Porn Battle XI - Eleven Days of Porn



.hack//Another Birth
Kite/BlackRose, secret, loyalty, jealousy

Tsukasa/Subaru, embodiment

Bastien/Frau, rescue, salvation, absolution, promise
Castor/Frau/Labrador, sanity
Frau/Teito, death, silence, summer, intimacy, safe, holy, hunting
Labrador/Teito, gentle
Mikage/Teito, memory

10 Things I Hate About You (movie)
Kat Stratford/Mandella, college, letters, texts, trip, art, music, light

10 Things I Hate About You (TV)
Kat/Patrick, autumn, break, eyes, rake, second

Bill/Karen, last, DEEPSKY, blonde
Jack Bauer/Nina, not convinced, Santa Barbara, blind, fool me once
Jack Bauer/Renee Walker, dinner, couch, movie, relaxed, spontaneous, lost, adrenaline, frantic, respect, hands, bra, boxers, speechless, fast, later, lifting, floor, support, water, beach, sunlight, barriers, taunting, waiting, shy, open, bar, tequila, crushed, linked, coaxing, blue, heated, snow, tranquility, comfort, closeness

28 Days
Gwen/Andrea, heroin, fragile, safe, hurt, bed

28 Days Later
Hannah/Selena, risk, aftermath, safety, delight, displacement, escape, hollow, laugh, nightmare
Jim/Hannah/Selena, comfort, growing up, harmless, defense, heaven, hell, ease
Jim/Major West, surrender
Selena/Corporal Mitchell, sacrifice

28 Weeks Later
Tammy/Scarlet, nightmare

3:10 to Yuma
Ben/Dan, desert, night

30 Rock
Cerie/Jenna, competition, blondes, tight
Danny/Jenna, fooling around, accident
Jack/Johnathan, admiration, whiskey, caress
Jack/Kenneth, first time, corruption
Jack/Liz, a series of hilarious (sexy) events, trapped in the prop room, experimentation, just like that, tie, under the desk, zipper, leather belt, no more feet issues, haliburton jeans, bachelor party, itch, doorway, backseat, floor, alone time, showtime, derby, trenta, single-malt
Jenna/Liz, joke, dress, girl’s night
Kenneth/Jenna, scam, money, ice cream, irresistible, dressing room
Liz/Cerie, you make smart sexy, texting
Liz/Jenna, casting couch, hitting that, dressing room
Liz/Nancy, awkward, love triangle, red, company, wedding invitation, red heads, experiment
Liz/Wesley, accent, eyes, food, biting, British sex act, buffet, bridesmaid, mile high club, karaoke, PG-13, grimmace

39 Clues - Rick Riordan
Amy/Ian, in a limo, hate sex, surprised

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Otilia/Gabita, life, body, blood

7th Heaven
Lucy/Mary, anal, porn, sin
Lucy/Mary/Robbie, contest, double penetration, sluts, spanking
Lucy/Mary/Ruthie, dominant sister
Lucy/Robbie, breasts, manipulations, virginities
Lucy/Roxanne, handcuffs, night stick
Robbie/Ruthie, taking, tattoos

8 Simple Rules...
Kerry/Bridget, tutoring

A Kid in King Arthur’s Court
Princess Katey/Princess Sarah, promises

A League of Their Own
Dottie/Kit, peach
Jimmy Dugan/Dottie Hinson, goodbye, locker room

A Little Princess (any)
Becky/Sara Crewe, dress-up, imagination, affirmation, dreams, nights, silent

A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream (any)
Demetrius/Helena, rough, wanton
Demetrius/Lysander, jealousy, forest, dream

A Room With a View - E.M. Forster
George/Lucy, sunlit

A Room With A View (1985)
Cecil/Lucy, duty

A Separate Peace - John Knowles
Gene/Finny, secret

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket
Klaus/Violet, accident, brother, night, established, lick, tender, innocent, falling, floor, fairy lights, the ocean, the miserable mill, the vile village, mushrooms, ribbon, definitions, soft sounds

A Single Man (movie)
George/Jim, uniform, routine, acceptance, first time

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin
Arianne Martell/Sand Snakes, rule, orgy, bite
Arianne/Arya, initiation, weapon
Asha Greyjoy/Theon Greyjoy, incognito, inebriated, banter, shame
Brienne of Tarth/Jaime Lannister, unlikely, improper, duel, love, wedding, swords, fighting, sparring, honor, [any], valyrian steel
Catelyn/Cersei, clash, jealousy, beauty, unlucky
Cersei/Margaery, cellmate, dominate, seduce
Cersei/Taena, experiment, frustration, rights
Euron/any/Victarion, compete, toy
Jaime/Brienne/Cersei, additions, sharing.
Jon Snow, the wall, brotherhood, home, any
Loras Tyrell/Renly Baratheon, secret, hush, worship, attentive, commanding, beg, flowers, kingdom, peace, banquet, cloaks, sparring, [any]
Margaery Tyrell/Sansa Stark, wicked, soft, calming, caring, winter, changes, friendship
Margaery/Renly/Loras, retelling, caution, jealousy, clandestine
Oberyn Martell/Ellaria Sand, invitation, knifeplay
Robb Stark/Theon Greyjoy, horseback, clever, exploration, worth
Sandor "Hound" Clegane/Sansa Stark, guard dog, caged, protector, gentleness, confession, kiss, lie, sword
Theon/Sansa, mold, agreement, reminded
Willas Tyrell/Alayne Stone, servant, sympathy, protection, longing

A Sudden Wild Magic - Diana Wynne Jones
Philo/Tod, experiment, learning, fumble

A Tale of Time City - Diana Wynne Jones
Jonathan Lee/Vivian Smith, future, time, ghost, kiss, snack

A Very Potter Musical
Draco/Hermione/Ron, harmony, trio, we’re all in this together, shut up, time-turner abuse, kiss the girl
Dumbledore/Harry, stay, because, Zefron, escape, sexy
Harry/Ron, better, holding hands, laugh, listen, someone’s coming, freedom, home, smirk, jackass, mine

Abbey Series - Elsie J Oxenham
Joan/Jen, crush, sweet, alone, honeymoon, mine
Joan/Joy, cousins, delicate, love, need, discoveries
Joy/Jen, family, belonging, want, warm, smile, kind, scared
Joy/Maidlin, protector, understanding, wedding night, instruction, teaching, knowing
Maidlin/Rosamund, not sisters, scared, holding, sleeping, midnight, confession, want, always

Ace Attorney
Adrian Andrews/Franziska von Karma, [any]
Apollo/Klavier, pounce, perceive
Mia/Godot, intimacy
Miles Edgeworth/Dick Gumshoe, overcoat, car, evidence, theory
Miles Edgeworth/Franziska Von Karma, whip, plan, family
Miles Edgeworth/Phoenix Wright, suitable, cravat, hamburgers, broke
Miles Edgeworth/Shi-Long Lang, dominance, respect, mockery, rivalry

Across the Universe
Jude/Max, city, distance, goodbye, high, letters, painting, sweet

Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Brisco/Dixie, after a show, stagecoach, tease, "the coming thing"

After Sex
Kat/Nikki, hot, wet, sucking, lips

Elaine/Randy, unmarried, panic, what is it
Ted/Elaine, disco, kinky, what

Archangel/Caitlin, fireplace, cold, snow, unexpected
Archangel/Marella, secret, after work, survivors, mission

Aladdin (Disney)
Aladdin/Jasmine, sherbet, perfume, street, harem, honeymoon, feathers, wishes, sand, dust, sun, desert, frost
Jafar/Jasmine, fantasy, own, powerful

Aladdin (TV)
Aladdin/Mozenrath, power, longing, black, lust, quest, hard, sacrifice, silk, tumble, illicit

Irina/Sark, trigger, run, following orders.
Isabelle Vaughn/Rachel Gibson, resurrection
Jack Bristow/Irina Derevko, hate, love, letting go, marriage, glass, leaving marks, scent, let me drown, inconsolable, before, seven deadly sins, explosions, witness, quite a performance, anniversaries, dance, guns.
Julian Sark/Jack Bristow, now, pledge, lose, take, never, last
Lauren/Sydney, bonding, bondage, gravel, car, diamond, despair, lockdown, silk, chained
Nadia/Sydney, wrong, fulfilling, sugar, soft
Rachel/Lauren, stiletto
Rachel/Nadia, deceit, raise, glow, heaven
Rachel/Peyton, teacher
Rachel/Sydney, broken, new, outside, scared, hero, undercover stripper, lesson, crush
Sark/Sydney, lies, self-deception, vacation, airplane, tie
Sark/Vaughn, reunion, smirk, fondness, cooperation, snark
Sark/Will, Taipei, torture, spread-eagled, identity, bound
Sydney/Sark, cat and mouse, pull, secret.
Sydney/Weiss, operation, magic, time, first.
Tom/Sydney, memories, undercover, train

Alice (SyFy)
Alice Hamilton/Hatter/Jack Heart/Duchess, hijinks, laughter, revelry, visit, wedding
Alice Hamilton/Hatter, catch, leather, believe, spontaneity, crumbs, silk, laughter, tea, top, game, morning, laughter, fireworks, spanking, tease, karate, restraints, finally, water, playing cards, hats, blindfold, mine, loyalty
Duchess/Alice, trapped, discovery
Hatter/Jack Hearts, fight, angry, prove, humiliate, tea, poison, library, knuckles, spoiled, shadow, books
Jack/Alice, becoming the mask, pine, emotion

Alice Borchardt
Chiara/the bear, marriage, magic, tentacles, no-nonsense, darkness, candles, spying, business, manners, bossy, mountains, sunsets, patience, jewels
Regeane/Maeniel, meat, furs, fire, tumble, outrun, lake, marriage
Regeane/Matrona, she-wolf, eternity, debauchery, rabbits, howl, luxury

Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Alice/Hatter, wake up, never forget, I love you, why, come back, smile, real world, normal, hats, clothes, fear, adjustment, waiting, kiss
Alice/Mirana, wish
Alice/White Queen, armor, champion, happiness, hidden, knight, return, stay, sword, wield, any

Alice in Wonderland (any)
Knave of Hearts/Queen of Hearts, abhorrent attraction
Mad Hatter/Alice, any

Dwayne Hicks/Ellen Ripley, survival, nourishment, fun, light, metal
Ripley/Hicks, Acheron, ammunition, rain, apocalypse, wish

All My Children
Aidan/Greenlee, i miss you, coming home, love, celebration
Aidan/Lily, home
Amanda/Bianca, curiosity, modeling, mothers
Annie/Bianca, insanity, substitute
Babe/Bianca, obsession, penance
Babe/Kendall, punishment, revenge
Bianca/Greenlee, blackmail, degrading
Bianca/Kendall, grief, wrong
Bianca/Lena, accent, betrayal, shower
Bianca/Liza, fine, payment
Bianca/Madison, kiss
Bianca/Maggie, anal, first, experimenting, strap-on, it was always you, forgiveness, first kiss, smile, Paris, Christmas
Bianca/Michael, forced orgasm, non-consensual, shame
Bianca/Zarf, awkward
Edmund/Dimitri, embrace, stable, hide, protect, regrets
Greenlee/Kendall, anal, soul mate, why, connecting, shy, after hours, convincing
JR/Kendall, blacksheep, passion
Kendall/Ethan, understanding, two halves of a whole, dance, Valentine’s Day, blush, seduction, reunite
Kendall/Ryan, soulmates, making up, what if, shower, giggle, hero, motorcycle, Pine Cone, returning, desire
Liza/Damon, desk, regret, trouble, irresistable, passion, forgive, second-time

All-American Girl - Meg Cabot
Sam/David, charcoal smudges

'Allo, 'Allo
Herr Flick/Helga, bondage, painting, garter, knickers
Rene/any, apron, cupboard, table
Rene/Maria, reunion, cupcakes, Switzerland
Rene/Michelle, Resistance torture techniques

Almost Famous
Penny/Russell, alone, enough, magic

Salieri/Constanze, shame, music, exquisite
Salieri/Mozart, revenge, final, rival, absolution, mea culpa

Amazing Grace
Wilberforce/Pitt, port, crooning, fog, ache

American Beauty
Jane/Angela, lipstick, sleepover, slut, games

American Dreams
JJ/Beth, Hawaii, haircut, ring, footrub
Meg/Sam, 1970s

American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Bast/Shadow, purr, worship, shrine, dark, ancient, sight

American Idiot - Green Day/Armstrong
Alysha/Heather, hold, coffee, microphone
Extraordinary Girl/Whatsername, bittersweet, care, future, history, past, present, weaknesses
Heather/Miguel/Will, future, link, sugar, barbeque, talent
Heather/The Extraordinary Girl, sunrise, backyard, liner, x-ray, kind
Heather/Whatsername, strong, missive, abracadabra, night, pull
Heather/Will, park, spider, caught, denial, evolution
Johnny/Tunny, dead inside, give me novacaine, hurts so good,
Johnny/Tunny/Will, high, couch, list, smuggle
The Extraordinary Girl/Tunny/Will, twine, sleep, lost, melt, rhythm, pet, snap, vice, normal
Tunny/Extraordinary Girl, uniform, heal, determination, home, sense, longing, yes
Tunny/OFC, school, fumble
Tunny/OMC, secret
Tunny/Will, ache, bruise, contrast, dominance, first time, five years, midnight, open, stars, understanding, broken, drunk, first, loss, morphine dreams, skating, before and after, "love, loss, and what he wore", my beating heart belongs to you, sending all my love to you, dear John, "take a load off Fanny, put the load right on me," "are you bruised, are you broken?", run, snicker, school, music, upside-down, need, fix, hold
Will/Declan, lonesome, left behind, take away the sensation inside, its just conversation

Amores Perros
Octavio/Susana, damned, wrong, different, parallel, broken, addiction, cigarettes, tobacco, sunglasses, brothers

An Education
Jenny/Helen, shallow, fashion
Jenny/Miss Stubbs, fantasy, photography, inspired

Harper/Andromeda, Pygmalion, Earth, planet, capture, pretend, control, rescue

Angel Sanctuary
Katou/Setsuna/Sara, alternate, family
Kira/Katou, drugged
Kurai/Setsuna, older
Lailah/Sandalphon, curse
Raphael/Barbiel, finally, challenging, match
Raphael/Sara, adoration
Raziel/Sheatiel, dust
Shatiel/Raziel, tentative

Angel the Series
Angel/Cordelia Chase, alive, together, forever, help, confused, seduce, satin, shiver, banter, falling, hell
Angel/Doyle, justice, music, return, atonement, sight, whisky, bruised
Angel/Doyle/Wesley, space
Angel/Faith, animal, killer, redemption, sanctuary, exes, nightmare, do-over, believe, rescue, companionship, shelter
Angel/Fred, hello, eye freckle, restoration, sorry, distraction, trust, cradle-robber, guardian
Angel/Kate Lockley/Lindsey Macdonald, rough, hot, pervy, forbidden, dangerous
Angel/Lindsey McDonald, loss, chain, bruise, kneeling, force, slave, closure
Angel/Lorne, pastries, grumpy, serenade, sleep, drunk
Angel/Spike, burn, drowning, laughter, silk
Angel/Spike/Cordelia Chase, beer, bed, sweat
Angel/Spike/Lawson, set in ‘Why We Fight’ on the submarine
Angelus/Lindsey McDonald, child, embrace, kiss, eternal, morose
Connor/Spike, spite, fun, family, friends, need
Cordelia/Darla, angry, dark, trapped
Cordelia/Fred, books, glasses, fashion
Cordelia/Lilah, dominance, payback
Cordelia/Lindsey, shot
Darla/Connor, heart, again, empty, why
Darla/Drucilla, blood line, ageplay, comfort, dolls, stars, sires, Victorian, dresses, blood, pretty
Darla/Fred, glasses, nerd, pain, scientist
Darla/Fred/Wesley, schoolgirls
Darla/Lindsey McDonald, obsession, new, alive, breath
Faith/Gwen, leather
Faith/Lilah, prison
Faith/Wesley, gentle, do-over, chosen, hush, dirty, memory, regret, bite, drunk, misery, motel, bathroom, anger, violent, identity, curse, bound, death, finger, deceit, quick, hunt, sharp, tongue, defend, betray
Fred/Lilah, corrupting, hard
Fred/Wesley, spanking
Gunn/Wes, partnership, scars, skin, glasses, books
Harmony/Darla/Drusilla, biting
Harmony/Spike, silk
Illyria/The Drogyn, domesticity
Jasmine/Connor, blood, everything, true, family
Lilah/Wesley, naughty
Lorne/Fred, Lornette
Spike/Fred, ghosts, memories, sweetheart
Spike/Illyria, scotch, bite, sigh
Wesley/Illyria, eidolon, shape, teardrop, memorial

Animorphs - K.A. Applegate
Elfangor/Loren, discovery, laughter, homesick
Essam/Edriss, sand, sensation, alive, forgetful
Gafinilan/Mertil, lost, sky, burning, hurt, forever
Jake/Cassie, letter, hug, ground
Jake/Marco, family, DNA, faith
Tobias/Rachel, time, vacation, stripes

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series - Laurell K. Hamilton
Anita Blake/Veronica Simm, gun, partners, companionship, ribbing, gunfight, undercover, got your back, running, muddy, chaotic, relax, penguins, watching, knees, bracelet
Anita/Olaf, adrenaline, hunt, monsters
Jason/Jean-Claude, pet, wiggle, dance, bestiality
Jason/Stephen, care, affection, rough
Raina/Richard/Gabriel, animals

Annie (movie)
Miss Hannigan/Lily St. Regis, gin

Another Country
Bennett/Fowler, cane, bite, order, uniform
Judd/Fowler, sarcasm

Angst/Fluff, hard, grin, nuzzle, poke, resistant, romance, sweet, woe
AO3/Porn Battle, rating, smut, tagging
AO3/Yuletide, 502, gift, personal
Asia/Europe, exotic, borders, trust, complicated
Beer/Cigarettes, addiction, tears, withdrawal
Black/Red, bleed, color, festive, mix, tired
Blood/Sweat/Tears, trouble, angst, deep, extreme
Canada/Mexico, exotic, special, bond, understand, longing, America
Cheese/Ham, delight, light, salty
Christmas/Easter, religion, fertility, snow, sun, eggs, rabbits, seasons, greenery, kids, santa, bunny, sugar
Christmas/New Year’s Eve, winter, closeness, indulgence, hectic, endings, music, electric, lights, neon, rough
Christmas/Yule, history, pagans, alcohol, kitsch, ritual, comfort, cold, darkness, warmth, fire, family, animals
Clay/Water, mingle, merge, mud
Communism/Capitalism, competition, build up, rough, nuclear, ideal, poster
Dreamwidth/Porn Battle, affair, anniversary, champagne
Halloween/Valentine’s Day, envy, fear, fluff, darkness, obsession, presents, soul mates, domination, doubt, wings, masks, pink, black
Innocence/Experience, Blake, songs, play, growth, submission
Labor Day/Memorial Day, macho, parade, resentment, work, sweat, blood, flags, celebration, iron, fire
Mac/PC, adverts, buttons, wires, graphic, electric, virus
Mad Dogs/Englishmen, sun, hairy, sweat, collars, muzzles, biting, cricket
New Year’s Eve/Saint Patrick’s Day, drunkenness, fighting, kissing, time square, fireworks, luck, resolutions
Peace/Love, hippies, sixties, flowers, tranquil, caring, free love
Peanut Butter/Chocolate, [any]
Peanut Butter/Jelly, sweet, sticky
Pepsi/Sprite, bubbles, clear, dark, giggle, taste
Porn Battle/Yuletide, fruit, December, rare, winter
Sex/Drugs/Rock n’ Roll, joy, dancefloor, hotel room, celebrity, stage, burnt, climax
Tango/Music, sensual, public restraint

Antique Bakery
Ono/Eiji, flour

Aoi Hana
Akira/Fumi, sleepover, braids, books, reading, dating, makeouts, unexpected, crowded train, daring, passing notes

Apt Pupil
Todd/Dussander, corruption

Arcadia - Tom Stoppard
Valentine/Hannah, SCIENCE!, trial marriage

Archer/Lana, weakness, temptation, danger zone
Conway Stern/Sterling Archer, touch, naked, grab-ass, weapons
Cyril Figgus/Lana Kane/Sterling Archer, surprise, dark, scary, fem-dom

Are You Being Served?
Mr. Humphries/Capt. Peacock/Mrs. Slocombe/Ms. Brahms/Mr. Grainger/Mr. Lucas, Are you free?, boardroom, elevator, Mr. Rumbold’s office, pussy

Akatsuki/Akari, promise, zodiac, date

Arrested Development
Lindsay/Michael, caught, doorway, obvious, silk, architecture, fraud, news, tennis

Arsene Lupin Series - Maurice Leblanc
Arsene Lupin/Inspector Ganimard, right, wrong
Arsene Lupin/Isidore Beautrolet, gambling, for keeps

Arthurian Legend
Gareth/Gawain, protect, regret, posessive
Gareth/Lynette, truth, instead

Arthurian Mythology
Arthur/Lancelot, duty, armour, swords, knighting, round table

As the World Turns
Reid Oliver/Noah Mayer, smell, touch, taste, feel

As Time Goes By
Alistair/Judy, nervous, Venice
Lionel/Jean, tender

Ashes to Ashes
Alex Drake/Danny More, fun, car, couch, elevator, bracers
Alex/Evan, recursive
Alex/Keats, drowning, pull, never, showing your hand, certainty, depths, truth, weary, abandon hope all ye who enter, heart, destiny, smoke, trance, you’ll not feel the drowning
Alex/Shaz, lipstick traces, Shaz saw the Clown, coma-within-a-coma, 1996, 2008
Gene/Alex, [any], edges, first time, last time, question and answer, laugh, fever, beyond, protocol, denial, waiting, door, dance, interruption, return, garibaldi, sexist, final, hello goodbye, forgotten.
Gene/Alex/Keats, bargaining, mask, switch, never say never, praise, revert, purpose, stakes.
Gene/Keats, breathe, interregnum, fixed, water, codependence, territorial.
Ray/Chris/Shaz, imbalances, stars, pub, lager, jealousy, truth

Alyssa Jones/Banky Edwards/Holden McNeil, future, gold, every
Alyssa Jones/Bethany Sloane, natural, sign, play, sweat, line
Bartleby/Loki, hold, mile, always

Assassin’s Creed
Abu’l Nuqoud/OMC, slave, boy, homosexuality, perversion, redemption, greed, lust, acceptance, love
Altair Ibn La-Ahad/Maria Thorpe, protection, fight, hate, love, devotion, change, pregnant, denial, passion
Altaïr/Malik, leisure, lessons, blackmail, preparation, wind, novice, training, competition
Claudia Auditore/OFC, prostitute, love, experience, first time, lesbian, missing, crying, leaving, supplication, money, soft, roses, touch, whisper
Desmond, exploring
Ezio, gladiator
Lorenzo de Medici/Giovanni Auditore, falconry, devotion, master, protection, dedication, death, hangman’s noose, money, accounting, books, night, relief, marriage, accident, alley, children
Malik/Desmond, memory, bleeding, reality
Maria Thorpe/OFC, prostitute, discovery, consolation, test, faith, comfort, warmth, lick
Niccolo Machiavelli/La Volpe, traitor, revenge, age, youth, thievery, deception, lies, books, loss, training, education, palming, coins, fight
Project Legacy, Francesco/Enu/Tessa, training, sex pollen
Robert de Sable/Maria Thorpe, domination/submission, sword, fight, trickery, meeting, loss, lies, dedication, devotion, protection, boy, switch-up, battle, companion, death, tears, cross, scratching, teeth, biting
Sibrand/Maria Thorpe, dedication, trick, feminine, master, protection, real, swords, chainmail, biting, teeth, hard, touch, weak
Sister Teodora/Maria Auditore, faith, love, freedom, passion, touch, devotion, god, silk sheets

Assassin’s Creed 2
Ezio/Leonardo, art, beauty, blood, medicine, rescue

Assault on Precinct 13 (2005 movie)
Jake/Bishop, capture, danger, red

Atelier Rorona
Atelier Rorona, Astrid/Rorona, nonconsensual, sadistic, ownership

Aubrey-Maturin Series - Patrick O'Brian
Jack/Stephen, duet, overindulge

Avalon High (movie)
Allie/Jen, locker, football, homecoming, coming out, past, destiny, cheerleader, notes, repeat, alternate
Mordred/Allie, defeat, magic, prophecy, kin
Will/Allie, history, run, football, future, politics, knight in shining armour, beach, cup, round table, Camelot

Avatar (2009)
Col. Quaritch/Jack Sully’s Brother, obedience, loyality
Jake/Neytiri, celebration, queue
Parker/Grace, negotiation, morality, loss

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Embers-Verse)
Zuko/Shirong, training, trust, sparks, control

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Series)
Azula/Katara, bloodbending, snow
Azula/Mai, grappling, fire
Lu Ten/Zuko, AU, different
Ursa/Iroh, comfort, planning

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Aang/Katara, flow, power, air, forever, curse, privacy, scent, beauty, chase, awkward, bad!sex, prophecy, growth spurt, full height, adulthood, wedding, baby
Aang/Sokka/Zuko, control, cool, exhaustion, fierce, heat, sharing, sparring
Aang/Zuko, burns, dancing, redemption, denial, destiny, history, conflict, rebuild, flowers, rage, alternatives, reminiscence, girls, topping, weird
adult!Katara/adult!Zuko, aggressive dueling practice, frustrated!Firelord Zuko, flirty!Katara
Azula/Katara, captive, escape, battle, fire, healing, trust, gasp, camp, heat, passion, push, pull, intrigue, sacrifice, whisper, tease, desperation, contrast, imagine, challenge, lies
Azula/Katara/Zuko, replay, bonds
Azula/Mai, allegiance, drama, silent
Azula/Mai/Zuko, shift, endless, punishment
Azula/Sokka, transference, forgery, teeth, nations, triumph
Azula/Ty Lee, chance, dominance, safe-word, friendship, extension, bad romance
Azula/Ty Lee/Mai, memory, test, your fingertips
Azula/Zhao, disregard, disgust, friction, strength, mock
Azula/Zuko, claim, humiliation, betrayal, disappointment, always crashing, stealth, flare, fusion, politics, cells, crossdressing, future, family, anger
Azula/Zuko/Zhao, service, drown, test, tangle
Earth King/Long Feng, control
Earth King/Teo, learning to fly
girl!Zuko/Zhao, armor, control, rage, pegging, please
Hakoda/Arnook, warmth, kinship, skin
Hakoda/Ozai, steam
Hakoda/Zuko, stranded, injury, survival
Iroh/Juun, scent, noodles, liquor, strength
Iroh/Zuko, tired, tea, warmth
Jet/Sokka/Zuko, confined, past, distress, maps, ink, uncertainty, ships, phone!sex, hatred, dubcon
Jet/Zuko, discretion, pretense, hypnosis, burning, flaw, amnesia, plans, drift, spy, obsess, tea, hot, follow, wall!sex
June/anyone, relentless
Katara/Jet, revenge, unforgettable, ice
Katara/Sokka, shiver
Katara/Suki, jealousy, skirts, tradition, secrets, guilt, bondage, mirrors, sooner, UST, ashes
Katara/Toph, dirty, elemental, dominance, fighting, private, proof, enemies, kiss, hiding, painted lady, con artist, pai sho
Katara/Zuko, ardent, wall, secret, smell, light, crystal, stars, diplomacy, negotiate, negotiation, D/s, submission, rules, snow, knees, swords, hum
Mai/Katara, pressure
Mai/Sokka, secret
Mai/Ty Lee, flexible, ocean, fall, solace,
Mai/Zuko, stay hidden, floors, secrecy, [any], sovereignity, kneel, protocol
Ozai/Ursa, break, revenge, nails, burn, candles
Roku/Sozin, respect
Sokka/Suki, any, dressup, fans, make-up, combat, earth, artistry, loss, complimentary, flying, silk, blindfold, fans, lipstick
Sokka/Toph Bei Fong, bossy, size
Sokka/Zuko, beg, gunpowder, spaces, genderswap, forgiveness, innovation, airbending, caught, fall, slap, shine, sword, sparkle, swing
Song/Zuko, dawn
Teo/Haru, backrub, red
Toph/Hiro, pride
Toph/Sokka, snark, absence, advantage, impressions, touch, voyeurism
Toph/Zuko, cooking, adventure
Ty Lee/Suki, flexibility, flight, laughter, once, sugar
Ty Lee/Zhao, air, relaxation, first-time, luxury
Ty Lee/Zuko, feather
Zhao/Zuko, games, opportunities, chances
Zuko/Katara, mother, dance, steam, robes, bend
Zuko/Mai, boredom, relax, escape, creativity, doubt
Zuko/Sokka, bone, fever, break, cloud, sister, why, family, sick, fever, Medicine, fools, wisdom, family, Sword, lightning bendeing, pain, controle

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
Bobbi Morse/Clint Barton, meet, partners, sexual
Bobbi Morse/Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, sexy, mistrust, UST
Bobbi Morse/Natasha Romanoff, new, sexy, dream
Clint Barton/Hulk, better, guts, stupid
Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, partners, betrayal, confusion, sexy
Clint Barton/Steve Rogers/T’Challa, teammates, back-up, trust
Hank Pym/Tony Stark, hate, science, leading
Hulk/Janet Van Dyne, cute, size, different
Hulk/Thor, strong, big, fight
Janet Van Dyne/Steve Rogers, courting, respect, saving
Steve Rogers/T’Challa, trust, understanding
Steve Rogers/Thor, disconcerting, old, understanding

Axis Powers: Hetalia

America/England, states, colonies, far, grown, misunderstandings, freedom
America/Japan, cute, ghosts, travel, tricks, scary,
England/France, hate, wine, food-play, ignoring, war, sublimation, victory, agony
Germany/Italy, bondage, porn, dirty, innocent, sauce, pasta, Alfa-Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Veyron
Germany/Italy/Japan, awkward, pact, promises, friends,
Greece/Japan, peaceful, quiet, what?

Greece/Spain, naps, passion, idle, becoming, sunlight

Greece/Turkey, memory, safekeeping, poetry, paintbrush, cut, warrior
Holy Rome/Italy, unknown, alive, dreams, girl, misunderstandings, chibi, flustered,
Hungary/Prussia, boobs, surprised, masculine, dominant, strong,
Prussia/Switzerland, cheap, same, together
Romano/Spain, caring, follows, boss, chibi, safe

Babylon 5
Alfred Bester/Susan Ivanova, grudging, telepathy, dub-con
Catherine Sakai/Jeff Sinclair, distance, dreams, return, lifetime, ship, station, Minbar, past, future, dare, remember, laugh
Delenn/John Sheridan, striptease, biology, diplomacy, comrades in arms, White Star
Delenn/John Sheridan/Jeffrey Sinclair, The One, prophecy, mutual
Delenn/Susan Ivanova, atonement, slave, transformation, shemale
Delenn/ John Sheridan/Susan Ivanova, go-between, teaching, loneliness, problem solved
G'kar/Londo, secrets, tentacles, empathy, destiny, careless, caught, irony, attributes, threesome, kindness, guilt, drunk, sacrifice
Jeffrey Sinclair/Michael Garibaldi, Mars, struggle, wiggle, pillow
John Sheridan/ Michael Garibaldi/Susan Ivanova, rebellion
John Sheridan/Susan Ivanova, rebellion, practicality, exiled, in the dark, tired, silent, once
John Sheridan/Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters, telepathy, escort, home at last
Londo/Timov, youth, bragging, mutual, tradition, second chances, respect, melancholy, poetry
Marcus Cole/Susan Ivanova, peace, heat
Michael Garibaldi/Stephen Franklin, comfort, healing, pain, coffee
Michael Garibaldi/Susan Ivanova/Vir, WTF
Susan Ivanova, memory
Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters, reunion, all alone in the night, silk, sleep, laughter, wine, overhearing, bomb scares, laughter, testing, freedom, inside your mind, pioneers

Babysitters Club - Ann M. Martin
Byron Pike/Jeff Schafer, holiday, college, Disneyland, hands
Charlotte/Becca, highschool, flirt
Claudia/Dawn Schafer, painting, college, sunlight
Dawn Schafer/Kristy Thomas, grass, blanket
Mal/Jessi Ramsey, dance, legs, smile, hug, sweetheart

Claire/Chane, knifepoint, reckless, whole world, dreaming, heat, dancing, bloody, speed, battle, sigh, swing, jacuzzi, nice, fire, anise, luck, New Year's Eve, izzat, myriad
Keith/Katie, noise, piano, search, lunch, dance, player, cheek, back
Luck/Claire, blood, water, wine, silent, smile, mercy
Luck/Eve, poetry, shiver, touch, Sunday, church, hair, ribbons, hand, guns, words
Rachel/Chane, rhythm, train, knife, confidence

Back to the Future
Biff/George/Lorraine, forgotten

Baldur's Gate II
Sarevok/Anomen, braggart

Band of Brothers
Liebgott/ Nixon, mirror, clear, tongue
Lipton/Speirs, fear, death, orders, rations, awake, bruise, bandages, shame, spoils, wife, cramped quarters, foxhole, smoke, orgasm denial
Liebgott/Webster, fight, after, shadow, inked, boot, lick, lies, shoulder, circle, cactus
Luz/Malarkey, funny, smoke
Nixon/any, black eye, bad luck, bourbon, shock, expensive, pillow
Nixon/Winters, blood, booze, hidden, affair, fox hole, storm, weapon, shaving, new jersey, Mouremelon, promotion

2NE1, Bom/Dara, cute, playful, outright, style, what, any
2NE1, CL/Minzy, dance, delicate, practice, rapping, show-off, any
All Time Low, Jack Barakat/Alex Gaskarth, any
Black Cards/The Damned Things, Pete Wentz/Joe Trohman, tours, twitter, changes, reunion
Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Nate Novarro, basements, dirty, cuddling
Cobra Starship, Victoria Asher/Gabe Saporta, shirt, dress, flowers, only, curve, waltz
Cobra Starship, Victoria Asher/Nate Novarro, ask, quiet, squeeze, keys, beat, heartbeat, frantic
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz, electric, rain, bass, first
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, teasing
Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way, rhythm, song, last, kiss
Cobra Starship/TAI..., Gabe/William, close, bite, trust, photo
Cobra Starship/The Academy Is..., Victoria Asher/William Beckett, dress, hidden, challenge
Cobra Starship/The Academy Is..., William Beckett/Gabe Saporta, lake, lemon, ink
Dir en Grey, Die/Kaoru, advice, race, rival, strings, any
Dir en Grey, Die/Toshiya, distance, rehearsal, secret, any
Dir en Grey, Kaoru/Toshiya, focus, grin, any
Dir en Grey, Kyo/Shinya, watching, any
Dir en Grey, Kyo/Toshiya, make-up, music, oral-fixation, sing, any
Empires, Tom Conrad/Sean Van Vleet, exhibitionism, mirror
Exist†Trace, Mally/Naoto, bass, best, drum, sound, vibration, any
Exist†Trace, Miko/Omi, after-show, caress, heat, hum, guitar, lick, secret, sweat, any
Fall Out Boy, Patrick/Pete, solo, past, practice
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Pete Wentz, smile, bite, fiddle, lunch, fire, wall, bound, pay
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Joe Trohman/Ray Toro, willow, knight, hot, whimper, whip, candle
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Patrick/Bob, roommates, fighting
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, heat, secrets, writing, reunion, biting, insomnia, soccer
Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Patrick Stump, hope, dark, green, table, peach, fruits, slick, high, genius, piano, melody, voice, noise, instrument, cello, mixer
Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Pete Wentz, down, cigar, metal, full
Fall Out Boy/The Academy Is..., Pete Wentz/William Beckett, handwriting, secrets, heat
Linkin Park, Chester Bennington/Mike Shinoda, contest, hair, joke, looks, vocals, any
Mindless Self Indulgence/Morningwood, Jimmy Urine/Chantal Claret, normalcy, anniversary
My Chemical Romance (Killjoys), Frank/Gerard, speed, need, water, clean, music, brother
My Chemical Romance (Killjoys), Frank/Korse, bait
My Chemical Romance (Killjoys), Frank/Mikey, laughter, comics, karate, injury, snow, ice cream, jealous
My Chemical Romance (Killjoys), Party Poison/Korse, beginnings, reunion, running, Trans-Am, memory, desert
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter, fight
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Frank Iero, Girl!Bob, resentment
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, excentric, fast, warm, Killjoys
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Gerard Way/Lindsey, tradition
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Lindsey, secret
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Mikey Way, puppy play
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro, broken, missed, memories
My Chemical Romance, Brian Schechter/Gerard Way, saved
My Chemical Romance, Brian Schechter/Gerard Way/Mikey Way, begging
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, aftermath, camera, collar, dork, flexible, sting, subtle, witness, short, shaved, sand, father, red, loud, diner, treat, infection, chapter, drinking, color, quiet, buck, parenthood, videos, desert, leather, jackets, France, drinking, vans, sick
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Jamia/LynZ, laughter, sleep, art, tangled
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Jamia Nestor-Iero, sharing, midnight, timer, moan, scratching
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Mike Pedicone, bad, laugh, swamp, flashing, shave, proximity, nervous, drumkit, haircuts, bachelor party, bromance, twitter, dare, bro, stoned, retaliation, chicken, unexpected
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Mikey Way, [any], homecoming, flight, punk, roommates, cock blocking, listening, audition, club, glasses, hold on, marks, van, trace, yell, bunk, leather, karate, buzz, fall
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Brian Schechter, angry, insomnia, content
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Gerard Way, wonderland, clay, bright
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Grant Morrison, euphoria, ink, kilt
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Korse, power, dust, leather
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Mikey Way, addiction, hopeful, sunrise, covers, quiet, marks, shake, Killjoys, run, rebellion
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Ray Toro, horizon, touch, slow, pencil, fold, fish, dream, boat, mouse, cold, full, smile, facial
My Chemical Romance, Gerard/Frank/Bob/Ray/Mikey/Lindsey, gangbang
My Chemical Romance, Lindsey/Alicia, comfort
My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way/Ray Toro, lessons, comics, music, planes, beach
My Chemical Romance, Mikey/Bob, Killjoys
My Chemical Romance, Party Poison/Korse, burn, tired, TransAm
My Chemical Romance, Ray Toro/Mikey Way, daddy kink
My Chemical Romance/Black Cards, Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, tours, reunion, texts, Killjoys, records, visits, summer
My Chemical Romance/Cobra Starship, Bob Bryar/Vicky-T, foot fetish
My Chemical Romance/Cobra Starship, Gerard Way/Gabe Saporta, rollerskates, comfort, cramped
My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy, Mikey Way/Alicia Simmons/Pete Wentz/Ashlee Simpson, happenstance, synchronicity
My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy, Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, winter, dizzy, spin, crave, pills
My Chemical Romance/Mindless Self Indulgence, Gerard Way/Lindsey Way, crossdressing
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Mikey Way, glasses, gum
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Ray Toro, strumming, stream, hips, hat
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Gerard Way/Ryan Ross, old days, wasted, sex drugs & rocknroll
My Chemical Romance/The Academy Is..., William Beckett/Mikey Way, poetry
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Dallon Weekes, violet wand, control, stoned
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Jon Walker, leave, lesbians, bananas
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Pete Wentz, direction, nostalgia, fireworks
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross, anger, easy, fingers, jut, surrender, words, breakups, weddings, dessert, drumlines, clubs, submission, star, evidence, wish
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Shane Valdes, domesticity, bathing, scrapes and bruises, sleepy sex, huddling for warmth
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, bored, tired, bus, sick, touch, butter, hyper, denial, film, home, lonely, tease, tickle, voyeur, hands, waiting, friction, cat, refusal, popcorn, chest, watersports, erotic humiliation, aftercare, depersonalization, snuggling, wax, floor, game, night, slip
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith/Dallon Weekes, first time, lonely, hurt, better, pout, away, shower
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith/Zack Hall, spanking, overprotective, sharing
Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Spencer/Ryan/Jon, sexting, scarves, breathplay
Panic at the Disco, gsf (Brendon/Spencer/Ryan/Jon pre-split), sunny, laughter, highschool, burn, babble, kiss, love song, animals
Panic at the Disco/Cobra Starship, Brendon Urie/Alex Suarez, supervisor, cooking
Panic at the Disco/Cobra Starship, Brendon Urie/Gabe Saporta, basement, supply, tag
Panic at the Disco/Cobra Starship, Brendon Urie/Nate Novarro, humming, atheist, homeroom
Panic at the Disco/Cobra Starship, Brendon Urie/Ryland Blackington, graffiti, myth, chapter
Panic at the Disco/Fall Out Boy, Brendon Urie/Patrick Stump, jail, tape, sixteen
Panic at the Disco/My Chemical Romance, Brendon Urie/Bob Bryar, attendance, run, wrist
Panic at the Disco/My Chemical Romance, Brendon Urie/Frank Iero, pipe, motorcycle, Drac
Panic at the Disco/My Chemical Romance, Brendon Urie/Gerard Way, bounce, hole, mind, finger, shadow, tailor, risk, raid
Panic at the Disco/My Chemical Romance, Brendon Urie/Mikey Way, insanity, stand, razor
Panic at the Disco/My Chemical Romance, Brendon Urie/Ray Toro, suffering, downstairs, popularity
Panic at the Disco/The Cab, Brendon/Alex DeLeon, Vegas, lips
The Academy Is..., William Beckett/Mike Carden, California, spit, blood, forgotten
The Academy Is/Cobra Starship (Killjoys), Gabe/William, resist, alive, betrayal, height, solace
The Academy Is/Cobra Starship, Gabe/William, bunk, scissors, gambling, estranged
The Academy Is…, Andy Mrotek/Adam Siskadomestic, music, silly
The Like, Annie Monroe/Laena Geronimo, new
The Like, Annie Monroe/Z Berg, first times, sharing clothes
The Like, Tennessee Thomas/Z Berg, lack of boundaries
The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross, affair, camera, rough, airplane, memory
The Young Veins/Empires, Jon Walker/Tom Conrad, young, lake, bondage
The Young Veins/Empires, Jon Walker/Tom Conrad/Sean Van Vleet, new, sunshine, wall, blanket, pets, overstimulated
The Young Veins/Empires/Gold Motel, Jon Walker/Tom Conrad/Greta Salpeter, control, lingerie, dirty talk
The Young Veins/The Like, Jon Walker/Laena Geronimo, new, phone, van
The Young Veins/The Like, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross/Z Berg, experience, wet
VersaEmerge/Hey Monday, Sierra Kusterbeck/Cassadee Pope, drinks, boys, tour
VersaEmerge/We Are the In Crowd, Sierra Kusterbeck/Tay Jardine, Warped Tour, bus, girl's night, lyrics

Banlieue 13
Damien/Leito, run, scream, hoist, shadow, bite, feather
Damien/Leito/Lola, partners, frozen, frottage, cherries, stubble, guns, temporary, revolution, illegal

Baten Kaitos Origins
Guillo/Milly, pride, tease, dingbat
Guillo/Sagi, memories, yesterday, heart, yours
Sagi/Guillo/Milly, might, eccentric, promise
Sagi/Milly, muscles, play, loud, hope

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
Kalas/Lyude, haunted

Batman Beyond
Terry/Bruce, consequences, improvements, generations

Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Anastasia Dualla/Kara Thrace, playing favorites, hands, after the fall, stillness
Anastasia Dualla/Lee Adama, attraction, familiar, knowledge, date, bondage, theory, drunk, sand, desperation, cloud 9, porn magazine
Athena Agathon/Boomer, double, mother, wires
Athena Agathon/Helo Agathon/Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, alive, rainforest, crankypants, give us this day
Gaius Baltar/Six, bite, farming, heretic, red
Boomer/Caprica Six, hands, faith, team, stranded, war, distant stars, drive, glow
Boomer/Helo Agathon, academy, identity
Brie/Dietra, flying, teamwork
Cain/Gina, bend or break
Caprica Six/Gaius Baltar, sweet, after, new, hot tub
Caprica Six/Natalie, learning
Caprica Six/Saul Tigh/Ellen Tigh, okay, worship, baseship
Chief Tyrol/Sam Anders, aftermath, blood, ashes, past, remembering, resistance, war, sweat
Chief Tyrol/Boomer, irreparable
Chief Tyrol/Athena Agathon, confused, teach
Crashdown/Boomer, ambrosia, raptor, water, plan, leader
D'Anna Biers/Ellen Tigh, strange bedfellows, music, choice
D'Anna/Natalie, dominance
Felix Gaeta/Anastasia Dualla, ending, beginning, beach, rack, revenge, quiet
head!Six/Gaius Baltar/Caprica Six/head!Baltar, crowded
HeadSix/Tory Foster, games
Helo Agathon/Sharon Agathon, sweat, solitude
Helo Agathon/Kara Thrace, substitutes, frakups, classmates
Kara Thrace/Bill Adama, cyclical
Kara Thrace/Boomer, uniform, sistership, change
Kara Thrace/Cain, blasphemy
Kara Thrace/Julia Brynn, shot, whatever, refugee
Kara Thrace/Kendra, unalike
Kara Thrace/Lee Adama, after, tonight, apology, caught, nostalgia, skin, trapped, cloud 9, New Caprica, what if, I never, drunk, forget, Zak, hands, the brigg, bet, rescue, drunk, angry, dream, paint, cockpit, gamble, laughter, distant, gentle, tied, rushed, copy, hallucination, Earth
Kara Thrace/Lee Adama/Sam Anders, ink, destiny, flyboy, gods, hurry, privacy, ship, tough, vulnerable
Kara Thrace/Leoben, bent, bleed, knife, nightmare, paint, pebble, pressure, symmetry, paint, dawn, endings, worship, finding the way, begging, welcome to the deep end, paintbrushes and chocolate
Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, frozen, dreaming, lost in space, alcohol, ice cream, cuffs, darkness, returning, slam the door, wall!sex, exhibitionist, reincarnation, fast, gamble, soft, water, fierce
Kendra/Cain, your new frontier
Laura Roslin, fleet wheat
Laura Roslin/Cain, edges
Laura Roslin/Ellen Tigh, power, cold, ending, clothes, titles, name, voyeurism
Laura Roslin/Kara Thrace, presidential, cocky
Laura Roslin/Tory Foster, cipher
Laura Roslin/William Adama, in charge, exhausted, quiet, leather, mutiny, Earth, voice, fingers, don't, fantasy, Resurrection Ship, swim, watching, wireless, seperate, unknown, after, trust, oath, dinner
Lee Adama/Sam Anders, control, joy, loss, grief, shelter
Lee Adama/Laura Roslin, liminal
Racetrack/Leoben, New Caprica, shut up
Sam Anders/Jean Barolay, sleeping bag, dirt
Sam Anders/Tory Foster, war
Saul Tigh/Ellen Tigh, crash, knuckles, rage, prophecy, music, ghosts, [any]

Be Cool
Elliot Wilhelm, music video, cowboy boots, rhinestone, Hollywood, fried chicken, limousine

Beach Stars
Iruka/Kotomi, sand, shower, sweat, bikini, promise

Beautiful Creatures - Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Ethan/Lena, backseat, dreams, electrification, shock, water tower
Link/Lena, dreams, incubus
Liv/Lena, darkness and light, sunshine and rain, nipples
Ridley/Lena, learning

Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
Babette/Lumiere, frustration, human again, celebrating being human
Beast/Belle, a man in Beast's clothes, Halloween enchantment, rose, Beast tied down, cave, roleplay, oral, healthy imagination, voyeur, sensual, animal instincts
Belle /Gaston, fantasy, massage, nightmare, the seduction of "Getting ideas"
Belle, Therese Philosoph, masturbation, healthy imagination, self-bondage, reading as seduction, erotic novel, mud bath, curiosity
Belle/ Prince, A Beast in prince's clothes, in dreams, tryst, hiding from the public, dance, painting on the wall, painting of the Beast, wedding dress, turnabout, court dance, flirt, hideaway, Belle/Unknown male, fantasy, getting ideas
Therese Philosoph, bondage play, banter, reading as seduction, foodplay, French Revolution, hide, escape, adventure in the great wide somewhere, seduce, erotic novel, tied to the bedpoosts, soapy shared bath, learning pottery, mud fight

Beauty and the Beast (fairytale)
Prince/Eveil fairy, fairy turned down,

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty/Beast, heat, pillows, strength
Elliott Burch/Catherine Chandler, last night, goodbye, return
Elliott Burch/Vincent, memories, truth, loneliness

BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
Ryusuke/Eddie, stitches, bottle, giggle, cigarette, photograph, grip
Ryusuke/Yukio, warning, humidity, Lucille, silence, jealousy, fingers, whisper, Grateful Sound

Bedrooms and Hallways
Brendan/Leo, happily ever after

Beelzebub, Oga/Furuichi
parenthood, holiday, help, idiot, surprise

Beggars and Choosers
Malcom/Jack, booze, heat, truth, love

Being Human (UK)
Annie/George, switch, daydream, fairytale, domestic, tea
Annie/George/Mitchell, jealous, joke, warm, serious, bond, eternity, home, nightmares, trust, voyeur, cage, bound, haunted, together, dinner, again, loose, hair
Annie/George/Mitchell/Nina, anything, everything, real, normal, special, bound
Annie/Mitchell, feeling, blood, air, clock, eyes, brand new, door, stairs, time, careful, tears, saved, cling, finally, feel, touch, together, mine, forever, immortal, surprise, fit, passion, disappear, blood, fear, discovery, couch, dancing, falling, kitchen, feel, purgatory, touch, feel, dead, rot, tears, injury, knife, tea, home, warmth, sacrifice, innocence, light, waiting, shy, entwined, question
Annie/Nina, feel, warmth, contact, solace
Carl/Mitchell, desperate, blood stains, fairy-tale, message, piano, grace
Carl/Mitchell, safe, escape, naked, mourn, touch
Daisy/George, grin, history, frills, leverage, cookies, dirty, taste
Daisy/George/Ivan, elevator, pet
evil!George/evil!Mitchell, hunt, howl, bruises, leash, smile
George/Hugh, empty, western, season, message, shadow, towel
George/Ivan, rain, ward
George/Mitchell, blame, ash, forest, hug, chocolate, afterlife, itch, bite, feel, purgatory, touch, feel, dead, rot, tears, injury, knife, tea, blood, tea, cage, lie, heat, alcohol, run, abandon, night, scars, protector, jealousy, inexperience, mess
George/Nina, fairytale, anger, comfort, cage, run, eclipse, linger, tomorrow, last, hold
Ivan/George, philosophy, sticky, frozen, transformation, scars, problem
Ivan/George/Daisy, tasteless, resistance, scars, guilt
Ivan/Mitchell, bureaucracy, suit, bullet holes, focused, saviour, dinner
Ivan/Owen, smirk, favour, newbie, syringe, fight, game
Mitchell/Hugh, vampires, rescue, apocalypse, promise, weakness, George, cab
Mitchell/Owen, nightmares, locked, family, useless, rage

Being Human (US)
Aidan/Josh, accidental boyfriends, domesticity, knife!play, riding, first time, fries, help, piggy, fur, video games, nervous, phone, first, help

Belgariad and Malloreon series - David Eddings
Polgara/any, virgin, comfort, wrong, spirit, history, ancient, grief, hair, wolf, feathers
Silk/Velvet, marriage, secrets, coded, lake, persona
Torak/Polgara, bride, choice, identity, overwhelm

Bend it Like Beckham
Jess/Jules, locker room, adrenaline

Better Off Ted
Lem/Lucy, sexy times, scientific principles, that thing Phil mentioned, glasses
Linda Zwordling/Ted Crisp, yoga, Ken doll, product test, satisfaction guaranteed
Linda/Ted/Veronica, policy, funny
Ted Crisp/Veronica Palmer/Linda Zwordling, bio-luminescence, office, mad science, lab, breakfast
Ted/Veronica, again, experiment, experiment, accident, elevator, presentationpower outlets, haircut, sharp suit, holding hands
Veronica/Linda, anthropologie, goldfish, take-out, ice, truth or dare, poker, naked, experimental, dominance

Beverly Hills 90210 (1990)
Andrea/Brandon, low, photograph, reunion
Brenda/Kelly, competition
Donna/Kelly, oral, virgin
Donna/Valerie, horny, lessons, slut
Kelly/Valerie, bitch, hate sex, payback, slave

David/Jonathan, anyhonor, birthright, joy
Esther/Xerses, for such a time as this
Eve/Lilith, apple, metaphor, origins, epilogue
Isaac/Rebecca, trust, adventure, travel, danger
Jesus/Mary Magdalene, at the cross, any
Jesus/Devil, genderplay, 40 days, bound, inversion, give and take, denial, beg
Judas/Satan, temptation
Judith/Holofernes, order, disruption, lies, double meaning
Naomi/Ruth, belonging, comfort, redeemer, rare, pleasure, solace

Big Finish Gallifrey
Braxiatel/Pandora, repetition compulsion
Braxiatel/Romana I, eradicated
Braxiatel/Romana II, sacrilege
Leela/Romana, alien

Big Love
Adaleen/Wanda, accomplices
Ana/Goran/Margene, syrup, baby, simple
Barb Henrickson/Tommy Flute, Secret, Transgression, drunk, office
Barb/Nicki, oh
Ben/Margene, pantry, laundry, fantasy\, quiet, shower, socks
Caralynn/Gary, first, nervous
Goran/Margene, honeymoon, lick, shh
Heather/Donna, insult
Heather/Rhonda, unnatural
Heather/Rhonda/Sarah, crowded
Joey/Jodeen, desert, retribution, hell, ghost
Joey/Nikki, time, hot, painful, sick
Kathy/Wanda, first
Margene/Ana, nervous, hairbrush, pie, dance, rain, perfect, fourth
Margene/Barbara, secret,comfort, hiding, dirty
Margene/Ben, dishwashing, haircut, pizza, explosion, quick, wrong, dirty, commando, grass, nightswimming, sweat, kiss
Margene/Sarah, bitten, bubblegum
Nicki/Margene, approval
Nicki/Sarah, prophecy
Nikki/Barb, bond
Rhonda/Donna, teacher
Rhonda/Sarah, prayer, thief, playtime
Sarah/Donna, drunk
Sarah/Heather, braids, nail polish, wonder, covet

Big Time Rush
James/Camille, drama, hair, scream, pretend, tan, mojo, swag, guilt, giddy
James/Logan, argue, tussle, bright, smarts, size, worry, wonder, wall, tangle, sneaker, shoot, spy
Kelly/Gustavo, jealous, soft, yelling, string, loyalty, any
Kelly/Rebecca, submission, anonymity, music, bar, competition, lesson, secret
Logan/Camille, crazy, insecure, awkward, first, adorkable, role play

Big Wolf on Campus
Merton Dingle/Tommy Dawkins, happiness, mate, possessive, separation
Tommy/Lori/Merton, apocalypse, pack, awkward, experiment
Tommy/Merton, letterman-jacket, claws, fangs, fur, bleachers, velvet, hair-dye, locker room, magic, accident, waiting, taste

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Ted Logan/Bill S Preston, soda, shower, unprecedented

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Haruka/Usagi, your princess, kitten, speed, caught, stolen
King Endymion/Usagi, denied pleasure, hunger, just once, clumsy, teach
Luna/Usagi, Watcher, snowfall
Mamoru/Usagi, mind control, wall, ice rink, name, pretend, woods
Princess Serenity/Usagi, mirror, prayer, angel

Bitch Slap
Hel/Camero, revenge, bunker
Mother Superior/Sister Batril, impure thoughts, kicking ass, out of the convent, real identity

Black Dagger Brotherhood
Bella/Rehvenge, crush, inappropriate
John/Lash/Qhuinn, payback, provoked
Rhage/Mary mine, beast, blood, jealous, needing
Vishous/Darius, sparring

Black Lagoon
Revy/Roberta, madness, dogs
Revy/Rock, bullet, sweat

Black Swan
Lily/Nina Sayers, once, touch, obsession, hidden, aftermath, dance, ecstasy, frenemy, healing, doppelganger, haunting, dreams, cigarettes, leather, yes, lipstick, sweat, sugar, escape, mirror, rehearsal, nightmare, smirk, happy ending, perfect, blur, shadow, subversive
Nina, perfection, dance, learning, fear
Nina/Thomas, darkness, fluidity, turn-on, monsters
Thomas/Nina, loosen, pink, vanilla, mother, teddy bear, black, dark, claim, dominate, princess

Blackadder Goes Forth
Captain Darling/Edmund Blackadder, paperwork, desk, messy, sarcasm
DI Peter Carlisle/DC Blythe, mentor, research, thorough, blackmail, drugs, arrest
DI Peter Carlisle/Natalie Holden, tongue, leaving, suck, kiss, handcuffs, straightforward

Blade of the Immortal
Hyakurin/Giichi, comfort, nightmare, skin, hands, poison, bruises
Meguro/Magatsu, laughter, race
Rin/Doa, girltalk

Blade Runner
Roy/Deckard, are you alive, flavour, neon, rest, burn

Blade Trinity
Drake/Hannibal King, mate, burden, chained, eternal, blood-kin, destiny, corrosive, puzzle, dream, sword, belonging, prophecy, stake, brutal, blood, pain, courting

Blade/Dean Frost, blood

Blast From The Past
Adam/Eve, First, Try, bomb shelter

Bang Shishigami/Litchi Faye Ling, burning spirit!
Jin Kisaragi/Hazama, pulling strings
Tsubaki Yayoi/Noel Vermillion, one last look

Blazing Saddles
Bart/Jim, sausage, johnson, rooster, boobs

Aizen/Gin, eternity, switch
Aizen/Ichigo, loneliness, equal, mirror, moon, water, illusion, fight, charming, smile, tease, conquer
Aizen/Shinji, betrayal, captain, hair, gold, one hundred years, illusions, grin
Byakuya/Renji, battle, envious, flowergarden
Grimmjow/Nnoitra, payback, strength, supremacy
Grimmjow/Ulquiorra, lies, loyalty, smudge
Ishida Ryuuken, alone, rain
Ishida Ryuuken/Ishida Uryuu, estranged, sanguine, stitches
Ishida Ryuuken/Szayel, examination, perversions
Kenpachi/Byakuya, rough, licking, bondage
Kibune Makoto/Kira Izuru, pretty-cryer, superior, wounded
Kibune Makoto/Szayel, mirror-image
Kurotsuchi Mayuri/Szayel, tentacles
Nnoitra/Neliel, force, misogyny, revenge
Nnoitra/Szayel, favours
Nnoitra/Tesla, adoration
Ryuuken/Unohana, healing, power, envy, knowledge, brilliant, compete, teach, learn, change, offer, Quincy, arrow, sword, listen, future, protect
Shinji/Ichigo, tongue piercing, captain, fight, suppressing the hollow, infatuation, young, experience
Shunsui/Ukitake, artwork, silver, whispers
Szayel/Grimmjow, alpha, captive, experimental, vicious
Szayel/Grimmjow/Il Forte, punishment, tangled
Szayel/Il Forte, superiority, useful, useless, voyeurism
Szayel/Ishida Uryuu, specimen, toybox
Urahara, voyeurism
Yoruichi/Soi Fon, sting, power, stealth, know, trust, persist, battle, sweat, hot-spring, world

Cass/Eddie, alone, drugs, clean, lie, trust, truth, rimming

Blood Ties
Henry/Vicki, [any]
Vicki Nelson/Mike Celluci, contrary, tender

Bloody Monday
Aoi/Fujimaru/Otoya, hack, dream, together, earth, Linux, college, defy, explore, AU
Kirishima/Minami, dare, fight, suit, shower, home, determination, past, heal, compete, laugh
Kirishima/Minami/Saori, secrets, plans, death, hope, flirt, job, argue, laugh, stare
Minami/Saori, yearmate, future, fieldwork, apartment, history, AU

Blossom Culp series - Richard Peck
Alexander/Blossom, oops, contrivance, blouse, barn, spider

Blue Mountain State
Alex/Mary Jo, touch, no strings, hot, lick, bar, goat house, morning, waiting, finally, complete

Boardwalk Empire
Angela Darmondy/Mary Dittrich, first time, oral, Paris, paints
Jimmy/Gillian, fur, shiver, kiss, quicksilver, purpose, heat.
Jimmy/Margaret, crime, drunk, dress, stockings
Margaret Shroeder/Enoch Thompson, understanding, deals with the devil
Nucky/Jimmy, money, power, whiskey, suits
Nucky/Margaret, secrets, lies, children, parties, society
Rothstein/Luciano, attack dog, wealth, blood, suit.
Rothstein/Luciano, tailor, heel, silk, cold, spread

Bobby Blanchard Lesbian Gym Teacher - Monica Nolan
Angle Shea Cohen/Kayo Kerwin, fightsex, undo, suit, transgress
Bobby Blanchard/Enid Butler, glasses, showers, sneaking

Bon Cop Bad Cop
David/Martin, lesson, coffee, unbelievable, trouble

Angela Montenegro/Camille Saroyan, adrenaline, black-tie, confused, hands, hiding, office, paint, paperwork, power-reversal, private, rain, secret, security-cameras, surprised, unorthodox, art geek/homecoming queen, polyamory, cramps, alarm, easier, messy, slide, comfort, skin, touch, brown
Angela Montenegro/Jack Hodgins/Wendell Bray, light, please, call
Angela/Daisy, loud, restrain
Angela/Roxie, art
Angela/Temperance, sexuality, theory, wild
Booth/Brennan, kiss, Noir AU, amnesia, partners, undercover, baby, lab, fingertips, hell, headlights, lab, coats, table, science, lies, safe, squint, glasses, librarian, dreaming, practical, shower, jealousy, airport
Booth/Hodgins, believe, break, fever, mark, scars, sweat, believe, break, fever, mark, scars, sweat, secret, blue eyes
Booth/Sweets, sunglasses
Brennan/Angela, necklace, jail, loyal, empathy, ink, strap-on, BDSM, skull, past, detachment, guilty, tired, cold, blindfold, jewelry, pony play, rave, hypothesis, ice, science
Brennan/Annie Oakley (from "Death in the Saddle"), spurs
Brennan/Cam, sarcasm
Brennan/Daisy, academia
Brennan/Hannah, logic, proof-reading, Booth, fate, unrequited, solution, journalism, White House, sharing clothes, lab, feelings.
Cam/Temperance, control, Wonder Woman
Camille Saroyan/Hannah Burley, sidelines, scoop, shadowing, FBI, Sweets
Camille Saroyan/Temperance Brennan, [any]
Daisy/Temperance, hero, worship
Hannah Burley/Seeley Booth/Temperance Brennan, fix, note, believe
Hodgins/Angela/Brennan, invite, strap-on, pegging
Hodgins/Sweets, couchopen, resistance, bondage, scars, scars, innocence, psychology
Hodgins/Zach, insanity, truth, bars
Jack Hodgins/Angela Montenegro/Zach Addy, welcome
Lance Sweets/Peyton Perota, undercover, handcuffs, lace, sleepover
Temperance Brennan/Angela Montenegro, art, bath, blindfold, book, chance, crime, curious, dare, fantasy, festive, guilty, history, hypothesis, ink, investigation, jail, jewellery, lipstick, loyal, museum, pony, portrait, rave, skin, spanking, stress, sweet, tired, unexpected
Temperance Brennan/Seeley Booth/Hannah Burley, possibilities, compromise, exploration, victory
Zack/Angela, cute, advice, help
Zack/Angela/Brennan, new
Zack/Hodgins, confused, scientific, pushy, hair, hair, lesson, dirty-talk, tattoos, ant farm, advice, danger, experiment
Zack/Hodgins/Angela, both, together, choose
Zack/Sweets, freedom, vocabulary

Bonnie and Clyde (musical)
Bonnie Parker/Clyde Barrow, dance, poetry, shoot, hide, laugh
Bonnie and Clyde (musical), Bonnie/Clyde, first, delicate
Bonnie and Clyde (musical), Clyde/Prisoner, hate, guard

Boondock Saints
Connor/Murphy, blood, destiny, family

BOSS, Erika/Reiko
goad, fluster, scratching
Osawa Eriko/Kimoto Mami, training, investigation, handcuffs, office, reunion

Boston Legal
Clarice Bell/any, sass, crossing, family, fully, confrontation
Denny Crane/Alan Shore, zombies, guns, marriage, appearances
Denny Crane/Alan Shore/Shirley Schmidt, drinking, cigars, equal rights
Lori Colson/Shirley Schmidt, cold, beer, reasons, hero
Lori Colson/Tara Wilson, carnation
Sally Heep/Selina Kyle, chucked, Bechdel, own, seconded
Tara Wilson/Whitney Rome, mesh

Boy Meets World
Cory Matthews/Shawn Hunter, history, my little Cory, New York, roommate, wedding night,
Shawn Hunter/Angela Moore, bond, shatter, kiss, hands, smile
Shawn Hunter /Topanga, best friends forever, cute, twenties, apartment

Boys Grammar (short movie)
Gareth/Nick, forgiveness, tentative, flinch

Shiho/Chunwoo, tease, exhibitionist, kiss, touch, denial

Breaking Bad
Gus/Walt, dinner, valuable, mistake, arrangement
Jesse/Walt, desperate, give upexplosion, dictionary, nightmare, corpse, desperate, lottery, stench, need, experiment, nothing, over, grief, illicit, safe, stupid, raw, robot, desert, high, loyal, genius, options

Brain/Brendan, puzzle, fix, library, home, confession, fight, bruises, healing, t-shirt, turn
Brendan Frye/The Brain, desperate, need, hold, support, calm
Brendan/Kara, drama, paint, mask, garter

Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh
Charles/Sebastian, flesh, swimming

Bridgerton Series - Julia Quinn
Colin/Penelope, teasing, ink stains, unrequited, soft

Bright Star
Fanny/John, scent, flowers, freedom, garden, gingerly, lace, butterflies, tremble

Bring It On
Isis/Missy/Torrance, push, competition, teamwork
Jan/Les, pom poms
Missy/Torrance/Cliff, indecision
Torrance/Isis, future, swing, team, respect, college, same

Brokeback Mountain
Ennis/Jack, pain, regret, dreams

Broken Trail
Tom Harte/Heck Gilpin, fiddle

Brooklyn South
Anne-Marie Kersey/Francis Donovan, morning, rush, scars, rogue, dangerous, shower, night
Anne-Marie Kersey/Francis Donovan/Jimmy Doyle, obsess, tired, choice, ache, temptation, hard
Anne-Marie Kersey/Jimmy Doyle, surprise, night shift, future, bruises, hotel, breathless
any/any, touch, taste, watch, feel, tense, love
Jack Lowery/Nona Valentine, squad car, morning, night shift, shower, bruises, fight
Jack Lowery/Nona Valentine/Clem Johnson, grudgingly, worship, fight, lick, beach, comfort

Brothers (2009 film)
Cassie/Grace, children
Tommy/Sam, hero

Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai/Rawhide, hands, homesick, rough, tired

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Amanda/Dawn Summers, potential, glow, awkward
Andrew Wells/Anya Jenkins, unconventional, nerdy
Andrew Wells/Dawn Summers, nerd, watcher, reading
Andrew Wells/Warren Mears, use, hurt, nerd
Andrew Wells/Xander Harris, nerdy, awkward, fumbling
Andrew/Giles, self-esteem
Andrew/Spike, roadtrip
Andrew/Warren, seduction
Angel/Buffy, cookie dough, AU, know, pull
Angel/Faith, drink, hungry, solid
Angelus/Buffy, non con, blood (but not from a bite), "i love you"
Angelus/Tara, damned
Anya/Buffy, vengeance
Anya/Faith/Buffy, new
Anya/Giles, fingertips, tonight, leather, flight, back room, magic, bunnies, spirit
Anya/Halfrek, time
Anya/Spike, scar
Anya/Willow, awkward
Buffy/Dawn, sister's love.
Buffy/Dawn/Faith, Buffy and Faith welcome Dawn into their group, toys, bondage
Buffy/Faith, blood, chosen, faster, alley, dreaming, fight, bond, primal, two, chains, dance, run, sync, colors, final, swirl, dream, spar, drunk, watch, motel, immortal, hunt, history, steampunk, lace, hunger, knives, stakes, smile, stalk, fun, skirt, school, shy, workout, redeem, free, comrade, similarities, leather, training, good, strong, encouraged, secret, unrestrained, temptress, hurricane
Buffy/Faith/Giles, possessive
Buffy/Faith/Spike, depravity, double penetration
Buffy/Giles, Buffybot, inappropriate, spite, words, research, death, life, relief, unrequited, destined, pair, books, Watcher, Slayer, graveyard, library, hiding, patrol, hush, library, stutter, practice, England, [any]
Buffy/Graham Miller, memories, dogtags, sweat, homecoming
Buffy/Spike, anal, tombstone, remember, Shakespeare, remorse, thirst, cuffs, comfort, home, restraint, pulse, headstone, leather, alcohol, scent, white skin, lips, growl, smells like sunshine, he's always been the one who understood, forgiveness, soul, smashed, chains, handcuffs, close, hold, partners, fight, fuck, find, porch, smoke, lipstick, caught in the rain, cigarette, alcohol, velvet, human, bleeding, high
Buffy/Tara, acceptance, bossy, lap, magic, softness, glances, first time, needy, forgiveness, clean
Buffy/Willow/Xander, constant, high school, complicated, secret
Buffy/Xander, comfort, home, paperwork, family
Cordelia/Xander, Halloween, changeling(like Odo DS9), xander's a werewolf
Dawn Summers/Tara Maclay, quiet, lesbian, new, learn
Dawn Summers/Xander Harris, fumbling, awkward, first
Dawn/Andrew, drunk
Dawn/Faith, misery, smoking, teacher
Dawn/Rona/Vi, puppy
Dawn/Spike, London, chickadee, adult
Dawn/Tara, magic, grown up, grief
Drusilla/her dolls, lace, tea leaves, watching
Ethan Rayne/Rupert Giles, understanding
Faith/Giles, keeping, stand, lick, down, retail, coast
Faith/Giles/Wes, control
Faith/Oz, reckless, wild
Faith/vamp!Willow, lipstick, pet
Faith/Wesley, nightmare, envy, pyramids, dollhouse, teacher, older, leather, book, forgiveness, sharp, dirt
Faith/Xander, hunt, repairs, shame
Giles/Buffy/Angel, redemption
Joyce/Tara, calico
Oz/Xander, chase, cream, freckles, laughter, ordinary, rhythm, stealth, taste, vibrant
Riley Finn/Spike, fierce, protect, hinge, dirtybadwrong, leather, hold down, revenge, wrong, blood, soul, on your knees
Riley Finn/Xander Harris, adrenaline, battle, reconnection, sneak, arms, history, practice, reconnect, scar, talk, team
Rupert Giles/Ethan Rayne, love potion, past, pain, choas, one last time, strength, help, demon, candy
Spike/Darla/Angelus/Drusilla, hierarchy, family
Spike/Faith, wrong, motorcycle, alternative
Tara/Anya, memento, sparks
Tara/Dawn, abandonment issues
vamp!Willow/Tara, darkness, familiar, weakness
vamp!Willow/Black Magick Willow, fingers, electricity, shards of glass
Wesley/Cordelia, try again, vision, sloppy, hard, pent up, pills, caught, try
Willow/Spike, control, slick, pro, shape, books, possible, side effects, heat
Willow/Tara, crush, forever, mine, yours, soulmate, eternity, fumbling, fear, a new toy, roleplay, yours, hands, tulips
Willow/Vampire Willow, licking
Willow/Wesley, going evil, sharing, stuck, perfection
Willow/Xander, spell
Xander Harris/Buffy Summers, control, hyena, love
Xander/Oz/Faith, first time
Xander/Spike, handcuffs

Ali Rose/Coco, glitter, sweat, practice
Ali/Nikki, red, silk, gloves, stockings, fishnets, glare, truce,
Georgia/Nikki, return, compete, tiger
Nikki/Tess, friends, support, hangover, shots, burlesque, dance
Sean/Tess, Reno

Burn Notice
Fiona “Fi” Glenanne/Jesse Porter, one time only, undercover, voyeurism, tantalize, getaway
Fiona “Fi” Glenanne/Jesse Porter/Michael Westen, here, together, truth, bed, tie, silk, yogurt
Fiona “Fi” Glenanne/Jesse Porter/Michael Westen/Sam Axe, Miami, mojitos, [any]
Fiona “Fi” Glenanne/Michael Westen/Sam Axe, sharing, bonds, plan B, schemes, teamwork, day off, car hood, games, yogurt, C-4, under covers, poker, suit up, handcuffs, partners, cool off, family, impractical, c4, photograph, adrenaline, snow, relax, kittens, hostage, hostile, drink, equity, comfort, easy, traditions, teamwork, bullets, exasperation, explosions, heat, spies, AU, explosion, twice, preference, cotton, sweat, ice cubes, tease, united front, desire, ice cubes, new position, suits, shades, dirty talk
Fiona “Fi” Glenanne/Michael Westen, pirate vs ninja, scars, freedom, skills, fate, alive, bayonet, quiet, flirt, mojito, semtex, sunglasses, stucco, coconut, dedication, pursuit, scratches, battlefield, cover, spy, gun, present, bite, hold down, scars, have your back, partner, flames, explosions, crosshairs, smoke, high risk, fuel, blades, who's really in control here, violence is really foreplay, danger, adrenaline, water
Fiona “Fi” Glenanne/Sam Axe, playing house, mojitos, C4, complicated, easy, equals, leather, banter, favors, ignite, catsuit, temptation, bite, sand, balance, spanking, spiral, tease, pegging, dress me up, fall, bickering, commands, explosive, reciprocity, boredom, covert, guns, hiding, running, what Sam Axe does to women, wrestle, surprise, affection, secret admiration
Gilroy/Michael Westen, relationship, flirt, pretend, reassure, fond
Jesse Porter/any, trust vs mistrust
Jesse Porter/Michael Westen, marking, bruises, absolution, reconciliation, mojito, dire, club, undercover, misdirect, magnetic
Jesse Porter/Sam Axe, exposed, hangover, impatient, the basics
Jesse Porter/Victor, meet, common, danger, impulse, jealous, need, explosive
Michael Westen/ Fiona “Fi” Glenanne/Jesse Porter
Michael Westen/Brennan, desperate, forgiveness, guilt, bite
Michael Westen/ Fiona “Fi” Glenanne
Michael Westen/Larry, mentor, kid, honesty, empty, the past, running, trapped, nowhere, burning building, search and destroy, schism, divided, old times, fond
Michael Westen/Sam Axe, all in, undercover, trust no one, never, solid, pinstripes, companionship, trust, release, creative, limits, admiration, devotion, drinks, beach, hiding,
Michael Westen/Seymour, crush, one-sided, idol, hero
Michael Westen/Simon, mirror image, scruff, brothers, prison, stuck, adaptation, cracked, doubt, gift
Michael Westen/Victor, fight, accept, speed, unbreakable, restrained, paradox, foreplay, chase, rabies, mirror, struggle, rope, interrogation, liars, what could have been, mirror image, cracked
Sam Axe/Maddie, double team, gift, weekend, alcohol, lazy.
Sam Axe/Michael Westen, topping from the bottom
Victor/Gilroy, combustible, hot-tub, ruthless, glee
Victor/Simon, impress, fight, hate, ally, brilliant, violent

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Butch/Sundance, victory, fire, camp

Cabin Pressure
Martin, Martin copes with his family and his family copes with him, singing

Hank/Felicia, after years, second meeting, swimsuit, dancing, husbands and wives
Hank/Mia, sweet revenge, script rewriting, night in Vegas, pool, hen night, homeless, legal, birthday, future, dress, inspiration

Calvin and Hobbes
Older!Calvin/Hobbes, time wasting, memories, comfort, loneliness, friendship, delusion, fun, hiking, outdoors, teenage, muscles, goodbye, nostalgia, college, imagination, fun, fur, shame
Older!Calvin/Older!Susie Derkins, tigers, games, nostalgia, outdoors, Calvinball, snowballs, guilt, arguments, homework, parents
Older!Calvin/OMC, rock n’roll, spiky hair, athletic, growing up, graduation, college, comfort, autumn, outdoors, hiking, exploration, tigers, fur, hyperactivity, shyness, friendship, sledding, secrets, weather, nostalgia, homecoming

Alphard/Liang Qi, please, any
Canaan/Maria, close, kiss, smile, tight, any

Candy Boy
Isako/Sakuya, flirt, mine, any
Kanade/Yukino, art, first time, insomnia, kiss, paint, sweets, any
Kanade/Yukino/Shizuku, jealous, serious, teasing, warmth, any
Kanade/Yurippe, help, punch, scolding, smile, talk, any

Caper Court - Caro Fraser
Anthony Cross/Leo Davies, argument, laws, tender

Amanda Graystone/Daniel Graystone, together, spring
Barnabas/Lacy, first time, welcome to the deep end, pain can bring pleasure, spanking, bdsm, whisper, revolution
Lacy/Diego, fem!dom, worship
Lacy Rand/Zoe Graystone, avatar, robot, human, everything, friends
Tamara/Zoe, build our own world, goddesses

Rima/Siham, hair washing

Cardcaptor Sakura
Clow/Yue, longing, sadness, goodbye
Touya/Yue, comfort, gentle
Touya/Yukito, desire, vacation, water
Sakura Kinomoto/Yue, cuddle, blush, sigh, share, fast, bow

Tony/Amanda, weekend, unexpected, conversation

Ben/Sofie, dice, dust, prayer, rain, ropes, wind
Brother Justin/Iris, sin, blood, family, loyalty, repent, family, secret, dust
Libby/Sofie, sisters, fortune
Ruthie/Rita Sue, changes
Sofie/Iris, blaspheme, pray
Sofie/Jonesy/Libby, apology

Rick/Ilsa, Paris, champagne, run aways, hiding

Cassandra Palmer - Karen Chance
Cassie Palmer/John Pritkin/Mircea, incubus, possess, mark, time, warmth, battle, ward, prophecy, blood, oath, observe, fly, courting

Alexis Castle/any, first
Alexis Castle/Kate Beckett, chaperone, field trip, project, study date, after hours, internship, paperwork, desk, boots, marking, sleepover
Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan, bend over, coffee stain, stubble burn, role play, best friends, X Box 360, secrets, girls, fiancée, couch, game, new, fans, story, partner, holster, repression, lapdance, locked, outing, handcuffs, Scrabble, Merlot, slave, secret, silly, beg, blue, banana, sleepy!sex, ties, drinks, gamble, trust, Spanish lessons
Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan/Lanie Parish, dominate, business, invisible, inventive, fun, comfort, place, tagteam, ice, fruit, sweet, sharing, direction, benefits, friends, pegging
Javier Esposito/Lanie Parish, hungry, lust, breakfast in bed, backseat, dirty talk, lace, shower, curves, submit, morning, laugh, hands, sleep, growl, public, picnic, dance, backwards, stiff amongst the stiffs, wine and dine, hidden, hot, murder, open
Kate Beckett/Lanie Parish, smile, friends, trust, help
Kate Beckett/Madison Queller, the old days, motorbike, responsible, badass
Kate Beckett/Natalie Rhodes, after Nikki, heat wave, dye, role reversal, out of character, cataloguing, coffee, hand cuffs, the wig, copycat, flattery, mirror, origami, last, stolen, method, Nikki Heat
Kate Beckett/Tom Demming, workout, sweat, accident
Richard Castle/Kate Beckett, at your service, Beckett play Nikki Heat, the fantasy aligning with the stars, book tour, strawberries, watch, books, explosion, masturbation, end, role play, bath, tricks, heat, thunderstorm, fight, danger, interrogation, chocolate, tape, waistcoat, cushions, closet, coffee, storm, tied-up, wet, crime, rain, touch, long weekend, nude, elevator, gun at her hip, handcuffs, aliens, finally, want, take, gun, "we're in public!", guns, attitude, can't help themselves, quiet, blindfold, bad cop, chair, hatesex, post-fight, Heat Wave, muse, wall, inevitable, reading, writer's block, page 105, Nikki Heat, heels, room service, uniform, interrogation, breakfast, stakeout, highrise, handwriting, high heels, reading, handcuffs, awkward, undercover, dinner party, imagine, ink, book, dedication, scarves, protective, fear, tears, pegging, bondage, serenade, ice cubes, toys, accents, role reversal, public play, rose petals, candles, sci fi movies and popcorn, secret boning, bets, stranded, hard, time, sequins, don't ask, toy, play, pool, shelter, freeze, dry, deny, elegant, under her skin, chemistry, drawn to death, his dark impulses, pushing the limits, words, listen, undercover, club, dancing, drunk, pina coladas, new years eve, irony, future, tour, past, leather gloves, motorcycle
Richard Castle/Kate Beckett/Madison, jealousy, better, meaning, watch
Richard Castle/Kate Beckett/Natalie Rhodes, research, on set, awkward, jealousy.
Richard Castle/Natalie Rhodes, too much meta
Richard Castle/Ryan, secret, smile, eyes, fan

Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Alucard/Maria, [any]

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – Tennessee Williams
Brick/Maggie, pregnant
Brick/Skipper, denial

Céline and Julie Go Boating
Céline/Julie, molasses

Center Stage
Eva Rodriguez/Maureen Cummings, intertwine, here

Chaos Walking trilogy - Patrick Ness
Ben/Cillian, family, peace, toughened
Davy/Todd, second, okay, solo
Viola/Todd, clutch, stay

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Mike/Wonka, daddy

Charlie's Angels (movies)
Alex Munday/Dylan Sanders, slow, mighty, curl, leap, tilt, fall, yawn, nod, element, eat
Alex Munday/Dylan Sanders/Natalie Cook, flying, sinking, comfort, home, laugh, strip, sigh, throw, knack
Natalie Cook/Pete Komisky, tickle, awkward, tie, play, ring, well, zany, melt,

Charm School (comic)
Bunny/Dean, date, kiss, tease
Bunny/Dean/Fairer Than, finally, fix, usual, wish
Bunny/Fairer Than, oops, lush

Paige/Cole, forgiveness, fury, seduction
Paige/Henry, light, color, dancing, night life, soulmates, sun, pregnant, demon, research
Paige/Piper, cold, gentle, sunrise, discipline, frozen
Phoebe/Piper/Prue, fairies, magic
Piper/Leo, surprise

Annie Frost/Ben Crowley, vacation, late, morning, taste, trace, trigger
Annie Frost/Daisy Ogbaa, adrenalin, bust, perp, boots, hurricane, blood, explode, run, stranded, night, bruises, risk, lick
Annie Frost/Jimmy Godfrey, Boots, reckless, adrenalin, tequila, run, captive, glower, hard, slip, trapped, vacation, beach, apocalypse, long drive, hotel, scars, insomnia, reckless, relief, comfort
Daisy Ogbaa/Luke Watson, wish, reluctant, euphoric, murmur, honesty
Daisy Ogbaa/Marco Martinez, wild, stranded, rough, laugh, surrender

Chess (musical)
Anatoly/Freddy, gambit, checkmate, cold war, winning

Mama Morton/Roxie Hart, heart
Mama Morton/Roxie Hart/Velma Kelly, lights, camera, action
Mama Morton/Velma Kelly, truncheon, bruised, cozy
Roxie Hart/Velma Kelly, earthquake, cheat, ash, rip, cruise, battle, mascara, looking out for number one, comfort

Chloe (2010 film)
Chloe/Catherine, hair, moonlight, trust, blood, secrets, silk, silver

Chronicles of Elantra - Michelle Sagara
Kaylin/Sanabalis, lessons, the name of fire, scales, impudent, manners, midwife, blood, exhaustion, betting, free time
Kaylin/Tara, named, heart, river bank, justice, gardening, sunlight, gloves, lonely, comfort, secrets, history, waiting, kisses, teaching, touch, earth
Tara/Kaylin/Tiamaris, bridge, belief, fieflord, fire, scales, intimacy, sunlight, eyes everywhere, discovery

Chrono Trigger
Flea/Magus, cross-dressing, master, servant, role reversal, magic, beauty
Lucca/Magus, experiments, magic gone wrong, arrogance and blather
Lucca/Robo, malfunction, almost human
Magus/Marle, [any]

Alex Forest/Sarah Walker, blackmail, desperation, stripping
Alex McHugh/Anna Wu/Carina Miller/Ellie Woodcomb/Alex Forest/Sarah Walker, bachelorette party, stripping
Alex McHugh/Sarah Walker, first, questions, withholding
Anna Wu/Any female, Spider-Man
Anna Wu/Ellie Woodcomb, fantasy, submission
Anna Wu/OFC, experiment, lick, delight
Anna Wu/Sarah Walker, nerd herd, release, skirts, temptation
Bryce Larkin/Carina Miller, enemies, travelers, wounds, sheets, crave
Bryce Larkin/Carina Miller/Sarah Walker, pegging
Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski, accounting, binary, sorcery, college, alive, sight, wish, hold, sleep, flashback, understood, jacksonville, stop-loss, winter, neck, bruise, cracks, relief, protect, truth, pedestal, position, sweet, cool, sunglasses, geek, wall, thigh, promise, mine, palm, kitten, coy, firsts, frat house, library, experiment, suave, possessive, flirtation, public!sex, pledge, desire, bite, surveillance, sleepy, favors, studying, dorm, breakfast
Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Jill Roberts, jealousy, drunk, competition, desire, complicated
Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker, escape, musketeers, complete, destiny, tangle, domestic, Barcelona, choice, brothers, exasperating, exaggerate, convince, DP, need, inventive, truth
Bryce Larkin/Ellie Woodcomb, taste, whispers, back, crooked
Bryce Larkin/Jill Roberts, bruise, cheated, fire, forever
Bryce Larkin/John Casey, gun
Bryce Larkin/Sarah Walker, roses, sunscreen, Chuck, dancing, inappropriate, mission, photograph, return, sequins, comfort, intense
Carina Miller/Chuck Bartowski, burnt, John Casey, revenge, show
Carina Miller/Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker, double team, seduction, toys, training, watching, educate, formal wear
Carina Miller/Ellie Woodcomb/Sarah Walker, ladies night, stripping
Carina Miller/John Casey/Sarah Walker, aggression, manhandling, payback, size kink
Carina Miller/Sarah Walker, butt plug, freedom, Pakistan, rimming, role play, sadomasochism, strap-on, Wienerlicious, underwear, dildo, mission, porno, heist, dunes, trigger, underwater, payback, zipper, cover
Chuck Bartowski/Cole Barker, assessment, mission, map, tuxedo, rush
Chuck Bartowski/Daniel Shaw, movie night, 'super', restrained, mission, cover, Boy Scout, glasses, need, flip, recruited
Chuck Bartowski/Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb, workout, smile, adrenaline-rush
Chuck Bartowski/Ellie Woodcomb, comfort, abandon, test, survive, alone
Chuck Bartowski/John Casey, headache, rough, direction, jealous, dominance, bound
Chuck Bartowski/John Casey/Sarah Walker, backup, first,smart, figure, steel, sharp, pinpoint
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker, alternative, attraction, pickle, toupee, yips, nightclub, disguise, accidents, reboot, loading, castle, quiet, safehouse, babysit, errand, flashback, videogame, distraction, show-not-tell, voyeur, alley, bruise, chain, impassive, body shots, fitting room, cherish, forever, costumes, power, flashing, Paris, proposal, stripper pole, wigs, marked, mate, closet, police, jealousy, artwork, victory, linger, morning after, wedding night, morning, sunscreen, ask, movie theater, train, Paris, withholding, mirror, car
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Carina Miller, ambiguous, compete, charm, surprise
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/John Casey, protective, close, bulletproof, game, insecure, warm
Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Sofia Stepanova, suitcase, threesome
Cole Barker/Sarah Walker, bad boys, bondage, Fuji
Daniel Shaw/Sarah Walker, anal, brainwashing, Castle, dominance, massage, revenge, Ring, Washington DC, drugs, Intersect, kink, manipulation, nonconsensual, slave
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb/Chuck Bartowski/Ellie Woodcomb, truths, intimate, sober, temptation
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb/Ellie Woodcomb/Sarah Walker, double penetration, fantasy, postpartum, sharing
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb/Sarah Walker, addiction, affair
Ellie Woodcomb/[any], dream, fantasy
Ellie Woodcomb/Alex Forest, cover, lies, payback, stripper
Ellie Woodcomb/Sarah Walker, experimenting, fisting, seduction, spanking, spying, liar, help, lock, explanation, double edged
Hannah/Sarah Walker, brunette, hair pulling, possessive
Heather Chandler/Sarah Walker, begging, fighting, loser, showers
Jeff Barnes/Lester Patel/Sarah Walker, blackmail, drunk
Jill Roberts/Sarah Walker, jealousy, stalker
Jill Roberts/Sarah Walker/Daniel Shaw, bdsm, double teaming, ownership, partners
John Casey/Alex Forest, caliber, gunplay, size
John Casey/Daniel Shaw, growling, guns, rope, training, sparring, growl, alpha
John Casey/Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb/Ellie Woodcomb, invitation, seduction, comfort, food, chill, protect, order, keep
John Casey/Ellie Woodcomb, temptation, uninhibited, warmth, kitchen
John Casey/Mary Bartowski, guns, secret, grapple
John Casey/Sarah Walker, 20 hours in L.A., flesh and bone, sins, arch, breath, cool skin, boxers, handcuffs, pig tails, roughness, size, traitor, motel, run, power, dirty talk, nature vs nurture, reversal, inevitability, record, score, division
Justin Sullivan/Sarah Walker/Daniel Shaw, breaking, captured, naked, torture
Lester Patel/Any Male, firsts
Mary Bartowski/Sarah Walker, loneliness, spies
Mary Bartowski/Sarah Walker/Alexei Volkoff, choices, rescue, truth
Michael 'Big Mike' Tucker/any, size
Morgan Grimes/Anna Wu, lost, necklace, Hawaii
Morgan Grimes/Sarah Walker, beard, disgusted
Morgan Grimes/Sarah Walker, [any]
Roan Montgomery/Sarah Walker, academy, teacher's pet
Sarah Walker/[any], bukkake, mark, orgy, seduction
Sarah Walker/Alexei Volkoff, loyalty
Sarah Walker/Heather Chandler, cuffs, lockers, cheer, scrapbook
Sarah Walker/Sofia Stepanova, catfight, catwalk, dress
Sarah Walker/Stephen Bartowski, daddy

Cinderella/Prince Charming, dance

Circle of Magic - Tamora Pierce
Daja/Sandry, saati, thread, bind, fire, bargain

Clamp School Detectives
Imonoyama Nokoru/Takamura Suoh, devotion, mystery, flexible

Clare/Jean, loyalty, sacrifice
Clare/Ophelia, rape, hair, snake, insanity, bondage, blood, awakened one
Clare/Priscilla, revenge, pity, similarities, differences, child, awakened one
Clare/Riful, bondage, tentacle rape, allies
Clare/Teresa, sister, goddess, sunlight, reason to live, hair, smile, shine, growing up
Clarice/Miata, breasts, family, mama
Isley/Raki, all grown up, silver, cold, loyalty, morality, pet
Teresa/Priscilla, meeting, equals, touch, experience, fight, silver

Clockwork Orange
Alex/Jail-Cleric (etc.), devotion, ingratiate

Closer (movie)
Alice/Anna, sublimation, see, rival, wonder
Dan/Larry, sublimation, power, office, chat, future, friendship

Kazuhiko/Oruha, blindfold, trust, passion
Kazuhiko/Oruha/Gingetsu/Ran/Suu, bond, special, perfection, simple, moment, love

Josh/Cher, noisy, fantasy, porno, wet, lust, ride, pouty lips, skirt, daddy's girl, intelligence, quiz

Codex Alera - Jim Butcher
Crassus/Ehren, loyal, sly, campaign, laughter, help, sword
Ehren/Kitai/Tavi, dinner, cooperate, innovate, dare, quiet, intuition, insight, tradition, furycraft
Fidelias/Sextus, redemption, might-have-been, youth, collaborate, learning, politics, ally, adrenaline, history
Kitai/Tavi/Max, one time offer, gift
Max/Crassus, equal, memory, healing, secret, victory
Max/Ehren, politics, rumours, tent, fox

Coffee Prince
Han Kyul/Eun Chan, coffee, chocolate syrup, stars
Han Sun/Yoo Ju, night, dance
Han Sung/Eun Chan, play, admiration, music
Sun Ki/Ha Rim, love lessons, language

Cold Case
Scotty Valens/Kat Miller, sweatpants, protection, proving a point, food, fast, attention, driving

Cold Comfort Farm
Flora/Charles, experience, off the page

Coldheart Canyon - Clive Barker
Katya/Todd, devil's country, strange, new sights, wine, used, mask
Tammy/Todd, pure, water, giving in, dream, light, ghost, stay, blockbuster

Abed Nadir/Annie Edison, screentest, puppet, dark, embrace, projecting, academic, jealous, film, character arch, experiment, lists, plans, prank, pretty, sarcasm, movies, flowers, sweet, deadline, touch
Abed Nadir/Troy Barnes, Bert & Ernie, bromance, movies, inflatable sheep, meta, character arc, vitrolic best buds, fuckersnaps, video, pillow fight, underwear, games, fort, alone, confused, video games, movie night, pornography, morning, bunk, normal, sidekick, Sesame Street, kickpuncher, gay cruise, cross dressing, subtext, cosplay, film, dance, experiment, pajamas, pillowcases, romcom, golden, marathon, smile, first, BFF, scared, filming, jealous, emotions, hands, Batman, Superman, drunk, rough, car, sweet, candy, cookie, classroom, hiding, acceptance, happy, huh, movies, quotes, TV, Hughes, cliches, cool, sleep over, surprise, stroke, robot, special, always, Halloween, Zombies, paintball, adventure, laughter, experiment, bite, lick, mine, accidental, plan, reality, tangled, blankets, tragic, weird, chocolate
Abed/Annie/Britta/Jeff/Pierce/Shirley/Troy, orgy, ritual
Abed/Annie/Troy, tag team, sharing is caring, roommates, mutual, theater, adventures, antics, unexpected, fantasy, experiment, surprise, ballerina, cute, ours, together, Christmas, friends, flowers, sleepover, concert
Abed/Jeff, drunk, rough, experiment, power, mob, paintball.
Annie Edison/Britta Perry, forty, show, mud, project, instant, spark, girly, control, silver, feminism, exclusive, tequila, fake ID, hipster, overachieving, getting high, anonymity, tie, sports, bathroom, gender issues, that was something, manipulation, tame, pretend, denial, anger, apology, gentle, broken hearts, first time, ponytail, miniskirt, sash, triangle, cheerleading outfit, race, selfish, studying, coffee, feminism, fake, sleepover, leather jacket, blonde, protest
Annie/Britta/Jeff, watch, compromise, underwear, thoughtful, hands, work, bagel, indecision
Annie/Dean Pelton, argument, negotiation, role playing, grades
Annie/Jeff, kiss, graduation, paintball 2.0, secret, smile, affection, courage, first time, tease, finally, awkward, chances, fondness, flat tire, cliche, demonstration, rules, forbidden, static, mix tape, strategic, undercover, honey, age, panties, secret, anger, coy, anniversary, closets, costumes, desk!sex, coco, vespa, wayfarers, creativity, happiness, memories, grace, hiding, right, wrong, ropes, eyes, smirk, summer, glasses, studying, giggle, wow, chair, study room, pond, swim, debate, win, conspiracy, lashes, glitter, ice cream, lawyer, grown up, batgirl, future, lost, red, home, sorry, please
Annie Edison/Troy Barnes, picnic, lipgloss, extracurricular, film, notes, cheerleader, valentine, dedication, swimming pool, know, school, crush, now, beautiful, different, past, picnic, contrast, clinic, innocence
Britta/Jeff, bickering, benefits, flirt, complicated, jealousy, hook-ups, smirk, one-upmanship, hair, rivalry, sicko, study room, homework, backpacks, favor, volunteer, conference, earbud, bachelorette, BCI, sunlight, borrowed, boots, competition, Smurf, under wraps, table, accidental, confess, drunk, spar, dress, lace, stockings, fingertips, rain, touch, long weekend, alcohol, sarcasm, fight, secret, prepared, angry, irresponsible, memory, table, space, slow dance, study room, paintball, summer, disgust, deflect, irony, coat closet, tension, tree, better
Britta/Jeff/Slater, compromise
Britta/Michelle, desks, bar, skirts, smirk
Britta/Pierce, bickering, drunk, weakness, issues, lesbian, sorry
Britta/Shirley, lifestyle, revelation, popcorn, cupcakes
Britta/Slater, competition, adulthood, office hours
Britta/Troy, crush, what did you say?, you're crazy, hurricane, ribbon
Jeff/Rich, baking, backseat, picnic, disingenuous, sentimentality, cherry, porno, objection, the study of man, kinsey scale, tips n' tricks, corkscrew, escapade, coda, homoerotic subtext, teaser trailer, AC/DC, billboard, shower, any, baking, muffin tops, apron, lessons, pottery, sofa, outdoors, fever, good, bad, doctor, clay, hate, Ghosting, perfect, amazing, pottery, exception, best, confusion, too perfect, kettle corn, banana
Jeff/Troy, once, fun, act, forget
Jeff Winger/Shirley Bennett, [any]
Troy/Britta, dance, maturity, trip, quiet, feminist theory, Star Trek, specific

Con Air
Syrus/male, determination, charge

Angela Dodson/John Constantine, public, dirty, smirk, heat, tremble, unafraid

Coraline (movie)
Coraline/Wybie, cat, flowers, garden, walking, holidays, spooky, nightmares, comfort
Other Wybie/Coraline, remnant, communication, dust, hush, smile, rose, shyness, earth

April Spink/Miriam Forcible, performance
Cat/Coraline, tea leaves, beast, dimension, voice, coffee, lounge, wear green, dressing room
Other!April/Other!Miriam/Coraline, entrapment, silk, legs

Corpse Bride
Emily/Victor/Victoria, improper, music
Emily/Victoria, butterflies, night, proper, rules, wedding, well-matched

Cougar Town
Jules/Ellie, birthday suit, college flashbacks
Laurie/Travis, crush, oops, tipsy, dare, role play, pretend, ironic, Marley, Tosh.0, surprise, wah-oh!

