adrianne Palicki/Genevieve Cortese, imp, sofa, sea, wine, cosplay, crossdressing, sugar, gasp, sky, wire, entangled, rocket
Alona Tal/Rekha Sharma, exhale, nipple, mask, undress, tickle, tears
Chad Michael Murray/Hilarie Burton/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, sandwich, the CW, rebound, preggers, pegging
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, enter, towel, weekend, hair, cuffs, tumble, coffee, jealousy, blood, remember, sizekink, manhandle, kiss, tv, Impala, on-set, green, toothpaste, irresistible
Jared Padalecki/Richard Speight Jr, sizekink, manhandle, sugar, laughter, possessive, holidays, children, hot chocolate, mouth
Jared Padalecki/Stephen Amell, positive, hands, Twitter
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Chad Michael Murray, [any]
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Hilarie Burton, secret, New York, glasses, baby, gray, Losers
Misha Collins/Genevieve Cortese, bugbears, curse, doraphobia, selkies, loneliness, islands, scales, seahorses, wiring, spark, language, will, short, iteration, tentacles, species, shift, wet, propel
Misha Collins/Jared Padalecki, crime, caseifaction, curses, hair, predator, prey, predictions, visions, transformation, loneliness, monsters, scent, dark, tongue, ruin, radiate, alone, choose, fur, nova
Misha Collins/Jared Padalecki/Genevieve Cortese, arts, crafts, aliens, science, shipwreck, kraken, monster, isolation, magic, legend, hidden

Doctor Who RPF
Arthur Darvill/Karen Gillan, tights, harmonica, reversal, tease, apology, makeover, nose, spoon, reunion, awkward
David Tennant/Matt Smith, method, err, afterparty, farewell, blur, quench
Karen Gillan/Matt Smith, bowties, soft, on set, limo, rocking-that-dress, Comic-Con, tuxedo, lipstick, 2 am, gasp, on set, suspenders, sleepover, little black dress, hands, hotel, costumes, Sunday morning, hipster, seven minutes in heaven, lip gloss, party, paparazzi, California, lawyer AU, formal wear, confetti, "selfie", photoshoot, Oscars, midnight, button up shirt, Spain, New York city, movie premier

Film Director RPF
Jean-Luc Godard/François Truffaut, [any], anger, biting, letter, opposites

Game of Thrones RPF
Emilia Clarke/Kit Harington, secret, voyeurism, silk, whisper, lace
Emilia Clarke/Rose Leslie, friends, lonely, lingerie, stilettos, kiss, craving, desperate
Gethin Anthony/Finn Jones, loud, seduce, drunk, clothes, bite, bruise
Kit Harington/Richard Madden, curls, laugh, rough, hotel, teasing, reveal, fond, crush, desire
Kit Harington/Rose Leslie, smile, cold, huddle, whiskey, shower, slow

Glee RPF
Adam Lambert/Chris Colfer, script, voice, eyeliner
Darren Criss/Amber Riley, dumb, fun, dancing, ballroom, tuxedo, admiration, facial hair, striptease, oral, dirty talk, dorkiness, romance, cuddling, giggles, embarrassment
Darren Criss/Chord Overstreet, dumb, fun, dancing, dudebros, cuddles, practical jokes, dirty talk, making out, stubble, competition, season 2, Kurt Hummel's boyfriend, alcohol, Coachella, inside jokes, injury, weed

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Chris Evans/Scarlett Johansson, chocolates, hotel, hot-tub, interview, mile high club, pizza, road trip
Robert Redford/Sebastian Stan, daddy, hair

Porn RPF
Dale Cooper/Colby Keller, kitchen, candle, stretch

Scandals of Classic Hollywood RPF
Cary Grant/Randolph Scott, gay bachelors
Lupe Vélez/Gary Cooper, predatory, lurid, wild, control, stag film, shot

Star Trek RPF
Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, pie, eyebrows, brouhaha, insouciant, propinquity
Karl Urban/Anton Yelchin, [any], Star Trek, beating around the bush, daddy!kink, accents
Karl Urban/Chris Pine, phone sex, Skype sex, instant messaging, public, accents, surprise, shower, masturbation
William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy, pranks, motorcycle, shirtless, poetry, wrinkle

