Porn Battle XIII - Lucky Thirteen




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07 Ghost
Ayanami/Hyuuga, boundaries, sparring, laughter, dancing, master, leather, uniforms, tied up, busy, report, attention, desire, overpower
Frau/Castor, experimental, sneaky
Frau/Teito, pushy, feline, collar
Hyuuga/Konatsu, subordinate, caretaking, sparring

101 Dalmations
Anita Dearly/Cruella DeVil, outrage, leather, candy, spots, design, fur, unexpected, shame

11/22/63 - Stephen King
Jake/Sadie, time, scars, change, world, motel, again, restart, press, slip, clumsy, strip, warm

2 Broke Girls
Caroline/Oleg, drunk, sweet
Max/Caroline, drunk, sweet, Murphy bed, frosting, tub, masturbation, masturbation, thin walls, cocktails
Max/Johnny, graffiti, body art, forgiveness

2 Fast 2 Furious
Brian/Rome, blouse, hungry, touch football, beach

Jack Bauer/Hamri Al-Assad, interrogate, flag
Jack Bauer/Renee Walker, handcuffs, undercover, scars, sacrifice, reassurance, tickle, freckle, stubble, bruise, wound, comfort, glow, ridges, grin, sensitive, spark, crumble, touch, lips, slow, ache, gloss, slick, skin, reveal
Jack Bauer/Teri Bauer, reunion, the beach
Tony Almeida/Michelle Dessler, home, good-bye

28 Days Later
Jim/Hannah/Selena, harmless, defense, heaven, hell, ease
Jim/Major West, surrender
Selena/Corporal Mitchell, sacrifice
Selena/Hannah, risk, aftermath, displacement, escape

28 Days
Gwen/Andrea, heroin, fragile, safe, hurt, bed

28 Weeks Later
Tammy/Scarlet, isolation

3:10 To Yuma (2007)
Ben Wade/Dan Evans, understanding, dirt,

30 Rock
Cerie Xerox/Liz Lemon, children, messages, texting
Jenna Maroney/Liz Lemon, muffin-top, bff, questions, publicity, blerg, lonely, Chicago, not listening, rehearsal
Jenna Maroney/Tracy Jordan, double, egos
Jenna/Cerie, trendy
Jenna/Jack, show me, celebrity, sequel, movie premiere, grudge
Liz/Avery/Nancy, awkward
Liz/Gretchen, phone
Liz/Jack, desk, married, confidant, hope, ice cream, divorce, airplane, three months, okay
Liz/Nancy, skirt, underthings

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Otilia/Gabita, life, body, blood

7th Heaven
Lucy Camden/Mary Camden, blasphemy, hidden, secrets
Lucy Camden/Robbie Palmer, anal, church, first

8 femmes
Gaby/Pierrette, in-law, kiss, resist, caught, gun, danger, tease

8 Simple Rules...
Kerry/Bridget, affirmation

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
Clover/Lotus, awkward, [any]
Clover/Snake, prince, blind, alive, ice-9
Junpei/Clover, frozen, panic, isolation
Junpei/June, wet, childhood, zero, chasing
Junpei/June/Clover/Snake, [any]
Junpei/Santa, [any]
Lotus/Seven, [any]
Akane Kurashiki/Aoi Kurashiki, co-dependent, comfort, guilt, reality, trust, anger, silence
Akane Kurashiki/Junpei, finally, cleverness, sensual, connected, wisdom, meeting again, vitality
Clover/Junpei, dark, twisted, goddess, reverence, failure, violence, desperation
Snake/Junpei, snark, alive, gratitude, dominance

A Bit of Fry and Laurie
John/Peter, frottage, loud, takeover, wallsex
Tony/Control, after, blush, calm, coffee, desk, gentle, smile

A Christmas Tale (2008)
Faunia/Junon, caress, harsh, Henri, indifferent, shopping, sleep

A Kid in King Arthur's Court
Princess Katey/Princess Sarah, promises

A Knight's Tale
William/Edward, courtship, hay, loyalty, moonshine, new
William/Kate, fire, hidden, station, stone

A League of Their Own
Dottie/Kit, grow up

A Midsummer Night's Dream – Shakespeare
Helena/Demetrius, any, found, lost
Helena/Hermia, before, dreamy, fingers, lips, new, sunlight
Oberon/Titania, any, forgiveness, time

A Room With a View - E.M. Forster
George Emerson/Lucy Honeychurch, canal, petals, summer, window

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket
Klaus Baudelaire/Violet Baudelaire, any, end, lake, mouth, stranded, wrench
Lemony Snicket/Beatrice Baudelaire (older), drunk, glass, hat, open, photograph

A Single Man
Charley/George Falconer, careless, carpet, confusion, dance, drunk, secrets, silence, smoke

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Aegon Targaryen/Sansa Stark, content, mirrored
Alysane Mormont/Asha Greyjoy, comradeship, rough, share, snow, warmth
Arianne Martell/Arys Oakheart,
against a wall, anticipation, breathing, caress, cunnilingus, curious, different, fade, gentle, hard, hold, preparedness, scratch, secret, slow, sweetness
Arianne Martell/Arys Oakheart/Tyene Sand, benefits, best behavior, domesticity, experiment, incentive, resistance, share
Arianne Martell/Viserys Targaryen, HBIC, unbent
Arya Stark/Daenarys Targaryen, calm, fire, ice, North, Queens, revenge, swords, vicious
Arya Stark/Gendry Waters, after the war, bathhouse, battle, bull, careful, cold, dare, distrust, eyes closed, face, family, fight, first, found, hammer, initiation, legitimized, memories, names, older, older!Arya, smudge, soft, wine, winter, wolf
Arya Stark/Jaime Lannister, adult!Arya, comfort, fight, gender, gentle, mistake, rough, spanking
Asha Greyjoy/Sansa Stark, agression, alliance, bruises, flirtation, iron, magnetism, rebellion, rope, salt, unexpected
Asha Greyjoy/Theon Greyjoy, acceptance, annoyance, banter, chains, exploration, family, guilt, heal, iron, memory, mine, mocking, names, sail away, salt, seed, shame, shameless, ships, sister, smirk, snark, sneak in, tied down, woman on top, worth
Brandon Stark/Catelyn Tully, if
Brandon Stark/Lyanna Stark, bite, breathless, castle, hidden, horse, hush, sneaking, wild, wind
Brandon Stark/Barbrey Ryswell, unsupervised, wild, youth
Brienne of Tarth/Hyle Hunt,
adventures, armor, awakening, banter, boundaries, breath, fearless, fighting, fire, flow, hate, healing, hidden attraction, honesty, lips, obsession, partnership, rebellion, resentment, respect, strength, struggle, thunderstorm
Catelyn Stark/Cersei Lannister, chant, dominance, harlot, hate, nails, prison, soil, treason
Catelyn Stark/Ned Stark,
adore, archway, betrothed, bow, claim, color, comfort, court, crest, duty, encompass, eye, family, first, first sight, forest, furs, game, good-bye, home, honor, lead, learning, longing, loss, pleasure, safe, seek, substitute, traditions, unspoken, virgin, wedding, winter, youth
Catelyn Stark/Jon Snow, anger, broken, grip
Catelyn Stark/Theon Greyjoy, captive, lessons, outsider, voyeur
Catelyn Stark/Tywin Lannister, lock, resistance, revenge, switch
Cersei Lannister/Daenerys Targaryen, accustomed, blaze, formality, tithe
Cersei Lannister/Sansa Stark, golden, gown, hollow, humiliation, instructions, lesson, queen, vulnerabilities
Cersei Lannister/Sansa Stark/Margaery Tyrell, beauty, harsh, laugh, lessons, soft, virgin, wives
Cersei Lannister/Stannis Baratheon, blood, gold, king, knife, queen
Daenerys Targaryen/Doreah, ablaze, blanket, chemistry, combustion, comfort, completion, face to face, kiss, lock together, show, snuggle, vulnerable
Daenerys Targaryen/Jaime Lannister, chains, golden, possession
Daenerys Targaryen/Jon Snow, alone, bite, dragon, obsidian, smoke, sweat, together, white, winter
Daenerys Targaryen/Robb Stark, agreement, crown, fire, fire and blood, gold, ice, king, lust, privacy, queen, red, rulers, seduction, sharing, silver, strategy, swords, teacher, temptation, throne, trust, truth, wolf
Daenerys Targaryen/Jorah, cautious, disbelief, groan, lightly, protect, shiver, trust
Daenarys Targaryen/Sansa Stark,
bargaining, cold, co-rulers, court, critical measures, fealty, home, ice and fire, loyalty, political marriage, protection, queens, suitor, survivors, triumph, winter
Daenerys Targaryen/Viserys Targaryen, cries, dragons, fire, need, possess, pure, remember, twist
Elia Martell/Ashara Dayne, affair, alone, fingers, flowers, fragile, friend, hand-holding, heartbeat, hope, inhale, laugh, secret, security, sensory, sparks, support, teasing, there, tourney, violet, yours
Elia Martell/Oberyn Martell, discovery, freedom, haunted, jealousy, kindred, liars, precious, sad, scar tissue, sister, slow, smile, sweet, warmth, water-garden, weakness
Jaime Lannister/Alayne Stone, curious, defiance, oral, table, wine
Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth, armor, banter, bath, battle, beautiful, beauty, bedding, beg, blind, Cersei, charge, chaste, chivalry, confident, defensive, dirty, dream, duel, dungeon, errant, farewell, fight, forgiveness, golden, guilt, honor, hope, journey, kiss, kneel, knighthood, lips, longing, lost, lust, maiden, maidenhead, marked, mouth, my lady, nervous, oath, possession, pregnancy, promise, proposal, Queensguard, quest, restraint, sapphire, scars, secret, seduction, sparring, spring, stories, strength, submission, sweet, sword, trust, war, warmth, wench, white, wings, winter, wish, Wolf, words, wounds, yearning
Jaime Lannister/Cersei Lannister, anger, bars, begging, burn, cross-dressing, crown, curtain, disguise, dominant female, dress, entangled, fated, fault lines, gasp, genderfuck, golden, her, hidden, lions, morning, nails,play, promise, quick, red, reunion, secret meeting, smiles, sneaking around, switched roles, swords, taste, tear, teenagers, tempted, throne, touches, unison, wall, wanting, wedding, weld, wild, young
Jaime Lannister/Sansa Stark, belonging, bright, chance, cold, desperation, fire, glass, gold, guard, hand, heat, help, honor, imperfect, laces, oath, older!Sansa, promise, queen, queen of the north, reality, silk, sworn sword, war songs, winter
Jaime Lannister/Sansa Stark/Brienne of Tarth, devotion, knights, queen, scars, virgin
Jaime Lannister/Sansa Stark/Cersei Lannister, games, mirrors, perfect, princess
Jaime Lannister/Tyrion Lannister, laughter, sound
Jeyne Westerling/Robb Stark, against the door, balanced, before battle, better or worse, comfort, crown, cunnilingus, curse, dangerous time, dream, fantasy, furs, gasp, giving up control, godswood, hair, hand in hand, heather, howl, hunters, inhale, king and queen, locked, lost, maps, metal, nervous, ocean, outside, partners, passion, power reversal, pregnancy, promise, promises, queen, quiet, reckless abandon, remember, ruin, rulers, safe, scared, scratch, sea shells, selfish, shudder, silence, survival, thighs, together, tragic, trust, undressing, vulnerable, wall, warm, weight, witchcraft, wolf, wolves, woman on top, yearning, young
Jeyne Westerling/Robb Stark/Theon Greyjoy, anger, crown, victors
Jon Connington/Rhaegar Targaryen, prince, soft, song, strength, touch
Jon Snow/Arya Stark, favorite, fire, remember, sparring, steel, warmth, wolves
Jon Snow/Robb Stark, abandon, affection, albatross, battle, bend, bite, blood, blowjobs, bonded, brothers, claim, clutch, compass, crossroads, crown, distance, equals, fixed point, forest, frustration, godswood, gone, grin, haunted, honor, hush, inappropriate, indecent, intensity, instinct, king, marked, mirrors, need, nuzzle, partners, playmate, practice, prayer, predators, public, regret, shame, shield, side-by-side, snowflakes, splinter, stripped, suck, summer, sword, symmetry, tight, timeline, touch, training, tumble, vow, wall sex, want, warg, with teeth, wolf, woods
Jon Snow/Robb Stark/Sansa Stark, all that's left, apocalypse, blood, broken, choices, cold, confession, darkness, delirium, entangled, falling down, family tree, forget myself, full circle, indiscretion, loss, madness, need, never, reuniting, rust, shadows, sorrow, strain, survivors, winter, wolves
Jon Snow/Robb Stark/Jeyne Westerling, bed, belonging, bookends, disguises, fingertips, games, greedy, heart, home, id/ego/superego, in between, make shift, matched set, overwhelmed, restraint, reversal, secret, shelter, snarled, storm, trio, voyeur, warmth, watch, wolf pack
Jon Snow/Theon Greyjoy, black, blow back, competition, deceit, distrust, fight, lies, rival, rivalry, turncloaks, wall, shadow self, sharp teeth, snark, snarl, suspicion
Jon Snow/Ygritte, brave, breath, cave, challenge, command, crooked, fearless, fire, furs, ghost, howl, huddled for warmth, life, live, lucky, memory, oral, pierced, promise, regret, scars, stay, tarnish, throat, vows, warm, what if?
Jon Snow/Ygritte/Robb Stark/Jeyne Westerling, accident, contagious, equilibrium, falling, friction, interlaced, orgy, tactile
Jon Snow/Sansa Stark, comfort, fealty, fire, fortitude, furs, guilt, hair, home, ice, initiation, lonely, love, need, oral, outside, peace, queen in the north, searching, seeking solace, shiver, song, spine, summer, survival, time, Winterfell
Jon/Val, [any], lovely, lethal, tower
Loras Tyrell/Margaery Tyrell/Renly Baratheon, anal, beard, bed, friends, games, incest, keeping secrets, kisses, laugh, lip-biting, promise, royals, shushed, together, twist, understanding, voyeur, warm, wrong,
Renly Baratheon/Loras Tyrell, beauty, desire, desperate, feast, first time, gasp, gaze, honey, hush, king, knight, linger, moment, night, protect, shiver, summer, want, warm, wine, youth
Lyanna Stark/Rhaegar Targaryen, hope, prince, promises, stolen, tears, tower
Margaery Tyrell/Sansa Stark, bath, bodice, care, confidant, courtly love, crown, dance, fingertips, flower, friendship, garden, gentle, gentleness, gown, growing strong, hushed, intrigue, invitation, kissing, laughter, leather, lessons, orgasm denial, politics, power, queens, river, roses, skirts, secret, sneak, soft, song, sparkle, spice, subtlety, sunlight, teach, tease, thorns and jaws, undergarments
Oberyn Martell/Ellaria Sand, flirtation, games, seduction
Oberyn Martell/Ellaria Sand/Cersei Lannister, fun
Oberyn Martell/Ellaria Sand/Willas Tyrell, anywhere, benefits, blush, discovery, heat, sharing, stripped, watching, wrapped
Oberyn Martell/Willas Tyrell, begrudging, books, dangerous, forgiveness, help, intensity, letters, puzzle, sharp tongue, silencing, stolen, tactile
Petyr Baelish/Sansa Stark, answers, ascension, auburn, backstabbing, bedroom, careful, cold, dagger, dress, fingertip, freckle, hand, hate, lessons, light, morning, myths, net, older, puzzle, queen, quiet, revenge, stroke, sugar, tied, transference, tutelage, unlace, wolf, woman on top, wrists
Robb Stark/Sansa Stark, brother, cold, comfort, fight for you, favourite, found, grief, heal, hidden, hold on, hopeless, king in the north, nightmares, protection, red, relief, remember, rescue, royalty, save, shudder, smiles, soft, survivors, tangled, tent, vows, warrior, weakness, winter, wrong
Robb Stark/Theon Greyjoy, anal, anger, archery, battle, begging, biting, blood, brothers, caught, cold, desperation, dom!Robb, experiment, furs, history, homo denial, honor, hostage, manipulation, mountain, now, oral, penetration, persuasion, practice, prisoner, proof, public, restraints, salt, scratching, secrecy, snow, tension, warmth
Robert Baratheon/Cersei Lannister, heat, jewels, muscle, torn, vengeance
Samwell Tarly/Gilly, comfort, consent, laugh, new, sea
Sansa Stark/Sandor Clegane, bone, distant, fury, gentle, protection, shattered, spill, what if
Sansa Stark/Tyrion Lannister, fairytale, family, forgiveness, laugh, revenge, scars
Sansa/Mya, identity, warmth, Winterfell, smell
Stannis/Davos, hands, king, loyalty, onions, yearn
Stannis/Davos/Melisandre, duty, flight, leash, start
Theon Greyjoy/Cersei Lannister, hate, wedding night
Theon Greyjoy/Jeyne Westerling, bruise, hatred, jealousy, proxy fuck, scratches
Theon Greyjoy/Robb Stark/Ros, experimentation, first time, voyeurism
Theon Greyjoy/Sansa Stark, alone, arranged, bashful, broken, forgetful, last, memories, memory, secrets, strength
Tyrion/Bronn, snark
Willas Tyrell/Alayne Stone, longing, protection, servant, sympathy
Ygritte/Jeyne Westerling, curiosity, fierce, guardian, hope, north, partners, runaway, steady, strong

A Sudden Wild Magic - Diana Wynne Jones
Philo/Tod, comfort, free, magic, sleep

A Wrinkle in Time – Madeleine L'Engle
Calvin/Meg, bed, fumble, glasses, hands

A.N.T. Farm
Lexi Reed/Older!Olive Doyle, blonde, cheerleader, different, discovery, intelligence, now, university

Ace Attorney
Kay Faraday/Franziska Von Karma, scarf, whip

Philippe/Ultra Peanut, birthday, five, flower, hugs, manual, special
Ray Smuckles/Roast Beef Kazenzakis, cake

Adrien English Series - Josh Lanyon
Adrien/Jake, jealousy, possessive reclaiming

Adventure Time With Finn and Jake
Princess Bubblegum/Finn/Ice King, bosom friends, christmas, pity, Simon
Princess Bubblegum/Ice King, his princess
Princess Bubblegum/Marceline, flying, Mushroom War, pink, science!

Em/Joel, backseat, high school, roof, sparklers, stars, whiskey

Aeon Flux (TV)
Aeon Flux/Trevor Goodchild, atavism, howl, recidivism

Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime
Tommy/Tuppence, cross-dressing, gin, hates, lovers, pretend, solution

Air Gear
Agito/Ikki/Akito, candle, crowd, follow, green, lead, power, split, try

Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III/Caitlin O'Shannessy, brandy, cold, lost, moonlight, quilts, shadow, unexpected, warmth, winter
Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III/Marella, kink, leather, secret, sunset

Akagami no Shirayukihime
Shirayuki/Zen, duty, hebs, passion, red, snow

Alex Rider - Anthony Horowitz
Alex Rider/Yassen Gregorovich, family, friend, retired, safety, trust

Arvin Sloane/Jack Bristow, covert, friend, hate, past
Isabelle Vaughn/Rachel Gibson, resurrection
Jack Bristow/Irina Derevko, death, desperate, hell, lies, love, secret, sunlight, torture
Jack Bristow/Sydney Bristow, death
Lauren/Sydney, bondage, bonding, car, chained, diamond, gravel, pearls, silk
Nadia Santos/Sydney Bristow, travel, wrong, fulfilling, sugar, soft
Rachel/Lauren, stiletto
Rachel/Nadia, deceit, raise, glow, heaven
Rachel/Peyton, teacher
Rachel/Sydney, broken, new, outside, scared, hero, undercover stripper, lesson, crush
Sydney Bristow/Michael Vaughn, paper bag
Sydney Bristow/Tom Grace, hypothermia, rings
Sydney/Will, undercover, friends with benefits, at last, sweet, need you, ice cream
Vaughn/Sydney, rough, bondage
Will/Francie, Allison, identity, falling for you, surprise, deep, love

Alice (Syfy 2009)
Mad Hatter/Alice, comfort, stroke, mine, hat

Alien Apocalypse
Kelly/Ivan: new, customs, sarcasm, break, victory, alone-time

Ellen Ripley/Dwayne Hicks, fuck, punch, kick, again, need, fire, heavy, hard, afraid, minutes, hidden, scars, unending, frottage, rank
Vasquez/Drake, shore-leave

All About Eve
Eve Harrington/Margo Channing, velvet, stage, cigarette, disdain
Eve Harrington/Phoebe, mirrors

All My Children
Amanda Dillon/Cara Castillo/Jake Martin, sharing
Annie Chandler/JR Chandler, lust
Annie Chandler/Marissa Tasker, hate sex
Bianca/Amanda, comfort, modeling
Bianca/Annie, crazy, revenge
Bianca/Any, anal, seduction
Bianca/Babe, anger, confusion, hate!sex, trap, pregnant
Bianca/Babe/Zarf, music, satin, spiritual
Bianca/Cara, playing doctor
Bianca/Dixie, crush, motherhood
Bianca/Greenlee, blackmail
Bianca/Kendall, bond, curiosity, mourning, wrong, longing
Bianca/Kendall/Erica, tradition
Bianca/Krystal, hate sex, retaliation
Bianca/Lena, first, rimming
Bianca/Maggie, anal, experimenting, explosions, Paris, toys
Bianca/Marissa, forbidden, insatiable, new, passion, strap-on
Bianca/Reese, anal, honeymoon, silk sheets
Bianca/Zarf, blowjob, pre-op
David/Greenlee, darkness, temptation
Edmund/Dimitri, stables, hide, comfort, warmth
Erica/Krystal, whore
Greenlee/Kendall, dominance, Fusion
JR/Babe, make-up sex
JR/Kendall, seduction
Kendall/Greenlee, past

'Allo, 'Allo!
Herr Flick/Helga, garter, knickers
Rene/any, apron, cupboard, table

Almost Famous
Penny Lane/William, 1983, never forget, Sunset Strip, Morocco

Cameron Hicks/Rachel Pirzad, balance, senses

American Beauty
Angela/Jane, insecure, soft, tits, tremble, whimper, lipstick, sleepover, slut, games, cunt
Jane/Ricky, camera

American Dad!
Hayley/Avery Bullock, Viagra
Hayley/Stan, hatred, morality, religious right
Stan/Jeff, van
Steve/Barry, getting boob
Steve/Barry/Toshi/Snot, sleepover
Steve/Hayley, blackmail
Steve/Jeff, pot
Steve/Roger, prostitution
Steve/Snot, manhood
Steve/Toshi, robots
Francine Smith/Stan Smith: differences, shallow, deapth, love

American Dreams
J.J. Pryor/Beth, baby, love, Hawaii, reunion, Christmas, haircut, ring
J.J. Pryor/Male, protection, anger, fear, danger, loyalty

American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Bast/Shadow, purr, worship, shrine, dark, ancient, sight, altar, beyond, meet again, comfort, soothe, seduce, lick, curl, thigh-highs, arch, wind, fur, warm, solace, home, remember, heart
Shadow/Laura, dust, return, memories, forgiveness,
Shadow/Zorya Polunochnaya, stars, midnight, glow, ancient, remain, moon

American Horror Story
[Any Pairing] red, destruction, whisper, coarse, hat, hot, fear, slick, break, bore, fury, soft
Ben Harmon/Constance Langdon, daze, gazebo, lesson, favor, ink, trick, handsome
Ben Harmon/Elizabeth Short/Moira O'Hara, garter, ploy, lips, control, snap, smooth, surreal, betrayal
Ben Harmon/Patrick, adventurous
Ben Harmon/Tate Langdon, redemption
Billie Dean Howard/Constance Langdon, comfort, candles, death, denial, silk, pilot, buttons, theatre, internet, gay
Chad/Tate, dare
Constance Langdon/any, trust, manipulate, leather, pillow, fame, blame, fear
Constance Langdon/Hayden McClaine, men, match, quiet, neck, kneel
Constance Langdon/Larry Harvey, before, neighbor, house, indifferent, blind
Constance Langdon/Moira O'Hara, youth, affair, late, spite, guilt, shame, countertop, bitter, revenge, penance, harlot
Constance Langdon/Travis Wanderly, leash, ugly, young, marriage, cigarettes, handy, blue, sigh, slip, obey, motorcycle
Hayden/Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short), petals
Hayden/Violet, breakdown, bitter
Larry/the Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short), movie star
Leah/Violet, fear
Moira O'Hara/any, temptress, blood, feather, break, ill, pawn, flesh, squint
Moira O'Hara/Vivien Harmon, comfort, motherhood, dependable, apron
Moira/Hayden, spite, convenience, control
Moira/Vivian, family
Tate Langdon/Hayden McClaine, alone, darkness, monsters, not you, shut out, frustration, twisted, game, hope
Tate/Chad, force
Tate Langdon/Violet Harmon, blood, ink, shaking, valentine, bloodplay, cut, inside out, cunnilingus, stay, light, heal, suck, cuddling, joke, kiss, marrow, red, smoke, revenge

American Idiot – Green Day
Tunny/Will, reprieve, guitar, break

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Alexander/Daniel, sin, darkness, comfort, blood.

An Education
Jenny/Helen, shallow, fashion
Jenny/Miss Stubbs, fantasy, photography, inspired

Anastasia (1997)
Dmitri/Anya, trickery, banter, corner, jazz, train, cunnilingus, exhibition, artwork, taste, elope, dance, trust

Anathem - Neal Stephenson
Jesry/Erasmas/Ala, polycosmic polyamory, upsight
Lio/Erasmas, alternative, Vale-lore, studious

Dylan Hunt/Beka Valentine, boots
Dylan Hunt/Doyle, beginnings, pain, comfort, lust, lost
Dylan Hunt/Tyr Anasazi, ball
Dylan/Rommie, first, last, always, first-time
Dylan/Tyr, leather, restraints, comfort, anachronism
Gaheris Rhade/Rommie, alone, loyalty, necessary, unconquerable
Harper/Andromeda, wires, virtual, mission, earth
Rhade/Harper, jealousy, lust,
Rommie/Beka Valentine, screen
Rommie/Gabriel, glowing, interface
Tyr/Becka, repairs, hot, bickering
Tyr/Harper, power, leaving, pleading, pleasing, first-time

Angel the Series
Angel/Buffy Summers, dance, tight, lost, anything, close, avert
Angel/Cordelia, audition, fuck, punch, kick, late, secret, christmas, need, scars, skin, redemption, fight, afterlife, visions, martyrs, birth, sorrow, please, handcuffs, savior, champion, shanshu, afterlife, sleep, family, training, biting, sire, powers, higher
Angel/Cordelia/Doyle, puzzles, completion, soul, entangled, Ireland
Angel/Darla, 1930s, church, hotel, weakness, cross, burn, eat, game, soulmates, victim
Angel/Doyle, renew, afterlife, alleyway, one, heartbeat, darkness
Angel/Faith, hug, kiss, darkness, lonely, cage, fight, save, kill, tears, rain, pain, blood, fangs, join, hero, okay, prison, soul, lost, quiet, roads, tangled
Angel/Fred, handsome, cave, examination, science, crazy, vulnerable, lost, tacos, date, memory, problem, hiding, dance, learning
Angel/Lorne, destiny, shadows, guide, desperation, rage
Angel/Spike, any era, same song and dance, bicker, friends, remember, blackmail, ghost, bite, bootstrap, poetaster
Angel/Wesley, dubious, flair, crush, restrain, secret, instinct, shatter, books, glasses, gun, no, take, sour, violence, parallel, illusion, volatile
Angelus/Wesley, daddy, asphyxiation
Gunn/Fred, pancakes
Cordelia/Doyle, lipstick, argue, migraine, visions, guide, demon, redemption, shallow, rich, apartment, ghost, moment, wrong, accent, tension, taste, images, money, dress, birthday, grave, ending, beginning, love, forget, never
Darla/Drusilla, cycle, hilltop, Hollywood, reborn, starlight, mummy, clothes, killing, spread
Faith/Lilah, knife, ropes, rough, training
Faith/Wesley, clouds, library, god, arrow, bend, water, tight, gagged, sharp, lethal, blood, knife, memory, repetition, sharp, trust, apocalypse, paradise, wall, road trip, drinking, leaving, destructive, redemption, apologies, torment, nightmares, gentle, panic, dress, uncomfortable
Faith, solo
Fred/Lilah, innocence, jealousy, need
Fred/Lilah/Wesley, danger, seduction
Fred/Connor, hidden, secret, confusion
Fred/Gunn, tied up, truck, broken, public, drunk, lingerie, skin
Fred/Wesley, books, dancing, drunk, angry, razor, blaze, oblivious, crossbowdreams, worship, ideal, signals, together, finally, car, books, science, magic, bunny, apart, song, sunshine, chocolate, flowers, whisper, glasses
Gunn/Anne, helpful, homeless, protected
Gunn/Wesley, nightmare, betrayal, scar, jealousy, choking
Illyria/Wesley, lie, bandage, mourn, smurf, fall, Ozymandias, ember
Lindsey/Lilah, hate, argument, desk, promotion, heels, suit, hair, hand, temper, hurt, alone
Lorne/Lindsey, fate, murder, guilt, guitar, hands
Wesley/Cordelia, right, jobs, teacher, trying, window
Wesley/Cordelia/Gunn, trio, safety, protection, swords, Angel, solitude, triangle
Wesley/Lilah, anal, public, office, stockings, handcuffs, limo, meetings, hell, tired, play, hair-pulling, flames, scarf, fire, betrayal, denial

Animorphs - K.A. Applegate
Tobias/Rachel, clock, altitude, touch, truth or dare, reminder
Illim/Mr. Tidwell, assimilation, masturbation, symbiosis
Jake/Cassie, wedding
Jake/Marco, morph, bedroom, woods, end
Rachel/Tobias, college, flight, countdown, hands, warmth, compromise

Anna Christie – Eugene O'Neill
Mat Burke/Anna Christopherson, seas, wrecked

Anne Boleyn - Howard Brenton
James I/George Villiers, dressing up, dress, public, throne, revel.

Anne of Green Gables – L. M. Montgomery
Anne/Diana, flowers
Anne/Gilbert, engagement, clandestine, secret, veil, lick, soft, tease

Annie (movie)
Miss Hannigan/Lily St. Regis, gin

Another Happy Day
Alice/Elliot, reunion, whiskey, hospital waiting room

2/4, wild
34/69, dirty, rebellious, public
Academy Award/Golden Globe, respect, party, announce, first, mantle, antagonistic, winner, winter, timing, last
Ancient Rome/Ancient Egypt, charm, flattery, sand, visit, purr
Apps/iPad, compatibility, new, welcome, group, restricted, update
Blue/Red/Purple, bleed
Canada/USA, hockey, snow, pride, lessons, love, any
Chocolate Chips/Mint/Vanilla, merge, cold, eaten, no, naming
Dreamwidth/Livejournal, attack, h/c, sick, scared, lost, together, DDOS attacks, hackers, defense, code, shared, any, crosspost, import, themes protection, transfer, handshake, merge, change, update, lag
Easter/Halloween, chocolate, sweet, sugar
England/France, merry, loathing, meet, accents, war, free, worry, only, special
fabric/needle, double-penetration, penetration, stretch, double-penetration, resistance, frame, hoop, machine, cross
Facebook/Twitter, follow, poke
Graham Cracker/Marshmallow/Chocolate, melt, fire, camping
hot chocolate/marshmallow, melt, sweet
HTC/iPhone, jealous, hate sex, steal, betrayal, fight, similarities, race
Kindle/Nook, platform, programming, abilities, color, ink, books, borrowed, rivals, any
LiveJournal/Twitter, length, speed, one-hundred-and-forty
Meat/Potatoes/Vegetables, stew, entree, chef, prep, cut, chop, mix, skillet, vegetarians
Mediafire/Megaupload, goodbye, angst, hurt/comfort,
Netflix/Blockbuster, streaming porn
New Year's Eve/St. Patrick's Day, alcohol
pineapple/pear, sweet, tart
planetary ring/shepherd moon, kinks, spacetime
Porn Battle/Yuletide, prompts, volunteers, frenzy, messy, tags, glee, toys, any
Scotland/England/France, compete, favour
Sour Mix/Tequila, margarita, ice, high-test, golden, shake
Summer/Winter, sun, snow, longing, cycles, feast, leaves, sand, blanket, sky, any
Tumblr/deviantART, colors, paint, messy, down, crash, lag
wellington boots/puddle, wet, play, splash, brief

Ao no Exorcist | Blue Exorcist
Mephisto Pheles/Amaimon, sweets, obedience, tradition, summer, jealousy
Okumura Rin/Ryuuji Suguro, sucker, head, one, give, take, blue, fire, wonder, listen, silence, expert, spare, something, leverage, equal

Apt Pupil
Todd/Dussander, corruption

Pam Poovey/Anyone: munchies, giving love, badass
Sterling Archer/Lana Kane, [any], tequila, lust, punch, dammit Archer, the tiger is dead, bemused, cowgirl, covers

Arctic Air
Bobby Martin/Dev Panwar, firsts
Bobby Martin/Petra Hossa, repeat, silence, punishment

Are You Being Served?
Mr. Humphries/Capt. Peacock/Mrs. Slocombe/Ms. Brahms/Mr. Grainger/Mr. Lucas, Are you free?, boardroom, elevator, Mr. Rumbold's office, pussy

Army of Darkness (Comics)
Ash Williams/Sheila, marriage, journey, road trip, car hood

Arrested Development
adult!George Michael Bluth/adult!Maeby Funke, family, reunion, bananas
George Michael Bluth/Maeby Funke/Steve Holt, college
Lindsay Funke/George Michael Bluth, tequila, Mexico, skin, siblings, family, drinks, responsibility
Maeby Funke/George Michael, reunion, Mexico, grown up
Michael Bluth/GOB Bluth, inappropriate, competition, awkward

Arsenic and Old Lace
Mortimer Brewster/Dr. Herman Einstein, bar, pick-up, choice, bastard, unlikely

Arthur (2011)
Hobson/Naomi Quinn, small talk, window, cartoons, Arthur, cross, primp, dark

Nigel Ratburn/Alan "Brain" Powers, numbers

Arthurian Myth
Bors/Percival/Galahad, three, quest, sin, watch, touch, without, tempted
Guinevere/Arthur/Lancelot, solution, best chance, adore, worship, courtly

Guinevere/Lancelot, tears, beginning, choices, roses, winter, ten thousand
Morgause/Lot, blaze, poison, crown, peer, dominance,

As Time Goes By
Alistair/Judy, anxiety, stairs, Venice
Lionel/Jean, gentle, olive oil, tender, wrinkles
Hoodsey/Carl, doghouse

Ashes to Ashes
Alex Drake/Gene Hunt, scratch, eternal, make a wish, escape, solace, questions, dreaming, improbability, knickers, fur, gold, noir, stockings, cigarettes, wine, vintage, hesitant, forget, possession
Alex Drake/Gene Hunt/Jim Keats, balance, nice try, fade
Alex Drake/Jim Keats, drowning, flying, seeking, finding, wake up, blue, stars, hearsay, the upper hand, powerful, amused, ghosts, search, truth be told, interruption, purpose
Alex Drake/Shaz Granger, cake, stars, ma'am, freedom, desperation, stars, modern, provocative, cool, classy, the Thames, fingering, corsets
Gene Hunt/Jim Keats, alpha, the fall's gonna kill you, watch, territorial, drink
Shaz Granger/Chris Skelton, pegging, makeup, dance, betrayal

Assassin's Creed
Altaïr/Adha, dreamscape
Altaïr/Malik, reliance, sparring, loss, secret, jealousy, leap, creed, trust
Altaïr/Maria, relaxation, open, time
Desmond/Lucy, faith, doubt, identity
Desmond/Shaun, tension, apology, bickering, awkward, yoga
Ezio/Desmond, virtual reality, sweat and leather, memory
Ezio/Leonardo, distraction, reunion
Ezio/Sofia, domesticity, language, routine
Ezio/Yusuf, mentor
Shaun/Rebecca, snark, jargon, rescue
Tarik/Dilara, favor

Atlas Shrugged – Ann Rynd
d’Anconia/Rearden, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Dannejskold/Kate Ludlow, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Rearden/Dagny Taggart, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Galt/Dagny Taggart, jealousy, possessive reclaiming

Briony/Cecilia, undone
Robbie/Cecilia, dream, water

Aubrey-Maturin series – Patrick O'Brian
Jack/Stephen, ear, duet, overindulge

Avatar the Last Airbender
Mai/Zuko, red, affair, cunnilingus, hazy, experiment, adoration
Sokka/Suki, vacation, open, cunnilingus, bravado, token
Suki/Ty Lee, practice, healing, water, fingertips, firsts, play
Shirong/Zuko, Embers-verse, anything, darkness, hiding, steam
Aang/Katara, growth spurt, full height, adulthood, wedding, baby
Azula/Katara, captive, escape, battle, fire, water, steam, prodigal, ice, rebirth, control, bleed, slippery, flight
Azula/Mai/Ty Lee, dominate
Azula/Ty Lee, [any], adoration, flexible, strength, lover, flowers
Azula/Zuko, [any], lightning, liar, close, runner, teacher, blood, burn, icarus
Iroh/Juun, scent, noodles, liquor, strength
Jet/Katara, forest, scent, hammock, lessons, earned, fixation, weapons, tools, reconciliation, alive
Jun(e)/any, relentless, bodyswap
Katara/Aang, stream, journey, airborne, children, home, lifetime
Katara/Mai, dance, friendship, water, blade, odd couple, dress-up
Katara/Toph, sensation, water
Katara/Zuko, attraction, claim, trust, political, rage, bind, leather, submit, bloodbend, connection, diplomacy, experimentation, Katara/Zuko, light, crystal, stars,diplomacy, negotiate
Lt. Jee/Zuko, serenade, temperament
Mai/Zuko, red, blade, fire, silence, throne, steel, unspoken, negotiation, bend, under the surface, intimate
Sokka/Suki, crossdressing, fans, outdoors, warriors
Sokka/Zuko, [any], slap, shine, sword, sparkle, swing
Suki/Yue, stronger, second chance, sacrifice
Zhao/Zuko, courtship

Jake/Jenna, different, slide, exhaustion, finally

Axis Powers Hetalia
[any], rimming, blowjob, frottage, handjob, clubbing, roleplay, UST, graze, teeth, texting, bouncy, conflicted, borders, postcards, atlas, maps, islands, cuisine, dildo, strap on, hamburgers, pizza, whipped cream, cherries, toy, locker room, drunk, tulips, roses,
America (female)/Belarus, knife, bayonet, uniform
America (female)/Belarus/Taiwan, diplomacy, little sisters, defiance, Power Rangers, mistress, Dracula
America (female)/Taiwan, glasses, seduction, piracy
America (male or female)/Belarus/Canada (male or female)/Ukraine, ritual, camera
America/England, [any]
America/England/France, [any]
America/Everyone, [any]
Belarus/Taiwan, hoyay, blood, lace, mahou shoujo, maid
Canada/Cuba, blanket, facial, close, special, dessert, frozen
Cuba/Seychelles, dress, nipples, beach, tension
England/Taiwan, sword, tea, ocean, occult
France/America, the lost generation, joy, food, delicious, delightful,
France/Canada, cold, whisper, longing, gasp, wanted, remember, name, winter, rose, wine
Greece/Japan, pussy, sleepy, gentle, lost,

Azumanga Daioh
Sakaki/Chiyo, adorable
Sakaki/Kaorin, worship
Tomo/Osaka, hyper
Tomo/Yomi, teasing
Yukari/Nyamo, competition

Babylon 5
Delenn, human, exploration, new, mirror
Delenn/Jeffrey Sinclair, truth, devotion, uncertainty
Delenn/John Sheridan, striptease, biology, dating, space, quickie, caught, teddy bear, illuminated, threshold, winter, summer, horizon, sleep, timing, please, supply closet, weightless, premarital sex, experiment, ritual, toys, oral, behind
Delenn/Lennier, bittersweet, claim, peace, submission, mentor, bruises
Delenn/Susan Ivanova, home, temptation, kiss, war, scarves, uniform
Jeffrey Sinclair/John Sheridan, (any), command, history, breathe, handjob, BDSM
Jeffrey Sinclair/Michael Garibaldi, candle, lies, history, trapped, saved, happy, discipline, undercover, rituals, wounded, nightmares, shadows, mission, scars, loving, need, hungry, snuggle, reunion
John Sheridan/Susan Ivanova, civil war, lonely, Io, telepathy
John Sheridan/Susan Ivanova/Michael Garibaldi, food
Marcus Cole/Stephen Franklin, boredom, surveillance, boxes, threesome, clever, frustration, fingers
Marcus Cole/Susan Ivanova, roses, boff, trapped, mental-link, vodka, surrender, Talia, telepathy, cryogenics, latent, unicorn, Minbari, candlelight, release
Michael Garibaldi/Talia Winters, telepathic, shielding, careful, needy, rough, lap-sex,
Michael Garibaldi/Stephen Franklin, terrify, spiral, motorcycle, infidelity, shiver, mars, exile, friendship, glint, danger, corridor, grab, witness, jealousy, disturb
Michael Garibaldi/Susan Ivanova, rushed, shower, needy, convenience, grateful, drunk
Mr. Morden/Michael Garibaldi, trapped, slave, alone, need, broken, possession, shadows, owned, bound, scent, anger, blood, temptation, slipping, surrender
Neroon/Delenn, past and present, fantasy
Susan Ivanova, god, good night's sleep, naked
Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters, gloves, omega, nighttime, sleepover, love, first, deception, regret, hope, lies, telepath, gloves, rough, quiet, dominance, wary, sex toys, public, meeting
Zack Allan/Delenn, chrysillis, transformation, memories, compassion, open mindedness, prejudice, cultural sensitivity, understanding
Zack Allan/Garibaldi, security, tender, reflection, forgiveness, second chance, pizza, bedroom, alcohol, guns, safety, warmth, jacket, danger
Zack Allan/Lyta Alexander, telepath, violence, tender, compassion, understanding, green, lace, pop corn, pizza, security, guns, calluses, love
Zack Allan/male, handcuffs, guns, pants, danger, reflection, pilots, injury, blood, black, uniform, safety, obsession, underwear, compassion

Claire Stanfield/Chane Laforet, dance, fireworks, train, white, rush, red, killer, bootleg, fascination, proposal, time, balance, kiss, breathe, completion, cunnilingus, blade
Firo Prochainezo/Ennis, spark, buttons, alleyway, hat, perfect, manmade, marriage, exploration, time, fire, patience, smile, completion, cunnilingus, memory, connection
Nice Holystone/Jacuzzi Splot, bang, explode, tears, sweetheart, tattoo, protect, matching, brave, heat, audience, fire, comfort, cunnilingus, blush, beginning, bang, explode, tears, sweetheart, tattoo, protect, matching, brave, heat, audience

Back to the Future
Biff/George/Lorraine, forgotten

Bag of Bones – Stephen King
Mike/Jo, ghostly, perfume, sense you, longing, familiar
Mike/Mattie, dream, regret, remember, desire, tease, sigh

Peter Clifford/MacAnally, sacraments, disobedience, spanking, relenting

Band of Brothers
Carwood Lipton/Ronald Speirs, cigarette, orders, uniform, loot, silence, return, contact, fire, burn
David Kenyon Webster/Joe Liebgott, language, New York, fight, uniform, cigarette, love, hate, smoke, sin, death, life, love, conflicted, shadows, first, last, guilt, faith, rain, comfort, apologies, fight
Lewis Nixon/Richard Winters, alcohol, bend, Nixon, Eidenhoven, surrounded, office, France, promotion, lost, angry, first, held, leave, Paris, champage

Banlieue 13 (District B13)
Damien/Leito, partners, frottage, cherries, stubble, guns, temporary, revolution, illegal

The Kid/Zia, the long years after, peace in our time

Stephanie Brown/Barbara Gordon, banter, battle, adrenaline

Batman (Arkham Asylum: Living Hell)
Joker/Two Face, chance, heads, tails, shout

Batman (Nolanverse)
Bruce Wayne/OFCs, party, mask, release
Bruce Wayne/Rachel Dawes, forgotten, accident, indescretion

Batman Begins
Henri Ducard/Bruce Wayne, jealousy, possessive reclaiming

Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, established relationship, affection, domestic

Batman: The Animated Series (1992)
Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, batmobile, batsignal, college, woods, Arkham, charity event, jealousy, research, school books, rug, fireplace, piano

Battlestar Galactica (1979)
Apollo/Adama, father-son, memories, compassion, widowers
Apollo/Starbuck, launch tubes, danger, fighting, training

Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Adama/Roslin, reincarnation, responsibility, parents, teachers, nuture, New Caprica, under the stars, colonial one
Laura Roslin/Bill Adama, weed, Raptor, library
Lee Adama/Laura Roslin, apollo, comfort, respect, president
Anastasia "Dee" Dualla/Lee "Apollo" Adama, first, closed, early, kisses, rack, legs, gentle, conversation, support, honeymoon, gym, partnership, desire, flirt
Anastasia Dualla/Kara Thrace, struggle, hands, uniform, linger, skin, communication
Anders/Apollo/Dee/Starbuck, confusing, messy, worth it, pregnancy, joy
Anders/Athena, touch, confession, panic, hear
Anders/Boomer, game, Caprica, resistance, parallel
Karl (Helo) Agathon/Lee "Apollo" Adama, Academy, excitement, everyone, competition, rimming, flyboys, shower
Lee "Apollo" Adama/Sam Anders, secret, lost, leather, possessive, projection, battle, control, grief
Apollo/Saul Tigh, broken, gunfire, daddy, biting
Karl (Helo) Agathon/Sharon (Athena) Agathon, forest, betrayal, running, perfect, settle, love, family, adversity, rain, ice, brig, shackles, laundry, cozy, dirty, run, corner, bar, renewal, child, stolen, kisses
Caprica Six/Gaius Baltar, dress, Earth, home, making babies, red, hair, fingertips, God, eyelashes, spine, colonial one, future, love, travel, sleeping, tent, dripping, melody, farmland, green, everlast, regrets, farming, children, science
Gaius Baltar/Six, delusional, reality, fuck, hunger, sacrament, glasses, possessive, grass, farm, sunrise, family
Bill Adama/Saul Tigh, shaving, handjob, laughter, towel, booze, rank
Boomer/Athena, choice, spite, forgiveness, mirrors, parallel, war, reflexive
Boomer/Caprica, hope, lies, want, family
Boomer/Helo, dual, Raptor, bite, blood, memory, assignment, raptor
Boomer/Tyrol, reunion, dreams, soil
Cylon!Chief/Boomer, regrets, sunshine, market, fantasy, betrayal, awakening, trust
Cally Henderson/Tory Foster, hatred, destruction, music, clutch, happy, jealousy, foothold, tomorrow, weapon, one of a kind, in the dark, numb, starting over
Caprica/D'Anna, light, crescendo, love, smoke
Crashdown/Boomer, bet, ambrosia, luck
D'Anna Biers/Laura Roslin, dreams
Dualla/Sam, consolation, choices, loveless, something
Gaeta/Baltar(/HeadSix), education, advice, oral, whispers, need
Gaeta/Dee, sneak, revenge, comfort, love
Galactica/Cylon Basestar, yearn, void, shine, organic, trail, becoming
Galen Tyrol/Sam Anders, house, rock, abandoned, grease, fingernails, excuse, restart
Helo/Starbuck, substitutes, frakups, classmates, ambrosia, muscles
Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace/Leoben Conoy, visions, destiny, guidance, faith, touched, miracle, obsession, passive, maelstrom, death, star, reward, bunk, charcoal, dream, nightmare, once, paint, split-lip, stitches, wind, control, death, blood, paint, dream, hurt, knife
Kara Thrace/Ellen Tigh, bender
Kara Thrace/Helo/Athena, acceptance, domestic, trust, sheets, ambrosia
Kara Thrace/Kat, faster, challenge, Viper, dogfight, sweat
Kara Thrace/Kendra Shaw, blood, discipline, drugs, knife, oblivion
Kara Thrace/Lee Adama, always, comfort, secrets, order, competitive, burning, favorite, lick, knowing, sweaty, rank, mine, command, stubble, straddle, naked, rookies, lap, camping, brig, partners, watching, blackout, mourning, sober, faithful, sine qua non, priorities, CIC, Zak's bed, cabin, supernova, cheating, dance, Earth, oral fixation, salvation, uniform, hidden, what if, AU, New Caprica, shower, tequila, flying, Earth 2.0, table, what about Zak?, secret, drunk, pool, arms, back from the dead, cheating, dance, flight suit, broken heart, bunk, insubordination, hurt, comfort, jealousy, infidelity, threesome, bruises, promotion, loyalty, handcuffs, bondage, viper, sidearm, regrets, stars, cylon, interrogator, flightsuit, lollipop, pillow, soap, shower, 33, eternity, hangar, ambrosia, piercing, tattoo, lips, eyes, hips, Sunshine, Spinning, wings, spirit, shadow, thigh, Leoben, journey, viper, aurora, fantasy, photograph, chain, promise, lonely, dark, stars, [any]
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Sam Anders, sunlight, sand, birthday, dildo, leather, storm, bunk, tent, future, vodka, bet, mud, pyramid, undercover, stranded, cuffs, backward, tattoos, easy, stress, slippery, tatoos, punch, drunk, laugh
Kara Thrace/Sam Anders/Sharon Agathon/Karl Agathon, Demetrius, pyramid, down-time, stranded, hot
Kara Thrace/Sharon Agathon, past, tension
Kara/Baltar, wrong, nails
Kendra/Anyone, spit-shine, tongue, orders, morpha, brig, galley, prisoners
Laura Roslin/Ellen Tigh, conceit, scheming, crazy, prophet
Lee Adama/Romo Lampkin, unrequited, off-balance, uniform
Lee Adama/Sonja Six, flower, leadership
Lee Adama/Tom Zarek, idealism, manipulation, words, hero, guns, manipulate, power play, criminal, prison, democracy, tribunal, freedom
Lee/Athena, military, shoot, trust
Lee/Boomer, water, success, tired
Lee/Kendra, feel, satisfy
Racetrack/Boomer, basestar
Sharon Boomer Valerii/Cally Henderson, unforgiven, Raptor, grease, machinery
Starbuck/Boomer, flight, risk, sunshine, ambrosia
Zarek/Meier, cell, punishment, favors, cock ring, spreadeagle, parole, solitary confinement, shiv, ownership, retribution, garage, execution, gun, knife, remorse

Batwoman (Comic)
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, late, rough, denial, return, mask

Bayonetta/Jeanne, sisters, dance, embrace

Beast Wars
Blackarachnia/Silverbolt, web, drug, pain, sweet, Venus, melt
Dinobot/Rattrap, scale, fur, scent, attention, hunt
Optimus/Rhinox, dream, missing, close, hold, evil, berserk
Tigatron/Airazor, Cybertron, future, death, roar, scream, feather

Beau Brummell: This Charming Man
Prince Regent/Lord Byron, jealousy

Beauty and the Beast (1991 movie)
Lumiere/Cogsworth, PTSD, wax
Adam/Belle, after, wedding night, learning, practice, books, lessons

Beauty and the Beast (1992)
Belle/Adam, adventure, bedtime, narrative, passion, cunnilingus

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray
Shanti Singh/Nicole Ade, sharp, salt, flesh
Shanti Singh/Taylor Hawkins, kick, soothe, sweep

Beavis & Butthead
Beavis/Butthead, score

John/Reggie, coffee, cigarette, fire escape, after hours

Jed Harper/Ryan McAllister, laugh, horror, warm, moan, fingering, trapped, ghost, regret, nightmare, misunderstanding, kinky, visions, sunshine, restless
Jed Harper/Ryan McAllister/Kate Bettany, jealousy, shame, quiet, scratch, sore

Himekawa/Kanzaki, money, fight, friendship, pretty, why
Oga/Furuichi, school, father, future, surprise, kiss

Before Sunrise/Before Sunset
Celine/Jesse, close, frantic, park, negotiate, reading, robe, scarf, Seine, silk, steps, tea

Being Human (UK)
Adam/Tom McNair, friends, different, trust, help, howl, transformation
Annie/Mitchell, hell, fire, forever, sorrow, hair, eternity, shadow, truth, gone, absolute, certain, power, belief, forgiveness, reality, sex, clothes, tea, snow globe, dust, tingly, snow, afterlife
George Sands/Ivan, blood, travel, conscience
George/Annie, lean, alone, touch, cry
George/Mitchell, bite, ride, hands, factions
George/Nina, wow, wolf, work, woods
Ivan/John Mitchell, pain, forest, chase, hunters
Ivan/Owen, sharp, war, history, interesting, free, sick
Mitchell/Annie/George/Nina, eternity, ashes, scattered, drums, parade

Being Human (US)
Aiden McCollin/Josh Radcliff, smell, out of control, outside, about to turn, biting, blood
Bishop/Aiden McCollin, come back, payback, reclaim, public sex, rough sex, dub con
Nora/Sally, cakes, hairbrush, toast

Belle de Jour
Belle de Jour/Madame Anais, innocence

Bend It Like Beckham
Jess Bhamra/Jules Paxton, games, uniform

Better Off Ted
Lem/Lucy, sexy, scientific, principles, hypothesis, glasses
Ted Crisp/Veronica Palmer/Linda Zwordling, mad science, steady, learning, human, compromise, desk, office, kitchen
Ted/Linda, smiles
Ted/Veronica, power outlets, haircut, suits, hand-holding, when good memos go bad, new chewing gum
Veronica, control

Beverly Hills, 90210
Brandon/Brenda, twins, help, smile, cigarette, candy, heat, winter, grounded, party, glance, shorts, French
Brenda Walsh/Kelly Taylor, competition
Donna Martin/Kelly Taylor, virgin
Donna Martin/Valerie Malone, alcohol, relunctance, submission
Kelly Taylor/Valerie Malone, anal, D/s, strap-on

Beyond the Western Sea - Avi
Laurence/Bridy, home, follow, smile
Laurence/Patrick, uniform, away, goodbye
Maura/Nathaniel, blue, candlelight, hair
Maura/Toggs, thank, truth, warehouse
Sarah Grafton/Betsy Howard, friends, breast, boardinghouse
Sarah Grafton/Henry Grafton, pregnancy, quiet, summer

Big Love
Adaleen/Alby, Psalms
Adaleen/Wanda, accomplices
Barb/Margene/Nicki, [any]
Barb/Nicki, undermined, Boss Lady, begrudging, sleepover
Heather/Rhonda, unnatural
Heather/Rhonda/Sarah, crowded
Kathy/Wanda, first wife
Lura/Nicki, jealousy, connections, explosive
Margene/Ana, nervous
Margene/Barb, baptism
Margene/Ben, explosion, quick, wrong, dirty, commando, grass, nightswimming, sweat, kiss, AU
Margene/Sarah, bitten, bubblegum
Nicki/Alby, rivalry, knowledge, blood, spite, understanding, conspiracy
Nicki/Margene, approval
Nicki/Sarah, prophecy
Rhonda/[any], spoiled
Rhonda/Cara Lynn, your mama
Rhonda/Sarah, prayer, thief, playtime
Sarah/Heather, adultery, doubt, AU

Big Time Rush
Carlos/James, mirror, hair, perfect, idiocy, bad, oops
Carlos/Logan/Kendall/James, halfway there, always, tangle, affection, brilliance, boyfriend, music
Gustavo/Kelly, vacation, gifts, swanky, topping
James/older!Katie, overprotective, fame, manager, cell, favour, movie, oops
Kendall/Lucy, impress, amp, rock, pretend
Logan/Camille, role, music, jealousy, pool
Logan/Carlos, logical, routine, helmet, safety, restrained, legs, crash

Big Wolf on Campus
Stacy/Lori, leather, scary-movies
Tommy/Merton, closets, locker-room, letterman jacket, claws, fangs, fur, bleachers, velvet, hair dye

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Ted Logan/Bill S Preston, paradox, smart, torn, parallel

Billy Elliot
Michael Caffrey/Billy Elliot, candy, dancing, drag, future, nightcap, private, submit, tender

Bionic Woman (2007)
Jaime Sommers/Sarah Corvus, alone, teach me, release

Birds of Prey (Comic)
Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, history, first, touch
Dinah Lance/Ev Crawford, adrenaline, fight, teamwork

Stephen/Weir, army, recovery, pub, first time, virgin, inexperience, close, loss, mourning, comfort, battle, trauma, drunk, eager

Black Books
Bernard/Fran, [any], drunk, singing, new years eve kiss
Manny Bianco/Bernard Black, estimate, gutter, mermaid, text, humiliation, couch, desk, closing, out, knees, surprising, hands, kissing
Manny Bianco/Bernard Black/Fran Katzenjammer, balance

Black Cat
Train Heartnet/Sven Vollfied, lazy, comfortable, pair, poverty, hobby, stress, calender

Black Dagger Brotherhood
Rhage/Mary, mine, beast, blood, jealous, needing

Black Donnellys
Jimmy Donnelly/Sean Donnelly, fault, whiskey, flawless, dirty, table, bite, stolen

Black Lagoon
Rock/Revy, cunnilingus, annoyance, salvation, hidden, taint, reciprocity, bullets, burn, reconciliation

Black Swan
Nina Sayers/Lily, power, grace, movement, flutter, wings, take, lift, costume, force, competition, any, tattoo, chocolate, wings, relax, stalking, tease, blackout

Bob/Flashheart, dress
Edmund Blackadder/Kevin Darling, officer, trenches, longing, poetry, awful
Edmund Blackadder/Queenie, beer, dungeon, favourite, royalty, smitten, squiffy, throne, walk
Edmund/George, saucy

Blade (movies)
Drake/Hannibal King, consort, snark, belonging, lust, secrets, kissing, dreams, possession, fire, break, hidden, laughter, peace
Hannibal King/Abigail Whistler, comedown, arrow, honey, whiskey
Hannibal King/Danica Talos, memory, blood, submit, yearn, linger

Blade Trinity
Drake/Hannibal King, mate, hidden, mark, undercover, hold down, force, survive, sunlight, fangs, consort, chains, knees, family, run, found

Blade of the Immortal
Anotsu Kagehisa/Asano Rin, enemy, hatesex, words, reminiscence
Asano Rin/Yoshino Doa, bonds, distance, hug, promise
Hyakurin/Giichi, past, children, death, sleep, skin, hands, pregnancy

Blast From the Past
Adam/Eve, wedding, honeymoon, practice

Aizen/Gin, eternity, switch
Byakuya/Renji, battle, envious
Ginjou/Ichigo, teach-me
Grimmjow/Nnoitra, payback, strength, supremacy
Grimmjow/Ulquiorra, lies, loyalty, smudge
Ichigo/Orihime, healing, fairies, death, reaper, rain, strawberry, guardian, princess, bridge, cell phone, sleep, leap, faith, fear, hollow, found, hands, waist
Ichigo/Tensa Zangetsu, reunion
Ikkaku/Yumichika, [any]
Ishida Ryuuken, alone, rain, watching
Ishida Ryuuken/Ishida Uryuu, estranged, sanguine, stitches
Ishida Ryuuken/Szayel, examination, madness, perversions
Kensei/Shuuhei, [any], courage, crush
Kibune Makoto/Kira Izuru, pretty-cryer, superior, wounded
Kibune Makoto/Szayel, mirror-image
Kurotsuchi Mayuri/Szayel, tentacles
Lisa/Nanao, all-grown-up
Nnoitra/Neliel, force, misogyny, revenge
Nnoitra/Szayel, favours
Nnoitra/Tesla, adoration
Orihime/Kisuke, order, obey, trapped, silent, quest, first, point, naked
Orihime/Shunsui, whisper, taken, sleep, crowd, poison, underneath, lost, hover, naked
Renji/Rukia, distance, yearning
Renji/Tatsuki, best friend, drunk sex, karate
Shunsui/Ukitake, artwork, silver, whispers
Szayel/Grimmjow, alpha, captive, experimental, vicious
Szayel/Grimmjow/Il Forte, tangled, punishment
Szayel/Il Forte, useful, useless, superiority, voyeurism
Szayel/Ishida Uryuu, specimen, toybox

Blood Ties
Vicki/Mike, banter, sarcasm, tongue lashing, oral, Victory, Riding, Wicked, Soft, Surprise

Hagi/Saya, blood, debt, trust, sleep, explore, roses, ribbing, flying, sword, cello, play, business, one, chevalier, pregnant, impossible, crushed
Kai/Diva, against, Saya, mine, blue, share, animal, howl
Okamura/Mao, yakuza, money, smoke, write, computer, complain, Christmas, photograph, kimono, drunk, wine, issues, companion

Bloody Jack Adventures - L. A. Meyer
Jacky Faber/Amy Trevelyne, ladies, hopeless, reform, trouble, apple, softness, friendship, climax, discovery

Blue Bloods
Danny/Linda, second honeymoon, hotel room, phone sex, kidnapped,
Jamie Reagan/Anthony Renzulli, kidnapping, commissioners son, protect, proof, guilty, loyalty, Harvard, duty, respect, non-con, bromance
Jamie Reagan/Baker, love, honour, respect, loyalty, trust, memories, honesty, kidnapping, protect, serve
Jamie Reagan/Danny Reagan, brothers, love, understanding, Harvard, studies, uncle, age, siblings, mentoring, green, St. Patrick's Day
Jamie Reagan/Frank Reagan, father-son, respect, honour, truth, compassion, protection, violence, understanding, Harvard
Jamie Reagan/Linda Reagan, little brother, compassion, confidant, healing, love, protection
Jamie Reagan/Male, non-con, revenge, death, love, hiding, uniform, handcuffs, precinct, strength, food play, protection, obsession
Jamie/Noble, undercover, longing, blowjobs, roleplay, cops and robbers, submission, lessons,

Blue Murder
Janine/Richard, best friends, late night, interrupted

Blue Sky
Carly Marshall/any, tryst, comfort, dance, sly, provoke, last
Carly Marshall/Hank Marshall, argue, make up, dress, stockings, jealousy, christen

Boardwalk Empire
Arnold Rothstein/Carolyn Rothstein, lavender, bargain, dinner, celebration, diamonds
Arnold Rothstein/Charlie Luciano, service, brilliance, lessons, breathless, muscle, counterpoint
Arnold Rothstein/Charlie Luciano/Meyer Lansky, bespoke, tired, survival, midnight, tell, apologies
Arnold Rothstein/Gillian Darmody, shake, whisper, queen, fingernails, loneliness, honey, armor
Arnold Rothstein/Jimmy Darmody, resistance, gun, obedience, charm, legacy
Charlie Luciano/Gillian Darmody, slap, wine, red, hiss, swagger, irresistible
Charlie Luciano/Meyer Lansky, gunpowder, belt, chase, paperwork, unbreakable
Gillian Darmody/Jimmy Darmody, salvation, nameless, history, wish, blood, trust
Gillian Darmody/Richard Harrow, beauty, heartless, strength, wound
Jimmy Darmody/Angela Darmody/Richard Harrow, indulgence, paint, starry-eyed, homecoming, silk, familiar, thunderstorm, quiet
Jimmy Darmody/Richard Harrow, peace, haunted, adrenaline, fury, books, masks

Bob The Builder
Bob/Wendy, tools

Bomb Girls
Betty McRae/Gladys Witham, lipstick, shower, argument, gloves, swimming, perfume, wine, rich, rebellion, over the clothes
Betty McRae/Kate Andrews, house, conventional, fear, scars, music, sand, cold, dance, quiet, secrets, sharing, quilt, lipstick, first time, ticklish, snuggling, sharing a bed, unexpected, helpless, photographs, peacetime, revelation, laughing, gentleness, learning, secret, hands, walls, quiet, scream, skirts, victory, celebrate, party, water, new, experience, wet, safe, protect
Gladys Witham/Hazel, scarf, perfume, desire, stand-off
Gladys Witham/Kate Andrews, fog, laughter, necklace, bath, reveal
Lorna Corbett/Marco Moretti, guilt, over, sweet, picnic, unknown

Bon Cop, Bad Cop
David/Martin, beer, prevaricate, Quebec, kitten

Bond movies (Casino Royale to present)
James Bond/M, dangerous women, brittle, discreet, whiplash, diamond, target, liar, cross-dressing
James Bond/Vesper Lynd, anger, respect, drink, train, sheets, wine, brandy, Munich, snark

Addy/Sweets, replacement, similar, visit, study
Angela Montenegro/Camille Saroyan, secret
Angela/Cam, brown
Angela/Daisy, loud, restrain
Angela/Roxie, pleasure/pain principle
Bones/Booth, always, giddy, dance, rain, home
Booth/Brennan and/or Hodgins/Montenegro, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Booth/Hodgins, believe, break, fever, mark, scars, sweat, secret, blue eyes
Brennan/Annie Oakley (from "Death in the Saddle"), spurs
Brennan/Cam, sarcasm
Temperance Brennan/Camille Saroyan, control
Temperance Brennan/Daisy Wick, academia, experiment
Hodgins/Addy, benefits, house, more, begging
Jack Hodgins/Lance Sweets, scars, awkward, experiment, overload, couch
Seeley Booth/Lance Sweets, blush, quickie, desk, domestic, laugh, tough love, sunglasses
Seeley Booth/Temperance Brennan, knowledge, family, experimentation, new traditions, Buck and Wanda, making the baby, Roleplaying, Jeffersonian, wrists, snowed in, inappropriate, kids, school, nickname
Seeley Booth/Wendell Bray, first-time, love, winter, studies, genius, gun calluses
Temperance Brennan/Angela Montenegro, aesthetic, art, curious, hypothesis, ink, portrait, rave, skin, spanking, curiosity, necklace, ink, strap-on, skull, rave, hypothesis, ice
Temperance Brennan/Angela Montenegro/Camille Saroyan, sharing
Temperance Brennan/Angela Montenegro/Jack Hodgins, gravedigger, wild side
Temperance Brennan/Hannah Burley, flirting, hospital, sunglasses
Temperance Brennan/Wendall Bray, Mrs. Robinson
Zack/Hodgins, advice, danger, experiment
Zack/Sweets, freedom, vocabulary

David McNorris/Joel Stevens, anger, frustration, wall, pain

Boondock Saints
Connor MacManus/Murphy MacManus, broken, lips, jeans, shower, sin, blood, prison, twin

Birgitte/Phillip, apology, at work, conflict, resolution, voting, desk, Marienborg, garden, affair, home, fight, choices, wedding, knee high boots, office, reconciliation, absence, unexpected, caught, anger, cliche, victory, patience

Tom/Meredith, atonement, clean, appearances, newlywed, alliance, discovery, dirty, payback, unexpected, forgiveness, disappointment, winning, lake, sins, high, black-tie, mistakes, what if, sweet, shouldn't, election night, before, personal space, spine, pearls, royalty

Boston Legal
Denny Crane/Alan Shore/Shirley Schmidt, sharing, drinking, inflatable doll, morning, balcony

Corky/Violet, discreet, escape, bare, nice, beer, fine

Bourne Trilogy (movies)
Jason/Nicky Parsons, memories, training, sessions, pills, silence, ghost, touch, feel, past and present, reunion, memory, Paris, perfume, gloves, gun, on the lam
Nicky/David, undercover, sigh, touch

Bourne Trilogy
Jason Bourne/Kirill, amnesia, running, hiding, anger, past, future, guns, passport, wine, recovery, files, news

Boy Meets World
Cory/Shawn, always
Cory/Shawn/Topanga, inevitable, family
Cory/Topanga, Couch, Hands, Angry, Food
Shawn Hunter/Angela Moore, bond, shatter, kiss, hands, smile, Whisper, Phone, Poetry, Socks

Han Chunwoo/Lee Shiho, strip, kiss, poison, ghost, tease, reiki

Breaking Bad
Jesse Pinkman/Walter White, highway, bullet holes, tie, hungry, slap, awkward, past

Breaking In
Cam/Dutch, jealous, discovery, romantic, office relationship, creative
Oz/any, master

Breakout Kings
Lloyd/Juliane, prisons, cement, close, fear

Breath of Fire II
Bow/Ryu, sneak, buddies
Ryu/Katt, fur, combat, sweat
Ryu/Nina, wings, magic

Breath of Fire III
Rei/Ryu, fur, fire, danger, devil inside

Brain/Brendan, glasses, puzzle, high, trauma
Brendan/Laura, car, drive, hate

Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh
Charles/Sebastian, claret, regret, revisited, flood, arcadia

Bridesmaids (2011)
Annie Walker/Megan, advice, fearless, fingers, tricks
Rita/Becca, drink, strip, bra, Cinderella, beautiful, tutor

Annie/Lillian, reconcile, fondant, blue
Annie/Megan, grapple, clutch, exotic, repair

Bridgertons Series - Julia Quinn
Colin/Penelope, ink, cunnilingus, spooning, freedom, request
Kate/Anthony, Mallet of Death, forbidden, outdoors, fear
Michael/Francesca, withholding, distance, longing
Simon/Daphne, garden, trust, letters, words, voice, honeymoon, name

Bright Lights Big City (1988)
Jamie Conway/Tad Allagash, permanent, pranks, amends, cars, holiday, mirror, fast

Bright Star
Fanny/John, feather, scent, flowers, freedom, garden, gingerly, lace, butterflies

Bring It On
Cliff/Missy, guitar, cheerleading, swing, move
Isis/Missy Pantone/Torrance Shipman, teamwork, spacepirates, push, competition, teamwork
Jan/Les, pom poms
Missy/Torrance/Cliff, indecision

Bring It On: All or Nothing
Britney Allen/Camille, competition

Bring It On: Fight to the Finish
Catalina ‘Lina' Cruz/Gloria/Treyvonetta, friends
Kayla/Avery, fierce
Skyler/Christina, discovery, bloom

Brokeback Mountain
Alma/Lureen, fishing

Brotherhood of the Wolf
Gregoire de Fronsac/Mani, wine, sticks, escape, tongue

Brothers (2009 film)
Cassie/Grace, children
Tommy/Sam, hero

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Andrew/Giles, self-esteem
Andrew/Spike, roadtrip
Angel/Buffy/Spike, winning, turn, sharing
Angel/Cordelia Chase, what if, maybe, fingers, hidden
Angelus/Buffy/Faith, enemies, BDSM
Angelus/Tara, damned
Anya/Buffy, horny, vengeance
Anya/Faith/Buffy, new
Anya/female Xander, weird
Anya/Halfrek, time
Anya/Spike, scar
Anya/Willow, awkward, opposites, spells, witchcraft
Buffy Summer/Daniel "Oz" Osbourne, lunch, perfect fit, animal, pheromones
Buffy Summers/Angel, ice cream
Buffy Summers/Faith Lehane, barbeque, bloodplay, nails, princess, race, dream, slug, reciprocal, rain, desert, hokey-pokey, aggression, anal, dirty, humiliation, play, knife, mirror, dance, roof, collaboration
Buffy Summers/Riley Finn, tulips, patrol
Buffy Summers/Rupert Giles, pout, cuffs, lace, protege, floor, stay, England
Buffy Summers/Spike, porch, frottage, church, whipped cream, anal, blood, smell, biting, handcuffs, invisible, dominance, catwalk, duster, leather, hidden, friends, rage, hesitance, knitting, public, duster, reunion, voyeurism, turned, yes, pool, wedding
Buffy Summers/Xander Harris, errand, any, rough, trickery, weapon, see, accident, spar, home
Buffy/Dawn, blood, sacrifice, safety, TMI
Buffy/Dawn/Faith, wickedness
Buffy/Dawn/Spike, bondage, D/S, double team
Buffy/Faith/Giles, possessive
Buffy/Faith/Spike, blackmail, double penetration, voyeur
Buffy/Tara, magic, wish
Buffy/Tara/Willow, tabla Rasa
Buffy/Willow, darkness, pain, power, wonder
Cordelia Chase/Harmony Kendall, popular
Darla/Drusilla, tease
Dawn Summers/Andrew Wells, prom
Dawn/Cassie, no future
Dawn/Faith, mentor, teaching, toys, misery
Dawn/Spike, surrender, first, attraction, young, no
Dawn/Tara, safety, hair, teasing, abandonment issues, experiment, singing, cooking, school
Faith Lehane/Robin Wood, pretty
Faith/Giles, library, quiet, sweat
Faith/Giles/Wesley, control
Faith/Oz, calm, cool, pant, smoke
Faith/Spike, anger, smoking
Faith/Wesley, marriage, opportunities, scars.
Faith/Willow, D/S, Darkside, regret
Giles/Ethan, bookshelves, drugs
Giles/Oz, tame, age, kiss, library
Giles/Wesley, annoyance, rules, shame, control, manipulation
Joyce/Tara, calico
Rupert Giles/Anya Jenkins, after hours, salvation, tomorrow, wisdom, elders, partners, business, D/s, silk, secret
Rupert Giles/Ethan Rayne, past, pain, choas, one last time, strength, help, demon, candy, tentacles, possessive
Rupert Giles/Spike, houseguest, bound, magic, bathtub, glasses,
Spike/Darla/Angelus/Drusilla, hierarchy, family
Spike/Riley Finn, revenge, wrong, blood, soul, on your knees
Spike/Tara Maclay, serene, fingering, flirting, needy, rogue, spellbound
Spike/Xander Harris, surprise, wish, anger, taunt, wallsex, denial, seduction, surrender, knifeplay, bloodplay, rimming, scent, lick, rope, mind reading, tentacles, casserole, craigslist, what to do with the eye patch, pirate, luck, Scotland, castles, avoiding the sun, time travel, time loop, driving
Tara Maclay/Willow Rosenberg, magic, tears, passion, touch, amazon, spell
Tara/Anya, memento
Willow Rosenberg/Daniel "Oz" Osbourne, Istanbul, stranger, silent, costume, red
Willow Rosenberg/Kennedy, flying, piercings
Willow Rosenberg/Riley Finn, soldier, opposites, chemistry, innappropriate, studying, tutor
Willow/Jenny, fantasy
Willow/Spike, leftover, rapid, squander, position, sticky, naked
Willow/Vamp!Willow, playtime
Xander Harris/Anya Jenkins, basement, demon, toes, couch, children
Xander Harris/Cordelia Chase, basement
Xander/Willow, atari, gris-gris, eventually, magic, safe

Burn Notice
Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen, guns, heights, knives, pain, redemption
Fiona Glenanne/Sam Axe, shock, adrenaline, walls, secrets, undercover, pain, endurance, gunplay, ice, explore, consolation prize, heels, smack, Missus Finley, hidden, bite, bruises, explosives, long-range, best
Jesse Porter/Kim Pearce, wit, banter, nibble, classy,
Michael Westen/Fiona Glenanne/Jesse Porter, vacation, beer, whiskey, rye, gin, splash, gun, suck, celebrate, champagne, rescue, rope, explode, fall, catch
Michael Westen/Fiona Glenanne/Sam Axe, mirrors, strategy, bite, playful, teamwork, family, love, bond, oral, humor, suits
Michael Westen/Sam Axe, creative, pinstripes, explosion, comfortable, undercover, surprise, weapon, car, sleep, alibi, stakeout, phone sex, firsts, lazy, silk, ties, expensive, scotch, undercover, silence, discovery, heat, trapped, escape, truth
Sam Axe/Larry Sizemore, target, dominance, humiliation, victory
Sam Axe/Madeline Westen, wise, knowing, undercover, accidental, mojitos, comfortable, tease
Sam Axe/Michael Westen/Jesse Porter, Protect, salvation

But I'm a Cheerleader
Graham/Megan, pompoms, uniform

Cabin Pressure
Martin Crieff/Diego, shelter, siesta, seduce, road trip, engine
Martin Crieff/Martin Davenport, a pint, lies, delusions, ambition, shared
Martin/any, family, coping
Martin/Arthur, first, secret, clothed, caught, cuddle, carpark, sudden, deep, refreshing
Martin/Douglas, flight deck, kissing, understanding, hope, love, laughter, revalations, hot chocolate, snow, firesides
Martin/OC, Martin sings

California Dreams
Jake/Tiffani, [any], reunion, moonlight, water, practice
Lorena/Tiffani, competition, confident, envy
Sly/Tiffani, [any], teaching, bikini, flirting

Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin/Hobbes, loneliness, delusion

Merlin/Morgan, magic, alike, mirror, fear, ice, fire, dark, haunting, laughter, smirk, seduce, sin, bite, mind, games

Canaan/Maria, [any], awesome, investigative journalism, pictures, kindness, bright, crab, red string, photography, teddybears, guns, scars, memories
Hakko/Santana, mute

Helen/Candyman, taste, sin, bleed

Capital Scandal
Lee Soo-Hyeun/Cha Song Joo, rank, pride, cunnilingus, wish, flames, revolution, quest
Seon Woo Wan/Na Yeo Kyeung, once, learning, test, cunnilingus, hearts, wooing, travel, train

Lacy/Zoe, locker room, sneaking out, party, pillow
Larry/Sam, these private hours

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
Bucky Barnes/Howard Stark/Steve Rogers, circle-jerk, macho
Bucky Barnes/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, dancing, trust, fondue, eating, choosing, pushing, fighting, guns, torn, lips, taller, height, curls, brown, dreams, cold, warmth, lost, found, hunger, soldiers, orders, command, follow, willing, tent, drawing, sketch, boots, skirt, spring, uniform, hands, secrets, together, learn, team, dame, red, first time, dancing, alcohol, bed sharing, one line, negotiation, trust, warmth
Bucky Barnes/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers/Howard Stark, cooperation, bread, longing, pregnancy, stamina
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, destruction, smoke, dirt, desperate, different, trouble, responsibility, fear, winter, warmth, orphanage, alone, starving, size, bones, scrawny, change, loud, quiet, gasp, shudder, blanket, share, jerk, punk, puke, Coney, need, denial, dirty, clean, forbidden, cry, dance, twirl, leave, stay, awake, sleep, nuzzle, street, alley, pavement, brick, broken, smaller, home, lost, treason, winter, nightmare, first, friend, hand, sketch, keep the outfit, constant, open, secret, leave, first, hand-holding, heartbreak, comfort, size kink, war time, protect, partners, guilt, ropes, virgin, topping from the bottom, idealism, strength, before and after, throat, lick, best friends, change, uniform, confessions, dirty talk, firsts, heat, falling, catch, domestic, together, reunion, battle, blood, drunk, panties, before, after, lonely, tent, tears, sticky, hot, drip, tongue, arm, normal, brother, winter, caring, chicken soup, intimate, queer, loss, soldier, sacrifice, snow, exploration, firsts, skin
Howard Stark/Peggy Carter, loneliness, search, ashes, dust, remains, cold war, miscommunication, condolance, regret
Howard Stark/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, fondue, shock, open, laughter, curiosity, share, instruction
Howard Stark/Steve Rogers, experimentation, smirk, testing
Howling Commandos/Pvt. Lorraine, consensual, celebrate, friends
Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, memory, miss you, dance, belief, clip, kiss, date, longing, heart, pegging, oral, dancing, red dress, power, trust, gunplay, red, longing, dance, jazz, stronger, flight, dance, sing, hands, necking, victory, orders, kiss, dance, partner, lipstick, date, Captain, time travel, like a lady, dancing
Steve Rogers/Pvt. Lorraine, [any]

Captain Planet
Planeteers/Captain Planet, power
Wheeler/Linka/Gi/Ma-Ti/Kwame, rings

Rima/Siham, hairwashing

Cardcaptor Sakura
Clow/Yue, waiting, breathless
Kinomoto Sakura/Li Syaoran, cunnilingus, thread, bare, play, time
Touya/Yue, wings, touch, discover
Touya/Yukito, familiar, joy, food

Care Bears II: A New Generation
Christy/Dark Heart, real, champ, gift, person, take

Ben/Sofie, nightmare, oral, rain, river, sting, vision, dream, nightmare, psychic, dark, end, cards, lovers, left behind, firsts
Brother Justin/Iris, sin, blood, repent
Jonesy/Libby, trade, skill, dance, defy, slick, sweet, made, work, twisted, trapped
Libby/Sofie, lipstick, shaving, stockings, sunshine, sisters, fortune
Sofie/Iris, blaspheme, pray
Sofie/Jonesy/Libby, apology

Caroline In The City
Caroline Duffy/Richard Karinsky, Paris, Italy, learning, adore, Wisconsin, home

Ilsa/Rick/Lazlo, champagne, rough, sweet

Javier Esposito/Kay Cappuccio, paparazzi, club, public, sparks, flirting, newfound, healing
Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan/Lanie Parrish, everything, lush, stamina
Javier Esposito/Lanie Parrish, first, games, dancing, heat, locker room, at the movies, oral, lingerie, dessert for dinner, spark, giggle, black tie, never, style
Kate Beckett/Alexis Castle, internship, school, paperwork, windows, desk, encouragement, lesson, regret, dress up, legal, sirens, substitute
Kate Beckett/Ann "Lone Vengeance" Hastings, sword, break-in, we meet again, mask
Kate Beckett/Javier Esposito, confidence, no such thing as second best, mouth, worst-kept secret, new, combat, friends, vodka, friends with benefits, doomed
Kate Beckett/Joanne Delgado, comfort, forget, grief
Kate Beckett/Kevin Ryan, forbidden, guilty, helping, forget, hot, freebie five
Kate Beckett/Lanie Parish, chills, skirts, top, once, friends, work, unwind
Kate Beckett/Mike Royce, reunion, both on duty, handcuffs, sex club
Kate Beckett/Serena Kaye, anger, bondage, secret, jealousy
Kate Beckett/Tom Demming, cuffs, chopsticks, closet
Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito, twilight, bromance, best man, teamwork, affair, bilingual, travel, parents, kindred, partner, bars, alcohol, friendship, gun, partner, couch, bros, handcuffs, alley, recovery, target, inconvenient, professional, jealousy, sneaky
Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito/Jenny O'Malley/Lanie Parish, team-up, uniform, handcuffs
Richard Castle/Kate Beckett, chair, funeral, dress, alibi, summer, fingers, clothed sex, biting, ice cubes, carpet burn, dialogue, hard case, tease, consent, fantasy, science fiction, theories, smother, fingernails, breath play, jeans, high heels, tongue, fight, secrets, rough, books, nitrile gloves, breakfast, hand-holding, house-sitting, road trip, handcuffs, interrogation room, someone watching, interrogation, jeans, overtired, motorcycle, jealous, dance club sex, clothed sex, possess, mind fuck, muse, writer's block, undercover, car, leather, bed, public sex, on knees, old haunt, happy hour, perfume, stars, fear, confession, anger, coping, predication, sour, finally, anti-climax, jitters, peak, snow, new, hold, jealous, grind, lust, desperate, mirror, desk, suck, squad car, sexting, dressing room, watching, needy, hurt/comfort, giving in, love, desperation, red carpet, coffee break, undercover, night, risk, spies, blindfold, daddy issues, not enough, consume, over, crying, slap, gravel, murder board, broken glass, mirror, Emma Peel, thunderstorm, warming up, shower, partners, question and answer, hope, I dare you, waiting, sci-fi, laser tag, guns, lockup, handcuffs, games, dress, heels, break, cuffed, inevitable, kiss, pressure, pegging, bondage, serenade, vacation, Vegas, secret, heels, handcuffs, undercover, role-play, laughter, adrenaline, library, writing, car, secret, comfort, formal wear, precinct, cherries, secrets, elevator, game, bookstore, fingers, challenge, board game, flustered, half-asleep, competition, reading, writing, Europe, distraction, sex pollen, dystopian AU, striptease, smug, talking, celebrate, drunk, denial, lingerie, bondage, games, blowjobs, wall, angry, food, dare, danger, hot, public, masturbation, fantasies, Ferrari, motorcycle, teaching, accident, fetish, heroic, savior, pregnant, shiny, halloween, interrogation, rough, telephone, boots, control, necktie, blindfold, billiards, dessert, squirm, jealousy, Russian, undercover, quiet, warm, phone, storm, tattoo, paparazzi, ice cube, phone sex, wedding, stakeout, game, wish, waves, safe, trust, apples, reading
Richard Castle/Kate Beckett/Gina Griffin, beginnings, endings, drunk, power
Richard Castle/Kate Beckett/Natalie Rhodes, competition, watch, movie premiere, wig, The Roommate, jealous, dream, mistakes, heat, method
Richard Castle/Lanie Parish, tension, release, lab work, reaction, silk
The Thin Man, piano, guitar, books, comics, door, kitchen table, secrets, glass, messy, thorns, car sex

Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Alucard/Maria, [any], haematophilia

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – Tennessee Williams
Brick/Maggie, children, privacy, Skipper, last resort, jealousy, acceptance, drink

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Mike/Wonka, daddy

Bianca/Chris, hide, pretend, victory, dream
Cole/Leo, fire, opposites, freedom
Cole/Paige, secrets, understanding, comfort, dinner, caught, magic, demons, fight, chains, forward, red, brunette, blue, forbidden, redemption
Paige/Henry, sunlight, dancing, beautiful, forever
Paige/Phoebe, sugar
Paige/Phoebe/Piper, bonding
Wyatt/Chris, breakfast, gold, evil, stronger

Chase (2010)
Annie Frost/Daisy Ogbaa, boots, hurricane, neverending, bomb, run, comfort, chance
Annie Frost/Jimmy Godfrey, boots, honky-tonk, adrenalin, relax

Cherrybomb (2009)
Luke/Malachy, [any]

Chess (musical)
Anatoly/Freddy, gambit, checkmate, cold war, winning

Billy Flynn/Amos Hart, trial

Children of Dune
Leto II/Ghanima, Fremen, dust, memory, protection

China Beach
Dodger/Colleen McMurphy, love, memories, reconnection, protection
Dodger/Male, loyalty, trust, villages, hurting, non-con, violence, strain

Chloe (2010)
Catherine/Chloe/David, sheer, acceptance, imagine, mistakes, compensation, betrayal, home
Chloe/Catherine, hair, moonlight, trust, blood, secrets, silk, silver, stockings, lace, selfish, heartache, touch, commitment

Chrono Trigger
Ayla/Kino, strong
Flea/Magus, androgyny, master, servant
Lucca Ashtear/Marle Guardia, fun, science
Lucca Ashtear/Robo, empathy

Bryce Larkin/Alex, scar, revenge, asset, cover, sunny, voyuer
Bryce Larkin/Carina Miller, eyelashes, mountain, pedestal, spring
Chuck Bartowski/Anna Wu, stock, tribal
Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin, [any], alive, escape, trench, dirty!talk, Ipanema, frat, drunk, pledge, match, reunion, jealousy, ache, soothe, apology, date, first, connection, memory, linger, hack, workout, train, jump, quicky, firsts, want, sunshine, study, simple, return, time, playful, addiction, favors, roadtrip, flashback, understood, dorm room, face-off, loyal, knife play, reputation, P.A.N.T.S., governor, breathe-play, bloodplay, bondage, role!swap, changes, hero worship, influence, preference, booty call, escalation
Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin/Jill Roberts, college, fun, drunk
Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin/Sarah Walker, complete, training, undercover, nerds, competition, uncertainty
Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin/Sarah Walker/John Casey, tension, stress, argument, compromised, rough
Chuck Bartowski/Carina Miller, [any], glossy, lips, red, suction, words
Chuck Bartowski/Clive Decker, boy, punishment, turn, recruitment, torture, submission
Chuck Bartowski/Daniel Shaw, double agent, plot, trapped, wonder, nerds, smile, beer, movies, Superman, Boy Scout, any
Chuck Bartowski/Devon Woodcomb, spy, hurt, tuxedo, hospital
Chuck Bartowski/Ellie Bartowski, [any]
Chuck Bartowski/Ellie Bartowski/Sarah Walker, [any], approval, fantasy
Chuck Bartowski/Hannah/Morgan Grimes, friends, BuyMore, jealousy
Chuck Bartowski/Jill Roberts/Sarah Walker, jealousy, revenge, competition
Chuck Bartowski/John Casey, undercover, grip, splash, sink, protective, watch, territorial, loyalty, admiration, domestic, smoke, sacrifice, cold, silent, hopeless, grunt
Chuck Bartowski/John Casey/Sarah Walker, backup, trio, together, endless, handcuffs, scarves, drive, fear, lost, together, revenge, Hell, teamwork, wife sharing
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker, desk, enough, hard, hold, knife, more, penguin, pull, scrap, remember, undone, catsuit, candlelight, anniversary, Christmas, flash, cherish, forever, closet, honeymoon, uniform, double penetration, dark!Chuck, taunt, devotion, lust, tension, memories, mascara, reunion, vertigo, origami, home, memories, stories, outfits, spies, trust, memories, first-time
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Alex, experimenting, friends
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Carina Miller, birthday, wants
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Daniel Shaw, anger, competition, mission
Devon Woodcomb/Ellie Bartowski, doctors, roleplay, six-pack, parents, night
Devon Woodcomb/Ellie Bartowski/Morgan Grimes, sharing
Devon Woodcomb/Forrest, bondage, stripper, aggressive
Ellie Bartowski/Bryce Larkin, taboo, quiet, rough, visit
Ellie Bartowski/Daniel Shaw, revenge
John Casey/Carina Miller, bondage
John Casey/Devon Woodcomb/Ellie Bartowski, [any]
John Casey/Gertrude Verbanski, boxers, calm, loose, mojito, wild, lust, benefits, upper-hand, strength, Speedo
John Casey/Morgan Grimes, handcuffs, adrenaline, beard
John Casey/Sarah Walker, competition, needs, rough, trust, understanding, Speedo, partners, loneliness
John Casey/Sarah Walker/Carina Miller, discipline, handcuffs, pictures
Morgan Grimes/Alex, spy stuff, P.A.N.T.S.
Morgan Grimes/Anna Wu, spy, noir, fishnets, runaway, truth
Morgan Grimes/Carina Miller/Alex, competition
Sarah Walker/Alex, secrets, seduction
Sarah Walker/any, anal, bondage, Mark, seduction, unknown
Sarah Walker/Anna Wu, nerd herd, skirts, pigtails
Sarah Walker/Bryce Larkin, danger, recruitment, suit, tango, wall, mission, fun, relief, Cabo, comfort, intense, rebound, rough, reluctance
Sarah Walker/Bryce Larkin/Carina Miller, [any]
Sarah Walker/Carina Miller, anal, first time, mission, model, undercover, underwear
Sarah Walker/Carina Miller/Zondra, forgiveness, reminiscing
Sarah Walker/Cole, bad boys, biting, rough, spanking, wine, Fiji, gratitude
Sarah Walker/Daniel Shaw, anal, Castle, D/S, guilt, intersect, nonconsensual, Paris, reluctance, revenge, mission, DC, massage, Crockpot, Paris, revenge, non-con
Sarah Walker/Daniel Shaw/Jill Roberts, enemies, double-team
Sarah Walker/Daniel Shaw/Justin Sullivan, breaking, captured, torture
Sarah Walker/Devon Woodcomb, forced, awesome, replacement, secret
Sarah Walker/Devon Woodcomb/Ellie Woodcomb, spy training, anniversary, role-playing, teaching
Sarah Walker/Ellie Bartowski, seduction, toys
Sarah Walker/Ellie Bartowski/Carina Miller, alcohol, bachelorette party, experiments
Sarah Walker/Gertrude Verbanski, bonding, friends
Sarah Walker/Heather Chandler, high school, fighting, loser, bitch, high school, lies
Sarah Walker/Jeffster, blackmail, drunk
Sarah Walker/Jill Roberts, revenge, showers
Sarah Walker/Jill Roberts/Hannah, brunettes, territory
Sarah Walker/Lou, sandwiches
Sarah Walker/Morgan Grimes, Beard, fetish, intersect, mission sex
Sarah Walker/OFC, mark, seduction
Sarah Walker/prisoners - Chuck vs the Gobbler, outnumbered
Sarah Walker/Quinn, memoryl loss, reluctance, memory, handler, mission
Sarah Walker/Roan Montgomery, training, teachers pet
Sarah Walker/Volkoff, mission, loyalty
Sarah Walker/Zondra, hair pulling, introduction, toys, wrong

City Hunter (Korean)
Kim Young-ju/Jin Sae-hee, control, desperation, chance, cunnilingus, whisper, ties
Lee Yoon-Sung/Kim Na-Na, coffee, touch, lips, cunnilingus, domesticity

Clay Pigeons
Clay Bidwell/Lester Long, pool, bet, trust me, smooth, seduction, fishing, desperation, accomplice, truck, molester, beer, cowboy, cigarette, flirt

Mr. Green/Mrs. White, red herrings, nervous, insolent

Cher/Josh, [any], graduation, short skirt, poolside, tease, bend, curve, stairs, college, wedding, tease, friends, old, bedroom, clothes, makeover
Travis/Tai, buzz, slacker

Code Geass
Lelouch Lamperouge/C.C., [any], future, protect, mirror, bite, taste, lesson, kiss, dream, stranded, time, competitive

Coffee Prince
Choi Han-gyul/Ko Eun-chan, need, appearance, cunnilingus, camaraderie, lazy

Cold Case
John Stillman/Scotty Valens, comfort, desk, coffee, belt, whip, family
Kat Miller/Lilly Rush, relax

Cold Comfort Farm
Flora/Charles, experience, non-fiction

Coldheart Canyon - Clive Barker
Katya/Todd, devil's country, strange, new sights, wine, used, mask
Tammy/Todd, pure, water, giving in, dream, light, ghost, stay, blockbuster

Colditz (1972)
Dick Player/Pat Grant, freedom, cold, shiver

Comfort & Joy - Jim Grimsley
Ford/Danny, homecoming, island, role reversal, noisy, dirty, toys, hospital, quiet

Allstate/Progressive, Mayhem/Flo, motorcycles, blowjob, perfect hair
Budweiser Clydesdale/Geico Gecko, jealousy
Folger's sister/Peter, Christmas
Old Spice/Progressive, Old Spice Man/Flo, motorcycles, glitter, ride, unicorns
The Most Interesting Man in The World (Dos Equis Man), lover

Abed Nadir/Annie Edison, [any], heat, study, table, smell, touch, urgent, method, naughty, dust, mystery, real, disguise, addiction, roleplay, studying, learning, curiosity
Annie Edison/Britta Perry, paintball, wet, chemistry, college, experience, paintball, daisy, porn, pull, spanking, strap-on, tart, tits, vibrator, wet, shave, Jeff's car, bon appetit
Annie Edison/Annie Kim, competition, United Nations
Annie Edison/Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir/Britta Perry, join, summer, San Francisco
Britta Perry/Jeff Winger/Annie Edison, hot-air balloon, wine coolers
Britta Perry/Annie Edison/Shirley Bennett, amnesia, adventures, roadtrip, drinks
Jeff Winger/Annie Edison, jealous, seduce, club, lingerie, studying, competition, feelings, rain, car, chocolate, stress headache, after, graduation, apartment, sunny, parents, later, kickpuncher, seven, seldom, faithful, partners, punishment, sleepless, taunting, quick, closet, braid, restrict, snap, pickle, jealous, hardened, lies, bandit, arrest, naked, lazy, skinny-dipping, angry, closet, paintball, bite, schoolgirl, legal, spin-the-bottle, Halloween, oral, roleplay, seduction, rage, finger, lick, half-asleep, kink, girls, fun, flexibility, pregnancy test, boardgames, scotch, pain, strangers, frantic, picnic, snack, stubble, voyeur, cowboy, stiletto, fast, blindfold, camera, tied, power, panties, texting, trouble, awkward, bad at sex, dare, lipstick, Manchester, satin, swimming pool, so wrong it's right, trapped, study room, break, alone, alternate timeline, seven minutes in heaven, library, air conditioning, Popsicle, apartment, domestic, back to you, fantasy
Jeff Winger/Britta Perry, hotel, marriage, love, honeymoon, bench, the mall, cats, warring, mouth, alibi, texts, drunk, bickering, blankets, prove it, bootie call, study room, tension, nipple-play, socks
Jeff Winger/Rich Stephenson, married, shipwrecked
Jeff Winger/Shirley Bennett, competition, similar, intimidated, foosball, secret, sin, chemistry, graduation, giggle, gossip, smack, sincere
Shirley Bennett/Andre, date
Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir, camera, blanket fort, one-sided, Batman and his sidekick, bunk beds, confusion, spacetime, wonderment, gimmick, genre, conventions, audience, appeal, cosplay, ho-yey!, tropes, LLBFFs, cougar, attached, Kirk/Spock, imaginarium, fic, pretend, always, experiment
Troy Barnes/Annie Edison/Abed Nadir, Dildopolis, truth-or-dare, make-believe, lazy, puppet, dreamatorium, roleplay, bunkbeds, convention, fandom, Inspector Spacetime, oral, roleplay, sleepover, bonding, accidental, habit, kids, blanket, cartoons, must-see Thursday, Friday night death slot, lessons
Troy Barnes/Britta Perry, popcorn, date, salsa dancing, panties, dirty, Sunday morning, beginnings, dance, exercise, discovery, air buds, vacation, adult, olives, knuckles, Radiohead, summer, jeans, dance, library

Joanne/Robert, bitter, drunk, kiddo, numb, melancholy, piano, age, birthday, alive

Con Air
Diamond Dog/Cyrus the Virus, means to an end
Garland Greene/Cameron Poe, insane

John/Cas, chains, spanking, ball gag, restraints, car, liquor, comfort

April Spink/Miriam Forcible, performance

Corpse Bride
Emily/Victoria, bones, music, proper, rules
Victor Van Dort/Victoria Everglot, [any], light, confession, reassurance, protective, safety, bath, children

Cougar Town
Laurie Keller/Ellie Torres, bicker, sharing a room, make-up sex
Laurie Keller/Travis Cobb, beach, bed, screaming

Covert Affairs
Annie Walker/Arthur Campbell, mentor, father figure, boss, subordinate
Annie Walker/Auggie Anderson, [any], wingman, wingwoman, drink, random, glitter, threesome, foursome, sex party, all-nighter, drive-thru, listening, perfect timing, return, stakeout, sensory, trust, whisper, tears, touch, movie, undercover lovers, comfort, sensitive, outdoor sex, trust, beginner, misunderstanding, shower, blizzard, voyeurism, trace, finders keepers, taunting, tattoo, duty
Annie Walker/Auggie Anderson/Jai Wilcox, mission accomplished
Annie Walker/Ben Mercer, explain, run, abduct, abscond
Annie Walker/Ben Mercer/Jai Wilcox, resentment, past, present, future, warmth, kindness, runaway
Annie Walker/Eyal Lavin, rivals, colleagues, threesome, drink, alliance, detente
Annie Walker/Jai Wilcox, mistake, midnight, forget, remember
Annie Walker/Joan Campbell, never, always, kneel, rise, high heels, skirts
Annie Walker/OFC, blink, lash, Auggie, trade, try
Annie Walker/OMC, mission, rope, handcuffs, up, down
Joan Campbell/Arthur Campbell, interrogation

Cowboy Bebop
Jet/Spike, boundaries, domestic, first aid, quench, coffee, watchful, fool
Spike/Faye, absent, falling, light
Spike/Vicious, brotherhood, raw
Spike/Vicious/Julia, last-call
Vicious/Faye, blade's-edge, pinned
Vicious/Gren, foxhole, pretty