Count Cain
Cain/Riff, comfort, pain, service, gentleness, exotic, yours, yesterday, sense

Country Strong
Beau/Chiles, give
Chiles/James, whiskey

Covert Affairs
Annie/Auggie, jazz, taste, breathless, mission, safe, mission gone wrong, helpful, coffee, trivia, bad liar, best friends, adoration, scrutiny, stakeout, boredom, support, ninja, obelisk, surveillance, hacker, identity, lithograph, touch, movie, undercover lovers, comfort, sensitive, outdoor sex, trust, beginner, misunderstanding, shower, blizzard, voyeurism, stakeout, smell, feel, mission, naked, pretend, geek, sparring, lunchbreak
Annie Walker/Jai Wilcox, touched, disgrace, one night stand, tall order, give in
Annie Walker/Joan Campbell, bait, secrets, lies, valentine, taste
Auggie/Jai, rivalry, competence, glide, risk, fingers, tight bind, playing field, getting caught, tattoo, envy
Jai/Ben, remember, screen, radio, wrap, payment, prevention

Cowboy Bebop
Julia/Spike, desire, dreams, heart, remember, unspoken
older!Ed/Faye, ageless, breasts, computers, grin, hacker, tech-support, woman
Spike/Vicious, anger, friendship, guns, projection, regret, wounds

Vaughan/James, bruise

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi, decompensation, mentor, honest, ties, the power of a good scotch, vacation, spaghetti, wine, scars, pie, silk, snark, time, unconditional, silk, stubble
Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi/Emily Prentiss, control, handcuffs, trade-off, comprehensive, fire, public, nice, mud, rain, DVDs, desktop, fountain pen
Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi/Spencer Reid, comfort, understanding, hunger, trust
Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan, alpha, scars, night
Aaron Hotchner/Elle Greenaway, guilty, silent, control, alive, shadows, panic, backseat, nameless
Aaron Hotchner/Emily Prentiss, doorway, caustic, routine, unspoken, distance, arch
Aaron Hotchner/Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, tending, fire, gentle, explore, insight, reality, kiss, observe, glance, competence, evening, suit, confidence
Aaron Hotchner/Jason Gideon, promise, competition, trust, hotel, fantasies, comfort, scars, dream, need, Boston, desk, hotel
Aaron Hotchner/Jennifer Jareau, talk, soft, balance, shaving, goodbyes, jealousy, regret, tie, believe, reassurance, security, scars, fixation, regret, comfort, silent, pillow biting, rough
Aaron Hotchner/Penelope Garcia, makeup, rehearse, persona, secrets, wish, smiles, unexpected, shivers
Aaron Hotchner/Penelope Garcia/Derek Morgan, [any]
Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, dragons, zombies, witches, love potion, animagus, family, order, profile, fear, shy, earthquake, ties, hands, laughter, need, elevators, shaky, vulnerable, watches, lectures, skills, dressing-up
Aaron Hotchner/Vincent Perotta, strong, surprise, power, seduction, possessive, understanding, Stockholm-Syndrome, gentle, fascination, handcuffs
David Rossi/Emily Prentiss, faith, dreams, silent, desk, amused
David Rossi/Seaver, mentor, breathe, daddy issues
Derek Morgan/Elle Greenaway, vacation
Derek Morgan/Elle Greenaway/Spencer Reid, cope, touch, adventure
Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss, coffee, couch, reading
Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, catch, ink, orders
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia, rainbows, champagne, glitter, wish, anniversary, good, slip, pretzels, grass, bridge, pillows, great, apartment, beauty, computer, loyal, fierce, vibrant, laughter, trap, pounce, dress, heroes, slip, beautiful, role-playing,, laughter, glasses, bubbles, cell phone, weekend, flu, trace, lips, message, indulgence, solace, pillows, cyber, worship, tease, knowledge, first names, goddess, tits, abs, tied up, menaced, pegging, dirty talk, whisper, lace, fantasy, window, phone sex, laughter, dance, interdependent
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia/Spencer Reid, actually, honey, hotel
Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, gasping, details, glasses, paint, summer, wishful thinking
Elle Greenaway/Emily Prentiss, aggressive, curiosity, family, handcuffs, ties, replacement, one night stand
Elle Greenaway/Jason Gideon, [any]
Elle Greenaway/Jason Gideon/Spencer Reid, watching, father figures, family
Elle Greenaway/Spencer Reid, pegging, runaways, vigilantes, drinking, sickness
Emily Prentiss/Ashley Seaver, comfort, scotch, coffee
Emily Prentiss/Haley, longing, comfort, mistake
Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau, bar-hopping, comfort, tactical, distanced
Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau/Penelope Garcia, after-hours, comfort, teamwork, cope
Emily Prentiss/Penelope Garcia, breathless, communication, fantasies, flirting, games, geeky, hands, laugh, naughty, play, repress, sexy, slap, support, technobabble, rebound, fire and flame, spread, frisk, behind the screen, politics
Emily Prentiss/Penelope Garcia/Spencer Reid, geeks, double team, talk
Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, commentator, mind, matter, binge, reach, pegging, chiaroscuro
Emily Prentiss/Strauss, nothing personal, ma'am, fake, desperate, phone
Foyet/Aaron Hotchner, [any], anything, obsession, darkness, mind-games, captive
Jennifer Jareau/Penelope Garcia, candles, comfort, dirty, downtime, handwritten, pen, phone, phonesex, soft, support, sweet, wine
Jennifer Jareau/Spencer Reid, [any], comfort, numbers, promises, philosophy
Jennifer Jareau/Will Lamontagne Jr., she shouldn't be doing this
Nathan Harris/Spencer Reid, blood, understanding, mental institute
Penelope Garcia/Jennifer "JJ" Jareau/Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, laughter, sunset, breakfast, books
Penelope Garcia/Spencer Reid, pigtails, adorable, bubble, computer, bruises, first, glasses, nightmare, wonder
Spencer Reid/any, experience, money, one, tires, virgin
Spencer Reid/Ashley Seaver, liminal
Spencer Reid/Jason Gideon, reunion, guilt, Halloween, hotel, phonesex, reversal, bed, special, habit
Spencer Reid/Lila, frames, quiet, differences, Los Angeles

Crossing Jordan
Garret/Lily, [any]
Garret/Renée, surprise, reluctant, regret, anger, dance
Nigel/Kate, [any]

Cruel Intentions
Annette/Kathryn,bet, first, winning
Cecile Caldwell/Kathryn Merteuil, tease, seduce, kissing, whore
Cecile Caldwell/Kathryn Mertueil/Sebastian Valmont, [any]
Cecile Caldwell/Sebastian Valmont, kiss, lick, play
Kathryne/Sebastian, nostalgia, haunted

Galen/Matthew Gideon, bossy, heart, memory, touch
Max/Dureena, [any]

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Archie/Greg, bait, side-effect, banter
Archie/Warrick, visual, impulsive, jeans
Catherine/Grissom, history, wistful, afterhours, recognition, satisfaction
Catherine/Sofia, sweet, intense, clash
Greg Sanders/Nick Stokes, liquid latex, movies, birds
Greg Sanders/Sofia Curtis, pillow fight, workout, stakeout
Greg/Sara, fun, smile, vulnerable, loyalty. [any]
Greg/Warrick, tease, drinks, schooling, command, playful
Grissom/Lady Heather, safe, gratification, responsive, decorum, lips, feather, absolution
Grissom/Sara, new, interrupted, sneaky
Grissom/Sofia, proposition, diversion, pale, tryst
Grissom/Warrick, experiments, soothe, rollercoaster, heat, submit, bondage, chance, faith, order, discipline, mend, eager, observe
Hodges/Nick, suck up, trace, lab
Nick/Sofia, rush, southern-comfort, ride
Nick/Warrick, teamwork, rough, attraction, competition, protection, need, crush, public!sex, trust, tease, restraint, one-upmanship, wet, morning-after, workout, hunger, rush, lick, smirk, possessive, addiction, bare
Sara/Warrick, jealousy, need, snark, clash, smooth, trust, understanding, passion, vacation, seduce, music, fingerprints, flirt
Sofia/Warrick, sensual, release, dance, honesty
Wendy/Hodges, [any]

CSI: Miami
Horatio Caine/Ryan Wolfe, discipline, correction, ownership
Horatio/Yelina, [any]
Ryan/Calleigh, [any]

CSI: New York
Danny/Flack, injury, loss, boys
Danny/Lindsay, handcuffs, sleep, breakfast, chocolate, shower, honeymoon, movie night, hormonal, glasses
Lindsay/Mac, heatwave, snow, shower, sneaky

Bo/Jimmy, ache, bite, claim, fairy, fly, graduation, mark, obsession, primal, scent, virgin
Jimmy/Bo/Brook, nipping, full moon, puppy pile, warmth, urgent, fever, contagious, renew, tremors, linger, shift, dynamics, healing

D. Gray-man
Kanda/Allen, snow, innocence, hair, blade, train, soul, touch

Amy Bradshaw/Lucy Diamond, backseat, diamonds, drawing, game, gunplay, handcuffs, milkshake, screaming, scandal, sketch, skirt, uniform, Valentines

Da Vinci's Inquest
Dominic/Patricia, [any]

Ellen Parsons/Patty Hewes, what now?, blood, comfort, just for a thrill, just the two of us, limits, office, trust, bloodstained, greed, comfort, black dresses, salt water, outdoors, desk, copy room, chambers, boardroom, cellphone, winning, guns, refuge, painting, destruction, frosting, gifts, regrets, fingernails, alternate, control, orders, bourbon, game, trick
Ray Fiske/Gregory Malina, try, once, goodbye

Dan Vs.
Dan/Chris/Elise, [any]

Dances with Wolves
John Dunbar/Wind In His Hair, winter, communicate, mouth

Dangerous Liaisons
Danceny/Valmont, promise
Valmont/Cecile, teacher, whore
Valmont/Merteuil, cross-dressing, ladies, overpowered, last, deception, first, envy, corruption

Dante Valentine - Lilith Saintcrow
Dante/Japh, wings, smoke, blood, fight, trust, jump, slicboard, vows, conflict, swordfight, hell, feeding, teethmarks, dirty, rough, urgent, tender, healing, protection, coffee, bedroom, pizza

Dante's Cove
Ambrosius/Kevin, rebellion, punishment

Stacy/Quinn, favoritism

Dark Angel
Alec McDowell/Ames White, blood, prisoner, pain, dark, hate
Alec McDowell/Ben, brothers, escape, dreaming, handcuffs, prisoner
Alec McDowell/Joshua, sweet, soft, fur, purr, help
Alec McDowell/Logan Cale, basement, submission, strength, handcuffs, gun, tied, cocky, enemy, payment, back, hip, massage, caress, scent, above, moan, guttural
Alec McDowell/Logan Cale/Max Guevera, proxy, watch, solution, hope, cold, dynamic, information, perfect, push-me-pull-you, broken, impossible, substitute, blame, reality, touch, between, break, can't
Alec McDowell/Max Guevera, fear, hope, need, prickly, soap, breeding demand, harsh, hate, prison, slap fight, sister, savior, home, Manticore, Sunrise, Space Needle, derelict, polaroid, heat, drugs, mouth, sparring, target, bondage, lapdance, striptease, fingers, lips, stranded, storm, raindrops, skin, tree, water, distraction, candles, motorcycle, rifle, angles, eight ball
Alec McDowell/Sketchy, mine, hello, mission
Logan Cale/Max Guevara, brownout, wine,
Logan Cale/Matt, police, car, secret, detective, computer
Max Guevara/Ames White, connection
Max Guevara/Original Cindy, lean, support, curl, bath, body-heat, boo, brownout, chocolate, costume, feast, fist, friends, Heat, lace, lazy, sleep, flavour, texture, heat, friends, boo, lace, bath, feast, twilight, friends, bath
Max Guevara/Zach, ghost, remember, rescue, forgotten, stronger, skin
Original Cindy/(Any), trying new things, stealth, creep, going both ways

Dark Blue
Carter Shaw/Alex Rice, handcuffs
Dean Bendis/Jaimie Allen, work, car, sushi, strip, cigar, tattoo, porn
Dean Bendis/Jaimie Allen/Carter Shaw, dress, band-aid, breakfast
Dean Bendis/Jaimie Allen/Ty Curtis, cooking, domestic, undercover, lipgloss
Ty Curtis/Kevin, comfort, power

Dark Shadows (1966 TV show)
Caroline/Victoria, summer
Victoria/Maggie, night

Dark Skies
Juliet Stuart/anyone, effective, pretty, leathal
Phil Albano/anyone, hive, desperation, alone
Phil Albano/Kimberly Sayers, human, theory, wild, goodbye

Gort/Komiyan, master, orders

Dawn of the Dead (2004)
CJ/Michael, reconsider, risk, useful, dumbass

Dawson's Creek
Audrey/CJ, debauched, drunk, infidelity, kitchen, music
Audrey/Jen, finally, escape
CJ/Jen, campus, casual, coffee, date, phone
CJ/Pacey, angry, crude, fight, hurt, shout
Jen/Joey, good girls

Day Watch (2006)
Kostya/Alisa, football, domestic, lipstick, dream

Days of Our Lives
Carly/Chloe, eyes, secrets
Carly/EJ, darkness
Carly/Hope, affair, prison
Carly/Jennifer, friendship
Nicole/Sami, hate sex

Alvin Draper/Hooker!Jason Todd/Matches Malone/Pete the Penman/Robbie Malone, warehouse, gangbang, orgy, floor, mattresses, knees, suck, swallow, anonymous, filthy, 'family business', spores, hierarchy, camera, slick, teeth, rip, scream, sting, porn ring, infiltrate
Amanda Waller/Barbara Gordon, leadership
Andromeda/Triad, cultural exchange
Anissa Pierce/Grace Choi, catch, throw, dance, lift, picture, simple
Anita Fite/Cissie King-Jones, not second-best, domestic, heroic,
Apparition(Legion of Super-Heroes reboot)/Ultra Boy(Legion of Super-Heroes reboot), touching, anxiety, impulsive, attraction, contrasts, sensory
Apparition/Saturn Girl, lies
Aqualad/Kid Flash/Robin/Superboy, team, together, dynamic, fit, fight, new, learning, teaching, trusting
Aqualad/Robin, leadership
Aqualad/Robin/Speedy, fights, arguments, leader
Aqualad/Superboy, calm, hand holding, webbed, super, powers, saved, shower
Aquaman/Batman, outrageous, fish, partners, belt
Aquaman/Green Arrow, outrageous, arrows, escape
Aquaman/The Atom, outrageous
Arthur Light, alone
Arthur Light/anyone, prison
Arthur Light/Kimiyo Hoshi, begging, consensual, light, burning, flight, torch, secrets, salvation, white lantern, frenemies, fight, collision, explosive, schoolgirl
Arthur Light/Ralph Dibny, experimentation
Arthur Light/Sue Dibny, reversal, yes
Atlee (Terra)/Maxine Hunkel (Cyclone), costumes
Atlee (Terra)/M'Gann (Miss Martian), fish out of water
Atlee/Karen Starr, ground, power, boobs, innocent, colors, pools, rainbow, sparkle, glitter
Atom (Ryan Choi)/Atom (Ray Palmer), Experiment, ivy league, college, imagination, internal, full, weird, education, science
Atom (Ryan Choi)/Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), art, science, paint, clubbing, pens, ink, experiment, imagination, toys, blueprints, powers, huge
Barbara Gordon/Booster Gold/Ted Kord, watching, giggles, brag, science
Barbara Gordon/Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown, united, mirror, flying
Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, cyber, fishnets, explosions, hunger, sarcasm, Tetris, phobia, late, confession, watching, obedience, voice
Barbara Gordon/Goldstar (Michelle Carter), the future of cybering
Barbara Gordon/Jason Todd, tutor, naughty, save, same, tradition, shortpants, heels
Barbara Gordon/Jason Todd/Tim Drake, computers, porn, embarrassment, control, orders
Barbara Gordon/Kate Kane, introduction, skill, control
Barbara Gordon/Stephanie Brown, training is hands-on (fingers-in)
Barbara Gordon/Wendy Harris, another new kid
Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance/Helena Bertinelli, flying dildoes
Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes, experimentation, alien speak
Bart Allen/Jenni Ognats, kissing cousins
Bart Allen/Owen Mercer, wrong
Bart Allen/Owen Mercer/Kara, unusual, exciting, slow
Bart Allen/Rose Wilson, kissing it better
Bart Allen/Tim Drake, cartoon, popcorn, lipgloss
Bart Allen/Valerie Perez, reunited
Bart Allen/Wally West, temptation, eager, speed
Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)/Damian Wayne (Robin), crush
Batman/Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)/Booster Gold, missed, alive, bffs, bros, past, two-timing
Batwoman/Catwoman (Holly Robinson), chase
Batwoman/Question II, unmasked, secret, hard, date, sharing, leather, sparring, raw, blade, win
Beatriz Da Coasta/Tora Olafsdotter, fire, ice, opposites, friends, snow, heat
Big Barda/Mister Miracle, exchange, stern, stand, part, bind, strength
Billy Batson/Courtney Whitmore, innocence, lightning, stars, quiet, gone
Billy Church/Lois Lane, reformation
Black Canary/Catwoman/Huntress, catfight, ladies, drinks, teammates
Black Canary/Green Arrow, if, only, love, kink, rip, clothes, together
Black Lantern!Guy Gardner/Black Lantern!Tora Olafsdotter, eternal
Blue Beetle III/Huntress, shell, virgin, cute, overwhelmed
Booster Gold/Ted Kord (Blue Beetle), flashback, temptation, supply, closet, finally, ties, boobs, shiny, flirt, return, reassurance, loss, hands, irresistible, welding, reclamation, resurrection, tickling, action figures
Booster Gold/Jaime Reyes, time travel
Booster Gold/Jaime Reyes/Ted Kord, reunited
Bruce Wayne (Batman)/Clark Kent (Superman)/Lois Lane, games, ink, orchids, summer, professional, pianissimo, trust, weekend, relax, friendship, emotions , hard to get, strawberry, right, comfortable, casual, clutch, leather, surprise, feather, scent, intellect, wit, thunderstorm, dark, warm, hold, mark, grab, kneel, angry fuck, possess, share, bind, intrigue, lust, scent, stolen kisses, hot, can't stop, double penetration, toys, the boys really do share everything eventually, perfect opposites, weightlessness, muscles, losing control, grief, warmth
Bruce Wayne (Batman)/Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), masks, dancing, high heels, sand, corset, chandelier, hips, need, honor, better than me, do what it takes, always, contingency, paranoia, truth, missed you so much, heated, passion, let me in
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, gravity, backseat, history, search, cold, red K, sweat, restraints, sheets, ravished, hungry, lonely, happy endings, promise, back, real, vacation, Batmobile, costumes
Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, deja vu, fall, pun, leap
Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, games, reunion, spank, held, pain, knife, handcuff, voyeur, love, home, steps, provide, mythology, fall, heroics, throat, want, guilt, gloves, leather, dangerous, killer, rage, grief, Matches
Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon, wonderment, darkness, fallen
Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, [any], match, drive, twilight, snow, champagne, glitz, quiet, moody
Bruce Wayne/Michael Jon Carter, trust, secrets, knowledge, time, gone, return
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, [any], costume, dance, reunion, legitimate, masks, the night isn't the same anymore
Bruce Wayne/Stephanie Brown, pregnant, denial, beg, birthday
Bruce Wayne/Terry McGinnis, life, tried, want, stitches, youth, cowl, almost, push, fight, redemption, familiar, Batman, bend, break, knuckles, want, direct, restless
Bruce Wayne/Tim Drake, puzzle, stitches, faith
Bruce Wayne/Wally West, race, bet, flirt, woo
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Selina Kyle, planned, performance
Caroline Hill/Jason Todd, skirt, 'prince charming', smoke, ass, slap, lipstick, dress, heels, nurse, rubber gloves, exam
Caroline Hill/Matches Malone, 'sweet cheeks', exam, rubber gloves, cover, twisted, leer, slap, pinch, lap
Carrie Levine (Redwing)/Dick Grayson (Deathwing), Robin, redhead, wings, tradition
Cassandra Cain/ Cassandra Sandsmark/Stephanie Brown, fly, read, play, candy, handcuffs, strong, grace, identity, balance, rock'n'roll, tea ceremony
Cassandra Cain/ Conner Kent (Kon-El), first, kiss, cute, body, unspoken, tactile, talk, secret, impregnable
Cassandra Cain/Connor Hawke, quiet, intense, fight, strong
Cassandra Cain/Connor Hawke/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, dates, adventure, normal, ninjas, team-up, KO
Cassandra Cain/Grace Choi, sleek, romantic, hopeful
Cassandra Cain/Jason Todd, fight, play, rooftop, secret, batty, shadows
Cassandra Cain/Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, together, messy, secret, Bats,
Cassandra Cain/Mia Dearden, London, meeting, Bat/Arrow, tradition
Cassandra Cain/Onyx, things are different now
Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown, rooftop, spandex, identity, tradition, legacy, reunion, instruction, tag, sweet, kiss, body, firsts, bested, time travel, ship, alone, dating, first, love, home, slumber party, makeover
Cassandra Sandsmark/Bart Allen, sweet, innocent, past, present, vibrate
Cassandra Sandsmark/Donna Troy, starbright, history, gleaming
Cassandra Sandsmark/Mia Dearden, limber, fragile, flight, toys, dress-up
Cassandra Sandsmark/Stephanie Brown, Robin, random, occurrence, naughty
Cassandra Sandsmark/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, Robin, random, occurrence, naughty
Cassandra Sandsmark/Connor Kent, ticking time bomb, forgiveness, leading, fly, strong, wild, collateral damage
Cat Grant/Lois Lane/Tobie Raines, secrets taken to the grave
Charles Watkins (Killowat)/Miriam Delgado (Mirage), maybe, dreams, unreal
Cheyenne Freemont/Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, Nightwings, names, OYL, fashionable, meta
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne/Diana Prince balance, nightlife, tightrope, flying
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, apartment, late, friends turned lovers, kismet, perfect, shower sex, mile high club, make-up sex, secrets, pregnant, flight, clothing, torn, unusual, fantasy, eternal, red, water, back door, quickie, misunderstanding, duality, best friends, crossing the line between 'little brother' and lover, new perspective, public, cape, byline
Clark Kent/Lana Lang/Richard White, lucky, don't tell, wake, sheets
Clark Kent/Richard White, taking & giving, missing her, strong, wrestle, heart, kiss
Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Bart Allen, phone-sex, superspeed, surrounded, future, resurrection, alone
Conner Kent (Kon-El)/ Cassandra Sandsmark/Cissie King-Jones, comfort, joke, tears, jacket, poster
Conner Kent (Kon-El)/ Cassandra Sandsmark/Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, PDA, Halloween, easy, bend, grip
Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Paco Tejas, bros
Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Rose Wilson, excitement
Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Rose Wilson/Tim Drake, tricksters
Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, missed, alive, together, hot, lips, taste, tactile, invisible
Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Tim Drake (Robin), ticklish, sunrise, confusion, grilled cheese sandwiches, hair, glasses, play, rooftop, dungeon, ink, cravat, mercy
Connor Hawke(Green Arrow II)/Kyle Rayner(Green Lantern V), blessed, eternal, gift, imagination, silence, tight, vow, memories, painting, green
Connor Hawke/Jason Todd, replacements, encouraging, dirty, impulsive
Connor Hawke/Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown, explosive, calming, effective, random
Connor Hawke/Mia Dearden crush, last, honesty, repress, fire
Connor Hawke/Mia Dearden/Roy Harper, initiation, suffer, broken, care, wedding, heat, aim
Connor Hawke/Roy Harper, time, flirt, tease, dominate, fit
Connor Hawke/Stephanie Brown, careful, sweet, cute, development
Connor Hawke/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, awe, sweet, team-up, sweat
Connor Kent(Superboy)/Tim Drake(Red Robin), always, boredom, invasion, lost, reaction, reaffirmation, resilient, show, trapped
Cosmic Boy(Legion of Super-Heroes reboot)/ Saturn Girl/Live Wire, satisfaction, telepathy, watching, finding, lightning, magentism
Courtney Whitmore/Billy Batson, growing
Courtney Whitmore/Mary Batson, sleepovers
Courtney Whitmore/Maxine Hunkle, freshmen
Danielle Garrett/ Goldstar (Michelle Carter), blue and gold
Danielle Garrett/Ted Kord, science
David Fite/Ishido Madd, partners
Deadman/Dove, life, light, bright
Deadshot/Count Vertigo, suicide, religion
Deadshot/Jeannette, renegade, disappointment, bang, center, talk, whisper
Dick Grayson (Deathwing)/Miriam Delgado (Mirage), remember, replacement, nipple
Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon, baggage, too much like Bruce, Hunk Wonder, passion, anger, my right, heir, Batcave, eldest child, loyalty, conflict, choices, heart, cyber, faith, future, beginners, hotshot, wanted, wild, punk
Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, surprise, undress
Dick Grayson/Donna Troy, make it better, make me feel, working out my anger, follow you into hell
Dick Grayson/Donna Troy/Garth/Roy Harper/Wally West, original, best, orgy, cave, lasso, water, bendy, Shafty, vibrate, awkward, new
Dick Grayson/Grant Emerson, scared, intimidated, help, leader, ass
Dick Grayson/Grant Emerson/Roy Harper, scared, intimidated, help, leader, ass, caring, reservation, boss
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, blue, handcuffs, uniform, 'Officer Grayson', heights, legacy, care, smirk, spores, brothers, family, fuck, sweaty, fight, Nightwing, knife, cut, bite, incestuous, acceptance, laughter, hourglass, boots, rain, red, under cover, mirror, hedges, thighs, lucky, burning, creep, pizza
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd/Koriand'r, kink, middle, fuck, hair, princess, open, love, bite
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, Robins, missing, family, siblings, cuddle, denial, gang-bang, knife, please, stalk
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd/Tim Drake, brothers, batty, bed, broken, robins, negotiate, batcave
Dick Grayson/Joey Wilson, mind, paint, color
Dick Grayson/Koriand'r, model, love, pegging, kink, faithful, alien, private, public, costumes
Dick Grayson/Koriand'r/Roy Harper, redheads, dream, cosplay, roleplay
Dick Grayson/Michael Jon Carter, secrets, knowing, past, present, future, Batman, ass
Dick Grayson/Roy Harper, flexibility, nostalgia, relaxation, smile, mask, fumble, puberty, experiment, laughter, D/s, longing, cross-dressing, slingshot, tradition,
Dick Grayson/Roy Harper/Wally West, troika, redhead, dreams, hots, vibrate, puns, bromance
Dick Grayson/Selina Kyle, wrong, trusting, mirror, tantalizing, warm
Dick Grayson/Slade Wilson, Batsuit, identity, gray
Dick Grayson/Stephanie Brown, Flamebird, sidekick, assplay, cleavage
Dick Grayson/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, pegging, bondage, cleavage, ass, dream, spandex, identity, Robin, night, star, gargoyle, rough, smooth, acrobatic, flip, snuggle, food fight
Dick Grayson/Tim Drake, lessons, mirror, breath, rooftop, public, poet, starstruck, stolen
Dick Grayson/Wally West, friends, vibrating, fucking, besties, puns, hard, ass
Dinah Lance/Helena Bertinelli, alluring, vivid, common ground, warriors, tight situations, underground, in the moment, Barbara, tension, combat, mind over matter
Dinah Lance/Roy Harper, care, proxy, longing, casual, intimate, discretion, secret, wrong, guns, naughty, nurses, comfort
Dinah Lance/Shiva Woosan, better than bruises
Dinah Lance/Oliver Queen, chili, forest, cunnilingus, love, wedding, kink, arrows
Dinah Lance /Harleen Quinzel, control
Doctor Thirteen/Zatanna, skepticism
Donna Troy/Jason Todd, spanking, lasso, truth, alone, trust, understanding, suit, jacket, Amazon, restrained, fingers, lips
Donna Troy/Jason Todd/Koriand'r, hot, sweaty, kink, power, lasso, princess
Donna Troy/Jason Todd/Kyle Rayner, adventures, multiverse, stuck, confusion, sniping, sarcasm
Donna Troy/Koriand'r, comfort, ladies, need, want, passionate, amazons, training, sparring, tradition, gift, photograph, sunshine, yes, no, please, never, sister, fall, soar, sing, spill
Donna Troy/Koriand'r/Raven, trust, renewal, spring, love
Donna Troy/Wally West, quick, speedy, wonderful, lariat, sweet, lasso, vibrate
Earth-11 Aquawoman/New Earth Mera, queens
Earth-11 Blue Beetle/Earth-11 Booster Gold, sisters before misters
Earth-11 Booster Gold/New Earth Booster Gold, my own clone!
Eddie Bloomberg/Jaime Reyes, hot, bugging, gaming, steamy, awkward
Eddie Bloomberg/Jaime Reyes/Virgil Hawkins, wrestling, movie night, bros
Eddie Bloomberg/Jaime Reyes/Zachary Zatara, bros, formal, fishnets, red, hot, steamy, kinky
Eddie Bloomberg/Rose Wilson, hot, smoke, inside, kink, splay
Eddie Bloomberg/Zachary Zatara, magic, friend, backward, spoken, words
Floyd Lawton/Thomas Blake, alpha male, blood, s&m, punishment
Freddie Freeman/Mary Batson, cute, sweet, virginal, lightning, magic, powers
Ganthet/Sayd, floating
Garth/Roy Harper, never, tension, scream, popcorn, fishsticks
Grant Emerson/Kyle Rayner/Roy Harper, issues, boss, flying, Titans, leader, newbie, cuddle, explosion, hot, radio
Grant Emerson/Jesse Chambers/Rick Tyler, marriage, invitation, bed, kinks, mask, time, anything
Grant Emerson/Maxine Hunkel, wind, whirlwind, shy, oblivious
Grant Emerson/Roy Harper, boss, leader, reservation, stars, hurt, scars
Grant Emerson/Tara Markov (Terra II), teasing, humor, joking, shy, explosive
Guy Gardner, boredom, lonely
Guy Gardner/Bleez, rage, be there for you, broken wings
Guy Gardner/Kyle Rayner, tentacles, bro-hugs, green, warrior, art, nude
Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, heat, sneaky, tired, ouch, roleplay, sexting, ice, manacles, reunion
Guy Gardner/Vril Dox, magnificent bastards
Harleen Quinzel/Holly Robinson, crazy, adventures, multiverse, spa, amazons, training
Harleen Quinzel/Jason Todd, multiverse, crazy, adventures, guns
Harley Quinn/Pamela Isley, greenhouse, friends, giggles
Harley Quinn/Pamela Isley/Riddler, intelligence, reformed
Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, bloodplay, bondage, circus, control, eclipse, evil, fairground, garden, job-well-done, plants, roses, satisfaction, stimulation, tease, thorns, tied-up, vines, false, envy, bite, dawn and dusk
Harley Quinn/Riddler, romance, heartache, understanding
Harley Quinn/The Joker, fan girling, getting him to notice
Hartley Rathaway/Bruce Wayne, boarding school
Hartley Rathaway/Connor Hawke, blind date, limp wristed pinko commies
Hartley Rathaway/James Jesse, music, bad jokes, stripes, hidden, confession, spirit, lullaby, hair
Hartley Rathaway/Linda Park/Wally West, discretion, kink, exception, baseball, humming, musical, sing, pipe, chubby, fit, vibrate
Hartley Rathaway/Owen Mercer, bad ideas
Hartley Rathaway/Ted Kord, blind date, techies, fashion victims
Helena Bertinelli/Renee Montoya, genuine, temper, hunt, sensuality, tease, anger issues, car, fast, crossdressing, adrenaline, midrift, arrows, fingertips, Spanish.
Helena Bertinelli/Zinda Blake, pilot, short skirts, hero worship, stunning, natural
Holly Robinson/Selina Kyle, cats, scratch, hookers, lickable
Hooker!Jason Todd/Matches Malone/Robbie Malone, twisted, grime, con, need, spite, lick, piercing, game, business, cut
Hooker!Jason Todd/Robbie Malone, street corner, turf, asphalt, grime, knees, scrape, grip, punishment, owned, business, percentage, lick, branded, broken
Huntress/Question (Renee Montoya), remembering
Huntress/Question (Vic Sage), forgiveness
Invisible Kid(Legion of Super-Heroes reboot)/Brainiac 5(Legion of Super-Heroes reboot), competition, scorekeeping, experimentation, discovery, pursuit, explosive, intelligence, exhibitionism
Jaime Reyes/Kahji Dha, puberty, tease, mortify, experiment
Jaime Reyes/Khaji-Da/Traci Thirteen, sufficiently advanced technology and magic
Jaime Reyes/Paco Tejas/Brenda del Vecchio, tights
Jaime Reyes/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, surprise, awe, shock, adorkable, teeth, flowers, confusion, misunderstanding, lickable, spoiled
Jaime Reyes/Traci Thirteen, flying, gentle, hesitance, laughter, relaxing, magic, beetle, homework
Jason Todd/Conner Kent (Kon-El), super, stubble, earring, bite, manic
Jason Todd/Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Tim Drake, interloper, tactile, feelings, anger, stubble, need
Jason Todd/Koriand'r, discretion, oral, kink, public, indecency, flight, red, amazement, enthusiasm, fire, hot, spanking, lickable, breasts
Jason Todd/Kyle Rayner, bicker, wrestle, drawing, mistake, ring, kink, green, favorite, hurt, crazy, paint, artistic, nude, ring, pinned, fight, dirty, jealousy, snark, blood, eyes, blood
Jason Todd/Lois Lane, spite, cougar, cigarette, dirty, lust, story, hidden
Jason Todd/Rose Wilson, seduce, knives, swords, blood, pain, kink, bad
Jason Todd/Selina Kyle, better, revenge, scratches, scars, alleys
Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown, storytelling, soldier,
Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, competition, claiming, massage, rope, bondage, keep, Robins
Jason Todd/Talia Al Ghul, mother, unholy, desecration, wrong, illicit, sunset, better, beloved, revenge, suppressed, feelings
Jason Todd/Talia Al Ghul/Stephanie Brown, broken, birds, fix, save, even, savior, dusk
Jason Todd/Talia Al Ghul/Tim Drake, desecration, illicit, affair, center, negotiations
Jason Todd/Tim Drake, knife, bruises, red, smoke, leather, Ducati, knives, blood, scars, suck, hard, taut, toned, male, worship, dark, light, tension, replacement, hush, liaison, illicit, knees, Robin, outcast, rough, fallen, masturbation, photography, camera, resentment, bite
Jason Todd/Vanessa Kapatelis, outcasts, snark, curly
Jason Todd/Vicki Vale, revenge, exclusive
Jay Garrick/The Shade, good old days, competetion, tea
Jesse Chambers (Liberty Belle)/Linda Parks-West, honeymoons
Jesse Chambers (Liberty Belle)/Donna Troy, competition
Jesse Chambers (Liberty Belle)/Rick Tyler, PDAs, honeymoon, student/teacher
Joey Wilson/Raven, quiet, learn, emotions, silence, ASL, touch, feel
Jonah Hex/Tallulah Black, gunpowder
Kara Zor El/Owen Mercer, adulthood, naughty, endurance
Kara Zor-El/Stephanie Brown, pillowfight, rimming, girly, weak, breakable, flying, alone
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, circus, uniform, borrowed, closure, directions, Mark of Cain, Crime Bible, memory, emotion, addiction, weapons, camaraderie, competition, wig, holidays, wishes, regrets, Cain, roads, tension, fight, adrenaline
Kate Kane/Selina Kyle, new girl in town, spark, lips, heat, night
Kid Flash/Miss Martian, narcassism
Kid Flash/Robin, brofist, vibration, fast, acrobatics, technology, whelmed
Kid Flash/Robin/Superboy, new, learning, teaching, masculine
Kid Flash/Superboy, sleepover
Kid Quantum/Saturn Girl, leadership
Kim Kimura (Aquazon)/Lorena Marquez (Aquagirl), Pacific
Kinetix/Shrinking Violet, size kink
King Chimera/Maxine Hunkel, stripes, wind, magic, snark, jerk
Koriand'r/Raven, spring, explanation, emotions, feelings, love, beach
Kyle Rayner/Rose Wilson, seduce, naughty, facesitting, artistic
Kyle Rayner/Wally West, vibrate, bromance, alone, JLA, watching, artistic
Lian Harper/Milagro Reyes, teammates, troublemakers, sly, grown-up, justice
Linda Park/Iris West-Allen, investigating
LNCverse!Clark/LNCverse!Lois, Clark affected by Revenge, island retreat
LNCverse!Clark/LNCverse!Lois/LNCverse!Earth2Clark, bookends, thank you, "We'll help find her"
LNCverse!Lois/LNCverse!Lex, [any]
Lois & Clark!Lois Lane/ Lois & Clark!Clark Kent, rain, eavesdrop, shiver, lazy, glasses, breath, Kerth, black tie, seduction, velvet, solitude
Lois Lane/Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), jealous, power struggle, sand, sea
Lois Lane/Selina Kyle, any
Lois Lane/Superman, cigarette, mile high club, swept off her feet, out of my league, flight, why me?, defying destiny
Lois Lane/Clark Kent/Richard White, together, wonder, possibilities, fighting, vacation
Lois Lane/Lana Lang, hair, competition, teenage, badass, boots
Lois Lane/Maggie Sawyer/Tobie Raines, interrupted, bachelorette party
Lois Lane/Richard White, porn, kinky, dressed up, in disguise, dirty, love, saying goodbye, always a part of me, first impressions, her past
Lois Lane/Richard White/Clark Kent/Lana Lang, can we all fit on the bed?, joy
Mary Marvel/Guy Gardner, bad girl, secrets
Mia Dearden/Jason Todd, safe, sex, cure, loner, survive, discretion
Mia Dearden/Stephanie Brown, new, arrows, piercing, disease, safe
Michael Carter/Ted Kord, the Bug, goggles, couch, football, prank, technobabble, future
Miriam Delgado (Mirage)/Tara Markov (Terra II), baby, comfort, together, team, family, ground
Miss Martian/Superboy, newbies
Misty Kilgore/Ystina, prince charming
Monstress/Sensor, shopping
Movieverse!Clark Kent/Movieverse!Lana Lang/Movieverse!Lois Lane, the past and the present
Movieverse!Clark Kent/Movieverse!Lois Lane/Movieverse!Lex Luthor, push me/pull you
Movieverse!Clark Kent/Movieverse!Zod, [any]
Movieverse!Lois Lane/Movieverse!Clark Kent, the truth will set you free
Movieverse!Lex Luthor/Movieverse!Ursa/Movieverse!Zod, Zod turned on by Ursa dominating
Movieverse!Non/Movieverse!Ursa/Movieverse!Zod, triangle
Movieverse!Red K!Superman/Movieverse!Lex Luthor, bad romance
Mr Terrific (Michael Holt)/Batman (Bruce Wayne), expert, sex god, rivalry, competition, competence, Casanova, gadgets, games, T-rex, secrets
Mr Terrific (Michael Holt)/Batman (Dick Grayson), sex god, teaching, athletics, acrobatics, legacy, rooftops, bat cave, electric, facepaint
Mr Terrific (Michael Holt)/Obsidian, expert, sex god, shadows, tender, team, table, paper, passion, cheating
Mr Terrific (Michael Holt)/Wildcat, expert, sex god, boxing, genius, rough, costumes, science
Natasha Irons/Trajectory, new tricks
Owen Mercer/Deadshot, daddy issues
Owen Mercer/Kara Zor-El, dancing
Owen Mercer/Tim Drake, apologies
Pied Piper/Trickster, music, adreniline, medication
Poison Ivy/Catwoman, [any]
Renee Montoya/Tam Fox, meeting outside of two different worlds
Raven/Starfire, alien, elevate, ignite, insanity, weird, any
Richard White/Lana Lang, home, stroke, giggle, playful
Robin/Robin/Robin/etc, multiverse, multiple, cross, different, same, proxy, more, change, double
Robin/Superboy, dress up, undercover, alone at HQ, finest, new, confusion
Roy Harper/Stephanie Brown, kink, scars, healing, sexy, massage, oil, tease, oral, latex
Roy Harper/Wally West, red, kids, Titans, leather, random, vibrate, speedy, quick, shafts, ginger, friendship
Saturn Girl/Spark, lightning
Scarecrow/Riddler, mindfuck, banter
Selina Kyle/Tam Fox, not going straight
Shilo Norman/Scott Free/Barda Free, escape
Smallville!Chloe/Isobel, pet, collar, punishment, negating power
Smallville!Chloe/Kara, fisting, kryptonite
Smallville!Chloe/Lana Lang, ownership, claiming
Starfire/Donna Troy, model
Starman/Power Girl, leader, stars, future
Stephanie Brown/Tam Fox/Tim Drake, two strap-ons no waiting
Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, pregnancy, kisses, pegging, rimming, love, together, Robin, Batgirl, vibrator, watching, missing, misunderstanding, tug, virginity, bondage, red, eggplant, sunburn, aloe, lube, crossdressing, discretion, leather, tease, spoiled, pregnancy, multiple, sloppy, acceptance, trust, lies, anger, catch, fallen, chasing, change, height, mask
Stephanie Brown/Zachary Zatara, magic, new, snark, discrete
Superboy/Aqualad/Miss Martian, fly, shift, strong, mind, underwater, new, shine, exile
Superman Movieverse!Clark Kent/Superman Movieverse!Zod, pet, toy, punishment, heirs, spite, collar, crush, choke, blood, torn, shield
Superman Movieverse!Jimmy Olsen/Superman Reeveverse!Lana Lang, reminisce, hair, hands, sweet, park, photo, smile, any
Superman Reeveverse!Clark Kent/Batman Burtonverse!Bruce Wayne, Fortress, Cave, hands, water, glasses, unspoken, want, lesson, hotel, dance, car, tux
Superman Reeveverse!Clark Kent/Reeveverse!Evil!Superman/Lois Lane, twin, fear, ripped, mirror, spite, doppleganger, nightmare, inhibitions, red K, fortress
Superman Reeveverse!Clark Kent/Superman Reeveverse!Lana Lang, alike, patient, slow, together, understanding
Superman Reeveverse!Clark Kent/Superman Reeveverse!Lana Lang/Superman Reeveverse!Lois Lane, competitive, fantasy, missing, overwhelmed, threesome
Superman Reeveverse!Clark Kent/Superman Reeveverse!Lana Lang/Superman Reeveverse!Lois Lane/Superman Returns!Richard White, at last, grown-up fun, hot tub, OT4, stolen time
Superman Reeveverse!Clark Kent/Superman Reeveverse!Lois Lane, color, sky, crystal, interview, skirt, lipstick, coffee, nails, embarrassed, farm, red k, rough, skinnydipping, Smallville, tease, unexpected
Superman Reeveverse!Clark Kent/Superman Reeveverse!Lois Lane/Superman Returns!Richard White, fun, exhausted, kinky, playful, restraint
Superman Reeveverse!Evil!Superman/Superman Reeveverse!Lana Lang, Smallville, side-trip, eye candy, fiery, cheerleader, skirt, lust, retribution
Superman Reeveverse!Evil!Superman/Superman Reeveverse!Lois Lane, not yourself, revenge
Superman Reeveverse!Jimmy Olsen/Superman Reeveverse!Lois Lane, awkward, shy, sweet, unexpected
Superman Reeveverse!Lana Lang/Superman Reeveverse!Lois Lane, alone, appetizer, girls-only, surprise, waiting
Superman Reeveverse!Lana Lang/Superman Reeveverse!Lois Lane/Superman Returns!Richard White, bite, cherished, mouthy, wicked
Superman Reeveverse!Lana Lang/Superman Returns!Richard White, finally, tease, trust, wedding
Superman Reeveverse!Lois Lane/Superman Returns!Richard White, tease, top, vacation, wrestle
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Batman Nolanverse!Bruce Wayne, interview, tie, dirty, wounded, shower, battle, need, Gotham, Mission, heroes, darkness, sunlight, heal, fire, silk sheets, GQ, broken, shadows, voice, Matches Malone, vulnerable, clarity
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Reeveverse!Lana Lang/Superman Returns!Richard White, wander, hands, red, home, secrets, fiery, passion, flight, tickle, hilarious, straight-laced, inhibitions
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Jimmy Olsen, beer, photos, tie, cold, alone, wonder, need
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Jimmy Olsen/Reeveverse!Lana Lang, nostalgia, friendship, together, bed, reunion, wander, stars, cold, jacket
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Jimmy Olsen/Superman Returns!Lois Lane, trio, partnership, deadline, OT3, mentors, initiation, bow-tie, camera
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Jimmy Olsen/Superman Returns!Richard White, take-out, movie night, celebration, closet, dreams, loneliness, beer, rescue, camera, photos
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Lex Luthor, lesson, alpha, 'Luthor', superior, gods, toy, kryptonite
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Lex Luthor/Superman Returns!Lois Lane, punishment, spite, filthy, nothing, torture, delusion, prisoners, play
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Richard White, hands, hot, lies, secrets, ashes, falling, drunk, soar, office, linger, spine, shout, heroes, strength
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Lois Lane, [any]
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman returns!Lois Lane/Superman Returns!Richard White, [any]
Superman Returns!Jimmy Olsen/Reeveverse!Lana Lang/Superman Returns!Richard White, cast-offs, commiserate, drunk, pining, party, friends, dark, laces, stand, laugh
Superman Returns!Jimmy Olsen/Superman Returns!Lois Lane, pity, loneliness, art, stuck, bow-tie, late
Superman Returns!Jimmy Olsen/Superman Returns!Lois Lane/Superman Returns!Richard White, join, crash, summer, poolside, crush, story
Thomas Blake/Floyd Lawton, catnip, red light, cohabitation, yarn, impulse, risk, validate
Thomas Blake/Floyd Lawton/Ragdoll (Peter Merkel), abomination, bleach, taxidermy, rollerskates
Tim Drake/Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes, ecstatic, disaster
Tim Drake/Cassie Sandsmark/Connor Kent, let it go, always wanted you
Tim Drake/Jaime Reyes, roleplay, switcharoo, rumpled
Tim Drake/Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Bart Allen, comfort, loss, laughter, tease, hard, superpowers, banter
Tora Olafsdotter, self-help
Traci Thirteen/Anita Fite, magic
Traci Thirteen/Brenda del Vecchio, girl time, treehouse, escapades, laughter
Triad/XS, girls' night out
Trickster/Pied Piper, pollen, musical, treats, romance
Ultraman!Clark/Superwoman!Lois, truth and consequences, hold down, angry fuck, Cheating on Clark with Ultraman
Vixen/Bronze Tiger, Africa
Wally West/Hartley Rathaway, music
Wally West/John Stewart, dark, scared, green, glow, comfort
Wally West/Len Snart, marriage advice
Wally West/Len Snart/Lisa Snart, warming up
Wally West/Linda Park, honeymoon, date night
Wally West/Linda Park/Hartley Rathaway, reunited, date night
Wonder Woman/Superman, fly, strong, lift, struggle, fight
Zantana/Supergirl, magic words, date night, kryptonite

Dead Last
Scotty/Vaughn, crisis, nightmare, jealousy, gravedigger, hush, lemonade, gasoline

Dead Like Me
Daisy/George, purple, pearls, satin, smoke
George/Betty, decent, tingle, passable, wait
George/Mason, hobo, temp job, annoying, high, wrong, pickle, slim chance, hands, air
Mason/Daisy, imperfection, sincerity, protective, alone together

Death Note
Hal/Gevanni, coffee
Hal/Takada, gun, hate, professional
L/Light, ripples
L/Mello, shards
Light/Mello, competition, pretty
Light/Mikami, inevitable, protect, believe, courage, deference, ineffable
Light/Naomi, fantasize, near miss, intelligent company
Light/Takada/Mikami, reverence
Matt/Mello, dub-con, kink, taste, desperate, alone
Mello/Matt, games
Mello/Near, bound, bitter, reflection
Mikami/Light, prayer
Mikami/Takada, classy, acerbic, irreverent, lesser gods

Death Proof
Abernathy/Kim/Zoe, working, shots, bar
Kim/Zoe, ghosts, runaways, turbo

Death Race
Case/Jensen/Joe, raising the baby, Mexico, under the hood
Jensen/Joe, car, freedom, inside

Defying Gravity
Eve Weller Shaw/Jen Crane, betrayal, locker room, lipstick
Eve Weller Shaw/Jen Crane/Rollie Crane/Ted Shaw, science, conviction, this is for tomorrow, Major Tom's, this never happens again
Eve Weller Shaw/Rollie Crane, loneliness, connections
Eve Weller Shaw/Ted Shaw, I say fever, sushi, New Orleans, distance, honeymoon
Jen Crane/Rollie Crane, retrograde, mile high club, babies, floating
Jen Crane/Ted Shaw, old friends, floating, Mercury
Jen Crane/Zoe Barnes, in this together, benefits, alcohol, been here before, unafraid
Maddux Donner/Zoe Barnes, tattoos, Venus, dreams, wrong place, disconnect, stairs, alcohol

Degrassi: The Next Generation
Alex/Jay, regret, firsts, fight, hallway, detention, crime, car, fence, fire escape, The Dot
Ellie/Jay, mistake, roommate, dinner, languish, relationship, lonely, pool, bar
Ellie/Spinner, Time, Cheat, Movies, Work, Lust, understand, loss
Marco Del Rossi/Craig Manning, considering, always, touches, physics, math, trying
Mia/Lucas, firsts, amends, play date, comfort, drunk, jail
Paige Michalchuk/Alex Nuñez, replay, can't, fall, breathing, caress, snappy, home
Terri/Spinner, run-in, phone, skype, kiss, beautiful, fear, rejection, lost, present, family

Deltora Quest
Jasmine/Lief, proposal, first time, king and queen

Desiree - Neil Diamond
Desiree/Narrator, memory, nostalgia, want, singing, guitar, sweet, memories

Desperate Duchesses - Eloisa James
Elijah/Jemma/Villiers, chess, admit, gown, grass, kiss, unthinkable, heart, country

Desperate Housewives
Andrew/Orson, hit and run
Dylan/Julie, study, friends

Despicable Me
Margo/Vector, alliance, dance, float, forbidden, glasses, heir, invention,
literal, moon, queen, rival, seduction, snark, sparks, tangerine, warning

Detective Conan
Hakuba/Kaito (Kid), not all of Kaito's magic is tricks, handcuffs, caught, possessiveness, youko!Kaito, locked, moonlight, time, hanglider, sky, challenge, riddle, prank, grin.
Heiji/Shinichi, werewolf
Jimmy Kudo/Rachel Moore, temporary, truth, discovery
Kaito/Kid, MPD, two sides of a coin, justice and vengeance, magic, down the rabbit hole, ‘well that was unexpected’, gem, heist, moonlight, thief, magician, mirror, shards.
Shinichi/Kaito (Kid), petnames, under the moonlight, rooftop, cute, crossdressing, equal, rival, control, Youko!Kaito, Shinigami!Shinichi

Detective Inspector Chen series - Liz Williams
Wei Chen/Zhu Irzh/Inari, dark, family, food, divide, shapechanging, prickle
Wei Chen/Zhu Irzh, leverage, fortification

Detroit 1-8-7
Louis Fitch/Ariana Sanchez, no less awkward, phone sex

Devil May Cry
Dante/Lady, guns, boots, blood, demon
Dante/Vergil, blades, bullets, leather, boots, thighs, hands
Eva/Sparda, perfume, holy, light, angel
Griffon/Nightmare, oil, shift, courage
Kyrie/Nero, sister, prayer, holy, song
Nightmare/Vergil, steal, slash, hide, fight

Deb Morgan/Frank Lundy, lunch, ocean, thunderstorm, dream, shower, cooking lessons, jazz, airports, the future, stakeout, resurrection, heat, experience, confession, wedding, fuck
Deb Morgan/James Doakes, [any]
Deb Morgan/Joey Quinn, wary, fight, comfort, want, bad blood, cigarettes, handcuffs, football, sharp, sweat, wall, flawed, motherfucker
Deb Morgan/Maria, payback, adultery, apology, dancing
Deb Morgan/Rita, traum
Deb Morgan/Manzon, rookie, mistake, hurt, anger
Dexter Morgan/Deb Morgan, apocalypse, possessive, shelter, truth, fear, pain, park, memory, forbidden, want, evening, redness, against the world, roses
Dexter Morgan/Brian, memory
Dexter Morgan/Lumen, orange, pearls, zebras
Dexter Morgan/Miguel, vision
Maria/Ellen Wolfe, ETOH
Rita/Syl, blue

Die Hard (movies)
John/Matt, crush, late, hero, hot, still, fast
Mai Linh/Thomas Gabriel, kiss, domination, benefits, training, addiction, explosion

Digimon Frontier
Kouji/Takuya, desire, fear, growing, healing, honor, last, message, pain, temptation, any

Daisuke/Yamato, music, quiet
Ken/Daisuke, dreary afternoon
Ken/Iori, apology, laughter
Mimi/Sora, irises, turning over a new leaf, perfume
Taichi/Yamato, music lessons, warmth

Digital Devil Saga
Adil/Gale, fear, sharp, bondage
Adil/Gale/Roland, clothing, green, loyalty
Argilla/Jinana, moment, tears, stars
Bat/Varin, stripes, whiplash, fishnet
Cielo/Gale, play, games, soften, dodge
David/Jenna Angel, beauty, hands, coffee
Gale/Harley, eat, stone, enemy
Gale/Heat, blaze, conflict, consume
Gale/Lupa, feet, explore, special, song
Gale/Lupa/Roland, familiar, drink
Gale/Roland, feet, taste, bind
Gale/Serph, ink, communicate, mute
Heat/Serph, distrust, forgotten, comrade, adore

Diplomatic Immunity
Kirsty/Leilani, fo'alafa, scheme, protest
Leighton/Kirsty, club, reception, game, boredom
Leighton/Leilani, democracy, whales, corruption

Garbo/Julia, addiction, orgy, strap-on
Garbo/Willa, deadline, drugs, scoop
Julia/Lucy, anal, blackmail

Discworld series - Terry Pratchett
Adora/Angua von Uberwald, smell, beast, lips, rimming, clay, hours
Adora/Moist von Lipwig, pegging, smoke, fashion, scratch, tea, bite
Agnes/Vlad, magpies, thieves
Angua von Uberwald/Carrot Ironfoundersson, dress, tender, wonder, playful, home, run, truth, future, exes, jealousy, envy, possessive, hope, breakfast, patrol, uniform, out of uniform (mufty), starstruck, grime, sword
Angua von Uberwald/Sally von Humpeding, envy, reaction, ease
Angua von Uberwald/Carrot Ironfoundersson/Vimes, singing, trudging, bacon, laughter
Imp Y Celyn/Lobsang Ludd/Susan Sto Helit, logical, fair, desire
Imp Y Celyn/Susan Sto Helit, music, save, kiss
Lobsang Ludd/Susan Sto Helit, woo, kiss, place, romance, time, shift, fly
Moist von Lipwig/Adora Belle Dearheart, terrifying, fire, sharp, any
Moist von Lipwig/William de Worde, gold, dignity, ink, pressure, whisper, selfish, Gladys
Nutt/Glenda, fingers
Polly/Maladicta, espresso, uniform, dancing
Tonker/Lofty, escape, choices, war
Vetinari/OFC, [any]
Vimes/Susan Sto Helit, snark, darkness, light
Vimes/Sybil, getaway, comfort, coach

Disney Fairies
Tinker Bell/Vidia, speed, strength, wings, possession, abandon

Disney Princesses
Aurora/Snow White, dream
Belle/girl!Beast, captive, vain, library
Cinderella/Snow White, modern woman
Jasmine/Mulan, silk road, diplomacy, gift

Daisy Duck/Minnie Mouse, [any]

Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy
Jecht/Lightning/Terra, gentleman, generous, reputation, flirting
Lightning/Sephiroth, superior, humiliation, victor
Lightning/Terra, opposites, intrigue
Lightning/Terra/Cloud, fierce, gentle, sharing
Terra/Yuna, friends, comfort, sweet

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Cloud of Darkness/Exdeath, destruction, sadism, void
Emperor/Ultimecia, bondage, manipulation, scheme
Jecht/Cloud, big swords, sweat, potions, battle
Jecht/Sephiroth, bargaining, luck, knuckles
Sephiroth/Firion, roses, bondage
Terra/Cloud, blood, transformation
Yina/Tifa, water, lips, war

District 13 (Banlieu 13)
Damien Tomaso/Leito, fight, warmth, wall, breakfast, sanctuary, home, aftermath, recovery, run, fall, disguise, pretend, rebellion
Damien Tomaso/Leito/Lola, night, warmth, wall, breakfast, sanctuary, home, aftermath, recovery, run

Satoshi/Daisuke, thief, paint, skill, secrets

Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Billy/Dr. Horrible, naive, problem, yoghurt, cockroaches, blog, jail
Hammer/Fangirls(or fanboy), the weird stuff

Doctor Who
Ace/River, Time Agency, catch me if you can, need, rules were made to be broken, boom goes the dynamite.
Adam Mitchell/Jack Harkness, recover, forgive, left behind, pretty boys
Amy Pond/Eleven, screwdriver, stricken, whistle, light, dance, hold, cracks, inevitable, rhythm, alien, gravity, watching, forever, entropy, apocalypse, stardust, meteor, Scotland, blind, cherry bomb, babbling, closets, pregnant, blood-drinking, weak, ruffles, maps, covered, break, nearly, pollen, barefoot, running, laugh, wildflowers, sleep, carried, tights, near-death experience, unanswered questions, tapestry, cosmos, aurora, tendrils, creation, ether, recursion
Amy Pond/Eleven/River Song, complicated, sing, plush, time, meeting, hair, past, unknown, fem!dom, bowtie bondage, discipline, spanking, master/slave, pet
Amy Pond/Eleven/River Song/Rory Williams, relief, joy, touch, swapping, pegging, Eleven and Rory watch them, sex pollen
Amy Pond/Eleven/Rory Williams, amass, backlog, endless, owe, oral, chlorine, engine room, teaching, euphoria, whole, together, wedding, experiments, rituals, sharing, haven, rain, trust, curious, tissues, shiny, together, seduction, please, ask, honeymoon, giggle, sharing, bedsheets, confetti, experimenting, stars, safe, forever, forgotten, labyrinth, hallucination, rescue, chase, honeymoon, snog in the bushes, flowers, jitterbug, static, revolve, company, coffee, adventure, swimming, remember, rewritten, crack, noises, pegging, double, lessons, console, first
Amy Pond/Eleven/Vincent Van Gogh, celebrate, moonlight, different, rewritten
Amy Pond/Jack Harkness, flirtation, first meeting, kissogram costume, attraction, fireworks, seduction, lap, alcohol, Short skirt, thighs, wanting
Amy Pond/Jenny, discover, tongue, talent
Amy Pond/Lix X, compromise, fret, grace, poise, regal, any, disagreement, remember, royalty
Amy Pond/Martha Jones, doctors, companions, time, hair, shoes, chances, accidents, cowgirls, boots, preacher
Amy Pond/River Song, ancient, beach, run, determined, kiss, visit, more, flirt, married, luck, pleasant, spoiler, time, jealous, spoilers, lovely, adventure, place, careful, churchbells, angels, chain, chemistry, lessons, chocolate batter, comfort
Amy Pond/Rory Williams, clay, costumes, first, round, fancy, plan, touch, seek, dress up, waiting, lovely, here, now, costume, near death experience, pregnant, make-up sex, silk, flame, gripping, ice, combustion, imperial, puffy vests, destiny, remembrance, petticoat, costume, TARDIS, robots, invasion, roman, universe, wedding, exciting, roman, lemons, honeymoon, stars
Amy Pond/Rose Tyler, [any], red
Amy Pond/Sally Sparrow, notebook, DVDs, writing, smile, games, gorgeous, escape, pleasure
Amy Pond/Sarah Jane Smith, teaching, laughter
Amy Pond/Vincent Van Gogh, stars, red, sunflowers, maybe, tears, colours, endless, night, souls, together-alone
Amy/Doctor/Rory, honeymoon, time, something blue, roommates, fantasy, temptation
Amy/Doctor/Rory/River, adventure, isolation, fight, swingers, dance, technique
Amy/Donna/Martha, stars, letters
Amy/Jack/Rory, Upper Leadworth, flour, kitchen
Amy/Martha, roses, surprise, want, ships, cupcakes, soldier, smooth, choice, predecessor
Amy/Rory/Jack, picture book, intergalactic, space station, earthbound, body paint, lucky, seduction, surprise, open-minded, bond, sneaky, prank
Amy/Rose, light bondage, girl's night, lost, home, fingers
Amy/Ten, secrets, lies, mutual loss, wishes, rainstorm, London, psychiatrist, misunderstanding, inspection, moon, flash
Amy/Valeyard, [any]
Any Master/Any Doctor, decisions, education, quarrel, obsession, thwarted, secret, underhanded, public, humiliation, fabulous, tribal, journeys, fission, effervescence, past, present, future, re-start, please, jump, kneel, travel, bondage, hunger, virgin, circular, paradox, gameplay, domination, hypnosis, regeneration
Benton/Harry Sullivan, awkward, navy
Blon Fel Fotch Slitheen/Face of Boe, improvising
Brigadier/Three, dandy, frustrating, mustache, cape
Doctor/Rose, butterflies, fantasies, snow, promise, travel, hands
Donna Noble/Ace, time travellers, daleks, bragging rights, one-upsmanship, conversation, inarticulate, names
Donna Noble/any, faith, headache, stars
Donna Noble/Jack Harkness, [any]
Donna Noble/Jenny, impressed
Donna Noble/Martha Jones, [any], friendship, wife, enough, alcohol, dancing, fantastic, after, sky, good, beautiful, companion, finally, missing, broken, roses, horny, need, flirt, bounce, two, ingenuity, smile
Donna Noble/River Song, familiar, fix, strength, thief, hair, loud
Donna Noble/Rose Tyler, comfort, ice, find, connection, calm, savior, goddess, golden, wolf, devoted
Donna/Amy, red, remember, future
Donna/Ten, pit-stop, authentic, run, shine, transparent, queen, thunderstorm, rain, domesticity, jewellery, restraint, spooning, worry, transformation, once, gown, laughter, comfort, ice, unknown, alien, needed, switch, remember, fear, loneliness, domination, party, button, red, boom, spa, towel, green, rudeness, stars, temporary, forgotten, TARDIS, last, coat, hands, forever, bath, teach, bubbles, trust, volcano, keys, mother, the Queen, rope, hands, satin sheets, violet dress, first and last goodbye, star named Donna
Eight/Goosnake!Master, fluorescent
Eight/Jacobi!Master, Amnesia, war, snake, beard, auburn, hair, soft, smile, pale, white, black, pocket watch, utopia, Gallifrey, fire, smoke, loneliness, San Francisco, jelly babies
Eight/Rose, romantic, dirty
Eleven, new body
Eleven/Eleven, paradox
Eleven/Jack Harkness, playful, forget, pretty boy, Moebius, wibbly-wobbly, box, tempting, coat, fezzes, infinite, smile, gratitude, nightclub, rave, glitter, lick, skin
Eleven/Liz X, hail to the queen baby, example, paradox
Eleven/Martha Jones, new face, soldier, bondage, TARDIS, seconds, surprise, hopeful, paint
Eleven/Master, alone, domestic, feel, giggle, heartbeat, memories, name, nostalgia, psychic, punishment, remainder, remembrance, soundtrack, storm, trapped, voyeur, wife, bondage, chained, memories, wall, finish, battle, apocalypse, childish, memories, struggle, illuminate, green, strike, rise, forgiveness, names, kept, attention, domination, drums, loss, "come with me", centuries, beloved, strange, angry, collar, seduction, pet, brothers, alone, Timelords, together, beard, torture, madness, healing, light, TARDIS, embrace, tears, sonic, coat, secrets, whisper, drums, hunger, longing, regeneration, fear, death, closer, time, cure, ceasefire, taste, scent, amnesia, fear, forgive
Eleven/Nine/Ten, timey-wimey, self-sufficient, ego, TARDIS
Eleven/River Song, backwards, supernova, archaeology, classroom, glasses, first time, the library, red pumps, yelling, jealousy, last kiss, think, found, physics, study, discovery, rapt, universe, flee, secrets, pomegranate, vista, spoilers, femme fatale, sharp, bullet-proof, spinner, furtive, telephone, smug, experienced, kissed, upperhand, re-do, again, repeat
Eleven/River Song/Jack Harkness, 51st century
Eleven/Romana, repopulation
Eleven/Rory Williams, bikini, Angels, velvet, tied up, exasperation, following
Eleven/Rose Tyler, ancient, western, apology, eons, reunite, snow, hat, clocks
Eleventh Doctor/Marilyn Monroe, chapel, fake, rushed, honeymoon
Eleventh Doctor/Martha Jones, appreciation, doctor, laugh, different
fem!Four/Romana (any regeneration), illogical, adventure, scarf
fem!Four/Sarah Jane, teacher, alien, new, fluster, tease, scarf, daring
fem!Three/Liz Shaw, hypothesis, alien, anatomy, exploration, analytical, exile, loneliness, HBIC
First Doctor/Second/Third/Fourth/Fifth/Sixth/Seventh/Eighth/Ninth/Tenth, orgy
Five/Adric, awkward, still, pin, fabric
Five/Ainley!Master, conscience, destroy, breathe, irrevocable, all tied up, comfort, imagination, cricket, black, velvet, debouched choirboy, surrender, voice, trust, betrayal, time, regeneration, lies, truth, new, cold, dare, feel, soft
Five/Ten, apocalypse, Daleks, edible underwear
Four/Harry Sullivan/Sarah Jane, virgins, teacher, pet, direct, collar, teach, restrained, scarf
Four/Romana I, superiority, ice, snark, scarf
Four/Romana I/Sarah Jane, introduction, humanity, lessons, sharing, cruelty, scarf, hypnotism, xenophobia
Four/Romana II, age, different, spice, spark, smile, forehead, scarf
Four/Romana II/Sarah Jane, introduction, humanity, lessons, sharing, scarf, hypnotism, xenophobia
Four/Sarah Jane, tiny, slim, pale, fine, brave, sweets, scarf,tweed, blue, hands, eyes, games, handcuffs, bondage, healing, abandonment, smiles, console, pool, beach, quarry, jungle, difficulties, species, analytical, favorite, affection, worry, fear, comfort, safe, dangerous, companionship, alien, xenophobia
Girl!Doctor/Master, changes, regeneration, birth, crooked, dress, velvet, ginger, breasts
Ian/Barbara, classroom, home, red
Ianto/Rose, suit
Jack Harkness/Mickey Smith, antagonistic, insomnia, living forever, fight, scream, fantasy
Jack Harkness/Ten, waste, forfeit, ice-lolly, kilts, mind-meld, impossible, ring, knowledge, recoil, tentacles, beautiful, hard, close, forever, more, red, kiss, salvation, immortality, little-death, glee, time, worlds, endless, enthusiasm, insolent, hopeless, grief, loss, embrace, alone, escape, obsession, brotherhood, years, cheeky, test, steel, alien, secret, defense, handcuffs, library, purple, ancient, slouching, relief, sorry, lick, salt, sensitized, TARDIS, bound, water, dominate, impossible, watch, apple, box, war, white, future, hard, stroke, anomaly, mathematics, connected, Stars, kinky, spell, sacrifice, knowledge, recoil, tentacles
Jack/Martha, impulse, mistake, comfort, inventive, dignity, kinky, [any]
Jack/Nine, alien, control
Jack/Nine/Rose, lace
Jack/River, telephone, lipstick, killer, meeting, legs, squareness gun, Genderplay
Jack/Rose, corners, stolen
Jack/Ten/Rose, relief, Reunion
Jackie/Sarah Jane, fame
Jake Simmonds/Mickey Smith, liberated, skin, champagne, beer, climbing, Paris
Jenny/Martha Jones, fit
Jo Grant/Master, hypnotism, revenge, surrender
Jo Grant/Master/Three, alliance, game, psychology, fun, silly
Jo Grant/Three, innocence, duty, kind, exile
Leela/Andred, innocence, savage, xenophobia, love, marriage
Leela/Romana (any regeneration), savage, power, state, presidency, rebellion, loss, equals
Liz X/River Song, control, crown, coronation, traveller, equals, luxury, blankets, gun
Liz/Brig, laboratory, brains vs. brawn, comfort, target
Martha Jones/anyone, heroine, dreams
Martha Jones/Christina de Souza, wrestle
Martha Jones/Liz X, brilliant
Martha Jones/Mickey Smith, make a difference, handcuffs, lazy days, technical terms, darling, leather, Another World, Gun, hair, partners in crime
Martha Jones/Mickey Smith/Tom Milligan, marriage, team, unconventional, complementary
Martha Jones/River Song, any
Martha Jones/Rose Tyler, [any], disagree, hate, question, tears, uncertainty
Martha Jones/Shakespeare, magic, any, future
Martha Jones/Ten, heat, flowers, taste, mechanism, storytelling, wet, escape, edge, breath, mouth, awkward, uniform, TARDIS, apology, waiting, happy, damaged, broken, shop, maid, coat, please, thankfulness, affection, travel, hug, damaged, temptation, wrath, fury, wanton, useless, stranded, ABBA, apologies, bath, caretaker, exams, glasses, illusion, nervous, now, rain, sun, thoughts, title, 1969, trust, universe, doll, punk, stealth, straddle, wardrobe, release, hands
Martha/Rory, hospital
Martha/Tom, lazy, reunion, wishful, rockets
Master/Lucy, knife, worship, bitter
Master/Rani, payback, history, enforced, shadow, strange bedfellows, symbiotic, butterfly effect, apocalypse, offering, voiceless
Master/Ten II, darker
Master/Ten, heartbeat, rhythm, stalemate, doubles, last
Master/Three, struggle, antagonism, r'approchement, snark, respect, undermine
Nina/Donna, hands, New Year's, broken
Nine/Eleven, comfort, Time War, hope
Nine/Rose, death, license, relief, support, green, flip, intense, wall, thong
Nine/Rose/Donna, running, chaos, TARDIS, alternate universe
Nine/Rose/TARDIS, verity, perspective, love, sex
Nine/Ten, history, forgot, hubris, skin, revel, attention
River Song, lonely, self-satisfied, getting things done, solitary confinement
Romana/Amy, science
Rory/Rose, mixup, trapped, stable
Rose/Gwen, hotel
Rose/Reinette, being, petals, loss
Rose/Sally Sparrow, in her eyes
Rose/Sarah Jane, strength, diary
Sally Sparrow/Kathy Nightingale, late
Tegan/Nyssa, sky, home, smile
Ten II/Rose, missing, bed, hope, new, old, blue, travel, food, dogs, grey
Ten/Ainley!Master/Five, remember when?, the ‘pretty’ ones
Ten/Eleven, cheeky, flames, waterfall, midnights, self-discovery, voyeurism
Ten/Jackson Lake, [any], memory, one, comfort, rescue, secrets, goodbye
Ten/Rose, fate, hearts, reaching, green candy, fantastic, mirrors, nudity, shower, silly, oral, sonic, time, unused, wild, fair, respond, purple, table, taste, trapped, giggly, wish, surprise, trouble, He likes bananas and she likes pears can this relationship work, patience, trainers, pollen, novel, gentle, haunted
Ten/Rose/TenII, consuming, blindfold, double-penetration, teaching, watching
Ten/TARDIS, forgiven, lacy, until, heights, angry, metallic
The Doctor/Donna Noble, lasting, remember
The Doctor/Martha Jones, friendship, snark, guilt, comfort, injury, hug, tea
The Master (Simm)/Rose, desperation, lost
The Master (Simm)/Ten, bound, comfort, eternity, feast, homecoming, hurt, kept, orders, names
Theta/Koschei, oops, experimentation, studying, walls, crossed wires, failure, games, immortal, admire, hand in the cookie jar, betrayal, innocence, temperamental, binding, alchemy
Theta/Koschei/Ushas, disclosure, hypothesis, invitation
Three/Delgado!Master, game, understanding, swordplay, familiar, bygones, forgive, fashion, velvet, obedience, chameleon, game, betrayal, banter, swordfight, history, courting gifts, proposal, best enemies, shipwreck, tea
Three/Simm!Master, powerplay, suit, visitor

Doctrine of Labyrinths
Felix/Mildmay, hazy
Mildmay/Corbie, witchlight
Mildmay/Mehitabel, didn't mean a thing

Eddie/Rose, homecoming, damaged

Bartleby/Loki, forgive, forget, reincarnate

Heine/Badou, smoke, bitten, wild, snarl, comrade, rust
Heine/Naoto, scar, leash, past, blade, flurry, heartbeat, stillness, underground

Dogsbody – Diana Wynne Jones
Katherine/Sirius, experiment, metamorphosis, sacrifice, jealousy

Adelle DeWitt/Echo, frottage, riding crop, defiance, secret
Adelle DeWitt/Laurence Dominic, hands, tight, stubble, blue, submit, orders, lost, boss, in charge, lie, vodka, couch, office
Adelle DeWitt/Paul Ballard, silk, strap-on, wayward, authority
Adelle DeWitt/Tony Ceccoli/Priya Tsetsang, only, remember, strong, fantasy, roleplay, game, hot, skill
Adelle DeWitt/Topher Brink, high, dethroned, personal space, high, joke, comfort, ambitions, similarities
Alpha/Echo, deal, fix, spring, one plays the violin, litmus, wonder, searching, tamed, wicked, lost, ubermensch, hostage, beatdown, omega, aging, union, chair
Alpha/Topher Brink, fix it, new, laugh, need, chocolate high, birthday doll, Twitter
Alpha/Victor, medicine, cooking
Bennett Halverson/Caroline Farrell, clothes, first, new, warm, best friends
Bennett Halverson/Caroline Farrell/Echo, crowded, skills, more
Boyd Langton/Echo, trust, recall, protection, innocence
Boyd Langton/Topher Brink, security, secret, trustworthy, betrayal
Claire Saunders/Boyd Langton, rubber gloves, piano, cuts, sleepy, paradigms, prism, tights, wax
Claire Saunders/Boyd Langton/Topher Brink, messy
Claire Saunders/Echo, unbroken
Echo/Daniel Perrin, real, grip
Echo/Kilo/Sierra, hero worship
Echo/Tony Ceccoli/Priya Tsetsang, laughter, own, self, claim, dark
Ivy/Paul Ballard, drinks, snark, betrayed, loosing sleep
Laurence Dominic/Paul Ballard, cybersex, imagination, anger
Mag/Kilo, freckles without sunshine
Mag/Zone, bored, flexible, pact, run, roswell, autumn
Paul Ballard/Alpha, new you, you too, echoes, noise, music, fist
Paul Ballard/Echo, regrets, never, loyalty, imprint
Tony/Priya, healing, restoration, memories, wedding, star-crossed, art, consent
Topher Brink/Claire Saunders, forbidden, anguish, lost, exhilaration, perfect, temptation, forgiveness, fantasy
Topher Brink/imprinted!Sierra, unfair, guilt, lonely
Topher Brink/Ivy, experiment, virgin, genius, any
Topher Brink/Sierra/Victor, atonement, regret, run, fantasy
Topher Brink/Victor, stoned, juice box, breath, masturbation
Victor/Sierra, random, imprint, shower, remember, soldier, painting, soldier, date
Whiskey/Alpha, Bobby and Crystal, glitch, crime

Don't Look Under the Bed
Larry/Frances, pretend, experiment, flirt

Doogie Howser
Doogie/Vinnie, best friends, doctor, movie, best friends, doctor, movie

John/Sam, C-24, Mars, fallout, nightmare, abilities
John/Sarge, background, tats, sometimes
John/Sarge/Sam, tomorrow, dreams, immune

Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
Dorian Gray/Basil Hallward, danger, heat

Dorian Gray (2009)
Dorian/Emily Wotton, cynic, experienced, enliven, feel

Sameer Acharya/Kunal Chauhan, camera, hot tub, dancing

Double The Fist
Panda/Mime, silence
Rod Foxx/Mephisto, rivalry
Steve Foxx/Rod Foxx, loyalty
Steve Foxx/Womp, time out

Sister Aloysious/Sister James, habit, crucify, hush

Downton Abbey
Anna/Bates, solitude, decorum, oak
Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, chance, deception, war, banter, distrust, black, wine, touch, warmth, fields, drawing room
Robert Crawley/John Bates, goodbye, wartime
Sybil Crawley/Tom Branson, rebellion, carriage, Saturnalia, poise, bibliophilia, socialism, protest, affair, car, motor, gloves, duty
William/Thomas, caught, smoking, piano, tryst

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Hank/Michaela, now

Dracula - Bram Stoker
Mina Harker/Dracula, red, mirror, inside

Dragon Age: Origins
Male Cousland/any, rite of conscription, hot grandma, joining ceremony
Female!Mahariel/Alistair, warding, bastard, formal, games
Leliana/Male Cousland, song, share, fight, rogues, cupid, flower, vision, holy

Dragon Ball
Trunks/Marron, (any), future, alternative, hidden, suit, fight, save, secrets, sword, surprise, heat
Vegeta/Bulma, (any), dominance, please, tickle, mark, wall, neck, experience, sky, moment, desperate

Dragon Knights
Cesia/Rath, tempest, queen, wicked, fight, faith, liar, saviour, fire, roaming, home, irresponsible, bicker, obedience, bondage, nightmares, sweat, illusion, dragon, on top, crown, enemy ground
Kitchel/Tetheus, dinner, cheering, voyeurism, fists, burglar, shameless, catch me if you can
Lykouleon/Raseleane, kingdom, loyalty, magic, ink, sheets, jewels, farewell
Rune/Tintlet, soul, ice, fate, rescue, love, satin, heat, magic, bondage, experience

Dragon Quest IV
Maya/Meena/Alena, dress-up, tomboy, dance, magic

Dragonball Z
Bulma/Vegeta, biting, angry, thoughtful, jerk
Gohan/Videl, flight, outside, argue, baka
Goku/Chichi, confused, wall, marriage
Pan/Trunks, secret, impassioned, worried, sensei

Dragonlance Chronicles
Sturm Brightblade/Kitiara, trapped, boredom, dare

Dragon's Bait - Vivian Vande Velde
Alys/Selendrile, winter, hoard, witch, hunt, heat, nude, scales

Drawing Blood - Poppy Z Brite
Eddy Sung, [any]

Drop Dead Diva
Jane/Kim, rival
Jane/Tony, magic, just for fun, cocktails, laughter

Devon/Sean, pride, anger, laughter, competitive, holding on, stillness, listen

due South

Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, dancing, massage, voyeurism, bondage, toys, beach, uniform, hat, tease, public sex, masturbation, cabin, flirting, cross-dressing, striptease, leather, buddy breathing, trust, glasses, journal, outdoor sex, patriotic, Canada

Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Francesca Vecchio, pegging, voyeurism

Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, commonplace, cabin, Florida, adventure, patterns, missing, year, laundry, civil, marriage, hospital, family, restraint, discovery, phone sex, jealousy, dirty talk, comfort, morning, voyeurism

Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio, Vegas, closet, Riviera, scars, cross-dressing, reunion, undercover, tie

Benton Fraser/Victoria, murder ballads

Elaine Besbriss/any, seeing, track, slow, sunshine, courage

Elaine Besbriss/Francesca Vecchio, training, station, uniform, hat, dress, heels, seduction, lipstick, gloves

Louis Gardino/Jack Huey, Dewey, poker, no-smoking, spilled, suit, loquacious, more

Meg Thatcher/Francesca Vecchio, aggressive, colour, restaurant, theatre, splash, disordered, sauce, caramel, sharp, rescue, pant, explode, shush, desk

Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, undercover, rough, alcohol, Florida, handcuffs, sweat, taste

Thomas E. Dewey/Jack Huey, ducks, retire, old, vicious, loyalty, stake-out, take-out

Dune - Frank Herbert
Paul/Irulan, freedom, hate

Dungeons & Dragons: The Cartoon
Shadow Demon/Venger, hidden, care, punish, want

Izaya/Namie, games, wordplay, rings, stomp, family
Mikado/Anri, question, future, go, wheels, look, glasses
Shizuo/Vorona, catch, hold, gateau, cream, fruit, stare, pull, rough, innocent

Earth 2
Devon/Danziger, fire, lightning, New Pacifica, catch, heat, cold, press, hands, height, sand

Steve Owen/Matthew Rose, take care

Eastern Promises
Nikolai/Kirill, drunk, sober, kneeling, submit

Kat/Roxy/Darryl, salacious, margaritas, henna, poly, sex magic,

Easy A
Olive/Mr. Griffith, student, teacher, wrong, favorite, staff room, post-grad, laughter, AP English, library, older
Olive/Rhiannon, explanation, reconciliation, stupid, big tits
Todd/Olive, first time, rumors, in the supply closet, sweetness, woodchuck, blue, slow, A+

Eerie, Indiana
Dash-X/Marshall, obvious potential, caution, copper, mythology, sacred

Eight Days of Luke - Diana Wynne Jones
David Allard/Luke, ice, wind, vine, plain, lock, earth, school

Electric Dreams (1984)
Dom!Madeline/sub!Miles, cages, shackles, power play
Edgar/Madeline, virtual love, dreams, music
Miles/Madeline/Edgar, threesome

Elenium series - David Eddings
Berit/Khalad, tent
Kalten/Sparhawk, reunion, novice, spear, bruises, friends

Venka/Tyleet, first, new, youth, leaf

Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Bess Throckmorton/Walter Raleigh, hidden, secret, unashamed, pregnancy, child, bathing
Queen Elizabeth 1/Bess Throckmorton, discovery, soft, nub, wet, slick, need, tongue, Mistress, bathing, shared bed
Queen Elizabeth 1/Bess Throckmorton/Walter Raleigh, boat, voyage, history, accommodating, history unrecorded, bathing, shared bed
Queen Elizabeth 1/Sir Walter Raleigh, touch, kneel, mouth, tongue, breast, hair, unknown

Emma (any)
Emma/Frank, games, secrets, words, scheme
Emma/Harriet Smith, pet, dress up, improve, in charge,
Emma/Jane, getting to know you, private, music,
Emma/Mr Knightley, disagree, walk, strawberries,
Mr Knightley/Frank Churchill, disapprove, etiquette, grin,
Mrs Weston/Emma, can't say no, nurture, adultery, secrets, games, library, rewards

Empowered/Thug Boy/Ninjette/Caged Demonwolf, epic, costume, narration, canoes, elephants, roommates
Sistah Spooky/Mindf**k, telepathy, crowds, senses, dessert, distance, itch

Giselle/Robert, first time, fast learner, "Oh, my!", risks, Central Park
Nancy/Edward, role play, power, magic, teach

Enemy Mine
Willis/Jeriba, soul, married, together, eternity, parents, any

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Trip/Monkey, catch, follow, gentle

Eric Murphy/Vince Chase, inevitable, casting couch, couture, high school, pretend, reputation, shudder

Epic of Gilgamesh
Inanna/Gilgamesh, hieros gamos, ritual, seduction

John Preston/Jurgen, awaken, sunrise, dance, regrets

Abby/Susan, quarantine
Anna/Maggie, hair
Carter/Abby, hangover, tomorrow, secret
Carter/Lucy, student, exam, lament
Maggie/Randi, rent
Mark/Susan, [any]

Van/Hitomi, fate, stay

Eureka 7
Eureka/Gidget, chocolate, friends, insomnia, warm, any
Eureka/Renton, air, children, first, flight, help, smile, any
Hilda/Talho, alcohol, inventory, relaxing, tired, any

Allison Blake/Tess Fontana, sorority, experimentation, theories, jealousy
Andy/Jo Lupo, accidents, mechanical
Douglas Fargo/any, robot
Grace/Henry Deacon, romance, practical joke, science turns me on, grease, swing-dancing, for the first time
Henry Deacon/Kim, innovation, rediscover, kiss, collaborate, space, laughter, comfort, genius, pioneer, AU, history, familiar, memory, time, dance
Jack Carter/Allison Blake, first, spa, S.A.R.A.H., wall, shower, public, role-play, sneak, family, business, pleasure, magnetic
Jack Carter/Henry Deacon, family, gadgets, familiar, stimulating, trust, confession
Jack Carter/Jo Lupo, gun, movie, laughter, surveillance, adrenaline, practice, downtime
Jack Carter/Nathan Stark, charisma, hallucination, one-upmanship, pushing, defiance
Jack Carter/Nathan Stark/Allison Blake, return, celebration, bed, physics, secrets, double team
Jack Carter/Tess Fontana, inside, specs, ruminate, allowed, house, eleven
Jo Lupo/Zane Donovan, banter, dominance, jail cell, hold, kiss, play, tease, collect, postcards, ballet, Las Vegas, riptide, claiming, understatement, handcuffs, marriage, explanations, reunion, closets, jail cell, sweaty, snowstorm
Jo Lupo/Zane Donovan/Douglas Fargo, competition, casual, experiment, lock, reason
Jo Lupo/Zoe Carter, blindfold, dance, handcuffs, sonic gun, massage, oil, double fisting, remote control, striptease
Nathan Stark/Allison Blake, wedding, honeymoon, baby, return, fingers, suit, tie, skirt, chair
Trevor Grant/Any, [any]

Amy/Ephram, after everything, Ferris wheel, necklace, haircut, wedding, necklace, medicine, Silk
Amy/Hannah, alcohol, sleepover
Amy/Madison, experience, jealousy
Bright/Hannah, learning, chocolate, eyes, tattoo

Everworld - K. A. Applegate
Christopher/David, straight
Christopher/April, drama, flirt, girl
David/April, sing, water, legs
David/Senna, window, distance, eyes

Evil Dead Trilogy
Ash/Sheila, fireplace, fidelity, rough-to-tender, slow, mirror, pregnancy risk, romance, laughter

Ex Machina
Mitchell Hundred/Rick Bradbury, fix-it, rehab, campaign, livewire, alternate, switch, possibilities, should, universe

Exorcist - William Peter Blatty
Father Karras/Father Dryer, forgiveness, blessing, abomination

Exquisite Corpse - Poppy Z. Brite
Andrew/Jay/(any/other), art, beauty, deconstruction

Eyes of the Dragon
Thomas/Dennis, loyalty

Eyeshield 21
Agon/Hiruma, future, change, laughter, strength
Hiruma/Mamori, graduation, America, injury, common sense, instinct, touchdown, score, dirty, blackmail, surprise, party , naughty, role-reversal, efficient, fun
Kakei/Mizumachi, public, propositions, swimming, joy, stripping, private
Monta/Taka, honor, hero, work
Musashi/Hiruma, reunion, wet, wait, promise, bickering, cards
Sakuraba/Takami, perfect, understanding
Takami/Sakuraba, worth, finally, dress, gentle, beginnings
Yamato/everyone, crush, sparkle

Fables - Bill Willingham
Bigby/Snow, wolf, scent, lonely

Fairly Legal
Kate/Justin, peace, weakness, favors, overnight, waves, memories, rules, boat, funeral, desk, frustration, pen, mediate me

Fairy Tail
Elfman/Evergreen, mistletoe, muscle, white-lie, accident
Erza/Gerard, reunion, delight, love
Fried/Mirajane, bar, late, teeth, rhythm
Gazille/Levi, affection, metal
Gray/Juvia, storm, cry, hush, union
Natsu/Lucy, devotion, hot

Fairy Tales
Beauty/Beast, wild, rose, outside, supper, lust, chase, hide-and-seek
Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty, smooth, cold
Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf, change, cornered, naughty, meal, hood, basket, after dark
Rapunzel/Prince, naïve, breaching the tower, girl meets world
Snow White/Huntsman, pretty, small, feel

Dee/Ryo, handcuffs, gunplay, blindfold, tease, breakpoint, virgin, force, jealously, possessive, confinement
Rose/Ryo, seduction, authority, secret, power

Falco series - Lindsey Davis
Marcus Didius Falco/Q. Camillus Justinus, travel
Marcus Didius Falco/Titus Caesar, lonely

Fallen (1998 film)
John Hobbes/Greta Milano, touch

Family Guy
Lois/Glenn, virgin, voyeur

Family Man
Ariana/Luther, bibliophilia

Linus/Eric, argue, basement, finally, t-shirt, tease, travel, history, roleplay, touch, whisper