Teen Wolf RPF
Colton Haynes/Tyler Hoechlin, London, smashed, glasses, giggles, silk, scruffy, backstage pass, confetti, music, pretty, selfie, tease
Dylan O'Brien/Tyler Posey, dare, drunk, experiment, firsts, phonesex, shotgunning, streaking, surprise, tease, voyeur
Ian Bohen/Holland Roden, morning, film, shirt, hours, cold
Ian Bohen/JR Bourne/Holland Roden, motorcycles, dare, hey
Ian Bohen/JR Bourne/Tyler Hoechlin, motorbikes, journey, alcohol, kissing, roleplay, bar, props
JR Bourne/Tyler Hoechlin, rumble, grin, Scotch, restraint, sweat
Tyler Hoechlin/Dylan O'Brien, shave, cheekbones, woods, socks, tent

The Good Wife RPF
Archie Panjabi/Julianna Margulies, enmity, unworkable, friction, set, trailer, chemistry, obvious, subvert, interference

Writer & Producer RPF
Marti Noxon/Jane Espenson, erased

Comedy & Game Show & Talk Show & Misc TV Show RPF

Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight RPF
k.d. lang/Adam Hills, genderfucking, D/s, Daddy/boy

Australian Comedy RPF
Adam Hills/Paul McDermott, costumes, fairytales, animal play
Adam Hills/Wil Anderson, spanking, dildos, anal beads, prosthetic foot, D/s, restraints
Hamish Blake/Andy Lee, dungeons
Wil Anderson, fanfiction, writing, fantasies
Wil Anderson/Tim Minchin, any

Australian Comedy RPF/The Chaser RPF
The Chaser/Andrew Denton, dubcon, memories, beginnings, orgy, elections, 2001, inexperience, devious, plans

British Comedy RPF
Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell, tuxedo, fingers, magic, lick, desk, stubble, hair
Charlie Brooker/Victoria Coren Mitchell/David Mitchell, shy, unexpected, masochism, fantasy, disbelief, history, fumbling, patience, laugh, rope, blindfold, easy, careful, desperation
David Mitchell/Jimmy Carr, sweet, eyeliner, glance, mouth
David Mitchell/Robert Webb, nostalgia, old, pair, mirror, sleep, comedy
Jimmy Carr/Richard Ayoade, alpha, indoors, anomaly, cult, unexpected, mine, baby, blankets, lazy, competition, prize, hug, dream, table, arch, goal, monopoly, holiday, swimsuit, sunscreen, gadgets, kind, glasses, hold, kisses, pregnant, schedule, sharp, laugh, silly, kiss, cookie, permission, suit, tease, control, sweet, gift, secret, touch, obey, warm, test, tousled, blankets, coffee, late, skin, wedding, dare, infuriate, oblivious, patterns
Mae Martin/Sarah Millican, ticklish, switch, cuddling
Victoria Coren Mitchell/David Mitchell, bet, text, recording, public, ritual, switch, confession, blush, dance, throat, taste, tease, laugh, sweet, worship
Victoria Coren Mitchell/David Mitchell/Robert Webb, longstanding, curiosity, overwhelm, conspire

First Tuesday Book Club
Jennifer Byrne/Marieke Hardy, fishnets, teasing, boots, D/s, flirting, ropes

Gruen Transfer RPF
Todd Sampson/Russel Howcroft, any
Wil Anderson/Todd Sampson, ties
Wil Anderson/Todd Sampson/Russel Howcroft, any

Gruen Transfer RPF/Talkin' 'bout Your Generation RPF
Charlie Pickering/Todd Sampson, chocolate

Jet RPF/You Am I RPF
Nic Cester/Tim Rogers, any

Mr Firth Goes To Washington RPF
Charles Firth, drag, clothes, trousers, dresses, wedding, taffeta, rain, lingerie, touch, texture
Charles Firth/Nich Richardson, clothes, fear, strange, comfort, metaphors, arguments, public, humiliation

Randling RPF
Andrew Denton/Jennifer Byrne, masks, ropes, restraints, D/s
Annabel Crabb/Jennifer Byrne, servants, fishnets, corsets, D/s, punishment, maids, ropes, chains, whipping, teasing, service
Jennifer Byrne/Chris Taylor, flirting, D/s, corsets, words, lips, chances, loss, authority, mistress, history, forgiveness

Rockwiz RPF
Julia Zemiro/any, any
Julia Zemiro/any female guest, flirting, cocktails, backstage, touring, pubs, beds

