Porn Battle XI - Eleven Days of Porn


Chromatic Prompts

A list of prompts containing characters of colour.

Update 25th Jan: the list is now almost complete - just S is still to be added (though Stargate Atlantis and Supernatural are included below). N.B. the crossover list is not complete - please contact the mod with any additions.

.hack//Another Birth
Kite/BlackRose, secret, loyalty, jealousy

Tsukasa/Subaru, embodiment

Bastien/Frau, rescue, salvation, absolution, promise
Castor/Frau/Labrador, sanity
Frau/Teito, death, silence, summer, intimacy, safe, holy, hunting
Labrador/Teito, gentle
Mikage/Teito, memory

28 Days Later
Hannah/Selena, risk, aftermath, safety, delight, displacement, escape, hollow, laugh, nightmare
Jim/Hannah/Selena, comfort, growing up, harmless, defense, heaven, hell, ease
Selena/Corporal Mitchell, sacrifice

Ace Attorney
Adrian Andrews/Franziska von Karma, [any]
Apollo/Klavier, pounce, perceive
Mia/Godot, intimacy
Miles Edgeworth/Dick Gumshoe, overcoat, car, evidence, theory
Miles Edgeworth/Franziska Von Karma, whip, plan, family
Miles Edgeworth/Phoenix Wright, suitable, cravat, hamburgers, broke
Miles Edgeworth/Shi-Long Lang, dominance, respect, mockery, rivalry

After Sex
Kat/Nikki, hot, wet, sucking, lips

Aladdin (Disney)
Aladdin/Jasmine, sherbet, perfume, street, harem, honeymoon, feathers, wishes, sand, dust, sun, desert, frost
Jafar/Jasmine, fantasy, own, powerful

Aladdin (TV Series)
Aladdin/Mozenrath, power, longing, black, lust, quest, hard, sacrifice, silk, tumble, illicit

Nadia/Sydney, wrong, fulfilling, sugar, soft
Rachel/Nadia, deceit, raise, glow, heaven

American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Bast/Shadow, purr, worship, shrine, dark, ancient, sight

American Idiot - Green Day/Armstrong
Extraordinary Girl/Whatsername, bittersweet, care, future, history, past, present, weaknesses
Heather/Miguel/Will, future, link, sugar, barbeque, talent
Heather/The Extraordinary Girl, sunrise, backyard, liner, x-ray, kind
Heather/Whatsername, strong, missive, abracadabra, night, pull
The Extraordinary Girl/Tunny/Will, twine, sleep, lost, melt, rhythm, pet, snap, vice, normal
Tunny/Extraordinary Girl, uniform, heal, determination, home, sense, longing, yes

Amores Perros
Octavio/Susana, damned, wrong, different, parallel, broken, addiction, cigarettes, tobacco, sunglasses, brothers

Andromeda/Harper, Pygmalion, Earth, planet, capture, pretend, control, rescue

Angel Sanctuary
Katou/Setsuna/Sara, alternate, family
Kira/Katou, drugged
Kurai/Setsuna, older
Lailah/Sandalphon, curse
Raphael/Barbiel, finally, challenging, match
Raphael/Sara, adoration
Raziel/Sheatiel, dust
Shatiel/Raziel, tentative

Angel the Series
Gunn/Wes, partnership, scars, skin, glasses, books
Jasmine/Connor, blood, everything, true, family

Animorphs - K.A. Applegate
Jake/Cassie, letter, hug, ground
Jake/Marco, family, DNA, faith

Antique Bakery
Ono/Eiji, flour

Aoi Hana
Akira/Fumi, sleepover, braids, books, reading, dating, makeouts, unexpected, crowded train, daring, passing notes

Assassin’s Creed
Abu’l Nuqoud/OMC, slave, boy, homosexuality, perversion, redemption, greed, lust, acceptance, love
Altair Ibn La-Ahad/Maria Thorpe, protection, fight, hate, love, devotion, change, pregnant, denial, passion
Altaïr/Malik, leisure, lessons, blackmail, preparation, wind, novice, training, competition
Malik/Desmond, memory, bleeding, reality

Avatar (2009)
Jake/Neytiri, celebration, queue

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Embers-Verse)
Zuko/Shirong, training, trust, sparks, control

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Series)
Azula/Katara, bloodbending, snow
Azula/Mai, grappling, fire
Lu Ten/Zuko, AU, different
Ursa/Iroh, comfort, planning

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Aang/Katara, flow, power, air, forever, curse, privacy, scent, beauty, chase, awkward, bad!sex, prophecy, growth spurt, full height, adulthood, wedding, baby
Aang/Sokka/Zuko, control, cool, exhaustion, fierce, heat, sharing, sparring
Aang/Zuko, burns, dancing, redemption, denial, destiny, history, conflict, rebuild, flowers, rage, alternatives, reminiscence, girls, topping, weird
adult!Katara/adult!Zuko, aggressive dueling practice, frustrated!Firelord Zuko, flirty!Katara
Azula/Katara, captive, escape, battle, fire, healing, trust, gasp, camp, heat, passion, push, pull, intrigue, sacrifice, whisper, tease, desperation, contrast, imagine, challenge, lies
Azula/Katara/Zuko, replay, bonds
Azula/Mai, allegiance, drama, silent
Azula/Mai/Zuko, shift, endless, punishment
Azula/Sokka, transference, forgery, teeth, nations, triumph
Azula/Ty Lee, chance, dominance, safe-word, friendship, extension, bad romance
Azula/Ty Lee/Mai, memory, test, your fingertips
Azula/Zhao, disregard, disgust, friction, strength, mock
Azula/Zuko, claim, humiliation, betrayal, disappointment, always crashing, stealth, flare, fusion, politics, cells, crossdressing, future, family, anger
Azula/Zuko/Zhao, service, drown, test, tangle
Earth King/Long Feng, control
Earth King/Teo, learning to fly
girl!Zuko/Zhao, armor, control, rage, pegging, please
Hakoda/Arnook, warmth, kinship, skin
Hakoda/Ozai, steam
Hakoda/Zuko, stranded, injury, survival
Iroh/Juun, scent, noodles, liquor, strength
Iroh/Zuko, tired, tea, warmth
Jet/Sokka/Zuko, confined, past, distress, maps, ink, uncertainty, ships, phone!sex, hatred, dubcon
Jet/Zuko, discretion, pretense, hypnosis, burning, flaw, amnesia, plans, drift, spy, obsess, tea, hot, follow, wall!sex
June/anyone, relentless
Katara/Jet, revenge, unforgettable, ice
Katara/Sokka, shiver
Katara/Suki, jealousy, skirts, tradition, secrets, guilt, bondage, mirrors, sooner, UST, ashes
Katara/Toph, dirty, elemental, dominance, fighting, private, proof, enemies, kiss, hiding, painted lady, con artist, pai sho
Katara/Zuko, ardent, wall, secret, smell, light, crystal, stars, diplomacy, negotiate, negotiation, D/s, submission, rules, snow, knees, swords, hum
Mai/Katara, pressure
Mai/Sokka, secret
Mai/Ty Lee, flexible, ocean, fall, solace,
Mai/Zuko, stay hidden, floors, secrecy, [any], sovereignity, kneel, protocol
Ozai/Ursa, break, revenge, nails, burn, candles
Roku/Sozin, respect
Sokka/Suki, any, dressup, fans, make-up, combat, earth, artistry, loss, complimentary, flying, silk, blindfold, fans, lipstick
Sokka/Toph Bei Fong, bossy, size
Sokka/Zuko, beg, gunpowder, spaces, genderswap, forgiveness, innovation, airbending, caught, fall, slap, shine, sword, sparkle, swing
Song/Zuko, dawn
Teo/Haru, backrub, red
Toph/Hiro, pride
Toph/Sokka, snark, absence, advantage, impressions, touch, voyeurism
Toph/Zuko, cooking, adventure
Ty Lee/Suki, flexibility, flight, laughter, once, sugar
Ty Lee/Zhao, air, relaxation, first-time, luxury
Ty Lee/Zuko, feather
Zhao/Zuko, games, opportunities, chances
Zuko/Katara, mother, dance, steam, robes, bend
Zuko/Mai, boredom, relax, escape, creativity, doubt
Zuko/Sokka, bone, fever, break, cloud, sister, why, family, sick, fever, Medicine, fools, wisdom, family, Sword, lightning bendeing, pain, controle

Babylon 5
Catherine Sakai/Jeff Sinclair, distance, dreams, return, lifetime, ship, station, Minbar, past, future, dare, remember, laugh
Michael Garibaldi/Stephen Franklin, comfort, healing, pain, coffee

Babysitters Club - Ann M. Martin
Charlotte/Becca, highschool, flirt
Claudia/Dawn Schafer, painting, college, sunlight
Mal/Jessi Ramsey, dance, legs, smile, hug, sweetheart

2NE1, Bom/Dara, cute, playful, outright, style, what, any
2NE1, CL/Minzy, dance, delicate, practice, rapping, show-off, any
Black Cards/The Damned Things, Pete Wentz/Joe Trohman, tours, twitter, changes, reunion
Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Nate Novarro, basements, dirty, cuddling
Cobra Starship, Victoria Asher/Gabe Saporta, shirt, dress, flowers, only, curve, waltz
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz, electric, rain, bass, first
Cobra Starship/Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, teasing
Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way, rhythm, song, last, kiss
Cobra Starship/TAI..., Gabe/William, close, bite, trust, photo
Cobra Starship/The Academy Is..., William Beckett/Gabe Saporta, lake, lemon, ink
Dir en Grey, Die/Kaoru, advice, race, rival, strings, any
Dir en Grey, Die/Toshiya, distance, rehearsal, secret, any
Dir en Grey, Kaoru/Toshiya, focus, grin, any
Dir en Grey, Kyo/Shinya, watching, any
Dir en Grey, Kyo/Toshiya, make-up, music, oral-fixation, sing, any
Exist†Trace, Mally/Naoto, bass, best, drum, sound, vibration, any
Exist†Trace, Miko/Omi, after-show, caress, heat, hum, guitar, lick, secret, sweat, any
Fall Out Boy, Patrick/Pete, solo, past, practice
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Pete Wentz, smile, bite, fiddle, lunch, fire, wall, bound, pay
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Joe Trohman/Ray Toro, willow, knight, hot, whimper, whip, candle
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, heat, secrets, writing, reunion, biting, insomnia, soccer
Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Pete Wentz, down, cigar, metal, full
Fall Out Boy/The Academy Is..., Pete Wentz/William Beckett, handwriting, secrets, heat
Linkin Park, Chester Bennington/Mike Shinoda, contest, hair, joke, looks, vocals, any
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Ray Toro, horizon, touch, slow, pencil, fold, fish, dream, boat, mouse, cold, full, smile, facial
My Chemical Romance, Gerard/Frank/Bob/Ray/Mikey/Lindsey, gangbang
My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way/Ray Toro, lessons, comics, music, planes, beach
My Chemical Romance, Ray Toro/Mikey Way, daddy kink
My Chemical Romance/Black Cards, Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, tours, reunion, texts, Killjoys, records, visits, summer
My Chemical Romance/Cobra Starship, Gerard Way/Gabe Saporta, rollerskates, comfort, cramped
My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy, Mikey Way/Alicia Simmons/Pete Wentz/Ashlee Simpson, happenstance, synchronicity
My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy, Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, winter, dizzy, spin, crave, pills
My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Ray Toro, strumming, stream, hips, hat
Panic at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Pete Wentz, direction, nostalgia, fireworks
Panic at the Disco/Cobra Starship, Brendon Urie/Alex Suarez, supervisor, cooking
Panic at the Disco/Cobra Starship, Brendon Urie/Gabe Saporta, basement, supply, tag
Panic at the Disco/My Chemical Romance, Brendon Urie/Ray Toro, suffering, downstairs, popularity
The Academy Is/Cobra Starship (Killjoys), Gabe/William, resist, alive, betrayal, height, solace
The Academy Is/Cobra Starship, Gabe/William, bunk, scissors, gambling, estranged

Banlieue 13
Damien/Leito/Lola, partners, frozen, frottage, cherries, stubble, guns, temporary, revolution, illegal

Baten Kaitos Origins
Guillo/Milly, pride, tease, dingbat
Guillo/Sagi, memories, yesterday, heart, yours
Sagi/Guillo/Milly, might, eccentric, promise
Sagi/Milly, muscles, play, loud, hope

Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Anastasia Dualla/Kara Thrace, playing favorites, hands, after the fall, stillness
Anastasia Dualla/Lee Adama, attraction, familiar, knowledge, date, bondage, theory, drunk, sand, desperation, cloud 9, porn magazine
Athena Agathon/Boomer, double, mother, wires
Athena Agathon/Helo Agathon/Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, alive, rainforest, crankypants, give us this day
Boomer/Caprica Six, hands, faith, team, stranded, war, distant stars, drive, glow
Boomer/Helo Agathon, academy, identity
Brie/Dietra, flying, teamwork
Cain/Gina, bend or break
Chief Tyrol/Boomer, irreparable
Chief Tyrol/Athena Agathon, confused, teach
Crashdown/Boomer, ambrosia, raptor, water, plan, leader
Felix Gaeta/Anastasia Dualla, ending, beginning, beach, rack, revenge, quiet
HeadSix/Tory Foster, games
Helo Agathon/Sharon Agathon, sweat, solitude
Kara Thrace/Boomer, uniform, sistership, change
Kara Thrace/Cain, blasphemy
Kara Thrace/Julia Brynn, shot, whatever, refugee
Kara Thrace/Kendra, unalike
Kendra/Cain, your new frontier
Laura Roslin/Cain, edges
Laura Roslin/Tory Foster, cipher
Sam Anders/Tory Foster, war

Be Cool
Elliot Wilhelm, music video, cowboy boots, rhinestone, Hollywood, fried chicken, limousine

Beach Stars
Iruka/Kotomi, sand, shower, sweat, bikini, promise

Beautiful Creatures - Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Ethan/Lena, backseat, dreams, electrification, shock, water tower
Link/Lena, dreams, incubus
Liv/Lena, darkness and light, sunshine and rain, nipples
Ridley/Lena, learning

BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
Ryusuke/Eddie, stitches, bottle, giggle, cigarette, photograph, grip
Ryusuke/Yukio, warning, humidity, Lucille, silence, jealousy, fingers, whisper, Grateful Sound

Beelzebub, Oga/Furuichi
parenthood, holiday, help, idiot, surprise

Being Human (UK)
Annie/George, switch, daydream, fairytale, domestic, tea
Annie/George/Mitchell, jealous, joke, warm, serious, bond, eternity, home, nightmares, trust, voyeur, cage, bound, haunted, together, dinner, again, loose, hair
Annie/Mitchell, feeling, blood, air, clock, eyes, brand new, door, stairs, time, careful, tears, Saved, cling, finally, feel, touch, together, mine, forever, immortal, surprise, fit, passion, disappear, blood, fear, discovery, couch, dancing, falling, kitchen, feel, purgatory, touch, feel, dead, rot, tears, injury, knife, tea
Annie/ George/Mitchell/ Nina, anything, everything, real, normal, special, bound
Annie/Nina, feel, warmth, contact, solace

Bend it Like Beckham
Jess/Jules, locker room, adrenaline

Better Off Ted
Lem/Lucy, sexy times, scientific principles, that thing Phil mentioned, glasses

David/Jonathan, [any], honor, birthright, joy
Esther/Xerses, for such a time as this
Eve/Lilith, apple, metaphor, origins, epilogue
Isaac/Rebecca, trust, adventure, travel, danger
Jesus/Mary Magdalene, at the cross, any
Judas/Satan, temptation
Judith/Holofernes, order, disruption, lies, double meaning
Naomi/Ruth, belonging, comfort, redeemer, rare, pleasure, solace

Big Time Rush
Kelly/Gustavo, jealous, soft, yelling, string, loyalty, any
Kelly/Rebecca, submission, anonymity, music, bar, competition, lesson, secret

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Haruka/Usagi, your princess, kitten, speed, caught, stolen
King Endymion/Usagi, denied pleasure, hunger, just once, clumsy, teach
Luna/Usagi, Watcher, snowfall
Mamoru/Usagi, mind control, wall, ice rink, name, pretend, woods
Princess Serenity/Usagi, mirror, prayer, angel

Black Lagoon
Revy/Roberta, madness, dogs
Revy/Rock, bullet, sweat

Blade of the Immortal
Hyakurin/Giichi, comfort, nightmare, skin, hands, poison, bruises
Meguro/Magatsu, laughter, race
Rin/Doa, girltalk

Blade/Dean Frost, blood

Bang Shishigami/Litchi Faye Ling, burning spirit!
Jin Kisaragi/Hazama, pulling strings
Tsubaki Yayoi/Noel Vermillion, one last look

Blazing Saddles
Bart/Jim, sausage, johnson, rooster, boobs

Aizen/Gin, eternity, switch
Aizen/Ichigo, loneliness, equal, mirror, moon, water, illusion, fight, charming, smile, tease, conquer
Aizen/Shinji, betrayal, captain, hair, gold, one hundred years, illusions, grin
Byakuya/Renji, battle, envious, flowergarden
Grimmjow/Nnoitra, payback, strength, supremacy
Grimmjow/Ulquiorra, lies, loyalty, smudge
Ishida Ryuuken, alone, rain
Ishida Ryuuken/Ishida Uryuu, estranged, sanguine, stitches
Ishida Ryuuken/Szayel, examination, perversions
Kenpachi/Byakuya, rough, licking, bondage
Kibune Makoto/Kira Izuru, pretty-cryer, superior, wounded
Kibune Makoto/Szayel, mirror-image
Kurotsuchi Mayuri/Szayel, tentacles
Nnoitra/Neliel, force, misogyny, revenge
Nnoitra/Szayel, favours
Nnoitra/Tesla, adoration
Ryuuken/Unohana, healing, power, envy, knowledge, brilliant, compete, teach, learn, change, offer, Quincy, arrow, sword, listen, future, protect
Shinji/Ichigo, tongue piercing, captain, fight, suppressing the hollow, infatuation, young, experience
Shunsui/Ukitake, artwork, silver, whispers
Szayel/Grimmjow, alpha, captive, experimental, vicious
Szayel/Grimmjow/Il Forte, punishment, tangled
Szayel/Il Forte, superiority, useful, useless, voyeurism
Szayel/Ishida Uryuu, specimen, toybox
Urahara, voyeurism
Yoruichi/Soi Fon, sting, power, stealth, know, trust, persist, battle, sweat, hot-spring, world

Bloody Monday
Aoi/Fujimaru/Otoya, hack, dream, together, earth, Linux, college, defy, explore, AU
Kirishima/Minami, dare, fight, suit, shower, home, determination, past, heal, compete, laugh
Kirishima/Minami/Saori, secrets, plans, death, hope, flirt, job, argue, laugh, stare
Minami/Saori, yearmate, future, fieldwork, apartment, history, AU

Angela Montenegro/Camille Saroyan, adrenaline, black-tie, confused, hands, hiding, office, paint, paperwork, power-reversal, private, rain, secret, security-cameras, surprised, unorthodox, art geek/homecoming queen, polyamory, cramps, alarm, easier, messy, slide, comfort, skin, touch, brown
Angela Montenegro/Jack Hodgins/Wendell Bray, light, please, call
Angela/Daisy, loud, restrain
Angela/Roxie, art
Angela/Temperance, sexuality, theory, wild
Brennan/Angela, necklace, jail, loyal, empathy, ink, strap-on, BDSM, skull, past, detachment, guilty, tired, cold, blindfold, jewelry, pony play, rave, hypothesis, ice, science
Brennan/Cam, sarcasm
Cam/Temperance, control, Wonder Woman
Camille Saroyan/Hannah Burley, sidelines, scoop, shadowing, FBI, Sweets
Camille Saroyan/Temperance Brennan, [any]
Hodgins/Angela/Brennan, invite, strap-on, pegging
Jack Hodgins/Angela Montenegro/Zach Addy, welcome
Temperance Brennan/Angela Montenegro, art, bath, blindfold, book, chance, crime, curious, dare, fantasy, festive, guilty, history, hypothesis, ink, investigation, jail, jewellery, lipstick, loyal, museum, pony, portrait, rave, skin, spanking, stress, sweet, tired, unexpected
Zack/Angela, cute, advice, help
Zack/Angela/Brennan, new
Zack/Hodgins/Angela, both, together, choose

BOSS, Erika/Reiko
goad, fluster, scratching
Osawa Eriko/Kimoto Mami, training, investigation, handcuffs, office, reunion

Boston Legal
Clarice Bell/any, sass, crossing, family, fully, confrontation
Tara Wilson/Whitney Rome, mesh

Shiho/Chunwoo, tease, exhibitionist, kiss, touch, denial

Breaking Bad
Gus/Walt, dinner, valuable, mistake, arrangement

Brendan/Kara, drama, paint, mask, garter

Bring It On
Isis/Missy/Torrance, push, competition, teamwork
Torrance/Isis, future, swing, team, respect, college, same

Brooklyn South
Jack Lowery/Nona Valentine, squad car, morning, night shift, shower, bruises, fight
Jack Lowery/Nona Valentine/Clem Johnson, grudgingly, worship, fight, lick, beach, comfort

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawn/Rona/Vi, puppy

Ali Rose/Coco, glitter, sweat, practice
Ali/Nikki, red, silk, gloves, stockings, fishnets, glare, truce

