Porn Battle X (Ten Big Ones)




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Bastien/Frau, precious
Castor/Frau, absolution
Frau/Teito, hunting, promise

10 Things I Hate About You (TV)
Kat/Patrick, autumn, break, eyes, rake, second

17 Again
Mike O'Donnell(Teen)/Stan, rough, condoms, drunk, party

John Adams/Thomas Jefferson, ink, rhetoric, regrets

2 Fast 2 Furious
Brian/Rome, games, heat, not riding solo anymore, into the sunset, brothers, dusty, sweat, Barstow, lick

21 Jump Street
Fuller/Hoffs, babygirl
Hanson/Penhall, overlapping

Chloe O'Brien/Michelle Dessler, formal, report, curls
Jack Bauer/Cole Ortiz, mentor, midnight, finished
Jack Bauer/Nina Myers, vodka, tension, heat, skirt, boots, aggressive, lonely
Jack Bauer/Renee Walker, cold, grounded, running, scars, tempted, secret, sofa, confession, lonely, healing, connections, collateral damage, weary, muscle, carrying, wet, desire, mischievous, sun, touching, wounded, whispers, beer, breaths, safe, purple, bra, chlorine, vanilla, spice, dream, smooth, string, dangerous, grilling, stars, chilly, panties, breeze, grass, sunscreen, freckles, kitchen, strawberries, fight or flight, haven, remote, sleeping bag, phone sex, London, late, role playing, wine, shave
Jack Bauer/Tony Almeida, heist, trust, reflection
Jack/Chloe, trust, computer

28 Days Later
Hannah/Selena, displacement, nightmare, escape, laugh, hollow, delight, risk
Jim/Hannah/Selena, comfort, growing up, harmless, defense, heaven and hell, ease
Jim/Selena, after

28 Days
Gwen/Andrea, heroin, fragile, safe, hurt, bed

28 Weeks Later
Tammy/Scarlet, aftermath

3:10 to Yuma
any pairing, Shackles

30 Rock
Avery/Nancy, not a lot in common, guilt
Avery/Liz, awkward
Claire/Liz, rough
Cerie/Kenneth, kiss, sweet
Carol/Liz,feet, chances, affectionate, imperfections, mile high club
Danny/Jenna, Broadway
Danny/Liz, ongoing secrets, desk, getting caught
Jack/Jenna, be quiet
Jack/Liz, air conditioning, food, embarrassment, city blues, divorce, no children, internet pornography, strangely arousing, flying, cutthroat, Paris, high heels, bent, bottoms up, falling down, just the two of us, it's always been you, you know me well sir, desk, door, sober, rope, bedpost, paddle, advice, necklace, Liz's apartment, quadrants, emergency contacts, eating, wine, sweaters, celebrate, pregnant, cruise, strawberries, soap opera, audience, closet, dance, straddle, whisper, roadtrip, glasses, dessert, carry, left-handedness, mutually beneficial, winter, change of seasons, motel room, Palin 2012, aggression, rules, sympathy, alcohol, don't look back, marriage, fall TV season, surgery, espresso, management, headsuit, stressball, massage, ache, hibiscus, sandwich-turtle, spectacle, conference call, speaker-phone, cobweb, disuse, troubling news, embarrassing underwear, spoon, ice, after-party, oral arguments, presentation, better than that
Jenna/Liz, hiatus, break-up
Jenna/Paul, acceptance, half, love, dress-up
Liz /Wesley Snipes, fate, tea, meet-cute, shoes, awkward, Britishisms, frustration, communication, eggcorns, loathe, settle, stuck, meet, surprise, consider
Liz/Nancy, freckles, laughter
Liz/Pete, intercoursing, roommates

Jude/Jonesy, skirt

8 Simple Rules...
Kerry/Bridget, getting along

Naomi, selfish, pleasure, driven, control

A Game of Thrones - George R.R Martin
Eddard Stark/Jaimie Lannister, thrones, snow, blood, kingslayer

A Great and Terrible Beauty (trilogy) - Libba Bray
Felicity/Gemma, Paris, water, nymphs, multidimensional, taking charge, fainting, reunion, ballroom, parlor, spider, punishment
Kartik/Gemma, inevitable, outsider, heat

A Kid in King Arthur's Court
Princess Katey/Princess Sarah, promises

A Knight's Tale
Chaucer/Wat, ink, gold, parsimony, owl

A League of Their Own
Dottie/Kit, losing

A Little Princess
Becky/Sara, dress up, imagination, affirmation, dreams, silent nights

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Demetrius/Helena/Hermia/Lysander, awkward, perfect, secret, rendezvous, confusing, maybe, flowers, winter, outside
Demetrius/Helena, spur, strike, humiliation, triumph, release, wanton
Demetrius/Lysander, worthy, rival, envy
Oberon/Titania, autumn, trials, exaltation

A Room With a View - E.M. Forster
George/Lucy, pond, corset, secrets

A Series of Unfortunate Events
adult!Violet/adult!Klaus, alone, home, fire, libraries, running

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R Martin
Asha/Theon, deliberate
Brienne/Jamie, maidens, beauty, knight, strength, awkward, maiden, sapphire, word, sword
Bronn/Tyrion, names, snark, gold, bet, size
Daneryes/Sansa, cakes, fragrance, royalty, silk, dance
Daneryes/Tyrion, dragons, ride, destiny, bonded
Davos/Stannis, shadow, king, respect, laws
Eddard/Robert, friends, blessed, forgotten, hidden depths
Edmure/Petyr, maiden
Edmure/Roslin, wedding night
Ellaria/Oberyn, honey, peppers, wind
Jon/Melisandre, warmth, torment
Jon/Samwell, ice, cold, sound, scared, warmth
Jon/Tyrion, taught, bastards, winter, giant, words
Lyanna/Rhaegar, blue roses, three, promise, parting, beauty
Ned/Robert, distance, before, brothers
Sandor/Sansa, gift, song, flowers, foot fetish, candlelight, ser, fire, song, bright, strength

A View from a Bridge
Eddie/Catherine, [any]

A Winter's Tale - Shakespeare
Hermione/Paulina, loyalty, years, truth, conviction, hope, sorrow, beauty, touch, familiar, home, know

Abarat - Clive Barker
Candy/Letheo, dark, water, sparkle, suffer, ease

Abbey series – Elsie J Oxenham
Joan/Jen, crush, sweet, alone, honeymoon, mine
Joan/Joy, cousins, delicate, love, need, discoveries
Joy/Jen, family, belonging, want, warm, smile, kind, scared
Joy/Maidlin, protector, understanding, wedding night, instruction, teaching, knowing
Maidlin/Rosamund, not sisters, scared, holding, sleeping, midnight, confession, want, always

Absolutely Fabulous
Patsy/Eddy, sober
Patsy/Saffy, haunt, grudge

Ace Attorney
Adrien/Franziska, independence
Byrne Faraday/Tyrell Badd, partners, work, comfort, belief
Diego/Mia, court, happy ending, kitten, smile, tie
Desiree DeLite/Ron DeLite, motorcycle, costume, swashbuckle, innocence
Edgeworth/Gumshoe, noodles, money, investigation, sky, elevator, loyalty
Edgeworth/Larry, cosplay, embarrassment
Edgeworth/Franziska, strength, competition, perfection, kiss
Edgeworth/Manfred, revenge, smirk, bullet
Edgeworth/Phoenix, magatama
Edgeworth/Shi-Long Lang, not so fast, pup, Lang Zi,
Franziska/Gumshoe, coat, whip
Franziska/Shi-Long Lang, trust, work, revenge
Godot/Maya, in between
Godot/Mia, channeling, trust, forgiveness, death, mourning, loss
Gumshoe/Will Powers, men
Juan Corrida/Matt Enguard, competition, hatred, scratch, threat
Maya/Phoenix, burgers, friends
Miles Edgeworth/Phoenix Wright, debate, tie, hat, Victorian, smile, uncertain, cheerful, dirty
Miles Edgeworth/Shi-Long Lang, irritation, elbow, cocky, rivalry, cards, wolf
Shi-Long Lang/Shih-na, secrets, coordination

Em/Joel, mixtape, joint, dance, sparklers, shared

Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Brisco/Dixie, bedpost notches, happily impressed, what they don't put in the dime novels

Afterschool Charisma
Napoleon/Ikkyu, zen, Napoleon Complex, insecure
Shiro/Freud, daddy complex, overanlyzing, taunt

Afterschool Nightmare
Kureha/Mashiro, choices, smoke, hair, stories, divide
Kureha/Mashiro/Sou, dreams, rage, fear, trust, kiss
Kureha/Sou, ribbons, soft, shine, education, hold
Mashiro/Sou, temporary, hide, strike, handcuffs, gentle

Agent Pendergast Series - Child and Preston
Aloysius/Diogenes, obsession, teeth, vicious, love

Air Gear
Agito/Ikki/Akito, confusion, choice, illicit, rage, will
Agito/Akito/Lind, command, hopeless, horror, distraught, capture, terror, maniacal, empty

Michael/Caitlin, mission, bruises, sunset, lake, floor, tied, nightmares
Airwolf, Michael/Marella, style, benefits, desk, shared history

Kaneda/Yamagata, challenge, war, disorganized, joke, science, muddy, race, grin
Kaneda/Tetsuo, faster, sharing, landscape, temple, action, awake

Jasmine/Mozenrath, magic, black sand, under cover, power, sex drive, ties

Alex Rider
Alex/Wolf, duty, imsomniac, raw, race, curse, power, drown, traitor, alive
Alex/Yassen, trust, rise, need, funeral, stoic, rob, still

Alias Smith and Jones
Curry/Heyes, amnesty, first meeting, reciprocation

Arvin/Irina, heresy, relic, Tower of Babel
Irena/Emily, motherhood
Isabelle/Rachel, familiarity
Irina/Will, meeting, alone, smile
Jack Bristow/Julian Sark, compete, elite, swift, punch, knock, merlot, age, bitten, stop
Jack/Sydney, Oldboy AU, disguises
Lauren/Rachel, truth
Lauren/Sydney, bonding, bondage, gravel, car, diamond, despair, lockdown, silk, chained
Michael/Sydney, retirement, beach, secrets
Nadia/Sydney, wrong, fulfilling, sugar, soft
Nadia/Rachel, deceit, raise, glow, heaven
Peyton/Rachel, teacher
Rachel/Sydney, broken, new, outside, scared, hero, stripper, lesson, need, crush, lot to learn, dance, move, gun, peace
Sydney/Tom, mission, lipstick, memories, tango

Alice (SyFy)
Alice/Hatter, cards, coffee, fireworks, adjusting, energy, return, forgiven, water, reading, belief, coal, delicate, tea, hats, bruises, mirrors, mercury, riddles, insanity, tea, steel
Alice/Hatter/Jack, any
Duchess/Hatter, blonde, addict, class, leave, diamonds, pet, atonement, lipstick, robbery
Duchess/Jack, chance, betray
Hatter/Jack, fragile, tea, acid, library, damned, mistake
King of Hearts/Queen of Spades, color, battle, surprise

Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Alice Kingsleigh/Mirana the White Queen, shrinking, dominion, travel, trade, limits
Alice/Mad Hatter, checkers, hats, size matters, good manners, persistence, tea time, afternoon delight, imagination, muchness, high tea
Alice/Mad Hatter/White Queen, time, mutable, shatter
Alice/Knave of Hearts, any
Alice/Mirana, wish
Alice/White Queen, blossom, possibility, champion, stay
human!Cheshire Cat/Mad Hatter, dream, horizon, sharp, coin, brute, philosophy
Red Queen/White Queen, hereditary

Alien (movies)
Call/Ripley, touch, cold, lips, happy, earth, uniform
Hicks/Ripley, fast, hands, heroine, if, someday