Cowboys & Aliens
Ella Swenson/Jake Lonergan, healing, scars, answers, flames, hummingbird, pregnancy, flying
Jake Lonergan/John Taggart, law, handcuffs, normal
Jake Lonergan/Woodrow Dolarhyde, forgive, holster, dirt
Jake Lonergan/Woodrow Dolarhyde/John Taggart, fight, demons, together
John Taggart/Woodrow Dolarhyde, bygones, memories, boys

Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad
Yehat Gerbles/Hamza Senesert, travels, loyalty, adventure

Cranford (2007)
Jessie Brown/Mary Smith, family, responsibility, comfort, petticoats, experiment, friendship
Miss Galindo/Mr. Carter, capability, erudition, belief, support, reassurance, flowers, respect

Crash (1996 film)
James Ballard/Vaughan, raw, tattoo, convertible, back seat, driving, power, seduction, hands, breathplay, fisting, wound, bruise

Crazy Heart
Bad Blake/Jean Craddock, voice, song, travel, whisky, broken, summer

Crazy Stupid Love
Jacob/Hannah, hands, honesty, dirty dancing, wedding night, champagne, daring, shirts, mystique, frantic

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, UST, hope, cold, touch, brush,
Aaron Hotchner/Ashley Seaver, initiation, reversal, morning, reason, touch, trust
Aaron Hotchner/Beth Clemmons, discovery, heat, surprise, pigtails, stockings, silence, date, scars, recovery, healing, survivor, ice cream
Aaron Hotchner/Beth Clemmons/Derek Morgan, unexpected
Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi, beard, company, glasses, old, test, time, honesty, ties, domestic, repeat, lucky, bluff, alcohol, rough, abandonment, always, anniversary, cooking, gentle, romantic
Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi/Emily Prentiss, let's compare scars, unquestioned, solidarity, whiskey, slow, kitchen table
Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi/Jordan Todd, introductions, shower
Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi/Katie Cole, first, grip
Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan, argument, bite, cock-ring, collar, hungry, possessive, tight, wall, lick, mate, pet, sniff, wall, throat, claim, restraints, suits, challenge, denial, shave, knife, walls, kiss, case, aftermath, secrets, temptation, watch, skin, settled, trust, scars, serial killer, son, prejudice, martial arts training
Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss, charge, kevlar, power, shoot, homecoming, negotiations
Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia, ritual, subconscious
Aaron Hotchner/Elle Greenaway, competition, fingering, self-control, pegging, forgiveness, reunion, red, restraints, throat
Aaron Hotchner/Emily Prentiss, bad day, plane, hotel bar, gentle, command, command, missing, submission, tailor-made, pegging, scent, sin, secret, connection, comfort, dark, easy, fit, trust, Paris, airplane, lonely, mission, after hours, push, trace, temper, skittish, glass, touch, evidence, seen, substantial
Aaron Hotchner/Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, cope, grief, alive, handcuffs, kink, film, handcuffs, trick
Aaron Hotchner/George Foyet, distraction, fight, obsession, taste
Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner, bonds, dress, evening, late, pregnant, present, relief, save
Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner/David Rossi, away, dinner, phone
Aaron Hotchner/Jennifer Jareau, begin, newspaper, secret, office, shame
Aaron Hotchner/Jennifer Jareau/Spencer Reid, hair, listen, make, repair
Aaron Hotchner/Jennifer Jareau/Will LaMontange Jr, breakfast, kids, quiet
Aaron Hotchner/Jordan Todd, farewell, slick
Aaron Hotchner/Penelope Garcia, smile, sunlight
Aaron Hotchner/Penelope Garcia/David Rossi, lessons, scars, wine
Aaron Hotchner/Penelope Garcia/Derek Morgan, pegging, quilt, red, strawberries, switch, watch
Aaron Hotchner/Penelope Garcia/Jennifer Jareau/Emily Prentiss, collar, healing, patience, turn
Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, blindness, bullying, vengeance, hotel, young, hair, boss, weakness, comfort, strength, confidante, AU/AR, Unsub, model, conflict, scent, sexting, scars
Aaron Hotchner/Vincent Perrotta, accident, chance, fever, rescue, unconventional
Aaron Hotchner/Will LaMontagne Jr, bubbles, snuggle, Halloween, park
David Rossi/Ashley Seaver, [any], trust, mentor, home, scared, new, dress
David Rossi/Emily Prentiss, dreams, silent, faith, desk, amused, return
David Rossi/Jordan Todd, after, drink, meeting
David Rossi/Katie Cole, before, tend, harness, hotel
David Rossi/Penelope Garcia, cook, cushion, rough
David Rossi/Spencer Reid, love, romance, confidence, skill, admiration, italian loafers, love, frostbite, stranded, whiskers, first kiss
David Rossi/Spencer Reid/Penelope Garcia, books, sandwich, skills, tongue
Derek Morgan/Ashley Seaver, feather, glance, heat, training, snow, aromantic, discovery, meaning, honesty, whiskey
Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss/Ashley Seaver, boss, gentle, supervise, two
Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss/Jordan Todd, dance, flirt, gag
Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, syrup, restraints, chalk, secret, fall, down, bed, athletic, experiment
Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid/Ashley Seaver, chair, double, hotel, team, together
Derek Morgan/Erin Strauss, unusual, outside the box, connection, protection, violence
Derek Morgan/Jennifer Jareau, break, tear, trace, wind, hate, fight, release, spank, affair
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia, dirty talk, oral, teasing, flirt, mourning, intoxication, comfort, pillows, silk, tease, love, goddess, chocolate Adonis, seeing beneath the surface, YouPorn, online, ready, equality, Sexting, bubble bath, dessert, kitchen, surprise, tactile, vocal, cunnilingus, firsts
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia/Ashley Seaver, grief, lift, protect, push
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia/Kevin Lynch, sharing, smile, threesome,
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia/Spencer Reid, books, bowtie, coffee, oregano, polka dots, tingly, long haul, stumble, silk
Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, afternoon, laugh, delight,, consent, pain, rough, flashback, breathplay, fisting, tease, statistics, refuge, silence, comfort
Elle Greenaway/Emily Prentiss, aggressive, curiosity, handcuffs, ties
Elle Greenaway/Jennifer Jareau, change
Emily Prentiss/Ashley Seaver, candles, lace, water, smother, force, hold, mirror, read, stay, mentor
Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau, hotel, mirror, toys, pressure, bar-hopping, comfort, tactical, scars, resurrection
Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau/Penelope Garcia, feathers, furs, laughter, colours,
Emily Prentiss/Jordan Todd, bar, drink, lean, share, sight
Jason Gideon/Elle Greenaway, [any], reunite, charge, hands, empty, obvious,
Jason Gideon/Penelope Garcia, dance, kitchen
Jennifer Jareau/Ashley Seaver, once, pretend, witness, replacement
Jennifer Jareau/Penelope Garcia, wait, mourn, awkward, coffee, candles, comfort, dirty, downtime, handwritten, pen, phone, phonesex, soft, support, sweet
Jennifer Jareau/Will LaMontange Jr, breathe, choice, comfort, home, drawl
Penelope Garcia/Ashley Seaver, hands, lace, suit
Penelope Garcia/Elle Greenaway, lonely, wounded
Penelope Garcia/Emily Prentiss, breathless, communication, fantasies, flirting, games, geeky, hands, laugh, naughty, play, repress, sexy, support, technobabble
Penelope Garcia/Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, black, lace, reunion
Penelope Garcia/Haley Hotchner, behind, fix, place
Penelope Garcia/Jennifer Jareau/Emily Prentiss, always, brush, pegging, tender, after-hours, comfort, teamwork
Spencer Reid/Emily Prentiss, blood, trust, permission, consequence, grudge, sharpshooter, target practice, forgiveness, surprise, rape fantasy, wound, snow, plane, hotel, comfort
Spencer Reid/Emily Prentiss/Penelope Garcia, geekgasm, awkward, laughter
Spencer Reid/Jennifer Jareau, [any], theory, forgiveness, alternative, story, past, pregnant, genius, average, unspeakable, silent
Spencer Reid/Jennifer Jareau/Will LaMontange Jr, arms
Spencer Reid/Penelope Garcia, bruises, first, glasses, nerves, nightmare, red, wonder
Spencer Reid/Will LaMontange Jr, god, absence, AU/AR, substitute, drug, dependance, accent, stubble burn, secret, betrayal

Crown Duel - Sherwood Smith
Mel/Shevraeth, horseback, chase, sword
Meliara Astiar/Vidanric Renselaeus, misunderstanding, virgin, epistolary, passion

Cruel Intentions
Annette/Kathryn, winning
Cecile/Kathryn, kissing, whore
Cecile/Kathryn/Sebastian, defile
Kathryn/Sebastian, nostalgia, haunted

Galen/Matthew Gideon, wired, pale, nova, engines, mage, rival, power, destroy, discreet, erupt, steal
Max/Eilerson/Dureena Nafeel, [any]

Robinson Crusoe/Friday, beach, treehouse, river, scars, journey

Gil Grissom/Lady Heather, absolution, naughty, frustration, safe, gratification, responsive, decorum, shiver, observing, library, chess, blindfold, being known
Gil Grissom/Warrick Brown, mend, results, experiments, evidence, submit, chances, orders, discipline, eager, loyalty, break, rollercoaster, heat
Nick Stokes/Warrick Brown, [any], fingertips, prints, direction, drinks, teamwork, rough, protect, attraction, competition, crush, public!sex, music, tease, restraint, bets, workout, hunger, smirk, possessive, addiction, playful
Sara Sidle/Warrick Brown, silk, jealousy, fingerprints, flirt, demands, snark, understanding, passion, vacation, clash, trust, dance, car!sex
Wendy Simms/David Hodges, holiday, eye strain, over and over, skill, muscles, chemicals, smirk, DNA, lab, awkward

CSI: New York
Danny Messer/Adam Ross, memory, wife, geek, desk
Danny Messer/Lindsay Monroe, locker room, experimenting, date night, frantic, uniform, relaxation, cold
Don Flack/Jo Danville, scar, trust, southern, accent, love, renewal, Irish eyes, homicide squad
Don Flack/Mac Taylor, marines, Irish eyes, smart alec, protection, comfort, non-con, detective, food, homicide squad, liaison, scar
Don Flack/Any Male Character, danger, non-con, hiding, fear, drugs, hostage, love
Don Flack/Sheldon Hawkes, trust, understanding, treating, respect, compassion
Lindsay Monroe/Mac Taylor, red, rain, breakfast

Curse Workers
Cassel/Lila, scars, temptation, lies we tell, crush

Bo/Jimmy, Bite, car, wrestling, beast, mpreg, silver, blood

Cutthroat Island (1995)
Morgan Adams/William Shaw, breathe, chained, blond, will, lost and found, fiery

Amy Bradshaw/Lucy Diamond, backseat, diamonds, drawing, game, gunplay, handcuffs, milkshake, screaming, scandal, sketch, skirt, uniform, sailboat
Dominque/Max, control
Janet/Scud, [any], secret mission, privacy

D2: The Mighty Ducks
Connie Moreau/Julie Gaffney, cloud, hair, goal, pillow
Dean Portman/Fulton Reed, prank, rock'n'roll, tape, weight

Dalemark Quartet - Diana Wynne Jones
Maewen/Mitt, if, historiography, younger, movies, ostentatious, tracks

David Connor/Patty Hewes, dream, dinner, understanding, loathing, cake, intimidation
Ellen Parsons/Patty Hewes, closet, soft, swing, solitude, children, underestimate, displace, pillow, trust, lies, stain, secrets, bourbon, gun, knife, office, adrenaline, unappreciated, breathe, betrayal, bleed, grudge, forgive, dock, lake, choke, age, leverage, once, armistice, teacher, arrested, compound, save, sellout, bribes, revenge, bruises, diamond, bourbon, champagne, territorial, handcuffs, scars, sad, tears, apology, broken
Patty Hewes/any, office, nice, fake, stoop, skirt, suit, play, cheat, transparent
Patty Hewes/Phil Grey, fight, triumph, compensate, time, decanter, crass

Dance Academy
Christian Reed/Sam Lieberman, slow, ankle, interruption, holidays, confession
Kat Karamakov/Tara Webster, stretch, experiment, ocean
Sam Lieberman/OMC, kiss, closet, heartbeat, dance

Daria Morgandorffer/Trent Lane, [any], backstage, drunk, first time, hurricane, safe, first time
Daria Morgendorffer/Jane Lane/Tom Sloane, virginity, college, counterculture
Jane Lane/Quinn Morgendorffer, [any], art lessons, creative, surprise
Sandi Griffin/Quinn Morgendorffer, games, favoritism
Trent Lane/Quinn Morgendorffer, [any]

Dark Angel
Alec McDowell/Ben, twin'd, anchor, reality
Alec McDowell/Calvin "Sketchy" Theodore, play, bet, cage, truth, fragile, faking, hide, bravado, brownout, fired, stories, truths, guns, bikes
Alec McDowell/Cynthia "Original Cindy" McEachin/Max Guevara, push-me-pull-you
Alec McDowell/Logan Cale, support, tricks, confusion, miracle, orders, twisting
Alec McDowell/Logan Cale/Max Guevara, cold, dynamic, information, perfect, trade, peace
Alec McDowell/Max Guevara, [any] heat, routine, pregnant, unexpected, pheromones, bike, dirty, humid, tears, blood, fear, heat, frantic, hungry, feral, marked, "wow", trust, battle scars, satisfaction, partners
Alec McDowell/Reagan "Normal" Ronald, boxing
Annie/Joshua, blind, touch, mutual innocence
Asha Barlow/Cynthia "Original Cindy" McEachin, pool
Ben/Max Guevara, sacrilege, bruises, motorcycle, running, break, beautiful, kin, close, mouth, sweet, hunger, animal, human
Cynthia "Original Cindy" McEachin/Diamond, discovery, deep, bloom
Cynthia "Original Cindy" McEachin/Kendra Maibaum/Max Guevara, intervention, brown out, trapped, cold, taste
Cynthia "Original Cindy" McEachin/Max Guevara, after, body heat, boo, bounce, brownout, chocolate, curl, gift, heal, heat, roommates, sleep, support, visitation, wash, friends, ‘Boo', lessons, bath, smile, friends with benefits, bubble bath, brownout, body heat, sleep, Heat, wash, heal, after, boo, back, friends
Logan Cale/Max Guevara, fear, belief, trades, cars, cats, chicken, cure, fingers,

Dark Blue
Dean Bendis/Jaimie Allen, gun, undercover, car, dinner, blazer

Dark Shadows (TV, 1966)
Angelique/Barnabas, bite, fancy dress, rain, morning
Caroline/Victoria, summer
Maggie/Victoria, night

Darker Than Black
Amber/Hei, hotsprings, stealth, genderbending, younger, stars, reborn, jungle, forgiveness, easy, sin, rational, monsters, utopia, lost
Amber/November 11, apples, flirt, rational, undercover, pride
Hazuki/Misaki, flirting, wetwork

Daughter of the Lioness - Tamora Pierce
Aly/Kyprioth, chess, magic, eyes, smirk, skin

Dawsons Creek
Jennifer Lindley/Joey Potter, jealousy, kissing, New York City, pout, seduction

Daydream Nation (movie)
Caroline/Thurston, dirty, oral, quiet, red, scarf, tangled, tight, virgin

Days of our Lives
Carly Manning/Chloe Lane, blackmail, drugs, prostitution
Carly Manning/Hope Brady, bitch, healing, slap, wound
EJ DiMera/Nicole DiMera/Sami Brady, double penetration, revenge, slave
Nicole DiMera/Sami Brady, anal, breast play, hate sex

DCI Banks (TV)
Alan Banks/Annie Cabbot, sober, laugh, jazz, worship

Abby Holland/Alec Holland, wet, green, vision, fruit, strange, sky, inside, window, garden, tree, dew, dirt, sweet, regeneration
Any Bat/Any Bat, scars, training, orders, books, weapons, uniform, leather, kevlar, Batmobile, promises, secrets, precision, unrequited, partnership, cape, the Batcave, comm, any
Any Bat/Any Super, sunlight, moonlight, darkness, mirror, scars, capes, powers, kryptonite, smirk, coffee, attitude, snark, naivete, partnership, reluctant, trust, love, any
Arthur Light/[any], sexy, AU, blue eyes
Arthur Light/Kimiyo Hoshi, flight, hot, sleepy, riled, fight, angry, multiverse, partners, secret, willing
Arthur Light/Mia Dearden, multiverse, sly, onslaught, physical, drunk
Barbara Gordon/Booster Gold/Ted Kord, observe, giggles, brag, science
Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson, begging, bondage, surveillance, control, slow, pegging, banter, beginners, hotshot, dates, night, nostalgia, together, wheelchair, trapeze, fly, run, roof, accept, sheets, red, weapon, slip, hands, chair, keyboard, sexting, watch, strip, lick
Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, laugh, spy
Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson/Roy Harper, cameras, orders, banter
Barbara Gordon/Jason Todd, collar, heel, servant, mistress, lessons, dinner, gifts, kindred, genderfuck, surveillance, [any]
Barbara Gordon/Renee Montoya, phone sex, banter
Barry Allen/Dinah Lance, costumes, fast, vibrate
Barry Allen/Hal Jordan, ring, vibration, flying
Barry Allen/Hal Jordan/Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, double, date, arguing, hate, bonding, steal, names, identities, team, run, punch, heat, cold, metal, energy, light, legs
Barry Allen/Manuel Lago, holding, heal, wound, comforting, hate, childhood, trouble, thick, thin
Bart Allen/Conner Kent, rebirth, early, sunshine, speed, hair, sugar, young, joyride, learning, sharing, protective,
Bart Allen/Owen Mercer/Kara Zor-El, unusual, exciting, slow
Batman/Catwoman, cat and mouse, play, heat, sting, masks, no heart
Batman/Wonder Woman, fighter, legs, silence, friendship, lasso, shadows, discomfort, mirror, echo
Bernard Dowd/Tim Drake, style, secrets, worldly, class, phone-sex, clothes, rope, request, any
Ted Kord/Booster Gold, flashback, temptation, supply, parents, closet, finally, ties, boobs, shiny, flirt, time travel
Booster Gold/Godiva, awkward, hair, tavern
Brenda/Paco, denial
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, interview, alter-egos, kryptonite, longing, ‘night off', capes, leather, Batmobile, injuries, scars, glitter, dance, music, ritual, black & blue, wings, candles, kevlar, gloves, breath, promises, predatory, any
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lois Lane, flirting, banter , intelligence, sharp, identity porn, vacation, metropolis, dancing, routine, laughter, relaxation, sob, slither, silk, black, lasso, submit, truth, tension, stubbornness, semi-humiliation
Bruce Wayne/Diana Prince, powerful, pool, sinewy, divinity, chiaroscuro, masks, hiketeia
Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, possessive, rumors, flexibility, bandages, ropes, view, sex pollen, codependent
Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon, watching, denial, substitution
Bruce Wayne/Harvey Dent, friends, regrets, identity porn, justice, promises, suits, loyalty, split-screen
Bruce Wayne/Hooker!Jay, identity porn, hookerfic, shameless, double penetration
Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, begging, give in, longing, bruises, sweet, bitter, game, kiss, gunplay, regrets, forbidden, mistakes, again, doom, breathplay, collar, red, blood, injuries, scars, shame, strip, bonded, leather, cold, hot, rain, slick, training, dangerous, wolf, gun, stop, trail, bullets, smoke, vampires, [any]
Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd/Talia al-Ghul, fight, loss, pain, scars, revenge, forgive, knives, bombs, victory, hollow, love, false, tender, stealing, ownership, battle, distance
Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, interview, suit, ‘arm-candy', limo, dance, any
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, claws, games, masks, rooftop, stealing, costume, dance, reunion, legitimate, meow, purr, scratch, claws, whip, fight, challenge, chase, sweet, give in, masks, boots, cape, bruises, secret, show, dance, wine
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle/Talia al-Ghul, equals, AU, partners, crime
Bruce Wayne/Stephanie Brown, challenge, contrast, Robin, biting, impatience, approve, stretch, slap, spar, [any]
Bruce Wayne/Talia al-Ghul, broken, spite, soft, watch, child, scars, assassin, beloved, duty, expectation, sides, elegant, danger, understanding, AU, heirs, world domination, family, war, loyalty, night, equals, revenge, affair, enemy, wrong, power
Bruce Wayne/Wonder Woman, costumes, different, kiss, listener, night
Bruce Wayne/Zatanna Zatara, evol, magic, team-up, top hat, tricks
Bruce/Clark/Lois Lane/Selina Kyle, planned, performance, interview, debrief
Cassandra Cain/Jason Todd, rough, communicate, words, mouth, fight, tender, bath, cocky, gun, leather, need, stretch, tense, fall
Cassandra Cain/Kara Zor-El, forgive, penetrate, mutual, tolerate
Cassandra Cain/Kate Kane, alternates, understanding, clash, firm
Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown, Batgirl(s), outdoors, partners, love, fun, oral, bonding, scars, mischief, clothes, crossdressing, fundraiser, black tie, suits, rooftop, spandex, identity, tradition, legacy, reunion, instruction, training, punch, sharing, scars, laughter, speech
Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown/Dick Grayson, surprise, laughter, genderswap
Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, [any], dancing
Cassie Sandsmarck/Rose Wilson, sparring, rivalry, warriors, comrades
Cassie Sandsmark/Anita Fite, sparring, memories, dancing
Cassie Sandsmark/Kiran Singh, nose, sunshine, ginger
Cassie Sandsmark/Kon-El, enemies, virtual, match
Cassie Sandsmark/Tim Drake, wonder girl, costume, injured, shopping
Catwoman/Batgirl, chase
Catwoman/Poison Ivy, co-operation, healing, night, scratch
Catwoman/Superman, alter-ego, forgotten, similar, trapped, worlds
Clark Kent/Diana Prince, strength, lasso, equals, shatter, fly, different, clench, smooth, x-ray, respect, symbol, hold
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, destiny, elevator, glasses, ties, examine, partners, truth, justice, words, editing, mask, hope, longing, skirt, suit, desk, date, flight, candlelight, flowers, coffee, remember, legend, triangle, soulmates, team, late nights, [any]
Clark Kent/Wonder Woman, comforter, duties, equals, perfection, watchtower
Conner Kent/Tim Drake, flight, hope
Connor Hawke/Jason Todd, replacements, encouraging, dirty, impulsive
Damian Wayne/Dick Grayson, teaching, crush, fluster, teasing, flight, affection, protection, loss, betray, visiting, gifts
Damian Wayne/Kara Zor-El, crush, flustered, flying, landing, respect
Damian Wayne/Stephanie Brown, respect, mirrors, loss, partnership, rooftop
Damian Wayne/Tim Drake, fight, brother, hate, jealousy, petty, tag, fists, loss, territory
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, incestuous, acceptance, replacement, reunion, punch, spit, sweat, run, snark, anger, leather, training, lust, handcuffs, ‘Officer Grayson', blue, blood, rain, pavement, grin, any
Dick Grayson/Koriand'r, beginning, soar, bubbles, forget
Dick Grayson/Lex Luther, power, bought, slave, chains, blackmail, pretty
Dick Grayson/Roy Harper, slingshot, tradition, quiet, Tower
Dick Grayson/Slade Wilson, Batsuit, identity, gray, prism, mark, brand, scar
Dick Grayson/Tim Drake, teaching, reflexes, skill, training
Dick Grayson/Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, spandex, identity, Robin, night, star, gargoyle, rough, smooth, tentacles
Dinah Lance/Oliver Queen, green, injury, lust, enjoy, pillow, simple
Dinah Lance/Roy Harper, accidental, incidental, meaning
Donna Troy/Jason Todd, lasso, strength, laughter, safe, antagonize, freedom, any
Donna Troy/Koriand'r, yes, no, please, never, sister, fall, soar, sing, spill, tentacles
Evelyn Crawford/Dinah Lance, pollen, jealous, BFF, chances, surprise, boss, scars
Evelyn Crawford/Kate Kane, tattoos
Gilda Dent/Harvey Dent, broken, reunited, double, coin, slick, one, shift, tight, marriage, memory, photo, scheme, share
Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, coerce, rough, surprise, unmentionables, angle, smooth, loving, sweet, guide, AU, pregnancy, beg, ice, manacles, reunion
Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter/Vril Dox, healing, friendship, game
Harley Quinn/Jason Todd, ‘Red', makeup, crowbar, jokes, alley, bike, spiral, insanity, pigtails, bed, [any]
Harley Quinn/Joker/Poison Ivy, flowery, green, joke, other, triangle
Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy/Riddler, damaged, powerplay, unexpected, intelligence, reformed
Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy/Selina Kyle, both, differences, girls, Gotham, play, scheme
Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, bloodplay, bondage, circus, control, fairground, garden, plants, roses, satisfaction, stimulation, tease, thorns, tied-up, vines, toy, blossom, orange, green, red, black, strong, carry, lipstick, heist, rain, rope, partners, greenhouse, friends, giggles, kiss, hot, hurt, hyenas, wishful
Harley Quinn/Riddler, romance, heartache, understanding
Helena Bertinelli/Renee Montoya, teach, sharp, outside, pierce
Jaime Reyes/Tim Drake, training, suit, flight, sunrise, calling, partners, healing, scars, brothers-in-arms, any
Jaime Reyes/Traci 13, international, magic, beetle, homework, interrupted
Jason Todd/Thomas Blake, almost, fucking, Batman
Jason Todd/any or solo, gunplay
Jason Todd/Koriand'r/Roy Harper, flight, red, color, hair, nails, scratch, rough, tender, bruise, blood, knife, family
Jason Todd/Kyle Rayner, bicker, wrestle, drawing, mistake
Jason Todd/Lois Lane, cigarette, rage, payback, snark, guns, liquor, worship, sunrise, pregnant, any
Jason Todd/Slade Wilson, identity porn, replacement
Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown, dirty, jokes, careless, even, disguise, return, bite, punch
Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, competition, claiming, massage
Jason Todd/Talia al-Ghul, mommy issues, class issues, replacement
Jason Todd/Tim Drake, Ducati, gloves, rope, handcuffs, need, blood, scars, the case, [any]
John Constantine/Zatanna Zatara, reunion, shower, alcohol, remember, hands, connection, apology, messy, bite, destiny, help, hat, tattoo, power, boots, London, cigarette, demons, tantra, stockings, magic, backwards, smoke
Kara Zor-El/Owen Mercer, adulthood, naughty, endurance, vibrate, teasing, speed, roommates
Kara Zor-El/Querl Dox, strength, flying, unknown, shy, future, soft, teasing, green, playful
Kate Kane/Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, redhead
Kate Kane/Dinah Lance, outlaws, redhead, kink, bondage, proud, pride, gargoyles, strap-on, gloves, tongue, pale
Kate Kane/Maggie Sawyer, handcuffs, nightstick, role play, dancing, tuxes, lipstick, truth, pain, grab, ache
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, crimson, fire, faceless, heat, sudden, slit, trust, sharp, glint, out, side-by-side, overcome, rise, handcuffs, red, bruises, late night, reconciliation
Koriand'r/Vril Dox/Komand'r, sandwich, gift
Kyle Rayner/Bruce Wayne, Kyle tops
Kyle Rayner/Connor Hawke, question, touch, ace
Lois Lane/Jonathan Carroll, half-hearted, someone else, Clark, indifferent
Lyle Norg/Querl Dox, knowledge, teacher, learning, friendship, unsure, science, invisible, sneaking
Oliver Queen/Kara Zor-El, scratchy, bright, snort
Renee Montoya/Helena Bertinelli, masks, faith, overture
Rose Wilson/Stephanie Brown, team-up, Robinosexuality, rebel girls
Roy Harper/Jade Nguyen, temples, tap, table
Selina Kyle/Dick Grayson, borrowed, eyes, mask, rooftop, shadow
Selina Kyle/Zatanna Zatara, bondage, hate!sex, power
Stephanie Brown/Evelyn Crawford, role, model, piercing
Stephanie Brown/Kate Kane, sidekick, hidden, shadows, mentor, jealousy
Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, date, flirt, spar, music, Robin, yum, back seat, sofa, movie, hook, rescue, blonde, mystery, pregnancy, multiple, sloppy, kinky
Tim Drake/Bart Allen, clever, precise, silent
Tim Drake/Cassie Sandsmark, closer, air, sad, darkness, unexpected, comfort, loss
Tim Drake/Cassie Sandsmark/Conner Kent, trinity, jealous, experimentation, teamwork, share
Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones, curious, new, confusion, unusual, goodbye
Tim Drake/Miguel Jose Barragan, fabulous, hug, stroke
Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, first, name, impress, secrets, innocence
Trickster/Pied Piper, pollen, musical, treats, romance, bisexual, denial
Vril Dox, lonely
Vril Dox/Amon Hakk, angry
Vril Dox/Komand'r, first time, shy, consort, balcony, flight, experiment, aftermath, confession

Dead Last
Scotty Sallback/Vaughn Parrish, headache, guitar, midnight, bottle, risk, boobs

Dead Like Me
Daisy Adair/George Lass, purple, pearls, satin, smoke
George Lass/Mason, frogs, a dollar bill, bitter, ice cream, roommates, key, drunk, unstable, purple, cowboy, souls, second chances, only two left, post-it, sweet

Dead Poets Society
Charlie Dalton/Todd Anderson, candle, drive, ink, jazz, reverent, teeth

Dead Winter
Lizzy Cooper/Alice, check-up, click, mopping up
Lizzy Cooper/Black Monday Blues, poetry in motion, clash, shades, survival

Al Swearengen/Seth Bullock, distortion, message, fire, sharp
Jane Canary/Joanie Stubbs, washing, fur, dressup, ease, tremble, tricks

Death Becomes Her
Helen Sharp/Madeline Ashton, closet, eternity, paintbrush, truce, longevity, pieces, fame, screen, scratch

Death in Paradise
Richard Poole/Fidel Best, beach, water, dance, pyjamas, boat

Death Note
L Lawliet/Misa Aname, [any], theory, naked, reveal, candy, simple, wet, intense, fabric, spice, candy, tease, naughty.
Light Yagami/Misa Aname, [any], proposal, confession, ice, blackout, hands, deal, prowl, promise, domination
Light Yagami/Misa Aname/L Lawliet, [any], test, team, beauty, exhaustion, quiet, forever, arrangement, work
Mello/Matt, smoke, chocolate, burn.

Death Race (movie)
Case/Jensen Ames, rubber, oil, drive, comfort, relief

Deathless - Catherynne M. Valente
Koschei/Ivan/Marya Morevna, dominant female, desperation, hatred
Ivan/Koschei/Marya Morevna, table, rope, tease
Koschei/Marya Morevna, role reversal, tsarevna, boy

Desperate Housewives
Andrew/Carlos, camping

Detective Conan
Kudou Shinichi/Mouri Ran, hiding, case, karate, fairness, phone
Kuroba Kaitou/Kudou Shinichi, chase, heist, diamond, roof, card trick, storm

Devil May Cry
Alastor/Dante, master, excite, use
Dante/Vergil, sharp, skinny, leather, settle, shower
Eva/Sparda, tender, battle, race
Griffon/Nightmare, form, tentacles, fear, soften
Kyrie/Nero, friends, romans, countrymen
Lady/Trish, bored, time, human

Arthur Mitchell/Dexter Morgan, house
Arthur Mitchell/Rebecca Mitchell, name
Brian Moser/Dexter Morgan, [any], memory
Christine Hill/Debra Morgan, daddy, mirror
Debra Morgan/Dexter Morgan, killroom, safe place, uncomfortable, memories, dream, match, confused, rage, punish, gentle, feelings, dark, dedicated, adolescence, gossip, fake, truth, roses
Debra Morgan/Frank Lundy, stay, pregnancy, beach, airport, elevator, sandwiches, shopping, Valentine, karaoke, stitches, wedding, shower, AU, wet, impatient, rhythm, slide, sweet, tired, future, rules, patience, tease, sandwiches, comfort
Dexter Morgan/Frank Lundy, truth, bruised, coffee, fishing, swim
Dexter Morgan/James Doakes, control, blackmail, submission, beach, ice-cream, crime scene, blood, knife, freedom
Dexter Morgan/Jonah Mitchell, damage
Dexter Morgan/Lila West, crazy, road trip, addiction, heat
Debra Morgan/Lumen Pierce, free
Dexter Morgan/Miguel Prado, vision
Dexter Morgan/Rebecca Mitchell, trade
Debra Morgan/Rita Bennett, [any], comfort, gentle, share, shower, trauma
Dexter Morgan/Rita Bennett, safe, home, feelings, public places
Ellen Wolfe/Maria LaGuerta, ETOH
Jonah Mitchell/Rebecca Mitchell, crucify
Rebecca Mitchell/Rita Bennett, runaway
Rita Bennett/Sylvia Prado, blue

Digital Devil Saga
Argilla/Jinana, hunger, red, bittersweet, pleasure, confusion, strange, hands, skin, taste
Cielo/Gale, play, frustrate, tease, hair
David/Jenna Angel, know, keep, stay
Gale/Lupa, legs, lips, red, become
Gale/Roland, drink, steal, gaze, shame
Gale/Serph, leader, obedience, advise, glass
Heat/Serph, love, lust, hate, fear, tears

Meredith Johnson/Tom Sanders, before, after, office assistant

Discworld - Terry Pratchett
Angua von Uberwald/Carrot Ironfoundersson, bath, possession, teeth, proper
Adora Belle Dearheart/Moist von Lipwig, [any], golden, curse, willing, perfection, choke, improvisation, cheat, art, terrifying, fire, sharp, discipline, smoking
Havelock Vetinari (young)/Sam Vimes, experience, smooth, teaching, glint, memories
Lobsang Ludd/Susan Sto Helit, chocolate, essence, frozen, perfect, centre, one
Maladict/Polly Perk, taste, coffee, menstruation, crossdressing
Sam Vimes/Sybill Vimes, boredom, Scrabble, sandwiches, desperation, relief

Disney Princesses
Ariel/Belle, different, library, stories
Ariel/Jasmine, more, treasure
Ariel/Rapunzel, free, hair, new
Aurora/Cinderella, ball, dancing
Aurora/Snow White, sleep
Belle/Cinderella, new, dance
Belle/Beast (female), rough, manners, fairytale
Belle/Jasmine, exciting
Belle/Mulan, tradition
Belle/Rapunzel, dreams, imagination
Belle/Snow White, quiet
Belle/Tiana, dreams, food, more
Cinderella/Snow White, clean, work
Cinderella/Tiana, work, busy
Jasmine/Mulan, unexpected
Jasmine/Tiana, boredom, busy
Rapunzel/Tiana, dreams

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Cecil Harvey/Tidus, butt, nude, sheets, top
Cecil Harvey/Tidus/Yuna, experimental, man, play
Cloud/Terra, blood, rescue, desire
Firion/Sephiroth, rose, revenge, weak
Squall Leonhart/Tidus, cumshot, hunger, jockstrap

District Nine
Wikus van de Merwe/Christopher Johnson, xenophilia, trust, education, redemption

Divergent - Veronica Roth
Tris/Four, fear, heights, fight, simulation, win

Doctor Who
Ace/Seven, games, loss, vulnerable
Adric/Nyssa, shy, awkward, comfort
Amy Pond/Amy Pond, insatiable, time-travel
Amy Pond (older)/Amy Pond (younger), mirror, become, memory, moisturiser, childhood
Amy Pond/Amy Pond/Rory Williams, charge, double, flirting, threesome, two
Amy Pond/Donna Noble, comparison, sentimental, sad, bitchy, timeless, loud
Amy Pond/Eleven, reluctant, name
Amy Pond/Eleven/Rory Williams, [any], alien, double penetration, forgiveness, handcuffs, painplay, cuddle, petrichor, stay, cuddling, sleeping, guest, role play, rooms, pool, elbows, knees, bowtie, glitter, tears, laughter, sugar, devious, joy, vortex, please, pollen, die, swear, nova, disguise, pool
Amy Pond/Jenny, energy, quick, spaceship
Amy Pond/Liz X, disagreement, remember, royalty
Amy Pond/Martha Jones, flirting
Amy Pond/Rita, after, London, bar, ER, poly
Amy Pond/River Song, time, backwards, regrets, nightgown, telegrams, inside
Amy Pond/Rory Williams, pegging, reunion, space, TARDIS, slow, delight, pirates, sweet, rush, blankets, nurse, morning, legs, first, loyalty, memory, costumes, Bunk-Bed, Kissogram, House, Sex, Night, bunk bed, honeymoon, Sunday morning, Macarena, in the dark, Mexico, pegging, costumes, corsets, bunkbeds, sundays, Christmas, adventure, first, sweet, slow, doorbell [any]
Amy Pond/Rose Tyler, red, blonde, smile
Amy Pond/Sally Sparrow, notebook, DVDs, writing, smile, games, gorgeous, escape, pleasure, tease
Amy Pond/Sarah Jane Smith, teaching, laughter
Amy Pond/TARDIS, comfort, cold, sleep
Amy Pond/Vincent van Gogh, stars, sunflowers, together-alone
Barbara Wright/Ian Chesterton, history, home, love, sky, TARDIS, Rome, teacher, want, need, touch
Barbara Wright/One/Ian Chesterton, experiment, humanity, blackmail, price, stowaways, ferrying, scientific, lab, animals, safety, power, powerless, observation.
Ben Jackson/Polly Wright, alone, duchess, inseparable, sailor
Blon Fel Fotch Slitheen/Face of Boe, improvising
Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart/Liz Shaw, boytoys, disagreements, scientist, soldier, unexpected
Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart/Liz Shaw/Three, ruffles, miniskirt, uniform, velvet, swagger, bickering, teamwork, unorthodox, snark, boots
Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart/Three, exile, power, opposites, alliance, uneasy, uniform, military, ruffles, velvet, break, swagger, snark
Canton Everett Delaware III/Eleven, companion, America, moon, partner, stars
Doctor/Donna Noble, lasting, remember
Doctor/Jack Harkness, cross, known, inside, return, tangled, time
Doctor/Jack Harkness/ Rose Tyler, [any] adventure, reunion
Doctor/Jack Harkness/TARDIS, away, fact, impossible, whisper
Doctor/Martha Jones, friendship, snark, guilt, comfort, injury, hug, tea
Doctor/Master, opposite, same, burning, wayward, Gallifrey, home
Doctor/River Song, night, dress, Egypt, in the TARDIS, last time, first time, 1920's Paris
Donna Nobel/Eleven, forget, Goddess, caress, death
Donna Noble/Jenny, unexpected
Donna Noble/Martha Jones, familiar, alcohol, dancing, fantastic, after, sky, good, beautiful, companion, finally, missing, broken, roses, horny, need, flirt, bounce, aphrodisiac, grass, honey, comfort, 69, comfort, remember
Donna Nobel/Nine/Rose Tyler, history
Donna Noble/River Song, recognize, time, adventure, memory, pub
Donna Noble/Rose Tyler, comfort, time, stars
Donna Noble/Ten, substitute, authentic, run, shine, transparent, queen, thunderstorm, rain, domesticity, jewelry, restraint, spooning, worry, transformation, once, gown, laughter, comfort, ice, unknown, alien, needed, switch, remember, fear, loneliness, domination, party, button, red, boom, spa, towel, green, rudeness, stars, temporary, forgotten, TARDIS, last, coat, hands, forever, bath, teach, bubbles, trust, red, panties, glasses, converse
Donna Nobel/Ten.5, rediscover, blank, honour, hi
Duggan/Four/Romana, superior, ambush, delight, wine
Eight/Charley Pollard, loss, remembering, tragedy
Eight/Fitz Kreiner/Sam Jones, [any], blond, brunette, real, smoke, velvet
Eight/Rose Tyler, romantic, dirty
Eight/Sarah Jane Smith, reunion, velvet, nostalgia
Eleven/Idris, biting, winning, thief, need, travel, discovery, forever, sexy, everywhere, thoughts, mouths, talking, hello
Eleven/Jack Harkness, stag night, re-meeting, comfort, fixed, help, companion
Eleven/Jack Harkness/River Song, [any], handcuffs, die another day
Eleven/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler, [any], together, better with three, hello,
Eleven/Jack Harkness/River Song/Rose Tyler, okay,
Eleven/Jack Harkness/TARDIS, kinky, mechanics, help
Eleven/Martha Jones, bow tie, heartache, smile
Eleven/River Song, honeymoon, reverse, tunnel, foreknowledge, beautiful, root, dark, necessary, cheat, book, night, first, last, cabin, Canada
Eleven/Rory Williams, dress up, examinations, Romans, adventure, father, AU, companion, examination, jealousy, longing, admiration, boys, Roman, BAMF, secret
Eleven/Rose Tyler, chance, suspenders, stroke, hair, patience, wallpaper, wave, echo, fifty pound note, baked beans
Eleven/Rose Tyler/Ten.5, dancing, visit, home, longing, brown suit, bowties, washing up, stars, biggest adventure
Eleven/Sarah Jane Smith, young, hello, slow, cry
Eleven or Four or Ten or Three/Sarah Jane Smith, best, childish, hugs, together, trip
Eight/Romana, nostalgia, ex, affection
Five/Nyssa, bright, cricket, ideas, library, Traken
Five/Nyssa/Tegan Jovanka, [any], comfort
Five/Sarah Jane Smith, reunion
Five/Tegan Jovanka, winter, airplane, apologize, brave
Five/Vislor Turlough, versatile, volcano, omega, brutal
Four/Romana, madcap, superior, elitist, dashing, daring, superb, married, tea, Paris
Four/Romana/Sarah Jane Smith, elitist, pet, arrogance, helpless
Four/Romana II, best, jelly, K9, smug, wrong
Four/Sarah Jane Smith, cuddle, caring, caress, motive, scarf, bondage, grins, madcap, adventure, teeth, smiles, lithe, quick, playing, games, roleplay, human, alien, xenophobia, new
Four/Harry Sullivan/Sarah Jane Smith, party, clumsy, silly, laughter
Harry Sullivan/Sarah Jane Smith, afterlife, reincarnation, regrets, friends
Jamie McCrimmon/Two, kilt, kindness, differences, home, telepathy, fight, wall
Jamie McCrimmon/Two/Victoria Waterfield, introduction, initiation, safe, home, forbidden
Jamie McCrimmon/Victoria Waterfield, old-fashioned, protector, quiet, need
Jamie McCrimmon/Two/Zoe Heriot, games, giggles, giddy
Jack Harkness/Nine, reality, quilt, oh, shower
Jack Harkness/Nine/Rose Tyler, pollen, combination, sweat, fur, supernatural, alien, strangeness, charm, three, human, joining in, hair, sunshine, laughter, love, purity, elevator, potlatch, blue, lace
Jack Harkness/River Song, [any], kinky, keep meeting like this, handcuffs
Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler, corners, stolen
Jack Harkness/Ten, waste, forfeit, ice-lolly, kilts, mind-meld, impossible, ring, knowledge, recoil, tentacles, beautiful, hard, close, forever, more, red, kiss, salvation, immortality, little-death, glee, time, worlds, endless, enthusiasm, insolent, hopeless, grief, loss, embrace, alone, escape, obsession, brotherhood, years, cheeky, test, steel, alien, secret, defence, handcuffs, library, purple, ancient, slouching, relief, sorry, lick, salt, sensitized, TARDIS, bound, water, dominate, impossible, watch, recoil, tentacles, wrong, waiting, match, perfect
Jack Harkness/Ten/Rose Tyler, reunion, relief, fit, fun, drunk, clever
Jackie Tyler/Sarah Jane Smith, fame
Jackson Lake/Ten, wait, peace
Jenny/Martha Jones, fit
Jenny (A Good Man Goes to War)/Madame Vastra, case, cybermen, dining room, fog, reptile, servant, sleuthing, streets, swords, Torchwood, tongue, tongue, tongue, swords
Jo Grant/Liz Shaw/Sarah Jane Smith, team-up
Jo Grant/Liz Shaw, opposites, complementary, groovy
Jo Grant/Master (Delgado), toy, plaything, broken, hypnosis, force, sweetest, games
Jo Grant/Master (Delgado)/Three, unorthodox, alliance, forced, hands, rough, snare
Jo Grant/Sarah Jane Smith, best, giggles, caught
Jo Grant/Three, miniskirt, countertop, ruffles, velvet, ropes, handcuffs, escapology, alien, TARDIS, adventures, games, forbidden, tempting, playing, boots
Jo Grant/Two, playful, secret, tumble
Koschei/Theta Sigma, tradition, rebellion, laughter
Leela/Romana, savage, untamed, stress, politics, xenophobia, danger, loyalty, protection, warmth
Liz Shaw/Three, scientific, lonely,exile, unappreciated, miniskirt, ruffles, experiment, waggle, eyebrows, beakers, countertop, TARDIS, velvet, boots
Liz Shaw/Jo Shaw/Sarah Jane/Three, fantasy, blonde, brunette, redhead
Liz X/River Song, bondage, royalty, queen, decisions, fight, control
Lucy Saxon/Master, rings, asteroid, truth
Martha Jones/anyone, heroine, dreams
Martha Jones/Mickey Smith, days, just, nights, work, UNIT
Martha Jones/River Song, pretty
Martha Jones/Rose Tyler, jealousy
Martha Jones/Ten, mechanism, storytelling, wet, escape, edge, breath, mouth, awkward, uniform, TARDIS, apology, waiting, happy, damaged, broken, shop, maid, coat, please, thankfulness, affection, travel, hug, damaged, temptation, wrath, fury, wanton, useless, stranded, ABBA, apologies, bath, caretaker, exams, glasses, illusion, nervous, now, rain, sun, thoughts, title, 1969, trust, universe, doll, punk, stealth, straddle, wardrobe, release, hands
Master (Simm)/Rose, desperation, lost
Master (Simm)/Ten, drums, kidnapping, fixed, games, submit, enthral, bound, comfort, eternity, feast, homecoming, hurt, kept, orders, names
Master/Ten, admissions, failure, last
Nine/Rose Tyler, saviour, guilty, qualifications, stars, ears, soothe, delight, millennia, intense, wall, domestic, dreams, memory
Nine/Sarah Jane Smith, war, scarred, trauma, rage, uncontrollable, need, redemption
Nine/TARDIS, golden, melt, fix
Nyssa/Tegan Jovanka, [any], velvet
River Song/Jenny, connection, language, guns, archaeology
River Song/Rose Tyler, techniques, sharing, oral, girls' night
River Song/Ten, meeting, scared, scream, door
River Song/Twelve (female), lasts, regeneration, glasses, ginger
Romana I/Romana II, superb, obvious, perfection, elite, glide
Rose Tyler/Reinette, being, petals, loss, clothes, manners, breath, drunk
Rose Tyler/Sally Sparrow, in her eyes
Rose Tyler/Sarah Jane Smith, strength, diary, discipline, punishment, spanking, power, fit
Rose Tyler/Ten, telepathic orgasms, time travel, virginity, revelation, toothbrush, Chuck-E-Cheese, dinosaur, yeast, almost, silver, parrot, tarpit, sleek, tied, naked, silly, oral, dye, France, closet, thanks, fate, hearts, reaching, board games, belief, vast, distance, transatlanticism, perforated, timeless, change, hands, longing, reunion, dread, epic, spacesuit
Rose Tyler/Ten/Ten.5, consuming, blindfold
Rose Tyler/Ten.5, marriage, holidays, rich, beach, proposal, first day, home, bubble bath, matching, heartbeat, lip gloss, giggly, jewellery, domesticity, slang
Sally Sparrow/Kathy Nightingale, afternoon, friends, investigate
Sarah Jane Smith/Seven, reunion, manipulation
Sarah Jane Smith/Six, reunion
Sarah Jane Smith/Ten, always, forever, return, love, playful, gorgeous, smile, house, circle
Sarah Jane Smith/Three, alien, human, age, time, friends, adventure, goodbye, hello, ruffles, velvet, control, reassurance
Sarah Jane Smith/Two, spoilers, regret
Steven Taylor/Vicki Pallister, first, kiss, irritated, panda, space, tied
Three/Two, bickering
Winston Churchill/Cleopatra, anachronist

Bartelby/Loki, sin, human, first, reincarnation, boredom, plastic, jets

Adelle DeWitt/Echo, optional, lonelyhearts
Adelle DeWitt/ Laurence Dominic, lips, fever, leather, vodka, secret, bruise, after the end
Adelle DeWitt/Topher Brink, comfort, pod, cracks, eat, recant, last
Alpha/Bobby/Crystal/Whiskey, glitch, crime, glass
Alpha/Echo, children, supreme, happiness, peace, apocalypse, changed, pressure, cross, darkness, redemption, imprints, mission, memory
Anthony Ceccoli/Priya Tsetsang, briar, condemn, replacement, transfer, build
Bennett Halverson/Caroline Farrel, first time, surprise, friends, wings, bitterness, rejected, together, mirror, home, mission, dolls, program
Caroline Farrell/Paul Ballard, mental, charismatic, fettered
Claire Saunders/Topher Brink, bent, pillow, razor, rip, rules, payback, escape, imprint, after the end, crazy, alone
Ivy/Topher Brink, [any], experiment, virgin, genius
Sierra/Victor, identity, paint, beginning, thousand, innocence, playful, bright, glee

Don 2
Don/Ayesha, plans, power, bite, blindfold
Don/Roma, role reversal, dirty, slap, spite

Doom (movie)
John Grimm/Samantha Grimm, sleepy, skin, wrong, desperate, protect, trace, blood, trapped, hospital, test, superhuman, monster, run, Mars, science, food, touch, mail, symbol, military, hide

Double Dead
Coburn/Kayla, fatherly, connection, last, dark, monster, cower, conjoined

Double Science
Colin Jackson/Kenneth Farley-Pittman, experiment, ale, movie, first, desk, date, nervous

Sister Aloysious/Sister James, habit, crucify, hush, caught, hush, scandal, sheets, sacrifice

Downton Abbey
Anna Smith/Mary Crawley, overheard, breath, linger, sweet
Anna Smith/John Bates, choose me, bonds, loyalty
Edith Crawley/Patrick Crawley, [any], please, truth, party, revelation, happiness, home, belonging, bath
Mary Crawley, mirror
Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, library, tea-time, corset, car, abandon, short engagement, happiness, flapper, finally, honeymoon, awkward, sweet, secrets, hiding, playful, formal, laughter, myths
Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley/Lavinia Swire, dancing, after
Mary Crawley/Richard Carlisle, outside, rip, reversal
Robert Crawley/Tom Branson, ideals, loyalty, spanking, march
Sybil Crawley/Gwen Dawson, clean, experience, understanding, smoke, jazz, apron, kitchen, gentle, unlikely, letters, stranded
Sybil Crawley/Matthew Crawley, compromise, breathless, doorway
Sybil Crawley/Tom Branson, backseat, trip, words, argument, trust me, car, oil, nursing, wedlock, debate, uniforms
Sybil Crawley/ William Mason, secret, abandon
Thomas Barrow/Edward Courtenay, fated

Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog
Dr Horrible/Captain Hammer, burn, pain, ray, mercy, lace,

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Emma/Matthew Cooper, prostitute, sheriff, love, connection, understanding
Matthew Cooper/Male, danger, hiding, Indians, connection

Dracula - Bram Stoker
Count Dracula/Jonathan Harker, thrall, silk, plans, possession, blood, bite, castle, London, train, werewolves, bat, coffin, carriage, spanking, knife, claim, graveyard
Count Dracula/Mina Harker, bride, eyes, immortal, penetrate, shame

Dragon Age Games
Any Paring, [any] snark, available, night, touch, lick, nip, threesome
Aeducan (female)/Alistair, size kink, curiosity, submission, bondage, service, obedience, protectiveness, care, pegging, beloved, safe
Alistair/Warden (female), memento, leadership, together, armour, dominance, submission, bondage, service, obedience, protectiveness, care, pegging, beloved, safe
Anders/Fenris, anger, betrayal, greed, magic, compromise, domination
Anders/Hawke, want, long, fight, hate
Anders/Hawke (male), distance, rescue, fantasy, light, cats, fluff, fur, soft, control, chains, roleplay, the last straw, genderswap, puppies, amnesia, control, abandon, harder, bondage, escape artist
Anders/ Hawke/Justice, clash, taken
Anders/Justice, possess, mine, entice, want
Anders/Nathaniel, playful, annoy, whores
Anders/Varric Tethras, healing, watch over, voyeurism, pretty, pain, magic, trust
Architect/Nathaniel, possess, escape, lift
Architect/Warden, instruct, enjoy, study
Aveline Vallen/Hawke (male), discipline, domination, submission, kneeling, friendship, please, protection, whipping, care, need
Aveline Vallen/Isabela, whore, roleplay, prostitution, humiliation, rough, spanking, teasing, fun, fight, desk, pants, bend
Fenris/Anyone, slave, pet, need, serve, crawl, possession, owner, willing, proud, marking
Fenris/Hawke, drink, submit, breathless, flash, glimmer
Fenris/Hawke (male), bicker, moan, flee
Fenris/Isabella, play, fun, share
Fenris/Sebastian, seduce, defy, shame, elves, religion
Fenris/Zevran, dangerous, comfort, distraction
Hawke (female)/Fenris, allegiance, tattoo, blade, mansion, relaxation, reading
Hawke (female)/Isabela, ship, sailing, piercings, breast fetish, backstab, sail, sand
Hawke (female)/Varric Tethras, crossbow bolt, dirty talk, tongue, size, ink, purple, spread
Isabella/Merrill, kitten, whisper, tease
Isabella/Varric, stories, pirates, gold
Leliana/Warden (female), solace, stories, travel, truth, belief
Morrigan/Warden (female), impossible, power, wild, unbroken

Dragon Ball Z
Bulma/Vegeta, possessiveness, love, fear, biting, angry, thoughtful, jerk
Chichi/Goku, confused, wall, marriage
Goku/Mirai Trunks, future, alone, same, down
Goku/Vegeta, fight, more, red, me
Gohan/Videl, flight, outside, argue, baka
Mirai Gohan/Mirai Trunks, young, home, heaven, forbidden
Mirai Trunks/Gohan, game, sword, reunion prince
Pan/Trunks, secret, impassioned, worried, sensei
Piccolo/Gohan, training, waiting, green, half
Trunks/Gohan, study, vacation, hair, pose
Trunks/Goten, last, bed, estranged, doppelganger, wedding
Trunks/Marron, [any], ring, fly, space, moon, engagement, family, sweat, caught, battle, close, faithful, glow, hair, courage

Dragon Quest
Angelo/Hero, hugging, closeness, sweet, comfort
Marcello/Angelo, and/or Hero, heartbeat, cologne, flechettes, domination, forgiveness, first time, boots
Alena/Cristo, your majesty
Alena/Hero (or Heroine), strength, muscles
Alena/Ragnar, combat, sweat, honor
Mara/Nara, forbidden, dance, comfort
Marion Bloome/Marionette, mansion, vicarious
Stella/Sterling, fatguts, quarrel
Hero/Bianca, married, consummation
Hero/Deborah, bad girl, fur, high heels
Hero/Flora, good girl, stolen, rings, ponytail

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey
OMC/OMC, bronze, green, unavoidable, choices, urge, instinct

Dragon's Bait - Vivian Vande Velde
Alys/Selendrile, gold, shape, blunt, nudity, winter, bite, adventure, argue

Drake and Josh
Drake Parker/Josh Nichols, wrong, popcorn, tree house, blankets, codependent, reunion

Matt/Christie, cosplay

Steven/Quaid, slice, tattoos, shoulders

Driver/Irene, fable, chance, L.A.

Drop Dead Diva
Jane/Tony, negotiation, breakfast in bed, cocktails, laughter

Dublin Murder Squad Series - Tana French
Cassie/Frank, risk, mask, poem, pub, Trinity

Due South
Benton Fraser/Francesca Vecchio/Ray Kowalski, pegging, voyeurism, masturbation
Benton Fraser/Margaret Thatcher, uniform, red, touch, taste, stroke
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, dancing, massage, voyeurism, bondage, toys, beach, swimming, uniform, hat, tease, public sex, masturbation, cabin, flirting, cross-dressing, striptease, leather, buddy breathing, trust, glasses, journal, outdoor sex, patriotic, Canada, marriage, first time, tent, friendship, nosy, fight, dinner, glasses, sweat-lodge, bracelet, dream-catcher, leather, knife-play, chocolate, tattoo, wolf, tundra, poetry, stake-out, stairway, lake-front, desk, cemetery, sleeping-bag(s), dance-steps, confession, heat-wave, blizzard, thunder-storm, Mirandize, interrogation, handcuffs, mirror, sleepless, eye-glasses
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, family, restraint, discovery, phone sex, jealousy, dirty talk, comfort, morning, voyeurism, first time
Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio, stakeout, cabin, silk, serge, home, reunion, bite, Vegas, closet, Riviera, scars, cross-dressing, reunion, undercover, tie, first time, outdoor sex, uniform, comfort, forgiveness, healing, smile, laughter, banter, date, family
Elaine Besbriss/Francesca Vecchio, training, station, uniform, hat, dress, heels, seduction, lipstick, gloves
Francesca Vecchio/Margaret Thatcher, uniform, bound, police work, Fraser, yearning, tease, seduction
Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, undercover, rough, alcohol, Florida, handcuffs, sweat, taste, caffeine, car, comfort, tease, banter

Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders
Eri/Sukiyabashi, [any], aliens

Dune - Frank Herbert
Alia/Duncan, fight, first, many, mortality, politics, regency
Alia/Irulan, charge, serve, throne, virgin
Chani/Paul Atreides, carress, soft, moment, battle, queen
Duke Leto Atreides/Ghanima, [any], born, future, scratches
Duke Leto Atreides/Jessica, wife, mentor, Caladan, water, sand

Dungeons and Dragons (TV)
Eric/Sheila, stranded, bargain, switch, dungeon, brushed, normalcy, flow, inadequacy

Anri/Celty, escape, tentacles, protect
Izaya/Kida, help, test, need
Walker/Erica, cosplay, pegging

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Dylan Dog/Marcus Deckler, [any], comfort, zombies, abilities, training, sleep

Early Edition
Gary Hobson/Melissa Clark, sense, chance, accident, hope, beer

Earth 2
Devon Adair/John Danziger, holding on, lick, taste, what if, the west coast, forest, skin, breathing, hidden, today, desperate, frottage

Earth's Children - Jean M. Auel
Ayla/Jondalar, boat, brass, salt

Steve Owen/Matthew Rose, take care

Easy A
Olive Penderghast/Woodchuck Todd, wedding, lace, adventure, serenade, community college, nickname, corset collection, first, fingers, passenger seat, phone, webcam
Brandon/Olive, dildo, fake, first, screw, smart
Olive Penderghast/Mr. Griffith, teachers pet, apologies, future

Eerie Indiana
Dash-X/Marshall, obvious potential

Egyptian Mythology
Anubis/Bast, music, longing, incense, spell, sand, worship, firelight, destiny
Horus/Set, blowjobs, intercrural, kinky, rough, bites, snarl, supreme, danger, hate!sex, lust, stomach, fierce

El Cazador de la Bruja
Nadie/Ellis, tacos, eat, dress, witch, bounty, travel, steal, happy, smile, confused, amigos, book, tacos, road trip, stars

El Shaddai
Enoch/Lucifel, power, mentor, dismiss, encourage, regard
Enoch/Uriel, fire, righteous, support
Gabriel/Lucifel/Michael/Raphael/Uriel, envelop, remember, reward
Gabriel/Michael/Raphael/Uriel, family, flight, worship
God/Lucifel, spouse, phone, promise, tease

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Ulfric/Dragonborn, marriage, politics, loyalty, intensity, reflection

Electric Dreams (1984)
Domme!Madeline/sub!Miles, any
Edgar/Madeline, future AU, internet, cybersex
Miles/Madeline/Edgar, threesome

Cutter/Skywise, family, comfort, connection, growl
Dart/Geoki, unafraid, curiosity
Leetah/Cutter, sun, heat, tempt, healer, shadows, hunt, woods, heights, velvet, curls, beast, future, mischief, skin
Pike/Skot/Krim, glee, tumble, warmth, loss
Strongbow/Moonshade/Skot/Krim, awe, dream, transformation

Hank Stanley/Johnny Gage, food, firefighting, training, support, love
Hank Stanley/Wife, love, firefighting, injury, children, support

Emma - Jane Austen
Emma Woodhouse/herself, perfect, mirror, good enough, reward, candle
Emma Woodhouse/Harriet, obedience, teach, old clothes, long grass, wildflowers, lips
Emma Woodhouse/Mrs Weston, lonely, habit, distance, need, loss, married women
George Knightley/Emma Woodhouse, lesson, strawberries, wall, bite, sea, honeymoon
Mrs Weston/Mr Woodhouse, family dynamics, homesick, cold, pregnant, employment, music, sleepless nights, ill child, fret, candle, charge, laughter

Prince Edward/Nancy, riding, magic, corsets, education

Enchantment - Orson Scott Card
Ivan Smetski/Katerina, clothes, discovery, whisper, tease, home

Arkady Balagan/Sam Besht, chess, room service, case

Enemy Mine
Willis/Jerry, somehow, happiness

Amy/Tyler, new, frustration, work

Preston/Jurgen, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Preston/Partridge, jealousy, possessive reclaiming

Abby Lockhart/John Carter, hotel, skin, roof, bitter
Abby Lockhart/Susan, quarantine
Anna/Maggie, hair
John Carter/Lucy, contaminate, reprise, exam, academic, stethoscope, heartbeat
Maggie/Randi, rent
Mark/Susan, Torrid, Tropical,
Neela/Ray, [any], anniversary, bare skin, home

Van/Hitomi, fate, stay

Eternal Arcadia aka Skies of Arcadia
Aika/Fina, candy, mirrors, hair, stripping, boots, luxury
Galcian/Ramirez, control, electricity, temperature, power, pain
Vyse/Aika/Fina, jungle, snow, deck, fighting, hammock, dancing, loqua, toys, moonstones, space, public, meadows, lightning, roleplay, dress-up, injuries
Vyse/Piastol, gratitude, fire, forgiveness, revenge, knives, black, savage

Eternal Law
Richard/Anyone, the smell of despair, sauntering downwards, temptation
Zack/Hannah, the past, books, bucks fizz, boats
Zak/Richard, temptation, breath, wings, whisper, fall
Zak/Tom/Mrs Sherringham, double bed, wings, touching, grief, laughter

Eureka Seven
Dominic/Anemone, healing, awkward, direction, safe,
Holland/Talho, affirmation, close, impending, cunnilingus, gift, apology

Allison Blake/Tess Fontana, sorority, experimentation, theories, jealousy
Jack/Henry, future, family
Jack/Jo, after hours, bet, powercut, hypothermia, zapped, pheromones, partners, heat, synchronicity
Jack/SARAH, watch, direct, shower, sentient, jealous, stay
Jo/Zane, differences, heat, need, ring, marks, possess, stuck, cell, strap-on, denial, want-take-have,
Jo/Zane/Zoe, share, pegging, scarves,
Jo/Zoe, pamper, let go, hidden,
Nathan/Zane, discipline, feather, technology, teach, lab, whip

Amy/Ephram, after everything, Ferris wheel, necklace, haircut, wedding, necklace, medicine, Madison, babies, summer, New York, Dorm, Ferris wheel, Paris, wine, suit, sunny
Bright/Ephram, camping, Europe
Ephram/Madison, college, backstage, homework

Everworld - K.A. Applegate
Christopher Hitchcock/April O'Brien, clash, river, actor, tease, numbers
David Levin/April O'Brien, countdown, real world, secret, ground, hands

Evil Dead Trilogy
Ash Williams/Annie, desperation, lonely, Linda, pretending
Ash Williams/Linda, past, fantasy, dream, lace, white, red
Ash Williams/Sheila, court, romancing, grasp, tear, rip, pull, fear, fireplace

Ex Machina
Bradbury/Mitchell, promise, past, suit, tattoo, scars

Eyes of the Dragon
Thomas/Dennis, loyalty

Eyeshield 21
Hiruma Youichi/Anezamki Mamori, cheerleader, gum, party, trigger, shower, camera, threat, sharp, creampuff, Vegas, partners, laundry, vows, university, shadows, changing room, claim, poker, gamble, proposal

Fable III
Princess!Hero/Logan, [any]

Bigby/Snow, wind, breath, tumble, honeymoon, unexpected, slow, fall, snow, apple, petal

Fairly Legal
Justin Patrick/Kate Reed, argument, law books, drunk

Fairy Tail
Cana/Laxus, cards, whisky, daddy's girl, teasing
Erza Scarlet/Gray Fullbuster/Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia, team, meld, mold, family, chagrin, accident, smash, turn, everywhere
Erza Scarlet/Lucy Heartfilia, blade, broken, hero, kimono, steel, yukata, knight, gentle
Gajeel/Levy, 10 years later, make up sex, books, bed, winter
Gray Fullbuster/Juvia, desert, hot springs, jungle, mirror, onsen, shower, vapor
Fullbuster/Lyon Bastia/Juvia Loxar, winner
Gray Fullbuster/Natsu Dragneel, beach, blizzard, caught, drowning, falling, forgotten, lost, memorial, scale, scars, scarf, swimtrunks, wrist, bottle, clash, send, intertwine, enhance, have, hold, mission, row, energy, extreme, friends, always, idiot, magic, race, beast, fire, underpants
Lucy Heartfilia/Juvia Loxar, awkward, jealousy, downpour, disguise, flood, makeover, thunderstorm, unrequited, vase
Lucy Heartfilia/Loke, bamboo, collar, found, glasses, gold, hidden, mane, timeless
Lucy Heartfilia/Mirajane Strauss, braid, centerfold, confidant, hairbrush, written
Lyon Bastia/Juvia Loxar, wet, enlightenment
Natsu Dragneel/Erza Scarlet, dominatrix
Natsu Dragneel/Lisanna Strauss, midnight, shadow

Fairy Tales,12 Dancing Princesses
Princes/Princesses, trick, game, dance, sway, ride, slip, change, metamorphosis, true face
Princess(es)/Soldier, watch, save, wedding night, sword, hero, reward

Fairy Tales, Beauty And The Beast
Beauty/Beast, Adventure stories, Pirates, Roleplay, meal, fur, winter, glass, bedchamber, reveal, silk, paw

Fairy Tales, Cinderella
Cinderella/Prince Charming, Champagne, First Kiss, Lace, Ticklish, slipper, magic, midnight, simple tastes, stables, maiden

Fairy Tales, Little Red Riding Hood
Red/Wolf, treat, wine, stalk, prey, reversal, lick, pant, howl

Fairy Tales, Rapunzel
Prince/Rapunzel, wait, new, curse, blind, dream, legacy, spell, wicked, away

Fairy Tales, Snow White and Rose Red
Bear Prince/Rose Red, heat, fire, blood, rose, thorn, skip, grin, thick
Bear Prince/Rose Red/Snow White, teach, play, game, meal, romp, wood, cave
Bear Prince/Snow White, fancy, cool, pale, ice, regret, marriage, paw, snow, chill, dark, tables turned, secret, slice, apple, red, juice, pure, spell

Falling Skies
Karen/Lourdes, research, learn, teach, combine, green, library
Margaret/Anne Glass, time, becoming, hideout
Margaret/Lourdes/Karen, longshot, riding, free-time, research, continue, delicious, wonder, missing

Family Guy
Stewie/Brian, losing

Eric/Linus, adventure, daddy issues, medicine, Fett, motherfucker, backseat

Fantastic Four
Reed Richards/Sue Storm, tricks

Aeryn Sun/Bialar Crais, assignment, want, funeral, irreversibly contaminated, trade, deal, recording, from afar, duty, breeding, take, watch, pride
Aeryn Sun/Chiana, restraint
Aeryn Sun/Chiana/Jool/Sikozu, sexpollen
Aeryn Sun/John Crichton, body swap, alien, Earth, Cher, challenge, multiple orgasms, fight!sex, D/s, observation deck, human reaction, earth, runaway, language, stars, soul mate, small spaces, quiet, positions, anal, vacation, seduction, beach, oral, vocal, love, leather, sleep, air, bodyswap, bondage, dreams, leather, quickie, solace, stars, sun, trust, fate, module, 2nd pregnancy, jealousy, learning, mothering, nibble, violence, tender, alcohol, baby, pride, impossible, friends, me
Aeryn Sun/Jool, science, brave, try
Aeryn Sun/Larraq, command, food, push
Aeryn Sun/Velorek, heat, trust, recreation
Chiana/Jool, tantrum, feel, experiment, didactic
D'Argo/Chiana, flawless, inferno, perfection, respect
John Crichton/Chiana, better ideas, turn the ship around
John Crichton/John Crichton, doppleganger
John Crichton/Ka D'Argo, metal
John Crichton/Scorpius, mental, hate, equals, consume, capitulation
Scorpius/Braca, loyalty, service, touch, unfamiliar
Scorpius/Sikozu, handcuffs, leather, rope, toys, vanilla, tongue, tease, denial, beg
Stark/Zhaan, mediation, nudity, intense, mine, solid, trust, devotion
Xhalax Sun/Talyn Leyzac, love, hide, choice, parents, cycles, the end, moment, med lab, memories

Fate/Stay Night
Rin/Archer, loyalty, mana, past, future, present, tsundere, disillusionment, obediance

Caster/Ryuunosuke, alike, blood, grin
Lancer/Saber, understanding, relief
Rider/Waver, companions, magic, history, tease

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Sloane/Cameron, slow, storm, suspenders

Final Fantasy II
Firion/Hilda, apocalypse, clandestine, forbidden

Final Fantasy III
Arc/Ingus/Luneth/Refia, boys, Invincible

Final Fantasy IV
Edge Geraldine/Rydia, lust, caught, fever, finally, summon, will, flirt
Edge/Odin/Rydia, might
Edge/Rydia, royalty, stubborn, stealth, amused, lock, naked, summon, giving, charity, animal
Kain Highwind/Edge Geraldine/Rydia, caress, ice, solemn, play, desire

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Rosa Farrell/Ceodore Harvey, scandal

Final Fantasy IX
Beatrix/Freya Crescent, bladeplay, fighting, post-battle, rain, respect, training
Beatrix/Garnet til Alexandros XVII, jewels, leader, loyalty, necklace, oath, protection, respect, royalty, power
Beatrix/Lani, enemies, fight
Beatrix/Ruby, strangers
Blank/Zidane, theatre, Treno, night, brighten
Eiko Carol/Garnet til Alexandros XVII, heritage, magic, royalty, summon
Eiko Carol/Mikoto, learning, new
Garnet til Alexandros XVII/Lani, prisoner
Garnet til Alexandros XVII/Ruby, acting, play
Garnet Til Alexandros/Zidane Tribal, bodysuit, castle, princess, slap, tail!sex, tights, vest
Kuja/Zidane, tails, silk, dragon
Mikoto/Ruby, teaching

Final Fantasy Tactics
Agrias Oaks/Meliadoul Tengille, lipstick, robes
Agrias Oaks/Meliadoul Tengille/Ramza Beoulve, impregnation, last
Alicia/Ladd/Lavian, loyal
Alma Beoulve/Ovelia Atkascha, rescue
Cletienne Duroi/Meliadoul Tengille, magicks, stun
Mustadio Bunansa/Ramza Beoulve, inn, practice, rifle

Final Fantasy V
Faris Scherwiz/Krile Maia Baldesion, adventure, curious, fun

Final Fantasy VI
Celes Chere/Locke Cole, stolen, scars, bandana
Celes Chere/Locke Cole/Rachel, forever, phoenix
Celes Chere/Locke Cole/Setzer Gabbiani, gamble
Celes Chere/Maria/Setzer, switch, understudy
Edgar Figaro/Relm Arrowny, big, flirt
Edgar Figaro/Terra Branford, powers, third
Edgar Roni Figaro/Setzer Gabbiani, ponytail, greasy, dirty, tools, scars, games, drunk
Mog/Umaro, bone, muscle
Setzer Gabbiani/Terra Branford, ante
Shadow/Terra, [any]
Terra Branford/Celes Chere, airship, cold, esper, fight, healing, inn, love, magic, memory, sharing, tent, young
Terra Branford/Setzer Gabbiani, fly, ribbons, scars, fire, magic

Final Fantasy VII
Aeris/Yuffie, new, playful, sisters
Aeris/Zack, lifestream, watch, linger
Aerith Gainsborough/Cloud Strife, crossdressing, girlish, makeup
Aerith Gainsborough/Cloud Strife/Tifa Lockhart/Zack Fair, fireplace, Lifestream, poses
Aerith Gainsborough/Sephiroth, femdom, turnabout
Aerith Gainsborough/Tifa Lockhart, ass, business, cottage, flowers, masturbation, natural, nightgown, outdoors, piss, red, wedding
Barret Wallace/Tifa Lockhart, metal, danger, messy, muscles, playground, corruption, innocent, lost, pets, peace, domestic, hunting, sunrise, slow, leather
Cid/Vincent, grass, calloused, monster, weapon, limit, manage, vulgar, metallic, want
Cloud/Kadaj, memory, brother, Sephiroth, protect
Cloud/Sephiroth, hide, keep, forget, bleed, semen
Cloud/Tifa, soft, legs, cocktails, stop, crying, home, patience, dirty, wet, care, hard, presence, other, look
Cloud/Zack, childish, loving, laughing, practice, purple, Shinra, sword, remember, love, joy, wait
Elena/Scarlet, development, duty, e-mail, martini, rifle, test
Elena/Tseng, promises, letters, vibrate
Genesis/Angeal, teamwork, apples, precious, dying, Loveless, copy, bright
Hojo/Vincent, loathe, taste
Kadaj/Loz/Yazoo, family, clones, together
Kadaj/Rufus, intimidate, hide, secrets, Sephiroth
Loz/Tifa, fists, kick, tight
Loz/Yazoo, pretty, dance, sequence, synchronise
Reno/Cloud, after, harsh, place, magic, materia, strawberry, alone, private
Reno/Elena, bruised, dirty, hollow, secrets
Reno/Rude, dinner, sunglasses, lips, tease, partner, suit, chopper, fist, bite, slum, toast, Shinra's finest, solid, explosives, free, beer, agreement
Reno/Rude/Tifa, forgive, teamwork, gift, remember, soul, drink
Rufus/Reno, gunplay, sleek, capricious, methods, concrete
Rufus/Scarlet, abused, desks, fallen, gunplay, left, loveless, power
Rufus/Sephiroth, empty, swords
Rufus/Tseng, tongue, boss, fall, catch
Rufus/Tseng/Elena, blackout, opera, pressed flower, imprecise
Sephiroth/Tifa Lockhart, genes, Jenova, physique
Sephiroth/Zack, icecream, joke, care, warm
Tifa Lockhart/Yuffie Kisaragi, covers, dildo, ropes
Tseng/Elena, sweet
Vincent Valentine/Cloud Strife, loyalty, combat, nervous
Vincent/Scarlet, beast, blood-red, vengeful

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Kadaj/Yazoo/Loz, bitter, caretaker, together
Rufus/Kadaj, benevolent, father-figure

Final Fantasy VIII
Any character/pairing, silly, coat, jump, Balamb, wings, depth, love, home, sorceress, knight, blade, kiss,
Edea Kramer/Zell Dincht, matron, knight
Fujin/Quistis Trepe, bite, destiny, discipline, neck, opposite, patch, whip
Fujin/Xu, discipline
Irvine Kinneas/Quistis Trepe, flirt, heels
Irvine Kinneas/Quistis Trepe/Rinoa Heartilly/Selphie Tilmitt/Squall Leonhart/Zell Dincht, home, inevitable, party, stars, travel
Irvine Kinneas/Selphie Tilmitt, commando, cowgirl, zipper
Irvine Kinneas/Selphie Tilmitt/Squall/Leonhart/Zell Dincht, cocks, three
Irvine Kinneas/Selphie Tilmitt/Zell Dincht, Balamb, bedroom, magazines, popcorn
Irvine Kinneas/Squall Leonhart/Zell Dincht, circle-jerk
Irvine Kinneas/Zell Dincht, nuzzle, stroking, workout
Irvine Kinnias/Squall Leonheart, fighting, shoot, leather, nervous
Julia Heartilly/Raine, song
Quistis Trepe/Rinoa Heartilly, authority, confusion, display, electricity, feathers, glasses, hair, spark, stroke, whip, brunch, hair, morning, protest, witch
Quistis Trepe/Rinoa Heartilly/Selphie Tilmitt, fantasy, journey
Quistis Trepe/Selphie Tilmitt, affection, fantasy, glasses, hair, ice, magic, quaking, respect, teaching, trains, whip, celebration, cute, dancing, feathers, fire, nails, party, sleep, trains, warm, hipbones, T-shirt, coffee, date, tongue, shower
Quistis Trepe/Squall Leonhart, belts, empties, leather, off-duty, tattoo
Quistis Trepe/Squall Leonhart/Rinoa Heartilly, night
Quistis Trepe/Xu, calendar, cards, Christmas, date, glasses, lingerie, office, paint, roses, control, friends, learning, roommates, whip
Quistis Trepe/Zell Dincht, apartment, latex, need, pastel, pinstripe, reading, schoolgirl
Rinoa Heartilly/Squall Leonhart, corset, spanking
Selphie Tilmitt/Squall Leonhart, boyshorts, dress, hotel, mission, sunshine, yellow
Selphie Tilmitt/Zell Dincht, alike, clit, close, friends, hickey, Mister, pajamas, pegging, pie, pink, robots, rock'n'roll, socks, understanding, writing
Squall Leonhart/Zell Dincht, cockring, denim, facial, package, slut

Final Fantasy X
Auron/Braska, forever, defend, hair, thin, writing, summon
Auron/Jecht, constellations, feverish, crowds
Auron/Rikku, pyreflies, burn, scar, sunglasses, katana, appreciate, thief, steal, heart, memories, forest, lake, stuck, backwards
Auron/Tidus, time
Balgerda/Doram, Blitzball, games, play, training, water, wet
Elma/Lucil, aftermath, Calm, captain, chocobos, duty, follow, respect, vacation, Yevon
Ginnem/Lulu, guardian
Jecht/Auron/Braska, necessary, laughter, merciless, ruin
Kimahri/Yuna, runaway
Lulu/Rikku, belts, confused, electricity, elemental, magic, prejudice, secrets, slow, thunder, toys, prejudice
Lulu/Rikku/Yuna, agency, fun, machine, travelling
Lulu/Tidus, darkness, lace, muse, prostate, smile, tittyfuck
Lulu/Yuna, belts, Calm, confidence, duty, faith, goodbye, guardian, holy, magic, praying, respect, silence, toys, Yevon, holy
Rikku/Yuna, Calm, comfort, dancing, darkness, gifts, green, gunplay, lightning, machine, magic, music, protect, rescue, secrets, stealing, thunder, lightning
Seymour/Tidus, surrender, willing, dance
Shelinda/Yuna, help, interview, magic
Tidus/Wakka, Blitzball, chest, cuddle, handjob, panties, showers, underwater
Tidus/Yuna, chase, lust, spying, wet, jewels, kiss, water

Final Fantasy X-2
Baralai/Rikku, braids, handcuffs
Baralai/Yuna, pregnancy
Leblanc/Yuna, complicated, discipline, fabulous, stalker, fan, massage, sphere
Lulu/Paine, belts, differences, fury, temper
Lulu/Tidus/Wakka/Yuna, close, dinner, evening, family, sharing, swap, topless
Nhadala/Yuna, fan, favour
Paine/Rikku, aftermath, airship, Al-Bhed, begging, blitzball, bondage, crush, flirting, full-throttle, hunt, machines, respect, respect-points, scarf, sky, spanking, thunder, ruins, lightning, sphere, airship
Paine/Rikku/Tidus/Wakka/Yuna, cotton, gametime, Gullwings, lockers, nervous, release
Paine/Rikku/Yuna, adventure, bedtime, hesitate, uncharted, fame, hot-spring, hunting, luck, positions, privileges, secrets, showtime, treasures
Paine/Yuna, celebrity, covert, humor, lavender, modeling, rimming, shorts, spanking, superior, watersports, confusion, falling, quiet, silence, slow, strength
Rikku/Tidus, boat, lips, yes
Rikku/Tidus/Yuna, beach, distance, Guardians, room, teamwork, unintended
Rikku/Yuna, couch, cuddle, dance, kiss, guns, training
Tidus/Yuna, all-nighter, blowjob, chest, Dressphere, heat, house, initiative, negligee, nurse, precum, summer, swordplay, thong, woman-on-top
Gippal/Rikku, machina, tease, battle, sand, celebration

Final Fantasy XII
Alja/Nera, quiet
Ashe/Drace, authority, privileges, respect
Ashe/Fran, collars, control, deliberate, fast, fighting, respect, ship, slow, struggle
Ashe/Fran/Penelo, service, outdoors
Ashe/Penelo, affection, command, dance, knifeplay, protect, wish, bathe, palace, silk
Balthier/Ashe, courtship, secret, trinket
Balthier/Fran, partners, gun, bow, arrows, height, age, thinking, plot, stealing, ride, airship, clean, gift, pirates, treasure, prison, trouble, partner, flirt
Balthier/Penelo, style, performance
Drace/Fran, control
Elza/Fran, pirates
Filo/Penelo, giggle
Fran/Penelo, aid, assist, battle, biting, blushing, bubbles, claim, claws, clothes, comfort, confusion, crying, dancing, distance, ears, fascination, fear, flying, hair, healing, hoverbike, knifeplay, lost, magic, marking, mist, nails, nature, pleasure, quiet, share, shiver, silence, simplicity, sky, skyships, slow, strong, teaching, tied-up, touch, young, velvet, claws, instinct
Larsa/Basch, armor, command, experience, fealty, gloves, loyalty, impatience, patience, service, stripped, sword
Mjrn/Penelo, learning, new

Final Fantasy XIII
Fang/Lightning, fight, mutual, camp, fight
Fang/Vanille, battle, weapon, trust, flowers, biting, cunnilingus, eternal, fpreg, marriage, orgasm, Siren, history, past
Lightning Farron/Serah Farron, birthday, jeans, piercing
Lightning/Fang/Vanille, welcome, yawn, tent, binoculars
Lightning/Oerba Dia Vanille, quiet
Lightning/Oerba Yun Fang/Oerba Dia Vanille, share
Oerba Dia Vanille/Serah Farron, sweet
Sazh/Vanille, interruption, forgiveness, atone, age, cheer, grumpy, sarcasm, dream, rainbow, shot, alone, again, crystal, mission
Serah/Vanille, apology, hair, skirt, ice cream
Snow/Lightning, sweat, silent, fallout

Final Fantasy XIII-2
Lightning Farron/Serah Farron, skirt, weapons

Final Fantasy: Dissidia
Squall Leonheart/Cloud Strife, understanding, cross

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
Aire/Brandt, cat
Aire/Jusqua, boss, intellect, words
Aire/Yunita, nekomimi, sigh
Brandt/Yunita, swords

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn
Ike/Soren, devotion, touch, wall, quiet, tactics, comfort,

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Any character/pairing, tease, seduce, hair, tickle, rescue, support, always, shiny, chivalrous, skin, swordplay, training, sweat, dirty, flirt, wink, hands, shy, gentle, shiver, cold, love, undeniable, shadow, blade, dove, down, drain, biased, blessed, life, worldly, feather, bicker, strong, silent, soft, low, toy, fruit,

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Any character/pairing, flight, fight, notice, tease, bicker, left, nails,

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Any character/pairing, fly, worry, taste, undone, end, won, drawn, skill

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Any character/pairing, serve, genteel, secret, forbidden, left, bent, there, raise, zombies,

Fire Emblem: Tsurugi no Fuuin
Any character/pairing, red, royal, work, guard, dive, dance, skim, dark, taste

Fire From Heaven - Mary Renault
Alexander/Hephaistion, sword, bow, wrestle, lyre, thigh, arm, hand, finger

Hoban Washburne/Malcolm Reynolds, discretion, heart, landing, errand, pause, visible, privacy, sass, inverse, gullible, dissipate
Hoban Washburne/River Tam, flying, ghost, trust, relationship, reverse, winter, shirt, borrowed
Hoban Washburne/Zoe Alleyne Washburne, dinosaurs, toys, once, war, play, dangerous, hard, skill, fly, wind, gift, parting, moustache, smile, lost, fly, eyes, fighter, pale, smile, talisman, pegging, flying, surrender, spanking, bath, fight, legs, broken, flying lessons, botched proposals
Inara Serra/f, elegy, stunning, varnish, debate
Inara Serra/Jayne Cobb, guns, roughness, scars, softness, letter
Inara Serra/Kaylee Frye, bath, dresses, grease, tears, tools, oil, hurt/comfort, massage, love, gentle, passionate, vocal, crew voyeurism
Inara Serra/Kaylee Frye/River Tam, dancing, makeup, pretend, voyeur
Inara Serra/Kaylee Frye/Simon Tam, doctor's orders, off-world, dress-up, laughter, left behind
Inara Serra/Malcolm Reynolds, bright, kiss, swords, stubborn, gone, silly, why, feelings, twist, sigh, slide, whisper, miss, rain, chance silk, leather, forbidden, understanding, first, lonely, joy, tea, scent, dress, friends, favorite, safety, rank, tea, gown, sword, exception, war stories
Inara Serra/River Tam, comb, streaming, gentle
Inara Serra/River Tam/Simon Tam, ethics
Inara Serra/Saffron, academy, drugged, lipstick, training, trade secrets, tricks, sumptuous
Inara Serra/Simon Tam, class, substitute
Inara Serra/Zoe Washburne, candles, gentle, reunion, silk, comfort, damaged, bed-rest
Jayne Cobb/Malcolm Reynolds, bullet, insomnia, party, gun, sorry, marooned, arms, frustration, powerplay, rimming, fisting, guns, laughter, trust, reward, bribe, food, mine, frottage, green, art, braid, sandalwood, barefoot, horse, henna, hair, talk, profession, caring, locked, angry, safe, sight
Jayne Cobb/River Tam, dark, claim, succumb, secrets, guns, knives, soaked, lessons, blinded, sleepwalk, favor, weapon, realization, kiss, intellect, instinct, spar
Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam, final, lost, wholesome, ruined, particularity, procrastination, messy, rough sex, arguments, fruit, inventing new curse words, infirmary bed, Dear Diary, stubble, beard-burn, hands, fair, listen, power, deep-throating, study, smooth, rush, untold, anatomy
Kaylee Frye/Book, hope
Kaylee Frye/Malcolm Reynolds, dress, smile, wanton, toys, spread, flirting
Kaylee Frye/Nandi, vice
Kaylee Frye/Petaline, comfort
Kaylee Frye/River Tam, stars, shimmer, mechanical
Kaylee Frye/Serenity, rumble, heat, pulsing, tools, powertools, slick, powerful, hands, comfort
Kaylee Frye/Simon Tam, dirty, oil, Serenity, River, wedding dress, engine, oil, scrub, sew, nurse, voyeur, dirt, engine, picnic, sharing, if, savior, playful, sweat
Kaylee Frye/Zoe Washburne, hope, silly, engine grease, protector, friendly face, bright shiny futures are not over-rated
Malcolm Reynolds/River Tam, dance, gentle, quick, dance, stars, pilot, albatross, girl, woman, lipstick, boots, guns, control, reading, scared, box, cold, return, space, understand, peace, flying, dawn, orders, perception, games, gentle, surprise, midnight, lonely, holiday, future, dance, emergency
River Tam/Saffron, body
River Tam/Serenity, calculation, cows, quicksand
River Tam/Simon Tam, pulse, DNA, safe, orange, new, hidden, dance, grace, service, washing feet, Companion, tutoring, help, natural, doctor, sleep, protect, wrong, medicine, needle, sleep, cuddle, nobody
River Tam/Zoe Washburne, echo, follow, mentor, warrior women
Simon Tam/Zoe Washburne, all that's left, mutual grief, respect

First Monday
Jerry Klein/Julian Lodge, party, annoying, gag, tie, silk, suit, desk

Lloyd Simcoe/Simon Campos, limousine, tours, bitterness, jealousy, front, spanking, break-up, reveal

Greg Parker/Ed Lane, catch, trust, last time, collar, glass, freedom
Greg/Spike, daddykink
Spike/Lew time, hold, sand, alcohol, sweet

Foreigner series – C. J. Cherryh
Bren Cameron/Jago, first time, exploration

Sean/Nick, lemonade, sheets, dust, backseat, sweat

Four Rooms
Ted/Angela/Siegfried, game

Foyles War
Christopher Foyle/Samantha Stewart, devotion, quiet, revelation, chess

Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
Elizabeth Lavenza/Justine Moritz, loyal
Victor Frankenstein/Henry Clerval, comfort
Victor Frankenstein/The Creature, obsession, icy, chase, bound, fragile, emotions, only, tied

Frankenstein – Nick Dear
Victor Frankenstein/The Creature, loyalty, fear, love

Daphne Moon/Niles Crane/Roz Doyle, unexpected, flirt, invite, wine, candlelight, natural
Frasier Crane/Niles Crane, etude, heliotrope, dilapidated, autobiography, hemlock, legerdemain, competition, locked-in, wine club, young, tender, broken, afraid
Niles/Daphne, imperfections, bliss, older, wiser
Niles/Roz, [any], different, surprise
Roz/Daphne, comfort, tomorrow, hospital, Story of O

Freaks and Geeks
Kim/Lindsay, 10 year reunion, under the bleachers, library

Fresh Meat
J.P./OMC, drugs, oops, justification, loneliness
Vod/Oregon, toys, noise, exhibitionism

Friday Night Lights
Becky Sproles/Tim Riggins, trailer, blowjob, practice, jealousy, misunderstanding, shower, strip, older, wet, tease, drunk, visit, stairs, sweat, pulse, comfort, finger, surprise, outside, maybe
Jason Street/Lyla Garritty/Tim Riggins, peace, forgiveness, goodbyes, sand, Mexico, try, escape, beginning
Jason Street/Tim Riggins, Texas, Mexico, eyes, [any], sorry, field, truck, approval, hair, discovery, gift, goosebumps, paint, game
Jason Street/Tim Riggins/Tyra Collette, caught, AU, loved, peace
Jason Street/Tyra Collette, war, Paralympics, Post-Its, Texas, AU, tattoo
Julie Taylor/Matt Saracen, Austin, lake, blonde, father, rediscovery, socks, first, hope, art, broken, damaged, "I love you"
Julie Taylor/Tyra Collette, experiment, kiss, voyeur, mole, tattoo
Lyla Garrity/Tim Riggins, belonging, flexible, miss, ride, rugburn, stars, stuck, sweat, wind
Lyla Garrity/Tyra Collette, dress, grind, legs, ponytail, sunkissed
Matt Saracen/Tyra Collette, ground, hit, pull, rebound, Austin, Chicago, oral, ride, rude, tipsy, weird
Tim Riggins/Julie Taylor, [any], sorry, field, truck, approval, hair, discovery, gift, goosebumps, paint, game
Tim Riggins/Tyra Collette, maybe, bike, watching porn, familiar, making up, lazy, sofa, truck, bleachers, families, promise, choice, redemption, home, rescue, hunting, skinny dipping, forever, soft, delicious, Indian Summer, ice cream, tequila, sweet, familiar, hips, settling, date night
Tyra Collette/Lyla Garrity/Julie Taylor, truck, boots, field, summer, heat, storm, neck

Friends with Benefits (film)
Dylan/Jamie, competition

Chandler Bing/Eddie, replacement
Chandler Bing/Monica Geller, friendship, laughter, trust, security
Chandler Bing/Rachel Green, time, drunk, relations, awkward, breasts, catsuit, ways, sarcasm, divorce, inevitable
Chandler/Joey/Ross, awkward
Monica Geller/Phoebe Buffay, goddess, massage
Monica Geller/Rachel Green, college, food
Phoebe Buffay/Rachel Green, appartment
Ross Geller/Monica Geller, options

Fright Night (2011)
"Evil" Ed Lee/Jerry Dandrige bite, pin, understand, corrupt, under your wing, seduction, training, minion
Charley Brewster/Amy Peterson, remember, bite down, teeth, sharp, imprint, together, accident,
Charley Brewster/Amy Peterson/Jerry Dandrige, family, eternal, hunt, claws, snarled, fight back
Charley Brewster/Jerry Dandridge, first time, bite, turned, fight, escape, topping from the bottom, clever, admiration, mentor, intriguing, size up, creator, feral, chase, stubborn, willful, difficult, match, revenge, fascination, fear, equals

alt!/Olivia Dunham/Olivia Dunham, gun, running, locked, workout, compete, unwind, accidental, desire, reflection, banter, unexpected, enemy, under the surface, fantasy, rope, secret, strap-on, difference, mirrors, secret, glasses, mirror, runaways, hands, water, tease, scar, hand, mine, lipstick
alt!/Olivia Dunham/Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop, lab, drunk
alt!Astrid Farnsworth/alt!Olivia Dunham, dark, control, misunderstanding, touch, no touch, gloves
alt!Astrid Farnsworth/Astrid Farnsworth, probabilities, mirror, touch, understanding, brilliance, language, understand, support, curiosity, eyes
alt!Astrid Farnsworth/Peter Bishop, awesome, fascinating, care
alt!Charlie Francis/alt!Lincoln Lee, substitute, rough, scars, tight
alt!Charlie Francis/alt!Lincoln Lee/alt!Olivia Dunham, mission, afterwards
alt!Charlie Francis/alt!Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, different, subtle
alt!Charlie Francis/Olivia Dunham, aftermath, memory, trust, hidden, smile, hunger, handcuffs, scars
alt!Lincoln Lee/alt!Olivia Dunham, intimacy, diamond, voyeurism, unclench, bullheaded
alt!Lincoln Lee/alt!Olivia Dunham, partners, game, trust, drinking buddies, fright, boss, crush, forever, glass, breathless, liquor, lipstick, undercover, pony-tail
alt!Lincoln Lee/amber!Lincoln Lee, similar, glasses
alt!Lincoln Lee/Lincoln Lee, dare, glasses, color, stubble, sweet, discovery, rough, skin, flirt, detective, astute, glasses, show me, mirror, doppelganger, hands, desk, handcuffs, differences, altercation, teeth, remember, funny-looking, Olivia
alt!Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, memories, possessive, secrets, burn, candles, need, possessiveness, chemical, soft, military, apocalypse
amber!Lincoln/amber!Olivia Dunham (the non-red!verse versions), kissing, longing, glasses, Peter, fight
any!Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, fruit, double, hair, fire, partners, investigate, laughter, dress, past, coffee, geek, maybe, reality, science, undercover, tension, proof, two, snowstorm, warmth, paperwork, touch, elevator, unexpected, home, compatibility
Astrid Farnsworth/alt!Olivia Dunham, cocky, fever, yearning, challenge, insanity, jelly, pot, touch, simple, milking, lost, patience, wool, surprise, test, hide, pass, control, skin
Astrid Farnsworth/Lincoln Lee, curious, tender, connection, glasses
Astrid Farnsworth/Olivia Dunham, Amber!verse, partnership, sharing, slide, casefile, cryptography, blindness, scent, depilation, wine-tasting, girls night, console, dark, lab, nails, pretty, lips, smile, car, centrifuge, sex-pollen, coffee, hurt, gun, drunk, rain, fear, shirt, science, wall, evening, dancing, wild, beach, shells, fire, lab, education, food, work, lab time, wingfic, post-apocalypse
Astrid Farnsworth/Peter Bishop, caretaker, sympathy, kindred
Astrid Farnsworth/Walter Bishop, anomia, astride, names, secret, care, drugs, assist
Charlie Francis/Olivia Dunham, partner, intimate, betrayal, skin, after dark, against regulations, relive, again, touch, fine
Ester Figglesworth/Olivia Dunham, case, working late, first aid, tend, lipstick, heels, assistance, phone, dancing, darkness, desk, fedora, heels, lipstick, loyalty, music, noir, office, overcast, overdue, partner, pearls, phone, photograph, pin curls, satin, silver screen, touch, trench coat, warmth, whiskey, working late, undergarments, jazz, slowness, dress-up, fedora, heart, caretaking, private dick
Lincoln Lee/alt!Olivia Dunham, stolen, first, shock, tie, liar, sociopath, glasses, urgency, grey, flight, mole, reverse, bathing, recognise
Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, chicken soup, midnight, guns, jealous, time, formal wear, trust, glasses, quiet, patience, glasses, echoes, water, effervescence, confession, laugh, trust, refuge, genderswitch, virgin, memory, green, undressing, taste, subsequent
Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop, partners, group, handcuffs
Lincoln Lee/Peter Bishop, alternate, help, lonely, partnership, friendship, stuck, liquor, hands, any, changes, surprise, monument, light, understanding, rivals, glasses, coats, sweat, glasses crush, after-shave, unfamiliar, timeline, trapped
Nina Sharp/Phillip Broyles, cigarettes, angry, wheels, fists
Olivia Dunham/any, alcohol, anal, restless
Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop, eyes, fingers, lips, peacoat, lab, desk, conman, wedding, whiskey, quarantine, bridge, angry, dream, shirt, insomnia, color, lipstick, sweets, dreams, memories comfort, future, loss, alternate, dreams, imagine, jazz, piano, whiskey, home, reunion, LSD, memory, dream, fade, return, glimmer, remembrance, shadow, other, universal

From Beginning to End
Thomás/Francisco, love, cling, watersports, frottage, smile

From Paris With Love
Charlie Wax/James Reece, shooting range, chess, I'm not your driver, working together, questionable methods, midnight conversations, any

Frontierville (game)
Bess/Fanny, red

Fruits Basket
Akito/Tohru, stay
Ayame/Hatori, cross-dressing, hair, protective, eyes
Ayame/Hatori/Shigure, survive, culture, alley, one
Ayame/Mine, fabric
Ayame/Shigure, distraction, naughty, toys, heart
Haru/Momiji, age, height, ride, please
Haru/Rin, music, break, children, shhh
Hatori/Tohru, meet, melt, stop, water
Kyo/Tohru, baby, chase, finger, pose
Momiji/Tohru, fluffy, parents, cooking, pet, listen
Shigure/Hatori, fetch, smoking, snow, lonely
Shigure/Tohru, radical, motorcycle, wife, hold
Sohma Hatsuharu/Sohma Rin, velvet, silver, rain, stockings, liar, dreams, running, piercings, luxury, loneliness, rough
Yuki/Tohru, big, honey, pale, tense

Fugitive Kind - Tennessee Williams
Leo Gwendelbaum/OMC, college, lost, writing

Full House (Korean drama)
Han Ji Eun/Lee Young Jae, apron, glasses, song, media, wedding, tent

Fullmetal Alchemist
Alphonse Elric/Mei (May Chang), language, shining armor, letters, railway, valise, unbraid
Edward Elric/Winry Rockbell, firsts, abroad, shop, engineer, keys, hands, reunion, scent, hair, cunnilingus, apology, hunger, home, kids, dream, cold, milk
Gracia Hughes/Maes Hughes/Roy Mustang, [any]
Greed/Ling (Lin Yao)/Lan Fan, welcome, bare, reciprocity, cunnilingus, hands, palace, metal, limbs, grin, hold, voice, automail, greedy, sharing
Olivier Armstrong/Miles, forward, communication
Olivier Armstrong/Riza Hawkeye, marks, shot, military
Paninya/Winry Rockbell, automail, craft
Riza Hawkeye/Gracia Hughes/Maes Hughes/Roy Mustang, [any]
Roy Mustang/Edward Elric, train, massage, tired, safety, milk, sleeping, forever, danger, trains, appetite, family, honor, commitment, desire
Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye, roses, dependence, survival, victory, out of reach, supply closets, breakthrough, longing, heat, linger, closeness, unbutton, pretend, collar, eyes, biscuits, assignment, chair, hands in hair, archive, overtime, train