Burn Notice
Fiona “Fi” Glenanne/Jesse Porter, one time only, undercover, voyeurism, tantalize, getaway
Fiona “Fi” Glenanne/Jesse Porter/Michael Westen, here, together, truth, bed, tie, silk, yogurt
Fiona “Fi” Glenanne/Jesse Porter/Michael Westen/Sam Axe, Miami, mojitos, [any]
Jesse Porter/any, trust vs mistrust
Jesse Porter/Michael Westen, marking, bruises, absolution, reconciliation, mojito, dire, club, undercover, misdirect, magnetic
Jesse Porter/Sam Axe, exposed, hangover, impatient, the basics
Jesse Porter/Victor, meet, common, danger, impulse, jealous, need, explosive
Michael Westen/ Fiona “Fi” Glenanne/Jesse Porter

Alphard/Liang Qi, please, any
Canaan/Maria, close, kiss, smile, tight, any

Candy Boy
Isako/Sakuya, flirt, mine, any
Kanade/Yukino, art, first time, insomnia, kiss, paint, sweets, any
Kanade/Yukino/Shizuku, jealous, serious, teasing, warmth, any
Kanade/Yurippe, help, punch, scolding, smile, talk, any

Rima/Siham, hair washing

Cardcaptor Sakura
Clow/Yue, longing, sadness, goodbye
Touya/Yue, comfort, gentle
Touya/Yukito, desire, vacation, water
Sakura Kinomoto/Yue, cuddle, blush, sigh, share, fast, bow

Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan, bend over, coffee stain, stubble burn, role play, best friends, X Box 360, secrets, girls, fiancée, couch, game, new, fans, story, partner, holster, repression, lapdance, locked, outing, handcuffs, Scrabble, Merlot, slave, secret, silly, beg, blue, banana, sleepy!sex, ties, drinks, gamble, trust, Spanish lessons
Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan/Lanie Parish, dominate, business, invisible, inventive, fun, comfort, place, tagteam, ice, fruit, sweet, sharing, direction, benefits, friends, pegging
Javier Esposito/Lanie Parish, hungry, lust, breakfast in bed, backseat, dirty talk, lace, shower, curves, submit, morning, laugh, hands, sleep, growl, public, picnic, dance, backwards, stiff amongst the stiffs, wine and dine, hidden, hot, murder, open
Kate Beckett/Lanie Parish, smile, friends, trust, help

Center Stage
Eva Rodriguez/Maureen Cummings, intertwine, here

Charlie's Angels (movies)
Alex Munday/Dylan Sanders, slow, mighty, curl, leap, tilt, fall, yawn, nod, element, eat
Alex Munday/Dylan Sanders/Natalie Cook, flying, sinking, comfort, home, laugh, strip, sigh, throw, knack

Annie Frost/Daisy Ogbaa, adrenalin, bust, perp, boots, hurricane, blood, explode, run, stranded, night, bruises, risk, lick
Daisy Ogbaa/Luke Watson, wish, reluctant, euphoric, murmur, honesty
Daisy Ogbaa/Marco Martinez, wild, stranded, rough, laugh, surrender

Mama Morton/Roxie Hart, heart
Mama Morton/Roxie Hart/Velma Kelly, lights, camera, action
Mama Morton/Velma Kelly, truncheon, bruised, cozy

Alex McHugh/Anna Wu/Carina Miller/Ellie Woodcomb/Alex Forest/Sarah Walker, bachelorette party, stripping
Anna Wu/Any female, Spider-Man
Anna Wu/Ellie Woodcomb, fantasy, submission
Anna Wu/OFC, experiment, lick, delight
Anna Wu/Sarah Walker, nerd herd, release, skirts, temptation
Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Jill Roberts, jealousy, drunk, competition, desire, complicated
Bryce Larkin/Jill Roberts, bruise, cheated, fire, forever
Hannah/Sarah Walker, brunette, hair pulling, possessive
Heather Chandler/Sarah Walker, begging, fighting, loser, showers
Jeff Barnes/Lester Patel/Sarah Walker, blackmail, drunk
Jill Roberts/Sarah Walker, jealousy, stalker
Jill Roberts/Sarah Walker/Daniel Shaw, bdsm, double teaming, ownership, partners
Lester Patel/Any Male, firsts
Michael 'Big Mike' Tucker/any, size
Morgan Grimes/Anna Wu, lost, necklace, Hawaii
Morgan Grimes/Sarah Walker, beard, disgusted
Morgan Grimes/Sarah Walker, [any]
Sarah Walker/Heather Chandler, cuffs, lockers, cheer, scrapbook

Circle of Magic - Tamora Pierce
Daja/Sandry, saati, thread, bind, fire, bargain

Clamp School Detectives
Imonoyama Nokoru/Takamura Suoh, devotion, mystery, flexible

Kazuhiko/Oruha, blindfold, trust, passion
Kazuhiko/Oruha/Gingetsu/Ran/Suu, bond, special, perfection, simple, moment, love

Coffee Prince
Han Kyul/Eun Chan, coffee, chocolate syrup, stars
Han Sun/Yoo Ju, night, dance
Han Sung/Eun Chan, play, admiration, music
Sun Ki/Ha Rim, love lessons, language

Cold Case
Scotty Valens/Kat Miller, sweatpants, protection, proving a point, food, fast, attention, driving

Abed Nadir/Annie Edison, screentest, puppet, dark, embrace, projecting, academic, jealous, film, character arch, experiment, lists, plans, prank, pretty, sarcasm, movies, flowers, sweet, deadline, touch
Abed Nadir/Troy Barnes, Bert & Ernie, bromance, movies, inflatable sheep, meta, character arc, vitrolic best buds, fuckersnaps, video, pillow fight, underwear, games, fort, alone, confused, video games, movie night, pornography, morning, bunk, normal, sidekick, Sesame Street, kickpuncher, gay cruise, cross dressing, subtext, cosplay, film, dance, experiment, pajamas, pillowcases, romcom, golden, marathon, smile, first, BFF, scared, filming, jealous, emotions, hands, Batman, Superman, drunk, rough, car, sweet, candy, cookie, classroom, hiding, acceptance, happy, huh, movies, quotes, TV, Hughes, cliches, cool, sleep over, surprise, stroke, robot, special, always, Halloween, Zombies, paintball, adventure, laughter, experiment, bite, lick, mine, accidental, plan, reality, tangled, blankets, tragic, weird, chocolate
Abed/Annie/Britta/Jeff/Pierce/Shirley/Troy, orgy, ritual
Abed/Annie/Troy, tag team, sharing is caring, roommates, mutual, theater, adventures, antics, unexpected, fantasy, experiment, surprise, ballerina, cute, ours, together, Christmas, friends, flowers, sleepover, concert
Abed/Jeff, drunk, rough, experiment, power, mob, paintball.
Annie Edison/Troy Barnes, picnic, lipgloss, extracurricular, film, notes, cheerleader, valentine, dedication, swimming pool, know, school, crush, now, beautiful, different, past, picnic, contrast, clinic, innocence
Britta/Shirley, lifestyle, revelation, popcorn, cupcakes
Britta/Slater, competition, adulthood, office hours
Britta/Troy, crush, what did you say?, you're crazy, hurricane, ribbon
Jeff/Troy, once, fun, act, forget
Jeff Winger/Shirley Bennett, [any]
Troy/Britta, dance, maturity, trip, quiet, feminist theory, Star Trek, specific

Covert Affairs
Annie Walker/Jai Wilcox, touched, disgrace, one night stand, tall order, give in
Auggie/Jai, rivalry, competence, glide, risk, fingers, tight bind, playing field, getting caught, tattoo, envy
Jai/Ben, remember, screen, radio, wrap, payment, prevention

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan, alpha, scars, night
Aaron Hotchner/Penelope Garcia/Derek Morgan, [any]
Derek Morgan/Elle Greenaway, vacation
Derek Morgan/Elle Greenaway/Spencer Reid, cope, touch, adventure
Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss, coffee, couch, reading
Derek Morgan/Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, catch, ink, orders
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia, rainbows, champagne, glitter, wish, anniversary, good, slip, pretzels, grass, bridge, pillows, great, apartment, beauty, computer, loyal, fierce, vibrant, laughter, trap, pounce, dress, heroes, slip, beautiful, role-playing,, laughter, glasses, bubbles, cell phone, weekend, flu, trace, lips, message, indulgence, solace, pillows, cyber, worship, tease, knowledge, first names, goddess, tits, abs, tied up, menaced, pegging, dirty talk, whisper, lace, fantasy, window, phone sex, laughter, dance, interdependent
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia/Spencer Reid, actually, honey, hotel
Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, gasping, details, glasses, paint, summer, wishful thinking
Penelope Garcia/Jennifer "JJ" Jareau/Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, laughter, sunset, breakfast, books

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Archie/Greg, bait, side-effect, banter
Archie/Warrick, visual, impulsive, jeans
Greg/Warrick, tease, drinks, schooling, command, playful
Grissom/Warrick, experiments, soothe, rollercoaster, heat, submit, bondage, chance, faith, order, discipline, mend, eager, observe
Nick/Warrick, teamwork, rough, attraction, competition, protection, need, crush, public!sex, trust, tease, restraint, one-upmanship, wet, morning-after, workout, hunger, rush, lick, smirk, possessive, addiction, bare
Sara/Warrick, jealousy, need, snark, clash, smooth, trust, understanding, passion, vacation, seduce, music, fingerprints, flirt
Sofia/Warrick, sensual, release, dance, honesty

D. Gray-man
Kanda/Allen, snow, innocence, hair, blade, train, soul, touch

Amy Bradshaw/Lucy Diamond, backseat, diamonds, drawing, game, gunplay, handcuffs, milkshake, screaming, scandal, sketch, skirt, uniform, Valentines

Dances with Wolves
John Dunbar/Wind In His Hair, winter, communicate, mouth

Dark Angel
Alec McDowell/Logan Cale/Max Guevera, proxy, watch, solution, hope, cold, dynamic, information, perfect, push-me-pull-you, broken, impossible, substitute, blame, reality, touch, between, break, can't
Alec McDowell/Max Guevera, fear, hope, need, prickly, soap, breeding demand, harsh, hate, prison, slap fight, sister, savior, home, Manticore, Sunrise, Space Needle, derelict, polaroid, heat, drugs, mouth, sparring, target, bondage, lapdance, striptease, fingers, lips, stranded, storm, raindrops, skin, tree, water, distraction, candles, motorcycle, rifle, angles, eight ball
Logan Cale/Max Guevara, brownout, wine,
Max Guevara/Ames White, connection
Max Guevara/Original Cindy, lean, support, curl, bath, body-heat, boo, brownout, chocolate, costume, feast, fist, friends, Heat, lace, lazy, sleep, flavour, texture, heat, friends, boo, lace, bath, feast, twilight, friends, bath
Max Guevara/Zach, ghost, remember, rescue, forgotten, stronger, skin
Original Cindy/(Any), trying new things, stealth, creep, going both ways

Dark Blue
Dean Bendis/Jaimie Allen/Ty Curtis, cooking, domestic, undercover, lipgloss
Ty Curtis/Kevin, comfort, power

Amanda Waller/Barbara Gordon, leadership
Anissa Pierce/Grace Choi, catch, throw, dance, lift, picture, simple
Anita Fite/Cissie King-Jones, not second-best, domestic, heroic
Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm)/Kid Flash/Robin/Superboy, team, together, dynamic, fit, fight, new, learning, teaching, trusting
Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm)/Robin, leadership
Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm)/Robin/Speedy, fights, arguments, leader
Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm)/Superboy, calm, hand holding, webbed, super, powers, saved, shower
Arthur Light/Kimiyo Hoshi, begging, consensual, light, burning, flight, torch, secrets, salvation, white lantern, frenemies, fight, collision, explosive, schoolgirl
Atom (Ryan Choi)/Atom (Ray Palmer), Experiment, ivy league, college, imagination, internal, full, weird, education, science
Atom (Ryan Choi)/Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), art, science, paint, clubbing, pens, ink, experiment, imagination, toys, blueprints, powers, huge
Barbara Gordon/Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown, united, mirror, flying
Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes, experimentation, alien speak
Bart Allen/Jenni Ognats, kissing cousins
Bart Allen/Rose Wilson, kissing it better
Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)/Damian Wayne (Robin), crush
Batwoman/Question II, unmasked, secret, hard, date, sharing, leather, sparring, raw, blade, win
Beatriz Da Coasta/Tora Olafsdotter, fire, ice, opposites, friends, snow, heat
Blue Beetle III/Huntress, shell, virgin, cute, overwhelmed
Cassandra Cain/ Cassandra Sandsmark/Stephanie Brown, fly, read, play, candy, handcuffs, strong, grace, identity, balance, rock'n'roll, tea ceremony
Cassandra Cain/ Conner Kent (Kon-El), first, kiss, cute, body, unspoken, tactile, talk, secret, impregnable
Cassandra Cain/Connor Hawke, quiet, intense, fight, strong
Cassandra Cain/Connor Hawke/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, dates, adventure, normal, ninjas, team-up, KO
Cassandra Cain/Grace Choi, sleek, romantic, hopeful
Cassandra Cain/Jason Todd, fight, play, rooftop, secret, batty, shadows
Cassandra Cain/Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, together, messy, secret, Bats,
Cassandra Cain/Mia Dearden, London, meeting, Bat/Arrow, tradition
Cassandra Cain/Onyx, things are different now
Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown, rooftop, spandex, identity, tradition, legacy, reunion, instruction, tag, sweet, kiss, body, firsts, bested, time travel, ship, alone, dating, first, love, home, slumber party, makeover
Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Paco Tejas, bros
Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Rose Wilson, excitement
Conner Kent (Kon-El)/Rose Wilson/Tim Drake, tricksters
Connor Hawke(Green Arrow II)/Kyle Rayner(Green Lantern V), blessed, eternal, gift, imagination, silence, tight, vow, memories, painting, green
Connor Hawke/Jason Todd, replacements, encouraging, dirty, impulsive
Connor Hawke/Jason Todd/Stephanie Brown, explosive, calming, effective, random
Connor Hawke/Mia Dearden crush, last, honesty, repress, fire
Connor Hawke/Mia Dearden/Roy Harper, initiation, suffer, broken, care, wedding, heat, aim
Connor Hawke/Roy Harper, time, flirt, tease, dominate, fit
Connor Hawke/Stephanie Brown, careful, sweet, cute, development
Connor Hawke/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, awe, sweet, team-up, sweat
David Fite/Ishido Madd, partners
Dinah Lance/Shiva Woosan, better than bruises
Eddie Bloomberg/Jaime Reyes, hot, bugging, gaming, steamy, awkward
Eddie Bloomberg/Jaime Reyes/Virgil Hawkins, wrestling, movie night, bros
Eddie Bloomberg/Jaime Reyes/Zachary Zatara, bros, formal, fishnets, red, hot, steamy, kinky
Eddie Bloomberg/Rose Wilson, hot, smoke, inside, kink, splay
Hartley Rathaway/Connor Hawke, blind date, limp wristed pinko commies
Hartley Rathaway/Linda Park/Wally West, discretion, kink, exception, baseball, humming, musical, sing, pipe, chubby, fit, vibrate
Helena Bertinelli/Renee Montoya, genuine, temper, hunt, sensuality, tease, anger issues, car, fast, crossdressing, adrenaline, midrift, arrows, fingertips, Spanish.
Huntress/Question (Renee Montoya), remembering
Jaime Reyes/Kahji Dha, puberty, tease, mortify, experiment
Jaime Reyes/Khaji-Da/Traci Thirteen, sufficiently advanced technology and magic
Jaime Reyes/Paco Tejas/Brenda del Vecchio, tights
Jaime Reyes/Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake, surprise, awe, shock, adorkable, teeth, flowers, confusion, misunderstanding, lickable, spoiled
Jaime Reyes/Traci Thirteen, flying, gentle, hesitance, laughter, relaxing, magic, beetle, homework
Jason Todd/Rose Wilson, seduce, knives, swords, blood, pain, kink, bad
Jason Todd/Talia Al Ghul, mother, unholy, desecration, wrong, illicit, sunset, better, beloved, revenge, suppressed, feelings
Jason Todd/Talia Al Ghul/Stephanie Brown, broken, birds, fix, save, even, savior, dusk
Jason Todd/Talia Al Ghul/Tim Drake, desecration, illicit, affair, center, negotiations
Jesse Chambers (Liberty Belle)/Linda Parks-West, honeymoons
Jesse Chambers (Liberty Belle)/Linda Parks-West, honeymoons
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, circus, uniform, borrowed, closure, directions, Mark of Cain, Crime Bible, memory, emotion, addiction, weapons, camaraderie, competition, wig, holidays, wishes, regrets, Cain, roads, tension, fight, adrenaline
Kim Kimura (Aquazon)/Lorena Marquez (Aquagirl), Pacific
Kim Kimura (Aquazon)/Lorena Marquez (Aquagirl), Pacific
Kyle Rayner/Rose Wilson, seduce, naughty, facesitting, artistic
Lian Harper/Milagro Reyes, teammates, troublemakers, sly, grown-up, justice
Linda Park/Iris West-Allen, investigating
Miles Edgeworth/Phoenix Wright, suitable, cravat, hamburgers, broke
Miles Edgeworth/Shi-Long Lang, dominance, respect, mockery, rivalry
Mr Terrific (Michael Holt)/Batman (Bruce Wayne), expert, sex god, rivalry, competition, competence, Casanova, gadgets, games, T-rex, secrets
Mr Terrific (Michael Holt)/Batman (Dick Grayson), sex god, teaching, athletics, acrobatics, legacy, rooftops, bat cave, electric, facepaint
Mr Terrific (Michael Holt)/Obsidian, expert, sex god, shadows, tender, team, table, paper, passion, cheating
Mr Terrific (Michael Holt)/Wildcat, expert, sex god, boxing, genius, rough, costumes, science
Raven/Starfire, alien, elevate, ignite, insanity, weird, any
Renee Montoya/Tam Fox, meeting outside of two different worlds
Robin/Robin/Robin/etc, multiverse, multiple, cross, different, same, proxy, more, change, double
Selina Kyle/Tam Fox, not going straight
Shilo Norman/Scott Free/Barda Free, escape
Stephanie Brown/Tam Fox/Tim Drake, two strap-ons no waiting
Superboy/Aqualad/Miss Martian, fly, shift, strong, mind, underwater, new, shine, exile
Tim Drake/Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes, ecstatic, disaster
Tim Drake/Jaime Reyes, roleplay, switcharoo, rumpled
Traci Thirteen/Anita Fite, magic
Traci Thirteen/Brenda del Vecchio, girl time, treehouse, escapades, laughter
Triad/XS, girls' night out
Vixen/Bronze Tiger, Africa
Wally West/Linda Park, honeymoon, date night
Wally West/Linda Park/Hartley Rathaway, reunited, date night

Death Note
Hal/Gevanni, coffee
Hal/Takada, gun, hate, professional
L/Light, ripples
L/Mello, shards
Light/Mello, competition, pretty
Light/Mikami, inevitable, protect, believe, courage, deference, ineffable
Light/Naomi, fantasize, near miss, intelligent company
Light/Takada/Mikami, reverence
Matt/Mello, dub-con, kink, taste, desperate, alone
Mello/Matt, games
Mello/Near, bound, bitter, reflection
Mikami/Light, prayer
Mikami/Takada, classy, acerbic, irreverent, lesser gods

Death Proof
Abernathy/Kim/Zoe, working, shots, bar
Kim/Zoe, ghosts, runaways, turbo

Death Race
Case/Jensen/Joe, raising the baby, Mexico, under the hood
Jensen/Joe, car, freedom, inside

Defying Gravity
Eve Weller Shaw/Jen Crane, betrayal, locker room, lipstick
Eve Weller Shaw/Jen Crane/Rollie Crane/Ted Shaw, science, conviction, this is for tomorrow, Major Tom's, this never happens again
Eve Weller Shaw/Rollie Crane, loneliness, connections
Eve Weller Shaw/Ted Shaw, I say fever, sushi, New Orleans, distance, honeymoon
Jen Crane/Ted Shaw, old friends, floating, Mercury

Degrassi: The Next Generation
Alex/Jay, regret, firsts, fight, hallway, detention, crime, car, fence, fire escape, The Dot
Marco Del Rossi/Craig Manning, considering, always, touches, physics, math, trying
Paige Michalchuk/Alex Nuñez, replay, can't, fall, breathing, caress, snappy, home

Detective Conan
Hakuba/Kaito(Kid), not all of Kaito's magic is tricks, handcuffs, caught, possessiveness, youko!Kaito, locked, moonlight, time, hanglider, sky, challenge, riddle, prank, grin.
Heiji/Shinichi, werewolf
Jimmy Kudo/Rachel Moore, temporary, truth, discovery
Kaito/Kid, MPD, two sides of a coin, justice and vengeance, magic, down the rabbit hole, ‘well that was unexpected’, gem, heist, moonlight, thief, magician, mirror, shards.
Shinichi/Kaito(Kid), petnames, under the moonlight, rooftop, cute, crossdressing, equal, rival, control, Youko!Kaito, Shinigami!Shinichi

Detective Inspector Chen series - Liz Williams
Wei Chen/Zhu Irzh/Inari, dark, family, food, divide, shapechanging, prickle
Wei Chen/Zhu Irzh, leverage, fortification

Detroit 1-8-7
Louis Fitch/Ariana Sanchez, no less awkward, phone sex

Deb Morgan/Maria, payback, adultery, apology, dancing
Dexter Morgan/Miguel, vision
Maria/Ellen Wolfe, ETOH

Die Hard (movies)
Mai Linh/Thomas Gabriel, kiss, domination, benefits, training, addiction, explosion

Digimon Frontier
Kouji/Takuya, desire, fear, growing, healing, honor, last, message, pain, temptation, any

Daisuke/Yamato, music, quiet
Ken/Daisuke, dreary afternoon
Ken/Iori, apology, laughter
Mimi/Sora, irises, turning over a new leaf, perfume
Taichi/Yamato, music lessons, warmth