All About Eve
Eve Harrington/Margo Channing, protege, dominate

All My Children
Amanda/Bianca, modeling
Babe/Bianca, lust, betrayal
Bianca/Kendall, sisterly bond
Bianca/Zoe, new, visit, nerves, phone-sex
Edmund/Brooke, happiness, laughter, want
Edmund/Dimitri, stable, discovery, warmth, huddle
Leo/Greenlee, alive, found, escape

'Allo, 'Allo!
Rene/any, apron, cupboard, table

Almost Famous
Penny/Russell, alone, enough, magic

Salieri/Constanze, shame, bitter, hour, music, exquisite
Salieri/Mozart, revenge, final, rival, absolution, mea culpa

Amélie/Nino, painting, stillness

American Beauty
Jane/Angela, lipstick, sleepover, slut, games
Jane/Ricky, nude, optimistic, poetry

American Dreams
JJ/Beth, Hawaii, haircut, ring, footrub
Sam/Meg, Berkeley, groove, LPs

American Dreamz
Sally Kendoo/Martin Tweed, mirrors, lights, shower, victory, winner

American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Bast/Shadow, purr, worship, shrine, dark, ancient, sight

American Idiot (musical)
Tunny/any, future, shame
Tunny/Will, aftermath

An Education
Danny/Jenny, Oxford, significant
David/Jenny, stockings, posh, disguise, far away
Jenny/Helen, shallow, fashion
Jenny/Miss Stubbs, fantasy, photography, inspired

Anansi Boys
Fat Charlie/Daisy, handcuffs
Spider/Rosie, smooth

Andromeda/Harper, fix, cryptic, unknown, nature
Tyr/Beka, Stamina, Snark, Boundaries, UST

Angel Sanctuary
Alexial/Belial, service, glitter, temptation
Belial/Kurai, "let me entertain you til you scream," broken expectations, blood, roses, strut
Kurai/Noise, loyalty, black eyeliner, boots
Lucifer/Setsuna, validation, tied, marking

Angel the Series
Angel/Cordelia Chase, sparring, young, sneaky, elevator, skin, tattoo, red
Angel/Darla, good, future, western
Angel/Doyle, biting, public, whiskey, beard, wish, burn, green, brogue, atonement, sight
Angel/Fred, dimple, freckle, wrinkle
Angel/Spike, biting, drunk, jet, sweet, question
Angel/Spike/Lawson, set in 'Why We Fight' on the submarine
Angel/The Oracles, human, tribute
Angel/Wesley, claim, love, blood, bruise, slime, car, sunlight, courtyard, alive, drink, river
Angelus/Illyria, dominate
Charles/Fred, sweat, sweet, respite, bruise, music
Connor/Spike, aftermath, grieving, hunt
Cordelia/Wesley, afterlife
Cordelia/Wesley/Gunn, afterlife, Caritas, Halloween
Cordelia/Doyle, hobo, hero, rescue, slick, shot in the dark
Doyle/Wesley, opportunity, fate, cologne, heat, spell, accident, frenzy, AU
Faith/Illyria, Ozymandias, wall, corner, against, with
Faith/Wes, blood and water, bound, raw, chosen, nightmares, gently, do-over, chosen, nightmares, hush, dirty, absolution, spot-on, fire, bruise, ice, sarcasm, shower, bleed, techniques, watcher, absolve, blood, leather
Fred/Spike, ghost, ninja, pale
Gunn/Wes, competition, beard, partnership, dominance, protection, confusion, warmth, karaoke, queen, rely, hunters, scruff, night
Gwen/Gunn, apocalypse, escape, satin
Gwen/Kate, drink, witness
Illyria/Spike, pet, urge, oil, grip, breath, coat, curiosity, human, hunger, impact, learn, memory, old, ownership, shell, survival
Illyria/Wesley, eidolon, monument, pyramid, rivers, novelty, memory, sunshine
Kate/Lindsay, hate!sex, protection
Lilah/Wesley, distraction, flower, hidden, burn, proof, smooth

Animorphs - K.A. Applegate
Elfangor/Loren, discovery, laughter, homesick
Essam/Edriss, sand, sensation, alive, forgetful
Gafinilan/Mertil, lost, sky, burning, hurt, forever
Cassie/Jake, fast, choice, apologies, heroes, warmth
Cassie/Marco, scar, vegetables, skirt, lantern, blue
Cassie/Rachel, nailpolish, food, Internet, fire, silence
Jake/Rachel, bite, lead, give, dry, birds
Marco/Rachel, storm, dust, fashion, morph, fight
Rachel/Tobias, desperation, time limit, celebration

Animorphs (tv)
Ax/Tobias, shorm
Jake/Marco, best friend, late-night, popcorn, surviving
Jake/Tobias, heroes, desperation, adrenalin, post-series, jazz, disguises
Marco/Tobias, jokes, snark, trees
Rachel/Tobias, flight, wistful, if, rebirth

Anne of Green Gables - L. M. Montgomery
Anne/Gilbert, home, shade, forever, names, awkward, young
Anne/Ruby, ivory
Anne/Katherine, home

Annie (movie)
Miss Hannigan/Lily St. Regis, gin

Ancient Egypt/Ancient Rome, hieroglyphs, language, Alexandria, star-crossed, the Mediterranean, the Nile, linen
angst/fluff, any
Bangel/Spuffy, wank
Black Orchid/Lil' Angel, beach, bikini, cherry
Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees, hate sex, on top, rings, going deep, The Green Monster, the bleachers
Canada/Britain, tradition
Canada/USA, borders, lakes, mountains, hat, pants, manners, coffee, rights, border, understanding, hockey
Dreamwidth/Porn Battle, favors, publicity
Eau Fraiche/Diorella, languid, juicy, fresh
Football(American)/Football(soccer), touchdown, GOOOOOOOAAAAL!!!, shape, padding, field, fans, snow, rules
Habit Rouge/Derby, racing, hunting, dandy, hat
hot dog/bun, mustard, condiments
Liberty/Justice, declaration(s), torch, flame, horizon, sunrise, gleam, balance
Livejournal/deviantart, rainbow, stolen, wank, photography, nice
Livejournal/Dreamwidth, crossposting, frenemies, swirl, layout, code, meme, f-list
Lovely/Madame Rochas, shock, impropriety, unleashed
Mitsouko/L'Heure Bleue, incest
Mitsouko/Shalimar, courtesan, flapper, floozy
Mitsouko/Shalimar/L'Heure Bleue, voyeurism, intrigue, courting
Mitsouko/Y, rivalry
Musc Ravageur/Madame Rochas, animalic, furry, sexy
No.5/Coco Mademoiselle, instruction, schooling, discipline
No.5/Madame Rochas, trashy, upstart
Paris/Kouros, tease, innocence, vacation
Paris/Love in Black, violets, wet, woods
Pepsi/Coke, bubbles, understanding, never, respect, anniversary, doubt, sweet, ice-cube,
Porn Battle/All the Porn Battle Volunteers, prompts
Porn Battle/Kink Bingo, power, kink, best, vanilla, safeword, over-capacity
Rainbow/Rainbow, spectrum, sky, all, badass
Shalimar/L'Heure Bleue, diplomat, potential, secrets
Tocade/Burberry Brit, romance, cool, distant
Youth Dew/Madame Rochas, fading beauty, competition, desperation

Apt Pupil
Todd/Dussander, corruption

Archer/Lana, bet, tequila, emerald, lockdown

Are You Being Served?
Mr. Humphries/Capt. Peacock/Mrs. Slocombe/Ms.
Brahms/Mr. Grainger/Mr. Lucas, free, elevator, boardroom, pussy

Arrested Development
Lindsay/Michael, blackmail, explanation, insane, photographs, resentment, staycation, nobody's wife
Michael/George Michael, neurotic

Nigel Ratburn/Alan "Brain" Powers, A+

Arthurian Legend
Arthur/Lancelot, witnessed, cuckold, hilt
Gawaine/Gareth, honor, protect, defend, warmth

As the World Turns
Luke/Reid, domestic, laughter, territorial, forever, hospital, phone-sex, letter, hotel, stubborn, comfort, temptation, seduce, handcuffs, pretty, beg, cruel, whipped

As Time Goes By
Alistair/Judy, anxiety, Paris
Lionel/Jean, gentle, stairs

As Told By Ginger
Hoodsey/Carl, doghouse

Ashes to Ashes
Alex /Gene, waiting, door, dance, interruption, return, garibaldi, sexist, final, hello goodbye, forgotten, question and answer, laugh, fever, beyond, protocol, denial, wait
Alex/Gene/Keats, purpose, stakes
Alex/Keats, drowning, pull, never, showing your hand, certainty, depths, truth, weary, abandon hope all ye who enter, heart, destiny, smoke, trance
Alex/Shaz, crush
Alex/Ray, displacement, red, rivalry
Chris/Shaz, hurry, lipstick traces
Chris/Ray/Shaz, resolved
Gene/Keats, breathe, interregnum, fixed, water, codependence, territorial

A-Team (2010)
BA/Murdock, playfight, bickering.
Face/Murdock, ladder, jacket, conquest, rating, Amsterdam, like flying
Face/Hannibal, cigar, plan, smoke, deception
Lynch/Sosa, interrogation, worthy opponent
Lynch/Pike, hatesex
Murdock/everyone, seduction

Aubrey-Maturin series - Patrick O'Brian
Jack/Stephen, espionage, crosstrees, dining cabin, sloth
Stephen/Jack/Sophie, sharing a bed, children, longing
Stephen/Joseph, gratitude, desk, for all love

Avatar (2009)
Jake/Neytiri, experience, forest

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Embers-verse)
Toph/Zuko, marriage-contract
Shirong/Zuko, blowing-off-steam, touch-starved

Avatar: The Last Airbender (tv)
Katara/Toph, argument, dumplings, fun, hair
Katara/Zuko, bloodbending
Mai/Zuko, knives, awkward, bondage, wedding

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Aang/Katara, tease, comfort, flu, laughter
Aang/Katara/Zuko, harmony, between, calm, gasp
Aang/Sokka/Zuko, fierce, sparring, sharing, control, heat, cool, bed hair, exhaustion
Aang/Zuko, laughter, reincarnation, soot, tattoos
Azula/Mai, pretend
Azula/Mai/Ty Lee, steam, ink, fingertip, plummet, passage, bitter, silk, stone
Azula/Ty Lee, [any], manipulation, rise to power, tightrope, held breaths, denied, make you work for it
Azula/Katara, even, peace, match, slow
Azula/Zuko, competition, daddy issues, blades, in the armory, summer holiday
Hakoda/Ozai, anger, brass, bite, hate, skin
Hakoda/Zuko, distrust, curiosity
Haru/Toph, Muscles, brawn, fighting, teaching, competition
Iroh/Zuko, trust, understanding, care, need
Jet/Mai, melancholy, knives, trees, snark
Jet/Zuko, partners, capture, high school AU, post-series, tea, veterans, trauma, moon
Katara, solo
Katara/Mai, , standstill, Earth Kingdom
Katara/Toph, bathe, dirt, bubbles, pretty, dresses, robes, firsts, lower, grasp, drink, fighting, elemental, dirty, private time, dominance, proof, more than, not a child
Katara/Ty Lee, laughter, starlight
Katara/Yue, melt
Katara/Zuko, balance, fate, denial, regret, peace summit, tent, apron, rope, bruise, sparring, pulling rank, reign, steam
Lt. Jee/Zuko, experience
Mai/Zuko, command, ember, poison, arc, restraint, chiaroscuro, thread, scarlet, bend, fruit, reconciliation, passion, now or never, palace, escape, "See if you can please me", scratches, knifeplay
Sokka/Suki, weapons, experimentation, crossdressing, Yue, camping, sparring, strategy
Sokka/Toph, "Nice job, meathead."
Sokka/Zuko, crisis, exercise, bright, in-between, machine, devise, , off, prince, ice, meat, painted, price, how-to, courtesan
Toph/Ty Lee, earth, feel, flex, girls, Sokka
Ursa/Ozai, dominance, anger, candles, love, sorrow, break, bend, gone, hair
Zhao/Zuko, playing-with-fire, cold, first, choice

