Porn Battle XIII - Lucky Thirteen



Updated 15th February 2012 - now complete.

Dreamwidth Page 1

Ouran High School Host Club, The More They Stay The Same by [personal profile] terajk, Haruhi/Tamaki, graduation

Firefly, Necessary Maintenance by [personal profile] imaginary_golux, Jayne/River, weapon, kiss

Homestuck, first thing in the evening by [personal profile] cypher, Gamzee Makara/Karkat Vantas, sleepy, size difference

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion, Like Fourth of July Fireworks by [personal profile] oxoniensis, R/Julie, alive

Star Trek (2009), Of Messy Kitchens and Peach Cobblers by [personal profile] metallikirk, James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, baking

Sherlock (BBC), Bored by [personal profile] ebonyfeather, Greg Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes, office

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, fingers tap into what you were once by [personal profile] fallingtowers, Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth, beg, guilt

Thor (2011), Wild Days by [personal profile] vaarna, Darcy Lewis/Loki, confused, impress, lick, mischief, outwit, popsicle

Bomb Girls, Such Sweetness by [personal profile] aamalie, Betty McRae/Kate Andrews, gentleness

Torchwood, Mainframe: Girls' Night In by [personal profile] missvmarigold, Suzie Costello/Toshiko Sato, mainframe, hair, bite, tired of waiting

11/22/63 - Stephen King, Pound Cake by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Jake/Sadie, slip, motel, strip

Twitch City, Cat Scratch Fever by [personal profile] baronjanus, Hope/Newbie, winter, scarf, roommates

Fringe, With The Brakes On by [personal profile] commoncomitatus, Astrid Farnsworth/Olivia Dunham, car

Archer, Two Minutes (To Save The World) by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sterling Archer/Lana Kane, punch, dammit Archer

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Untitled by [personal profile] spockside, Peggy/Steve, pegging

Crossover, Doctor Who/Warehouse 13, A Common Touch by [personal profile] commoncomitatus, Ace McShane/Claudia Donovan, explosions

DCU, Special Delivery by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Arthur Light/Kimiyo Hoshi, secret, multiverse

American Dad!, Subjective by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Hayley/Avery Bullock, Viagra

Anthropomorphic, Files We Shared by [personal profile] angelikitten, Mediafire/Megaupload, goodbye, angst

Fullmetal Alchemist, it's midnight here by [personal profile] torch, Roy Mustang/Edward Elric, train, tired

Crossover, Castle/Grey's Anatomy, Extraordinary by [personal profile] lone_lilly, Kate Beckett/Meredith Grey, tequila, first meeting

Castle, Boys Like To Fetishize Girls Who Wear Neckties by [personal profile] lone_lilly, Kate Beckett/Rick Castle, necktie, fetish, boots, chair, tongue, on knees

Smallville, Actions Speak Louder by [ profile] kmr2009, Chloe Sullivan/Lana Lang, Nicodemus Flower

Pirates of the Caribbean (movies), From the Vasty Deep by [personal profile] isis, Kraken/Ship, unbidden

Livejournal Page 1

Sherlock (BBC), A Great Mistake by [ profile] thefannishwaldo, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, wet, shower, distraction(s)

Cowboy Bebop, to the victor go the spoils by [ profile] bob5fic, Spike/Vicious/Julia, last-call

Prison Break, One More Step on the Way Down by [ profile] clair_de_lune, Michael/Lincoln, Sex toys, Taboo

His Dark Materials, thou shall not lie by [ profile] magisterequitum, Asriel/Marisa, affair, ritual, gown, cheating

Burn Notice, Boldness by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen, guns, heights, pain

Psych, Reset Button by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Burton Guster/Shawn Spencer, videogame, competition, TV

Psych, Worth It by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Burton Guster/Shawn Spencer/Juliet O'Hara, complimentary, sweet

Burn Notice, Boredom by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Michael Westen/Sam Axe, car, stakeout

Raising hope, Risks and Chances by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Jimmy/Sabrina, love you, adore, family

RPF, Waldorf by [ profile] idharao, Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers, New York City, hotel

Norse Mythology, till we meet again by [ profile] magisterequitum, Loki/Sigyn, Ragnarok, fidelity

Cutthroat Island (1995), Berrying by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Morgan Adams/William Shaw, fiery

Dead Like Me, Untitled by [ profile] goshdarnheck, George Lass/Mason, drunk, unstable, cowboy

Thor (2011), Shadows by [ profile] lymanalpha, Sif/Loki, shadow

Rookie Blue, A Thrill To Be Filled by [ profile] margieruns, Sam Swarek/Andy McNally, risky

Thor (2011), Hair by [ profile] lymanalpha, Sif/Loki, hair

Once Upon a Time, Crushed Your Heart and Hope to Die by [ profile] ahkna, Queen/Huntsman, crushed your heart ...

Chuck, I Imagine That 'Yes' Is The Only Living Thing by [ profile] nevcolleil, Chuck/Ellie and Chuck/Ellie/Sarah, fantasy

RPF, Untitled by [ profile] idharao, Craig Ferguson/Kristen Bell, Paris, slap

The West Wing, i would float along by [ profile] ahkna, Andy Wyatt/Toby Ziegler, shoulder blades

X-Men: First Class (2011), Head Start by [ profile] aeshna_uk, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, bedhead

Babylon 5, to boldly go by [ profile] openended, Delenn, human, exploration, new, mirror

Gossip Girl, Since I Still Tell You My Every Day by [ profile] stainofmylove, Blair/Dan, autobiographical, fiction, mistletoe, words, writing

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Under the Billowing Sky by [ profile] miawkitten, Elia Martell/Oberyn Martell, water-gardens, slow, sweet, smile, warmth

VicTORIous, Song Remains The Same by [ profile] ingridmatthews, Tori Vega/Trina Vega, birthweek

Dreamwidth Page 2

All My Children, That Feeling by [ profile] kmr2009, Bianca/Babe, pregnant

Sherlock (BBC), Type by [personal profile] marginaliana, Greg Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes, unbuttoned

All My Children, The Constant Longing by [ profile] kmr2009, Bianca/Kendall, longing

Marvel, Routines by [personal profile] kayim, James "Bucky" Barnes/Natasha Romanow, adrenaline, metal, memory

Natsume Yuujinchou, Look Up by [personal profile] littlebutfierce, Tanuma Kaname/Taki Tooru/Natsume Takashi, stars

Luther, Bedlam by [profile] missymarigold, John Luther/Alice Morgan, escape, lick, travel, return

Thor (2011), With Teeth by [personal profile] esterthen, Thor/Loki, visit, trick, brothers, violent

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, rolling in on a burning tire by [personal profile] bebitched, Anya/Halfrek, time

Bourne Trilogy (movies), No Promises by [personal profile] tielan, Jason/Nicky Parsons, touch

Grey's Anatomy, Bridges Burnt to Ash by [personal profile] bessemerprocess, Teddy Altman/Owen Hunt, grief

DCU, Yes...Right There by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, guide

Egyptian Mythology, All's fair in love and war by [ profile] chibirenamon, Horus/Set, intercrural

Final Fantasy X-2, Exchange Rate by [profile] daga_isa, Paine/Rikku, respect-points, scarf, spanking

Stargate SG-1, Post-'Shroud' at Daniel's Place by [personal profile] paian, Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, tension

Scott Pilgrim (2010), Kim Pine Vs. Robots and Stuff by [personal profile] paranomasias, Kim Pine/Knives Chau, makeout

Downton Abbey, wake up and she'll be home by [personal profile] aamalie, Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, happiness

Divergent - Veronica Roth, Neither Nor by [personal profile] bessemerprocess, Tris/Four, fear, fight, win, simulation

Harry Potter, All Broken by [personal profile] imaginary_golux, Bellatrix Lestrange/Hermione Granger, blood, defeat, red

Ladyhawke, Beneath The Wolf Moon by [personal profile] lion_heart, Isabeau d'Anjou/Etienne Navarre, adore, at last, forever

Battlestar Galactica (2003), More Than Missing by [personal profile] tielan, Kara/Lee, back from the dead, cabin, Earth 2.0

Justified, cuts like a razor by [personal profile] sardonicynic, Raylan Givens/Winona Hawkins, remember

X-Men: First Class (2011), Until you're begging for it by [personal profile] ximeria, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, loud, fingering

Anthropomorfic, goodbye.avi by [profile] paranormasias, Mediafire/Megaupload, goodbye, angst

Lewis, Saturday Morning by [personal profile] halotolerant, Robert Lewis/James Hathaway, morning

X-Men: First Class (2011), None so blind by [personal profile] ximeria, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, kiss, hands

Livejournal Page 2

Ninja Scroll, the fates conspire against us by [ profile] bob5fic, Jubei/Kagero, poison, destiny, fulfill, mission, dream

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Under the Billowing Sky by [ profile] miawkitten, Elia Martell/Oberyn Martell, water-gardens, slow, sweet, smile, warmth

VicTORIous, Song Remains The Same by [ profile] ingridmatthews, Tori Vega/Trina Vega, birthweek

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, strike, dear mistress by [ profile] ghostinsweats, jaime/cersei, crossdressing, begging, dominant female

The Avengers, simon says by [ profile] magisterequitum, Loki/Natasha, obey, orders, submit

Primeval, Be quiet by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Becker/Matt, loud

Castle, Pep Talk by [ profile] geonncannon, Richard Castle/Kate Beckett, overtired

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Dark of Night by [ profile] callix, Sansa Stark/Sandor Clegane, distant, protection

The Avengers (2012), cor a apparatus by [ profile] trysts, Tony/Natasha, outmatched, red

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, see what i see by [ profile] magisterequitum, Jeyne/Robb, cunnilingus, furs

Harry Potter, Let Me Fuck the World Off Just for You by [ profile] bloodofpyke, Draco/Pansy; Smirk, Water

Castle, In the Name of Research by [ profile] shimmeryshine, Richard Castle/Kate Beckett/Natalie Rhodes, method, watch

Castle, You'll Be My Motivation I'll Be Your Transportation by [ profile] endearingquirk, Richard Castle/Kate Beckett, Ferrari

The Hour, And You Were Mine by [ profile] labelorlove, Bel/Hector, cunnilingus

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Torn at the Seams by [ profile] miawkitten, Cersei/Jaime, anger, dress, entangled, wedding, wall, lions

Game of Thrones, you're a cold cold comfort by [ profile] trysts, Eddard Stark/Cersei Lannister, frost

Merlin, Loyalty by [ profile] angelqueen04, Gwen/Morgana, proof

Harry Potter, Like a Heart Undone by [ profile] bloodofpyke, Harry/Ginny, Catharsis

The West Wing, tell me what you want, lover by [ profile] magisterequitum, The West Wing, Sam/Ainsley, desk, dress, formal wear, sex kitten

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, the only sentimental thing I could think of by [ profile] the_stark_words, Jeyne/Robb/Theon, anger, crown, victors

Firefly, something to hold in the night by [ profile] hyacinthian, Inara Serra/Malcolm Reynolds, sigh, silk

Grey's Anatomy, i still want more by [ profile] openended, Mark/Addison, bruises, sore, come

The Vampire Diaries, breathe me by [ profile] summerofsoaps, Damon/Elena/Stefan, comfort, together, belonging, threesome

RPF (Saturday Night Live), kiss with a fist by [ profile] veils, Amy Poehler/Seth Meyers, bffs, hammered

Sherlock Holmes (Ritchieverse), A Delicate Matter by [ profile] ingridmatthews, Holmes/Simza, alive

Dreamwidth Page 3

Harry Potter, Nineteen Years by [personal profile] imaginary_golux, Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, 19 years later

One Piece, Jelly by [personal profile] terajk, Nami/Sanji, food, dominate

RPF, Bowtie by [personal profile] marginaliana, Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell, tuxedo

Hikaru no Go, Waiting by [personal profile] hostilecrayon, Shindou Hikaru/Touya Akira, masturbation, texting

The Lord of the Rings (any), A New Season by [personal profile] lion_heart, Éowyn/Faramir, love, petals, spring, sunshine

Homestuck, Submission in All Caps by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Jade Harley/Karkat Vantas, expose, femdom, flustered, playful

Sherlock, Permanence by [profile] bessermerprocess, John/Sherlock, india ink

Candyman, Honey by [personal profile] lion_heart, Helen/Candyman, taste, bleed

Smallville, Making Time by [personal profile] jammyjar, Clark/Lois, glasses, office, quiet

DCU, The better man by [personal profile] jammyjar, Lois Lane/Jonathan Carroll, Clark

Sherlock, untitled by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Irene Adler/Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes, ruthless, bond, struggle

Criminal Minds, A Funny Thing Happened On the Way From Lunch by [personal profile] latxcvi, Aaron Hotchner/Ashley Seaver, reversal

DCU, Night Goes Down by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson, night, wheelchair, lick

Crossover, Luther/The Losers, Clear Through the Bullet Holes by [personal profile] lady_krysis, Franklin Clay/John Luther, grief

Homestuck, adolescent hearts by [personal profile] michicant, Jane Crocker/Roxy Lalonde, tights, phone call

Criminal Minds, All Dressed Up & Everywhere To Go by [personal profile] latxcvi, Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan, suits, wall

Revenge, The Arrangement by [personal profile] jena, Emily Thorne/Jack Porter/Nolan Ross, protection, voyeur

Ashes to Ashes, Bittersweet Symphony by [personal profile] venusinthenight, Chris/Shaz, unrequited Alex/Shaz, betrayal

RPF (Pundit), Twenty by [profile] bessermerprocess, Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert, twenty years

RPF (Pundit), Mapping Patterns In The Skin by [personal profile] lilalanor, Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, peaches

M*A*S*H, Unfinished by [personal profile] sharpest_asp, Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce/Margart "Hot Lips" Houlihan, insanity

Harry Potter, Firewhisky by [personal profile] anissa7118, Harry/Hermione/Ron, trust, double team, comfort, nightmares

Suits, Paint it Red by [personal profile] janedavitt, Harvey Specter/Mike Ross, bite, sass, bondage, mess, power, lipstick, kissing

RPF (Actor), Behind the Scenes by [personal profile] kristenell, Kelly Sheridan/Kirby Morrow, cunnilingus, conventions

Aliens, Sight Before Her Eyes by [personal profile] sharpest_asp, Vasquez/Drake, shore-leave

Livejournal Page 3

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Take Care of You by [ profile] magisterequitum, Robb Stark/Theon Greyjoy, battle, tension

Metropolis: The Chase Suite - Janelle Monae, Wondaland by [ profile] curtana, Cindi Mayweather/Alpha-9000s, connected

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, The Spaces Left Between by [ profile] bloodofpyke, Theon Greyjoy/Jeyne Westerling, bruise, hatred, scratches

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, I Gave My Heart to the Army by [ profile] the_stark_words, Sansa Stark/Jaime Lannister; desperation, fire, laces, Queen in the North