Spicks & Specks RPF
Adam Hills/Hamish Blake, memories
Adam Hills/Myf Warhurst/Alan Brough, farewells
Alan Brough/Hamish Blake, licking

Talkin' 'bout Your Generation RPF
Charlie Pickering/any, any
Charlie Pickering/Josh Thomas, candy, hair, teasing
Shaun Micallef/Amanda Keller, trust me, forgiveness, humiliation
Shaun Micallef/any, humiliation, sadism, voyeurism, fetish, kink, food, delight, torture
Shaun Micallef/Josh Thomas, trust me, shenanigans, ageplay, food, D/s, restraints, costumes

The Chaser & Related RPF
Andrew Hansen/Charles Firth, sissies, secrets, genderplay, cross-dressing
Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel, cross-dressing
Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel/Charles Firth, sleepovers
Andrew Hansen/Dominic Knight, ponyplay, D/s, leather, cages
Charles Firth/Bill Heffernan, hatesex, rough, masochism, play, punishment, challenges, brave, courage, respect, disrespect
Chas Licciardello/Dominic Knight, best friends
Chas Licciardello/Len Harris, dubcon, costumes, rolelplay, mindfuck, cameras
Chas Licciardello/Malcolm Turnbull, ageplay
Craig Reucassel/Mark Latham, rendezvous, foam bats, restraints, punishment, rough, Canberra
Craig Reucassel/Quan Yeomans/Tim Rogers, play, sex, drunk, drag, cigarettes, afterparty, groupie, prize
Craig Reucassel/Tony Abbott, religion, prayer, confession, kink, Catholicism
Julian Morrow/Chas Licciardello, puppyplay

The Chaser RPF/Gruen Nation RPF
John Hewson/Andrew Hansen, encounters, quickie, relief, oral, gratitude, reward

Historical & Literary & Politics & Pundit RPF

16th & 17th Century CE RPF
Christopher Marlowe/Thomas Kyd, Secrecy, papers, ink, heat, lazy, bed
William Shakespeare/Kit Marlowe, grime, ink, poetry, youth, writing, inspiration, jealousy, admiration, facial hair, earring, south of the river, sport, backstage, courtesy, alcohol, tavern, language play, letters

Australian Journalism RPF
Annabel Crabb/Leigh Sales, baking, cupcakes, domesticity, sugar, cooking, food
Leigh Sales/Lisa Millar, close, travel, celebrations, NYE, Washington, sleep, touch, hair, night

Author RPF
Ann M Martin/Paula Danziger, role models
Bill Bryson/Stephen Katz, road

Historical RPF
Alex Dumas/Antoine-Jean Gros, art commission, sketches, Egypt
Alex Dumas/Saint-Georges, fencing, music, lessons, kisses
Calamity Jane/Dora Dufran, alcohol, prostitution, guns, boss
Saint-Georges/D'Eon, secrets, fencing, kisses

Lateline RPF
Tony Jones/Tony Abbott, conflict, hatesex, battlelines, interview, glare

Political RPF
Barack Obama/Sarah Palin, partisanship, hurricanes, tweet
Hillary Clinton/Joe Biden, unwanted
Hillary Clinton/Margaret Thatcher, passing the torch
Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin, red state
Malcolm Turnbull/Christopher Pyne, loyalties, secrets, leadership, friendship
Sarah Palin/Ann Coulter, evil
Tony Abbott/Christopher Pyne, discipline, tears, arguments, D/s
Tony Abbott/David Cameron, anal, whipping, arse-licking, D/s, bondage
Vladimir Putin/Dmitry Medvedev, any

Political RPF - Australian 20th-21st c.
Julia Gillard/Kevin Rudd, revenge
Tony Abbott/Julia Gillard, D/s, collars, oral, punishment, cuckolding

Pundit RPF
Anderson Cooper/Jon Stewart, liberal
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert, stage, knees, shower, bind, laugh, throat, hope, sleepy, sound, love, retire, close
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, night baseball, ashes, momentary
Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann, bridge-burning, pulse, city
Richard Engel/Rachel Maddow, $20, maps, heat, bar napkin, ink
Stephen Colbert/Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann/Jon Stewart, [any], adjust, new, vacation

