Porn Battle XI - Eleven Days of Porn




Latest update: 6th February 2011, all the entries (approximately 975) are linked below.


Livejournal Page 1

Crossover, Aladdin (Disney)/Mulan (Disney), Untitled by [ profile] ilthit, Jasmine/Mulan, [any] [ART]

The Vampire diaries, A Braid of Secrets by [ profile] casper_san, Caroline/Tyler, secretive

Stupid and Ever-Skidding, Rant by Chuck Palahniuk, Untitled by [ profile] nonky, Echo/Rant, taste, coin, crash, deep, strange

Doctor Who, Studying by [ profile] toestastegood, Amy Pond/Sally Sparrow, gorgeous, pleasure

Smallville, Holding in a Beast by [ profile] nonky, Chloe/Davis, monster, explore, calm

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Untitled by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Spike/Riley Finn, on your knees

Y: The Last Man, Untitled by [ profile] ilthit, 355/Dr. Mann, affirmation [ART]

DCU, Tell Me Another One by [ profile] ladytalon1, Arthur Light/Kimiyo Hoshi, secrets [ART]

The West Wing, All Exiles Are Distinguished by [ profile] damelola, Andy/Toby, bruises, Gaza

The Transporter, Police procedure by [ profile] vange, Frank Martin/Inspector Tarconi, handcuffs

RPF, Maybe This Time by [ profile] monimala, Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell, public

Weeds, Pretty, Sucky by [ profile] nonky, Andy/Nancy, High, Milk

Dexter, Basic Combat Stance by [ profile] nonky, Deb Morgan/Joey Quinn, fight, comfort, handcuffs, wall

Burn Notice, Changes by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Michael/Sam, undercover

Glee, To Old for Barbies by [ profile] snoozin81, Santana/Sam, locker room

Being Human US, Shower Buddies by [ profile] nonky, Aiden/Josh, accidental boyfriends, domesticity, first time, nervous

Generation Kill, some boyhood bravery by [ profile] little_missmimi, Stafford/Christeson, roommates, unexpected

Legend of the Seeker, Proposition by [ profile] lexus_grey, Cara/Denna/Kahlan, proposition

Gargoyles, Enchantment by [ profile] nancybrown, Fox/Puck/Xanatos, magic

Veronica Mars, Closure by [ profile] nonky, Logan/Veronica, over, scream

Supernatural, Wet by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Dean/Castiel, wet, hands, kiss

My So-Called Life, Shared Ghosts by [ profile] nonky, Jordan/Rayanne, excuses, Frozen Embryos, good, loft

Misfits, Ambitious Outsiders by [ profile] stainofmylove, Alisha/Kelly, laughter

Sunshine (movie), Bloodstream and Flow by [ profile] nonky, Capa/Cassie, observatory


Dreamwidth Page 1

Guiding Light, The Wedding Gift by [ profile] kmr2009, Natalia/Olivia, first-time, wedding-night

V (2009), Haven by [personal profile] jena, Lisa/Erica Evans, safety

Green Hornet (2011), Untitled by [personal profile] lemposoi, Kato/Britt Reid, tequila

Ranma 1/2, Untitled by [personal profile] lemposoi, Kuno/Nabiki, money

Dexter, Maybe The Rain by [personal profile] lonelywalker, Deb Morgan/Frank Lundy, thunderstorm

Crossover, Firefly/Leverage, Untitled by [personal profile] lemposoi, Kaylee Frye/Alec Hardison, engine

Star Trek: Reboot, Untitled by [personal profile] lemposoi, Gaila/Spock/Uhura, sparkle

Anthropomorphic, Untitled by [ profile] athenesolon, Peanut Butter/Chocolate, (any)

The Vampire Diaries, "Wild Ride" by [personal profile] lion_heart, Elena/Stefan, ferris wheel, lick, wild

Doctor Who, Not So Far Away by [personal profile] commoncomitatus, Ace/River, catch me if you can

Greek Mythology, Spring of Our Parting by [personal profile] hereswith, Persephone/Hades, stay, symmetry

Stargate SG-1, Learning Curve by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Baal/Sam, offworld, do it like this [ART]

Final Fantasy VIII, "Wild Animals" by [personal profile] cypher, Seifer/Zell, punch, pride, bruises

Transformers G1, After the Battle by [personal profile] caia, Elita-1/Chromia, sisters-in-arms

Crossover, Hawaii Five-O (2010)/Leverage, What I Am by [personal profile] kayim, Steve McGarrett/Eliot Spencer, fight

Generation Kill, Better by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, resident advisor, ties

Misfits, Experimenting by [personal profile] toestastegood, Alisha/Kelly, trust

The Sorcerer's Apprentice, "Fire and Fire" by [personal profile] lion_heart, Balthazar/Veronica, reunited

Crossover, Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Animal Nitrate by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Lenore/Damon, blood, fight, biting

Smallville, List by [personal profile] twinsarein, Clark/Lex, list

Friday Night Lights, Things I Forgot by [personal profile] scoob2222, Tim/Tyra, letter

RPF, That's a Wrap by [personal profile] lauriestein, Meryl Streep/Anne Hathaway/Emily Blunt, dawn

Predators, "Paradise in Hell" by [personal profile] lion_heart, Isabelle/Royce, stolen moment, hidden, rushed

Final Fantasy XIII, Practicing Ruin by [personal profile] leyna, Fang/Lightning, fight, smirk, Commando [ART]

Livejournal Page 2

General Hospital, Unspoken by [ profile] monimala, Lucy/Maxie, different

Merlin, In the Shadow of Your Heart by [ profile] danniisupernova, Merlin/Morgana, coin

RPF, Untitled by [ profile] idharao, Astaire/Rogers, locked, door, wall

Legend of the Seeker, Broken by [ profile] lexus_grey, Denna/Kahlan, White Leather

RPF, Untitled by [ profile] idharao, Astaire/Rogers.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kiss with a Fist by [ profile] ladycallie, Buffy/Faith, workout

Crossover, Fringe/The X-Files, Permanence and Certainty by [ profile] damelola, Olivia Dunham/Dana Scully, tattoos

Supernatural, Come with me, come quietly by [ profile] __tiana__, Dean/Sam, gas station

Blossom Culp Series - Richard Peck, Ghost of the Future by [ profile] she_burns1, Alexander/Blossom, barn

Live Free or Die Hard, His Only Concern by [ profile] nomelon, Mai Linh/Thomas Gabriel, kiss

Supernatural, Silent Night by [ profile] primarycolors92, Castiel/Sam, comfort

RPF, And we're in the men's room by [ profile] tomorrowwith, Donald Glover/Gillian Jacobs, set

Big Wolf on Campus, When You're Around by [ profile] synnerxx, Merton/Tommy, happiness, letterman-jacket, bleachers, waiting

Glee, Any semblance of innocence by [ profile] _afterism, Blaine/Kurt, bruise

Bible, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, David/Jonathan, birthright, honor, joy

Supernatural, All I am not by [ profile] synnerxx, Adam Milligan, Winchester

Avatar: the last airbender (tv), Don't Cry (Pt 1) by [ profile] justinofnimh, Sokka/Zuko, pain

Greek Mythology, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Hades/Persephone, choice, pomegranate

Off the Map, Untitled by [ profile] pathstotread, Lily Brenner/Ben Keeton, undertow

Supernatural, Battle Royale by [ profile] primarycolors92, Castiel/Dean, halo

Skins, The Backward Lovers Requiem by [ profile] champagnescene, Cook/Effy, hurt, scars

Bandom, Panic at the Disco, Just a Taste of What you Paid for by [ profile] fictionalaspect, Brendon Urie/Pete Wentz, direction

Supernatural, Take Back the Night by [ profile] primarycolors92, Ellen/Mary, privelege

Sherlock (BBC), Delivering her from grace by [ profile] mardia, Sarah/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, DP

The Covenant, Lazy Sunday Mornings by [ profile] havemy_heart, Reid/Tyler, warm



Dreamwidth Page 2

Crossover, Fringe/V (2009), Up to Our Neck in Foreign Soil by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic, Olivia Dunham/Erica Evans, wine, scotch, gun

Hawaii 5-0 (2010), Waiting for the Sound of Thunder by [personal profile] waldo, Steve/Danny, grey skies, lightning, drenched

Bandom, Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Roller Boogie by [personal profile] romantical, Gabe Saporta/Gerard Way, roller skates

Sense and Sensibility, Duet by [personal profile] dolimir_k, Colonel Brandon/Marianne Dashwood, duets

Final Fantasy X-2, Accidentally on Purpose by [personal profile] shanaqui, Gippal/Baralai, mouth

Mary Poppins, All Enchanted Paintings by [ profile] urban_stoop, Mary/Burt, wind

The Vorkosigan Saga - L.M. Bujold, Better Stimuli by [personal profile] petra, Aral/Cordelia, pegging

Supernatural, What If by [personal profile] fenellaevangela, Castiel/John, never

Supernatural, Welcome Home by [personal profile] lion_heart, Bill/Ellen, intense, sweet, wild

Anthropomorphic, Effervescent by [personal profile] doctor_jasley, Pepsi/Sprite, bubbles, clear, giggle

The Craft, I Take Into Me by [personal profile] scaramouche, Sarah/Bonnie, scars

Fringe, What Selfishness, To Be Alone by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Olivia, solo

RPF, And We’re in the Men’s Room by [personal profile] tomorrowwith, Donald Glover/Gillian Jacobs, set

Marvel, A Friend in Need by [personal profile] dazzledfirestar, Clint Barton/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, cooperation, comfort, loyal

Anthropomorphic, Dance of Seduction by [ profile] athenesolon, Tango/Music, sensual, public restraint

DCU, Ignition by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Arthur Light/Kimiyo Hoshi, begging, light, burning, explosive

Airplane!, Tylenol by [personal profile] samuraiter, Ted/Elaine, what

RPF, Theatre Kids by [personal profile] ladyofspring, Lea Michelle/Matthew Morrison, after party, Golden Globes

RPF, Pair of Dull Scissors and The Yellow Light by [personal profile] bibliothekara, Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, promises

Inception, Dreams are Private Myths by [personal profile] cinaed, Ariadne/dream!Mal, Cobb, afraid

DCU, Red by [personal profile] jammyjar, Selina Kyle (Catwoman)/Kate Kane (Batwoman), night, lips

Crossover, Castle/24, Clock’s Ticking by [personal profile] withherhands, Kate Beckett/Jack Bauer, interrogation

Spirited Away, Beyond the Sea by [personal profile] scarletseraph, Chihiro/Lin, wistful

Bandom, Panic at the Disco/Cobra Starship, Hazards of Modern Medication by [personal profile] gala_apples, Brendon Urie/Gabe Saporta, tag

Avatar: the Last Airbender, Shiver by [personal profile] musesfool, Sokka/Katara, shiver



Livejournal Page 3

Castle, she tastes like midnight she tastes like wine by [ profile] veils, Castle/Beckett, New Years Eve, drunk, wall, pina coladas

Anthropomorphic, Entwine by [ profile] synnerxx, Black/Red, Bleed, Color, Mix

Primeval, How to Disappear Completely (And Never Be Found Again) by [ profile] merihn, Becker/Connor, found

Legend of the Seeker, Teach Me by [ profile] lexus_grey, Kahlan/Cara, curious

RPF, Intermission by [ profile] abvj, Garrett Hedlund/Leighton Meester, golden globes, alone

Beauty and the Beast, Love is the Prerogative of the Brave by [ profile] tosca1390, Belle/Prince Adam, hideaway

Bandom, My Chemical Romance, Gimme a Head With Hair by [ profile] gala_apples, Frank/Gerard, drinking, collar, chapter, red, shaved

Castle, i'll be alive and you'll be kicking by [ profile] veils, Castle/Beckett, thunderstorm, elevator, writer's block

Nancy Drew, Look Inside by [ profile] augustfalcon, George/Nancy, locket

Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte, Ground by [ profile] arguingvitality, Heathcliff/Cathy Earnshaw, moors

The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare, Untitled by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Jace/Alec/Isabelle/Clary, training

The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare, Untitled by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Clary/Simon, fangs, secret, warmth, skin, first time, don't tell him.