Aeryn/Bialar, die in your arms tonight, second life, hope for the hopeless, don't ask don't tell
Aeryn/Chiana, twice shy, understanding, discipline, fury, desperation
Aeryn/Chiana/Jool/Sikozu, sex pollen
Chiana/Jool, leather, girls, experiment, loud, intense, solace, familiarity
Crichton/Chiana, surrender, support, taken, innocence, sleep, tenderness, comfort, trauma, frozen, dream, pip, force, abandoned, damaged, Wynona, inclination
Crichton/Aeryn, alien, language, leather drunk, prize, spark, humanish, slow, gravity, pulse, water, t&a, lipstick, postergirl
Crichton/DK, lust, hunger, dom, young, MIT, need
Crichton/Scorpius, PTSD, imagination, mental
Crichton/Aeryn, blowjob, single tear, trembling hands, he's learned new tricks since he'd been here last, Aurora Chair PTSD, always self sacrificing, truth or dare, tight, strong, broken, mental, apocalypse, empty room
Crichton/Aeryn/Chiana, bargain, tension
Crichton/D'Argo, unrealized reality
Crichton/Crichton, doppleganger

Billie/Sara, cars, night club, undercover
Van/Deaq/Billie, push it

Fatal Frame
Akito/Kyouka, hairpin, delicate, curious, seclusion, photograph
Choushiro/You, handcuffs, secret, acceptance
Itsuki/Mutsuki, despair, hands, purification, forest, breath, Remaining
Itsuki/Yae, absolution, adrift, crimson, incomplete
Kaname/Reika, piercing, voice, twilight, departure
Kei/Mafuyu, ink, studious
Kei/Misaki, teamwork, research, miniskirt
Madoka/Misaki, toy, friend, special, lighthouse, lies
Madoka/Misaki/Ruka, sleepover, song, memory
Madoka/Ruka, gentle, starlight
Mafuyu/Miku, visions, rope, haunted, orphans, trust
Miku/Rei, snow, nightmares, sweet, camera, lonely
Misaki/Ruka, surviving, sea, celestial, grounded
Ryozo/Yae, memory, leaves, sunlight, married
Sakuya/You, flower, exile, beach, twisted, prisoner

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Jeanie/boy in police station, jump, kiss, wild, yes
Jeanie/Cameron, take, touch, try
Jeanie/Sloane, claim

Fight Club
Marla/Tyler, second chance, nipples, mud, flip-flops

Final Fantasy 13
Fang/Lightning, blades, sweat, battle-joy
Fang/Vanille, home, memories

Final Fantasy I
Black Mage/White Mage, opposite, promotion, staff
Black Mage/White Mage/Red Mage, all kinds

Final Fantasy II
Firion/Hilda, escape, knight, trap

Final Fantasy III DS
Luneth/Refia, change, job, onions

Final Fantasy IV
Edge/Rydia, heart, arrows, love, heartbreak, together, whip, healing
Edge/Kain, flippancy, temptation, giving in
Edward/Cecil, singing lessons
Edward/Kain, suffer no more
Kain/Golbez, kneel
adult!Rydia/Golbez, hatred, renewal, unmasked

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Edge/Kain/Rydia, healing, summons, whip, magic, jump, ninja
Kain/Porom, mountain, dragoon, magic, healing, pink
Rosa/Porom, scholar

Final Fantasy IX
Amarant/Freya, adventure, distraction, rainstorm, banter
Beatrix/Freya, bladeplay, fighting, post-battle, rain, respect, training
Beatrix/Garnet, jewels, leader, loyalty, necklace, oath, protection, respect, royalty, power
Beatrix/Lani, enemies, fight
Beatrix/Ruby, [any]
Beatrix/Steiner, bravery, chivalry, stalwart
Blank/Zidane, gold, ship, tail
older!Eiko/Garnet, heritage, magic, royalty, summon
older!Eiko/Mikoto, learning
Garnet /Zidane, tail, crystal, queen, worship
Garnet/Lani, prisoner
Garnet/Ruby, acting, play
Kuja/Zidane, treasure, silk, feathers
Mikoto/Ruby, teaching

Final Fantasy Tactics A2
Adelle/Illua, bondage, dub-con, hate, resist, temptation, any
Adelle/Penelo, any
Cid/Luso, comfort, disappear, forgotten, past, secrets, any

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Marche/Mewt, capture, comfort, forgiveness, penance, prisoner
Ritz/Shara, admiration, guidance, hair, home, weapons

Final Fantasy Tactics
Agrias/Ovelia, blessed, dying, farewell, feralty, honor, knife, any
Alma/Agrias, hero, protection, any
Alma/Teta, brave, faith, memory, sisters
Delita/Ramza, aid, battle, bittersweet, falling, revenge, snow

Final Fantasy V
Bartz/Shiva, cold, trial, water

Final Fantasy VI
Celes/Locke/Setzer, flip, roulette, strip poker, sticky fingers
Celes/Maria/Setzer, theater appreciation
Cyan/Terra, awe, redemption, rescue
Edgar/Kefka, diplomacy, madness, fire, sand, boots, engines, loose screws
Edgar/Locke, stealing, treasure, caught, damsels, lip service
Edgar/Setzer, engines, wager
Gau/Relm, growing up, nature, creatures, curiosity, running
Setzer/Terra, flight, scars, magic, ribbons, poker
Terra/Shadow, again, creep, synergy

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Kadaj/Yazoo/Loz, bitter, caretaker, together
Kadaj/Rufus, benevolent, father-figure
Loz/Tifa, fight, flower, gone, child, blood, see, wood, believe

Final Fantasy VII
Aeris/Reno, bastard, caught, electric, sign, safety, want
Aeris/Cloud, laughter, wonder, balance, skirt, petals, soft, blush, worship
Aeris/Sephiroth, forbidden, rapture, benediction, revenge, fascination, force, fallacy
Aeris/Vincent, metallic, delicate, senses, tremble, lace
Aerith/Tifa, flowers
Aerith/Tifa/Yuffie, girls-only
Aerith/Yuffie, [any]
Angeal/Genesis, vehicular, teamwork, apples, precious, dying, Loveless, copy, bright
Cid/Vincent, maturity, phone, claws
Cloud/Jessie, memories, quiet, understanding
Cloud/Tifa, leather, heat, desperation, dawn, city
Cloud/Zack, childish, loving, laughing, practice, purple, Shinra, sword
Cloud/Reno, after, harsh, place, magic, materia, strawberry, alone, private
Elena/Reno, bruised, comfort, dirty, hollow, secrets
Elena, Tseng, sweet
Reno/Rude, solid, explosives, free, beer, agreement, explosive, shock, handcuffs, stubble, helicopter, gloves, piercings, shock, drunk, on-the-job, boredom, office
Reno/Rufus, gunplay
Reno/Tifa, rod, punch, hard, fast
Rufus/Scarlet, abused, desks, fallen, gunplay, left, loveless, power
Sephiroth/Zack, blood power, nature, doom, together, fight, regret, time
Tifa/Yuffie, fight

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Aeris/Cloud /Zack, flowers, imagination, dreams, alive, forever, together
Cloud/Zack, safety, coma, dream, alive, fight, legacy, sword

Final Fantasy VIII
Fujin/Quistis, [any], bite, destiny, discipline, neck, opposite, patch, scar, whip, blood, fighting, help
Fujin/Selphie, lies, taboo, any
Fujin/Xu, discipline
Irvine/Quistis, playground, memory, banter, whip, stallion
Irvine/Selphie, anniversary
Irvine/Selphie/Zell, fun, together, warmth, laughter
Irvine/Squall, leather, nerves, Girl Next Door
Irvine/Zell, tease, hair, hat, grease
Kiros/Laguna, protect, history, brotherhood, order
Quistis/Rinoa, authority, confusion, display, electricity, feathers, glasses, hair, spark, stroke, whip, magic, secret, unknown, last
Quistis/Rinoa/Selphie, fantasy, journey
Quistis/Seifer, spar, fall, flirt, redemption, provoke, rough, whip, marks, teacher, soft
Quistis/Seifer/Squall, patience, uniforms, command, tandem, satisfaction, reward, tutorial, undone, training
Quistis/Selphie,[any], affection, fantasy, glasses, hair, ice, magic, respect, teaching, trains, whip
Quistis/Shiva, breath, cold, dream, ice, fantasy, goosebumps, junction, any
Quistis/Squall, leather, whip, crave, secrets, private-lessons, charm, need
Quistis/Xu, control, friends, learning, roommates, whip
Rinoa/Selphie, celebration, cute, dancing, feathers, fire, nails, party, sleep, trains, warm
Rinoa/Squall, comfort, tenderness, heat, bond
Seifer/Squall, burn, ice, bite, adrenaline , prison, passive, aggressive, hold, pulse
Seifer/Squall/Rinoa, love, knights.
Seifer /Squall /Zell, together, fights, warmth.
Seifer/Zell, angry, scratch, bite, blindfold, bruises, breakfast, pride, punch, secrecy, reunion, banter
Siren/Shiva, [any], calling, cold, song
Squall /Zell, gloves, scars, heat, teamwork, focus, breakout, future

Final Fantasy X
Auron/Braska/Jecht, pilgrimage, journey, together, final, afterlife
Auron/Jecht, imbecile, stubborn, drunk, persuasion
Auron/Lulu, black, forbidden, unsent, strength, bruised, relief, bond
Auron/Rikku, age, memories, fear, steal
Auron/Seymour, bargain, prisoner, servitude
Auron/Tidus, time
Kimahri/Yuna, runaway
Lulu/Rikku, prejudice
Lulu/Yuna, holy
Rikku/Yina, lightning
Tidus/Wakka, underwater

Final Fantasy X/X-2
Anima/Shiva, pain, soothing
Auron/Lulu, moment, moogle, smirk, glance, direct
Balgerda/Doram, Blitzball, games, play, training, water, wet
Baralai/Gippal/Nooj/Paine, bounty, crimson, prize, partnership, faith, bloodsport
Baralai/Gippal, together, love, sand, mouth, language, rough, slow
Baralai/Yuna, maneuver, memories, secrets, treaty, field, tea
Dona/Lulu, belts, control, gags, penance, punishment, silence
Elma/Lucil, aftermath, Calm, captain, chocobos, Clasko, duty, follow, respect, vacation, Yevon
Gippal/Rikku, culture, alone, trapped, sand, thievery
Ginnem/Lulu, guardian
LeBlanc/Yuna, fan, massage, sphere
Lulu/Paine, belts, differences, fury, temper
Lulu/Rikku, belts, confused, electricity, elemental, magic, prejudice, secrets, slow, thunder, toys
Lulu/Rikku/Yuna, agency, fun, machine, travelling
Lulu/Yuna, belts, Calm, confidence, duty, faith, goodbye, guardian, holy, hurricane, magic, praying, respect, silence, toys, Yevon
Nooj/Paine, alive, fight, repair, negotiate, hair, secure, reunited, memories, lust, heartache
Paine/Rikku, aftermath, airship, Al-Bhed, begging, blitzball, bondage, crush, flirting, full-throttle, hunt, machines, respect, respect-points, scarf, sky, spanking, thunder, dress, leather, sword, search, discovery, mission, smile, fun
Paine/Rikku/Yuna, fame, hot-spring, hunting, luck, positions, privileges, secrets, showtime, treasures, clothing, sexy, teamwork, dress, sphere
Paine/Yuna, confusion, falling, quiet, silence, slow, strength
Rikku/Yuna, Calm, comfort, dancing, darkness, gifts, green, gunplay, lightning, machine, magic, music, protect, rescue, secrets, stealing, thunder
Shelinda/Yuna, help, interview, magic
Tidus/Yuna, changes

Final Fantasy XII
Ashe/Balthier, princess, queen, pirate, freedom, rogue, climb, rose, thorn, getaway, smile, curtain, pet, last
Ashe/Drace, authority, privileges, respect
Ashe/Fran, collars, control, deliberate, fast, fighting, respect, ship, slow, struggle
Ashe/Fran/Penelo, [any]
Ashe/Penelo, affection, command, dance, knifeplay, protect, wish, service, lady-in-waiting, private, letters, bath, fragrance
Balthier/Fran, animalistic, mist, rough, teamwork, trade, pay, pirate, plunder, pillage, gender
Balthier/Fran/Penelo arrangement, theatre, plunder, flair, mist, crush, dancing, denial, dream, guidance, safety, trust, wish, young
Baltheir/Vaan, training
Balthier/Penelo, cheeky, crush, flying, poet, quizzical, smile
Balthier/Vaan, mentor/student, chase, pride
Basch/Larsa, service, patience, impatience, imperious, instruction, command, request, loyalty, fealty, armor, stripped
Basch/Penelo, dance, touch, forgotten
Basch/Vaan, laughter
Basch/Noah, dust, memory, need, cage, summer, sweat, training, hunt
Basch/Vaan, protection, swords, together
Basch/Vossler, close, fur, breathe, waiting
Drace/Fran, [any]
Drace/Gabranth, steel, scars, bloodplay, trust, empty
Elza/Fran, [any], pirates
Elza/Fran/Penelo, [any]
Elza/Penelo, [any], soft, true
Filo/Penelo, [any], giggle, lessons
Fran/Penelo, [any], aid, assist, battle, biting, blushing, bubbles, claim, claws, clothes, comfort, confusion, crying, dancing, distance, ears, fascination, fear, flying, hair, healing, knifeplay, lost, magic, marking, mist, nails, nature, pleasure, quiet, share, shiver, silence, simplicity, sky, skyships, slow, strong, teaching, tied-up, touch, young, light, masturbation, night, prayer, stars
Fran/Vaan, child, teach
Mjrn/Penelo, learning, new
Reddas/Vaan, understand, target

Final Fantasy XIII
Cid/Yaag, leather, arguments, biting, satisfaction
Fang/Lightning, fight, smirk, sweat, commando, battle, teamwork, bite, bruises, marks, hidden
Fang/Lightning/Vanille, share, rescue, deal, wildnerness, lost, direction, noise, initiation
Fang/Vanille, youth, tease, touch, gentle, rough, history, past, brand, lick, flower, search, understand, home, camp, wound, waterfall, rainbow
Hope/Snow, wilderness, river, secret, betrayal, sleepy, danger
Older!Hope/Lightning, first time, nervous, love
Lightning/Sahz, dystopia, lead, afro, distraction
Lightning/Vanille, [any]
Serah/Vanille, sweet
Snow/Serah, honeymoon, home, adventure, ice, service

Final Fantasy: Dissidia
Firion/Tidus, rosebud, push, issues, found, beauty

Fingersmith (any)
Maud/Sue, life after, Holywell Street, harness, glove, reciprocity
Richard/Sue, [any]

Fire and Hemlock – Diana Wynne Jones
Polly/Tom, trust, unease, secrets, skin, nowhere

Fire Emblem Blazing Sword
Fiora/Lyn, admiration, kiss, respect
Karel/Lyn, blood, surprises, swordplay
Kent/Lyn, horses, plains, realization
Sain/Serra, damsel, dandy, laughter

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Ike/Soren, strategy, jealousy, submission, wind, candle
Kieran/Oscar, competition, contrast
Rhys/Titania, comfort, loneliness, red

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Elincia/Lucia, loyalty, sacrifice, pride, honor
Elincia/Lucia/Geoffrey, service, loyalty
Leanne/Naesala, freedom, hidden, stain
Micaiah/Sothe, sacred, silver, secret
Marcia/Tanith, punishment
Naesala/Tibarn, forgiveness, feather, pride
Reyson/Tibarn, complementary, flight, strength

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Kent/Sain, example, obvious
Erk/Serra/Erk, staff, pink

Badger/Saffron, lost
Book/The Operative, generations, secrecy, archives, brilliance
Book/Zoe, past, alternate, lies
Book/Kaylee, hope
Inara/Jayne, aggression, whore
Inara/Kaylee, bargain hunting, weightlessness, black and white, recreation, desire, skills, shyness, tools, soft, candles, flirting, beauty, strength, peace, green, abstract, sandalwood, barefoot, horse, frisky, rain
Inara/Kaylee/River, voyeur, work, flying, ceremony
Inara/Mal, mistake, fleeing, red, tea, gown, sword, exception, war stories, reassurance, scarred, submission, stranded, witness, sparks can create wildfires, co-pilot, cushions, tempest, vortex, insinuate, breakdown, peaches, initiation, heat, snow, observe, pale, pride, pay, whore, cold, need, love, excuses, rusty, shadows, reconnaissance, cloaked, mirrors, silence, secret, hidden, silent, silk, give, always needed you here, emotions, protect, words, peace, makes her lose control, can't think, lose myself in you, let yourself feel
Inara/Mal/Simon, refinement, manners, orders, allure
Inara/Mal/Saffron, , shenanigans
Inara/River, dreams, space, comb, fallen, streaming, gentle
Inara/River/Simon, class
Inara/Saffron, deception, seduction, training, tricks, sumptuous, upper hand, vengeance
Inara/Simon, grace, silk tie, seduction, etiquette, improper, fine, wish, training, stamina
Inara/The Operative, first impressions, life choices
Inara/Zoe, fashion, privacy, exotic, respect, friends, gift, post-BDM, grace, boots
Jayne/Kaylee, carnival, home, flowers, dirty, rebound, strip, personable, incursion, second, lax, understanding, sweet, hometown, combustion
Jayne/Mal, captain, sly, rules
Jayne/River, insight, pleasure, rolling, stupid, wares, countenance, knife, blood, mind, dancing, hormones, sick, shelter, stranded, rely, experimentation, shiny, weapon, realization, kiss, intellect, instinct, banter, silence, brains and brawns and him, red, blade, dance, weights, spot me, cargo bay, tied, trapped, small spaces, balance, hair, fragile strength, remember, fire, thunder
Jayne/Simon, fight, strength, study, taste, scars, beg, drunk, pulse, shower, heat, beard-burn, anatomy, bruises, precision, snark, impressive, smoke, satisfied, debauch, syringe, barefoot, priorities, echo, stench, zombies
Jayne/Zoe, need, warriors, understanding, once, killing
Kaylee/Mal, torque, blossom, strawberries, moonshine, justice, good, strawberry, peace, save, substitutes, loyalty, Serenity
Kaylee/Nandi, vice
Kaylee/Petaline, comfort
Kaylee/River, stars, shimmer, inside, honey, dancing, calligraphy, grease, dance, grace, sunshine
Kaylee/River/Simon, any voyeur
Kaylee/Saffron, wide eyed, innocence, myth
Kaylee/Simon, dirty, Serenity, River, wedding dress, engine, oil, scrub, sew, nurse, maintenance, starch, ruffled, liberty, strawberries, grease, mechanics, sweat, smuggling, fruitful, nostalgia, separation, holiday, milestone, pioneering, grain
Kaylee/Zoe, youth, hope
Mal/River, dance, gentle, quick, father, help, revenge, believe, flying, marksmanship, infamous, jealousy, Serenity, noir, gradient, princess, crazy, bite, fingernails
Mal/River/Simon, witch, emergency
Mal/Simon, blindfolds, blue, silk, stitches, tension, blood, gentle, hurt, save, cold, contact, possession, leaving, in trade, hush, collar, something made us do it, the first taste, teeth
River/Saffron, body
River/Serenity, calculation
River/Simon, pulse, DNA, waltz, spin, lethal, red, mark, bind, fallen, nothing but the blood, criminal, love/hate, confused, crazy, cure, anything, justified, crux, shadow, smooth, crazy, alone, hold, genesis
Firefly, River/Zoe, structure, damage, room, breath
Firefly, Simon/Zoe, healing
Firefly, Zoe/Any, victory, quiet, banter, comfort
Firefly, Wash/Zoe, [any], three switches, wooing, first time, mustache, lost, fly, eyes, fighter, pale, smile, talisman, play, dangerous, hard, first, skill, Amazon, a fool’s dream, battle scars

First Monday
Jerry/Julian, unexpected, heterosexual, after-work, reunion

Flame and Citron
Flame/Ketty, grey, sorry, regret, remember

Demetri/Mark, death, desperation, endings, faith, fear, games, gunfire, over, shadows, time
Demetri/Zoey, blossom, dream, false, farewell, fear, gone, lies, promises, smile, unrequited
Janis/Maya, acceptance, beauty, future, hesitate, hope, pain, pregnancy

Ed/Greg, losses, safety, full gear
Donna/Jules, competition, laughter, long day
Donna/Sam, unexpected, athletic, undercover
Ed/Greg/Jules, catch, protocols, locker room
Greg/Jules, comfort, late night, failures

Flight of the Conchords
Bret/Jermaine, tears, guitar, one bed

Forgotten Realms
Jarlaxle/Artemis Entreri, shadow, skill, surprise, trust

Sean/Nick, lemonade, sheets, dust, backseat, sweat

Four Rooms
Ted/Angela/Siegfried, game

Frasier/Niles, competition
Roz/Daphne, cosplay, comfort, tomorrow, hospital

Freaks and Geeks
Daniel/Kim, breakfast, first, karate
Kim/Lindsay, Joan Jett's Do You Wanna Touch? , tickle, sleepover, tricks, first time, van, favorite, exchanging jackets

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel
Pete/Ray/Toby, expert
Pete/Toby, closet

Friday Night Lights
Becky/Luke, ring, prom, family, balloons, cry, slow, tractor, bleacher, locker room, breathe, clouds, jump-rope, oral, practice, lost, touchdown, bleachers, hood of truck, baby, AU, future, 5 times, jersey, drunk, injury, smile, beer, ride home, cornfield, football field, Tim's old trailer, bruises, first time, lonely, in-love, irresistible, mouth, heartbeat, dimples
Eric/Tami, changes, college, dance, field, wine, decades, firsts, privacy, escape, victory, fluffy, shower, champagne, ice cream, date night
Hastings/Buddy Jr, first kiss, playing with fire, smartass
Hastings/Tyra, baffled, reluctant, jock, nostalgia, smooth, tongue
Jason/Lyla/Tim, aftermath, sunrise, cloth, home
Jason/Tim/Tyra, caught, AU, loved, peace
Jason/Tyra, war, Paralympics, Post-Its, Texas, AU, tattoo
Jess/Vince, History, Chance, passion, fundraiser, secret, tutor, smile
Julie/Tim, tea, barrette, notebook, picture frame, advice, welcome, lonely, truck, land, letter, visit, (any), crush, dirty, backseat, field, moonlight, moan, shower, rain
Julie, memories, angry, college
Julie/Landry, blue, smackdown
Julie/Matt, Austin, lake, blonde, father, rediscovery, socks, first, hope, art, broken, damaged, “I love you”
Julie/Santiago, mystery
Julie/Tyra, experiment, kiss, voyeur, mole, tattoo
Luke/Jess, unexpected, betrayal, guilt, hot, swept away
Lyla/Tim, brake light, cheer, rug burn, sick, trembling
Matt/Tyra, ground, hit, pull, rebound, Austin, Chicago, pegging, ride, wow
Tim/Jason, grass-stains, making memories, grip
Tim/Landry, books, summer, bleachers, stargazing, beer-breath, belt buckle
Tim/Tyra, bike, watching porn, familiar, making up, lazy, sofa, truck, bleachers, families, promise, choice, redemption, home, rescue, hunting, skinny dipping, forever, soft, delicious, Indian Summer, ice cream, tequila, sweet, familiar, hips, settling, date night, world, reunion, holiday, return, camping, letter, firsts, rescue, anger, bathroom

Chandler/Joey, Sweet, lazy, Baywatch, truth
Chandler/Rachel, wedding, crush, hug
Chandler/Eddie, replacement
Joey/Rachel, apartment, couch, barbados, once
Ross/Monica, settle

alt!Astrid/alt!Broyles, missing, disappeared, concern
alt!Broyles/Olivia, lost, fear, promise, time, future
alt!Charlie/alt!Olivia/Frank/Lincoln Lee, goddess, worship
alt!Charlie/alt!Olivia Dunham/Lincoln Lee, team, celebration, limes, noisy, crossdressing, locker room, playful
alt!Charlie/alt!Astrid, learn
alt!Olivia/Lincoln, challenge, wall, swagger, bite, training, tactical, sneaky, reflection, transitory, duress, laughter, hidden, amber, quarantine, dreams
alt!Olivia/Olivia, comfort, hurt, loss, taunt, strap-on, sassy, brash, life, guilt, ghosts, reflection, mirror, gun, faster, jacket, lips, secret, stronger, touch, manipulate, resent, compare,
alt!Olvia /Frank, slow, fire, snow, quiet
Astrid/OFC, mistake
Astrid/Olivia, [any] , lazy, sunlight, submission, care, expectations, equations, lies, physics, safety, holding on, untainted, memories, grieve, comfort, make-believe, working it out, lab time, probabilities, milkshake, drums, numbers, steam, fedora, desire, secrecy, lipstick, hug, crush, something new, missing, pain, protection, intervention, leather, chocolate, trust, loneliness, teamwork, loyalty, combustion
Astrid/Peter, unexpected, moment,
Astrid/Rachel, close enough
Astrid/Walter, caretaker, madness, woo
Charlie/Olivia, scars, secrets, clean, flashlight, maps, cheat, caught, dangerous, there, different, wall, following, lost, time, missing, work, comfort, secrets, trust, longing, stockings, memory, blue, alternate, skin
John, partner, secret, betray, academy, before John, crush, affair, adrenaline, lost chances, him, spiderwebs, replacement
Esther/Olivia , dancing, desk, fedora, heart, caretaking, private dick, whiskey, gun, office, dancing
John/Olivia, ghost, heat, cold
Lincoln/Olivia, improbable, bossy, scars, comfort, mistake, chamber, revenge, alcohol, red vines
Nick/Olivia, lost, B-universe
Nina/Anyone, assessment
Olivia, solo
Olivia/anyone, Chattanooga, prisoner, scotch
Noir!Olivia/Esther, follow, partner, hands, touch
Olivia/Peter, [any], distance, help, impossible, private, distortion, penance, lime, magic, traffic, first, hair, real, hotel, scruff, intense, smile, dark, sweat, shy, forearms, quiet, after, curtains, black, feeling, breathy, garden, brontosaurus, eyes, noir, opposites, date, rescue, phone, piano, angry, elevator, tulip, questions, quiet, hiding, trust, punish, guilt, connected, smoke, fear, secrets, banish, escape, empower, cotton, rush, mirrors, there, confidence, shower, anger, tenderness, eyes, passion, fantasy, piano, magic, tests, fire, possessive, memories, chair, silence, caught, time, road, alcohol, airplane, tight, suspenders, waistcoat, spite, rage, ice cream, Monopoly, spatula
Olivia/Rachel, rage, powers, stress-release
Olivia/Sam, help, comfortable, games, intriguing
Olivia/Walternate, brainwashing, captive

Frisky Dingo
Killface/Xander Crews, [any], radish

Fruits Basket
Kisa/Tohru, heart, promise, safe, voice, whisper
Kyo/Tohru, cooking, hiding, hot, leeks
Saki Tohru, energy, first time, sleepover, trace
Hatori/Shigure, secrecy, darkness, hope
manga!Akito Sohma/Tohru, anger, dark, freedom, heavy, love-hate, touching, surprise
Rin/Tohru, [any]

Fugitive Kind – Tennessee Williams
Leo Gwendlebaum/OFC, college
Leo Gwendlebaum/OMC, rebel

Full House (Korea)
Young Jae/Ji Eun, tent, biting, late, flowers, high heels, wardrobe, promotion, media, rain

Fullmetal Alchemist
Al/May, touch, flowers, laughter
Al/Ed/Winry, take care, sensation, feeling, closeness, unafraid, curiosity, new experiences, homecoming
Greed/Kimberly, rough, dominance, method
Greed/Ling/Lan Fan, empire, want
Hughes/Roy, war stories, needy, sharing, bonds, fire, burning, knifeplay
Izumi/Sig, tender
Lan Fan/Ling, chase, indignation
Ling/Olivier, royalty, war
Lust/Wrath, teach, unrestrained
Riza /Winry, copper, field, filed, golden, metal, mistaken, any
Olivier/Scar, warriors, silent understanding

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)
adult!Al /adult!May, private-lessons, sweet, sparring, admiration
Ed/Greed!Ling, want, strength, bruise, tricks, electric, push, capture, bite, secrets, metallic
Edward/Ling, trust, companionship, experiences, journey, train, teamwork, bickering
Lan/Ling, honor, protection, need, fondness, laughter, synergy, adrenaline, silk
Lan/Winry, care, feather, repair, liaisons, favors, soft
Maes/Roy, partners, support, stability, amusement, intimate
Miles/Scar, forge, brothers-in-arms, memory, experience, reverence
Olivier/Buccaneer, worship, reunion, ravish, demanding
Olivier/Miles, solace, orders, unity, power, crave
Olivier /Scar, absolution, splinter, lethal, exhilaration
Olivier/Riza, hips, fierce, bliss, curves, warmth
Paninya/Winry, passion, exhaustion, metal, distraction, relief
Riza Hawkeye/Roy Mustang, dependence, sync, constant, flower, devoted, tattoo

Fry/Bender, roommates
Leela/Fry/Robot Leela/Robot Fry, difference, experiment, reunion, funsies, fantasy, drunk, safe

Gabriel/Jade, tattoos, sparring, concrete, hope, human, bondage, reborn, fire, neon, stitches, rain

Utsumi/Yukawa, experiment, shock, challenge, hug, human, bicker, spontaneous, logical, illogical, Relativity, Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen, predict

Albert/Eugenie, fruit, song, roses, golden
Franz/Albert, intoxication, trust, pirate, fencing, Luna
Franz/Albert/Eugenie, ghost, triad, sand, dance, picnic, car
The Count/Albert, first time, possession

Angela/Broadway, premature, poetry, mate, flight
Fox/Puck/Xanatos, cunning, magic, adventure
Goliath/Elisa, gentle, romance, new, touch, difficulty
Xanatos/Fox, roleplay, foreplay, fun

Garrow's Law
Garrow/Silvester, drink, defeat, humility, banter, friend

Vincent/Jerome, night, different, perfection

General Hospital
Brenda/Carly, resentment, slap
Carly/Jason/Sam, leather, pool, rhythm
Carly/Jax, always, light, slow
Claudia/Carly, bitch, catfight, loser
Elizabeth/Nikolas, dark, defense, clocks, hard
Elizabeth/Sam, painting, surprises
Ethan/Kristina, you
Jason/Maxie, [any], unexpected, stuck, contrast, young, hush
Johnny/Lulu, fever, paint, sweet, running, laughter
Johnny/Maxie, banter, realize, holding on, desire, change, memories, finally, wishing, easy, forbidden, hands, storm
Kristina/Michael, pretend, wrong, hesitate, unsure, secret, sleep, lost, carry, nightmare
Lucky/Maxie, different, comfort, regret, smile, memories, time, familiar, jakes, rain, maturity, love, touch, kiss, electric, chemistry, history
Lucky/Sam, handcuffs, reunion, dream
Lucky/Siobhan, anger, swim
Lulu/Maxie, bonding, masturbation, toys
Matt/Maxie, undercover, pyjamas, rain, video camera, submission, handcuffs
Matt/Robin, wrong, secret
Michael/Sam, unexpected
Patrick/Robin, tenderness, longing, satin, candlelight, ice

Generation Kill
any, thigh holster
Alex Aubin/Timothy 'Doc' Bryan, heal, tired
Brad Colbert/Antonio 'Poke' Espera, bond, help, brother, dogtags, banter
Brad Colbert/Evan Wright, blood, letters, surrender
Brad Colbert/girl!Nate Fick, a new year, beach, couch, high school, skirt, sprint, water
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, alcohol, bright, consequences, flexible, goodbye, laugh, lake, history, mattress, panties, plans, ropes, stoic, strawberry, tattoo, throat, ties, unashamed, angels, demons, plenary, asteroid, trade, politics, elevator, CEO, stuck, espionage, quicksand, heist, bike, Giorgio Armani, anxiety, abandoned, denial, knife, lost, numb, waiting, dread, hood, rage, gun, forgiveness, teeth, pain, quiet, sleep, beach, bonfire, torture, bound, reprimand, grave, DADT repeal, AU, orders, medieval, nightly, roughhousing, water, paint, salt, rivers, pen, notice, stable, tree house, lost, peach, predators, check-point, arrows, storm, seiner, mermaid catchers, protectiveness, reading, sparring, aftermath, comfort, forgiving, promise, resident advisor, frost, cufflinks, shiver, restless, ruffle, composure, disconcerted, unspoken, longing, risk it, forbidden, sandstorm, blackout, body heat, robot, dragons, stealth, suppress, go, want, viable, plan, jaw, surf, ride, ocean, silence, rope, swear, tattoo, home, still, desperate, tequila, shotgun, striptease, undercover, skyscrapers, alias, vampires, werewolves, sit-rep, wine, writing, trust, shoulder, neck, kitchen, jeans, homework, jealousy, Zoolander
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick/Ray Person, bar, college, early, field, rooftop, shower, smoke, door, fire, found, world, spice, dare, mouthy, tight-lipped, watch
Brad Colbert/Ray Person, affection, bicker, campfire, cards, favor, high, piercing, salt, blood, carpet, beer, bruises, DADT, babysitting, linger, humor, fog, spaceship, robot, high, desert, itch, smoke, ache, dread, songs, beach, motorcycle, lead, radio, discrepancy, after action, jealousy, possessive, mechanic, space, black, captain, motorbike, California, sly, cable, slick, bicker, domestic, discipline, nerd, need, ride, riding, domestic, tattoos, road trip, insanity, inflatable sheep, threesome, big mouth, teenage dirtbag, shut-up, wired, silent, nightmare, humvee, on leave, genderswap, revive, trailer, tan, tattoo, snark, high, boredom, talk, mouth
Brad Colbert/Ray Person/Walt Hasser, boys, seduction
Brad Colbert/Ray Person/Walt Hasser/Nate Fick, first, bodies, summer, play, cuffs, trust
Brad Colbert/Timothy 'Doc' Bryan, bitter, weary
Bryan Patterson/anyone, desperate, discreet, fighter, home, observe, return, sheets, slow, waiting
Bryan Patterson/Rich Barrett, candy, relief, frustration
Damon Fawcett/Cody Scott, mimic, furious, fail
girl!Brad Colbert/girl!Nate Fick, crush
Hector Leon/Gabriel 'Gabe' Garza, good, glasses, kevlar, [any]
Jason Lilley/Ray Person, comfort, DADT, forget, movies, pattern, question, tease, restraints, wrestle
John Christeson/Evan Stafford, back of the truck, cotton, cuffs, harmonizing, hot tub, meaning, pie, rain, roommates, shotgunning, swimming, tequila, unexpected, video, skills transfer
Larry Shawn 'Pappy' Patrick/Rudy Reyes, dharma, familiar, influence, morality, protection, smiles, warriors
Michael Stinetorf/Teren 'T' Holsey, [any]
Nate Fick/Ray Person, bite, debate, fire, intellectual, jealous, opposites, surprise, talk, vacation, knee, bones, glimmer, heat, glory, temptation, zombies, strategic plan, vampire, college, laughter, tongue, wet
Nate Fick/Timothy 'Doc' Bryan, breakfast, dark, forlorn, injury, lonely, mistake, rules, sin, wrist, exhaustion, insomnia
Ray Person/Walt Hasser, blue, country music, dirty talk, domestic, flirt, grin, guitar, lazy, quiet, rebel, weed, yellow, endearing, mute, 1st date, sofa, domestic, prom, milkshake, steampunk, country music, dragons
Timothy 'Doc' Bryan, comfort
Timothy 'Doc' Bryan/anyone, [any], alone, learn, picture, swim
Todd Eckloff/any, [any]

Ban/Ginji, bite, coffee, distance, electricity, forever, grind, illusion, trust, car
Himiko/any, knees, poison, rage
Makubex/Sakura, intent, silk, whisper, wired

Ghost Whisperer
Melinda/Rick, apocalypse, beer, thunder

Gia/Linda, [any]

Gilligan's Island
Ginger/Mary Ann, reunion, lonely, wet, friends, dream, act

Gilmore Girls
Christopher/Lorelai, wedding, tequila, fight, chatter, mischievous, inevitable, addiction, playful, innuendo
Colin/Finn, drunk, sloppy, care
Dean Forester/Rory Gilmore, song, fingers, dressing-up, first, sorry, professional, competent, pillow, straddle, candy, reunion, forward, baby
Dean Forester/Lorelai Gilmore, plaid, babble, future
Dean/Jess, smirk, hidden, denial, secret, fight, anger, car, summer, payback, good boy, bad boy, bittersweet
Dean/Lane, tryst, comfort, fun, forgotten
Finn/Lorelai, coffee, gamble, irresponsible
Jess Mariano/Rory Gilmore, library, correspondence, rainy day, nickname, future, ice cream, forever, wedding night, moonlight, surprise, mine, cuddle, read, you and me, phone call, tease
Lane/Paris, loud, rebel, drunk, hate, love, loss
Logan/Paris, pool, harsh, expectations
Lorelai/Paris, hug, lust, fascination, Kama Sutra
Lorelai/Luke, she never shuts up, spies, dark, snow
Lorelei/Rory, virginity
Madeline/Louise/Paris, chill
Paris Gellar/Rory Gilmore, stare, shoes, wait, college experience, spring break, destiny, feminism, casual, drunk, fumble, cross, drunk, insecure, surprise, money, WPM, hymen, men, sense, competition, high school reunion, woo
Paris/Rory/Lane, distance, denial, fumble
Rory/Lane, friendship, giggle, birthday
Rory/Tristan, Romeo & Juliet, better late than never, plastic, try again, fine, future

Ginger Snaps Trilogy
Brigitte/Ginger, blood, denial, frottage, heat, hell, hope, nourishment, claws, silver, sixteen, moonlight, snapshot, needle

Gintoki/Shinpachi, domestic, blue, steel, run
Hijikata/Okita, lie, truth, light, fight, understanding
Okita/Kagura, strength, bickering, summer, heat, ice, red
Otae/Kyuubei, beauty, delicate, neck, gold

Girl Genius
Agatha Heterodyn/Gil Wulfenbach/Tarvek Sturmvoraus, honeymoon, genius, choice, everything, history, castle

April/Emma, live, try, flight, sing, wish
April/Shelby, broken promises, Broadway.
Artie/Kurt, oops
Blaine/Finn, experiment
Blaine/Finn/Kurt, courage, share, education, roadtrip, college, practice
Blaine/Puck, Shakespeare, jealousy
Blaine/Jesse, high pitch, diva, black leather, eye liner, rough, anger, flame, matched, keys, smoothies, job placement
Blaine/Kurt, Filipino, bad fashion, web cam, instruments, dorm, roommate, spare, showtunes, leather, buckeyes, uniform, dancing, smile, feathers, lip gloss, hair, tug, nip, uniforms, geekiness, uniforms, performance, rainstorm, danger, singing, tension, inexperience, punk, tidiness, mess, McKinley, spotlight, rebellion, guitar, ecstasy, backpacking, clubbing, restraint, winter, ties, uniform, socks, juice box, piano
Brittany/Quinn/Santana, sleepover
Brittany/Tina, gesture, like, want, specific, kiss
Brittany/all, opportunity
Brittany/Finn, honeymoon, table, loud, undercover, mirror
Brittany/Puck, fun, duck pond, carnival, locker room, babysitting, color, underwear, the mall, flip flops, ear
Brittany/Quinn, cheer, secret, favourite, distract, practice, best
Brittany/Rachel, subsitute, accident, bruise, flip, skirts, whisper
Brittany/Rachel/Quinn/Santana, cooperation
Brittany/Sam, shower, soft, duet, fire, awkward, comfort, court, pull, seat
Brittany/Santana/Tina, [any]
Bryan/Will, ass, competition, lips, slut, Queen, unsatisfied, until.
Emma/Sue, punishment, coercion, drills, hard
Emma/Terri, oral, revenge, dirty, sheets
Finn/Kurt, crush, brothers, sleep, bathtub, nightime, football, hips, wrestle, thrust
Finn/Kurt/Puck, touchdown
Finn/Santana, ribbon, sly, wink, music, tongue, diner, motel, kiss, tug, cheat, dance, bus, football field, control
Finn/Burt, substitute, Daddy, Kurt, youth, costumes, teach
Finn/Kurt, wrong, close, touch, hope, kiss, hold, overheard, accident, quiet, camping
Finn/Kurt/Rachel, competition, bitchface, overwhelming, tie, forget, Furt
Finn/Puck, touchdown, comeback, sore loser, dense, friendship, betrayal, trust
Jesse/Rachel, bus, competition, eager, metronome, notes, virgin, truth, tempo, stage lights, vocal, silence, hands, performing, Broadway, history, first time, vocal, New York
Jesse/Rachel/Quinn, family, home, safety, envy, stolen kisses, harmony
Kurt/Blaine/Anderson, College, alcohol, dancing, impatience,slut!Blaine, spanking, rimming.
Kurt/Mercedes, lipstick, best friends, bff, butch, embrace, femme, heterosexual life partner, just once, support, surprise, teach
Kurt/Puck, defense, lessons, tutoring, costumes
Kurt/Blaine, Adam's apple, laugh, indie, tickle, throat, jeans, bruise, apple, understanding, swish, chance, perfect, dapper, uniform, surprise, control, repressed, unlease, mess, gel, multi-tasking, library, car, familar, pirates, boyfriend, first, future, knees, greenroom, Europe, rollercoaster, travel, mechanic!Kurt, backseats, public kisses, hands, schoolwork, homework, slut!Blaine, true love, evening clothes, never have I ever, sleep, question and answer, put on a show, understanding, water, threat, fall, quiet, roommates, airplane, skinny jeans, bondage, foreplay, kinky, popcorn, massage, comfort, shower, sunrise, water, secrets, dirty talk, tie, blindfold, first time, sleepover, sunscreen, blanket, sweater, distance, sleepover, home
Kurt/Blaine/Mercedes, complete, compromise, dance, ice, wishful thinking.
Kurt/Karofsky, first time, tender, worship, attrition, rain, shelter, speachless, non-verbal, secret, desk, bleachers, forgiveness, corridor, apartment, empty, wide, tender, new, beautiful, song, hug, redemption, forgiveness, boyfriend, dream, want, miss, ice, loop, grass, parking, the play's the thing
Kurt/Puck, experiment, pool, relax, throat, kneel, grin, wolf, pet, Finn, protect, fight
Kurt/Quinn, neck, skin, metamorphosis, dancing, candle, future, hope
Kurt/Rachel, drugged, tongue, strength, baritone
Kurt/Sam, bleach, shower, twister, tongue, summertime, leather, first time
Lauren/Puck, 7 minutes, any, candy, seven minutes, wrestling
Matt/Mike, flexible, backstage, goodbye, locker room, sweat, silence, split, tight
Matt/Santana, transfer, cold, goodbye, regret, unforgivable, goodbye, visit, slumber party, game, internet, porn, blindfold, ice
Mercedes, singular sensation
Mercedes/Quinn, kisses, red, bubbles, [any], sing, future, graduation, watch, gift, single ladies, show me your moves, teamwork.
Mercedes/any, song in my heart
Mercedes/Puck, chocolate, diva, tots, flirt, better, ice
Mike/Mercedes, lessons, backwards, scales
Mike/Quinn, vacation, bubblegum, abs, bump, sweet, dance, tour, library
Mike/Santana, mall, practice, bleachers, firsts
Mike/Tina, corset, cuddle, desk, polite, scarf, dance, flexible, talented, drag, eyeliner, good, traditional, rhythm, Beiste, please, finally
Puck/Quinn/Sam, desire, try, tease, watch
Puck/Artie, discovery, riding, BJs
Puck/Mercedes/Kurt, rain, shine, heartbeat, got my boys.
Puck/Mike, dancing
Puck/Quinn, still, jealous
Puck/Quinn/Rachel, dream
Puck/Rachel, rebounding, serenade, karaoke, accident, guitar, lessons, pissed, UFOs, because, elevator, codependent, brownies, guitar, music, reckless, knee socks, high note, loser, pink, situations reversed, maternity, strum, haircut, clean, pleats, star, show, partner, trust, truck bed, spurn, unsung, legs, strip, tattoo, again, future, movie, parents, couch, kitchen, beat, scheme, ride, football, closet, shoulder, water, travel, escape, languid, mirrors, party, outcast, slick, shock, leather, scar, lip, grab
Puck/Sam, balls, mouth, bad ass, abs, teeth, soap, wet, stubble, red, eyes, green jello, shared love, hot, abs
Puck/Shelby, comfort, fierce, forget, intense, milf
Puck/Will, control, nasty
Quinn, bored
Quinn/Santana, past history, good vs evil, enemies, oral, skirts, scratching, fundraiser, assistance, lollipop, uniform
Quinn/Emma, help, careful, restraint, release, dream
Quinn/Puck/Mercedes, sharing, lucky.
Quinn/Rachel, faith, hands, mouth, control, trust, shouldn't, singing, sleep, tantrum, diva-off, 6:00am Exercise, slushie, blueberries, strawberries, vegan, eggs, "St. James Must Die", blue, animal sweaters, skirts, argyle, high, flying, doctor, uniform, socks, lingerie, shopping, differences, bathroom, mommies, faith, hands, locker, college, delicate, secret, dizzy, hurt
Quinn/Santana, nails, silk, taste, weak, college, hurt, trick, safe, exposure, backseat
Rachel/Finn, leader, gold, baby, waste, feather, milk
Rachel/Finn/Jesses, arrangement, experiment, fire, future, again, flowers, headboard
Rachel/Jesses/Will, dub con, piano, control
Rachel/Sunshine, sweetness, revenge, spectacles, access, stage, competition
Santana/Everyone, direction, orgy, watching, controlled
Santana/Brittany, [any], snowman, dizzy, aisle, camera, wedding, Paris, fashion show, caught, "outing", revenge, hands, eyeshadow, mirrors, exclusive, capacity, deception, skirt, vanilla, costume, sweet lady kisses, dictionary, private, reward, eager, lady kisses, fingers, cheerios, cross your heart, beg, tease, pony tail, jealous, lemonade, smart, escape, protect, uniform, call, confusion, kitty, spring, breadsticks, pinkies, hands, cheer, college, grass, skirt, blue, dance, bubbles, giggle, pillow fight, sleep over, party, lazy summer, besties , behind the gym, party, wine coolers, cheerios uniform, sleepover, first time, after class- bathroom, toys, dressing up, teasing, in public, movies, 7 minutes in heaven, cheap-date, pictures, desk/chair sex, ducks, cheer up, dating, phones, bed, snuggle, soft, squish
Santana/Brittany/Kurt, Nationals, joke
Santana/Jesse, struggle, College, even, bite, rough, bound, spank, ear, surprise, sing, costumes, revenge, back
Santana/Puck, firsts, marriage, Daddy Issues, costume, tattoo, revenge, cheat, bleachers, park, text, jealousy, weights
Santana/Puck/Brittany, drunk, trip, eager, beaten, tire, caught, jealousy, watch, please, food, hidden
Santana/Puck/Rachel, tug-of-war, lust, road trip, bathroom, exception, movie, limo, hotel, carwash, study
Santana/Rachel, drunk, loud, experiment, roommate, New York, competition, challenge, team, auditorium, dare, spring break, relax, revenge, emptiness, cruelty, chase
Santana/Sam, revenge, rough, heat, public, drunk, detention, stage, discreet, locker room, skiing
Santana/Sam/Brittany, shower, limo, swim
Santana/Sunshine, sharp, tame, fierce, suspicion, wager, curiosity, audition
Sue/Will/Terri, punishment, place, pegging, bound, hang
Terri/Quinn, contact
Tina/anyone, did I stutter?
Tina/Artie, argument, art, blue, dance, glasses, laugh, nicknames, no hands, objectify, powerful, purple, Valentine
Tina/Santana, exacerbate
Will/Beiste, shrug
Will/Emma, chalkboard, after hours, secret, games, tease
Will/Finn, premature
Will/Glee Club, grades
Will/Kurt, fag
Will/Quinn, shelter
Will/Rachel, covert, first, honeymoon, illegal, wedding, eighteen, last, love, lust, tears, real, unexpected, trust, comfort, clandestine, baby, teacher, jealousy, regionals, future, home, dreams, failure, right, fight, reflection, duet, oral, talented, watched, adult, daisy, Hollywood star, miniskirt, shaving, black, "deeper and deeper", fantasy, pregnancy, break up
Will/Shelby, experiment.
Will/Sue, bad romance, breathplay, phonesex, revenge, rough, voyeur, wrong, liar, Valentine's Day, fire, truce, snap, trophy-room, hair
Will/Tina, mirror, vulnerable

Glinda of Oz - L. Frank Baum
Dorothy/Ozma, road, safe, protect, magic, drown

Shin/Yankumi, bloody knuckles, calm, early, enthusiasm, flip, glasses, graduation, knee-high socks, mutter, pride, surprise, cornered, show of strength, seize the moment, teaching

Golden Sun
Felix/Jenna, secret, shame, wall, bathing, tease, gentle, contrast
Isaac/Mia, serene, wounds, warmth
Mia/Piers, entangled, snow, breath

Gone With The Wind
Ashley/Scarlett, fantasy, want, longing
Brent/Carreen, learning
Melanie/Scarlett, revolver
Rhett/Scarlett, hangover, secret, Christmas, night, strong, New Orleans, honey moon, infidelity, alcohol, break, hands, lips, hair
Scarlett/Scarlett, Ashley

Good Neighbours
Tom Good/Barbara Good, courgette, forgot, muck, smudges, till

Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terri Pratchett
Aziraphale/Crowley, [any], spectacles, wall, decadent, sexting, armchair, lingerie, coffee, discovery, crack, trains, time, tempting, feathers, storm, giggle, flying, museum, public, leather, linen, water, ancient, meadow, fruit, private, cakes, bookshelves
Adam/Pepper, orders, summer, homecoming, contentment, bold, prank, aura, magic, destiny, ice cream, bitemarks, winner takes all, heroine, hormones, swords
Anathema/Newt, cybersex, aura, wires, danger, home, repairs, witchcraft, knife
Them, together, idyll

Gosford Park
Elsie/Mary Maceachran, tentative, touch, kiss, skin, visit
Elsie/Sir William, the study, midnight, gun collection, confidante, deeper connections
Henry Denton/Robert Parks, push, fight, snarl
Gosford Park, Mary Maceachran/Robert Parks, kiss, think, touch, whisper, want, gloves, kiss, backseat, truth

Gossip Girl
Agnes/Georgina, wild
Blair/Carter, hot, public, jealousy, scratch, fruit, finger, blindfold, pull, deception
Blair/Chuck, hotel bed , one-up you, exhaustion, scheme, benefits, discreet, shower, Butter, romance, passion, Opera, dressing room, sin, stiletto, Cognac, walnut, lace, limousine
Blair/Chuck/Dan, interview, expectations
Blair/Chuck/Georgina, The Hamptons, payback, assemble, toy, elevator
Blair/Chuck/Nate, comfort, business, history,
Blair/Dan, easy, off-limits, teasing, never, sleepover, coffee, delicious, surprise, banter, unexpected, film, knock, criminals, sarcasm, tell no one, zones, hands, please
Blair Waldorf/Dan Humphrey/Nate Archibald, high, ink
Blair/Dan/Serena, love, safety, family, shower, society function, honeymoon, mouth, words, tamed
Blair/Jenny, respect, danger, pattern, truth, fashion, queen, guidelines,
Blair Waldorf/Serena van der Woodsen, control, love, fingers, submissive, tamed, wild, belonging, teach, giggly, silk, yearning, cupcake, betrayal, sake, satin, lounge, Paris, glitter
Blair/Vanessa, dinner, chair, award
Carter/Serena, flirt, floor, kindred
Chuck/Georgina, obligation, pay off, rough, anal, regret, revenge
Chuck Bass/Josh Ellis, calling, after, different, special, strange, sweet, rimming, new, business, left, urgency, need
Chuck/Jenny, drunk, virginity, desire, lips
Chuck/Nate/Dan, boys
Chuck/Serena, deceive, scheme, bath
Chuck/Vanessa, beach, blanket, book, New Zealand, party, bathroom, therapy
Dan Humphrey/Serena Van Der Woodsen, nostalgia, secrets.
Dan/Nate/Serena, freedom, golden,
Georgina/Serena, high, kiss, audience, surprise, lavish, public, school, Paris
Georgina/Vanessa, control
Rufus Humphrey/Serena Van Der Woodsen, jailbait, lookalike, jealousy, fight
Serena/Tripp, The Beautiful and Damned

Grandma's House
Simon/Ben, country house

Gray Matters
Gray/Sam/Charlie, drunk, inevitable, open

Greek Mythology
Aphrodite/Athena, comparisons
Aphrodite/Ares, jealousy, possession
Ares/Artemis, teaching
Artemis/Apollo, home, special treatment, exception, fire sign, thunderstorm, fearless, archery, two of a kind, practice, take cover, graceful reverie, tides, honesty, grass, beginning, bold, voyeurism, hunting by moon
Artemis/Kallisto, outcast, purity
Artemis/Orion, arrow, grove, flight, hunt, pool, orbit
Artemis/Persephone, mentor, take me away, playful, freedom, strength, follow, spring, meadow, roots, earth, pathway, motion, pure, wisdom, whirlwind, anywhere, infatuation
Athena/Ares, rivalry, technical virginity, battle lust, virgin patroness, conflict, strategy vs hot-headedness
Dionysus/Ariadne, wine and revelry, ambrosia
Eros/Psyche, watch, play
Eurydice/Hades, toy, empty
Hades/Persephone, invert, rules, denial, power, chance, laughter, flirt, differences, symmetry, fit together, opposites attract, choices, autonomy, courtship, garden, drawn in, welcome, heaven, fair, stay, awakening, eclipse, tomorrow, journey, pomegranate, choice
Neoptolemus/Helenus, future, tales, midnight

Ashleigh/Beaver, Greek Week, party, mistake, ZBZ house, costume, smart
Ashleigh/Casey, hazing, pledges, skinny dipping, history, roomies
Ashleigh/Rebecca, distance, phone sex, need, strip, escort, spring break
Cappie/Rebecca, Carmen Sandiego, frankfurter, stripes
Casey/Evan, high, lazy, memory, perfect, sleep, flashback, togas, pyjamas, study sessions, longing, cheating, high, politics, nostalgic, persistent, map
Casey/Frannie, big sister, dominance
Casey/Rebecca, blackmail, curiosity, changes, dynamic, pantry
Cassie/Cappie, fragile, Shame, study, pizza, carnival, camping
Evan/Rebecca, breath

Green Hornet (2011)
Kato/Britt Reid, control, tequila, partners

Grey’s Anatomy
Alex/April, burn
Jackson/Lexie, under
Lexie/Mark, morning
Addison/Alex, karate, boss, Playboy
Addison/Derek, video games, MILF, future
Addison/Izzie, cancer, C-section, salmon, surgery, marzipan, lingerie, sweet, steam, zero
Addison/Izzie/Meredith, eyeroll, hiccup
Addison/Mark, cloaks, Paris, silent, scream, cigarette, gloves, heels, stitches, after, wedding reception, repeat, goodbye, regret, scalpels
Addison/Meredith, Derek, elevator, cheating, green, animosity, hard, touch
Addison/Teddy, carousel, soot, water
Alex Karev/Izzie Stevens, whisper, skin, reunion, mirror, tears
Alex Karev/Lexie Grey, closet, caught, drunk, cold, blanket, socks, photograph, ice
Alex Karev/Meredith Grey/Cristina Yang, dancing, naughty, cupcakes, Valentines
Alex Karev/Teddy Altman, wanton, off guard, flirty, scars, unavailable
Alex/Lexie, payback, alternative, disease, seams, resist, warmth, literature, jerkoff
April Kepner/Jackson Avery, gift, v-card, bed, date, remember, sweater, popsicle, brandy
April/Derek, medicine for the soul,
April/Jackson/Alex, dead things, sutures
Arizona/Alex, alaska, proof
Arizona/Mark, baton rouge, veins
Arizona/Teddy, flaws, commitment, best friends.
Callie Torres/Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, redemption, spanking, strap-on, humiliation
Callie/Arizona, make-up sex.
Cristina Yang/Derek Shepherd, speaker, parachute, draft
Cristina Yang/Mark Sloan, obligation, east, keys
Derek Shepherd/April Kepner, teacher
Derek Shepherd/Lexie Grey/Mark Sloan, naughty, photographic memory, zealous, public, hickey, loud, walk-in, lingerie, chocolate, strawberries, attic, double penetration, jack off, voyeurism
Derek/Addison, fiery, trouble, school.
Derek/Mark, whispering, needles, hair, lies.
George/Izzie, walls, fit, tomorrow, comfort
Izzie/Meredith, stealing, whimper, temper, sucker, strap-on, sweet, regret, flirt
Mark Sloan/Lexie Grey, foreplay, pleasure, protective, massage, creamy, miniskirt, pregnancy, blonde bad ass, lap dance, costume, unprotected sex, sensual, greedy, skinny-dipping, lake, waterfall, possessive, cabin, pregnant, rain sex, first, cheerful, strip tease, sex bruise, cock-block, frustrated, kitchen table, make-up sex, relief, soft, swallow, jack-off
Mark/Lexie, learning curve
Mark/Owen, in the skin of a lion, devil
Meredith Grey/Cristina Yang, anniversary, flowers, thong, vacation, tequila, smores, window, linguistics, teeter, pace, tequila, pressure valve, catch
Meredith Grey/Owen Hunt/Derek Shepherd, safety net, shared beds, choice
Meredith/Cristina/Lexie, carbon copy
Meredith/Derek, candles, elevators, tequila
Meredith/Izzie/Alex, watching, interruption, kiss
Meredith/Lexie, bite, secrets, shower, flex, cigarette, strikeout, tile, tremble, caffeine, shotglass, clock, apple, security, drugs
Meredith/Lexie/Alex, tequila, on-call, forget
Meredith/Lexie/April, fight, drunk
Owen Hunt/Derek Shepherd, twisted sisters, steady hands, on-call room
Owen Hunt/Teddy Altman, unprotected sex, infidelity, hell, rain, tonight
Teddy Altman/Cristina Yang, teaching, mischievous, joyride
Teddy Altman/Owen Hunt/Cristina Yang, orders, fingers, on-call room
Teddy/Derek, scratches, heat
Teddy/Henry, fruit cup, gymnastics
Teddy/Mark, take two, backwards, bent, sugar

Grosse Pointe
Marcy/Sarah Michelle Gellar, yoga
Quentin/Johnny, dude

Grosse Pointe Blank
Debi/Martin, unstable, trust, control, love, bruise

Guardians of Time - Marianne Curley
Ethan/Lady Arabella, ice, water, ladylike, hair
Lady Arabella/Rochelle, lesson
Shaun/Marduke, cursed, swords, lost

Guiding Light
Ava/Natalia, breasts, lust, passion, San Francisco, test
Doris/Natalia/Olivia, fantasy, more, teaching
Doris/Olivia, advantage, anal, mayoral, spanking, strap-on
Josh/Reva/Jeffrey, special, family, tradition, celebration, normal, reunion
Natalia/Olivia, anal, double penetration, explosion, kitchen, happy-ending, first-time, wedding-night,

Guilty Gear
Anji-Mito/Baiken, art of the sword
May/Dizzy, wings

Gundam Wing
Duo Maxwell/Chang Wufei, growth, hair, philosophy, insubordination, down, tease, flirt
Duo Maxwell/Hilde Schbeiker, coffee, banter, sleep, greasy, goofy, lovable
Heero Yuy/Duo Maxwell, fireside, mission, laughter, enamored, uniforms, desk
Heero/Quatre, soul, soft
Heero/Relena, hesitant, alcove, night, dancing, sense, breath, behind, hostage, gunplay
Noin/Zechs, high heels, whip, reverse
Quatre/Dorothy, duel, music, anger, denial
Relena/any, ball gown, boots, desk, dress uniform, negotiation, obedience, pilot, power, release
Treize/Relena, royalty, games, succession, stubborn
Trowa Barton/Quatre Raberba Winner, need, anniversary, flexible, strength, break
Wufei/Sally, silly, tickle, outrage
Zechs(Milliardo)/Relena, stars, one-sided, coin, knight, reverence, power

Gunnerkrigg Court
Dr Disaster/Jones, videos, flowers, names
Parley/Andrew, finally, overwhelmed

Dade Murphy/Kate Libby, stretch, flexible, hidden, distinct

Hairspray (2007)
Motormouth Maybelle/[any], chords
Seaweed/Penny Pingleton, condoms, freedom, trouble, 1985

Link Larkin/Tracy Turnblad, kiss, nip, brush, hem, lick, first

John-117/Cortana, virtual, tangible, gruntpocalypse

Hamlet/Ophelia, remembrance, fantasy, token, intimate

Hana Kimi
Rui Xi/Quan, water, honesty, teasing, tie
Nakatsu/Mizuki, shower, wind, hope, confrontation
Sano/Mizuki, lights out, sleepwalking, victory, careless, fierce
Sano/Mizuki/Nakatsu, compromise, messy, reunion, America

Hana Yori Dango
Sojiro/Yuuki, friends with benefits, wanting more

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
Adelaide/Toni, bite, rope, tease, vicious, surprise, friends, silver, instinct, protect
Hanna/Zombie, alive, rune, once, touch, laugh, fantasy, change
Mrs. Hatch/Lee, siren
Veser/Lee, jealous

Clarice/Lector, fear, love, sacrifices, If/Then, different, alone

Happy Days
Fonzie/Joanie, [any], shortcake
Chet Morton/any, hobby, plump, eager, moan, fright, panting, jalopy
Joe/Iola, first

Harold and Kumar (entire series)
Vanessa Fanning/Harold Lee/Kumar Patel/Maria Quesa Dilla, pass-around, switch, together, pile, break, match, mix, picnic, work, tired, pancakes, mile-high

Harper's Island
Abby Mills/Jimmy Mance, haunted, protection
Cal Vandeusen/Chloe Carter, swimming, tricks, first date, kiss, sailing

Harry Potter
adult!Rose Weasley/Draco Malfoy, forbidden, red, bitchy, rain
Albus Dumbledore/Severus Snape, tea, magic, intrigue, discussion, unknown, vision
Albus Potter/Scorpious Malfoy, blood, curiosity, honor, moonlight, Slytherin, games, writing, focused, unperturbed, cursed
Alice Longbottom/Lily Evans, magic
Alicia Spinnet/Angelina Johnson, [any]
Alicia Spinnet/Angelina Johnson/Katie Bell, flying, games, practice, showers
Angelina Johnson/Fred Weasley/George Weasley, ghost
Angelina Johnson/George Weasley, [any]
Angelina Johnson/Montague Knightly, rivalry, captain warfare
Bellatrix Lestrange/Draco Malfoy, bleak, blood, desire, forbidden, hell, pain, taboo, want
Bellatrix Lestrange/Hermione Granger, scream, bloodplay, bondage, pinned, strap-on, crucio, spanking
Bellatrix Lestrange/Andromeda Tonks, loss, identity
Bellatrix Lestrange/Hermione Granger/Umbridge, scars
Bellatrix Lestrange/Lily Evans, corners, dreams
Bellatrix Lestrange/Molly Weasley, ages
Bellatrix Lestrange/Sirius Black, sin, again, secret
Bellatrix Lestrange/Sybil Trelawney, darkness
Bellatrix/Voldemort, power, loyalty, wand, pain, blood, status, power, fight, uprising, skirt, green
Bill Weasley/Draco Malfoy, freckles, ginger, scar, wolf, bite
Bill Weasley/Ginny Weasley, pranks, tease, victory, any
Bill Weasley/Charlie Weasley, sun, red, hot, forbidden, delicious, yesterday
Bill Weasley/Harry Potter, tall, sweet, summer, Egypt, experience, cursed
Bill Weasley/Neville Longbottom, bloom, smooth
Bill Weasley/Pansy Parkinson, misconception, corridor
Bill Weasley/Sirius Black, older
Blaise Zabini/Draco Malfoy, pretty
Cedric Diggory/Cho Chang, innocent, sweet, charming, first, perfect, forever
Charlie Weasley/Draco Malfoy, straps, glint, teach, youth
Charlie Weasley/Harry Potter, dragons, fire, life, death, fling, promise, early
Charlie Weasley/Harry Potter/Blaise Zabini, dragons, minutes
Charlie Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy, [any]
Charlie Weasley/Teddy Lupin, [any]
Cho Chang/Ginny Weasley, [any]
Cho Chang/Hermione Granger, [any]
Cho Chang/Katie Bell, [any]
Cho Chang/Lavender Brown, angry
Cho Chang/Luna Lovegood, [any], exposure, secrets, word-games
Cho Chang/Marietta Edgecome, [any]
Cho Chang/Padma Patil, word-play
Cho Chang/Lee Jordan, voice, whisper, stadium, bleeding
Dean Thomas/Seamus Finnigan Finnigan, extras, transfiguration, potions, sports, London, quidditch, mess, muggle world, dorks, bravery, soccer, West Ham
Dean Thomas/Padma Patil, war, battle, runaway
Draco Malfoy/Cho Chang, bathroom
Draco Malfoy/Cormac McLaggen, pride
Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, (any), denial, control, fire, dark, hands, punishment, secrets, magic, skin, fix, treasure, possession, ignite, slow, shiver, touch, naughty, heat, tradition, classroom, anger, makeout, night, stubborn, lust, experimenting, surprise, acceptance, red, ice, table, wall, sacrifice, freckles, blood, teeth, dark, sneak, silver, bonded, success, need, emerald, gold, peacock
Draco Malfoy/Ron Weasley, adultery
Draco Malfoy/Arthur Weasley, vibrators
Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter, jealousy
Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger, anal, mudblood, apologies, sin, rebellion, hate, accident, dust, self-hatred, lumos, dark mark, secret, marriage, curls, butterbeer, charm, broom
Draco Malfoy/Neville Longbottom, fumbling
Draco Malfoy/Pansy Parkinson, Paris, spank, mask
Draco Malfoy/Remus Lupin, domestic, agree, moon, teacher
Draco Malfoy/Severus Snape, curtains, promise
Dudley Dursley/Millicent Bulstrode, blood, feint
Fleur Delacour/Hermione Granger, elegance, woods, office, war, magic, wand, special, secret, Imperio, hex, curse, potion, enhancement, drug, shallow, water, Gryffindor, courage, heart, love, Death Eater, mudblood, smart, Impedimenta, Stupefy, close, warm
Fleur Delacour/Ginny Weasley, feminine, french, coffee, lie, understanding
Fleur Delacour/Luna Lovegood, water, yellow
Fleur Delacour/Nymphadora Tonks, cream, infidelity
Fred Weasley/George Weasley, dark, ghost, laugh, smirk, any
Fred Weasley/Lee Jordan, laugh, corner
Gabrielle Delacour/Ginny Weasley, fun, ivory
Gabrielle Delacour/Luna Lovegood, [any]
George Weasley/Luna Lovegood, heartstrings
Ginny Weasley/Asteria Greengrass, sister, replacement, abandoned
Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger, around, comfort, empathy, experiment, friendship, perform, ready, seven, sweetness, tea, tired, tongue, Burrow, red head, first, massage, nipples
Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood, [any]
Ginny Weasley/Katie Bell, flying
Ginny Weasley/Luna Lovegood, break, broomsticks, bubbles, buttons, dancing, defend, feathers, first-time, freckles, hiding, leader, Muggles, new, purple, silver, strawberries, sundress, sunshine, tickling
Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson, bloody, fist, growl, love-hate
Ginny Weasley/Lucius Malfoy, father
Ginny Weasley/Luna Lovegood, daisy, light, experimenting, lights, after, hope, glowing, waves, new, purple, buttons, cumbersome, dawn, silver, freckles, daydream, knees, rain, feathers, bubbles, sunshine
Ginny Weasley/Luna Lovegood/Neville Longbottom, the room of requirement
Ginny Weasley/Narcissa Malfoy, bite
Ginny Weasley/Scorpius, [any]
Ginny Weasley/Severus Snape, prostitution
Ginny Weasley/Teddy, [any]
Ginny Weasley/Tom Riddle, mine, waiting, seal
Ginny Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks, color, half, head down, water, experience, fur
Godric Gryffindor/Salazar Slytherin/Rowena Ravenclaw/Helga Hufflepuff, paintings, teachers, spells, chamber of secrets, wands, complicated, paintings, swapping, dungeons, sorting hat, disagreement, bravery, power, knowledge, loyalty
Hannah Abbott/Susan Bones, fun
Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, ghosts, criminal, beach, firewhiskey, cake, ice, angels, devils, cupid, incubus, succubus, absolute, quiet, color, fight, sons, starting over, handshake, drunk, party, handcuffs, release, caress, green, comfort, proposal, used, pathetic, scream, vulnerable, willing
Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger, sailing, common interests, metal
Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, superfluous, dragons, added bonus, tower, quick, silly, family
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, book, know, pry, bluff, blunt, lost, alone, running away, fantasy, hurt, apologies, jealous, tease, quidditch, lies, time-turner, betrayal, run, road, chatroom, car-crash, years, sunrise, journey, map, wandless, affair, quidditch, mess, affair, stockings, bruised, wartime, broken, scars, dancing, remember, hands, personal, tape, euphemisms, spell
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley, luck, comfort
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, eager, cuddle, circle, equal, flare, blind, panic, estranged, jumpy, jilting, collapse, relief, golden, bunkbeds, hand-holding, survival, breakfast, voyeur, frantic, pause, break, dirt, rushed, hide-and-seek, lonely, hatred, regret, secrets, stalling, mugs, couch, flying, wands, seduction, piano, denial
Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, difference, laughter, knowledge, intuition, delicate, golden, warm, simplicity, comfort, wrist, lick, plum, glitter, feathers, socks, hipbones, nargles, blue, feel, quill, ink
Harry Potter/Neville Longbottom, sugar, desert, grass
Harry Potter/Colin Creevey, camera
Harry Potter/Dudley Dursley, unselfish, submissive
Harry Potter/MillicentBulstrode, soft, stiff
Harry Potter/Ron Weasley, aftermath, best friends, broomsticks
Harry Potter/Severus Snape, silent, slow, mirror, sensory overload
Harry Potter/Severus Snape/Tom Riddle, choices
Hermione Granger/Dolores Umbridge, test
Hermione Granger/Hermione Granger, learned
Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood, books, disruption, games, ink, moon, pale, riddles, runes, stories, sweet, textbook, tower, quills, books, riddles, games
Hermione Granger/Padma Patil, academic, books, literary-reference, restricted-section, studying
Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson, dark, balance, deviant, unfair, fun, [any]
Hermione Granger/Percy Weasley, naughty, curl, Muggle, golden, objectify
Hermione Granger/Rita Skeeter, blackmail, control, revelations, nails
Hermione Granger/Seamus Finnigan, laughter, lazy, sun, freckles, irish accent
Hermione Granger/Seamus Finnigan/Dean Thomas, painting, creative, plotting
Hermione Granger/Nymphadora Tonks, education, playful, teasing
Hermione Granger/Viktor Krum, Cinderella, silent, stRon Weasleyg, dance, fame, beautiful
James Potter Sirius Black Potter/Teddy Lupin, beauty, golden, troublemakers, cupcakes, cooking, underwater, sprinkles, summertime
James Potter/Lily Evans, finally, sigh, pranks, caught, closet, bed, argue, 3 little words, set up, distance, maturity, reversal, leather, date, permission, dance, reciprocation
James Potter/Lily Evans/Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, mattress, dirt, seven wonders
James Potter/Lily Evans/Sirius Black, home
James Potter/Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, mischief, sex in, laughter, trees, flying
James Potter/Severus Snape, one-sided, masturbation, Slytherin,
James Potter/Sirius Black, stolen, cloak, robes, fingers, hair, smile, corridor, quiet, summer, winter, warm, mountain, grass
Katie Bell/Marcus Flint, darkness, truth, hands, broom, darkness, truth, hands, broom, lesson, unexpected
Kingsley Shacklebot/any, mark, nails
Lavendar Brown/Parvati Patil, escape, tension, boredom, requirement, discover, ink, look, [any]
Lavender Brown/Padma Patil, confusion
Lavender Brown/Padma Patil/Parvati Patil, twin-fantasy
Lavender Brown/Pansy Parkinson, twisted
Lily Evans/Remus Lupin/Severus Snape, devious, difficult, empty, friends, potion, relaxation
Lily Evans/Narcissa Malfoy, petty, revenge, group, books, memories, red, pretending
Lily Evans/Remus Lupin, quiet, library, bubbles
Lily Evans/Severus Snape, different, pure
Lily Evans/Sirius Black, day, night
Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy, youth, family, restraint, isolation
Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy/Hermione Granger, slavegirl, tamed
Lucius Malfoy/Sirius Black, candle
Luna Lovegood/Padma Patil, clever
Luna Lovegood/Nymphadora Tonks, colours, moon
Marcus Flint/Oliver Wood, rough, sport, fight, sneer, match, troll, accent, locker room, broom closet, caught, rivals, war
Minerva McGonagall/Hermione Granger, discipline
Minerva McGonagall/Luna Lovegood, tongue
Minerva McGonagall/Tom Riddle, telltale, headmaster, suspicions, Head boy and Head girl, hall patrol
Molly Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks, knitting
Narcissa Malfoy/Mrs Zabini, danger, champagne, weddings
Narcissa Malfoy/Sirius Black, alcove
Narcissa Malfoy/Nymphadora Tonks, courage
Neville Longbottom/Hannah, marriage, flowers, nervous
Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood, festival, moonlight, odd
Neville Longbottom/Millicent Bulstrode, fist
Neville Longbottom/Ron Weasley, first
Oliver Wood/anyone, bruises, rough game
Oliver Wood/Percy Weasley, fan, hard work, time off, desk
Oliver Wood/Viktor Krum, muscles, worship, obsession, snow, balls, beaters, brooms, locker room, music, romantic, night, athletes, gossip, tough
Padma Patil/Pansy Parkinson, curiosity
Padma Patil/Parvati Patil, divination, reading, rivalry, happiness
Pansy Parkinson/Parvati Patil, desire
Remus Lupin, /h/c, control, mystery, coffee
Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks Lupin, early, tremendous, present, pink, always, lips, morph, tentative, reunion
Remus Lupin/Severus Snape, safehouse, lemon
Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, wait, rejection, making up, unafraid, reputation, bite, need, reunion, silent, puppy love, wasted time
Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger, literary, ecstatic, ribald, first, sincere, honeymoon, still fighting, announcement, bold, silk
Ron Weasley/Ginny Weasley, alone
Ron Weasley/Sirius Black, lost
Rose Weasley/Lily Evans Luna Lovegood Potter, shrugs, challenges, hearts, valentine, crumple, steam
Rose Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy, fortuitous, liberated, torturous
Severus Snape/Sirius Black, rough, secret, wRon Weasleyg
Teddy Lupin/Scorpuis Malfoy, [any]

Doctor Sanderson/Miss Kelly, authority, uniform, saviour, treatment, duty.

Hathaway series - Lisa Kleypas
Harry/Poppy, heartbeat
Merripen/Win, trees

Haunting Ground
Fiona/Daniela, dubcon, Azoth

Havemercy – Danielle Bennett and Jaida Jones
Kalim/Malahide, panache, surmountable, transcendence, [any]
Madoka/Malahide, stubborn, unfeminine, private, secret

Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker, jealousy, drinks, ropes, touch, conduit, tease, lies
Audrey/Julia, mystery, margarita, touch
Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wournos, boat, breathy, hibernation, home, ready, safety, scars, sleepless, snow day, sun, temptation, waves, winter, compromise, tease, linger, sly, dangerous, detente, fragile, non-sharable
Audrey Parker/Nathan Wournos, exotic, gasp, heat, home, ice, joy, peace, salvation, taste, touch, vanilla, wet, kiss, touch, unexpected, lost, jealousy, partners, tough exterior, secrets, water, wine, feel, lie, bottled up, mystery, case closed, real, run, snowed in, blizzard, burn, life, Chapstick, babies, touch, breath, banter, partners, safe, trust
Duke Crocker/Nathan Wournos, venom, flirtfighting, nostalgia, regret, awesome, smoke
Duke Crocker/OFC, life of crime, double dealing, partners, champagne, water

Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Chin Ho Kelly/Danny Williams, connection, silence, watching, fire, dance, storm, waves, laughter, squeak, sanity, quiet, dirty, wet, motorcycle
Chin Ho Kelly/Kono Kalakaua, camera, scratch, fun and games, midnight, wetsuit, investigation, comfort, family, fluidity, joy, demand, stars, surf, teach, darkness, hope, sand, tropical, sadness, restraint, champagne, secrets, lies, gift, smoke, dreams, fallen, poetry, forbidden, solace, intimate, promises, blindfold, cousin, love, beach, alone
Chin ho Kelly/Steve McGarrett, distance, family, watching, waiting, shore, swim, talk, understanding, college, truth, floor, awaken, chained, history, shoulders, heat, bruised, needy, hero complex, new, back-up, past, rookie, fishing, young, curl, frozen, clock, familiar, mirror, ride, shirt, fade
Chin Ho Kelly/Danny Williams /Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarret, family
Chin Ho Kelly/Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarrett, future, sand, wet, comfort, laughter
Chin Ho Kelly/Danny Williams/Kono Kalakaua, calling shotgun, truth or dare, loosen up
Chin Ho Kelly/Danny Williams/Steve McGarrett, comfort, collar, bonding, ocean, we've got you, confusion, early
Danny Williams/Steve McGarrett, blood, love, deaf, broken, fixed, grey skies, caramel, heavy metal, obsession, cold, starved, denial, silk, waves, salt, sting, wishes, lightning, drenched, voyeurism, neck, tie, lips, crazy, ex, surf, want, please, rain, miscommunication, pining, punch, rain, submit, knots, kneeling, abandoned, possessive, smile, bright, lonely, homesick, music, pampering, beauty, languages, princess, suffocating, cane, predator, body-art, cooking, sailor, bondage, silent, spanking, semi-public, comfort, tight, submission, overheated, disciplined, bruise, ocean, patio, politics, dinner, con man, arrest, future, grifter, morning, bedhead, letter, present, breathe, silence, hands, green, tie, star, fall, bright, whisper, secret, caught, bruise, bone, wave, screen, trip, blue, grope, fruit, skid, grit, pizza, mouth, wet, red, wish, cane, banana, pretzel, pineapple, rentboy, [any], closet, bickering, hair, bruise, bite, tease, vampire, handcuffs, tie, wet, boat, beg, tension, injury, beach, tattoos, challenge, fantasy, outside, sweat, frustration, awkward, dreams, comfort, home, first-time, paint, blush, morning, sunburn, glasses, second-time, naked, undercover, messy, surprise, dare, trick, jealous, safe, phonesex, aloha, control, trust, ice, thanks, apology, uniform, snow, whisper, lei, music, locker-room, prison, quiet, silent, porn, safeword, dance, Estrada, relax, gentle, impatient, rumor, impatience, lecturing, hands, control, teasing, handcuffs, tie, possessive, pet names, malasadas, fantasizing, silence, adrenaline, evidence, shirtless, bite, need, tattoo, newbies, expectations, protective, tattoo, wet, discover, firelight, ache, candlewax, wingfic, chores, hunger, sleepy, stitches, protect, drowning, snow, surfing, beach, gun, frown, feeding each other, height, jealousy, Grace, height, crazy, surf, sand, sea, gun, blood, rebound, Camaro, Jersey, smile, “book ‘em Danno”, sunglasses, Weehawken, shipwrecked, half-Windsor, accounting
Danny Williams/Kono Kalakaua, exception, humidity, high heels, rain, storm, injury, tomorrow, tease, skin, comfort, heat, badge, sweet, tease, undercover,undercover, unsure, sweet, surfing, touch, scent, exhale
Danny Williams /Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarrett, goddess, unbearable, sandwich, competition, desk, kitchen, music, caught, handcuffs, bodyshots, tequila, dare
Danny Williams /Rachel, shutting up, drunken truths, conceiving Grace
Grace Williams/Kono Kalakaua, time
Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarrett, rent boy, enthusiasm, disenchanted, flirty, waves, safety, legs, sparring, surfing, moonlight, boss
Kono Kalakaua /Mary McGarrett, rainstorm, surfing, distance, exhaustion
Mary McGarrett, family, separated, desperate, losing, ring, funeral, second chance, young, curl, frozen, clock, familiar, mirror, ride, shirt, fade
Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams/Catherine, getaway, nightswimming, shoreline
Steve McGarrett/Rachel, sharing, body scent, kiss, nostalgia, sun
Steve McGarrett/Governor Pat Jameson, beer, history, office, danger, comfort

Christina Hawthorne/Tom Wakefield, reluctance, damage, love, denial

Heart no Kuni no Alice
Ace/Julius, break, needling, help, missing, velvet
Alice/Boris, lick, piercing, ears, curious, shameless
Alice/Elliot, carrots, loyalty, teasing, regret
Alice/Julius, clockwork, tea, heart, detail, fingers, determination, lace, inappropriate, audacious, desk, dress, hurried, assertive, bondage, distraction
Alice/Vivaldi, stuffed toys, arrogance, silk, velvet, off with her head, bite marks, ribbons
Blood/Eliot, scars, bath, devotion, chain, stop, hair-pulling
Dee/Alice/Dum, cornered, deceptive, treats, lookalike, games, blood, dubcon, circus, stockings, games, ice cream, idealism

Hedda Gabler
Hedda Gabler/Eilert Lovborg, wine, glory, vine leaves, party, class, desperation
Hedda Gabler/Jorgen Tesman, bored, hope, young, decorating, settling in
Hedda Gabler/Thea Elvsted, school, jealousy, power
Thea Elvsted/Jorgen Tesman, papers, hope

Hell Girl
Ai/Hone Onna, river, orders
Ai/Ichimoku Ren, higanbana, water, sunset, straw
Hone Onna/Tsugumi, hell, bones, sin
Ichimoku Ren/Hone Onna, scarlet, midnight, human, steel, playful

John/Chas, magic, demon, illusion, Hamlet, philosophy

Hellbound: Hellraiser 2
Kirsty/Tiff[any], admiration, blood, decision, game, gentle, incurable, memory, music, path, warmth, whisper

Hellboy (abe_kroenen-verse)
Abe/Kroenen, clockwork, honeymoon, comfort, vice

Hellboy (movies)
Abe Sapien/Nuada/Nuala, grow, tree, water, share, gain, jealous
Abe Sapien/Johann, engine, fascination, leather, swim
Abe Sapien/Nuala, magic, loss, ageless
Hellboy/Liz Sherman/John Myers, coffee, penguin, world
Nuada/Nuala, city, grit, knife-edge, submit, royalty, bloodline, heart, throat, forest, bygone age, undercurrents, skirt, beginnings, memories, shared, greed, regret, wish

Alice/Jake, victory, ascend, sparkle
Alice/Lewis/Jake, hunger, trust
Marti/Alice, game, follow, want
Marti/Savannah, captain, inspiration, celebration, sweet, play, bar, forgive, dancer, desire, soft, first, lipstick
Marti/Savannah/Dan/Lewis, pillowfight, orgy, unexpected
Marti/Dan/Savannah, [any]
Marti/Julian Parish, wrong, age, desk

Frank/Julia, blood, flesh, memories, infidelity, damned, [any]thing for you, sacrifice, infatuation

Alucard/Seras Victoria, Valkyrie, twist, remember, shield
Integra Hellsing/Victoria Seras, beast, blood, command, control, leisure, master, red, scent, vigil

Henry V - Shakespeare
Henry V/Montjoy, noble, finally

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Autolycus/Cupcake, Sweet, cross-dressing, honey

Adam/Monica, ledge, tattered
Claire/Elle, pain, shock, toys
Claire/Gretchen, girlfriends, resilient, normal, home, domestic, kiss, hurt, healing, toys
Claire/Gretchen/Zach, compromise, experimenting, surprise
Claire/Mohinder, unrequited, respect, escape, curl, mid-life crisis, whisper,
Claire/Sylar, love/hate
Claire/Zach, reunion, dorm, affair
Elle/Gabriel, lost, found, family, regret, obsession, resurrection, love
Elle/Mohinder, vacation, unusual, ageism, professor, shock value, denial, evil!Mohinder, ambiguous
Elle/Peter, addiction, resurrection, passion, forever
Elle/Sylar, outsiders
Gabriel(Sylar)/Elle, hate, stubborn, lust, damned, kill, pain, sadist, love, adventure, exciting, refusal, powers, confusion, unexpected, lost, revenge, innocence, family, memories
Matt/Mohinder, tumult, central park, law, betrayal, [any]
Micah/Molly, college, married, war
Mohinder/Eden, speak, lie, park
Mohinder/Sylar, take, gift, occult, reprimand, benevolent, theatre, bombastic, heuristic, Atlanta, fire, yearn, partners, seduce, vault, five years here, save me, [any], again, holidays, sky, aggression, jump, reverse, fish, comics, flight, fire, ice, dreaming, powerless, hero worship, regrets, amends, advantage
Peter/Claire, five, incest, remember
Peter/Elle, sadist, heal, prison, seduce, sadist, heal, prison, seduce
Peter/Sylar, save, protect, public, Claire, special, domestic, attention, Nathan, suspect, the wall, free, heckle, dubious, humor, on again/off again, AU, postapocalypse, Mohinder, Claire, curse, [any]

Cassie/Jo, caning

Anna/Millie, date, camping
Anna/Millie/Stan, cozy, surprise, unprofessional
Bambi/Millie, hate!sex, smug, golden, collaboration
Crystal, spoiled, exhibition, bored
Crystal/Joyce, tasty, accidental, smooth, dirty
Sheila/[any], whoops, sweetness

High School Musical
Chad Danforth/Ryan Evans, college, ice, curtains, dirty, twilight, height, sing, balance, yoga, flexibility, first times, "bottom!Chad", baseball, basketball, uniforms, flashy, sparkles, jaunty hats, bonding, choreography, comfort, dedicated, difference, message, public, red, seduction, text, trophy, twist, longing, wood, map, all talk, dare, couch, flight, poor sportsmanship, good taste, mint, club, snow
Chad Danforth/Taylor McKessie, math, chemistry, power, self, confidence, open, tug, study, anatomy, touch, tense, wander, brain, desire
Chad Danforth/Troy Bolton, friendship, loneliness, heartbreak
Troy Bolton/Sharpay Evans, [any], pleasure, quiet, reunion, open, dance, heal, feel, dress, unexpected
Troy Boltono/Gabriella, soft, quiet, want, giggle, kiss, pillow
Zeke Baylor/Sharpay Evans, pink, sparkle, wonder, dessert, sweet, scent, tease

Higher Ground
Shelby/Scott, summer, tent, slow, touch, healing, shuns

Connor/Heather, forever, sword, candle, kilt, legend, past, acceptance
Duncan MacLeod/Tessa Noel, familiar, revelation, last time
Duncan/Joe, fun, feeling, cosy, hidden, control, confidence, power, night, partnership
Duncan/Joe/Amanda, joy, eccentric, kiss, lazy, duel, ongoing
Methos/Richie Ryan, alternative, unbelievable

Highschool of the Dead
Asami Nakaoka/Kohta Hirano, blurry, help, honor, risk, [any]
Saeko Busujima/Saya Takagi, admire, glasses, genius, kimono, lace, polite, power, solace, wet, [any]
Shizuka Marikawa/Rika Minami, calloused, cushy, gentle, house-cleaning, maid-uniform, [any]

His Dark Materials – Phillip
Pullman, Lord Asriel/Mrs Coulter, experimental philosophy

47/Nika, drunk, jealousy, whisper, pretend, heat, enter, temptation, tease, promise, faith, slick, training


Linda Seton/Johnny Case, unfettered

Brendan/Mitzee, something to prove, push, blackmail, awkward
Brendan/Ste, alcohol, affection, need, unfold, listen, tender, toxic, caught, open, public, love, trust, dominance, numb, defiance, loud, discreet, indiscreet
Craig/John Paul, longevity, commitment, anniversary, corner, Dublin, football, forget, promise, roadtrip, shame, stairs
John Paul/Kieron, banter, confess, engaged, fashion show, forever, grin, guilt, pretend, sofa, wonder

Dave/John, chatlog, playful, first, teasing, heat
Dave/Terezi, porn, banter, bucket, cool
Equius/Aradia, mechanical, flushed, heat, red-blooded, control
Equius/Nepeta, discipline, beast, play
Jade/Tavros, confidence, growth, slide, teach, patient
Kanaya/Rose, watching, curious, power, trade
Karkat/Equius, leader, bondage, powerless, gutterblood, dirty talk, pleasure
Sollux/Aradia, psychic, memory, touch, honey
Sollux/Karkat, double, trust, brittle, needy, competition, lisp

Honey and Clover
Ayu/Hagu, admiration, experimentation

Honorverse - David Weber
Emily Alexander/Honor/Hamish Alexander, creative, empath, feel, attraction, bisexuality, athletic
LePic/Theisman, hide, unspoken, trust, truth, unprepossessing, charisma, experiment, talk
Michelle Henke/[any] female, forthright, aware, date, chocolate, discreet, dare, makeup

Horatio Hornblower
Archie/Horatio, below, hammock, lonely

Hot Fuzz
Danny/Nicholas, bashful, cell, ears, scar, That weren’t me, trust, unridiculous

House of Many Ways
Peter/Charmain, first, late, surprise, biscuit, elephant, wood

House M.D.,
Amber/Cameron, untied
Amber/Cuddy, competition, AU
Amber/Kutner, astral
Amber/Thirteen, ghost, rivals, competition, once, bite, choice, alcohol, tremor, dominance, bitch
Cameron/Chase/Thirteen, honeymoon
Cameron/Cuddy/Thirteen, threeway
Cameron/Thirteen, countdown, distraction, relax, insomnia, insecure, overtime, strapless, buttons, electricity, acid, mysterious, amateur, comfort, replace, flowers, consultation, consequences, obsession, psychology
Chase/Cameron, forgiveness, truth, no regrets, high, costume
Chase/Foreman, change, eyebrow, contrast
Chase/House, understanding, payoff, sulk, blowjob, need, cheat, bereft
Cuddy/House/Wilson, [any], eavesdropping, dinner, inevitable, choose, matchmaker, convert
Cuddy/Lucas, chance, surprise, last
Cuddy/Masters, genius, young, best, snap, projecting
Foreman/House, negotiate
House/Cameron, distance, future, secret, email, convention, driving, stare
House/Cameron/Chase/Foreman/Thirteen/Taub, research
House/Cameron/Cuddy, trick
House/Cuddy, alcohol, anesthesia, forget, college, office, first time, desk, Lace, silk, tie, handcuffs, power, nails, biting, cane, quiet, rough, fight, morning, light, beginning, compromise
House/Wilson, bra, cane, hunt, midnight, painkiller, penitence, rehab, retribution, thoughts, tie, indifferent, ache, define, wait, analgesia, bet, ransom, imperfection, rebound, moping, addict
House/Wilson/Amber, negotiations, compromise, Thursday
House/Wilson/Chase, hookers, club, pool table, cards, poker, smoke, high, discussion
House/Wilson/Cuddy/Sam, double date
House/Wilson/Sam, blindsided
Taub/Thirteen(/Mrs. Taub), habits
Wilson/Chase, aspirin, repent, warning

House Of 1000 Corpses
Baby Firefly, Vibrator

House of Anubis
Amber/Mara, crush, lies, [any]
Jerome/Fabian, blackmail, betrayal, clues, blackmail, betrayal, clues,
Nina/Fabian/Amber, clues, Sibuna, trust, comfort, danger, help, sacrafice, secrets, clues, Sibuna, trust, comfort, danger, help, sacrafice, secrets

House Wars - Michelle West
Jewel/Duster, dream, candle, knife, shadow, understanding, fury, fealty, deprivation, beauty, faith

How I Met Your Mother
Barney/Lily, Alcatraz, earthquake, wrong, issues
Barney/Robin, awesome, hangover, pretend, enigma, wish, games, support, win, dare, laser tag, present tense, girlfriend, better, rave, relapse, wedding dress, scotch, secret, shots, reminiscing, couch, hands, Sparkles, genderswap, pegging, Japan, daddy issues, on air, camera, toys
Barney/Robin/Marshall/Lily, Best Night Ever
Barney/Robin/Ted, classroom, ties, bad case of loving you, cold, routine, natural, get what you need.
Lily/Marshall/Barney, finally
Lily/Marshall/Ted, memento, sandwich, college, snowstorm, tequila, secret, shared, toys, London, competition, senior
Lily/Robin, beaver, Eskimo, curiosity, drunk, lesbian experience, collar, crush
Marshall/Ted, second best, tie, whiskey, comfort, dark
Ted/Barney, slap, rugburn, competition

How To Train Your Dragon (2010)
Gobber the Belch/Stoick the Vast, blanket
Hiccup/Astrid, restraints, help me out here, on the edge
Ruffnut/Hiccup/Tuffnut, hero, groupies, rival, kiss, shy, whisper
Ruffnut/Tuffnut, laugh, sharp, mouth, grass
Astrid Hofferson/Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III/Ruffnut Thorston, popular