Music RPF

Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump/Elisa Stump/Pete Wentz/Meagan Camper, home, marriage, family, domesticity
Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, countdown, adulthood, reunion, studio, oversharing, hey youngblood, breathplay, restraints, affection, wait, honeymoon, bodyswap, epistolary, scar, tattoos, sensation play, voyeurism, kilt, hands, voice, family
Fall Out Boy/Cobra Starship, Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta, forget, dream, drink, mask, tattoo, change, remix, skirt
Fall Out Boy/Gym Class Heroes, Patrick Stump/Travis McCoy, height difference, wall sex, bunk sex, bossy, power bottom, fake dating
Young Blood Chronicles, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, [any], biblical/eucharistic, body, blood, control, good/evil, Miss Missing You, run

Black Sabbath RPF
Tony Iommi/Bev Bevan, hurt/comfort, D/s, collars, leather, cars, driving, tour, silence, bond, strength

Conor Oberst RPF/of Montreal RPF
Kevin Barnes/Conor Oberst, any

Electric Light Orchestra RPF
FtM!Bev Bevan/Mik Kaminski, secrets, bodies, time, companionship, concealment, hiding, conflict, devotion, practice, silence
Jeff Lynne/Hugh McDowell, drunk, poker, backstage, darkness, cigarettes, shame, pleasure, guilt, arrogance, selfishness, delusions
Jeff Lynne/Kelly Groucutt, drunk, revenge, games, manipulation, reticence, shame, lust, regrets
Kelly Groucutt/Mik Kaminski, fingers, shoulders, strength, delicacy, bodies, touch
Richard Tandy/Melvyn Gale, practice, backstage, pianos, fingers, silk, blindfolds, touch, silence, sensation, biting

Electric Light Orchestra RPF/thenewno2 RPF
Jeff Lynne/Dhani Harrison, ageplay, D/s, daddy issues, hurt/comfort, grief, collars, restraints

Garbage RPF/No Doubt RPF
Gwen Stefani/Shirley Manson, religion, D/s, restraints, corsets, forbidden, sin, secrets

Music RPF
Britney Spears/Eminem, recovery
John Lennon/Brian Epstein, bath, Spain, travel, tired
John Lennon/Cynthia Lennon/Paul McCartney, family, close
John Lennon/Paul McCartney, music, hidden, closet, screaming, playing together
John Mayer/Taylor Swift, tell
Justin Bieber/Vanilla Ice, drunk sex, clusterfuck
Lady Gaga/Nicki Minaj, dress-up, hair, personalities, pretend, identity, transform
Marilyn Manson/Twiggy Ramirez, any, porn AU
Mary Lambert/Michelle Chamuel, NYE, friends, first, secret
Riki Lindhome/Kate Micucci, fuck you
Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez, red, corset, thighs, heels

No Doubt RPF
Gwen Stefani/Adrian Young, lust, crush, chances
Gwen Stefani/FtM!Tony Kanal, differences, friendship, delicacies, corsets, cross-dressing
Tony Kanal/Tom Dumont, hurt/comfort, any

One Direction RPF
Harry Styles/Liam Payne, evening, hot tub
Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, rule 63, school, crush, skirt, nail polish, spanking, hands, texting
Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson/OC, youth, first, reveal, lush, lost, wild, tremble, tear, party
Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson/Zayn Malik, fire, scared, first, tangled, smoke, hands, relaxed, stubble, trust, sub!Harry, banter, marking, denial, romance, caught
Harry Styles/Zayn Malik, introvert, silence, colour, tattoo, high, mouth, tension, interview, exhibitionism, cherries, tremble, surprise
Liam Payne/Niall Horan, cooking, relief
Niall Horan/Harry Styles, bunk, quiet
Niall Horan/Zayn Malik, cuddling, giggle, TV, frottage, paint, inspiration, gold
Zayn Malik/Liam Payne/Louis Tomlinson, submission, control
Zayn Malik/Louis Tomlinson, bruise, hidden, feminine, shatter, loud, fast, bunk, bright, teach, backstage, anger

Rammstein RPF
Paul H Landers/Richard Kruspe, blood-play, angry, tense, cold, birthday, rivalry, gentle, instant messaging, masturbation, sex-toys, public, camera, language, mating, heat, Alpha, Omega

Skrillex RPF
Skrillex/anybody, alien, awkward, beat, drop, glow, heartless, hypnotic, naked, rave, scream, shave, wired