The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare, Untitled by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Jace, solo pleasure, guilt, sister

CSI: New York, Reassurance by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Danny Messer/Don Flack, injury

Glee, how hard we try by [ profile] myr_soleil, Will Schuester/Rachel Berry, jealousy

The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare, Untitled by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Alec/Isabelle, penetration

Gone with the Wind, Hunger by [ profile] ingridmatthews, Melanie/Scarlett, revolver

Doctor Who, Return of the Masque by [ profile] daystarsearcher, Four/Sarah Jane, blue, smiles

The Vampire Diaries, Case of Mistaken Identity by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Jeremy/Katherine, mirrors, sister, ring

The Vampire Diaries, The Bargain by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Elena/Elijah, bargaining

Doctor Who, The More The Merrier by [ profile] winninghearts, Rory/Rose, mixup

Criminal Minds, The Long Goodbye by [ profile] abvj, Emily/JJ, distanced

Green Hornet (2011), Untitled by [ profile] ilthit, Kato/Britt Reid, partners, [ART]

DCU, Under the Radar by [ profile] ladytalon1, Arthur Light/Ralph Dibny, experiment, [ART]

Vanity Fair - William Makepeace Thackeray, Untitled by [ profile] ilthit, Rebecca Sharp/Miss Swartz, deceptions, [ART]



Dreamwidth Page 3

Glee, Summer Day by [personal profile] sotto_voce, Kurt Hummel/Blaine, first time

True Blood, Can Be Cruel by [personal profile] stainofmylove, Jessica/Tommy, cut, knife

Eureka, Different is Good by [ profile] lyssie, Grace/Henry Deacon, for the first time

DCU (Superman III), Take Another Picture by [personal profile] saavikam77, Jimmy Olsen/Lana Lang, reminisce, hair, hands, sweet, park

RPF, Soft by [ profile] fedaltard, Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin, skin

Fringe, Snow by [personal profile] medie, Olivia/OFC, Prisoner

Hawaii Five-O (2010), Like the Ocean Meets the Shore by [personal profile] d_generate_girl, Chin/Kono, depths

Firefly, Demise of a Mustache by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Wash/Zoe, mustache, first time

Stargate (1994), Mnevis by [personal profile] ravenholdt, Daniel Jackson/Ra, necklace, dominance, serve, translation, resurrect

Shelter, You & Me by [personal profile] dahlia_moon, Zach/Shaun, outdoors, beach

Tron: Legacy, Undisclosed by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Sam Flynn/Edward Dillinger Jr., history, secretive

Green Hornet (2011), Turn About by [personal profile] zoi_no_miko, Kato/Britt Reid, control

RPF, By the Brush by [personal profile] lule_bell, Lady Murasaki/Sei Shonagon, rivalry, exquisite, ink, ephemeral, ashes

Enchanted, No wonder your heart feels like it's flying by [personal profile] flyingthesky, Giselle/Robert, "Oh my!"

Dexter, Escape Route by [personal profile] lonelywalker, Deb Morgan/Frank Lundy, airports

Lord of the Rings, Keep Shadows at Bay by [ profile] urban_stoop, Eomer/Aragorn, brothers in arms

Primeval, Agenda by [personal profile] noxnoctisanima, Becker/Matt, Everest, hands, instinct

Moonlight, The Waiting Game by [personal profile] nomelon, Mick/Beth, handcuffs, desert

Generation Kill, Worst Threesome Ever by [ profile] blincolin, Brad/Ray(/Nate), genderswap, threesome, affection

Wicked, Empty Bed by [personal profile] toestastegood, Elphaba/Glinda, emerald

Crossover, Lost/V, The New Partner by [personal profile] lule_bell, Sawyer/Erica, blondie, lonely, guns, scar

Shelter, Art by [personal profile] dahlia_moon, Zach/Shaun, nude

Pretty Little Liars, Play It Loud by [personal profile] arguing_vitality, Aria/Ezra, jukebox

Crossover, Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII, Untitled by [personal profile] papryka, Tifa Lockhart/Quistis Trepe, [Any]

DCU (Superman Returns), No Blame, No Going Back by [personal profile] saavikam77, Clark Kent/Jimmy Olsen/Richard White, take-out



Livejournal Page 4

Stargate: Universe, Beginner's Luck by [ profile] penniless1, Eli/Ginn, giggle, dream

Supernatural, Give me a sign, I want to believe by [ profile] merihn, Sam/Dean, case, together, always

DCU, Your heart is safe with me by [ profile] rizny, Clark Kent/Richard White, kiss, strong, heart [ART]

30 Rock, Almost Enjoyable by [ profile] winninghearts, Liz/Wesley, accent

Pride and Prejudice (Any), Socially acceptable by [ profile] doreyg, Caroline Bingley/Jane Bennet, envy

Stargate SG-1, Critical Mass by [ profile] obsessivemuch1, Sam/Any, power, secrets, imagination, gifts

Community, Stimulate by [ profile] aluceya, Abed/Annie, dark, touch

High School Musical, You Had a Bad Day by [ profile] bribitribbit, Ryan/Chad, public, first times, poor sportsmanship

Make It Or Break It, Safety First by [ profile] monimala, Sasha/Payson, fear

Glee, This Isn't The Breakfast Club by [ profile] snoozin81, Santana/Sam, detention, public

Sanctuary, Sometimes A Cruelty by [ profile] grav_ity, Helen Magnus/James Watson, kindness or cruelty

Bandom, Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Untitled by [ profile] greedy_dancer, Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way, rhythm, song, last, kiss

Harry Potter, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Fleur Delacour/Hermione Granger, elegance

Supernatural, The Road to Hell by [ profile] caitn, Sam Winchester/Ruby, run

RPF, this is not film noir by [ profile] hyacinthian, Ellen Page/Joseph Gordon-Levitt, cigarette, unexpected

Crossover, Marvel/RPF, Modifications by [ profile] kristinmachina, Tony Stark/Lady Gaga, Costume design

Greek Mythology, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Persephone/Hades, invert, laughter, flirt

Legend of the Seeker, Push by [ profile] lexus_grey, Cara/Kahlan, bloodplay, push

RPF, Risky Business by [ profile] synnerxx, Misha Collins/Richard Speight, Jr., On set, tied up, rough

Sherlock (BBC), a liking for dangerous things by [ profile] mardia, Anthea/Molly, pillage

Firefly, Simple (unless we die) by [ profile] shadowsoffense, Inara/Kaylee, skills, shyness, beauty, strength, tools, sandalwood

Battlestar Galactica (2003), the breadcrumb trail we lost by [ profile] hyacinthian, Boomer/Helo, identity

Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Better Late Than Never by [ profile] portraitofafool, Chin/Kono, champagne, hope

Torchwood, Because I Am Here Now by [ profile] nancybrown, Jack/Ianto, restraint, ownership, branding

A Room with a View, Quite Different Territory by [ profile] innie_darling, Lucy/George, sunlit



Dreamwidth Page 4

RPF, Couldn't Sweeten This Deal by [personal profile] summerstorm, Anne Hathaway/Emily Blunt, hunger

The Walking Dead, The Bride's Hair by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Rick/Lori, guilt, honeymoon, missed you

Generation Kill, The Pants-Down Maneuver by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, undercover

Firefly, Disguised As A Girl by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Jayne Cobb/River Tam, weapon, realization, kiss

Pretender, Going Through The Motions by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Jarod/Miss Parker, love

Tin Man, Off The Dance Floor by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Cain/DG, dance, wedding

Animorphs, My Lips, Two Blushing Pilgrims, Ready Stand by [personal profile] dancinbutterfly, Elfangor/Loren, discovery

Sherlock, Hard to Get by [personal profile] prodigy, Jim Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes, pride

Crossover, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Tramps Like Us by [personal profile] topaz_eyes, Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor, grief, loss, loneliness

Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Afterthoughts by [personal profile] samuraiter, Alucard/Maria, [any]

Harry Potter, Covenant by [ profile] gnosticdiva, Bellatrix Lestrange/Hermione Granger, scream crucio, bondage, pinned

Pirates of the Caribbean, Old Time's Sake by [personal profile] lion_heart, Anamaria/Jack Sparrow, slap, gone

Crossover, Fringe/The Walking Dead, Still Alive by [personal profile] elfin, Olivia Dunham/Rick Grimes, home, storm

Tale of Genji, Blue Sea Waves by [personal profile] glitterburn, Genji/To no Chujo, dance

Predators, Tension Doesn't Even Cover It by [personal profile] lion_heart, Isabelle/Royce, survival, muffle

Castle, Feeling Leaves Me Wanting More by [personal profile] parentheses, Kate Beckett/Rick Castle, club, wall, “we're in public!”, undercover

Fairy Tales, Consuming Rose by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Beauty/Beast, chase, hide-and-seek, outside, lust, rose, wild

Gossip Girl, Immersion Therapy by [ profile] missymarigold, Chuck/Vanessa, bathroom, party, therapy

Luther, Power Play by [personal profile] toestastegood, Alice Morgan/John Luther, flame, burn

Supernatural, Treat by [personal profile] twinsarein, Dean Winchester/Pie, cherry, hot delicious, crumbs, sweer

Bandom, Cobra Starship/The Academy Is..., In Lieu Of Presents by [personal profile] romantical, Victoria Asher/William Beckett, dress

Crossover, Harry Potter/Labyrinth, Lessons Learned by [ profile] kristinmachina, Jareth/Lucius Malfor, owl

Homestuck, Troll Anatomy by [personal profile] issei, Kanaya/Rose, watching, curious

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Erogenous Zone by [personal profile] secondalto, Anya/Spike, scar



Livejournal Page 5

Good Omens, Slippery When Wet by [ profile] jane_potter, Aziraphale/Crowley, leather, water

Dexter, what are feelings without emotions? by [ profile] danniisupernova, Deb/Dexter, shelter

The O.C., Giving In by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Ryan/Summer, shatter, summer

Luther, Ordinary by [ profile] karlamartinova, Alice Morgan/John Luther, unmarried

Supernatural, Untitled by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Sam/Gabriel/Lucifer/Jo, flock, double penetration, voyeurism, grace sharing

Winter's Bone, An Angry Blade by [ profile] slagsmacker, Ree/Gail, brave

Stargate SG-1, La Petite Mort by [ profile] obsessivemuch1, Ba’al/Sam Carter, the end of the universe

RPF, Not Nineteen Forever by [ profile] slagsmacker, Jodie Foster/Kristen Stewart, grown up

Burn Notice, The Middle by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Sam Axe/Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen,sharing, under covers

Green Hornet (2011), Untitled by [ profile] ilthit, Kato/Britt Reid, control

Legend of the Seeker, Can't Be You by [ profile] sos10, Cara/Kahlan, night terrors, dark

DCU, If They Only Knew by [ profile] ladytalon1, Arthur Light/Sue Dibny, yes, reversal

Avatar (2009), Untitled by [ profile] babettew54, Jake/Neytiri, celebration, queue

Generation Kill, Tonight's With You by [ profile] fosfomifira, Brad/Nate, skyscrapers

Stargate SG-1, Showtime by [ profile] obsessivemuch1, Ba’al/Sam Carter/Jack O’Neill, watching, prize

White Collar, Slow by [ profile] dameange, Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke/Neal Caffery, relax, calligraphy

Tin Man, Home by [ profile] dameange, Cain/DG, fingertips

Marvel/RPF, Modifications II by [ profile] kristinmachina, Steve Rogers/Lady Gaga, America

Smallville, Untitled by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Clark/Lois, Spelling

Prison Break, Under Her Skin by [ profile] clair_de_lune, Michael/Sara, prison, desk

Good Omens, Mochaccino Cherub by [ profile] jane_potter, Crowley/Aziraphale, coffee

Warehouse 13, Frozen by [ profile] shadowsoffense, H.G. Wells/Myka Bering, bronze, trapped

Enchanted, Still More by [ profile] toodiffer2breal, Giselle/Robert, first time, "Oh, my!", fast learner

Naruto, Worst Case Scenario by [ profile] penniless1, Sakura/Lee, boots, reach, control

Chuck, Slow Hands by [ profile] shimmeryshine, Chuck/Sarah, car, quiet



Dreamwidth Page 5

Skins (US), Morning by [personal profile] botherd, Tea/Michelle, sober, sunrise, cheating

Supernatural, The Last Night of Our Previous Lives by [personal profile] scaramouche, Victor/Castiel, comfort, mission

Crossover, Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, “Who’s Playing Who?” by [personal profile] lion_heart, Lenore/Damon Salvatore, fight, blood, biting

DCU, Call Waiting by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, sneaky

Kill Bill, Like You Mean It by [personal profile] rubyprism, O-Ren Ishii/GoGo Yubari, violence, experience

You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift, Different Belonging by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Narrator/Evil Girlfriend, hatesex

Final Fantasy VIII, Breakfast in Bed by [personal profile] nan, Seifer Almasy/Zell Dincht, breakfast

iCarly, Sneaking About by [personal profile] hamimi_fk, Carly Shay/Sam Puckett, bounce, camera, chicken, help

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Vantage Point by [personal profile] lysapadin, Xanxus/Squalo, genderswap, voyeurism, possession

Ivanhoe, Honey and Spice by [personal profile] isis, Wilfred/Rebecca, hands, touch

Anthropomorphic, A Shimmy and a Shake by [personal profile] doctor_jasley, Halloween/Valentine’s Day, wings, masks, pink, black

Leverage, Kissing Girls by [personal profile] sunspot, Parker/Sophie Devereaux, falling, twirling

Chronicles of Narnia, Stuff of Legends by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Caspian/Peter, sword, if, death, promise

Crossover, Despicable Me/The Incredibles, The Best Time of Your Life by [personal profile] cinaed, Margo/Violet, nice

Never Let Me Go, Battery Farms by [personal profile] ladyofspring, Ruth/Kathy, Covet, Ruin

Grey’s Anatomy, More than a warm body by [personal profile] scoob2222, April Kepner/Jackson Avery, bed

Black Swan, Persephone's Crown by [personal profile] prodigy, Nina/Thomas, monsters

Big Wolf on Campus, One Night by [personal profile] dahlia_moon, Merton Dingle/Tommy Dawkins, claws, fangs, fur

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof – Tennessee Williams, Denial by [personal profile] kahtyasofia, Brick/Skipper, denial

Sanctuary, Deep Sea Diving by [personal profile] kuwdora, Kali/Will, crushed

Eureka, Cure for Loneliness by [ profile] lyssie, Trevor Grant/Any (Beverly Barlowe), [any]

Anthropomorphic, The Anniversary by [ profile] gnosticdiva, Dreamwidth/Porn Battle, anniversary, champagne

Persona 3, Reversal by [personal profile] penny, Mitsuru/Yukari, underhanded, boots

