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10 Things I Hate About You (movie)
Kat Stratford/Mandella, college, letters, texts, trip, art, music, light

12 Kingdoms
Gyousou/Taiki, teaching, season, touch, neck, noise, shy, company, courage
Youko/Keiki, rule, gentle, awkward, perseverance, cuddle

John Adams/Abigail Adams, devotion, distance, compliments, yours
John Adams/Thomas Jefferson, burning
Thomas Jefferson/Martha Jefferson, adoration

Jack Bauer/Audrey Raines, coffee, secret, unsteady
Jack Bauer/Carl Benton, tent, thunderstorm, lake, trust, shadows
Jack Bauer/Hamri Al-Assad, burn, never, release, flag
Jack Bauer/Kate Warner, calm, traffic, trust
Jack Bauer/Renee Walker, everyday, fistfight, target, gun, hiding, now, blue, paperwork, sheets, window, shower, pinot, smirk, caged, boxers, earlobe, Glock, dizzy, graze, honest, respect, maroon, scar, bold, mercury, lips, sour, stitches, pale, reassurance, snow, conviction, loss, cake, laughter, tequila, truth, questions, blanket, bleeding, confession, cologne, promise, security, stubborn, fury, impact, tranquility, reason, clavicle, picture, silence, answer, rooftop, breeze, margaritas, soft, trust, understanding, wine, ruin, slick, breath, battle, rough, bound, smooth, storm, distance, watch, dream, haze, heat, begin, trade, confidence, doubt, sunrise
Jack Bauer/Teri Bauer, tight, pier, today, sigh, blanket, mistrust, watch
Tony Almeida/Michelle Dessler, ring, always, rough, gray

28 Days Later
Jim/Major Henry West, surrender
Selena/Corporal Mitchell, sacrifice, seduce, squeal

3:10 to Yuma (2007)
Benjamin Wade/Alice Evans, dust, splinter
Benjamin Wade/Dan Evans, chain, handcuffs, boots, coin
Benjamin Wade/William Evans, hero

30 Rock
Jack Donaghy/Jenna Maroney, enthusiasm, red
Jack Donaghy/Liz Lemon, blame, second choice, drunk, remarriage, 200th episode, fever, comedy, finger foods, awkward, monogamy, issues, Tom Jones, high five, tempers, rescue, crush, jet-lagged, missed, apology, unexpected, family, accident, distance, second try, phone call, serious, reluctant, laugh
Liz Lemon/Claire Harper, voicemail
Liz Lemon/Jenna Maroney, confidence, skirt, jeans
Liz Lemon/Nancy Donovan, and so...
Liz Lemon/Wesley Snipes, anarchy, green card, hate sex, beer, night cheese, separate bedrooms, theme song, footcycle, foreplay, ovulation, rainy day, subway, breath, length, tongue, tea, bite, wall, hot tub time machine, sandwiches, flip flops, pumpkin, Albion, winning streak, green card, pajamas, tankort, Canada, lazy, Olympics, fast food, wedding

49 Days
Song Yi-Kyung/Song Yi-Soo, reunion, endless, tears

7th Heaven
Lucy Camden/Mary Camden, blasphemy, hidden, secrets
Lucy Camden/Robbie Palmer, anal, church, first

1/8, authority, leader, guardian, protect, trust, fail, magnet
2/5, mentor, wisdom, healing, respect, bravery
3/4, identical, knowledge, research, silence

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
Clover/Santa, rule 34, secret
Clover/Snake, comfort, protection, luck

A Bear Named Winnie
Colebourn/Macray, books, comfort, plans, quiet

A Knight's Tale
Count Adhemar/Kate, armor, breastplate, the forge, respect
Will/Jocelyn, married life, adjusting, [any]

A League of Their Own
Dottie/Jimmy Dugan, locker room, roadhouse

A Perfect Getaway (2009)
Nicko/Gina, beach, hike, bonfire, cut-offs, wet

A Room With a View - E.M. Forster
George/Lucy, snow

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Arianne/Arya, initiation, weapon
Arya/Gendry, political marriage, reunion, dude looks like a lady, bullfighting, memories, valyrian steel, forge
Asha/Aly Mormont, friends with benefits, warmth, dreaming of spring, fighters
Asha/Stannis, bargaining, repression, rough, cold
Bran Stark/Meera Reed, sensation, numbness, flying, cold
Brienne of Tarth/Jaime Lannister, knighthood, beauty, guilt, wounds, duel, in the dark of winter, my lady, kneel, yearning, seduction, forgiveness, sweet, dream, armor, golden, trust, Cersei, honor, warmth, post-battle hormonal rush, mouth, sapphire, words, vow, sword
Bronn/Catelyn, urgency, rebound, snark, grass
Catelyn/Brienne, holding on, beauty, always summer in the songs, promise, follow, comfort
Catelyn/Ned, wedding night, reunion, home, bold, bite, fingers, longing, hair, comfort, love, wife, duty, last time, first, furs, love, honor, cherish, wedding night, hair, duty, Winterfell, furs, truth, confession
Cersei/Jaime, first time, queen of love and beauty, mirror
Cersei/Margaery, cellmate, dominate, seduce, [any]
Cersei/Taena, experiment, frustration, rights
Daenerys Targaryen/Asha Greyjoy, similarities, knives, fire, ocean, ship, dragons, conflict, solution, queens
Daenerys/Arianne, [any]
Daenerys/Jorah, endurance, any
Daenerys/Margaery, [any]
Euron/any/Victarion, compete, toy
Euron/Loras, captive
Jaime/Loras, mirror, memories, black
Jaime/Loras/Brienne, sapphires, Tarth
Jaime/Sansa, honor, bound, winter, grown up, queen, fearless, upper hand, desire, sword, gift
Jon/Dany, blood, dragon, ice and fire, prophecy, vows, throne, battle, family, identity
Jon Snow/Satin, fire, ashes, cold, warm
Jon/Ygritte, Mumford and Sons-> The Cave
Margery/Renly/Loras, Political Marriage
older!Sansa/Brienne, perfect knight, protector, Queensguard
older!Sansa/Dany, court life, Hand of the Queen, lady-in-waiting
older!Sansa/Margaery, plucking flowers, girl from the north country, May queen, growing strong
older!Sansa/Sandor, loyal service, Queen in the North, songs of chivalry, trial, reunion, escape
Renly/Loras, ghosts, fury
Rhaegar/Jon Connington, vista, silver, sunset, Griffin, harp, sings
Roose Bolton/Fat Walda, squeals, shudders, fond
Sansa Stark/Daenerys Targaryen, gentleness, courtly love, symbols, khaleesi, ruling, flowers, arrival, celebration
Sansa/Mya Stone, [any]
Theon/Sansa, memory, broken
Willas Tyrell/Alayne Stone, servant, sympathy, protection, longing
Daenerys/Jaime, chains, possession, golden
Daenerys/Jon Snow, winter, together, alone, obsidian, queen, king, lady, ice and fire, dragon, Targaryen
Jaime/Sansa, silk, first, Iron Throne, hair, red, kissed by fire, knight, honor, promise, furs, virgin, desire, seduction, kiss, tease, want, innocent
Melisandre/Jon Snow, kiss
Ned/Cersei, hate, enemies, what if, teeth, honor
Ned/Robert, comfort, loss, life
Oberyn/Elia, honey, pepper, love
older!Arya/Gendy, fight, wine, dare, bathhouse
older!Sansa/Jaime, glass, gold, sworn sword, Queen in the North
Rhaegar/Lyanna, blue rose, promise, secrecy, blood, crowned
Robb Stark/Theon Greyjoy, tumble, leather, summer, spoil, worth, safekeeping, regret, King in the North
Robb/Jeyne Westerling, honor, comfort, passion, grief, love, king and queen
Sandor Clegane/Sansa Stark, wait, longing, fierce, young, changes, weapon, silk, fire, fear, warg, winter, queen, knight, ending, confession, kiss, lie, sword
Tyrion/Daenerys, dragon, awaken

A Sudden Wild Magic - Diana Wynne Jones
Philo/Tod, extraordinary

A Tale of Time City - Diana Wynne Jones
Jonathan Lee/Vivian Smith, future, time, ghost, kiss, snack

A Very Potter Musical
Draco/Hermione, nine-point-eight, danger, harmony
Harry/Hermione/Ron, kiss, holding hands, not alone, accidental, Yule Ball, get it right
Harry/Ron, holding hands, horcruxes, Zefron, freedom

Absolutely Fabulous
Eddy/Patsy, soulmates

Ace Attorney
Adrian Andrews/Franziska von Karma, any, teach, submissive, obey, listen, discipline, punish, control, teaching, whip
[any], autoerotic backseat, tattoo, fingers, blowjob, lips, modern, trickster, piano, cover, bathroom stalls, recess, uniform, skirt, heels, leather pants, sexting, rimming, ride, punish, twilight, graffiti, come
Callisto Yew/Kay Faraday, identity, crime, espionage, perfume, striptease
Ace Attorney, Daryan Crescend/Klavier Gavin, exhibitionism, fame, insecurity, grumpy, camera
Diego Armando/Mia Fey, coffee, coffeeshop, corset,
Ema Skye/Franziska von Karma, Germany, studying abroad, investigation
Ema Skye/Franziska von Karma/Kay Faraday, yatagarasu, science, girls' night out
Ema Skye/Kay Faraday, [any]
Klavier Gavin/Apollo Justice, flirt, tease, forehead, face, grin, hair, touch, lick, bite
Miles Edgeworth/Franziska von Karma, habit, luxury
Miles Edgeworth/Klavier Gavin, clash, grief, travel, law and order, guilty
Pearl Fey/Trucy Wright, fun, magic, panties
Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth, time, comfort, repressed, opposite, justice, cynical, obsession, hope, unnecessary, redemption, forgiveness, anxious

Addams Family
Gomez/Morticia, shadow, violet

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Isabella/Lin, flower, stoic, ropes

Adventure Time
Fiona/Marceline, red, predatoring on dudes
Fiona/Prince Gumball/Marshall Lee, hogging
Fiona/Princess Bubblegum, delicious

Em/Joel, backseat, high school, roof, sparklers, stars, whiskey

Agent Pendergast Series
Aloysius Pendergast/Vincent D'Agosta, devotion, promises, profound, denial, domestic, secrets, better, overwhelmed, perilous, disquieted
Diogenes Pendergast/Aloysius Pendergast, games, psychotherapy, unsafe, memory, exposed, sadism, backswamp, madness, institution, Voudoun, diamonds
Nora Kelly/Aloysius Pendergast, grieving, anthropology, lockpicks

Archangel/Caitlin O'Shannessy, fantasy, fireplace
Archangel/Marella, office, leather, dress

Aishiteruze Baby
Kippei/Kokoro, lunch, sorrow, crying, okay, kiss, care, happiness, sleeping, sandbox, playing, smiles, family

Alex Rider
Wolf/Alex, power, rivals, disbelief, handcuffs
Yassen/Alex, trust, need, care, history, escape, retirement

Jack/Irina, silver, ace, dominance, scars, wager
Sark/Sydney, artifact, pulse, silent
Sark/Vaughn, reunion, smirk, fondness, cooperation, snark
Sark/Will, Taipei, torture, spread-eagled, identity, bound
Sydney/ Vaughn, liberty, Russia, private, secret, boring, kitchen, bathtub, desperate, rough, steal, hide, inappropriate, teach, warm, close, safe, remember

Alice (SyFy miniseries)
Alice/Hatter, sensitivity tea, jealousy, hallucination, woods, fantasy, hat, wet, h/c
Alice/Duchess, different, curiosity, revenge

Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Alice Kingsleigh/the Mad Hatter, dress, pregnant, tea, lunacy, sewing, teacups, peace, impossible, swords, chaos, battle, hats
Alice Kingsleigh/the White Queen, champion, white, dead, shivers, trees, danger, bravery, wardrobe, magic, balconies

Alice in Wonderland (any)
Alice/The Cheshire Cat, game, madness, fur, disappear, shapes, roads, tea, head, pinafore, cats, grin, purr, wonderland, riddles, curious

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll
Alice [solo], grown up, escape, grass, afternoon.

Dwayne Hicks/Ellen Ripley, survival, nourishment, fun, light, metal

All American Girl
Sam/David, posing, artist's model, hideaway

All My Children
Annie/JR, release, sober, handcuffs, beach
Bianca/Amanda, comfort, modeling
Bianca/Any, anal, seduction
Bianca/Babe, anger, confusion, hate!sex
Bianca/Babe/Zarf, music, satin, spiritual
Bianca/Kendall, bond, mourning, wrong
Bianca/Maggie, experimenting, explosions, Paris
Bianca/Marissa, forbidden, insatiable, new, strap-on, first, wet, taste, toys
Bianca/Reese, anal, honeymoon
Bianca/Zarf, blowjob, pre-op
David/Greenlee, power, spanking, domination, disturbed

Cameron Hicks/Nina Theroux, powers, battle, high, chase
Cameron Hicks/Rachel Pirzad, balance, senses

American Beauty
Angela/Jane, insecure, soft, tits, tremble, whimper
Jane/Ricky, camera

American Dragon: Jake Long
Jake/Rose, [any], sweet

American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Bast/Shadow, purr, worship, shrine, dark, ancient, sight, altar, beyond, meet again, comfort, soothe

American Gothic
Lucas Buck/Ben Healy, loyalty, silence, mind games
Lucas Buck/Gail Emory, confess, dance
Lucas Buck/Selena Coombs, power, need

American Idiot - Green Day/Armstrong
Alysha/Heather, hold, coffee, microphone
Heather/Miguel/Will, future, link, sugar, barbeque, talent
Heather/The Extraordinary Girl, sunrise, backyard, liner, x-ray, kind, [any]
Heather/Whatsername, strong, missive, abracadabra, night, pull
Heather/Will, park, spider, caught, denial, evolution
Johnny/St. Jimmy, reliance, experimentation, desperate, high, knees, payment
Johnny/Tunny/Will, high, couch, list, smuggle
The Extraordinary Girl/Tunny, tears, home, sense, longing, yes, [any]
The Extraordinary Girl/Tunny/Will, twine, sleep, lost, melt, pet, snap, vice
The Extraordinary Girl/Whatsername, twist, place, normal, laugh
Tunny/Will, adapt, scared, first, kiss, guitar, climb, athletic, healing, roll, tussle, bite, plans, sing, records, cradle, nightmare, easier, love, run, snicker, school, music, upside-down, need, fix, hold

An Ideal Husband
Mabel/Goring, [any], good, domestic, real

Harper/Tyr, Magog, wiring, punch

Angel Diary
Bi-Wal/Dong-Young, honeymoon, classroom, trust, promise
Ryung/Se-In, silk, hair, loyalty, blush

Angel the Series
Angel/Cordelia Chase, rewind, undo, fix, complete, pieces, practice, exercise, tutor, secretary, sire, spa, reunion, distance, lipstick, position, comfort, soft, cuddle, grief, fantasy, future, alternate universe, rescue, confide, family, lust
Angel/Doyle, accent, drunk, last
Angel/Faith, comfort, maybe, understanding
Angel/Illyria, mistake, wound, sex pollen
Angel/Spike, any era, same song and dance, bicker, friends, remember, blackmail, history, fagging, try me, sire, smell, spread
Angel/Wesley, desire, hunger, night, shattered, advantage, last, pretext
Angelus/Cordelia Chase, useless, broken, too late, orb, last, luck, scream, rebirth, stimuli
Cordelia Chase/Lindsey McDonald, caught
Cordelia Chase/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, otherworldly, books, culture, Pylea, princess, motorcycle, vision
Faith Lehane/Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, suck, pointed, scrape, dangerous, sunshine, hate, lust, rough, straddle, sharp, lick, reluctance, bound, toy, masturbation, bend, spank, dirty, profanity, elevator, regret, comfort, heal, longing, fight, moonlight, bite, touch, drunk, meeting, secret, tease, torment, trust, tie, tangle, public, quick, angry, loud, gagged, pull, pinch, rain, ally, burn, stimulation, arousal, fist, flick, leather, chair, slayer, pain, team, watcher
Faith/Gunn, warrior, move, ride
Fred/Wesley, adoration, soft, kiss, touch, tingle, taste, regret, secret, sadness, comfort, fantasy, loss, longing
Fred/Wesley/Lilah, take, wine, twisted
Lilah/Wesley, fantasy, lust, anger, comfort, rough, tease, torment,
Lilith/Faith, danger
Wesley/Illyria, cenotaph

Animorphs - K.A. Applegate
Jake/Tobias, leadership, shift, flight, mourning
Marco/Tobias, tension, jokes, survival
Rachel/Tobias, dress, fear, fierce, ponytail, quick, strong, taut, time, better, deadline, flying, date night, compromise, countdown

Anita Blake series - Laurell K Hamilton
Anita Blake, cold place, alone, efficient, guns, slippery slope, consent, heritage, the dead, power, anger, pink
Anita Blake/Veronica Sims, sparring, run, workout, got your back, roses, teasing, socks, sleepovers, bite, scars, hospital, got your back, teetotaler, fun, always you, penguins, formal
Anita/Belle, powder, sweetness, rose
Anita/Claudia, betrayal, convenience, hunger, predator
Anita/Envy, protection, danger, fear, discovery
Anita/Olaf, adrenaline, hunt, monsters
Anita/Ronnie, love, experiment, bosom, covenant
Raina/Richard/Gabriel, animals

Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins
Anna/Meredith, acclimatizing, dorm
Meredith/anyone, crush, football
Meredith/Rashmi, experimenting, pining

Anne of Green Gables – L.M. Montgomery
Anne Shirley/Gilbert Blythe, steps, enamel, lucky, years, carrots, Lancelot, fever, sleeves
Kenneth Ford/Rilla Blythe, lisp, reunion, taffy, jazz
Rilla/Una, future
Walter Blythe/Una Meredith, goodbye, poem, valley, lace

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
Jintan/Yukiatsu, dress, ghost, reflection
Yukiatsu/Anaru, tomorrow

Another Country
Bennett/Fowler, cane, bite, order, uniform
Judd/Fowler, sarcasm

Adidas/Nike, write the future, all in, impossible is nothing, dirty, bondage
bag/box, slide, sunshine
Beggars/Losers, [any]
Blue/Red/Purple, bleed, color, creativity
Champions League/World Cup, competition, grass stains, trophy, celebration, beautiful game, Wavin Flag
Coke/Dr. Pepper, fizzy, sweet, outsider, ice, wet
Drama/Comedy, tragedy, giggle, error, respect
Dreamwidth/LiveJournal, lag, down, crash, digital
fabric/needle, penetration, stretch, double-penetration, resistance, frame, hoop, machine, cross
fork/butter knife, shiny, heat, wet
luck/omen, superstition, worry, paranoia
Netflix/Blockbuster, DVD, streaming, stocks
Remake/Reboot, quarrel, fanbase, any
Remake/Reboot/Sequel, [any]
Remake/Reboot/Sequel/Prequel, [any]
Sequel/Prequel, [any]
Spring/Fall, change, loss, rain
Strawberry/Vanilla, [any]
sun/rain, happiness, sadness, warmth
Tumblr/deviantART, colors, paint, messy, down, crash, lag
Winter/Fall, golden, brittle, cold, chill, falling, empty, apocalypse

Antique (2008 Movie)
Kim Jin-hyeok/Min Seon-woo, together, finally, unrequited, sugar

Antique Bakery
Ono/Chikage, compell, sugar, protect
Ono/Tachibana, imagine

Ao no Exorcist
Amaimon/Shiemi, candy, soft, kimono, hair, flower
Igor Neuhaus/Rin Okamura, sin
Ryūji Suguro/Rin Okamura, friend, urges
Shirou/Mephisto, otaku, glasses, church, partings
Yukio Okamura/Shura Kirigakure, wager, drunk, control, naked
Yukio/Rin, genderswitch, tail, biting, taming, feral, power, teacher/student

Aoi Hana
Akira/Fumi, braids, champagne, crowded train, date, deliberate, first try, frosting, making out, reading aloud, passing notes, sleepover, surprise

Apt Pupil
Todd/Dussander, corruption

Arakawa Under The Bridge
Chief/P-ko, picnic
Hoshi/Amazoness, pretty
Sister/Stella, pupil

Arcadia (play) - Tom Stoppard
Septimus Hodge/Thomasina Coverley, dancing

Archer/Cyril, addiction, sympathy
Barry/Archer, revenge, surgery
Cheryl/Fister-Roboto, baby-town frolics, breaking in, cuddling
Cheryl/Pam, $900 turtleneck, gin, manatee, MSG, poetry, turkey, whore island, kidnapping, toys, ocelot
Conway Stern/Sterling Archer, touch, naked, grab-ass, weapons
Cyril Figgis/Ray Gillette, bathroom, gay, workplace
Cyril Figgis/Sterling Archer, baby, endowed, Lana, stress
Cyril Figgis/Lana Kane/Sterling Archer, surprise, dark, scary, fem-dom
Dr. Krieger/Sterling Archer, cyborg, Danny, Hitler, pill
Krieger/Pigly, any
Lana Kane/Ray Gillette/Sterling Archer, pornography, tactics, undercover, ridiculous, playing field, team-building exercises, vacation, paddle, diversion
Lana Kane/Sterling Archer, one more try, moving, danger, zip, cotton, nope, pegging, recovery, pride, weakness, danger zone, undercover, objective
Pam/Dolphin Puppet, doughnuts, hungry hippo, lonely
Ray Gillette/Sterling Archer, practice
Sterling Archer/Conway Stern/Lana Kane, comeuppance, hate!sex, truths

Arrested Development
GOB/wife, anonymity, brother-in-law, army drills
Michael Bluth/Lindsay Fünke, bathroom
Michael/Maeby, kitchen, responsible, wicked
Michael/Marta, el amor prohibido

Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer
Artemis Fowl/Holly Short, allies

As If (UK)
Alex/Mark, Sunday, lazy, bed, breakfast, whipped cream
Jamie/Sooz, cookies, argument, irresistible, cross-dressing, role-play, pegging, lace, paint, marking, touch, ticklish
Sooz/Nicki, dare, cherries, sweet, pink, black

Ashes to Ashes
Alex/Keats, reflection, shades of grey, downpour, smirk, conquest, fantasy, cuffs, weary, burn the heart out of you, purpose
Gene Hunt/Alex Drake, frisk, office, quattro
Gene/Keats, bleed, shadows, wish, bullet

Alyssa Jones/Banky Edwards/Holden McNeil, future, every, trip
Alyssa Jones/Bethany Sloane, natural, sign, play, sweat, line
Bartleby/Loki, hold, mile, always

Assault on Precinct 13 (2005 movie)
Jake/Bishop, capture, danger, red

A-Team (2010)
John "Hannibal" Smith/Templeton "Faceman" Peck, knees, cigar, disguise, plan, stone, earth

Aubrey/Maturin - Patrick O'Brian
Clarissa/Diana, [any], last
Clarissa/Sophie, [any], silk
Maturin/Blaine, [any], desk
Maturin/Diana, [any], wicked, pleasure

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005)
adult!Toph/Zuko, regal, simplicity, curiosity, explosive
Azula/Katara, hate!sex, willful, power, captive, escape, battle, fire, non-con fantasy, begging, spanking, bloodbending
Azula/Zuko, spark, heat, corrupt, burn, play, prey, seduce
Azula/Zuko/Mai/Ty Lee, sand, blaze, release, bond
Katara/Sokka, warmth, strength, faithful, ease, laughter, silence
Katara/Zuko, duel, caress, want, bound, [any], politics, AU, triumph, slave, prince, darkness, memories, freedom, secrets, knees, tongue, surprise, light, crystal, stars, diplomacy, negotiate, fire, ice, melt
Mai/Ty Lee, balance, boredom, soft, relax, jail, hidden, blankets, cuddle, acrobat, perform
Mai/Zuko, forgiveness, firsts, support, beautiful, stubborn, firebending, first time, desperation, heat, hair, knife, bonds, silk, steel, trust, edge, fire, apologies, defenses, comb, waterfall, slither, negotiation, experimentation
Sokka/adult!Toph, tease, fingertips, earth, affection
Sokka/Suki, summer, paint, fan, lips, comfort, dressup, costumes, home, protected, makeup, spying, triumph, tent, roses, peace, training, paint, warriors, battling, exercise, harmony, equals
Sokka/Zuko, knife-play, brand, scrape, fervor, trust, caper, ignite, bending, confusion, wills, secret, pride, banter, slap, shine, sword, sparkle, swing, betrayal, melt, steel
Aang/Katara, growth spurt, full height, adulthood, wedding, baby
Azula/Mai/Ty Lee, redemption, blades, powerplay
Bato/Hakoda/Ursa, unconventional, fugitive, playful, comfort
Hakoda/Ursa, stranger, kindness, loneliness, comfort, peace
Iroh/Juun, scent, noodles, liquor, strength
Iroh/Ming, courtesy, comfort, food, heroic, admiration
Katara/Suki, crush, moonlight, training, swim, power
Long Feng/Earth King Kuei, power, king, bender, kneel, public, domination
Mai/Azula, spanking
Mai/Katara, bicker, sparring, relearn, hips, wall, teeth
older!Toph/Jun, experienced, stone, confidence
Piandao/Iroh, games
Piandao/Jeong Jeong, burning
Professor Zei/Earth King Kuei, wandering, spirit, knowledge, codex, lost
Suki/Sokka/Yue, spirit world
Teo, clockwork, gadgetry, creation
Toph Bei Fong/any, earthbending
Toph/Aang, any, friends, sparring
Toph/Katara, tent
Toph/Mai, tough, gardens
Toph/Smellerbee, mud, climbing, wrestle
Toph/Zuko, seriously, secret, night, disbelief, bruise
Ursa, exile
Zuko/Jet, son

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Embers-verse)
Zuko/Shirong, training, trust, sparks, control

Avengers (1960's)
Emma Peel/John Steed, umbrella, hostages, freezing, jumpsuits, friends with benefits,

Avenue Q
Nicky/Ricky/Rod, accept, admit, Bears, joy, try
Nicky/Rod, apartment, apology, okay, purpose, Ricky, Trekkie
awkward, real, visit, more

Axis Powers Hetalia
America/England, undone, forgiveness, snap, tetchy,
America/Ukraine, bounce, pie, smile, flirt, giggle, crush, red,
Any, diplomatic, relations, borders, wedding, honeymoon, uniform, skirt, spurt, tear, blindfold, daddykink, sexting, striptease, rimming, memories, cunnilingus, ride, punish, twilight, sweet, delicious, come
backseat, tattoo, henna, dance,
France/America, 1920, spat, Chardonnay, lazy
France/Canada, Paris, Lyon, perplexed, close, lily, cuddle, silky, hairbrush, roses, fluffy, cold, October, winter, flutter, happiness, French kiss, snowfall, delicious, sweet,
France/England, thorns, bite, scratch, tea,
Greece/Japan, languorous, sky, breath, quiet, sleep, nap, gentle, kiss, lazy
Japan/Taiwan, bubble, tea, laugh, pink, cute, blow,
Netherlands/Canada, tulips, weed, stoned, rope, bondage, Amsterdam,
Sweden/Finland, happiness, domesticity, blankets, undressing, quiet

Babylon 5
Alfred Bester/Susan Ivanova, dub-con, telepathy, hate!sex, trapped
Delenn/John Sheridan, ritual, quickie, rules, penance, pain, joy
Delenn/John Sheridan/Jeffrey Sinclair, prophecy, symmetry, experimenting
G'kar/Londo, secrets, old friends, entwined, cell
Jeffrey Sinclair/Michael Garibaldi, Mars, struggle, wiggle, pillow
John Sheridan/Stephen Franklin, inconvenient, return, decay
Lennifer/John Sheridan, react, gasp, fury, respect, destroy
Marcus/Susan,marked, fingers
Michael Garibaldi/Stephen Franklin, comfort, healing, pain, coffee, stare, renounce, principle, war, fracture, unreal, after, again, denial, wall
Michael Garibaldi/Susan Ivanova/John Sheridan, conspiracy, relief,
Michael Garibaldi/Susan Ivanova/Vir, WTF
Susan Ivanova/John Sheridan, Io, grief, silent
Susan Ivanova/Michael Garibaldi, betrayal, healing
Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters, silk, sleep, laughter, wine

Claire Stanfield/Chane Laforet, sunset, rooftops, twilight, knives, leather, presents, violence, gore, waltz, roses, crypt, candle-lit, words, mud, trumpets, speakeasy, skirts, loyalty, loved
Dallas/Eve, gamble, ownership, pinafore, denial
Jacuzzi Splot/Nice Holystone, explosions, faces, crying
Luck/Dallas, bitch, refusal, breath, smoke
Luck/Firo, hat, laughter, bright
Maiza/Czeslaw, close, tears, sturdy, gentle

Back to the Future
Biff/George/Lorraine, forgotten
George/Lorraine, awkward

Bad Girls (tv)
Helen Stewart/Jim Fenner, slut, hot tub, hotel, drunk, teasing, forgiveness,stockings
Helen stewart/Karen betts, wine, lingerie, comfort, beginnings, shower, dancing
Helen Stewart/Natalie Buxton, office, hate, lust, passion, need

Bad Influence (1990 Movie)
Alex/Michael Boll, secret

Baldur's Gate
Edwin/anyone, Thay, hold person, charm person, conjure, evoke, concubine, mutter, believe
Keldorn/Anomen, vigil
Korgan/Mazzy, once, thought
Viconia/Solaufein, learning, truce, god
Xan/Kivan, despair

Band of Brothers
any, boot worship
Carwood Lipton/Ron Speirs, discipline, cigarettes, power
Darrell 'Shifty' Powers/Carwood Lipton, churchyard, whisper
Darrell 'Shifty' Powers/Eugene 'Doc' Roe, bandages, snowstorm, foxhole
Lewis Nixon/Richard Winters, puritan, uniforms, drunk, closet, secretary, drinks, command, power, secrets, warm, silk, Chicago, cigarette, battle, aftermath, solace, Paris, bathtub, essential, Pacific, peace, angry,

Banlieue 13
Damien/Leito, run, scream, hoist, shadow, bite, feather

Baten Kaitos Origins
Guillo/Sagi, smile, stretch, spread, bare, full
Guillo/Sagi/Milly, journey, tease
Sagi/Milly, clubs, arms, game

Batman (any)
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, meow, purr, scratch, claws, whip, fight, challenge, chase, sweet, give in, masks, boots, cape, bruises, secret, show, dance, wine

Batman (Nolanverse)
Bruce Wayne/Rachel Dawes/Harvey Dent, playhouse, rain, mistake, knights

Batman Beyond
Terry/Bruce, tenderness, hurt
Terry/Inque, muffled, bound, black

Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Anastasia Dualla/Kara Thrace, darkness, ambrosia
Baltar/Gaeta, torture, sleepless, sing, hold
Boomer/Six, dreams, connection
Boomer/Tyrol, closets, secret
Cally/Tory, memory, guilty, smug
Caprica Six/Gaius Baltar, free, rain, tablets, ruckus, holy, animal, perfect, public cabin, grass, champagne, hair, lipstick, white, damaged, energy, imagination, worship, candle, forgiveness
head!Six/Baltar/Caprica Six/head!Baltar, crowded
Kara Thrace/Karl Agathon, fun
Kara Thrace/Leoben, meaning, never, alive, drunk, nightmare, split-lip, stitches, warm, wind
Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, rope, sharp, tent, gentle, again, birthday, blindfold, cockpit, dares, fingers, half-dressed, reunion, semi-public, sunshine, tease, wall, water, mission, slippery, captain, drunk, leather, holiday, fingertips, viper, public, religion, aftermath, licking, pyramid, bunk, reward, patience, leather, Earth, resurrection
Kara Thrace/Sharon Agathon, past
Kara Thrace/Six, indiscriminate
Kara/Jean Barolay, rookie, practice, lost, danger, blood
Lee Adama/Anastasia Dualla, forgive, erase, distant, gift
Lee Adama/Kara Thrace, adrenalin, regret, joyful
Lee Adama/Layne Ishay, twins, hillside, tent, climb
Lee Adama/Romo Lampkin, [any]
Lee Adama/Sam Anders, grief, push, shelter, fight and flight, nuggets, anger
Lee Adama/Sonja, heated, underground, gold, law
Leoben/Sam Anders, secrets, stream
Sam Anders/Galen Tyrol, first time, life, different, sails, rockstar, recognition
Six/Baltar, howling for you, red, tie, strawberries
Sharon Agathon/Karl Agathon, leaves, new, scent, sweat

Battlestar Galactica (original)
Apollo/Sheba, dinner, stress, suprise, wounded
Apollo/Starbuck, dinner, dark, alone, cold, outted, hidden

Be Cool
Elliot Wilhelm/any, music video, cowboy boots, rhinestone, Hollywood, fried chicken, limousine

Beach Stars
Iruka/Kotomi, sand, sweat, victory, bikini, vacation, injured

Beautiful Thing
Jamie Gangel/Ste Pearce, future, football, wedding

Beauty and the Beast (1991 movie)
Lumiere/Cogsworth, ticking, aftermath, fighting, bubble bath, PTSD, wax

Beauty and the Beast (Fairytales)
Beast/Beauty, savage, wild, comfort,

Jed Harper/Kate Bettany/Ryan McAllister, rough, proof, pride, nightmares, bourbon
Jed Harper/Molly Lucas/Ryan McAllister, jealous, office, brilliant, threesome, blush, make-up, investigation
Jed Harper/Ryan McAllister, cuddling, frustration, help, awesome, headboard, trapped, ghost, regret, nightmare, misunderstanding, kinky, adult, starlight

Before Sunset
Jesse/Celine, river, road, mirror, wrist, reading, nightclub, knee, slow, frenzy, dawn, simple, rock, always

Being Erica
Erica/Adam, heat, accident, therapy

Being Human (UK)
Annie/Mitchell, lapse, eternal, hell, punishment, solace, desperation, the one
Adam Jacobs/Thomas MacNair, differences
Adam/John Mitchell, first, awkward, fangs, lazy
Annie Sawyer/George Sands/Nina Pickering, comfort, strength
Annie/Gilbert, cold, fingertips, hands, roof, smoke, soundtrack, tingle
Carl/John Mitchell, birthday, hidden, distraction, sharing
Daisy/George Sands/Ivan, lost, stolen, car seat
George Sands/Hugh, quick, handjob, beer, Annie
George Sands/John Mitchell, mine, stubble, breakfast, stubborn
Ivan/Owen, sharp, war, history, interesting, free

Being Human (US)
Aidan/Josh, predators, comfort, alone, rough

Bend It Like Beckham
Jess/Jules, games

Better Off Ted
Lem/Lucy, sexy times, scientific principles, that thing Phil mentioned, glasses
Linda Zwordling/Ted Crisp/Veronica Palmer, [any]
Linda Zwordling/Veronica Palmer, catch, lock, competition, gift, office, product testing
Ted Crisp/Veronica Palmer, [any], power outlets, haircut, sharp suit, holding hands, science, money, presentation, fake, communication, desk, babysitting, promote
Ted Crisp/Veronica Palmer/Linda Zwordling, mad science, office, elevator, triangles

Beverly Hills 90210
Kelly/Val, blackmail, dominance, toys

Beyond the Western Sea – Avi
Betsy/Sarah, [any], lunch, pregnancy
Maura/Nathaniel, [any], wedding, parting, female orgasm
Maura/Toggs, [any], dream, mercy

David/Jonathon, war, loss, imagination, rebellion, first time, shame
Mary (mother of Jesus)/OFC, before Gabriel, betrothal, pregnancy, love
Ruth/Naomi, trust, gratitude, learning, comfort, corruption

Big Brother
Jeff/Jordan, [any],truth, habit, crash, straw

Big Love
Barb/Nicki, boss lady
Ben/Margene, crush, friction, marshmallow
Heather/Sarah, braids, paint, yellow, lost love
Nicolette Grant/Alby Grant, understanding, conspiracy, power-play

Big Time Rush
Camille/James, roleplay, dominatrix, slap, rope, costume, plan
Carlos/James, mirror, hair, perfect, idiocy, bad, oops
Carlos/Logan/Kendall/James, limbs, harmony, circlejerk, affection, optimal, secret, eventual, halfway there
James/Logan, plan, face, roleplay, wrestle, mirror
Logan/Carlos, logical, routine, helmet, safety, restrained, legs, crash

Big Wolf on Campus
Lori/Stacy, first, monsters, night, raspberries, shameless
Merton Dingle/Tommy Dawkins, bi, college, home, Lori, sirens, anonymous, dildo, practice, bleachers, needle, online, shower, lick
Tommy/Merton/Lori, closet, cold, game

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill/Ted, sugar rush, unthinking, secret

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Haruka/Michiru, lace, high heels, automotive
Mamoru/Usagi, play, hair, dreams

Black Butler
Agni/Soma, worship, command, hunger
Sebastian/Ciel, bond, rescue, dangerous
Sebastian/Finny, wish

Black Dagger Brotherhood
Bella/Rehvenge, crush, inappropriate
John/Lash/Qhuinn, payback, provoked
Rhage/Mary mine, beast, blood, jealous, needing
Vishous/Darius, sparring

Black Donnellys
Jimmy/Sean, masturbation, bite, baby, smoke, paint, grin

Black Jewels - Anne Bishop
Gabrielle/Chaosti, quiet, vicious, singing, trees, secrets, mist, skin, hunters
Jaenelle Angelline/Surreal, naked, show off, professional, tenderness, rose bush, stiletto, courtship, animal, rage, claws, Jewel
Sylvia/Saetan SaDiablo, books, gardens, age, blush, nails, bite, Craft, study, bondage, inventive

Blackadder Goes Forth
Captain Darling/Edmund Blackadder, paper, cutting, smirk, hurried

Blade/Deacon Frost, fight, blood, hunger

Blade: the series
Chase/Krista, hate, midnight, possession, silk, impasse, jewelry, liar, sarcasm, music box, knock-down drag-out, fancy

Blade: Trinity
Hannibal King/Danica Talos, strength, beast, cure, blood, bite, yearn, need
Drake/Hannibal, paradise, claim, touch, first, husband, fight, run, search, find, reincarnation, AU, bite, desire, marked, jealous, lick, serve, take, red, blood, taste, lost, missing, tied, chained, mouthy, back talk, harem, kill

Blake's 7
Avon/Blake, compel, cooperate, dark, intensity, passion, resist, searing, smoky

Blast From The Past
Adam/Eve, bomb shelter, teach, bunker, wedding, experiment

Bang Shishigami/any, burning spirit!
Bang Shishigami/Litchi Faye Ling, true hero, rescue, smolder, costumes
Jin Kisaragi/Hazama, mine, bite, fangs, ouroboros, frozen
Litchi Faye Ling/Arakune, slither, worm, gibber, melt, help me
Noel Vermillion/Tsubaki Yayoi, painting, last look, gunplay
Rachel Alucard/Valkenhayn R Hellsing, claws, tea, refined, service, mistress, ribbon

Blazing Saddles
Bart/Jim, sausage, johnson, rooster, boobs, Bart/Jim, sunset, partners

Aizen/Gin, eternity, switch
Aizen/Ichigo, powerful, master, smirk, kneel
Byakuya/Renji, battle, envious
Byakuya/Rukia, honor, sleepwalking, wrong
Chad/Uryuu, blush, gentle, rough, size
Gin/Rangiku, yukata, bottle, comb, bathe, celebration, smile, warmth
Grimmjow/Nnoitra, payback, strength, supremacy
Grimmjow/Ulquiorra, lies, loyalty, smudge, power, submission
Hitsugaya/Karin, [any]
Hitsugaya/Matsumoto, ice, flowers
Ichigo/Neliel, struggle, closer, scent, blush
Ichigo/Renji, clothes, hair, hurt/comfort, smell
Ichigo/Tatsuki, normal
Ikkaku/Yumichika, bald, hair, kimono, soul mates, sweat
Ishida Ryuuken, alone, rain, watching
Ishida Ryuuken/Ishida Uryuu, estranged, sanguine, stitches
Ishida Ryuuken/Szayel, examination, madness, perversions
Isshin/Ryuuken, cigarettes
Kensei/Shuhei, [any]
Kibune Makoto/Kira Izuru, pretty-cryer, superior, wounded
Kibune Makoto/Szayel, mirror-image
Kurotsuchi Mayuri/Szayel, tentacles
Nnoitra/Neliel, force, misogyny, revenge
Nnoitra/Szayel, favours
Nnoitra/Tesla, adoration
Renji/Rukia, distance, yearning
Ryuuken/Uryuu, stitch, cigarette, snow
Shunsui/Nanao, orders
Shunsui/Ukitake, artwork, silver, whispers
Szayel/Grimmjow, alpha, captive, experimental, vicious
Szayel/Grimmjow/Il Forte, tangled, punishment
Szayel/Il Forte, useful, useless, superiority, voyeurism
Szayel/Ishida Uryuu, specimen, toybox
Ulquiorra/Orihime, ownership, heart, lingerie, feed, color, remembrance
Urahara/Karin, lesson
Urahara/Yoruichi, [any]

Bleak House - Charles Dickens
Ada/Caddy, [any], petticoat
Ada/Esther, [any], spring
Ada/Esther/Caddy, [any], house
Caddy/Esther, [any], clean

Bloody Jack - L. A. Meyer
Chloe/Clementine, [any], skirt
Clarissa/Lisette, [any], friends, touch
Jacky/Amy, [any], grass, ink. limb, ready
Jacky/Chloe, [any], trick
Jacky/Clarissa, [any], fight, lady
Jacky/Claudelle, [any], paint, bed
Jacky/Clementine, [any], stars
Jacky/Jaimy, [any], tease,
Jacky/Katy, [any], sun
Jacky/Mairead, [any], knot
Katy/Chloe, [any], hammock
Katy/Clementine, [any], strength

Bloody Roar 3 (video game)
Kenji/Yugo, threaten, fear, immortal, wolf

Catherine/Jackie, office, correction, roleplay, travel, coffee, desk, dorms, lecture, dialogue, scene

Blossom Culp series- Richard Peck
Alexander/Blossom, denial

Boardwalk Empire
Jimmy/Gillian, fur, shiver, kiss, quicksilver, purpose, heat
Nucky Thompson, Margaret Schroeder, family, desperate, hard, difficult, secrets, change, disgust
Nucky Thompson/Jimmy Darmody, father figure, resentment, alcohol, rebellious
Nucky/Margaret, secrets, lies, children, parties, society

Body of Proof
Megan/Kate, metal, jealous, possessive, off-limits, wine,

Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru
Haruka/Yori, replacement, alcohol, forgetting, smoke
Haruka/Yori/Iku, voyeurism, compromise, wishes
Yori/Iku, amusement park, traveling, clover, wedding, water, promises, braid

Bold as Love sequence - Gwyneth Jones
Ax/Sage/Fiorinda, cracked, bond, play, dance

Angela Montenegro/Camille Saroyan, secret, slide, comfort, skin, touch
Angela Montenegro/Jack Hodgins/Wendell Bray, light, please, call
Booth/Brennan, massage, hormonal, scared, fragile
Camille Saroyan/Vincent Nigel-Murray, focus, pegging, night club, lovely, halloween costume, apology
Jack Hodgens/Zack Addy, reruns, car-ride, king of the lab, scientific method, Firefly, routine, comfortable, best friends,
Jack Hodgins/Lance Sweets, scars, analyse, sneak, psychological distress, loss, assured, advice, learn,, psychological distress, loss, assured, advice, learn
Jack Hodgins/Vincent Nigel-Murray, experiment, supervision, dare, mishap, online dating
Lance Sweets/Zack Addy, darkness, hidden, heirarchy, straightjacket, doctor, patient, patience, cell,
Temperance Brennan/Angela Montenegro, aesthetic, art, curious, hypothesis, ink, portrait, rave, skin, spanking
Temperance Brennan/Angela Montenegro/Camille Saroyan, sharing
Temperance Brennan/Camille Saroyan, control
Temperance Brennan/Daisy Wick, experiment
Temperance Brennan/Hannah Burley, flirting, hospital, sunglasses
Temperance Brennan/Seeley Booth/Hannah Burley, [any] , fix, note, believe

Bonnie & Clyde – Wildhorn/Black/Menchell
Bonnie Parker/Clyde Barrow, dance, shoot, melt

Book of Mormon (musical)
Price/Cunningham, Star Wars, friends, return, movies, lies, fiction, choices, Africa, oranges, water

Boston Legal
Denny Crane/Alan Shore, unexpected, tolerance, balcony
Denny Crane/Alan Shore/Shirley Schmidt, drinking, closet, sharing
Jerry/Katie, accent, older, hands, purr, acceptance

Boy Meets World
Cory/Shawn, always
Cory/Shawn/Topanga, inevitable, family
Jonathan Turner/Kat Tompkins, laughing, quiet, living room, locked, turnaround, courage
Shawn Hunter/Topanga Lawrence, alternate, goodbye, happy, sweet, strange, different, sharp, beautiful, fireworks, wrong, later, study, mouth

Boys Grammar (short movie)
Gareth/Nick, forgiveness, tentative, flinch

Brave Little Toaster
Toaster/Vacuum Cleaner, break, yell, unexpected, heart

Breaking Bad
Jane/Jesse, better, dreams, first, floating, sober, sting, vapor, sky, fix, solitude
Jesse Pinkman/Walter White, noise, adrenaline, desert
Walter White/Skyler White, level, desert, winter

Breaking In
Cameron Price/Dutch, oil, sweat

Breakout Kings
Erica Reed/Julianne Simms, boots, dominance, freedom, revenge
Erica Reed/Lloyd Lowery, between, run, vanish, melt, first
Erica/Ray, handcuffs, reluctance, run, hotel, rough, tongue, under cover, family, desk, lust, almost, elevator
Lloyd Lowery/Julianne Simms, before, layer, cope, night, texting, cell, dirty mouth

Brendan Frye/The Brain, desperate, need, hold, calm, laugh, hand
Brendan/Laura, fur, whisper, grass, closed, decades, asphalt
Emily/Laura, confidante, initiation, blush, polish, bracelet, slick

Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh
Charles/Sebastian, stone

Annie/Helen, champagne, chiffon, apology, cookie, friendship, payback, one-upper
Rita/Becca, teach, lipstick, perfect

Cai/Gish, respect, magic, lessons
Cierra/Victoria, rivalry, ice
Gallo/Cortina, dancing, gypsies, teasing
Gallo/Ulster, ale, joke, grapes
Glauze/Lance, oaths, guilt, golden
Iria/Lyonesse, longing, blood, healing, clarity
Iria/Victoria, muffins, tears, laughter, tattoo
Lance/Glauze, reconciliation, togetherness, embracing
Vaynard/Brangien, disagreement, battlefield, obligation
Vaynard/Guinglain, heatwave, thaw, ice storm, fear, awe, suicide, comfort, alchohol

Bright Star
Fanny/John, petal

Bring It On
Isis/Torrance, team, same, future, bendy
Missy/Torrance, lollipop, swing set, winning combination, hairspray, cool whip, broken, sharp, beauty, sew, leather, hair, claw, brush, close, whittle

Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai/Rawhide, hands, rough, tired, tied

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Andrew Wells/Spike/Xander Harris, Anya, battle, booze, Buffy, closet, Lando, roleplay
Andrew Wells/Spikebot, copy, robotics
Andrew Wells/Xander Harris, geeks, huzzah!, Marvel, ninjas, pirates
Andrew/Dawn, first time, disbelief, movies, dancing, running, guilt
Angel/Faith, bond, eyelash, first-aid, roads, stake
Angel/Xander Harris, mouth, skin, pale, young
Buffy Summers/Spike, rough, tease, torment, straddle, future, lonely, longing, moan, fight, reacquainted, anger, train, comfort, confide, dirty, moonlight, regret, tongue, scratch, bend, pull, splay, blood, lust, bound, anal, dirty, fangs, tombstone, worship, bite, lips, bruise, blood, leather, alcohol, scent, white skin, lips, growl, he's always been the one who understood, forgiveness, lover, missing, pieces
Buffy Summers/Daniel Osborne, wolf, moon, hungry, animal, quiet
Buffy Summers/Faith Lehane, rush, mark, baptism, backseat, dreamwalk, horny, rush, betrayal, darkness, sparring, halter tops, stakes, restraints, blood, heels, boots, skirt, easy, game plan, neck, nails, in the dirt, dirty, cuts, walls, music, under my skin, movie, fiction, spanking, knifeplay, tied up, pool, loud, Cleveland, choose, you know you wanna dance, no choice, slick, shadows, rough
Buffy/Angel, aphrodisiac, midnight, schoolgirl, pigtails, lick, taste, denial, sanshu
Buffy/Buffybot, devotion, self-love
Buffy/Dawn, grounding, spanking, spell
Buffy/Faith/Spike, indulgence, spit roast, want
Buffy/Tara/Willow, forgetting, submission, tabula rasa
Cordelia/Harmony, phase, cheerleader
Darla/Dru, queen, pearls, gore
Faith Lehane/Dawn Summers, corruption, innocence
Faith Lehane/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, bullet, home, blizzard, payback, fight, pain, licking, age, Council
Faith/Oz, calm, cool, pant, smoke
Oz/Giles, books, hurt, warmth
Oz/Willow, beach, cherry, glow, lazy, snow, now, transformation
Rupert Giles/Buffy Summers, funeral, secret, fatherly, hair, watching
Rupert Giles/Ethan Rayne, past, pain, choas, one last time, strength, help, demon, candy
Rupert Giles/Spike, houseguest, bound, magic, bathtub, glasses,
Rupert Giles/Willow Rosenberg, private, after hours, library, magic, experience, bonding, together, soulmate, intertwined, sacrifice, questioning, mistake, mix-up, confusion, anniversary, chess, bookclub, stubborn, phone, news, claimed
Spike/Dawn, blanket, really?, skirt
Spike/Riley Finn, revenge, wrong, blood, soul, on your knees
Willow Rosenburg/Riley Finn, power, magic, supernatural, wishverse, dark, vampire
Wood/Spike, leather
Xander Harris/Spike, wander, dark, flame, wall, bicker, kneel, wooden horse, suspended, letting go, explosion, fragile
Xander/Buffy, monster

Burn Notice
Fiona Glenanne/Jesse Porter/Michael Westen/Sam Axe, [any]
Fiona Glenanne/Jesse Porter/Michael Westen, here, watch, keep, beer, whiskey, rye, gin, splash, gun, suck, hot, sheets, silk, perfume, resent, trust, rebuild, despise
Fiona/Jesse, balance, car!sex, adrenaline, ocean, betrayal, leverage, after, future, disgrace, bloom, drinking, loneliness
Fiona/Michael, early, burn, hurt, knowing, [any], who's really in control here, violence is really foreplay, danger, adrenaline, water
Fiona/Sam, snap, brink, wall!sex, mirth, pleasure, boredom, spanking, bittersweet, risky, pregnant, love, responsible, luxury, skirt, whiskey, hair-pulling, laugh
Jesse/Michael, aggression, mark, handcuffs
Jesse/Sam, relaxation, backup, victory
Max/Michael, dirty, isolated, good guy, bad boy, arms, tell, restraint, hold, keep
Michael Westen/Sam Axe, undercover, surprise, weapon, car, sleep, alibi, stakeout, companionship, trust, release, wartime, scars, stakeout, discipline, sharpshooting, beer, uniform, [any], dying, facial, shaving, costumes, suspenders, booze
Michael/Brennan, help, desperate, self-loathing
Michael/Victor, after, long, sweet, smack, cords, fist, retirement, taste, houseboat, swim
Michael/Victor/Fiona, laugh, maniacal, rough, floor, lights, spark, dynamite, admiration
Sam Axe/Michael Westen/Fiona Glenanne, sauna, comfort, victory, moonlight and moonshine, sober, experience, union
Sam/Amanda, a moment, lost
Sam/Madeline, heartbreaks, wiser, better
Victor/Gilroy/Michael,explosive, betrayal, never, sadistic, soft
Victor/Jesse/Michael, frenzy, rope, anger, crazed, temper, wild card, incendiary

Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe
Sam/Beatriz, regrets
Sam/Amanda, later

But I'm a Cheerleader
Graham/Megan, pompoms, uniform

Zachary Beaulieu/Toto, handjob, makeup, experiment

Cabin Pressure
Arthur Knapp-Shappey/Martin Crieff, innocence, comfort, teasing, fond, brilliant
Douglas Richardson/Martin Crieff, aviator shades, top!Martin, lemonade, stars
Martin Crieff/[any], Martin sings

Cable and Deadpool
Cable/Deadpool, affection, rescue, protective, angst, appearances, reassurance, comfort, truth-serum
Logan/Wade, rough, angst, unrequited, imagination
Weasel/Deadpool, apocalypse

California Diaries (series) - Ann M. Martin
Amalia Vargas/Maggie Blume, music, family, Vanish, perfection, rebelling
Jill Henderson/Sunny Winslow, organic, outgrown, vegetarian, past, evolving, dislike

California Dreams
Tiffani Smith/Jake Summers, [any], reunion, practice
Tiffani/Lorena, [any], perfect, confident, envy

Mia/Hank, legal, birthday, future, dress, inspiration

Camelot (2011)
Merlin/all the knights, gang bang, belonging, one of us, safe, dare, trust, camp fire
Merlin/Kay, dream-seeing, vines, post-magic, shaking, calming, grounding, holding down, hard, forceful, gentle, here, now
Merlin/Morgan, magic, sex ritual, bondage, truce, blood, understanding, need, dub-con
Morgan/Vivian, soothing, magic, bathing, mistress

Camelot (Starz)
Morgan/Sibyl, wine, bruises, crown, waterfall, sword, oil, secret, comfort, vengeance, counsel, war, intrigue, flair, ermine, ice, fire

Clarice/Amanda, [any], at the cabin, anger, stoned, five years later, just a dream (or is it?), Daniel, Amanda doesn't believe Durham one bit, v-world, forgiveness, redemption, just once, goodbye, bitch
Daniel/Joseph, [any]
Joseph Adama/Evelyn, almost, fire, shoes, wine
Lacy Rand/Zoe Greystone, light, reflection

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
Howard Stark/James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers, circle-jerk, macho
Howard Stark/Peggy Carter, condolence, regret, competent, infidelity, late night, pining, quiet
Howard Stark/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, share, instruction, watch, experiment, virgin, lesson
Howard Stark/Steve Rogers, fitting, fabric, stars, design, drink, smoke, pinch, punch
James “Bucky” Barnes/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, together, learn, middle, quiet, recovery, tents, cots, virgin, sketching
James “Bucky” Barnes/Red Skull, wrong, bad, torture, seduce, sick, well
James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers, before & after, virginity, tiny, punch, uniform, brother, mentor, father, friend, swagger, swing, dark, touch, sizekink, rough, torture, comfort, missing, love, return, quality, friend, lover, soldier, competence, training, together, grief, fighter, respect, threesome, teacher, surprise, beautiful, strong, muscles, shy, first time, grade school, stick ball, gang, protector, equal, revenge, 2010, brainwash, avenger, first, friend, hand, sketch
James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter, invisible
Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, touch, topping, dancing, foreplay, rough, gentle, lipstick, smear, skirt, undercover, virgin, touch, dance, shield, last chance, fantasy, USO, picture, go back, hero, kiss, dance, partner, lipstick, date, Captain, training, Margaret, lipstick, foundation, mascara, nylon
Steve Rogers (solo), future, lonely

Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Kwame/Gi, secret, tongue, fingers, danger, escape, making out
Wheeler/Gi, fun, flirting, tickle, ocean, date
Wheeler/Linka, shower, bruises, comfort, bed
Wheeler/Trish, first time, attic, city, lights

Card Captor Sakura
Touya Kinomoto/Yukito Tsukishiro, homework, t-shirt, dreams, fever, heat, love, nightmare, snow
Clow Reed/Yue, dreams, finger, forgotten, memories, neck, obey, precious, replacement, rimming, treasure

Ben/Sofie, careful, dust, rain, vision, dream, nightmare, psychic, dark, end, cards, lovers, left behind, firsts
Jonesy/Libby, trade, skill, dance, defy, slick, sweet, made, work, twisted, trapped
Libby/Sofie, clean, forgotten, shaving, stockings

Casino Royale
Vesper Lynd/James Bond, jewelry, money, seashells, contentment, undercover, immortality, scars, alcohol, lies

Alexis Castle/Kate Beckett, admiration, babysitting, internship, desk, guns, uniform, taboo, teaching
Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan, couch, game, new, Jenny, partner, handcuffs, slave, secret, silly, beg, blue, banana, leather, whip, dominatrix, undercover, football, meeting, wedding, X Box, sofa, bachelor pad, baseball, bromance, lips, secrets, silly, car
Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan/Lanie Parish, dominate, business, invisible, inventive, fun, comfort, place
Javier Esposito/Lanie Parish, high heels, handcuffs, shower, taste, slow dancing, striptease, snow, lingerie, forbidden, New Year's, table, hidden, morning, laugh, hands, sleep, growl, public, picnic, dance, backwards
Kate Beckett/Richard Castle, under her skin, chemistry, pushing the limits, words, listen, push me away, losing you, dominatrix, banter, restraints, joke, Snark, reading, books, Literary Point of View, coffee, satisfaction, hidden, smart, little black dress, thrill, blood, life, caress, beauty, revenge, books, stay, relapse, why, frozen, time, letting go, fear, shot in the dark, remember, dedication, sunshine, insomnia, muse, bossy, handcuffs, novels, Firefly, geeky roleplay, poker, bluff, pamper, ride, desk, kitchen, sofa, domestic, paparazzi, squirm, desperate, stakeout, fantasy, body shots, hair, sneaky, temptation, phone, backseat, dancing, possessive, formal wear, Hamptons, zipper, quiet, scars, therapeutic, new, snow, undercover, cherries, drunk, tabloids, seduce, dark, movies, hands, clothed sex, taste, ice cubes, Los Angeles, tie, straddle, begging, trust, smile, gossip, travel, danger, loud, control, reading, interrogation, breakfast, baseball, flowers, talking, recovery, television, thunderstorm, gunplay, elevator, lockup, coffee, delirium, punchy, stilettos
Richard Castle/Gina Cowell, ice, livid, silk

Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Alucard/Maria, [any], blood, lust

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – Tennessee Williams
Brick/Maggie, crutch
Brick/Skipper, bar, football, lonely caught, denial, evolution

Céline and Julie Go Boating
Céline/Julie, molasses

Center Stage
Eva Rodriguez/Maureen Cummings, intertwine, here

Chaos (CBS)
Adele Ferrer/Fay Carson, golden, tangled, stepping stone
Billy Collins/Casey Malick, trap, mark, pressure, shuffle, wall, gluttony, marksman, myth, leap, intense, flow, flaw, waltz, feather, winged, wave, stagger, sugar high, The Art of War
Michael Dorset/Billy Collins, psych, safe house, car crash, reflexion, constellation, navigate, Atlantic, symmetry, makeshift, home-bound, clueless, antidote, touch
Michael Dorset/Billy Collins/Fay Carson, bookends, barefoot, see-through

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Mike/Wonka, daddy

Charlie's Angels (movies)
Alex Munday/Dylan Sanders, slow, mighty, curl, leap, tilt, fall, yawn, nod, element, eat
Alex Munday/Dylan Sanders/Natalie Cook, flying, sinking, comfort, home, laugh, strip, sigh, throw, knack, [any]
Dylan Sanders/Creepy Thin Man, [any], hair fetish
Natalie Cook/Pete Komisky, tickle, awkward, tie, play, ring, well, zany, melt

Charm School (comic)
Bunny/Dean, date, kiss, tease
Bunny/Dean/Fairer Than, finally, fix, usual, wish
Bunny/Fairer Than, oops, lush

Paige/Cole, forbidden, angry, alone, after
Paige/Henry, sunlight, music, dancing
Phoebe/Cole, date, perks, pregnacy, wall, survival
Phoebe/Paige, little sister
Phoebe/Piper/Prue, power, slaves, spell
Piper/Leo, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, study, old

Chase 2010 (TV)
Annie Frost/Jimmy Godfrey, boots, honky-tonk, adrenalin, relax

Chess (musical)
Anatoly/Freddy, gambit, checkmate, cold war, winning

Amelia Mintz/John Colby/Tony Chu, team up
Amelia Mintz/Tony Chu, taste testing, cooking
John Colby/Tony Chu, helpful robot parts

Children of Dune
Alia/Duncan, soothe, touch, sand, heat, evening, vision
Ghanima/Leto II, one, join, play, giggle, silk, sweat, skin

Vianne/Josephine, theft, wind, stay, kangaroo, comfort
Vianne/Josephine/Roux, river, freedom

Christine - Stephen King
Dennis/Arnie, snap

Chronicles of Avonlea - L. M. Montgomery
Lucinda/Romney, [any], wait

Chrono Trigger
Ayla/Lucca, challenge, flame, night, spirit
Crono/Lucca/Marle, arc, battle, being, combination, distance, element, flight, future, ice cream, magic, night, patience, relaxation, together, understanding, wind
Lucca/Marle, colour, display, element, freedom, magic, opportunity, strength, texture, will, window
Lucca/Robo, being, overcoming, steadfast, understanding
Magus/Marle, [any], moonlight, secret

Alex Forrest/Chuck Bartowski, training, forced, teaching, voyuer.
Anna Wu/OFC, away, lick, delight, lush, cab
Awesome/Chuck Bartowski, scent, boundaries, appreciation
Awesome/Chuck Bartowski/Ellie, temptation, forbidden, cozy
Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski, college, alive, sight, wish, hold, sleep, today, safe, level, rope, skin, college, burn, scar, dark, fierce, cornered, painful, desperate, broken, push, understand, Assassins, break, stacks, desk, library, rush, right, forget flashback, understood, getaway, Hawaii, tuxedo, obsessive, focus, observe, grip, glass, suck, costume, intense, desire, firsts, flirtation, claiming, frat house, library, boyfriend, blindfold, experiment, suave, guilt, possessive, public!sex, pledge, bite, favors, gratification, teasing, chance, bets, sleepy!sex, remember, last, first, dorm, lab, experiment, sex manual, fingers, hands, feet, legs, control, hurt, abandon, thoughtless, ecstasy, abandon, bff's, claw, domination, erogenous, fragment, guns, homecoming
Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Jill, betrayal, complicated, jealousy, drunk, competition
Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker, complete, training, undercover, nerds
Bryce Larkin/Sarah Walker, comfort, intense
Carina Miller/Chuck Bartowski, test, training, teasing, spanking, hung, passion, mission, undercover, voyuer
Carina Miller/Chuck Bartowski/Zondra, approval, prank, impressed, testing, mission, amazed
Carina Miller/Sarah Walker, anal, darkness, mission, sparring, toys, lingerie, model, oral, heat, popsicle, roleplay, dominance, bottom, tribbing, secretive
Carina Miller/Sarah Walker/Zondra, reunion, dancing, adventure, foreplay
Casey/Chuck Bartowski, surveillance, edge, oblivious, hidden, rough, disguise, submission
Casey/Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker, now, job, grab, fall, catch, kiss, teeth, hung
Casey/Ellie, cleaning, pan
Casey/Ellie/Devon, invitation, rough, trust, new, surprising, strong, dominant, fantasy, roleplay, taste, food, comfort, home
Casey/Kath, young, remember, repair
Casey/Sarah Walker, betrayal, submission, surprise
Cat Squad/Sarah Walker, orgy, toys
Chuck Bartowski/Cole, flirtation, assessment, suits, rescue
Chuck Bartowski/Ellie, bind, survival, abandoned, soothe
Chuck Bartowski/Jill, classroom, glasses, teacher, jealousy
Chuck Bartowski/Jill/Sarah Walker, friendly, chance, loved
Chuck Bartowski/John Casey, spy, hurt, tuxedo,
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker, cherish, forever, honeymoon, fireflies, falter, rifle, raspberry, cuffs, chrome, practice, house, christening, children, pregnant, birthday, present, mission, oral, public, roleplay, Wiernerlicious, anniversary
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Carina Miller, best friends, share, fun, comfort, mission, undercover, love, first, Paris
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Zondra, birthday, surprise, cake
Cole Barker/Sarah Walker, anal, Fuji, gunpoint, handcuffs, sparring, thanks
Devon/Ellie, medical school, scrubs, closet, hard, warm, first, sweet, date, ridiculous, beautiful, family, forever
Devon/Ellie/Sarah Walker, anniversary, wish
Devon/Sarah Walker, bar, exercising, survivors
Ellie/Sarah Walker, bondage, dreams, girls night, secrets
Jill/Sarah Walker, fight, gunpoint, hairpulling, hate!sex
Morgan/Sarah Walker, beard, intersect, premature
Sarah Walker/Shaw, anal, D/s, massage, revenge Castle, ear rings, mile high club, oral, Paris, city, college, book, dinner, dance, street
Sarah Walker/Zondra, ex, new, spanking jealousy, nostalgia, shower wedding, garter, begging

Clare/Teresa, need, years, memory
Helen/Deneve, listen, justice, muscles, skin, breathing
Irene/Clare, fond, wishing, better

Dante/Randal, boredom, friends, never happened

Closer (movie)
Alice/Anna, sublimation, see, rival, wonder
Dan/Larry, sublimation, power, office, chat, future, friendship

Gingetsu/Ran, weather, cover, touch, prison

Cher/Josh, [any], graduation

Coffee Prince
Choi Han Kyul/Go Eun Chan, bros, latte art, phone sex, Italian, play, Saturnalia
Eun Chan/Han Kyul, brothers, rain, food, piggyback
Ha Rim/[any], chance, nickname
Han Kyul/Eun Chan, hot, chocolate, foam, wall
Jin Ha Rim/No Sun Ki, fascination, bilingual, powdered sugar
Min Yeop/Eun Sae, jealousy, tease, genderswap
Sun Ki/[any], happiness
Yoo Joo/[any], paint, quiet, certainty
Yoo Joo/Eun Chan, paint, mirror, wine

Cold Case
Scotty Valens/Kat Miller, driving, that dress, against the wall, blowjob, hands
Scotty Valens/Lilly Rush, tension, rough, clothes, drunk, snow, hostage, rescue, angst, telephone, code, photocopier, coffee

Cold Comfort Farm
Flora/Charles, experience, off the page

Coldheart Canyon - Clive Barker
Katya/Todd, devil's country, strange, new sights, wine, used, mask
Tammy/Todd, pure, water, giving in, dream, light, ghost, stay, blockbuster

Old Spice's The Man Your Man Could Smell Like/Progressive's Flo, abs, boat, diamonds, hair, horse, Pickles

Abed Nadir/Annie Edison, roleplay, inhibition, narrative causality cards, femme fatale, legs, paint, sweet, play, movies, after, infatuation, seduce, Dildopolis, try, lingerie, study, prank, Christmas
Abed Nadir/Annie Edison/Troy Barnes, narrative causality, character arc, playing pretend, chloroform, crying, theater, adventures
Abed Nadir/Britta Perry, controller, popcorn, vodka, alternate, charts, statistics
Abed Nadir/Shirley Bennett, curious, help, test
Abed Nadir/Troy Barnes, [any], film, roommates, first, sci-fi, spaceship, Freudian Slip, Secret, tease, men's bathroom, sharing, Pajamas, friends, geeky, Kickpuncher, television,, quiet, WOW widow, dorm beds, bucket list, narrative causality, inflatable sheep, meta, character arc, vitrolic best buds, fuckersnaps, camera, football field, smile, blanket, movie night, bromance, brofist
Annie Edison/Black Rider, [any]
Annie Edison/Britta Perry, bowling, heels, lip gloss, spanking, strap-on, tart, coolest girl in school, difficult, magazine spread, chapstick, competition, gay marriage, honesty, over it, broke, fallacies, cohabitation, dollar drinks, ponytail, miniskirt, gasp, rainbow, neurotic, fingers, kiss, silk, hairbrush, car, bon appetit, beach, lecture, secret, biology, cool, paper cut, future, cheerleaders, spank, desk, discovery, role-play
Annie Edison/Britta Perry/Jeff Winger, experimenting, sober, release, paintball, out of order, girlie drinks, loose lips sink ships, justification, sarcasm, gradients, truth, patriarchy, cats, hot-air balloon
Annie Edison/Fat Neil, loser, books, study
Annie Edison/Jeff Winger, shiny, laughter, bite, tease, library, schoolgirl, backpack, legal, tension, kiss, innocence, tied, show, bet, ponytail, innocence, mislead, tutor, embarrassed, lace, unexpected, piercing, stipulation, objection, eyeliner, movies, four-top, hickey, tanktop, headband, necklace, gumball, fountain, graduation, secret, smile, first time, cliché, undercover, panties, giggle, wow, chair, study room, win, glitter, grown up, future, politics, fortieth birthday, glare, manipulation, hair gel, pool table, studious, encouragement, waffle, if you say, real world
Annie Edison/Troy Barnes, bleachers, cheer, apartment, experiment, flutter, prom, naive, overnight, sleeping bag, first, A+, pencil sharpener, cheer, bra
Annie Edison/Vaughn Miller, return, transfer, footbag, Britta
Britta Perry/Jeff Winger, [any], Halloween, wine cooler, friendship bracelet, awkward, secret, sneak, nipples, annoyance, disconnect, casual, feelings, intimacy, flawed, secret, lies, quicky, oral, fingers, height, L Street, the second time, vanity fair, essay question, poser, old sweater, snow day, porn, pegging, size difference, multiple choice, apocalypse, coconut shells, no hands, unemployment benefits, the lexus, grey hair, married, Vegas, Radiohead, seashell, sunflower, vampire, brick, hipster, slap, steal, jealousy, sober, gin, cigarettes, laundry, shout, argument, equality, sweat, dark, shower, panties, bickering, drunk, morning after
Britta Perry/Jeff Winger/Troy Barnes, so wrong
Britta Perry/Shirley Bennett, lifestyle, revelation, popcorn, cupcakes
Britta Perry/Troy Barnes, breathless, claustrophobia, panties, discovery, bondage, camera, class, text, spank, emotions, bathroom, secret, unsure, dirty, rules, socks, words, dance, freestyle, crush, messy, morning, joke, spin-the-bottle, taken, tits, laughter, badass, hurricane
Everyone/Everyone, the orgy solution, square dance, artistic license, erotica
Jeff Winger/Rich Stephenson, pottery, exception, best
Shirley Bennett/Vaughn Miller, measurements, quiet, giggle, closet

Companions of the Night - Vivian Vande Velde
Kerry/Michel, nighttime, mystery, closet, trapped, in public, trains, silk, hair, sunlight

Con Air
Any Male Character/Any Male Character, [any]

Angela Dodson/John Constantine, dirty, pure, shock, saviour, reverse, alone, fight or flight, taste, double, jerk, vision
Gabriel/John Constantine, only human, has been, survivor, learn
Gabriel/Lucifer, succumb, tar

April Spink/Miriam Forcible, performance

Corpse Bride
Emily/Victoria, bones, music, proper, rules

Cougar Town
Bobby/Grayson Ellis, UST, hazing, jamming, generous, grill, apron, suspenders, jelly
Ellie Torres/Laurie Keller, disdain, bored, rain, museum, kick, bounce, waves, crack, understanding, instant, trick
Grayson Ellis/Jules Cobb, misdirected anger, friends
Grayson Ellis/Laurie Keller, attention, ride
Grayson Ellis/Ellie Torres, sour
Jules Cobb/Ellie Torres/Laurie Keller, remember when
Kirsten/Laurie Keller, sorority, undercover, jealousy
Laurie Keller/Travis, laugh, fingers, quiet, sand, tipsy

Country Strong
Beau Hutton/Chiles Stanton, only
James Canter/Kelly Canter, winter

Covert Affairs
Annie Walker/Arthur Campbell, mentor, father figure, boss, subordinate
Annie Walker/Auggie Anderson, first, secrets, wingman, wingwoman, drink, random, glitter, cabin fever, warmth, water, partnership, cuddling, gift, high heels, lipstick, perfume, secret, sensation, tattoo, vacation, hum, finders keepers, taunting, tattoo, duty, in vino veritas, red soles, chopsticks, stakeout
Annie Walker/Auggie Anderson/Jai Wilcox, secret, sneak, smooth, London, code, device, training, welcome, new, bar, sordid, watch, show, whisper, op, undercover, next, orders, flexible, forceful
Annie Walker/Ben Mercer, explain, run, abduct, abscond
Annie Walker/Eyal Lavin, rivals, colleagues, threesome, drink, alliance, detente
Annie Walker/Jai Wilcox, mistake, midnight, forget, remember, professionals, desks, mission, on-the-run, quiet, plan
Annie Walker/Joan Campbell, never, always, kneel, rise, network, spark, champagne, if, red
Annie Walker/Reva, jungle, lost, hiking, technology, wonder
Arthur Campbell/Joan Campbell, détente, manipulate, power, forgiveness, couch, time, dress, rip, morning, gift, dream, punishment, honesty, zero sum, resistance, faith, mornings
Auggie Anderson/Jai Wilcox, feeling, vision, sensation, recovery, wingman, beneath, undercover, encrypted, need, toys, dry, DADT, guide, directions, risk, unseen, bruises, dark, rough, phone sex, bossy, predator drone, equal footing, rough, oversensitivity, smirk, rhythm, time to kill

Cowboy Bebop
Jet/Spike, ribald, laconic, runaway, dig, smoke, resonance
Spike/Faye, absent, falling, light
Spike/Vicious, brotherhood, raw, regret, anger, projection
Spike/Vicious/Julia, last-call
Vicious/Faye, blade's-edge, pinned, ruin
Vicious/Gren, ashes, foxhole, pretty

Cowboys & Aliens
Jake Lonergan/John Taggart, freedom, hats, scars
Jake Lonergan/Woodrow Dolarhyde, fight, shooting, rest
John Taggart/Woodrow Dolarhyde, respect, law, sons

Bilborough/Penhaligon, missed
Fitz/Penhaligon, jagged

Vaughan/James, bruise

Crime and Punishment - Fydor Dostoevsky
Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov/Avdotya Romanovna Raskolnikova "Dunya", light

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi, switch, scars, denim, objection
Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan, truth, desire, comfort, serene, honor, chocolate, worn, weary, teach, first time, darling, football, miles from home, jet, tears, recrimination, undercover, hotel, bondage, unsub, relaxation, comfort
Aaron Hotchner/Emily Prentiss, frost, abandon, sharp, breasts, marking territory, pegging, sin, reunion, scent, lick, bite, instant, betray, buzzed, empty, casual sex, subtle, secret, reconnect, electricity, semi-public, detached, intense, witness, want, afternoon, flight, comfort, Europe, politics, safe
Aaron Hotchner/Emily Prentiss/David Rossi, whiskey, submit, bruises
Aaron Hotchner/Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, desk, belt, lazy, scars , restraints
Aaron Hotchner/Jennifer Jareau, juggling, secrets, first-aid
Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, addiction, control, grief, mentor, shooting, lessons, fear, drugs, abuse, kidnapping, amusement, park, slow
David Rossi/Ashley Seaver, [any], playful, nightmare, comfortable, reputation, flirt, game, race, sneak, nap
Derek Morgan/Elle Greenaway, vacation
Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss, reunion, guns
Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, Lauren, control, roleplay
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia, silk, mirrors, confession, sexting, goddess, comfort, color
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia/Kevin Lynch, negotiations
Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, pretty boy, relief, tension, trials, skinny, trust, nightmares, past, truth, jet, jacket, genius, grief, valentines, caught, marriage, home, hero, drunk, hulk, movies, knowledgeable, hair, anger, books
Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid/Elle Greenaway, balance, after hours, negotiate
Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid/Penelope Garcia, gentle, tease, play
Elle Greenaway/Emily Prentiss, aggressive, curiosity, handcuffs, ties, replacement, one night stand
Elle Greenaway/Jennifer Jareau, change
Elle Greenaway/Jason Gideon/Spencer Reid, watching, father figures, family
Emily Prentiss/Ashley Seaver, mentor, instruction, whiskey, shades of grey
Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau, homecoming, bar-hopping, comfort, tactical, distance, pain, Will, recovery, together, coincidence, on Hotch's desk
Emily Prentiss/Jordan Todd, bar, lie
Jason Gideon/Aaron Hotchner/Max Ryan/Katie Cole/David Rossi, old school, alcohol, orgy
Jason Gideon/Elle Greenaway, [any], convergence, silence, defy, alcohol, home, safe, mirrored, overwhelmed, accident, intent
Jennifer Jareau/Ashley Seaver, replacement
Penelope Garcia/Jennifer Jareau, candles, comfort, dirty, downtime, handwritten, pen, phone, phonesex, soft, support, sweet
Penelope Garcia/Andi Swan, authority, mutual admiration, fangirling, hero-worship
Penelope Garcia/Elle Greenaway, lonely, wounded
Penelope Garcia/Emily Prentiss, breathless, communication, fantasies, flirting, games, geeky, hands, laugh, naughty, play, repress, sexy, support, technobabble
Penelope Garcia/Jennifer Jareau/Emily Prentiss, after-hours, comfort, teamwork
Spencer Reid/any, reading aloud
Spencer Reid/Ashley Seaver, youth, clouds, dress, hurt, nevermind
Spencer Reid/Elle Greenaway, pegging, runaways, vigilantes, drinking, sickness
Spencer Reid/Emily Prentiss, "I thought you were dead", never enough, first time, denial, book, mend, bossy, guilt, butch, just for kicks
Spencer Reid/Emily Prentiss/Penelope Garcia, geek, tender, technology
Spencer Reid/Jennifer Jareau, laugh, spark, order, meaning, match, stars, book
Spencer Reid/Nathan Harris, blood, understanding, mental institute