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Envy/Any, tentacles
Envy/Greed, blood, caged, claws, cross, drug, mocking, monster
Envy/Lust, bitter, blood-bond, comfort, prize, throne
Envy/Lust/Greed, brand, deserved, lash, taste, tied, torn
Envy/Roy Mustang, bitch, gunsucking
Envy/Zolf J. Kimblee, blood, dressup, marked, raw
Original!Greed/Ling!Greed, mirror, scratch, walls
Roy Mustang/Maes Hughes, chains, comfort, covet, fate, heat, pride, shame, stolen, wounded
Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye, deep, drink, gold, promise, rain
Scar/Adult!Winry, revenge
Zolf J. Kimblee/Roy Mustang, kneel, scorched, volatile
Zolf J. Kimblee/Scar, burn, vengeance, victorious, violate

Kif/Amy, indulgence, distance, date, gravity
Bender/Leela, attachments, steel, rub, cold, nipples, difficulties, well
Fry/Bender, roommates
Fry/Leela, finally, yearn, handcuffs, old fashioned
Fry/Leela/Bender, meatbags, better, ridiculous, friendship, wingman
Hermes Conrad/LaBarbara Conrad, sugarcane, penny, twine

Gabriel (2007)
Gabriel/Amitiel, night, remember, soldier, strength, wings
Gabriel/Raphael, comrade, fight, heal
Gabriel/Uriel, guide, heal, soldier, war
Raphael/Ithuriel, army, youth

Galerians: ASH
ASH/Pat, accept, apocalypse, ending
ASH/Rion, earthquake, toxic, predict, nuclear
Pat/Rion, delete, reprogram, download

Game of Thrones
Arya Stark/Jon Snow, care, initiation, good bye, love
Catelyn Stark/Jaime Lannister, hunger, secrets, aftermath, Stoneheart, weapon, let go
Cersei Lannister/Ned Stark, wrath, fire, lion, stolen moments, fever, blood, what-if, sunlight, smile, kneel, unyielding, dungeons, wet, teeth, bite, lion, wolf, queen, price, submit, greed, take, ruin, honor, freedom, frost
Daenerys Targaryen/Arya Stark, AU, training, dragon, power, blade
Daenerys Targaryen/Doreah, trust, teacher, dragon, tomorrow, tender, hands, smile, skin, wet
Daenerys Targaryen/Jon Snow, winter, fire, arranged, blood, protection, understanding
Daenerys Targaryen/Sansa Stark, fairytale, strength, longing, faith, lace, smile, fealty
Daenerys Targaryen/Ser Jorah, blood, candle, clean, oral, voice, second, ride
Daenerys Targaryen/Viserys, blinding, fingernail, nipple, quiet, stop, wrong
Jon Snow/Samwell Tarly, trust, brother, sweat, warmth, wolf, negotiation, kindness, huddle, dream
Littlefinger/Sansa Stark, alone, vulnerable
Margaery Tyrell/Sansa Stark, connection, protector, safe, sweet, flowers, yearn, sister, silken
Robb Stark/Sansa Stark, [any], life, love, memories, together, royal, rivalry, petals, snow, skin, mirror, beauty
Robb Stark /Theon, seawater, armed, lost
Sansa Stark /Tyrion, knight, protection, queen, lessons

Kable/Simon, chase, dead, offline, famous, virginity, bite, exchange, desperate, handjob, frottage, discovery, protection, desire, roadtrip, freedom, eating, laughter, heat, swimming, danger, rage, nightmares, happiness

Ga-Rei Zero
Yomi Isayama/Kagura Tsuchimiya, spirit, sword, Pocky, sister

Goliath/Elisa, floor, biting, midnight, dance, gentle, romance, new, touch, difficulty, human
Angela/Broadway, premature, poetry, mate, flight
Elisa/Goliath, kiss, family, flight
Fox/Puck/Xanatos, cunning, magic, adventure
Owen/Xanatos, chameleon, glasses, immortality, quicksilver, secretary
Xanatos/Fox, roleplay, foreplay, fun

Saejima Kouga/Suzumura Rei, blade, wolf, teeth, partner

Vincent Freeman/Jerome Eugene Morrow, identity, understanding, alcohol, straddle, luck

Gay Pirates
Narrator/Sebastian, hidden, first, whip, love

General Hospital
Carly/Claudia, mob, run, crazy, liar, clothes, stilettos, red, scheme
Carly/Johnny, couch, [any]
Dante/Lulu, honeymoon, vows
Elizabeth Webber/Emily Quartermaine, love, loss, surviving
Elizabeth Webber/Nikolas Cassadine, anal, betrayal, Wyndamere, bang, reckless, morning, summer, hope
Elizabeth Webber/Sam McCall, hate sex, painting
Elizabeth/Matt, fever, trust, sorry, hug, sweet
Ethan Lovett/Kristina Davis, forgiveness, last night, school
Ethan/Johnny, drunk, adrenaline, secret, rough
Ethan/Johnny/Kristina, sheets, argument, burn, question, dirty
Ethan/Kristina, distance, masturbate, kiss, passion, heaven, warning, return, older, ignore, leave, back, bracelet, gamble, trust, illuminate, right
Jason/Carly, Jakes, bar, pool, side, older, young, remember, son, pregnant, rain, fall, catch, us, against, world, revenge, dance, song, nostalgia, hot, gun, adventure, fur
Jason/Carly/Claudia, anything
Johnny/Claudia, want, need, father, guns, mob, family, insane, black, caress, nobody, anger, revenge
Johnny/Lulu, drunk, moonlight, snow, memory, jealousy, piano, love
Johnny/Maxie, caught, public, spanking, taste, naked
Johnny/Olivia, blindfold, dominatrix, couch, tequila, bittersweet
Lucky/Emily, grape, snow cone, summer, laughter, ghost, best friends, rich, feud, hands
Lucky/Maxie, crush, older, eyes, guitar, sing, bite, fell, hips, smile
Lulu Spencer/Maxie Jones, roommates, wild side

Generation Kill
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, after-effects, awe, badass, banter, barehanded, canon-based, clarity, clean, confidence, determination, faith, green, grit, hangover, in character, in theatre, orders, pride, purpose, reach, refusal, ringer, shadows, shock, sightline, wrists, wrong, body armor, karma, space, teeth, wolfskin, command, hands, confidenceheat, miles, hot-tub, stop, Air Force One, aboard, werewolves, liar, wall, quiet, silence, trust, self-control, dirt, dust, battle, tussle, heroics, bounty hunter, downtime, politics, warrior, sarcasm, dry, storm, stillness, diving, sea, drown, picture, evidence, tattoo, sting, fly, dress blues, aftermath, adrenaline, hand-to-hand, arrest, wave, sail, medal, self-restraint, can't ask, circumspect, pressure, unfuck, discipline, shieldmate, prison, slave, Roman, bloodshed, equals, surrender, pin, victor, unsaid, glance, burning, hellfire, relinquish, telling, competition, intimidating, gravity, tentative, gentle, dark, weary, absolution, longing, too deep, distraction, tease, repartee, parry, denial, perceptive, mastery, pact, competence, soak up, conference, seminar, libo, vacation, bumbling, jealousy, lost, tension, skin, water, summer, heat, salt, letter, tequila, smooth, pin, secret, whisper, tangerine
Brad Colbert/Ray Person, broken, bruise, collar, guitar, hope, longing, radio, trust, California, bruise, first time, bicker, motorcycle, high school, discipline, domestic, country, possession, rough, bondage, vampire, intent, leather, weapon, gunplay, Mexico, troublemaker, speechless, poster, tie, necklace, quiet, brawl, pirate!AU, scars, twisted, silence, repetition, whisper, silk, write, soft, surrender, hands, laugh, dress blues, sleepy, game, desert night, road trip, retreat, cigarette
Brad Colbert/Ray Person/Nate Fick, surprise, trust, rope, hold, howl, underworld, needy, rough, secret, genderswap, ropes, bondage, knots, sharing, dp, beaten
Brad Colbert/Ray Person/Nate Fick/Walt Hasser, unexpected, desire, lazy, control, wolf, communication, rough, rope, secret, DADT, apocalypse
Brad Colbert/Tony Espera, brother, dream, negotiation, smoke, intimate
Brad Colbert/Walt Hasser, bite, country, dirt, longing, peanut butter, summer, surprise, trauma, bottle, sign, ache, return, storm, give, touch, struggle, tie, tremble, summer, trust, soldier, caretaking, skin, heat, tongue
fem!Brad Colbert/fem!Ray Person, fellow feeling, stereotype, Amazon, close quarters
John Christeson/Evan 'Q-Tip' Stafford, banter, forever, blowjobs
Nate Fick/Timothy 'Doc' Bryan, bed, first, rough, injured, comfort
Nate Fick/Ray Person, amusement, boat, dark, flirt, handcuffs, table, comfort, rhythm, study, power, shelter, ink, play, spoiled, discretion, expensive, AU, superheroes, regrets, unexpected, dream, fever, casual, first time, flirt, connection, cocky, heist, apocalypse
Walt Hasser/Ray Person, first, bite, choke, adrenalin, sand, accident, whispers, porn, prostitution, guilt, once, denial, lick, genderswap

Gentleman Bastard Sequence - Scott Lynch
Locke/Jean, role, alone, boat
Locke/Sabetha, noise, clothes, practice
Nazca/anyone, cold and lovely, boss, steel

Kudou Himiko/any, poison, youth, bitter, strength, peace
MakubeX/Kakei Sakura, comfort, knowledge, innocence, silk
Midou Ban/Amano Ginji, backseat, outdoors, lightening, time, violence, safety, darkness
Otowa Madoka/Fuyuki Shido, home, delicate, musical, bite

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Batou/Makoto, masquerade, plugged-in, unseen

Ghost Whisper
Melinda/Rick, second chances, jungle, what if

Ghost World (movie)
Enid/Rebecca, bored, dress-up, share

Egon Spengler/Janine Melnitz, glasses, roses, subtlety, intense, desk, office chair, determination, kinky, experiment, smart

Gilligan's Island
Ginger/Mary Ann, idolize

Gilmore Girls
Chris/Lorelai Gilmore, backseat, alcohol, inn, proposal, mistake
Dean/Rory Gilmore, swingset, giggle
Jess/Rory Gilmore, books, rushed, stacks, sugar, library, quiet, New York City, timing, concentration, shower, so, pursue, stay, fix you, compliment, this time, desire, break, run in, read, permission, seek, typewriter, distraction, dessert, New York, renew, trust, phone, blue
Lorelai Gilmore/Luke Danes, silence, question, thoughts, Giggles, Silence, Sweet, silence, home, mindless
Lorelei Gilmore/Paris Gellar, macaroni, Mrs. Robinson, test, hug, lust
Lorelei Gilmore/Rory Gilmore, Europe, first, punishment
Louise/Lorelai Gilmore, MILF, concert, discipline, vintage
Madeline/Louise/Paris Gellar, loosen up
Paris Gellar/Rory Gilmore, anal, spring break, toys, drunk, insecure, surprise, money, WPM, hymen

Ginger Snaps
Brigitte Fitzgerald/Ginger Fitzgerald, blood, den, mouth, heat, secret, hollow, rage, taste, run, wolfsbane, bite, wild, pack, broken, lick

Hijikata Toshiro/Gintoki, okama, sweets, bubblegum, past, ship, pachinko
Hijikata/Kondo, loyalty, simple, proof, sword, promise, protection
Hijikata/Okita, hatred, friendship, jealousy, uniform, winner
Kondo/Otae, desire, anger, authority, devotion
Kyuubei/Otae, crush, skill, temper, tenderness, shy
Okita/Kagura, destruction, team, devils, strength, love, fight
Okita/Kondo/Hijikata, balance, distrust, banana, oath, routine, comfort, reluctance
Otae/Kyuubei, brave, true, flirting, work, rich

Girl Genius
Klaus Wulfenbach/Zeetha, accidental-incest, violent, lust-love-shame

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Lisbeth Salander/Mikael Blomkvist, close, smart, ruin, whip, control, hate sex
Lisbeth Salander/Miriam Wu, fight, protect, soft

Any character/pairing, solo, mixtape, duet, undone, break up, make up, cover, seduce, crush, bro, Facebook, BreadStiX,
Artie/Kurt Hummel, oops
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel, love, sweet, first time, slow, high, sugar, sick, raw, mess, blanket, shy, nervous, feathers, glitter, Venus, fury, share, versus, defy, lessons, tutoring, costumes, dressing room, first time, moved by music, porn, car, snowed in, phone sex, dildo, frottage, blindfold, shy, inhibited, clothed, roleplay, dance, surprising
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel/Finn Hudson, football, want, sunshine
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel/Mercedes Jones, dance, wishful thinking, support, cuddle
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel/Rachel Berry, overachievers, fun
Blaine Anderson/Tina Cohen-Chang, smile, left behind, culture
Blaine Anderson/Sebastian, [any]
Brittany Pierce/Rachel Berry, figure, sweet, proud
Brittany Pierce /Santana Lopez, closet, dancing, hands, laugh, sunlight, New York, sharing spaghetti, in love, tell the world, photos, SAT, fondue, uniform, locker room, knee socks
Dave Karofsky/Kurt Hummel, realize, try, longing, care, out, worship, prove, slick, Fancy, stage, locker room, guilt, bitter, reality
Dave Karofsky/Sam Evans, web-cam, obedience, orders, lazy day, college dorm, football, Scandals, dance, strip, work
Finn Hudson/Kurt Hummel, confession, forgiveness, bisexuality, bromance, jealousy, touch, camping,
Finn Hudson/Noah Puckerman, snow day, truck, never have I ever, accident, tackle, punch, dense
Finn Hudson/Noah Puckerman/Mercedes Jones, double-team, snap, midnight
Kurt Hummel/any, sugar daddy
Kurt Hummel/Mercedes Jones, determined, lace, pinky-swear, celebration
Lauren Zizes/Mercedes Jones, duet, sweep, spangle, grace
Lauren Zizes/Quinn Fabray, spectator, silence, tulle, ollie, sneaker
Mercedes Jones/any, song
Mercedes Jones/Finn Hudson, unlikely, unexpected, overwhelm, voluptuous, take, open, skirt, tease, observant
Mercedes Jones/Noah Puckerman, red, we'll always have Sinatra, memories, promise, player, submit, bent, finger, slice, roles, reversal, comfortable, wet, rain, sloppy, scar
Mercedes Jones/Quinn Fabray, ice, heat, cheer, sexy, straight, lips, touch, spread, runaway, bounty, toys, sharp, brutal, first time, experience, stockings, shiver, secret, simplicity
Mercedes Jones/Sam Evan/Finn Hudson/Noah Puckerman, harem, honest, share, provocative, protective, completion, claim, interrupted, college, spin, downpour, morning, return, desire, temptation, remember, scent, lick, sinful, bite
Mercedes Jones/Sam Evans/Noah Puckerman, bound, tie, dominant, compulsion, exploration, hunt
Mercedes Jones/Sam Evans/Quinn Fabray, focus, pleasure, reunion
Mike Chang/Tina Cohen-Chang, hands, dance, sweetly, softly, happy
Noah Puckerman/Dave Karofsky, locker room
Quinn Fabray/Noah Puckerman, Drunk, Car, Gym, Riot, Suspenders, Toxic
Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopez, sleepover, punk, pink, practice, strap-on, soft
Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry, hatesex, angry, skanks
Quinn Fabray/Santana, control, flirt, buttons, uptight, bad,
Rachel Berry/Finn Hudson, ring, celebration, stage picnic, any
Rachel Berry/Jesse St. James, performance, fierce, pink, canopy bed, sing, sob, break up, birthday, starting over, kiss, hotel, stage, metronome, scarf, tempo, waltz
Rachel Berry/Noah Puckerman, smoky, regret, purple, time, road trip, truck bed, stars, skinny dip, tony awards, crush, rebounding, serenade, karaoke, afterschool, public, truck, pool, hair pulling, easy, fingers, guitar, knee socks, lessons, vibrator
Rachel Berry/Santana Lopez, lightbulb, magnets, New York, choice, wait, firsts, concert, direction, virginity, girlfriend, cheerlead, domestic, insult, spin the bottle, in the closet, competition, roommates, drunk, denial, strap-on, fingers, duet
Rachel Berry/Noah Puckerman/Quinn Fabray, graduation night, sex tape, sleepover
Rachel Berry/Sebastian, singoff, competitive, acting.
Rory/Sam Evans, [any]
Sam Evans/Mercedes Jones, secret, clasp, missing, longing,
Sam Evans/Finn Hudson, college, shower, waiting
Sebastian/Kurt Hummel, smooth, dislike, disdain, curse, hate!Sex, success
Terri/Quinn Fabray, contact
Tina Cohen-Chang/any, self, expression
Will Schuester/Rachel Berry, [any], fingers, secret, adultery, NYADA, engagement, future, love, hope, comfort, roleplay, divorce, bar, jealousy, skirts, vests, Spanish, graduation, forbidden, taboo, need, teacher, student, desk, school, control, sing, voices, experience, Broadway, fan, star, New York, gone, graduation, leave, wish, common, ambition
Will Schuester/Sue Sylvester, [any]
Will Schuester/Finn Hudson, premature
Will Schuester/Kurt Hummel, fag
Will Schuester/Quinn Fabray, comfort, duet, tutor, babysit, detention, flirt, naughty, inspiration, cheat
Will Schuester/Glee club, grades

Global Frequency
Aleph/any, talk, wavelength, break

Go (movie)
Todd/Claire, [any], new years eve, second try, loud, messy

Go Fish (1994)
Kia/any, revolution, fierce, hands
Max West/any, lessons, breath, fingernails

Basco/Joe, resistance, summer, clock, stranded
Don/Marvelous, twitter, phone, midnight, green, butter
Luka/Ahim, sleeping beauty, urgency, aphrodisiac, dream, pink,
Marvelous/Basco/Joe, siblings, school, competition, ankles
Marvelous/Joe, canines, soil, afternoon, lush

Yankumi/Shin, awkward, fist, court, girlfriend, graduate
Sawada Shin/Yamaguchi Kumiko, boss, mine, friends, bloody, calm, early, enthusiasm, glasses, graduation, knee-highs, pride, surprise, cornered, teaching, speech, tradition, approval
Yamaguchi Kumiko/any, flirt, acceptance

Golden Sun
[any], zephyr, breeze, crush, tipped, strong, solid, warm, mischievous

Alec Trevelyan/James Bond, undercover, hotel room, adrenalin, understanding, bond, fear

Goldrush: A Real Life Alaskan Adventure
Fizzy/Madison: court, stubborn, new leaf

Gone with the Wind (book or movie)
Rhett Buttler/Ashley, grief, time, war, lonely, torn, nostalgic
Melanie/Scarlett O'Hara, smoke
Rhett Butler/Scarlett O'Hara, wanting, desperate, again, love, reconnecting, finding peace, shattered glass, over his shoulder, kiss, under her skirts

Good Luck Charlie
Teddy/Skylar, jealousy, tease

Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Aziraphale/Crowley, wings, tails, towels, wine, sing, cottage, sleepy, historical, armour, toga, pre-Fall, transubstantiation, glasses, begging, vacation, smoking, politics, tender, genderswap, karaoke, slow, lingerie, candlelight, tea and crumpets, angel, demon, bond, feathers, wings, tongue, cross, feathers, nails, pages
Crowley/angels, non-con, punishment
Crowley/Pollution, filth, trash, bed, bath

Gossip Girl
Blair Waldorf/Chuck Bass, babies, marriage, changes, hurt, fire, ice, whip, spank, Victrola, glass, silk, bath, honey, Tender, Real, future, crave, irresistible, dreaming, fight, silk, limo, watch, kiss, destroy, marry, divorce, macaroons, Paris, role play, tie me up, feather, teasing, office
Blair Waldorf/Chuck Bass/Serena van der Woodsen, sharing, punishment, you belong, love, pet
Blair Waldorf/Dan Humphrey, car, airport, train station, sheets, ache, autobiographical, bet, breakfast, caught, clean, closer, cunt, curl, dance, dictionary, driver, drunk, excuses, eyelash, fond, frown, gin, hands, heroine, honesty, hot, hypothetical, ink, irony, jaw, lazy, lonely, mistletoe, mouth, novel, proof, oral, rain, ride, shower, slow, stairs, sweat, tease, teeth, third, wet, words, zipper, ankle, bend, bite, bruise, closet, crumbs, grind, haircut, hickey, kink, lipstick, never, nipple, okay, recovery, ribbon, rough, shave, strain, tights, voice, book, confession, friendship, classic, comfort, first, discovery, storm, library, test, more, clandestine, excuses, Paris, benefactor, lights, Brooklyn, simplicity, friends with benefits, grind, Desire, phone sex, champagne, kisses, flushed, taxi, ache, curl, hands, mouth, rain, necklace, goodbyes, Chanel #5, jeans, pretend, on her knees, hands and lattes, manners, literature, rescue, courting, freeze, runaways, movies, museums, writing, fiction, respect, escape, waiter, stranger, artistic, bouquet, lyrics, forget, secret, dress, uniform,
Blair Waldorf/Jenny Humphrey, lesson, respect, sleepover, danger, trust
Blair Waldorf/Serena van der Woodsen, touches, giggles, love, best friends, never forget, before wedding, partytoys, bondage, chocolate syrup
Blair Waldorf/Dan Humphrey/Chuck Bass, drinks, codependency, trust, long-term, ours
Blair Waldorf/Vanessa, competition, dorm, humiliation, movie, quiet
Carter Baizen/Blair Waldorf, panties
Carter Baizen/Chuck Bass, first,
Carter Baizen/Dan Humphrey, low, night, laughter, control
Carter Baizen/Jenny Humphrey, found, coincidence
Carter Baizen/Nate Archibald, question,
Carter Baizen/Vanessa Abrams, principles, Spain, adventure
Chuck Bass/Dan Humphrey, shopping, weekend, breathplay, sober, friendship, , partners, betrayal, common, confession, dirty, roleplay
Chuck Bass/Dan Humphrey/Blair Waldorf, formalwear, interview, biting, breakfast
Chuck Bass/Nate Archibald, typical, roommates, tradition
Chuck Bass/Eric/Serena Van Der Woodsen, privelege, lush, overstimulated, bondage, D/S, coersion
Chuck Bass/Serena Van Der Woodsen, incest
Dan Humphrey/Blair Waldorf/Nate Archibald, belonging, homecoming, penetration, Liberty, Paris, Tower
Jenny Humphrey/Nate Archibald, wall, hard, fantasy, repeat, desperation
Nate Archibald/Serena Van Der Woodsen/Dan Humphrey, beach, affection, cuddling,
Nate Archibald/Dan Humphrey, coffee, dating, blowjob, sleeping, vacation, writing, movies, dreaming, playing, lust, beginning
Vanessa Abrams/Nate Archibald

Chloe/Miranda, touch, shiver, escape, hold

Grandma's House
Simon/Ben, daydream

Gray Matters
Gray/Sam/Charlie, drunk, inevitable, open

Greek and Roman Mythology

Eros/Psyche, worship, golden, darkness, find
Persephone/Hades, choice, power, promise, glow, rival, vow, stolen, atonement

Greek Mythology
Andromache/Hector, love, attraction, passion, intense, last time
Andromache/Helenus, survival, affection, strength, union
Aphrodite/Hephaestus, insult, argue, hate
Apollo/Artemis, celestial, abandon, endless, stag, chariot
Apollo/Eris, chaos, lies, bondage, hate, naked
Ariadne/Minotaur, secret, taboo, ours, connection, savage
Artemis/Apollo, golden, endless, other half, dreams, waking, sibling rivalry, children, trick, wrestle, bold, voyeurism
Artemis/Perhephone, mentor, playful, freedom, strength, follow, spring, meadow, roots, pure, infatuation
Circe/Penelope, magic, fine, fingers, curling, seduce, logic, smirk, wine, worship
Demeter/Hades, difference, paths, cold, nipple, summer
Eros/Psyche, air, arrow, beauty, candles, garden, hurting, love, servant
Eurydice/satyr, tease, fruit, sweet, desire, chase
Hades/Persephone, constant, change, last time, world end, throne, death, subversion, wicked, flirt, winter, trial and error, happiness, warmth, fingerprints, bound, shadows, throne, curse, wine, back, memory male!Persephone, modern, cold, truth, devotion
Hera/Aphrodite/Athena, brains, beauty, peacock, challenge, snowball
Icarus/Theseus, glimpse, attraction, fling, wall, handjob
Neoptolemus/Andromache, slow, growing, trust
Neoptolemus/Helenus, comfort, guilt, heartbreak, apologies, penance
Neoptolemus/Helenus/Andromache, please, protect, lady, respect, modern AU
Penelope/Ulysses, always, return, open, tales, wisdom, cleverness, partnership
Polyxena/Iphigenia, sacrifice, shared, afterwards, eyes, hollow, afterlife, remember, reincarnations, revenge

Ashleigh/Casey, hangover, sisterhood, spring break
Casey/Rebecca, blackmail, hate sex

Green Lantern
Guy Gardner/Kyle Rayner, guard, honor, partner, bar, kiss, paint
Kyle Rayner/Hal Jordan, flight, rings, games
Kyle Rayner/Ion, favorite, creation, souls, precious
Kyle/Rayner/Thaal Sinestro, marked, terror, fight
Parallax/Hal Jordan, mine, hurt, scream, wrong, want
Parallax/Ion, dual, better, worse, steal, gain
Thaal Sinestro/Hal Jordan, touch, sadist, return, kiss with a fist, fixation, mirrored

Green Lantern: First Flight
Thaal Sinestro/Hal Jordan, saying yes, earthboy, failure

Green Street Hooligans
Matt/Bov, mourning, redemption, rival
Matt/Pete, any

Grey's Anatomy
Addison Montgomery/Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, salmon, surgery, marzipan, lingerie, sweet, steam, zero
Addison Montgomery/Isobel "Izzie" Stevens /Meredith Grey, eyeroll, hiccup
Alex Karev/Addison Montgomery, Los Angeles, party, need, missing, formal wear, escape
Alex Karev/George O'Malley, scrubs, dark, stairs, beer
Alex Karev/Meredith Grey, alternate universe love, twisted, drunk, want, elevator, happy, secret, innocent, shared, over, antagonistic, comfort, frozen, inside, couch, empty, misery, scratch, whatever, tequila, charming
Alex Karev/Meredith Grey/Cristina Yang, originals
Alex Karev/April Kepner, virgin, drunk
April Kepner/Jackson Avery, first time, fancy dress, high heels, morning, love, lust, first, v-card, the crummy summer we had, blizzard, train, collarbone, shoulders, and hurting you will be the first of many more regrets to come, lungs, liars, proof, the farm, things fall apart, a cure for this, contact, someone who should know better, taste, wash the blood off, clover, catch, christmas lights, history, one more night in hollywood, eastern standard time, you can't go home again, citrus, blue, rainstorm
Callie Torres/Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, bondage, hate!sex, rough, [any]
Cristina Yang/Meredith Grey, we can do this
Derek Shepherd/Meredith Grey, toys, pregnant, rough, public, spanking, drunk
Derek Shepherd/Owen Hunter, accidental, stimulation
Henry/Teddy Altman, married, make-up sex, ring, you scratch my back…
Isobel "Izzie" Stevens/Alex Karev, Please, unreasonable, on-call, on call room, tattoo, model, always,
Jackson/Mark, long-surgery, adrenaline, sex-talk, telephone-sex, wrong-number, movie-night, pizza, gay-movie, group-shower, elevator, claustrophic, distraction
Lexie Grey/Alex Karev, together again, night, car
Lexie Grey/Mark Sloan, teacher, jealousy, crisis, smile, baseball, dance
Mark Sloan/Addison Montgomery, scalpels, finally, affair, old movies, medical school, sutures, hate sex, hair pulling, bruises, Red, stubble, sore, strangers, doctor, glasses, come, scotch, sins, mistresses, brownstone, blame, travel, forgive, lonely
Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery, teaching, repeat, tequila, inevitable, green
Meredith Grey/Cristina Yang, bed, voyeur, competition
Meredith Grey/Cristina Yang, dancing, comfort
Meredith Grey/ Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, holidays, reunion, roommates, seriously, stealing, whimper, temper, sucker, Hello Kitty, strap-on
Jackson/Lexie Grey, bossy, dirty
Meredith Grey/Isobel "Izzie" Stevens/Alex Karev, repeat, whatever, on-call, taste
Meredith Grey/Lexie Grey, dna, desperate, caught, tequila, dare, best, AU
Meredith Grey/Lexie Grey/Addison Montgomery, tequila, family, accidents, never
Meredith Grey/Lexie Grey/Alex Karev, voyeurism, tequila, roommates, on-call
Teddy Altman/Cristina Yang, comfort, substitution, scalpel, hearts, ribs, guide, teach, fist, hands, latex, grief, obey, wanton
Teddy Altman/Owen Hunter/Cristina Yang, negotiate, balance, hormones, oncall room
Teddy Altman/Owen Hunter, widow, grief, taste
Ellis Grey/Meredith Grey, hands

Monroe/Nick Burkhardt, betrayal, boredom, protective, blood, chase, forbidden, fur, mate, red, submissive, tradition, wild, caught, cello, control, danger, drag, naked, instinct, scent, spell, eating, protection, red, music, devotion, forest, danger, cooking, memories, death, choke, human, season, clocks
Nick Burkhardt/Adalind Schade, gun, deal, hate, book, opposite, negotiation, despise, wrong
Nick Burkhardt/Juliette Silverton/Hank Griffin, fear

Grosse Pointe
Dave/Marcy, accidental simulation, hang ups, beautiful awkward
Marcy/Sarah Michelle Gellar, yoga
Quentin/Johnny, dude

Guardians of Time
Lady Arabella/Charlotte, rival, truth
Lady Arabella/Ethan, lost, bath, history, afterwards, good, lake

Guiding Light
Doris Wolfe/Natalia Rivera/Olivia Spencer, closet, double penetration, wild side
Natalia Rivera/Olivia Spencer, anal, farmhouse, kitchen table, pool
Roger/Holly, desk, bruise, busy

Gundam 00
Setsuna/Feldt, flower bed, fairydust, blood, zero gravity, cockpit

Gundam Wing
Duo Maxwell/Heero Yuy, injured, rush, safehouse, alone, careening, water, eyes, wipe, memory, bittersweet, salve
Duo Maxwell/Heero Yuy/Chang Wufei, careful, solid, perfect, gravity, sand, strength, dragon
Duo/Hilde, domesticity, cunnilingus, turnabout, fair-play, equal, respect, greasy, goofy, lovable
Duo/Relena, adrenaline, nuns, fun, relaxation
Heero Yuy/Trowa Barton, rescue, acrobat, cake
Heero/Relena, dream, queen, gunplay, femme!dom, male!dom, teddybear, lingerie, bodyguard, influential, uniforms, freedom, if, scars, improvised bondage, cockpit, zero gravity, gravity, experimentation, improvisation, ZERO System, hope, faith, trust, strength, [any], hesitant, alcove, night, dancing,, relief, sanctuary, chance, affection,cunnilingus, completion
Middie/Any, tentative, mission, honesty, lies, vulnerable, deadly, [any]
Middie/Trowa, older, reunion, exorcise, memories
Noin/Zechs, high heels, whip, reverse
Quatre/Dorothy, duel, music, anger, denial
Sally Po/Chang Wufei, happy, focus, team, food
Sally/Noin, interlude, companion, satisfaction, break, kindred
Sally/Une, professional, pleasure, relax, mourning, [any]
Trowa Barton/Quatre Winner, innocent, paradise, sound, fright, face, soft, smooth, hair, shirt, sick, shower
Trowa/Middie/Quatre, friends, enemies, close, danger, [any]
Wufei/Sally, silly, tickle, outrage
Zechs Marquise/Heero Yuy, family, surprise, bondage, soldiers,
Zechs/Noin, humor, strand, cunnilingus, tease, challenge, workout, finesse, cockpit

Gundam ZZ
Elle/Judau, home, family, high school, cockpit, teamwork, [any]
Mashima/Haman, fantasy, roses, femdom

Gunslinger Girl
Henrietta/Claes, different
Henrietta/Eleanora, define
Henrietta/Rico, love
Henrietta/Triela, pain, sweetie, Beethoven
Rico/Triela, blood

Gyakuten Saiban aka Ace Attorney
[any], objection!, gotcha!, science!, rock and roll, guilty, punishment, verdict, lease, payment, hamburgers
Franziska von Karma/Adrian Andrews, discipline, teach, understand,
Klavier Gavin/Apollo Justice, dare, tease, bite
Adrian Andrews/Franziska von Karma, control, teaching, whip
Pearl Fey/Trucy Wright, fun, magic, panties

Herbie/Rose, proposal, flaunt, mouth, candy, need, forgiven
Rose/any, love, stage lights, unexpected, manipulate, depression, opportunist, vase, glove

H20: Just Add Water
Cleo/Emma/Rikki, together, swimming, wet, secret, moonlight, pool
Emma/Rikki, cold, warm, faster, water, acceptance, magical

Hanasaku Iroha
Minko/Ohana, fairy tale, nicknames, belligerent
Minko/Ohana/Nako, [any]

Hanna (2011)
Hanna/Sophie, [any], after, hunting, friends, kiss, smile, dress-up, college, learning, normal, shine, travel, bracelet, kiss

Hannah Montana
Lilly Truscott/Jackson Stewart, perfect, pretty, older, college, beach, straddle, award, drunk

Hannibal Lecter Series - Thomas Harris
Clarice/Hannibal, food, poetry, real, beneath, mask, edge, dance, sleek

Happy Endings (TV)
Alex Kerkovich/Dave Rose, before
Brad/Jane, scented candles, Gwen Stefani, staycation, proud, roleplay, nicknames, spontaneous
Max Blum/Dave Rose, trust
Max Blum/Penny Hartz, college, pegging

Hardy Boys
Chet Morton/any, hobby, plump, eager, moan, fright, panting, jalopy
Joe/Iola, first

Hark! A Vagrant
Pirate/Nemesis, rum, likeness, captured, earnest, roll, hold, cannon, gentle, rope, first, intense, realisation, surrender, blush, treasure, taste, heat, tender, sail, understand, gentle, ropes, jealousy, posess, shadows, hips

Harry Potter
Aberforth/Ariana, protect
Alice Longbottom/Lily Evans, magic
Alicia Spinnet/Angelina Johnson, familiar
Alicia Spinnet/Angelina Johnson/Katie Bell, flying, games, practice, showers, team
Angelina Johnson/Fred Weasley/George Weasley, ghost
Angelina/George, [any]
Audrey/Percy, wild, scratch, soulmates.
Bellatrix/Hermione, blood, defeat, red, table, turnaround
Bellatrix/Hermione/Umbridge, scars we left
Bellatrix/Lily, dark corners
Bellatrix/Luna, dreams
Bellatrix/Molly, youth
Bellatrix/Trelawney, darkness
Bill/Draco, freckles, ginger, scar, wolf, bite
Bill/Fleur, pearls, soft, Beauxbatons, Mirror of Erised
Bill/Charlie, sun, red, hot, forbidden, delicious, yesterday
Bill/Harry, tall, sweet, summer, Egypt, experience, cursed
Bill/Neville, bloom, smooth
Blaise Zabini/Daphne Greengrass, gold, midnight, abroad, seductive, train
Cedric/Harry, stop, go, fast, slow
Charlie/Draco, straps, glint, teach, youth
Charlie/Neville, ivy, tattoos, egg, holiday, train
Charlie/Harry, dragons, fire, life, death, fling, promise, early
Charlie/Scorpius, werewolf, bite, romance
Charlie/Teddy, daddy
Cho Chang/Ginny Weasley, rivalry
Cho Chang/Hermione Granger, practice, textbook, didactic
Cho Chang/Katie Bell, games
Cho Chang/Lavender Brown, unsure
Cho Chang/Luna Lovegood, exposure, secrets, word-games
Cho Chang/Marietta Edgecome, friends
Cho Chang/Padma Patil, word-play
Dean Thomas/Seamus Finnigan, summer, secret, practice, football
Dean/Luna, [any]
Draco Malfoy/[any], 19 years later
Draco Malfoy/Arthur Weasley, vibrators
Draco Malfoy/Asteria Greengrass, silk, loud, Knockturn Alley, Legilimens, invitation, polite conversation, dinner party,
Draco Malfoy/Asteria Greengrass/Harry Potter ropes, humiliate, the Hog's Head, Veritaserum
Draco Malfoy/Crabbe&Goyle!polyjuiced as random young girls, abuse
Draco Malfoy/Giant Squid, tentacles
Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, [any], family, happiness, rough, confession, life, jealousy, marriage, dream, warmth, deep, night, stockings, manor, honeymoon, lingerie, silky, seduction, jealous, public sex, quickie, brooms, D/s, angry
Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter, jealousy, perfume, seduce, the Hogwarts Bath, the Snitch
Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson, voyeur
Draco Malofy/Hermione Granger, dirt, hate sex, humiliation, matriarchy, beg, furtive, library, blood, war, guardian, secrets, rain
Draco Malfoy/Kingsley, respect, held
Draco Malfoy/Neville Longbottom, fumbling
Draco Malfoy/Pansy Parkinson, old friends, smirk, tattoo, water, fairy tale
Draco Malfoy/Ron Weasley, [any], forgiveness, spy, aftermath,
Draco Malfoy/Rose Weasley, hair brush, hurt, the Leaky Cauldron, Amortentia
Dudley/Luna, first, see
Dudley/Millicent, blood, feint
Dumbledore/Fawkes, punishment
Dumbledore/Grindelwald, genius, doubt
fem!Draco/fem!Harry, [any], enemy
Fleur Delacour/Ginny Weasley, fire, bath, summer, French, feminine
Fleur Delacour/Hermione Granger, french, books, hair, jealousy, seduction
Fleur Delacour/Luna Lovegood, unexpected, water, yellow
Fleur Delacour/Nymphadora Tonks, similar, cream
Fleur/Gabrielle, knowing
Fleur/Harry, thank you, Veela
Fleur/Tonks morphed as Bill, infidelity
Fred/George, taffy
Gabrielle Delacour/Ginny Weasley, fun, ivory
Gabrielle Delacour/Luna Lovegood, ethereal
George Weasley/Angelina Johnson, leather, hard, Hogsmeade, Relashio
George Weasley/Lee Jordan, commentary during sex, the joke's on me, domestic bliss
Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger, around, comfort, empathy, experiment, friendship, perform, ready, seven, sweetness, tea, tired, tongue, magic, red hair, wands
Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood, alone
Ginny Weasley/Katie Bell, flying
Ginny Weasley/Lavender Brown, girly, dormitories, sublimating, brush
Ginny Weasley/Luna Lovegood, break, broomsticks, bubbles, dancing, defend, feathers, first-time, freckles, leader, Muggles, new, silver, sunshine, train, nonsensical, forest, braids, purple, buttons, silver, freckles, daydream, knees, rain, feathers, bubbles, sunshine
Ginny Weasley/McGonagall, freckles, red, blush, winsome, cat
Ginny Weasley/Narcissa, bite
Ginny Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks, fun, color, half, water, experience, fur
Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson, simlilarities, power, popular, comparison, persuade
Ginny Weasley/Snape, prostitution
Ginny Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy, riding crop, slap, the Burrow, Muffiliato
Ginny Weasley/Tom Riddle, mine
Hannah Abbott/Susan Bones, friends
Harry Potter/Colin, camera
Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, dream, inexorable, shadow, scars, snitch, war, tangled, complicated, possibility, scars, desperate, woo, hearts, stereotype, club, reputation, outdoors, drive, find, realize
Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, candle, quick, classroom, Patented Daydream Charms, Catharsis, minibreak, Paris, Talking, Stockings, grass, Quidditch pitch, tower, quick, silly, family
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, control, leather, skirt, [any], grass, library, rain, adrenaline, muggle, Train, Lace, Candle, Tent, truth, war, filter, trauma, burn, sleight, electric, hands, lines, quiet, lines, cartography, maps, boundary, tent, aftermath, kitchen, contained, winter, unexpected, winter, cold hands, wish, secret, dare, spell, polyjuice, potion, luck, wet, cold, hogwarts express, forbidden forest, comfort, chocolate
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, trust, double team, magic, magic toys, senses, camping, chocolate, comfort, sleeping, once, nightmares, tent
Harry Potter/Lord Voldemort, conquest, fairytale, soulmate, trophy, vessel
Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, sunlight, roam, breathless, bailiwick, effulgent,
Harry Potter/Millicent, curl, soft, stiff
Harry Potter/Padma Patil, fold, shimmer, eyelashes
Harry Potter/Ron Weasley, vestibule, gnome, sunshine
Harry Potter/Severus Snape, transition, unperturbed, impertinent, importune, restless, envy, jagged, wanderer, sentry, brave
Hermione Granger/[any], experiment, mutual, war
Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley, girl talk, curiosity
Hermione Granger/Hermione Granger, time-turner
Hermione Granger/Lucius Malfoy, chain, smoke, suited, red, wall
Hermione Granger/Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape, danger, interest, touch, new
Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood, ink, library, pale, riddles, runes, stories, textbook, tower, quills
Hermione Granger/Nymphadora Tonks, research
Hermione Granger/Padma Patil, academic, books, literary-reference, restricted-section, studying, words, shelves, taken, committed
Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson, annoyance, barriers, champion, revelation, social, twist, Veritaserum
James Potter/Asteria Greengrass, roses, caress, the Quidditch Pitch, Obliviate
James Potter/Lily Evans, flying, secret, hush, studying, noir, teenagers, masturbation, banter
Lavender Brown/Padma Patil, confusion
Lavender Brown/Padma Patil/Parvati Patil, twin-fantasy
Lavender Brown/Pansy Parkinson, twisted
Lavender Brown/Parvati Patil, familiar, holiday, humidity, corners, anxiety
Lee/Cho, secrets, radio, static, whispers
Lily Evans/Narcissa Black, assumptions
Lily Evans/Severus Snape, between, kill, legs, milk, red, unforgiven, different, pure
Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy, persian rug, ravish, the cellars in Malfoy Manor, Imperio, purity, Hogwarts, appearances, careful, table, possessive, thrill, heroes
Lucius Malfoy/Lily Evans, mistake, unsettling, obliviate
Luna Lovegood/Lily Evans, name
Luna Lovegood/Nymphadora Tonks, questions, colours, moon
Luna Lovegood/Padma Patil, clever
Luna Lovegood/Severus Snape, patronus, gentle, butterbeer
Luna Lovegood/Xenophilius, fairy tales, partners, truth
Marcus Flint/Percy Wesley, bully, spanking, liquor, ball gag, blindfold, restrain, hardness, prefect badge, uniform, delayed-orgasm, rimming, deepthroating
Marcus Flint/Oliver Wood, polishing broomsticks, shadows, winning, reluctant roommates
Marcus Flint/Katie, lesson, unexpected
Minerva McGonagall/Charlie Weasley (adult), adrenalin, flying
Minerva McGonagall/Hermione, discipline
Minerva McGonagall/Luna, tongue
Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape, touch, unspoken, skirts, fight!sex, gentle, potions, manipulate, serve, puppy-love, waltz, dungeons, fem-dom, male-dom, Soho, hope
Minerva McGonagall/Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, weariness, indulgence, animalistic
Minerva McGonagall/Tom Riddle, manipulation
Molly Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks, comfort, knitting
Narcissa/Tonks, courage
Neville/Ginny, library, warm, wine, ink, stained, mark, smudge
Neville/Ginny/Luna, alternates, war weary, knit
Neville/Luna, match, post-battle, reunion, Muggle motel, tongue-tied
Neville/Millicent, dirt, fist
Neville/Ron, first
Nymphadora Tonks/Charlie Weasley, Wild
Nymphadora Tonks/Kingsley Shacklebolt, genderbend, roleplay, rainbow, size, soothe
Nymphadora Tonks/Remus Lupin, morph, tentative, reunion
Padfoot/Harry, kinky
Padma Patil/Pansy Parkinson, curiosity
Padma Patil/Parvati Patil, differences
Pansy Parkinson/Parvati Patil, desire
Pansy/Ginny/Angelina/Tonks, greedy
Pansy/Luna, protective
Parvati/Dean, cautious, paint, creation
Remus/Lucius, secrets, safety
Remus/Sirius, old house, Order of the Phoenix shirts, secret love letters,, hide, saint, transform, moon, love, memory, teenagers, blowjob, middle-aged, lost, prayer, timeless, treasure, puppy love, reticent
Ron/Hermione, blindfold, slow, car park, Disillusionment Charm, marriage, tentative, art appreciation
Ron/Luna, cooking, pregnant, finger painting, laugh, echo, river, water, sweater, knit, together, home, hearth, restraint, skin, freckles, blanket, Tingle, Carpet, Stairs, Blush
Ron/Tom Riddle, diary, memories, sacrifice, freedom
Ron/Voldemort, double agent, throne, courtship
Rose Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy, lace, Victorian, Edwardian, ankles, collarbones, abscond, deliberate, corset, argument, clever, frenemy, doubt, soar, strawberries, quiet, the Ministry, Incarcerous
Rowena Ravenclaw/Helga Hufflepuff, rebel, youth, charm, sharp, smirk, press, nibble
Rowena Ravenclaw/Salazar Slytherin, books, dust, daughter, green, blue, fly, freedom
Salazar Slytherin/Godric Gryffindor, lion, snake, fierce, cold, pump, limp, cold, discarded, wrap, hips
Salazar Slytherin/Helga Hufflepuff, giggle, hush, hitch, skirts, younger, beauty, gold, defend, lady
Scorpius Malfoy/Rose Weasley/Albus Severus Potter chocolate, take, Grimmauld Place, Pensieve
Sirius/James/Lily, home
Sirius/Severus, rough, secret, wrong
Snape/Draco, curtains, promise
Snape/Tom Riddle/Harry, choices
The Giant Squid/any seventh-year student born before 1940
Tom Riddle/Ginny Weasley, breathe, spy, possession, red, name
Umbridge/Hermione, test

Hart of Dixie
Annabeth/Zoe Hart, sleepover, confessions, closet
Lemon Breeland/George Tucker, reunion, party, food
Lemon Breeland/Lavon Hayes, absence, intrigue, angst, night, sensual, shame, different, perfect, hat, honey, relapse, guilt, kitchen, power outage, handshake, more than friends
Lemon Breeland/Zoe Hart, hazing, dress-up, slave, petticoats, milk, curse, dare, challenge, sweet, strap-on, let go, connection
Wade Kinsella/Lemon Breeland, football, cheerleader, belles, honey, risk, almost
Zoe Hart/Brick Breeland, young, long-time, table, secret, affair
Zoe Hart/Wade Kinsella, kisses, ice cream, peonies, car, dinner, heat, sweat, unexpected, friends with benefits, ride, domestic, electric, heat, doctor, patient, caretaker, connected, homespun, Crimson, jersey, high, school, honey, bet, pond, confession, drinking games, pigtails, hiking, shirtless, heatwave, dress up, holidays, bar, heat wave, rain, swim, tradition, embarrass, champion, marriage

Haunting Ground
Fiona/Daniela, noncon, dubcon, Azoth

Audrey Parker (Emily Rose)/Audrey Parker II (Kathleen Monroe), reflection, curtains, partnership, secrets, hands, trust, heat, after dark, soulbond, pheromones, memories, cold, scars, remember, taste, compare, boarding house
Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker, release, banter, summer, trust, hold, flirtation, accept, ankle, buttons, rugburn, saltwater
Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wournos, reassure, still here, see, proxy, petals, cure, watch, direct, middle, double, press, feel, rose, return, relax, sunrise, paperwork, dust, space, touch, boat, touch, senses, trust, deprivation, need, hair trigger, cold, sensation, fingertips, ship's hold, stoic, loosen, savior, goddess, threesome, pistachios, shrimp, gourmet, Scotch, taste, tremble, restraint, release, downtime, break, revenge, mistake, accord, parley, compromise, words, handcuffs, after hours,, circle, quiet, touch, share, trust, questions
Audrey Parker/Evi Crocker, another life, bar, prompt, happenstance, understanding, differences
Audrey Parker/Nathan, [any], touch, dress, boat, rain, jail cell, snowed in, taste, laugh, loose control, interruption, dinner, touch, feel, fingerprint, touch, ice cream, swimming, boy scout, babies, beach, windswept, day in bed, touch, taste, submission, pain, pancakes, syrup, handcuffs, painslut!Nathan, blue truck, love, trust, another life, fisting, tough exterior, secrets, water, wine, lie, bottled up, mystery, case closed, holster, danger, experience, rain, soap, taste, return, cold, wet, feel, future, kiss
Audrey Parker II (Kathleen Monroe)/Duke Crocker, return, moment, dream, sudden, touch, wall, boat, desk
Duke Crocker/Evi Crocker, reconciled, obfuscation, Bonnie and Clyde, artistry, marked, under the surface, intimate, rough, heist, history, adrenaline
Duke Crocker/Nathan Wournos, touch, memories, connection, truce, history, knots, water, graves, talk, past, kick, down

Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Chin/Steve, bruised, uniforms, appreciation, order, fishing, beach, rain, invitation, public
Danny Williams/Kawika, pidgin, Hawaii, understanding, ties, love, prejudice, new experiences, loyalty
Danny Williams/Kono Kalakaua, Surf, Ride, Decoy, Undercover, surfing, beach, sun, sand, humid, fast
Danny Williams/Male, danger, non-con, protection, revenge, love, Hawaii, pidgin
Danny Williams/Steve McGarrett, ties, New Jersey, police issue, love, loyalty, respect, cooking, surfboard, tie, weed, aloha, heat, sticky, sweat, lei, vanilla, ocean, tie, sunrise, storm, yell, remember, purpose, surprise, ice, jacket, shared, bondage, silent, spanking, semi-public, comfort, tight, submission, overheated, disciplined, caught, Steve's old car, memories,, breathe, newspaper, pineapple, quiet, space, surf, sand, car, water, gun, all tied up and ready to go, handcuffs, hot tub, necking, sleep, on your knees, punishment, disobey, handcuffs, interrogation, vampires don't sparkle, beach, couch, tease, outside sex, public sex, coming out, voyeur, ocean, public, kinky, dark, surrender, DADT repeal, happy, intoxicated, sweet, handcuffs, shower, swimming, suntan lotion, tattoos, cold, undercover, old married couple, Grace, height, crazy, surf, sand, sea, gun, blood, rebound, Camaro, Jersey, smile, "book 'em Danno", sunglasses, Korea, deployment, SEAL, handcuffs, smirk, affection, frustration, glasses, ink, rain, mud, flowers
Steve McGarrett/Adam Noshimuri, tension, public, guns, violence, biting, punishment, comfort, desperate, guilt
Steven McGarret/Lori Weston, rookie, crawling, first impressions, savage, succumb, pressure

Heartbreak High
Nick/Jodie, music, soccer, school, locker, official

Heartcatch Pretty Cure
Itsuki Myoudouin/Tsubomi Hanasaki, trust, first kiss, training

Heat (1995)
Neil McCauley/Lieutenant Vincent Hanna, meeting, blowjobs, relationships, secrecy, midnight

Hell on Wheels
Cullen Bohannon/Elam Ferguson, forbidden, water, bruised, knuckle, bite, balance
Lily Bell/Cullen Bohannon, barn, respite, healing, secret, whisper

Abe Sapien/Johann Krauss, language, fingers, ectoplasm
Abe Sapien/Nuala, touch, understand, alien, fairy
Hellboy/John Myers, suit, desk, leather, broadcast, running, fisting, snow, double penetration
Hellboy/Liz, fire, fury, gentle, kittens
Nuada/Nuala, sister, stolen, carress

Marti Perkins/Alice Verdura, workout

Frank/Julia, blood, flesh, memories, infidelity, damned, anything for you, sacrifice, infatuation

Henry V - Shakespeare
Henry V/Montjoy, proposal, working, intimacies, armour, gasping

Hercules (Disney/1997)
Hercules/Megara, epic, barbs, heavenly, cunnilingus, prime, satisfaction, Bossy, Clothing, Caught, Watch
Megara/Hades, deception, comfort, loneliness, drunk, lethe, held

Hercules: The Legendary Journies
Autolycus/Cupcake, Rescue, love, humor, sweet, confide

Adam Monroe/Monica Dawson, spandex, morality, lessons
Claire/Elle, dark side, pain, pleasure
Claire/Gretchen, experiments, nightmares, powers
Claire/Gretchen/Zach, compromise, experimenting, surprise
Claire/Peter, forever, immortal, wrong, family, distrust, blood, runaway, unknown, worst kept secret, Nathan, tempting, hero, heal, steal, borrow, connection, safe, sweet, touch, kiss, skin
Claire/Sylar, eternal, brain, watch, ash, stay, truth, eternal, trust, driving, touch, healing, blood
Elle Bishop/Peter Petrelli, fix, flavor, training, alive, tease, bare, breathless, burn, empathy, rain, scar, shaving, tendon
Elle Bishop/Sylar, bleed, blue, chained, feral, deep, hate, stubborn, spark, lust, damned, kill, pain, sadist, love, adventure, damaged, blood, exciting, refusal, powers, confusion, unexpected, lost, revenge, innocence, family, memories
Elle/Luke, blanket, bruise, pop, run, shoplifting, strip
Isaac/Claire, future, paint, saved
Matt/Mohinder, [any]
Micah/Molly, college, married, war, finders keepers, spark
Mohinder/Claire, anything
Nathan/Claire, Mexico, fly, bedroom, proper
Nathan/Niki, politics, scandal, happy, any
Nathan/Peter, together, politics, kiss, time
Sylar/Mohinder Suresh, bath, bodyswap, masturbation, claim, collar, confession, doctor, dreams, reality, touch, frustration, rush, sloppy, rough, jealousy, powers, dreams, rape fantasy, role play, non con, safe word, dominance, submission, shower, spar, training, combat, tension, release, submission, tailored suit, attraction, lust, thunderstorm, blackout, trapped, closed spaces, voyeur, wall verse, tension, release, fake marriage or pretend lovers, confusion, lust, reality, rivals, frustration, kiss, rough, pinned, cursing, student, tutor
Sylar/Peter P, rape fantasy, role play, non con, safe word, dominance, submission, bath, celeb, fan, encounter, confession, dreams, reality, touch, fake marriage or pretend lovers, confusion, lust, reality, frustration, rush, sloppy, rough, jealousy, massage, oils or lotion, touch, relax, rivals, frustration, kiss, rough, pinned, cursing, secret, romance author, discovery, sexy photos, discovery, past job, model, lust, confession, shower, spar, training, combat, tension, release, submission, student, tutor, tailored suit, attraction, lust, thunderstorm, blackout, trapped, closed spaces, voyeur, bodyswap, masturbation, claim, collar, wall
Zach/Claire, reunion, dorm, affair

Cassie/Azazeal; one more time, old time's sake, alive, wishing you were dead, I love you, stay together for the baby, fucking not lovemaking, "You like making her watch"
Cassie/Thelma; just once, one touch, jealousy, watching, "I feel you"
Cassie Hughes/Thelma Bates, black, body paint, comfort, dreams, joke, kiss, laugh, lucky
Cassie/Jo, caning

Hey Arnold
Arnold/Gerald, numbers
Helga/Lila, deflowering
Helga/Olga, hatred
Helga/Phoebe, poetry
Helga/Rhonda, nails

Hey Dude
Brad/Melody, snobbery, leather
Ted/Danny, dare, horses

High School Debut
Yoh/Haruna, awkwardness, clumsy, love, cunnilingus, practice

High School Musical
Chad/Ryan, [any]
Troy Bolton/Sharpay Evans, [any], stage, reunion, voice, impatient, trust, raw, dress, costume, anniversary

Connor/Heather, forever, sword, candle, kilt, legend, past, acceptance
Methos/Alexa, immortality, dying, wonders, truth
Methos/Cassandra, resolve, strength, future

Hikaru no Go
Akira/Hikaru, Reconciliation, Chess, Unexpected, Eternity, Hors Oeuvres
Fujisaki Akari/Mitani Yuki, bento, cookies, digital, graduation, translation
Fujiwara no Sai/Ko Yeong-Ha, weightless, breath, challenge, imagination, history, surprise
Fujiwara no Sai/Touya Kouyo, curse, competitive, qualifications, wings, waiting, silence, happy
Fujiwara no Sai/Waya Yoshitaka, discovery, teacher, time travel, heian, secret, light, christmas
Hong Seyeong/Ko Yeong-Ha, licking, chance, reality, holidays, trust, dye, faith, loyalty, friends
Isumi Shinichirou/Touya Akira, tension, relief, mutual, hotel, firm, desperate
Kaga Tetsuo/Shindou Hikaru, king, fan, smirk, afternoon, cigarette, alley
Kaga Tetsuo/Tsutsui Kimihiro, cold, hot, swimming, handcuffs, glasses, tattoo, electric, control, loss, feel, sublime, smoke, trouble, willing, trade
Kaneko Masako/Mitani Yuki, autumn, cotton, floor, net, throne, wrestle, fear, indifference, complications, sweet, pregnant, dare, Goddess, red, black, satin, cheating, victory, sport, gender
Ko Yeong-Ha /Isumi Shinichiro, war, pretty, battle, protocol, size, robots, fur, black, seasons
Ko Yongha/Shindou Hikaru, fast, resentment, replacement, strong, surprise
Ko Yongha/Yashiro Kiyoharu, right, blind, careless, last, left, behind, gone, sudden, smirk, beatmatching, match, honour, slow, heat, waiting, fit, sudden
Le Ping/Isumi Shinichiro, ice cream, words, laughter, growing, pain, gifts, gratitude, learning
Le Ping/Isumi Shinichiro/Waya Yoshitaka, candy, forget, double team, teasing, panties, apologise
Nase Asumi/Isumi Shinichiro, strife, restraint, pollen, honey, combination, knife, silk
Nase Asumi/Mitani Yuuki, cutlass, pirates, rope, costume, roleplay, converse, introspection
Ogata Seiji/Ashiwara Hiroyuki, aspirations, closet, caress, match, touch, reality, injury
Ogata Seiji/Touya Kouyo, curse, quick, competitive, qualifications, telepathy, wings, silence
Ogata/older!Hikaru, secrets, restaurant, meeting, cigarette
Saeki Koji/Ashiwara Hiroyuki, first, confession, mystery, guilt, cuddle, brave, coming out
Shindou Hikaru/Fujiwara no Sai, immortality, lost, dreams, watching, telepathy, memories
Shindou Hikaru/Isumi Shinichirou, confession, compassion, denim, fingertips, misunderstanding, sunlight
Shindou Hikaru/Mitani Yuki, hello, forgiveness, first, last, youth, cats, hiss, goodbye
Shindou Hikaru/Touya Akira, adults, black, fire, Tentacles, wings, time, red, blades, secret, masterbation, voyeorism, breathplay, telepath, red, forgiveness, beginning, flowers, excuses, preferences, ties, union, bite, bruise, castle, caught, constellation, fortress, race, sweater, taunt, torn, umbrella, wall, wool, wrist, chase, strawberries, texting, bridge, snow, armor, shadow, mistake, push, run, stop, hard, afraid, cold, short, breathe, hungry, want, need, desire, bright, contrast, conjecture, conceive, dream, solidify, opening, move, taste, touch, string, passion, explosion, fight, catch, tears, need, obsession, accessories, bondage, teeth, aggression, phone call
Shirakawa/anyone, curling iron, glasses
Touya Akira/Shindou Hikaru/Waya Yoshitaka, melt, whole, piece, zealous, natural
Touya Akira/Shindou Hikaru/Waya Yoshitaka/Isumi Shinichirou, fire, secret, sunset, lonely, dream, ghost, silence, exploration, fantastic, coupled, link, kifu, stones, public, match
Touya Akira/Waya Yoshitaka, amuse, special, unexpected, late, bloom, waiting, rough, block, obstacle
Waya Yoshitaka/Isumi Shinichirou, bound, language, future, banter, dress, friendship, poetry, innocence, chocolate, rain, ice cream, games, camouflage, wild, new, crazy, lost, here, heal, see, first, understand
Waya Yoshitaka/Le Ping, double, size difference, competitive, fun, airplane, dare, giggles
Waya Yoshitaka/Ochi Kousuke, winter, sleepy, warm, intoxication, sober, calm, volcano, travel
Waya Yoshitaka/Yang Hai, internet, video chat, swap, roleplay, humour, vouyerism, mentor, games
Yang Hai/Isumi Shinichiro, fierceness, playful, confidence, partner, blank, beach, intelligence
Yang Hai/Ko Yeong-Ha, glasses, language, pissing match, hilarity, honour, toung-in-cheek rich,
Yang Hai/Le Ping, flushed, please, poke, dance, perfect, laughter, watching, jealousy

His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
Asriel/Coulter, queen, London, speak, voice, event, shadows, God, blasphemy, faith, affair, hatred
Asriel/Marisa Coulter, first, time, cheating, dark, swords, wit, library, gowns, crush, ritual, expeditions
Lyra/Mrs Coulter, corrupt
Serafina Pekkala/Lyra, short lives

Linda Seton/Johnny Case, voyage

Carrie Mathison/Nicholas Brody, cabin, forget, love, salvation, hope, fuck, airport, again, late, secret, need, flag, loyalty, country, weapon, insight, plot, secret, shrink, patterns, palms, fingerprints, window, breathe, hair, home, demands, begging, mirrors, control, light, care, wall, secret, lie, warm, push, confession, remembering, woods, mistake, revenge, broken, scars, wishing, runaway

Aradia Megido/Equius Zahhak, blue, life, god, leader, rivets, curl, lash, tweak, mend, tower, flogging, breathplay, roleplaying, worship, maintainance, circuits, time, red, dreams, robots, robotics, timelines, control, red, flipping
Aradia Megido/Feferi Peixes, hair, elegance, swim, bubbles, color
Aradia Megido/Sollux Captor, grief, quadrant flip, blindness, time
Bro Strider/Dad Egbert, age, smoke, help, persuade, puppets
Bro Strider/John Egbert, unhealthy, age difference, embarrassment
Bro/Dave Strider, beatmatching, blades, heat, strife, shades, sincerity, hero worship, webcam, assistant, watching, gloves, reluctant, control, facade, mature
Condesce/Helmsman, xenokink, body horror, technophilia, Stockholm syndrome
Dave Strider/John Egbert, sick beats, roommates, dare, dreams, pining, unrequited, Alpha, selfish, college, pining, anal, gay panic, sleepless, familiar, poker face, time shenanigans, accent
Dave Strider/John Egbert/Bro Strider, sharing, competition
Dave Strider/John Egbert/Dave Strider, overwhelm
Dave Strider/Terezi Pyrope, adventure, competition, dancing, red, loud, casual, rhymes, tickle
Dave Strider/Dirk, heat, guilt, height, proximity, oral, drug use
Diamonds Droog/Aradia, grey lady, atta girl
Dirk Strider/Equius Zahhak, crop, ponies, robots, irony, wrestle, blindfold, dream, strength, exploring, xeno, pail, roleplay, leather
Dirk Strider/Jake English, chase, overwhelm, competition, coat, race, puppet, honesty, sleepover, bathtub, heart, masturbation, first, confession, robot, drawl, banter, tease, lick, fumbling, touch-starved
E%ecutor Darkleer/The Disciple, alone, pity, rescue, memory, tenderness
E%ecutor Darkleer/The Handmaid, devotion
Equius Zahhak/Tavros Nitram, hypersensitivity, order, frustration, carry
Eridan Ampora/John Egbert, gills, blood, tentabulge, teasing, sharkskin, human, explore, water, selfish, pity
Eridan Ampora/Vriska Serket, cutlass, sneer, rope, torn, bragging, kiss, costume
Feferi Peixes/Equius Zahhak, laughter, life, teeth, crown, orders, bloodplay, underwater, heat, denial, kneel, protocol, throne, tickling, size difference, roboti%, worship
Feferi Peixes/Jade Harley, strength, gills, glasses
Feferi Peixes/Sollux Captor, water, witch, blood, danger, weightless, breath, doubled, tentacles
Feferi Peixes/Sollux Captor/Eridan Ampora, pride, negotiation, middle, underwater, air, luxury, psionics, warm-blooded
Gamzee Makara/Dave Strider, blasphemy, faygo, tease
Gamzee Makara/Equius Zahhak, bound, sober, obey, marked, need, salt, chill, sopor, kneel, pleasure, fingerpaints, intoxicants, laughter, plead, forgive, cane, club, inferior, surrender, service, pail, flushed, soak, smile, kneel, keen, ride, submission
Gamzee Makara/Karkat Vantas, comfort, sleepy, friendly, size difference
Gamzee Makara/Nepeta Leijon, playful, roleplay, sopor
Gamzee Makara/Tavros Nitram, body paint, sleepy, warm, intoxication, tongue, sunset, cling, flexible, nuzzle, fireflies
Gamzee Makara/Terezi, taste, judgement, blind
Jade Harley/Dave Strider, pesterlog, tease, contrast, pegging, sticky
Jade Harley/Feferi Peixes, licking, tentacles, roleplay, dream, trust, swimming, warmth, royalty, blue, plushies, dreams, lipstick, hair
Jade Harley/Karkat Vantas, peacekeeping, curiosity, demand, expose, trust, teasing, femdom, comfort, flustered, playful, oral, noise, smile, crush, tickling
Jade Harley/Nepeta Leijon, scruff, bite, plush, tease, video chat
Jane/Roxy, phone call, neighbors, tights, bad sex, tongues, drink, stumble, cling, hack, food, pink, dancing, dresses, shucks, warm, cozy, nuzzle, body shot, appearify, forbidden
John Egbert/Karkat Vantas, red, soft, alien, pinned, romance, recuperacoon, couch, gift, worry, breath, curtainfic, kitchen, sloppy, party, karaoke, sweater, animalistic, cuddle, prank, movie night
John Egbert/Vriska, awkward, shy, teenagers, kiss, crossdressing, femdom, roleplay
Kanaya Maryam/Rose Lalonde, light, fashion, dreams, feminine, poetry, stories, needles, taste, lace, silk, witchcraft, crossdressing, dark, xenobiology, loud, nightmare, lace, suits, magic, again, failure
Kanaya Maryam/Vriska Serket, bruises, blood, back-to-back, fantasies, payback, fangs, makeup, daylight, quadrant-flip, blood, denial, red, black, blood, satin, certain, hair-pulling, victory, patience, break, hair, hair, wrists, abandonment, chest, underwear, cloth, cold, aware
Karkat Vantas/Jade Harley/Karkat Vantas, strip, green, argument, plushies
Karkat Vantas/Sollux Captor, competition, eyelicking, blood, technology, friends, rivals, curse, competitive, wings, silence
Karkat Vantas/Terezi Pyrope, justice, trial, abdicate, blindfold, fall, mind, knife
Marquise Spinneret Mindfang/The Dolorosa, desire, rebellion, control, games, clothes, rainbow-drinker
Mindfang/Dolorosa, bondage, fangs
Mindfang/Redglare, kismesis, oracle, trial
Nepeta Leijon/Equius Zahhak, fierceness, insist, playful, 'rails with pails, pounce, sugarcube, rides, tails, push, claws, silly, games
Nepeta Leijon/Eridan Ampora, devour, claws, tentacles, hunting, pinned, costume
Nepeta Leijon/Tavros Nitram, roleplay, purr,
Nepeta Leijon/Terezi Pyrope, flushed, nip, squirm, cunnilingus, hunt, teeth, roleplay, green, blue, taste, scent, deprivation, pounce, growl, wrestle, comfort, storytelling, warm, taste
Orphaner Dualscar/Dave Strider, out-trolled
Orphaner Dualscar/Eridan Ampora, compare, disappointment, train, shadow, crossdressing, time slip, size difference, legacy, seduction
Orphaner Dualscar/John Egbert, underestimate
Orphaner Dualscar/Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, power struggle, bound, shatter, betrayal
Orphaner Dualscar/Neophyte Redglare, teachings, sabotage
Orphaner Dualscar/Sollux Captor, woo, mock
Orphaner Dualscar/Spinneret Mindfang, claws, growl, scars, flex, shipboard, mast
Orphaner Dualscar/The Grand Highblood, horror, blood, game, cower
Orphaner Dualscar/The Imperial Condesce, flushed
Orphaner Dualscar/The Sufferer, bow, reign, admiration, hatred, stealth
Orphaner Dualscar/The Summoner, fear, Cavalreapers, senseless
Rose Lalonde/Eridan Ampora, domination, frozen, grimdark, confusion, flip, pathetic, breathing
Rose Lalonde/Kanaya Maryam/Vriska Serket, doubleteam, rainbow drinker, reversal
Rose/Dave, spine, cruel, fear, speech
Rose/Jade, details, ears, skin, loyal
Rose/Roxy, drink, oceans, belief, sight
Rose/Terezi, seer, sharp,
Roxy/Mr. Crocker, second chances, another life
Sollux Captor/Equius Zahhak, dirty, cyber, double, telekinesis, honey
Sollux Captor/Gamzee Makara, mind honey, fingertips, sopor, chill, extremes, restraint
Sollux/Eridan, blindfold, power reversal, wallslamming, blackrom, hatefuck, self-esteem issues
Spades Slick/Snowman, humanization, restraint, fighting, noir
Terezi Pyrope/Dave Strider/Karkat Vantas, candy red, double team, taste, breathplay, dirty talk
Terezi Pyrope/Vriska Serket, cackle, sight, tease, rivalry, fighting, blood, punishment, captivity, leather, laughter, teeth, fingertips
The Condense/The Handmaid, desperation, death-seeking, war, dress, tearing, storm, witches, escape
The Grand Highblood/The Summoner, possess, endeared
The Sufferer/The ?iioniic, inspiration, partners, telekinesis
Vriska Serket/Kanaya Maryam/Eridan Ampora, fight, balancing, temper, calm, ashes, sunlight
Vriska/Terezi, competition, repair, plan, flip

Homicide: Life on the Street
Frank Pembleton/Tim Bayliss, love, loss, coffee

Honey and Clover
Hagu/Shuuji, curiosity, initiative, surprise, afternoon, working from home
Harada/Sh?ji Hanamoto/Rika, scars, Moon River, sometimes, pale, cling, breathing, entangled, grave, offerings, enough, rain

Honey/Gina, dance

Horrible Histories
Aethelred the Unready/Sweyn Forkbeard, trade, kneeling, floorsex, webcams, pinning
Agent Sophie/Claude, accent, outdoors, fingerfucking, cunnilingus, playful, clever, danger
Alan the Tudor footballer/Tudor Footballer!Ben, outdoors, frottage, pinning, D/s, breathplay, bondage
Alexander the Great/Hephaestion, adrenaline, trust, intercrural, frustration
Aztec Priest!Mat/Aztec Priest!Larry/Aztec Priest!Jim, delight, bruises, bite
Basil Hood/Fisher, rum, crossdressing, bondage, bootlicking, trust, plan, surrender, roll, treasure, spooning, blindfold
Beatty/Nelson/Hardy, magic, sofas
Birtwistle/Tompkins/Home Guard Leader!Ben, comfort, cuddling, learning, eager, orders
Black Bart/Cutlass Liz, pegging, partners, take, gun, treasure
Blenkinsop/Maltravers, chocolate, blanket, warm, safe, dugout, home, pillows, slow, secret, quiet, happy, morning, older, blowjobs, discovery, Christmas, picnic, handjobs, celebration, spooning, intercrural, desperate, whaleoil, sixty-nine, barracks, need, swimming, dorm, kissing, sleepy, domestic, trenches, desire, uniform, after, retirement
Blenkinsop/Maltravers/Richard III, room, cosy, cuddling, spooning
Bob Hale/Mike Peabody, quiet, wallsex, frustration, news, desk, tie, wrists, hush
Caligula/Roman General!Lawry, fond, amusement, whipping
Charles I/Oliver Cromwell, differences, understanding, imprisonment, destiny, anger, sinful, humiliation, bootlicking, whipping, breathplay, throne, desperate, gentle, bruises, blindfold, tender, goodbye
Charles II/Cleopatra, proms, playful, power, riding, wallsex
Charles II/Mike Peabody, intrigued, frottage, blowjobs
Charles II/Oliver Cromwell, captured, throne, charm, revenge, bruises
Charles II/Sotherby, escape, exile, throne, party, trust, champagne, moonlight, silk, touch, advice, paperwork, moustache, science, desk, masks, blowjobs, sleepy, tea, wig, confession, seduction, mischief, purring, laugh, dress, teenagers
Charles II/Thomas Blood, contrary, throne, stories
Cleopatra/Boudicca, leadership, wine, fingerfucking, appreciation, power, cunnilingus, strong, warm, sixty-nine
Cleopatra/Mark Antony, queen, boyfriend, texting, fantastic, sexy
Cleopatra/Mark Antony/Julius Caesar, attraction, solution, couch, carpet, oiled, tanned
Colonel Warwick/Georgian Headmaster!Lawry, discipline, panic, adrenaline, safe, confined, hurt
Cooper/Wiley, miscommunication, calculated, desk, straddling
Crossdressing Pirate Captain!Mat/Jack the pirate, teasing, ideas
Dick Turpin/Charles II, dangerous, masks, silk, gold, charm, throne, romantic, party, wallsex, seduction
Dick Turpin/George IV, finery, idol, bound, humiliation
Dick Turpin/James Smith, letters, heart, ink, wound, without, monster, red, betrayal, destiny, ink, mask, gun, bound, gagged, desperate, riding, slow, heartbreak, final, mistakes, bruises, blindfold, goodbye
Dr John Snow/Victorian Beer Salesman, snuggling, handsy, inhibitions, conscience, seduction
Drostan/Lee the Fashion Fixer, finery, comfortable, riding, frenzy
Elagabalus/Hierocles, steady, sweet, riding, exhibitionism, crossdressing, pranks, need, soft, heart, dark, lost, roleplay
Elagabalus/Nero, power, hairpulling, bound, desperate, doggystyle, humiliation, spanking, rough, gagged, trembling, riding
Elagabalus/Vercingetorix, adrenaline, outdoors, sparring
Emmeline Pankhurst/Emily Davison, equality, ideals, sixty-nine
Erik the rhyming Viking/Viking!Ben, domestic, reunion, gagged, ale
Factory Worker!Alice/Land Girl!Katy/Air Force!Martha, home, patriotic, hardworking, shared, shelter
Fashion Fixer/Drostan, paint, clothes, fashion, gasping
Flagellant!Simon/Thief!Jim, whipping, outdoors, develop
Flavius (Mercury)/Marcus (Dis), comfort, wallsex, spooning, sleepy, chat, roleplay, hair, casual
Florence Nightingale/Mary Seacole, appreciation, understanding
Freezing WWI Soldier!Mat/Freezing WWI Soldier!Larry, close, warm, adrenaline, blowjobs, sleepy
French Revolutionary!Mat/French Revolutionary!Larry, food, ideals, dreams, secret, desperate, straddling
French Soldier!Jim/French Soldier!Mat, bondage, D/s, gentle
George I/Robert Walpole, quiet, trust, pride, desk, teaching, throne, blindfold, sleepy, yes, support, german, holiday, bask
George IV/Beau Brummel, corset, party, theatre, silk, selfish, comfort, considerate, throne, gift, coronation, riding, confidence, blindfold, roleplay, pose, striking, suit, strip, spat
George IV/Napoleon, admiration, nemeses, table
Georgian Navy Recruiter/Georgian Navy Recruit, whipping
Guy Fawkes/Robert Catesby, nervous, soothing, desperate, frottage, wallsex
Hardy/Nelson, summer's day, kisses, uniform
Hardy/Nelson/Beatty, biting, double penetration, uniform, kisses
Hengist/Invasion Invasion Invasion Host, pinning, wallsex
Henry VIII/Francis I, rematch, culture, exchange, riding, hands, wrestle, roll, amuse, teaching, blush
Henry VIII/Will Sommers, skill, throne, wallsex, control, teasing, straddling
Hunter/Farmer, fireside, progress, learning, thunderstorm, winter, sharing, milk, hunt, game, collarbones, tease
Incan Shopping Hour Man/Incan Shopping Hour Woman, destiny, frustration, affection
Jasper Maskelyne/Peregrine Thoroughgood, illusions, impressed
Jasper Maskelyne/World War II Art Show Host, desk, teasing
Julius Caesar/Mark Antony, control, orders, wallsex
Julius Caesar/Vercingetorix, grinding, spanking, humiliation, understanding, rain, prisoner, blade, surrender, obligation, want
Leofric/Kidnapper!Simon, peace, domestic
Marcus Roman/Gelda Celt, press, flirt, forever, value, flick, twine, sweet, new, cheating, gentle, cunnilingus, experience, pool, sleepy, smile, hair, kitten
Marie Antoinette/Louis XVI, cake, shy, playful
Mark Antony/Julius Caesar, another, leader, avenge, dancing, proof
Mike Peabody/DI Bones, danger, smoulder, rescue
Mike Peabody/Prince Rupert, flirting, comfort, playful, charm, wine
Mike Peabody/Sam, desk, riding, party, danger
Mike the cowboy/Cowboy!Ben, gagged, frottage, fire
Mozart/Beethoven, competitive, gagged, wallsex, hair, comfort, spooning
Mozart/Shakespeare, talent, smirk, straddling
Mr D'Arblay/Miss Pennywhistle, improper, taste
Napoleon/Wellington, pounding, pinning, rivalry, wallsex
Ned Harris/Victory Crew Member!Ben, comfort, hammocks
Nelson/Hardy, domination, collar
Nigel/Geoff, adrenaline, experiment, nicknames, incompetent, home, bell, intercrural, caught, spell, wallsex, partners, run, handsy, honey, sixty-nine, orders, fabulous, cold, socks
Oliver Cromwell/Charles I, resent, greed, compete, rage, sinful
Overzealous/Abacus, teasing, hairpulling, pinning, confidence, eager, bondage, sparring, sweaty, frottage, gentle
Pachacuti/DI Bones, cheerful
Paul Baumer/Mick Wall, dirty, sixty-nine
Peasant!Mat/Noble!Simon, arrangement, wallsex, rough, possessive, bruises, biting, grabbing, pinning, hairpulling
Pharaoh!Ben/Slave!Mat, needs, reciprocation, blowjob
Prince Rupert/Mike Peabody, lean, suck, romance, quick, silks
Prince Rupert/Oliver Cromwell, respect, sinful, frottage, fabulous
Prince Rupert/Sotherby, smile, party, identical
Prisoner No. 3102/Gaoler!Lawry/Gaoler!Simon, favourite, whipping, kindness, chains
Richard III/Shakespeare, pink, adorable, convincing, surprise, soldier, poetry, proms, sorry, stage, sweet, strength, throne, fingerfucking, intercrural, blowjobs, riding, cuddling, frottage, tongue, trembling, blush, experience, praise, sleepy, tender, truth, goodbye
Robert of Artois/Portuguese Ambassador, gagged, pinning, figging, bondage, apology
Roman Christian!Lawry/Roman Christian!Mat, comfort, warm, hope, cuddling
Roman General!Mat/Roman General!Jim, sea, fear, strategy, desk
Roman General!Mat/Roman Priest!Jim, offering, floorsex, frustration, tender, hairpulling
Thomas Hardy/Horatio Nelson, safe, strong, skilled, loyalty, commander, seasick, duty
Thomas Hardy/William Beatty/Horatio Nelson, bondage, overwhelming, warm, obnoxious, fight, triangle, threesome, glory
Tim the Goth/Honorius, appreciation
Tim the Goth/Neil the Goth/Goth!Larry/Honorius, willing, blindfold
Ugg/Grunt, coil, warm, string, bondage, groans, moans, body, language, messy, furs, enthusiasm, frottage, fire, frustration, hunt, string
Viking!Jim/Viking!Mat, comfort, encouragement, gentle, sixty-nine, raid, wallsex, frottage, blowjobs, sleepy, trust, tender
Walsingham/Tudor Artist!Larry, comfort, tender
William I/Matilda of Flanders, urgent, fiery, wallsex, strong
William II/Walter Tirrel, secret, throne, archery, banquet, red, blindfold, goodbye, tree, tears, apologies, dreams, haunt, before, summer

Hot Fuzz
Nicholas/Danny, bashful, cell, Cornetto, ears, recovery, scar, That weren't me, trust, unridiculous, sexting, procedure, secret, first, rough

Hot Tub Time Machine
Lou/Adam, guys do that for each other, right?

House M.D.
Amber/Cameron, untied
Amber/Cuddy, competition
Amber/Kutner, astral
Amber/Thirteen, ghost, rivals, competition, dead girls
Cameron/Chase/Thirteen, honeymoon
Cameron/Cuddy/Thirteen, threeway
Cameron/Thirteen, countdown, distraction, inappropriate, relax, insomnia, insecure, overtime, strapless, buttons, electricity, acid, flowers, consultation, consequences, obsession, psychology, fetish
Chase/Foreman, change, eyebrow, contrast
Cuddy/House/Wilson, eavesdropping, dysfunctional working relationship
Cuddy/Wilson, secret, hurt/comfort
Eric Foreman/Christopher Taub, liquor
Foreman/House, negotiate, boxing, power struggle, administration, uptight, unexpected, boss, smug, hidden, upfront, rules, office, conjugal, practical joke, cool, facade, skin-deep, fishing expedition, spin, cheating, methadone, territory, disdain, nipple play.
Greg House/Lisa Cuddy/Thirteen, instinct, dare, holiday, mirror, care, slick, watch, bold
House/Cameron/Chase/Foreman/Thirteen/Taub, research
House/Cameron/Cuddy, rabbit and hat
House/Cuddy, college, public, high heels, video, weekend, Oral sex, office, Yoga, Scotch, Chair, Piano, Skirt
House/Wilson, bra, cane, hunt, midnight, painkiller, penitence, rehab, retribution, thoughts, tie, indifferent, ache, define, wait, analgesia, bet, ransom, bitter, gay porn, lazy, trade-off, imperfection, ties, drunk, desk, handjob, closet, unprofessional, public, exhibitionism, cane, pull, relapse
House/Wilson/Amber, negotiations, compromise, Thursday
House/Wilson/Cuddy/Sam, double-date
House/Wilson/Sam, surprise
Lisa Cuddy/Thirteen, lipstick, regret, desk, strip, replace, cocktails, lingerie, eat
Martha/Thirteen, order
Taub/Thirteen/Rachel Taub, habits
Wilson/Chase, aspirin, repent, warning

House of Lies
Jeanie/Clyde, [any]

How I Married My High School Crush
Sara Jacobs/Tina Landers, tease

How I Met Your Mother
Barney Stinson/Robin Scherbatsky, dinner, embrace, second chances, vulnerable, time, suits, flowers, mistake, better, cigarette, torch, destruct, strip battleship, wedding
Barney Stinson/Robin Scherbatsky/Ted Mosby, ante up, 2 am, zipper, club, impatient, every night, exes, roommates
Barney Stinson/Ted Mosby, rebound, alley, wingman, tricycle, limo, bro, nightshirt, bullwhip, moves, hey, long term, dependant, support, dinner, con
Barney Stinson/Ted Mosby/Marshall Eriksen, dreams, sexting
Lily Aldrin/Robin Scherbatsky, stupid
Marshall Eriksen/Lily Aldrin, couch, Puzzles, always, doubt
Ted Mosby/Robin Scherbatsky, falafel, heat, salute, silence, stuck

How to Train Your Dragon
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III/Astrid Hofferson, [any], flight, air, hair, kiss, tribe, bet, night, change, mountain, sea, dirty
Hiccup/Ruffnut/Tuffnut, inexperienced, destructive, respect, battle, floor, fur
Ruffnut/Tuffnut, secret, hair pulling, scratches, bruise, victory

Howl Series - Diana Wynne Jones
Sophie Hatter/Howl Pendragon, roleplay, Wales, rain

Howl's Moving Castle (movie)
Sophie/Howl, blanket, cuddling, stars, vanity

Human Target
Chance/Guerrero, glasses, secret, admiration, apology, kiss

Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney)
Esmeralda/Phoebus, dance, silk, gold, tent, experience, touch, hands, song

Hush (1998)
Helen/Jackson/Martha, sting, pray, coat, voyeur, sheets, staircase, skin, champagne
Helen/Martha, tub, tea, barn, dirt, slap, betray

Ash Morgan/Michael Stone, fixing, precision, indecision, partnership
Danny Blue/Michael Stone, lessons, silence, naughty
Michael 'Mickey Bricks' Stone/Stacie Monroe/Danny Blue, crew
Mickey Stone/Stacie Monroe/Danny Blue, celebration, money,

Hyperion Cantos - Dan Simmons
Brawne/Johnny, run, verse, history, moment, memory, fingers, inside
Kassad/Moneta, Shrike, destiny, split, merge, undulate, seek, warrior, wish
Merin/Siri, time, passing, grow, sea, share, age, try

I Claudius
Claudius/Agrippa Postumus, friendship, first, hands, caring, last

I, Robot
Susan Calvin/Del Spooner, simpler

Carly/Melanie, confess
Carly/Missy, cunning
Carly/Sam, Build-a-Bra
Carly/Sam/Freddie, compromise
Carly/Shelby Marx, besties
Carly/Spencer, guardian, secret, photographs, fire
Freddie/Gibby, cross-dressing
Freddie/Spencer, responsible
Melanie/Sam, dysfunctional
Sam/Freddie, [any], reunion, secrets, first time, crazy
Sam/Shelby Marx, animal
Spencer/Gibby, massage
Spencer/Socko, socks

Igby Goes Down
Igby/Sookie, shorty, trip, wall

Eliste vo Derrivalle/Dref Zeenoson, hope, hidden, safe, scared

Imaginary Girls - Nova Ren Suma
Chloe/Ruby, ribbon, silence, secret, shame

Imagine Me & You
Luce/Rachel, thorns, fog

Imajica - Clive Barker
Gentle/Pie, borders, wedding, depth, magic, power, sink, imagination, desire

In Plain Sight
Marshall Mann/Mary Shannon, top, jacket, protect, comfort, subject, ease

In The Forests of Serre - Patricia McKillip
Gyre/Brume, eat, heart, ribcage

In The Heat of the Night (TV)
Lonnie Jamison/Lana Farrin, sex, inheritance, respect, police officer, handcuffs, memories, orphans
Lonnie Jamison/Wilson Sweet, prejudice, hiding, love, understanding, danger, protection

Ariadne/Dom Cobb, [any], teach, dreaming, reality, Mal, hidden, elevator, train, maze, thread, lost, limbo, Arthur, kiss, suit, piano, scarf, red, ashore
Ariadne/Mal Cobb, allow, interrupt, repeat, comparative, possessed, halves, experimentation, trapped, maze, heart, center, first time, lick, pin down
Ariadne/Saito, tea, kept, suit, desk, blush, smile, comfortable, silk, scarves
Ariadne/Yusuf, down, recall, fixed
Arthur/Ariadne, gradual, laughter, mystery, dangerous, tease, time, quiet, gravity, projection, waistcoat, totem, impossible
Arthur/Dom Cobb, balance, granted, forgiveness, demolition, murky, swell, strike, canyon, muscle, polar, grasping, fanciful, dawn, ruckus, children, talent, paradox, grimy, longer, hiding, tidy, organise, support
Arthur/Dom Cobb/Mal Cobb, illusion, archive, distress, leverage
Arthur/Eames, [any], endless possibilities, stubborn, exploration, feelings from dreams carry over to waking world, pretend boyfriends, resurrection, failure, burglary, silk, possession, dream, historical, amnesia, werewolf
Arthur/Saito, brilliance, smooth, negotiate, rope, dressed, slick, proper, privacy, suit, champagne, hotel, cuff links, manners, tie, opportunity
Dom Cobb/Saito, [any], comfort, partners, faith, absolution, bind, leather, recognition, together, fingertips, strength, limbo, reunion, homecoming, bound, dream, promises, unexpected, family, lifetime, bond, commitment, fireworks, bruises, persuasion, slow, warm, longing, domesticity, trust, possessive, dreams, reciprocity, home, desperation, totem, companionship, safe, chance, fascinate, neat, fly, reunion, whispers, beginnings, threads, claim, neat, wait, trapped
Eames/Saito, discretion, decorum, tour, unexpected, drunk, fun, roleplay, lick, practice, smooth, Vegas, seduction, dirty-talk, charm, release, exposed, urgency, kept, reward, marked, irresistible, elevator!sex, proposition, mirrors, mile-high-club, flirtatious, bet, whiskey, lips, forge, blond, precision, drunk, seduction, dirty talk, games, trick, woman, bite, throat, proposition, formal wear, impulsive, smooth, travel, flirt, drinks, expensive, seduce, tease, dress
Eames/Yusuf, kick, drunk, comfortable, secretive, mission, hooker, refrigerator, basement, haze, almost
Mal Cobb/Saito, misunderstanding, correct
Mal Cobb/Yusuf, misgivings, cliff, cityscape, induce
Robert Fischer/Saito, kimono, red, lips, horizon, plane, raindrops, follow, tilt

Independence Day
David/Constance, after, renewal, fire, escape

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Mutt/OMC, leather, comb, motorcycle, artefacts, college, hat, whip, sword, curse, treasure, map

Inglourious Basterds
Shosanna/Marcel, deliverance, haven

Joe/wife, unmistakable, illness, pregnancy

Inspector Spacetime
Brooke Rhapsody/The Inspector, time, tights

Instant Star
Tommy/Jude, any

Inuyasha/Kagome, biting, doggie, future, talk
lady!Miroku/Sango, uninhibited, beads, runaway, hot spring
Miroku/Sango, alone, confidence, fingering, cunnilingus, promise, kiss, finally
Sango/Miroku, hand, oral, instruction, slap
Sessomaru/(older)Rin, seduction, mark, resistance, love

Iron Man (movies) [see also The Avengers]
Tony Stark/Ivan Vanko, metal, unyielding, smirk, brutal, mirror, bend, rough, control, revenge, technology
Tony Stark/Jarvis, incarnate, dream, code, whistle
Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, threesome, car, hurt, soft, hair, marathon, device, payback
Pepper Potts/James 'Rhodey' Rhodes/Tony Stark, wrangling
Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanov, leather, top, sorted, competence, heels

Craig/Jimmy/Mara/Sophie, liquor, breakfast, laugh
Craig/Mara, office, mother, before
Craig/Mara/Sophie, interruption, couch, window, likeness
Mara/Sophie, dance, drunk, daughter, same dress, hesitate, pull, velvet

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Arnav/Khushi, finally, wedding night, dare, power, control, yes
Arnav/Lavanya, substitute, whisper, almost caught

Henry Bowers/Losers Club, forgotten

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Charlie/Schmitty, jealous, punch, gang
Charlie/Waitress, ecstasy, song, stuck
Dee/Charlie, secret, dirty, closet
Dee/Dennis, crack, accident, prom
Dee/Schmitty, dare, high school, park
Mac/Carmen, boner, wrestle, girlfriend
Mac/Sweet Dee, disgust, black out drunk, scheming, lowering standards, sex tape

It's Complicated
Agness/Jake/Jane, allowances, disbelief, crowded
Agness/Jane, cosmic, aha!, jealousy, age
Harley/Jake/Jane, pot, midnight, stairs, shake
Harley/Jane, wedding, high, forbidden, guilt, indulge, excuses, dessert, print
Jake/Jane, familiar, guilt, goodbye, suits

Ivanhoe - Walter Scott
Rebecca/Rowena, truth, mystery, envy

Jack & Sarah
Amy/Jack, test, quiet, chance, taste

Jack of All Trades
Jack Stiles/Emillia Rothschild, banter, close, violet, corset, flirt
Jack Stiles/Kentucky Sue, spar, wrestle, muskets, whiskey, picnic, serenade

Jake 2.0
Jake/Diane, lab, frequency, skin, scent

Jane By Design
Rita Shaw/Ben Quimby, time, years

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë
Jane/Rochester, blindness, feel, infirmity, later, scar, sweet, freedom, scar, ring, thorn, messy, jealousy, possessive reclaiming

Jason X
Tsunaron/KM-14, spares, wired, scans

Jeeves & Wooster
Reginald Jeeves/Bertie Wooster, devastated, plot, tie, WWI, aquarium, beach, bookstore, boomps-a-daisy, clothespins, fishing, flower-pressing, hearthrug, linen, poetry, ramble, rattan, snuggle

Jennifer's Body
Jennifer/Anita ‘Needy' Lesnicki, deathless, forever, friends

Jeremiah/Kurdy, reunion, warmth, campfire, understanding
Jeremiah/Kurdy/Mr Smith, secrets, adjustments, fishing, seniority
Kurdy/Mr Smith, mysterioso, fractal, rebound
Markus/Jeremiah, dreams, uncertainty, last word

Dale Turner/Jake Green, night, exchange, desperate, cold, footprints, danger, gasoline
Stanley/Mimi, war, faith, skin, kiss, slick

Joan of Arcadia
Adam/Ryan, angel
Joan/Adam, apologies, God, rediscovery, hands, collage
Joan/CuteBoy!God, reverie
Joan/Grace, heavenly
Joan/Judith, forgiveness

Jack Vasser/Dan Vasser, institutionalized, damaged, wall, time travel

Juno/Leah, kittens
Juno/Su Chin, Sharpies
Juno/Vanessa, anniversary, birthday

Jurassic Park (movie)
Dr. Ian Malcolm/Dr. Alan Grant, comfort, caring, bad, splint, relief, kiss

Jurassic Park
Ellie/Muldoon, prey, rifle, dirt, heat, rough
Henry Wu/OMC, heaven, ill, fight, compliment, flirt, tease

Justice League (2001)
Green Lantern/The Flash, teamwork, jealousy, speed, costumes, aliens, water

Ava Crowder/Boyd Crowder, heat, fever, dangerous, restraints
Mags Bennett/Helen Givens, fog, smudge, apple
Rachel Brooks/Tim Gutterson, smoke, stars, closed
Raylan Givens/Ava Crowder, any
Raylan Givens/Karen Goodall, big hat, stun gun, tussle, trashed
Raylan Givens/Rachel Brooks, job, plead, hat, hotel, home, handcuffs, ride, shelter
Raylan Givens/Tim Gutherson, I got your back, gimme, heat, beer, stetson, sharp, watchful, rough
Raylan Givens/Winona Hawkins, high heels, punch, lost, borrowed, truth or dare, longneck, slow dance, buried, long, fall, golden, new, remember, red, perfume, red, heels, whiskey, knowing, scars, honey, houses, young, lock, key, lipstick, guns, hotel, anonymity, comfort
Raylan/Boyd, bruising, darkness, sweaty

K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces
Heikichi Endo/Yoko Hashiba/Kogoro Akechi, circus, trick, masks, fight

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Ahim/Don/Gai, comfort, petting, nap
Basco/Ahim, acknowledgement, lace, tricks
Basco/Don, marks, posess, plaything, tears, squirm, plead, pretty, tease, bite
Basco/Joe, chains, sacrifice, sin, spite, violence
Basco/Luka, trade, booty, axiom
Don/Hyde, protect, teamwork, gentle, sea, cards
Insaarn/Ahim, restrain, whips,
Joe/Ahim, service, domestic, honor, swap, worship, first-time, naughty, vocal, skirts, weapons, urges, hidden, AU, royalty, confined, ribbon, crow's nest, training
Joe/Ahim/Gai, collar, play, overexcited, obedience, housebreaking, leash, fetch, beg
Joe/Don, endurance-training, kitchen, admiration, confidence, nightmare, safe, strong, blankets, comfort, shoulders, delicate
Luka/Ahim, lace, stockings, strength, precious, shopping
Luka/Don, bodyswap, tough-love, blush, clinging
Luka/Gai, impressed, laughter
Marvelous, mirror, first, best, explore, self-appreciation, humping, hedonism, pervertibles, food, danger, experience
Marvelous/Ahim, dominant-female, respect
Marvelous/Alata, flick, denial, sweet, wings
Marvelous/Basco, dare, bait, urge, slam, bruise, feathers, teeth, spice, voice, pain, aftercare, gag, feeding, one-upmanship, hate, speed-dial
Marvelous/Don, soft, fluffy, coax, luscious, sleepy, pout, nibble, wanted, acrobatics, flustered, denial, reputation, gifts
Marvelous/Don/Basco, courage, genderswap, possess, force, jealous, tug, mediate, cold
Marvelous/Gai, hero-worship, mentor, learning-curve, natural-skill, noise
Marvelous/HurricaneRed, clash, sharp, fire, personal-space, challenge, sneer
Marvelous/Joe, reliance, guilt, testosterone, ass-appreciation, shirtless, whipped, reluctance, disapproval, submission, transference, bound, shock, discipline, chocolate, steaks
Marvelous/Joe/Ahim, triangulation, double-penetration, contrasts
Marvelous/Joe/Don, close, overwhelm, nest, tender, lips, pet, reassurance, sharing, buffet, overstimulated
Marvelous/Joe/Luka, pegging, silence, messy
Marvelous/Joe/Luka/Don/Ahim/Gai/Basco/Sid, gangbang, hierarchy, captain, inevitable, logistics,
Marvelous/Mach Falcon, soulbond, engine, piston, race, ignite
Marvelous/Sid/Joe, abs, genderswap, exercise, indiscretion
Marvelous/Sid/Joe/Don, history, AU, partner-swapping, trust, share, stroke,
Sid/Joe, muscles, sweat, training, bunk, longing, unspoken, shower, excuses, hair, wrestling, contrived, touch, sword-handling, injuries, compensating, militant, blind, piping, rumours, silence, shampoo,
Sid/Joe/Ahim, double-team, smile, conversation
Time Fire/Abare Killer/Dragon Ranger/Gai, worship, fantasy, successor, initiate, enthusiasm

Kamen Rider OOO
Ankh/Hino Eiji, popsicle, cold, suck, medals, use, struggle, power-play, nest, possessive, motorcycle
Ankh/Hino Eiji/Izumi Hina, balance, secrets, heart, truth, hands, alive, desires,
Ankh/Izumi Hina, taste, confusion, strength, avian, uncertain, senses, linger
Date Akira/Gotou Shintarou, pony, honeymoon, manual, puns, lessons, birth-suit, guns, acting-lessons
Date Akira/Gotou Shintarou/Hino Eiji, help, handcuffs,
Date Akira/Gotou Shintarou/Satonaka Erika, service, superiority, blasé
Hino Eiji/Gotou Shintarou, cake, save, motorcycle, earnest
Kazari, humanity, addiction, objects, cores, aphrodisiac
Satonaka Erika, leather, heels, competence, weapons

Kamikaze Girls
Momoko Ryugasaki/Ichigo Shirayuri, riding

Yogi/Gareki, bracelet, memories, fly, bright, change

Katawa Shoujo
Hisao/Shizune, date, rooftop, tea

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Gokudera/Shitt P., language, silk, silver, jewellery, intelligence, laughter
Haru/Gokudera, Ten Years Later, jealousy , fight, black mini dress, rough, up against the wall, mafia wife, gun, pregnancy, piano, dark room
Adelheid/Chrome, skirts, access, shy, determination, cleavage, fingers, mouths, stockings, flaunt
Dino/Bianchi, shirttails, bare, flirt, tango, desks, high heels, pegging
Hibari/Yamamoto, launch, tease, tea, sunlight, tatami, kimono, urgent, bite, pale, uncertain, first, ocean, blue, release, temporary, dusk, escape, oral, control, desk, silence, concealed, winning, losing, scratch, rope, nails, choke, scald, blind, blood, mine, time, sheets, need, slow, hunger, reverent, love, teeth
Shitt P./Adelheid, defiant, self-assurance, pride, appearances, off-beat, disdain
Xanxus/Squalo, genderswitch, nape, elegance, fury, quiet, leather, adrenaline, steel, walls, tight, restrain, impatience, privacy, quality, submit
Xanxus/Squalo/Dino, balancing act, proximity, Sky, bemused, drunk, judgment, fling
Xanxus/Tsuna, genderswitch, fight, pride, size, hands, office, undressed, injured, possession
Bianchi/Reborn, guns, blood, courtship, poison, scarlet, teeth, skill, passion, killers, party, politics, impatience, games, cake
Dino/Hibari, whip
Kyouko/Haru, heat
Reborn/Colonello, dominant

Kaze Hikaru
Sei/Soji, blossom, summer, laugh, will, man

Keeping Up Appearances
Onslow/Daisy, bacon, boa
Richard/Hyacinth, directions, impropriety, mind

Amber/Nay, Valentine's, loud, sketch
Steve/Mark, new flat, bite, whisper, caught
Tom/Charlie, once, experiment, fate

Kill Bill
BB Kiddo/Nikki Green, scores
Budd/Bill, disappointment

Killing Time
Andrew Fraser/any, drug abuse, confinement, cuffs, prison bars, ecstatic, DUI, slap, obedience

King Lear – William Shakespeare
Cordelia/Edgar/Edmund, game
Cordelia/Edmund, wrists, spar, torment
Edgar/Cordelia, trust, rope, quiet

King of the Hill
Bobby/Joseph, rodeo
Bobby/Joseph/Connie, doghouse
Boomhauer/John Redcorn, practice
Dale/John Redcorn, conspiracy
Dale/Nancy/John Redcorn, lightbulb
Dooley/Clark, camping
Hank/Buck, daddy issues
Joseph/Kate, destruction
Luanne Platter/Bill Dauterieve, love, ask, lonely, Christian duty

Kingdom Hearts
Aerith/Kairi, domestic, subtle
Axel/Larxene, fight, bitch, fuck, story, past, heartless, electric, heat, cut, vibrant
Axel/Roxas, lollipop, honey, sun, fire, leave, wait, dream, heart, shadow
Cloud/Aerith/Sephiroth - escort, bath, radiant, smile, trust, weakness, slow, mastery
Fuu/Olette, boredom, girls-only, summer
Kairi/Antisora - cool, edge, flying, clutched, taming, fingers
Kairi/Namine - bite, whisper, longing, brush, innocence, paint
Kairi/Olette, summer
Kairi/Selphie, skipping-rope, smile, sunshine, swimsuit
Leon/Cloud, equals, secrets, domestic, street, intoxication, fighter, dissension, drakness
Leon/Yuffie, partners, training, restore, insecure, ninja, lost, guide, love, tease, taunt, skin, heal
Riku/Antisora - claws, wrestle, alpha, quiver, ink
Riku/Kairi/Sora - waterfall, miracle, paopu, fireworks, try, wings, bound
Riku/Namine, drawing, artist, replacement, nobody, half, blindfold, inside, castle, princess, outside, coffee, muse
Riku/Sora, alcohol, need, safe, fireflies, promise, stars
Roxas/Sora - tears, white, vicious, keep
Sephiroth/Gullwings - watchful, shiny, understanding, magic, silence
Sora/Kairi/Riku, perfect, awkward, triforce, giggles

Kingdom Hearts II
Sora/Ansem!Riku, height difference, beach, rain

Lyle Anderson/any, wet
Peter Kingdom/any, rumpled, solicitous
Sidney Snell/Gloria Millington, bath

David Shepherd/Jack Benjamin, help, prison, important, future, handjob, heat, sand, prince, soldier, inspiration, heir, king, blood, alcohol
David Shepherd/Jack Benjamin/Michelle Benjamin, uniform, runaways, dark, blood stains, delicate, royalty, future, easy, surrender
David/Michelle, crown, trust, fate
Jack Benjamin /Joseph Lasile, secret, sexting, confessions, denial
Silas Benjamin/Thomasina, sharpshooter, regal, mercy, rescue, summer

Kisarazu Cat's Eye
Bussan/Mouko/Bambi, gentle, belonging

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry/any, rainy, misogyny, delivery, service, sofa, water

Knight and Day
Roy/June, Hands like Houdini, scars, trust

Kris Longknife - Mike Shepherd
Kris Longknife/Jack Montoya, protective, complicated, gossip, beautiful, confined, fly

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Sebastian Michaelis/Ciel Phantomhive, armchair, ascot, bedtime, brothel, ceremony, eyepatch, kitchen, kitten, loyalty, riding-crop, salt, teeth, underworld
Elizabeth Middleford/Ciel Phantomhive, sugar, spice, cute, smile, sword
Ciel Phantomhive/Elizabeth Middleford/Sebastian, wife, contract, peril, swordplay, training, value, mistrust, missions, dog, monster, princess, heels

Kuroshitsuji 2
Claude/Sebastian, apron, questionable, covered, cream, delicious, rose petals, tap dancing, violin bow, nipple, dripping wet

L.A. Confidential
Bud White/Ed Exley, partners, uniform, manipulate, bruise, quiet
Bud White/Lynn Bracken/Ed Exley, sugar, private lives, rainstorm, bleed
Ed Exley/Lynn Bracken, threaten, control, surprise, discovery

La double vie de Véronique
Weronika/Véronique, fever

La Femme Nikita (1997)
Michael/Nikita, lust, loft, lick, fingernails, saddle, mask, Adam, Section, blood, whisper

La Princesse de Montpensier
Marie/Chabannes, demure, adolescent, heavy, lavender, beard

Jareth/Sarah, [any], audience, control, escape, choice, queen, rulers, love, control, power, wish, dream, lost, crystal
Jareth/Toby, dance, master, student, sorcery, stolen, fae, dream, remember, stalking, choice, naked, power, dark, claiming, above ground, fairy ring, called, peach, owl
Sarah Williams, magic, detective, warm, satin, stage, glitter, labyrinth, wet

Mitzi May/Atlas May, golden, dance, pearls, sinner, perform, love, ruthless, bloody, villain, diva, marriage
Mitzi May/Mordecai Heller, murder, loyalty, cold, bound, satin, embroidery, cars, clandestine, bitter, clever, winner

Lady LovelyLocks
RavenWaves/LovelyLocks, tangle, knot, skein, knife

Isabeau d'Anjou/Etienne Navarre, adore, at last, forever

Lars and the Real Girl
Lars Lindstrom/Margo, compromise, grow, warm, jealous, possess

Last Exile
Alex/Sophia, comfort, tattoo, silk, cunnilingus, fem-dom, bondage, blindfold
Alex/Sophia/Vincent, voyeur, seduction, secret, coffee, care, perfect, concubines, night and day, Ménage à trois

Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing
Fam/Millia, fealty, white knight

Laverne and Shirley
Laverne DeFazio/Lenny Kosnowski, song, monster movie, cuddle support, friendly
Laverne DeFazio/Shirley Feeney, friends, treasure, high hopes

Law & Order
Ben Stone/Liz Olivet, [any]
Ben Stone/Mike Logan, [any]

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Alex Eames/Nicole Wallace, blackmail, desire, fascination, caught, lies, satisfaction
Megan Wheeler/Alex Eames, secret, jealousy
Mike Logan/Megan Wheeler, [any], leave, sudden, alcohol
Robert Goren/Alex Eames, awkward, comfort, distraught, gloves, guilt, languid, slip, stammer, tight squeeze, acquired taste, therapy, bourbon, magic tricks, hurt-comfort, regret, apologies, fear, tired, dream, waiting, quickie, lie detector, interrogation, attention to detail, mechanism, cold, need, sunny, improvement, therapy, shower, delivery, role play, disappointment, slap, surprise, watch, games, favor, truth, spanking, regret, denial, silence, lace, torture, gift, resistance, therapeutic, siren, playing married, album, drunk dial, airplane, bite
Robert Goren/Alex Eames/Megan Wheeler, awkward, interloper

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Cabot/Novak, wild
Elliot Stabler/Olivia Benson, reunion, divorce, what if, desperate, half-naked, clothes, time-limit, lost, entitled, wrong, angry, quiet, strong, open, intense, undercover, confession, dirty, water, neck, feelings, chance, future, rough, wine, dirty, stranded, caught, restrained, shower, argument, jail, unexpected, rusty, mouth, hands, blindfold
George Huang, lonely, fantasies, self-indulgence, aphrodisiac, edgy, unfulfilled
George Huang/OMC, collar, lessons, slave, obedience, protective, possessive, hurt, comfort!sex, mpreg, mind-control, urge, irresistible, sharp-dressed
George Huang/Elliot Stabler, break, control, punish, hate!sex, submissive, crossdressing, mpreg, strength, interrogation
George Huang/Olivia Benson, temper, family, guns, cell, profile
Olivia Benson/Amanda Rollins, bonding, attraction, surprise, comfort

Law & Order: UK
Alesha Phillips/Matt Devlin/James Steel, corset, flowers, brandy, survivor, hatred, shouting, water, banter, survivor, protective, mine, dress up
James Steel/Alesha Phillips, lost, fleeting, return, court, snog
Matt Devlin/OMC, release, comfort, silence
Ronnie Brooks/Natalie Chandler, history,
Sam Casey/Jake Thorne, posh, prat, chips, narwhal, uniform, whiskey, disaster, whip, handcuffs

Legacy of Kain
Janos Audron/Vorador, love, time, together, grave, silence, swamp
Kain/Raziel, ghost, whisper, time, anger, wall
Kain/Sebastian, lieutenant, first, betray, bite
Rahab/Raziel, eat, black, water, gills

Legally Blonde (musical)
Emmett/Elle, [any]

Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Any, war, happy, jewels, music, home, family, identity, honor
Yang Wenli/Frederica Greenhill, cooking, coffee, peace
Yang Wenli/Walter von Schönkopf, savior, disagreement

Legend of the Seeker
Cara/anyone, anal fixation
Cara/Dahlia, sweet, top, want, hold, bones
Cara/Dahlia/Kahlan, compromise, sharing, braid, blanket, Confessor, fight, training, chains, agiels, breaking, polyamory, hurt, love, sacrifice
Cara/Darken, betrayal, faith, recover, respect, devotion, retraining
Cara/Darken/Kahlan, betrayal, pain, pleasure
Cara/Denna, anal, agiels, temptation, white leather
Cara/Denna/Kahlan, broken, slave
Cara/Kahlan, agiels, collar, one chance, wench, consummation, anal, rimming, magic cock, submission, purity, laces, striptease, rough, sex pollen, fpreg, wager, prove it, trapped, beauty mark, confessed, dreams, forgiveness, healing, nightmares, rada han, dildos, agiels, pain!play, pushing boundaries, confessions, play fight, lips, snug, marred, fire, strap-on, outfits, French, leather
Cara/Kahlan/Richard, bound, watching, lake, sweaty, noisy, anal, release, imagination, saving the world, spooning, smile, future, threesome, firelight, triad, equilibrium, quest, magic, confess, hunt, experiment
Cara/Richard, desperation, furtive, oral fixation, unashamed, anal, compromise, accidental marriage, pity fuck, politics, bonds, sex pollen, awkward, punishment, river, chains, rug, last chance, agiel, lighten, cave, whisper, sword
Dahlia/Kahlan, [any]
Darken/any Mord'Sith, balance, death, faith, merit, power, reach, reward
Darken/Giller, blades, blood, command, rough, venom
Darken/Kahlan, deal, power, surrender, love and hate, throne!sex, agiels, fate, hair kink, danger, alliance, bathing, secrets, desk!sex, victory, immune to Confession, outdoors, messy, silver and gold, breaking, fighting
Denna/Kahlan, LadyRahl!Kahlan sub!Denna
Denna/Kahlan/Richard, sharing, love, jealousy
Denna/Richard, children, winter, future, flowers, night, toys, rain, soft, sneaking away
Kahlan/Nicci, confessed, devotion, love, memories, training
Kahlan/Richard, bed, washing, fingers, hungry, river, fantasy, firelight, gossamer, drowsy, adrenaline, cuddling, normal, secret, fun, laces, daggers, phone sex, babies, hot springs, waterfall, remember, pregnancy, wedding, good, uninterrupted, moonlight, beach,
Kahlan/Zedd, magic, strange, forest, robe
Richard/Zedd, familiar, once, wood, rules
Sister Marianna/any, [any]

Darkness/Lily, dance, heat, games, perfect match
Lily/Jack, wild

Legion (2010)
Gabriel/Michael, forgive, divinity, longing, Earth, Heaven, flame, poison, bereft, choke, weep, embrace
Michael/Audrey, angels, wings, guns, savior, prophet, tattoos, skirt, inappropriate, close, adrenaline, getting, time

Les Grandes Chaleurs
Yannick/Gisele, shower, voyeur, car, ferry.