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Block by [ profile] perfectstorm131, Elliot/Olivia, cold, dirty talk, workplace sex, restraint

Off the Map, this ship won't sail by [personal profile] slybrunette, any/any (Tommy/Mina), jungle



LiveJournal Page 6

The Chronicles of Narnia, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Peter/Edmund, alone, thunderstorm

RPF, Shadow Marks by [ profile] anr, Chris Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, contact

White Collar, I'll Give It To You by [ profile] hoosierbitch, Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, collars

The Big Bang Theory, All Tangled Up by [ profile] jazzfic, Penny/Sheldon, seatbelt

Primeval, Distraction Techniques by [ profile] quoththewriter, Becker/Matt, rain, touch, bite

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Possessive Article by [ profile] idharao, Eliott Stabler/Olivia Benson, knowing

Sanctuary, The Monster At The End of This Book by [ profile] grav_ity, Helen Magnus/Nikola/Tesla, still a monster

RPF, These Cold Winters by [ profile] hesperia, Michelle Williams/Ryan Gosling, pretend

Greek Mythology, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Hades/Persephone, differences, fit together, fair

Smallville, Lessons by [ profile] babettew54, Clark/AU Lois Lane, light vs dark, teach, apprehension

The Good Wife, Living in a Powder Keg by [ profile] lowriseflare, Aliia Florrick/Will Gardner, Georgetown, cologne, after hours, sounds

Gossip Girl, One Way or Another by [ profile] missvmarigold, Blair Waldorf/Serena van der Woodsen, fingers, yearning

Supernatural, Clean Up by [ profile] spacefragments, Castiel/Dean, jeans, taste [ART]

Tin Man, Pesky Clothes by [ profile] toodiffer2breal, Cain/DG, smirk, underwear

Good Omens, Constant by [ profile] jane_potter, Aziraphale/Crowley, ancient, time, spectacles, private, armchair, discovery

Stargate Atlantis, A Perfect Gentleman by [ profile] sara_wolf, Jeannie Miller/John Sheppard, surrogate

V (2009), Untitled by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Lisa/Tyler Evans, truth, lies, secrets, exposure, hate, love, forget

Sleeping Beauty (Disney), Arouse and Arouse by [ profile] casper_san, Aurora/Prince Phillip, erotic awakening

RPF, Sexy GetToGether by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Michael Rosenbaum/Tom Welling, [any]

Sanctuary, Juxtaposition by [ profile] sheikah, Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman, silk slip

Kingdom Hearts, Loving Fire by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Axel/Roxas, desperate, marks, flame, feel

Stargate SG-1, His Own Special Creation by [ profile] obsessivemuch1, Ba'al/Ba'al, balls

DCU, by [ profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, heat [ART]

Marvel (X-Men), Untitled by [ profile] ladielazarus, Kitty Pryde/Pete Wisdom, investigational habits

Pretty Little Liars, Collar by [ profile] arguingvitality, Aria/Ezra, lip gloss



Dreamwidth Page 6

Bandom, Fall Out Boy, Oh Nostalgia (I Don't Need You Anymore) by [personal profile] flyingthesky, Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz, heartbroken

DCU, Heaven by [personal profile] jammyjar, Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane/Clark Kent, orchids, straberries,mark, kneel

V (2009), The Fight by [personal profile] lule_bell, Erica/Hobbes, dirty, play, warehouse sex, dub-con, punch, basement, anger

DCU, Fake Love by [personal profile] jammyjar, Superman Returns!Lois/Superman returns!Richard,porn, dress up, kinky, dirty, love

V (2009), For the Team by [personal profile] lule_bell, Erica Evans/Kyle Hobbes/Jack Landry, hiding, jealousy, team

DCU, Possibilities by [personal profile] jammyjar, Superman Returns! Clark/Lois/Richard,wonder, possibilities, fighting

V (2009), Through the graves the wind is blowing (freedom soon will come) by [ profile] knopflergroupie, Erica/Jack, purgatory

IRIS, We Don't Bleed When We Don't Fight by [personal profile] piecesofalice, Park Chul Young/Kim Sun Hwa, loyalty, training, hurt

Burn Notice, Time by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sam Axe/Madeline Westen, alcohol, lazy

Askewniverse, Malleable by [ profile] unityfic, Alyssa/Banky/Holden, gold

Fringe, Whisky Haze by [personal profile] lule_bell, Noir!Olivia/Esther, partners, hands, touch, desk, dame, office

DCU, Thinking Of You by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Arthur Light, alone [ART]

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010), Second Time's The Charm by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Dastan/Tamina, sand, paint

The Vampire Diaries, Everybody's Doing It by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Damon/OFC, victim, game

Inception, In A Manner Of Speaking by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Ariadne/Eames, flower

The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins, Preludes to the Nights to Come by [personal profile] puella_nerdii, Finnick/Annie, ship of fools

Harry Potter, Keep Control by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Katie/Marcus, darkness.

Generation Kill, Here Inside by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, forgiveness

Inception, Kissing The Sun by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Ariadne/Arthur, sunlight.

Chrono Trigger, Woodcuts by [personal profile] samuraiter, Lucca/Magus, magic gone wrong

Dexter, Heat Haze by [personal profile] lonelywalker, Deb Morgan/Frank Lundy, heat

The Walking Dead, Happiness is a Warm Gun by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Andrea/Rick, desperate, one shot, eyes meet

Pirates of the Caribbean, Sea Foam by [personal profile] toestastegood, Calypso/Davy Jones, sea

8 Simple Rules, Limits and Vectors by [personal profile] lunarwolfik, Kerry/Bridget, tutoring



Livejournal Page 7

The Vampire Diaries, Distraction by [ profile] mistress_britt, Alaric/Jenna, work, lesson, naughty

Harry Potter, Seduction goes both ways by [ profile] doreyg, adult!Rose Weasley/Draco Malfoy, forbidden, red

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bruises by [ profile] mistress_britt, Faith/Buffy, skirt, leather, lace

Black Swan, Surrender by [ profile] anissa7118, Lily/Nina Sayers, hidden, doppelganger, leather, yes, perfect, shadow

Crossover, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/Oz, Trading with the Devil by [ profile] surreallis, Olivia Benson/Chris Keller, rentboy

Sanctuary, Opportunities by [ profile] penknife, James Watson/Declan, perks

Band of Brothers, Crawl by [ profile] teaspoonery, X/Y, Liebgott/Webster, fight, after, shadow, inked, boot, lick, lies, shoulder, circle, cactus

Crossover, DCU/RPF, Men of Action by [ profile] kristinmachina, Anderson Cooper/Bruce Wayne, party, nightlife

Belgariad and Malloreon series - David Eddings, The Queen of the Woods by [ profile] amles80, Polgara/Xantha, hair

Marvel, Modifications III by [ profile] kristinmachina, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, friend, suits, hurt/comfort, bruises, blow job

Good Omens, Really Weird Things by [ profile] jane_potter, Crowley/Aziraphale, [any]

Cursed, Like the Wolf by [ profile] daruca, Bo/Jimmy, claim, primal

Chuck, Watching by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Chuck Bartowski/Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb, workout

The West Wing, reality is an illusion by [ profile] magisterequitum, Sam/Ainsley, senses, formal wear, dress

All My Children, Sweet Revenge by [ profile] kmr2009, Greenlee/Kendall, after hours

Doctor Who, Speaking of Sex by [ profile] daystarsearcher, Four/Sarah Jane, analytical, scarf, tweed, hands, alien

True Blood, Mind-Numbing by [ profile] throwdini, Jason/Sookie, telepathy

Ferris Bueller's Day Off, siren song by [ profile] hyacinthian, Jeanie/Cameron, take

Good Omens, Swan Song by [ profile] jane_potter, Crowley/Aziraphale, time, storm, public, feathers

30 Rock, Halfway by [ profile] michellek, Jack/Liz, under the desk

Eureka, Untitled by [ profile] goshdarnheck, Jack Carter/Allison Blake, first, S.A.R.A.H., wall, shower

Star Wars, Untitled by [ profile] ladielazarus, Jaina Solo/Jagged Fel, didactic, surprise

Misfits, Not quite a tattoo by [ profile] goddess09807, Simon/Alisha, hickey

Doctor Who, The Stars Burning So Extravagantly by [ profile] cinaed, Ian/Barbara, classroom



Dreamwidth Page 7

DCU, The Art of Concentration by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, sneaky, ice

Supernatural, Sweeter Than Wine by [personal profile] marizem, Sam/Gabriel, candy

Anthropomorphic, Untitled by [personal profile] isis, Dreamwidth/Porn Battle, affair

Bandom, Panic at the Disco, Top by [personal profile] eledhwenlin, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, voyeur

Doctor Who, Star Girl by [personal profile] toestastegood, Donna/Jenny, impressed

RPF, Catalyst by [personal profile] commoncomitatus, Tabrett Bethell/Bridget Regan, stripping

Marvel, Untitled by [personal profile] hawkbub, Misty Knight/Colleen Wing, chair [ART]

Marvel, Untitled by [personal profile] hawkbub, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, blowjob

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Operant Conditioning by [personal profile] lysapadin, Gokudera/Yamamoto, reversals

Inception, Hiding In Plain Sight by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Ariadne/Arthur/Eames, disguise, uncertainty

DCU, Untitled by [personal profile] hawkbub, Floyd Lawton/Thomas Blake [ART]

Friends, Once by [personal profile] secondalto, Joey Tribianni/Rachel Green, once

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, After Hours by [personal profile] lysapadin, Tsuna/Gokudera, afterhours, service, devotion, glasses, paperwork

Fringe, One in a Thousand by [personal profile] medie, Astrid Farnsworth/OFC, mistake

The Social Network, turn the lights on full and go by [personal profile] summerstorm, Cameron/Erica, voice, Harvard, temptation, revenge

Marvel, A Different Sort of Arrow by [personal profile] cyclops_squid, Balder/Loki, advice, tears

Fairy Tales, Strawberry Daiquiri With A Twist by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf, change, cornered, hood, after dark

Inception, Shooting Blind by [personal profile] recrudescence, Fischer/Saito, bullet

Die Hard (movies), We are a Go by [personal profile] scaramouche, John/Matt, toy, still

RPF, set yourself on fire by [personal profile] cherry_lips, Chris Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, Emmys, limousine, garter belt, lipgloss

Stargate SG-1, The Greatest Joy by [ profile] gnosticdiva, Teal'c/Any (Drey'auc), [any]

Marvel, Fixing All The Problems That You Made In Your Own Head by [personal profile] cyclops_squid, Steve Rogers/Clint Barton, worship

The Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins, Two Shots Too Many by [personal profile] mithrigil, Chaff/Haymitch, scar kink

Criminal Minds, lost constellations by [personal profile] lightened, Elle Greenaway/Spencer Reid, drinking, sickness

Tales of Vesperia, True Form by [personal profile] cypher, Elucifur/Duke, [any]



Livejournal Page 8

Legend of the Seeker, Small Step on the Other Side by [ profile] sos10, Cara/Kahlan, agiels, anal

Corpse Bride, Untitled by [ profile] goss, Emily/Victoria, butterflies, wedding, proper [ART]

The Moment Before, Sanctuary by [ profile] grav_ity, Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla, electricity

RPF, we'll be laughing all the way by [ profile] hyacinthian, Mark Ronson/Lily Allen, laugh

DCU, The New Trinity by [ profile] eternal_moonie,Tim Drake/Cassie Sandsmark/Connor Kent, let it go, always wanted you

DCU, Untitled by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Stephanie Brown/Tam Fox/Tim Drake, two strap-ons no waiting

Community, lessons in sapphic poetry by [ profile] aluceya, Annie/Britta, control, overachieving

Middleman, camping with zombies by [ profile] hyacinthian, Middleman/Wendy Watson, zombies

Chuck, Animal Instinct by [ profile] kmr2009, Sarah/Casey, dirty talk, motel, nature vs nurture

Community, Man is Evil by [ profile] she_burns1,Jeff/Annie, study room

The Vampire Diaries, A Very Bad Girl by [ profile] mistress_britt,Caroline/Stefan, bite, dangerous, control

Misfits, Good friends share everything by [ profile] isarn, Alisha/Simon/Nathan, drunk

Legend of the Seeker, Chain Me Up by [ profile] tarmenel, Cara/Denna, mistress, pain, submission

Life, Pieces by [ profile] mistress_britt, Charlie Crews/Rachel Seybolt, mangoes, wine, dark, loss, longing

Burn Notice, she steals like a thief but she's always a woman to me by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Sam Axe/Fiona, complicated

Doctor Who, Support by [ profile] trobadora, Ten/Jack, grief

Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Put it in Drive by [ profile] monimala, Danny/Kono/Chin, calling shotgun

Supernatural, Deal Breaker by [ profile] mistress_britt, Bela/Ruby, hell, burn, slick, black

Glee, Summer Lovin' by [ profile] snoozin81, Brittany/Puck, Fun

American Idiot, a hovering like grace by [ profile] little_missmimi, Tunny/Will/Extraordinary Girl, rhythm, normal

DCU, Untitled by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Rose Wilson, excitement

Final Fantasy X/X-2, Giving In by [ profile] sirea1182, Baralai/Yuna, memories, secrets, treaty, tea

Sanctuary, Machination by [ profile] grav_ity, Helen Magnus/James Watson, necessary

Being Human, If The World Tumbles Down by [ profile] toestastegood, Annie/George, fairytale