Cruel Intentions
Cecile Caldwell/Kathryn Merteuil, hold, minute, none, wish
Cecile Caldwell/Kathryn Mertueil/Sebastian Valmont, show, teach, never, paltry, win, slide, need
Cecile Caldwell/Sebastian Valmont, kiss, lick, play
Kathryn Merteuil/Sebastian Valmont, decorum, tongue, vicious, performance, frottage, riding crop, restraint, loose lips sink ships, orgasm denial

Crusoe (TV)
Crusoe/Friday, [any], sand
Crusoe/Olivia, [any], shade, water
Crusoe/Susannah, [any], reunion

Crystal Singer
Lanzecki/Killashandra, reunion

Catherine Willows/Sofia Curtis, curves, release, trust
Gil Grissom/Catherine Willows, history, wistful, afterhours, recognition, satisfaction
Gil Grissom/Lady Heather, absolution, naughty, frustration
Gil Grissom/Sara Sidle, fantasy, interrupted, silk, desk
Gil Grissom/Sofia Curtis, proposition, balance, secrets
Gil Grissom/Warrick Brown, experiments, evidence, submit, chances, orders, discipline, eager, loyalty, break, rollercoaster, heat
Nick Stokes/Greg Sanders, renewal, lab, glass, makeup, separation
Nick Stokes/Warrick Brown, teamwork, rough, protect, attraction, competition, crush, public!sex, music, tease, restraint, bets, workout, hunger, smirk, possessive, addiction, playful
Sara Sidle/Greg Sanders, dna, hidden, investigate, smile, vulnerable, loyalty, laughter
Sara Sidle/Warrick Brown, jealousy, demands, snark, understanding, passion, vacation, fingerprints, flirt, clash, trust
Wendy Simms/David Hodges, lab, hunch, stubborn, intricate, cologne, eyes, fire, domination, gloves

CSI Miami
Horatio Caine/Yelina Salas, [any], scars, tenative
Ryan Wolfe/Calleigh Duquesne, [any]

Adam Ross/Danny Messer, sneak, unfaithful, uncontrolled
Danny Messer/Don Flack, court, sun, park, suit, stakeout,
Danny Messer/Lindsay Monroe, late nights, slow burn, writhe, ice, afterglow, bad boy, at first sight, anniversary, shiver, roommates, baby
Mac Taylor/Stella Bonasera, [any], trust, streetlight, family

Adrian Seidelman(Cybersix)/Lucas Amato, genderqueer, romcom, indestructible, both sides, domestic

Amy Bradshaw/Lucy Diamond, backseat, diamonds, drawing, game, gunplay, handcuffs, milkshake, screaming, scandal, sketch, skirt, uniform, blindfold, handcuffs, ambush, adrenalin
Amy/Janet, 'that time you got drunk and almost killed the Ambassador of Bulgaria'
Dominque/Max, jealousy

Allen Walker/Lenalee Lee, tears
Allen Walker/Yu Kanda, freedom, bonds, breaking
Cross/Allen, debts, destined, weapon
Kanda/Alma, lotus, uniform, blood
Kanda/Linali, dance, hairbrush, cuisine
Marie/Miranda, touch, voice
Tykki/Allen, ravenous, cross, penetrate, butterfly

Daisuke/Dark, confidence, mutual, pact
Daisuke/Satoshi, effort, join, music

Da Vinci's Inquest
Dominic/Patricia, [any]

Ellen/Patty, surrender, dessert, coffee, chair, handcuffs, key, kidnap, spa, honey, vodka, pillow, webcam, rest, flirting, eye!sex, slap, stockings, frustration, bath, heat, control, rivalry, fighting, hate

Dance Academy
Samuel Lieberman/Christian Reed, fly, shy, late
Ethan Karamakov/Tara Webster, first

Dangerous Liaisons
Valmont/Merteuil, envy, corruption, overpowered, ladies

Daria/Tom, college, country club, love, sex
Trent/Quinn, black, drunk, phase, piercing, tattoo

Dark Angel
Alec McDowell/Logan Cale, mind control, ally, rough, denial
Alec McDowell/Logan Cale/Max Guevara, proxy, watch, solution, hope, cold, dynamic, information, perfect
Alec McDowell/Max Guevara, fear, hope, need, prickly, soap, flexible, heat, lonely, run, strain, ultimate, war, lust, comfort, rough, tongue, heat, bike, family, Terminal City, future, pretend, push, lace, public, dirty, drunk, suck, straddle, mistake, lonely, flirt, tease, mistaken identity, ambulance, run, reluctance, leather, ride, mate, steal, motorcycles, fuel, victory, slick, race, heat, rough, leather, teasing, fight, sister, alley, scratches, shower, fear, hope, need, home, Manticore, sunrise, mouth, sparring, target, striptease, fingers, lips, stranded, storm, raindrops, skin, distraction
Alec McDowell/Original Cindy McEachin, any, making an exception, thick as thieves, uncanny secret
Alec McDowell/Reagan "Normal" Ronald, change
AmesWhite/Max Guevara, addiction, peace, touch
Kendra Maibaum/Max Guevara, poetry, coffee, breakfast, showers, motorcycle, handcuffs, lingerie
Max Guevara/Original Cindy McEachin, chocolate, support, curl, bounce, boo, heat, roommates, visitation, gift, brownout, body heat, sleep, heat, wash, heal, after

Dark Blue
Carter Shaw/Alex Rice, alley, handcuffs

Dark Skies
Phil Albano/anyone, destiny, hive, hard, loneliness, danger, kiss,

Darkangel Trilogy - Meredith Ann Pierce
Irrylath/Aeriel, wings, dreams, silver

Darker Than Black
Hei/Amber, time, anger, frozen, memory, reflection, dark

Dawson's Creek
Jack McFee/Doug Witter, awkward, date, kiss, surprise, celebrate, grief, interruption, squad car, beach
Jen/Doug Witter, drunk, dance, arrest, lust, shiver, tug, taste, run, public, slow, future, wish, dream, longing, bath, cuffs, flirt, sun dress, caress, squad car, youth, party, reluctance, stimulation, arousal, coffee, table
Jen/Jack McFee, confusion, drunk, love, accidental stimulation, alternate universe, masturbation, lust, longing, bend, reluctance, regret
Jen/Pacey Witter, [any], secret, public, detention, conversation, elevator, restaurant, pull, tease, moonlight, oral, feather, moan, touch, beat, fantasy, video store, longing
Jen/Joey, [any], experimenting, modeling
Joey/Eddie, [any]
Joey/Pacey Witter, honeymoon, sail, skinny dip, lust, prom night, gentle, restaurant, food, passion, rain, kiss, touch, taste, tingle, moan, arousal, regret, cuddle, whimper, bite, flick, tutor, video store, dance, comfort, nostalgic

Daydream Nation
Caroline/Thurston, dirty, oral, quiet, red, scarf, tangled, tight, virgin

Days of Our Lives
Carly/Chloe, addictions, intoxicated, slapping
Carly/Jennifer, comfort, friendship, lonely, withdrawal
Chloe/Kate, blackmail, video, whore
Chloe/Melanie, hate!sex
Nicole/Sami, blackmail, spanking

Alan Scott/Jay Garrick, friendship, eternity, the past, funerals, moving on, careful
Alvin Draper/Hooker!Jason Todd/Matches Malone/Pete the Penman/Robbie Malone, warehouse, gangbang, orgy, floor, mattresses, knees, suck, swallow, anonymous, filthy, 'family business', spores, hierarchy, camera, slick, teeth, rip, scream, sting, porn ring, infiltrate, penetrate, blood
Amanda Waller/Barbara Gordon, leadership
Amanda Waller/Vixen, alpha female
Amazo, downtime, plugged in
Anissa Pierce/Grace Choi, bench pressing, tattoos, skin, confessions, dirty, catch, throw, dance, lift, picture, simple, soft, hurried, break
Artemis Crock/M'gann M'orzz, girl's night out, finding a home, heat, hair pulling, hands, strawberry, lipstick
Arthur Light/any, dirty little secret, alternate Earth, glow, surprise, wanted man
Arthur Light/Kimiyo Hoshi, MILF, on top, flying, invisible, sweet, withholding
Arthur Light/Mia Dearden, precautionary measures, hatesex, voyeur, body shots
Atlee/Maxine Hunkel, dress up
Atlee/M’gann Morzz, fish out of water
Atlee/Power Girl, dancing, horror movies
Barbara Gordon/Booster Gold/Ted Kord, observe, giggles, brag, science
Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson, at last, apologize, rooftops, on the job, boy wonder, chair, beginners, hotshot, rooftop, cyber, night, voyeur, rough, moonlight, jump, fly
Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, listen, voyeur, sweet, public
Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance/Helena Bertinelli/Zinda Blake, open, mission, teamwork
Barbara Gordon/Goldstar (Michelle Carter), the future of cybering
Barbara Gordon/Helena Bertinelli, obedience, rebellion, costume, strip
Barbara Gordon/Jason Todd, discipline, red, thighs, smirk, leash, foul mouthed, dirty talk, comm, camera, team, command, tutor, naughty, save, same, tradition, shortpants, heels
Barbara Gordon/Koriand'r, competition, redheads, similarities, taste, differences, workout, empathy, guilt, regret, tension, voyeurism
Barry Allen/Hartley Rathaway, ghosts, redemption, healing, forgiveness, unrequited
Bart Allen/Dick Grayson/Kon-El, experience
Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes, experimentation, alien speak
Bart Allen/Jenni Ognats, kissing cousins
Bart Allen/Kon-El, death, fast, premature, recovery, video games, friendship, pillow fights, speed, flight, age, first times, innocence, hair brush
Bart Allen/Owen Mercer, wrong
Bart Allen/Owen Mercer/Kara, unusual, exciting, slow
Bart Allen/Rose Wilson, kissing it better
Bart Allen/Valerie Perez, reunited
Batman/Catwoman, night, shadow, wall, winter
Batman/Lois Lane, need, desire, desk, interview, hands, scars
Batman/Wonder Woman, scars, movies, dinner, dating, comfort, casual, scream, pregnant, tough, fast, blind, flying, forever, sparring, shadows, smile, uncomfortable, daylight, dangerous
Batman/Zatanna Zatara, magic, teamwork, detective, fishnets, scars
Blackfire/Vril Dox, femdom, mind control
Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)/Booster Gold, flashback, temptation, supply, parents, closet, finally, ties, boobs, shiny, flirt
Booster Gold/Jaime Reyes, time travel
Booster Gold/Jaime Reyes/Ted Kord, reunited
Booster Gold/Oracle, guilt, pain, evil, beautiful
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, kryptonite, partnership, battle, morning, expensive, pie, home, ring, cling, urgent,sex pollen, morning, black kryptonite, shower, wounded, overheard, public, heat, double, dark, kisses, apocalypse, brothers, flying, stars, fire, bondage, alien sex pollen, sleepy morning kisses, hate!sex
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lois Lane, middle, filled, shared, collar, rip, knees, dress, limo, tux, hands, rough, champagne, dance, fantasy
Bruce Wayne/Diana Prince, need, honor, better than me, do what it takes, always, contingency, paranoia, truth, missed you so much, heated, passion, let me in, trust
Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, possessive, rumors, flexibility, bandages, ropes, view, Daddy, forgiveness, ward, marks of ownership, crossing boundaries, vertigo, dancing lessons, clothing
Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, games, reunion, spank, held, pain, knife, handcuff, voyeur, love, home, steps, provide, mythology, fall, heroics, throat, want, guilt, gloves, leather, dangerous, killer, rage, grief, Matches, ghosts, fight or flight, breaking protocol, daddy, jealousy, scars, reconciliation, surprise visits
Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd/Talia Al-Ghul, tug-of-war, putting on a show, knives, revenge
Bruce Wayne/Kon-El, disgust, sleep, sorrow, suit
Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, expensive, champagne, private suite, dangerous, sensual, passion, intrigue, tux, skirt, interview, story, public, buttons, heat, paparazzi, back seat, perfume, bright, dark, limo, tease, competition, wealth, debauchery, pretenses, dark, hidden
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, [any]
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, costume, dance, reunion, legitimate
Bruce Wayne/Tim Drake, improper, wanted
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lois Lane, joke, heated, surprise, why not, curious, rough, supple, bruise
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Selina Kyle, planned, performance, interview, debrief
Caroline Hill/Jason Todd, skirt, 'prince charming', smoke, ass, slap, lipstick, dress, heels, nurse, rubber gloves, exam
Cassandra Cain/Anita Fite, away, quiet, meander
Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown, bonding, scars, mischief, clothes, friendship, fly, city lights, rooftop, spandex, identity, tradition, legacy, reunion, instruction
Cassie Sandsmark/Connor Kent, ticking time bomb, forgiveness, leading, can't seem to let you go
Catwoman/Clark Kent, shy, subtlety
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, breath, freeze, time, hands, skirt, gentle, lift, fly, dizzy, rooftop, heated, interview, glasses, tie, desk, closet, elevator, rescue, destiny, elevator, glasses, ties, examine, remember me, marriage, rewriting destiny, familiar, elevator, space, clouds, moonlight, summer, sunlight, deadlines
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Bruce Wayne, perfect opposites, weightlessness, muscles, losing control, grief, warmth
Conner Kent (Animated)/Kaldur'ahm, gentle, leader, learning, touch, swimming lessons, tattoos, suprprise
Conner Kent (Animated)/Kaldur'ahm/M'gann M'orzz, telepathy, cookies, slumber parties, picture books, movie night
Conner Queen/Mia Dearden, innocence, sexy, first, sweet
Connor Hawke/Jason Todd, replacements, encouraging, dirty, impulsive
Courtney Whitmore/Billy Batson, growing
Courtney Whitmore/Mary Batson, sleepovers
Courtney Whitmore/Maxine Hunkle, freshmen
Damian Wayne/Dick Grayson, daddy issues, control, jealousy, proving worth, possessiveness, 2 am, cars
Damian Wayne/Kon-el, poaching from big brother, measuring up
Damian Wayne/Stephanie Brown, size, making room, competition, vulnerable, showing off, technology
Danielle Garrett/Goldstar (Michelle Carter), blue and gold
Danielle Garrett/Ted Kord, science
David Fite/Ishido Madd, partners
Deadshot/Count Vertigo, suicide, religion
Diana Prince/Karen Starr, bondage, amazon, wrestle, majestic, cats, accessories
Diana Prince/Donna Troy, golden, mirror, contest, speed
Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon, baggage, too much like Bruce, Hunk Wonder, passion, anger, my right, heir, Batcave, eldest child, loyalty, conflict, choices
Dick Grayson/Donna Troy, make it better, make me feel, working out my anger, follow you into hell
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, blue, handcuffs, uniform, 'Officer Grayson', heights, legacy, care, smirk, spores, brothers, family, fuck, sweaty, fight, Nightwing, knife, cut, bite, incestuous, acceptance, laughter, hourglass, boots, rain, red, under cover, mirror, hedges, thighs, lucky, burning, creep, pizza, incestuous, acceptance
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd/Tim Drake, brothers, cuffs, rope, need, knees, blood, leather, bite, breath, red, Ducati, floor, teeth, fist, knife, Kevlar, gloves, collar, undercover, dress
Dick Grayson/Karen Starr, fly, snark, liquor, overpowered, blonde, sky, stars, dinner, dress, eyes, rooftop
Dick Grayson/Kate Spencer, younger, shirtless, older, MILF, working
Dick Grayson/Koriand'r/Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, dinner, gay, showers
Dick Grayson/older!Damian Wayne, claiming,
Dick Grayson/Roy Harper, angst, nostalgia, wrapped up, detox, incarceration, protective, damaged goods, blue, red, sharp, sarcastic, history, flying high, bullets, hair pulling, drinking, slingshot, tradition, quiet, Tower, bound, secret, trust, red, shortpants, speed, control
Dick Grayson/Slade Wilson, Batsuit, identity, gray, prism, mark
Dick Grayson/Tim Drake, apprentice, cop, harem, harness, teaching, closeness, reflexes, skill, training
Dick Grayson/Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, spandex, identity, Robin, night, star, gargoyle, rough, smooth, tentacles
Dinah Lance/Helena Bertinelli, heat, close, trapped, jealousy, understanding, dominant, kinky, secret, public, floor
Doctor Thirteen/Zatanna Zatara, skepticism
Donna Troy/Jason Todd, fear, responsibility, lost, spandex, Multiverse, awareness, lasso, spite, vulnerable, strength, tears, sleep
Donna Troy/Koriand'r, yes, no, please, never, sister, fall, soar, sing, spill, tentacles
Fire/Guy Gardner, regret, better, hot, different, right
Fire/Ice, innocent, simple, Paris, grass
Guy Gardner/Hal Jordan, best
Guy Gardner/Iolande, royalty
Guy Gardner/John Stewart, bad timing, serious
Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, bind, misuse, splash, chill, spine, ice, manacles, reunion, sexting, asleep, cuddle, public, dirty picture, drunk
Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter/Beatriz Da Costa/Gavril Ivanovich, new kid in town
Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter/Vril Dox, encouragement, healing, trigger
Guy Gardner/Vril Dox, magnificent bastards
Harley Quinn/Pamela Isley, greenhouse, friends, giggles, bloodplay, bondage, circus, control, fairground, garden, plants, roses, satisfaction, stimulation, tease, thorns, tied-up, vines, bells
Harley Quinn/Pamela Isley/Riddler, damaged, powerplay, unexpected, intelligence, reformed
Harley Quinn/Riddler, romance, heartache, understanding
Harley Quinn/Batman, narcissism, abandonment
Harley Quinn/Joker, pills
Hartley Rathaway/Bruce Wayne, boarding school
Hartley Rathaway/Connor Hawke, blind date, limp wristed pinko commies
Hartley Rathaway/Owen Mercer, bad ideas
Hartley Rathaway/Ted Kord, blind date, techies, fashion victims
Helena Bertinelli/Karen Starr, exposure, exhibitionism, spanking, dreams, nostalgia, replacement, pain, strength, laughter, lick, popsicle, heat, flight, blood, anger management, retcons, employment, teacher, footwear
Helena Bertinelli/Vic Sage, mysterious, grief, heal, surprise, face to face, masks
Helena Bertinelli/Zinda Blake, hero, courage, training, professional, costumes, flight
Hooker!Jason Todd/Robbie Malone, street corner, turf, asphalt, grime, knees, scrape, grip, punishment, owned, business, percentage, lick, branded, broken
Jaime Reyes/Paco Tejas/Brenda del Vecchio, tights
Jaime Reyes/Traci Thirteen, flying, magic, beetle, homework, interrupted
Jason Todd/Koriand'r, the hook up was a forgone conclusion, what his brother had but couldn't keep
Jason Todd/Kyle Rayner, bicker, wrestle, drawing, mistake
Jason Todd/Matches Malone, identity, confused, wrong, dirty, knees, suck
Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, competition, claiming, massage
Jason Todd/Talia Al-Ghul, control, teaching, mommy, blood, poetry, grooming, promises, toys
Jason Todd/Tim Drake, knife, bruises, red, smoke, leather, Ducati, knives, blood, scars, suck, hard, taut, toned, male, worship, dark, light, tension, replacement, hush, liaison, illicit, knees, Robin, outcast, rough, fallen, masturbation, photography, camera, resentment, bite
Jay Garrick/The Shade, good old days, competition, tea
Jesse Chambers/Donna Troy, competition
Jesse Chambers/Rick Tyler, PDAs, honeymoon, student/teacher
Jesse Chambers/Rick Tyler/Tigress/Icicle, swinging
Jim Gordon/Kate Spencer, date, work, mustache, admiration, concentration
Kara Zor-El/Kon-El, family, kissing cousins, flying lessons, mile high club, secrets, strength, clothing, s-shield
Kara Zor-El/Owen Mercer, adulthood, naughty, endurance, vibrate
Kon-El/Paco Tejas, bros
Kon-El/Tim Drake, virginity, flight, cameras, scars, restraint, careful, size, hands
Koriand'r/Roy Harper/Jason Todd, red, hair, fingers, nails, mole, tongue, lick, suck, press, wriggle, shiver, moan, cry, fist, scratch, never, always, brother, ex-teammates, home, far, near, close, struggle, give, accept, deny, refuse, resistance, fast, flight, hat, shine, bright, explode, call, names, again
Lana Lang/Lois Lane, cover, rough, forceful
Lex Luthor/Kon-El, together, version, sweet
Lightning Lass/Shrinking Violet, marriage, size play, livewire.
Linda Park/Iris West-Allen, investigating
Lois Lane/Superman, happy, baby, dreams, writing
Lois Lane/Wonder Woman, quiet, dresses, freckles
Lois Lane/Wonder Woman, savior, falling, catch, rough, bruise, excitement, clouds, interview, single
Lois/Bruce Wayne, secrets, alone, toys
Lois/Clark, danger, rollercoaster, public, flying, food, reporter
Lois/Clark/Bruce, double, camera, toys
Lois/Jimmy, behind, blindfold, surprise
Lyle Norg/Querl Dox, technology, control, first times, hesitance, surprise, hidden, hiding in plain sight,
Matches Malone/Jim Gordon, slick, smooth, handcuffs, silver tongue, scent, snitch, informant, play.
Michael Carter/Ted Kord, homecoming, comfort, shower, costume, gloves, goggles, scars, bruises, longing
Misty Kilgore/Ystina, prince charming
Natasha Irons/Trajectory, new tricks
Owen Mercer/Deadshot, daddy issues
Owen Mercer/Kara Zor-El, dancing
Owen Mercer/Tim Drake, appologies
Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn, intoxicate, ripple, verdant, jungle
Power Girl/Guy Gardner, superbuddies, hell
Power Girl/Wonder Woman, strength, competition, forced, friends
Roy Harper/Dick Grayson, heal, together, cuffs
Shilo Norman/Scott Free/Barda Free, escape
Starfire/Wonder Girl, teammate, heroine, threesome, sky
Steph/Cass, lipstick, rooftop, chocolate, ice cream, bound
Stephanie Brown/Adult!Lian Harper, future, perfect, worship, leadership, sparring, tradition
Stephanie Brown/Cassandra Cain, sweaty, teacher/student
Stephanie Brown/Damian Wayne, older, cats, money, begging, lost, charade
Stephanie Brown/Jaime Reyes, costume, rough, exhibtion, escape, rooftop
Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, pregnancy, multiple, sloppy, kinky, acceptance, trust, lies, anger, fall, fly, moonlight
Superman/Wonder Woman, happy, home, barn, away, forgotten, new, wonderful, need, desire, lasso, lonely, loner, boots, glasses, equals, penetration
Thaal Sinestro/Hal Jordan, rookie
Tim Drake/Cassie Sandsmark/Connor Kent, so much harder with them both here, choices, OT3
Tim Drake/Kon-El, entropy, first time, mile high club, boyfriends, in the locker room, in the Batcave
Tim Drake/Kon-El/Bart Allen/Cissie King-Jones/Cassie Sandsmark/Suzie (aka Greta Hayes), training exercise, secret identities, teamwork, violence, alien sex pollen, spanking
Tora Olafsdotter/Bea da Costa, fury, green, spike, steam
Traci Thirteen/Anita Fite, magic
Traci Thirteen/Brenda del Vecchio, girl time
Trickster/Pied Piper, pollen, musical, treats, romance, bisexual, denial
Two-Face/Gilda Dent, perfection, sculpt, threesome, beautiful, Holiday, save me
Vixen/Bronze Tiger, Africa
Vril Dox, tension
Vril Dox/any, sneer, smart
Vril Dox/Blackfire, born again virgin, sly
Vril Dox/Tora Olafsdotter, shy, sweet
Wally West/Hartley Rathaway, music
Wally West/Len Snart, marriage advice
Wally West/Len Snart/Lisa Snart, warming up
Wally West/Linda Park, honeymoon, date night
Wally West/Linda Park/Hartley Rathaway, reunited, date night
Wonder Woman/Arthur Light, lasso, tame
Zachary Zatara/Tim Drake, loneliness, public!sex
Zatanna Zatara/Wonder Woman, magic

Dead Alive
Lionel/Paquita, sundress, trouble, awaken

Dead Last
Scotty Sallback/Vaughn Parrish, headache, guitar, midnight, floor, whisper

Dead Like Me
Daisy Adair/Roxy Harvey, affection, begrudging, role reversal, costumes, breakfast
George/Mason, sketchy, hootch, indecent exposure, kittens

Dead Man on Campus
Josh/Cooper, 4.0, grad school, life-partner, scared, sacrifice, grown-up, AU, impressed, roommate, graduation, break, amused, dating, team, marriage

Dead Poets Society
Charlie Dalton/Todd Anderson, cave, leap, night, after, you, pull, depth, oration, back, gentle, believe, yawp, together, overcoat

Dead Space
Isaac Clarke/Nicole, before, goodbye, linger

Jane/Joanie, healing
Seth Bullock/Alma Garret, burn, domestic, collide
Swearengen/Bullock, going into battle

Death Race
Case/Jensen/Joe, raising the baby, Mexico, under the hood

Degrassi: The Next Generation
Alex Nunez/Jay Hogart, apologies, comfort, confusion, mistake, touch, ravine, first, lust, straddle, oral, lust, kiss, garage, pull, public, wall, rush, detention, car, finger
Ellie Nash/Jay Hogart, comfort, garage, dirty, bar, meeting, tutor, webcam, co-workers, The Dot, oral, rain, rough, bound
Ellie Nash/Sean Cameron, beach, anger, touch, kiss, cuddle, caress, affair, war, massage, oil, garage
Ellie Nash/Spinner Mason, lonely, phone, affair, caress, worship, second chances, goodbye, reception, touch, suck, shiver, moan, rough, flick, reunion
Terri McGregor/Spinner Mason, regret, lonely, long distance, fantasy, kiss, letter, apology, drunk, sadness, college

Demon's Lexicon series - Sarah Rees Brennan
Jamie Crawford/Seb McFarlane, first times, school, secrets.

Desperate Housewives
Andrew/Carlos, camping

Detroit 1-8-7
Louis Fitch/Ariana Sanchez, [any]

Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha
Narumi/Raidou, allure, game for anything, hot springs, lazy, night on the town, relax, suited, undone, undress

Brian/Dexter, [any]
Deb/LaGuerta, motherfucking fuck, new, resentment, same, grief, case
Debra Morgan/Frank Lundy, oral, pregnant, wedding, airport, run, toast, shower, airport, shopping, bleeding
Dexter Morgan/Frank Lundy, hunting, darkness, belong
Dexter/Deb, [any]
Ellen Wolf/LaGuerta, almost, first, cupcakes, indulgent, comfortable

Die Hard 4.0
Matt Farrell/John McClane, rough, scars, pushy

Diplomatic Immunity
Kirsty/Leilani, Fo'alafa, frustrating, idea
Leighton/Kirsty, game, interesting, bored, drink
Leighton/Leilani, revolution, costume, kama
Leighton/Leilani/Kirsty, funny, disaster

Garbo/Willa, sober, hallucinations, addiction, eyes, assistant

Discworld – Terry Pratchett
Adora Belle Dearhart/Esk, magic & sex appeal
Adora Belle Dearhart/Lady Margolotta, a conversation with edge
Angua/Susan, alcohol, empathy
Carrot/Angua, armor, bath, hair
Lady Roberta Meserole/Lady Margolotta, they get on like a house on fire
Lady Roberta Meserole/Rosie Palm, the thrill of politics
Nanny Ogg/any female character, sexually-adventurous
Perdita/any female character, more than good hair
Ponder Stibbons/Mustrum Ridcully, sneaking, lips, bed, sprawling
Rosie Palm/Sandra Battye, trust, secrets, "you wouldn't believe what Sandra can do with a mushroom"
Sam Vimes/Havelock Vetinari, unsaid, finally, speechless, kiss, want, expression, eyebrow, trailing, angels, reciprocity, poison, bastards, deserving, details, enough
Susan/Lobsang, chocolate, time, slow, tangled
Imp Y Celyn/Lobsang Ludd/Susan Sto Helit, logical, fair, desire
Imp Y Celyn/Susan Sto Helit, music, save, kiss
Lobsang Ludd/Susan Sto Helit, woo, kiss, place, romance, time, shift, fly

Disgaea Games
Mom/Dad, honey, cackle, dull, zombie, tail, afternoon delight, tease, levels
Lamington/Flonne, flowers, sweets, poems, angels
Lamington/Vyers, leather, act, friend

Daisy Duck/Minnie Mouse, [any]

Disney Princesses
Ariel/Belle, [any], library, stories, different, sojourn, sharing, lips, music, oddities
Ariel/Meg, quiet, hell, sand, toes, twist
Aurora/Cinderella, [any]
Aurora/Snow White, [any]
Belle/Cinderella, [any]
Belle/Jasmine, [any]
Belle/Mulan, [any]
Belle/Snow White, [any]
Cinderella/Snow White, [any]
Jasmine/Mulan, [any], worldly, dirty, tough, supplication, defiant, pride, bending

Doctor Who
Ace/Mel, loud, experimentation, distance, goodbyes, benefits
Ace/River Song, coming-of-age, future, recognition, running
Amy Pond/Amy Pond (not Flesh!Amy), double, flirting, grinning, centurion costume, insatiable, kink, freckles, roleplay, bunk bed, Rory
Amy Pond/Amy Pond (not Flesh!Amy)/Rory Williams, original, unique, excitement
Amy Pond/Amy Pond, flirting, dancing with myself, time-travel
Amy Pond/Doctor/Rory Williams, honeymoon, alien, invitation
Amy Pond/Donna Noble, loud
Amy Pond/Jack Harkness, flirtation, first meeting, kissogram costume, attraction, fireworks, seduction, lap, alcohol
Amy Pond/Jack Harkness/Rory Williams, adventure, anything, hello
Amy Pond/Jenny (The Doctor's daughter), energy, quick, spaceship, TARDIS, tongues, tequila, time lady, ship, adventure
Amy Pond/Liz X, disagreement, remember, royalty
Amy Pond/Martha Jones, doctors, space, dream, photograph, flirting, legacy, scent, companionship, best, longing, surprise, bikini, light, meeting, New Year's
Amy Pond/River Song, determined, kiss, visit, more, future, revelation, earrings, time
Amy Pond/Rory Williams, adrenaline, centurion, consummation, first, round, fancy, plan, touch, seek, roleplay, Romans, hurt/comfort, dress up, fantasy, slow, delight, pirates, sweet, rush, blankets, nurse, morning, brag, theatrical, trust, fire, secondary school, costumes, touch, now, pregnant, silk, puffy vests, petticoat, TARDIS, roman, honeymoon, bunk bed, dream girl, Kiss-O-Gram, scrubs, cottage, wonder, gag, summer, bored, energy, ritual, chocolate, pegging, blindfold, first, kissogram, library, loyalty, make-up sex, memory, puffy vests, sleeping in, waiting, wedding, whipped, wedding night, waiting, sword, play, desperation, home, deep space, tired, pretty, gleaming, staircase
Amy Pond/Rose Tyler, smile
Amy Pond/Sally Sparrow, tease
Amy/Pond/TARDIS/Rory, Lost, Kiss-O-Gram, Peril, Heroes, the doctor's bed, impossibility
Amy Pond/Vincent Van Gogh, grief, calm, portrait, ginger, silence, blue, colours, endless, night, souls, together-alone
Blon Fel Fotch Slitheen/Nine, teasing, flirt
Canton Everett Delaware III/Eleven, marriage, thanks, dating, thing, companion, admiring, beard, gun!play, chains
Canton/his fiancé, secrets
Charley/C'Rizz, Charlotte, loneliness, replacement
Doctor/Donna Noble, lasting, remember
Doctor/Martha Jones, friendship, snark, guilt, comfort, injury, hug, tea
Doctor/TARDIS/River, union, married, time
Doctor/The Corsair, different, chameleon, changing, chrysalis, escape, gender-bending, border towns, kissing, long time no see, cities, urbane, border towns
Donna Noble/Ace, urban, kids, home, lost, casual, explosive
Donna Noble/Jenny (The Doctor's daughter), unexpected
Donna Noble/Martha Jones, familiar, alcohol, dancing, fantastic, after, sky, good, beautiful, companion, finally, missing, broken, roses, horny, need, flirt, bounce, aphrodisiac, grass, honey, comfort, 69
Donna Noble/River Song, recognize, hair, spanking, comfort, metacrisis, forget, show-off, competition, curls, questions, stubborn, enunciation, running, hair
Donna Noble/Rose Tyler, comfort, jealousy, stars, fire, cherry
Eight/Charley, entwined, angry!sex, h/c, envy, biting, scratching
Eight/Rose, romantic, dirty
Eleven/Amy Pond, freckles, ginger, skirts, pleasant, cheating, beds, weird, honest, once, stricken, whistle, light, dance, hold, can't, escape, comfort, travel, countdown, wait, spanking, handcuffs, blindfolds, giggling, nervous, bodyworship, ganger, coffee, humanity, beach, worship, ballet, swimming pool, soul, against the TARDIS console, hair, faith, tattoo, glory, pregnancy, comfort, anywhere, dress, heels, bowtie, never, playful, nerd, apocalypse, intermission, tumble, sequence, singularity, threads, fairytale, handprint, stars
Eleven/Amy Pond/Martha Jones, one last trip, under the sun, blanket
Eleven/Amy Pond/River Song, complicated, sing, plush
Eleven/Amy Pond/River Song/Rory Williams, relief, joy, touch
Eleven/Amy Pond/Rory Williams, bunk-beds, River, TARDIS, time, safe, adventure, aphrodisiac, together, warm, thrill, healing, awkward, hats, pirates, TARDIS, alien, striptease, kink, experimentation, waiting, cherries, starlight, theremin, Cleopatra, lessons, simple, it's complicated
Eleven/Ganger!Eleven, [any]
Eleven/Idris (TARDIS), forever, sexy, heart, tenses, understanding, history, lovebites
Eleven/Idris (TARDIS)/River Song, lovebites, together, Time Lords, transcendental, logistics, discovery
Eleven/Jack, bow ties, tweed, Stetsons, new bodies, forgiveness, timey-wimey, lost and found, adventure, dancing, fantasy, jam, hair, tube top, bite marks, rave
Eleven/Marilyn Monroe, rushed, Christmas, snow, legends, champagne, heels
Eleven/Martha Jones, amends, reunion, adventure, happy, dark, smart, memory, rekindle, saviour, lick, return, different, years, curiosity, memory, flowers, apologize, dinner, desk, windowsill, lace
Eleven/Master, juice, awkward, introductions, maximize
Eleven/Nine/Ten, timey-wimey, self-sufficient, ego, TARDIS
Eleven/River Song, birthday, river, run, dangerous, bondage, telepathy, Gallifreyan, hat, jail, shoes, think, found, physics, study, discovery, rapt, time, escape, time, rewritten, future, hair, gun, mystery, tease, flirt, run, reverse, spoilers, danger, history, hourglass, prison, umbrella, towers, faded, teaching, diary, voyeurism, hats, lessons, virginity, Cleopatra, seduction, swimming pool, discovery, mystery, alluring, perfume, curls, travel, jail, music, on the edge, backwards, classroom, first time, the library, red pumps, secrets, pomegranate, spoilers, lessons, future, dance, library, melancholy, first, snacks, no, date night, jump, bars, trampoline
Eleven/Romana, routine, smily, seriousness, nowhere, leaving, ocean, glasses, Christmas
Eleven/Rory Williams, apple, fingers, tweed, nurse, thanks, dancing, surprise, mouths, human, learning, reactions, blind, bottom, nuts, unconditional, unfaithful
Eleven/Rose, reunite, hat
Eleven/TARDIS, chance, bright, ever after, victory, hope, thief, history, reunion, thievery, possessive, blue
Eleven/TARDIS/River Song, Children of time, Touchy-Feely, invisibility, throbbing, ecstasy
Eleven/Ten, public, movies, bored, console, extra, wardrobe
Eleven/Ten II/Rose, surprise, what?, marvellous, interruption, dancing, visit, home, longing
Five/Turlough, suits, leather, blonde, charming, preference
Four/Sarah Jane Smith, accident, finally, nurse, example, aliens, mind, hypnosis, fire, soul, savior, angel, comfortable, relief, mummies, wedding dress, trust, hypnotism, scarf, handcuffs, damage, comfort, snicker, giggle, return, Florana, interspecies
Four/Sarah Jane Smith/Harry, klutz, deflowering, supervision, accidental
Jack Harkness/Lucy Saxon, comfort, secret, desperate
Jack Harkness/Martha Jones, tantalize, laugh, bright, kiss, longing, mirror, hookup, reunion, sing
Jack Harkness/Master, survival, torture, year, resign
Jack Harkness/Master (Simm), plaything, whipping, endless, TYTNW, experiment, unnatural
Jack Harkness/Mickey Smith, Inadvertent, Pretty Boy, Taunt, Rough, tumble, take, hide
Jack Harkness/River Song, "Hello Gorgeous", Queer, Courtesan, Dress-up, lust, handcuffs, prison, top, strap-on, exhibitionism, angst, simmer, double-cross, squareness, poker, liquor, confessional
Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler, corners, stolen
Jack Harkness/TARDIS, possibilities, telepathy, bondage, submission
Jack Harkness/Tish Jones, relief, tend, fingertips
Jenny (A Good Man Goes to War)/Madame Vastra, streets, Victorian, katanas, maid outfit, roleplaying, competition, tongues, tongue, swords, fierce, proud, difficulties, compromise, interspecies, rescue, mystery, green, discovery, tongue, scales, adventure, taste
Kathy Nightingale/Sally Sparrow, friends, investigate
Leela/Romana, savage, warrior, compromise, duty
Martha Jones/anyone, heroine, dreams
Martha Jones/ Jenny (The Doctor's Daughter), fit
Martha Jones/Liz X, doctor, games, careful, relief, station
Martha Jones/Mickey Smith, love, firefight, tin dog, writhe, hair, lust, kiss
Martha Jones/Riley, solace, rush, tremble
Martha Jones/River Song, pretty, meet, missing, clue, stars, night, forget, dream
Martha Jones/Rose Tyler, jealousy, dancing, sick, key, familiar
Martha Jones/William Shakespeare, special, remembered, needed
Master/Martha Jones, victory
Melody Pond/Lorna Bucket, fugitive, Gamma Forests, naming
Melody Pond/Madame Kovarian, youth, first time, corruption, weapon, training, hope
Nine/TARDIS/Jack Harkness, triangle, repairs, control
Nine/Jack Harkness, dancing, protection, longing, gentle, apology, leather, grin, bananas, mind-meld, hello, leather, bondage, see you in hell, dancing, teleport, last kiss, mpreg, mystery
Nine/Rose, comfort, intense, wall, ocean, compass, loss, fury, one, planet
Nine/River, chance, unrecognizable, indistinguishable, saved
River Song, lonely, solitary
River Song/Liz X, royalty, velvet, darkness, control, artefact, wander, bath, traveller, picture, political scandal, pardon
River Song/Lady Christina, bus, ride, challenge, rules
River Song/TARDIS, beautiful, paradox
Rory Williams/Martha Jones, nightshift
Rose Tyler/Master (Simm), desperation, lost
Rose Tyler/Sally Sparrow, one-nighter
Sarah Jane Smith/Jo Grant, experience, waiting, next, brownies, play doctor
Sarah JaneSmith/Rose, sweet, need, tenderness
Ten/Donna Noble, authentic, run, shine, transparent, queen, thunderstorm, rain, domesticity, jewellery, restraint, spooning, worry, transformation, once, gown, laughter, comfort, ice, unknown, alien, needed, switch, remember, fear, loneliness, domination, party, button, red, boom, spa, towel, green, rudeness, stars, temporary, forgotten, TARDIS, last, coat, hands, forever, bath, teach, bubbles, trust, help, trust, forgotten, second chances, discovery, green, life, boredom, cook, bed, benefits, gone, frustration, desperate, flirting, boundaries, accidental, consequences
Ten/human Dalek Sec, emotions, learning, feelings, experiment, touch, tentacles
Ten/Jack Harkness, waste, forfeit, ice-lolly, kilts, mind-meld, impossible, ring, knowledge, recoil, tentacles, beautiful, hard, close, forever, more, red, kiss, salvation, immortality, little-death, glee, time, worlds, endless, enthusiasm, insolent, hopeless, grief, loss, embrace, alone, escape, obsession, brotherhood, years, cheeky, test, steel, alien, secret, defence, handcuffs, library, purple, ancient, slouching, relief, sorry, lick, salt, sensitized, TARDIS, bound, water, dominate, impossible, watch, forgiven, aftermath, recovery, comfort, trust , freckles, playful, cute, kilts, knowledge, recoil, tentacles, pinstripes, ties, long coats, on the console, out in the open on any planet, silence
Martha Jones/Ten, adrenaline, tuxedo, seduce, rain, saviour, shelter, spin, renew, pulse, marking, bruises, skirt, 1960s, charm, mechanism, storytelling, wet, escape, edge, breath, mouth, awkward, uniform, TARDIS, apology, waiting, happy, damaged, broken, shop, maid, coat, please, thankfulness, affection, travel, hug, damaged, temptation, wrath, fury, wanton, useless, stranded, ABBA, apologies, bath, caretaker, exams, glasses, illusion, nervous, now, rain, sun, thoughts, title, 1969, trust, universe, doll, punk, stealth, straddle, wardrobe, release, hands
Ten/Jack Harkness/Martha Jones, temptation, comfort, companionship, inseparable
Ten/Jethro Cane (Midnight), date, unsure, wow
Ten/Krillitane Leader, seduction
Ten/Martha Jones, relief, pain, greed, angel, "I changed my mind", whiskey, visit, quiet, sometimes
Ten/Master (Simm), longing, time, whip, bound, comfort, eternity, feast, homecoming, hurt, kept, orders, names
Ten/River Song, back, hair, sweetie, remember, naughty, glasses, console, trust
Ten/Rose, castle, closet, fate, hearts, reaching, jungle, silly, oral, pink, jealous, beach, vacation
Ten/Rose/Ten II, consuming, blindfold
Ten/Ross Jenkins (The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky), undead, changing, before
Ten/Sarah Jane Smith, wreck, return, gone, I tried to tell him ‘I love you' but it came out sounding like ‘we're both fucked up and it works'
Ten II/Rose, future, daily, life, sky, remember
Three/Liz Shaw, scientific curiosity, experiment, analysis, morphology
Three/Liz Shaw/Brigadier, threesome, hay, Bessie, lab, miniskirts, uniforms
Three/Jo, escapology, clumsy, experiments, spanking, lessons, miniskirts, boots
Three/Sarah Jane, [any]
Two/Jamie, clinging, kilts, bonnie

Doctrine of Labyrinths - Sarah Monette
Felix/Mildmay, obligation, surrender, once, molly

Bartleby/Loki, human, genitals, banishment
Bethany/Metatron, surprise, tradition, imagine, comfort, domesticity
God/Metatron, father, love, free-will, giggle, warmth, redemption

Heine/Badou, shotgun, trouble, bandaged, crooked, dangerous
Heine/Giovanni, blood, chain, bullets, hallucination, shower
Heine/Naoto, adrenaline, scars, silence, boots, lace, understanding

Kathleen O'Brien/Sirius, hope, patience, reunite, visitations

Adelle DeWitt/Topher Brink, comfort, pod, cracks, eat, pain, genius, distracted, starches, comfort, alone, blame
Adelle/Dominic, hands, stubble, blue, orders, vodka, couch, office, red dress
Adelle/Priya/Tony, regert, redeem, lonelyhearts, doll, rebuild, abandon, alone, evening, thick, humid, top, orders
Alpha/Echo, innocence, question, shaking
Bennett/Caroline, clothes, first, skirt, heels
Claire/Topher, bent, pillow, red, rip, shatter, brains, robot, needle, cut
Mag/Zone, chocolate, matching, oops
Priya/Tony, lifetime, fracture, scarf
Sierra, solo
Sierra/Topher, reboot, laser
Topher/Echo, belong, possession
Topher/Whiskey, betrayal, wiped
Victor/Sierra, brush, paint, shower, remember
Whiskey/Alpha, Bobby and Crystal, glitch, crime

Doom (movie)
John/Sam, Olduvai, C-24, gun, trapped, aftermath, marine, home, superpowers

Double The Fist
Panda/Mime, silence, sensation play, fur, fingers, blindfolds
Rod Foxx/Mephisto, rivalry, supremacy, sex games
Steve Foxx/Rod Foxx, loyalty, brotherhood,
Steve Foxx/Womp, time out, obedience

Downton Abbey
Mary/Matthew, black, truth, questions, inheritance, change, war, banter, distrust, wine, drawing room
Matthew/Sibyl, bells, reform
Sybil/Tom, rebellion, carriage, car, motor, gloves

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Captain Hammer/Doctor Horrible, bang, captive, leader, Whorrible

Dragon Age Games
Alistair/Morrigan, banter, lust, virgin, outdoors, loud
Alistair/Silas, teaching, lyrium, homesick
Alistair/Zevran, adventure, tattoo, blades, poison
Anders/Finn, robes, sneaking around, books
Bethany/Merill, graze, touch, soft
F!Hawke/Fenris, daydream, scarlet
F!Hawke/Merill, combat, nimble, magic
F!Hawke/Varric, partners, differences, big, hairy, Deep Roads , oral, lantern, candle, restraint, discretion
female dwarf Warden/Alistair, size kink
female Warden/Alistair, first time, submission, quick study, dominance, responsibility, care
Hawke/Anders, fields, buckles, massacre, hooky, costumes, threesome, tall tales, legacy, experiment, magic, laughter, hope, justice, moonlight
Hawke/Merrill, blood, staff, cold
Isabela/Anders, tattoos, lightning, roleplay
Isabela/Aveline, authority, hate!sex, challenge, tease, rough, gauntlet, size, handle, blades, tense, discipline, power, night, knife, authority, alcohol
Isabela/F!Hawke, ships, crossdressing, domination, travel, freedom, tape, dirty talk, sweet, champion, reward, claustrophobia, weakness, water, starlight, boots, seas, treasure, bodice, duel
Isabela/Leliana, reunion, memories, grief, melody
Isabela/Merrill, body shots, cozy, morning, cards, charade, trust, tavern, learning, sweet, kitten
Isabela/Zevran, dirt, pirate, wager, rough
Leliana/Male Cousland, song, share, fight, rogues, cupid, flower, vision, holy
Leliana/Marjolaine, power
Leliana/Silas, forgiveness, chains, repentance, white
M!Hawke/F!Warden, visionary, pilgrimage.
M!Hawke/Fenris, pornography, sketch, prank, tattoo
M!Hawke/Sebastian, chastity, refusal, masturbation
M!Hawke/Varric, hunting, late nights, brawls
Samson/Carver, oil, ropes, sweat
Samson/Cullen, only you understand, darkness, velvet
Sigrun/Varric, alcohol, bad jokes, secrets
Wynne/any, experience, threads, ice
Zevran/Wynne, charmer

Dragon Quest VIII
Angelo/Eight, red, prison, sunrise, flowers, feathers, boots, admiration, robes, beauty, comfort, admiration, beauty, gentle, love
Angelo/Jessica, casino, evil, whip
Angelo/Jessica/Eight, flying, magic, injuries
Angelo/Marcello, voyerism, admiration, masturbation, retribution, combat, dominance, sex, reconciliation
Marcello, dashed dreams, charred hopes, extinguished future, discipline, emotion, paragon, necklace, rosary, prayer, training, discipline, masturbation
Marcello/any, flechettes, torture, dominance, safeword
Marcello/Eight, grab, take, dominance,
Marcello/Eight/Angelo, heaven, hell, compare, contrast, admiration
Yangus/Eight, dedication, bridges, teamwork
Yangus/Eight/Red, complications, topsy-turvy, heist
Yangus/Red, sailing, jewels, sparring, fruit, poisoned

Dragonball Z
Bulma/Vegeta, biting, angry, thoughtful, jerk
Chichi/Goku, confused, wall, marriage
Gohan/Videl, flight, outside, argue, baka
Pan/Trunks, secret, impassioned, worried, sensei

Dragonriders of Pern
Lessa/F'lar, arise, chase
Robinton/Menolly, sing, fire lizard, sight, master, Harper

Dragon's Bait
Vivian Vande Velde, Alys/Selendrile, inscrutable, scales, hay, tumble, bicker, town, hoard, adventures, heat, gold, shapeshifting

Drake and Josh
Drake/Josh, rough housing, codependent, nightmares, popcorn, movie night, bets, buttons, freckles, blue

Drawing Blood - Poppy Z Brite
Eddy Sung, [any]

Drive Angry
Piper/The Accountant, drive, destroy, quite the kick, fuck, daisy dukes, knife, hell, baby girl, business, precise, mishap

Drop Dead Diva
Jane/Stacy, helpless, fluevogs, grandpa sweater, Project Runway
Jane/Terri, knowledge, schedule, hunger, disappoint, fulfillment, yellow, blackness, disinterested
Jane/Tony, negotiation, breakfast in bed, cocktails, laughter

Due South
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, dancing, massage, voyeurism, bondage, toys, beach, swimming, uniform, hat, tease, public sex, masturbation, cabin, flirting, cross-dressing, striptease, leather, buddy breathing, trust, glasses, journal, outdoor sex, patriotic, Canada, marriage, first time, tent, friendship, nosy, boots, hat, fight, dinner, glasses, honeymoon, art, ogle, closet, night lights, coffee cups, windows, reflections, apartment
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Francesca Vecchio, pegging, voyeurism, masturbation
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, family, restraint, discovery, phone sex, jealousy, dirty talk, comfort, morning, voyeurism, first time
Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio, Vegas, closet, Riviera, scars, cross-dressing, reunion, undercover, tie, first time, outdoor sex, uniform, comfort, forgiveness, healing, smile, laughter, banter, date, family
Elaine Besbriss/Francesca Vecchio, training, station, uniform, hat, dress, heels, seduction, lipstick, gloves
Francesca Vecchio/Margaret Thatcher, uniform, bound, police work, Fraser, yearning, tease, seduction
Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, undercover, rough, alcohol, Florida, handcuffs, sweat, taste, caffeine, car

Izaya Orihara/Namie Yagiri, boss, chair, doubt, honest, humanity, trick
Izaya/Shizuo, genderswitch, blood, alley, monstrous, bound
Kasuka/Shizuo, genderswitch, clothing, milk, sharing, soft
Mika/Saki, wall, adrenaline, quiet, lost & found
Mikado/Kida/Anri, puzzle, need, uniforms, weapons
Shinra/Shizuo/Celty, caring, touch, friendship, want

Earth's Children – Jean M. Auel
Jondalar/Ayla, alone, spanking, curious, shave, mouth, river, storm, shelter, summer
Jondalar/Serenio, one last time, quiet, flowers, brave

Steve Owen/Matthew Rose, take care

Eastern Promises
Anna Khitrova/Nikolai Luzhin, fragment, rain, stitches, less, expectations

Easy A
Brandon/Olive, dildo, fake, first, screw, smart
Mr. Griffith/Olive, first, forbidden, Hester, redemption, sorry, pop quiz, cool, books, library, older, inevitable, literature, after class, solutions, smart mouth
Olive/Todd, first, fingers, passenger seat, phone, webcam, lobster, satin, Victorian, lockers, college, yearbook, gentleman caller, yes, lobster, costume, pretend, seven minutes in heaven, perfect

Echo Bazaar
Melancholy Curate/Enigmatic Sister/Player Character, pagan, scandalized, luxury, handkerchiefs, honey, foxfire, soulless, debauched, tenderness, prayers
Player Character/Affectionate Devil, box seats, contracts, wine, nails
Player Character/Honey-Sipping Heiress, corrupting, nightmare, heaven, flowers, falsehoods
Player Character/Honey-Sipping Heiress/Honey-Sipping Jewel Thief, punishment, indescribable, sweetness, argument, hedonism
Player Character/Honey-Sipping Jewel Thief, diamonds, heists, party, darkness, truths
Player Character/Quiet Deviless, makeup, dancing, laudanum, belladonna
Player Character/Struggling Artist, deals, debts, history, nostalgia, paints, dancing

Eerie Indiana
Dash-X/Marshall, obvious potential

Egyptian Mythology
Set/Horus, fight, battle, cunning, new, fingers, fire, anger, enemies, always, link

Eight Days of Luke - Diana Wynne Jones
David Allard/Luke, ice, wind, vine, plain, lock, earth, school

El Cazador De La Bruja
Nadie/Ellis, tacos, desert, cars, eat, dress, witch, bounty, travel, steal, happy, smile, confused, amigos, book

Electric Dreams (1984)
Dom!Madeline/sub!Miles, prisoners and guards
Edgar/Madeline, future AU, the internet, cybersex
Miles/Madeline/Edgar, threesome

Cutter/Skywise, family, comfort, connection, growl

Emma (any)
Emma Woodhouse/Harriet Smith, obedience, riddle, teach
Emma Woodhouse/herself, perfect, mirror, good enough, reward, candle,
Frank Churchill/Knightley, secret, proposition, wrong, punishment, proper,
Miss Taylor/Mr Woodhouse, sleepless nights, ill child, fret, candle, charge, laughter, pregnant,

Giselle/Robert Philip, breathless, heat, desperate, natural
Prince Edward/Nancy, fantasy, teaching, experiments, magic

Eric Murphy/Ari Gold, business, fuck, whine, reputation, hiss, wheel and deal, fighting dirty, history, sweet talk, messy, get off, couples therapy, blow, suit, Mrs Ari
Eric Murphy/Vince Chase, inevitable
Sloan McQuewick/Mrs Ari, elegance

Abby/Carter, [any], quarantine, fundraiser, honesty, gift, bridesmaid dress, proposal
Carol/Doug, boat, quiet, on duty, day off, on call, history, Seattle, boat, animal crackers, wine
Ray/Neela, [any], sore, content, home

Van/Hitomi, fate, stay

Eternal Poison
Archaya/Ares, pain, cuffs
Archaya/Duphaston, tattoos, immortal, amoral, smoke, lies, flame
Archaya/Iryth, price, corner, mouthful, drain
Komori/Nena, confidence, support
Logue/Marie, battle, bruises, pagan, brocade, voluptuous
Logue/Olifen, size difference, dragon, swordplay, commander, confidence, steel, cadets
Thage/Duphaston, wine, majin, darkness, velvet, blood, forbidden, secrets
Thage/Elizabeth, depart, fussy, doll
Thage/Raki, jewelry, scent, fur, challenge, tease, power, bind, control
Thage/Retica, property, submit, thanks, misguided, hollow
Thage/Stein, knowledge, malus, scream
Vivian/Velnor, drill, push, rivalry

Allison Blake/Jack Carter/Nathan Stark, banter, tease, double penetration, time, negotiate, command, handcuffs
Allison/Jack, massage, house, couch, comfort, roleplay, luck, pregnancy, office party, fire, alone, dark, wine, she blinded me with science...literally, no interruptions, first date, spank, Christmas in Eureka, fantasties come true, problem solve, fell in love with a girl, shower, pet names, 'your house or mine?', love songs, slow dance, fast food cravings, simulations, holographs, public outing, first, S.A.R.A.H., wall, shower, public
Douglas Fargo/Jo Lupo/Zane Donovan, experiment, lock, reason
Douglas Fargo/Jo Lupo, what's he got?, sweet, time, nocturnal emissions, locked in a small space, Space Invaders, pin-up poster girl, 1944, send me to the edge, take my hand, all of my hang ups are gone, I wish you only knew, Angry Birds, relax into my arms, 'I'm not here to fix your computer', Dungeons & Dragons, I would walk miles for your kiss
Henry Deacon/Kim Anderson, couple, forever, love, desire, happiness, time, breakthrough, late, enough, revelation, limits
Henry/Jack, stimulating, assurance, trust, confession, future, mine
Holly Marten/Isaac Parrish, dinner, lies, space, music
Jack Carter/Jo Lupo, GD, sex dice, lust, roommates, dance
Jack Carter/Zane Donovan, mistakes, locked-up, explosions, wings
Jack/Jo, after hours, bet, powercut, hypothermia, zapped, pheromones, fun, holding cell, partners, handcuffs, cell, stakeout, competence, uniform, coworkers, trapped, older men, voyeurism, beer
Jack/SARAH, watch, direct, shower, sentient, jealous, stay
Jo Lupo/Jim Taggert, primal, outside
Jo Lupo/Zane Donovan, hold, kiss, play, tease, collect, lost, burn, jealousy, hero, fingers, rings, flying, invisible, secrets, alternate, weapons, mad science, differences, heat, need, ring, marks, possess, stuck, cell, strap-on, denial, want take have,
Jo Lupo/Zane Donovan/Zoe Carter, complicated, share, pegging, scarves
Jo/new-Zane, anger, hunger, denial, peace, reprogram, chance, experiment
Jo/new-Zane/Zoe, jealous, circle
Jo/original-Zane, lingerie, fantasy, scientific, exploration, probability
Jo/Zoe, birthday, vibrators, silence, hush, gift, play, drink, pamper, let go, hidden,
Nathan/Zane, discipline, feather, technology, Eureka, teach, lab, whip

Ever After
Danielle de Barbarac/Jacqueline de Ghent, swimming, fireflies, forgiveness

Bright/Ephram, college, wall

Evil Dead Trilogy
Ash/Linda/Shelly/Scott, Pot, experiment
Ash/Scott, drunk
Ash/Sheila, Proving grounds, Bittersweet, remember, no regrets
Ash/Linda, Romantic

Ex Machina
Mitchel Hundred/Rick Bradbury, fix-it, rehab, campaign, livewire, reset, parallel, success, leader, adversion
Rick Bradbury/OMC, pretending

Black Ice Shadow/Disciple of the Seven Forbidden Wisdoms, destiny, Resonance, mission, Shadowland, wine, bad idea
Disciple of the Seven Forbidden Wisdoms/Harmonious Jade, past, remember, hero, bowstring
Ledaal Kes/Ragara Szaya, decadent, sense-riding, roleplay, exhibitionist, chess

Andy/Maggie, would you rather, impossible, fat, surprises, in five years, dim, bicker, sweet

Eyes of the Dragon
Thomas/Dennis, loyalty

Eyeshield 21
Agon/Hiruma, challenge, guns, devils, change, bruises, future
Gaou/Kisaragi, fragility, beauty, bandages
Hiruma/Mamori, cheerleader, gum, party, trigger, shower, camera, threat, sharp, creampuff, Vegas, partners, pregnancy, laundry, vows
Hiruma/Rui, trash talk, vulnerability, tension, athletic, danger, opening up
Kakei/Mizumachi, water, swimming, past, ambition, promise
Monta/Taka, hair, phone sex, legs, mismatched, choice
Musashi/Hiruma, time, friendship, knowledge, habits, smoking, chewing gum
Sena/Shin, rival, determination, honest, technology, game
Tetsuma/Kid, loyalty, stamina, direct, childhood
Yamato/Sena, endurance, speed, smile, locker room

Fable III
Princess!Hero/Logan, control, insanity, taboo

Fairly Legal
Justin Patrick/Kate Reed, dust, mediate, office, break

Fairy Tales
12 Dancing Princess(es)/Soldier, watch, save, wedding night, sword, hero, reward
12 Dancing Princesses/Princes, trick, game, dance, sway, ride, slip, change, metamorphosis, true face
Bear Prince/Rose Red, roll, fire, open, sing, rough, silly, crimson, rose, thorn
Bear Prince/Rose Red/Snow White, teach, play, game, meal, romp, wood, cave
Bear Prince/Snow White, fancy, cool, pale, ice, regret, marriage, paw, snow, chill
Beauty/Beast, supper, mane, teeth, library, tongue, muzzle, skirts, roar, tease, genderbend
Cinderella/Prince, slipper, magic, midnight, simple tastes, stables, maiden
Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf, role-reversal, lost, canopy, urban, big, breeze, claw, asunder, dark, woods, red, vibrant, clever, surrender
Rapunzel, shudder, wrist
Rapunzel/Prince, worlds, sky, tresses, enveloped, freedom, dirty, wild, innocent, tower, freedom, skies, thorns, tears, undone
Snow White/Prince, dark, tables turned, secret, slice, apple, red, juice, pure, spell
Snow White/Huntsman, pale, secret, lush, bloody, fall, hush

The Falco series (books) - Lindsey Davis
Marcus Didius Falco/Q. Camillus Justinus, desert
Marcus Didius Falco/Titus Caesar, bath

Falling Skies
Anne Glass/Hal Mason, hot, tears, missing
Anne Glass/Pope, mistake, patience, kindness, motorcycle, leather
Anne Glass/Tom Mason, morning, absence, comfort, regret, displacement, anger, grief
Ben Mason/Jimmy Boland, acceptance, forgiveness, spines
Dai/Hal Mason, keep
Hal Mason, alone, fighter, gay, secret
Hal Mason/John Pope, corrective, food, healed Maggie, savior, terrible
Hal Mason/Karen Nadler, present, past, future, gunpowder, fear, any

Fallout: New Vegas
Craig Boone/Male Courier, silence, support

Family Man
Ariana Nolte/Luther Levy, bibliophilia

Fanboys (2008)
Eric/Linus, first time, last time, on the road, cosplay

Aeryn Sun/John Crichton, celebration, privacy, slick, supple, trade, heart, braid, time, tight, strong, broken, anchor, fascination, link, longing, leather, quiet, hair, time, desire
Aeryn Sun/Chiana, destruction, game, punishment, invitation, incentive, help
Chiana/Jool, language, desire, sobriety, differences, welcome, illicit, testing

The Fast and the Furious (film series)
Brian O'Conner/Dominic "Dom" Toretto, unfaithful, adrenaline, leather
Brian O'Conner/Dominic "Dom" Toretto/Mia Toretto, kitchen, hood
Dominic "Dom" Toretto/Leticia "Letty" Ortiz, ocean, blue, heat, don't go, wind, streets, the end
Dominic "Dom" Toretto/Luke Hobbs, shave, collar, bruise
Dominic "Dom" Toretto/Roman Pearce, praying, holding hands, shut-up, sweat, joyride
Luke Hobbs/Roman Pierce, mouth, bickering, played

Fatal Frame
teen!Akane/teen!Azami, energetic, playful, shadows, ritual
Akito/Kyouka, hairpin, curious, seclusion, photograph
Bloody Kimono/White Kimono, comfort
Choushiro/You, handcuffs, secret, acceptance
Itsuki/Mutsuki, despair, hands, breath
Itsuki/Yae, absolution, adrift, crimson, incomplete
Kaname/Reika, piercing, voice, twilight, departure
Kei/Misaki, ink, miniskirt, pegging
Kirie/Tomoe, sense, cold
Limbo Woman/Sunken Woman, reminiscence, warmth
Madoka/Misaki, toy, friend, special, lighthouse, lies
Madoka/Misaki/Ruka, sleepover, song, memory
Madoka/Ruka, gentle, starlight
Mayu/Mio/Sae, bloody, missing
Mayu/Sae, undertow, dissolve, lost
Miku/Rei, snow, nightmares, sweet, camera, lonely
Mio/Mayu, reward, sympathy.
Misaki/Ruka, surviving, celestial, grounded
Misaki/Sakuya, homecoming, tide, embrace
Miyako/Sae, comfort, trembling, fear.
Reika/Sakuya, coma, longing
Ryozo/Yae, memory, sunlight, married
Sae/Chitose/Yae, seeking.
Sae/Mayu, embrace, completion.
Sae/Yae, purification, forest, cling
Sakuya/You, flower, exile, beach, twisted, prison
Yae/Mio, recollection
older!Yae/older!Chitose, experience, curious, flexible, games, summer.

Felicity (TV Series)
Ben Covington/Felicity Porter, dorm

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)
Cameron Frye/Sloane Peterson, before, detention, camera, cuffed, voyeur, rain, sunscreen, kitchen, quiet, [any]
Jeanie Bueller/boy in police station, jump, kiss, wild, yes
Jeanie Bueller/Cameron Frye, touch, try, warp, gift
Jeanie Bueller/Sloane Peterson, claim

Final Fantasy II
Minwu/Firion, clothing, embrace, night, fragrance, magic, grief, reflection, comfort, vow, admiration

Final Fantasy III
Arc/Luneth, bright, confidence, joining, moon, tales
Ingus/Luneth, display, strength, sun

Final Fantasy IV
Barbariccia/Kain Highwind, clouds, rainfall, pain, sacrifices
Cagnazzo/Kain Highwind, shapeshifter, drowning, King, devour
Cagnazzo/Scarmiglione, rot, earth, teeth, broken
Cecil Harvey/Edward Chris von Muir, lessons, comfort, princely, balcony, bandages
Cecil Harvey/Edward Chris von Muir/Rosa Farrell, distress, moonlight, ballads
Cecil Harvey/Kain Highwind/Rosa Farrell, hiding, healing, repentance, soft
Edge/Rydia, [any]
Edward Chris von Muir/Rydia, whips, magicplay, sweetness, mirror
Luca/Porom, surface, pink, dolls, well-oiled, healing

Final Fantasy V
Bartz/Faris, dress, food, ideas, jobs, magic, nature, system, understanding, warmth

Final Fantasy VI
Celes Chere/Leo Christophe, honor, rumors, experiment, battlefield
Celes Chere/Locke Cole, swords, magic, partnership
Celes Chere/Locke Cole/Setzer Gabbiani, lost, memories, leather, lace, rum, blue, ice, blindfolded
Edgar/Setzer, bet, machinery, grease, faster
Locke Cole/Terra Branford, flight, promises, wild

Final Fantasy VII
Aerith Gainsborough/Tifa Lockhart, flowers
Aerith Gainsborough/Tifa Lockhart/Yuffie Kisarigi, girls-only
Aerith Gainsborough/Tseng, stalking, forbidden, lies
Angeal/Genesis/Sephiroth, rememberance, sorrow, sentiment, passion, love
Barrett Wallace/Tifa Lockhart, mud, grease, iron, peace, phones, roughness
Cid/Vincent Valentine/Yuffie Kisarigi, secrets, wax, falling
Cloud Strife/Tifa Lockhart, butler, bodyguard, orders, loyalty, professionalism, master/servant, boss/employer, tuxedo, princess, knight, corset, dress, chivalry
Cloud Strife/Yuffie Kisarigi, quick hands, revenge, buggy
Elena/Reno, bruised, comfort, dirty, hollow, secrets
Elena/Rude, sunglasses, beer, training, bare-knuckled brawling
Elena/Tseng, bondage, injury, trust, partners, sweet
Kadaj/Loz/Yazoo, bitter, caretaker, together
Kadaj/Rufus, benevolent, father-figure
Reeve Tuesti/Yuffie Kisarigi, secrecy, anger, desks
Reno/Rufus, gunplay
Rufus/Scarlet, abused, desks, fallen, gunplay, left, loveless, power
Scarlet/Vincent Valentine, beast, blood-red, vengeful
Tifa Lockhart/Yuffie Kisarigi, fight

Final Fantasy VIII
Fujin/Quistis Trepe, bite, destiny, discipline, neck, opposite, patch, whip, storm, senses, lost, hidden, rubble, fighting, adrenaline
Fujin/Xu, discipline
Ellone/Irvine Kinneas, memories, blue, gratitude, dancing, fancy clothes, first, finally
Irvine Kinneas/Selphie Tilmitt/Zell Dincht, cards, party, mission, rebuilding, home
Ellone/Squall Leonhart, no gravity, softness, right, wrong
Quistis Trepe/Rinoa Heartilly, authority, confusion, display, electricity, feathers, glasses, hair, spark, stroke, whip, snuggles, sleepy, unexpected, seaside, recovering
Quistis Trepe/Rinoa Heartilly/Selphie Tilmitt, fantasy, journey
Quistis Trepe/Rinoa Heartilly/Squall Leonhart, resolution, jealousy, rescue, wicked
Quistis Trepe/Selphie Tilmitt, racing, yellow, flirt, affection, fantasy, glasses, hair, ice, magic, quaking, respect, teaching, trains, whip
Quistis Trepe/Xu, control, friends, learning, roommates, whip
Rinoa Heartilly/Selphie Tilmitt, celebration, cute, dancing, feathers, fire, nails, party, sleep, trains, warm
Rinoa Heartilly/Squall Leonhart, sorcery, soulbound, meadow, minds, sub/dom
Seifer Almasy/Zell Dincht, suck, wuss, shadowboxing, blood, travel
Squall Leonhart, driving, stars, night, blades, fighting
Squall Leonhart/Zell Dincht, blood, pain, foodplay, laughter

Final Fantasy IX
Beatrix/Freya, bladeplay, fighting, post-battle, rain, respect, training
Beatrix/Garnet, jewels, leader, loyalty, necklace, oath, protection, respect, royalty, power
Beatrix/Lani, enemies, fight
Beatrix/Ruby, strangers
Beatrix/Steiner, passion, unleashed, caged
Eiko/Garnet, heritage, magic, royalty, summon
Eiko/Mikoto, learning, new
Freya/Zidane, hidden, friendship,
Garnet/Lani, prisoner
Garnet/Ruby, acting, play
Mikoto/Ruby, teaching

Final Fantasy X/X-2
Balgerda/Doram, Blitzball, games, play, training, water, wet
Dona/Lulu, belts, control, gags, penance, punishment, silence
Elma/Lucil, aftermath, Calm, captain, chocobos, duty, follow, respect, vacation, Yevon
Ginnem/Lulu, guardian
Isaaru/Yuna, emptiness
LeBlanc/Yuna, fan, massage, sphere
Lulu/Paine, belts, differences, fury, temper
Lulu/Rikku, belts, confused, electricity, elemental, magic, prejudice, secrets, slow, thunder, toys
Lulu/Rikku/Yuna, agency, fun, machine, travelling
Lulu/Tidus/Wakka, suggestion, once
Lulu/Wakka, water, ball, undress
Lulu/Yuna, belts, Calm, confidence, duty, faith, goodbye, guardian, holy, magic, praying, respect, silence, toys, Yevon
Nhadala/Yuna, fan, favour
Paine/Nooj, iron, danger, heat
Paine/Rikku, aftermath, airship, Al-Bhed, begging, blitzball, bondage, crush, flirting, full-throttle, hunt, machines, respect, respect-points, scarf, sky, spanking, thunder, machina, discovery, sugar
Paine/Rikku/Yuna, fame, hot-spring, hunting, luck, positions, privileges, secrets, showtime, treasures
Paine/Yuna, confusion, falling, quiet, silence, slow, strength
Rikku/Yuna, calm, comfort, dancing, darkness, gifts, green, gunplay, lightning, machine, magic, music, protect, rescue, secrets, stealing, thunder
Shelinda/Yuna, help, interview, magic
Tidus/Yuna dream, pyreflies, water

Final Fantasy XI
Abquhbah/Naja Salaheem, spikes, mace, service
Star Sybil/Semih Lafinah, dream, tail, ears, warmth
Prishe/Ulmia, song, dedication, empty

Final Fantasy XII/Revenant Wings
Al-Cid/Larsa, lies, walls
Al-Cid/Vayne, snark, politics
Alja/Nera, quiet
Ashe/Balthier, clandestine, hidden, affair, comfort, cuckold, royal court, disguises, freedom, balcony, consort
Ashe/Basch, negotiations
Ashe/Drace, authority, privileges, respect
Ashe/Fran, collars, control, deliberate, fast, fighting, respect, ship, slow, struggle, haste, sap, wine, ownership, laughter, envy
Ashe/Fran/Penelo, service, outdoors
Ashe/Penelo, affection, command, dance, knifeplay, protect, wish, desert, servant
Ashe/Rasler, wedding night, fear, passion, imperfection, duty bound, practice, lessons, patience, plans, shyness, blushing
Ashe/Vayne, convenience, politics, submission/domination, obedience, imperial, status, humiliation, rope, discipline,
Balthier/Fran, flying, building, science, loss
Balthier/Fran/Penelo, arrangement,warmth, wilderness
Balthier/Penelo, casual, spark, rough, anxiety, morose
Balthier/Vaan, learning, bondage, humiliation
Basch/Noah, blade, need, bite, mirror, sleepless, always
Basch/Vossler, sparring, leather, collar, heat, wine, stubble, grasp, sand, violence, callus, trust, understanding, bonding, sparring, battle, loyalty, chivalry, tension, sand
Drace/Fran, control
Elza/Fran, pirates
Filo/Penelo, giggle
Fran/Penelo, aid, assist, battle, biting, blushing, bubbles, claim, claws, clothes, comfort, confusion, crying, dancing, distance, ears, fascination, fear, flying, hair, healing, hoverbike, knifeplay, lost, magic, marking, mist, nails, nature, pleasure, quiet, share, shiver, silence, simplicity, sky, skyships, slow, strong, teaching, tied-up, touch, young, hot springs, forest, element, green
Larsa/Basch, armor, command, fealty, impatience, imperious, loyalty, patience, service, stripped
Lluyd/Vaan, feathers, novelty, curiosity, exotic, tickling, exploration, emotions, comparisons,
Mjrn/Penelo, learning, new

Final Fantasy XIII
Cid/Rygdea, guns, trust,
Fang/Lightning, fight, comrades, battle, shower
Fang/Lightning/Vanille, share, fight, tease, welcome, beach, enchanted, aggression, bound, share
Fang/Vanille, history, past, meld, camp, shelter, blanket
Hope/Lightning, leadership, gunblades, clothing
Hope/Snow, ribbons, smile, rocks, size, protect, magic, laughter
Jihl/Vanille, chains, ice, possession
Lightning/Serah/Snow, secrets, family, friendship, loss, sunshine
Lightning/Snow, violence, stone, ocean
Lightning/Vanille, quiet, bondage, screaming, forgiveness
Nabaat/Sazh, mind fuck, death, blackmail
Serah/Vanille, hidden, milkshake, blush, sweet

Final Fantasy: Dissidia
Bartz/Squall, clouds, feather, flight, protection, travel, understanding, weather
Bartz/Warrior of Light, helmet, light, sight, sun
Terra/Vaan, guidance, protection, safety

Final Fantasy Tactics
Agrias/Mustadio, crush, fury, biting
Agrias/Ramza, loss, hunger, destiny
Delita/Ramza, class, forgiveness, armor

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
older!Luso/Cid, all grown up, reunion
older!Luso/Cid/older!Adelle, matchmaker, trickery

Fire and Hemlock - Diana Wynne Jones
Polly Whittacker/Thomas Lynn, heroic, secrets, night, fairy tales, adult

Fire Emblem
Astrid/Gatrie, gorgeous, daring, common, dance
Black Knight/Micaiah, bare, silver, ice
Boyd/Mist, hide-away, careful
Florina/Lyn, pegasus, plains, wind
Haar/Jill, nap, irresponsible
Heather/Nephenee, flirt, thief, shield, coin
Hector/Lyn, wrestle, stubborn, challenge, tumble, embarrass
Ike/Soren, domestic, bruise, size, wait, curl, past
Jill/Lethe, compromise, training, growl
Karel/Karla, swords, emotion
Lehran/Sanaki, submission, trust, fire, goddess, teach
Mildain/Percival, silk, ribbons, darkness
Nailah/Rafiel, gold, heat, sugar, sunlight
Sephiran/Zelgius, fragile, blindfold