Axis Powers Hetalia
America/England, history, honor, hope, fallen
America/Russia, red, flag, secret, destiny, sunflowers
Austria/Hungary, dance, music, yaoi, grown-up sex
Canada/Cuba, frozen, frottage, cherries, stubble, ice cream, shade, mistaken identity
Egypt/Greece, belly chain, grace, yawn, sticky, groan
England/Spain, conquest, pirates, oranges
England/France, tea, argument, bondage, war
Germany/Italy, maid outfit, food, lust, kiss, past
England/Poland, history, bubbles, bureaucracy, 1920s, suit, dinner, spread

Azumanga Daioh
Nyamo/Yukari, love letters, blackmail, frustration
Sakaki/Kagura, extremely cute things, I know what you want
Sakaki/Kagura/Kaorin, it's always the quiet ones
Sakaki/Kaorin, I always had the biggest crush on you
Tomo/Yomi, stockings, skirts, getting to you

Babylon 5
Alfred Bester/Susan Ivanova, telepathy, hate, peaking
Catherine Sakai/Jeff Sinclair, distance, dreams, return, lifetime, ship, station, Minbar, past, future, dare, remember
Delenn/John Sheridan/Jeffrey Sinclair, the one,
Delenn/Neroon, trust, hate!sex, ritual
G'Kar/Lyta, threshold, patience
G'Kar/Susan Ivanova, isolation
Ivanova/Lyta, ache, trust
Jeff Sinclair/Michael Garibaldi, shower, argument, quiet, missing
Marcus Cole/Susan Ivanova, first time, kisses, rangers, space, roses, boff, trapped, mental-link, vodka, surrender, Talia, telepathy, cryogenics, latent,
Marcus/Franklin, Martians
Michael Garibaldi/Susan Ivanova/John Sheridan, secrets, pressure valve
Michael Garibaldi/Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters, Mars, bind, pay, risk
Susan Ivanova/John Sheridan, rebellion, silent, exchange
Susan Ivanova/Number One, quickie, fierce, unusual place
Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters, AU, silk, trust, alone, hands, kisses, first date

Baby-Sitter's Club - Ann M Martin
Abby/Kristy, sports
Byron Pike/Adam Pike/Jordan Pike, ninjas
Byron/Jeff, college, paperwork, laundry
Charlotte/Becca, favourite, cookies, reconnecting
Dawn Schafer/Mary Anne Spier, honeymoon
Dawn/Claudia, art, fabric, sunlight, ribbons
Dee Pike/Maureen McGill, hats, shopping, couch, resentment
Dr. Peggy Johanssen/Stacey McGill, educate
Ed McGill/John Pike, bitch
Jenny Prezzioso/Andrea Prezzioso, rebellion
Kristy/Karen, definition, spoiled, brat, tantrum, selfish
Kristy/Shannon, snobbery
Laura Perkins/Lucy Newton, new generation
Mal/Jessi, book, smile, skirt
Mallory Pike/Vanessa Pike, poetry
Margo Pike/Claire Pike, nausea
Mary Anne/Janine, autumn
Mary Anne/Kristy, pigtails
Mrs. Barrett/Dawn, overworked
Mrs. Porter ("Morbidda Destiny")/Karen Brewer, spell
Stacey/Charlotte, innocent, sisters, questions
Stacey/Kristy, sophisticated, mature, dreams, secrets
Wesley Ellenburg/Cary Retlin, punk

Dallas/Eve, air, life
Ennis/Rachel, suits
Fermet/Czeslaw, begging
Ladd/Graham, talk, blood, laughter, white
Luck/Dallas, drowning
Maiza/Gerd, memory
Nice/Rachel, gunpowder, scars, skill

Back to the Future
Biff/George/Lorraine, forgotten
Doc/Marty, clock, gears, homecoming, thunder, worried
George/Lorraine, pale, arms, tie
George/Lorraine/Biff, summer

Bad Girls
Helen Stewart/Jim Fenner, boots, hotel, lingerie, alcohol
Helen Stewart/Karen Betts, dinner, passion, dancing, longing
Helen Stewart/Natalie Buxton, meeting, lust, wrongness, desire
Helen Stewart/Trisha, club, kiss, intrigue, erotic
Helen/Jim/Natalie, fighting, lust, wrongness, domination
Helen/Karen/Frances, reunion, drinks, sex, night

Ballad of Mulan
Hua Mulan/any, saddle, tent, armour, ardour

Banana Fish
Ash Lynx/Okumura Eiji, barrier, code, have, hold, death, part
Okumura Eiji/Sing Soo-Ling, beta, alpha, cooking, paper

Band of Brothers
Babe Heffron/Doc Roe, bad luck, patriot, regret, bandages, nickname, foxhole, chocolate,
Liebgott/Webster, pronunciation, checkmate, scatterbrain, whirlwind, lesson, artistic integrity
Lipton/Luz, foxhole
Lipton/Speirs, sociopath, spoils, orders, after the war, weekend pass, cramped quarters, morale, longing
Nixon/any, ghosts, storm, bourbon, shock, passenger
Nixon/Winters, drinks, dance, break, smirk, cultural history, middle, time, shadows, marching, Jersey
Skip Muck/any, laugh, cry, memories, reunion, ghost, reincarnation

Bandom (including K-Pop Bands)
2NE1, any pairing, lollipop, makeup, motorcycle,
3OH!3, Nat Motte/Sean Foreman, height difference, piano
3OH!3/Ke$ha, Nat Motte/Ke$ha/Sean Foreman, drinking games
Anyband, any pairing, soccer soldiers, freedom, comrades
Anyband, BoA/Jin Bora, resistance, planning, memory
Anyband, Jin Bora/Junsu, hope, paint, ink
Arashi/Inoue Mao, any pairing, harmless, flirting, manly eating, ice cream
Cheon Sang Ji Hee, any pairing, reunion, stage, piranha, gold, media, selca, choreography
Cheon Sang Ji Hee, Lina/Stephanie, language
Cobra Starship, Alex Suarez/Gabe Saporta/Nate Navarro/Ryland Blackinton/Victoria Asher, bus, laughing, drunk
Cobra Starship, Alex Suarez/Ryland Blackinton, smooth
Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta/Victoria Asher, never, stage, bitter
Cobra Starship, Ryland Blackinton/Victoria Asher, pet, pegging, lipstick
Cobra Starship, Victoria Asher/Gabe Saporta, shirt, dress, flowers, only, curve, waltz
Cobra Starship, Victoria Asher/Nate Novarro, ask, quiet, squeeze, keys, beat, heartbeat, frantic
Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Gabe/Gerard, basement, music, earnest, exciting
Cobra Starship/My Chemical Romance, Victoria Asher/Ray Toro, you'll take what I give you and like it
Cobra Starship/Panic! at the Disco, Brendon/Gabe, glitter, sticky, laughter
Cobra Starship/The Academy Is..., Gabe Saporta/Mike Carden, bet, nightlife, wasted
Cobra Starship/The Academy Is..., Gabe Saporta/Victoria Asher/William Beckett, heels, magic
Cobra Starship/The Academy Is..., Gabe Saporta/William Beckett, ice, slap, reunion, performance, business, disaster, dream, alive, wake, loyal
Cobra Starship/The Academy Is..., girl!Gabe Saporta/girl!William Beckett, legs, easy
Dong Bang Shin Ki, Changmin/Jaejoong/Yunho, reconciliation
Dong Bang Shin Ki, Changmin/Yunho, comfort
Empires/Gold Motel/The Young Veins, Tom Conrad/Greta Salpeter/Jon Walker, turns, lingerie, slow
Empires/The Young Veins, girl!Tom Conrad/Sean Van Vleet/Jon Walker, caught, lips, barebacking, couch, sweaty
Empires/The Young Veins, Tom Conrad/Jon Walker, cold, surprise, sleep, future, caught, wet, darkroom, van, Monopoly, beer, voyeurism
Empires/The Young Veins, Tom Conrad/Sean Van Vleet/Jon Walker, voyeurism, hands, beer, howl
Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, new, bass
Fall Out Boy/Cobra Starship, Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta, insomnia, designer, loyalty, solo
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, sharp, California, texting
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz/Ray Toro, playful, massive
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Pete/Mikey, black cards, new album
Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco, Brendon Urie/Patrick Stump, genius, piano, melody, voice, noise, instrument, cello, mixer
Gold Motel/The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Greta Salpeter, dancing, stars, hopeful
Hey Monday, Cassadee/Jersey, ghosts, pining, experimentation, oral
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar, skin
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter, heat, accident, exposed, mirrors, game, domestic, movie, easy, lost, manage, forced nudity
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, mirror, sunset, thoughtful, dogs
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro, hair
My Chemical Romance, Brian Schecter/Gerard Way, phone, showers, wistful, free-fall
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Bob Bryar, feather boa, limber, windy, mist, posing, flower, time, waitress
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, evidence, ink, reality, strum, watching, fruit, trap, Wonder Woman, skull, lotion, idealistic, path, eyeliner, cityscape, cloudy, hugging
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Mikey Way, fingertips, haunt, laugh, picture, savor, joy, high school
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Ray Toro, pull, pink, finding, running, apocalypse, faint, haunting
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Gerard, embarassment, artist, black, giggle, wide-eyed
My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero/Mikey Way, roommates, cuddles, early, photographs, bunks
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Mikey Way, always, summer, monsters, uncertainty, tension, panic, caffeine
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Frank Iero, joint, texture, giggles, garden hose, summer
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way/Ray Toro, music, Garageband, studio, future
My Chemical Romance, GSF, tightrope walkers
My Chemical Romance, Ray Toro/Gerard Way, protection, spanking
My Chemical Romance/Cobra Starship, Mikey Way/Victoria Asher, pretty, party
My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy, Bob Bryar/Patrick Stump, trip, broken, strangers, doorway, tempo, coffee, sun, hair
My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy, Gerard/Patrick, hiatus, music, Warped, sleepy, heat stroke
My Chemical Romance/Panic! at the Disco, Bob Bryar/Brendon Urie, needy, teasing, loving, sweat
My Chemical Romance/Panic! at the Disco, Bob Bryar/Spencer Smith, rhythym
My Chemical Romance/The Academy Is..., boots, deception, fast
My Chemical Romance/The Hush Sound, Bob Bryar/Greta Salpeter, begging, outside, secret, chocolate, handcuffs, awkward, leash, anonymous
My Chemical Romance/The Like, Bob Bryar/Tennessee Thomas, legs
My Chemical Romance/The Used, Bob Bryar/Jepha Howard, canvas, dirty, silence, reverse, dare, sleepy, ambush, cold, picture
Panic! at the Disco, Brendon/Spencer, BFFs, blowjob, church, homework, jealousy, divorce, sleeping, cuddling, high school, college, prom, drumming, scared, scars, ink, water, rest, tape, drive, confess, journey, careen, serendipity, flirt, drums, sticky, lingerie, ties, hoodie, swimming, frottage, virgin, sleepover, orgasm denial, rushed, new, clean, ownership, choir, tight
Panic! at the Disco, GSF (Brendon/Jon/Ryan/Spencer), summer, struggle, wild, test, play, sunlight, heat, stars
Panic! at the Disco/Gold Motel, Brendon/Greta, fingers, first time, date, cross-dressing, pegging, public
Panic! at The Disco/My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar/Spencer Smith, pull
Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins, Brendon/Ryan, accident, sweet, want, caught, languid
Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins, Brendon/Ryan/Spencer/Jon, reconciliation, radio
Panic! at The Disco/The Young Veins, Spencer Smith/Ryan Ross, codependency, nails
Panic! at the Disco/Travis McCoy, Brendon/Travis, tour, wall, high, teasing, held down, hickeys
The Academy is..., Adam Siska/The Butcher, beach, best night, reggae, tattoos, lake, sweet
The Academy is..., girl!Adam Siska/The Butcher, school girl, flashing, clones, facesitting, paint, sketching
The Academy Is..., William Beckett/Mike Carden, fourth, wine, sunburn, greaser, beach, quiet
The Hush Sound/The Like, Greta Salpeter/Tennessee Thomas, tangles and curls
The Like, Annie/Tennessee, hat, roleplay, injury, cross-dressing, sunburn, drunk
The Like, Z/Laena, black and white, ice cubes, drunk, first time, kisses, quiet, high school, telepathy, robots, showering, seduce
The Like, Z/Laena/Annie/Tennessee, prank, quiet, tease, dream, rain
The Like, Z/Tennessee, quick, white, tour, stimulation, need, dark
The Like/The Young Veins, Laena Geronimo/Jon Walker, secret, lips, public, desperate
The Like/The Young Veins, Z Berg/Ryan Ross/Jon Walker, blindfold, laugh, lust
The Ready Set, Jordan Witzigreuter/anyone, popsicle, necklace, Pete Wentz, desperation, skateboard, jealousy
The Young Veins, Jon Walker/girl!Ryan Ross, distance, snuggle, crush, tongue, silk, beach, tease
The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross, whisper, quick, sunrise, fingers, bite, first, fight, waves, stubble, two, pulling, mirror, home
The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross/Andy Soukal, new, van, backstage, quiet, mouth
Travie McCoy/anyone, stretched out
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Hester/Will/Jonty, ukuleles, hot tamales, George Formby, laughter
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Jonty/Will, Edinburgh, giggle, glances, Proms

