Porn Battle XV - The Ides of Porn



Final update on 18th February 2014: now showing all entries.

Dreamwidth Page 01

Kuroko no Basuke, Incitement to Riot by [personal profile] lysapadin, Imayoshi/Momoi, desk, skirt, hush

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Problem-Solving in Three Parts by [personal profile] katekintail, James T Kirk/Leonard McCoy, cold, flu, needy, frustrated, naked, comfort, away mission

The Originals/The Vampire Diaries (TV), An Eternity (Hoping To Learn) by [personal profile] agirlnamedtruth, Elijah Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson, care, wanted, comfort, held, loved, hair, sister, kiss, neck, want + The Originals, Elijah Mikaelson/Klaus Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson, family, protection, loyalty, blood, home, [any]

Community, Han/Luke by [personal profile] ilthit, Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir, Star Wars [ART]

Community, Hollywood Fantasy by [personal profile] ilthit, Troy Barnes/Clive Owen, gala [ART]

Community, Scotch and Cigars by [personal profile] ilthit, Jeff Winger/Alan Connor, desk, cigar, belt

Merlin, Heart Of Queens by [personal profile] agirlnamedtruth, Gwen/Morgana, queens, rulers, dream

Frozen, Control by [personal profile] afterism, Anna/Elsa, gloves, safe [ART]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), Keeping Score by [personal profile] dahlia_moon, Phil Coulson/Melinda May, [any], comfort, history, mats, past, warmth

Burn Notice, Michael's Biggest Mistake by [personal profile] merryghoul, Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen, [any]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), When We Say Family, We Say Grief by [personal profile] profmeteor, Same As It Never Was Donatello/Raphael, lost, comfort

Harry Potter - All Media Types, Penance by [ profile] chibirenamon, Lucius Malfoy/Hermione Granger, knees, penance, bargain

Frozen, Untitled by [personal profile] tat, Anna/Elsa, igloo

Justified, Deep Dark Hills by [personal profile] cj, Boyd Crowder/Raylan Givens, misbehaving, home, youth, family issues

A Civil Contract - Georgette Heyer, Daybreak by [personal profile] claire1895, Adam/Jenny, life after heartache

Game of Thrones (TV), Untitled by [personal profile] tat, Margaery Tyrell/Sansa Stark, slipper

Kuroshitsuji, Untitled by [personal profile] tat, Ciel/Elizabeth, grass-stains

Pretty Little Liars (TV), Cherry Ripe by [ profile] murderershair, Alison DiLaurentis/Emily Fields, dream, favorite, reluctant

Teen Wolf (TV), Sunday Kind of Love by [personal profile] esterthen, Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski, anchor, red, awake, together, dream

Atonement (2007), Unreliable Narrator by [personal profile] agirlnamedtruth, Briony/Cecilia, undone

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Knowledge by [personal profile] lion_heart, Jon Snow/Ygritte, forever, loss, fire, ice

Supernatural, Sex on the Beach by [personal profile] katekintail, Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, sand, sweat

Once Upon a Time (TV), Every Night She Kept Me from the Cold by [ profile] babydolleyez, Neal Cassidy/Emma Swan, shelter, freeze

Persona 3, Holiday Service by [personal profile] stealth_noodle, Mitsuru Kirijo/Yukari Takeba, dress-up, dominance

Livejournal Page 01

Byzantium (2013), You've Broken Through by [ profile] unityfic, Eleanor Webb/Frank, hand holding, nails, vein

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Tradition by [ profile] ishi_chan, Loki Laufeyson/Sif, rough, oral, triumph

The Hobbit – All Media Types, From Such Great Heights by [ profile] penknife, Galadriel/Gandalf, guide

Chicago Fire, TLC by [ profile] crabwise_son, Leslie Shay/Allison Rafferty, ambulance, comfort, tears

Leverage, Cause I Can by [ profile] penknife, Alec Hardison/Parker/Eliot Spencer, acrobatic

Teen Wolf, Pack Bond by [ profile] ladyoneill, Derek Hale/Peter Hale, Alpha, claws, pack, submission

The Hobbit (Jackson movies), Sunken Stars Appear by [ profile] browngirl, Bilbo/Bofur, comfort

Longmire, Impulse by [ profile] callix, Vic/Walt, truth, lies

Teen Wolf, Pinned by [ profile] ladyoneill, Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski, cunnilingus, red strings, wall!sex

28 Weeks Later, Daybreak by [ profile] hiddencait, Doyle/Tammy, sunrise, together, age

Teen Wolf, The Pact by [ profile] ladyoneill, Sheriff Stilinski/Talia Hale, memory, wolf

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Scavenger Hunt by [ profile] trillianastra, Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz, motorcycle, shots, front clasp bra, kiss

The Vampire Diaries (TV), The Devil in the Details by [ profile] ishi_chan, Anna/Katherine Pierce, games, history

Hamlet - William Shakespeare, Me Of Thee Defeated by [ profile] samgrass, Horatio/trans!Hamlet, university, Latin

Firefly, Butterfly Kisses by [ profile] scifishipper, River/Jayne, deliberate, Vera, grease, tenderness

Chuck, Bedroom Decor by [ profile] daria234, Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin/Sarah Walker, gun

Pretty Little Liars, Don't Touch Til The Light by [ profile] honeyedlion, Hanna M./Mona V., manipulate, bath, clit, forbidden

American Pie series, Everything Changes by [ profile] wildlinggirl, Steve Stifler/OMC, exploration, kiss, new, fingers, tongue

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Granny Glasses and Black Leather by [ profile] igrockspock, Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz, leather, glasses

Sherlock (TV), Performative Aspects by [ profile] penombrelilas, Sherlock/Mycroft, mine, obey, understanding, same, force

The Hobbit - All Media Types, Kiss Me Now Or Never by [ profile] browngirl, Bilbo/Thorin, morning, noon, night

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Surveillance by [ profile] penknife, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, undercover

The Vampire Diaries -All Media Types, Sweet like Sugar Venom by [ profile] nokomis305, Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson, want

Sherlock, What you need by [ profile] karlamartinova, Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan, mission

Dreamwidth Page 02

Kuroshitsuji, The Lady's Surrender by [ profile] murderershair, Ciel/Elizabeth, cute, pout, smile, velvet

Return to Night - Mary Renault, Doctor in Charge by [personal profile] naraht, Hilary Mansell/Julian Fleming, silk, Oedipal

Ace Attorney, Mango Juice by [personal profile] samuraiter, Apollo Justice/[Any], bicycle

The Hobbit - All Media Types, Goldengrove Unleaving by [personal profile] vulgarweed, Galadriel/Gandalf, golden, morning, understanding, flaws

The Blacklist, Remember by [personal profile] prettylullabies, Elizabeth Keen/Donald Ressler, tension, wall

Persona 3, Don't Make This Weird by [personal profile] stealth_noodle, Junpei Iori/Ryoji Mochizuki, practice

The Craft, The Final Rite by [personal profile] lion_heart, Nancy/all, control

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Got down on my knees (and I pretend to pray) by [personal profile] fallingtowers, Brienne/Jaime, kneel, mouth, warm

Final Fantasy X, Quadra Magic by [personal profile] wimblydonner, Lulu/Rikku, desire, elemental, electricity, magic, slow, strip, thndr

Farscape, Recreational Purposes by [personal profile] angelus2hot, John Crichton/Chiana, recreation

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pressed for Time by [personal profile] ikfis, Loki Laufeyson/Sif, grind, tease, leather, layers

RPF (Historical), A Beautiful Fork In The Road by [personal profile] ingridmatthews, Calamity Jane/Dora Dufran, boss

Farscape, Pleasant Interruption by [personal profile] angelus2hot, John Crichton/Chiana, desire

Anthropomorphic, Bankruptcy by [personal profile] samuraiter, Netflix/Blockbuster, streaming porn

DCU, The Heroes' Love Story by [personal profile] zouzounaki, Clark Kent/Diana of Themiscrya, icon, equal, partners, perfection

Doctor Who, The eyes are new, the look is old by [personal profile] trobadora, female!Doctor/Jack Harkness, ties

Ever After, Untitled by [personal profile] dahlia_moon, Danielle de Barbarac/Prince Henry, chase, diplomacy, garden, haste

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), For You by [personal profile] ashen_key, Melinda May/Grant Ward, submission, trust, appreciation

Iron Man 3, Damsel in This Stress by [personal profile] minoanmiss, Maya Hansen/Pepper Potts, refuge

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Schönheit im Bett by [personal profile] metallikirk, Jane Foster/Thor, beautiful, bed, breakfast

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Repeating Myself on Your Skin by [personal profile] misbegotten, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, forever

Legend of the Seeker, Battle Plans by [personal profile] musesmistress, Richard Cypher/Kahlan Amnell, post-battle

Greek and Roman Mythology, Night-blooming Cereus by [personal profile] moetushie, Cupid (Eros)/Psyche, flowers, moonlight, sweet

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), Parachute by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Jemma Simmons/Skye, awkward, cute, knees, quiet, insecure, privacy

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, young in limbs, in judgement old by [personal profile] magnum, F!Dragonborn/Sapphire, confide, slow

Livejournal Page 02

Sherlock, Stress Relief by [ profile] fabrisse, Sally Donovan/John Watson

Stargate SG-1, Let Your Demons Run by [ profile] mrspollifax, Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill, want, forbidden

Psy-Changeling - Nalini Singh, running wild by [ profile] magisterequitum, Naya/Julian, hidden, smell, grown up

Teen Wolf, Hands On by [ profile] scripps, Chris Argent/Isaac Lahey, bruises

The Closer, Reason to Stay by [ profile] ubiquitousmixie, Brenda/Sharon, negligee, silk, tryst

White Collar, On Film Or On Canvas by [ profile] nevcolleil, Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, pregnancy, smile

Major Crimes, Comparisons by [ profile] madampresident, Fritz Howard/Sharon Raydor, adultery

Chrono Trigger, Rumors and Lies by [ profile] tinamachina, Crono/Lucca/Marle, millennium

American Horror Story: Coven, Set Yourself On Fire by [ profile] ishi_chan, Zoe Benson/Kyle Spencer/Madison Montgomery, temperature play, feel

Teen Wolf (TV), Mapping Out Your Body by [ profile] ishi_chan, Kira Yukimura/Scott McCall, shy, touch

Always Crashing In The Same Car (2007), Low by [ profile] samgrass, Bill/Jim, blackmail, blowjob

Amour et Chocolat - Laura Florand, chasing my own dreams by [ profile] tosca1390, Patrick/Sarah, midnight, marble

Stargate Atlantis, drabble #1 by [ profile] omg_wtf_yeah, McKay/Sheppard, hands, skin

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (movies), Entre la nuit et l'aurore by [ profile] severinne, Pike/Kirk, bar, whisky, push, daddy, rescue, discipline

Teen Wolf, Rough Stuff by [ profile] ladyoneill, Deucalion/Stiles Stilinski, rough

The Closer, Night Driving by [ profile] madampresident, Brenda Johnson/Sharon Raydor, quick, squad car 1/2

Pitch Perfect, dance so good by [ profile] krilymcc, Beca/Chloe, public place, live a little, dance, club, shots, first time, hand holding, skin, shoulders, kiss

Community, Carry you home tonight by [ profile] krilymcc, Jeff/Annie, couch, scotch, late-night, bra, youth, first time, short skirt, bed

The Pretender, Conversations by [ profile] karlamartinova, Jarod/Miss Parker, tear

Bedwyns Series - Mary Balogh, the only light i ever saw by [ profile] tosca1390, Wulfric/Christine, hideaway

Psy-Changeling - Nalini Singh, next time will be your time by [ profile] tosca1390, Brenna/Judd, silk

Evil Dead Trilogy, his favorite person by [ profile] inthegiggleloop, Ash Williams/Sheila, adoration

Amour et Chocolat - Laura Florand, here with you by [ profile] magisterequitum, Luc/Summer, cunnilingus

The Unit, trust goes a long way by [ profile] kurokickass, Jonas Blane/Mack Gerhardt, knowing, secrets, obedience, trust

Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, The Hail Mary Pass by [ profile] tauredhiel07, Buffy Summers/River Song, clever