Howard (movie)
Howard/Beverly, curiosity

Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynn Jones
Howl/Sophie, words, fire, movement, air, search, night, wings, needy, spanking, attentive, genderswap

Howl's Moving Castle (2004 movie)
Howl/Sophie, heart, blue, quarters, home, turnips, flowers

Human Target
Christopher Chance/Ilsa Pucci, armored limo, opera night redux, protector, jet, scars, dressup, museum
Guerrero/Ames, torture, punishment, teasing

Hush Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick
Patch/Nora, heavenly bodies, wings

Hustle (2004)
Michael 'Mickey Bricks' Stone/Stacie Monroe/Danny Blue, con, experienced, cash, diamond, Eddie's, job
Michael 'Mickey Bricks' Stone/Stacie Monroe, crew

I Heart Huckabees
Albert Markovski/Brad Stand, [any]

I Kissed A Vampire
Dylan/Sara, bite, blood, coldsore, Facebook, worry, control, blink

I Not Stupid (tv series)
Tom/Chengcai, bed, fantasy, thunderstorm, trouble, secret, brotherly

I, Lucifer - Glen Duncan
Lucifer/Raphael, reunion, body, pain, sand

I, Robot
Calvin/Spooner, cold machinery, body heat

I, Spy
Kelly/Scotty, aftermath, evening clothes

Carly Shay/Sam Puckett, bounce, camera, chicken, help, giggle, lust, matching, sleep, hair, pet, sleepover
Carly Shay/Sam Puckett/Freddie Benson, first time, hiding, pressure, teasing, want
Freddie Shay/Spencer Benson, drawing, secret, space, socks, tie
Sam/Freddie, anger, held down, slap, kiss, want
Spencer/Mrs. Benson, mothering, strip, against the wall
Spencer/Sam, future, Groovie Smoothie, date, jealous, revelation
Spencer/Socko, hidden, camping, socks

Imagine Me & You
Hector/Anna, hands, flirt, public
Rachel/Luce, roses, rain, falling, twist, camera

In Plain Sight
Brandi/Raphael, test, pool, bumble, light
Marshall Mann/Mary Shannon, rough, cowboy boots, recovery, handcuffs, dubcon, hold on, pizza and beer, truth, differences, forever
Stan/Eleanor, [any]

In The Heights (musical)
Usnavi/Vanessa, apartment, fireworks, champagne

Ariadne/Arthur, body language, desk, leather jacket, couch, hide and seek, closet, scarf, ending, stairs, faking it, realistic, suit, public, gala, fold, sunlight, twist, vacation, off-hours, dreamspace, queen, time, retire, treeline, crash, heat, tease, cardigan, tremble, mirror, parallel, public, quiet, kitchen, suit, hipster, seduction, train, professor, cocktails, film noir, classic, vintage, alone, stockings, bound, trapped, future, prophetic, inevitable, restraint, curls, curiosity, experiment, Escher, illusory, non-Euclidean, hairpin, Converse, spiral, pearls, suitable, introductions, gravity, purgatory, shelter, worth it, after, call me, photograph
Ariadne/Arthur/Eames, computer, file, sweater, bed, music, roles, recovery, directionless, vibrator, smoke, truth, fantasize, teaching, disguise, genderswap, debauched, sharp as a tack, dreams, date, confidence, pegging, flip, parabola, sidle, contrast, emphasis, accents, supervision, binoculars, totem, deserted, seam, regret, unstitch, uncertainty, miniature, victory, retirement, casual, crosshairs, hometown, compromise, three sides, shift, insomnia, overdrive
Ariadne/Dominic Cobb, control, boots, grasp, tattoo, dreams, impossible, water, building, look up, mirrors, wrong, tomorrow, eternity, guest lecturer, labyrinths, lost, age, college, tutor, domestic life, jealousy, protectiveness, mine, Los Angeles, Eiffel tower, architecture, professor, height, alarm clock, vacation, truth, secrets, adoration, precious, daring, comfort, pillow, wearing his shirt, scarf
Ariadne/dream!Mal, lover, afraid, Cobb
Ariadne/Eames, confess, cross-dress, teach, finger, peg, flower, changes, sweat, guns, Paris, Casablanca, sensitivity, refract, Mephistopheles, dominance, languorous, serenade, needle, fortuneteller, laughter, trust, aliases, smoke, skirts, cell phone, smoke, skirts, cell phone, petite, distraction, shameless, slow seduction, teasing, table turning
Ariadne/Eames/Yusuf, summer, tangle, slip, relax, excitation
Ariadne/Mal Cobb, pretend, try, wake up, glass, silk, dress, hotel floor, alluring
Ariadne/Robert Fischer, guilt, blue, games, lies, deceit, guilt, honesty, nothing to do with the job, collateral
Ariadne/Saito, blush, pale, dance, cream, wall!sex, smile, winter, silk
Ariadne/Yusuf, chemistry, overlooked, sanity, honey, excellence, freezing, favour, whisper, brilliance, heal, pink, charm, protective, chemistry, adventure, new
Arthur/Dominic Cobb, adulthood, equality, team, home, sweet, you, awake, poly, now, demanding, shoulders, nightmare, trust, competence
Arthur/Eames, cliché, slick, painting, tattoo, tango, falling, kick, football (aka soccer), James Bond, irrelevant, earring, caged, fashion, clash, sartorial, guns, dominance, suit, travel, job, leader, first impressions, code(breaking), accidental meetings, follow, kick, gift, shower, forgery, lips, breath girl!Arthur, tattoo, I want you, dreams, impatient, win, dare, first time, friends with benefits, jealousy, trust, memory, accent, lazy, slow, dimple, politics, protectiveness, reading, sparring, aftermath, comfort, forgiving, promise, suits, tension, endearment, challenge, tattoos, laughter, safety
Arthur/Eames/Saito, prostitution, double-penetration, money, dominance, irezumi, spoiling, collection
Arthur/Nash, tongue, heroin, cold, guns, dream, high, infinite, partner, failure, fault line, indenture, calculating, job, creation, skin, envy, justice, thieves
Arthur/Robert Fischer, cards, play, suits, pillow, level, tie, measure, glimpse, pretty, lips, surprise, gain, grief, honesty, rule 63
Arthur/Saito, content, design, share, smooth, tie, rope, dressed, after hours, proper, suit, champagne, hotel, cuff links, manners
Dominic Cobb/Eames, attitude, sharing, landscape, shotgun, late, telephone, French
Dominic Cobb/Eames/Saito, teamwork, opportunity, slick, sharing, loyalty
Dominic Cobb/Mal Cobb, first time, library, laughter, fingers, dreams, danger, enamored
Dominic Cobb/Mal Cobb/Arthur, embrace, belonging
Dominic Cobb/Mal Cobb/Saito, threads, memory, claim, seduce, shiver
Dominic Cobb/Robert Fischer, deja vu, confusion, want, fixation, memories, protect, forget, traces, imprint, echo
Dominic Cobb/Saito, over, peace, speak, power, totem, struggle, shore, time, waking, suits, inspiration, old, together, fingertips, strength, limbo, reunion, longing, domesticity, trust, promises, unexpected, family, lifetime, bond, comfort, possessive, dreams, reciprocity, desperation, totem, companionship, safe, chance, ties-that-bind, leather, recognition, commitment, fireworks, bruises, slow, partners, faith, absolution, warm, lattice, limbo, sand, memory, Limbo, coping measures, courting, limbo, touch-starved, patience
Eames/Robert Fischer, follow up, rain, trouble, book, party, amends, thief
Eames/Saito, drunk, fun, lips, forge, blond, decorum, tour, unexpected, lick, practice, smooth, roleplay, seduction, dirty-talk, charm, release, exposed, urgency, kept, reward, marked, irresistible, elevator!sex, proposition, mirrors, mile high club, flirtatious, bet, whiskey, flirt, lively, forward, use me, riddle, pretense, decadence
Eames/Yusuf, courtesy, chemistry, symbiosis, firsts, shot-glass, secrets, desk, privacy, playful, ache, friends, time, break, spaghetti, lazy, friendship, glock, office, advice, belt, penitent, sentimental
Robert Fischer/Saito, bespoke, virtual conferencing, dotted line, mile high club, crush, exploration, partnership, temptation, electric, kiss, strangers, tie, sharp, roller-coaster, train, levels, deep, tea, waves, shirt, bed, bullet, layers, silk, heat, [any]
Saito/Yusuf, courtesy, impulse, negotiate, appreciation, creation, world, airline, music, travel, sleep
Yusuf, heat
Yusuf/Arthur, dangerous, intelligence, dimples

Independence Day
David/Steve, cigar, fat lady, stress

Indiana Jones
Indy/Marion, exasperation, fighting, annoyance, adventure

Infinite Undiscovery
Capell/Edward, calluses, music, sweat, possess, command, tender, flexible
Savio/Kiriya, magic, dream, witness, helpless
Sigmund/Capell, differences, secret, lunaglyph, protective, offer, armor
Sigmund/Edward, devotion, heat, blindfold, need
Touma/Komachi, voyeurism, darkness, master, taste

Inglorious Basterds
Shosanna/Marcel, projection, theme, spark, meeting, forgotten, remainder, postscript, first, scars, bouquet, holiday, anxiety
Shoshanna/any, lights
Wicki/Stiglitz, grind, choke, crush, splinter, lean, smoke, feel, rumble
Archie Hicox/Dieter Hellstrom, last stand, Scotch, accent, control
Hans Landa/Shosanna Dreyfus, red dress, movie, red dress, movie

Inheritance Cycle - Christopher Paolino
Eragon/Arya, brsingr, dream, fair, lies, royal, any
Eragon/Murtage, battle, blood, deceive, scars, trust, any

Initial D
Ryousuke Takahashi/Takumi Fujiwara, respect, support, instruction, race, engine, mountain, tree, hand, hot, speed

Inkheart (movie)
Dustfinger/Meggie Folchart, college, AU, fire

Inkheart Series - Cornelia Funke
Mo/Dustfinger, scars, book, time, couch, headline
Resa/Dustfinger, words, alone, prisoner, space, scars

Innocent Bird
Beelzebub/Sariel, history, future, breath, touch, heartbeat
Beelzebub/Shirasagi, pet, thorns, feather, struggle, bound

Inseparable (short film)
Joe/wife, unmistakable, illness

Inspector Chen - Liz Williams
Jhai Tserai/Chen, trouble, investigation, suspicion, feral, truth, power, bonds, respect, stripped, teeth, claws
Zhu Irzh/Chen, partners, teeth, claws, hell, coat, bond, flowers, friendship, rivalry, possession, law, shadow
Zhu Irzh/Inari/Chen, tea, meals, boat, hell, heaven, earth, myth, marriage, celebrations, friendship, bonds, ropes, coat, investigations, suspicion, home, twisted, claws, teeth
Zhu Irzh/Inari/Chen/Jhai Tserai, meals, tea, weddings, celebrations, night, boat, party, drugs, confusion, gift, blood, investigations

Inuyasha/Kagome, biting, doggie, future, talk
Kagome/Kouga, always, howl, loyalty, protect, safe, any
Sango/Miroku, hand, oral, instruction, slap
Sesshomaru/(older)Rin, wild, apprentice, healer, possessive, dreamer, loyal, taijiya, lovers, battle, wandering, wildflowers, mischief, moonlight, reincarnation, protector, fly, fur, barefoot, hot springs, seduction, mark, resistance

Russell/Mariel/Tom, changes, water, lights, steam
Russell/Tom, anger, safe, water, steam

IRIS (Korean drama)
Park Chul Young/Kim Sun Hwa, secret, training, shadow, loyalty, lonely, hurt, love

IT Crowd
Jen Barber/Maurice Moss/Roy Trenneman, executive, promotion, desk

It Takes a Thief
Alexander Mundy/anyone, getting out alive

Henry Bowers/Losers Club, forgotten

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Dennis/Mac, bro, competition, implication, idea, shots

Wilfred/Rebecca, longing, touch, hands, heal, champion

Jack of All Trades
Jack/Emilia, Aphrodisiac

Brumby/Mac, topless beach
Harm/Mac, remember, fire, lightning
Harmon Rabb Jr/Clayton Webb, wings, flying, covert
Loren/Mac, ambition, blackmail

Jake 2.0
Jake Foley/Kyle Duarte, upgrade, vulnerable, breakdown, mechanical glitch, flying colours

Jam and Jerusalem
Sal/Tip, surgery, cosy, moor, horses

James Bond (movies)
Bond/M, find, high, time, shower, grief, adrenaline, [any]
Bond/Vesper, conceal, part, reveal, silence
Brosnan!Bond/Moneypenny, [any]
James Bond/Le Chiffre, damage, plead, rope
James Bond/Strawberry Fields, fruit, tangled, marble, feathers

Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte
Jane/Rochester, blindness, feel, infirmity, later, scar, sweet

Jeeves and Wooster - P.G. Wodehouse
Jeeves/Wooster, devastated, plot, tie, WWI, farce, plan, relief, clueless, smile

Jennifer’s Body
Jennifer/Needy, demon, hunger, trust, teeth, resurrection, blood, little death, nails, needy

Dale/Jake, crush, cold, gasoline, army, first time
Dale/Skylar, in charge, grass, scent
Jake/Jonah, father issues, betrayal, worry, gun, breathplay
Stanley/Mimi, civil war, spring, tomorrow

Jesse's Girl - Rick Springfield
Jesse/Narrator, before, childish things, past, want, need, innocent, maybe, jealousy
Jesse/Narrator/Girl, solution, she knew, cool lines, working it out

Jeux D'Enfants
Julien/Sophie, forgiveness, loop, library

Jimmy Neutron
older!Jimmy/older!Cindy, science fair, competition,

Joan of Arcadia
Adam/Ryan, angel
Joan/Adam, apologies, God, rediscovery, hands, collage
Joan/CuteBoy!God, tangled, prayer, reverie
Joan/Grace, heavenly
Joan/Judith, forgive, memories, God

John Dies at the End - David Wong
Amy/Dave/John, friends, understanding, team
Dave/John, co-dependent, wasted, victory

John Gabriel Borkman
John/Ella, any

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke
Arabella/Jonathan, again, never
Arabella/Lady Pole, protection, dance, bells, cold, necklace, recovery
Childermass/Mr Norrell, détente, gratitude
Lascelles/Drawlight, immaculate, contempt, crawl
Stephen Black/John Uskglass, kings, fairies
Black/The Gentleman with Thistle-down Hair, otherland, fear, rulership, fairytale, green, dancing, weakness, leaves, wild, capricious, turnabout
Strange/Norrell, youth, illusion, mirror, ritual, books, admiration, grumpy, wit, transformation
The Gentleman with Thistle-down Hair/Arabella, manners, invitation, radiance
The Silver-haired Gentleman/Stephen Black, stranglehold

Dan Vasser/Jack Vasser, time, broken, loss, fighting

Judging Amy
Amy Gray/Bruce Van Exel, finally, laugh, best friend

Junjou Romantica
Kamijō Hiroki/Kusama Nowaki, touched, tease, size difference, pet
Takahashi Misaki/Usami Akihiko, clean, food, claim, power imbalance
Yo Miyagi/Takatsuki Shinobu, size difference, floor, secret

Juno MacGuff/Leah, lollipop, next, cheek, practical, car, college
Juno/Leah, kittens
Juno/Su Chin, Sharpies
Juno/Vanessa, t-shirt

Just Friends
Chris Brander/Jamie Palamino, first, The Maple, valentine, vacation, backseat, mistaken, fresh

Ava Crowder/Rayland Givens, door, regret, stupid, touch
Ava/Winona, lost, bare, replacement, crush
Boyd Crowder/Raylan Givens, late night, secret, whiskey, gun, history, faith, disillusioned, change, past, mining, gun, outlaw, liquor, prison, hellfire, sympathy, shootout, preacher, masochistic, adrenaline,
Rachel Brooks/Raylan Givens, practical, sharp, shotgun, transfer, hat, attitude, almost, seniority
Rachel Brooks/Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson, simple, complicated, leather, tissue, book, report, case, beer, Miami
Rachel Brooks/Tim Gutterson, lion, silence, paper, knit
Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson, regret, sentiment, focus, waiting, ignore, sunlight, sweat
Raylan Givens/Winona Hawkins, lace, uneven, pulse, temper, flush, expected, beginnings, betrayal, secrets, watching, lace, moonshine, hotel sheets, daylight, Town Car, domesticity, reconcile, temptation, surrender, dive
Raylan/Ava, desperate, escape, gunshot, harlot, languor, sunset, forgotten, smoke, hat, coal
Raylan/David Vasquez, compromised, any
Raylan/Tim, backseat, uniform, zoo, target, itinerant, calamity, curious, resentful, reverent, admiration, un-requited, killing, fingers, blood, authority, fathers, stories, frustrated, sniping, bourbon, wait
Tim Gutterson/Any, bullet-proof, smart-ass
Tim Gutterson/OMC, sniper
Tim Gutterson/Sykes, flirt, slide, rip, novel

Kamikaze Girls
Momoko/Ichigo, riding

Gareki/Nai, sleep, confusion, red water, possessive, dream
Gareki/Yogi, costume, play, blade, depth, bed, bandaged
Yogi/Nai, bathe, animal, sweets, touch, warmth

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Futa/Tsuna, stars, smiles, manipulation
Tsuna/Yamamoto/Gokudera, heroes, lead
Adelheid/Enma, ice, care, summer
Bianchi/Reborn, devotion, indulgence, humouring
Chrome/MM, bitch
Dino/Bianchi, bodyguard, hitman, genderswap, family, politics, defiance, unconventional, gun, whips, storm, skirts, cleavage, dancing, laughter, ridiculous, teasing, desk, silhouette, wine, reminiscence, challenge
Dino/Hibari, kinky, pinned, elegance, dominance, territory, sweeping, comparisons, felinity
G/Giotto, red, Japan, flames, tattooed, trust, laughter, duty, death
Genkishi/Byakuran, worship, sickness
Gokudera/Haru, loud, partnership, surprises, languid, lazy, morning, refuge
Gokudera/Ryohei, fight, smoke, funny
Gokudera/Shitt P, domestic, knee-socks, faith, sunlight, fan, glee, curiouser
Gokudera/Tsuna, loyalty, silver, glasses, books, paperwork
Hibari/Chrome, distinctions, understandings, silences, futures, defeats, victories, tangible
Hibari/Ryohei, indestructible
Hibari/Suzuki, chemistry, blood, fierceness, matched, mate, curves, territory
Julie/Spade, possessed
Kouyou/Ryohei, prison, bandages
Kyouko/Haru, friendship, allies, impatience, secrets, self-sufficiency, strength, alternatives, exploration
Mukuro/Chrome, mindgames, interiority, vision, daydream, reality, short skirts, legs, elegance, longterm, vessel
Mukuro/Hibari, twisted, challenge, resistance, handcuffs, sneaky, campaign, ongoing, effort, illusion, shadow, bite, blossom, tea, revenge, resistance
Mukuro/Hibari/Chrome, balance point, difficulties, trade-off, distances, mediation
Shitt P/Gokudera, music, tied, petting, freaks
Shoichi/any, rockstar
Squalo/Yamamoto, senpai, training, yelling, offguard, blade, scar, challenge, shock, goal-oriented
Tsuna/Enma, after
Tsuna/Gokudera, service, guardian, unguarded, afterhours, couch, buzzed, submission, devotion, protection, musical, necktie, alcohol, smoke, shelter
Tsuna/Kyoko, bathtub, love, sweetness, rest, hands, loyalty, spicy
Tsuna/Mukuro, dreamers
Xanxus/Squalo, genderswap, boots, voyeurism, blood heat, rough, soft, sharp edges, top, adrenaline, leather, flame, calming, aftermath, lean, possession, whiskey, madness, mission, pursuit, prerogatives, perquisites, power
Xanxus/Squalo/Yamamoto, threesome, hierarchy, boss, laughing, dangerous, bizarre, training, sparring, watching, desire
Yamamoto/Bianchi, broken, survivor, unexpected, undercover, hips, hobbies, conspiracies, siblings, watching, lonely, educational, foreign, perfume, legs, lace, off-duty, escort
Yamamoto/Gokudera, laughter, teasing, loyalty, surprises, sartorial choices, understandings, privacy, longing, friendship, hands, reversals, sharing, underhanded, tactical, collar, keys, belt, ambition
Yamamoto/Hibari, taste, gleam, throat, entwined, bare, jeans, formality, napping, tea set, wolf, moon, howl, pounce, sparring, tatami, kimono, grace, fierce, territory, blood, fangs, kata, elegance
Hibari/Gokudera, kiss, blood, fight, sharing, secrets, pets
Bianchi/Reborn, blood, tango, job, partners, bar, dinner, competition, adoration, teeth, scorpion
Yamamoto/Squalo, temper, denial, tender

Keeping Up Appearances
Hyacinth/Richard, directions, impropriety, mind
Onslow/Daisy, bacon, boa

Kickass/Red Mist, underground, danger, quick

Kill Bill 2
Beatrix Kiddo/Karen Kim, fate, serendipity, B.B.

Kill Bill
BB/Nikki, settling scores
Beatrix Kiddo/GoGo Yubari, fighting, passionate make-outz, mutual respect, emotionally damaged
Budd/Bill, disappointment
O-Ren Ishii/GoGo Yubari, violence, experience, hell-bent

Kimi ni Todoke
Kazehaya/Sawako, anniversary, engagement, thought, trip
Pin/Ayane, here, now, unexpected
Ryu/Chizuru, girl, boy, kick, hat, rock

King Arthur
Tristan/Guinevere, [any]

King of the Hill
Boomhauer/John Redcorn, tricks
Dale/John Redcorn, conspiracy
Dale/Nancy/John Redcorn, lightbulb
Hank/Buck, issues

King of Thorn
Marco/Kasumi, unreal, effort, reward, darkness, thorn, release, revolution

Kingdom Hearts Series
Aqua/Cinderella, shoe, ball, escort
Aqua/Prince Phillip, escape, sword, saving
Aqua/Terra, masters, apart, together, saving
Aqua/Terra/Ven, missed, apart, reunited, finally
Aqua/Ven, protect, sleep, awaken, darkness, save, oblivion
Axel/Roxas, missed, popsicle, obscene, blondie, hot-head, flaming, afterlife
Cinderella/Terra, escort, ball, princely, safely, strength, heart
Kairi/Riku/Sora, sand, sun, water, keyblade, papou
Lea/Ven, flaming, once, again, intertwined
Riku/Yuffie, strangers, travel, meeting, new
Snow White/Ven, apple, forest, protection, flowers
Terra/Ven, chase, follow, apart, needed

Kingdom Hearts
Aerith/Kairi, [any]
Aerith/Leon, flowers, reminisce, shadows, spring, petals, crush, lip-gloss, smiles, sweet, desire
Axel/Roxas, desperate, marks, flame, feel.
Cloud/Tifa, chase, shadowed
Fuu/Olette, boredom, summer
Kairi/Namine, innocence, paint
Kairi/Olette, [any]
Kairi/Selphie, smile, sunshine, swimsuit
Namine/Olette, [any]
Riku/Namine, dress, shadow, sketch, shy, rain
Riku/Roxas, why, no, him
Riku/Sora, truth
Sora/Kairi/Riku, sand, soft, laughter, dance, shade
Squall 'Leon' Leonhart/Cloud Strife, evening, memories, sparring

Lyle Anderson/any, wet
Peter Kingdom/any, rumpled, solicitous
Sidney Snell/Gloria Millington, bath

David Shepherd/Jack Benjamin, ascendancy, anointed, blowjob, curse, coronation, crown, equals, fate, power, quick, vow, revenge, soldier, sour, dawn, orders, weapon, , observe, sneaky, blood of my blood, rescue., secret, crown, passive, loyalty, merchandise
David/Jack/Michelle, habit, sunglasses, fingering, professional, apathy, crossdressing, uniform, duel
David/Michelle, constancy, longing, separation, wine, devotion, crown, curves, fate
David/OMC, sweat, foxholes, brothers, proud, stars
Silas/Thomasina, devotion, sharpshooter, it's in our history, regal, mercy.

Kino’s Journey
Kino/Nimya, road, sky, freedom

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry/anyone, rainy, misogyny, delivery service, sofa, water
Harry/Perry, gagged, first time
Perry/Harry/Harmony, any

Kitchen Confidential
Donna/Teddy Wong, fun, strawberry
Jack Bourdain/Steven Daedalus/Teddy Wong, fresh, fun, tangle, revive, wash
Jack Bourdain/Teddy Wong, fight, risk, hope, help
Reese Ryder/Teddy Wong, select, resist, touch
Steven Daedalus/Teddy Wong, help, need, easy, keep, again

Kitty Norville - Carrie Vaughn
Kitty/Ben/Cormac, beginnings, open, lost

Knights of the Dinner Table
Bob Herzog/Dave Bozwell, dice, roleplaying, awkwardness, fantasy, fetish, oblivious, dungeons, dragons, convention, snack food
Dave Bozwell/Sara Fenton, education, slob, sweet, lecture, fantasy, dungeons, dragons, vampires, frustration, gaming, understanding

Ritsu, observation, school
Ritsu/Mio, dare, morning, surprise

Doman/Seimei, overpower, struggle, humiliation, exile, loathing
Kureha/Utsuki, blood, earth, skin
Sakuya/Seimei, student, redemption
Sakuya/Utsuki, dream, silk, struggle, rescue

Lau/Ran-mao, toying, precious, red stockings, flowers
Sebastian/Ciel, consume, payment, destroy, complete, obedience, desire, denial, rainfall

Kushiel's Legacy
Melisande/Phedre, bought

Kyo Kara Maoh!
Conrad/Yuuri, baseball, missing, future, bond, possibility

L.A. Confidential
Bud White/Edmund Exley, stake-out, criminals, hiding, fingers, tired
Edmund Exley/Inez Soto, soft, unintended, flame, scratch, never, once, escalation
Edmund Exley/Lynn Bracken, justice, two of a kind, ice, diamond, sleep

La double vie de Véronique
Véronique/Weronika, chance

La Femme Nikita (1997)
Nikita/Michael, 10 years beyond, reunion, one more try

Jareth/Sarah, fantasy, change, power, defiant, woods, impatience, hunger, skirts, public, doppelganger, manipulation, deceit, glamour, always so young, familiar, androgyny, shamrock, magic, amends, winner, unashamed, fight, undercover, plums, treetop, jesses, enchantment, teeth, fur, flight, trap, liar, ocean, thief, storm, celebration, dare, masks, hunted, wish, dream, lost, crystal
Jareth/Toby, riding-crop, tights, boots, wings

Lady Daddy
Ji-hyun/Joon-suh, explore, photographs, invitation

Lady LovelyLocks
RavenWaves/LovelyLocks, caught, blade, gold, forest

Las Vegas
Danny/Mary, hunger, salvation, sunshine, sweetness, home, past
Mary/Mike, smile, drive, desert, rest
Mary/Sam, favors, cream, lace, blush

Last Exile
Alex/Sophia, secret, velvet, lace panties, taste, pinch, dance, addiction, flight
Alex/Sophia/Vincent, concubines, balance, healing, blindfold, touch, warmth, tickle

Law & Order
Ben Stone/Claire Kincaid, [any]
Ben Stone/Elizabeth Olivet, [any]
Jack McCoy/Mike Cutter, [any]
Mike Cutter/Cyrus Lupo, [any]
Mike/Connie, desk, partner

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Alex Eames/Bobby Goren, undercover, tears, beginnings, diamonds, awkward, guilt, comfort, distraught, gloves, languid, rear, slip, stammer, tight squeeze, loyalty, handcuffs, breaking, around, contrast, comfort, compromise, interrogation, table, counter, fire, intense, smoke, cigarettes, relapse, addiction, codependence, Ballantrae, cold, Purgatory, scars, bullets, nightmare, sweat and tears, broken hope, pineapple, whipped cream, honey, silver, tears, cross, religious, tremble, simplicity, ease, before it changed, tender, baby, pregnant, whisper, stars, fade, blanket, working, desk, yes, taking charge, reward, sure, breathless, scars, thunderstorm, telephone, apocalypse, library, reading, seduce, undercover, shelter, hurt
Alex Eames/Bobby Goren/Megan Wheeler, sharing
Alex Eames/Megan Wheeler, strawberries, dancing, Europe, fling
Mike Logan/Megan Wheeler, [any]
Zack Nichols/Danny Ross, history, breakfast, coffee
Zack Nichols/Megan Wheeler, new, trust, uncertain, beginning, jealous, dance, seduction

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Alex/Olivia, body paint, undercover, handcuffs
Elliot/Olivia, AU, gunslingers, outlaws, speechless, different, before, after, sin, repentance, penance, redemption, force, hands, rough, desperate, slow, trust, undercover, control, moving on, pegging, collide, stake-out, risk, territory, restraint, bite, slide, confession, tent, drained, beg, happy, tattoo, nightmare, insecure, silent, breathless, codependent, solo, voyeur, sweat, exhaustion, fingernails, gentle, candle wax, porn, bus, liquor, thunder, hell, time, ending, beginning, sick, knockout, necklace, casual, vacation, cold, five, chastity, rules, restraint, asphyxia, budget cuts, bench press, superheroes, zombies, cowboys, office jobs, pegging, ownership, rules, workplace sex, silence, marking, punishment, dirty talk, possessive, isolation, dub-con, island, stranded, forearms, bite, comfort, bleeding, obsess, mouthful, euphoric, satisfied, happy, rain, electricity, sin, morning, future, dominate, turbulent, really, choose me, card, never, knowing
Elliot/Olivia/Dean, finally, sober, win, lose, draw, party, photographs, discovered, purpose, addicted, teethmarks, dangerous, hotel, want, damned, slip, caught, curious, drag, lust, sins, rosary, pace, soft, lick, bonds, trust, shred, lock, shake, fiery, tight, whimper, threads, tremble
Munch/Casey, [any]

Law & Order: UK
Alesha Phillips/James Steel, control, babies, second chance
Alesha Phillips/Matt Devlin, delayed reaction, January, scarf, champagne, unexpected, flowers, flirt, sweet
Matt Devlin/Ronnie Brooks, make it up to me

Sportucus/Stephanie (adult), realize, hesitate, demand

Leap Year
Declan/Anna, new life, home, Ireland, honeymoon, wedding, plans

Legacy of Kain
Janos Audron/Raziel, snow, love, chances, mentor
Janos Audron/Vorador, jealous, bite, tongue, black, take, grasp, wings, neck, boots
Kain/Rahab, water, gills, swim, hide, deceive
Kain/Raziel, corrupt, arrogant, unique, sunlight
Kain/Sebastian, anger, fight, fury, eyes
Rahab/Raziel, jealous, craft, talons, smile
Rahab/Zephon, tear, join, begrudge, accessory

Legally Blonde
Vivian/Elle, surprises

Legend of the Seeker
Any Mord’Sith/Any Mord’Sith, pain and pleasure, understanding
Berdine/Raina, books, library, time, Lord Rahl, teddy bear, powerful magic, alone, peace, missing, ghost, books, favorites, punishment, pet chipmunks
Cara Mason/Kahlan Amnell, illicit, true, powerful magic, mercy, grace, confession, control, denial, agiel, fire, candy, spanking, beg, no, ropes, chains, torment, teacher, doctor, hurt, saucy, seduction, minx, whorehouse, agiels, anal, breathtaking, confessed, leather, radahan, subjugation, white, bloodlust, struggle, pain, friction, substitute, reasoning, helpless, vertigo, broken, poison, hidden, tears, uncontrolled, Cara sees Kahlan in Mord'Sith Leather, biting, brothel, temptation, tongue, swagger, magic, strap-on, princess, heat, sub!Cara/dom!Kahlan, dress, scars, teaching, trick, rada'han, plan, insult, bloodplay, push, delay, tears, punch, jaw, delirium, rain, dirty, heartbeat, once, competition, sixteen inches, spare time, withhold, linger, trust, coax, quiet, breasts, gossip, ring, curious, confession, noble death, passion, heat, slow, forget, demons, pain, run, tree, arms, restraint, love, warmth, fire, beds, doors, blankets, silk, satin, regret , beg, dress, table, chambers, white, confessors, wife, children, lineage, truth, sight, redemption, cave in, hurt, dark, night terrors, rats, need, sister, lacing, corset, sleek, smile, cheerleader, silk, water, choice
Cara/Dahlia, bathhouse, leather, hands, history, bruises, comfort, love, second chance, torture, flight, becoming Mord’Sith, feelings, rules, loss, forgive, emotion, fighter, win, crush, virginity, hope, affection, emotion, aftermath, accept, punish, chains, protect, care
Cara/Dahlia/Kahlan, agiel, double penetration, push, pull, confess, control, sharing
Cara/Dahlia/Richard, pain, agiel, dungeon, candle wax
Cara/Darken, master
Cara/Darken/Kahlan, betrayal, submission
Cara/Denna, break, hurt, comfort, crying, naked, breaking, white leather, sensual, sisters, mistress, pain, sorrow, bed, temple, submission, silence, innocence
Cara/Denna/Kahlan, proposition
Cara/Dennee, apology, vengeance
Cara/feelings!Kahlan/Richard, desperate
Cara/Jennsen, abuse, old-fashioned, ungifted
Cara/Kahlan/Nicci, magic, payback
Cara/Kahlan/Richard, by proxy, sneak, caught, Lord, Lady, punishment, love, hands and knees, master, rubbing, water, neck, licking, intense, soft, sharing, middle, bed, rule, spoiled, better, relief, unity, flow, compete, three, play, stronger, magic
Cara/Leo, ground, smiles, weapons, wonder, laugh, connection, real, reality, find your way back, rest, close your eyes, reflection, save you
Cara/Lucinda!Dennee/Kahlan, forgiven
Cara/Richard, forest, need, lick, hidden, teeth, river, guilt, threat, competition, smirk, drunk, bet
Cara/Triana, bath, control
Darken Rahl/Giller, blades, blood, command, rough, venom
Darken Rahl/Kahlan, bargain, sacrifice, dark, constraint, necklace, confession, desire, wedding night
Denna/Jennsen, control, deceit, Stockholm, dare, skirts, protection, exhibitionism
Denna/Kahlan, captured, lesson, blackmail, mistress, whipping, devotion, embarrassment, bond, white leather
Denna/Richard, love, hate
Garen/Dahlia, first, slow, hurt/comfort, agiel, tears, tender, bath, wash, braid, leather, naked, care, skin, silk, smooth, horse, share, ride
Kahlan/Dahlia, serve
Kahlan/Jennsen, Mommy
Kahlan/Lily (the chick that tried to feed her to a Shadrin), hate!sex
Kahlan/Nicci, confessed, devotion, mistress, submission
MC!Kahlan/Cara, pain, submission, Mistress, chains, whip, control, loyalty, trust, seduction, hope, darkness, protect, torture, sacrifice, humanity, fear, torn, absolution, honesty, blind, eyes, quiver, shudder, moan, ecstasy, punishment, forgiveness, cold, please, power, domination, mind, break, tremble, touch, hold, kindness, net, safety, command, verbal, hand, hard, caress
MC!Kahlan/Heart!Kahlan, narcissism, obey, please
Nicci/Richard Cypher, feelings, Rahl's pet
Richard/Kahlan, first time, customary, eye contact, oral, naked, Richard tells Kahlan what they got up to when she wasn't all of herself in Torn, Richard's next birthday, sunshine, silver, palace, satin, training, accidental, leather, horseback, surprise, knives, leather, trust, sparring, need, magic, collared, service, competition, playing, music, hope, sacrifices, roses, anniversary, sunset, sleep, corset, summer, swimming, teasing
Richard/Darken Rahl, fire, hunger, dream, possession, leather
top!Richard/bottom!Kahlan, spanking, Lord Rahl, wild, branding

Legend of Zelda
Link/Sheik, warriors, silence, history, bandages, distrust
Link/Zelda, courage

Legand of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Ganonforf/Midna, beloved, enemies, too late, darkness, chase
Ganondorf/Zelda, beauty, possess, bruise, horror, fiction, escape
Midna/Zelda, prank, tease, mischief, uncertainty

Audrey/Charlie, driving, firepower, showers, apocalypse, trust, constellations, rebellion, backseat, jailbait, not leaving your side, skirts, cigarettes, christmas, teddy bear, lipstick, sex toys
Audrey/Gabriel, road, wings, guns, mercy, cleavage, irreverent, fighter
Charlie/Michael, faith, wings, cynic, darkness, bloody, triumph, guardian, road trip, guns, scars, dawn, reunion, looting, plans, human, feel, future, apple, touch, cry, wings
Gabriel/Michael, wish, regret, collect
Jeep/Michael, end, feathers, peace, pray, speech, win, any

Les Miserables
Enjolras/Grantaire, night
Grantaire/Javert, tangled
Joly/Jean Prouvaire, hypochondria

Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer, roleplay, late night, food, [any], roped, firm, chocolate, feed, night work, collection, fallen, knifeplay, goldfish, night stand, silk, working together, sweet, feisty, lean, neck, quicksilver, jealousy, geek, hair-pulling, bruises, orgasm denial
Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker, mystery, van, soda, dominant, argue, flying, special, high heels, shaving, learned behaviour, curl, flip, conquer, costume, spoil, bones, crunch, dust, echo, stormy weather, stamina, tangled, moan, sneaky, complicated, cash, crazy, panties, sleepy, interesting, acrobatic, hang-gliding, ski-ball, slushies, role-play, boundaries, caught
Alec Hardison/Parker, leap, hiding, evening clothes, glee, roleplay, caper, connect, blueprint, pretzels, heist, shutdown, bypass, reciprocated, sneak, high-wire, vacation, thief, help, sweet, not right now, teach, cover story, Lucille, elevator
Alec Hardison/Tara Cole, welcome, advantage, looking
Eliot Spencer/Parker, clingy, grabby hands, skin-tight wet jeans, money, dreams, first, trust, falling, tower, food, protectiveness, hiding places, denial, secrets
Eliot Spencer/Raquel Dayan, bondage, blood, scars, overpower, lust, strength, shadows
Eliot/Nate, badge, ruined, shine, sparkles, wrist, expensive, plans, [any]
Eliot/Sophie, comfort, mine, wrong, fire
Hardison, solo mission, voyeurism
Maggie Ford/Tara Cole, acquainted, museum, thief, overlook
McSweeten/Parker, Mexico, diamonds, options, boots, moan, gentleman
Nate/Maggie, unexpected, at long last, heal, giggle
Nate/Sophie, black dress, touch, waiting, con, undercover, ring, alternate, exhale, poppy, sweetness, zig zag, kink, Ireland, plane, Paris, history, thief, gleam, game
Parker, masturbation, fire, noise, uncomfortable, pressure
Parker/Sophie, camera, challenge, headstrong, teacher, skirts, sugar, twirling, protective, lesson, dress, attention, acting, advice, alone, car, crawl, dare, diamonds, enclosed, falling, family, fantasy, glass, harness, language, leap, lock, miss, mission, misunderstanding, money, names, secret, suspension, ticklish, warmth
Sophie/Nate/Maggie, unconventional, tangled

James Hathaway/Zoe Kenneth, fire, discovery, reservations, escape
Robert Lewis/James Hathaway, bicycle, principles, messenger, unrepentant, evil, cross, frivolous

Liaden - Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Aelliana/Daav, math, pilot, reflex, learning, adventure, new, familiar, lifebond, family, dramliza, Scout
Nova/any, ghosts, freedom, unbalanced, beginnings, choice, dignity, control, friend, dare, memory

Liar Game
Abe/Nao, rescue, believe, reveal, crush, companion, dandy, escape, apple
Akagi/Fukunaga, game, strawberry, secret, bandanna, holiday, flower
Akiyama Shinichi/Kanzaki Nao, touch, twisted, tease, follow
Akiyama, pent-up, nerves
Akiyama/Nao, courage, rest, maze, support, lesson, heart, mind, joker, queen, sharp, game
Akiyama/Nao/Fukunaga gamble, play, scheme, dance, drink, sparkle, teamwork, rope, diamond
Nao, fantasy, curiosity
Nao/Akiyama, truth
Yokoya/Nao, domination, control, submission, mouse, money, pain, sign, battle, kneel

Lie to Me
Cal Lightman/any, ignore
Cal Lightman/Ben Reynolds, argument, dominance, drunk, Gillian, need
Cal Lightman/Eli Loker, complex, date, experience, Monday, please, truth, try, truth, paid, need, collars, gesture, chair, control, shameless, lie, punishment, fierce, intern, approval, boss, experiment, time, lies, touch, gentle
Cal Lightman/Eli Loker/Ben Reynolds, office, coffee, tie
Cal Lightman/Gillian Foster, lie, truth, secret, touch, bathtub, car, pudding, dance, elevator, garden, camera, office, laundry, novel, sleep, snow, tattoo, survival, meaning, solid, stories, cold, spanking, wine, twilight, dawn, loss, roulette, stilettos, leather, pain, beg, support, feel, moving, resistance, lines, proposal, summer, park, hot, sweet, survive, crushed, gentle, surprising, suicide, patterns, sunshine, professional, camera, celebration, dinner, negotiation, microexpressions, simple, anticipation, respect, question, legs, accent, funny, exhaustion, rumpled, thick-as-thieves, reversed, surveillance, tempted, true, accent, watched, answer, distrust, cheat, silent, lies, control, infidelity, honesty, red, divorce, blindfold, shoulder, sorry, intense, copy room, supply closet, nutella, comfort, glasses, giggles, scotch, valentine, legs, dare, sunshine, heels, kill-time
Cal Lightman/Ria Torres, naughty, antagonism, defensive, fated, wall, push
Cal Lightman/Sharon Wollowski, first, need, cook, dark
Cal/Gillian/Loker, darkness.
Eli Loker/Ria Torres, lies, yearn, dancing, reading people, strip poker
Gillian Foster/Zoe Landau, argument, Cal, common, resentment
Ria Torres/Gillian Foster, honey, experiment

Life on Mars (UK)
Sam/Annie, eventual
Sam/Gene, genus loci
Sam/Gene/Annie, resolve

Life Unexpected
Baze/Cate, at the end of the day
Cate/Baze/Ryan, family, solution, drunk, surprise

Life With Derek
Derek/Casey, boundaries, learning, warmth, jealous, movies, couch, lose

Charlie Crews/Dani Reese, legs, micro-fiber, quiet, ice, sunlight, washing machine, fingertips, shaggy, sunlight, fruit, moment, gun, hands, bright, true, partner, friend, lover, pool, earthquake, enclosed, stakeout, denial, early, vacation, flowers, hybrid, navel, autumn, juice
Charlie Crews/Rachel Seybolt, [any], mangoes, phonograph, wine, douse, dark, scar tissue, loss, longing, proxy
Charlie Crews/Ted Earley, protector, prison, sorry, echo
Dani Reese/Kevin Tidwell, fox, desperate
Karen Davis/Dani Reese, running, denial, handcuffs
Olivia/Ted, Italy, confessions, home

Lincoln Rhyme series - Jeffery Deaver
Amelia Sachs/Kathryn Dance, hands, evidence, grief
Amelia/Lincoln/Kathryn, opportunity
Amelia/Pammy, again

Lip Service
Frankie/Cat, school girl uniforms, home, deception, tears

Lipstick Jungle
Nico/Kirby, backstage, knife, suck, money, Chanel, party

Little Men
Jack/Ned, mother's failures

Little Miss Sunshine
Frank Ginsberg/Dwayne Hoover, 18th birthday, pretentious, van, roadtrip, plan, mistake, temptation
Richard/Frank, loser

Little Mosque on the Prairie
Rayyan/Amaar, hair, mouth, night, secret, fantasy, dream

Little Women
Jo/Fritz, opera, books, writing, ink, tea
Jo/Laurie, first time, traveling, running to you, AU, never again, secrets, yours, enough, tease, innocence, yes, regrets, petticoat, piano, longing

Live Free or Die Hard
John/Matt, toy

Lobo/female, funtime

Lois Lenz Lesbian Secretary - Monica Nolan
Billy/Jane, rules, enthusiasm, sense, fear, triumph, homemaking, 70s
Dolly Dingle/Mrs. Pierson, whip, fun, worship, analysis

Long Love Letter
Asami/Misaki, night, cool, sand
Tadashi/Nishi, ache, beautiful, protect

Lord of the Flies - William Golding
Jack/Ralph, [any]

Lord of War
Yuri Orlov/Jack Valentine, gun-play, test, villain

Lost and Delirious
Mary/Paulie/Tori, birds, birthday, corrupt, hold, innocent, quote, surprise, sweet, voyeurism, waiting
Paulie/Tori, affection, exhibitionism, flying, hurt/comfort, night, quiet, rain, sensible, Shakespeare, vacation

Lost Girl
Bo/Dyson, healing, jealous, wolf-collar, healing, leash, growl, full moon, back and forth, chi, ropes, restraints, marked
Bo/Dyson/Kenzi, desperate, femdom, full moon, hungry, friends, easy, solace, broken
Bo/Dyson/Lauren, by proxy, deny, jealousy, games, lipstick, deal, trapped
Bo/Kenzi, assist, friendly, best, shiny, BFF, couch, desperate, cocktails, knife, homecoming, peace, banter, drunk, hug, close, pull, helpless, wigs, magic, feed, friends, betrayal, liar, first, work, early, thrall, truth, sister, too drunk to function
Bo/Lauren, [any], forgiveness, love, lust, heat, desperate, responsive, reunion, pained, feed on me, trust
Bo/Lauren/Kenzi, drunk, new
Bo/Morrigan, darkness, submit
Dyson/Kenzi transform, bite, amuse, health, trust, full moon, instinct, play, hung over, pizza, officer, law, tired, wary, slow, temporary, relief, growl, forget, massage, gray hour, lazarus, scars, lincoln highway, the fall's gonna kill you, firewood
Dyson/Lauren, hidden, hickeys, fight, competition
Dyson/Trick drink, protective
Hale/Kenzi, fun, joking, tension, whip cream, sidekicks, watching, dare, whistle, drunk sex, morning-after, ferris wheel, wig, head games, quarantine, tequila
Kenzi, solo
Kenzi/any, bar, score, gamble, cards, unscrupulous

Lost In Austen
Amanda Price/Lydia Bennet, landing strip, compare and contrast, giggles
Caroline Bingley/Amanda Price, lost, fruit, blindfold, feather, silky, carriage, strap-on, steering the punt from the Cambridge end, poetry of sappho, instrument, reality,
Darcy/Amanda, wet, learn
Wickham/Amanda, tease, fun

Adult!Clementine/Adult!Aaron/Adult!Julian, island, beach, familiar
Alex/Richard, nowhere, Babylon, ageless, espanol, innocence, forest
Ana Lucia/Eko, stability, pride
Ben/Ilana, flash-sideways, forgiveness, loyalty
Ben/Locke, kinship, prisoner, scar, release, spine, faith, rivalry, civilized, mourning
Boone/OFC, before, warmth, faith, ghost, truth, torch, water, lifeguard
Boone/Shannon, camping, mosquito, peel, trapped
Boone/Shannon/Sayid, sharing, obsession
Charles/Eloise, boat, soil, wound, forget-me-not, birth
Charlie/Desmond, drunk, spanking, jealousy, public
Charlie/Jack, comfort, detoxing, lessons
Charlie/Jack/Sawyer, slave, D/s, games
Charlie/Sawyer, rough, possessive, spanking, sarcasm, prison
Charlie/Sayid, torture, bondage, blindfold, consensual
Charlie/Boone, firsts, beach, fight
Charlotte/Daniel, hands, safe, heaven, chance, piano, science, steady, beginning, brilliance, unafraid
Charlotte/Miles, desperate, challenge, harsh
Claire/Charlie, private, quiet, giggles, singing, family
Claire/Desmond, savior, despair, trust, beach, dream
Claire/Jack, after the fall, Maine, excuses, rescue, oblivious, unexpected
Claire/Jack/Sawyer, gypsies, blood atonement
Claire/Sawyer, sunshine, explore, comfort, family
Daniel/Charlotte/Miles, equilibrium, touch, gamble, fascination, rain, unspoken, precognition, routine, temper
Daniel/Miles, sorry, tense, shelter
Frank/Sun, flying, notes, cuddle, surprise
Jack/Everyone, everyone
Jacob/Richard, guilt, possession, choice, anger, hell, penitence, dominance
Jin/Sawyer, time, uniforms, towel, lonely
Jin/Sun/Michael, heat, drift
Juliet Burke/Kate Austen, [any], dirty, mud, salt water, shade, proof, last chance, in the van, rum, prisoner, sweet, match, stalemate
Juliet/Charlotte, reckless, cooperation, drinks
Juliet/Miles, board games, alcohol, sick
Juliet/Sawyer, [any], hair, night, kitchen, learning, anger, evidence, trees, bruises, 1974, time, vulnerable, ring, marriage, change, breathless, backseat, coffee, redemption, memories, shoulder, photograph, hippie, water, secret, not brunette, marking, brand new, personal space, patience
MIB/Richard, jealousy, desire, seduction
Miles/Naomi, negotiation, useless
Miles/Richard, van, guns, dynamite, duct tape, death
Miles/Sawyer, handcuffs, suggestive, undercover, chemistry, partners, flash-sideways, La Fleur, guy's night
Penny/Desmond, sick, waiting, dancing, painting
Richard Alpert/Juliet Burke, exile, unending, loss
Sawyer/Juliet/Miles, strip poker
Sawyer/Kate, afterlife, locked, breeze, sand, sweat, gunfire, hurt, exertion, tape, hell, tomorrow, leather
Sayid/Shannon, soft, promises, wishpers, roleplaying, starlight, honesty, savour, trees, sand, reset, Australia, loss, crosswords

Love Actually
Harry/Karen, fragile, hope, youth, start over
Juliet/Mark/Peter, fix, need, hope
Karl/Sarah, slow, right, open

Love Shuffle
Kairi/Ojiro, unexpected, biting, monster, image
Kei/Airu/Ojiro, sleepy, wine, playful

Love Story - Taylor Swift
Romeo/Juliet, flashback, sex, period costumes, instant, attraction, knowing, slick, wet, need, pegging, stable, hay

Kio/Soubi, waiting, blood, watching, pain, marked, art
Natsuo and Youji/Ritsuka, sensation, voyeurism
Nisei/Mimuro, vicious, lonely, warmth
Nisei/Soubi, hatesex, broken
Ritsu/Seimei, punishment
Ritsu/Soubi (past), approval
Ritsu/Soubi (present), discarded, wanted
Ritsu/Soubi, perfection, proof, ownership, bound, forbidden, obedience, adoration
Ritsu/Soubi’s Mother, torment, irreconcilable difference, betrayal, possession
Seimei/Ritsuka, cold, clean, impurity, cleanliness, only, unconditional
Seimei/Ritsuka/Soubi, training, beloved
Seimei/Soubi, obedience, longing, worship, scars, can’t touch, possession, blood, beloved
Seimei/Soubi/Nisei, beneath
Soubi/Nisei, submission, dub-con, bravado, light and dark, animal play
Yamato/Kouya, ears, trains, late nights, hands

Loving Annabelle,
Annabelle/Colins, sweetness, sharp, affection, need, first, grief
Annabelle/Simone, strap-on, BDSM, journalist, book, poem, uniform, bath tub, willing, memory, photograph, tides, games, flower
Kat/Kristen, secrets

Lucifer/Michael, human, nostalgia, wings

Luther (BBC)
Alice Morgan/John Luther, bare, enmeshed, fearful symmetry, ferocity, grain, grace, sharp, silk, smooth, vase, velvet, burn, flame, destruction, penance, blade, dahlia, denial, apartment, desk, scars, grasping, intellect, philosopher, unmarried, after, partners, Hawaii, antimatter
Alice Morgan/John Luther/Mark North, broken, edge, facilitate, grace, groceries, halo, letter, knife, morning, red, exile, unspoken, thrill, warmth
Alice Morgan/Zoe Luther, appeal, chance, curiosity, knowledge, pounce, power, respect, threat
Alice Morgan/Mark North, tea, adrift, shipwrecked, absolution, allegiance, trust, cicatrix, tamed, gentleness
Mark North/John Luther, traces, threnody

B.J./Hawkeye, section 8, uniform, Korea, nurse, playing doctor, drink
Hotlips/Hawkeye, blood, martini, USA, apocalypse, headlights
Radar/Nurse Kellye, dance, disrobe, fumble, glasses, round, shelling, shy, trust, uniform

Macbeth – Shakespeare
Banquo/Macbeth, brothers, close, apart
Macbeth/Lady Macbeth, price, royalty, flame

Machete/machete, [any]

Mad Men
Betty/Don, antique, communication, shotgun, wall, revenge, intoxication, confusion, lips, hate, lust, tie, pull, anger, secret, even, chaise, unexpected, garter, addiction, double standards, control, repressed, Manhattan
Betty/Joan, cigarette
Betty Draper/Roger Sterling, revenge, gift, masquerade
Don, car
Don/Joan, drink, lingerie, meeting, shine, jewels, solace, need, impermanent, sense, gifts, couch, wrong, office, lonely, unspoken
Don/Joan/Roger, cold, aggressive, a meeting of the minds, divorced, lush, sudden, bonds
Don/Megan, happiness, mouth, wedding, writer, ink, pink
Don/Peggy, blitzed, padiddle, swamp water, tooling, excel, protege. tied up, unintended, finally, [any]
Joan Holloway/Roger Sterling, mink, tears, away, sick, comfort, now what?, discoveries, vacation, honesty, extravagant, secret, desk, whispering, red, holiday, summer, reunited and it feels so good, expected, final, happy, firsts, lies, stockings, silk, bondage, harem, pet, 70s, Red, New Year's, office
Joan/Peggy, modern woman, power, sexual revolution, the department store
Joyce/Peggy, everything once, very drunk, just a casual thing
Lane/Toni, bunny ears
Peggy Olson/Father John Gill, palm, wine, chance, ruby, facade, oblige, honest
Pete/Peggy, red pens, late nights, sad, remembrance, repentance, office, desk, couch, blue, clouds, stoned, revision, desperation, tie, unspoken, betrayal, letting go, secret, baby

Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro
Godai/Kanae, cars, informant, undercover
Godai/Yukinori, battle, blood, warmth
Neuro/Kasai, fireworks, fuse
Neuro/Yako, pet, tongue, bath, heavy, hoard, intense, ignite, liability, requirement, hook, line, sinker, restrain, rumble, vague, veil, domesticity
Yako/Aya, music, love, murder, lonely, prison, escape, river
Yako/Neuro, independence, tables turned, take the lead, dance, chandelier, heels, spies, demon tools, mile high club

Make it or Break it
Emily/Damon, phone, firsts, Pizza Shack, fight, The Rock, dark, sky, distance, thought, feel
Emily/Sasha, practice, voyeur, horse, desk, loss, caught
Payson/Sasha, letter, tutor, mats, training, home, fear, dinner, ballet, tangle, stretch, desire, dance, bend, ballet, gym, Olympics, obvious, film, trailer

Mamma Mia!
Donna/Sophie, letting go
Sophie/dads, bonds

Mana Khemia
Roxis/Vayne, burning, fire, cleanse
The Mana of Light/Roxis, servant, ritual

Mansfield Park (any)
Mary Crawford/Fanny Price, flutter, rain, blush, neck
Mary Crawford/Maria Bertram, cultured, elegant, dress, cross-dressing, caged, taste
Mary Crawford/Maria Bertram/Henry Crawford, share, tempt, overwhelm, London, cross-dressing, spy,
Tom Bertram/Henry Crawford, sport, retire, boredom, wager,

Naoto/Naruse, stare, tears, touch, photo, distance, respect, crave
Naoto/Naruse/Shiori, forgiveness, time, team, past, AU, chance, change, murmur, evening, darkness, flower, sun, courtesy, haste
Naoto/Shiori, run, tarot, believe, rely, redeem, remember, patient, determined
Naruse/Shiori, heal, choice, silence, regret, coffee, memories, fireworks, laughter

Marla Mason series - TA Pratt
Marla/Death, dethroned, relax

Akihiro (Daken)/Johnny Storm, lies, unclear, power, confusion, affection
Alison Blaine/Talia “T.J.” Wagner, spark, limelight, conflict, mutuality, agreement
Amadeus Cho/Cassie Lang, picnic
Amadeus Cho/Delphyne Gorgon, scales, learning, boots, snakes, food,
Amadeus Cho/Hercules, history, reunions, skirt, frottage, brawn
Andrew Smith (Mr. Sensitive)/Edie Sawyer (U-Go Girl), travel
Anya Sofia Corazon/Rikki Barnes, 'friends', more, partners, cuddle, swept, fluff, adventure
Balder/Loki, change, crowns, collapse, restless, dangerous, advice, tears, balcony, blood
Ben Grimm/Johnny Storm, quarrel, indulge, flirt
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, cuddle, flying, powers, tempting, underneath, dusk, spicy, fire
Bob Grayson/Venus, comfort
Bobbi Morse/Clint Barton, reconciliation, memories, dominance
Bobbi Morse/Natasha Romanova, laughter, curious, past
Bobbi Morse/Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton/Natasha Romanova, surprise, variety, rush
Bobby Drake/Emma Frost, ice, mind, power
Bobby Drake (Iceman)/Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar), confession
Bobby Drake/John Allyerdyce, betrayal, struggle, want
Bobby Drake/Rogue, glove, touch, after the cure, leave, fire, kiss
Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton, snark, fight, dominance, wrestle, control, loss, earned, argue, adrenaline, animosity, costume, replacement, blonde
Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton/Kate Bishop, new, training, stretched, pegging
Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton/Steve Rogers, teammate, control, new, old,
Bucky Barnes/Kate Bishop, training, kink, learn, teach, pegging
Bucky Barnes/Namor, Subby, dominate, understanding, control
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, partners, name, shield, DADT, army, cause, grieve, ambush, winter, hair, muscular, private
Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark, hate, hurt, submit, dominate, Cap, Steve, replacement, loss, asphyxiation
Bucky Barnes/Toro Raymond, war, alive, together, missed, hot, boys
Bullseye/Matt Murdock, obsession
Cable/Wade Wilson (Deadpool), hickey, worn, fetish, strength, forever, casual
Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew, routine, snowflake, cohabitation, vocal, graceful, masks, color-coded, flying, roomates
Carol Danvers/Tony Stark, identity, alcoholic, burn, respect, power
Carol Danvers/Wanda Maximoff, blood, power, mystery, promise, despair, addiction, through, words, wonder, noir
Cessily Kincaid/Laura Kinney, comfort, gesture, soundless
Cessily Kincaid/Laura Kinney/Julian Keller, midnight, shenanigans
Chase Stein/Gertrude Yorkes, sugar, privacy, sensitive
Chase Stein/Molly Hayes, cuddle, safety, family, hat
Chen Lu (Radioactive Man)/Melissa Gold (Songbird), tender, costumes, escape
Clint Barton/Dark Avengers, kicking, gutsy, teamwork, escape
Clint Barton/Kate Bishop, arrows, training, young, new, Hawkeye
Clint Barton/Steve Rogers, worship, hero, teammate, together, control, idol, hero, nibble, obvious, training, tolerance, attitude, spies
Clint Barton/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, aim, snoring, cooperation, kevlar, comfort, welcome, soft, loss, loyal, vanity, reckless
Clint Barton/Tony Stark, illusion, uniform
Colleen Wing/Misty Knight, cradle, perfect, sulk, creak, hair, sneakers, chair, lonely, sweet, partners, sweat, massage, domestic, cars, anger, , back-to-back, got your back, adrenaline, swords, guns, love, binding, fighting, apologize, quiet, scars, bondage, excitement, edges, distance, touch, mindmeld
Colleen Wing/Danny Rand/Luke Cage/Misty Knight/, re acquaintance, tattoo, bonding
Dani Moonstar/Xi'an Coy Manh (Karma), mistake, wounds
Danny Rand/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage, ideal, ribbon, comfortable, preparation, teasing, family
Danny Rand/Luke Cage, brazen, weary, tease, chow mein, rooftop, necklace, little, silk, beer, video games, brothers, friends, mission, payback, partners, undercover, playfulness, muscle
Danny Rand/Misty Knight, femdom, costumes, rooftops, tired, teasing, restraint, blindfold, food, shiver
Danny Rand (Iron Fist)/Matt Murdock(Daredevil), identity, grace, power, other ways of seeing
David Alleyne/Noriko Ashida, first time, evasion, introspection
Dead Girl/Stephen Strange (Dr. Strange), return
Eli Bradley/Kate Bishop, firsts, boundaries, vehicle, legacy, whiskey
Elsa Bloodstone/Monica Rambeau, rifles, coruscating, girl talk, groping
Elsa Bloodstone/Monica Rambeau/Tabitha Smith, porn star, too many hands, bad idea, hot, taking turns, rainbow
Emma Frost/Jean Grey, Queens, White, Black, power, diamond, fire, phoenix, love, passion, truth.
Emma Frost/Norman Osborn, façades, empire
Emma Frost/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, high life, high heels, handcuffs
Emma Frost/Susan Storm, blonde, public and private, force fields
Eric O'Grady/Hank Pym, ginger, legacy, cocky, lessons
Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto)/Julian Keller (Hellion), prince, meditation
Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto)/Rogue, euphoria, educate
Forge/Ororo Munroe, drift on, fear, last chance, betrayal
Frank Castle/Matt Murdock, frustrate, understand, indecent
Hank Pym/Greer “Tigra” Nelson, new, family
Heather Douglas (Moondragon)/Wendell Vaughn (Quasar), telepathy, eternity, eyes
Hercules/Thor, swap
Jack Harrison (Jack Flag)/Peter Quill (Star-Lord), hair dye, tastebuds, booze, cosmic
Jack Hart/Scott Lang, boom, bang, heart, cards, trapped, safety
James Rhodes/Natasha Romanov, stunt, any
James Rhodes/Pepper Potts, CEO, echo, clandestine, man in uniform
James Rhodes/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, wrangling
James Rhodes/Tony Stark, burn, escape, recover, (any)
Jean Grey/Ororo Munroe, respite, loneliness, rain, chance to hold on, only you
Jean Grey/Scott Summers, laughter, sunshine, last night on earth, weakness
Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar)/Remy Lebeau (Gambit), mouth, fingers, stubble
Jessica Drew/Lindsay McCabe, intimate, roomies, memories
Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman)/Natasha Romanov(Black Widow), scent, undercover, roles
Jessica Drew/Wade Wilson, teabagging, unconscious
Jessica Jones/Luke Cage, fluff, adventure, unbreakable, fun, roleplay, crime-fighting, babysitting, film noir, rough
Jimmy Woo/anyone, suave, noir, suits, cafe, threat, suave, attitude, claw, team-up
Jimmy Woo/Namora, leadership
Jimmy Woo/Temugin, power, legacy
Johnny Storm/Peter Parker, color, crazy, race, timepiece, faster, truth, prank, fun
Josh Foley (Elixir)/Kevin Ford (Wither), touch
Jubilation Lee/Monet St. Croix, vampire, mission, undercover, history, pajamas
Karla Sofen (Moonstone)/Melissa Gold (Songbird), morality, repentance, blood,
Karolina Dean/Xavin, pride, self defense, earth customs, shapeshifting, television, light, fluidity, reunion, anchor
Kate Bishop/Rikki Barnes, tag, bet, rooftops, vibrator, playing, partners
Kate Bishop/Toro Raymond, cunnilingus, heat, vibrator, sex, play
Kitty Pryde/any, gymnastics
Kitty Pryde/Kurt Wagner, cinematic, classically trained
Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom, duct tape, rope, smile, sunshine, ninja, lingerie, following, blue, voyeurism, slippers, belief, investigation habits, baby I love you, dull life
Kurt Wagner/Logan, kneel, sweet
Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)/Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch), expecting, wedding, velvet, colors, separation
Marvel, Logan/Neena Thurman (Domino), leather
Logan/Mystique, struggle, scent
Logan/Ororo Munroe, sparks, forest
Logan/Remy LeBeau, drunk, wager, slut, memory, remembrance, fight, team
Logan/Rogue, beer, leather, touch, captive
Logan/Steve Rogers, respect, WWII, orders
Loki/Thor, betrayal, scrying, storm, horns, yearn, fickle, wicked
Marc Spector/Peter Parker, bicker, cryptic
Mary Jane Watson-Parker/Peter Parker, reunion, discovery
Mary Jane Watson/Steve Rogers, courtship, chivalry, sexy
Matt Murdock/Peter Parker, web
Marvel, Molly Hayes/Tommy Shepherd, cute, carry, hats, speed,
Monet St. Croix(M)/ Theresa Cassidy (Siryn), nails, leathers, underwear, legs, fantasy, teeth, exhibition
Myles Alfred (Vivisector)/any, reading
Mystique/Ororo Munroe, water, not quite, knife's edge, shapeshift, pulse
Namor/Victor Von Doom, bondage, respect, meeting, water, dominate
Namora/Venus, ocean, sea-change
Natasha Romanov/Pepper Potts, black, secrets, unwinding, work, office, martial arts, curious, attempt, role play, understanding, excitement, adrenaline, leather, on top of it
Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark, fem!dom, leather, handcuffs, teasing
Nick Fury/Contessa Valentina Allegra, betrayal, undercover, helicarrier
Norman Osbourne/Robert Reynolds, loyalty, speculation, televisions, bacon, flash, nervous, power
Obidiah Stane/Tony Stark, family ties, gunmetal, bedpost
Ororo Munroe/anyone, costume, secret, finally, burn
Ororo Munroe/T'Challa, won't let go, ice, strip, need, watching the sunrise, wind
Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, control, self-destruction, love, desperation, flying, speed, experiment, pin-stripes, boardroom, sunset, beach, whisper, windows
Peter Parker/Susan Storm, teamwork, misunderstanding
Remy Lebeau/Rogue, bittersweet, seduction
Remy Lebeau/Warren Worthington, feathers, hatred, Antarctica, fight
Scott Summers/any, dark
Scott Summers/Victor Creed, captured, struggling, surrender, hunt
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, friend, pinned, return, reunion, teacher, identity, amnesia, AU, old-fashioned, regrets, returns, strength, wealth, suits, Italy, stamina, bite, bondage, adventure, hurt/comfort, night, dinner, fight, secret, memories, yesterday, command, bruises, candlelight, grounded, atonement, fanboy, super serum, strength, blow job, perfection, justice, rest, Billie Holiday
Sif/Thor, hair, passion, midgar, sharing, ordinary, embrace
Thor/Tony Stark, distraction, sky
Tony Stark/(any), after party, champagne, resume, secretary,

Mary Poppins
Mary/Burt, wind, leave

Mary Stayed Out All Night (aka Marry Me, Mary!)
Byun Jung In/Seo Joon, exotic, relax, office, tie, caught
Kang Mu Kyul/Byun Jung In, morning-after, drunk, coercion, contract, sheets, guitar, old-injury
Kang Mu Kyul/Wi Mae Ri/Byun Jung In, threesome, experience, solution
Wi Mae Ri/Kang Moo Kyul, sleepover, mittens, music, wedding dress, jealousy

Mass Effect 2
EDI/Joker, innuendo, inappropriate, incorrigible
Garrus Vakarian/Tali'Zorah, delicate, durable
Garrus Vakarian/Thane Krios, taste
Jack/Garrus Vakarian, teeth
Kasumi Goto/Tali'Zorah, rules, guidelines, exceptions
Tali'Zorah/Legion, bitterness, innocence

Mass Effect
Female Shepard/Garrus, fluid contact, scars, armor, vigilante, partners, tiebreaker, calibrations, taboo
Female Shepard/Joker, focus, frequency, breathe
Garrus/Liara, outside
Garrus/Thane, technique, loyalty, gunplay, sniper
Jack/Miranda, punch, biotics, Cerberus, tattoo, takedown, hunting
Male!Shepard/Female!Shepard, TARDIS, desert, aftermath
Saren Arterius/Nihilus, worship, faith, trust
Sovereign/Saren Arterius, exaltation, invasion
Tali/Liara, study, fingertips

Material Girl (TV)
Marco/Alex, scarf, mind games, blackmail, drunk

McDonald Hall – Korman
Bruno/Boots, graduation, keep, summer

Mean Girls
Cady/Janis, colors, painting, lies, trouble
Cady/Karen, circle
Sharon Norbury/Cady, equation

Medical Investigation
Eva Rossi/Natalie Durant, lost, found, hugs, comfort
Miles McCabe/Stephen Connor, pride, Mission La Roca

Megamind/Metro Man, metromantic, crush, contraption, music, groupies, retirement
Megamind/Metro Man/Roxanne Ritchie, nerds, MMORPG, patterns, between, pretend, risk, presentation, switch
Megamind/Roxanne Ritchi, role-play, no damsel-in-distress, date night, recognition, fun, education, seduction, school, date, acceptance

Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Rihito/Mei, slippery, suit, stockings, brush, pull, midnight

Melrose Place (CW)
Ella/Lauren, doctor, trust, dress

Memoirs Of A Geisha
Sayuri/Hatsumomo, voyeur
Sayuri/Pumpkin, American, quiet

Nami/Ray, public, date, confusion, acceptance

Jack/Nora, [any]

Mercy Thompson series - Patricia Briggs
Mercy/Adam, magnetic, grease, trust, aggravate
Warren/Ben/Kyle, camping, puppy pile, training, hurt comfort, werewolves

Aglain/Gilli, advice, invisible, rebellion, under, flame
Arthur/Gwaine, misunderstood, contemplation, firelight, trial, drinks, challenge, great things, strength, loyalty, war, lazy, money, attention, kneeling
Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin, magic, strength, courage
Arthur/Gwen, blankets, sweet, tumble, springtime, May pole, secret, coronation, virtues and vices, valiant, forged, faithful, laughter
Arthur/Gwen/Merlin/Morgana, reconciliation, magic, a new bed, cocktails, sex pollen, road trip, reversal, fields, dream, midsummer, ritual, honeymoon, pegging, restraint
Arthur/Lancelot, [any], drink, Spamalot, lake, sunshine, tent, lazy, ignoble, breathless, need, honor, trust, battle, time, ale, sparring
Arthur/Merlin, banter, pathetic, prat, palace, regal, armor, bath, enchantment, orders, rescue, swordplay, morning, riding, arrogance, stocks, troublemaker, potion, test, sacrifice, quest, distress, bound, forever, grass, snowfall, banking, fedoras, balloons, literary, real, long, politics, restraint, reveal, destiny, together, secret, silliness, clothes, hiding, comfort, promise, bound, dress, numb, prank, reversal, breakfast, gratitude, hunger, confession, fantasies, family, humor, life, first, gossamer, pillow, open, hunting, dragon, loss, love, happyness, blood, power, cruption, contorl, servent, hug, neck, sick, fever, steel, evil, taken, wash, closer, silk, topping, turnaround, revelation
Arthur/Merlin/Gwen, boys
Arthur/Merlin/Lancelot, secret, seduction, supplication
Arthur/Morgana, [any], experiment, touch, light, sacrifice, magic, jealousy, power, healing, cave, outside, queen, king, rule, biting, stubborn, beast, wild, legend, wine, eternal, sword, tension, destiny, after, blue, lies, darkness, Avalon, future, healer, catch, believe, lightning, fate, change, wish, hate, revenge, once, past, friends, comfort, spell, experiment, trist, wronged, time, ill, jealousy, resistance, nightmare, Rubicon, loyalty
Cenred/Morgause, leather, magic, please, greed, beg, war
Elena/Freya, familiar, barefoot, candle, dirty, flight
Elena/Vivian, diplomacy, dress, lady, fun, dance, quiet, princess, rescue, finding, princess, castle
Elyan/Gwaine, alive, cider, captured, chances, knightly antics, honor, starlight, shield, eyes, hands
Elyan/Gwaine/Lancelot, knights, brotherhood, trust
Elyan/Gwaine/Lancelot/Leon/Percival, training, tent, ride, dungeons, mark, honor, bonds
Elyan/Lancelot, substitute, comfort, forge, sword, transference, swordplay, proving himself
Elyan/Merlin, bravery, training, luck, fire, herbs
evil!Merlin/evil!Arthur, crown, burn, future, raw
Freya/Gwen/Morgana, corset, pet, hairbrush, kittenish
Freya/Sophia, wet, tangled, excalibur, tentacles, enemas
Gaius/Uther, nostalgia, youth
Gorlois/Uther/Vivianne, secret, pregnancy, traditions, armor
Gwaine/Lancelot, shoving, swords, parry, training, banter, rank
Gwaine/Lancelot/Percival, subtle, jealousy, fingertips, bravery, amused, friction
Gwaine/Knights, flirting, sweat, delicate, mystery, magic
Gwaine/Merlin, magic, trust, glance, awake, watch, gold, shirt, wall!sex, echo, wine, "Prince Gwaine", folly, reckless, pliant, sputtering, forest, winter, cape, sunshine, friends, benefits, fire, secrets, candle, cloth, soap, superpowers, training, revelry, unexpected
Gwaine/Merlin/Lancelot, envy, longing, first, kindness, bond
Gwen/Arthur/Elyan, sweat, injury, snow, dress
Gwen/Arthur/Lancelot, gold, obeisance, sated, sharing, jealousy, logistics
Gwen/Elyan, jewelery, quiet, bravery, honey, bath
Gwen/Lancelot, open, autumn, fire, away
Gwen/Morgana, again, loved, why, sad, chalk, windfall, spoken, ink, flowers, loyalty, alone, massage, Valentine's Day, wishes, possessive, jealousy, control, summer, forge, fabric, love, wrists, lake, purple, lost, comfort, swords, toys, wicked, goodbye, devotion, fantasy, dream, sweet, lie, trust
Gwen/Morgana/Morgause, embrace, golden, world, queens
Hunith/Balinor, hands, flower
Lancelot/Merlin, midnight conversations, fight, secrets
Lancelot/Percival, adventure, blush, grin, sword, legend, kiss
Merlin/Arthur/Gwaine, quest, tumble, leather
Merlin/Dragon, so very wrong
Merlin/Gilly, magic orgasm
Merlin/Gwen, almost, crush, dance
Merlin/Mordred/Morgana, earth, truce, altar, tree, convince, pregnant, statue
Merlin/Morgana, betrayal, coin, choice, hate, darkness, black, magical, enemy, magic, rage, closer, fate, leather, submit, battle, rough, obsession, suspicion, knowledge, dominant!Merlin, masquerade, illusion, hiding magic, lies
Merlin/Will, secrets, leaving, return, thanks
Morgana/Morgause, beloved, silks, fingers, flowers, heat, saving, horror, found, carry, cave, wound, soft, love, power, learn, teach, hurt, punishment, weak, key, hearth, silence, solitude, forest, cloaks, druids, initiation, safe, magic, family, seduction, convinced, good, right, desperation
Morgause/Nimueh/Ygraine, rituals, the old religion
Nimueh/Ygraine, hold, golden, lips
Uther/Morgana, hate, wrong, love, retribution, devotion
Vivian/Morgana, perfect, true love
Will/Sophia, lake, stars, afterlife
Will/Vivian, knight, kiss, fight

Metal Gear Solid
Otacon/Solid Snake, voice, instructions, regret
Solid Snake/Raiden, legacy, lessons

Metropolis: The Chase Suite - Janelle Monae
Cindi Mayweather/Alpha-9000s, connected

Middleman/Lacy, forgetting, kiss, Titanic, movie
Middleman/Wendy Watson, buddies, laundry, style, zombies, soup, cataclysm, bells
Wendy/Lacey/Noser, Art Crawl, revelations, stump the band, conditioner

Midori No Hibi
Kouta/Seiji, comedic
Midori/Seiji, first
Takako/Seiji, crush

Millennium Trilogy -Steig Larsson
Mikhail Blomkvist/Lisbeth Salander, trust, infatuation, saved

Anti-Helena/Valentine, velvet, trip, black, violin
Helena/Valentine, darkness, Queen, mirror, circus

Alisha/Kelly, laughter, shoplifting, trust
Alisha/Nathan, again, prick, wasted, spies, perception, new, insert, vanity, enough
Alisha/Nikki, bra strap, wary
Alisha/Simon, backseat, bent, blood, camera, fate, feather, habits, hiding, hungry, lessons, paper-cut, pegging, perfume, positions, repairs, shift, stubble, swim, untouchable, will, deja vu, mix-tape, masturbation, invisible, new powers, The Terminator, moonlight, clear, secrets, time, touch, see, impressions, scared, desperate, taste, safety, hero, shower, time, Las Vegas, new powers, training, x-men, dirty talk, no touching, fairytale, hickey, freckles, high, shadow, just waiting 'til the shine wears off, music from another room, lips, roleplay, shower, menthol, discovery, tied, ice, messy hair, makeover, touched, the last two, funeral, running away, candle, gossip, star-crossed lovers, famous
Alisha/Simon/Nathan, caretakers, drunk, equilateral, merry-go-round
Curtis/Nikki, laughter, plans, tips
Jamie/Nathan, fun, robots, tattoos, dirty talk, gambling, splinter, popcorn, tattoo, choke
Kelly/Nathan, image, family, bitching, stroke, mates, dinner, hurt, candle, cooking, dress-up, pizza, dirty, finally, twat, fear, laughter, easy, stupid, drunk, grass, jewellery, secret, safe, roof, home, homeless, alley, club, pills, honesty, truth, discovery, dinner, alive, older, growing up, joker, tears, comfort, idiot, forbidden, drugs, sweat, in the crowd, new ability, ovulation, ghost, blood, gun, rough, fast, backseat, bathroom, dirty, thinking, sudden, lightning, cigarettes, tomorrow, forgiveness, fingering, breast, romance
Nathan/Kelly/Simon, weirdly domestic
Nathan/Nikki, antagonist, depressed, drunk, pranks
Nathan/Simon, Cheetos, Fanta, Frisbee, clumsy, frantic, pantysniffer, bananas, Fisherman's Friend, hotel, lessons, whatever works, rough, lonely, drunk, fear, loss, serious, silent, cold, dirty talk
Nathan/Simon/Alisha/Curtis/Kelly, fucked up
Shaun/Nathan, midnight, improvisation, vending machine
Simon/future!Simon, learning, scars, injured, hair

Miss Congeniality 2
Gracie Hart/Sam Fuller, suits, sleepless, massage

Miss Congeniality
Gracie/Cheryl, ice cream, snuggle, save, awed, courage, sweep up, strip

Miss Match
Adam/Kate, pursuit, courtship, legal, phone
Kate/Victoria, bar, advice
Michael/Kate, building, date, matchmaking
Nick/Victoria, break-up, admit, storage

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Delysia/Guinevere, masks, feathers
Michael/Delysia, rough around the edges, Grubb, good intentions, fedora, pianist, fingers

Modern Family
Claire/Gloria, bonding, feisty, sass, underwear
Claire/Phil, role-play, Sunday morning

Kayo/Medicine Seller, sun, banish, singe, illusion, release

Joseph Costan/Beth Turner, moment, pegging
Mick St John/Joseph Kostan, bondage, De Sade, trained, Sacher-Masoch, top!Joseph
Mick St John/Joseph Kostan/Beth Turner, committed, wanting, need, slick, wet, perfect
Mick/Ben, blood play, truth, trust, fight
Mick/Beth, devilish, beast, handcuffs, turning, sun, desert, water, not so different, child, fang
Mick/Beth/Josef, training

Moral Orel
Clay/Reverend Putty, boss

Mortal Instruments
Alec/Jace, scars, marks

Oikawa Haruka/Mutou Aoi, soft, sharp, irresistable
Sawaki Tadayasu/Yuuki Kei, warmth

Mrs. Pollifax series - Dorothy Gilman
Carstairs/Bishop, late nights, sweets
Emily/Farrell, rogue, tourists, gardening, professional

Much Ado About Nothing – Shakespeare
Beatrice/Benedick, taunt, mock, tease

Mulan (1998)
Ping/Shang, friendship, seduction by laughter, blindfold, touch, taste

Mulan (2009)
Mulan/Wentai, reunion, widowed, scars, victory, awake

Munto/Yumemi, agree, enough, without, around, promise, feel, down, candy, licking, fitting, garden, absent, fly, stars, love, heir, hope, half, misunderstanding, twist, morning sickness, slip, thin, disguise, subordinates, mysterious, support, aglow, mine, turn, attention, pillow

Murdoch Mysteries
William Murdoch/Julia Ogden, carriage, experience, wedding, gentle

Music Man
Amaryllis (adult)/Winthrop (adult), courting
Marion/Harold, library tryst, music store
Tommy Djilas/Zaneeta Shinn, reading Balzac

My Beautiful Laundrette
Johnny/Omar, bed, future, neck
Johnny/Omar/Tania, jump, next, water

My Boys
Brendan/PJ, benefits, hook-up, surrender, sunrise

My Hero
George/Janet, bum, hearts, two, where?

My Lovely Samsoon
Hyun Jin-heon/Henry Kim, competition, struggle, power, language, sweat

My So-Called Life
Angela/Jordan, car, driving, fantasy, footnotes, homework, spelling, voice, infinity
Brian/Rayanne, borrowed, car crash, oral, shaving, smart, terrorism
Jordan/Rayanne, excuses, frozen embryos, good, loft
Rayanne/Sharon, flowers, fun, panties, shoplifting

My Summer of Love
Tamsin/Sadie, storytelling

Naamah's Legacy
Dragon/Moirin, mates

Nana Osaki/Nana Komatsu, comfort, starstruck

Nancy Drew (1930s books)
George/Nancy, locket, locks, discovery, ropes
Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson, jealous, earrings, delayed, stairwell, fire escape, domino, presumption, pine, movies, stranded, clover

Nanny Diaries series
Nanny/Mrs. X, whore, human, lipstick, boundaries

Albrecht/Friedrich, back
Friedrich/Heinrich Stein, red

Naruto Shippuden
Pein/Konan, soft, sorry, God, believe, rain, rough, awkward, over.