Banlieue 13
Damien/Leito/Lola, helpful, temporary, revolution, illegal

Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Apollo/Boomer/Starbuck, hands, punish, future, berry
Apollo/Starbuck, knees, water, tied, scratch

Battlestar Galactica (2004)
Anastasia "Dee" Dualla/Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, grass, stars, humidity
Cally Henderson/Diana Seelix, grease, fingers, nipple
Cally Henderson/Jammer, a price paid, it was you, boot laces, knuckledraggers
Cally Henderson/Tory Foster, creation, breathe, desire
Caprica Six/Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, cuddle, evil laughter, revenge, hot, shower, God, projection, sympathetic
Chief Galen Tyrol/Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, nightmare
Chief Galen Tyrol/Sam Anders, and we thought the dark would never end, rush, coins, aftermath, blood, ashes, the past, tent, resistance
Felix Gaeta/Anastasia "Dee" Dualla, escape, fight, together in mutiny, safe,, moving on
Gaius Baltar/Tory Foster, pulse
Gaius Baltar/Caprica Six, flowers, crazy, fingertips, hair, babies, grass, wine, morning, curves, sunshine, danger, gasp, strength
Gaius Baltar/Felix Gaeta, meaningless, halfway, lies, reward
Gina/Kendra, unloved
Helena Cain/Gina Inviere, drowning
Helena Cain/Kendra Shaw, unthinking
Karl "Helo" Agathon/Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Academy, benefits, bet, jump, pegging, race, push, tags, games, fools, make believe, break, apartment, metamorphosis, whiskey, bite, substitutes, frakups, classmates
Karl "Helo" Agathon/Racetrack, sorry, ambrosia, cards, party, oops
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Bill, scarred
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Diana Seelix, surprise
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Lee Adama, goodbye
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Lee Adama/Sam Anders, laughter, reluctance, sharing, tight, voyeur
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Leoben Conoy, mandala, wind, shame, create, force, awake, bait, blood, burn, grave, father, nails, never, promise, stuck, bring redemption for our sins, milk, piano, confusion, dessert, follow, knuckles, rug-burn, white, reciprocity, hybrid, creativity, nonviolence
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Kat, bunk, slippery, favorite, tactics, fistfight
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Kat/Sam Anders, shots, lost, Caprica
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Kendra, oblivion
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Leoben Conoy/Sam Anders, truce, paint
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Sam Anders, kiss, bodyguard, dirt, flying, rough, chase, fingers, wings, careless, mystery, rough, heart, sheets, pyramid, married, hot, night, strip, memories, dogtags, shower, sweat, noisy, giggle, soft, final, bright, destiny, lost, forgotten, rough, trees, viper, tent, sand, table
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Zak Adama, comparisons, creative, young
Lee Adama/Sam Anders, ghosts, gift, heal, kneel
Lee Adama/Kendra Shaw, overlook
Laura Roslin/Lee Adama, on the run, the brig, confide, nostalgic
Laura Roslin/Tory Foster, idolatry
Racetrack/Sam Anders, chapped lips, push, bastard
Sam Anders/Duck, memory, dust off the caskets, name
Sam Anders/Ellen, seams, nape, between, experience, suitcase, scar, everything you can think of is true, black coffee, they made us this way
Sam Anders/Jean, acting, war, late, warmth, sweet, overwhelming, marked, ponytail
Sam Anders/Leoben, he had a bulletproof smile, cotton
Saul/Ellen, distant
Sharon "Athena" Agathon/Karl "Helo" Agathon, body, trust, lost, afterward, stars, sweat, sweat, couch, laundry, clean, perfect, desperate, wedding night, trust, blood
Sharon "Boomer" Valerii/Karl "Helo" Agathon, lost, goodbye, unrequited, voyeur
William Adama/Laura Roslin, mirror, whiskey

Beauty and the Beast
Belle/Beast, [any], expectation, held down, size difference, bruises, claw, fur, hearth, rose, rough, tear, waltz, ice, safe, hurt, blankets
Belle/Gaston, reading, trophies
Disney!Beast/Disney!Belle, library, erotic novels, erotic art, fur, soft, surround
Prince Adam/Belle, court dance, flirt, seduce, learning all over again
Young!(18) Prince Adam/Young!(18) Belle, playing courtiers

BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
Ryusuke/Eddie, stitches, unique, bottle, emoticons, giggle, cigarette, chill
Ryusuke/Maho, English, inspiration, porn, protective, grace, fingering
Ryusuke/Taira, advice, attitude, bullet holes, focused, spoiled, frustration
Ryusuke/Yukio, Lucille, road, stars, doubts, jealous, neck, chaos, Grateful Sound

Hildagarde/Kunieda, umbrella, test, queen
Oga/Furuichi, summer, fight, rain
Oga/Hildagarde, service, bride, close quarters
Oga/Kunieda, territory, prestige, rumour, classwork, fieldtrip

Being Human
Annie/George, police, chains, silver, stars,
Annie/George/Mitchell, adrift, darkness, home, captive, mastered, jealous, joke, warm, serious, bond
Annie/Mitchell, kitchen, night, warmth
Annie/Mitchell/George, family, home, aftermath, safe, feral, human, feelings, necessary
Annie/Nina, comfort
Daisy/George/Ivan, bruises, technology
George/Hugh, empty, western, season, message, shadow, towel, fairy-tales
George/Ivan, knife-edge, amnesia
George/Mitchell, abandon, night, scars, protector, jealousy, inexperience, mess, couch, comfort, exhaustion, mirrors, grin, night, pleased, naked, poltergeist!Annie, chocolate, afterlife, bastion
Ivan/Mitchell, change, neighbourhood, lemons, glass, enough, flip-flop
Mitchell/Seth, plaything, teeth, bite,

Better Off Ted
Lem/Phil, experiment, partners, science, robots, experiment, for Ted, partners
Linda/Ted, layoffs, Veridian commercial
Ted/Linda/Veronica, testing, experiment, stress relief
Ted/Veronica, after work, hair down, misunderstanding, elevator's not the place to get off, linda-bagel, acoustics, night shift, cream cheese, all lit up, office, desk, elevator, security camera, oneupmanship
Veronica/Linda, odd, control, hair, lab, exchanging places, desk, creamer, handcuffs, stress, emotion, hunting
Veronica/Ted/Linda, experiment, air, random

Adam/Eve, first time
David/Jonathan, first time, Michal, battle, jealous, oaths, loyalty, roleplay, tears, goodbye, dreams
Lilith/Eve, temptation, apple

Big Bang Theory
Beverly Hofstadter/Stephanie Barnett, conference, awkward
Howard/Raj, whisper, couch
Leonard/Penny, respect, Comic-con, research, corn, payday, Reunion, close
Penny/Bernadette, break, tease, couch, bathtub, uniform
Penny/Leslie, payback, tipping, lab, game night, staircase
Penny/Stephanie Barnett, over, rat, 2015
Sheldon Cooper/Leslie Winkle, science, no talking, learning
Sheldon/Bernadette, end of the world, glasses, algorithms
Sheldon/Penny, airplane, distraction, relax, first time, firsts, costumes, couch, on a train, bicker, knock, laundry room, games, sing, lingerie, smirks, tease, roleplay, formal clothes, towel, morning, chocolate, payback time, back, whee!, acting, breaking the laws of physics, rough sex, steampunk, Nebraska, wardrobes, mud, bowling alley, practical, roleplay, cause-and-effect, making-out, t-shirt, entice, attention-to-detail
Sheldon/Raj, tiger

Big Eden
Henry/Pike, stars

Big Love
Adaleen/Alby, proclivities
Adaleen/Wanda, accomplices
Barb/Margene/Nicki, [any]
Heather/Rhonda, unnatural
Heather/Rhonda/Sarah, crowded
Kathy/Wanda, first wife
Margene/Ana, nervous, hairbrush, pie, dance, rain, perfect, fourth, girlfriend
Margene/Barbara, secrets, kissing, tease, hiding
Margene/Ben, explosion, quick, wrong, dirty, commando, grass, nightswimming, sweat
Margene/Sarah, bitten, bubblegum
Nicki/Barb, sullen
Nicki/Margene, approval, rivalry
Nicki/Sarah, prophecy
Rhonda/[any], thief
Rhonda/Cara Lynn, tangled
Rhonda/Sarah, prayer, thief, playtime
Sarah/Heather, phase, slow, scared, twist

Big Time Rush
Carlos/James/Kendall/Logan, bed, dreams, lonely, secret, limousine, locker-room, porn
Carlos/Logan, biting
Kelly/Gustavo, keep in line, song, frilly, lingerie
Kendall/Logan, hidden, curled up, spooning

Big Wolf on Campus
Tommy/Lori/Merton, apocalypse, pack, awkward, experiment
Tommy/Merton, letterman-jacket, claws, fangs, fur, bleachers, velvet, hair-dye, locker room, magic, accident, waiting, taste

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill S Preston/Ted Logan, candy, rain, skin

Bionic Woman (2007)
Sarah Corvus/Jaime Sommers, repairs

Bitch Slap
Mother Superior/Sister Batril, impure thoughts, kicking ass, out of the convent, real identity

Black Blood Brothers
Mochizuki Jirou/Katsuragi Mimiko, hunger, water, cute, thirst, innocence, rebirth

Black Butler
Bard/Finnian/Meirin, break, serve, disagree, sunset, fun
Ciel/Lizzie, polish, dress, pout, smile, satin, silk, velvet
Madame Red/Grell, blood, bite, feud, rip, wings, hope
Sebastian/Ciel, cats
Sebastian/Meirin, tresses, rope, blind, taste, white
William/Grell, scythe, punish, glasses, disgust, learn

Black Jewels Trilogy
Anne Bishop, Daemon/Surreal, blood, immortality, do you a favour, hunters, hunter and prey
Anne Bishop, Jaenelle/Daemon, claws, black, queen, healing, mischief, outdoors, phantom touch, tied down, trust, sadist, rut, predatory
Anne Bishop, Karla/any, kiss kiss, you're no fun, skinny dipping, tempest
Anne Bishop, Surreal/Jaenelle/Daemon, moonlit, fur, silk, playful, dangerous, teaching, bloody, kitchen

Black Lagoon
Balalaika/Dutch, business, competence, indulgence
Eda/Revy, poker face, queen high, rivalry