Dreamwidth Page 03

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), A shot in the dark by [personal profile] purple_cube, Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanoff, masks

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien, Ache by [personal profile] moetushie, Fingon/Maedhros, closed doors, hiding, ache, headstrong, politics

Brokeback Mountain, One-Shot Thing by [personal profile] jalu2, Ennis del Mar/Jack Twist, smile, eyes, rimming, bed, bliss, masturbation, kiss, afterglow, love

Kuroshitsuji, untitled by [personal profile] tat, Ciel/Elizabeth/Sebastien, contract

RPF (Actor), Just a fool's hope by [personal profile] noalinnea, Martin Freeman/Benedict Cumberbatch, sarcasm

Persona 3, Give by [personal profile] stealth_noodle, Shinjiro/Female!Main Character, coma, pocket watch

Supernatural, Perfect Fit by [personal profile] serrico, Dean/Abaddon, own, hands

Anthropomorphic, Turnabout is Fair (and Balanced) Play by [personal profile] isis, MSNBC/Fox News, Shakespearean

The Vampire Diaries (TV), break my heart open (and never close again) by [personal profile] subjunctive, Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore, sheets, beauty, soft

The Hobbit (movies), On The Table by [personal profile] grav_ity, Fili/Sigrid, table

Chuck, Contrast by [personal profile] argo0, Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Ellie Bartowski, rehearsal, drunk, anal

RPF (British Comedy), Sepia by [personal profile] marginaliana, David Mitchell/Robert Webb, nostalgia

Anthropomorphic, Would You Like S'More by [personal profile] dariaw, graham cracker/marshmallow/chocolate, melt

Anthropomorphic, Take Her Temperature by [personal profile] dariaw, Fahrenheit/Celsius/Kelvin, jealousy, boil

Almost Human, Lessons by [personal profile] dariaw, John/Dorian, trust, learning, bodies, connection

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), a knife or a narrow gaze by [personal profile] sathanas, Malekith/Algrim, adamant, disquiet, restraints

As You Like It - Shakespeare, What Orlando Knows by [personal profile] dariaw, Orlando/Rosalind, forest

Dredd (2012), Down The Deepest by [personal profile] lion_heart, Cassandra Anderson/Joseph Dredd, face, read, release, lonely, earned

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Out on the Town by [personal profile] katekintail, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, unexpected, coming out, mission, gay bar

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, minor victories by [personal profile] odyle, Sandor Clegane/Sansa Stark, scar, castle

Doctor Who, I'm On Fire by [personal profile] thedarkmaterial, Donna Noble/River Song, mad, stranger

Skyfall (2012), the burial was premature by [personal profile] recrudescence, Eve Moneypenny/Severine, quiet

The Muppet Show, Red-Faced and Tongue-Tied by [personal profile] perletwo, Bunsen/Beaker, voice

Sherlock (TV), Start Me Up by [personal profile] vulgarweed, Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper/John Watson, sex fantasies, forbidden

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Her kind of play by [personal profile] ceitfianna, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, control, red, glasses

Livejournal Page 03

Bedwyns Series - Mary Balogh, lost in the shape your body makes by [ profile] tosca1390, Wulfric/Christine, quizzing glass

Battlestar Galactica, In the Fade by [ profile] accol, Leoben Conoy/Kara Thrace, stitches, pain

Mean Girls, You Are Doomed to Be Undone by [ profile] honeyedlion, Regina/Karen, harmless

Crossover, Doctor Who/Lost Girl, by [ profile] tauredhiel07, Tamsin/Jack Harkness, vodka

Pacific Rim, his voice like fuel to fire by [ profile] kurokickass, Hercules Hansen/Stacker Pentecost, bisexual, accent

Alice in the Country of Heart, Cream and Two Sugars by [ profile] honeyedlion, Alice/Julius, points

Doctor Who, Here At the Beginning With You by [ profile] halotolerant, Second Doctor/Jamie, hands

Crossover, Pacific Rim/The Unit, Call Off Your Ghost by [ profile] otherbella, Mack Gerhardt/Mako Mori, substitute

Crossover, Lost Girl/Teen Wolf, Feral by [ profile] tauredhiel07, Dyson/Derek Hale, shifting, running, scenting, alike, accepted

Star Trek: The Original Series, Fear Dispelled by [ profile] lah_mrh, Kirk/Spock, pon farr, love, need

Merlin, Three’s a Crowd by [ profile] angelqueen04, Arthur/Gwen/Morgana, incest

The Third Man, Echoes by [ profile] alida_january, Harry Lime/Holly Martins, sewer, desperation, overcoat

Psy-Changeling - Nalini Singh, no need to rush by [ profile] tosca1390, Sascha/Lucas, control, moonlight, tremble

The Unit, here’s to a promise I can keep by [ profile] kurokickass, Mack Gerhardt/Charles Grey, dinner,adrenaline,sweet,poet

Jennifer’s Body, lesbian much by [ profile] margottenenbaum, Jennifer Check/Needy Lesnicki, horny, skinny-dipping, tits, vibrator

Game of Thrones, Mirrors by [ profile] afterandalasia, Cersei Lannister/Margaery Tyrell, games, lies, power

Coriolanus - Shakespeare, A kind of Nothing by [ profile] samgrass, Caius Martius/Tullus Aufidius, complication

The Avengers, your mouth tastes like holy wine by [ profile] redbrunja, Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanoff, ownership

The Closer, Swan Lake by [ profile] madampresident, Brenda Johnson/Sharon Raydor, ballet, silent, silk

The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types, To drive the cold winter away by [ profile] penknife, Celeborn/Galadriel, blizzard

Revolution, bring me your malice by [ profile] magisterequitum, Charlie/Monroe, adrenaline, dirt, blood

Psy-Changeling - Nalini Singh, ruby and burn by [ profile] magisterequitum, hawke/sienna, precious, fire

North and South - All Media Types, private car by [ profile] hiddencait, John/Margaret, married, platform, exhibition

The Chronicles of Riddick, Kneel by [ profile] hiddencait, Vaako/Kyra (Jack), kneel, allegiance, surrender, risk, submission

Dreamwidth Page 04

Sleepy Hollow, Wine for Stomach's Sake by [personal profile] merryghoul, Ichabod Crane/Katrina Crane, spell

Crossover, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./Secret Avengers, Deserves Another by [personal profile] dazzledfirestar, Phil Coulson/Melinda May/Bobbi Morse

Veronica Mars, Untitled by [personal profile] lodessa, Logan Echolls/Eli 'Weevil' Navarro, wary, enemies, punch, bite, gratitude, debt, furt

Marvel Cinematic Universe, I'm a screamer, baby, make me a mute by [personal profile] minviendha, Loki Laufeyson/Sif, rough, pegging

Breaking Bad, Someone Saved My Life Tonight by [personal profile] renata_kedavra, Jesse Pinkman/OMC, au, healing, vampires

Ed Edd N Eddy, Culture Shock by [personal profile] tantilla, Rolf/Kevin, show, culture, feet, farmhand, strange

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, On a Snowy Night by [personal profile] anaraine, Electra de Sainte-Coquille/Maerwen, snow, night

The Baby-sitters Club - Ann M. Martin, Abandon by [personal profile] ozqueen, Charlie Thomas/Mary Anne Spier, love, skirt

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Distraction by [personal profile] metallikirk, James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, magic, AU

RPF (Randling), An Exercise in Accismus by [personal profile] sashataakheru, Annabel Crabb/Jennifer Byrne, D/s, punishment, maids, chains

Community, Aeronauts by [personal profile] ilthit, Shirley Bennett/Britta Perry, AU

Kuroko no Basuke, brief and perfectly ordinary by [personal profile] torch, Aomine Daiki/Kagami Taiga

Peaky Blinders, we are savages, you and i (and we will hang) by [personal profile] d_generate_girl, Polly Gray/Thomas Shelby, confession

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien, Warfare by [personal profile] innin, Elwing/Maedhros, enemies, bitter, exchange, flight

Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, The Comfort of the Familiar by [personal profile] umadoshi, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason, comfort

Fringe, For the Man Who Has Everything by [personal profile] kerithwyn, Alternate Olivia Dunham/Alternate Frank Stanton/Alternate Lincoln Lee

Twin Peaks, Promise Made by [personal profile] ingridmatthews, Audrey Horne/Dale Cooper, rebuild

White Collar, Snowlight by [personal profile] minoanmiss, Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, snow

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, nobody bleeds for the dancer by [personal profile] eidos, Dio Brando/Joseph Joestar, voyeur

Man of Steel (2013), Shower Me With Kisses by [personal profile] zouzounaki, Clark Kent/Lois Lane, shower, power, grab, tender

Torchwood, Another Notch by [personal profile] merryghoul, Mary/Toshiko, tentacles

Roswell, Surprise by [personal profile] prettylullabies, Michael/Maria, blanket

October Daye series - Seanan McGuire, Subtle Claws by [personal profile] ceitfianna, Quentin/Raj, princes, claws

Sleepy Hollow, Devil Take My Soul by [personal profile] igrockspock, Abbie Mills/Ichabod Crane, midnight, kiss, oral

The Vampire Diaries (TV), Holding The Sun by [personal profile] angelus2hot, Klaus/Caroline, beg, bite

Livejournal Page 04

Pirates of the Caribbean, A Tease by [ profile] desiringpirates, Jack/Elizabeth, kiss, pirate

Pacific Rim, what we have instead by [ profile] kurokickass, Mako Mori/Raleigh Becket/Yancy Becket, AU, new world, package deal

Sherlock, Preperation & Anticipation by [ profile] crazycatt71, John/Sherlock, armchair

Fullmetal Alchemist, Girl Fight by [ profile] catlin_hunter, Rebecca Catalina/Riza Hawkeye, post-mission, training

Almost Human, Just the Same by [ profile] babettew54, Dorian/Maya Vaugh, surprise, sweet, date [any]

Generation Kill, Just To Be Sure by [ profile] oh_mcgee, Brad/Ray, bruises, au

Teen Wolf, The Quiet by [ profile] ladyoneill, Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, shower, silence, oral, suck

Game of Thrones (TV), Your Hands Are Gilded Cages by [ profile] afterandalasia, Cersei Lannister/Sansa Stark, submission, weakness, dubcon, tempt, shame

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013), Push by [ profile] mrasaki, Hansel/Gretel, trust, twins, comfort

Elementary, A Satisfactory Arrangement by [ profile] fannishliss, Joan Watson/Sherlock Holmes, challenge, chase, comfort, switch, lace, lingerie, surrender, push, hom

Arrow (TV 2012), Her's by [ profile] scripps, Roy Harper/Thea Queen, spanking

Psy-Changeling - Nalini Singh, your spine is a timber frame by [ profile] magisterequitum, Hawke/Sienna, control, handcuffs

Grease, The Choices You Make, The Promises You Keep by [ profile] jalu2, Danny Zuko/Kenickie, friends, lovers, kiss, cool, car, secret, wish, coming out?, couple, hands, smile, flirt, jacket

The Hunger Games - All Media Types, hey lover come and be my alibi by [ profile] margottenenbaum, Johanna Mason/Katniss Everdeen, arch, leather, rip, rough, threat, throat, wrecked

Fairy Tales, Keep Me From Falling To You by [ profile] honeyedlion, Hansel/Gretel, candy, fire, nightmares, comfort

The Dark Tower Series - Stephen King, Like a Coming of Age by [ profile] unityfic, Susannah Dean/Eddie Dean, outdoors, dust, gun oil, ka

Anthropomorphic, Recollections by [ profile] crabwise_son, Repression/Denial, guilt, [any]

Pacific Rim, it’s been a pleasure by [ profile] kurokickass, Chuck Hansen/Stacker Pentecost, drift, smirk, moment, connection

Psy-Changeling - Nalini Singh, of suspended action by [ profile] magisterequitum, Naya/Julian, smell

Crossover, Arrested Development/30 Rock, Leaving Ground by [ profile] youjik33, Gob Bluth/Devin Banks, repression, rivalry (original prompt: Any character played by Will Arnett/any character played by Will Arnett, repression, rivalry)