Legend of the Seeker, Young Adult Friction by [ profile] shimmeryshine, Cara/Kahlan, uncontrolled, doors



Dreamwidth Page 8

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien, Russandol by [personal profile] innin, Maedhros/Fingon, Red [ART]

Marvel, untitled by [personal profile] hawkbub, Dark Avengers/Clint Barton, teamwork [ART]

Crossover, Battlestar Galactica/Fairly Legal, Reinvention by [ profile] placating, Kara Thrace/Justin Patrick, strangers

Crossover, Glee/High School Musical, Hat Trick by [personal profile] cinaed, Kurt Hummel/Ryan Evans, hats

Primeval, Round One by [ profile] lyssie, Abby Maitland/Jess Parker, heels

Persona 3, (Due) Influence by [personal profile] penny, Mitsuru/Akihiko, gloves, truth

Dorian Gray, Darker Things by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Dorian/any, poison

DCU, Tell Me by [ profile] anissa7118, Superman Reeveverse!Evil!Superman/Superman Reeveverse!Lois Lane, not yourself, revenge

Calvin and Hobbes, Variations on a (Sordid) Pastime by [ profile] knopflergroupie, Older!Calvin/Older!Susie Derkins, Calvinball

The Green Hornet (2011), Your Kink-Fu is Weak by [ profile] piesek, Britt/Kato, partners, tequila

RPF, Morning Sunshine by [personal profile] sashataakheru, Jeff Lynne/Tom Petty/Dhani Harrison, collars, held down, restraints

Generation Kill, Good Morning by [personal profile] kahtyasofia, Brad/Nate, thigh holster

Marvel, untitled by [personal profile] haeresitic, Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton, snark, fight, dominance, wrestle, control, loss, earned, argue, adrenalin

Ashes to Ashes, the way the world ends by [personal profile] thatyourefuse, Gene/Alex/Keats, mask

The Fall, Broken Soul by [personal profile] arguing_vitality, Roy Walker/Nurse Evelyn, pity

The Road to El Dorado, untitled by [personal profile] lemposoi, Miguel/Tulio/Chel, share

Dorian Gray (2009), Swing The Cage Doors Wide by [personal profile] lion_heart, Dorian/Emily Wotton, cynic, experienced

Generation Kill, Hiding by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, tree house

Dexter, Give Me the Morning by [personal profile] lonelywalker, Deb Morgan/Frank Lundy, dream

My Chemical Romance, Good Boy by [personal profile] northern, Bob Bryar/Mikey Way, puppy play

Glee, Night Swimming by [personal profile] wordplay, Kurt/Blaine, water

Crossover, Pirates of the Caribbean/The Princess and the Frog (2009), Apprentice by [ profile] kristinmachina, Mama Odie/Tia Dalma, tea

Community, seconds to your elevator by [personal profile] summerstorm, Britta/Slater, bar

Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Long Way Round by [personal profile] wickedtruth, Steve/Danny, dinner, first time, impatient

Smallville, Satisfying Distraction by [personal profile] twinsarein, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, skating, underwear



Livejournal Page 9

Harry Potter, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, intuition, delicate, golden, warm, comfort

Criminal Minds, Those Unknown Seconds by [ profile] l3petitemort, Reid/JJ, comfort, numbers

Harry Potter, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Draco/Hermione, secret, marriage, curls, charm, broom

Fairy Tales, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty, smooth, cold

The Vampire Diaries, Untitled by [ profile] mistress_britt, Damon/Alaric/Jenna, voyeur, distractions, rules, trouble, attention whore

Voltron, Heliotrope by [ profile] nancybrown, Allura/Keith, dust, girls with guns, walls

Harry Potter, Bella's New Game by [ profile] redcandle17, Bellatrix/Hermione, strap-on

Legend of the Seeker, What You Need (Isn't What I Want) by [ profile] sos10, Cara/Kahlan, delay, withold

Harry Potter, When Good Girls Try To Be Bad by [ profile] redcandle17, Katie/Marcus, darkness

Tin Man, keep calm and by [ profile] hyacinthian, Azkadellia/Zero, questions

DCU, Unorthodox by [ profile] the_big_duck, Jason Todd/Talia al Ghul/Tim Drake, negotiations

Harry Potter, bullet points by [ profile] hyacinthian, Angelina Johnson/George Weasley, [any]

Make It or Break It, Obvious by [ profile] jennycarolyn, Payson/Sasha, obvious

One Life to Live, Dirty Little Secret by [ profile] summerofsoaps, Natalie/Brody, secret, stolen moments

Kingdom Hearts,, Masterpiece by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Kairi/Namine, innocence, paint

The Pretender, The End Of by [ profile] karlamartinova, Jarod/Miss Parker, innocence

Parks and Recreation, some kind of fantasy by [ profile] austen, Ben/Leslie, drunk

Law & Order: SVU, Almost Crimes by [ profile] hibbleton, Elliot/Olivia/Dean, bonds, trust, curious, shudder

The Vampire Diaries, Pissed Off by [ profile] mistress_britt, Alaric/Damon, playing with fire, spanking, dirty, sharp, reckless, human

The Vampire Diaries, Oral Pleasure by [ profile] mistress_britt, Alaric/Caroline, seventeen forever, adventure, road trip, thigh-highs

Stargate SG-1, With Benefits by [ profile] ladytalon1, Aris Boch/Sam Carter, laughter, appraisal, physical

Sherlock (BBC), Back Into The Fray by [ profile] she_burns1, John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, experiment

Supernatural, Broken Hallelujah by [ profile] mistress_britt, Anna/Ruby, knife, poison, hallelujah, fallen, delicate

Legend of the Seeker, Ruby's Maze by [ profile] aerows, Cara/Kahlan, forget, hurt, truth, love, agiel

Misfits, This Is Not My Life by [ profile] stainofmylove, Alisha/Simon, famous, high



Dreamwidth Page 9

DCU, Xenophonetics by [personal profile] ciaan, Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes, alien speak

Generation Kill, Unplanned by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, promise, DADT repeal

Avatar: the Last Airbender, We Need the Storm by [personal profile] pyreflies, Zuko/Azula, always crashing

Merlin, A Very Good Idea by [personal profile] toestastegood, Gwaine/Merlin, wall!sex

Smallville, The Crest by [personal profile] ciaan, Clark Luthor/Lex Luthor/Tess Luthor, rivalry, envy, hope

Legend of the Seeker, You Are Not the Problem (the Rest of This is) by [personal profile] foibles_fables, Cara/Kahlan, blankets

The Social Network, There Will Be Time by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Eduardo/Mark, time, alcohol

The Addams Family, Hate, or Something Like It by [personal profile] hamimi_fk, Wednesday/Amanda, high school

Dark Blue, Ty Gets Seduced by [personal profile] scoob2222, Dean Bendis/Jaimie Allen/Ty Curtis, undercover

Smallville, Bed Rest by [personal profile] jammyjar, Lois/Clark, pregnant, sheets, tongue, heartbeat

Glee, The Boys Are Calling For Me by [personal profile] recrudescence, Kurt/Blaine, never have I ever

Grey’s Anatomy, Pucker-Up Buttercup by [personal profile] m7storyteller, April/Jackson, sweater

RPF, Public by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Olivia Wilde/Megan Fox, outrageous

The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins, To the Victors by [personal profile] isis, Cinna/Haymitch Abernathy, protection

The Suite Life on Deck, Untitled by [personal profile] dahlia_moon, Bailey/London, gag

Gossip Girl, Hidden Wants by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Chuck Bass/Josh Ellis, rimming, new, calling, need

Dune – Frank Herbert, Picture You’re the Queen of Everything by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Paul/Irulan, hate

Gossip Girl, Finally Finding Home by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Blair/Chuck/Georgina, payback, toy

Swingtown, Miss Manners by [personal profile] theclosetalker, Tom/Janet/Trina, dear Janet

Cardcaptor Sakura, Mad About You by [personal profile] dahlia_moon, Touya/Yukito, water

Star Trek: Voyager, Ash by [personal profile] medie, Kathryn Janeway/B’Elanna Torres, anger

Infinite Undiscovery, Seeking Blind by [personal profile] cypher, Sigmund/Edward, devotion, heat, blindfold, need

Legend of the Seeker, You are a Mord-Sith by [personal profile] lexus_grey, Cara/Kahlan, Cara sees Kahlan in Mord’Sith Leather, biting, brothel, temptation, tongue, swagger, magic, strap-o, princess, heat, agile, scars, sub!Cara/dom!Kahlan

The Covenant, Striking Bargains by [personal profile] ghostrunner, Caleb/Chase, sting, reason

Doctor Who, Someday Out of the Blue by [personal profile] prodigy, Eleven/Master, death



Livejournal Page 10

Bonnie and Clyde (musical), Sounds Like by [ profile] sheveled, Bonnie Parker/Clyde Barrow, poetry, hide, laugh

Crossover, Green Hornet (2011)/Leverage, Untitled by [ profile] ilthit, Kato/Eliot Spencer, masks [ART]

Anthropomorphic, Repetition by [ profile] doreyg, Christmas/New Year’s Eve, winter, closeness, endings

Glee, what we need by [ profile] _afterism, Santana/Brittany, sweet lady kisses

Harry Potter, Familiar Places by [ profile] r_becca, Harry/Ginny, added bonus, tower, quick

The Vampire Diaries, Whispers by [ profile] mistress_britt, Elena/Elijah, in the house, predator, scent, desperation, taste

Legend of the Seeker, by [ profile] lexus_grey, Cara/Denna, mistress, pain, sorrow, bed, temple, submission, silence, innocence

Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy, Light and Dark by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Lightning/Sephiroth, superior, humiliation, victor

NCIS, Bad Day by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tobias Fornell, silence, bourbon

Fairy Tales, Little Red Riding Hood by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Red/Wolf, change, hood

Scrubs, Their Divorce Sex by [ profile] slagsmacker, Perry/Jordan, [any]

M*A*S*H, these nights when we were drinking by [ profile] anr, Hotlips/Hawkeye, martini

Fairy Tales, Snow White by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Snow White/Huntsman, pretty, small

Weeds, you must be a masochist by [ profile] slybrunette, Andy/Nancy, plan b

Legend of the Seeker, The Sky Opened Up by [ profile] lexus_grey, Cara/Kahlan, rain, dirty, heartbeat, once, competition

Marvel, Untitled by [ profile] ladielazarus, Pryde/Wisdom, smile

White Collar, Rush by [ profile] innie_darling, Neal/Peter, chase, changes, list

Harry Potter, Score by [ profile] redcandle17, Angelina Johnson/Montague, rivalry

Fringe, Every Me and Every You by [ profile] cicak, Peter/Olivia, connected, secrets, first

Spartacus, Domina by [ profile] mistress_britt, Illithya/Lucretia, power struggle, submission

Grey's Anatomy, Power by [ profile] hookedupforfun, Teddy/Henry, gymnastics

Crossover, Inception/Star Trek: Reboot, by [ profile] rubynye, Ariadne/Gaila, learn

Crossover, Gossip Girl/Misfits (2009), Fo Yo Sorrows by [ profile] missvmarigold, Chuck/Alisha, touch, alcohol, pub

Castle, all the fears you hold so dear by [ profile] elodia47, Richard Castle/Kate Beckett, drawn to death, his dark impulses


Cougar Town, Light Given Unto You by [ profile] myr_soleil, Laurie/Travis, oops



Dreamwidth Page 10

Doctor Who, Someday Out of the Blue by [personal profile] prodigy, Eleven/Master, death

The Social Network, by [personal profile] flyingthesky, Eduardo/Mark, suits

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Best Ever by [ profile] piesek, Lucas Lee/Wallace Wells, stalking, fanboy, coffee

Merlin, Pearls by [personal profile] papryka, Gwen/Morgana, trust, toys (kind of) [ART]

DCU, Arresting by [personal profile] saphire_dance, Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, uniform, 'Officer Grayson', handcuffs, smirk, sweaty, thighs, laughter

Gundam Wing, Like a Flower by [personal profile] torch, Relena/[any] (Heero), ballgown, obedience, pilot

Firefly, Untitled by [personal profile] lemposoi, Book/Zoe, past

Easy A, Untitled by [personal profile] seren_ccd, Olive/Mr Griffith, staff room

Criminal Minds, Garrulous by [personal profile] bibliothekara, Emily/Hotch/Rossi, tradeoff, handcuffs

Pegasus - Robin McKinely, Mwrrrala by [personal profile] canis_m, Sylvi/Ebon, flight, hands, feathers, forbidden

Chuck, Untitled by [personal profile] lemposoi, Anna Wu/OFC, experiment

Burn Notice, Giving by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fiona Glenanne/Sam Axe, pegging

Harry Potter, And The Winner Is... by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Draco Malfory/Ginny Weasley, surprise, acceptance

Harry Potter, Running to Stand Still by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Katie/Marcus, truth

Crossover, Despicable Me/The Incredibles, Chocolate Chip Cookie Robots Make the World Go Round by [personal profile] bessemerprocess, Margo/Violet, military

Crossover, Highlander/Torchwood, Roghan Badam by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Methos/Captain Jack Harkness, almond oil

DCU, I Burn For You by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Arthur Light/Kimiyo Hoshi, consensual, light, torch, burning

Push, Visions by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Cassie/Nick, need, longing

Merlin, Heard It All Before by [personal profile] freezingrayne, Arthur/Merlin, turnaround

Friday Night Lights, Memories of a Rainy Day by [personal profile] m7storyteller, Julie, memories