Fire From Heaven - Mary Renault
Alexander/Hephaistion, sword, bow, wrestle, lyre, thigh, arm, hand, finger

Hoban Washburne/Zoe Alleyne Washburne, decide, dream, dress, flower, hair, play, dangerous, hard, skill, fly, wind, gift, parting, wind, ring, scrap, junkyard, recycle, engine, vacation, warrior-woman, dominant, wash, wish, command, obey, roles
Inara Serra/Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam, gift
Inara Serra/Kaylee Frye, grease, tools, volume, stairs, luxury, detail, tears, curtain, grass, scars
Inara Serra/Kaylee Frye/River Tam, tea ceremony, incense, ensory deprivation, feeling, shuttle, silk, dressup, luxury, planetside, rain, dancing, trust, fingers, drawing, anatomy study, tongue, scent, bathing
Inara Serra/Mal Reynolds, tea, gown, sword, exception, war stories, escape, space, Serenity, unexpected, scent, ruby, silk, candles
Inara Serra/Mal Reynolds/Simon Tam, allure, manners, invitation
Inara Serra/Malcolm Reynolds, always needed you here, emotions, protect, words, peace, makes her lose control, can't think, lose myself in you, let yourself feel
Inara Serra/Saffron, hair pulling, training, history, oil, bound, old friends, rivalries, revenge, struggle, knockout, lipstick, bruises, bloodplay, training, academy
Inara Serra/Simon Tam, patient, snark, missing, ache, remember, refine, silk tie, seduction, decorum
Inara Serra/Zoe Alleyne-Washburne, grief, consolation, rough, anger, control, bondage, hurt/comfort, breathing
Jayne Cobb/Inara Serra, point, Vera
Jayne Cobb/Malcolm Reynolds, insomnia, ship, party, gun, sorry, marooned, arms, bunk, floor, fist, wall, future, bender, itch, cough
Jayne Cobb/River Tam, confusing, mind, broken, weapon, realization, kiss, intellect, instinct, spar, bloody, psychic, fighting, blade, weapon, kiss, airlock
Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam, Canton, outskirts, fancy, sly, wife, crave, scent, leather, signs, apples, scars, beg, drunk, impressive, smoke, satisfied, debauch, bruises, precision, beard-burn, rope, patience
Kaylee Frye/Malcolm Reynolds, trust
Kaylee Frye/River Tam, machine, oil, massage, hands, toys, strawberries, ice cubes, pushy, healing, love, shower
Kaylee Frye/Simon Tam, engine, oil, scrub, sew, nurse, first, core, medicine, engine, grease, crisp, buttons, lace
Malcolm Reynolds/Hoban Washburne, indecipherable, clueless, sharp, give, navigate, delay
Malcolm Reynolds/Inara Serra, bare, foofaraw, scarlet
Malcolm Reynolds/River Tam, dance, gentle, quick
Malcolm Reynolds/River Tam, wall, anger, box, metal, protect, hunger
Malcolm Reynolds/Saffron, why-not
Malcolm Reynolds/Simon Tam, finery, pretend, boyfriends, kidnapping, universe, risk, trust, heat, shower, metal, equation, dirt, sweet, slow, kiss, thigh, obey, bed, wrist 
River Tam/Simon Tam, exhilaration, hope, waltz, soft, linger, memories

First Encounter Assault Recon (F.E.A.R.)
Paxton Fettel/Point Man, gorn, incest, obsession, mindscrew

First Monday (Drama)
Jerry Klein/Julian Lodge, unexpected, heterosexual, after-work, reunion

Flander's Point - Jacquie Gordon
Brian Parton/Charlotte Delafield, saving, water, classroom, Boston, England, boat, drowing, rescue, bra-less, temptation

Janis/Maya, [any]

Donna Sabine/Ed Lane, steam, shot, hands
Donna Sabine/Jules Callahan, hair, repel, locker room
Donna Sabine/Sam Braddock, transference, thigh holster, switch
Ed Lane/Greg Park, catch, hotel, rope
Ed Lane/Greg Park/Jules Callahan, catch, protocols, locker room
Ed Lane/Jules Callahan, bar, bruises, control
Greg Park/Jules Callahan, failures, anonymous
Kira Marlowe/Winnie Camden, telepathy
Lewis Young/Spike Scarlatti, vacation

Mamimi/Haruko, autumn, windy, public, exhibitionism
Naota/Mamimi, loneliness

Flipped - Wendelin Van Draanen
Juli/Bryce, first times, trees, summer camp, discovery

Football Cops
C.J. Hunter/Mike Tahoe, football, car chase, quiet, hate, orphan, quickie, badge, shaving, justice, team sport

Nick/Sean, hunger, road, backseat, sleepy, silent, motel, dust, possessive

Four Rooms
Angela/Siegfried/Ted, game

Frankenstein – Nick Dear
The Creature/Victor Frankenstein, revenge, love, understanding, crave, icy, beauty

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley
The Creature/Frankenstein, literature, studied, path, need, cool, reaching, worth

Frasier Crane/Lillith Sternin, [any]
Daphne Moon/Niles Crane, flavors, pain, salty, tattoo
Niles Crane/Roz Doyle, [any]

Freaks and Geeks
Daniel/Kim, Gremlin, slower
Kim/Lindsay, envy, jacket, wish

Friday Night Lights
Becky Sproles/Luke Cafferty, date, drunk, farm, feel, kiss, caress, blush, tease, breast, longing, strip, leave, uniform, still, ring, prom, family, slow, locker-room, oral, bleachers, hood-of-truck, baby, jersey, drunk, beer, ride-home, cornfield, football-field, wedding, stars, truckbed, valentine
Becky Sproles/Tim Riggins, family, grown up, visit, letter, home, cheat, first, longing, lust, wet, oral, save
Buddy Garrity Jr./Hastings Ruckle, drunk, kiss, lipstick, key
Billy Riggins/Mindy Collette, wanna
Eric Taylor/Tami Taylor, mine, field, empty nest, wine, win, state, hotel, vacation, bossy, sugar, office, spice, home, accidental, backseat, bleachers, grass, campus
Jess Merriweather/Vince Howard, history, loss, bus, interrupted, football, fight, cry, fear, family, virginity, flick, bite, wager, locker room, reunion
Julie Taylor/Tim Riggins, first, pink, quite, run, letter, truck, safety, lonely, hotel
Julie Taylor/Landry Clarke , spring-break, whatever
Lyla Garrity/Matt Saracen, innocent, dare, locker room, forbidden
Lyla Garrity/Tim Riggins, stairs, run, forever, hot, rain, kiss, feather, flask, call, visit, dream, beer, forever, heat, fire, belonging, go, dance, miss, party, soft, story, stuck, sweat, tremble, wind
Lyla Garrity/Tyra Collette, dare, dress, grind, ponytail
Matt Saracen/Julie Taylor, skyline, honeymoon, silence
Matt Saracen/Tim Riggins, Texas forever, another day, long goodbye, silver, roadtrip, thick
Matt Saracen/Tyra Collette, angry, stubble, quiet, weird
Tim Riggins/Lyla Garrity, heartache, broken, jersey, breathless
Tim Riggins/Tyra Collette, rocks, summer, kiss, truck, blanket, cliffs, heat, escape, farm, small town, leaving, bittersweet, lazy, sofa, skinny-dipping, Indian summer, ice cream, tequila, hips, camping, struggle, letter, rough, mirror, tongue, caress, lust, reunited, drunk, remembrance, future, camping, tangle, flirting, tease, submission, stilettos, rescue, claiming, wall, strip, wager, first, ride, rub, holiday, cunnilingus, sweat, Coke

Friends (TV Series)
Chandler Bing/Eddie Menuek, replacement
Chandler Bing/Monica Geller, flexible, kitchen, tomorrow, beginning, sneaking around, hair, smile
Joey Tribbiani/Rachel Green, if
Joey Tribbiani/Ross Geller, [any], porn

Amy Jessup/Nick Lane, strength, faith, alternate, empathy, history, teacher, rules, unexpected, bond, united
Astrid Farnsworth/alt!Astrid Farnsworth, understand, support, curiosity, eyes,
Astrid Farnsworth/Olivia Dunham, decryption, crush, code, tall, fpreg, gloves, centrifuge, car, girls-night, console, dark, lab, nails, pretty, lips, smile, drugs, poison, sex-pollen, cure, glass, loss, sense, lessons, crush, mistake, accident, superior, car, guns, frustration, superior, drunk, espresso, massage, connection, missing
Astrid Farnsworth/Alt!Olivia Dunham, distraction, boredom, lust, restless, impatient, surprise, test, hide, pass, control, skin
Astrid Farnsworth/Walter Bishop, madness, age, careful, adore, science, sweets, astride, names, secret, care, drugs, asssist
alt!Astrid Farnsworth/Olivia Dunham, connection, fabric, numbers, choice, muscle, memory, void
alt!Astrid Farnsworth/alt!Olivia Dunham, dark, control, misunderstanding, touch, no touch, gloves,
Charlie Francis/Olivia Dunham, wife, partner, memories, choice, dimensions, life, partners, Peter, reassurance, stakeout
Charlie Francis/Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop, desperate, driven, stability
Charlie Francis/Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, angle, parallels
Esther Figglesworth/Olivia Dunham, case, working late, first aid, tend, lipstick, heels, assistance, phone, dancing, darkness, desk, fedora, heels, lipstick, loyalty, music, noir, office, overcast, overdue, partner, pearls, phone, photograph, pin curls, satin, silver screen, touch, trench coat, warmth, whiskey, working late
Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, glasses, memory, understanding, work, pretend
Lincoln Lee/alt!Olivia Dunham, sacrifice, regret, glue
alt!Lincoln Lee/alt!Olivia Dunham, together, team, boss, real, care, attack, mine, glee, technology, control
alt!Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, different, adrenaline, lies, better, bridge
Nick Lane/Olivia Dunham, lost, partners, trust
Nina Sharp/everyone, demand
Nina Sharp/Olivia Dunham, mechanical, mentor, questions, arm, touch, eye-fucking, top
Fringe, Nina Sharp/Walter Bishop, friends only, old, bones, in the name of science
Olivia Dunham/Alt!Olivia Dunham, differences, confinement, similarities, masturbation, gun, frustration, double, morning, forest, different, shirt
Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop, memories, history, honesty, ominous, pancakes, ice, novel, rain, martini, frantic, sunglasses, light, foggy, compass, confusion, color, lipstick, sweets, comfort, hands, The Machine, married, loud, lab, lake, weaponized, mine, quantum entanglement, office, LSD, rebuilding, other side, always, ballroom, quiet, evening, uncertainty, fantasy, rescue, home, lipstick, freckle, t-shirt, curious, consequence, jacket, suction, parallel, inescapable, polygon, scruff, glow, safe, tulip, forgotten, whisper
Olivia/projection!Peter, nightmare, alone, whispers, peacoat, shower

From Beyond
Bubba/Crawford/Katherine, recuperate, open road
Crawford/Pretorius, voyeurism, interruption, argument, chastity belt, vore

Frontier Wolf - Rosemary Sutcliff
Alexios/Hilarion, laughter, freckled, smile, summer, warm, grass

Fruits Basket
Hatori Sohma/Mayuko Shiraki, Okinawa, beach, room
Kazuma Sohma/Saki Hanajima, work
Yuki Sohma/Machi Kuragi, key

Fugitive Kind – Tennessee Williams
Leo Gwendlebaum/OFC, college
Leo Gwendlebaum/OMC, date

Full House (1987/ABC)
Jesse/Rebecca, honeymoon, roses, date, seduction, song

Full House (Korean drama)
Ji Eun/Young Jae, apron, glasses, song, media, wedding, tent

Fullmetal Alchemist (and FMA: Brotherhood)
adult!Alphonse Elric/adult!May Chang, lessons, hands, admiration, sweets, pulse, tactile
Edward Elric/Greed!Ling, want, bruise, tricks, electric, tease, strength, confusion
Edward Elric/Greed, push, bite, secrets, metallic, capture, equivalent exchange
Edward Elric/Ling Yao, trust, experiences, teamwork, bickering, companionship, journey, train, snow
Envy/Any, tentacles
Envy/Greed, blood-bond, caged, claws, cross, drug, mocking, monster
Envy/Lust, bitter, blood-bond, comfort, eye-of-god, prize, throne
Envy/Lust/Greed, brand, deserved, lash, taste, tied, torn
Envy/Roy, bitch, gunsucking
Heymans Breda/Jean Havoc, academy, waiting
Kimblee/Roy Mustang, volatile
Kimblee/Scar, burn, vengeance, victorious, violate
Lan Fan/Ling Yao, home, honor, protection, need, fondness, laughter, synergy, adrenaline, silk
Lan Fan/Ling Yao/adult!May Chang, clash, order, bath, heal, sting, alliance
Lan Fan/Winry Rockbell, feather, liaisons, favors, soft, repair, care
Maes Hughes/Roy Mustang, partners, stability, amusement, intimate, support, heat, temptation, chains, comfort, covet, fate, heat, pride, shame, stolen, wounded
Miles/Scar, forge, brothers, memory, experience, reverence, unity
Olivier Armstrong/Buccaneer, worship, reunion, ravish, demanding
Olivier Armstrong/Miles, orders, power, crave, bond
Olivier Armstrong/Riza Hawkeye, relief, curves, warmth, fierce, bliss
Olivier Armstrong/Scar, absolution, splinter, lethal, exhilaration
Paninya/Winry Rockbell, hips, exhaustion, metal, distraction, passion
Riza Hawkeye/Roy Mustang, sync, constant, scars, devoted, tattoo, burn, sight, possession, rain, wedding
Scar/Adult!Winry, revengesex

Fushigi Yuugi
Nakago/Hotohori, enemies, equals, pride, honor
Nakago/Tomo, night, hidden, healing, strength
Suzaku/Hotohori, prayer, manifestation, fire, divine
Suzaku/Seiryuu, fight, kiss, opposite

Amy Wong/Philip J. Fry, the moon, date, silk, kinky
Leela/Philip J. Fry, big, lies, follow, mean, weird, expert, return, memory, scar, aliens made us do it, tentacles, stars

Gabriel/Michael, beloved, mentor, obey, tattoo, trust, twist

Game of Thrones
Arya Stark/Gendry, best, high-born, pact, practice
Arya Stark/Joffrey, grown, knife, pull
Arya Stark/Jon Snow, blush, dawn, eyelash, legitimate, sister, spring
Catelyn Stark/Cersei Lannister, beautiful, unlucky
Catelyn Stark/Jaime Lannister, anger, ghosts, loss, shackles, the seven
Catelyn Stark/Jon Snow, loyalty, motherly, wrong
Catelyn Stark/Ned Stark, AU where he takes the black, babymaking, cold, comfort, compromise, curses, furs, godswood, King’s Landing, Littlefinger, loyalty, mother, new, rule, secret, sharing, spring, winter
Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister, bloodshed, discovery, family, finery, only one I see, possess, queen, sword, tower, understand, war
Cersei Lannister/Ned Stark, alliances, coercion, favours, fury, hatesex, honesty, mercy, open, political, what if
Cersei Lannister/Sansa Stark, claiming, family tradition, magic, tears, tender, throne, womanhood, [any]
Cersei/Daenerys, [any]
Daenerys Targaryen/Doreah, comfort, dragons, first, night, rough, secret, teacher, teaching, tease, worship
Daenerys/Doreah/Drogo, curiosity, discovery, fire, hot, learning, loud, play, shelter, teaching, wink
Daenerys/Drogo, hair, hot, routine, skins, smoke, surprise
Daenerys/Jon Snow, arranged, curiosity, scorch
Daenerys/Jorah, bath, books, burn, candle, ice, voice
Daenerys/Sansa, dragon, escape, firelight, freedom, refuge, saddle, slave, whipping
Daenerys Targaryen/Jorah Mormont, bold, dragon, lightning, need, outside, overwhelming, river, storm
Daenerys/Tyrion, dragons, heat, queens, size
Daenerys Targaryen/Viserys Targaryen, blinding, desire, measure, morning, stop, submit, uncomfortable, waking, wrong
Eddard Stark/Jorah Mormont, blade, power, ring
Jamie Lannister/Jorah Mormont, blindfold, temptation
Jamie Lannister/Tyrion Lannister, armor, beauty, grudge
Joffrey/Sansa, hate, silk, time
Jon Snow/Jorah Mormont, kiss, kneel, thorns
Jon Snow/Robb Stark, AU, rain
Jon Snow/Samwell Tarly, charge, cold, convincing, desperate, favour, forbidden, solace, unexpected
Jon Snow/Tyrion Lannister, bastard, dirty talk, freeze, learning, virginity
Loras Tyrell/Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)/Renly Baratheon, captivity, crown, political, scheming
Loras Tyrell/Renly Baratheon, garden, knife play, lake, roses, secret, shaving, sun, worship
Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)/Sansa Stark, fairytales, fight, liar, redhead
Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)/Varys, hands, information, pleasure, power, two-faced, whispers
Ros/Tyrion Lannister, pregnant, quiet
Sandor Clegane/Sansa Stark, ashes, beauty, fire, flight, godswood, possessive, restraint, reward, shame, shelter, song
Sansa/Tyrion, [any]

Albert/Eugenie, fruit, golden, roses, song
Albert/Eugenie/Franz, car, dance, ghost, picnic, sand, triad
Albert/Franz, fencing, intoxication, Luna, pirate, trust

Angela/Broadway, flight, mate, poetry, premature
Elisa/Goliath, difficulty, gentle, human, new, romance, touch
Fox/Puck/Xanatos, adventure, cunning, magic
Fox/Xanatos, foreplay, fun, roleplay

Garrow’s Law
Garrow/Silvester, banter, defeat, drink, friend, humility

Jerome/Vincent, back, effort, pleasure, wanting

Gemma Doyle Trilogy - Libba Bray
Ann/Felicity, [any]
Ann/Gemma, [any]
Ann/Pippa, [any]
Felicity/Gemma, [any]
Felicity/Pippa, [any]
Gemma/Pippa, [any]
Mary/Sarah, [any], then

General Hospital
Brenda Barrett/Jasper Jacks, magic
Carly/Elizabeth, hate!sex
Carly/Jason/Sam, obsession, voyeur
Coleman Radcliffe/Skye Chandler, better
Dante Falconeri/Maxie Jones, rum
Elizabeth/Emily, brownies, first, mourning
Elizabeth/Emily/Lucky, musketeers, Wyndamere
Elizabeth/Nikolas, forbidden, fire, pain
Elizabeth Webber/Ric Lansing, break
Elizabeth/Sam, hate!sex
Ethan Lovett/Johnny Zacchara/Kristina Davis, faith
Ethan Lovett/Kristina Davis, defiance, everything, darkness, plea, sweet, wrong
Johnny/Lulu, remember, shower, kiss, public
Lucky Spencer/Maxie Jones, gone
Lucky/Sam, I always knew, open the door, try a little tenderness, trust, familiar, champagne, bikini
Lulu/Maxis, friends with benefits

Generation Kill
Brad Colbert/Evan Wright, ballerina, craving, how it is, sunset
Brad Colbert/girl!Ray Person, [any], driven, rain, shadows, sunset, warmth
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, after-effects, alias, alpha male, badass, battle, body armor, broken, cat, cease fire, cheeky, desert, England, escape, exhausted, fallacy, farm, first time, grass-stains, immortal, intent, laughter, mark, medieval, need, outer space, prison break, restraint, robot, ruins, shotgun, side, snark, surprised, tattoo, temptation, thunder, travel, uniform, university, valor, vampire, victory, Viking, vineyard, wild thing, wind, wing, Roman, control, brawl, enjoy, reunion, backseat, campus, undignified, relentless, possessive, rumpled, anticipation, off-limits, forbidden, claim, attack, taste, determined, sly, competence, stealth, stranded, steel, rage, pursue, grab, clever, ritual, trust, training, stark, composed, armor, rage, leadership, drunk, conflict, physical, self-discipline, ascetic, severe, bond, warrior, impasse, aftermath, loyalty, rumors, jealousy, fealty, motorcycle, inscrutable, contradiction, kept, prerogative, survivor, scars, courage, honor, noble, nobility, skill, experimentation, skin, diplomatic, subtle, mission, edge, stubborn, hunting, pride, wait, shield, test, balance, blunt, regs, want, judgment, grind, rimming, grit, hold, sink, precise, invitation, code, hunger, rendezvous, reputation, challenge, competitive, efficient, brothers-in-arms, one-up, finesse, behind enemy lines, self-reliance, ambition, covet, tension, spar, hand-to-hand, bossy, fervor, calculated, professionalism, beer, libo, raw, loner, chill, indulge, strength, road-trip, supernatural, hands, ink, vampires, shower, suppress, go, want, viable, plan, jaw, surf, ride, ocean, silence, rope, swear, dawn,
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick/Ray Person, alone, sand, watch, Youtube, porn, love, mine, distance, I’m sorry
Brad Colbert/Ray Person, [any], canvas, dust, sleep, soft, strange, Sunday, white, black-tie, family guy, nerd, phone cord, manhandle, domestic, gag, road trip, bendy motherfucker, before, after, inflatable sheep, insanity, UCMJ, NJP, DADT, brisket
Brad Colbert/Ray Person/OFC, [any], beer, linen, love songs, thunder
Brad Colbert/Tony “Poke” Espera, bond, help
Brad Colbert/Walt Hasser, advice, dirty, home, laugh, shower, trouble
Evan Wright/Ray Person, catnip, fuck-up, tool, fire
Nate Fick/Ray Person, adrenaline, darling, stains, Mexico, cigarette, crimson, winter, blue, hollow, stone, mark, park, grape, buckle, playground, the odd couple
Nate Fick/Walt Hasser, bird, sugar, down, doll, chronicle, mark, surprise, spoiled, milking, morning, attention, dizzy
Ray Person/Rudy Reyes, gossip, fruit, high school, body conscious, roommates, insomnia, fight club
Ray Person/Walt Hasser, aliens, invasion, steampunk, kite, whistle, near, dress blues, teenage dirtbag, Taylor Swift, fraternity, tequila

Ban/Ginji, backseat, outdoors, lightening, time, violence, safety, darkness
Himiko/any, poison, youth, bitter, strength, peace
Madoka/Shido, home, delicate, musical, bite
MakubeX/Sakura, comfort, knowledge, innocence, silk

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Batou/Makoto, masquerade, plugged-in, unseen

Ghost Trick
Cabanela/Yomiel, gunshot, enemy, suave, psychic

Ghost World (movie)
Enid/Rebecca, bored, dress-up, share
Gilmore Girls
Christopher/Lorelai, CDs, dinner, divorce, history, marry, mistake, tequila
Dean Forester/Rory Gilmore, ice-cream, car
Jess/Logan, fast, hard, fight, strike, push, slow, gentle, surprise
Jess/Rory, marriage, beginning, gentle, books, improved, smile
Logan Huntzberger/Rory Gilmore, last time, prove, wedding, hate
Marty/Paris, second best, fucking, forgiveness
Paris/Rory, first, spring break, submission, toys
Paris/Tristan, kiss, innocence, time, desire, waiting, adulthood

Ginger Snaps
Brigitte/Ginger, blood, den, mouth, heat, secret, hollow, rage, taste, run, wolfsbane, bite, wild, pack, broken, lick

Hijikata/Okita, banter, desperation, blood, loyalty, home, soap-operas
Kagura/Okita, kiss, fight, destruction, strength, space
Kotaro Katsura/Sakata Gintoki, injured, name, defeat, resilient, forgetting, parfait
Mutsu/Takuma Sakamoto, office, missing
Otose/Sakata Gintoki, payment
Sagaru Yamazaki/Toshiro Hijikata, ignore
Sakata Gintoki/Tsukuyo, sober

Girl Genius
Agatha/Gil/Tarvek, experiment, work, benevolent ruler, harem, bed

Glass Fleet
Cleo/Racine, satin, ballgown, blades, oaths
Eckardo/Elvira/Magnus, waiting, water, celebration, wounds, peace
Michel/Vetti, duel, wistful, heat, obsession
Racine/Vetti, aftermath, wine, wings, forgiveness
Ralph/Vetti, roses, velvet, bath, music

April Rhodes/Emma Pillsbury, live, try, flight, sing, wish
Artie Abrams/Sam Evans, experiment, lips
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel, AU, werewolf, knotting, bottomKurt, backseat, sweat, erotic asphyxiation, perfect, rimming, Skype, spanking, Streisand, tipsy, sugar, tatto, flag, mark, fever, cage, climbing on furniture, sexy, alcohol, blowjobs, kinky, first, voyeur
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel/Rachel Berry, education, follow the leader, partnership
Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel/Sam Evans, birthday, dream, fight, comfort, hair, sharing, companions
Brittany Pierce/Finn Hudson, fumble, secret, kiss, lap dance, snow
Brittany Pierce/Jesse St. James, WebCam, interview, suck, squirt, hair, behind
Brittany Pierce/Matt Rutherford, phone call, drunk, wink, football field, masturbation
Brittany Pierce/Mike Chang, twister (the game), rebounding, hands, tease
Brittany Pierce/Noah Puckerman, virginity, cute, date, locker room, late, ice cube, pant, tickle, hands, costume, mistake, revenge, strip, anal, stilettos, commando, skinny dipping, playful, rush, rain, dance, tease, tangle, bath, soft, performance, public, flirt, sext
Brittany Pierce/Noah Puckerman/Santana Lopez, wash, vacation, tease, tangle, closet, food, torn, phone, lick, costume, mistaken identity, cheat, revenge, dream, bound, blind, drunk, trip, caught, jealousy, watch, hidden
Brittany Pierce/Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopez, sleepover
Brittany/Rachel/Santana, daydream, combat, shave, shock, nail polish
Brittany Pierce/Sam Evans, oral, foreplay, spin-the-bottle, hands
Brittany Pierce/Santana Lopez, linger, break, blush, wet, soft, kiss, tender, tongue, lust, longing, masturbation, toys, shots, vacation, dance, dance fever, saying goodbye, trading clothes, motocross, reverse, rails, working, practice, snuggle, athletic, stretch, lick, pet, please, temperature, nurse, beret, splash, boredom, celestial, locker room, pyramid, Joni Mitchell, mirrors, beg, tease, pillow fight, sleep over, party, dressing up, teasing, in public, desk/chair sex, bite, rough, bound, spank, costume, tattoo, punish, afar, leather, body shots, love, sext, New York, dancing, magic
Brittany Pierce/Tina Cohen-Chang, gesture, like, want, specific, kiss
Bryan Ryan/Will Schuester, adrenaline, competition, done
Dave Karofsky/Kurt Hummel, worship, prove, slick, Fancy, stage, locker room, football uniform, curtains, dressing room, parking, h/c, coming out, slushies
Dave Karofsky/Sam Evans, webcam, prostitute, anonymous
Dave Karofsky/Santana Lopez, confusion, mistake
Finn Hudson/Jesse St. James, fight, frantic, jealousy
Finn Hudson/Noah Puckerman, hanging out, bros, bros before hos, games, practice, dirty, showers, ride
Finn Hudson/Noah Puckerman/Santana Lopez, tug-o-war, drunk, watch, wall, memories, share, feather, flick, double, dance
Finn Hudson/Sam Evans, shower, college, secret, tongue
Finn Hudson/Santana Lopez, bathroom, affair, strip, tie, naughty, holiday, costume, heels, public, table, fingers, cuddle, honeymoon, hot tub, breakdown, flirting
Jesse St. James/Rachel Berry, metronome, scarf, tempo, waltz, call, chorus, baby steps, fly, bright lights, hidden, city girl, malleable, charmed
Jesse St. James/Sam Evans, cheat, serenade
Jesse St. James/Santana Lopez, revenge, college, blackmail, tutor, lick, hair, moan, rough, bound, bite
Kurt Hummel/Mercedes Jones, fantasy, secrets, reunion, no questions asked
Kurt Hummel/Rachel Berry, for good, endings, New York
Kurt Hummel/Sam Evans, fashion, mistake, motel
Lauren Zizes/Mercedes Jones, turn, slap, cuddle
Lauren Zizes/Noah Puckerman, knee, oral, stroke, hey big woman you made a bad boy outta me, badass, cocktease, woman on top, lips, love bites, wrestling, are you an angel?
Matt Rutherford/Mike Chang, language, secret, dance steps, best friend, lines
Matt Rutherford/Santana Lopez, first, visit, football field, goodbye, phone, backseat, cheat, skin, swim, dressing room, underwear
Mercedes Jones/Noah Puckerman, blues, reconciliation, different this time, tease
Mercedes Jones/Quinn Fabray, body, whisper, tight, bed-sharing, intimate, belly, sleep over
Mercedes Jones/Rachel Berry/Sam Evans, vandalism, drunk, prom, shenanigans
Mercedes Jones/Sam Evans, firsts, drive, breasts, call, hotel, laugh, stargazing, simple, never
Mercedes Jones/Santana Lopez, [any], feed, wrestle, velvet, diva-off, weirdest date ever, rehearsal, backstage, late, tension, tongue, fingers, release, grab
Mercedes Jones/Tina Cohen-Chang, clothes, hair-pulling, show, fumbling, limits
Mike Chang/Quinn Fabray, soft, silk, taste, bath, heels
Noah Puckerman/Quinn Fabray, daylight, want, bleachers, ride, tease, red
Noah Puckerman/Quinn Fabray/Sam Evans, desire, try, tease, watch
Noah Puckerman/Rachel Berry, bossy, field, easy, lessons, needy, pull, ribbon, socks, tease, wet, wax, worship, moan, dirty, theater, play, flowers, food, picture, cry, party, speech, tight, trapped, bite
Noah Puckerman/Rachel Berry/Santana Lopez, habit, caress, elevator, unrequited, fantasy, anal, lust, linger, lace, spank, strip, dance, one-up-manship
Noah Puckerman/Sam Evans, angel/demon, mouth, tennis balls, short-shorts
Noah Puckerman/Santana Lopez, 69, biting, costumes, dare, drunk, exhibitionism, foreplay, handcuffs, hickey, inappropriate, leather, loud, park, phone, power struggle, public, revenge, skinny dipping, teasing, video, first, honeymoon, hot tub, tug, cheat, secret, tickle, taste, anal, lace, cuffs, text, public, stress, tease, arouse, watch, touch, car, breast, hard, dirty talk, spank, Stilettos, control, denial, roommates, quick, angry, dominate, detention, dressing room, rough
Noah Puckerman/Will Schuester, knee, talk, later
Future!Quinn Fabray/future!Rachel Berry, rivalry, teachers, continue
Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry/Will Schuester, share, divorce, family, second chance, convince, tender, young, soft, smiles, lace, reaffirmation, addiction
Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopez, practice, strap-on, soft
Quinn Fabray/Will Schuester, life, love, admissions
Rachel Berry/Santana Lopez, admire, regret, drunk, wall, tingle, shower, caress, secret, torn, friends-with-benefits, cry, hurt, dwell, once, twirl , theater, fight, bitter, baby, lust, piano, acceptance, bitchy, dating, weird
Rachel Berry/Will Schuester, forbidden, lies, graduation, future, musicals, performing, duet, star, caught, temptation, pay, lesson, detention, mistake, debt, reunion, date, valentine, shelter, bet, facebook, choice, rewind, dress-up, trip, hem, slow burn, report, sin, scar, therapist, journal, success, part, control, lights, lies, shock, collaboration, connection, spotlight, respite, infallible, cut, tarnish, claimed, pretend, tell, connotation, assumption, sneak, finally, admissions, love, future, tease, life, on-stage, performance, trust, desire, inevitable, cheating, New York, protective, wedding, covert, eighteen, last, real, unexpected, home, dreams, solo, voice, lips, office, punish, revenge, chair, stage, piano
Sam Evans/Santana Lopez, reluctance, bus, kiss, oral, mistake
Sam Evans/Sunshine, [any], size, unexpected
Sam Evans/Will Schuester, teacher, thong, wrong
Sue Sylvester/Will Schuester, alliance, caught, you have no proof

Todd Gaines/Claire Montgomery, [any], second try

Kazama Ren/Odagiri Ryu, shared, understanding, legacy
Sawada Shin/Yamaguchi Kumiko, boss, mine, bullet, feel, friends
Shin/Yankumi, bloody, calm, early, enthusiasm, flip, glasses, graduation, knee-highs, mutter, pride, surprise, cornered, teaching, speech, tradition, approval
Yamaguchi Kumiko/anyone, flirt

Golden Sun
Any, psyenergy, bright, shimmer, skin, feeling, empathy, mindread, kiss, ride

Gone With the Wind
Brent Tarleton/Carreen O’Hara, golden
Rhett Butler/Scarlett O’Hara, spoiled, honeymoon, New Orleans, Twelve Oaks, Ashley, red, green, corset, flesh, demanding

Good Omens - Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
Aziraphale/Crowley, incentive, future, bookshelf, wings, library, bookshop, car, Apocalypse, good morning, sushi, coffee, donuts, cross, feathers, nails, pages

Good Omens
Anathelma/Newt, future, family, horse shoe
Aziraphale/Crowley, domestic, living in a cottage together, the first day of the rest of their lives, blessing/cursing, wing!kink, ducks, not as planned, not quite happily ever after, ineffable, lazy Sunday afternoons, chubby!Aziraphale
Madame Tracy/Shadwell, wedding, you can’t help but like Shadwell, condensed milk

Gosford Park
Elsie/Mary Maceachran, tentative, touch, kiss, skin, visit
Henry Denton/Robert Parks, push, fight, snarl
Mary Maceachran/Robert Parks, kiss, think, touch, whisper, want

Gossip Girl
Agnes/Georgina Sparks, wild
Blair Waldorf/Chuck Bass, wait
Blair Waldorf/Dan Humphrey, donut, coffee, patient, ache, bet, clean, curl, dance, excuses, eyelash, fear, hands, hot, irony, jaw, mouth, necklace, proof, rain, reverse, ride, skid, talk, teeth, third, timing, trouble, voice, wet, zipper, autobiographical, closer, constellations, driver, frown, gin, goodbyes, heroine, honesty, hypothetical, ink, lark, lazy, lonely, misspoke, phone, requited, ride, satisfaction, shame, sharp, shower, story, Queens, words, Chanel #5, refulgent, sleepover, unexpected, film, sarcasm, tell no one, hands, breakfast, family, Hepburn, jeans, kiss, Paris, rowboat, stairs, suspicion, voyeur, hide and seek, hair pull, dress up, heels, lipstick, public
Blair Waldorf/Georgina Sparks, camp, necklace, reunion
Blair Waldorf/Jenny Humphrey, bedroom, flowers
Blair Waldorf/Nate Archibald, know
Blair Waldorf/Serena Van der Woodsen, equestrian, bubbles, bathtub, petit fours
Blair Waldorf/Vanessa Abrams, film, cafe
Carter Baizen/Georgina Sparks, need, similarities, mirror, secret
Chuck Bass/Dan Humphrey, advocate, blackmail, bound, library, promise, switch
Dan Humphrey/Serena Van der Woodsen, daisy
Georgina Sparks/Serena Van der Woodsen, high, kiss, audience, surprise, public, Paris
Jenny Humphrey/Nate Archibald, on

Grandma’s House
Ben/Simon, sign

Greek Mythology
Andromache/Hector, desperate, war, fire, challenge, fever, cling, last kiss
Aphrodite/Persephone, bloom, nectar, golden
Aphrodite/Ares, power, pleasure, violent, red, mouth
Apollo/Hyacinthus, strong, voice
Ares/Athena, rivalry, wrestle, weapons, sword play, armor chinks, bargaining, anything, Athens, outwitted
Ariadne/Dionysus, thread, lover, wine, roses, honey, delight
Ariadne/Minotaur, secret, taboo, ours, connection, savage
Demeter/Hades, different, scratch, warmth, bride, exasperated
Endymion/Selene, awake, bright
Eros/Psyche, hope, invisible!sex
Eurydice/Satyr, taboo, chase, giggle, hush, muffle
Hades/Persephone, darkness, fire
Helenus/Neoptolemus, friendship, timid, tender, oil

Ashleigh/Beaver, mistake, costume, hookup, drunk, costume, bite, moan, lonely
Ashleigh/Casey, gender play, skinny dipping
Beaver/Casey/Katherine, exotic, strip club, tutoring
Beaver/Katherine, more, games, costume, taste, food, lust, public, drunk, stress, hands, lick
Calvin/Heath, doctor, back, love, grown-ups, never, sure, sweet, window
Cappie/Casey, freshman, pledge, promise, hold, jealousy, travel, hurt, comfort, lick, lace, finger, costume, taste, touch, tease, tame, lust
Cappie/Evan, lines, cross, irritating, puns, pool, amphora, secret, rough, confuse, stun
Cappie/Rebecca, three, break, giggle, serious, spies
Casey/Evan, [any], red, heels, mixer, smile, touch, Frasier, sleep, elevator, future tense, shampoo
Casey/Frannie, pledge, sisterhood, submit
Casey/Rebecca, Cheetos, surprise, taxi, frenemies, trust
Evan/Rebecca, some, steps, villainy

Green Hornet (2011)
Britt/Kato, comic convention, office, machinery, handcuffs, kung fu, undercover, adventures in failure

Grey’s Anatomy
Addison/Derek, Columbia, residency, recall, long, gaze, dangerous, soft, juju, red, kiss, salmon, watch, lives, weight, release, forever
Alex Karev/Izzie Stevens, blindsided, later, again, staircase
Alex Karev/Mark Sloan, cloudy, doubt, fade
Alex Karev/Meredith Grey, haunted, scratch, when, bittersweet, trailer, annoyed, hands
April Kepner/Jackson Avery, memory
Cristina Yang/Meredith Grey, tequila, king sized bed, person
Cristina Yang/Owen Hunt/Teddy Altman, lazy, hands, kitchen
Cristina Yang/Teddy Altman, orders, fisting, on-call room, bruises
Derek Sheppard/Mark Sloane, keeper, on-call, cheat
Derek Sheppard/Owen Hunt, twisted sisters, steady hands, on-call room
Erica Hahn/Izzie Stevens, paint, feed, why
Izzie Stevens/Jackson Avery, tandem, carpet, if
Izzie Stevens/Meredith Grey, brilliant, burn, blue
Lexie Grey/Mark Sloan, stay

Groove Adventure RAVE
Elie/Sieg, branded, choice, loyalty, pendant, dance, time
Haru/Lucia, choices, bound, wounded, careless, fate
Musica/Reina, silver, dreams, beach, armor
Remi/Solasido, worship, disguise, sand, duty

Guardian of the Dead - Karen Healey
Ellie/mask, desire, submission, gift, face, magic, skin, breath

Guardians of Time - Marianne Curley
Ethan/Lady Arabella, history, tears, loss, growing, iced, lake

Guiding Light
Ava/Natalia, blackmail, breast play, mommy, taboo
Ava/Natalia/Olivia, taboo
Doris/Olivia, D/s, top vs top
Natalia/Olivia, anal, church, rimming, toys
Olivia/Rafe, dubcon

Guilty Gear
Anji-Mito/Baiken, dance, swordplay, knots, rough, elegant
Dizzy/May, tail, girl’s night, deeper
Eddie/Venom/Zato-1, tentacles, cold
Johnny/Ky Kiske, good boy, arrest, roses, devilish

Gundam 00
Anew/Lyle, rushed, laughter, connection
Billy/Graham, comb, drink, scars, nostalgia, cockpit
Feldt/Setsuna F. Seiei, vacuum, beach, Ptelemaios, human, hair dye, taste, sturdy
Graham/Neil, amnesia, gloves, travel
Hallelujah/Sohma, blood, gunkink, dominance
Kati Mannequin/Patrick Colasour, honeymoon
Lockon Stratos (Lyle)/Setsuna F. Seiei, brother, loneliness, apples, fire
Lockon Stratos (Kyle)/Setsuna F. Seiei, bombs, flowers, apartment, hair
Marina Ismail/Setsuna F. Seiei, letter, gun, steel
Neil Dylandy/Setsuna F. Seiei, impossible, balance, rush, brother complex, PTSD
Neil/Tieria, genderfuck, online, undercover
Nena/Michale, violence
Ribbons/Tieria, waltz, wine, crossroads, incorporeal

Gundam SEED Destiny
Athrun/Kira, first kiss, handcuffs, driven, heat
Athrun/Meyrin, steady, undress, shopping, nurse, boots
Cagalli/Kira, wedding dress, choices, sand, desk
Murrue Ramius/Mwu La Flaga, heat captain
Shinn/Stellar, waves, promises, freedom, sharpness

Gundam Wing
Dorothy/Quatre, duel, music, anger, denial
Duo Maxwell/Heero Yuy, brush, blood, bondage, touch, taste, pull, bruise, gun, poke, laugh
Duo/Hilde, greasy, goofy, lovable
Duo/Wufei, tease, sleepy, mental, power
Heero Yuy/Quatre Winner, Zero, empathy, sand
Heero Yuy/Relena Peacecraft, party, sun, painting, hesitant, alcove, night, dancing
Heero Yuy/Trowa Barton, lion, tightrope, blanket
Lucrezia Noin/Zechs Merquise, hope, undress, high heels, whip, reverse
Quatre/Trowa, worship, smooth, shock, power
Relena/any, authority, uniform, peace, grief, sword, responsibility, space
Sally/Wufei, silly, tickle, outrage

H20: Just Add Water
Cleo/Emma/Rikki, together, swimming, wet, secret, moonlight, pool
Emma/Rikki, cold, warm, faster, water, acceptance, magical

Cassie Hack/Georgia, safe, slash, fixing mistakes

Dade Murphy/Kate Libby, stretch, flexible, hidden, distinct

Link Larkin/Tracy Turnblad, hair, hem, fly, sweet, potato

Chizuru/Kazama, perfume, choices, tea, uniform
Harada/Shiranui, truce, hair, water
Hijikata/Okita, ink, candy, warmth, sakura

Hamlet - William Shakespeare
Hamlet/Horatio, always, Wittenburg, companion, truthful, poor, palace, snow
Hamlet/Ophelia, touch, philosophy, mind

Hamlet 2
Octavio Marquez/Rand Posin, bi-curious, Broadway, star, theatrical

Hana Kimi (any version)
Mizuki/Nakatsu, confusion, genderplay, fantasy, blush
Mizuki/Sano, nighttime, surprise, towel, suit

Hara Akiha/Umeda Hokuto, tease, snap, sweets, saccharine, sleepy

Hana Yori Dango
Rui/Shigeru, [any], soulmates, comfort, teasing
Soujiro/Yuki, regrets, lost time, missing her, a party, dancing

John Hancock/Ray Embrey, Aaron, conduit, go-between, heart, Mary, messenger, unstoppable

Hanna (2011)
Hanna/Sophie, after, hunting, friends, kiss, smile, dress-up

Harold and Kumar Movies
Harold Lee/Kumar Patel, dork, high, road trip, bros

Harper’s Island
Abby Mills/Jimmy Mance, survivors, haunted, nightmares, therapy, healing, childhood
Abby Mills/John Wakefield, legend, dreams, house, bound, knife
Cal Vandeusen/Chloe Carter, first time, engagement, British, sailor, dance, flirt, outsider, hunted

Harry Potter (movieverse)
Bloody Baron/Helena Ravenclaw, ghostly, cold, blood, anger, kiss
Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood, library, quiet, muffle, moonlight, laughter
Lily Evans/Severus Snape, teenagers, outside, forgiveness, what-if, magic, patronus

Harry Potter
Adult!Rose/Draco, forbidden, red, bitchy, rain
Albus Dumbledore/Minerva McGonogal, ours, best friends, grief, office
Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald, wall, robes, ale, Deletrius
Albus Severus Potter/Draco Malfoy, divorce, longing, wish
Albus Severus Potter/Scorpious Malfoy, charmed, fathers, rivals, Slytherins, triangulation
Albus Dumbledore/Severus Snape, oblique, masks, zero
Alice Longbottom/Lily Evans, magic
Alicia Spinnet/Angelina Johnson, familiar
Alicia Spinnet/Angelina Johnson/Katie Bell, flying, games, practice, showers, team, broom rides
Andromeda Black/Sirius Black, rope, pureblood, paintbrushes
Angelina Johnson/Fred Weasley, laughter, once, wood
Angelina Johnson/George Weasley, teach, touch, new, old, change, heal, time, help, shower, watch, Riddikulus
Asteria Greengrass/Draco Malfoy, [any], corset, red, hair, Legilimens, masque, banter
Asteria Greengrass/Ginny Weasley, broom, kneel, maybe, Lumos
Asteria Greengrass/James Sirius Potter, laugh, diamond, sink, obliviate
Bellatrix Lestrange/Draco Malfoy, itch, pawn, family, teeth, silence, Harry Potter, Azkaban, insinuation, games, cornered
Bellatrix Lestrange/Narcissa Malfoy, wrong, change, sisters, love
Bellatrix Lestrange/Tom Riddle, chaos, darkness, mark, pale, psychosis
Bellatrix/Hermione/Umbridge, scars we left
Bellatrix/Narciss/Pansy, wine, sophistication, whimper, bondage, fuck
Bill Weasley/Draco Malfoy, sins, scars
Bill Weasley/Fleur Delacour, candly floss, scar tissue, treasure, Christmas, beautiful, ride, kitchen, tickle, playful, hair, violent, table, pearls, Incendio, dream, silk, scarlet, full moon, scarred, proud, outside, seducce, roses
Blaise Zabini/Parvati, dancing, fantasies
Cedric Diggory/Cho Chang, first, light, day, kind, simple, sweet, last, goodbye
Charity Burbage/Severus Snape, [any], tea
Charlie Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks, fire, knickers, ginger
Cho Chang/Draco Malfoy, pedantic, rules, seventh year
Cho Chang/Ginny Weasley, rivalry
Cho Chang/Harry Potter, tryst, stolen
Cho Chang/Hermione Granger, practice
Cho Chang/Katie Bell, games
Cho Chang/Lavender Brown, unsure
Cho Chang/Luna Lovegood, exposure, secrets, word-games
Cho Chang/Marietta Edgecome, friends
Cho Chang/Padma Patil, word-play
Crabbe/Draco/Hermione, forced, magic, control
Daphne Greengrass/Draco Malfoy, flowers, wedding, tomorrow, Scourgify
Daphne Greengrass/Pansy Parkinson, whisper, silver, oil, Crucio
Dean Thomas/Hermione Granger, parchment, heat, hidden
Dean Thomas/Luna Lovegood, beautiful, cuddle, skin, sweet, yellow
Dean Thomas/Neville Longbottom/Seamus Finnigan, others, quiet
Dean Thomas/Seamus Finnigan, friendship, experiment, butterbeer, yule ball, firsts, explosion, pillow fight, height difference, growth spurt, epilogue, summer, drawing, sneaking, school, reunion, writing, marks, whispers, silence, fireworks, boundaries, contentment, reconciliation
Draco/Ginny, [any], wild, red, broken, magic, hidden, rough
Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, 19 years later, backs, correction, history, unhappy, veela, werewolf, defense, spanking, rules, hair, boobs, broomstick, red, tears, sweat, Parseltongue, defiant, petit mort, spite, envy
Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger, wishing, anal, humiliation, revenge, spell, forgiveness, lust, wand, height, desk, legs, adrenaline, nightclub
Draco Malfoy/Neville Longbottom, sorry, unexpected
Draco Malfoy/Percy Weasley, glasses, recovery, thrown, smile, sex, scratches, coupling, family
Draco/Ron, [any], control, white, wimp, Quidditch, seeker, keeper, spanking, discipline, sorry
Draco Malfoy/Rose Weasley, car, no, smirk, Muffliato
Draco Malfoy/Severus Snape, schoolboy, choose, spanking, hair-pulling, whine, bad, back, snake, exotic, fear, please
Draco Malfoy/Ted Lupin, changed, Harry, him
Draco Malfoy/Walden Macnair, sword, apprentice, accomplice
Fleur/Gabrielle, lingerie shopping, sex in wedding dress
Fleur Delacour/Ginny Weasley, fire
Fleur Delacour/Hermione Granger, elegance
Fleur Delacour/Luna Lovegood, unexpected, tiaras
Fleur Delacour/Nymphadora Tonks, similar
Fleur Delacour/Viktor Krum, perfect, glory, panting, closet
Gabrielle Delacour/Ginny Weasley, fun
Gabrielle Delacour/Luna Lovegood, ethereal
George Weasley/Luna Lovegood, best, moonlight, fireworks, faith
Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter, midair, shared secrets, safety, armour, banner, lions, flirting, phoenix, want, need, regret, missing, love, knickers, quidditch, grass, scars, exhale, fire, house, wet, Expelliarmus, greenhouse, cloak, broomshed, glasses, moving, sofa, new shoes, dirty talk, tower, quick, silly, family
Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, pregnant, quidditch library, hogwarts lake, knockturn alley
Ginny/Harry/Ron, sudden, unaware
Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger, around, comfort, empathy, experiment, friendship, perform, ready, seven, sweetness, tea, tired, tongue
Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood, alone
Ginny Weasley/Katie Bell, flying
Ginny Weasley/Luna Lovegood, believe, Quidditch, future, magic, break, broomsticks, bubbles, buttons, dancing, feathers, first-time, freckles, hiding, leader, Muggles, new, silver, strawberries, sunshine, tickling, train
Ginny Weasley/Neville Longbottom, forgotten, year of hell, torture, sick, better man, kindness
Ginny Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks, fun
Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson, similarities, second-in-command, femme, stroke, strap-on, rough, hurt
Ginny Weasley/Ron Weasley, wrong, sharp, strong, intoxication, bitter
Ginny Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy, white, pomegranate, sand, Rennervate
Hannah Abbott/Neville Longbottom, bite, gold, nose, Nox, surprise, firewhiskey, roses, smell
Hannah Abbott/Susan Bones, friends
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, tent, train, horcrux, blizzard, detour, prefect, marauder’s map, run away, lost, woods, worlds, grow, wartime, children, different, quiet, forever, brothers and sisters, futile devices, homesick, hands, faithful, mudblood, waiting, complete, secret, aftermath, years, private, rain, tent
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, London, mirror, paint, precision, reunion, sleep, undercover, wilderness, balance, feather bed, negotiate, rules, research, scars, healing, camping, afterwards, once, hope, fight, reckless, dance, wands, always, aftermath, pranksters, homework, secret corridors, rules, train, spy, punishment
Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, lost, cartography, socks, runaway, postwar, gingerbread, vague, angry, sunlight, different, smoke, puddle, jeans, curtain, quiet, stolen, possibility, forgotten, Felix Felicis
Harry Potter/Neville Longbottom, trust, strength, comfort
Harry Potter/Remus Lupin, adulthood, imperfections, wandering, hide-out, sacrifice
Harry Potter/Scorpius Malfoy, inadvisable, unbearable
Harry Potter/Severus Snape, guilt, range, incensed, relay, collapse, sneer, rescue, legerdemain, etude, parsimony, threshold, train, dark, gentle, chocolate, pensieve, rescue, patronus, poison, vampire, need
Harry Potter/Sirius Black, mirrorworld, etude, sinkhole, train, wreck, locked, wall
Hermione Granger/Hermione Granger, time-turner
Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood, books, disruption, games, ink, moon, pale, riddles, runes, stories, sweet, textbook, tower, quills
Hermione Granger/Neville Longbottom, happy, sunny, honey
Hermione Granger/Nymphadora Tonks, research, timeturner, imitation, toys
Hermione Granger/Padma Patil, academic, books, literary-reference, restricted-section, studying
Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson, annoyance, lingerie, bare, ruthless, quill, black
Hermione/Percy, uptight, glasses, ink, control, envy, regret
Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin, chase, hunt, secret, meet, trail, scent, weak, reparations, blood, sacrifice, defend, rescue
Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, library, quiet, quill, gentle bickering, ink, feathers, improvise, clean air, spark, scarves , careful, sleep, orange, broom, smoke, anal, celebrations, reunion, sudden, concentration, radar, sarcasm, breakfast, first time, rain, tears, comfort, hugging, confession, knife, slow, kneel, Disillusionment Charm, kiss, France, forbidden, strategy, glare, candid, sharp, possessive, elbows, snipe
Hermione Granger/Severus Snape, understanding, savior, sharing, bitter, earned, submit, whisper, squirm, solace, undercover
Hugo Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy, rebellion
James Potter/Lily Evans, crossdress, wartime, honeymoon
James Potter/Lily Evans/Sirius Black, complete
James Potter/Sirius Black, wound
James Potter II/Scorpius Malfoy, tease, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, shoulders, trees, lazy, affection, teasing
James Sirius Potter/Teddy Lupin, idol, growing, fantasy, finally, twenties, proper
Katie/Marcus, running, clear, bell, field
Lavender Brown/Padma Patil, confusion
Lavender Brown/Padma Patil/Parvati Patil, twin-fantasy
Lavender Brown/Pansy Parkinson, twisted
Lavender Brown/Parvati Patil, familiar
Lily Evans/Narcissa Black, a lesson in tolerance and bondage, assumptions
Lily Evans/Severus Snape, reunion, meanings of forever, redeemed, hers, first, forbidden, secrets, magic, surprised, different, open, lion, record, Morsmordre, pure
Lily Evans/Sirius Black, confrontation, choice
Lockhart/Snape, bath, hypothermia, lost, memory, tentative
Louis Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy, Veela
Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Black Malfoy, persian rug, water, grass, Imperio, comfort, desperation, pride, determination, pure, blood, family, marriage, loyalty, sisters, silent, recovery, danger, expectations
Lucius Malfoy/Pansy Parkinson, outcast
Luna Lovegood/Neville Longbottom, [any], affair, heart, blood, scars, crack, sight, vision, plants, games, summer, skinny dipping, laughter, dancing, hands, ordinary, balance, shelter, Wrackspurts, euphemism, victory, apartment, fear, bravery, last
Luna Lovegood/Nymphadora Tonks, questions
Luna Lovegood/Padma Patil, clever
Luna Lovegood/Rolf Scamander, wild, snow, velvet, Relashio
Minerva McGongall/Neville Longbottom, despair, grief, post-war
Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape, buttons, banter, survival
Molly Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks, comfort
Mrs. Zabini/any female Character, her eighth marriage
Neville/Pansy, hero
Nymphadora Tonks/Remus Lupin, shapeshifting, colour, playful, chocolate, impatience, dawn, Order, morph, tentative, reunion, chocolate frog, cold tea, fishnets, knitting, coffee, frost, cupcakes
Nymphadora Tonks/Sirius Black, chair, fly, yellow, Alohomora
older!Ginny Weasley/Tom Riddle, dark, secret, vicious, cold, ruthless, trust
Oliver Wood/Percy Weasley, Quidditch, glasses, shed, broom, polish, robes, laugh, different, attraction, friendship, funny, focus, celebration
Padma Patil/Pansy Parkinson, curiosity
Padma Patil/Parvati Patil, differences
Pansy Parkinson/Parvati Patil, desire
Pansy Parkinson/Ron Weasley, future, funny, snark
Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, afterlife, anger, blood, frail, gasp, ice cream, ink, portrait, visit, full-moon, stars, lost, chocolate frogs, secrets, kitchen table, bite, need, reunion, silent
Rose Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy, [any], secret, sugar quills, dancing/nightclub, bondage, movie night, corset, drinking game, snake, quiet, black, Incarcerous
Rowena Ravenclaw/Salazar Slytherin, pun, chamber, hissing, books, library, shelves, courting, ambition
Scorpius Malfoy/Ted Lupin, longing, transformation
Severus Snape/Sirius Black, rough, secret, wrong, fury, unlikely, passion, hidden, craving, guilt, revenge, death, afterlife

Hathaway series - Lisa Kleypas
Cat Marks/Leo, Lord Ramsay, element
Harry Rutledge/Poppy Montgomery, middle
Merripen/Win Hathaway, you

Havemercy – Danielle Bennett and Jaida Jones
Kalim/Malahide, panache, surmountable, transcendence, any
Madoka/Malahide, stubborn, unfeminine, private, secret

Audrey Parker/Audrey Parker 2, scars, remember, taste, compare, boarding house, recall, one, memories, instinct, watch, fingers, twin, singularity, attractors, nostalgia, experiment, mirroring
Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker, ankle, buttons, soap, sunburn, swimming, photograph, reincarnation, even for a cop, just come through my door, no time for relationships, your body language says so much, clandestine, good help is so hard to find, by night I’m one hell of a lover, music soothes the savage, always remember me, Grey Gull, reputation, an itch that needs scratching, first date, under the influence, first date, drunk, stories, missing clothes, touching, straddle
Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos, comfort, settling in, first time, rumpled, invitation, tension, compromise, loneliness, stakeout, beer, raw, teamwork, chill, flexible, evidence, possessive, off-limits, forbidden, sly, competence, stranded, bold, hypnotic, clever, trust, stark, awkward, pine, drunk, physical, touch, decadent, bond, chaos, flirt, bicker, playful, experiment, practice, survivor, intimacy, dare, oblivious, balance, belonging, bargain, snow day, masque, masculinity, strength, possession, scream, dress, roses, chocolate, cupcakes, conduit, smooth, sensation, boat, haven, troubles, languid, luscious, delirious, pink, pain, future, force, proxy, petals, cure, watch, direct, middle, double, press, feel, rose, food, touch, memory, pride, secrets, troubles, healing, lies, gifts, jealous, affairs of the heart never end well, ‘I’ll never feel you like he can’, costumes, voyeurism, rain, movies, share and share alike, don’t try to save me, blondes have more fun, it’s okay when it’s in a three-way, two Jack Trippers and Chrissy
Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos, play, wet, skin, mouths, tough exterior, secrets, water, wine, lie, bottled up, mystery, case closed, holster, danger, experience, rain, soap, taste, real kiss, touch, pancakes, ride, the troubles, learn to relax, negative to positive, tell me your secrets and I’ll tell you mine, we don’t have to take our clothes off, lose control, I’ve been waiting for so long it hurts, past the point of no return, ‘the Brad to your Janet or the Mulder to your Scully’, melt, blending in, candlelight, protective, watch me as I sink into the sea, scars, you want to know how to make me smile, it’s hard when it feels like you’re broken and scarred, undercover, party, bedroom, heat, whisper, hospital, lips, fear
Duke/Evidence, honeymoon, job, rescue, screwed, drunk, first time, backwards, slip, boast, dock, tickle
Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos, water, float, fingertips, greedy, control, adrenalin, sweaty, taste, scent, blush, embrace, favor, hammock, shirtless, handcuffs, feel, sympathy, snarky, resist, pull, attraction, cold, beer, boat, sail away, troubles, hands, strong, devil, tears, sweat, hate, gut, tired, sunlight, power outage, past, high school, lust, first time, first, please, recall, fury, digging, cut, roses, haven, always, salvation, lick, mouth, finger, picture, ask, chain, recall, always, milk, deny, comfort, virgin, rough, marks, pain, cut, transfer, love

Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Catherine Rollins/Danny Williams/Steve McGarrett, control, stubble, friction
Chin Ho Kelly/Kono Kalakaua, cousin, salt, touch
Chin Ho Kelly/Laura Hills, tentative, sand, cocktails, loss
Chin Ho Kelley/Steve McGarrett, history, finals, high school, quarterback, record breaking, football, collars, dog tags
Danny/Kono, red lipstick, high heels
Danny Williams/Rachel Edwards, memory, return, sunset, saxophone
Danny Williams/Steve McGarrett, jail, punishment, connected, still alive, cliff, sand, not broken anymore, “how did you break the desk?”, texts, Jersey, photographer, lost, found, car, time, ties, sign language, gestures, walking cane, comfort, mistakes, trials, sunset, beach, ocean, swim, sweet, gentle, honor, uniform, home, just right, hot, sticky, food, Ohana, drugged, lies, forgiveness, win, spar, hand-to-hand, dog tags, jinx, brawl, justice, tramp stamp, tattoos, wine, longboards, drunk, grenade, invaded, prove, AU, surfing, trust, blip in the Matrix, clothes, worn, hum, dance, drive, Camaro, nightmares, forget, yoga, ice, touch, skin, rain, trapped, tight space, toys, vacation, caught, belt, guilt, protégé, false accusation, tied-up, wind, hurricane, sacrifice, Rachel, goof, Neanderthal animal, babe, in your dreams, stars, boat, sunburn, aloha, cross to bear, loss, jogging, morning, sleepy, gun, needy, falling, hands
Kono Kalakaua/Jenna Kaye, trust, delight, handcuffs, first of many, changes, holsters, shooting range, rookies, carefree, girls’ night in, caught, afterhours, drunk
Kono Kalakaua/Catherine Rollins, sparring
Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarrett, rough, car, burn, dirt, tatoo, teacher, adrenaline
Kono Kalakaua/Wo Fat, dirty, past, secret, cuffs
Steve McGarrett/Govenor Pat Jameson, beer, night, office

Heart no Kuni no Alice
Alice/Boris, heartbeat, ears, lick
Ace/Julius, mask, blood, self-control
Blood/Elliot, bath, devotion, scars

Nick Rowan/Jo Weston, first time, guilt, grief, hair, touch, rain, drunk, impulse, love, handcuffs, picnic, date
Phil Bellamy/Gina Ward, after hours, lonely, fingers, fast, breakfast, no make-up, on the bar, stockings, love, handcuffs

Hell Girl
Ai/Hone Onna, river, orders
Ai/Ichimoku Ren, higanbana, water, sunset, straw
Ai/Yuzuki, flower, wings, chime, kiss
Hone Onna/Tsugumi, hell, bones, sin
Ichimoku Ren/Hone Onna, scarlet, midnight, human, steel, playful

John Constantine/Ellie, betrayal, always, burned

Hellboy/John Myers, blue, tales, tangible, stopper, ignite, feverish, leaving, consort, sent away, angel, comeback, uncle, past, mpreg, collar, forbidden, cheater, AU, horns, large, strong, weak, dangerous, hurt, broken, alone, moved on

Frank/Julia, blood, flesh, memories, infidelity, damned, anything for you, sacrifice, infatuation
Kirsty/Pinhead, pain, regret, acceptance, joy, trembling, labyrinth, catharsis

Alucard/Seras, rain, finally, exploring, companions

Henry V - Shakespeare
Henry V/Montjoy, noble, armour, shield, touch, curling

Hercules (Disney)
Hercules/Meg, tutor, weak spot

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Autolycus/Cupcake, Sweet, darling, real, choose

Adam/Elle, flexibility, games, jagged
Adam Monroe/Monica Dawson, baby, slave
Claire/Elle, alternate, cheers, electric, pain, pleasure, seduction, butterfly, pain, scar tissue
Claire/Gretchen, cheerleader, first time, movies, pledging
Claire/Gretchen/Zach, compromise, experimenting, surprise
Claire/Zach, homecoming, jam, photography, window, reunion, dorm, affair
Elle/Luke, carnival, cheerleader, cornered, cotton candy, equals, run, shoplifting, smarts, waitress
Elle/Peter, bare, rain, scar, tendon, vase, wet, handcuff, ropes
Elle/Sylar, episode-Eclipse, powerless, femdom, fingerfucking, revolt, electric, red, destruction, zero
Gabriel(Sylar)/Elle, hate, stubborn, lust, damned, kill, pain, sadist, love, adventure, damaged, blood, exciting, refusal, powers, confusion, unexpected, lost, revenge, innocence, family, memories
Hiro Nakamura/Ando Masahashi, Vegas, badass, unspecial, powerless
Micah/Molly, college, married, war

Hetalia: Axis Powers
America/England, language differences, Royal Wedding
America/England/France, [any]
America/Everyone, non-con
Germany/Northern Italy, first time

Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins
Archer Cross/Sophie Mercer, crossroads, Itineris, caught up, secrecy, medallion, adrenaline, theater, masks
Elodie/Jenna, rivalry, interruption, spell
Holly/Jenna, rescue, roommates, before
Jenna/Victoria, better, slow burn, introduction, supernatural, humanity

Cassie/Thelma, lucky, body paint, comfort, black

Anna/Millie, date, camping
Anna/Millie/Stan, cozy, surprise, unprofessional
Bambi/Millie, hate!sex, smug, golden, collaboration
Crystal, spoiled, exhibition, bored
Crystal/Joyce, tasty, accidental, smooth, dirty
Joyce/Taylor, genderplay
Sheila/any, whoops, sweetness

High School Musical
Chad/Ryan, Julliard, NBA, proposal, Chad/Ryan, reunion, microphone, popcorn, hats, hair, make-up, callous, stars, night, New York, Starbucks, sing, sweet, cool, hot, haphazard, secret, cookies
Kesi/Taylor, math, music, time, intelligence, piano, tangled, food, legs, beauty, random, octopus
Sharpay/Zeke, creme brulee, cookies, sweets, whipped cream, walls, Food Network, heat, simmer

Higher Ground
Shelby Merrick/Scott Barringer, time, stars, kiss, future, hug, soft, tickle, touch, tangle, hold

Highlander (TV)
Duncan MacLeod/Richie Ryan, worship, hero, reason, awkward

Connor/Heather, forever, sword, candle, kilt, legend, past, acceptance
Duncan/Methos, sword, fight, quickening, leather, sweater, feet, nose, hush, barge, tailoring, cooking, choice, name change, ships-passing-in-the-night, watcher, gift, birthday, memory

Hikaru no Go
Shindou Hikaru/Touya Akira, undone, move, black, white, wet, understanding, unwind, ghost, competition, virgin, sleepover
Waya Yoshitaka/Isumi Shinichirou, comfort, winning, roommate, play

His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
Lyra/Will, ghosts, distance, outside, frotteurism.
Mary Malone/Will Perry, motherhood, daemonology, witchcraft.
Serafina/adult!Lyra, [any], will
Serafina/Lee, [any], wind
Serafina/Marisa Coulter, [any], sense
Serafina/Mary, [any], soft

Hitman (movie)
Agent 47/Nika Boronina, future, hotel, bar, reunion, mask, different, fierce, tender, switch, memories, comfort, cover story, run, trains, power, afterglow, willing, mirror, watch, fingers, bondage, morning after

Linda Seton/Johnny Case, moonlit

Brendan/Mitzeee, something to prove, push, blackmail, awkward
Brendan/Ste, open, public, love, trust, dominance, numb, defiance, loud, discreet, indiscreet, affection, need, unfold, listen, tender, toxic
Craig/John Paul, longevity, commitment, anniversary
Dodger/Theresa, van, comfort, different, secret, unexpected, chemistry
Theresa/Warren, possibilities, wishful thinking, protect

Any pairing, Lord of the Rings!stuck
Aradia/Equius, precision, detail, careful, still, metal, hierarchy, dominance, whip, robot, heart of metal, blue blood, feelings?
Aradia/Rose, bright, conversation, game, opportunity
Bro Strider/Dad Egbert, after, before, child, distance, irony, secret
Bro/Dave, role model, style, clueless
Dave Strider/Equius Zahhak, arranged, fetish, ironic
Dave/Jade/John/Rose, fun
Dave Strider/John Egbert, beats, bros, cool, god, heat, hero, homosexual, sick, irony, sincerity, cuddles, playful, bisexual, mutual
Dave Strider/John Egbert/Karkat Vantas, convincing, human, quadrants, xenophilia
Dave Strider/Karkat Vantas, John, kismesis, unexpected
Dave Strider/Tavros Nitram, rhymes, trolling, comfort, afterlife, rap battle, sick jams, raps, irony, shades
Dave/Terezi, drawing, red, irony, taste, lick, sharp, thin
Diamonds Droog/Spades Slick, names, crime, style
Dualscar/Eridan, identity, punishment, inheritance, rightful, dominance, scorn
Equius Zahhak/Tavros Nitram, blood, buckets, domination, Rufio, stutter, engineering, precision, stammer, cautious, taste
Equius/Aradia, dream bubble, telekinesis, strength, blood, authority, pity
Eridan/John, water, laughter
Gamzee/Equius, D/s relationship, redrom, sober!notcrazy!Gamzee, fluff, discipline, face paint, size difference, moonlight, sopor, order, indulge, sweat, make-up, purple, strong
Gamzee/Karkat, history, best friend, goofy, horns, sopor, seaside, barefoot
Gamzee/Tavros, drugs, high, fun, awkward, sober, first time, comfort, help, intoxicated, sleep, possess, blood, limber, miracle, intoxication, flight, sensual, rimming, kisses, breath
Jade/Feferi, dress-up, genderplay, make-up, high heels, teeth
Jade/Kanaya, explore, green, solitude
John Egbert/Karkat Vantas, creator, drone, ectobiology, heart, matesprit, worlds, xenobiology, buckets, pranks, tentacock, xenophilia, horn!kink, bodyswap, raceswap, ginger!karkat, troll!john, leadership, failure, comfort, smile, survival, romcom, claws, pesterlog, sex pollen, cuddling, reluctance, hyperbole, xeno, possessive, insecure, oblivious, birthday
John/Eridan, fins, cultural differences, accent, pranks, wind, sea, sky
John/Vriska, adventure, dreams, redemption, heroes, regrets
Kanaya/Jade, growth, creation, experiment, cooperation
Kanaya/Rose, fashion, grimdark, bondage, silk, lingerie, privacy, strip tease, lipstick, composure, banter, elegance, darkness, poetry, risk, sensation
Kanaya/Vriska, blood, role reversal, costumes, scratch
Mindfang/Redglare, justice, pirate, battle
Nepeta/Jade, furry, teasing, roleplay
Nepeta/Tavros, roleplay, animal, cuddling, robotic, comfort, biting
Nepeta/Terezi, roleplay, hunt, victor, taste, pet
Rose/Jade, sleepover, roommates, college, pester, online, history, legs, endgame, vibrance, light, playful, detachment
Rose/Kanaya, dress-up, literature, worship, advice, sensitive, elegance, efficiency, sarcasm, wit, glow, sharp, mothers, passive-aggressive
Rose/Kanaya/Vriska, sex battle, fighting, quadrant flipping, dancing, big bed
Sollux/Aradia, adventure, friendship, balance, distance, alone, reunion
Sollux/Eridan, rough!sex, psionics, magic science, fluffy, mind honey, bees, sea horses, he blinded me with science
Sollux/Feferi, tentacles, dream bubble, kiss
Sollux/Karkat, arguing, friendship, moody, reliance, double, visit, cranky, hornjobs, friendship, recuperacoon, nightmares, Trollian, lisp, flexible, both ways, fantasy
Sollux/Karkat/John, overwhelm, gag, comfort, sleep, ravage, curiosity, purr
Tavros/Eridan, unistuck, “I, uh, like you a lot Eridan…”
Terezi/Karkat, testing, tender, combative
Vriska/Terezi, knives, blood, blackrom, vanilla sex, rivalry, dare, limits, game, push, danger, wit
WV/AR/PM, desert, queen, city, survival
WV/PM, duty, admiration, family, desert, peace

Homicide: Life on the Street
Frank Pembleton/Tim Bayliss, hands, return, home, stricken, embrace, reunion, kiss, partnership, lanky, covered, arch, need

Honey and Clover
Ayu/Nomiya, summer, travel, drunk, initiative
Hagu/Shuuji, time, tea, morning, present, painting, biting
Kaoru Morita/Yuuta Takemoto, mediocre
Shuuji Hanamoto/Hagumi Hanamoto, familiar, enough
Takumi Nomiya/Ayumi Yamada, patience, surprise, virgin

Honey/Gina, dance

Horrible Bosses
Dale Arbus/Kurt Buckman, engagement, hung
Dale Arbus/Nick Hendricks, altar, comfort, left
Dean “Motherfucker” Jones/Kurt Buckman, repay, trial
Kurt Buckman/Nick Hendricks, done, economic, Motherfucker, quit

Horrible Histories
Alexander the Great/Hephaestion, victory, scent, fear, conquer, whisper, bond, sir
Blenkinsop/Maltravers, tree, trenches, austria, kissing
Charles II/Sotheby, attention, entertain, party, champagne, retraint
Lord Posh/Mr Peasant, class, rent, swap, bath

Hot Fuzz
Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman, DVDs, practice, paperwork, first, uniforms, training, dirty

Hot Tub Time Machine
Lou/Adam, guys do that for each other, right?