Doctor Who, A Kiss of Fists by [ profile] crabwise_son, Martha Jones/River Song, battle

Supernatural, A Grudge Withheld by [ profile] dreamlittleyo, John Winchester/Jo Harvelle, driving, direct, strength

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny , Takeover by [ profile] tinamachina, Aden/Sonja, birthday

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series, La petite mort by [ profile] severinne, Pike/Khan, bargaining, selfishness, wounds

Teen Wolf, Endure by [ profile] saucery, Alan Deaton/Stiles Stilinski, fire, ritual, sacrifice, safety, spark

Dreamwidth Page 5

Sunday Without God, Just Holding You by [personal profile] rubylily, Julie/Scar, touch

Disney Princesses, Flurry by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Elsa/Merida, summer

Fairy Tales, A Tower with One Window and No Doors by [personal profile] zouzounaki, Rapunzel/Prince, rapacious, triumph, union

Crossover, Doctor Who/Game of Thrones, Never Mind For Now by [personal profile] sohotrightnow, Sansa/Eleven, forgetting

Teen Wolf, More Than Okay by [personal profile] papryka, Allison Argent/Lydia Martin, ass, fingering, strap-on [ART]

The Hobbit (movies), Under The Mountain by [personal profile] grav_ity, Fili/Sigrid, Mountain

Chrono Trigger, Join by [personal profile] kristinmachina, Lucca/Robo, electricity, upgrades, maintenance, buzz, malfunction, metal, heart

Dark Angel, Untitled by [personal profile] circuschild, Alec McDowell/Max Guevera, flexible

Oz, Howl by [personal profile] jalu2, Ryan O'Reily/Miguel Alvarez, submit, torn, claim, scar, howl, crave, night, plan

Final Fantasy VI, As the World Dies by [personal profile] wllw, Celes Chere/Sabin Figaro, journey, comfort, loss, companionship

Teen Wolf, Untitled by [personal profile] circuschild, Kira Yukimura/Scott McCall, excitement, explosive

Firefly, No Light Without Shadow by [personal profile] perletwo, Mal Reynolds/River Tam, flight, stars, red

Final Fantasy VI, Just Be Close by [personal profile] stealth_noodle, Celes Chere/Sabin Figaro, comfort, unexpected, companionship

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal, Sweet on Suicune by [personal profile] sashataakheru, Eusine/Crystal, lake

Orphan Black, Sunday Morning by [personal profile] merryghoul, Alison Hendrix/Beth Childs, Sunday morning, suburbs

Community, Moon Colonies by [personal profile] ilthit, Abed Nadir/Britta Perry, insight, imagination

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Reconciliation by [personal profile] dazzledfirestar, Nick Fury/Phil Coulson, holiday, coffee

Pacific Rim, Full Dress Blues by [personal profile] perletwo, Mako Mori/Raleigh Beckett, uniform

Marvel Cinematic Universe, I Think We Kissed (but I forgot) by [personal profile] ashen_key, James "Bucky" Barnes/Natasha Romanoff, laughter, reunion, 1960s, hair, memories

Once Upon a Time (TV), Payment by [personal profile] shades_of_hades, Prince Charming (David Nolan)/Captain Hook (Killian Jones), Bondage [ART]

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Watching by [personal profile] dazzledfirestar, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson/Nick Fury, secret, Helicarrier, vents

Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch, Fuels the Heart by [personal profile] doreyg, Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale, disheveled

Teen Wolf (TV), In Service of the Pack by [personal profile] lionessvalenti, Derek Hale/Scott McCall, bonds, pain

Veronica Mars (All Media Types), Snake in the grass by [personal profile] jaqofspades, Veronica Mars/Eli "Weevil" Navarro, tension, unspoken, respect, trust, teeth, motorcycle, beach, tattoo, language, favors, ink, truth, demand,

Stargate SG-1, A Night of Passion by [personal profile] roeskva, Rosha|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash, undercover, love, need, passion, desire, secret

Livejournal Page 05

Psy-Changeling – Nalini Singh, Shake When You Do by [ profile] magisterequitum, Mercy/Riley, challenge

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), Purple Moss by [ profile] iria4285, Jemma Simmons/Grant Ward, sex pollen

Parks and Recreation, Kitchen Adventures by [ profile] inthegiggleloop, Ann/Leslie, waffles

The Musketeers, Secrets and Skirmishes by [ profile] dreamlittleyo, Athos/D'Artagnan, fight, drawn

Chuck, Arrangement by [ profile] daria234, Chuck/Sarah/Bryce, rough, training

The West Wing, Call Me Up by [ profile] magisterequitum, Sam/Ainsley, cunnilingus, office, desk

Spartacus Series (TV), You Are Not Him by [ profile] kmr2009, Laeta/Sybil, you

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013), Thou Shalt Not Suffer by [ profile] shiegra, Hansel/[Any], magic

Psy-Changeling – Nalini Singh, The Twenty-Seven in Your Head and Mine by [ profile] magisterequitum, kaleb/sahara, office, business, event, outside, marble

Friends, Body Double by [ profile] crabwise_son, Chandler Bing/Eddie Menuek, replacement

Rune Factory 3, Stay in Bed by [ profile] tinamachina, Micoh/Karina, food, gentle, soft

Supernatural, Bowed and Bloody by [ profile] penombrelilas, Abaddon/Dean Winchester, blood, pet, Hell, collar, pegging, torture

Major Crimes, Not a Date by [ profile] madampresident, Andy Flynn/Sharon Raydor, wedding

Coronation Street, The One You're With by [ profile] kmr2009, Sian/Tina, party, exploration, first time, lust

Firefly, Mountain Eternal by [ profile] fannishliss, Jayne Cobb/River Tam, Vera, dress, weapon, kiss, instinct

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin, Mercy by [ profile] dagonst, Sansa/Sandor, command, leashed, tempt

Red Dwarf, Galactic Flesh World by [ profile] inthegiggleloop, Lister/Rimmer, Red Dwarf, size

Gossip Girl, You're Breathing In Fumes I Taste When We Kiss by [ profile] margottenenbaum, Dan Humphrey/Georgina Sparks, frisky, nails, oral, shower, voice, wall, yes

Scott & Bailey, Goodnight, Boss by [ profile] madampresident, Rachel Bailey/Gill Murray, sexting

The Closer, Some Days by [ profile] madampresident, Brenda Johnson/Sharon Raydor, frenemy, office, rank, tryst

Frozen, You Belong with Me & My Sweet Heart by [ profile] redbrunja, Anna/Kristoff/Elsa, ice-geek

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (TV), Home Is Where the Heart Is by [ profile] redbrunja, Will/Alice, home

The Avengers (TV), Well Visit by [ profile] kyasurin_chan, John Steed/Emma Peel, quiet

Rizolli and Isles, Special Gift by [ profile] serene_ms_s, Jane/Maura, strapon, events

Sherlock (TV), Artfully Afflicted by [ profile] penombrelilas, Mycroft/Sherlock, brother dear, practice, limits, cocaine

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Doctor Who, I was made for loving you by [ profile] donnaimmaculata, Doctor 10.2/Rose Tyler, forever, on her knees, need

Crossover, Fringe/The Sandman, Repose by [personal profile] kerithwyn, Olivia Dunham/Death of the Endless, admiration, forgetting, soothe, quiet

The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien, Golden Command by [personal profile] minoanmiss, Éowyn/Faramir, pegging, sunlight

Stargate SG-1, What He Sees by [personal profile] jdjunkie, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, sunset, crabby, touch

One Tree Hill, Stress Relief by [personal profile] prettylullabies, Nathan Scott/Haley Scott, friends with benefits, masturbation, stress

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Watching Her by [personal profile] secondalto, Spike/Tara Maclay, serene, spellbound

Inside Llewyn Davis, Meet Me In The Morning by [personal profile] alba17, Llewyn Davis/Jean, anger, wary

DCU, Tickled Pink by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Harley Quinn/Pamela Isley, giggles

Pacific Rim, Cold Comfort by [personal profile] fishmalk, Mako Mori/Sasha Kaidanovsky, training, gym, submerge, hero

Mojo – Jez Butterworth, Shuffling The Cards Of Your Game by [personal profile] agirlnamedtruth, Baby/Skinny, jukebox, cutlass, cheating

DCU, Like One of Your French Girls by [personal profile] saphire_dance, Jason Todd/Kyle Rayner, bicker, drawing, mistake

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Lay My Head Under The Sea by [personal profile] agirlnamedtruth, Asha Greyjoy/Theon Greyjoy, salt, ocean, comfort, family

Marvel Comics, Out by [personal profile] dazzledfirestar, Daken Akihiro/Johnny Storm, submission, dominance, lies, blood, lick

Kuroko no Basuke, A Game With No Losers by [personal profile] lysapadin, Riko/Hyuuga/Kiyoshi, pegging

Kuroko no Basuke, Items 3, 4, and 7a by [personal profile] lysapadin, Midorima/Takao, hand-holding, riding, lick

F10 Things I Hate About You (Movie), Definitions by [personal profile] ceitfianna, Kat Stratford/Patrick Verona, curls, bed, smile, college, accent

True Blood, Hot Blooded by [personal profile] secondalto, Alcide Herveaux/Sookie Stackhouse, sniff, rough, wall sex, baby

Ed Edd N Eddy, Untitled by [personal profile] tat, Kevin/Edd, adrenaline

Frozen, Untitled by [personal profile] tat, Hans/Kristoff, cold

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), The Documented Healing Properties of Kissing by [personal profile] theleaveswant, Jemma Simmons/Skye, awkward, kissing, knees, science

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan, ribbons and lace (the look of love upon her face) by [personal profile] greenconverses, Percy/Annabeth, tied with bows

X-Men: First Class (2011), watching you by [personal profile] afrocurl, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, hard, forever, lust, top!Charles

Stargate Atlantis, Domesticated by [personal profile] omg_wtf_yeah, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, bubbles, frottage

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Sherlock Holmes, Recovery Position by [ profile] 2ndary_author, John Watson/fem!Sherlock Holmes, addict, flay, tongue, diminish

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, hell if i know if heaven exists... by [ profile] likebrightness, Diaz/Santiago, shots, leather, ponytail...

Battlestar Galatica (2003), Surprise! by [ profile] lanalucy, Kara wants to show him something...

Marvel Cinematic Universe, A Brother’s Treason by [ profile] dreamlittleyo, Thor/Loki, possessive, wrath, covet

Teen Wolf, Don’t Fight by [ profile] naemi, Isaac/Scott, copper, d/s, lockers, obey, possessive

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013), Sweet-tooth by [ profile] wildfreehearts, Hansel/Gretel, lick, candy, sweet

Banshee, Forget About the Take, Forget About the Give by [ profile] apgeekout, Hood/Kelly ache, understand, scars, soft

The Silmarillion, songs like water by [ profile] ittan_m0men, Mithrellas/Nimrodel, waterfall, cold water, music

Bad Education, Valentine’s Day by [ profile] scripps, Frank Grayson/Stephen Carmichael, opening up, date

BBC Sherlock, Snow Day by [ profile] fannishliss, John Watson/Mary Watson/Sherlock Holmes, middle, whole, marriage, together

Teen Wolf, Down and Dirty by [ profile] naemi, Isaac/Scott, D/s, rain, obey, scent, soil

The Good Wife, The walls were still made of glass by [ profile] schwarmerei1, Alicia Florrick/Cary Agos/Kalinda Sharma, satisfaction

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Can’t Stop by [ profile] lanalucy, Lee Adama/Sam Anders, muscles, hands, locker room

Teen Wolf, starts another big riot by [ profile] sying, Melissa McCall/Sheriff Stilinski, handcuffs, date

Blade (movie series), Left in the Dark by [ profile] hiddencait, Blade/Karen Jenson, faith, strength

Disney Princesses, Pretty in Mink by [ profile] browngirl, Charlotte La Bouff/Tiana, any

Common Law, Comfort by [ profile] nevcolleil, Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell, awakening, escalation, shower

Sons of Anarchy, Dance with the Devil by [ profile] ubiquitousmixie, Gemma Teller-Morrow/June Stahl, crazy, hate