Les Miserables - Victor Hugo
Enjolras/Grantaire, night
Grantaire/Javert, tangled
Joly/Jean Prouvaire, hypochondria
Marius/Eponine, cold, once, promises, return

Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal
Amal/TJ, cigarette, sweet, sheets, sneaky, bareback, nowhere, sunrise, breakfast

Less Than Kind
Sheldon Blecher/Miriam Goldstein, biting, awkward, smile, posing
Sheldon Blecher/Miriam Goldstein/Danny Lubbe

Less Than Perfect
Claude/Kip, catalyst, complicated, fascade, promotion
Claude/Kip/Lydia, competition, entitled, hurt/comfort, submission, roomies

Let The Right One In (Swedish movie)
Oskar/Eli, travel, code, sweet, warm, protect, frighten, slick, blood, hungry, scent, strength

Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer, distinctive, undercover, morale
Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/James Sterling, instructions
Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker, hair, hinky, icing, knit, mouths, zipper, dance, harness, ink, show, stuffing, tell, technology, left out, side con, interesting, acrobatic, trio, better, compromise, ours, girl, money, game, food
Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Quinn, compromises, negotiation, bodyguards
Eliot Spencer/Maggie Collins, coffee, flirt, pillow, smile
Eliot Spencer/Nathan Ford, boss, poison, advantage, dirty talk
Eliot Spencer/Parker, [any], advance, wall, suspension, danger, crazy, back, clear, tazer, freefall, roof, music, wounds, bruises, curse, gift, snow, can't, understanding, blue, eyes, need, desire, leather
Eliot Spencer/Quinn, foils, struggle, war, brothers
Maggie Collins/James Sterling, affair, quiet, finagle, proper, palm
Nathan Ford/Maggie Collins, past, sunset, divorce, anger, control, shame
Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux, Paris, airplane, undercover, Annie Croy, bar, truth, scar, foreplay, shots, what's under his bed, drunk, hush, accent, dance, rooftop, fidelity, little black dress, history, tie, elevator, tongue, don't stop, new apartment, past, safe, silence, real name, big plans, elevator, need, anticipation, secret, alone, dark, play, tuxedo
Parker/Alec Hardison, freefall, safety, tight, hands, flaunt, wild, speedo, stolen, clean, quiet, weekends, gummi frogs, road trip, awkward, strong fingers, bowtie, robots, sneak, museum, heels, elevator, van, biting, Comic-Con, chocolate, Wonder woman, watch, pretzels, security, soft, phone call, apartment, thief, night, nervous, stay, relax, music, French kiss, costume, earpiece, bow tie and nothing else, vacation, batcave, hacking, porn, shutdown, bypass, reciprocated, stolen, suck, permit, cling, lead, time, giggling, facade, cunnilingus, job, steady
Parker/Sophie Devereaux, acting, advice, alone, car, crawl, dare, diamonds, enclosed, falling, family, fantasy, glass, harness, language, leap, lock, miss, mission, misunderstanding, money, names, secret, suspension, ticklish, warmth
Sophie Devereaux/Alec Hardison, accent
Sophie Devereaux/Eliot Spencer, drinking, game, whiskey, lady, mock, name, lessons, stance, accent, challenge
Sophie Devereaux/Maggie Collins, friends, keeping tabs, grifting
Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford/Maggie Collins, unconventional, tangled, queens
Sophie Devereaux/OC, past, real name
Sophie Devereaux/Tara Cole, date, leather, heels, hair, wine
Tara Cole/Alec Hardison, loosen up, watch
Tara Cole/Maggie Collins, security, museum, drastic measures

Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld
Alek/Deryn, spontaneous, temperamental, flatmate, subterfuge, Miss, marry

James Hathaway/Laura Hobson/Robbie Lewis, dinner, date, logical, illogical
Jean Innocent/Laura Hobson, private, guilty, camaraderie
Robert Lewis/James Hathaway, music, control, morning, insomnia, food, trust, undercover, questions, yorkie, education, tender, surprises, quiet, history, questions, Anglican high Mass, fire, sir, procedure, grief, Oxford, literature, inappropriate

Liar Game
Akiyama/Nao, trick, choice, luck, lesson, belief
Akiyama/Nao/Fukunaga, teamwork, gold, hot springs, fashion
Yokoya/Nao, revenge, contract, forbidden

Lie to Me
Cal Lightman/any, ignore
Cal Lightman/Ben Reynolds, argument, dominance, drunk, Gillian, need
Cal Lightman/Eli Loker, complex, date, experience, Monday, please, truth, try, truth, paid, need, collars, gesture, chair, control, shameless, lie, punishment, fierce, intern, approval
Cal Lightman/Eli Loker/Ben Reynolds, office, coffee, tie
Cal Lightman/Gillian Foster, lie, truth, secret, touch, bathtub, car, pudding, dance, elevator, garden, camera, office, laundry, novel, sleep, snow, tattoo, survival, meaning, solid, stories, cold, spanking, wine, twilight, dawn, loss, roulette, stilettos, leather, pain, beg, support, feel, moving, resistance, lines, proposal, summer, park, hot, sweet, survive, crushed, gentle, surprising, suicide, patterns, sunshine, professional, camera, celebration, dinner, negotiation, microexpressions, simple, anticipation, respect, question, legs, accent, funny, exhaustion, rumpled, thick-as-thieves, reversed, roulette, surveillance, tempted, true, accent, watched, answer, distrust, cheat, silent, lies, control, infidelity, honesty, red, divorce, blindfold, domestic, rooftop, comfort, silence
Cal Lightman/Ria Torres, naughty, antagonism, defensive, fated, wall, push, hurt/comfort, emotional, legs, bath, hot, shag rug, I've Never, couch, video
Cal Lightman/Sharon Wollowski, first, need, cook, dark
Eli Loker/Ria Torres, [any], competition, dancing, guitar, lies, reading people, strip poker, yearn, lies, yearn, dancing
Gillian Foster/Zoe Landau, argument, Cal, common, resentment
Gillian Foster/Ben Reynolds, angry, crush, Vegas, dancing
Ria Torres/Gillian Foster, honey, experiment, lies

Life on Mars (UK)
Gene Hunt/Annie Cartwright, equals, chivalry, shoes, chocolate
Gene Hunt/Jackie, spanking, comfort
Sam Tyler/Annie Cartwright, food, massage, silk, red discovery, music, trust, impossible, sex party, red, hallucination
Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt, heat, claiming, uniform, green, reunion, insomnia, resuscitate, jealousy, confession, somnambulism, music, comfort, bath, French, teaching
Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt/Annie Cartwright, luck, balance, problems, intimacy, wrists, secrets
Sam Tyler/Maya Roy, cuffs, protocol, investigation, subordinate
Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt/Layla, sensitive, girly, teaching, rough

Life with Derek
Casey/Derek, any

Charlie Crews/Dani Reese, heat, promises, exchange, paperwork, Lick, Partner, Purple, solid, cherries, mango, orchard, car, handcuffs, fingertips, shaggy, sunlight, peaches, safety, peace
Charlie Crews/Roman Nevikov, dog, pet, cage, collar
Charlie Crews/Ted Earley, prison, bitch, protect, empty
Dani Reese/Karen Davis, teach, hold, secret
Dani Reese/Kevin Tidwell, fruit, sunglasses
Ted Earley/Olivia Canton, [any]

Lincoln Rhyme series - Jeffery Deaver
Amelia/Kathryn Dance, hands, evidence, dove, grief
Amelia/Lincoln/Kathryn Dance, opportunity, falcon
Amelia/Pammy, goddess

Lip Service (BBC 2010)
Sam/Cat, truth, melancholy, officer, beer

Lisey's Story - Stephen King
Lisey/Scott, bool, moon, tales, meadow, heavy, pure, bathe, slip, again

Little Men (1990 TV show)
Nick Riley/Jo Bhare, love, understanding, memories, connection, children, reading, sailing, cooking, patience

Little Men
Jack/Ned, mother's failures

Little Miss Sunshine
Dwayne/Frank, mistake, temptation
Richard/Frank, loser

Little Women
Jo March/Frederich Baer: scollar, read, improve, study
Jo/Laurie, Boston, London, New York, barn, so un-lady like, modern day AU

Live Free or Die Hard
John McClane/Matt Farrell, injured, blood, spanking, family, radio, porn, online, beer, adrenaline, blood, scars, top, safety, date, family, laughter, sunshine, explosion, friction, warm, rimming, strength, winter

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Lois Lane/Clark Kent, bet, tease, distance, convince, making up
Lois Lane/Lex Luthor, [any]

Lord John Grey - Diana Gabaldon
Hal/Minnie, hearth rug, homecoming
John/Stephan, soldier, heal, honor

Lord of War
Yuri Orlov/Jack Valentine, gun-play, test, villain

Lost Boys (The Thirst)
Edgar Frog/Zoe, mates, rough, Santa Carla,

Lost Girl
Bo/any, anal, power, urges
Bo/Ciara, rebound, awkward, sass, dress-up, flirting, mourning, comfort, revenge, ritual, phobia, dirty talk, secrecy, history, guilt, marking, royalty, fantasy, honesty, cleavage, respect, temptation, zippers, leather, silk, interrupted, experience, yearning, need, victory, lipstick, boots, intoxication, rival, forbidden, mistress
Bo/Dyson, back together, embrace, forget, remember, knife, glass, howl, nature, impatient, territorial
Bo/Dyson/Kenzi, cuddle, pack, temper, sting, alcohol, massage, glamour, exhaustion, Fae
Bo/Dyson/Lauren, newness, diamond, sunshine, moonlight
Bo/Kenzi, follow, backseat, protect, laugh, only, hunger, strippers, undercover, ice cream, injury, drunk, curve, jealous, chocolate, snack, domestic, grooming, rope, threat, tease, dance, playing house
Bo/Kenzi/Lauren, competition, jealousy, succubus
Bo/Lauchlan, power, control, champion, payment, slave, lonely, top, pegging
Bo/Lauren, anal, doctor, slave, body shots, fingers, striptease, feeding, affair, bath, guilty, energy, ropes, blades, firsts, hair, possession, seduction, eye sex, flirting, vulnerable, body shots, strength, phobia, dirty talk, comfort, stalking, voice, soft, purring, curves, mirrors, strategy, treasure, bite, marking, quiet, experiment, technobabble, honesty, loyalty, cleavage, respect, temptation, zippers, leather, silk, reunited, interrupted, trust, control, protective, intensity, yearning, ice, need, celebration, freedom, hands, buttons, butch, topping, work place, intoxication, surrender, injury, leather, sweet, fists, possessive, secret, quiet, loud, top, hungry, test, consolation, accusations, gift, morning
Bo/Lauren/Nadia, voyeurism, denial, stamina, tag-team, spooning, broken bed, body shots, safe word, dirty talk, snuggle, flirting, purring, marking, giggling, experiment, knots, curiosity, fantasy, honesty, accident, cleavage, respect, temptation, zippers, leather, silk, trust, yearning, role play, celebration, competition, exploration, buttons, butch, topping, explosive, balance, compromise, favourites, intoxication,
Bo/Morrigan, dark side
Bo/Sherry, dance, skin, ocean, sing, drink, hunger, saviour, trapped, loyalties, appreciation, bikini
Dyson/Kenzi, miniskirt, fang, run, size, fascination, purely scientific, sweet and tart, possessive, wolf, throat, red roses, moon, trust, loophole, love, size, alabaster, rock, bound, instinct, ropes, magic, control, chaos, dance, invisible, bound
Hale/Kenzi, hat, song, sing, whistle, tease, laugh, bluff, manipulate, illegal, blackmail, jail, song, steal, talking
Lauren/Dyson, dream, distraction, fair, tattoo, transformation
Lauren/Kenzi, curious, dance, hot tub, experiment, wary
Lauren/The Morrigan, crazy, secrets, twisted, helpless, bound, dub-con
Saskia/The Morrigan, charge, desk, stockings, smirk

Lost In Austen
Amanda Price/Caroline Bingley, reality, hidden, skin, homesick, punt, society, loss, out of time, mirrors, candles, riding crop, dresses
Bingley/Jane, America, new world, breath, soft
Caroline Bingley/Wickham, second best, reminders, laughter, scheme, best, surprise, dirty, improper, fire
Darcy/Wickham, Georgiana, lies, jealousy, betrayal, innocence, grief

Lost Souls - Poppy Z. Brite
Ghost/Steve, want, crimson, dreams, smoke, gentle, keep

Alex/Kate, desperate, dark, curious, cage, lessons
Ana Lucia/Eko, stability, pride
Ben/Locke, angst, happy endings
Ben/Juliet, property, surrender
Ben/Richard Alpert, teach, beg, need, itch, scratch, time, forward, breathe, rain, family
Boone/Shannon, plane, caretaker, bathing suit, high school, bedroom, unspoken, wet dream, relief, waiting, jealousy, overcome, start over, beach, desperate, steady, stop
Charlotte/Daniel, hands, safe, steady, beginning, brilliance, unafraid
Charlotte/Miles, desperate, challenge, harsh
Claire/Kate, shush, extreme, linger, long, duress, scrub, twist, fingers
Claire/Smokey, entrance, daddy, delight, now
Claire/Charlie, private, quiet, giggles, singing, family, sweet
Daniel/Charlotte, heaven, chance, piano, science
Daniel/Charlotte/Miles, equilibrium, touch, gamble, fascination, rain, unspoken, precognition, routine, temper
Daniel/Miles, sorry, tense, shelter
Jack/Juliet, gun, home, liar
Jack/Locke, peek
Jack/Sawyer, sweat
Jin/Michael, words
Jin/Sun/Michael, bridge, heat, drift
Juliet/Charlotte, reckless, cooperation, drinks
Juliet/Kate, sweet, match, stalemate
Kate/Kwon Sun-Hwa , tangle, water, bone
Kate/Claire, nightmare, rose, breathless, clean, forgiveness, chocolate, sins, grass, bed, blanket, television
Kate/Jack/Sawyer, heat
Kate/Sawyer, whiskey, PTSD, bartending, island, tape, cage, comfort, kiss, fate, beach, home, forever, trust, together, domesticity, fuck, kiss, again, alcohol, secret, christmas, need
Kate/Sayid, scars, fever, rain, jungle, strangers, cry, stars, rope, glass, blessing, bullets, waterfall, not enough time, smoke
Kwon Sun-Hwa/Michael/Kwon Jin, divisive, dusk, release, watch
Locke/Boone, flight
Locke/Charlie, clueless
Locke/Claire, daddy
Miles/"Kevin Johnson", boredom, measure, occupy
Miles/Sawyer/Juliet, undercover, link, threepeat
Miles/Naomi, negotiation, useless
Penny/Desmond, sick, waiting, dancing, painting
Sawyer/Juliet, nuzzle, anniversary, remember, Dharmaville, water, perfume, flowers, last night, breakfast in bed, moving in, scar, drunk, sideways-verse, drive, ring, flower, rogue
Sayid/Ben, torture, servant, grief, bend, tough, throat, submission
Sayid/Juliet, clamp, bare, pinch

Louie/Pamela, bath, visit, dream

Love Ranch
Armando Bruza/Grace Bontempo, raw, easy, strut, hideout, sincere, luxury, offense, dirt

Loving Annabelle
Annabelle/Colins, sweetness, sharp, affection, need, first, grief
Annabelle/Simone, strap-on, BDSM, journalist, book, poem, uniform, bath tub, willing, memory, photograph, tides, games, flower
Kat/Kristen, secrets

Lust Caution (2007)
Wong Chia Chi/Mr. Yee,

Alice Morgan/Jenny Jones, partnership, on the run, danger, teeth
Alice Morgan/John Luther/Mark North, game, wary, reunion, brave
Alice Morgan/Justin Ripley, control, trust
Alice Morgan/Mark North, Luther, shipwreck, fragments, carrion, wraith, salvation, Calypso
John Luther/Alice Morgan, manipulation, crime, witness, chaste, religion, mimesis, escape, office, handcuffs, interrogation, procedure, please, venom, contusion, finale, silk, evil, halo, lick, denial, travel, pegging, thrill, bleed, push, ties, return, surprise, farewell, dagger, black hole, intrigue
John Luther/Justin Ripley, [any], stakeout, loyalty, palm, admiration, comfort, saviour, willing, vices, surveillance, desperation, wait, cover, protection, tomorrow, maybe, oblivious, unexpected, release, invitation, shower, trust, hidden, defend, scars, rescue, aftermath, jumper, office, morning, lazy Sunday, pride, loyalty, vengeance, worship, puppy, equal, dare, watch, cobweb, spider, fly, hunger, cold, hot, trapped, home, escape, shadows, blood, ramen
John Luther/Mark North, desperate, kidnapped, vacation, loss, comfort, sanctuary, memento
John Luther/Zoe Luther/Mark North, negotiation

Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce/Margaret "Hotlips" Hoolihan, gin, landmine, friction, distraction, relief, lie, baby, slick, alcohol, late, home, insanity, laughter, tears, vodka
B.J. Hunnicutt/ Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce, surgery, swamp, canvas, public, ruin, cabin, joy, trousers
Charles Winchester/Margaret Houlihan, dignity
Hawkeye Pierce/Trapper John, desperation, mischief, booze, improvisation, truck, bullet, blanket, candies
Nurse Kelly/Radar, dance, disrobe, fumble, glasses, round, shelling, shy, trust, unappreciated, unclothed, uniform

Macbeth – William Shakespeare
Lady Macbeth/Macbeth, guilt, blood, touch, breasts
Macbeth/Banquo, ghost, war, memory, ash, sorry

Mad Dogs
Baxter/Quinn, push, pool, hurt, care, comfort, condemned, talk, blindfold
Quinn/Woody, stitches, sober, hug, psychology

Mad Men
Betty Draper, solo, clothes driers
Betty Draper/Don Draper, slide, stick, consume
Don Draper/Peggy Olsen, revolution, despair, realization, excel, protégé, unintended, reward, approve, debate, recovery, beg, New Amsterdam, Altamont, office, darkness, team, hands
Don Draper/Roger Sterling, forget, laugh, anticipation
Don Draper/Joan Holloway/Roger Sterling, voyeur, golden, never, after hours, in vino veritas, Christmas, vacation, snow, beach, family,
Father Gill/Peggy, loneliness, control, thrash, belt
Joan Harris (nee Holloway)/Roger Sterling, awakening, classy, enigma, discoveries, honesty, extravagant, truth, exhaustion, dance, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Joan/Lane, discreet, skilled, lunch, allies, match, surprise, rely, routine, martinis, strip
Joan/Peggy, empowerment, feminism
Joyce Ramsay/Peggy Olsen, spoon, stairs, newspaper
Ken/Salvatore, quick, whisper, promises
Peggy Olsen/Roger Sterling, frustration, egg, joke
Peggy/Pete, last, humiliation, again, divorce, smart, glass, kiss
Peggy/Stan, beg
Peggy/Trudy, jealousy, secrets

Magic Knight Rayearth
Hikaru/Eagle/Lantis, [any]

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Nanoha/Fate, nuzzle, [any]

Magnum PI
Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV/Jonathan Quayle Higgins III, case, revelations, unison

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Nanoha/Fate, nocturnal, espresso, mash
Nanoha/Fate/Arf, experiment, guard

Mainichi Seiten
Mayumi/Yuuta, teasing, laughing, flustered, covert

Make It or Break It
Payson/Kelly, rivalry, medal, after, competition
Payson/Sasha, intense, gold, retirement, Olympics, train, mat, paint, push

Mamma Mia (2008)
Donna/Sophie, letting go
Pepper/Tanya, [any] candles, mother, waxplay, age, swim, passion,
Sophie/dads, bonds

Mansfield Park - Jane Austen
Fanny Price/Mary Crawford, choices, practice, theatre, lovers, vows, red, velvet, wet, rain, apples
Fanny Price/Sir Thomas Bertram, advantage, skin, innocent, indebted, punishment, slave, distance, pale
Fanny Price/Henry Crawford, rake, scandal, marriage
Henry Crawford/Mary Crawford, secret world, country manners, fashion, solitude, sunlight, childhood, their uncles house, naval, rears and vices, pretend

Julio/Shatterstar, reunion, blades, earth, Mexico, tv, trust, rumors, rain, shower

Marvel [see also The Avengers, X-Men, etc]
Alica Masters/Benjamin Grimm, craggy, heart, sculpture, thoughtful, vision
Any/Any, [any], kiss, just, scrape, fight, muddy, sparkle, wings, shine, shooting star
Betty Brant/Felica Hardy/Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane Watson/Peter Parker, acceptance, bugle, costumes, orgy, girls
Betty Ross/Bruce Banner, colours, long, smashing, two
Brian Cruz/Julian Keller, roommates, flight, tag, friendship, teammate, memories, sun, games
Captain Britain/Captain America, negotiations, flags, muscle, rimming
Carol Danvers/Eric O'Grady, awkward, Avengers, forgiving, SHIELD, shower, tough, voyeur
Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew, web, pheromones, strange, charm, drink, loft, night out
Carol Danvers/Tony Stark, flygirl, whole, order
Carol Danvers/Wanda Maximoff, forgiveness
Cessily Kincaid/Laura Kinney, nightmares, comfort, learning, shape, change, fashion
Clint Barton/Bobbi Morse, reunion, push, mark, fresh start, reunited, troubled, lost, slow, wedding night, elopement, motel, smile
Clint Barton/Kate Bishop, first time, mentor/protegee, teaching, hands, callouses, training room, purple, teacher-student, roleplay, submissive, same, different, away, leader, follower, scars, arrows, tying, pegging, teammate, equal, never, always, patching
Clint Barton/Natasha Romanova, adrenaline rush, laughter, public place, undercover, partners, challenging, scars.
Clint Barton/Steve Rogers, leadership, test, shove, back-up
Clint Barton/Wanda Maximoff, comfort, closure, alive, hurt, countryside, hiding, disapproving family
Colleen Wing/Felicia Hardy, claw, convenient, mutuality
Colleen Wing/Misty Knight, cyborgasm, concentrate, delight
Daken/Bullseye, writhing, trust, variables, blackmail
Daken/Laura Kinney, fight, claws, dirty, tattoo, family, blood, jealous
Daken/Logan, amnesia, skewer, downfall, fracture
Daken/Tony Stark, one night stand, collateral, flexible, suits
Danny Rand/Luke Cage, partner, size, power, tattoo, held, hands, learning, costumes, travel
Danny Rand/Matt Murdock, grace, identity, scent, sight, sound, touch, taste
Danny Rand/Misty Knight/Luke Cage, instruct, enjoin, effort
Emma Frost/Jean Grey/Scott Summers, complicated, mind, threesome, together
Eric O'Grady/Natasha Romanova, breasts, giantess, jerk, team, voyeur
Felica Hardy/Mary Jane Watson/Peter Parker, cats, decide, comfortable, threesome, tiger
James "Bucky" Barnes/Kate Bishop, flirt, grown-up, agent, secret, age, teacher-student, scarf, hidden, sharp, type, lessons, rooftop, memory, exposure
James "Bucky" Barnes/Namora, femdom, relax, tidal
James "Bucky" Barnes/Natasha Romanova, competence, adrenaline, clever, dance, fir, chill, memory, shower, secret, metal, ruthless
James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, shield, forgotten, warm, lucky, temptation, impossible, trust, lost, dreams, rebirth, shower, metal, hand, penetrate, bottom, comfort, shield, forgive, forget, chocolate, crossdressing, sidekick, commands, shivering, sneaking, sunlight, tomorrow, dream
James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov, history, delight, safe, home
Jean Grey/Misty Knight, ease, initiate, sweep
Jennifer Takeda/Ken Mack, suit, feeling, exposure, loss, experimentation, surf, water
Jessica Jones/Luke Cage, babies, pregnant, sleep, flight, domestic, hope, hands
Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Matt Murdock/Danny Rand, domesticity, mess, superheroes
Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Scott Lang, unconventional, pregnancy, indulge, family, lust, sandwich, investigate
Jessica Jones/Steve Rogers, dress-up, parties
Jimmy Woo/Gabe Jones, bebop, reminisce, exert
Joshua Foley/Kevin Ford, touch, gentle, hate, fight, reconciliation, decay, rivalry, mistake, forgiveness
Julian Keller/Laura Kinney, touch, care, claws, flying, healing, hiding, hands
Kate Bishop/Cassie Lang, safe, spring, team, blessing, curse, reasons, slow, gentle, breathe, size, discovery, small, crush, discovery, bonding, control
Kate Bishop/Natasha Romanova, training
Kate Bishop/Sharon Carter, trip, mission, future
Kevin Ford/Cessily Kincaid, tentacles, forget, revenge, fangs, adult
Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom, check, tie, new, karaoke, whiskey, dilated, stripper, collision, phone sex, memory, blindfolded, desk, heels, corset, stockings, cigarettes, wine, murder, synchronized, breath, telephone
Kitty Pryde/Pitor Rasputin, danger, forgiveness, Lockheed, metal, Shalom, tender
Luke Cage/Jessica Jones/Danny Rand, negotiations, laughter, future
Mary Jane Watson/Peter Parker, breakfast, chances, couple, fate, lessons, webbing
Matt Murdock/Jessica Jones, heat, laws, practice, skin
Matt Murdock/Maya Lopez, mimic, read, lips, costume, hurt, touch, curious, new
Paige Guthrie/Clarice Ferguson, torn, morning, dimension, rescue, mend
Peggy Carter/Natasha Romanova, mentor, silver, hope, sly, lipstick, undercover
Pietro Maximoff/Wanda Maximoff, separation, healing, family, powers, trust, possessive, protection
Reed Richards/Susan Richards, anniversary, equipment, exotic, honeymoon, sexy science, smart, stupid
Rikki Barnes/Anya Corazón, wrists, bruise, roof, seek, invert, reveal, dare
Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers, cockslut, drool, console, revisit, aloft
Scott Summers/Jean Grey, strength, mirror, whisper, blind, trust
Steve Rogers/Wanda Maximoff, family, kiss, past, protective, troubled, unexpected
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan, early, restraint, trust, dance
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan/Eli Bradley, double-down, laughter, cement
Tony Stark/Loki, sneer, manipulate, dreams, Clarke's Law, banter, genderswap, shapeshift, silver
Vision/Wanda Maximoff, change, machine, magic, night, tender

Marvel vs Capcom 3
Jill Valentine/Shuma-Gorath, extra, tentacles

Mary Poppins
Bert/Mary Poppins, date, perfection, reunion, chalk, sugar

Mass Effect
Aria T'Loak/Fem!Shepard, fight, competition, hard, respect, distrust, bruises, rough
Aria/Garrus, archangel
Fem!Shepard/Garrus, heat, pressure, culture, understanding, xenophilia, alien, different, sparring, show, reach, guard, bath
Fem!Shepard/Jeff "Joker" Moreau, friendship, buddy, shore leave, drunk, pilot seat
Mass Effect, , gentle, hat, voice
Fem!Shepard/Jeff "Joker" Moreau/EDI, watching, urging, fascinating, help, touch, care, need, firm, can't, comfort
Fem!Shepard/The Illusive Man, hate sex, grudge fuck, the falling cusp
Fem!Shepard/Garrus/Liara, sharing, all for one, growth, information
Feron/Liara, double-cross, intelligence, sinister, shadow, drink
Jacob/Miranda, promises
Jack/Shepard, pirate, bondage, tattoo
Jeff "Joker" Moreau/EDI, command, submission, care
Garrus/Shepard, morals, impossibility, face-paint, scars
Miranda/Shepard, loyal, banter, desk, normandy, normal
Miranda/The Illusive Man, daddy, earn, reward, teach, punishment, orgasm control, yours, eager, humiliation, belonging, kneeling
Shepard/Thane, high, letter, memory

Maurice (1987)
Maurice Hall/Alec Scudder, wrists, pinning, lust, boathouse, hips

Mawaru Penguindrum
Ringo/Shouma, aphrodisiac, apples, apron, bondage, boyfriend, destiny, flame, first time, kiss the cook, share, tied up, transfer, transport, unexpected
Tabuki/Yuri, quantum, Momoka, performance, kiss, abandon, taste, flawed, crystallized, staged, untouchable, gosh

Mean Girls
Cady/Janis, colors, painting, trouble
Cady/Karen, circle
Cady/Regina, university, lesbians, discovery, catty, underwear
Cady/Sharon, equation
Gretchen/Regina, visible
Karen/Regina, control, tutor, pink, harmless
Janis/Regina, sarcasm

Medaka Box
Medaka/Zenkichi, loyal, ignored, oblivious, optional, beautification, indentured, stumbled, method, mutuality, trust, stripped

Melissa & Joey
Melissa/Joey, anytime, basement, double-entendre, fun, free, once, flood,

Arthur Pendragon/girl!Merlin, baby, Camlann, freedom, fruit, light, magic, Queen, tower, wiles
Arthur Pendragon/Gwen,[any], honeymoon, lost, trails, camping, Excalibur, lake, missing, brave, breathing, appreciative, hands, crown, conjugal, sword, contrast, careful, strength
Arthur Pendragon/Gwen/Lancelot, trust, fidelity, secrecy, legend, rope, heart, passion, warmth, soft, clear
Arthur Pendragon/Gwen/Merlin, gone, kisses, table, worship, amused, power, stress
Arthur Pendragon/Gwen/Merlin/Morgana Pendragon, [any], cuddle, divine, secrets, solo, swords
Arthur/Lancelot, loyal, knight, sword, stroke
Arthur Pendragon/Merlin Emrys, closed, goodbye, last, one, return, rex, welcome, wine, write, naked, precious, reveal, velvet, warm, prince!merlin, throne, neckerchief, blindfold, hands, jealousy, flirting, possession, arrogant, Excalibur, hot, lake, love, gold, leaving, magic, rough, solo, teeth, throne, awkward first times, crown, experimenting, role reversal, iota, hipster, tapestry, future, king, serve, warm, sacrifice, urgent, secret, whisper, knotting, canon, possessive, reincarnation, reversal, spell, affair, knowing, riding, secret, discovery, forest, mead, dragon, kidnapped, summon, glow, lace, grass, water, candle, curiosity, secrets, happy, care
Arthur Pendragon/Morgana Le Fay (Pendragon), [any], end, forgiveness, revelations, happy, memories, future, sunrise, boat, fire, present, alternative universe, grind, dare, cuffs, tension, confrontation, desperate, free, mine, night, scream, tight, night, opposite, rage, siblings, trust, bet, tournament, defiance, compromise, drunk, union, propriety, oops, tension, forbidden, arranged, same, throne, hate, missing, remember, crumble, longing, desperate, quick, kin, blood, siblings, queen, king, Avalon, magic, hidden, price, lady, champion, stolen, dream, mercy, forbidden, better, conquest, courting, sword, tower, incense, bitter
Elyan/Leon, commiseration
Elyan/Percival, quiet, strength
Guinevere/Lancelot, flowers
Gwaine /Morgana, taste the blood on your lips, caress, challenge, sword
Gwaine/(Princess) Elena, loud, outmatched, surprise, strong thighs, possessive, kisses, lips, demanding
Gwaine/Knights, gangbang, sore, magic, permission, double penetration, sword, lake, orgy, rituals, brotherhood
Gwaine/Lancelot, exhausted, silent, fire, monster, rain, sword, mouth, fingers
Gwaine/Leon/Lancelot, Musketeers, secrecy, disguise
Gwaine/Lancelot/Merlin, modern!AU, threesome, difficult, stains, floor, bathroom
Gwaine/Merlin, blowjob, tremble, snow, friends, rely, heart, strength, sure, dusk, snow, fire, sword, light, cuddle, forest, sunshine, chamomile, bath, love, friends, fun
Gwaine/Percival, modern!AU, crush, shy, sharing, band, terrority, french kiss, belt, sleeves, helpful, mouthy
Gwen/Elyan, quiet, bravery, honey, bath, clumsy
Gwen/Lancelot, secrets, awe, tender, gentle, holding, slow, escaped, destined, loved, hands, robes, firelight, thrones, I am your willing hand, let me do your will, Morgana, ashes to ashes, ghosts, true, please, you, tied
Gwen/Merlin/Morgana, before, dust, house, loud, memory, rain
Gwen/Morgana, betrayal, devotion, dress, fabric, fear, proof, strip, whip, first time, giggle, soft, stroke, curls, trust, undressing, flowers, reigning, queen, flight, obey, sisters, equal, lady
Gwen/Morgana/Arthur/Merlin (OT4), compromise
Gwen/Morgause, [any], bed, kiss, loyalty, ropes, skin, spoils
Lancelot/Merlin, confidence, magic, will, trust, whispers, kept, return, lost, save, hidden, rain, first, mine, forever, last, kiss, taste, need, ache, touch, love, snuggle
Lancelot/Percival, poison, travel, dagger, rules, mist, rope, secret, hair, burden, prepare
Merlin/adult!Mordred, hero worship, jealousy, telepathy
Merlin/Morgana, deep, dread, dry, hallway, dreams, truth, flowers, king and queen, what if, drunk, exile, choices, future, servant, guide, hidden, doctor, sleepless, honesty, magic, sacrifice, time wounds all heels, we're kings among runaways
Merlin/Morgana/Morgause, ceremony, court, green, master, past
Merlin/Will, childhood, first, magic, death
Morgana/Merlin, driven, fight, forget, steam
Morgana /Morgause, blood, bound, kiss, priestess, sacrifice, scissor, life, spring, vines, worship, magic, teach, care, protect, alike, share, soft, smile, smirk, night
Morgana/Uther, sacrifice, virgin, anger, king

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
Hanon/Rina, dress-up, model, tuxedo, handsome, obsession, plasma TV, annoyed
Lucia/Rina, comfort
Noel/Rina, promise, protect, failure

Metal Gear Solid
Naked Snake/Ocelot, impression, vanity, pride, tease
Naked Snake/The Joy, never, mother, fight
Otacon/Solid Snake, different, home, food, glasses, steam
The Joy/The Sorrow, peace, stolen, forest, snow

Metropolis: The Chase Suite-Janelle Monae
Cindi Mayweather/Alpha-9000s, connected

Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Carlos Crasta/Michael Dyer, cowboy, masculinity, machismo, posturing, underbelly
Michael Dyer/David Storper, exposure, nerves, hiding, nudity, breathing, soothing

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Billy/Tommy, homecoming
Kim/Tommy, sunset, race car, first time, virgin, rain, letter, goodbye, angst, battle, hurt/comfort, pregnant, tiger, flying

Millennium Trilogy
Blomkvist/Salander, guilt, touch, regret, aftermath.

Miranda (TV)
Gary/Miranda, awkward, now, distraction, thrust, finally, sweet, spooning

Alisha/Simon, back in time, hero, camera, dirty, gloves, heroine, ice, knee socks, knickers, pegging, slit, spread, strip, wet, forever, eternity, sweet, freckles, ghosts, jewelry, memory, photo, bra, shower, electric, vibrator
Alisha/Kelly, high, tangled, tits
Kelly/Nathan, lager, afternoon, magic, entertainment roundabout
Kelly/Seth, vacation, closets
Nathan /Simon, loop, invisible, apocalypse, last

Miss Match
Adam/Kate, pursuit, phone, law, bar, date
Kate/Victoria, matchmaking, drunk, exhausted
Kate/Michael, architecture, boat, stranded, anniversary
Nick/Victoria, roommates, closet, awkward, breakup, decorate

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Delysia/Guinevere, masks
Delysia/Michael, unpolished, Grubb, intentions, fedora, pianist, fingers, hatbox

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)
Benji Dunn/William Brandt, code, fly
Ethan Hunt/Anatoly Sidorov, chase, ally, cocky, cigarette, drink, post-mission
Ethan Hunt/Benji Dunn/William Brandt/Jane Carter, hiding
Ethan Hunt/Jane Carter/William Brandt, adrenalin, benefits, listening
Ethan Hunt/Jane Carter, pegging
Ethan Hunt/girl!William Brandt, scars, missing
Ethan Hunt/William Brandt, analyst, trust, secrets, leap, run, relax, need, skills, apology, equal, badass, back-to-back, wall, bite, mark, claim, desire, revise
Jane Carter/Hanaway, headquarters
Sabine Moreau/William Brandt, traitor, trigger

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Amuro/Lalah, play
Char/Lalah, peace, hair, zero gravity, gravity, souls, beautiful, pool, beach, boat Heero/Relena, secret visit, shy, wedding dress

Modern Family
Alex/Haley, denial
Alex/Mackenzie, power, manipulation
Claire/Gloria, cupcakes
Dylan/Phil, cool dad
Luke/Manny, cosmopolitan

Mona Lisa Smile
Amanda/Nancy, decorum
Giselle/Katherine, smokescreen

Kayo/Medicine Seller, drugs, dream, reincarnation, eternity
Kayo/Otherself, sun, smoke, ash, gold

Monte Carlo
Emma Perkins/Meg Kelly, hotel, sleepover, resentment, uptight

Josef Kostan/Mick St John, weakness, war, alone, future, dust, gore, persuasion, car, historic, deliver, waves
Beth Turner/Mick St John, devilish, beast, handcuffs, turning, sun, desert, water, not so different, child, fang
Beth Turner/Mick St John/Josef Kostan, training

Moonlighting (TV)
David Addison/Maddie Hayes, squirt gun, claustrophobia, dare, con

Moral Orel
Block/Shapey, storm
Clay/Reverend Putty, boss
Clay/Orel, belt, commandment
Doughey/Mr. Creepler, attention
Doughy/Orel, Leviticus

Mr And Mrs Smith (BBC Radio)
Will Smith/Annabel Smith/Guy The Therapist, baking, threesome, unconventional, unexpected, geek, Star Trek, hobby, not recommended

Much Ado About Nothing – William Shakespeare
Beatrice/Benedick, banter, playful, equal, ages, modern AU, flowers, paint, wedding, trickery, outside, summer, The Globe, antics, laughter, one-upmanship, devious, dance, youth, cunnilingus, masquerade, friendship, water.
Beatrice/Benedick/Don Pedro, royalty, dirt, wet, dancing.
Don John/Hero, hard, bitter, runaway, woman, bite

Mulan (1998)
Mulan/Shang, cross, cunnilingus, overnight, spar, luck

Mulholland Drive
Betty/Rita, silencio, fantasy, torture, fine, dark, light, whisper, discord

Murdoch Mysteries
Julia Ogden/William Murdoch, insistent, press, loose

Muriel's Wedding
David/Muriel, reunion, new
Muriel/Rhonda, vacation, friendship, experiment, honest, perfect

Mutant X
Adam/Brennan, trust, worthy, end of the world
Brennan/Emma, fantasy, hostage, shock
Brennan/Shalimar, in heat, sparring

My Boys (TV)
Brendan Dorff/P.J. Franklin, friends with benefits, shots, tease

My Hero
George/Janet, bum, hearts, two, where?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
[any]/[any], grooming, blindfold, bridle, sugar, starlit, snuggling, trust
Applebloom/Scootaloo/Sweetie Belle, learning, new, unexpected
Applejack/Fluttershy, hat, honesty, kindness, tree, sugarcube, mothering, warm, feed, upbeat
Applejack/Pinkie Pie, honesty, laughter, party
Applejack/Rainbow Dash, honesty, loyalty, lasso
Applejack/Rarity, honesty, generosity, differences
Applejack/Rarity/Twilight Sparkle, magic, honesty, generosity, sleepover
Applejack/Twilight Sparkle, magic, honesty
Applejack/Verity, clash, dirt, bathing, tease
Celestia/Discord, trolling
Derpy Hooves/Dr. Whooves, companion, Dinky
Ditzy Doo/Fluttershy, kindness, muffins, eyes, day
Ditzy Doo/Rarity, generosity, muffins, eyes, night
Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie, kindness, laughter, sugar
Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie/Rainbow Dash, kindness, laughter, loyalty, balloons
Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash, kindness, loyalty, flying, knight, support, protect, love, soft, pink, rainboom, massage
Fluttershy/Rarity, generosity, kindness, fashion, spa, quiet
Fluttershy/Twilight Sparkle, magic, kindness, books
Gilda Griffon/Rainbow Dash, cooler, forgiveness, race
Pinkie Pie/Rainbow Dash, laughter, loyalty, pranks, awesome, cupcakes, games, pranks, bubbly
Pinkie Pie/Rarity, generosity, laughter, surprise
Pinkie Pie/Twilight Sparkle, magic, laughter, secret
Princess Celestia/Twilight Sparkle, assignment, daring, education, invitation, lessons, magic, mentor, palace, princess, sly, spell, teacher, tease, waiting, wings
Rainbow Dash/Rarity, magic, loyalty, wings
Rainbow Dash/Spitfire, loyalty, fan, uniform
Rainbow Dash/Twilight Sparkle, magic, loyalty, accident
Rarity/Twilight Sparkle, magic, generosity, dress
Trixie/Luna, magic, moonlight, hat
Trixie/Twilight Sparkle, magic, showing-off, hat
Twilight Sparkle, clopping

My Name Is Bruce
"Bruce Campbell"/Kelly, hay loft, back room, bar, wall!sex, dance, stars

My Own Private Idaho
Mike/Scott, stressed, window, cheap, carpet burns, client, fuck

My So-Called Life
Brian/Rayanne, accident, backseat, bananas, braid, rip, shave, slut

My Summer of Love
Sadie/Tamsin, storytelling

Akira/Takumi, exercise, gender, ninja
Chie/Aoi: film, photography

Chie/Aoi, robe, dress-up, striptease, flirt, backstage
Midori/Youko, remember, medicine, rituals, taboo

Terashima Nobuo/Komatsu Nana, puppy, forgiveness, forbidden, absolute, truth, memories, melancholy

Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene
Nancy Drew/George Fayne, salt, lock, clever, air, pants, [any]
Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson, necktie, seduction, cashmere, stolen, unwound, brunette, tattoo

Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Super Mystery
Bess/Joe, flirt, shopping, boy crazy, fashion, explosions, secret
Frank/Nancy, finally, fingers, public, undercover, teasing, titan, costume, denial, Egypt

Gaara/Rock Lee, sand, youthful, flexible
Gaara/Yamanaka Ino, whisper, mindgame, heat
Guy/Kakashi, acorn, envy
Guy/Yamato, frown, smirk, arrogance, deadly, stupid
Haruno Sakura/any, boots, reach, control, growth, deadly, hair
Haruno Sakura/Rock Lee, dynamic, spandex, break
Haruno Sakura/Uchicha Sasuke, fist, medicine, break, orgasm denial, pressure, visiting hours, bruise
Haruno Sakura/Uzumaki Naruto, warm, salt, fox, battle, strength, thighs, bite, need, laughter, heat, loyalty, tussle, grass, death, chakra
Haruno Sakura/Uzumaki Naruto/Uchicha Saskuke, genderswap AU, power, reunion, wisdom, reckless, mistake, balance, recovery, touch, reveal, sweat, need
Haruno Sakura/Yamanaka Ino, flirting, dirty, flexible, ribbon, history, ribbon, competitive, cooperation, bath
Hatake Kakashi/Umino Iruka, black board, snow, wire, leash, music, slippery, reading-glasses, touchstone, electricity, trajectory, antidote, flak jacket, late, bodyswap, hair, surprise, tender, tease, home, understanding, mission, past, tattoos, hidden
Hyuuga Hinata/any, solitary, recovery, confidence
Hyuuga Hinata/Hyuuga Neji, [any], duty, pleasure, rough, obedience, loyalty, sparring, fever, memory, temptation, amends, inevitable, pegging, seeking, unaware, gentle, vision, dynasty, bonds, respect
Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto, victory, dream, strength, anger, colour, coat, breath, curves
Hyuuga Hinata/ Yūhi Kurenai, comfort, protection, first, adore, battle
Kakashi/Gai, recovery, home, time, young, old, secrets, rivalry, loss, weapon, pain, steel, sword, blood, elegance, handicap, terror
Kakashi/Sakura, [any]
Might Guy (Maito Gai)/Mitarashi Anko, strenuous, forest, bite, poison
Might Guy (Maito Gai)/Morino Ibiki, endurance
Might Guy (Maito Gai)/Umino Iruka, sunshine, exercise, youth, flexible, balance, cartilage
Mitarashi Anko/Morino Ibiki/Umino Iruka, shelter, games, secretive, scars, scroll
Mitarashi Anko/Umino Iruka, gamble, confide, acupuncture, genderswap, teasing, drinking, friendship, dare, reports, forest, stealthy, shadow, past, poison, blood, clone, desk, daybreak, fishnet, senbon, taste
Mitarashi Anko/Yūhi Kurenai, blades, armor, kunoichi, opposite, wine, stress, pregnancy, duty
Nara Shikamaru/Yamanaka Ino, childhood, obedience, bind, shadow
Naruto/Sasuke, [any]
Sasuke/Karin, penance, scars, chakra sex, clumsy
Shikamaru/Temari, [any]
Shizune/Tsunade, damage, guardian, poison, duty, responsibility, safety
Shizune/Umino Iruka, ink, paperwork, silence, wind
Umino Iruka/any, discipline, classroom, found, smoke, mistake, inevitable, dust, restraint, scholarly
Uzumaki Naruto/Yamanaka Ino, blond, flirt, loudmouth, jutsu

Natsume Yujinchou
Tanuma Kaname/Natsume Takashi, protection, hands, eyes, hair, possession, gentle, rough, oral, watching, solo, always, understanding, connection, guardian, senses, not alone, quiet, rain
Hinoe/Reiko, beauty, indulgence
Kaname/Taki Tooru/Natsume Takashi, sharing, stars, deep, warm, inside, circles, tracing, drawing, see, slow
Madara/Natsume, bodyguard, drunken, fierce, fur, gluttony, growl, guard, human, lifetime, name, power, promise, ride, scent, youkai, eternity, weakness, taste, fear, nature, heart, fragile
Natori Shuuichi/Hiiragi, tethered, one-sided, yearning, devotion, acceptance, watching, untouchable
Natori Shuuichi/Natsume Takashi, yukata, bath house, honesty, thighs, mutual, quiet, forest, obligation, mature, bondage

Abby Sciuto/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, brush, flower, grind, music, trust, whisper, Daddy, protect, collar, dress-up, pegging, rules, May/December, skill, colorful, domestic, tied, plaid, boat, vacation, tremble, yearn, heal, time, years, collar, grief, comfort, need, scared, help, hope, ideal, hiatus
Abby Sciuto/Tim McGee, forever, tattoo, intertwined, technology, gadgets, toys, programming, computer, old habits, different,
Abby Scuito/Caitlin (Kate) Todd, sleep-over, girls night, dress up, playtime, toy, play, tattoos
Abby Scuito/Jethro Gibbs/Tim McGee/Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David, holidays, family, game, traditional, homecoming
Abby Scuito /Tim McGee/Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David, Movie night, Teamwork
Abby Scuito/Ziva David, gunplay, work
Anthony Dinozzo/Jimmy Palmer, scars, doctors, diabetes, love, compassion, understanding, threesome, self-defence, tap-dancing, seduction, thrust
Anthony DiNozzo/ Leroy Jethro Gibbs, boss, want, interrogate, rules, yours, lose, insist, table, boat, new, slap, include, resolve, rules, taming, breaking, prove it, on time, sleeping late, open water, couch, hospital bed, movies, tie, change, steak, bottle, sunrise, flat
Anthony DiNozzo/Tim McGee, alcohol, lockdown, jetpack, flirting, cramped, quarters, boat, snowed in, boss, protect, devotion
Anthony DiNozzo/Ziva David, harsh, stillness, dangerous, frozen, nightmare, easy, unexpected, fuck, punch, kick, airport, trust, together, kiss, secret, christmas, need, fire, heavy, hard, afraid, on the run, forget, slick, miss you, undercover, first, twisted, inevitable, relentless, in charge, car, hotel, picture, flame, focus, distraction, laughter, confession, hopeful, pencil, bar, dancing, quiet, hair, jealousy, movies, snow, now, mine, fearless, dress, curls, tender, possessive, daring, public, bet, soft, finally, permanent, different
Dr. ‘Ducky' Donald Mallard/Jimmy Palmer, secret, education, experience, latex, glasses, scrubs, tea, diabetes, mentor, father figure, compassion, love, possession, manslaughter, self-defence
Jenny Shepard/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, chill, lost, amazed, shameless, time, knock
Jenny Shepard/Ziva David, experience
Jimmy Palmer/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, scars, diabetes, self-defence, anger, fear, father, protection, kick boxing, DADT
Jimmy Palmer/Male, obsession, lust, memories, red, blood, diabetes, NCIS, protection, non-con, FBI, blue
Jimmy Palmer/Ziva David, shoes, red, lace, pianos, Israel, handcuffs, compassion, medical, jogging, diabetes
Kate Todd/ Leroy Jethro Gibbs, wood, betrayal, whiskey, sunrise, water, ice
Kate Todd/Ziva David, ninja, elevator, fork, rubber-ducky, change
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Timothy McGee, tie, files, coffee, chocolate, games, boat, trees, paint
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Ziva David, handcuffs, spar, massage, bourbon, basement, flu,

NCIS: Los Angeles
Eric Beale/G Callen, trust, talking, blood, taste
Eric Beale/Nell Jones, flowers, glasses, lies, jinx, computer
G. Callen/Marty Deeks, tumble, old wounds, undercover, falling, languages, surfing, air mattress, blood, danger, bruises, handcuffs, obsession, understanding, LAPD, blue, guns, scars
G. Callen/Lara Macy, office, reunion
G Callen/Sam Hanna, silence, cuffs, fighting, protection, disguise, pinky toe, couch, heat, see-through, ill-kept, tuxedo, Callen's house, cocky, exhibitionism, capitulate, fire, experimentation, discipline, Romania, reunion, shower, scars, busted, massage, control, trapped, last night, jump & fall, safe house, darkroom, blinded, sink, defy, makeshift, home-bound, unburden, arm wrestling, sweet revenge
G. Callen/Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks, fantasy, devilish, smirk, want, need, share, fight, overwhelmed, comfort
G. Callen/Kensi Blye, boathouse, wrong, taken, new, empty, stare, secrets, aware, darkness, undercover, growl, sparring, challenge, silence
Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks, partners, midnight, undercover, jealousy, their thing, deception, ocean, fight, sweet, trust, ice, truth, time, jealousy, text, daring, obsession, explosion, want, photo, wet, lace, bruises, table, sun, smile, challenge, the end, flowers, heels, lost, scars, love, memories, red, lace, beach, surfing, sexism, protection, siblings, bikinis, pants, LAPD, cars
Hetty Lange/Marty Deeks, training, mother, blankets, understanding, fathers, blue, LAPD, food, strength, surfing
Marty Deeks/Male, obsession, surfing, pants, red, blood, love, danger, tables, sparring, paperwork, laptops, regret, stealth, scars, shower
Marty Deeks/Sam Hanna, SEALS, surfing, prejudice, LAPD, understanding, abuse, memories, blue jeans, violence, protection, scars

Evangeline/Satsuki, texture, gift, oblivious, kindness
Evangeline/Sayo, streamer, ritual, command, nostalgia, freeze
Konoka/Setsuna, wing, magic, monster, cool, enthusiastic, honor, loneliness

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Rei/Asuka, surprise, obsession, shatter
Shinji/Gendo, Oedipus, servile
Shinji/Kaworu, calm, stroke, dusk, explode

Nero Wolfe
Archie Goodwin/Lily Rowan, dancing, staying in, strikes, whisper, weekend

Never Let Me Go (2010)
Kathy/Tommy/Ruth, however, apology, jealousy, faith, bleak, runaways, draw

Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
[any], follow, after, when, where, floating market, buy, knife, shield, favor,

New Girl
Cece/Schmidt, [any] , bed, fragrance, want
Cece/Jess, habit, sleepover, lull, omorashi
Jess/Nick, [any], awkward, argument, drunk, confession, Walter Matthau, competition, mistake, turtle face, bells, polka-dots, chocolate, couch, clothes, favour, field trip, awkward, improvement, coupon, telephone, volcano, cute, lips, pink, candy, adorable, sexy, jealousy, feet
Jess/Schmidt, jar, shower, unexpected, pretend, stripper pole, birthday, kiss, boost, problem
Jess/Nick/Schmidt/Coach, boyfriends, defence, dirty dancing
Jess/Nick/Schmidt/Winston, sports, roof, sofa, awkward, laughter, singing, dancing
Jess/Winston, new, basketball, extracurricular
Nick/Anyone, the photobooth is my home
Paul/Winston, [any]

New Mutants
Sam Guthrie/Dani Moonstar, distance, leader, faith, discovery

New Year's Eve
Paul/Ingrid, teaching, sweet, possibilities, unlikely

David/Jack, ink, smell, rain, dirt, clean
Jack/Katherine, celebrate, drink, party, first time, handcuffs, honeymoon, tops
Jack/Sarah, lace

Bill/Lisa, war, cigarettes, burn, elevator
Dave/Lisa, [any], reunion, passion

Night Court
Harry/Lana, heels, desk, public

Night of the Living Dead (1990)
Ben/Barbara, survivor, wound, monster, abyss, red, sunrise, shooting, future, hands, hug, laugh

Night Watch (2004)
Anton Gorodetsky/Kostya, license, collapse, heartbeat, hallway
Geser/Olga, mute, shivering, prickle, heat
Geser/Zavulon, eons, torn, maintain, calm

Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective
Cain/Tatsuhiko Shido, claim, love, possession, bite, redemption, blood, ensnare

Nikita (2010),
Alex/Jaden, float, impatient, truth, fight, training, con, whistle
Alex/Michael, again, weapon, training, thought, reward, late, trapped, elevator, pretend, operation, hiding, pair, past, dance, forgotten, apology, protect, tattoos
Alex/Nikita, mentor, drugs, birthday, parents, civilian, truth, bullet, understudy, resentment, mentor
Alex/Seymour, nerd, support, understanding, painkillers, voice, cool, teach, tease, stories, crushed, fix
Michael/Nikita, tease
Michael/Nikita/Owen, exploration, teamwork, tandem, truce, entwined, drunk, mission, survival, share, workout, arrangement, swim, control, lick, bend, explanations, explosion
Nikita/Owen, [any], drunk, connection, release, chances, wall!sex, spar, celebrate, kiss, grief, capture, run, save, urgency, adrenaline, satisfaction, breakfast, morning-after, rough, discretion, freefall, accidental, need, lonely, rush, restraints, grip, sweat, fire, chance, forgiveness, clarity, withdrawal, insomnia, tattoos, violence, in synch, drugged, protect, fists, unexpected, partners, heroes, black box, regime, guardian, knife, clean, impress
Seymour, cameras, computer, alone, solo, pervert

Ninja Assassin
Mika Coretti/Raizo, tension, release, spar, training, combat, tension, release, submission

Ninja Scroll
Jubei/Kagero, poison, destiny, fulfill, mission, dream, vision, forever, fantasy, watch

No. 6
Dogkeeper/Safu, cozy, howl, galaxy
Nezumi/Shion, blaze, shudder, sweet, Shakespeare, abandon, acting, audience, backstage, bread, clueless, fearless, forest, hair, in drag, memory, mouth, poems, rehearsal, return, scars, song, words
Rikiga/Nezumi, barter, bitter, dub-con, roleplay

Noah's Arc
Noah/Ricky, finally
Noah/ Ricky/Wade, arrangement, balance
Ricky/Junito, reunion, grown

Mireille Bouquet/Yuumura Kirika, Paris, retirement, silence, scars, sleepy, defence, blood

Norse Mythology
Baldr/Hel, [any], lonely, grim, shy, longing, light
Frey/Freya, Brísingamen, Od, Gerd, cats, fertility, rituals, hostages, pleasure
Líf/Lífthrasir, Ragnarok, rebuild, [any]
Loki/Sif, infidelity, hair, lips, sewn, history, grumpy, pinning, revenge, pinch
Loki/Sigyn, mute, prisoner, fidelity, mischief, children, Ragnarok, happiness, [any]
Loki/Thor, adventure, bros, sigh, guilt, visit
Njord/Skadi, feet, skiing, sea gulls, giant
Sif/Thor, golden, laugh, dom/sub, hammer, holiday

North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell
Margaret Hale/John Thornton, any

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
Catherine Morland/Eleanor Tilney, sister, quiet, sooth, sorry, guilt, tyrant, wise
Catherine Morland/Henry Tilney, gothic, read, write, bridle, riding crop, furtive, pulpit, learn, first time, urgency, garden, muslin, rain
Catherine Morland/Isabella Thorpe, read, scandal, learn, pictures, book, sneak, tempt, cross-dressing

Northern Exposure
Joel/Maggie, vacation, beach, future, happiness, together

Alicia/T.R., telegram

Alan Eppes/Colby Granger, replacement father, love, respect, military, peace protest, honour, history, flash backs
Amita Ramanujan/Charlie Eppes, language, theorem, baby, symbol, pegging, sing
Amita Ramanujan/Charlie Eppes/Colby Granger, beach, home, math, sense, three
Amita Ramanujan/Charlie Eppes/Nancy Hackett, talk, whisper, shout, count, spell, gamble
Amita Ramanujan/Colby Granger/Megan Reeves, candy, run, sweat, writing
Amita Ramanujan/Megan Reeves, laugh, worship
Billy Cooper/Don Eppes, car, rain, carry, punch, freckle, bite, laugh, shine
Charlie Eppes/Don Eppes, warmth, scatter, chase, vanish
Colby Granger/David Sinclair, comfort, holidays, move, phone, surfing, compromise, tie, rope, beer, stroke, wish, denim, day off, bullet, spark, car, plane, trip, city, country, farm, horse, hero, flashbacks, forgiveness, moles, red, understanding, prejudice, military, bombs, Idaho, New York, best friends, torture, bruise, birthday, Washington DC, fiction, target, IOU
Colby Granger/Don Eppes, blue jeans, brothers, violence, tracking, military, flashbacks, ice, 9/11, fighting, mob
Colby Granger/Ian Edgerton, back, hero, flashbacks, honour, military, love, sports, horses, shooting, tender, love, cell phones, leather, blue jeans, tracking
Colby Granger/Male, flashbacks, cuffs, red, blood, danger, military, Idaho, potato, hands, tender, love, obsession, violence, pants
Ian Edgerton/Gabriel Ruiz, cover, adrenaline, protect, instinct
Ian Edgerton/Nikki Betancourt, curl, diamond, gun, spar, laugh, wiggle, dress, suit

Nurse Jackie
Eleanor O'Hara/Jackie Peyton, heels, scrubs, favor, sink, dinner, frown, emergency, revenge, not, drunk, empty, scarves, leather, closet, trade, stepmom, caring, sorry, help, development, bad, why, different, missing

Ocean's 11
Danny/Rusty, plaid, lapidary, skype, suit

October Daye - Seanan McGuire
October Daye/Tybalt/Connor, fight, fur, skin

Off the Map
Lily/Ryan, heat
Mina/Ryan, power of attorney

Female Mercenary (adventurer)/Ivan the Apprentice, captives
Female Mercenary (adventurer)/Snow Queen, spring
Ice Queen/Hot Bitches, melt
Ivan the Apprentice/Sandoval the Xoan Ambassador, aphrodisiac, manipulation, flowers, gentle, precious, mouthful, fastidious
Ivan the Apprentice/Mistress/Sandoval, pout, gratitude,
Ivan the Apprentice/Mistress, surprise
Scheherazade/Sharyar, storytelling

Once Upon a Mattress
Lady Larken/Sir Harry, months, love, wait, incautious, dance, adore
Winnefred of the Woebegone/Lady Larken, confer, sweet, dance, console
Winnefred of the Woebegone/Prince Dauntless, morning, banter, Fred, dear, court

Once Upon a Time
Ashley Boyd/Ruby, comfort, car sex, cling, a friend in need, roadtrip, linen, extra hours, distraction, make-up, party, movies
Cinderella/Prince Charming/Snow White, comfort, window, visit, dance partners
Cinderella/Thomas, first glance, ball, dress, dance, song, glass
David Nolan/Kathryn Nolan/Mary Margaret Blanchard, date, dinner, popcorn, relaxed, cuddles, kisses, firelight, cross-dressing, possession, secrets, sharing
David Nolan/Mary Margaret Blanchard, etch, memory, fade, sweet, glass, picnic, forest, bridge, coffee, 7:15, outdoors, picnics, wine, adultery, hidden, first time, remember, frantic, flashbacks, cues, hideout, secret, bridge, rainstorm, secret, texting, familiar, heat, rain, first
Dr. Whale/Ruby, what big eyes you have
Emma Swan/Mary Margaret Blanchard, family, slow, kiss, breakfast, cross-dressing, lipstick, apartment, sharing a bed, domesticity, break-up, revelations, unravel, stress-release
Emma Swan/Mr. Gold, lovely, favor, owe, remember, power, sell, leverage, deal, relationships, alone, depth, finding, people, baby, dear, accent, deal, deal breaker, name, mistrust
Emma Swan/Regina Mills, domestic, power play, desk, mouth, red, queen, mirror, mercenary, gun power, replacement, cards, poker face, partnership, order, power, jealousy, anger, control, queen, cell, cuffs, restraints, hate, desk, dress-up, forest, car, nightstick, spells, stairwell, smoke, debate, punchdrunk, slap, mud, heels, packing, break, glass, mirrors, sticky, public, hiding, beneath, prison, compassion, truce, gag, mercy, begging, cursed, spanking, corset, ride, carriage, outdoors, mothers, competition, ordinary, alternative, broken, deal, family, happy endings, redemption, winning, victory, spoils, kneel, apple
Emma Swan/Regina Mills/Sherriff Graham, arrangement, settlement, home, volatile, explosive, needs, invitation, demolition, team work, consolidation, slap, fist, kiss, between, balance, head, heart, hands, wander, bond, flame
Emma Swan/Ruby, drunk, alcohol, experience, flirting, staring, on duty, gasp, jail, once, twice, another, mirrors, reflections, enough, pomegranates, strangers, stuck, a place to crash, after hours
Emma Swan/Ruby/Sherriff Graham, handcuffs, lipstick, hotel, arrest, game
Emma Swan/Sherriff Graham, happy ever after, kiss, memories, socks, station, desk, grief, handcuffs, hearts, office!nookie, right, vengeance, secret, future, save, story, princess, heart, soul, tequila, regret, secrets, storm, woods, leather, scars, skin, reaching, handcuffs, uniform, heartbeat, night, leather jacket, challenge, jail, desperation
Emma/The Stranger, badge, cell, staying, shots
Huntsman/Queen, [any], handcuffs, heart, control, bed, chamber, dessert, marks, magic, power, muscle, consent, wolves, heart, captive, castle, bite, court, velvet, pet, dungeon, restraints, consent
Huntsman/Red Riding Hood, forest, hunting, wolf, red, woods, cape, topping from the bottom, kindred spirit, throat, lick, animal
Huntsman/Snow White, restraint, runaway, duty, apple, offering, nature, sex in the woods
Magic Mirror/Queen, voyeur
Mary Margaret Blanchard/Sheriff Graham, remember, touch, gentle, work, desk, available, loneliness
Mr. Gold/Ruby, arrangement, hands, power, shelter
Prince Charming/Queen, bondage, whip, spell, heart, bed, fireplace, curse, bargain, begging
Prince Charming/Snow White, forest, dirt, ground, furs, forest, ropes, scar, sword, partners, ambush, need, distance, miss you
Queen/Huntsman, crushed your heart and hope to die
Queen/Huntsman/Little Red Riding Hood, bloodletting, masters, nothing like it
Queen/The Woodcutter (Hansel & Gretel's father), caught, bound, entice, furious
Queen/Red Riding Hood, fashion, hair, gorgeous, red, lips, agent
Red Riding Hood/Sheriff Graham, handcuffs, control, wolf
Red Riding Hood/Snow White, gift, alone, help me forget
Regina Mills/Ruby, the big bad wolf, skirts, darkness
Regina Mills/Sheriff Graham, comfort, empty, wall sex, inappropriate, quiet, cunnilingus, knight, secret, on the job, right hand, protocol, happy ending, burn, shame
Regina Mills/Sidney Glass, reflection, power, worship
Regina Mills/Ruby/Sheriff Graham, lipstick, collars, midnight
Regina/The Stranger, mayor, power, town, writing, endings, beginnings.
Ruby/Sheriff Graham, red, hunt, memory, familiar, darts, scent, woman on top, wolf like me, howl, one night, wild, hunt, wolf, knickers, basket, new, at last, remember
Ruby/The Stranger, cherries, muse, strangeness
Snow White/Cinderella, magical, dance
Snow White/Prince Charming, honeymoon, crossbow, first time, woods, lake, skin, slick, hidden, love, home, remember, forest, honeymoon, magic, castle, honeymoon, reunited, I'll always find you, trust, found you, challenge, anti-apple, family, sparring, woods, horseback, caught, spy, unwanted, dream, still, ripple
Snow White/Red Riding Hood, delivery, reliance
The Huntsman/Emma Swan, corset, forest, beauty, breathing, hands, adjustments, time travel, déjà vu, forest, silence, castle

One Life to Live
Blair/Tea, catfight, comfort, murder
Blair/Todd, any, reunion
Jessica/Natalie, alter, breasts, drugged, revenge, Tess
Tea/Cutter, pregnancy hormones, escape

One Piece
Crocodile/Nico Robin, handjob, partner
Iceburg/Franky, young, free, sea, happiness
Kohza/Nefertari Vivi, rain, leader, luxury, bath
Monkey D. Luffy/Nami/Sanji/Usopp/Zoro, [any]
Monkey D. Luffy/Nami, lightning, rubber, water, nakama, electric, food, laughter, tongue, sweet, stretch, teeth, map, suntan, hands, longing, surfacing, hold, arch, impossible, storm, bribe, ocean, food, stretch, lightning, navigation, tart, shared, sensation
Monkey D. Luffy/Nami/Zoro, nakama
Nami/any, treasure, weather, sandals, juicy, greed, strength, reunion, temperature, electricity
Nami/Nefertari Vivi, bath, dress-up
Nami/Sanji, food, worship, adoration, dominate
Nami/Zoro, treasure, storm, sake, sweat
Sanji/Zoro, fight
Zoro/Nami, competition, drink, kiss, hot, control, bath
Zoro/Robin, voyeurism, shameless, smile

One Tree Hill
Brooke/Haley, anal, cheerleading, tutoring
Brooke/Lucas, Grownup
Brooke/Peyton, skirts, webcam
Jake/Peyton, Savannah, Jenny, someday, basketball, pain
Lucas/Peyton, [any]
Nathan/Haley, black shirt, heatwave, working out, breakfast, brokenhearted, long distance relationship, ice cream sundaes, date night, 23, best friends, body shots, morning after, college, first kiss, Valentine's Day, orgasm denial, sexting, slow, lick, strangers, fake-married, cheerleader, breakdown, [any]
Nathan/Peyton, fresh start, AU, basketball, NBA, mesmerize, ring

Only You
Faith/Peter, [any], flight, destiny,

Ookiku Furikabutte
Abe Takaya/Mihashi Ren, rain, baths, showers, belts, jockstraps, biting, public, bathroom, punishment, adoration
Akimaru Kyouhei/Haruna Motoki, need, innocence, desperate, hard, hands, walls, elevator, reaching, try, standards, superstition, sleepover, communal, teasing, sordid, hilarious, surprisingly awkward, lineup
Hamada Yoshirou/Mihashi Ren, oral, gentle, rough, memories, help
Hanai/Tajima, [any]
Haruna Motoki/Abe Takaya/Mihashi Ren, alcohol, party, protection, floor, taking turns, convenience
Izumi Kousuke/Abe Takaya, Fistfights, aggressive, sarcasm, understanding, hurting, bleeding, perfect, beautiful
Suyama Shouji/Sakaeguchi Yuuto, soft, bicycle, shiver, big, warm, solid, thunder, grow, vegetables

Operation Petticoat (1959)
Matt Sherman/Nick Holden, submarine, under, echo, metal, skin

Order of the Stick
Haley/Elan/Nale/Sabine, mistaken identity

Oresteia – Euripides
Electra/Orestes, anger, queen, cunnilingus

Death/Orphée, capture

Desdemona/Iago, willing, soul, haunt, cunning, skirts

Otome Youkai Zakuro
Bonbori/Hozuki/Hanakiri Ganryuu, together, sharing,
Enaga/Tsukuhane, escape, heaven, genuine
Rangui/Byakuroku, power, curse, endurance
Rangui/Daidai, admiration, misplaced, morsel, ignorance, trust
Susukihotaru/Yoshinokazura Riken, service, care, respect, kimono, tradition, warm, winter

Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi/Takami, food
Hikaru/Haruhi, him, family, longing, chair
Hikaru/Haruhi/Kaoru, perfect, pleasure, tease, fit
Kaoru/Haruhi, car, marvel, only, photos
Kasanoda/Haruhi, mafia, animals, tea, paint
Kyoya/Haruhi, realization, tender, son, bed
Mori/Hunny, sweets, fight, height, tree
Tamaki/Haruhi, gentle, straightforward, cunnilingus, manners, paint, in-jokes
Tamaki/Haruhi, graduation, closet, father, yearning
Tamaki/Kyoya, truth, balance, gag, France

Out of Practice
Regina Barnes/Crystal, wrong, alcohol
Regina Barnes/Naomi, Any

Outlander series - Diana Gabaldon
Claire/Jamie/Lord John, quiet, impossible

Anyone, fantasy, freedom, solitary, voyeur
Anyone/Anyone, cell, claim, freedom, lockdown, marks, public, showers, voyeur
Beecher/Keller, absolution, cell, claim, freedom, heaven, kissing, lockdown, marks, public, showers, touch, voyeur
Chris Keller/Anyone, seductive, cruel, bondage, fingering, blowjob
Chris Keller/Miguel Alvarez, push, bruise, defiant, angry, bite, breathplay, beg, dirty, lick, noncon, watersports
Chris Keller/Ray Mukada, pride, shame, smoke, guilt, frottage, lies, confession
Chris Keller/Ryan O'Reily, deceit, no, take, rope, fandango, partners, noncon
Miguel Alvarez, solo, the hole, alone, fingers, vanity
Miguel Alvarez/Donald Groves, LSD, teeth, trapped, secrets, scars
Miguel Alvarez/Ray Mukada, willing, sacrament, heart, hunger, hollow, yearning, release, lost, guilt, ache
Miguel Alvarez/Ryan O'Reily, addiction, submit, comfort, reward, t-shirt, scars, travel, torn, sneakers, unwashed, high, regrets, slow, jealousy
Miguel Alvarez/Tobias Beecher, palm, rest, wish, protection, imagination, comfort, slow, lick, flirting
Ryan O'Reily/Sean Murphy, trust, watching, hidden, fight, nightstick, duty, spanking
Ryan O'Reily/Tobias Beecher, brothers, tits, smoke, laugh, release, hold, schemes, frottage
Sean Murphy/Tim McManus, take-out, beer, basketball, passion, office, truth, desk, spank, fingering, bruise, leather, gift, bold
Tobias Beecher/Chris Keller, kiss, charm, broken, make up, bunk, pawn, lock down, blood, darkness, save, ghost, embrace, tattoo, sweat, wrestle, bench press, nape, beard, lipstick

P.O.W. (2003)
Jim/Attercombe, after, respite, officers, dance, sacrifice

Pan Am
Amanda Mason/Laura Cameron, pioneer
Dean Lowrey/Bridget Pierce, [any], secret, flight, schedule, closet, cockpit, Paris, window, release, pleasure, pool, hotel
Dean/Colette, layover, Paris, Central Park, flying, secrets
Kate Cameron/Laura Cameron, run away with me, bridesmaid, roadtrip, cherry, issues, dress, wedding, bathroom, closed doors, panic attack,
Kate Cameron/Roger Anderson, uniform, illicit, training, pickpocket, plane
Kate/Colette, hotel, dress
Kate/Maggie, vibe, red, fly
Laura/Maggie, golves, photos, night
Ted Vanderway/Dean Lowery, pilot, seniority, trust, danger, military
Ted Vanderway/Laura Cameron, pilot, respect, understanding, love, trust, compassion, protection
Ted/Maggie, rules, lay over, airport

Bower/Nadia, aftermath

Pan's Labyrinth
Ofelia/Faun, blood

PaRappa the Rapper
PaRappa/Sunny Funny, delight, dice

Parks and Recreation
Andy Dwyer/April Ludgate, Grand Canyon, FBI, Janet, women's studies, crossdressing, motorcycle mama
Andy/Ron, bacon
Ann Perkins/April Ludgate, nurse, restraint, secret, sub, babysitting, angrybanging, revenge, secret ~feelings~
Ann Perkins/Leslie Knope, bff, perfect, whipped cream, deepen, outside, smirk, lunch, pit, text, tropical, benefit, helping out, ovaries before brovaries, calls, late, comfortable, whipped cream, out, campaign, office, bed-sharing, road trip, reluctancy, rolemodel, admiration, mosaic
Ann Perkins/Leslie Knope/Mark Brendanawicz, conduit, reconsider
Ann Perkins/Lucy, longing, momentary, exquisite
Ann Perkins/Millicent Gergich, comfort, flourish, hurry
Ann/Ben, drunk, pining, curious
Ann/Ben/Chris/Leslie, stratosphere
Ann/Tom, charming, poor judgement, energy, patient
April Ludgate/Andy Dwyer/Ben Wyatt, roommates, caretaking, pillow fort, superheroes, pot
April/Chris, endearing, sly, movies, upset, favours
April/Derek/Ben, gay boyfriends, club, present, whatever, costume
April/Lucy, drunk, waiting
Ben Wyatt/Leslie Knope, married, stealth, politics, wizards, movie marathon, punch, making out, corn maze, trust, surprise, delight, feeling many feelings, reunited, first husband, geek, politics, intelligence, debate, regrets, jerks, pressure, campaign, outlet, white house, popcorn, swings, tie, dishevelled, camping
Ben/April, oranges, spiteful
Bert Macklin/Janet Snakehole, intrigue, game, drama
Chris Traeger/Ben Wyatt, buddy, delegate, nooner, boss
Donna Meagle/Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, dagger, quiet game, hidden, under-wraps, Snakehole Lounge bathroom, bump 'n' grind
Leslie Knope, stress, quiet, comfortable, help
Leslie Knope/Ann Perkins/Ben Wyatt, roleplay, campaign, weekend, sweet
Leslie/Jean-Ralphio, pity, snakejuice, raps
Leslie Knope/Ron Swanson, married, drunk, birthday, nooner, divorce, Galentine's Day, bowling, american dream, friction, cabin, cheating, cuckolding, happy hour, bossy
Ron/Ann, hammer, HGTV, belt
Ron/April, ex-husband, desk, rope, effigy, secretary, target, spy
Ron/Tammy 1, ruler, training, Sunday
Ron/Tammy 2, demon, scratch, teeth
Tom/Justin, crush, stallion
Tom/Ron, politics

Party Down
Henry/Casey, counter, prey, bathroom, push, proposal, improv, pegging, trailer, tabloid, Vegas

Charlie Brown/Sally, doubt
Lucy/Linus, blanket
Marcie/Peppermint Patty, sir

Peep Show
Jeremy/Mark, roses, rot, panic, despair, snog, worse, shrooms, fatherhood, bisexual, lonely

Pegasus - Robin McKinley
Sylvi/Ebon, any

Philip/Red, talk, alone, dirty

Percy Jackson & the Olympians - Rick Riordan
Annabeth Chase/Rachel Elizabeth Dare, champion, biting, hairpulling, fingering, public
Jason/Annabeth, not the same, drunk, lonely, first touch, crave
Nico Di Angelo/Bianca Di Angelo, bones, indistinguishable, resurrection, codependent, unspoken, caretaker
Nico/Rachel, bright red lipstick, fishnets, costume party, leather, handcuffs
Percy Jackson/Calypso, promise, beach, kiss, free, years
Percy Jackson/Luke Castellan, competition, metal, destiny, dependence, rough
Percy Jackson/Nico di Angelo, dirt, blue, Underworld, mirror, pomegranate, brother figure, void, spitfire, want, water, death, dreams, fantasy, protection, fate, ghosts, love, laughter, whisper
Percy Jackson/Rachel Elizabeth Dare, ritual, caught, cabin, repeat, virgin
Percy/Annabeth, cowgirl, at sea, desperate, hot bath, uniform, five o'clock shadow
Thalia Grace/Sappho, knowledge, dew, grass

Perfect Girl Evolution
Nakahara Sunako/Takana Kyohei, bondage, ropeburn, blood, knifeplay, food, leather, chase, ragged, breathplay, teeth, anatomy, collection, creative, blindfold, bloodplay

Perfect Host (2010)
John Taylor/Warwick Wilson, ache, addiction, disbelief, hubris

Perry Mason - Erle Stanley Gardner
Perry Mason/Della Street, after hours, coffee, master

Perry Mason (TV)
Paul Drake/Perry Mason, danger, guns, love, trust, first-time, loyalty, respect, private eye, blood

Person of Interest
Finch/Dr. Tillman, pain, comfort, treatment
Finch/The Machine, voyeurism, invasion of privacy
Harold Finch/John Reese, history, comfort, reveal, trust, remote, listening, ordered, backrub, map, mechanics, android, sublimation, tension, eavesdropping, blind, restraint, deception, truth, desire, sunlight, first, energy, circuit, tea, servant, hideout, jealousy, touch, pining, knowledge, voyeurism, trust, knowledge, wishes, scars
Harold Finch/Nathan Ingram, college, kiss, partnership
John Reese/Cara Stanton, protege, ropeburns, Lazarus
John Reese/Detective Joss Carter, moral compass, secretive, overpowering
John Reese/Zoe Morgan, comfort, favor, trouble, charm, lies, injured
Joss Carter (solo), gentle
Reese/Zoe/Finch, played, long-con

Persona (1966 film)
Elisabet/Alma, acting

Persona 2
Jun/Tatsuya, cars, butterflies, flowers, joy, reconcilliation, dress-up

Akihiko/Mitsuru, abilities, opposite, weakness, tragedy, blood, shadows, dark, time, hickey, hidden, storm, stuck, personal, smile, sweet
Akihiko/Shinjiro, dark, blankets, spit, fists, love, hurt, want
Akinari/Minato, dreams, afterlife, sunlight, wishes
Elizabeth/Minako, dress-up, date, play, femdom, analysis, gloves, requests
Junpei Iori/Yukari Takeba, teasing
Minako Arisato/Mitsuru Kirijo, movie, room
Minako/Aigis, oil, maintenance, Orgia Mode, shield, command, ribbon
Minato Arisato/Mitsuru Kirijo, deprivation, hamburger, Marin Karin
Minato/Chihiro, council, night, project
Mitsuru Kirijo/Yukari Takeba, catsuit, maid

Persona 4
Ai Ebihara/Rise Kujikawa/Souji Seta, afternoon, interesting
Ai Ebihara/Souji Seta, reveal, second, switch, true
Chie Satonaka/Yukiko Amagi, sheesh!, tanktop, prince, beauty, delicate, smile, fight, courage
Kanji/Ryotaro Dojima, interrogation, handcuffs, identity, power, insecurity
Rise Kujikawa/Souji Seta, concert, hotel, neon
Yosuke/Chie, fight, credit, owe, once, butterfly, replacement, rebound, kick, strong, blush, stammer, fingers

Persuasion - Jane Austen
Anne Elliot/Mrs Smith, schooldays
Captain Wentworth/Admiral Croft, at sea, jealousy, keeping it in the family, family
Captain Wentworth/Anne Elliot, reunion, necessity, relief, seperation, ocean, at last, slide, home, rock
Captain Wentworth/Mr Elliot, rival, best, Lyme, waves
Dick Musgrove/Any Male Character, ship, shipmates, training, punishment, hammock, water
Elizabeth Elliot/Mrs Croft, cold night, possession, show, lace, nipple, ice
Elizabeth Elliot/Penelope Clay, carriage, visit, disappointment

Pet Shop of Horrors Tokyo
D/Taizuu, shifting, shadows, innocence

Pet Shop of Horrors
Chris/new!D, cycle, knowing, animals
D/human!Totetsu, vore, delicious, taste
D/Leon, incense, evaporate, shadows, dark, night, moon, door, top!D, leash, candy, time
Leon/Count D, ambivalent, red, cage, fondle, sweets, incense, strip, unexpected, juicy, silk, capture, hunt, denial, undercover, drink, explore

Phantom of the Opera (2004)
Phantom/Christine, box five, stockings, reunion, music lesson

Phantom of the Opera
Erik/Raoul, rope, fathers, drunk, angry, lonely, Christine, devil, music
Erik/Raoul/Christine, seduction, sharing, fantasy, blindfold

Phoenix Wright
Phoenix/Edgeworth, candlelight, blindfold, patience, toys, vulnerable, music

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Maya Fey/Franziska Von Karma, whip, opposition

Pink Carnation Series - Lauren Willig
Miles/Henrietta, forbidden, disguise, ball, treasure
Mary/Vaughn, [any], Chinese room, rose, quote, mischief

Pinky and The Brain
Brain/Pinky, domination

Pinocchio/Lampwick, island

Pirates of the Caribbean (movies)
Captain Jack Sparrow/Will Turner, swords, shackles, salt
Elizabeth Swan/Angelica, daughters, dance, seduction, red, taste
Elizabeth Swan/Mermaid, king, royal, negotiating, song, languid, beach, sea foam
Elizabeth Swann/Jack Sparrow, waves, horizon, salt, rum, candlelight, compass
Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner, bathtub, captain, power, ten years, first time, goodbye, proper wedding night, ruined dress, appreciative, praise
Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner, lawful, sea-salt, refuge, fencing, scoundrel, marriage, trust, compass, ships
Jack Sparrow/James Norrington, surrender
Jack/Black Pearl, abandon, dominion, salt, splinter, wet
Kraken/Ship, go-down, ink, slither, storm, unbidden
Philip Swift/Syrena, [any], sea, boat, water, ocean, song, lips, kiss, touch, safe, caves, fountain, sing, treasure, land, caring, saving, reviving, lust, love, marriage, learning, teaching, scales, shimmer, proper lady, dress, undress, family, meeting, home, worship, salvation, tongue
King Ferdinand VI/The Spaniard, service

Pitch Black
Riddick/Carolyn Fry, scared of the dark, peppermint schnapps, eyes like that, I'm not gonna die for you, sweet spot, animal side, survival instinct
Riddick/Jack, hero worship, running, shine-job, animal, throat, cage

Plan B
Bruno/Pablo, breath, first time, rain, play, smoke, spooning, undress, wrestle

Planet Terror
Cherry/Dakota, yearn, lick, gun, heal, journey, falling, reach up
Cherry/Dakota/El Wray, AU, stick together, team work, better half, road, motorcycle, guns, ammo, fire power, explosive, handle with care, truck stop, side by side
Cherry/El Wray, striptease, past, first, make up, history, pound, flavor

Tanabe/Hachimaki, transmission, quiet, cold, redemption, quell, lapse, cunnilingus

Please Save My Earth
Alice/Rin, anger, future, house, rain
any pairing, water, friends, home, stars

Pocahontas (Disney)
John Smith/Pocahontas, paint, wilderness, boots, goodbye, autumn

Point Pleasant
Boyd/Christina, any

Hercule Poirot/any, little grey cells, rumpled

Poltergeist: The Legacy
Derek Rayne/Nick Boyle, security, boat, ocean, possession, danger, garage, boots, window seat

Possession (2009 movie)
Roman/Jess, order, palimpsest, effort, sweeter, bite

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Conner McKnight/Ethan James/Kira Ford, mattress, candy, any
Connor/Trent, hot, race
Dr. Oliver/Elsa, wicked, leather
Kira Ford/Cassidy Cornell, drinking, barhopping, dare, any
Trent/Kira, (any), song, guitar, sketches, rich, room, pool, evil, hurt, happy, patiently, hat, dare, tattoo, gentle, alcohol
Trent/Tommy, understanding

Power Rangers in Space
Zhane/Karone, magic, Astronema, date, Andros, telekinesis, past, thoughts, restrain, hurt, princess, marshmallows, fire, movies

Power Rangers Jungle Fury
RJ/Fran, (any), Dominic, trip, clumsy, flustered, mate, chair, scared, poem, wedding, family, sleep, loft, secret, hug, best friends

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Ryan/Dana, (any), time, secret, bite, afraid, alone, tattoo, morph, healing, together

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Mike/Karone, (any), brothers, smile, outsiders, space, command

Power Rangers Mystic Force
Chip/Vida, arms, cover, finger, hold, magic, pant, panties, record store, smile, tank top, tongue, woods
Daggeron/Madison, (any), mentor, alone, frog, fear, sunlight, smile
Xander/Madison, any
Xander/Vida, (any), idiot, skateboard, car, scratch, argument, manager, relax, hair dye, color, magic, training

Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Blake/Tori, [any], control, elements, storm, surfing, ridiculous, apologize, legs, bikini
Cam/Hunter, [any], snark, smirk, glasses, training, separate, fingers
Dustin/Marah, [any], evil, wannabe, bikes, race, sorry, rope

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Tyzonn/Ronny, (any), linked, alien, teach, race, nuzzle, hair, past

Power Rangers RPM
Dillon/Dr K, [any], exam, machine, connection, harsh, training, shield, height, careful, strength, respect, sigh, argue, restrain, watch, names, past
Dillon/Dr K/Ziggy, [any], quiet, excitement, candy, sweet, drunk, bed
Dillon/Summer Landsdown, [any], frisk, remembering, water, rain, car, music, hunger, restrain, suit, moan
Scott/Flynn, [any], accent, tires, grease, smoothies, shopping, hair, cool, time, Summer, flaunt, issues

Power Rangers S.P.D
Bridge/Z, (any), blanket, touch, gloves, leather, clones, tease, memories, past, toast, butter
Jack/Syd, (any), stakeout, free, thief, sneaky
Sky/Syd, (any), diamonds, stuffy, loose, party, birthday, cupcakes, patrol, rules, uniform
Elizabeth Delgado/Sydney Drew, any