Blackadder Goes Forth
Edmund/Darling, insubordination

Blackadder III
Edmund/George, naughty Hellfire Club

Blade (Series)
Krista/Marcus, [any]
Rachael/Rick, flexible, moral, shadows
Drake/Hannibal King, claim, fangs, secret, consort, hell-on-earth, hunter, slave, always, fight, family, strong, reclaim, chains, snuggle, hide, war, pierce, tattoo, reject, sunlight, picnic

Blake's 7
Kerr Avon/Roj Blake, impasse, relegate, shatter

Aizen/Gin, deception, switch
Byakuya/Renji, fading, flowers, rain, remote, interpretation, flaw
Grimmjow/Nnoitra, strength, supremacy, payback
Grimmjow/Ulquiorra, lies, loyalty, eyeliner
Ichigo/Renji, nonsense, fake, fun
Ishida Ryuuken, memory, solitude
Ishida Ryuuken/Ishida Uryuu, estranged
Kensei/Shuuhei, worship, idol, tattoos, blood, sword, tea, Vizard, finally
Kira/Renji, shame, confidence, pause
Kurosaki Ichigo/Abarai Renji, animal, death, sensation, scarlet, cut, candor, home, broken, lost, collision, game, wonder
Mayuri/Szayel, tentacles
Nnoitra/Neliel, force, misogyny, revenge
Orihime/Rukia, spell, hunt, phoenix
Renji/Rukia, distance, yearning, street, history, welcome, misunderstanding, reverence, ice
Ryuuken/Unohana, healing, power, envy, knowledge, discovery, brilliant, compete, teach, learn, change, offer, Quincy, arrow, sword, listen, future, protect
Shunsui/Ukitake, art, beauty, silver, whispers
Szayel/Grimmjow, alpha, captive, experimental, vicious
Szayel/Grimmjow/Il Forte, tangled, punishment
Szayel/Il Forte, useful, useless, superiority, voyeurism
Szayel/Ishida Uryuu, stitches, specimen
Urahara, projects, voyeurism
Yoruichi/Soi Fon, sting, power, stealth, knowledge, trust, forever, change, persist, battle, sweat, hot-spring, world

Cass/Eddie, alone, drugs, clean, lie, trust, truth, rimming

Bloody Monday
Aoi/Fujimaru/Otoya, hack, dream, together, earth, Linux, college, defy, explore, AU
Minami/Saori, yearmate, future, fieldwork, loyalty, apartment, history
Minami/Saori/Kirishima, secrets, plans, death, hope, flirt, job, argue, laugh, stare

Angela/Camille, hands, paint
Angela/Hodgins, break, swing, swear, roof, car, promise, angel, Egypt, game, paint, perspective, mistake, science
Angela/Booth, carry, paint, peace, outlet
Angela/Daisy, loud, restrain
Angela/Hodgins/Zack, letter
Angela/Roxie, catching up
Booth, honeymoon, Lost, lonely, waiting, discovery
Booth/Brennan!Lady Gaga, heavy bondage
Booth/Brennan, angry!sex, lady gaga, missing you, long, away, guess who, splay, forfeit, history, fade, frantic, tender, born, dance, distance, discovery, family, fear, flesh, nightmare, resist, silence, tender
Booth/Hodgins, believe, break, fever, mark, scars, sweat
Booth/Sweets, bruises, comfort, trapped, scars
Brennan/Angela, festive, hypothesis, aesthetic, fun, history, art, necklace, jail, loyal, empathy, ink, crime, book, skull, past, detachment, guilty, tired, cold, blindfold, jewelry, affair, lipstick, rave, earring, couch, stress, danger, pony, this isn't what good girls do, fun, unexpected, art, museum, bath, chance, dare, fantasy, investigation, portrait, skin, surprise, sweet
Brennan/Annie Oakley (from "Death in the Saddle"), leather
Brennan/Booth/Sweets, warmth, playful, teasing, technobabble, balance, better, Halloween, logic, proof, reunion, vacation
Brennan/Daisy, teacher
Brennan/Hodgins, cling, June, remember, Gravedigger, suit, cycle
Brennan/Sweets, wrong, intimate, understanding, repeat, fear, violence, emails, phone sex
Brennan/Zach, quick study, student, hunger
Cam/Sweets, privacy, empty, hiatus, high heels
Cam/Zack, 'I knew the day I met Zack that he would cause me pain'
Camille/Brennan, exhibition, slide
Daisy/Sweets, first time, jealousy, wedding dress, lost
Fisher/Jack, conspiracy, sci-fi, waiting lines,
Fisher/Mr Nigel-Murray, challenge, trivia, marginalised
Fisher/Sweets, Vegas, negative, consult, metal
Hodgens/Zack, reruns, car-ride, king of the lab, scientific method, Firefly, routine, comfortable, best friends, advice, danger, experiment, tattoos, ant farm, advice, danger, experiment
Hodgins/Grayson, fantasy, understand, bitter
Hodgins/Sweets, infidelity, psychological distress, loss, assured, advice, learn,
Hodgins/Vincent Nigel-Murray, friends, experiments, genius, exasperation
Zack/Sweets, freedom, vocabulary, vocabulary, darkness, hidden, heirarchy, straightjacket, doctor, patient, patience, cell

Boondock Saints
Connor/Murphy, gunfire, frottage, quickie, prison life, scars
Connor/Murphy/Smecker, last time

Erika/Reiko, goad, fluster, catty, scratching
Osawa Eriko/Kimoto Mami, training, investigation, handcuffs, office, reunion

Boston Legal
Alan/Denny, balcony, ritual, wait, handcuffs, victory, game
Bethany Horowitz/any, post-Crane, Republican, teaparty
Brad Chase/Jeffrey Coho, buzz, fight, deny, difficult
Chelina Hall/Sally Heep/Sara Holt, chuck, Bechdel, careers, office, Texas
Clarence Bell/Chelina Hall, champion
Clarice Bell/any, fact
Denny/Alan/Shirley, regrets, drunk, once
Lori Colson/Shirley Schmidt, hero, starry, desk, office, restaurant
Lori Colson/Tara Wilson, decipher, watch, hot

Boxcar Children
Henry/Benny, grown-up
Violet Alden/Jessie Alden, game

Boy Meets World
Cory/Shawn, history
Cory/Shawn, morning, nicknames, tangle, waiting, honeymoon, yearbook
Shawn Hunter/Angela Moore, bond, shatter, kiss, hands, smile

Boys Before Flowers
Ga Eul/Yi Jung, no more waiting, tease, touch, nervousness

Bram Stoker's Dracula
Dracula/Jonathan, smoke, desire, weak
Dracula/Mina, mirror, gold, devil, hands, lick
Lucy/Mina, dream, iron, loss, wedding, letter

Breaking Bad
female!Walter White/Jesse Pinkman, indiscretion, skylar, cook, overnight, lust, romance, cartel, millions, sobriety, chemistry, irresitable, peridodic table, mnemonics, desert, covalent bond, any
Jesse/Jane, escape, art, stained
Jesse/Walt, desperate, wound, lottery, stench, random, luck, grin
Skyler/Walt, hat, Heisenberg

Brideshead Revisted
Evelyn Waugh, Charles/Julia, confession
Evelyn Waugh, Charles/Sebastian, saints, swimming

Brideshead Revisted (movies)
Charles/Julia, veil, shadows

Bridgerton series
Julia Quinn, Colin/Penelope, teasing, ink stains, unrequited, soft

Bright Star
Fanny/John, scent, flowers, freedom, garden, gingerly, lace, butterflies

Devil/Ezekiel, doorstep, art, fingerprints, highway to hell, dessert

Bring It On
Cliff/Missy, routine, clash, bathroom, school
Courtney/Whitney, competition, rule, sleepover
Isis/Torrance, same, team, college, captains
Jan/Les, pom poms
Missy/Torrance, back flip, naivety, sucker, swing set

Brokeback Mountain
Ennis/Jack, fishing, smoke

Brothers (2009)
Cassie/Grace, children
Tommy/Sam, hero

Brothers and Sisters
Nora/Holly, cabin, dressing-room, pedicure, warmth, caught, tipsy, rescue, almost

Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai/Rawhide, saddle, second chance, fingers
Perfect Tommy/any, desert, fire, hot rod, pool, tied

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy/Pike, bike, comfort, numb, rain, run, sweat, wounded
Andrew/Angel, cold, last, weird
Andrew/Giles, self-esteem
Andrew/Oz, annoying, scent, study
Andrew/Spike, curiosity, Gandalf, hug, recover, roadtrip
Andrew/Spike/Xander, demons, mutual, pollen, tricks
Andrew/Xander, dumb, geekery, little, whoa, extraordinary, dance, can I?
Angel/Buffy, rain, sun, wind, AU, fall, give, dreams, true, cookies, naughty, after school, love bite, sin, chocolate, wicked
Angel/Buffy/Spike, bitten, altar
Angel/Faith, blood, feather, prison, rain
Angel/Oz, silence, concise, intense
Angel/Spike, sire
Angel/Xander Harris, grip, shock, night
Angelus/dark!Willow, hell walks
Angelus/Drusilla, daddy, silk, dolly
Anya/Faith/Buffy, new
Anya/Halfrek, time
Anya/Spike, scar
Anya/Xander, remembrance
Buffy/Faith, blood, dust, glass, gift, heart, hooky, sanctuary, switch, trick, finally, contrast, unity, kickass, chosen, danger, rage, need, glow, cracks, handcuffs, mirror, stolen, cross, dance, fascination, discovery, unexpected, electric, light, night, late, silver, storm, nail polish, girl's night out, after work, stake, kill switch, Toronto, captive
Buffy/Spike, breathe, burn, chains, darkness, heaven, lesson, public, seven, submit, sunlight, taste, years, summer, boat, daily, effortless
Buffy/Willow, always, cookie, fate, first, forget, history, jealousy, red, unspoken
Buffy/Drusilla, understanding
Buffy/Faith/Giles, possessive
Buffy/Faith/Spike, glitch, cut, pearl, pool, save
Buffy/Giles, dance, hoarse, hunt, incorrigible, nostalgia, suit, rough, training, skirt, blade
Buffy/Giles/Willow/Xander, normal, reconnection
Buffy/Graham, clandestine, reunion, rendezvous, training, [any], apocalypse, beach, birthday, blind date, dancing, hotel, lips, party, pink, popcorn, rain, rest, room service, sparring, survivor, vacation
Buffy/Oz, control
Buffy/Spike, frozen, whispers, silk, leather, alcohol, scent, while skin, lips, growl, punish, pyramid, stench, sting
Buffy/Tara, hand, smile, breathe, we are, strong, sweet
Buffy/Willow, ice cream, bedtime, floor, rainbow sprinkles
Buffy/Xander, book learnin', failures, catastrophe
Cordelia Chase/Daniel "Oz" Osborne, [any]
Cordelia/Xander, candy, kisses, clothed
Daniel "Oz" Osborne/Willow Rosenberg, growl
Dawn/Faith, misery
Dawn/Giles, grown-up, little kid, lollipop, linguistics
Dawn/Spike, grown-up, god save the queen, warrior
Ethan/Any, masochism
Faith/Giles, burn, black, knots, study, ride
Faith/Giles/Wes, control
Faith/Xander, breath, patrol, repairs, stake, sun
Giles/Anya, magic, knowledge, heels
Giles/Olivia, pillows, spooning, silence
Giles/Oz, guitar, woman, uncover, post-Chosen, different, need, secrets, familiar
Giles/Willow, books, spanking, silence
Giles/Xander, house, earth, ancient
Joyce/Spike, gifts, Icarus, lullabies, slip
Joyce/Tara, calico
Joyce/Tara/Willow, smooth, tea, milk, honey
Oz/Willow, red, summer, last
Oz/Xander, anon, anxiety, gentle, water, freckle, growl, hide, practice, tiptoe, pals
Riley/Willow, quiet, picnic, normal
Riley/Xander, hands, play, public, strength, tumble, wish
Robin Wood/Spike, survival
Rupert/Ethan Rayne, past, pain, chaos, demon, one last time, help, strength
Rupert/Jenny Calendar, [any]
Rupert/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, glasses, fencing, hair-gel, motorcycle, lint, comfort, books, paper-cut
Spike/Giles, forgiveness
Spike/Oz, outcast
Spike/Riley Finn, love, resentment, stupid, valentine, addict
Spike/Willow, scars, totality, renewed, expendable, terrifying, exhumation, lovely, strike
Spike/Xander, because, nibble, tasty, tormenting, blood
Tara/Anya, memento, awkward
Tara/Willow, cream, lemonade, smile, confidence, experiment, toys, safe
Tara/Xander, curtains, crinoline, absent
Willow/vamp!Willow, leather, trollop, lipstick lesbian
Willow/Xander, date, dancing, memories