A-Team (2010), by [ profile] accol, H.M. Murdock/B.A. Baracus, food

Warehouse 13, She is Love by [ profile] krilymcc, Helena G. Wells/Myka Ophelia Bering, formal wear, cleavage, fingering

Suits, they say it's a choice (but perhaps it's inevitable) by [ profile] extricate, harvey/mike, need, fierce, bruise

Trinity Blood, Matthew 14:11 by [ profile] penombrelilas, Cain/Abel, blasphemers, brother's keeper

RPF, Picture in His Pocket by [ profile] tinamachina, Justin Verlander/Kate Upton, Polaroid, blonde, fingers

Stargate Atlantis, make damn sure by [ profile] theladymore, John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, hands, clutch, found

Crossover, Marvel Cinematic Universe/The Tudors, Beautiful Stranger by [ profile] tinamachina, Anne Boleyn/Loki, {any], rescue

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer, My Lukewarm Shower by [personal profile] palgrave_goldenrod, Faith Lehane, shower, solo, abandonment issues

RPF (Hockey), Breakfast Interruptus by [personal profile] shades_of_hades, Niklas Kronwall/Brad Stuart, oatmeal [ART]

Psych, Sticky Situation by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Shawn Spencer/Burton Guster, sweet tooth, mornings, trouble

Psych, Chilling by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Shawn Spencer/Burton Guster/Juliet O'Hara, blankets, cuddles

American Horror Story: Coven, Dance Naked by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Cordelia Foxx/Misty Day, spin, lace, midnight

Oglaf, Enthusiasm Appreciated by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Grier/The Snow Queen, blush, pink

Disney Princesses, Jump In by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Jasmine/Ariel, skinnydipping, shells

How I Met Your Mother, The One Good Thing That Happened After 2 AM by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Barney/Robin, hangover, 2 AM

Dirty Dancing, One Two Three by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Frances "Baby" Houseman/Johnny Castle, hands, frame, hold

Rent, Slow Dance by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Angel Dumott Schunard/Tom Collins, loved, makeup

The Princess and the Frog, Wait Your Turn by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Charlotte/Naveen/Tiana, share, laugh

That '70s Show, Otherwise Occupied by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Jackie Burkhart/Steven Hyde, mouth, sarcasm

Pacific Rim, Clear Blue by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Mako Mori/Raleigh Becket, The Drift, rain, blue

The Baby-sitters Club – Ann M. Martin, Rain by [personal profile] ozqueen, Alan Gray/Claudia Kishi, giggle, ribbon, quiet, lipstick

Arrow, Don't Tell Ollie by [ profile] kmr2009, Felicity/Sara, comfort, kissing, secret, sleepover

Stargate SG-1, Meeting by [personal profile] roeskva, Samantha Carter|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash, love, kisses

Community, Lipstick (And Nothing Else) by [personal profile] ilthit, Annie Edison/Britta Perry, lipstick [ART]

Project Runway RPF, Bespoke by [personal profile] inlovewithnight, Tim Gunn/Zac Posen, curls, perfect

The OC, Ding by [personal profile] prettylullabies, Ryan/Taylor, cupcakes, frantic

The Hunger Games, Final Night by [personal profile] kerithwyn, Cinna/Haymitch, lost

Final Fantasy VII, [Untitled] by [personal profile] raisedbymoogles, Aerith/Tifa, garden

Free!, Fearless by [personal profile] lysapadin, Nanase Haruka/Tachibana Makoto, bath, surprise

Stargate Atlantis, Call Me (Baby) by [personal profile] omg_wtf_yeah, McKay/Sheppard, desk, phone

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Destinies & Potentialities by [personal profile] slippy, James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, Jo

Les Misérables, That's Why Her Hair Is So Big by [personal profile] plumit, Cosette/Javert, tentacles [ART]

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Final Fantasy VII, Materia Games by [ profile] seren_bach, Yuffie Kisaragi/Vincent Valentine, materia

The Hobbit - all media types, Saying Goodbye by [ profile] seren_bach, Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield, regret, farewell

The Riyria Revelations, Two by [ profile] seren_bach, Hadrian Blackwater/Royce Melborn, partners, duo, elf, trust

Kingdoms of Amalur, Finding Hope by [ profile] seren_bach, Female Fateless One/Gwyn Anwy, fingers, partially clothed, smile, sea, kind (original prompts: Any fandom, any adult female/any adult female, fingers, partially clothed, smile, sea, kind)

The Silmarillion, Love I've Found by [ profile] ittan_m0men, Míriel/Indis, bright, gold, heart

Doctor Who, Untitled by [ profile] mtxref_fic, Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness, reunited, mpreg, captive

Crossover, Criminal Minds/NCIS, Drowning by [ profile] kinkyredsocks, Penelope Garcia/Abby Sciuto, corset, pigtails

Lost Girl, Untitled by [ profile] tauredhiel07, Bo/Tamsin, wings, power, blood

Teen Wolf, Submissive Desires by [ profile] scripps, Derek Hale/Lydia Martin, submission

The Fosters, Tuxedos and Tulle by [ profile] iridescentglow, Callie/Cole, prom night

Twister (1996), this thing that's between us by [ profile] extricate, bill/jo, thunder

The Silmarillion, Need by [ profile] ittan_m0men, Maedhros/Fingon, Rule 63, power, denial, queens, flame

The Silmarillion, the way things disappear by [ profile] ittan_m0men, Lúthien/Thuringwethil, dark, sky, wings, veiled, dreams

The Three Musketeers (2011), Goaded by [ profile] draycevixen, Athos/Aramis, jealousy

Stargate SG-1, Night Writing by [ profile] campylobacter, Daniel/Vala, convince, alien sex toys, naughty

Hetalia: Axis Powers, Just Use Me by [ profile] selinakyle47, America/Belarus, femdom

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RPF (Hockey), Watch this by [personal profile] kayim, Alex Galchenyuk/Brandon Prust/Brendan Gallagher, voyeurism

The Almighty Johnsons, Kiss with a fist by [personal profile] purple_cube, Anders Johnson/Gaia, craving, please

Doctor Who, Stretch and Strain by [personal profile] trobadora, Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness, reunited, solace, clothes

Frozen, Dawn by [personal profile] afterism, Hans/Kristoff, sleigh [ART]

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, The Perks of Being Queen by [personal profile] fishmalk, Nephilia/Wolf, breeding

New Girl, Iditarod by [personal profile] innie_darling, Jess Day/Nick Miller, Furniture, lunges, dressed

Gangster Squad (2013), Untitled by [personal profile] minoanmiss, Jack Whalen/Jerry Wooters/Grace Faraday, past

The Vampire Diaries (TV), Standing on the Edge of Hope by [personal profile] angelus2hot, Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert, compel, bite

Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, Human Contact by [personal profile] lysapadin, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason, Body worship

Fallout 3, Untitled by [personal profile] space_fragments, Harkness/Lone Wanderer, reaction [ART]

RPF (Hockey), One Track Mind by [personal profile] dahlia_moon, Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak, size difference

Greek & Roman Mythology, Boon by [personal profile] innie_darling, Atlanta/Melanion, hands, kiss, bed

Graceland, In the Morning by [personal profile] scoob2222, Catherine "Charlie" DeMarco/Paul Briggs, history

Leverage, The List by [personal profile] scoob2222, Parker/Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer, backseat

The Originals, Young Girl by [personal profile] angelus2hot, Marcel Gerard/Davina Claire, young

Pocket Monsters, Gold & Silver & Crystal | Pokemon Gold Silver Crystal Versions, Shrine for You, Suicune by [personal profile] sashataakheru, Morty/Eusine, obsession, sacret, ghosts

Kingdom Hearts, untitled by [personal profile] tat, Sora/Kairi/Riku, perfect

Final Fantasy IX, untitled by [personal profile] tat, Freya Crescent/Zidane Tribal, Fratley

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Nothing But This by [personal profile] sabinetzin, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, handcuffs, warmth, fingers

RPF (Hockey), Fate Keeps Us Apart by [personal profile] shades_of_hades, Niklas Kronwall/Brad Stuart, distance [ART]

The Hobbit, Sightseeing by [personal profile] everysecondtuesday, Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield, treasure

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, This is to End in Fire by [personal profile] feartown, Aela the Huntress/Mjoll the Lioness, beast, night, commonalities

Being Human (UK), Moon Mambo by [personal profile] kuwdora, Hal Yorke/Tom McNair, blood, ritual, post-moon, comfort

A Song of ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Don't you know... by [personal profile] agirlnamedtruth, Margaery Tyrwell/Sansa Stark, comfort, confide, letters, politics, masquerade

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Kuroko no Basuke, Disciplinary Measures by [personal profile] lysapadin, Imayoshi/Aomine, control, dare, need, obedience, push

Orphan Black, Raise the Dead by [personal profile] theleaveswant, Colin/Felix Dawkins, corpses, morbid

Justified, Paint the Night Red by [personal profile] sandrine, Boyd Crowder/Mara Paxton, hands, skin, drunk

Cabin Pressure, In the Garden of Delights by [personal profile] ariadnes_string, Carolyn Knapp-Shappey/Herc Shipwright, convincing

Fringe, Everything You Touch by [personal profile] elfin, Olivia Dunham/alt!Lincoln Lee/alt!Charlie Francis, sex pollen, Bridge

Coriolanus, Eagle in a dove-cote by [personal profile] lizardbeth, Caius Marcius Coriolanus/Tullus Aufidius, defeat

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Covet by [personal profile] metallikirk, Loki Laufeyson/Thor Odinson, always, tattoos, possessive, covet,

Dracula (TV 2013), The Minor Fall, The Major Lift by [personal profile] agirlnamedtruth, Alexander Grayson/Lucy Westenra/Mina Murray

Legally Blonde: The Musical, That’s the Best Part by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Elle/Emmett, so much better

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., One Word by [personal profile] dazzledfirestar, Jemma Simmons/Phil Coulson, daddy

Final Fantasy VI, Against Gravity by [personal profile] stealth_noodle, Celes Chere/Terra Branford, esper, freedom, fur, weightless

Stargate Atlantis, Some Like It Rough by [personal profile] angelus2hot, John Sheppard/Ronon Dex, rough

Downton Abbey, What lies beneath by [personal profile] snickfic, Mary/Lavinia, any (tentacles)

The Thick of It, At the Foot of the Chair, Or in It by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Malcolm Tucker/Ollie Reeder, possess

Game of Thrones (TV), Untitled by [personal profile] tat, Margaery Tyrell/Sansa Stark, leap

Almost Human, First Press by [personal profile] ziparumpazoo, Dorian/John Kennex, first time

Broken Age, Untitled by [personal profile] tat, any adult male/any adult male, blow job

Teen Wolf, Be Mindful, Be Kind by [personal profile] nan, Scott/Stiles, Bed-sharing, comfort, control, hurt/comfort

Once Upon a Time, Cocktail by [personal profile] luthien, Belle/Rumpelstiltskin|Mr Gold, Beach

Agents of SHIELD, Follow Your Nose by [personal profile] theleaveswant, Jemma Simmons/Grant Ward, hypothesis, lust, research, sex pollen

Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Song), She's a lover, baby by [personal profile] sabinetzin, Dani California/Any, cash

Orphan Black, And Your God Shall Be My God by [personal profile] venusinthenight, Helena/Sarah, hunger, fixation, Bible

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black and White by [personal profile] cj, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, photographs, skin, silence

Burn Notice, Cause every girl’s crazy (Bout a sharp dressed man) by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen/Sam Axe, suits

Burn Notice, Cheek Rivet by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fiona Glenanne/Sam Axe, handcuffs, drugs

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Baberaham Lincoln by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Amy Santiago/Jake Peralta, ponytail, denial

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Barometer by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ray Holt/Kevin, [any]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Bet by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz, kiss

Little Shop of Horrors, Happy Honeymooning by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Seymour Krelborn/Audrey, green, happiness

Frasier, Recitation by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Niles Crane/Daphne Moon, eloquent

The Nanny, One-Bagger by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, CC Babcock/Niles, Bold