Power Rangers Samurai
Antonio/Jayden, catch, chase, feed, garden, laughter, memory, ocean, secret, spar

Power Rangers Time Force
Eric/Wes, [any], school, rich, replacement, boys, bullies, sigh
Eric/Wes/Jen, [any], future, together, power, beret, guns, technology
Trip/Katie, [any], mind, strength, pain, whisper, understand, forgive
Wes/Jen, [any], Alex, doppelganger, impress, blood, patience

Power Rangers Turbo
TJ/Cassie, [any], leader, pink, singing, coach, brave, awe, trying

Power Rangers Zeo
Adam/Tanya, [any], SUV, colors, Africa, jokes, sweetie, baseball

Power Rangers
Kimberly/Tommy, reunion, regrets, soulmates, first

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
Blake/Tori, blue, home, ocean
Cam/Hunter, crimson, rival, stubble

Practical Magic (1998 film)
Sally/Gillian, safe, guardian, care, blood
Sally/Hallet, Sparks, Rain, Wish

Press Gang
Spike/Lynda, lust, mistakes, forgiveness, history, together

Sasame/Takako, transformation, préting, powers, aftermath, seduction, healing, Fenrir, rekindle, comfort, lipstick, [any]

Jarod/Miss Parker, exposed, innocence, love

Pretty Little Liars
Alison/Emily, summer, cherries, lip-gloss, bare, bikini, nervous, curls, tangle, pined, frantic, longing
Alison/Spencer, compete, angry, jealous, envy, taunting, scathing, smirk, scratch, guilt
Aria/Ezra, bathtub, New York, kisses and hugs, moving in, piano, hair, bar
Aria/Hanna, real, message, rain, mystery, sleepover, game
Emily Fields/Ashley Marin, steer, bad idea, dinner, insomnia
Emily/Hanna, sweeter, soft, testing, realize, protect, gazes, bedroom, giggling
Emily/Samara, refreshing, new, explore, kiss, challenge, undressing, tease
Hanna Marin/Caleb Rivers, intimacy, scarf, surprise, soaked, hurry, lies, lost time
Hanna Marin/Mona Vanderwaal, loyalty, affection, studying, lines, lipgloss, A, fear, giggle
Jason/Aria, fem!dom, wild, bondage, handcuffs, bedpost, fling, youth, harmless, strings, wanton, eat out
Melissa Hastings/Spencer Hastings, hiding, witch hunt, secret, texts, impulse, Philadelphia
Spencer Hastings/Alison DiLaurentis, challenge, power, glow
Spencer Hastings/any, overactive sex drive
Spencer Hastings/Aria Montgomery, fix, needs
Spencer Hastings/Caleb Rivers, lies, lonely, alternate timeline, A makes them do it
Spencer Hastings/Hanna Marin, shopping, hope, future,
Spencer Hastings/Hanna Marin/Caleb Rivers, around, triangulation, fix
Spencer Hastings/Jenna Marshall, punish, misdirect
Spencer Hastings/Mona Vanderwaal, friend of a friend, gift card, respect, understanding, unexpected
Spencer/Emily, desperate, pity, protective, arms, pencil, flashcards, bathing suit
Toby Cavanaugh/Spencer Hastings/Jenna Marshall, not enough, intense, blindfolds, touch, wall, suspicious, alone, understand, slow, hidden, glance, want, touch, tender

Prey for Rock and Roll
Animal/Jackie, chair, club, strength, tattoo, van, virgin, wrist

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Caroline Bingley/Elizabeth Bennet, jealous, possessive, surprise
Catherine Bennet/Georgiana Darcy, candlelight, corner, fingers, flutter, letters, night, tears
Charles Bingley/Fitzwilliam Darcy, brothers, forgive, avoid, desk, practice, sport, names, hat, proposal, suit, charm, dashing, before, practice, lips
Charlotte Lucas/Elizabeth Bennet, comfort, farewell, garden, intense, distance, wedding, miss you
Elizabeth Bennet/Georgiana Darcy, [any], alone, cream, fingers, lick, Pemberley, skin, teaching, winter
Fitzwilliam Darcy/Elizabeth Bennet, forgiveness, understanding, passion, uncontrolled, leather, garden, wine, dancing, caught, lake, piano, fingers, dreams, ankles, hope, satin, together, fantasies, [any]
Fitzwilliam Darcy/George Wickham, remembrance, riding crop, swim, stables, slide, proud, pound, slick, leather, fine, porcelain, beautiful, Cambridge, bribery, childhood friends, experiment, no words, hate, screw, blood, drawn together, need, anger, bonds, lake, jealousy, pride, innocence, youth, revenge
George Wickham/Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy, hidden, understand, mouth
Georgiana Darcy/Kitty Bennet, unlikely, music, fingers, quiet, unmarried, shy, influence, kisses, curtains, hidden
Jane/Bingley, smile, shy, gloves, church, propriety, in-laws
Mr Collins/Darcy, [any]

Pride and Prejudice (BBC)
Fitzwilliam Darcy/Elizabeth Bennet, wedding night, kiss, morning, roses, sickness, swimming

Jennifer Tate/Queen Aino, underwater

Prime Suspect (US)
Jane/Duffy, grudge, hotel, regret, respect, bond, mouth, hands, slow, anger, laugh, drink
Jane/Reg, stakeout, apartment, cell
Lou/Augie, arrest, trouble, cards

Abby Maitland/Connor Temple, engaged, second kiss, new home, partners, heat, melancholy, survival, desperation
Abby Maitland/Jess Parker, close, fingers, kiss, yellow
Becker/Connor, lonely, smirk, directories, road trip, frottage, first, dust, shower, lazy, creature, injured, puppy,
Becker/James Lester, tank, bribery, relief, secret, uniform, date,
Becker/Jess, CCTV, shower, training, sweat, care, blood, infirmary, gun, protect, date, work, high heels
Becker/Matt Anderson, gun, battle scars, contest, bed, Sunday, tentacles, loud, dangerous, thirst, sunrise
Claudia Brown/Helen Cutter, jealousy, forest, lost, sound, stop
Connor Temple/James Lester, Ooops!, apology, dance, ring, email, jeans,
Connor/Lester, roommates, clutter, chaos, punishment, rent, mess, car-share
Emily Merchant/Jess Parker, alcohol, history, dress-up, girlfriends, share, fashion, bare, make-up,
Emily Merchant/Matt Anderson, modern woman, celebration, century, lost, smile, trapped, travel, elegance
Ethan Dobrowski/Danny Quinn, changes, new, lost, ocean,
Helen Cutter/Jenny Lewis, peerless, competition, heels, tease
Hilary Becker/Jess Parker, stockings, take-away, snuggle, earings, hands, teamwork
Jess/Lester, panties, dark, wardrobe, choose, tie, desk, exhibitionism, camera, spy
Stephen/Lester, sub, terror, battle, lost
Stephen/Ryan, amnesia, bondage, wounded, hospital

Prince of Persia
Dastan/Tamina, memory, destiny, time, tease, dance, belief, water, not yet wise, wedding, feast, royalty, dinner, ritual, sacred, veil, fragrant, sneak, play

Prince of Tennis
Echizen Ryoga/Echizen Ryoma, smirk, double, push, confidence, oranges, twist
Fuji Shuusuke/Fuji Yuuta, moving on, pity, apartment, need, role reversal, clingy, defensive, open up, manipulation, watching, denial, alcohol, sleepover, oral, sex pollen
Kaidoh/Tezuka, quiet, shy, strong, senpai, tea, domestic
Mizuki Hajime/Fuji Yuuta, indulgence, confession, punish, willing, manipulate,
Sanada Genichirou/Yagyuu Hiroshi, forms, permission, morals
Tezuka Kunimitso/Echizen Ryôma, grown up, uncertain
Tezuka Kunimitsu/Kato Kachiro, crush, admiration, scold
Tezuka/Fuji, quiet, knowing, understand, Germany, rain,
Tezuka/Yuuta, communication
Yanagi Renji/Kirihara Akaya, genderswap, notebook, pervertibles, spanking, discipline, denial
Yukimura Seiichi/Sanada Genichirou, scars, defeat, reassurance, shower, loyalty
Yuuta/Fuji, after-I-win
Yuuta/Sae, experiments

Prince of the White Hell - Ginn Hale
Javier/Kiram, hard, spirit, tattoo

Princess Bride
Inigo/Fezzik, retirement, adventure, rhymes, swordplay

Princess Protection Program
Carter Mason/Princess Rosalinda Maria Montoya Fiore, flirt, vacation, practice

Princess Tutu
Ahiru ‘Duck'/ Fakir, Passion, love, protect, reveal, lake, dancing, caress, contentment, story
Duck/Freya, flowers, garden, once
Duck/Rue, feathers, excitement, flying, falling

Prison Break
Lincoln Burrows/Michael Scofield, guilt, cuddle, cocoon, snow, rough, sex toys, tattoos, taboo, [any]
Lincoln Burrows/Michael Scofield/Sara Tancredi, sharing, affection, light, moon, flirt, rough, [any]
Lincoln/Michael/Sucre, [any]
Maricruz/Michael/Sarah/Sucre, [any]
Michael/Sara, flashback, now, clever, hammock, beer, lazy, peaceful
Michael/Sucre, [any]

Private Practice
Addison Montgomery/Naomi Bennett, competition, reunion, apology, college
Amelia Shepherd/Addison Montgomery, first, denial, finally, drunk, bondage, spanking, healing, family
Amelia Shepherd/Charlotte King, sobriety, pain

Promethean Age Series - Elizabeth Bear
Kit Marley/Annie Shakespeare/Will Shakespeare, hope, peace, safety, entangled, verse
Kit/Will, danger, spanking, oak, gasp
Lucifer/Kit Marley, surrender, written, control, subversion

Alex Mercer/Robert Cross, anger, force, bondage, punishment, rough, noncon, twisted, ambush, revenge, lies

Amber/Susie, immortal

Burton ‘Gus' Guster/Juliet O'Hara/Shawn Spencer, sweet, complimentary, tattoo, snuggle, Princess, blue, contingency, conference
Burton ‘Gus' Guster/Shawn Spencer, TV, videogame, competition, beginnings, cuddle, kitty, t-shirts, alone, together, more, facebook, jello, twitter, Fun, Lounge, Dancing, Jealousy, Dirt, Car, superhero, sidekick, underestimate, please, boys, celebrate, tender, lesson
Carlton Lassiter/Buzz McNab, hero, seconds, danger, wishes, unexpected, firearms, worship, heroes
Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer, pineapple, family, badge, gun, blind, touch, restrain, gag, blindfold, rest, suspenders, affair, yes, push, confession, Vegas, costumes, undercover, amnesia, running, apocalypse, gun-holster, inappropriate, laughter, role-play, suits
Gus/Juliet, comics, peaches
Gus/Juliet/Shawn/Lassiter, cuddling, hotels, protection, trips
Henry Spencer/Carlton Lassiter, first, guns, sexting
Henry Spencer/Karen Vick, affiar, history, scotch, handcuffs, secrets
Henry/Madeline, history, try, passion
Juliet O'Hara/Buzz McNabb, kindness, sweet, innocent
Juliet O'Hara/Carlton Lassiter, partner, wait, holdup, gun, decision, blue, smile, undercover, gloss
Juliet O'Hara/Shawn Spencer, laughter, hold, pinapple, sweet, swell, fond, silly, hearts,
Juliet/Lauren (Lassiter's sister from season 5), admiration, public
Karen Vick/Juliet O'Hara, comfort, playful, mentor, rescue

Sasha Nein/Milla Vodello, tasteful, expert, levitation, partners

Mr. Jelly/Tea Leaf, phone!Sex, well, mate, smoking, grumpy

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Homura Akemi/Mami Tomoe, repeat, gunpowder, ribbon, tea time
Madoka/Homura, kiss, hope, divinity, walpurgisnacht

Cassie Holmes/Pop Girl, future, eyes, rivalry, equals, rage
Cassie/Nick, wait, wet, hold, intimate
Nice Gant/Cassie Holmes, normal, argument, knives, seeing, dilemma, aggressive, alone, hurt, surprise, art, longing, running, hiding, mirrors, handcuffs, fate, breathless, rain, push, hold, car, dream, rope, open, wall, alcohol
Nick/Cassie (aged 16+), pockets, flight, Moving

Pushing Daisies
Chuck/Ned, contact, phone, photographs, dimples, breath, high-five, giggle-fit, smitten, toys, glass, skin, Instructions
Ned/Olive/Chuck, sun, precarious, touch
Olive/Alfredo, boysenberry, aria, solo, earnest, gentle, bones
Olive/Ned, any

Quantum Leap
Al Calavicci/Sam Beckett, home, voyeur, tie, liquor, singing, cigars, dress, family, Vietnam, hope, promise, sensation, time, mouse, label, unicorn

Queer as Folk (US)
Drew/Emmett, switch, touchdown, amazing discoveries

Radiant Historia
Any character or pairing, duty, desire, trio, devotion, undone, sacrifice, skin, memory, warmth, open

Raising Hope
Jimmy/Sabrina, [any], party, love you, adore, family
Virginia Chance/Burt Chance, wild, tv, truck, nooner, hurry

Rang De Basanti
Aslam/Laxman, shedding roles, off script, accord, threads, blowing off steam

Ranma ½
Akane/Akari/Ranma/Ryoga, [any]
Akane/Ranma/Ryoga, training
Akane/Shampoo, [any]
Akane/Shampoo/Ukyo, [any]
Mousse/Ryoga, adventure, summer, friendship
Nabiki/Tatewaki Kuno, drunk

Herbert/Dan, blood, coping, control

Daphne du Maurier, Maxim/Narrator, compelling, early

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm - Kate Douglas Wiggin
Rebecca/Adam Ladd, [any], virgin, spirit
Rebecca/Emma Jane, [any], Paris, pink, petticoat

Red (2010)
Sarah Ross/Victoria, snow, fire, practice, door, understanding, unattainable, joke, statement, truth, break

Red Cliff (2008)
Sun Quan/ Zhuge Liang, understanding, strategy, tea, tigers, hunting, confidence, unexpected
Zhou Yu/ Zhao Yun, fighting, generals, weapons, practise, cooperation, respect
Zhuge Liang/Xiao Qiao/ Zhao Yu, riding, wave, arrow, tea, music

Red Dragon (Film)
Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham, seduction, wound, touch, taunt, trust, knifeplay, whisper, noncon, frottage

Red Dragon
Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham, fear, dreams, flesh, taste, drink, fire, red, darkness, time, please, betrayer, found, beach, drunk, last, chains, liver-and-onions, feed, taste, close, chosen, appetite

Red Dwarf
Arnold Rimmer/David Lister, touch, breath, argue, spiky, sarcasm, drive
Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer, fun, break, shiny, hard, last, reality
Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer/Cat, boredom, virus, fish, planet, hand

Red Eye
Jackson Rippner/Lisa Reisert, Blood, Tease, Stalk

Red Riding Hood (2011)
Henry/Valerie/Peter, jealousy, watching, hurt, fucking, sharing, anger
Valerie/Peter, wolf, home, family, love, warmth, fireplace, returning, red, cape, life, future, child, bite, happy, content, travel, hunt, gift, river, forest, lake, bath, washing

Red Riding Hood
Valerie/Peter/Henry, fix, rip, burn, burrow, cold, in charge

Red Tails
Joe "Lightning" Little/Marty "Easy" Julian, first, too easy, drunk, womanizer
Marty 'Easy' Julian/Joe 'Lightning' Little, flight

Reign of Fire
Creedy/Quinn Abercromby, clean, explosion, confrontation, underground, evolution, military, anger, pillows, comfort, warmth, memory
Quinn Abercromby /Alex Jensen, fire, missing

Remington Steele
Laura Holt/Remington Steele, office, valentine, style, old-fashioned, identity,

Mark Cohen/Roger Davis, summer
Mimi Marquez/Maureen Johnson, frailty

Repo! The Genetic Opera
Graverobber/Shilo Wallace, zydrate, addiction, protection, loss, honesty

Repulsion (1965 film)
Carol/Helen, white

Reservoir Dogs
Mr. White/Mr. Orange, names
White/Orange, twist in the tale

Resident Evil (movies)
Albert Wesker/Alice, sunglasses, capture, bondage, rough, super human, sickness
Alice/Claire Redfield, survival, determination, safety

Resident Evil
Albert Wesker/Chris Redfield, amnesia, change, walls
Billy Coen/Rebecca Chambers, found, dog tags, regret, night, once, piano, patch, future, breathe
Chris Redfield/Claire Redfield, [any], quarantine, experiment, memories, bond, silk, assignment, chair, hero, perfume, training, undercover
Chris Redfield/Claire Redfield/Leon S. Kennedy, [any], fight, compassion, love, proposal, rain, unknown
Chris Redfield/Jill Valentine, blonde, scared, grave, alone, partners, best friend, match, anxious, new, scars, replace, touch, glance
Claire Redfield/Ada Wong, red
Claire Redfield/Jill Valentine, serious
Leon S. Kennedy/Claire Redfield, [any], war, revealing, remember, adorable, protection, date, agent, assignment, away, government, jobs, apartment, drinks, infiltrate, undercover, lam, missing
Rebecca Chambers/Claire Redfield, blackout, catch, dark, elevator, flashlights, giggle, hands, hidden, humour, injured, instinct, lucky, mint, nightmares, quiet, steady, tension
Rebecca Chambers/Claire Redfield/Jill Valentine, sharing
Rebecca Chambers/Jill Valentine, bandana, hat, lucky, protective, steal, training, uniform, young
Rebecca Chambers/Karen Driver, bandana, clean, lucky

Amanda (Margarita Levieva)/Emily (Emily VanCamp), dark, fear, promise, sisters, sugar
Amanda (Margarita Levieva)/Jack Porter, legs, saltwater, sunburn
Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorn/Nolan Ross, suspicion, wary, games, twisted, name, lost, pool side, debauched
Amanda Clarke/Daniel Grayson, loved, puppet, pity, distance, fathoms, elusive, honesty, yours, mark
Ashley Davenport/Nolan Ross/Tyler Barrol, negotiations, alcohol, tequila shots, deal
Ashley Davenport/Tyler Barrol, scheming, morning after
Charlotte Grayson/Declan Porter, first
Daniel Grayson/Nolan Ross/Tyler Barrol, wrecked, drunk, struggle, caught
Daniel Grayson/Tyler Barrol, college, drugs, alcohol, mistakes, bloodstain, wrong, denial, envy, vicious, drinking, forgotten, rimming, bareback
Daniel Grayson/Frank Stevens, displacement, rumbles, guns, smoke
Emily (Amanda)/Jack Porter/Nolan Ross, surrender, knowing, protection, solace, motivation, wet, identity, truth, crave, past, sins, fuel, stable, stimulating
Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke, double, pawn, crush, fight, bite, clawed, mangled, need, unstable, firecracker, lies, run away, caged, bars, prison, flight
Emily Thorne/Victoria Grayson, twisted, mobius strip, return, deception, queen
Emily Thorne (real!Amanda)/Daniel Grayson, dress, honeymoon, before, wine
Emily Thorne (real!Amanda)/Jack Porter, honest, memory, sailboat, sunset, regret, time, hope
Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke, vacation, reunion, toys, dancer, lie, history, close, bunk bed, ally, trust, bunk bed, fight, straddle, choke, manipulation, please, night, pool, lap dance, high
Emily Thorne/Nolan Ross/Jack Porter, breakfast, sailing, fascination, kept,
Emily Thorne/Victoria Grayson, blackmail, time, unforgiven
Emily Thorne/Jack, "call me Amanda", fireworks
Emily Thorne/Nolan Ross, anger, name, Hawaii, partners, rain, song, dance, forget, take care, married, secrets, wedding, pool, night, pretence, jealousy, peace, winter, satisfaction, promise, complicated, wet, truth, success, accident, partners-in-crime, affection, happy, darkness, danger, undercover, teamwork, fake, alley, event, dancing, golden, gunplay, stars, victory, surveillance, consolation, future, New York, any
Jack Porter/Nolan Ross, sailing, boat, bar, ride, benefits, sail, beach, sand, getaway, laugh, bruises, comfort, friendship, competence, merger, distraction, excuses, luck, money, sorry, friends, longing, sleep, dreams, Amanda
Nolan Ross/Ashley Davenport, drunk, solidarity, outside
Nolan Ross/Daniel Grayson, betrayal
Nolan Ross/Emily Thorne/Jack Porter, voyeur, sand, history, loyalty
Nolan Ross/Tyler Barrol, bondage, keptboy, bet, blackmail, payback, You Tube, power games, wrestle, million, struggle, money, secrets, blackmail, tied up, bondage, sneer, arch, desperate, games, expensive, rivals, bruise, marks, switch, 20,000,000, con, knives, asphyxiation, begging, revenge, leverage, deal, blackmail, kept, bondage, release, mine, game, stolen, skinny dip, webcam, reveal, ten minutes to kill
Nolan Ross/Emily Thorne/Jack Porter, truth, whiskey, experimentTyler/Conrad, blackmail, office
Victoria Grayson/Amanda Clarke, subterfuge
Victoria Grayson/Frank Stevens, queen, huntsman, lost, opportunities

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Utena Tenjou/Anthy Himemiya, still, pause, kiss, paradise, union, bound

Richard II – William Shakespeare
Duke of Aumerle/Richard II, orchard, land, honour, hunger, dragons
Henry Bolingbroke/Richard II, defeat, prison, sceptre, hunger, dragons

Bridget Kelly/Victor Machado, protection, distrust, illusion, necessary

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Caesar/Maurice, Eden, empire, forest, instinct, language

Rizzoli & Isles
Barry Frost/Maura Isles, any, casual, comfort
Barry Frost/Korsachs, daddy issues, wind down, drinks after work, expression,
Jane Rizzoli/Dr. Maura Isles, trauma, connection, family, delicate, rough, handcuffs, coffee, stilettos, toys, workaholic, seductress, possession, owned, collar, innocent, deflower, tease, vibrator, taste, unforgiving, jargon, formaldehyde, chess, rain, hair pulling, love, new, lazy, fast, banter, mothers, queer, wine, frisking, handcuffs, not what it looks like, almost-caught, work, penance, pushing, beginning, begging, tried, sorry, new, changed, dinner, sleepover, restraint, arrest, hypothesis, proof, trial, sterile, latex, guns, steel, cells, dare, confidence, swagger, together, scrubs, line, file, touch, curl, high, grit, home, sleep over, didn't realise, natural, events, in public, medical
Jane Rizzoli/Joey Grant, history, DCU, claim, suit, office, rain, apology
Maura Isles/Barry Frost, stainless, smooth, flutter
Maura Isles/Frankie Rizzoli, any, recovery

Road to El Dorado (2000)
Chel/Miguel/Tulio, dynamics, new, gold, between, together, adventure, Spain, partners
Miguel/Tulio, partners, playful

Robin Hood (BBC 2006)
Jax (Djaq?)/Will Scarlett, shawl, scarf, Crusade, [any]
Robin Hood/Marion, dancing, feeling, sneaking, thick and blunt, are you prepared, feathers of an arrow, fields, winner, grin, skirts, oral, twig, moss, veil, bees, alone, Nightwatcher

Rock On!!
Joseph 'Joe' Mascarenhas/Aditya 'Adi' Shroff, reclaiming, harmony, jazz
Joseph 'Joe' Mascarenhas/Aditya 'Adi' Shroff /Sakshi, magic, redemption, forgiveness

Handsome Bob/One Two, poker, sweet, tattoo, couch, revolver

Roman Holiday
Princess Ann/Joe Bradley, reunion, truth, silk

Rome (HBO)
Mark Antony/Cleopatra, drugs, hate, lust, love, haze, power, hair, wall, throwing, breaking, spanking, shackles, biting, blood, fruit, feeding, tasting, eating, table, orgy, writhing, eyeliner, window, breeze, Rome, Roman, Egypt, Egyptian, Greece, ship, jealousy, children, pregnant
Mark Antony/Gaius Octavian, motherfucker
Cleopatra/Lucius Vorenus, smoke, bite, blood, mighty, might have been
Niobe/Lucius Vorenus, learn, rough, sink
Octavia of the Julii/Gaius Octavian, lies, pater familias

Rookie Blue
Andy McNally/Sam Swarek, alcohol, chair, rain, thunder, holding on, what if, fuck, punch, kick, suspension, undercover, secret, christmas, need, fire, heavy, hard, afraid, skin, slick, shower, wall, desperate, alive, hidden, sleepy, miss you, love, normal, home, again, truck, scars, frottage, lies, taste, rough, tense, bitter, wish, hurt, comfort, lazy, risky, heatwave, isolation, honey, making up, tent, frottage, porn, eye sex, squad car, angry, domination, territory, rush, pegging, fantasy, new, rookie, sweet, lip gloss, Popsicle, candy, rough, whisker burn, sore, lube
Chris Diaz/Dov Epstein, longing, beer, porn, shower, game, dream, comfort, wrestle
Chris Diaz/Dov Epstein/Gail Peck, party, hotel, angry, fight, video games, camping, massage, Christmas morning, anticipation, breakdown, locker, undercover, share, happy, drunk, playful, firsts
Dov Epstein/Gail Peck, practical joke, bathroom, cook, games
Frank Best/Noelle Williams, carefully, culmination, day off, lick, laugh, worry, hurt, late
Jerry Barber/Traci Nash, medieval times, save, babysitter, duty, van, early, beach, fear, panting, phone, snow day, shower, chocolate
Luke Callaghan/Gail Peck, bar, shot, stakeout, bored, job, secret, whiskey, order, slowly, pull, scratch, dirty talk, lonely, early
Sam Swarek/Luke Callaghan, hate, reluctant, force, memory, swallow

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (play/movie)
Rosencrantz/Guildenstern, lost, infinity, breath

Alex Whitman/Kyle Valenti, straight
Isabel Evans/Kyle Valenti, van
Isabel Evans/Maria DeLuca, collar
Isabel Evans/Tess Harding, sugar
Jim Valenti/Jeff Parker, camping
Jim Valenti/Kyle Valenti, ice cream
Jim Valenti/Max Evans, dust
Jim Valenti/Michael Guerin, darkness
Kathleen Topolsky/Alex Whitman, information
Kathleen Topolsky/Liz Parker, stars
Liz Parker/Ava of Antar, kitten, piercings
Liz Parker/Isabel Evans, icy, leather
Liz Parker/Maria DeLuca, aquabra
Liz Parker/Maria DeLuca/Isabel Evans, relax
Liz Parker/Tess Harding, eraser room, ice, heatwave, cherries, motel
Maria DeLuca/Michael Guerin, storm, soft
Max Evans/Liz Parker, spaceship
Michael Guerin/Maria DeLuca, jetta, eraser room, chocolate, Tabasco sauce, opposites attract, anal, roommates, popsicle
Tess Harding/Ava of Antar, sky
Tess Harding/Ava/Isabel Evans/Lonnie, mirrors

Royal Pains
Hank Lawson/Tucker Bryant, [any]

Runaways (comic)
Molly Hayes/Karolina Dean, aura

Gert Yorkers/Chase Stein, romance, smart, Lace, run, alley, resurrection, freedom, purple, beach
Karolina Dean/Xavin, girls, green, hair, blood, ocean, sunrise
Karolina/Xavin, shifting, sunlight, alien
Xavin/Karolina Dean, coffee, reunion, space

Rune Factory: Frontier
Cinnamon/Raguna, fishing, no talking
Cross/Raguna, wood, secrets
Eric/Raguna, experience, dirt, vegetables
Melody/Raguna, bath, salts
Mist/Raguna, sweat, dirt, turnips
Mist/Rosetta, rivalry
Raguna/Selphie, books, mess

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
Aden/Sonja, control

Rurouni Kenshin
Kamiya Kaoru/Makimachi Misao, girltalk
Himura Kenshin/Saitou Hajime, cat, rain, blood, sword
Makimachi Misao/Shinomori Aoshi, night, wish, undress, tea, wait, kunai, restraint, watch
Sagara Sanosuke/Takani Megumi, medicine, fist, healing, reunion, kitsune

Ruse (Comic)
Emma Bishop/Simon Archard, overbearing, wordy, rumour

Shannon Henry/Lawson Blake, again, uniform, slick

Sailor Moon (manga)
Sailor Venus/Princess Serenity, knight

Sailor Moon
Ami/Usagi, ice, keep, tears, mind control, rooftop
Haruka/Michiru, music, speed, hush, shine, alone-time, mystique, invite
Haruka/Usagi, princess, knight, once, fidelity, maybe, windswept, gender, genderqueer, taunt
Kunzite/Minako, hate, gold, protect, want, desire, truth
Mamoru/Usagi, queen, hair, formal wear, secret, costume, mask, design, sneak, princess, lies
Mistress 9/Black Lady, conversation
Nephrite/Jadeite, bound, broken, cold, crown, found, lost, warm
Rei/Minako, spotlight, attraction, temper, games, tease, lingerie, mytholog, expectations
Usagi/Mamoru, pleasure, respite, pride, cunnilingus, mask, dance, press

Saint Seiva
Leo Aioria/Aquila Marin, [any]
Pegasus Seiya/Saori Kido, [any], flowers, protect, truth, laughter, bond, victory, speed, smile, care
Perseus Algol/Andromeda Shun, mercy, sensitive

Salt (2010)
Evelyn Salt/Ted Winter, glass, breath, trust, scrape, cornered, fur, fire

Salute Your Shorts
Michael/Budnick, flagpole
Pinsky/Budnick, salami

Samurai Deeper Kyo
Onime no Kyo/Shiina Yuya, shibari, gunplay, crimson, exhibitionism, real, king

Ashley Magnus/Will Zimmerman, understanding
Declan MacRae/Kate Freelander, understand, sanctuary, wine cellar, trust
Helen Magnus/Charlotte Benoit, brains, beauty, verbal, vacation
Helen Magnus/James Watson, air raid, comfortable, tent, time travel, secrets
Helen Magnus/John Druitt, deprivation, do-overs, rope, knives, long ago, corset, pretend, fall, monsters, bound, broken, rebirth, monsters under your bed, penance, reminiscing, reunion, discovery, angry, bondage, alley, perpetual, assignation, corset, stockings, watching
Helen Magnus/John Druitt/James Watson, balance, old times, loss, regret, fierce, wine, compromising, Victorian, wartime, unwise, naked
Helen Magnus/John Druitt/Nicola Tesla, pain, blood, future, maelstrom
Helen Magnus/John Druitt/Nicola Tesla/James Watson, WWII, drugs, pain, hope, abandoned
Helen Magnus/Nicola Tesla, vulnerability, blood red wine on white breasts, electric twist, patience's reward, magnetism, blood, fresh, explosion, bite, London, Vienna, inheritance, innuendo, flirt, swallow, electricity, magnetism, loss, nostalgia, timeless, touch, electricity
Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla/James Watson, release, forgetting, urges, primal, unstoppable
Henry Foss/Will Zimmerman, power, anger, piercings, tattoos, fear
James Watson/Declan MacRae, past, future, silk, tea, Victorian
James Watson/Declan MacRae/Kate Freelander, dream, delirium, double team
James Watson/John Druitt, drugs, schoolboys, Oxford, trust, enemies, gunpoint, truce, punishment, old times, school, cane, trust, solace
John Druitt/Nikola Tesla, fight, flight, pain, shock, need
Kate Freelander/Ashley Magnus, lottery
Kate Freelander/Declan MacRae, expectations, pretty, knots, hunter
Kate Freelander/Will Zimmerman, duct-tape, prisoner, mind-games, senses, windy
Nikola Tesla/Henry Foss, technology, lab, nature, popular culture
Nikola Tesla/James Watson, machinery, outwit, games, vampires, blood, clockwork
Nikola Tesla/Will Zimmerman, intrigued, smirk, Dracula, lick
The Five, only, trust, secret, lab, blood
Will Zimmerman/Helen Magnus, wet, dirty, in charge, wine, hidden, secret, field, abnormal

Saturday Night Live
Beth "BJ" Jacobs/Lauren "BJ" Carlton, prom, drunk, tongue
Dan Needler/Sally Needler, slap, anniversary, escape, hate-fucking, priceless, overdramatic, ordinary
Kaitlin/Bedelia, dance, shy, whisper
Male A-Hole/Female A-Hole, first, trapped, baby
Stefon/Seth Meyers, lost, kink, vacation

Satyricon - Petronius
Ascyltus/Encolpius/Giton, tumble, drink, beauty
Encolpius/Giton, pleasure, laughing, loud

Savage Grace
Barbara/any, dare, drink, brick, tears, dance
Barbara/Sam/Tony, sleep, hunger, share, silly, morning, dust, scramble
Barbara/Tony, skirt, wool, care, break

Save the Last Dance
Derek/Sarah, strength, grace, shake it, Julliard
Kelly Kapowski/Jessie Spano, [any], locker room, showers, bossy
Kelly/Zach Morris, first time, Belding's office, wedding night

Hilary Faye/Cassandra, tough, prejudice
Hilary Faye/Mary, sin
Hilary Faye/Tia, pray

Saving Face
Vivian Shing/Wilhemina 'Wil' Pang, clothes-shopping, dancing, food, dancing

Saving Grace
Butch Ada/Ham Dewey/Grace Hanadarko, share, cheat, fight, Earl, laughter, heat, quiet, solace, sleep, police, football, tattoo

Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Lee Stetson/Amanda King, sportscar

Scarecrow Series – Matthew Reilly
Shane ‘Scarecrow' Schofield/Aloysius ‘Black Knight' Knight, betrayal, guns, rescue, guilt

Scooby Doo
Daphne/Velma, bag, biting, boys, costumes, gag, girls-night-in, glasses, haunted-house, mystery, paddling, rescue, surprise, toys, reveal, van, disguise
Shaggy/Velma/Scooby, deserted, glasses, Scooby Snacks

Scott & Bailey
Rachel Bailey/Gill Murray, negotiation, fraternization, stern, disobedient, issues, teasing

Scott Pilgrim (2010)
Gideon Gordon Graves/Wallace Wells, club, glasses, alcohol, oops
Kim Pine/Knives Chau, makeout
Kim Pine/Ramona Flowers, bag
Knives Chau/Natalie 'Envy' Adams, fan
Knives Chau/Tamara, friends
Natalie 'Envy' Adams/Ramona Flowers, music, rivals
Ramona Flowers/Roxie Richter, college, past, regret, couch, art, ninja
Ramona Flowers/Scott Pilgrim, watersports, delivery, after, America, winner, tea, warm, bread, date, nice, blue, autumn, cosplay, headphones, future
Scott Pilgrim/Wallace Wells, midnight, apocalypse, zombies, celebration, karaoke, hangover, fantasy, porn

Scrapped Princess
Pacifica Casull/Fulle, substitution
PacificaCasull/Shannon Casull, your highness
Seness/Shannon Casull, your highness
Winia/Chris, cloak

Scream, Billy/Stu, mask
Scream, Dewey/Tatum, alone
Scream, Sidney/Tatum, whisper
Scream, Tatum/Randy, freshmen, banter, virginity, explore, videos

Scream 3
Scream 3, Gale/Dewey/Jennifer, stardom
Scream 3, Gale/Jennifer Jolie, doppelganger

Scream 4
Scream 4, Jill/Kirby, virgin
Scream 4, Sidney/Jill, victim

Carla Espinosa/Elliot Reid, tired, wine
Denise/Katie, LUG
Denise/Katie/Sunny, movie
Denise/Sunny, eager, chatter
Dr. Cox/Kelso, hatred
Elliot Reid/Molly Clock, apple-thief, bedding, bonding, elevator, girltalk, lesbian-vibe, yellow, yesterday, vibrator
JD/Dr. Cox, help, Janitor, games, winning
JD/Dr. Cox/Jordan, secret
JD/Janitor, mop, repression, anger, penny
JD/Turk, bathtub, chocolate, overtime, insurance, basketball, cake, pudding
JD/Turk/Carla/Elliott, 11:59pm
Todd/anyone, score!

Season of the Witch
Kay/The Girl, faith, hope

Seconds Apart
Jonah/Seth, birds, necks, inject, synchronise, feel, bed, mother, alone, bathroom, need, codependent

Elaine/Jerry, [any], friends with benefits, hennigans
Elaine/Sidrah, spectacular
George/Bonnie/roommate (from "The Label Maker"), velvet
George/Jerry, rumor
Kramer/Newman, scheme
Sidrah/Sue Ellen Mishkie, bra

Musubi/Tsukiumi, fight, sweat, taste

Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Hibiki Tachibana/Miku Kohinata, lies, truth, borrowed time, shooting stars

Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen
Colonel Brandon/Marianne Dashwood, acceptance, change of heart, hero, fingers, duet, closeness
Elinor Dashwood/Col Brandon, grief, Alternative, surprise, unexpected, blindfold, cross dressing
Elinor Dashwood/Marianne Dashwood, secret, play
Margaret Dashwood/Willoughby, crush, lookalike, future, jealous
Mrs Dashwood/Col Brandon, age, understanding, carriage, adrenalin, comfort, any
Mrs Dashwood/Willoughby, lonely, pegging, sin, surprise, loneliness, beach, winter, rain, secret, revisit, alone, sea, stranded
Willoughby/Col. Brandon, fight, tired, blood, place, ride, flee, child, resent, jealousy, Marianne, Eliza, swords, punishment, cold, hunter, ruin, dirty, rough, duel, furtive, held down, regret

Sense and Sensibility (movieverse)
Colonel Brandon/Marianne, [any], illness, India, fingers, buttons, pianoforte

Sesame Street
Bert/Ernie, letter P

Maggie/Steve, recovery, pot

Shadow of a Doubt
Young Charlie/Uncle Charlie, blood, throat, stockings, bite

Shadow of Memories, aka Shadow of Destiny
Dana/Margrette, clothes, time
Eike/Homunculus, earring, fragile, breathe

(Macbeth), Joe Macbeth/Billy Banquo, milk, bed, drink, knife, flirting
(Taming of the Shrew), Kate/Petruccio, dominatrix, genderswap, trick, duty.

Shame (2011 film)
Brandon/Sissy, guilt, memories, dream, blankets, shame, secret, bed, music, unforgiven

Shameless (US)
Fiona, solo
Fiona/Steve, bare, icing, phone, shaving, any, car, hotel, apart, runaway, spiral, tongues, kitchen, bed, marriage, alone, pieces, heart, voice, phone call, help
Ian/Lip, solo, want, quiet, fast, lips, high, wrong, regret, high, blowjob, night, show, better, bruise, fix, quiet
Ian /Mickey, games, honesty, bite, rough, fight, fuck, sharp, rimming, lock-up, couch, freedom, burn, bed, chocolate, cop, edging, kiss, suck, summer camp, sweet, underwear, bent, constellations, freckles, friendly fire, nice, smoke, scar, bitch, kiss, fire, fucked, wait, sleep, sweet, stumble, blow, army, tender, lube, unashamed, playground, music
Karen/Lip, angry, burn, finger, liar, notch, skinny-dipping, spine, blowjob, champagne, cigarette, cunt, fast, grind, lazy, lust, mix-tape, siren, tattoo, teeth, wish, heartbreak, wedding, sappy, friendship, dance, misery, play, denial, clever, lies, messy, beer, bored, regret, forget, salt, ink, scissors, v-neck, wedding night, baby, stains, summer, mistake
Kevin/Veronica, baby, fake, comfortable, waffles, bar, wet, worry, weed, time
Lip/Mandy, pretend, substitute, frustration, rebound, wall, revenge, work, ploy, actual, feelings

Zach/Shaun, tattoo, texting, porn, threesome, ocean

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Adora aka She-Ra/Catra, chasm, deal, pay up, reward, war

Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, fellatio, intercrural, alleyway, sarcasm, outdoing, competition, baking, chemistry, smoking, shotgunning, cocaine, fancy dress party

Sherlock Holmes (Ritchie movies)
Irene Adler/Madam Simza, luck, survivors, scheme, breathless, wild
James Moriarty/Sebastian Moran, bodies, trust, kneel, libraries, silence, reverence, functions, routine, submission, lessons
John Watson/Mary Watson, knitting
Madam Simza/Sherlock Holmes, heels, alive, corset, fortune, retreat, relax, hide, comfort, wild kisses, riding, tent, silk, pillows, long hair
Mycroft Holmes/Carruthers, obey, wondering, cuddles
Sebastian Moran/John Watson, hatred, bad memories,
Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler, blind fold, trust, disguises, jealousy, fight, change, amber, guilt, dress, taste, wonder, disguise, capture
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, gypsy camp, first time, morning after, train, Switzerland, dance, kiss, regret, sorrow, sacrifice, lipstick, honeymoon, camouflage, train, liar, denial, divorce, widower, submit, scarves, shatter, watching, voyeurism, crossdressing, stockings
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan, forgiving, payback, family, comfortable, needy, trust, content, touch, keep, tag-team, gloves, storm, lick, messy, symmetry, understanding, inappropriate, cooperate, domestic, sing, violence
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes/Sebastian Moran, surprises, spy, secrets, understanding

Sherlock Holmes (any)
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, shared, solution, falls, honeymoon, train, deduction

Sherlock (BBC)
Anthea/Greg Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes, switch, skill, mystery.
Anthea/Irene Adler, masters, familiarity, white, murky, bathtub, freckles, new, fisting
Anthea/Mycroft Holmes, control, burn, genderswap, expectation, daylight, work, desk, mobile, car, sexting
Anthea/Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes, compromise.
Anthea/Sherlock Holmes, office
Anthea/Soo Lin, training, protection, invention, crossed wires, disguise
f!John Watson/f!Sherlock Holmes, learn, intuition, run, experiment, tact, trench, experiment, personal space, not good?
f!John Watson/f!Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler, three, brag, chase, exuberant
f!John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, gender politics, comrades, burn, music, shielded, looks, touch, analytical, kitchen, lab, gun, handcuffs, freak, war
Greg Lestrade/James Moriarty, disguise, whore, king
Greg Lestrade/John Watson, bar, broken, past, silent, comfort, crime scene, hiding, pub, realization, far, second, listen, sink, velvet, shy, cheek, capable, handcuffs, punch, nose, lips, fear, dance, years, faith, doubt, massage, drunk, rugby, sacrifice, longing, blind, human, grin, share, anchor, silence, wrestle, epiphany
Greg Lestrade/John Watson/Mycroft Holmes, best, try, begging, loud, commiseration, understanding, locked in
Greg Lestrade/John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, handcuffs, healing, music, hands, language, family, sharing, inclusion, detecting, voyeur, shelter, fear, endless, blackout, possessive, crash, simple, restrained, loose, free, more
Greg Lestrade/Molly Hooper, Christmas, rebound, safe, costume, halloween, superheros, booze, exploration, release, revolution, scars, formal, fancy dress, uniform, public, dancing, vocal, guffaw, dork, handcuffs, leather, his division, what do you need, sofas, names, Christmas, invitation, morgue, oranges, pheremones, scapula, trust, zip, style, balance, reason, awkward, gurney, dissect, professional, surprise, worship, dawn, spring, whiskey, sheets
Greg Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes, games, office, island, food, revelations, suits, umbrella, touch, no one knows, caught, handcuffs, kidnapping, Diogenes Club, fidelity, surprise, quiet, umbrella, authority, badge, telephone, power plays, consummate, stare, protection, guilt, comfort, after, dancing, holiday, sunbathe, guilt, dealing, together, ice, heat, unbuttoned, careful, rough, silk
Greg Lestrade/Sherlock Holmes, crazy, secret, need, daddykink, cuddle, familiar, handcuffs, sensations, touch, drugs bust, cell, desk, punish, frustration, rough, crime scene, phone, ties, forgiveness, friend, ruffle, hug
Henry Knight/John Watson, drugged, hound, belief, fear
Irene Adler/Greg Lestrade, handcuffs, service, introductions, histories
Irene Adler/Harry Watson, better than alcohol, sober, no one knows
Irene Adler/James Moriarty, whip, battle, phone
Irene Adler/John Watson, defiant, obey, hair-pulling, look, loyal, remember, scintillating
Irene Adler/John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, arrangement, scream, working, hair, coil, moans, sexting, threeway, lies, voyeur, restraint, riding crop, game, cheekbones, bargain, tame, polish, chase, lessons, rope, obey, quiet, clock, run, silk
Irene Adler/Kitty Reilly, truth, consequences, cost, scoop
Irene Adler/Molly Hooper, anatomy, dissection, microscopic, hands, touch, secrets, identity, lessons, cold, new, elementary, coax, delight, curve, table, toast, lips, texting, intensity, validation, becoming
Irene Adler/Mycroft Holmes, facade, surrender, witness, to the victor go the spoils.
Irene Adler/Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes, ruthless, bond, struggle, hint, belief.
Irene Adler/Sally Donovan, favors, laughing, banter, equals, cunnilingus
Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes, bright, leather, howl, flawless, cherry, clever, pegging, sexting, epistolary, covert, taste, dress-up, virgin, power play, outwit, shackles, cold, coat, lipstick, defend, intend, analyse, lose, victory, dinner, mobile, smart, pirates, transparent, culture, painless, aesthetics, exception
James Moriarty/John Watson, dog, danger, underestimate, force, gag, dildo, slave
James Moriarty/John Watson/Sebastian Moran/Sherlock Holmes, any
James Moriarty/John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, romance, anniversary, attempt
James Moriarty/Molly Hooper, evil!Molly, flames, brutal, experiment, Stockholm syndrome, apartment, dress, tension, music, tease, bruise, innocent, teeth, suits, disguises
James Moriarty/Mycroft Holmes, sexting, leverage, kidnapping, tell-all, torture, smile, manoeuvre, risk
James Moriarty/Sebastian Moran, a bit not good, guns, bored, genderswap, gloves, interest, possession, requirement, tiger, claws, danger, bloody, need, wig, bandages, knife, trick, smoke, graveyard, money
James Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes, breath, knowledge, traps, switch, Craigslist, missed connections, domesticity, office, bedtime, cuddling, push, flogging, drunk, minds, trust
Irene Adler/James Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes/Greg Lestrade/John Watson/Mary, theirs, sacrifice, slave, choice, king, gallant, brothel, grace, family
John Watson/Molly Hooper/Sherlock Holmes, ataxia, coccyx, homeostasis, pink, synesthesia
John Watson/Mycroft Holmes, almost, clinging, ice, tears, please, car, shadow, mend, equals, masks, uncertainty, wants, kidnapping, cars, guilt, anger, forgiveness, comfort, legerdemain, postwar, parsimony, biography, semaphore, contrivance, hemlock, substitute, grief,, marriage, kiss, hands, theatre
John Watson/Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes, betrayal, gift, scars, watershed., forgive, edges, night, one, request, paper
John Watson/Sally Donovan, BAMFs, click, sharp, apple, hobby
John Watson/Sarah Sawyer, care, widows, joy
John Watson/Sebastian Moran, military, don't know who the other is, anonymous
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, alive, breathing, relief, reunion, guns, competition, euphoria, perineum, rest, tangled, last Wednesday, pulling rank, smartarse, military, clever, looming, costumes, deerstalker hat, bored, language, French, delete, shared bed, in a dark room, close up, in your face, argument, blanket fic, shock blanket, nudity, just wearing a sheet, please, bond, hide, punch me in the face, intercrural, sexting, kinks, alive, resourceful, vigorous, asexual, intertwine, regrettable, collateral damage, energy, frenetic, motionless, terror, untenable, hypothermia, handcuffs, rosin, mute, dampit, pathological, body mass, exterior, roof, serious, hospital, deceit, glorious, tarot, scarf, alive, deduction, seduction, research, experiment, forgiveness, tea, slap, fists, kiss, desperation, clinging, fingertips, scarf, time, gentle, broken, fix, Texas, cowboys, chemistry, freedom, simplicity, snatch, console, restart, sail, carousel, holiday, crop, experiment, virgin, return, honest, lonely, fiery, misunderstanding, watchful, longing, inappropriate, inhibitions, psychology, sociopath, jump, uninterested, circle, spin, touch, knotting, underage, notice, palace, distract, distraction, angry, punch, silly, close, infatuated, jealous, Irene, sexy, awesome, blush, erase, orderly, coffee, sugar, blackout, blitz, apotheosis, theobromine, pain, broken, hypothesis, sway, tea, pantsless, bacon, Darjeeling, hardware, remunerations, resurrection, miracle, watch don't touch, fall, unsaid, red, coat, dress-up, dress, pretend, run, handcuffs, after, before, cocaine, riding crop, scarf, experiment, dirty, reunion, first time, public sex, distraction, voyeur, masturbation, tea, india ink, silver, vinyl, jumper, tea, revival, travel, flat, university, mourning, exuberance, virgin, control, understated, grace, weathered, torn, frantic, codependent, mine, alone, winter, Reichenbach, PTSD, handgun, riding crop, tea and toast, taxicab, jumper, morning after, daemons, expectation, accidentally married, fever dream, misunderstanding, Moriarty made them do it, proposal, serenade, sunshine, violin, reunion, shower, sexting, nightmares, intoxicated, bondage, bathing, dom!Sherlock, experiment, fireside, taxi, stimulating, silent, spanking, prolonged, smug, camping, apology, virgin!John, comfort, women's underpants, blindfold, reunion, 24/7 dom/sub lifestyle, possessive, marks, improvised sex toys, orchestrated, snuggle, spooning, subtle, undercover, dragons, antagonize, quibble, derail, lag, tedious, curious, awkward, unintentional tease, home, fury, bullets, game, reunion!sex, experiment, scientific method, scalpel, violin bow, skull, dilated pupils, belief, punch, settled, calm, content, together, home, wet, friends, begging, fear, emotions, shower, wuthering, chaos, desperation, completion, blog, peacoat, bumf
Molly Hooper/Mycroft Holmes, surprise, challenge, smirk
Molly Hooper/Sarah Sawyer, borders, treatment, frustration, girls' night
Molly Hooper/Sherlock Holmes, drunk, cohabitation, married, pregnancy, grace, lost and found, favorite, ordinary., silence, photos, dream, academic, fascination, unraveling, lipstick, laboratory, haircut, trivia, text, calm, experiment, morgue
Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes, arrangement, cigarettes, closer, comfort, constant, protection, silence, kneel, overload, endurance, affection, distrust, vice, microexpressions, reprimand, denial, bittersweet, reconciliation, regret, forbidden, lust, mine, yours, distance, cameras, tease
Sally Donovan/Sherlock Holmes, confuse, whip, agreement, protect

She's The Man
Duke/Sebastian, discovery, music, soccer, kissing, separation, communication, dinner, flirting, smile, velvet, longing

Shin Angyo Onshi
Marlene von Lucid/Sando, fight, hate, rival, whip, skin, barbarian

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
Atropos/Clotho/Lachesis, wind, rhythm, threads
Cu Chulainn/Scathach, fate, destiny, warriors
Dante/Naoki, macca, swordplay, hunter
Futomimi/Naoki, softer, hair, threads, ending
Futomimi/Sakahagi, conflict, scars, memories
Lilith/Nyx, snake, slither, songbird
Loki/Nyx, flirt, drunk, frost, night
Naoki/Pixie, micro, giggle, flirt

Sora/Koharu/Reiko, narrative, candy, gorge

Silent Hill 2
James/Maria, cell
Mary/Angela, heaven

Silent Hill 3
Claudia/Alessa, mercy

Silent Hill
adult!Alessa/Rose, mother, gift, blood
Alessa/Claudia, righteous, promise, sisters
Cybil/Rose, motorcycle, breath, life
Heather/Valtiel, worship, resurrect
James/Pyramid Head, punishment, memory, cruel
Vincent/Heather, helping, creep, guilt

Silk Stalkings
Rita/Chris, secret, survival, any

Dolly/Drew/Karen, okay, beer, boredom, dark, floor
Dolly/Karen, unrequited, alone, friendship, loose, porch, afraid

Silver Metal Lover - Tanith Lee
Jane/Silver, real, synthetic, feel, sing, murmur, spirit, photo

Singin' in the Rain
Cosmo Brown/Don Lockwood/Kathy Selden, morning, honeymoon, simple, complete, charm

Siren 2
Nagai/Okita, quiet

Sirens (UK)
Ashley Greenwick/Rachid Mansaur, alpha, fantasy, experiment, straight, smirk, smug, blowjob, ropes, bondage, grin, bonding, alcohol, commitment, frustration, breakage, spillage, words, questions, dirty talk, alpha, comfort
Ashley Greenwick/Ryan Bailey, reunion, mistakes, handcuffs
Ashley Greenwick/Stuart Bayldon, ambulance, blind date, music, comfort, hurt, drink, jealousy, closet,
Maxine Fox/Stuart Bayldon, topping, uniform

Six Feet Under
Billy/Brenda, storybook
Billy/Brenda/Claire, camera
Brenda/Claire, idolize, mentor, handcuffs, discipline, fragile
Claire/Brenda/Nate, high
Claire/Nate, cathartic

Skins (UK)
Cook/Effy, anything, Band-Aid, bare, bath, bones, bored, caretaker, clean, condom, cunt, dirt, easy, fingers, high, hold on, hotel, jump, laundromat, lost, nails, nightmare, outlaws, perfect, pinch, pocketknife, posture, real, rough, sharp, shoplifting, shower, sober, stairs, stars, teeth, tense, wait, weak, better, blood, burn, cigarette, cry, okay, heroine, liar, nothing, prick, run, sticky, suicide, swim, water, hurricane, on the run, dirty, quick
Cook/Freddie, [any], after, breath, without, hairline, curse, name.
Cook/Pandora, messy, tits, trouble
Effy/Freddie, happiness, high, stairs, push, breathless, bath
Effy/Pandora, lessons, sticky, tits, vibrator
Effy/Tony, [any]
Franky/Mini, [any]
Freddie/Karen, [any]
Jal/Chris, vacation, fuck it, party, moan
Katie/Cook, coffee, introduction, fuck them, obvious, nails
Matty/Nate, [any]
Mini/Alo, elite, graduation, public, surprise, popular, game, rules
Sid/Cassie, icing on the cake, New York, New Year's Eve, magazine
Tony/Maxxie, smoking, experiment, suck, pulse
Tony/Sid, handjob, help, wank, caught

Skins (US)
Cassie/Sid, wanted, careful, naked, precious, love, hate, clinging, keep, frantic, bite, bruise
Cook/Effy, alone, beach, mussed, together, slow, hard, want, clinging, alcohol, sunrise
Effy/Katie, smoking, escape, night, stars, forgetting, experiment, bite, gasp, shiver, bathroom
Effy/Tony, trapped, comfort, hold, wrong, right, teeth, clash, cling, bedroom, touch, tender
Emily/Katie, mirror, sisters, entwine, possess, jealous, compete, bedroom, nightclub, grab, pull, tug, bathroom
Franky/Mini, golden, finally, looking, wanting, pursued, unsure, frantic, slow, sheets, awed, smiles
Liv/Mini, desperate, drunk, teeth, groan, give in, deserted, confused, angry, prove
Michelle/Sid, guilt, searching, wanted, empty, caress, kiss, slow, warm, regret, broken
Michelle/Tony, sneaking off, quick, quiet, laugh, lipstick, groan, smirk, bathroom, bedroom, grinding, nightclub, drunk
Tea/Tony, charcoal, girls, gum, paint, tree house, zipper

Skip Beat!
Mogami Kyoko/Fuwa Sho, obedience, alone, bitter, variety show, fairytale, revenge, victory, mirrors
Mogami Kyoko/Kotonami Kanae, princess, ice cream, hairbrush, Love Me uniform, team, magical, acting
Mogami Kyoko/Tsuruga Ren, collar, high heels, diva, hotel, oblivious, Bo, surprise, chocolate, romantic , realization, desperation, in-character, dangerous

Sky High
Coach Boomer/Principal Powers: flirt, screamer, desk, between classes
Warren Peace/Freeze Girl, [any], corset, opposite, touch, cool, hot, game, smirk, tender, mask, vacation, romance
Warren/Layla Williams, flowers, hippie, fire, earth, villain, evil, counterpart, Chinese, green, shock, regret, yours, chase, road trip
Warren Peace/Will Stronghold, graduation, college, costumes, insurance, mpreg, spanking, restrain

Slayers (anime)
Gourry Gabriev/Zelgadis Greywords, breakfast, pursuit, guile, rejection
Xellos/Zelgadis, slither, trustworthy, glare, interrupt, vile, monster, perilous, crash, expound, silence

Sleep Dealer
Memo Cruz/Luz Martinez, connected

Sleeping Beauty (Disney)
Aurora/Maleficent, sleep
Phillip/Aurora, [any], wake, kiss, bed, magic, sweet, adrenaline, prize, linger, moonlight, pinned, straddle

Slice of Cherry – Dia Reeves
Kit Cordelle/Fancy Cordelle, blade, glint, blood, stitch, teach, kiss, blindfold, trust, impulse, mark, tangled, hands, soulmates

Wade/Quinn, wake up

Slings & Arrows
Geoffrey Tennant/Ellen Fanshaw, lingerie, familiar, alone
Geoffrey Tennant/Darren Nichols, performance, artistry, touch, speech, stage, duel, Berlin, post-modern, Romeo & Juliet, college, drama class
Geoffrey Tennant/Ellen Fanshaw/Oliver Welles, ghost, jealousy, Hamlet

Chloe Sullivan/Carter Hall, reincarnated, trance, stubble, control, hunger, relinquish
Chloe Sullivan/Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, loft, ink, internet, wild, explore, train, sandwich, lavender, fish
Chloe Sullivan/Kara El, beauty, secrets, hidden, pleasure, discovery, chocolate
Chloe Sullivan/Lana Lang, Nicodemus Flower, coffee, experiment, comfort, truth, pool
Chloe Sullivan/Bart Allen, slow down, treasure, nicknames, celebration
Chloe Sullivan/Dinah Lance/Oliver Queen, training, control, whole, family, trinity, cry, adopt, hack, bowstring
Chloe Sullivan/Lex Luthor, anger, try, secret, dream, cease, lack, port, blanket, filthy, bought, polka, naked, fire, revenge, goal, jealousy, water, desk, business, dominate, neck, summer, pregnant, [any]
Chloe Sullivan/Oliver Queen, green, bossy, union, green, vacation, shower, proof, gift, moonlight, call, home, Watchtower, leather, acceptance, forgiveness, natural, seconds
Chloe Sullivan/Tess Mercer, lies, more, wish, demands, promise, whisper
Clark Kent/Clark Luthor, mirror, red k, pride, rough
Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan, Fortress, ice, trapped, truth, sleepover, barn, favor, fortress, stakeout, hotline, jersey
Clark Kent/Jason Teague, locker room, jealous, ropes, tender, caves, spell, college dorm
Clark Kent/Lana Lang, reunion, loft, dying, red
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, Flight, speed, leaning, cars, strength, forever, silk, porch swing, exhibit, blundering, rimming, pool, purple, firsts, clubbing, punish, obsession, possessive, reform, loft, The Talon, voyeurism, wild, want, young, forgiveness, car hood, sofa, pool table, surrender, dirty talk, rimming, tentacles, forgiveness, homecoming, rimming, hot tub, flexible, apples, public sex, glare, fur, twilight, rival, stolen, music, flying, blue, dragon, light, water, pet, mingle, party, condor, rhythm, candle, play, possessive, fire, surrender, absence, phone, tree, waffle, yoga, internet, porn, fear, drunk, century, claim, alien, innocent, help, hold, pool, coffee, glare, debauched, fly together, luscious, movies, tasty, public sex, possessive, held down, caress, color, growl, possession, jealousy, secrets, reveal, costume, empty, control, lost, memory, rejection, experiment, comfort, familiar, nostalgia, hate, self-loathing, kryptonite, ring, broken, oval office, son, time, together, forgive, remember, friends, fight, again, dead, first, always, no other, world, leave, king, tattoo, hormones, control, sneaking, school, teacher, apple, temptation, concede
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, cape, phone booth, camping, tent, death, re-emergence, moon, Apokalips, alien, scarlet, jeans, flannel, wedding, soulmate, flying, honeymoon, stubborn, red k, phone booth, Daily Planet, office, quiet, porch swing, flannel, cuddle, birthday, mine, undercover, glasses, strawberries, candlelight, surprise, snow storm, Valentine's Day, Red-K, ravish, can't hide, incessant, pregnant, bound, breathless, mine, rooftop, fleeting, windswept, public, covert, elevator, window, rain, fire, shower, dancing, roses, strangers, snow, hands, little black dress, bath, wind. mirror, screams, smoking, magic, ghosts, dame, mile high club, dream, pyjamas
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Oliver Queen, finally, invitation, handcuffs, holidays, Sunday mornings, playful, bubble bath, trust, yoga, pretend, domestic
Clark Kent/Oliver Queen, leather, heroes, drunk, limo, secrets, fingers, bruises, scars, control, costumes, laugh, know, hands, silly, fight, suits, breakfast, fly, fortress, fix, bet, win, proposal, trip, leather, teach, photo, archery, music, pride, touch, blindfold, never again, chocolate, pie, fantasy, magic, kryptonite, sorry, [any]
Clark Kent/Stiletto, masks
Clark Kent/Tess Mercer, meeting, save, confession, watchtower, mirror, luthor mansion
Clark Kent/Whitney Fordman, exploring, truck, apology, fingering, comfort, injury
Clark Luthor/Alt!Lois Lane, phone calls, dark, bruise
Clark Luthor/Tess Luthor, pillows, knives, scars
Lex Luthor/Dr. Waldon, intellectual, reward, motive, cave
Lex Luthor/Lana Lang, pink diamonds, Richard III, billions, after, salvation, true, later, hate, denial, whipped cream, Paris, betrayal, addicted
Lex Luthor/Lois Lane, college, muffins
Lex Luthor/Lucas Dunleavy, passion, influence, cards, game, mistake, father, silk, leather
Lionel Luthor/Martha Kent, subterfuge, history, blind, Thanksgiving, senate
Lois Lane/Lana Lang, Red Kryptonite, the barn, curiosity, admire, chance, forgive, maybe, dinner, date, love, chores, candy
Lois Lane/Oliver Queen, lingerie, time, party, alcohol, why not, heal, seduce, cheating, bored, camera, gambling
Lois Lane/Tess Mercer, skirt, desk, office, conflict, fire, sheets, bed, fingernails, hair, ice cream, smile, together, rumors, sparring, wonder, daydream, [any]
Martha Kent/Clark Kent,
Oliver Queen/Tess Mercer, [any]
Tess Mercer/Emil Hamilton, relax, fun, beginnings, sober, video

Smith (2006)
Jeff/Tom, logistics, hide, run, fight, desert, probation, suit, car, fast, before, after

Snow White: A Tale Of Terror
Will/Lilly, first time, snow, ash, sweet, skin

Snowy River: The McGregor Saga
Colin McGregor/Emily McGregor, love, danger, horses, honesty, compassion, hard life, poverty
Colin McGregor/Matt McGregor, father-son, love, respect, horses, honour

Some Like It Hot
Joe/Jerry, genderbending, tights, candy, sweet, together, train, sway

Something Borrowed (film)
Ethan/Rachel, unintentional, heart

Something's Gotta Give
Erica Barry/Julian Mercer, perfume, sexy, age, candles, pull, timid, aggressive, read

Son Of A Witch
Trism/Liir, education

Sonny With a Chance
Tawni/Sonny, funny, sketch, cover, famous

Sons of Anarchy
Gemma Teller Marrow/Tara Knowles, [any], dominating, handcuffs, strap-on, bruises
Jackson Teller/Tara Knowles, fast, cut, club, forever, away, sometimes, forgot
Tig Trager/Gemma Teller Marrow, payback, animal, favor, friendship

Soul Eater
Kid/Liz/Patty, beauty, eight, shoot
Marie/Stein, smoke, science, play, lost

Source Code
Colter Stevens/Colleen Goodwin, impossibility, universes, promise, vacation, meeting, secrets

South of Nowhere
Ashley/Paula, mommy, religion, wrong, monster
Ashley/Spencer, tattoos, toys
Paula/Spencer, hypocrisy

South Park
Butters/Kenny, [any]
Cartman/Jimmy, boner
Craig/Tweek, caffeine, addiction
Damien/Pip, [any]
Jimmy/Timmy, sucker
Kyle/Cartman, mirror universe
Kyle/Stan, [any]
Tweek/Thomas (from "Le Petit Tourette"), expletives

South Riding (miniseries)
Sarah Burton/Lydia Holly, poetry

Ben Sherman, uniform, masturbation, cuffs, sweat, open, work, birthday
Ben Sherman/John Cooper, handcuffs, overwhelming, need, please, slumming, undercover, uniform, good enough, pain, beat, gay, first-time, seatbelt, red-handed, irresistible, backseat, detective, promotion, study, downtown, fancy, murmur, pay phone, steam, frustrated, confession, slut, jailbait, nymphomaniac, manhandle, back, drive, broken, promises, insomnia, mark, plot, training, police car, day off, introductions, sprain, black and blue, stocks, chain, misquoted, punch, missed, talk, rough, partner, jump, jealous, handcuffs, frisk, training, scared, need, hidden, shooting range, dress blues, back, rehab, pain-free
Ben Sherman/Sammy Bryant, partners, uniform, midnight, beer, dumb, scared, camera
Chicky Brown/Jessica Tang, understanding
Josie Ochoa/Lydia Adams, new, experienced, problematic, handcuffs, backseat, coat, green
Nate Moretta/Sammy Bryant, couch, sharing, jealousy, work
Sammy Bryant/Lydia Adama, after hours, uniform, pickup line

Space: Above & Beyond
Cooper Hawkes/Shane Vansen, reunion, battle, skin, peace, rules, alcohol, fuck, taste, need
Nathan West/Shane Vansen/Cooper Hawkes, civilian, crash, teach, six
Shane Vansen/Nathan West, memories, new, bunks
TC McQueen/Cooper Hawkes, run, mentor, Christmas, kiss, gift
TC McQueen/Shane Vansen, irresponsible, gravity, popcorn, armistice, pregnant

Daisy Steiner/Tim Bisley, [any], role play, birthday tickle, glasses, reenact, high
Mike/Dexter, rank, oral, mustache, battle
Mike/Tim/Daisy, stoned, bed, public, gentle
Tim/Mike, drunk, firsts, video games

Spartacus (tv)
Gannicus/Spartacus, believe, blood, fire, redemption, rudius, whole, whore

Crixus/Spartacus, blood and honour
Diona/Gaia, what could have been, afterlife
Ilithyia/Lucretia, the very best of friends, pregnancy, scars

Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Aurelia/Spartacus, anger, hurt, lost love, mourning, promises
Illythia/Lucretia, anal, manipulation, revenge
Illythia/Spartacus, golden, masks, roughness

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
Crixus/Gaia/Lucretia, animal, double penetration, scratches
Diona/Gaia, first, pluck, seduction, temptation
Gaia/Lucretia, decadence, love, opium
Gannicus/Oenomaeus, truth, heartache

Jack/Annie, slow, alcohol, bitter

Spice & Wolf
Kraft Lawrence/Holo, edible, sobriety, cuddling, noisy, permanence

Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson, brave

Spooks (MI-5)
Adam Carter/Ros Myers, adrenaline, bombs, stairs, control, pain, blood, bruises, masks, sheets, missed opportunities, shotgun, return
Adam Carter/Fiona Carter, whiskey, seduction, shotglass, redecorating, new
Adam Carter/Zaf, off the reservation, post-series, interrogation, reunion, mission, comfort, anger, first,
Dmitri Levendis/Erin Watts, mistrust, drive, comfort, despair
Harry Pearce/Ruth Evershed, lasts, firsts, middles, kindness, pleasure, cover, skin, moment, language, secrets, catastrophic, silk
Jo Portman/Ros Myers, scream, lie, walk, visceral, hard
Jo Portman/Zaf, speed, joke, share, undercover, fake-married, pleasure
Tom Quinn/Adam Carter, bind, curse, tongue, bite, control, leverage
Tom Quinn/Zoe Reynolds/Danny Hunter, team, hope, bright, alcohol, apartment

Sports Night
Casey McCall/Dan Rydell, renew, count, overtime, sleep, silence, script, fumble, cab, vacation, brunch, forever, once, again, Valentines, letter, couch
Casey McCall/Dana Whitaker, authority, banter, determination
Dan Rydell/Dana Whitaker, reality, bonding, pizza, subway
Dan Rydell/Rebecca Wells, spotlight, never,
Dan Rydell/Kim, secretary, win, late
Dan Rydell/Natalie Hurley, before, hidden, favor, Chinese, food, soccer, bullpen, glass walls, kissing, favorites, extra hours
Jeremy Goodwin/Natalie Hurley, competition, timing, forgiveness

Spy (2011)
Tim Elliott/Chris Goddard, handcuffs, morning, sofa, inspiration, storeroom, straddling, gun, pants, stomach, bite, flirt, finally, together, pity, wall, fingers, bondage, christ, suits

St Trinian's: The Legend of Fritton's Gold
Annabelle Fritton/Roxy, abandoned, marked, traveling, steal

St Trinian's (2007)
Andrea/Taylor, blood, heist, bondage, polish
JJ French/Kelly Jones, collar, public, torch
Kelly/Annabelle, reunion, danger, worship, exhibitionism
Kelly/OMC, play, one-night-stand, slinky, toy, naughty

Star Ocean: The Second Story | Second Evolution
Ashton Anchors/Chisato Madison, proposal, battle, cooking
Ashton Anchors/Noel Chandler/Chisato Madison, tattooes, honey, biting, naps, green, silence, dragons, comfort
Bowman Jeane/Ernest Raviede/Niney Jeane/Opera Vectra, sake, game night, vacation, blanket, waterbed
Celine Jules/Ernest Raviede, whips, role reversal, drinking, painting, anthropology, fairy tales
Chisato Madison/Dias Flac, electricity, sharing, chill, domination, tough
Claude C. Kenny/Opera Vectra, formal clothes, salvage, gambling, exploration, making up
Claude C. Kenny/Ashton Anchors, swordplay, baths, drinking, cake, caves
Claude C. Kenny/Chisato Madison, urban exploration, cover-ups, spaceship,dreams
Claude C. Kenny/Celine Jules, magic kink, stargazing, arranged marriage
Claude C. Kenny/Dias Flac, dreams, art, victory, impossible, culture
Claude C. Kenny/Precis Neumann, robots, race, orange, jam tea
Noel Chandler/Chisato Madison, guilt, technology, simple
Opera Vectra/Celine Jules, luxury, money, society, treasure, caves, battle, electricity
Precis Neumann/Leon D. S. Gehste, chess, rivalry, sports
Rena Lanford/Claude C. Kenny/ Dias Flac, camping, tournament, perfection
Rena Lanford/Claude C. Kenny/Precis Neumann, explosive, firebrand, chilis, flight
Rena Lanford/Dias Flac, desperation, peace, front lines, back-to-back
Rena Lanford/Leon D. S. Gehste, games, costumes, precocious, demons, fur
Rena Lanford/Noel Chandler, wilderness, sparring, winds, sleepy
Rena Lanford/Opera Vectra, stars, muscle, silk
Rena Lanford/Precis Neumann, tinkering, study night, books, sweets, blue, confusion

Star Trek (any)
any/any, sex pollen, aliens made them do it

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
David Marcus/Saavik, science, wonder, fire, green, tribute, ghost, ears, bonding, ritual, [any]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Benjamin Sisko/Julian Bashir, potent, sexpollen, young, secrets, grasp, office, pylon, gravity, defiant, confrontation, whisper, follow, observant, rival, gasp, time, tachyon, sensitive, stiff
Damar/Gul Dukat, captain, treachery, service
Damar/Weyoun, invasion, drinking, escape, relent
Elim Garak/Julian Bashir, literature, xenophilia, ridge, negotiation
Elim Garak/Ezri Dax/Julian Bashir, comfort, sweat, teeth, caught
Jadzia Dax/Kira Nerys, new, misunderstandings, hands, blindfold
Julian Bashir/Kira Nerys, family, replacements, survivors, future, aftermath, reminders, dreams, forgiveness, masturbation, memory, vacation, rainstorm, prayer
Julian Bashir/Miles O'Brien, holosuites, detectives, king, flying, home, school, spies, long-distance, whiskey, tension, co-dependence, desk, wartime, consent, play-fighting, wet, whump, eyefucking, blowjobs, docking, mirrorverse
Julian Bashir/Keiko O'Brien/Miles O'Brien, cohabitation, family, domesticity, sharing, trust, role-play, pillows, rough, gentle, dress-up, Victorian/historical, roadtrip, goddess-worship, beloved, flexibility, oral, babysitter
Keiko O'Brien/Miles O'Brien, rescue, rehabilitation, trust, fantasy, beloved, home, reunion, date night, sweet, home
Keiko O'Brien/Kira Nerys/Miles O'Brien, motherhood, family, cold, warm, cuddling, protective, bathtime, joy, domesticity
Kira Nerys/Odo, solid, fluid, eternal, temporary, heat

Star Trek: Enterprise
Jonathan Archer/Malcolm Reed, reunited, hungry, respite, answer, secret, beautiful, morning, anniversary, shuttlecraft, stranded, silence, snowstorm, love, touch, beginning, future, camping
Trip Tucker/T'Pol, miss you, skin, planet-side

Star Trek: Reboot
Amanda/Sarek, happiness
Christine Chapel/Leonard McCoy, examine, scars, sleep, alcohol, silence, pie, smile, safe, escape, horses, touch, battle, alive, fingers
Christine Chapel/Gaila/Nyota Uhura, drinking, loyalty, lingerie
Christine Chapel/Nyota Uhura, Mardi Gras, friendship, insomnia, adrenaline, naked
Christine Chapel/Nyota Uhura/Spock, friend, table, unlocked
Christopher Pike/Gaila, savior, Orion, engineer
Christopher Pike/Leonard McCoy, submission, water, butter, paper, subspace, pain, permission
Christopher Pike/Pavel Chekov, jailbait, swap, timetravel, star, instruct, favorite, storytelling, planetside, silk, reminisce, teach, settle, breeze, ritual, gift, visit, message, angle, sing
Christopher Pike/Winona Kirk, spiral, tickle, dance, translate, swear, transcendental, dew, fever, silk, baby, reminisce, history, comparison, stars, breeze, vacation, capture, rescue
Gaila/girl!Chekov/Leonard McCoy, threesome
Gaila/Leonard McCoy, exam, massage, learn, mental, pepper, sex god
Gaila/Nyota Uhura, punishment, dress-up, pheromones, share, teach, relax, colours, roommates, sisters, stories, lies, feathers
Gaila/Pavel Chekov, experienced, surprise, dominant, science, lessons, nowhere
girl!Chekov/Leonard McCoy, pregnant, gangly, Joanna, AU
girl!Chekov/girl!McCoy/, [any]
girl!McCoy/Pavel Chekov, cougar, oops, training, baby
Hikaru Sulu/James T. Kirk, [any], grip, trust, dive, velocity, drunk!sex, stranded, unexpected, banter, electricity, first contact
Hikaru Sulu/Nyota Uhura, language, teach, command, trapped, shore leave
Hikaru Sulu/Pavel Chekov, sleepy sex
James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, emetophilia, shame, sharing, frustrated, grumpy, knees, accidental, sexting, lust, alley way, bartender, bath, birthday, morning sex, marriage, baking, public sex, frottage, bodyswap, masturbation, celeb, fan, encounter, collar, college or starfleet, roommates, arguing, frustration, release, lust, dirty talk, dreams, reality, evac, silence, face, eyebrows, bite, fake marriage or pretend lovers, confusion, friendship, secret, love, academy, confession, brandy, rush, sloppy, jealousy, karaoke, love song, realization, leather, massage, oils or lotion, touch, relax, naked, exercise or yoga, neighbors, windows, peeping tom, pirate, quickie, sneak, alone, quiet, rape fantasy, role play, non con, safe word, dominance, submission, rivals, cursing, royalty, cross dressing, silk, lace, heels, stockings, panties, romance author, discovery, sexy photos, discovery, past job, model, shore leave, shower, spar, training, combat, tension, release, stripper, student, tutor, tailored suit, attraction, thunderstorm, blackout, candle light, trapped, waiting, rescue, truth or dare, dragged, pinned, wall, Valentine's Day, secret admirer, slow dance, voyeur, waiter, wings, friendship, hotel, aliens, prince, marriage, Jo, state dinner, grumpy, rejection, mistake, accident, doctor, vacation, drinks, bar, black eye, drunk, pretend, bunk, medicine, Kansas, cocktail, southern, quick, slow, tender, rough, genderswap, lingerie, sickbay, needy, blood!play, knives, sleepy, romantic, comfort, restraint, chair, alcohol, secrecy
James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy/Mirror!McCoy, tease, lust, worship
James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy/Spock, telepathy, confessions, mealtime, threesome, bondage
James T. Kirk/Nyota Uhura, forced, 69, poker, need, hunt, anger, gunpoint, trust, echoes, mute, ties
James T. Kirk/Nyota Uhura/Spock, teasing, authority, lust, dominance, submission, tension, release
James T. Kirk/Pavel Chekov, praise, exercise, scars
James T. Kirk/Spock, breakdown, dark matter, exhale, five, orbit, winter, academy, telepathy, au, royalty, library, professor, cadet, office desk, power, hold, dynamic, meeting, surprise, slap, contact, feel, sport, blood, weak spot, rape fantasy, role play, non con, safe word, dominance, submission, tension, release, turbo lift, uniform, strip, risky, overwhelmed, force, overpower, hands, rigorous, clueless, inappropriate, territorial, claim, smug, entitled, console, throat, skin, careen, loom, inhale, evidence, calculated, spontaneity, orgasm denial, ears, joke, try, serious, injuries, fear, spell, feelings, whimper, blankets, movie night, chess, family, vow, simple, pon farr, ritual, outside, established, consensual, accidental, sexting, lust, alley way, bartender, bath, bodyswap, masturbation, celeb, fan, encounter, chocolate, college or starfleet, roommates, arguing, frustration, dreams, reality, touch, fake marriage or pretend lovers, confusion, reality, rush, sloppy, rough, jealousy, karaoke, love song, secret, realization, confession, leather, massage, oils or lotion, touch, relax, naked, exercise or yoga, neighbors, windows, peeping tom, pirate, quickie, sneak, alone, quiet, rivals, kiss, rough, cursing, royalty, secret, cross dressing, silk, lace, heels, stockings, panties, romance author, discovery, sexy photos, past job, model, shore leave, shower, spar, training, combat, stripper, student, tutor, tailored suit, attraction, thunderstorm, blackout, candle light, trapped, waiting, rescue, love, truth or dare, dragged, pinned, wall, Valentine's Day, secret admirer, slow dance, voyeur, waiter, wings
James T. Kirk/Mirror!Spock/Spock, tease, lust, worship
Leonard McCoy/Nyota Uhura, loneliness, comfort, substitute, drunk, gentleman, rebound
Leonard McCoy/Pavel Chekov, [any], guns, Sickbay, blowjob, accent, warp, vodka, bourbon, darling, AU, pollen, smarts, marathon
Leonard McCoy/Spock, fingers, senses, logic, chocolate, academy, accidental, sexting, lust, alley way, bartender, bath, bodyswap, masturbation, celeb, fan, encounter, chocolate, claim, collar, confessions, brandy, telepathy, dirty talk, dreams, reality, touch, fake marriage or pretend lovers, confusion, lust, reality, frustration, rush, sloppy, rough, jealousy, karoke, love song, secret, realization, confession, leather, library, professor, cadet, massage, oils or lotion, touch, relax, naked, exercise or yoga, office desk, pirate, quickie, sneak, alone, quiet, rape fantasy, role play, non con, safe word, dominance, submission, rivals, kiss, cursing, royalty, college or starfleet, roommates, arguing, release, cross dressing, silk, lace, heels, stockings, panties, neighbors, windows, peeping tom, romance author, discovery, sexy photos, past job, model, shore leave, shower, spar, training, combat, tension, release, stripper, student, tutor, tailored suit, attraction, thunderstorm, blackout, candle light, trapped, waiting, rescue, love, truth or dare, confession, dragged, pinned, wall, turbo lift, uniform, strip, professor, cadet, Valentine's Day, secret admirer, slow dance, voyeur, waiter, wings
Leonard McCoy/Mirror!Spock, tease, lust, worship
Montgomery Scott/Pavel Chekov, irresistible, guilt, science, physics, experiment
Nero/Ayel, distraction, frustration, lust, sneak, rough, servant, voyeur
Nyota Uhura/Spock, academy, accidental, sexting, alley way, bartender, bodyswap, masturbation, boots, bubble bath, celeb, fan, encounter, chocolate, claim, corset, dirty dancing, dirty talk, dreams, reality, touch, fake marriage or pretend lovers, confusion, lust, reality, frustration, rush, sloppy, rough, jealousy, karaoke, love song, secret, realization, latex, library, professor, cadet, massage, oils or lotion, touch, relax, naked, exercise or yoga, neighbors, office desk, professor, pirate, quickie, sneak, alone, quiet, rough, rape fantasy, role play, non con, safe word, dominance, submission, rivals, kiss, rough, pinned, cursing, royalty, secret, romance author, discovery, sexy photos, past job, model, confession, shore leave, shower, spanking, spar, training, combat, tension, release, submission, student, tutor, tailored suit, attraction, tension, release, thunderstorm, blackout, candle light, trapped, waiting, rescue, love, truth or dare, confession, dragged, wall, turbo lift, uniform, strip, professor, cadet, Valentine's Day, lingerie, secret admirer, slow dance, voyeur, wings, stranded, teacher, patience, touch, ears, breath, slide, forbidden, respect, mutual, tongues, quiet, undercurrents, need, anchor, sway, empty
Nyota Uhura/Mirror!Spock/Spock, tease, lust, worship
Nyota Uhura/Pavel Chekov, mother tongue

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard, doctor, medicine, command, make it so, dire, across time, Shakespeare, command, friendship, breakfast, solidarity, hands, stroke
Data/Tasha Yar, experiment
Data/Deanna Troi, emotion, care, concern, lessons, growth, easy, wonder, eyes, safe
Data/Geordi La Forge, emotion, first, knowledge, touch, try
Data/Jean-Luc Picard, decorum, plausible, livid, humor, procedure, valiant, quadrant, detail, livingstone, Q, entail
Data/Will Riker, experiment, unexpected, daydream, fathom, warp, clarity, cat, shock, observer, captain, Valley of Song, negotiation, fingertips, distance, adored, Imzadi
Deanna Troi/Will Riker, sense, holodeck, debate, curl, meditate, peace, fragment, invasion, light
Guinan/Jean-Luc Picard, special, more, history, trapped, console, Nexus, listen, family
Guinan/Ro Laren, youth, play, isolation, jump, listen
Jean-Luc Picard/Q, space-time, unexpected, gender-change, shape-shift, mortal

Star Trek: The Original Series
Amanda/Sarek, hands, love
Christine Chapel/Spock, fever, plomeek soup, apology, ritual, care, offer, need, strength, worry, kiss, sweat, unrequited, longing, any, drugged
James T. Kirk/Janice Rand, lust, spanking, anal, dominance
James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy/Spock, [any]
James T. Kirk/Spock, flirt, devil-may-care, possessive, permanent, demand, checkmate, render, gold, rescue, remote, spanking, tension, relief, comfort, friendship, wet dreams, sex pollen, Pon Farr, Vulcan, family, farming, car, space shuttle, stranded, communicators, water, terrain, Romulans, cabin, possession
James T. Kirk/Uhura, space, desolate, eerie, alone, needy
Leonard McCoy/Spock, argument, sickbay, test
Scotty/Uhura, earrings
Spock/Any female character, [any]
Spock/Romulan Commander (female)
Spock/Uhura, shower, alien, mountains, flowers
Sulu/Uhura, dominatrix, fear, secret, injured, brave, bravado, swashbuckler, switch

Star Trek: Voyager
B'Elanna Torres/Tom Paris, aggression, engineering, holodeck, lost, shift, names, pegging, pregnancy, tradition, painsticks
Brad Harrison/Noah Mannick, xenobiology
Chakotay/Kathryn Janeway, pegging, captaincy, de-stress, bathtub, coffee, command, dreams, friends, sense, Maquis, truth, fireplace, heart, suns, surrender, tomato
Doctor/Seven of Nine, emergency, fantasies, hologram, experience, night, talk, Earth
Doctor/Tom Paris, physician heal thyself, teaching, exam,
Harry Kim/Tom Paris, non sequitur, prison, delusions, images, alternate, desperate, slowly, calm, frenzy, tomato, music, vocal
Harry Kim/Tuvok, jealousy, possessive, unsuspecting, rescue, volatile, vicious, pleasure, teach, mentor, beyond, home, stranded, marriage, pon farr, stubborn, stark, grab, shove, reveal, shadow, protect, shirk, kal-toh, starscape, rebound, forgotten, laughter, effect, loop, linger, engage, extrapolate, interest, innocence
Kathryn Janeway/Q, annoyed, kiss, home, power, show-off, space, talk
Kathryn Janeway/Tom Paris, threshold, warp 10, excuse, alternate, coffee
Kathryn Janeway/Seven of Nine, cream, slide, storm, skirt, raven, velocity, trust
Seven of Nine/Tuvok, damaged, logical, implants, neurochemical imbalance, year of hell, first time, pon farr, maturity, inhuman, mind meld, blind, control, resistance is futile, shaving, domestic habits,
Tom Paris/B'Elanna Torres, flying
Vorik/Lyssa Campbell, transporter

Star Wars (books)
Wedge Antilles/Tycho Celchu, fight, fly, cling, death, undercover, friends, tangled, safe, care
Wes Janson/Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, jokes, swim, comfort, soulmate, hope, flyboy, tender

Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy)
Anakin Skywalker/Obi-Wan Kenobi, grating, ply, treason, glory, pushy, tendril, distance, share, devour, purple, grave, irritant, waver, disappoint, ludy, demand, rampant, physical
Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala, [any], possession, break, ship, forgive, forget, family, protect, redemption, possibilities
Han Solo/Leia Organa, joke, heat, distraction, tight, public, risk, fly, fun, make-up sex, princess, highness, help, love, table, take, fuck, quiet, loud, unladylike, dirty, grease, cramped, tight, Falcon, floor, wall, marriage, babies, parents, knowing
Jaina Solo/Jagged Fel Arbitrary, Dialogue, Banter, Mechanical difficulties, Engine Room
Obi-Wan Kenobi/Ferus Olin, sand, grief, first
Obi-wan/Padme Amidala, hidden, sand, wanted, skin, taste
Obi-Wan Kenobi/Qui-Gon Jinn, vows, complete silence, what to leave out of mission reports, cave, sonic shower, training, trust, possessive, cut, cuddling

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Hardcase/Fives, on-the-fly, bombshells, cover-fire
Rex/Cody, duty-bound, replacement

Stargate Atlantis
Amelia/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, bantos
Bates/Teyla, mission, security, technology, trapped, need, restraint, wall
Carson Beckett/Teyla Emmagen, language, loss, training, weapon, wild
clone!Carson Beckett/Teyla Emmagen, different, pain, anger, mourning, happy, pretend
Chuck the technician/Michael Kenmore, hostage, DHD, drugs
Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard, lace, ache, massage, couch
Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Emmagan, strength, yield, training, diplomacy, window
Evan Lorne/Any Male, rape, danger, leadership, executive officer, training, off-world experience, mud, nighttime, lizards, opportunity, languishing
Evan Lorne/his team, protection, revenge, honesty, camaraderie
Evan Lorne/John Sheppard, struggles, DADT, experience, trust, training, protection, compassion, art, Unus
Evan Lorne/John Sheppard/Laura Cadman, casual, stranded
Evan Lorne/Kate Heightmeyer, secrets, sofa, performing
Evan Lorne/Radek Zelenka, game, tacky, fluffy, secret
Evan Lorne/Ronon Dex, danger, protection, understanding, alien, wraith, tattoo
Evan Lorne/Teyla Emmagan, shoulder, paintbrush, competitive, unusual, picture, vacation, longing, sweet, another, understanding, fresh perspective, alien, fatherhood, defence, protection, pretend, base, diplomacy, fun, question
Evan Lorne/Todd, danger, tattoo, love, respect, understanding
Jennifer Keller/Ronon Dex, regret, sweet, kiss, doctor, healing, elbow
Jennifer Keller/Sam Carter, smart, control, kiss, fantasy
John Sheppard/David Sheppard, understanding, brotherhood, siblings, trust, suspicion
John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, alive, ocean, going home, struggle, forgotten, taste, love
Kanaan/John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan, enticement
Kanaan/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, family
Jennifer Keller/Todd, holy, time, crisis, dominatrix, atlantis
John Sheppard/Larrin, bondage, non-con, blindfold, kneeling, leather, boots, rope, blood, force, submit
John Sheppard/Nancy Sheppard, reconnect, regrets, sky, optimistic
John Sheppard/Radek Zelenka, ache, blush, directions, sweet, tools
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, BDUs, Hot rod, freak out, gun, jealousy, games, distraction, under pressure, new rules, abandoned, Rodney's allergies, anything for a ZPM, whipped, clones, rushed, stripped, voyeur, double, transformation, enzyme, wash, ice-storm, beautiful, gangbang, brass, compass, shy, hands, wristband, sensitive, blush, starlight, loud, scruff, haircut, wish, secret, footsie, invisible, device, magic, beg, pillow, tempt, finally, little black dress, hijinks, black, wristcuff, late, horny, surprise, vulnerable, first, bound, wet, hot, outside, puddlejumper, nipple, jealous, silent, loud, laughing, tender, sex-pollen, balcony, spanking, rimming, switch, tie, gagged, uniform, suit, tentacles, speaker, sneak, greedy, youtube, knees, bind, paint, together, back, return, trust, explore, believe, denial, tentacles, bath, food, possessive, bath-house, caught, drag, hypnosis, , suck, tease, toys, uniform, breadcrumbs, frustration, home, share, silence, small, vacation, weightless
Mensa!John Sheppard/Mensa!Rodney McKay, smart, leather jacket, flight, uptight, unwind, pushy, frantic, topping from the bottom, return, mouth, punish
Vegas!John Sheppard/Vegas!Rodney McKay, chance, rescue, voyeur, suit, entice, shower, motel, keys, chase, frisk, hollow, blow, Solitary Man, fall, dangerous
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, sex pollen, rescue, home, puddlejumper, wine, negotiation, bound, ring, gym, swimming, captive, silence, explosion, friends, benefits, teamwork, hotel, scenery, team
John Sheppard/Ronon Dex, leather, rope, fight, leather cuffs, rough, trust, fantasy, aftermath, stitches, bruise, tender, Earth, vacation, Sateda, instructions, pornography, games, bondage, safe, exhausted, movie, casual, affectionate
John Sheppard/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, tradition, sacrifice, familiar, laugh, ritual, rope, ties, whisper, rough, yield, bond
John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan, naked, sparring, yield, shower, experiment, silk, leather, lace, corset, sex pollen, amnesia, de-aging, peel, edge, trace, silence, bound, partner, danger, dance, twist, sunlight, beyond, children, aglow, reflection, bath, surrender, guilty-pleasures, affair, lost, years, home, roller coaster, football, ceremony, culture, misunderstanding, bemused, unzip, suit, edge, sparring, kneeling, obedience, laughter, protective, return, collar, pegging, bondage
John Sheppard/Todd, feeding, denial, hiveship, duty, understanding, destiny, teeth, spine, markings, brothers, gift, abuse
Laura Cadman/Rodney McKay, bullet, teasing, dynamite, neck, bet
Laura Cadman/Ronon Dex, jumper, shotgun
Michael Kenmore/Teyla Emmagan, exile, rush, penance, air, rope, different, flexible, marks, signs
Michael Kenmore/Todd The Wraith, heritage, stars
Radek Zelenka/Rodney McKay, affection, distraction, relief, sliderule
Radek Zelenka/Ronon Dex, language, crafty
Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex, laughter, expectation, tender, strength, lonely, touch, treat, candy, seduction, courtship, training, dreams, share, reluctant passion, riding, discipline
Rodney McKay/Samantha Carter, motorcycle, lab table, arrogant, reality, gags, sexting, privileged, programming
Rodney McKay/Teyla Emmagan, sensuous, music, backrub, bathtub, rope, pegging, timeout, candles, kiss, blanket, nipples, flowers, dance
Rodney McKay/Todd, fear, need, science, reptilian
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, shared, plan, understanding, strong
Todd/any, velvet, tousled, ride, wrestle, rough, firelight

Stargate Continuum
Ba'al's Host/Samantha Carter, aftermath, tea and sympathy, should have known better, in the end, an ordinary life
Ba'al's Host/Vala Mal Doran, back to the start, bruised but not broken, mark the stars, liberating treasure

Stargate SG-1
Adria/Ba'al, blindfold, bustier, facade, powerplay, ruby
Agent Barrett/Samantha Carter, empathy, intensity, motorcycle, playful, rush, thrill
Amaunet/Apophis, love, relief, gifts, pillow
Amaunet/Apophis/Daniel Jackson, lo'tar, slave, attraction, desire
Amy Vandenberg/Cameron Mitchell, kiss, hesitant, fantasy, reality, impatient, scars, backseat
Anise|Freya/Daniel Jackson, surprise, tension, culture, archaeology
Anise|Freya/Jack O'Neill, pegging, tattoos, share, silence
Aris Boch/Any, fun, smile, scar, game, trade, strong
Aris Boch/Ba'al, servant, protection
Ba'al/Jack O'Neill, bloodplay, control, denial, leash, tender, attraction, slave
Ba'al/Jack O'Neill/Malek, prisoners, drugged, scars, order, strip, crossdressing, hatesex
Ba'al/Samantha Carter, crystal, game, equation, charms, lace under leather, kiss with a fist, flip side, supermassive black hole, my immortal
Ba'al/male!Vala Mal Doran, chains, conquest, rivalry, stealth, writhe
Bra'tac/Teal'c, challenge, control, custom, fever, honor, love
Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson, heat, glasses, watching, ink, tongues, rumours, wall, impact
Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, crazy, customs, hidden, lost, purposeful, stride, dare, laundry, couch
Cameron Mitchell/Jack O'Neill, speed
Cameron Mitchell/Jolan, wrestle, night, awkward, fierce, beer, whisper
Cameron Mitchell/Samantha Carter, bite, easy, jackhammer, rain, reunion, sendoff, sparkle, waltz, aftermath, calm, cling, sand, velocity, polished, after, daydreams, careful, undercover, adrenaline, stairs, risk, accidents, coincidence, speed, lifetime, opportunity, corn, toes
Cameron Mitchell/Samantha Carter/Vala Mal Doran, [any]
Cameron Mitchell/Teal'c, fist, slide, tight, unspoken, floor
Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, clamp, cockring, cuddle, dildo, flogger, harness, lithe, nipple, vibe, cockring, explore, lube, figment, lace, cake, chocolate, sweet, first time, sex pollen, blindfold, trust, embrace, silk, kinky, loneliness, leather, striptease, mutual masturbation, kissing, cunnilingus, office chairs, no hands, talk, rushed, tender, tangled, hostage, handcuffs, dirty, aliens, tequila, sticky, dp, exhibitionism, dancing, lipstick, leather, dancing, cocktails, gentleman, creative, theft, trouble, [any]
Carolyn Lam/Cameron Mitchell, impulse, breathless, timing, table, good boy
Carolyn Lam/Samantha Carter, tipsy, stars, interrupted
Daniel Jackson/Hathor, slave, lather, blackmail, secrets
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, cuddly, dance, docking, eyefucking, FleshLight, funny, grind, phallus, rough, sleeve, slow, suck, suspension, tipsy, toy, desire, refugee, tongue, stadium, ropes, figging, chastity belt, aliens-made-them-do-it-twice, sleeping bag, tension, obscene, comfort, shower, compromise, lazy, history, toys, waterfall, temptation, smooth, chase, reasonable, lipstick, six, slap, submission, porn, museum, oops, regret, acclaim, fire, breathe, cold, pinch, turn, hold, cuddle, honour, subvert, tied, fishing, pitch, deny, push, slam, watch
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Paul Davis, office, fantasy play, slave auction, placeholder, opportunistic, quick, silence, stray
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter, rivals, vacation, beach, logistics, surprise, retirement, Atlantis, winter, cabin, easy, habit, armbands, fight, tease, textbook, farewell, be quiet, double penetration, God, boys
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter/Teal'c, aphrodisiac, invisibility, phone sex, roses, telekinesis, voyeurism, team, bonding, off-world, space, Earth, hands, strength, boys, gym, iron, muscles, surrounded, elegant
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Sara O'Neill/Sha'uri, engorged, haze, holiday, lust, zing
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Vala Mal Doran, nicknames
Daniel Jackson/Janet Frasier, need, arguments, safety, regret
Daniel Jackson/Paul Davis, languages, DADT, first-time, history, love, respect, dress blues
Daniel Jackson/Sabrina Gosling, chuckle, flog, lazy, strap-on, vibrator, wicked
Daniel Jackson/Samantha Carter, belief, twisted, blue, uniform, hunger, colonel
Daniel/Satterfield, bomb, cultural, mess
Daniel Jackson/Teal'c, arousal, climax, cockring, comfort, laughter, peace, penance, penetration, slippery, steam, weight
Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, audience, con, escape, handcuffs, drum, door, water, yoga, itchy, trade, whisper, lost, bought, fight, heal, taste, flowers, thorn, tattered, bracelets, wash, share, surrender, snow, overheard, sweat, shorts, back, feet, tent
Elliot/Hailey, stupid, rescue, lead
Grogan/Satterfield, team, train, run, fake
Ishta/female!Teal'c, hunger, meditate, predatory, slippery, spar, sweat
Jack O'Neill/Delek, vibrator, feather, uniforms, whip, porn, tender
Jack O'Neill/Delek/Malek, rough, sauna, lingerie, chains, flexibility
android!Jack O'Neill/clone!Jack O'Neill, beer, blood, envy, headrush, risk, slippery, smoke
Jack O'Neill/Jacob Carter|Selmak, arrangement, blunt, command, genial, history, power, rank
Jack O'Neill/Janet Fraiser, delight, cigarettes, stern, playful, hug
Jack O'Neill//Kanan/Shallan (Ba'al's lo'tar), strip, champagne, compromise, ogle
Jack O'Neill/Kerry Johnson, hummer, pegging, rigid, sinuous, whisper
Jack O'Neill/Malek, cave, sex pollen, touch, bite
Jack O'Neill/Paul Davis, non-con, rape, respect, opposites attract, 9/11, pentagon, dress blues, DADT, protection, languages, loyalty, promotion, torture
Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter, command, light, music, release, edge, burn, dominate, beer, physics, backseat, bondage, morning, warmth, telephone, space, kitchen, skirt, uniforms, leather, retirement, reading, stranded, fishing, battlecruiser, cabin, zero-g, offworld, silence, Asgard, bonus, leather, pollen, ritual, tent, cabin, fishing, race, spaceship, cave, wounded, shot, distraction, lab, scientist
Jack O'Neill/male!Samantha Carter, ecstasy, leonine, off-duty, repress, sapphire, smile
Jack O'Neill/Sara O'Neill, promise
Jack O'Neill/Teal'c, proposal, warrior, struggle, humor, trust, tongue, pollen, shower, respect, fishing
Jack O'Neill/Thor, handcuffs
Jack O'Neill/Vala Mal Doran, audience, novelty, pegging, savage, sports, substitute
Jack O'Neill/Zarin, lo'tar, surprises, order, attraction
Jacob Carter/Selmak, cooperation, experience, fantasy, masturbate, self-reliance, share, surprises, together, pleasure, companion
Jacob Carter|Selmak/Janet Frasier, tousled
Jacob Carter|Selmak/Yosuuf|Garshaw, inherited feelings
Janet Fraiser/Malek, revenge, orgasm denial, love, lace
Janet Fraiser/Samantha Carter, bath, bourbon, fond, ravish, rowboat, warmth
Malek/Delek, bondage, tipsy
Martouf|Lantash/Samantha Carter, shy, aliens-made-them-do-it, alien-sex-spores, naked swimming, moonlight, romance, seduction, fire, memories, we love as one, first time, marriage, proposal, birth, first child, first date, visits, little black dress, leather, lather, strip, lace, motorbike, discreet, champagne, tipsy, tousled, ogle, blatant desire, sex pollen
Martouf|Lantash/Rosha|Jolinar, home, moon, undercover, danger, aliens, pools, sunset, kiss, mission, lo'tar, undercover, marriage
Paul Davis/Any Male, tattoo, pentagon, spies, sniper, danger, DADT
Paul Davis/Reynolds, non-con, rape, protection, first-time, 9/11, love, loyalty, respect, dress blues, DADT, promotion, torture
Paul Davis/Teal'c, alien, tattoo, 9/11, pentagon, sniper, past-experience, DADT
Samantha Carter/Teal'c, caress, nerve, pleasure, tongue, pasta, size, trust, first time, silence, game, lace, dance, romance, leather, body-swap, water, blindfold, mushrooms
Samantha Carter/Vala Mal Doran, hijinks, flaunt, grin, muscle, fun, lingerie, distraction, wine, cleavage
Shaunac/Teal'c, whisper, thrust
Svetlana Markov/Any, brilliance, ice, murmur, poetry, stars, tangy