House M.D.
13/Cameron, fury
House/Wilson, the ugly sofa, macadamia nut pancakes, ties, getting drunk
Gregory House/13, protective, understanding, absolution, balance
Allison Cameron/Greg House, flying, snow, printer

House War
Duster/Jewel, hurt, anger, knife, trust, danger, vision, darkness

How Do You Know
Lisa/George, aftermath

How I Met Your Mother
Barney Stinson/Robin Scherbatsky, role-play, guns, dominance, amusing, caught, almost, comfort, public, quick and dirty, relapse, white, Japan, scotch, soul mate, scream, nonstop
Barney/Robin/Ted, challenge accepted
Barney Stinson/Ted Mosby, alternate, crossdressing, surrogate, rough, love, code, bro, best, why, friend, fierce, stay, never, faith, hindsight is 20/20, fan, last, moves, secret, video
Lily Aldrin/Marshall Eriksen, stolen, playoff, song, normal, reasons, Paris, art
Robin/Ted, thunder, heat, dire, rain, mistake, baby, pancakes, blue, desk

How to Train Your Dragon
Astrid/Hiccup, hero, maturity, chieftain, wonder, romance, prosthetic, assistance, invention
Tuffnut/Snotlout, pride, fight, braids, hair, boredom, helmet, warrior

Howl’s Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones
Abdullah/Flower-in-the-Night, tale, whisper
Howl/Sophie, family, clutter, magic, management, petals, Wales, snark, slime, drama, needy, spanking, attentive, genderswap

Human Target
Ames/Guerrero, thievery, red dress, professionals, distraction, forty stories up, down and dirty, duct tape
Chance/Baptiste, abandoned, alcohol, retrieval, fistfight, comrades, training, betrayal, leather, money, bondage
Chance/Winston, corner, office, beginnings, loyalty, rough, submissive, opportunity, risk-taker
Christopher Chance/Jessica Shaw, scars, date
Christopher Chance/Stephanie Dobbs, dancing, train ride

Hyperion Cantos - Dan Simmons
Brawne/Johnny, run, verse, history, moment, memory, fingers, inside
Merin/Siri, time, passing, grow, sea, share, age, try

I Capture the Castle (movie)
Cassandra Mortmain/Stephen Colley, grown up, bluebells, eros

I Saw the Devil
Kim Soo-Hyeon/Kyung-Chul, requiem

I, Claudius
Claudius/Agrippa Postumus, understanding, old, heaven, reunited

I, Lucifer - Glen Duncan
Lucifer/Raphael, reunion, body, pain, sand

I, Robot
Susan Calvin/ Del Spooner, slow burn

Carly Shay/Freddie Benson/Sam Puckett, show, camera, smoothies, friends, secrets, bondage, chicken
Carly Shay/Sam Puckett, show, subtext, podcasting
Carly Shay/Spencer Shay, [any]
Sam Puckett/Freddie Benson, [any], unexpected, apology, bet, duct tape, love, refusal, safe
Sam Puckett/Spencer Shay, tug, juvenile, sprain, left, stuck, future, co-sign, parole, starving, daycare, potential, complain, sticky, sweet, smirk, inspire, strawberries

Igby Goes Down
Igby Slocumb/Sookie Sapperstein, shorty, trip, wall

Immortal Regis
Serin/Semek, sink, teeth, mistrust, possessive, belonging, sword, power, death, demon, stockings, skirts, mistress, murderer

In Plain Sight
Mary Shannon/Marshall Mann, bar, baby, submit, road trip, blood, wash, partners, cars, silence, handcuffs, riding, tux, conference room, light bondage, red dress, fuck-me heels, do you trust me, pictures
Mary Shannon/Marshall Mann/Abigail Chaffee, balance, work around, euphoria, trapped
Mary Shannon/Robert Dershowitz, caramel, car, scene
Stan McQueen/Eleanor Prince, [any]

Ariadne/Arthur, love, building, paradox, body language, tease, time, quiet, off-hours, gravity, projection, mystery, deceive, smile, pace, corner, sketch, silk, unravel, silver, dawn, roses, buckle, coronet, resistance, safety, gloves, finery, relaxed, pegging, maps
Ariadne/Arthur/Eames, beginning, open, gun, wounds, partnership, teamwork, lost, mazes, minotaurs, dominance, wheeling, trade, telepathy, intercept, reward, paisley, phantom, anchor, fists, paradox, double penetration, filth, fight
Ariadne/Dom Cobb, babysit, family, missing, care, flu, pigtails, heaven, rope, call, reunion, co-workers, best man, shopping, maze, stuck, help, asleep, silent, limbo, drowning, savior, airplane, fling, teacher/student, stubble
Ariadne/Eames, disguise, manipulation, gun, tower, illicit, getaway, bruise, needle, laugh, challenge, paint, lycanthropy
Ariadne/Eames/Yusuf, summer, tangle, slip, relax, excitation
Ariadne/Robert Michael Fischer, guilt, break, mind
Ariadne/Saito, blush, pale, dance, cream, wall!sex, smile, winter, silk
Ariadne/Yusuf, whisper, brilliance, heal, pink, charm, protective
Arthur/Mal Cobb, I saw her first, fumbling
Arthur/Dom Cobb, power differential, marking, mile-high club, overdose, boss, follow, deception, betray, hurry, flip, lord, proof, seize, marked, snarl, devotion, forever, green, protégé, sacrifice, step-dad, together
Arthur/Dom Cobb/Eames, leading, tear, long, wandering, beach
Arthur/Eames, [any], failure, metaphor, gun, holiday, fantasy, female, resistance, domestic, Tron: Legacy, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Rapunzel, tangled, partnership, handcuffs, Glock, amnesia, blueprints, fingerprints, art, theft, fraternity
Arthur/girl!Eames, [any], silence, key, contract, glass
Arthur/Eames/Robert Michael Fischer, amends
Arthur/Robert Michael Fischer, lesson
Arthur/Saito, [any], smooth, negotiate, rope, dressed, proper, suit, champagne, hotel, cufflinks, manners, tie
Dom Cobb/Eames, attitude, sharing, landscape, shotgun, late, prison, glasses, laughter
Dom Cobb/Eames/Saito, teamwork, sharing, loyalty, opportunity, slick
Dom Cobb/Mal Cobb, drapery, children, beautiful, key
Dom Cobb/Mal Cobb/Saito, threads, claim, seduce, shiver, memory
Dom Cobb/Robert Michael Fischer, protect
Dom Cobb/Saito, together, fingertips, strength, limbo, reunion, promises, unexpected, family, lifetime, bond, comfort, desperation, totem, companionship, safe, chance, bind, leather, recognition, commitment, fireworks, bruises, slow, partners, faith, absolution, warm, longing, domesticity, trust, possessive, dreams, reciprocity, home
Eames/Saito, drunk, fun, roleplay, seduction, dirty-talk, charm, release, exposed, urgency, kept, reward, marked, irresistible, elevator!sex, proposition, mirrors, mile-high club, flirtatious, bet, whiskey, lips, forge, blond, decorum, tour, unexpected, lick, practice, smooth, Vegas
Eames/Yusuf, firsts, shot glass, secrets, desk, privacy, playful, ache, Mombasa, business suit, barefoot, priorities, strippers, genderswap, memorable
Robert Michael Fischer/Saito, crush, exploration, partnership, temptation, electric, kiss, strangers, remember, trail, snow, smile, stay, clouds
Saito/Yusuf, courtesy, impulse, appreciation, after-hours

Infinite Undiscovery
Capell/Edward, secret, hope, hidden, loyalty, sword, mirror, surprise
Edward/Touma, sword, admiration, honor

Inglourious Basterds
Aldo Raine/Donny Donowitz, boots, scalps, submission
Archie Hicox/Donny Donowitz, stuffy
Archie Hicox/Hugo Stiglitz, amenable, balls, boots, German, knife, verbose
Archie Hicox/Wilhelm Wicki, cards, friendly
Donny Donowitz/Hugo Stiglitz, circumcision
Donny Donowitz/Omar Ulmer, girls, movies
Donny Donowitz/Smithson Utivich, arms, baseball, bat, bear, caught, film, hair, masturbation, metaphor, show
Hugo Stiglitz/Smithson Utivich, cover
Hugo Stiglitz/Wilhelm Wicki, language, thump, blood, brine, bark, scrape, destroy
Omar Ulmer/Wilhelm Wicki, enthusiasm
Shosanna Dreyfus/Hans Landa, blood, Jew, Nazi, uniform, dress
Shosanna Dreyfus/Marcel, await, convalesce, peace, coda, reaction, burn, hidden, palm, rebuild
Smithson Utivich/Wilhelm Wicki, conversation

Initial D (movie)
Ryousuke Takahashi/Takumi Fujiwara, respect, support, instruction, race, engine, mountain, tree, hand, hot, speed

Innocent Bird
Beelzebub/Sariel, kiss, dawn, punishment, traitor, loneliness, lost, marked, starting over, wings, breath, mortal, sword, wild
Beelzebub/Shirasagi, pet, thorns, captive, pleasure, force, decadence
Karasu/Shirasagi, faith, hope, charity, dawn, honey, whisper

Inseparable (2007)
Joe/Jean, unmistakable, illness

InuYasha/Kagome, biting, doggie, future, talk, happiness, freedom, peace, finality, unbreakable bonds, forever, balance, exploration, comfort, hair, uniform, flowers, sacred, nature, virgin, slur, confused
Miroku/Sango, lesson, train, grasp
Sango/Miroku, hand, oral, instruction, slap
Naraku/Kikyo, use, wrong, spite, alive
Sesshomaru/Kikyo, species-ism, death, fixation
Sesshomaru/Rin, resistance
Sesshomaru/older!Rin, seduction, mark, resistance, love
older!Rin/Sesshomaru, fur, earth, hunter, kimono, practical, claws, aloof, home

Iron Man (movies)
Happy Hogan/Natalie Rushman, seduction, virginity, clothed/naked
James Rhodes/Pepper Potts, secret, rain, Tony, role-play, CEO, ease, groan, taste, dress, heel
Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanova, service, creep, hopeless, stilted, wall
Tony Stark/James Rhodes, contest, machinery, uniform, scotch, international, love machine, slither, assumption, redesign, steal, fickle, want, insane, flyboy
Tony Stark/JARVIS, [any], incarnate, dream, code, whistle
Tony Stark/Justin Hammer, one-upmanship, guns, invasive, explosions
Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, threesome, bondage, toys, mistaken-identity, reciprocation, tan, lipstick, distraction, control, self-destruction, love, desperation, flying, speed, ground me

It - Stephen King
Henry Bowers/Beverly, switchblade
Henry Bowers/Losers' Club, forgotten
Richie Tozier/Eddie Kaspbrak, fade

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Charlie Kelly/Dee Reynolds, [any], wildcard
Charlie Kelly/Dennis Reynolds, wasted
Charlie Kelly/Mac, reasonable
Dennis Reynolds/Mac, compromise, sober
Mac/Dee Reynolds, fight, fake married, high school, conspiracy, disgust, [any]

It's Kind of a Funny Story
Nia/Noelle, concert, therapy, move on, scars

Jack of All Trades
Jack/Emilia, turnabouts, surprises, petticoats

Jackie Chan Adventures
Jackie Chan/Valmont, pale, lines, sharp, bedfellows, strange, new, sneaky
Older!Jade/Bai Tza, water, possession, trickle, swimming, shower, warmth
Older!Jade/Shendu, fire, talisman, adventure, agent, sunglasses, stop, beloved, magic, bounce

Harmon Rabb/Sarah MacKenzie, flightsuit, all-nighter

James Bond
Brosnan!Bond/Moneypenny, [any], virtual reality, practice

Jake/Jonah, father issues, betrayal, worry, gun, breathplay

Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy/Cindy, college, studying, midterms, competing

John Adams
Thomas Jefferson/Abigail Adams, "we'll always have Paris"

John Gabriel Borkman – Henrik Ibsen
John Borkman/Ella Rentheim, [any]

Raphael/Azazel, penance, touch, flashing, bondage, sorry

Judging Amy
Amy Gray/Vincent Gray, writer, judging, wrong, inspiration, muse, coping, divorce, courtroom

Junjou Romantica
Asahina/Isaka, shower, loyalty, desk, alcohol
Takahiro/Manami, awkward, steam, satin

Juno MacGuff/Leah, lollipop, next, cheek, practical, car, college
uno/Mark, college, redo, map of Tasmania, oral

Justice League Unlimited
Flash/Hawkgirl, quickie, hugs, together, redheads
Hol/John Stewart, cloth, clouds, angry, heated, tender, mission, uniform, pregnancy
Shayera Hol/John Stewart/Wally West, bff, benefits, friendship, redheads, quick, slow, vibrate, cravings

Justice League
Wonder Woman/Batman, Date, fighting, surprise, detective, darkness, laughter, excitement

Boyd Crowder/Raylan Givens, superhero, magic, stand-off, sloppy
Boyd Crowder/Ava Crowder, fever, heat, need, glasses, Crowder, different, something like, dirty
Rachel Brooks/Raylan Givens, practical, sharp, lookout
Rachel Brooks/Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson, simple, complicated, leather, tissue, book, report, case, beer, Miami
Rachel Brooks/Tim Gutterson, lion, silence, paper, knit, backseat, ice cream, trapped, road trip , stakeout, babysit, longneck, lipstick, ringer, felt
Raylan Givens/Ava Crowder, moonshine, sheets, sugar
Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson, angry, edge, mirror, waiting, ignore, sunlight, sweat
Raylan Givens/Winona Hawkins, early, boots, sky, getaway, blame, midnight, knees, slow, lambent, happy, pillow talk, gun, sweat, hair, rough, rumpled, sway, veneer
Tim Gutterson/Sykes, flirt, slide, rip, novel

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Ahim/Luka, loss, money
Basco/Marvelous, phonesex, in public, bargaining
Joe/Ahim, baking, narcolepsy, sit-up bench, height difference, belt
Joe/Luka, clever, swordplay, captain-worship, card tricks, profit
Joe/Luka/Ahim, comfort
Joe/Marvelous, hair, clothes, blade, trust
Joe/Sid, fugitive, memory
Luka/Ahim, blanket, heart-to-heart, guns, adoration
Luka/Don, intelligence, service
Marvelous/Joe, double-team, silence, selfish

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Bianchi/Dino, vampire
Dino/Bianchi, dance, short skirts, eyeroll, exasperation, silk, might as well, grace, toybox
Dino/Kyoya Hibari, teaching, genderswitch, vows, illusion, animal, love, power, bruising
Dino/Yamamoto, opportunity, games, substitutes, tourist
G/Giotto, laughter, trust, sacrifice, sympathy, snarky
Gokudera/Haru, preemptive, sneaky, breaktime, protective
Gokudera/Hibari, fight, understanding, predators, attraction, smug
Gokudera/Shitt P., cherry, clothes, silver, tattoos, jewellery, style
Gokudera/Yamamoto, silence, stretch, contrasts, hedonism, tend, watching
Haru/Gokudera, good-hands
Hibari/Chrome, separate, elegance, feline
Kyouko/Chrome, understandings, why not, potential
Kyouko/Haru, safety, girl time, bonding, quirky, secrets, taste, always
Mukuro/Chrome, possession
Sawada Tsunayoshi/Gokudera Hayato, anniversary
Sawada Tsunayoshi/Hibari Kyoya, loss
Sawada Tsunayoshi/Sasagawa Kyoko/Miura Haru, flames
Sawada Tsunayoshi/Xanxus, garden, weapons
Shamal/Gokudera, nicotine, questionable, accessorize, size differences
Squalo/Yamamoto, senpai, persistence, aftermath, edges
Suzuki/Chrome, solitary
Tsuna/Kyoko, mansion, party, suit, politics, mafia, italian, dancing, softness, silk
Tsuna/Mukuro, kept, fascination, revelations, bare skin, unveilings
Xanxus/Squalo, genderswitch, loyalty, knees, top, leather, dressing up, informal, knife, glare, loud, desk, interruptions, slink, smirk, unexpected
Xanxus/Squalo/Yamamoto, balance, obsession, sparring, disbelief, laughter, burn, flirt
Xanxus/Tsuna, genderswitch, struggle, unexpected, imbalances, size differences, care-taking, in charge, reminders, genderswitch, tailored, war, blindfold, gunplay
Yamamoto/Bianchi, flirtation, support, considerations, fling
Yamamoto/Chrome, clever hands, wine, moonlight, slow dance
Yamamoto/Gokudera, calming
Yamamoto/Hibari, howl, curve, nape, reading, sobering effects, ink, hip, more effort, suits and ties
Tsuna/Gokudera, breath, heat, suit and tie, quitting time
Xanxus/Squalo, gunplay, lick, kneel, follow, adrenaline

Keeping Up Appearances
Hyacinth/Richard, directions, impropriety

Kill Bill
Budd/Bill, disappointment

Kimi ni Todoke
Ayane/Chizu, rumors, impatience, surprise, graduation
Kazehaya/Sawako, firsts
Kazuichi "Pin" Arai/Ayane Yano, drink, christmas, reputation, experience
Kento Miura/Ume "Kurumi" Kurumizawa, happy, rebound, locker, stairs

Kindred: The Embraced
Archon/Julian Luna, sire, mine, comfort, loyalty
Daedalus/Julian Luna, bloodplay, trust, abandon, relax

King Lear - William Shakespeare
Cordelia/Edgar, distance, loyalty, consider
Cordelia/King of France, [any]
Edmund/Cordelia, scratch, dirt, arch, defiant

Kingdom Hearts
Aerith/Kairi, domestic, subtle
Ansem the wise/Aqua, loneliness, shy
Aqua/Kairi, beginning, guidance, safety, swimming, water
Ariel/Kairi, new
Ariel/Selphie, fun
Axel/Roxas, dance, game, music, willing, yearning
Belle/Kairi, smile
Belle/Namine, quiet
Belle/Olette, research
Fuu/Olette, boredom, summer, girls-only
Kairi/Mulan, training
Kairi/Namine, innocence, paint
Kairi/Olette, summer
Kairi/Sally, clever
Kairi/Selphie, smile, sunshine, swimsuit, skipping-rope
Mulan/Yuffie, fight
Namine/Olette, play
Namine/Sally, kindness
Roxas/Axel, puppet, need, green, battle high
Sephiroth/Riku, differences, training, history
Sora/Kairi/Riku, perfect, awkward, triforce, giggles

David Shepherd/Jack Benjamin, hometown, gun, rain, rumors, accident, safe, uniform, rebellion, compelling, flirting, dazzled, city, royal, promiscuous, changes, forbidden, pleasures, boyfriend, naked, uniform, sir, kiss, shy, hidden, willing, club, pictures, the-wrong-one, shore-leave, betray, betrothal, betrayal, crown
David Shepherd/Jack Benjamin/Michelle Benjamin, advantage, secret, trapped, incest
David Shepherd/Michelle Benjamin, crown, trust, fate
Jack Benjamin/Michelle Benjamin, crossdressing, frills, stubble, willing

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harmony Lane/Harry Lockhart, backseat, outdoors, party, silencing
Harry Lockhart/Perry van Shrike, balls, fishnets, gun, heels, idiot, ropes, secretary
Harry/any, rainy, misogyny, delivery service, sofa, water

Kitchen Confidential
Donna/Teddy Wong, fun, strawberry
Jack Bourdain/Mimi Pino, never
Jack Bourdain/Steven Daedalus/Teddy Wong, fresh, fun, tangle, revive, wash
Jack Bourdain/Teddy Wong, fight, risk, hope, help
Mimi Pino/Stephen Daedalus, then
Reese Ryder/Teddy Wong, select, resist, touch
Steven Daedalus/Teddy Wong, help, need, easy, keep, again

Nodoka Manabe/Azusa Nakano, coincidence
Nodoka Manabe/Ui Hirasawa, senior, lunch, quiet
Ritsu/Mio, persuasion, drums, summer, secret

Kraken (China Mieville)
Baron/Collingswood, advantage

Doman/Seimei, overpower, struggle, humiliation, exile, loathing
Kureha/Utsuki, betrayal, skin, envy, rain
Sakuya/Seimei, student, curiosity, balance
Sakuya/Utsuki, dream, silk, admire, fantasy

Hanamori/Kuranosuke Koibuchi, handsome
Kuranosuke/Shou/Tsukimi, sharing, favorite, secret, arrangement, cooperation, flustered
Kuranosuke/Tsukimi, crossdressing, experiment, cute, make-outs, teaching, confession, glasses, fashion show
Shu Koibuchi/Shoko Inari, innocent, amends

Agni/Soma, devotion, spice, homesick, pleasure, cooking, gold, friendship
Bard/Finnian, fun, dress, dangerous, summer, time, strength, size difference, protection, memories, loneliness
Ciel/Elizabeth, love, protection, safety, independent, weapons
Ciel/Lizzie/Sebastien, life, death, bargains, marriage bed, business, evil, costume, ship, tight spaces, knives
Elizabeth Middleford/Ciel Phantomhive, wed, swordplay, drowning, corsets, high heels, cane, carriage, stables, chocolate
Elizabeth Middleford/Sebastien, bloodshed, unflinching, mistress, souls, sugar, dressup, fencing, laces, antagonist, steel, panic button, pink
Nina/Maylene, measurements, pins, dress-up, fabric, luxury, soft, curves
Sebastian/Ciel, [any], service, refinement, desperation
Sebastian/Grell, sharp, danger, bondage, seduction
William/Grell, discipline, lingerie, tease, immortal, mission

Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey
Alcuin/Delaney, library, fantasy, [any]
Imriel/Maslin, warm

Kyou Kara Maou
Shibuya Shouri/Conrad Weller, apron, smile, loyalty, kisses, horseback-riding

La double vie de Véronique
Weronika/Véronique, mirage

Jareth/Sarah, repulsive, switch, power, defiant, wish, dream, lost, crystal
Jareth/Toby, home, dream, stolen, fae, prince, makeover, stalking, choice, naked, power, dark, public-claiming, above ground, fairy ring, called, peach, owl, hidden, ring, pants, oubliette, home, belonging

Last Exile
Alex/Sophia, Secret, sweet-tooth, blindfold, cunnlings, soft touch, comfort
Alex/Sophia/Vincent, balance, perfect

Last Of The Mohicans
Alice Munroe/Uncas, glory

Last Remnant
David/Torgal, leather, claws, honor, pride, tremble
Glenys/Nora, history, bone, pride, vengeance, throat, callus, armor
Hannah/Hinnah, lace, leather, oil, dirty talk, unladylike, snowpetal, remnant
Irina/Jager, bondage, certain, Lob Omen, tease, training, dirty talk
Rush/Caedmon, fur, kiss, ears, scent, comfort, beautiful
Rush/Irina, caretaking, secret, first, flowers, kisses
Young/Snievan, patterns, blood, messy, daring, hiss, overpower

Latter Days
Aaron Davis/Christian Markelli, deep, dizzy, wild, kiss, kitchen, parenthood, responsible, rub, soothe, sweet, lick, crazy

Law & Order
Ben Stone/Any Female Character, [any], suspenders, office
Jack McCoy/Mike Cutter, desk, champagne, approval, academia, kneel, comfort, arrogance
Mike Cutter/Connie Rubirosa, case, brief, office, files, court, skirt, tie, baseball, ethics, Jack

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Robert Goren/Alex Eames, partners, badge, undercover, therapy, together, loyalty, normality, interrogation room, quiet, falling, emotion porn, handcuffs, better, therapy, endings, beginnings, connection, surprise, drive, first names, wrong, expectation, lie detector
Mike Logan/Megan Wheeler, [any]

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Casey/Olivia, [any]
Elliot Stabler/Olivia Benson, ending, beginning, contrast, contract, fire, gut feeling, salt, honey, gala, shiver, co-dependent, waiting, sorbet, strapped, cut, vanilla, eyelash, victim, tongue, blood, ambiguous, drunk, kiss, dance, gasp, control, hands, chance, hotel, 3 a.m., phone calls, hospital, paths, sweat, jealous, 24 hours, relief, clash, distance, darkness, wet, heal, fight, protect
Munch/Finn, unconventional, recovery, on duty, cuffs

Law & Order: UK
Alesha Phillips/Matt Devlin, date, solace, flowers, overtime, desk, tender
James Steel/Alesha Phillips, overtime, pub, ideal

Leap Year
Declan/Anna, honeymoon, motel, business

Left 4 Dead 2
Nick/Ellis, dirty, battle, comfort, bandage, mark, collar, shady, sunny, cheat, repair, risk, dare, clash, taunt, teamwork, heat, sweat, shower, humid, danger, weapons, safe

Legend of the Seeker
Cara/Cara Mason, reflection, teacher, lesson, brat
Cara/Dahlia, appetite, first, careless, water, sheets, braid, questions, history, broken, virginity, knees, bath-house, scars, tender, reconnection, memory
Cara/Darken, captive, pain, chains, childhood, kindness, possession, red, devotion, master, ropes
Cara/Denna, first, cold, stone, chase, decision, hair , sparring, submission, white leather
Cara/Kahlan, agiel, anal, double penetration, rada han, beauty mark, midnight, agiel, haircut, mistress, lifeline, delirious, waiting, denial, bath, velvet, royalty, cheating, lips, smirk, slash, power, divide, rise, substitute, closed spaces, breath, repression, inappropriate, colours, confusion, comfort, warmth, driven, tension, soft, testing, racing, landscape, music, hair, river, stretching, wet, sparring, dagger, wall, stress-relief, sisters, devotion, mouth, strip, watching, chains, leather, agiel, unresolved, leather, spark, mistrust, torture, heavenly, leather, bravery, combat, dirt, messy, illumination, kiss
Cara/Kahlan/Dahlia, compromise, opportunity, rivalry
Cara/Kahlan/Darken, traitor, Sisters, temple, sin
Cara/Kahlan/Denna, agiels, broken, double penetration, D/s, white, will
Cara/Kahlan/Richard, sparring, skin, clothing, dark, laughter, teasing, restraints, workaround, easy, family, love, doubt, danger
Cara/Richard, bruise, breath, spell, blanket, leather, sword, tongue
Darken/Giller, blades, blood, command, rough, venom
Darken/Kahlan, always, wedding, guilt, ice, hair, victory, bargain, beauty, past, anal, power, prophecy, silk, hands, betrothed, hide, fire, shadow, name, unyielding, gentle, tease, anger
Denna/Richard, possess, dominate
Kahlan/Denna, broken, domination, humiliation
Kahlan/Nicci, confessed, devotion, kink
Kahlan/Richard, leaves, roll, forbidden, untouched, battle, laces, boots, swordplay, fate, confession, power, river, laughter, nibble, knife, rose, gift, token
Richard/Nicci, mistress, teacher, alone, patience, wicked

Legend of Zelda
Link/Zelda, courage

Les Liaisons Dangereuses (1960)
Juliette/Marianne, linguistics, faithful, drinks
Valmont/Juliette, university, art, promises

Let's Bible
Iesu/Honey, sacred, duty, salvation

Eliot Spencer/Alec Hardison, heatwave, vegetables, the wonders of the internet, "that's my man!", in the boxing ring, ninja, cooking
Eliot Spencer/Damien Moreau, promise, leave, never, tight, bind, impossible, devious, manipulate
Eliot Spencer/James Sterling, all the hitting
Eliot Spencer/Nathan Ford, office, breakfast, con, tired, training, skills, retrieval, baking, sweat, one-hand-tied, tux, close-quarter fighting, unexpected, trade, hit-on, chef, skills, broken, hospital, man liner, fight, sexy
Eliot Spencer/Parker, [any], scheming, rebound
Eliot Spencer/Parker/Alec Hardison, interesting, acrobatic, rope, garage, trick, squeal, switch, quick, desk, accidental, get your goat, le petit mort, licking, St. Tropez, toast, volcano, mystery, van, soda, dominant, argue, flying, special, high heels, thief, restraints, broken, mouths, teeth, hold, fast, skill, secret, talent, flexible, hiding, roleplay, kink, gourmet
Eliot Spencer/Raquel Dayan, overpower, lust, strength, shadows, blue, hair, jeans
Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux, black dress, touch, waiting, con, undercover, ring, alternate, exhale, kink, Ireland, plane, Paris, history, San Lorenzo, drunk, dress, ties, elevator, exhale, secret, quiet, love, accidental, can't, semiprecious, arguable, mirror, excel, fright, bloody, hidden, Catholic guilt, flowers, water, hideout, tuxedo, table, difficult, grin, anger
Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux/Maggie Collins, unconventional, tangled
Parker/Alec Hardison, slow, unusual, locks, hide, open, embrace, surprising, soft, kinky, secret, handcuffs, thieves, pretzels, slow, breathless, geek, black dress, shutdown, bypass, reciprocated, drive-in, guns, heavy petting, oak, slither, first, roleplay, costume, heist, vault, train, ropes, climbing, falling, misunderstandings, geekery, adorable, bounce
Parker/Alec Hardison/McSweeten, role-play
Parker/Sophie Devereaux, acting, advice, alone, car, crawl, dare, diamonds, enclosed, falling, family, fantasy, glass, harness, language, leap, lock, miss, mission, misunderstanding, money, names, secret, suspension, ticklish, warmth
Sophie Devereaux/Alec Hardison, foreign languages, horizon, early bird, dexterity, imagine, oranges, silver screen, persona
Sophie Devereaux/Tara Cole, rendezvous, electric, tropical, paint, fervour, wasteful, diamonds, obstacles
Tara Cole/Maggie Collins, paths, museum, artifacts, Boston, auction

Leviathan - Scott Westerfield
Alek/Deryn, retort, fire, class

Robbie Lewis/James Hathaway, smart, punctual, case, blow-job, warm, loyal, practical, simple

Liar Game
Akagi/Fukunaga, food, spice, choice
Akiyama/Nao, alone, brush, smoke, gaze, depth, boss, tremble, surprise, present, sheets
Akiyama/Nao/Fukunaga, drink, celebrate, share
Fukunaga/Nao, equals, hair, collarbone, tears, overwhelm, play, scheme, lace, lesson
Yokoya/Nao, bargain, rough, humiliation, luxury

Lie to Me
Cal Lightman/any, ignore
Cal Lightman/Ben Reynolds, argument, dominance, drunk, Gillian, need
Cal Lightman/Eli Loker, complex, date, experience, Monday, please, truth, try, truth, paid, need, collars, gesture, chair, control, shameless, lie, punishment, fierce, intern, approval, faces, wrinkles, shirt, beer, counter
Cal Lightman/Eli Loker/Ben Reynolds, office, coffee, tie
Cal Lightman/Gillian Foster, lie, truth, secret, touch, bathtub, car, pudding, dance, elevator, garden, camera, office, laundry, novel, sleep, snow, tattoo, survival, meaning, solid, stories, cold, spanking, wine, twilight, dawn, loss, roulette, stilettos, leather, pain, beg, support, feel, moving, resistance, lines, proposal, summer, park, hot, sweet, survive, crushed, gentle, surprising, suicide, patterns, sunshine, professional, camera, celebration, dinner, negotiation, microexpressions, simple, anticipation, respect, question, legs, accent, funny, exhaustion, rumpled, thick-as-thieves, reversed, roulette, surveillance, tempted, true, accent, watched, answer, distrust, cheat, silent, lies, control, infidelity, honesty, red, divorce, blindfold, prank, fall, auspicious, regulate, make me, friend, dress, mask, darkness, marshmallow, anyway, and so on
Cal Lightman/Ria Torres, naughty, antagonism, defensive, fated, wall, push
Cal Lightman/Sharon Wollowski, first, need, cook, dark
Eli Loker/Ria Torres, lies, yearn, dancing , strip poker, any, reading people
Gillian Foster/Zoe Landau, argument, Cal, common, resentment
Ria Torres/Gillian Foster, honey, experiment, lies

Life on Mars (UK)
Sam Tyler/Layla Dylan, music
Sam Tyler/Maya Roy, today
Sam Tyler/Ruth Tyler, fever

Life Unexpected
Baze/Cate, second, life, love, water

Charlie Crews/Dani Reese, car, drive, sunshine, curtains, rush, oranges, furniture, pool, pop, line, raven, secretive, devil, burst, deposition, fingertips, shaggy, sunlight, case, juice, electricity, wet, dark, Tantric
Ted Earley/Olivia Canton, [any]

Little House on the Prairie – Laura Ingalls Wilder
Almanzo/Laura, [any]

Little Men
Jack/Ned, mother's failures

Little Miss Sunshine
Dwayne/Frank, literature, planes, porn, wrong, quote, help, alike

Little Women
Amy/Laurie, [any], taste, lord and lady, Vevay, honeymoon, first, roses, feeling, ship, rain, castle, captain, ballast
Bess/Josie, [any], rehearse, swim
Demi/Alice, [any], read
Emil/Mary, [any], hand, foot
Jo/Laurie, proposal, the woods, a different answer, coming home, longing
John/Meg, home, Dovecote, nest, love, firm, after, quiet, dusk, bow
Josie/Ted, [any], game
Nan/Josie, [any], energy, learn

Live Free or Die Hard
John McClaine/Matt Farrell, internet, Daddy, pain, tough, lips, sweat, internet porn, party, tied, kink, stunned, email, touch, hand-to-hand, knuckles, gift, teach, garish, ill-prepared, risk, crumbling, teacher, joined, double dildo, graph, shout, fearless
Thomas Gabriel/Mai Linh, domination, addiction, explosion, benefits, simulation, connection, recruited

Lois & Clark
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, breathless, strawberry, denial, long-distance, surprise
Lois Lane/Lex Luthor, [any]

Lord of War (2005)
Yuri Orlov/Jack Valentine, gun-play, test, villain

Lost Girl
Bo/Ash, fae, power
Bo/Kenzi, blood, sugar, sex, magick, friendship, magic, vodka, accident, instinct, hurt, healing, tease, dance, playing house, red, power, heat, thrall, virginity
Bo/Lauren, draining, forgiveness, love, truth, forgiveness, roughness, tender
Dyson/Kenzi, once, bite, late, moon, protection

Lost in Austen
Bingley/Jane, America, new world, breath, soft
Caroline Bingley/Elizabeth Bennet, London, vibrator, new
Caroline/Amanda, hidden, loss, out of time, mirrors, candles, riding crop, dresses
Darcy/Wickham, Georgiana, lies, jealousy, betrayal, innocence, grief

Ana Lucia/Eko, stability, pride
Ana Lucia/Jack, tough, talk, train, understand, drink, right, finally
Ben/Any Male Character, oral, throat, submission, wrath
Ben/OMC, release
Ben/Richard, tension, management, service
Ben/Sayid, tied, bent, pain, dominance
Ben/Sawyer, rough
Boone Carlyle/Charlie Pace, music, stomach
Boone/OFC, before, warmth, faith, ghost, truth, torch, water, lifeguard
Boone/Shannon, breathe, cold, mile high club, summer, tent, wax
Charlotte/Daniel, hands, safe
Charlotte/Miles, desperate, challenge, harsh
Claire/Charlie, private, quiet, giggles, singing, family
Daniel/Charlotte, heaven, chance, piano, science, steady, beginning, brilliance, unafraid
Daniel/Charlotte/Miles, equilibrium, touch, gamble, fascination, rain, unspoken, precognition, routine, temper
Daniel/Miles, sorry, tense, shelter
Esau/Jacob, caves, tiger
Jack/Ben, curse
Jack/Locke, leader
Jack/Claire, unknown, realization, jungle, secrets
Jin/Sun, reach, garden, beginning, first sight, sand, ring
Jin/Sun/Michael, heat, drift
Juliet/Charlotte, reckless, cooperation, drinks
Juliet/Kate, oil, water, home, secrets, taste, rum, sweet, match, stalemate
Juliet Burke/Sawyer, flower, promises, grease, broken
Kate/Claire, Aaron, survivors, understanding, desire
Kate/Jack/Sawyer, help, hands, love
Kate Austen/James Ford, Sheena
Kate/Sawyer, rain, strangers
Kate/Sayid, between a rock and a hard place, hair, undercover, despair, found, formal, regret, repeat, sand
Locke/Claire, not a daddy issue, lines, comfort, black smoke
Miles/Naomi, negotiation, useless
Penny/Desmond, sick, waiting, dancing, painting
Sawyer/Juliet, Dallas, trick, spoon, sand, tree, grease, van, leather, salt, pew, muffina
Sawyer/Miles/Richard, voyeurism, roommates, "why not?", high
Sayid/Rosseau, escape, obsession, sympathy, opportunity
Shannon/Sayid, sand, fast, driving, jealousy, early morning, silence, overcome, purity, wilderness
Spoof!Jacob/Richard, light, chores, thunderstorms

Love Actually
David/Natalie, hometown, [any]
Harry/Karen, sharp, soft, youth, light, Christmas, music, save, fix, fair
Juliet/Mark/Peter, fix, need, hope
Juliet/Peter, found
Karl/Sarah, slow, right, open

Lucifer/Mazikeen, sword, wine, blood, wings

Lucky Star
Minoru Shiraishi/Akira Kogami, abuse

Luther (BBC)
Alice Morgan/Jenny Jones, [any]
Alice Morgan/Mark North, albatross, grace, frailty, gingerly, falter, stillness, ruins, carrion, Calypso
John Luther/Alice Morgan, denial, spent, recover, bruises, conviction, conversation, relief, games, fear, kindness, trust, ropes, shadow, Aruba, blaze, shell, bullet, claret, ecstasy, divide, lacerate, venom, knives, lips, machinations, clockwork, double, toiled, fantasy, Mexico, kitchen, red hair, wrong, escape, friend, tell-tale, change, evil, apocalypse, faithful, roulette, seduction, subversion, more, anticipation, intimacy, tears, phone calls
John Luther/Alice Morgan/Justin Ripley, puppy, please, authority, temptation, monsters, territorial, gift
John Luther/Alice Morgan/Mark North, secrets, consequences, mend, routine, mute, oblivion, panacea, constellation, simpatico, safe house, silk, mythology, by hook or by crook, memorial, living arrangements
John Luther/Justin Ripley, hero, faith, comfort, hospital, holiday, lies, mistake, office, sunday, undercover, recovery, voyeur, easy, date, handcuffs, therapy, happy, Erin, movie, PTSD, car, stakeout, height, loyalty, professionalism, sweaty, phone, undercover, sync, trust, solace, uniform, backseat, puppy, leather gloves, loyalty, uniform, hesitation, want
John Luther/Mark North, consolation, future, alive, lost, responsible, handcuffs, cuppa, grief, loss, replacement, memories, remnants, allay, ember

Atsuki Saijo/Yayoi Kimishiro, hair, pretty, swings
Rui Yamase/Mika Nozaki, fortune, news, bonds

Macross Frontier
Alto Saotome/Michel Blanc, friendship
Jeffrey Wilder/Monica Lange, scars, time
Michel Blanc/Klan Clang, obstacles, memories

Mad Men
Betty/Don, drunk, whiskey, diamonds, rough, lust
Betty/Peggy, lost
Don Draper/Joan Holloway, confession, glass, Roger, scarves, understanding, smile, closet, dress, New Year's Eve, desk, after, 1950's
Don Draper/Peggy Olsen, forbidden, trip, hotel, impossibility, embrace, font, cigarette, equals, bitter, rush, sell, believe, pearls, smile, equals, victory is ours, pitch, clarity, rainy day, hurricane, parent, clock, suitcase, end, ring, last, quiet, upset, avoid, copy, Cassius Clay
Don/Joan/Roger, righting wrongs, hope, anniversary, metaphor, champagne, interregnum
Joan/Lane, elegant, tobacco, spine
Joan/Peggy, pretend, silk, soft, shared, whisper, gossip, elevator, femininity
Joan/Roger, chance, solitude, belief, rendezvous, lost, silk, pliant, possession, maybe this time, strap, martini, carpet, forget, bright, out-of-town
Ken/Peggy, fumble
Peggy/Father Gill, destruction, knees, guilt, cold
Peggy/Ken, red, vodka, desk, office, lips, slow, sweet, laugh
Peggy/Pete, confess, elevator, fever, magazine, again, couch, fabric, yes
Pete/Trudy, roleplay, secretary, moonlight, tight, soft
Stan/Peggy, whiskey, unrequited

Magic Knight Rayearth
Fuu/Ferio, breeze, enjoyment, exploration, thrill
Hikaru/Umi/Fuu, alone, bonds, magic, power, relaxation, together
Lantis/Hikaru/Eagle, practice

Mainichi Seiten
Mayumi/Yuuta, loud, separation, train, jealous, flirt, cooking, rain, study break
Taiga/Shuu, honesty, compromise, procrastination, comfort, deadline, memory

Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro
Eishi Sasazuka/Yako Katsuragi, restraint, date, age, bed, temptation, rain, dessert, flu, uniform, tie, skirt

Make It or Break It
Emily Kemtko/Damon Young, caress, kiss, family, broken, dreams, practice, first, adultery, lie, lust, Paris, tangle, cuddle
Emily Kemtko/Sasha Beloff, train, rain, push, practice, secret, soft
Payson Keeler/Sasha Beloff, train, wrong, The Rock, secret, comfort, plead, rub, jealousy, fantasy, masturbate
Payson/Kelly, rivalry, interview, publicity, teammates, beam
Sasha/Payson, Olympics, push, floor, gym, run, hotel, wait, secret, almost, touch

Malice in Wonderland (2009)
Alice/Whitey, time

Mamma Mia (2008)
Tanya/Pepper, candles, burned, mother, easy, carefree, curls, swim, passion, out, queen

Mansfield Park – Jane Austen
Fanny/Mary, [any], fascinate, music, eyes
Mary/Julia, [any], jealous
Mary/Maria, [any], nice
Fanny Price/Henry Crawford, it could have turned out differently,
Fanny/Lord Bertram, knees, slave, chains, money, prayer, tongue
Henry Crawford/Mary Crawford, secret world, country manners, fashion, solitude, sunlight, childhood, their uncles house, naval, rears and vices, pretend

Mansfield Park (any)
Henry Crawford/OMC, navy, admiralty, rears and vices,

Maria Holic
Mariya Shido/Miki Miyamae, stubborn, wait
Toichiro Kanae/Shizu Shido, mistake

Billy Kaplan/Eli Bradley, soon, beyond, sluice, crave
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman/Tony Stark, alcohol, celebrity, Steve
Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton, clothes, scar, missing
Bucky Barnes/Eli Bradley, dispute, shove, seek
Bucky Barnes/Nick Fury, seethe, beam, blade, knuckle
Bucky Barnes/Rikki Barnes, memories, fog, fluid, need
Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson, alone, lips, suspend, flight, feathers, tickle
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, control, wounded, accents, bleeding, bandage, one-armed, command, spanking, prison
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, between, protect, save, positions, crossdressing
Captain America/Namor, harsh, wild, pain, desperate
Captain America/Tigra, outrageous, police, handcuffs, soft, odd
Captain America/Wasp/Thor, competition, friends, relax
Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew, flight, games, curtains, engines
Clint Baront/Tony Stark, argue, history, snark
Clint Barton/Hank Pym, collar, begging, command
Clint Barton/Kate Bishop, purple, hawkette, partners, bondage, pegging, begging, outside, sheets, wrinkle, fetish, mentor, costume, lilac, dessert, camping, bath, bubbles, motorcyle, shower, getaway, exhausted, mission, scratch, massage, heat, warmth, silk, satin, curls, moist, cream, foreplay, tongue, noisy, denial, gag, dare, fantasies, roleplay, breathless, lace, girly, quiver
Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, break-up, anger, sweet, poison, pinch, dancer, artist, foreign, misunderstanding, fishnets, red, purple, growth, Dostoyevsky, danger, secret
Clint Barton/Pietro Maximoff, quickie, secret
Clint Barton/Pietro Maximoff/Wanda Maximoff/Steve Rogers, training, team, exercise
Clint Barton/Scott Lang/Hank Pym, welcome, return, bottom, teasing, sizeplay, shrink, grow, arrowplay, knifeplay, differences
Clint Barton/Steve Rogers, soldier, showoff, carnival, cotton candy, trivial, trial, strength, soul, curse, family, trust, broken, gregarious, funeral, taste, sass, serve, hold, held, welcome, submit, adrenaline, safe, spar
Danny Rand/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage, triptych, babysitting, naps, cuddling, present, fights, escape, work outs, bender, detective, possessive, plan, dancing, perfume
Danny Rand/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Matt Murdock, clean up, lawsuits, bodyguard, body double, paper, Europe, leather, tangled, blind, marks, obdurate
Danny Rand/Luke Cage, take-out, chinese food, grime, culture clash, kung fu, harlem, nostalgia, requiem, friendship, bromance, backup, cellphone, bruise, borrowed, tender, sweat
Danny Rand/Matt Murdock, costume, scent, touch, taste, salt, copper
Dr. Strange/Deadgirl, return
Emma Frost, living, summertime
Gabe Jones/Jimmy Woo, nostalgia, gabardine, bebop
Hercules/Amadeus Cho, thighs
Hercules/She-Hulk/Thor, orgy, party, strong, reckless, extraordinary
Jean Grey/Misty Knight/Colleen Wing, listen, awe, funk
Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Scott Lang, unconventional, pregnancy, induldge, family, lust
Jimmy Woo/Namora, leadership
Jimmy Woo/Orson Randall, smooth, steel, mask
Johnny Storm/Lyja, different, green, hot, negative
Kate Bishop/Bobbi Morse, lipstick, purple, lavendar, blue, wet, blush, cling, dating, infidelity
Kate Bishop/Bucky Barnes, time, age, trouble, gunplay, toys, biting, quiver, family, surprise, quickie
Kate Bishop/Cassie Lang, lick, bite, nibble, spanking, broken, heal, toger, strap-on, team, birthday
Kate Bishop/Clint Barton, archery, practice, breakfast, older, silence
Kate Bishop/Sharon Carter, strap-on, vibrator, closet, stall, undercover
Laura Kinney/Remy Lebeau, sin, streak, swimming, claws
Leila Taylor/Sam Wilson, backdoor, sky, tease
Luke Cage/Jessica Jones/Scott Lang, pregnancy, return, positions, bed, couch, family
Mary Jane Watson/Spider-Man, nightmare, marriage, soft, freckles, pleasant
Misty Knight/Natasha Romanov, loan, call, compete, bare
Ms. Marvel/Spider-Woman, reading, missing, fingering, scars
Namor/Namora, pregnant, friends, cousins, alive
Namora/Natasha Romanov, burlesque
Namora/Venus, ocean
Natasha Romanova/Bobbi Morse, comparisons, wine, work
Nick Fury/Orson Randall, stubble, stroke, inquire
Nomad/Spider-Girl, first, kissing, bf's, scared, friends
Peter Parker/Johnny Storm, Memory, grief, return
Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson, dream, webbing, rooftop
Phyla-Vell/Heather Douglas, liquid, quiet, grief, joy
Pietro Maximoff/Billy Kaplan, lurk
Remy Lebeau/Rogue, wax, coat, blindfold
Sam Wilson/Sharon Carter/Steve Rogers, grapple, ease, amaze, celebrate
Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers, coffee, gruff, loss, in-joke
Sharon Carter/Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers, healing, paint, sketch, secret, sweat
Steve Rogers/Clint Barton/Tony Stark, occasion, surprise
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, couch, bossy, adventure, sweet, caress, technology, cars, workshop, leather, gloves, cowl, red thong
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, harder, better, faster, stronger
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, wit, kiss, banter, touch
U-Go Girl/Mr. Sensitive, travel
Venus/Bob Grayson, comfort
Vivisector/Any, reading
Warren Worthington/Betsy Braddock, sooth, vent, fight
Warren Worthington/Scott Summers, tension, anger, experiment, envy
Warren Worthington/Scott Summers/Emma Frost, watch, direct, domme, perform

Mass Effect 2
female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian/Thane Krios/Grunt, xenophilia, gang bang, more, contrast, discover, insatiable, bigger
female Shepard/Joker, friendship, loyalty, pilot seat, shore leave, drunk, trust, easy
Harbinger/Shepard, perfection
Illusive Man/Miranda Lawson, obedience, daddy kink, permission, orgasm control, good girl, earn, underage, education, possession, owned, taken care of
Shepard/Grunt, [any]
Shepard/Harkin, [any]
Shepard/Joker, hero
Shepard/The Illusive Man, hurt-comfort, scars
Shepard/Wilson, [any]

Mass Effect
Aria/f!Shepard, leather, techno, azure, liquor, favors
Ashley Williams/Liara T'Soni, fights, heaven, understandings, alcohol, dancing
Commander Shepard/Garrus Vakarian, gunplay, antiques, classy, student, aftermath
Commander Shepard/Jeff "Joker" Moreau, bondage, leather, nightmares
Commander Shepard/Tali'zorah vas Neema, naked, dancing, food, engineering, confined
Commander Shepard/Thane Krios, orders, desert, breathe, drugs, oceans
F!Shepard/Garrus Vakarian, starlight, camping
Feron/Liara T'Soni, aphrodisiacs, thunderstorms, loss
Garrus/Tali, fluid contact, carapace, delicate, unmasked
Garrus/Thane, snipe, competition, tense
Jack/Zaeed Massani, scars, mayhem, blood, cards, whisky, poetry
Jeff "Joker" Moreau/EDI, pictures, dirt, maintenance, malfunction
Jeff "Joker" Moreau/Tali'zorah vas Neema, sarcasm, work, bunnies
Joker/EDI, composite, catch, virus
Kasumi/Jacob, acrobat, muscular, shadows, trustworthy, voyeurism
Morinth/Jack, hunting, danger, tattoos, competition, blood, survivor
Samara/Thane, communion, justice, breath, memory
Saren Arterius/David Anderson, submission, darkness
Saren Arterius/Matriarch Benezia, meeting, stoic, puppets
Shepard/Wrex, battlemaster, scars, quad, honor, regenerate
Tali'Zorah vas Neema/Kal'Reegar, danger, new suits, trust, gunplay
Tali'Zorah vas Neema/Kal'Reegar/Veetor'Nala, gratitude, foodplay, vids
Tali'Zorah vas Neema/Legion, blame, cold, electricity, vibrations, forgiveness, hate
The Thorian/Shiala, study, curiosity, rage

Material Girl (TV)
Marco/Alex, scarf, mind games, blackmail, drunk

Maurice - E. M. Forster
Kitty Hall/Violet Tonks, [any], sweet
Maurice Hall/Alec Scudder, verdant, poetry, water, light, drift, work, handsome, forest, wind, apple, here, cherish, [any], outdoors

Marvel Comics
Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, resurrection, recovery, skin, kindness, experience, red, kink, serious, laughter, stamina

Mean Girls
Cady/Janis, pretty, kissing, fighting

Melissa & Joey
Mel/Joe, working out, spin cycle, who's the boss?

Men In Black
Jay/Kay, experience, urge

Jack/Nora, [any]

Mercy Thompson series - Patricia Briggs
Mercy/Adam, magnetic, grease, trust, aggravate

Arthur Pendragon/Guinevere, worship, callouses, protect, rough, obedience
Arthur Pendragon/Lancelot/Merlin, touch
Arthur Pendragon/Merlin Emrys, secret, magic, discovery, forest, watching, hands, mead, dragon, kidnapped, calling, eternal, free, inn, water, punishment, flogging, prat, slave, dungeon, freedom, beard, quest, loyalty, sword, running, horses, forest, dragons, wait, wanting, dragon, evil, spell, hilt, field, face, euphoria, wound, battle, intertwine, poison-drinking, rope, chicken, negotiation, indignant, freedom, promise
Arthur Pendragon/Percival, strength, challenge, sore, accident, lightning, modern!AU
Arthur/Gwen, consummation, goddess, hinterlands, defense, slave, happiness, rumours, virgin, large
Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot/Merlin, royal family, balance
Arthur/Gwen/Merlin, fire, stars
Arthur/Knights of Camelot, orgy
Arthur/Leon, luck, token, challenge
Arthur/Mordred, older, unwitting, knight
Arthur/Morgana, incest, temptation
Gwaine/Lancelot, soft, forest, drunk, expensive, freedom, sweets, office!AU
Gwaine/Merlin, hangover, game, curse, illegal, celebration
Gwen, aphrodisiac, washing, nipple-play
Gwen/Arthur/Lancelot, golden, twined, watching, yearning
Gwen/Knights, ritual, enjoy, hidden
Gwen/Morgana, betrayal, flowers, midnight, nightmares, comfort, champion, elope, practice, steampunk, heat, needy
Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, flowers, forgiveness, flowers, rivals, tease, dress, friend, redemption, druids, serving, oral, sweet, longing, hands, unrequited, voyeurism, sharing, luxury, beauty, royalty, pillows, imagination
Lancelot/Gwaine, wanting
Leon/Freya, underwater
Merlin/Gwain, hair, fealty, friendship, bickering
Merlin/Mordred, firsts, magic, woods
Merlin/Morgana, passion, blaze, dark, hair, hitched, dirt, helpful, sensual
Morgana/Morgause, coercion, promise, recovery, life, soul, protection, bond, tactile, loneliness, trust
Merlin, Morgana/Morgause, magic, ritual, bonding, magic, old religion, throne, sword, heroine, armour, sparks, tryst, love-letters, tree, breeches, power
Morgana/Morgause/Arthur, bewitching, purpose, song, magic, spell, sex
Uther/Arthur, natural
Uther/Gwen, sword, willing, infidelity
Uther/Merlin, spell
Uther/Morgana, helpless, throne, crown, spank

Midnight In Paris
Adriana/Hemingway, blind
Gil/Hemingway, punch, novel
Gil/Zelda Fitzgerald, drugs, wild

Mighty Boosh
Vince/Howard, pretty, boredom, lost, licking, boots

Milennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson
Salander/Blomkvist, pattern, design, stockings, surveillance, hack

Gary/Miranda, cooking, now, trivia
Stevie/Miranda, needs, allure, laughing

Anti-Helena/Valentine, princess, bottle, trapped, darkness
Helena/Valentine, dream, tower, distortion, mirrors

Alisha, fear, nostalgia, secret, shower
Alisha/Kelly, mates, need, tangled, tits
Alisha/Simon, ashes, bond, butterfly, camera, comic books, dirty, eyes, feather, gloves, heat, heroine, ice, legs, knickers, lollipop, pegging, quick, sand, sheets, sight, skinny-dipping, slit, smart, something, spread, strip, stroke, weird, wet, future, fear, normal, shower, mount, blow, mark, cry, safe, public, wet, ready, concrete, dance, teach, naughty, choke
Curtis/Nathan, fuckup
Curtis/Nikki, airplane, stall, taxi
Kelly/Nathan, nachos, premature, pinch, lust, benefits, powers, touch, taste, scratch, bound
Nathan/Simon, fantasy, bathroom, secret, test, confusion, swear, hidden, disappear, bullet
Nikki/Curtis Donovan, teleportation, power, time, change, familiar
Simon, the burden of knowing the future
Simon/Alicia, teaching, holiday, playlist, pizza

Miss Match
Adam/Kate, pursuit, phone, joke, date, emergency
Kate/Victoria, margarita
Michael/Kate, architecture, matchmaking, water, lost
Nick/Victoria, roommates, wedding

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Michael/Delysia, rough around the edges, Grubb, good intentions, fedora, pianist, fingers

Mission: Impossible (TV)
Rollin/Cinnamon, bend, missive, abracadabra, night, pull

Moll Flanders (miniseries)
Moll/Lucy, quicksilver

Borte/Temujin, reunion

Monochrome Factor
Aya/Lulu, school uniform, lace, weapon, remembrance, age
Homurabi/Shisui, enforce, reunited, first times, nails, senses
Ryuuko/Shirogane, desperation, obsession, hairbrush, contrast, need
Shirogane/Akira, disdain, equality, deception, restrain

Monsoon Wedding
Adita Verma/Hemant Rai, fire, watch, smirk, trust, murmur, late, travel, hotel, sheets, undress, warm
Alice/P.K. Dubay, soft, rain, dance, honeymoon, step, carry, humble, humor, smile, grasp, intertwine, hands

Monster (manga)
Kenzo Tenma/Nina Fortner, fairytale, impatient, linen

Mick St John/Beth Turner, drugs, water, restraint, careful, protection, rooftop, lifeline, lust, impulse, bite, pain
Mick/Ben, blood play, truth, trust, fight

Maddie/David, argument, pantyhose, drunk, undercover, tease

Much Ado About Nothing – Shakespeare
Beatrice/Benedick, merry, lady, swapping, content, only, passion, wedding, mock, before, trickery, outside, summer, The Globe, antics, laughter, one-upmanship, devious, repentance, dance, youth, cunnilingus, masquerade, friendship, water.
Beatrice/Benedick/Claudio, heat, distraction.
Beatrice/Benedick/Don Pedro, royalty, dirt, wet, dancing, revel.

Mulholland Drive
Betty/Rita, real, deep, blue, lips, satin, slick, dream, pure

Murder Princess
Falis/Alita, promises, clothing damage, bruises

Murdoch Mysteries
Murdoch/Crabtree, administer, knuckles, rod, enforced silence, consequences
William Murdoch/Julia Ogden, blossoms, teacup, skull, bruise, clandestine, Femdom, leash
music, save, kiss

Mutant X
Brennan Mulray/Jesse Kilmartin, prison, sparring, basketball, loss, electric,

My Beautiful Laundrette
Johnny Burfoot/Omar Ali, school, beginning, wonder, betrayal, future, partnership, party, punk, tattoo, suck, lick, champagne, country, clean, housework, proud, lift, proposal, haircut, shave, lingering, leather

My Boys
PJ/Brendan, strip poker, pickup lines, reenact, cozy, trivia

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Mi Ho/Dae Woong, fur, magic, rain
Mi Ho/Dong Joo, hunted, ki, knife, past, possibility
Min Sook/Doo Hong, accident, elevator, roleplaying

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Applebloom/Scootaloo/Sweetie Belle, learning, new, unexpected
Applejack/Fluttershy, hat, honesty, kindness, tree, sugarcube
Applejack/Pinkie Pie, honesty, laughter, party
Applejack/Rainbow Dash, bondage, competition, ride
Applejack/Rainbow Dash, honesty, loyalty, lasso
Applejack/Rarity, dressup, mess, play
Applejack/Rarity, honesty, generosity, differences
Applejack/Rarity/Twilight Sparkle, magic, honesty, generosity, sleepover
Applejack/Twilight Sparkle, magic, honesty
Ditzy Doo/Fluttershy, kindness, muffins, eyes, day
Ditzy Doo/Rarity, generosity, muffins, eyes, night
Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie, control, party, tickle
Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie, kindness, laughter, sugar
Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie/Rainbow Dash, kindness, laughter, loyalty, balloons
Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash, kindness, loyalty, flying
Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash, outside, voyeur, wings
Fluttershy/Rarity, generosity, kindness, fashion, spa, quiet
Fluttershy/Twilight Sparkle, magic, kindness, books
Pinkie Pie/Rainbow Dash, laughter, loyalty, pranks, awesome, cupcakes
Pinkie Pie/Rarity, generosity, laughter, surprise
Pinkie Pie/Twilight Sparkle, magic, laughter, secret
Princess Celestia/Twilight Sparkle, assignment, daring, education, goddess, invitation, lessons, magic, mentor, palace, sly, spell, teacher, waiting, wife husbandry, wings
Rainbow Dash/Rarity, magic, loyalty, wings
Rainbow Dash/Spitfire, loyalty, fan, uniform
Rainbow Dash/Twilight Sparkle, magic, loyalty, accident
Rarity/Twilight Sparkle, magic, generosity, dress
Trixie/Luna, magic, moonlight, hat
Trixie/Twilight Sparkle, magic, showing-off, hat

My Lovely Sam Soon
Jin Heon/Sam Soon, music, dance, laughter, sweat
Sam Soon/Hee Jin, chocolate, sugar, heat, envy, red
Hyun Jin-heon/Henry Kim, competition, struggle, power, language, sweat

My Name Is Bruce
"Bruce Campbell"/Mills Toddner, desparation, whiskey, blackmail
"Bruce"/Kelly, "Ever made it with a superstar?", hayloft, laughter

My Own Private Idaho
Mike Waters/Scott Favor, sunburn, coffee, black-eye, shiver

My So-Called Life
Angela Chase/Jordan Catalano, possible
Angela/Jordan, clouds, pressure, time
Angela/Rayanne, pretty, red, wrist
Brian/Rayanne, bananas, basement, chemistry, munchies, pancakes, slut, stripes
Rayanne/Sharon, haha, movie night, sexy, really

Tory/Grant, rigging, ballistics, broken, spanking, drunk, panties

Nabari no Ou
Kouichi/Raimei, connection, preen, tears, scent
Miharu/Yoite, genderfuck, promises, gentle, warmth, need, love, home
Raikou Shimizu/Gau Meguro, confession, hospital
Raikou/Gau, clean, wounded, sleeping, matched set

Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene
George/Nancy, graveyard
Nancy/Ned, backseat, spice, leather, frostbite, candlelight, stone, locked, dreaming, striptease

Anko/Iruka, gamble, confide, acupuncture, genderswap, teasing, drinking, friendship, dare, reports
Anko/Kurenai, blades, armor, kunoichi, opposite, plum wine
Gaara/Hinata, wedding, brocade, tentative, bare, tradition, starlight
Gaara/Lee, sand, youthful, flexible
Gaara/Naruto, touch, jinchuriki, watching, first, connection, comfort
Gai/Anko, strenuous, forest, bite, poison
Gai/Iruka, sunshine, exercise, youth, flexible, loud
Hidan/Deidara, risky, resurrection, forever
Hinata/any, solitary, recovery, confidence
Hinata/Naruto, victory, dream, strength, anger
Hinata/Neji, duty, pleasure, rough, [any], leige-lady
Hinata/Sakura, crush, regal, alone, spectacle, pride
Ibiki/Anko, damage, scars, bloodplay, tease, rough
Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji, teamwork, home, food, laughter
Iruka/Anko, forest, stealthy, shadow, past, poison, blood, clone, desk, daybreak, fishnet, senbon, taste
Iruka/any, discipline, classroom, found, smoke, mistake, inevitable
Itachi/Kakashi, struggle, genjutsu, comrades, uniform, scouting, stars
Itachi/Sasuke, power, sensory deprivation, dreams, AU, never, silk, fishnet, challenge, perfect
Kakashi/Iruka, black board, snow, wire, leash, music, slippery, reading-glasses, authority, touchstone, electricity, trajectory, antidote, flak jacket, late, bodyswap, hair, surprise, tender, tease, home, understanding, mission, past, tattoos, hidden, oral fixation, homecoming, porn, rain
Kakashi/Sai, imitation, brush, smile, eyes, loyalty, competition, thawing
Kakashi/Sakura, mask, oral, panties, seduction, mask, eye, chakra, healing, teach, womanly, cherries, flowers, heart, smug, battle, hospital
Kakashi/Sasuke, teacher
Kimimaro/Juugo, silence, fearless, breathe, touch
Kotetsu/Izumo, syrup, guard duty, smirk, sparring match, troublemaker
Kurenai/Anko, stress, pregnancy, duty
Kurenai/Hinata, comfort, protection, first, adore, battle
Naruto/Sasuke, love/hate, non con, opposites, [any]
Neji/Hinata, blindfold, dynasty, corset, seeking, pegging, amends, unaware, roses, passion, inevitable
Neji/Hinata, kimono, silence, Byakugan, secret, cunnilingus, sparring, tenketsu, marked
Orochimaru/Anko, first, bravado, snakes, control, Seal of Heaven, night
Orochimaru/Kimimaro, loneliness, vessel, chosen, manipulation, soft, overstimulation, overwhelm, pet, taste, force, claim, satiate, size difference, share, humilation, bound, reluctance, shadow, tears, follow, mockery, disappointment, break, kneel, please, repair, savor, expose, sweet, promise, bone, devotion, flexible, feeding
Sakura/any, boots, reach, control, growth, deadly, hair
Sakura/Hinata, determination, strength, kisses, blossom, taijutsu, healing, formal, tradition, true-love, first-time, perfect
Sakura/Ino, flirting, dirty, flexible, ribbon, history, ribbon, competitive, cooperation, onsen
Sakura/Lee, dynamic, spandex, break
Sakura/Naruto/Saskuke, genderswap AU
Sakura/Sasuke, fist, medicine, break, denial
Sakura/Sasuke/Naruto, power, reunion, wisdom, reckless, mistake
Sasuke/Juugo, follow, trust, curse, transform, control, bind
Sasuke/Naruto, battle, realization, AU, held down, biting, licking, fire, equal
Sasuke/Naruto/Sakura, balance, recovery, touch, reveal, sweat, need
Sasuke/Suigetsu, bite, rest, water, blade, impulse
Shikamaru/Temari, [any]
Shizune/Anko, visiting hours, chakra, sharp, bruise
Shizune/Sakura, educational, control, office, relief
Suigetsu/Karin/Juugo, future, after, spies, flexible
Temari/Shikamaru, shadows, bound, manipulate, strategy, mission, diplomacy
Tsunade/Sakura, teach, inexperience, endurance, technique
Tsunade/Shizune, gamble, troublemaker, sake, undress, desk, medics, sparring, travel, gamble
Zabuza/Haku, devotion, loyalty, training, nightfall, purpose, ice
Zabuza/Haku, winter, service, tool, senbon, worthy, outcast, campfire, soft hands

National Treasure
Ben/Abigail/Riley, [any]

Natsume Yuujinchou
Madara/Natsume, any
Taki/Tanuma/Natsume, first, jealousy, outside

Natsume's Book of Friends
Shuuichi Natori/Takashi Natsume, protector, holiday, steal

Natural Born Killers
Mallory/Mickey, blood, favorite, television, vacant

Abby Sciuto/Anthony DiNozzo, candy, excited, short, beautiful, ties, skirts
Abby Sciuto/Kate Todd, play, tattoos
Abby Sciuto/Ziva David, gunplay, work, lab, desk, Gibbs
Abigail Sciuto/Donald "Ducky" Mallard, patience, black, red, flower, secret, chocolate
Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs/Ziva David, challenge, game
Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs, AU, war, separation, kiss goodbye, made you, loyalty, royalty, flirt, punishment, stay, leave, boat, moving on, fight, funny, obsolete, commandeered, sweat, sports, James Bond, heat
Anthony DiNozzo/Kate Todd, honey dust, tease, torment, payback, spring break, protection
Anthony DiNozzo/Timothy McGee, promotion, swelter, sweat, tongue, trace, search, team, retire, relax, reminder, retro
Anthony DiNozzo/Timothy McGee/Ziva David, couch, ache, injured, cold, doctor, caught, deny
Anthony DiNozzo/Ziva David, harsh, salt, skin, desert, sweat, tears, sheets, arid, dust, knife, control, obedient, tenderness, watch, torture, yearn, laugh, alcohol, luck, Abby, anger, what do you want from me, shut me out, try, progress, hello, skin, salt, comfort, dinner, poker face
Jethro Gibbs/Kate Todd, need, tears, close call, training, Rule 12, coffee, Air Force One
Jethro Gibbs/Ziva David, massage, banter, training, shooting, bourbon, cooking, sleepover
Jethro Gibbs/girl!Tony DiNozzo, chance, bullet, near-miss, blood, too close, at last
Jethro Gibbs/Leon Vance, power, healing, bottom, family, argue
Jethro Gibbs/Timothy McGee, drinking, pain, comfort, control, edible
Kate Todd/Timothy McGee, probie, computers, Rule 12, admiration, geeks and girls, secrets, lies
Timothy McGee/Ziva David, stars, branding, size difference, slang

NCIS: Los Angeles
Kensi Blye/G. Callen, strength, superior, car(s), smirk, lust, fantasy
Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks, trust, water, heat, undercover, distractions, competition, lasers, chocolate, bikini, tease, partners, grin, tattoo, crush, midnight, photos, wall, undercover op, formal wear, sand, targets, wall, photos, smile, desk, farewell, oral, whistle, outed
Kensi Blye/Dom, stilettos, lyrical, messy
Nell/G. Callen, computers, height, heat, danger, fun, scarf
Sam Hanna/G. Callen, gunplay, extraction, orders, break-up, make-up, blather, washcloth, playful

Necessary Roughness
Dani/Terrence King, drunk
Terrence/Ray Jay, admire, worship

Natasha/Summer, virgin, friends, love, bedroom

Never Back Down
Jake/Ryan, fight

Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
Richard/The Marquis de Carabas, bargain, wall, touch, panting

New Tricks
D.A.C (Robert) Strickland/Sandra Pullman, boss, office, fight, stubborn, official, uniform, drunk, pub, laughing, superior, quickie, command, orders, secret.

Newbury and Hobbes Investigations
Newbury/Hobbes, hurt, bleeding, rescue, adrenaline, modern woman

Andy/Fergus, new, salt, music, bored, shine, leave, dark

Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant
Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason, firsts, late, adrenaline, survivors, secrets, dependable, walls, partnerships, frisson, thrills, text, truth and lies, locked, caffeine, ratings, together, email


David Moscow/Jack Kelly, cowboy, substitute, discover, rut, stray, squint, blare, grin, float, amble, Batman, spit, Santa Fe, smile, candy, hug, world, horse, quiet, tie
Kid Blink/Mush, headache, nails, lamp
Racetrack/Spot, cardsharp, cigarette, stormy night

Lisa/Bill, cigarette, ambition, spite

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist - Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
Caroline/Norah, lean, hold, laugh, close
Dev/Lethario/Thom, scramble, lost, press, wish, lick, play, stretch, drive
Norah/Tris, frustration, friction, wallow, pleasure, silk, nails

Night Head Genesis
Naoto/Naoya, shower, unusual, travel, happy, first times

Night Watch – Terry Pratchett
Samuel Vimes/Sybil Ramkin, wedding night, awkward, rings, affection, honesty, new, neglect
Vimes/young!Vetinari, teaching, seduction, brush, dark

Nightmare Before Christmas
Sally/Jack Skellington, bones, perfect, Halloween, full-moon, electricity, bottles, basket, experimenting, laboratory, trees, play fetch, spook

Nikita (2010)
Alex/Jaden, drunk, bitter, lipstick, competition, suspicion
Alex/Nikita, road trip, chase, prove, protégé, run, need
Amanda/Michael, mindgames, satin, laughter
Amanda/Nikita, ravish, interrogation, disobedient, chains
Amanda/Roan, struggle, power, power, dominate, games, cold
Emily/Owen, liar, secret, unknown, alone, killer
Michael/Nikita, run, discretion, urgency, training, scars, leverage, crash, exposed, rough, assessment, adrenaline, undercover, fire, allure, spark, encounter, running, sheets, history, secrets, knife
Michael/Nikita/Owen, hotel room, bar, tandem, escape, entwined, truce
Nikita/Birkhoff, teacher, past, rescue
Nikita/Owen Elliot, partners, training, grief, exhaustion, hunger, sweat, empty spaces, forgiveness, fists, elbows, velcro, stakeout, collaboration, mission, complicated, bickering, handcuffs, spar, admiration, crush, tease, release, grip, London

Alex/Jaden, undercover, sharp-tongued, dresses, weapons, fight
Michael/Alex, protege, seduction, drugs, naivete, understanding
Michael/Nikita, weapons, candlelight, pitch black, code word, Amsterdam, armor, questions, striptease
Michael/Nikita/Alex, future, haven, search and rescue, accidental

Ninja Assassin
Mika/Raizo, adrenaline, sacrifice, saviour, shower, underwear, mouth, midnight, sneaky

Ninja Scroll
Jubei/Kagero, poison, destiny, fulfill, mission, dream, vision, forever, fantasy, watch

No Heroics
Alex/Devlin, restroom, mind-games, innuendo, competition

No Ordinary Family
Katie Andrews/George St. Cloud, sidekicks

No Rest for the Wicked
November/Red, bruises, moon, dark

No Strings Attached
Adam/Emma, letting go, touch, taste, lick, playing doctor, cowgirl, flexible, shiver, tequila

No. 6
Rat/Shion, blindfold, never, belief, abandon, acting, bed-sharing, books, borrowed clothes, clueless, danger, fierce, hidden, holed up, innocent, on edge, pinned, reckless, snap, squeak


Frankenstein/M-21, touch, interesting, technical, what, obey
M-21/Regis, cats, dogs, domestic, banter, surprise, embarrassing
Raizel/Frankenstein, loyalty, worship, love, waiting, smile

Nodame Cantabile
Yasunori Kuroki/Tatiana "Tanya" Vishneva, candlelight, tourist, inexperienced

Mireille/Kirika, Paris, retirement, silence, scars, sleepy, defence, blood

Noises Off!, Belinda/Freddie, bossy, relief
Gary/Tim, jealousy, managing, doors, raging
Lloyd/Belinda, compromise, flowers, annoying

Norse Mythology
Loki/Idunn, misunderstood, prank, forgiveness, apples, delicious
Odin/Tyr, contest, war, weapon, injury, wolf
Thor/Sif, golden, red, faithful, steady, strength, growth

North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell
John Thornton/Margaret Hale, fog, hat, soft, look

Northanger Abbey (any)
Catherine Morland/Henry Tilney, gothic, read, write, bridle, riding crop, furtive, pulpit, learn,
Catherine Morland/Isabella Thorpe, books, sneak, tempt, cross-dressing,

Northern Exposure
Joel/Chris, swim, morning
Joel/Maggie, camping, tent, blankets, old couch, Alaska

Alicia/T.R., discreet

Alan Eppes/Margaret Eppes/Millie Finch, college, tutor, tips, earn, extra, threesome, swing
Amita Ramanujan/Charlie Eppes, language, theorem, baby, symbol, pegging, sing
Amita Ramanujan/Charlie Eppes/Nancy Hackett, talk, whisper, shout, count, spell, gamble
Amita Ramanujan/Nikki Betancourt, hair, brush, comb, fingers
Amita Ramanujan/Terry Lake, compare, contrast, trade notes, secrets
Billy Cooper/Don Eppes, car, rain, carry, punch, freckle, bite, laugh, shine
Charlie Eppes/Don Eppes, whiteboard, candy
Colby Granger/David Sinclair, compromise, tie, rope, beer, stroke, wish, denim, day off, bullet, spark, car, plane, trip, city, country, farm, horse, hero
Colby/Larry, universe, fascinate, Charlie, odd, athletic, fun, math
Margaret Eppes/Millie Finch, backstory, college, tutor, extra
Megan Reeves/Larry Fleinhardt, [any], repetition, colors
Nikki Betancourt/Liz Warner, understand, adrenaline, bandage, sleek

Ocean's 11
Danny/Rusty, score, cave-of-riches, list, claim, missed, convince, the-big-one, only, want, money, retirement, older

Odin Sphere
Gwendolyn/Velvet, face, struggle, ring
Ingway/Mercedes, virginity, queen, scent, play
Ingway/Velvet, trap, beloved, only
Melvin/Mercedes, need, flight, dew, saccharine
Melvin/Oswald, boy, whimper, dare
Odette/Gwendolyn, beauty, skeletal, fog, mute
Odette/Onyx, bound, mock, chance, ash
Odette/Oswald, service, life force, feathers, elegance, armor, will, chains, borrow, empty
Onyx/Gwendolyn, pedestal, wings, burns, whisper, waking, price, innocent, cold
Onyx/Oswald, kneel, spat, fury
Oswald/Gwendolyn, scars, secret, moonlight, blanket
Oswald/Mercedes, knight, forest, unsettled, confusion
Velvet/Cornelius, furry, ears, forest, whisper
Velvet/Cornelius, soft, warm, hidden, new
Velvet/Gwendolyn, chain, secret, beloved, bare, chaste, sensual

Odyssey 5
Kurt Mendel/Neil Taggart, second chances, bondage, scotch, space, rapture
Sarah Forbes/Troy Johnson, meeting, comfort food, news reporter, CNN,

Jimmy Proudman/Zara Perkich, orange, hemp, sand
Nina Proudman/Fraser King, quiver, remember, pass
Nina Proudman/Patrick Reid, fate, figure, surrender

Female mercenary (adventurer)/the Snow Queen, rough, gentle, playful, experimenting, warmth
Ivan the Apprentice/Female mercenary (adventurer), explorations, fantasy, dreams, surprises, dirty
Ivan the Apprentice/Sandoval the Xoan Ambassador, swim, drunk, drugged, promises, fantasy, aphrodisiac, manipulation, flowers, gentle
Ivan/Succubi, frustrated
Kronar's Daughter/any, biting, dangerous
Lesbian Mercenary/Mistress, meet your match, skillful, dwarves made me do it
Lesbian Mercenary/Snow Queen, hot, begging, reunion, toys
Mistress/Ivan the Apprentice, realizations, smirk, surprise, cum sprite, discipline
Princess ("the pea")/any, genderplay
Sandoval/Ivan, midnight, potion, wine, secret

One Life to Live
Blair Cramer/Tea Delgado, unexpected, comfort
Brody/Natalie, moan, caught, perfect, heat
John McBain/Natalie Buchanan, seasons
Kyle Lewis/Oliver Fish, partner, unbutton, uniform, room service, date night, whisper, patrol car, on call room, stolen, demanding, shine, bound, role play, tickle
Todd Manning/Todd Manning, reclaim, self-love, hate, ownership

One Piece
Franky/Iceburg, boyhood
Luffy/Nami, longing, hate, surfacing, hold, arch, impossible, storm, bribe, ocean, food, stretch, lightning
Luffy/Sanji, music, plants
Luffy/Zorro, possession, obligation, sword
Mihawk/Zoro, training, domestic, equality, bed, steel
Monkey D. Luffy/Nami, map, suntan, hands
Nami/any, treasure, weather, sandals, juicy, greed, strength
Paulie/Iceburg, embarrassment, work, devotion, survivors, beginning
Pell/Nefertari Vivi, bodyguard
Sanji/Nico Robin, coffee, naive, discovery
Smoker/Hina, protocol
Zoro/Nami, strength, friendship, wild, grin, possessive, reunion, rough, greed

One Tree Hill
Brooke/Haley, anal, toys, tutoring
Brooke/Peyton, besties, sleepover, locker room, uniform
Jake Jagielski/Peyton Sawyer, long distance relationship, hotel, bondage, road trip, camp fire, sleeping bag, hitch hiking, motorbike, thunderstorm, confession
Jake Jagielski/Peyton Scott, wonder
Karen Roe/Deb Scott, alcohol, burning, dress-up, hotel, lipstick, secrets, tongue
Keith Scott/Lucas Scott, anal, experienced, older
Lucas Scott/Peyton Sawyer, art, denial, finally, sadness
Lucas/Taylor, whispers, scream, vibrator, silk stockings, skinny dipping, midnight snack
Nathan/Haley, badge, furry handcuffs, apartment hunting, flexible, trust, blackmail, friends with benefits, little black dress, Goodbye/Goodnight, dreams, picnic in bed, best friends, bad boy, falling slowly, working out, addiction, confession, undercover, rebellion, temptation, heat, shower, dirty

Hiromasa/Seimei, playful, treat, smoke, wine, shadow, write, sunlight, sweet, sensation, groan, breathe, kneel, glimpse, wrists, flatter, poetry, stroll, cool, share, flight, lashes, whisper
Abe no Seimei/Minamoto no Hiromasa, incense, whisper, autumn

Ookiku Furikabutte
Azusa Hanai/Maria Momoe, graduation, admiration
Motoki Haruna/Takaya Abe, forgiveness, adult
Tajima/Mihashi, overheard

Orlando - Virginia Woolf
Orlando/Princess Sasha, violet

Death/Orphée, rise

Othello – Shakespeare
Desdemona/Iago, singing, ghost, pale, wife, wanting, ready, willing, hips

Otome Youkai Zakuro
Hozuki/Bonbori/Ganryu, games

Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi, accidentally
Kasanoda/Tetsuya, shy, touch, summer, nekomimi
Kyoya Ootori/Kaoru Hitachiin, substitute
Tamaki Suoh/Haruhi Fujioka, morning, europe

Outcasts (BBC)
Cass/Stella, aspirational
Cass/Tate, judgment, snap, fall, quiet desperation
Cass/Tipper, rivalry
Fleur/Karina, liminal
Stella/Tate, hallucination, solidarity, silent
Tipper/Stella, fingernails

Cass/Fleur, dream, safety, home,
Fleur/Jack, hate, trapped, conflict
Fleur/Rudi, learn, own, enhanced,
Mitchell/Jack, desert night, explore, tent,
Mitchell/Rudi, freedom, payment