Almost Human, Electric Sheep by [personal profile] dariaw, John/Dorian, dream, needy, trust, human limits, bodies, human

Greek Mythology, Favors by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Hades/Persephone, fires, snow, [any]

Wrestling (WWF/E), Sum of Parts by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, AJ Lee/Kane/Daniel Bryan/CM Punk, foursome

Wrestling (WWF/E), Awake and Forget by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels, [Any]

Fairy Tales, Pursuit by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Little Red Riding Hood/the wolf, chase

Les Miserables, Vie En Roses by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Eponine/Cosette, ribbon, bite, ruined, resentment, garden, envy, nimbl

Parks and Recreation, The Christian Bale Voice by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Leslie/Ben, Batman, Halloween

Tangled, Little Miss Sunshine by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Eugene Fitzherbert/Rapunzel, innocence, naive

Xena: Warrior Princess, Marked Improvement by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Gabrielle/Xena, beauty

Burn Notice, Domesticity by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Michael/Fiona, [any]

Beauty and the Beast (1991), Cliff Notes by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Belle/Gaston, chapter six

Gone with the Wind, Possession by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Rhett/Scarlett, Tara

Star Wars, Solar Midnight by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Han/Leia, cold, cramped, wit, Ewok village

WWE, Idolatry by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, AJ Lee/Lita, hero worship

WWE, Call me Mrs. Flinstone by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Lita/Trish Stratus, squirting

Chicago, The Big R by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Roxie Hart/Velma Kelly, bloodplay, bitch

Chuck, Competitive Streak by [personal profile] dariaw, Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin/Sarah Walker, competition

RPF (First Tuesday Book Club), And Then... by [personal profile] sashataakheru, Jennifer Byrne/Marieke Hardy, boots, D/s, ropes

DCU, Slick by [personal profile] merit, Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, multiple, sloppy

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Revolution (TV), Storm Coming In by [personal profile] m7storyteller, Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe, storm, full names, sharing a bed, nails

Fringe, The Way You Make Me Feel by [personal profile] kerithwyn, Nick Lane/Olivia Dunham, connection

Man of Steel (2013), Welcome to the Planet by [personal profile] zouzounaki, Clark Kent/Lois Lane, work, secret, taste

Kuroko no Basuke, Interlude, with catboy by [personal profile] lysapadin, Aomine/Kuroko, catboy, AU, temptation, nape

Dexter, Intermezzo by [personal profile] soodohnimh, Debra Morgan/Dexter Morgan, roses, steel

Crossover, Luther/Sherlock (TV), "between the cheats" by [personal profile] skazka, Alice Morgan/Jim Moriarty, femdom, exceptions

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), realism and romance by [personal profile] muselives, Melinda May/Phil Coulson, [any]

Crossover, Brave/How To Train Your Dragon, The Chance to Fly by [personal profile] minoanmiss, Merida/Ruffnut Thorston, heights

Community, Psychology of Erotic Electronic Miscommunication by [personal profile] palgrave_goldenrod, Britta/Professor Duncan, sexting

Teen Wolf (TV), Backseat Lovers by [personal profile] m7storyteller, Melissa McCall/Sheriff Stilinski, backseat, secret, nudge, sneaking

Arrow (TV 2012), Side Effect by [personal profile] merryghoul, Sebastian Blood/Slade Wilson, balcony, fellatio, skyscraper

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), The Back-up Plan by [personal profile] just_kazari, James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, angry, urgent, public, lust, public sex, frottage

Anthropomorphic, my kind’s your kind by [personal profile] mysweet_time, Christmas/Halloween, cozy, woolly sweater, fire, alcohol, costume, party, laughter, gift, temperature

The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins, Spectrum by [personal profile] purple_cube, Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark, fingers, longing, recovery, together, trying

Frozen, I'm Just Getting Warm by [personal profile] afterism, Hans/Kristoff, mountain, hay, rope, cold, overwhelm, guilty

The Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins, All The Empty Spaces That He Left by [personal profile] nevcolleil, Haymitch Abernathy/Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark, comfort, lost, hold on

Stargate SG-1, Party at the SGC by [personal profile] roeskva, Samantha Carter/Martouf|Lantash, party, touch, hands, Earth, visits, lace, lingerie, seduction, lust, drunk, wine

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Her Sin by [personal profile] metallikirk, Loki Laufeyson/Sif, oral, table, teeth, thighs, taste, kneeling

Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, untitled by [personal profile] umadoshi, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason, homework

Teen Wolf (TV), Raw with Fondness by [personal profile] accol, Chris Argent/Peter Hale, wolfsbane

Crossover, Doctor Who/Sherlock, The Daughter of Time by [personal profile] prochytes, Sherlock Holmes/Amy Pond, time

Les Misérables - All Media Types, I've Got You by [personal profile] plumit, Jean Valjean/Javert, capture [ART]

Teen Wolf (TV), take care of everything by [personal profile] afterism, Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, lazy [ART]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Outcomes by [personal profile] ifitwasribald, Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanoff, manipulation

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), Tease by [personal profile] dariaw, Snow/Huntsman/William, tease, bondage, blindfold, submissive, denial

Dreamwidth Page 12

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Conflagration by [personal profile] 7iris, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson/Natasha Romanoff, mission, hot, [any]

X-men First Class (2011), A Meeting of Minds by [personal profile] ximeria, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, intransigent

Burn Notice, Love Bomb by [personal profile] merryghoul, Fiona Glenanne/Sonya Lebadenko, vodka

Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Watch by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Faith Lehane/Clint Barton, watch

Final Fantasy VI, Undercover by [personal profile] kristinmachina, Edgar Roni Figaro/Locke Cole, loyalty, treasure, undercover

Skyfall, Percent Adrenaline by [personal profile] marginaliana, Bill Tanner/Q, adrenaline, dangerous

Kuroko no Basuke, Full Up by [personal profile] lysapadin, Midorima/Takao, experimental, toys

Doctor Who, Knife's Edge by [personal profile] trobadora, Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness, wrong, captive, god

Legally Blonde: The Musical, Eating Out by [personal profile] kat8cha, Elle/Emmett, so much better

Pacific Rim, Slipstream by [personal profile] zempasuchil, Raleigh Becket/Yancy Becket, ghost drifting, shower, give in

The Hobbit (movies), Experience by [personal profile] grav_ity, Fili/Sigrid, hair

NCIS: Los Angeles, Actuaries are cool by [personal profile] callmesandyk, Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks, pants, red, lace

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Uninvited, Not Unwelcome by [personal profile] theleaveswant, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, couch, cuddling, sneaking, tired, unexpected, wrecked

Sherlock, Taming by [personal profile] nancybrown, John Watson/Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan, voyeurism, hormones, watching

Nashville, Enough by [personal profile] scoob2222, Avery Barkley/Juliette Barnes, starstruck

Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Next Round by [personal profile] dazzledfirestar, Maria Hill/James "Rhodey" Rhodes, uncomplicated, smile, breath, blunt

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kintsukoroi by [personal profile] ralkana, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, scars, mission

Eureka, Punishment by [personal profile] dariaw, Nathan Stark/Zane Donovan, discipline, teach, whip

Thor, Summer Finding by [profile] cietfianna, Thor/Sif, golden

Psy-Changeling - Nalini Singh, Things he already knew by [personal profile] scoob2222, Hawke/Sienna, snarl

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Good Morning by [personal profile] ann, Loki/Sif, in another life..., wed, grind, soft

The Unit, At the End of the Day by [personal profile] ponderosa, Jonas Blane/Charles Grey, orders, understanding

Sherlock, Lying Awake Intent on Tuning in on You by [personal profile] innie_darling, John Watson/Sally Donovan, BAMFs, click, sharp

Final Fantasy VII, Common Senses by [personal profile] roxicodone, Cloud Strife/Tifa Lockhart, hero, hope, home, [any]

Breaking Bad, We Won't Pass This Way Again by [personal profile] warriorpoet, Jesse Pinkman/Skyler White, fugitive

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The Lego Movie, Untitled by Anon, Bad Cop/Good Cop/President Business, blowjob

RPF (Hockey), I Will Never Get You Out of My Mind by [personal profile] annabeth_fics, Niklas Kronwall/Brad Stuart, fold, eyes, hands, mouth, roughing, return

Crossover, A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin/The Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis, Breaking Light by [personal profile] halotolerant, Edmund Pevensie/Sansa Stark, warmth, summer, regret

Flowers in the Attic (2014), Set Me Free by [personal profile] annabeth_fics, Cathy/Christopher Dollanganger, experimental, first time

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV), Shut Up by [personal profile] lastingopposite, Amy Santiago/Jake Peralta, secret, shut up

RPF (Rammstein), Argument by [personal profile] metallikirk, Paul H Landers/Richard Kruspe, angry, tense, masturbation

Stargate SG-1, Loki Testing His New Aphrodisiac by [personal profile] roeskva, Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter/Martouf|Lantash, AMTDI, shared [ART]

Blade Trinity, And Wild For To Hold by [personal profile] devilc, Drake/Hannibal King, bite, consort, desire, distraction, fight, final, hide, hunter, naked, please, return, run, skill, senses, smell, suck, sword, take

RPF (actors), Softly, cautiously by [personal profile] noalinnea, Richard Armitage/Graham McTavish, warmth, shy

Die Hard With A Vengeance, 12:01 by [personal profile] pjvilar, John McClane/Matt Farrell, pinned down, praise

Generation Kill, Like A Pizza by [personal profile] pjvilar, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, AU, professional

Crossover, James Bond (Craig Movies)/Stargate Atlantis, Spark by [personal profile] purple_cube, James Bond/Teyla Emmagan, interest

The Hobbit (movies), Well-Planned by [personal profile] grav_ity, Fili/Sigrid, hands

Rent, Smarter Safer Harder Faster by [personal profile] pjvilar, Mark Cohen/Roger Davis, kiss, sing, summer

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Formidable by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Darcy Lewis/Loki Laufeyson, obnoxious, wall, taser, impress

Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald, Against the Tide by [personal profile] moetushie, Nick Carraway/Jay Gatsby, tuxedo, pool

Revolution, blow out all the candles by [personal profile] avarosier, Charlie Matheson/Miles Matheson, uniform, gloves, discipline

X-Men: First Class, yet to be... by [personal profile] afrocurl, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier; future, reincarnation, reunion

Justified, Up All Night to Get Lucky by [personal profile] inlovewithnight, Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson, bruise

Longmire, Find out I'm wrong (when I thought I was right) by [personal profile] ziparumpazoo, Vic/Walt, tailgate, hips, wrist, dust

Nashville, Caught by [personal profile] scoob2222, Avery Barkely/Juliette Barnes, midriff

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV), Act/React by [personal profile] kasuchi, Jake/Amy, laughter, laughing, tease, shut up

Crossover, Sherlock (TV)/Torchwood, Brilliant by [personal profile] nancybrown, Mycroft Holmes/Toshiko Sato, goldfish

Chuck, Chuck Versus the Cliche by [personal profile] medie, girl!Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin, baby

Coriolanus - Shakespeare, With None But Thee by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Caius Martius/Tullus Aufidius, battle, lust, matched

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A Song Of Ice And Fire - George R. R. Martin, Vermilion by [personal profile] skazka, Ramsay Bolton/Roose Bolton, garnet

The Hunger Games, Drowning by [personal profile] bees_knees, Finnick/Annie, mermaid

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, To Drink From Your Lips by [personal profile] anaraine, Bacchus/Lily, Fenith Port, ocean, wine

Lord of the Rings, Scenes from a Courtship by [personal profile] ilthit, Elanor Gamgee/Fastred of Greenholm, sight, gold

The Good Wife, Love In An Elevator by [personal profile] mrshotevillawyer, Alicia Florrick/Will Gardner, Anger, Elevator, Mad, Teeth

Crossover, Elementary/Fringe, Overture by [personal profile] elfin, Joan Watson/Olivia Dunham, whiskey, confidence

Dragon Age: Origins, A winter's tale by [personal profile] torch, Alistair/Zevran Arainai, bath, fire, snow

A Song of Ice and Fire-George RR Martin, Can't Train a Moth, I Guess by [personal profile] halotolerant, Jon Snow/Robb Stark, modern