Stargate Universe
Adam Brody/Dale Volker, awkward, boredom
Camille Wray/Any female, first
Camille Wray/Sharon, home, ugly chair, slide, sand, tie, paperwork, kitchen, drink
Camille Wray/Tamara Johansen, guilt, cheat, wall
Chloe Armstrong/Eli Wallace, cold, shower, fear, reward,
Chloe Armstrong/Nicholas Rush, connection, forgiveness, water, blue, nightmares, need, unexpected, life or death, experiments, future, destiny, virtual reality
Chloe Armstrong/Ronald Greer, jealousy, girl time, still
Chloe Armstrong/Senator Armstrong, comfort, mother, support, campaign trail, training, politics
Chloe Armstrong/Vanessa James, drinking games
Eli Wallace/Ginn, new, bittersweet, future, perfect, culture, clash
Eli Wallace/Matthew Scott, footage
Matthew Scott/Ronald Greer, lonely, angry, fluids, one-time thing, secret, in public, hide, desert, use you, strong, cry, tent
Matthew Scott/Vanessa James, pegging, punishment, keep, corridor, what if, palm, touch, hidden, every other planet, skin, touch, scars, again, frottage
Nicholas Rush/Everett Young, cigarette, watch, hobby, throat, still,
Tamara Johansen/Vanessa James, sisterhood, alone, man's world, soft, smile, silk
Vanessa James/Matthew Scott, [any]

Starsky & Hutch
Ken Hutchinson, [any], handcuffs, danger, laughter, guitar, masturbation

Static Shock
Hot Streak/Richie Foley, redemption, romance, fire, water, temper, family, jealousy, mpreg, hair gel, police,
Virgil Hawkins/Richie Foley, invention, jealousy, bang baby, news, costumes, college, family, mpreg, car, Justice League, future

Stephanie Plum series – Janet Evanovich

Stephanie/Joe, Cupcake, Mouth, clean sheets, rushed, floor

Stranger Than Fiction
Harold Crick/Ana Pascal, taste, nonfiction, proposal
Karen Eiffel/Jules Hilbert, [any]

Street Fighter IV
Cammy White/Chun-li, punch, legs, leotard, sparring, thighs

Strictly Ballroom
Scott/Fran, lead, predator, grace

Strike Back (Cinemax 2011)
Damien Scott/Michael Stonebridge, gun, blood, shouldn't, grief, wall, rough, manwhore, return, boss, partner, best, code, naked, rescue, change, daddy, godfather, wife, lick, mercenaries, bullet, duty, foxtrot, kick, mayhem, stealth, whiskey, tango

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Jordan/Harriet, after show, dressing room, girl's night, Emmy night, pregnant
Matt/Suzanne, heat, broken AC, frustration, office sex, shy
Tom/Simon, truth or dare
Tom/Simon/Lucy, Hawaii

Subarashiki Kono Sekai | The World Ends With You
Bito "Rhyme" Raimu/Misaki Shiki, game, look, pendant
Eri/Misaki Shiki, clothes, fashion, game, special, toys
Koki Kariya/Yashiro Uzuki, lollypop, slow, languid, lazy, verbal, nails, teeth,
Shiki Misaki/Eri, texting, pictures, phone, mirror image,
Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu/Neku Sakuraba, forgiveness, bicker, untold, subterfuge, handjob, mouthy, denial, texting, lapdance

Suburban Shootout
Bill/Jewel, corrupt, bible class, [any]

Tessa Altman/Josh Sherman, closet, undercover, locker room

Sucker Punch
Amber/Blondie, wish, pirates, dance
Baby Doll/Blondie, dance, virgin, snap, lipstick
Baby Doll/Rocket, sweetness
Baby Doll/Sweet Pea, control
Blondie/Amber, glamor
Blondie/Dr. Gorski, trust
Sweet Pea/Rocket, worship

Sue Thomas F.B. Eye
Myles Leland/Bobby Manning, discretion, understanding, friendship, loyalty
Myles Leland/Male, pride, money, revenge, love
Myles Leland/Sue Thomas, first-time, understanding, new-life

Suikoden II
Camus/Miklotov, honor
Culgan/Seed, tent, flames, passion
Jowy/Riou, separation, confusion
Kinnison/Millie, nature
Luc/Viki, mirror, horror, magic
Shu/Klaus, study, hands, master
Tengaar/Hix, marriage
Valeria/Anita, swords
Viktor/Flik, years, trust, beer

Suikoden III
Cecile/Thomas, castle, soldier, tin
Chris Lightfellow/Viki (big), public nudity, teleport, water, defenseless
Hugo/Thomas, acting, comfort
Jacques/Aila, tree, inn, soda
Lucia/Chris, surrender
Percival/Borus/Chris Lightfellow, lady

Suikoden IV
Hervey/Sigurd, meat, shanty
Lazlo/Snowe Vingerhut, forgiveness, biting

Suikoden Tierkreis
Jale/Sieg, always
Liu/Len-Lien, doting, eyes
Marica?/Marica, twincest
Meruvis/Asad, red
Shams/Taj, servant
Tsaubern/Busche, teasing, death

Suikoden V
Belcoot/Dinn, teamwork
Belcoot/Hazuki, rage
Ferid/Arshtat, forever
Georg/Lyon, rune, dawn, castle, new, awe, hero, young, eye patch, uniform, spar, match, laughter, boat, sea
Luserina Barows/Lyon, sheets
Prince Freyjador/Lyon, warmth
Roog/Rahal, beauty
Roy/Lyon, disguise
Alan/Grenseal, duty
Flik/Odessa Silverberg, future

Suite Pretty Cure
Ellen Kurokawa/Kanade Minamino, frosting, cat, cosplay, vocal

Dana Scott/Harvey Specter, quail, liminal, pretension, goodbye
Donna/Jessica Pearson, high heels, office politics
Donna/Rachel Zane, celebration, commiseration
Harvey Specter/Mike Ross, accident, subtle, consequences, bottom!Harvey, wing!fic, coercion, dog, crossdressing, office, power, knees, glass, genderswap, jackass, guff, cheek, bite, talking back, discretion, insolent, retort, sass, upstage, rebuttal, rebound, repartee, composure, scratch, bite, beauty, trouble, scared, sheets, rimming, comfort, home, ties, bondage, rentboy, punch, Mike, cheap, help, thief, spectacular, evidence, risk, protect, wall!sex, boredom, order, late night, ties, puppy, office, rain, ties, desk, voyeurism, jealousy, negotiation, late nights, drunk, honesty, sing, pain, suddenly, art, baking, mess, sleep, impress, puppy, power, you, what, couch, hugs, game, calendar, camera, cologne, lipstick, manicure, measuring tape, silk, skirt, steel, stopwatch, witness, top!Mike, weird, partner, fiancé, Harvard, law school, fortieth birthday, AU, history, memory, luck, dreams, faith, disheveled, sleepy, truth, belonging, kissing, safety, protection, forever, trial, family
Jessica Pearson/Harvey Specter, service, debt
Jessica Pearson/Mike Ross, cock-and-ball torture, courtroom, crossdressing, partnership
Jessica Pearson/Mike Ross/Harvey Specter, baseball, loyalty, secrets, winning
Mike Ross/Rachel Zane, no underwear, research, food, test, cunnilingus, skirts, suits, fancy, dirty, against a wall, on a desk, unbuttoned, taxi
crossdressing, genderswap, [any]
Mike Ross/Trevor, weed, whisper, hope, shameless, impossible, dirty talk, games

Sun Sword – Michelle West
Diora en'Leonne/Valedan kai di'Leonne, water, night, moon, pool, harem, promise, wait, Lady

Sunset Boulevard
Joe Gillis/Norma Desmond, sheets, faces, curtains, bedpost, champagne, dance, wrists, trapped, pity, luxury, perk, king, glimpse, beauty

Sunshine Cleaning
Lynn/Norah, candy, blood, veins
Rose/Norah, forgiveness, reconciliation, always
Rose/Norah/Lynn, cross-country

Mace/Cassie, dark, skin, flame

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Mario Mario/Peach Toadstool/Bowser Koopa, games, kidnapping
Nana/Popo, summit
Peach Toadstool/Samus Aran, cake
Peach Toadstool/Zelda/Samus Aran, cute

Superman (1978)
Clark Kent/Jimmy Olsen, camera, nervous, eager, flexible, kryptonite, suspenders, farming, family

Superman Movieverse
Clark Kent/Jimmy Olsen, beer, friendship, bad day, photo, truth, hope, hug, smile, any
Clark Kent/Jimmy Olsen/Lana Lang, friendship, games, cold, movie, couch, blanket, giggle, any
Clark Kent/Lana Lang/Richard White, lonely, left behind, tears, comfort, friends, bed, any
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, lesson, alpha, 'Luthor', superior, gods, toy, kryptonite, alien, any
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor/Lois Lane, punishment, spite, filthy, nothing, torture, delusion, prisoners, play, any
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, competation, trouble, cigarette, long time last, "You owe me, Kent", together again, sky, exquisite, snark, undercover hopeless romantic, contradiction, Clark Kent/Lois Lane, red, rooftop, stolen, secrets, lips, sunlight, roses, coffee, date, any
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Richard White, solution, family, double, shared, equal, arms, hands, tender, competition, marathon, office, ties, any
Clark Kent/Richard White, competition, heroes, drunk, grief, hope, movies, flight, expectations, shadow, lies, interview, any
Evil!Superman/any, anger, take, wanton, fight, morals, kneel, destroy, any
Jimmy Olsen/Lana Lang/Lois Lane, safe, care, puppy, smile, camera, loneliness, any
Jimmy Olsen/Lana Lang/Richard White, left behind, stories, heroes, plane, any
Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane, pity, loneliness, art, stuck, bow-tie, late, crush, kiss, any
Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane/Richard White, trio, stronger, need, camera, laughter, any
Lana Lang/Lois Lane, handcuffs, dirty, gun, liquor, heat, skirt, jealousy, ring, any
Lana Lang/Lois Lane/Richard White, grief, protect, tears, offer, bad jokes, liquor, any
Lana Lang/Richard White, fiery, sultry, cheerleader, flight, any
Ursa/any, slave, collar, leash, kneel, superior, death, any

Superman Returns
Kal-El/Lois Lane/Richard White, threeway, family, extended, safety, heroes

Adam Milligan/Lucifer/Michael, threesome, overstimulation, desperation, agony, DP, insatiable, forever
Adam/Dean/Sam, ours, take, hide
Adam/Michael, guard, eternity, hopeless, tangled, cage, yours, glass, net
Adam/Sam, never, bind, shotgun
Alastair/Castiel, pain, spine, tear, shred
Alastair/Dean, lesson, isolation, blame, praise, Stockholm
Andy/Sam, secret, powers, mind
Anna/Balthazar/Castiel, youth, experiment, past, wings
Anna/Castiel/Dean, temptation,jealousy, fruit, wings
Anna/Crowley, enticing, reprimand, forbidden
Anna/Meg, pushing boundaries, rough, genderswap,
Anna/Meg/Ruby, threesome,
Anna/Michael, havoc, principle, liability
Anna/Ruby, freefall, limbo, debt
Balthazar/Castiel, fondle, feet, scare, return, home, love, kiss, mine, friend, forever
Balthazar/Castiel/Crowley, corrupt, decadence, dp, chains
Balthazar/Crowley, jealous, rivals, taste, snark
Balthazar/OCs, ménage-a-douze
Becky/Chuck, muse, savior, dreams, depression, sloshed, write
Bela Talbot/Jo Harvelle, ashes, boy!Bela, scroll, tattoo, voodoo, lipstick, purr, kiss, innocence, charm
Ben/Claire, hunt, revenge, memories
Ben/Claire/Jesse, triumvirate, power, grease
Ben/Claire/Jesse/Krissy, badass, handcuffs, knife, snap, grace
Brady/Sam, study, exhausted, hopes, hands, lies, fog, any
Cassie Robinson/Dean, open, belief
Castiel/Anna, fell, order, red, church, God, kiss, wings, grace, Dean, together, leader, teach, emotions, humanity, ancient
Castiel/Balthazar, dishabille, piano
Castiel/Crowley, bargain, faith, ineffable, slow, soothe, manipulate, contract, bodyswapping, agender, possession, physicality, power struggle
Castiel/Dean/Sam, now, share, requiem, worship, thank, share, kiss
Castiel/Death, familiar, erase, retrieve
Castiel/Gabriel, plummet
Castiel/Jimmy Novak, body-sharing, breath play, catechism
Castiel/Lucifer, lube, oil, snake, breath
Castiel/Meg, fire, brimstone, new, holy, clean, pizza, wall, tongue, pretty, virginity, dirty, messy, sloppy, vessel swap,
Castiel/Sam, bamboo, sounding, tie, manhandle, dirty, delicious, hoist, subdue, comfort, rise, lift, water
Castiel/Uriel, bind, possess, teach
Crowley/Dean, rimming, captured prize, exhibitionism, voyeurism, voice kink, deal, riding, knife, threat, begging, pretty toy, curse, dub-con, rough sex, reluctant orgasm, surprise, fingering, held down
Crowley/Gabriel, expensive, deal, kiss, contract, detached, cackle, trumpet, Enochian
Dean/Castiel, trueform or tetramorph, Latin, visitation, blood, rough, wings, first times, discovery, yearn, miss, beginning, naive, marriage, domination, powerful, Latin, pray, shoot, first, human, tongue, hold, frighten, safety, possess, dependable, new, enjoyable, godsend, wings, heartbeat, difference, escape, fear, soul, fire, second, drug, sigil, confined, devotion, forgiveness, scar, perception, suit, vessel, prayer, telepathy, initiate, flame, ice, watch, kneel, praise, panties, alien, heaven, war, kiss, first, salvation, impasse, desperation, constellate, dynamics, sacrament, sloppy, wet, soap, somnophilia, candle-wax, insomnia, shower, public, hangover, sleepy, food, genderswap, hierophilia, mating flight, sigils,
Dean/Castiel/Jo, intense, wanted, plentiful, restless, wings
Dean/Castiel/Lisa, family, yoga, wings, parenting, silence, song, grief, sleeping, breath
Dean/Castiel/Jo/Lisa, flock, PTA, HighSchool, hands, wings
Dean/Jo, highway, rock salt, lick, touch, angel, whisper, anger, war, beer, road, razor, trial, truth, freedom, hell, almost, sorry, blowjob, masturbation, first-time, anal, in hell, torture, tasting, forgiven, last night, what if?, Sundress, Daisies, Outdoors, Flashlight, Impala, wound, sacrifice, angel, shotgun, spitfire, pipes, drunk, last, apocalypse
Dean/Jo /Sam, hunt, threesome, share, watch
Dean/Lisa, pegging
Dean/Pamela/Sam, owed, promise, tease
Dean/Sam, eyes, home, done, case, together, gun, nasty, rough, careful, run, close, bent over, smack, hair, panic room, curse, gas station, prison, priest, rimming, spanking, nose bleed, head cold, flu, let big brother help, matches, suits, television, car, teenagers, kissing, locked doors, smoke, motel, drunk, trust, coffee, restraints, laundry, amulet, oral fixation, library, comfort, denial, first kiss, protective, curtains, snuggle, 69, after dark, in the car, uniforms, awkward sex, porn, shower, magazine
Dean/Victor Henriksen, catch, force, rage, handcuffs, punishment, excessive, gag, blood
Gabriel/Castiel, duct-tape, blood, angel, family, believe, gag, touch, trust
Gabriel/Dean Winchester, older brothers, tendrils, Grace, lips, prank war, table, size difference
Gabriel/Kali, blood, bound, hands, (in)compatible, blue, hands, wings, ashes, blood, ritual, knife, snark, challenge, bonded, death, fire, eyes, fire, wild, pagan, believe, trick, hot, light, arms, honey, blood, [any]
Gabriel/Kali/Sam, ritual, binding, destroyer, dance
Gabriel/Loki, find, bound, rock, snake, vessel, possession, teach, trickster
Gabriel/Lucifer, morning, light, groom, before, wings, one-upmanship, pranks
Gabriel/Raphael, breathless, found, saved, recover, hope, laughter
Gabriel/Sam, pagan, blood, ritual, brothers, non-con, dub-con, blackmail, worship
Gabriel/Sam/Bela, altar
Gabriel/Sam/Jess, ruffles, handcuffs, skirts, laughter, pegging, truffles, flowers, grope, possessive, hunger
Jess/Sam/Dean, hellfire, damnation, bed, lounge, stars, lazy forgiveness
Jessica/Sam, breasts, nurse, eager, cookies
Jo Harvelle/John Winchester, bayou, ghost, pier, shotgun, window, discovery, plausible, roadhouse, desert, avalanche, skyline, reject, buttons, impala, victory, surrender, retreat, agony, restart, shivers, stultify, daddy, blowjob, anal, spanking
Jo/Jess, lipstick, red, hunt, substitute, blonde, heaven, hell, burn, blood
John/Mary, heaven, dreamland, fight, reunion, hunter, tiger, pretend, walk
John/Michael, soldier, instruct, protect, learn
Lilith/Eve/Ruby, secrecy, motel, rebellion, possession, flower, blood, open, unfair, little, biblical, roads, storm, righteous, fire, garden, greed, tender, mummy, vore, own
Lilith/Ruby, reminder
Lisa/Balthazar, wings, guardian
Lisa/Dean/Jo, watching, phone call
Lucifer/Castiel, bargain, unholy, fire, sword, binding, broken, blood, dominance, control, submission,
Lucifer/Meg, disciple, father, smoke
Lucifer/Michael, leave, battle, blood, brothers, love, hate, heaven, last, fight, apocalypse, please, soulbond, brother
Lucifer/Sam, slow, gentle, cold, brittle, bound, mockery, cage, smother, trapped, headspace, lies, cruelty, kindness, fire, heart, blood
Lucifer/Uriel, loyal, servant, brother
Madison/Lisa, black, substitute, cherish, family, help, hold, listen
Meg/Sam, mask, worn, inside
Michael/Raphael/Gabriel/Lucifer, together, family, flock, broken, last-time, falling
Michael/Uriel, d/s, leader, obedience
Pamela/Sam, tattoo, hard, taken
Patrick/Sam, bet, cards, oak
Raphael/Castiel, prisoner, lightning, shadows, blood, bite, war, justice
Ruby/Sam, hell, loose, shivers
Sam/always chromatic!Jimmy Novak, martyr complex, culture clash, bridges
Sam/Brady, hate, hurt, revenge
Sam/Gabriel, candy, lips, caged, flight, wings, grounded, amber, precious, jealous, supernatural, furious, dark, untamed, janitor, illusion, collar, misunderstanding, unexpected, mint, expletive, pagan, wings, motivation, grudge, fantasy
Sam/Gabriel/Castiel, wings, bound, boyking, dark, rough, pets, forever
Sam/Gabriel/Castiel/Dean, celebration, stars, flying, over, dreams, wishes, left, post-apocalyptic, survivors, free, bonding, relief, indebted, kinky, wings
Sam/Gabriel/Lucifer, soul, tug-of-war, covetous, greedy, limits, grab, take, demand
Sam/Jess/Gabriel, Stanford, interlude, experiment, joyful, wings, secrets
Sam/Jess/Gabriel/Dean/Jo/Castiel, flock, lust, grace
Sam/Madison, heat, cure
Sam/Ruby, confidante, comparison, idle, return, whisper, hide, demon, ride, wrong, aphrodisiac, knife play, possession, lies
Uriel/Anna's-grace-tree, glory, sufferance, lush

Swallows and Amazons – Arthur Ransome
Nancy Blackett/Susan Walker, older, mate, play, captain, feminine

Sweeney Todd
Anthony/Johanna, clutch, different, world, own
Adolfo Pirelli/Nellie Lovett, uninhibited, opium, show, unspeakable
Albert Lovett/Nellie Lovett, shift, affection, food, sleep
Anthony Hope/Joanna, hope, name, nightmare, recover, happy ending
Benjamin Barker/Lucy Barker, before, never, always, shine
Benjamin Barker/Nellie Lovett, coerce, secrecy, regret, footsteps
Johanna Barker/Nellie Lovett, naive, corrupt, opposites, escape, fresh, shy, dress, familiar, song
Jonas Fogg/Nellie Lovett, rescue, lunacy, freedom, escapism
Judge Turpin/Joanna, pretty, memory, white, innocent, chirp, soar
Judge Turpin/Lucy Barker, second time, mistress, Devil's bargain, thwarted, soiled, stars
Judge Turpin/Nellie Lovett, favor, opium, distraction, widow
Lucy Barker/Nellie Lovett, loss, empty, comfort, payment, photograph, substitute, taste, laces, yellow, midnight
Nellie Lovett/any, streets, debt, curious, gin, lonely, widow, hedonist
Nellie Lovett/Sweeney Todd, lace, liquor, tame, claim, choke, mark, ice, flee, bleed, cold, rope, filth, seaside, adrenaline, accommodate, favors, hell, gin, splash, seashore, ripple
Sweeney Todd/any, prison, blood, revenge, quiet, window, razor, longing, trapped, gray

Sweet Valley High
Lila Fowler/Bruce Patman, meant to be, elite, taste
Amy/Elizabeth, newspaper
Lila Fowler/Jessica, day care, purple

Switchblade Romance
Alex/Marie, escape, breathe, bind

Switched at Birth
Emmett/Bay, first, girlfriend, away, camping, any

Jackie/Robbie, undercover

A.J./Jake Attica/Lilly, always, ask, beach, club, gifts, middle, money, more, naked, pregnant, private, proposal, ring, shop, survive, threesome, together, wedding
John Rahway/Gordon Cozier, fast, laugh, obey, signs, survive

Takeshi Kovacs - Richard K. Morgan
Takeshi Kovacs/Jimmy de Soto, antiviral, diplomacy, misrecollect, shade
Takeshi Kovacs/Reileen Kawahara, absolution, only, radioactive, trivial

Tales of Symphonia
Marta/Colette, wings
Marta/Emil/Richter, uneasy

Tales of the Abyss
Asch/Luke Fon Fabre, image, lust
Asch/Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, never
Guy Cecil/Luke Fon Fabre, window
Largo/Tear, beard, nostalgia, order, replacement, size
Van/Tear, faith, pedestal, song, virginity

Eugene Fitzherbert/Rapunzel, [any], aftermath, bathe, brunette, confession, decades, eager, experiment, explore, faith, first time, friends, fun, gold, hair, home, kiss, laughter, laundry, months, redhead, shove, silver, teach, tell, ties, trust, undressing, wash, wedding night, wish, work, years
Stabbington Brothers/Flynn Rider, greed, revenge, rough

Tanz der Vampire
Alfred/Krolock, bite, boy, eternity, seduction

Tarzan (Disney)
Tarzan/Jane, explore, moonlight, swim, teach

Teaching Mrs. Tingle
Mrs. Tingle/any, blackmail, lingerie, obey, overachiever, spank, switch, wine

Team Fortress 2
Heavy/Medic, charge, jetpack, sandwich

Teen Titans (2003)
Robin/Beast Boy, doubt, games, injury, mask, pizza, skates, slade, table manners

Teen Wolf
Allison Argent/Lydia Martin, agony, arrow, desk, hunt, hunter, jealousy, lipstick, memory, nightmare, practice, protection, scream, skirts, sneak out, training, witch
Danny/Jackson Whittemore, beast, desperate, kiss
Danny/Jackson Whittemore/Lydia Martin, curious, never, voyeur
Danny/Scott McCall, apology, smile, slippery, sweat
Derek Hale/Danny, bite, challenge, field, friends, full moon, naked, ruins, shy, surprise
Derek Hale/Jackson Whittemore, beta
Derek Hale/Kate Argent, animal, electricity, guilt, hate!sex, liar, regret, seduction, tied up, twisted, underage, wrong
Derek Hale/Laura Hale, all that's left, familiar, forest, hunt, issues, once, only time, pack, regret, trust
Derek Hale/Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski, awkward, bedroom, brilliant, eager, family, first time, mentor, pack, safe, sharing, teaching, turned
Derek Hale/Scott McCall, battleground, distance, lies, monster, scar, strength
Derek Hale/Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinsky, bottom!Derek, growl, homework, morning, pillow, sharing
Derek Hale/girl!Stiles, awkward, begging, shy, surprise
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, bite, blind, blood, bonding, caught, college, coming out, exhausted, family, feral, first time, focus, forest, future, genderswap, heat, home, hunting, longing, loyalty, mate, mating, misunderstanding, naptime, prom, protection, reverse, scent, secrets, silence, snark, sniff, strength, throat, topping from the bottom, trust, turned, uncomfortable, wall!sex
Jackson Whittemore/Lydia Martin, first, magic, pegging, rimming, shudder
Jackson Whittemore/Scott McCall, alpha, battle, claws, co-captain, detention, fight, lacrosse, locker room, personal space, power play, taunt, team up, woods, wounded

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
April/Casey Jones, bicker, cricket, fight

Tekken (video games)
Jin/Nina, alcohol, bodyguard, boss, boy, devil, empty, loss, past, power, reflex, smirk, snicker, virgin

Temeraire - Naomi Novik
William Laurence/John Granby, harness, rivals, sir, solitude
William Laurence/Tharkay, adventure, common, comrades, ground

Tenjou Tenge
Natsume Maya/Tawara Bunshichi, breasts, dream, ghost, haunt, motorcycle, naughty, rice

Kyle Reese/Sarah Connor, back, cling, fight, flowers, future, hiding, kill, more, photo, responsible, run, scared, simple, son, stay, strange, sunshine, teaching, weapon, world

Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Sarah Connor/T-800, rough, scars, understanding

Terminator Salvation
John Connor/Kate Brewster, night, oil, safe
Kyle Reese/Marcus Wright, AU, feet, hands, heart, lost, run away, stamina, stealing away, time travel

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
Derek Reese/Cameron, Allison, bad, ballet, basement, before, bitch, coffee, consequences, fake, food, glare, hate, human, lost, metal, only, race, response, saved, sometimes, tears, time, toast, wrong
Derek Reese/John Connor, cuddling, future, need, nightmare, puppies, run
Derek Reese/Sarah Connor, alive, blood, dreams, fire
Jesse Flores/Riley Dawson, cave, fight, love, past, pretend, pretty, rats, swimming, together
John Connor/Cameron, [any], bed, blend, chip, cold, death, eyelash, facts, first, frown, future, homework, jealous, life, music, only, override, parts, power, prom, protect, response, Riley, satisfaction, school, shotgun, soft, soul, tattoo, understand, wires, wrong
Sarah Connor/Catherine Weaver, alliance, distrust, mothers, protection, shift

Terra Nova
Jim Shannon/Elisabeth Shannon, alone, lab, missed, night, reunion, wall
Jim Shannon/Malcolm Wallace, bickering, comparisons, rescue, rivalry, teamwork, thunder
Mark Reynolds/Maddy Shannon, bath, booze, fingertips, first, flower, funny, history, kitchen, linger, mud, OTG, play, pond, red, sleep, stranded, strawberries, taste, touch, training, wildlife
Nathaniel Taylor/Alicia Washington, adorable, alone, bar, beautiful, bite, blood, command, connection, dance, dark, decisions, dinosaur, dreams, history, laughter, leather, moan, morning, move, new world, now, off-duty, poker, rain, recreation, restrains, sacrifice, sonic, sparring, strength, subtle, sunshine, trace, undone, wind
Nathaniel Taylor/Mira, argue, common, enemies, moon, water
Reilly/Curran, follow, hug, laugh, night, patrol, return, shiver, slide, together
Skye Tate/Carter, anger, blood, blush, caught, dirt, drink, feel, fish, hide, his, hut, jump, jungle, moon, past, showers, soul, storm, trust, watching, waterfalls, young
Skye Tate/Lucas Taylor, crazy, damaged, flashback, hammock, hush, insults, interrogation, little sister, mine, run, sanctuary, scars, sunlight

Britt Pollack/Hank Dolworth, bathtub, mess, porn, sand, shirt, thief, truck
Britt Pollack/Katie, coffee, lipstick, pegging, spread

That 70's Show
Donna/Jackie, humiliation, surprises
Donna/Kelso, anal, burn, stoned, trick
Hyde/Donna/Eric, basement couch, college, drunk
JewWarrio/Diamanda Hagan, like, mean, ridiculous, worship
Todd in the Shadows/Obscurus Lupa, a dream, maybe, or was it?!, Skype, try harder

The 4400
Kyle/Shawn, future, games, light, rules

The Addams Family (1964)
Gomez/Morticia, dangerous, dark, immortal, passionate, scary, sleek

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Dixie Cousins/Brisco County Jr., between sets, feathers, forever, gunbelt, haylofts, lace, notch, occasional, table, train ride
Pete Hutter/Aaron Viva, piece, synchronistic

The Adventures of Lano & Woodley
Colin Lane/Frank Woodley, questions

The Adventures of Tintin (2011)
Tintin/OMC, book, first, learning

The Armstrong and Miller Show
Biffy/Spud, adrenaline, experiment, handjobs, standard

The Artist
George Valentin/Peppy Miller, blankets, close your eyes, dance, hand-holding, home, kiss, lips, nightgown, no touch, off-screen, rehearsal, scent, seduction, silent, slow dance

The A-Team
Templeton "Faceman" Peck/Bosco Albert "B.A." Baracus, abandonment, anger, loyalty, orphanage, prejudice, protection
Templeton "Faceman" Peck/John "Hannibal" Smith, abandonment, duty, honour, love, orphanage, respect

The A-Team (2010)
Templeton "Faceman" Peck/Bosco Albert "B.A." Baracus, backseat, Ferris wheel, garage, ice cream, karaoke, pillow talk
H.M. Murdock/Brock Pike, that asshole pilot

The Authority - Warren Ellis
Rush/Machine, loyalty, recordings, replacements

The Avengers
Captain America/Iron Man/Wolverine, 21st-century porn, fanboy, making it work, motorcycles, rough nights, slow mornings
Clint Barton/any female character, humor, repeat, seduce, superpower
Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, furtive, humor, target
Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, history, partner, undercover
girl!Loki/any male character, multiple, offer, proof, truce
Loki/Tony Stark, laughter, riddle, righteous, twisted
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, crash, first, heartbeat, liquid, metal
Phil Coulson/any female character, debriefing, dessert, gadget, unexpected

The Avengers (2012)
Bruce Banner/Natalia Romanoff, calming, guns, history, roar, understanding
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, possession, sharing
Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, adrenaline, danger, joke, military, practice, shot, target, team, tequila, uniform
Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis/Natasha Romanoff, hangover, longing, spell
Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, down, hate, home, leather, marks, origins, pegging, red hair, skin, smart-ass, snark, Tony Stark, training
Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, after, arrow, bow, call, close, decide, distance, duty, heartbeat, mirror, offbeat, paperwork, quiver, radio, routine, shot, stealth, superior, tie, tired, uniform, waiting
Clint Barton/Phil Coulson/Tony Stark, [any]
Clint Barton/Steve Rogers, aim, assessment, dancing, trust
Clint Barton/Steve Rogers/Thor, dessert, mats
Clint Barton/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, club
Clint Barton/Tony Stark, barb, explosion, shiny
Darcy Lewis/James "Rhodey" Rhodes, party, snark, superiority
Darcy Lewis/Loki, laugh, mischief, partners, pegging, taunt
Darcy Lewis/Natasha Romanoff, drinks, flexible, office politics, paperwork
Darcy Lewis/Pepper Potts, bed, dress, lick, shoes
Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers, apartment, casual, cultural education, film, laughter, library, new, public, safety, shield
Darcy Lewis/Tony Stark, compromised, joy, young
Loki/Natasha Romanoff, attraction, blood, death, distraction, fuck, heat, horns, ice, mirror, mirrors, mockery, names, obey, one-up-manship, orders, silk, strength, submit, undercover, wall
Loki/Natasha Romanoff/Sif, power, red, shadow
Loki/Steve Rogers, absolution, ancients, city, commonality, defeat, endurance, expiation, glow, lines, secrets, symbols, temptation, trust issues, twinning, underdogs
girl!Loki/Tony Stark, lies, magic, multiple, truth
Loki/Tony Stark, armour, claiming, desperate, disgrace, empty, fathers, feral, filthy, friends, frivolous, guilt, horns, lies, lost, mistakes, necessary, need, public, ruthless, self-loathing, shapeshift, trust, uncaring, watch
Natasha Romanoff/Pepper Potts, bedtime, competence, cut, enthralled, gunplay, knives, long distance, redhead, skills
Natasha Romanoff/Steve Rogers, bar, dancing, danger play, (his) first time, no fuss, seduction, training
Natasha Romanoff/Tony Stark, outmatched, red
Nick Fury/Steve Rogers, date, futurist, gunplay
Nick Fury/Steve Rogers/Sharon Carter, history, roleplay, welcome
Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers, competence, confidence, crush, heels, inappropriate, service, worship
Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, angel, bare, bargain, break, childhood hero, coffee, competence, control, costume, double team, etiquette, exposure, Extremis, filthy, formal wear, freckles, guilt, heels, hero, insomnia, late-night, lessons, mask, meeting, orders, reliable, shot glass, surveillance, technology, trust, virgin
Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark/JARVIS, body, complicated, perfect, scotch, secrets, tongues, touch, toys
Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, drunk, exasperation, punishment
Steve Rogers/Thor, adapting, cape, cold, competition, drawing, flight, friendship, lube, pancakes, pretty, soulmates, stamina, surgery, technology, training, virginity, warriors
girl!Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, blood, breasts, Bucky, glass shattering, jealousy, kiss, lingering, lipstick, longing, marking, seduction, wall!sex, wanting, wet
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, [any], adapt, adrenaline, alcoholic, alike, alone, anachronism, anger, armor, away, beneath, blush, boxing, bright, cemetery, clockwork, cold, control, costume, courting, crystalline, dancing, danger, demons, depression, desperate, dirty talk, discover, electricity, face, falling, father, firsts, fisting, flying, found, friction, futurist, gentleman, glow, good, handcuffs, hate, heat, home, ice, impossible, incognito, JARVIS, jet, kinky, kitchen, learn, lost, meltdown, metal, naked, nightmares, nostalgia, office, old-timey, out of time, prude, public, red, replacement, robot, scars, shield, shove, shy, silence, silly, sleep, snark, spar, spark, speculum, strength, stubborn, submission, suggestion, suit, superpowers, surprise, swapped clothing, teammate, tech, tie, tight, time, top!Steve, unstuck, vanilla, wall, war, water!sex, wine
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark/JARVIS, direction, obey, the future
Tony Stark/JARVIS, learning, machine love
Tony Stark/team, glitter, magic

The Baby-Sitters Club - Ann M. Martin
Claudia Kishi/Ashley Wyeth, Mondrian
Claudia Kishi/Janine Kishi, studying
Dawn Schafer/Mrs. Barrett, unreasonable
Dawn Schafer/Mary Anne Spier, honeymoon
Kristy Thomas/Mary Anne Spier, pigtails
Kristy Thomas/Stacey McGill, dreams, mature, secrets, sophisticated
Kristy Thomas/Karen Brewer, brat, selfish, spoiled, tantrum
Stacey McGill/Dr. Peggy Johanssen, educate
Stacey McGill/Charlotte Johanssen, innocent, questions, sisters
Karen Brewer/Mrs. Porter ("Morbidda Destiny"), spell
Mallory Pike/Vanessa Pike, poetry
Adam Pike/Byron Pike/Jordan Pike, ninjas
Margo Pike/Claire Pike, motion sickness
Dee Pike/Maureen McGill, couch, hats, resentment, shopping
Ed McGill/John Pike, bitch
Laura Perkins/Lucy Newton, new generation
Cary Retlin/Wesley Ellenberg, punk

The Banger Sisters
Lavinia/Suzette, basement, dance, groupies, leather, pavement, tattoo, uptight, weed, youth

The Belgariad/The Mallorean - David Eddings
Zakath/Silk, backtalk, banter, clever
Zakath/Garion, hiding, horse, king, pillow

The Bible
Raphael/Azazel, bound, fall, follow, glow, regrets
Ruth/Naomi, [any], always, heart, mouth

The Big Bang Theory
Amy/Bernadette/Penny, drunk, experiment, girls' night, laughter, sleepover, truth or dare, twister
Amy/Penny, afternoon, electric, hero worship, holiday, kiss, kitchen, response, science, secret
Amy/Penny/Sheldon, fit, help, jealousy, non-optional, sharing, teach, trouble, voyeurism
Amy/Sheldon, ache, awkward, baby, curious, date night, dirty, discovery, experiment, first, first time, germs, jealousy, kiss, marking, massage, mouth, relationship agreement, sass, sheets, shift, skin, Skype, snuggle, soft, squeaky, vixen
Bernadette/Howard, beg, mother, move, please
Howard, Amy/Sheldon, masturbation, voyeur
Howard/Raj, hands, movies, secret, shh
Leonard/Penny, acting, cheesecake, glasses, gym, Nebraska, nerd, printer, relent, sorry
Leonard/Penny/Sheldon, [any], asexual, password, spot
Leonard/Sheldon, agreement, alpha, angles, asexual, challenge, defend, domestic spaces, drugs, experiment, expert, hot cocoa, jealousy, laptop, loophole, masturbation, pitfall, platonic, power, roommate agreement, roommates, slippers, sweet spot, travel, whistle
Leonard/Wyatt, advice, bonding, haystack, Wii
Leslie Winkle/Penny, act, love, play, punishment, rivals, secret, soft
Leslie Winkle/Sheldon, insult, taunt
Penny/Sheldon, alien, appropriate, ball pit, barbie, bazinga, blackout, boredom, care, cleaning, coitus, compatible, competition, costumes, crazy, dance with me, dare, denial, dildo, dreams, drugged, elevator, enemas, formulas, hero, hug, hypothermia, jealousy, laundry, laundry room, lesson, masturbation, mess, multiverse, NC-17, overheard, pon farr, positive reinforcement, post-its, practice, ratings, rubber, science, secret, shut down, sober, sponge bath, spot, statistical improbability, strike, sweet, t-shirt, think, Thursday, Twitter, unexpected, washing

The Birds (1963)
Melanie Daniels/Annie Hayworth, nightgown, slick, teach, thighs, tremble

The Bold and the Beautiful
Steffy Forrester/Bill Spencer, affair, bikini, desk, love, lusty, need, office, seduce, seduction, tease, want

The Borgias
Cesare Borgia/Lucrezia Borgia, [any], beast, beauty, blood, broken, care, confession, confessional, cunnilingus, curiosity, dagger, dangerous games, dare, darkness, death, defrocked, desperate, dress, endearment, favor, fingers under tables, gasp, golden, gossip, hands, he jests at scars, hidden, hurt, hushed, illegitimacy, innocence, jealousy, jewels, Juan, kiss, knife, laces, lessons, lies, love, lust, Madonna, masturbation, modern AU, murder, need, only, papal throne, poison, possessive, prayer, robes, secret, sex, sin, sinners, stained, tainted, tease, vengeance, virginity, watched, watching, wedding night, wine
Cesare Borgia/Juan Borgia, confession, daddy's favourite, swordplay, taunt, water
Lucrezia Borgia/Juan Borgia, angst, church, confession, replacement
Lucrezia Borgia/Alfonso of Naples, consent, desire, laughter, politics, words
Lucrezia Borgia/Giulia Farnese, beauty, deadly, disguise, dress, education, elation, favor, feathers, five senses, gentle, grass, indulgence, kiss, kissing, mentor, peaches, poison, power, satin, sin, soft, splendid, switch, teaching, teasing, trees
Giuliano della Rovere/Giulia Farnese, deadly sins, forgiveness, hold
Rodrigo Borgia/Giulia Farnese/Vannozza dei Cattanei, masquerade, quid pro quo, temptation
Rodrigo Borgia/Vannozza dei Cattanei, comfort, devotion, revelation

The Borrowers (2011)
Arrietty/Spiller, frustration

The Bridgertons - Julia Quinn
Colin/Penelope, [any]

The Bridges of Madison County
Francesca Johnson/Robert Kincaid, blush, display, excuses, gossip, home, honesty, leave, linoleum, safari, stay

The Bull from the Sea - Mary Renault
Chryse/Hippolyta, dagger, dance, friendship, star

The Butterfly Effect
Tommy/Evan, path

The Children's Hour
Karen/Martha, truth

The Chronicles of Avonlea - L. M. Montgomery
Lucinda/Romney, speak, wedding, years

The Chronicles of Narnia (any)
Peter/Susan, dance, dream, forbidden, helpless, leaving, lipstick, loss, reunion, running, support, swimming, together
Peter/Susan/Edmund/Lucy, magic
Susan/Lucy, archer, fur, velvet
Susan/Lucy/Aslan, healed
Edmund/Lucy, guardian, mystery, summer, train
Peter/Caspian, back, control, hair, help, kiss, leave, neck, pull, question, real, seductive, still, yes
Susan/Caspian, dream, honor, sorrow
Edmund/Caspian, land
Edmund/Jadis, command, favorite, pale, point, sleigh, temptation
Edmund/Ramandu's Daughter, glow, magic
Caspian/Ramandu's Daughter, bright, grass, light, pregnant, queen, sky, son, twinkle, water

The Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Peter/Susan, door, dynasty, forgotten, last, moonlight, scent, swim, walls
Susan/Edmund, authority, escape, sailing, smoke, snow, spying
Susan/Lucy, cry, dream, home, lies, loss, revenge, white
Edmund/Lucy, reproduce, royal, secret, soaked, storm
Edmund/Caspian, expectations, goodbye, solitude
Susan/Rabadash, again, alliance, better, compromise, culture clash, no regrets
Susan/Aravis, diplomacy
Cor/Aravis, castle, try
Rilian/adult!Jill, courageous, grateful, my lady

The Chronicles of Narnia (movies)
Peter/Susan, [any]
Peter/Susan/Caspian, [any]
Edmund/Caspian, beautiful, dreams, fascination, fighting, love, rescue, solitude, swimming, talking, travel, wine

The Chronicles of Riddick
Kyra/Riddick, [any], ash, break, dance, death, eyes, fight, fire, hidden, intense, journey, killer, lesson, mask, past, real, rebirth, secret, sharing, ship, shivs, stone, teach, tomorrow, touch, trick
Kyra/Riddick/Vaako, challenge, exasperation, scheme
Riddick/Vaako, animalistic, armor, assassin, battle, beast, beauty, blood!play, braids, champion, collars, consort, dark, domination, fire, hair, harness, hellhounds, history, knife, knife!play, leather, light, mate, mating, pain!play, powers, rough, run, scent, smell, spar, throne

The Circle Universe - Tamora Pierce
Sandry/Tris/Daja/Briar, discovery
Sandry/Briar, dare
Tris/Briar, teaching

The Closer
Andy Flynn/Sharon Raydor, [any]
Brenda Leigh Johnson/David Gabriel, attraction, frustration, hurt/comfort, just sex?, secret, understanding, we shouldn't
Brenda Leigh Johnson/Fritz Howard/Sharon Raydor/Will Pope, competition
Brenda Leigh Johnson/Will Pope, [any], different
Gavin Q. Baker/Fritz Howard, distraction

The Covenant
Caleb/Chase, bet, escape, intense, past, rough
Caleb/Chase/Pogue/Reid/Tyler, AU, acceptance, brutal, claws, destiny, explosion, hunger, ice, power, promise, silly, shock, special
Caleb/Pogue/Reid/Tyler, black, brothers, magic, share, together
Reid/Tyler, anniversary, devotion, honesty, lightning, longing, love, magic, possession, power, rain, rimming, safety, strength
Sarah/any!Son of Ipswich, [any], banter, bite, feeling, finding, float, hidden, invisible, lick, lightning, need, nervous, pleasure, power, roommates, slow, touch, want, worship
Sarah/Kate, lotion, sunburned

The Craft
Nancy/all, control
Sarah/Bonnie, rose, scars

The Crazies (2010)
Judy/Becca, escape
Judy/Deardra, yesterday
Russell/Becca, bar, birthday, crying, drunk, escape, immune, neck, please, run, shoulder, skin, teaching

The Crimson Petal and the White - Michael Faber
Sugar/Caroline, comrade, escape, leisure, respectable

The Culture Cycle - Iain M. Banks
Diziet Sma/any, complimentary, corral, genderfuck, liberation, mere
Excession/"Meatfucker" Grey Area, catch, damages, experiment, flee, gravitas

The Curse Workers - Holly Black
Cassel/Lila, anticipated, careful, compete, criminal, desperate, empty, fragile, games, quickly, trick

The Dark Tower - Stephen King
Eddie/Susannah, acceptance, follow, heal, help, journey, oath, one, rare moment, vows

The Demonata - Darren Shan
Bec/Grubbs/Kernel/Lord Loss, after, humanity, time
Meera/Dervish, happy, heaven, love, pretend, younger
Meera/Dervish/Juni, bed, ending, fine, mine, smile
Meera/Juni, fairytales, fight, fun, motorbike, radical
Juni/Kernel, futures, never, red, song, want
Shark/Timas, scars

The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan
Nick Ryves/Alan Ryves, danger, guilt, human
Nick/Ryves/Alan Ryves/Jamie Crawford, brothers, hidden, market, respect, sharp, tattoo, terror, together
Nick Ryves/Jamie Crawford, artifacts, bloody nose, complicated, dance, healing, knives, naked, service, smirk, snark
Nick Ryves/Mae Crawford, joy, power, rain, rooftop, storm, words
Mae Crawford/Sin, fruit, leader, wagon

The Devil Wears Prada
Andrea Sachs/Miranda Priestly, 1920's, 1960's, addiction, Albert Nobbs AU, anchor, bare, biting, bond, bought, candles, cheat, cold, collar, comfort, costume, country, Cuban heels, dark, darling, date, defiance, delicate, denial, desk, dress, dull, excellence, exhaustion, fade, fate, favorite, filmed, fire, first time, flirting, free, gift, gorgeous, hate, heat, heels, high heels, indiscreet, Irv's desk, jealousy, late-night, leash, limo, luxury, marble, masturbation, Milan, mile-high, Mistress, model, nails, names, nature, opera, oral, phone sex, poker, predictable, pregnant, present, public, push, queen, quiet, request, reunion, revenge, riding, road trip, rough, scary, shhhh, shower, sigh, silence, silk, silver, slap, stare, steam, strap-on, taste, taunt, tease, teeth, temptress, time, topless, toys, trick, unacceptable, undergarments, uniform, veil, voyeur, wet, whisper, worship
Andrea Sachs/Miranda Priestly/Christian Thompson, concession, opportunity, Paris, singe, subtle, suite, warn, wine
Andrea Sachs/Miranda Priestly/Emily Charlton, available, competition, crumble, initiation, lesson, lips, match, surveillance
Andrea Sachs/Miranda Priestly/Lily Goodwin, alcohol, art, fruit, introduction, mascara, moon, quiet
Andrea Sachs/Miranda Priestly/Stephen Tomlinson, bind, caught, cigar, cupboard, exception, internet, slip, voyeur
Andrea Sachs/Christian Thompson, breakup, Miranda, plaid, time
Andrea Sachs/Stephen Tomlinson, dark, ease, replace, wish
Miranda Priestly/any, competitive, drain, flapper, hippies, insight, loss, orange, press, slick, youth
Miranda Priestly/Christian Thompson, dearth, excuses, food, revenge, strike, sweet, unbearable
Miranda Priestly/Jacqueline Follet, affection, belt, car, print, sleep, three, vie
Miranda Priestly/Nigel Kipling, apology, crooked, friendship, loyalty, spare, straight, tie

The Dresden Files – Jim Butcher
girl!Harry Dresden/Karrin Murphy, blood, gentle, sword
Harry Dresden/Donor Vadderung, crash, hold down, spank it out, tasty
Harry Dresden/the Erlking, exhibitionism, offering, rimming, size kink, tentacles
Harry Dresden/the Erkling/John Marcone, bindings, hunting, spoils
Harry Dresden/Jared Kincaid, partners in crime
Harry Dresden/Jared Kincaid/John Marcone, backstabbing, con-men, games
Harry Dresden/John Marcone, armies, bespelled, fuck-or-die, gunplay, harness, holster, hunger, lock, magic, manhandling, marks, marmalade, minuet, obsession, possession, possessive, power, practical, reluctant allies, rimming, tentacles, tiger, trapped, wrist
Harry Dresden/Kemmler, necromancy, power, warlocks playing
Harry Dresden/the Merlin, forgiveness, love, understanding
Harry Dresden/Michael Carpenter/Charity Carpenter, double penetration, faith, healing, pegging, touch
Harry Dresden/Molly Carpenter, spell, naked, cold, need
Molly Carpenter/Anastasia Luccio, alliance, best shot, dance, experienced, mistrust, practice, renegade, service, unstable, wildcard
Molly Carpenter/Carlos Ramirez, color, delinquent, first time, power, smirk, teamwork, virgin
Molly Carpenter/Leanansidhe, control, darkness, harsh lessons, ice, illusion, methods, power, practice, ritual, soul, strength, teaching
Molly Carpenter/Maeve, ice, magic, pain
Molly Carpenter/Thomas Raith, battleground, comfort, compassion, forgiveness, madness, mercy, third eye
Harry Dresden/Thomas Raith, always, comfort, drugged, fuck-or-die, healing, hero, lost, restraint, shame, wounded
Harry Dresden/Thomas Raith/Lara Raith, addiction, family, guilt, magic, mistake, negations, regret, spell, tainted love, trick, wrong
Harry Dresden/Lara Raith, cynical, dirty hands, enemies, explosion, friendly, killer, kiss, prince charming, wrong
Thomas Raith/Lara Raith, belonging, blackmail, dragged, dub-con, home, only one, revenge

The Eagle of the Ninth - Rosemary Sutcliff
Esca/Marcus/Cottia, eyes, invisible, laugh, tongue, understanding

The Eagle (2011)
Esca/Marcus, adventure, aliens, battle, cave, defiance, escape, everything, expanse, farm, forever, freedom, hopeless, horses, injured, invasion, legion, list, longing, lost, love, loyalty, misunderstanding, ride, rip, sea, sleepy, smile, solitude, Stonehenge, stones, strength, tattoos, thunderstorm, together, travel, vampires, werewolves

The Fades
Anna/Paul, apocalypse, dream, first, heat, kiss, nipples, silent, sour, twisted
Mac/Paul, 17+1, Angelic, faithful, first, gamer, geek, kiss, power

The Fast and the Furious (movies)
Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto, backseat, blood, cheat, contest, desert, eyefucking, firm, fisticuffs, grapple, grease, groggy, intent, loom, lost, mine, penetrating, playful, shots, slant, stare, stroke, surly, unprotected, winning, wrist
Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto/Roman Pearce, backing, family, teeth
Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto/Mia Toretto, beach, family, freedom, hands, inevitable, smirk, speed, wistful
Brian O'Conner/Mia Toretto, baby, beach, romance
Dominic Toretto/Han Lue, celebration, trust
Dominic Toretto/Leticia Ortiz, coarse, explanation, ghost, identity, magnet, pain, regrets, resurrection, wordless
Leticia Ortiz/Suki, pink, race, skirt, slick

The Firm (2012)
Mitch McDeere/Joey Morolto Jr., chase, cornered, help, surveillance, unexpected

The First Wives Club
Annie/Brenda/Elise, celebrate, dance, mark, match, quarrel

The Five Find-Outers (and Dog) - Enid Blyton
Fatty/Bets, disguise, fond, recovery

The Forbidden Game
Jenny/Dee, grace, live, train
Jenny/Julian, caress, light, pomegranate, rose

The Foundling - Georgette Heyer
Gideon/Gilly/Harriet, collar, manners

The Gates
Nick Monohan/Dylan Radcliff
bite, bloodlust, danger, quiet

The Gemma Doyle Trilogy - Libba Bray
Gemma Doyle/Felicity Worthington, bondage, boots, corsets, laces, spanking

The Gift of Sarah Barker - Jane Yolen
Abel/Sarah, barn, first time, stocking

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)
Mikael Blomkvist/Lisbeth Salander, bagels, competition, daughter, final, glasses, hatred, late-night, oral, permission, turnabout, winter

The Good Life
Tom/Barbara, courgette, forgot, muck, scrub, self-sufficient, smudges, till
Tom/Barbara/Margo/Jerry, peapod burgundy, plough

The Good Wife
Alicia Florrick/Cary Agos, affair, apology, dangerous, discreet, distract, drinking, drunk, fighting, healthy rivalry, loyalty, office, quiet, resentment, sneaking around, voyeurism, weakness, young
Alicia Florrick/Diane Lockhart, alliance, mentor, power
Alicia Florrick/Eli Gold, argument, comfort, debate, desire, office, politics
Alicia Florrick/Kalinda Sharma, accent, ache, appealing, arguments, bar, before, benefits, boots, cardinal, chambers, cry for mercy, dancing, daring, delayed gratification, devoted, dominant, drinking, drinks, drunk, exposure, food, forgiveness, gay icon, heels, high, honeymoon, lace, lies, making up, motorcycle, overload, owned, pearls, phone sex, precedent, protect, repair, roguish, rumors, scarves, schooled, secret, spooning, sweet, tension, tequila, the revolver in your purse, toys, trust, undercover, undo, wall
Alicia Florrick/Peter Florrick, code of conduct, domestic, pen, wine
Alicia Florrick/Will Gardner, accustomed, again, baseball, blame, caught, celebration, childless, cross-examination, deception, elevator, fulfillment, Georgetown, gift, guilt, habit, hidden, home, hotel, kink, lunch, lust, message, mouth, needy, new, not over it, office, professional, red, repeat, shameless, silent, soft, sparring, spontaneous, standing, stockings, taken, teeth, trap, trouble, unrestrained, waiting, want, wedding, weekend, work, wrinkles
Cary Agos/Kalinda Sharma, adrenaline, blink, blue, boots, consolation, desk, finally, fortune, hair, hands, keep it on, leather, lies, lust, making deals, midnight, night, office, pencil, revelation, risk, secrets, sleep, smirk, sting, supermodel, teeth, touch, truth, wall
Cary Agos/Dana Lodge/Kalinda Sharma, flirtation, intensity, laughter, negotiations, resolution, tension
Cary Agos/Wendy Scott-Carr, affair, in confidence, secret
Cary Agos/Will Gardner, affair, alike, bed, desk, down, finally, fun, future, home, hotel, knees, longing, lust, mentor, secret, sucking, surprise, tension
Diane Lockhart/Kurt McVeigh, again, beer, button-down, Costa Rica, courthouse, first date, fondle, goodbye, gun, lab, love, moustache, outdoors, reconcile, rough, timing, together
Diane Lockhart/Peter Florrick, Armani, charm, compete, contrast, court, dress, fierce, forget, history, irony, jewelry, mistake, pretend, secret, sneak, tension
Diane Lockhart/Will Gardner, adult, affection, agreement, awards, bargain, business trip, celebration, champagne, close, comfort, conference room, convenience, dancing, deal, distraction, drinks, equals, explore, five, flirt, foreplay, fun, gala, glasses, heels, judgment, late, laugh, legs, lingerie, loyal, marriage, massage, messy, more, necktie, new, partners, pleasure, promise, red, save, scarf, scent, Scotch, share, smile, starting, taste, tease, touch, trust, truth, what if
Eli Gold/Natalie Flores, hope, reason, sand clock, weakness, wonder
Elsbeth Tascioni/Wendy Scott-Carr, divorce, façades, romantic comedy
Kalinda Sharma/Dana Lodge, compensation, placating, replacements
Kalinda Sharma/Sophia Russo, lies, negotiation, tongue
Kalinda Sharma/Will Gardner, aggressive, consolation, incendiary, slam
Peter Florrick/Will Gardner, angry, interrupted, one-up, pursue, revenge, strip

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Blondie/Tuco, noose, passion, treasure

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Nick/Gatsby, jealousy, liquor, party, wealth

The Green Hornet
Britt/Kato, broken, change, homesick, vulnerable
Kato/Lenore, charming

The Guild
Bladezz/Fawkes, chaos, desperate, famous, future, guild, kilt, quest, school, spread, squeeze, virgin
Codex/Fawkes, character, convention, public, woo
Codex/Riley, bound, controller, roleplay
Codex/Tinkerballa, fingers, loud, offline, red, snark
Fawkes/Tinkerballa, adventure, ass, gossip, kilt, leverage, no regrets, rough, winner

The Halloween Tree (1993)
Jenny/Pip, grown, heights, sacrifice

The Hangover (movies)
Phil/Steph, argue, beach, bluff, fun, know you, love at first sight

The Haunting
Eleanor/Theo, distraction

The History Boys
Dakin/Irwin, distance, future, glasses, grey, Poland, smirk
Dakin/Scripps, abstinence, crush, dormitory, drunk, God, laughing, surrender
Posner/Scripps, breakup, cooking, gobbets, graduation, poetry

The Hitcher (1986)
Jim Halsey/John Ryder, death, hunter, rest, safety, sand

The Hollows - Kim Harrison
Ivy/Kist, accent, anger, blood, body, breakfast, broken, dead, forget, friends, fuck, healing, love, lust, mending, pain, piano, pool, scream, snow, swimming, table, tub
Ivy/Kist/Rachel, biting, bondage, caps, Christmas, hot tub, jealousy, need, pizza, play, rain, share, sharing, taste, tease
Ivy/Rachel, bathtub, beg, blood, brimstone, first, give in, kiss, kitchen, leather, lingerie, love, magic, motorcycle, please, public, road trip, sweat, watch

The Homecoming
Joey/Lenny/Ruth, agreement, queen, sofa, tart, upper hand
Joey/Ruth, submit
Lenny/Ruth, ego, smug, tangled
Ruth/Teddy, children, façade, unhappy

The Honeymooners
Alice/Trixie, couch
Ralph/Ed, scheme

The Hour (2011)
Bel Rowley/Freddie Lyon, breaking news, consolation, end of the world, food, holiday, I hate you, impulse, lark, lick, rainstorm, umbrella, unemployed, war
Bel Rowley/Hector Madden, cunnilingus, office
Bel Rowley/Lix Storm, guidance, war wounds, whisky
Bel Rowley/Marnie Madden, amends, brethren, fingers, gasp, lights, lovely, sneaking, studio
Freddie Lyon/Lix Storm, on assignment, scotch

The Hours
Virginia/Vanessa, bird, blood, drowning

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Annie/Cinna/Finnick/Johanna, comfort, entwined, family, fight, revolution, shelter, understanding
Annie/Finnick, bread, desperation, ebb, kiss, memory, restraint, return, sea, soft hands, stars, swimming, tide, water
Annie/Finnick/Johanna, sense
Annie/Johanna, after, earth, painting, returning, salt, sheets, water
Annie/Katniss, ivy, letters, service
Cato/Clove, killing, training, vicious, winners
Cinna/Finnick, beautiful, Capitol, cold, dazzle, fire, rebellion, shadow, show, shower, silk
Cinna/Haymitch, AU, lost, protection
Cinna/Katniss, AU, fire, genderbending, mockingjay
Finnick/Johanna/Katniss, persuasion
Finnick/Katniss, anchor, braid, clean, dirt, equal, escape, fingers, harpoon, ice, loss, moon, rope, sting, stitches, team, tight, violence
Finnick/Katniss/Peeta, alive, breath, friendship, resistance, reunion
Finnick/Peeta, AU, liar, rope, smile, victors, water
Foxface/Katniss, AU, ghosts
Foxface/Thresh, study, theft, wordless
Gale/Johanna, axes and snares, better, District 2, drunk, fighters, gorgeous, mouth, naked, reunion, revolution, scream, striptease, together, water, woods, wrestle
Gale/Katniss, after, aim, alternate, bite, caretaker, crumbs, dirt, first, forest, forgiveness, glamorous, hard, hope, hunt, hurt, injured, older, reconciliation, regret, stealthy, stretch, sun, sweat, swim
Gale/Katniss/Peeta, AU, games, skin, survival
Gale/Peeta, AU, lost
Haymitch/Katniss, drunk, firebomb, hungover, loyalty, mentor, propo, self-hatred
Haymitch/Katniss/Peeta, alive, AU, favourites, game, hunt, knife, training
Haymitch/Peeta, AU, forgetting, rough
Johanna/Katniss, aggression, bath, betrayal, bitch, biting, bruise, bruises, drown, gun, nightmare, shameless, vengeance, water
Johanna/Peeta, captive, cold, comrades, connection, echo
Katniss/Lavinia, AU, speak
Katniss/Madge, AU, barefoot, bruises, fairytale, mockingjay, quiet, revolutionary, sponsor, young
Katniss/Peeta, 1st games, art, audience, autumn, awake, baby, baking, cold, commemoration, counter, craving, cuddle, danger, defeat, desire, dream, enemies, first, flour, freedom, fumbling, future, garden, happy, hope, injury, interview, kiss, listen, love, memories, moon, nightmare, pain, paint, pale, relief, river, scars, song, stew, swimming, victory, warmth, window, woods
Katniss/Prim, AU, bunker, helpless
Katniss/Rue, AU

The Hunger
Miriam Blaylock/Sarah Roberts, cloth, expose, loathe, mirror, piano, resist, sheer, slake

The Ides of March
Molly/Ben, history

The Inbetweeners
Jay Cartwright/Mark Donovan, denial, detention, sneaking
Jay Cartwright/Neil Sutherland, big mouth, camping, fantasy, liar, sleepovers

The Incredible Hulk
Emil Blonsky/General Ross, need

The Incredible Hulk (1977)
David Banner/Jack McGee, confession, loneliness, truth

The Incredibles
Helen Parr/Mirage, change, flexible, ordinary

The Infernal Devices - Cassandra Clare
Tessa/Jem, [any], blood, children, corset, gear, gentle, haste, premarital, strength, wedding night
Tessa/Jem/Will, alone, bare, complete, gentle, grass, hands, happiness, love, right, sunlight, together, warm
Tessa/Jessie, [any], cohabitate
Sophie/Gideon, [any], Ascension, scar

The Inside
Paul/Danny, lies
Paul/Web, deflection, puppet
Rebecca/Gem, damaged
Rebecca/Karen, lost
Rebecca/Karen/Paul, faithful
Rebecca/Mel, missing, office
Rebecca/Paul/Web, entwined, night, twisted
Rebecca/Web, hunting, imbalanced, murder wind, reined-in, temptation, third canto, wrong turn

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Barbara/Tommy, honey, rain, satin, shirtsleeves, tuxedo
Barbara/Tommy/Helen, opera tentative

The Invisible Man
Darien Fawkes/Bobby Hobbes, quicksilver, track, trust, van

The Iron Lady
Margaret, power
Margaret/Geoffrey Howe, turning the tables

The IT crowd
Jen/Roy, [any]

The Kane Chronicles - Rick Riordan
Horus!Carter/Isis!Sadie, [any]
Carter/Sadie, [any]
Carter/Sadie/Walt, [any]
Carter/Walt, [any]
Sadie/Walt, [any]
Sadie/Anubis, [any]

The Killing
Holder/Linden, burn, cigarettes, freeze, meth, rain, rules, smoke, tics

The King Must Die - Mary Renault
Theseus/Ariadne, bull-dancer, chthonic, girdle, gold, linen, silk, star, wool

The L.A. Complex
Tariq Muhammad/Kaldrick King, boundaries, identity

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (comics)
Mina Murray/Edward Hyde, honor, protection

The Legend of Dragoon
Dart Field/Lavitz Slambert, bandages, longing, loyalty
Miranda/Rose, camp, insomnia, monster, moon, nightmare

The Legend of Eli Monpress - Rachel Aaron
Miranda/Eli, battle, silk, spirit

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Zelda/Ganondorf, chance, measure, sacrifice, touch

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Zelda/Midna, caustic, difference, dominion, dream, laugh, light

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Zelda/Impa, duty, fate, learning, listen, pure, sharp

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers
Autumn/Sp3cimen, bond, dark side, turn
Dark Nurse/OC, before, child, fight
Finns/Gills/Scales/Teethe, sisters, tidal, together
Ninjato/Katana/Spex, AU, balance, happy, reunion

The Likeness - Tana French
Cassie Maddox/Frank Mackey, audio, gunshot, murder

The Little Mermaid (Disney)
Ariel/Ursula, control, voice

The Lookout
Chris/Gary, deception, memory, threats

The Lord of the Rings (any)
Aragorn/Boromir, allegiance, bath, devoted, dominance, forest
Aragorn/Elrond/Haldir, alliances
Aragorn/Éowyn, battle, despair, fear, healing, leather, riding, shouldn't
Arwen/Éowyn, culture, horse, mortal, queen, saga, scars, sewing, sword, waiting
Elladan/any!elf, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Éowyn/Faramir, acceptance, fair, first, love, marriage, petals, riding, sneak, spar, spring, strength, sugar, sunshine, tense, verse, warmth, wind
Erestor/Glorfindel, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Frodo/Gandalf, cry, happy, hug, reasonable
Frodo/Sam, ale, broken, linen, meadow, pale, pleading, rescue, rocks, rope, stains, sunlight, survive, travel
Haldir/any!elf, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Legolas/Gimli, beard, cave, hope, jewel, longing, memory, mithril, roots, ship, starlight
Merry/Pippin, breakfast, dance, declaration, domestic, foursome, lake, Lithe, memory, mushroom, orgy, threesome, wife
Rosie/Pervinca, always, dance, foursome, never, orgy, ribbon, sing, threesome, washing, willow
Rosie/Sam, cook, cotton, dream, field, first, flowers, hay, marble, soft, sunrise, sweet, thirteen, wedding night, whisper
Sauron/Witch-king of Angmar, chill, cloak, eternity, flame, iron, ring, scream, tower, veiled, wasting

The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien
Erestor/Haldir, rain, reunion, trust
Glorfindel/Elrond, fire, slow, timeless, warmth
Glorfindel/Erestor, dreams, dusk, flame, winter, yours
Glorfindel/Haldir, autumn, jealousy, rivalry
Legolas/Elladan, arrows, banquet, family, lembas, mithril, Orcs, riding, water, woods

The Losers
Aisha al-Fadhil/Franklin Clay, car, handcuffs, misfire, thief
Aisha al-Fadhil/Franklin Clay/William Roque, fight, scars
Franklin Clay/William Roque, anticipation, compromise, duty, exhaustion, injury, luxuries
Jake Jensen/Jolene Porteous/Linwood "Pooch" Porteous, home
Jolene Porteous/Linwood "Pooch" Porteous, bubbles, dandelions, picnic

The Losers (2010)
Aisha al-Fadil/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez, pretty, sex pollen, stiletto
Aisha al-Fadhil/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez/Jake Jensen, bruise, damage, rain, skin, strong, technology, toys
Aisha al-Fadhil/Franklin Clay, combat, release, spar, submission, tension, training
Aisha al-Fadhil/Jake Jensen, lipstick, worry
Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez/Jake Jensen, calm, dating, hat, jungle, loud, noise, quiet, singing, still, sweat, tent, tequila

The Lost World - Michael Crichton
Ian Malcolm/Sarah Harding, beer, remember, speculate
Richard Levine/Sarah Harding, arrogance, survival
Richard Levine/adult!Kelly Curtis, apartment, bedposts, teach

The Lost World - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Roxton/Marguerite, dance, destined, forest, hidden, longing, quiet, scared, scarves, wit

The Lying Game
Alec/Rebecca, challenge, handcuffs, truth or dare
Alec/Sutton, like father like son, making a deal
Char/Mads, beg, grin, messy, secret, sigh, suntanning, swimming pool, teasing, testing
Sutton/Thayer, apartment, control, desperate, finally, hard, pining, slow, stroke, trace, trailer, used, want

The Magnificent Seven (TV)
Ezra Standish/any male character, amazement, danger, greed, honour, judgment, love, lust, non-con
Ezra Standish/Chris Larabee, abandonment, greed, green eyes, history, memories, mourning, trust, widowers
Ezra Standish/Vin Tanner, bounty hunters, greed, memories, trust

The Man from Nowhere
Cha Tae-sik/Ramrowan, eyes, knife, loss, void

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)
Eleanor Prentiss Shaw/Jocelyne Jordan, control, leverage, pink, whisper
Eleanor Prentiss Shaw/Jocelyne Jordan/Raymond Shaw, appease, dream, escape, struggle, tie
Eleanor Prentiss Shaw/Raymond Shaw, consequences, forgets, heart, hidden, hope, listen, preparation, protection, remembers, simple, teeth, trap
Eleanor Prentiss Shaw/Thomas Jordan, obstacle, once, red, son

The Mask of Apollo - Mary Renault
Nikeratos/Thettalos, act, boy, girl, man, pillow talk, silence, sing, speak, threesome, woman

The Matrix
Trinity/Neo, dance, guns, one, reunion, threadbare

The Mechanic (2011)
Arthur Bishop/Steve McKenna, adrenaline, fingerprints, glock, jeans, ruined, troublemaker

The Mentalist
Kimbal Cho/Summer Edgecombe, back pain, freebie, massage, special
Grace Van Pelt/Patrick Jane, bet, blond, comfort, control, game tricks, hypnosis, massage, rebound, redhead, reflexology, suggestions, therapy, undercover
Grace Van Pelt/Wayne Rigsby, cheeseburger, hot, sleep, sweet
Patrick Jane/Wayne Rigsby, annoying, argue, beach, dinner, flowers, trouble
Patrick Jane/Theresa Lisbon, aftermath, apples, attic, awkward, boss, bruises, challenge, couch, fallout, feint, force, formal wear, game, gifts, handcuffs, hold, interrupted, jealousy, kneel, lazy, loyalty, magic, mind games, need, ocean, office, paperwork, petite, pride, red, reset, ring, role-reversal, seashell, size, sleight of hand, submit, suggestion, suspicion, touch, trust, unbuttoned, undercover, vacation

The Middleman
Wendy Watson/The Middleman, [any]
Lacey Thornfield/The Middleman, [any], fireworks, handjob, mirrorverse, movie theater
Lacey Thornfield/Wendy Watson, aliens made them do it, an exotic problem, art, blindfold, damsel in distress, friends, friends with benefits, me time, misunderstanding, monkey business, rescue, teasing
Lacey Thornfield/Wendy Watson/Noser, art, band, music
Lacey Thornfield/Pip, [any]

The Mighty Ducks (movies)
Adam/Jesse, [any]

The Millennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson
Mikael Blomkvist/Lisbeth Salander, again, book, choice, computer, heal, motorcycle, mystery, photographic memory, pounce, share, sweat, tug, unravel
Lisbeth Salander/Miriam Wu, bound, meeting

The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare
Clary/Jace, runes

The Mummy (movies)
Ardeth/Jonathan, claim, curse, mating, sand, tattoo, treasure, tribe, water
Alex/Ardeth/Evie, compass, desire, ritual, safe, solid, touch
Alex/Lin, [any], bruise, children, cling, future, learning, life, magic, pain, past, protect, surprise, sweet

The Muppet Show
Bunsen/Beaker, voice

The Nanny Diaries/Nanny Returns - Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
Chassie/Ingrid, love-starved
Grayer/Stilton, blurry
Nanny/Mrs. X, boundaries, human, lipstick, whore

The Nanny
CC/Niles, competition, curvaceous, race, rhyme, tired, voice

The New Adventures of Old Christine
Christine/Lindsay, concern
Christine/Marly, money
Christine/Matthew, wine
Christine/New Christine, Vegas
Marly/Lindsay, dominance
Richard/Matthew, bachelor pad

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
Celia Bowen/Marco Alisdair, forfeit, silence
Isobel Martin/Tsukiko, comfort, tattoos
Poppet Murray/Bailey Clarke/Widget Murray, color, gratitude, sharing

The Night Watch - Sarah Waters
Helen/Julia, jealousy, missing, shelter

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Skellington/Sally, [any], cloth, colorful, dance, fall, feel, friction, holiday, master, night, power, pull, quixotic, rule, scream, stitch, touch, unite

The Nine Lives of Chloe King
Jasmine/Chloe, claws, fangs, orphan, slayer, watcher

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (TV)
Grace Makutsi/Precious Ramotswe, case, solved, tea

The O.C.
Ryan/Kaitlin, bathroom, house, ice cream, party, sister
Ryan/Lindsay, first time, red, Shakespeare, sigh
Ryan/Seth, acceptance, college, rough, toys
Ryan/Taylor, car wash, cooking, dinner, fantasy, France, kitchen, morning after, pie, pregnant, promises, roller skate, vibrator
Ryan/Theresa, first love, hotel paper, last love, smokes, unfamiliar

The Office (UK)
Dawn/Tim, [any], ambition, anniversary, dishes, feet, holiday, impulse, office party, plait, sunshine, weary

The Office (US)
Andy/Erin, lost, snow, wedding
Andy/Oscar, alcohol, gay bar, jealous, kiss, wingman
Angela/Kelly, anger
Angela/Pam, blue, coffee, everything once, God, mistake, religion, secret, sweater, wood
Creed/any, dog
Dwight/Kelly, birthday, makeup, rules
Erin/Kelly, celebrity, expert, glitter, perky, subtle, talent
Erin/Pam, bright
Jan/Karen, power suit
Jan/Pam, smoke
Karen/Katy, coincidence, fashionable
Karen/Pam, ballet, bathroom, candy, Cheerios, cross-dressing, handy, mistletoe, names, sugar
Katy/Pam, drugs, lipstick, pink, plastic
Michael/Holly, character, serious, voices
Michael/Ryan, disco, fire
Ryan/Pam, affair, NYC, surprised
Jim/Pam, chocolate, cuckolding, frankly, rain
Jim/Pam/Karen, beg, clarity, obvious, solution
Jim/Pam/Katy, wine
Jim/Pam/Ryan, kinky
Jim/Roy, blowjob, straight
Jim/Ryan, amends
Jim/Ryan/Kelly, pleeeeease?, threesome
Ryan/Kelly, [any], accident, addicting, annex, antagonize, apology, bar, blackmail, boyshorts, compromise, corporate, desk, Dundies, Facebook, familiar, feisty, foul, genuine, hate, irrational, jail, jealousy, Jimmy Choo, lost, meaningless, movies, necktie, need, nice, NYC, office, OMG, party, photography, present, promise, proposal, public, quiet, romantic, shopping, slap, super cute, Thailand, Twilight, Twitter, unstoppable, wedding, work
Ryan/Kelly/Erin, fantasy, virgin

The Omen
Robert Thorn/Keith Jennings, comfort, photographs, road trip, running, scratch

The Others (TV)
Mark/Satori, answer, caution, connect, explode, fleeting, psychic plane, second chance, seek, unite, watch

The Pacific
Andrew "Ack-Ack" Haldane/Edward "Hillbilly" Jones, air, alternatives, burn, diversion, ghost, memory, search, shot
Eugene Sledge/Merriell "Snafu" Shelton, forgotten, hidden, return, reunion, tour, train
Robert Leckie/Bill "Hoosier" Smith, luck, promise, rain

The Pact
Lenny/Spence, practice

The Parent Trap (1998)
Annie/Hallie, reconciliation

The Path
Scarlet/Fey Wolf, audience, masks, piano

The Persian Boy - Mary Renault
Alexander/Bagoas, dance, die, fire, joy, live, Persian, translate, water

The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux
Erik/Christine, fear, ink, silence
Raoul/Christine, candles, water, wine

The Philadelphia Story
Macaulay Connor/C.K. Dexter Haven/Elizabeth Imbrie/Tracy Lord, bickering, compromise, kissing, novel, perfume, pool, sedoretu, sharing, spats, unconventional

The Piglet Files
Peter/Sarah, bugged, misunderstanding, secrecy, undercover

The Playboy Club
Alice Beasley/Frances Dunhill, freedom, politics, schedule

The President's Daughter - Ellen Emerson White
Meg/Jack, 1600, beach, caught, first, firsts, graduation, home, library, media, scared, stacks, threat, visit
Meg/Preston, 1600, age, agents, attack, banter, boots, campaign, caught, comfort, denial, disguise, first, firsts, media, need, phone, post-administration, President, pundits, re-election, repressed, scared, secret, seduction, speech, tennis anyone?, threat, tie
Neal/OMC, Annapolis, DADT, family dinner, firsts, media, prom, Quantico
Stephen/OFC, bases, college, denial, dogwalking, draft, home plate, Meg, opening day, press, Sox, surprised, threats

The Pretender
Jarod/Miss Parker, [any], alley, beginning, bondage, cabin, caught, dominance, first kiss, first time, heels, hiding, illegal, Ireland, knife, laugh, leather, night, secret, SL-27, slick, wanting, wonder, young
Sydney/Michelle, forgiveness, hurting, new life, secrets

The Prince of Tennis
Echizen/Tezuka, [any]

The Princess and the Frog (Disney)
Tiana/Naveen, cunnilingus, dancing, honeymoon, jazz, paint
Tiana/Charlotte, coronation, curtsey, friends, history, play, ribbons, skinnydipping

The Princess Bride
Inigo/Fezzik/Westley/Buttercup, family, pirates, safety
Westley/Buttercup, desire, love, red, wishes

The Princess Diaries (movies)
Andrew/Mia, accent, aircraft, cologne, silk

The Prisoner (1967)
Number Six/McKern!Number Two, ageplay, coercion, discipline, domination, manipulation, mind games, power play, submission

The Professionals
Bodie/Doyle, amnesia, bondage, cabin, Capri, confinement, deprivation, experiment, hostage, jealousy, reawaken, rope, senses, stakeout, undercover, wounded

The Proposal
Andrew Paxton/Margaret Tate, Canada

The Railway Children (1970)
Bobby Waterbury/OFC, imperative, liberation

The River Wild
Gail Hartman/Wade, acquiesce, beer, campfire, knees, rage, river, run

The Road to El Dorado
Chel/Miguel/Tulio, picaresque, sharing, stargazing
Miguel/Tulio, adventure, beginnings, brilliant, dice, distant, distraction, exasperate, friends, jailbreak, keep, lands, path, plain, quarrel, resolve, time, whisper

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Columbia/Janet, corset, costumes, naughty, touch
Columbia/Janet/Magenta, voyeuristic intentions
Columbia/Magenta, biting, blood, hairdryer, nails, performance, service
Eddie/Frank N Furter, bike

The Royal Tenenbaums
Eli/Margot, audiobook, closet, tent, vapor
Richie/Margot, blanket, decoupage, exhibit, mistakes, sting, tombstone, vinyl
Richie/Eli, collision, detox, fractions, quavering, savages, twigs

The Runaways (movie)
Cherie Currie/Joan Jett, cherry, shotgunning

The Rundown
Beck/Travis, artifact, curse, family, hummer, jungle, mpreg, restaurant, spanking, temple, tequila, vacation, voodoo

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Clyde Langer/Luke Smith, confessions, cool, drunk, leather, unexpected
Sarah Jane/Andrea, quantum
Sarah Jane/Chrissie, pink
Sarah Jane/Maria, first, force, knitting, tea

The Secret Circle
Adam/Cassie, blood, bound, drawn, earth, fate, fire, inescapable, love, lust, spell, want, water
Adam/Diana, dance, dreams, passenger seat, streetlights
Adam/Diana/Faye, before, spell
Adam/Faye, almost, beach, blood, body, breath, dance, don't, feather, fingertips, focus, garnet, midnight, power, pull, rasp, raw, sand, sting, teeth, tense, twist, water
Cassie/Diana, comfort, eager, friends, magic, shower, sleepover
Cassie/Ethan, drunk, hyperfocus, ill-advised, memory, second chance, stars, stay, wrong
Cassie/Faye, finally, hate, magic, opposites, outdo, scathing, tempted
Cassie/Jake, altar, book, circle, faith, magic
Diana/Faye, battle, bleed, comfort, desperate, exhaustion, frustration, fun, giggling, hurt, itch, laughter, longing, rarity, secret, seduce, stubborn, suspicious, unexpected
Diana/Melissa, girls' night, ice cream, practice, stockings
Faye/Melissa, always, anger, bedroom, bracelet, brave, bruise, care, close, complicated, control, crisis, dare, denial, distance, drunk, fissure, follow, frantic, game, games, hands, magic, most, nerves, reassurance, special, sweet, teamwork, the only one who sees, trusting, understanding, undress
Faye/Melissa/Nick, drums, echo, electricity, floating, hyperdrive, need, practical, pulsing, search, sharing, shiver, survival, youth
Melissa/Nick, ghosts

The Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson Burnett
Mary/Colin, bloom, discovery, flowers, shy, travel
Mary/Dickon, soft, tease, voyeur

The Sentinel
Alex Barnes/Jim Ellison, enemies
Alex Barnes/Megan Connor, bonding, dominance, equals
Blair Sandburg/Jack Kelso, control, dirty talk, exhibitionism, teacher
Blair Sandburg/Jim Ellison, amnesia, begging, biting, bondage, breathplay, bukkake, de-aging, feather, food, furries, gag, genderswap, guiding, incest, ink, kinky, kitchen, laughing, marking, mirrorverse, play, possession, power, primal, rain, remote, role-reversal, ropes, scent, secret, sex, strawberries, telepathic, tickling, traveling, vanilla, wrestling
Blair Sandburg/Jim Ellison/Lee Brackett, bonding, rivals
Blair Sandburg/Rafe, camera, car, second base, shower
Blair Sandburg/spirit animal, booty call, loneliness, long distance
Jack Pendergrast/Jim Ellison, daddy
Jim Ellison/spirit animal, booty call, loneliness, long distance
Stephen Ellison/Rafe, GQ motherfuckers!

The Shawshank Redemption (movie)
Red/Andy, anxiety, bruise, dare, escape, helpless, trust, violence

The Siege of Swayne Castle - R. C. Sherriff
Gregory/Roger, cold, huddle, mattress, wrestle

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien
Aegnor/Andreth, chasm, debate, light, starlight, tomorrow
Aredhel/Galadriel, golden, grass, hope, race, rivalry, stars, sun, winner
Aredhel/Glorfindel, dark, hands, safe, secret
Carathir/Haleth, arrogance, undone
Celegorm/Finrod, compromise, faith, farewells, forest
Curufin/Finrod, justice, revenge
Daeron/Maglor, dirge
Ecthelion/Glorfindel, captain, drunk, festival, loyalty
Edrahil/Finrod, darkness, faith
Elrond/Gil-Galad, ash
Feanor/Galadriel, conflict, curls, golden, heavy
Feanor/Nerdanel, ash, concentration, devour, intricate, overwhelm, similar
Fingon/Maedhros, aftermath, belief, burn, dark, firelight, guilt, mistake, party, separate, teeth, tongue, unshakable, young
Finrod/Maglor, breathe, midnight, shadows, silence, song, treelight, voice, words
Finwe/Indis, happy, parting, sunlight
Finwe/Indis/Miriel, competition, shadows
Idril/Tuor, worldly

The Simpsons
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon/Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon, breath, dark, quiet
Bart/Flanders, hero worship
Bart/Martin, deal
Bart/Milhouse, cross-dressing, experiments, Fall Out Boy, husband, prank, scrunchie, smoking, squishee, teenagers, temptation, wedgie
Bart/Nelson, teenagers
Dolph/Jimbo/Kearney, ninja
Juliet Hobbes/Lisa, fantasy, writing
Krusty/Sideshow Mel, humiliation
Lenny/Carl, promotion, sisters
Marge Simpson/Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon, flower, laundry
Moe Szyslak/Waylon Smithers, kiss, improbable, once, relationship, seriously, valentines
Ned Flanders/Edna Krabapple, amuse, hold, teach, together
Ned Flanders/Revered Lovejoy, miniatures, speed-dial, trains
Principal Skinner/Edna Krabapple, bitter, longing, reunite
Rod/Todd, sin
The Simpsons, Santa's Little Helper/Laddie, doggie-style
Skinner/Chalmers, "SKINNER!"
Skinner/Martin, permanent record
Smithers/Burns, Bobo, nap
Smithers/John, rendezvous

The Skin I Live In
Robert/Vicente, made to measure
Robert/Zeca, the lion king

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy - A.N. Roquelaure
Beauty/Laurent, after, broken, clamps, displayed, exposed, fisted, his, insertion, jewels, palace, phallus, plugged, powder, punished, queenly, role-reversal, shared, slave, sounding, used, whipped
Beauty/Laurent/Tristan, bought, consort, post-series, punishment, training
Lexius/the Captain, camp, caught, displayed, filled, punishment, saddle, shared
Lexius/the Prince, Beauty, fisted
Lexius/the Queen, castle, chastity, clamps, kitchen, lap, punishment, shared, show, sounding, stuffed, training, whipped

The Social Network (2010)
Alice/Christy, bed-sharing, better off together, college, experiment, grin, roommates, sour cherry, tequila, together, touch
Cameron/Divya/Tyler, anger, bitter, caught, crew, dirty hands, dp, drunken, elite, exclusive, first time, fortune, gentlemen, ill-advised, party, party, row, rules, sharing, suits, temptation, together, welcome, wicked, workout
Cameron/Erica/Tyler, better, double, double penetration, drunk, focus, fun, laughter, Porcellian, size, tag-team, twins, two for one, wanna bet?
Cameron/Tyler, alike, behind closed doors, bite, boathouse, comfort, darkness, drop, duplicity, faster, fight, first choice, formal wear, indecent, ivory tower, mirrors, narcissism, natural, one coin, open, rough, rowing, sharing, smirk, team, two, water, work out, young
Chris/Dustin, suits, wedding, white
Chris/Dustin/Eduardo/Mark, chastity, firsts, office, post-depositions, raw, scared, shame, sharing
Christy/Eduardo, bathroom stall, cleverness, flustered, in control, public, under the table, woman on top
Divya/Mark, asshole, betrayal, forget, fortune, kink, punishment
Eduardo/Erica, Facebook friends, revenge sex
Eduardo/Mark, accidental D/s, apologies, asexual, awkward, bed-sharing, booty call, California, communication, disappointment, distraction, everything, facts, fingering, fisted, hurt, insomnia, loved, need, negotiation, office, oops, phone sex, procrastination, redemption, restrain, revenge, salvation, sneaking around, spanked, speak, stuck, submissive, swapping, torn, toys, training, truth or dare, virginity, waiting
Erica/Tyler, anger, BU, crew, hands, Harvard, height, payback, revenge, size, water

The Song of the Lark - Willa Cather
Thea/Fred, river

The Sound of Music
Baroness Elsa Schraeder/Liesl, irresistible, unconventional, unexpected
Rolf/Friedrich, seventeen

The Southern Vampire Mysteries - Charlaine Harris
Alcide/Sookie, fur, moonlight
Quinn/Sookie, claws, fur, tiger

The Spirit (2008)
Ellen/Spirit, examination, hero, house call, late visit, mask, one night, patched, resurrection, truth
Sand/Spirit, again, crush, diamonds, kiss, miss, steal

The Spiritwalker Trilogy - Kate Elliott
Catherine "Cat" Bell Barahal/Andevai "Vai" Diarisso Haranwy, bed, braids, corset, fruit, hair, heat, homecoming, jacket, necklace, rescue, sheets, steel, sunburn

The Stand - Stephen King
Larry/Lucy, celebrate, chores, cooking, hips, natural, only, sing, tongue
Stu/Frannie, afternoon, palm, relax, responsibility, shoulders, slick, survivor, true
Stu/Nick, generator, junk, order, reading

The Suite Life (Disney)
Zack Martin/Mr. Moseby, blow, faint, masturbation, mischief, older, secrets, twenty-one, wedding
Zack Martin/Maddie Fitzpatrick, [any], feel, gown nibble, ice, lifetime, patience, pillow, rain, sweet, together
Zack Martin/Maddie Fitzpatrick/Cody Martin, [any], join, light, relief, reunion, time, uniform

The Sun Also Rises
Brett/Jake, dark, difficult, first time, illusion, pretty

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)
Dickie Greenleaf/Freddie Miles, [any], convert
Dickie Greenleaf/Marge Sherwood/Peter Smith-Kingsley, conversation
Dickie Greenleaf/Marge Sherwood/Tom Ripley, bad idea, bet, displacement, drunk, lies, storm, suspicion, vacation
Dickie Greenleaf/Peter Smith-Kingsley, [any]
Dickie Greenleaf/Tom Ripley, adoration, bathroom, chess, clever, envy, games, idol, imitation, liar, light, mirror, mistake, replacement, string along
Marge Sherwood/Peter Smith-Kinsley, [any]
Peter Smith-Kingsley/Tom Ripley, blindfold, boat, car, comfortable, food, gag, gasp, grass, Greece, honesty, key, nuzzle, piano, real, record, regret, robe, symphony, theater, touch, water

The Thick of It
Malcolm/Jamie, vicious
Malcolm/Jamie/Sam, agreement, world domination
Malcolm/Nicola, bitch, gasp, heels, leash, perception, positive reinforcement, press conference, trial and error
Malcolm/Sam, buried bodies, number ten is burning

The Thin Blue Line
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib, defense, sweet
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib/Frank Gladstone, baton, elephant impression, training exercise
Raymond Fowler/Patricia Dawkins, exasperated, prunes
Robert Kray/any, curry

The Third Man
Harry Lime/Holly Martins, desperation, overcoat, sewer

The Three Investigators/Crimebusters
Jupiter Jones/any, furrowed, intellect, plump

The Three Musketeers
Athos/Aramis, confession, guilt, jealousy, unrequited
Athos/D'Artagnan, adrenaline, blood, distraction, forgiveness, somber
Athos/Milady, betrayal, bound, daggers, diamonds, hate, heart

The Tortall Universe - Tamora Pierce
Alanna/Jon, besiege, scar, silence, swordplay, violet
Aly/Nawat, after
Beka/Farmer, breakfast
Daine/Numair, breast, feathery, hair, horseback, passion, power, rise, smirk, tangle, thighs, voice
Daine/Rikash, bleed, difficult, flying, kiss, snigger, stubborn
Jonathan/George, boundaries, king, nights, power, rock, scars, thief

The Traitors' Gate - Avi
John/Sary, back, meet, worlds

The Tudors
Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII, dream, ending, ghost, goodbye, guilt
Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII/Katherine of Aragon, bed, keep, shirts

The Twelve Kingdoms - Fuyumi Ono
Gyousou/Taiki, cloak, forgiveness, path, safe, shelter, season, snow, warmth
Kantai/Shoukei, bear, belong, chase, princess, warm
Nakajima Yoko/Shoukei/Suzu, girl talk, scheming, secrets
Nakajima Yoko/Shouryou, alcohol, disguise, immortality, royalty
Yoko/Rakushun, centuries, crimson, eloquent, fur, ministerial, Queen, trust

The Uncanny X-Men (comics)
Ororo Monroe/Jean Grey, snap, wind, wrap

The Unusuals
Casey/Davis, dynamics
Jason/Casey, [any], bullet, chemistry, cooking, diner, diner, glare, hooker, hospital, new, night, partner, partners, quiet, secrets, stakeout, warmth, warning
Jason/Alison, competition, cooking, middle, numbers, soundtrack

The Vampire Chronicles - Anne Rice
Lestrat/Louis, forever, forgive, married

The Vampire Diaries
Alaric Saltzman/Bonnie Bennett, adrenaline, corners, Gilbert house, hidden, inappropriate, magic, pretend, road trip, school event, scrolls, spells, teaming up
Alaric Saltzman/Caroline Forbes, chains, guilt, hair, impatience, states, understanding
Alaric Saltzman/Damon Salvatore, anger, bondage, bygones, drink, friendship, grief, lonely, ring, rock bottom, teamwork, trust
Alaric Saltzman/Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert, abandoned, between, blood, desperate, dominance, family, forgotten, need, night, roleplay, rough, strength
Alaric Saltzman/Elena Gilbert, alcohol, alcoholics, alone, coping mechanism, couch, distraction, drunk, empty, empty bed, grieving, ill-advised, in school, insomnia, missing, need, over the desk, searching, stay, student/teacher, sweat, training, warm, wrong
Alaric Saltzman/Katherine Pierce, daddy, nightmare, roleplay, shorts, tug
Anna/Bonnie Bennett, condition, device, ghost, mind control, peace, return, teach
Anna/Jeremy Gilbert, blood, closure, feel, forever, ghost, hands, miracle, need, reckless, return, stupid, suck, touch
Anna/Jeremy Gilbert/Tyler Lockwood, careful, clash, drawing, oral fixation
Anna/Jeremy Gilbert/Vicki Donovan, fixation, game, haunted, house, madness, pull in, shadow, twisted, under the sheets
Bonnie Bennett/Caroline Forbes, always, apocalypse, birthday, blood, careful, clinging, curl, dance lessons, darling, fear, gift, home, inside joke, lace, lost, most, protect, rebellion, rivalry, road trip, secret, seduction, self-defense, sleepover, sunlight, trust, want, wedding
Bonnie Bennett/Caroline Forbes/Elena Gilbert, awkward, bleeding, cling, fingers, laughter
Bonnie Bennett/Damon Salvatore, accidental, annoyed, apple, attraction, blackout, bodyswap, bondage, claim, closed spaces, confession, confusion, crooked lust, cursing, denial, dirty talk, dominance, dragged, dreams, fake marriage, frustration, fury, heal, jealousy, karaoke, kiss, library, love song, love spell, lust, masturbation, non-con, pinned, power, rape fantasy, reality, realization, reluctant, rivals, roleplay, rough, safeword, secret, secret admirer, sexting, sexy photos, slow dance, submission, tailored suit, thunderstorm, touch, trapped, truth or dare, Valentine's Day, voyeur, wall, witchcraft
Bonnie Bennett/Elena Gilbert, after the fall, anger, Bennetts, crossroad, demons, devoted, doppelgangers, first time, friendly fire, heals, history, lace, last time, mermaid, sacrifice, truck stops
Bonnie Bennett/Elijah, impropriety, understanding
Bonnie Bennett/Jeremy Gilbert, first time, legs, spell, wow
Bonnie Bennett/Katherine Pierce, flame, grudge, play, reparations, strength, tease
Bonnie Bennett/Klaus, beg, deal, mine, power, stalk, torture, witches
Bonnie Bennett/Stefan Salvatore, cold, common sense, cosmic, help, human, panic, rush
Caroline Forbes/Damon Salvatore, anger, drink, eyes, fog, hate, helpless, hit, hungry, lips, loathe, miles, shove, shudder, silent, sin, soft, strong, Taylor Lautner, wrong, yes
Caroline Forbes/Damon Salvatore/Katherine Pierce, blood, family, future, tangled
Caroline Forbes/Elena Gilbert, ballgown, blow-back, cheerleading, competition, crush, dare, event, honey, lace, lick, lipstick, necklaces, pool, power play, sleepover, sprinklers, strap-on, summer, teeth, tits, touch
Caroline Forbes/Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore, betrayal, chase, forgiveness, memories, turned
Caroline Forbes/Elijah/Klaus, chained, denial, desire, massage, original, power, tease, voyeur, wild
Caroline Forbes/Katherine Pierce, bedroom, breathe, child, control, dare, desperate, Elena, fantasy, foreplay, fun, games, maze, mine, murderer, nails, poetic, possess, ripped, scared, spy, stockings, sweet, victim
Caroline Forbes/Klaus, beauty, beg, birthday, bite, comfort, compassion, deception, drinking, gifts, hate, lust, payback, struggle
Caroline Forbes/Matt Donovan, changeless, heart, home, hormones, reunion, silver
Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore, 3000, accident, blanket, bloodlust, bunnies, car, cheerleading, classroom, college, comfort, danger, easy, eternity, fight, flirting, future, green, house, hunt, immortal beloved, lessons, natural, pillow fight, porch, rain, remember, revenge, safe, saving, shower, sun, understanding, woods
Caroline Forbes/Tyler Lockwood, animal, bare, bend, bite, bones, caught, chains, control, dream, dress, echo, feed, fetch, fist, forest, gloves, horny, hunt, hurt, killer, knock, lost, low, lust, manhandle, moon, mutual, nipple, pain, pale, pegging, proof, raw, restraint, ring, rip, rough, run, rust, scared, scratch, scratches, seconds, soft, stain, stop, suck, summer, sweat, tangled, trust!play, wild, wind, wrong
Caroline Forbes/Vicki Donovan, comfort, dance, tutoring, unexpected
Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert, [any], abandon, anal, bed, begging, biting, blood, blowjob, bondage, car, chocolate, comfort, compulsion, cozy, cruel, crushed leaves, daddy, dance, dancing, desire, desperation, dominance, dominance/submission, door, dream, dreams, driving, drunk, escape, experience, eyes, fangs, fight, fingering, fire, first time, guilt, heat, hot tub, invasion, jealousy, kissing, lessons, lingerie, longing, masturbation, muscle, oranges, overprotective, panties, pillow fight, playboy, poetry, pool, porch, porches, portrait, possession, power, rain, red, rescue, right, ring, road trip, roses, scandal, sear, seduction, shadows, shame, sheets, shower, silk, sin, skin, skinnydipping, sleepy, smug, soft, spanking, sparring, stairs, stakes, striptease, submission, summer, sweat, take, teaching, tear, tease, teddy bear, temptation, touch, training, wall, war, window, woods, workout
Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert/Elijah, alliance, alternatives, bound, honor, plan
Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce, compulsion, hate!sex
Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore, belonging, biting, completion, cuddle, falling down, family, forever, forgiveness, love, messy, mischief, morning, oops, pain, return, road trip, sacrifice, sharing, shower, symmetry, threesome, together, trouble
Damon Salvatore/Elijah, revenge, time
Damon Salvatore/Jenna Sommers, dirty shame, kitchen counter, now, shots, sugar
Damon Salvatore/Jeremy Gilbert, annoyance, audacity, bite, control, fear, hot, lazy, powers, sass, smirk, vampire-sexual
Damon Salvatore/Katherine Pierce, attention, awe, blood!play, bondage, corset, curls, driving, fear, fingers, friends, hunt, imagine, itch, lace, leverage, liar, marking, nostalgic, pegging, protective, rejection, remember, rough, scar, scars, self-interest, shushing, split, tattoo, top, vain, vein
Damon Salvatore/Liz Forbes, anger, betrayal, business, common, grind, just once, remembering, uniform, vampire
Damon Salvatore/Rose, benefits, floor, pretend, switch
Damon Salvatore/Stefan Salvatore, bargain, blackmail, blood, brother, chase, domination, fever, fight, fingers, first time, history, hungry, indulgence, mistake, monsters, outside, shame
Elena Gilbert/Elijah, candle burn, cold, confidence, dagger!play, domestic, dusty, femdom, freedom, hate!sex, hearing, height, lack of touch, leverage, linger, little brothers, mess, mirrors, pining, pleasure, preen, protection, queen, rules, suggestion, taste, tethered, thief, trust, uncertainty, underestimate
Elena Gilbert/Elijah/Klaus, bargain, betrayal, between, blood, compelled, deal, fear, heat, intrigue, manipulation, morning, music, need, sacrifice, shame, sharing, sleep, wrath
Elena Gilbert/Jeremy Gilbert, anger, broken, cling, comfort, falling apart, fix, guilt, heal, high, issues, lonely, madness, meds, need, scars, secret, stop, stuck, tight, trapped, tunnel vision, wrong
Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce, abandon, blood, bloodstain, equals, fire, give up, grifter, guilty pleasure, history, magic, messy, mirror, only one, Petrova, reckless, remaining, rough, run, sacrifice, same, scar tissue, secret, sharp, shattered, similar, skin, Stefan, symmetry, taboo, tease, teeth, temptation, thorn, timeless, touch, turned
Elena Gilbert/Klaus, capture, collateral, cuffs, desperate, doppelganger, forbidden, furious, humanity, road trip, temptation, wrist
Elena Gilbert/Klaus/Stefan Salvatore, compulsion, school, share, voyeur
Elena Gilbert/Rebekah, bed, dance, dress, flirt, hold, impulse, lipstick, owe, prom, promises, proposition, silk, similarities
Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore, balcony, before, bite, bondage, boots, bound, breasts, caring, closet, costume, dominatrix, drunk, experiment, fangs, first time, foreplay, gagging, heat, hideout, horny, inhale, innocent, jealousy, kissing, laughter, lost, nuzzle, outside, poison, power, rain, reckless, restrained, ride, ripper, rub, school dance, scream, secret, shattered, shower, snow, straddle, strap-on, suck, surprise, table, trust, vervain, wall!sex
Elena Gilbert/Tyler Lockwood, drinking, embrace, funeral, grieving, kisses, longing, need, pretend, quiet, teenagers, want
Elena Gilbert/Vicki Donovan, breath, corporeal, envy, fight, ghost, hungry
Elijah/Katherine Pierce, 1492, blood, dominance, England, forever, games, garden, love, maze, puzzle, seduction, Spain, wit
Elijah/Klaus/Rebekah, [any], always, ancient, bite, bound, centuries, children, cuddle, flaunt, forever, giggle, hands, hold, kin, monstrous, predators, present, push, sacred, seduction, share, tempt, unending
Jeremy Gilbert/Katherine Pierce, cave, mirror, play, secret, sister, teacher, toy, watch, world
Jeremy Gilbert/Tyler Lockwood, bad idea, bite, bottom lip, boxers, buzzed, chains, collar, crossbow, dangerous, defiant, drunk, fetch, games, heat, intensity, knock, leash, nuzzle, power play, push and pull, sharp, sketchbook, sketches, stupid, topping from the bottom, wall!sex, woods
Katherine Pierce/Stefan Salvatore, bite, compulsion, corset, creator, dreams, exposure, feral, hate!sex, pinned down, road trip, stiletto, submit, teach, underneath
Klaus/Rebekah, [any], 20's, belonging, birthday, bite, blood, caress, choice, cold, dagger, dance, eternity, favourite, fickle, flexible, forgiveness, frantic, innocent, jealous, jealousy, love, loyalty, need, possession, pout, power play, pride, red, resentment, ruthless, sanctuary, sin, smug, spanking, sweet, taunt, tease, undress
Klaus/Rebekah/Stefan Salvatore, blood, dance, sharing
Klaus/Stefan Salvatore, 1920's, blood, blowjob, brother, competition, gin, knees, obedience, ripper, service, slow, spank, tangled, tension
Klaus/Tyler Lockwood, bond, fight, obedience