Beecher/Keller, diplomacy, suck, heart, itch, regret, shame, lethal, gift, clock, tick-tock, happiness is, Winthrop, shoulder, sugar, sticky, spit
Chris Keller/Bonnie, lush, wicked, tangled
Chris Keller/Ryan O'Reily, prince, tiger, kitchen
Gloria Nathan/Ryan O'Reily, bitter, fury, stethoscope, save, forbidden, prove, perfume, silk, panties, scratch
Gloria/Diane, fisting, drive, home, differences
Gloria/Ryan, generous, present, infirmary, travel, shattered, red, gloss, taste
Keller/Alvarez, beast, pennies, reaching out
Miguel Alvarez/Ryan O'Reily, rescue, lollipop, use, hands, shower, protect, tattoo, crave, kiss, free, wings, desperate, green, walls, crash
Murphy/McManus, sushi, green, knife, curtainfic
Murphy/Ryan O'Reily, bossy, slide, forgiven
Said/Beecher, scars, ritual, helpless
Sean Murphy/Tim McManus, beer, after hours, office, spank, listen, date, nape, massage, stay, plan, rope, handjob, games, treat, flu
Simon Adebisi/Ryan O'Reily, exchange, blowjob, promise, strength, high, shave, nipples, pushy, cupcake
Toby Beecher/Ryan O'Reily, twilight, snowflake, bondage, gunfire

Pandora Hearts
Elliot/Leo, peace, music, laughter, glasses, awkward
Gil/Oz, hatred, lost, found, guns, dangerous, black
Gil/Vincent, devotion, lies, beauty, gold

Parasol Protectorate series - Gail Carriger
Alexia/Ivy, hats, ermine, glitter, fire, stage, cunny

Parenthood (2010)
Adam/Sarah, home, needy, crash, bound, intimate, office!sex, favorites
Drew Holt/OMC, first time
Mark/Sarah, tutoring

Parks and Recreation
Andy/April, anniversary, paint, bite, lost, roleplay, oral, first, honeymoon, motorcycle mama, wedding night, height, games, Snakehole, FBI, tape, promises, genuine, crossdressing, summer, sex hair, young, dishes, princess
Andy/April/Ben, rules, house rules, frosting, early morning, cold
Andy/April/Ron, costume, secret, steak sauce
Ann/Ben/Chris/Leslie, stratosphere, drunk
Ann/Ben/Leslie, checklists, disasters, giggles, plaid, beautiful, motel, charts, spontaneity, scandal, sunshine
Ann/Chris, marathon, sweat, perfect, literally, goodbye, perfume, backseat, sore
Ann/Leslie, favorite, feminist, fingerless gloves, practice date, pillow talk, that one time, wife, function, domestic, holiday, date, pit, [any], fight, restroom, drunk, girlfriends, office, trophy-wife
Ann/Tom, cupcake, regret, surprise, admiration
April/Ann, revenge
April/Ron, boss, spank, target, club, official, desk, assist, spanking, ruler, property rights, real man
Ben/Chris, boss
Ben/Leslie, biography, words, silence, historical, lover, stolen, suede, trees, wrestle, Fourth of July, summer, picnic, sneaking around, legs, office
Ben/Leslie, giggling, laughter, gift, out of state, secret messages, space, camp, school, birthday surprise, watching "Twilight," Snake Juice Take Two , impersonations, history, costume, sofa, secret, delicate, portrait, picnic, complementary, retreat, marshmallow, underestimate, sunflowers, corn, roleplay
Ben/Leslie/Ron, camping, breakfast, uncertainty, strong
Donna/Jean-Ralphio, lesson, power, venom, exasperation, indulgence, romantic comedy, rhyme, bad idea
Jean-Ralphio/Owen, art gallery
Leslie/Ron, don't say it, feminism, sex dreams, nooner, strange, debate, breakfast food, bacon, birthday, breakfast
Leslie/Tom, forgotten, weird, late, office
Ron/breakfast food, sticky
Ron/steak, any
Tom/Jean-Ralphio, dreams, 720, snake juice, giggles

Partners in Crime - Agatha Christie (TV show)
Tuppence/Tommy, spies, adventure, cross-dressing, driving, hats

Party Down
Casey/Henry, second chances
Casey/Roman, easy, temporary, weather
Henry/Uda, blonde, pegging, second, shower, smooth
Kyle/Roman, prank war
Roman/Uda, Bluetooth, dummy, Heroes, sci-fi

Party Of Five
Griffin/Julia, shine

Hyun Wook/Philip/Ji Hoon/Woo Duk, hyung, cooking, perfection
Hyun Wook/Sae Young, before
Hyun Wook/Suk Ho, tension

Ted/Jake, blood, wall, possessive

Pawns & Symbols - Majliess Larson
Jean/Tirax, fantasy, dagger, naked, AMTDI

Marcie/Peppermint Patty, sir

Pegasus - Robin McKinley
Erex/Tilbad, any
Oraan/Redfora, any
Ebon/Sylvi, any

Penguin Kakumei
Ayaori/Ryou/Fujimaru, roles, reunited, sheets, disguises

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (film)
Chiron/Percy, training
Gabe/Percy, strong
Grover/Percy, phallic, satyr

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rich Riordan
Apollo/Artemis, [any]
Athena/Poseidon, ocean, build, Athens, waves
Jason/Percy, toga, bunk, experiment

Perfect Girl Evolution (The Wallflower)
Sunako/Kyohei, swords, uniform, teeth, rope, horror, exposed, rescue, control, unseeing, knife-edge, glitter, scorch, appetites, speed, breath, ropeburn, bondage, slasher, bloodplay

Persona 2
Tatsuya/Jun, makeup, bite, silence, breathless, beautiful, danger, mirror

Persona 4
Chie/Yukiko, best friends, fan, fire, home, onsen, prince, princess, reversal, shrine, skirt, tease
Kanji/Yosuke, blackmail, sensitive, river, secret, denial, confession

Persuasion (any)
Anne Elliot/Captain Wentworth, reunion, necessity, relief, separation, ocean, at last, slide, home, rock
Captain Wentworth/Mr Elliot, rival, best, Lyme, waves

Persuasion - Jane Austen
Frederick Wentworth/Anne Elliot, the year six, letter, sea, first, kiss, change

Pet Shop of Horrors
D/Leon Orcot, honey, pet, flustered, power, lipstick, haircut, tame, dream, ice cream, bite, grab, manners, tease, pheromones, candlelight, prepare, indulge, dress, party, hypnotic, whiskers, strip, nap

Peter Pan
Captain Hook/Adult!Wendy, any, returning
Peter/Wendy, solo, experimentation, much too grown up now, memory, sacrifice, marriage, years, grown-up, man, disillusionment, love, fierce, stars

Pink Carnation series - Lauren Willig
Andre/Laura, [any], play
Charlotte/Robert, [any], jasmine, jam
Lady Uppington/Lord Uppington, [any], flirt
Mary/Vaughn, [any], wine, red

Pinocchio/Lampwick, island

Pirates of the Caribbean
Angelica/Jack Sparrow, corruption, convent, virgin
Barbossa/Elizabeth, apple, dress, dinner, cold
Calypso/Jack Sparrow, last
Elizabeth/Jack Sparrow, orders, rules, rigging, salt, want, pearl, freedom, relief, captain, king, rum, stand in, substitute
Elizabeth/Jack Sparrow/Will, good guys, eccentric, salt spray, free, feathers, gold, code, exasperation, tangle, captain, braids, mutiny, tortuga, alcohol, fire, silk, kohl
Elizabeth/Norrington, betrothed, promise, betrayed, marriage, sea, storm, calm, girl, watching, arranged
Elizabeth/Will, dawn, mischief, adventure, pirates, silk, blacksmith, freckles, swordplay, caves, rescue, king, faithful, battle, scars, rum, beating heart, beach, daylight, bath, swords, immortality
Jack Sparrow/Tia Dalma, first
Jack Sparrow/Black Pearl, abandon, dominion, salt, splinter, wet
Jack Sparrow/Will, didn't mean for this to happen, who belongs to who, scars
Kraken/Ship, go-down, ink, slither, storm, unbidden

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Philip/Syrena, roleswap, tears, carry, legs, land, happiness, save
Syrena, tides, sisters, song, merciless, pearls, unique, curious, puncture, perilous, strange love, legs

Pitch Black
Carolyn Frye/Riddick, sense, beautiful, sun, speech

Planet Terror
Cherry/Dakota, yearn, lick, gun, heal, journey, falling, reach up
Cherry/El Wray, striptease, past, first, make up, history, pound, flavor

Please Save My Earth
Alice/Rin, grown up, comfort, memory, home

Jessie/James, [any], rare candy, gym, badge

Possession (2009 movie)
Roman/Jess, new world order, palimpsest, A for effort, sweeter

Power Rangers (Dino Thunder)
Kira/Conner/Ethan, disappear, fast, leader, dare
Kira/Conner/Ethan/Trent, Twister, unexpected
Kira/Trent, spell, broken, want, scream

Power Rangers (In Space)
Astronema/Cassie, mine, pleasure
Astronema/Zhane, torture, best

Power Rangers (Jungle Fury)
Lily/Theo, denial, restraint, obey

Power Rangers (Lost Galaxy)
Kai/Leo, spar, orders

Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin')
Adam/Aisha/Rocky, manual, bossy, uncomfortable, cuddles
Adam/Kim, memory, dance, phantom
Adam/Rocky, birthday, closet, wish, toys
Adam/Tommy, spar
Aisha/Kim, gymnastics, flexible, friends, shopping, bossy
Billy/Kim, cheerleader, opposites, flexible, change
Jason/Kim/Tommy, dominate, exposed, flexible
Jason/Trini, comfort, ropes, tease, denied
Kat/Trini, alone, opposite
Kim/Tommy, evil, voyeur, need, taunt
Kim/Trini, touch, soft, tumbling, exhibition

Power Rangers (Operation Overdrive)
Adam/Kira, shower, difference, vacation, veteran, dream, overcome

Power Rangers (Samurai)
Antonio/ Deker/Jayden, share, selfish
Antonio/Jayden, comfort, support, wish, battle, forever, duty, please
Antonio/Mike, experiment, technical
Deker/Jayden, slash, sword, triumph, submit, taste, battle, revenge, honor
Emily/Mike, clumsy, wacky, games, rebel
Kevin/Mia, boring, food, fantasy
Kevin/Mike, boring, wild

Power Rangers (Time Force)
Eric/Wes, uniforms, obey, banter, betrayal
Jen/Wes, leather, forbidden, dominatrix, banter, loss
Katie/Trip, telepathy, touch, strength
Lucas/Nadira, villain, change, want, restraints

Power Rangers (Turbo)
Ashley/Carlos, First, roleplay

Power Rangers (Wild Force)
Danny/Max, never, travel, flowers
Eric/Taylor, uniforms, orders, obey, restraints, roles, banter

Power Rangers (Zeo)
Adam/Tanya, spar, train, sing, home, forever, true, green, change, first, release, longing

Power Rangers Mystic Force
Maddie/Vida, sisters, together, wind, water, acceptance, falling, passionate, camera, boys
Maddie/Xander, look, water, earth, grow, kindness, passion, choose, talk, games, music, camera

Power Rangers
Kimberly/Tommy, reunion, regrets, soulmates, first

Powerpuff Girls
Blossom/Brick, [any], leadership, battle, flying
Buttercup/Butch, [any], sparring, impulse, lust, bruise

Predator vs Alien
Alexa Woods/Scar, frenzy, rite of passage, recording, mandibles, stone, cold, risk, escape, visit, home

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action)
Minako/Rei, camera, memories, future, shoes, uniform, princess, second chance, tiara, music, public, flirting

Pretty in Pink
Andie/Steff, high school reunion, regret
Blane/Steff, jerk
Duckie/Steff, uncommon, bored
Steff, routine, banged
Steff/OMC, implosion, destructive

Pretty Little Liars
Alison/Emily, memory, taught, guilt
Aria/Ezra, book, pens, Hollis office, classroom, secret, spontaneous, car, rain, caught, publicity, where we first met, poetry, finally
Aria/Jason, impolite, twist, arch, quiet, ghosts
Aria/Jenna, first impressions, learning, pottery, wary
Ashley/Emily, [any]
Caleb/Hanna, gratitude, goodbye, safe, text, secrets, woods, rescue, confessions, touch, shower, investment, experimenting, bossy, hair-pulling, held down, exposure, games, living arrangements, basement, couch, lipstick, high heels, skinny jeans, tingling
Emily/Maya, first, slide, play, explore,
Emily/Spencer/Toby, truth or dare, homework, study break, laughter
Ezra/Spencer, wrong, backstab, extra credit, cheat, challenge, payback, A, snowball
Hanna Marin/Caleb Rivers, woods, swollen, lemonade, quiet, couch
Hanna/Spencer, comfort, obedience
Hanna/Wilden, forbidden, sassy, scratch
Jenna/Spencer /Toby, enough, desperate, lesson, certainty
Melissa/Spencer, anger, forgiveness, close, country club, tennis, secret, A
Spencer/Toby, dominance, trust, broken, sky, mystery, cuddle, clothes, hotel, swim, soft, masturbate, rain

Pretty Woman
Edward Lewis/Vivian Ward, occupation, piano, oral

Prey For Rock & Roll
Animal/Jacki, first, shy, hold, arms, shoulder, roadie, amp, guitar, van, wall, graffiti, ink, necklace, tie, waist, piano, sing, bed, gracious, jump, couple

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Elizabeth/ Darcy, marriage, learning, old-fashioned, polite, dominance, bed, walk, hem, rain
Caroline Bingley/Fitzwilliam Darcy, carriage, gloves, proper, pride
Elizabeth/Wickham, ribbon, prejudice, dance, ruin

Pride and Prejudice (any)
Bingley/Darcy, avoid, hurt, brother, confront, horses, port,
church, gloves, riding crop, zombies, swords
Darcy/Wickham, beautiful, Cambridge, bribery, childhood friends, experiment, no words, hate, screw, blood, drawn togethr, need, anger, bonds, fine, lake, jealousy, pride, innocence,
Elizabeth/Darcy, act, birth, book, breath, hunger, slap, strip, surprise, time travel
George Wickham/Elizabeth/Darcy/Wickham, hidden, understand, mouth,
Mr Collins/Darcy, any

Priest (2011)
Black Hat/Lucy, seduce, night, witness, familiar, taste
Hicks/Lucy, backstory, before, wonder, approval
Owen/Shannon, second, first, create, home, live, die
Priest/Priestess, vow, wish, dream, touch
Priest/Shannon Pace, boy, man, leave, farewell

Abby/Becker/Connor, apocalypse, survival, share
Abby/Connor, lost, circumstance, savour, trapped, past, warmth, nest, hide, unexpected, home
Becker/Connor, proud, bandage, nipple, superheores
Becker/Danny, open, silence, club,
Becker/Emily/Matt, future, proper, tea, laugh, stiletto
Becker/Jess, dress, stockings, motorcycle, sand, heat, thunder, rain, tease, giddy, locker, field
Becker/Matt, bitter, trust, overcome, coffee, excuses, dirty, scratch, slippery
Connor/Hilary, shower, lazy, creature, injured, puppy,
Connor/Lester, Ooops!, apology, dance, invitation, ring, email, jeans, roommates, mess, car-share
Danny/Ethan, changes, new, lost, ocean,
Helen/Nick/Stephen, danger, first, stoke
Hilary/Lester, tank, bribery, relief, secret, uniform, date, children, name,
Hilary/Matt, gun, battle scars, contest, bed, Sunday,
Jess/Matt, bed, tall, hands, wet
Lester/Stephen, centenary, underwater, Greek, free fall, initiative, clumsy

Prince of Persia
Dastan/Tamina, destiny, time, tease, dance, belief, water, not yet wise, wedding, feast, royalty, dinner, ritual, sacred, veil, fragrant, sneak, play, dagger, wedding-night, memory, sand, moonlight

Prince of Tennis
Akutagawa/Kabaji, gentle, sleepy, peaceful, quiet, respect, soft
Akutsu/Dan, worship, admiration, follow, puppy, protect, sweet
Akutsu/Yumiko, family, tarot, sleepover, spontaneous
An/Atobe, smitten, woo
An/Jackal, romance, passion, fire, mixed doubles
Atobe/Tezuka, impress, luxury, masks, mirror, trust, simplicity, phone calls, sheets, baths , respect, bought, mile-high, sunbathing, sexswap, match point, smirk, first
Atobe/Yumiko, champagne, spa, joke-underwear, jacuzzi
Atobe/Yuushi, college, infurating, distance, training
Coach Ryuzaki/Banji, rivalry, outsmart, past, mistakes
Echizen/Kunimitsu, upstart, repress, potential, opposite, Ryoma, goodbye, wordless
Echizen/Momoshiro, sempai, friendship, size difference, bicycle, smile
Fuji Shusuke/Fuji Yuuta, inhibitions, familiar, jealousy, close, rival, bitter, temptation, fantasy, understanding, rough
Fuji/Mizuki, domination, rivalry, emotion play
Fuji/Tezuka, rain, travel, distance, sleep-overs, acceptance
Hitouji/Konjiki, comedy, jealousy, crossdressing, tease, playful, romantic
Inui/Kaidoh, genderswap, facts, cute noises, glasses, abroad, first, domestic, learning, morning, trust, loyalty, training, comfort, strength, injuries, rain
Inui/Yanagi, accidental, deft, failed experiment, juice, mental, Gemini, research, know, experiment
Jackal/Marui, chocolate, cream, oral, best friend, balance, partner
Jackal/Sanada, tender, gentle, home, warmth
Kai/Tanishi, ambition, best friend, summer, beach, size difference, swimming
Kaidoh/Momoshiro, training, challenge, outside, kittens, reading, possessive, bruises
Kawamura/any, gym, pets, surprise, project, scars, comfort
Kenya/Zaizen, teasing, cool, mainstream, speed, genius, respect, earrings
Kirihara/Sanada/Yukimura/Yanagi, defeat, discipline, successor, mafia
Kirihara/Yanagi, discipline, master, denial, bondage, homework, impossible tasks, sleepy, flexibility, genderswap
Mizuki/Yuuta, manipulation, bondage, submission, whipping, reward
Mukahi/Yuushi, energy, tsukkomi, partner, stamina, dirty
Niou/Yagyuu, switch, mirror, whole, soulmate, heat
Niou/Yukimura, banter, enjoyment, pleasure, performance, toys
Rikkai, orgy
Sanada/Kirihara, improvement
Sanada/Yanagi, visits, fear, locker rooms
Sanada/Yukimura, uniforms, ties, tennis, friendship, long-term, warming-up, fumble, laughter, massage, storm, au, trust, loyalty, first time, commitment, reluctance, discipline, strive, breathless, slide
Sanada/Yukimura/Yanagi, genderswap, common-knowledge, eloquent, crime, inspiration
Sanada/Yukimura/Yumiko, piercings, gift, party, secrets, muffled, denial Sanada/Yukimura/Yumiko/Yanagi, sharing, switching, surrender
Sanada/Yumiko, hands-on, genderswap, tease, reward
Shiraishi/any, ecstasy, poison, plants, bandage, seduce
Syuusuke/Yukimura/Yumiko, stilettos, blood-ties, genderswap, chained
Tachibana/Chitose, share, sweat, taste, certain, anticipate
Tezuka/Yukimura, meetings
Yanagi/Yukimura, life, trapped, fights, manipulation, dirty, reunion, gift
Yumiko/Yukimura, corset, oral, fantasy, power-play, bondage, willing

Princess Tutu
Duck/Rue, wings, flight, feathers, fairy tales

Prison Break
Fernando/Michael, enclosed, handcuffs, orgasm denial, secret, laughter,
Jane/Lincoln/Michael/Sara, flirting, dare, kisses, fantasy, exhibitionism/voyeurism, jacuzzi, unashamed, pampering, [any]
Jane/Sara, friends with benefits, clothed sex, 69, bathtub, [any]
Lincoln/Michael, pretty, size, [any] , shower!sex, tattoo!kink, messy, rough, one-sided, necking, bed-sharing, devotion, dub-con, hideaway, all night long, hallway, furtive, wrongness, fever
Lincoln/Michael/Sara, rivalry, complicity, trust, delayed gratification, handcuffs, happily ever after, teasing, clothed sex, wanton, UST, affection, boat, out of hand, [any]
Lincoln/Sara, wall!sex, messy, masturbation, [any]
Lincoln/Sofia, worlds
Lincoln/Veronica, tears
Michael/Any Male Character, held, kept, down, pegged
Michael/Sara, infirmary, secret, candles, anniversary, happy ending, urgent, vibrator, hammock, [any]
Michael/Sucre, [any]
Sara/Theorore, bedside manner, southern

Gus/Juliet, contrast, geekdom, pegging
Gus/Juliet/Shawn, complimentary, pregnant, middle, creampie, trio, sandwich, pegging, voyeur
Gus/Shawn, stakeout, giggling, poly, first, alone, teasing, ice cream, partners, sexting, forever, crossdressing, videogame, competition, beginnings
Henry/Lassiter, rough, guns, dominance, submission, languid, cuffs, Sundays, fishing, secret, normal
Juliet/Karen, dance, heat
Juliet/Lassiter, squad car, coffee runs , masculine, crave, flirting, handcuffs, bed, peaches
Juliet/Ruby, take a chance, while the boys are away,
Juliet/Shawn, [any], dressed to impress, family, adoration, private, desk, bossy, handcuffs, games, confession
Karen/Lassiter, youth, past, Karen, Carlton, funny, sweet, fail
Lassiter/ OFC, [any]
Lassiter/Shawn, car-sex, roleplay, procedure, truth

Mr Jelly/Michael Fry (Tealeaf), Phone, settled, waiting, complaints, warmth

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Charlotte/Mami, gore, nightmare, taste
Homura/Kyoko/Mami, remnants, strong, hunger
Homura/Madoka, first, forever, keep, solo, spacetime, touch, hope, time, rewind, loop, ribbons, friends, happiness, magical, fix-it
Homura/Mami, unstable, tears, secret, rivals, memories, Madoka
Kyouko/Mami, food, peace
Kyouko/Homura, pointless
Kyouko/Sayaka, cynical, dance, push and pull, desperate, emotion, food, role, battle, apple, need, choice, pain, redemption, friendship, kiss
Madoka/Mami, hair, respect, ribbon, another, cake, wishes, happy, undo, tears, lost, mentor
Madoka/Sayaka, giggle, sleepover, pretend
Mami/Sayaka, admiration, strength

Adult!Cassie/Nick, normal, argument, knives, seeing, dilemma, aggressive, alone, hurt, surprise, art, longing
Adult!Cassie/Pop Girl, future, eyes, rivalry, equals, rage
Cassie/Nick, running, hiding, mirrors, handcuffs, fate, breathless, rain, push, hold, car, dream, rope, elided, open, wall, run, move, surprise, draw, Taiwan, necklace, alcohol, runaways, want, need, on the run, panties, voyeur, hair, seer, motel, alone, dilemma, solace, comfort, longing

Pushing Daisies
Alfredo/Olive, winding down
Charles/Lily, corpseface, you made a mess of me, before and after
Chuck/Ned, almost
Chuck/Ned/any, proxy
Emerson/Ralston, dead, Digby, suspicious, twin
Chuck/Ned/Olive, sun, precarious, touch

Queen of Swords
Tessa Alvarado/Robert Helm, secrets, trust, whip, skinny dipping, swords, fear

Queer as Folk (US)
Drew/Emmett, switch, touchdown, amazing discoveries

Radiant Historia
Dias/Selvan, strategy, partner, ideals, vision
Eruca/Raynie, protection, strength, bathing, rest, endurance
Kiel/Roche, admiration, service, talent, respect, authority, barracks
Roche/Stocke, history, brothers-in-arms, loyalty, trust, mechanical, red, honor, need, trust
Roche/Stocke /Sonja, mutual, bandage

Ragged Dick - Horatio Alger
Dick/Fosdick, [any], teach

Raising Hope
Burt/Virginia, drive-in, sunday, sneaky, lake

Ranma ½
Kuno/Nabiki, obsession, passion, bokken, lies, marriage

Colette/Linguini, first, foodplay, touch, sauce

Boyd/Ives, feed, ownership, prison, flesh hunger

Razia's Shadow
Akidas/Anhura, destined, star-crossed, sickess, chichi, fierce, against, light, dark, collide
Akidas/Pallis, punishment, lamps, brothers, malice, destiny, knife
Anhura/Pallis, after, agreement, marriage, pain, curse, sickness

Read Or Die
Nancy/Yomiko, persuasion, fix you, heat of passion

Real Genius
Chris Knight/Jordan Cochran/Mitch Taylor, experiment, rocket, fissure, ocean, Antarctica, surf, knee, lift

Herbert/Dan, addiction, nervous, soaking, vore, mpreg, tentacles, tender, jukebox, hiccups

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier
Maxim/Narrator, schoolgirl, blush, comparison

Red (2010)
Frank/Sarah, normal, undercover
Ivan/Victoria, three, music, vodka, duty, thrill, older & wiser

Red Cliff
Zhou Yu/Zhuge Liang, sunrise, impatience, heat

Red Dwarf
Lister/ Rimmer, smeg, real, touch, feel, heartbeat, taunt , reality

Red Eye
Red Eye, Lisa/Jackson, [any], surprise, knives, fantasy, murder, bait, handcuffs, favours

Red Riding Hood (2010)
Henry/Peter, ache, brothers, death, hate, love, pet, promise, wolf
Valerie/Peter, wolf, herbs, into the woods, colour of the devil, rabbits, killer, unafraid, hay, snares, home

Red Verses Blue
Church/Washington, AI, memories
Washington [solo], lonely, grief, regret, solitary, anger
Washington/York, war, insanity, death, shadows, memory, aggression

Reno 911!
Clementine Johnson/James Garcia, [any]

Mark/Roger, huddle, trapped, hooker, alternate, time loop

Reservoir Dogs
White/Orange, twist in the tale

Resident Evil (movie)
Ada/Claire, red
Alice/Claire, luxury, rescue, cave, forest, muscles, wall, hunting
Alice/Jill Valentine, security, gun, little black dress, bad cop good cop, wet, trust, spin doctor
Claire/Jill, serious
Claire/Rebecca, blackout, catch, dark, elevator, flashlights, giggle, hands, hidden, humour, injured, instinct, lucky, mint, nightmares, quiet, steady, tension
Claire/Jill/Rebecca, sharing
Jill/Rebecca, bandana, hat, lucky, protective, steal, training, uniform, young
Karen/Rebecca, bandana, clean, lucky

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Anthy/Utena, reunited, bloom, wordless, open, mouth , perfume, pierce, shadow, reason, temptation
Juri/Shiori, redemption, handles, sweat, grip, lockers, duelling
Juri/Shiori/Ruka, solution, bed, heaven, dethrone

Riding the Rap - Elmore Leonard
Raylan/Reverend Dawn, skirt, hat, boots, rain, touch

Rizzoli & Isles
Frost/Isles, casual, comfort, innocence, expectations, guess, friendship, butch, scars, order, home, sleep over, didn't realise, natural, events, in public, medical,
Frost/Korsak, Daddy Issues, wind down, drinks after work, expression,
Isles/Jane Rizzoli, terrible, fear, baby, mine, we're llbffs, family, denial, running, blood, ice cream, outdoors, boat, denial, support, evidence, crush, tequila, texting, insomnia, nightmares, flight, wrong, comfort, guard, takedown, collarbones, ripped jeans, attraction, dress, kinda butch, kiss, laugh, legs, lipstick, llbff, smile, snark, uniform
Isles/Frankie Rizzoli, recovery

Road to el Dorado
Miguel/Tulio, design, misconception, innocent, wander, loiter, explode

Robin Hood (BBC)
Guy of Gisborne/Marian Knighton, consequences, forbidden, riding.
Guy of Gisborne/Robin of Locksley/Marion of Knighton, hate, money, secrets
Isabella Thornton/Robin Locksley, court, politics, power.
Robin of Locksley/Sheriff Vasey, sleeping, knives

Robin of Sherwood
Baron de Belleme/Nasir, servitude, magic, rocket, fissure, ocean, Antarctica, surf, knee, lift
Marion/Nasir, remember

Handsome Bob/One Two, snapping, silence, muscle, crowded, choke, tango, prison, con, art, appreciation, family, dinner

Brutus/Servilia, Oedipus
Cleopatra/Vorenus, smoke, bite, blood, mighty, might have been
Eirene/Titus Pullo, stone
adult!Octavian/Octavia, possessive

Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare
Benvolio/Mercutio, grief, hidden, lost, garden, bittersweet, death, pain, shock, kiss, regret
Benvolio/Mercutio/Romeo, exploits

Rookie Blue
Andy McNally/Gail Peck, control, lipstick, leather
Andy McNally/Jo Rosarti, hurt, flip, rest
Andy McNally/Luke Callahan, retribution, bruise, float
Andy McNally/Sam Swarek, honor, badge, cuffs, finally, release, tension, rip, zipper, bullet proof vest, scared, trust, partner, squad car, blood and tears, together, noise, comfort, uniform, denial, drunk, lick, fire, soul, fantasy, stubble, guns and gangs, wire, ache, perfect, gin, grappling, symmetry, resolution, 4th floor, cookout, heist, upper-cut, playful, interception, concussion, deadlining, untethered, gum, flashlight, trunk, broken, spades, disconnect, shampoo, tire, green, perplexed, settling, tan, beach, beer, discomfort, raspy, compulsion, dazed, hazy, mercurial, bandage, undercover, zombie apocalypse, locker room, uniform, silence, camping, bruised, fishing cabin, storm, popsicle, heatwave, fantasy, suck, punish, wet, neck, whiskey, burn, push, dance, sleepy, exhausted, rolling, rush, mouth, threat, heal, hard, caught, scent, possess wrestle, sweaty, shower, motel, alley, whine, undercover, safe, young
Chris Diaz/Gail Peck, misbehave, sweetener, yellow, undercover, couple, pretend, poker, hot, muscles gym, sparring
Chris Diaz /Gail Peck/Dov Epstein, first time, challenge, comfort, territory, snow, blur, rough, dark, share, fury, drunk, choice, fear, heal, protect, breathless, new, couch, uncertain
Frank Best/Noelle Williams, hotel, studying, chase, sweet, shiver, resist, want, taste
Jerry Barber/Tracy Nash, late night, Mustang, desk, swimming, rain, backyard, changing room, lick, handcuffs, stakeout, interminable, heat, tangible, darkness, fight, sheets

Rose Madder - Stephen King
Rosie/Bill, first, chiton, dream, new, swim, dance

Roswell (TV series)
Isabel/Jesse, honey-moon, reunion
Liz/Max, fetish, transfer
Liz/Michael, blow, eraser, ponytail, wheeze, sand
Maria/Michael, movie night, knowledge is power, chocolate fudge cake, Tabasco sauce, striptease, proposition, hate to love, kiss me deadly, hickey, long-distance, midnight

Royal Pains
Adam/Divya, virginity
Divya/Jill, drunk, taxi
Divya/Evan, blackout, pool, thunderstorm, stumble, pastel
Hank/Tucker, blood, daddy, [any]

Royal Tenenbaums
Eli Cash/Margot Tenenbaum/Richie Tenenbaum, comfort, push, hold, car, dream, rope, elided, open, wall

Chase Stein/Gertrude Yorkes, pillow talk, adequacy, natural history, political philosophy, romance, smart, Lace, run, alley
Karolina/Xavin, shifting, sunlight, alien

The Rundown (movie)
Beck/Travis, artifact, orgy, sun god, altar, restraint, submissive, skill, choice, squatter, well, dirty, recipe, Mexico, Egypt, tourists, Option A, cooking lesson, burn, messy, pots

Running Time
Carl/Janie, Slower, straight talk

Rurouni Kenshin
Kaoru/Kenshin, cleaning, spring, pain, age, uncle
Kenshin/Saitou, alley, fight, rain, night, blood, understanding
Kenshin/Sanosuke, control, master, eyes
Kenshin/Tomoe, first, uncertain, warmth, snow, home, welcome

Rusalka - C. J. Cherryh
Eveshka/Pyetr, [any], scent, fire, water
Ilyana/Yvgenie, [any], hair
Nadya/Sasha, [any], bath

Sabrina (1954)
Linus/Sabrina, corner, rain, Paris, umbrella, hat, dress, family, office

Sailor Moon (anime)
Ami Mizuno/Naru Osaka, [any], red-heads
Rei Hino/Makoto Kino, lace, red, thunder
Usagi Tsukino/Mamoru Chiba, experimentation

Sailor Moon (Live Action),
Dark Mercury/Kunzite, wicked, games
Dark Mercury/Princess Serenity, victory

Sailor Moon
Nephrite/Jadeite, bound, broken, cold, crown, found, lost, warm

Saiyuki (manga)
Gojyo/Hakkai, low

Sally Lockhart - Philip Pullman
Adelaide/Becky, [any], hold
Cicely/Margaret, [any], office
Cicely/Sarah-Jane, [any], new, lace
Jim/Adelaide, [any], comfort
Jim/Becky, [any], kiss
Jim/Becky/Adelaide, [any], try
Margaret/Sarah-Jane, [any], work
Sally/Cicely, [any], chair, admire
Sally/Margaret, [any], distract, cool, calm
Sally/Rosa, [any], fire
Sally/Sarah-Jane, [any], thanks

Ashley/Henry Foss, full moon, war, fighting, pizza, dates, accidental, peace, bound, kinky, toys, dangerous, trust
Declan McRae/James Watson, Holmes, first, last, port, particulars, location, time
Declan McRae/Kate, Guns, Travel, games, wounds, scars, rush, dangerous, bound, kinky, hard, fast, black tie, Super Spies
Helen Magnus/Ashley, first time, anonymous, present, dubcon, BDSM, trust
Helen Magnus/James Watson, books, substitutes, pleasure, experiment, office, machine, let's do the time warp again, winter, moving on, stockings, wartime, careful, regret, pegging, fierce, comfort, nepenthe, adoration, wrong, secrets, star-crossed, cocaine, exploration, victory, desperation, through the years, History, kink, challenge, black tie, formal, etiquette, discovery, rose, marble, technology, Science!
Helen Magnus/James Watson/Will Zimmerman, fresh blood, ours, hero-worship, replacement, initiate
Helen Magnus/John Druitt, corset, dangerous, bondage, truce, tension, buttons,next time say it like you mean it, into the black, waiting, the great romance, promise, drunk, anger, absolution, forgiven, opium, dream, fever
Helen Magnus/John Druitt/James Watson, experimentation
Helen Magnus/Kate, teach/learn, girltalk
Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla, blood, luxury, wine, tease, electricity, telephone, vulnerable, science, fierce, teeth, snark, old, vanilla, lazy, mad science
Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla/James Watson, grief, talented, change, kneel
Helen Magnus/Sally, riptide, swept away, yours, transformation, part of your world, chosen
Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman, mission, abnormal, history, elevator, underground, redemption, healing, cradle-robber, shattered, solace, mentor, innocence, celebration, surrogate, stormy
Henry Foss/Kate Freelander, friends, normal, couch, packmates, better person, toys, animal attraction, in rut, wild, gentle
Henry Foss/Nikola Tesla, cliche, apprentice, piercings, testing
Henry Foss/Will Zimmerman, new guy, shy, supply closet
James Watson/Declan MacRae, machine, negotiate, grief, port, physical, experienced, stories, quiet, brandy, new, trust
James Watson/Druitt, Oxford Style, curious, uninhibited, vice, experimental, gentleman's club, betrayal, forgiveness
James Watson/John Druitt, weapons, blame, lapse, rain, taste, fever, opium
James Watson/Nikola Tesla, chess, games, egotistical, memories, vampires, machine, electricity
James Watson/Will Zimmerman, erastes, older man, like-minded
John Druitt/Helen Magnus, always, pain, order, control, kneel, corsets, Dangerous, blood, scream, darkness, challenge, unsteady, tenuous, fleeting, sorrow, fierce, romance
John Druitt/Helen Magnus/James Watson, old friends, proper, lace
John Druitt/Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla, left, survive, hold on, bondage, blood, penitence
John Druitt/Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla/James Watson, WWII, letters, brief, restraint
John Druitt/Nicola Tesla/James Watson, university, lab, experiments
John Druitt/Nigel Griffin/Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla/James Watson, mad science, drugs, source blood, Victorian, propriety
John Druitt/Nikola Tesla, push, control, blood, biting
John Druitt/Nikola Tesla/James Watson, electricity, blood, power play
Kate Freelander/Declan MacRae, abnormal, grief, tent, adventure, pegging, hunter, prey
Kate Freelander/Declan MacRae, wargames, mission
Kate Freelander/Jimmy, situational, grief, pain
Kate Freelander/Will Zimmerman, cheerful, unexpected, cold, normal, laughter, gun, secrets, contrast, naughty, dangerous, duct-tape, scent, date, psychology, theft, cops and robbers, bound, handcuffs, danger, mile high club, slow, captured, senses, denial, blindfolded
Nigel Griffin/Jeanette, innocence, freedom, success, sight unseen
Nikola Tesla/James Watson, mechanics, banter, any port in a storm
Nikola Tesla/Will Zimmerman, intrigued, smirk, Dracula, lick
Will Zimmerman/Clara, family history
Will Zimmerman/Sally, skinny-dipping, insight, lifesaver

Daniel/Hob Gadling, new faces
Hob Gadling/Morpheus, reunion
Lyta Hall/Morpheus, mothers

Saved by the Bell
Zach/Kelly, missing you, graduation, honeymoon

Saving Face
Vivian Shing/Wil Pang, clothes-shopping, dancing, food

Saving Grace
Butch Ada/Ham Dewey, jealousy, hunting, partner

Saxon Chronicles - Bernard Cornwell
Uhtred/Brida, plunder, ruins, secret, swords, gift
Uhtred/Iseult, magic, earth, dirt, wonder, foresight

Saya no Uta
Fuminori/Saya, body, food, size

Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Lee/Amanda, op, newbie, Cold War, retire, adrenaline, rush, kiss, quiet, finally, spy, party, drop

Scooby Doo
Daphne Blake/Shaggy Rogers, older, bleak, monster, quiet, death, scared
Daphne/Velma, bag, biting, boys, costumes, gag, girls-night-in, glasses, haunted-house, mystery, paddling, rescue, surprise, toys
Shaggy/Velma, courage, asking, the van

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Fred/Daphne, traps, engagement, return, upset, resigned, secrets, driving, quiet, alone
Shaggy/Velma, redux, pizza, music, shaky, cyber, alone, accidental, kiss

Scott & Bailey
Gill/Rachel, discipline
Janet/Rachel, commiserate

Scott Pilgrim (series) - Bryan Lee O'Malley
Ramona Flowers/Lisa Miller, tipsy, dance, stockings, off script, flirtation

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)
(Young) Neil/Knives Chau, highlights, games, play, names, pining, two-player mode
Jimmy/Other Scott/Wallace Wells, double, submission
Jimmy/Wallace Wells, boyfriend, second, Stacey, taken
Ken Katayanagi/Kyle Katanayagi/Lucas Lee/Matthew Patel/Todd Ingam/Wallace Wells, consolation, party, preference, Roxy, seduced
Ken Katayanagi/Kyle Katayanagi/Wallace Wells, fantasy, twins!
Kim Pine/Knives Chau, makeout
Kim Pine/Ramona Flowers, bag
Knives Chau/Natalie 'Envy' Adams, fan, idol, worship, cat, thief, crew, weapon
Knives Chau/Ramona Flowers, lesson, sleep, stroke, soft, pink
Knives Chau/Tamara, friends
Lucas Lee/Matthew Patel, firsts, frustration
Lucas Lee/Todd Ingram, admiration, brains, eggs
Lucas Lee/Wallace Wells, fanboy
Matthew Patel/Wallace Wells, hot
Natalie 'Envy' Adams/Ramona Flowers, lipstick, scandalous, glance, boys, putting on a show, roller derby au, boss battle, music, rivals, battle, victory, listen, strategy
Other Scott/Wallace Wells, names, okay
Ramona Flowers/Roxie Richter, college, past
Scott Pilgrim/Ramona Flowers, tea, genderswap, rollerskates, choices, color, change, relativity, oral
Scott Pilgrim/Wallace Wells, bed, bitch, threesome
Stephen Stills/Wallace Wells, over, well...

Carla Espinosa/Elliot Reid, tired, wine
Dr. Cox/Jordan, fierce, football, marriage, young, dress, kiss, cutting, slag, slow, predictable
Elliot Reid/Molly Clock, apple-thief, bedding, bonding, elevator, girltalk, lesbian-vibe, yellow, yesterday
Elliot/JD, wedding, honeymoon, sunshine, apples, lab coat, closet, heels, love, Christmas, dreaming, mouthwash, toothpaste kisses, gifts, monster, heart, Sam, maybe, at last, why not

Sea Patrol
Dutchy/R.O, save, restrained, command

Secret Garden
Oska/Ra Im, oppa, star, joke, coffee
Ra Im/Ah Young, moonlight, sparkle, dreams

Seiken Densetsu 3
Angela/Duran, completion, dance, music, power
Angela/Lise, change, power, reputation
Hawk/Lise, compass, flight, gravity, morals, travel, wind

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
Hatori/Yoshino, hidden, teeth, caretaker
Takano/Onodera, fingers, cold, glasses, comparison
Yukina/Kisa, sparkle, possessive, experienced

Sense and Sensibility (any)
Brandon/Willoughby, fight, swords, punishment, cold, hunter, ruin, dirty, rough, duel, furtive, held down, regret,
Elinor Dashwood/Col Brandon, grief, Alternative, surprise, unexpected, blindfold, cross dressing
Margaret Dashwood/Willoughby, crush, lookalike, future, jealous,
Mrs Dashwood/Col Brandon, age, understanding, carriage, adrenalin, comfort, any
Mrs Dashwood/Willoughby, lonely, pegging, sin, surprise, loneliness, beach, winter, rain, secret, revisit, alone, sea, stranded,

Shadow of a Doubt
Uncle Charlie/Young Charlie, power, wrists, bite

Shakespeare in Love
Viola/Shakespeare, [any]

Shakespeare Retold - Macbeth
Joe Macbeth/Billy Banquo, drink, sleep, sorry, cling, kitchen

Shaman King
Yoh Asakura/Anna Kyoyama, honey-moon, candles, sabbatical
Yoh Asakura/Hao, top, tatoo

Shameless (US)
Fiona/Steve, dreams, dedication, frozen, icing, light
Ian/Mickey, fight or flight, Juvie, kiss
Karen/Lip, apartment, blowjob, closer, concert, dance, grind, lazy, memory, mix-tape, nail polish, name, nipple, nothing, orphans, snow angels, studying, taskmaster, tattoo, taut, teeth, telephone, wish, champagne, layers, longing, lust, oral, quicky, quit, straddle, test, want, rage, reconcilation
Vi/Kev, What the neighbors (don't) konw

Sharp Teeth - Toby Barlow
Lark/Bonnie, Los Angeles, beasts, freedom, human

Shaun/Zach, anniversary, graduation, jealousy, art, nightmares, school, parenting
Tori/Gabe, rebound
Zach/Shaun, books, money, tight

Sherlock (BBC)
DI Lestrade/Sherlock Holmes, banter, rescue, jealousy, gloves, drugs, first, anger, tea, mouth, desk, back, car, responsibility
DI Lestrade/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, steam, say, equals, fire, experiment, bondage, sleep, lazy, playful, history, rape
Female!Sherlock/Female!John, dress, ball, jump, lipgloss, disguise, curls, thighs, pale, soup
Female!Lestrade/Mycroft, Messy, tired, red, car, motorcycle, gun, capable
Female!Mycroft/Lestrade, things, stitch, bun, unravel
Irene Adler/John Watson, remember
Irene Adler/Sally Donovan, exhilaration, crime, cat and mouse, house arrest, oblivious
Jim Moriarty/John Watson, capture, weaponised
Jim Moriarty/Molly, clumsy, cold, tie, wicked, bruise
John Watson/Anthea, bait, substitute, car, texting, surprise, giggle, marksmanship, mystery
John Watson/DI Lestrade, breakfast, relief, interruption, bite, jealousy, frantic, scratch, ordinary boys, domesticity, real world, class-conscious, desk, top, true
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, case, panties, overstimulated, sexting, demisexuality, kids, cooking, fall, puppies, kittens, handcuffs, ninjas, assassins, experiment, whip, scars, forehead kisses, domesticity, shower, library, The Mysterious Affair At Styles, riding crop, enjambment, methodical, dress uniform, homecoming, Royal Wedding, kissing, asexuality, books, cleaning, scar, map, acting, armed and dangerous, asexual, genderswap, kiss, riding, slave, wound, cocaine, college
Mycroft Holmes/Anthea, inopportune, possessive, cipher, dance, silent, blade, tradition
Mycroft Holmes/Anthea/DI Lestrade, persuasive, manipulate, escape, time, share
Mycroft Holmes/DI Lestrade, fairytale, umbrella, rain, hair, desk, food, handcuffs, secret
Mycroft Holmes/John Watson, car, power, why
Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes, instruct, negotiate, imprecision, bitter truths, always, survival, elegance, detente, satisfaction, lush, power, taboo, pride, impossible, wicked, share, growl, dream,
Sherlock Holmes/female!John, gun, saviour, kicking, class, fight, adventure.
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson/Sarah, spark, advantage, whisper
Sherlock Holmes/Jim Moriarty, playing gay, the great game
Sherlock Holmes/Mycroft Holmes/John Watson, sharing, Christmas
Sherlock Holmes/Sally, bitch, ice, shiver, heart, biting, bathroom

Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes, fucking-machine, 69, clothed/naked, trust, infuriating, that woman, brilliant, beautiful lips, nimble fingers, one step ahead, naked
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, annoyed, experiment, flies, return, visit

She's The Man
Olivia/Viola, soccer, suit up, fundraiser, misunderstanding

Shikabane Hime
Makina/Itsuki, unnatural, battle, appearance, reality, 108, grief

Shugo Chara
Amu/Ikuto, ears, ice cream, milk, towel

Silent Hill 4: The Room
Cynthia/Eileen, flirt, lips, chance, red
Henry/Eileen, hands, quiet, bath, laugh
Richard/Henry, neighbor, revolver, gruff, fluster
Walter/Henry, alone, stare, blood, dark, sensual, locked, fear

Silver Diamond
Rakan/Chigusa, initiative, blossoms, change, excuses, touch, need
The Ayame Prince/Rakan, beauty, possessiveness, rescue, grace

Silver Metal Lover - Tanith Lee
Jane/Silver, real, synthetic, feel, sing, murmur, spirit, photo

Ashley/Stuart, rumour, ambulance, blind date, music, comfort, hurt, wedding, drink, rescue, family, jealousy, closet,

Size Twelve Is Not Fat - Meg Cabot
Heather Wells/Cooper Cartwright, serenade

Sket Dance
Sojiro Agata/Sasuke Tsubaki, classroom, tie, weekend
Sojiro Agata/Yusuke Fujisaki "Bossun", competition
Yusuke Fujisaki "Bossun"/Kazuyoshi Usui "Switch"/Hime Onizuka "Himeko", comfort, sanctuary

Skies of Arcadia
Galcian/Ramirez, control, aestheticism, temperature, power
Vyse/Aika/Fina, jungle, snow, on deck, fighting, hammock, dancing, loqua, toys, moonstones, space, in public, meadows, lightning, roleplay, dress-up
Vyse/Piastol, gratitude, fire, forgiveness, revenge

Skins (UK)
Cook/Freddie, kissing, love, oral
Effy Stonem/Chris, first, stoned, party, quick, dirty, bathroom, laugh, suck, moan
Effy Stonem/James Cook, car, stoned, finger, fuck, comfort, public, kiss, run, hit
Effy Stonem/Mini, hunger, rehab, teach, touch, struggle
Effy/Tony, always, blue, same, smirk, teach, [any]
Franky/Mini, lesbian, [any]
Freddie/Karen, drunk, television, song, [any]
Matty/Nate, broken, claim, devour, fight, jealous, rugby
Mini/James Cook, worship, tickle, lust, lick, fondle, dirty
Naomi Campbell/James Cook, friendship, flick, taste, struggle, drunk, mistake, costume, tender, hug
Cadie/Stanley, pinch, stories
Michelle Richardson/Tea/Tony Snyder, watch, bound, ride, torture, lick, touch, kiss
Tea/Michelle Richardson, fantasy, lust, cry, slap, dominate, rain, talk, bite, linger, lick
Tea/Tony Snyder, confusion, feel, repeat, lust, longing, secret, phone, discovery, taste, tease, tight, hunger, date, drugs, breast
Tea/Tony, charcoal, girls, gum, paint, tree house, zipper

Cook/Effy, anything, Band-Aid, bare, bones, bored, blind, caretaker, crazy, cunnilingus, don't, fingers, ground, hands, high, hold on, jump, laundromat, leak, names, pinch, pocketknife, posture, real, rough, sharp, shoplifting, sober, splint, stairs, star, steps, surprise, taxi, teeth, walk, weak, yawn, clean, condom, dirt, easy, frustration, hotel, lost, mates, nails, nightmare, outlaws, perfect, present, push, shower, tense, wait
Cook/Freddie, high, pull
Cook/Naomi, fist, good, kiss, lonely, maybe, pegging, sorry
Cook/Pandora, messy, tits, trouble, why
Effy/Pandora, lessons, sticky
Grace/Jal, anonymous, recreational drugs, pulse
Katie/Tony, similarities, tease, obvious, public, intense, easy
Liv/Mini, sleep, tits, voyeur
Michelle/Tony, bath, remember, shave, soft, sting
Minerva "Mini" McGuinness/Francesca "Franky" Fitzgerald, Shakespeare

Skip Beat!
Hiou/Kanae, years, choice, classy, strain
Kyoko/Kanae, princess, ice cream, hairbrush, Love Me uniform, team
Kyoko/Ren, collar, high heels, diva, hotel, oblivious, Bo, surprise, chocolate, romantic
Kyoko/Sho, obedience, alone, bitter, variety show, fairytale
Ren/Kyouko, roses, wings, blond, revelations

Sky High
Gwen/Penny, plans, multiple, again
Layla/Magenta, nudge, laugh, touch, vicissitudes
Layla/Warren Peace/Will Stronghold, right
Warren Peace/Will Stronghold, wait, hope, denial, want, touch

Slayers (anime)
Xellos/Zelgadis, pressure, stone, sink, whisper, grope, curse, deranged, monster

Sleeping Beauty (Disney)
Aurora/Maleficent, sleep

Quinn/alt Quinn, doppleganger, lost, home, instinct

Slings and Arrows
Geoffrey Tennant/Darren Nichols, stage, duel, Berlin, post-modern, Romeo & Juliet, college, drama class
Geoffrey Tennant/Ellen Fanshaw/Oliver Welles, ghost, jealousy, Hamlet

Chloe Sullivan/Clark Kent/Lois Lane, family, newshounds, share-alike, graduate, dance, twister, reunion, red kryptonite, pole dance, wedding, crater lake, competition
Chloe Sullivan/Dinah Lance, [any], licking, roses, teeth
Chloe Sullivan/Dinah Lance/Oliver Queen, training, control, whole, family, trinity
Chloe Sullivan/Lana Lang, bra, mirrorverse, coffee, locker, crown, secret, crush, grass, un/requited, cryptic, lingerie, distracting, cleavage, meteor induced, secrets
Chloe/Doomsday (not Davis), [any]
Chloe/Oliver, cravings, distance, fight, oil, pregnant, green, bossy, union
Chloe/Zod, fight, window, green
Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan, hangover, festival, elevator, kiss, torch, tease
Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan/Tess Mercer, watchtower, lockdown, initiation
Clark Kent/Clark Luthor, mirrors, dominance, envy, hedonist, red-k, suit, narcissism
Clark Kent/Lana Lang, touch, voyeur, x-ray, video, flowers
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, forever, consort, invasion, ring bearer, crown, hostage, tied, sleepy, snuggle, sexy, photo, new car smell, tattoo, hostile, flannel, hair cut, entice, custom made, AU, royalty, prince of the city, genderswap, concubine, forever, silk, porch swing, exhibit, blundering, cross, pool, purple, firsts, clubbing, punish, obsession, possessive, reform, loft, The Talon, voyeurism, wild, want, young, forgiveness, car hood, sofa, pool table, surrender, dirty talk, rimming, tentacles, forgiveness, homecoming, rimming, hot tub, flexible, apples, public sex, glare, Metropolis, wishful, never
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, cape, banter, fight, roleplay, rivalry, challenge, dunk tank, heatwave, office, sheets, window, trenchcoat, laundry, phone booth, hay, clouds, cape, wedding night, mile high club, crossdressing for justice, Pulitzer, first flight together, cape, wedding, getting the story, mission, new, anxious, Kryptonian,fooling, pretend, glasses, tease, apartment, pregnant, heat, clouds, sun, stars, shining, marvel, cityscape, light, wedding, undercover, haven, experiment, fervor, release, elevator, window, rain
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Lana Lang, drunk, run-in, awkward, hot tub
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Oliver Queen, superhero sandwich, ice cream, secret identities, nipples, family dynamics, foreplay, open marriage
Clark Kent/Oliver Queen, brotherhood, trust, bodyswap, knifeplay, blowjob, blue kryptonite, sugar daddy, roll in the hay, mile high club, crossdressing for justice, awkward first date
Clark Kent/Tess Mercer, rescue, boardroom, flight, karaoke
Clark Luthor/Lex Luthor, dominance
Clark Luthor/Tess Luthor, rile, wait, siblings, blood, need, haze, rage, pain, scars, knees, wounded, Luthors, bruises, lick, spite, videotape
Clark Luthor/Tess Luthor/Lex Luthor, battle
Clark/Jason, locker room, jealous, ropes, tender, caves, spell, college dorm
Clark/Lana, barn, heatwave, rush, hate sex, don't know you anymore, regret, opposites, toxic, indifference, mixed emotions
Clark/Whitney, exploring, truck, apology, fingering, comfort, injury
Lex Luthor, [any], self-deprecation
Lex Luthor/Conner Kent (Alexander Luthor), memories, farm, need, not, light
Lex Luthor/Lana Lang, earring, baby, dystopia, Richard III
Lex Luthor/Lois Lane, plaid, rope, hiss, write
Lex Luthor/Oliver Queen, bully
Lex Luthor/Original Male Character, submission, smooth, deceptive
Lois Lane/Lana Lang, pink, Red Kryptonite, field, yesterday
Lois/Tess, quill
Tess Luthor/Clark Luthor/Lex Luthor, shameless, family, power, jealous, memory
Tess Mercer/Emil Hamilton, re-match, relax, fun, beginnings, sober, video

Smoke series - Tanya Huff
Lee Nicholas/Tony Foster, biting, genderswap, long-distance.

Some Like It Hot
Jerry/Osgood Fielding III, cigarette, male, perfect
Joe/Jerry, always, saxophone, madness, dresses, bath

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury
Will/Jim, college

Sonny With a Chance
Tawni/Sonny, sketch, fan, props, awards

Sons of Anarchy
Chibs Telford/Tig Trager, blood, bruises, chains, knives, stitches, boots, bite, scars, dolls, fear, anger, jealousy, accent, rope, tattoos
Clay Morrow/Jax Teller, fight, dominance, control, violent
Clay Morrow/Tig Trager, submissive, punishment, lesson, bare, regret, fury
Jax/Tara, [any], money, bathtub, life, never, reward, noise, grief
Tig, depraved
Tig/Juice, bonding
Tig/OMC, prison

Tony/Melfi, ethics, quickie, desk, dreams

Sorcerer Hunters
Carrot/Marron, sin, effect, grip, handjob, pilfer, lean

Sorry I've Got No Head
Philippe/Danny, fight, tease, humiliate, hiding, university, wits

Soul Calibur
Ivy/Shura, history, leather, bite
Talim/Amy, strength, wind, blade
Soul/Maka, trust, mania, pigtails
Stein/Spirit, distant, inside, experience, data, stripped

South Park
Kyle/Cartman, mirror universe

Ben Sherman/John Cooper, beer, impatience, heat, swimming, rebellion, mark, waffle, handcuffs, overwhelming, need, please, slumming, undercover, uniform, good enough, pain, beat, gay, first-time, rehab, missed, back, return, partner, only, visit, sweat, shape, running, stop, bed, apartment, equal, kiss, caught, staring, hunger, smoke, morning, solid, grip, tease, skin, t-shirt, holster, ride, day off, rehab, surprise, addiction, bar, handcuffs, yard
Ben Sherman/Sammy Bryant, flirting, alone, uniform, instinct, visit, friends
Lydia/Sammy Bryant, after hours, babysitter
Nate Moretta/Sammy Bryant, sharing, drink, stupid, sofa, complicated, breathless, badge

Space: 1999
Alan Carter/Tony Verdeschi, trust, stress, vacation, beer

Space: Above and Beyond
Vansen/Handsome Alvon, billiard, mind-games, flirt

Daisy/Tim, blackout, pub, roleplay, high, telepathy, [any], couch, moving, thirty-something, initiative, weed

Spartacua: Gods of the Arena
Gaia/Diona, first, slave, training
Gaia/Lucretia, decadence, drugs, love

Ashur/Aurelia, unwell
Aurelia/Varro, done
Ilythia/Spartacus, side
Melitta/Oenomaeus, vindicated
Spartacus/Sura, dust

Spartacus: Blood & Sand series
Spartacus/Crixus, zombie apocalypse, waterfall, oil, slap
Ilytheia/Lucretia, dominance, revenge

Speed Racer (2008)
E. P. Arnold Royalton/Speed Racer, contract
Inspector Detector/Racer X, hood, Rex, solved
Sparky/Speed Racer, milk, oil, swallow
Speed Racer/Taejo Togokhan, finish, growl, tie

Spice and Wolf
Craft Lawrence/Holo, banter

Spider-Man (movies)
Peter Parker/Harry Osborn, convenience, sucking
Peter Parker/Harry Osborn/Norman Osborn, hot, jealousy, sharing, restrained, ties

Spirited Away
Chihiro/Haku, water, reunion

Adam Carter/Ros Myers, tense, office, drugs, issues
Adam Carter/Tom Quinn, broken, bruises, first-aid, restraints
Adam Carter/Zaf Younis, Damascus, covert, sordid, op, bare, undercover, moment, fast, knife, ropes, devices, pain, comfort, mourning,
Adam/Fiona, entwine
Adam/Ros, scratch
Adam/Zaf, cocky
Danny/Tom, challenge
Danny/Tom/Zoe, edges
Danny/Zoe, linked
Harry/Juliet, minefield
Harry/Ros, daughter
Harry/Ruth, grace
Harry/Tessa, corruption
Jo/Zaf, potential
Tessa/Tom, jaded
Tessa/Zoe, protegée
Tom/Adam, rivalry
Tom/Christine, horizon
Tom/Peter Salter, inherit
Tom/Zoe, family

Sports Night
Casey/Dana, college, abyss, desk, shirt, Superbowl, rating, teasing, bail, shoes, honeymoon
Dan/Casey, away game, hands, glasses, St. Crispen's Day, declaration, keep, partners, years-gone-by, new company, missed, own, hiding, quiet, affection, little boy, taxi
Dan/Natalie, dancing, drinking, windows
Dan/Rebecca, reconcile

St Trinian's
Andrea/Taylor, bondage, gags, plots, superpowers
Annabelle/Kelly, collars, schemes, whistle

St. Trinian's (2007)
Kelly/OMC, play, one-night-stand, slinky, toy, naughty

Stake Land
Martin/Mister, backseat, danger, growl, exhausted, god, gasoline, appropriate, warm, whispers

Star Ocean 2
Claude/Ashton, cute, sweet, food, blades, skill, tears, grief, comfort, hugging, anger
Dias/Claude, lust, blades, skill
Dr. Lantis, power, strength, driving, smoking, coffee
Dr. Lantis/Gabriel, indulgence, vengeance, indomitable, will, divine, tears, grief, comfort, insanity, intensity
Dr. Lantis/Lucifer, beauty, wills, seduction, wings, possession
Gabriel/Lucifer, beauty, fragrance, power, ambivalence, envy, boots, leather, gloves, fragrance, kissing
Lucifer/Philia, St. Andrew's Cross, darts, beauty
Opera/Ernest, alcohol, drunk, night, whips
Rena/Celine, fashion, admiration, magic, tattoos

Star Ocean
Ronyx/Ilya, alcohol

Star Ocean: First Departure
Cyuss/Roddick, sleepy, dominance, claws, surprise, curiosity, heat, fight, swordsmanship, stripes, eager, musk, catnip
Mavelle/Millie, scent, ankles, sweet, symbols
Phia/Cyuss, dominance, blades, biting, dirty talk
Ronyx/Roddick, fascination, pet, humor

Star Ocean: Second Evolution
Ashton Anchors/Chisato Madison, proposal, battle, cooking
Ashton Anchors/Noel Chandler, naps, green, silence, dragons, comfort
Ashton Anchors/Noel Chandler/Chisato Madison, tattooes, honey, biting
Bowman Jean/Ernest Raviede/Nineh Jean/Opera Vectra, sake, game night, vacation, blanket, waterbed
Celine Jules/Ernest Raviede, whips, role reversal, drinking, painting, anthropology, fairy tales
Claude C. Kenny/Ashton Anchors, swordplay, baths, drinking, cake, caves
Claude C. Kenny/Celine Jules, magic kink, stargazing, arranged marriage
Claude C. Kenny/Chisato Madison, urban exploration, cover-ups, spaceship,dreams
Claude C. Kenny/Dias Flac, dreams, art, victory, impossible odds, culture shock
Claude C. Kenny/Opera Vectra, formal clothes, salvage, gambling, exploration, making up
Claude C. Kenny/Precis Neumann, robots, race, orange, jam tea
Lantis/Any, intelligence, confusion
Lucifer/Gabriel, tension, conflicted, insignificance, power
Noel Chandler/Chisato Madison, guilt, technology, simple
Precis Neumann/Leon D. S. Gehste, chess, rivalry, sports
Rena Lanford/Claude C. Kenny/ Dias Flac, camping, tournament, perfection
Rena Lanford/Claude C. Kenny/Precis Neumann, explosive, firebrand, chilis, flight
Rena Lanford/Dias Flac, desperation, peace, front lines, back-to-back
Rena Lanford/Leon D. S. Gehste, games, costumes, precocious, demons, fur
Rena Lanford/Noel Chandler, wilderness, sparring, winds, sleepy
Rena Lanford/Opera Vectra, stars, muscle, silk
Rena Lanford/Precis Neumann, tinkering, study night, books, sweets, blue, confusion
Chisato Madison/Dias Flac, electricity, sharing, chill, domination, tough love

Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Arumat/Crowe, partners, tease, injury, match, recover, bright, alien, bite, growl
Arumat/Meracle, collar, easy, flexible, use, play, demanding, innocent
Arumat/Reimi, survival, resilience, competence, scars, hair-pulling
Crowe/Edge, rival, shower, first, captain, pinned, grind
Edge/Faize, formal, delicate, ears, color, explore
Edge/Reimi, cat, roleplay, share, stars, gloves, healing

Star Trek Voyager
B’Elanna/Janeway, urgency, expectation, touch
B’Elanna/Seven, anger, burn, jealousy, turbolift
Seven/Janeway, possession, newlywed, bath

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Indendant!Kira Neryes/mirror!Ezri Dax, meeting, first time, restraints, double-cross, rebellion, intoxication
Jadzia Dax/Benjamin Sisko, return, affectionate, exhilaration
Jadzia Dax/Kira Neryes, imagination, patterns, bulkhead, Dabo
Julian Bashir/ Elim Garak, incompatible sex organs
Julian Bashir/Benjamin Sisko, reveal, inopportune, allow, fierce, focus, sliver, entire, loyalty, ground, take, runabout, orbit, time
Kira Nerys/Odo, jazz, breathe, style, quiet, tactical, desperate, askew, shape, shift, faith, home
Kira/Dax, unicorns
Mirror!Ezri Dax/Mirror!Jadzia Dax, rebels, bonding, running, risks
Odo/Lwaxana Troi, warmth, telepathy, handcuffs
Quark/Odo, heist, paper money, undercover, thunderstorm, whisper, freezing
Weyoun/anyone, salad fork
Weyoun/Damar, atrocity, comfort, maps
Weyoun/Garak, hemline, oxygen, politics
Weyoun/Kai Winn, etiquette, sex pollen, blackmail, aftermath, war

Star Trek: Enterprise
Archer/Shran, drunk
Jhamel/Shran, marriage
Shran/Soval, diplomacy

Star Trek: Reboot
Christine Chapel/Janice Rand, Thursday, paint, golden,
Christopher Pike/Gaila, negotiate, smuggle, Mirrorverse, cadet, ensign, lieutenant, commander, captain, admiral
Christopher Pike/George Kirk, red, blue, pink, green, gold, silver, black, white, Mirrorverse, tentacles
Christopher Pike/James Kirk, restraining bolt, freedom, honor, teach, Mirrorverse, assassination, mission, alliance, ship, tentacles
Gaila/OCs, past, present, future, yes, no, maybe, never, Mirrorverse, tentacles
Gaila/Winona Kirk, compare, unparalleled, undulate, engineer, Mirrorverse, gold, silver, platinum, tentacles
George Kirk/Winona Kirk, tentacle, threesome, Mirrorverse, hand, finger, wave
George Kirk/Winona Kirk/Christopher Pike, wish, once, twice, three, never, Mirrorverse
Hikaru Sulu/James T. Kirk/Pavel Chekov, bridge
Hikaru Sulu/Pavel Chekov, attempt, succeed, ally, enemy, blade, bounce, Mirrorverse, tentacles, controls
James Kirk/Chekov, O Captain! My Captain!
James Kirk/Gaila, slave, impulse buy, restraining-bolt, freedom, Mirrorverse, alliance, gift, assassination, share, tentacles, threesome, lap dance, bridge, captain's chair, taste, touch
James Kirk/Hikaru Sulu, rush, throw, fly, fall, Mirrorverse, run, dance, play, tentacles, dive, velocity, drunk!sex, stranded, unexpected, banter
James Kirk/James Kirk, competition, burn, glee, exploration, fear, tongue, watch
James Kirk/Janice Rand, any, randy, office work
James Kirk/Joanna McCoy, innocence, experience, star, dress, scarf, mask, mistake, teach, know, Mirrorverse, tentacles
James Kirk/Leonard McCoy, Mirrorverse, genderswap, bourbon, grass, sleep, water, fire, air, earth, slave, handcuffs, freedom, alliance, gift, mission, treaty, agreement, share, tentacles, boy, names, shore leave, annoying, talkative, non stop, rough, Sick Bay, Captain's chair, ready room, San Francisco, whiskey, accent, Georgia, classic cars, humidity, beach, medical, examination, quick, angry, surprising, gentle, stranded, temperature, hot, cold, alone, angry!sex, stethoscope, prostate exam, check-up, allergy, bed rest, apples, dress uniform, brawl, sober, shared, naked, brothel, off-planet, the ex, boyfriend, wife, affair, daughter, grumpy, vacation, must, aphrodisiac, closet, dammit, aced, follow, Ready Room, share, leave, rest, kidnap, loincloth, naked, reaction, hives, tickles, alone, altitude, autobiography, breath, cling, imagination, insomnia, lipstick, lust, metal, nerves, recovery, scream, student, sweat, sweetness, wrists
James Kirk/Leonard McCoy/Gaila, belt, pillow, soup, drink, tentacles
James Kirk/Leonard McCoy/Nyota Uhura, laughter, teamwork, away, mission,
James Kirk/Leonard McCoy/Spock!Prime, history, destiny, new, old, borrowed, blue
James Kirk/Leonard McCoy/Spock, resolution, friends, dizzy, booze, sweat, anger, award, blood, experiment, gaze, hands, kiss, poetry, restraints, sand, silence, smile
James Kirk/McCoy/Chekov, teamwork, below decks, in-between
James Kirk/Nyota Uhura, scratch, heels, pegging
James Kirk/Nyota Uhura/Gaila, share, pheromones, dare, surprise
James Kirk/OCs, adventure, interrogate, capture, bend, break, Mirrorverse, tentacles
James Kirk/Spock!Prime, loss, memory, recognition
James Kirk/Spock, addict, agreement, alcohol, bruise, choke, create, explore, fight, fist, trouble, truth, yes, destiny, bullshit, bender, flirt, leather, leadership, sore, enthusiasm, bruises, trust, untimely, pon farr, power, hold, dynamic, meeting, surprise, slap, contact, feel, sport, blood, weak spot
James Kirk/Spock/Uhura, quiet, soothe, bruise, smile, prod, boot, anger, attraction, lips
Leonard McCoy/Chapel, any
Leonard McCoy/Christine Chapel, cooperation, hoarse, promise, replacement, strap-on, swim, tattoo
Leonard McCoy/Christopher Pike, bow, salute, answer, explain, Mirrorverse
Leonard McCoy/Gaila, belonging, closet, loosen, surprise
Leonard McCoy/girl!Spock, first-time, orgasm-control, anal, oral, spanking
Leonard McCoy/Hikaru Sulu - apocalypse, chocolate, dance, secret, sky, solemn, tease
Leonard McCoy/Leonard McCoy, panic, exploration, fuck, mistake, tentative, tickle
Leonard McCoy/Nyota Uhura, alcohol, stress, hair, strap, sing, talk, whisper, drawl, scream, Mirrorverse
Leonard McCoy/Pavel Chekov, Daddy, examination, ice, curls, sleep
Leonard McCoy/Sulu, mend, experience, lessons, fever
Number One/Christopher Pike, Mirrorverse, plan, improvise, explosion, connection, weld, buff, glitter, tentacles
Number One/Joanna McCoy, mentor, school, teaching
Number One/Uhura/Gaila, pet, restrain, green, lick
Nyota Uhura/Gaila, comb, curl, Mirrorverse, star, tentacle, star, sparkle, gift, sweet
Nyota Uhura/Spock, menstruation, xenomenia, language, love, hands, touch, spark, lips, feel, whisper, silence, Mirrorverse, harp, sweets, first time, jealousy, secrets, heat
Pavel Chekov/Christopher Pike, jailbait, swap, timetravel
Pavel Chekov/Hikaru Sulu/Nyota Uhura, count, zero, one, two, three, five, infinity, Mirrorverse, tentacles
Pavel Chekov/OCs, lie, truth, star, earth, old, young, unknown, Mirrorverse, tentacles
Pavel Chekov/Spock, Wulcan
Spock Prime/Gaila, pon-farr, stamina, experienced, food
Spock Prime/Leonard McCoy, reunion, mindmeld, familiar
Spock/Leonard McCoy, coffee, ink, lick, separation, synesthesia, understanding, wary, wound, bicker, hips, memory, temperature, tease
Spock/Nyota Uhura/Gaila, weave, dance, sing, say, fever
Spock/T'Pring, witnesses, Vulcans, surprising, bathing
Sulu/Uhura, pregnant, [any]
Sulu/Uhura, sharing, smile, celebration, relief
T'Pring/Nyota Uhura, salvage, understanding, unexpected, talent, tongue
Winona Kirk/Christopher Pike, Mirrorverse, ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, son, daughter, sister, brother, tentacles
Winona Kirk/Number One, random, recovery, recruit

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard, consolation, pollen, telepathy, forever, Risa, holodeck, noir, turbolift, desk, jacket, need, doctor, medicine, command, make it so, dire, across time
Data/Will Riker, experiment, responsive, disbelief
Deanna Troi/Will Riker, beloved, bet, destiny, choose, wedding, Betazed, customs, reunion, captain, kept, poker, forward, prerogative, chocolate
Jean Luc Picard/Will Riker, inappropriate, vow, stern
Jean-Luc Picard/Beverly Crusher, hair, steaming, bath, flute, champagne, yoyo, sexy, Shakespeare, pear, juicy, cello
Picard/Q, space-time, unexpected, gender-change, shapeshift, mortal
Thomas Riker/Will Riker, displaced, rescue, replace
Amanda/Sarek, meeting, custom, snow, seductress, bondage, undressing

Star Trek: The Original Series
Chapel/Uhura, taking control
Chekov/Kirk/McCoy/Spock/Martha Landon, Eden
Chekov/Martha Landon, teaching
Helen Noel/Janice Rand, quarters, roleplay, sore
Helen Noel/Number One, transfer, orders, evaluation
James Kirk/Romulan Cmdr (female)/Spock, het, seduction, dp, dub-con
James T. Kirk/Spock, restraint, secret, powerful, ragged, lively, resplendent, rowdy, vigorous, entice, vintage, ale, substance, strike, friendship, mindmeld, trust, comfort
Jim Kirk/Jim Kirk, competition, burn, glee, exploration, fear, tongue, watch
Joanna McCoy/Demora Sulu, Academy, introduction, patterns,
Kirk/Kevin Riley, protection
Kirk/Martha Landon, adventurous
Leonard McCoy/Leonard McCoy, panic, exploration, fuck, mistake, tentative, tickle
McCoy/Spock, memory, mirror
Number One/Christine Chapel, generational, resemble, brunette, starlight
Sarek/Amanda, dreams, hands, secret meetings, first time, differences, surprises
Sarek/Kevin Riley, culture clash
Spock/Romulan Commander (The Enterprise Incident), fingers
Spock/Thelin, fascinating
Spock/Uhura, dirty, flirting, pon farr, naughty, geeky

Star Trek: Voyager
B'Elanna Torres/Vorik, Pon Farr, mate, fight, pleasure, pain, touch, urges, chamapagne, battle, hatesex, wallsex
Harry Kim/Tuvok, convenience, unrequited, violence, indelible, trapped, peace, mind, secretive, long, restore, confess, jolt
Janeway/Seven, tubules, corridors, fisting, Axum, pie, chocolate
Janeway/Tuvok, heat, passion, urges, jealousy, gifts, cuddling
Katherine Janeway/Seven, assimilation, resistance, futility
Seven/Tuvok, damaged, logical, implants, neurochemical imbalance, year of hell, first time, pon farr, maturity, inhuman, mind meld, blind, control, resistance is futile, shaving, domestic habits,
Tuvok/Neelix, Tuvix, closer, bond

Star Wars
Anakin Skywalker/Obi-Wan Kenobi - blood, competition, fear, inescapable, rough, safety, secret, tide, demand, shove, rouse, protect, ownership, dry, dagger, attack, release, reveal, secret, hurt
Anakin Skywalker/Obi-Wan Kenobi/Padme Amidala - darkness, ending, kiss, pillow fight, slip, stars, swords
Anakin/Padme, cold, heart, hidden, velvet, leather
Boba Fett/Han Solo, admiration, carbonite, Jango, respect
Han Solo/Leia Organa, bunk, goggles, flight
Han Solo/Luke Skywalker, bruised, criminal, explosion, trigger, chance, trick
Han/Leia, Force, public, hair, hyperspace
Jaina Solo/Jagged Fel, Diplomacy, Snark, training, sparring
Leia/Han, following orders, icy, argument, flashback, not so innocent, reputation
Luke Skywalker/Han Solo/Leia Organa - care, crowd, history, fruit, skin, target, teach, nerfherds
Luke Skywalker/Leia Organa, training, meetings, tatooine, connection
Luke Skywalker/Mara Jade, State function, subtlety
Obi-Wan Kenobi/Padme Amidala - calm, grief, hand, ocean, redo, sun, sweat, travel
Thrawn/Leia, mylady, humor, flirtation, blue

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Carth/fem!Revan, darkness, Force, mirror, fly, hyperspace, memory, hope
Exile/Atton, redemption, punishment, blood, Force

Yvaine/Tristan, fruit, shiver, tender, wordless, melody

Starfighter (web comic)
Cain/Abel, ground, wound, ice, heat, save, hard, surprise, switch, mine, home, denial, teach