Digital Devil Saga
Adil/Gale, fear, sharp, bondage
Adil/Gale/Roland, clothing, green, loyalty
Argilla/Jinana, moment, tears, stars
Bat/Varin, stripes, whiplash, fishnet
Cielo/Gale, play, games, soften, dodge
David/Jenna Angel, beauty, hands, coffee
Gale/Harley, eat, stone, enemy
Gale/Heat, blaze, conflict, consume
Gale/Lupa, feet, explore, special, song
Gale/Lupa/Roland, familiar, drink
Gale/Roland, feet, taste, bind
Gale/Serph, ink, communicate, mute
Heat/Serph, distrust, forgotten, comrade, adore

Diplomatic Immunity
Kirsty/Leilani, fo'alafa, scheme, protest
Leighton/Leilani, democracy, whales, corruption

Disney Princesses
Jasmine/Mulan, silk road, diplomacy, gift

Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy
Jecht/Lightning/Terra, gentleman, generous, reputation, flirting
Lightning/Sephiroth, superior, humiliation, victor
Lightning/Terra, opposites, intrigue
Lightning/Terra/Cloud, fierce, gentle, sharing
Terra/Yuna, friends, comfort, sweet

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Cloud of Darkness/Exdeath, destruction, sadism, void
Emperor/Ultimecia, bondage, manipulation, scheme
Jecht/Cloud, big swords, sweat, potions, battle
Jecht/Sephiroth, bargaining, luck, knuckles
Sephiroth/Firion, roses, bondage
Terra/Cloud, blood, transformation
Yina/Tifa, water, lips, war

District 13 (Banlieu 13)
Damien Tomaso/Leito/Lola, night, warmth, wall, breakfast, sanctuary, home, aftermath, recovery, run

Satoshi/Daisuke, thief, paint, skill, secrets

Doctor Who
Amy Pond/Lix X, compromise, fret, grace, poise, regal, any, disagreement, remember, royalty
Amy Pond/Martha Jones, doctors, companions, time, hair, shoes, chances, accidents, cowgirls, boots, preacher
Amy/Donna/Martha, stars, letters
Amy/Martha, roses, surprise, want, ships, cupcakes, soldier, smooth, choice, predecessor
Donna Noble/Martha Jones, [any], friendship, wife, enough, alcohol, dancing, fantastic, after, sky, good, beautiful, companion, finally, missing, broken, roses, horny, need, flirt, bounce, two, ingenuity, smile
Eleven/Liz X, hail to the queen baby, example, paradox
Eleven/Martha Jones, new face, soldier, bondage, TARDIS, seconds, surprise, hopeful, paint
Eleventh Doctor/Martha Jones, appreciation, doctor, laugh, different
Jack Harkness/Mickey Smith, antagonistic, insomnia, living forever, fight, scream, fantasy
Jack/Martha, impulse, mistake, comfort, inventive, dignity, kinky, [any]
Jake Simmonds/Mickey Smith, liberated, skin, champagne, beer, climbing, Paris
Jenny/Martha Jones, fit
Liz X/River Song, control, crown, coronation, traveller, equals, luxury, blankets, gun
Martha Jones/anyone, heroine, dreams
Martha Jones/Christina de Souza, wrestle
Martha Jones/Liz X, brilliant
Martha Jones/Mickey Smith, make a difference, handcuffs, lazy days, technical terms, darling, leather, Another World, Gun, hair, partners in crime
Martha Jones/Mickey Smith/Tom Milligan, marriage, team, unconventional, complementary
Martha Jones/River Song, any
Martha Jones/Rose Tyler, [any], disagree, hate, question, tears, uncertainty
Martha Jones/Shakespeare, magic, any, future
Martha Jones/Ten, heat, flowers, taste, mechanism, storytelling, wet, escape, edge, breath, mouth, awkward, uniform, TARDIS, apology, waiting, happy, damaged, broken, shop, maid, coat, please, thankfulness, affection, travel, hug, damaged, temptation, wrath, fury, wanton, useless, stranded, ABBA, apologies, bath, caretaker, exams, glasses, illusion, nervous, now, rain, sun, thoughts, title, 1969, trust, universe, doll, punk, stealth, straddle, wardrobe, release, hands
Martha/Rory, hospital
Martha/Tom, lazy, reunion, wishful, rockets
The Doctor/Martha Jones, friendship, snark, guilt, comfort, injury, hug, tea

Heine/Badou, smoke, bitten, wild, snarl, comrade, rust
Heine/Naoto, scar, leash, past, blade, flurry, heartbeat, stillness, underground

Adelle DeWitt/Tony Ceccoli/Priya Tsetsang, only, remember, strong, fantasy, roleplay, game, hot, skill
Boyd Langton/Echo, trust, recall, protection, innocence
Boyd Langton/Topher Brink, security, secret, trustworthy, betrayal
Claire Saunders/Boyd Langton, rubber gloves, piano, cuts, sleepy, paradigms, prism, tights, wax
Claire Saunders/Boyd Langton/Topher Brink, messy
Echo/Kilo/Sierra, hero worship
Echo/Tony Ceccoli/Priya Tsetsang, laughter, own, self, claim, dark
Ivy/Paul Ballard, drinks, snark, betrayed, loosing sleep
Laurence Dominic/Paul Ballard, cybersex, imagination, anger
Mag/Kilo, freckles without sunshine
Tony/Priya, healing, restoration, memories, wedding, star-crossed, art, consent
Topher Brink/imprinted!Sierra, unfair, guilt, lonely
Topher Brink/Ivy, experiment, virgin, genius, any
Topher Brink/Sierra/Victor, atonement, regret, run, fantasy
Victor/Sierra, random, imprint, shower, remember, soldier, painting, soldier, date

Don't Look Under the Bed
Larry/Frances, pretend, experiment, flirt

Sameer Acharya/Kunal Chauhan, camera, hot tub, dancing

Dragon Ball
Trunks/Marron, (any), future, alternative, hidden, suit, fight, save, secrets, sword, surprise, heat
Vegeta/Bulma, (any), dominance, please, tickle, mark, wall, neck, experience, sky, moment, desperate

Dragon Knights
Cesia/Rath, tempest, queen, wicked, fight, faith, liar, saviour, fire, roaming, home, irresponsible, bicker, obedience, bondage, nightmares, sweat, illusion, dragon, on top, crown, enemy ground
Kitchel/Tetheus, dinner, cheering, voyeurism, fists, burglar, shameless, catch me if you can
Lykouleon/Raseleane, kingdom, loyalty, magic, ink, sheets, jewels, farewell
Rune/Tintlet, soul, ice, fate, rescue, love, satin, heat, magic, bondage, experience

Dragon Quest IV
Maya/Meena/Alena, dress-up, tomboy, dance, magic

Dragonball Z
Bulma/Vegeta, biting, angry, thoughtful, jerk
Gohan/Videl, flight, outside, argue, baka
Goku/Chichi, confused, wall, marriage
Pan/Trunks, secret, impassioned, worried, sensei

Devon/Sean, pride, anger, laughter, competitive, holding on, stillness, listen

due South
Elaine Besbriss/any, seeing, track, slow, sunshine, courage
Louis Gardino/Jack Huey, Dewey, poker, no-smoking, spilled, suit, loquacious, more
Thomas E. Dewey/Jack Huey, ducks, retire, old, vicious, loyalty, stake-out, take-out

Eastern Promises
Nikolai/Kirill, drunk, sober, kneeling, submit

Venka/Tyleet, first, new, youth, leaf

Eric Murphy/Vince Chase, inevitable, casting couch, couture, high school, pretend, reputation, shudder

Eureka 7
Eureka/Gidget, chocolate, friends, insomnia, warm, any
Eureka/Renton, air, children, first, flight, help, smile, any
Hilda/Talho, alcohol, inventory, relaxing, tired, any

Allison Blake/Tess Fontana, sorority, experimentation, theories, jealousy
Grace/Henry Deacon, romance, practical joke, science turns me on, grease, swing-dancing, for the first time
Henry Deacon/Kim, innovation, rediscover, kiss, collaborate, space, laughter, comfort, genius, pioneer, AU, history, familiar, memory, time, dance
Jack Carter/Allison Blake, first, spa, S.A.R.A.H., wall, shower, public, role-play, sneak, family, business, pleasure, magnetic
Jack Carter/Henry Deacon, family, gadgets, familiar, stimulating, trust, confession
Jack Carter/Jo Lupo, gun, movie, laughter, surveillance, adrenaline, practice, downtime
Jack Carter/Nathan Stark/Allison Blake, return, celebration, bed, physics, secrets, double team
Jo Lupo/Zane Donovan, banter, dominance, jail cell, hold, kiss, play, tease, collect, postcards, ballet, Las Vegas, riptide, claiming, understatement, handcuffs, marriage, explanations, reunion, closets, jail cell, sweaty, snowstorm
Jo Lupo/Zane Donovan/Douglas Fargo, competition, casual, experiment, lock, reason
Jo Lupo/Zoe Carter, blindfold, dance, handcuffs, sonic gun, massage, oil, double fisting, remote control, striptease
Nathan Stark/Allison Blake, wedding, honeymoon, baby, return, fingers, suit, tie, skirt, chair

Eyeshield 21
Agon/Hiruma, future, change, laughter, strength
Hiruma/Mamori, graduation, America, injury, common sense, instinct, touchdown, score, dirty, blackmail, surprise, party, naughty, role-reversal, efficient, fun
Kakei/Mizumachi, public, propositions, swimming, joy, stripping, private
Monta/Taka, honor, hero, work
Musashi/Hiruma, reunion, wet, wait, promise, bickering, cards
Sakuraba/Takami, perfect, understanding
Takami/Sakuraba, worth, finally, dress, gentle, beginnings
Yamato/everyone, crush, sparkle

Fables - Bill Willingham
Bigby/Snow, wolf, scent, lonely

Fairly Legal
Kate/Justin, peace, weakness, favors, overnight, waves, memories, rules, boat, funeral, desk, frustration, pen, mediate me

Dee/Ryo, handcuffs, gunplay, blindfold, tease, breakpoint, virgin, force, jealously, possessive, confinement
Rose/Ryo, seduction, authority, secret, power

Fallen (1998 film)
John Hobbes/Greta Milano, touch

Aeryn/Bialar, die in your arms tonight, second life, hope for the hopeless, don't ask don't tell

Van/Deaq/Billie, push it

Fatal Frame
Akito/Kyouka, hairpin, delicate, curious, seclusion, photograph
Choushiro/You, handcuffs, secret, acceptance
Itsuki/Mutsuki, despair, hands, purification, forest, breath, Remaining
Itsuki/Yae, absolution, adrift, crimson, incomplete
Kaname/Reika, piercing, voice, twilight, departure
Kei/Mafuyu, ink, studious
Kei/Misaki, teamwork, research, miniskirt
Madoka/Misaki, toy, friend, special, lighthouse, lies
Madoka/Misaki/Ruka, sleepover, song, memory
Madoka/Ruka, gentle, starlight
Mafuyu/Miku, visions, rope, haunted, orphans, trust
Miku/Rei, snow, nightmares, sweet, camera, lonely
Misaki/Ruka, surviving, sea, celestial, grounded
Ryozo/Yae, memory, leaves, sunlight, married
Sakuya/You, flower, exile, beach, twisted, prisoner

Final Fantasy VII
Aerith/Tifa/Yuffie, girls-only
Aerith/Yuffie, [any]
Elena/ Tseng, sweet
Tifa/Yuffie, fight

Final Fantasy VIII
Fujin/Xu, discipline
Quistis/Rinoa, authority, confusion, display, electricity, feathers, glasses, hair, spark, stroke, whip, magic, secret, unknown, last
Quistis/Rinoa/Selphie, fantasy, journey
Quistis/Xu, control, friends, learning, roommates, whip
Rinoa/Selphie, celebration, cute, dancing, feathers, fire, nails, party, sleep, trains, warm
Rinoa/Squall, comfort, tenderness, heat, bond
Seifer/Squall/Rinoa, love, knights.

Final Fantasy X
Auron/Rikku, age, memories, fear, steal
Kimahri/Yuna, runaway
Lulu/Rikku, prejudice
Lulu/Yuna, holy
Rikku/Yuna, lightning
Tidus/Wakka, underwater

Final Fantasy X/X-2
Baralai/Yuna, maneuver, memories, secrets, treaty, field, tea
Dona/Lulu, belts, control, gags, penance, punishment, silence
Gippal/Rikku, culture, alone, trapped, sand, thievery
LeBlanc/Yuna, fan, massage, sphere
Lulu/Rikku, belts, confused, electricity, elemental, magic, prejudice, secrets, slow, thunder, toys
Lulu/Rikku/Yuna, agency, fun, machine, travelling
Lulu/Yuna, belts, Calm, confidence, duty, faith, goodbye, guardian, holy, hurricane, magic, praying, respect, silence, toys, Yevon
Paine/Rikku, aftermath, airship, Al-Bhed, begging, blitzball, bondage, crush, flirting, full-throttle, hunt, machines, respect, respect-points, scarf, sky, spanking, thunder, dress, leather, sword, search, discovery, mission, smile, fun
Paine/Rikku/Yuna, fame, hot-spring, hunting, luck, positions, privileges, secrets, showtime, treasures, clothing, sexy, teamwork, dress, sphere
Paine/Yuna, confusion, falling, quiet, silence, slow, strength
Rikku/Yuna, Calm, comfort, dancing, darkness, gifts, green, gunplay, lightning, machine, magic, music, protect, rescue, secrets, stealing, thunder
Shelinda/Yuna, help, interview, magic
Tidus/Yuna, changes

Final Fantasy XII
Ashe/Fran, collars, control, deliberate, fast, fighting, respect, ship, slow, struggle
Ashe/Fran/Penelo, [any]
Balthier/Fran, animalistic, mist, rough, teamwork, trade, pay, pirate, plunder, pillage, gender
Balthier/Fran/Penelo arrangement, theatre, plunder, flair, mist, crush, dancing, denial, dream, guidance, safety, trust, wish, young
Cid/Yaag, leather, arguments, biting, satisfaction
Drace/Fran, [any]
Elza/Fran, [any], pirates
Elza/Fran/Penelo, [any]
Fran/Penelo, [any], aid, assist, battle, biting, blushing, bubbles, claim, claws, clothes, comfort, confusion, crying, dancing, distance, ears, fascination, fear, flying, hair, healing, knifeplay, lost, magic, marking, mist, nails, nature, pleasure, quiet, share, shiver, silence, simplicity, sky, skyships, slow, strong, teaching, tied-up, touch, young, light, masturbation, night, prayer, stars
Fran/Vaan, child, teach
Lightning/Sahz, dystopia, lead, afro, distraction
Mjrn/Penelo, learning, new

Fire Emblem Blazing Sword
Fiora/Lyn, admiration, kiss, respect
Karel/Lyn, blood, surprises, swordplay
Kent/Lyn, horses, plains, realization

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Ike/Soren, strategy, jealousy, submission, wind, candle
Kieran/Oscar, competition, contrast
Rhys/Titania, comfort, loneliness, red

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Elincia/Lucia, loyalty, sacrifice, pride, honor
Elincia/Lucia/Geoffrey, service, loyalty
Leanne/Naesala, freedom, hidden, stain
Micaiah/Sothe, sacred, silver, secret
Marcia/Tanith, punishment
Naesala/Tibarn, forgiveness, feather, pride
Reyson/Tibarn, complementary, flight, strength

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Kent/Sain, example, obvious
Erk/Serra/Erk, staff, pink

Book/The Operative, generations, secrecy, archives, brilliance
Book/Zoe, past, alternate, lies
Book/Kaylee, hope
Inara/Jayne, aggression, whore
Inara/Kaylee, bargain hunting, weightlessness, black and white, recreation, desire, skills, shyness, tools, soft, candles, flirting, beauty, strength, peace, green, abstract, sandalwood, barefoot, horse, frisky, rain
Inara/Kaylee/River, voyeur, work, flying, ceremony
Inara/Mal, mistake, fleeing, red, tea, gown, sword, exception, war stories, reassurance, scarred, submission, stranded, witness, sparks can create wildfires, co-pilot, cushions, tempest, vortex, insinuate, breakdown, peaches, initiation, heat, snow, observe, pale, pride, pay, whore, cold, need, love, excuses, rusty, shadows, reconnaissance, cloaked, mirrors, silence, secret, hidden, silent, silk, give, always needed you here, emotions, protect, words, peace, makes her lose control, can't think, lose myself in you, let yourself feel
Inara/Mal/Simon, refinement, manners, orders, allure
Inara/Mal/Saffron, , shenanigans
Inara/River, dreams, space, comb, fallen, streaming, gentle
Inara/River/Simon, class
Inara/Saffron, deception, seduction, training, tricks, sumptuous, upper hand, vengeance
Inara/Simon, grace, silk tie, seduction, etiquette, improper, fine, wish, training, stamina
Inara/The Operative, first impressions, life choices
Inara/Zoe, fashion, privacy, exotic, respect, friends, gift, post-BDM, grace, boots
Jayne/Zoe, need, warriors, understanding, once, killing
Kaylee/Zoe, youth, hope
River/Zoe, structure, damage, room, breath
Simon/Zoe, healing
Zoe/Any, victory, quiet, banter, comfort
Wash/Zoe, [any], three switches, wooing, first time, mustache, lost, fly, eyes, fighter, pale, smile, talisman, play, dangerous, hard, first, skill, Amazon, a fool’s dream, battle scars

Demetri/Mark, death, desperation, endings, faith, fear, games, gunfire, over, shadows, time
Demetri/Zoey, blossom, dream, false, farewell, fear, gone, lies, promises, smile, unrequited
Janis/Maya, acceptance, beauty, future, hesitate, hope, pain, pregnancy

Friday Night Lights
Jess/Vince, History, Chance, passion, fundraiser, secret, tutor, smile
Julie/Santiago, mystery
Luke/Jess, unexpected, betrayal, guilt, hot, swept away

alt!Astrid/alt!Broyles, missing, disappeared, concern
alt!Broyles/Olivia, lost, fear, promise, time, future
alt!Charlie/alt!Astrid, learn
Astrid /OFC, mistake
Astrid /Olivia, [any] , lazy, sunlight, submission, care, expectations, equations, lies, physics, safety, holding on, untainted, memories, grieve, comfort, make-believe, working it out, lab time, probabilities, milkshake, drums, numbers, steam, fedora, desire, secrecy, lipstick, hug, crush, something new, missing, pain, protection, intervention, leather, chocolate, trust, loneliness, teamwork, loyalty, combustion
Astrid /Peter, unexpected, moment,
Astrid/Rachel, close enough
Astrid/Walter, caretaker, madness, woo
Esther/Olivia, dame, dancing, desk, fedora, heart, caretaking, private dick, whiskey, gun, office, dancing
Noir!Olivia/Esther, follow, partner, hands, touch
Olivia/Sam, help, comfortable, games, intriguing

Fruits Basket
Kisa/Tohru, heart, promise, safe, voice, whisper
Kyo/Tohru, cooking, hiding, hot, leeks
Saki Tohru, energy, first time, sleepover, trace
Hatori/Shigure, secrecy, darkness, hope
manga!Akito/Tohru, anger, dark, freedom, heavy, love-hate, touching, surprise
Rin/Tohru, [any]

Full House (Korea)
Young Jae/Ji Eun, tent, biting, late, flowers, high heels, wardrobe, promotion, media, rain

Fullmetal Alchemist
Al/May, touch, flowers, laughter
Greed/Ling/Lan Fan, empire, want
Maes/Roy, war stories, needy, sharing, bonds, fire, burning, knifeplay
Izumi/Sig, tender
Lan/Ling, chase, indignation
Ling/Olivier, royalty, war
Olivier/Scar, warriors, silent understanding

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)
adult!Al/adult!May, private-lessons, sweet, sparring, admiration
Ed/Greed!Ling, want, strength, bruise, tricks, electric, push, capture, bite, secrets, metallic
Ed/Ling, trust, companionship, experiences, journey, train, teamwork, bickering
Lan/Ling, honor, protection, need, fondness, laughter, synergy, adrenaline, silk
Lan/Winry, care, feather, repair, liaisons, favors, soft
Maes/Roy, partners, support, stability, amusement, intimate
Miles/Scar, forge, brothers-in-arms, memory, experience, reverence
Olivier/Miles, solace, orders, unity, power, crave
Olivier /Scar, absolution, splinter, lethal, exhilaration
Riza/Roy, dependence, sync, constant, flower, devoted, tattoo

Fry/Bender, roommates

Utsumi/Yukawa, experiment, shock, challenge, hug, human, bicker, spontaneous, logical, illogical, Relativity, Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen, predict

Goliath/Elisa, gentle, romance, new, touch, difficulty

Generation Kill
Brad Colbert/Antonio 'Poke' Espera, bond, help, brother, dogtags, banter
Hector Leon/Gabriel 'Gabe' Garza, good, glasses, kevlar, [any]
Larry Shawn 'Pappy' Patrick/Rudy Reyes, dharma, familiar, influence, morality, protection, smiles, warriors
Michael Stinetorf/Teren 'T' Holsey, [any]

Ban/Ginji, bite, coffee, distance, electricity, forever, grind, illusion, trust, car
Himiko/any, knees, poison, rage
Makubex/Sakura, intent, silk, whisper, wired

Gilmore Girls
Dean/Jess, smirk, hidden, denial, secret, fight, anger, car, summer, payback, good boy, bad boy, bittersweet
Dean/Lane, tryst, comfort, fun, forgotten
Jess Mariano/Rory Gilmore, library, correspondence, rainy day, nickname, future, ice cream, forever, wedding night, moonlight, surprise, mine, cuddle, read, you and me, phone call, tease
Lane/Paris, loud, rebel, drunk, hate, love, loss
Paris/Rory/Lane, distance, denial, fumble
Rory/Lane, friendship, giggle, birthday