Deathless, Blood and Crushed Veneer by [ profile] miawkitten, Ivan/Koschei/Marya Morevna, tease, rope, table, dominant female

The Dresden Files, Man, I Feel Like a Woman by [ profile] geonncannon, girl!Harry Dresden/Karrin Murphy, gentle

Person of Interest, Exacerbate the Situation by [ profile] bruised_skin, Harold Finch/John Reese, Jealousy, Pining, Voyeurism

Greek Mythology, The End Of The World And Other Fairy Tales by [ profile] trysts, Hades/Persephone, last time, world end

Sanctuary, Hands Free by [ profile] geonncannon, Helen Magnus/Charlotte Benoit, verbal

Skins (UK), Sleep The Rest Of The Day by [ profile] stainofmylove, Cook/Effy, dirt, outlaws, pinch, sober

A Song Of Ice And Fire - George R. R. Martin, Reverence On His Breath by [ profile] peachesandsex, Jon Connington/Rhaegar Targaryen, prince, soft

Actor RPF, Lessons by [ profile] magisterequitum, Jaimie Alexander/Tom Hiddleston, piano, hair

Shameless (US), Private Time by [ profile] sin_stained_ink, Fiona, solo

A Song Of Ice And Fire - George R. R. Martin, The Cold Heart of Ruth by [ profile] trysts, Daenerys Targaryen/Sansa Stark, cold

Crossover, Merlin/Sherlock, Our Lady of the Silence by [ profile] prochytes, Merlin/Sherlock, Morgana/Mycroft, guardians

Gossip Girl, The Bodyguard by [ profile] bob5fic, Dan Humphrey/Blair Waldorf, friends with benefits, grind

Commercials, Allstate/Progressive, In Good Hands by [ profile] geonncannon, Mayhem/Flo, blowjob

Arthuriana, Take Another Drag, Turn Me To Ashes by [ profile] joyous_garde, Lancelot/Guinevere, beginning, choices

The Good Wife, Dancers May Disappear by [ profile] damelola, Will Gardner/Diane Lockhart, dancing

Bomb Girls, Real Strength by [ profile] kmr2009, Betty McRae/Kate Andrews, sharing a bed, first time, scars

Babylon 5, Keep Hope Alive by [ profile] openended, John Sheridan/Susan Ivanova, Io

Being Human (UK), Suspend My Disbelief by [ profile] librarywoman, Annie/Mitchell

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, I'm Eating All Your Kings and Queens by [ profile] joyous_garde, Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister, throne

Rizzoli & Isles, Not What It Looks Like by [ profile] geonncannon, Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles, not what it looks like

Glee, Let's Talk by [ profile] fabrisse, Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson, shy, messy, porn, snowed-in, surprising, nervous

Dreamwidth Page 4

Lost Girl, The Pay May Suck, But You Can't Knock the Fringe Benefits by [personal profile] credoimprobus, Bo/Kenzi, undercover, tease

How To Train Your Dragon, How to Fellate Your Viking Boyfriend by [personal profile] paranomasias, Hiccup/Astrid, hair, kiss, night, dirty

The Vampire Diaries (TV), Let's Delay Our Misery by [personal profile] got_swagger, Alaric/Caroline, guilt, understanding

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Scent of You by [personal profile] katekintail, Spike/Xander Harris, surprise, wallsex, denial, scent, lick, avoiding the sun

The Simpsons, Stupid Little Cigs by [ profile] crabwise_son, Milhouse/Bart, experiment, teenagers, smoking, temptation, husband

Children of Dune, Learned but Known by [personal profile] sharpest_asp, Leto II/Ghanima, memory, protection

Inspector Spacetime, Why You Should Expect a Bed in a Cave by [personal profile] sunspot, Brooke Rhapsody/The Inspector, time

Law & Order: UK, Untitled by [personal profile] lilalanor, Sam Casey/Jake Thorne, posh

Luther, It's Always About the Sex by [personal profile] missvmarigold, John Luther/Zoe Luther/Mark North, negotiation

Chicago, Mistake Law for Justice by [personal profile] pleonasm, Billy Flynn/Amos Hart, trial

Leverage, Conversation (Long or Short) by [personal profile] sunspot, Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker, hair, left out, trio

Gay Pirates - Cosmo Jarvis, (You Deserve) So Much Better Than We've Had by [personal profile] flyingthesky, Narrator/Sebastian, hidden, love

Community, Off Kilter by [personal profile] sinecure, Jeff/Annie, voyeur, fantasy

Runaways, Return to Me by [personal profile] bonnefois, Xavin/Karolina, coffee, reunion

Crossover, The Avengers (2012)/Richard III (1995), The Idle Pleasures of These Days by [personal profile] sabinetzin, Tony Stark/Lord Rivers, then

Canaan, Awesome by [personal profile] paranomasias, Canaan/Maria, awesome, investigative journalism, pictures, kindness, photography

Radiant Historia, Ascension by [personal profile] bonnefois, Dias/Selvan, desire

Hikaru no Go, A Breath of History by [personal profile] qem_chibati, Fujiwara no Sai/Ko Yeong-Ha, challenge, imagination, history

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Maybe It Will All Come Back to Me by [personal profile] vialethe, Jon/Arya, care, love, remember

Bomb Girls, Smears by [personal profile] aamalie, Betty McRae/Kate Andrews, lipstick

Chuck, Cold Comfort by [ profile] kmr2009, John Casey/Sarah Walker, loneliness

The Magnificent Seven, All Souls Towards Truth by [personal profile] torch, Ezra/Vin, greed

One Piece, It's the Journey Not the Destination by [personal profile] terajk, Luffy/Nami, map

2 Broke Girls, Murphy's Law by [personal profile] pleonasm, Max/Caroline, Murphy bed

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011), Honest Question by [personal profile] lion_heart, Mikael Blomkvist/Lisbeth Salander

Livejournal Page 4

The Hitcher (1986), Love Will Cut You (Just Like A Knife) by [ profile] galerian_ash, John Ryder/Jim Halsey, hunter, sand, death

Warehouse 13, fun by [ profile] krilymcc, Myka/H.G., childhood bedroom

The Hunger Games, gone by [ profile] crickets, Gale/Peeta, lost

Gone with the Wind, bedtime ritual by [ profile] hyacinthian, Melanie/Scarlett O'Hara, smoke

Dexter, it is the catalyst by [ profile] danniisupernova, Debra/Dexter, punish

RPF, Preparation by [ profile] idharao, Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers, studio, reward, hard work

Metropolis: The Chase Suite – Janelle Monae, One Recurse by [ profile] vennefic, Cindi Mayweather/Alpha-9000s, connected

Crossover, Good Omens/Supernatural, Contractual Obligation by [ profile] emerald_embers, Aziraphale/SPN!Crowley, secret, tender

Crossover, DCU/Superman Movieverse, And Scars Remind Me by [ profile] kalalanekent, Jason Todd (Red Hood)/Kala Lane-Kent, pulse, skin, scars, bruise, protect, fear

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin, Come in, she said, I'll give you by [ profile] sharksdontsleep, Jon Snow/(Robb Stark)/Jeyne Westerling/(Ygritte), shelter, storm, equilibrium

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin, Stain Her Beauty Bright by [ profile] lainemontgomery, Jaime/Sansa/Cersei, mirrors, games, perfect, princess

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin, This Time Around by [ profile] workswithwords, Jaime Lannister/Sansa Stark, desperation

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins, Imposters by [ profile] curtana, Cinna/Finnick, cold

Babylon 5, The Land Between Solar Systems by [ profile] openended, John/Delenn, sleep, space, illuminated

Ashes to Ashes, With Feeling by [ profile] venusinthenight, Alex/Shaz, ma'am

Captain America: The First Avenger, The Nearness of You by [ profile] sharksdontsleep, Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, dirty talk, leave, change

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins, your story to remain untold by [ profile] angerfish, katniss/madge, AU, young, bruises, revolutionary

Fire Emblem, A Warm Body by [ profile] miss_prince, Heather/Lucia, support

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin, Such a Good Pupil by [ profile] embossedsilver, Petyr Baelish/Sansa Stark, lessons, tutelage, older, quiet

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins, The Taste of Blood by [ profile] burnitdownbaby, Cato/Clove, training, vicious

Parks & Recreation, Alternate Ending to 4x14 (Operation Ann) by [ profile] veils, Leslie/Ann, perfect, comfortable, bed-sharing, helping out

RPF, Party Games by [ profile] idharao, Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers, quickie

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin, What does it matter? by [ profile] sternflammenden, Barbrey Ryswell/Brandon Stark, unsupervised, wild, youth

The Vampire Diaries, Ritual by [ profile] summerofsoaps, Elena/Tyler, drinking, funeral, grieving

Fairy Tales – Little Red Riding Hood, Awakening by [ profile] vennefic, Red/Wolf, reversal, prey, treat

Dreamwidth Page 5

Prince of Tennis, Communication by [personal profile] anehan, Tezuka/Yuuta, communication

Generation Kill, We Will Run into the Morning Light by [personal profile] cry_havoc, Brad/Nate, summer

Babylon 5, After A Fashion by [personal profile] bessemerprocess, Delenn/Neroon, past and present

Fairy Tales, Americano by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Cinderella/Prince Charming, stables, maiden, slipper

Crossover, Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, Fly With Me by [personal profile] tiptoe39, James Kirk/Dean Winchester, bar, rimming

Fullmetal Alchemist, Light the Match by [personal profile] sixpences, Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye, roses

Thor (2011), Alternative Costume Design by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, cross-dressing, dare, slick

Twin Peaks, We Hold These Truths by [personal profile] peapods42, Albert/Cooper, cling

Anthropomorphic, S'Mores by [personal profile] imaginary_golux, Graham Cracker/Marshmallow/Chocolate, melt, fire, camping

The Simpsons, The Name of the Game by [personal profile] doreyg, Martin Prince Jr/Bart Simpson, deal

The Magnificent Seven, Craving by [personal profile] sorrowful, Chris/Ezra, greed, danger, lust

Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh, In Vino Falsitas by [personal profile] isis, Charles/Sebastian, claret

Harry Potter - JK Rowling, Never Wake Me by [personal profile] imaginary_golux, Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, dream, inexorable, shadow

Fringe, Quiet Echoes by [personal profile] tiptoe39, Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, midnight, jealous, glasses, confession, virgin

Sherlock (BBC), Tiger's Tears by [personal profile] doreyg, John Watson/Sebastian Moran, military, anonymous

Bones, I Went to Art School for This by [personal profile] mediumrawr, Temperance Brennan/Angela Montenegro, aesthetic, art, ink

Castle, Turnabout by [personal profile] sophia_helix, Richard Castle/Kate Beckett, control

Crossover, Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey/Sherlock (BBC), Options Besides Impossible by [personal profile] halotolerant, John Watson/Gregory Lestrade/Sherlock Holmes, urge

Warhammer 40k, To Fall by [personal profile] ilovecake, Horus/Sanguinius, fall, hubris, sin

Sherlock (BBC), The Rest Between the Notes by [personal profile] waldo, Sherlock/John, violin, nightmares, apologies, forgiveness

Capital Scandal, Something New by [personal profile] kristenell, Seon Woo Wan/Na Yeo Kyeung, cunnilingus, learning

Smallville, Meant to Be by [personal profile] jammyjar, Lex/Lana, pink diamonds, paris, after

Harry Potter - JK Rowling, Being Jane by [personal profile] imaginary_golux, Hermione/Hermione, time-turner

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen, The Other Miss Bennet by [personal profile] halotolerant, Georgiana Darcy/Kitty Bennet, hidden, shy, kisses, quiet

Livejournal Page 5

Dracula — Bram Stoker, Return by [ profile] toestastegood, Count Dracula/Jonathan Harker, spanking, claim

Universal Soldier, sweet dreams are made of this by [ profile] anr, Veronica/Luc, ice

Firefly, The Scars I Showed You by [ profile] vialethe, Mal/River, surprise, reading, understand, peace

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, And the Heat’s About to Break by [ profile] bloodofpyke, Theon/Sansa, alone, bashful

Another Happy Day, and it’s rising still by [ profile] perfectlystill, Alice/Elliot, whiskey, hospital waiting room

RPF (Kpop), Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me by [ profile] glitterburn, Choi Siwon/Zhou Mi, denial, boundaries, leader

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, the wolfsong is the sound of the rending you will suffer by [ profile] joyous_garde, Robb/Jeyne, wolf

Stargate Continuum, Reflections by [ profile] geonncannon, Sam/Ba'al's host, aftermath

Crossover, Good Omens/Supernatural, Let Me In and Don’t Let Go by [ profile] emerald_embers, Aziraphale/Castiel, gentle, tea

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, till human voices wake us and we drown by [ profile] joyous_garde, Robb/Theon, salt

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, The Odds of Being Alone by [ profile] bloodofpyke, X/Y, Arya/Gendry, eyes closed, names, older!Arya

Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood, and have cried wolf by [ profile] trysts, Red/Wolf, treat, wine, stalk, prey, reversal, lick, pant, howl

Shameless (US), take another drag by [ profile] perfectlystill, Karen/Lip, angry, cigarette, heartbreak, lies

Tangled, Any Other Princess by [ profile] nevcolleil, Eugene/Rapunzel

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Quoth the Raven by [ profile] lainemontgomery, Jaime/Sansa, belonging, reality, Queen in the North

Once Upon a Time, We Will…Tomorrow by [ profile] babettew54, David Nolan/Mary Margaret, picnic, forest, hideout, secret, familiar, heat

Rizzoli & Isles, Swagger by [ profile] geonncannon, Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles, swagger

Emma — Jane Austen, Mirror, Mirror by [ profile] queen_tatiana, Emma Woodhouse/herself, mirror, perfect, candle

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Exile Vilify by [ profile] ghostinsweats, Cersei/Theon (Theon/Robb), wedding night, hate

Supernatural, Someone to Watch over Me by [ profile] geonncannon, Jo Harvelle/Jessica Moore, heaven

Homestuck, She Kisses Wyverns by [ profile] buriedbooks, Rose/Terezi, seer, sharp

Kill Bill, Something strange in the eyes by [ profile] trillianastra, BB Kiddo/Nikki Bell, scores

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, We require a certain skill by [ profile] ghostinsweats, Robb/Ros (Theon), first time, voyeurism

The Walking Dead, Tequila and Salt by [ profile] gagewhitney, Daryl/Andrea, bar

The Magnificent Seven, Craving by [ profile] librarywoman, Chris/Ezra, greed, danger, lust

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DCU, A Fire to Warm His Heart by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Vril Dox/Komand’r, confession

Homestuck, Whiither Thou Goe2t by [personal profile] cypher, The Sufferer/The Ψiioniic, inspiration, partners, telekinesis

Dune, Every Time by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Alia/Duncan, first, many

Liar Game, Girl With the Gold Earring by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Akiyama/Nao/Fukunaga, teamwork, gold

Vampire Diaries, Give in to Me by [ profile] snoozin81, Elena/Alaric, empty bed, need, warm, wrong