The Venture Bros.
Brock Samson/Dr. Rusty Venture, children, cross-dressing, delayed orgasm, fisting, glasses, mpreg, protection, rimming, robot, toys, whining
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch/the Monarch, tie, tease, love, need

The Vicar of Dibley
Geraldine/Alice, thunderstorm

The Virgin Suicides (1999)
Cecilia/Lux, fireflies, moon, stars

The Walking Dead
Andrea/Daryl, [any], babies, bar, celebration, first, fuck buddies, future, real world, sweat, tattoos, tongue, tree
Andrea/Shane, car!sex, drunk, gunfight
Daryl/Glenn, [any]
Daryl/Glenn/Shane, [any]
Glenn/Maggie, again, danger, pharmacy, sneaky, town
Lori/Rick, abandon, dance, fields, huddle, metal, moment, precious, rare, strength, tears, tense, trust, truth

The Walking Dead (comics)
Andrea/Dale, falling, gone, love, reality, touch

The Walking Dead (TV)
Andrea/Daryl, answers, arrow, bath, challenge, electric, siblings, sniper, sorry, target, thunder
Andrea/Rick/Shane, cars, child, drive, more, practice, pregnant, together
Rick/Shane, alone, anger, blood, Carl, control, darkness, done, eyes, first, forgive, fuck, guns, hair, hate, hell, hug, Lori, make, meeting, muscles, officer, teenagers, tent, young

The War Boys
David/George, beginnings, border, gunshot, healing, hurt, stubborn

The Warlord Chronicles
Arthur/Guinevere, achievement, home, love
Derfel/Ceinwyn, adventures, apple tree, commitment, home, ropes, sword and shield, wolf

The Waves - Virginia Woolf
Bernard/Susan, sanctuary

The West Wing
Abbey Bartlet/Ellie Bartlet, mine
Ainsley Hayes/Sam Seaborn, accidental, baking, betrayal, blonde, brandy, California, campaign, catalogue, combative, corner, desk, details, dinner, disagreement, dress, easy, formal wear, friction, gala, grace, hair, heat, heels, laughter, lipstick, loneliness, night, Oval Office, pearls, performance, quiet, red, secrets, sex kitten, sprinkles, take out, watch, wishes
Amy Gardner/Donna Moss, competition, ease, feminism, friendship, joking, kindness, legs, martini, rivals, sympathy
Amy Gardner/Josh Lyman, anger, bikini, cell phone, cyclical, debate, desk, drunk, easy, eventually, fight, hosiery, ice cream, lock, love, pajamas, push, real, rough, singing, speechless, suit, sweet, Tahiti, tie, toast, victory, win
Amy Gardner/Sam Seaborn, aftermath, beer, bewitching, ice cream, midnight
Andrea Wyatt/Toby Ziegler, barefoot, bunker, campaign, Catholic schoolgirl, celebration, conjugal visit, corridor, desperate, distraction, falling, gasp, librarian, limo, mess, necktie, power, Presidential, secret, security, shoulder blades, smoke, summer, whisky, years gone by
C.J. Cregg/Danny Concannon, away, different, finally, summer
C.J. Cregg/Donna Moss/Josh Lyman/Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, blossom, caesura, ephemera, silver, speakeasy, suits
C.J. Cregg/Kate Harper, after, basketball, bunker, campaign, China, plane, room, secrets, secure, unexpected, wine
C.J. Cregg/Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, blackbirds, cabin, ever after, gingerbread, interstices, intertextuality, piano
C.J. Cregg/Toby Ziegler, bar, chasm, cigarette, distance, gap, secret, smoke, youth
Charlie Young/Jed Bartlet, silence
Charlie Young/Zoey Bartlet, champagne, lawyer, learning, safe, young
Donna Moss/Josh Lyman, always, awkward, cake, cuddling, dare, dynasty, elopement, girl next door, headline, Las Vegas, nicknames, night off, paperwork, prescience, simple, suit, tie, waiting
Donna Moss/Sam Seaborn, red, secret, smile
Elizabeth Bartlet/Ellie Bartlet/Zoey Bartlet, privacy
Huck Wyatt-Ziegler/Sam Seaborn, aesthetics, blackbirds, doubleplusgood, eschatology, ever after, fluoresce, funeral, gingerbread, heliotrope, southpaw, sublapsarian
Jed Bartlet/Zoey Bartlet, favorite
Josh Lyman/Sam Seaborn, air, city, coffee, election, forever, gaze, home, lights, music, office, travel
Mallory O'Brien/Sam Seaborn, California, promises, red, silence, trust
Margaret/Mrs. Landingham, grief
Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, apotropaic, autobiography, blackbirds, contrivance, doubleplusgood, hemlock, lapsarian, lawbreakers, legerdemain, newspapers
Sam Seaborn/Will Bailey, goulash, paper

The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame,
Rat/Mole, brave, comfort, domestic, home, tender

The Winter Prince - E. Wein
Medraut/Goewin, [any], affair, angry, kiss
Medraut/Lleu, [any], fire, hate, sword

The Wire
Jimmy McNulty/Shakima "Kima" Greggs, ace, begging, bet, clothes, drunk, handcuffs
Jimmy McNulty/William Rawls, chain of command, dirt, lifeblood
Omar Little/Brandon Wright, cussing, kisses, ropes
Rhonda Pearlman/Beatrice Russell, desk, diligence, frisk, real police
Russel "Stringer" Bell/Preston "Bodie" Broadus, muscle, please, right, soldier

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - L. Frank Baum
Ozma/Dorothy, aging, dresses, fist, fly, friends, rose, royalty, ruling, wistful

The World Ends with You
Hanekoma/Joshua, believe, bubblegum, isolate, text, wings

The X-Files
Dana Scully/Alex Krycek, absolution, anger, connection, desperation, hate, Mulder
Dana Scully/Marita Covarrubias, bed
Dana Scully/Melvin Frohike, jacket
Dana Scully/Monica Reyes, breeze
Fox Mulder/Alex Krycek, angry, argumentative, dirty, pushy, quick, unbidden, undercover, unexpected
Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, blanket, blood, camping, case, couch, faith, fortune teller, friction, goodbye, grin, happy, home, hotel, illusion, light, New Year's Eve, legendary, radio, rose, running, snow, solidarity, trapped, watch the sky, waterbed, yellow
Walter Skinner/Dana Scully, authority
Walter Skinner/John Doggett, challenge

Thelma and Louise
J.D./Louise/Thelma, beer, belt, cowboy, reckless
Louise/Thelma, adventure, scared

Thief Errant - Elizabeth Bunce
Digger/Meri, [any], bed, inside, magic, silver

Third Star (2011)
James/Miles, Barafundle, beach, cliff, last, water

This Means War (2012)
Chris Pine's character/Tom Hardy's character, best friend, bruise, chase, desire, fight, hidden, high-risk, interrogation, love, op, realization, rivals, secrets, strip, suits, transference, want

Thor (2011) [see also The Avengers (2012)]
Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, adventure, aim, banter, biceps, callus, clean-up, cross-dressing, dare, debrief, disobedience, giggle, gossip, hand, iPod, movie night, paperwork, rescue, scream, security, sharp, shoot, skirt, slick, smirk, sneaking, thrills, unexpected, weaponry
Darcy Lewis/any, playful, taser
Darcy Lewis/Erik Selvig, dance, driving, iPod, volunteer
Darcy Lewis/Jane Foster, roof, sing, twilight
Darcy Lewis/Loki, alone, clever, confused, consensual, disguise, explosive, follow, illusions, impress, intense, iPod, joyride, lick, lies, magic, matched, mischief, outwit, popsicle, positions, public, quirky, seduction, smarter, smirk, sparks, supernatural, taser, tease, wall
Darcy Lewis/Sif, bonding, drink, maiden, victory, warrior
Erik Selvig/Jane Foster, future, library, rainbows, wine
Erik Selvig/Loki, books, bruised, seduction
Erik Selvig/Thor, English, hero, legacy, mead, truth
Heimdall/Loki, gift, magic, sight
Jane Foster/Loki, [any], Asgard, change, deception, dub-con, jealousy, magic, mindfuck, mystery, rooftop, science, shapeshifting, substitution
Jane Foster/Sif, brawn, muscles, revelations, sword, warriors
Jane Foster/Sif/Thor, appetite, breakfast, drunk, science, share
Jane Foster/Thor, bed-sharing, blonde, breakfast, cape, comfort, cuddle, cunnilingus, desert, discovery, divinity, enthralled, experiment, exploring, found, friends, futuristic, gentle, hammer, height, hypnotizing, magic, miracle, morning, notebook, pancakes, queen, science, searching, selfish, shower, size, snow, stargazing, stars, strength, take care of you, tall, van, wall!sex, wishes, wonder
Laufey/Odin, bitter, contrast, fight, force, pain, rough, surrender, unfaithful
Loki/Sif, [any], adrenaline, armor, belonging, betrayal, black, blade, blindfold, bruised, challenge, chance, consequences, dark, desire, different, doubles, dust, earth, edge, embers, end, equal, explore, eyes, feathers, gold, grudge, hair, hard, helmet, history, king, knife, lace, liar, lips, metal, mouth, night, nip, open, opportunity, queen, rescue, secret, shadow, Skadi, slow burn, spells, strength, sunlight, taste, tent, throat, throne, throne room, truth, warmth, weapons
Loki/Sif/Thor, [any], completion, confession, future, home, interest, past, power, request, scandal, training, watch
Loki/Thor, agonize, alcohol, always, apology, Asgard, battle, beg, brother, brotherly, brothers, cheat, choke, claim, comfort, defend, desire, discourse, distance, distort, domination, envy, equal, experiment, feral, forgiveness, full circle, games, glass, glower, hammer, hate, held down, hero, home, honor, humiliate, infinity, left behind, liar, love, mewl, mountain, need, non-con, patterns, plead, promise, reckless, redeem, regret, reticent, riven, rumble, scheme, shackles, shameless, shatter, size kink, smooth, spire, substitute, surrender, teenagers, teeth, trick, two sides, unconditional, villain, violent, want
Sif/Thor, [any], brush, dress, hand, jealousy, mouth, promise, scream, sheets, shield, stars, strategy, understanding, wrestle

Phil Hendricks/Tom Thorne, agony, anger, black eye, bruise, club, cold, crime scene, ecstasy, guilt, help, hysterical, painless, phone calls, possessiveness, stranger, tattoo, threesome, unbearable
Phil Hendricks/James Calvert, deception, forbidden, haunted, pain

Thoroughbred - Joanna Campbell
Ashleigh/Samantha, grief

Brendan Dean/Freya McAllister, awkward, bondage, desire, first time, hair, mind-reading, pictures, shy, tease, toss, virginity, voyeurism

Three's Company
Janet/Jack/Terri, [any]

Cheetara/Lion-O, [any], alpha, camp, future, guidance, king, love, mate, mine, need, pounce, queen, scratch, wicked, wishes
Cheetara/Lion-O/Tygra, [any], flirt, forgiveness, heat, longing, scratch, shiver, summer, teach, tender, together, touch, undone
Cheetara/Tygra, [any], bite, equals, fierce, guard, hold, hug, kiss, knight, nature, past, training
WilyKat/WilyKit, [any], curious, energy, fantastic, fingers, good, more, new, tease, trust

ThunderCats (1985)
Cheetara/Panthro/Tygra, bonding
Lion-O/Pumyra, courtship

ThunderCats (2011)
Cheetara/Tygra, flower, secrets, spots, stripes
Lion-O/Tygra, adulthood, competitor, fight, growing up, kittens, reconciliation, rivalry, siblings

Tierra de Lobos
Isabel Lobo/Cristina, discovery, healing, hiding, new, teach

Tiger & Bunny
Edward Keddy/Ivan Karelin, allow, audience, cold, desperate, full, gritty, guilty, handcuffs, impromptu, makeshift, painful, possessive, public, reassurance, release, rough, sharp, tender
Barnaby Brooks Jr./Kotetsu Kaburagi, date, naps, quarrel
Kotetsu Kaburagi/Karina Lyle, crush, femdom, freeze, infatuation, older, voyeur
Kotetsu Kaburagi/Antonio Lopez, adore, growl, need
Kotetsu Kaburagi/Nathan Seymour, enjoy, familiar, spark

Time Quartet - Madeleine L'Engle
Calvin/Meg, chemistry, cunnilingus, method, peace, promise

Tin Man (2007)
Azkadelia/Glitch, advantage, calm, childhood love, crying, fancy, memories, regret
Cain/DG, [any], dance, discussion, ghosts, mistakes, trying, wedding, yelling
Cain/Glitch, bright, good, longing, save, true, zipper
DG/Glitch, bed, memory, pregnancy, unexpected

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)
Bill Hayden/Jim Priddeaux, anxiety, bucking, confidence, forever, pelt, schoolboys, separation, ties, trophy, worship, worth
Bill Hayden/Peter Guillam, accept, down low, downtown, fistfight, revere, understanding
George Smiley/Peter Guillam, abandon, heartless, homeless, mentor

Tintin (comics)
Tintin/Haddock, addiction, virgin, yearning
Tintin/OMC, investigate, library

Titanic (1997)
Jack/Rose, artist, butterfly, fire, ice, tears

Titus Andronicus - William Shakespeare
Tamora/Aaron, ours, understand, vicious

To Kill A King
Oliver Cromwell/Thomas Fairfax, conscience, decisions, sin, wall!sex, weight

To Kill a Mockingbird
Atticus/Jem, prosecute
Atticus/Scout, whip
Scout/Jem, wire

To the Ends of the Earth (2005)
Charles/Edmund, air, Australia, bath, beach, delicate, fresh, rescue, unconscious, unrequited, yearning
Edmund/Marion, dream, fevered, finally, music plays, transgression
Edmund/Miss Granham, brother, education, governess, knowledge, propriety, shapely

October "Toby" Daye - Seanan McGuire
Raj/Quentin, laugh, magic, mundane, new, sneak, squires
Toby/Tybalt, jacket, magic

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
Jenny Kolinsky/Hannah B. Williams, aftermath, cafeteria, changed, costume, dark, defeat, relief, science, scientific, unexpected
Jenny Kolinsky/Hannah B. Williams/Curtis Weaver, incident

Tokyo Babylon
Seishirou Sakurazuka/Subaru Sumeragi, magic, sakura, trust, violence

Konjiki no Yami/Yuuki Mikan, bath, date, kotatsu, playful, shopping, shy
Lala Satalin Deviluke/Sairenji Haruna/Rito, bliss, domestic, warmth
Mikado Ryoko/Momo Velia Deviluke, bend, examine, poke, squeeze, thorough
Momioka Risa/Momo Velia Deviluke, overstimulate, peek, pinch, skillful, tail
Momo Velia Deviluke/Yuuki Rito, carnivorous, fantasize, flash

Tomorrow When the War Began - John Marsden
Ellie/Corrie, memory
Ellie/Fi, bird, grace, scar, thorns
Ellie/Robyn, footprints

Tony Hill and Carol Jordan - Val McDermid
Tony Hill/Carol Jordan, genuine, struggle, sweat, twisted

Top no Werae!/Gunbuster
Noriko/Kazumi, elegance, envy, reunion

Esther Drummond/Gwen Cooper, alley, dark, hiding, hurt/comfort, loneliness, need, reassuring, sweet
Gwen Cooper/Ianto Jones, join, return, taste, welsh
Gwen Cooper/Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness/Owen Harper/Toshiko Sato, alien, spray, uncontrollable
Gwen Cooper/Ianto Jones/Rhys Williams, fingers, warmth
Gwen Cooper/Ianto Jones/Toshiko Sato, drink, floor, pegging
Gwen Cooper/Jack Harkness, invisible, lasagne, plant, sting
Gwen Cooper/Owen Harper, [any], eager, open, strings, thousand
Gwen Cooper/Rhys Williams, Cardiff, college, day, work
Gwen Cooper/Suzie Costello, darkness, ghost, torch
Gwen Cooper/Toshiko Sato, bright, date, missing, night, tense
Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness, chocolate, coffee, death, entrepot, greenhouse, handshake, home, hub, jail, playful, sharing secrets, sniffle, spacetime, tea boy, tentacles, unintentional exhibitionism, watch, water
Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness/John Hart, double penetration, exhibitionism, held down, masturbation, rimming, rough sex, spanking, voyeurism
Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness/Martha Jones, dress-up, red hat
Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness/Toshiko Sato, [any], hold, language, soft, tender
Ianto Jones/John Hart, angry sex, benefit, caught, devious, eye candy, gunplay, jealousy, manipulation, more, spank, spanking, trapped, voyeurism
Ianto Jones/Owen Harper, comfort, punches, tea
Ianto Jones/Toshiko Sato, accident, brains, kiss, no, pregnancy, sofa, within
Jack Harkness/Jack Harkness, airplane, dance, goodbye, moment, once more, passion, reincarnate, seconds, touch, travel
Jack Harkness/John Hart, best, better, bondage, desperate, force, good, gunplay, kinky, rank, stalemate, stop, trapped, wall
Jack Harkness/Kathy Swanson, biscuit, darkness, invasion, necessary, vertigo
Jack Harkness/Martha Jones, comfort, Doctor, getting better, need, nightingale, staying
Jack Harkness/Owen Harper, denial, intercrural, slow
Jack Harkness/Rex Matheson, afterwards, alpha, cards, commiseration, curve, eternal, mortal, squire, thunder
Jack Harkness/Suzie Costello, bondage, suspense, tension, tie
Jilly Kitzinger/Vera Juarez, deal, devil, heels, miracle, pharmaceutical, red
Martha Jones/Owen Harper, alive, doctors, fixing, femdom, staying
Mary/Toshiko Sato, [any]
Owen Harper/Suzie Costello, fight, little, night, squeak
Owen Harper/Toshiko Sato, Adam, addict, afterlife, awkward, bite, bitter, comfort, date, dating, dead, first, forgive, hub, important, indifference, keystroke, nose, pegging, photo, please, resentment, revive, taste, unexpected
Suzie Costello/Toshiko Sato, bite, busy, drinking, hair, live, mainframe, secret, tired of waiting
Tommy Brockless/Toshiko Sato, military, picture, pull, suck

Touching Evil (US)
David/Mark, blackout, couch, flood, jitterbug, movie night, scars, shadowbox, short-circuit, skiving, slow burn, sports night
David/Susan, juggling, silence, smile, weariness
Mark/Susan, blond(e), restless, shoes, blond

Tour of Duty
Myron Goldman/any male character, danger, lust, protection, violence
Myron Goldman/Marcus Taylor, camaraderie, first time, holocaust, L-Tee, loyalty, memories, old friends, prejudice
Myron Goldman/Zeke Anderson, faith, friendship, holocaust, hootch, Jewish, L-Tee, loyalty, lust, protection

Tower Prep
Ian/Suki, hickey, protect, secret, tease, uniform
Suki/Ray, jealous, midnight, strength

Toy Story
Jessie/Bo Peep, play
Sid/Andy, trash

Bee/Sam Witwicky, human, mpreg, race, spark, speech, touch, toys, virgin

Transformers: Generation 1
Astoria/Mirage, aristocrat
Galvatron/Rodimus, apology, conquered, leadership, quiet, rush, tender, tied, triumph
Hot Rod/Ultra Magnus, patience
Hound/Skyfire, destiny, flowers, sharing, stars
Ironhide/Optimus, angry, courting, protect, sacrifice, wild
Jazz/Optimus/Prowl, command, feral, medbay, oath, relief, secret, synchronicity
Jazz/Prowl, leash, mind-reading, secure, sparklight, switch, trust
Optimus/Rodimus, begging, crop, forgiveness, mourn, peace, strict
Raoul/Spike, bandana
Ratchet/Wheeljack, critical, duct tape, experience, overcharge, punishment
Vortex, sloppy
Wheeljack/Morphobot, tentacle

Transformers (Dreamwave Productions)
Sunstorm/Starscream, molten

Transformers (movies)
Ironhide/Ratchet, electric, gifted, mourn, tingly
Ironhide/William Lennox, comfort, cuddle, home, intimacy, mecha, mind, sex
Judy/Ron Witwicky, dominatrix
Sideswipe/Ironhide, blades

Transformers Animated
Jazz/Prowl, whipping
Starscream/any!clone, supremacy

Transformers: Prime
Bulkhead/Wheeljack, brothers, challenge, drinking, fist, stories, trust
Airachnid/Soundwave, vengeance
Arcee/Optimus, argument, hold, icy, memory, reverence, shelter
Autobots/Optimus, ambush, confusion, cry, cuffs, enforced, laugh, mutiny, touch, vacation
Breakdown/Knock Out, bite, husband, lube, metal, share
Breakdown/Knock Out/Optimus, attention, buffing, capture, sharing, toy
Knock Out/Soundwave, discipline, legs, rival, tease
Knock Out/Starscream, betray, doctor, seduce, tease
Megatron/Optimus, beauty, brutal, chained, flashpoint, lie, mindscape, tentacles, tortured
Megatron/Starscream, abuse, cower, grovel
Optimus/Ratchet, advice, afraid, doctor, down, husband, listen, medic, support

Jay Burchell/Tyler Fog, bloodstains, desperate, help, kneeling, prostitution, responsibility
Jay Burchell/Tyler Fog/Will Traveler, alcohol, blush, broken, close, contrast, discovery, guilt, rough, shy, threesome
Tyler Fog/Will Traveler, redemption, shot

Treasure Island (2012)
Jim Hawkins/Long John Silver, bondage, bruises, enter, first, ginger, grasp, hair-pulling, hammocks, hot, loyalty, new, pull, reunion, rum, steady, straddling, sway, trust, within, world

Janette Desautel/Davis McAlary, lagniappe
Janette Desautel/Jacques Vaz, bite, celebrate, dance, dessert, start, tongue

Trigun (anime)
Vash/Wolfwood, dusk, eager, jealous, reality, redemption, sand

Trinity Blood
Abel/Cain, blasphemers, brother's keeper
Abel/Vaclav, blood, communion, confession, kneeling

Kevin Flynn/RAM, dream, hope, wish
Kevin Flynn/RAM/Tron, game, laughter, survival
Kevin Flynn/Tron, care, clash, support
Kevin Flynn/Yori, always, at last, different, longing, quick
Tron/Yori, forever, new start, off the grid, program

Tron: Legacy
Alan Bradley/Kevin Flynn, heat, memory, regret, wait
Alan Bradley/Sam Flynn, agonize, awkward, beg, company, December, decisive, demand, diplomacy, experiment, flavor, frottage, genius, graceful, guilty, home, hunger, imagination, intensity, lance, leak, loiter, mistake, misunderstand, mystify, obvious, packing, peril, polite, prince, rectify, river, severe, silver, skyline, sparkle, speed, stare, sunrise, tabloid, tactful, wall, warm, youth
CLU/Kevin Flynn, age, defiance, mirror
CLU/Kevin Flynn/Tron, celestial, create, sequence
CLU/Rinzler, gift, pet, reward
CLU/Rinzler/Sam Flynn, calumny, circuits, dangerous, demonstration, desire, double, endure, gag, gasp, greedy, knees, no, penetrate, press, rape, restore, shameless, sneer, strand, strong, swallow, thunder, unable
CLU/Sam Flynn, bruises, display, fight, fracture, game, glass, ground, permission, please, rough, take, unwilling
Edward Dillinger/Sam Flynn, chess, excite, game, glasses, rival, spy, thrill
Gem/Quorra, greyscale, hoops, tinge, umbrella, wait
Gem/Sam Flynn, glow, linger, thighs
Gem/Zues, goto, if, now, then, when
Kevin Flynn/Rinzler, forgive, hope, reset
Kevin Flynn/Tron, cycle, kiss, memory, regret, water
Quorra/Sam Flynn, beach, beer, bubbly, danger, experience, fast, learning, leather, light, motorcycle, ocean, off the grid, play, sunset, taste, warmth
Rinzler, auto-pilot, clone, learn, program, skill, senses
Rinzler/Sam Flynn, Alan, battle, conflicted, conquered, eager, feral, forceful, helmet, knockout, pin, potent, purr, reflection, return, timing, variation
Sam Flynn/Tron, crave, defensive, deny, electric, fight, glimmer, misunderstanding, ploy, pounce, restrain, ride, rigorous, tower, vacillate

Tropic Thunder
Kirk/Lincoln, acting, confidence, experience, history, method, overthinking, reciprocity

Troy (2004)
Achilles/Briseis, AU, beauty, bite, blood, breasts, bruises, dirty, grapes, hand, happiness, masturbation, mine, mortality, peace, sin, stars, sun, temple, territory, unfamiliar, vengeance, warmth, wine

True Blood
Alcide/Eric/Sookie, [any], blonds, blood, brunettes, cold, competition, distrust, fire and ice, hot, loathing, ripped, silk, soothing, torn, wall
Alcide/Jason/Sookie, bond, combat, domesticity, growl, human, mark, protective, puzzles, rush, safe, secrets, sticky, tangled, understanding
Alcide/Sookie, bay, hot, midnight, touch, truck
Andy/Jason, partners
Bill/Eric, acceptance, drink, hands, hard, history, power, push, sarcasm, territory
Bill/Sam, [any]
Bill/Sookie, apologize, bury, cold, connected, dirt, gaze, grave, hot, night, sharp, touch, trust
Eddie/Jason, basement
Eric/Godric, America, blood, last, new
Eric/Pam, anal, bite, dessert, first, glass, heels, hold, love, mirror, regret, voyeur
Eric/Sookie, betrayal, biting, cherry, drink, escape, fingers, hair, hands, hidden, hideaway, light, massage, memory, mind, mine, moonlight, naked, porch, promise, protection, protest, suit, try, turning, viking, wall, want, wedding, yield
Godric/Jessica, blood, human, trust
Godric/Sookie, gentle, human, save, understanding
Hoyt/Jessica, bloodletting, nail, romantic, roses
Jason/Sookie, alone, break, comfortable, confused, magic, ours, stupid, telepathy, urges, vocal
Jessica/Sookie, cut, legs, nail polish, twist, virgin
Jessica/Tommy, ask, blood, break, carry, closing, hiss, listen, play, rasp, reckless, run, tits, top, voyeur, wild
Sam/Sookie, bar, help, kitchen, moon, runaway, transformation, warmth
Sam/Tara, ask, freezer, knot, long time, pancakes, pulling, rough, rules, shots, smell, top, visit
Sookie/Tara, allowance, always, drunk, experiment, kiss

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (manga)
Kurogane/Fai, coats, open fire

Twelfth Night - William Shakespeare
Viola/Olivia, blonde, corsets, gender, manly, runaways, undo, weddings, yellow

Alice/Bella, bite, clean, dress-up, free sample, fun, future, games, illegal, makeup, paper cut, permission, pets, playful, shining, shower, sleepover, sneaky, soft, temptation, thief
Alice/Bella/Rosalie, mirrors
Alice/Jasper, anguish, battle scars, blood, bright, chasing, control, dancing, demons, drive, experience, fight, first time, flitter, future, garden, gentleman, hand on heart, hope, journey, lady, laughter, lightning, love, marriage, meeting, moving, past/future, past tense, pixie, playful, premonition, restraint, river, seer, self-control, soothing, sparkle, special, time, training, trees, trust, truth, war, woman on top
Alice/Rosalie, cracked, slow, tested
Angela/Emmett, finders keepers, optimism
Bella/Carlisle, chemistry, forbidden, heal, kiss, mend, secret, wrong
dom!Bella/sub!Edward, [any], bloodlust, mercy, wrists
Bella/Edward/Jacob, agreement, arrangement, double penetration, escape, family, freedom, joy, nip, peace, puppies, treaty, trio, vacation, work
Bella/Esme, comfort, first time, tender
Bella/James, sadomasochism
Bella/Rosalie, allowed, bite, compliment, distorted, frustration, funhouse, harsh, mirror, nails, sharp, too much
Carlisle/Charlie, flirting, heat
Carlisle/Edward, against, bad idea, bite, blood, chafe, decent, fantasy, first time, fixation, honor, hunt, lust, prodigal, rebel, salvation, sickness, telepath
Carlisle/Esme, doctor, open, wedding
Edward/Jacob, anger, Bella, blowjob, control, deafening, fight, frottage, hot/cold, marked, pin down, scent, slam, snarl, strength, teeth, thoughts, transformation, young
Emmett/Rosalie, high heels, interested, je t'aime, patience, silk
Esme/Rosalie, beauty, blood, reassurance
Jacob/Jasper, dog, fighter, imprint, rain
Jacob/Leah, bite, completion, push
Jacob/Nessie, accidental, change, jealous
Leah/Rosalie, conflict, experiment, gentle, kiss, run away, similar, throat

Twin Peaks
Albert/Cooper, cling, death, evil, fear, hiding
Audrey/Cooper, cherries, lips, spooky

Twitch City
Hope/Newbie, roommates, scarf, winter

Two and a Half Men
Alan/Charlie, boat
Judith/Candi, gossip

Ugly Betty
Betty/Daniel, finally, grace, teach

Um Jammer Lammy
Katy Kat/Lammy, bass, midriff, rock

Nathan Drake/Elena Fisher, jealous, connection, ring, wait, equals
Nathan Drake/Victor Sullivan, father, shave, ass, goddamn, sketch

Under the Dome - Stephen King
Dale Barbara/Julia Shumway, end, beginning, vision, last, cook, smirk

Samantha Bloom/Steven Bloom, partnership, mission, snuggle, pasta, wine, knife, spoons, fork
Samantha Bloom/Steven Bloom/Leo Nash, really?

Underworld (Movies)
Kraven/Erika, hate, deep, game, use, one touch, cold, attempt
Lucian/Sonja, knees, bite, smooth, rope, lick, teeth, change, freedom, first, lie, danger, sweet
Selene/David, reluctance, vampire, blood, forbidden, angry sex
Selene/Michael Corvin, reunion, love, vampire, lycan, darkness, entwine, forgotten, skin, desperation, reunited, [any], desire, candles, sunlight, ancient, power, new, pellucid, inform, concrete, kisses, parenting 101, 15 years, hotel, conception
Selene/Michael Corvin/David, attraction, legends, affection, protectors, lies, leather

Carrie Wells/Al Burns, impossible, weekend, shooting range, despair, closed case, shower, future.
Carrie Wells/Roe Sanders, secret, truth, gamble

United States of Tara
Buck/Marshall Gregson, faggot
Kate Gregson/Lynda Frazier, wings
T/Charmaine Craine, double-dare
T/Kate Gregson, denim
Tara Gregson/Charmaine Craine, soulless
Tara Gregson/Lynda Frazier, vision
Tara Gregson/Pammy, apology

Universal Soldier (1992)
Luc Devereaux/Veronica Roberts, discovery, longing, confused, ice

Up All Night
Ava Alexander/Reagan Brinkley, haste, surge, decorative, command
Chris Brinkley/Kevin, dudebros, hockey, need
Chris Brinkley/Reagan Brinkley, sabotage, tequila, honeymoon

V (2009)
Lisa/Joshua, escape, temptation, desire, cunnilingus, alien, skin, obedience, heat, salvation

V For Vendetta
Evey Hammond/V, prison, release, nerves, reflex, scars, fire, subversive, plan, mask, knife, company, truth

Valentine's Day (2010)
Holden Wilson/Sean Jackson, first-time, revenge, sports fan

Vampire Babylon - Chris Marie Green
Claudius/Costin, alone, apart, closer, angels, memories
Claudius/Dawn Madison, drug, bleed, blades, mind, old
Costin/Benedikte, reality, care
Dawn Madison/Sorin, alike, attraction
Della/Lilly, hands, skill, little, female, heart

Vampire Hunter D
Doris Lang/D, horror, sunset, rough

Vanity Fair - William Thackeray
Amelia Sedley/Rebecca Sharp, seduction, purity, secrecy, theft

Velvet Goldmine
Brian Slade/Curt Wilde/Arthur Stuart, jealousy, possessive reclaiming

Venetia - Georgette Heyer
Aubrey/Damerel, masks
Damerel/Venetia, orgy

Venice the Series
Ani Martin/Gina Brogno, dreams, letter, photos
Ani Martin/Lara Miller, abuse, anal, guilt, passion, writer's block
Gina Brogno/Lara Miller, catfight, drinking
Lara Miller/Sami Nelson, darkness, partners, revenge

Lightning Tiger/Vera Linus, electricity, substitute, seal

Veronica Mars
Carrie Bishop/Veronica Mars, revenant, justice, uncanny
Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas/ Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie, try
Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie/Veronica Mars, internet, sexting, geek-love
Duncan Kane/Lilly Kane, excitement, rush
Don Lamb/Veronica Mars, arrest, department, car, lose
Leo D'Amato/Veronica Mars, job, desk, surveillance, rescue, date
Logan Echolls/Duncan Kane, grief, Lily, down, hard, marked
Logan Echolls/Lilly Kane/Duncan Kane, summer, game, ruthless, mistake, edge, improvisation
Logan Echolls/Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie, shy, awkward
Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars, delinquent, need, tease, epic, loss, volatile, fantasy, rough, first time, grin, puppy, reward, handcuffs, nipple, promises, rotate, rough, satellite, tangled, wall, sultry, summer, slick, backseat, handcuffs, tangled, breath, choices, public, pegging, ink, tattoos, tease, pool, scars
Veronica Mars/ Eli "Weevil" Navarro, motorcycle, rotate, evidence, stakeout, bikes, alley, interrogation, same, fast, dare
Veronica Mars/Lilly Kane, secrets, strawberry, lessons whisper, first love, last kiss, homecoming, formal, experimenting, best friends forever
Veronica/Vinnie Van Lowe, pool hall, desperate, wrong

Andre Harris/Tori Vega, best friends, surprised, long legs
Beck Oliver/Jade West/Cat Valentine, distracted, watch
Cat Valentine/Jade West, silly, jaded, giddy, soft, tongues, nice, party, pink, calming, fire, red
Cat Valentine/Jade West/Tori Vega, sleepover
Cat Valentine/Jade West/Tori Vega/Trina Vega, Yerba
Cat Valentine/Trina Vega, car sex, ice cream
Jade West/Beck Oliver, cross-dressing, punishment, trailer, class, outside, compromise
Jade West/Tori Vega, scissor, play, tease, collar, bite, pain, snark, tease
Tori Vega/Cat Valentine, love song, pink
Tori Vega/Trina Vega, birthweek

Vision of Escaflowne
Van Fanel/Kanzaki Hitomi, joy, wings, flight, cunnilingus, royalty, linen, grace, moment

Haku Yowane/Luka Megurine, imperfect, duet, depression
Haku Yowane/Sonika, translation, ring, slow

Voltron: Defender of the Universe (Lion Version)
Captain Keith/Prince Lotor, peace, barter, sword

von Igelfeld novels - Alexander McCall Smith
Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld/Detlev Unterholzer, hatesex

Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Alys Vorpatril/Simon Illyan, anticipation, unprofessional, ceremony, Vor, stolen, memory, private, domesticity, excursion, frustration, class, distance, game, family, hidden, reminder
Aral Vorkosigan/Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, discovery, pegging, uniforms, familiar, fur, drawing, outdoors, roles, escape, senses, rules, dance, explore, competent, unofficial, list
Aral Vorkosigan/Ges Vorrutyer, regrets, drunken, first, denial, secrets, lies, dissent, Earth, imperious, hidden, knife
Aral Vorkosigan/Simon Illyan, memory, time, official
Bel Thorne/Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, chancy, commonplace
Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan/Alys Vorpatril, Barrayar, casing, introduction, faith
Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan/Aral Vorkosigan/Alys Vorpatril, interlude, comfort, loss
Duv Galeni/Delia Koudelka, belonging, resistance, unexpected
Duv Galeni/Laisa Toscane, alternatives, choice, denial, early, rival, trade
Ivan Vorpatril/Byerly Vorrutyer, allow, ordinary, suspicion, extravagant
Miles Naismith Vorkosigan/Ekaterin Vorsoisson, flowers
Miles Naismith Vorkosigan/Bel Thorne, teenagers, preseries, first time, side-effects, holiday, education, scars, teacher

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Lee Crane/Francis Sharkey, anger, pride, belief, senior officer
Lee Crane/Kowalski, revenge, loyalty, skipper, friendship, pride

Sydney Bloom/Oliver Sampson, fairytale, bullet, connection, identity

W Delta Z | The Killing Gene
Eddie Argo/Daniel Leone, get you off

Phobos/Elyon Brown, [any], chastity, love, eternal, power, beg, charm, after, quiet, delight, custom, attraction

Waiting for Godot
Vladmir/Estragon impatience, soulmate, breathe, alive

Walker: Texas Ranger
Walker/Alex/Trivette, belong

Walking and Talking
Amelia/Andrew, black, leather, pants, second, time, shopping, DVDs, family

Walking Dead
Daryl Dixon/Rick Grimes, crossbow, clean, trust, assumptions, Rick's hat

Wallander (2008)
Kurt Wallander/Magnus Martinsson, teaching, lights out, stakeout, uniform, quiet, aftermath.

Wallflower Series - Lisa Kleypas
Evangeline Jenner/Sebastian St. Vincent, blindfold, quiet, perfume, public

Warcraft III
Arthas/Kael'thas, hell, jealous, equals
Illidan/Kael'thas, storm, demon, hunt
Illidan/Malfurion, mutate, anger, storm
Malfurion/Tyrande, moon, light, Elune

Warehouse 13
[Any]/[Any], artifact made them do it, artifact,
Arthur "Artie" Nielsen/Claudia Donovan, guilt, trust, hotel. Artifact, celebrate, liquid, weld,
Arthur "Artie" Nielsen/James MacPherson, ghost, younger, partners, masquerade, artifacts, unrequited, watch,
Arthur "Artie" Nielsen/Vanessa Calder, coffee, confessions, doctoring, no
Claudia Donovan/Helena G. Wells, temptation, age, cunning, invention, teaching, seduction,
Claudia Donovan/Leena, lazy days, breakfast in bed, secret, fingers, nails, tight
Claudia Donovan/Helena G. Wells/Myka Bering, artifact, wishes
Claudia Donovan/Helena G. Wells/Myka Bering/Leena, cuddle, touch, watch, joy
Claudia Donovan/Todd, future, hot, reunion, unexpected,
Helena G. Wells/Myka Bering, spring, silk, sun dress, curls, hair pulling, water, quiet, corset, childhood bedroom, grass, Pete's room, watching, hum, twizzlers, alive, vest, accent, memories, day off, teeth, time travel, sun bathing, pregnant, wedding, apology, kink, rope, urges, history, literature, truth, remembrance, fire, devil, gold, survival, frenzy, passionate, love, vocal, photograph, gun, lever, purple, seduction, BDSM, toys, oral, vocal, strap-on, bruise, punishment, backseat, artifact, control, kneeling, seduction, first, dreams, fisting, time, hair, bodyswap, porn, fangirl, nails, belt, handcuffs, packing
Pete Lattimer/Myka Bering, partners, friends, badge, fireplace, warm, leaf, bookshelf, oak
Pete Lattimer/Steve Jinks, firsts, fun, awesome
Rebecca St. Clair/Jack Secord, blood, bottom!Jack, red, shirts, unpredictable
Steve Jinks/Joshua Donovan, drunk, long-distance, mile-high club

Warhammer 40000
Horus/Sanguinius, fall, hubris, sin

Warm Bodies – Isaac Marion
R/Julie, scared, grey, alive, forget

Warrior (2011)
Frank Campana/Tommy Conlon, ache, arm-bar, Beethoven, bruise, kiss, pinned, opportunity, taste

Dan Dreiberg (Nite Owl II)/Laurie Juspeczyk (Silk Spectre II), ship, fly, fight, roleplay, goggles, ride, desperate, hiding, thrill, excite
Dan Dreiberg (Nite Owl II)/Twilight Lady, naughty, kink, once, autograph, bodice, boots, infatuated, bite, give, whip, ride, Archimedes, arrest
Eddie Blake (The Comedian)/Moloch, mirror
Eddie Blake (The Comedian)/Sally Jupiter (Silk Spectre I), pregnant
Eddie Blake (The Comedian)/Walter Kovacs (Rorschach), hero worship
Walter Kovacs (Rorschach)/Dan Dreiberg (Nite Owl II), Blood, Justice, weapon, face, car, leather, costume, hiding, restraint, dominance, nightmares, comfort

We Need to Talk About Kevin
Kevin Khatchadourian/Eva Khatchadourian, Oedipus

Andy Botwin/Nancy Botwin, closet, bathtub, lawn, frottage, sweet, country, refrigerator
Celia Hodes/Nancy Botwin, (any) high heels, desk, bitch, mirror,
Conrad Shepard/Nancy Botwin, [any], return
Kat Wheeler/Nancy Botwin, (any) irritating, yoga, release
Nancy Botwin/Dimitri, release

Glen/Russell, beard, blankets, brat, car, flashlight, laughter, public, restraint, reunion, roadtrip, spank, storm, whisper

Weiß Kreuz
Aya (Ran) Fujimiya /Ken Hidaka, flowers, scent, leather, blood, floor, motorcycle, scars, shower, quiet, cologne, soccer, sword, mpreg
Brad Crawford/Ken Hidaka, spanking, toys, restrain, ball gag, delayed-orgasm, backyard, pool
Brad Crawford/Schuldig, domestic, rain & brick walls
Farfarello/Ken Hidaka, blood, knife, claim, eye patch, rimming, spanking, water sports, fisting, double penetration
Schuldig/Ken Hidaka, thoughts, masturbation, toys, blindfold, ball gag, delayed-orgasm, feathers, food, rimming, headband
Yohji Kudo/Ken Hidaka, liquor, spanking, hair pulling, bite, overhead mirror, delayed-orgasm, streetlamp, park, delivery

What's Up
Oh Doo Ri/Sun Woo Young, happy ending, comfort, dream, performance, persistence

What's Your Number?
Ally Darling/Simon, concentrate, pub, home, sweatpants, cushion, cliche

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego
Carmen Sandiego/Ivy, mentor, capture, identity

Whip It
Babe Ruthless/Maggie Mayhem, doubt, home alone, parent, puppy
Bliss Cavendar/Iron Maven, skates, bruising, orders, injury, age difference, mirrors
Bliss Cavendar/Pash, popcorn, friends, blush, freckles, sticky, taste, tease, bruises, curves, freckles, eyesight

White Collar
Clinton Jones/Neal Caffrey, ties, kitchen, ginger, phone sex, rings, beer, wine, forge, wrists, mouthy
Diana Berrigan/Christie, homebody, timekeeping, records, Guinness, roleplay, pottery, paint, table, fingers, dawn
Diana Berrigan/Elizabeth Burke/Christie, girls, night
Diana Berrigan/girl!Neal Caffrey, alternatives
Diana Berrigan/Clinton Jones/Neal Caffrey, teamwork
Diana Berrigan/June, new tricks, history, dinner, breakfast
Diana Berrigan/Neal Caffrey, temptation, once, comfortable
Diana Berrigan/Neal Caffrey/Sara Ellis, share
Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke, patience, treats, playful, wedding
Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey, ballroom, necklace, scarf, silk, stockings, wrist, compromise, romantic, halfway, beautiful, exciting, brilliant, trustworthy, knocking, confession, freedom, party, experiment, guilt, apology, geek, webcam, tuxedo, cheesecake, pegging, double penetration, team, trust, direction, hat, silk, style, communication, cream, trust, morning, surprise, parenting, tattoo, taboo, rape fantasy, color, flight, wings, whispers, needs, queen, check, long con, polyamory, love, blue eyes, night out, cuddling, silk, welcoming, dom/sub, kneeling, pet, ownership, belonging, redemption, indifference, seduction, tricks, complicated, relax, games, confessions, sorry, apologize, spoil, hurt, vacation, slave, offer, steal, charming, hat, suit, design, try, forgive, anklet, leather, handcuffs, tie, fedora, brunch, cell-phones, ink, calligraphy, restart, reveal, study, cake, confessions, fit, need, puzzle
Neal Caffrey/Ben Ryan, strip club, screwed, paint
Neal Caffrey/Sara Ellis, masturbation, camera
Peter Burke/Diana Berrigan, midnight, weeping, cheesefries, cards, return
Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey, man up, face down, help, charm, need, open, rimming, spanking, punishment fits the crime, women, deal, lightbulb, smart, upscale, flirt, fashion, standards, menacing, bluffing, faith, leash, coffee, stakeout, prison, wake-up call, clothes, nobody's victim, adrenaline, relief, tied down, kneeling, photograph, broken, balcony, champagne, wet, sweet, challenge, backrub, obey, soft

Wicked - Gregory Maguire
Boq/Elphaba Thropp, studies, future
Boq/Elphaba Thropp/Glinda Arduenna Upland, between, fortune, dream
Elphaba Thropp/Glinda Arduenna Upland, lost, bittersweet, friendship, redemption, dress-up, flowers, lingerie. lipstick, choice
Elphaba Thropp/Fiyero Tiggular, heat, emerald and sapphire, bite, sharp, loneliness, cling, steady, worship, alley, rain
Trism/Liir, green

Wicked (musical)
Elphaba/Glinda, pink stilettos, pegging, strap-on, tongue, Emerald City

Wilby Wonderful
Duck McDonald/Dan Jarvis, first, sunrise, blanket, couch

Wild Child
Kate/ Poppy Moore, sneak, bath, quiet, university, phone, laughter

Wild Kratts
Aviva Corcovado/Koki, when the boys are away, technology, nature, primal, sprinkle, ice cream
Chris Kratt/Martin Kratt, understanding, shared bed, mountain stream
Chris Kratt/Zak Varmitek, bondage, unwilling, hostage, Stockholm
Donita Donata/Martin Kratt, fashion, strip, bondage, slave, pegging
Jimmy Z, pizza, virgin, true love

Wild Things
Ray Duquette/Sam Lombardo, dirty
Kelly van Ryan/Suzie Toller, champagne, pool sex, slapping

Will and Grace
Grace Adler/Karen Walker, goodnight, honey, office, cabin, snow, robe, height, embrace
Karen Walker/Pastry Chef/Will Truman, flour, massage, dark, liquor, slip
Karen Walker/Will Truman, intellect, voicemail, breasts, fabric, know

Madmartigan/Sorsha, roleplay, banter, swordplay, ruling, command, rebel, wildcard, castle, warrior, competition, undress, armor, formal

Wimbledon (2004)
Peter Colt/Dieter Prohl, satellite, shoestring, Nutella, stay, champagne supernova
Peter Colt/Lizzie Bradbury, game, set, rooftops, victory, celebration, tender, bouncy, racquet, soft, sporty, shower

Wing Commander IV
Geoffrey Tolwyn/Tamara Farnsworth, white wolf, enemies, secrets and lies, Black Lance, clone

Wings of Desire
Damiel/Marion, scarlet

Helen Chappel Hackett/Joe Hackett, [any], proposal, regrets, memories, travel iron,

Winter's Bone - Daniel Woodrell
Ree Dolly/Gail, chill, sweet pea, tangles
Ree Dolly/Victoria, chill, cover

Winx Club
Darcy/Musa, night, betrayal, fall, wings, red

Wire in the Blood
Alex Fielding/Paula McIntyre, office, boss, quick
Tony Hill/Alex Fielding, first, wine, comfort, control, boots, submission
Tony Hill/Carol Jordan, fugue, empty, fantasy, reality, trust, breathe, sacrifice, happy

Witchblade (2001)
Ian Nottingham/Sara Pezzini, warriors, duel, court, encrypt, timeless, interrogate, tryst, learning, legends, acceptance

Withnail & I
Marwood/Withnail, warmth, holiday, return, alcohol, naked, freezing

Without a Trace
Martin Fitzgerald/Danny Taylor, drinking, first-time, opposites attract, Irish eyes
Martin Fitzgerald/Male, danger, rape, Irish eyes, obsession, revenge

Wizards of Waverly Place
Justin Russo/Juliet van Heusen, [any], need, blood, fire, magic, teeth, cave, wand
Justin Russo/Alex Russo, magic, disaster, apartment, book, monster, discover, quest, artefact
Justin Russo/Harper Finkle, magic, again, cold, unavoidable

Wonder Boys (2000)
James Leer/Terry Crabtree, wide-eyed, smile, dentist, bruise, nectarine, green, hair

Wonder Boys (all media types)
Terry Crabtree/James Leer, words, skin, sun, brunch, bed

Jaye Tyler/Aaron Tyler, peeping
Jaye Tyler/Bianca (from "Karma Chameleon"), stutter, words
Jaye Tyler/Mahandra McGinty, boredom
Jaye Tyler/SharonTyler, curiosity
Sharon Tyler/Diana Littlefoot, rivalry

Working For The Devil - Lilith Saintcrow
Dante Valentine/Japhrimel, wings, red, heat, mortal, massacre, satiation, trust, mark, coffee, pay check, cards, sweet, spar, velvet

World Wrestling Entertainment
Beth Phoenix/Eve Torres, loser, tap out
Beth Phoenix/Kelly Kelly, dominance, non-consensual, payback, submission
Lita/Trish Stratus, ego, toys
Mickie James/Trish Stratus, anal, seduction, stalker

Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006)
Mikal/Desiree, mistake, bonfire, ocean, cigarettes, Sharpie
Mikal/Eugene/Zia, fit, eternity, vodka, lust, sharing, grin

Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte
Heathcliff/Cathy, dirt, landscape, coffins, undying, heaven, hell, night, day, window, ghosts

Xam'd: Lost Memories
Haru/Akiyuki, [any], wait, search, wings, school bus

Xena: Warrior Princess
Aphrodite/Gabrielle, solace, the girl with the dragon tattoo
Ares/Gabrielle, Xena, train, teach, offer, god, kneel, war, peace, truce, metal, scars, reincarnation, blonde, morality, humility, seduction, fire
Ares/Xena, anal, army, horses, sword, war, godhood, training, sparring, apple, leather, urgency, desire, forbidden, burn, curse, force of nature, sword, temple
Autolycus/Gabrielle/Joxer/Xena, team-up, together, join, whole, oral, fingers
Autolycus/Xena, flirt, kiss, banter
Calisto/Xena, anal, pain, submission
Gabrielle/Joxer/Xena, cuddle, protect, family, together, blessed, wandering, flames
Gabrielle/Xena, bath, rituals, soulmate, horses, bathing, swimming, secluded, night, together, light, warrior, skirt, dance, spirit, life, virginity, gentle, hurt/comfort

Chu-Chu/Fei Fong Wong, maidenly
Miang Hawwa/Elhaym Van Houten, mirror

X-Factor (comic)
Jamie/Layla, restraints
Monet/Guido, soon
Monet/Terry, passion
Shatterstar/Rictor, making up

X-Men (any)
Cable/Cyclops, father, time, lost, guilt
Cannonball/Sunspot, youth, experimentation, mutual, laughter
Havok/Iceman/Polaris, jealousy, reunification, taboo
Iceman/Northstar, denial, sarcasm, matchmaker
Jean/Warren Worthington III, [any], banter, fantasy, mind, flying, wings, understand, possessive, slide, sincerity
Logan/Remy, shotglass, velvet, gown, methods, begging, dawn
Multiple Man/Multiple Man, enough
Nightcrawler/Wolverine, tail, fur, sharp, Church, understanding
Scott/Emma, lead, cold, motorcycle, upstairs, walls
Storm/Wolverine, glass

X-Men (comics)
Bobby Drake/Remy Lebeau, ice, summer, drive, awkward, energy
Cable/Domino, trigger, promise, luck, ocean, isolation, resurrection, date, desert island
Erik Lehnsherr/Rogue, midnight, aurora, summer, satin, touch, fleeting
Logan/Kurt Wagner, mating, heat, fun, protective, friendship

X-Men (movies)
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, glass, history, timelessness, dreams, Cerebro
Erik Lehnsherr/Robert Kelly, hate, prison, education, magnetism
Iceman/Rogue, glove, touch, after the cure, leave, fire, kiss, innovation
Logan/Ororo, storm, weather, garden, flight, Jean, past, memories, partnership, vacation, Danger Room, dodge, explode, claws
Logan/Scott Summers, forgiveness, sight, blue, different, grief, fragile
Pyro/Rogue, bare, bent, burn, careful, clean, close, damp, experiment, fear, flick, killer, loser, loud, over, power, raw, repeat, roof, rules, run, scar, shaking, skin, study, stupid, summer, sweat, tight, tits, top, voyeur, weak, wet
Wolverine/Nightcrawler, travel, teleportation, warm, fire, glow, rough, feral, animalistic, surprisingly tender
Wolverine/Rogue, skin, sweet, tolerance

X-Men 2
Nightcrawler/Storm, survival, understanding, beauty
Nightcrawler/Wolverine, tail, tease, clash

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Logan/Remy LeBeau, ace, daredevil, glow, grin, jacket, leather, motorcycle, scent, stalk
Logan/Scott Summers, imbalance, heat, strike, sweat, muscle
Logan/Victor Creed, bite, pressure, unexpected, chaos, fugitive, rank, quietly, shooting star, kin
Victor Creed/Remy LeBeau, cell, backfire, pulse

X-Men: First Class (2011)
Alex Summers/Armando Muñoz, BDSM, wanted, overstimulation, undercover, time, control, graffiti, insomnia, match, adapt, night, sound, secrets, sorry, hallucinations, adapting, need, relief, MFEO, sparks, fit together, interlocking, return, best shot, training, practice, trust, belief, silence, mourn, glow, stars, talk, stories, rentboy, hand, arm, shoulder, wrist, escape, big, brothers, evolve, confused, reveal, if
Alex Summers/Charles Xavier, authority, electricity, control
Alex Summers/Hank McCoy, glow, shine, tease, punch, kiss, growl
Alex Summers/Hank McCoy/Sean Cassidy, scent, dares, kids, adult, men, women, brush, fur, team, leave, stay
Alex Summers/Raven Darkholme, pegging, imitate, capture, honesty, lies
Alex Summers/Sean Cassidy, vulgar, fight, childish, midnight, flirting, choice, crush, prison, sunglasses, drink, fly, flight
Angel Salvadore/Emma Frost, mentor, enemy, catfight, high heels
Angel Salvadore/Charles Xavier, incentive
Angel Salvadore/Charles Xavier/Erik Lensherr, chess, gamble, stripped
Angel Salvadore/Erik Lehnsherr, pretty, ugly, shout, whisper, Spanish, English, French, German
Angel Salvadore/Raven Darkholme, comb, brush, paint, blush, ask, answer, belonging, disguises, escape, wings
Armando Muñoz/Erik Lehnsherr, adapt, smoke, support, blowjob, compete
Azazel/Moira MacTaggert/Riptide, ask, answer, capture, pin, sandwich, sauce, whirl
Azazel/Raven Darkholme, color, contrast, hide, seek, fall, catch, rise, detente, alliance, instruction, teach, dance
Azazel/Raven Darkholme/Riptide, welcome, goodbye, train, teamwork, experience
Azazel/Riptide, master, servant, understand, confuse, wind, water, earth, fire
Azazel/Riptide/Sebastian Shaw, because, unexplained, double, triple, suit, knife
Charles Xavier/Emma Frost, thoughts, safety, dangerous, class, esteem, thought, word, deed, manipulate, proxy, threesome, foursome, orgy
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, [any], accident, adopted, after, alien, alone, always, apologies, attract, AU, autumnal, awkward, balcony, bedhead, before, bend, bite, blue, bond, bondage, books, bought, breakfast, bruising, calm, candle, candlelight, can't, cape, catnip, chase, come, complicated, compromise, copper, crash, cut, dark, delicate, desperate, ding, dirt, dreams, easy, enemies, bottom!Erik, painslut!Erik, submissive!Erik, fairy, fantasies, feature, feline, fingering, firsts, fisting, flirt, force, games, glasses, gratitude, hands, happy, healing, helmet, history, hold, home, homophobia, hope, hotel, hunger, impossible, indigo, innocence, intense, island, jealousy, jet, kiss, learn, lenient, light, loud, love, marriage, mend, mental, metal dildo, meteor shower, mind, mirror, misunderstandings, misunderstood, more, motel, mountain, need, needs, neon, normal, nostalgia, now, occult, others, paraplegic sex, perceive, please, possessive, possessive reclaiming, pride, privacy, private, psychic dominance, public, red, reluctant, rely, restraint, restraints, ritual, rough, saved, scars, science, severe, sexy, shame, sharing, sheets, silence, slick, slippery, snow, soulbonding, spy, stay, stranded, streetcorner, strength, sweat, talents, tea, tears, theme, thoughts, threesome, tied, time after time, timed, together, toys, tragedy, transformation, tricks, uncooperative, unforgivable, untenable, velvet, vitiate, voice, voyeur, walk, want, watch, water, weakness, window, wonder, worship, zombie
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr/Moira MacTaggert, soft, difficult, luxury, orders, need, compromise, vigil, middle
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr/Raven Darkholme, discovery, watching, texture, uncertainty, threesome, star, sparkle, wince, smile, sigh, arch, bask, imitate, accept, spar, swing, whistle, pegging
Charles Xavier/Logan, possessive, growl, frantic, overprotective, steel, heavy, grace, marking
Charles Xavier/Moira MacTaggert, trust
Charles Xavier/Raven Darkholme, [any], virginity, comfort, change, knowledge, fear, maturity, real, blue, transparent, dance, change, party, mutation, disguise, promise, kitchen, study, summer vacation, experiment, fail, pegging, succeed, try, red, pink, pearl
Charles Xavier/Sebastian Shaw, helmet, shoe, rope, conversation, necktie
Emma Frost/Erik Lehnsherr, gap, close, fill, empty, protect, defend, attack
Emma Frost/Moira MacTaggert, hate, love, sparkle, whistle, silk, canvas
Emma Frost/Raven Darkholme, partners, enemies, rage, diamond, shifting
Emma Frost/Sebastian Shaw, right, left, East, West, past, future
Erik Lehnsherr/Moira MacTaggert, respect, human, metal, fingering, sharp, slick, elegance, jolt, memory, curious, jewelry, sympathy, banter, oral, lace, kitchen, automobile, distrust
Erik Lehnsherr/OC, knife, blank, twist, water, protocol
Erik Lehnsherr/Raven Darkholme, pegging, dragon, apple, pregnancy, laughter, calm, trust, winter, apprentice, spar, sides, partner, crime, two, stripes, spots, speckles, sparkles, red, black, blue, bend
Erik Lehnsherr/Sebastian Shaw, no, yes, past, future, forget, remember, shudder, beg, language, silence
Hank McCoy/Raven Darkholme, [any], science, blue, wonder, form, anyone, nobody, accept, deny, blue, green, silver, gold, glass
Moira MacTaggert/Raven Darkholme, meet, part, ask, speak, compare, imitate, contrast
Moira MacTaggert/Riptide, lipstick, blouse, suit, pants, bra, stockings, lace, comb
Raven Darkholme/Sebastian Shaw, accept, deny, offer, refuse, fascinate, lapis, gold

X-Men: First Class (comic)
Jean/Wanda, first kiss, crime-fighting, shy, candle, power

Any, gone, fate, tied, given
Clow Reed/Yuuko Ichihara, rum, sake, crack, spice, long, mist, whisper

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
Arachne/Jais, torture, affection, struggle
Cadugan/Lucas, curse, capable, adjustments
Lolth/Wolf, challenge

Young Avengers
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, distance, family, far, first, quickie, cloak, kiss, fly, desperate
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman/Tommy Shepherd, naughty, secretive, birthday, accident, teasing, sharing, secrets, mimicry, lonely, jealous, memories, transformation, size
Clint Barton/Kate Bishop, experience, kinky, older
Eli Bradley/Kate Bishop, color-coordinated, leader
Eli Bradley/Kate Bishop/Tommy Shepherd, costumes, together, playing, hair, gentle, rough, fear, family, run, smack, kiss, fist, shower, unusual
Eli Bradley/Tommy Shepherd, fight, play, teasing, petty, strength, leader, mission, heights, trust, speed

Young Justice (cartoon)
Artemis Crock/Conner Kent/Dick Grayson/Kaldur/M'gann M'orzz/Wally West, OT6, happy, team, close
Artemis Crock/Dick Grayson/Wally West, arguing, vibrating, flexibility, fingers, training, wordplay
Artemis Crock/Kaldur, all in good fun, taking charge
Artemis Crock/M'gann M'orzz, baking, green, lace, make-up, scars, share, secrets, heroes
Artemis Crock/Roy Harper, [any]
Artemis Crock/Wally West, drunk, graduation, bother, trust, care, replacement, couch, cave, hero, summer, greed, costume, hair, food, vibrate, underwater, geek, training, arrow, sweet, impulse, impatient, science, redhead, hickey, competitive, blush, denial, skin, arrow, secret, sleepover, television, underwater, injured
Artemis Crock/Zatanna, confidants, motorcycle, magic, kiss, soft, slow
Cheshire/Roy Harper, cunnilingus
Conner Kent/M'gann M'orzz, alone, static, cooking, instinct, alien, school, rooms, home alone, mindreading, apologies, shape-shifting, pegging, sweet, red, costume, cookies
Garth/Kaldur/Tula, glide, surface, float, air, complete
Jade Nguyen/Roy Harper, feel, shoot, red, fight, lipstick, secret, rival, mask, obsession, flirt, rock'n roll, unexpected, truce, tonight, clubbing, tattoos
Klarion/Zatanna Zatara, chaos, kiss, spell, mine, attack, captured
Roy Harper/Wally West, ice cream, team

Young Justice (comics)
Tim Drake/Kon-el, holiday blues, evil!Tim, funny, water, normal, costume swap, Mr. Sarcastic

Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Kit Rodriguez/Nita Callahan, first, expectations, partners, bluster, heartbeat, together, peridexus, life, laughter, renew, lost
Nita Callahan/Lone Power, define, Speech, chances, grab

Yu Yu Hakusho
Botan/Keiko, rescue, thank you

Hiroto Honda/Katsuya Jounouchi, friendship, roughhousing
Ishizu/Mai, duel
Ishizu/Seto, flower, game
Katsuya Jounouchi/Yuugi Mutou, porn, experimentation, height difference
Seto Kaiba/Atemu, order, linen, spell
Seto Kaiba/Kisara, [any], past, future, life, sweet, protect, battle, waiting, friction, school, graduation, desk, interview, yearning, understand
Kaiba Seto/Mutou Yuugi, sweet, cooking, passion, play
Seto Kaiba/Yami Yugi, ally, chain, soul, card, leather, duel, snarl, coat, skin, breathplay, real
Yami Yuugi (Atemu)/Kaiba Seto, passion, roughness, chains
Yami Yuugi (Atemu)/Mutou Yuugi, night, cuddle, memory
Yuugi Mutou/Yami Yuugi, incorporeal, resignation, touch, love

Zeta Gundam
Amuro/Beltorchika, femmedom
Bright/Mirai, distance, Newtypes
Quattro/Reccoa, woman, soldier, restlessness, spies, backstabbers, meaningless

Columbus/Tallahassee, [any], twinkie, rimming, shotgun, rules, fisting, backseat, toys, delayed-orgasm, survivors, boots, spanking
Columbus/Wichita, [any], hero, double-tap, dance, calm, frantic, saved, awkward, communication, high school, crossdressing, genderswap, shots, romance, flirt
Tallahassee/Bill Murray, clowns
Wichita/Little Rock, beyond

101 Dalmations/The Devil Wears Prada, Cruella DeVil/Andrea Sachs/Miranda Priestly, heel, heat, appreciation, greeting, collar, ice, devour, prowl, leather, theatre, untamed, stray
2 Broke Girls/Gossip Girl, Max/Chuck, banter, witty, anger, opposites
2 Broke Girls/Gossip Girl, Max/Dan/Blair, possession, challenge, strangers
2 Broke Girls/Gossip Girl, Nate/Caroline, crush, remember, stray, double
24/Chuck, Jack Bauer/Sarah Walker, bad boys, rough sex, undercover
30 Rock/Parks and Recreation, Liz Lemon/Leslie Knope, feelings-eating, misunderstanding, reruns

A Gifted Man/Chuck, Michael Holt/Chuck Bartowski, comfort, save, crush, relief, symptom, office!sex, afterhours, morning, couch, pride, piano, stretch, lonely, ache, fun, laughter, help, sleepy
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin/Merlin, [any]/[any], [any]
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin/Merlin, Daenerys Targaryen/Arthur Pendragon, dragons, fire and blood, red, crown, silk, wine
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin/Merlin, Daenerys Targaryen/Morgana, fire and blood, magic, silk, red and black, gold, silver, furs, crown
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin/Merlin, Jon Snow/Merlin, fire, magic, the Wall, cold, gloves
Ace Attorney Investigations/Homestuck, Franziska von Karma/Terezi Pyrope, [any]
Action/Desperate Housewives, Cole Riccardi/Karl Mayer, vanity
Action/Frasier, Cole Riccardi/Bruce (Garett Maggart character), Hollywood soulmates
Adventure Inc./Without a Trace, Judson Cross/Martin Fitzgerald, new life, danger, first-time, attraction
Alias/Undercovers, Samantha Bloom/Anna Espinosa, sexpionage
Alice (SyFy)/Tin Man (SyFy), Alice/DG, nightmare, past, wounds, dark
American Horror Story/Damages, Constance Langdon/Patty Hewes, raw, guilty, lies, heels, brawl, edge, paint, extinguish, transparent, easy, submit
American Horror Story/The Devil Wears Prada, Constance Langdon/Miranda Priestly, fame, loss, neighbor, kneel, memories, visitor, concrete, dawn, fence, chill, fire
American Horror Story/The Walking Dead, Hayden McClaine/Shane Walsh, knife, woods, survival, chain, water
Andromeda/Farscape, Andromeda/John Crichton, collision, connect, repair, weird
Angel the Series/Chuck, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce/Alex F, May/December, danger, disapproval, gentle
Angel the Series/Chuck, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce/Chuck, brilliant, scary, rescue, road trip, prophecy, stubble burn
Angel the Series/Chuck, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce/John Casey, guns, impressive, bloodloss, vampire, firefight, knifeplay
Angel the Series/Leverage, Angel/Eliot, different, fight, growl, secret
Angel the Series/Leverage, Lindsey/Eliot/Parker, strange, double, difference, scars
Angel the Series/Supernatural, Spike/Dean Winchester, Vampire, bite, crossbow, fear,
Angel the Series/White Collar, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce/Neal Caffrey, canvas, deadly, protect, bond
Anne Boleyn/Arthur Merlin/The Tudors, [any], marriage, crown, affair, fire, allure, passion, red
Archer/Burn Notice, Lana Kane/Sam Axe, practical, wry, tactical
Archer/Casino Royale (2006), Lana Kane/James Bond, danger zone, top gun
Archer/Casino Royale (2006), Sterling Archer/Vesper Lynd, north by northwest, Cuban hit squad, Archer says what
Archer/Firefly, Sterling Archer/Jayne Cobb, stupid, [any]
Archer/Haywire, Lana Kane/Mallory Kane, time bomb, broken bow
Archer/Haywire, Lana Kane/Sterling Archer/Mallory Kane, phrasing, associations, headache
Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars (UK), Annie Cartwright/Alex Drake/Gene Hunt/Sam Tyler, crowded, comfortable, show-off, safety, danger, stars
Assassin's Creed/Prototype, Desmond/Alex, parkour, shadows, hidden weaponry
Avalon High/Merlin, Allie/Arthur, king, sword, similar
Avalon High/Merlin, Allie/Morgana, myth, evil, understand
Avatar the Last Airbender/Fullmetal Alchemist, Azula/Olivier Armstrong, strength, nation, ruthless, war, game, strategy, politics
Axis Powers Healia/Doctor Who (original) , America/Fifth Doctor, celery, cricket, baseball, exploration, switch
Axis Powers Hetalia/Le Chevalier d'Eon, France/Lia de Beaumont, patriot, duel, psalm, crossdressing
Azumanga Daioh/Harry Potter, Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga/Luna Lovegood, daydream, soap

Babylon 5/NCIS, Susan Ivanova/Tony DiNozzo, drink, biting, cough, loss
Babylon 5/NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Jeffrey Sinclair/Jethro Gibbs/Jack O'Neill, age, beer, leader, soapsuds
Babylon 5/Stargate Atlantis, Stephen Franklin/Jennifer Keller, escape, innocence, faith, imagine
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Jeffrey Sinclair/Jack O'Neill, tired, chess, blanket, heat, myths
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Susan Ivanova/Daniel Jackson, truce, battle, laughter, answer
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Susan Ivanova/Samantha Carter, tour, escapism, darkness
Ballet Shoes - Noel Streatfield/Swallows and Amazons - Arthur Ransome, Nancy Blackett/Petrova Fossil, war, recognition, uniform, machinery, fly, different
Band of Brothers/The Pacific, Joseph Liebgott/Bill ÔHoosier' Smith, college, drunk, smoke,
Batman (movies)/Watchmen, Joker/Comedian, scars
Batman (movies)/X-Men (movies), Batman/Wolverine, territorial, Gotham, rooftops
Batman (Nolanverse)/Person of Interest, Bruce Wayne/John Reese, weapons, revenge, lost, mirror
Batman Begins/Damages, Bruce Wayne/Ellen Parsons, darkness, defense, rooftops
Batman Begins/Smallville, Chloe/Bruce, dark, elevator, alley,
Batman: Arkham City/Soul Calibur IV, Tira/Harley Quinn, [any]
Batman: The Brave and the Bold/Marvel, Namor/Aquaman, sea-king, rivalry, outrageous
Battlestar Galactica (1978)/Futurama, [Any Cylon]/Bender, command
Battlestar Galactica (1978)/Stargate SG-1, Apollo/Daniel Jackson, war, loss, marriage, future, laughter
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Castle, Sam Anders/Kate Beckett, understanding
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Community, Caprica Six/Jeff Winger, teach, "Jackass", legs
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Community, Kara Thrace/Jeff Winger, paintball 3.0, wound
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Doctor Who (2005), Kara Thrace/Sam Anders/Amy Pond/Rory Williams, our wives are crazy, always running, this place has too many bed-rooms, role-play
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Doctor Who (2005), Lee Adama/Martha Jones, travel, politics, stars, happy endings, skirt
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Doctor Who, Kara Thrace/Amy Pond, timelost, bunkbeds
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Doctor Who, Sam Anders/Eleventh Doctor, bowtie, loss, endings, singularity
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Farscape, Kara Thrace/Aeryn Sun, flying, partners, competition, ambrosia, shower
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Farscape, Kara Thrace/Sam Anders/Aeryn Sun/John Crichton, escape, guns, cards, battle
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Fringe, Kara Thrace/Peter Bishop, poof!, destiny
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Futurama, [Any Cylon]/Bender, human
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Glee, Kara Thrace/Puck, leather, competition, bar, motorcycle, mouth
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Law and Order: UK, Kara Thrace/Matt Devlin, detective, murder, theft, curry, handcuffs, videotape, camera, partner, witness, testify, lips, belt, badge
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Roswell, Caprica Six/Tess, dangerous
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate Atlantis, Sam Anders/Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/John Sheppard, pyramid, naked, empty, hunger, pins, layers
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Kara Thrace/Hathor, aggressive, needy, strap-on, power play
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Kara Thrace/Malek, curiosity, tied up, playful, stranded
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Kara Thrace/Samantha Carter, pilots, negotiate, boots, gamble, tattoos
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Samuel Anders/Malek, handcuffs, captives, captured, comfort
Batwoman/Birds of Prey, Barbara Gordon/Kate Kane, if, fighters, first
Being Human (US)/Being Human (UK), Sally/Annie, soldier, fight, life, curls
Being Human (US)/The Vampire Diaries, Nora/Caroline, howl, breast, fear, stumble, hunger
Being Human (US)/The Vampire Diaries, Sally/Bonnie, revenge, nature, checkers, balanced, suspicious, skin, messenger
Being Human (US)/The Vampire Diaries, Suren/Katherine, bloodlust, kiss, '20s, champagne, toast, laughter, haircut, taste, best
Being Human/Moonlight, Mick/Mitchell, confusion, George, roadside, investigation, attitude
Bewitched (1960)/The Dick Van Dyke Show, Samantha Stephens/Laura Petrie, chores, magic, outfits
Big Time Rush/iCarly, James/Carly, friends, smoothies, dates, interference, guest, family, awkward, alone
Birdsong/Downton Abbey, Thomas Barrow/Michael Weir, denial, fight, giving in
Black Books/Spy (2011), Bernard Black/Chris Goddard, snark, wine, floorsex
Bomb Girls/Nero Wolfe, Gladys Witham/Archie Goodwin, chance, waltz, detective, ice
Bones/Criminal Minds, Angela Montenegro/Emily Prentiss, rain, surprise, work
Bones/Criminal Minds, Angela Montenegro/Penelope Garcia, drawing, face, play, sexy
Breaking In/Chuck, Dutch/any, hacker, caught, interrogate, bond
Breaking In/Oz, [any]/[any], [any]
Breaking In/Smallville, Cam/Lex, lavish, gifts, boy toy, secret
Breakout Kings/Once Upon a Time, Erica Reed/Emma Swan, pain, heart, duty
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/A Song of Ice & Fire (show or books), Buffy Summers/Catelyn Stark/Ned Stark, wild, bites, firelight
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/DCU, Faith Lehane/Dick Grayson, disco, patrol, slayer, strength
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Evil Dead Trilogy, Buffy Summers/Ash Williams, [any], spar, battle, equals, fight, tough, floor, bite, gauntlet
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Evil Dead Trilogy, Faith Lehane/Ash Williams, [any], Jukebox, banter, leather, wit, cool
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Evil Dead Trilogy, Willow Rosenberg/Ash Williams, [any], bespelled, cute, redhead, Linda, pretend, wish, sugar
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Graham/Nandi, showdown, hero, adjust
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Rupert Giles/Severus Snape, pasts, demons, regret
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Sherlock, Rupert Giles/John Watson, slurp, stranger, mysticism
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville, Chloe Sullivan/Spike, indecent, rough, tired, sleazy, independent, alone, naked
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville, Willow Rosenberg/Lex Luthor, replacement, hunger, accident, truth, puzzle, licorice, hasty, naked
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Faith Lehane/Daniel Jackson, amends, eat, smile
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Dean Winchester, authority, differences, spirited, public, laughter, highschool, brazen
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Gabriel, broken, laughter, lollypops, bubbles, anguish, Trickster, decadent
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Sam Winchester, laughter, heart, normal, sweet, pink, whispers, beach
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn Summers/Sam Winchester, Stanford, experiment, massive, whipped-cream, test, buy, park, Latin
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith Lehane/Dean Winchester, sweat, leather, wildfire, unbelievable, run, escape, prison
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith Lehane/Jo Harvelle, bar, fantasies, midnight, powers, team, dirt, gravel, hunters, Potential, roadhouse
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Tara Maclay/Dean Winchester, magic, demon, spellbound, doppelganger, vampire, healing, power
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Losers (movie), Buffy Summers/Clay, whiskey, Barcelona, handcuffs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Vampire Diaries, Faith Lehane/Caroline, blondes, full, killer, kink, red, sharp, tits, twist
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Vampire Diaries, Faith Lehane/Stefan, recovery, soul, urge
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The X-Files, Rupert Giles/Dana Scully, friends, reunion, case, magic, sceptic, luck, need
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Thor (film or comic), Buffy Summers/Sif, enthrall, dispute, conceive, grapple, bruise, joy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Torchwood, Spike/Jack Harkness, Boxer Rebellion, Have we met before?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Faith Lehane/Jessica, anytime, fist, flexible, tongue
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Faith Lehane/Tommy, bang, boots, knife, sharp, shorty, tranquilizer, zipper
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars, Buffy Summers/Veronica, trick
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars, Faith Lehane/Logan, abort, issues, ride, scars
Burn Notice/Chuck, Fiona Glenanne/Michael Weston/Sarah Walker, [any]
Burn Notice/Chuck, Fiona Glenanne/Sarah Walker, [any]
Burn Notice/Chuck, Jesse Porter/Chuck Bartowski, truth, commiserate, beach, security
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Chuck Bartowski, exposed, warn, undercover, mentor
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin, Miami, objectives, help, defense, efficiency, crash, loose, bar
Burn Notice/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Sam Axe/Steve McGarrett, wet, trust, help, fistfight
Burn Notice/Leverage, Fiona Glennane/Parker, comfortable, acrobatic, throwdown, bodice-ripper, climb, aftershock, property destruction.
Burn Notice/Person of Interest, Michael Westen/John Reese, past, collaboration, back-up
Burn Notice/Psych, Sam Axe/Henry Spencer, scotch, food, competition, power, outdoors
Burn Notice/Reno911!, Sam Axe/Clementine Johnson, whiskey, secrutiy, groupie, tease, fishnets, knives, undercover
Burn Notice/RPF (Actor), Victor Stecker-Epps/Michael Shanks, audition, burn, career, different, crazy, reflect, smoking, survive
Burn Notice/Stargate SG-1, Sam Axe/Jack O'Neill, black-ops, dare, massage, muscle, reminisce, rough, skills, surveille, wall, whiskey

Cabin Pressure/Doctor Who, Martin Crieff/Jack Harkness, flight, ruffle, rift, future, flirt, orchids, melodramatic, slim, romance, dance, orgy
Cabin Pressure/Doctor Who, Martin Crieff/Mickey Smith/Jake Simmonds, heroes, celebrate, Paris, slippery
Cabin Pressure/Sherlock (TV), Martin Crieff/Sherlock Holmes, narcissism, appreciation, high, details, deep
Cabin Pressure/Sherlock, Martin Crieff/John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, Transcontinental, Talisker Whiskey, Experiment
Cabin Pressure/Sherlock, Martin Crieff/Sherlock Holmes, Tease, Stammer, Blush, Envy, Jealousy, Captain's Hat
Cabin Pressure/Sherlock, Molly Hooper/Martin Crieff, Storm, Distraction, Layover, Giggle, Arm-rest
Camelot/Merlin, Merlin/Morgana, price, power, feud, covet
Captain America (2011)/Doctor Who, Howard Stark/Jack Harkness, [any]
Captain America (2011)/X-Men: First Class (2011), Peggy Carter/Erik Lehnsherr, hunters, solace, silk, remembrance, tea, spring
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/Iron Man (2008), Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, fit, understand, middle, knives, drawing, purposeful, balance, list, JARVIS, ice, warm, after, careful, lab, silk, red, thong, pretty, panties, surprise
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/Iron Man (2008), Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark, accident, hate!sex, better, sarcasm, fit, panties, dark, second, resign, tie, metal, smooth, unexpected
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/The Avengers (2012), Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton, arm, sarcasm, hate!sex, buddies, dark, secrets, haunted, bruise, replacement
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/The Avengers (2012), Natasha Romanoff/Peggy Carter, taking control, secrets, training
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/Thor (2011), Darcy Lewis/Peggy Carter, lipstick, uniform, adjustment, companionship, teaching, shooting
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/Thor (2011), Peggy Carter/Sif, battles
Captain America: The First Avenger/DCU, Peggy Carter/Kate Kane, duty, soldiers, calling
Captain America: The First Avenger/Iron Man, James ÔBucky' Barnes/Tony Stark, different, friends
Captain America: The First Avenger/Iron Man, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, naked, encounters, truth
Captain America: The First Avenger/Marvel, Peggy Carter/Kate Bishop, smart, confident, wisdom, drink, skirt, girly, want, gone, aim
Captain America: The First Avenger/Once Upon a Time, Bucky Barnes/Mary Margaret Blanchard, charming
Captain America: The First Avenger/The Avengers (2012), Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark, longing, youth, modern, double penetration
Captain America: The First Avenger/Thor, Steve Rogers/Sif, strength, similarities
Captain America: The First Avenger/X-Men: First Class (2011), Peggy Carter/Moira MacTaggert, changes, responsibility, groceries, information, exchange
Casino Royale/Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol(2011), James Bond/William Brandt, history, hotel, seduction
Castle/Chuck, Kate Beckett/Chuck Bartowski, [any]
Castle/Chuck, Kate Beckett/Sarah Walker, [any]
Castle/Fringe, Kate Beckett/Olivia Dunham, club, intoxicated, guns, twist, weird
Castle/Grey's Anatomy, Kate Beckett/Addison Montgomery, shoes, Manhattan, Los Angeles, college, bar, strangers, accident.
Castle/Grey's Anatomy, Kate Beckett/Meredith Grey, dark and twisty, tequila, handcuffs, first meeting, issues, drunk, friends, reunion
Castle/Grey's Anatomy, Kate Beckett/Richard Castle/Meredith Grey, tequila, vacation
Castle/Grey's Anatomy, Richard Castle/Callie Torres, strangers, hotel, bar, rough
Castle/Psych, Chief Vick/Captain Gates, diplomacy, nice
Castle/Psych, Juliet/Beckett, blondes, crushes, detectives
Castle/Stiletto, Richard Castle/Kate Beckett/Raina Mavias, investigation, dangerous, triangle, knives, alley.
Castle/Warehouse 13, Kate Beckett/Myka Bering, artefact, alternate reality, time warp, kiss, possessed.
Castle/Warehouse 13, Richard Castle/H.G. Wells, smart is sexy, role-play
Cesare Borgia/Anne Boleyn, The Borgias/The Tudors, heretic, faith, vows, bewitching, sin
Charmed/Harry Potter, Paige/Harry, magic, laugh
Charmed/Mutant X, Paige/Brennan, sparks
China Beach/Tour of Duty, Dodger/Myron Goldman, officer, DADT, protection, loyalty, Jewish, survival, orphanage, L-Tee
Chloe/The Devil Wears Prada, Chloe/Miranda Priestly, husband, lovely, lips, entertain, hotel, sated, blue, retreat
Christine - Stephen King/From a Buick 8 - Stephen King, Christine/Buick 8, rev, engine, strange, mischief, different, fierce, lightquake, wait, human, taste
Chronicles of Chrestomanci/Howl's Moving Castle, Chrestomanci/Howl, dimensions, closets, magic-touch
Chuck/Covert Affairs, Sarah Walker/Annie Walker, mission sex
Chuck/Fringe, Sarah Walker/Olivia Dunham, loners, silence, wild side, [any]
Chuck/Fringe, Sarah Walker/Peter Bishop, [any]
Chuck/Inception, Chuck Bartowski/Bryce, projection, totem, extraction, forger
Chuck/Nikita, Sarah Walker/Nikita Mears, respite, soft
Chuck/Supernatural, Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Sam Winchester, spring-break, tequila, truth-or-dare, relax, stress-relief, cram, finals, reunion, summer
Chuck/Supernatural, Bryce Larkin/Sam Winchester, loss, substitute, pool, mark, smirk, gamble
Chuck/Supernatural, Chuck Bartowski/Sam Winchester, hangover, crush, partners, section, hunt, taken, hookups, game, tumble
Chuck/Undercovers, Sarah Walker/Samantha Bloom, sexpionage, marriage, trust
Chuck/Veronica Mars, Sarah Walker/Veronica Mars, [any]
Chuck/White Collar, Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey, caught, collaborate, code, honest, free, flirting, handcuffs, heist, getaway, reminder, charming, impress, smile, suits, protection, distance, intention, joyride, possessive, penthouse, pop, capture, redemption, mischievous, style, hat, teamwork, lick, lather, captive
Community/How I Met Your Mother, Annie Edison/Barney Stinson, jealousy, Jeff, Robin, misunderstanding, paintball, laser-tag, soap, caught, naked
Community/Leverage, Britta Perry/Alec Hardison, rebel, backseat, screen, hands
Community/NCIS, Jeff Walker/Ziva David, shower, bitter, sighs
Community/Parks & Recreation, Britta/April, college, accidental lesbianism
Corpse Bride/Nightmare Before Christmas, Emily/Sally, celebration, fancy-dress, Halloween, quiet, removable
Covert Affairs, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Annie/Belle, covers, secrets, blindfolds, safe, control, trade
Covert Affairs/Men in Black, Annie Walker/Agent J, investigate, tentacles, recruit, remember
Criminal Minds/Gossip Girl, Spencer Reid/Serena Vanderwoodsen, party, eye candy, photographer, incongruous, complimentary, psychotic, partners, Unsubs, darkness, protection
Criminal Minds/Inception, Reid/Arthur, face off, adversaries, checkmate, seductive
Criminal Minds/Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Aaron Hotchner/Elliot Stabler, [any]
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Spencer Reid/Robert Goren, magic, crazy, genius, textbook, library, catharsis, lexicon, sanatorium, tousled
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Spencer Reid/Robert Goren/Ducky Mallard, arcane, sons, gloves, circuitous
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Spencer Reid/George Huang, tops, aggression, surge, injured, pretty, bruise, obey, unusual, surprise
Criminal Minds/Leverage, Aaron Hotchner/Alec Hardison, Boston, comfort, costume, drink, healing, hotel, release, play
Criminal Minds/Leverage, Penelope Garcia/Alec Hardison/Parker, harness, laugh, video
Criminal Minds/Lost Girl, Aaron Hotchner/Bo, lust
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Penelope Garcia/Abby Scuito, geek, sexy
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Penelope Garcia/Timothy McGee, computers, leather, chivalry, webcam
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Spencer Reid/Abby Sciuto, blood, tied, bathtub, hair
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Spencer Reid/Ducky Mallard, listen, ramble
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Spencer Reid/Jethro Gibbs, collar, comfort, ties, sawdust
Criminal Minds/Numb3rs, Aaron Hotchner/Ian Edgerton, crack, hunt, range
Criminal Minds/Stargate Atlantis, Emily Prentiss/John Sheppard, dark, control, party
Criminal Minds/Stargate SG-1, Aaron Hotchner/Samantha Carter, professional, uptight, unwind, hands
Criminal Minds/Stargate SG-1, Spencer Reid/Jack O'Neill, crossword, cooking, photograph, sleep
Criminal Minds/Supernatural, Spencer Reid/Balthazar, disguise, fallen, guardian, game, chess, wings
Criminal Minds/The Three Investigators (Crimebusters), Spencer Reid/Jupiter Jones, prodigy, awkward
Criminal Minds/White Collar, Aaron Hotchner/Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke, consolation, pet, trinket, pillow, coffee, lies
CSI: Las Vegas/NCIS, Catherine Willows/Abby Sciuto, feds, resemblance, lab rat, goth, showgirls, gorgeous

Damages/Justified, Ellen Parsons/Raylan Givens, lookalike
Damages/The Devil Wears Prada, Ellen Parsons/Miranda Priestly, rage, cork, boots, green, simple, replacement
Damages/The Devil Wears Prada, Patty Hewes/Andrea Sachs, beginnings, bar, box, parallel, credit, left
Damages/The Devil Wears Prada, Patty Hewes/Miranda Priestly, position, scars, reign, bite, tabloids, grass, late nights, strangers, divorce, coral, broke, compare, fingers, whisper
Damages/The Good Wife, Ellen/Kalinda, voyeur
Damages/The Manchurian Candidate (2004), Patty Hewes/Eleanor Prentiss Shaw, exposed, blackmail, agreement, business, cover-up, sharp, hard
DC Comics/Star Trek: Reboot, Gaila/Starfire, freedom, redheads, color, flight
DCU/Legend of the Seeker, Wonder Woman/Cara, fight, challenge, sisterhood
DCU/Marvel, Bucky Barnes/Jason Todd, scars, sidekicks, mentors
DCU/Marvel, Dick Grayson/Peter Parker, New York City, flying
DCU/Marvel, Stephen Strange/Zatanna Zatara, Friends, Magic, Power, Sparks, Student
DCU/Marvel, Wonder Woman/Captain America, star-spangled, war-time, old-fashioned
DCU/Smallville, Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, trust, shadows, cave, complement, moonlight
DCU/Smallville, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor/Bruce Wayne, young, first time, rimming, sandwich
DCU/Star Trek: Reboot, Superman/James Kirk, stamina, fly, stars, mantle, boots, heat
DCU/Superman Movieverse, Jason Todd/Kala Lane-Kent, good enough, got your back, safe house, almost lost, in the shasows, fear, impossible, protect, mirror, hardest of hearts, urgent, sunlight, that one word, red, leather, bike, glitter, guns, pulse, breath, skin, darkness, bruise, damaged, need, [any]
DCU/Supernatural, Cassandra Cain/Jo Harvelle, recruit, revenge, roadhouse
DCU/Supernatural, Jason Todd/Dean Winchester, lost, memory, guns, leather, rage, flirt, scars, Impala, Hell, monsters, beer, blood, any
DCU/Thor (2011), Wonder Woman/Lady Sif, sisters, sparring, worlds
DCU/Tiger & Bunny, Oracle/Agnes Joubert, distance, slip, watch, encourage
DCU/White Collar, Dick Grayson/Neal Caffrey, alternate universe, opposite, similar, chase, catch, train, suit, fedora, chase, grin, blue, handcuffs, any
DCU/White Collar, Jason Todd/Neal Caffrey, con, 'better class of criminal', heist, gun, fedora, suit, rooftop, smirk, [any]
Dead Like Me/Pushing Daisies, Chuck Charles/George Lass, unfair
Devil May Cry/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Dante/Naoki/Vergil, threesome, ownership, master, demons
Devil Wears Prada/Red (2010), Miranda Priestly/Victoria, stunning
Dexter/Life, Dani/Deb, work, handcuffs, scotch, deep, squirting, hooker, whispers, undercover
Dexter/Rizzoli & Isles, Debra Morgan/Jane Rizzoli, evening, lips, boots, challenge, justice, vulnerable
Dexter/Six Feet Under, David/Dexter, mistake
Doctor Who (1963)/The Prisoner (1967), Delgado!Master/McKern!Number Two, toys, domination, madness, dildos, whipping, mindplay
Doctor Who (1963)/The Prisoner (1967), McKern!Number Two/Vislor Turlogh, school master, caning, age play, uniforms
Doctor Who/Downton Abbey/Sherlock, Tenth Doctor/Bates/Sherlock, 3-way
Doctor Who/Farscape, Martha Jones/John Crichton, sex-pollen, alien-sex-toys, dp, d/s, spanking, leather, tied, bunny, otter
Doctor Who/Fringe, Martha Jones/Astrid Farnsworth, flirt, shy, scientific method, fireworks
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Sarah Jane Smith/Sirius Black, magic, door, soft, forgotten, trouble
Doctor Who/Highlander, River Song/Amanda, drifting, sensuality, timeslip
Doctor Who/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams, Jack Harkness/Arthur Dent/Ford Prefect, trouble, clandestine, hike, guidelines
Doctor Who/Leverage, River Song/Sophie Devereaux, accents, prison, sentence, smirk, accent, smirk, heels, Muse Dorse, opening night, gown, thief, painting, [any]
Doctor Who/Leverage/Revenge, Eleventh Doctor/Alec Hardison/Nolan, bow ties
Doctor Who/Lie to Me, The Doctor/Cal Lightman, [any], lie, react, sonic, possessive, first, run, microexpressions, truth, hands, teach, alien, off-world
Doctor Who/Mindless Self Indulgence, Amy Pond/Lyn-Z, fall, weather, leaves, time, TARDIS, bass
Doctor Who/Sailor Moon, River Song/Setsuna Meioh, handcuffs, gun, spoilers
Doctor Who/Sherlock (TV), Eleventh Doctor/Sherlock Holmes, details, intensity, shift, perspective, stars, spiral
Doctor Who/Sherlock (TV), Jack Harkness/Sherlock Holmes, equal opportunity, mystery, always something
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Canton Everett Delaware III/Mycroft Holmes, want, business, desk, club, travel
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Doctor!Sherlock/companion!John, war wounds, puzzle
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Madame Vastra/Sherlock Holmes, bored, detectives, match, swords, surprise, time
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Martha Jones/Molly Hooper, adventure, doctors, kindness, medical, present
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Ninth Doctor/Holmes, [any]
Doctor Who/Sherlock, River Song/Irene Adler, crime, flirting, phonesex, spaceship, kinky, making the boys watch, gay, roulette, sociopath, lipstick
Doctor Who/Sherlock, River Song/Sherlock, not boring, archeology
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Tenth Doctor/Holmes, [any]
Doctor Who/Sherlock, The Master (Simm)/Jim Moriarity, evil, can't decide whether you should live or die, drums, bombs
Doctor Who/Star Trek: Reboot, Martha Jones/Christine Chapel, appreciation, technology, history, modern
Doctor Who/Stargate SG-1, Jack Harkness/Daniel Jackson, universal language, cunning linguists, thief
Doctor Who/Supernatural, Martha Jones/Castiel, virgin
Doctor Who/Supernatural, Martha Jones/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, apocalypse
Doctor Who/Supernatural, Tenth Doctor/Martha/Castiel, tie
Doctor Who/The Hour, River Song/Lix Storm, travel, other worldly, birthday, sun, hello stranger
Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures, Eleventh Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith/Jo, teamwork, forever, cherished, proud, reward, adrenaline, relaxation
Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures, River Song/Sarah Jane Smith, [any], guns, run, wall, BDSM, daring, wibbly-wobbly, white shirt, boots, sonic
Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures, Sarah Jane, memories, revisit
Doctor Who/Thor (2011), Amy Pond/Darcy Lewis, [any]
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Eleventh Doctor/Ianto Jones, mail, braces, boots, snow
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Jack Harkness, graduation, diamond, table, apocalypse, brilliant, doctor, Hub, affection, respect, curiosity, caveman, condition, camera, reunion, light, kiss, sunshine, time, blue, butterflies
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Toshiko Sato, tea, sympathy, honey, salt, the year that wasn't, ghosts, smart girls do it better, lips
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ninth Doctor/Ianto Jones, first, tourist, addiction, marriage
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness, time travel, manhandle, running, running, life force, spanking
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ninth Doctor/Toshiko Sato, knowledge, chess, language, glasses,
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Rose Tyler/Gwen Cooper, girls, night, headache, little
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Rose Tyler/Ianto Jones, blond, compare, coffee, high-five
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tenth Doctor/Ianto Jones, time, Welsh, present, snow
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness, 51st century, escape, night, console!sex, longing
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tenth Doctor/Toshiko Sato, computer, lost, blanket, moon
Doctor Who/Torchwood, The Doctor/Jack Harkness, video recordings, loneliness, wrong, forgotten, gun, cocktail, unacknowledged, impossibility, technobabble, victory
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tish Jones/Toshiko Sato, nicknames, chance, smile, fate, Jack Harkness
Doctor Who/Undercovers, Martha Jones/Samantha Bloom, competence
Doctor Who/Warehouse 13, Ace McShane/Claudia Donovan, explosions, boots, wikipedia, learning, criminal
Doom/Red, Samantha Grimm/William Cooper, secrets, tough
Doom/Star Trek IX, Jim Kirk/Reaper!Leonard McCoy, name, gun-fu, "Leonard McCoy", take, old clothes, retirement, rescue, war paint, nickname, training exercises, war games, special, mercenary
Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Iron Man movies, Dr Horrible/Tony Stark
Dr Horrible/Sherlock, Dr Horrible/Jim Moriarty, help, teamwork, laugh, lessons, blackmail, game, Las Vegas, body
Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey/Sherlock, Sherlock/John, instinct, urge, threadscored
Due South/Sherlock, Benton Fraser/Sherlock Holmes, deduction, brilliant, tracking, evidence, taste
Due South/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Ray Kowalski, cars, guns, alcohol, hero
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night/Grimm, Dylan Dog/Nick Burkhardt, Ôcomparing notes', doppleganger, risks, any