The Move RPF
Ace Kefford/Trevor Burton, service, high, drugs, drunk, hallucinations, care, danger, safety, comfort, love,
FtM!Bev Bevan/FtM!Ace Kefford, protection, genderfuck, secrets, toys, dildos, asexuality, angels, roleplay, hurt/comfort
Carl Wayne/Roy Wood, persuasion, desire, reluctance, shy, admiration, courage, charm
Roy Wood/Jeff Lynne, separation, eagerness, guilt, avoidance, hurt/comfort, D/s, homecoming, football, regrets

thenewno2 RPF/The Travelling Wilburys RPF
Jeff Lynne/Tom Petty/Dhani Harrison, threesome, D/s, hurt/comfort, mentors, friendship

Traveling Wilburys RPF
Jeff Lynne/George Harrison, submission, comfort, silence, confession, guilt, regret
Tom Petty/Bob Dylan, any

Wizzard RPF
Roy Wood/Rick Price, genderplay, costumes, face-paint, glitter
Roy Wood/Rick Price/Hugh McDowell, threesome, roleplay, costumes, D/s, chains, leather, blades, release, hair, cross-dressing

Reality TV RPF

19 Kids and Counting RPF
Amy Jordyn Duggar/Anna Keller Duggar, knitting
Jana Duggar/Anna Keller Duggar, faking
Jana Duggar/Erin Bates, college
Jana Duggar/Jill Duggar, blood
Jessa Duggar/Jinger Duggar, escape
Jessa Duggar/Susanna Keller, coffee
Jill Duggar/Anna Keller Duggar, babysitting
Jim Bob Duggar/Gil Bates, handshake, man-hug, fellowshipping
Jinger Duggar/Tori Bates, fiddle
John-David Duggar/Jana Duggar, mission
John-David Duggar/Joseph Duggar, quiet
Josh Duggar/Josiah Duggar, closet
Josh Duggar/Zach Bates, indulgence
Josiah Duggar/Trace Bates, handshake
Joy-Anna Duggar/Amy Jordyn Duggar, education
Joy-Anna Duggar/Anna Keller Duggar, secret, sins
Joy-Anna Duggar/Tori Bates, beautiful
Michaella Bates/Zach Bates, babies
Nathan Bates/Joseph Duggar, hunger
Nathan Bates/Josiah Duggar, castoffs

American Idol RPF
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert, laugh lines

America's Next Top Model RPF
Adrianne Curry/Elyse Sewell, Paris, pearls
Janice Dickinson/any contestant, critique, nude, growl, diva
Kahlen Rondot/Christina Murphy, nightmares
Marjorie Conrad/Analeigh Tipton, diamonds
Tyra Banks/any contestant, pander, model, role, revive, mirror

Dancing With the Stars RPF
Amber Riley/Derek Hough, rumba, one year later, finale, sing, hold, clubbing, in plain sight, public sex, partner, dance floor, private, rough, unexpected, laughter, pleasure
Anna/Zendaya, curls, feathers, glitter, seductive grownup lady

Dirty Jobs RPF
Mike Rowe/Dave Barsky, order, handcuffs, boss, reverse, mud, feed, chocolate, smear, tentacles

Food Network RPF
Alton Brown/Mario Batali, taste, flirt, citron, oil, splash, sparkle
Anthony Bourdain/Andrew Zimmern, disgust, tasty, round, long, sweet, salt, savory, umami, bitter, beer, wine, scotch, smoke, swig, nip, bite

Food Network RPF/Dirty Jobs RPF
Alton Brown/Mike Rowe, grease, scrub, hose, lick, sauce, tentacles

Project Runway RPF
Kenley Collins/Kara Janx, codependent
Kenley Collins/Leanne Marshall, rivalry, love to hate you, alien
Tim Gunn/any, flattery
Zac Posen/Tim Gunn, flirt, curls, judgy, couture, perfect, shape

Reality TV RPF
Kate Gosselin/Nadya Suleman, tired

Survivor RPF
Jeff Probst/any male contestant, manly

Sports RPF

Baseball RPF
Justin Verlander/Kate Upton, Polaroid, lace, blonde, smoke, salt, fingers, cake, bikini
Justin Verlander/Rick Porcello, danger, clay, honey, knives, twist, film, walk, forest, music
Max Scherzer/Rick Porcello, bath, shame, neck, kiss, bored, bite, slight, jealous, trust, deny, hot-tub