RPF, Used to Know by [personal profile] ndnickerson, Yvonne Strahovski/Zachary Levi, off, camera

Suikoden I/II, Things to Toast by [personal profile] mithrigil, Flik/Viktor, trust, beer

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011), Untitled by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Sabine Moreau/William Brandt, traitor

Generation Kill, Run Me Down by [personal profile] fosfomifira, Brad/Nate, sightline

Crossover, Good Omens/Supernatural, With a Whimper by [personal profile] jane_potter, Castiel/GO!Crowley, fallen, drunk, inconsolable

Boardwalk Empire, Never Seen Your Appetite This Occupied by [personal profile] d_generate_girl, Arnold Rothstein/Charlie Luciano, breathless, service

Doctor Who, When in Melbourne by [personal profile] missvmarigold, Five/Nyssa/Tegan Jovanka, [any], comfort

Pretty Little Liars, The Sun Before the Burn by [personal profile] andromache, Hanna/Caleb, intimacy

Warhammer 40K, Folly by [personal profile] twopunch, Horus/Sanguinius, hubris

Homestuck, The Final Ship by [personal profile] dagas_isa, The Condense/The Handmaid, desperation, tearing

Supernatural, Yes by [personal profile] jane_potter, Castiel/Jimmy Novak, body-sharing, breath play

The Vampire Diaries, We’re All We’ve Got by [personal profile] got_swagger, Alaric/Damon/Elena, abandon, need, family

Harry Potter, We Pay a Tithe to Hell by [ profile] murderershair, Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, complicated, scars

Bedlam, At Night it’s too Quiet by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Jed Harper/Ryan McAllister, horror, warm, ghost, visions

Anthropomorphic, Freedom Tastes Like This by [personal profile] mysweet_time, Mediafire/Megaupload, goodbye, angst, hurt/comfort

Kingdom Hearts, If You Stay, I Would Even Wait All Night (or Until My Heart Explodes) by [personal profile] paranomasias, Kairi/Olette, summer

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin , Uninvited by [personal profile] lenina20, Sansa/Sandor, shattered

Fringe, Through a Miror Darkly by [personal profile] noxnoctisanima, alt!Lincoln Lee/ Lincoln Lee, rough, skin, mirror, handcuffs

One Piece, Orange Rind by [personal profile] inkstone, Monkey D. Luffy/Nami, tongue, sweet, teeth, food, shared

Nancy Drew – Carolyn Keene, Stolen by [personal profile] ndnickerson, Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson, necktie, cashmere, stolen

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Natsume Yujinchou, As Long as Always Lasts by [ profile] 1010nabulation, Tanuma Kaname/Natsume Takashi, gentle, always

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, A woman's pleasure by [ profile] cyshobbitlass, Sansa/Sandor, protection

Doctor Who, Respectful Discourse On Power Dynamics in the Workplace by [ profile] daystarsearcher, Brigadier/Liz Shaw/Three, bickering, snark

His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman, And you are only just beginning by [ profile] tragics, Asriel/Coulter,speak, expeditions, library

Crossover, Castle/Stiletto, Shadows and Shades by [ profile] geonncannon, Richard Castle/Kate Beckett/Raina Mavias, dangerous

Rookie Blue, you feel so tired but you can't sleep by [ profile] tikvarn, Andy Mcnally/Sam Swarek, sleepy, afraid

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, raise me up by [ profile] ghostinsweats, Theon/Sansa, arranged

RPF (Historical), Oh, The Flame by [ profile] vega_ofthe_lyre, Eleanor of Aquitaine/Henry II, fire

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, The Winter of Our Discontent by [ profile] workswithwords, Jon Snow/Sansa Stark, furs, ice, oral, Winterfell

Hawaii Five-0, Supplication by [ profile] scripps, Steve/Danny, submission, on your knees

Thor (2011), trying out the merchandise by [ profile] magisterequitum, Loki/Sif, lace, explore

Once Upon a Time, Like Chewing on Pearls by [ profile] damelola, Emma/Regina, nightstick, mouth, control

Revenge, One Night Stand by [ profile] lyssie, Amanda/Emily, manipulation

Super Smash Bros., Adorable by [ profile] kristinmachina, Peach Toadstool/Zelda/Samus Aran, cute

Stargate SG-1, Heat by [ profile] jgem612, Daniel/Vala, sweat

Glee, the music in me by [ profile] hyacinthian, Mike Chang/Tina Cohen-Chang, dance, sweetly, happy

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Courtly Manners by [ profile] juno_chan, Ned/Catelyn, archway, claim, court

Thor, gather ye rosebuds by [ profile] medie, girl!loki/any male character, prompt

DCU, Sacred Ground by [ profile] tielan, Any Bat/Any Super (Batman/Wonder Woman), scars

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, heat not a furnance by [ profile] greenconverses, Nico/Rachel, leather

Doctor Who, Look After Him by [ profile] daystarsearcher, Four/Sarah Jane, caring, motive, xenophobia

Push, might find me anyway by [ profile] ceridweyn_lin, Nick/Cassie, argument, hurt, running

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, That I Might Dutifully Recall by [ profile] echoinautumn, Jon Snow/Sansa Stark, home, fire, furs

castle, the double down by [ profile] veils, Beckett/Ryan, Esposito/Kay Cappuccio, flirting, helping

Pretty Little Liars, hit me with lightning by [ profile] perfectlystill, Aria/Hanna, rain

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Thor (2011), Where the Music Plays for Free by [personal profile] theleaveswant, Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, banter, biceps, unexpected

Being Human (UK), Suspend My Disbelief by [personal profile] sorrowful, Annie/Mitchell, hell, forever, sorrow, hair, sex, reality, tea, afterlife

RPF (The Move), Fighting A Losing Battle by [personal profile] sashataakheru, Dom!Roy Wood/sub!Jeff Lynne, D/s, surrender

Stargate SG-1, All of Him by [personal profile] jdjunkie, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, cuddly

DCU, Committing Fornication by [personal profile] runespoor, Dick Grayson/Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, tentacles, identity, Robin

Star Trek: Reboot, Safe In His Arms by [personal profile] metallikirk, Christine Chapel/Leonard McCoy, sleep, silence, smile, safe

Crossover, Doctor Who/Warehouse 13, Counterpoints by [personal profile] commoncomitatus, Ace McShane/Claudia Donovan, wikipedia, learning

Anthropomorphic, Whirling Silently In Space by [personal profile] doreyg, planetary ring/shepherd moon, spacetime

Harry Potter, Warm Moments by [personal profile] doreyg, Scorpius Malfoy/Rose Weasley/Albus Severus Potter, chocolate, take

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, it's a long roll down by [personal profile] lenina20, Sansa/Mya, identity

Justified, long road home by [personal profile] bigbrasskey, Raylan Givens/Winona Hawkins, buried, knowing

Fairy Tales, To Soothe The Savage Beast by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Beauty/Beast, fur, winter, bedchamber, reveal

Naruto, or the fire brigade by [personal profile] torch, Kakashi/Guy, sword, blood, elegance, terror

Doctor Who, A Guilty State of Affairs, by [personal profile] doreyg, Five/Vislor Turlough, versatile

Fairy Tales, Blood and Moonlight by [personal profile] imaginary_golux, Red Riding Hood/Wolf, bloody, secret, moon, howl, scream, teeth

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, nearly beloved by [personal profile] janie_tangerine, Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth, kiss, mouth

Avatar the Last Airbender, What Once Had Been a Breeze by [personal profile] pfg, Aang/Katara, growth spurt, full height, adulthood, wedding

Hawaii Five-0, A Beautiful Moment by [personal profile] thegrrrl2002, Steve/Danny, Couch

Batgirl, Properly Wrap by [personal profile] pfg, Stephanie Brown/Barbara Gordon, banter, battle, adrenaline

Boardwalk Empire, my first love was a murderer by [personal profile] janie_tangerine, Jimmy Darmody/Richard Harrow, adrenaline, masks

Criminal Minds, Belonging by [personal profile] seakirsten, Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan, collar

iCarly, Fill in the Blank by [personal profile] frogy, Sam/Freddie, first time

Natsume Yuujinchou, Tender Morsel by [personal profile] canis_m, Madara/Natsume, bodyguard, weakness, taste

Battlestar Galactica (2003), A Thousand Little Lies by [personal profile] tiptoe39, Cally Henderson/Tory Foster, destruction, in the dark

Evangelion, The Sky's a Woman by [personal profile] tiptoe39, Shinji/Kaworu, stroke, dusk

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A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Uninvited by [ profile] lenina20, Sansa/Sandor, shattered

Fringe, Oblivion by [ profile] lule_bell, Astrid/Olivia, post-apocalypse

Norse Mythology, i will not go complacently by [ profile] magisterequitum, Loki/Sif, hair, infidelity, revenge

General Hospital, When You Care Enough by [ profile] monimala, Ethan/Johnny/Kristina, sheets

X-Men: First Class (2011), Waking Moments by [ profile] cyshobbitlass, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, silence, bottom!Erik

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Can't Translate From Right to Wrong: by [ profile] bloodofpyke, Arya/Gendry, names, older, wine, winter

Rookie Blue, Never Wanna Fall Apart by [ profile] margierunsLuke Callaghan/Gail Peck, whiskey, early

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, it's a long roll down by [ profile] lenina20, Sansa/Mya, identity

The Closer, Scent of Jasmine by [ profile] joelthecat, Andy Flynn/Sharon Raydor [any]

Natsume Yuujinchou, Like a Spirit by [ profile] shirono, Tanuma Kaname/Natsume Takashi, "watching"

iCarly, Being Responsible Was Never Hotter by [ profile] nevcolleilFreddie Benson/Spencer Shay, responsible

Thor (2011), Perturb Me by [ profile] lymanalpha, Sif/Loki, strength

Sanctuary, Timesaver by [ profile] geonncannon, Helen Magnus/John Druitt/James Watson, compromise and naked

Mad Dogs, Can't Go Home Again by [ profile] talkingtothesky, Baxter/Quinn, condemned, talk

Sanctuary, Roll Credits by [ profile] geonncannon, Helen Magnus/Charlotte Benoit, vacation

Pride and Prejudice, Playtime at Pemberley by [ profile] queen_tatiana, Elizabeth/Georgiana, winter

Merlin (BBC), Revenge by [ profile] angelqueen04, Morgana/Arthur, revelations, rage, siblings

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Skill by [ profile] lilpocketninja, Ty Lee/Azula, flowers

Game of Thrones, a bride in a red place by [ profile] buriedbooks, Cersei/Ned, teeth, lion, wolf, queen , ruin, honor, freedom

Alice (Syfy 2009), "Wonder No More" by [ profile] goshdarnheck, Mad Hatter/Alice, mine

Once Upon a Time, wild wolves by [ profile] ahkna, Regina Mills/Ruby, big bad wolf

Angel the Series, In the Biblical Sense by [ profile] dreamlittleyo, Angel/Spike, bite, bicker

Stargate SG-1, Walls by [ profile] geonncannon, Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter/Teal'c, surrounded

The Lying Game, Ten Percent by [ profile] monimala, Alec/Sutton, like father like son

Babylon 5, Mass Romantic by [ profile] openended, John Sheridan/Delenn, space, dating, ritual

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X-Men: First Class (2011), It Is What It Always Is by [personal profile] helens78, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, needs

DCU, Cover Story by [personal profile] saavikam77, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Selina Kyle, planned, performance, interview, debrief

Superman Movieverse, Open Invitation by [personal profile] saavikam77, Lana Lang/Lois Lane/Richard White, grief, protect, tears, offer

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, Take What You Can Get (It's The End of The World) by [personal profile] anenko, Jenny Kolinsky/Hannah B. Williams/Curtis Weaver, incident

DCU (Superman Reeveverse/Batman Burtonverse), Coda to a Tango by [personal profile] saavikam77, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lois Lane, flirting, dancing, laughter, silk, truth

Stargate SG-1, Company by [personal profile] saavikam77, Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, snow

Crossover, Doctor Who/Leverage, Bullfight by [profile] missymarigold, River Song/Sophie Devereaux, accent, Muse Dorse, opening night, gown, thief, painting, [any]

Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling, Better Cold Hands Than None At All by [personal profile] imaginary_golux, Harry Potter/Lord Voldemort, conquest, fairytale, trophy, vessel

Andromeda, Forging a new path by [personal profile] jena, Dylan/Rommie, first time

Disney Princesses, Feet To Run, Wings To Fly by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Rapunzel/Tiana, dreams

The Princess and the Frog, Loose Lips by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Charlotte/Tiana, play, history

Psych, The Amazing Adventures of Tap Man and Psych Man: The Lost Chapter by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Shawn Spencer/Gus, sidekick

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Right Fighting by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, April/Casey Jones, bicker

Xena: Warrior Princess, but baby it's cold outside by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Gabrielle/Joxer/Xena, cuddle, protect, family, blessed

Muriel's Wedding, Better Than Dancing Queen by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Muriel Heslop/Rhonda Epinstalk, friendship, perfect

Psych, A Slight Hiccup by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Shawn/Juliet, swell, fond, silly

How I Met Your Mother, Sunk by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Barney/Robin, strip battleship, cigarette, suits

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Stars Falling From the Sky by [personal profile] isis, Sansa/Mya, identity, smell, Winterfell

Mass Effect, Reach by [personal profile] isagel, Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian, reach, different, alien, understanding

Covert Affairs, Was Dead and Is Alive Again by [personal profile] mediumrawr, Annie Walker/Joan Campbell, kneel, high heels, skirts

Fullmetal Alchemist, Strangeness and Charm by [personal profile] bay_alexison, Roy/Riza, roses, unbutton, pretend

The Losers, In the Ache of Her Reply by [personal profile] lady_krysis, Aisha/Cougar, pretty, stiletto

Community, Being Britta'd by [ profile] kmr2009, Annie/Britta, Jeff's car

X-Men: First Class (2011), she's a looker by [personal profile] sabinetzin, Charles Xavier/Raven Darkholme, dance

Homestuck, Dirk: take charge by [personal profile] cypher, Dirk Strider/Equius Zahhak, robots, strength, wrestle

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Parks & Recreation, These storybook villas by [ profile] aphrodite_mine, Ann/Leslie, whipped cream

Sanctuary, lose yourself by [ profile] openended, Helen Magnus/John Druitt, alley

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, and hair grows back by [ profile] joyous_garde, jaime/cersei, crown, red

Crossover, Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1, Hurricane Drunk by [ profile] openended, Kara Thrace/Samantha Carter, pilots

Crossover, Stargate SG-1/Xena: Warrior Princess, An Audience with the Queen by [ profile] geonncannon, Sam Carter/Cleopatra, dare

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Of the North by [ profile] jonfuckingsnow, Rhaegar/Lyanna, tower, prince, tears