Gintoki/Shinpachi, domestic, blue, steel, run
Hijikata/Okita, lie, truth, light, fight, understanding
Okita/Kagura, strength, bickering, summer, heat, ice, red
Otae/Kyuubei, beauty, delicate, neck, gold

Brittany/Quinn/Santana, sleepover
Brittany/Tina, gesture, like, want, specific, kiss
Brittany/Rachel/Quinn/Santana, cooperation
Brittany/Santana/Tina, [any]
Finn/Santana, ribbon, sly, wink, music, tongue, diner, motel, kiss, tug, cheat, dance, bus, football field, control
Kurt/Mercedes, lipstick, best friends, bff, butch, embrace, femme, heterosexual life partner, just once, support, surprise, teach
Matt/Mike, flexible, backstage, goodbye, locker room, sweat, silence, split, tight
Matt/Santana, transfer, cold, goodbye, regret, unforgivable, goodbye, visit, slumber party, game, internet, porn, blindfold, ice
Mercedes, singular sensation
Mercedes/Quinn, kisses, red, bubbles, [any], sing, future, graduation, watch, gift, single ladies, show me your moves, teamwork.
Mercedes/any, song in my heart
Mercedes/Puck, chocolate, diva, tots, flirt, better, ice
Mike/Mercedes, lessons, backwards, scales
Mike/Quinn, vacation, bubblegum, abs, bump, sweet, dance, tour, library
Mike/Santana, mall, practice, bleachers, firsts
Mike/Tina, corset, cuddle, desk, polite, scarf, dance, flexible, talented, drag, eyeliner, good, traditional, rhythm, Beiste, please, finally
Puck/Mercedes/Kurt, rain, shine, heartbeat, got my boys.
Puck/Mike, dancing
Quinn/Santana, past history, good vs evil, enemies, oral, skirts, scratching, fundraiser, assistance, lollipop, uniform
Quinn/Santana, nails, silk, taste, weak, college, hurt, trick, safe, exposure, backseat
Rachel/Sunshine, sweetness, revenge, spectacles, access, stage, competition
Santana/Everyone, direction, orgy, watching, controlled
Santana/Brittany, [any], snowman, dizzy, aisle, camera, wedding, Paris, fashion show, caught, "outing", revenge, hands, eyeshadow, mirrors, exclusive, capacity, deception, skirt, vanilla, costume, sweet lady kisses, dictionary, private, reward, eager, lady kisses, fingers, cheerios, cross your heart, beg, tease, pony tail, jealous, lemonade, smart, escape, protect, uniform, call, confusion, kitty, spring, breadsticks, pinkies, hands, cheer, college, grass, skirt, blue, dance, bubbles, giggle, pillow fight, sleep over, party, lazy summer, besties , behind the gym, party, wine coolers, cheerios uniform, sleepover, first time, after class- bathroom, toys, dressing up, teasing, in public, movies, 7 minutes in heaven, cheap-date, pictures, desk/chair sex, ducks, cheer up, dating, phones, bed, snuggle, soft, squish
Santana/Brittany/Kurt, Nationals, joke
Santana/Jesse, struggle, College, even, bite, rough, bound, spank, ear, surprise, sing, costumes, revenge, back
Santana/Puck, firsts, marriage, Daddy Issues, costume, tattoo, revenge, cheat, bleachers, park, text, jealousy, weights
Santana/Puck/Brittany, drunk, trip, eager, beaten, tire, caught, jealousy, watch, please, food, hidden
Santana/Puck/Rachel, tug-of-war, lust, road trip, bathroom, exception, movie, limo, hotel, carwash, study
Santana/Rachel, drunk, loud, experiment, roommate, New York, competition, challenge, team, auditorium, dare, spring break, relax, revenge, emptiness, cruelty, chase
Santana/Sam, revenge, rough, heat, public, drunk, detention, stage, discreet, locker room, skiing
Santana/Sam/Brittany, shower, limo, swim
Santana/Sunshine, sharp, tame, fierce, suspicion, wager, curiosity, audition
Tina/anyone, did I stutter?
Tina/Artie, argument, art, blue, dance, glasses, laugh, nicknames, no hands, objectify, powerful, purple, Valentine
Tina/Santana, exacerbate
Will/Tina, mirror, vulnerable

Glinda of Oz - L. Frank Baum
Dorothy/Ozma, road, safe, protect, magic, drown

Shin/Yankumi, bloody knuckles, calm, early, enthusiasm, flip, glasses, graduation, knee-high socks, mutter, pride, surprise, cornered, show of strength, seize the moment, teaching

Gossip Girl
Blair/Vanessa, dinner, chair, award
Georgina/Vanessa, control

Ashleigh/Beaver, Greek Week, party, mistake, ZBZ house, costume, smart
Ashleigh/Casey, hazing, pledges, skinny dipping, history, roomies
Ashleigh/Rebecca, distance, phone sex, need, strip, escort, spring break
Cappie/Rebecca, Carmen Sandiego, frankfurter, stripes
Casey/Rebecca, blackmail, curiosity, changes, dynamic, pantry
Evan/Rebecca, breath

Green Hornet (2011)
Kato/Britt Reid, control, tequila, partners

Green Hornet (2011)/ Leverage
Kato/Eliot Spencer, coffee, masks, bruises

Grey’s Anatomy
Alex/Meredith/Cristina, dancing, naughty, cupcakes, Valentines
April/Jackson, gift, v-card, bed, date, remember, sweater, popsicle, brandy
April/Jackson/Alex, dead things, sutures
Bailey/Ben, comfort zone, dream
Bailey/Eli, risk, dangerous, honey, feeling
Callie/Arizona, make-up sex.
Cristina /Derek, speaker, parachute, draft
Cristina/Mark, obligation, east, keys
Lexie/ Jackson, under
Meredith/Cristina, anniversary, flowers, thong, vacation, tequila, smores, window, linguistics, teeter, pace, tequila, pressure valve, catch
Meredith/Cristina/Lexie, carbon copy
Teddy/Cristina, teaching, mischievous, joyride
Teddy /Owen/Cristina, orders, fingers, on-call room

Guiding Light
Ava/Natalia, breasts, lust, passion, San Francisco, test
Doris/Natalia/Olivia, fantasy, more, teaching
Natalia/Olivia, anal, double penetration, explosion, kitchen, happy-ending, first-time, wedding-night,

Guilty Gear
Anji-Mito/Baiken, art of the sword
May/Dizzy, wings

Gundam Wing
Duo Maxwell/Chang Wufei, growth, hair, philosophy, insubordination, down, tease, flirt
Heero/Duo Maxwell, fireside, mission, laughter, enamored, uniforms, desk
Heero/Quatre, soul, soft
Heero/Relena, hesitant, alcove, night, dancing, sense, breath, behind, hostage, gunplay
Quatre/Dorothy, duel, music, anger, denial
Wufei/Sally, silly, tickle, outrage

Hairspray (2007)
Motormouth Maybelle/[any], chords
Seaweed/Penny Pingleton, condoms, freedom, trouble, 1985

Hana Kimi
Rui Xi/Quan, water, honesty, teasing, tie
Nakatsu/Mizuki, shower, wind, hope, confrontation
Sano/Mizuki, lights out, sleepwalking, victory, careless, fierce
Sano/Mizuki/Nakatsu, compromise, messy, reunion, America

Hana Yori Dango
Sojiro/Yuuki, friends with benefits, wanting more

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
Adelaide/Toni, bite, rope, tease, vicious, surprise, friends, silver, instinct, protect

Harold and Kumar (entire series)
Vanessa Fanning/Harold Lee/Kumar Patel/Maria Quesa Dilla, pass-around, switch, together, pile, break, match, mix, picnic, work, tired, pancakes, mile-high

Harry Potter
Alicia Spinnet/Angelina Johnson, [any]
Alicia Spinnet/Angelina Johnson/Katie Bell, flying, games, practice, showers
Angelina Johnson/Fred Weasley/George Weasley, ghost
Angelina Johnson/George Weasley, [any]
Angelina Johnson/Montague Knightly, rivalry, captain warfare
Blaise Zabini/Draco Malfoy, pretty
Cedric Diggory/Cho Chang, innocent, sweet, charming, first, perfect, forever
Charlie Weasley/Harry Potter/Blaise Zabini, dragons, minutes
Cho Chang/Ginny Weasley, [any]
Cho Chang/Hermione Granger, [any]
Cho Chang/Katie Bell, [any]
Cho Chang/Lavender Brown, angry
Cho Chang/Luna Lovegood, [any], exposure, secrets, word-games
Cho Chang/Marietta Edgecome, [any]
Cho Chang/Padma Patil, word-play
Cho Chang/Lee Jordan, voice, whisper, stadium, bleeding
Dean Thomas/Seamus Finnigan, extras, transfiguration, potions, sports, London, quidditch, mess, muggle world, dorks, bravery, soccer, West Ham
Dean Thomas/Padma Patil, war, battle, runaway
Draco Malfoy/Cho Chang, bathroom
Hermione Granger/Padma Patil, academic, books, literary-reference, restricted-section, studying
Kingsley Shacklebolt/any, mark, nails
Lavender Brown/Parvati Patil, escape, tension, boredom, requirement, discover, ink, look, [any]
Lavender Brown/Padma Patil, confusion
Lavender Brown/Padma Patil/Parvati Patil, twin-fantasy
Luna Lovegood/Padma Patil, clever
Narcissa Malfoy/Mrs Zabini, danger, champagne, weddings
Padma Patil/Pansy Parkinson, curiosity
Padma Patil/Parvati Patil, divination, reading, rivalry, happiness
Pansy Parkinson/Parvati Patil, desire

Hathaway series - Lisa Kleypas
Merripen/Win, trees

Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Chin Ho Kelly/Danny Williams, connection, silence, watching, fire, dance, storm, waves, laughter, squeak, sanity, quiet, dirty, wet, motorcycle
Chin Ho Kelly/Kono Kalakaua, camera, scratch, fun and games, midnight, wetsuit, investigation, comfort, family, fluidity, joy, demand, stars, surf, teach, darkness, hope, sand, tropical, sadness, restraint, champagne, secrets, lies, gift, smoke, dreams, fallen, poetry, forbidden, solace, intimate, promises, blindfold, cousin, love, beach, alone
Chin ho Kelly/Steve McGarrett, distance, family, watching, waiting, shore, swim, talk, understanding, college, truth, floor, awaken, chained, history, shoulders, heat, bruised, needy, hero complex, new, back-up, past, rookie, fishing, young, curl, frozen, clock, familiar, mirror, ride, shirt, fade
Chin Ho Kelly/Danny Williams /Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarret, family
Chin Ho Kelly/Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarrett, future, sand, wet, comfort, laughter
Chin Ho Kelly/Danny Williams/Kono Kalakaua, calling shotgun, truth or dare, loosen up
Chin Ho Kelly/Danny Williams/Steve McGarrett, comfort, collar, bonding, ocean, we've got you, confusion, early
Danny Williams/Kono Kalakaua, exception, humidity, high heels, rain, storm, injury, tomorrow, tease, skin, comfort, heat, badge, sweet, tease, undercover,undercover, unsure, sweet, surfing, touch, scent, exhale
Danny Williams /Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarrett, goddess, unbearable, sandwich, competition, desk, kitchen, music, caught, handcuffs, bodyshots, tequila, dare
Grace Williams/Kono Kalakaua, time
Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarrett, rent boy, enthusiasm, disenchanted, flirty, waves, safety, legs, sparring, surfing, moonlight, boss
Kono Kalakaua /Mary McGarrett, rainstorm, surfing, distance, exhaustion

Christina Hawthorne/Tom Wakefield, reluctance, damage, love, denial

Hell Girl
Ai/Hone Onna, river, orders
Ai/Ichimoku Ren, higanbana, water, sunset, straw
Hone Onna/Tsugumi, hell, bones, sin
Ichimoku Ren/Hone Onna, scarlet, midnight, human, steel, playful

Alice/Jake, victory, ascend, sparkle
Alice/Lewis/Jake, hunger, trust
Marti/Alice, game, follow, want
Marti/Savannah/Dan/Lewis, pillowfight, orgy, unexpected

Adam/Monica, ledge, tattered
Claire/Mohinder, unrequited, respect, escape, curl, mid-life crisis, whisper,
Elle/Mohinder, vacation, unusual, ageism, professor, shock value, denial, evil!Mohinder, ambiguous
Matt/Mohinder, tumult, central park, law, betrayal, [any]
Micah/Molly, college, married, war
Mohinder/Eden, speak, lie, park
Mohinder/Sylar, take, gift, occult, reprimand, benevolent, theatre, bombastic, heuristic, Atlanta, fire, yearn, partners, seduce, vault, five years here, save me, [any], again, holidays, sky, aggression, jump, reverse, fish, comics, flight, fire, ice, dreaming, powerless, hero worship, regrets, amends, advantage

America/Japan, cute, ghosts, travel, tricks, scary, England/France, hate, wine, food-play, ignoring, war,
Greece/Japan, peaceful, quiet, what?

Anna/Millie, date, camping
Anna/Millie/Stan, cozy, surprise, unprofessional
Sheila/[any], whoops, sweetness

High School Musical
Chad Danforth/Ryan Evans, college, ice, curtains, dirty, twilight, height, sing, balance, yoga, flexibility, first times, "bottom!Chad", baseball, basketball, uniforms, flashy, sparkles, jaunty hats, bonding, choreography, comfort, dedicated, difference, message, public, red, seduction, text, trophy, twist, longing, wood, map, all talk, dare, couch, flight, poor sportsmanship, good taste, mint, club, snow
Chad Danforth/Taylor McKessie, math, chemistry, power, self, confidence, open, tug, study, anatomy, touch, tense, wander, brain, desire
Chad Danforth/Troy Bolton, friendship, loneliness, heartbreak
Troy Bolton/Gabriella, soft, quiet, want, giggle, kiss, pillow
Zeke Baylor/Sharpay Evans, pink, sparkle, wonder, dessert, sweet, scent, tease

Highschool of the Dead
Asami Nakaoka/Kohta Hirano, blurry, help, honor, risk, [any]
Saeko Busujima/Saya Takagi, admire, glasses, genius, kimono, lace, polite, power, solace, wet, [any]
Shizuka Marikawa/Rika Minami, calloused, cushy, gentle, house-cleaning, maid-uniform, [any]

Honey and Clover
Ayu/Hagu, admiration, experimentation

Honorverse - David Weber
Michelle Henke/[any] female, forthright, aware, date, chocolate, discreet, dare, makeup

House M.D.,
Amber/Kutner, astral
Chase/Foreman, change, eyebrow, contrast
Foreman/House, negotiate
House/Cameron/Chase/Foreman/Thirteen/Taub, research

Human Target
Christopher Chance/Ilsa Pucci, armored limo, opera night redux, protector, jet, scars, dressup, museum

Hustle (2004)
Michael 'Mickey Bricks' Stone/Stacie Monroe/Danny Blue, con, experienced, cash, diamond, Eddie's, job
Michael 'Mickey Bricks' Stone/Stacie Monroe, crew

I Not Stupid (tv series)
Tom/Chengcai, bed, fantasy, thunderstorm, trouble, secret, brotherly

I, Robot
Calvin/Spooner, cold machinery, body heat

I, Spy
Kelly/Scotty, aftermath, evening clothes

Imagine Me & You
Hector/Anna, hands, flirt, public

In Plain Sight
Brandi/Raphael, test, pool, bumble, light

In The Heights (musical)
Usnavi/Vanessa, apartment, fireworks, champagne

Ariadne/Eames/Yusuf, summer, tangle, slip, relax, excitation
Ariadne/Saito, blush, pale, dance, cream, wall!sex, smile, winter, silk
Ariadne/Yusuf, chemistry, overlooked, sanity, honey, excellence, freezing, favour, whisper, brilliance, heal, pink, charm, protective, chemistry, adventure, new
Arthur/Eames/Saito, prostitution, double-penetration, money, dominance, irezumi, spoiling, collection
Arthur/Saito, content, design, share, smooth, tie, rope, dressed, after hours, proper, suit, champagne, hotel, cuff links, manners
Dominic Cobb/Eames/Saito, teamwork, opportunity, slick, sharing, loyalty
Dominic Cobb/Mal Cobb/Saito, threads, memory, claim, seduce, shiver
Dominic Cobb/Saito, over, peace, speak, power, totem, struggle, shore, time, waking, suits, inspiration, old, together, fingertips, strength, limbo, reunion, longing, domesticity, trust, promises, unexpected, family, lifetime, bond, comfort, possessive, dreams, reciprocity, desperation, totem, companionship, safe, chance, ties-that-bind, leather, recognition, commitment, fireworks, bruises, slow, partners, faith, absolution, warm, lattice, limbo, sand, memory, Limbo, coping measures, courting, limbo, touch-starved, patience
Eames/Saito, drunk, fun, lips, forge, blond, decorum, tour, unexpected, lick, practice, smooth, roleplay, seduction, dirty-talk, charm, release, exposed, urgency, kept, reward, marked, irresistible, elevator!sex, proposition, mirrors, mile high club, flirtatious, bet, whiskey, flirt, lively, forward, use me, riddle, pretense, decadence
Eames/Yusuf, courtesy, chemistry, symbiosis, firsts, shot-glass, secrets, desk, privacy, playful, ache, friends, time, break, spaghetti, lazy, friendship, glock, office, advice, belt, penitent, sentimental
Robert Fischer/Saito, bespoke, virtual conferencing, dotted line, mile high club, crush, exploration, partnership, temptation, electric, kiss, strangers, tie, sharp, roller-coaster, train, levels, deep, tea, waves, shirt, bed, bullet, layers, silk, heat, [any]
Saito/Yusuf, courtesy, impulse, negotiate, appreciation, creation, world, airline, music, travel, sleep
Yusuf, heat
Yusuf/Arthur, dangerous, intelligence, dimples

Independence Day
David/Steve, cigar, fat lady, stress

Inglorious Basterds
Shosanna/Marcel, projection, theme, spark, meeting, forgotten, remainder, postscript, first, scars, bouquet, holiday, anxiety

Initial D
Ryousuke Takahashi/Takumi Fujiwara, respect, support, instruction, race, engine, mountain, tree, hand, hot, speed

Innocent Bird
Beelzebub/Shirasagi, pet, thorns, feather, struggle, bound

Inspector Chen - Liz Williams
Jhai Tserai/Chen, trouble, investigation, suspicion, feral, truth, power, bonds, respect, stripped, teeth, claws
Zhu Irzh/Chen, partners, teeth, claws, hell, coat, bond, flowers, friendship, rivalry, possession, law, shadow
Zhu Irzh/Inari/Chen, tea, meals, boat, hell, heaven, earth, myth, marriage, celebrations, friendship, bonds, ropes, coat, investigations, suspicion, home, twisted, claws, teeth
Zhu Irzh/Inari/Chen/Jhai Tserai, meals, tea, weddings, celebrations, night, boat, party, drugs, confusion, gift, blood, investigations

Inuyasha/Kagome, biting, doggie, future, talk
Kagome/Kouga, always, howl, loyalty, protect, safe, any
Sango/Miroku, hand, oral, instruction, slap
Sesshomaru/(older)Rin, wild, apprentice, healer, possessive, dreamer, loyal, taijiya, lovers, battle, wandering, wildflowers, mischief, moonlight, reincarnation, protector, fly, fur, barefoot, hot springs, seduction, mark, resistance

Russell/Mariel/Tom, changes, water, lights, steam
Russell/Tom, anger, safe, water, steam

IRIS (Korean drama)
Park Chul Young/Kim Sun Hwa, secret, training, shadow, loyalty, lonely, hurt, love

IT Crowd
Jen Barber/Maurice Moss/Roy Trenneman, executive, promotion, desk

Jake 2.0
Jake Foley/Kyle Duarte, upgrade, vulnerable, breakdown, mechanical glitch, flying colours

John Dies at the End - David Wong
Amy/Dave/John, friends, understanding, team
Dave/John, co-dependent, wasted, victory

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke
Stephen Black/John Uskglass, kings, fairies
Black/The Gentleman with Thistle-down Hair, otherland, fear, rulership, fairytale, green, dancing, weakness, leaves, wild, capricious, turnabout
The Silver-haired Gentleman/Stephen Black, stranglehold

Judging Amy
Amy Gray/Bruce Van Exel, finally, laugh, best friend

Junjou Romantica
Kamijō Hiroki/Kusama Nowaki, touched, tease, size difference, pet
Takahashi Misaki/Usami Akihiko, clean, food, claim, power imbalance
Yo Miyagi/Takatsuki Shinobu, size difference, floor, secret

Juno/Su Chin, Sharpies

Rachel Brooks/Raylan Givens, practical, sharp, shotgun, transfer, hat, attitude, almost, seniority
Rachel Brooks/Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson, simple, complicated, leather, tissue, book, report, case, beer, Miami
Rachel Brooks/Tim Gutterson, lion, silence, paper, knit
Raylan/David Vasquez, compromised, any
Tim Gutterson/Sykes, flirt, slide, rip, novel

Kamikaze Girls
Momoko/Ichigo, riding

Gareki/Nai, sleep, confusion, red water, possessive, dream
Gareki/Yogi, costume, play, blade, depth, bed, bandaged
Yogi/Nai, bathe, animal, sweets, touch, warmth

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Futa/Tsuna, stars, smiles, manipulation
Tsuna/Yamamoto/Gokudera, heroes, lead
Chrome/MM, bitch
Dino/Hibari, kinky, pinned, elegance, dominance, territory, sweeping, comparisons, felinity
Gokudera/Haru, loud, partnership, surprises, languid, lazy, morning, refuge
Gokudera/Ryohei, fight, smoke, funny
Gokudera/Tsuna, loyalty, silver, glasses, books, paperwork
Hibari/Chrome, distinctions, understandings, silences, futures, defeats, victories, tangible
Hibari/Ryohei, indestructible
Hibari/Suzuki, chemistry, blood, fierceness, matched, mate, curves, territory
Kouyou/Ryohei, prison, bandages
Kyouko/Haru, friendship, allies, impatience, secrets, self-sufficiency, strength, alternatives, exploration
Mukuro/Chrome, mindgames, interiority, vision, daydream, reality, short skirts, legs, elegance, longterm, vessel
Mukuro/Hibari, twisted, challenge, resistance, handcuffs, sneaky, campaign, ongoing, effort, illusion, shadow, bite, blossom, tea, revenge, resistance
Mukuro/Hibari/Chrome, balance point, difficulties, trade-off, distances, mediation
Squalo/Yamamoto, senpai, training, yelling, offguard, blade, scar, challenge, shock, goal-oriented
Tsuna/Enma, after
Tsuna/Gokudera, service, guardian, unguarded, afterhours, couch, buzzed, submission, devotion, protection, musical, necktie, alcohol, smoke, shelter
Tsuna/Kyoko, bathtub, love, sweetness, rest, hands, loyalty, spicy
Tsuna/Mukuro, dreamers
Xanxus/Squalo/Yamamoto, threesome, hierarchy, boss, laughing, dangerous, bizarre, training, sparring, watching, desire
Yamamoto/Bianchi, broken, survivor, unexpected, undercover, hips, hobbies, conspiracies, siblings, watching, lonely, educational, foreign, perfume, legs, lace, off-duty, escort
Yamamoto/Gokudera, laughter, teasing, loyalty, surprises, sartorial choices, understandings, privacy, longing, friendship, hands, reversals, sharing, underhanded, tactical, collar, keys, belt, ambition
Yamamoto/Hibari, taste, gleam, throat, entwined, bare, jeans, formality, napping, tea set, wolf, moon, howl, pounce, sparring, tatami, kimono, grace, fierce, territory, blood, fangs, kata, elegance
Hibari/Gokudera, kiss, blood, fight, sharing, secrets, pets
Yamamoto/Squalo, temper, denial, tender

Kill Bill 2
Beatrix Kiddo/Karen Kim, fate, serendipity, B.B.