Dexter, Fragile Things by [personal profile] lonelywalker, Deb Morgan/Frank Lundy, fuck

Castle, Whipped by [personal profile] seven_of_five, Kate Beckett/Rick Castle, inevitable

Bandom, Panic! at the Disco, Friction by [personal profile] eledhwenlin, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, friction

Bleach, Petals and Ashes by [personal profile] torch, Byakuya/Renji, flower garden

Doctor Who, Millennia Between Us by [profile] doreyq, Eleven/Master, heartbeat, "come with me", battle

Generation Kill, Home by [profile] noelia_q, Brad/Nate, kitchen



Livejournal Page 11

Inception, A Part Of Something by [ profile] fuzzyniffler, Dominic Cobb/Mal Cobb/Arthur, embrace, belonging

Star Trek: Reboot, Untitled by [ profile] ilthit, Gaila/Uhura, taste [ART]

Star Trek: Reboot, Untitled by [ profile] ilthit, Kirk/Uhura, strap-on [ART]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, His by [ profile] mistress_britt, Buffy/Faith/Giles, possessive

Psych, Goodnight Superhead by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Gus/Shawn/Juliet/Lassiter, trying to fit on one bed

Torchwood, A Million Tomorrows by [ profile] nancybrown, Mary/Toshiko, trust

Mulan (1998), Untitled by [ profile] spyridona, 'Ping'/Shang, touch

Greek Mythology, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Artemis/Persephone, mentor, whirlwind

Crossover, Cinderella (Disney)/Snow White, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Cinderella/Snow White, clean

Sanctuary, Communication by [ profile] grav_ity, Helen Magnus/James Watson, substitute

Community, Drive by [ profile] blithers, Jeff/Annie, anger, fondness

Legend of the Seeker, In Darkness by [ profile] synergyfox, Cara/Kahlan, beg, helpless, broken, tears, restraint, warmth, cave in, hurt, dark, night terrors, rats

Gossip Girl, Holding Patterns by [ profile] yoursecretsoul, Dan/Serena, nostalgia

The Big Bang Theory, Under Lock and Key by [ profile] starky_cooper, Sheldon Cooper/Penny, secret

Glee, Those ravishing refrains by [ profile] narwhalseason, Santana/Rachel, auditorium, revenge

Crossover, DCU/Stargate SG-1, Trust Me - He Won't Mind by [ profile] ladytalon1, Tora Olafsdotter/Aris Boch, lookalike [ART]

Star Trek: Voyager, The reality of dreams by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Harry Kim/Tom Paris, best friends, first time, shower

Chuck, Jealous Guy by [ profile] kmr2009, Chuck/Sarah, alley, bruise, jealousy, marked

Burn Notice, Bigger Than a Cadillac by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Sam/Mike, pinstripes

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Steady of You by [ profile] bravenewcentury, Riza Hawkeye/Roy Mustang, dependence

Doctor Who, Dressed to Impress by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Jack Harkness/The Doctor (Ten), kilts

The Vampire Diaries, Hard Labor by [ profile] monimala, Bonnie/Jeremy(Damon), power

Psych, Creative Impulses by [ profile] kindness_says, Juliet/Shawn, Top Gun roleplay

Detective Inspector Chen - Liz Williams, August by [ profile] spyridona, Wei Chen/Zhu Irzh/Inari, prickle

Legend of the Seeker, True to Form by [ profile] sos10, MC!Kahlan/Heart!Kahlan, narcissism, please



Dreamwidth Page 11

Pitch Black, Scars by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Carolyn Fry/Riddick, survival, cover

Fables – Bill Willingham, Honeymoon by [personal profile] canis_m, Bigby/Snow, wolf, scent

Greek Mythology, Beggar’s Banquet by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Dionysus/Ariadne, wine and revelry, ambrosia

Underworld, Learning To Relax by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Selene/Michael, bullets

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Immersion Experience by [personal profile] lysapadin, Tsuna/Kyouko, bathtub

Stargate (1994), Mnevis Trailer by [personal profile] ravenholdt, Daniel Jackson/Ra, necklace, dominance, serve, translation [VID]

Legend Of The Seeker, Starts by [personal profile] miera_c, Kahlan/Richard, first night

The Social Network, High Price by [personal profile] roguesgallery, Mark/Eduardo, hookerfic, bathroom

Bandom, The Academy Is…, Souvenir by [personal profile] inlovewithnight, Mike Carden/William Beckett, California

Star Trek: Reboot, Summer In Your Heart by [ profile] rubynye, Gaila/Kirk/McCoy & Kirk/McCoy, pillow, genderswap

Pretty Little Liars, Your Pants, My Couch by [personal profile] present_pathos, Aria/Spencer, suspcious

Stargate Atlantis, The World Was All Playthings by [personal profile] cinaed, John Sheppard/Ronon Dex, rope

The Chronicles Of Narnia, Kiss With A Fist by [personal profile] snacky, Peter/Susan, fear, intimate, close, rough, return

Nancy Drew (1930s books), End And Begin by [personal profile] ndnickerson, Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson, earrings, fire escape, stranded

Supernatural, Silk Stockings by [personal profile] annundriel, Castiel/Dean, panties, buttons, lingerie, cross-dressing

Sanctuary, Climax by [personal profile] kuwdora, John Druitt/Nikola Tesla, control

Vampire Diaries (TV), Whipping Me Into A Storm by [personal profile] themis, Jeremy/Tyler, begrudging

Smallville, Make It Bleed by [personal profile] theclosetalker, Clark Luthor/Tess Mercer, dubcon, teeth

RPF, Outside The Lines by [personal profile] augustfalcon, Andy Murray/Novak Djokovic, serious, midnights [ART]

Babylon 5, Anniversary by [personal profile] owlmoose, Susan Ivanova, Memory

M*A*S*H, Armistice Day by [personal profile] peapods42, Hotlips/Hawkeye, apocalypse

Thorne - Sleepyhead, Freaks by [personal profile] kahtyasofia, Phil Hendricks/James Calvert, freak show, someone you're not, secrets

Harry Potter, Untitled by [personal profile] lemposoi, Blaise Zabini/Draco Malfoy, pretty

DCU, Dynamic Trio Doublestuff by [personal profile] ciaan, Stephanie Brown/Tam Fox/Tim Drake, two strap-ons no waiting

Stargate SG-1, All The Way Home by [personal profile] jdjunkie, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, voyeurism



Livejournal Page 12

Doctor Who, Goodbyes Keep You Alive by [ profile] daystarsearcher, Four/Sarah Jane, scarf, healing, abandonment, dangerous

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Witness Intimidation by [ profile] kristinmachina, Franziska von Karma/Adrian Andrews

Stargate: SG-1, Experiment by [ profile] melayneseahawk, Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, voyeurism, restrained, teasing

The Children's Hour, Knowledge by [ profile] ellydash, Karen/Martha, truth

The Vampire Diaries, Inevitable by [ profile] abvj, Damon/Elena, succumb

Chuck, Chuck vs. The Mask Redo by [ profile] kmr2009, Sarah/Shaw, anal, Castle, kink

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Passive Aggression by [ profile] sei_shonanon, Mai/Zuko, protocol

Generation Kill, Talk is Cheap by [ profile] fosfomifira, Brad/Nate, goodbye, silence

Wizard's First Rule - Terry Goodkind, Without a Country by [ profile] ndnickerson, Richard Rahl/Kahlan Amnell, free, spirit house

Beauty and the Beast (Disney), Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Beast/Belle, animal instincts

RPF, Victory by [ profile] kristinmachina, Ryan Bradley/Johnny Weir, visit

The Vampire Diaries, I Wanted Her To Tell Me That She Would Never Wake Me by [ profile] stainofmylove, Caroline/Tyle, chains, uncontrollable, bloodplay

The Big Bang Theory, Two Physicists and an Actress/Waitress by [ profile] starky_cooper, Leonard/Penny/Sheldon, shock, lessons

Sanctuary, A Taste for the Flame by [ profile] grav_ity, Helen Magnus/John Druitt, once burned

Good Omens, Idols and Inspiration by [ profile] jane_potter, Aziraphale/Crowley, museum, ancient

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Choices by [ profile] lyssie, Sam Anders/Kara Thrace, lost in space

Misfits, Cupid by [ profile] missvmarigold, Alisha/Simon, untouchable, touch, invisible, fairytale, hickey, lips, ice

The Vampire Diaries, The Doll Stained Red by [ profile] casper_san, Elena/Katherine, make me a bargain, toy, power play

DCU, Got You Now by [ profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, sneaky [ART]

Harry Potter, Worlds by [ profile] kindness_says, Harry/Hermione, fantasy, years, wartime, remember

Possession (2009), Untitled by [ profile] arguingvitality, Jess/Roman, palimpsest

DCU, Superman Returns, Time For Us by [ profile] babettew54, Clark Kent/Lois Lane

The Sarah-Jane Adventure, Small Steps by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Clyde/Luke, change

Being Human, Total Possession by [ profile] toetastegood, Daisy/George, Ivan/Sands, scars,

Star Trek: Reboot, Untitled by [ profile] goss, Gaila/Uhura, dorms, relax [ART]



Dreamwidth Page 12

Red Dwarf, Untitled by [personal profile] lemposoi, Arnold Rimmer/Dave Lister, reality, desire

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Stripped by [ profile] perfectstorm131, Elliot Stabler/Olivia Benson, silence

Friday Night Lights, Going to Kiss You Now by [personal profile] m7storyteller, Tim/Julie, truck, field, moan

Legend of the Seeker, Worthy by [personal profile] trobadora, Cara Mason/Darken Raul, master

Star Trek Reboot, Off Duty by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Gaila/Hikaru Sulu, stranded, kit

Doctor Who, Truth or Dare by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Jack Harkness/Martha Jones, kinky

James Bond series (movies), And Cream by [personal profile] lion_heart, James Bond/Strawberry Fields, fruit, tangled

Criminal Minds, The Second Thing by [ profile] kritikeragent, Hotchner/Reid, hands

NCIS, The Road Trip That's Not Really A Road Trip by [ profile] kritikeragent, DiNozzo/McGee, road trip

Torchwood, You're Not Him by [personal profile] twinsarein, Ianto Jones/John, substitute, rough

Haven, Duke Loves His Job by [personal profile] lion_heart, Duke/OFC, life of crime, partners

Smallville, Clean This With Kerosene by [personal profile] theclosetalker, AU!Lois Lane/Tess Luthor, defiance

Stargate SG-1, Instant Lust by [personal profile] roeskva, Sam/Martouf/Lantash, urges, memories, love, first kiss, first time

Supernatural, Sprinkled Moondust by [personal profile] elliemurasaki, Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, saltpeter, gun, hand, hair, close

Full House (Korea), Anniversary by [personal profile] anenko, Young Jae/Ji Eun, biting, high heels

La Femme Nikita, New Beginnings by [personal profile] pukajen, Nikita Michael, 10 years beyond

Dark Angel, Bliss by [personal profile] saavikam77, Max Guevara/ Original Cindy, lean, body-heat, boo, friends, sleep, bath

Sky High, Kissing by [personal profile] ciaan, Layla/Magenta, smooth

Community, Executive Access by [personal profile] summerstorm, Britta Perry/Michelle Slater, office hours, skirts, smirk

Haven, Number One Remedy For Hypothermia by [personal profile] lion_heart, Audrey Parker/Nathan Wournos, heat, ice, snowed in, blizzard

Gossip Girl, Untitled (Vanessa Harrington) by [ profile] missymarigold, Blair Waldorf/Vanessa Abrams, award, chair

Nanny Diaries series, Boundaries by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Nanny/Mrs. X, whore, human, lipstick, boundaries

Crossover, Equilibrium/Stargate Atlantis, Lesson by [personal profile] kuwdora, John Preston/John Sheppard, [any]

Glee, Bored by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Quinn Fabray, bored

RPF, Satin by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Amy Adams/Meryl Streep, satin



Livejournal Page 13

Crossover, Disney's Sleeping Beauty/Snow White, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Aurora/Snow White, sleepy

Bible, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Judas/Satan, temptation

The Good Wife, The Art of Being Brave by [ profile] poeelektra, Will/Alicia, familiar

Stargate SG-1, Distraction by [ profile] melayneseahawk, Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, impulse, academic conference, would you stop that!