X-Men 2, Velvet by [ profile] kristinmachina, Nightcrawler/Storm, beauty

Torchwood, all this clatter between my ears by [ profile] hyacinthian, Owen Harper/Toshiko Sato, Adam, hub, please

crossover, Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Doctor Who, TARDIS Afternoons by [ profile] lyssie, Kara/Sam/Amy/Rory, role-play

Venetia - Georgette Heyer, Digestif by [ profile] curtana, Damerel/Venetia, orgy

Sherlock Holmes, Oxford Fashion by [ profile] mistyzeo, Holmes/Watson, intercrural

Chuck, Living a Lie by [ profile] kmr2009, Sarah/Shaw, Castle, Crockpot

Foyles War, Untitled by [ profile] queen_tatiana, Samantha Stewart/Christopher Foyle, quiet

Crossover, Lost/Once Upon A Time, We Will Be The Forgotten Ones by [ profile] girlie_girl_23, Juliet/Regina, cursed

Xena: Warrior Princess, Offerings by [ profile] palgrave_golden, Xena/Ares, temple, war, godhood, anal

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Familiar With These Strange Realities by [ profile] bloodofpyke, Jaime/Cersei; Anger, Young

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins, Still Life by [ profile] stainofmylove, Gale/Katniss, caretaker, injured

Rookie Blue, lazing on a sunday afternoon by [ profile] tikvarn, Andy Mcnally/Sam Swarek, suspension, rush, new

RPF, You wanna steer but I'm shifting gears by [ profile] comearoundtome, Ben Bass/Missy Peregrym, fuck, lick, late

Thor (2011), Gold by [ profile] lymanalpha, Loki/Sif, gold, taste, spells, lace, hair

The Office (us), let's go to the mall by [ profile] perfectlystill, Ryan/Kelly, shopping, quiet

Merlin (BBC), Nothing She Won't Do by [ profile] angelqueen04, Morgana/Morgause, blood, care, worship

Leverage, in the still of silence by [ profile] abvj, Sophie/Nate, history, silence, dark

X-Men: First Class (2011), untitled by [ profile] aeshna_uk, Erik Lehnsherr/Moira MacTaggert, respect

The Big Bang Theory, Odd Socks by [ profile] bob5fic, Sheldon/Penny, competition, laundry, lesson, boredom, practice

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Greek and Roman Mythology, Purity by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Persephone/Hades, glow, atonement, change, cursed

White Collar, Cover Me by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Neal Caffrey/Ben Ryan, strip club

iCarly, things I keep to myself by [personal profile] flyingthesky, Sam/Freddie, secrets

Sanctuary, Matters of Blood and Connection by [personal profile] chasethecloudsaway, Nikola Tesla/James Watson, machinery, blood

The Avengers (2012), Might Fill Me Up, by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Tony Stark/team, magic

P.O.W. (2003), Nocturnes, Nos. 1-21 by [personal profile] bibliothekara, Jim/Attercombe, respite, dance

Warehouse 13, Carpe Diem by [personal profile] minkhollow, Rebecca St. Clair/Jack Secord, bottom!Jack

The Bible, Their Lamentations Have Ascended by [personal profile] jane_potter, Raphael/Azazel, bound, fall

Law & Order: UK, Rise & Fall by [personal profile] lilalanor, Ronnie Brooks/Natalie Chandler, history

Community, Reflected in Moonlight by [personal profile] sinecure, Jeff/Annie, skinny-dipping, panties

X-Men: First Class (2011), fall into the quicksand by [personal profile] sabinetzin, Erik Lehnsherr/Raven Darkholme, bend

Stargate Atlantis, Not His by [personal profile] secondalto, Evan Lorne/Teyal Emmagan, another

Homestuck, Blue Platelet Special by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Kanaya Maryam/Vriska Serket, blood, denial, satin

Naruto, Love Bites by [personal profile] dawnrune, Haruno Sakura/Uzumaki Naruto, thighs, bite, grass

Stargate SG-1, Heat of the Day by [personal profile] jdjunkie, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, waterfall, temptation

Bleach, All Our Times Have Come by [personal profile] branchandroot, Kensei/Hisagi, reunion

Sherlock, Intrigued by [personal profile] halotolerant, f!John Watson/f!Sherlock Holmes, experiment

Sherlock, A Necessary Stimulus by [personal profile] redluna, f!John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, touch, kitchen

Anthropomorphic, Gone Too Long by [ profile] crabwise_son, Summer/Winter, sun, snow, longing, cycles, leave, sky, any

Kingdom Hearts, To Paint the Sun and Match Her Light by [personal profile] paranomasias, Kairi/Namine, paint

DCU, shoot to thrill by [personal profile] moetushie, Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, incestuous, replacement, snark

One Piece, funky little boat race by [personal profile] torch, Iceburg/Franky, young, sea, happiness

Crossover, Egyptian Mythology/Greek Mythology/Norse Mythology, Red Lips by [personal profile] doreyg, Isis/Hermes/Loki, drinks, tricksters

Newsies, Really, Kath? Really? by [personal profile] xiexiegirl, Jack/Katherine, tops, handcuffs

RPF (Actor), Cocktails by [personal profile] tiptoe39, Jared Padalecki/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, drinks

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Fairy Tales, What is Left Out by [ profile] angelqueen04, Red/Wolf, stalk, reversal

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins, But Oh, My Heart Still Burns by [ profile] bloodofpyke, Katniss/Peeta; Audience, Warmth

A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Afterglow (The Secret Service Version) by [ profile] palgrave_golden, Tony/Control, after, coffee, desk

Stargate SG-1, As The World Fades Away by [ profile] openended, Samantha Carter/Teal'c, leather, lace, tongue, leather, lace, blindfold, pleasure, caress, trust

Justifed, Your Every Move by [ profile] magisterequitum, Ava/Boyd, heat

Supernatural, Hindsight by [ profile] snoozin81, Jo/Dean, lick, touch, whisper, tasting, wound, drunk

Harry Potter, Who Am I To Disagree by [ profile] openended, Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy, imperio

X-Men: First Class, Tell Me by [ profile] dreamlittleyo, Charles/Erik, fantasies, rough

Twin Peaks, In This Distance by [ profile] echoinautumn, Audrey Horne/Dale Cooper, lips, spooky

Shameless (US), Smell You On My Hand For Days by [ profile] summerofsoaps, Lip/Karen, cunt, finger, misery

Southland, The Fascination of What's Difficult by [ profile] alizarin_nyc, Sherman/Cooper, need, confession, manhandle

DCU, Says to Himself by [ profile] moetushie, Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, longing, regret

Wilby Wonderful, Every Part by [ profile] pjvilar, Dan/Duck, couch, first

The Good Wife, Brick and Mortar by [ profile] monimala, Cary Agos/Kalinda Sharma, wall

Aubrey-Maturin series – Patrick O'Brian, Counterpoint by [ profile] grim_lupine, Jack/Stephen, duet

Gossip Girl, Don't Wanna Kiss You (But I Need To) by [ profile] nevcolleil, Chuck Bass/Dan Humphrey, breathplay, friendship

Grey's Anatomy, Say It Out Loud by [ profile] labelorlove, Addison/Mark, hate sex and hair pulling

Gilmore Girls, Only The Margin Left by [ profile] perfectlystill, Jess/Rory, books, library,stacks

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, The Queen's Brother by [ profile] sleepyvalentina, Jaime/Cersei, wedding

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, I'll Be All You Need, And More by [ profile] bloodofpyke, Theon/Robb, Anger

Harry Potter, A Taste of Truth by [ profile] grim_lupine, Dumbledore/Grindelwald, doubt

Prison Break, Same Difference by [ profile] clair_de_lune, Lincoln/Michael/Sucre, [any]

Primeval, Rent by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Connor Temple/James Lester, rent

Crossover, Firefly/Sanctuary, Survivors by [ profile] geonncannon, Helen Magnus/Zoe Washburne, muscle

Crossover, Sanctuary/Warehouse 13, Antiquarians by [ profile] geonncannon, Helen Magnus/HG Wells, antique

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Sherlock (BBC), We Knew All Our Reasons by [personal profile] whatawaytoburn, Mycroft/Sherlock, reconciliation, regret

Crossover, Captain America: The First Avenger/The Avengers (2012), On My Open Mouth by [personal profile] radioaches, Steve Rogers/James "Bucky" Barnes/Tony Stark, double penetration

Crossover, Egyptian Mythology/Greek Mythology, (Untitled) by [personal profile] ilthit, Ariadne/Isis, teaching

RPF (Actor), Unexpected Reunion by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Mariska Hargitay/Maria Bello, again

Crossover, Chloe/The Devil Wears Prada, Unreal Fantasy by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Chloe/Miranda Priestly, husband, lovely, lips, entertain, hotel, sated, blue, retreat

Justified, Sounds Like a Love Story by [personal profile] jessalae, Raylan Givens/Boyd Crowder, sweaty

Greek Mythology, Constancy by [personal profile] imaginary_golux, Hades/Persephone, constant, change

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Out of Time by [personal profile] dustandroses, Spike/Xander Harris, time loop, seduction

Rizzoli & Isles, In the Other Room by [personal profile] mediumrawr, Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles, owned, tease, vibrator, mothers

Mainichi Seiten!, Bait and Switch by [personal profile] canis_m, Mayumi/Yuuta, flustered, teasing

Veronica Mars, Agitator by [personal profile] jaqofspades, Veronica Mars/Eli "Weevil" Navarro, alley, bikes

Hikaru no Go, Serve by [personal profile] troisroyaumes, Kaneko Masako/Mitani Yuki, sport

Supernatural, Song of Songs 5:4-5 by [personal profile] miscellanium, Uriel/Anna's-grace-tree, glory, sufferance, lush

Harry Potter, Hope by [personal profile] imaginary_golux, Luna Lovegood/Severus Snape, gentle, butterbeer

Torchwood, Stockholm Syndrome by [personal profile] missvmarigold, Gwen Cooper/Suzie Costello, darkness, ghost, torch

Sucker Punch, (Untitled) by [personal profile] ilthit, Amber/Blondie, wish

Life on Mars (UK), A Trip to the DCI's Office by [personal profile] blueteak, Gene Hunt/Jackie Queen, spanking, comfort

Smallville, Long Night by [personal profile] jammyjar, Lois Lane/Clark Kent, red-K

Sherlock (BBC), The In Between by [personal profile] whatawaytoburn, John Watson/Molly Hooper/Sherlock Holmes, synesthesia

DCU, Tension Breaker by [personal profile] jammyjar, Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane/Clark Kent, tension, semi-humiliation

Axis Powers Hetalia, Vanilla by [personal profile] bonnefois, France/Canada, wanted, roses

X-Men: First Class (2011), A Truly Wayward Man by [personal profile] sabinetzin, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, tricks

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, By Mistake or Design by [personal profile] andromache, Junpei/Akane, finally, connected

Justified, Chasing After Trouble by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Raylan Givens/Boyd Crowder, bruising

The Avengers (2012), Will the Real Stephanie Please Stand Up? by [personal profile] medie, girl!Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, kiss, wanting, longing

Livejournal Page 10

New Adventures of Old Christine, Fools in the Dark by [ profile] crabwise_son, Christine/Matthew, wine

The Good Wife, Vices & Vintages by [ profile] sweetjamielee, Alicia Forrick/Cary Agos, dangerous, office, weakness, young

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen, While We're Apart by [ profile] angelqueen04, Kitty Bennet/Georgiana Darcy, fingers, letters

A Song of Ice and Fire, Let Me Be No Nearer by [ profile] lainemontgomery, Jaime/Sansa, glass, imperfect

Supernatural, Let Go by [ profile] emerald_embers, Castiel/Dean, panties

Stargate: SG-1, Off the Beaten Path by [ profile] geonncannon, Lantash/Martouf/Samatha Carter, naked swimming, memories, strip

Mean Girls, History by [ profile] grim_lupine, Janis/Regina, sarscasm

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Just a Scratch by [ profile] peachesandsex, Arianne Martell/Arys Oakheart, cunnilingus, hard, scratch

Merlin, Interrogations by [ profile] angelqueen04, Gwen/Morgause, loyalty

Earth 2, Falling Through Your Clothes by [ profile] openended, Devon Adair/John Danziger, forest, hidden, desperate

Torchwood, Alien Sex Toys: Not for Beginners by [ profile] lyssie, Gwen Cooper/Toshiko Sato, night

Haven, The Rain in Maine by [ profile] gagewhitney, Audrey/Nathan, rain

Castle, Fantasy Meets Reality by [ profile] palgrave_golden, Kate Beckett/Richard Castle, squad car, fantasy

Castle, Pressure Valve by [ profile] palgrave_golden, Kate Beckett/Richard Castle, control, pressure

Firefly, Almost Anything To You by [ profile] vialethe, Mal/River, pilot, control, games

Sherlock, Eaten more reality than anything by [ profile] vennefic, Irene Adler/Kitty Reilly

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen, Kissing Sisters by [ profile] palgrave_golden, Catherine Bennet/Georgiana Darcy, unlikely

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, I'm Not Whole When You're Not Here by [ profile] bloododpyke, Jeyne/Robb/Theon, anger, crown

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, The Dreams of Would-Be Kings and Queens by [ profile] workswithwords, Robb Stark/Sansa Stark, brother, relief, royalty

Generation Kill, Easy by [ profile] seveled, Brad Colbet, Nate Fick, hangover

Rock On!!, Harmony by [ profile] grim_lupine, Aditya 'Adi' Shroff/Joseph 'Joe' Mascarenhas, harmony

Young Justice Cartoon, These things we do by [ profile] magisterequitum, Artemis/Wally, greed, impulse

Star Trek: Voyager, A trip to the moon by [ profile] openended, Kathyrn Janeway/Q, annoyed, show-off

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, No hope in the air by [ profile] userfriendly_x, Robb Stark/Theon Greyjoy, hostage, prisoner, secrecy

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins, for the discerning connoisseur by [ profile] trysts, Katniss/Peeta

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Transformers: Generation 1, Untitled by [personal profile] raisedbymoogles, Ultra Magnus/Hot Rod, patience

Parks and Recreation, The Living Room Is Shared Space by [personal profile] theleaveswant, April/Andy/Ben, roommates

Greek Mythology, with my teeth sharper by [personal profile] bigbrasskey, Hades/Persephone, modern

Leverage, Like Delicious Sex Disease by [personal profile] sunspot, Alec Hardison/Parker, biting, gummi frogs

Lost Girl, And she's holding onto my heart like a hand grenade by [personal profile] bigbrasskey, Bo/Kenzi, protect

Crossover, DCU/Superman Movieverse, Untitled by [personal profile] kalalanekent, Jason Todd/Kala Lane-Kent, impossible, urgent, in the shadows

Hikaru no Go, Cheaters Never Prosper by [personal profile] 1010nabulation, Kaneko Masako/Mitani Yuki, cheating

Babylon 5, What Is Loved Endures by [personal profile] nenya_kanadka, Delenn/Jeffrey Sinclair, truth, devotion, uncertainty