Kill Bill
BB/Nikki, settling scores
Beatrix Kiddo/GoGo Yubari, fighting, passionate make-outz, mutual respect, emotionally damaged
O-Ren Ishii/GoGo Yubari, violence, experience, hell-bent

Kimi ni Todoke
Kazehaya/Sawako, anniversary, engagement, thought, trip
Pin/Ayane, here, now, unexpected
Ryu/Chizuru, girl, boy, kick, hat, rock

King of the Hill
Boomhauer/John Redcorn, tricks
Dale/John Redcorn, conspiracy
Dale/Nancy/John Redcorn, lightbulb

Silas/Thomasina, devotion, sharpshooter, it's in our history, regal, mercy.

Kino’s Journey
Kino/Nimya, road, sky, freedom

Kitchen Confidential
Donna/Teddy Wong, fun, strawberry
Jack Bourdain/Steven Daedalus/Teddy Wong, fresh, fun, tangle, revive, wash
Jack Bourdain/Teddy Wong, fight, risk, hope, help
Reese Ryder/Teddy Wong, select, resist, touch
Steven Daedalus/Teddy Wong, help, need, easy, keep, again

Ritsu, observation, school
Ritsu/Mio, dare, morning, surprise

Doman/Seimei, overpower, struggle, humiliation, exile, loathing
Kureha/Utsuki, blood, earth, skin
Sakuya/Seimei, student, redemption
Sakuya/Utsuki, dream, silk, struggle, rescue

Lau/Ran-mao, toying, precious, red stockings, flowers

Kyo Kara Maoh!
Conrad/Yuuri, baseball, missing, future, bond, possibility

L.A. Confidential
Edmund Exley/Inez Soto, soft, unintended, flame, scratch, never, once, escalation

Lady Daddy
Ji-hyun/Joon-suh, explore, photographs, invitation

Las Vegas
Mary/Mike, smile, drive, desert, rest
Mary/Sam, favors, cream, lace, blush

Law & Order
Mike/Connie, desk, partner

Law & Order: UK
Alesha Phillips/James Steel, control, babies, second chance
Alesha Phillips/Matt Devlin, delayed reaction, January, scarf, champagne, unexpected, flowers, flirt, sweet

Legend of the Seeker
Chase/Richard, woodsmen, forest, pathways

Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer, roleplay, late night, food, [any], roped, firm, chocolate, feed, night work, collection, fallen, knifeplay, goldfish, night stand, silk, working together, sweet, feisty, lean, neck, quicksilver, jealousy, geek, hair-pulling, bruises, orgasm denial
Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker, mystery, van, soda, dominant, argue, flying, special, high heels, shaving, learned behaviour, curl, flip, conquer, costume, spoil, bones, crunch, dust, echo, stormy weather, stamina, tangled, moan, sneaky, complicated, cash, crazy, panties, sleepy, interesting, acrobatic, hang-gliding, ski-ball, slushies, role-play, boundaries, caught
Alec Hardison/Parker, leap, hiding, evening clothes, glee, roleplay, caper, connect, blueprint, pretzels, heist, shutdown, bypass, reciprocated, sneak, high-wire, vacation, thief, help, sweet, not right now, teach, cover story, Lucille, elevator
Alec Hardison/Tara Cole, welcome, advantage, looking
Eliot Spencer/Raquel Dayan, bondage, blood, scars, overpower, lust, strength, shadows
Hardison, solo mission, voyeurism

Liar Game
Abe/Nao, rescue, believe, reveal, crush, companion, dandy, escape, apple
Akagi/Fukunaga, game, strawberry, secret, bandanna, holiday, flower
Akiyama Shinichi/Kanzaki Nao, touch, twisted, tease, follow
Akiyama, pent-up, nerves
Akiyama/Nao, courage, rest, maze, support, lesson, heart, mind, joker, queen, sharp, game
Akiyama/Nao/Fukunaga gamble, play, scheme, dance, drink, sparkle, teamwork, rope, diamond
Nao, fantasy, curiosity
Nao/Akiyama, truth
Yokoya/Nao, domination, control, submission, mouse, money, pain, sign, battle, kneel

Lie to Me
Cal Lightman/Ben Reynolds, argument, dominance, drunk, Gillian, need
Cal Lightman/Eli Loker/Ben Reynolds, office, coffee, tie
Cal Lightman/Ria Torres, naughty, antagonism, defensive, fated, wall, push
Cal Lightman/Sharon Wollowski, first, need, cook, dark
Eli Loker/Ria Torres, lies, yearn, dancing, reading people, strip poker
Gillian Foster/Zoe Landau, argument, Cal, common, resentment
Ria Torres/Gillian Foster, honey, experiment

Charlie Crews/Dani Reese, legs, micro-fiber, quiet, ice, sunlight, washing machine, fingertips, shaggy, sunlight, fruit, moment, gun, hands, bright, true, partner, friend, lover, pool, earthquake, enclosed, stakeout, denial, early, vacation, flowers, hybrid, navel, autumn, juice
Dani Reese/Kevin Tidwell, fox, desperate
Karen Davis/Dani Reese, running, denial, handcuffs

Little Mosque on the Prairie
Rayyan/Amaar, hair, mouth, night, secret, fantasy, dream

Long Love Letter
Asami/Misaki, night, cool, sand
Tadashi/Nishi, ache, beautiful, protect

Lost Girl
Hale/Kenzi, fun, joking, tension, whip cream, sidekicks, watching, dare, whistle, drunk sex, morning-after, ferris wheel, wig, head games, quarantine, tequila

Alex/Richard, nowhere, Babylon, ageless, espanol, innocence, forest
Ana Lucia/Eko, stability, pride
Boone/Shannon/Sayid, sharing, obsession
Charlie/Sayid, torture, bondage, blindfold, consensual
Charlotte/Miles, desperate, challenge, harsh
Daniel/Charlotte/Miles, equilibrium, touch, gamble, fascination, rain, unspoken, precognition, routine, temper
Daniel/Miles, sorry, tense, shelter
Frank/Sun, flying, notes, cuddle, surprise
Jacob/Richard, guilt, possession, choice, anger, hell, penitence, dominance
Jin/Sawyer, time, uniforms, towel, lonely
Jin/Sun/Michael, heat, drift
Juliet/Miles, board games, alcohol, sick
Miles/Naomi, negotiation, useless
Miles/Richard, van, guns, dynamite, duct tape, death
Miles/Sawyer, handcuffs, suggestive, undercover, chemistry, partners, flash-sideways, La Fleur, guy's night
Sawyer/Juliet/Miles, strip poker
Sayid/Shannon, soft, promises, wishpers, roleplaying, starlight, honesty, savour, trees, sand, reset, Australia, loss, crosswords

Love Actually
Juliet/Mark/Peter, fix, need, hope
Karl/Sarah, slow, right, open

Love Shuffle
Kairi/Ojiro, unexpected, biting, monster, image
Kei/Airu/Ojiro, sleepy, wine, playful

Kio/Soubi, waiting, blood, watching, pain, marked, art
Natsuo and Youji/Ritsuka, sensation, voyeurism
Nisei/Mimuro, vicious, lonely, warmth
Nisei/Soubi, hatesex, broken
Ritsu/Seimei, punishment
Ritsu/Soubi (past), approval
Ritsu/Soubi (present), discarded, wanted
Ritsu/Soubi, perfection, proof, ownership, bound, forbidden, obedience, adoration
Ritsu/Soubi’s Mother, torment, irreconcilable difference, betrayal, possession
Seimei/Ritsuka, cold, clean, impurity, cleanliness, only, unconditional
Seimei/Ritsuka/Soubi, training, beloved
Seimei/Soubi, obedience, longing, worship, scars, can’t touch, possession, blood, beloved
Seimei/Soubi/Nisei, beneath
Soubi/Nisei, submission, dub-con, bravado, light and dark, animal play
Yamato/Kouya, ears, trains, late nights, hands

Luther (BBC)
Alice Morgan/John Luther, bare, enmeshed, fearful symmetry, ferocity, grain, grace, sharp, silk, smooth, vase, velvet, burn, flame, destruction, penance, blade, dahlia, denial, apartment, desk, scars, grasping, intellect, philosopher, unmarried, after, partners, Hawaii, antimatter
Alice Morgan/John Luther/Mark North, broken, edge, facilitate, grace, groceries, halo, letter, knife, morning, red, exile, unspoken, thrill, warmth
Alice Morgan/Zoe Luther, appeal, chance, curiosity, knowledge, pounce, power, respect, threat
Mark North/John Luther, traces, threnody

Machete/machete, [any]

Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro
Godai/Kanae, cars, informant, undercover
Godai/Yukinori, battle, blood, warmth
Neuro/Kasai, fireworks, fuse
Neuro/Yako, pet, tongue, bath
Yako/Aya, music, love, murder, lonely, prison, escape, river
Yako/Neuro, independence, tables turned, take the lead, dance, chandelier, heels, spies, demon tools, mile high club

Naoto/Naruse, stare, tears, touch, photo, distance, respect, crave
Naoto/Naruse/Shiori, forgiveness, time, team, past, AU, chance, change, murmur, evening, darkness, flower, sun, courtesy, haste
Naoto/Shiori, run, tarot, believe, rely, redeem, remember, patient, determined
Naruse/Shiori, heal, choice, silence, regret, coffee, memories, fireworks, laughter

Akihiro (Daken)/Johnny Storm, lies, unclear, power, confusion, affection
Amadeus Cho/Cassie Lang, picnic
Amadeus Cho/Delphyne Gorgon, scales, learning, boots, snakes, food,
Amadeus Cho/Hercules, history, reunions, skirt, frottage, brawn
Anya Sofia Corazon/Rikki Barnes, 'friends', more, partners, cuddle, swept, fluff, adventure
Chen Lu (Radioactive Man)/Melissa Gold (Songbird), tender, costumes, escape
Colleen Wing/Danny Rand/Luke Cage/Misty Knight/, re acquaintance, tattoo, bonding
Colleen Wing/Misty Knight, cradle, perfect, sulk, creak, hair, sneakers, chair, lonely, sweet, partners, sweat, massage, domestic, cars, anger, , back-to-back, got your back, adrenaline, swords, guns, love, binding, fighting, apologize, quiet, scars, bondage, excitement, edges, distance, touch, mindmeld
Dani Moonstar/Xi'an Coy Manh (Karma), mistake, wounds
Danny Rand/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage, ideal, ribbon, comfortable, preparation, teasing, family
Danny Rand/Luke Cage, brazen, weary, tease, chow mein, rooftop, necklace, little, silk, beer, video games, brothers, friends, mission, payback, partners, undercover, playfulness, muscle
Danny Rand/Misty Knight, femdom, costumes, rooftops, tired, teasing, restraint, blindfold, food, shiver
David Alleyne/Noriko Ashida, first time, evasion, introspection
Eli Bradley/Kate Bishop, firsts, boundaries, vehicle, legacy, whiskey
Elsa Bloodstone/Monica Rambeau, rifles, coruscating, girl talk, groping
Elsa Bloodstone/Monica Rambeau/Tabitha Smith, porn star, too many hands, bad idea, hot, taking turns, rainbow
James Rhodes/Natasha Romanov, stunt, any
James Rhodes/Pepper Potts, CEO, echo, clandestine, man in uniform
James Rhodes/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, wrangling
James Rhodes/Tony Stark, burn, escape, recover, (any)
Jean Grey/Ororo Munroe, respite, loneliness, rain, chance to hold on, only you
Jessica Jones/Luke Cage, fluff, adventure, unbreakable, fun, roleplay, crime-fighting, babysitting, film noir, rough
Jimmy Woo/anyone, suave, noir, suits, cafe, threat, suave, attitude, claw, team-up
Jimmy Woo/Namora, leadership
Jimmy Woo/Temugin, power, legacy
Jubilation Lee/Monet St. Croix, vampire, mission, undercover, history, pajamas
Karolina Dean/Xavin, pride, self defense, earth customs, shapeshifting, television, light, fluidity, reunion, anchor
Logan/Ororo Munroe, sparks, forest
Monet St. Croix (M)/ Theresa Cassidy (Siryn), nails, leathers, underwear, legs, fantasy, teeth, exhibition
Mystique/Ororo Munroe, water, not quite, knife's edge, shapeshift, pulse
Ororo Munroe/anyone, costume, secret, finally, burn
Ororo Munroe/T'Challa, won't let go, ice, strip, need, watching the sunrise, wind

Mary Stayed Out All Night (aka Marry Me, Mary!)
Byun Jung In/Seo Joon, exotic, relax, office, tie, caught
Kang Mu Kyul/Byun Jung In, morning-after, drunk, coercion, contract, sheets, guitar, old-injury
Kang Mu Kyul/Wi Mae Ri/Byun Jung In, threesome, experience, solution
Wi Mae Ri/Kang Moo Kyul, sleepover, mittens, music, wedding dress, jealousy

Mass Effect 2
Kasumi Goto/Tali'Zorah, rules, guidelines, exceptions

Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Rihito/Mei, slippery, suit, stockings, brush, pull, midnight

Melrose Place (CW)
Ella/Lauren, doctor, trust, dress

Memoirs Of A Geisha
Sayuri/Hatsumomo, voyeur
Sayuri/Pumpkin, American, quiet

Nami/Ray, public, date, confusion, acceptance

Mercy Thompson series - Patricia Briggs
Mercy/Adam, magnetic, grease, trust, aggravate

Aglain/Gilli, advice, invisible, rebellion, under, flame
Arthur/Gwen, blankets, sweet, tumble, springtime, May pole, secret, coronation, virtues and vices, valiant, forged, faithful, laughter
Arthur/Gwen/Merlin/Morgana, reconciliation, magic, a new bed, cocktails, sex pollen, road trip, reversal, fields, dream, midsummer, ritual, honeymoon, pegging, restraint
Arthur/Merlin/Gwen, boys
Elyan/Gwaine, alive, cider, captured, chances, knightly antics, honor, starlight, shield, eyes, hands
Elyan/Gwaine/Lancelot, knights, brotherhood, trust
Elyan/Gwaine/Lancelot/Leon/Percival, training, tent, ride, dungeons, mark, honor, bonds
Elyan/Lancelot, substitute, comfort, forge, sword, transference, swordplay, proving himself
Elyan/Merlin, bravery, training, luck, fire, herbs
Freya/Gwen/Morgana, corset, pet, hairbrush, kittenish
Gwen/Arthur/Elyan, sweat, injury, snow, dress
Gwen/Arthur/Lancelot, gold, obeisance, sated, sharing, jealousy, logistics
Gwen/Elyan, jewelery, quiet, bravery, honey, bath
Gwen/Lancelot, open, autumn, fire, away
Gwen/Morgana, again, loved, why, sad, chalk, windfall, spoken, ink, flowers, loyalty, alone, massage, Valentine's Day, wishes, possessive, jealousy, control, summer, forge, fabric, love, wrists, lake, purple, lost, comfort, swords, toys, wicked, goodbye, devotion, fantasy, dream, sweet, lie, trust
Gwen/Morgana/Morgause, embrace, golden, world, queens
Merlin/Gwen, almost, crush, dance

Metropolis: The Chase Suite - Janelle Monae
Cindi Mayweather/Alpha-9000s, connected

Midori No Hibi
Kouta/Seiji, comedic
Midori/Seiji, first
Takako/Seiji, crush

Alisha/Kelly, laughter, shoplifting, trust
Alisha/Nathan, again, prick, wasted, spies, perception, new, insert, vanity, enough
Alisha/Nikki, bra strap, wary
Alisha/Simon, backseat, bent, blood, camera, fate, feather, habits, hiding, hungry, lessons, paper-cut, pegging, perfume, positions, repairs, shift, stubble, swim, untouchable, will, deja vu, mix-tape, masturbation, invisible, new powers, The Terminator, moonlight, clear, secrets, time, touch, see, impressions, scared, desperate, taste, safety, hero, shower, time, Las Vegas, new powers, training, x-men, dirty talk, no touching, fairytale, hickey, freckles, high, shadow, just waiting 'til the shine wears off, music from another room, lips, roleplay, shower, menthol, discovery, tied, ice, messy hair, makeover, touched, the last two, funeral, running away, candle, gossip, star-crossed lovers, famous
Alisha/Simon/Nathan, caretakers, drunk, equilateral, merry-go-round
Curtis/Nikki, laughter, plans, tips
Nathan/Nikki, antagonist, depressed, drunk, pranks
Nathan/Simon/Alisha/Curtis/Kelly, fucked up

Miss Congeniality 2
Gracie Hart/Sam Fuller, suits, sleepless, massage

Modern Family
Claire/Gloria, bonding, feisty, sass, underwear

Kayo/Medicine Seller, sun, banish, singe, illusion, release

Oikawa Haruka/Mutou Aoi, soft, sharp, irresistable
Sawaki Tadayasu/Yuuki Kei, warmth

Mulan (1998)
Ping/Shang, friendship, seduction by laughter, blindfold, touch, taste

Mulan (2009)
Mulan/Wentai, reunion, widowed, scars, victory, awake

Munto/Yumemi, agree, enough, without, around, promise, feel, down, candy, licking, fitting, garden, absent, fly, stars, love, heir, hope, half, misunderstanding, twist, morning sickness, slip, thin, disguise, subordinates, mysterious, support, aglow, mine, turn, attention, pillow

My Beautiful Laundrette
Johnny/Omar, bed, future, neck
Johnny/Omar/Tania, jump, next, water

My Lovely Samsoon
Hyun Jin-heon/Henry Kim, competition, struggle, power, language, sweat

Nana Osaki/Nana Komatsu, comfort, starstruck

Naruto Shippuden
Pein/Konan, soft, sorry, God, believe, rain, rough, awkward, over.