Stargate Atlantis
Daniel Jackson/John Sheppard, rain, jungle, Ancients, hair, running, clouds, space, tie
Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard, rescue, ice
Elizabeth Weir/Sam Carter, [any], diplomacy, vacation
Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Emmagan, hurry, satin, hope, water, stroll, mark, push, open, sleek, coffee
Evan Lorne/David Parrish, bondage, sticky
Evan Lorne/John Sheppard, pride, tense, surprise, command, loyalty, trouble, sleep, repeat, headache, lazy
Evan Lorne/John Sheppard/Laura Cadman/Radek Zelenka/Ronon Dex, gangbang
Evan Lorne/John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmaggen, [any]
Evan Lorne/Rodney McKay, art, photo, quiet, colour, restraint, echoes
Evan Lorne/Teyla Emmaggen, bite, guilt, pain, tough, inventive
Jeannie Miller/Ronon Dex, comfort, strong, curve, night
Jeannie Miller/Teyla Emmagan, bantos, floored, bruise, dance, wrists, offworld, sweat, pollen
Stargate Atlantis, roleplay, sickness
Jeannie Miller/Teyla Emmagan/Ronon Dex, welcome
Jennifer Keller/Rodney McKay, eyelash, amuse
Jennifer Keller/Ronon Dex, sponge, breeze, infirmary!sex, orders, pegging, wounded, corset, body art, poetry, second chances
Jennifer Keller/Sam Carter/Teyla Emmagan, sisters doing it for themselves, tattoos, chocolate, sex toys worn under clothing, citrus
John Sheppard(/Rodney McKay), solo, fantasy, fucked
John Sheppard/Jeannie Miller, tofu, alternate reality, fecundity, heteronormity, baby-sitting
John Sheppard/Jennifer Keller, going to the doctor's and getting a lollipop, prostate, "I totally put out on the first date"
John Sheppard/Peter Kavanagh, retry, supernova, unexplained
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, [any], mud, fight, jello, counterbalance, flexible, hips, move, elevator, shaft, wedding, weight, choose, prized, don't, care, home, ask, book, marked, written, dirty, rain, together, switch, vibrator, aliens, bondage, fumbling, vegetables, control, tease, laughter, away, cold, rain, secret, canvas, home-remodeling, MIA, bold, clever, promise, sample, shiver, warm, heart, smile, porn collection, missing, home, change, seaside, eyes, mouthy, pillow, rough, energetic, games, soft, loosen, penetration, spine, best, dogtags, boots, orders, future, annoyed, winner, android, serve, playful, stripper, legs, sexpionage, trust, explore, believe, denial, tentacles, tail, discipline, nipples, hot wax, leap of faith, liar, bug!John, bug!Rodney, pristine, circuit
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Evan Lorne, playful, nightmares, sex-pollen
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Sam Carter, off world, Atlantis, lab, fun
John Sheppard/Ronon Dex, back, battle, ship, domesticity, genderbender, sparring, mile high club, drugged, swords, Earth, rope, dirty, surprise, fight, play, leather, tart, night stick, writing, ass worship, breathplay, nap, bounce, bruised, shake
John Sheppard/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Rodney McKay, home, beach, rain, training, time, ritual, frisky, protect, suck, pillow, food, treasure, dance, flame, request, leather, recover, bound, rest, eager, help, lush
John Sheppard/Samantha Carter, mission, quiet, entangled, exhausted
John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan, binding, covert, prone, weapon, popcorn, catch, curve, soar, mission, secrets, laughter, run, sing, seduce, skin, nature, dirty, guitar, spar, yield, corset, lingerie, ritual, ice-cream, silk, bond, warm, alone, finally, wet, wild, woods, empty-nest, honor, glory, video tape, skinny- dipping, sweet, revenge, bareback, King, Queen, silences, earth, fight, stay, together, command, home, flight, thighs, sand, dirty, stretching, adventure
John Sheppard/Todd, lifeforce, hiveship
John/Rodney/Elizabeth Weir, longing, crisp, voyeur, validation
John/Rodney/Teyla/Ronon, capture, bergamot, ketchup, witchcraft, gags, punch, strap
Katie/Keller, roses
Larrin/John, pegging
Lorne/Radek, 69, paint, drunk, kid planet, aftermath, lick
Mensa!McKay/Mensa!Sheppard, smooth, sweet talk, diplomatic, bed head, seduction, golf, prickly, 'jumpers, reflection, compare, screamer, surfing, jacket, whiteboard, mark, forgive, meeting, pounce
Radek Zelenka/Evan Lorne, rodeo
Radek Zelenka/Rodney McKay, approximate, dawn, experimental, punishment, feeding
Radek Zelenka/Ronon Dex, unexpected
Rodney McKay/Evan Lorne, trapped, missing Sheppard, game, tentacles
Rodney McKay/John Sheppard/Rod, teamwork, middle
Rodney McKay/Teyla Emmagan, pegging, fuck buddies, grace, tea, learn, nipples, comfort, bonding, trust, care, gym, lab coat, fingers, trapped, rest
Rodney McKay/Todd, science, fear
Ronon Dex/everyone, sparring
Ronon/Rodney, lounge lizard, berries, flogger, silence, secret
Teyla Emmagan/Ronon Dex, tumble, winner, smile, bond, loss, could, sky, map, find
Teyla/Lorne, grasping, leftover, carrot cake, perfume
The Road Not Taken!McKay/The Road Not Taken!Sheppard, dystopia, hire, reveal, glasses, merge, business, geek, romance, home, fortune, frivolous, hope, recruit, marry, equation, sleek, jealous, promise, donate, shirt, tie
Todd/anyone, love, suck, taut, expectation, passion, anger, stroke, adrenalin, table, scrape
Todd/Jennifer Keller, impossible, lake, hurry, curiosity, playful, candy
Vegas!McKay/Vegas!Sheppard, desperate, loss, filled, scratch, renew, chance, gamble, suit, vow, identity, flight, gamble, ache, car, sunglasses, agreement, scars, pressure, Atlantis, team, ocean view, payback, hunger, longing, mission, trust

Stargate SG-1
(Sha're)/Amaunet/Apophis/Daniel Jackson, vodka, lo'tar, sex slave, urges, attraction
Adria/Ba'al, breathe, brocade, guile, pillow, quicksilver
Adria/Daniel Jackson, alchemy, gasp, leash, luxury, pleasure, teachable moment
Amaunet/Apophis, love, eternity, gifts, breakfast in bed
Aris Boch, relaxation
Aris Boch/any, relief, irritate, pwned
Aris Boch/Daniel Jackson, smug
Aris Boch/Vala Mal Doran, space pirates
Ba'al/Jack O'Neill, agate, blade, command, orgasm control, surprise, whisper
Ba'al/Qetesh, victory, razor, anti-gravity
Ba'al/Samantha Carter, duel, radiation, nebula, fierce, and symbiote makes three
Cameron Mitchell/Carolyn Lam, stubble, uniform, unexpected, cautious, rushed, deal
Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson, breathplay, leather, touch, wool, handcuffs, tattoos, scars, share, quiet, strike, fever, wing, start, silence, bicker
Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson/Teal'c, rimming, sixty-nine, strength, tension, watch, zat
Cameron Mitchell/Hank Landry, [any]
Cameron Mitchell/Jack O'Neill, lather, orders, rough, strip, subordination
Cameron Mitchell/Samantha Carter, athletic, danger, haze, turbine, vigil, piece, bite, mark, tease, science, whip, leather, speed, tender, lace, hopeful, convenience, friendly, wager, socks, secrets, twitter, comfort, freedom, time, motorbike, uniforms
Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, better, custom, visit, game, pink, hidden, bondage, crossdressing, friendship, lavish, snog, tongue, secrets, zipper, bar, date
Carolyn Lam/Samantha Carter, discreet, uneven, champagne, late
Daniel Jackson/Anise/Freya, surprise, first time, kisses, picnic
Daniel Jackson/Cameron Mitchell, explosions, x-ray, paper cut, marriage, Oklahoma, culture, sharp, feather
Daniel Jackson/Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, template, roll
Daniel Jackson/Elizabeth Weir, blond, etymology, heat, imperative, swallow
Daniel Jackson/Hathor, slave, lo'tar, leather, whip, stay
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, anonymity, cuddle, denial, dildo, domesticity, exposure, jazz, kink, opera, piano, porn, sleeve, sling, steel, tipsy, tousled, truck, vibrator, puck, compromise, peridot, sauna, flexibility, drama, attack, withhold, surrender, vigorous, ogle, drop, stagger, manhandle, blatant, discreet
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Kerry Johnson, beard, black tie, elegant, stay
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter/Teal'c, blanket, blindfold, envy, experiment, fingers, mirror, observe, share, stroke, toy
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Teal'c, electricity, harness, lube, solace, tight
Daniel Jackson/Janet Fraiser, arabic, snow, tentative, consolation, pomegranate, sweat, tender
Daniel Jackson/Jonas Quinn, apologies, guilt, water
Daniel Jackson/Original Male Character, university, surprised, intentions
Daniel Jackson/Paul Davis, ambition, lambent, restaurant
Daniel Jackson/Sabrina Gosling, extravagance, flogging, lingerie, pegging, soap
Daniel Jackson/Sam Carter, change, kiss, muscle, nostalgia, sweet, power, glory, hole, wind, limit, amnesia, apples, linen, lips, loneliness, playful, speed, trapped, unknown, geeks, wishes, promises
Daniel Jackson/Sara O'Neill, books, comfort, murmur, party, punish
Daniel Jackson/Teal'c, chains, honor, mettle, respect, self-pleasuring, waxplay
Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, diamonds, birthday cake, whipped cream, handcuffs, pregnancy, marriage, massage, ticklish, flounder, date, peach, canvas, tent, loud, flower, dust, elevator, missing, radio, lost, camping, incense, painting, shower, forget, adjusting, history, experience, unrelenting, glass, thong, crease
Emmett Bregman/Janet Fraiser, chuckle, mint, photograph, silvery, waterbed
Ishta/Teal'c, elbow, imagine
Jack O'Neill/Anise/Freya, kisses, swimming, trapped together, stranded, pegging
Jack O'Neill/Ba'al/Malek, prisoners, drugged, betrayal, desire, passion
Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, bound by words, garden, trust, need, canoe, mind games, elegance, secret, warmth, dusk, pinch, pray, wink, deliverance, sigh, push, sunset, driving, dissemble, grace, cunning, peace, wistful, share, hug, falling, dust, weekend, orders, language, shower, denial, bullet, camera
Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson/Cameron Mitchell, comparisons, three days off, stranded
Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson/Paul Davis, travelling together, morning after
Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson/Sam Carter, Washington, beach, naked, familiar, necessary, fleeting
Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, recuperate, endearment
Jack O'Neill/Delek, hatesex, arrogance, acceptance, love
Jack O'Neill/Delek/Malek, comfort, cold, fear, prisoners
Jack O'Neill/Janet Fraiser, catalyst, nippleplay, smooth, cures, payback, no consequences, laughter, whiskey, vigil, hidden
Jack O'Neill/Kerry Johnson, buttons, handjob, head, lace, mask, spook, fireside, diary, belief, silence
Jack O'Neill/Malek, stranded, cave, sex pollen, surprises
Jack O'Neill/Paul Davis, command, decorum, naked, please, uniform
Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter, bondage, playful, cabin, astronomy, underwear, uniforms, rain, trees, moon, tent, sound, sweat, sparring, taunting, night, how far, flashback, danger, cold, absence, innocent, food, leisure, steak, app, computer, obvious, politics, regulations, ice-cream, yo-yo, formal, informal, rain, banter, clothed, established, secret
Jack O'Neill/Sara O'Neill, birthday, engine, new, old, reconciliation, relief, strap-on, promise, truth, hope, faith, leftovers, declare
Jack O'Neill/Teal'c, devour, fire, iron, kneel, shoot, tattoo, handle, radio
Jack O'Neill/Thor, interruption, pants
Jack O'Neill/Zarin, stranded, prisoner, lo'tar, happiness
Jacob Carter/Jack O'Neill/Selmak, authority, blowjob, deft, engulf, optimism, routine, screw
Jacob Carter/Selmak, dream, masturbate, tease
Janet Fraiser/Jacob Carter/Selmak, dinner date, playful, laughter, happiness, examination, mess hall, drunk, gifts
Janet Fraiser/Malek, revenge, orgasm denial, love, tied up, dominated, urges, satisfaction, alien device, whip
Janet Fraiser/Sara O'Neill, caramel, gift, silk, thrill
Joe Faxon/Sam Carter, daydream, dirty talk, rescue, soiree
Kanan/Jack O'Neill/Shallan (Ba'al's lo'tar), love, remembered feelings, strange, passion
Malek/Delek, long mission, making up, sweet love, agree to disagree
Martouf/Samantha Carter, candle, lust, memories
Paul Davis/Harry Maybourne, never, blackmail, tea
Ra/Daniel Jackson, domination
Rosha/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash, i missed you, home, safe, desert, moon, naked swimming, undercover, danger, fear, embraces, love, kisses, memories, returns, comfort, together
Samantha Carter/Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, team, breakfast, custom, aliens
Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill, battlecruiser, brunette
Samantha Carter/Janet Fraiser, reunion, heat, silver lining, domesticity, purple heart, stitches, pool shark
Samantha Carter/Martouf/Lantash, drunk, virginity, first time, inherited feelings, love, dinner date, wine, chocolate, proposal, dancing, party, visits, surprise, captives, tied up, wedding, first child, genetic memory, moonlight, desert, hands, scars, Goa'uld lord, undercover, tau'ri traditions, strange, first kiss, tok'ra pools, seduction, wall-sex, satisfaction, lust, flirting, tok'ra uniform, Christmas, snow, blue crystals, black dress, snow fight, public, family, slow, locker room, desert hat, baby, role-play, day off, memories, admissions, menage a troi, mischieveous, mates, scent, aphrodisiacs, motorcycle, leather, love, desert, hats, fire, passion, forced sex, sex pollen, captured, pleasure
Samantha Carter/Teal'c, embrace, fidelity, shiver, thong, friendly, comfort, age, home, nature, invite, battle, train, stability, jokes, makeup, experiment, postcards, lies, agenda, obscurity, mice, library, etude, hologram
Samantha Carter/Vala Mal Doran, cookie, leather, motorcycle, sync, dawn, apology, engines, thief, puppy, bubblegum, vodka, silk, watermelon, mango, marshmallow, teddy, wikipedia, acetone, cameras, tents, subtlety, road-trip, drunk, mystery, quiet, dare, blue, glossy, gun, history, legs, enemy, warmth, glitter, display
Shaunac/Teal'c, together, needs, love, wishes
Teal'c/Cameron Mitchell/Teal'c, cinema, towel, sparring, basketball, sweat, memory, Star Wars marathon
Teal'c/Vala Mal Doran, sparring, braid, alone, whisper, tease, careful
Tomin/Vala Mal Doran, contentment, fun, laughter, love, peace, piracy, reunion, thrust
Yosuuf/Garshaw/Jacob Carter/Selmak, old flames, picnic, romance, flowers, gifts

Stargate Universe
Camile Wray/Ronald Greer, replacement, space, sleep, teacher
Carl Strom/Jack O'Neill, dark, loaded, negotiate, smile, weapon
Chloe Armstrong/Nicholas Rush, calculations, knowledge, water, blue, nightmares, need, unexpected, life or death, experiments, future, destiny, virtual reality.
Chloe Armstrong/Ronald Greer, jealousy, AU,
Chloe Armstrong/Vanessa James, girl time, still, Matt,
Ronald Greer/Matthew Scott, one time thing, secret, in public, hide, desert, use you, strong, cry,
Everett Young/Tamara Johansen, beginning, first, anger, comfort, foreplay, teasing, guilt, heat, slow, linger, hunger, bent, wait

Brandon/Michelle, ponytail, stiches, sunburn, target practice

Strangers on a Train
Bruno/Guy, secret

Strictly Ballroom
Fran/Scott, [any], new moves, teaching, lead, predator, grace

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Danny/Jordan, pressure, control, [any], islands, camera, office, late, happy
Matt Albie/Harriet Hayes/Danny Tripp, balance, share, tradition

Sucker Punch (2011)
Amber/Blondie, high, tomorrow, stars, neck, kiss, sweet
Baby Doll, solo, performing
Baby Doll/Blondie, bitch, bite, rose, lipstick, dance practice, mirrors, warriors, debriefing, exploring, virgin, freedom, kitchens, eyes, broken, tragedy, gun, struggle, slick, dragons, red, yellow, no sympathy, barre, moaning
Baby Doll/High Roller, knife, lace, sequins, price, crime, sweet relief
Baby Doll/Sweet Pea, alpha, convince, tender
Sweet Pea/Rocket, dreams, rhythm

Sugar Sugar Rune
Glacé/Cinnamon, hidden, taboo, love, pregnancy
Pierre/Chocolat, memory, comfort, wandering
Woo/Vanilla, practical, happiness, undressed

Suite Life on Deck
Bailey/London, [any], stranded
Mr. Moseby/Zack, Older, wedding, drunk, reoccurring

Donna/Harvey Specter, desk, late night, banter, fake cry, line, raise, respect, sink, coffee, lipstick, tie, redhead, wink, married, flowers
Donna/Jessica Pearson, competence
Harvey Specter/Jessica Pearson, loyalty, partnership, distance, expensive, school, power play, top, make up, heels, drink, past, young, right of passage, case, strap-on, domination
Harvey Specter/Mike Ross, archives, cufflinks, tattoos, first time, style, rumpled, invitation, tension, jackass, unfeeling, clinical, stakeout, distraction, professionalism, beer, chill, flexible, ownership, control, unrelenting, undignified, evidence, possessive, off-limits, consideration, indifferent, forbidden, taste, sly, stranded, pursue, bold, hypnotic, grab, clever, ritual, trust, favor, training, awkward, drunk, touch, self-discipline, severe, calculated, loyal, inscrutable, contradiction, prerogative, honor, intimacy, skill, skin, diplomatic, façade, edge, dare, pride, test, rumors, grind, drive, precise, bargain, hunger, prank, outmaneuver, finesse, library, puns, smoking, crack, windows, fluffy, bed, cubicle, Donna, match-maker, voyeur, domination, kinky, handcuffs, ties, forget, caring, trust, grin, high, hurt, comfort, wet dream, Batman, cape, Stallone, hug, weird, hero, queer, winning, gain, retainer, jealous, toned, under the suit, vest, limo, dolls, drunk, stay with me, don’t go, Canada, pose, flirt, banter, time, bondage, untidy, dress to impress, persuade, gentle, tears, karma, kismet, Trekkie, geek, memory, tryst, desk, chair, pride, closer, smug, puppy, prance, ties, ink, desk, window, voyeur, blowjob, elevator, handjob, trust, limo, adult table, dress, drag, soft, after hours, public, paying the bill, stand up, power, perfect, skinny-tie, borrow, eidetic, office, puppy, training, trust, past, parents, bondage, charm, gratitude, obedience, suave
Harvey Specter/Mike Ross/Donna, smug
Mike Ross/Jenny Griffith, apology, drunk, lawsuit, desperate, office, hair, suit, roof, [any]
Mike Ross/Rachel, desk, elevator, making out, inappropriate, gourmet, pretending, lipstick, money, taste, fingertips

Sun Sword
Alina/Mirialyn, water, soft, sword, silk, moonlight, flower
Kallandras/Evayne, inevitable, starlight, shadow
Valedan/Diora, sand, sun, dreams, hope, night

Sunshine - Robin McKinley
Sunshine/Constantine, provider, comrade, magic, house, secrets, sunshine, threat

Capa/Cassie, shimmer

Superman (Reeveverse)
Clark Kent/Lana Lang/Lois Lane, competitive, fantasy, missing, overwhelmed, threesome, ring, comfort, seduce
Clark Kent/Zod, pet, toy, punishment, heirs, spite, collar, crush, choke, blood, torn, shield

Superman Returns
Clark Kent/Jimmy Olsen, beer, photos, tie, cold, alone, wonder, need, friendship, geeks
Clark Kent/Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane, trio, partnership, deadline, OT3, mentors, initiation, bow-tie, camera
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, lesson, alpha, 'Luthor', superior, gods, toy, kryptonite
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor/Lois Lane, punishment, spite, filthy, nothing, torture, delusion, prisoners, play
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, wounded, blood, recovery, slow, first, need, pain, smoke, shared, bed, morning
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Richard White, solution, family, double, shared, equal, arms, hands, tender, competition, marathon, office, ties
Clark Kent/Richard White, lonely, desperation, grief, heroes, relief, touch, breath, drunk, need, interview, lies, secrets, ashes, falling
Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane, pity, loneliness, art, stuck, bow-tie, late, crush, kiss

Adam/Michael, pain, courage, soul, touch
Anna/any, reprogram
Anna/Balthazar/Castiel, youth, experiment, past, wings
Anna/Castiel, forgiven, grace, lightning, public, punishment, idolatry, thunderstorm, clouds, soldiers, kneel, (dis)obey
Anna/Castiel/Dean, fallen, grasping, worship, repent, temptation,jealousy, fruit, wings
Anna/Castiel/Dean/Jo, sharing, wings
Anna/Crowley, enticing, reprimand, forbidden
Anna/Dean, comfort, drag, redhead, up
Anna/Gabriel, comfort
Anna/Jo, blaze
Anna/Meg, bloodplay, claiming, rough, knives, blasphemy, dirty talk, wings,
Anna/Michael, trust, forgiveness
Anna/Ruby, contrast, idiot, naive, switched
Azazel/John, [any]
Balthazar/Castiel, old times, reuinite, shocker
Balthazar/Castiel/Crowley/Dean/Gabriel/Sam, mass orgy, exhibitionism, tentacles, sex!pollen, unashamed,
Balthazar/Castiel/Dean, threesome, orgy, blasphemy, dirty talk,
Balthazar/Castiel/Gabriel, history, decadence,
Balthazar/Crowley, snark
Balthazar/Lisa, kitchen, fiery
Becky/Chuck, roleplay
Bela/any, demon, clever
Bela/Dean, amends, blackmail, hell, reconnect, tease, nip, lust, torn, tug, burn, spell
Bela/Gabriel, protegee, deal, altar
Bela/Gabriel/Sam, tease, snark
Bela/Meg, orientation, slick, allies
Bobby/Crowley, hellhounds, weekend at bobby's
Brady/Sam, hate, hurt, revenge
Cassie/Dean, want, need, on the run, panties, voyeur, hair, motel, dilemma, solace, comfort
Castiel/any, celestial, inhuman, dominate, divinity
Castiel/Crowley, deals, hell, feather
Castiel/Dean, alternate universe, always female Castiel, always female Dean, alive, backseat sex, blowjob, comfort, desire, exhaustion, eyes, eye sex, fallen, falling, first time, forgiveness, forgiven, frottage, gentle, hands, handprint, home, human, hurt, kiss, longing, love, lust, lust demon, need, profound bond, reunion, saved, touch, wall sex, want, wanton, wings, ghost, voyeur, pewter, always a girl!Castiel, always a girl!Dean, always, alive, backseat sex, blowjob, cuddling, denial, desire, fantasy, first time, frottage, forgiveness, happiness, the handprint, heat, home, hunting, the Impala, kiss, love, morning, need, night, rain, reunion, possessive, saved, smile, sweet, tired, trust, wall sex, want, wings, clutch, coals, holy fear, need, release, cuddling, make-up sex, dependable, new, enjoyable, godsend, wings, feathers, dirty talk, blasphemy, handcuffs, lingerie, whips, cross-dressing, role-play, priests, marriage, frottage, drunk sex, tentacles, true!form sex, consensual, happy, moonlight, candlelight, wax, food, gentle, mating, sexting, slick, muscles, branding, claim, soft, change, after, give up, alternate, loyalty, soft spot, remain, penetrate, mindreading, hate, give up, love, song, cheering up, human, nothing else
Castiel/Dean/Gabriel/Jess/Jo/Sam, flock, lust, grace
Castiel/Dean/Gabriel/Sam, bonding, relief, indebted, kinky, wings
Castiel/Dean/Jimmy, constellation
Castiel/Dean/Jo, heat, longing, movies, intense, wanted, plentiful, restless, wings
Castiel/Dean/Meg, pizza, fight, sides, waist, coat, tie, past, once
Castiel/Dean/Rachel, lessons, watching
Castiel/Gabriel, memories, wings, feathers, halos, Grace, proxy, tied,
Castiel/Jimmy Novak, vessel, mind-melding, rapture,
Castiel/John, thread, gun powder, magic, archaic, faith, darkness, reach
Castiel/Meg, sin, teach, cross the line, pizza man, glow, fire, trenchcoat
Castiel/Ruby, fallen, hats, hatesex, hurricane
Castiel/Sam, God, cage
Crowley/Dean, curse, dub-con, rough sex, reluctant orgasm, surprise, fingering, begging, held down, rimming, tentacles, deal, riding, knife, threat, begging, pretty toy
Dean Smith/Sam Wesson, lessons learned, microphone, forgotten
Dean/Ellen, plead, mourn, comfort, teach, tongue, bite, slap, spank, dinner, pie, drive, rev, summer, grass, aftermath, mess, hope, know, figure, power, shoulders, obey
Dean/Gabriel, prank, pie, proxy, two of a kind, tendrils, Grace, lips, prank war, table
Dean/God!Castiel, collars, spanking, rough, punishment, claiming, strong,
Dean/Impala, purr, growl, leather, tense, speed
Dean/Jo, corsets, guns, game, tease, drunk, grand theft auto, skirts, western, horseback, sword, warrior, cuts, wounds, resilient, hard to get, dub-con, hello, miracle , last chance, clean, hunt, drawn, blonde, blade , spank, fight, torture, domination, ego, jealousy, low rise jeans, skirt, breasts, dance, hunt, reminiscence, dream, flirt, car, straddle, flick, spell, spark, drink, lust, lonely, back, trace, tangle
Dean/Jo/Sam, domination, mate, mark, vampires, rough, wall!sex, doggie style, control, spell, bed, Impala
Dean/Lilith, [any]
Dean/Lisa, forgetfulness, bendy, calm, day, salt, wound
Dean/Michael, seduce, dream, destiny, host, want, deal, truth, past, fantasy, family, brothers
Dean/Original!Ruby, gag, rough, snicker, fight, foreplay, release, comfort, torture, snarl, pull, forceful, bound, hell
Dean/Pamela, alive, alternate universe, attitude, kiss, sweet, smile, rock and roll, staying, visions, game, heaven, blind
Dean/Rachel, humanity
Dean/Sam, broken, Stanford, tongue, eyes, home, done, case, together, gun, nasty, rough, careful, run, close, bent over, smack, hair, panic room, curse, gas station, prison, priest, illogical, furry, lime, deep well, hotel, restraint, wall
Dean/Victor, No one ever really dies, hell, rack, play, stroke, apologize, handcuffs, mouth
Dr. Sexy/any, cowboy, roleplay, mist, haunted, choke
Ellen/Jo/Sam, comfort, carpet
Ellen/John, benefits, game, wager, hunt, apologies, touch, wet, floor, fondle, tease, rescue,
Gabriel/anyone, Loki
Gabriel/Jess/Sam, Stanford, interlude, experiment, joyful, wings, secrets
Gabriel/Kali, fire, wild, pagan, believe, trick, hot, light, arms, honey, blood, roses, wine, chocolate, wings, smoke, ancient, Gods, hands, blue, chant, knife, spell, teeth, sword, centuries, power, regret, war, black and blue, victory, fool, kneel, worship, Kama Sutra
Gabriel/Kali/Sam, ritual, binding, destroyer, dance
Gabriel/Lucifer, cold, blank, blood, empty, grief, insanity
Gabriel/Sam, candy, sitcom, romantic comedy, hi there gigantor, height!kink, younger brothers, candy, hands, pagan, tease, mark, bargain, rescue, control, illusion, misunderstanding, unexpected, mint, expletive, pagan, wings
Jess/Jo, however, fingerprints,
Jess/Sam, alive, alternate universe, always, confession, flirting, home, kiss, light bondage, love, reunion, scars, surprise, tenderness, heat, apartment, butterfly, tank
Jo/John, gentle, lust, fantasy, ghosts, risky, impudent, smirk, trial, grasp, longer, trip, disarray, discovery, mother, tease, inherit, pregnant
Jo/Lucifer, collar, Grace,
Jo/Meg/Ruby, torture, prisoner, shackles, blood, taste, exposure
Jo/Sam, books, grind, friction, research, chance, mourn, bar, rush, hunt, torture, ankle, soft, lonely, taste, scratch
John/Mary, first, love, tender, running, memories, map, wonder, kiss, skin, heaven, dreamland, fight, reunion, wings
John/Ruby, hell, snarl, sample, ripe, hate, rough, ride, peck, reluctant, masturbation
Karen Singer/Mary, possibilities, burn, crazy, fixed
Lenore/Sam, same
Lisa/Meg, seduction, betrayal, black
Madison/Sam, possibilities, change, take, teeth, dream, miss
Meg/Ruby/Sam, kneel, possession, queen, soon, love.
Michael/young!Mary, bloodlines, fate
Nick/Sam, mirror, memories
Ruby/Sam, aphrodisiac, cut, celebrate, forceful, hate, hurt, lick, spank, pull, pinch, fist, thick, feel, love, valentines, better, faith

Survivors (2008)
Abby/Greg, dark, solitude, loss, life
Tom/Sarah, broken

Swan Lake – Bourne
The Prince/The Swan, torn, found, feathers, dream, heaven

Sweeney Todd
Anthony Hope/Joanna, hope, name, nightmare, recover, happy ending
Anthony/Johanna, clutch, different, world, own
Benjamin Barker/Lucy Barker, before, never, always, shine
Judge Turpin/Joanna, pretty, memory, white, innocent, chirp, soar
Judge Turpin/Lucy Barker, second time, mistress, Devil's bargain, thwarted, soiled, stars
Sweeney Todd/Mrs. Lovett, gin, splash, seashore, ripple

Sweet Valley High (series) - Francine Pascal
Elizabeth Wakefield/Jessica Wakefield, twin, borrow, doormat, fight, boys, differences, loyalty, forgiveness
Elizabeth Wakefield/Roger Collins, newspaper, writing, mentor, forbidden, student, teacher
Jessica Wakefield/Lila Fowler, rivals, control, money, experimenting, parties, apologize, beautiful, betrayal, gossip

Sweet Valley University (series) - Francine Pascal
Bruce Patman/Lila Fowler, champagne, rich, passion, stars, fiery
Jessica Wakefield/Louis Miles, chivalry, unicorns, legends, alive, New Mexico, stalking

Swiss Family Robinson (1960 movie)
Ernst Robinson/Fritz Robinson, secret, fire, flush

Switched At Birth
Bay Kennish/Emmett Bledsoe, guessing, hands
Bay Kennish/Toby Kennish, wrong, debt, caught, signing, band room, paint, graffiti, tattoo
Daphne Vasquez/Bay Kennish, same, lost, understand
Daphne Vasquez/Emmett Bledsoe, photograph, scared
Daphne Vasquez/Wilke, drunk, car
Emmett Bledsoe/Toby Kennish, understanding, experiment, music
Toby Kennish/Wilke, bet

Taishou Yakyuu Musume
Tomoe/Koume, hit, win

A.J./Jake/Lilli, threesome, marriage, change, first, kisses, score, club, VIP, piano, seduce, convince, together, yes, naked, sun, vacation, money, surprise, pregnant, family
Gordon/John, together, escape, plans, share, perfect, blue-eyed, dangerous, mind reader, threesome, safe, run, protect, better, partner, sneaky, gun, teach, polish, rough, steal, pickpocket, hidden

Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight
Brayker/Jeryline, bruise

Tales of Legendia
Grune/Norma, charge, tag, mystery, magic
Norma/Chloe, strip, wild, adventure, bubbles
Senel/Chloe, panic, hug, boots, honor

Tales of Phantasia
Cless/Chester, hunt, tradition, summer, quiet
Klarth/Mirald, welcome, scold, test
Mint/Arche, heal, nurse, mischief

Tales of Symphonia
Any Pairing, anywhere, lost, worlds, forest, wilds
Kratos/Zelos, bitemarks, hair, spar, spread, vicious, similarities
Mithos/Genis, crystal, light, luminescent, skim, heartbreak, undressing, hero, prodigy, intimidation, transformation
Raine/Sheena, rod, robes, pure, costume, electricity, taste
Yuan/Raine, lessons, tactile
Zelos/Lloyd, honey, grope, tease, flirt,
Zelos/Seles, choices, journey, sunshine, bare

Tales of the Abyss
Anise/Arietta, fierce, toy, victory
Anise/Dist, flowers, machine, payment
Anise/Guy, aversion, tutoring, park
Anise/Ion, sap, knights and princesses
Anise/Jade, age, medical, public
Anise/Peony, lace, rappig, royal
Anise/Tear, bath, costume, furry
any/Asch, footwear, gloves, thigh-highs, silk, wings, underwater
Arietta/Ion, blood, pet, wild
Asch/Anise, snark, debt, coronet, concubinage, blossoms
Asch/Guy, breath, edge, revenge
Asch/Luke, biting, claim, afterglow, abduction, seduction, training, hair, snow, abandoned, replica, identity, connection
Asch/Natalia, catsuit, cosplay, moonlight, voyeur, nostalgia, tears, rituals, heir, celebration, star-gazing, roleplay, promise, vanilla
Asch/Van, prison, spar, uncertainty
Dist/Jade, complete, mine, replica
Duke Fabre/Count Gardios, control, forced, bloody victories
Duke Fabre/Van, glance, negotiation, study
Ginji/Asch, necessary, mile high, grudgingly, chaste
Guy/Asch, bloodplay, cruelty, mindgames, hatred
Guy/Jade, nobility, tag, walk
Guy/Luke, blade, collar, mpreg, curiosity, secret, open, soft, mouth, dark
Guy/Luke/Van, circle, lesson, paths
Guy/Natalia, marriage, trust, sneaky, castle, politics, romance, first time
Guy/Noelle, distance, flight, tech
Guy/Sync, curse, cut, power
Guy/Tear, teasing, phobia, hotsprings
Guy/Van, comfort, meal, oath
Ion/Van, break, death, hands
Jade/Guy, driving, flying, happy, flechettes, bondage, discipline, obedience, spark, boots, gloves, blades, respect
Jade/Luke, birth, experiment, inside
Jade/Peony, morning, order, silk
Jade/Van, burn, overpower, wire
Largo/Legretta, alone, drink, pain
Largo/Legretta/Van, showers, comfort
Largo/Sync, battle, difference, top
Legretta/Tear, devotion, gunplay, gloves, secret, heat, lessons, cat ears, cream, uniform, stockings, major, command, sleep, poise, numb, mentor, trust, uniform
Legretta/Van, dominate, still, ties
Lorelei/Van, change, fear, split
Luke/Asch, genderswap, pregnancy, heir, striptease, neon, ponytail
Luke/Natalia, clothes, tease, virgin
Luke/Tear, animal play, tails, cute, crossdressing, role reversal, genderswap, gift, writing, stolen time, sweet, food
Luke/Van, blank, obey, watersports
Mieu/Mohs, fate, soft, tiny
Mieu/Tear, fur, kiss, touch
Mohs/Van, privilege of power, games
Natalia/Asch/Luke, sharing, surrogate, queen, spectrum
Natalia/Peony, arranged, bow, talk
Natalia/Tear, duty, honor, gloves, maid, stand
Original Ion/Sync, worthless
Peony/Jade, choices, desire, roleplay, uniform, hair, throne, command, release, feeling
Peony/Jade/Guy, playing games, dominance/submission
Peony/Nephry, affair, dirty talk
Susanne/Van, doors, rumors, silence
Sync/Guy, mind control, puppets
Sync/Guy/Asch, revenge, blood, mind control
Sync/Ion, jealousy, brotherhood
Tear/Luke/Guy, passion, sharing
Tear/Natalia, dress up, respect, protectiveness, shared bed, exploration
Tear/Van, beloved, doll, letters
Van/Asch, Combat, fury, passion, strength, wills
Van/Guy, dominance, loyalty, bondage, betrayal
Van/Largo, strength, sweat, submission, power, rough, belief, trust, solace, strength
Van/Luke, possession, scapegoat, need, denial, prison, trust, silk, hidden, decadence, tears, smallness, tell, bedtime, purpose
Van/Sync, marked, purpose, delicate, vicious, mask
Van/Tear, innocence, bond, closeness, possessiveness, obedience

Tales of Vesperia
Flynn/Yuri, swordplay, rooftop, mirror, punishment, honor, dreams, loyalty, tease, training, casual, talk, wish
Judith/Estelle, lesson, bounce, confidence
Rita/Estelle, experiment, storybook, romantic

Tamir Triad - Lynn Flewelling
Ki/Tamir, firsts, unrequited, changes, legacy, happiness

Eugene Fitzherbert/Rapunzel, water, experiment, playful, smile, nerves, masks, dream, firsts, lights, flowers, wild, ring, excite, play, snuggly duckling, hide and seek, laughing fit, dream, hair, flowers, sun, lanterns, forest, dreams, bondage
Flyn/Stabbington brothers, silver tongue, trapped, revenge, rough, greed
Rapunzel/Eugene, hair, flowers, song, laterns, tower, pink, princess, innocent, discovery, happily ever after
Stabbingtons/Mother Gothel, agreements, youth, power, silence

Tarzan (Disney)
Jane Porter/Tarzan, ready

Team Fortress 2
Medic/Heavy, gloves, surgery, illegal, unethical, ordnance, stitches

Teen Titans (tv show)
Cyborg/Starfire, different, electricity, tall, wild

Teen Titans
Raven/Jinx, shadows

Teen Wolf (2011)
Danny/Derek Hale, t-shirt, murmur, shy, promise, grin
Danny/Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinsky, inappropriate, car, joke, incest, midnight, favour
Danny/Jackson, elegant, curious, sweat, shiver, voices
Derek Hale/Scott McCall, results, stars, hilarious, insane, fucked up, sleep, tomorrow, breathless
Derek Hale/Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinsky, safe, giggle, rimming, midnight, hunters, thief, bullet, futurefic, runaways, apocalypse, pack, adoration, broken, confession, idiot, snowstorm, off-line
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinsky, brave, possessive!Stiles, scratch, close, grip, shaking, bossy, stakeout, hate, porn, collar, heat, prison, pack, bond, jealousy, scar, shadows, sleepover, drugs, freckles, geek, Jeep, scent, impulse, coffee, chocolate, taste, mine, Early mornings, Claim, bite, ice cream, No what I expected, Graduation, love, life
Jackson/Lydia Martin, pegging, promise, frantic, burn, jewellery, compliment, scent, animal
Lydia Martin/Allison Argent, jacket, thighs, dress, masks, movies, contact, secret, need, lipstick, homework
Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinsky, easy, library, birthday, french kiss

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
April/Casey Jones, cricket, fight, bicker

Temeraire - Naomi Novik
Jane Roland/Catherine Harcourt, harnesses, scars, baths, cafeteria, tower, battlefield, transport, injured
Laurence/Tharkay, wine, pleasant company, gentleman's romance
William Laurence/Jane Roland, firm, capture, proud, harness, flight, sir, infamy, where sea meets sky, tense, polite

Terminator (movies)
Kyle/Sarah Connor, more, cling, back, weapon, stay, fight, simple, photo
Sarah Connor/T-101, bitter, programme, twisted
Sarah Connor/T-800, curious, muscle, trust

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Cameron/Derek Reese, flashes, release, remade , plan, brush, close, whittle
Cameron/John Connor, help, hold, bright, jump, bed, blanket, cold, eyelash, facts, future, legend, response, satisfaction, soft, tattoo
Charlie/Derek, rejected, waiting, only
Derek Reese/Sarah Connor, lust, confusion, release, relief, intense, castle, gun, pretend, identity, fate, bathroom
James Ellison/Sarah Connor, afterwards, secrets, comfort
John Connor/Cameron, deceptive, trust, safe, naive
John Connor/Martin Bedell, connection, feel, last

Britt Pollack/Hank Dolworth, banter, familiar, stakeout, coffe, taste, stubble, cellphone
Britt Pollack/Katie Nichols, directions, tease, fingering, adrenaline

That '70s Show
Donna/Hyde, [any], always, wrestle
Donna/Jackie, anal, D/s, high, spanking, fingers, ponytail, sexy, slit, stretch
Eric/Donna/Hyde, [any], balance, high
Eric/Hyde, [any], only, basement
Hyde/Jackie, backseat, lonely, mouth, sarcasm, underwear, basement, routine, beard, careers
Jackie Burkhart/Stephen Hyde, rain

The A Team (2010)
B.A./Face, instinct, preservation, threat, comfort, skill, hands
B.A./Murdock, floor, truck, rug burn, bite, whimper, giggle, bandages
Murdock/Pike, that asshole pilot

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Brisco County Jr./Dixie Cousins, Ties, laces, undone, laughter, [any], Home, flirt, costume, quickly

The Amazing Spider-Man
Peter/Gwen, chaos, college, awkward, engineering

The Authority
Apollo/The Midnighter, higher, eclipse, summit, peace
Jack Hawksmoor/The Engineer, blackout, serenade, unplugged, battery
Jenny Sparks/Jack Hawksmoor, mistake, blackout, country
The Doctor/Engineer, reboot, grounded, violate, success

The Avengers (2012)
Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, partners, dominance, leather, trust
Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, hidden, moan, whisper, aim, secret, clearance
Loki/Steve Rogers, help, hug, art, ladies, illusion, arrest, join
Loki/Tony Stark, decadence, food, snark, suit, Milan, Gucci, fathers, alcohol, plane, pole, comfort, underground
Phil Coulson, any
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, identity, advertising, shield, tease, laughter, picnic, recognition, daddy's little gift,

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Clint Barton/Bobbi Morse/Natasha Romanova, teamwork, bored, working, undercover
Barton/Steve Rogers, target, new, sidekick, fresh, fight, sparring
Hank Pym/Tony Stark, jerk, angry, rough, forceful, yell, cry, scream, teammates, robotkink, enemies, benefits
Janet Van Dyne/Carol Danvers, flirt
Janet Van Dyne/Thor, sizekink, hammer, gasp, puns, tiny, large, pool, clouds, electric, voyeurism, sore
Steve Rogers/T'Challa, king, subjects, royal, different, similar, technique

The Baby-Sitters Club (series) - Ann M. Martin
Abby Stevenson/Alan Gray, funny, jokes, puns, amusement, clown
Ashley Wyeth/Claudia Kishi, paint, art, earring, mural, chocolate, sculpt
Bill Korman/Melody Korman, dominate, trouble, dirty, naughty
Cary Retlin/Heather Epstein, mischief, criminal, prank, unexpected, frame, words, mystery
Cary Retlin/Kristy Thomas, battle, nemesis, war, tension
Charlie Thomas/Janine Kishi, library, smart, interrupted
Claudia Kishi/Dawn Schafer, California, junk food, island, sacrifice, survival, babysitting
Druscilla Porter/Sgt. Johnson, legal, forbidden, stars, honor, mature, young, truth, lies, goth, fetish, graveyard
Mallory Pike/Alexis Decamp, bipolar, hate, envy, lust, anger, crazed, trashed
Mary Anne Spier/Dorianne Wallingford, different, Logan, nonathletic, dramatic
Stacey McGill/Ethan Carroll, New York, Seattle, coffee, artist

The Best and the Brightest
Samantha/Robin, hometown, college, denial, unspoken, crowds, club, sidewalk, taxi, audition, consultation, bondage

The Big Bang Theory
Penny/Sheldon, alien, ponn farr, bond, costumes, hypothermia, statistical improbability, apocalypse, blinding, science, acting
Amy/Sheldon, deep, tongue, dirty, curves, beast, voyeurism, muscles, technobabble, Kama Sutra, facial, paintball, whips, beach, ownership, anal
Howard Raj, first time, innuendo, gay bar, disco, rentboy, erstwhile, comic book store, argue, abandon
Howard/Raj/Bernadette, trio, sharing, double penetration, public, femdom
Leonard Hofstadter/Wyatt, friends, Nebraska, plaid, keeper
Leslie Winkle/Penny, experiment
Leslie/Leonard, kink, ruse, spanking
Penny/Sheldon Cooper
Zach/Kripke/Stuart, bukkake, double penetration, sucking

The Big Hit
Keiko Nishi/Melvin Smiley, kiss, carry, tease, yes

The Borgias (2011)
Cesare Borgia/Lucrezia Borgia, innocence, curiosity, teaching, voyeurism, care, anal sex, oral sex, cunnilingus, first, veil, velvet, wine, worship, dark, knowing, sunshine, doves, politics, liars, unbreakable, holy, confessional, politics, chained, indulgence, obsess, velvet, shadows, angel, demon
Cesare Borgia/Micheletto, ownership, bondage, leather, cutting, whipping, flogging, scars, painplay, scarification, adoration, good job, reward, punishment
Joffre Borgia/Sancia of Naples, teaching, learning, apt pupil, shaping, growing up
Joffre Borgia/Sancia of Naples/Juan Borgia, gift, insatiable, sharing
Lucrezia Borgia/Giulia Farnese, curiosity, beauty, want, clever, protection
Rodrigo Borgia/Giulia Farnese, playful, biting, tongue, nipple play, spanking, multiple orgasms, pleading, experience, discovery
Cesare/Giulia, rosary, beg, benediction, savor
Cesare/Vannozza, lessons, familiar, worship
Giulia Farnese/Lucrezia Borgia, kiss, teaching, dresses, weapons, wit, riding, companionship, seahorse, jewelry, gifts, friends, lessons, pomegranate, soft
Giulia/Cardinal della Rovere, red
Rodrigo/Cesare, penitence, resolve
Rodrigo/Lucrezia, golden, peace, treasure
Rodrigo/Vannozza, smoke, wish, truth, lies, tarnish, wine, queen hereafter, bargaining, family, loyalty, necessary evils
Rodrigo/Vannozza/Giulia, trinity, everlasting, strength in numbers, cunning, restraint, mirror
Vannozza/Cardinal della Rovere, courtesan

The Bourne Identity
Jason Bourne/Marie, sunlight, hope, quiet, killer, gentle, drunk, lessons, rough, stranger, wedding

The Brady Bunch
Marcia/Greg, close quarters, camping, tent, lips, fingers

The Breakfast Club
Allison Reynolds/Andrew Clark, letterman
Allison Reynolds/Claire Standish, quiet, river, tree, city, college, book, dinner, dance, street
Allison Reynolds/Claire Standish/John Bender, meaning, slip, accident, never, mile, pink, visual, bind, natural, season
Allison Reynolds/John Bender, want, seem, pierce, gone
Brian Johnson/John Bender, jeans, broken, ink, jungle gym, bleachers, cold, scarf, press, old, warm, worn, crumple, soothe, hotwire, engine, chase, good, coffee, tutor
Claire Standish/John Bender, pointed, sink, flash, ice, nail, breakfast, away, [any], lipstick, utility closet

The Bull From The Sea - Mary Renault
Chryse/Hippolyta, friendship, dagger, star, dance

The Butterfly Effect
Tommy/Evan, path

The Cape
Orwell/Max Malini, escapology

The Changeover - Margaret Mahy
Laura Chant/Sorenson "Sorry" Carlisle,

The Chosen - Chaim Potok
Danny/Reuven, [any], priest, together

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci – Diana Wynne Jones
Chrestomanci/Millie, worship, cats, sunshine, school, treehouse, apples, dressing gowns

The Chronicles of Elantra
Nightshade/Kaylin, Outcaste, hair, blood, magic
Nightshade/Severn, honor, swear, blood, obedience

The Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis
Aslan/Susan, once a queen, never forgotten, apples, fur, great paws, sheathed, arrow
Caspian X/Edmund, kings, end of the world, strength, memories, thunderstorm, stories, politics, laughter
Caspian X/Edmund/Lucy, comfort, play, game, laugh, possession, soaked, swim, chocolate, alcohol
Caspian X/Lillandil, queen, grass, sky, bright, twinkle, pregnant, son
Caspian X/Lucy, heart, laughter, king, flower, maps, tv
Caspian X/Susan, archery, competitive, call, dreamer, grass, finery, formal, war, grown-up, stolen, determination, armor, taut, humming, waves, salt, dreamers, honour
Edmund (solo), growing up, stuck, just, proud
Edmund/Lucy, laughter, play, training, jealousy, memories, narnia, secret, friends, swim, alcohol
Edmund/Ramandu's Daughter, magic, glow
Edmund/Susan, secrets, similar, sand, twist, overboard
Jadis/Mr Tumnus, prisoner, cold, reluctant
Lucy/Peter, favorite, model, laugh, tickles, war, forget, wound, healing, drunk
Peter/Edmund, homecoming, anger
Peter/Susan, unwind
Prince Caspian/Edmund, water, ice, wind, dive

The Chronicles of Riddick
Carolyn Fry/Richard Riddick, energy, press, ending
Jack/Riddick, mentoring, first-time
Lord Marshal/Aereon, persuasion
Richard B. Riddick/Keira, blood, scent, tattoo, knives, pure, newborn, rebirth, amnesia, stranger, monster, chimera, golden-bright, willpower, possess, mark, mistakes, chase, bite, real, memories, tribute, blinding, world of night, world of sun
Riddick/Vaako, knife, fight, pet, consort, kill, keep, color, negative, brother-at-arms, team, purification, clothes, uniform, skip, missed, hurt, wound, scar, gift, transportation, vacation, link, history, counsel, Furya, Furyan, terraforming, religion, worship, perfect, sexy, home, hellhound, overwhelming, biting, teeth, swollen

The Closer
Andy Flynn/Sharon Raydor, [any]
Brenda Johnson/Sharon Raydor, obedience, desk, helpful, finally
Brenda L. Johnson/David Gabriel, [any]
Brenda Leigh Johnson/Will Pope, [any]

The Constable of Abal - Kelly Link
Ozma(Ozen)/The Constable('s Ghost), change, hungry, blood, suck

The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas
Andrea Cavalcanti/Eugénie Danglars, [any]
Edmond Dantes/Luigi Vampa, opulent

The Covenant
Caleb Danvers/Chase Collins, messy, dangerous, shaky, pale, sweet, hell
Caleb Danvers/Pouge Parry, gentleman, lucky, black-eye, frottage, fingering
Caleb Danvers/Pouge Parry/Reid Garwin/Tyler Simms, consequences, bright, hidden, paper cut, winter, shadows, wingfic, happiness

The Curse Workers - Holly Black
Cassel Sharpe/Lila Zacharov, domination, lies

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
Margie/Tim, poetry

The Dark Knight Rises
Batman/Gordon, hurt, comfort, inspire, hide, plead, together.

The Dark Knight
Scarecrow/Rachel, revenge

The Dark Tower - Stephen King
Eddie/Susannah, acceptance, heal, oath, vows, help, journey, rare moment, follow, one

The Demonata - Darren Shan
Juni Swan/Kernel Fleck, kiss, movie, forgive, magic, friendship, secrecy, care
Meera Flame/Dervish Grady, adoring, falling
Meera Flame/Dervish Grady/Juni Swan, salvation, coiled, nightmares, future
Meera Flame/Juni Swan/Kernel Fleck/Dervish Grady, tale, working
Timas Brauss/Shark, soldier, practical, crush, nurse, clean, language

The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan
Mae/Sin, dancing, fever fruit, lies, caravan, fireplay, knifeplay

The Devil Wears Prada
Andy/Emily, snark, love-hate relationship, wet clothes
Andy/Miranda, corset, vibrations, phone sex, literally in the closet, political, exposé, bound, payoff, elements, fantasy, Cleopatra, latex, polaroids, flash, fishnets, motorcycle, bodypaint, mosaic, captive, softball, mud, blanket, fire, bourbon, piercing, art, anal, dp, spanking, fisting, revenge, secret, control, comfort, fantasies, quiet, play, dreams, whip, massage, slow, elevator, coffee, challenge, desk, office, surrender, simple, public, chains, scarf, pillow, biting, freedom, return, lick, sorry, home, lost
Andy/Nigel/Miranda, weekend, fashion, genderplay, fabric

The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Harry Dresden/Carlos Ramirez, virgin, first time, battlefield, brothers-in-arms
Harry Dresden/John Marcone, gun play, fuck-or-die, rimming, practical, handcuffs, alliance, kiss
Harry Dresden/Karrin Murphy, exorcise, snow, flip, finally!, enchanted, ritual
Harry Dresden/Michael Carpenter, belief, restraint, compassion, argumentative, faith, healing, touch
Harry Dresden/Michael Carpenter/Charity Carpenter, middle, idiot, solace, faith
Harry Dresden/Thomas, incest, fuck-or-die, comfort
Karrin Murphy/Anastasia Luccio, knight, control, hair
Maeve/Molly Carpenter, ice, magic, euphoria, corsets
Michael Carpenter/Charity Carpenter, after, kevlar, first, duty

The Eagle (2011)
Marcus Flavius Aquila/Esca Mac Cunoval, fighter, gladiator, rescue, forced punishment, lost legion, journey, oil, bathhouse, gold, woad, manumission, sins of the father, public, private, road, knife, bonds, trust, smile, blow, bathe, smart, shiver, rug, fog, college, dorm, camping, blanket, woods, inlet, beach, injury, comfort, deep, finger, scratch, branches, arbor, guide, crash, paddle, spank, wise, play, laugh, roar, return, true, bonfire, teeth, wolfskin, AU, rain, hunt, comfort, blood, power, sweetness, understanding, disagreement

The Eagle of the Ninth - Rosemary Sutcliff
Marcus/Cradoc, touch, spark, longing, smile, betrayal

The Emperor's New Groove
Kuzko/Kronk, bride, dumb, hunk

The Fast & the Furious (movies)
Brian/Dom, rough, pounce, fight, bleed, tender, slick, rainstorm, resolve, smashed, naked, the end, Nevada, broken down, torque, adrenaline, fist
Brian/Dom/Letty, skirmish, liquid, blaze, hands
Brian/Letty, backfire, caught
Brian/Verone, restraints, gun
Dom/Hobbs, chase, muscle, give, sweat, gears, hard surfaces, handcuffs

The Gates
Nick Monohan/Dylan Radcliff, aftermath, cold, bite, save, hungry, danger

The Gift of Sarah Barker - Jane Yolen
Sarah/Abel, [any], barn, first, stockings

The Godfather
Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagan, bloodlines, rest, self-destruction, teeth

The Good Life
Jerry Leadbetter/Margo Leadbetter, punishment, secret, midnight, car, holiday
Tom Good/Barbara Good, mud, shower, naughty, debt, kinky
Tom/Barbara/Margo/Jerry, OT4, garden party, swingers, drunk, blindfold, scheme

The Good Wife
Alicia Florrick/Any, proper, restraint
Alicia Florrick/Cary Agos, gaze, competition, laughter, drinks, wrong side, petulant, office politics, messenger, easier than, underwear
Alicia Florrick/Kalinda Sharma, feelings, tattoo, strap-on, punishment, release, regret, pearl, secret, meeting, anger, [any], subjunctive, memo, shopping, family, hurt, guilt, turn around, car, unzipped, lace, briefs, drag, hiding, prison, coffee, diamonds, lipstick, baseball, salt, cigarette, painting, rope, ink, suit, backseat, swimming, vacation, bodyguard, robes, frosting, spies, martini, Lockhart-Gardner tradition, tell, betrayal, hotel, blaze, restraint, tense, anger, cooperate, work, possible
Alicia Florrick/Will Gardner, desk, music, dancing, skirt, pen, cool, a la recherche du temps perdu, serieuse, presidential, doomed, Georgetown, presidential suite, past, future, silence, laughter, touch, feather, light, want, takeout, stars, beginning, ending, tequila, laughter, celebration, honesty, Presidential Suite, baseball, smile
Cary Agos/Kalinda Sharma, [any], aeroplane, lose, canter, gun, wall, office, car, games, boots, heels, leather, desk, chair, tit for tat, free falling, beach, Chicago Winter, get away, lips, impasse, dominate, control, competence, orgasm denial, silk ties, scotch, conditional, handcuffs, a house afire,
Cary Agos/Kalinda Sharma/Blake, watching
Cary Agos/Wendy Scott-Carr, conflict of interest, secret, sneak up
Cary Agos/Will Gardner, mentor, development, submission, control
Diane Lockhart/Kalinda Sharma, silk, hard, secret, partners
Diane Lockhart/Will Gardner, [any]
Eli Gold/Natalie Flores, young, intelligent, illegal, papers, intrigued
Kalinda Sharma/Any, freedom, boredom
Kalinda Sharma/Lana, mutual benefits, quid pro quo, flirt, casual

The Green Hornet (2011)
Britt Reid/Kato, ass, car, Casey, driving, drunk, resourceful, weapon

The Grudge (new)
Karen/Kayako, dream, water, breathless, secret, insomnia

The Guild
Fawkes/Codex, convention, dirty, roleplay, villain, romance

The Halloween Tree (movie)
Pip/Jenny, burn, harvest, climb, faith
Pip/Jenny/Tom, jealousy

The Haunting, Eleanor/Theo, whisper

The History Boys (play or film)
Posner/Irwin, war, lesson, scotch
Scripps/Posner, library, latin, atonement
Scripps/Posner, tired, muse, desk

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Arthur Dent/Ford Prefect, 42, Agrajag, Bethselamin, Hooloovoo, Kakrafoon, lobster, Magrathea, petunias, towel, unfortunate

The Host - Stephenie Meyer
Wanda/Kyle, violence, hands, being human

The Hour
Bel Rowley/Hector Madden, war, charm, married, partners, scotch, desk
Bel/Freddie, solace, typewriter, hideout, exclusive, Bellini, lamplight, manifesto, history, safety, carefree

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
Annie Cresta/Finnick Odair, leaning, caress, hair brushing, farewell, bittersweet
Cato/Clove, violence, pain, pleasure, lips, scars, teeth
Finnick Odair/Annie Cresta, sea, salt, skin, drowning, breath, swimming
Finnick Odair/Johanna, bite, fierce, sweet, lies, tender, spite, secret, emotions
Finnick Odair/Katniss Everdeen, anchor, braid, clean, equal, escape, fingers, harpoon, ice, moon, rope, sting, stitches, tight, water, believe, wonder, test, memory
Foxface, victory, sneaky
Foxface/Thresh, silent, secret, fields, sorrow, darkness
Gale Hawthorne/Johanna, hot, pain, trees, time, secret
Gale Hawthorne/Katniss Everdeen, caretaker, crumbs, dirt, first, hard, stretch, sweat, hunting, denial, liars, underground, war, cousins, pretence, reunion, underground
Gale Hawthorne/Madge, diplomatic solutions, district 12, pretty dresses, coal dust, yearning, secret, blonde, left, best, patience, hunt
Katniss Everdeen, confusion, solitude, need
Katniss Everdeen/Johanna, bitch, distrust, honesty, panache, biting, water, bruise
Katniss Everdeen/Peeta, question, worn, soft, spice
Wiress/Beetee, victors, mentor, afraid, together, odd

The Importance of Being Earnest
Gwendolen/Cecily, [any], country, kiss, ideal
Gwendolen/Jack, [any], Ernest, she tops

The Inbetweeners
Jay/Neil, big mouth, liar, fantasy
Simon Cooper/Will McKenzie, advice, bent, briefcase, Carli, drunk, Wales

The Incredible Hulk
Bruce Banner/Betty Ross, tremble, heartbeat, smash, resistance, silk
Emil Blonsky/Bruce Banner, need

The Incredibles
Helen Parr (Elastigirl)/Mirage, change, flexible, ordinary
Violet/Syndrome, wrong, villain, hero, secret identity, mask, night, secrets

The Inside
Web/Rebecca, reason, graceless, breath, logic, proximity, stain

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (tv)
Barbara/Tommy, tuxedo, rain, quickie, satin
Barbara/Tommy/Helen, first time, tangled

The Island of Doctor Moreau
Edward Prendick/Montgomery, almost, drunken, pain, survival, grateful

The IT Crowd
Jen/Roy, [any]

The Kane Chronicles - Rick Riordan
Anubis/Sadie, birthday, jackal, sarcophagus, tombstone, [any]
Carter/Sadie, forbidden, True Name, understanding, [any]
Carter/Zia, [any]
Horus!Carter/Isis!Sadie, experience, reunited, sharing, [any]
Sadie/Walt, amulet, [any]

The Keys to the Kingdom - Garth Nix
Arthur/Any, [any]

The Killing
Gwen Eaton/Jamie Wright, hate, disagreement, push
Holder/Linden, quick, dirty, wall, wet, rock, mistake
Jamie Wright, solo, power
Sarah Linden/Steven Holder, first names, rain, cop car, smoke

The King Must Die - Mary Renault
Theseus/Ariadne, star, girdle, chthonic, bull-dancer, gold, wool, linen, silk

The L Word
Bette Porter/Helena Peabody, lust, betrayal, club, desire
Shane/Carmen, [any]

The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra
Korra, masturbation, fantasy, threesome
Korra/Mako, [any], firebending
Korra/Toph's daughter [unnamed], custody, metalbending, respect

The Last Remnant
David Nassau/Rush Sykes, bossy, haunting, babble, hastily, give-and-take, comfort, frustration, open, trust, enthusiasm, ring, customize, gold, loyalty, waiting, reunion
David Nassau/Rush Sykes/Anyone, trust
Emma Honeywell I/Torgal, complicated, balance
Emma Honeywell II (Emmy)/Irina Sykes, learning
Emmy/Irina, flowers, silver, trust, taste
Rush Sykes/Irina Sykes, strange, natural

The Legend/Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi
Damdeok/Cheoro, nights, sleepless, support, shoulder, trust, comfort
Damdeok/Hogae, practice, friends
Damdeok/Sujini, drinking, recovery, money, others, sharing, arch, kiss, firsts,
Kiha/Sujini, missing, ache, betrayal, family
Sujini/Cheoro, silence, beauty, power, fear, touch, joy, strength, restraint

The Lion in Winter
Eleanor/Henry, revenge, banter, knowledge

The Little Dog Laughed - Douglas Carter Beane
Mitchell/Alex, fitful, career

The Little Mermaid (Disney)
Ariel/Ursula, control, voice, tentacles, marking, breath, voice
Eric/Ariel, moisture, vacation, sunlight, longing

The Lookout
Chris/Gary, threats, deception, memory

The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

Aragorn/Arwen, bliss, wilderness, destiny, marriage, White City, White Tree, banner, royal

Aragorn/Arwen/Boromir, jealousy, shelter, agreement, once

Aragorn/Boromir, "My King", insubordinate, bite, restraint, rough, dirty, Lothlorien, soothe, unrequited, pursuit, quest, secret

Aragorn/Eomer, bravery, rider, horse, thankful, Paths of the Dead

Aragorn/Eomer/Faramir, "These are the days of the King", blessing, alliance, victory, ceremony

Arwen/Gilraen, refuge, familiarity, soft

Arwen/Lothíriel, Elvish, kinship, understanding, sea, Dol Amroth

Elrond/Erestor, books, ink, rain, companionship, comfort, firelight

Elrond/Glorfindel, autumn, ancient, shadows, midnight

Elrond/Haldir/Aragorn, alliances

Eowyn/Faramir, healing, strength, rider, hero, comfort, spring, sunshine, warmth, petals, strength, wind, spar, fair, verse, sneak, tense, marriage, sugar, riding, first, love, acceptance

Erestor/Haldir, twilight, talan, letters, leaves, moonlight

Faramir/Eowyn, candles, stable, waterfall, kinky, teasing, late, dark, frantic, distraction, dangerous, wild, fire, clothed, white, damaged, honey, mischief, blood, hair-pulling, experimentation, explore, delicate, springtime, afternoon, stained-glass, bliss

Glorfindel/Erestor, secrets, safety, stars, dreams, hands, memory

Glorfindel/Haldir, tongue, collarbone, hips, leaves, gold

Haldir/Eomer, aftermath, burn, grief, wallsex

Legolas/Eowyn, unexpected

Legolas/Haldir, prince, forest, Helm's Deep, arrow, graceful, mighty

Merry Brandybuck/Pippin Took, mushroom, dance, wife, memory, threesome

Nimrodel/Mithrellas, wandering, guidance, lady, servant, glad, song

Oropher/Elrond, negotiation, differences, Dagorlad, dominance, tasks, swordplay, first blood, war

Rosie Cotton/Pervinca Took, always, never, willow, washing, ribbon, dance, sing

Rosie Cotton/Samwise Gamgee, marble, thirteen, hay, dream, whisper

The Losers
Carlos 'Cougar' Alvarez/Jake Jensen, hat, sweat, ay papi, hot, attentive, hyper, silent, loud, Spanish, gags, fingers, tongue, muscles, glasses, hair, laughter, hat, locked, aching, lipstick
Clay/Roque, armored, countdown, lighter
Franklin Clay/Jake Jensen, authority, boss, orders, bites, guns, leather, gloves, gags, suit, bloody, bruised
Jensen/Jolene/Pooch, dressup, play, kisses

The Lost Boys
Michael/Sam, hunted, pale, collar, need

The Lost World - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Roxton/Marguerite, scarves, quiet, longing, destined

The Magnificent Seven (TV)
Chris Larabee/Ezra Standish, fighting, blood, tied up
Chris Larabee/Ezra Standish/Vin Tanner, twisted, truths, gold
Ezra Standish/JD Dunne, ace of spades, drunk, guilty pleasures, hero
Ezra Standish/Vin Tanner, scars, nightmares, horses

The Mask of Apollo - Mary Renault
Nikeratos/Thettalos, threesome, pillowtalk, girl, boy, man, woman, sing, act, speak, silence

The Mechanic (2011)
Arthur Bishop/Steve McKenna, glock, cold, bottle, ruined, tension, jeans, fingerprints

The Mediator - Meg Cabot
Suze/Paul, living, similarities, understanding, high school, curls, swimming

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Itsuki Koizumi/Kyon's Sister, future
Kyon/Haruhi Suzumiya, winter, amnesia, average

The Mentalist
Patrick Jane/Van Pelt, redhead, mind game, guessing, blindfold, poke
Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon, anger, need, submit, couch, trust, prison, comfort, secret, tiara, wedding, flirt, honesty, attic, necklace, dressed up, attraction, something new, moving on, forgiveness, bet, control, watch, alcohol, apple, hypnosis, gun, trial, wish
Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon/Walter Mashburn, luxury, share, pastries
Patrick Jane/Wayne Rigsby, annoying, trouble, argue, dinner, flowers, beach

The Merchant of Venice – Shakespeare
Antonio/Bassanio, anger, death, devotion, kiss
Bassanio/Shylock, affections, Antonio, apology, bleed, ecstasy, hypocrite, Jessica, jewels, laugh, lies, mercy, passions, poisoned, Portia, poverty, pride, religious, ring, sympathy, understanding, unjust, zero

The Middleman
Lacey/Noser, stumped, performative, costumes, cuteness, perfume
Lacey/Noser/Wendy Watson, why not?, the little things, Thursday drunk
Lacey/Pip, contrition, grammar
Lacey/Wendy Watson, bffs, work of art, because I care, roleplay
Middleman/Roxie, the opposite of love, unholy
Middleman/Tyler Ford/Wendy Watson, connect, bond, yearn, night, crash, touch, open
Middleman/Wendy Watson, aliens, zombies, handcuffs, candy, ice cream, jump, bones, desire, benefits, suits, jump, need, choice, care, partner, rely, assist, trouble, bed creaks, privacy, boots, "We're going to have to bury you with your boots on, Dubbie.", boss/boyfriend competition, car maintenance, getting dirty, bra, electricity, naked, car sex, polishing the Middlemobile, corset, chase scene, posing as a hooker, date night, pulled muscles, tired, disapproving robots, Ida, eye fucking, operating by touch, feminist principles, sexual positions, equality, short!Wendy, tall!MM, first time, birthday sex, foul language, swearing, pillow talk, sentimental, fruit juice, messy, glowing condom, anti-gravity generator, hair braid, surprising talent, interlocking bodies, cling, leaking love potion, HQ, pheromones, lust, masquerade, heat, sparring, affection, geek, lipstick, Spanish, uniform, submission, inevitable, shattered, starcrossed, impulse, sacrifice, "my hero...", milk drinking, frustration, oiled up, nude, stuck in a chimney, pregnancy scare, Noser's bed, Real-time Situational Recordings, loudest orgasm on record, screwing at work, boredom, archive, Sensei Ping suggests a position, sex toys, vibrators, batteries, unintended use, sit like a lady, "Mom threw out all my jeans.", slipping the knots, feigned bondage, toys, vibrating panties, wrong remote control, tricks learned from prostitutes, video games, hands, turn-ons, Gut Wrencher 3 Fetishists Anonymous
Noser/Wendy Watson, the only girl who gets me, who's the man?
Tyler Ford/Wendy Watson, upside-down, candy, breakfast, pleasure, cold, linger, late, challenge, family, soulmates, conundrum, secrets

The Millennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson
Lisbeth/Mikael, again, photographic memory, choice, computer, book, mystery, unravel, motorcycle, share

The Mummy
Ardeth Bay/anyone, history, desert, alone, listless, bloody, seduction
Imhotep/Anck Su Namun, memory, earth, dust, grave

The Nancy Drew Files – Carolyn Keene
Ned Nickerson/Nancy Drew, isolated, thunderstorm, hospital, shock, comfort, argument, rough

The O.C.
Anna Stern/Marissa Cooper, art, college, seasons, better version
Casey/Marissa Cooper, triangulation of desire, discovery, different turnout
Marissa Cooper/Alex, first, fisting, rain
Marissa Cooper/Summer Roberts, bikini, intoxicated, laughing, practice
Ryan Atwood/Seth Cohen, marks, first, later, pancakes, Tahiti, cramming, politics, books, ropes, superheroes, broke, hands, hustler, frantic, blood, poolhouse, hot, always, midterms, over, comfort, punishment, virgin, honeymoon,
Ryan Atwood/Summer Roberts, stop
Ryan Atwood/Taylor Townsend, kitten, peach torte, perfume, lip gloss, summer rain, mine, sex toys, sweet nothings, behind closed doors, waterfall, breaking the rules, fantasy
Ryan Atwood/Volchok, bed, bottle, punches
Summer Roberts/Taylor Townsend, France, jealousy, obsession, tantric

The Office (UK)
Tim/Dawn, [any], anniversary

The Office (US)
Danny Cordray/Ryan Howard, Dundies, hottest, travel
Jim Halpert/Karen, cherry, cooking, hotel, lingerie, NYC
Jim Halpert/Pam Halpert/Ryan Howard, break, office, Twitter
Jim Halpert/Pam Morgan, beginning, nervous, jealous, anger, desperate, game, Europe, clocks, tattoo
Michael Scott/Pam Beesley, art, shoulder, casual, affair, leaving, phone call, homesick, replacement, trust, belief, artwork, always, baseball
Ryan/Kelly, proposal, annex, Dundies, nice

The Others (TV Series)
Mark/Satori, explode, caution, unite, seek, answer, second chance, watch, fleeting, psychic plane, connect

The Pact
Lenny/Spence, practice

The Persian Boy - Mary Renault
Alexander/Bagoas, die, live, water, fire, Persian, translate, dance, joy

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
Dorian/any, poison

The Pretender
Jarod/Miss Parker, exposed, innocence, love, youth, phone, red, smoke, heels, Ireland, on the run, motel, valentine, plane

The Princess and the Frog
Charlotte La Bouff, [any]
Charlotte/Tiana, pretend, secret, make-up, practice
Naveen/Tiana, castle, honeymoon, travel

The Princess Diaries – Meg Cabot
Mia/Michael, [any]

The Princess Diaries (films)
Nicholas Devereaux/Mia Thermopolis, angry!sex, public!sex, coherence, queen, together

The Prisoner (1967)
Number Six/McKern!Number Two, age play, discipline, power play, domination, submission

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner
Attolia/Eugenides, love, firsts, kissing, maim, regret, sorrow, happiness, domination

The Road to El Dorado
Miguel/Tulio, horse, laws, power, snow, cave, jail, water

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Brad Majors/Rocky, creation, equal, revenge
Columbia/Janet, corset, costumes, naughty, touch
Columbia/Janet/Magenta, voyeuristic-intentions
Columbia/Magenta, biting, blood, hairdryer, nails, performance, service

The Rose Tattoo - Tennessee Williams
Jack/Rosa, once

The Royal Tenenbaums
Eli/Margot, audiobook, closet, tent, vapor
Margot/Richie, blanket, sting, vinyl

The Runaways (movie)
Joan/Cherie, cherry, vodka, drugs, celebrate, reunion, betrayal, apology, fucked, leather, corset

The Rundown (Welcome to the Jungle)
Beck/Travis, smackdown, dirty, bite, struggle

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Clyde/Luke Smith, drunk, unexpected, leather, cool, confessions

The Secret Circle
Adam/Faye, almost, ankle, breath, dance, don’t, garnet, feather, fingertips, focus, power, pull, rasp, raw, sand, tease, teeth, tense, twist, water, whisper

The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett
Mary/Dickon, hide, rose buds, blossoming love

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Adrian Lee/Ben Boykewich, comfort, food, pregnancy, rub, bath, mistake, tears, loss, lonely
Adrian Lee/Ricky Underwood, jealousy, redemption, bend, fight, lust, soft, history, secret, future, comfort, lonely, loss
Amy Juergens/Ricky Underwood, gentle, camp, jealousy
Ashley Juergens/Ricky Underwood, babysitting, pursue, first, kiss

The Shield
Vic/Shane, betrayal

The Shining Company - Rosemary Sutcliff
Conn/Prosper/Luned, amber, love, warmth, furs, shining, tussle, mint
Prosper/Cynan Mac Clydno, Byzantium, angel, sweat, fever, dark, dream, close

The Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien
Aredhel/Galadriel, [any], past
Beleg/Mablung, forest, protection, bow, nightfall
Caranthir/Angrod, rough, revenge, slander
Caranthir/Haleth, strong, fragile, admiration, fascination, sunlight, starlight
Elu Thingol/Melian, enchantment, midnight, silver, magic
Fëanor/Nerdanel, craft, heat, intense, pursuit, light, darkness, slide, skin, heat, please, marriage, passion, together, last time
Finarfin/Eärwen, march, betrayal, healing, rediscovery
Fingon/Maedhros, rescue, ice, teasing, renounce, dispossessed, hot springs, Himring, river, visit, young, celebration, trusting, recovery, athlete, princes, tutoring, joy, song, sorrow, flames, reunion, warmth
Finrod/Aredhel, wander, woods, grass, smile
Finrod/Curufin, vindictive, battling, hate!sex, Nargothrond
Glorfindel/Aredhel, promises, courtship, joy, winter
Idril/Tuor, [any], safe, happy
Lúthien/Galadriel, magic, dancing, forest, night, nightingale, stars
Lúthien/Thuringwethil, wings, payment, undone, surprise, grace
Maglor/Daeron, song, harp, flute, losses, consolation, company, wandering, history, beach, modern times
Míriel/Indis/Finwe, curiosity, peace
Nerdanel/Nienna, wisdom, hurt, healing, tears

The Simpsons
Bart/Nelson, teenagers
Juliet Hobbes/Lisa Simpson, fantasy, writing
Older!Milhouse/Older!Bart, follow, loyal
Sideshow Bob/Older!Bart, hate!sex, feelings, need, knife, willing
Waylon Smithers/Moe Syzlak, kiss, apology, coiled, after

The Smurfs
Brainy Smurf/Grouchy Smurf, bitter, show-off, smurfing

The Social Network
Alice/Christy Lee, plans, makeup, laughter
Cameron/Divya/Tyler, celebrate, closer, connect, plans, sharing, drunk, crew, capable, flexible, strong, identical, differences
Cameron/Erica/Tyler, together, uniform, water, witness
Chris/Dustin, shark week, cruise, dinosaurs, accidental, plans, drunk, California, drag, genderswap
Dustin/Erica, date, kiss, apples, need
Erica Albright/Mark Zuckerberg, first, mistakes
Mark/Eduardo, asexual, facts, everything, California, speak, communication, code, after, hotel, acknowledge, never again, hands, Portuguese, suits, code, sleep, feed, betrayal, apology, sorry, submission, stolen, neutrois, languid, ropes, single, library, lab, desk, office, webcam, first, ache, raw, gift, beneath, essential, sordid, power, essential, lipstick, milkshakes, sweet, together, comply, punish, dry, rough,

The Song of the Lark - Willa Cather
Thea/Fred, dawn

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Balthazar/Dave, reunited, master, submit, magic, electric, worship, generations, Merlin, Camelot

The Southern Vampire Mysteries - Charlaine Harris
Sophie-Ann/Pam, obedience, spy, tactic

The Spellman Files - Lisa Lutz
Isabel/Henry, police, handcuffs, investigation, finally, happy, vacation, beach, away, romance

The Spirit (2008)
Ellen/Spirit, patched, truth, hero, mask, one night, examination, resurrection, late visit, house call
Sand/Spirit, steal, kiss, again, crush, diamonds, miss

The Stand - Stephen King
Frannie/Stu, hope, stand by me, bright, conquer
Larry/Lucy, guitar, song, follow, goodbye, home, first