Harry Potter - JK Rowling, Among Other Things by [personal profile] tielan, Scorpius Malfoy/Rose Weasley, deliberate, quiet

RPF (Korean Pop), Performance by [personal profile] glitterburn, Lee Sungmin/Lee Donghae, tease, cane, playing with fire, forbidden, yearning

Lewis, Things Unspoken by [personal profile] riverlight, Lewis/Hathaway, questions

The Losers, Blotting by [personal profile] theleaveswant, Aisha Al'Fadhil/Jake Jensen, lipstick

General Hospital, Trusting Gamble by [personal profile] m7storyteller, Ethan Lovett/Kristina Davis, gamble, trust, ignore

Stargate SG-1, Cold War by [personal profile] jdjunkie, Svetlana Markov/Jack O'Neill, brilliance, ice, murmur

Aubrey-Maturin series - Patrick O'Brian, Duel by [personal profile] cafe_ennui, Jack/Stephen, duet

Homestuck, Jane and Roxy are Awesome Lesbeans (*Lesbians) by [personal profile] paranomasias, Jane/Roxy, stumble, cling, dancing, warm

Lost Girl, hair of the dog by [personal profile] bigbrasskey, Bo/Ciara, mourning

The Avengers (2012), Untitled by [personal profile] ponderosa, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, blush

Merlin, A good view by [personal profile] ebonyfeather, Merlin/Arthur, lake

Hikaru no Go, A Good Game by [personal profile] troisroyaumes, Kaneko Masako/Mitani Yuki, victory

Warhammer 40k, Remember to Forget by [personal profile] twopunch, Horus/Sanguinius, fall

Final Fantasy VI, Tomorrow We Fly Into Hell by [personal profile] kristinmachina, Edgar Roni Figaro/Setzer Gabbiani, drunk, scars

Kamikaze Girls, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Momoko Ryugasaki/Ichigo Shirayuri, riding

Star Trek, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, any/any (Guinan/Uhura), sex pollen

X-Men: First Class (2011), Immovable object meets irresistible force by [personal profile] ximeria, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, flirt, au

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Babylon 5, Caught by [ profile] kungfuwaynewho, John/Delenn, premarital sex, caught

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cutting the Knot by [ profile] palgrave_golden, Anya/Willow, awkward

The Vampire Diaries, Morning's a Peach by [ profile] summerofsoaps, Alaric/Damon, rock bottom, drink

Sherlock (BBC), romance, like blood in your mouth by [ profile] grim_lupine, James Moriarty/Sebastian Moran, bored, interest

Chuck, Sweetest Revenge by [ profile] kmr2009, Sarah/Shaw, anal, DC, revenge

Underworld, Ne Me Lache Jamais by [ profile] last_archangel, Selene/Michael, reunion, desperation, hotel

Lost Girl, cock of the walk by [ profile] trysts, hale/kenzi, hat, song, sing, whistle, tease, laugh, bluff, manipulate, illegal, blackmail, jail, song, steal, talking

Harry Potter, In all this turmoil by [ profile] juno_chan, Minerva McGonagall/Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, animalistic

Young Justice, we left our love in our summer skin by [ profile] lost_laputian, Wally/Artemis, summer

The Walking Dead, Hands and Knees by [ profile] gagewhitney, Daryl/Andrea, tree

Crossover: Harry Potter/Sherlock, Two government creatures talk into a bar by [ profile] vennefic, Harry Potter/Mycroft Holmes, magic, family

Person of Interest, Revelations by [ profile] sevencorvus, Finch/Reese, history, trust, restraint, desire, first, touch, comfort, reveal, deception, truth, servant, pining, wishes

Supernatural, The Great Impossible by [ profile] thinlizzy2, Dean/Castiel, heaven

General Hospital, Seeing Red by [ profile] kmr2009, Carly/Claudia, red, scheme

Babylon 5, Saying Goodnight by [ profile] kungfuwaynewho, John/Delenn, dating, caught

Young Justice, I Catch Fire by [ profile] bloodofpyke, Artemis/Wally, drunk, impulsive, secret

Young Justice, There You Go by [ profile] bloodofpyke, Artemis/Wally, costumes, secret

Wizards of Waverly Place, me stacks up in piles by [ profile] perfectlystill, Justin Russo/Alex Russo, magic, discovery

Criminal Minds, Taking Inventory by [ profile] monimala, Hotch/Rossi, rough, abandonment

Tron:Legacy, Time's Up by [ profile] dreamlittleyo, Sam Flynn/Rinzler, conquered, feral

Bend It Like Beckham, Celebration by [ profile] grim_lupine, Jess Bhamra/Jules Paxton, games

Criminal Minds, don't look by [ profile] magisterequitum, Aaron Hotchner/Emily Prentiss, gentle, touch, seen, trust

Merlin, Diamond in a Black Sky by [ profile] destina, Arthur/Merlin, candle, possessive, goodbye, return, future, magic

RPF, And It Will Be That Way Tomorrow (Just Like Every Day Before) by [ profile] nevcolleil, Zachary Levi/Jared Padalecki, giggle, stretch

Once Upon a Time, the dice roll so deceptively by [ profile] ahkna, Emma Swan/Graham Humbert/Regina Mills, hands

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Stargate-1, Tok’ra Love Slave by [personal profile] roeskva, Janet Fraiser/Malek, revenge, orgasm denial, love

Harry Potter, Red Haired and Wild by [personal profile] doreyg, Audrey Weasley/Percy Weasley, wild, soulmates

Sherlock Holmes (2009), Knit Two Together by [personal profile] theleaveswant, John Watson/Mary Watson, knitting

The Path, Solemnity by [personal profile] paranomasias, Scarlet/Fey Wolf, masks, piano

Stargate SG-1, In the Serpent’s Skin by [personal profile] paian, Jack O’Neill/Daniel Jackson, submission, subvert

Harry Potter, In Another Life by [ profile] murderershair, Lily Evans/Narcissa Black, assumptions

Yu-Gi-Oh!, The Convert by [personal profile] miscellanium, Seto Kaiba/Yami Yuugi, soul, leather, skin, breathplay, real

The Avengers (2012), Three Simple Rules to Follow by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, learn

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Pinkie Pie/Rarity, laughter

Mass Effect, The Mess of Humanity by [personal profile] isagel, Female Shepard/The Illusive Man, hate sex, grudge fuck

White Collar, Pretty Boys Write Prophecies by [personal profile] whatawaytoburn, Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey, calligraphy

Doctor Who, Won’t that be Fun by [personal profile] muselives, Amy Pond/Rory Williams, costumes

Justified, Melior Est Die Mortis by [personal profile] ndnickerson, Raylan Givens/Winona Hawkins, high heels, longneck, slow dance, buried, remember, whiskey, honey

Good Omens, Crowley and Aziraphale Find the Clitoris by [personal profile] raisedbymoogles, Crowley/Aziraphale, genderswap

Leverage, An Insufficient Gambit by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Maggie Collins/James Sterling, affair, quiet, proper, palm

Downton Abbey, Hers by [personal profile] repmetsyrrah, Sybil Crawley/Tom Branson, words, wedlock

Fringe, Better Left Unsaid by [personal profile] monanotlisa, Astrid Farnsworth/alt!Olivia Dunham, cocky, yearning, challenge, touch, simple, patience, surprise, test, hide, pass, skin

Crossover, Mystery Science Theater 3000/Re-Animator, Orgasms--- FOR SCIENCE! by [personal profile] afullmargin, Pearl Forrester/Herbert West, weird, weird science, experiment, oddity, for science!

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Why Won’t You Ever… by [personal profile] ilthit, Rei Ayanami/Asuka Langley Soryu, obsession

Homestuck, Heat by [personal profile] paranomasias, Jade Harley/Nepeta Leijon, scruff, bite, tease

Veronica Mars, Sleep and Other Goals by [personal profile] jaqofspades, Veronica Mars/Eli “Weevil” Navarro, motorcycle, stakeout, evidence, interrogation, dare, same, rotate, fast

Supernatural, A Constant Throb by [personal profile] janie_tangerine, Dean Winchester/Castiel, first times, hold, heartbeat

Supernatural, A Bright Red Bird by [profile] smilia, Dean Winchester/Alastair, praise

Fairy Tales, Beauty in Winter by [ profile] mythopathy, Beauty and the Beast, fur, winter, glass, silk, paw

RPF, Pimp-ernel by [personal profile] sashataakheru, Shaun Micallef/Josh Thomas, costumes

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The Big Bang Theory, The Flagpole Experiment by [ profile] fedaltard, Amy/Sheldon, dirty, discovery

His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman, Righted by [ profile] vennefic, Lyra Belacqua/Marisa Coulter, corrupt

The Foundling - Georgette Heyer, A more pleasant collar by [ profile] curtana, Gideon/Gilly/Harriet, collar

Sports Night, The Night Is Still Young by [ profile] innie_darling, Dan/Dana, reality, bonding, subway

Star Trek: Reboot, Jealous Orbits by [ profile] dreamlittleyo, Kirk/Spock, jealousy, orbit, territorial

X-Men: First Class (2011), Touch by [ profile] grim_lupine, Alex Summers/Armando Muñoz, overstimulation

Stargate SG-1, Fourteen billion years ago expansion started...wait by [ profile] openended, Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill, kitchen, physics

Cowboy Bebop, Fading White Nights by [ profile] hariboo_smirks, Spike/Faye, absent, light

Sailor Moon, Watch the Throne by [ profile] tosca1390, Usagi/Mamoru, formal wear, pleasure

Crossover, Lost Girl/Warehouse 13, The Fox You've Been Waiting For by [ profile] pirateygoodness, Kenzi/Claudia, danger

Rookie Blue, I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea by [ profile] catteo, Gail Peck/Luke Callaghan, bar, whiskey, scratch

Doctor Who, Easier With Lies, by [ profile] daystarsearcher, Jo/Three, velvet, countertop, forbidden, tempting

Norse Mythology, take another drag by [ profile] hariboo_smirks, Baldr/Hel,[any],longing, light

Stargate SG-1, As the stars disappear to nothing by [ profile] openended, Samantha Carter/Cameron Mitchell, aftermath

Sailor Moon, Where the air is tight by [ profile] tosca1390, Usagi/Mamoru, cunnilingus, press, costume

Harry Potter, Make Up My Bed by [ profile] downjune, Harry/Hermione, skirt, winter, cold hands

Divergent, We Are Made Whole by [ profile] downjune, Four/Tris, win

Homestuck, Though truth may vary this ship will carry us by [ profile] sour_idealist, Rose/Dave, fear, spine, speak.

Xena: Warrior Princess, Unchained by [ profile] trobadora, Xena/Ares, temple, burn

Sirens, My Fancy Patter by [ profile] scripps, Ashley Greenwick/Stuart Bayldon, music

Merlin, Edge by [ profile] angelqueen04, Morgana/Arthur, desperate, tournament

RPF (Hockey), Rookie Moves by [ profile] just_katarin, PK Subban/John Tavares, rookies.

RPF (Hockey), Whiskey Dick by [ profile] just_katarin, Jordan Staal/Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, 2-on-1

What's Your Number, Clotted Cream by [ profile] innie_darling, Ally Darling/Simon Forrester, home, cliche

Thor (2011), Belonging by [ profile] lymanalpha, Loki/Sif, belonging 

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Doctor Who, of its loud life by [personal profile] pleonasm, Donna Noble/Nine/Rose Tyler, history

Crossover, Criminal Minds/Inception, Resignation by [personal profile] teaphile, Reid/Arthur, checkmate

The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Sensation Play for Cat People by [personal profile] credoimprobus, Chloe/Jasmine, claws, watcher

Star Wars, Just Married by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Han Solo/Leia Organa, Falcon, table, cramped, tight, unladylike

Cardcaptor Sakura, asking for the taking by [personal profile] torch, Touya/Yue, wings, touch, discover | Touya/Yukito, familiar, joy

Bandom, Cobra Starship/Gym Class Heroes, Handle With Care by [personal profile] inlovewithnight, Gabe Saporta/Travis McCoy, gently

Stargate SG-1, Needle Lace by [personal profile] paian, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, tied

Burn Notice, Bed Sheets and Bread Knives by [personal profile] missvmarigold, Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen, heights, knives

Supernatural, don't take your love to town by [personal profile] miscellanium, Sam/Ruby, ride, demon, knife play

Disney Princesses, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Jasmine/Tiana, boredom, busy

Harry Potter, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Cho Chang/Padma Patil, word-play

Doctor Who, A Whole New World by [personal profile] doreyg, River Song/Twelve (female), regeneration, ginger

Chuck, Misappropriation by [personal profile] nevcolleil, Chuck Bartowski/John Casey, grip, grunt

One Tree Hill, Minx by [personal profile] prettylullabies, Nathan/Haley, 23

Promethean Age Series - Elizabeth Bear, Oak of the clay lived many a day by [personal profile] petra, Kit Marley/Will Shakespeare, oak

Secret Circle, we ought to go down together by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Diana/Faye, fun, giggling, laughter, unexpected

Babylon 5, Abso-fraggin-lutely by [personal profile] nenya_kanadka, Jeffrey Sinclair/John Sheridan, history, handjob

CSI: New York, Tangled by [personal profile] prettylullabies, Danny Messer/Lindsay Monroe, frantic

Life on Mars (UK), Lick 'em by smiling by [personal profile] petra, Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt/Annie Cartwright, wrists

Chicago, Noticed by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Billy Flynn/Amos Hart, trial

The Big Bang Theory, Superman Boxers by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sheldon Cooper/Amy Farrah Fowler, curious, germs, Skype

Crossover, The Venture Bros./Kick-Ass, Rendezvous by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, adult!Mindy Macready/Molotov, mission, blades

Firefly, Thirteen Nights by [personal profile] katekintail, Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam, rough sex, deep-throating, hands, stubble, messy, beard-burn, fruit, wholesome

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, The Silence Will Last by [personal profile] andromache, Jon Snow/Val, lethal, tower, lovely

RPF (Korean Pop), The nature of forever by [personal profile] endymionic, Lee Hyukjae | Eunhyuk/Lee Sungmin, laughing, handcuffed, smile, forever, curves

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Global Zero, Gamer Girl by [ profile] palgrave_golden, Aleph/Miranda Zero, talk, wavelength, break

Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold, shipshape order by [ profile] vennefic, Aral Vorkosigan/Ges Vorrutyer, secrets, lies, denial, first, drunken, regrets

Sherlock, Duel by [ profile] karlamartinova, Irene Adler/Mycroft Holmes, surrender

Tron: Legacy, Anniversary by [ profile] nhpw, Alan Bradley/Sam Flynn, December, stare

Tangled, Like Souls That Balance Joy and Pain by [ profile] saucery, Rapunzel/Eugene, any

X-Men: First Class, Lesson One by [ profile] 03_07_1992, Alex Summers/Charles Xavier, authority, control

Terra Nova, Smooth Talker by [ profile] makesometime, Nathaniel Taylor/Alicia Washington, moan, bite, connection