Hinata/any, solitary, recovery, confidence
Iruka/Anko, forest, stealthy, shadow, past, poison, blood, clone, desk, daybreak, fishnet, senbon, taste
Iruka/any, discipline, classroom, found, smoke, mistake, inevitable
Kabuto/Kimimaro, cynicism, fanaticism, acceptance, solace
Kakashi/Gai, cyberpunk, con, infiltration
Kakashi/Iruka, black board, snow, wire, leash, music, slippery, reading-glasses, authority, touchstone, electricity, trajectory, antidote, flak jacket, late
Kakashi/Sakura, mission, danger, fiery, years, queen
Neji/Hinata, blindfold, dynasty, corset, seeking, pegging, amends, unaware, roses, passion, inevitable
Orochimaru/Anko, separate and unequal, conflicted loyalties, self-preservation, walking away
Orochimaru/Kabuto, disguises, distrust, kinship, regard
Orochimaru/Kimimaro, deadly dances, oneness, sacrifice, loss
Sakura/any, boots, reach, control
Sakura/Naruto/Sasuke, perfect, sweat, hatesex, voyeurism, stakeout, happy-ending, bandages
Sakura/Sasuke, fist, medicine, break, denial
Sakura/Sasuke/Naruto, power, reunion, wisdom, reckless, mistake
Sasuke/Naruto, homecoming, frenzied, Twister, oopsadaisy, uniform, truth, longing, joystick, fruit, forbidden, dare
Shikamaru/Ino, shadows, mindgames

Natsume Yuujinchou
Natori/Natsume, spirits, movie, family, birthmark, drawing
Shuuichi Natori/Takashi Natsume, purpose, imagination, conspiracy, enchantment
Taki/Tanuma/Natsume, patience, trust, secret

Abby Sciuto/Ziva David, danger, friends, girls night, protective, safe, braid, surprise, watch, welcome, replacement, home, scars, what, fill, skeleton, skull, fisting, hair, pretty, experts, heal, tears
Anthony DiNozzo Sr/Ziva David, jealous, insane, theft, dinner, Tony
Leon Vance/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, power, healing, comfort, bottom, family, argue
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Anthony DiNozzo/Ziva David/Timothy McGee/Abby Sciuto, ownership, limbs, support
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Ziva David, competing, gym, show off, laugh, prank, night, ride, trust, healing, comfort
Timothy McGee/Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David, couch, ache, injured, cold, doctor, caught, deny, partners, epiphany, Boy Scout, handcuffs, teddy-bear
Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David, anger, what do you want from me, beautiful, new, at last, queen, candles, hard, her way, fighting, bicker, books, classics, blood, fire, snow, wait, long weekend, distance, wreck, exhibit, speed, finally, addictive, distract, fireworks, teaching, sweat, bathroom, miscommunication, revenge, soldier, names, sand, beginnings, half naked, flight, pillow, try, gun, motorbike, smiling, wounded, only, care, quiet, savior, trapped, green, fight, elevator, safe,
Ziva David/anyone, slayer
Ziva David/Damon Werth, any
Ziva David/Timothy McGee, lonely, teasing, popcorn, remnants, together

NCIS: Los Angeles
Sam Hana/G. Callen, beach, scar, cherry, ice, jujitsu, Callen's house, cocky, exhibitionism, capitulate, fire, experimentation, discipline, rough, mystery, fun, race, accidents, truth, discoveries

Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
Richard Mayhew/The Marquis de Carabas, strange, new, debt, prompt, grunge, sewers, pigeons, rooftops, pockets, trick, second hand, trains, marble, museums, darkness

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (movie)
Dev/Lethario/Thom, scramble, lost, press, wish, lick, play, stretch, drive

Nikita (2010)
Alex/Jaden, complicated, drunk, bitter, competition, lipstick
Amanda/Nikita, interrogation, disobedient, ravish, chains
Michael/Nikita, bar, discretion, urgency, scars, leverage, trust, assessment, adrenaline, undercover, allure, spark, encounter, memories, mat, sweat, fight
Michael/Nikita/Alex, partners, free, simple, winter, destination, future, games.
Michael/Nikita/Owen, hotel room, tandem, escape, entwined
Nikita/Alex, savior, nightmares, fight, training
Nikita/Birkhoff, student
Nikita/Owen Elliot, guns, confined, freedom, plan, action, guns, fight, sneak, handcuffs, escape, relief, break, cooperation, stakeout, collaboration, bickering, handcuffs, spar, admiration, crush, tease, release, understanding, hunger, needs, sweat, empty spaces, forgiveness, fists, elbows, velcro
Amanda/Nikita, control, reversal, teach, fight
Birkhoff/Jaden, computer coding lessons, talking back, respect for authority
Michael/Nikita, once, run, wine, treats, partnership, mentor, ruthless, pining, face, camera
Nikita/Owen, sweaty, swimming, sparring

Ninja Assassin
Mika/Raizo, aftermath, heart, skinship, blood, fight, suppress, rain, coffee, freedom, rescue, patience, flirt, coffee, hotel rooms, leather, scars, library, chains, hiding places, sunny days, undercover, dressed up, broom closet, shower

No Heroics
Alex/Devlin, restroom, mind-games, innuendo, competition

Nodame Cantabile
Nodame/Chiaki, keys, bath, hands, stage

Mireille/Kirika, gunfire, manor, Paris, sand, cocktails

Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami
Toru/Midori, gossamer
Toru/Naoko, scarlet

Amita Ramanujan/Charlie Eppes, language, theorem, baby, symbol, pegging, sing, married life, important, baby, fear, so?, relatives, taboo, new
Amita/Don Epps, secret, tremble, startle, delicate, skirt
Colby Granger/David Sinclair, compromise, tie, rope, beer, stroke, wish, denim, day off, bullet, spark, car, plane, trip, city, country, farm, horse, hero, consider, don't, worry, kind, date, give, cook, music, learning, talk, trust, friend, investigate, joke, rapport, banter, know, happiness, unspoken, competent, courage

Occult Academy
Maya/Ami, sleepover, play

Setsuko/Yukino, moving in, music, keys, collaboration, confidence, bath, any

Ookiku Furikabutte
Tajima/Shinooka/Hanai, bemused, blackmail, resigned, shoelace

Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi Fujioka/Hikaru Hitachiin/Kaoru Hitachiin/Kyoya Ootori/Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka/Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka/Tamaki Suoh, [any]
Haruhi Fujioka/Hikaru Hitachiin/Kaoru Hitachiin/Kyoya Ootori/Tamaki Suoh, [any]
Kasanoda/Haruhi, genderfuck, blush
Kasanoda/Tetsuya, yakuza, oaths
Kyouya/Haruhi, explode
Kyouya/Tamaki, endearing, enduring, surprise
Kyouya/Tamaki/Haruhi, forgiveness, share, hunger
Souh Tamaki/Ootori Kyoya, tropical, logistics, oblivious
Haruhi/Kyouya/Tamaki, understanding, possessive, balance
Haruhi/Tamaki, romance, honesty, secrets
Kasanoda/Tetsuya, umbrella, shy, touch, summer, nekomimi
Kyouya/Tamaki, art, business, belong

Out of Sight
Jack/Karen, parole, remember

Pan's Labyrinth
Vidal/any, fear, knifeplay

Parenthood (2010)
Alex/Haddie, graduation, first time, prom, secret
Crosby/Jasmine, experimenting, fun, honeymoon

Parks and Recreation
Tom/Justin, crush, stallion
Tom/Ron, politics

Peacemaker Kurogane
Hijikata/Okita, lost youth, fire and ice, slow, blood, open, interruption, giggle

Perfect Girl Evolution (aka The Wallflower)
Noi/Sunako, brilliant, darkness, touch, soft, marks, mirrors, binding, lace, desire, thirst, open, hush, dress up, trust, breathless
Ranmaru/Sunako/Kyouhei, need, confusion, accident
Sunako/Kyohei, swords, uniform, teeth, rope, horror, exposed, rescue, control, unseeing, knife-edge, glitter, scorch, appetites, speed, breath, ropeburn, bondage, slasher, bloodplay
Sunako/Ranmaru, self-defense, played, emerge

Persona 2
Tatsuya/Jun, masks, guilt
Maya/Tatsuya, forbidden, fidelity, regret

Persona 3
Arisato Minato/Hayase Mamoru, challenges, vacation
Arisato Minato/Hiraga Keisuke, playing doctor, bandages, gentle, shy
Arisato Minato/President Tanaka, love hotel, hate sex, surprises
Fuuka/Natsuki, socks, watch, regret, e-mail
Junpei/Chidori, paint, lace, mystery, smile
Minato/Akihiko, picture, training, gloves, sly
Minato/Elizabeth, gold, request, agent, mischief
Misturu/Yukari, mature, underhanded, protocol, boots
Mitsuru/Akihiko, boots, gloves, winter, prize, truth
Shinjiro/Akihiko, kisses, battered, window, midnight, hungry, silence

Persona 4
Naoto/Kanji, identity, boyfriend, costume, handcuffs, certain
Naoto/Rise, performance, contrast, satin, strap-on, prince
Seta Souji/Yousuke Hanamura, school uniforms, sneaking, keeping quiet
Yukiko/Chie, fire, fan, skirt, tease, team, best friends, futon, onsen, prince, princess, reversal, home, shrine, hungry

Persons Unknown
Erika/Janet, children, death, dibs, fire, hurt/comfort, life, [any]

Pet Shop of Horrors
Count D/Leon, pet, suspicion, lost, tied, bound, sweet, warmth, heat, power, drugged, fractal, claim

Pirates of the Caribbean
Anamaria/Norrington, the gentleman and the she-pirate, no manners, ropes, sword duel, captive
Calypso/Ragetti, lover, whisper, sweet
Davy Jones/Calypso, tentacle, storm, stolen heart, sails, below deck, eternal, sea
Elizabeth/Anamaria, braggadocio, trust, abstinence, trust me, ropes, two different worlds, pirate
Jack/Anamaria, sunrise, slap, gone

Pocahontas (Disney)
Pocahontas/John Smith, adultery, natural, femdom, sensual, wild, captivated, AU, stamina, play, thighs, clothing

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Connor/Trent, strength, white knight, shoulder to lean on

Power Rangers
Tommy/Billy, homecoming, memories

Powerful Opponents
Cha Young Jin/Kang Su Ho/Yoo Gwan Pil, hobbies, judo, lesson, privacy, protect, tease, wait, arrive, rain, hug, fever, dress, undercover, thigh-holster

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action)
Ami/Nephrite, secret, dark, power, innocence, human, gift, cookies
Makoto/Motoki, alone, movie, found
Mamoru/Usagi, cape, moonlight, skirt, destruction, dream,
Minako/Rei, camera, memories, future, shoes, uniform, princess, second chance

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Ami/Usagi, mercury, longing, stalking, calculated, second place, darkness, innocent, freezing

Pretty Little Liars
Emily/Hanna, pool, practice, future, dance, candles, sleepover, different, loud, caught, kitchen, prom, curious, closet, want, kink, forest
Emily/Maya, beauty, rebellion, first love, kisses, picture, date, vampires
Emily/Toby, complicated, bisexuality, desire, exploration, first time, gasp, silence
Toby/Emily/Maya, complete, safe, rebellion, secret agenda

Abby Maitland/Caroline Steel, rematch, forgotten, intensity, favorite things, flirtation, sugar, dislike
Jenny Lewis/Sarah Page, translations, fingertips, if you're lucky, tease, short skirts

Prince of Persia
Bis/Dastan, sleepy, punch, dagger, future, joke, clean, noise
Dastan/Garsiv/Tus, groan, good intentions, promise, company, jewellery
Dastan/Tamina, tease, dance, belief, sand, paint

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)
Dastan/Tamina, cyclic, consort

Prince of Tennis
Atobe/Sanada, silencing, hot, rival, musical
Fuji/Yukimura, hospital, family, found-out, switch, playful
Fuji/Yuuta, cranky, arguments, negotiations, secrecy, exasperation, surprises, laughter, teasing, grace, growing up
Mizuki/Yuuta, calculations, skewing, sleek, power, hands, cherries, temptations, seductions, loyalty
Niou/Yagyuu, au, exhibitionism, trick
Saeki/Yuuta, laughing, buddies, surprises, strawberries, movies, making out, schoolwork, goofing off
Sanada/Kirihara, size, kouhai, wicked, teasing, grace, humor, facade, granite
Tezuka/Atobe, pride, rivals, loyalty, luxury
Tezuka/Sanada, traditionalism, tea, silences, training, uncompromising
Tezuka/Yukimura, captain, defeat, practice, outside, meetings, games, control, release, willfulness, hard, challenge, game, sweat, shower, towel, wet
Yagyuu/Niou/Yanagi, mastery, laughter, data, mischief, checkmate
Yanagi/Kirihara, dexterous, video game, impatient
Yukimura/Fuji, smiles, genderswap
Yukimura/Niou, muddled, fingers, teasing, secret
Yukimura/Sanada, kimono, tennis, matched, loyalty, limits, soaring, thunderstorm, dragons, possessiveness, smile, durability, storms, danger, future, secrets
Yukimura/Sanada/Kirihara, lessons, stretch, goals, moving, kotatsu, loyalty
Yukimura/Sanada/Yanagi, balance, control, domination, perfection, battle, security, reward, skill, logistics, onsen

Princess Tutu
Ahiru/Fakir/Mythos/Rue, feathers, ink, jeté, sheets, doll, strings, storyland, sword

Burton Guster/Adam Hornstock, nervous
Gus/Lassiter, history, ties, hands
Gus/Shawn, transform, ridiculous, hats, you know that's right, mpreg, superhero, driving, sidekick, underestimate
Gus/Shawn/Juliet/Lassiter, any, trying to fit on one bed, cinnamon, sex-pollen, phonesex, handcuffs, "friendcest", inevitable, surprise, awkward, wait, "Spengussitara"
Shawn Spencer/Burton Guster/Abigail Lytar, functional, threesome, reasonable, answer, solution, perfect

Quantum of Solace (2008)
James Bond/Felix Leiter, rage, moonlight, strip poker, hiding, surprise, bloody

Ranma ½
Kuno/Nabiki, bokken, curves, possesive, money, public, marriage

Rant - Chuck Palahniuk
Echo/Rant, taste, time travel, sorry, coin, crash, deep, strange

Read Or Dream
Yomiko/Nenene, storybook, fantasy, library

Red Dwarf
Anyone/Cat, virginity, expectations, surprise, promiscuity, shameless, lick, naked, dressed, pet, scratch, bite, drunk, consent, anger, anatomy, control, screech, scratch, lingerie, silk, masculine, portraits, shoulderpads, tongue
Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer, rimmer, new, many, Lise, shower, hose, jacuzzi, bored,
boundaries, alone, isolation, frotting, space, desire, memory, comfort, bet, prank,
copy, virtual, touch, revenge, apology, death, submission, benefits, weak, game,
owe, order, talking, reality, hatefuck, tender, neatness, boredom, dreadlocks, bunk,
pornography, parallel universe
Dave Lister/Cat, curry, vanity, boredom, fun, cockpit, exploration, cramped, grotty, gorgeous, options, slob
Dave Lister/Kristine Kochanski, before, pinball, crumbs, simple
Dave Lister/Lise Yates, amazing, fear, diverge, between
Dave Lister/Lise Yates/Arnold Rimmer, how, Kochanski, never, hotel
Dave Lister/Lise Yates, amazing, fear, diverge, between
Dave Lister/Lise Yates/Arnold Rimmer, how, Kochanski, never, hotel
Deb Lister/Arlene Rimmer, fleas, toys, porn, medicinal, frustration
hologram-Dave Lister/Kristine Kochanski, opera, Austen, rastabilly, lager, smashed, birthday, equilibrium
Low Lister/Low Rimmer, crash, holo-whip, pain, rough, submit, leather, eyeliner, lipstick, gold, hat, chemicals, taste, music, differences

Remember the Daze
Brianne/Dawn, secret, closet

Mimi/Maureen, living, frailty

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Anthy/Utena, choose, free, smile, petals, fruit, sun
Kozue/Miki, milkshake, piano, teeth
Shiori/Juri, tear, sadist, hurt, beautiful, love, locket, photo
Touga/Saionji, kendo, duel, eternal

RG Veda
Kendappa/Souma, water, music, gentle, kiss
Taishakuten/Ashura-ou, destiny, goodbye, denial, tender, possessive

Rin/Shoko, safe, love

Allegra/Matt Ellman/Samuel Clemens/Tomoe Gozen, any
Allegra/Samuel Clemens, cigars, passion, respect, smoke
Allegra/Tomoe Gozen, gems, growl, interior, newness, shiny
Matt Ellman/Tomoe Gozen, cold, fix, partner, rain, smudged

Rizzoli & Isles
Barry/Maura/Jane, bra, awkwardness
Maura/Barry, immersion therapy, shut up, comfort, outburst, clue

Robin Hood (2006)
Jax/Will, shawl, scarf, Crusade, [any]

Robin of Sherwood
Nasir/Sarak/Will, bow

Handsome Bob/Mumbles, wild, confession, One Two, friend, twist, discovery, five-stretch, franks and beans all day long
Handsome Bob/Mumbles/One Two, thirst, transparent, winner, shy, blanket, grumpy, adrenaline, suit, wild, cars, leather gloves, drinks, poker

Romeo Must Die
Han/Trish, balcony, sneaky, pizza, ice cream, driving, tender, flirtatious, dancing, private, wall, lipstick, flexible, shower, illicit, back of the shop

Rookie Blue
Noelle Williams/Chris Diaz, scars, future, lonely, search
Noelle Williams/Luke Callaghan, day off, secret, rush, comfort, enjoy
Sam Swarek/Andy McNally, argue, stranded, late, morning, beach, isolation, bite, longing, watch, reckless, territory

Royal Pains
Divya/Emily, surprise, never, battle, game, control, best, hatesex
Hank/Divya/Evan, guilty, simple, family
Jill/Divya, rationalization, innocent, quickie, tipsy, friendship, bridesmaid, simple

Karolina/Xavin, shifting, sunlight

Rurouni Kenshin
Enishi/Kenshin, hair, white plums, snow, revenge, obsession, fine line between love and hate
Kenshin/Tomoe, snow, sword, mirror, soul, loss, hair, sunset, Otsu, peace, first time, marriage, experimentation, the lion and the lamb
Saitou/Kenshin, tying him so tightly he won't be able to get away, alley, bridge, swords, genderswap, possessiveness', old enemies, blood, war torn city

S to follow (Stargate Atlantis and Supernatural are below, but the remainder of fandoms beginning with S have still to be sorted).

Stargate Atlantis
Aiden Ford/Laura Cadman, explosives, on a mission, been here forever
Carson Beckett/Ronon Dex, return, healer, overpowered, sex pollen
Carson Beckett/Teyla Emmagan, dancing, fragile, gentle, grief, hands, hope, regrets, reunion, song, springtime, stars, role reversal, shy
Elizabeth Weir/Evan Lorne/John Sheppard/Radek Zelenka/Ronon Dex, gangbang
Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, orgy, aphrodisiacs, apocalypse
Elizabeth Weir/Ronon Dex, fingers, watching, clean slate, foreign, kindle, moody, quench, veil
Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Emmagan, balcony, silence, stick fight, trapped, berries, burden, angry, graceful, command, relax, pasta
Evan Lorne/John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, [any]
Evan Lorne/Teyla Emmagan, bite, guilt, pain, tough, inventive, bodyart, humming, pens, babysitting, bristles, camera, crush, disguise, drink, games, music, picnic, river, sweat, water, stargate, travel, festival, fireside
John Sheppard/Ronon Dex, bantos, blade, protect, chain-of-command, brother-in-arms, after, chance, fire, lift, throw, funny, bite, tie, rope, wrap, legs, thighs, leather, grab, hug, train, sweat, arms, hands, mouth, free, change, life, sunlight, sea, beach, pant, sharp, smooth, leather, climb, shave, bruise, closet
John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan, cold, lightning, tell, desperate, slow, kisses, pinned, need, downtime, smoke, loss, family, need, Washington, spar, gunfight, home, hope, night, trust, spy!AU, running, swift, tea, reckless, storm, silence, beginning, renew, cautious, angry, wet, first time, nervous, dark, strength, unyielding, hunger
Kanaan/Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard, enticement
Miko Kusanagi/Ronon Dex, something unexpected
Radek Zelenka/Teyla Emmagan, the science of attraction
Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex, hair, tattoo, loss, knife, grief, science, teach
Rodney McKay/Teyla Emmagan, home, earth, Wraith, queen, red, sky, why, silence, baby
Ronon Dex/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, acclimated, fortune, homesickness, lessons, on Earth
Ronon Dex/Kate Heightmeyer, abrasion, ache, jagged, kinetic, lap, nervous, stress
Ronon Dex/Kate Heightmeyer/Evan Lorne, appraisal, coerce, drawn, knock on the door, murky, tremble
Ronon Dex/Teal'c, tattoos
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, babysitting, common cause, game, home, suspicion, loyalty, gossip, hard, longing, banter, sparring, alien, tea, stranded, heat, high, join, say
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Amelia, bantos
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Elizabeth Weir, charm of the forbidden, claim, lull, several times over, stolen moment, ruse
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard, induction, luminous, taut, wrangle, yield, bond
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Kanaan, family
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Kate Heightmeyer, obsession, warmth, stretch, adjustments, hard
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan/Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, team, back, river, slow
Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, hopeless romantic, reunited, vicarious, wishes
Teyla Emmagan/Kate Heightmeyer, confidence, kisses, sugar rush, swimming, fingers, therapy, fallen, wish, dream, tea, quiet, comfort, exchange, knowledge, diplomacy
Teyla Emmagan/Kate Heightmeyer/Evan Lorne, bound, grind, minor problem, normalcy, overwhelmed
Teyla/anyone, sparring, family, joy, struggle, strength, heart, loyalty, wisdom, love, eternal
Teyla/Jennifer, right, safe, food, custom, heart
Teyla/Kate/Elizabeth, want, they, hi
Teyla/Sam/Jennifer, do, see, sheets
Teyla/Sora, mystery, secret, redemption, trade, fight, pride, past

Anna/Kali/Lilith, legend, myth, afterlife, crows, eternity, army, spark, worship, wings, holy
Bela/Victor Henriksen, noir, drinks, break in, wall!sex, push and pull, femme fatale, suspicious, jewels, smokers, dame, underbelly, smooth, thrill
Cassie Robinson/Dean Winchester, open, belief, again, amazing, first, hide, smile, incendiary, angry, bite, scratch, leave.
Cassie Robinson/Castiel, Possession, voice, Dean, perdition
Castiel/Victor Henriksen, longing for home, sacrifices, comfort, mission, quiet, learning
Dean/Kali, impress
Dean/Maggie Zeddmore, video, training
Gabriel/Kali, fire, wild, pagan, believe, trick, hot, light, arms, honey, blood, roses, wine, chocolate, blood, wings, smoke, blood, ancient, Gods, hands, blue, chant, knife, spell, full, teeth, arms, sword
Gabriel/Lucifer/Michael/Raphael, create, rainbow, death
Gabriel/Raphael, rejoice, celebrate, battle
Missouri Moseley, "I enjoy the way you lie."
Raphael/Castiel, prisoner, lightning, shadows, blood, bite, war, justice

Jake/A.J., issues, cool, hat, cons
Jake/Lilly/A.J., regrets, dinners, late, surprises, gifts
John/G, roads, game, ropes, choices

Target in the Finder
Asami/Takaba, irresistible
Fei Long/Asami, hunters and hunted

Temeraire - Naomi Novik
Laurence/Tharkay, common ground, adventure, comrades, companion

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Derek/Jesse, claw, regret, spiral, tunnel, punch
James Ellison/Sarah Connor, fight, release, close call, belief, secret, follow, fight
Jesse/Riley, smile, regret, texture, hands, protect, pretty hair, liar, trust, betrayal, wrong, alone, manipulation, alive, savior, burn out, hubris

The A-Team (any)
BA/Face, boss, perfectionist
BA/Murdock, fool, part, fond, chain, technology, imagination, hope, down time

The A-Team (2010)
B.A./Murdock, floor, truck, rug burn, bite, whimper, giggle, bandages, needle

The Bible
Jesus/Devil, genderplay, 40 days, bound, inversion, give and take, denial, beg

The Big Bang Theory
Raj/Howard, goth, shy, kosher

The Big C
Adam/Andrea, [any]
Lenny/Cathy, slippery, what could have been, simple, happiness

The Big Hit
Keiko Nishi/Melvin Smiley, kiss, carry, tease, yes

The Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Aravis/Lasaraleen, almost, friends

The Chronicles of Riddick
Riddick/Vaako/Dame Vaako, power, throne, drowning, cloud, whisper, prey

The Closer
Brenda Johnson/David Gabriel, attraction, caught, desk, office, boss.