Sanctuary, Architectural Support by [ profile] grav_ity, Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla, bedroom door

Misfits, Quickie by [ profile] missvmarigold, Alisha/Nikki, bra strap

Sanctuary, Taking Up The Gauntlet (Or Running It) by [ profile] tielan, Kate Freelander/Will Zimmerman, elevator

The Big Bang Theory, Yellow by [ profile] jazzfic, Amy/Penny, nightmares

Burn Notice, Like Rolling The Camera by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Fiona/Jesse, voyeurism, tantalize

Terminator (movies), Yearning for You by [ profile] babettew54, Kyle/Sarah, time, close, picture, again, paradox, hold on, fractal fire, intertwined, yield, devotion

Leverage, Muscles, Curves and Scars by [ profile] mistress_britt, Eliot Spencer/Raquel Dayan, bondage, blood, scars

Glee, Salve by [ profile] hyainthian, Matt/Santana, goodbye, visit

Lie To Me, Late Night by [ profile] mistress_britt, Ria Torres/Gillian Foster, honey

Stargate SG-1, Share and Share Alike by [ profile] ladytalon1, Aris Boch/Baal/Qetesh, gift [ART]

Crossover, Doctor Who/Harry Potter, It Comes with a Price by [ profile] narwhalseason, Doctor/Tom Riddle, choices, sting, forever, losing

Top Gun, Take My Breath Away by [ profile] lettersandsodas, Juliet/Shawn, role-play, teacher/student

Crossover, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Proxy by [ profile] nancybrown, Ianto/Rose, suit

Carefree (1938), Doctor's Orders by [ profile] idharao, Tony/Amanda

Generation Kill, Burning Bright by [ profile] nightanddaze, Brad/Nate, bonfire

That 70's Show, The Ultimate Burn by [ profile] kmr2009, Donna/Kelso, anal, burn

Babylon 5, All We Have by [ profile] nhpw, John Sheridan/Delenn, White Star

V (2009), Turn to the Aims and Desires of the Words by [ profile] damelola, Erica Evans/Jack Landry, red, sin, forbidden

The Good Wife, Horizontal by [ profile] 08adabry, Alicia/Kalinda, bed

Babylon 5, Bucket List by [ profile] nhpw, Delenn/John Sheridan/Susan Ivanova, teaching, loneliness

RPF, Something of a connoisseur by [ profile] lixia84, Jeff Bridges/Bruce Boxleitner, premiere, after hours, memories



Dreamwidth Page 13

Pirates of the Caribbean, Aye Calypso I Sing To Your Spirit by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Davy Jones/Calypso, tentacle, storm, eternal, sea

V (2009), Hate Sex by [personal profile] lule_bell, Erica/Hobbes, dangerous, anger, basement, dirty, warehouse sex, dubcon, dirt

Fullmetal Alchemist, The Landscape After Cruelty by [personal profile] cinaed, Olivier/Miles, solace

DCU, Hot For Teacher by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Arthur Light/Kimiyo Hoshi, schoolgirl

Smallville, Appearances by [personal profile] jammyjar, Lois/Clark, bed, sheets, red

Fringe, Surprises by [personal profile] toestastegood, Astrid/Peter, unexpected, moment

Bandom, Panic at the Disco, Stealing Kisses by [personal profile] eledhwenlin, Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, bus

Bandom, Fall out Boy/My Chemical Romance, The Better to Eat You With by [personal profile] romantical, Pete/Mikey, biting

Doctor Who, Assumptions, Assumptions (We're So Not Married) by [personal profile] topaz_eyes, Donna Noble/Ten, domesticity

Gilmore Girls, one mistake (pretty much the only one) they never made by [ profile] kindness_says, Christopher/Lorelai, wedding, tequila, inevitable, addiction

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, The Stranger by [personal profile] cherry_lips, Elliot/Olivia, AU, zombies, rules, restraint

Star Trek: The Next Generation, There Is No Equation For Sex by [personal profile] lion_heart, Data/self, masturbation, experiment, programming, surprise

Harry Potter, The Way They Held Their Eyes by [personal profile] woldy, Ginny/Harry/Draco, jealousy

Loveless, With his own ears by [personal profile] torch, Natsuo and Youji/Ritsuka, voyeurism

Bleach, fragile and expensive by [personal profile] torch, Urahara, voyeurism

The Inside, Me and the Devil by [personal profile] d_generate_girl, Web/Rebecca, protege moi

V (2009), Archipelago by [ profile] knopflergroupie, Lisa/Tyler, love

V (2009), Temptation by [personal profile] lule_bell, [unknown], learning, couch, secret, first time, hands, want

Jane Eyre, memory serves by [personal profile] ndnickerson, Jane/Rochester, feel, sweet

Beauty and the Beast (Disney), Let Me See You by [personal profile] dahlia_moon, Beast/Belle, voyeur

Bandom, My Chemical Romance, Untitled by [personal profile] greedy_dancer, Frank/Gerard, sick

Heroes, Interlude by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Mohinder/Eden, speak, lie

Love Actually, Once More by [profile] dolimar_k, Harry/Karen, Starting Over

RPF, Ad Break by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell/Lauren Laverne/Jimmy Carr, ad break



Livejournal Page 14

Burn Notice, for those who try again by [ profile] abvj, Fiona/Jesse, getaway

The Office (US), Untitled by [ profile] kyrafic, Jim/Ryan/Pam, kinky [cuckolding!]

Legend of the Seeker, Be My Escape by [ profile] shimmeryshine, Cara/Dahlia/Kahlan, sharing

Fairy Tales, Revenge by [ profile] missvmarigold, Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf, change, cornered, basket, after dark, meal

Burn Notice, C'mon C'mon by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Jesse/Sam, impatient

Burn Notice, Ignition by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Michael/Fiona, scratches, bite, hold down

Sanctuary, fucking cops (literally and metaphorically) by [ profile] tielan, Kate Freelander/Will Zimmerman, roughplay

Inception, going away (but not away from you) by [ profile] hyacinthian, Ariadne/Arthur, gravity, after

Misfits, Purple Passion Pop; 6”x1.5”; Silicone by [ profile] goddess09807, Simon/Alisha, pegging

Fringe, Untainted by [ profile] oxoniensis, Lincoln Lee/Olivia Dunham, comfort, alcohol

Crossover, Misfits/Skins, the pleasure part, the afterthought by [ profile] summerofsoaps, Simon/Effy, following, traces

Stargate SG-1, Skin Trade by [ profile] midnightatnoon, Aris Boch/Sam Carter, trade, physical

Legend of the Seeker, Everything Matters by [ profile] sos10, Cara/Kahlan, illicit, table

Sherlock, Isn't It Obvious? by [ profile] penniless1, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, cold, date, dream, curious, public

Primeval, Family by [ profile] ebonyfeather, Becker/Matt, invitation, name

Crossover, Doctor Who/Merlin, Summer Holidays were Never this Fun by [ profile] narwhalseason, Amy Pond/Morgana, hair, holiday, oral

The Vampire Diaries, every little thing you do is tragic by [ profile] abvj, Caroline/Damon, blood, substitue, broken

Eureka, Give In by [ profile] krilymcc, Jack Carter/Allison Blake, public

Gossip Girl, eyes that burn like cigarettes by [ profile] krilymcc, Blair/Dan, tell no one, unexpected

RPF, Affirmation by [ profile] nhpw, Bruce Boxleitner/Garrett Hedlund, mentor, permission

DCU, Solved by [ profile] pervyficgirl, Aqualad/Robin, leadership

Legend of the Seeker, Simple, Not Pure by [ profile] sos10, Cara/Richard, need, guilt

Stargate SG-1, Us Two Little Gods by [ profile] ladytalon1, Baal/Sam Carter, world enough and time [ART]

Harry Potter, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Ginny/Luna/Neville, the room of requirement

Star Wars, Belonging by [ profile] babettew54, Anakin Skywalker/Padmé Amidala, [any], dominance, acceptance, tradition, refusal, lost, adventure, hesitant, space, pretending, deja vu, overheated



Dreamwidth Page 14

Supernatural, Surprising Knowledge by [personal profile] twinsarein, Dean/Sam, gun!play, hand!kink

Final Fantasy XIII, You are my only Home by [personal profile] leyna, Fang/Vanille, home, gentle, touch, history, flower [ART]

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010), Custom Adapts Itself to Expediency by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Dastan/Tamina, tease, dance, belief

Final Fantasy XII, Hers to Command by [personal profile] penny, Ashe/Drace, authority, privileges, respect

Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield, Listen to Your Woman by [personal profile] flyingthesky, Jessie/Narrator/Girl, solution, she knew

The Vampire Diaries, Somewhere Between Mercy and a Mistake by [personal profile] lion_heart, Damon/Elena, compelled, choice, strain

Days Of Our Lives, Nicole's Whore by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Nicole/Sami, hate sex

The Nanny, Reality Is Better by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Fran/Maxwell, believe, touch, remember

Glee, Doing It For Herself by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Mercedes, singular sensation

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010), If I Could Go Back And Again by [personal profile] lion_heart, Dastan/Tamina, cyclic

DCU, Remember What You Told Me by [personal profile] kalalanekent, Clark Kent/Lois Lane, Crystal, embarrassed, red k, unexpected

Southland, Someone Has to Bring Sammy Home by [personal profile] finefoxyladies, Lydia/Sammy, drown, relief

Tron: Legacy, Something Good by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Alan/Quorra, December, memory, fascination

Stargate Atlantis, A Different Man by [personal profile] secondalto, Carson Beckett/Teyla Emmagen, role reversal

DCU, whatever we are by [personal profile] jammyjar, Bruce Wayne (Batman)/Selina Kyle (Catwoman), masks, costume, the night isn't the same anymore

Justified, Desire is Full of Endless Distances by [personal profile] cinaed, Boyd Crowder/Raylan Givens, hellfire

Community, Riding the wave by [personal profile] tomorrowwith, Abed/Annie/Troy, roommates

DCU, What You Need by [personal profile] jammyjar, Bruce Wayne (Batman)/Lois Lane,drive, snow, champagne, quiet, moody

DCU, Straight Answer by [personal profile] jammyjar, Superman Returns!Clark/Superman Returns!Lois, rooftop

Bandom, Fall Out Boy/The Academy Is..., It's Been a Lifetime by [personal profile] romantical, Pete/William, handwriting

DCU, Eventually by [personal profile] jammyjar, Bruce/Lois/Clark, the boys really do share everything eventually, intrigue, lust

Nana, Differently Delusioned by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Nana Osaki/Nana Komatsu, starstruck, comfort

DCU, Better Sober by [personal profile] saavikam77, Jason Todd/Lois Lane, cougar, cigarette, dirty, lust, story, hidden

Naruto, Payback by [personal profile] penny, Iruka/Anko, blood, taste



Livejournal Page 15

Babylon 5, A Helping Hand by [ profile] kungfuwaynewho, Delenn/John Sheridan, biology

The Chronicles of Narnia, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Lucy/Aravis, court, queen

The Chronicles of Narnia, Untitled by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Caspian/Edmund, free

Easy A, Looking Forward by [ profile] scoob2222, Todd/Olive, first time

Grey’s Anatomy, Don’t Tell the Truth by [ profile] scoob2222,Jackson/Lexie, under

Grey’s Anatomy, Heavenly by [ profile] scoob2222, Alex Karev/Lexie Grey, socks

Grey’s Anatomy, Making Movie Night Better by [ profile] scoob2222,Alex Karev/Lexie Grey, blanket

Grey’s Anatomy, Punishment by [ profile] scoob2222,Alex Karev/Meredith Grey/Cristina Yang, naughty

Grey’s Anatomy, Finally by [ profile] scoob2222,April Kepner/Jackson Avery, sweater

Grey’s Anatomy, Easy by [ profile] scoob2222, Meredith Grey/Cristina Yang, tequila

Haven, Possession by [ profile] scoob2222, Audrey Parker/Nathan Wournos, jealousy

Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Hot Tub Therapy by [ profile] scoob2222, Danny Williams/Kono Kalakaua, undercover

D.E.B.S., Girls with Guns by [ profile] kmr2009, Amy/Lucy, game, gunplay, handcuffs, skirt

Legend of the Seeker, Get Free by [ profile] shimmeryshine, Cara/Kahlan, rain, temptation

Generation Kill, 136 Sentences - give or take (1-25) by [ profile] mwicks, Brad/Nate, All Prompts

Generation Kill, 136 Sentences - give or take (26-50) by [ profile] mwicks, Brad/Nate, All Prompts

Generation Kill, 136 Sentences - give or take (51-75) by [ profile] mwicks, Brad/Nate, All Prompts

Generation Kill, 136 Sentences - give or take (76-100) by [ profile] mwicks, Brad/Nate, All Prompts

Marvel, Tick Tick Boom, by [ profile] pervyficgirl, Jack of Hearts/Scott Lang, boom

Generation Kill, 136 Sentences - give or take (101-125) by [ profile] mwicks, Brad/Nate, All Prompts

Generation Kill, 136 Sentences - give or take (126-136) by [ profile] mwicks, Brad/Nate, All Prompts

Supernatural, the victor and the vanquished by [ profile] mimblexwimble, Sam Winchester/Ruby, bound

The Maureen O'Hara Effect, Untitled by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Roxie Hart/Velma Kelly, ash, rip, mascara

Daria, Wishing and Hoping by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Stacy/Quinn, favoritism

Due South, Lunch Break by [ profile] ria_oaks, Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, uniform



Dreamwidth Page 15

Corpse Bride, le petite mort by [personal profile] bebitched, Emily/Victoria, butterflies, night

WWE, Growing Up by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, John Cena/Randy Orton, parenthood

Gilmore Girls, Do Not Disturb by [ profile] kindness_says, Jess/Rory, wedding night

Alias, Come All Ye Lost by [personal profile] d_generate_girl, Jack/Irina, let me drown

Chuck, foreseen circumstance by [personal profile] ndnickerson, Chuck/Sarah, attraction, castle, voyeur, jealousy, show-not-tell

Burlesque, Stripped Back Vulnerable by [personal profile] sangerin, Ali/Nikki, fishnets

Crossover, Fringe/V (2009), Salvation by [personal profile] lule_bell, Olivia Dunham/Erica Evans, wine, early mornings, shower, scotch, bubble baths, hours, seconds, off the grid, road, home, knowing, hurt, need, rain

The Vampire Diaries, Moments by [ profile] thisisa, Caroline/Stefan, fluff, sleepy, honesty

Smallville, Belong (To) by [personal profile] serrico, Lex Luthor/Clark Luthor/Tess Luthor, rivalry, envy, siblings, Luthors