Bugs (1990s TV Series)
Becket/Ros, any, knowing, grown-ups, distraction
Beckett/Ed, trapped, pollen, any
Beckett/Ed/Ros, punishment, toys, any
Ed/Ros, [any], cheeky, climb, gadgets, spy

Burn Notice
Fiona/Jesse, sync, action, splash, grind, mojito, post-mission, cover, romp, humidity, strenous, any
Fiona/Sam, bickering, commands, explosive, reciprocity, pegging, boredom, bickering, covert, guns, hiding, running, spiral, tease, pegging, dress me up, fall, What Sam does to women, wrestle, surprise, affection, secret admiration
Fiona/Victor, one-upmanship.
Jesse/Michael, orders, urgency, leverage, reversal, truth, commiserate, betrayal, fiona, jet ski, 12.8, everglades, revenge, fahrenheit, any
Jesse/Sam, tricks, exposed, spar
Kendra/Michael, competence, intense, bite
Michael/Fiona/Jesse, caliente, agua, operation, trust, patience, [any], teamwork, cooperation, compatible, proposition, voyeur, invitation
Michael/Victor, adrenaline, near-death, shot
Michael/Fiona, who's really in control here, violence is really foreplay, danger
Michael/Fiona/Sam, family, impractical, c4, photograph, adrenaline, snow, relax, kittens, hostage, hostile, drink, equity, comfort, easy, traditions, teamwork, bullets, exasperation, explosions, heat, spies, AU, explosion, twice, preference, cotton, Sweat, ice cubes, tease, united front, desire
Michael/Sam, all in, undercover, trust no one, never, solid, pinstripes, companionship, trust, release, Creative, limits, admiration, devotion
Michael/Victor, adrenaline, game, cut, hold, save, hidden, free, dead, missing, faked death, shared, experience, limes, crazy, family, relax, stay, rough, agreement, handshake, AU, the-one-that-got-away, cover, control, spy game, dancing around, identity, safe house, hard-to-kill, team
Sam/Maddie, Flirt, booze, sweet, friends

But I'm a Cheerleader
Clayton/Dolph, dog house
Graham/Megan, listen, slip, cheerleading, uniform, smile, alone, But I'm a Cheerleader, Graham/Megan, pride parade, color, city life

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Buch/Etta, soft, bike, smell, catch
Buch/Sundance, safe, hurt, now, drunk
Buch/Sundance/Etta, here, fire

Albert Campion/Amanda Fitton, oaks

Candy Boy
Kanade/Yukino, art, body paint, tied up in a bow, first kiss, first time, cures for insomnia, animal ears, sweets, any

Amanda/Clarice, ambrosia, truth, second chance, voices, vision, honey
Baranabas Greeley/Lacy Rand, errand, power, tricks
Clarice/Lacy, soldier, lessons
Lacy/Zoe, memory, lost
Lacy/Zoe/Tamara, virtual love, faith, tomorrow
Sam Adama/Larry, cake, haven, tattoos
Tamara Adama/Tad "Heracles" Thorean, flowers, night, thrill
Tamara/Zoe, control, body, heartbeat, resurrection, desperate

Cardcaptor Sakura
Clow/Yue, soldier, darkness, destined, temporary, cherry blossoms
Eriol/Sakura, sapphire, poetry, Monday, respect, England
Fujitaka/Nadeshiko, chores, tickle, family, skin, education
Meiling/Sakura, taste, visit, letter, struggle, sigh
Meiling/Syaoran, loyal, jewelry, bite, complain, magic
Sakura/Yue, forget, glimmering, comfort, substitution, math, whisper, dance, smile, kiss, endless
Syaoran/Sakura, princess, pink, hands, warmth, smile
Syaoran/Tomoyo, kisses, Sakura, only, name, formal
Tomoyo/Meiling, pale, China, collarbone, exotic, dark
Tomoyo/Sakura, fierce, daisy, reel, dessert, holy
Touya/Nakuru, back, jump, crossdress, magic, feathers
Touya/Yukito/Yue, bed, creativity, laughing, organized, past
Yamazaki/Chiharu, fib, future, encyclopedia, shut up, years
Yukito/Nakuru, wander, wonder, grins, cyclic, pull

Carnival - Elizabeth Bear
Michelangelo/Vincent, faith, riposte

Ben/Sofie, enemy, itch, naked, storm, tomorrowm, Alpha, Omega, struggle
Brother Justin/Iris, sin, blood, family, loyalty, repent, family, secret, dust
Jonesy/Sofie, vertigo, drunk, ictus, propinquity, anywhere-but-here
Libby/Sofie, comb, dance, payment, socks, tent, sisters, fortune, eclipse, vector, vertigo, Hollywood, lipstick, sandstorm
Ruthie/Rita Sue, nothing changes
Sofie/Iris, blaspheme, pray
Sofie/Jonesy/Libby, apology

Rick/Ilsa, Paris, reunion, late time

Beckett/Castle/Esposito/Ryan, team effort, close quarters, road trip
Beckett/Demming, coffee, practice, spaghetti, drinks, scare, leather, playtime, workout
Castle/Beckett, drunk, erogenous zones, Hamptons, undercover, breeze, handcuffs, ink, river, character, jailhouse, handcuffs, rope, under her skin, glasses, yearbook photos, substitute family, movie night, impish, future, family, book, write, like, shoelaces, gun, vice squad, loss, time, trust, stakeout, karaoke, family, respect, novelty, bookmark, blind and stupid, tick tick tick, sober, windowsill, Central Park, take-out, rough draft, Memorial Day, building theory, tripped and fell on his dick, poker face, paparazzi, coffee, explosive, cappuccino, jealous, cursed, bondage, tension, cleavage, close call, stressed, Russian, inspire, muse
Castle/Beckett/Demming, handcuffs, solution, competition, decision, threesome, togetherness, so what?
Emma Carnes/Jeremy Preswick, habits, memory, second chances
Jenny/Ryan, happy
Beckett/Esposito, poker, evidence, interloper, defender, rooftop, cinnamon, wrong, you really wanna go there with me?, workout, blowing off steam, dressed to kill, Beckett's work heels
Parish/Esposito, whipped cream, date night
Ryan/Esposito, coffee, laundry, trust, gay-chicken, best, mind-meld, cheese, lock, mine, secret, partners, time bomb, discovered, jealousy, breaks, chance, bruises, relieve, partner, favors, caught, Old married couple, ridiculous, bets, teasing, pet names, bickering, ties, day off, partner

Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Alucard/Maria, [any]

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – Tennessee Williams
Brick/Maggie, cat, crutch, precious
Brick/Skipper, torment, hotel, first

Catch Me If You Can
Carl/Frank, Christmas, forgery, flight, chase

Céline and Julie Go Boating
Céline/Julie, honey

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Mike/Wonka, daddy

Charlie Bartlett
Charlie Bartlett/Murphy Bivens, detention, get rich quick
Charlie Bartlett/Nathan Gardner, misunderstandings, home alone, wet, dark, audience, neck, touch
Charlie Bartlett/Susan Gardner, pool, camping

Charlie's Angels (movie)
Dylan Sanders/any, strap-on, fun, lick, chopper

Cole/Prue, clash, friction, tempt, improper
Phoebe/Coop, sweet, morning after

Billy Flynn/Amos Hart, stand
Mama Morton/Velma Kelly/Roxie Hart, vanity, dressing-room, stage
Mama Morton/Velma Kelly, delicate
Six/Squish, car, diner, freedom, cigarettes
Velma Kelly/Roxie Hart, cheat, ash, rip, cruise, battle, mascara, looking out for number one, comfort

Chrestomanci series - Diana Wynne Jones
Christopher/Conrad, agent
Christopher/Conrad/Millie, hols

Chrono Cross
Nikki/Norris, glam, make-up, uniform, rock'n'roll

Chrono Trigger
Ayla/Lucca, open, time
Crono/Lucca/Marle, ice, share
Crono/Marle, once, pendant
Flea/Lucca, femmeslash, het
Flea/Magus, het, slash
Flea/Marle, beauty, femmeslash, het
Frog/Lucca, oddity
Lucca/Marle, regret, want
Magus/Marle, decide, magic, spring/winter

Anna/Chuck, hostage, secrets, wrong
Anna/Morgan, buymoria, play, retcon, match, Hawaii, anime
Anna/Sarah, training, truth, identity, lie, fridge, cage, smudge, fanfic, seduction training
Big Mike/Bolonia Grimes, afternoon
Big Mike/Jimmy Butterman, showers, backup, low, fishing
Big Mike/Poppy Tang, delight
Bryce/Casey, control, game, rough, safehouse, temper
Bryce/Chuck, again, glasses, late, mind, always, tangled, necktie, bitten, apologize, flashback, understood, intersect, Barcelona, train, job, road, know, remember, Pon Farr, sicily, sleepwalking, strings, red, simple, rerun, wrong, Connecticut, button, amnesia, college, retirement, challenge, dorm, hair, slick, lost, adventurous, domestic, flowers, happy, chase, mine, together, family, secret, promises, chances, perfection, possessive, sleepy!sex, confidential, waiting
Bryce/Chuck/Casey, jealousy, compare, outsider, outside, competition, tough
Bryce/Chuck/Jill, jealousy, drunk, competition, desire, complicated
Bryce/Chuck/Sarah, loyalty, vacation, roadtrip, stealth, sinew, flame, polaroid, we're made for bending, complete, destiny, independent, Robin Hood, new, fine, laugh, hope, wistful
Bryce/Ellie, secret
Bryce/Sarah, roses, soap, Wienerlicious, comfort, intense
Casey/Carina, payback
Casey/Devon, awesome, colonel, major, arms, extreme, dude, bro, manly, bonding
Casey/Devon/Ellie, home, cozy, warmth, fire, taste, meal, grow, amaze, training, spy, protect, guard, bite, sharp, smart, bed, invite
Casey/Kathleen McHugh, resurrected, nostalgia, longshot, child, protect
Casey/Morgan, beard, dominant, guns, target
Casey/Sarah, exhaust, nature vs. nurture, disguise, best, mission, betrayal, control, domination, rust, tumbler, bruise, photograph, backwards, tire treads, chance, run, ill-advised, reasoning, deal, sour, undone, february, cairo, stain, one eye on the pistol, unexpected, weave
Casey/Shaw, strength, growl, impressive, obedience, heat
Chuck/Casey, adrenaline, crush, disarm, control, rope, direction, caught, restrained, control, sandwiches, eventually
Chuck/Casey/Sarah, share, protect, rules, compete
Chuck/Cole, flirtation, assessment, rescue, travel, undercover
Chuck/Devon, games, smiles, admiration, awesome, sex
Chuck/Devon/Ellie, truths, intimate, sober
Chuck/Ellie, bind, abandoned, solace
Chuck/Ellie/Sarah, taboo
Chuck/Hannah, foreigner, computer, surveillance
Chuck/Hannah/Sarah, [any]
Chuck/Sarah, birth control, white cotton, new dawn, warm summer night, fireflies, cherish, forever, elevator, mile high club, jealous, bet, cinema, drunk, laundry shop, lingerie,skirt, teach, equal, scream, sacrifice, costumes, dominate, flashing, rough sex, Crown Vic, experimenting, roleplay, Saturday, jitters, secrets, Paris, room service, swim, wince, lacquered, strain, twine, Vegas, grief, scars, nightmares, cooking, laughter, history, future, dancing, music, groceries, redecorating, scam, comfort, breathless, fireflies, home, freakout, grip, adrenaline, wall, courtyard, surveillance, watching, restraints, Porsche, hunger, porn, beach, margaritas, stay, llamas, geek talk
Chuck/Shaw, lust, broken, bitter
Devon/Bryce, beautiful
Devon/Ellie/Sarah, grief
Ellie/Carina, anonymous
Ellie/Carina/Sarah, alcohol, stripping, spying
Ellie/Sarah, lies, yogurt, fist, double penetration, punishment, seduction
Justin/Ellie, safe, confinement, betrayal, lies
Lester Patel/any, Bennigan's
Sarah/Alex, fathers
Sarah/Carina, lust, public, strap-on, repeat, red lace, holster, scarf, risky, sleepover, Costa Rica, reload, fuchsia
Sarah/Heather Chandler, reunion, humiliation, showers
Sarah/Jeff/Lester, blackmail, stalking
Sarah/Jill, hatred, passion, jealousy
Sarah/Mark, unprofessional, voyeur
Sarah/Roan, gin
Sarah/Shaw, [any], guilt, Castle, gas, revenge, intersect, insanity, submission