The Dark Tower - Stephen King
Eddie/Susannah, acceptance, heal, different, new, oath, vows, help, joke

The Dresden Files – Jim Butcher
Harry/Morgan, criminal, mistrust
Harry/Susan, blood, handcuffs, restraints, snap, fireworks, weary memory, candles, avatar, fade, teeth, last, wishful thinking, photograph, vital signs, control

The Dresden Files
Harry/Morgan, hounded, sword, Lake Michigan
Harry/Murphy, stress, celebration, life, midnight
Karrin Murphy/Anastasia Luccio, sword, tub, hard day
Murphy/Thomas, power, silver, cold

The Fast and the Furious (series)
Brian O'Connor/Dominic Toretto, faith, goodbye, handcuffs, rules, traffic, fast, anger, family
Brian O'Connor/Dominic Toretto/Letty Ortiz, control, speed
Brian/Dom/Rome, crowded, engine oil, tight, push, negotiate, bossy
Brian/Rome, wrestle, knee, smirk, cough, cigarette, dusty
Dom/Brian/Rome, team, snarl, got your back
Suki/Letty, pink, girl's world

The Glades
Callie/Jim, new mexico, freckles, sun, begin, fantasies, case, dance

The Good Wife
Alicia Florrick /Kalinda Sharma, unrequited, prosaic, brief, dreams, just once, a new affair, 18 times, boots, gun playing, moving on, heels, lilac, recordings, lipstick, vodka, surveillance, oral, smile, bed, surprise, lips, strap-on(Alicia wearing it), strap-on(Kalinda wearing it), tradition, starting over, another name, faith, home, conference room, Diane's office, breakfast, patience, destruction, fight, taking sides, flowers, private, illegal, compromised, soft, tequila
Cary Agos/Kalinda Sharma, heat, control, forbidden, power, submit, pretty boy, submission, making deals, secret, information, dominate, gun, opposite
Cary Agos/Wendy Scott-Carr, accidental development, copy room, not a word
Diane Lockheart/Kalinda Sharma, power, trust, safe, elegance, kiss, gun, information, boots
Kalinda/Will, bad idea

The Grudge
Karen/Kayako, insomnia, tangled

The Hollows series
Algaliarept/Rachel, tricked, determined
Rachel/Ivy, scent, sight, sharing, trust, love

The Incredibles
Elastigirl/Frozone/Honey Best/Mr Incredible, special, cocktails
Frozone/Bomb Voyage, mistaken, plot, Paris, baquette, college
Frozone/Honey Best, make-up-sex, honestly
Frozone/Honey Best/Mr Incredible, before
Lucius Best "Frozone"/Violet Parr, afterschool, mistake, secret

The Infernal Devices - Cassandra Clare
Jem/Will, parabatai, drugs, sweat
Jem/Will/Magnus, the cure
Will/Jem/Tessa, The Codex, the library, the church, consecreated ground, sin, sweet, tenderness, Boadicea, guardianship

The Last of the Mohicans
Uncas/Alice, night, before, leave, longing

The Last Remnant
Irina/Jager, bind, training, mercenary, forgiveness, Lob Omen, flowers
Kate/Rhagoh, mirror, spice, need, possess, curse

The Librarians
Darren/Ky Lee, any

The Losers (2010)
Carlos 'Cougar' Alvarez/Jake Jensen, network, blindfold, ink, shut up, kittens, fighting practice, journey, cuddle for warmth

The Losers
Aisha/Clay, bruises, kiss, death, battle, fight, sorry, any
Aisha/Clay/Roque, fight, scars
Clay/Roque, command, cut, fuck you, tough, fight, knives, scars, partners, war, trust, tomorrow, closer, shotgun, family, hooked, apocalypse
Clay/Roque/Aisha, betrayer, balance, tender, burn
Jake Jensen/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez, comfort, heat, dust, muscle, kareoke, theft, hats, quiet, loud, ay papi, spanish, hat, scarves, please, tender, always, nightmares, dreaming, heat, bets, vouyer
Jake Jensen/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez/Aisha al-Fadhil, hat, leather, gun, tequila
Jensen/Jolene/Pooch, home, movies, babysitting, soup, trips

The Mediator - Meg Cabot
Jesse/Suze, improprieties, in-between spaces, querida

The Mentalist
Cho/Rigsby, honor, apology, obvious, stakeout, showers
Kimball Cho/Patrick Jane, control, exchange, equal, erase, persistence, loyalty, resistance, pretend, hand-cuffs, closer
Kimball Cho/Teresa Lisbon, friends-with-benefits, stake-out, tackle, loyalties, love, reliant
Patrick Jane/Madeleine Hightower, lonely, secret, connection, power games
Teresa Lisbon/Madeleine Hightower, punishment, suspension, after-hours, precarious, rules, overtime, office

The Middleman
Lacey Thornfield/Noser/Wendy Watson, art crawl, stump the band, flirty, casual, drunk, first, Art Crawl, revelations, stump the band, conditioner
Lacey Thornfield/Wendy Watson, art
The Middleman/Tyler Ford/Wendy Watson, connect, bond, yearn, night, crash, touch, open
The Middleman/Wendy Watson, jump, need, choice, care, partner, rely, assist, trouble, aliens, buddies, milkshakes, pinky swears, comic books, HQ, danger, gadgets, inheritance, restrained, shackled, temptation, corset, forbidden, weak, strong, lush, surrender, paddle, covered in ick, wish, battle, normal, after hours, experiment, genderswitch, secret talents, aliens-made-them-do-it, buddies, laundry, style, zombies, soup, cataclysm, bells
Tyler Ford/Wendy Watson, upside-down, candy, breakfast, pleasure, cold, linger, late

The Milennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson
Lisbeth Salander/Miriam Wu, bound, meeting again

The Mummy
Ardeth Bay/Meela, grave, rebirth, sand, time
Imhotep/Evie, heat

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (TV)
Mma Makutsi/Mma Ramotswe, [any], case, solved

The O.C.
Ryan/Theresa, first love, last love, smokes, hotel paper, unfamiliar

The Office (US)
Andy/Oscar, wingmen, awkwardness, alcohol, forget, delightful, unicorn, danger
Karen/Jan, powersuit
Karen/Katy, coincidence, fashionable
Kelly/Angela, anger
Kelly/Erin, glitter
Pam/Karen, Cheerios, ballet, names, sports, crossdressing, sugar, written, handy, shampoo, tattoo, vampire, underwater, sneakers, lace, paint, dream, candy, mistletoe, ticklish, couch
Pam/Karen/Jim, obvious, solution, clarity
Ryan/Kelly, bar, movies, apology

The Office
Andy/Kelly, disco, Lady Gaga, accompany, barbecue, culture, meeting the parents
Erin/Kelly, summer, glitter, sharing lipgloss, bridesmaids, casual
Jim/Karen, fingertips, physical, porn, sweat, television
Kelly/Erin/Ryan, fantasy
Pam/Karen, daycare, sweater, gossip, independence, job opening, boss, city
Ryan/Kelly, work, genuine, public, quiet

The Pacific
Sledge/Snafu, stare, smoke, closure

The Patternist series - Octavia E. Butler
Anyanwu/Doro, dominance

The Princess and the Frog (2009)
Charlotte/Tiana, chase
Naveen/Tiana, comfortable, ledgers, stage, modesty, rain, speakeasy
Facilier/Tiana, spell

The Princess Bride
Inigo/Fezzik, strength, home, settle, embrace, unafraid, inconceivable
Westley/Inigo Montoya, duelling, pirates, swashbuckling, cliffs, weapons, revenge, breeze

The Road to El Dorado
Miguel/Tulio, glitters, gold, boat, plan, partner, divine
Miguel/Tulio/Chel, partners, in/out, jealous, share, divide, massage, divine

The Running Man
Richards/Amber, blood, wait, touch

The Sandman – Neil Gaiman
Death/Desire, incompatability, glass, hearts, darkness, space, mortal, suicide
Nada/Nuala, trans*, future, reality, Fairyland, memory

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Clyde/Luke, aliens, alone, belly, breathe, brilliant, change, dream, mates, matter, understanding, university
Maria/Luke/Clyde, adrenaline, complicated, sleepover, secrets

The Shield
Julian Lowe/Danny Sofer, comfort, truth, confusion, trust

The Simpsons
Lenny/Carl, promotion

The Social Network
Cameron/Divya/Tyler, [any]

The Suite Life on Deck
Bailee/London, closet, gag, sharing, space, [any]

The Tale of Genji - Murasaki Shikibu
Genji/Prince Hyobu, rival, look, push
Genji/To no Chujo, friendship, envy, sublimation, politics, dance, fan, truth, friendship, bond, play, dance

The Thin Blue Line
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib, defense, sweet
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib/Frank Gladstone, elephant impression, training exercise, baton

The Tomorrow People
Adam/Ami, hands, fever, urgent

The Transporter
Frank Martin/Lai/Inspector Tarconi, adaptation

The Unusuals
Jason/Alison, soundtrack, cooking, somewhere between in and out

The Vampire Diaries (TV series)
Alaric/Bonnie, team, class, assignment, magic, weapons, united, classwork
Bonnie/Caroline, miss you, blood, forgiveness, yearning, séance, morning comes, belief, control, mythology, ritual, rescue, fragile strength, moon, solitude, bright lights, cosmic, complicated, distance, need, manicure, starving, heroes, teamwork, magic, crisis, woods, backseat, ferris wheel, high school, reaching out, forgiveness, sleepover, breakfast, date, seduce, bite, BFF means forever
Bonnie/Damon, hate, fire, lust, queen, fire, hate, lust, spell, lost, struggle, feather, mind games, resentment, banter, hidden attraction, fire play, Stockholm syndrome, delayed orgasm, corruption, sexual education, awakening, ownership
Bonnie/Elena/Caroline/Stefan, full circle, reuniting, spellwork, full moon, hunger, mortality, relaxed, trust, barbecue, organize, fairy tales
Bonnie/Jeremy, hands, public, under the table, date, backseat, quiet, next room, ice cream, forgiveness, stolen moments, want, need, magic, open, tension, need, rushed, airplane, tentative, powerless, magic
Bonnie/Luka/Lucy, magic, light as a feather, floating, sparks fly, electricity, pulsing, drums, echo, hyperdrive, shiver, search, need
Bonnie/Katherine, debt, repaid, binding, escape, role-reversal
Bonnie/Vicki, forget, summer, boredom, tracking spell, never dead, lifeline
Bonnie/Stefan, crocodile, liar, apocalypse, magic, fire, dance, karaoke, [any]
Caroline/Pearl, survivor, under her wing, beautiful, hungry
Damon/Bonnie/Jeremy, beast, solace, healing, power, survival, youth
Elena/Caroline/Bonnie, the power of three, anchor, demanding, security, movies, slumber-party, smile, feather
Katherine/Emily, powerplay, mirror,
Katherine/Pearl, betrayal, corsets, boytoys, you mean more than I want, burn, trapped, party, bloody
Stefan/Damon/Elena/Bonnie, balancing act, stay, friction, chafe, uncertainty, permission, privacy, shadow boxing, poetry, gravity, vigor
Stefan/Elena/Bonnie, magic, wish, morality, still, learning curve, accident, oath, peace, blinding, smoldering, heartbeat

The Walking Dead (graphic novels)
Michonne/Rick, law, uniforms, quiet, healing

The Walking Dead (TV)
Rick/Glenn, survival, last chance, gore, desperation, quiet, nature, guns, comfort, death

The Walking Dead
Daryl/Glenn, admire, begrudging, plan, survival, insult, precipitation, cove, after

The Warrior's Way
Yang/Lynne, iron, flowerbed, stars, practice, aim, confidence, playful, naked, christmas, home, corset, snowman, laundry

The West Wing
Jed/Charlie, words
Matt Santos/Helen Santos, interrupted, forgotten, remember

The Wire
Daniels/McNulty, authority, uniform, desk, surveillance, alcohol, wild,
Daniels/Pryzbylewski, screw up, surveillance, puzzles, boredom, crossword, guilt, comfort
Duquan “Dukie” Weems/Michael Lee, family, man, toughness
Ellis Carver/Thomas “Herc” Hauk, numbskull, partner, fuck-up, forgive, truth, alcohol, docks, surveillance, car, uniform, irresponsible, donuts, celebration, street, camera
Jimmy McNulty/Stringer Bell, wired, last, thrill, deal, closure

The Wizards of Waverly Place
Alex/Justin, [any]

The World Ends With You
Eri/Shiki, clothes, fashion, game, special, toys
Kariya/Uzuki, umbrella, truth, lazy, kiss

Brendan/Freya, comfort, alley, first
Brendan/Freya/Michael, tense, training, control

TNA Wrestling
Mickie James/Tara, anal, bitch, country, feud, submit

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
Konori Mii/Kurozuma Wataru, motorcycle, abandoned, shackles
Misaka Makoto/Shirai Kuroko, punishment, bathtime, toys, electric, battle, heights
Misaka Makoto/Shirai Kuroko/Saten Ruiko/Uiharu Kazari, aftermath, sleepover, power, Judgment, fingers
Saten Ruiko/Uiharu Kazari, ability, warm, tease, music, wind, ice

Tortall - Tamora Pierce
Daine/Ozorne, feather, fur, rake, sting, intensity
Kel/Neal/Yuki, spar, heal, history, Yamani, pride, friend, home, relax, swim, ship, return, poetry, moon, bright, blossom
Numair/Ozorne, madness, fierce, rage, plead, intimate

Gwen Cooper/Lois Habiba, welcome, new, astonishment
Gwen Cooper/Suzie Costello, life, away, thief
Gwen/Toshiko, late, dress, have
Ianto Jones/Toshiko Sato, private conversations
Martha/Toshiko, brilliant, hands, looking
Mary/Toshiko, trust, new
Owen/Ianto/Tosh, lockdown, persuasion, bonding, danger, adrenaline
Owen/Tosh, necrophilia, broken, remember, selfless, cherish
Tosh/Owen, snark

Tower Prep
Gabe Forrest/Suki Sato, buddy, orchestrated
Ian Archer/Suki Sato, dreams, saviour, test, trick, voice
Ian/Suki, uniform, tease, secret, protect, hickey
Ray Snider/Suki Sato, passion, photograph, gentleman, secret, choice, trust, laugh, gentle, jealous, midnight, strength

Boone/Tyler, coming out, divorce, blood

Tropic Thunder
Kirk Lazarus/Alpa Chino, method acting, who you are, fashion, sundance
Kirk/Lincoln, how does it feel?, overthinking it, method acting, got it all worked out, sexual history

True Blood
Eric/Lafayette, witch, useful, bond
Jason/Tara, comfortable, hero, stupid, fight, illness, witch, forgetting, loyalty, drunk, irresistible, not brother & sister
Jesus Velasquez/Lafayette Reynolds, beautiful, dream, vision, play, desperate, silence, hold, smile, melt
Sam/Tara, bad idea, housewarming, something like a happy ending, second chances, driving, full moon
Sookie Stackhouse/Tara Thornton, biting, blind, colors, hands, reassurance, secret

True Jackson, VP
True/Lulu, mess, design, make-out, slow dance

TV Commercials
Old Spice Guy/Dos Equis Guy, interesting
Old Spice Man/Mayhem, wrecked, extreme, island, bets
Old Spice Man/Old Spice Man Of Experience, piano, charm, experienced, on a horse, "how do I smell now?"

Twelve Kingdoms
Gyousou/(older)Taiki, sought-after, instinct, deference, vows, care, unbound, unafraid, winter, warming, cloak, kang (炕)
Kantai/Shoukei, suitor, half-beast, high-maintenance, hard to get
Yoko/Shouryuu, reign, silence, immortal, secret

Twilight (movies)
Bella/Jacob/Edward, dorks, roadtrip, cuddle, puppies

Bella/Jacob, warm, sweat, bite, nuzzle, stop, time, exception, yearning, animalistic, wild, hidden, wilderness, healing, hurting, riptide, torn, heat
Edward/Jacob, [any], deafening, slam, transformation
Jacob/Leah, full moon, mutual, two of a kind, instincts, pack, comfort, warmth, huddle, come home, heat, kindred spirits, stolen, wild, run away, woods, choice, run, fight, bitten
Jacob/Nessie, change, accidental, jealous
Jacob/OFCs, forget, bitch
Jasper/Jacob, imprint, rain, fighter, dog
Jasper/Maria, leather, horses, war
Leah/Bella, sneer, secret, regret, hot
Leah/Embry, delayed imprinting, incompatible personalities, sparks, insult
Leah/Tanya, contrast, bitch, imprint, sidelines, abandonment issues
Rosalie/Emmett, je-t'aime, high-heels, interested, patience, silk
Sam/Jacob, alpha, submit, heat
Sam/Leah, please, before, road

Twin Peaks
Cooper/Rosenfield, darkness, anger, escape, lie, woods, sorrow, guilt, case, professional, BOB, any, spice, massage, breathe, loathing, forgiveness, panic, freezing, sick, aftermath

Ugly Betty
Alexis/Wilhelmina, stockings, tipsy, bonding, seduction, secrets, expertise
Amanda/Betty, paint, screaming, fashion, caught, London, fantasy, sugar, craving, bite, snuggle, sleepy
Betty/Daniel, finally, confidence, curves, bliss, luck, balance, love, kiss, teeth, something more, lull, bright colors, reunion, need, imperfect, pretty, reversal, dance, forbidden, sensual, ocean, wild mornings, finally, confidence, eagerness, bliss, first-time, curves, London, impatience, quid pro quo, dancing, twenty minutes out of town, i must become a lion-hearted girl, truth doesn't make a sound, cranberries, scratch, dirty, yearning, art.
Betty/Tyler, replacement, sympathy, glass
Wilhelmina/Christina, fitting, flair, desperate, style, scheme, admiration

Lizzy Gilliam/Leo Nash, experiment
Samantha Bloom/Steven Bloom, partnership, tight, comfort, aggression, familiarity, honeymoon, helicopter, thigh holster, icing, role-play, mission, kitchen, vacation
Samantha Bloom/Steven Bloom/Leo Nash, really?, relaxation, reminiscing, alcohol, wounded

United States of Tara
Kate/Lynda, wings, fantasy
Tara/Lynda, vision

Upstairs Downstairs (2010)
Agnes Holland/Sir Hallam Holland, tears, smile, party, dance, day

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru
Luka Crosszeria/Sakurai Yuki, helpless, devoted, heal, pain
Reiga/ Sakurai Yuki, claim, violence, kidnap, devoted, trade
Renjou Hotsuma/Shusei Usui, guilt, cleanse

V (2009)
Anna/Erica Evans, cruel, false, hate, lies, secret, test, ruin, survival, silence, intoxicating, lying, imprisoned, threats, peace, bliss, soothing, war, flames, leather, russian roulette, hate sex, decimal, ivy, offended, purple, sweater, traitor, mind, control, bliss
Anna/Lisa, a mother's love
Anna/Sidney, heat, shame, dominance, lick
Erica Evans/Ryan, solace, test, saving, hiding

Vampire Knight
Ichiru/Zero, unforgiven, envy, blood, farewells
Kaname/Aidou, obedience, rebellion, jealousy
Kaname/Yuki, virgin, force
Kaname/Yuuki/Zero, voyeurism
Kaname/Zero, possession, hunger, practicality, combat, mind
Zero/Yuki, far, forget
Zero/Yuki/Kaname, time, relentless, wisdom, history
Zero/Yuuki, sacrifice

Vanity Fair - William Makepeace Thackeray
Amelia Sedley/Miss Swartz, virtues, vices, stories, medical, bite
Rebecca Sharp/Miss Swartz, deceptions, spy, lace, schooldays, midnight

Ani/Gina, love, lust, second chances, truth
Ani/Lara, bruises, dancing, drinking, shower
Gina/Lara, want

Veronica Mars
Mac/Weevil, better, touch, library
Veronica Mars/Weevil Navarro, all grown up, turned out good, one time thing, need