Hockey RPF
Alex Galchenyuk/Brandon Prust/Brendan Gallagher, crossdressing, homesick, lost in translation, open secret, possessive, sacres, sex toys, voyeurism, windchill
Alexander Semin/Eric Staal, language barrier, memories, pretending
Angela Price/Carey Price/PK Subban, awesome, warmth, surprise, negotiation, Olympics, different, wet, stable, summer, celebration, cool, body-worship, skin, watching
Beau Bennett/James Neal, tattoo, glasses, shower, fail, awkward, vanity, lazy, hickeys, floor, movie-night
Beau Bennett/Robert Bortuzzo, desire, pillows, blanketfort, games, frustration, wrist, sweatpants, food, awkward
Brandon Bollig/Andrew Shaw, guitar, wrestle, blur, soap, shave, mud, movies, rust, hate, orange, dogs, collars, corners, high, waste, radio, ghosts, cheat, misbehaving, music, sleeping, tattoos
Brandon Prust/Alex Galchenyuk, fighting, teaching, blowjob, bets, injury
Cam Ward/Eric Staal, affair, frustration
Colin Wilson/Roman Josi, panties
Columbus Blue Jackets (any)/LA Kings (any), tease, twitter, dinner, score, pads
Hilary Knight/Amanda Kessel, pranks, videogames, winning
Jaromir Jagr/Claude Giroux, disappointment, bruises, walls
Jaromir Jagr/Martin Brodeur, bus, unexpected, history
Jeff Carter/Mike Richards, antisocial, bravado, bruised, choker, control, excoriate, jealousy, kneel, left behind, left hanging, parody, renegotiate, seduction strategy, shame, thrill, separation, insomnia, punish, grimace, bite
Jonathan Drouin/Nathan MacKinnon, distance, words, promises, watching, voice, push, fight, worry, connect, linger, time
Matt Duchene/Patrick Roy, daddy kink, spanking, passed around the team
Niklas Kronwall/Brad Stuart, fold, swim, sand, destroy, red, eyes, hands, boxes, sin, distance, roughing, tongue, mouth, lies, food, cages, night, eyes, oatmeal, simple, return, gone, silence, noise, feathers, skin, victory, dreams
Niklas Kronwall/Jonathan Ericsson, holding, tight, melt, sky, snow, rope, secrets, safe, twist, smile
Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews, hair pulling, oral fixation, biting, hands, cuddles, misadventure, handcuffs, shaving, superhero, drunk, rug, toy, celebrate, sublimation, fight, aphrodisiac, manhandle
Patrick Sharp/Patrick Kane/Abby Sharp, scandal, threesome, amazing, marathon, first
Paul Martin/Pittsburgh Penguins rookie defensemen, beard
Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak, praise, size difference, comfort goat
PK Subban/Brandon Prust, bondage, fight, bleed, French, suits, rimming, shower
PK Subban/Brandon Prust/Carey Price, rimming, sharing, cockring, handjob, drinking
PK Subban/Carey Price, losing streak, Olympics, kisses, shorts, ropes, mouth, rimming, blazer, hoodie, bondage, media, slutty, jealous, amazing, kids, laughter
Ryan Suter/Shea Weber, ache, goodbye, young, nothing, tomorrow
Sam Gagner/John Tavares, forget, heat, ice, strings, shadows, rings, wish, taste, grasp, breath, teeth, insecurity, resentment, touch starved
Seth Jones/Shea Weber, a/b/o, cockring, buttplug, porn, teaching, orgasm-denial, bareback, hero worship, intimidation, role reversal, scars, taking the lead
Shea Weber/Bobby Ryan, Olympic selection snub, healing cock, replacement
Shea Weber/Jonathan Toews, long distance, intensity, captaincy, ass worship, power bottoming
Shea Weber/Jonathan Toews/Sidney Crosby, leadership
Shea Weber/Michael del Zotto, initiation, liability, discipline
Shea Weber/Patrick Kane, intriguing, disarming, one-on-one, post-game
Shea Weber/Ryan Suter/Zach Parise, overcome, watch, villains, seams, cut, loud, waltz, gold, twine, hair, jealous, wild, empty, open, train
Shea Weber/Sidney Crosby, Sochi, cuddle-checking, tackle-hugging
Sidney Crosby/Alexander Ovechkin, beat, cold, cars, hair, burned, cards, collar, switch, morning
Sidney Crosby/any except Malkin, nosebleed
Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, off-season, kiss, hands, giggle, Olympics, faceoff, shower, training, endurance, tease, training, first, surprise, laughter
Tomas Hertl/Joe Thornton, birthday, amazing, young, skills, shame, scandal
Tyler Seguin/any, ballgag, spreader, passed around a team