Clarissa - Samuel Richardson
James/Arabella, flames, hell, sister
Lovelace/Clarissa, sin, darkness, humiliation

Dante/Randal, friends, day off, pyramid

Miss Scarlett/Professor Plum, poker, bourbon, perfume, denied pleasure, domination, debt, proposition, in the library with the rope

Cher/Josh, summer, smile, kiss

Codex Alera - Jim Butcher
Amara/Sextus, redemption, trust, rumor, remember, rediscover, wind, equal, dream, know, recognize,
Araris/Isana/Septimus, watercraft, emotion, loyalty, discover, AU, mature, appearance, family, beauty, include, change
Ehren/Kitai/Tavi, dinner, cooperate, innovate, dare, quiet, intuition, insight, tradition, furycraft
Fidelias/Sextus, redemption, might-have-been, youth, collaborate, learning, politics, ally, adrenaline, history

Coffee Prince
Choi Han Kyul/Go Eun-Chan, coffee, real
Go Eun-Chan/No Sun Ki, games, press

Cold Case
John Stillman/Scotty Valens, comfort, desk, coffee, belt, whip, family
Will Jeffires/Nick Vera, housemates, late night drinks, reminisce, bad day, movies, porn, mutual,

Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons
Seth Starkadder/actress, screen kiss, language of flowers

Cold Comfort Farm (movie)
Seth Starkadder/actress, screen kiss, language of flowers

Budweiser Clydesdale/Geico Gecko, jealousy
Flo From Progressive/Girl Customer, service, dinner out, riding motorcycles
Mac/PC, college au, humanity, broken fans

Abed/Annie, hypothesis, roles, lean, acting, more, new, why, you, odd, so you like older guys
Abed/Britta, comfortable, sneak, surprise, documentary, secret, care, role reversal
Abed/Britta/Troy, pranks, Y tu mamá también, watching
Abed/Courtney, pool table, cigarette case
Abed/Troy, cookies, fist bump, in-character, costume, formalwear, crossdress, cookies, mc hammer, sequel, demolition man, the golden ticket, nightlight, any, play, movies, cookies, dance, boxers, filming, robots, toga, collaborate, prank, Indiana Jones, help, squeeze, eyes, moment, movie night, jinx
Annie/Britta, gasp, fair enough, trouble is brewing, excitement, nervous, education, comparing, unsentimental, jelly beans, blouse
Annie/Shirley, sports bar, shuffle, sweet
Annie/Troy, highlighter, sweat, adrenaline, movie-night
Britta, poster
Britta/Shirley, fruit, linger, drive, lols, satin, kindness, futility, desk
Britta/Shirley/Annie, surprise, finals, fingernail polish
Britta/Slater, catfight
Britta/Troy, dance practice, dance, looking, never quite right, quarterback, cheerleader, misogyny, dorks, keep it quiet, specific, "She's really bendy!", ego-stroking, killing time, flirting lessons gone awry, summer, unlikely bonding, I've seen too much, bad flashbacks, family gathering, long sigh, switch, toss, booze, brownies, opposites, lecturing
Jeff/Annie, edge, milady, corruption, editor, journalistic integrity, that professorial look, told you so, first time, touch, new look, corruption, first, discovery, love, anticipation, grown-up, cars, history, happy, waterpark, zealous, spring,, pout, anger, domination, sweet, skirt, knowledge, rough sex, steal, wink, funny, tangled, trouble, surprising, courtly, man is evil, letting their hair down, in synch, denial, formidable, stare, distracting, defend, writing, anger, kiss, embrace, romance, light, advice, silk, electric, milady-milord, meeting families, uniquely Greendale, smile, immunity, belonging, sweater, professor-thing, longing, making up, close, dance, stress, off-book, pat, heat, naked, doe eyes, Disney face, warm, intense, ten years later, wedding, TV tropes, even now, standing up, a stranger's dorm room, carried away, win, break, laugh, open, hard, surprise, relax, saved, eyes, don't, yes, please, cotton, wet, flood, chambers, faster, fantastic, Lady Gaga, bad liar, disappointment, wine, secret, weekends, Ethics class, stuck, plaid skirt, tequila body shots, camping, "I couldn't sleep", fate, ice cream, specifics, hiding in plain sight, dorm room, sleepy, pretend, midlife-crisis, "I AM NOT THAT OLD!", friendly, Paris, wish, Lexus, B.C.I., laughing
Jeff/Britta, hatred, time, Casablanca, radio, making amends, ripped shirt, sarcasm, drunk, cunning, manipulation, turtleneck, lighter, spades, cherry, fixer
Jeff/Shirley, secret, landscape, memory, lemonade
Troy/Abed/Annie, first, movies, overload
Troy/Abed/Jeff, hijinks, pretend, drunk, twist

John Constantine/Chas Kramer, chains, spanking, ball-gag, restraints, car, liquor, comfort

Corpse Bride
Emily/Victoria, butterflies, rules, proper, wedding, well-matched, night

Cougar Town
Laurie/Travis, help, kneel, lift, wet

Covert Affairs
Annie/Ben Mercer, complicated, truth
Annie/Auggie, listening in, sense overload, sneaking around, warm, known, simple, secret, breakroom, touch, senses, sinethesia, dark humor, kitten, claws, suave, guile, Mingus, chocolate, violin
Annie/Joan, eager to please, orders
Arthur Campbell/Joan Campbell, tension, work, threat, desk, hate sex, jealousy, tied up

Cowboy Bebop
Jet Black/Spike Spiegel, alchohol
Spike/Faye, slurred, dogfight, food, stay, liquor, hustle, tie me up
Spike/Julia, morning-after, forget, lullaby, hidden, closet

Di/Poppy, temptation, travel, dream

Criminal Minds
Hotch/Gideon, old days, stress relief, coping
Hotch/JJ, initiative, critical, unequivocal, target, after hours, demands
Hotch/Morgan/Garcia, circles, open, hearts and minds, more, dominance, leader, swept, orders
Hotch/Prentiss, silent, impatient, slow-burn, touch, firearm, downpour, snow, unspoken, chill, thunder, light, innocent, wall, scent, tease, heat, shadows, blackout, suv, swerve, insomnia, alone, minute, lost, question, pause, persistent, anxiety, soft, breathe, loyalty, grounded, trust, simplicity, slice, sour, sadness, forget, comfort, cold, hotel, duty, angry, attraction, late, shiver
Hotch/Prentiss/Reid, explore, insight, reality, kiss, observe, glance, competence, evening, suit, confidence, geekery, verbosity, gentle
Hotch/Reid, boss, patience, enthusiasm, surprising, cross-dressing, bite, hair, facade, tie, sharp-dressed man, medication, hospital, leader, trust, geeky, glasses
Hotch/Rossi, mentor, honest, ties, the power of a good scotch, vacation.
Hotch/Rossi/Prentiss, fire, public, nice, alcohol, shoes, guns
Garcia/Prentiss/Reid, tv night, tongues, adaptation
Garcia/JJ, phonesex, wine, candles, support, handwritten, pen, sweet
Gideon/Elle, [any], constant, inconsequential, share, nap
Gideon/Garcia, angst, forbidden, need, desk, unexpected
JJ/Jordan, training
Morgan/Garcia, heroes, slip, beautiful, role-playing,, laughter, glasses, bubbles, cell phone, weekend, flu, trace, lips, message, indulgence, solace, pillows, cyber, worship, tease, knowledge, first names, goddess, tits, abs, tied up, menaced, pegging, dirty talk, whisper, lace, fantasy, window, phone sex, laughter, dance
Morgan/Garcia/Reid, comfort, statistics, training, gun range, no touching, books, apartment, clever, pretty, beauty, computer, loyal, fierce, vibrant, laughter, trap, pounce
Morgan/JJ, comfort!sex, shower, sweet
Morgan/Reid, cocky, confidence, books, panting, unexpected, under, gun, graceful, pretty, secrets, slim, scars
Prentiss/Elle, curiosity, handcuffs, aggressive
Prentiss/JJ, comfort, tactical, bar-hopping
Prentiss/JJ/Garcia, any, teamwork
Prentiss/Garcia, any, geeky, sexy, games, support, flirting, communication, naughty
Prentiss/Reid/Morgan, banter, tag team, desk
Prentiss/Jordan, Facebook, team, dance, visiting, lunch, kissing, defence, bed, pick-up
Prentiss/Reid, exacting, cosplay, inking, comfort, debris
Reid/Garcia, glasses, late, understanding, confused, nightmare
Reid/JJ, babysitting, memorize
Reid/Lila, concrete, necktie, terrycloth, conflicted
Reid/Prentiss, etiology, angles, ghostly, geek!sex, tied up, outside
Reid/Tobias Hankel, drowning, dust, shadows, nightmare, hair, twist, hum
Rossi/Prentiss, faith, dreams, silent, desk, amused.

Crossfire (music video) - Brandon Flowers
Charlize/Brandon, punish, sword, worship, bleed, comfort

Crossing Jordan
Bug/Nigel, dress
Garret/Lily, [any]
Nigel/Kate, [any]

Cruel Intentions
Kathryn/Sebastian, Journal, Lick, Shame, Chaise, Ice, Queen, Blow, Cherries, lie, cheat, steal

Max Eilerson/Dureena, [any], datacrystal
Sarah Chambers/Dureena, alone, loss

Archie/Greg, banter, bait, results
Archie/Warrick, visual, jeans, unexpected
Catherine/Grissom, history, longing, afterhours, recognition, comfort
Catherine/Nick, road trip, phobia, pant, bleed, bond, protect
Catherine/Sofia, clash, sweet, strength
David/Greg, mood
David/Henry/Greg/Nick, crash
Greg/Catherine, stilettos, semi-public
Greg/Warrick, flirt, drinks, schooling, direction, playful
Grissom/Lady Heather, safe, gratification, responsive, decorum, lips, feather, absolution, natural, trust, daylight, role-reversal
Grissom/Nick, stare, lips, kissing, crush, wet, secret, heat, touch, longing, years
Grissom/Sofia, proposition, relaxation, soft, tryst
Grissom/Warrick, experiment, soothe, rollercoaster, heat, submit, bondage, chance, excitation, faith, order, discipline, mend
Nick/Sofia, rush, southern-comfort, dive
Nick/Warrick, teamwork, rough, attraction, competition, protection, need, crush, public!sex, trust, tease, restraint, one-upmanship, stunning, wet, morning-after, workout, hunger, rush, lick, smirk, possessive, addiction, bare, vacation
Sara/Greg, fun, smile, vulnerable, loyalty
Sara/Warrick, jealousy, need, snark, clash, smooth, trust, understanding, passion, seduce, music
Sofia/Warrick, sensual, fingerprints, release, dance
Wendy/Hodges, [any]