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Maddie/London, [any], strip

The Tale of Genji - Murasaki Shikibu
Genji/Prince Hyobu, rival, look, push
Genji/To no Chujo, friendship, bond, play, dance

The Talented Mr Ripley
Dickie Greenleaf/Freddy Miles, convert

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (mini-series)
Gilbert/Helen, moors, estate, spring, wedding

The Thin Man
Nick/Nora, gambling, dress, hats, detectives

The Three Musketeers - Alexander Dumas
Athos/D'Artagnan, startle, history, easy, son, reserve, night, shadows, desert
Rochefort/Milady, bonds, silk, steel, bleed, riposte

The Time Traveler's Wife – Audrey Niffenegger
Henry DeTamble/Clare Abshire, anniversary, trust, bondage, kiss, garden, umbrella, library

The Tomorrow People
Adam/Ami, telepathy, beach, honest, safe, quiet

The Traitor's Gate – Avi
John/Sary, [any], sneak, reunion

The Transporter
Frank Martain/Inspector Tarconi, speeding
Frank Martin/Lai/Inspector Tarconi, adaptation

The Tricksters - Margaret Mahy
Felix Carnival/Harry Hamilton, touch, hold

The Tudors
Charles Brandon/Lady Mary, innocence, protect, stay
Charles Brandon/Princess Mary Tudor, wedding night, cards
Eustace Chapuys/Lady Mary, Spanish, servant, faithful, bow, serve, kiss.
Henry VIII/Thomas More, punishment
Sir Francis/Princess Mary, cunnilingus, game, seduce, tease

The Unit
Mack/Gael, slow, soft, resilient, favor, never, again, future, protect

The Unusuals
Casey Shraeger/Davis, dynamics
Jason Walsh/Alison, soundtrack, cooking, somewhere between in and out
Jason Walsh/Casey Shraeger, breakfast, promise

The Unwritten
Richard Savoy/Lizzie Hexam, blood pudding
Tom Taylor/Lizzie Hexam, childhood's end
Tom Taylor/Lizzie Hexam/Richard Savoy, trios, Harry Potter

The Vampire Diaries
Alaric/Bonnie, heal, channeling, hunt, council, left, roadtrip, sex pollen, spell
Alaric/Damon, bite, flare, grin, shot, claim, shots, family, bite, whiskey
Alaric/Elena, facade, breakdown, nightmare, tea, drowning
Alaric/Jenna, date night, past, deep, sugar, gone, tongue, trust, change, physical, secrets, fight, ache, echo
Alaric/Katherine, mourn, feast, lost, lust, secret, scar, scent, tangle, tug, rough, bite
Anna/Damon, secret, dance, missing, 1920s, gin, zipper
Anna/Jeremy, first, gentle, library
Bonnie/Anna, memory
Bonnie/Caroline, powers, friendship, magic, dance, sleepover, empathy, healing, childish, vows, amusement
Bonnie/Damon, begin, bondage, the freedom in submission, denial, fire, torture, reluctance, lust, pain, healing, drunk, secrets, banter, woods, witchcraft, boundaries, scent, masturbation, dance, comfort, candle, graveyard, protect, fruit, moan, fear, tears, anger, powerful, upper hand, games, long con, bloodlust, reluctant, rage, (un)holy, dark, teeth, grimoire, masquerade, flawed, ribbons, cut from the same cloth, partners, stakeout, bickering, comfort, heartbeat, bathtub, zombies!
Bonnie/Jeremy, hands, in public, everything, magic, first time, awkward, protection, aftermath, cuddling, promises, luck, light
Bonnie/Katherine, darkness, fight, oneupmanship
Caroline/Damon, bite, blood, anger, lust, hate, drink, fog, hungry, miles, sin, strong, Taylor Lautner, yes, teach, thirst, bait, back, lick, leather, curl, moan, tease, breast, bite, bound, feet, blood, consent, iron, memory, panic, bite, fleece
Caroline/Elena, blow-back, dare, sprinklers, strap-on, touch
Caroline/Katherine, lessons, stake, stakes, sleep, plead, stripe
Caroline/Matt, second, scared, sad, believe
Caroline/Stefan, regret, closer, dark, gloves, snow
Caroline/Tyler, chains, comfort, rub, fantasy, watch, bars, wall, bathroom, lust, pool, drunk, games, forgotten, hurt, longing, linger, tickle, tease, torture, tongue, family, secrets, share, cry, pant, curve, pace, reckless, smell, thirst, shower, marking, animal, bend, caught, fetch, horny, knock, lust, moon, pale, raw, scared, seconds, soft, wrong, bare, bite, bones, chains, dream, dress, echo, feed, fist, forest, gloves, hunt, killer, low, nipple, restraint, rip, run, rust, scratches, stain, stop, suck, summer, sweat, tangled, television, theater, wild, wind, love, scars, marks, teeth, supernatural first time sex, training, practice, work out, date, night out, sleep over, first time, wild, chain, dirt, shower
Caroline/Vicki, event, shameless, guidance, wrong turn, affair, summer
Damon/Elena, bed time stories, cuddle, hideout, trust, veins, bite mark, lust, lonely, touch, tender, feather, savior, fear, pull, private, accident, kiss, fondle, forgotten, wrong, blood, injured, stare, badge, ice, indiscretion, forget myself, hypnotized, vervain, rescue, thinking of you, bitter, rough, bruises, teeth, taste, forbidden, dark, costume, foreplay, fight, banter, bitter!sex
Damon/Elena/Stefan, shower, bed, morning, ring, wild, injured, blood, time, bite, white, sun, fuck-or-die
Damon/Elijah, smirk, snark, chains, mocking
Damon/Jeremy, anger, nothing, toy, bite, pain, teach, marks, vampire-sexual, annoyance, smirk
Damon/Katherine, fight, history, forceful, rough, bound, fire, fear, thirst, anger, loss, redemption, passion, flee, mirror, scent, bite, history, stiletto, light, bondage, corset, friends, itch, protective, scar, self-interest, tattoo, top, vain, vein, fear, imagine, liar, nostalgic, pegging, remember, split
Damon/Liz, remembering, common ground, vampire, betrayal
Damon/OFC, affection, control, pet, stroke, candle, trap, stalk, leash, game
Damon/Rose, dream, lazy, sun
Damon/Stefan, bargain, redemption, lost, first, hurt, home, chase, taunting, bubblebath
Elena/Elijah, bargaining, vervaine, tricks, killer, in the house, research materials, trickster, bait, original, predator, dinner party, scent, desperation, deal, rules, taste, protection, knife, rules, taste, protection
Elena/Katherine, captured, prisoner, tease, torture, play, toy, taste, mind fuck, spank, corset, undertaker, petals, glamour, hate, love, understanding, doppelganger, sacrifice, skin, mirrors, phone, ruthless, vervaine, trapped, masquerade, shower, pinned, lick, lingerie, high-school, sleepover, clothing, reckless, shattered mirror, spilled blood, desire, selfish, brutal, satin, masked, Petrova fire, make me a bargain, toy, fighter, sacrifice, conflict of interests, family, no remorse, teeth, differences, mirror mirror, cat and mouse, end of the world, sunset, challenge, rough, basement, lick, wrists, messy, wall, tease, powerplay, bite, magic, rough, indiscretion, secrets, offering, salt, tequila, before Stefan, magnetism, flirtation, history, loved and lost, experience, ruse, Red Riding Hood, protégé, alone, new, curiosity, teething, narcissist, lessons, purpose, shadow, wicked, beginning, superstar, animal, undertow, purity, copy, shake, quiver
Elena/Klaus, deal, bite, tenderness, future, mine, hug
Elena/Rose, centuries, tools, precocious, violence, unfamiliar, naked, backup, what you need, necessary steps, bargaining, hope, critical measures, sunlight, protection, bold
Elena/Stefan, [any], need, cut, bleed, perfume, date, sun, come back, darkness, sneak, rub, cover, good side, feather, absence, forever, electric, forward, moment, breakfast, giggle, popsicle, blood, hunger, sunlight, grief, flower, dance
Elena/Vicki, breath, violent, bad side, catharsis, hospital
Elijah/Jenna, history, curiosity, explore, perilous, comfort, blood, crossbow, teeth, hotel
Elijah/Katherine, end, mean, struggle, hunger, indulgence, mistakes, past, thirst
Isobel/John, blood, parking lot, promise, teenage
Jenna/John, fire, death, public, drunk, grief, mourning, porn, freeze
Jeremy/Tyler, anger, drugs, fix, pet, wolfsbane, grief, sketch, help
Katherine/Klaus/Stefan, party, pick, regress
Katherine/Stefan, need, take, drink, save
Matt/Tyler, drunk, lost, game
Pearl/Stefan, change, other, teacher, firelight, home

The Vintner's Luck - Elizabeth Knox
Xas/Sobran, wings, flight, gifts, gentle, loving

The Walking Dead (graphic novels)
Andrea/Glenn, run, shooting, department store, hiding
Andrea/Michonne, letting go, relaxation, moment, difficult, tense
Michonne/Morgan, distraction, rushed, floor, pillows

The Walking Dead (TV)
Lori/Andrea, lake, lookout, comfort, cards, food
Rick/Deryl, gun, follow

The Walking Dead
Andrea/Rick, save me, safety, run, revenge, closure, aftermath, tend, choice
Lori/Rick, truth, tense, trust, moment, precious, dance, strength, rare

The War Boys (2009)
David/George, desert, heat, sweat, tequila, pool

The Warriors
Ajax/OFC, rough
Swan/Ajax, challenge, dominance
Swan/Mercy, flower

The West Wing
Abbey/Jed/Leo, history, friendship, sacrifice
Ainsley/Sam, blonde, hair, Chanel, heels, formal wear, secrets, Republican, debate, desk, queen, first time, spar, banter, compromise, reconcile, suit, peach, distraction, professionalism, beer, warmth, flexible, symposium, speech, possessive, off-limits, consideration, forbidden, stranded, hypnotic, trust, composure, calculated, artifice, impasse, loyalty, bicker, playful, honorable, noble, stubborn, balance, precise, bargaining, prank, snow day, rendezvous, masque, hotel, boredom, competition, challenge, one-up, allies, moonshine, summer, moonshine, summer, sticky, flowers, writing, leash, stilettos, campaign trail, lipstick, dinner, eveningwear, combative, easy, catalogue, pastries, California, lipstick, steam pipe trunk distribution venue, President and First Lady, campaign trail, formal event, cocktail dress, tie, morning, answer, perfume, monogram
Amy/Donna, vodka, dominance
Amy/Josh, bad timing, beer, victory, sellout, arch, champagne, desk, after hours, speechless, bikini, Tahiti, pajamas, toast, singing, hosiery, cell phone, real, ice cream, eventually, desk, push, rough, love, Tahiti, phone, regret
Andrea/Toby, impatience, clandestine, wedding ring, sarcasm, years, hips, jealousy, mine, bruises, Truman Balcony, falling, scratches, power, negotiation, silk tie, dress, smoke, poker, friends, alliance, caught, breaking up, phone, late, paper, behind
Charlie/Zoey, young, champagne, learning, safe, lawyer, Georgetown, graduation, future, kiss, making up for lost time, picnic
CJ/Danny, anniversary, campaign, dance, ice, key, starlight, stay, swimming, sunlight, waiting, words, typography, burned, turbulence, understatement, summer, different, away, finally
CJ/Kate, breathless, flip, gowns, kisses, touch, towel
CJ/Simon Donovan, range, context, concatenate
Donna/Josh, adultery, divorce, depression, debt ceiling, pundits, revenge, limp, winter, baseball, beer pong, bad touch, Beethoven, memories, scotch.
Ellie/Toby, neon, postwar, abrogate, hemlock
Huck/Sam, delapidated, lapsarian, deluge, antediluvian, bones, shoplifter, train, doubleplusgood, hemlock, parsimony
Josh/Sam, certainty, president, rain, sleepy, jump
Sam/Toby, morning, everafter, sleepwalk, etude, doubleplusgood, silver, swallow, poetry
Toby/Zoey, crush, experience, hood, footpad, heliotrope, aesthetics

The Wire
Duquan "Dukie" Weems/Michael Lee, family, man, toughness
Ellis Carver/Thomas "Herc" Hauk, numbskull, partner, fuck-up, forgive
James "Jimmy" McNulty/Shakima "Kima" Greggs, drunk, convince, new, lonely

The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Kit/Nat, coming aboard, for keeps, swimming

The Wizard of Oz series - L. Frank Baum
Dorothy/Scarecrow, wild
Ozma/Dorothy, cuddling, sweet spots, indulgence, trips, kneeling, touch, revelations

The World Ends With You
Any, crossdressing, skirts, uniform, sexting, phonesex, leather, rimming, ride, twilight, sweet, graffiti
Beat/Neku, food, talking
Eri/Shiki, clothes, fashion, game, special, toys
Neku/Joshua, parents, freedom, coffee
Rhyme/Shiki, careful
Uzuki Yashiro/Koki Kariya, femmedom, rage, lollypop, dango, ramen, lipstick,
Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryuu/Neku Sakuraba, mark, bond, forgiveness, snark, bite, invisible, public, skin, leather, striptease

The X Files
Alex Krycek/Dana Scully, bad idea, one-handed
Alex Krycek/Fox Mulder, obsession, lips, trust
Dana Scully/Monica Reyes, frown, tickle
Dana Scully/Skinner, on duty, office, paperwork, file cabinet
Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, airport, oxfords, on the road, fire escape, summer, cornfields, rest stop, trailer, Oregon, sand dunes, 1994, case, light, watch the sky, waterbed, blood, solidarity, frustration, self-destructive impulses are contagious, intensity of her gaze, ice, makes her feel delicate, tie, fishtank, teasing, share, friends, undercover, in the field, agents, drugged, haven, rumpus, yeehaw, vacation, hotel, spooky, innocence, smack

The Young Victoria
Victoria/Albert, serve, kiss, shelter

Their Majesties' Bucketeers - L. Neil Smith
Mav/Mymy/Vyssu, puzzle
Mymy/Vyssu, transgress, learning

Thor (2011)
Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis, taser, shots, ipod, heat, music, differences, guarding the body
Darcy Lewis/Jane Foster, Pop-Tarts, intelligence, glasses, coffee, nail polish, steps, Twitter, patience, silly
Darcy Lewis/Jane Foster/Loki, lonely, manipulation
Darcy Lewis/Lady Loki, spell, wet, retreat, laundry, blood
Darcy Lewis/Loki, second best, possession, use, trick, talk, persuade, inveigle, confused, intense, public, wall, outwit, taser, impress, electric, trickery, gone
Erik Selvig/Jane Foster, longing, father, research, storm, protection, drunk
Erik Selvig/Loki, jealousy, control, resist
Erik Selvig/Thor, hero, heritage, sober, hurt
Jane Foster/Thor, exploring, stars, gentle, wishes, larger than life, power, good heart, those hips!, powerful, reunion, dancing, discovering,
Jane Foster/Sif, fetish, fragile, dream, gender
Jane Foster/Sif/Thor, share, fantasies
Loki/Sif, magic, hurt, ache, lies, shadows, crowned, betrayer, sweetheart, swords, blood, dust, armour, hair, silver-tongue, murder, masquerade, unexpected, scars, wordplay, repression, jealousy, sweet, fingers, depth, weapons, curious
Loki/Thor, brothers, share, secrets, lies, love, truth , hammer, horses, Asgard, ice, fire, ropes, chains, steel, lightning, thunder, cold, books, training, break, play, sleep, royal, first, second, hide, king, liesmith, free, brother, older, younger, spoilt, honest, gag, thread, lie, punished, magic, hammer, Draupnir, warrior, trust, traitor, beating, fear, poison, stretchmarks, memory, chance meeting, jewelry, never, bond, teeth, fierce, forgiveness, dress, myth, adventures, games, lick, tongue, perfection, possessive, protective, secret, prize, hammer
Sif/Thor, welcome, hand, wrestle, dress, scream, second, break, teenagers, training

Three’s Company
Jack Tripper/Janet Wood, escapades, lampshade, gourmet
Chrissy Snow/Janet Wood, bedroom, pillow, gay, tie, play, ring, well, zany, melt,

Tiger & Bunny
Barnaby/Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, youth, battle, sleep, tease, follow, boyfriend, doujinshi, go top, hundred power
Edward/Ivan, waiting
Karina Lyle/ Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, hero
Karina/Lyle/Pao-Lin, electrical, thorns, chill, first crush

Tin Man
Azkadelia/Glitch(Ambrose), regret, crying, advantage, calm
Cain/DG, royal, dance, coat, adventure, bind, dance, wedding, trying, discussion
Cain/DJ, [any]
DG/Glitch accident, dance, outside
Glitch/Lavender Eyes, unrequited

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Bill Haydon/Jim Prideaux, Moscow Rules
Bill Haydon/Peter Guillam, disillusion

To the Ends of the Earth (2005)
Charles Summers/Edmund Talbot, rescue, regard, swim, teach, fire, ship, unrequited, unconscious, fresh air, bath, delicate, yearning
Edmund/Marion, at last, while the music plays, fevered dream, transgression
Edmund/Miss Granham, propriety, shapely, education is never wasted, little brother, governess, knowledge

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
Chi-Chi Rodriguez/Bobby Ray, boys, legs, love, stolen, strawberries, wild
Chi-Chi Rodriguez/Vida Boheme, hats, princess, vintage, winner

Toaru Kagaku No Railgun
Harumi Kiyama/Mikoto Misaka, cornered
Kuroko Shirai/Mikoto Misaka, loss, fear

Toaru Majutsu No Index
Accelerator/Last Order, masturbation, bath, silence, couch, television, friday, sweets
Magnus Stiyl/Touma Kamijou, dislike, clothes

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, Jenny/Hannah, defeat, cafeteria, changed, dark, science, relief

Tokyo Babylon
Seishirou Sakurazuka/Subaru Sumeragi, initiation

Lala/Haruna, mutual, playful, first, sleepy, machine, suck
Momo/any, wet, bath, naughty, tail, tease, tentacles, ecstasy, toys, milk
Yami/Mikan, soft, touch, gentle, experiment, pink, blush, panties

Top wo Nerae! aka Gunbuster
Kazumi/Noriko, smile

Ami Kawashima/Minori Kushieda, softball, sweat, company

Andy Davidson/Gwen Cooper, stakeout
Capt. Jack Harkness/Gwen Cooper, alone, immortal, never, guns, frotting, tension
Capt. Jack Harkness/Capt. John Hart/Ianto Jones, jealousy
Capt. Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, suit, greatcoat, coffee, secrets, love, hushed words, butt plug, rim job, blow job, slow, rushed, cells, desk, green house, invisible lift, bossy, demanding, hickey, flexible, silk ties, tourist office, SUV, public, mine, possesive, spectacular, avant garde, distracting, tumble, tendril, DNA, Grow, slick, done, down, lost, sense, suit, declarations, gun, war, stars, gravity, fit, measure, bathroom, coffee, enema, punishment, joy, peace, caning, figging, playful, hub, unintentional exhibitionism, water, greenhouse, jail, tentacles, stopwatch, alien tech, first time, last time, seduced, don't go in the basement, in love, in lust, braces, sarcasm, toys, CCTV/being watched, tied
Capt. Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones /Owen Harper, thermometer, stirrups, soapy water, tear
Capt. Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones /Toshiko Sato, geeks are sexy, mathematics of a threesome, working late, voyeurism, girls on top, pegging, crossdressing, power, sponge, green
Capt. Jack Harkness/ Capt. Jack Harkness, forever in a night, once more, goodbye, passion, touch, dance
Capt. Jack Harkness/Rex Matheson, alpha, commiseration, mortal, afterwards, angry, fun, quiver, quibble, Dominant, team, fight, gasp, wound, dream, mortal, wounded, slut
Capt. John Hart/Ianto Jones, go away, rough, wall, Jack, sizing up, competition, dominance, eye candy, angry sex, jealousy, gun play, devious, caught, spank, benefit, trapped, more, gun play, manipulation, spanking, voyeurism, rimming, tentacles
Esther Drummond/Vera Juarez, firsts, waiting, coffee, desperation
Esther Drummond/Gwen Cooper, late night, bar, sweet, dark, alley, hiding
Gwen Cooper/Agent Johnson, struggle, stalemate, standstill, exhaustion
Gwen Cooper/Owen Harper, bottle, five, play, spread
Gwen Cooper/Rhys Williams, game, lovely, shower
Ianto Jones/Rex Matheson, need, new, foreign, ex-factor, hunger, death
Ianto Jones/Toshiko Sato, apartment, pregnant, remember, computer, suit, tech
Jilly Kitzinger/Vera Juarez, calculation, lipstick, cigarette, lies, devil, red, pharmaceutical, heels, miracle, deal
Owen Harper/Martha Jones, competition, understanding, fantasy
Owen Harper/Toshiko Sato, pool, real, sorry

Tortall (series) - Tamora Pierce
Alanna of Trebond/George Cooper, thoughtful, hiding, mischief, surprise, thievery
Alanna of Trebond/Jonathan of Conté, dark, warm, blue, violet, dress, destiny, heat, first, learn, fierce, jewel, young, together
Alexander of Tirragen/Roger of Conté, bruise, feline
Alianne of Pirate's Swoop/Nawat Crow, shiny, charm, nest, crows, noisy
Beka Cooper/Rosto the Piper, seduction, working, foreplay
Buriram Tourakom/Raoul of Goldenlake, laughter, sparring
George Cooper/Jonathan of Conté, friendship, understanding, back room, table, burn, hard, strong, equals, complicated, drunk
Roger of Conté/Thom of Trebond, magic, bonds, thread, knife, pain 

Total Eclipse
Rimbaud/Verlaine, locked, burns, need

Touching Evil
David Creegan/Susan Taylor, silence, smile, weariness, juggling
David Creegan/ Susan Branca, undercover
Mark Rivers/Susan Taylor, restless, shoes, blond(e)

Tower Prep
Connor Owens/Gabe Forrest, disciples, secondary
Conner Owens/Ian Archer, leader
Fenton Capwell/Ian Archer, opera, scout
Gabriel Forrest/Ian Archer, anticipate, dirt, escape, Guapo, lie, Suki
Ian Archer/Shinji Sato, convincing
Ian Archer/Suki Sato uniform, tease, secret, protect, hickey
Ray Snider/Suki Sato, jealous, midnight, strength

Toy Story
Andy/older!Bonnie, fingering, imagination, [any]
Andy/Sid, trash
Bo Peep/Jessie, play

Transformers (Bay-verse)
Bumblebee/Sam, safe, confined, wash
Bumblebee/Sam/Mikaela, communication, battle, partners, driven, healing
Megatron/Mikaela, pet, defiance
Megatron/Optimus Prime, compromise, mine
Optimus Prime/Sam, proud, guilty

Transformers (G1)
Cyclonus/Rodimus, nightmare
Skyfire/Starscream, genius, connection, trust, realize
Thundercracker/Skywarp, bondage

Transformers (IDW)
Jazz/Bluestreak, gunkink
Red Alert/Perceptor, ice

Transformers (TFA)
Elita 1/Arcee, fire

Transformers: Prime
Arcee/Jack, sunset, protect, hope, first, trust
Arcee/Cliffjumper, denied, spark, wistful, cocky
Jack/Miko, video games, language, music, art, work, frustration

Will/Tyler/Jay, anger, just us, tension, 5 years after

Delmond Lambreux/Janette Desautel, expats, crawfish, humidity, smoke, homecoming,

Trigger (2010)
Kat/Vic, ache, slide, rip, claw

Trigun (anime)
Vash/Wolfwood, cross, kill, crowd, reluctant, awry, wary

Trinity Blood (manga)
Abel/Cain, blasphemers, brother's-keeper
Abel/Vaclav, blood, communion, confession, kneeling
Esther Blanchett/ Ion Fortuna, first, taboo
Esther Blanchett/ Isaac Fernand von Kämpfer, naivete, deception

Tron (1982)
Alan Bradley/Kevin Flynn, blast, cocktail, brief, language, memory, secret lab
Alan Bradley /Kevin Flynn/Lora Baines, brilliant, coffee, trinity, code, binary, bisexual, struggle, finale, arcade, door, nerdy, popcorn, lasers, the grid, rain, synergy, her kinks, Flynn's arcade
Kevin Flynn/Tron, expansive, power, curiosity, innocence, eager
Kevin Flynn/Yori, at last, quick, longing, always, different
Tron/Yori, forever, program, new start, off the grid

Tron: Legacy
Alan Bradley/Clu, responsive, linger, derail, mistake, manipulate, lick
Alan Bradley/Sam Flynn, unforgivable, retaliate, persuasive, heat, taste, desperate, cling, beg, first time, lesson, spanking, submit, role reversal, patience
Alan Bradley/Quorra, experiment, explore, fascination, oral
Alan Bradley/Tron, hello, not quite what he expected, reunion, touchscreen, grey
Clu/Tron, possessive, raw, steel, take, clueless
Edward Dillinger Junior/Sam Flynn, cocky, handcuffs, revenge, blackmail, bet
Rinzler, auto-pilot, clone, learn, program, skill, senses
Sam Flynn/Quorra, warmth, light, bubbly, fast, play, off the grid, learning, play, experience
Sam Flynn/Tron, protective, please, daunting, latent, growl

Tropic Thunder
Alpa Chino/Kevin Sandusky, advertising, booty, girls, Lance
Alpa Chino/Kirk Lazarus, acting, Hollywood, Tobey, hungry, hole, design, flirt, knees, body talk, shift, shower, solid ground, explosive, secret
Kevin Sandusky/Kirk Lazarus, Apla, teacher, Tugg
Kirk Lazarus/Lincoln, how does it feel?, overthinking it, method acting, got it all worked out, sexual history

Troy (2004)
Achilles/Briseis, AU, beauty, bite, blood, breasts, bruises, dirty, grapes, hand, happiness, masturbation, mortality, mine, peace, sin, stars, sun, temple, territory, unfamiliar, vengeance, warmth, wine

True Blood
Alcide Herveaus/Jesus Velasquez/Lafayette Reynolds
Alcide Herveaux/Eric Northman, ask, need, growl, tolerate, wall, favors, debt, race, flip, switchblade, bayou, conversely, denim, growl, claws, dirty, earth, wrestling, moment, scenting, gruff, tackle, dominance, teeth, flexible, meat
Alcide Herveaux/Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse, fire, ice, eyes, sheets, blood, amnesia, giggles, spite, ownership, walls, rip, taste, teeth, puppy, remember
Alcide Herveaux/Sam Merlott, aggressions
Alcide Herveaux/Sookie Stackhouse, kindess, respect, wild, heat, lost, alternative, sweat, howl, wanton, truck, lake
Alcide Herveaux/Tommy Mickens, accidents, closets, dogs, ego, seduction
Andy Bellefleur/ Jason Stackhouse, addiction, serenity, recovery, conscience, partners
Bill Compton/Eric Northman, struggle, envious, anal beads
Bill Compton/Eric Northman/Queen, threesome, voyeurism
Bill Compton/Jessica, forever, mutual, run, teach
Bill Compton/Sookie Stackhouse, rain, riding, ritual, sacred
Eddie/Jason Stackhouse, basement
Eric Northman/Godric, return, fur, fire, future, scratch, smile, learning, touch, eyes, fly, speed, forgiveness, birth, death, angel, grief, palace, history, memory, drink, mine, nightmare, oil, ceremonial, necromancy
Eric Northman/Lafayette Reynolds, car, fangs, feathers, diamonds
Eric Northman/Pam, reunion, love, lipstick, fishnets, corset, human, new, freedom, loyalty, vanity, command
Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse, shy, comfort, amnesia, cute, ridiculous, hot, drama, revival, turn, lace, sunlight, sweet, danger, lucky, shameless, smug, gentleman, new, conscious, choice, good boy, animal, fragile, skin, blood, torch, fire, delight, candy, drifting, vamp up, stronger, loud, moon, mirror, begging, possessive, remember, swim, spandex, fireplace, attic, biting, trust, memory, outside, water, Swedish, bloodplay, roleplay, power, WAM, drunk, slayer!fetish, master/slave, bodyworship, chasing teeth, dusk, cubby, memory, warning, rage, purple, tree, discipline, small, wish, enemy, vein, crash, drink, warmth, sunrise, water, tie, heal, wrap, embrace, braids, blanket, cubbie, taste, blood, life, hair, amnesia, gentle, dusk, bite, thirst, secrets, lies, tenderness, moonlight, sunshine, identity, fortune, witchcraft
Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse/Pam, new
Godric/Lafayette Reynolds/Jesus Velasquez, spirit
Hadley Hale/Sophie-Anne Leclerq, bite, play, order
Hoyt Fortenberry /Jessica Hambly, silk, heat, always, taste, hair, cuddle, roleplay, memory, trust, broken, glamour
Hoyt Fortenberry /Jessica Hambly/Jason Stackhouse, dreams, bargain, aggressive, drain, confusion, hands, palindromes, cure, gay, solution, instructions
Hoyt Fortenberry/Jason Stackhouse, [any], aphrodisiac, buddies, change, dream, eroticism, fuck, grin, hard, heels, hips, irresistible, irritable, Jessica, kiss, loud, men, nasty, oral, panther, priapic, queer, quixotic, reality, ride, steam, turned, unable, vampires, washing, xenomorphic, yours, zeroable
Jason Stackhouse/Jessica Hamby, nightmare, loser, jacket, balloon, secret, temptation, need, envelope, metaphor, red, wet dream, pull, dream, fangs, growl, prey
Jason Stackhouse/Pam De Beaufort, blunt, surviving
Jason Stackhouse/Sookie Stackhouse, lost, fairy, reunion, couch, missing, fruit, pretend
Jason Stackhouse/Timbo, Becky, lick, nature, war, youth
Jessica Hambly/Pam Swynford De Beaufort, handcuffs, teacher, technology, girls, nice girls finish last, girls just want to have fun, sugar, beauty, Eric, free, vein, trucker, shameless, lipstick, cherry, dance, want, first, drama, dress up, fledgling, rules, master/slave, make-up, hands-on, club, fetish, vanilla, leather, beauty, mirror
Jessica Hambly/Sookie Stackhouse, dressing room, cut, legs, nail polish, twist
Jessica Hambly/Tommy Mickens, faster, ask, blood, break, carry, closing, hiss, listen, play, rasp, reckless, run, top, voyeur, wild
Jesus Velasquez/Lafayette Reynolds, beautiful, dream, vision, play, desperate, silence, hold, smile, melt, supernatural, smoke, anal beads, love bug, shimmy
Pam/Tara, guns, threat, experience, wiser
Sam/any, anger management, marshmallows, knowledge, silver
Sam/Sookie Stackhouse, scratch, trust
Sam/Tara, pancakes, woods, fight
Sookie/Tara, wrong sweetheart, reunion, haven, ice cream, cuddling, ice tea

True Colors (1991)
Peter Burton/Tim Gerrity, betrayal, college, campaign, won

True Grit (2010)
Mattie/LaBoeuf, [any], five years later, silk, shelter, spitfire, older, reunion

Trust Me
Simon/Mason, beer, touch, accent

TV Commercials
Old Spice Man/Mayhem, tricks, pearls, disaster, trip

Bella/Edward, obsessed, abusive, predator, naive, idiot
Bella/James, meadow, shadow
Jacob/Nessie, change, accidental, jealous
Demetri/Leah, deadly, tracker, enemy, imprinting, snarl, instincts, undeniable

Twin Peaks
Audrey/Cooper, house, bedroom, safe

Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place
Ashley/Pete, Halloween, sports, subway, chase

Ed Straker/Paul Foster, submit, power, trust, fear, secret

Ugly Betty
Betty/Daniel, any
Daniel/Marc, flirtation, gay, morning after, suit

Ultraviolet (1998)
Pearse Harman/Angela March, collar, bite, clean, desk, gloves, warm, laboratory, garlic, light, touch, slow

Under the Dome - Stephen King
Barbie/Julia, end, beginning, vision, last, cook, smirk

Undercovers (TV)
Lizzy Gilliam/Leo Nash, introduce, cross, taste, bun
Samantha Bloom/Steven Bloom, chase, catch, fish, hunt
Samantha Bloom/Steven Bloom/Leo Nash, sweet, salty, bitter, sour, umami

Kraven/Erika, hate, deep, game, use, one touch, cold, attempt
Lucian/Sonja, lick, teeth, change, freedom, first, lie, danger, sweet, savage, lick, secret, hide, public
Michael/Selene, bite, leaves, relax, covert, remember

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru
Hotsuma/Shusei, partners, tears, feral, power, scars, ice cream, bath, dressed, happy, feed
Takashiro/Reiga, history, first, stripped, comb
Zess/Yuki, touch, worship, smooth, hair, rough, cry

V (2009)
Erica Evans/Kyle Hobbes, retribution, apocalypse, cure, leather, bite, bruise, sociopath, placebo, aftermath, garter, grieving, hate, running, dark, bliss, torture, scars, drunk, morning, found, thigh, loss, victory, reunion, sweet, public
Jack Landry/Erica Evans, resignation, hidden, hope, war, peaceful, alone, the way we were, grief, rain, wrong, remember
Joshua/Lisa, new, rescue, sanity, bliss, strange, feeling, empathy, queen, service, tail, submission, devotion

V For Vendetta
Evey/V, prison, release, nerves, reflex, scars, fire, subversive, plan, mask, knife, company, truth

Valentine's Day
Holden Wilson/Sean Jackson, beginning, commitment, cocktail, party, secrets, future, impressions, public, backlash, initial, letter, begin
Liz/Jason, future, album, grin

Valkyrie Profile:Lenneth
Aelia/Celia, ale, dragon, armor, comfort, returning, flying, together
Kashell/Lawfer, confusion, battlefield, blades
Lenneth Valkyrie/Lezard Valeth, payment, uncontrollable, runes, prisoner
Lenneth Valkyrie/Mystina, understanding
Lezard Valeth/Mystina, blinded, bound, studies, sparring, comrades, laboratory
Lucian/Claire, theft, alleys, rain, closure, jealousy, red, smoke
Mystina/Arngrim, boredom

Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria
Alicia/Daleth, remember
Seluvia/Christie, guilt, harpstrings, blood

Cecile de Volanges/Valmont, teach, seduce, brush, kiss

Vampire Babylon - Chris Marie Green
Dawn Madison/Claudius, blood, knife, understanding, link, vampire, beauty, truth, similar, lips, skin
Della/Lilly, flipped, unafraid, fingers, schoolgirls

Vampire Hunter D - Hideyuki Kikuchi
D/Doris Lang, going on, hunter, whip, venus, midnight road, silence, hunger, lemons, payment, monster, couch, sugar, break, opportunist, caged
D/D's Hand, desperation

Vampire Knight
Ichiru/Zero, fantasy, difference
Kain/Ruka, oath, flowers, hairbrush, patience
Kaname/Zero, obedience, blindfold, hidden, blood
Zero/Kaname, fangs, dance, piercings, tongue, contrast, bonds
Zero/Kaname/Yuuki, politics, uniforms, mend, grooming
Zero/Yuuki, memory, need, lipstick

Velvet Goldmine
Brian/Mandy, reflection
Curt/Brian/Mandy, down the rabbit hole

Ani/Gina, intense, letter, rain
Ani/Lara, hurt, possesive, shower, soap
Gina/Lara, drunk, hate!sex

Venture Brothers
Brock Samson/Dr. Venture, protection, pills
The Alchemist/Shore Leave, prom

Veronica Mars
Cassidy 'Beaver' Cassablancas/ Cindy 'Mac' McKenzie/Weevil, tutor, idea, fun, alternate, innocence
Cindy 'Mac' McKenzie/Dick Casablancas, accident, run, touch, travel, tingle, scrape, scratch, kiss, caress, hug
Don Lamb/Keith Mars, posturing, workout, mentor, abrasive, batchelor auction
Don Lamb/Veronica Mars, cuffs, lock up, because, desk, revenge, sneaky, steal, bargaining, lose, cell, watch, hidden, rage, id, repression, denial, spiked, tease, undercover, angry, interrogation, lust, masturbation, lick, leather, watch, wager, car, cuffs, uniform, party, congratulations, tears, arrest, jail, blackmail, caught, ice, public, secret, comfort, desk, stakeout, tension, rescue, reluctant, alive, handcuffs, jail, fetish, mystery
Lily Kane/Don Lamb, foreplay, tease, blackmail, trapped, arrest, finger, nip, costume
Lily Kane/Veronica Mars, remembrance, kiss, cuddle, boundaries, skinny dipping, secret, scent, drunk, game, adore, lace, linger
Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars, crime, scene, miss, opportunities, future, hope, please, possibilities, official, years, backseat, nocturnal, puppy, first date, scent, tipsy, cocktails, disappointment, champagne, handcuffs, nipple, promises, rotate, rough, satellite, tangled, wall, dynamite, hotel, future, nip, soft, shower, fear, elevator, longing, cover, lust, lap, hook-up, safe, date, honeymoon, hunger
Logan Echolls/Weevil, discover, frenemies, loyal, truth, ruthless, relent, pain, upper hand
Veronica Mars/Dick Casablancas, any, mistake, angry, hurt, tingle, trace, release
Veronica Mars/Keith Mars, lies, trust, outsiders, water bed
Veronica Mars/Wallace Fennell, bunk beds, BFF, purity, pirates, accomplice
Veronica/Weevil, first time, trust, understanding, con, compromise, bargain, wit, rush, invitation, tension, stakeout, distraction, loner, reunion, backseat, campus, evidence, sly, pursue, clever, trust, favor, armor, calculating, survivors, façade, edge, test, drive, one-up

Scottie/Judy, sculpt

Beck Oliver/Cat Valentine, refreshing, change, shine, smile, dimples, nonjudgemental, movie, strawberries, giggle
Beck Oliver/Jade West, Cat, karaoke, discipline, sweet, play, break up, improvisation, closet, serious, jealous, bad, takeout
Beck Oliver/Jade West/Ke$ha, concert, upstairs, glitter, costume, vine, plain, lock, earth, school

Vinland Saga
Askeladd/Canute, leadership
Einar/Thorfinn, healing, vision, play, desperate, silence, hold, smile, melt

Vorkosigan Saga
Aral Vorkosigan/Cordelia Naismith, partnership, warmth, flirt, gardens, heat, haven, sexuality, poem, power
Bel Thorne/Miles Vorkosigan, the Orb of Unearthly Delights, adrenaline, dare, rude awakening
Dono Vorrutyer/Olivia Koudelka, wedding night, protective, roles
Ivan Vorpatril/Byerly Vorrutyer, curious, undercover, inevitability, sarcasm
Miles Vorkosigan/Gregor, hunter, swear, heartbeat

W Delta Z (aka The Killing Gene)
Eddie/Danny, get you off

Walking and Talking
Amelia/Andrew, black leather pants, second time around, third time around, shopping, make the move to DVDs, family

War of the Worlds (TV)
Harrison Blackwood/Paul Ironhorse, stubborn, bottom, defensive, guns, comfort
Harrison Blackwood/Paul Ironhorse/Suzanne McCullough, protect, kink, push, realize, stress, vacation

Warehouse 13
Arthur 'Artie' Nielsen/Claudia Donovan, guilt, trust, hotel. Artefact, celebrate, liquid, weld,
Arthur 'Artie' Nielsen/James McPherson, connected, old times, hey day, drinks, on the road, case, ghost, younger, partners, masquerade, artefact, unrequited, watch,
Claudia Donovan/Pete Lattimer, mistakes, telepathy, computers
Claudia Donovan/Steve Jinks, pretend best friend, lies, makeover
Claudia Donovan/Leena, lazy days, breakfast in bed, secret
Claudia Donovan/Myka Bering, role-model
Claudia Donovan/Helena, crush, watching
Helena 'H.G.' Wells/Claudia Donovan, artifact, seduction, youth
Helena 'H.G.' Wells/Myka Bering, apology, atonement, flash, need, sorrow, sisterhood, unstoppable, teeth, stroke, liquor, taste, undercover, handcuffs, rope, bronze, corset, trapped, seduction, library, tied, banter, spanking, biting, lick, high heels, betrayal, steam punk, temptation, mile high, dare, solutions, oil, dreams, airplane, toys, can't touch, technology, silk, hotel, artifact, anal, bronzed, vengeance, Victorian, bed and breakfast, vacation, leather, glasses, hair, hologram, post-its, escape, time-machine, slow, captured, denial, drunk, innuendo, laughter
Pete Lattimer/Steve Jinks, working out, don't touch, ray guns
Pete Lattimer/Myka Bering, body swap, missing time
Phil/Myka Bering, undercover, artifact, comic book, hanging out, making up, disagree, denial, pain, lick, high heeled shoes,
Sam Martino/[any], ropes, new, case, guns, silent
Steve Jinks/[any], paranoid, liar, tesla, gun, coffee, clean, asphyxiation, hazing, joker, wergild, shock, protective, bristles

Warhammer 40000
Lion El’Jonson/Leman Russ, honour

Comedian/Moloch, mirror
Comedian/Rorschach, hero worship
Comedian/Silk Spectre I, pregnant
Nite Owl/Silk Spectre, ship, fly, fight, roleplay, goggles, ride, desperate
Nite Owl/Rorschach, unwise, momentum, lapse
Nite Owl/Rorschach/Laurie, restraint, scars, eating out
Rorschach/Silk Spectre, Oedipal, smoke, self-inflicted

Andy Botwin/Kat, [any], my kind of crazy
Andy Botwin/Nancy Botwin, cunt, killer, weeds, coffee, death, birdcage, too soon, threadbare, counter, catch-22, power, boundaries, irrational, circular logic, bathtub, storm, high, familiar, free, high, give in, beach, family
Nancy Botwin/Celia Hodes, prison
Nancy Botwin/Conrad Shepard, [any], reunion, forgetting, time, return
Nancy Botwin/Silas Botwin, lost, linger, road map, sweet, night, denim
Silas Botwin/Megan Beals, [any], damaged

Whip It
Bliss Cavendar/Iron Maven, teach, pull, shot, explosion, whisper, rivalry
Bliss Cavendar/Pash, college, touch, hold, popsicle, sweat, blush, freckles, sticky, taste, tease
Eva Destruction/Rosa Sparks, flirt, tilt, touch, rub, bubble
Rosa Sparks/Smashley Simpson, bruises, whisper, rivalry

White Collar
Alex Hunter/Sara Ellis, professionals, red
Clinton Jones/Alex Hunter, wild side
Diana Berrigan/Alex Hunter/Christie, caught, cuffs, CI
Elizabeth Burke/Diana Berrigan, second-in-command
Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey, affair, hon, glances, champagne, cunnilingus, dancing, neck
Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, case, expensive, gun, hat, negotiation, D/s, handcuffs, rules, rope, beg, sleep, comfortable, scheme, dreams, manipulation, stress, lies, children, falling, painting, punishment, tux, comfortable, routine, restless, hover, refrain, family, tilt-a-whirl, stakeout, baking, curled, pegging, friends, anniversary, crazy, sharp dressed man, lingerie, shopping, matching underwear, tied down, bed, triad, unconventional, love, marriage, home, go, stay, jealous, homey, shy, Sarah, live together, safe, learn, love, smarter, vacation, on-the-run, gifts, hidden, some days it's like she has two husbands and other days they don't even notice she's there, silk, good taste, blue, submissive, rape fantasy, tie, punishment, deserve, ruler, tricks, complicated, relax
Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke, treats, playful, first
Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke/Sara Ellis, [any]
June/Diana Berrigan, good girls, new tricks, history, dinner, breakfast
Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, bottom, undercover, handcuffs, confrontation, whisper, clue, why, pretend, need, better man, expectations, obsessed, believes in me, paint, clay, messy, dirty, sorry, torn, need, lie, forbid, swept, forearms, shoulder, slender, curve, pin, hold, stay, brilliant, outmaneuver, outsmart, trap, enclose, story, role, reversal
Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke/Alex Hunter, bruise, power, dominant, play, steal, smart, specialty
Neal Caffrey/Sara Ellis, cunnilingus, clothed sex, melted chocolate, after hours, luxury, multiple orgasms, fantasies, silk, secrets, whisper, lipstick, danger, wine, stranded, blind-folded

Joseph Chandler, demons, submission, criminal, alone, courage, scandal

Whole Nine Yards
Jimmy/Oz, hidden, oblivious, tied down, find, miss, open, kinky, sexy, lick, danger, passport

Wicked - Gregory Maguire
Boq/Elphaba, studies, future
Boq/Elphaba/Galinda, between, fortune, dream

Wicked (musical)
Elphaba/Glinda, alive, changed, music, beautiful, dress, clapping

Wild Adapter
Kubota/Tokito, clumsy, sharing, dark, death, food, play, bed, trust

Wild Things
Duquette/Sam, dirty

Wild West
Mary/Angela, reconciliation, jealousy, erotica, sensual

Will & Grace
Will/Grace, comfort, security, sometimes, college

Sorsha/Madmartigan, castle, warrior, competition, undress, armor, formal

Wimbledon (2004)
Peter Colt/Dieter Prohl, satellite, shoestring, Nutella, stay, starry

Joe/Helen,[any], fight, kiss, proposal, elevator

Wings of Desire
Damiel/Marion, electricity

Wire in the Blood
Tony/Carol, chance, strain, anywhere but here, dominance, vision, shower, it's in our history, detente, weapon, prostitution roleplay, handcuffs, sofa, desk, playing doctor, spanking, masturbation, phonesex

Withnail & I
Marwood/Withnail, audition
Withnail/I, cottage, retreat, holiday, return, alcohol, Shakespeare, midnight, freezing

Wives and Daughters - Elizabeth Gaskell
Molly Gibson/Cynthia Kirkpatrick, love, youth, corset

Wizards of Waverly Place
Justin/Alex, public, competition, prank, Max, heroics, quest, school, accident, stuck

Wolf's Rain
Toboe/Tsume, Granny, healing, howl, idol, kitten, lick, runt, sadness, scar

Wonder Boys
James/Terry, wide-eyed, smile, dentist, bruise, nectarine, green, hair

Eric Gotts/Jaye Tyler, private party, wall, worship
Mahandra McGinty/Sharon Tyler, whole set, neurotic, truce

World of Warcraft
Anren Shadowseeker/Tholo Whitehoof, healing, loyalty, xeno
Asric/Jadaar, elekks, Sunreavers, toast, 'epic mount', homecoming, shenanigans
Koltira/Thassarian, cold, decay, sadism, death, ice, numb, salvation, war, no time, wall, armor, grim, rescue, murder, bloodlust, monster, calming
Moira Thaurissan/Dagran Thaurissan, sorcery, silk, taboo
Muradin Bronzebeard/Arthas Menethil, brother, forgiveness
Vanessa VanCleef/Varian Wrynn, kidnapping, bondage, revenge, blood
Vol'jin/Zalazane, pinch, tusk, fire, past, mud

Xena - Warrior Princess
Gabrielle/Joxer, comfort, each other, together, sweet
Xena/Ares, passion, anger, trust, overpower, cannot stop, fire, save me, always, blood, bruises, force of nature
Xena/Callisto, rage, submission, training
Xena/Gabrielle, retribution, roleplay, sadness
Xena/Gabrielle/Joxer, cuddle, protect, family, together

Chaos/Wilhelm, recursion, mercy, fate
KOS-MOS/Shion, mercy, salvation, programmed

X-Factor (Marvel)
Monet/Guido, desperate, flowers, late
Rictor/Shatterstar, babysitting, interruptions, power

X-Men (Comicverse)
Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau, heart, cards, game, heat
Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom, hotel room, relapse, hurried, phone sex, holiday, desk
Logan/Kurt Wagner, laughter, flexible, instincts, winter, prey
Scott Summers/Emma Frost, danger, public relations, in charge, game

X-Men (movie trilogy)
Pyro/Rogue, bad, bent, flick, loud, over, power, raw, rules, scar, skin, skip, stupid, voyeur, wet, bare, burn, careful, clean, close, damp, experiment, fear, killer, loser, repeat, roof, run, shaking, sleep, study, summer, sweat, tight, tits, top, weak
Rogue/Wolverine, claws, touch, doppelganger, young, doggy-style, dominate, ashamed

X-Men: First Class (2011)
Alex Summers/Armando 'Darwin' Munoz, pinball, practice, glow, stars, talk, stories, rentboy, hand, arm, shoulder, wrist, escape, adaptation, wings, aliens, suit, chase, overstimulation, shot-gunning, research, attitude, break, tentative, evolving, reconstitution
Alex Summers/Charles Xavier, stumbling, misunderstand, cringe, greedy, young, persist, trial, slippery, reward
Alex Summers/Hank McCoy, smile, trust, control, college, skin, glow, shine, tease, punch, kiss, growl, cuddling, fuzzy, amnesia, beast, fur, blue
Alex Summers/Hank McCoy/Sean Cassidy, kids, adult, men, women, brush, fur, team, leave, stay
Alex Summers/Sean Cassidy, flight, failure, freckles, prison, sunglasses, drink, fly, quiet, romance
Angel Salvadore/Erik Lehnsherr, pretty, ugly, shout, whisper, Spanish, English, French, German
Angel Salvadore/Sean Cassidy, bittersweet, flight, stung
Azazel/Charles Xavier, convert, tail, rush, erroneous, pursuit, crime, vision, meat, tail, escape
Azazel/Raven Darkholme, detente, alliance, instruction, teach, dance
Azazel/Riptide, master, servant, understand, confuse, wind, water, earth, fire
Azazel/Riptide/Raven Darkholme, welcome, goodbye, train, teamwork, experience
Azazel/Riptide/Sebastian Shaw, because, unexplained, double, triple, suit, knife
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, candlelight, helmet, before, after, never, always, threesome, alone, together, dog-tags, chair, carry, fold, stairs, broken, inside, empty, hope, mind, heat, moment, years, together, us, pleased, visiting, picnic, fear, doors, struggle, forgiveness, retreat, violate, rend, stark, penetrate, sear, mark, blood, careen, twinge, unheeded, jealous, desire, fuck, teach, conscription, mistakes, détente, piercing, reconciliation, longing, Niagara, vacation, reunion, hate, cognition, desperation, water, tongues, slow, chess, drinks, bedpost, teeth, bound, collar, unassuming, compromise, Cerebro, road trip, pride, skill, power, senses, dreams, hands, manipulate, car, headboard, bend, philosophical, mental, metal, restraint, remembrance of things past, scars, legacy, dreaming, cold, mistake, bad dream, mouth, watch, backwards, road trip, hate, smile, cry, wet, forever, destiny, war, vicar, chess, checkmate, shattered, scars, curves, library, blue, want, desperation, happiness, peaceful, nightmares, rain, distraction, mental sex, normal, alone, force, marriage, correspondence, matching, miss, try, wrestle, older, steel, shaving, 1970s, Genosha, Israel, Oxford, passport.
Charles Xavier/Eric Lehnsherr/Raven Darkholme, mind games, sex games, true beauty, queen, three, mind, powers, blue, mouth, both, imitate, accept, spar, swing, whistle, pegging
Charles Xavier/GirlErik Lehnsherr, roses, toys
Charles Xavier/Logan, smell, refined, cigar
Charles Xavier/Logan/Erik Lehnsherr, territory, jealous, smell, claim
Charles Xavier/Moira MacTaggert, undercover, professor, wine, flirt, knot, pearls, pin, romantic, vibration
Charles Xavier/Moira MacTaggert/Erik Lehnsherr, need, compromise, vigil, middle
Charles Xavier/Raven Darkholme, blind, cunt, jealousy, late, voice, voyeur, experiment, fail, succeed, try, blue, red, pink, pearl, disguise
Emma Frost/Angel Salvadore, mentor, enemy, catfight
Emma Frost/Charles Xavier, thought, word, deed, manipulate, proxy, threesome, foursome, orgy, telepathy, silence, tea, mindfuck, distance, hold
Emma Frost/Moira MacTaggert, hate, love, sparkle, whistle, silk, canvas
Emma Frost/Sebastian Shaw, right, left, East, West, past, future
Erik Lehnsherr/Emma Frost, gap, close, fill, empty, protect, defend, attack, impolite, crass, condolence, ride
Erik Lehnsherr/Girl!Charles Xavier, metal, fingers, chess, library, hair
Erik Lehnsherr/Raven Darkholme, patronizing, pets, beauty, scars, victory, midnight, bruises, cunnilingus, shapeshifting, granted, me, him, solace, names, experimenting, limits, soldiers, lust, power, gentle, hope, stripes, spots, speckles, sparkles, red, black, blue, bend, foreplay, alone, vodka, blue, smooth
Erik Lehnsherr/Sebastian Shaw, no, yes, past, future, forget, remember, shudder, beg, language, silence
Hank McCoy/Sean Cassidy, red, laughter, lazy, glasses, training, sand, breeze, experiment, notes, shrug, leaves
Moira MacTaggert/Raven Darkholme, questions, Oxford, slip, scotch, insight
Raven Darkholme/Angel Salvadore, comb, brush, paint, blush, ask, answer, kinesthesia, air, mirror
Raven Darkholme/Alex Summers, pegging, imitate, honesty, lies
Raven Darkholme/Emma Frost, facets, scales, corsetry, heels, sugar and spice, telepathy, familiarity, desperation, lies, self-deception, distance, training, mentor, introductions, phases, ice, beauty, dare, skin, hotel, allies
Raven Darkholme/Hank McCoy, anyone, nobody, accept, deny, blue, green, silver, gold, glass, hands, lab, lap, shame, tease, wonder, blood, careful

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Logan/Scott Summers, trapped, skin, shock, mouth, growl
Victor Creed/Scott Summers, captured, struggling, surrender, hunt

[any], mistake, wish, ribbon, fate, unwinding
Clow Reed/Yuuko Ichihara, alcohol, bones, ache, argue, livid, hair, smoke, breath
Doumeki/Himawari, comfort, joy, ring, flowers, shopping, touch, life
Doumeki/Watanuki/Himawari, past, future, never, always, now

Y: The Last Man
Yorick/355, knit, knot, calm, checkmate, reversal

Yami no Matsuei
Tatsumi Seiichiro/Watari Yutaka , laugh, genderswitch, curl, seduce, machines,
Tsuzuki Asato/Hisoka Kurosaki, sweet, delicious, delectable, sorrow, vow, trust, scar, mark, brand, skin, blossom, tulip, cherries
yearn, night, crash, touch, open

Young Allies
Anya Sofia Corazon/Rikki Barnes, power, popsicles, summer, shorts

Young Americans
Hamilton/Jake, gay, dare
Scout/Will, dorm, lake

Young Avengers (Marvel)
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman/Tommy Shephard, naughty, secretive, birthday, accident
Kate Bishop/Cassandra 'Cassie' Lang, [any], bath, beauty, make-up
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan, [any], geek, kissing, touching, huge, flying, sex, virgin, first, quickie, cloak, kiss, fly, desperate
Eli Bradley/Kate Bishop, skittish, control, activate

Young Justice
Aqualad/Arrowette, teaching, archery, hands, blonde
Aqualad/Miss Martian, cookies, baking, benefits, salt

Young Justice (animated)
Artemis/Megan, fingering, blondes
Artemis/Roy Harper, on your knees
Barry Allen/Wally West, shouldn't, experiment, love, uncle, judging, lab
Conner Kent/Clark Kent, masturbation, flying, angry!sex
Conner Kent/M'gann M'orzz (Megan Morse), [any], telepathy, baking cookie, flying, Sadie Hawkins, football, virginity
Kaldur'ahm/Conner Kent, nonverbal, cookies, fingering, alien, uncertain, breathplay
Kaldur'ahm/Dick Grayson, leadership, learning, teaching, webbing, fingers, first, command, restrain
Kaldur'ahm/Dinah Lance, sparring, practice, training
Kaldur'ahm/M'gann M'orzz (Megan Morse), understanding, telepathy, kink, shifting, compatible, rescue
Kaldur'ahm/Tula/Garth, [any], glide, surface, float, air, complete
Kaldur'ahm/Wally West, underwater, turtles, communication, magic
Roy Harper/Jade Nguyen, blackmail, pregnancy, rough sex, undercover
Roy Harper/Oliver Queen, drunk!sex, barebacking, spanking, happy ending
Roy Harper/Wally West, leather, tease, strip-poker, blowjob, gingers, lovers, wall!sex
Lex Luthor/Conner Kent, acceptance, belonging, family, lollipop, good enough, kitten, fishnets

Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Dairine Callahan/Carmela Rodriguez, meantime, way home, fiery, left turn at Albuquerque
Kit Rodriguez/Nita Callahan, awkward, astral,
Kit Rodriguez/Nita Callahan/Ronan Nolan, why, why not, ritual, threes,
Kit Rodriguez/Ronan Nolan, road trip, easy, dominance, accents, Americana, music
Lone Power/Winged Power, color, light, sound, power, timeless, dance, rivalry, forgiveness, before, red-headed, moonshine, starlight

You're Beautiful
Go Mi Nyeo/Yoo He Yi, identity, rivalry, experience, photoshoot
Kyung/Mi Nyu, playful, temper, lace, water, sharing, stars, duet, tie, letters, shy, shower, smug, advice

Yozakura Quartet
Kotoha/Touka, resigned, strength, fight, curious

Yu Yu Hakusho
Yusuke/Botan, training, undercover, flying
Yusuke/Keiko/Botan, comfort, distraction

Seto/Alister, chase, cars, driving, wild, night
Yami Yuugi(Atemu)/Anzu Mazaki, television, warrior
Yami Yuugi(Atemu)/Jounouchi Katsuya, terror
Yami Yuugi(Atemu)/Seto Kaiba, hat, magic, cooking, scars
Yami Yuugi(Atemu)/Yami Bakura, souls, desert, wall, gold
Yami Yuugi(Atemu)/Yuugi Mutou, slave, passion

Yume Nikki
Madotsuki/Monoko, hands, weeping, stoplight, darkness
Madotsuki/Poniko, dream, light switch, screaming, no exit, cut

Columbus/Wichita, any, travel, double-tap, little things, hero, happenstance, family, quiet, fear, failure, facebook, old, before, circumstances


24/Castle, Dana Walsh/Tom Demming, again, arrest, bar, handcuffs, spy
24/Chuck, Jack Bauer/Sarah Walker, anal, interogation skills, lonely, terrorism
A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin/Avatar: The Last Airbender, Daenerys Targaryen/Zuko, dragons, fire, heat, teaching
Aladdin (Disney)/Tangled, Aladdin/Flynn Rider, carpet, exotic, flower, hero, orphans
Aladdin (Disney)/The Little Mermaid, Aladdin/Ariel, adventures, discontent, worlds
Aladdin (Disney)/The Princess and the Frog, Aladdin/Naveen, alone, familiar, genie
Alias/Grey's Anatomy, Will Tippin/Mark Sloan, [any]
Alien 4/X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ellen Ripley/Logan, burn, alive, lifetimes, saved
Angel the Series/Dexter, Darla/Rita, dark side, blood, fever, doppelganger
Angel the Series/Stargate Atlantis, Cordelia Chase/Ronon Dex, spar, circle, smirk, undress, tumble, rip, burning, match, leather, bustier
Angel the Series/Torchwood, Lorne/Jack Harkness, cocktail
Archer/Burn Notice, Sterling Archer/Michael Westen, mother, spy, women, handcuff, handy, loose cannon
Archer/NCIS, Lana Kane/Ziva David, krav maga
Arrested Development/Castle, Maeby Funke/Alexis Castle, college, contrast, city, fancy-free
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Korra/Yue, spirit, water, guidance
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes/Marvel, Steve Rogers/Post-Winter-Soldier!Bucky, reunion, fears, accents, happy, skrulls

Babylon 5/NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Jeffrey Sinclair/Jethro Gibbs/Jack O'Neill, age, beer, compete, beg
Babylon 5/Stargate Atlantis, Stephen Franklin/Jennifer Keller, escape, innocence, faith, imagine
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Jeffrey Sinclair/Jack O'Neill, tired, wrestle, blanket, heat, myths
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Susan Ivanova/Daniel Jackson, truce, battle, laughter, answer
Badgirls/The L word, Bette Porter/Helen Stewart, meeting, lust, drunk, betrayal
Bandom/I Kissed A Vampire, Dylan/16c!Pete, anti-blood, hunted, justice, accident, pretend, midnight
Bandom/RPF, Jesse Eisenberg/Ryan Ross, chance, Rio, one-night stand, OCD, bondage
Batman (Burtonverse)/Superman (Reeveverse), Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, Fortress, Cave, hands, water, glasses, unspoken, want, lesson, hotel, dance, car, tux, tension
Batman (movieverse)/Watchmen, Joker/Comedian, scars
Batman (Nolanverse)/Inception, Bruce Wayne/Eames, masks, job, truth, defence
Batman (Nolanverse)/Iron Man (movies)/Superman Returns, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Tony Stark, sex tape, masturbation, sharing, jealousy, public, playboys, third wheel, rimming, rumors
Batman (Nolanverse)/Smallville, Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, different, dangerous, curious, hurt, healing, wound, sensual, passion, what I always needed, intrigue, tux, skirt, interview, champagne, story, public, buttons, heat, paparazzi, back seat, perfume, starting over, bright, dark, chance meeting, limo, different, new, love, hurt, soothe
Batman (Nolanverse)/Superman Returns, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, interview, tie, dirty, wounded, shower, battle, need, Gotham, Mission, heroes, darkness, sunlight, heal, fire, silk sheets, GQ, broken, shadows, voice, Matches Malone, vulnerable, clarity, identity
Batman Begins/Smallville, Bruce/Chloe, dark, elevator, alley
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Doctor Who, River Song/Sam Anders, timestream, resistance, future, naughty
Battlestar Galactica (1978)/Futurama, [Any Cylon]/Bender, command
Battlestar Galactica (1978)/Stargate SG-1, Apollo/Daniel Jackson, Egypt, translate, war, loss, marriage, history, future
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Futurama, [Any Cylon]/Bender, human, kinks
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Karl Agathon/Kono Kalakaua, destiny, new, surf, hotel
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Dee/Vala Mal Doran, fun, practical, spank
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Gaius Baltar/Anise/Freya, anger, tickling, whips, food fight, whipped cream
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Kara Thrace/Hathor, aggressive, needy, tied up, release, strap-on, power play
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Kara Thrace/Malek, curiosity, tied up, comfort, aggressive, playful
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Samuel Anders/Malek, handcuffs, dirty, surprises, candle-lit dinner, captured
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Samuel Anders/Samantha Carter, flying, science, differences, similarities
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Supernatural, Kara Thrace/Dean Winchester, resurrection, shots, survival
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Supernatural, Sam Anders/Sam Winchester, hunters, angels, stars, fast car
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator (movieverse), Sarah Connor/Six, imagine, visit, cuffs, warning
Beauty and the Beast (Disney)/Mulan (Disney), Belle/Mulan, education, feminism, forever, freedom, princeless
Being Human (US)/The Vampire Diaries (TV), Aidan/Stefan Salvatore, hunt, satin, resistance, hidden
Being Human (US)/The Vampire Diaries (TV), Bishop/Stefan Salvatore, training, humans, servant, fight, mirror
Big Time Rush/iCarly, James/Carly, swoon, dance, charming, madly, hair, sweet, smoothies, languid, vain
Blake's 7/Firefly/Stargate Universe, Liberator/Serenity/Destiny, [any]
BlazBlue/Soul Calibur, Rachel Alucard/Amy, roses, watching
Bones/Criminal Minds, Angela Montenegro/Emily Prentiss, rain, surprise, work
Bones/Criminal Minds, Angela Montenegro/Penelope Garcia, drawing, face, play, sexy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Faith Lehane/Amy Pond, infidelity, exploration
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Spike/Rose Tyler, unlucky, streetlights, scars, desperate, evil
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Evil Dead Trilogy, Buffy/Ash, Spar, tease, bite, topping, "together?"
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Glee, Cordelia Chase/Quinn Fabray, queen, win, challenge, competition, confrontation, homecoming
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Glee, Cordelia Chase/Rachel Berry(/Quinn Fabray), projection
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Rupert Giles/Severus Snape, pasts, demons, regret
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Willow Rosenberg/Severus Snape, misunderstood, patience, apprentice, learning, commitment, sweet, eyes, scent
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Lost Girl, Buffy/Bo, healing, powers
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Lost Girl, Faith/Bo, experience, hunger, superhuman, toys
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel, Buffy Summers/Bucky Barnes, brooding, metal, kink, rough, super-soldiers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel, Buffy Summers/Steve Rogers, sparring, stamina, exhaustion
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/My Chemical Romance, Spike/Gerard Way, cigarettes, desperation, glass
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/OZ, Buffy Summers/Agent Pierce Taylor, hollow, creepy, beer, lithe, uncomplicated
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pretty Little Liars, Cordelia/Hanna, popular, dye, weapons, heels
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Buffy Summers/Malek, fear, battle, victory, vampires, bloodplay, neck, kiss, wall-sex, playful
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Sam Winchester, chosen, crypt, tools, driver, girly, bar, abroad
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith/Dean Winchester, crazy, broken, understand, chicks dig scars, fighting for balance
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Tara Maclay/Dean Winchester, magic, power, Impala, lonely, longing, love, wish, natural, demon, monster, auras, highway
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Vampire Diaries, Darla/Katherine, hunting, self-preservation, waxplay, curls, silk, view
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Vampire Diaries, Faith/Caroline, blondes, full, killer, kink, red, sharp, twist
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Vampire Diaries, Faith/Stefan, body, recovery, soul, urge
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Vampire Diaries, Oz/Caroline, breathe, nature, stronger, turn
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Torchwood, Buffy Summers/Jack Harkness, long-lived, impossible, daring, drop
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Faith/Jessica, anytime, fist, flexible, tongue
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Faith/Tommy, bang, boots, knife, sharp, shorty, tranquilizer, zipper
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Spike/Bill Compton, liege, sarcasm
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Willow Rosenburg/Pam, pact
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Xander Harris/Jason Stackhouse, third, other
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Xander Harris/Jesus Velasquez/Lafayette Reynolds, okay
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars, Faith/Logan, issues, ride, scars, yellow
Burn Notice/Chuck, Jesse Porter/Chuck Bartowski, teamwork, body-shots, smile
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Chuck Bartowski, practice, mentor, help
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin, spies, cover-story, objective
Burn Notice/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Sam Axe/Steve McGarrett, wet, SEAL, trust, help
Burn Notice/Leverage, Fiona Glennane/Parker, comfortable, acrobatic, throwdown, bodice-ripper, climb, aftershock
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael/Sophie, poolside, distraction, scratch, champagne
Burn Notice/Reno911!, Sam Axe/Clementine Johnson, alcohol
Burn Notice/The Closer, Michael Westen/Brenda Johnson, passion, competition, serious

Cabin Pressure/Doctor Who, Martin Crieff/Jack Harkness, Captain's hat, spaceships, ginger, fight and flight
Cabin Pressure/Sherlock, Martin Crieff/John Watson, human, substitute, rescue, kiss
Cabin Pressure/Sherlock, Martin Crieff/Sherlock Holmes, Narcissus, fascinating, double trouble, contrast, lonely, height difference
California Dairies/Sweet Valley High, Ducky McCrae/Tom McKay, freedom, gay, college, tennis
Calvin and Hobbes/Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin/Calvin, childish, imagination, adventure, sports, detention, growing
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/DCU, Peggy Carter/Wonder Woman, falling, catch, soldier, rescue, world, new
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/Iron Man (movie), Peggy Carter/Pepper Potts, heels, tear, survival, travel, roleplay, agents, uniform
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/Iron Man (movie), Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers, pretty, parties, liason, drapes, carpet, jealousy, initiation, hose, heels, wallsex
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/Iron Man, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, time-travel, shock, difference, unchanged
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/Thor (2011), Steve/Loki, hero, proof, love
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)/X-Men: First Class (2011), Peggy Carter/Moira McTaggart, role model, lesson, mission
Captain America/Deadpool Comics, Steve/Deadpool, gentle
Castle/Doctor Who, Kate Beckett/River Song, guns, arrest, unusual, lipstick
Castle/FlashForward, Kate Beckett/Janis Hawke, [any]
Castle/Fringe, Kate Beckett/Nick Lane, empathy
Castle/Fringe, Kate Beckett/Olivia Dunham, co-operation, Manhattan, trust, pain, water, amber
Castle/Justified, Javier Esposito/Tim Gutterson, bar, flirt, easy
Charmed/Harry Potter, Paige/Harry, magic, family, forever
Christine - Stephen King/From a Buick 8 - Stephen King, Christine/Buick 8, rev, engine, strange, mischief, different, fierce, lightquake, wait, human, taste
Chronicles of Chrestomanci/Howl's Moving Castle, Chrestomanci/Howl, dimensions, closets, magic-touch
Chuck/Covert Affairs, Sarah Walker/Annie Walker, unknown, mission, deceit, party
Chuck/Fringe, Sarah Walker/Olivia Dunham, desire, revenge, glasses, drunk, conference, unexpected, intense, interrogation, handcuffs, mission, undercover
Chuck/Quantum of Solace, Sarah Walker/James Bond, accent, mission, roughness
Chuck/Suits (TV Series), Mike Ross/Harvey Specter, Chuck Bartowsky/Sarah Walker, fraternity, undercover, defense
Chuck/Supernatural, Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Sam Winchester, beer-pong, Stanford, study, libraries, vacation, drunk, tandem, nightclub, hunting and exams, hunter!Chuck, surprises
Chuck/Supernatural, Bryce Larkin/Sam Winchester, substitute, longing, surprise
Chuck/Supernatural, Chuck Bartowski/Sam Winchester, similarities, nerd!gasm, protection, date-night, games, lab partners
Chuck/Supernatural, Chuck Bartowsky/Sam Winchester, Chuck Bartowsky/Sarah Walker, wedding, regret
Chuck/Warehouse 13, Sarah Walker/Myka Bering, artifact, Secret Service
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey, twice, sweet, Most Wanted, space, steam
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce Larkin/Neal Caffrey, sharp, levity, risk, guns, bed, nails, laptop
Chuck/White Collar, Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey, fedora, mistaken-identity, flirt, undercover, charming, sweet-talk, seduce, replacement, tangle, heist, backup, pinstripes, fetish, luck, memory, obligation, protection, spies, v.i.p.
Clarissa Explains It All/The Baby-Sitters Club, Claudia Kishi/Clarissa Darling, college, fashion
Clarissa Explains It All/Veronica Mars, Clarissa Darling/Veronica Mars, [any]
Coffee Prince/Pasta, Sun Ki/Phillip, art, waffles, whipped cream, Italy
Community/Doctor Who, Abed Nadir/Eleven, exception
Community/Glee, Annie Edison/Rachel Berry, neurotic, goal oriented, bat mitzvah, success, breakdown, sing, middle, snuggle, notes
Community/Iron Man (2008), Abed Nadir/Tony Stark, entertained
Community/Parks and Recreation, Britta Perry/Jean Ralphio Saperstein, rhyme, awkward, incident, game, play
Constantine (movie)/Prophesy, Gabriel/Gabriel, brother
Constantine/Supernatural, John Constantine/Dean Winchester, hell, taste, tattoo, bullet holes
Constantine/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Karrin Murphy/Angela Dodson, weird, bond, heightened, church
Corpse Bride/Nightmare Before Christmas, Emily/Sally, celebration, fancy-dress, Halloween, quiet, removable
Covert Affairs/Nikita (2010), Auggie Anderson/Nikita, bonds, helper, tech, toothbrush
Cowboy Bebop/Firefly, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky III/River Tam, teenagers, meeting, wasteland, chance, analysis, genius, strange, sudden
Cowboy Bebop/Firefly, Faye Valentine/Malcolm Reynolds, jaded, new, loss, similar, spaceships, rendevouz
Cowboy Bebop/Firefly, Vicious/Saffron, matching, game, conwoman, syndicate
Criminal Minds/Fringe, Emily Prentiss/Olivia Dunham, inter-departmental relations, date, pantsuits
Criminal Minds/How I Met Your Mother, Emily Prentiss/Barney Stinson, pick up, bar, change, unusual, charming, sting, burned, alcohol, tumble
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Penelope Garcia/Abby Scuito, geek, sexy
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Spencer Reid/Abby Sciuto, blood, tied, bathtub, hair
Criminal Minds/Stargate Atlantis, Emily Prentiss/John Sheppard, forget, hot, water, subtle
Criminal Minds/Stargate SG-1, Aaron Hotchner/Samantha Carter, professional attire, politics, commendation, leather, martial arts, wet
Criminal Minds/Supernatural, Emily Prentiss/Jo Harvelle, lost
Criminal Minds/Supernatural, Jennifer Jareau/Dean Winchester, badge
Criminal Minds/White Collar, Aaron Hotchner/Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke, in-charge, fem-dom, pushy, undercover, lies
Criminal Minds/White Collar, Spencer Reid/Neal Caffrey, marks, profile