National Football League RPF
Aaron Rodgers/Brett Favre, distance, green, old, bruise, sharp, dust, lucky, blue, sour, clothes
Matthew Stafford/Calvin Johnson, wings, regret, tattoos, drawl, good, south, drip, mistake, lost, socks, closet, toothbrush, swimming, weights, bent, slippery, marks
Tom Brady/Wes Welker, Superbowl, jello wrestling, summer, jealousy, bronco, uniform, public, alpha/omega, knotting, threesome

Tennis RPF
Andy Murray/Kim Sears/Novak Djokovic, extra, trio, jealousy, Wimbledon, grand slam, massage, training, privacy, kiss, AU
Andy Murray/Novak Djokovic, Australia, competition, dynamics, training, practice, teams, kiss, console, t-shirt, treasure trail, AU, intense, final, over, grip, rhythm
Andy Murray/Rafael Nadal, tan, freckles, smile, OCD?, contractions, Spanish, touch, skin, kiss, happy, AU
Andy Murray/Roger Federer, unexpected, advice, Japanese food, divorced, retirement, speculation, encouragement, help, support, advice, AU
Andy Roddick/Roger Federer, advice, warm up, tennis, accents, Swiss, commentary, sex tape, AU
Mirka Federer/Rafael Nadal/Roger Federer, sharing, acceptance, welcomed, marital bed, poly, settled, content, AU
Rafael Nadal/Roger Federer, adoration, best, muscular, hips, smiling, laugh, swimming, coming out, AU, defeat, hurt, healing, tender, kiss, care, unsubtle, hero-worship, blush, humble

Winter Olympics RPF
Any/Any, ice, snow, winning, celebration, speed, adrenaline, danger, grace
Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir, isolation, toe pick, crush

RPF Crossovers

Actor RPF/Music RPF
Brigitte Bardot/Serge Gainsbourg, [any], fondle, goddess, recording
Brigitte Bardot/Serge Gainsbourg/Jane Birkin, [any]
Lupita Nyong'o/Janelle Monae, cyborgs, future, revolution, music
Taylor Swift/Kristen Stewart, kiss, skirt, heels, teeth, cunt, shake

Actor RPF/Writer RPF
Marti Noxon/Sarah Michelle Gellar, fetish

Electric Light Orchestra RPF/The Chaser RPF
Jeff Lynne/Andrew Hansen, any

Muse RPF/The Chaser RPF
Matt Bellamy/Andrew Hansen, fingers, hair, twins

Pundit RPF/Project Runway RPF
Anderson Cooper/Tim Gunn, suit, blue, "make it work"

The Beatles RPF/The Chaser RPF
Paul McCartney/Andrew Hansen, any

The Chaser RPF/The Whitlams RPF
Chris Taylor/Tim Friedman, reconciliation, threesomes, trysts, hate!sex, misunderstandings, pianos, musicians, girlfriends