Blade (Movie Series), ORal Fixation by [personal profile] alyse, Abigail Whistler/Hannibal King, licking, tease

Welcome to Night Vale, Welcoming Woods by [personal profile] elfin, Intern Dana/Whispering Forest, leaves, whisper, dew

Kuroko no Basuke, The Long Game by [personal profile] lysapadin, Imayoshi/Kasamatsu, games, bet, winner

Chrono Trigger, Shadow and Fire by [personal profile] kristinmachina, Lucca/Magus, shadow

Kuroko no Basuke, Marking Time by [personal profile] lysapadin, Aomine Daiki, rooftop, masturbation

Merlin, My Heart's A Tart, Your Body's Rent by [personal profile] agirlnamedtruth, Merlin, Merlin/Mordred, magic, telepathy, guilt, [any]

Revolution, And I Can't Seem to Say (i'd like you to stay) by [personal profile] avarosier, Charlie Matheson/Bass Monroe, pretend, sharing a bed, pregnancy

Stargate SG-1, Pillow Talk by [personal profile] roeskva, Janet Fraiser/Malek, kiss, massage, love

Lost Girl, The Hunt by [personal profile] arbryna, Bo/Dyson/Tamsin, hunters

Crossover, Elementary/Luther, Business Trip by [personal profile] merryghoul, Alice Morgan/Jamie Moriarty | Irene Adler, gallery, exhibitionism

Nashville, Comedy of Errors by [personal profile] scoob2222, Juliette Barnes/Deacon Claybourne, family

Transformers (Generation 1), Glow by [personal profile] raisedbymoogles, Optimus/Hot Rod, worship, caring, gentleness, touch

Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, Something in the Air by [personal profile] umadoshi, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason, storm

X-Men: First Class, love that keeps me waiting by [personal profile] afrocurl, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, service, mental, control, clever, submission, metal, orgasm control, punishment, safe, kisses

New Girl, We become new by [personal profile] kyrafic, Jess Day/Nick Miller, oral

Coldfire Trilogy - C. S. Friedman, Not of this world by [personal profile] azrael_2014, Gerald Tarrant/Gannon, torch, church, knight, adeptitude, loss

Disney Princesses, Flattery at Ten Thousand Feet by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Jasmine/Mulan, caravan, Silk Road, carpet, any

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Black Swan, Mirror by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Nina/Lily, tattoo, relax

American Dad!, Mis En Scene by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Stan/Roger, acting

Scooby Doo (2002), Nerd Promise by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fred/Velma, [any]

Bridesmaids, Blush and Bashful by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Rita/Becca, drunk

Jack and Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp, Life Goes On by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Jack/Diane, spin-the-bottle, ten years later

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Think Brando by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Jake Peralta/Rosa Diaz, leather, academy

Parks and Recreation, An Innocent Otter by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Leslie/Ann, girls night

Boy Meets World, Easy Resolution by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Cory/Shawn/Topanga, family

Friends, Night Games by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Chandler/Joey, bored, couch, TV

Metalocaplyse, with the innocent eyes of a slaughtered lamb by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Nathan Explosion/Abigail Remeltindrinc/Pickles the Drummer, inspiration

The Venture Brothers, Take Me Soaring by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch/The Monarch, fly

Archer, Casual by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ray Gillette/Sterling Archer, awkward

Crossover, Evil Dead Trilogy/Disney Princesses, It Ain’t Baroque by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ash Williams/any or all (Belle), Deadites, hero, reward

How I Met Your Mother, Rain by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ted/Robin/Barney, umbrella

How I Met Your Mother, Mother Tongue by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ted/Mother/Robin, alone, sweet

Parks and Recreation, Kinda Like a Kanye West Song by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Tom Haverford/Donna Meagle, livetweet

American Horror Story: Coven, Not Like the Movies by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Kyle Spencer/Zoe Benson, cold, comfort, hair petting

RPF (The Move), The Stars Shine So Bright Tonight by [personal profile] sashataakheru, FtM!Bev Bevan/FtM!Ace Kefford, genderfuck, dildos

Marvel Comics, Scent Senseless by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Daken Akihiro/Johnny Storm, manipulation, dark, submission, lick

Shinhwa, (You Give Me) Road Rage by [personal profile] endymionic, Lee Sunho|Andy/Kim Dongwan, puppy, forgiveness, smile, ski, beg

Hockey RPF, This Is Not Happening by [personal profile] annabeth_fics, girl!Nik Kronwall/Brad Stuart, red

Crossover, Electric Light Orchestra RPF/thenewno2 RPF, The Child Inside by [personal profile] sashataakheru, Jeff Lynne/Dhani Harrison, ageplay, D/s, daddy issues, hurt/comfort, grief, collars, restraints

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), Penalties And Priorities by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Melinda May/Victoria Hand, lessons, priorities

Gravity Falls, Home by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Wendy Corduroy/Mabel Pines, college, summer

Archer, 8 Ball in the Pammy Pocket by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Lana Kane/Pam Poovey, pool balls, fingering

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American Horror Story: Coven, by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fiona Goode/Marie Laveau, soul

American Horror Story: Coven, Stright Poison by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fiona Goode/Myrtle Snow, enemies

Death Becomes Her, Settle Down by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Madeline Ashton/Helen Sharp, forever, frenemies, paint

The Venture Bros, The Asinine Adventures of Rusty Venture and Byron Orpheus by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Rusty Venture/Byron Orpheus, stupid

Parks and Recreation, Super-Hot by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, April/Andy, handcuffs, skype

American Horror Story: Coven, Untitled by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Madison Montgomery/Misty Day, alive, angry

Archer, Best Night Ever by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sterling Archer/Lana Kane/Pam Poovey, sploosh

Archer, Would You Like to Swing on a Star by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sterling Archer/Lana Kane, mission, undercover

The Bold and the Beautiful, Opting Out by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Hope Logan/Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester, Forget Liam

Boy Meets World, Living For the Night by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Shawn Hunter/Angela Moore, kiss, hands, smile

Dogfight, Scars by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Eddie/Rose, homecoming

Moonlighting, The Fourth Annual Moonlighting Porn Battle Fic by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Maddie Hayes/David Addison, lipstick, argument

Gavin and Stacey, Feckless by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Stacey/Nessa, yo Stace

Wrestling (WWF/E), Meltzeriffic by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, AJ Lee/Stephanie McMahon, giggle, strap-on

Wrestling (WWF/E), A Deal by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, AJ Lee/CM Punk/John Cena, compromise

Wrestling (WWF/E), Pumping by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, CM Punk/John Cena, workouts, tease

Wrestling(WWF/E), Ready to Ride by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Nattie Neidhart/Stephanie McMahon, smirk

Wrestling (WWF/E), They By-and-Bye by [profile] bring_the_sugar, Shawn Michaels/Triple H, warm, heartbeat

Wrestling (WWF/E), Touch Memory by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Shawn Michaels/Triple H/Stephanie McMahon, synchronicity

Crossover, Brave/Tangled, If I Was Fearless by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Merida/Rapunzel, escape, hero, adventure

The Venture Bros, The Third Wheel by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, The Monarch/Dr. Girlfriend/Henchman 21, middle-man

Disney Princesses, The Castaways by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ariel/Rapunzel, freedom, water

The Princess and the Frog, Too Easy by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Charlotte La Bouff/Tiana, Costumes

Evil Dead (2013), Tail Lights and Empty Buds by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, David Allen/Eric, alcohol, beard burn, backstory, bitter, past

Evil Dead (2013), Chameleon Child by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, David Allen/Mia Allen, bare, cling, forehead kiss, hold me

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Evil Dead (2013), Working Through Your Grief by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, David Allen/Eric/Mia Allen, survivors, clinging, spread legs, living together

Chicago (2002 Movie), The girls who play for fun by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Billy Flynn/Mary Sunshine, exclusive

Bonnie and Clyde (2013), Stars Burning Bright by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Bonnie Parker/Clyde Barrow, glamour, [any]

Greek Mythology, Conquest by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ares/Athena, war, flame

Crossover, Burn Notice/The A-Team (2010), Brown Eyed Girl by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Hannibal Smith/Madeline Westen, smoke, childhood, regrets

American Horror Story: Coven, Poison and Lemonade by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fiona Goode/Madison Montgomery, survive, drink, power

American Horror Story: Coven, Rock/Paper/Scissors by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Zoe Benson/Kyle Spencer/Madison Montgomery, compromise

American Horror Story: Coven, Fuck the Pain Away by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Zoe Benson/Madison Montgomery, shower

Les Miserables, Briny Depths by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Eponine/Cosette, crossdress, runaway

Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Song), Rest in Peace by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Dani California/Any, priestess

Disney Princesses, Mirrors of Each Other (Passing By) by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Beast/Belle/Rapunzel, castle, shy

How I Met Your Mother, Naughty Boy by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ted/Robin, naughty, Christmas

Les Miserables, Fleeting by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Eponine Thenardier/Jean Valjean, hide, gentle

Wreck-It Ralph, Do It Right by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Calhoun/Felix, tender, relax

Evil Dead Trilogy, You Love Who You Love by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ash Williams/Sheila, love, fireplace

Evil Dead Trilogy/Evil Dead (2013), Bull’s-eye by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ash Williams/Mia Allen, aim, team, blood

2 Guns (2013), Cheap Date by [personal profile] kat8cha, Bobby/Stig, grin, easy

Anthropomorphic, My Favorite Notion by [personal profile] femmenerd, fabric/needle, double-penetration

True Blood, Just Let Go by [personal profile] angelus2hot, Jesus Velasquez/Lafayette Reynolds, stroking

Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, In the Early Hours by [personal profile] umadoshi, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason, stakeout

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Things sweeter than syrup by [personal profile] jaqofspades, Tony Stark/Steve Rogers/Clint Barton/Bruce Banner/Thor Odinson/Natasha Romanoff, family, breakfast, protection

RPF (Actor), Needs Filled by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Kristen Stewart/writer's choice (2 girls or more), fickle

Crossover, Charmed/CSI: New York , Flying, by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Chris Halliwell/Mac Taylor, discipline, kneeling, submission, bliss

RPF (Actor), Being The Other Man by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Ramin Karimloo/Hadley Fraser, guitar, shaving, oral, wrestling, interval, affair, secret, need, Phantom, rimming

RPF (Actor), Denial Isn't Just A River by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Ramin Karimloo/Hadley Fraser/Sierra Boggess, voyeur, double penetration, Phantom, Wet, slick, hard, daddy, anal

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RPF (Actors/MCU), Never Too Old by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Robert Redford/Sebastian Stan, daddy, hair

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Resetting the board by [personal profile] odyle, Sandor Clegane/Sansa Stark, Alayne

Pacific Rim, Shouldn't by [personal profile] miera_c, Hercules Hansen/Mako Mori/Raleigh Beckett, submission

Henry IV Part 2 - William Shakespeare, Eye to eye and nose to nose by [personal profile] skazka, Hal/Poins, match

Harry Potter, Abracadabra by [personal profile] angelus2hot, Hermione Granger/Severus Snape, bed

Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen, In Primal Sympathy by [personal profile] moetushie, Elinor Dashwood/Colonel Brandon, grief

Little Women, Boyish by [personal profile] innie_darling, Jo/Laurie, Laurie/John, riverbank

Greek and Roman Mythology, Siren Song by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Apollo/Dionysus, music, dancing

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, Connection by [ profile] murderershair, Link/Zelda, destined, telepathy

Radiant Historia, At Respite's End by [personal profile] anweyr, Stocke/Raynie, ending

Willow, The World Remade by [personal profile] innie_darling, Sorsha/Madmartigan, warrior

Once Upon a Time, Only the Wolves Know by [personal profile] ceitfianna, Ruby/Graham, wolf, kindred, tongue

Chuck, Cold Night by [personal profile] dariaw, Casey/Bryce, wary, mission

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Starlit by [personal profile] ilthit, Hikaru Sulu/James T. Kirk, close

Frozen, Snow-Kissed by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Anna/Elsa, snow, warm, flush, skirts, touch