Professor Layton, They made it to the moon by [ profile] cicak, Layton/Clive, forgiveness, puzzle

Twin Peaks, Premeditation by [personal profile] amatara, Cooper/Rosenfield, escape

Guiding Light, Forget Love by [ profile] kmr2009, Doris/Olivia, advantage, anal, strap-on

Chuck, Help Me by [ profile] kmr2009, Ellie/Sarah, help, double-edged

DCU, Just Like That by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, roleplay [ART]

Psych, Just Worked by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Shawn Spencer/Burton Guster/Abigail Lytar, functional

Brooklyn South, Threshold by [ profile] surreallis, Jack Lowery/Nona Valentine, morning

Inception, Interval by [personal profile] annundriel, Arthur/Eames, jealousy, lips, memory, slow, travel

Fairy Tales, On the Edge of Seventeen by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Snow White/Huntsman, pretty, small, feel

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Dreams (Unspoken, yet Granted) by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Rei/Minako, second chance, princess

Gundam Wing, assigned quarters by [personal profile] torch, Duo Maxwell/Chang Wufei, growth

Star Trek: Reboot, Poor Impulse Control by [personal profile] ximeria, Kirk/Spock, leather

Final Fantasy X, Gratitude by [personal profile] mother_hearted, Kimahri/Yuna, runaway

Mass Effect 2, Non-Combatants by [ profile] unityfic, EDI/Joker, inappropriate

Glee, Men Reading Fashion Magazines by [personal profile] finefoxyladies, Kurt/Karofsky, first time, secret, forgiveness, worship



Livejournal Page 16

Gossip Girl, The Remains by [ profile] missvmarigold, Blair/Chuck/Nate, comfort

Psych, Vivid Imagination by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Shawn/Juliet, vision

Anthropomorphic, It's My Heart You're Taking by [ profile] foxgloves42, Black/Red, bleed, tired

Angel the Series, The Audience Is Waiting by [ profile] eleusis_walks, Angel/Lorne, pastries, grumpy, serenade, sleep, drunk

Southland, Love is a bitch, ese by [ profile] elzed, Ben/Sal, polaroid

True Blood, Finding comfort by [ profile] noalinnea, Eric/Pam, sharing

Disney Princesses, Better Than the Real Thing by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Aurora/Snow White, dream

Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Leverage by [ profile] scriberestagere, Bobby Goren/Alex Eames, guilt, slip, tight squeeze, breaking

Crossover, Bones/Rizzoli & Isles, Birds of a Feather by [ profile] caitn, Booth/Brennen & Jane/Maura, forensics conference

Avatar: the Last Airbender, Elemental by [ profile] overlithe, Roku/Sozin, respect

Romeo and Juliet (any), Give Me My Sin by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Romeo Montague/Juliet Capulet, destiny, pass

Crossover, Doctor Who/Supernatural, Brief Encounter (of the third kind) by [ profile] elzed, Martha Jones/Dean Winchester, fighting dirty

Battlestar Galactica (2003), No Rest for the Wicked by [ profile] lizardbeth_j, Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, gamble

Avatar: the Last Airbender, Skin-Tight by [ profile] overlithe, Azula/Ty Lee, extension

Stargate: Universe, Equations of You by [ profile] aryas_zehral, Nicholas Rush/Chloe Armstrong, marker pen, numbers

Psych, Baby, You Can Drive My Car by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Shawn/Gus, driving

The Belgariad & Mallorean series - David Eddings, In the Caves of Ulgoland by [ profile] amles80, Polgara/Ce'Nedra, virgin, comfort

The Big Bang Theory, Subscribing to Freudian’s Theory by [ profile] starky_cooper, Amy/Penny, penis envy, strap-on, biting

The Big Bang Theory, Like This by [ profile] concupiscence66, Leonard/Sheldon, angry

Persuasion (any), Family Resemblance by [ profile] aryas_zehral, Admiral Croft/Captain Wentworth, alcohol, loss, care

24, Proximity by [ profile] adrenalin211, Jack Bauer/Renee Walker, spontaneous, hands, fast, frantic, boxers

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, You Look Sexy in Them by [ profile] downjune, Gokudera/Shitt P, knee socks, freaks

Little Women, Secrecy by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Jo/Fritz, writing, ink, tea

Stargate Atlantis, Panning Out by [ profile] catalyst0, John Sheppard/Todd, fool’s gold, jealousy, AU

Big Finish Gallifrey, Sri Lanka Sex Hotel by [ profile] alibi_factory, Romana/Leela, alien



Dreamwidth Page 16

Tales of the Abyss, Glass by [personal profile] vangirl, Legretta/Tear, obedience, gunplay, test, soldier

Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Coffee laced intoxicating on your lips by [personal profile] wickedtruth, Steve/Danny, caramel, messy, feeding each other

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Arrested by [ profile] surreallis, Elliot/Olivia, workplace sex

The Vorkosigan Saga - L.M. Bujold, Vor Needs Women by [personal profile] isis, By/Ivan, experiment

Digimon, This New Thing Between Us by [personal profile] kanata, Daisuke/Yamato, music

Lost Girl, Some kind of nature by [personal profile] psychedelicammo, Dyson/Kenzi, bite, trust, instinct, play, relief

Community, Better Than Kettle Corn by [personal profile] firthgal, Troy/Annie, now, beautiful, different, past

The Runaways, Pacific Coast Highway by [personal profile] ninhursag, Joan/Cheri, any

Chuck, When On a Mission by [ profile] kmr2009, Morgan/Sarah, any, mission sex

RPF, Quintessence by [ profile] kindness_says, Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston, push

World of Warcraft, In Those Forests We Will Howl by [personal profile] isagel, Genn Greymane/Darius Crowley, authority, obedience

Circle of Magic, Dearest Friend by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Daja/Sandry, saati, thread

The X-Files, Plans by [personal profile] amalnahurriyeh, Mulder/Scully, office, sofa, explanation, her beautiful skin

Crossover, Law and Order: SVU/Oz, Broken Cycle by [personal profile] twinsarein, Elliot/Toby, growl, desperate, dominate, hard, wall

Crossover, Doctor Who/Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Complications by [personal profile] sinecure, Eleven/Belle, look-alike

Kingdom Hearts, Out of Reach by [personal profile] mystiri_1, Axel/ERoxas, desperate

Lost, turn out the lights and step out into the night by [ profile] knopflergroupie, Juliet/Sawyer, not brunette

Sanctuary, Spicy Dreams by [personal profile] tielan, Kate Freelander/Will Zimmerman, post-Kali

DCU, Apology Accepted by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, reunion [ART]

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, untitled by [personal profile] cherry_lips, Elliott/Olivia, AU, office jobs, beginning

DCU, Long Time Coming by [personal profile] angelikitten, Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, control, tease, tied-up, vines

Inception, Starting Backward by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Ariadne/Robert, blue

Coraline, Hideaway by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Coraline/Wybie, spooky

Naruto, In Stride by [personal profile] penny, Iruka/any (Ibiki), classroom

Crossover, Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, Tables Turned by [personal profile] lion_heart, Lenore/Damon Salvatore, fight, kink



Livejournal Page 17

Good Omens, Feathers by [ profile] jane_potter, Aziraphale/Crowley, feathers, private

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sonnet 129 by [ profile] serafine_fic, Buffy/Spike, tombstone, Shakespeare, scent, smells like sunshine, hold, caught in the rain, alcohol



Dreamwidth Page 17

Alice in Wonderland, Distraction by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Alice/Hatter, waiting

DCU, Bored Yet? by [personal profile] saavikam77, Barbara Gordon/Jason Todd/Tim Drake, computers, porn, embarrassment, orders, Jason Todd/Tim Drake, red, masturbation, camera, bite

Dollhouse, Predator by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Alpha/Echo, tamed

Dollhouse, Told What To Feel by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Echo/Paul, imprint

RPF, Lunch by [personal profile] hibernate, Tabrett Bethell/Bridget Regan, trailer

Greek Mythology, Warm is the Winter by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Hades/Persephone, pomegranate, welcome, fit together, garden

Stargate SG-1, Under Pressure by [personal profile] roeskva, Sam/Martouf/Lantash, lust, love, desire, naked, danger, Sam's lab

Big Wolf on Campus, Marked by [personal profile] anenko, Merton Dingle/Tommy Dawkins, possessive, letterman-jacket

Anthropomorphic, Cranberries and Pomegranates by [personal profile] saavikam77, Christmas/Yule, history, pagans, alcohol, kitsch

DCU (Superman Returns), Anniversary by [personal profile] saavikam77, Clark Kent/Lois Lane, apartment, pregnant, clothing, torn

Glee, Games We Play by [personal profile] jessalae, Kurt/Blaine, never have I ever

DCU, (Not So) Solitary Confinement by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Arthur Light/Deadshot, prison [ART]

Futurama, The Möbius Strip Of Desire by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Leela/Fry/Robot Leela/Robot Fry, difference, fantasy

Oglaf, "Annual" by [personal profile] lion_heart, Lesbian Mercenary/Snow Queen, renewal, slick, traveler

Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville, So Far Removed by [personal profile] sinecure, Lex Luthor/Willow Rosenberg, history, night

Heroes, When I Call You Mine by [personal profile] kuwdora, Peter/Sylar, [any]

Farscape, Wet and Reckless by [personal profile] pukajen, John/Aeryn, water

Naruto, Mastery by [personal profile] penny, Sakura/any (Kankaro), control

Smallville, What Happens In Watchtower... by [personal profile] theclosetalker, Clark/Lois/Oliver/Tess, foursome, liquor, fingers, angle

Gossip Girl, Discoveries by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Chuck/Georgina, pay off, anal

RPF, Unknown Heat by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Ava Gardner/Grace Kelly, ice queen

Crossover, The Talented Mr Ripley/White Collar, Elusive by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Peter Smith-Kingsley/Neal Caffrey, elusive, statuary

Cruel Intentions, The Mission by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Cecile Caldwell/Katherine Merteuil, tease, seduce, kissing, whore

RPF, She Loves Him by [personal profile] fenchurcheast, Phil Glenister/Keeley Hawes, balance, effort



Dreamwidth Page 18

Glee, 3:1 by [personal profile] tinknevertalks, Puck/Rachel, rebounding

Chuck, Perfect Revenge by [ profile] kmr2009, Shaw/Sarah, anal, revenge, ring, manipulations, slave

Hitman, Deliberate In All Things by [personal profile] ladyofspring, Nika/47, faith, training, temptation

Mirrormask, Shadowplay by [ profile] unityfic, Helena/Valentine, darkness

Rizzoli & Isles, Safe by [ profile] kmr2009, Jane/Maura, handcuffs, safe, strap-on

DCU, Reload by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Deadshot/Jeannette, bang

Leverage, The Elevator Job by [personal profile] theclosetalker, McSweeten/Parker, options, moan, gentleman

Stargate SG-1, Everyone’s Idea Of Playtime Is Different by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Aris Boch/Nirrti, her experiment

Supernatural, Brothers Under The Skin by [personal profile] marizem, Gabriel/Sam, younger brothers, illusion

Chuck, Payback’s a Bitch by [ profile] kmr2009, Carina/Sarah, heist, payback, strap-on

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, A Machine At Heart by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Cameron/Derek Reese, need

Battlestar Galactica (2003), Five Times Sam Anders Gets the Girl (Back) by [ profile] placating, Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, returning

The Bourne Identity, Starting Over by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Jason/Nicky, gun

CSI: New York, In the Shower by [personal profile] m7storyteller, Lindsay/Mac, shower

Crossover, Firefly/Harry Potter, Unexpected by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, River Tam/Luna, laughter

Supernatural, Free To Be Her and Him by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Chuck/Becky, roleplay

RPF, Your Body Is A Wonderland by [personal profile] moonlettuce, Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins/Jared Padalecki, body, positions, turns

Firefly, Assumptions by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, River/Jayne, stranded

Chuck, Just Relax by [ profile] kmr2009, Shaw/Sarah, massage, Washington DC

Supernatural, Libation by [personal profile] annundriel, Castiel/Dean, cut, knife, blood

The Social Network, Never Be Again by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Eduardo/Mark, aftermath, broken

DCU, Big by [personal profile] bwhahahabeck, Koriand’r/Dick Grayson, pegging

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Itchy Trigger Finger by [personal profile] snarkypants, Elliot/Olivia, AU, zombies, risk, beginning

Final Fantasy X-2, Indescribable by [personal profile] electric_butterfly, Gippal/Baralai, together, love, sand

Burn Notice, Morning Eloquence by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fiona/Sam, equals, leather, banter, favors, ignite



Dreamwidth Page 19

Angel the Series, in thy orisons be all my sins remembered by [personal profile] niceworkifyoucangetit, Faith/Wesley, memory, motel, identity

Star Trek: Reboot, Pet Peeves by [personal profile] jessalae, Kirk/McCoy, obnoxious

NCIS: Los Angeles, Breaking All the Rules by [ profile] carolinacutie87, Kensi/Deeks, partners

Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Grasping by [personal profile] sinecure, Martha Jones/Tara Maclay, thumb, sad

The Darkangel Trilogy - Meredith Ann Pierce, heart of my heart by [ profile] murderershair, Irrylath/Aeriel, pearls

Burn Notice, how we escaped alive by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fiona/Michael, scars, fate, alive

Mamma Mia!, Keeping Them There by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Sophie/dads, bonds

The Outsiders - S.E. Hinton, Taking Care by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Dally/Johnny, comfort, care, protect

RPF, In The Dark by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Bette Davis/Joan Crawford, fight

Days Of Our Lives, Carly's Slave by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Carly/Chloe, eyes, secrets

Archer, Weep Not For The... by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Archer/Lana, temptation

Axis Powers Hetalia, morning on your skin by [personal profile] bonnefois, Greece/Japan, peaceful, quiet, what?