Hinata/any, solitary, recovery, confidence
Iruka/Anko, forest, stealthy, shadow, past, poison, blood, clone, desk, daybreak, fishnet, senbon, taste
Iruka/any, discipline, classroom, found, smoke, mistake, inevitable
Kabuto/Kimimaro, cynicism, fanaticism, acceptance, solace
Kakashi/Gai, cyberpunk, con, infiltration
Kakashi/Iruka, black board, snow, wire, leash, music, slippery, reading-glasses, authority, touchstone, electricity, trajectory, antidote, flak jacket, late
Kakashi/Sakura, mission, danger, fiery, years, queen
Neji/Hinata, blindfold, dynasty, corset, seeking, pegging, amends, unaware, roses, passion, inevitable
Orochimaru/Anko, separate and unequal, conflicted loyalties, self-preservation, walking away
Orochimaru/Kabuto, disguises, distrust, kinship, regard
Orochimaru/Kimimaro, deadly dances, oneness, sacrifice, loss
Sakura/any, boots, reach, control
Sakura/Naruto/Sasuke, perfect, sweat, hatesex, voyeurism, stakeout, happy-ending, bandages
Sakura/Sasuke, fist, medicine, break, denial
Sakura/Sasuke/Naruto, power, reunion, wisdom, reckless, mistake
Sasuke/Naruto, homecoming, frenzied, Twister, oopsadaisy, uniform, truth, longing, joystick, fruit, forbidden, dare
Shikamaru/Ino, shadows, mindgames

Natsume Yuujinchou
Natori/Natsume, spirits, movie, family, birthmark, drawing
Shuuichi Natori/Takashi Natsume, purpose, imagination, conspiracy, enchantment
Taki/Tanuma/Natsume, patience, trust, secret

Natural Born Killer
Jack Scagnetti/Pinky, non-snuff, insanity
Mickey/Mallory, love

Abby Scuito/[any], femdom
Abby Sciuto/Abigail Borin, caffeine, lab, 'agent abby', 'is that a record?', cute, smile, same name, science, tease, explore, collar, anticipation
Abby Sciuto/Abigail Borin/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, gifts, coffee, similarity, caffeine high, trip wire
Abby Sciuto/Donald "Ducky" Mallard, patience, black, red, flower, secret, chocolate
Abby Sciuto/Kate Todd, friends, idiots, failed date, experiment, desire, best, scared, black lipstick, goth, not-so-good girl, weekend, share
Abby Sciuto/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, broken, divide, heat, lab, submit, collars, daddy
Abby Sciuto/Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Timothy McGee, busy, easy, solution
Abby Sciuto/Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Timothy McGee/Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David, ownership, limbs, support
Abby Sciuto/Timothy McGee, bdsm, still, unexpected, lab, you, moron, close, sharing, "not just slept", one more time
Abby Sciuto/Timothy McGee/Tony DiNozzo, first, mouth, candy
Abby Sciuto/Tony DiNozzo, quick, candle, fluffy, pony, skirt, pegging, fun
Abby Sciuto/Ziva David, danger, friends, girls night, protective, safe, braid, surprise, watch, welcome, replacement, home, scars, what, fill, skeleton, skull, fisting, hair, pretty, experts, heal, tears
Abigail Borin/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, black coffee, favourite, red hair, redhead, dresses, abby, no sleep, rule #1, navy
Abigail Borin/Timothy McGee, competition, one-up-manship
Abigail Borin/Tony DiNozzo, fascination, gibbs, avoidance, knowledge, movies
Anthony DiNozzo Sr/Ziva David, jealous, insane, theft, dinner, Tony
Ari Hawari/Donald "Ducky" Mallard, Morgan, scalpel, dangerous
Damon Werth/Ziva David, any
Donald "Ducky" Mallard/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, scotch, redemption, blondes, night, boy
Donald "Ducky" Mallard/OMC, male-stripper
Hollis Mann/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, military corners, lost, fierce
Jenny Shepard/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, unresolved, health, dishonest, bourbon, infatuation, boat
Jenny Shepard/Tony DiNozzo, staring, control, underwear, secret
Kate Todd/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, learning, memories, jock-strap, tease, sawdust, confined
Kate Todd/Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo, boss, photoshop, stroke
Kate Todd/Tony DiNozzo, innuendo, argue, plague, against, fantasy
Leon Vance/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, power, healing, comfort, bottom, family, argue
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Mike Franks, probie, liar, beach
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Timothy McGee, tail
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tobias Fornell, director, handcuffs, chocolate, familiar, bourbon, silence, need, sweat, taste
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo, orders, mark, bruises, slow, aching, survive, touch, breathe, drown, mine, yes boss, you belong with me, amnesia, basement, boat, trip, elevator, decisions, try, please, bondage, boss, sickness, punishment, issues, hands, breathing, boat, technology, ridiculous, noisy, movies, hot, boat, soothe, restrain, sleep late, mutants, werewolves, Hawaii, jungle, children, infants, toddlers
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Ziva David, competing, gym, show off, laugh, prank, night, ride, trust, healing, comfort
Timothy McGee/Tony DiNozzo, accounting, road trip, prohibited, compliance, bench press, tender, borrow, alone, morning, ivory, nipple, radiator, macadamia nut, vintage, bite, snob, sweet, middle age, sterile, eyes, ensure, cosplay, leather, win, envy, marathon, wrist, collar, hoarse, competent, wall, competition, frightening, sleepy, wrestle, alcohol, lockdown, jetpack, jealousy, competition, taller, shirt
Timothy McGee/Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David, couch, ache, injured, cold, doctor, caught, deny, partners, epiphany, Boy Scout, handcuffs, teddy-bear
Timothy McGee/Ziva David, lonely, teasing, popcorn, remnants, together
Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David, anger, what do you want from me, beautiful, new, at last, queen, candles, hard, her way, fighting, bicker, books, classics, blood, fire, snow, wait, long weekend, distance, wreck, exhibit, speed, finally, addictive, distract, fireworks, teaching, sweat, bathroom, miscommunication, revenge, soldier, names, sand, beginnings, half naked, flight, pillow, try, gun, motorbike, smiling, wounded, only, care, quiet, savior, trapped, green, fight, elevator, safe,
Ziva David/[any], slayer

NCIS: Los Angeles
G. Callen/Hetty Lange, challenge, gentle, promises
Kensi/Deeks, partners, grin, tattoo, crush, midnight, photos, wall, undercover op, formal wear
Kensi/G. Callen, superior, undercover, smirk, car, workout
Sam Hana/G. Callen, beach, scar, cherry, ice, jujitsu, Callen's house, cocky, exhibitionism, capitulate, fire, experimentation, discipline, rough, mystery, fun, race, accidents, truth, discoveries

Never Back Down
Jake/Ryan, adrenaline, fight, rich, changing

Never Let Me Go
Kathy/Ruth, covet, rules, originals, ruin
Tommy/Kathy, between, water, dreams

Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
Richard Mayhew/The Marquis de Carabas, strange, new, debt, prompt, grunge, sewers, pigeons, rooftops, pockets, trick, second hand, trains, marble, museums, darkness

Andy/Fergus, new, salt, music, bored, shine, leave, dark

David Jacobs/Jack Kelly, bandana, desire, family, follow, ink, innocence, lover, protector, rebel, shattered, speak, summer, sweat, teacher, trust, voice, hands, story, school, refuge, lies, modern, past, dream, family, strike, responsibility, friends, sell, write, bicker, newsies, touch, hold, hands, mouth, shirt, hair, grasp
Kid Blink/Mush Meyers, comfort, dance, date, grace, laughter, lover, masturbation, missed, partner, vaudeville, watch, warmth, askew, deft, ridiculous, soft,
Kid Blink/Mush/Racetrack/Spot, tangled webs
Racetrack Higgins/Spot Conlon, Brooklyn, cap, cards, competition, fierce, reputation, showoff, slingshot, smoke, stick, tease, want, winner, 4:30 am, drifting, scrape, leader, reputation, gamble, smoke, horses, brooklyn, poker, cane, key, past, modern, drink, mouth, joker

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (book)
Norah/Tris, frustration, friction, wallow, pleasure, silk, nails

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (movie)
Dev/Lethario/Thom, scramble, lost, press, wish, lick, play, stretch, drive

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Caroline/Norah, lean, hold, laugh, close

Nightwatch (movie)
Anton/Kostja, desperation, haven, soft

Nikita (2010)
Alex/Jaden, complicated, drunk, bitter, competition, lipstick
Amanda/Alex, inappropriate, control, dress up
Amanda/Nikita, interrogation, disobedient, ravish, chains
Michael/Nikita, bar, discretion, urgency, scars, leverage, trust, assessment, adrenaline, undercover, allure, spark, encounter, memories, mat, sweat, fight
Michael/Nikita/Alex, partners, free, simple, winter, destination, future, games.
Michael/Nikita/Owen, hotel room, tandem, escape, entwined
Nikita/Alex, savior, nightmares, fight, training
Nikita/Birkhoff, student
Nikita/Owen Elliot, guns, confined, freedom, plan, action, guns, fight, sneak, handcuffs, escape, relief, break, cooperation, stakeout, collaboration, bickering, handcuffs, spar, admiration, crush, tease, release, understanding, hunger, needs, sweat, empty spaces, forgiveness, fists, elbows, velcro

Alex/Michael, mat, hand to hand, dress
Alex/Thom, discovery, instinct, desperate, thaw, detachment, use, rage
Amanda/Nikita, control, reversal, teach, fight
Birkhoff/Jaden, computer coding lessons, talking back, respect for authority
Michael/Nikita, once, run, wine, treats, partnership, mentor, ruthless, pining, face, camera
Nikita/Owen, sweaty, swimming, sparring

Nikki & Nora
Nikki/Nora, competition

Ninja Assassin
Mika/Raizo, aftermath, heart, skinship, blood, fight, suppress, rain, coffee, freedom, rescue, patience, flirt, coffee, hotel rooms, leather, scars, library, chains, hiding places, sunny days, undercover, dressed up, broom closet, shower

No Heroics
Alex/Devlin, restroom, mind-games, innuendo, competition

No Ordinary Family
Daphne Powell/Chris Minor, [any]
Daphne Powell/The Watcher, [any], heightened, wrong
Daphne Powell/Trent Stafford, touch, safe, knowing

No Rest For The Wicked
November/Red, woods

M-21/Regis, crush, blushing, chores, cozy
Rai/Frankenstein, loyalty, reward, tea, need

Nodame Cantabile
Nodame/Chiaki, keys, bath, hands, stage

Mireille/Kirika, gunfire, manor, Paris, sand, cocktails

North and South (UK)
Margaret Hale/John Thornton, flowers, love, heat, look, cotton

North and South (US)
Ashton/Charles, wise, unbelievable, shameless, fingertips
Ashton/Madeline, improper, thanks, blackmail, pregnancy, boat, disapproval, parasol, hair, scratch
Augusta/Charles, dawn, past, longing, more
Bent/George, rape, dominance
Bent/Orry, rape, dominance
Billy/Brett, alone, mine, snatched moment, together,
Billy/Charles, snatched moment, other side, painful, need, West Point
Billy/Charles/Brett, alone, together, solution, friendly, natural
Brett/Ashton, despoil, revenge, hate!sex, never, surrender, scared
Constance/Brett, family, sweet, kindness, practicality, wanting
Constance/Isabel, allure, accent
George/Constance, adore, remember, pregnant, afternoon, flour
George/Orry, snow, charisma, distraction, uniforms, difference, warmth, kiss, uniform, conflict, friendship, West Point
George/Stanley, hurt, pain, redemption, forgiveness
George/Stanley/Billy, youth, fun, brotherly
Madeline/Constance, unexpected, warm, pale, sweet

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
Catherine Morland/Henry Tilney, newlyweds, eager, sunshine

Northanger Abbey (any)
Catherine Morland/Mr Tilney, pulpit, mystery, woods, ride, stables, corset, crop, Equus, fantasy, bit, bridle, gallop, confession, swing
Catherine/General Tilney, caught, spanked
Isabelle Thorpe/Captain Tilney, uniform, dance, boots, ankle, bound,
Isabelle Thorpe/Catherine Morland, books, petticoats, Gothic, monks, bathe
Mr Tilney/Mr Thorpe, horses, ride, sadle, gig, bridle, buck, break, pose, crossdressing

Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami
Toru/Midori, gossamer
Toru/Naoko, scarlet

Alicia/T.R., coda

Now & Again
Michael/Lisa, [any]

Alan Eppes/Margaret Eppes/Millie Finch, college, tutor, tips, earn, extra, threesome, swing
Amita Ramanujan/Charlie Eppes, language, theorem, baby, symbol, pegging, sing, married life, important, baby, fear, so?, relatives, taboo, new
Amita/Don, secret, tremble, startle, delicate, skirt
Billy Cooper/Don Eppes, car, rain, carry, punch, freckle, bite, laugh, shine
Charlie Eppes/Colby Granger, mathematics, secrets
Charlie Eppes/Terry Lake, chalk, flirt
Colby Granger/David Sinclair, compromise, tie, rope, beer, stroke, wish, denim, day off, bullet, spark, car, plane, trip, city, country, farm, horse, hero, consider, don't, worry, kind, date, give, cook, music, learning, talk, trust, friend, investigate, joke, rapport, banter, know, happiness, unspoken, competent, courage
Colby Granger/Ian Edgerton, hero, trust, sweat, grin, fugitive, weapon
Don/Terry, [any]
Larry Fleinhardt/Megan Reeves, quiet moments, dates, reminders
Megan/Larry, [any]

Nurse Jackie
Eleanor O'Hara/Zoey Barkow, "Jacks is gone darling. It's about time we accept it.", eccentricity, innocence, beam, chapel, comfort, high, oral, shoes, dinner, teaching, young
O'Hara/Sarah, reunion, phone calls, chapel, scrub room, mile high, hotel, shoe shopping, forgiveness, cheating, breaking

Occult Academy
Maya/Ami, sleepover, play

Ocean's Eleven (movies)
Danny Ocean/Rusty Ryan, lampshade, pajamas, minicooper, allegro, retirement, finished, score, rest, pillow

Setsuko/Yukino, moving in, music, keys, collaboration, confidence, bath, any

Odin Sphere
Cornelius/Velvet, chains, bury, pooka, hood
Gwendolyn/Velvet, blind, power, faint
Ingway/Mercedes, darkova, queen, regal, mask
Ingway/Velvet, secret, despair, command, jewel
Odette/Oswald, dark, sharp, hiss, silk
Onyx/Oswald, debt, burn, heat, tongue, anger
Oswald/Gwendolyn, tone, blood, stars, blue, black

Odyssey 5
Angela Perry/Kurt Mendel, flying, mistakes,
Holly Culverson/Neil Taggart, second chances, first love, music,
Kurt Mendel/Neil Taggart, second chances, experiment, bondage

Off the Map
Any/Any, heat, jungle
Lily/Ben, undertow
Lily/Mina, sweat
Mina/Ryan, body shots, competition, drunk, spanking

Ivan the Apprentice/Mistress, gag, obey, come,falcon
Ivan the Apprentice/Sandoval the Xoan Ambassador, shy, cage, tribute
Ivan the Apprentice/Succubi, horny, distressed
Lesbian Mercenary/Snow Queen, renewal, fur, flowers, slick, traveller

On The Road - Jack Kerouac
Sal/Dean/Marylou, classic, jealousy, concession

Once & Again
Jessie/Katie, better, real, prom

Once a Thief
Li Ann/Mac/Vic, vacation, undercover,
Li Ann/The Director, dancing, reflection,

One For The Morning Glory - John Barnes
Amatus/Calliope, clothes, wine

One Life to Live
Blair/Téa, once, lies, unexpected, love/hate
Brody Lovett/Natalie Banks, secret, stolen moments
Dorian/David, parfait, clothes-swap, attention, competition
Oliver/Kyle, letter, clothes-swap, temptation, morning, patience, graduation, congratulations

One Piece
Bentham/Kidd, makeup
Bentham/Sanji, flexibility, nightclub, dancing
Franky/Nico Robin, team mom/dad, subtlety, gratitude, shameless, silence, smile
Franky/Robin/Brook, music, stars
Johnny/Yosaku, bros
Luffy/Nami, surfacing, hold, arch, impossible, storm
Monkey D. Luffy/Usopp, sunscreen, paint, ocean
Nami/any, treasure, weather, sandals, juicy, greed, strength
Nami/Luffy, bribe, ocean, food, stretch, lightning
Nami/Vivi, bath, backrub, dress-up, perfume
Rayleigh/Shakky, criminal, waiting
Robin/any, fine literature, linguistics, comfort, scratch, silence
Robin/Crocodile, scheme, hands, fur
Sanji/Bonney, starvation, dessert
Sanji/Smoker, smoking cessation, restraint
Trafalgar Law/Perona, surgery, stitches
Vivi/any, sand, Miss Wednesday, heat, bravery
Vivi/Kohza, heat, leader, rain, swords, honor

One Tree Hill
Brooke/Haley, blowjob, tutoring
Brooke/Haley/Peyton, weekends
Brooke/Lucas, last time, jealousy, nicknames, pregnant, auctions, whisper, pretend
Brooke/Peyton, webcam, confession, movie night, care, weakness, the right choice, apology, whip cream, pact, normal, high school
Brooke/Rachel, fantasies, laugh, love/hate, why, masks, dinner, domesticity, you're beautiful, skirts
Jake/Peyton, Savannah, Jenny, someday, basketball, pain, someday, delight, lies, thinking of you, fix me, trapped, hero
Lucas/Peyton, [any]
Nathan/Haley, jealous, mirror, lick, lingerie, cravings, comfort, bruises, hickeys, business, tease, confession, revenge, nail polish, hate!sex, scream, silly, alone time, chocolate, watching
Nathan/Peyton, fresh start, AU, basketball, NBA, mesmerize, ring

Ookiku Furikabutte
Tajima/Shinooka/Hanai, bemused, blackmail, resigned, shoelace

Orlando - Virginia Woolf
Orlando/Princess Sasha, green

Death/Orphée, caress

Othello – Shakespeare
Desdemona/Iago, traitor, passion, apple, truth, infidelity, nature

Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi Fujioka/Hikaru Hitachiin/Kaoru Hitachiin/Kyoya Ootori/Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka/Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka/Tamaki Suoh, [any]
Haruhi Fujioka/Hikaru Hitachiin/Kaoru Hitachiin/Kyoya Ootori/Tamaki Suoh, [any]
Kasanoda/Haruhi, genderfuck, blush
Kasanoda/Tetsuya, yakuza, oaths
Kyouya/Haruhi, explode
Kyouya/Tamaki, endearing, enduring, surprise
Kyouya/Tamaki/Haruhi, forgiveness, share, hunger
Souh Tamaki/Ootori Kyoya, tropical, logistics, oblivious
Haruhi/Kyouya/Tamaki, understanding, possessive, balance
Haruhi/Tamaki, romance, honesty, secrets
Kasanoda/Tetsuya, umbrella, shy, touch, summer, nekomimi
Kyouya/Tamaki, art, business, belong

Out of Africa
Denys/Karen, winter

Out of Sight
Jack/Karen, parole, remember

Chris Keller/Ray Mukada, cock/ball torture, rosary
Sean Murphy/Chris Keller, fear, struggle, dream, longing, unrequited
Sean Murphy/Claire Howell, helpless, guilt, chaos, rough, kink
Sean Murphy/Diane Whittlesey, surprise, bruises, future, lie, breathless
Sean Murphy/Gloria Nathan, slowly, want, night shift, rain
Sean Murphy/Tobias Beecher, confusion, freedom, watch, cold, solitary
Tobias Beecher/Chris Keller, salvation
Tobias Beecher/Kareem Said, heartbeat, trust, denial, hidden, touch

Pandora Hearts
Gil/Vincent, dark, past, memory, obsession
Leo/Elliot, smile, sarcasm, school, library, clothes

Pan's Labyrinth
Vidal/any, fear, knifeplay

Paranormalcy - Kiersten White
Evie/Lend, everchanging, oral, many faces = many tongues

Parenthood (2010)
Adam/Sarah, homecoming, needy, crash, bound, intimate, mine
Alex/Haddie, graduation, first time, prom, secret
Amber/OFC, discovery, outsider, roommate
Crosby/Jasmine, experimenting, fun, honeymoon
Julia/OFC, [any]

Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Mikey/Parker/Jerry, the jacket, buds, first time, secret base, coolness

Parks and Recreation
Andy/April, chances, swapping clothes, ridiculous, crossdressing, summer, sex hair, motorcycle chicks are hot, playing nurse
Ann/April, babysitting, ew
Ann/Ben/Chris/Leslie, stratosphere, drunk
Ann/Chris, enthusiasm
Ann/Leslie, finerless gloves, practice date, relax, too much wine, I love you, by that you mean?, shutdown, afternoon, bernaise, classical, vandalism, unexpected
Ann/Mark, first date, wine
Ben/Chris, boss
Ben/Derek/April, dance, bathroom, drink, whatever
Ben/Leslie, drunk, beer, karaoke, parks, swings, playground tunnl
Leslie/April, mosaic
Leslie/Dave, reunion
Leslie/Ron, trial, bacon, confession, frustrating, appreciation, Janet Reno, awe, happy, nooner, puzzles, breakfast, celebration
Ron/April, apocalypse, gun, breakfast, code, desk, spanking
Tom/Justin, crush, stallion
Tom/Ron, politics

Ted/Jake, blood, wall, possessive

Pawns & Symbols - Majliess Larson
Jean/Tirax, fantasy, dagger, naked, AMTDI

Peacemaker Kurogane
Hijikata/Okita, lost youth, fire and ice, slow, blood, open, interruption, giggle

Marcie/Peppermint Patty, [any]

Pegasus - Robin McKinley
Redfora/Oraan, vision, magic, untold, escape
Sylvi/Ebon, flight, forbidden, bond, secret, caves, mane, hands, feathers, night

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rich Riordan
Annabeth/Rachel, black and white, red temptation
Annabeth/Thalia, rules, sunlight, build
Artemis/Thalia, chase, meadows, linen
Athena/Poseidon, crash, ocean, submit
Grover/Percy, satyr, myths, fur, curiosity
Luke/ Percy, concubine, betrayal, scars, swords, monsters, despise, taunt, reach, better
Luke/Annabeth, dirt, broken, cold, never
Nico/Rachel, the company's much improved, bending the rules, kiss and tell, watch me
Nico/Percy, [any], Cabin Three, caught, high school, cheerleaders, goth, River Styx, swordfighting, water
Nico/Annabeth, while you were out
Percy/Annabeth, fate, tilt, water, grow, grab, possessive, wall, nice suit, be gentle, dirty talk
Percy/Annabeth/Nico, established, architecture, little brother, one of us needs to go first, black silk
Percy/Calypso, drugged, sunshine, forever, spring, toga
Percy/Rachel, beard (facial hair), tongues, paint, no regrets, experimentation, paint, hidden, grass, travel, lost, found, cater, wit, vision, darkness, wicked, silver, faith
Percy/Rachel/Annabeth, team, mock, slow, imagine
Percy/Rachel/Nico, unlikely
Sally/Poseidon, space, drown, dancing, pride, queen, forever, bright, reason, undertow, instinctual
Thalia/Luke, run, first, virgin, vow, family, annabeth, tree, reunited, fate
Will Solace/Rachel Dare, does your father know, friends with benefits, guitar solo, on the piano

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Apollo/Perseus Jackson, wine, mischief, prank, challenge

Perfect Girl Evolution (aka The Wallflower)
Noi/Sunako, brilliant, darkness, touch, soft, marks, mirrors, binding, lace, desire, thirst, open, hush, dress up, trust, breathless
Ranmaru/Sunako/Kyouhei, need, confusion, accident
Sunako/Kyohei, swords, uniform, teeth, rope, horror, exposed, rescue, control, unseeing, knife-edge, glitter, scorch, appetites, speed, breath, ropeburn, bondage, slasher, bloodplay
Sunako/Ranmaru, self-defense, played, emerge

Persona (1966 film)
Elisabet/Alma, acting a role, words

Persona 2
Tatsuya/Jun, masks, guilt
Maya/Tatsuya, forbidden, fidelity, regret

Persona 3
Arisato Minato/Hayase Mamoru, challenges, vacation
Arisato Minato/Hiraga Keisuke, playing doctor, bandages, gentle, shy
Arisato Minato/President Tanaka, love hotel, hate sex, surprises
Fuuka/Natsuki, socks, watch, regret, e-mail
Junpei/Chidori, paint, lace, mystery, smile
Minato/Akihiko, picture, training, gloves, sly
Minato/Elizabeth, gold, request, agent, mischief
Misturu/Yukari, mature, underhanded, protocol, boots
Mitsuru/Akihiko, boots, gloves, winter, prize, truth
Shinjiro/Akihiko, kisses, battered, window, midnight, hungry, silence

Persona 4
Naoto/Kanji, identity, boyfriend, costume, handcuffs, certain
Naoto/Rise, performance, contrast, satin, strap-on, prince
Seta Souji/Yousuke Hanamura, school uniforms, sneaking, keeping quiet
Yukiko/Chie, fire, fan, skirt, tease, team, best friends, futon, onsen, prince, princess, reversal, home, shrine, hungry

Persons Unknown
Erika/Janet, children, death, dibs, fire, hurt/comfort, life, [any]
Moira/Tori, after, before, dream, ghost, meds, wish, [any]

Persuasion (any)
Admiral Croft/Captain Wentworth, rough seas, golden hair, alcohol, loss, cramped conditions, care, hammock, war
Captain Wentworth/Dick Musgrove, rememberance, homesick, clumsy, teach

Pet Shop of Horrors
Count D/Leon, pet, suspicion, lost, tied, bound, sweet, warmth, heat, power, drugged, fractal, claim

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
Franziska/Phoenix, whip, victory, flawless, revenge
Maya/Phoenix, office, desk, channeling
Miles/Phoenix, rivalry, elevator, darkness

Pillars of the Earth (mini-series)
Jack/Aliena, meadow, freedom

Pinocchio/Lampwick, island

Pirate Radio
Simple Simon/'Young' Carl, awkward, shy, [any]
The Count/Gavin Cavanagh, comerades, Rolling Stones, music, rock, boats, thin walls

Pirates of the Caribbean
Anamaria/Norrington, the gentleman and the she-pirate, no manners, ropes, sword duel, captive
Beckett/Jack, deserved, brand
Calypso/Ragetti, lover, whisper, sweet
Davy Jones/Calypso, tentacle, storm, stolen heart, sails, below deck, eternal, sea
Elizabeth/Anamaria, braggadocio, trust, abstinence, trust me, ropes, two different worlds, pirate
Elizabeth/Jack, curiosity, want, freedom, love, pirate, betrayal, Caribbean, treasure, cage, stand in
Elizabeth/Norrington, unsure, fulfillment, moonlight, naughty, incredible, tan, corset, wind
Elizabeth/Will, day, water, sunset, captain, misery, no damsel in distress, back to you, terrified, spell, drastic measures, happiness, beloved, sands
Jack/Norrington, rum, magic, chances, tease, salt, wine
Jack/Anamaria, sunrise, slap, gone
Jack/Barbossa, finery, pompous, dripping, winner, hats
Jack/Gibbs, storyteller, rum
Jack/Will, didn't mean for this to happen, save me, stubborn, hold, kind, stereotype, dreams, clumsy, crush, virgin, angst, eternity, immortality, father, unresolved, captain, sea
Pintel/Ragetti, sweating, crime, skinny, literature

Pitch Black
Caroline Fry/Riddick, uncompromising, captain, courage, survival, grease, knives, break, skin, enclosed spaces, again, scars, planet, light, strong, sunlight, cover
Jack/Riddick, animal, cage, hero worship, running, shine-job, throat, sand, cold, smooth, blade, itch, shadows

Pocahontas (Disney)
Pocahontas/John Smith, adultery, natural, femdom, sensual, wild, captivated, AU, stamina, play, thighs, clothing

Point Pleasant
Christina/Judy, darkness, evil, humanity, trust

Hercule Poirot/any, little grey cells, rumpled

Jessie/James, [any]

Brooke/Nicole, second place
Mary Cherry, bet, bizarre, no thank you

Possession (2009 movie)
Roman/Jess, new world order, palimpsest, A for effort, sweeter

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Connor/Trent, strength, white knight, shoulder to lean on

Power Rangers
Tommy/Billy, homecoming, memories

Powerful Opponents
Cha Young Jin/Kang Su Ho/Yoo Gwan Pil, hobbies, judo, lesson, privacy, protect, tease, wait, arrive, rain, hug, fever, dress, undercover, thigh-holster

Powerpuff Girls
Ace/Buttercup, rule-breaking
Buttercup/Butch, fighting words, tearing apart
Sedusa/Femme Fatale, educate, reputation, pride, solidarity

Practical Magic (1998 film)
Sally/Gillian, safe, guardian, care, blood

Predators (2010)
Royce/Isabelle, fingers, home, warmth, stolen moment, survival, hidden, muffle, rushed

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action)
Ami/Nephrite, secret, dark, power, innocence, human, gift, cookies
Makoto/Motoki, alone, movie, found
Mamoru/Usagi, cape, moonlight, skirt, destruction, dream,
Minako/Rei, camera, memories, future, shoes, uniform, princess, second chance

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Ami/Usagi, mercury, longing, stalking, calculated, second place, darkness, innocent, freezing

Pretty Little Liars
Alison/Hanna, plans, summer
Aria/Ezra, sneaking around, water, bar sex, kitchen counter, pregnant, desk, cards, grading papers, test, teasing, high, lip gloss, high heels, future, class, jukebox, prop, car, movies, hidden, reveal, skirt
Aria/Spencer, [any], bookworm, suspicious, date
Aria/Hanna, scared, breakup, pink, entwine, secrets, party, college, adventure
Darren/Hanna, handcuffs, kitchen, interrogation, locker
Emily/Hanna, pool, practice, future, dance, candles, sleepover, different, loud, caught, kitchen, prom, curious, closet, want, kink, forest
Emily/Maya, beauty, rebellion, first love, kisses, picture, date, vampires
Emily/Toby, complicated, bisexuality, desire, exploration, first time, gasp, silence
Hanna/Spencer, losing it, adrenaline, calories, good enough, quiet, sweet, money, tennis lesson
Hanna/Lucas, secret, accident, vodka, porch, wheel chair, hospital, memorial, help, crush, hickey, shame
Hanna/Wilden, forbidden, sassy, scratch
Jenna/Toby, wrong, power, substitute, fear
Melissa/Spencer, A, temperature, childhood bedroom, ties, scarf, finding out, consent play, gags, jogging, trade, wrong, competition, secret
Noel/Ezra, blackmail
Spencer/Toby, band together, innocent, investigation, corners, listen, comfort, mystery, secret, note, hinder, past, inexperience
Toby/Emily/Maya complete, safe, rebellion, secret agenda

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Bingley/Jane, white, flowers, fingers
Charlotte Lucas/Elizabeth Bennet, future, yearning, strange, wisdom, hat, gloves, mud
Darcy/Elizabeth, us, dance, trust, glance, touch, jealousy, understanding, mist, nature, passion, tough, control, possession, change, strange, [any]
Georgiana Darcy/Colonel Fitzwilliam, first time, war, duel

Pride and Prejudice (any)
Bingley/Darcy, practice, lend a hand, nerves, brothers, instinct
Caroline Bingley/Jane Bennet, carriage, test, envy
Darcy/Wickham, burn, hatesex, candle, persuade, church, desk, bound, bite, blood, beautiful, brothers, punish, beg, university, share, wanton, experiment, youth, crop, dark, spy, learn, bower, reckless, instinct, carefree, love, delicate, sooth, sport,
Jane Bennet/Mr Bingley, first, nerves, new life, soft, lick, red, smile, shy, gloves, church, propriety, in-laws
Kitty/Lydia, explore, corrupt, dresses
Mr Collins/Mr Darcy, height, flattery, speechless, instruction, fantasy

Abby Maitland/Caroline Steel, rematch, forgotten, intensity, favorite things, flirtation, sugar, dislike
Abby Maitland/James Lester, secret, safe, protect, broken
Abby Maitland/Jess Parker, heels, control, stark, fingers and thumbs, kickstart
Abby/Becker, return, alone, practical, lovely, ridiculous, creature, brother, cage
Abby/Becker/Connor, missed, formed, together
Abby/Stephen, used, anger, whatever, fickle, puzzle, tight, anomaly, dinosaur, trapped, apartment
Becker/Conner, protect, serve, stealth, crying, urchin, dragon, healing, doctor, celebration, lost, found, worry, stubble, off-line, toes, friction, wildlife, science, gun, strawberries, relief, kiss, burden, mouth, reunion, blood, exile, mourning
Becker/Danny, cold, tease, wall, warmth, winter, comfort, past, checkers, "Bang!", security, danger, missing, found, anomaly, solider boy, guns, name
Becker/Danny/Matt, blind, choice, entwined, scars, touch, thrill, future, imaginary, homecoming, light, France, loss
Becker/Matt, accident, invitation, trouble, bullet holes, fangs, mattress, belt, heart, guidelines, present, Everest, bite, hands, instinct, rain, salt
Claudia Brown/Helen Cutter, party, future, here's the fun, movement
Connor Temple/Abby Maitland, games, trust, restraints, blindfold, spanking, outdoors, embarrassment, geeky, first time, arc, finally, need, pets, geek, adorkable, survival, foraging, improvisation, return, decimate
Connor/Matt, sick, glasses, blanket, gossip, frustration, disorganized
Hilary Becker/Jessica Parker, gun, computer, blackout, drug, window, stalker, home, healing
Jenny Lewis/Sarah Page, translations, fingertips, if you're lucky, tease, short skirts
Nick/Claudia, [any]
Nick/Helen/Stephen, first, anger, delay
Nick/Jenny, [any]
Nick/Stephen/Helen, pawn, stuck in the middle, loyalties,

Prince of Persia
Bis/Dastan, sleepy, punch, dagger, future, joke, clean, noise
Dastan/Garsiv/Tus, groan, good intentions, promise, company, jewellery
Dastan/Tamina, tease, dance, belief, sand, paint

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)
Dastan/Tamina, cyclic, consort

Prince of Tennis
Atobe/Sanada, silencing, hot, rival, musical
Fuji/Yukimura, hospital, family, found-out, switch, playful
Fuji/Yuuta, cranky, arguments, negotiations, secrecy, exasperation, surprises, laughter, teasing, grace, growing up
Mizuki/Yuuta, calculations, skewing, sleek, power, hands, cherries, temptations, seductions, loyalty
Niou/Yagyuu, au, exhibitionism, trick
Saeki/Yuuta, laughing, buddies, surprises, strawberries, movies, making out, schoolwork, goofing off
Sanada/Kirihara, size, kouhai, wicked, teasing, grace, humor, facade, granite
Tezuka/Atobe, pride, rivals, loyalty, luxury
Tezuka/Sanada, traditionalism, tea, silences, training, uncompromising
Tezuka/Yukimura, captain, defeat, practice, outside, meetings, games, control, release, willfulness, hard, challenge, game, sweat, shower, towel, wet
Yagyuu/Niou/Yanagi, mastery, laughter, data, mischief, checkmate
Yanagi/Kirihara, dexterous, video game, impatient
Yukimura/Fuji, smiles, genderswap
Yukimura/Niou, muddled, fingers, teasing, secret
Yukimura/Sanada, kimono, tennis, matched, loyalty, limits, soaring, thunderstorm, dragons, possessiveness, smile, durability, storms, danger, future, secrets
Yukimura/Sanada/Kirihara, lessons, stretch, goals, moving, kotatsu, loyalty
Yukimura/Sanada/Yanagi, balance, control, domination, perfection, battle, security, reward, skill, logistics, onsen

Princess Tutu
Ahiru/Fakir/Mythos/Rue, feathers, ink, jeté, sheets, doll, strings, storyland, sword

Prison Break
Lincoln/Sara, quickie, secret, guilt
Michael/Lincoln, gift, rough, ties, silk, UST
Michael/Mahone/Sara, flight, cling, distance, pining, grind, heat
Michael/Sara, body heat, hot fugitive sex, I need to know you’re real, honeymoon, tender, desk, prison, paper crane, trust, hair
Michael/Sara/Lincoln, apologies, bossy Sara, hideaway, snow, fireplace, quiet
Michael/Sara/Sofia, pampering
Sara/Jane, fun
Sara/Jane/Michael/Lincoln, watching, teasing, challenging
T-Bag/LJ, reluctancy, compulsion, guidance
T-Bag/Michael, rest, obsession
T-Bag/Tweener, safety, fondness

Private Practice
Addison/Amelia, finally, long time, break ups, booze, Manhattan, beach, wine, shock, sisters, comfort, alcohol, admiration, love
Addison/Charlotte, latex, leather, opposites, surprises
Addison/Kevin, lights, uniform, boots, run, sand, pasta, holidays, beds, washing
Addison/Naomi, best, competition
Addison/Sam, bath, heartbeat, darkness
Violet/Cooper, before, unrequited, crush, memory

Professor Layton
Layton/Clive, forgiveness, puzzle, size, unmasked
Herschel Layton/Don Paolo, sinister, gentleman, proper, puzzle, nightmare

Jim Profit/Bobbi Stokowski, offer, youth, steal, no strings.
Jim Profit/Gail Koner, silk, listen, confidence, wicked, heartbeat.
Jim/Joanne, likeness, nails, beneath

Alex Mercer, biomass

Psy series - Nalini Singh
Sascha/Lucas/Hawke, mating-bond, lies, discover, new, empathy, shift, outdoors, heal, confront, consider

Burton Guster/Adam Hornstock, nervous
Carlton Lassiter/Juliet O'Hara, post-S5, Yang, kiss, stress, breakdown, sanity, five, future, together, tact
Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer, supine, restrain, shoulder, sprawl
Gus/Lassiter, history, ties, hands
Gus/Shawn, transform, ridiculous, hats, you know that's right, mpreg, superhero, driving, sidekick, underestimate
Gus/Shawn/Juliet/Lassiter, any, trying to fit on one bed, cinnamon, sex-pollen, phonesex, handcuffs, "friendcest", inevitable, surprise, awkward, wait, "Spengussitara"
Juliet O'Hara/Karen Vick, concern, department mandated counseling, secrets, workplace dalliances, spanking
Juliet O'Hara/Lauren Lassiter, [any]
Juliet/Lassiter, sunglasses, water, challenge, choices, busted, really, not happy, one day, smell, hands, maturity, gun-fetish, tall, holster, tie
Juliet/Shawn, Top Gun roleplay, teacher/student, spanking, confession, honest, jealous, vision, fraud
Polar!Carlton Lassiter/Our!Juliet O'Hara, dimension-hopping, universe, anomaly, switch, shared, dreams, wizard
Polar!Juliet O'Hara/Our!Carlton Lassiter, dimension-hopping, universe, anomaly, switch, shared, dreams, wizard
Shawn Spencer/Burton Guster/Abigail Lytar, functional, threesome, reasonable, answer, solution, perfect

Milla/Sasha, party, dancing, secret

Nick/Cassie, running, smart ass, not so little anymore, drawn, need, jealousy, Hong Kong, running, run, motel, unexpected
Nick/Cassie (grown), normal, argument, knives, seeing, dilemma, aggressive, alone, hurt, surprise, art, longing
Pop Girl/Cassie (grown), future, eyes, rivalry, equals, rage

Pushing Daisies
Chuck/Ned, almost
Chuck/Ned/any, proxy
Chuck/Olive, mango, slippery, zipper

Quantum Gravity – Justina Robson
Lila Black/Teazle/Zal, animosity, contrasts, orange, machinery

Quantum of Solace (2008)
James Bond/Felix Leiter, rage, moonlight, strip poker, hiding, surprise, bloody

Queen of the Damned (movie)
Jesse/Lestat, blood, hunting, jewels, leather, playful, red, sheets, silk, silver, stars, tease, trust

Queen's Thief series - Megan Whalen Turner
Attolia/Eddis, riding, queens
Attolia/Eugenides, scream, prick
Costis/Eugenides, red, offers

Queer as Folk (UK)
Stuart Jones/Vince Tyler, late nights, lie-ins, anniversaries, TARDIS, gossip

Queer as Folk (US)
Brian/Justin, grin, fingers, drunk, hungover, feel good
Brian/Michael, first time
Drew/Emmett, score, try it, switch, touchdown, amazing discoveries
Justin/OMC, replacement

Ranma ½
Kuno/Nabiki, bokken, curves, possesive, money, public, marriage

Rant - Chuck Palahniuk
Echo/Rant, taste, time travel, sorry, coin, crash, deep, strange

Boyd/Ives, scent, temptation, folly

Read Or Dream
Yomiko/Nenene, storybook, fantasy, library

Real Genius
Chris Knight/Jordan Cochran/Mitch Taylor, experiment, rocket, fissure, ocean, Antarctica, surf, knee, lift

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier
Maxim/Narrator, schoolgirl, blush, comparison

Red (2010)
Frank/Sarah, normal, undercover, knives
Ivan/Victoria, three, music, vodka, duty, thrill, older & wiser

Red Dead Redemption
John Marston/any, honour

Red Dwarf
Ace Rimmer/Kristine Kochanski/Spanners Lister, sharing, caring, kind, pecs, whole, cigarettes, cigars, ice
Anyone/Cat, virginity, expectations, surprise, promiscuity, shameless, lick, naked, dressed, pet, scratch, bite, drunk, consent, anger, anatomy, control, screech, scratch, lingerie, silk, masculine, portraits, shoulderpads, tongue
Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer, rimmer, new, many, Lise, shower, hose, jacuzzi, bored, boundaries, alone, isolation, frotting, space, desire, memory, comfort, bet, prank, copy, virtual, touch, revenge, apology, death, submission, benefits, weak, game, owe, order, talking, reality, hatefuck, tender, neatness, boredom, dreadlocks, bunk, pornography, parallel universe
Dave Lister/Cat, curry, vanity, boredom, fun, cockpit, exploration, cramped, grotty, gorgeous, options, slob
Dave Lister/Kristine Kochanski, before, pinball, crumbs, simple
Dave Lister/Lise Yates, amazing, fear, diverge, between
Dave Lister/Lise Yates/Arnold Rimmer, how, Kochanski, never, hotel
Deb Lister/Arlene Rimmer, fleas, toys, porn, medicinal, frustration
Holly/Arnold Rimmer, projections, everything
hologram-Dave Lister/Kristine Kochanski, opera, Austen, rastabilly, lager, smashed, birthday, equilibrium
Kristine Kochanski/Nirvanah Crane, hard, after, options, AU, commander, compassion, AR
Kryten/Holly, simulation, stimulation, epistolary, function, repair, ancient, plug, mind, servitude
Low Lister/Low Rimmer, crash, holo-whip, pain, rough, submit, leather, eyeliner, lipstick, gold, hat, chemicals, taste, music, differences
Nirvanah Crane/Holly, upsides, download, technology, neural, simulate

Red Eye
Jackson/Lisa, fake, later

Red vs Blue
Church/Tex, aggression, snarl, need, release
Grif/Simmons, aggravation, sneaking, secret, cyborg parts

David Sandstrom/any, biochemistry, hotel rooms, vices, addictions

Remember the Daze
Brianne/Dawn, secret, closet

Mark/Roger, summer
Mimi/Maureen, living, frailty

Repo! The Genetic Opera
Amber/Luigi, bruises, choke, narcissus
DJ Granny/any, dominatrix
Nathan/Shilo, hypnotic, lullaby, short skirts

Repulsion (1965)
Carol/Helen, white

Rescue Me
Tommy/Janet, catch, tonight, Christmas

Reservoir Dogs
White/Orange, twist in the tale

Resident Evil (games)
Ashley Graham/Luis Sera - wink, offended, skirt, treasure, smile, protection, eyeroll
Chris Redfield/Albert Wesker, memory, lost chances, potential, voice, admiration, obsession, sunglasses, denial, threat, possessiveness, training, impulses, equilibrium, red, stakeout, betrayal, insidious, crush, choke, scars, wait, rage
Chris Redfield/Jill Valentine, deserted, inseparable, exhaustion, playful, trust, cities, frost
Chris Redfield/Leon Kennedy, flirt, hair, boots, walls, mornings, teamwork, jealousy, tension, trapped, hungover, knife, reload, underwater, attack, handshake, nap
Rebecca Chambers/Billy Coen - piano, reunion, tease, blush, annoying, dog tags, emergency, lost, underestimate

Resident Evil (series) - S.D. Perry
Claire Redfield/Rebecca Chambers, blackout, catch, dark, elevator, flashlights, giggle, hands, hidden, humour, injured, instinct, lucky, mint, nightmares, quiet, steady, tension
Jill Valentine/Rebecca Chambers, protective, S.T.A.R.S, steal, training, young

Resident Evil
Alice/Claire, desert, forgotten, return, broken, loss, power, handcuffs, dirt, shower, urgent

Resonance of Fate
Vashyron/Leanne/Zephyr, water

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Anthy/Utena, choose, free, smile, petals, fruit, sun
Kozue/Miki, milkshake, piano, teeth
Shiori/Juri, tear, sadist, hurt, beautiful, love, locket, photo
Touga/Saionji, kendo, duel, eternal

RG Veda
Kendappa/Souma, water, music, gentle, kiss
Taishakuten/Ashura-ou, destiny, goodbye, denial, tender, possessive

Rin/Shoko, safe, love

Rio Bravo
Colorado Ryan/Dude, danger, graze, heat, respect, shaky, lonesome nights, winter, secrets, riding, public sex

Allegra/Matt Ellman/Samuel Clemens/Tomoe Gozen, any
Allegra/Samuel Clemens, cigars, passion, respect, smoke
Allegra/Tomoe Gozen, gems, growl, interior, newness, shiny
Matt Ellman/Samuel Clemens, beard, compatriot, curiosity, waiting
Matt Ellman/Tomoe Gozen, cold, fix, partner, rain, smudged

Rizzoli & Isles
Barry/Maura/Jane, bra, awkwardness
Jane/Maura, anatomy lessons, Maura's college experimentation, roleplay, pat down, strap-on, baseball, exam, handcuffs, wishes, bedtime, healing, touch, penetration, haunted, toys, rum, texting, careful, pride, giggles, knowing, parents, safe, hiding, turtle, hands, alcohol, photoshoot, badass, want
Maura/Barry, immersion therapy, shut up, comfort, outburst, clue
Maura/Frankie Jr., my sister's best friend, immortality, debt, life, power, alone

Huck/Lizzie, record player

Robin Hood (2006)
Jax/Will, shawl, scarf, Crusade, [any]
Robin/Marion, twig, moss, veil, bees, alone, Nightwatcher, target practice, distractions

Robin Hood (2010)
Marian/Robin, wedding night, dancing, starlight, fingers

Robin of Sherwood
Belleme/Will, spell
Bertrand/Marion, moat
Nasir/Sarak/Will, bow

Archy/Handsome Bob, education, alternative, substitution
Archy/Johnny Quid, father, poison, violence, silence, gulf, irrevocable, 1 phone call, smoke, memories, rehab, music, tease, toy, crush, disaster, sore, laugh, tease, gun, held down, mouth
Archy/One Two, attitude
Archy/Victor, parallel, loyalty, extraction, payment, price
Handsome Bob/Bertie, blindfold, lips, bruises
Handsome Bob/Mumbles, wild, confession, One Two, friend, twist, discovery, five-stretch, franks and beans all day long
Handsome Bob/Mumbles/One Two, thirst, transparent, winner, shy, blanket, grumpy, adrenaline, suit, wild, cars, leather gloves, drinks, poker
Handsome Bob/One Two, around, night, gay clubs, dancing, friends with benefits, pornography, long kiss, mouth, dance, bed, tied down, saved, fuck, cock, crush, jealous, backroom, secret, not-gay, desire, scream, moan, acquired taste, blow job, drunk, bar, jealous, Stella, painting, thieves, seduction, longing, blow job, virgin, heat, tremble, need, curiosity, love, discovery, jealous, ache, backseat, natural, identification
Johnny Quid/Handsome Bob, tongue, vitriol, honey
Johnny Quid/Pete, high, addictive, perfection
Victor/Uri, suspicion, protection, devotion

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Brad/Janet/Frankenfurter, debauched, hysterics, make up, transvestites

adult!Octavian/Octavia, possessive
Antony/Atia, marriage, triumph, red
Antony/Octavia, possession, schemes, brother, lust, bite, hair
Brutus/Servilia, Oedipus
Vorenus/Pullo, brother, battle, good, loyalty, words, lamb, Hades, Mars, desert, scars, fight, armor

Romeo and Juliet – Shakespeare
Mercutio/Tybalt, hatesex
Romeo/Juliet, [any], silence, destiny, sorrow, passion, oath, bite, sweet, tease, discovery

Romeo Must Die
Han/Trish, balcony, sneaky, pizza, ice cream, driving, tender, flirtatious, dancing, private, wall, lipstick, flexible, shower, illicit, back of the shop

Rookie Blue
Andy McNally/Luke Callaghan, reassurance, hot, swimming, gaze, direct, missing
Andy McNally/Luke Callaghan/Sam Swarek, new, accidental, morning
Gail Peck/Chris Diaz, surrender, squad car, risk, hotel, shower
Gail Peck/Dov Epstein, explore, slow, smile, relax, alcohol
Noelle Williams/Chris Diaz, scars, future, lonely, search
Noelle Williams/Luke Callaghan, day off, secret, rush, comfort, enjoy
Sam Swarek/Andy McNally, argue, stranded, late, morning, beach, isolation, bite, longing, watch, reckless, territory

Alex/Kyle, straight
Isabel/Kyle, secret, trash, pontificate, silence, annoyed, reconstitute
Isabel/Maria, collar, lips, silver, Michael
Isabel/Max/Michael/Tess, bacchanalia, four-square, history, royalty, possession, marked
Isabel/Tess, strength, indulgence, pegging, sugar
Jim Valenti/Jeff Parker, camping
Jim Valenti/Kyle, football
Jim Valenti/Max, dust
Jim Valenti/Michael, darkness
Kathleen Topolsky/Liz, stars
Kyle/Max, angst
Liz/Ava, kitten, piercings
Liz/Isabel, icy, leather
Liz/Maria/Isabel, relax
Liz/Max, seeking, honeymoon, deny, flowers
Liz/Tess, ice, heatwave, cherries, motel
Max/Tess, nostalgia, sense-memory, passion, fingertips, seduce
Michael/Isabel, dreams, destiny, Las Vegas, on the road, tempt, powers
Michael/Maria, lips, uniform, rain, revenge, scars, family, lust, exasperated, tease, skinny dipping, heatwave, make-up, cold, friends, serious, finger, wind, oblong
Michael/Tess, betrayed, lust, power, fire, smolder
Tess/Ava/Isabel/Lonnie, mirrors

Royal Pains
Divya/Emily, surprise, never, battle, game, control, best, hatesex
Hank/Divya/Evan, guilty, simple, family
Jill/Divya, rationalization, innocent, quickie, tipsy, friendship, bridesmaid, simple
Tucker/Ollie, secret, comfort, naughty, promise, repressed, innocent, awkward, phonesex, bet, dare, prank, sharing, brotherly, weird, dream, crush, skinny-dipping, push

The Royal Tenenbaums
Eli Cash/Margot Tenenbaum/Richie Tenenbaum, comfort, push, hold, car, dream, rope, elided, open, wall

Kale Ingram/Walter Carrington/Will Travers, welcome, belonging, bondage, dominance, surrender, warm, cared-for, watching, whip
Miles/Tanya, late nights, stale coffee, intrigue, danger

Tommy/Phil, high school, drama, first time, uncertain unrequited feelings

Gert Yorkers/Chase Stein, romance, smart, Lace, run, alley
Karolina/Xavin, shifting, sunlight

Rurouni Kenshin
Enishi/Kenshin, hair, white plums, snow, revenge, obsession, fine line between love and hate
Kenshin/Tomoe, snow, sword, mirror, soul, loss, hair, sunset, Otsu, peace, first time, marriage, experimentation, the lion and the lamb
Saitou/Kenshin, tying him so tightly he won't be able to get away, alley, bridge, swords, genderswap, possessiveness', old enemies, blood, war torn city

Shannon/Lawson, crime, beer, touch, Australia Day

Sabrina (1954)
Linus/Sabrina, Paris, married, love, business, meetings

Sailor Moon (anime)
Diamond/Usagi, worship, dubcon
Diamond/Usagi/Sapphire, dubcon, hypnotism
Seiya/Usagi, blindfolds, pretending the other is someone else, persuasion, teasing, oral fixation, wings, worship

Sailor Moon
Ami/Zoisite, ice cream, book, plead
Luna/Artemis, human, obvious, lively, free
Makoto/Nephrite, love, cooking, certain
Mamoru Chiba/Usagi Tsukino, [any], wish, parallel, wet, play, massage, naughty, challenge, wild, mission, momento, lives, reincarnation, coffee
Minako/Kunzite, [any], past, destined, adore, hurried,
Prince Endymion/Princess Serenity, [any], tomorrow, never, high, power, goodbye, patience, moon
Rei/Jadeite, pristine, sullied, fate, unexpected

Saint Seiya
Shiryu/Ohko, fight, honour
Shiryu/Seiya, loyalty, strength, fun

Saiunkoku Monogatari
Eiki/Enjun/Shou, supernatural, youth, deceit, ally, friend, lover, destiny, history, responsibility, silk, distance
Juusan-hime/Ryuuki/Shuurei, politics, trust, ambition, attraction, learning, future, pond, palace, travel, happiness
Juusan-hime/Shuurei, choice, costume, new, peace, dreams, sword, crimson, hair, defend
Kouyuu/Shuuei, future, friendship, guide, family, together, respect, protect, brilliant, confront

Gojyo/Hakkai, vines, secret, liquor, limiters, spill, knifeplay

Sally Lockhart series – Phillip Pullman
Sally Lockhart/Daniel Goldberg, paper, letters, speech, cards, pistol, party, fighting crime, labour, dressing up

Evelyn Salt/Peabody, boss, maps, hiding, fugitive

Adam Worth/Nikola Tesla, gnat, enthusiasm, school, initiation, advantage, heightened, alabaster, row
Ashley Magnus/Kate Freelander, leather, vibrator, adrenaline, jack off, post-crisis, frustration, assimilate, tequila, deny, underhand, wet
Ashley Magnus/Sylvio Rudd, laughter, friends with benefits, currency, docks, 3:38AM, second guess, Lisbon, you owe me, hands on, teach, surprising, custom-made, dive bar
Ashley Magnus/Henry Foss, tired, flying, ripped, struggle, power, acting, spill, fight
Helen Mangus/Allison Grant, mango lassi, sanskrit, kama sutra, vacation, tea, perfume, spirit, ruminate
Helen Magnus/Ark Fong Li, restful, update, yearn, whisper, languorous, mindful, sleeping with the boss, any
Helen Magnus/Henry Foss, independence, AU, sanctuary network, code push, mid-life crisis, grief, tantamount, New City, bazaar, objection, control, ingénue, fellowship, any
Helen Magnus/James Watson, books, substitutes, pleasure, labor, Titanic, anniversaries, necessary, kindness or cruelty
Helen Magnus/John Druitt, once burned, library, blood, all tied up, watching, experiment, clothing, scars, monsters, scream, memory, silk, travelling, nightmares, forgiveness, fingers, undressing, poetry, demons, memories, corset, Cambodia, fantasies, midnight, edge, sharp, betray, period costume, reset, withheld, site, radio, always, pain, order, control
Helen Magnus/John Druitt/James Watson, good victorians don't, unintended, experiments, old friends, proper, lace
Helen Magnus/John Druitt/Nikola Tesla, the good old days, left, survive, hold on
Helen Magnus/John Druitt/Nikola Tesla/James Watson, WWII, letters, brief, restraint
Helen Magnus/John Druitt/Nigel Griffin/Nikola Tesla/James Watson, The Five, mad science, drugs, source blood, Victorian, propriety
Helen Magnus/Kate Freelander, nubbins, drunk, vibrator, love, Amsterdam, violin, caper, victory, caine, laughter, hip-hop, initiation, trust, memories
Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla, always-a-female!Nikola, vampire!Helen, scrutiny, develop, inevitable, not perfect, holographic pornography, dark side, resurrection, S&M, sensible footwear, checkmate, flowers, wine, fierce, teeth, snark, puzzle, experiment, bedroom door, curtains, invention, electricity, underwire, cunnilingus, illuminate, boots, garter, circle, keats, vienna, rogue, nails, shush, insomnia, current, still a monster, wine cellar, kink, jealousy, history
Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla/James Watson, grief, talented, change
Helen Magnus/Pili, salaam alaikum, hair, hijab, modest, beautiful, irreverent
Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman, mind control, late, fruit, time travel, newspaper, silk slip, inappropriate, different ending, on the edge, admiration, first time, 2016, Shanghai, worry, misfit, tether, trust, revel, afterlife, an education, infection, stairway to heaven, college hijinks, multiple orgasms, ridiculous, unexpected
Henry Foss/Bigfoot, surfing, history, soup
Henry Foss/Nikola Tesla, feral, whimper, piston, codemonkey, autobiography, futurefic AU, postapocalypse, first time, last time, experiment, Taipei 101, East Houston Street, hero worship, clt+alt+del, cliche, apprentice, piercings, overcoat, fireplace, silver, transformation, evil!Henry, renew, scope, collar, hands-on, any
Henry Foss/Will Zimmerman, change, Guinness, leprechauns, England, new guy, shy, supply closet
Henry Foss/Declan, [any]
James Watson/Declan, leisure, perks, understanding, on becoming modern
James Watson/Nikola Tesla, love and war, challenge, synergy, contraption
John Druitt/James Watson, tea, before
John Druitt/Nikola Tesla, push, control, blood
John Druitt/Nikola Tesla/James Watson, electricity, blood, power play
Kali/Will Zimmerman, wanton, dub-con, possession, sari, Mahabharata, offering, devotional, Diwali, believer, spirituality, arachnophobia, Durga, pilgrimage, crushed, plateau, herald, spurned, any
Kate Freelander/Henry Foss, derivative, program, lust, fetch, mixtape, halloween, friends, normal, blankets
Kate Freelander/Jimmy, situational, grief, pain
Kate Freelander/Nikola Tesla, dirty little secret, vintage, mercenary, collaboration, confidant, grudge, any
Kate Freelander/Will Zimmerman, [any], desperate, once, callow, psychoanalyze, belt, fingerless gloves, loose, brilliance, Greece, thunderstorm, bereft, birthday, immaterial, deny, consequence, cops and robbers, total recall, what?, this is not forever, wage, superfluous, intermittent, release, dance, guns, backup, roughplay, exhilarating, tuxedo, PavorNocturnus, post-Kali, h/c, elevator
Nikola Tesla/Will Zimmerman, devilish, long time coming, breakfast in bed, drunk, poetry, snide, irresistible, improve your technique, woo Magnus, talky, pedantic, unusual, bottom!Will, orgasm denial, dastardly, hesitation, free will, reverse psychology, intrigued, smirk, Dracula, lick

Save the Last Dance
Derek/Sarah, strength, grace, shake it

Hilary Faye/Cassandra, tough, prejudice
Hilary Faye/Mary, sin
Hilary Faye/Tia, pray

Saving Face
Vivian Shing/Wil Pang, clothes-shopping, dancing, food, dancing

Saving Grace
Grace/Rhetta, past, holy, sin

Scarecrow & Mrs. King
Lee/Amanda, [any], home alone, natural, silence

Scarecrow Series – Matthew Reilly
Knight/Scarecrow, bounty, freedom, mirror

Scooby Doo
Daphne/Velma, bag, biting, boys, costumes, gag, girls-night-in, glasses, haunted-house, mystery, paddling, rescue, surprise, toys
Shaggy/Velma/Scooby, deserted, glasses, Scooby Snacks

Scooby Doo, Where Are You!
Daphne/Velma, zombie apocalypse

Scott Pilgrim - Bryan Lee O'Malley
Knives/Tamara, cool, soda, here
Natalie 'Envy' Adams/Knives Chau, biggest fan, in common, daggers, too cool for you, revenge
Joseph/Stephen Stills, rough, discovery, relationship, honest, sound, quiet, need
Kim Pine/Knives Chau, makeout, long-distance
Kim Pine/Ramona Flowers, bag
Mobile/Wallace, mindfuck
Ramona Flowers/Roxie Richter, [any]
Scott/Ramona, [any], femdom, wrists
Scott/Ramona/Kim, atlas, sword, picnic
Scott/Wallace, [any], sleeping bag, debt, injury, zombieland, compromise, lesbians, kiss, forgetful, eggs, blanket
Stephen/Wallace, couch, melody, borrowed, trick
Wallace/Jimmy, [any]

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Envy Adams/Stacey Pilgrim, no hard feelings, better, bizarre, long distance, music to my ears
Envy Adams/Ramona, ex, famous, evil, rehearsal, dazzle
Kim Pine/Stacey Pilgrim, any
Lucas Lee/Wallace Wells, action, stalking, fanboy, coffee, leather, mirrors, narcissism

Billy/Stu, mask
Sidney/Tatum, whisper

Denise/Katie, LUG
Denise/Katie/Sunny, filming
Denise/Sunny, eager, chatter
Dr. Cox/Jordan, [any]
Dr. Cox/Kelso, hate
Elliot Reid/Molly Clock, [any], apple-thief, bedding, bonding, elevator, girltalk, lesbian-vibe, yellow, yesterday, bonding, girltalk, vibrator
Elliot/Jordan, Elliot snaps, dom/sub, ball-gag
Elliot/Jordan/Dr. Cox, sharing
JD/Dr. Cox, Janitor, games, winning
JD/Dr. Cox/Jordan, secret
JD/Janitor, mop, repression, anger, penny
JD/Turk, bathtub, chocolate
JD/Turk/Carla/Elliott, 11:59
Todd/anyone, score!

Ryuhou/Scheris, together, music, laughter, sea shore, snow, trip

Sea Patrol
Dutchy/Buffer, replacement, possessive, jealous

Secret Garden
Kim Joo Won/Gil Ra Im, body-switch, stunt, comfort

Cosmo Kramer/Jerry Seinfeld, ordinary
Elaine/Sidrah, spectacular
George/Bonnie/roommate (from "The Label Maker"), velvet
Sidrah/Sue Ellen Mishkie, bra

Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
Ogino Chihiro/Haku, fly, ripple, woman, train, incarnation

Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen
Elinor Dashwood/Colonel Brandon, alone, mistakes, mourning
Colonel Brandon/Marianne, fingers, duet, whimper

Sense and Sensibility (any)
Col. Brandon/Willoughby, contrition, hate, rival, best, swords,
Fanny Dashwood/John Dashwood, dominate, leather, money
Fanny Dashwood/Lucy Steele, punish, corrupt, cajole

Sense and Sensibility (movie)
Colonel Brandon/Marianne, [any], illness, India, fingers, buttons, pianoforte

Shakespeare - A Winter's Tale
Hermione/Paulina, loyalty, years, truth, conviction, hope, sorrow, beauty, touch, familiar, home, know

Shaman King
Hao/Yoh, any
Horohoro/Yoh, any
Tao Ren/Yoh, any

Sharp Teeth - Toby Barlow
Lark/Bonnie, comfort, rain, independence, bloodlust

Zach/Shaun, beach, home, permanent, story, nude, beach, sunset, alone, capable, eruption, new, newbie, outdoors, adventure, pain, patience, power, rapture, romance, slow, sun, sweat, sweet, watching, willing

Adam/Adora, royal, shared secret, power, no one else knows, blood, sword, honor, understand, double life
Adora/Catra, rebellion, sharp, forgiveness, purr, mask, spell, lust
Adora/Glimmer, princess, ivory towers, getting dirty, rebels
Frosta/Mermista, ice, melt, sea salt, chill, warmth

Sherlock (BBC)
Anthea/John Watson, coy, waiting
Anthea/Molly, pillage, scandalous
girl!John/Lestrade, laugh, tease, coffee, backseat, honesty
girl!John/Sherlock, hands, neck, gun, dress, sofa, spiral, dreams, running
girl!Mycroft/Lestrade, seriously, government, freedom, legs, stockings
Irene Adler/John Watson, past, Afghanistan, recovery, lovers, exes, divorce, tied up, triangulation, remember
Irene Adler/Sally Donovan, lace, lies, house surveillance, bar, pretend, overseas, crime, pardon, unofficial
John Watson/Mycroft Holmes, portrait, secret, whisper, glance
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, boots, email, tea, possessive, pining, envy, teenagers, riot, genderswitch, tangled, tea, bored, graffiti, dangerous, sexting, war, flatmates, dilation, clue, investigate, elephant, typical, cold, relevant, run, poppy, redoubt, butterscotch, insurgent, dress uniform, danger, cold, escapade, date, anecdote, empathetic, intern, facebook, statistics, experiment, pool, rescue, crossdressing, trapped, music, thanks, high, brilliant, comfort, nightmares, undercover, bored, seduction, dream, scar, adrenaline, special, warm, deflowering, date, wink, cellmates, uniform, checkup, rugby, possessive , precision, scarf, back, neck, experience, eccentricities, soft, public, danger, corner, sleep, perfect recall, empty room, riding crop, nightmares, intoxicated, bondage, bathing, transformation, mind-reading, immortal, space, vampire, panther, curious, innocent, smoking
Lestrade/Sherlock Holmes, unrestrained, smoke, glow, tedium, spoon, protect, gift, quiet, peace, hold, submit, hypothesis, deny, clarity, ecstasy, sarcasm, handcuffs
Lestrade/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, think, gracious, hours, embers, equilateral, peace, heroes, temper
Molly Hooper/Lestrade, pleasure, motorbike, spine, savour
Mycroft Holmes/Anthea, skirt, nerves, Homer
Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes, bespoke, familiar
Sherlock Holmes/Jim Moriarty, fae, equal, psychopath, games, bored, sexy, hemlock, serial killer, partners, pet, falls, water, school, obsession, mouth, deduction, Girl!Sherlock, surprise, caught, handcuffs, perfect, partners, bullet, circus, tie, wreck, wrong, sound, mind, fantasy, rough
Sherlock Holmes/Sarah Sawyer/John Watson, seduce, team up, oblivious, DP, clock, forget

Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, aria, morning-after, adrenaline, trust, hotel, dream, lapse, reunion, promise, courage, talent, poetry, comfort, exhaustion, strength, improbable, freedom, country, convince, time-travel, corset, secrets, favor, tent, teenagers, reunion, uniform, scandal, cab, winter, summer, marriage, chemicals, beauty, second-time, dress, scar, lookalike, extraordinary
John Watson/Lestrade, mediocrity, talent, perfection, unthinking, unacknowledged, unquestioned
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson/Lestrade, equilibrium

Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, bound, reunion, forget, abandon, demand, hurt, enjoy, drugs, delay, smirk, play, dominate, reversal of roles, enough, gasp, fingers, honesty, broken, never, regret, foreskin, tattoo, opium, gentle, once, dance, duet, possessive, reunion, devotion, fantasy, injury, morning-after, desperate, under-the-table, waistcoat, need, warmth, doctoring, experiment, mistake, kidnapping, bath, cellmates, lonely, cane, uniform, costumes, timing, vacation, seduction, impatient, thrill, convince, save, lost, cold, hurt, abandon, discovered, tied, denial, crime, domesticity, happiness, impossible, unspoken
Irene Adler/John Watson, jealousy, wedding, secret, old friends, married, past, India
Lord Blackwood/John Watson, wounded, bittersweet
Lord Blackwood/Lord Coward, undertow
Lord Blackwood/Sherlock Holmes, charisma, art, genius
Mary Watson/John Watson, knitting, unconventional, society
Mary Watson/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, marriage, domestic
Sherlock Holmes/Lord Blackwood/John Watson, struggle, mastery, control
Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler, [any]

Sherlock Holmes (any Victorian era)
Holmes/Watson, Dr. Jane Watson, assignation, officers

Sherlock Holmes (Granada)
Holmes/Watson, femininity, scarves, tickling, overslept, glances

Sherlock Holmes (any)
Mycroft Holmes/John Watson, carnation, shared
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, fiction, narrator

Shin Angyo Onshi
Marlene/Sando, fightsex, hair

Ethan/Drew, Batman, cosplay, sugar, privacy, shower, geeks in love

Silent Hill 2
James/Maria, believe
Mary/Angela, heaven

Silent Hill 3
Heather/Claudia, memory, pieces, praying, sacrifice, love, blood, wind, proxy, soul, rebirth, ashes, never, go back to sleep
Heather/Vincent, hatred, monsters, lost, confession, fire, reveal, glory, creator

Silent Hill 4
Cynthia/Eileen, yes, surprise, lipstick
Henry/Eileen, pink, scar, nightmare, cry, kneel
Richard/Henry, revolver, go, boy, alley
Walter/Henry, carve, sanction, black, hide

Silver Metal Lover - Tanith Lee
Jane/Silver, real, synthetic, feel, sing, murmur, spirit, photo

Aeru/Neviril, dance, door, impudent, pool
Alty/Kaim, glasses, guilt
Amuria/Neviril, brazen, kiss, stateroom, Emerald
Anubituf/Guragief, peace, inhibitions
Dominuura/Rimone, domestic, prodigy, sweets, control, past
Mamiina/Neviril, shower, hair, domestication
Mamiina/Rodoreamon, aching, pair, soften
Morinas/Waporif, pregnant, mechanical, droplets, tease
Onasia/Yun, touch, Spring, basket

Sin City
Miho/The Salesman, deadly assassins, the mark

Singing in the Rain
Don/Kathy/Cosmo, drinks, laugh, couch

Skins (UK)
Anwar Kharral/Maxxie Oliver, finally, dance, leaving, reunion, adult, ecstasy, laughter, kinky
Cassie Ainsworth/Sid Jenkins, New York, found, dress
Effy Stonem/Katie Fitch, healing, shatter
Effy Stonem/Chris Miles, firsts, high, silent, bite, lost
Emily Fitch/Anyone, handcuffs
Emily Fitch/Naomi Campbell, dance, perfect, imperfect, voyeurism
Freddie McLair/James Cook, bottom!freddie, established relationship, bottom!freddie, established relationship, dream, angry, wild, forgive
James Cook/Effy Stonem, burn, fishnets, fist, high, Italy, loser, scars, scream, tight, alone, hurt, regret, sneak, pub, rough
James Cook/Naomi Campbell, kiss, strings, stubble, understanding, comfort, twit, confusion, cry, friendship, toy, twisted, public, dare
James Cook/Pandora Moon, haircut, Monopoly, oral, spoon
Katie Fitch/Emily Fitch, run together
Katie Fitch/Emily Fitch/Naomi Campbell, hall of mirrors
Katie Fitch/Naomi Campbell, dream, mistake, bitter, trick, fantasy, secret, punishment
Katie Fitch/Tony Stonem, similarities, tease, obvious, public, intense, easy
Tony Stonem/Effy Stonem, bed, reunion, drug, found, puzzle, goodbye, somewhere only we know, two of a kind, home alone, temptation, dares, aesthetic
Tony Stonem/Effy Stonem/Sid Jenkins, dreaming
Tony Stonem/Sid Jenkins, reunion, visit, perfect, strangers, phonesex, adults, dreams
Tony Stonem/Sid Jenkins/Michelle Richardson, overlap

Skins (US)
Tea/Michelle, secret, pills, stoned, "better than Tony", love, beach, toys, bathroom, club, public sex, first five times, strip poker, dancing, skinny dipping, bathtub, sober, shy, biting, sunrise, drinking games, hickey, cheating, car, caught, searching, love, understanding, patience, scared
Tony/Stanley, first time

Skip Beat!
Kyoko/Kanae, princess, ice cream, hairbrush, Love Me uniform, team
Kyoko/Ren, collar, high heels, diva, hotel, oblivious, Bo, surprise, chocolate, romantic
Kyoko/Sho, obedience, alone, bitter, variety show, fairytale

Sky High
Gwen/Penny, multiple, clones, plans, sticky, smirk
Layla/Magenta, nudge, laugh, touch, smooth
Layla/Warren Peace/Will Stronghold, right
Principal Powers/Coach Boomer, Mutual, fond, humor, vocal, "Are you grading me on this?"
Warren Peace/Will Stronghold, wait, hope, denial, want, touch
Warren/Layla, leaf, green, vine, twist, twine, fire, heat, burn, cool, deny, depserate

Sleep Dealer
Memo/Luz, sand, fence, connected, audience

Sleeping Beauty (Disney)
Aurora(Rose)/Philip, reserved, defrosting ice queen, siren, shudder, normal, barefoot, erotic awakening, rose garden, forest rendezvous, role-play, hunter and Briar Rose
Aurora/Maleficent, [any], spring, jump, headband
Maleficent/Merryweather, secret
Maleficent/Phillip, horse, shoes, horn, prisoner, domination, chains

Quinn/Wade, give in, entombed, cherry, passing, liquid, stranded

Slings and Arrows
Geoffrey Tennant/Darren Nichols, stage, duel, Berlin, post-modern, Romeo & Juliet, college, drama class
Geoffrey Tennant/Ellen Fanshaw/Oliver Welles, ghost, jealousy, Hamlet
Geoffrey Tennant/Oliver Welles, spanking, pre-series

AU Lois Lane/Clark Luthor, light vs dark, teach, apprehension
AU!Clark Kent/AU!Lois Lane, dangerous, curiosity, possession, checkmate, dark
Chloe Sullivan/Bart, flirt, official, temptation, slow, tight, whimper, coffee
Chloe Sullivan/Carter, history, secrets, comfort, tattoo, caught
Chloe Sullivan/Clark Kent, alone, watchtower, secret, secret, trust, motorcycle, tease, torch
Chloe Sullivan/Clark Kent/Lana Lang, trapped, hurt
Chloe Sullivan/Davis, away, story, car, i got you, monster, mistake, explore, roses, mistakes, hidden, calm, escape
Chloe Sullivan/Jason, wrong, closet, uniform, impulses
Chloe Sullivan/Kal, games, affair, guilt, outside, mine, choice
Chloe Sullivan/Lana Lang, friends, drink, seeing you, more, vulnerability, vampires, pool, where, red kryptonite, secrets, yearning, room-mates
Chloe Sullivan/Lex Luthor, [any], favor, power, position, reunion, romance, seduction, dream, twisted, game, desk, office, bent, Daily Planet, danger, envision, stray, hidden, protect, baseball, push, lucky, basement, wall, quick, hate, office, death, safehouse, impress, exchange, nervous, boss, library, alone, addicting, revenge, ambitious, pretending
Chloe Sullivan/Lois Lane, experimenting, secrets
Chloe Sullivan/Oliver Queen, green, love, arrow, choices, present, top, anger, always, memories, love, soothe, oil, phone sex, date, photo, training, plane, missing, happiness, scars, hiding, play, professor, sidelines, team, return, tart, press, arrow, case, imagine, simple, nasty, spin, uniform, promise, banter, lesson, caught, return
Chloe Sullivan/Tess Mercer, e-mail, favor, where you are, wasting time, swim, invitation, eyes, privacy, demanding, verbal judo, hiding, never, push, fascination, watchtower
Chloe Sullivan/Victor, poker, alcohol, undercover, heat-wave, computer talk
Clark Kent/Jason, football, score, aggressive, handcuffs, locker room, jealous, ropes, tender, caves, spell, college dorm
Clark Kent/Lana Lang, unhealthy, punish, alien, obsessive
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, aftermath, daydreaming, fireplace, forever, silk, porch swing, exhibit, blundering, cross, pool, purple, firsts, clubbing, punish, obsession, possessive, reform, loft, The Talon, voyeurism, wild, want, young, forgiveness, car hood, sofa, pool table, surrender, dirty talk, rimming, list, stay, car, tongue, sexy, clothes, silk, flannel, switch, hot, drink, skate, fast cars, stargazing, home, riding, school, voice, loft, fortress, blue, eternity, stimulation, tease, desk!sex, skating, tension, underwear, pain, lies, trickery, anger, survival
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor/Lana Lang, sharing
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, adventure, home, closet, opportunities, celebration, red kryptonite, football jersey, up against the front door, elevator, window, rain, role-play, office, stars, red, apology, forever, different, fight, rain, fleeting, covert, scenic, ice, fire, cataclysm, stratosphere, allay, forever, soar, red, gray, touch, investigate, preen, shield, appease, phonebooth, celebrate, barn, couch, field, fly, remember, ride, honeymoon, control, picture, agree, partners, explode, breathe again, should, heartbeat, rooftop, magic, truth, bed, lingerie, glasses, Superman, bylines, voyeur, snow, cold, slick, quiet, water, heat, dawn, midnight, comfort, red, red kryptonite, pregnant, fly, sentinel, watching, spelling, jersey, hair, cherry, tongue, sheets, ring, longing, gone, far away but so close, high, clouds, whispers, heartbeat, maple donut, notes, undercover, movie night, kitchen, laundry, clouds, Red-K, aggressive, sheets, mark, lingerie, rain, trenchcoat, soft, warm, Fortress, cold, ethereal, starry, bright
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Oliver Queen, drunk, sensation, lipstick, Daily Planet, three's not a crowd, fun, join, watch, vow, discovery, steps, happy, Sunday morning, vacation, red kryptonite, sharing
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Oliver Queen/Tess Mercer, foursome, angles, liquor, support, fingers, bed
Clark Kent/Oliver Queen, gift, possessive, costumes, second chances, Fortress, moan, spy, pink kryptonite, test, teach, pushy bottom, urgency, hard, trust, taste, touch, shyness, honeymoon, secret admirer, plane, payback, romance, restraints, massage, need, undress, snow, formal, AU, fuck or die, falling, practice, smile, leather, buckle, biceps, arrow, heat-vision, shower, silk, cape
Clark Kent/Tess Mercer, alternates, Luthors, bruise, forgiveness, rescue, teammate, tricked, red!k, forbidden
Clark Kent/Whitney, exploring, truck, apology, fingering, comfort, injury, phone sex, experience, rain, forgive, learn,
Clark Luthor/Lex Luthor/Tess, rivalry, quiet, envy, hope
Clark Luthor/Tess Luthor, rile, wait, Lionel’s desk, siblings, blood, need, haze, rage, pain, scars, knees, wounded, Luthors
Clark Luthor/Tess Mercer, betrayal, dubcon, identity, shouldn’t, secrets, truth, teeth, persistence, patriarchy
Kara/Lex Luthor, angel
Kara/Lois Lane, extra scene of 10x03 "Supergirl", Kara admits that it is Lois she loves.
Kara/Tess Mercer, Tess finally meets the other Kryptonian she heard so much about.
Lana Lang/Lex Luthor, glass-desk
Lana Lang/Lois Lane, alike, save, curious, experience, bliss, attraction, cigarette, innocent
Lana Lang/Tess Mercer, anger, powers, worship, questions, goodbye, burn
Lex Luthor/Lois Lane, power
Lois Lane/Martha Kent, mistake
Lois Lane/Oliver Queen, striptease, back, Monte Carlo, no interruptions, bet, all yours, bikini, shirt, want, sing, game, mirrors, rain
Lois Lane/Tess Mercer, battle, hair, contrast, writing, erotica, hair-pulling, aggression, new, Lois's final night before the wedding with Clark Kent, rough, understanding, dark, tease, skirt, spar, love/hate, denial, misunderstood, dress-up, tenderness, ice queen, exhibitionism, checkmate, collars, torn, game, comrade, curious, touch, snark, hair, fire, secrets, passion, hard, respect, torture, skirt, wrist, lipstick, knife
Mirrorverse!Lois Lane/Tess Luthor, defiance, left, revenge
Oliver Queen/Tess, island, argument, rekindle
Tess Luthor/AU!Lois Lane, ceasefire, common

Tommy/Turkish, Germans, guns, box

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney)
Snow White/dwarfs, gangbang, payment

Snow White: A Tale Of Terror
Will/Lilli, rain, thief, bathe, fingertips, snow, wait

Social Network
Mark/Eduardo, Facebook, video, pinocchio

Some Like It Hot
Joe/Jerry, together, yacht, band, bond

Son of a Witch - Gregory MacGuire
Trism/Liir, education, reunion, maunts, body heat, pain, green

Sons of Anarchy
Tig, depraved
Tig/Juice, bonding
Tig/OMC, prison

Soon I Will Be Invincible - Austin Grossman
Elphin/Fatale, memories, fighter, companionship
Lily/Doctor Impossible, smarts, lies

South of Nowhere
Ashley/Madison, fight, scratch, push
Ashley/Paula, lust, religion, seduction, monster
Ashley/Spencer, firsts, kink, music, trouble, sing, tune, lyric, savior, habit, need, praise
Ashley/Spencer/Aiden, amuse, fall, subtle

South Park
Kyle/Cartman, mirror universe

Ben Sherman/John Cooper, handcuffs, overwhelming, need, please, slumming, undercover, uniform, good enough, pain, beat, gay, first-time, seatbelt, red-handed, irresistible, backseat, detective, promotion, study, downtown, fancy, murmur, pay phone, steam, frustrated, confession, slut, jailbait, nymphomaniac, manhandle, back, drive, broken, promises, insomnia, mark, plot, training, police car, day off, introductions, sprain, black and blue, stocks, chain, misquoted, porn star, jerk, backseat, familiar, discipline, behave, remind, massage, heavy, proof, jock, need, dare, anger, delicate, hands, lines, control, partners, idiot
Ben Sherman/OFC, lost
Ben Sherman/Sal, polaroid
Ben Sherman/Sally (aka Badge Bunny), payback, massage, history, blowjob, standout
Ben/Chickie, playful, rolling the eyes, okay, powerless
Ben/Lydia/John, speechless, investigation, uniform, poster, fingerprints, clumsy, tie
Lydia Adams/OMC, pillow talk, swimming, hair
Lydia/Ben, instinct, treason, lipstick, blush, privacy, black-eye
Lydia/Sammy, drown, shake, cover, relief
Russ/Lydia, I love you, partners
Sammy Bryant/Nate Moretta, career, game, danger, treasure, vest, chase, holster, special, apocalypse, couch, case, bravado, fix, slip, balance, run, dependency, partners

Space: 1999
Alan Carter/Tony Verdeschi, trust, stress, vacation, yellow, red

Space: Above and Beyond
Shane/Cooper, wait, lightning, touch
Vansen/Handsome Alvon, billiard, mind-games, flirt

Aurelia/Mira, manipulation, resentment, slavery
Aurelia/Spartacus, anger, grief, Varro
Gaia/Lucretia, temptation
Lucretia/Crixus, champion, lust, muscles, worship
Lucretia/Ilithyia, class, Judas’ Kiss, power
Lucretia/Spartacus, mistress

Spartacus: Blood And Sand
Aurelia/Varro, love
Crixus/Naevia, deep, favourite, love
Illithya/Lucretia, power struggle, submission, money
Spartacus/Sura, love

Jack/Annie, alcohol, believe, touch

Spirited Away
Chihiro/Haku, scales, name, river, flow
Chihiro/Lin, home, escape, wistful
Haku/Chihiro, flutter, wave, safety, memories, water, wind, bridges, reunion, otherworld, dreams, depths, coils

Adam Carter/Lucas North/Tom Quinn, intricate, lies, uninhibited
Adam Carter/Tom Quinn, secrets, trust, rough
Ros/Juliet, guns, car, Whitehall, Harry's office, abroad, prison cell, vengeance, restraints, drugs, deception, power, losing, control

Sports Night
Casey/Dan, anniversary, zero-zero tie, dictionary, Los Angeles, Staten Island Ferry, ridicule, legitimate, choice, classic, snare, lighting, espresso, bet, up next, hug, comfort, World Cup, Helsinki, marking, raw, trembling
Casey/Dan/Dana, win, conference, table dancing
Dan/Natalie, 10 years later, television, read my lips, normal, punishment, pants, green room, checklist
Dana/Natalie, second in command, girly
Jeremy/Natalie, dress shirt, statistics

St Trinian's (2007)
Chelsea/Peaches, teamwork, teasing, lingerie, glasses
Kelly/Polly, uniforms, voyeurism, victory, spying
Andrea/Taylor, scars, maps, rules, cons, painplay
Kelly/OMC, play, one-night-stand, slinky, toy, naughty

Star Ocean 4
Arumat/Crowe, sparring, scars, uniform, gloves, golden, first contact, crimson
Arumat/Faize, power, reputation, size-difference, growl
Edge/Faize, decoration, friendship, learning, exchange, kiss, delicacy
Reimi/Meracle, tease, claws, new, purr, friends, play

Star Trek (any verse)
Chekov/Kirk/McCoy, home, snuggles
Kirk/Rand, yeoman in charge, kept in order, captain’s chair
McCoy/Chapel, running a fever, locked in the supply closet

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Bashir/Ezri Dax/Garak, invitation, weak, clever, analyze
Bashir/Garak, challenge, holosuite, shy, game, skill, scars, skin, healing
MU!Bashir/MU!Garak, subconscious, double-cross
Bashir/Garak/O'Brien, lonely, spy, dart, poker
Bashir/MU!Odo, fill, spasm, consume
Bashir/Sloan, blackmail, drain, shear, coagulate
Benjamin/Jennifer, third
Damar/Weyoun, kanar, drunk, exasperated
Dukat/Sisko, reality, enemies, prophet, aphrodisiac, holosuite
Jadzia/Quark, friendship
Kira Nerys/Jadzia Dax, promenade, unfamiliar, experience, sweet
Kira Nerys/Keiko O'Brien, sharing, fight, botanist, walking
Kira/Odo, liquid, goodbye, surrounded, trust, fear, xenophobia, provincialism, shape-shifting, darkness, light, smiles, cuddle, close, dancing, beauty, self-hate, yearning, completion
Laas/Odo, link, seduce
Odo/Weyoun, worship, tentacles

Star Trek: Enterprise
Trip/T'Pol, shore leave, catch, wish, empty room, stranded, fixing, touch, longing

Star Trek: Reboot
Amanda/Sarek, breakdown, love
Chapel/McCoy, sass, rank, distractions, lingerie, blue
Chapel/OTC, tentacles
Chekov/Gaila, experienced, surprise, dominant, science, lessons, nowhere
Chekov/Gaila/Sulu, attempt, succeed, ally, enemy, blade, bounce, Mirrorverse
Chekov/girl!McCoy, cougar, oops, training, baby
Chekov/McCoy, [any], guns, Sickbay, blowjob, accent, warp, vodka, bourbon, darling, AU, pollen, smarts, marathon
Chekov/OCs, lie, truth, star, earth, old, young, unknown
Chekov/OTC, tentacles
Chekov/Pike, jailbait, swap, timetravel, star, instruct, favorite, storytelling, planetside, silk, reminisce, teach, settle, breeze, ritual, gift, visit, message, angle, sing
Chekov/Scotty, nerd, smarts, math, Enterprise, drinking
Chekov/Sulu, Mirrorverse, enemy, ally, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami, poetry, bathing, thorns, bridge, asteroids, wine, talent, academy, standing, movies, smut, uniform, screens, fingers, fall, practice, age, away missions
Chekov/Sulu/Uhura, count, zero, one, two, three, five, infinity, Mirrorverse
Gaila/Kirk, see, hear, taste, touch, kiss, kick, know, Mirrorverse, brother, gender, lopsided, reversal
Gaila/Kirk/McCoy, Mirrorverse, dress, belt, pillow, soup, drink, warble
Gaila/Kirk/Spock/Uhura, hot, mess
Gaila/Kirk/Uhura, laughter, bend over boyfriend, slaveboy, share, pheromones
Gaila/McCoy, [any], hormones, casual, laughter, comfort, study, exam, massage, learn, mental, pepper, sex god
Gaila/Number One, consult, discuss, shine, arrange, engineer, Mirrorverse
Gaila/OCs, past, present, future, yes, no, maybe, never
Gaila/OTC, tentacles
Gaila/Pike, negotiate, smuggle, Mirrorverse, cadet, ensign, lieutenant, commander, captain, admiral, savior, Orion, engineer
Gaila/Scotty, engineering, uniforms, licking
Gaila/Spock/Uhura, weave, dance, sing, say, language, learn, sparkle, Mirrorverse
Gaila/Sulu, light, sound, speech, Mirrorverse, meet, know, understand, stranded, kit
Gaila/Uhura, dorms, green, boots, problem, Farragut, towel, show, tell, taste, smell, comb, curl, Mirrorverse, star, tentacle, doubts, me, show, relax, chance, again
Gaila/Winona, compare, unparalleled, undulate, engineer, Mirrorverse, gold, silver, platinum
George/OTC, tentacles
George/Pike, red, blue, pink, green, gold, silver, black, white, Mirrorverse
George/Winona, tentacle, threesome, Mirrorverse, skirt, boots, socks, hand, finger, wave
George/Winona/Pike, wish, once, twice, three, never, Mirrorverse
girl!Chekov/Gaila/McCoy, threesome
Girl!Chekov/girl!McCoy, [any]
girl!Chekov/McCoy, pregnant, gangly, Joanna, AU
Joanna McCoy/OTC, tentacles
Kirk/Joanna McCoy, innocence, experience, star, dress, scarf, mask, mistake, teach, know
Kirk/McCoy, fever, isolation, command, Mirrorverse, genderswap, bourbon, grass, sleep, water, fire, air, earth, doctor, band aid, bed rest, chair, transporter, accents, ale, public, private, loud, tender, harsh, quiet, kisses, sweetness, obnoxious, one night, dream, sick bay, captain's chair, observation deck, academy, stars, sharp, beauty, bondage, orgy, lonely, virgin, prank, public
Kirk/McCoy/Spock!Prime, history, destiny, new, old, borrowed, blue
Kirk/McCoy/Uhura, command, obey, boot, earring, Mirrorverse, sing, sex pollen, pegging, face, new, only
Kirk/McKenna, flight, stars, shuttle, place, impress, Mirrorverse
Kirk/OCs, adventure, interrogate, capture, bend, break
Kirk/OTC, tentacles
Kirk/Pike, command, resist, blue, red, yellow, black, white, silver, Mirrorverse, arm, obey, sound, grateful, thirst, reins, leadership, endurance, release
Kirk/Rand, Mirrorverse, threesome, plan, uniform, stiletto, draw, write, trace
Kirk/Spock Prime, longing, heat, [any]
Kirk/Spock, captaincy, comfort, removed, search, chess, drinks, no touch, giving in, giving up, discipline, control, logic, smile, flirt, bite, emotion, rules, destiny, expertise, fight, imperative, glance, tongue, smirk, preoccupation, power, hold, dynamic, meeting, surprise, slap, contact, feel, sport, blood, weak spot, ridiculous, help, ears, moving on, secret, fairytale, leather, destiny, mirrors, special, anniversary, quiet, silence,
Kirk/Spock/Uhura, bound, light, shine, math, logistics, hair, skirt, masterplan, share-alike, primary, command, leash, control, anger, attraction, lips, quiet, soothe, bruise, smile, prod, boot, Mirrorverse
Kirk/Sulu, rush, throw, fly, fall, Mirrorverse, run, dance, play, peek, swagger, dodge, safe, heat, tickle, flight, sleepy, drunk, adrenaline, poker, sparring, solace, urgency, bite, sparring, adrenaline, velocity, addiction, snow, freefall
Kirk/Uhura, strap-on, honey tongue, respect, gloria, rescue
McCoy/OTC, tentacles
McCoy/Pike, bow, salute, answer, explain, Mirrorverse, earth, journey, drunk, help, proxy, submission, water, butter, paper, subspace, pain, permission
McCoy/Spock, Romulan ale, bickering, quiet, desserts, warm, careful, hate, apart, family
McCoy/Sulu, heal, banter, kneel, control, experience
McCoy/Uhura, buzz, shake, stride, sing, talk, play, shout, whisper, drawl, scream, Mirrorverse, examination, drinking, camaraderie, snark, generous, hidden, check up, see, red
McKenna/Sulu, earn, trade, recompense, revenge, flight, soar, Mirrorverse
Number One/OTC, tentacles
Number One/Pike, Mirrorverse, plan, improvise, explosion, connection, weld, buff, glitter
Number One/Spock, new, push, logic, perfection
Pike/OTC, tentacles
Pike/Spock, collars, injured, save, learn, hold, power
Pike/Winona, spiral, tickle, dance, translate, swear, transcendental, dew, fever, silk, baby, reminisce, history, comparison, stars, breeze, vacation, capture, rescue, Mirrorverse, ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, son, daughter, sister, brother
Rand/OTC, tentacles
Scotty/OTC, tentacles
Spock/Sulu, [any]
Spock/T'Pring/Uhura, pace, love, human, meld, shield, turn, jab
Spock/Uhura, caress, hands, compromise, jealousy, skirt, bend over, tongues, earpiece, teacher, skirts, comb, Mirrorverse, light, song, silence, rush, silk
Spock/Uhura/Spock!Prime, burn, touch, darkness
Sulu/Uhura, stuck, words, spar, mirror, chance
Uhura/OTC, tentacles
Winona/OTC, tentacles
Winona/Uhura, word, action, turn, phrase, Mirrorverse, cadet, command, commence

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Amanda /Wes, prodigies
Amanda/Q, hot for teacher
Beverly/Picard, doctor, medicine, command, make it so, dire, across time, finally, marriage, informally, names
Borg Queen/Data, experience, sensation, tactile, machine
Data/LaForge, technology, thought, illusion, invent, guides, experiment
Data/ Troi, hands, secure, safe, emotion, try, experiment, program, real, unexpected, grief, loneliness, cope, understanding, date, hair, caress, skin, fingers
Data/self, masturbation, experiment, fantasy, programming, memories, skin, possibilities, emotion, surprise
Data/Yar, epitaph, grief
Kate/Troi, turbolift, apple, hiding, sickbay, hair
LaForge/Soren, table, helpless, darkness
Lwaxana Troi/any, no-nonsense, painting, pleasures
Ro Laren/Troi, therapy, amnesia, discipline, chair
Troi/Worf, power, leather, blend, melt, fantasy, unity
Troi/Yar, opposites, naked, secret
Riker/Troi, beloved, bet, destiny, choose
Guinan/Picard, meditation, shh, delight, fast, philophy, carnal
Guinan/Q, schism, love and hate, grudge, mirror
Madred/Picard, control, vie, suspension, strip, resist
Q/Q2, sharp, reconcile, brotherhood, welcome home
Will/Wes, execution, young, train, cadet, darkness, eager

Star Trek: The Original Series
Spock/McCoy, wounded, surprise, kinship, snark, reunion
Spock/Saavik, Earth, aging, anger, soulmates, fight

Star Trek: Voyager
B’Elanna/Tom, holodeck, convertible, home, decisions
B’Elanna/Janeway, angry, science, armour, sword, power
B’Elanna/Seven of Nine, temper
Harry/Tom, best friends, hurt, first time, prison, shower
Janeway/Seven, assimilation, futility, supernova, experimentation
Janeway/Kes, sing, older, equal, mystery
Icheb/Qjr, "dragons live forever but not so little boys"
Kathryn/Tom, sir, ma'am, spanking, pegging
Neelix/Tuvok, Tuvix, closer, bond

Star Wars
Anakin Skywalker/Padmé Amidala, [any], dominance, acceptance, tradition, refusal, lost, adventure, hesitant, space, pretending, deja vu, overheated
Anakin Skywalker/Obi-Wan, ship, war, fall, almost, memory, black, bound, substitutes, desert, attachments
Bail Organa/Breha Organa, night, privacy
Dormé/Captain Typho, duty, protection, disguises, silk dress, naughty, good
Dormé/Moteé, time off, shameless, wine, frustration
Han Solo/Leia Organa, pride, Force, competition, words, bulkhead, slavers, tortured, trapped, virgin
Han Solo/Luke Skywalker, Force, snark, speed
Han Solo/Luke Skywalker/Leia Organa, hyperdrive, gravity
Jaina Solo/Jagged Fel, difficult, pedantic, surprise
Kit Fisto/Aayla Secura, wet, edge, rules, attachments
Leia Organa/Winter, rebelling, remembrance
Luke Skywalker/Leia Organa, memory, mirror, connection, reward, jungle, first-time, connection
Luke Skywalker/Wedge Antilles, flyboy, x-wing, trenches, reckless, safe, Corellian
Obi-Wan/Beru, sands, wind, secret, rains
Obi-Wan/Padmé Amidala, cloak, feral, optimism, regret, secrets, time
Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon, take, code, lie, return, ghost, alone
Obi-Wan/Siri, sparring
Padmé Amidala/Dormé, safe, mirrors, corset, lies, last time, dress, spanking, nightgown
Padmé Amidala/Queen Jamillia, visit, teasing, kiss, politics
Padmé Amidala/Sabé, friends, identity, undressing, worship, secret, selfish
Sabé/Dormé, shower, rivals, aftermath, silence, double
Sabé/Eirtaé, training, date, first time, cloak
Syal Antilles/Valin Horn, improbable, demanding, listless, concentration
Thrawn/Leia Organa, mylady, humor, flirtation, blue
Wedge Antilles/Iella Wessiri Antilles, drumroll, continuous, tasteful

Star Wars Legacy
Cade Skywalker/Ganner Krieg, duty, determination, green eyes, honor, opposites, respect

Star Wars: Republic Commando
Atin/Laseema, coaxing, teaching/learning, surprise
Boss/Niner, control, defensive, understanding, struggle
Fi/Sev, dangerous, pushing buttons
Sev/Scorch, shame, frustration, comfort

Stardust (movie)
Tristan Thorn/Yvaine, coronation, lonely, trial and error, moonlight

Stargate Atlantis
Pairings and Solo
Aiden Ford/Laura Cadman, explosives, on a mission, been here forever
Carson Beckett/Laura Cadman, explosives, doctor, lipstick, home, tussle
Carson Beckett/Ronon Dex, return, healer, overpowered, sex pollen
Carson Beckett/Teyla Emmagan, dancing, fragile, gentle, grief, hands, hope, regrets, reunion, song, springtime, stars, role reversal, shy
Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard, captured, balcony, traditions, home, real, unexpected, street, apple, swimming, full of grace, body warmth, competition, first time, flu, leather, movies, regrets, reunion, roleplay, skinny-dipping, snuggling, vacation, feathers, kissing, marriage, alcohol, snow, touch
Elizabeth Weir/Radek Zelenka, confession, convert, ice, request, sky, silk, tangled, zealous
Elizabeth Weir/Ronon Dex, fingers, watching, clean slate, foreign, kindle, moody, quench, veil
Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Emmagan, balcony, silence, stick fight, trapped, berries, burden, angry, graceful, command, relax, pasta
Evan Lorne/Elizabeth Weir, blue, creation, heat, movie, psychic bond, raw, ragged, shirtless, kissing, making out, discovery
Evan Lorne/John Sheppard, fly, run, sharp, grief, trouble, sleep, repeat, headache, lazy, any, shared, sleek, smirk
Evan Lorne/Kate Heightmeyer, dating, relaxation, local fauna, prune, skinny-dipping, the four winds
Evan Lorne/Radek Zelenka, hands, painting, fear, stranded, nature, Europe, history, heat, fire, bed
Evan Lorne/Teyla Emmagan, bite, guilt, pain, tough, inventive, bodyart, humming, pens, babysitting, bristles, camera, crush, disguise, drink, games, music, picnic, river, sweat, water, stargate, travel, festival, fireside
Jennifer Keller/Todd, thrall, courage, kiss, hideaway
John Sheppard/Carson Beckett, Flying, fear, surprise
John Sheppard/Peter Kavanagh, retry, supernova, unexplained
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, sleep, night, hard, quick, fix, transporter, blindfolds, restrain, enough, Vegas, prostate-massager, thigh-holster, drunk, sorry, tickle, first, cot, virtual, facial, desperate, strip, shower, roleplay, weekend, confession, honeymoon, denial, linen, boots, paint, vacation, underground, camping, cat, Ferris wheel, jumper, fly, chess, Cooking, trauma, shower, one-sided,glass, kids, new, stubble, comrade, trust, shake, nightmare, handcuffs, non-con, breath, walls, taste, affair, water, murmur, curious, silk, love, unwilling, massage
John Sheppard/Ronon Dex, bantos, blade, protect, chain-of-command, brother-in-arms, after, chance, fire, lift, throw, funny, bite, tie, rope, wrap, legs, thighs, leather, grab, hug, train, sweat, arms, hands, mouth, free, change, life, sunlight, sea, beach, pant, sharp, smooth, leather, climb, shave, bruise, closet
John Sheppard/girl!Rodney McKay, experiment
John Sheppard/Jeannie Miller, smart, surrogate, eyes, pegging
John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan, cold, lightning, tell, desperate, slow, kisses, pinned, need, downtime, smoke, loss, family, need, Washington, spar, gunfight, home, hope, night, trust, spy!AU, running, swift, tea, reckless, storm, silence, beginning, renew, cautious, angry, wet, first time, nervous, dark, strength, unyielding, hunger
John Sheppard/Todd, rescue, feeding, heat, hiveship, understanding, fool's gold, inception
Kate Heightmeyer/Laura Cadman, new assignment, psycho-analyze this, spaghetti
Katie Brown/Laura Cadman, botanical gardens, party time, kinda like chocolate
Katie Brown/Jennifer Keller, roses
Laura Cadman/anyone, sparring
Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne, bondage, closet, home, dare, flowers, uniforms, liquor, ma'am
Miko Kusanagi/Ronon Dex, something unexpected
Radek Zelenka/Teyla Emmagan, the science of attraction
Rodney McKay/Carson Beckett, Teaching, tremble, song, white
Rodney McKay/Radek Zelenka, caffeine, competition, berate, desperate, Czech
Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex, hair, tattoo, loss, knife, grief, science, teach
Rodney McKay/Sam Carter, software, breakfast, gags, sexting, privileged, jell-o
Rodney McKay/Teyla Emmagan, home, earth, Wraith, queen, red, sky, why, silence, baby
Rodney McKay/Todd, science, annoying, stargate, ZPM
Ronon Dex/Kate Heightmeyer, abrasion, ache, jagged, kinetic, lap, nervous, stress
Ronon Dex/Teal'c, tattoos
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, babysitting, common cause, game, home, suspicion, loyalty, gossip, hard, longing, banter, sparring, alien, tea, stranded, heat, high, join, say
Sam Carter/Radek Zelenka, genius, trapped
Steven Caldwell/Elizabeth Weir, rank, chess, escape, chair
Teyla Emmagan/Kate Heightmeyer, confidence, kisses, sugar rush, swimming, fingers, therapy, fallen, wish, dream, tea, quiet, comfort, exchange, knowledge, diplomacy
Teyla/anyone, sparring, family, joy, struggle, strength, heart, loyalty, wisdom, love, eternal
Teyla/Jennifer, right, safe, food, custom, heart
Teyla/Sora, mystery, secret, redemption, trade, fight, pride, past
Todd/anyone, jealousy, ruthless, conference, fireplace
Wraith/Wraith, oral, space, hunger, share
Elizabeth Weir/Evan Lorne/John Sheppard/Radek Zelenka/Ronon Dex, gangbang
Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, orgy, aphrodisiacs, apocalypse
Evan Lorne/Elizabeth Weir/Radek Zelenka, "We're really doing this", compliant, fantasies, seduction, verge
Evan Lorne/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, cliché, every excuse in the book, heat, lambent, pressure, ravage, torn, survivors
Evan Lorne/John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, [any]
John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir/Radek Zelenka, loneliness, morning, quiet strength, subtle invitation, steel
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Sam Carter, bondage, pink, control
John/Rodney/Carson, foreplay, claiming, dreams, escape
John/Rodney/Jennifer, together, sorry
Kanaan/Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard, enticement
Kate Heightmeyer/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, bubbles, gymnastics, kissing, puddlejumper, swimming
Rodney McKay/John Sheppard/Steven Caldwell, punishment, understanding, nightmare
Rodney McKay/John Sheppard/Evan Lorne, leather, arms, restraint, adrenaline, humiliation
Rodney McKay/John Sheppard/Richard Woolsey, submission, heat, secret
Ronon Dex/Kate Heightmeyer/Evan Lorne, appraisal, coerce, drawn, knock on the door, murky, tremble
Ronon Dex/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, acclimated, fortune, homesickness, lessons, on Earth
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Amelia, bantos
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Elizabeth Weir, charm of the forbidden, claim, lull, several times over, stolen moment, ruse
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard, induction, luminous, taut, wrangle, yield, bond
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Kanaan, family
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Kate Heightmeyer, obsession, warmth, stretch, adjustments, hard
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, team, back, river, slow
Sam Carter/Rodney McKay/Radek Zelenka, third, married
Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, hopeless romantic, reunited, vicarious, wishes
Teyla Emmagan/Kate Heightmeyer/Evan Lorne, bound, grind, minor problem, normalcy, overwhelmed
Teyla/Kate/Elizabeth, want, they, hi
Teyla/Sam/Jennifer, do, see, sheets

Stargate (1994)
Daniel Jackson/Ra, necklace, dominance, serve, translation, resurrect

Stargate SG-1
Anise/Freya/Daniel Jackson, kisses, gifts, payback, lab, strap-on, moon-light, wild, frustrating, seductive, romantic-dinner
Anise/Freya/Jack O'Neill, off-world, mixed feelings, shared pleasure, pet, undercover, lo'tar, dinner-date
Apophis/Amaunet, first-time, power-play, experimenting, captivity
Aris Boch/Ba’al/Qe’tesh, unwilling, gift, silent
Aris Boch/Nirrti, her experiment
Aris Boch/Qe’tesh, scars, trauma
Aris Boch/Sam Carter, trade, laughter, appraisal, physical
Aris Boch/Vala Mal Doran, pirates, daring
Ba'al/Ba'al, balls
Ba’al/Jack O'Neill, humiliation, revenge, auction, POW, hate-sex, escape, captured, slave, lubricant, lust, shame, anger
Ba'al/Jack O'Neill/Vala Mal Doran, double-penetration, discipline, slave, trapped, bdsm, anal, femdom, submission
Ba’al/Sam Carter, offworld, dangerous, "I move the stars for no one", devil in the details, do it like this, the end of the universe, world enough and time
Ba’al/Sam Carter/Jack O’Neill, mind control, watching, domination, lo’taur, prize
Cameron Mitchell/anyone, games, recovery, stranded
Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson, blowjob, eyes, gun, broken, welcome, expose, books, sky, elevator, chains, prisoner, non-con, slave, bruises, distant, writing, mirror, talk, blind, dadt, playful, southern
Cameron Mitchell/Janet Fraiser, fit
Cameron Mitchell/Qe’tesh, lotar, fake, subservient
Cameron Mitchell/Sam Carter, stars, truck, dinner, flying, trees, scar, life, renew, stranded, ice
Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, deja-vu, loneliness, giddy, distance, dirty, phone sex, fairy tales, cashmere, forbidden, silent, goddess, complex, drape, mechanical bull, team night, pregnant, swollen, luscious, road trip, disney, tiara, daffodils, Daniel, alone, unending
Daniel Jackson/Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, Halloween, diner, tease
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, surprise, tears, lost, giggles, voyeurism, playful, tired, intense, swim, noisy, restrained, books, begging, passion, domination, giving in, teasing, power, library, gloves, cave, ship, control, secret, military, fever, equals, past
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Cameron Mitchell, cabin competition, aircraft, small quarters, roadtrip
Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter, tie up, cope, stuck, eternal, patch, lifetime, hat, team, off-world, aliens
Daniel Jackson/John Sheppard/Teal'c, bound
Daniel Jackson/Sabrina Gosling, stories
Daniel Jackson/Sam Carter, glasses, tent, rope, language, time, leaving, wormhole, stranded, tunnel, buried, hope, field, academia, brains
Daniel Jackson/Shen Xiaoyi, chevron, rendezvous, adrenaline, post-mission, intimate briefing, sapphire, admiration, any
Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, impulse, heat, offworld, academic conference, like, trust, pain, handcuffs, comfort, leather, affair, mirror, negotiate, snow, attachment, goddess, rough, drapes, mystery, revere, defiant, play, power, alone, surrender, regret, freedom, loyalty, crime, would you stop that!, forget, adjusting, history, experience
Daniel/Hathor, surprise, tied-up, unexpected-love, devoted, seduction, family, threatening, exotic, alien-pheromones, gentle, tickle
Daniel/Osiris, prize, converting, unreadable, motorcycle
Daniel/Teal'c, absolution, fallen, bruises, unexpected
Davis/Daniel Jackson, forgiveness, kindness, playful
Davis/Daniel Jackson/Jack O’Neill, holidays, trust, innocent, crush
Davis/Maybourne, hard, caress, blackmail, exhibitionism
Delek/Jack O'Neill, comfort, holding-cell, captured, first time, hate-sex, anger, lust, prisoners, cold
Garshaw/Yosuuf/Jack O'Neill, aphrodisiac, game, pyramid, camping, laughter, spanking
Hathor/anyone, hot, stranded, resurrected, alive, hand-cuffs, change-of-heart, strap-on
Hathor/Apophis, allies, reckless, dancing, unexpected, hate-sex
Hathor/Malek, captive, slave, lust, shame
Hathor/Ra, hate-sex, power-play, anger, fantasy, licking
Jack O'Neill/Sara O'Neill, memories
Jack O’Neill/Sam Carter, rain, trees, moon, tent, sound, sweat, sparring, taunting, night, how far, flashback, danger, domestic, safe, awkward, Minnesota, stargazing, retirement, jello, flying, offworld, broken, control, whiskey, tattoos, dark!Jack, spanking, slave, uniforms, regrets, fishing, ufos, apocalypse, fast, beer, impossible, favor, jell-o, house, Asgard technology, loneliness, Death Knell, Washington, wait, fingertips, stranded, smart, resistance, cold, other, command, liberal, derelict, isolated
Jack/Zarin, escape, slave, undercover, role-play, lubricant
Daniel Jackson/Jack O’Neill/Teal’c, warmth, beds, magic
Janet Fraiser/Cameron Mitchell, romance, cooking, strawberries, honey, secrets
Janet Fraiser/Jacob Carter/Selmak, entertainment, movies, smile, home-cooked-dinner, vibrator
Janet Fraiser/Malek, drugged, love, desire, gentle, tease, rope
Jolinar/Rosha/Lantash/Martouf, lo'tar, licking, teasing, frustration, love, desire, happiness, longing, sunset, love, hand-cuffs, secrets, forgiving, undercover, trapped, kisses, children, shyness
Jolinar/Samantha Carter/Lantash/Martouf, curious, hot, shy, hosts, meeting, sunset, swimming, picnic
Jonas/Teal'c, feast, first-time, discovery, hands, oath
Kelmaa/Malek, flirt, sparring, benefits, mischief
Lantash/Martouf/Sam, stranded, urges, memories, lust, love, first kiss, first time, prisoners, duty, compassion, longing, jealousy, desire, smug, alien spores, fertility rites, desert, bed, pillows, role-play, naked, motorcycle, captured, danger, threatened, quickie, Sam's lab, virgin, undercover, visiting, feelings, control, dunes, first time, sand, massage, snuggling, lo'tar, count-down, loving-again, admissions, seduction, birthday, first child, family, comfort, returning, together, mission, holding-cell, secrets, forgiving, love, happiness, dance, alcohol, drunk, cake, proposal, massage, wedding
Malek/anyone, tied-up, teasing, slave, massage
Reynolds/Pierce, undercover
Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson/Jonas Quinn, rescue, explore, new, taste, excited, rebel
Sam Carter/Martouf, return, underground, pool
Sam Carter/Teal'c, teach, lifetimes, old, armor, loss, ship, sandwich, baseball
Sam/Any, power, secrets, imagination, gifts
Sam/Janet, alone, DADT, first time, AMTDI
Sam/Vala, hand-device, motorcycle, buttplug
System Lord Yu/Daniel Jackson, service
Teal’c/Cameron, spar, movie, play, faster, laugh, faith, relax
Teal'c/Any, any
Zipacna/Osiris, differences, power-play, power, anger, danger, running, surrendering, laughter, knife, whip, strawberries, gloating, chaapa'ai, presents

Stargate Universe
Camille Wray/Ronald Greer, trapped, trust
Chloe Armstrong/Vanessa James, choice, shower, solace
Eli/Ginn, dream, bridge, giggle, avatar, red
Eli/Rush, safe, frustration, help
Greer/Park, broken, pleasurepain, pregnant, abuse, protect, soothe, alone, laugh
Greer/Park/Scott, middle, substitute, team, eye-contact, contrast, skin, flush, stretch, invisible, double penetration
Greer/Young, orders, command, bound, reversal, darkness, rough, bulkhead,
Matthew Scott/Ronald Greer, forget, hold, soldier, flush, stretch, strategy, silk, warzone, destiny, past, regret, adultery, gun, handcuffs, hallucination, blindfold, bound, Park, planet, DADT, DADT Repeal, bunny, watch
Nicholas Rush/Chloe Armstrong, alien, numbers, link, heart, blue, nightmare, giving, talk, numbers, marker pen, captain's chair, alone, ascension, bond, telepathy, silver skin, alien, changes, tongue, lick, first time, blow-job, scarf, unexplored, unclothe, destiny, denial, coax, toys, inventive, Kino, watch
Ronald Greer/Eli Wallace, battle, love, death, father, aliens
Ronald Greer/Eli Wallace/Matthew Scott/Chloe Armstrong, indecision, cave, darkness, protect, bicker, orders, last
Scott/James, hell, apocalypse, rain, touch, beer
Tamara Johansen/Varro, trust, new, smile
TJ/James, comfort, companionship

Starship Troopers
Carmen/Stack, race, mess, ship, quarters, competition
Johnny/Carmen, bug, hero, exhibition, love, intuition

State of Play (UK)
Cal/Della, danger, rain, blood, sullied, soap, hurt, comfort, older, younger, big, small, tight, spread, need, want, more, imperatives, revelation.
Della Smith/DCI William Bell, handcuffs, exchange, lips, powerful, hair

Brandon King/Michelle, almost, caress, clean, rip, safety, trigger

Strangers in Paradise - Terry Moore
Darcy Parker/David Qin, consent, context, con
Francine/Katchoo, shower, home, enough, regret
Darcy Parker/Katchoo Choovanski, captivity, rapid, excess

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Matt/Harriet, fight, afterparty
Simon/Tom, brothers, bromance, apology, relief, straight-man, sketch, truth or dare
Simon/Tom/Lucy, words, punchline, Hawaii, inclusive

Sugar Rush
Sugar/Kim, years, smitten

Suite Scarlett - Maureen Johnson
Scarlett/Spencer, life-long, same birthmark, blond/blonde, faulty air conditioner, family night at the hopewell, tall, protectiveness, protection (can be used in any definition of the word), black eye, eric, hamlet, tea, locks, broken locks, caught, watching, water conservation, don't leave, they were throwing doughnuts at my sister!, "she said it was pervy, so you'd like it."