Person of Interest, Untitled by [personal profile] astolat, Harold Finch/John Reese, tailoring, suit

RPF (Tennis), If I'm Not Made For You by [personal profile] halotolerant, Novak Djokovic/Andy Murray, dynamics, AU, kiss, intense

RPF (British Comedy), Between Fact and Breakfast by [personal profile] chocolatepeach, Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell, hair

Kuroko no Basuke, Tribute by [personal profile] lysapadin, Aomine/Kuroko, AU, kneel

Kuroko no Basuke, All In by [personal profile] lysapadin, Midorima/Takao, AU, genderswap, wet

Hockey RPF, The dichotomy of you and me by [personal profile] dahlia_moon, Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak, praise

The Amazing Spider-Man, Targets And Taking by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Flash Thompson/Peter Parker, bruise, hurt, nuzzle, stupid

Crossover, DC Comics/DC Universe (DCU), Beneficial by [personal profile] lion_heart, Harley Quinn/Pamela Isley, friends, giggles

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Match Point by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Pepper Potts/Sif, wrestle

Once Upon a Time (TV), Trust for the Untrusted by [personal profile] lion_heart, Ruby/Graham, hunt, wolf, kindred, tongue, red

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Greek and Roman Mythology, at bended knee by [personal profile] redluna, Hades/Persephone, power, worship

The Good Wife, In Love and War by [personal profile] strawberrysab, Alicia Florrick/Will Gardner, adversaries, anger, elevator, teeth

Crossover, Orphan Black/Teen Wolf (TV), Met a Boy (cute as can be) by [personal profile] kerithwyn, Danny Māhealani/Felix Dawkins, alcohol, art, bar, bed, loft, one night, pick up, talk

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien, Spider Silk by [personal profile] ludovica, Melian/Ungoliant, anthropomorphic, raiment, before, rejection, defense, spider silk

Stargate Atlantis, untitled by [personal profile] shaded_mazoku, John Sheppard/Todd, alien, life-force, vampire

Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, Performance Art by [personal profile] umadoshi, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason, frottage

The Hunger Games - All Media Types, We Were Born to Die by [personal profile] roisindubh, Haymitch Abernathy/Katniss Everdeen, dark, don't, safe, silence, understand

Reign (TV), Promises to Keep by [personal profile] simply_aly, Simon/Mary, affair, red, pleasure

Revolution (TV), Blood to blood by [personal profile] jaqofspades, Charlie Matheson/Miles Matheson, bullet, look, window, dirt, blind, together, uniform, battle, follow, fingertips, protege, urgency, tactile, leave

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Perks by [ profile] redcandle17, Draco/Hermione/Pansy, anal, Death Eater, facial, sub!Hermione

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV), Just Go With It by [personal profile] kasuchi, Amy Santiago/Jake Peralta, adrenaline, undercover, hotel, muscle, pineapples

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), Hot Water by [personal profile] owlmoose, Melinda May/Natasha Romanoff, mission, together, hotel, relax

The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Polar Vortex by [personal profile] vulgarweed, Harry Dresden/Thomas Raith, trust, safety, illicit, beautiful, wanted

Pacific Rim (2012), Share Alike by [personal profile] zempasuchil, Mako Mori/Raleigh Becket/Yancy Becket, sharing, spread out

Frozen, Shards by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Hans/Kristoff, take, guilty, need

Arrow (TV 2012), Comforting by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Moira Queen/Dinah Drake Lance, comfort, fingering

Disney Princesses, Kiss Of Life by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Ariel/Rapunzel, freedom, hair, new, water

Sleepy Hollow (TV), Portrait of an intimate moment by [personal profile] fennishjournal, Abbie Mills/Ichabod Crane, pegging, itch, candle

Kuroko no Basuke, The Long Game: Kasamatsu by [personal profile] lysapadin, Imayoshi/Kasamatsu, games, bet, winner

Star Trek: The Original Series, Lazy Sunday in Georgia by [personal profile] metallikirk, Leonard McCoy/Christine Chapel, sweet, coffee, sleepy, morning, darlin', happy, cupcake

The O.C., Stay by [personal profile] prettylullabies, Ryan/Taylor, stay

Mojo - Jez Butterworth, Better Than You Know Yourself by [personal profile] whitegates, Baby/Skinny, cloakroom

Burn Notice, The Rush by [personal profile] merryghoul, Fiona Glenanne/Sam Axe, drugs, rough, alone

Once Upon a Time (TV), Flitter by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Regina Mills/Tinker Bell, angry, forgiveness, wings

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Blade (Movie Series), Rose Red by [personal profile] alyse, Abigail Whistler/Hannibal King, [any], command

Crossover, Captain Marvel/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Flight School by [personal profile] kat8cha, Carol Danvers/James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Sam Wi

Young Avengers, Speed Bumps by [personal profile] salmon_pink, David Alleyne/Tommy Shepherd, speed, seduction, coffee, noodles, kisses, movies, relief, galvanize, date, flirting, making out, cardigan sweater, exasperation, frenetic, vibrate, misunderstanding, deadpan

Beverly Hills 90210, you could make the sun go dark just by walking away by [personal profile] mysweet_time, Brandon Walsh/Brenda Walsh, secret, familiarity, sun, tease, begging, lust, twins, touch, connection, Minnesota, winter, snowed in

Doctor Who, Safe Like A Painting by [personal profile] nenya_kanadka, Eight/Nine, contrast, curls, leather, pre-war, wrestle, frottage

Blade (Movie Series), Ticket to Ride by [personal profile] alyse, Abigail Whistler/Hannibal King, pegging

The Originals, but don't ever give me up by [personal profile] mysweet_time, Klaus Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson, forbidden, hate, rough, possessive, blood, forever, always, fangs, siblings, need, Caroline, jealousy, lust, angry!sex, fight, bastard

Macbeth - William Shakespeare, by [personal profile] libbstarz, Lady MacBeth/MacBeth, blood, corset, club, crime, evil, lace, licking, lingerie, lipstick, modern, Prime Minister, secret, silverware, tower

DC Comics, Safety Precautions by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Dick Grayson/Roy Harper, bruise, quiet, Tower

Once Upon A Time, Hooked by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Prince Charming/Captain Hook, threat, overpower

RPF, Stroke of Genius by [personal profile] nevcolleil, Matt Bomer/Zachary Levi, smile, coming, blowjob

The Hunger Games Trilogy ¨C Suzanne Collins, Fragments by [personal profile] purple_cube, Effie Trinket/Haymitch Abernathy, pink

Young Avengers, Lipstick Red by [personal profile] shanaqui, Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, makeup

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Break and Bend by [personal profile] shanaqui, Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, size differences

Revolution, flying too close to the sun by [personal profile] avarosier, Miles Matheson/Bass Monroe, first and last, cities, Semper Fi, absolution

Stargate SG-1, A Relaxing Dip in the Hot Springs by [personal profile] roeskva, Samantha Carter/Martouf|Lantash, hot springs, rutting

Transformers (Generation 1), Claim by [personal profile] raisedbymoogles, Galvatron/Rodimus Prime, whips, bondage, surrender, belonging

Transformers (Generation 1), Therefore I Am by [ profile] kyra_neko_rei, Galvatron/Rodimus Prime, damage

Crossover, Kill Bill/The Losers, by [personal profile] theleaveswant, O-ren Ishii/William Roque, challenge, command, investigate, loyalty, smile, taste

Lost Girl, Solace by [personal profile] arbryna, Dyson/Tamsin, partners, kiss, tender, bed

Castle, Off Limits by [personal profile] palgrave_goldenrod, Richard Castle/Kate Beckett, interrogation room, elevator, fantasy, secret, public, exhibitionism

Kuroko no Basuke, Love Song for a Psychopath by [personal profile] lysapadin, Imayoshi/Hanamiya, wall, spread, bite

The Silmarillion, Go Upon Your Knee by [personal profile] moetushie, Curufin/E?l, hate!sex, sordid

Stargate SG-1, This by [personal profile] magickmoons, Daniel/Jack, champagne, lazy, skin, perfect, unexpected

Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Thought That Counts by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Darcy Lewis/Jane Foster, sweet, baking, cookies, teasing

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Crossover, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Benefits by [personal profile] trobadora, Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness, rejection, reunited, clothes

Criminal Minds, Escape the day by [personal profile] freakingdork, derek morgan/spencer reid, gentle, injured, needy

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Honor Bound by [personal profile] lion_heart, Brienne of Tarth/Jaime Lannister

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), I Wanna Dance With Somebody by [personal profile] lion_heart, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark

Star Wars, Wavering Light by [personal profile] lion_heart, Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala, tease, dark, metal, candle

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika, What Dreams May Come by [personal profile] lirillith, Sakura Kyouko/Miki Sayaka

The Originals, Circumspect by [personal profile] circuschild, Elijah Mikaelson/Katherine Pierce, rendezvous

Kill Bill, Love So Raw by [personal profile] lion_heart, Beatrix Kiddo/Bill, last time

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Tonight You're Mine by [ profile] murderershair, Eirika/Ephraim, bond, understanding

Star Trek: The Original Series, Addicted by [personal profile] angelus2hot, lust, need, lips

Marvel Cinematic Universe, R and R by [personal profile] ralkana, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, beach, massage

Colfire Trilogy; C.S. Friedman, Marital Bliss by [personal profile] azrael_2014, Tarrant/Vryce; clothes, shop, sarcasm, vanity, weight

Chuck, On A Boat by [personal profile] argo0, Sarah Walker/Lon Kirk, bikini, anal, boat

Crossover, Breaking In/Smallville, Evil Geniuses and Their Desks by [personal profile] nevcolleil, Cameron Price/Lex Luthor, desk

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, A Night to Remember by [personal profile] luthien, Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson, exposed

Crossover, Chuck/White Collar, Lim(b)o Sex by [personal profile] nevcolleil, Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey, games, trust, undercover

Crossover, Political Animals/Dirty Sexy Money, That Guy by [personal profile] cj, TJ Hammond/Jeremy Darling, dissolute

Kuroko no Basuke, Your Lips Sweeter Than Candy by [personal profile] lysapadin, Imayoshi/Momoi, date

Kuroshitsuji, Posessions by [ profile] murderershair, Ciel/Elizabeth/Sebastien, bargains, marriage bed, wife

Game of Thrones, The Short Answer by [personal profile] theleaveswant, Tyrion Lannister/Shae, no specific prompts

The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, Estrus by [personal profile] zouzounaki, Éomer/Lothíriel, horse, white, jump

Crossover, Chuck/White Collar, Masterful by [personal profile] nevcolleil, Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey, paint, watchin

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Say It's Okay by [personal profile] theleaveswant, Jane Foster/Thor, breakfast, couch, customs, different, grownup

RPF, Cliche by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Natalie Portman/Scarlett Johansson, au, first, belonging, reward, worship

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Liaison by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Natasha Romanoff/Peggy Carter, bracelet, bond, admire, bite, lipstick

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Marvel Cinematic Universe, Everything I Am Loves Everything You Are by [personal profile] zouzounaki, Betty Ross/Bruce Banner, sweetest, run, hurt/comfort

Persona 2, White Noise by [personal profile] stealth_noodle, Jun Kurosu/Tatsuya Suou, impressions

Glee, Not Just Bros Helping Bros by [personal profile] nevcolleil, Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans, auto fellatio

Chuck, Rude (But Sexy) Awakening by [personal profile] nevcolleil, Chuck/Bryce, awkward

Harry Potter - All Media Types, Foreign Exchange by [ profile] murderershair, Ginny/Gabrielle, ivory

Naruto, Rice by [personal profile] torch, Hatake Kakashi/Might Guy, misunderstanding

Stargate SG-1, Translations by [personal profile] roeskva, Anise|Freya/Daniel Jackson, translations, satisfaction, kissing, exploration, linguistics

RPF (Actor), Lunchbreak Liaison by [personal profile] noalinnea, Richard Armitage/Jonas Armstrong, break

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Cycles by [personal profile] salmon_pink, James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Tony Stark, slap, discuss, Pepper, metal, out of control