D.Gray-man/His Dark Materials, Allen Walker/Yu Kanda, special, meadow, light
Damages/The Good Wife, Ellen/Kalinda, recon
Dark Knight/Smallville, Bruce/Lois, spurned, new start, losing
DCU/Doctor Who, Lois Lane/Eleven, running, interview, dark, unexpected
DCU/Ex Machina, Lex Luthor/Mitchell Hundred, political differences
DCU/Ex Machina, Superman/Mitchell Hundred,
DCU/Marvel, Amanda Waller/Emma Frost, white queen
DCU/Marvel, Bart Allen/Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, enthusiasm, learning, misplaced
DCU/Marvel, Cassie Sandsmark/Delphyne Gorgon, femininity
DCU/Marvel, Clint Barton/Connor Hawke, corruption
DCU/Marvel, Clint Barton/Roy Harper/Connor Hawke, famililal
DCU/Marvel, Kon-El/Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, anger, pride, strength
DCU/Marvel, Lois Lane/Captain America, patriot, writing, rescue, extraordinary
DCU/Marvel, Lois Lane/Mary Jane Watson, freckles, interview, strawberries, jewelry
DCU/Marvel, Mera/Namor, better, underwater, redhead, confusion
DCU/Marvel, Mera/Namora, Atlantis
DCU/Marvel, Nemesis/Jimmy Woo, undercover
DCU/Marvel, Pietro Maximoff/Wally West, arrogance
DCU/Marvel, Roy Harper/Clint Barton, circus, Freud, sticky, gag
DCU/Marvel, Stephanie Brown/Kate Bishop, eggplant, vibrator, slick, tied, sting
DCU/Marvel, Venus/Wonder Woman, sirens
DCU/Prison Break, Kimiyo Hoshi/Theodore Bagwell, lookalike
DCU/Smallville, Clark/Bruce, trust, shadows, cave, complement, moonlight
DCU/Smallville, Clark/Lex/Bruce, [any]
DCU/Smallville, Kon-El/Lex Luthor, family, belonging, good enough
DCU/Smallville, Oliver Queen (comics)/Oliver Queen (SV), leather, green, pretty bird, yoga, "it's complicated"
DCU/Space Ghost, Bruce Wayne/Jace, innocent, intimidating, fight, monkeys, seedy, ward
DCU/Star Trek: Reboot, Gaila/Starfire, freedom, redheads, color, flight
DCU/Star Trek: Reboot, Superman/James Kirk, stamina, fly, stars, mantle, boots, heat
DCU/Stargate SG-1, Tora Olafsdotter/Aris Boch, what a guy
DCU/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Jason Todd, guns, Mission, brothers, dirt, alley, bike, smirk, wounded, blood, knife, throat, bite, nails, cuffs
DCU/White Collar, Dick Grayson/Neal Caffrey, alternate universe, opposite, similar, chase, catch, train, rooftop, brothers, surveillance, con, hide, chase, tracker, forgery, neat trick, hat, cuffs, Feds, jump, New York, shadows, tussle, gun, game, mirror, circus, undercover
DCU/White Collar, Jason Todd/Neal Caffrey, 'better class of criminal', con, blade, run, alley, cover, red & blue, smirk, understanding, stitches, caught, restrained, heroes
DCU/Young Justice (animated), Kon-El (comics)/Superboy (animated), mirror, clones, masturbation, flying, San Francisco, Happy Harbor
DCU/Young Justice (toon), Barry Allen/Wally West, identical, longing, unrequited, wrong, temptation, spoiled
Deadpool Comics/Thor (2011), Loki/Deadpool, bargain
Dexter/Leverage, Debra Morgan/Parker, danger, finger, fragile, smoke, higher
Dexter/Life, Debra Morgan/Dani Reese, uniform, kiss, dance, sharp, kneeling
Disney/The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien, Mulan/Éowyn, warriors, training, sparring, massage, pleasure, riding
Doctor Who/Edward Scissorhands, Eleven/Edward, freak, snow
Doctor Who/Firefly, Eleven/Jayne Cobb, core, doctor, lips, Simon
Doctor Who/Firefly, Eleven/Kaylee Frye, fix, screwdriver
Doctor Who/Firefly, Eleven/Simon Tam, bowties, class, finally
Doctor Who/Firefly, Eleven/Zoe Washbourne, journey, new, similar, strong
Doctor Who/Firefly, River Song/River Tam, weapons, girls, telepathy, understanding
Doctor Who/Fringe, River Song/Olivia Dunham, guns, songs, names, change, disappearing
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Harry/Amy, shop, cider, travel, work, broken, kissing, others
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, River/Sirius, splinter, firewhisky, hunted, supernova, lipstick
Doctor Who/His Dark Materials – Phillip Pullman, Eleven/River Song, daemons
Doctor Who/Homestuck, Eleven/Bro Strider, time
Doctor Who/Horrible Histories, Rory Williams/Elagabalus, random, prank, fascination, threat
Doctor Who/Inception, Eleven/Eames, concealing, shapes
Doctor Who/Inglourious Basterds, Eleven/Donny Donowitz, moment, rescue, travel
Doctor Who/Inglourious Basterds, Eleven/Smithson Utivich, Hitler, reward
Doctor Who/Iron Man, Eleven/Tony Stark, hearts, technology
Doctor Who/Law and Order: UK, Martha Jones/Matt Devlin, starstuff, far, whiskey
Doctor Who/Legally Blonde, Eleven/Elle Woods, blonde, bow tie, fashion, pink, stuffy
Doctor Who/Leverage, Martha Jones/Alec Hardison, intelligent, different, accents
Doctor Who/Leverage, River Song/Sophie Devereaux, accents, prison, sentence, smirk, heels, Muse Dorse, freeze, [any], handcuffs
Doctor Who/Lie to Me, The Doctor/Cal Lightman, [any], lie, react, sonic, possessive, first, run, microexpressions, truth, hands, teach, alien, off-world
Doctor Who/Lost, Eleven/Jacob, eternity, stranded, repair, jungle, light
Doctor Who/Marvel, Eleven/Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, geekgasm, yes
Doctor Who/Marvel, Eleven/Mary Jane Watson, freckles, questions, skirts, boots, ginger, loud
Doctor Who/Marvel, Eleven/She-Hulk, strength, able, different, fun
Doctor Who/Merlin, Eleven/Arthur Pendragon, royalty, temptation
Doctor Who/Merlin, Eleven/Arthur Pendragon/Merlin, landing, middle
Doctor Who/Merlin, Eleven/Merlin, accepted, gone, magic, temporary
Doctor Who/My Chemical Romance, Turlough/Gerard Way, school uniform, red hair
Doctor Who/RPF, Eleven/Tori Belleci, busted, geeksplosion, myth
Doctor Who/RPF, Fifth Doctor/Vislor Turlogh/Charles Firth, twins, ties, school uniforms
Doctor Who/Sherlock (BBC), Eleven/John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, facilitating
Doctor Who/Sherlock (BBC), Eleven/Sherlock Holmes, clues
Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes (2010 film), Eleven/Sherlock Holmes, John, mystery
Doctor Who/Star Trek: Reboot, Eleven/James T. Kirk, alien, anything, bowtie, everything, time
Doctor Who/Star Trek: Reboot, Eleven/Spock, alienated, fascinating, home, logical, Tribbles
Doctor Who/Star Trek: Reboot, Martha Jones/Christine Chapel, appreciation, technology, history, modern
Doctor Who/Star Wars, Eleven/Han Solo, rude, annoying, irresistible, hair, crazy
Doctor Who/The X-Files, River Song/Dana Scully, evidence, travel, surprise, mercy
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Jack Harkness, graduation, diamond, table, apocalypse, brilliant, doctor, Hub, affection, respect, curiosity, caveman, condition, camera, reunion, light, kiss, sunshine, time, blue, butterflies
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Toshiko Sato, tea, sympathy, honey, salt
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Nine/Jack Harkness, time travel, manhandle, running, running, life force, leather, watching, masturbation
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Rory Williams/Jack Harkness, awkward, hesitant, charme, dimples
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ten/Jack, 51st century, escape, night, console!sex, longing
Doctor Who/Torchwood, The Doctor/Jack Harkness, video recordings, loneliness, wrong, forgotten, gun, cocktail, unacknowledged, impossibility, technobabble, victory
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tish Jones/Toshiko Sato, nicknames, chance, smile, fate,
Doctor Who/True Blood, Amy Pond/Eric Northman, fire, ice, control, bondage, seduction, espionage, biting, spanking, coy, guilt
Doctor Who/True Blood, Eleven/Alcide Herveaux, fixers
Doctor Who/True Blood, Eleven/Jessica Hamby, away
DragonQuest 8/Kushiel's Legacy, Marcello/Any, flechettes, whips, dominance, punishment, strength
Drake and Josh/iCarly, Megan Parker/Sam Puckett, plans, pranks, bonding
Dresden Files - Jim Butcher/House MD, Harry Dresden/Greg House, midnight, run, nervous
Due South/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Ray Kowalski, cars, guns, alcohol, hero

Equilibrium/Ultraviolet (2006), John Preston/Violet, gun kata, looking to the future, gloves, shiny, sword, blood, hurt, feel
Eureka/Warehouse 13, Douglas Fargo/Claudia Donovan, 'Are you trying to kill me?', death wish, Legend of Zelda, Godzilla, artifacts, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, geek fight, comic books, ThinkGeek, Comic Con, movies, accident, touch, fused, distance, visit, reference, magic, technology, stuck, costumed, awkward, real, visit, more
Evil Dead Trilogy/Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries, Ash/Sookie, hearing, seeing, touching, curious, sparkle

Farscape/Stargate SG-1, Aeryn Sun/Cameron Mitchell, hello, surprise
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, Aeryn Sun/John Crichton/Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, differences, similarities, wormholes, distant relations
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, Aeryn Sun/Vala Mal Doran, familiarity
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, John Crichton/Cameron Mitchell, differences
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, John Crichton/Vala Mal Doran, recognizion
Fatal Frame/Kuon, Kunihiko Asou/Abe no Seimei, centuries, inspiration, dream, exorcism
Fatal Frame/Monster, Kirishima/Tenma, case, optimism, hope, shelter, fugitive
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy X, Garnet/Yuna, magic, summon
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy XII, Ashe/Garnet, royalty
Final Fantasy IX/Final Fantasy XII, Beatrix/Drace, armour, fight, service
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X, Selphie/Rikku, flying, machines
Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy XII, Selphie/Rikku/Penelo, sharing, sunshine
Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy XII, Rikku/Penelo, flying, magic
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, [any], feathers, falcon, wings, fur, shine, sweat, taste, touch, skin, striptease
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Ike/Soren, devotion, night, trust, come
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Sephiran/Sanaki, loyalty, robes, soft, silk, hair
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Sephiran/Zelgius, devotion, loyalty, end, hair,
Firefly/NCIS, Kaylee Frye/Timothy McGee, fix, pretty, ice-cubes, mystery
Firefly/OZ, Malcolm Reynolds/Ryan O'Reily, showtime, con, language, truth, bunk, cards, white hat
Firefly/Star Trek: The Original Series, Serenity/Enterprise, glow, engines, shine, hum, crew, intriguing, leather, grime, rendezvous
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, Kaylee Frye/Jennifer Keller, similarities and differences, strangeness, weird, pleasure, satisfaction, trust, lust
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, Kaylee Frye/Ronon Dex, unexpected, happenstances, kisses, hold me, kisses, strength, wallsex
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, Inara Serra/Adria/Ba'al, dominance, power, arrogance, fire, heat, passion, hatesex, slaves, prisoners, stranded
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, Kaylee Frye/Aris Boch, laughter
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, Malcolm Reynolds/Inara Serra, Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter, stuck, spaceship, uninvited, strangers
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, Malcolm Reynolds/Jack O'Neill, powerplay
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, River Tam/Aris Boch, sly
Firefly/Supernatural, Kaylee Frye/Castiel, pie, apron, frill, pink, cupped, catch, learning
Firefly/The Closer, Malcolm Reynolds/Brenda Johnson, tough, blonde, passion, once
Firefly/The Hunger Games trilogy - Suzanne Collins, River Tam/Annie Cresta, damage, healing, recovery, flight, pilot, raising Finnick's child
Firefly/The Walking Dead (graphic novels) Zoe Alleyne-Washburne/Michonne, alike, warriors, scars, war stories
First Monday/Stargate Atlantis, Julian Lodge/Richard Woolsey, suit, procedure, strict, serve
Forever Knight/Van Helsing, Nick Knight/Van Helsing, table
Fortysomething/Sherlock, Rory Slippery/John Watson, pre-war
Frenemy of the State/Veronica Mars, Ariana Von Holmberg/Veronica Mars, detective, computer, spies, training, secrets, money
Fringe/Human Target, Olivia Dunham/Christopher Chance, memory, déjà vu
Fringe/The X Files, Olivia Dunham/Fox Mulder, equals
Fringe/The X-Files, Olivia Dunham/Dana Scully, assistance, history, repeating, abduction
Fringe/V (2009), Olivia Dunham/Erica Evans, fight, yes, storm, breakfast, late, quiet, office, pain, "who needs coffee?"
Fringe/Warehouse 13, Astrid Farnsworth/Claudia Donovan, sympathy, artifact, history
Fringe/Warehouse 13, Olivia Dunham/Myka Bering, past, guns, conferences, totem, suits, death, no names, partners, unknown

Game of Thrones/Legend of the Seeker, Cersei/Cara, sisters, water, fancy, rebellion, masochism, duty, indulgence
Game of Thrones/Stargate Atlantis, Daenerys Targaryen/Ronon Dex, horse, dragon, war, flight, gate, royalty, disdain, fury, escape
Gemma Doyle trilogy - Libba Bray/Sherlock Holmes, Felicity/Irene, [any], crossdressing, Paris
Generation Kill/Highlander, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, first time, death, new, protective, flustered, restraint, patience, distance, anticipation, jealousy, courage, longing, fight, tension, spar, swordfight, raw, flexible, reunion, possessive, off-limits, consideration, forbidden, attack, taste, competence, stealth, stranded, steel, pursue, grab, clever, ritual, trust, training, composure, conflict, physical, self-discipline, severe, refrain, bond, warrior, motorcycle, inscrutable, survivor, skill, diplomatic, edge, stubborn, pride, wait, shield, test, hold, precise, defense, power, rendezvous, all-consuming, tangled, strength
Generation Kill/Highlander, Methos/[any], smug, superior, arrogance, invitation, tension, restless, spar, swordfight, banter, caustic, beer, raw, flexible, manipulation, off-limits, claim, consideration, indifferent, forbidden, attack, taste, sly, stealth, stranded, steel, bold, clever, trust, favor, training, amused, contact, decadent, warrior, loyalty, scathing, sarcasm, inscrutable, survivor, honor, skill, façade, shield, hidden, test, blunt, hold, precise, threat, persona, masque, strength
Generation Kill/La Femme Nikita, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, checkmate
Generation Kill/Southland, John Cooper/Ray Person, mouthy, handcuffs, ripped fuel, solicitation, careful, giggle, track record, after hours
Generation Kill/Swan Lake - Bourne, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, flock, horror
Generation Kill/The Gates, Dylan Radcliff/Nate Fick, community, procedure
Generation Kill/The West Wing, Nate Fick/Sam Seaborn, repeal, speech
Generation Kill/True Blood, Brad Colbert/Lafayette Reynolds, denial, blood, hot, taste
Generation Kill/True Blood, Brad Colbert/Sookie Stackhouse, ice, shock, argument, slam
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Rory Gilmore/Sam Winchester, rescue
Glee/Harry Potter, Brittany Pierce/Luna Lovegood, understood, comfort, camp, lost, sweet, kisses, nargles, thestral, revelations
Glee/High School Musical, Kurt/Ryan, blue, Hugo Boss, Lady Gaga, college, audition, part, lips, hair, hats, genderswap
Glee/Veronica Mars , Sam Evans/Veronica Mars, impressed, blonde, unpopular, transfer, baggage, surfing
Good Omens/Supernatural, Aziraphale/Castiel, wings, feathers, tugging, geeky,
Good Omens/Supernatural, Azirphale/GO!Crowley, SPN!Crowley/Bobby, irony, Crowley squared, wonder demons, like superheroes except not, idefk
Good Omens/Supernatural, Crowley & Crowley (mentioned Az/go!Crowley, Bobby/Spn!Crowley?), hanging out, sarcasm, wine, minions, heaven and hell, philosophy, descriptive talking about sex
Good Omens/Supernatural, Gabriel/Sam, Dean/Castiel, GO!Crowley/Aziraphale, bently, impala, car race, the best of queen, highway to hell
Gremlins/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, lifeline, water, incredulous, Barbie
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Izzie/Addison, denial, rub
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Teddy/Addison, power
Grey's Anatomy/The Vampire Diaries, Alex Karev/Damon Salvatore, redemption, false, Thursday
Grey's Anatomy/The Vampire Diaries, Alex Karev/Katherine Pierce, hold, break, cancel
Grey's Anatomy/The Vampire Diaries, Izzie Stevens/Katherine Pierce, below, black, circle
Grey's Anatomy/The Vampire Diaries, Meredith Grey/Damon Salvatore, spot, carry, elbow

Hack/Slash/Serenity Rose, Cassie Hack/Serenity Rose, any
Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew, Frank/Nancy, undercover, red, clues, sleuthing, Egypt, pretend, dream
Harry Potter/Sherlock (BBC), Hermione Granger/John Watson, fierce, library, spectacles, buttons, spectators, philosophy, ignorance, games, deception, peach
Harry Potter/Supernatural, Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, inter-house, tie
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/In Plain Sight, Chin Ho Kelly/Marshall Mann, trust, trivia, talent, tomato
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Chin Ho Kelly/Alec Hardison, hacking, video, chaos, competition
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Chin Ho Kelly/Parker, surprise, caught, sheets, riding, tired
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Kono Kalakaua/Eliot Spencer, guns, prison, surfing, desk
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Steve McGarrett/Eliot Spencer, fight, caught, struggle, top
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Stargate Atlantis, Steve McGarrett/John Sheppard, bungalow, ocean, sea-food, screwup, argue, bar-hopping, surf, speed
Hawaii Five-0/Lost, Kono Kalakaua/Sawyer, police, beach
Hawaii Five-0/Stargate Atlantis, Kono Kalakaua/Ronon Dex, bold, running, lesson, unexpected
Hawaii Five-0/Stargate Atlantis, Steve McGarrett/Teyla Emmagan, sleek, grin, sunlight, freedom
Hawaii Five-0/Stargate Atlantis, Steve McGarrett/Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard, heat, uninhibited, arch, protective
Hawaii Five-O (1968)/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Danny Williams (1968)/Chin Ho Kelly (2010), [any]
Hawaii Five-O (1968)/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Danny Williams (1968)/Steve McGarrett (2010), [any]
Hellblazer/The Authority, Jenny Sparks/John Constantine, smoke, lock-in, history
Hellblazer/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Harry Dresden/John Constantine, demon, respect, alley
Hellblazer/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Karrin Murphy/John Constantine, normal, warrant, handcuff, damage control
Hercules (Disney)/Mulan (Disney), Megara/Mulan, unexpected
Hercules (Disney)/Sleeping Beauty (Disney), Megara/Maleficent, control
Heroes/Misfits, Adam Monroe/Nathan Young, immortal, drinking, bitchy, vacation
Heroes/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Claire/John, chosen, foxhole, friendly fire, secrets, target practice
Hex/X-Men: First Class (2011), Azazeal/Charles Xavier, persistence, fascinate, seduction, nuzzle, breathe, warp, invade, purr
High School Musical/The Social Network, Cameron/Tyler/Sharpay/Ryan, rich, world, party, language, secrets, pride, configuration, morning, sharing
Highlander (1992)/Inception, Amanda/Eames, forgery, art, heist, enclosed spaces
Highlander (1992)/Thor (2011), Duncan MacLeod/Lady Loki, shopping, snow, games, money, power,
Hikaru no Go/Tale of Genji, Hikaru Genji/Fujiwara no Sai, red, illusion, hair, blossoms
His Dark Materials – Phillip Pullman/X-Men: First Class (2011), Charles/Mary Malone, genetics, religion.
His Dark Materials – Phillip Pullman/X-Men: First Class (2011), Charles/Will Perry/Lyra, unseen, medicine, wonders.
Homicide: Life on the Street/Wanted, Dennis Knoll/Eddie Drake, caught, reward, money, whore, share
Horrible Bosses/How I Met Your Mother, Julia/Barney, any
House M.D./The O.C., Thirteen/Alex Kelly, Kindred spirits, syncronicity, writhe, toys, secret,
How I Met Your Mother/Live Free Die Hard, Marshall Eriksen/Matt Farrell, all-night, LAN party, quickie, geekspeak, junior high
Howl's Moving Castle/The Chronicles of Narnia, Susan/Howl, makeup, runaway, belief, queens

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (Game)/System Shock 2, AM/SHODAN, programming, hate, speeches
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream/Portal, AM/GLaDOS, [any]
In Plain Sight/Iron Man, Mary Shannon/Tony Stark, donuts, road, t-shirt
Inception/Firefly, Mal/ Mal, doppleganger
Inception/Firefly, Mal/River, guilt, madness
Inception/Rock'n'Rolla, Eames/One Two, history, manipulative, legend, breathless, bent over
Inception/StarTrek: Reboot, Arthur/Eames, Kirk Spock
Inception/The Green Hornet, Arthur/Kato, accessories, badass
Inception/The Sandman, Dream/Ariadne/Arthur/Eames, creation, cycles, inspiration, voyeurism, parasite
Inception/White Collar, Ariadne/Neal Caffrey, scarf, education, fedora, underhanded
Indiana Jones/Star Wars, Indiana Jones/Leia Organa, rude, annoying, frustrating, command, lost, cunnilingus, wild
Interview with the Vampire/Oz, Lestat-Keller/Keller-Beecher, blood, lust, love, immortality
Iron Man (2008)/Speed Racer (2008), Tony Stark/Speed Racer, cars
Iron Man (2008)/Thor (2011), Tony Stark/Fandral/Hogun, gods
Iron Man (2008)/Thor (2011), Tony Stark/Heimdall, biceps, big, guard
Iron Man (2008)/Thor (2011), Tony Stark/Loki, persuasion
Iron Man (2008)/Thor (2011), Tony Stark/Thor Odinson, amazed, large, profitable, religion, worship
Iron Man (movie)/Thor (2011), Pepper Potts/Darcy Lewis, organise, iPod, sanity
Iron Man/X-Men: First Class (2011), Tony Stark/Erik Lehnsherr, tease, dark, flicker, metal, peel, adapt

James Bond/Sherlock (BBC), James Bond/Sherlock Holmes, bicker, car, Paris
James Bond/Sherlock (BBC), M/Mycroft, scotch, irreverence, procedure
James Bond/White Collar, James Bond/Neal Caffrey, gem, Ritz, roof, target

Kane Chronicles - Rick Riordan/Percy Jackson - Rick Riordan, Annabeth/Carter, [any]
Kill Bill/Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Elle/Agent Sands, blind, fury, touch, lips, sunglasses
Kino's Journey/The Dark Tower - Stephen King, Kino/Jake, journey, firelight, bullet, quick

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/OZ, Benson/Beecher, secret, mouse, ghost, crickets, selfless, eggshell, antique, rope, heartbreak
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/OZ, Stabler/Beecher, lei, stomach, scratch, holding cell, sweat, zealot, mountains, uniform, dress blues, prayer, parole, single
Legend of the Seeker/The Good Wife, Kalinda/Cara, feelings, similar, easier, bar
Leverage/Lost Girl, Parker/Kenzi, heist, alley, cunning, suspension, knot
Leverage/Lost Girl, Sophie/Bo, seductive, con, money, cocktails, sunscreen
Leverage/NCIS, Eliot Spencer/Ziva David, fight, disarm, bite, unfair
Leverage/Sanctuary, Kate/Parker, Thieves, Juvie, Absent, Skills, Bound, Freefall
Leverage/Stargate Atlantis, Eliot Spencer/Teyla Emmagan, wrestle, clever, fist, scarlet
Leverage/The Magnificent Seven (TV), Eliot Spencer/Ezra Standish, Oneupmanship, fighting, knowledge
Leverage/The Magnificent Seven (TV), Parker/JD Dunne, money, friends, red
Leverage/Torchwood, Eliot Spencer/Jack Harkness, lovingly, snow, sun
Life/Standoff, Matt Flannery/Charlie Crews, morning, break down in communication, restless, hold, liaison, comfort, furniture
Live Free Die Hard/Stargate Atlantis, John McClane/Rodney McKay, nuts, argument, snark, bottle, mirror, get bent, passive aggressive
Lost Girl/Sanctuary, Bo/Helen Magnus, mix up, entertain, identity
Lost Girl/Sanctuary, Bo/Henry Foss, replacement, drunk, convention, geek
Lost Girl/Sanctuary, Bo/Kate Freelander, brawl, wrong side, energy
Lost Girl/Sanctuary, Kenzi/Kate Freelander, con, tracks, accent, influence
Lost Girl/Warehouse 13, Kenzi/Claudia, joyride, email, campus, bar, cheap, explosion, secrets, runaway
Lost/True Blood, Sawyer/Tara, snark, pride, broken, healing
Lost/V (2009), Sawyer/Erica, not who I want
Luther (BBC)/Sherlock (BBC), Alice/Sherlock, strange, breathtaking, dangerous, angry, blood, heights, riddle
Luther (BBC)/Torchwood, Alice Morgan/Suzie Costello, blood, knives

Magic School Bus/Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins/Miss Frizzle, vacation
Mansfield Park (any)/Sense and Sensibility (any), Edmund Bertram/Edward Ferrars, church, school, shame, sin,
Marvel/Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jim Hammond/Data, functional
Marvel/The Losers, Franklin Clay/Jimmy Woo, recruit
Marvel/Young Justice (toon), Kaldur/Billy Kaplan, blond, foodplay, sensation
Marvel/Young Justice (toon), Kaldur/Kate Bishop, leaders, stubborn, turns, extravagant
Merlin/Doctor Who, Morgana/River, escape
Merlin/Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/Arthur Pendragon, pretty, horses, command, kneeling, magic, stables
Misfits/Skins, Alisha/Cook, club, grind, handjob, knickers, laughter, spark, spit, wanker
Misfits/Skins, Alisha/Cook, passion, alcohol, fireworks, fight, tease
Misfits/Skins, Katie/Nathan, passion, alcohol, impulsive
Misfits/Skins, Simon/Effy, bruises, camera, glitter, legs, pale, rip, skirt
Moonlight/True Blood, Beth Turner/Pam De Beaufort, crossdressing, footprints, hiss, disturbing, lost, eyeliner, pearls

NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Tony DiNozzo/Teyla Emmagan, charming, wine, mystery, catch, heartless
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Abigail Sciuto/Anise/Freya, experimentation, fun, kisses, not what you expected, surprises
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Abigail Sciuto/Malek, chance meeting, prisoner, innocent, fascination
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Jethro Gibbs/Jack O'Neill, age, beg, own, uncommon
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Timothy McGee/Anise/Freya, exchange, escape, understanding, keeping secrets
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Timothy McGee/Sam Carter, smart, unavailable, possess
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David/Ba'al, captured, drugged, passion, desire, love
Norse Mythology/Thor (2011), Loki/human!Svadilfari, stranger, bet, garden, strength
Numbe3rs/Star Trek: Reboot, Charlie Eppes/Pavel Chekov, mathematics, understanding, connection, moment

Oliver Twist/Sweeney Todd (movieverse), Toby/Dodger, get by
One Tree Hill/White Collar, Peyton/Neal, music, New York, familiar, dance
Oz/RPS, Beecher-Tergesen/Keller-Meloni, reality, fiction, blur
OZ/Wanted, Eddie Drake/Chris Keller, extra sauce, bent over, elephant, fistfight, chase, defiant
OZ/Wanted, Eddie Drake/Toby Beecher, kissing, mustache, chowder, motorcycle, entrapment

Pepsi Commercials/Supernatural, Gabriel/[any], hiding, dreams, sticky, Snoop Dog
Phineas & Ferb/Powerpuff Girls, Ferb/Buttercup, future, grad school, talk, hair
Pretty Little Liars, Glee/Pretty Little Liars, Santana/Emily, college, find out, legs, bikini, normal
Pretty Little Liars/The Vampire Diaries, Hanna/Damon, style, eyeliner, sass
Pride and Prejudice (any)/Sense and Sensibility (any), Wickham/Willoughby, burn, molly house, dare, unite, untie, debase,
Prison Break/Oz, Michael Scofield/Ryan O'Reilly, discovery, plot
Private Practice/Weeds, Addison/Nancy, coffee, pregnancy, strap-on
Psych/The West Wing, Gus/Zoey, [any]

Raffles: the Amateur Cracksman -- EW Hornung/Arséne Lupin series -- Maurice Leblanc, Arséne Lupin/Raffles, gentlemen, fortune, game, fingers
Re-Animator/The Evil Dead, Ash Williams/Herbert West, clash, wound, jailbreak

Sally Lockhart - Philip Pullman/Vesper Holly - Lloyd Alexander, Jim/Vesper, [any], adventure
Sally Lockhart - Philip Pullman/Vesper Holly - Lloyd Alexander, Sally/Vesper, [any], dress
Sanctuary/X-Men: First Class, Erik Lehnsherr/Nikola Tesla, competition, grip, philosophy, rough
Sanctuary/X-Men: First Class, Nikola Tesla/Erik Lehnsherr, drinks, post-war, science, superhuman, minions, revenge, lost
Sandman/The Unwritten, Dream/Tom Taylor, true stories
Scott Pilgrim/The Social Network, Mark/Scott, opposites, annoying, relentless, suckage, show, clash
Scrubs/The Fast & the Furious, Dom Toretto/Christopher Turk, smile, affection, exasperation, saving lives, role model, object penetration, gloves
Sherlock (BBC)/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Sherlock/John, Danny/Steve/Chin/Kono, consultation, discovery, holiday
Sherlock (BBC)/Sherlock Holmes, RDJ!Sherlock/Gatiss!Mycroft, intuition, visceral, certainty.
Sherlock (BBC)/Supernatural, Anthea/Joanna Beth "Jo" Harvelle, [any], deal, playful, highway, danger
Silent Hill: Homecoming/Silent Hill 4: The Room, Alex Shepherd/Henry Townshend, meeting, photographs, touch, headache, muscle, candles, water, tremble, boyfriend
Sleeping Beauty (Disney)/The Little Mermaid (Disney), Maleficent/Ursula, power
Smallville/Superman Returns, SR!Clark Kent/SV!Lois Lane, passion, substitute, wild cherry, glasses, suit, bullpen, sleek, need, grief, Multiverse, whisper, kinky, silk scarf, talented, vanilla, interview, snark, cape, beer, lost, replacement
Smallville/Supernatural, Clark Kent/Brady, mistaken identity, price, powers, mission, goal, wall!sex
Smallville/Supernatural, Clark Kent/Dean Winchester, unexpected, Impala, powers, hopeful, take down, not alone, survive, silence, lips, floor, entangled, grip, hero
Smallville/Supernatural, Jason Teague/Dean Winchester, different, mirror, hard, rescue, blowjob
Smallville/V, Kara/Lisa, Kara saves Good Lisa by battling Evil Lisa, falling in love
Smallville/Warehouse 13, Chloe Sullivan/Claudia Donovan, hacking, secrets, weapons
Spartacus: Blood & Sand series/Stargate SG-1, Ilithyia/Apophis, worship, surprises, rebellion, desire, fire, power, force, stimulation, bondage, satisfaction
Spartacus: Blood & Sand series/Stargate SG-1, Spartacus/Hathor, goddess, worship, tied up, dominatrix
Spartacus: Blood & Sand series/Stargate SG-1, Spartacus/Malek, timetravel, stranded, powerplay, dirty, desire, passion, forbidden desire, fire
Spartacus/Xena, Lucretia/Gaia/Xena, slave training, submission
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: The Original Series, Benjamin Sisko/James Kirk, heroes
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Stargate SG-1, Jadzia Dax/Delek, differences and similarities, allies, fear, understanding, passion
Star Trek: Reboot/Star Trek: The Original Series, 2009!Nyota Uhura/2009!Spock/TOS!Spock, het, interdimensional, pon-farr, consensual, tag-team, dp
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, James Kirk/Dean Winchester, leather, fast, broken, bar, back room, dirty
Star Trek: Reboot/Torchwood, Gaila/Toshiko Sato, engineering, recruit, runaway, reinvent
Star Trek: Reboot/Torchwood, James Kirk/Jack Harkness, coat, irrepressible, alley, fight, tiger by the tail, held down
Star Trek: The Original Series/Stargate SG-1, Christine Chapel/Heru'ur, worshipping, bondage, lo'tar, willing, desire, satisfaction, desperation, painplay, whipping, sex slave, kisses
Star Trek: The Original Series/Stargate SG-1, James T. Kirk/Garshaw, strange bedfellows, dedication, soldiers, war, allies, cake, wine, climbing, dancing, television
Star Trek: The Original Series/Stargate SG-1, James T. Kirk/Hathor, prisoner, slave, drugs, love slave, swords, bloodplay, goddess
Star Trek: The Original Series/Stargate SG-1, Leonard McCoy/Delek, anger, opposites attract, secrets, meetings
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, piracy, fracture, unbeatable, penetration
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Ba'al, bathtime, jealous, tempted, tired
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, tease, giggle, legs, bowl
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Jennifer Keller/John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, tight, lubricant, surgical glove, drugged, pregnancy
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Ba'al, playful, football, drunk, loss, smooth
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, jeans, stumble, comfort, first, heat, fierce, stars, vulnerable, making up, dress uniform, flying, desperate, regrets, rimjob, interest, coincidence, force, obey, home, caress, charming, collar, family, grin, plead, rakish, sated, wedding
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell/Samantha Carter, planned, spontaneous, sweet, complicated, wet
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Daniel Jackson, teaching, drunk
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Jack O'Neill, training, tactic, authority, videotape
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell, family, haven, tease
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran, laugh, quick, soft, surprise, grin, edge, control, distraction, bright
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Daniel Jackson, weapons, Asgard, history, computer, rescue
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Vala Mal Doran, disguises, hard liquor, space cowboys, refugees, leather, simplicity, tattoos
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Aldwin, role play, office, on duty, missions, differences
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Paul Davis, delight, frisson
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Vegas!John Sheppard/Continuum!Cameron Mitchell, leftovers, second chances, shiny, forgiveness, slick
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Ronon Dex/Teal'c, geneology, soft, tickle, hot, silk, worship
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Vegas!Sheppard/Dean Winchester, smooth, whiskey, fight
Stargate Atlantis/The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper/Rodney McKay, food, genius, co-workers
Stargate Atlantis/Thoughtcrimes, John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan, hand-cuffed
Stargate SG-1/Stargate Universe, Daniel Jackson/Nicholas Rush, brilliant, burn, chill, competence, fantasy, rhetoric, sparring
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Vala Mal Doran/Dean Winchester, smirk, buy, run, evade
Stargate SG-1/Superstorm, Samantha Carter/Lance Resnick, weird, science, arrogance, similarities and differences, desire
Stargate SG-1/Teen Wolf (new tv series), Samantha Carter/Chris Argent, recognizion, similarities, differences, surprise, attraction
Stargate SG-1/The Magnificent Seven (TV), Daniel Jackson/Ezra Standish, stories, lies, vacation
Stargate SG-1/The Magnificent Seven (TV), Jack O'Neill/Chris Larabee, arguments, power play, loyalty
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Anise/Freya/Fox Mulder, couch, red dress, secrets, aliens, conspiracy
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Col. Caldwell's Goa'uld/Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, aliens, abducted, surprises, forced sex, comfort
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Delek/Fox Mulder, alien conspiracy, hand cuffs, abducted, kisses
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Thor/Fox Mulder, alien abductions, alien conspiracy, unexpected, beam, together
Stargate SG-1/Warehouse 13, Daniel Jackson/Pete Lattimer, knowledge, misunderstanding, library
Stormwatch/The Authority, Apollo/The Midnighter/Winter, epiphany, forgotten, past
Stormwatch/The Authority, Apollo/Winter, sunlight, weight, missing, stormwatch
Suits (TV)/His Dark Materials – Phillip Pullman, Mike Ross/Harvey Specter, fur, laughter, discrimination
Suits (TV)/Numb3rs, Mike Ross/Harvey Specter, Charlie Eppes/Don Eppes, incest, trip, house
Suits (TV)/Supernatural, Mike Ross/Harvey Specter, prison, shoulders
Suits (TV)/White Collar, Mike Ross/Neal Caffrey, brilliance, double cross, pamper, partners, prison, protege
Suits (TV)/X-Men: First Class (2011), Mike Ross/Harvey Specter, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, powers, jealousy
Superman (Reeveverse)/Superman Returns, Clark Kent/Jimmy Olsen/Lana Lang, nostalgia, friendship, together, bed, reunion, wander, stars, cold, jacket
Superman (Reeveverse)/Superman Returns, Clark Kent/Lana Lang/Lois Lane/Richard White, finally, hot-tub, OT4, stolen time, switch, relax, relief, drinks
Superman (Reeveverse)/Superman Returns, Clark Kent/Lana Lang/Richard White, wander, hands, red, home, secrets, fiery, passion, flight, tickle, hilarious, straight-laced, inhibitions
Superman (Reeveverse)/Superman Returns, Jimmy Olsen/Lana Lang/Richard White, cast-offs, commiserate, drunk, pining, party, friends, dark, laces, stand, laugh
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Lenore/Damon Salvatore, rescue, help, teach, tangled, wrap, mercy, matched, tied, liquor, pierce, voices
Supernatural/Transformers, Bumblebee/Impala, flesh, helpless, technology, human, research, slick
Supernatural/Transformers, Dean Winchester/Sam Witwicky, villains, expensive, scarf, dead, emoticons, hot, alone, road, bareback, desperate
Supernatural/True Blood, Lafayette Reynolds/Sam Winchester, tall, drink, flirt, table, blush, size queen
Sweet Valley High/The Baby-Sitters Club, Anna Stevenson/Elizabeth Wakefield, older, twin, music, writing
Sweet Valley High/The Baby-Sitters Club, Laine Cummings/Lila Fowler, rich, fashion, fabulous, snob, spoiled

Teen Wolf (TV)/The Vampire Diaries, Derek/Mason, alpha, beta, pack
Terminator: Salvation/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Marcus Wright/Derek Reese, obsession, metal, blood
Terminator/ X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Sarah Connor/Logan, metal, fear, trust, sweat
The Fast & the Furious/True Blood, Eric/Pam/Brian O'Conner, slap, smother, ice cream, game, ruthless, running scared, report
The Gates/The Vampire Diaries, Dylan Radcliff/Damon Salvatore, history
The Good Wife/Warehouse 13, Kalinda/H.G. Wells, [any]
The Last Unicorn (movie)/Tron: Legacy, Amalthea/Quorra, human, new, unicorn, last, food, happiness, sun, sea
The Losers/The Middleman, Aisha/Wendy Watson, dapper
The Prisoner (1967)/Doctor Who (1963), McKern!Number Two/Delgado!Master, toys, domination, madness, dildos, whipping, mindplay
The Prisoner (1967)/Doctor Who (1963), McKern!Number Two/Vislor Turlogh, school master, caning, age play, uniforms
The Sandman/Stardust, Yvaine/Dream, forever, evanescent, glimmer, companionship, midnight
The Vampire Diaries/True Blood, Tommy/Caroline, asshole, doggy, moan
The X-Files/V (2009), Erica Evans/Dana Scully, vests, sons, loss, running, survival, conspiracy
Thor (2011)/Thor comics, Balder/Loki, beautiful, appreciation, deception, forgiveness
Thor (2011)/Thor comics, Doom/Loki, partners, distrust, wrong, angst, wonderment
Three's Company/Wings, Jack/Casey, stopover, familiar, loudmouth, insults
Torchwood/UFO, Jack Harkness/Ed Straker, secret, aliens, fear, stress, strategy
Torchwood/White Collar, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones/Neal Caffrey, suit, bad, socks
Traveler/White Collar, Tyler Fogg/Neal Caffrey, substitute, fugitive, refuge
Tron: Legacy/The Last Unicorn, Amalthea/Quorra, survivors, any
True Blood/The Vampire Diaries, Alcide/Caroline, wolves, blondes

White Collar/X-Men: First Class, Charles Xavier/Neal Caffrey, brandy, flirt, silk

Real Person Fiction

Actor & Comedian (& Related) RPF
Adam Hills/Mark Watson/Ali McGregor, burlesque, cross-dressing, corsets
Adam Hills/Paul McDermott, costumes, fairytales, Red Riding Hood, animal play, candy
Adam Hills/Wil Anderson, spanking, dildos, anal beads
Alexander Skarsgard/Anna Paquin, other man, first, after, rendezvous, itch
Alexander Skarsgard/Anyone!, pie, bills, bitter, delight, story
Alexander Skarsgard/Emilia Clarke, flirt, comic-con
Alexander Skarsgard/Jon Huertas, shenanigans, lean, place, early
Alexis Bledel/Milo Ventimiglia, fun, sweet, sulky
Alia Shawkat/Ellen Page, slide, laugh, wish, hold
Alison Brie/Gillian Jacobs, photo shoot, pandering
Amber Riley/Chord Overstreet, backstage, farewell
Amy Poehler/Tina Fey, funny, friends, laughter
Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone, tactile, Comic Con, hush, [any], senses, hipsters, banter, martinis, accent, beg, tingling
Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone/Jesse Eisenberg, best friends, reunion, sharing, triangle, New York, phone, networks
Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg, asexual, bird, superhero, rambling, scars, comic con, dates, Italy, interview, joy, eHarmony, breeze, love, subsequently, kisses, medication, how, cats, genderswap, Grease, method, thighs, road trip, dirt, want, bleed, identify, eyes
Andrew Garfield/Matt Smith, hipster, plaid, ridiculous, hats, midnight, dancing
Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel, wigs
Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel/Charles Firth, gaming, late nights, couches, sleep-overs
Andrew Hansen/Dominic Knight, ponyboys, D/s, leather, cages
Angelina Jolie/Jonny Lee Miller, wild, thrill, soon
Anna Paquin/Famke Janssen, [any]
Anna Paquin/Hugh Jackman, [any]
Anne Hathaway/Jake Gyllenhaal, handjob
Anne Hathaway/Topher Grace, friends, youth, crush, filming, funny, photograph, nose, gentle
Anton Yelchin/Matthew Gray Gubler, slapping
Ari Graynor/Kat Dennings, fling, kiss, snow

Ben Affleck/Matt Damon, flight, forever, friendship, fierce, find, forgive, want, best, always
Ben Willbond/Mat Baynton, pirates, waiting, corpsing, wardrobe, moustache
Benedict Cumberbatch/James McAvoy, friends with benefits, pining, admiration, brave
Benedict Cumberbatch/Mark Gatiss, suits, rehearsal
Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman, airplanes, New Zealand, voice, tea, familiarity
Benedict Cumberbatch/Rupert Graves, method
Billy West/John DiMaggio, giggle, frown, insanity
Billy West/Nick Tate, [any], voice
BJ Novak/Mindy Kaling, bring, Boston, call, home, Thanksgiving, rush, laugh, hurry, script, gig, party, copy, secret, Subtle Sexuality, pursuit, club
Bonnie Wright/Emma Watson/Matthew Wright, [any], hate to say goodbye, forest, build, dream, laundry, lazy days
Bonnie Wright/Matthew Lewis, [any], ring, garden, cliche, raw, spoon
Bradley Cooper/John Cho, kitchen
Bradley Cooper/Liam Neeson, A-Team, characterization, bar, couch, holding, nightmare, jungle, alone, warmth, breakfast, away
Bradley Cooper/Ryan Reynolds, game, beer, plot
Bradley James/Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, sandwich, substitute
Bradley James/Colin Morgan, breasts, food, fumble, lipstick, silence
Bradley James/Colin Morgan/Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, airplane, fantasy, hotel, ocean
Bradley James/Colin Morgan/Zachary Quinto, accents, convention, handled
Bruce Boxleitner/Garrett Hedlund, rehearsal, on set, wardrobe malfunction, fantasy, rough
Bruce Boxleitner/Jeff Bridges, dressing room, post-divorce, comfort
Bruce Boxleitner/Mira Furlan, final season, trailer, crafts table, meeting, secret, his angst
Bruce Boxleitner/Olivia Wilde, change, young again, body shots, her divorce, his divorce

Cameron Diaz/Drew Barrymore/Lucy Liu, fun, bonding
Carla Gugino/Joseph Gordon-Levitt, [any]
Channing Tatum/Joseph Gordon-Levitt, [any], best friends, suffering, better, clean
Chas Licciardello/Dominic Knight, best friends
Chris Colfer/Darren Criss, eventually
Chris Hemsworth/Jaimie Alexander, Sif&Thor relationship, bonding
Chris Hemsworth/Natalie Portman, big, curious, dancing
Chris Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, future, secret, hide, red carpet, missing, texts, birthday, Hamptons, boat, swim, vacation, NYC, farewell
Chris Pine/Karl Urban, backseat, camera, edge, faith, fingertips, future, intuition, lick, melody, trust, surf, weapon
Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, drag, flexible, roleplay, straight
Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto/Karl Urban, afternoon, conjecture, fantasy, flight, introduction, kiss, necktie, ocean, orange, precision, quilt, rumor
Christian Bale/Gary Oldman, corpsing, award, teach, reunion, mentor
Christian Bale/Matt Smith, rough, dirty, suck, use, public, quiet
Christian Kane/Beth Riesgraf, [any]
Christopher Meloni/Lee Tergesen, shock, hands, leaning, sad, coffee, lemon, shopping cart, marathon, torment, crossdressing, leather, harness, heartbreak
Cillian Murphy/Garrett Hedlund, Tron 3, character roleplay, dinner date, plan, teasing
Cillian Murphy/Ken Watanabe, snow, fall, translation, heat, whisper
Cory Monteith/Chris Colfer, serenade, cover, bromance, Outfest, outed, pictures, twitter

Daniel Radcliffe/Emma Watson, set, new movie, tension, friendship, crush, visit, NYC, London, touch, chair, fit, boy briefs, haircut, eventual, Granger Danger, chapstick, freckles, pizza, dorm room, wet dream
Darren Criss/Joey Richter, missing, stardom, undercover, voice work, duet, hilarious, long distance relationship, what happens in Vegas, party, muse, friendship, memories, nostalgia, leaky con, avpm, headband, crooked jaw, time, college, unsure, first, laughter, alcohol, roof, [any]
Darren Criss/Lea Michele, persistence, admiration, quote, trailer, uncertain, snuggle, crossword, normal
David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson, phone, busy, squeeze, speechless, awkward, tabloids, text, spill, tease, sister, honest
David Henrie/Selena Gomez, music, dressing room, magazine, Emmys, drink, swim, set
David Hewlett/Joe Flanigan, get, cheerful, tussle, hug, reunion, sandals, beach, France, gift
David Mitchell/Robert Webb, teasing, in character, on camera, nervous
David Tennant/Catherine Tate, rehearsal, much ado, night, accident, blush, calm, twirl, out of character, mornings, trust
David Tennant/John Barrowman, more
Dianna Agron/Matthew Morrison, junket, repeat, remember when
Dominic Monaghan/Billy Boyd, reunion, freckles, second breakfast, games
Drew Barrymore/Ellen Page, kiss, almost, brush
Drew Barrymore/Lucy Liu, play, right, want, here

Ed Westwick/Leighton Meester, chemistry, high, headboard
Edison Chen/Jay Chou, try, face, slip
Elizabeth Mitchell/Rebecca Mader, shade, chocolate
Ellen Page/Joseph Gordon-Levitt, bend, laugh, drunk, sweet, smoke, friends with benefits, dinner, music, opposite, work, vision, meant, sleep
Ellen Page/Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Tom Hardy, fun
Emilia Clarke/Jason Momoa, goodbye, something to remember, awkward, relaxing, rehearsing, comforting, first time, hard rape scene, apologetic, comforting, introductions, sexual tension, funny, naked, tattoos
Emma Stone/Emma Watson, mirror
Emma Thompson/Kenneth Branagh, much ado, banter, young
Emma Watson/Matthew Lewis, [any], anyway you roll the dice, champagne, late night calls, holidays, beach hats,
Emma Watson/Matthew Lewis/Rupert Grint, [any], one of us, different, growing up, satin, tattoo, curls
Emma Watson/Tom Felton, crush, farewell, rewarding, gift, surprise, hair
Erica Tazel/Jacob Pitts/Timothy Olyphant, bonding
Evanna Lynch/Joey Richter, leaky con, yule ball, similarities, starstruck, dance, friends, joy, yesterday, delicate, canonical differences, iridescent, promise
Evanna Lynch/Scarlett Byrne, skirts, character roleplay, stargazing, toys, fumble, sweetness, not so delicate, bra strap, pinch, dancing

Gethin Anthony/Finn Jones, beer, karaoke, off-key, gay bar, rehearsing
Gong Li, [any], lacy

Hamish Blake/Andy Lee, confined spaces
Harvey Keitel/Tim Roth, in character
Heather Morris/Naya Rivera, closet, choir room, secret, lingerie, awards, holiday, drunk!sex, teasing, rough, dancing, nightclub, public, caught
Hugh Laurie/Lisa Edelstein, beginning, mile-high, missing you, goodbye
Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Bacall, married, co-stars, look, whistle, husky, secret, Baby

Ian Somerhalder/Nina Dobrev, "Shhh", NYC, cosmos
Iwan Rheon/Robert Sheehan, goof, tease, sleep

Jaime Murray/Joanne Kelly, spanking, cross dressing, roleplaying as HG/Myka, party, public, lapdance, cigarette, jealousy, secrets, blindfold
Jaimie Alexander/Tom Hiddelston, twitter, convincing
James McAvoy/Keira Knightley, green dress, forbidden, lipstick
James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender, frustration, temptation, Shakespeare, trailer, cocktail, Thailand
James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender/Keira Knightley, unexpected, reunion, roleplay, double penetration, pantyhose, champagne, voyeurism, 12:21AM, post-premiere, lurid, reminiscing, any
James McAvoy/Sir Ian McKellen, subtext, roleplay
James Spader, [any], smoke, routine
Jared Padalecki/Jeffery Dean Morgan, dirty-talk, backstage, domesticity
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, coffee cups, eyebrows, covers, palms, carpet burns, make-up sex, public, kissing, Dominion, secret, beard, follow, arch, bondage, fraternal, taste, wall!sex, ice cream, glasses, lips, objectify
Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins, play, shower, payment, oneupmanship
Jason Momoa/Emilia Clarke/Harry Lloyd, beach, model au, invitation
Jason Momoa/Joe Flanigan, surf, sand, fame, tussle, advice, beer, ireland, break, drunk, regret
Jason Segel/Kristen Bell, eyes, large, hands, giggle, tease, piano, sunset
Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth, reunion, youth, golden, characters, break
Jennifer Garner/Michael Vartan, [any]
Jennifer Lawrence/Michael Fassbender, blue, naked, paint, shower, robe, kiss, red dress, oscars
Jennifer Morrison/Jesse Spencer, last day, fourth wall, out of character
Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, sex shop, phone-sex, dirty talk, butt plugs, dildos, exhibitionism, flirting, dinner, privacy, sex-messaging, sex-toys, kisses, chocolate
Jensen Ackles/Zachary Quinto, fuck, pretend
Jesse Eisenberg/Michael Cera, different, strong, secret, neurosis
Joe Walker/Naya Rivera, skin, dirty, glee live, unexpected, attraction, chemistry, immediate, pull, push
Joey Richter/Lauren Lopez, replacement, new, face to face, tiny, spin
John Barrowman/Eve Myles, road trip, shower, punch, shriek, leather
John Cho/Chris Pine, scene, writing, geeks, flirt, karaoke, fall
John Cho/Kal Penn, roadtrip, week, ramble, sleep, alarm, talk, laugh, partner
John Cho/Karl Urban, suits, mark, bar, morning, drinks
John DiMaggio/Phil LaMarr, recognize, compete, difference, increase
Jonathan Groff/Emile Hirsch, acid, hair, mud, philosophy, music, taste
Joshua Jackson/Michelle Williams, [any], old friends, close, secrets, jealousy
JR Bourne/Amanda Tapping, attraction, party, laughter, friends, surprises, kisses, reactions, hands, caresses, comfort, chemistry, playful, beer, strip-poker

Karen Gillan/Arthur Darvill/Matt Smith, road trip, sing, tease, home, hands, sleep
Karen Gillan/Matt Smith, friends, badger, hamster, magic, secret, skirts, awkward, sweet, Coachella, road trip, dancing, obvious, secretly married, Comic-Con, picnic, lazy, beautiful, tense
Karl Urban/Viggo Mortensen, ache, glance, hero, lens, rain, silver
Kat Dennings/Matthew Gray Gubler, porcelain, red, twist, arch
Kate Walsh/Mary Louise Parker, [any]
Kate Winslet/Leonardo DiCaprio, ache, yearn, geography, model, boat, set, pact, awards, Titanic, desperation, best friends, longing
Keira Knightley/Michael Fassbender, method acting, cunninlingus, skirt, role reversal, orgasm denial, stolen, any, stockings, couch, punish, James, green dress, corset
Kevin Jonas/Zac Efron, advanced, forget
Kim Bum/Kim So-eun, any, natural, chemistry
Kim Coates/Tommy Flanagan, ache, secret, dinner, affection, desire, accent, teeth
Kristen Bell/Craig Ferguson, Paris, robot, laughter, fun, hotel
Kristen Bell/Rashida Jones, bow ties, ribbons, comics, skin, worship, sweet

Lea Michele/Matthew Morrison, bitter, regrets, party, corner, dark, grinding, girlfriend, cheating, fingers, neck, wall, backseat, Broadway, award, cd, singing, graduation, leaving, New York, fanfic, script, microphone, duet, jealousy, secret, romance, future, finally, want, need, performing, chances, break-up, comfort, finally
Leighton Meester/Jessica Szohr, Miami, hotel, wine
Lena Headey/Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, method, roleplaying, subterfuge
Liam Neeson/any male celebrity, starting again, comfort, endowed,
Lucy Hale/Ian Harding, Los Angeles, after hours, shirtless, trailer, script, Twitter, dress, party

Maggie Lawson/James Roday, [any]
Maggie Q/Shane West, roleplay, kiss, swim, trailer, dancing, appearances, bite, hands, sleek, flex, nightlife
Mandy Moore/Zachary Levi, slow, start, sudden, surprise, quick, laugh, shudder, come, never
Marilyn Monroe/Marlon Brando, lipstick, chardonnay, cigar, fight, moan
Mariska Hargitay/Christopher Meloni/Lee Tergesen, relax, familiar, sharp, promises, jewel, vibration, shudder, love swing, heartbreak
Mark Pellegrino/Richard Speight Jr., shadows, movies, light, kiss
Mark Salling/Naya Rivera, mirror, video, public, spanking, caught, on set, cigarette, begging, teasing, restraints
Matsumoto Jun/Inoue Mao, smile, sweet nature, charming, a woman now
Matt Bomer/Zachary Quinto, reunion, regrets
Matt Cohen/Richard Speight Jr., laughter, bright, pictures, songs
Matt Smith/Rashida Jones, hipster, nerd, different, topping, ice cream
Matthew Bomer/Zachary Levi, playful, Sinatra, tumble, perfection, infatuation, reunion, kiss
Matthew Lewis/Evanna Lynch, music, whirlwind, finale, laugh, our way
Matthew Lewis/Rupert Grint, [any], ice water, wish, scheme, blue
Matthew Lewis/Tom Felton, after party, quick, road trip, casual, growth spurt, beers, friendly, freedom, music
Matthew Perry/Lauren Graham, [any], best
Michael Esper/Rebecca Naomi Jones, glance, music
Michael Esper/Rebecca Naomi Jones/Stark Sands, experiment, couch, living
Michael Esper/Stark Sands, practice, show, night, bromance, New York, guitar, kiss, shoulder
Mike Fielding/Rich Fulcher, cuddling, touring, unexpected
Misha Collins/Richard Speight Jr., love, comfort, attention, promise, denial
MtF!Craig Reucassel/Wil Anderson/MtF!Dylan Lewis, double penetration

Nicole Anderson/Chelsea Staub, backstage, hipster, undressed, photograph, Mexico
Nina Dobrev/Ian Somerhalder, road trip, wedding, party, rings, secret, smile
Noel Fielding/Julian Barratt, before, again, make up, dress up, lies

Paul Bettany/Jennifer Connelly, Central Park, trailer, syrup, dress
Paul Wesley/Joseph Morgan, plane, peanuts, gravity
Penn Jillette/Stephen Fry, argue, surprise, relief
Preity Zinta/Aishwarya Rai, 90s fashion
Preity Zinta/Rani Mukherjee, crush

Rachel McAdams/Ryan Gosling, recall, pink, cushion, chill, memory, illicit
Richard Dean Anderson/Michael Shanks, waiting, scripts, reunited, giggles
Richard Schiff/Rob Lowe, autobiography, shoplifters, Shakespearean, Janus, antediluvian, doublethink
Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart, bet, hickey, blunt, cigarette, scream, freedom
Robert/Susan Downey, Golden-Globe-Awards, backstage, party, congratulations
Rupert Grint/Emma Watson, any, adore, caress, alone, elevator, yearning, fingers
Rupert Grint/Evanna Lynch, light
Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock, friends, lines, practice

Sandra McCoy/Nicole Gale Anderson, superhero AU, secret agent AU, BFF, games, candy
Sean Bean/Michelle Fairley, Belfast, practice, costumes
Shane West/Parminder Nagra, [any]
Shaun Micallef/Josh Thomas, capes, hair, lamingtons, chocolate, costumes, undressing
Shemar Moore/Kirsten Vangsness, glasses, late nights, noir, listen, contagious, lucky
Simon Amstell/Stephen Fry, host, laughter, wince
Simon Pegg/Nick Frost, memories, high, trailers, marked, writing
Stephen Fry/Alan Davies, sexting, tease
Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie, friendly, needy, first, topping

Tabrett Bethell/Bridget Regan, accent, nervous, voyeurism, inappropriate, marked, caught, nightclub, dancing, drunk, kiss, stripping, tattoos, teasing, scars, biting, trailer, on set, secret, glasses, roleplaying
Taylor Kitsch/Steven Strait/Lynn Collins, bed, reunion, gift, superhero AU
Timothy Olyphant/Maggie Q, latenight, casual, method, dare, grin
Tina Fey/Rupert Murdoch, femdom, pie, network
Tom Felton/Zac Efron, phone, sexting, secret, tired, planes, blond, California
Tom Welling/Michael Rosenbaum, props, after hours, shaved, open, please
Tricia Helfer/Katee Sackhoff, leather, motorcycle, field, sweet, friends

Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron, experiment, strip, text, love, match, break, relapse, longing, ticklish, pegging, sweet, kneel, submission, duty, love, touch, set, dolls

Wentworth Miller, [any], solo, penetration, tattoo, heartbeat
Wil Anderson/John Safran, hands, scars, crucifixion
Wil Anderson/Tim Minchin, any

Zachary Levi/Jared Padalecki, laughs, hotel, drunk, happy, video games, dork, slip, dance, stretch, one-on-one

Bandom (& Related) RPF
Black Cards, Pete Wentz/Bebe Rexha, studio, dance, teacher, slap
Black Cards, Spencer Peterson/Bebe Rexha, awake, martinis, handcuffs, drums
Black Cards/Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Bebe Rexha, princess, kiss, heels, fashion
Black Cards/Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz, refuge, clarity, noodle bath, joke gone wrong, exasperation, bravery, peristance
Black Cards/Cobra Starship, Victoria Asher/Bebe Rexha, jealousy, admiration, hotel night, bubble bath, party hard, costumes/dress-up,
Black Cards/Cobra Starship, Victoria Asher/Bebe Rexha/Gabe Saporta, celebration, surprise, rules
Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Ryland Blackinton, partners in crime, diva, swagger
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz, reliable, caring, clean, loyalty
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, dancing, drunk, grinding, friends
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy/The Academy Is..., Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta/William Beckett, better, vacation, lyrics, goodbyes
Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Gabe Saporta/Gerard Way, pink, dye, tv, dust, paint, brush, sound, command, comfort, cramped, sunset
Cobra Starship/Panic at the Disco, Gabe Saporta/Brendon Urie, laughter, alcohol, glitter, smile, dance, cut, ribbon, neon, flour, sugar
Empires, Sean Van Vleet/Ryan Luciani, sleep, arms, rough, secret
Empires/The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Tom Conrad, werewolves
Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, divorce, comfort, distance
Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz/Pete Wentz, lips, trophy, mirror, skinny jeans, hottie
Fall Out Boy/Cobra Starship, Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta, Japan, LA, tour, quiet, philosophy, sad, burn, kiss
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Patrick Stump, exhaustion, incognito, smile
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Pete Wentz, spirithoods, sunshine, insomnia
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, change, like the movies, whisper, bleed, hello, goodbye, winter, hidden, watching, discovered, careful, secrets, whispers, summer, Killjoys, holding, experiments, darkness, shadows, bruises
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way/Alicia Way, familiar, domestic, pegging, dancing, teasing, sharing
Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco, Patrick Stump/Brendon Urie, music, snow, record, wire, blue, black, glass, spring
Gym Class Heroes/Panic at the Disco, Travis McCoy/Brendon Urie, storm, wind, shiver, overloaded, apocalypse, timing, pulse, force, tick, clock, blindfold
Ke$ha/The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Ke$ha, beard, drug, glitter, boots, cats, clock, silence
Killjoys, Fun Ghoul/Show Pony, shelter
Killjoys, Party Poison/Korse, beginnings, reunion, running, Trans-Am, memory, desert
Killjoys, Show Pony, late night broadcast
Killjoys/My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Korse, power, dust, leather
Killjoys/My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Party Poison, insomnia, raygun, heat
Killjoys/The Smashing Pumpkins, Party Poison/Billy Corgan, new
My Chemical Romance/The Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan/Gerard Way/Grant Morrison, art
My Chemical Romance/The Smashing Pumpkins, Gerard Way/Billy Corgan, cigarettes
Metallica, James Hetfield/Kirk Hammett, private, backstage, tour-bus, kisses, chocolate
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/anyone, the drums
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Mikey Way, blisters, dogs, slippers, braids, reunite, miss you, Killjoys, visit
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro, desertion, punishment, broken
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, bank, stream, promise, lighter, garbage, sunk, posing, coloring
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Grant Morrison, terrace, sleepy, Killjoys, happiness
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Mike Pedicone, rough, fantasy, sharing, trouble, usual, flat, chaos, leaf, cup, contact
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Grant Morrison, dreams
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Mike Pedicone, television, pale, wound, packet, travel, test, dream
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Mikey Way, boots, hair, start over, bruises, flexible, chill, stoned, domestic, helpful
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Brian Schechter, angry, insomnia, content
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Gerard Way, wonderland, clay, bright
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Grant Morrison, euphoria, ink, kilt
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Grant Morrison, hobbies
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Mikey Way, addiction, hopeful, sunrise, quiet, secrets, covers, basement, art, van, road trip, comics, sunlight, hidden, sand, forever, challenge, peace, forgiveness, scars
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Ray Toro, horizon, touch, slow, drawing, cold
My Chemical Romance, Ray Toro/Mikey Way, flexible, hands, kisses, solo, laughter, motorbike, push and shove
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Frank Iero, music, ink, laughter, energy, bounce, bruises
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Gerard Way, paint, smoke, grin, shades, charcoal, fingerprints
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Mikey Way, pulse, wrinkles, rope, glasses, touch
My Chemical Romance/The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer/Gerard Way, groupie, art
My Chemical Romance/The Young Veins, Mikey Way/Ryan Ross, pets, moats, bones, scarves, secret, fashion, stoic
Panic! at the Disco, Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie, drumming, puppies, sensation, secret, body, bow tie, sex ed, whisper, arrangement, beast, no pants dance, voyeurism, secret, faking it, hiding place
Panic! at the Disco, Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie/Dallon Weekes, Mormon, play, proposal, bite, triangle, gratitude, bet, concert, closet, ultimatum
Panic! at the Disco, Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie/Ian Crawford/Dallon Weekes, dare, quiet, surprise, jealousy, share, switch, strength, woo, disaster, dive
Panic! at the Disco, Spencer Smith/Ian Crawford, cuddles, tour pranks
Panic! at the Disco, Zack Hall/Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie, taking care, unilateral decision, birthday party, drawing on skin, supernatural
Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith, new, cold, double penetration, toys
The Academy Is..., Mike Carden/William Beckett, smoke, vodka, jealousy, Nashville
The Hush Sound, Greta Morgan/Charlotte Sometimes, photography
The Like, Annie Monroe/Laena Geronimo, outside, biting, shivers, make up
The Like, Annie Moroe/Z Berg, shoes, parties, hiatus
The Like, Laena Geronimo/Tennessee Thomas, hairspray, helping
The Like, Z Berg/Laena Geronimo, legs, happy, public
The Like, Z Berg/Tennessee Thomas, friends, parties, drunk, distance
The Like/The Young Veins, Ryan Ross/Z Berg, scarf, silence, smoke
The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross, alone, tired, quick, different, wave, dream, vampire

Baseball RPF
Tim Lincecum/Buster Posey, furries, recuperation, off-season, celebration

Dancing with the Stars RPF
Cheryl Burke/Chris Jericho, grin, unexpected, fly, banter, strength
Cheryl Burke/Maksim Chmerkovskiy, queen

Dirty Jobs RPF
Dave Barsky/Mike Rowe, order, handcuffs, boss, reverse, mud, feed, chocolate, smear, pigtail, filthy, scrub, shower, clean, kneel, boss, underling, revenge, prank

Figure Skating RPF
Adam Rippon/Brian Joubert, will, fake, juggle, cold, thought, laugh, pliant, young, teach, kitten
Adam Rippon/Jeff Buttle, lick, bright, vale
Adam Rippon/Patrick Chan, rivalry, slump, casual, first
Adam Rippon/Tomas Verner, goof, dare, bold, on
Alexei Yagudin/Brian Joubert, teach, pull, edge, even, camaraderie, want
Brian Joubert/Daisuke Takahashi, flight, language, with
Brian Joubert/Ilia Kulik, look
Brian Joubert/Jeff Buttle, better
Brian Joubert/Johnny Weir, sharp, want, call
Brian Joubert/Johnny Weir/Stephane Lambiel, friends, veer
Brian Joubert/Patrick Chan, tolerate, slight, hand, maybe, tight, tense, polite
Brian Joubert/Stephane Lambiel, hold, drive, place, dance, wish, yes
Brian Joubert/Tomas Verner, casual, gift, race
Bryce Davison/Jessica Dube/Scott Moir, fix, hold, light
Bryce Davison/Jessica Dube/Scott Moir/Tessa Virtue, experiment
Bryce Davison/Patrick Chan, deal, early, can
Bryce Davison/Scott Moir, fix, replacement, need, under, silence, talk, wish
Bryce Davison/Scott Moir/Tessa Virtue, help, stop, dream, touch
Jeremy Abbott/Ryan Bradley, focus, yearn, step
Joannie Rochette/Meryl Davis, laugh, find, skin, above
Johnny Weir/Ryan Bradley, phone, gift, keep
Meryl Davis/Ryan Bradley, laugh, play, bounce, twine, open
Meryl Davis/Scott Moir, touch, cuddle, hand
Meryl Davis/Scott Moir/Tessa Virtue, comfort, pleased, tickle, sensitive
Meryl Davis/Tessa Virtue, giggle, watch, melt, place, always, hope, basic
Patrick Chan/Scott Moir, support, curl
Patrick Chan/Stephane Lambiel, hope, yearn, secret, visit, whim

Food Network & Related RPF
Alton Brown/Bobby Flay, grill master, beer
Alton Brown/Mario Batali, taste, flirt, citron, oil, splash, sparkle
Alton Brown/Ted Allen, straight, fine things, blindfold, scent
Anthony Bourdain/Andrew Zimmern, disgust, tasty, round, long, sweet, salt, savory, umami, bitter, beer, wine, scotch, smoke, swig, nip, bite
Anthony Bourdain/Gordon Ramsay, drunk, nicotine, palate, chance, show me what you've got, rumor
Gary Mehigan/George Calombaris, food, history, celebrity
Marcel Vigneron/Devon Espinosa, drink, mixed, prep, create, food, sweet, smoky, rushed
Marcel Vigneron/Jarrid Masse, food, fight, tired, cramped, breathe, quiet, fire, bitch, argue, smile, create, fusion, prep

Football (Soccer) RPF
Cesc Fabregas/Theo Walcott, laughter, tattoos, dancing, Twitter, books
Lionel Messi/David Villa, comfortable silence, blowjob, champions, ice, oral fixation, gentle, au, awkward, bossy bottom, spanking, bowtie, muscle memory, bruise, pink, messy hair
Lucas Leiva/Luis Suarez, welcome, introductions, Playstation
Raul Meireles/Daniel Agger, tattoo, rough, slow, grope, reckless, painplay, arrangement, black tie
Raul Meireles/Martin Kelly, introductions, shy, Liverpool (the city), accents, language
Sara Carbonero/David Beckham/Iker Casillas, lips, early mornings, sexual tension, fantasy, irresistible, surprise, boyfriend, blindfold, technique, conditional
Steven Gerrard/Andriy Shevchenko, captains, subtle, elevator, held down, rumpled, consolation, busted, english rain, tourist, tailored, similarities and differences
Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso, bite, focus, vampire, AU, food, cooking, closet, knot, corporate spies, laundry, stubble, swallow, buttons, bullet
Theo Walcott/Gareth Bale, shared past, pining, books
Zlatan Ibrahimović/Alessandro Nesta, taekwondo, hair pulling, unspoken, fingers, knees, frown, sharp, thief, laugh, yawn, indiscretion, vitrolic, genuine

Ghost Adventures RPF
Zak Bagans/ghost, alone, bad, cornered, dude, energy, fear, gay, hope, intelligent, joke, kiss, lonely, man, nobody, observed, phasmophilia, poltergeist, quick, rough, spectromania, touch, unseen, vanish, whistle, X-ray, youth, Zak

Historical RPF
Gaius Julius Caesar/Nicomedes IV of Bithynia, conquer, cup-bearer, silk, sly, ambassador, grapes, wine
Livia/Augustus, together, firm
Livilla/Sejanus, wicked, ambition, weakness
Pliny the Younger/Publius Cornelius Tacitus, boar, longing
Thermistokles/Artemisia, respect, ship, flirting
Thermistokles/Xerxes, slave, trick, oral, quick, thinking, deception

Hockey RPF
Alexander Ovechkin/Sidney Crosby, game, survive, hate, hold, break, yell, unexpected, heart
Brent Seabrook/Duncan Keith, home, comfort, lean, ever, pet, pull, scrape, tense, avoid, talk, wash, play
Brent Seabrook/Duncan Keith/Jonathan Toews, need, help, learn
Brent Seabrook/Duncan Keith/Kelly Rae Kenyon, want, ache, please
Brent Seabrook/Jonathan Toews, logical, support, push, win, here
Claude Giroux/Danny Briere, home, night, sleep, morning, fast, hold, light
Duncan Keith/Jonathan Toews, play, need, assist, support, touch, glance
Erik Johnson/Jonathan Toews, relax, wait, intense, yes
Evgeni Malkin/Sidney Crosby, bond, hold, support, note, quiet
Jonathan Toews/Kris Letang, play, quiet, action
Jonathan Toews/Kris Letang/Sidney Crosby, must
Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane, spanking, tease, oblivious,
Jonathan Toews/Sidney Crosby, need, quiet, help, push, relief, intense, hold
Jonathan Toews/Sidney Crosby/any, sharing, coaching, competition, Olympics, warm-up, winter, claim, instruction
Jonathan Toews/Sidney Crosby/Zach Parise, together
Jonathan Toews/Zach Parise, follow, like, sleep, relax, winter
Jordan Staal/Kris Letang, steady, power, support
Jordan Staal/Sidney Crosby, take, glare, even
Kris Letang/Sidney Crosby, drive, silence, draw
Martin Brodeur/Roberto Luongo, bond, support, lean, hope
Niklas Hjalmarsson/Viktor Stalberg, home, while, lean, stick
Sidney Crosby/Zach Parise, up, real, open, call

Literary RPF
Henry David Thoreau/Ralph Waldo Emerson, woods

Music RPF
Adam Levine/Christina Aguilera, wrong, bet, stage, corner, destroy, contest
Bear McCreary/Christopher Tyng, [any], compose, contrast, sing, concert, invisible, enjoy
Bev Bevan/any, diaries
Bev Bevan/Jasper Carrott, wedding night, stars, tuxedo, courage, corsage
Britney Spears/Eminem, recovery
Cheryl Cole/Kimberley Walsh, comfort, alcohol, pleasure
David Bowie/Ace Kefford/Trevor Burton, mentors
Jeff Lynne/George Harrison, strumming
Jeff Lynne/Hugh McDowell, tour bus, confined spaces, closeness, fingers, silence
Jeff Lynne/Hugh McDowell/Rick Price, twins, threesomes, D/s
John Mayer/Taylor Swift, melody, innocent, grip, tense, innocence, sunlight, paint, brush, notes, music, angel, songs, lyrics, guitars, silk sheets, second chance, serenade, Battle Studies, Dear John, Superman, Ours, CMT Awards, angry, obsess, cry, apologize, secret, high, concert, red carpet, paparazzi, curls, reconciliation
Lady Gaga/Taylor Swift, lip gloss, magic, pearls, small hands, umbrella
Lupe Fiasco/Patrick Stump, Misstep, roll, nuzzle, frottage, rhyme, fit
Mollie King/Una Healy, new, taste, teasing, friends, smiling
older!Justin Bieber/Usher, [any]
Ozzy Osbourne/Roy Wood/Russell Brand, any
Paul McCartney/George Harrison/Jeff Lynne, fitting in, jealousy, ownership, D/s, threesome
Paul McCartney/John Lennon, cigarettes, midnight, lazy
Richard Tandy/Melvyn Gale, fingers, exhibitionism, touch, stage antics
Rihanna Fenty/Drake Graham, Consent, hood, want, role, crossdressing, Aubrey, kink, soft, push, groan, accent, percussion, distance
Thom Yorke/Jonny Greenwood, minor key, pastoral, seaside, cycling, lacuna, quiver, resonance, saudade, nocturne, cheap wine, snowfall, pensato, cusp
Tom Petty/Bob Dylan, steampunk AU, getting dirty
Tony Iommi/Bev Bevan, Aston Martin car sex, orgies, decadence, moonlight

MythBusters RPF
Grant Imahara/Kari Byron/Tory Belleci, together, laugh, robots, sleepover
Grant Imahara/Tory Belleci, experiment, play

Political RPF
John Boehner/OFC, pout, spank, debt

Project Runway RPF
Jeffrey Sebelia/Daniel Vosovic, jealousy, cheer, dangerous, broken, sharp, beauty, sew, leather, hair, claw

Pundit (& News & Talk Show & Related) RPF
Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin, obscene, background, hotel, anger, heels, twitter
Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann, compete, t-shirt
Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow, fake, wet, ink, rebellion
Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann, envy, tied, spread, gasp
Anderson Cooper/Stephen Colbert/Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann/Jon Stewart, chaos, hands, knot, tangle, one, family
Charlie Pickering/Todd Sampson, human lamington
Christine Bleakley/Lucy Verasamy, mornings, giving, dress, want
Natasha Kaplinsky/Susanna Reid, silk, chance, first, blushes, thanks
Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox, cocktails, derby, green, leather, addiction, siren, deny, scene, tease, play, toy, camera-phone, boardwalk
Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox/Melissa Harris-Lacewell, dancing, late night, Sazerac
Rachel Maddow/Jon Stewart, ozone, pot, philosophy
Rachel Maddow/Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert, domestic, tongue, old fashioneds
Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann, boy!Rachel, cold, persuasion, pics, taxi, trial-run, lies, underwater, improvise, secret, Pete Rose, bar
Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann/Chris Hayes, good, kneel, floor, lesson, bite, punish, eager, share, reward
Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann/Dan Patrick, baseball, SportsCenter,
Rachel Maddow/Melissa Harris-Lacewell, research, New Orleans
Rachel Maddow/Richard Engel, heat, lost, maps, rockets, war
Rachel Maddow/Stephen Colbert, drugs, roller coaster, cotton candy
Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart, [any]

Religious RPF
Fred Phelps/Satan, Westboro, Baptist, Church, hate, homophobia, funeral, protest, rape

Royalty RPF
Prince Harry/Pippa Middleton, any, the responsible girl, the playboy, laughter, flirting, unexpected, tempted, brush, sneaking off, privilege, carriage rides, formal wear, royal jewels, party planning, AU consort, AU arranged marriage, commando, party hat, uniform, champagne

So You Think You Can Dance RPF
Alex Wong/Mark Kanemura, flexible, admire, help, hold, enough
Alex Wong/Robert Rolden, comfort, laugh, screen, touch, hold
Alex Wong/Robert Rolden/Billy Bell, steam, luck, possible, long
Billy Bell/Robert Roldan, charm, hope, with, comfort, laugh, push, rub
Cat Deeley/Sonya Tayeh, bubble bath, pillow fight, zombies
Neil Haskell/Kent Boyd, first, second, anchor, weight, freedom, wings, true, reveal

Sports RPF
Any Olympian/Any Olympian, warm-up, winter, claim, instruction

Tennis RPF
Feliciano Lopez/Rafa Nadal, what if, trust, push, glitter, eager, flirtation, demand, cuddle, blush
Fernando Verdasco/Feliciano Lopez, grind, partners, grip, sweat, smile, jealous, easy, body shots
Roger Federer/Rafa Nadal, flushed, balcony, loss, autobiography, sneer, crush, build up, kept, stay, kiss
Svetlana Kuznetsova/Marat Safin/Gael Monfils, jealousy, possessiveness, control, power, family

RPF Crossovers

Actor & Comedian RPF/Bandom RPF
Felicia Day/Alicia Way, rhyme, nerdy, film, giggles, bruises, Coke, glasses, words, tired, kneel, hidden, WoW
Matthew Gray Gubler/Vicky-T, filming

Actor & Comedian RPF/Music RPF
Andrew Hansen/Matt Bellamy, piano sex
Colin Farrell/Rihanna, interview, banter
Nicki Minaj/Jesse Eisenberg, dressing room, zombies, pink, stutter, unscripted, hickey, femme fatale

Bandom RPF/TV Shows
Bandom, My Chemical Romance/The X-Files, Gerard Way/Alex Krycek, cold, reckless, car

Dirty Jobs RPF/Food Network RPF
Alton Brown/Mike Rowe, grease, scrub, hose, lick, sauce

Figure Skating RPF/Hockey RPF
Joannie Rochette/Jonathan Toews, kiss, try, give
Jonathan Toews/Meryl Davis, date, call, awkward, try, smile, flirt, skin, breathe
Jonathan Toews/Meryl Davis/Sidney Crosby, watch, talk, instruction, gasp, touch, night, triumph, relief, stay
Jonathan Toews/Meryl Davis/Tessa Virtue, plan, decide, convince, fun
Meryl Davis/Sidney Crosby, grace, expression, light, come, flight
Meryl Davis/Sidney Crosby/Tessa Virtue, flirt, accident, gift, dare

Football (Soccer) RPF/Music RPF
Victoria Beckham/David Beckham, first date, fancy-dress, royal wedding, knickers, discipline, femdom, hollywood, Iker Casillas, au, reverse candaulism, menswear, little gucci dress, fairytale, Bonnie & Clyde

Literary RPF/Music RPF
Alan Bennett/Morrissey, tea, Englishness, ask, contrivance, lawbreakers, queer, bookshelves, parsimony

MythBusters RPF/Pundit RPF
Stephen Colbert/Adam Savage, explosions, costumes, a plan

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