Summer Heights High
MtF!Ja'mie King/Tamsin, closets, secrets, dresses

Sun Sword - Michelle West
Alora en'Marano/Teresa di'Marano, harem, duty, surrender, oath
Auralis/Kiriel di'Ashaf, kiallinan, weakness, darkness
Avandar Gallais/Jewel ATerafin, gentle, power, visions, history, blood
Kallandras/Evayne a'Nolan, time, bitterness, trust, power, stories, comfort, end, sacrifice
Kallandras/Teresa di'Marano, memory, path, sacrifice, song
Margret/Diora en'Leonne, Voyanne, vows, loneliness, honor, vision, heart
Valedan kai di'Leonne/Diora en'Leonne, sun, Lady, duty, power, water, strength, oath, voice, command, shadow, water, honor, courage, kneel, sing, protection, perfect

Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Kim Yoon Hee/Lee Sun Joon, ink, midnight, water, educational

Sunshine - Robin McKinley
Sunshine/Constantine, walking, adrenaline, sunlight, touch, voice, blood, shared, protection, nurterer, orange juice, shower, smell, interruption, secret, teeth, light, magic, pain, red, predator, kitchen knives, caretaker, conflict, protection, kiss, skin, unglamorous, bask, cinnamon rolls, smell, speed, dreams, artifact, night life

Capa/Cassie, observatory
Capa/Mace, sunburn, Earth, thief, cigarettes, snowflakes

Sunshine Cleaning
Lynn/Norah, candy, blood, veins, freckled, slow
Rose/Norah, forgiveness, need, alone, importance, reconciliation, always

Super Robot Taisen Original Generation
Excellen/Kyosuke/Lamia, doll, emotion, traitor
Kyosuke/Lamia, facade, language, unseemly

2009!Dean/2014!Castiel, fun
2014!Dean/2009!Dean, experience, trip, smirk, panties
Adam Milligan, Winchester
Anna/any, reprogram
Anna/Balthazar, curiosity, secrets, contraband, wings
Anna/Castiel/Balthazar, foxholes
Anna/Crowley, deals, wings, horns and tails, slave, marking, pregnancy, enticing, reprimand, forbidden, fascinate, tug, save, chocolate cake, fledgling, hell, heaven, earth, fallen, precious, deliberate, dark, sweet
Anna/Jo, blaze, slide, rush, furious
Anna/Jo/Ruby, roadtrip, heaven, hell, humanity, wanderer, sky, nomads, hurricane, powerlines, blow you away
Anna/Kali/Lilith, legend, myth, afterlife, crows, eternity, army, spark, worship, wings, holy

Anna/Michael, disobedient, open, watching, fallen, dreaming, havoc, principle, liability
Anna/Pamela, pleasure, restraint, wings, rainbow, focus, road, endure
Anna/Ruby, attraction, bubbles, bath, shower, new, knit, knife, knowledge, room, corset, car, rise, result, mature, knives, backroads, poison, hallelujah, tell me lies, grace, fallen, regret, delicate, freedom, church, bombs, war, vagabonds
Ava/Ruby, chosen, blood, substitute, curious, peace, insanity, reward, hourglass, brimstone, graveyard, desecration, ashes

Ava/Sam, against, demon, fight, powers, yellow
Becky/Chuck, roleplay
Bela/any, demon, clever
Bela/Henriksen, noir, drinks, break in, wall!sex, push and pull, femme fatale, suspicious, jewels, smokers, dame, underbelly, smooth, thrill
Bela/Jo, handcuffs, guns, thief, scarves, bullets, lies, never, silk, compromise, brilliance, ace of spades, lace, diplomacy
Bela/Meg, orientation, slick, allies
Bela/Ruby, run, hell, kindred, burn, slick, cage, black
Bill/Ellen, always, hearth, intense, sweet, wild
Bobby/Crowley, wheelchair, deal
boy!Bela/Jo, comeuppance, gown, lock
Cassie Robinson/Dean Winchester, open, belief, again, amazing, first, hide, smile, incendiary, angry, bite, scratch, leave.
Cassie/Castiel, Possession, voice, Dean, perdition
Castiel/any, celestial, inhuman
Castiel/Balthazar, jaded
Castiel/Crowley, dangerous, enemy, learn, admire
Castiel/Dean, vessel, romcom gifts, halo, boredom, temptation, learning, breathing, cellphone, rebuilt, heal, apples, jacket, tie, vision, lazy, blood, rough, gasp, patience, dance, gun, panties, skirt, toys, car, leather, kiss, bound, drunk, Lucifer, ashes, motels, ocean, flying, jeans, human, orgies, threat, bodyswap, begging, dependable, new, enjoyable, godsend, wings, finally, buttons, alter, pink, midnight, breath, wet, taste, hands, tongue, shove, hold, humanity, eyefucking, knife, hands, throat, new, lingerie, cross-dressing, role-play, blood!play, panties, alien, heaven, war, kiss, first, public, collars, handprint, claiming, rest, wings, cut, blood, street, leather, jealousy, seductive, non-con, trust, fever, wings, thunderstorms, chocolate, pie, pizza, spanking, hot, marriage, frantic, wings, cut, blood, street, leather, jealousy, seductive, non-con, trust, fever
Castiel/Dean/Jimmy, constellation
Castiel/Ellen, explore, cool, learn, whiskey, ally, friend
Castiel/Gabriel, earthbound, family, fascination, learn, purpose, teacher, flowers, duct-tape, blood, angel, family, believe, gag, touch, trust
Castiel/Jimmy, someplace soothing in your mind, memories, alone, want, call.
Castiel/Jo, virgin, last time, pegging, beer, drunk, rooftops, stars, lightening, curiosity, discover, explore, regret, grief, bury, hesitation, lime, tequila, stumble, iron
Castiel/John, never, sword, warriors
Castiel/Lucifer, bondage, smoke, fire, consensual, bargain, unholy, fire, sword, binding, broken, blood
Castiel/Meg, games, kisses, pride, sin, teach, cross the line, pizza man, glow, fire, trenchcoat, test, vicious, nihilism
Castiel/S6!Meg, clean, sear, lesson, heal, dirty, sin, experience, wings, soul, black, motive, need, respite, snow, ashes, lips, trade, deal, asset, skin, touch, bliss, damnation, blood, grace, forgiveness
Castiel/Sam, dirty, delicious, hoist, subdue, comfort, rise, lift, water, jumpy, steam, black wings, magic, fire, fingers, phantoms, glory, cracked, light, stubble, stutter, save
Castiel/Victor, longing for home, sacrifices, comfort, mission, quiet, learning
Claire Novak/Ben Braeden, scars
Crowley/Dean, deal, riding, knife, threat, begging, pretty toy, demon, chair, trapped, pretty, forceful, public, flirtation, win
Crowley/Gabriel, expensive, deal, kiss, contract, detached, cackle, trumpet, Enochian, mystery, real, demon, power, throat, power, sneaky, rough, wit, boring, years, clash, punishment, bruises, impossible, retaliate
Dean Winchester/Adam Milligan, brothers
Dean Winchester/Bela Talbot, hate, provocation, angry, dirty, outside, competition
Dean Winchester/Impala, leather, sweat, sticky, home, safe, warm, need, companion, roadside, asexual, tempt, closet, friend, deal, ghost, panties, djinn, mortal, tie, sexing, purr, growl, leather, tense, speed,
Dean Winchester/Jo Harvelle/Sam Winchester, tug of war, ropes, restraints, jealousy
Dean Winchester/Michael!John Winchester, dream, host, want, deal, truth, seduce, destiny, past, fantasy, family
Dean Winchester/Pie, cherry, hot, delicious, crumbs, destiny, possibilities, sweet, coffee
Dean/Andy, perfect, pie, backseat, comfort, truth, dares, safe
Dean/Castiel/Jo, intense, wanted, plentiful, restless, wings, handle, voyeur
Dean/Castiel/Meg, a man an angel and a demon walk into a bar.., voyeurism, denial
Dean/Castiel/Sam, slow, sensual, needy, view, giving instructions, go-with-the-flow, easy, complicated, crowded
Dean/Ellen, Impala, leather, dust, slap, kiss, tone, show, hold, arms, spanking, tied-up, smartass, lips, earrings, Baltimore, buttons, salt, shoulders, hurt, nurse, pool, chance, Daddy Issues, glass
Dean/girl!Castiel, reward, pregnancy, road
Dean/Jimmy Novak, naughty, rushed, secretive, laughter, fun, remember, wrong, doubling, anger, loss, handprint, panties.
Dean/Jo, blood, beer, snow, touch, long weekend, last chance, clean, hunt, drawn, blonde, blade, resurrection, right place, right time, finally, playful games, huntress, flirt, cowboys, loss, memory, Roadhouse, dream, reunited, heaven, bottle, fear, elevator
Dean/Kali, impress
Dean/Maggie Zeddmore, video, training,
Dean/Meg, reprove, sinister, intern, leanings
Dean/Sam, always, box, element, back, nape, blink, return, tin, saltpetre, familiar, fascinate, freak, futon, long, temptation, fae, blood, dirty, trust, ties, feel, close, Impala, try hair, knife, hard, eyes, home, done, case, together, gun, nasty, rough, careful, run, close, bent over, smack, hair, panic room, curse, gas station, prison, priest, knife, ice, cut, take, give, forever, black irises, gun!play, hand!kink, hairpulling, mirrors, fingerprints, size kink
Dean/Sam/Jess, Jess requests some fun with Sam's brother, hellfire, damnation, bed, lounge, stars, lazy forgiveness.
Dean/Tessa, feel, again, return, resurrection, day, eternity, toll
Dr. Sexy/any, cowboy, roleplay, mist, haunted, chokes
Ellen/Pamela, whiskey, fortune-telling, target practice, lonely, gun powder
Gabriel/Dean, help, daddy issues, two of a kind, tendrils, Grace, lips, prank war, table
Gabriel/Jo, commiserations, protect, spirit, toast
Gabriel/Kali, fire, wild, pagan, believe, trick, hot, light, arms, honey, blood, roses, wine, chocolate, blood, wings, smoke, blood, ancient, Gods, hands, blue, chant, knife, spell, full, teeth, arms, sword, centuries, pen and ink, power, regret, war, black and blue, victory, fool, on my mind, kneel
Gabriel/Lucifer, morning, light, groom, before, wings, one-upmanship, pranks
Gabriel/Lucifer/Michael/Raphael, create, rainbow, death
Gabriel/Pamela, poker, strip, see, laughter
Gabriel/Raphael, rejoice, celebrate, battle
Gabriel/Sam, aerodynamic, unknowable, bargain, chocolate, fledgling, sticky, wall!sex, hands, chocolate, younger brothers, candy, hands, pagan, tease, mark, bargain, rescue, control, illusion
Gabriel/Sam/Jess, ruffles, handcuffs, skirts, laughter, pegging, truffles, flowers, grope, possessive, hunger
girl!Sam/Jess, library, new girl, puppy dog eyes, short skirt
Jess/Jo, however, fingerprints, shoot, learn, trust, back, meet, lean, never, them, fight, nail, lipstick, red, hunt, substitute, blonde, heaven, hell, burn, blood, highway, birthmark, try again, sudden
Jess/Sam, brilliant, laughing, paint, tickle, sky
Jessica Moore/Ruby, taken, lies, sexual, leave, near, pierced, scar
Jimmy/Nick, ruin, memory, echo
Jo Harvelle, gunfire, burn, grave digger, knife play
Jo Harvelle/Pamela Barnes, respect, spank, see, fine, salt, even, follow
Jo/Lucifer, first time, virginity, pregnancy, grace, horns and tails, wings, purgatory, worship, fierce, mate, surprise, succumb, prophecy, choice
Jo/Ruby, ghost, dirty sheets, storm, games, glare, hollow, parasite, sweetness, bar fight, drinking games
Jo/Sam/Castiel, bookends, kiss it better, nimble, older, broken, hands

Jo/Tessa, lost, special, team
John Winchester/Dean Winchester, orders, gun, knife.
John Winchester/Kate Milligan, thank you
John/Bill, another way, understanding, family, rules, spoken
John/Bobby, finality, travel, home, pit stop, dinner, gloves off
John/Gabriel(Loki), binding, wings, tattoos, slave, mpreg/eggpreg, bondage, rituals, voyeurism, worship, magic, exhaustion, love, trust
John/Mary, blissful, cherish, glow, tragic, unladylike, heaven, dreamland, unexpected, reunion, wings
John/Mary/Michael, delve, take, protect, sacrifice
John/Michael, ages
Lisa/Balthazar, toys, wings, phone sex, soul bond, ice cream, pregnancy, finer things, first love, grace
Lisa/Meg, seduction, betrayal, black
Lucifer/Michael, brothers, clouds, knowledge, time, war, wings, tail, horns, mercy, love, hate, heaven, last, fight, apocalypse, please, soulbond, brother
Madison/Lisa, black, substitute, cherish, family, help, hold, listen
Madison/Sam, possibilities, change, take, teeth, dream, miss
Mary/Anna, lost, imprecise, lightning, medal, grief, fight, each, star, navigate, void, villain
Mary/Ellen, hour, law, power, protest, recourse, privilege, advance
Mary/Karen Singer, possibilities, burn, crazy, fixed
Mary/Pamela, engineer, sun, arouse, rebel, mountain, ours, politics, choice
Mary/Ruby, honor, bare, bless, sour, tonight, fly, phoenix, gun
Meg/Castiel, ketchup, knife, killers
Michael/Gabriel/Lucifer, brothers, family, games, protect
Michael/Raphael/Gabriel/Lucifer, together, family, flock, broken, last-time, falling
Missouri Moseley, "I enjoy the way you lie."
Nick/Sam, mirror
Original!Ruby/Dean, rough, anger, bound, lust, hell, Impala, traitor, plea, kiss, disgusting, bathroom, ally, drunk, sin
Pamela/Bobby, rock and roll, psychic, whiskey
Patrick/Sam, cards, game, nostalgia
Raphael/Castiel, prisoner, lightning, shadows, blood, bite, war, justice
robo!Sam/Dean, wall!sex
Ruby/Pamela, sanctuary, mild, fierce, time, comeback, veil, pride, pathos, human
Ruby/Sam, better, faith, blood, bound, devious, frantic, rough, accidental, barely, practice, understanding
Sam Winchester/Anna Milton, threat, escape, knife, human, run, loud, soul, firefly, soft, truth, rebirth, lightning, warrior, endless, cosmic, soldier on
Sam Winchester/Brady, desperate, exorcism, plot, interest, games, begging, skipping, hate, hurt, revenge, classes, smoke, lecture, party, liquor, notes, hair, experience, want, smoke, eyes
Sam Winchester/Jo Harvelle, exhilaration, late night drive, weapons
Sam Winchester/Lenore, future, turn
Sam Winchester/Lucifer, trapped, consent, dark, cold, conviction, belief, shock, trapped, headspace, lies, cruelty, kindness, fire, heart, blood, trust, insidious, serpent, death, spare
Sam/Bela, [any], reciprocity, broken, better, deception,
Sam/Dean/Mary, twist, wrong, engulf, attain
Sam/Gabriel, candy, lips, caged, flight, wings, grounded, amber, precious, jealous, , furious, dark, untamed, janitor, illusion, collar, misunderstanding, unexpected, sweet expletive, pagan, wings
Sam/Gabriel/Castiel, wings, bound, boyking, dark, rough, pets, forever
Sam/Gabriel/Castiel/Dean, celebration, stars, flying, over, dreams, wishes, left, post-apocalyptic, survivors, free, bonding, relief, indebted, kinky, wings
Sam/Gabriel/Lucifer, soul, tug-of-war, covetous, greedy, limits, grab, take, demand
Sam/Gabriel/Lucifer/Jo, flock, double penetration, voyeurism, grace sharing
Sam/Jess/Gabriel, Stanford, interlude, experiment, joyful, wings, secrets
Sam/Jess/Gabriel/Dean/Jo/Castiel, flock, lust, grace
Sam/Lilith, fated, curse
Sam/Lucifer!Jess, comfort, dream, escape
Sam/LuciferSam/Lucifer/Jess, pretend
Sam/Meg, speed, borrow, cut

Survivors (new)
Abby/Greg, over, still here, family, precipice

Swan Lake - Bourne
The Prince/The Swan, flight, fight

Swan Lake
Odette/Siegfried, innocence, any
Odile/Prince Siegfried, any
Swan/Prince, the first night

Sweeney Todd
Anthony/Johanna, clutch, different, world, own

Janet/Trina, cooking, oral/first time
Tom/Janet/Trina, family, dear Janet, double penetration, lemonade, twister

Swiss Family Robinson (1960 movie)
Ernst/Fritz/Roberta, transgender, Bertie, lost, guilt, afraid

Jackie/Robbie, undercover

Jake/A.J., issues, cool, hat, cons
Jake/Lilly/A.J., regrets, dinners, late, surprises, gifts
John/G, roads, game, ropes, choices

Tales of Symphonia
Zelos/Sheena, destiny, hero

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Richter/Aqua, healing, strangeness, follow, kiss, flowing
Richter/Aster, starlight, first-time, half-elf, nibble, tease, breath, secret, please
Richter/Emil, ruins, food, familiar, Ratatosk Mode, explore, seal, magic

Tales of the Abyss
Asch/Guy, service, tattoo, grip, pull, shiver, snarl
Asch/Luke, closer, worth, deserve
Asch/Natalia, desire, voyeur, overcome, mirror
Guy/Luke, early, whisper, master, cautious, secret, reunion, lessons
Jade/Guy, technobabble, science!, vehicular, banter, first-time, masturbation, fun, lessons
Jade/Peony, code, majesty, experiment
Legretta/Tear, obedience, gunplay, substitution, exposure, test, soldier
Luke/Ion, heroism, weakness
Natalia/Tear, trust, outfits, play
Van/Largo, strength, fightsex, devotion, history, compassion, blades
Van/Luke, red, purpose, precise
Van/Tear, first, delicate, powerful, song, faith

Tales of Vesperia
Elucifur/Duke, [any]
Flynn/Ioder, costume, oath, protect, experimenting, audience
Flynn/Yuri, bondage, chasing, trust, competition, completion, justice, punishment, sword, night, knight, fight, partners, inspired, reunited, tease, kink, share, swordplay, laughing, Lower Quarter, bitten
Flynn/Yuri/Judith, friendship, sweat, trust, competition, tease, teasing, bruises, comfortable, fly
Judith/Kaufman, gamble, business sense, flirt, bare, treasure, Krityan
Rita/Estelle, [any], never, first, fantasy
Rita/Judith, blastia, experiment
Yuri/Duke, demanding, solitary, outdoors, swordplay

Tam Lin - Pamela Dean
Janet/Thomas, midday, library, flowers, relief

Tamir Triad - Lynn Flewelling
Tamir/Ki, nerves, change, sexuality, knowledge
Tamir/Korin, what-ifs, dominance, surrender
Tobin/Ki, taste, kiss, caught, trapped

Flyn/Stabbington brothers, silver tongue, trapped
Flynn Rider/Rapunzel, chocolate, gown, liberty, purity, shoes, birthday, best, freedom, present, education, birds and bees, jokes, love, hair, magic, first time, magic, floating lights, hair bondage, soft, luxurious
Maximus/Rapunzel, hair as a fucking-harness
Rapunzel/Eugene, silk, femdom, happily ever after

Target in the Finder
Asami/Takaba, irresistible
Fei Long/Asami, hunters and hunted

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
April/Casey Jones, cricket, fight, bicker

Temeraire - Naomi Novik
Iskierka/Granby, steamy, bondage, hapless, insistence, spoiled rotten
Laurence/Temeraire, undaunted, inventive, protection, devotion, gifts, ruff
Laurence/Tharkay, common ground, adventure, comrades, companion

Temple – Matthew Reilly
Doogie/Race, innocent, apples, destiny

Ten Inch Hero
Priestly/Original Male Character, acceptance, first tattoo, meeting the parents, kilt

Tender is the Night
Contessa di Minghetti/Caroline Sibley-Biers, frolic

Terminator (movies)
John/Kate, underground, resist, network, weird, thirst, dissonance, linger
John Connor/Terminator, protector, metal
Kyle/Marcus, scars, blisters, feet, hope, fragile, new, learn, lost, time travel, stamina, AU, stealing away, run away
Kyle/Sarah, time, close, picture, again, paradox, hold on, fractal, fire, intertwined, yield, devotion

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Cameron/Derek Reese, need, brittle, destroy, girlfriend, lover, work, spare, violin, dance, traitor, spark
Cameron/John Connor, help, hold, body, prom, repairs, skin, stretch, taut, metal, truth, raw, work, heart, truth, silence, real, dark, past, future, lead, align, pillow, teaching, learning, codependency, cold, need, cling, good intentions, fixation, only one, atrophy, confinement, protection, tomorrow, need, trust, inhuman
Cameron/Sarah Connor, endurance, unsure, correct, reprogramming, rules of engagement
Derek Reese/John Connor, daring, adrenaline, metal, connection, technology, insane, blood
Derek Reese/Sarah Connor, relief, intense
Derek/Allison, babylon, empty places,, corner, bracelet, resist
Derek/Jesse, claw, regret, spiral, tunnel, punch
Derek/John, no, yes, find, time, forget, remember, hope, future
James Ellison/Sarah Connor, fight, release, close call, belief, secret, follow, fight
Jesse/Riley, smile, regret, texture, hands, protect, pretty hair, liar, trust, betrayal, wrong, alone, manipulation, alive, savior, burn out, hubris
John Connor/Martin Bedell, connection, feel

Britt/Hank, sharp, laugh, photograph, disaster, proof
Britt/Katie, spread, pegging, coffee, lipstick, flowers

That ‘70s Show
Anette/Donna/Jackie, Donna's pets
Donna/Jackie, annoyance, authority, high, discipline, piercing, fucking, water tower
Donna/Kelso, anal, burn, size kink
Donna/Laurie, blackmail
Eric/Jackie, deal, bitching, kiss, Leia's-gold-bikini, payback
Hyde/Jackie, thankful, regrets, summer heat, the basement couch, memories, changes, pink

The 4400
Diana Skouris/Marco Pacella, powers, heat, knowledge, intuition, games, evening clothes
Diana/Tom, invasion, lights, pretty

The Addams Family (film)
Wednesday/Amanda, high school

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Brisco County Jr./Dixie Cousins, scent, look, hurry, hold, triumph, delicious

The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Big Pete/Ellen, ice cream, summer, sandy, math, chalk, pavement

The Apartment
CC Baxter/Fran, settle, different

The A-Team (any)
BA/Face, boss, perfectionist
Face/Murdock, ridiculous, nonsensical, crazy, insane, flight
John "Hannibal" Smith/Templeton "Faceman" Peck, [any]
BA/Murdock, fool, part, fond, chain, technology, imagination, hope, down time

The A-Team (2010)
B.A./Murdock, floor, truck, rug burn, bite, whimper, giggle, bandages, needle
Murdock, getting off to electroshock
Murdock/Face, folie a deux
Murdock/Pike, that asshole pilot
Murdock/Sosa, pegging
Murdock/Sosa/Face, [any]

The Bartimaeus Trilogy – Jonathan Stroud
Bartimaeus/Nathaniel, snark, hate, equal, magic

The Big Bang Theory
Amy Farrah Fowler/Sheldon Cooper, experiment, sweat, tongue, lube, handcuffs
Amy/Penny, nightmares, bondage, penis envy, strap-on, strap-on, biting
Bernadette/Penny, penis envy, grow a dick, options, cheesecake, giggle, experiment, work, hands, blond, uniforms
Beverly Hofstadter/any, interesting, kink, control, breathe
Howard/Raj, goth, shy, kosher, party, disco, sleep, comfort, future
Leonard Hofstadter/Penny, closet, take-out, lab, comic books, costume, camping, audition, back to the beginning, white board, shoes, lipstick, superheroes, mouthy
Leonard Hofstadter/Sheldon Cooper, argument, roommates, hypothesis, knocking, helpless, couch, night, anger, mistake, inevitable, control, happy, whistling
Leonard/Leslie, lasers, glasses, wreckage, ideas, schedule
Leonard/Penny/Sheldon, shock, experiment, lessons

Leslie Winkle/Penny, experiment, proof, revenge, target practice, shoes, elevator
Penny/Sheldon, alcohol, secret, Christmas, touch, apoapsis, micron, TED, hands, size, smile, pheromones, science, return, scouting, experiment, love, honeymoon, orgasm, hands, eyes, song, thirty-two, battle scene, dryer sheets, superhero, coffee, peek, returning the favor, grape juice, valentine, fandom, mind meld, inconceivable, awkward, house-hunting, wrong, spring, seatbelt, apple, orient, flight, loquacious, lament, doors, roof, locks, stairs, heat, dreams, secrets, cry, keys, green, sarcasm, wonder, nobel
Penny/Raj, grasshopper, silence, eyes
Raj/Sheldon, flatland, monopoly, incense, bollywood, office

The Big C
Adam/Andrea, [any]
Cathy/Rebecca, what the hell, singing, wine, swimming pool, confidence, betrayal, wild, risky, bad influence, wrong, hiding, history
Lenny/Cathy, slippery, what could have been, simple, happiness
Paul/Cathy, rekindling the relationship, college, marriage, martinis

The Big Hit
Keiko Nishi/Melvin Smiley, kiss, carry, tease, yes

The Black Donnely’s
Tommy/Jenny, bruise, love

The Black Jewels Trilogy – Anne Bishop
Gabrielle/Chaosti, queen, warlord prince, black widow, law, trees, sneaky, pride, sacrifice, power, growing, summers, new, desire, silence
Jaenelle/Daemon, claws, black, queen, healing, mischief, outdoors, phantom touch, tied down, trust, sadist, rut, predatory
Jaenelle/Surreal/Daemon, striptease, fur, mortal, silk, playful, dangerous, lessons, bloody, kitchen, laughter

The Bourne Identity
Jason Bourne/Marie, fingers, intimate, ache, sweet, mirrors

The Bourne Series (movies)
Nicky/David, undercover, sigh, touch
Nicky/Jason, Paris, perfume, gloves, gun, on the lam

The Brady Bunch
Marcia/Greg, home alone, denial, so wrong it’s right, withholding

The Breakfast Club
Allison Reynolds/Claire Standish, quiet, river, tree, city, college, book, dinner, dance, street
Allison Reynolds/Claire Standish/John Bender, meaning, slip, accident, never, mile, pink, visual, bind, natural, season
Allison Reynolds/John Bender, want, seem, pierce, gone
Claire Standish/John Bender, pointed, sink, flash, ice, nail, empty halls, pink lipstick, privileged

The Butterfly Effect
Tommy/Evan, path
The Cape
Vince Faraday/Orwell, aftermath, hesitant, sex pollen, hope

The Changeover – Margaret Mahy
Laura Chant/Sorenson "Sorry" Carlisle, fascination, link, longing

The Children’s Hour
Karen/Martha, truth

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones
Conrad/Christopher, warmth, garden

The Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Aravis/Lasaraleen, almost, friends
Caspian/Edmund, kingship, fraternity, trust, free, air, light, smile
King Caspian X/ Lucy Pevensie, favorite, precious, stories, surprise, salt, tunic, stay
Lucy/Aravis, court, queen, river
Peter/Any, adjustment, power, imagination

The Chronicles of Narnia (movies)
King Caspian X/ Lucy Pevensie, soaked, drowned, shiver, warm, care, beautiful, queen, jealousy, susan, changes, temptation, nightmares, forgetting, comfort, friendship, love
King Caspian X/Edmund Pevensie/Lucy Pevensie, rite of passages, dawn treader, first time, maturity, shy, ecstasy, sTronger, bond, spell, temptation, test
Edmund/Caspian, kneel, shield, sand
Susan/Caspian, warrior, equals

The Chronicles of Narnia
Caspian/Lillandil, queen, grass, sky, bright, twinkle, son
Caspian/Peter, battlements, moon, spear, where you are, daydream, at last, sword, letters, if, death, promise, heal, envy, wish
Caspian/Susan, night sky, grass, heroes, queen, call, urgency, honour, lipstick, silk, finery, castles, wild
Cor/Aravis, queen, brave, strength
Edmund, eagles, wind, fly
Edmund/Jadis, lake, temptation, candles, teeth, bondage
Edmund/Peter, king, dynasty, orders, alone, thunderstorm
King Peter/Queen Susan, majesty, ermine, silk, velvet, rule, fading
Lucy/Tumnus, friends, rider, forests, tea, wicked, friends, grown-up, running, festivities
Peter/Susan, fear, intimate, close, rough, return, memories, revert
Prince Rilian/Jill (adult), gratitude, respect, falling, any
Prince Rilian/Lady of the Green Kirtle, prisoner, ropes, bound, mine
Susan/Aslan, missing, yearn, fur, wild, she forgives, lost, queen, fight, war, dreamer, veil, touch, hunger, hunter, winter, magic, playful, worlds, solitary, gentle

The Chronicles of Riddick
Kyra/Riddick, surprise, rescue, frustration, sweat, tender, absence, beast, bruises, knifeplay, scars, sweet-spot, relief, revenge, tears
Riddick/Vaako, pack, punishment, claiming, fire, smoke, diamonds, whisper, bright, future, signs, fury, atonement, fisting, bracelet, unexpected,
Riddick/Vaako/Dame Vaako, power, throne, drowning, cloud, whisper, prey

The Closer
Andy Flynn/Brenda Johnson,trench coat, [any]
Brenda Johnson/David Gabriel, attraction, caught, desk, office, boss.
Brenda/Raydor, sugar, television, girl talk, gag, secret
Brenda/Will, [any]
Sharon/Andy, [any]

The Constable of Abal - Kelly Link
Ozma(Ozen)/The Constable('s ghost), senses, tug, experiment, secret

The Covenant
Caleb/Chase, war, deep, chase, sting, stardust, reason
The Covenant, Caleb/Pogue, anger, stairs, hard-on, blur, sugar, joke, apology
The Covenant, Caleb/Pouge/Reid/Tyler, five, punishment, revenge, ascending, originally, brothers, together, power, covenant, secret, tension, ascending, pain, belong, outsiders, addiction
Chase/Tyler, innocence, baby boy, youth, weak, hurt, power, hunger
Reid/Chase, facebook, blond, popcorn, barefoot, snark
Reid/Tyler, warm, halo, grace, between, blowjob, scar, horror

The Craft
Sarah/Bonnie, scars, rose

The Crazies (2010 film)
Judy/Becca, escape
Judy/Deardra, yesterday

The Dark is Rising - Susan Cooper
Bran Davies/Barney Drew, nude, innocent, flush
Will Stanton/Bran Davies, fires, home, new, tears, remembering, promise, abandon
Will Stanton/Bran Davies/Jane Drew, compromise, homemaker, remember, flatmates, fix
Will Stanton/Jane Drew, tenderness.
Will Stanton/Simon Drew, clinical, need, slow, trust.

The Dark Knight (movie)
Joker/Batman, tease, tear, hit, hurt, want, disgust, lust, wither, give in

The Dark Tower - Stephen King
Eddie/Roland, beach, withdrawal, share, trust, dinh
Eddie/Susannah, acceptance, heal, different, new, oath, vows, help, joke

The Darkangel Trilogy - Meredith Ann Pierce
Aeriel/Irrylath, pearls

The Demon Child Trilogy - Jennifer Fallon
Damin/Adrina, Gods, cold, water
Tarja/R'shiel, blood, devotion, choice, demon

The Demon’s Lexicon series - Sarah Rees Brennan
Mae/Sin, best
Nick/Jamie, banter
Nick/Mae, closer, teacher, actions, desires, mark, dark, tomorrow, rainstorm, rain, storm, protect, dark
Nick/Mae/Sin, dancer, fever, magic, circle

The Demonata - Darren Shan
Juni Swan/Kernel Fleck, opposite, care, salvation, once, heartbeat
Kernel Fleck/Grubbs Grady, eyes, apology, time
Meera Flame/Dervish Grady, chess, suddenly, rock, drinks, motorbikes, marriage

The Devil Wears Prada (movie)
Emily/Andy, shape, snippy, curls

The Devil Wears Prada
Andy Sachs/Miranda Priestley, dazzle, strip, muddy, slumming, unravel, AU, perfectionism, dirty talk, ice, punishment, trade-off, Milan, tents, masks, velvet, rope, underground, smoke, shopping, bite, surrender, exposure, secrets, that's all, hidden, unexpected, six
Andy/Emily, shoe kink, desk!sex, corset
Miranda Priestley/any, 1970, Lennon, counter

The Diamond Age - Neal Stephenson
Nell/Fiona/Elizabeth, friendship, puberty, dancing

The Dresden Files – Jim Butcher
Harry Dresden/Thomas Raith, shattered, hunger, trapped together, running water, instinct, refugee, identity, ragged, intensity, fervent, cavern, muscle memory, fuck or die, waiting, insomnia, emergency, give in, collide
Harry/Kincaid, payment in kind, training, time loop, stress, fruity, the Blue Beetle
Harry/Morgan, criminal, mistrust
Harry/Susan, blood, handcuffs, restraints, snap, fireworks, weary memory, candles, avatar, fade, teeth, last, wishful thinking, photograph, vital signs, control
Kincaid/Thomas, supply, control, lust, hunger, truck
Lara/Luccio, Naples, desire, illicit, dance, taste, flirt, watching you, target, basic, problematic, decadence, wicked
Mab/Harry Dresden, cold, price, promise, power, bargain
Maeve/Harry Dresden, temptation, ice
Molly/Butters, flotsam and jetsam, sympathy, smiles, sweetness, shy, bravery, breathe, blush
Molly/Thomas, hand holding, soul, hug, forgiveness, acceptance, partners, one woman rave, hand in hand, vigilance, rookie, hold, insomnia

The Dresden Files
Harry/Kincaid, kiss or kill, blaze, storm
Harry/Lasciel, mind games, angel, illusion, soul, hellfire, genderswap, transformation, marking.
Harry/Marcone, there are benefits to knowing a wizard, 'fuck or die' spell, running water prevents magic, secrets, tiger, soulgaze, understanding, helicopter, ‘say please’
Harry/Michael, love, cherish, strength
Harry/Morgan, hounded, sword, Lake Michigan
Harry/Murphy, stress, celebration, life, midnight
Harry/Thomas, choice, shattered, BDSM, insanity, happy birthday, genderswap, control, blood, bond
Harry/Thomas/Kincaid, boom, fieldwork
Ivy (the Archive)/Molly Carpenter, growing up, sweet, lip gloss
Karrin Murphy/Anastasia Luccio, sword, tub, hard day
Maeve/Molly Carpenter, ice, magic, ecstasy
Murphy/Thomas, power, silver, cold
Nicodemus/Harry, arrogance, scripture, bleed, fascination, shadows, bondage, shroud, asphyxiation.

The Eagle (2011)
Esca/Marcus Aquila, happy, known, quality, quiver, shake, slave, warrior, yell

The Eagle of the Ninth - Rosemary Sutcliffe
Esca/Cottia/Marcus, winter, home

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles - Patricia Wrede
Mendanbar/Telemain, absent-minded, books, translation

The Expendables
Gunner/OFC, lie

The Fall
Roy Walker/Nurse Evelyn, locket, taste, gentle, pity, heal, orange

The Fast and the Furious (movies)
Brian/Dom/Rome, crowded, engine oil, tight, push, negotiate, bossy, team, snarl, got your back
Brian/Rome, wrestle, knee, smirk, cough, cigarette, dusty, partner, engine, sand, rev, brothers, garage, sunset, grin, touch, dirty
Brian/Verone, restraints, gun
Brian O'Connor/Dominic Toretto, faith, goodbye, handcuffs, rules, traffic, fast, anger, family
Brian O'Connor/Dominic Toretto/Letty Ortiz, control, speed
Suki/Letty, pink, girl's world

The Fionavar Tapestry - Guy Gavriel Kay
Aileron dan Ailell/Diarmuid dan Ailell, forbidden, quick, competition
Aileron dan Ailell/Kimberly Ford, once, lonely
Paul Schafer/Kevin Laine, needful, lost, ghosts, intensity

The First Men In the Moon (2010)
Professor Cavor/Julius Bedford, flight, hero, journey, aliens, blue, protect, rescue

The Five Find-Outers (and Dog) – Enid Blyton
Fatty/Bets, fond, disguise, recovery

The Forbidden Game - L.J. Smith
Jenny/Audrey, makeup, experience, going abroad, the outsider, her bite is worse than her bark, body shots, high heels, striptease
Jenny/Dee, treehouse, dancing, rough'n tumble, afterparty, lazy summer afternoon, swimming pool, vulnerable, fighter
Jenny/Julian, gemstones, underground, erlking, black forest, magic, interrupted, classroom, spying, carnivale, knifeplay, more than his match, nightmare, adrenaline

The Forsyte Saga (2002)
Soames Forsyte/Irene, try, duty, teach, mold, hurt, learn

The Gates
Nick Monohan/Dylan Radcliff, turn, blood, escape, drive, coffee, wake, call

The Glades
Callie/Jim, new mexico, freckles, sun, begin, fantasies, case, dance

The Good Wife
Alicia Florrick /Kalinda Sharma, unrequited, prosaic, brief, dreams, just once, a new affair, 18 times, boots, gun playing, moving on, heels, lilac, recordings, lipstick, vodka, surveillance, oral, smile, bed, surprise, lips, strap-on(Alicia wearing it), strap-on(Kalinda wearing it), tradition, starting over, another name, faith, home, conference room, Diane's office, breakfast, patience, destruction, fight, taking sides, flowers, private, illegal, compromised, soft, tequila
Alicia Florrick/Cary Agos, hate sex, dirty little secret, open secret, after hours, bonding, billable hours, new firm, court, favors, revenge, petulant, wanting, control, watching, nightAlicia Florrick/Peter Florrick, jealousy, love, tenderness, lust
Alicia Florrick/Will Gardner, bagel, cityscape, file, paper, collar, cologne, office, question, dare, lipstick, grownups, undressing, sweat, sounds, Georgetown, messages, going to work without underwear, office, bare feet, late night, passion, kiss, wanting, jealousy, love, tenderness, lust, choices, paths, wait, college, talk, divorce, unsure, know, familiar, wall!sex, tie, desk, heels, noir, cunnilingus, after hours, darkness, lies, giving in, confession, message, choice, stay, promise, home, table, gossip, years, coffee
Cary Agos/Kalinda Sharma, heat, control, forbidden, power, submit, pretty boy, submission, making deals, secret, information, dominate, gun, opposite
Cary Agos/Wendy Scott-Carr, accidental development, copy room, not a word
Cary Agos/Will Gardner, competence, layers, jargon
Cary, deserve
Diane Lockhart/Will Gardner, against the wall, conspiracy high, celebration, desk, business-trip, friendship, argument, once, now-and-again, bruised, betrayed, out, new, ego
Diane Lockheart/Kalinda Sharma, power, trust, safe, elegance, kiss, gun, information, boots
Diane/Alicia, secret, briefs, powerplay
Kalinda/Will, bad idea

The Graveyard Book
Silas/Nobody Owens, adulthood, help, blood, truth, taking

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Gatsby/Nick, moon, days, quite, carnival

The Great Gatsby
Gatsby/Daisy, war, farewell
Gatsby/Nick, libraries, parties, pool, beach
Tom/Nick, college, denial

The Grudge
Karen/Kayako, insomnia, tangled

The Guardian
Nick/Amanda, [any]

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Mary Ann Shaffer, Annie Barrows
Juliet Ashton/Dawsey Adams, first, nervous, wedding
John Booker/Sidney Stark, acceptance, aftermath, comfort, nightmares, redemption, visting

The Guild
Codex/Fawkes, alts, music, secrets, ice cream, webcam, tartan, magic, convention, avatar, victory, portrait, bid

The Hard Times of RJ Berger
Lily/Jennifer, contrasted, tasteless, convinced
Lily/Miles, dark, trouble, hatesex
RJ/Lily/Miles, drunk, comfort, experiment, desperate, bond, share

The Haunting
Eleanor/Theo, lesson

The Hollows series
Algaliarept/Rachel, tricked, determined
Rachel/Ivy, scent, sight, sharing, trust, love

The Homeward Bounders - Diana Wynne Jones
Helen/Jamie, once, dinosaurs
Vanessa/Konstam, wedding

The Host - Stephenie Meyer
Wanda/Kyle, violence, hands, being human

The Hours and the Times (1991)
Brian Epstein/John Lennon, reading

The Hours
Virginia/Vanessa, blood, drowning, bird

The Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins
Annie Cresta/Finnick Odair, protect, cover, swimming, fingertips, pearls, all I hear is your heart, ship of fools, steady, aftermath
Annie Cresta/Johanna Mason, returning, scars, peace-and-quiet
Annie Cresta/Katniss Everdeen, Mockingjay, ivy, service, letters, sharing
Any Victor, watching the absurd porno versions of their Games
Chaff/Haymitch Abernanthy, scar kink
Cinna/Finnick Odair, eyeliner, skin, curls, natural, black, green, the sea, seas, cloth, mattress, feathers, softness, warmth, always, real or not real, revolutionaries, rebels, painless, sheets, shy, cinnamon, leap, whispers, gold
Cinna/Haymitch Abernanthy, protection, lost
Cinna/Johanna Mason, she's a killer queen
Cinna/Katniss Everdeen, genderbending, fashion, on fire, mockingjay
Finnick Odair/Annie Cresta/Johanna Mason, least crazy thing any of us have ever done
Finnick Odair/Johanna Mason, choking, survivors, bruises, watched, lies, comfort, forget, taking care
Finnick Odair/Katniss Everdeen, hold it together, ropes and knots, worship, begging, teasing
Finnick Odair/Peeta Mellark, victors
Gale Hawthorne/Katniss Everdeen, when the thunderstorms start, fuck you and all we've been through
Gale Hawthorne/Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark, survival
Gale Hawthorne/Madge Undersee, strawberries, white dress, dirty hands
Gale Hawthorne/Peeta Mellark, comfort, alone, understanding, confrontation, needs
Haymitch Abernanthy/Maysilee Donner, death, worry, resignation, determination, catharsis
Haymitch Abernanthy/Peeta Mellark, rough, forgetting
Johanna Mason/Katniss Everdeen, bitch, distrust, honesty, panache, clash, gun cleaning as foreplay, party
Johanna Mason/Peeta Mellark, together, bond, hurt
Katniss Everdeen, confusion, solitude, need
Katniss Everdeen/Finnick Odair, long shot, water, scars, knots, comfort, sugar, net, water, trauma, virgin, knots
Katniss Everdeen/Foxface, ghosts
Katniss Everdeen/Gale Hawthorne, kiss, hunt, swim
Katniss Everdeen/Haymitch Abernathy, white liquor, scars, desperation, drunk, loyalty, hungover, first, self-hatred, favourite, stay alive no matter what occurs
Katniss Everdeen/Johanna Mason, bruises, rebellion, army days, remembrance, dark, candle, vengeance, rival, aggression, hate
Katniss Everdeen/Johanna Mason/Finnick Odair, persuasion
Katniss Everdeen/Lavinia (Avox girl), speak
Katniss Everdeen/Madge Undersee, revolutionary, young, help, loneliness.
Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark, coming home, familiar warmth, handcuffs, restraint, pillows, necks, need, watched, television, exposure, ratings, reality, choking, flashbacks, crying, violence, blood
Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark/Gale Hawthorne, room for three, married games, AU, skin, scars, teamwork, sun, healing
Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark/Haymitch Abernathy, training, favourites, game, hunt, knife, happy, alive

The Hythrun Chronices
Laran/Marla, arrangement, secret, unexpected

The Inbetweeners
Jay/Neil, big mouth, liar, fantasy

The Incredible Hulk (2008 movie)
Bruce Banner/Betty Ross, control, slipping, heartbeat, muscle, change, tiny

The Incredible Hulk
Emil Blonsky/Bruce Banner, need

The Incredibles
Buddy Pine(Syndrome)/Violet Parr, not, orange, color, fly, evil, night, kiss
Elastigirl/Frozone/Honey Best/Mr Incredible, special, cocktails
Frozone/Bomb Voyage, mistaken, plot, Paris, baquette, college
Frozone/Honey Best, make-up-sex, honestly
Frozone/Honey Best/Mr Incredible, before
Helen Parr (Elastigirl)/Mirage, change, flexible, ordinary
Lucius Best "Frozone"/Violet Parr, afterschool, mistake, secret

The Infernal Devices - Cassandra Clare
Jem/Will, parabatai, drugs, sweat
Jem/Will/Magnus, the cure
Will/Jem/Tessa, The Codex, sweet, tenderness, Boadicea, guardianship, the church, consecrated ground, sin, the library
Will/Tessa, blood and holy water

The Inside
Karen/Rebecca, lost
Mel/Rebecca, office, unsub, unsolved, missing
Paul/Danny, lies
Paul/Web, deflection, puppet
Rebecca Locke/anyone, virginity, trust, control
Rebecca/Karen/Paul, playtime, faithful
Rebecca/Paul/Web, twisted, entwined, night
Rebecca/Web, dirty, hunting, games, temptation, hunting, scratch, grin, protege moi, flood

The IT Crowd
Roy/Jen, not again, embarrassing, oddly attractive, why, what did you say?

The King's Speech (2010)
George V/George VI, bully, straight, lock
George VI/Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, taffeta
George VI/Lionel Logue, deeper, bend, unlock
Bertie/David, french whore, sharing, resentment, power, nursery, none like us,
Bertie/Elizabeth, support, nerves, Wallis

The Lady Vanishes
Gilbert/Iris, voyage

The Last of the Mohicans
Uncas/Alice, night, before, leave, longing

The Last Remnant
David Nassau/Rush Sykes, teach, battle, harm
Irina/Jager, bind, training, mercenary, forgiveness, Lob Omen, flowers
Kate/Rhagoh, mirror, spice, need, possess, curse

The Last Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle
Haggard/Amalthea, happy

The Librarians
Christine Grimwood/Frances O'Brien, fantasy, Pilates, ball
Darren/Ky Lee, any

The Listener
Toby Logan/Charlie Marks, adrenaline, curious, empty, telepathic

The Little Dog Laughed - Douglas Carter Beane
Mitchell/Alex, eventually, mistake, choices

The Little Mermaid (Disney)
Ariel/Ursula, [any], bonus, tentacles
Ariel/Vanessa, sing, laughter, challenge, voice, payment, ownership, denial
Eric/Ariel, first, screams, red, travel, snow

The Lord of the Rings – J.R.R. Tolkien
Aragorn/Arwen/Boromir, serenity, human, jewel, dream, history, strength
Boromir/Theodred, hunting, bath, chance, tease, time
Elrond/Celebrían, jewel, fragile
Éowyn/Merry Brandybuck, ride
Frodo Baggins/Rosie Cotton/Samwise Gamgee, stone-cold, pie, snow
Merry Brandybuck/Pippin Took, stables

The Lord of the Rings (any)
Elrond/Haldir/Aragorn, alliances
Eowyn/Faramir, strength, wind, spar, fair, verse, sneak, tense, marriage, sugar, riding, first, love, acceptance
Merry Brandybuck/Pippin Took, mushroom, dance, wife, memory
Rosie Cotton/Samwise Gamgee, marble, thirteen, hay, dream, whisper, threads

The Lord of the Rings (movie)
Eomer/Aragorn, battle, my king, bow, brothers-in-arms, blue
Eowyn/Faramir, broken, heal, future, sword
Eowyn/Legolas, [any]
Peregrine Took/Meriadoc Brandybuck, tease, outdoors, spanking, pub
Legolas/Estel, instruct, drowse, pledge, spin

The Losers (2010)
Carlos 'Cougar' Alvarez/Jake Jensen, network, blindfold, ink, shut up, kittens, fighting practice, journey, cuddle for warmth

The Losers
Aisha/Clay, bruises, kiss, death, battle, fight, sorry, any
Aisha/Clay/Roque, fight, scars
Clay/Jensen, sir, orders, guns, Honduras, nerd, techno babble, trouble, silly, underwear, pirate hats, scolding, spanking
Clay/Roque, command, cut, fuck you, tough, fight, knives, scars, partners, war, trust, tomorrow, closer, shotgun, family, hooked, apocalypse
Clay/Roque/Aisha, betrayer, balance, tender, burn
Jake Jensen/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez, comfort, heat, dust, muscle, kareoke, theft, hats, quiet, loud, ay papi, spanish, hat, scarves, please, tender, always, nightmares, dreaming, heat, bets, vouyer
Jake Jensen/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez/Aisha al-Fadhil, hat, leather, gun, tequila
Jensen/Jolene/Pooch, home, movies, babysitting, soup, trips

The Lost Boys
Sam/Michael, freckles

The Lost World - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Roxton/Marguerite, scarves, quiet, longing

The Lost World
Marguerite/Roxton, home, rain, smoke

The Magdalene Sisters (2002)
Bernadette/Margaret, push

The Magic of Ordinary Days (2005)
Livy/Ray, winter, beatbox, late

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo, ties, jealousy, satrap, hair, muddy, absence, tuxedo, turtleneck, desert

The Marriage of Figaro
Figaro/Susannah, cleverness, bride

The Mary Russell series - Laurie R. King
Mary/Sherlock, [any]

The Matrix
Neo/Trinity, gardens, silence

The Mediator - Meg Cabot
Jesse/Suze, improprieties, in-between spaces, querida

The Mentalist
Cho/Rigsby, honor, apology, obvious, stakeout, showers
Grace Van Pelt/Wayne Rigsby, hot, overtime, closet
Kimball Cho/Patrick Jane, control, exchange, equal, erase, persistence, loyalty, resistance, pretend, hand-cuffs, closer
Kimball Cho/Teresa Lisbon, friends-with-benefits, stake-out, tackle, loyalties, love, reliant
Patrick Jane/Grace Van Pelt, mind game, tricked, payback, funny
Patrick Jane/Kristina Frye, charlatan
Patrick Jane/Madeleine Hightower, lonely, secret, connection, power games
Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon, chains, rain, repercusions, anger, fingers, prison, scars, choice, redemption, darkness, bedroom, late, soon, hope, hangover, tomorrow, thunder, champagne, undercover, handcuffs, outwitting, couch, promise, jewellery, restrained, negotiate, hotel, trust, control, bruise, uneven, need, warmth, forgive, mind games, violence, liar, kidnap, apples, shock
Teresa Lisbon/Grace Van Pelt, crush, yoga, adrenaline, 'you made that up', rookie, beer
Teresa Lisbon/Madeleine Hightower, punishment, suspension, after-hours, precarious, rules, overtime, office
Teresa Lisbon/Walter Mashburn, experiment, damaged intensity, relax, feelings, rich, Europe, lust, provoke, private jet, new experience, secret, water, authority, discreet, indulgence, game
Teresa Lisbon/Walter Mashburn/Patrick Jane, set-up, pupil dilation, release, confusion, angles, winner
Teresa Lisbon/Walter Mashburn/Wayne Rigsby, 'walter mashburn asked you out', brunette, invite
Teresa Lisbon/Wayne Rigsby, guns, betrayal, back-up, protect

The Middleman
Lacey Thornfield/Noser/Wendy Watson, art crawl, stump the band, flirty, casual, drunk, first
Lacey Thornfield/Wendy Watson, art
Lacey/Pip, [any]
The Middleman/Tyler Ford/Wendy Watson, connect, bond, yearn, night, crash, touch, open
The Middleman/Wendy Watson, jump, need, choice, care, partner, rely, assist, trouble
Tyler Ford/Wendy Watson, upside-down, candy, breakfast, pleasure, cold, linger, late
Wendy/MM, aliens, buddies, milkshakes, pinky swears, comic books, HQ, danger, gadgets, inheritance, restrained, shackled, temptation, corset, forbidden, weak, sTrong, lush, surrender, paddle, covered in ick, wish, battle, normal, after hours, experiment, genderswitch, secret talents, aliens-made-them-do-it.

The Mighty Boosh
Howard/Vince, bouncy-castle, game, costume, trouble, magic, ready, happy-ending

The Milennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson
Salander/Blomkvist, pattern, design, stockings, surveillance, hack
Lisbeth Salander/Miriam Wu, bound, meeting again

The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare
Alec/Isabelle, penetration
Clary/Simon, fangs, secret, warmth, skin, first time, don't tell him.
Isabelle/Aline/Clary, fierce
Jace, solo pleasure, guilt, sister
Jace/Alec, unrequieted, thrill of the hunt, one chance
Jace/Alec/Isabelle/Clary, training
Jace/Clary, brother & sister, pre-CoG, Morgenstern rings, green eyes
Jace/Isabelle, substitutions, this isn't love, blood

The Mummy (1999)
Rick O'Connell/Evy Carnahan, library sex, shhhhhh!

The Mummy
Ardeth Bay/Evelyn Carnahan, indelible, memory, revitalize, claiming
Ardeth Bay/Meela, grave, rebirth, sand, time
Imhotep/Evie, heat

The Nanny
Fran/Maxwell, remember, believe, touch

The New Adventures of Old Christine
Christine/Lindsay, concern
Christine/Marly, money
Marly/Lindsay, dominance
New Christine/Old Christine, Vegas

The Night Land - William Hope Hodsgon
Narrator/Naani, worship

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack/Sally, (any), difference, night, light, touch, hidden, smile, voice

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (TV)
Mma Makutsi/Mma Ramotswe, [any], case, solved

The Nutcracker
Nutcracker Prince/Clara, tall tree, remembering, [any]
Sugar Plum Fairy/Cavalier, [any], true, forever, sweet

The O.C.
Alex/Julie, bribery, Mrs. Robinson
Alex/Marissa, first, toys
Alex/Marissa/Summer, sharing, voyeur
Kaitlin/Summer, depression, marijuana, replacement
Kaitlin/Taylor, lip gloss, kiss, game, party, practice, study
Kaitlin/Ryan, graduation, dorm, rules, commando, move
Lindsay/Ryan, Shakespeare, red, sigh, first time
Marissa/Summer, friendship, needs, rimming
Marissa/Summer/Taylor, threesome
Ryan/Julie, [any]
Ryan/Summer, shatter, summer
Ryan/Taylor, break, crazy, kinky, France, train, wedding, spontaneous, motorcycle, jealous, possessive, wedding, first time, candy, family, silk scarf, milkshake, baby, whisper, shower, desk, college, Paris
Ryan/Theresa, first love, last love, smokes, hotel paper, unfamiliar
Ryan/Volchok, bed, bottle, punches
Seth/Summer, Motel, Road trip
Spencer/Julie, tennis, bang, dinner, family, charity
Summer/Anna, perfect, comic, costume
Summer/Taylor, France, GEORGE, zombies, attic, save the world, kink, sadomasochism

The Office (US)
Andy/Oscar, wingmen, awkwardness, alcohol, forget, delightful, unicorn, danger
Jim/Pam, draw, spoon, clever
Jim/Ryan, amends
Jim/Ryan/Pam, kinky
Karen/Jan, powersuit
Karen/Katy, coincidence, fashionable
Kelly/Angela, anger
Kelly/Erin, glitter
Michael/Ryan, alcohol, potato, rain, disco, fire
Pam/Angela, God, coffee, secret, sweater, blue, mistake, religion, wood
Pam/Erin, bright
Pam/Jan, smoke
Pam/Karen, Cheerios, ballet, names, sports, crossdressing, sugar, written, handy, shampoo, tattoo, vampire, underwater, sneakers, lace, paint, dream, candy, mistletoe, ticklish, couch
Pam/Karen/Jim, obvious, solution, clarity
Pam/Katy, lipstick, drugs, pink, plastic
Pam/Katy/Jim, wine
Ryan/Kelly, bar, movies, apology

The Office
Andy/Kelly, disco, Lady Gaga, accompany, barbecue, culture, meeting the parents
Angela/Roy, warehouse, callous
Erin/Kelly, summer, glitter, sharing lipgloss, bridesmaids, casual
Jim/Karen, fingertips, physical, porn, sweat, television
Kelly/Erin/Ryan, fantasy
Michael/Jan, [any]
Pam/Karen, daycare, sweater, gossip, independence, job opening, boss, city
Ryan/Kelly, work, genuine, public, quiet

The Outsiders - S.E. Hinton
Dally/Johnny, comfort, care, protect

The Pacific
Chuckler Leckie, resistance, i see you twist and turn
Hoosier/Leckie, knees, cigarettes, rain
Sledge/Snafu, stare, smoke, closure

The Pact
Lenny Dalton/Steven "Spence" Spencer, [any], practice

The Patternist series - Octavia E. Butler
Anyanwu/Doro, dominance

The Persian Boy – Mary Renault
Alexander/Hephaistion, camomile

The Persuaders!, Brett/Danny
competitive, routine, casual

The Philadelphia Story
C.K. Dexter Haven/Macaulay "Mike" Connor/Tracy Lord, balance, bubbles, celebration, cinnamon, curls, effulgence, gold, grace, present, quiet, swim, tandem, temptation, victory, vision, wit

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
Dorian/any, poison

The Piglet Files
Peter/Sarah, bugged, misunderstanding, secrecy, undercover

The Pretender
Jarod/Miss Parker, bite, scratch, ethics, anonymous, rhetoric, quandary, illusion, fire, cabin, youth, kiss, fight, chase, run, escape, [any], lie, future, explosion, "I love you", Twilight, running, rewritten memories, judge, never die, lamplight, Smith & Wesson, headlights, exposed, innocence, love

The Princess and the Frog (2009)
Charlotte/Tiana, chase
Naveen/Tiana, comfortable, ledgers, stage, modesty, rain, speakeasy
Facilier/Tiana, spell

The Princess Bride
Inigo/Fezzik, strength, home, settle, embrace, unafraid, inconceivable
Westley/Inigo Montoya, duelling, pirates, swashbuckling, cliffs, weapons, revenge, breeze

The Princess Who Saved Herself - Jonathan Coulton
The Princess, band names, solo act

The Prisoner (1967)
Number Six/McKern!Number Two, age play, discipline, secrets, information,

The Professional
Leon/Mathilda, virgins, adrenaline
Mathilda/Stansfield, force, revenge

The Road to El Dorado
Miguel/Tulio, glitters, gold, boat, plan, partner, divine
Miguel/Tulio/Chel, partners, in/out, jealous, share, divide, massage, divine

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Columbia/Janet, corset, costumes, naughty, touch
Columbia/Janet/Magenta, voyeuristic-intentions
Columbia/Magenta, biting, blood, hairdryer, nails, service

The Room (2003)
Lisa/Mark, sexy, beautiful, red, roses, hilarious, scary, frightening, terrible, drugs

The Rose Tattoo - Tennessee Williams
Jack/Rosa, once

The Royal Tenenbaums
Margot Tenenbaum/Richie Tenenbaum, secret, want, needy, private, grown

The Runaways
Joan/Cherie, any
Sandy/Joan/Cherie, any

The Running Man
Richards/Amber, blood, wait, touch

The Sacred Hunt - Michelle West
Gilliam/Stephen, jealousy, trance, bound, chase
Soredon/Elsabet/Norn, arrangement, satisfaction, schedule

The Sandman – Neil Gaiman
Chantal/Zelda, spiders, lace, sickness, waiting, warm, okay
Death/Desire, incompatability, glass, hearts, darkness, space, mortal, suicide, empathy
Dream/Desire, [any]
Desire/Rose Walker, blossom, cult, myth
Gilbert/Rose, gardens, unrequited, dreamscape
Morpheus/Thessaly, measured, knotted, silence
Nada/Nuala, trans*, future, reality, Fairyland, memory
Wanda Mann/any, tigerskin, Rutger, champagne, cotton, vanilla, tenderness

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Androvax/Sarah Jane, control, possession, violation, mindsex, punishment, rebellion, taunting, held
Clyde/Luke, aliens, alone, belly, breathe, brilliant, change, dream, mates, matter, understanding, university
Maria/Luke/Clyde, adrenaline, complicated, sleepover, secrets
Mister Dread/Sarah Jane, interrogation, information, afterwards, battery, loyalty, snark, mutually, boredom, partnership
Mr. Smith/Sarah Jane, cybersex, substitutes, guilt
Mrs. Wormwood/Sarah Jane, revenge, mommies, stolen, lost
Ruby/Sarah Jane, friends, adults, rivals, chains, excitement, feeding
Sarah Jane Smith/Jo Grant-Jones, explore, not alone, memories, fondness

The Shield
Curtis Lemansky/Any, wall, dirty, rush
Curtis Lemansky/Danny Sofer, selfish, moan, jealous
Julian Lowe/Danny Sofer, comfort, truth, confusion, trust
Vic Mackey/Any, dangerous, rain, sin, sleeplessness, slippery
Vic Mackey/Danny Sofer, late night, rogue, bite, hands, trapped, hotel, electricity, dub-con, want

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien
Amarie/Finrod, light, people, chance, rebirth, rediscover, conviction, remember, Valinor, trees, leader, life
Celebrimbor/Gil-Galad, ring, sword, trust, know, Noldor, craft, past, dance, descent, darkness, light
Fingon/Maedhros, red, grief, snow, build, battle, father
Galadriel/Lúthien, night, moss, abandon
Maedhros/Fingon, bare, blizzard, march, begetting day, never, confidence
Nienna/Olorin, grief, hope, help, soft, gleaming, courage, explore, return, joy, sorrow, together
Varda/Melkor, rejection, impossible, cleanse

The Simpsons
Bart/Nelson, teenagers
Juliet Hobbes/Lisa Simpson, [any], fantasy, writing
Lenny/Carl, promotion
Ned/Reverend Lovejoy, miniatures, trains
Skinner/Chalmers, "SKINNER!"
Smithers/Burns, nap, Bobo
Smithers/John (from 'Homer's Phobia'), rendezvous

The Singer Not The Song
Anacleto/Keogh, windows

The Snow Queen- Hans Christian Andersen
adult!Kai/adult!Gerda, heart, warmth, garden, rescue, winter, nature, contrasts, whole

The Social Network
Cameron Winklevoss/Erica Albright, chivalry, gentleman, untouched, voice, phone, Harvard, hands, crew, better, size, date, temptation, text messages, revenge, water, warm
Cameron Winklevoss/Erica Albright/Tyler Winklevoss, suggestion, weird, focus, two of you, twins, two, hands, focus, gentlemen, better
Cameron/Divya/Tyler, [any]
Cameron/Tyler, camera, early, patch, mirror
Cameron/Tyler/Mark, before, house, million
Eduardo/Mark, sexting, aftermath, apology, bathroom stalls,, chat, forgive, baking, day, gold, public, hookerfic, hot, pills, suit, California, broken, morning, time, coding, suits, fuck you flip flops, sean, new york, erica, homework, library, alcohol, first meeting, texts, palo alto, wedding, interviews, rpf, trapped, oscars, Facebook, video, pinocchio
Sean/Mark, possession

The Song of the Lark - Willa Cather
Thea/Fred, grass

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)
Balthazar Blake/Dave Stutler, master, gifts, weakness, magic, alive, mentor, old man shoes, ring, time
Balthazar/Veronica, reunited, cast a spell, night sky, sparkle
Dave Stutler/Drake Stone, courage, feel, hesitation, magic, trouble

The Southern Vampire Mysteries - Charlaine Harris
Sookie/Amelia, experiments
Sookie/Eric, revenge, granite, drink, lies, never, block
Sophie-Ann/Pam, obedience, spy, tactic

The Stand - Stephen King
Frannie/Stu, hope, stand by me, bright, conquer
Larry/Lucy, guitar, song, follow, goodbye, home, first

The State Within
Mark Brydon/Nicholas Brocklehurst, argument

The Suite Life on Deck
Bailee/London, closet, gag, sharing, space, [any]
Cody/Zack, [any]

The Tale of Genji - Murasaki Shikibu
Genji/Prince Hyobu, rival, look, push
Genji/To no Chujo, friendship, envy, sublimation, politics, dance, fan, truth, friendship, bond, play, dance

The Talented Mr Ripley
Dickie Greenleaf/Freddy Miles, convert
Peter Smith-Kingsley/Tom Ripley, Greece, symphony, theater, robe, boat, food, blindfold, gag, water, car, record, piano, grass, key

The Tawny Man Trilogy - Robin Hobb
FitzChivalry Farseer/The Fool, alien, amber, flower, torn

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1996)
Helen/Gilbert, wedding, summer, manor, painting

The Thin Blue Line
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib, defense, sweet
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib/Frank Gladstone, elephant impression, training exercise, baton
Raymond Fowler/Patricia Dawkins, exasperated, prunes
Robert Kray/any, curry

The Third Man
Harry Lime/Holly Martins, sewer, desperation, overcoat

The Three Investigators (Crimebusters)
Jupiter Jones/any, furrowed, intellect, plump

The Tide Lords - Jennifer Fallon
Declan/Arkady, immortal, affair, modern

The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
Henry/Clare, rope, many, ignore

The Tin Princess - Philip Pullman
Becky/Adelaide, sweet, incentive, tongues, train, future

The Tomorrow People
Adam/Ami, hands, fever, urgent

The Transporter
Frank Martin/Inspector Tarconi, fast, inspections, handcuffs
Frank Martin/Lai/Inspector Tarconi, adaptation

The Triangle (TV 2005)
Stan Lathem/Howard Thomas, writing, safe, loyal, paper, boat

The Tricksters - Margaret Mahy
Felix Carnival/Harry Hamilton, touch, hold

The Tudors
Anne Boleyin/Henry VIII, persisent, tainted, unbreakable, submission
Charles Brandon/Lady Mary Tudor, gentleman, loneliness, clothes, fathers
Charles Brandon/Princess Mary, innocent, pure, lust, want, need, desire, virginity, secret, happy, unknown, wedding night, love, seduce, seduction
Henry VIII/Katherine Howard, swearing, daughter
Katherine Howard/Lady Mary Tudor, age, rosary, crown, queen
Mary Tudor/Eustace Chapuys, dedicated, servant, princess, royalty, blood, Spanish
Princess Margaret/King Henry, jealousy, anger, stroppy, divine right, power, give and take, sibling rivalry, teasing
Sir Francis/Princess Mary, seduce, tease

The Unusuals
Casey Shraeger/Jason Walsh, charmed, stakeout, cuffs, night, undercover, strip, opposites, inevitable, work
Casey/Davis, dynamics
Jason/Alison, soundtrack, cooking, somewhere between in and out

The Unwritten
Richard Savoy/Lizzie Hexam, blood pudding
Tom Taylor/Lizzie Hexam, childhood’s end
Tom Taylor/Lizzie Hexam/Richard Savoy, trios, Harry Potter

The Vampire Diaries (book)
Stefan/Elena/Damon, inevitable, compromise

The Vampire Diaries (TV series)
Alaric/Bonnie, team, class, assignment, magic, weapons, united, classwork
Alaric/Caroline, seventeen forever, adventure, road trip, desk, understand, thigh-highs, dead girl walking, broken
Alaric/Vicki, bad reputation, righting a wrong, back on track, stop me, breath play, temptation, old soul
Alaric/Damon, handcuffs, playing with fire, bag of tricks, ace up his sleeve, broken, future, loss, history, mute, flight, scream, prison, smile, depth, spanking, human, spell, magic, invisible, weapons, fighting, common sense, dirty, fog, adrenaline, comrade, dangerous, sharp, reckless
Alaric/Jenna, date night, work, lesson, naughty, past, deep, sugar
Anna/Jeremy, fangs, music, domination, night, blood, dust, remain
Anna/Jeremy/Tyler, breathe again, keep this a secret, turning point, scar tissue, chair, turbulence, control
Bonnie/Caroline, miss you, blood, forgiveness, yearning, séance, morning comes, belief, control, mythology, ritual, rescue, fragile strength, moon, solitude, bright lights, cosmic, complicated, distance, need, manicure, starving, heroes, teamwork, magic, crisis, woods, backseat, ferris wheel, high school, reaching out, forgiveness, sleepover, breakfast, date, seduce, bite, BFF means forever, bandages, give in, hope, delicate balance, collide, divided, strive, eternal, fairy tales, fissure, lost, diamond, sunrise, denial, frantic, pool, spring, fragile
Bonnie/Caroline/Matt, seeking solace, fortitude, completion, fireflies, electrify, blanket, snuggle, searching, lock together, practical

Bonnie/Damon, hate, fire, lust, queen, fire, hate, lust, spell, lost, struggle, feather, mind games, resentment, banter, hidden attraction, fire play, Stockholm syndrome, delayed orgasm, corruption, sexual education, awakening, ownership, fire, cat and mouse, flames, killer, rebellion, boundaries, conquer, price, chains, disguise, criminal, tides, fight for dominance, tic tac toe
Bonnie/Elena, feathers, dreamscape, guardian, north, hero, marvel, miracle, steady
Bonnie/Elena/Caroline, youth, memory, river, garden, grass, truth or dare, strip poker, galaxy, fairy dust, childhood, adoration, safe, seasons, knee scrapes and heartaches, photograph, wishes, sandcastles

Bonnie/Elena/Caroline/Stefan, full circle, reuniting, spellwork, full moon, hunger, mortality, relaxed, trust, barbecue, organize, fairy tales
Bonnie/Jeremy, hands, public, under the table, date, backseat, quiet, next room, ice cream, forgiveness, stolen moments, want, need, magic, open, tension, need, rushed, airplane, tentative, powerless, magic
Bonnie/Lucy, need, shiver, spine, power, face to face, comfort, runaway, vulnerable, lonely, combustion, ablaze
Bonnie/Luka/Lucy, magic, light as a feather, floating, sparks fly, electricity, pulsing, drums, echo, hyperdrive, shiver, search, need
Bonnie/Katherine, debt, repaid, binding, escape, role-reversal, electric, icy, elemental, familiarity, contempt, moon, alchemy
Bonnie/Vicki, forget, summer, boredom, tracking spell, never dead, lifeline
Bonnie/Stefan, crocodile, liar, apocalypse, magic, fire, dance, karaoke, [any], skin, power, magic, knowledge, wishful thinking, harvest, cinnamon
Caroline/Damon, blood, substitute, comfort, bond, knee-highs, taste, zoom, control, broken, retribution, crimson, snark, topping
Caroline/Katherine, leverage
Caroline/Matt, constellations, normal, secrets, out, bite, mark, flowers, sweetness, heal, weakness, carnival, quirks, realize, worry, blush, languid, perfect
Caroline/Matt/Tyler, mark, combat, rush, secrets, understanding, puzzles, sticky, alone, human, forever, pet, road trip, without
Caroline/Pearl, survivor, under her wing, beautiful, hungry
Caroline/Stefan, friends, temptation, guilt, sunlight, I will rise up, no exit, nighthawks, bones, bite, understanding, aftermath, frustration, future, fluff, honesty, sleepy, travel, new, bunnies, hunt, dangerous, control, immortal, fun, [any]
Caroline/Stefan/Tyler, i like my town with a little drop of poison, brave new world
Caroline/Tyler, itch, bleed, fist, clouds, blood, hurt, laughter, rarity, comfort, fit together, chamber, chains, instinct, whiskey, desperate, uncontrollable, bite, exhaustion, frustration, after a game, door sex, scratches, chains, withdrawal, danger, forbidden, secretive, days, fate, hunt, swim, comfort, power, rough, public, kiss, femoral artery, fever, hike, run, scrappy, scratches, heat, noir, blood play, hunting, finally, limitless, weapon, haunted
Caroline/Vicki, old friends, losing Matt, down the road, high school again, masquerade, right place, rescue, drunk, different turning
Damon/Alaric/Jenna, games, bored, lonely, invitation, voyeur, fixation, distractions, rules, trouble, misdirection, attention whore, up the ante, arrangement
Damon/Alaric/Jeremy, young, top
Damon/Bonnie/Jeremy, beast, solace, healing, power, survival, youth
Damon/Carol Lockwood, [any]
Damon/Elena, hunger, smooth, hurt, loose, succumb, compelled, sorrow, lost, broken, liar, never, rain, rust, strain, vervain, confession, shadows, indiscretion, forget myself, hypnotized, vervain, rescue, thinking of you, bitter, regret, choices, heat, lust, heels, counter-top, need, choice, guard, lust, grief, blood, moonlight, deception, forget
Damon/Elena/Katherine/Stefan, fearful symmetry, falling down, control, primal, delirium, sex pollen, silver, thirst
Damon/Elena/Stefan, risk, freedom, restraint, bite, full, vamp Elena, tied up, belonging, feeding, jealous, sharing, audience participation, exhibitionism, exposure, tantalizing, weightless, drink, prizes, restraint, blood, quiet, matched set, feed, hunt, teaching, tie down, double penetration, gentle, unforgettable, alive, teeth, lioness, rush, blush, bite, tonight, cabin in the woods, belonging, north star, hooked together, on each arm, secret, immortality, benefits, grace, catalyst, take a chance, evil, taste, home, supernova, forever, in between, handholding, mercy, turned, trapped, fever, feral, covet, stars, white flag, knotted, sunrise, surrender, cabin fever, waiting games, bloodstream, predators, haven, heart, Persephone, veins, discovery, infinity, intertwined, id/ego/superego, teamwork, two roads, family, stripped, fireplace, watching, anywhere
Damon/Jenna/Kelly, drunk, cherries, honey dust, playful, strawberries, mid morning, secret, walk of shame
Damon/Jeremy, overpowering, mistakes, replacement, honest, Lolita, vampire-sexual, bite, annoyance, smirk
Damon/Jeremy/Tyler, being human
Damon/Katherine, pegging, want, liar, forever, familiar, storm, obsession, bones, delusion, idol
Damon/Katherine/Stefan, corruption, spiral, taste, heat, can’t stop, possession, temptation, discretion, stolen, devour, blood stained sheets, spiderwebs, unraveling, ruin

Damon/Liz Forbes, handcuffs, exception, villain, remembering, anger, vampire, betrayal, [any]
Damon/OFC, victim, game, affection, control, pet
Damon/Stefan, vicious, grief, longing, bend, helpless, sometimes, shadow, question, regret, temptation, blame, disaster, chemicals, envy, jealousy, lust, debauched, bones, marrow, spiral, shame, "you started it", chase the storm, albatross, drag you down, meaning, real, ghost, fall, at the seems, honor, blood ties, smirk, bite, little brother, symmetry, liars, throat, alcohol, truth, haunted, crooked, fixed point, follow, come home, Rome, role play, forgiveness, frustration, craving, black sheep, filthy, red, wolf, crystallized, instinct, crossroads
Damon/Stefan/Alaric, provocation, art, fight, capture, island, steps, oil, caves, blue
Elena/Caroline, biting, sweet, baking, forever, always, protect, bff, shy, safe, float on, together, touch, shower, shining bright, dreaming state, forest, city, apartment, love, survivor, song, wish, hug, princess, college, experiment, jealousy, hair-pulling, sugar and spice, rivalry, sun, getaway
Elena/Caroline/Bonnie, the power of three, anchor, demanding, security, movies, slumber-party, smile, feather
Elena/Elijah, bargaining, vervaine, tricks, killer, in the house, research materials, trickster, bait, original, predator, dinner party, scent, desperation, deal, rules, taste, protection
Elena/Katherine, reckless, shattered mirror, spilled blood, desire, selfish, brutal, satin, masked, Petrova fire, make me a bargain, toy, fighter, sacrifice, conflict of interests, family, no remorse, teeth, differences, mirror mirror, cat and mouse, end of the world, sunset, challenge, rough, basement, lick, wrists, messy, wall, tease, powerplay, bite, magic, rough, indiscretion, secrets, offering, salt, tequila, before Stefan, magnetism, flirtation, history, loved and lost, experience, ruse, doppelganger, Red Riding Hood, protégé, alone, new, curiosity, teething, narcissist, lessons, purpose, shadow, wicked, beginning, superstar, animal, undertow, purity
Elena/Rose, backup, what you need, necessary steps, bargaining, hope, critical measures, sunlight, protection, bold
Elena/Stefan, ferris wheel, under the sky, bondage, need, teasing, alcohol, private party, nuzzle, joy, ending, lick, cunnilingus, grass-stained, expensive, antique, sheets, rooftop, blood, orders, toys, bar, teasing, short skirts, strength, tattoos, lace, feed, summer heat, lingerie, healing, rough sex, wax, mystery, sunrise, lakehouse, sharing, blood, thin walls, ride, thighs, locked, against the door, bondage, schoolwork, classroom, passing notes, sleep aid, dominatrix, lingerie, need, blood, sunset, wild, hold, craving, dance, curiosity, sparks, caress, fingers, unbound, hallow ground, in your veins, need, inhale, sensory, sensual, tactile, interrupted, heaven, transcend, honey, light, compass, reunion, support, heartbeat, skirt, promise, broom closet, sunbeam, apple, summer, recovery, hunter, thunderstorm, warm, saving grace, fearless, breath, flow, stripped, bare, howl
Elena/Vicki, blood, breath play, dangerous, out of control, not your cute little vampire boyfriend, different, experiment, against a wall, slow, hard, gentle, curious, underneath the stars, grass, vamp Elena, breathing, time, skinny-dipping, fade, waterfall, spring break, voyeurism, anticipation, preparedness, distracted, light
Jeremy/Katherine, toy, trust, mirrors, head games, mistaken identity, so wrong, manipulation, upper hand, trapped, toy, man, passion, entangle, rock, rescue, bite, [any], mine, ring, sister, addiction, hush, consume, violate, bold, fugue state
Jeremy/Matt/Tyler, Matt gets caught in the middle of seeing Jeremy/Tyler having sex
Jeremy/Stefan, manhandling, history books, protection
Jeremy/Tyler, study, rooms, drawing, sketches, staircase, big house, help, begrudging, intensity, locks, chains, floor, dirty, pain, cage, a boy and his dog, alpha male, silencing, marking your territory, topping from the bottom, wall!sex, heat, nuzzle, push and pull, moments, drink, art, road trip, hyper focus, zero in, teenage, defiant, paint, tactile, puzzle, breaking the rules, caught, backseat, concert, sharp tongue, need, storm, mark, run, friction, guarded, thrill, collar, shove, wall, nosebleed, sticks and stones, letters, contagious, difficult, fall, writing on the body, claim, marks, half-smile, collar, height, competition, scent, shelter, fool, playmate, bruise dirtbag, impatience, deliberate, dangerous, relating, bruises, rough, shove, helping hand, sketch, marks, moon
Jeremy/Tyler/Vicki/Anna, equilibrium, awkward, knowledge, fix, falling, zen, pretense, deals, crossroads, suddenly, tactile, scar tissue, weakness
Jeremy/Vicki, first, hopeful, left
John/Jenna/Alaric, domesticity, sleep in, lie down, resistance, benefits, homecoming, envy, incentive, best behavior, fireplace, cooking
Katherine/Emily, powerplay, mirror, danger ahead, infection, bloodstains, eternity, mine, devotion, taste, gift, just burn, spark, infatuation
Katherine/Klaus, running, defiance, seduction, theft, escape
Katherine/Pearl, betrayal, corsets, boytoys, you mean more than I want, burn, trapped, party, bloody
Katherine/Stefan, deny, consume, must, next, burn, crack, wet, collapse, cave, sun, truth, mercy, eleventh hour, kneel, fight, struggle, past, cave, crush, imitation, cruel, thirst, teasing, regret, memories, forbidden, bedroom, frame
Katherine/Stefan/Damon, lust, scratch, summer, truth
Lexi/Vicki, better elsewhere, journey, stumble, laugh, gravity, bubblegum, vital signs, melt
Matt/Stefan/Elena, history, future, changes, sunlight, blood, flowers, bffs, truth, knowledge, equals, timeless, discovery, settle in, endearing, natural, nuzzle, fortune, try, slow burn, strive
Matt/Tyler, bonds, shower, track
Shelia/Stefan, peace rally, meadow, kindred, decades, wonder, freedom, touch, idea, note
Stefan/Damon/Elena/Bonnie, balancing act, stay, friction, chafe, uncertainty, permission, privacy, shadow boxing, poetry, gravity, vigor
Stefan/Damon/Elena/Katherine, they bury the hatchet with sex
Stefan/Elena/Bonnie, magic, wish, morality, still, learning curve, accident, oath, peace, blinding, smoldering, heartbeat
Stefan/Elena/Katherine, competition, rivals, games, twisted, fight, transmutation, sunset, moebius strip, obsession, displacement, transferring, juxtaposition, projection, compromise
Stefan/Elena/Matt/Caroline, flowers, sunset, double date, cue the sun, sharing is caring, winter, sway, moving forward, clumsy, new, left turn, fireflies

The Venture Bros.
Phantom Limb/Professor Impossible, stretch, revenge, nostalgic, past, over, youth, discretion
Shore Leave/Pete White, denial, persuasion, seduction
Shore Leave/The Alchemist, unlikely, date, kiss, magic, guns, machismo, sly, wink, magic, danger, hero, memory

The Vintner's Luck - Elizabeth Knox
Xas/Sobran, happy, needy, sharing wine,

The Virgin Suicides
Cecilia/Lux, fireflies, moon, stars, any

The Vorkosigan Saga - L.M. Bujold
Aral/Cordelia, pegging, sure, control, dirty talk, perfect, history, always, strength, kneel, smile, the breathtaking beauty of pain, earrings, trust, uniform, laughter
Aral/Ges, drunk, lieutenant, power, in the closet, scandal
Aral/Taura, warrior woman
Bel Thorne/Miles Vorkosigan, alternate, unwind, chase, fun, polyamory, Nicol, adventure, understanding, love makes you crazy, curiosity, water, fear, uniform, why not, tease
By/Gregor, loyalty, freedom, exploration, spy
By/Ivan, confession, embarrassment, experiment
Drou/Princess Kareen, protector, worship
Ethan/Terrence, sweet, experimental, sly
Vorbarra/Miles Vorkosigan, tension, impossible
Miles/Galeni, fathers, confusion, trust, shiny boots, feudalism
Miles/Gregor, drown, starlight, rough, wishful thinking

The Walking Dead (graphic novels)
Michonne/Rick, law, uniforms, quiet, healing
Andrea/Rick, anew

The Walking Dead (TV)
Lori/Shane, roadside
Rick/Daryl, gun, follow
Rick/Glenn, survival, last chance, gore, desperation, quiet, nature, guns, comfort, death

The Walking Dead
Andrea/Rick, save me, safety, desperate, one shot, run, revenge, eyes meet
Daryl/Glenn, admire, begrudging, plan, survival, insult, precipitation, cove, after
Lori/Rick, missed you, guilt, truth, honeymoon, tense, trust
Lori/Shane/Rick, boundaries, nighttime, wild
Rick/Shane, gift, shower, wobble, natural, balm, past, guide, crush, stab

The War Boys
David/George, penance, coming home, regret, turn over frat boy, healing, hope, the future,

The Warrior's Way
Yang/Lynne, iron, flowerbed, stars, practice, aim, confidence, playful, naked, christmas, home, corset, snowman, laundry

The Warriors
Ajax/OFC, rough
Swan/Ajax, challenge, dominance
Swan/Mercy, flower

The West Wing
C.J./Carol, desk, after-hours
C.J./Danny, phone, denial, deadline, underneath, snow, goldfish
C.J./Kate, formal, initiation, heels, precision, classified, situation, medals, alliance, vodka, late, codeword, flags
CJ/Amy, [any]
CJ/Josh, benefits, lazy, affair
CJ/Simon, sunshine, couch, shooting, remember, job, news
Donna/Amy, rivals, competition
Donna/Josh, prescience, tie, waiting, girl-next-door, suit, dare, simple, headline, paperwork
Elizabeth/Ellie/Zoey, if they could see us now
Hoynes/Ellie, scandal, rose, tie
Jed/Charlie, words
Josh Lyman/Amy Gardner, time, words, bite, hair, red, Tahiti, burnt, reality, desk, office hours, tried and true
Josh Lyman/Sam Seaborn, policy, college, tradition, sweaters, Thanksgiving, dreams, loyalty, fighting, election, always
Josh/Donna, Hawaii, talk, desk, wedding, Indiana
Josh/Donna/Sam, campaign trial
Josh/Joey, tactile
Margaret/Mrs. Landingham, grief
Matt Santos/Helen Santos, interrupted, forgotten, remember
Sam Seaborn/adult!Huck Wyatt-Ziegler, rent, trickster, heliotropism, gauche, daybreak, propinquity, gallows, swallows, gumshoe, vagrant, interstices
Sam Seaborn/Ainsley Hayes, conversion, arguing, desk, ice cream, sweetness, senses, taste, marking, possession, cupcake, carpet burn, repartee, loyal opposition, fingertips, sex kitten, legs, debate, frustrations, stockings, hair, formal wear, dress, window, desk, pearls, adrenaline, again, blonde, drink, campaign, interruption, quiet, dessert, formal wear, disagreement, details, performance
Sam Seaborn/CJ, CJ's couch
Toby Ziegler/Andrea Wyatt, apocrypha, etudes, caesura, roses, manifesto, 4:00AM, dystopia, penance, road trip, mile high, late, regret, distance, rain, clouds, summer, Los Angeles, ginger, victory, liking us when we win, ice cream, cherry blossoms, photographs, gold, champagne, words, bookmark, cigar, incinerate, denouement, political, smashed, throwing, baseball, exhaustion, return, truce, what if, bruises, necktie, office, years later, distraction, whisky, desperate, gasp, gaza
Toby Ziegler/Andrea Wyatt/Sam Seaborn, speakeasy, monster, tricks, collision, thermodynamics, policy, ephemera, hubris, challenge, caught, intimidating, toy, explosions, vivacity, reluctance, pride, snow, outdoors, basketball, tight jeans, smiles, misery, reunion, difficult, debate, boat, pregnant, again
Toby Ziegler/Sam Seaborn, professor, caesura, follies, dream, gumshoe, dystopia, mile-high, untitled, boat, summer, ink, inseams
Toby/CJ, legs, pool, fierce, sad

The Wire
Daniels/McNulty, authority, uniform, desk, surveillance, alcohol, wild,
Daniels/Pryzbylewski, screw up, surveillance, puzzles, boredom, crossword, guilt, comfort
Duquan “Dukie” Weems/Michael Lee, family, man, toughness
Ellis Carver/Thomas “Herc” Hauk, numbskull, partner, fuck-up, forgive, truth, alcohol, docks, surveillance, car, uniform, irresponsible, donuts, celebration, street, camera
Jimmy McNulty/Stringer Bell, wired, last, thrill, deal, closure

The Witches of Eastwick - John Updike
Sukie/Alexandra/Jane, freedom's just another word
Sukie/Alexandra/Jane/Jenny, fairest of all

The Wizards of Waverly Place
Alex/Justin, [any]

The World Ends With You
Eri/Shiki, clothes, fashion, game, special, toys
Kariya/Uzuki, umbrella, truth, lazy, kiss

The X Files
Doggett/Reyes, apocalypse, tonight, thunder, [any]
Dana Scully/Fox Mulder, amusement park, 2012, monsters, cheesy romance novels, missing him, believe, betrayal, christmas, reunion, snow, case, light, watch the sky, waterbed, explanation, blood, solidarity, office, escape, stake-out, hide, panic, sofa, office, post-apocalypse, bees, outrun, self-destructive impulses are contagious, her beautiful skin
Mulder/Krycek, obsession, lips, trust, future, inextricable
Mulder/X, obey, command, hide

The Young and the Restless
Chloe/Heather, jealousy, legal, skirts
Phyllis/Sharon, catfight, hate sex

The Young Victoria
Albert/Victoria, touch, tremble, explore, intensity, boots, laughter, riding

Their Majesties' Bucketeers - L. Neil Smith
Mav/Mymy/Vyssu, puzzle
Mymy/Vyssu, transgress, learning

There Will Be Blood
Daniel/Eli, repent

Thirteen Days
Kenny O'Donnell/Jackie Kennedy, win, fight, hide

This Is Spinal Tap
Nigel Tufnel/David St. Hubbins/Derek Smalls, ELEVEN!!