Birdsong, War Endless War by [ profile] ariadnes_string, Stephen/Weir, first time, trauma, loss, comfort

Prison Break, In the First Resort by [ profile] clair_de_lune, Lincoln/Michael/Sara, any

Supernatural, I Know, I Know, It's Shades of Grey by [ profile] bloodofpyke, Sam/Dean, Case, Curse, Smoke

Shameless (US), Come On, Say It Right by [ profile] stainofmylove, Karen/Lip, angry, dance, misery, sappy

Rookie Blue, which of your streets to walk by [ profile] lowriseflare, Sam/Andy, suspension, sore, new

Thor (2011), Coming Clean by [ profile] dreamlittleyo, Loki/Thor, reckless, brotherly

Harry Potter, a sorta fairytale by [ profile] openended, Draco Malfoy/Hermione Grange, rain, beg

Leverage, all the words that I know by [ profile] abvj, Sophie/Nate, truth, anticipation

The Vampire Diaries, Respite by [ profile] monimala, Elena/Elijah, trust

Castle, Watch This by [ profile] geonncannon, Richard Castle/Kate Beckett, masturbation, stakeout

Once Upon A Time, it's not about giving up by [ profile] magisterequitum, Emma/Regina, restraints

Person of Interest, Everyday I Write the Book by [ profile] draycevixen, Harold Reese/John Finch, reveal, trust, deception

X-Men: First Class (2011), Small Sanctuaries by [ profile] aeshna_uk, Erik Lehnsherr/Raven Darkholme, apple, winter

Blue Bloods, Officer Reagan by [ profile] scripps, Jamie Reagan/OMC (Matt Sullivan), uniform

Alice (SyFy 2009), You Can Leave Your Hat On by [ profile] agirlnamedtruth, Mad Hatter/Alice, hat

Criminal Minds, Toybox by [ profile] blythechild, Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, hotel, trust, consequence

Angel the Series, Cross to Bear by [ profile] agirlnamedtruth, Angel/Darla, cross, burn, church, weakness

Good Omens, One Bed Cottage by [ profile] cafe_ennui, Aziraphale/Crowley, cottage

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Star Trek: Reboot, Dressed to the Nines by [personal profile] melayneseahawk, Jim Kirk/Spock, tailored suit

Sherlock (BBC), Maps to Strange Lands by [personal profile] yeomanrand, Molly Hooper/Greg Lestrade, scars

World Wrestling Entertainment, Bittersweet Surrender by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Lita/Trish Stratus, ego

Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, In your arms and in your heart by [personal profile] dahlia_moon, Ryan/Dana, [any], secret, bite, afraid, alone

One Life to Live, Identical Talents by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Jessica/Natalie, Tess

Fringe, It's Empty In the Valley of Your Heart by [personal profile] mrs_nerimon, alt!Lincoln/alt!Olivia, forever

Generation Kill, The Thousandth Man by [personal profile] cry_havoc, Brad/Nate, absolution, relinquish, trust

NCIS, When the Morning Comes by [personal profile] katekintail, Anthony DiNozzo/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, sleeping late, couch, sunrise

Captain America: The First Avenger, Loss Prevention by [personal profile] lilpocketninja, Steve/Bucky, desperate, trouble, broken, strength, blood

RPF (Ace of Cakes), Centre of Attention by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Duff Goldman/Geof Manthorne, focus

Leverage, Memories In Permanent Ink by [personal profile] sunspot, Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer, undercover

Sunshine, Flames by [personal profile] dusty, Mace/Cassie, dark, skin, flame

Firefly, Bed Rest by [personal profile] ilthit, Inara Serra/Zoe Washburne, bed-rest

VicTorious, How'd That Get There? by [personal profile] hamimi_fk, Jade West/Tori Vega, tease

The Sound of Music, when/after that happens by [personal profile] bossymarmalade, Baroness Schraeder/Liesl, irresistible, unexpected

Ranma 1/2, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Akane/Shampoo/Ukyo, [any]

How I Met Your Mother, Wasted Time by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Barney Stinson/Robin Scherbatsky, time

The Runaways, Endless Loop by [personal profile] cyclogenesis, Joan Jett/Cherie Currie, fucked

How I Met Your Mother, Canvas by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Marshall Eriksen/Lily Aldrin, puzzles

Mary Poppins, Al Fresco En Francais by [profile] bring_me, Bert/Mary Poppins, date, reunion, chalk

Star Trek: Reboot, Just Like The Rain by [personal profile] metallikirk, James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, thunderstorm, blackout, candle light, waiting, shore leave

Gone With The Wind, Amour Fou by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Rhett Butler/Scarlett O'Hara, wanting, again, love, under the skirt

Futurama, Stuck With You by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fry/Leela, handcuffs

The Big Bang Theory, Drunk by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Penny/Amy, hero worship, kiss, secret

The Big Bang Theory, Entwined by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Penny/Amy/Bernadette, girls night, drunk, twister

Livejournal Page 14

Smallville, Tender Is Far Too Fierce For Us by [ profile] nevcolleil, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, teacher, apple, temptation

Angel the Series, Naming the Stars by [ profile] agirlnamedtruth, Darla/Drusilla, starlight, spread

Cowboy Bebop, Break My Fall by [ profile] bob5fic, Spike/Faye, absent, falling, light

Castle, His and Hers by [ profile] geonncannon, Richard Castle/Kate, pegging, secret, games, wall, fetish, rough, control, safe, trust

Stargate SG-1, Lowered Inhibitions by [ profile] magickmoons, Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter, cave, distraction, offworld, wounded, pollen

Black Swan, Dancing by [ profile] agirlnamedtruth, Lily/Nina, any, grace, movement, flutter, wings, lift, tattoo

Person of Interest, Damned if She Do by [ profile] lyssie, John Reese/Detective Joss Carter, moral compass

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Safe Sex by [ profile] tielan, Faith/Wesley, trust

Emma - Jane Austen, Lesson by [ profile] queen_tatiana, Emma Woodhouse/Harriet, obedience, teach

Generation Kill, The Weight of Lust by [ profile] accol_lj, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, gravity

Game of Thrones, always the queen by [ profile] magisterrequitum, Cersei/Ned, Queen, King, What-if,

Ginger Snaps, Helping by [ profile] agirlnamedtruth, Brigitte/Ginger, blood, lick

American Gods, Purr by [ profile] geonncannon, Shadow/Bast, purr, thigh-highs, worship, meet again, fur, remember

RPF, No Cure Like Travel by [ profile] damelola, Hugh Laurie/Lisa Edelstein, mile-high, reunion

Crossover, Breaking In/Smallville, Not Safe for Work by [ profile] scripps, Cam/Lex, gifts

X-Men: First Class, Bodywork by [ profile] aeshna_uk, Erik Lehnsherr/Moira MacTaggert, lace, automobile

Crossover, Legend of the Seeker/Dragon Age: Origins, Better, Stronger by [ profile] thedawn, Cara/Morrigan, magic, common sense

Star Trek: Reboot, Underneath Your Current I Do Swim by [ profile] severinne, Pike/McCoy, water, pain, permission

Person of Interest, The House on 22nd Street by [ profile] scribblinlenore, Harold Finch/John Reese, sublimation, desire, touch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the x-men taught them everything by [ profile] openended, Julian Bashir/Miles O'Brien, wartime, blowjobs

Shameless (US), Too Sore Too Fast by [ profile] nightanddaze, Ian/Mickey, rimming, fight

Sherlock, A Necessary Stimulus by [ profile] redlxluna, f!John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, touch, kitchen

Leverage, The Long Con by [ profile] kyasurin_chan, Nate/Sophie, elevator

The Circle Universe - Tamora Pierce, Directive by [ profile] grim_lupine, Briar/Tris, teaching

Norse Mythology, Now We Begin by [ profile] smilingsoprano, Lif/Lifthrasir, rebuild

Dreamwidth Page 15

RPF, Erotic Punishment by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Christian Bale/Jonathan Rhys Meyers, jealousy, possessive reclaiming

The Big Bang Theory, Vixen by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sheldon/Amy, vixen

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte, A Wicked Thing by [personal profile] silver_galaxy, Jane/Rochester, messy, jealousy, possessive reclaiming

RPF (Actor), Brick by [personal profile] cyclogenesis, Martin Freeman/Benedict Cumberbatch, familiarity

Supernatural, ...And Despair by [personal profile] serrico, Castiel/Balthazar, Castiel/Rachel, Castiel/Anna, Castiel/Meg, Castiel/Dean, God, mine, tongue, messy, wings, domination, dynamics, hierophilia

Merlin, distracting by [personal profile] mushroom, Gwen/Morgana, dress, undressing

The Big Bang Theory, Happy Saturday by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sheldon/Amy/Penny, teach, sharing

RPF, The Incest Part by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Maggie Gyllenhaal/Jake Gyllenhaal, indie

The Talented Mr Ripley, Thousand Conversations by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Dickie Greenleaf/Marge Sherwood/Peter Smith-Kingsley, conversation

Stargate SG-1, Festival of Life by [personal profile] roeskva, Martouf|Lantash/Samantha Carter, sex pollen, tipsy, ogle, shy, aliens made them do it, first time, blatant desire

Star Wars, In Your Dreams by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Han Solo/Leia Organa, public , fly, fun, make-up sex, Falcon, marriage

Tangled, And When The Party's Over by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Eugene Fitzherbert/Rapunzel, first time, wedding night, eager, undressing, kiss, fun

RPF (The Move), Avenging Angel by [personal profile] sashataakheru, Ace Kefford/Trevor Burton, protection

The Lord of the Rings (any), Passing Storm by [personal profile] lion_heart, Éowyn/Faramir, acceptance, first

Wilby Wonderful, Fledglings by [personal profile] cj, Duck MacDonald/Dan Jarvis, first, sunrise

Arthurian Myth, And lived happily for as long as they wanted by [personal profile] aron_kristina, Guinevere/Arthur/Lancelot, solution

Gundam Wing, a sudden sense of liberty by [personal profile] torch, Heero Yuy/Trowa Barton, rescue, cake

Stargate SG-1, Third Time's the Charm by [personal profile] melayneseahawk, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, aliens-made-them-do-it-twice

Criminal Minds, Turtlenecks by [personal profile] zoi_no_miko, Penelope Garcia/Emily Prentiss, sexy

The Good Wife, Rest Rest Perturbed Spirit by [personal profile] mediumrawr, Alicia Florrick/Kalinda Sharma, spooning

Criminal Minds, Second Verse, Different From the First by [personal profile] latxcvi, Aaron Hotchner/Beth Clemmons, date, heat, scars, silence, stockings

Psych, Awkward by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Gus/Juliet/Shawn/Lassiter, cuddling, hotels

Psych, The Great Debate by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Gus/Juliet, comics

Hart of Dixie, Every Move Is A Test by [personal profile] summerstorm, Lemon Breeland/Lavon Hayes, power outage, relapse, night

The Lord of the Rings, In the Darkness by [personal profile] katekintail, Legolas/Gimli, cave

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Castle, Observe The Correct Procedure At All Times by [ profile] palgrave_golden, Beckett/Castle, roleplay, handcuffs, necktie

Glee, Before the Present to the Past is Lost by [ profile] joshdonnalyman, Will/Rachel, comfort, need, graduation, leave, wish, future, New York, NYADA, adultery

The Big Bang Theory, One Lab Accident Away From Becoming Human by [ profile] fedaltard, Amy/Sheldon, jealousy, marking

RPF, Agiels Not Required by [ profile] simplesetgo, Bridget Regan/Tabrett Bethell, legend of the seeker roleplay

Community, Advanced Studies in Fantasy and Desire by [ profile] oneofthemuses, Jeff/Annie, lingerie, angry

Foreigner series – C. J. Cherryh, Camper by [ profile] zebra_in_dream, Bren Cameron/Jago, first time, exploration

Due South, Room for Dessert by [ profile] ride_4ever, Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, dancing, dinner, fighting, first time, friendship, poetry, trust, wolf

Gentleman Bastard Sequence - Scott Lynch, All Talk by [ profile] vennefic, Nazca Barsavi/Locke Lamora, cold and lovely, boss

Warehouse 13, Dark Paradise by [ profile] missymeggins, Myka/H.G, survival

Stargate SG-1, Good Morning by [ profile] tielan, Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill, morning

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, An End, A Start by [ profile] miawkitten, Catelyn Stark/Ned Stark, eye, furs, lead, pleasure, safe, wedding

The Big Bang Theory, Now, You Teach Me by [ profile] starky_cooper, Sheldon/Amy/Penny, teach, help, voyeurism, sharing

Pretty Little Liars, White Canvas by [ profile] 03_07_1992, Emily/Spencer, bathing suit

Thor (2011), Stardust by [ profile] mythopathy, Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, debrief, iPod, security

Lost Girl, Never Expect To Be Sure by [ profile] pirateygoodness, Bo/Lauren, topping

Dracula - Bram Stoker, I Found You by [ profile] goshdarnheck, Count Dracula/Mina Harker, bride, eyes, immortal, penetrate, shame

Legend of the Seeker, Trying by [ profile] thedawn, Cara/Kahlan/Dahlia, sharing, agiels

Ookiku Furikabutte, Punishment by [ profile] shirono, Abe Takaya/Mihashi Ren, belts, punishment

Primeval, Perfectly Good Bed by [ profile] scripps, Hilary Becker/Matt Anderson, bed

Supernatural, Those Moments by [ profile] agirlnamedtruth, Anna/Balthazar/Castiel, past, wings

Stargate Atlantis, A Matter Of Time by [ profile] cedargrove, Todd/other, velvet, tousled, ride, wrestle, rough, firelight

Supernatural, Where Angels Go by [ profile] supernatural, Anna/Crowley, reprimand

Game of Thrones, share a bitter cup of poisoning by [ profile] tragics, Cersei/Jaime, fated, red, reunion

Bloody Jack Adventures - L. A. Meyer, Treasure by [ profile] miladygrey, Jacky Faber/Amy Trevelyne, hopeless, soft, friendship

Being Human (UK), We're Never Alone by [ profile] emerald_embers, George/Mitchell, George/Annie, touch, hands

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Sports Night, Keep You Satisfied by [personal profile] mardia, Casey McCall/Dan Rydell, again

Pirates of the Caribbean, Any Port by [personal profile] aron_kristina, Kraken/ship, storm, slither

Make It or Break It, More Than One Way to Celebrate by [personal profile] m7storyteller, Payson Keeler/Sasha Belov, retirement, Olympics, intense

Pirates of the Caribbean, Salty by [personal profile] aron_kristina, Jack Sparrow/The Black Pearl, salt

Crossover, The Losers/Salt, Hard to Get by [personal profile] lady_krysis, Aisha/Salt, [any]

The Avengers (2012), A Reason for Change in the Routine by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, routine, tired

Inception, Threaded In by [personal profile] venn, Dom Cobb/Saito, partners, together, limbo, dream, lifetime, fireworks, leather, bruises, slow, warm, dreams, home, companionship, beginnings, threads, wait, trapped