Andre/Tori, anyexcitement, secret, best friends, hiding, giggles, bee sting, hair, long legs, singing, performance, any
Beck Oliver/Jade West, broken, shelter, relief, scars, insecure,dependency, pegging, rough, protect, hide, first date, banter, locker room
Beck/Jade/Tori, rivalry, any
Jade/Beck/Cat, dysfunctional, cupcake, hair, talent, damaged, world, crazy, insecure, jealous
Jade/Tori, [any]

Vision of Escaflowne
Van/Hitomi/Allen, dowsing, family, adult, visit, telepathy, call, run, myth

W Delta Z (aka The Killing Gene)
Eddie/Danny, get you off

War of the Worlds (tv)
Harrison Blackwood/Paul Ironhorse, comfort, brilliant, fantasy, trust, rough, gentle, celebration, test, temptation, clumsy, relax, stubborn, bottom, defensive, guns, comfort
Harrison Blackwood/Paul Ironhorse/Suzanne McCullough, protect, kink, push, realize, stress, vacation

Warehouse 13
Claudia Donovan/Leena, aura, cookies, making a mess, lost in the Warehouse, cold feet
H.G. Wells/Leena, fortune teller, shadows
Leena/Myka Bering, frosting, fresh laundry, books, sunshine
Mrs. Frederic/any, authority, keys

Warhammer 40000
Horus/Sanguinius, blood, conflict, kneel, submission

Conrad/Nancy, (any)

Whip It
Bliss Cavendar/Pash, college, touch, hold, popsicle, popcorn, best friends, want, timid, friends
Eva Destruction/Rosa Sparks, flirt, tilt, touch, rub, bubble
Pash/Birdman, bored, kitchen, after hours

White Collar
Diana Barrigan/Christie, adjustment, hotels, domesticity, role play, any, dress, hat
Diana Barrigan/Elizabeth Burke/Christie, girls night
Diana Barrigan/girl!Neal Caffrey, alternatives
Diana/Alex Hunter, tables, breaking, off-book
Diana/girl!Peter Burke, boundaries
Elizabeth Burke/Clinton Jones, midnight, confession
June/Byron, diamonds, poker
June/Neal Caffrey, fling, steal
Lauren Cruz/Diana, team up, cocktails, games
Neal Caffrey/Diana, changes, adventures, Pegging, conning, crossdressing, suit, strange bedfellows, armor, collarbone
Neal Caffrey/Lauren Cruz, hold on, fake, dance
Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke/Diana Barrigan, voyeurism, game, unprofessional, wine, strip-poker, hot, once
Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke/Diana Barrigan, comfort, awkward, nervous, celebration, high heels
Peter Burke/Clinton Jones, coffee, sandwich, punishment

Sara/Danny, life, spectral, touch

Without a Trace
Sam Spade/Danny Taylor, once, never, touch, smile, shower, rest

Wizards of Waverly Place
Alex/Harper, clothes, duck, exhibitionism, grin, magic, reluctance, semi-public sex, trust
Alex/Justin, any, spell, lonely, travel, healing, resist, glass, Sub Station, awry, plastic, paint, movie, warp, remote, costume, competition, vacation, spell, potion, band, WizTech, lair, quest, wish, caught, sister, torment, family, hug
Alex/Justin/Harper, any
Alex/Stevie, argue, regret, scheming, temper, any
Harper Finkle/Justin Russo, understanding, foreign, silent

Aaron/Mahandra, denial, forbidden, sneaking around
Jaye/Mahandra, boredom, understood
Sharon/Diana Littlefoot, rivalry

Eve Torres/Maryse, break, hot, loser
Mickie James/Trish Stratus, anal, love/hate, ownership, submission

Fuuma/Kamui, licking, control, dominance, possessive
Seishirou/Subaru, pain, destiny, control, confusion, longing, [any]

Aoki/Karen, elements, work, religion, tea, air, leap, fire, whirl

Y: The Last Man
355/Dr. Mann, affirmation, fragile, senseless, want
Dr. Allison Mann/Rose, longing, together, domestic, cure, ache
Yorick/355, close, world, partial, fingers

Yami no Matsuei
Muraki/Tatsumi, substitution, contract

Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Dairine Callahan/Carmela Rodriguez, meantime, way home, fiery, left turn at Albuquerque
Kit Rodriguez/Nita Callahan/Ronan Nolan, why, why not, ritual, threes,
Kit Rodriguez/Ronan Nolan, Americana, Oirish, banter, music

You're Beautiful
Shin Woo/Go Mi Nyu, truth, story, park, dressed-up, phone-call, feminine
Tae Kyung/Go Mi Nyu, playful, temper, lace, water, sleeping arrangements, stars, duet, tie, letters, shy, shower
Tae Kyung/Go Mi Nyu, quick-learner, smug, loud, advice, song

Dark Magician/Dark Magician Girl, games
Kaiba/Kisara, unwanted, given
Pharoah/Priest Seto, smirk, deference
Priest Seto/Kisara, [any], future, memories, silk, eternal, image, storm, deep, desperate, protect, desire, queen, alien
Rishid/Isis, refuge, alone
Rishid/Malik, bowed
Seto Kaiba/Kisara, [any], memories, past, sweet, soul, dream, frighten, spirit, destiny, teeth, curiosity, sunshine, skin, innocence

YuYu Hakusho
Keiko/Yusuke, photo, hair, slap, ice cube, grades, skipping, proposal, girl's school, sneaking, window, uniform, clues, jewelry, delinquent, teasing
Kurama/Maya, memory, mischief, detective, flirt, challenge, plants, unafraid
Yusuke Urameshi/Kurama, steal, release, bouquet, gold

Waki/Magane, obedience, haori, naked, scent, panting, claws, whimper, den

Real Person Fiction
Adam Lambert/Sutan Amrull, drag
Adam Rippon/Patrick Chan, rivalry, slump, casual, first
Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, reminisce, nostalgic, solemn, bittersweet, embrace, wintry, smile
Aidan Turner/Lenora Crichlow/Russell Tovey, lipstick, loud, wrist, contrast, crush
Aisha Tyler/Nathan Fillion, twitter, xbox, clumsy
Alex Wong/Mark Kanemura, flexible, admire, help, hold, enough
Alex Wong/Robert Rolden, comfort, laugh, screen, touch, hold
Alex Wong/Robert Rolden/Billy Bell, steam, luck, possible, long
Alexander Skarsgard/Jon Huertas, shenanigans, lean, place, early
Alia Shawkat/Ellen Page, slide, laugh, wish, hold
Amber Riley/Cory Monteith, giggle, help, adventure.
Apolo Ohno/Johnny Weir, cold, ice, experiment, blades, books, workout, dance
Austin Scarlet/Santino Rice, spanking, fabric, car, awkward, power play, delicate, sex toys, follow directions
Barack Obama/Sarah Palin, hurricanes, partisanship, tweet
Ben Browder/Freema Agyeman, [any], alcohol, attraction, surprises, satin, attraction, chemistry, late night
BJ Novak/Mindy Kaling, confined, taxi, laugh, makeup, shoes, dance, Cambridge, snow, winter, cycle, script, benefits, ridiculous
Bradley Cooper/John Cho, kitchen
Brian Joubert/Daisuke Takahashi, flight, language, with
Brian Joubert/Johnny Weir/Stephane Lambiel, friends, veer
Brian Joubert/Patrick Chan, tolerate, slight, hand, maybe, tight, tense, polite
Bryce Davison/Patrick Chan, deal, early, can
Cameron Diaz/Drew Barrymore/Lucy Liu, fun, bonding
Cesar Gallindo/Jeffrey Williams, virginity, wicked, teaching
Chelsea Staub/Nicole Anderson, costume, Cabo, backstage
Cheryl Burke/Maksim Chmerkovskiy, fragile
Cillian Murphy/Ken Watanabe, snow, fall, whisper, translation, heat
Cote de Pablo/Pauly Perrette, between scenes, need-to-know, shhh
Dakota Fanning/Selena Gomez, microphone, rain, fall, mirror, awards show
David Henrie/Selena Gomez, bathroom, hot, public, private, genie, date, interview, Emmy
Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez, reunion, spies, paparazzi, courage, smoke, fingers, sweaty, party, hotel room, backseat, bathroom, dancing,toys, inexperienced, after a show, couch, caught, reunited, hospital/rehab, first time
Dianna Agron/Naya Rivera, globes, blush, games, stand-in
Donald Glover/Gillian Jacobs, set, trailer, event
Drea De Matteo/Eva Longoria Parker, goodbye, kiss, hug, strap-on, dress, lingerie, girly, sweet, tongue
Drew Barrymore/Lucy Liu, play, right, want, here
Edison Chen/Jay Chou, try, face, slip
Elizabeth Mitchell/Morena Baccarin, tour, London, cakes, home, drunk, confessions
Ellen Wong/Mary Elizabeth Winstead, sparkle, small, laughter
Emily Deschanel/Michaela Conlin, rain
Erica Tazel/Jacob Pitts/Timothy Olyphant, bonding
Gillan Jacobs/Donald Glover, Twitter, on-set, trailer, games, funny
Grace Park/Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer, long time, red bikini, hot tub, seashore, road trip
Grant Imahara/Tory Belleci, experiment, play
Grant Imahara/Tory Belleci/Kari Byron, together
Heather Morris/Naya Rivera, praise, closet, choir, laughter, lingerie, awards, temperature, resort
Idina Menzel/Tracie Thoms, reunion
Ivy Higa/Gretchen Jones, fake
Jay-Z/Beyonce Knowles, hide and seek, rumor, clench, gasp
Jenna Fischer/Rashida Jones, yellow, candy
John Cho/Chris Pine, geeks, on-set, writing, flirt, karaoke
John Cho/Kal Penn, roadtrip, week, ramble, sleep, alarm, talk, laugh, partner
John Cho/Karl Urban, suits, mark, hotel, morning, drinks
John Lennon/Yoko Ono, resemblances
Kanye West/Lupe Fiasco, lights out, studio
Kanye West/Taylor Swift, forgiveness, discovery, touch, limo, sex, slick, wet, virginity, first, always, greatest
Kari Byron/Grant Imahara/Tory Belleci, laugh, robots, sleepover
Katie McGrath/Angel Coulby, audition, chemistry, temptation, costume, voice
Kristen Bell/Rashida Jones, Missouri, coffee break
Kristen Stewart/Taylor Lautner, secret, playful, unexpected, rebellion, tipping point, birthday, affairs, idealism, stiletto heels, wanton, impurity
Lady Murasaki/Sei Shonagon, rivalry, exquisite, ink, ephemeral, ashes
Lance Briggs/Brian Urlacher, comics, superheroes, sacked
Laura Vandervoort/Morena Baccarin, femslash, online, act-out
Maggie Q/Shane West, roleplay, swim, overtime, trailer, appearances, bite
Marat Safin/Svetlana Kuznetsova/Fernando Verdasco, nightclubs, jealousy, scratching, competitivity
Martin Brodeur/Roberto Luongo, bond, support, lean, hope
Matthew Gray Gubler/Shemar Moore, car, tree, fingers
Megan Fox/Michelle Rodriguez, around the bend, rose-colored glasses, burn, ride, good times
Michael Esper/Rebecca Naomi Jones, glance, music
Michael Esper/Rebecca Naomi Jones/Stark Sands, experiment, couch, living
Michael Weatherly/Cote de Pablo, alcohol, leather, christmas
Michaela Conlin/Tamara Taylor, commentary
Morena Baccarin/Jewel Staite, twitter, jealousy
Nat Strand/Kat Chang, hidden
Naya Rivera/Shay Mitchell, doppelganger
Nicki Minaj/Rhianna, ties, vocals, twisting, power, Barbie, laughter, hands, mouth, song, pink, music, fierce, video, secret
Patrick Chan/Scott Moir, support, curl
Patrick Chan/Stephane Lambiel, hope, yearn, secret, visit, whim
Regina King/Malcolm Jamal Warner, tongue piercing, balcony, on set, heels
Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart/Taylor Lautner, bonding, haven, needing, showing off, seduction, naughty, scandal
Roger Federer/Rafael Nadal, exposure
Sandra McCoy/Adrianne Palicki, dance, smile, fingers
Selena Gomez/David Henrie, feather, acting, desk, playful
Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato, reconcile, chapstick, snow, forts
Simon Cowell/Paula Abdul, [any]
Tabrett Bethell/Bridget Regan/Jessica Marais, public sex, jealousy
Tabrett Bethell/Gigi Edgley, happenstance, daredevils, sky, dancing, spiritual
Taylor Kitsch/Steven Strait/Lynn Collins, flirt, long, warm, gift, carpet
Taylor Lautner/Taylor Swift, forgiveness
Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez, laugh, bus, perfect
Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez/Taylor Laughtner, awkward, missing, jealous
Timothy Olyphant/Maggie Q, method, latenight, casual, grin, dare
Tommy Ratliff/Sutan Amrull, drag
Tori Amos/Vienna Teng, blue caraban, glass, soft sheets, musical cues, unbroken, imagination
Tracie Thoms/Rosario Dawson, airport

Crossovers – sorry, not a complete list of crossovers. 

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin/Temeraire - Naomi Novik, Tharkay/Daenerys, queen, worship, servant, tongue
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin/Temeraire - Naomi Novik, Tharkay/Littlefinger, yin and yang
A Very Potter Musical/Azumanga Daioh, Draco Malfoy/Osaka, superstition
Aladdin (Disney)/Beauty and the Beast (Disney), Jasmine/Belle, [any]
Aladdin (Disney)/Mulan (Disney), Jasmine/Mulan, [any]
Alias/Chuck, Anna Espinosa/Anna Wu, spies like us
Alias/Lost, Sydney Bristow/Sayid, tortured, loss, badass
Alias/Undercovers, Anna Espinosa/Samantha Bloom, sexpionage
Allstate Commercials/Human Target, Mayhem/Guerrero, explosions, scars
Angel the Series/The Vampire Diaries, Darla/Damon, Past, kiss, remembrance, hidden, search, time, prelude, lust, crimson, carriage, fast
Archer/Frisky Dingo, Lana Kane/Sinn (Hooper), dominate, fight, robot pants
Archer/NCIS, Lana Kane/Ziva David, krav maga

Babylon 5/Stargate Atlantis, Stephen Franklin/Jennifer Keller, escape, innocence, faith, imagine
Battlestar Galactica (1978)/Futurama, (Any Cylon)/Bender Bending Rodriguez, command
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Blade Runner, Boomer/Gaff, paper, chrome, flight, redemption, lights
Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Boomer/Jesse Flores, resistance, metal, compromise, skin
Battlestar Galactica/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Karl Agathon/Kono Kalakaua, outdoors
Beauty and the Beast (Disney)/Mulan (Disney), Belle/Mulan, [any]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who, Tara Maclay/Martha Jones, obvious, thumb, sad, traveling, weary, circle
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Leverage, Robin Wood/Alec Hardison, superhero, sidekick, help, alpha, power, shelter, peace, endings
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Buffy Summers/Ronon Dex, warrior, release, Bronze
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Willow Rosenburg/Ronon Dex, unlikely, books
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Chronicles of Riddick, Buffy Summers/Riddick, [any]

Castle/Justified, Javier Esposito/Tim Gutterson, bar, flirt, easy

DCU/Marvel, Amadeus Cho/Jaime Reyes, nerds, science, language
DCU/Marvel, Amanda Waller/Emma Frost, white queen
DCU/Marvel, Delphyne Gorgon/Grace Choi, technique, Amazon, sparring
DCU/Marvel, Jessica Jones/Renee Montoya, handcuffs, brawl, whiskey
DCU/Marvel, Nemesis/Jimmy Woo, undercover
DCU/Marvel, Storm/Wonder Woman, queen, goddess, sky
Devil May Cry/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Naoki/Alastor, electricity, weakness, sharp
Devil May Cry/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Naoki/Dante/Vergil, macca, measure, twins
Devil May Cry/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Naoki/Griffon, feathers, loyalty, brave
Devil May Cry/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Naoki/Nevan, seduce, destroy, kneel
Devil May Cry/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Naoki/Nightmare, tentacles, delicate, markings, glow
Doctor Who/Farscape, Martha Jones/John Crichton, Moya, bad guys, winona, harvey, strippers, handcuffs, playtime, tardis, traveling, history
Doctor Who/Firefly Doctor/Rose Jack/any Malcolm/Inara Simon/Kaylee, fitness, anticipation, Kama Sutra
Doctor Who/Red Dwarf, Sixth Doctor/Cat, admiration, clothes, feline, stroke, vanity
Doctor Who/Stargate SG-1, Martha Jones/Vala Mal Doran, piracy, boarding, adventure
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Jack Harkness, graduation, diamond, table, apocalypse, brilliant, doctor, Hub, affection, respect, curiosity, caveman, condition, camera, reunion, light, kiss, sunshine, time, blue, butterflies
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones/Toshiko Sato, one day, blur, lines crossed, reload, better, flat-footed, playing doctor
Doctor Who/Undercovers, Martha Jones/Samantha Bloom, competence

Egyptian Mythology/Greek Mythology, Hera/Thoth, seduction
Eureka/Marvel, Nathan Stark/Jack Carter/Tony Stark, triangle, cousins, possessive, argument
Eureka/Psych, Jo Lupo/Carlton Lassiter, handcuffs, guns
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Allison Blake/Vala Mal Doran, college roommates, live a little, flirting

Fatal Frame/Kuon, Kunihiko Asou/Abe no Seimei, centuries, inspiration, dream, exorcism
Fatal Frame/Monster, Kirishima/Tenma, case, optimism, hope, shelter, fugitive
Firefly/Leverage, Kaylee Frye/Alec Hardison, eggs, engine, heat
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, Zoe Washburne/Teyla Emmagan, defense, calm, endurance
Firefly/V, Inara/Ann, companion, publicity, first contact, alliance, acting

Gilmore Girls/Nikita, Lorelai/Nikita, predator

Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/In Plain Sight, Chin Ho Kelly/Marshall Mann, trust, trivia, talent, tomato
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Chin Ho Kelly/Alec Hardison, hacking, video, Chaos, chaos, competition
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Chin Ho Kelly/Parker, surprise, caught, sheets, riding, tired
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/Leverage, Kono Kalakaua/Eliot Spencer, guns, prison, surfing, desk
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/NCIS: Los Angeles, Steve McGarrett/Sam Hanna, brother, knifes, sun, blood, smile, caress, tenderness, BUDS training, ocean, new partners
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/White Collar, Kono Kalakaua/Diana Barrigan, kiss, smoke, gun, skin, lust, sun, water
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/White Collar, Kono Kalakaua/Neal Caffrey, elegance, black, visit, smooth, lust
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)/White Collar, Mary McGarrett/Diana Barrigan, New York City, drink, evening, walk, phone
Hawaii Five-O (1968)/Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Danny Williams (1968)/Chin Ho Kelly (2010), [any]
Hercules (Disney)/Mulan (Disney), Megara/Mulan, [any]
How I Met Your Mother/The Office, Ted/Karen, yellow umbrella

Inception/James Bond (any), Saito/Bond, deal, run, underground
Inception/The Sandman, Saito/The Corinthian II, trespass, soft places, trade, salt, dunes, ship
Inception/Star Trek: Reboot, Arthur/Uhura, back, jewel, trade
Inception/Star Trek: Reboot, Eames/Uhura, late, linen, ocean

Law & Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Robert Goren/Ziva David, switchblade
Leverage/NCIS, Alec Hardison/Timothy McGee, rival, war, equal, pony up, play, ally
Leverage/The Middleman, Alec Hardison/Wendy, comic books, technology, geek, paintbrush, hands
Leverage/Veronica Mars/White Collar, Alec Hardison/Veronica Mars/Neal Caffrey, con, hack, life or death, for an audience
Leverage/Warehouse 13, Alec Hardison/Claudia Donovan, geek boy fetish, felony, reputation, stolen, good, mmorpgs, orange soda
Leverage/White Collar, Alec Hardison/Clinton Jones, van
Leverage/White Collar, Alec Hardison/Neal Caffrey, tease, smooth, dress up, favor
Leverage/White Collar, Parker/Diana Barrigan, drink, dance

Marvel/NCIS, Tony Stark/Ziva David, air, intelligence, land

Nikita/Undercovers, Samantha Bloom/Nikita, double cross, organization

NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles, Ziva David/Kensi Blye
NCIS:/Star Trek Reboot, Ziva David/Kirk/McCoy
NCIS/Star Trek: Reboot, Ziva David/Uhura, clasp, extra, sleek
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Ziva David/Ronon Dex, instant, see, wall
NCIS/Stargate Atlantis, Ziva David/Teyla Emmagan, pattern, sharp, warrior
NCIS/The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Ari Haswari/Illya Kuryakin, covert

Ookiku Furikabutte/Princess Nine, Shinooka/Koharu, laughter, competition

Sherlock (BBC)/Torchwood, Mycroft Holmes/Toshiko Sato, genius

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Stargate Atlantis, Worf/Ronon Dex, fight, steel, alone, knife, widower
Star Trek: Reboot/Stargate Atlantis, Uhura/Teyla Emmagan, language, water, team, sketch, relief
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Star Trek: Voyager, Lady Q/K'Ehleyr, fascination
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell, midnight, blue, socks, ritual attire, hot and cold, street clothes, jeans, chocolate, ice cream
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Daniel Jackson, translate, teaching
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Ronon Dex/Janet Fraiser, late nights, amusement, tension, flirting, pursuit, topping
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell, ante up, country boy, ivy, barter, combat, honey, tied, beaches, salt
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell/Elizabeth Weir, history, lucky, overheard
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Daniel Jackson, cultural differences
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Teyla Emmagan/Dean Winchester, attraction
Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Teyla Emmagan/Toshiko Sato, alien women


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