Any Character Portrayed by Actor X
Any actor who's played Superman/any other actor who's played Superman, heroes, special effects, "the Superman curse"
Any character played by Aidan Turner/any character played by Dean O'Gorman, poetry, reincarnation, blood, delight, sizekink
Any character played by Amanda Tapping/any character played by Jr. Bourne, love, companions, pairing, wall-sex
Any character played by Anne Hathaway/any character played by Chris Pine, any, song, dance, candlelight, annoyed, trust, run
Any character played by Azita Ghanizada/any character played by Sendhil Ramamurthy, any, smile, laugh, sweet, stockings, heels, desk, suit, tie, love
Any character played by Benedict Cumberbatch/any character played by Martin Freeman, sizekink, slither, red, gold, green
Any character played by Britt Robertson/any character played by Willa Holland, destiny, sword, rebel, superhero
Any character played by Chris Pine/any character played by Emma Stone, any, cross, desk, heels, new, wild, shy
Any character played by Chris Pine/any character played by Jamie Chung, any, hot, showoff, jump, joke, dare, best, bet, shy
Any character played by David Dawson/any character played by David Dawson, key, plaid, misstep, apprehended
Any character played by Ellen Page/any character played by Jamie Chung, any, dance, chase, night, light, run, dream
Any character played by Ellen Page/any character played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, any, hot, beach, high school, glasses, tie, sweet, cheesy, fly
Any character played by Ellen Page/any other character played by Ellen Page, any, faith, trust, science, questions, left, stockings, scarf, wish
Any character played by Emma Stone/any character played by Josh Hutcherson, any, quip, spark, adventure, fun, treasure, first
Any character played by Emma Stone/any other character played by Emma Stone, any, dance, desk, sharp, smart, twist, curious, crawl, sing, heels, skirt, red
Any character played by Garrett Hedlund/any character played by Olivia Wilde, any, country, driving, wild, open air, secrets
Any character played by Gemma Arterton/any character played by Jeremy Renner, weapons, overcoats, banter
Any character played by Gwendoline Christie/any character played by Tom Hiddleston, serve, turquoise, chair, Shakespeare, heels
Any character played by Idris Elba/any character played by Lucy Liu, any, challenge, command, loyalty, team, investigate, answer, laugh, smile, taste, paint, domestics
Any character played by Jamie Chung/any character played by John Cho, any, laugh, smile, heart, space, fight
Any character played by Jamie Foxx/any character played by Robert Downey Jr, explosion, outdoors, passion, smirk, skirt
Any character played by Joe Flanigan/any character played by David Hewlett, bar, morning, chance, glasses, surprise
Any character played by Jonny Lee Miller/any character played by Lucy Liu, any, question, challenge, spark
Any character played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt/any character played by Ellen Page, sneakers, glasses, guitar, laughter, records, suits
Any character played by Katie McGrath/any character played by Emilia Fox, heels, blade, darkness
Any character played by Keanu Reeves/any character played by Sandra Bullock, any, chase, magic, faith, danger, sweet, tender, old, hope
Any character played by Lou Diamond Phillips/any character played by Kiefer Sutherland, rivalry, unexpected, companionship, harbor, legs, seduction, iron, spirit, drunk
Any character played by Martin Freeman/Any character played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, meaningful, difference, softness, appealing, autumn
Any character played by Rachel Bilson/any character played by Ben McKenzie, cop, reunion, past, one night stand, medical, chance
Any character played by Sebastian Stan/any character played by David Anders, smirk, vodka, train, monster, brother, awe, pale, science, immortal, weapon
Any character played by Sebastian Stan/any character played by Seth Gabel, sly, laughter, shower, trenchcoat, undercover, thigh holster, fantasy
Any character played by Sebastian Stan/any other character played by Sebastian Stan, time, Wonderland, hat, winter, sleep, party, clubbing
Any character played by Seth Gabel/any other character played by Seth Gabel, hair, drugs, jewelry, healing, vacation, doppelganger
Any character played by Tom Hiddleston/any character played by Benedict Cumberbatch, manners, mischief, solitary
Any character played by Will Arnett/any character played by Will Arnett, repression, rivalry, intrigue
Any character played by Zoe Bell/any character played by Tracie Thoms, daredevil, engine, knockout, knuckle, pulp
Any older character played by Paul McGann/any younger character played by Paul McGann, dominance, pretty, neck, laughter, scarf, tease, against-the-wall

Crossover, Alphas, Rachel Pirzad/any character played by Chris Evans, any, close, city, night, hero, investigate, future
Crossover, Alphas, Rachel Pirzad/any character played by Chris Pine, any, laugh, dance, explore, discover, stars
Crossover, Alphas, Rachel Pirzad/any character played by Warren Christie, any, shy, guilt, bittersweet, cautious, hope, balance, touch
Crossover, Arrested Development, GOB Bluth/any character played by Jason Bateman, denial
Crossover, Sleepy Hollow, Abbie Mills/any character played by Chris Hemsworth, any, accent, loyal, action, strategy
Crossover, Sleepy Hollow, Abbie Mills/any character played by Chris Pine, any, dazed, chase, shootout, schooled, laugh, bet, winner
Crossover, Sleepy Hollow, Abbie Mills/any character played by Michael Ealy, any, smart, play, flirt, date
Crossover, Sleepy Hollow, Abbie Mills/any character played by Santiago Cabrera, any, sun, warm, lazy, rain
Crossover, Suits, Travis Tanner/any character played by Dale Midkiff, blue eyes, memory, reincarnation, friction, want, rimming
Crossover, Suits, Travis Tanner/any character played by Laurie Holden, pregnancy, wet, rain, sharp, blonde
Crossover, Suits, Travis Tanner/any character played by Michael Biehn, guns, memory, reincarnation, history, wanton, rimming

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