James Calvert/Phil, freak-show, someone you're not, secrets
Phil/OMC, anonymity, scalpel, un-requited, drunk, restrained, tattoos, hate, needles
Tom/Phil, pathologist, poof, pal of yours., secrets, haunted, tattoo, hurts just enough.

Brendan/Freya, comfort, alley, first
Brendan/Freya/Michael, tense, training, control

Tin Man
Ambrose/Lavender Eyes, obey, worship, bow
Azkadelia/Glitch(Ambrose), regret, crying, advantage, calm
Azkadellia/DG, evil, fix, pale, quiver, rebuild, redemption, share
Azkadellia/Jeb, rescue, gold, prison, rescue, gold, prison
Azkadellia/Zero, glow, dying, questions, glow, dying, questions
Cain/DG, princess, custom, official, escape, dance, wedding, trying, discussion, describe, slipper, vortex, field, fingertips, leather, believe, campfire, smirk, underwear, road, emerald, hide, queen, spinning, tree, dark, forget, maybe
Glitch/Wyatt Cain, grace
Jeb Cain/Azkadelia, cinnamon, rain, lick

Tithe - Holly Black
Kaye/Roiben, courts, surf, campfire, braids, pizza, hounds, silver, moonlight, sting, salt, responsibility, reward, teasing, rooftop, garden, mint, rocking horse, formal

TNA Wrestling
AJ Styles/Chris Daniels, fallen, you've changed, road trips, damned if you don't, yesterday.
Alex Shelley/Chris Sabin, hetero life partners, music, fly, catch me if you can.
Angelina Love/Velvet Sky, hardcore, tattoos
Mickie James/Tara, anal, bitch, country, feud, submit

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
Konori Mii/Kurozuma Wataru, motorcycle, abandoned, shackles
Misaka Makoto/Shirai Kuroko, punishment, bathtime, toys, electric, battle, heights
Misaka Makoto/Shirai Kuroko/Saten Ruiko/Uiharu Kazari, aftermath, sleepover, power, Judgment, fingers
Saten Ruiko/Uiharu Kazari, ability, warm, tease, music, wind, ice

To the Ends of the Earth (miniseries)
Edmund/Charles, unrequited, unconscious, fresh air, bath, delicate, yearning
Edmund/Marion, at last, while the music plays, fevered dream, transgression
Edmund/Miss Granham, propriety, shapely, education is never wasted, little brother, governess, knowledge

Tortall - Tamora Pierce
Alanna/Kel, knights, tents, teach
Daine/Ozorne, feather, fur, rake, sting, intensity
Kel/Neal/Yuki, spar, heal, history, Yamani, pride, friend, home, relax, swim, ship, return, poetry, moon, bright, blossom
Numair/Ozorne, madness, fierce, rage, plead, intimate

Gwen Cooper/Lois Habiba, welcome, new, astonishment
Gwen Cooper/Suzie Costello, life, away, thief
Gwen/Owen/Rhys, betrayal
Gwen/Toshiko, late, dress, have
Ianto Jones/Toshiko Sato, private conversations
Ianto/Owen, destined, epic, possessive, recurring, routine, submit, take, snark
Jack/Ianto, bondage, play, denial, hours, hero, kidnap, worship, jealousy, restraint, Outdoors, silence, time, chained, ownership, branding, playful, hub, unintentional exhibitionism, water, greenhouse, jail, tentacles, possessive, marking, private, corset, lipstick, role-play, only him, somnophilia, rimming, spanking, toys, restraint
Jack/Ianto/John, [any], pheromones, lessons, experience, spank, dp, slick
Jack/Jack, forever in a night, once more, goodbye, passion, touch, dance, gentle, firsts, kiss
John Hart/Gwen Cooper, bondage, toys, role play, love making, trust
John/Ianto, company, addiction, wild, eye candy, angry sex, jealousy, gun play, devious, caught, spank, benefit, trapped, more, prisoner, trapped, anger, gun, eye candy, strength, expert, rebellion, equals, sojourn, secret, cheating, games, substitution, rough
Martha/Toshiko, brilliant, hands, looking
Mary/Toshiko, trust, new
Owen/Ianto/Tosh, lockdown, persuasion, bonding, danger, adrenaline
Owen/Rhys, running
Owen/Tosh, necrophilia, broken, remember, selfless, cherish
Rhys/Ianto, trust
Tosh/Owen, snark

Total Eclipse
Paul Verlaine/Arthur Rimbaud, [any]

Touching Evil (US)
Susan/Mark, restless, shoes, blond(e)
David Creegan/Mark Rivers, leap
David/Susan, silence, smile, weariness, juggling

Tower Prep
Conner Owens/Ian Archer, beholden, debt, fib, liege, vex
Gabe Forrest/Suki Sato, buddy, orchestrated
Headmaster/Ian Archer, any
Ian Archer/Suki Sato, dreams, saviour, test, trick, voice
Ian/Ray, strength, fight, hate, allies, angry, escape, control, strength, fight, hate, allies, angry, escape, control
Ian/Suki uniform, tease, secret, protect, hickey
Ray Snider/Suki Sato, passion, photograph, gentleman, secret, choice, trust, laugh, gentle, jealous, midnight, strength

Toy Story
Jessie/Buzz Lightyear, catchphrase, Spanish, rope

Transformers (Bay-verse)
Bumblebee/Sam Witwicky, car/sex, protector, possessive, enamored, confused
Optimus Prime/Sam Witwicky, wise, power

Transformers G1
Elita-1/Chromia, sisters-in-arms
GalvaTron/Cyclonus, anntenae, mine, inside, flight
MegaTron/Soundwave, buttons, scream, shoot
Ratchet/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker, dangerous, wrench, laugh
Ravage/Soundwave, dominance, purr, coax
Starscream/Skyfire, size kink, gentle, seduction, sky, old fascinations, gun, youth, explore, so far away
Sunstreaker/Sideswipe, paint, beauty, fight

Arcee/Springer, attitude, caught, equal footing
Blast Off/Onslaught, dominance, subversive, overwhelm
Prowl/Springer, antagonize, break, shelter
Skywarp/Thundercracker, lighten up, want, content

Boon/Tyler, coming out, divorce, blood

Jay/Tyler, highway, spoiled, echo, hooker, smell, difficult, attention, dirty
Jay/Tyler/Will, couch, concern, nightmare, candles, discretion, flirt, enlighten, cheap
Tyler/Will, anger, style, fire escape, telekinesis, cartoons, wig, disguise, warehouse

Trinity Blood
Abel/Cain, blasphemers, keeper
Abel/Vaclav, blood, communion, confession, kneeling

Trixie Belden series- Julie Campbell & Kathryn Kenny
Trixie/Honey, woods, boating, whisper, charades, best friends, roommates, working, scared, good, toys
Brian/Dan, playing doctor, care, caress, stroke, want
Dan/Mart, study, homework, biology, teasing, long words, dirty talk, practice
Honey/Di, expectations, society, beauty salon, nails, toys
Jim/Brian, maturity, college, experiment, more
Jim/Dan, runaway, stable, play, trying,
Jim/Mart, teasing, long words, sweet, sometimes, need, only, dirty talk
Trixie/Di, similarities, differences, kissing, toys
Trixie/Honey/Di, experiment, kissing practice, wet, slick, fun, daisy chain, toys
Trixie/Jim/Dan, sharing, trying, touching, tongue, blow job, need, all

Alan/Flynn, programming, popcorn, boss, powerplay, desperation, reluctant, seduction, desk, Encom, programming, Tron, glasses
Alan/Kevin Flynn/Lora, physics, attraction, magnetism, arcade, secrecy, success, show and tell, the real world
Alan/Kevin Flynn/Lora/Ram, world, resolution, monitor
Alan/Kevin Flynn/Lora/Tron, alternative, twins, claim
Alan/Kevin Flynn/Ram, punch, open, click
Alan/Kevin Flynn/Tron, alarm, start, save
Flynn/Lora, at last, quick, longing, always, different, pregnant
Flynn/Yori/Tron, learning to kiss, heights, greetings
Kevin Flynn/Jordan Canas, partner, grid, introduction, yoga
Kevin Flynn/Ram, resurrect, trust, give, fleeting, user worship
Kevin Flynn/Ram/Tron, share, learn, wrap, water, teammates, game grid, training, locked up
Kevin Flynn/Tron, belief, games, fight, learning to kiss, lightcycle, handlebars, user worship, victory, survival, games, upgrade, energy, needed
Tron/Yori, forever, program, new start, off the grid

Tron/Tron: Legacy
Alan Bradley/Tron, outreach, connections
Flynn Jr./Dillinger Jr., mind!sex,

Tron: Legacy
Alan Bradley/Sam Flynn, ninja, glimpse, wrong, stardust, done, father, care, discover, motorcycle, leather, glasses, sneaky, prank, silver fox, passed out, wrists
Alan/Clu, dominate, mistaken, break, bound, unwanted
Alan/Kevin Flynn, change, regret, rejoice, reunion, finally, unsaid
Alan/Quorra, December, memory, fascination
Alan/Tron, fix you, grid, touch, hello, not quite what he expected, reunion, touchscreen, grey, meeting, redemption, penance, submission, complete
Clu/Sam, daddy, jealousy, worship, heir
Clu/Tron, bend, confine, change, fall, any, force, defeat, submission, naming, Ritzler, reprogramming
Clu/Kevin Flynn/Tron, create, white, reason, gods, eavesdropping, timing, gods and legends, seven sins, teammates, future, brave new world, double life
Clu/Quorra, special, spy, imperfect
Clu/Rinzler, purr, pet, broken, mine
Flynn/Quorra, salad days, motorcycle, balcony, ageing,
Gem/Quorra, hidden, light, dark, thighs, surprise, clandestine, the grid, freedom, outside, awe, charged
Gem/Sam, excite, new, exploit, lick
Kevin Flynn/Tron, security, betrayal, revelation, renewal, tazer, distance, secure
Sam Flynn/Edward Dillinger Jr., history, love, prank, secretive
Sam Flynn/Quorra, warmth, light, bubbly, fast, play, off the grid, flesh, learning, traininginterface, caress, download, strange new world, back to the grid, sunshine, speed, ISO, survival, experience, glitch
Sam/Rinzler, walking blind, higher resolution, lightcycle, breaking programming
Sam/Tron, rescue, new code, peel, memory, gloves, light, figurine
Zuse/DJs, music, bass, club
Zuse/Sam, [any]

Troop Beverly Hills
Chica/Hannah, sleepover, college, affair

Tropic Thunder
Kirk Lazarus/Alpa Chino, method acting, who you are, fashion, sundance
Kirk/Lincoln, how does it feel?, overthinking it, method acting, got it all worked out, sexual history

Troubled Waters - Sharon Shinn
Zoe Ardelay Lilandar/Darien Serlast, pulse

True Blood
Alcide Herveaux/Eric Northman, ask, need, growl, tolerate, wall, indebted, nails, released, hatred, drained, curious, pain, repulsed, aggressive, teeth, wounds, inflict, restraint, torture, fight, dungeon
Alcide Herveaux/Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse, hot, cold, blond, black
Alcide Herveaux/Sookie Stackhouse, regrets, rebound, comfort, warm, cold, hair, urges, break, vocal, broad, scent, heat
Bill/Jessica, alone, hunt, simulation, behaviour, years
Bill/Sookie, confessions
Eric Northman/Godric, cling, humanity, ice, submission
Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse, dreams, taste, cotton, hair, warmth, morning after, bargain, tragedy, pulse, bond, protective, equal, thoughts, anonymous, married, maker, mine, prey
Eric/Jason, temptation, Fangtasia, A/B, sneer
Eric/Lafayette, witch, useful, bond
Eric/Pam, coffin, sharp, sharing, mercy, heavy, violin, fate, told you so
Hadley Hale/Sophie-Anne Leclerq, bite, play, order
Hoyt/Jessica, innocence, sweet, engagement, love, perish, ominous, patience
Jason/Andy, partners
Jason/Eddie, basement
Jason/Pam, [any]
Jason/Sookie, confused, telepathy, magic, TV
Jason/Tara, comfortable, hero, stupid, fight, illness, witch, forgetting, loyalty, drunk, irresistible, not brother & sister
Jessica/Tommy, cut, doggy, high, knife, reality, scraps, shaking
Jesus Velasquez/Lafayette Reynolds, beautiful, dream, vision, play, desperate, silence, hold, smile, melt
Pam De Beaufort/Jessica Hamby, orange, shopping, hesitation, lesson, Fangtasia, leather, [any], horoscope, rebellion, whisper
Pam De Beaufort/Jessica Jamby/Eric Northman, education, clothes, slick
Pam/Lorena, lovesick, hate/angry sex
Pam/Nan, power struggle, blackmail, leash
Pam/Sookie, sisters, lavender, busy
Pam/Sookie/Eric, blood, life, hair, manicure
Pam/Sophie-Anne, drink, overlooked, perfume, power play, taking chances, sharing, smile
Sam Merlotte/Alcide Herveaux, instinct, canines, dominance, forest, moon, slow, hot
Sam Merlotte/Bill Compton, mine, bar, spanking, dream, public, cold
Sam Merlotte/Eric Northman, bondage, Fangtasia, slave, confusion, private
Sam Merlotte/Eric Northman/Bill Compton, power, argue, aggressive, bedroom, drunk, dark, tease, commanding
Sam Merlotte/Tommy Mickens, worth, hurt, damages, black
Sam/Sookie, breathing, wild
Sam/Tara, bad idea, housewarming, something like a happy ending, second chances, driving, full moon
Sookie Stackhouse/Tara Thornton, biting, blind, colors, hands, reassurance, secret
Sookie/Bill, cold
Sophie-Anne/anyone, jewels, play, ruin
Tommy, sadomasochist, scars

True Grit (2010)
LaBoeuf/Mattie Ross, reunion, blindfold, missing, post-movie, unexpected, cowlick

True Jackson, VP
True/Lulu, mess, design, make-out, slow dance

Trust Me
Simon/Mason, beer, touch, accent

TV Commercials
Old Spice Guy/Dos Equis Guy, interesting
Old Spice Man/Mayhem, wrecked, extreme, island, bets
Old Spice Man/Old Spice Man Of Experience, piano, charm, experienced, on a horse, "how do I smell now?"

Twelfth Night- Shakespeare
Viola/Orsino, manpain, lounge, confusion, shift, corset

Twelve Kingdoms
Gyousou/(older)Taiki, sought-after, instinct, deference, vows, care, unbound, unafraid, winter, warming, cloak, kang (炕)
Kantai/Shoukei, suitor, half-beast, high-maintenance, hard to get
Yoko/Shouryuu, reign, silence, immortal, secret

Twilight (movies)
Bella/Jacob/Edward, dorks, roadtrip, cuddle, puppies

Alice/Bella, gift, dress, shopping, lingerie, simplicity, lively, beauty, moment, shining, illegal, pets, clean, persistence, papercut, bite, temptation, sleepover, painted, dress-up, soft, turtleneck, stiletto, Italy, BFF, gift
Alice/Bella/Emmett, wrestle, awesome, drunk, twister
Alice/Bella/Rosalie, mirrors
Alice/Jasper, flitter, blood, time, experience, war, hope, anguish, sparkle, laughter, bright, seer, special, future, fortune telling, emotions, deeper, night sky, fortune telling, support system, inside, headspace, dreams, vision, Vegas
Alice/Rosalie, exploration, vengeance, common, slow, tested, cracked
Angela Weber/Emmett Cullen, gentle, tough, finders keepers, optimism
Bella/Edward/Jacob, heat, ice, safety, in tandem, tent, camping, moonlight, instincts, scent, rarity, mildew, chase, delicate, puppies
Bella/Emmett/Rosalie, family, red, lipstick, competition, headsTrong, theatricality, attention, intimate, clamor, sublime, season, hunt
Bella/Esme, tender, comfort
Bella/Jacob, warm, sweat, bite, nuzzle, stop, time, exception, yearning, animalistic, wild, hidden, wilderness, healing, hurting, riptide, torn, heat
Bella/James, chalice
Bella/Rosalie, compliment, harsh
Carlisle/Charlie, heat, harmless, flirting
Carlisle/Edward, breathe, swim, music, new, soul, companion, experiment, rebellion, hunter, deny, stain, silence, dusk, resentment, skin, turbulent, forever, salvation, decent, honor
Carlisle/Esme, tease, life, home, kiss, doctor
Edward/Jacob, [any], deafening, slam, transformation
Edward/Rosalie, beauty, stop, thoughts
Emmett, human
Emmett/Alice, size, foreseeable
Esme/Rosalie, blood, beauty, reassurance, motherly
Jacob/Leah, full moon, mutual, two of a kind, instincts, pack, comfort, warmth, huddle, come home, heat, kindred spirits, stolen, wild, run away, woods, choice, run, fight, bitten
Jacob/Nessie, change, accidental, jealous
Jacob/OFCs, forget, bitch
Jasper/Jacob, imprint, rain, fighter, dog
Jasper/Maria, leather, horses, war
Jasper/Rosalie/Tanya, cold, sulk
Leah/Bella, sneer, secret, regret, hot
Leah/Embry, delayed imprinting, incompatible personalities, sparks, insult
Leah/Tanya, contrast, bitch, imprint, sidelines, abandonment issues
Rosalie/Emmett, je-t'aime, high-heels, interested, patience, silk
Rosalie/Tanya, scar, hunt, alike, disappointment
Sam/Jacob, alpha, submit, heat
Sam/Leah, please, before, road

Twin Peaks
Cooper/Audrey, dance, cherries, coffee, lipstick, sheets, storm, shoes, ring, girl, red, room 315
Cooper/Rosenfield, darkness, anger, escape, lie, woods, sorrow, guilt, case, professional, BOB, any, spice, massage, breathe, loathing, forgiveness, panic, freezing, sick, aftermath
Sam Stanley/Chet Chester, return, search, light, what time is it?

Two and a Half Men
Alan/Charlie, boat
Andy/Kandi/Mandy/Alan/Charlie/Judith (from "Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Burro"), full
Judith/Candi, girltalk

Ed Straker/Paul Foster, submit, power, trust, fear, secret

Ugly Betty
Alexis/Wilhelmina, stockings, tipsy, bonding, seduction, secrets, expertise
Amanda/Betty, paint, screaming, fashion, caught, London, fantasy, sugar, craving, bite, snuggle, sleepy
Betty/Daniel, finally, confidence, curves, bliss, luck, balance, love, kiss, teeth, something more, lull, bright colors, reunion, need, imperfect, pretty, reversal, dance, forbidden, sensual, ocean, wild mornings, finally, confidence, eagerness, bliss, first-time, curves, London, impatience, quid pro quo, dancing, twenty minutes out of town, i must become a lion-hearted girl, truth doesn't make a sound, cranberries, scratch, dirty, yearning, art.
Betty/Tyler, replacement, sympathy, glass
Daniel/Alexis, stranger, scar, shame, brotherly, home
Daniel/Marc, flirtation, gay, morning after, suit
Wilhelmina/Christina, fitting, flair, desperate, style, scheme, admiration

Ultraviolet (1998 TV series)
Pearse Harman/Angela March, collar, bite, clean, desk, gloves, warm

Under the Dome - Stephen King
Dale "Barbie" Barbara/Julia Shumway, end, beginning, vision, last, cook, smirk
Dale "Barbie" Barbara/Eric "Rusty" Everett, conspiracy, cell, ally, laugh, escape

Lizzy Gilliam/Leo Nash, experiment
Samantha Bloom/Steven Bloom, partnership, tight, comfort, aggression, familiarity, honeymoon, helicopter, thigh holster, icing, role-play, mission, kitchen, vacation
Samantha Bloom/Steven Bloom/Leo Nash, really?, relaxation, reminiscing, alcohol, wounded

Michael/Selene, [any], desire, candles, sunlight, ancient, power, new, pellucid, inform, concrete, bite, open, red, spark, running, snow, monster, bruises, possession, saviour, bullets, scars, feed, leather, important, hunt

United States of Tara
Buck/Marshall, faggot
Kate/Lynda, wings, fantasy
T/Charmaine, dare
T/Kate, fashion, denim
Tara/Charmaine, sparkle, soulless
Tara/Lynda, vision
Tara/Pammy, apology

Unnatural History
Henry Griffin/Jasper Bartlett, caught, discovery, special

Until Death Do Us Part
Mamoru/Haruka, forever, fear, common, possessive, drinks, nonlinear, plans, refill, transparent, obscure, train, nowhere, evolution, see, shower, towel, facsimile, want, fulfill, gift

Up In The Air
Ryan/Natalie, on air

Upstairs Downstairs (2010)
Sir Hallam/the Duke of Kent, politics, office
Agnes Holland/Sir Hallam Holland, tears, smile, party, dance, day

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru
Luka Crosszeria/Sakurai Yuki, helpless, devoted, heal, pain
Reiga/ Sakurai Yuki, claim, violence, kidnap, devoted, trade
Renjou Hotsuma/Shusei Usui, guilt, cleanse

V (2009)
Anna/Erica Evans, cruel, false, hate, lies, secret, test, ruin, survival, silence, intoxicating, lying, imprisoned, threats, peace, bliss, soothing, war, flames, leather, russian roulette, hate sex, decimal, ivy, offended, purple, sweater, traitor, mind, control, bliss
Anna/Lisa, a mother's love
Anna/Sidney, heat, shame, dominance, lick
Dale/Erica, stakeout, car, interrogation, betrayal
David/Joshua, [any], objective, desperate
Erica Evans/Jack Landry, comfort, confession, sin, prayer, last night on earth, confession, purgatory, sins, red, war, together, puppet, god, sin, want, white, love, wrong, hands, so wrong, wine, prayers, dirty words, souls, forbidden, secret, forever, firt time, trust, control, rooftop, stars, hands, soaked, gold, couch, keys, adoration, learning, combat, training
Erica Evans/Joshua, skin, emotion, memories
Erica Evans/Kyle Hobbes, dirty, blood, play, chase, map, wounded, caught, resist, warehouse sex, dub-con, punch, torture, having her back, dirt, bruises, healing, dangerous, bad idea, wax, basement, darkness, mistakes, caught, stakeout, bite, bedpost, anger, again, wax, basement, darkness, mistakes, caught, stakeout, bite, bedpost, anger, again, wrist, bound, covert, blood
Erica Evans/Kyle Hobbes/Jack Landry, hiding, unholy, temptation, jealousy, inclusive, trust, team, need, end of the world
Erica Evans/Lisa, strange, human feeling, alliance, betrayal, safety, honor, familiar, chaos, unforgivable, losing Tyler, appearance, guidance, information, manipulation, taste
Erica Evans/Ryan, solace, test, saving, hiding
Jack Landry, solo
Joshua/David, forever, skin, remember
Joshua/Lisa, escape, hiding, safety, body, he punishes her for behavior unbefitting a Future Queen, my queen, loneliness, childhood, service, goddess, skin, emotions tutor, remember, please, remind, soon, traitor, mind, princess, corner, skin, stars, home, sky, queen, mate, touch, emotion, queen, subject, obedience, kneel, submission, hunger, tail, trusted, reward
Kyle Hobbes/Sidney, nervous laughter, geek MAN
Lisa/Tyler Evans, truth, lies, secrets, exposure, hate, love, forget

V for Vendetta
Evey/Finch, music, protege, afterwards

Valley Girl
Julie/Randy, after party, Sheraton
Stacey/Fred, chase, quiet, surprise, bored, backseat

Cecile de Volanges/Valmont, teach, seduce, brush, kiss

Vampire Babylon - Chris Marie Green
Claudius/Costin, monsters
Dawn Madison/Claudius, similar, chair, mind, dream, blood, laugh
Dawn Madison/Della, even
Della/Lilly, power, change, lust

Vampire Hunter D - Hideyuki Kikuchi
Doris Lang/D, whip, exhibitionism, strength, saloon, dusty, afternoon, coat, slaughter, monster, ranch, job, laces, nude, bars, law, sunset
Doris Lang/Larmica, pride, venom, gratitude, loneliness, fortress, huntress, gunpoint, hunger

Vampire Knight
Ichiru/Zero, unforgiven, envy, blood, farewells
Kaname/Aidou, obedience, rebellion, jealousy
Kaname/Yuki, virgin, force
Kaname/Yuuki/Zero, voyeurism
Kaname/Zero, possession, hunger, practicality, combat, mind
Zero/Yuki, far, forget
Zero/Yuki/Kaname, time, relentless, wisdom, history
Zero/Yuuki, sacrifice

Vanity Fair - William Makepeace Thackeray
Amelia Sedley/Miss Swartz, virtues, vices, stories, medical, bite
Amelia Sedley/Rebecca Sharp, knot, pulled, tight
Rebecca Sharp/Miss Swartz, deceptions, spy, lace, schooldays, midnight

Charley/Rayflo, bondage, oral, biting
Charley/Rayflo, once, bath, kiss, blood

Ani/Gina, love, lust, second chances, truth
Ani/Lara, bruises, dancing, drinking, shower
Gina/Lara, want

Veronica Mars
Cassidy/Mac, try
Dick/Mac, don’t, sand, regret, mourn, hotel, drunk
Duncan/Veronica, red
Lamb/Veronica, bars, bound, desk, interrogation, costume, undercover, secret, family dinner, movie, squad car, arrest, hospital, hero, election, crime, bathroom, evidence locker, caught, heat, sweat, stuck, smart, different, spank, undercover, annoyed, forgiveness, give in, investigate, evidence, arrest, pretend, older, safe, future
Leo D'Amato/Veronica Mars, Leo gets to see her apartment
Lilly/Veronica, kisses, bikini, never forget, bffs, wine coolers, drunken shenanigans, light weight, truth or dare, girls’ night out, stupid boys, experimentation, something new, golden, never let you go, innocence, ocean, languid, lazy afternoons, halo, pool, bikini, friend, sleep over, poker
Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars, beach, night, circle, loyal, quip, beg, dress, handcuffs, over, please, scream, indispensable, range, galactic, dispel, snide, laugh, possession, puppy, shower, backseat, rumors, public!sex, massage, pillow talk, leather, forgiveness, trust, exhaustion, safe, comfort, loss, everything, respect, hurt, tender, storm, party, haven, boundaries, family, public, snark, contradiction, push, confrontation, scars, stay, history, summer, Virginia, follow, help, stay, swim, love, rédemption, forever, love, control, surrender, public, pegging, ink
Mac/Veronica, hair, tease, home
Mac/Weevil, better, touch, library
Meg/Veronica, lead, college, mist
Parker/Veronica, sorry, help, bad, destroy
Veronica Mars/Weevil Navarro, all grown up, turned out good, one time thing, need

Scottie/Judy, sculpt

Vicar of Dibley
Geraldine/Alice, thunderstorm

Andre/Tori, anyexcitement, secret, best friends, hiding, giggles, bee sting, hair, long legs, singing, performance, any
Beck Oliver/Jade West, broken, shelter, relief, scars, insecure,dependency, pegging, rough, protect, hide, first date, banter, locker room
Beck/Jade/Tori, rivalry, any
Cat/Jade, cry, singing, teasing, any, hot, sweat, redhead, shave, lick, laughter, dance, wear, dress, stockings, corset, high heels, silly, any
Jade/Beck/Cat, dysfunctional, cupcake, hair, talent, damaged, world, crazy, insecure, jealous
Jade/Tori, [any]

Vision of Escaflowne
Van/Hitomi/Allen, dowsing, family, adult, visit, telepathy, call, run, myth

VolTron (Dynamite Comic/any)
Allura/Keith, dust, monarchy, girls with guns, lake, walls

W Delta Z (aka The Killing Gene)
Eddie/Danny, get you off

Walking and Talking
Amelia/Andrew, black leather pants, second time around, third time around, shopping, make the move to DVDs, family

EVE/Wall-E, gender, spark

War of the Worlds (tv)
Harrison Blackwood/Paul Ironhorse, comfort, brilliant, fantasy, trust, rough, gentle, celebration, test, temptation, clumsy, relax, stubborn, bottom, defensive, guns, comfort
Harrison Blackwood/Paul Ironhorse/Suzanne McCullough, protect, kink, push, realize, stress, vacation

Warcraft III
Arthas/Kael, anger, revenge, keep, steal
Illidan/Kael, master, red, silk, tattoos, blind, taste, smell
Illidan/Kael/Vashj, take, own, give, bite, venom
Illidan/Malfurion, young, wrestle, tease, share
Jaina/Kael, tongue, ears, luxury
Jaina/Thrall, explore, trade, respect
Malfurion/Tyrande, growth, grass, moonwell, water, piercings

Arthas/Jaina, loss, beholden, longing, roses
Arthas/Jaina/Kael'thas, regret, desire, fantasy, light
Kael'thas/Arthas, power, rage, magic
Kael'thas/Jaina, magic, romance
Malfurion/Illidan, fallen, regret

Warehouse 13
Artie Nielsen/Claudia Donovan, hammock, glasses, baking, secret
Artie Nielsen/James MacPherson, any, any, partners, enemies
Claudia Donovan/H.G. Wells, the internet is for porn, mad scientist, tinkering, experience, modern women, technology
Claudia Donovan/H.G. Wells/Myka Bering, relic
Claudia Donovan/Leena, aura, cookies, making a mess, lost in the Warehouse, cold feet
Claudia Donovan/Myka Bering, Twizzlers, video games, hotel bed, caffeine buzz, teasing Pete
Claudia Donovan/Peter Lattimer, grief, chase, artifact
H.G. Wells/Leena, fortune teller, shadows
H.G. Wells/Myka Bering, library, tied, impersonation, bronze, corset, artifact, trapped, banter, spanking, handcuffs, biting, undercover, lick, high heels, betrayal, seduction, steam punk, temptation, Victorian
Leena/Myka Bering, frosting, fresh laundry, books, sunshine
Mrs. Frederic/any, authority, keys
Myka Bering/H.G. Wells, bronze, bail, grapple gun, betrayl, forgiveness, gold, hair, influence, moist, quiver, toys, gin & tonic, mile high, movie night, sugar & spice, frostbite, strap-on
Peter Lattimer/Myka Bering, depth, laughter, trust, goo, travel, hospital, artifact, under the influence, toothpaste, boobs, decontamination shower, cake, body-switch, girl!Pete, strap-on, capable, earnest, hard, necklace, zealous

Warhammer 40000
Horus/Sanguinius, blood, conflict, kneel, submission

Silhouette/Silk Spectre I, pulp, barracks, history, Polish
Bill Brady/Byron Lewis, passion, jealous, faith
Comedian/Moloch, mirror
Comedian/Rorschach, hero worship
Comedian/Silk Spectre I, pregnant
Dan Dreiberg/Rorschach, illicit, disarray, jagged
Dan/Laurie, ship, fly, fight, roleplay, goggles, ride, desperate
Eddie Blake/Adrian Veidt, ruthless, humble
Eddie Blake/Sally Jupiter, caress, tryst
Jon Osterman/Adrian Veidt, glimmer, deception
Ozymandias/The Comedian, unintended, afterlife, dark, smoke, burn, fire

Waterloo Road
Chris Mead/Jess Fisher, forbidden, confused, table, regret.

Andy/Nancy, 1980s, high, milk, mutual, sharing, wonderful, boundaries, freedom, scam, proof, winter, irrational, do-overs, chance, regret, bathtub, catch-22, demons, storm, coarse, legalities, Not-Francie and Not-Judah, shattered, fingertips, time, Plan B, pregnant, disaster, dirty, selfish, tired, wait, ache, high, power, need, unhealthy
Conrad/Nancy, (any)
Nancy/Celia, circular logic, circular logic
Silas/Nancy, issues, business, cover, on the run

Weiss Kreuz
Schuldig/Farfarello, lick, scar, blood, painless, sticky, God, laughter, delight

Were the World Mine (2008 movie)
Jonathon/Timothy, spell, love, midsummer, faeries, magical, morning

When Will There Be Good News? - Kate Atkinson
Regina Chase, masturbation
Regina Chase/Joanna Hunter, fantasy, mommy, literature

Whip It
Babe Ruthless/Maggie Mayhem, doubt, home alone, parent, puppy
Bliss Cavendar/Iron Maven, teach, pull, shot, explosion, whisper, rivalry
Bliss Cavendar/Pash, college, touch, hold, popsicle, popcorn, best friends, want, timid, friends
Bliss/Maven, growing up
Eva Destruction/Rosa Sparks, flirt, tilt, touch, rub, bubble
Iron Maven/Ruthless, in skates, strap-on
Pash/Birdman, bored, kitchen, after hours

White Collar
agent!Neal Caffrey/con!Peter Burke, deal, trouble, nice, handcuffed, bet, car, trust, game, rules, risk, fantasies, break-in, rescue
Alex Hunter/Kate, adultery, bondage, seduction, hatesex, punishment, breakup, unwinding, plans, rewritten, jealousy
Alex Hunter/Neal Caffrey, stolen, paint, runaway, passport
Diana Barrigan/Christie, adjustment, hotels, domesticity, role play, any, dress, hat
Diana Barrigan/Elizabeth Burke/Christie, girls night
Diana Barrigan/girl!Neal Caffrey, alternatives
Diana/Alex Hunter, tables, breaking, off-book
Diana/girl!Peter Burke, boundaries
Elizabeth Burke/Clinton Jones, midnight, confession
Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey, secrets, familiar, together, surprise, brunch, cellphones, ink, calligraphy, open, candelabra, backseat driving, tangled, tuxedo, sharp, canvas, frame, haste, strain, children, infants, toddlers, teenagers, dragons, animagus, wizard, mutants, closet, desk!sex, vampires, comfort, plant, piercing, stairs, velvet, nouveau, garnet, waffles, gloves, poetry, television, kneel, ties, home, family, pleased, clockwork, stray, harmony, routine, hope, honey, bondage, entwined, blankets, rings, hidden, tricks, complicated, relax, compromise, romantic, halfway, beautiful, exciting, brilliant, trustworthy, knocking, confession, family, hat, slow, kiss, good wine, home, jewels, handcuffs, vows, badge, finery, sneaky, habitual, slush, kisses, luxurious, laughter, deep, puzzle, downtime, food, balance, collars, sharing, together again, some days it's like she has two husbands and other days they don't even notice she's there
June/Byron, diamonds, poker
June/Neal Caffrey, fling, steal
Lauren Cruz/Diana, team up, cocktails, games
Neal Caffrey/Adrian Tulane, lesson, puzzle, punishment, inspiration
Neal Caffrey/Alex, game, Rome, hotel, scratches, blue, curve, darkness
Neal Caffrey/Diana, changes, adventures, Pegging, conning, crossdressing, suit, strange bedfellows, armor, collarbone
Neal Caffrey/Elizabeth Burke, hatstand, Macy's, trusting, diamonds
Neal Caffrey/Kate, fedora, lovers, needy
Neal Caffrey/Lauren Cruz, hold on, fake, dance
Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke/Diana Barrigan, voyeurism, game, unprofessional, wine, strip-poker, hot, once
Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke, home, undercover, late, handcuffs, patience, treats, playful, first, wall, counter, sofa, wine, anniversary, beach, ring
Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke/Diana Barrigan, comfort, awkward, nervous, celebration, high heels
Peter Burke/Clinton Jones, coffee, sandwich, punishment
Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey, bound, collar, club, wine, limo, submission, roadtrip, languid, trust, reward, indulgent,, impossible, intentional, impressionism, imperturbable, midnight, ankle, mirrors, need, trust, better man, expectations, obsessed, thumb, gaze, love, need, anniversary, women, deal, lightbulb, smart, upscale, flirt, fashion, standards, menacing, bluffing, faith, leash, coffee, stakeout, chase, prison, changes, list, coercion, paint, flexible, cons, escape, prison, poison, guns, rope, sachmo, guns, contole, blood, limo, hair, fever, blood, shower, confession, college, mine, bluff, pent-up, reversal, behave, photo, anklet, crossdressing, caught, dare, amnesia, fetish, interrogation, flirt, cuffed, relax, undercover, prison, marathon, view, art, train, subway, unlock, tattoo, duet, overnight, reward, trouble, cowboy, espresso, safeword, anticipation, trust, subtle, boundaries, patience, thrill, fantasy, congratulations, graduation, disobey, learning the ropes, trust
Sara/Neil, water, heat, anger, undercover, handcuffs, favor

Kent/Chandler, close, careful, respect

Wicked - Gregory Maguire
Boq/Elphaba, studies, future
Boq/Elphaba/Galinda, between, fortune, dream

Wicked (any)
Elphaba/Galinda, emerald, water and wax, study, strange, new, learn, peace, lies, innocence
Liir/Trism, convenience, alternatives, occasional

Wicked (musical)
Elphaba/Glinda, gravity, choices, lipstick

Wild Target
Rose/Victor Maynard, shoes, meticulous, lessons, affection, detail, family, knives, con, orange juice, hotel rooms

Wild Things
Duquette/Sam, dirty

Will & Grace
Grace/Karen, boobs, honey
Will/Jack/Grace, surprise, boobs, drunk, bra

Peter/Lizzie, game, set, rooftops, victory, celebration, tender, bouncy, racquet, soft, sporty, shower

Wings of Desire
Damiel/Marion, red

Brian/X, solace

Winter's Bone
Ree/Gail, brave, trust, defend, experiment, shotgun, fight, back to back, comfort, drive

Wire in the Blood
Alex/Paula, boss, quick
Alex/Tony, boots, table, rushed
Tony Hill/Carol Jordan, chance, strain, anywhere but here, dominance, vision, shower, it's in our history, detente, weapon, prostitution roleplay, handcuffs, sofa, desk, playing doctor, spanking, masturbation, phonesex, sexual tension you can't cut with a chainsaw

Witch Hunter Robin
Amon/Robin Sena, hiding, bodyguard, jealousy, homesickness, glasses, precision, Paris, caution, worry, candles, heat, skirt, bath, forbidden, normal, scorching, teenage

Sara/Danny, life, spectral, touch

Withnail & I
Withnail/I, rage, huddled, cold, return, repeat, bathroom, pub, alcohol

Without A Paddle
Tom/Jerry, river, high, sunset, growing up

Without a Trace
Jack Malone/Sam Spade, jealous, hallowed, relapse, familiar, fall, slow, you could've died
Sam Spade/Danny Taylor, once, never, touch, smile, shower, rest

Wizard of Oz - L. F. Baum
Ozma/Dorothy, dances, staying, distance, departure, growing up,

Wizard of Oz (any)
Scarecrow/Dorothy, sweet, straw, slippers

Wizard's First Rule - Terry Goodkind
Richard Rahl/Kahlan Amnell, white, forget, scar, loss, free, spirit house
Richard/future!Princess Violet, spanking

Wizards of Waverly Place
Alex/Harper, clothes, duck, exhibitionism, grin, magic, reluctance, semi-public sex, trust
Alex/Justin, any, spell, lonely, travel, healing, resist, glass, Sub Station, awry, plastic, paint, movie, warp, remote, costume, competition, vacation, spell, potion, band, WizTech, lair, quest, wish, caught, sister, torment, family, hug
Alex/Justin/Harper, any
Alex/Stevie, argue, regret, scheming, temper, any
Harper Finkle/Justin Russo, understanding, foreign, silent

Women of the Otherworld - Kelley Armstrong
Hope/Karl, pride, patience, proof
Jaime/Jeremy, closet, stairs

Women's Murder Club
Lindsay Boxer/Cindy Thomas, glasses, pent-up, joy

Wonder Boys (any)
James/Terry, wide-eyed, smile, dentist, bruise, nectarine, green, hair

Aaron/Mahandra, denial, forbidden, sneaking around
Jaye/Aaron, peeping
Jaye/Bianca (from "Karma Chameleon"), stutter, words
Jaye/Mahandra, boredom, understood
Jaye/Sharon, wonder
Sharon/Diana Littlefoot, rivalry
Sharon/Maureen (from "Barrel Bear"), Republican

World of Warcraft
Asric/Jadaar, tail slap, alphabet
Genn Greymane/Darius Crowley, authority, obedience, pack,

Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
Heathcliff/Cathy Earnshaw, obsession, moors, gift.

Edge/Christian, reunited, finale, hotel rooms, we made it.
Eve Torres/Maryse, break, hot, loser
John Cena/Randy Orton, beginning, prank, fatherhood, gold, not gonna crack.
John Morrison/John Cena, "Show me how you do that"
Mickie James/Trish Stratus, anal, love/hate, ownership, submission
Shawn Michaels/Triple H, injuries, morning, forget, wisdom, pinnacle, betrayal, "don't ask, don't tell", regret, faith, request, apologize, alone, sharp dressed man, fly.
Shawn Michaels/Triple H/Stephanie McMahon, any.

Fuuma/Kamui, licking, control, dominance, possessive
Seishirou/Subaru, pain, destiny, control, confusion, longing, [any]

Aoki/Karen, elements, work, religion, tea, air, leap, fire, whirl

Aphrodite/Gabrielle/Xena, goddess, worship
Ares/Xena, anal, bargain, sword, war, passion, anger, trust, overpower, cannot stop, fire, save me, always
Calisto/Gabrielle, grief, insanity, revenge
Calisto/Xena, ambrosia, anal, bondage, dominance, submission
Gabrielle/Aphrodite, lost without a lifeline, alone
Gabrielle/Joxer, [any]
Gabrielle/Joxer/Xena, cuddle, protect, family, together
Joxer/Xena, humiliation, maledom
Mel/Janice, bath, fedora, glasses

Albedo/Rubedo, pain, boundaries, sensation, voyeur
Chaos/Canaan, truth, consequences, tears
KOS-MOS/Shion, hidden, salvation, pain, mercy
Nigredo/Rubedo, height, change, trust, gun
Wilhelm/Chaos, recursion, mercy, sacrifice

Y: The Last Man
355/Dr. Mann, affirmation, fragile, senseless, want
Dr. Allison Mann/Rose, longing, together, domestic, cure, ache
Hero/Beth, game, settled, joy, unsure, guilt, globe-trotting
Waverly/OMC, transgender, tough, surreal, image, strength, grip, beautiful
Yorick/355, close, world, partial, fingers

Yami no Matsuei
Muraki/Tatsumi, substitution, contract

You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
Narrator/Evil Girlfriend, hatesex, prom

Young Americans
Hamilton/Jake, secret
Scout/Will, window, discovery

Young Avengers
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman/Tommy Shephard, naughty, secretive, birthday, accident
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan, first, quickie, cloak, kiss

Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Dairine Callahan/Carmela Rodriguez, meantime, way home, fiery, left turn at Albuquerque
Dairine/Roshaun, sun, power, collaborate, discover, manual, bicker, inevitable, search, jewel, silicon, sacrifice
Kit Rodriguez/Nita Callahan/Ronan Nolan, why, why not, ritual, threes,
Kit Rodriguez/Ronan Nolan, Americana, Oirish, banter, music
The Lone Power/Nita, entrance, beguile, defy, speak
The Lone Power/The Winged Defender, timeless, dance, rivalry, forgiveness, before, red-headed, moonshine, starlight

Your Scandalous Ways - Loretta Chase
Francesca/Giulietta, quiet, silk, bare, bath, refuge, laughter

You're Beautiful
Shin Woo/Go Mi Nyu, truth, story, park, dressed-up, phone-call, feminine
Tae Kyung/Go Mi Nyu, playful, temper, lace, water, sleeping arrangements, stars, duet, tie, letters, shy, shower
Tae Kyung/Go Mi Nyu, quick-learner, smug, loud, advice, song

Dark Magician/Dark Magician Girl, games
Kaiba/Kisara, unwanted, given
Pharoah/Priest Seto, smirk, deference
Priest Seto/Kisara, [any], future, memories, silk, eternal, image, storm, deep, desperate, protect, desire, queen, alien
Rishid/Isis, refuge, alone
Rishid/Malik, bowed
Seto Kaiba/Kisara, [any], memories, past, sweet, soul, dream, frighten, spirit, destiny, teeth, curiosity, sunshine, skin, innocence

YuYu Hakusho
Keiko/Yusuke, photo, hair, slap, ice cube, grades, skipping, proposal, girl's school, sneaking, window, uniform, clues, jewelry, delinquent, teasing
Kurama/Maya, memory, mischief, detective, flirt, challenge, plants, unafraid
Yusuke Urameshi/Kurama, steal, release, bouquet, gold

Zap! Online Comic
Gunner/Zap, remember, time

Waki/Magane, obedience, haori, naked, scent, panting, claws, whimper, den

Columbus/Tallahassee, tag, possessive, cleanliness, imbalance, Twinkies
Columbus/Wichita, museum, oral fixation
Tallahassee/Bill Murray, clowns

Real Person Fiction
Aaron Paul/Bryan Cranston, Emmy, mentor, proud, affection, eyes, puppy
Abbie Cornish/Ben Whishaw, gentle, surprise, loner
Adam Baldwin/Matt Bomer, shortlived, scotch, leather, Daddy, hard, gaze, collar
Adam Hills/Mark Watson/Ali McGregor, burlesque, cross-dressing, corsets
Adam Hills/Paul McDermott, costumes
Adam Hills/Wil Anderson, spanking, dildos, anal beads
Adam Lambert/Cassidy Haley, leather
Adam Lambert/Jensen Ackles, glitter, beat, strut, jeans, eyeliner, reflexes, party, hot tub, beer, leather, lip gloss
Adam Lambert/Katy Allen, comfort
Adam Lambert/Kris Allen, 8 track, rough, tears, comfort, accident, onstage, arguments, fame, adorable
Adam Lambert/Kris Allen/Katy Allen, [any], all together
Adam Lambert/Neil Lambert, fight
Adam Lambert/Ryan Seacrest, hidden
Adam Lambert/several male groupies, [any]
Adam Lambert/Sutan Amrull, drag
Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff, joke, straight, pretty, makeup, sweat, veela
Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff/female groupie, [any]
Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff/male groupie, [any]
Adam Rippon/Brian Joubert, will, fake, juggle, cold, thought, laugh, pliant, young, teach, kitten
Adam Rippon/Jeff Buttle, lick, bright, vale
Adam Rippon/Patrick Chan, rivalry, slump, casual, first
Adam Rippon/Tomas Verner, goof, dare, bold, on
Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, reminisce, nostalgic, solemn, bittersweet, embrace, wintry, smile
Adrianne Curry/Elyse Sewell, Paris, pearls
Aidan Turner/Lenora Crichlow/Russell Tovey, lipstick, loud, wrist, contrast, crush
Aisha Tyler/Nathan Fillion, twitter, xbox, clumsy
Alex O'Loughlin/Scott Caan, hair, shirt, accent, grumpy
Alex Wong/Mark Kanemura, flexible, admire, help, hold, enough
Alex Wong/Robert Rolden, comfort, laugh, screen, touch, hold
Alex Wong/Robert Rolden/Billy Bell, steam, luck, possible, long
Alexander Armstrong/Ben Miller, soulmates, comfort
Alexander Ovechkin/Sidney Crosby, game, survive, hate, hold, break, yell, unexpected, heart
Alexander Skarsgard/James Ransone, smoke, dirty, grin, teeth
Alexander Skarsgard/Jon Huertas, shenanigans, lean, place, early
Alexander Skarsgard/Stark Sands, suitable, tattoos, sand, sunburn, six months away from the world
Alexei Yagudin/Brian Joubert, teach, pull, edge, even, camaraderie, want
Alexis Bledel/Blake Lively, shy
Alexis Bledel/Lauren Graham, [any]
Alia Shawkat/Ellen Page, slide, laugh, wish, hold
Alton Brown/Mario Batali, taste, flirt, citron, oil, splash, sparkle
Alton Brown/Mike Rowe, grease, scrub, hose, lick, sauce
Alyssa Milano/Holly Marie Combs/Rose McGowan, new
Alyssa Milano/Holly Marie Combs/Shannen Doherty, early
Alyssa Milano/Shannen Doherty, envy
Amanda Seyfried/Julianne Moore, crystal
Amanda Seyfried/Vanessa Redgrave, sunshine, sorrow
Amanda Tapping/Robin Dunne, run, pickle, reading is sexy, [any]
Amber Benson/Michelle Trachtenberg, reunion
Amber Riley/Cory Monteith, giggle, help, adventure.
Amber Tamblyn/Alexis Bledel, poetry, sheets, daylight, hug, sabbatical
Amber Tamblyn/Blake Lively, Manhattan, texting, cancellation, press, park
Amy Adams/Emily Blunt, raining, professionals, laughing
Amy Jordyn Duggar/Anna Keller Duggar, knitting
Anderson Cooper/Jon Stewart, liberal
Anderson Cooper/Jon Stewart/Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow/Stephen Colbert, first, heavy, home, recommendation, restless, storm
Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin, drunk, flame, foul-mouthed, games, hands, lick, perfume, skin, skirt
Anderson Cooper/Keith Olbermann, drunk, fired, lonely, lost, tie, umbrella
Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow, androgyny, drive, drugs, exception, fallout, imagine
Anderson Cooper/Ryan Seacrest, double-booked
Anderson Cooper/Shep Smith, glasses, gym, nonpartisan, think tank, wineAndrew Garfield/Carey Mulligan, cameras, interview, dress, zipper, mouth
Andrew Garfield/Brenda Song, shiver, rules, clumsy, mastermind, heartbeat, incentive, distance, California
Andrew Garfield/Carey Mulligan/Keira Knightly, appeal, summer, strawberries
Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone, cities, upside-down, bites
Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg, long distance, convention, suits, policy, oceans, sober, snow, dance moves, want, bleed, identify, eyes, Zoloft side effects, decreased sex drive, adoration, obsession, craving, codependence, awkward, airplane, apocolypse, awards show, backstage, jealousy, possessive, protection, swimming, the other side of the world, girlfriends, easy, shut up, dream, secret, touching, hair
Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel, wigs
Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel/Charles Firth, gaming, late nights, couches, sleep-overs
Andrew Hansen/Dominic Knight, ponyboys, D/s, leather, cages
Andrew Hansen/Matt Bellamy, pianos, fingers, trading places
Andrew Ladd/Ryan Kesler, challenge, coward, blood, music, fight
Andy Murray/Laura Robson, tension, apology, happy
Andy Murray/Novak Djokovic, midnights, competition, reunion, tension, tension, giggles, joking, serious
Angela Bowie/David Bowie/Mick Jagger, party, necklace, open, [any]
Angelina Jolie/Gwyneth Paltrow, [any]
Angelina Jolie/Jonny Lee Miller, wild, thrill, soon
Angelina Jolie/Kate Walsh, seduction
Angelina Jolie/Megan Fox, vampires
Angelina Jolie/Olivia Wilde, blood
Ann M Martin/Paula Danziger, role models
Anne Hathaway/Emily Blunt, hunger
Anne Hathaway/Jack Gyllenhaal, blooper, accident, cute, props
Apolo Ohno/Johnny Weir, cold, ice, experiment, blades, books, workout, dance
Ari Graynor/Kat Dennings, fling, kiss, snow
Arthur Darvill/Karen Gillan, upset, mixed up, strange, real
Arthur Darvill/Matt Smith, Tardis, tea, piano, hipster, costumes
Ashley Tisdale/Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron, make up sex, tears, comfort.
Austin Scarlet/Santino Rice, spanking, fabric, car, awkward, power play, delicate, sex toys, follow directions
Ava Gardner/Grace Kelly, stars, facade, ice queen, Mogambo

Barack Obama/Sarah Palin, hurricanes, partisanship, tweet
Bear McCreary/Christopher Tyng, [any], compose, contrast, sing, concert, invisible, enjoy
Ben Affleck/Matt Damon, friendship, success, drinking, familiarity
Ben Barnes/Jessica Biel, songs
Ben Browder/Claudia Black, backstage, knees, messy, con, mischief, champagne, feather boa, whiskey, claudia's boxers, regret, mirror, ring, table, laughing, second, wife
Ben Browder/Claudia Black/Amanda Tapping, traditions
Ben Browder/Claudia Black/Gigi Edgley, young, dumb, full of...
Ben Browder/Freema Agyeman, [any], alcohol, attraction, surprises, satin, attraction, chemistry, late night
Ben Daniels/Ben Miller, single again
Benedict Cumberbatch/Bradley James, smoke, behind the scenes, Colin Morgan, team, tea, towel
Benedict Cumberbatch/David Tennant, locker, Doctor Who props, lark, sloshed, winter
Benedict Cumberbatch/Rupert Graves, prank war, scarf, tea, blankets, nicotine
Benjamin Millepied/Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis, sharing, glow
Bette Davis/Joan Crawford, fight
Bev Bevan/any, diaries
Bev Bevan/Jasper Carrott, wedding night, stars, tuxedo, courage, corsage
Bev Bevan/Tony Iommi, hotel rooms
Big Brother US, any pairing, voyeurism, exhibitionism, bribery, showmance
Billie Piper/David Tennant/Elisabeth Sladen, frozen
Billie Piper/Elisabeth Sladen, youth
Billie Piper/Matt Smith, [any]
Billie Piper/Sophia Myles, corset, dress, unpinning, warmth, firelight
Billie Piper/Sophia Myles/David Tennant, fantasy
Billy Bell/Robert Roldan, charm, hope, with, comfort, laugh, push, rub
Billy Boyd/Dominic Monaghan, senses, ocean, trailer, road, guitar, sporran, crinkles, fingertips, breakfast
Billy West/John DiMaggio, together, argue, giggle, frown, insanity
Billy West/Nick Tate, [any], voice
BJ Novak/Mindy Kaling, confined, taxi, laugh, makeup, shoes, dance, Cambridge, snow, winter, cycle, script, benefits, ridiculous
Blake Lively/Scarlett Johansson, reputation, meeting, first, tease, complicated
Bobby Ryan/Ryan Getzlaf, silver, twitter, comfort, beach, blood, broken
Brad Bell/Cale Mills, tent
Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston, push
Bradley Cooper/Jessica Biel/Liam Neeson, seduction, tag-team, lips, swallow, breasts, corset, stockings, heels, persuasion, slick, wet, need, pegging, tongue, fingers, wanton, sweet, hair, lingerie, heels,
Bradley Cooper/John Cho, kitchen
Bradley Cooper/Liam Neeson, A-Team, characterization, bar, couch, breakfast, away, emerging, awakening, starting again, unexpected, after mourning, approval, slick, soft, different, good, wanting, redefining, new, hard, eyes, lips, tight, muscular, big, persuasion, encouragement, falling
Bradley Cooper/Sharlto Copley, fookin’, enculturation, football/soccer, World Cup, friendship, laugh, jaded, bright, crooked
Bradley James/Katie McGrath, [any], hunger, desire, impulse, flirt, compromise, tongue, scene, denial, quest, tease, games, flat, read, act, freezing
Brandon Routh/Matt Bomer, party, hot tub, suit, wet, hands, champagne, drunk, skin, hot, lick, bite
Brent Seabrook/Duncan Keith, home, comfort, lean, ever, pet, pull, scrape, tense, avoid, talk, wash, play
Brent Seabrook/Duncan Keith/Jonathan Toews, need, help, learn
Brent Seabrook/Duncan Keith/Kelly Rae Kenyon, want, ache, please
Brent Seabrook/Jonathan Toews, logical, support, push, win, here
Brian Joubert/Daisuke Takahashi, flight, language, with
Brian Joubert/Ilia Kulik, look
Brian Joubert/Jeff Buttle, better
Brian Joubert/Johnny Weir, sharp, want, call
Brian Joubert/Johnny Weir/Stephane Lambiel, friends, veer
Brian Joubert/Patrick Chan, tolerate, slight, hand, maybe, tight, tense, polite
Brian Joubert/Stephane Lambiel, hold, drive, place, dance, wish, yes
Brian Joubert/Tomas Verner, casual, gift, race
Bridget Regan/Tabrett Bethell, accidental, curious, stare, obvious, pregnant
Britney Spears/Eminem, recovery, what, words, broken, fear, safe
Bruce Boxleitner/Garrett Hedlund, mentor, Daddy, sweet, guilt, want, need, kinky, permission
Bruce Boxleitner/Jeff Bridges/Melissa Gilbert, fun, wine, stockings, corset, heels, ongoing, resolving tension, enduring
Bruce Boxleitner/Melissa Gilbert/Garrett Hedlund, Mistress, her kinks, wanting, need, sweet, reputation, stockings, corset, heels
Bruce Greenwood/any female celebrity, while, eyes, sweet, soft, slick, rimming
Bruce Greenwood/any male celebrity, drink, eyes, smile, old enough, rimming
Bryce Davison/Jessica Dube/Scott Moir, fix, hold, light
Bryce Davison/Jessica Dube/Scott Moir/Tessa Virtue, experiment
Bryce Davison/Patrick Chan, deal, early, can
Bryce Davison/Scott Moir, fix, replacement, need, under, silence, talk, wish
Bryce Davison/Scott Moir/Tessa Virtue, help, stop, dream, touch
Buster Posey/Madison Bumgarner, rookies, Fresno, city, parade
Busy Philipps/Michelle Williams, BFFs, drunk, awards, Wilmington

Cameron Diaz/Drew Barrymore/Lucy Liu, fun, bonding
Carey Mulligan/Emma Watson/Karen Gillan, hat, season, museum, photos
Caroline Dhavernas/Katie Finneran, protective
Caroline Dhavernas/Rachelle Lefevre, breeze
Caroline Dhavernas/Zach Gilford, hickeys
Caroline Wozniacki/Victoria Azarenka, flirty, comfort, chocolate
Celebrity Apprentice, any pairing, [any]
Cesar Gallindo/Jeffrey Williams, virginity, wicked, teaching
Chace Crawford/Michelle Trachtenberg, games
Chad Michael Murray/Hilarie Burton/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, sandwich, the CW, rebound, preggers, pegging
Chad Michael Murray/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, [any]
Chad Michael Murray/Jensen Ackles, freckles, scar, loser, marriage, down low, adultery, bottom
Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell/Lauren Laverne/Jimmy Carr, news, ad break, laughter, puzzle
Charlie McDonnell/Alex Day, vampires, music, touch, fangirls, fiveawesomeguys, Doctor Who, brilliant, daleks
Charlie Pickering/Todd Sampson, human lamington
Chas Licciardello/Dominic Knight, best friends
Chelsea Handler/Daniel Tosh, banter, drunk, insults, pessimistic, laugh, slap, bitch
Chelsea Staub/Nicole Anderson, costume, Cabo, backstage
Cheryl Burke/Maksim Chmerkovskiy, fragile
Chris Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, alcohol, thunder, touch, breath, smooth, wet, tongue, quiver, hot, erupt, tempt, shudder, rock, red carpet, tie, bruise, lies, beardburn, contract, pregnancy, stranded, sunburn, hotel, island, missing, gossip, future, season one, beginnings, hands, limousine, whimper, bondage, spank, thrust, wine and dine, slip, garter belt, satin, Emmys, champagne, lipgloss, time, different, owned, black, white, third party, speechless, sex tape, politics, Prendergast, jealous, endless
Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, alphabet, mind games, relaxation, phones, crossword, quit, seduction, miss you, not gay, aural, attention, fame, desperation, struggle, giggle, cold, filming, visit, accident, always, gifts, New Year's Eve, mouth
Christoph Waltz/Melanie Laurent, Cannes, filming, Quentin, French, shivers
Christopher Eccleston/Cillian Murphy, quiet, smile, blue eyes, shy, sweet, not changed, famous
Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant, boys' club, regret, Doctor, TARDIS, ten years, Jude, rimming, grin,
Christopher Eccleston/John Barrowman, kiss, farewell, hello again, smile, rimming, tall, blue eyes, intense, rolling, sailing, running
Christopher Eccleston/John Simm, Doctor, Master, cage dancer, reunion, rimming
Christopher Eccleston/Rachel Nichols/Sienna Miller, fantasy, tongues, eyes, curves, breasts, hands, fisting, voyeur, dreaming, heat, whispers, strap-on, orders, dominatrix.
Christopher Eccleston/Rachel Nichols/Zachary Quinto, acquaintances, reunion, memorable, sharing, dominatrix, submitting.
Christopher Reeve/Margot Kidder, accidental, hypocritical, method acting, too far, unexpected
Cillian Murphy/Ken Watanabe, snow, fall, whisper, translation, heat
Claire Hooper/Paul McDermott/Mikey Robins, mates
Claude Giroux/Danny Briere, home, night, sleep, morning, fast, hold, light
Clive Owen/Abbie Cornish, better, blonde, hard, need, slick, pegging
Clive Owen/Abbie Cornish/Cate Blanchett, threesome, whose idea, alcohol, dance, tease, flirt, tongue
Clive Owen/Cate Blanchett, swallow, unexpected, hands, pegging, slick
Colin Firth/Jessica Biel, tango
Colt McCoy/Jordan Shipley, rookies, Texas, jock straps, super bowl
Cote de Pablo/Pauly Perrette, between scenes, need-to-know, shhh

Dakota Fanning/Selena Gomez, microphone, rain, fall, mirror, awards show
Damian Lewis/Daniel Craig, schoolboys
Daniel Craig/Eva Green, sea, alcohol, depth
Daniel Tosh/Joel Mchale, [any], sarcasm
Darren Criss/Joe Walker, makeup, character bleed, put some clothes on, poker face, try.
Darren Criss/Joey Richter, wish, alcohol, you look like an idiot, heavy, bromance, rough, long distance, flirt, me and my dick, weird.
David Archuleta/David Cook, allegro, shy, stage, sunshine, AU, microphone, tour bus, guitar, piano, pudge, touchy-feely, curse, wings, vampire, age, fist, hypocrite, bromance
David Bowie/Ace Kefford/Trevor Burton, inspiration
David Bowie/Iggy Pop, androgyne, high, identity, tour, dress, skin
David Bowie/Mick Rock, fans, picture, hooked
David Henrie/Selena Gomez, bathroom, hot, public, private, genie, date, interview, Emmy
David Mitchell/Jimmy Carr, tease, suits, rehearse
David Mitchell/Keeley Hawes, married, surprise, oblivious, date, open, flirting, dressing-gown, costume department
David Mitchell/Keeley Hawes/any, surprise, married, dressing-gown, voyeurism
David Mitchell/Robbie Hudson, domestic
David Tennant/Catherine Tate, rehearsing, one kiss, AU, cravings, wedding dress, photo-shot
Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez, reunion, spies, paparazzi, courage, smoke, fingers, sweaty, party, hotel room, backseat, bathroom, dancing,toys, inexperienced, after a show, couch, caught, reunited, hospital/rehab, first time
Dianna Agron/Lea Michele, touching, lost, smirk, ladies', iPhones, gowns, sheets, sunshine, seasons, pinkies
Dianna Agron/Naya Rivera, globes, blush, games, stand-in
Donald Glover/Gillian Jacobs, set, trailer, event
Dougie Poynter/Harry Judd, stockings, spank, triumphant, Monopoly, cold, warm
Drea De Matteo/Eva Longoria Parker, goodbye, kiss, hug, strap-on, dress, lingerie, girly, sweet, tongue
Drew Barrymore/Ellen Page, kiss, almost, brush
Drew Barrymore/Lucy Liu, play, right, want, here
Duncan Keith/Brent Seabrook, first time, drunk, adventure, partners, ties, uniform, juniors, competition, Vegas, summer, training camp, rookies, puppies, protect, skype
Duncan Keith/Jonathan Toews, play, need, assist, support, touch, glance

Ed Westwick/Neal Bledsoe, rehearsing, more, date, dinner, both, depending, rimming, now, urgency, need
Edgar Wright/Kieran Culkin, method acting
Edison Chen/Jay Chou, try, face, slip
Elizabeth Mitchell/Anna Torv, shoe shopping, seduction, pillows, down duvets
Elizabeth Mitchell/Charles Mesure, finished, ill-advised, accidental, trailer, wrap party, cliché, vodka, easier, tattoo, bruises, location, cold, accents, lovely, mountains, press tour, blanket, laughter, acting, tactile, coat, iPod
Elizabeth Mitchell/Josh Holloway, guitar, the end, reunion, didn’t mean to, location, birthday, shouldn’t, sweat, absence, unexpected
Elizabeth Mitchell/Morena Baccarin, tour, London, cakes, home, drunk, confessions
Elizabeth Mitchell/Rebecca Mader, shade, chocolate
Ellen Page/Joseph Gordon-Levitt, vision, meant, sleep, champagne, awards, limousine, cigarette, hipster, vinyl, diner, unexpected, desk, smile
Ellen Page/Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Tom Hardy, fun
Ellen Page/Olivia Thirlby, laugh, audition, ice cream, costumes
Ellen Wong/Mary Elizabeth Winstead, sparkle, small, laughter
Emily Deschanel/Michaela Conlin, rain
Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel, sleep, delicate, first, bondage, roller coaster
Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel/David Boreanaz, games, costume
Emma Stone/Emma Watson, academics, fun, awards show, presenting
Emma Stone/Jesse Eisenberg, control
Emma Stone/Jesse Eisenberg/Andrew Garfield, hooked, thigh-highs, texting, plans, scheming
Emma Stone/Rooney Mara, duck out
Emma Watson/Clémence Poésy, London
Emma Watson/Karen Gillan, hair, bath, photoshoot, chocolate, library
Eric Bana/Karl Urban, Down Under, muscle car, moles, laugh, phone, Qantas, accent, voice,
Eric Bana/Zachary Quinto, dominance, airport, drunk
Erica Tazel/Jacob Pitts/Timothy Olyphant, bonding
Erik Johnson/Jonathan Toews, relax, wait, intense, yes
Eva Green/Marion Cotillard, coffee shop, sneaking, glance
Eva Green/Melanie Laurent, laugh, top, fickle
Evgeni Malkin/Sidney Crosby, bond, hold, support, wish, note
Fernando Llorente/Gerard Piqué/Cesc Fábregas, teammates, world cup.
Fernando Llorente/Javi Martínez, wrestle, playful, eyes, shirt, sweat
Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers, locked, door, wall

Gabrielle Christian/Mandy Musgrave, practice, reunion, cherry, deny
Garrett Hedlund/Leighton Meester, bed, truck, trailer, Golden Globes, high heels, party, alone, secret
Gary Oldman/Tim Roth, let's do it
George Clooney/Anna Kendricks, Hollywood
George Clooney/Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie, tabloids, Mapplethorpe
George Harrison/any, distinction
Gerard Butler/Emmy Rossum, cradle robber, tease, heroic, patience, point of no return, lap
Giles Coren/Sue Perkins, cook, mix-up, drunk, fondue, 80s, impossible, chicken
Gillan Jacobs/Donald Glover, Twitter, on-set, trailer, games, funny
Grace Park/Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer, long time, red bikini, hot tub, seashore, road trip
Grant Imahara/Tory Belleci, experiment, play
Grant Imahara/Tory Belleci/Kari Byron, together
Gwyneth Paltrow/Jude Law, connecting, hookup, maturing, legs, heels, curves, duet
Gwyneth Paltrow/Jude Law/Robert Downey Jr, friends, tease, pegging, double penetration, heels, lingerie, singing
Gwyneth Paltrow/Robert Downey Jr, [any]
Gwyneth Paltrow/Scarlett Johansson, [any]

Hamish Blake/Andy Lee, breakups, commiserations, sort
Hamish Blake/Megan Gale/Andy Lee, stick
Harvey Keitel/Tim Roth, in character
Heather Morris/Naya Rivera, praise, closet, choir, laughter, lingerie, awards, temperature, resort
Helen Mirren/Micheal Sheen, courtly, glasses, blonde, pegging
Hillary Clinton/Joe Biden, unwanted
Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin, red
Hugh Laurie/Lisa Edelstein, reality, caught, public, life imitates art, practice, cover stories, jealousy
Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Leonard, Shakespeare

Ian McKellen/Brendan Fraser, essential
Idina Menzel/Tracie Thoms, reunion
Ivy Higa/Gretchen Jones, fake
Iwan Rheon/Robert Sheehan, goof, tease, sleep

Jaime Murray/Joanne Kelly, spanking, cross dressing, roleplaying as HG/Myka, party, public, lapdance, cigarette, jealousy, secrets, blindfold
Jake Gyllenhaal/Anne Hathaway, public, vacation, hotel room
James Dean/Paul Newman, answering, yes, drink, blue, hand tied, screen test, rimming, secret, silence, lost, steal, cigarette, hands, kiss, friends, experimentation, screen-test, young, tentative, blonde, Hollywood, legends, screen test, flirt, drunk, smile, eyes, want
James Dean/Rock Hudson, closet, lavender, without, taken, crying, too soon, rimming
James Dean/Sal Mineo, gentle, like this, full lips, swallow, please, too good, too soon
James Marsters/any celebrity female, [any], pegging
James Marsters/any celebrity male, [any], rimming
James Marsters/Julie Benz, catching up, reunion, so long, memories
James May/Jeremy Clarkson, desert, wilderness, torque, balloon, disaster
James May/Jeremy Clarkson/Richard Hammond, middle, post-concussion syndrome
James McAvoy/Bill Nighy, Daddy, you didn't!, not old, sexy, kisses, comfort, rimming
James McAvoy/David Morrissey, playful, young, Daddy, fisting, ties, suit, rimming
James McAvoy/John Simm, learning, hands, mentor, sweet kid, completely unexpected, fuck me now!, rimming, fisting
James McAvoy/Keira Knightley, green, happier, pegging
Jamie Bamber/Katee Sackhoff, nothing, everything, forget, reminiscing, one last time, alcohol, leather, touch
Jamie Hyneman/Adam Savage, search, dislike, create, run
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, cheated, sincere, more, bruised, clothing!kink, ties, well-tailored three-piece suits, cuff links, exhibitionism, voyeurism, phone sex operator, sizekink, manhandle, kiss, tv, Impala, on-set, green, toothpaste, irresistible, gummy tummy, prank, smile, glasses, reading, scripted, wall!sex, ice cream, glasses, lips, objectify
Jared Padalecki/Richard Speight Jr, sizekink, manhandle, sugar, laughter, possessive, holidays, children, hot chocolate, mouth
Jason Thompson/Kimberly McCullough, water, outdoors, secluded, full moon
Jayma Mays/Jessalyn Gilsig, tracksuits
Jay-Z/Beyonce Knowles, hide and seek, rumor, clench, gasp
Jeff Bridges/Bruce Boxleitner, photography, spandex, dance belts, unexpected, drinking, after hours, silver fox, premiere, memories
Jeff Lynne/George Harrison, strumming
Jeff Lynne/Hugh McDowell, punishment, chains, D/s
Jeff Lynne/Rick Price, violin bow
Jeff Lynne/Tom Petty/Dhani Harrison, collars, held down, restraints
Jeff Probst, commentary
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Hilarie Burton, secret, New York, glasses, baby, gray, Losers
Jeffrey Sebelia/Daniel Vosovic, jealousy, cheer, dangerous, broken, sharp, beauty, sew, leather, hair, claw
Jenna Fischer/Angela Kinsey, babysitting
Jenna Fischer/Rashida Jones, yellow, candy
Jennifer Garner/Ellen Page, sunrise, vodka
Jennifer Garner/Laura Linney, click
Jennifer Garner/Melissa George, accents
Jennifer Garner/Rachel Nichols, horses
Jennifer Grey/Derek Hough, freestyle, fight, dance, tango, stilettos, mercy
Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris/Jared Padalecki, pegging
Jensen Ackles/Genevieve Cortese/Danneel Harris/Jared Padalecki, sharing
Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, [any]
Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, corner, handcuffs, blindfold, snuggles, sharing, hands, wall, lips, hallway, caramel, morning, surprise, phone-sex, role-play, three-piece suit, summer, bracelets, lips, microphone, wet, legs, voice!kink, not cheating, fantasy
Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins/Jared Padalecki, hair, swimming pool, bed, body, positions, turns
Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins/Mark Pellegrino, inquisitive,
Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins/Matt Cohen, boxers, tight, new, down, push
Jeremy Abbott/Ryan Bradley, focus, yearn, step
Jeremy Clarkson/Cameron Diaz, powersliding, drifting, asphalt, back seat
Jeremy Clarkson/Richard Hammond/James May, heal, accident, clumsy
Joannie Rochette/Jonathan Toews, kiss, try, give
Joannie Rochette/Meryl Davis, laugh, find, skin, above
Jodie Foster/Kristen Stewart, grown up, scowl
Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, hotel, beach, promise, geek, gadget, iPhone, housewarming, hands
Joe Flanigan/Thomas Kretschmann, climb, swim, ski, surf, outdoors, hair, watch, share, hot
Joel McHale/Gillian Jacobs, what the hell, comedy, confidence, suit
John Anderson/Jill Wagner/John Henson, balls, sweeper, wipeout
John Barrowman/Burn Gorman, just a game, singing,
John Barrowman/Drea De Matteo, rehearsal, beautiful, scar, unespected, flash, warm, accent, pegging
John Barrowman/Eve Myles, fantasy, naked, once
John Barrowman/Gareth David-Lloyd, rehearsing, not gay, unexpected, rimming, beer, switch, sexting
John Barrowman/John Simm, names, camp, fuck, now!, blue eyes, short
John Barrowman/Matt Smith, guide, tour, TARDIS, hands, eyes, kissing, tradition, rimming
John Barrowman/Matthew Bomer, [any]
John Cho/Chris Pine, geeks, on-set, writing, flirt, karaoke
John Cho/Kal Penn, roadtrip, week, ramble, sleep, alarm, talk, laugh, partner
John Cho/Karl Urban, suits, mark, hotel, morning, drinks
John DiMaggio/Phil LaMarr, recognize, compete, difference, increase
John Lennon/any, dye
John Lennon/Paul McCartney, foxhole, create, desire
John Lennon/Stuart Sutcliffe, vision
John Lennon/Yoko Ono, resemblances
John Mayer/Taylor Swift, slow
Johnny Weir/Ryan Bradley, phone, visit, gift
Jonathan Toews/Kris Letang, play, quiet, action
Jonathan Toews/Kris Letang/Sidney Crosby, must
Jonathan Toews/Meryl Davis, date, call, awkward, try, smile, flirt, skin, breathe
Jonathan Toews/Meryl Davis/Sidney Crosby, watch, talk, instruction, gasp, touch, night, triumph, relief, stay
Jonathan Toews/Meryl Davis/Tessa Virtue, plan, decide, convince, fun
Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane, devirginize, sex pollen, crying, injured reserve, cock block, competition, roommates, room service, ambition, hotel, bored, spanking, tease, oblivious,
Jonathan Toews/Sidney Crosby, need, quiet, help, push, relief, intense, hold
Jonathan Toews/Sidney Crosby/any, sharing, coaching, competition, Olympics, warm-up, winter, claim, instruction
Jonathan Toews/Sidney Crosby/Zach Parise, together
Jonathan Toews/Zach Parise, follow, like, sleep, relax, winter
Jordan Staal/Kris Letang, steady, power, support
Jordan Staal/Sidney Crosby, take, glare, even
Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Claudia Schiffer, tie, spank, blindfold, photo, GQ, premiere, model, obedience, strip, classic, ravish, bubbles, take, watch
Jude Law/Robert Downey Jr, [any]
Julius Caesar/Augustus (Octavian), power, top

Kahlen Rondot/Christina Murphy, nightmares
Kanye West/Lupe Fiasco, lights out, studio
Kanye West/Taylor Swift, forgiveness, discovery, touch, limo, sex, slick, wet, virginity, first, always, greatest
Karen Gillan/Billie Piper, laugh, set, ready
Karen Gillan/Emma Watson, fan, excite, hide, morning, ribbon
Karen Gillan/Katie McGrath, glasses, chair, camera, low-cut, wardrobe, filming, location, castle, crossover, accident, hot water bottle, glasses
Kari Byron/Grant Imahara/Tory Belleci, laugh, robots, sleepover
Kari Byron/Tory Belleci, take, understand, comfort
Karl Urban/Anton Yelchin, [any], Star Trek, beating around the bush, daddy!kink, accents
Karl Urban/Chris Pine, literature, accent, infidelity, marriage, cheating, acting, geeky, sunrise, travel, foreign
Karl Urban/Zachary Quinto, kisses, longing, floor
Kate Gosselin/Nadya Suleman, tired
Kate Winslet/Cate Blanchett, nerves
Kate Winslet/Leonardo DiCaprio, ring, kitchen counter, steam, longing
Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer, helmets, alcohol, webcam, t-shirt, ice cubes
Katherine Heigl/Eliza Dushku, memory
Katie McGrath/Angel Coulby, audition, chemistry, temptation, costume, voice
Katie McGrath/Emilia Fox, pregnancy
Keith Olbermann/Chris Hayes, annoyance, basketball, dust, glasses, marinara, regret, verbosity, youth
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, addiction, baseball, birds, chair, consent, cooking, genderfuck, ghost, glasses, lean-ins, network, peaches, pegging, promises, queer, resignation, sleepless, snuggling, steampunk, sub, sweater, switch(es), teaching, tiger, Thurber, train, tease
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox, apology, kneel, morning, sundae
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow/Chris Hayes, darkness, glory, minion, soft, strength, teleprompter, tie, foreplay
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow/Chris Hayes/Ana Marie Cox, collar, play, show
Kenley Collins/Leanne Marshall, rivalry,alien
Kieran Culkin/Aubrey Plaza, drunk
Kieran Culkin/Mark Webber, [any]
Kirsty Allsop/Phil Spencer, assumption
Kris Allen/Brad Bell, jealous, sloppy, cock-ring
Kris Allen/Ryan Seacrest, [any]
Kris Allen/Tommy Ratliff, [any]
Kris Letang/Sidney Crosby, drive, silence, draw
Kristen Bell/Jason Dohring, suffering, submit, hold, mine, finally
Kristen Bell/Matt Bomer, exception, blonde, tiny, pretty, curves, smile, eyes, friends, hug, breasts, pegging
Kristen Bell/Rashida Jones, Missouri, coffee break
Kristen Bell/Zachary Quinto, familiar, lipstick, jealousy, future, love, mine
Kristen Bell/Zachary Quinto/Milo Ventimiglia, locked up
Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning, [any], fumbling, imagination, firsts
Kristen Stewart/Taylor Lautner, secret, playful, unexpected, rebellion, tipping point, birthday, affairs, idealism, stiletto heels, wanton, impurity
Kyle Beach/Brandon Pirri, smash, gym, tan, laundry

Lady Gaga/Jared Leto, music, tour, travel, hotel, bus, back stage, award
Lady Gaga/Taylor Swift, edge, revolving, sawtooth, seaweed, tied, image, reality, virginity, wanting, need, slick, wet, lipstick, corset, heels, strap-on, vibrator, ties, music
Lady Murasaki/Sei Shonagon, rivalry, exquisite, ink, ephemeral, ashes
Lance Briggs/Brian Urlacher, comics, superheroes, sacked
Laura Vandervoort/Morena Baccarin, femslash, online, act-out
Laura Vandervoort/Tom Welling, ex-boyfriend, chemistry, comfort, set
Lauren Bacall/any female celebrity, widow, no-men, strap-on, gone, understanding, play, hiding, press, dresses, lingerie, heels, suit, husky, beauty, glasses, glamour, hair, unpinned, companionship, vibrator, slick, wet, aching, first-time
Lauren Bacall/OFC, after-Bogart, need, companionship, low-pressure, assiatant, organised, surprising, buttoned-up, wild, right, needy, lips, wet, slick, aching, first-time
Lauren Graham/Jared Padalecki, [any]
Lisa Edelstein/Jennifer Morrison, star

Maggie Q/Shane West, roleplay, swim, overtime, trailer, appearances, bite
Marat Safin/Svetlana Kuznetsova/Fernando Verdasco, nightclubs, jealousy, scratching, competitivity
Marjorie/Analeigh, diamonds
Mark Gatiss/Rupert Graves, costume
Mark Ronson/Lily Allen, laugh, drink, trumpets, drunk, London, nightlife
Marlee Matlin/Jennifer Beals, fingers, sign, sexual, friendship, love, touch, beauty
Marti Noxon/Jane Espenson, erased
Marti Noxon/Sarah Michelle Gellar, fetish
Martin Brodeur/Roberto Luongo, bond, support, lean, hope
Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Alison Pill, cute, smile, skirt
Matt Bomer/Lee Pace, drama class
Matt Bomer/Tiffani Thiessen, exception, working-late, smile, chemistry, slick, wet, mouth, pegging
Matt Bomer/Tiffani Thiessen/Tim DeKay, chemistry, on-screen, once, open, try-it-out, sweet, interruption, voyeur
Matt Bomer/Tim DeKay, arrangement, tease, dance, pretend, late-night, open, seduction, longing, blue, strong, held down, sweet, tongue, overtime
Matt Bomer/Zachary Levi, rehearsing, tease, play, surprise, on-set, alone, kiss, perfection, infatuation, playful, Sinatra, tumble
Matt Bomer/Zachary Levi/Zachary Quinto, visit, suits, project, guest star
Matt Bomer/Zachary Quinto, college, first, reunion, years, blue, fisting, rimming, commitment, together-so-long, first-and-only, revisiting, open, piercing, bliss, protective
Matt Dallas/Zachary Quinto, pre-fame, small-room, discoveries, sleeping, sweet,
Matt Smith/Arthur Darvill, cater, pages, gig, scarf, coffee, laughter
Matt Smith/Karen Gillan, afterparty, roadtrip, waking, hotel, elevator, dorky, guitar, caress, boundaries, tea, press, skin, rain, new, dancing, laundry, same, illicit, silly, gangly, teasing, hotel, laugh, camera, pranks, Coachella, aftermath, secrecy, New York, gingers, puppies, outtakes, ridiculous, mistake, alternate universe
Matthew Gray Gubler/Shemar Moore, car, tree, fingers
Matthew Morrison/Lea Michele, Golden Globes, after-party, Dammit Janet
Maureen McCormick/Eve Plumb, revealed
Megan Fox/Michelle Rodriguez, around the bend, rose-colored glasses, burn, ride, good times
Meryl Davis/Ryan Bradley, laugh, play, bounce, twine, open
Meryl Davis/Scott Moir, touch, cuddle, hand
Meryl Davis/Scott Moir/Tessa Virtue, comfort, pleased, tickle, sensitive
Meryl Davis/Sidney Crosby, grace, expression, light, come, flight
Meryl Davis/Sidney Crosby/Tessa Virtue, flirt, accident, gift, dare
Meryl Davis/Tessa Virtue, giggle, watch, melt, place, always, hope, basic
Meryl Streep/Amanda Seyfried, sunkissed
Meryl Streep/Amy Adams, satin
Meryl Streep/Anne Hathaway, Oscars, method, apology, in character, premiere, white, red, Prada
Meryl Streep/Anne Hathaway/Emily Blunt, dawn
Meryl Streep/Helen Mirren, dames
Michael Cera/Jason Schwartzmann, new, glasses, hula, hotel
Michael Esper/Rebecca Naomi Jones, glance, music
Michael Esper/Rebecca Naomi Jones/Stark Sands, experiment, couch, living
Michael Esper/Stark Sands, practice, show, night
Michael Sheen/any female celebrity, [any], pegging, cunnilingus, rimming
Michael Sheen/any male celebrity, [any], rimming, toys, tied
Michael Weatherly/Cote de Pablo, alcohol, leather, christmas
Michaela Conlin/Tamara Taylor, commentary
Michelle Williams/Ryan Gosling, pretend, secret, lazy
Mike Rowe/Dave Barsky, order, handcuffs, boss, reverse, mud, feed, chocolate, smear
Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman, BFFs, shared, rehearsals, [any]
Misha Collins/Danneel Harris, minion
Misha Collins/Richard Speight Jr., on set, tied up, revenge, rough
Misha Collins/Sebastian Roche, teasing, orgasm delay, semi-public!sex
Morena Baccarin/Jewel Staite, twitter, jealousy
MtF!Craig Reucassel/Wil Anderson/MtF!Dylan Lewis, satin sheets, handcuffs, blindfolds, flogging

Nat Strand/Kat Chang, hidden
Natalie Portman/Scarlett Johansson, divorce, drinks, bacstage.
Nathan Fillion/David Boreanaz, party
Nathan Fillion/Sean Maher, blushing
Nathan Fillion/Stana Katic, Heat Wave, inside jokes, shower
Naya Rivera/Shay Mitchell, doppelganger
Neil Patrick Harris/David Burtka/Jason Segal, invited, tuxedo, please
Neil Patrick Harris/David Hyde Pierce, chance, encounter
Neil Patrick Harris/John Barrowman, gay-off
Nicki Minaj/Rhianna, ties, vocals, twisting, power, Barbie, laughter, hands, mouth, song, pink, music, fierce, video, secret
Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts, reminisce, longing
Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi/Vinny Guadagnino, love, affection, kiss, cuddle, big, seabiscuit, sober
Niklas Hjalmarsson/Viktor Stalberg, home, while, lean, stick

Olivia Wilde/Jennifer Morrison, permission
Olivia Wilde/Jennifer Morrison/Lisa Edelstein, rules
Olivia Wilde/Jennifer Morrison/Megan Fox, friends
Olivia Wilde/Megan Fox, outrageous
Olivia Wilde/Melissa George, bikinis
Ozzy Osbourne/Roy Wood/Russell Brand, [any]

Patrick Chan/Scott Moir, support, curl
Patrick Chan/Stephane Lambiel, hope, yearn, secret, visit, whim
Patrick Dempsey/James Marsden, piano, music, velvet, tights, rimming, comfort
Patrick Dempsey/Kevin McKidd, blue, fatigues, new, soft, accent, kilt, laugh, breakdown
Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews, shots, table, better, dance, secret, Xbox
Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, heartbroken, weak, listen
Paul Bissonnette/Keith Yandle, unwritten rules, hotel, black eye, hat trick, travel, interview
Paul McCartney/any, front
Paul McCartney/George Harrison/Jeff Lynne, fitting in, jealousy, ownership, threesome
Paul McCartney/John Lennon, Paris, quiet, music
Paul McDermott/Mikey Robins, meeting
Paul Wesley/Nina Dobrev, on-set, seduction, foreplay
Percy Bysshe Shelley/John Keats, letters
Phil Glenister/Keeley Hawes, balance, effort.

Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox, blush, cardigan, derby, elevator, flirt, hotel, karaoke, laugh, recording, teabagging, thighs, whispering
Rachel Maddow/Jon Stewart, depression, laugh, loss, tease
Rachel Maddow/Kari Byron, cocktail, explosions, geek
Rachel Maddow/Meghan McCain, bipartisan, date, duel dirty, NRA, promise, teach
Rachel Maddow/Melissa Harris-Perry (Lacewell), bar-hopping, education, infrastructure
Rachel Maddow/Richard Engel, adrenaline, barracks, cities, danger, desert, fear, hammock, hash, hot, insomnia, map(s), warzone
Rachel Maddow, Oxford, library, distraction
Rachel Maddow/OFC(s), compulsion, guilt, one-night stands, rough
Rachel Nichols/Melissa George, attic, common, blonde, blood
Rachel Nichols/Sienna Miller, dirty, London, valentine
Rafael Nadal/Shakira, flirty, flashes, flushed, hot
Regina King/Malcolm Jamal Warner, tongue piercing, balcony, on set, heels
Richard Dean Anderson/Michael Shanks, discovery
Richard Tandy/Melvyn Gale, duets, fingers, piano, silk
Rick Porcello/Max Scherzer, stone, carpet, step, flood, sun, snow, hide, cut, walk, strike, wish, slip, mud, smear, sharp, bite, black, itch, speak, language, arch, brush, curtain, moon
Rick Porcello/Ryan Perry, plaid, drink, Jersey, tree, drive, water, link, hunt, base, sand, glass, desert, rain, cactus, wolf, step, hot, muscle
Riki Lindhome/Kate Micucci, fuck you
Ringo Starr/any, depictions
Rob Lowe/Richard Schiff, autobiography, crush, footpad, cabbie, silver
Robert Downey Jr./Emma Stone, funny, bewildered, awkward, creepy, age, projects, lights, desk, indefinite
Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law, fellowship, affection, smile
Robert Downey Jr./Sam Rockwell, snark, unscripted, premiere, caught, oral, twitchy, competitive, disciplined
Robert Downey Jr./Susan Downey, fun, surprise, beauty, handcuffs
Robert Downey Jr./Susan Downey/Emma Stone, after party
Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart/Taylor Lautner, bonding, haven, needing, showing off, seduction, naughty, scandal
Roger Federer/Rafael Nadal, exposure
Ron Livingston/Damien Lewis, cigarettes
Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock, excitement, new, fun, laughter, friend, whisper
Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell, adrenaline, public

Sandra McCoy/Adrianne Palicki, dance, smile, fingers
Sean Avery/Henrik Lundvist, cheap shot, vogue, sunglasses, intern, penthouse, underdressed
Sean Avery/Martin Brodeur, pull, brick, shadow, come, walk, might, tone, nod, apple. catch, cinnamon, orange, country, drug, loose, shine, blade, lost, tall, suit, undulate, shame, victory, shake, wool, pool, slap, pin, teeth, whipped cream, tease
Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen, home
Selena Gomez/David Henrie, feather, acting, desk, playful
Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato, reconcile, chapstick, snow, forts
Shaun Micallef/Josh Thomas, capes, hair, lamingtons, chocolate, costumes, undressing
Shia LaBeouf/Zac Efron, [any]
Sidney Crosby/Zach Parise, up, real. open, call
Simon Amstell/John Barrowman, listen, acting, stereotype
Simon Amstell/Stephen Fry, host, treasure, music, laughter, wince
Simon Cowell/Paula Abdul, [any]
Skandar Keynes/Tilda Swinton, tension, flushed, red, snow
Stephen Colbert/Rachel Maddow/Jon Stewart, domestic, breakfast, breaking news
Steve Yzerman/Sidney Crosby, [any], winning, hero worship, respect
Summer Glau/Benedict Cumberbatch, unpronounceable, spies, mile-high
Survivor, any Pairing, immunity, Ponderosa, toothbrush

Tabrett Bethell/Anna Torv, hotel bar
Tabrett Bethell/Bridget Regan, accent, vibe, hard, beautiful, touched, nervous, dijon, apero, voyeurism, skype, inappropriate, marked, caught, nightclub, dancing, drunk, kiss, stripping, tattoos, teasing, scars, biting, tits, trailer, on set, secret, glasses, roleplaying
Tabrett Bethell/Bridget Regan/Jessica Marais, public sex, jealousy
Tabrett Bethell/Gigi Edgley, happenstance, daredevils, sky, dancing, spiritual
Taylor Hall/Jordan Eberle, leather recliners, shower, rookies, first time, virgins, coming home, celebration, bruise, roadtrip, couch, recovery, fumble
Taylor Kitsch/Steven Strait/Lynn Collins, flirt, long, warm, gift, carpet
Taylor Lautner/Taylor Swift, forgiveness
Taylor Swift/John Mayer, fingers, strings, lace, paper, spiral
Taylor Swift/Kanye West, obsession, displacement, track, creation, kingdom, visionary, unexpected
Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez, laugh, bus, perfect
Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez/Taylor Laughtner, awkward, missing, jealous
Thom Yorke/Jonny Greenwood, wintertide, cusp, ebb, railway, drifting, serenade, alba, aposiopesis, softly, filament, stillness, ribbon, tidal, zephyr, dawn, grassland, lighthouse
Tim Lincecum/Buster Posey, legal high
Tim Lincecum/Matt Cain, smoke, roadtrip, one up, better, tired, award
Timothy Olyphant/Maggie Q, method, latenight, casual, grin, dare
Tina Fey/Sarah Palin, doppelganger
Tom Fletcher/Danny Jones, notes, cadence, sofa
Tom Fletcher/Dougie Poynter/Harry Judd, rehearsal, time, grass
Tom Hardy/Thomas Kretschmann, competition, muscle
Tom Petty/Bob Dylan, cowboys, whips, leather
Tom Welling/Michael Rosenbaum, house, play, ass up, kiss, phone sex, props, after hours, shaved, open, please
Tom Welling/Michael Rosenbaum/Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, [any], golf, clubhouse, steam room, jacuzzi
Tommy Ratliff/Cassidy Haley, [any]
Tommy Ratliff/Katy Allen, [any]
Tommy Ratliff/Sutan Amrull, drag
Tori Amos/Vienna Teng, blue caraban, glass, soft sheets, musical cues, unbroken, imagination
Torri Higginson/Joe Flanigan, alcohol, secret, lightning, long weekend
Tory Belleci/Adam Savage, build, destroy, handcuffs
Tracie Thoms/Rosario Dawson, airport
Tuukka Rask/Ryan Miller, cardigan, fight, punch, shove

Vincent D'Onofrio/Kathryn Erbe, cuddling, craving, heat, sweet, sugar, dip, hard, tense, striptease, autoerotic, texture, movement, shatter, tear, slippery
Vincent D'Onofrio/Olivia d'Abo/Kathryn Erbe, Menage a trois, damp, cries, jealousy, flirt

Wil Anderson/John Safran, hands, scars, crucifixion
Wil Anderson/Kelly Clarkson, drunk, adorable, repeat, backstage, tour, win
Wil Anderson/Tim Minchin, [any]

Yvonne Strahovski/Zachary Levi, astounding, card, distance, phone, stretch, shinning, tall, quixotic, body shots, party, dancing, possessive, public, covert, tipsy, lust

Zachary Quinto/Jonathan Groff, Deathtrap, rehearse, strong, lift, sing, hiding, limo sex, airport, can't wait, first time, tender, sweet. soft, toys, ties, rimming, fisting, wanton, mine, yours, take, hard, needful, beg, collar, ring, committed, rain, coats, warm, smile, kiss, hands, mouth, lips, hair product, dancing, tie bondage
Zachary Quinto/Penn Badgley, relaxed, fun, working, low pressure, hand, hard, eyes, smile, gig, coach, Central Park, dancing, picture, suit kink, tie bondage

24/Chuck, Jack/Sarah, interrogation, pain, torture
30 Rock/Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Jack Donaghy/Olivia Benson, ridiculous
30 Rock/Ugly Betty, Amanda/Cerie, compare, fashion, free fall
30 Rock/Weeds, Jack/Nancy, judgmental people, the blame game

A Great and Terrible Beauty - Libba Bray/Peter Pan (2005), Felicity Worthington/Wendy Darling, adventure, travel
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin/Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien, Maedhros/Jaime, right hand, reluctant
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin/Temeraire - Naomi Novik, Tharkay/Daenerys, queen, worship, servant, tongue
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin/Temeraire - Naomi Novik, Tharkay/Littlefinger, yin and yang
A Very Potter Musical/Azumanga Daioh, Draco Malfoy/Osaka, superstition
A Very Potter Musical/Harry Potter, AVPM!Draco Malfoy/HP!Hermione Granger, any
A Very Potter Musical/Harry Potter, AVPM!Draco Malfory/Original!Luna, illusions
Aladdin (Disney)/Beauty and the Beast (Disney), Jasmine/Belle, [any]
Aladdin (Disney)/Mulan (Disney), Jasmine/Mulan, [any]
Alias/Battlestar Galactica, Irina Derevko/Laura Roslin, icon, martyrdom, belief, destiny.
Alias/Being Human, Irina Derevko/John Mitchell, immortal, 80s, disappear, presumed dead
Alias/Being Human, Julian Sark/Annie Sawyer, city, drinks, voices, alone, tea
Alias/Burn Notice, Julian Sark/Michael Western, stand-off
Alias/Burn Notice, Sydney Bristow/Fiona Glenanne, high heels, run, undercover, supplier
Alias/Burn Notice, Sydney Bristow/Michael Westen, beach, covert ops 101, bullet
Alias/Chuck, Anna Espinosa/Anna Wu, spies like us
Alias/Chuck, Julian Sark/Sarah Walker, double agent
Alias/Chuck, Sydney Bristow/Sarah Walker, mission, wigs
Alias/Lost, Sydney Bristow/Sayid, tortured, loss, badass
Alias/Salt, Sydney Bristow/Salt, Kiev, training, double agent
Alias/Undercovers, Anna Espinosa/Samantha Bloom, sexpionage
Alias/Undercovers, Sydney Bristow/Samantha Bloom, Greece, competence, conspiracy, speedboat, lipstick
Alice in Wonderland 2010/Beetlejuice, Lydia/Mirana, black, white, tone
Alice in Wonderland/The Wizard of Oz, Alice/Dorothy, magic, dreams, lost, found, costumes, secret, stranger, adulthood, special, lucky
Aliens/Terminator, Ripley/Sarah, time, explosion, grease, countdown, scars, alone
All My Children/General Hospital, Bianca/Elizabeth, cut, hospital,
All My Children/General Hospital, Bianca/Sam, breasts, hooker, PI
All My Children/One Life to Live, Bianca/Natalie, experiment
All My Children/The Young and the Restless, Bianca/Chloe, second chances
All My Children/The Young and the Restless, Bianca/Heather, familiar
Allstate Commercials/Fringe, Mayhem/Peter Bishop, tequila, alley, bar
Allstate Commercials/Human Target, Mayhem/Guerrero, explosions, scars
American Idiot - Green Day/Armstrong/Southland, Tunny Clarke/Ben Sherman, blind-date, speeding, hospital
Andromeda/Farscape, John Crichton/Andromeda, avatar, connection, fix, reality
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Connor/Dawn, apocalypse, fake, origins
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fred/Jenny, science, computers, discovery, woman, college, might-have-been, watching
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Leverage, Alec Hardison/Charles Gunn/Robin Wood, vampires, monsters, nest, team, Chevy, zombies, Warcraft, Tekken, Mario, retro, Lando
Angel the Series/Death Note, Kate/Hal, apocalypse
Angel the Series/Dexter, Darla/Rita, dark side, blood, fever, doppelganger
Angel the Series/Firefly, Fred/Kaylee, sweet, invention, Texas
Angel the Series/Heroes, Gwen Raiden/Elle Bishop, fireworks, touch, sleep, foil
Angel the Series/Leverage, Lindsey McDonald/Eliot Spencer, family, kindred, distance, song, touch-starved
Angel the Series/Moonlight/Veronica Mars, Angel(us)/Veronica/Mick, empty
Angel the Series/Stargate Atlantis, Wesley/Woolsey, dapper, frustration, drunk
Angel the Series/Supernatural, Cordelia Chase/Dean Winchester, zero-to-sixty, sunset, hallelujah
Angel the Series/Supernatural, Faith Lehane/Dean Winchester, rough, hunger, public, gun, control, burn
Angel the Series/The 10th Kingdom, Wolf/Doyle, stalwart, cowardly, wild
Angel the Series/The Vampire Diaries, Darla/Damon, Past, kiss, remembrance, hidden, search, time, prelude, lust, crimson, carriage, fast
Angel the Series/Torchwood, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce/Owen Harper, get, give, homesick
Anita Blake - Laurell K. Hamilton/Lost Girl, Anita/Bo, ardeur, fae, succubus, territory
Arcadia - Tom Stoppard/Doctor Who, Thomasina Coverly/River Song, tomorrow, living, skin, spoilers
Archer/Burn Notice, Lana Kane/Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen, trials, hide, push, shoot, snow, flamingo
Archer/Burn Notice, Sterling Archer/Michael Westen, mother, spy, women, handcuff, handy, loose cannon
Archer/Frisky Dingo, Lana Kane/Sinn (Hooper), dominate, fight, robot pants
Archer/NCIS, Lana Kane/Ziva David, krav maga
Archer/Venture Bros., Ray Gillette/Shore Leave, mincing, top, fight
Arsene Lupin series - Maurice Leblanc/Raffles series - E.W. Hornung/, Arsene Lupin/A. J. Raffles, gentleman's agreement
Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars, Sam/Alex, the twelfth of never
Ashes to Ashes/Sherlock (BBC), Alex Drake/DI Lestrade, comfort, construct, reality, cooperation
Avalon High (movie)/Merlin, Allie/Arthur, past lives, doppelganger, king, magic, epic, wait
Avalon High (movie)/Merlin, Allie/Morgana, knight, agency, alternate universe, drink, Avalon, festival, bedchamber
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Oglaf, Jun/Lesbian Mercenary, competition, teamwork
Avatar/Torchwood, Toph/Tosh, intrigue, earth

Babylon 5/Doctor Who, Susan Ivanova/Jack Harkness, speed, challenge, surprise, secrets, adventure, story
Babylon 5/NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Jeffrey Sinclair/Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Jack O'Neill, age, silver fox, memory, compete, beer, bed
Babylon 5/Space: Above and Beyond, Susan Ivanova/Shane Vansen, war, relentless, release
Babylon 5/Stargate Atlantis, Stephen Franklin/Jennifer Keller, escape, innocence, faith, imagine
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Jeffrey Sinclair/Jack O'Neill, tired, wrestle, blanket, heat, myths
Babylon 5/Stargate SG-1, Susan Ivanova/Daniel Jackson, truce, battle, laughter, answer
Babylon 5/Tron, John Sheridan/Alan, scientist, communication, uniform, computers, defunct, history, childhood
Babylon 5/Tron, John Sheridan/Tron, touchscreen, program simulation, thought exercise, meditation, narcissism, fairytale
Back to the Future/Supernatural, Dean/Marty, porn, dinner, body, cinema, awesome, career, discovery, car-wash, future, adrenaline
Bandom My Chemical Romance/Watchmen, Dr. Manhattan/Gerard Way, discovery, dream, intense
Bandom, My Chemical Romance/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gerard Way/Spike, cigarettes, desperation, glass
Bandom, My Chemical Romance/The X-Files, Gerard Way/Alex Krycek, cold, reckless, car
Bandom/Criminal Minds, Victoria Asher/Spencer Reid, chance, shoes, living, literature, quick, enough, road
Bandom/Criminal Minds, William Beckett/Spencer Reid, unrelated, savior, literature, misguided, terrible, absolute
Bandom/Doctor Who, Lyn-Z Way/Amy Pond, stars, bass, leaves, autumn, stage
Bandom/I Kissed A Vampire, Dylan/16c!Pete, anti-blood, hunted, justice, accident, pretend, midnight
Bandom/Magic: the Gathering, Gerard/Gerrard, savior, destiny, dreaming, awkward, names, brothers
Bandom/RPF, Brendon Urie/Kevin Jonas, accident, confidence, dirty, fairytale, giggle, heat, hitch, innocence, peace, splay, studio, vacation, writing
Bandom/RPF, Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Grant Morrison, accent, fantasy, overload, ramble, restraint, shower, watch
Bandom/RPF, Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas, adrenaline, curls, education, exposure, gymnastics, music, secret, scarf, swimming, tour, unexpected, wait, bathtub, family, fighting, glasses, hush, post, restaurant, ring, thighs
Bandom/RPF, Mikey Way/Tommy Joe Ratliff, club, cross-dressing, jacket, bass
Bandom/RPF, Spencer Smith/Nicole Anderson, click, lace, pout, spies, surfing, touring, tumble
Bandom/RPF, Z Berg/Karen Gillan, photoshoot, drink, amp, guitar
Batman (Nolanverse)/Smallville, Bruce Wayne/Chloe Sullivan, comfort, understand, fleeting, tango, couch,
Battlestar Galactica (1978)/Futurama, (Any Cylon)/Bender Bending Rodriguez, command
Battlestar Galactica (1978)/Stargate SG-1, Apollo/Daniel Jackson, Egypt, translate, mushies, war, loss, marriage, history, future
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Blade Runner, Boomer/Gaff, paper, chrome, flight, redemption, lights
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Blade Runner, Leoben/Roy Batty, brotherhood, unholy, stream, future, mandala
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Blade Runner, Six/Roy Batty, new, traces, learn, red, dreams
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Damages, Roslin/Patty, trial, defense, approval, hair
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Doctor Who, Kara Thrace/Sam Anders/Eleventh Doctor, storm, marrieds, brace yourselves, thrill,
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Fairly Legal, Kara Thrace/Justin Patrick, again, mystery, strangers
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Fringe, Kara Thrace/Olivia Dunham, soldier, glance, hungry
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Generation Kill, Kara Thrace/Brad Colbert, challenge, face-off, cigar, respect
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Leverage, Kara Thrace/Eliot Spencer, fight, game, cards, punch, laughter
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate Atlantis, Sam Anders/John Sheppard, flyboys, nugget, speed junkies, naked, bunk, puddlejumper
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate Atlantis, Sam Anders/John Sheppard/Kara Thrace/Sam Carter, time off, blue, ambrosia, pyramid
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Stargate SG-1, Kara Thrace/Sam Carter, dangerous, exhausted, reluctant
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Boomer/Jesse Flores, resistance, metal, compromise, skin
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/The West Wing, Roslin/CJ, teaching, news, internet
Battlestar Galactica/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Karl Agathon/Kono Kalakaua, outdoors
Beauty and the Beast (Disney)/Cinderella (Disney), Belle/Cinderella, [any]
Beauty and the Beast (Disney)/Mulan (Disney), Belle/Mulan, [any]
Beauty and the Beast (Disney)/Princess and the Frog (Disney), Gaston/Naveen/Tiana, cooking-lessons, unimpressive, thunderstorm
Beauty and the Beast (Disney)/The Little Mermaid (Disney), Ariel/Belle, library, stories
Bedlam's Bard - Mercedes Lackey/Born to Run - Mercedes Lackey, Eric Banyon/Tannim Drake, cars, magic, friends
Being Human (UK)/Moonlight, Mick/Mitchell, confusion, George, case, tie, scars, roadside
Being Human (US)/Supernatural, Aiden/Sam Winchester, pulse, demon, daylight, blood, taste, soul, feed
Belgariad and Malloreon series - David Eddings/Legend of the Seeker, Polgara/Kahlan, prophecy, responsibility, power, hair, snap
Better off Ted/Sanctuary, Veronica Palmer/Nikola Tesla, [any], prestige, experiment, wine, recognition, profit, asinine, luxury, theft, neo-aphrodisiac, handcuffs, myth, bottom!Nikola, video killed the radio star, webcam, upper management, Helen Magnus, grudge, intellectual property, ego, assistant, gunplay, quantitative analysis, oh bite me, competition, world domination, multinational, conduit, office politics, sleeping with the boss, high heels, power suit, outsourced, jealous!Ted
Big Wolf on Campus/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lori/Buffy, warriors, rough, patrol, pinned, suck
Bitch Slap/Death Proof, Hel/Abernathy, fucked, stunts, guns
Blake's 7/Star Trek: the Original Series, Cally of Auron/Sarek, meeting of minds, logic, aspirations, lust, robes, desert sand
Bones/Castle, Camille Saroyan/Kate Beckett, break-up, long distance, facilities, summer, limbo, morgue
Bones/Chuck, Temperance/Sarah, awkward, experimenting, intelligence
Bones/Criminal Minds, Angela Montenegro/Emily Prentiss, bet, caught, frustration, rain, students, surprise, wet
Bones/Criminal Minds, Zack Addy/Spencer Reid, understanding, investigate, gags
Bones/JAG, Temperance/Mac, submit, toughness, uniforms
Bones/Rizzoli & Isles, Booth/Brennan and Jane/Maura, forensics conference, relationship dynamics, similarities
Boondock Saints/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Anton Hesse/Connor MacManus, brother, doppleganger, mistaken
Boston Legal/Chuck, Denny Crane/Big Mike Tucker, fishing, turf, boat, Canada, war
Boston Legal/Star Trek: The Original Series, Denny Crane/Jim Kirk, fascination, exception, showoff, special, lesson
Boston Legal/The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priestley/Shirley Schmidt, past, present, future, 1975, 1985, 1995, photography
Boston Legal/Watchmen, Adrian Veidt/Alan Shore, corrupt, gleaming, upholstery, cigars, money
Brick/Inception, Arthur/Brain, beginning, business, dream?
Brimstone/Constantine, Ezekiel/John, leverage, job, strippers, pain, wings, howl, sand, dream
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Chuck, Buffy Summers/Chuck, pause, cute, monster
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/DCU, Faith Lehane/Bruce, black dress, diamond, jewel robbery
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Death Note, Drusilla/Misa, sunset, change
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Buffy Summers/Ninth Doctor, loneliness, loss, dessert
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Tara Maclay/Martha Jones, obvious, thumb, sad, traveling, weary, circle
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Willow Rosenberg/Tenth Doctor, stardust, magic, inexplicable, pinwheel, healing, pen
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Evil Dead Trilogy, Buffy Summers/Ash Williams, Competitive, Promised and chosen, sparring, slow build
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Graham/Nandi, shoot, showdown, transport
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/How I Met Your Mother, Willow/Lily, doppelganger
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Leverage, Robin Wood/Alec Hardison, superhero, sidekick, help, alpha, power, shelter, peace, endings
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Merlin, Buffy Summers/Uther, twilight, blue, heavy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/NCIS, Faith Lehane/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, daddy, rules, winter
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pushing Daisies, Buffy Summers/Ned, back to life
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Roswell, Faith Lehane/Isabel Evans, grasp, elevate, underhanded, tie
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville, Spike/Chloe Sullivan, quest, minister, small, turn, plan, yesterday, again, rain
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville, Willow Rosenberg/Lex Luthor, stranded, plummet, history, great, night, visitor
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville, Willow Rosenberg/Oliver Queen, tempt, precious, lake, Oreo
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Buffy Summers/Ronon Dex, warrior, release, Bronze
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Spike/Michael, gateway
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Willow Rosenburg/Ronon Dex, unlikely, books
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Xander Harris/Rodney McKay, cafeteria, comparison, gun, quantum, run, sidekick, talent
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Buffy Summers/Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, blondes, surprises, unexplained
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Buffy Summers/Sam Carter, leading, opposites, conflict, anonymous
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Dean Winchester, authority, differences, spirited, public, laughter, highschool, brazen
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, sharing, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Faith Lehane/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, birthday
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Gabriel, broken, laughter, lollypops, bubbles, anguish, Trickster, decadent
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/John Winchester, handcuffs, guns, restraint
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Sam Winchester, laughter, heart, normal, sweet, pink, whispers, beach, compliments, long distance, cemetery, patrolling
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn Summers/Sam Winchester, Stanford, experiment, massive, whipped-cream, test, buy, park, Latin
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith Lehane/Bela, acquisition
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith Lehane/Dean Winchester, sweat, leather, wildfire, unbelievable, run, escape, prison, silver, convertible, handcuffs, fuzzy dice, crazy, broken, understand, chicks dig scars
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Chronicles of Riddick, Buffy Summers/Riddick, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Good Wife, Faith Lehane/Kalinda Sharma, cherry
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Vampire Diaries, Angelus/Damon Salvatore, blood, childe, mates
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Vampire Diaries, Dawn Summers/Caroline Forbes, sword, books, scarf
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Vampire Diaries, Dawn Summers/Damon Salvatore, compel, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Vampire Diaries, Faith Lehane/Damon Salvatore, deal, shiver, Apocalypse, tomb, help, scratch, stake, bar, history, bite, chains, public, disorderly
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Angel/Bill, blondes, brood
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Buffy Summers/Eric, power-play, leadership, dancing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Dawn Summers/Eric Northman, green, glow, bright, shiny, power, powerful, vital, blood, pure, ancient
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Spike/Eric Northman, blond, eyeroll, sneaky
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight, Anyanka/Bella, vengeance, havoc
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight, Spike/Bella, newborn, graveyard
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars, Buffy Summers/Veronica Mars, choice, anger, rich, trick
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars, Faith Lehane/Logan Echolls, baby, car, rescue
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars, Spike/Veronica Mars, insane, bite, wince, licorice, slander, vial
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars, Xander Harris/Cindy MacKenzie, substitution, adulthood, strangers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Y: The Last Man, 355/Robin Wood, fight, legacy, secret, gone, coffee, tension
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Chuck Bartowski, collaboration, lessons, mentor
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin, spies-like-us, commands, crash, spent
Burn Notice/Dexter, Fiona Glenanne/Debra Morgan, swearing, wanted
Burn Notice/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Sam Axe/Steve McGarrett, wet, SEAL, trust, help
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Sophie Devereaux, con, distress, femme fatale, accent, poolside
Burn Notice/NCIS, Fiona Glenanne/Ziva David, guns, history, games, jackals, gun fight, knives, ninjas, heat, bombs away, travel, clipped, line of site, blow a kiss, tease, bruise, dangerous
Burn Notice/Smallville, Michael Westen/Lex Luthor, assassination, amused
Burn Notice/The Middleman, Michael Westen/Middleman, grey, sunglasses, alien tech, duct tape
Burn Notice/White Collar, Fiona Glenanne/Neal Caffrey, flirt, mistaken
Burn Notice/White Collar, Michael Westen/Neal Caffrey, cover, accident
Burn Notice/White Collar, Michael Westen/Peter Burke, history, secret, holster

Castle/24, Kate Beckett/Jack Bauer, interrogation, making out, technique
Castle/Dexter, Kate Beckett/Debra Morgan, handcuffs
Castle/Dexter, Kate Beckett/Frank Lundy, experience, lessons, scotch
Castle/Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Richard Castle/Captain Hammer, sexy
Castle/Fairly Legal, Kate Beckett/Justin Patrick, mistaken identity, conference, twins
Castle/Firefly, Kate Beckett/Malcolm Reynolds, unlikely, allies, law, punishment
Castle/Fringe, Kate Beckett/Olivia Dunham, drama, life's a party, ride, tie me up, tactics
Castle/Grey's Anatomy (or Private Practice), Kate Beckett/Addison Montgomery, New York, bagels, wine bar, bookstore, affair, secret, handcuffs, high heels, shop talk, manhattans, Brooklyn, hips, college.
Castle/Grey's Anatomy, Kate Beckett/Addison Montgomery, backseat, barhopping, leather, oral fixation, rebellion
Castle/How I Met Your Mother, Richard/Robin, Barney's nemenisis
Castle/Justified, Javier Esposito/Tim Gutterson, bar, flirt, easy
Castle/Lie to Me, Alexis Castle/Emily Lightman, college, first time, experimentation, kidnapped, coping mechanisms, microexpressions, get out of jail free, brilliant, shimmer.
Castle/Rizzoli & Isles, Maura Isles/Richard Castle, curiosity, spontaneity, literature
Castle/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Rick Castle, novel, amulet, story, case, body, beer, surprise, mistake
Castle/The Mentalist, Teresa Lisbon/Rick Castle, different, coping, deja vu
Castle/The O.C., Richard Castle/Julie Cooper, redheads, case, ex, murder, vacation, exciting, porn
Castle/The Vampire Diaries, Alexis Castle/Anna, any
Castle/The Vampire Diaries, Alexis Castle/Vicki Donovan, bad influence
Castle/Warehouse 13, Alexis Castle/Claudia Donovan, roommates, cherry lipgloss
Castle/Warehouse 13, Kate Beckett/Myka Bering, secrets, interrogation, Niki Heat fangirl, leather jackets, stakeout,
Change of Plans (2011)/Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/any, unexpected, fatherhood, dead-ringer, guitar, AU
Charmed/The Vampire Diaries, Wyatt/Bonnie, witchcraft
Chronicles of Elantra - Michelle Sagara/The Vampire Diaries (TV), Kaylin Neya/Bonnie Bennett, dedication, protector, magic, rain, sweet, destruction, valiant, cheerleader, AU, rage
Chronicles of Elantra - Michelle Sagara/Vampire Hunter D, Doris Lang/Kaylin Neya, pickpocket, ranch, hunter, trust, home, tenderness
Chrono Cross/Chrono Trigger, Flea/Nikki, rock'n'roll, makeup, androgyny, true beauty
Chrono Cross/Chrono Trigger, Flea/Nikki, rock'n'roll, makeup, androgyny, true beauty
Chuck/Covert Affairs, Sarah Walker/Annie, mark, training, Washington DC
Chuck/Firefly, Chuck Bartowski/River, mind, ramble
Chuck/Fringe, Sarah Walker/Olivia Dunham, mission, hiding, forgetting, journey, motel, brooding, professional
Chuck/Glee, Sarah Walker/Quinn Fabray, reaction, flour, serum
Chuck/House, Sarah Walker/Remy, exam, hospital gown
Chuck/Inception, Chuck Bartowski/projection!Sarah Walker, costume, bite, gravity, infinite
Chuck/JAG, Sarah Walker/Mac, denial, killing, partners
Chuck/Live Free or Die Hard, Chuck Bartowski/John McClane, awesome, binary, explosions, flash, pizza
Chuck/Live Free or Die Hard, Chuck Bartowski/Matt Farrel, Klingon, hack, blazing, the Matrix, troll
Chuck/Quantum of Solace, Sarah/James Bond, kink, martini, seduction
Chuck/Smallville, Sarah/Chloe, blondes, secrets, toys
Chuck/Supernatural, Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Sam Winchester, beer-pong, Stanford-pride, study, libraries, vacation, drunk, ghost of a spy, cramming, liquor, holy water, arms, vampires suck
Chuck/The A-Team (movie), Sarah Walker/Charissa Sosa, bitch, shut up, violence
Chuck/The Big Bang Theory, Devon Woodcomb/Penny, gym
Chuck/The Pretender, John Casey/Ms. Parker, bar, cigar, smoking
Chuck/The Pretender, Sarah Walker/Ms. Parker, one-night stand, toughness
Chuck/Undercovers, Sarah Walker/Samantha Bloom, sexpionage, marriage, trust
Chuck/Warehouse 13, Sarah Walker/Myka Bering, academy, assignment, Secret Service, transfer
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce Larkin/Neal Caffrey, con-team, guns and smiles, dizzy, confusion, assassins, differences
Chuck/White Collar, Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey, fedora, mistaken-identity, undercover, charming, sweet-talk, undercover
Cinderella (Disney)/Sleeping Beauty (Disney), Cinderella/Aurora, [any]
Cinderella (Disney)/Snow White (Disney), Cinderella/Snow White, clean
Community/Doctor Who, Jeff/Annie/River Song, weird, exes, library, anthropology
Community/Glee, Abed/Brittany, cliche
Community/Glee, Annie/Rachel, power couple
Community/Glee, Troy/Santana, pecking order
Community/Legally Blonde, Britta Pretty/Enid Hoops, Peace Corps, friends with benefits
Constantine/Supernatural, John Constantine/Dean Winchester, badge, boots, glass, firing range, hell, secrets, devil, sweet, scars
Corpse Bride/Nightmare Before Christmas, Emily/Sally, celebration, fancy-dress
Covert Affairs/Haven, Annie Walker/Nathan Wournos, undercover, can you feel me?, sweet, pancakes
Covert Affairs/Leverage, Auggie Anderson/Sophie Devereaux, touch
Covert Affairs/Warehouse 13, Jai Wilcox/Myka Bering, what's your name, cute, assignment, CIA spook, business at hand
Covert Affairs/White Collar, Auggie Anderson/El Burke, past, evening clothes
Covert Affairs/White Collar, Auggie Anderson/Neil Caffrey, information, limitations
Covert Affairs/White Collar, Auggie Anderson/Peter Burke, work, ties
Criminal Minds/Doctor Who, Spencer Reid/Jack Harkness, confidence, trick, brilliant, secrets, seduction, stranger
Criminal Minds/Flashpoint, Sam Braddock/Aaron Hotchner, long days, talk, fingers
Criminal Minds/Flashpoint, Team BAU/Team SRU, group exercises, coping methods, gear
Criminal Minds/Fringe, Emily Prentiss/Olivia Dunham, blonde, beginnings, forgetting, flirting, handcuffs, suit, buttons
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Reid/Goren, magic, crazy, genius, textbook, library, catharsis, lexicon, sanatorium, tousled
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Reid/Goren/Ducky, arcane, sons, gloves, circuitous
Criminal Minds/Law and Order: UK, Emily Prentiss/Matt Devlin, avoidance, entangled, forget, home, opportunity
Criminal Minds/Leverage, Alec Hardison/Penelope Garcia, geeks, World of Warcraft, mutual appreciation, party, pseudonyms, gummi bears, skillz
Criminal Minds/Lie to Me, Aaron Hotchner/Cal Lightman, minds, tongues, games
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Aaron Hotchner/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, first-time, scars, longing, solace, lonely, blindfold
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Penelope Garcia/Abby Scuito, [any], geek, sexy
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Penelope Garcia/Timothy McGee, computers, leather, chivalry, webcam
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Spencer Reid/Donald "Ducky" Mallard, listen, ramble
Criminal Minds/Sherlock (BBC), Penelope Garcia/Molly Hooper, geek, bone, technology, death
Criminal Minds/Sherlock, Spencer Reid/Sherlock Holmes, logic, tongue tied, talk, feel
Criminal Minds/Stargate Atlantis, Emily Prentiss/John Sheppard, bar, history, forget, smirk, erase, games
Criminal Minds/The Big Bang Theory, Spencer Reid/Sheldon Cooper, textbook, old days, analyze
Criminal Minds/The Three Investigators (Crimebusters), Spencer Reid/Jupiter Jones, prodigy, awkward
CSI/CSI Miami, Warrick Brown/Eric Delko, beach, player, water, nightclub, private

Damages/The Devil Wears Prada, Patty/Andy, replacement
Damages/The Good Wife, Ellen/Kalinda, surveillance
Damages/The Good Wife, Patty/Kalinda, pawn, stained
Dark Angel/NCIS, Max/Tony, heat, humanity
Dark Angel/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Alec, bar, smirk, challenge
Dawson's Creek/Fringe, Pacey Witter/Peter Bishop, alternate universe, memory, water
Days of Our Lives/Guiding Light, Carly/Ava, mommy
Days of Our Lives/Guiding Light, Carly/Natalia, sexuality, stethoscope
Days of Our Lives/Guiding Light, Carly/Olivia, bitch, fantasy
DCU/Death Note, Jason Todd/Mello, successor, second, rebellion, wild, replacements
DCU/Ex Machina, Lex Luthor/Mitchell Hundred, political differences
DCU/Ex Machina, Superman/Mitchell Hundred, hero worship
DCU/Inception, Bruce Wayne/Robert Fischer, lust, mirror, pool party, Batmobile, loop, masks, harmless, curls
DCU/Legend of the Seeker, Princess Diana/any female, what if the Seeker universe is Man’s World
DCU/Marvel, Amadeus Cho/Jaime Reyes, nerds, science, language
DCU/Marvel, Amanda Waller/Emma Frost, white queen
DCU/Marvel, Bucky Barnes/Jason Todd, winter, masks, hearts
DCU/Marvel, Delphyne Gorgon/Grace Choi, technique, Amazon, sparring
DCU/Marvel, Iron Fist/Nightwing, flexibility, back-to-back, tights
DCU/Marvel, Jessica Jones/Renee Montoya, handcuffs, brawl, whiskey
DCU/Marvel, Kate Bishop/Dick Grayson, torn, flexible, aim
DCU/Marvel, Kate Bishop/Mia Dearden, contest, undercover
DCU/Marvel, Mera/Namora, Atlantis
DCU/Marvel, Nemesis/Jimmy Woo, undercover
DCU/Marvel, Storm/Wonder Woman, queen, goddess, sky
DCU/Marvel, Venus/Wonder Woman, sirens
DCU/RPF, Anderson Cooper/Bruce Wayne, party, nightlife, batbelt
DCU/Smallville, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, trust, alien sex, unexpectedly topped, trust, shadows, cave, complement, moonlight
DCU/Smallville, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, [any]
DCU/Smallville, Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, different, dangerous, curious, hurt, healing, wound, sensual, passion, what I always needed, intrigue, tux, skirt, interview, champagne, story, public, buttons, heat, paparazzi, back seat, perfume, starting over, bright, dark, chance meeting, limo, different, new, love, hurt, soothe
DCU/Smallville, Kon/Lex, new, close, path, try, pie, sisters, again, fly, fresh
DCU/Smallville, SR!Clark Kent/SV!Lois Lane, passion, substitute, wild cherry, glasses, suit, bullpen, sleek, need, grief, Multiverse, whisper, kinky, silk scarf, talented, vanilla
DCU/Star Trek: Reboot, Superman/James Kirk, captain, crewman, unneeded, flagship of the fleet, stamina, fly, stars, mantle, boots, heat
DCU/Stargate SG-1, Tora Olafsdotter/Aris Boch, lookalike
DCU/Supernatural, Jason Todd/Dean Winchester, guns, Mission, brothers, dirt, alley, bike, smirk, wounded, blood, knife, throat, bite, nails, cuffs
DCU/The West Wing, Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson (adult)/Sam Seaborn/Toby Zeigler, heroes, ghetto, thermodynamics
DCU/The West Wing, Bruce Wayne/Sam Seaborn, strip, legend, mourning, sinkhole, dystopia
DCU/The West Wing, Bruce Wayne/Toby Zeigler, white tie, charity, bondage
DCU/The West Wing, Dick Grayson (adult)/Sam Seaborn, idol, hands, rooftop
DCU/The West Wing, Dick Grayson/Toby Ziegler, heliotropism, acrobat, precocity
DCU/Watchmen, Joker/Comedian, scars
DCU/White Collar, Bruce Wayne/Neal Caffrey, heist, museum, art, priceless, gala, worthy, charm, secluded, champagne, tux, black market, blue-blood, alias, lies, thick, playboy, money
DCU/White Collar, Clark Kent/Neal Caffrey, secrets, identity, suit, tie, hands, caught, assist, undercover, choices, wine, interview
DCU/White Collar, Dick Grayson/Neal Caffrey, alternate universe, opposite, similar, chase, catch, train, rooftop, brothers, surveillance, con, hide, chase, tracker, forgery, neat trick, hat, cuffs, Feds, jump, New York, shadows, tussle, gun, game, mirror, circus, undercover
DCU/White Collar, Jason Todd/Neal Caffrey, 'better class of criminal', con, blade, run, alley, cover, red & blue, smirk, understanding, stitches, caught, restrained, heroes
Dead Like Me/Lost, Roxy/Ana-Lucia, badge
Dead Like Me/Pushing Daisies, Chuck Charles/George Lass, unfair, perky
Dead Like Me/Supernatural, George/Sam, ghost, mirror, unseen
Death Note/Dexter, Dexter/Kira, understanding
Desperate Housewives/Glee, Bree/Emma, clean, muffins, bleach
Despicable Me/Megamind, Gru/Megamind, conference, traitors, moon, versus, comparison, dance-off
Despicable Me/The Incredibles, Margo/Violet, nice, charge, pink, military, feud
Devil May Cry/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Naoki/Alastor, electricity, weakness, sharp
Devil May Cry/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Naoki/Dante/Vergil, macca, measure, twins
Devil May Cry/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Naoki/Griffon, feathers, loyalty, brave
Devil May Cry/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Naoki/Nevan, seduce, destroy, kneel
Devil May Cry/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Naoki/Nightmare, tentacles, delicate, markings, glow
Devil May Cry/Supernatural, Dante/Sam Winchester, fun, playful, guns
Devil May Cry/Supernatural, Vergil/Dean Winchester, older, liquor, swords
Devour/New York Minute, Jake Gray/Trey, escape, trust
Devour/Supernatural, Jake Gray/Sam Winchester, substitute
Dexter/Leverage, Debra Morgan/Parker, underground, danger, wasted, shoelaces, crime, raw, police car
Dexter/Life, Debra Morgan/Dani, trigger, tension, inspiration, hookers, dark, nipples, vodka, bruise, squeeze
Dexter/Warehouse 13, Lila Tournay/Myka Bering, familiar
Digital Devil Saga/Supernatural, Castiel/Gale, knowledge, understanding, mind, demon
Digital Devil Saga/Supernatural, Cielo/Sam Winchester, play, hurt, breathe
Digital Devil Saga/Supernatural, Ellen/Jenna Angel, warm, whiskey, soothe
Digital Devil Saga/Supernatural, Gale/Sam Winchester, learn, teach, grip
Digital Devil Saga/Supernatural, Heat/Dean Winchester, burn, fight, eat, take
Digital Devil Saga/Supernatural, Heat/Serph/Dean Winchester, ice, liver, grasp, need
Digital Devil Saga/Supernatural, Jo/Sera, protect, flower, graze
Discworld/The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Death/Grim, bones, work, robes
Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Sherlock, Billy/Moriarty, nemesis, partners, disgusting, books, criticism, fingertips
Doctor Who/Being Human (UK) Ninth Doctor/Rose Mitchell/Annie observations
Doctor Who/Farscape, Martha Jones/John Crichton, Moya, bad guys, winona, harvey, strippers, handcuffs, playtime, tardis, traveling, history
Doctor Who/Farscape, TARDIS/Moya, sensations, sentience
Doctor Who/Firefly Doctor/Rose Jack/any Malcolm/Inara Simon/Kaylee, fitness, anticipation, Kama Sutra
Doctor Who/Firefly, Eleventh Doctor/River Tam, ambrosia
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Amy Pond/Ginny, redheads, cinnamon, snowfall, quilts, lumos
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Amy Pond/Lily Evans, ginger, time, lost, bond, linked
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Doctor/Tom Riddle, choices, sting, forever, losing, stars, more
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Doctor/Younger Dumbledore, clever
Doctor Who/Heroes, The Master/Adam Monroe, government, power, regenerate, missing, hunger
Doctor Who/Highlander, River Song/Amanda, drifting, sensuality, timeslip
Doctor Who/Inception, Amy Pond/Arthur, fun
Doctor Who/Leverage, River Song/Sophie Devereaux, accents, prison, sentence, smirk, Opening night, gown, Thief, painting, dress
Doctor Who/Leverage/The Pretender, River Song/Sophie/Miss Parker, Legs
Doctor Who/Lie to Me, The Doctor/Cal Lightman, [any], lie, react, sonic, possessive, first, run, microexpressions, truth, hands, teach, alien, off-world
Doctor Who/Merlin, Amy Pond/Morgana, hair, accent, holiday, oral
Doctor Who/Misfits, Eleventh Doctor/Alisha, touch, aliens, future
Doctor Who/Primeval, Leela/Helen Cutter, rivals, duel, bested
Doctor Who/Red Dwarf, Sixth Doctor/Cat, admiration, clothes, feline, stroke, vanity
Doctor Who/Red Dwarf, Tenth Doctor/[any], angst, loss, silly, drunk, hug
Doctor Who/RPF, Fifth Doctor/Vislor Turlogh/Charles Firth, ties, ropes, slings, gingers
Doctor Who/Sanctuary, Eleventh Doctor/Helen Magnus, torch, castle, Stonehenge, touch
Doctor Who/Sanctuary, Ninth Doctor/Helen Magnus, dark days, healing, ache
Doctor Who/Sanctuary, River Song/Helen Magnus, power, age, beauty, laughter
Doctor Who/Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Eleventh Doctor/Belle, undercover, look-alike, sting, unrecognizable, any
Doctor Who/Sherlock (BBC), Eleventh Doctor/Sherlock, investigation, gangly, water, hair, feline, figuring out, secrets, chase, secrets, extraordinary, make-believe, art, skipping boring days, guns, bananas, temper, flight, share
Doctor Who/Sherlock (BBC), Rory Williams/John, hard, ordinary, quiet
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Jack Harkness/Sherlock Holmes, strange, subtle, seduction, con, bet, caught, misstep
Doctor Who/Sherlock, Tenth Doctor/Mycroft Holmes, interruption
Doctor Who/Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien, Roman!Rory Williams/Maglor, timeless, mindless, grief, guarded, once, wandering
Doctor Who/Smallville, Tenth Doctor/Chloe Sullivan, crazy, limited, slide, whirl, help, reminded, hunger, grunt
Doctor Who/Stargate SG-1, Martha Jones/Vala Mal Doran, piracy, boarding, adventure
Doctor Who/Stargate SG-1, River Song/Vala Mal Doran, come here often?, chopsticks, heist, between sand and sea, on the run, skills
Doctor Who/Stargate: Universe, Jack Harkness/Chloe Carpenter, alien, safe, heroes, knowledge
Doctor Who/Supernatural, Jack Harkness/Anna, treasure, flutter, grace, sultry, humanity
Doctor Who/Supernatural, Jack Harkness/Gabriel, dally, abandoned, kindred, pretend
Doctor Who/Supernatural, Martha Jones/Dean Winchester, dislike, speed dial, fighting dirty, mercenary
Doctor Who/Supernatural, River Song/Sam Winchester
Doctor Who/Supernatural, Tardis/Impala, infatuation, AC/DC, glow
Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures, Eleventh Doctor/Sarah Jane, love, tears, memories, return, life, hope, talent, flexible, biscuits, key, lips, attic
Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures, Ninth Doctor/Sarah Jane, grief, loss, war, death, abandonment, healing, fear, hatred
Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures, Tenth Doctor/Sarah Jane, crisps, reunion, hugs, snapshot, calculation, house, stone, surprise, finally, visitor
Doctor Who/The Vampire Diaries, Amy Pond/Caroline Forbes, boss, back, TARDIS, hair
Doctor Who/The West Wing, Tenth Doctor/adult!Huck Wyatt-Ziegler, intertextuality, Converse, silhouette, horizon
Doctor Who/The West Wing, Tenth Doctor/Sam Seaborn, president, wishes, fallback, confessions
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Amy Pond/Jack Harkness, cheeky, memories
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Eleventh Doctor/River Song/Jack Harkness, spies, handcuffs, tea
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Jack Harkness, graduation, diamond, table, apocalypse, brilliant, doctor, Hub, affection, respect, curiosity, caveman, condition, camera, reunion, light, kiss, sunshine, time, blue, butterflies
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Toshiko Sato, one day, blur, lines crossed, reload, better, flat-footed, playing doctor
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness, spanking, history, over-easy, time travel, manhandle, running, running, life force
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tenth Doctor/Gwen Cooper, bitterness, disappearance, beginnings, travel
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tenth Doctor/Ianto Jones, discoveries, coffee, zero gravity, history, vacation
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness, 51st century, escape, night, console!sex, longing, spread them, TARDIS, power
Doctor Who/Torchwood, The Doctor/Jack Harkness, video recordings, loneliness, wrong, forgotten, gun, cocktail, unacknowledged, impossibility, technobabble, victory
Doctor Who/Undercovers, Martha JonesSamantha Bloom, competence
Doctor Who/Warehouse 13, Eleventh Doctor/Claudia Donovan, the blue box, market, fruit
Doctor Who/White Collar, Amy Pond/Rory Williams/Neal Caffrey, supernova, straggler, seesaw, whipcord,
Doctor Who/White Collar, Eleventh Doctor/Neal Caffrey, hat, twirl, museum, enthralled
Dollhouse/Supernatural, Adelle DeWitt/Dean Winchester, scotch, bodygaurd, undercover, loss, drunk
Dragon Knights/The Black Jewels Trilogy - Anne Bishop, Cesia/Jaenelle, too much magic, dangerous, dark power, inhuman, worlds, chaos, battle, sex in the abyss
due South/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Harry Dresden/Ray Kowalski, broken, machine
due South/Supernatural, Ray Kowalski/Dean Winchester, cars, guns, alcohol, hero

Early Edition/The Pretender, Gary/Jarod, run, rain, shot, safe
Easy A/Marvel, Olive/Tony Stark, sexting
Easy A/The O.C., Olive/Seth, college men,
Egyptian Mythology/Greek Mythology, Hera/Thoth, seduction
Emma - Jane Austen/Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen, Brandon/Mr Knightley, behind closed doors, release, cross-dressing, leadership,
Equilibrium/Stargate Atlantis, John Preston/John Sheppard, Resistance, sense offender, guitar, strings, self
Equilibrium/Ultraviolet (2006), John Preston/Violet, gun kata, looking to the future, gloves, shiny, sword, blood, hurt, feel
Eureka/Marvel, Nathan Stark/Jack Carter/Tony Stark, triangle, cousins, possessive, argument
Eureka/Psych, Jo Lupo/Carlton Lassiter, handcuffs, guns
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Allison Blake/Vala Mal Doran, college roommates, live a little, flirting
Eureka/Warehouse 13, Douglas Fargo/Claudia Donovan, awkward, real, visit, more, first time, machines, glasses, virgins
Everwood/Glee, Ephram/Rachel, new York, music
Evil Dead Trilogy/True Blood, Ash Williams/Sookie Stackhouse, Reward, ladylike, tending to wounds

Farscape/Sanctuary, Aeryn Sun/Helen Magnus, quest, find me, herald, wormhole, century, language, leather, any
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, Chiana/Vala Mal Doran, pirates, bar, flexible, laugh, steal
Fatal Frame/Kuon, Kunihiko Asou/Abe no Seimei, centuries, inspiration, dream, exorcism
Fatal Frame/Monster, Kirishima/Tenma, case, optimism, hope, shelter, fugitive
Felicia's Journey/Happy Go Lucky, Felicia/Poppy, silly stranger
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance/Final Fantasy Tactics A2, Ritz/Adelle, any
Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII, Tifa Lockhart/Quistis Trepe, any
Firefly/Harry Potter, River Tam/Luna, laughter
Firefly/His Dark Materials - Phillip Pullman, River Tam/Mrs Coulter, the sound of wings
Firefly/Leverage, Jayne Cobb/Eliot Spencer, spot, Vera, wrangle
Firefly/Leverage, Kaylee Frye/Alec Hardison, eggs, engine, heat
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, [any]/Rodney McKay, alone, drunk, thunder, uniform, mistake, genius, conflict, fanboy, lesbians, grass, investigation
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, Zoe Washburne/Teyla Emmagan, defense, calm, endurance
Firefly/Supernatural, Kaylee/Castiel, feathers, frosting, snowflake, laughter, whimsical, splinter, apostrophe, effort, secretive
Firefly/Supernatural, River Tam/Sam Winchester, dreams, light, stars, scars
Firefly/V, Inara/Ann, companion, publicity, first contact, alliance, acting
Flashpoint/NCIS, Spike Scarlatti/Abby Sciuto, clues, kneel, negotiate
Freaks and Geeks/That '70s Show, Jackie Burkhart/Daniel Desario, loser, car, zen, Led Zeppelin
Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass/Julie Taylor, wait
Friday Night Lights/Off the Map, Julie Taylor/Tommy Fuller, South America
Friday Night Lights/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Tim Riggins, nowhere, dust, beer, any
Friday Night Lights/Veronica Mars, Billy Riggins/Veronica, angels
Friends/Harry Potter, Phoebe/adult!Luna Lovegood, nargles, guitar
Fringe/Inception, Peter Bishop/Eames, job, distraction, old friend, succubus, Manhattan, exquisite, plot, alternate me, onyx, collaboration, darling, poker, PASIV, addiction, con man, chummy, winners and losers, kaleidoscope, any
Fringe/Lost Girl, Olivia/Bo, travel, handcuffs, seduction, resistance, cell, dimension, mirror
Fringe/Sanctuary, Alt!Olivia Dunham/Kate Freelander, chicago, tear in reality, usurp, get out of jail free card, anxious, relationship, secret, lingerie, any
Fringe/Sanctuary, Peter Bishop/Will Zimmerman, consequence, abnormal, Asuncion, rapport, second sight, superman
Fringe/The Walking Dead, Olivia Dunham/Rick Grimes, storm, sunset, home
Fringe/The X-Files, Astrid/Scully, literary, airport, coffee, shelter
Fringe/The X-Files, Olivia Dunham/Dana Scully, common ground, history, tattoos, belief, tested, shadows, strength, mentor, sympathy, partners, business suit, tie, conference, badge, sirens
Fringe/The X-Files/V (2009), Olivia Dunham/Dana Scully/Erica Evans, ending, fighting, understanding, sad eyes, battle, shared, panic, end of the world, Scotch, storms, loss, safety in numbers
Fringe/V (2009), Olivia Dunham/Erica Evans, bubble baths, wine, early mornings, shower, coffee, silence, fight, end, family, scotch, tension, guns, work, them, gun, partner, hours, late, seconds, joining forces, traitors, off the grid, unauthorized, war, road, home, knowing, hurt, need, rain, universal
Fringe/Warehouse 13, Astrid/HG Wells, genius, code, locket
Fringe/Warehouse 13, Nina Sharp/Mrs. Frederic, conspiracy, power, secrets, history, universe, science
Fringe/Warehouse 13, Olivia Dunham/Myka Bering, mystery, alternate, authority, grief, sensible, academy, artifact, decay
Fullmetal Alchemist/Tales of the Abyss, Greed/Van Grants, black, blade, blood
Futurama/Torchwood, Philip J Fry/Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, twist

General Hospital/Supernatural, Jason Morgan/Dean Winchester, fighter
Generation Kill/Gilmore Girls, Paris/Ray, debate
Generation Kill/Justified, Raylan Givens/Walt Hasser, blind spot, singing, quick, lawman
Generation Kill/La Femme Nikita, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, gambit, mercy, choice
Generation Kill/La Femme Nikita, Brad Colbert/Ray Person, profile, memories, abort
Generation Kill/Lost Girl, Kenzi/Ray Person, undercover, inappropriate, tongue, sidekick
Generation Kill/Southland, Ben Sherman/Ray Person, trouble, punch, music, steering wheel
Generation Kill/Southland, John Cooper/Ray Person, beer, driveway, smile, guitar
Generation Kill/Supernatural, Brad Colbert/Dean Winchester, bars, marines, guns, training, cars, smoke
Generation Kill/Swan Lake - Bourne, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, inevitable, changes, flight, ice
Generation Kill/Terminator, Brad Colbert/[any], rebellion, heat
Generation Kill/The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan, Ray Person/Jamie Crawford, country music
Generation Kill/The Gates, Nate Fick/Dylan Radcliff, breach, crisis, leadership, embrace, community
Generation Kill/The Good Wife, Alicia Florrick/Brad Colbert, jeopardy, running, stripped, painkillers
Generation Kill/The Good Wife, Alicia Florrick/Nate Fick, broadcast, authentic, VIP, glass, breaking
Generation Kill/The Walking Dead, Nate Fick/anyone, apocalypse, procedure, found
Generation Kill/The West Wing, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, damages, feint, report
Generation Kill/The West Wing, Nate Fick/Sam Seaborn, office, respect
Generation Kill/True Blood, Eric Northman/Ray Person, blood, hunger, viking
Generation Kill/True Blood, Eric Northman/Ray Person/Brad Colbert, doppelganger, need, bite
Generation Kill/True Blood, Nate/Eric, blood, respect
Generation Kill/White Collar, Ray Person/Neal Caffrey, case study, control, grinning, flash
Ghostbusters/Supernatural, Peter Venkman/Dean Winchester, experts, competition
Gigi - Collette/Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock/Gigi, genderswap, at last
Gilmore Girls/Glee, Lane/Mike, music
Gilmore Girls/Nikita, Lorelai/Nikita, predator
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Dean Forester, coincidence, him
Gilmore Girls/The Big Bang Theory, Rory/Sheldon, bookmark
Glee/Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf/Quinn Fabray, imitation, queens, timing, cherries, queen, ponytail, envy
Glee/Gossip Girl, Nate Archibald/Rachel Berry, Broadway, club, bar, New York, encounter, lips, stars
Glee/High School Musical, Chad Danforth/Finn Hudson, memories
Glee/High School Musical, Chad Danforth/Noah Puckerman, alive, sports, discovery
Glee/High School Musical, Kurt Hummel/Ryan Evans, sparkles, recital, Broadway, past, hats, feathers, exhibition, rivals, mentor, dance, different, meet, rival, perfect, understand
Glee/High School Musical, Rachel Berry/Gabriella Montez, advantage, duet, popularity, deviousness, make-up
Glee/High School Musical, Rachel Berry/Sharpay Evans, diva, best, talent, destroy, spotlight, star, marker pen, glitter, trophies, diva, spotlight
Glee/High School Musical, Santana/Sharpay Evans, snap, snarky, high heels, short skirts, fingernails, putting out
Glee/High School Musical, Sunshine/Gabriella Montez, sweet, belting, hidden talents, teaming up
Glee/High School Musical, Sunshine/Sharpay Evans, winning without even trying, wrong side of the tracks, beauty, cupcakes
Glee/House M.D., Sue Sylvester/Gregory House, sarcasm, dry wit, yell
Glee/How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Puck, sex shark
Glee/Merlin, Morgana/Quinn, smile, vision, song, need, gold, ornament, corrupt, film
Glee/Pretty Little Liars, Quinn Fabray/Emily Fields, dreaming, impression, beginnings, dew, eyelashes
Glee/Pretty Little Liars, Santana Lopez/Brittany/Emily Fields, coming out
Glee/Pretty Little Liars, Santana Lopez/Emily Fields, answers, library, competition
Global Frequency/Hackers/The Millennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson, Aleph/Kate Libby (Acid Burn)/Lisabeth Salander, l33t
Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett/Harry Potter, Madame Tracy/Sybill Trelawney, makeup, veil, beyond, medium, destiny, sherry
Gossip Girl/House M.D., House/Blair, cocky, break, tease
Gossip Girl/Marvel, Serena/Blair/Tony Stark, ride, machinery, shriek, thick, flashbulb
Gossip Girl/Misfits (2009), Chuck/Alisha, touch, alcohol, pub
Gossip Girl/Pretty Little Liars, Blair Waldorf/Alison DiLaurentis, scratch
Gossip Girl/The Vampire Diaries, Blair Waldorf/Damon, uptown girls, any
Green Hornet (2011)/Leverage, Kato/Eliot Spencer, coffee, masks, bruises
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery, clocks, grace, gravel
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Meredith/Amelia, family, mistress
Grey's Anatomy/Stargate Atlantis, Miranda Bailey/Carson Beckett (clone), consultation, chance, date, choice, suitable

Harry Potter/Glee, Hermione/Rachel Berry, head of the class, uniforms
Harry Potter/Inception, Hermione/Robert, curve, drink, good
Harry Potter/Labyrinth, Lucius Malfoy/Jareth, flying, stairs, owl
Harry Potter/McDonald Hall - Korman, Hermione/Bruno, floor, school, true
Harry Potter/RPF, Harry Potter/Adam Lambert, age, magic
Haven/Warehouse 13, Audrey Parker/Myka Bering, like adults, blow me a kiss, existence, not what I do, magic
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/House M.D., Danny Williams/House, diagnosis, secret, rebel, snake, cane
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/In Plain Sight, Chin Ho Kelly/Marshall Mann, trust, trivia, talent, tomato
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Chin Ho Kelly/Alec Hardison, hacking, video, Chaos, chaos, competition
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Chin Ho Kelly/Parker, surprise, caught, sheets, riding, tired
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Kono Kalakaua/Eliot Spencer, guns, prison, surfing, desk
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Steve McGarrett/Eliot Spencer, fight, caught, struggle, top
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/NCIS: Los Angeles, Steve McGarrett/G Callen, Seals, tattoo, lick, strong, push
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/NCIS: Los Angeles, Steve McGarrett/Sam Hanna, brother, knifes, sun, blood, smile, caress, tenderness, BUDS training, ocean, new partners
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Southland, Steve/John, excuse, uniform, snacks
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Stargate Atlantis, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, sculpture, ancient, aliens made them do it, trapped
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Stargate Atlantis, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams/Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, connection, escape, fantasy, space, odyssey
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Stargate Atlantis, Steve McGarrett/John Sheppard, craft, battle, hush, fatigue, stone, forlorn, comfort, un-requited, watching, dream, screwup, argue, bar-hopping, surf, speed
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/The Wire, Danny Williams/Jimmy McNulty, history, manipulator, Hawaii
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/White Collar, Danny Williams/Peter Burke, snark, crime, co-operation
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/White Collar, Kono Kalakaua/Diana Barrigan, kiss, smoke, gun, skin, lust, sun, water
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/White Collar, Kono Kalakaua/Neal Caffrey, elegance, black, visit, smooth, lust
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/White Collar, Mary McGarrett/Diana Barrigan, New York City, drink, evening, walk, phone
Hawaii Five-O (1968)/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Danny Williams (1968)/Chin Ho Kelly (2010), [any]
Hawaii Five-O (1968)/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Danny Williams (1968)/Steve McGarrett (2010), [any]
Hellblazer/Jonah Hex, Jonah Hex/Ellie, any
Hercules (Disney)/Mulan (Disney), Megara/Mulan, [any]
Hercules (Disney)/Sleeping Beauty (Disney), Maleficent/Megara, [any]
Heroes/Leverage, Elle/Parker, fire, proud, lick, race, price, horizon, sharp, coin, brute
Heroes/Lost, Adam Monroe/Richard Alpert, immortal, hair, accident, danger, rough, anonymous
High School Musical/Skins, Maxxie Oliver/Ryan Evans, ballet, rivals, leader, mirrors, lights
Highlander/Sherlock (BBC), Methos/DI Lestrade, steadfast, drink, companion, trust
Highlander/Stargate SG-1, Amanda/Vala Mal Doran, thievery, sisterhood
Highlander/Stargate SG-1, Methos/Daniel Jackson, "ancient tongue", sand, Atlantis, shape, cuisine, light, ascension
Highlander/Torchwood, Methos/xCaptain Jack Harkness, almond oil.
Hitman/Quantum of Solace, Camille/47, twin, surprise, lessons, sand, rough, language, contract, twist
House M.D./Stargate Atlantis, Thirteen/Jennifer Keller, med school
House M.D./Stargate SG-1, Lisa Cuddy/Janet Fraiser, competition, reunion
House M.D./The O.C., Thirteen/Kaitlyn, concert, drugs
How I Met Your Mother/Private Practice, Robin/Addison, bar, pick up, news
How I Met Your Mother/RPF, Barney Stinson/Madeline Albright, tactics
How I Met Your Mother/Sex and the City, Barney/Samantha, equals
How I Met Your Mother/Supernatural, Ted/Sam Winchester, pretentious, college
How I Met Your Mother/The Big Bang Theory, Barney/Penny, scotch, cheesecake, movie producer, headlines, outsmart, Broadway, apocalypse, cowgirl
How I Met Your Mother/The Big Bang Theory/The Office, Lily/Penny/Pam, liberal arts
How I Met Your Mother/The Office, Marshall/Lily/Jim/Pam, honeymoon, goof
How I Met Your Mother/The Office, Ted/Karen, yellow umbrella
Hustle/Leverage, Danny/Sophie, training, diversion, short con
Hustle/Leverage, Mickey/Sophie, game, rules, mark, reunion, the lure, grift
Hustle/Leverage, Stacie/Eliot, poker
Hustle/NCIS, Albert Stroller/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard, incorrigible
Hustle/Warehouse 13, Stacie/HG Wells, the long con, showoff
Hustle/Warehouse 13, Stacie/Myka Bering, vodka-cranberry, handcuffs, wining streak, showgirl

In Plain Sight/Life, Marshall Mann/Dani Reese, old times, bars, fast, fierce, aches
In Plain Sight/The Good Guys, Mary Shannon/Liz Traynor, kiss, desk, job well done
Inception/James Bond (any), Ariadne/Bond, half, open, trace
Inception/James Bond (any), Arthur/Bond, double, gleam, stay
Inception/James Bond (any), Eames/Bond, forge, shoulder, transform
Inception/James Bond (any), Saito/Bond, deal, run, underground
Inception/RocknRolla, Ariadne/Eames/One Two, grin, flirt, past, future, guilt, notes, adventure, peace, noise, protective
Inception/RocknRolla, Ariadne/Handsome Bob, [any], jealousy, make-up, pretend, history, vices, stolen, shake, rattle, roll, dream, familiar
Inception/RocknRolla, Eames/One Two, hopeless, bite, troublemaker, twisted, gift, black eye, greed, comedy, visitor, passenger, riots
Inception/RocknRolla, Johnny Quid/Robert Fischer, prodigal, failure, expectations
Inception/Star Trek: Reboot, Ariadne/Gaila, bare, learn, measure
Inception/Star Trek: Reboot, Arthur/Uhura, back, jewel, trade
Inception/Star Trek: Reboot, Eames/Uhura, late, linen, ocean
Inception/Stargate Atlantis, [any]/[any], dreamshare, theft, thrill, explore, crime, classified, suit, genderswap, Ancient, tech, console, pry, bondage
Inception/The Sandman, Destruction/Robert Fischer, dream, empires, reinvent, smile
Inception/The Sandman, Eames/Morpheus, irreverent, totem, spin, cape
Inception/The Sandman, The Corinthian II/Saito, trespass, soft places, trade, salt, dunes, ship
Inception/The Social Network, Arthur/Eduardo, bespoke, hear, secret
Inception/Torchwood, Arthur/Jack Harkness, suit

JAG/NCIS, A.J. Chegwidden/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, collaboration
Justified/Leverage, Raylan Givens/Eliot, [any], riding, hat, threesome, sympathy, help, results, blessed, stalker, late, madness, careless, Chicago, reason
Justified/Sons of Anarchy, Raylan Givens/Jax Teller, law, tattoo, secret, deal
Justified/Southland, Ben/Tim, headache, priorities, warm, fame, gun powder, accent, tie
Justified/White Collar, Neal Caffrey/Raylan Givens, hat, handcuffs, US Marshals

Kings/Merlin, Arthur/Jack, fragile, demolished, champagne, cut, battlefield, midnight
Kino's Journey/The Dark Tower - Stephen King, Kino/Jake, journey, firelight, bullet, quick

Law & Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Robert Goren/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard, digression, shirttails, British Museum, old and tired
Law & Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Robert Goren/Ziva David, switchblade
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Elliot Stabler/Tobias Beecher, hard, growl, trust, wall, dominate
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Kathy Stabler/Tobias Beecher, electricity, night, hotel, alive, affair
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Olivia Benson/Chris Keller, rentboy, ropes, scars, homemade tattoo, teethmarks, obsess, salty, risk, vigorous
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Olivia Benson/Sean Murphy, bar, drinks, feel, lonely, stormy, tense, rush, commitment
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Olivia Benson/Tobias Beecher, stranded, power, aching, reluctant, comfort, linger, partner
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/RPF, Elliot Stabler/Mariska Hargitay, celebrity, paparazzi, protection
Law & Order: UK/Sherlock (BBC), James Steel/Lestrade, justice, conviction, release
Legend of the Seeker/Merlin, Cara/Arthur, dominate, sword, knight, fight, inappropriate
Legend of The Seeker/Merlin, Cara/Morgana, tools of the trade, magic, thrill, pulse, magnetism, hair, misunderstood, evil
Legend of the Seeker/Merlin, Kahlan/Morgana, dream, touch, confession, truth, careful
Legend of the Seeker/Merlin, Richard/Morgana, prophecy, dream, rescue, heroine, dark, redemption, adventure
Legend of the Seeker/Smallville, Cara/Clark Kent, red, chains, control, grin, strength
Legend of the Seeker/The Vampire Diaries, Cara/Damon, biting, fighting, stairs, shallow, sweat, challenging of wills
Legend of the Seeker/Xena, Cara/Xena, anal, baths, control, fighting, reward
Legend of Zelda series/Super Mario series, Peach/Zelda, victory, surprise, celebration, discovery, cake
Leverage/Lost Girl, Parker/Kenzi, heist, alley, street-smart, suspension, knot
Leverage/Lost Girl, Sophie Devereaux/Bo, seductive, con, easy money, lifestyle, cocktails, sunscreen
Leverage/Lost, Sophie Devereaux/Sawyer, old times, aliases, Atlanta,
Leverage/Marvel, Alec Hardison/Jubilation Lee, revenge, explosions, online dating, unexpected, bubble gum
Leverage/NCIS, Alec Hardison/Timothy McGee, rival, war, equal, pony up, play, ally
Leverage/Nurse Jackie, Sophie Devereaux/O'Hara, anglophile
Leverage/Sanctuary, Eliot Spencer/Kate Freelander, you've got skills, cascade, fingers, fooling us both, dessert, skyline, respect, aurora, storm, quirk, any
Leverage/Supernatural, Eliot Spencer/Dean Winchester, sour, groan, guitar, smoke, storm, perfect, news, cheap, shovel, willing, stains
Leverage/Supernatural, Eliot Spencer/Ellen Harvelle, whiskey, dirt, knife, good times, blood, bite
Leverage/Supernatural, Parker/Bela, pair
Leverage/The Big Bang Theory, Parker/Sheldon, odd
Leverage/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Parker/Molly Carpenter, theft, magic, grin
Leverage/The Middleman, Alec Hardison/Wendy, comic books, technology, geek, paintbrush, hands
Leverage/Torchwood, Nathan Ford/Ianto Jones, sms, professional, holster, hungover, acceptance, impatient
Leverage/Veronica Mars/White Collar, Alec Hardison/Veronica Mars/Neal Caffrey, con, hack, life or death, for an audience
Leverage/Warehouse 13, Alec Hardison/Claudia Donovan, geek boy fetish, felony, reputation, stolen, good, mmorpgs, orange soda
Leverage/Warehouse 13, Tara Cole/HG Wells, seduction, sucker-punch
Leverage/White Collar, Alec Hardison/Clinton Jones, van
Leverage/White Collar, Alec Hardison/Neal Caffrey, tease, smooth, dress up, favor
Leverage/White Collar, Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux/Neal Caffrey/Sara Ellis, compare
Leverage/White Collar, Parker/Diana Barrigan, drink, dance
Leverage/White Collar, Parker/Neal Caffrey, pretty
Life/Sherlock (BBC), Charlie Crews/John Watson, relax, forget
Life/Standoff, Charlie Crews/Matt Flannery, reincarnation, war, time, tied, gunplay
Life/The Middleman, Dani Reese/Wendy Watson, tease, beg, friendship, together
Lost Girl/Misfits, Alisha/Bo, similarities
Lost Girl/Warehouse 13, Kenzi/Claudia, email, cash, campus, adrenaline, bar, boots, cheap, motel, explosion
Lost/True Blood, Jacob/Godric, protect, survival, sunshine, island, time
Lost/True Blood, Sawyer/Tara, snark, broken, anger
Lost/Twilight, Sawyer/Tanya, black widow
Lost/V, Sawyer/Erica, blondie, lonely, guns, scar

Mansfield Park - Jane Austen/Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen, Edmund Bertram/Edward Ferrars, ordination, calling, away from home, pulpit
Marvel/NCIS, Pepper Potts/Timothy McGee, disappear, shape, stretch
Marvel/NCIS, Tony Stark/Ziva David, air, intelligence, land
Marvel/RPF, Steve Rogers/Lady Gaga, America
Marvel/RPF, Tony Stark/Lady Gaga, Costume design, fierce, free bitch, just dance
Marvel/Stargate Atlantis, Tony Stark/John Sheppard, metal, rush, oil, autopilot
Marvel/Stargate SG-1, Tony Stark/Sam Carter, hot rods, classified, racing
Marvel/Supernatural, Tony Stark/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, First time, batman, gadgets, gun
Marvel/The West Wing, Peter Parker/CJ Cregg, exclusive, coffee, desk
Marvel/The West Wing, Steve Rogers/CJ Cregg, Brooklyn, charcoal
Marvel/The West Wing, Tony Stark/Sam Seaborn, Republicans, hotel, rimming, whisky, Princeton
Matrix/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cameron/Trinity, understanding, rebuilding, future, human, codenames
Matrix/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Switch/Sarah, resistance, guns, by any means
Megamind/The Incredibles, Elastigirl/Frozone/Honey Best/Mirage/Megamind/Metro Man/Mr Incredible/Roxanne Ritchie, dinner, party, garden, spacious, fortress, grungy, glitz, wow, arrangements, damage, destructo-nookie
Megamind/The Incredibles, Megamind/Mirage/Roxanne Richie, cross-sections
Megamind/The Incredibles, Mirage/Roxanne Ritchie, learn, power, touchable, technology, skirt, stockings, snap
Merlin/Primeval, Connor/Merlin, cold, anomaly, flames, frills, proof, different, generous, magic, fingerless gloves
Merlin/Sanctuary, Morgana/Kate Freelander, living legends, intrigue
Merlin/The Chronicles of Narnia (movies), Merlin/Any, battle, warm, water, frottage, dragon, lion
Merlin/Warehouse 13, Merlin/Claudia Donovan, chess, time travel, magic
Misfits/Skins, Alisha/Cook, passion, alcohol, fireworks, fight, tease, alike, lush, hair, tattoos
Misfits/Skins, Alisha/Katie, touch, cigarettes, bar.
Misfits/Skins, Katie/Nathan, passion, alcohol, impulsive
Misfits/Skins, Simon/Effy, beautiful, following, traces, video
Misfits/Torchwood, Jack/Nathan, immortal, jackass, trouble, accident
Moonlight/True Blood, Beth/Eric, gloves, gravity, dessert, ambition, difference, connection
Moonlight/True Blood, Beth/Pam, cross-dressing, footprints, hiss, disturbing, lost
Moonlight/Veronica Mars, Josef Kostan/Veronica Mars, alike, immortal, perfect,keep, eternal, obsession, stalk, passion, turn
Mr. And Mrs. Smith/Undercovers, Samantha Bloom/Jane Smith, sexpionage, marriage, secrets, open relationship
NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles, Abby Sciuto/Kensi Blye, distraction, cute, support, fantasy
NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/G Callen, Russian, history, training
NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles, Ziva David/Kensi Blye, sparring, tension, calm, scars, relax
NCIS/Star Trek: Reboot, Abby Sciuto/Kirk/McCoy, discover, lace, suggest
NCIS/Star Trek: Reboot, Ziva David/Kirk/McCoy, know, midnight, silver
NCIS/Star Trek: Reboot, Ziva David/Uhura, clasp, extra, sleek
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Abby Sciuto/John Sheppard, control, darkness, skin
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Abby Sciuto/John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, art, code, wind
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/John Sheppard, bottle, charge, tense
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Ziva David/Ronon Dex, instant, see, wall
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Ziva David/Teyla Emmagan, pattern, sharp, warrior
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Jack O'Neill, undercover, bad old days, Paris, Poland, secrets, censored
NCIS/Supernatural, Ziva David/Jo, battle, press, shower
NCIS/Supernatural, Ziva David/Sam Winchester, blade, competition, obvious
NCIS/The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Ari Haswari/Illya Kuryakin, covert
NCIS/Torchwood, Jimmy Palmer/Owen Harper, exhibition, new, workplace
NCIS/Torchwood, Tony DiNozzo/Owen Harper, competition, gunplay, team
NCIS/Veronica Mars, Cindy MacKenzie/Timothy McGee, geeky, computers, hacking
NCIS/White Collar, Abby Sciuto/Neal Caffrey, caffeine, collar, case, cover, hat, different, glee, fingerprints, charm, skirt, tie, tied up, leather, silk, hacked, wine, hinky
Nikita/Smallville, Alex/Tess, orphan, broken, fighter
Nikita/Undercovers, Samantha Bloom/Nikita, double cross, organization
Numb3rs/Star Trek: Reboot, Charlie Eppes/Pavel Chekov, mathematics, understanding, connection, moment

Oliver Twist/Sweeney Todd (movieverse), Toby/Dodger, get by
One Tree Hill/Supernatural, Brooke Davis/Dean Winchester, sometimes you need someone to take care of you
One Tree Hill/True Blood, Millicent Huxtable/Alcide Herveaux, warm, familiar, unknown
Ookiku Furikabutte/Princess Nine, Shinooka/Koharu, laughter, competition
Outlander - Diana Gabaldon/RPF, Lord John Grey/Thomas Jefferson, discreet
Outlander - Diana Gabaldon/Vorkosigan Saga - LM Bujold, Lord John Grey/Bel Thorne, unexpected

Packed to the Rafters/Legend of the Seeker, Rachel/Cara, reincarnation, leather, white, mistress, agiel
Parks and Recreation/The Office, Pam/Ann, familiar
Pepsi Commercials/Supernatural, Gabriel/[any], hiding, dreams, sticky, Snoop Dog
Percy Jackson and the Olympians/South of Nowhere, Ashley/Spencer/Rachel, fit, spunk, flame, crack, sarcasm, drama, group, plan
Perfect Girl Evolution/Skip Beat!, Ranmaru/Sho, vanity
Perfect Girl Evolution/Skip Beat!, Sunako/Kyoko, aura, slasher movie, curse dolls, chance
Petshop of Horrors/Shadow of Memories, D/Homunculus, keep, know, pet
Petshop of Horrors/Shadow of Memories, D/Homunculus/Leon, smile, caught, burn
Petshop of Horrors/Shadow of Memories, Homunculus/Leon, steal, sly, shadows
Phineas & Ferb/Powerpuff Girls, Ferb/Buttercup, future, grad school, talk, hair
Pirates of the Caribbean/Temeraire - Naomi Novik, James Norrington/William Laurence, sea, sacrifices
Pirates of the Caribbean/Temeraire - Naomi Novik, William Laurence/Jack Sparrow, dragons and pirates, gold
Pirates of the Caribbean/The Princess and the Frog (2009), Mama Odie/Tia Dalma, tea, tribute, trickery
Pretty Little Liars/The Social Network, Spencer Hastings/Cameron Winklevoss, talk
Pretty Little Liars/The Social Network, Spencer Hastings/Erica Albright, any
Pretty Little Liars/The Vampire Diaries, Emily Fields/Bonnie Bennett, connect
Pretty Little Liars/The Vampire Diaries, Spencer Hastings/Alaric Saltzman, chalk, curious, envy, experience, hunting
Pretty Little Liars/The Vampire Diaries, Spencer Hastings/Vicki Donovan, new girl, hiding something, A, road, vampires in Rosewood
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen/Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen, Wickham/Willoughby, together in sin, The Scene, comparison, can never be, whore, competition,
Primeval/Sanctuary, Sarah Page/Kate Freelander, research, in the air, danger, as the rush comes, red, languages
Primeval/Stargate Atlantis, Becker/John Sheppard, painless, sunburn, Canadians, responsibility, complicated, temple, action, challenge
Princess Bride/Privilege of the Sword - Ellen Kushner, Dread Pirate Wesley/Katharine, sparring, adventure

Queer as Folk/Supernatural, Michael/Dean Winchester, one-sided, hunt, savior

Red Dwarf/Star Trek: Voyager, Rimmer/Holographic Doctor, touch, differences, respect, lonely, argument, disgust
Repo Men/Supernatural, Remy/[any], safe house, hunger, forgotten, scars, reasonable, heart, bullet
Rescue Me/Stargate SG-1, Tommy Gavin/firemanAU!Sam Carter, competition, booze, ghosts
Resident Evil (games)/Supernatural, Leon Kennedy/Dean Winchester, drinks, chance, guns, gloves, mystery, fight, smirk, competent, doubtful, sharp
Resident Evil (movies)/Supernatural, Alice/Castiel, apocalypse, drugs, virus, teeth
RPF/Sanctuary, Ayn Rand/Nikola Tesla, inspiration, objectivism, autoerotic asphyxiation, zeigeist, libertarian, atlas shrugged, new york city, disparate, architecture, howard roark, publish this, roleplay, bondage, any
RPF/Saturday Night Live, Rihanna/Jon Hamm ('this guy'), nervous, stick-up, bank-robbing, dominance, confident
RPF/Sports Night, Casey McCall/Dan Rydell/Stephen Colbert, afternoon delight
RPF/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Misha Collins, good intentions, replace, twitter
RPF/Supernatural, Misha Collins/Castiel/2014!Cas, high, cross-dimension, dreaming, double-penetration, shotgunning, crazy, giggly, fun, going-with-the-flow
RPF/Supernatural, twitter!Misha/regular!Misha/Castiel, alcohol, my little ponies, geneva convention, russia

Salt/Undercovers, Salt/Samantha, mission, fire, handcuffs, chase
Sanctuary/Star Trek: Reboot, Nikola Tesla/Jim Kirk, drink, the final frontier, electromagnetism, San Francisco, orgasm denial, kinky shit, instruct, old school, tesla coil, any
Sanctuary/Stargate SG-1, Henry Foss/Sam Carter, leather, motorcycle, shield, computer, tequila, lost, spaceship
Sanctuary/Stargate SG-1, Nikola Tesla/Sam Carter, magnets, alien technology, wine, quantum
Sanctuary/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Henry Foss/Sarah Connor, determine, escape, hell, balloon, code-push, any
Sanctuary/The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003 Movie), Nikola Tesla/Mina Harker, blood, chains, night, legends,
Sanctuary/Torchwood, Helen Magnus/Jack Harkness, once a decade, mouth, impasse, coat, gershwin, any
Sanctuary/Torchwood, Nikola Tesla/Jack Harkness, show me your teeth, abject, ventriloquist, impressive, shouldn't want this, wine cellar, any,
Sanctuary/Torchwood, Will Zimmerman/Jack Harkness, lessons, protege, rhythm, call me, damsel in distress, ukulele, overwhelm, Helen Magnus, adventure, any
Sanctuary/Warehouse 13, Ashley Magnus/Claudia Donovan, kiss and tell, ocean, techno-geek high, best weapon
Sanctuary/Warehouse 13, Nikola Tesla/HG Wells, old stories, corsets, pain, shock
Sandman/The Unwritten, Dream/Tom Taylor, true stories
Sherlock (BBC)/The State Within, Lestrade/Nicholas Brocklehurst, protection
Sherlock (BBC)/The State Within, Mycroft Holmes/Nicholas Brocklehurst, secrecy, competition
Sherlock (BBC)/Torchwood, John Watson/Ianto Jones, similiar, sympathy, understanding, stress release
Sherlock (BBC)/Torchwood, Mycroft Holmes/Toshiko Sato, genius
Sherlock (BBC)/Torchwood, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson/Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, experiment, data, challenge
Sherlock (BBC)/White Collar, DI Lestrade/Neal Caffrey, game, intrigue, banter, surrender, seduce, linger
Sherlock (BBC)/White Collar, Sherlock Holmes/Neal Caffrey, caught
Sherlock Holmes (2009)/The X-Files, John Watson/Dana Scully, exasperated, physical, respect, impressed
Silent Hill 3/Supernatural, Heather/Sam Winchester, chosen one, the end, the world, kindred spirits, diner, hitchhiker, power, reality, rebirth, katana, comfort, drifter, angels, orphans, survivors, iconic, birthmark
Sleeping Beauty (Disney)/Snow White (Disney), Aurora/Snow White, sleepy
Sleeping Beauty (Disney)/The Little Mermaid (Disney), Maleficent/Ursula, [any]
Smallville/Chuck, Chuck/Lana, impostor, spark, shadow
Smallville/Supernatural, Chloe/Castiel, temptation, doubt, unexpected, caught, promises, stars
Smallville/Supernatural, Chloe/Dean Winchester, Impala, definite, escape, new, provoke, special, the one, moving on, scars, bar, tattoo, smirk, backseat, classic rock
Smallville/Supernatural, Clark Kent/Brady, mistaken identity, strength, possession, chair, mistaken identity, price, powers, mission, goal, wall!sex
Smallville/Supernatural, Clark Kent/Dean Winchester, busted, lies, want, magnetic, back seat, doppleganger, family business, trust issues, incubus, Impala, different, hunting, unexpected, Impala, powers, hopeful, take down, not alone, survive, silence, lips, floor, entangled, grip, hero
Smallville/Supernatural, Jason Teague/Dean Winchester, lips, innocence, take, tender, ride, different, mirror, hard, rescue, blowjob
Smallville/Supernatural, Lois Lane/Dean Winchester, snark, undercover, case, tease, hero, Impala, suggestion
Smallville/Supernatural, Oliver Queen/Bela Talbot, silk sheets, poker, wine
Smallville/Supernatural, Oliver Queen/Jo Harvelle, zombies, dress up/dress down, physical
Smallville/The Vampire Diaries, Lois Lane/Damon, exciting, take, scream, hunted, smile, midnight
Smallville/Torchwood, Lex Luthor/Owen Harper, better, experimentation, pledge, salvation, service
Smallville/Veronica Mars, Lex Luthor/Veronica Mars, ground, must, niche, need, lemon, sour, whiskey, murder
Smallville/Veronica Mars, Oliver Queen/Veronica Mars, litigation, review, clues, bow, find, ever after
Sons of Anarchy/Supernatural, Gemma Teller-Morrow/John Winchester, tussle, mouth, scar, shotgun
Sophie Devereaux/Myka Bering, artifact, diamonds, Paris
Southland/Supernatural, Ben Sherman/Dean Winchester, risk, haunted, stars, naive, shotgun, sacred ground, fruits
Spartacus/Xena, Lucretia/Xena, gladiator, submission
Star Ocean: Second Evolution/Tales of the Abyss, Jade/Dr. Lantis, confrontation, arguement, battle, intensity, emotion, passion, power
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Stargate Atlantis, Worf/Ronon Dex, fight, steel, alone, knife, widower
Star Trek: Reboot/Star Trek: The Next Generation, Kirk/Q, shiny, fascinate
Star Trek: Reboot/Stargate Atlantis, Montgomery Scott/Radek Zelenka, engineers
Star Trek: Reboot/Stargate Atlantis, Montgomery Scott/Rodney McKay, uniform, inspection
Star Trek: Reboot/Stargate Atlantis, Uhura/Teyla Emmagan, language, water, team, sketch, relief
Star Trek: Reboot/Stargate SG-1, Gaila/Vala Mal Doran, bar, stowaway, whiskey
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, James Kirk/Dean Winchester, grunt, fight, bar, pool, bet, winner takes all, leather, fast, broken, bar, back room, dirty
Star Trek: Reboot/Torchwood, James Kirk/Jack Harkness, Peter Pan Syndrome, smile, coat, irrepressible, alley, fight, tiger by the tail, held down, bar
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Star Trek: Voyager, Beverly Crusher/Kathryn Janeway, crossing paths, admiralty, crisis, Starfleet Academy, old flame
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Star Trek: Voyager, Lady Q/K'Ehleyr, fascination
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Star Trek: Voyager, Picard/Janeway/Q, mortality, tenderness, Borg
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Star Trek: Voyager, Qjr/Amanda Rogers, young love, babysitter, hot for teacher
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Supernatural, Q/Gabriel, sugar, chocolate, irreality, marching band, Tricksters Inc., Winchesters, smoke, laser, teleportation, beam, Scotty, Picard
Star Trek: The Original Series/Star Trek: The Next Generation, Amanda Rogers/Charlie Evans, human/superhuman, touch, rescue
Star Trek: The Original Series/Star Trek: The Next Generation, Spock/Q, humans, advice
Star Trek: The Original Series/Star Trek: Voyager, Lady Q/Trelane (as adult entity), war games, "a lot like you"
Star Wars: Clone Wars/Star Wars: Republic Commando, Ahsoka/Etain, confidence, war-weary
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Cameron Mitchell, bad boys, care, first kiss, flirt, green, leather, off-world, stranded, tipsy,
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, apocalypse, dancing, Earth, figure of speech, local customs, one bedroom apartment, secrets
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Ba'al, bathtime, jealous, tempted, tired
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Cameron Mitchell, jeans, kitchens, shower, water, porn, drunk, missing
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, tease, giggle, legs, bowl
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Ba'al, playful, football, drunk, loss, smooth
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, [any], tease, undone, sweat, sharp, immobile, prompt, beneath, share, guilt, anger, afraid, honest, romantic, tender, vacation, stranded, high, sun, playful, adrenaline, War, anniversary, closer.
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Jack O'Neill, [any], leadership, impulsive, satin, confession, seduction, competition, command
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Cameron Mitchell, sharing, first time, love, bond, massage, wine, enemy, tease, dirty talk, claiming,
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, trust, parallels, mission, BBQ, provocation, invitation
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell, midnight, blue, socks, ritual attire, hot and cold, street clothes, jeans, chocolate, ice cream
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Peter Grodin/Daniel Jackson, Ascended Cafe, loophole, jump
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Cameron Mitchell, fly, comparison, shock, sparkle, trapped, hero, hurt, rip, silence, handgun, reward, fly, comparison, shock, sparkle, trapped, hero, hurt, rip, silence, handgun, reward
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Daniel Jackson, truth-serum, fire, substitute, trapped
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Jack O'Neill, going commando, misunderstanding, snark, eager, control
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Daniel Jackson, translate, teaching
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Janet Fraiser, late nights, amusement, tension, flirting, pursuit, topping
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell, ante up, country boy, ivy, barter, combat, honey, tied, beaches, salt
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell/Elizabeth Weir, history, lucky, overheard
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Daniel Jackson, cultural differences
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Evan Lorne/Dean Winchester, drunk, sarcastic, smirk, subtle, sweat
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Laura Cadman/Jo Harville, home, sheets, showers, dirty
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Rodney McKay/Gabriel, consort, challenge, truth, spirit, cosmos
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Teyla Emmagan/Dean Winchester, attraction
Stargate Atlantis/The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore/John Sheppard, darkness
Stargate Atlantis/The West Wing, Evan Lorne/Ellie Bartlett, whirlwind romance, second chances, lust, daring, motels, mile high club, undressing
Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Teyla Emmagan/Toshiko Sato, alien women
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Vala Mal Doran/Dean Winchester, club, even, evasive, food, loud
Stargate SG-1/The West Wing, Cameron Mitchell/Ainsley Hayes, weddings, t-shirts, kisses, crush, tickling
Supernatural/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Castiel/Thomas Raith, hunger, curiosity, warm, demon, addiction, will, porn
Supernatural/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Dean Winchster/Thomas Raith/Sam Winchester, teeth, heat, excuses, middleman, vampires suck
Supernatural/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Sam Winchester/Harry Dresden, tall, cold, possession, blood, amulet, soulgaze, escape, return
Supernatural/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Sam Winchester/Molly Carpenter, bar, beer, same, blood, redemption, rain, directions, seeker, humanity, solace, calm, helping hand, piercing, colorful
Supernatural/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Sam Winchester/Thomas Raith, teeth, skin, Justine, play, myth
Supernatural/The Mummy, Ardeth/Castiel, aeons, time, belief
Supernatural/The Tudors, Dean Winchester/Henry, time travel, mistake, punishment, help
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries (TV), Dean Winchester/Caroline, again, fragile, locker rooms
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Adam Milligan/Caroline Forbes, human, forgetting, normal
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Dean Winchester/Damon Salvatore, Hell
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Lenore/Damon Salvatore, fight, blood, kink, biting, cuddle
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Lenore/Damon Salvatore/Stefan Salvatore, coffee, rope, dancing
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Original!Ruby/Damon, questions, fake, passage, travel, anger, lust, water, fire, dirt, trapped, forget, circumstances
Supernatural/The X-Files, John/Mulder, truth, handjob, jeans, moonshine, explosion, nails, nostalgia
Supernatural/Torchwood, Dean Winchester/Owen Harper, aggravation, jealousy, together, waiting
Supernatural/Torchwood, Sam Winchester/Owen Harper, addiction, blood, bound, brains, memory, promise, resemblance,
Supernatural/Transformers, Dean Winchester/Sam Witwicky, lessons, expensive, scarf, dead, sms, hot, alone, road, bareback
Supernatural/Transformers, Impala/Bumblebee, magic, flesh, helpless, technology, human, research, slick
Supernatural/True Blood, Castiel/Eric, humanity, touch, tricks
Supernatural/Twilight, Alpha Vampire/Aro, boss
Supernatural/Twilight, Castiel/Carlisle, scent, lick, bite, taste
Supernatural/Twilight, Castiel/Carlisle/Esme, home, safe, play, discover
Supernatural/Veronica Mars, Dean Winchester/Veronica Mars, vampires, tongue, sarcasm, fake ID, grin
Supernatural/White Collar, Dean Winchester/Neal Caffrey, FBI, ID, fake, charm, snark, motel, tracker, Impala, run, adrenaline, guns, hands, alias, gun, chase, cover, case, suit

The A-Team/The Losers, Face/Cougar/Jensen, any
The A-Team/The Losers, Face/Jensen, talkative, smarts, flirtatious
The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones/Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones, Chrestomanci/Howl, dimensions, closets, magic-touch
The Chronicles of Narnia/Supernatural, Susan/Castiel, haunted
The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher/Torchwood, Thomas Raith/Jack Harkness, feed, pheromones
The Good Wife/Veronica Mars, Kalinda Sharma/Veronica Mars, challenge, velvet, tequila, spank
The Good Wife/White Collar, Diane Lockhart/June, pleasant, power,expedite, represenation
The Mentalist/The West Wing, Teresa Lisbon/Sam Seaborn, California, necklace, whisper, towel, home, hair, evening, red
The Misfits/Torchwood, Nathan/Jack Harkness, lost, lonely, drunk
The Prisoner (1967)/Doctor Who, McKern!Number Two/Delgado!Master, toys, domination, madness
The Prisoner (1967)/Doctor Who, McKern!Number Two/Vislor Turlogh, school master, caning
The Social Network/Zombieland, Columbus/Eduardo, adrenaline
The Talented Mr. Ripley/White Collar, Peter Smith-Kingsley/Neal Caffrey, statuary, scarves, dapper, elusive, mirrors, chess, limoncello
The West Wing/White Collar, Toby Ziegler/Neal Caffrey, zeugma, frost, daydream
The Wire/White Collar, Diana Barrigan/Kima Griggs, [any]
The X-Files/V (2009), Dana Scully/Erica Evans, hiding, blonde, fight, leather, drunk, end of the world, porch, long legs, tension, kindred spirits
Torchwood/UFO, Jack Harkness/Ed Straker, secret, aliens, fear, stress, strategy
Torchwood/White Collar, Jack Harkness/Neal Caffrey, conning a con man, sleight of hand, just for fun, alien sex toys
True Blood/Twilight, Jasper/Sookie, old south
True Blood/White Collar, Eric/Peter Burke, victim, hangover, silver, enemy, patient, graveyard, hunt

Undercovers/White Collar, Samantha Bloom/Diana Barrigan, partners
Undercovers/White Collar, Samantha Bloom/Neal Caffrey, flirt-off

Veronica Mars/White Collar, Veronica Mars/Lauren Cruz, revolver, flashlight


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