Crossover, Aladdin/Frozen, Demonstration by [personal profile] kristinmachina, Aladdin/Kristoff, ice

Justified, Compromise(d) by [personal profile] cj, Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson, trust, subtle

Lost Girl, Give Me No Blues Tonight by [personal profile] kerithwyn, Kenzi/Hale, song, dancing, laugh, shoes, whistle

Teen Wolf, Stake a Claim by [personal profile] snarkasaurus, Danny Mahealani/Stiles Stilinsk, blowjob, party

Doctor Who, But Only His Hearts Obeyed by [personal profile] muccamukk, Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler, comfort, blindfold, pegging, hands, turns, touch

Bright Star (2009), "pray, pray, pray" by [personal profile] skazka, Fanny Brawne/John Keats, freedom, garden, gingerly

Crossover, Orphan Black/Teen Wolf (TV), Let Baser Things Devise by [personal profile] recrudescence, Danny Mahealani/Felix Dawkins, loft, honest

X-Men: First Class (2011), One Day, You'll Believe Me by [personal profile] ximeria, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, loyalty, intercrural

Chuck, Impossible Dream by [ profile] kmr2009, Cole Barker/Sarah Walker, anal, Fiji

Mojo - Jez Butterworth, Train Goes From Victoria by [personal profile] whitegates, Potts/Sweets, Margate

Actor RPF, You and I Locked in the Gloom by [personal profile] metallikirk, Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston, comfortable, sweet, cold, candles, unexpected

Legend of the Seeker, Equal to the Challenge by [personal profile] trobadora, Cara Mason/Darken Rahl, gift, exchange, thrum

Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, See Yourself Like I Do by [personal profile] umadoshi, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason, mirrors, hotels

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien, String of Pearls by [personal profile] innin, Anairë/Eärwen, sea, kissing, shy, caress, summer, pearls, loss, forgiveness, waves, second chances

Kings, Last Chance by [personal profile] dariaw, Jack/David, battle, tongue, pleasure, submit, power, moan

Sherlock (TV), At Your Feet by [personal profile] adbone, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, dom!Sherlock, kneel, taxi

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Breaking Bad, Filter by [personal profile] warriorpoet, Jane Margolis/Jesse Pinkman, vapor

The Vampire Diaries (TV), The Bare Pleasure by [personal profile] angelus2hot, Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert, panties

In the Flesh (TV), Shortly Before the End by [personal profile] adbone, Rick Macy/Kieren Walker, birthday, campfire, cigarette, frottage

Sherlock (TV), Let's Lie to Each Other by [personal profile] adbone, Philip Anderson/Molly Hooper, chance, murder, unlikely

Cracked: After Hours, Cars and Dinosaurs by [personal profile] lionessvalenti, Dan O'Brien/Soren Bowie, debate

The Killing, Risk It All by [personal profile] scoob2222, Stephen Holder/Sarah Linden, hoist

Teen Wolf (TV), Wolf at the Door by [personal profile] karaadora, Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, animalistic, marks

Leverage, Sophie Has Plans by [personal profile] dariaw, Sophie/Eliot, silk, control, hair-pulling, plan

Reign, Transfiguration by [personal profile] andromache, Kenna/Mary, bed sharing, here for you, home, hurt/comfort

Psych, Multi-Task by [personal profile] dariaw, Shawn Spencer/Pierre Despereaux, idolize, hero worship

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin, Left Without by [personal profile] girlofgold, Joffrey/Myrcella, sin

The Silmarillion – J. R. R. Tolkien, Hold Sacred Nothing by [personal profile] oxoniensis, Feanor/Fingolfin, rivalry, jealousy, pride

X-Men (Movies), Into the Blue by [personal profile] jaqofspades, Logan (Wolverine)/Rogue, [any], wicked, restraint, flirt, body paint, mouth, dirty, release, taste, touch, bite, lick, temptation, self-control, suck, desperate, tongue, demand, breasts, tease, touchable, student, slick, training, hunger, strength, scent, innocence, tender, intoxicating, fantasy, pretend, smile, control, smirk, sweet

Scarecrow & Mrs. King, First Time by [ profile] kinkyredsocks, Amanda King/Lee Stetson, wedding

Revenge (TV), Antagonistic by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Nolan Ross/Patrick Osbourne, water, fingers

The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, What Still Remains by [personal profile] sohotrightnow, Aragorn/Arwen/Boromir, river

Arrow (TV 2012), Affair by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Malcolm Merlyn/Moira Queen, furtive, quickening, revenge

Kuroko no Basuke, Workplace Accidents and Other Hazards by [personal profile] lysapadin, Aomine/Kuroko, AU, catboy, apologies

Assassin's Creed, Better Than Training by [personal profile] halberdier, Desmond Miles/Lucy Stillman, lipstick, training, undress

Skyfall (2012), Undercover by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, James Bond/Gareth Mallory, [any] (crossdressing), tuxedo

Once Upon a Time (TV), Best Served Cold by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Regina Mills/Ruby, tongue, diner

Teen Wolf (TV), Sweeter Than Heaven by [personal profile] nuspock, Allison Argent/Lydia Martin, practice, ass, lingerie

True Detective, Wash My Sins Away by [personal profile] ariadnes_string, Rust Cohle/Martin Hart, impulse, booze

Newsflesh Trilogy – Mira Grant, The Best of It by [personal profile] umadoshi, Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason, impulse

Doctor Who, Sonic by [personal profile] merryghoul, fem!Eleventh Doctor/River Song, bow tie, sonic

Dreamwidth Page 24

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien, On Craven Throne by [personal profile] innin, Lúthien/Galadriel, aggressive, mutual, hiding

The Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins, Masquerade by [personal profile] purple_cube, Katniss/Peeta, future

Whitechapel, Eleven by [personal profile] cj, Joseph Chandler/Emerson Kent, OCD, spanking

Disney Princesses, by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Jasmine/Ariel, skinnydipping, sand

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Snow Queen by [personal profile] dagonst, Sansa/Danerys, negotiation, alliance, treaty

Justified, Killing Time by [personal profile] cj, Boyd Crowder/Raylan Givens, reminiscing, wounded, locked together

Fall Out Boy RPF, me and my plus-ones by [personal profile] sceptick, Patrick/Elisa/Pete/Meagan, home, marriage, family

Stargate Atlantis, Awkward by [personal profile] velocitygrass, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, awkward

Stargate SG-1, Secret Pleasure by [personal profile] roeskva, Samantha Carter/Martouf|Lantash, party, secret, Earth, visits, lust, closet

Final Fantasy IV, Diving Down by [personal profile] jack_of_none, Leviathan/Rydia, overwhelmed

Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan, Sundial by [personal profile] cordialcount, Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss/Ymir, selfish, snow, warmth

Once Upon A Time, Buckles by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Aurora/Mulan, kiss, sweet, armour, poker face, trembling hands, smile

Crossover, Almost Human/Tron: Legacy, by any other name by [personal profile] muselives, Dorian/Quorra, human

Bandom, Fall Out Boy, As it is Written by [personal profile] rocketgirl, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, affection, honeymoon, epistolary

Bandom, Fall Out Boy, Lost Track at the Sight of You by [personal profile] rocketgirl, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, voyeurism

Game of Thrones, Between Dog and Wolf by [personal profile] theleaveswant, Sandor Clegane & Sansa Stark, after, blood, clean, courtesy, flight, humiliation, light, protection, runaway, Strange

Stargate SG-1, Oh Promise Me by [personal profile] sid, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, champagne, perfect, touch, skin, lazy, sunshine, sweat, lick, resignation

Generation Kill, Fade away, Fade away by [personal profile] fosfomifira, Brad/Nate, sand

Tortall Universe - Tamora Pierce, Violet Fire by [personal profile] zouzounaki, Alanna of Trebond/Jonathan IV of Conté, violet, warm, bed, adjoining rooms, firsts

Generation Kill, The Burdens We Share by [personal profile] alethia, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, burden

RPF, DWTS, It Don’t Mean a Thing by [personal profile] ladyjax, Amber Riley/Derek Hough, 1 year later, public sex, in plain sight

Arrow (2012), In the Shadows by [personal profile] lastingopposite, Laurel Lance/Oliver Queen, future, mask, dark, alleyway

Torchwood, Pretty as a Picture by [personal profile] nancybrown, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, wax, tie, tied, submission

Discworld, Together by [personal profile] papryka, Maladict/Polly Perks, any, [ART]

Crossover, Brave (2012)/Frozen (2013), Hold Still Love by [personal profile] papryka, Merida/Ana, toys

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Revolution, Untitled by [personal profile] avarosier, Charlie Matheson/Miles Matheson, battle, fingertips, discipline

Crossover, DCU/Person of Interest, Walking (or otherwise) Wounded by [personal profile] kerithwyn, Barbara Gordon [Oracle]/John Reec

Ladies of Letters (TV), Ladies of Letters Go Sapphic by [personal profile] credoimprobus, Vera Small/Irene Spencer, letters, shenanigans

RPF, Drop by [personal profile] velocitygrass, Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, sweat

Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat, Only the Sons of Kings by [personal profile] oxoniensis, Auguste/Laurent, guilt, once, lies

Nikita (TV 2010), They’re gonna have to fight me by [personal profile] mysweet_time, Ryan Fletcher/Nikita Mears, truth, hero, love

DCU, Click Of Her Fingers by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Stephanie Brown/Damian Wayne, purple, polish

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Your Love Burns Within Me by [personal profile] alyse, Hansel/Gretel, leather, competence

X-Men: First Class, A Dream Without Rain by [personal profile] sandoz_iscariot, Erik/Charles, dream, hotel, rain

Sherlock (TV), Genetic Markers by [personal profile] vulgarweed, Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan (Watson)/John Watson, marriage, clues,

Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene, Once upon a time by [personal profile] ndnickerson, Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson, teaching, isolated, ache

Criminal Minds, Parallel on the other side by [personal profile] freakingdork, emily prentiss/jennifer jareau - hotel, mirrors

Crossover, Bitten/Teen Wolf (TV), What It Is to Be a Wolf by [personal profile] oxoniensis, Elena Michaels/Derek Hale, [any]

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien, Darkness Alone is Worshipful by [personal profile] vulgarweed, Annatar (Sauron)/Ar-Pharazôn, gold

Criminal Minds, Secret Smile by [personal profile] helsinkibaby, Aaron Hotchner/Jennifer Jareau, secrets, smile, hair, hotel, satin, gu

The Silmarillion, The Kite by [personal profile] moetushie, Ecthelion/Glorfindel, ice, wind, fall, rainfall

Greek mythology, Corona borealis by [personal profile] skazka, Ariadne/Dionysus/maenads/satyrs, bacchanalia, pure

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spellbound by [personal profile] dustandroses, Spike/Tara Maclay, fingering, flirting, spellbound

Once Upon A Time, Suds by [personal profile] salmon_pink, Regina Mills/Emma Swan, shower

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), When in Rome by [personal profile] ann, Loki/Sif, dancing, drinking games, grind, thighs

Nikita (TV 2010), Take a chance on this by [personal profile] mysweet_time, Michael Bishop/Alex Udinov, hug, trust, past, pregnant

Criminal Minds, Polite Fiction by [personal profile] ladyjax, Derek Morgan/Aaron Hotchner, AU, escort

Stargate Atlantis, Hot Summer by [personal profile] musesmistress, John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, power, hot and bothered

Frozen, The stars in the hazy heaven by [personal profile] afterism, Anna/Elsa, sleepover, laughter

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Interlude in a War by [personal profile] ria_oaks, Brienne of Tarth/Jaime Lannister, bath, dirty, first time

Dreamwidth Page 26

Harry Potter, Dealing With the Pain by [personal profile] flipflop_diva, Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson, hate, night, terror, quiet

Intelligence (2014), some old country love song by [personal profile] muselives, Gabriel Vaughn/Riley Neal

Arrow, Awkward is the New Smooth by [personal profile] moriann, Felicity Smoak/Sara Lance, kissing

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Last into the night by [personal profile] fosfomifira, Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, lonely

Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Hobbit – All Media Types, Down by the River by [personal profile] anaraine, Buffy Summers/Dwalin, rough, sweat


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