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Behind Closed Doors by [personal profile] secondalto, Rupert Giles/Anya Jenkins, after hours

Crossover, Life on Mars (UK)/The Vice, Plausible Deniability by [personal profile] blueteak, Sam Tyler/Jason Grant, loyalty

Rush, No More Coppers by [personal profile] jaqofspades, Shannon Henry/Lawson Blake, again, uniform, slick

Dragon Age Games, From Your Lips by [personal profile] anenko, Leliana/Warden (female), stories, travel

Downton Abbey, Begin Again with the Smallest Numbers by [personal profile] summerstorm, Anna Smith/Mary Crawley, linger, overheard

Gossip Girl, The Biggest Scandals of Blair Waldorf's Week by [personal profile] cyclogenesis, Blair Waldorf/Dan Humphrey, trouble

Smallville, My Girl by [personal profile] jammyjar, Lois Lane/Clark Kent, little black dress

Fruits Basket, Rush by [personal profile] umadoshi, Sohma Hatsuharu/Sohma Rin, piercings, rough

The Talented Mr. Ripley, A Nice Girl by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Marge Sherwood/Peter Smith-Kingsley, [any]

Homestuck, RP by [personal profile] hisandhares, Nepeta Leijon/Terezi Pyrope, flushed, squirm, cunnilingus, roleplay, green, blue, taste, pounce, warm

Crossover, Castle/Chuck, Making a Connection by [ profile] kmr2009, Kate Beckett/Sarah Walker, [any]

Bones, What Happens in Vegas by [personal profile] serendipityxxi, Seeley Booth/Temperance Brennan, roleplay

Boardwalk Empire, The Flames, They Followed Joan of Arc by [personal profile] d_generate_girl, AR/Gillian, queen

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Hot Water by [personal profile] tielan, Percy/Annabeth, at sea

DCU, Candy by [personal profile] jammyjar, Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, limo, arm candy, car

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin, Like a Snake You Can Slide by [personal profile] andromache, Oberyn/Ellaria, flirtation

A Wrinkle in Time - Madeleine L'Engle, (Untitled) by [personal profile] bella_stella, Calvin/Meg, bed, fumble, glasses, hands

As Time Goes By, Some Things Never Change by [personal profile] fantasorie, Lionel/Jean, gentle, tender, wrinkles

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The Mentalist, our roads to run about by [ profile] spyglass_, Jane/Lisbon, formal wear, red, kneel

The Silmarillion, and my hate burns like this by [ profile] moetushie, Curufin/Finrod, justice, revenge

Supernatural, What We Are by [ profile] agirlnamedtruth, Anna/Ruby, freefall, debt

RPF, 21 Days to Change Your Life by [ profile] present_pathos, Lady Gaga/Taylor Swift, blanket, sofa, teeth, window

Legend of the Seeker, Surpassing by [ profile] trobadora, Darken/Mord'Sith, death, faith

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Goodnight, Last Morning by [ profile] miawkitten, Jeyne Westerling/Robb Stark cunnilingus, furs, gasp, hair

Lie To Me, Just a Soak by [ profile] kyasurin_chan, Cal/Gillian, Bath, gentle

True Blood, It Has a True Name by [ profile] accol_lj, Eric/Godric, last, blood

The Covenant, Birthday Wishes by [ profile] grim_lupine, Caleb/Chase, intense, past

Generation Kill, And You Are Ragged Around The Edges by [ profile] sin_stained_ink, Walt Hasser/Ray Person, prostitution, first

Supernatural, The Lines Are All Down by [ profile] emerald_embers, Michael/Raphael/Gabriel/Lucifer, falling

Twilight, Mentioned in the Same Breath by [ profile] unityfic, Alice/Jasper, chasing, playful, trees, trust, woman on top

Stargate Atlantis, Penance by [ profile] cedargrove, Michael/Teyla, exile, rush, penance, air, rope, different, flexible

Terra Nova, A Walk on the Wild Side by [ profile] mercscilla, Nathaniel Taylor/Alicia Washington, bar, command, poker, undone

Stargate SG-1, A Weightless Creature of Air by [ profile] campylobacter, Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, cunnilingus, rushed

Supernatural, I Don’t Have a God but Honey, If I Did... by [ profile] agirlnamedtruth, Castiel/Meg, fire, brimstone, dirty

Damages, Forget by [ profile] theruinedcastle, Patty/any, nice, fake

Stargate Atlantis, More of Stars and Sea by [ profile] jansma, Michael Kenmore/Teyla Emmagan, exile, rush, penance, air

Smallville, Do You Believe in Fate? by [ profile] babettew54, Clark Luthor/Alt-Lois Lane, phone calls, dark, bruise

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011), Can You Feel It? by [ profile] babettew54, Jane Carter/William Brandt, adrenalin, benefits, listening

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Gossip Girl, Unconventional Love Story by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Chuck Bass/Eric Van Der Woodsen/Serena Van Der Woodsen, privilege, lush, overstimulated, bondage, D/S, coercion

X-Men (movies), Sweet by [personal profile] jaqofspades, Wolverine/Rogue, skin, sweet, tolerance

Boy Meets World, Three's Company Too by [personal profile] serendipityxxi, Cory/Topanga/Shawn, inevitable, family

DCU, Scratch the Skin by [personal profile] moetushie, Kate Kane/Stephanie Brown, jealousy

Scott Pilgrim, Please Take My Hand by [personal profile] theleaveswant, Knives Chau/Envy Adams, fan

Legacy of Kain, thresher by [personal profile] wolfbait, Rahab/Raziel, eat, black, water, gills

Supernatural, Break by [personal profile] jane_potter, Dean/Castiel, domination, powerful, desperation

The Night Circus, I lie here, charmed by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Poppet Murray/Bailey Clarke/Widget Murray, gratitude, sharing

RPF (Tennis), hold it right there (in the palm of your hand) by [personal profile] mardia, Rafael Nadal/Novak Djokovic, winning

The Avengers (2012), Something to Sing About by [personal profile] theleaveswant, Clint/Darcy + Steve, cultural education, smirk

That '70s Show, Shit You Have To Try Before You Die by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Hyde/Donna/Eric, drunk, basement couch, college

White Collar, Rules Spoil the Game by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey, bluffing, faith

Stargate SG-1, Meat Lover's Special by [personal profile] dustandroses, Jack/Teal'c, Tongue

X-Men: First Class (2011), shake, trip, shimmy by [personal profile] sabinetzin, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr/Raven Darkholme, watching

Sherlock, Re-gifting Isn't Always A Bad Thing by [personal profile] random_nexus, Sherlock/Mycroft/John, night, request

Stargate SG-1, Pools of Love by [personal profile] roeskva, Martouf|Lantash/Rosha|Jolinar, moon, pools, kiss, mission

Lost Girl, Taking the Scenic Route by [personal profile] credoimprobus, Bo/Kenzi, backseat

Deadwood, my love is unusual by [personal profile] janie_tangerine, Jane Canary/Joanie Stubbs, tremble, tricks

RPF (Actor), When All The Things You Are, Are Mine by [personal profile] nevcolleil, Matthew Bomer/Zachary Levi, sing, Sinatra, crush, grin

RPF (Actor), Counting Kisses by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Katherine Heigl/Eliza Dushku, memories

Crossover, Castle/Grey's Anatomy, Wanna See You Work It by [personal profile] mammothluv, Castle/Beckett/Meredith Grey, tequila

Maurice (1987), I'd have you anytime by [personal profile] janie_tangerine, Maurice Hall/Alec Scudder, boathouse, pinning, lust

Hikaru no Go, On the Line by [personal profile] hostilecrayon, Shindou Hikaru/Touya Akira, black, wrist, push, afraid, breathe, opening, movet

Stargate SG-1, Daydream for a Dull Briefing by [personal profile] paian, Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, suspension, ropes

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Glee, Shine by [personal profile] mushroom, Brittany Pierce/Santana Lopez, sunlight, in love

Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin, If by [personal profile] misstopia, Catelyn Stark/Brandon Stark, if

X-Men: First Class, Games by [personal profile] a_q, Erik Lehnsherr/Moira MacTaggert, fingering, lace, automobile

Fairy Tales – Little Red Riding Hood, Granny’s Dine-In by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Red/Wolf, stalk, prey, lick, howl, treat

Farscape, Double Your Pleasure by [personal profile] pipisafoat, John Crichton/John Crichton, doppleganger

Crossover, Criminal Minds/Lost Girl, Only Fair by [personal profile] weaselett, Aaron Hotchner/Bo, lust

Luther, Eclipse by [personal profile] mardia, John Luther/Justin Ripley, lazy Sunday, fly, trapped

Stargate Atlantis, Sucking a Root by [personal profile] velocitygrass, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, suck

Hikaru no Go, Opening Moves by [personal profile] sei_shonanon, Fujiwara no Sai/Touya Kouyo, silence

Castle, Your Heart is a Shaken Fist by [personal profile] summerstorm, Kate Beckett/Richard Castle, breath play, secrets, angry, wall

RPF (Stargate Atlantis), The Love of Beer and Other Things by [personal profile] velocitygrass, Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, beer

Good Omens, Victoria’s Worst-Kept Secret by [personal profile] vulgarweed, Aziraphale/Crowley, lingerie, candlelight, wings, feathers

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin, Against the Wind by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Jon Connington/Rhaegar Targaryen, prince, touch

Sleeping Beauty (Disney), One Year Later by [personal profile] sei_shonanon, Phillip/Aurora, wake, kiss

Star Trek: Reboot, Lingual by [personal profile] melayneseahawk, Jim Kirk/Spock, student, tutor

DCU, Breaking Pedestals by [personal profile] runespoor, Tim Drake/Jason Todd, The Case

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Morning After by [personal profile] lysapadin, Dino/Bianchi, shirttails

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Exile by [personal profile] lysapadin, Hibari/Yamamoto, ocean, tea, oral, need

DCU, Tomorrow for Today by [personal profile] runespoor, Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, vampires

Push, All Right and Satisfied by [personal profile] musesfool, Nick Gant/Cassie Holmes, aggressive

Star Wars (Prequel), The Dark Side of Love by [ profile] kmr2009, Anakin Skywalker/Padme, forgiveness, possession

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Look the Other Way by [personal profile] jessalae, Spike/Xander Harris, wallsex

Shame, In a Way I Will Not Speak by [personal profile] lady_krysis, Michael Fassbender/Steve McQueen, kneel, shame, touch, petting

Sherlock, Lead the Way by [personal profile] w_coffeespoons, John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, public sex

Fairy Tales – Little Red Riding Hood, Howl and Response by [personal profile] imaginary_golux, Red/Wolf, reversal, lick, howl

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Merlin, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Gwen/Morgana, queen, reigning

Disney Princesses, You Are Wild, You Are Free by [personal profile] parenthetical, Belle/Beast (female), rough, manners, fairytale

Life on Mars (UK), Guess the season is on by [personal profile] petra, Annie Cartwright/Gene Hunt, chivalry

Drive, ...And a Real Human Being by [personal profile] devilc, Driver/Irene, fable, chance, L.A.

The Big Bang Theory, The Magical Misery Closet by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Howard, Amy/Sheldon, voyeur, masturbation

Pan Am, Rendevous by [personal profile] jena, Kate Cameron/Roger Anderson, illicit

X-Men, With Great Power by [personal profile] katekintail, Nightcrawler/Wolverine, tail, fur

Criminal Minds, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Penelope Garcia/Elle Greenaway, lonely

The Avengers (2012), Father of Lies by [personal profile] marina, Loki/Tony Stark, shapeshift

Sherlock, An Old Language by [personal profile] cj, Greg Lestrade/John Watson, bar, silent

The Professionals, In Our Bedroom After the War by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Bodie/Doyle, bondage, wounded

House M.D., Tagging In by [personal profile] deelaundry, House/Cameron/Chase/Foreman/Thirteen/Taub, research

Hart of Dixie, Honey Bunches of Fun by [personal profile] m7storyteller, Zoe Hart/Wade Kinsella, honey

The Borgias, with both of us guilty by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Cesare Borgia/Lucrezia Borgia, dress, gasp, hands, lies, love, lust, modern AU, murder, only, possessive, secret, sex, wedding night, wine

Transformers: Generation 1, Needs of the One by [personal profile] eerian_sadow, Optimus/Rodimus, crop, begging

Due South, Keeping Warm by [personal profile] ria_oaks, Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, tent, sleeping-bag(s)

Stargate SG-1, Who's Zoomin' Who? by [personal profile] sid, Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, tipsy, oops, obscene, suck

Supernatural, When I'm Gone by [personal profile] gorgeousnerd, Lilith/Ruby, reminder

Supernatural, Weather Witch by [personal profile] katekintail, Dean/Sam, shower

Haven, Untitled by [personal profile] ricochet, Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wournos, Scotch, Taste

Crossover, Firefly/Supernatural, Set the Night on Fire by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, River Tam/Dean Winchester, salt, hell, boots

X-Men: First Class (2011), Trust by [personal profile] ximeria, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, firsts, awkward

Crossover, Good Omens/Oglaf, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, War/Lesbian Mercenary, sword

Dexter, The World Still Moves Without You by [personal profile] lonelywalker, XDebra Morgan/Frank Lundy, AU, future

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NCIS: Los Angeles, Four Days by [personal profile] dayisfading, Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks, jealousy, undercover

Generation Kill, third time's the charm by [personal profile] alethia, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, clarity, refusal

Nancy Drew, all in by [personal profile] ndnickerson, Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson, tattoo, brunette, seduction

Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Untitled by [personal profile] erinlouk, Steve McGarrett/Lori Weston, rookie, crawling, first impressions, savage, succumb, pressure

Captain America: The First Avenger, By Any Other Name by [personal profile] pfg, Bucky/Steve, comfort, war time, soldier, quiet

Earth's Children - Jean M. Auel, Assaulting by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ayla/Jondalar, salt

The Big Bang Theory, My Girl by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Howard/Bernadette, mother, move, please, beg

Stargate Atlantis, LBD by [personal profile] sabinetzin, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, little black dress

Haven, Count Off by [personal profile] ricochet, Audrey/Duke/Nathan, hair trigger, need, tremble, trust

Crossover, Hawaii Five-0/Leverage, Sex or Hacking by [personal profile] ilthit, Chin Ho Kelly/Alec Hardison, competition, hacking

Oglaf, show me spring by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Female Mercenary (adventurer)/Snow Queen, spring

X-Men: First Class (2011), Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Angel Salvadore/Raven Darkholme, wings

Futurama, What's Next (Alien Sex) by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Kif/Amy, indulgence, date

The Social Network, The Cherry by [personal profile] ilthit, Alice/Christy, sour cherry

The Road to El Dorado (2000), Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Chel/Miguel/Tulio, sharing

Fairy Tales, Beauty and the Beast, Games by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Beauty/Beast, roleplay