Egyptian Mythology/Greek Mythology, Isis/Ariadne, rescue, tricks, teaching
Egyptian Mythology/Greek Mythology/Norse Mythology, Isis/Hermes/Loki, tales, drinks, tricksters
Eureka/Warehouse 13, Claudia Donovan/Douglas Fargo, princess, temporal, immune
Everwood/Glee, Kyle/Blaine, College, bar, strawberries, music
Evil Dead Trilogy/Grindhouse: Planet Terror, Ash Williams/Cherry Darling: firepower, impassioned, carsex,
Evil Dead Trilogy/Re-Animator, Ash Williams/Herbert West, experiment, banter, battle, blade, rot, defend

Fairly Legal/Law and Order: UK, Justin Patrick/Matt Devlin, vacation, ale, justice
Fall Out Boy/RPF, Patrick Stump/Shane Dawson, ridiculous, videotape, red, sold, bought
Farscape/Doctor Who, Moya/TARDIS, sensations, sentience
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S Thompson/Transmetropolitan - Warren Ellis, Raoul Duke/Spider Jerusalem, role models, gonzo, I hate it here
Final Fantasy IV/Final Fantasy VI, Edge Geraldine/Locke Cole, similar, another, steal
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy X, Garnet til Alexandros XVII/Yuna, magic, summon
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy XII, Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca/Garnet til Alexandros XVII, magic, royalty
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy XII, Beatrix/Drace, armour, fight, service
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy XII, Fran/Freya Crescent, fight
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy XII, Fran/Lulu, knowledge, magic
Final Fantasy VI/Final Fantasy IX, Beatrix/Celes Chere, generals, respect, training
Final Fantasy VI/Final Fantasy IX, Eiko Carol/Relm Arrowny, trouble, young
Final Fantasy VI/Final Fantasy XII, Penelo/Terra Branford, quiet
Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy X, Aerith Gainsborough/Yuna, outdoors, peace, strength
Final Fantasy VII/Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba/Rufus Shinra, daddy issues, Turk, power
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X, Rikku/Selphie Tilmitt, flying, machines
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X, Rinoa Heartilly/Yuna, strong
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy XII/Final Fantasy XIII, Oerba Dia Vanille/Penelo/Rikku/Selphie Tilmitt, airship, sharing
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy XIII, Oerba Dia Vanille/Selphie Tilmitt, fate, fun, snow
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy XIII, Oerba Yun Fang/Quistis Trepe, control
Final Fantasy X-2/Final Fantasy XIII, Oerba Yun Fang/Paine, fight, respect, strength
Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy XII, Penelo/Rikku, flying, magic, sand
Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy XII, Penelo/Yuna, quiet
Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning Farron/Yuna, magic, kimono, rose, dressphere, innocence, devotion
Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy XIII, Oerba Dia Vanille/Rikku, loss, smile
Final Fantasy XII/Final Fantasy XIII, Oerba Dia Vanille/Penelo, sweet
Final Fantasy/Zork, Tonberry/Grue, darkness, lantern
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones/How to Train Your Dragon, Astrid/Myrrh, [any]
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones/How to Train Your Dragon, Hiccup/Myrrh, [any]
Firefly/Leverage, Kaylee Frye/Alec Hardison, engines, hammock, wires, stripping
Firefly/Leverage, River Tam/Eliot Spencer, fluid, movement, count, evade, slide, walls, mental, blades
Firefly/Leverage, River Tam/Eliot Spencer/Parker, [any]
Firefly/NCIS, Kaylee Frye/Timothy McGee, fix, pretty, naive, mystery
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, Kaylee Frye/Ronon Dex, Serenity, rumble, heat, secret, flirting, spanking
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, Mal Reynolds/Ronon Dex, power, surrender, fly, spar, sweat, leather, fall, trust, tentacles
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, Zoe Alleyne Washburne/Teyla Emmagan, proud, spar, warrior, touch, tiger, strength, toys, lick, fierce, defense, calm, endurance, timetravelling
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, Inara Serra/Adria/Ba'al, power, fire, heat, prisoners
Firefly/Supernatural, River Tam/Dean Winchester, gift, salt, sulfur, hell, against, whiskey, boots, smirk, plan, pain
Firefly/Supernatural, River Tam/Sam Winchester, ability, seeing, bed, brothers, mischief, prank
Fringe/Grimm, Peter Bishop/Munroe, unexpected, undone, unmeant, unsaid, unbelievable
Fringe/Harry Potter, Peter Bishop/Sirius Black, threesome, hound, excruciating, words, wishes
Fringe/Human Target, Olivia Dunham/Christopher Chance, memory, deja-vu
Fringe/In Plain Sight, Olivia Dunham/Mary Shannon, handcuffs, alternate, start-over, blazer
Fringe/Lost Girl, Astrid Farnsworth/Bo, longing, desire, sweet, banter, hero, tattoo
Fringe/The Losers (2010), Astrid Farnsworth/Aisha al-Fadhil, reluctance, diversion, reunite
Fringe/The Losers (2010), Olivia Dunham/Aisha al-Fadhil, contest, stroppy, stand-off, sugared
Fringe/Warehouse 13, Olivia Dunham/Myka Bering, artifact, lost loves, unknown
Futurama/NCIS, Bender/Tony DiNozzo, theft, infinity, box
Futurama/Star Trek: Reboot, Leela/Gaila, [any]
Futurama/Torchwood, Philip J Fry/Bender/Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, twist, invent, past, straight

Gabriel (2007)/Supernatural, Gabriel/Lucifer, feelings, human, opposite, side, soldier, war
Gabriel (2007)/Supernatural, Jade/Anna, fallen, grace, wings
Gabriel (2007)/Supernatural, Lillith/Lucifer, demon, favourite, turning
Game of Thrones/Merlin, Cersei Lannister/Morgana, revenge, power, common ground, wrath, queen
Gemma Doyle trilogy - Libba Bray/Murdoch Mysteries, Felicity Worthington/Julia Ogden, [any]
Generation Kill/The Wire, Walt Hasser/Ziggy Sobotka, reformed, different, family, doppelgangers
Generation Kill/The Wire, Walt Hasser/Ziggy Sobotka/Ray Person, birthday, surprise, fantasy
Generation Kill/True Blood, Brad Colbert/Eric Northman/Ray Person, dreams, hunger, wrong, teeth, blade
Generation Kill/True Blood, Eric Northman/Ray Person, bite, sharp, doppelgangers, blood, sly, tattoo
Generation Kill/White Collar, Brad Colbert/Neal Caffrey, [any]
Generation Kill/White Collar, Nate Fick/Neal Caffrey, [any]
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Rory Gilmore/Sam Winchester, rescue
Glee/High School Musical, Kurt Hummel/Ryan Evans, [any], money, audition, heartbreak, boyfriend, flowers, hats, lights, star
Glee/Torchwood, Mercedes Jones/Capt. Jack Harkness, cousins, mistaken identity, travelling, exchange
Global Frequency/Hackers/The Millennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson/White Collar, Aleph/Kate Libby (Acid Burn)/Lisabeth Salander/Sally (or any combo), l33t
Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett/Supernatural, Aziraphale/SPN!Crowley, secret, good sport, leviathan, Castiel, suffer, love, snark, fate, tartan, tea, tender, lingering, caress
Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett/The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan, Nick Ryves/Anthony Crowley, demonic, domestic, sword
Good Omens/Oglaf, War/Lesbian Mercenary, sword, challenge, blood, droll, spoils, gentle, ransom, tongue, wander, armor, wound, teeth, laughter, cheat, fate
Good Omens/Sherlock, Aziraphale/Crowley/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, experiment, Indulgence, Drunk, Contrast, Suite
Good Omens/Supernatural, Aziraphale/Castiel, advice, orders, tea, desperation, protection, need, gentle, knowledgeable
Good Omens/Supernatural, Crowley (Good Omens)/Castiel, fallen, saunter, drunk, liquor, inconsolable, sympathy, learn
Good Omens/Supernatural, Crowley (Good Omens)/Crowley (Supernatural), dark, slither, scorch, sulfur, body, vessel, corrupt, apple, rotten
Good Omens/Supernatural, Crowley (Good Omens)/Gabriel, historical, party, pagan, drunk, ropes
Gossip Girl/Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl/A, sexting, secret
Gossip Girl/The Stepford Wives (2004), Blair Waldorf/Chuck Bass (setting, concept); choices, becoming, perfection, balance of power, fantasy
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Amelia Shepherd/Meredith Grey, drunk, in-laws, issues
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Izzie Stevens/Addison Montgomery, past, secret, revenge, goodbye
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Teddy Altman/Addison Montgomery, future, damage, heart
Grimm/Once Upon a Time, Monroe/Grumpy, woods, twilight, forgotten, shield, sleep, hunting
Grimm/Once Upon a Time, Monroe/Huntsman, wolves, spirits, red, ripe, regard
Gundam Wing/Harry Potter, Wufei/Hermione, brains, bravery, curls, fun, library, calligraphy, [any]

Hack/Slash/Marvel, Cassandra Hack/Laura Kinney, purpose, [any]
Happy Days/Laverne and Shirley, Richie Cunningham/Shirley Feeney, holding hands, propriety, risk, adore, new, old
Harry Potter/Labyrinth, Sirius Black/Jareth, room of requirement
Harry Potter/Merlin, Merlin/Cedric, parselsmut, memories
Harry Potter/Sanctuary, Helen Magnus/Narcissa Malfoy, escape, again, Muggle, rumpled sheets, gasp
Harry Potter/Sherlock, Harry Potter/Mycroft Holmes, magic, family, snakes, Slytherin
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Barty Crouch Jr/Castiel, battle
Haven/Warehouse 13, Audrey/Myka, not so weird
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Hawaii Five-O (1968), Chin Ho Kelly (2010)/Danny Williams (1968), shoot, fill, beer, sad, [any]
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Hawaii Five-O (1968), Steve McGarrett (2010)/Danny Williams (1968), marriage, death, sheets, [any]
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/In Plain Sight, Chin Ho Kelly/Marshall Mann, trust, trivia, shoot, [any]
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Chin Ho Kelly/Alec Hardison, hacking, video, chaos, competition
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Chin Ho Kelly/Parker, surprise, caught, sheets, riding, motorcycle
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Kono Kalakaua/Eliot Spencer, guns, prison, surfing, desk
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Steve McGarrett/Eliot Spencer, fight, caught, struggle, tie
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/NCIS, Kono Kalakaua/Abby Sciuto, case, evidence, leads, new, different, paradise, opposites, nail polish, tattoos, sand, surf, nightlife, [any]
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/NCIS, Kono Kalakaua/Tony DiNozzo, swim, bikini, shoot, flying, cold
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/NCIS: Los Angeles, Steve McGarrett/Kensi Blye, anger, water, heat, answers, farewell, gratitude
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/NCIS: Los Angeles, Steve McGarrett/Sam Hanna, shared history, SEALs, crazy partners
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Stargate Atlantis, Kono Kalakaua/Ronon Dex, guns, surf, teacher
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Stargate Atlantis, Steve McGarrett/John Sheppard, screwup, argue, bar-hopping, surf, speed
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Stargate Atlantis, Steve McGarrett/Teyla Emmagan, shameless, sun, fighter, running, laughter, caress, dangerous, sleek, surf, water
Heartcatch Pretty Cure/Suite Pretty Cure, Dark Precure/Ellen Kurokawa, redemption, death, black, light, soul, rebirth
Hercules (Disney)/Mulan (Disney), Megara/Mulan, unexpected
Hercules (Disney)/Sleeping Beauty (Disney), Megara/Maleficent, control
Heroes/Misfits, Claire/Simon, homecoming queen, skirt, lotion, powers
Heroes/Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Claire/John, chosen, foxhole, friendly fire, secrets, target practice
Highlander: The Series/The X-Files, Methos/Alex Krycek, havoc, fire, quiet
Highlander/Stargate Atlantis, Duncan McLeod/Evan Lorne, hiding, highlander, history, reconnection, martial arts
Highlander/Stargate Atlantis, Methos/Evan Lorne, history, Atlantis, ancient gene, reconnection, power, beheading, hiding
Highlander/Stargate SG-1, Amanda/Vala Mal Doran, thievery, sisterhood
Highlander/Stargate SG-1, Duncan McLeod/Paul Davis, beheading, memories, highlander, understanding, history, DADT, martial-arts
Highlander/Stargate SG-1, Methos/Paul Davis, history, understanding, research, spies, reconnection, memories, coming out, unknown, beheading
Historical/Sanctuary, Helen Magnus/Amelia Earhart, found, promises
House M.D./Nurse Jackie, Lisa Cuddy/Jackie Peyton, conflict, quickie, pills, quirk, snap
House M.D./The Devil Wears Prada, Greg House/Miranda Priestly, dire, information, unsatisfied, desk, gratuitous, sarcasm, release, photograph
House M.D./The Devil Wears Prada, Lisa Cuddy/Miranda Priestly, comfort, closet, sympathy, disappear, heels, top, careers, water, House
House M.D./The O.C., Thirteen/Alex Kelly, Kindred spirits, syncronicity, writhe, toys, secret,
Hustle/Leverage, Danny/Sophie, diversion, pickpocket, can't con a con, Vegas

I Robot/Portal, VIKI/GLaDOS, control, rules
iCarly/Victorious, Beck/Jade/Spencer, hot tub, art, show
iCarly/VicTORIous, Carly/Tori, betrayal
iCarly/VicTORIous, Jade/Sam, boredom
iCarly/VicTORIous, Tori/Shelby Marx, comparison
In Plain Sight/Life, Marshall Mann/Dani Reese, guns, chase, jeans, long ago, smirk
In Plain Sight/RPF (Pundit), Mary Shannon/Rachel Maddow, handcuffs, victim, neck, tie, radio, blunt
Inception/Suits, Arthur/Mike, suits, criminal, loophole, penthouse, glass, silk, bruises, clever
Inception/Torchwood, Arthur/Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, suit
Indiana Jones/Stargate SG-1, Indiana Jones/Daniel Jackson, professional
Inglorious Basterds/X-Men: First Class (2011), Shosanna/Erik, France, older woman, scars, power
Iron Man (movies)/X-Men (comics), Tony Stark/Gambit, kink, explosion, sly, poker, trenchcoat
Iron Man movies/Star Trek: Reboot, Tony Stark/James Kirk, [any]

James Bond series/Red (2010), M/Victoria, mission
Jeeves & Wooster/Kuroshitsuji, Reginald Jeeves/Bertie Wooster, contract
Jeeves & Wooster/Kuroshitsuji, Reginald Jeeves/Sebastian Michaelis, apprenticeship, aesthetics, binding, service, Spinoza
Jonny Quest/Kim Possible, Jonny Quest/Kim Possible, legends, hidden, temple, cyber

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger/Kamen Rider OOO, Marvelous/Kazari, inevitable, true-form
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Captain Marvelous/Tommy Oliver, size difference, smirk, shenanigans, blades
Kick-Ass/[any], [any female assassin]/adult!Mindy Macready[any female assassin], mission, blades, past
Kingdom Hearts/Negima, Antisora/Dark Negi - heat, glow, display, howl, bower, dominance, grooming, arcane, instinct

La Femme Nikita/NCIS, Madeline/Jethro Gibbs, interview, blood, one-up, push, truth
La Femme Nikita/NCIS, Seymour Birkoff/Timothy McGee, challenge, alone, thrill, save
Labyrinth, Thor (2012), Jareth/Loki, alien, magic, lonely
Labyrinth/RPF (The Chaser), Jareth/Andrew Hansen, mindfuck
Law & Order: Criminal Intent/Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren/Olivia Benson, threesome
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Robert Goren/Ducky Mallard, digression, shirttails, British Museum, old and tired
Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Robert Goren/Ziva David, switchblade
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Supernatural, George Huang/Dean Winchester, release, thank, train, young, save, blessed, cursed
Law and Order/Law and Order: UK, Connie Rubirosa/Matt Devlin, law, rules, watching, blush
Legend of the Seeker/Dragon Age, Cara/Isabela, brothel, coin, blade
Legend of the Seeker/Dragon Age, Cara/Morrigan, magic, common sense, feather, longing, better, strong
Legend of the Seeker/Xena the Warrior Princess, Cara/Xena, agiels, fighting, surrender
Leverage/Lost, Sophie/Sawyer, Good old days, Tallahassee, parking lot, handcuffs, aliases, short con
Leverage/NCIS, Eliot Spencer/Ziva David, fight, disarm, bite, unfair
Leverage/Nikita (2010), Alec Hardison/Birkhoff, computers, understanding, appreciate, tournament, faces, internet, fix, backbone, sidelines, sneaky
Leverage/Nikita (2010), Eliot Spencer/Alex, abuse, past, language, butterfly, counter, strike, hair
Leverage/Nikita (2010), Sophie Devereaux/Amanda, grift, con, ploy, smile, perfume, psychology, impress, fear
Leverage/Person of Interest, Nathan Ford/Harold Finch, respect, competition, plans
Leverage/Stargate Atlantis, Eliot Spencer/Teyla Emmagan, balanced, smile, casual, overflow
Leverage/Supernatural, Parker/Dean Winchester, [any]
Leverage/The Losers, Alec Hardison/Jake Jensen, computers, phones, names, disguises, castles
Leverage/The Losers, Eliot Spencer/Jake Jensen, messages, relying, painful, refused, scared, scars
Leverage/The Losers, Franklin Clay/Parker, ropes, crazy, trust, questions, answers, lies
Leverage/The Sentinel, Eliot Spencer/Blair Sandburg, cousins, summer vacation, Texas, long hair kink
Life On Mars/Ashes to Ashes, Sam/Alex/Gene, protective, scared, lost, found
Life on Mars/Sherlock, Sam Tyler/Sherlock, due diligence
Lord John Grey series - Diana Gabaldon/RPF (historical), Lord John Grey/Thomas Jefferson, [any]
Lost Girl/Sherlock, Bo/Sherlock, insufferable
Lost Girl/Warehouse 13, Kenzi/Claudia Donovan, runaway, thief, trouble, guitar, dance, bounce, dye, drink, danger,
Lost/Once Upon a Time, Juliet/Regina, home, tricks, deception, leader, wrong, time, island, cursed
Luther (TV)/Sherlock, Alice Morgan/Jim Moriarty
Luther/Once Upon a Time, Alice Morgan/Mary Margaret Blanchard, fairy tale, wolf, soft
Luther/Sherlock, Alice Morgan/Irene Adler, London, public, power, competition, drinks
Luther/Sherlock, Alice Morgan/Sherlock Holmes, clever, twist, run
Luther/The Losers, Franklin Clay/John Luther, grief

MacGyver/RPF (Actor), Angus MacGyver/Richard Dean Anderson, experiment, hot, ingenuity, joke, Minnesota
Mansfield Park - Jane Austen (any version)/Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen, Edmund Bertram/Edward Ferrars, church, school, shame, sin
Mansfield Park (2007)/The Vampire Diaries, William Price as Klaus/Any, [any]
Marvel/The Losers (2010), Bucky Barnes/Franklin Clay, kneel, obey, perform, linger
Marvel/X-Men: First Class, Raven Darkholme/Wanda Maximoff, better, superior, change, open, proud
Mary Russell - Laurie R. King/Sherlock, Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes, bees, smudge, ring, glass
Merlin/Sherlock, Morgana/Mycroft, guardians
Merlin/Sherlock, Sherlock/Merlin, curiosity, secrets, comfort
Merlin/The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie Bennett/Morgana Pendragon, fire
Metroid/Mass Effect, Fem!Shep/Samus, asari, zero suit, whip, aliens, trick, scan, watch, eyes, crew, join, hunter, renegade
Misfits/Skins (UK), Nathan/Effy, fucked
Miss Match/Psych, Shawn/Victoria, doppelgŠnger, blind date, mystery, suspicion, wacky
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol(2011)/Thor (2011), William Brandt/Darcy Lewis, analyst, mentor
Moral Orel/South Park, Orel/Butters, bicurious
Mr. And Mrs. Smith/Undercovers, Samantha Bloom/Jane Smith, sexpionage, marriage, secrets, open, relationship
Mystery Science Theatre 3000/Re-Animator, Pearl Forrester/Herbert West, weird science, experiment, oddity, for science!
Mystery Science Theatre 3000/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, Pearl Forrester/Dr. Insano, science, bored, explode, sarcasm

NCIS: Los Angeles/Sherlock, G Callen/Sherlock Holmes, [any]
NCIS/Sherlock, Tony DiNozzo/Sherlock Holmes, [any]
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Abigail Sciuto/Malek, handcuffs, intoxicated, desire, smart
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Jethro Gibbs/Jack O'Neill, beer, woodchips, uncommon, camping
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Timothy McGee/Samantha Carter, smart, unavailable, possess
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David/Ba'al, cold, trap, bodyheat, worship
NCIS/The Vampire Diaries, Abby Sciuto/Damon Salvatore, intrigued, case, blood, innocent, smile, skin, evidence, goth, lipstick, lace, skirt, leather, collar, tattoos, any
NCIS/Veronica Mars, Timothy McGee/Cindy MacKenzie, geeky, computers, hacking
Nikita (2010)/Undercovers, Samantha Bloom/Nikita, doublecross, organization
Norse Mythology/Thor (2011), Loki/Sigyn, mute, prisoner, fidelity, mischief, children, Ragnarok, happiness, [any]
Numb3rs/Star Trek: Reboot, Charlie Eppes/Pavel Chekov, mathematics, understanding, connection, moment
Numb3rs/Torchwood, Colby Granger/Ianto Jones, times, same, suit

Ocean's 11 series/White Collar, Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey Danny Ocean/Rusty Ryan, protegee, brother, fathers, approve, misdirect, impressed, Vegas, overlap, the good guys, stash, hideout, team job, help, scam, help, Ocean's 16, Ocean's 4, approval, Tess never
Oliver Twist/Sweeney Todd (movieverse), Toby/Dodger, get by
One Tree Hill/The Guardian, Nathan Scott/Claire Stasiak, one night stand, heat, lick, sheets, tequila, moonlight, linger, skirt, high heels, bar
Oz/White Collar, Ryan O'Reilly/Neal Caffrey, friends

Parks & Recreation/Party Down, Casey Klein/Ben Wyatt, power, entertain, loss, regret
Parks and Recreation/The Office, Pam/Ann, familiar
Percy Jackson - Rick Riordan/The Kane Chronicles - Rick Riordan, Annabeth/Carter, [any]
Person of Interest/Stargate SG-1, John Reese/Cameron Mitchell, anonymous, dangerous, bar, kneel
Person of Interest/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, John Reese/Derek Reese, machine, apocalypse, fighter, drunk, gun, living
Persona 3/Persona 4, Junpei/Kanji, acceptance, games, fun, hats
Pitch Black/The Chronicles of Riddick, Carolyn Fry/Riddick, smell, light, dark, shadows, desperate, taste, strength, skin
Place Vendome/Postcards from the Edge, Marianne Malivert/Suzanne Vale, tablecloth, cower, reveal, lapse, smile, morning
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen (any version)/Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen, George Wickham/Willoughby, molly house, alcohol, scheme, burn, dare, unite, untie, debase
Priest (2011)/Star Trek: Reboot, Black Hat/James T. Kirk, blood!play, rough, dominance, collar, needy, sin, blasphemy, public sex, masturbation,
Princess Diaries 2/Star Trek: Reboot, Nicholas Devereaux (Chris Pine)/Spock
Princess Protection Program/Wizards of Waverly Place, Rosie/Alex, protect, subway, lair, annoying
Private Practice/Weeds, Addison Montgomery/Nancy Botwin, meeting, kiss, loss, drunk
Psych/The Mentalist, Patrick Jane/Shawn Spencer, fake, teasing, online dating, texting, bored,
Revenge/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Emily Thorne/Sarah Connor, stronger, survivor, guns, blood, metal, connection, fury
RPF (Actor)/Stargate SG-1, Michael Shanks/Daniel Jackson, appetite, ass, explore, identity, kink, Narcissus, perspective, willing
RPF (Actor)/Stargate SG-1, Richard Dean Anderson/Jack O'Neill, adrenaline, adventure, cake, delight, handsome, laughter, lines, lust, professional, Twitter
RPF/Supernatural, Misha Collins/Castiel/2014!Cas, high, cross-dimension, dreaming, double-penetration, shotgunning, crazy, giggly, fun, going-with-the-flow

Sanctuary/Stargate SG-1, Helen Magnus/Sam Carter, experiment, scintillating
Sanctuary/The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Andrea/Helen, strap-on, fantasy, first time, redemption, respect
Sanctuary/Warehouse 13, HG Wells/Helen Magnus, forgiveness, remember, time, antique
Sanctuary/White Collar, Will Zimmerman/Neal Caffrey, burgundy, cream, mist, pretty, profile, sharp, slick, tentacles
Sherlock Holmes/Smallville, Sherlock Holmes/Lex Luthor, mystery, pretense, wits, change
Sherlock/The Avengers, Loki/Sherlock, chaos, order, blood, biting, ice
Sherlock/The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson, Sherlock Holmes/Lisbeth Salander, challenge
Sherlock/The Mentalist, Patrick Jane/Sherlock Holmes, clever, show-off
Sherlock/The Thick of It, Mycroft Holmes/Malcolm Tucker, newspaper, hallowed, silence, fuck, absurd
Sherlock/Torchwood, Jim Moriarty/Suzie Costello, scheme, captured, mastermind
Sherlock/Warehouse 13, Irene Adler/H.G. Wells, straitjacket, [any]
Sherlock/White Collar, John Watson/Neal Caffrey, grief, replacement, recovery, thief
Sherlock/White Collar, Sherlock Holmes/Neal Caffrey, Vermeer, forgery, scarf, fencing
Sherlock/Wire in the Blood, John Watson/Tony Hill, replacement
Silent Hill 3/Supernatural, Heather Mason/Sam Winchester, badass, guns, size, monsters, FUBAR
Silent Hill: Homecoming/Silent Hill 4: The Room, Alex Shepherd/Henry Townshend, hug, portrait, rimming, teasing, books, comfort, nightmare
Sleeping Beauty (Disney)/The Little Mermaid (Disney), Maleficent/Ursula, power
Smallville/Quantum Leap, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor/Sam Beckett, right, song, demonstration, run, river
Smallville/Stargate Atlantis, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor/Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, lost, odd, trade, ship, galaxy, guns, geek, poke
Smallville/Supernatural, Clark Kent/Brady, mistaken identity, price, powers, mission, goal, wall!sex
Smallville/Supernatural, Clark Kent/Dean Winchester, unexpected, Impala, powers, hopeful, take down, not alone, survive, rimming, silence, lips, floor, entangled, grip, hero
Smallville/Supernatural, Jason Teague/Dean Winchester, different, mirror, hard, rescue, blowjob
Spartacus: Blood & Sand series/Stargate SG-1, Spartacus/Hathor, slave
Spartacus/Xena the Warrior Princess, Lucretia/Xena, gladiator, mirror, scars, slave
Spooks/The State Within, Adam Carter/Fiona Carter/Nicholas Brocklehurst, [any]
Spooks/The State Within, Adam Carter/Nicholas Brocklehurst, [any]
Star Trek: Enterprise/Star Trek: Voyager, T'Pol/Tuvok, biology, stranded
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, James Kirk/Dean Winchester, leather, fast, broken, bar, back room, dirty, rimming
Star Trek: Reboot/Torchwood, Gaila/Toshiko Sato, engineering, recruit, runaway, reinvent
Star Trek: Reboot/Torchwood, James Kirk/Jack Harkness, coat, irrepressible, alley, fight, tiger by the tail, held down
Star Trek: The Original Series/Stargate SG-1, James T. Kirk/Hathor, worship
Star Trek/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Kirk, playful, one night stand
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Daniel Jackson/Elizabeth Weir, armistice, Babel, multilingual, negotiate, nipples, silky, thrust
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Daniel Jackson/John Sheppard/Teal'c, bound
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Cameron Mitchell, tour, home, explore, vacation, wires, lost
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Jack O'Neill, speculation
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, another day, breaking the rules, naked Tuesdays, off-world rituals, home-coming, ghost network
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Ba’al, tempted, tired, bath, visit
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Paul Davis, reconnection, loyalty, superiority, crush, love, waiting, danger
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Ba’al, drunk, smooth, playful, football
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, distance, meadow, suns, football, cars, did you bring the beer, jail isn't that bad, leaders, scars, time stands still, your place or mine, flying, blue, open, city, Colorado, California, base, freedom, road, drive, repair, solo, wrench, Kansas, vacation, unexpected, trees, after, scars, sober, history, tender, tumble, messy, loud, vulnerable, long-distance, drive, wet, visiting
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, drawstring, breakfast, seconds
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Daniel Jackson, rain, tongues, languages, damp, level, Area 51
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, dress blues, blackmail, tea ceremony, spreader bar, authority
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Evan Lorne/Cameron Mitchell, tease, bowl, legs
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Evan Lorne/Paul Davis, three-in-a-bed, crush, sight-seeing, painting, love, protection, scars, drugs, slave trade
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Jack O'Neill, alone, desk, dub-con, games
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Paul Davis, scars, protection, compassion, trust, IOA, dress blues, spies, calluses, jumper sex, DADT, ancient gene, tower sex
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Samantha Carter/Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, vacation, [any]
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran, seduction, toys, fuzzy handcuffs, pink, surprise, grief, edge, flirt, tennis, white, keep, crack
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Laura Cadman/Cameron Mitchell, competition, gung-ho,
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Laura Cadman/Daniel Jackson, discovery, stranded, temple
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Samantha Carter, notes, partners, supercritical
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Cameron Mitchell, game, guarantee, shadow
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Janet Fraiser, alive, intention, heartbeat
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Paul Davis, alien, new experience, trust, listening, bonds, negotiation, cultural diversity
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Teal'c, serene, sure, surrender, muscles, slick, sweat, loyalty, rimming, rescue, slow, fisting, tattoos
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Vala Mal Doran, handcuffs, pink, tour
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell, date, first time, tease, strip, grass,
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Paul Davis, cultural diversity, alien, love, understanding, protection
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate Universe, Elizabeth Weir/Chloe Armstrong, mentor
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, John Sheppard/Dean Winchester, evasive, kneeling, eager
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Laura Cadman/Jo Harvelle, Atlantis, explosives, pier, swim, tight, uniforms
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Malek/Castiel, fighting evil
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Vala Mal Doran/Dean Winchester, fun, cars, smirk, rope
Stargate SG-1/Superstorm, Samantha Carter/Lance Resnick, intelligence, math
Stargate SG-1/The Pretender, Samantha Carter/Jarod, geek, fumble, anxious, brilliant, introduction, space, travel
Stargate SG-1/The Sentinel, Daniel Jackson/Blair Sandburg, academic arguments, academic enthusiasm, secrets, convention
Stargate SG-1/The Sentinel, Jack O'Neil/Jim Ellison, post mission celebration, fuckbuddies, wayyy off-base pickup in bar, glory hole
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Anise/Freya/Fox Mulder, alien conspiracy
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Col. Caldwell's Goa'uld/Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, abducted
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Thor/Fox Mulder, alien abductions, alien conspiracy
Stargate SG-1/Torchwood, Jack O'Neill/Jack Harkness, held down
Stargate SG-1/Torchwood, Malek/Jack Harkness, gleeful, powerplay
Stargate Universe/Terra Nova, Ronald Greer/Alicia Washington, guns, fight, bond, flower, exploration
Stargate: Atlantis/The Avengers (2012), John Sheppard/Tony Stark, engineer, flight, sunglasses
Supernatural/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Castiel/Cameron, humans, tilt, fever, bar, clothes, jacket
Supernatural/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dean/Cameron, robot, awesome, outwit, explain, comprehend, pool, cheat, John, fight
Supernatural/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dean/Cameron/John, share, mine, pout, brawl, bed, sheets, unusual
Supernatural/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dean/Derek, protect, snarl, guns, showoff, mark
Supernatural/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sam/John, nerd, fascination, smirk, eye roll, sarcastic, opposites, apocalypse, college
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Anna/Bonnie, fury, enemy, justify, ally, order
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore/Dean Winchester, blood, turned, smoke, compulsion, fever, lust, prey, hunter, bite, scars, secluded, eyes, any
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Dean Winchester/Alaric Salzman, fuse, ghosts, gunpowder, Latin, primer, trigger, whiskey
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Dean Winchester/Katherine Pierce, dangerous, plaything, fingers
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Jo Harvelle/Alaric Saltzmann, amnesia, bookish, library, roadhouse, weapons
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Jo Harvelle/Bonnie Bennett, fire, power, protection, unknown
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Jo Harvelle/Caroline Forbes, hunt, protector, sisters, turn
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Sam Winchester/Damon Salvatore, blood, chair, darkness, games, heart, payback, reversal
Supernatural/The Walking Dead (TV), Dean/Andrea, jealous, zombie, outrage, sigh, perfect
Supernatural/Thor, Gabriel/Loki, fall, void, join, fill, monster
Supernatural/Torchwood, Crowley/Jack Harkness, deal, more than a kiss, Ianto, power play
Supernatural/Transformers (Bay Movies), Dean Winchester/Sam Witwicky, names, race, teamwork, demon, curse, Latin, condom, realization, crash, enemy
Sweeney Todd/The Devil Wears Prada, Nellie Lovett/Miranda Priestly, chat, customer, class, glass, beneath, mouth, bore
Sweeney Todd/The Hunger, Nellie Lovett/Miriam Blaylock, visitor, goosebumps, gin, foreign, restraint, forever

Tangled/The Black Cauldron, Rapunzel/Eilonwy, captivity, [any]
Teen Wolf/The Losers, Stiles/Cougar, quiet
Teen Wolf/Twilight movies, Derek Hale/Jacob Black, submit, talk, shirts
Terminator:Salvation/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Marcus Wright/Derek Reese, heartbeat, metal, mission, relentless, starcrossed, tattoo
The Devil Wears Prada/The River Wild, Andrea Sachs/Gail Hartman, adventure, nature, tent, campfire, sleeping bag, marshmallows, hesitate
The Devil Wears Prada/True Blood, Miranda/Andrea/Pamela, memory, bonding, competition, longing, first time, dreams, virgin, secret, fantasy, strap-on
The Devil Wears Prada/Will and Grace, Miranda Priestly/Karen Walker, limousine, sorrows, skirts, fashion, luxury, divorce
The Devil Wears Prada/Will and Grace, Nigel Kipling/Will Truman, bar, vest, hallway, chance, belt
The Fast and The Furious series/Takers, Brian O'Conner/Gordon Cozier, history
The Good Wife/Warehouse 13, Kalinda/H.G. Wells, leather
The Last Unicorn/Tron: Legacy, Amalthea/Quorra, the very last, culture shock, human
The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien/The Silmarillion, Galadriel/Celeborn, growing, queenship, wait, across, trees, silver
The Losers/X-Men: First Class (2011), Jake Jensen/Erik Lehnsherr, smile, thaw, mutation
The Playboy Club/The Social Network (2010), Bunny Maureen/Tyler Winklevoss, ambition
The Secret Circle/The Vampire Diaries, Melissa Glaser/Bonnie Bennett, fire, power, circle of two, one night only
The Secret Circle/The Vampire Diaries, Melissa Glaser/Elijah, gentle, trust, brave
The Sentinel/[any], [any]/Blair Sandberg/[any], smart geek, glasses, enthusiasm, consultation, case, victory, furries, cybersex, correspondence, first-meeting
The Sentinel/The X-Files, Lee Brackett/Alex Krycek, frenemies, competition, betrayal, safe house, adrenaline, true love
The Thick of It/The West Wing, Malcolm Tucker/C.J. Cregg, we'll always have Wigan
The Wire/White Collar, Shakima ÔKima' Greggs/Diana Berrigan, law
Torchwood/Twilight, Jack Harkness/Carlisle, forever, bitten, death, alley
Torchwood/UFO, Jack Harkness/Ed Straker, secrets, aliens, fear, stress
Torchwood/Warehouse 13, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones/H.G. Wells, time travel, [any]
True Blood/The Vampire Diaries, Tommy/Caroline, asshole, doggy, familiar, moan

Undercovers/White Collar, Samantha Bloom/Diana Berrigan, partners
Undercovers/White Collar, Samantha Bloom/Neal Caffrey, flirt-off
Veronica Mars/Warehouse 13, Cindy MacKenzie/Claudia Donovan, hacking, dye, programming, keyboard, sexting, fanfic

X-Men 2/X-Men: First Class (2011), Charles/Erik/Nightcrawler, pride, central, lift, tail
X-Men 2/X-Men: First Class (2011), Charles/Nightcrawler, gentle, kind, tattoo, angelic, blue
X-Men 2/X-Men: First Class (2011), Erik/Nightcrawler, beautiful, accept, encourage, wild


Actor & Comedian (& Game Show & Related) RPF

Actor (& Voice Actor & Related) RPF
Adam Scott/Amy Poehler, admiration, hands, crush, smile, sunshine, whisper, cigarette, makeouts
Adam Scott/Lizzy Caplan, fire, bitching, tv, fun, sheets, chemistry, tipsy, deja vu
Alexander Skarsgard/Stark Sands, hotel, passport, midnight, backstage
Alexandra Breckenridge/Shelby Young, costumes
Alexis Bledel/Blake Lively, type
Allison Janney/Kate Walsh, party, shots
Alyssa Milano/Holly Marie Combs/Rose McGowan, new girl
Alyssa Milano/Holly Marie Combs/Shannen Doherty, early
Alyssa Milano/Shannen Doherty, envy
Amanda Seyfried/Julianne Moore, crystal
Amanda Seyfried/Meryl Streep, sigh, pink, pliant, reveal, sunkissed
Amanda Seyfried/Vanessa Redgrave, sunshine, sorrow
Amber Benson/Michelle Trachtenberg, reunion
Amber Tamblyn/Alexis Bledel, poetry, sheets, daylight, hug, sabbatical
Amber Tamblyn/Blake Lively, Manhattan, texting, cancellation, press
Amy Adams/Emily Blunt, raining, professionals, laughing
Amy Adams/Meryl Streep, reacquainted, breakfast, pillows, red, fantasy, satin
Amy Poehler/Aubrey Plaza, beach
Amy Poehler/Nick Offerman, Chicago, shave, poor
Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone/Jesse Eisenberg, web, affection, coast, taste, laughter, act
Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg, asexual, bird, superhero, rambling, scars, role-play, fingers, in the dark, bicycle, tourist
Andrew Garfield/Spike Jonze, dare
Andy Berman (Solo), blanket, nature
Andy Berman/Steve Franks, cereal, size, fangirls, work, beer
Anna Paquin/Alexander Skarsgard/Joe Manganiello/Stephen Moyer, photoshoot, fake blood
Anna Paquin/Famke Janssen, [any], reunion, older, reminiscing, touching, mouth
Anna Paquin/Hugh Jackman, reunion, sweet, hidden
Anna Popplewell/Georgie Henley, reunion, damsel, little sister
Anna Popplewell/Tilda Swinton, experience
Anne Hathaway/Emily Blunt, hunger
Anne Hathaway/Emily Blunt/Meryl Streep, pluck, nurture, indulge, bound, after party, queen, pair, routine, dawn
Anne Hathaway/Meryl Streep, harsh, distant, sudden, rushed, lace, red, Prada
Ariana Grande/Elizabeth Gillies, cupcakes, high note, longing, dressing room
Armie Hammer/Josh Pence, morning, tongue, sleep
Armie Hammer/Rooney Mara, spies, hair, height, award shows, Oscars
Aubrey Plaza/Nick Offerman, crush, snuggle, safe
Ava Gardner/Grace Kelly, stars, misunderstood, facade, Mogambo

Ben Bass/Missy Peregrym, fuck, airport, again, secret, christmas, need
Ben Bass/Missy Peregrym, skin, lick, late, hiatus
Ben Browder/Claudia Black, baby-bump, break, behind-the-scenes, power-outage, thrill, forget, married, loud, voice, weather, flat, wet, slick, leather, bulge, plane, grope, slip, promise
Benedict Cumberbatch/Chris Pine, too pretty, sequels, Vulcan nerve pinch
Benedict Cumberbatch/Jonny Lee Miller, switching, intense, study
Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman, trailer, outburst, sneaky
Bette Davis/Joan Crawford, visage, spite, rival, rumors, amicable, skirt, lavender, stuck, sister sister, fight
Billie Piper/David Tennant/Elisabeth Sladen, frozen
Billie Piper/Elisabeth Sladen, youth
Billie Piper/Sophia Myles, corset, dress, unpinning, warmth, firelight
Billie Piper/Sophia Myles/David Tennant, fantasy
BJ Novak/Mindy Kaling, [any], acting, afraid, alternate universe, awkward, backstage, become, benefits, best friend, bicker, blackout, blog, blue, blurry, bookmark, book tour, booty call, Boston, boy, boyfriend, brave, break, bring, call, Cambridge, care, casual, characters, Christmas, city, club, commitment, complain, confide, confined, confiscate, conflicted, copy, courtship, create, crush, cycle, dance, desk, Diwali, don't, drunk, drunk texting, ego, elevator, even, ex, exasperated, eyes, fake, families, fierce, find, fine, first, forever, forget, found, fourth of July, Friday, fuck, funhouse, furious, future, gig, girlfriend, go, grown-up, Halloween, hanging out, Hanukkah, happiness, hard, heal, high school, holiday, Hollywood, home, hurry, if, Irish exit, jealous, joke, kiss, LA, laugh, Logan, long, look, love, makeup, marriage, martinis, more, most, need, never, New Year's Eve, New York, nostalgia, oblivious, pals, partnership, party, pink, plane, promise, public, pursuit, random, regret, relationship, resemblance, resolution, return, rewind, ridiculous, romantic comedy, room, rough, rush, save, script, secret, sentimental, set, shoes, shopping, shove, smile, snow, status quo, story, Subtle Sexuality, sure, sweet, taxi, tease, text, Thanksgiving, together, trapped, trust, truth, Twitter, unfinished, Valentine's Day, want, watch, win, winter, work, yank, yearn, award, christen, asshole, drunk, dinner, pencil, rehearsal, glasses, barefoot, hiatus, anything, trailer, script, do over, rom-com, text, live, wrap
Blake Lively/Leighton Meester, dress, pictures, trailer
Bonnie Wright/Tom Felton, premiere night, kiss
Bridget Regan/Tabrett Bethell, Legend of the Seeker role-play, rough, quick, messy, candlelit, storm, rough, gentle, tender, quiet, loud, shy, vacation, wild, hair, out-takes, thigh
Busy Philipps/Michelle Williams, BFFs, drunk, awards

Carey Mulligan/Emma Watson/Karen Gillan, hat, season, museum, photos
Caroline Dhavernas/Katie Finneran, protective
Caroline Dhavernas/Rachelle Lefevre, breeze
Caterina Scorsone/Kate Walsh, party, initiation
Catherine Deneuve/Meryl Streep, sidewalk, language, cigarette, photoshoot, scarves, strangers
Chad Michael Murray/Hilarie Burton/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, sandwich, the CW, rebound, preggers, pegging
Chad Michael Murray/Jensen Ackles, freckles, scar, loser, marriage, down low, adultery, bottom
Chelsea Kane/Nicole Anderson, mexico, halloween, band
Chen Kun/Liu Ye, red, literature, history
Chris Colfer/Darren Criss, denial, rehearsal, spotlight
Chris Evans/Tom Hiddleston, embarrassed, seduce, Captain, roleplay, shyness
Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston, yoga, lift, manhandle, smile, bright
Chris Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, awards night, remember when, divorce, forget, party, balcony, beach, alone, red carpet, phone calls, sexting, future, hospital, airplane, whisper, tickle, hands, suck, breath, rough
Chris Pine/Karl Urban, possessive, marking, rough, gentle, romantic, comfort sex, spanking, aphrodisiacs, dirty talk, sexting
Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, comfort sex, drunken, quick, voyeurism, spanking, sex toys, aphrodisiacs
Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto/Karl Urban, lost in the moment, threesome, dirty, gentle, food
Chris Pine/Zoe Saldana, costumes, co-stars, press, paparazzi, liquor
Christian Bale/Jonathan Rhys Meyers, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Cliff Simon/Richard Dean Anderson, game, grin, ripped, risk, surf
Cote de Pablo/Mark Harmon, celebration, anniversary, prank, payback, twitter
Cote de Pablo/Michael Weatherly, hiatus, mesmerize, secrets, wrap party, miss you, skin
Craig Ferguson/Kristen Bell, Paris, roof, slap

Dakota Fanning/Chris Evans, hollywood, bitter, youth, taste
Dakota Fanning/Elle Fanning, light
Dakota Fanning/Kristen Stewart, giggling, dirty, method, sloppy, costume, work, text, birthday, angel, dare
Dakota Fanning/Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson, jailbait, text, work, Twilight, friends, gesture, party, protect
Daniel Craig/Judi Dench, on-set, steely, interviews, feminism
Darren Criss/Dianna Agron, vacation, sass
Darren Criss/Joey Richter, quickie, guitar, bar-hopping, phone sex
David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson, rough, pain, spanking, hair-pulling, forgiveness, renewal
David Fincher/Rooney Mara, muse, hair, plane, girl on top, accident
David Giuntoli/Silas Weir Mitchell, bath-house, bet, caught, dare, drag, hot-tub, naked, necktie, new, secret, shower, tease, toys
David Giuntoli/Silas Weir Mitchell, phone, webcam
David Tennant/Billie Piper, camping, finally, phase, university, young, breeze, memory, smile, easy, role-play, trust, anal
David Tennant/John Barrowman, off-set, secret, affair, please, rebel, laughter, umbrella, coat
David Tennant/Georgia Moffat, test, media, wedding, baby
Dianna Agron/Anna Paquin, girl
Dianna Agron/Naya Rivera, crossdressing, trailer, mirror, hotel, costume, hold, candles

Ellen Pompeo/Kate Walsh, pain, bondage, secret, trailer, party, reunion
Emily Deschanel/Michaela Conlin, vibrator
Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel, jealousy, sleep, delicate, first, bondage, roller coaster
Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel/David Boreanaz, games, costume
Emily Blunt/Meryl Streep, gift, splendid, honeymoon, pamper, jealousy
Emma Watson/anyone, pegging, squirting, dirty
Emma Watson/Bonnie Wright, onstage
Emma Watson/Clémence Poésy, London
Emma Watson/Kate Winslet, MILF
Emma Watson/Lucy Boynton, soft
Emma Watson/Yasmin Paige, fame
Emma Watson/Yasmin Paige/Lucy Boynton, bonding
Eric Bana/Karl Urban, Down Under, muscle car, moles, laugh, phone, Qantas, accent, voice
Evan Rachel Wood/Anna Paquin, gentleman, princess, trailer, seduction, vampire, first
Evangeline Lilly/Elizabeth Mitchell, trees

Francois Arnaud/Holliday Grainger, on set, in character, flirting, press, wine, french
Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers, New York City, hotel, studio, quickie, reward, hard work

Gabriel Macht/Patrick Adams, wish, desire, overnight, massage, romance, overwhelmed, happiness, perfection, storm, catalyst, reaction
Gene Kelly/Judy Garland, dancing, strong, resistance
George Clooney/Brad Pitt, trick
George Clooney/Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie, tabloids, Mapplethorpe
Gerard Butler/Emmy Rossum, surfing accident, Scotland, reunion, roleplay
Greta Garbo/Marlene Dietrich, shadow, dance, lounge, fabric, slow
Gretchen Mol/Vincent Piazza, champagne, mirror, bite

Harry Sinclair/Karl Urban, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Harvey Keitel/Tim Roth, in character
Hayden Panetierre/Kristen Bell, blonde, lounge
Heather Morris/Naya Rivera, tour, pom-poms, laugh, interview, friend, dance
Helen Mirren/Meryl Streep, wander, chase, sugar, carpet, fitting, smile, heels, dames, competition
Hugh Jackman/Halle Berry, reunited, movies, kiss, marriages, failed, children, height, grin, again
Hugh Laurie/Lisa Edelstein, mile-high, nails, wrong, goodbye, hotel, reunion, speak
Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Leonard, Shakespeare

Ian McKellen/Brendan Fraser, essential
Ian Somerhalder/Nina Dobrev, playful, beach, covert, rehearsal, hotel, camera, beach, skiing, pizza, luggage, airport, Paris, music, trailer, dressing-room, script, proposal, pool, hot-tub
Idina Menzel/Tracie Thoms, reunion

Jaime Murray/Joanne Kelly, after hours, sneaky, secret, touch, blush, stripping, in-character, sleepover, shower
Jaimie Alexander/Tom Hiddleston, event, press, hotel, secret, voice, hands, hair, dye, piano, dancing lessons, dancing, accent, drinking, friends
Jake Gyllenhaal/Heath Ledger, camping
Jamie Bamber/Katee Sackhoff, comforter, ring, leopard, toothpaste, grass, hotel, hot tub, shower, airplane, convention, fans, divorce, tomorrow, tequila, motorcycle, reunion, interview, memories, inappropriate, infidelity, old times, token, surprise, missed you, public, touching, off limits, first time, magazine
Jared Padalecki/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, [any], trailer, lust, company, bite, drinks
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, boredom, video games, high school, football team, cheerleader, debate club, day hike, shotgunning, sizekink, manhandle, kiss, tv, Impala, on-set, green, toothpaste, irresistible, wall!sex, ice cream, glasses, lips, objectify
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris, swingers, christmas lights, breakfast in bed, pegging
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris/Genevieve Cortese, first time, long term, in the park, sharing
Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins, kiss, strength, wall, shower, sweat, prank, play, gamble, payback, smirk, competition
Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins/Sebastian Roche, DP, share, grip, play, record
Jared Padalecki/Richard Speight Jr, sizekink, manhandle, sugar, laughter, possessive, holidays, children, hot chocolate, mouth
Jared Padalecki/Sebastian Roche, game, laugh, tease, film
Jason Momoa/Joe Flanigan, bondage, shower, wrestling, drunk, whiskey, phone sex
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Chad Michael Murray, [any]
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Genevieve Padalecki, size, lap, daddy, slow, lipstick
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Hilarie Burton, secret, New York, glasses, baby, gray, Losers
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles, suit, spanking, oral, piss, aftercare, [any]
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Zoe Saldana/Idris Elba, knives, haze, double penetration, switch
Jenna Fischer/Angela Kinsey, babysitting, hurt/comfort
Jenna Fischer/Rashida Jones, yellow, candy
Jennifer Carpenter/Julie Benz, cooking
Jennifer Carpenter/Keith Carradine, nudity, guitar, theater, spouses
Jennifer Garner/Christa B Allen, slumber party
Jennifer Garner/Ellen Page, sunrise, vodka
Jennifer Garner/Kirsten Prout, superhero
Jennifer Garner/Laura Linney, click
Jennifer Garner/Melissa George, pet names, accents
Jennifer Garner/Rachel Nichols, horses
Jeremy Renner/Amber Tamblyn, miss, over, grin, coffee, wrap-up, close, whisper, rumors, tears
Jeremy Renner/Scarlett Johansson, trailers, sweat, new, arms
Jessica Lange/Meryl Streep, dress, sleek, sheets, disarray, sneaky
Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, beer, rebel, new, waiting, sleepy, phone, mirror, uniform, follow, cream, fur, puppet, flirting, interview, beach, phone, webcam, bet, caught, costume, dare, drag, hot-tub, make-up, naked, phonebooth, tease, trailer, toys
John Cho/Chris Pine, onset, laughter, karaoke, stalk, backroom, smile
John Cho/Karl Urban, dawn, whiskey, grouch, afterparty, bed
John Simm/Billie Piper, angst, connection, lust, whirlwind, regret, loathing, fear, respect
John Simm/Philip Glenister, candle, support, act, book, interview, rough, private, unforgiving, psychic, beach, golf, heights
Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Tom Hardy, coming out, fatherhood, muscles
JR Bourne/Amanda Tapping, party, tipsy, attraction, surprise reactions, caresses, comfort, chemistry, playful, strip-poker

Karen Gillan/Emma Watson, hair, boots, trench coat, umbrella, rain
Karen Gillan/Matt Smith, tumblr, high heels, mad, hotel, cab, tour bus, secretly married, last day of filming
Karl Urban/Anton Yelchin, [any], Star Trek, beating around the bush, daddy!kink, accents
Kate Winslet/Cate Blanchett, legs, nerves
Kate Winslet/Leonardo DiCaprio, [any], ache, award, awards, best friends, boat, comfort, desperation, divorce, familiar, fights, finally, geography, green, interview, kitchen counter, longing, loyalty, model, more, pact, please, press, pretend, regrets, ring, rough, set, someday, steam, Titanic, yearn, years
Katherine Heigl/Eliza Dushku, memories
Katie McGrath/Karen Gillan, crossover, stockings, wardrobe, hair
Keira Knightley/James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender, any
Keira Knightley/Michael Fassbender, any
Kelly Sheridan/Kirby Morrow, unscripted, injokes, cunnilingus, conventions
Kirsten Dunst/Lizzy Caplan, close, Sundance, highway
Kristen Stewart/Jodie Foster, butch, scowl
Kristen Stewart/Selena Gomez, fuck
Kristen Stewart/writer's choice (2 girls or more), fickle

Lea Michele/Diana Agron, award show, leather and lace, make it happen
Leighton Meester/Jessica Szohr, public, beach, appearance
Liam Neeson/Christian Bale, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Lucy Lawless/Jaime Murray, experience, demonstrate, practice, alcohol
Lucy Lawless/Renee O'Connor, practice, role-play

Maggie Grace/Emilie de Ravin, jewels
Maggie Gyllenhaal/Jake Gyllenhaal, indie
Maggie Q/Shane West, [any], onstage, flirt, appearances, straddle
Maggie Smith/Alan Rickman/Michael Gambon/Ralph Fiennes, pub, costume, reminisce
Mariska Hargitay/Christopher Meloni, longing, tongues, love, legs, attachment
Mariska Hargitay/Maria Bello, again
Mariska Hargitay/Stephanie March, elegant
Marlene Dietrich/any, fur, lipstick, warm, mirror, pair, again, beauty, shrug
Marlene Dietrich/Rita Hayworth, smoke, secrecy, cringe, creative, grass, depths, wool, wine, legs
Marti Noxon/Jane Espenson, erased
Marti Noxon/Sarah Michelle Gellar, fetish
Mary-Kate Olsen/Ashley Olsen/Elizabeth Olsen, shadow
Mathew Baynton/Darren Boyd, voice, secret, awards, sweet, gentle, wallsex
Mathew Baynton/James Corden, banter, slapping, collaboration
Matt Bomer/Zachary Levi, roleplay, sing, music, Sinatra, reunion, perfection, grin, moves, kiss, crush, infatuation, sing, secret, rendezvous, chemistry, strip, loud, tactile, hot mess, shotgun (as in, smoking)
Matt Bomer/Zachary Quinto, new
Matt Smith/Karen Gillan/Arthur Darvill, rush, quiet, tangled, bright, warm, break, press, backstage, characters, competition, weekend
Matthew Morrison/Beyonce Knowles, aftermath, Billboard Awards, back stage
Matthew Morrison/Lea Michele, SAG Awards, backstage, limo, champagne, secret, love, awards, red carpet, New York, Los Angeles, paparazzi, costar, glee, broadway, comfort, familiar, want, need, anger, stage, hiding
Maureen McCormick/Eve Plumb, secret
Megan Mullally/Meryl Streep, dark, fumble, laugh, skin, hush, embarrassment, knees
Meryl Streep/any, coy, cleavage, jeans, dinner, casual, discreet, drink, never, theatre
Michael Fassbender/James McAvoy, jealousy, possessive reclaiming, stuck, elevator, panic, singing, honesty, playful
Michael Fassbender/Shah Rukh Khan, strangers, meet, share, teeth
Michael Fassbender/Steve McQueen, kneel, shame, trust, touch, submit, lights, trust, treat, kneeling, petting, art, patience, star, caution, dawn, control
Michael Fassbender/Tom Hiddleston, surprise, chance, teeth, accents
Michael Rosenbaum/Misha Collins, legendary, party, shotgun, zany
Michael Stuhlbarg/Vincent Piazza, method, speakeasy, trick shot
Michaela Conlin/Tamara Taylor, commentary
Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman, BFFs, shared, rehearsals, [any]
Misha Collins/Sebastian Roche, weed, laze, energy, vodka, unexpected, bizarre, lick, public, lyrical
Morena Baccarin/Simon Baker, surfing, beach

Nathan Fillion/David Boreanaz, party
Nathan Fillion/Sean Maher, blushing
Nathan Fillion/Stana Katic, first, fans, late, awards, trailer, concert
Nathan Fillion/Summer Glau, Firefly, Serenity, joke, TV, cancel, quit, drinks, ballet, solace, chance, hold, hair, reunion, dramatic
Neil Patrick Harris/David Hyde Pierce, passing
Neil Patrick Harris/John Barrowman, flamboyant
Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts, reminisce, longing
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau/Emilia Clarke, height, accent, hands, beard
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau/Kit Harrington, comic con, nervous, protective, hotel room

Olivia Wilde/Jennifer Morrison, permission
Olivia Wilde/Jennifer Morrison/Lisa Edelstein, vegan
Olivia Wilde/Jennifer Morrison/Megan Fox, friends
Olivia Wilde/Megan Fox, outrageous
Olivia Wilde/Melissa George, bikinis

Parminder Nagra/Shane West, [any]
Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellan, gentle, sleepy, comfort, together
Philip Glenister/Keeley Hawes, slowly, simple, calm, discreet, there

Rachel McAdams/Ryan Gosling, Oscars, Not the sexiest man alive
Rachel Nichols/Melissa George, attic, common, blonde, blood
Rachel Nichols/Sienna Miller, dirty, London, valentine
Richard Horvitz/Andy Berman, voice, excitement, drinks
Riki Lindhome/Kate Micucci, fuck you
Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law, premiere, shave, tied-up, bath
Robert Downey Jr./Susan Downey/Jude Law, ice cream, watching, ordering, spank
Rooney Mara/Kate Mara, piercings

Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves, best friends, underneath, holiday
Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Selena Gomez/David Henrie, wish, magazine, stealth, dressing room, on location, in character
Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato, spies, favourite, rumours, second
Selena Gomez/Leighton Meester, vacation, dresses, shoes, interview, photoshoot, touch
Shindo Gaku/Yamada Yuki, behind-scenes, in-character, out-of-character, sexuality, merch, age-gap
Simon Baker/Paz Vega, accents, practice
Simon Baker/Robin Tunney, fanfiction, joke, porn battle
Simon Halls/Matt Bomer, holidays, submission, phonesex
Sonam Kapoor/Deepika Padukone, fashion, satisfaction, ambition

Thomas Gibson/Shemar Moore, gag, gift, slap, mouth, bite, fingers, handcuffs, gunplay
Thomas Gibson/Shemar Moore, laugh, probe, push, stroke, switch, tease, understanding
Timothy Olyphant/Maggie Q, casual, method, dare, grin, latenight
Tom Hiddleston/Dan Stevens, awards, BAFTAs, posh, flirtations
Tom Welling/Michael Rosenbaum, props, after hours, shaved, open, please
Torri Higginson/Joe Flanigan, fuck, hiatus, again, secret, christmas, need
Torri Higginson/Joe Flanigan, hours, airport, convention, late
Torri Higginson/Rachel Luttrell, flirt
Tricia Helfer/Katee Sackhoff, best friend, sweat, summer, swimming pool, TMZ, road trip, model
Tyler Hoechlin/Dylan O'Brien, baseball, overnight, kissing, bar, music, lust, inseparable, breakfast, blowjob

Victoria Justice/Daniella Monet, crush
Victoria Justice/Elizabeth Gillies, scratches
Vidya Balan/Rani Mukherji, fulfilled, spontaneous, awakening
Vincent D'Onofrio/Kathryn Erbe, past, goodbyes, reflections, forgetting

Yvonne Strahovski/Adam Baldwin, bet, anal
Yvonne Strahovski/Jason Statham, non-con, anal, blow job
Yvonne Strahovski/Zachary Levi, camera, off, regular, set, shot, sticky

Zachary Levi/Jared Padalecki, geek-out, giggling, videogames, dance, blowjobs, stretch, elevators, stage, tease
Zoe Saldana/Nichelle Nichols, skin, costume, legs, seduction

Australian Comedian RPF
Adam Hills/Paul McDermott, costumes, fairytales, animal play
Adam Hills/Wil Anderson, spanking, dildos, anal beads, prosthetic foot, D/s, restraints
Charlie Pickering/Todd Sampson, chocolate
Hamish Blake/Andy Lee, dungeons
Wil Anderson, fanfiction, writing, fantasies
Wil Anderson/Tim Minchin, any

British Comedian RPF
Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell, clean, tuxedo, live, fingers, stubble, feather, colors, travelogue, teleportation, angst, verbosity, infuriating, giggle
Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell/Robert Webb, dress-up, caught, present, blushing
Charlie Brooker/Konnie Huq/David Mitchell/Victoria Coren, swagger, rimming, roleplay
David Mitchell/Keeley Hawes, open, date night, unexpected, dressinggown, sneaky, booze
David Mitchell/Robert Webb, history, firsts, writing, risk, affair
Jimmy Carr/David Mitchell, sweet, undone, desperate

Broadway RPF
Andrew Keenan-Bolger/Jeremy Jordan, film
Jeremy Jordan/Kara Lindsay, ink

Children’s BBC Presenters RPF
Andy Akinwolere/Helen Skelton/Joel Defries, challenge, adrenaline, team, relief
Barney Harwood/Helen Skelton, change, trust
Ed Petrie/Iain Stirling, hotel, desk, water, costumes, banter, comfortable
Sam Nixon/Mark Rhodes, inseparable, crossdressing, roleplay, D/s, reunion, banter

Horrible Histories RPF
Ben Willbond/Martha Howe-Douglas, lift, beam, blonde, princess, winning
Ben Willbond/Simon Farnaby, tall, mates, vodka
Jim Howick/Ben Willbond, swearing, innocent, WILLBOND, hair, glitter
Jim Howick/Laurence Rickard, twitter, heels, whip, attic, hiding
Jim Howick/Mathew Baynton, carrot, stick, garden, push, mischief, cuddling, warm, corpsing, costumes, music, smile, car, jeans, mess, food
Jim Howick/Simon Farnaby, plane, beard
Laurence Rickard/Ben Willbond, beautiful, losers, describe, writing, flail
Laurence Rickard/Mathew Baynton, eyes, snuggle, summer, romance, hair
Laurence Rickard/Mathew Baynton/Ben Willbond, better, inappropriate, cackling, sunbathing, morning, rush
Lawry Lewin/Mathew Baynton, wild, sun, roleplay, tug, sinning
Martha Howe-Douglas/Simon Farnaby/Jim Howick/Laurence Rickard/Mathew Baynton/Ben Willbond, arrangement, working, drunken, dear, complicated, explain
Mathew Baynton/Martha Howe-Douglas, wall, helmet, acting, wink, oops
Simon Farnaby/Laurence Rickard, filthy, wink, massage, suits, caveman
Simon Farnaby/Martha Howe-Douglas, hipbones, bite, gigglesnort, fluff, captivate

Mock the Week RPF
Dara Ó Briain/Russell Howard/Chris Addison, headmaster, trangression
Ed/Dara, smoking, porn, wilderness, rough
Frankie Boyle/Hugh Dennis, power, discipline, penance
Hugh Dennis/Russell Howard, boy, protection, restraint
Russell Howard/Chris Addison/Hugh Dennis, chess master, pretty

Nerdist RPF
Chris Hardwick/Matt Mira/Jonah Ray, we'll edit this out, fanbase, Rule 34

Pointless RPF
Alexander Armstrong/Richard Osman, desk, banter, trivial

RocKwiz RPF
Julia Zemiro/any, any

Saturday Night Live RPF
Amy Poehler/Seth Meyers, work-married, duties, hand-holding, not-so-secret, beer, stifling, bittersweet
Jason Sudeikis/Kristen Wiig, mistake, smug, party
Jason Sudeikis/Kristen Wiig, regret, drunk, reluctant, giggling
Jason Sudeikis/Olivia Wilde, rumor, lucky, morning
Jimmy Fallon/Tina Fey, flirting, alcohol, window, rain, doubt
Kristen Wiig/Fabrizio Moretti, smoke, leather, loud
Seth Meyers/Amy Poehler, bffs, argument, bar fight
Seth Meyers/Amy Poehler, late, game, choice
Seth Meyers/Amy Poehler, routine, morning, hammered, wait, confess
Seth Meyers/Amy Poehler, the hurricane I'll never outrun
Tina Fey/Jimmy Fallon, unrequited, friend-crush, casual

Spicks and Specks RPF
Adam Hills/Hamish Blake, memories
Adam Hills/Myf Warhurst/Alan Brough, farewells
Alan Brough/Hamish Blake, licking

Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation RPF
any/any, food
Charlie Pickering/any, any
Charlie Pickering/Josh Thomas, candy, hair, teasing
Shaun Micallef/Amanda Keller, trust me, forgiveness, humiliation
Shaun Micallef/any, humilation, sadism, voyeurism, fetish, kink, food, delight, torture
Shaun Micallef/Josh Thomas, capes, hair, lamingtons, costumes, undressing, ageplay, trust, misunderstandings, shy, elusive, power

The Chaser RPF
Andrew Hansen/Charles Firth, sissies, secrets, genderplay, cross-dressing
Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel, cross-dressing
Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel/Charles Firth, sleepovers
Andrew Hansen/Dominic Knight, ponyplay, D/s, leather, cages
Chas Licciardello/Dominic Knight, best friends
Julian Morrow/Chas Licciardello, puppyplay

The Gruen Transfer RPF
Todd Sampson/Russel Howcroft, any
Wil Anderson/Todd Sampson, ties
Wil Anderson/Todd Sampson/Russel Howcroft, any

The Supersizers RPF
Giles Coren/Sue Perkins, costume, roleplay, D/s, banter, drunk, teasing

UK TV Personality RPF
Kirstie Allsopp/Phil Spencer, cameras, on location, dress, arguing

Web Personality RPF
Felicia Day/Veronica Belmont, twins, picture, kiss, guest, laughter, interview, Comic-Con

Whose Line Is It Anyway RPF
Colin/Ryan, bald, flying, hug

Historical & Political & Literary & Pundit RPF

Contemporary Literary RPF
RPF, Ann M Martin/Paula Danziger, role models
RPF, J.K. Rowling/Stephenie Meyer, Internet, lure, webcam

First Tuesday Book Club RPF
Jennifer Byrne/Marieke Hardy, fishnets, teasing, boots, D/s, flirting

Historical (& Royalty & Historical Literary) RPF
Ada Lovelace/Charles Babbage, calculations, experiment, equals, plans, intelligence, party
Alexander the Great/Hephaestion, soulmates, intercrural, heat, trust
Alice Perrers/Edward III, comfort, mistress, hand, grand, careful
Augustus/Livia, rule, domination, ruffle, dinner
Betsy Ross/Martha Washington, flags
Bonnie Parker/Clyde Barrow, road, spree, high, chase
Catherine of Valois/Owen Tudor, romance, plans, wedding, cuddle, meetings
Charles Babbage/Ada Lovelace, hair, data, university, brain, letters, spat, reunion, care, tender, computers, brainy, sexy
Charles I/Henrietta Maria, affection, disagreement
Charles II/Catherine of Braganza, loyalty, crossdressing, swearwords, voice, charming, love, flirting, tea
Charlotte Bronte/Duke of Wellington, hero
Christopher Marlowe/William Shakespeare, stage, darkness, passion, hands, spy, work, voice, beards, mouth, wall!Sex
Edward II/Piers Gaveston, favourite, soulmate, parted, drunk, need
Edward VIII/Wallis Simpson, morning after, scent, beach, choice, silk
Elagabalus/Hierocles, understand, mine, wife, purple, glitter, gold, modern, worship, comfort, control
Eleanor of Aquitaine/Henry II, fire, fight, vicious, freedom, rebel, heart, coin, mine, only, anger, touch, wedding
Geoffrey Plantagenet/Philip of France, scheming, dominance, armor
George Caley/William Bligh, paper, mutiny, compromise, spirits, [any]
George Villiers/James I, dearest, stable, hay, public, panting
Hadrian/Antinous, devotion, pretty, eyes, lazy, penetrate
Henry Fitzroy/Mary Tudor, marriage, illegitimate, strange, innocence
Henry of Grosmont 1st Duke of Lancaster/Edward III, between, loyalty, after, armour, best, teaching, garter
Horatio Nelson/Thomas Hardy, kissing, assistance, trust, value, private
James I/George Villiers, husbands, favourite, wallsex, pinning, riding, trust
John Hervey/Prince Frederick, poison, fool, dally
John of England/Llwelyn the Great, woods, truce, understanding
John of Gaunt/Katherine Swynford, mistress, true, love, dancing, always
Leonado da Vinci/Andrea Salai, Discovery, Lisa, Master
Livia/Cleopatra, bitches, smirk, purring, want, manipulation
Livilla/Sejanus, temptation, legs, darling, smirk, scratching
Lord Byron/Percy Shelley, jealousy, possessive reclaiming
Louis XIV/Charles II, whores, fun, masks, flirting
Ludwig II of Bavaria/Richard Wagner, devotion, first, enchanted, enigma, sleigh, outdoors, stars, Gesamtkunstwerk, sin, begging, inspiration, secret, altar, crossdressing, eyes, sixty-nine, intercrural, reunion, wallsex, trust, gentle, cushion, riding, throne, worship, delicate, theatre, letters, ink, create, madness, afterlife, reincarnation, play, fairytales
Mark Antony/Cleopatra VII, loss, power, replacement
Messalina/Agrippina the Younger, filthy
Prince Harry/Pippa Middleton, wedding, light, bathtub, paparazzi, legs
Princess Charlotte of Wales/Leopold I of Belgium, honeymoon, perfection, inseparable, Doucement, vows, uniform, happy, taste
Richard II/Henry IV, bond, skin, oppose, hate, bondage, castle, walls, watch, pant, filthy, smart, faces, military, prowess, Thursday, self-concious, French, accent, confidence, letters, urges, frightening, intoxicate, joust, complete, chalk, understanding, wives, loss, wit, autocratic, terror, betray, revolt, blame, sway
Richard III/Henry VII, battle, heat, why, similar, desperation, tales, sons, shudder
Roger Mortimer/Isabella of France, girlfriend, hot, affair, illicit, survival, tower, power, sheets
Simon de Montfort/Eleanor of England, ship, wine, hearth, armor, intrigue
Tacitus/Tiberius, connection, dreaming, story
William the Conquerer/Matilda of Flanders, happy, kneel, mud, equal, fire
Xerxes I/Thermistokles, trick, tease, oral, tumble, wit

Political RPF
Angela Merkel/Nicholas Sarkozy, economy, Merkozy, summit
Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton, 2008 election
Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton/Jon Stewart, 2008 election
Barack Obama/Sarah Palin, partisanship, hurricanes, tweet
Barbara Bush/Jenna Bush, beds
Barbara Bush/Jenna Bush/Meghan McCain, tequila
Domme!Julia Gillard/sub!Tony Abbott, hate!sex, car!sex, D/s, riots, shoes, opposition, protection
Harry Jenkins/Christopher Pyne, whiskey
Hillary Clinton/Joe Biden, unwanted
Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin, red state
Malcolm Turnbull/Christopher Pyne, loyalties, secrets
Sarah Palin/Ann Coulter, evil
Tony Abbott/Christopher Pyne, discipline
Tony Abbott/David Cameron, anal, whipping, arse-licking, D/s, bondage
Vladimir Putin/Dmitry Medvedev, any

Pundit RPF
Anderson Cooper/Jon Stewart, liberal
Anderson Cooper/Jon Stewart/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow/Stephen Colbert, welcome, seduction, new, ritual
Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, enjoy, pressure, spark, chance, lingerie, drugs, alone, possess, nipple, show
Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow, objective, magnetize, pressure, toy, conventional
Chris Hayes/Rachel Maddow/Melissa Harris-Perry, darkness, scream, pancakes, prison
Chris Hayes/Rachel Maddow, mirror, puppy, morning, farewell, tune
Jon Stewart/Anderson Cooper, silent, drugs, long ago, far away
Jon Stewart/Brian Williams, [any]
Jon Stewart/Rachel Maddow, tequila, pain, catch, studio
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert, stage, knees, shower, bind, laugh, throat, twenty years, election, hope, sleepy, sound, love
Keith Olbermann/Dan Patrick, Bristol, closet, isolated, late, apathy, campus
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, positive, anchor, bronchitis, undress, covers, toast, peaches, champagne, travel, balcony, knuckles, sore, easy, sunbathe, oysters, Florida, last, dysfunction, gender, sleepover, fingers, baseball, Coopers Town, rival, at the end, baby, girlfriend, threesome, candy, jeans, tie, ribbon, Xbox, jackass, silence, cocktail, obedience
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox, lollipop, dress-shirt, bubblegum, bar, knees, bandana, honor, snark, pregnant
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow/Chris Hayes/Ana Marie Cox, good, puppy, high, first
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow/Dan Patrick, pool, intern, stairwell
Melissa/Rachel/Richard Engel, pregnancy, together, dorky, politics, love
Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox, sugar, suit, slack(s), regret, possessive, jealous, suck, boy
Rachel Maddow/Anderson Cooper/Richard Engel, adrenaline, war, chaos, death, guns
Rachel Maddow/Melissa Harris-Perry, show time, geekery, cocktail
Rachel Maddow/Paul Rieckhoff, SuperBowl, roughhouse, dare, challenge, uniform
Rachel Maddow/Richard Engel, heat, fireworks, desperation, tease, under-dressed, urgency, resurrection, maps, strategic, sand
Stephen Colbert/Neil deGrasse Tyson, [any]
Stephen Colbert/the Michael Steele puppet, [any]

Today Show RPF
Matt Lauer/Katie Couric, Spy AU, London, sneaking around, old friend, [any]

Music RPF

Anni-Frid Lyngstad/Agnetha Fältskog, bookworm, pleading
Anni-Frid Lyngstad/Agnetha Fältskog, kimono
Anni-Frid Lyngstad/Agnetha Fältskog, western Zodiac, compatibility

American Idol RPF
Katy Allen/Kris Allen/Adam Lambert, together
David Cook/David Archuleta, sunshine, AU, microphone, tour bus, guitar, piano, pudge, touchy-feely, curse, wings, vampire, age, fist, hypocrite, bromance, Mormon, mission

Black Cards/Cobra Starship, Bebe Rexha/Victoria Asher, high heels, occult
Brand New/Straylight Run, Jesse Lacey/Michelle DaRosa, Untitled 01
Cobra Starship, Alex Saurez/Ryland Blackington, best friend, souffle
Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Nate Navarro, brainwashing, couch
Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Nate Navarro/Alex Saurez/Ryland Blackington, beer, pound
Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Nate Navarro/Alex Saurez/Ryland Blackington/Victoria Asher, crying, hands
Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Victoria Asher, dancing on the tip of my tongue, sage, strap on
Cobra Starship, Nate Navarro/Victoria Asher, fingering and spanking
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz, married, twitter
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz/Ashlee Simpson, brass knuckles, childcare
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, white noise, mental
Cobra Starship/Gym Class Heroes, Gabe Saporta/Travis McCoy, gently, art
Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Gabe Saporta/Frank Iero, October, push
Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Gabe Saporta/Gerard Way, trace, drugs
Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way, morning, club, hair, laugh, weekend, dirty
Cobra Starship/The Academy Is, Gabe Saporta/William Beckett, young, guitar, pictures, sober, flower, question
Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump/Michael Day, ageplay, art, music, tabula rasa, lost
Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump/Joe Trohman, replaced, stand up, new, loved, used
Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, firsts, fists, uppers, couches, basements, tour, bleach blond, beard, leather gloves, bow tie, trucker hat, fisting
Fall Out Boy/Gym Class Heroes, Patrick Stump/Travie McCoy, marks on your skin
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, ice, sweet, sharp, straight, complicated, D/s, water slides, rings, collars, lightsabers, fisting
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way/Alicia Way, crochet, snuggling
Gold Motel, Adam Kaltenhauser/Greta Salpeter, age play
Killjoys, Party Poison/Fun Ghoul, cold, snow, ice, rain, victory, storm
Killjoys, Party Poison/Fun Ghoul/Kobra Kid, secret, music, green
Mindless Self Indulgence/My Chemical Romance, LynZ Way/Alicia Way, [any]
My Chemical Romance, Alicia Way/Jamia Nestor, tour
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Frank Iero, drums
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro, aches, divorce, missing, thighs
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, layers, sun, burning, orange, knees, pterodactyl, hyperactive
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Mikey Way, obvious, watching
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Ray Toro, sure, accomodating
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Mikey Way, sunglasses, tattoos, hat, psych, tanktop
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Mikey Way/Ray Toro, glaring, pinned, stretched
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Ray Toro, xerox, guitars
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Mikey Way, on display, truth, need
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Ray Toro, storm, power
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Ray Toro, crossbow, strength
My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way/Ray Toro, scorching, tugging
My Chemical Romance/Panic At The Disco, Brendon Urie/Frank Iero, short term, gloves
My Chemical Romance/Panic At The Disco, Brendon Urie/Mikey Way, ocean, bricks
My Chemical Romance/Panic At The Disco, Ryan Ross/Gerard Way, escapism, pretentious
My Chemical Romance/Panic At The Disco, Ryan Ross/Mikey Way, lighter, jeans
My Chemical Romance/The Used, Bert McCracken/Gerard Way, enemies
Panic At The Disco, Brendon Urie/Dallon Weekes, settle, struggle
Panic At The Disco, Brendon Urie/Dallon Weeks/Ian Crawford/Spencer Smith, secret, ropes
Panic At The Disco, Brendon Urie/Ian Crawford, subspace, hair, guitar, tattoos, pain kink
Panic At The Disco, Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith, prude, virgin
Panic At The Disco, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, overwhelming, tazer
Panic At The Disco, Dallon Weekes/Ian Crawford, schoolgirl, skirts
Panic At The Disco, Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith, elusive, slutty
Rancid/The Used, Bert McCracken/Branden Steineckert, home
The Like, Annie Monroe/Z Berg, photography, London
The Like, Z Berg/Tennessee Thomas, let me hear you

Black Sabbath RPF
Tony Iommi/Bev Bevan, hurt/comfort, D/s, collars, leather

Electric Light Orchestra RPF
Bev Bevan/any, diaries
Bev Bevan/Mik Kaminski/Hugh McDowell, poker
Jeff Lynne/Kelly Groucutt, drunk
Richard Tandy/Melvyn Gale, practice, backstage, pianos, fingers

Hip-Hop & Pop (& Related) RPF
Avril Lavigne/Rihanna, life, cocktails, colour
Beyonce/Jay-Z/Kanye West, glorious, destination, lift off
Beyonce/Jay Z/Lady Gaga, corsets, heels, goth, free
Beyonce/Lady Gaga, clothes, lace, satin, bounce, hair
Britney Spears/Eminem, recovery
Britney Spears/Madonna, similarities, wordly, naive, sanctuary, comfort
Kanye West/Rihanna, protect, loud, strength
Katy Perry/Rihanna, persuasion, raspberry, toys
Lady Gaga/Lana del Rey, impress, study, ocean
Lady Gaga/Miley Cyrus/Taylor Swift, shower, Twister, weed
Lady Gaga/Taylor Swift, blanket, heels, sofa, teeth, window
Mark Ronson/Lily Allen, backstage, embrace, slide, throat, teeth

Korean Pop RPF
Bom/Minzy, pirate, princess, springtime
Cho Kyuhyun/Kim Jongwoon | Yesung, teach, transgression, bonding, vibrato, mistake, beg
Cho Kyuhyun/Shim Changmin/Lee Minho, drinking, phone calls, snark, brotherly affection, Kyuline
Choi Siwon/Zhou Mi, tied up, denial, boundaries, comfort, leader, boots, fashion
Han Geng/Zhou Mi, regret, angry, left behind, fans, mocking, hungry
Jea/Miryo, water, duet, serenade
Kangta/Zhou Mi, hero worship, lyrics, similarities
Lee Donghae/Choi Siwon, daring, holiday, romantic, discipline, photography, Twitter, London, bars
Lee Hyukjae | Eunhyuk/Lee Sungmin, ribbons, pink, mistaken, laughing, tickle, everything, curves, handcuffed, joking, smile, forever
Lee Sungmin/Lee Donghae, tease, cane, playing with fire, forbidden, yearning, restraint
Sunny/Miryo, unexpected, swag, dream

Misc Music RPF
Florence Welch/Natasha Khan, seance, steam, unsettled
Frankie Sandford/Rochelle Wiseman, nostalgia, tour, comfort, drunk
Kevin Barnes/Conor Oberst, any
Nic Cester/Tim Rogers, any

JC Chasez/Lance Bass, almond, cookies, flipflops, hot tub, ink, nutmeg, sand, sequins, shorts, shower, spice, sunglasses, swimming

Radiohead RPF
Thom Yorke/Jonny Greenwood, impromptu, nocturne, prelude, intermezzo, saudade, coastal

The Beatles RPF
George Harrison/John Lennon, anger, hate, love, loyalty

The Move RPF
Ace Kefford/Trevor Burton, hurt/comfort, protection, care, resistance
Bev Bevan/Trevor Burton, distractions, cold, winter, tourbus, shivers
Carl Wayne/Roy Wood, persuasion
Dom!Roy Wood/sub!Jeff Lynne, D/s, rules, surrender, restraints

The Traveling Wilburys RPF
Tom Petty/Bob Dylan, any
Jeff Lynne/George Harrison, submission, comfort, silence, confession, guilt, regret

Wizzard RPF
Roy Wood/Rick Price, genderplay, costumes, face-paint, glitter

Reality TV RPF

19 Kids and Counting RPF
Amy Jordyn Duggar/Anna Keller Duggar, knitting
Anna Keller Duggar/Priscilla Keller, missing
Jana Duggar/Anna Keller Duggar, faking it
Jana Duggar/Erin Bates, college
Jana Duggar/Jill Duggar, blood
Jana Duggar/Priscilla Keller, side-hug
Jessa Duggar/Jinger Duggar, escape
Jessa Duggar/Susanna Keller, coffee
Jill Duggar/Anna Keller Duggar, babysitting
Jim Bob Duggar/Gil Bates, handshake
John-David Duggar/Jana Duggar, mission
John-David Duggar/Joseph Duggar, vacation
Josh Duggar/Zach Bates, fellowship
Michaella Bates/Zach Bates, family

Ace of Cakes RPF
Ben Turner/Anna Ellison, ice, coffee, art, school, drawing, teamwork, teasing, wedding, close, weep, freaking, comfort, fixing, hug
Duff Goldman/Geof Manthorne, [any]
Duff Goldman/Geof Manthorne, focus, skill

America's Next Top Model RPF
Adrianne Curry/Elyse Sewell, Paris, pearls
Janice Dickinson/any contestant, critique, nude, growl, diva
Kahlen Rondot/Christina Murphy, nightmares
Marjorie Conrad/Analeigh Tipton, diamonds
Banks/any contestant, pander, model, role, revive, mirror

Chef (& Related) RPF
Aaron Sanchez/Alex Guarneschelli/Scott Conant, bet, reunion
Alex Guarneschelli/Scott Conant, headache, sweet, birthdays
Anne Burrell/Robert Irvine, anything you can do, hallway, friends with benefits
Alton Brown/Mario Batali, taste, flirt, citron, oil, splash, sparkle
Anthony Bourdain/Andrew Zimmern, disgust, tasty, round, long, sweet, salt, savory, umami, bitter, beer, wine, scotch, smoke, swig, nip, bite
Anthony Bourdain/Gordon Ramsay, superiority complex, rough, layover, sucker, smirk, coffee
Geoffrey Zakarian/Alex Guernaschelli, competition, scratch, bossy, laugh
Marcel Vigneron/Devon Espinosa, drink, mixed, prep, create, food, sweet, smoky, rushed
Marcel Vigneron/Jarrid Masse, food, fight, tired, cramped, breathe, quiet, fire, bitch, argue, smile, create, fusion, prep

Dirty Jobs RPF
Dave Barsky/Mike Rowe, pigtail, filthy, scrub, shower, clean, kneel, boss, underling, revenge, prank, order, handcuffs, boss, reverse, mud, feed, chocolate, smear, tentacles

Misc Reality TV RPF
Kate Gosselin/Nadya Suleman, tired
Rob Dyrdek, fantasy, selfish, lust, wanton, fun, free

Mythbusters RPF
Tory Belleci/Kari Byron, shop, gum, ring, babysitting, accident, friends, years, promise, bandages, stolen, piercing, events, autograph, tired

Project Runway RPF
Kenley Collins/Kara Janx, codependent
Kenley Collins/Leanne Marshall, rivalry, alien
Tim Gunn/any, flattery

Survivor RPF
Jeff Probst/any male contestant, manly

The Amazing Race RPF
Nat Strand/Kat Chang, hidden

Top Gear (UK) RPF
James May/The Stig, mindfuck, confusion
Jeremy Clarkson/Francie Clarkson/Richard Hammond, fitness, endurance, conspiracy
Jeremy Clarkson/Richard Hammond/James May, restraints, spinning, headspace
James May/Jeremy Clarkson, cuddle
James May/Jeremy Clarkson/Richard Hammond, camping

Top Gear (US) RPF
Tanner Foust/Rutledge Wood, powerslide, paint, gravel

Sports RPF

Baseball RPF
Chase Utley/Shane Victorino, bet, practice, meet-up, winner
Roy Halladay/Cole Hamels/Cliff Lee, mound, balls, hazing, game

Figure Skating RPF
Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir, secrets, devious, image, mistake, dirty, melt, hold, falling, bad press, synchronicity, fitting, chemistry, romance

Football (Soccer) RPF
Fernando Llorente/Javi Martínez, champions, sweat, showers, hide

Hockey RPF
Bobby Ryan/Ryan Getzlaf, silver, slump, slump buster, dinner out, surfing, beach, pool, barbecue, grin, mouth
Seabs/Duncs, control and release
Cory Schneider/Alex Edler, shave, wait, phone call
Jordan Staal/Evgeni Malkin, language barrier, dinner, kitchen, grin, injured, grip
Jordan Staal/Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, hurt, kiss it better, cold, borrowed clothes, workout, making dinner, morning, clean sheets, date night, 2-on-1
Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews, slap, carpet, mistake, kiss with a fist, snowstorm, so much better when you're naked, active stick, juniors, olympics, rookies
PK Subban/Carey Price, shot block, cowboy, roping, early morning, stubble, punch, fight, line dancing, plaid
PK Subban/John Tavares, World Juniors, gold, rookies, summer, workout, sleepy, early morning, chapped lips, iPod
Ray Emery/Corey Crawford, starter, backup, ice, stretch, scar, pain, anger, beer
Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, language barrier, smile, mouth, hurt, late nights, workout, swim, block, phone sex, black and gold, Olympics

National Football League RPF
Peyton Manning/Eli Manning, superbowl, football cops
Tom Brady/Wes Welker, superbowl, down time, locker room, size difference

Tennis RPF
John Isner/Nicolas Mahut, forever, training, stamina, wall
Marat Safin/Svetlana Kuznetsova, Duma, tie, thighs, strings
Petra Kvitova/Tomas Berdych, flag, eyes, silverware, Olympics
Rafael Nadal/Novak Djokovic, winning
Roger Federer/Rafael Nadal, twilight, change, family

RPF Crossovers

Actor RPF/Bandom
Alicia Way/Felica Day, rhyme, nerdy, film, giggles, bruises, Coke, glasses, words, tired, kneel, hidden, WoW

Actor RPF/Music RPF
Florence Welch/Blake Lively, bffs, tequila shots, bathroom, event
Ke$ha/James Franco, troll, glitter, camera, picture, whirlwind, common, intelligent, hotel, drunk, alcohol, pegging
Ke$ha/James Franco/Joseph Gordon Levitt, ridiculous, film, party, misconception, fall, pegging, glitter, careless, summer
Marlene Dietrich/Edith Piaf, lipstick, language, suit, kiss, vanity

Actor RPF/Pundit RPF
Jason Bateman/Keith Olbermann, roleplay, baseball, lollipop
George Clooney/Anderson Cooper, phone, tie

Australian Comedian (& Related) RPF/Music RPF
Jeff Lynne/Andrew Hansen, any
Matt Bellamy/Andrew Hansen, fingers, hair, twins
Paul McCartney/Andrew Hansen, any
Wil Anderson/Kelly Clarkson, tipsy, backstage, adorable
k.d. lang/Adam Hills, genderfucking, D/s, Daddy/boy

Bandom/Music RPF
Ke$ha/Jon Walker, beard, cats, glitter, pegging, high, alcohol
Gabe Saporta/Sabi, feel, soulmates, incomplete, complete, santi, lights, pulse, [any]

Literary RPF/Music RPF
Alan Bennett/Morrissey, tea, Englishness, ask, contrivance, lawbreakers, queer, bookshelves, parsimony

Music RPF/Presenter RPF
Bert McCracken/Steven Smith, interview

Chef (& Related) RPF/Dirty Jobs RPF
Alton Brown/Mike Rowe, grease, scrub, hose, lick, sauce, tentacles

Political RPF/Saturday Night Live RPF
Tina Fey/Sarah Palin, doppelganger

Project Runway RPF/Pundit RPF
Anderson Cooper/Tim Gunn, suit, blue

Any Character Portrayed By Actor X
Any character played by Adam Baldwin/Any character played by Zachary Levi, fear, protection, danger, stranger, rendezvous, evil twin
Any character played by Adam Scott/Any character played by Lizzy Caplan, banter, truck, pegging
Any character played by Adrian Pasdar/Any character played by Milo Ventimiglia, brothers, hot, cold, crime, young
Any character played by Alexander Skarsgard/Any character played by Wentworth Miller, [any]
Any character played by Amanda Tapping/Any character played by Gina Torres, dare, muscle, silk, soiree
Any character played by Andrew Garfield/Any character played by Jesse Eisenberg, problem
Any character played by Archie Panjabi/Any character played by Christina Hendricks, clever, converse, eyefucking, heart, leather, locket, negotiation, risk, seduce, smile, smoky
Any character played by Ashley Tisdale/Any character played by Brenda Song, push/shover, catty, often, naughty, perfect, sparkly
Any character played by B.D. Wong, [any]
Any character played by Ben Browder/Any character played by Claudia Black, chuckle, deshabille, fruit, party, space, spirit
Any character played by Benedict Cumberbatch/Any character played by Chris Pine, don't, soft, rough, deep, lost, shadows
Any character played by Benedict Cumberbatch/Any character played by David Tennant, strings attached, steam, fog, rescue, sharp
Any character played by Benedict Cumberbatch/Any character played by Johnny Lee Miller, token, coffee, dragons
Any character played by Benedict Cumberbatch/Any character played by Martin Freeman, twist, wait, hands, lips, mysteries
Any character played by Benedict Cumberbatch/Any character played by Matt Smith, game, tempt, lazy
Any character played by Benedict Cumberbatch/Any other character played by Benedict Cumberbatch, delight, waves, ginger, weight, flood
Any character played by Bradley Cooper/Any character played by Jeffrey Donovan, begging, eyes, denial, date, accident, blood, awkward, wall
Any character played by Bradley Cooper/Any character played by Zoe Saldana, heels, explosion, out of breath, laugh, soft, leather
Any character played by Britt Robertson/Any character played by Willa Holland, myth, burn, rebellion, model
Any character played by Bruce Campbell/Any character played by Michael Imperioli, case, danger, deft, mattress, revelation
Any character played by Bruce Campbell/Any character played by Ted Raimi, caught, replacement, fight, bittersweet, booze, lucky, cigars
Any character played by Callum Keith Rennie/Any character played by Paul Gross, alternate universes, Canadian shack, connection
Any character played by Chris Evans/Any character played by Chris Pine, hero, experience, hotel, junket
Any character played by Chris Evans/Any character played by Sebastian Stan, need
Any character played by Christian Bale/Any character played by Jim Caviezel, holiday, rock, secret
Any character played by Columbus Short/Any character played by Zoe Saldana, friends, touch, smile, talk, dance
Any character played by Damian Lewis/Any character played by Ron Livingston, cherry, bottom
Any character played by David Duchovny/Any character played by Gillian Anderson, phone, lace, determined, boots
Any character played by David Hewlett/Any character played by Joe Flanigan, trouble, opposites, price, wired, rain, toy, fun, rough, protective
Any character played by David Hewlett/Any other character played by David Hewlett, accident, barrier, champagne, easy, genius, grass
Any character played by Elyse Levesque/Any character played by Tricia Helfer, lead, come
Any character played by Enrico Colantoni/Any character played by Jessica Steen, cream, delight, flirt, gold, holiday
Any character played by Gale Harold/Any character played by Nathan Fillion, dance, instrument, investigate, tousled
Any character played by Grace Park/Any character played by Tahmoh Penikett, rules, uniform, robot, joke, history
Any character played by Idris Elba/Any character played by Michael Fassbender, cab, fire, alien, rough, size, history
Any character played by Jack Davenport/Any character played by Johnny Depp, modern, any
Any character played by James Spader/Any character played by Tricia Helfer, excess
Any character played by James Spader/Any character played by William Shatner, ice, manners, pretty, smart, steel, whisper
Any character played by Jamie Bamber/Any character played by Katee Sackhoff, remorse, silk, telephone, stilettos, martini, longing, reunion, handcuffs, reincarnation
Any character played by Johnny Lee Miller/Any character played by Jude Law, circumstances, dragons
Any character played by Joshua Jackson/Any character played by Katee Sackhoff, tease
Any character played by Jr Bourne/Any character played by Amanda Tapping, desire, candlelight, movies, awkward, airplane, ray-gun, train, water, hyperspeed
Any character played by Judi Dench/Any character played by Michael Caine, silence, yes, clouds, roses, stand
Any character played by Kari Matchett/Any character played by Timothy Hutton, alibi, confusion, science, thief
Any character played by Katee Sackhoff/Any character played by Michael Trucco, recursion, flowers, dainty, sand, humidity, motorcycle
Any character played by Katee Sackhoff/Any character played by Stark Sands, bruises, comfort, apologies, escape, sparring
Any character played by Katee Sackhoff/Any character played by Tricia Helfer, guns, road trip, sunlight, polish, blush, competition, playful
Any character played by Keanu Reeves/Any character played by Keanu Reeves
Any character played by Kenneth Branagh/Any character played by Tom Hiddleston, equals, [any]
Any character played by Kiefer Sutherland/Any character played by Robert Downey Jr., happiness, marriage, wedding, killers, doomed, guns, cops, any
Any character played by Kristen Wiig/Any character played by Jason Sudeikis, eyes, crush, evening
Any character played by Liam Neeson/Any character played by Bradley Cooper, taxi, recruit, reward, perfecting
Any character played by Lou Diamond Phillips/Any character played by Kiefer Sutherland, bullet, reins, mud, drunk, sling, azure, duality, warmth
Any character played by Matthew Bomer/Any character played by Zachary Levi, doppleganger, serenade, incongruity, impression, trust, ambition
Any character played by Megan Mullally/Any character played by Nick Offerman, lust, dizzy
Any character played by Michael Esper/Any character played by Stark Sands, music, dragons
Any character played by Michael Fassbender/Any character played by James McAvoy, saint, lost
Any character played by Michael Shanks/Any character played by Richard Dean Anderson, aircraft, apocalypse, gum, intrigue, spy
Any character played by Michael Shanks/Any other character played by Michael Shanks, cellphone, cerulean, mirror, suave, subterfuge
Any character played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau/Any character played by Alexander Skarsgård, winter
Any character played by Paul Gross/Any character played by Zoe Saldana, candlelight, language, rough, wet
Any character played by Paul Gross/Any other character played by Paul Gross, champagne, snow, spotlight, tongue
Any character played by Philip Glenister/Any character played by John Simm, contest, pessimism, loyalty, dependence
Any character played by Rachel Bilson/Any character played by Ben McKenzie, officer, costume, doctor, bar, reinvent
Any character played by Richard Dean Anderson/Any other character played by Richard Dean Anderson, commando, knees, resilience, weapons, wood
Any character played by Robert Carlyle/Any other character played by Robert Carlyle, brilliant, dynamite, lager, scruff
Any character played by Robert Downey Jr/Any female character from any fandom, first, eyes, broken
Any character played by Sam J. Jones/Any character played by Summer Glau, sassy, fun, shy
Any character played by Selena Gomez/Any character played by Demi Lovato, mixup, line, sandwich, danger
Any character played by Simon Pegg/Any character played by Nick Frost, easy, pub, older, mates, sweets, alcohol, buzz, instructions, movies
Any character played by Zoe Saldana/Any character played by Angelina Jolie, [any]

Crossover, Big Time Rush, Logan Mitchell/Any character played by Mary Louise Parker, cougar, science, politics, illegal
Crossover, Burn Notice, Michael Westen/Any character played by Kiefer Sutherland, chills, deadline, explosion, intensity, stone
Crossover, Leverage, Sophie Devereaux/Any character played by Jennifer Morrison, believe, fingertips, lies
Crossover, New Girl, Jess Day/Any character played by Max Greenfield, arrest, sweet, novelty t-shirt, zoo
Crossover, Once Upon a Time, Emma Swann/Any character played by Chris Hemsworth, memories, remembrance, rue, twist, drink
Crossover, Star Trek: Reboot, Spock/Any character played by Karl Urban, [any]
Crossover, Star Trek: Reboot, Spock/Any character played by Zoe Saldana, [any]
Crossover, Stargate SG-1, Daniel Jackson/Any character played by Richard Dean Anderson, coincidence, experiment, facile, heat, smile, translate, zeugma
Crossover, Stargate SG-1, Jack O'Neill/Any character played by Michael Shanks, complicated, desire, druthers, firelight, ghost, laughter, wish
Crossover, The Avengers (2012), Tony Stark/Any other character played by Robert Downey Jr., you, me, if, then, how, genius
Crossover, Thor (2011), Loki/Any character played by Kenneth Branagh, smut, [any]
Crossover, White Collar, Neal Caffrey/Any character played by Bruce Campbell, artful, envy, goosebumps, grin, slippery

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