DCU, You're So Damned Hot by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, heat [ART]

The Office (US), Untitled by [ profile] kyrafic, Jim/Ryan/Pam, kinky [cuckolding!]

Pitch Black, Acceptance by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Carolyn/Riddick, sunlight

One Tree Hill, Three Words by [personal profile] paradiseblue, Nathan/Haley, confession, hickeys, mirror, tease

Harry Potter, Trying Something New by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, slow, shiver, experimenting

Fullmetal Alchemist, Losing by [personal profile] lilpocketninja, Roy/Riza, dependence

DCU, Better Than The Rest by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Vril Dox, magnificent bastards [ART]

Tron, Understanding by [personal profile] muselives, Sam/Quorra, learning

Frasier, The Ox Show Incident by [personal profile] mahaliem, Frasier/Niles, competition

She-Ra, Secret by [personal profile] leyenn, Adam/Adora, shared secret, power, no one else knows, sword

Stargate SG-1, Tied Up by [personal profile] roeskva, Jolinar/Rosha/Lantash/Martouf, lo'tar, licking, teasing, frustration, love, desire, hand-cuffs

Roswell, After Dark by [personal profile] paradiseblue, Michael/Maria, lips, lust, uniform

Legend of the Seeker, Safe Sex For Confessors (Magical Objects Edition) by [personal profile] hibernate, Cara/Kahlan, Rada'Han



Dreamwidth Page 20

Fairy Tales, This Is The Way The World Ends by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Rapunzel/Prince, naive, girl meets world

Harry Potter, somewhere only we know by [ profile] urban_stoop, Rose/Lily, Luna, steam

Final Fantasy X/X-2, Slippery When Wet by [personal profile] angelikitten, Balgerda/Doram, wet

Crossover, Leverage/Supernatural, Just To Take A Ride by [personal profile] sunspot, Eliot Spencer/Dean Winchester, storm, guitar

Supernatural, Untitled by [personal profile] elliemurasaki, Castiel/Anna, celestial, inhuman

Babylon 5, Fallout by [personal profile] amatara, Londo/G'Kar, tentacles, empathy

Babylon 5, Hiding Place by [personal profile] leyenn, John Sheridan/Susan Ivanova, in the dark

Supernatural, Sideways by [personal profile] jena, Sam/Jess!Lucifer, comfort, escape, dream

Crossover, Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, Destiny Fulfilled by [personal profile] twinsarein, Dean Winchester/James Kirk, bar, leather, fight

Marvel, Pull The Pulse Out A Soldier And Bolt by [ profile] unityfic, Josh Foley (Elixir)/Kevin Ford (Wither), touch

Crossover, Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries, "Share and Share Alike" by [personal profile] lion_heart, Lenore/Damon Salvatore, fight, cuddle

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Augmentation by [personal profile] lysapadin, Kyouko/Haru, self-sufficient

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Morning People by [personal profile] lysapadin, Gokudera/Haru, morning, languid

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, The Pursuit of Perfection by [personal profile] lysapadin, Xanxus/Yamamoto/Squalo, threesome, watching, sparr

Glee, Far More Than Revenge by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Emma/Terri, oral, revenge, dirty, sheets

Gossip Girl, The Bath by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Chuck/Serena, deceive, bath

Supernatural, Drive by [personal profile] jena, Sam/Jo, late night drive

The King's Speech, Thinking of England by [personal profile] ingridmatthews, Bertie/Elizabeth, support

Chuck, Dirty Deed by [ profile] kmr2009, Bryce/Sarah, return, intense, comfort, dancing

RPF, The Party by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, John Barrowman/Matthew Bomer, [any]

Parks and Recreation, up in the air so blue by [personal profile] mazily, Ben/Leslie, swings

Crossover, The Good Wife/White Collar, Secrets by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Diane Lockhart/June, pleasant, expedite

Crossover, Resident Evil (games)/Supernatural, Leverage by [personal profile] annundriel, Leon Kennedy/Dean Winchester, gloves

Aladdin, Creamy by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Aladdin/Jasmine, sherbet, honeymoon

House M.D., Know Your Enemy by [personal profile] jessalae, Amber/Thirteen, alcohol



Dreamwidth Page 21

DCU, Well, That Happened by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Bleez, broken wings

Being Human (UK), Finding Forever by [personal profile] agnes_bean, Annie/Mitchell, feel, forever, immortal, warmth

Crossover, Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Stargate Atlantis, KamuChawa by [personal profile] infinimato, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, sculpture, ancient, aliens made them do it, trapped

RPF, It Takes Two... by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Colin Firth/Jessica Biel, tango

Beauty and the Beast, C'est Ce Bon by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Babette/Lumiere, celebrating being human

Lost Girl, The fall by [personal profile] psychedelicammo, Dyson/Kenzi, transform, temporary, the fall's gonna kill you, growl

Lost Girl, Take by [personal profile] alizarin_nyc, Kenzi/Dyson, pizza, trust, instinct, growl, gray light

Bandom, Panic! at the Disco, we move along with some new passion by [personal profile] flyingthesky, Brendon/Spencer, wax, aftercare

Glee, Be True to Your Code by [personal profile] d_generate_girl, Puck/Mercedes, better

Crossover, Archer/Burn Notice, The Flying Geranium by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Lana Kane/Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen, hide,shoot,snow

The Big Bang Theory, The Coitus Conundrum by [ profile] fedaltard, Amy/Sheldon, experiment

Inglourious Basterds, Der Kleine Tod by [ profile] piesek, Wicki/Stilgitz, choke, feel, rumble, grind

Crossover, DCU/White Collar, Pictures at an Exhibition by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Bruce Wayne/Neal Caffrey, museum, secluded

Bleach, never to be told by [personal profile] torch, Kenpachi/Byakuya, licking, bondage

RPF, Keep It In Mind by [personal profile] whatif, Evgeni Malkin/Sidney Crosby, wish

Hairspray, Last Chance For Romance by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Link Larkin/Tracy Turnblad, kiss, nip, brush, lick, first

Inception, Shoulders by [personal profile] kahtyasofia, Arthur/Eames, tattoo, guns, dominance, suit, lips, breath, trust, accent, tension, endearment, challenge

Glee, Uncomplicated by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Will/Beiste, shrug

Harry Potter, Not According to Plan by [personal profile] emeraldstag, Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, jealous, tease, hands, know

Smallville, Left Behind by [personal profile] emeraldstag, Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan, alone, watchtower

Prince of Tennis, In autumn it is the evenings by [personal profile] umiyuki, Yukimura/Sanada, kimono

V (2009), Maelstrom by [personal profile] lule_bell, Jack/Erica, comfort, sin, together, trust, secret, control

Wicked (musical), Choices by [personal profile] kunenk, Elphaba/Glinda, choices

Final Fantasy V, Stand Your Command by [personal profile] kunenk, Bartz/Shiva, cold, trial

Supernatural, A Moment's Peace by [personal profile] lion_heart, Castiel/S6!Meg, forgiveness, damnation, experience, wings, bliss



Dreamwidth Page 22

D.N.Angel, In Moments by [personal profile] kunenk, Satoshi/Daisuke, paint

The Losers (film), We're Always Here by [personal profile] lady_krysis, Clay/Roque, scars

The Good Wife, Quid Pro Quo by [personal profile] ladyofspring, Kalinda/Cary, information, dominate

Supernatural, Wrap Your Soul Around Me by [personal profile] lion_heart, Castiel/S6!Meg, soul, black, grace, sin

DCU, Behind the Mask by [personal profile] cinaed, Bruce Wayne (Batman)/Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), dancing, masks

Stargate SG-1, Practice Makes Perfect by [personal profile] roeskva, Malek/anyone [Janet], tied-up, teasing, slave, massage

Guiding Light, Temptation of Natalia by [ profile] kmr2009, Ava/Natalia, breasts, test

Doctor Who, Intoxicate Me With Your Lovin' Now by [personal profile] niceworkifyoucangetit, Nine/Rose, death, relief, support, intense

RPF, The Benefits of Fantasy by [personal profile] velocitygrass, Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, beach

Burn Notice, Charles and Charlotte Finley Proudly Present by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Fiona Glenanne/Sam Axe, playing house

Crossover, Chuck/Fringe, Blonde on Blonde by [ profile] kmr2009, Sarah/Olivia, mission

Coraline, Spring Showers by [personal profile] jaetion, Coraline/Wybie, flowers, garden

High School Musical, We Are Golden by [personal profile] allyndra, Chad Danforth/Ryan Evans, trophy, "bottom!Chad"

DCU (Batman Beyond), Your people are a drag by [personal profile] psychedelicammo, [unknown], generations, restless

Kill Bill, before the devil knows you're by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, BB/Nikki, Settling Scores

One Tree Hill, A Dish Best Served Hot by [personal profile] paradiseblue, Nathan/Haley, bruises, revenge

Red Dwarf, Untitled by [personal profile] lemposoi, Kristine Kochanski/Dave Lister, before

Persona 4, Quiet by [personal profile] electric_butterfly, Souji/Yosuke, school uniforms, sneaking, keeping quiet

RPF, Under the Table by [personal profile] tomorrowwith, Donald Glover/Gillian Jacobs, event

Smallville, Ticking Bomb by [personal profile] theclosetalker, Clark Luthor/Tess Luthor, wait, siblings, blood, need, scars, Luthors

Persona 2: Innocent Sin, I wear a mask by [personal profile] electric_butterfly, Tatsuya/Jun, Masks

DCU, Double Date by [personal profile] ciaan, Cass Cain/Stephanie Brown, dating, body, Kon-El/Cassie Sandsmark, collateral damage, Cass&Kon, unspoken

White Collar, Misbehavin' by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey, trust, pent-up, duet

Leverage, Hardison's Long Night by [personal profile] sunspot, Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker, moan, sneaky

Brick, you think you're tired now by [personal profile] psychedelicammo, Brendan/Brain, library, healing, support



Dreamwidth Page 23

Star Trek: Reboot, It's Not Just You by [personal profile] ciaan, Gaila/Kirk/Spock/Uhura, hot

The Dark Tower - Stephen King, Maybe It's Ka by [personal profile] bouncybouncy, Eddie/Susannah, joke, different, new

Crossover, Inception/Star Trek: Reboot, You'll be the Death of Me by [personal profile] ladyofspring, Eames/Uhura, ocean

Tales of the Abyss, Crystal Something by [personal profile] electric_butterfly, Guy/Jade, technobabble, Science!

Heart no Kuni no Alice, Skipping Seconds by [personal profile] cypher, Alice/Julius, clockwork, heart, desk, assertive

Stargate Atlantis, No Regrets by [personal profile] shaded_mazoku, Sheppard/Todd, rescue, feeding, heat, hiveship, understanding

Burn Notice, Downtime by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Michael/Fiona/Sam, car hood, cool off

Star Trek: Reboot, Promotion my ass by [personal profile] ximeria, Kirk/Spock, captaincy

Crossover, Leverage/Veronica Mars/White Collar, But They Can Grab Whatever They Want To by [personal profile] ciaan, Alec Hardison/Veronica Mars/Neal Caffrey, for an audience

Sports Night, Finally by [personal profile] hyperfocused, Casey/Dan, marking

Criminal Mind, Uncertain Boundary by [personal profile] ladyjax, Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan, scars, night

Lost Girl, untitled by [personal profile] credoimprobus, Bo/Kenzi, banter, couch, first

Crossover, DCU/White Collar, Intel by [personal profile] saavikam77, Bruce Wayne/Neal Caffrey, heist, museum, art, priceless, gala, charm, secluded, champagne, tux, black market, alias, lies, playboy, money

Stargate Atlantis, Overcome by [personal profile] velocitygrass, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, non-con, roleplay

The Pacific, Gray Area by [ profile] unityfic, Sledge/Snafu, smoke

Supernatural, Feathers from His Back by [personal profile] anaraine, Sam/Jess/Gabriel, experiment, wings

Cabin Pressure, Solo by [personal profile] enigel, Martin Crieff, singing

Love Story - Taylor Swift, And Her Daddy Said "Stay Away From Juliet" by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Romeo/Juliet, stable, hay

Leverage, Bruises by [personal profile] sunspot, Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer, hair-pulling, bruises

The Vampire Diaries, Summer Night by [personal profile] bigbrasskey, Stefan/Elena, lingerie

Merlin, prelude/postcoital by [personal profile] kurage, Arthur/Merlin, topping

Ninja Assassin, Hello by [personal profile] bigbrasskey, Mika/Raizo, hotel rooms

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Benefits of Flames over Sparks by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Sokka/Zuko, sword, lightning bending

Dragon's Bait - Vivian Vande Velde, Riches by [personal profile] bigbrasskey, Alys/Selendrile, winter

Dreamwidth Page 24

Fringe, Singular at the same time by [personal profile] monanotlisa, Astrid/Olivia, sunlight, care, equations, untainted, comfort, lab time, probabilities, milkshake, numbers, desire, something new, intervention

NCIS, Kernels by [personal profile] kuromigrrl, Timothy McGee/Ziva David, popcorn, remnants




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