The Simpsons, The Laundry by [personal profile] ilthit, Marge Simpson/Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon, laundry

The Night Circus, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Isobel Martin/Tsukiko, comfort

The Chronicles of Narnia, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Susan/Aravis, diplomacy

The Middleman, Untitled by [personal profile] ilthit, Lacey Thornfield/Wendy Watson, teasing

Bound, Peach by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Corky/Violet, escape, bare

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Settle by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Brick/Maggie, acceptance

Death Becomes Her, Beholder by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Helen Sharp/Madeline Ashton, eternity, paintbrush, truce

Gypsy, The Deal by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Rose/any, manipulate, opportunist, glove

Haven, Pillow Talk by [personal profile] ricochet, Audrey/Duke/Nathan, downtime, cold

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Black Swan, Let Me Go by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Nina Sayers/Lily, competition

Psych, Partners by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Lassiter/Juliet, blue, smile

Smallville, Around the World by [personal profile] tallihensia, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, world

Smallville, Drunken Porn by [personal profile] tallihensia, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, drunk, porn

Smallville, Twists and Turns by [personal profile] tallihensia, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, alien, tentacles

Smallville, Oak Love by [personal profile] tallihensia, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, tree

Downton Abbey, His by [personal profile] repmetsyrrah, Sybil/Branson, wedlock, words

Rookie Blue, Middle Of The Night Delight by [personal profile] liquidlaughing, Jerry Barber/Traci Nash, duty, van, early

RPF (Pundit), Twice As Far As Coach by [personal profile] sarken, Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, travel

Burn Notice, Best in the Business by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Michael Westen/Fiona Glennane/Jesse Porter, suck, celebrate

Tangled, Push by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Flynn Rider/Rapunzel, bathe, kiss, trust, work, aftermath, home

Pocahontas (Disney), ...If I Never Knew You by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, John Smith/Pocahontas, wilderness, autumn

The Nanny, Cheating by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, CC/Niles, race, competition

Up All Night, I Heart Aruba by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Chris/Reagan, tequila, honeymoon

Good Omens, Untitled by [personal profile] papryka, Aziraphale/Crowley, genderswap, smoking

Harry Potter, A Little Release by [personal profile] tielan, Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, sunlight

Spider-Man, If by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson, brave

The Princess and the Frog (Disney), Just the Humidity by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Charlotte/Tiana, skinnydipping, ribbons

Frasier, Like Wine by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Niles Crane/Daphne moon, imperfections, bliss, older, wiser

Bridesmaids, Bullshit Cliches (are often true) by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Annie/Megan, repair

Psych, When You Sing by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar,Burton 'Gus' Guster/Shawn Spencer, boys, celebrate, tender, fun

Psych, What Girlfriends Are For by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Karen Vick/Juliet O'Hara, playful, mentor

Friends, Spice of Life by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Chandler Bing/Monica Geller, trust, security

The Addams Family (1964), Perfectly Awful by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Gomez Addams/Morticia Addams, sleek, passionate

Burn Notice, Salvation by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen, redemption

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The Big Bang Theory, Sweetener by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Leonard/Penny, cheesecake

Xena: Warrior Princess, The Next Step by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Xena/Gabrielle, swimming, secluded, night, together

The Bold and the Beautiful, Wrong by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Steffy Forester/Bill Spencer, office, desk

Commercials, Old Spice/Progressive, Lucky by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Old Spice Man/Flo, glitter, ride

Greek Mythology, Warmth by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Hades/Persephone, winter, happiness, warmth

Wuthering Heights, The Cost by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Heathcliff/Cathy, dirt, hell, night

Crossover, Burn Notice/My Name is Bruce, Blockbuster by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Any character played by Bruce Campbell/Any character played by Ted Raimi, booze, cigars

Boy Meets World, Present Tense by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Shawn/Angela, whisper

Boy Meets World, Cheesy by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Cory/Topanga, couch, hands, food

Game of Thrones, bless his ever loving heart by [personal profile] janie_tangerine, jon snow/samwell tarly, warmth, negotiation

Tarzan (Disney), Advantages by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Tarzan/Jane, explore, swim, moonlight

Burn Notice, Helping by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sam/Fiona, undercover, endurance, ice

Burn Notice, The Sexy Accountant by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar,Sam/Michael, phone sex

RPF, Worshiping the Love Goddess by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Marlene Dietrich/Rita Hayworth, smoke, secrecy, cringe, creative

Hellboy, Elephantine by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Hellboy/Liz, gentle

The Big Bang Theory, Hormonal Reaction by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Amy Farrah Fowler/Penny, science

Wicked – Gregory McGuire, Memories by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Elphaba/Galinda, bittersweet, friendship, lipstick

RPF (Politics), Pull Together by [personal profile] sashataakheru, Domme!Julia Gillard/sub!Tony Abbott, car!sex, D/s, protection

Beauty and the Beast (1992), Book Learning by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Belle/Adam, passion, cunnilingus

The Princess and the Frog, That Old Swing by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Tiana/Naveen, paint, jazz, cunnilingus

Burn Notice, Mirror Image by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Michael Westen/Fiona Glenanne/Sam Axe, mirrors, bite, playful, teamwork

Burn Notice, Easy Silences by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Michael Westen/Sam Axe, comfortable, silence

Burn Notice, The Key by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sam Axe/Fiona Glenanne, explore, consolation prize, heels, smack

Burn Notice, Loser's Game by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sam Axe/Larry Sizemore, dominance

How I Met Your Mother, The Sandwich Incident by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Barney Stinson/Robin Scherbatsky/Ted Mosby, 2 a.m., zipper

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How I Met Your Mother, General Chaos by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ted Mosby/Robin Scherbatsky, salute, silence

RPF (Actor), Crystal Rainbow by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Amanda Seyfried/Julianne Moore, crystal

Greek Mythology, The End by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Hades/Persephone, death

Burn Notice, If These Walls Could Talk by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fiona/Sam Axe, walls, secrets

As Time Goes By, Unchanged by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar,Lionel/Jean, gentle, wrinkles

The Venture Brothers, Services Rendered by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Brock Samson/Dr. Rusty Venture, children, whining, fisting

DCU, Tale of the City by [personal profile] runespoor, Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, rumors, view

Princess Bride, Older by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Inigo/Fezzik, retirement, rhymes

Labyrinth, For Myself by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sarah Williams, magic, warm, wet

Futurama , Tangle Me Up by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Hermes Conrad/LaBarbara Conrad, sugarcane, twine

The Simpsons, Widows by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Marge Simpson/Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon, flower

The Simpsons, Little Treasons by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon/Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon, quiet, breath

Burn Notice, Nothing But the Truth by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sam Axe/Michael heat, escape, truth

Burn Notice, Get Off Easy by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sam/Madeline, undercover, mojitos, tease

Crossover, Burn Notice/Psych, Lost by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Henry Spencer/Sam Axe, outdoors

Prince of Tennis, Apart(ment) by [personal profile] caeslin, Fuji Shuusuke/Fuji Yuuta, pity, apartment, need

Psych, Begin Again by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Henry/Madeline, history, try, passion

Mulan (1998), A Thousand Flavors by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Shang/Mulan, cunnilingus, overnight, luck

The Runaways (Movie), Cherry Red by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Cherie Currie/Joan Jett, cherry

Supernatural, Being Human by [personal profile] katekintail, Dean/Sam, eyes, comfort, motel, television

Greek Mythology, Into the Light by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Eros/Psyche, beauty, candles, love

Thelma & Louise, Battle Scars by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Louise/Thelma, adventure

Silkwood, Nothing Solved by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, unrequited, friendship, porch, afraid

Daria, Sketchy People by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Jane/Quinn, (any), art lessons

Moonlighting (TV), Revenge of The Unpaid Intern by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Maddie Hayes/David Addison, squirt gun 

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Superman Movieverse, Harenm by [personal profile] saavikam77, Ursa/Any, slave, collar, kneel, superior, death

DCU, You Can Leave Your Stockings On by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, John Constantine/Zatanna Zatara, stockings, tantra

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, X-Ray Vision Not Needed by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Lois Lane/Clark Kent, tease

Legend of the Seeker, At Least We Have This by [personal profile] noblealice, Richard/Kahlan, fantasy

One Life to Live, No Saints by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Blair/Todd, reunion

Criminal Minds, Payback by [personal profile] parenthetical, Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, laugh, consent, rough, tease

How I Met Your Mother, Have You Met My Husband Ted? by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Barney/Ted, dinner, con

Grey's Anatomy, Touching You, Touching Me by [personal profile] m7storyteller, April Kepner/Jackson Avery, first, blue, shoulders, taste, wash the blood off

Little Women, Can't Ignore the Boy Next Door by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Jo/Laurie, Boston, London, New York, barn, modern day AU

American Dad!, Early Riser by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Stan/Jeff, van

The Baby-Sitters Club - Ann M. Martin, Tug by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Kristy Thomas/Mary Anne Spier, pigtails

Sherlock, Anything but Ordinary by [personal profile] fauxkaren, Molly Hooper/Sherlock Holmes, cohabitation, married

Disney Princesses, Untamed by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Belle/Rapunzel, dreams, imagination

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Home by [personal profile] fauxkaren, Jon Snow/Sansa Stark, home, oral, queen in the north, Winterfell

Disney Princesses, Pavlova by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Belle/Tiana, dreams, food, more

Disney Princesses, Good by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Jasmine/Mulan, unexpected

The Big Bang Theory, The Sex Swing Copulation by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sheldon/Amy, first, baby, kiss

Fruits Basket, First Autumn Storm by [personal profile] umadoshi, Sohma Hatsuharu/Sohma Rin, rain

Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bargain by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Eddie/Frank N Furter, bike

Hart of Dixie, Like an Ice Cream Cone by [personal profile] m7storyteller, Zoe Hart/Wade Kinsella, ice cream

Greek Mythology, Loathing by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Demeter/Hades, difference, paths, cold

Harry Potter, (Untitled) by [personal profile] papryka, Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger, red hair, comfort

Brokeback Mountain, No One Asked You To by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Alma/Lureen, fishing

ER, Askew by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Abby Lockhart/Susan, quarantine

Friends, Leapfrog by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Joey/Chandler/Ross, awkward

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Futurama, Squishy by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fry/Bender, roommates

Gilligan's Island, Adoration by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ginger/Mary Ann, idolize

She-Ra: Princess of Power, It's Personal by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Adora aka She-Ra/Catra, chasm, pay up, reward

King of the Hill, Play Pretend by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Boomhauer/John Redcorn, practice

Merlin, all the strangers came today by [personal profile] torch, Gwaine/knights, gangbang, magic, sore

Modern Family, Moist by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar Claire/Gloria, cupcakes

Rent, as a torch that glows by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Mimi/Maureen, frailty

The Simpsons, Ludicrous/Tragic by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Smithers/John (from 'Homer's Phobia'), rendezvous

The Big Bang Theory, Apologies by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Leonard/Penny, relent, sorry

Iron Man (movies), Ruminations by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, threesome

Xena: Warrior Princess, Anew by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Hercules/Xena, baby, path

General Hospital, Foster's Laughing by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Lucky/Emily, snow cone, summer, laughter, best friends

Arthuriana, Sealed by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Guinevere/Lancelot, tears, choices

Almost Famous, there beneath the blue suburban skies by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Penny Lane/William, never forget, Morocco

Titanic (1997), Burrs by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Jack/Rose, tears

Hellboy, Fearless by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Abe Sapien/Nuala, understand

The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux, Consecrated by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Raoul/Christine, water

Night of the Living Dead (1990 film), Live For Me by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ben/Barbara, survivor, future, hug, laugh

Crossover, Christine - Stephen King/From a Buick 8, The Amazing True Story of Two Homicidal Cars (?!) In Love by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Stephen King, Christine/Buick 8, mischief

Fairy Tales, Beauty and the Beast, Fur by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Beauty/Beast, winter, bedchamber, silk

Fairy Tales, Little Red Riding Hood, Do You Want To Play? by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Red/Wolf, wine, lick, pant

Fairy Tales, Rapunzel, Tactile by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Prince/Rapunzel, wait, blind

Disney Princesses, Luck by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Ariel/Rapunzel, free, hair, new

New Girl, My river runs to thee by [personal profile] gloss, Cece/Jess, habit

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, A Trick To Remember by [ profile] chibirenamon, Trixie/Twilight Sparkle, magic, showing-off

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Disney Princesses, Nontraditional by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Belle/Mulan, tradition

Rocky Horror Picture Show, What You Want/What You Need by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Columbia/Janet/Magenta, voyeuristic, intentions

Generation Kill, Put Your Hand In My Hand And Let's Go by [personal profile] sying, Brad Colbert/Ray Person, road trip, Mexico

Smallville, What Immortal Hand or Eye by [personal profile] froggimus_rex, Clark Kent/Clark Luthor, Red K, rough

Sleeping Beauty (Disney), Possession by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Aurora/Maleficent, sleep

Castle, Exhale Like Vivid Breath by [personal profile] summerstorm, Kate Beckett/Alexis Castle, internship, desk, encouragement

NCIS, Not Part of the Equation by [ profile] kritikeragent, Jimmy Palmer/OMC, obsession, lust, red, blood, non-con, FBI, blue

The Artist, Steps to Take Slowly by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, George Valentin/Peppy Miller, slow dance

Homestuck, Starlight by [personal profile] sedvictacatoni, Kanaya/Vriska, daylight, abandon, hair

RPF (Actors), So Very Method by [personal profile] hibernate, Joanne Kelly/Jaime Murray, in-character

Leverage, Game Night by [personal profile] sunspot, Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker, game

Supernatural, Mille viae by [personal profile] miscellanium, Gabriel/Sam, pagan, blood, ritual, dub-con, blackmail

Harry Potter, by [ profile] kritikeragent, Voldemort/Ron, double agent, throne, courtship

Hikaru no Go, Night-scented by [personal profile] lacygrey, Shindou Hikaru/Touya Akira, flowers, opening, move

The Walking Dead, The Great Feminine Mysteries of Life by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Glenn/Maggie, again

Stargate SG-1, Visit by [personal profile] roeskva, Martouf|Lantash/Samantha Carter, romance, seduction, memories, first time, visits, tipsy, blatant desire

Dexter, Burning the Candle (at Both Ends) by [personal profile] lonelywalker, Debra Morgan/Frank Lundy, tired

Hart of Dixie, Well and Truly by [personal profile] fantasorie, Zoe Hart/Brick Breeland, secret, affair, long time

Bring It On, never second best by [personal profile] cutebunny43, Cliff/Missy, guitar, cheerleading, move

Sherlock, Let the whole world wait by [ profile] fict_or_faction, John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, in a dark room, experiment

Stargate SG-1, Coming Clean by [personal profile] paian, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, shower

The Avengers (2012), It works both ways by [personal profile] spockside, Pepper/Tony/Steve/JARVIS, body, toys, tongue, touch

Sherlock, Each Other to Forgive by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, John Watson/Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes, forgive, night


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