CSI: Miami
Horatio/Yelina, [any]
Jesse/Ryan, new
Ryan/Calleigh, OCD, southern, grin
Ryan/Natalia, fetish, kink
Ryan/Natalia/Eric, clubbing, dancing, body shots, voyeur, semi-public, daisy-chain, locker-room

Adam/Danny, divorce
Adam/Sheldon, gloves
Danny/Flack, healing
Danny/Lindsay, accent, flirt, blindfold, hickey, kissing, guilt, confession, shirt, lust, movie night, skinny-dipping, homesick, dessert, partners, after work, stubble, massage, experiment
Danny/Sheldon, shift
Flack/Stella, phone sex, fantasy, mutual masturbation, voyeur, exhibition
Flack/Stella/Danny, daisy-chain, locker-room, forbidden, secret
Mac/Stella, [any], crowded, anticipation, drop, inappropriate, razor

Bo/Jimmy, bite, car, wrestling, beast, mpreg, silver, blood, fortune

Amy/Lucy, handcuffs, gunplay, uniform, backseat, drawing, Valentines, milkshake, diamonds, game, skirt

Da Vinci's Inquest
Dominic/Patricia, [any]

Carol Tobin/Leonard Winstone, taste in men
Ellen/Patty, binds, blood, comfort, just for a thrill, just the two of us, office, trust, return, ungrateful, loaded, taping, gun, wine, danger, backseat, deception, loathing, trouble, stockings, park, walking
Ellen/Patty/Tom, games
Ellen/Tom, assumptions, Brooklyn, rain, recidivism, souvenir
Ellen/Wes, inexorable

Dangerous Liaisons
Merteuil/Valmont, gambit, possession, rough, angry, denial, marriage, consumed, real, smashed, cross-dressing, cruelty, delicious, mine, understanding
Danceny/Merteuil, brush, nostalgia, mirror
Merteuil/Tourvel, pity, destruction

Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
Margie/Tim, books, drunk, other, sting, wrapped

Daria/Quinn, tactics
Kevin/Jane, cheerleader fantasy, school assignment
Quinn/Sandy, blackmail
Stacy/Quinn, favoritism

Dark Angel
Alec/Ames, pet, wrong, kept, hate
Alec/Logan, gun, tied, cocky, enemy, payment, Hypnotized, frantic, surprise, unexpected, choose, borrow, hush
Alec/Logan/Max, broken, impossible, substitute, blame, reality
Alec/Normal, shower, hero-worship, stratosphere, prowl, opportunity
Alec/Sketchy, obedience, play, bet, cage, truth, fragile, faking, hide, bravado, brownout,
Kendra/Max/Original Cindy, intervention, brown out, trapped, cold, taste
Logan/Matt, police, car, secret, detective, computer
Max/Ames, [any], instincts, strength, anger
Max/Alec, pegging, candles, dancing, motorcycles, fuel, victory, pretend, cherry, slick, race, silence, heat, rough, bike, heat, leather, teasing, sorrow, fight, slap fight, no place like home, sister, wooing, bullwhip, alley, heat, race, rats, scratches, shower, stop, swim, taco, target, breeding, demand, harsh, hate, prison, drinking, pool, glasses, dare, humor
Max/Original Cindy, chocolate, bath, costume, friends, boo, lace, bath, feast, brownout, body heat, sleep, Heat
Max/Zack, ghosts, rescue, strength, forgotten

Dark Blue
Dean Bendis/Jaimie Allen, reunited, truth, lick, bottle, sexting, sweet

Dark City
Anna/May, rain, whiskey, apartment
Emma/May, last, work, bar, retrace, remember
Frank Bumstead/Officer Husselbeck, champagne, files, satin
John Murdoch/Daniel Schreber, pinstripes, library, explorations, sex toys, serum, fire, godhood, handcuffs
John Murdoch/Frank Bumstead, locked up, searching, fetish
John/Emma, again, lost, power, unknown, forget, eyes
John/May, discover, fear
Murdoch/Anna, first-date, swimsuit, goldfish, intemperate, desire, denial

Dark Shadows (1966)
Caroline/Victoria, heat
Victoria/Maggie, night

Dark Skies
John Loengard/Kimberly Sayers, escape, bittersweet, terrified
Phil Albano/Juliet Stuart, comfort, forget, indiscreet,

Gort/Mink, pain, shared

Dawson's Creek
Audrey/CJ, debauched, drunk, infidelity, kitchen, music
CJ/Jen, campus, casual, coffee, date, phone
CJ/Pacey, angry, crude, fight, hurt, shout
Joey/Pacey, liar, Orion, reality, sunburn, smart, boat, ocean

Days Of Our Lives
Chloe/Carly/Hope, double penetration
Chloe/Sami, breasts, sure, warm, slick, turned-on, vibrator, hairpulling, lingerie, voice, pleasing men, teasing, girls, secret, strap-on, mentor, cousins
E.J./Philip, healing, touch, letting go, blackmail, Europe, accommodating, mouth, blow job, rimming
Nicole/Sami, hate-sex, baby, blackmail, why not?
Philip/Lucas, brothers, lips, slick, rimming, leather

Amanda Waller/Barbara Gordon, any
Anita Fite/Traci Thirteen, magic, laughter
Atlee/Miss Martian, newbies
Babara Gordon/Dinah Lance, arrangement, costume, exclusive, vulnerable, touch, costume, dancing, distraction, happy, laughter, ordering, sexting, software, identity, fishnets, possession, power play.
Barbara Gordon/Bruce Wayne, partners
Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson, cybersex, hot wheels, loneliness, baggage, too much like Bruce, Hunk Wonder, passion, anger, right, heir, Batcave, eldest child, loyalty, conflict
Barbara Gordon/Koriand'r, flight, rooftops
Barbara Gordon/Stephanie Brown, training, training, dirty talk, distraction, torture, control
Barbara Gordon/Tim Drake, mirror, deadly, smirk, kiss
Barda Free/Scott Free, summer days, ice cubes, height, gentle, slow
Barry Allen/Bruce Wayne, heat, slow
Barry Allen/Dinah Lance, quickie, rogues, alternates
Barry Allen/Hartley Rathaway, floors, rugs, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, vibration, enemies, friends, change, sides
Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes, any
Batman Beyond!Max/Batman Beyond!Terry, masks, rooftop
Batman/Catwoman, sky, clavicle, star, snow, fury
Batman/Superman, [any]
Batman/Wonder Woman, hanging, fire, night, stars, heated, hate, annoyance, intrigued
Batman/Zatanna, I remember you, unlikely, glimmer
Batwoman/The Question II, rooftops, masks
Billy Batson/Courtney Whitmore, first time
Blue Beetle/Booster Gold, colors, gloves, metal, present, sadness, silence, snow, cling, antics, vindicated, second chances, reunion, prank, grin
Booster Gold/Guy Gardner/Ted Kord, accidental threesome
Booster Gold/Jaime Reyes, time travel
Booster Gold/Jaime/Ted Kord, reunited
Booster Gold/Max Lord, pain, fight back, control, bruises, need, shame, admiration, borrowing, envy, friendship, respect, ties.
Brainiac 5/Dream Girl, lies, science, scheme
Brenda del Vecchio/Cassie Sandsmark, freckles, teamwork, rooftop
Brenda del Vecchio/Jaime Reyes/Paco Tejas, team up
Brenda del Vecchio/Paco Tejas, anger girl, tights, toys, Anger Girl, tights
Brenda del Vecchio/Traci Thirteen, anger girl, stupid boys
Bronze Tiger/Owen Mercer, father figures
Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, gravity, backseat
Bruce Wayne/Diana Prince, need, honor, better than me, do what it takes, always, contingency, paranoia
Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, dragonriders, pollen
Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, wolf, blue, rooftop, taboo, collar, mine, gloves, gun, peace, nightmare, spite, lust
Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, first interview, sauna, jet, clouds
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, masks, the night isn't the same, hidden object, push/pull, heat, mercy, ships
Bruce Wayne/Talia al Ghul, once upon a time, surrender, beloved, betrayal, soulmate, pursuit, mutual, home
Bruce/Dick, owned, legal
Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown, mentor, mantle, touch, inertia, challenge, surprise, moonlight, sensory overload, team, body language, rooftops, kisses, costumes, keeping score
Cassie Sandsmark/any female character, strength, flight, authority
Cassie Sandsmark/Connor Kent, ticking time bomb, forgiveness
Cassie Sandsmark/Kon-el/Tim Drake, [any]
Cassie Sandsmark/Rose Wilson, lose control, bitter, brawl, want, release, lasso, oral
Cassie/Kara, skirts, legs, sun, blue
Clark Kent (Superman)/Jimmy Olsen, camera, nervous, eager, flexible, Kryptonite, suspenders, farming, family
Clark Kent/Diana Prince, tender, spit, blood, flight, clouds, trip
Clark Kent/Lana Lang, obsession, infatuation, tears, scratch, green eyes
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, impregnation, heels, pink, secret, storm, pretend, elevator, lights
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Bruce Wayne, limo, drink, glitzy, the boys really do share everything, eventually, perfect opposites, lust, hot, summer, balcony, seclusion, singe, fraternity, hard, demanding, nibble, foodplay
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Lana Lang, white, feather, soft, wild cherry
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Richard White, share, dominance, mark, silence
Connor Hawke/Hartley Rathaway, Blind date
Connor Hawke/Kyle Rayner, breakfast, bandages, exhausted, nap, frottage
Connor Hawke/Roy Harper/Jason Todd, roleplay, substitutes
Count Vertigo/Deadshot, deciding to live
Courtney Whitmore/Mary Marvel, any
Courtney Whitmore/Maxine Hunkle, dress up, sleepovers
Damian Wayne/Lian Harper, pigtail pulling, rivalry, mommy issues
Danielle Garrett/Ted Kord, science
Dick Grayson/Hartley Rathaway, redheads, ponytails
Dick Grayson/Helena Bertinelli/Koriand'r/Roy Harper, nymphomania, oneupsmanship
Dick Grayson/Helena Bertinelli/Roy Harper, comparison
Dick Grayson/Jaime Reyes, teaching
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, entangled
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd/Tim Drake, The Robins, hotel-suite, tour-bus, guitar, fingers, restraints, tag-team, comfort, silk, rope-burn, smolder, grief, bite, tongue, sweat
Dick Grayson/Jason Todd/Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, time travel, companionship, challenge, competition, scars, lick, war
Dick Grayson/Karen Starr, boy-hostage, unexpected, flight, rope-burn, athletic
Dick Grayson/Tim Drake, forever, fly, soar, night, storm, care
Dick Grayson/Wally West, first time
Dinah Laurel Lance/Helena Bertinelli,faith, loyalty, bruises, war, friction.
Dinah Laurel Lance/Lady Shiva, nicknames, history, sparring partners, jealousy, enthusiasm, sorrow.
Dinah/Helena/Zinda, drunk, business, motorcycles.
Donna Troy/Jason Todd, lasso, power, tension, bond, tears
Donna Troy/Koriand'r, float, eyes, camera, together
Ganthet/Sayd, floating
Gar Logan/Victor Stone, fucking machines, snuggling
Grace Choi/Anissa Pierce/Donna Troy, leaving
Guy Gardner, wish, self-help
Guy Gardner/Black Lantern!Ice, rise, compassion
Guy Gardner/Female Lanterns, [any]
Guy Gardner/Hal Jordan/John Stewart/Kyle Rayner, tangle
Guy Gardner/John Stewart, kiss, fight
Guy Gardner/Mary Marvel, birthday, virgin, good girl, james dean
Guy Gardner/Mary Marvel/Tora Olafsdotter, legal
Guy Gardner/Nightwing, flying fuck
Guy Gardner/Power Girl, wild, rough
Guy Gardner/Power Girl/Tora Olafsdotter, exhibition
Guy Gardner/Soranik Natu, playing doctor, checkup
Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, hot, passion, harder, breathe, suck, tangible, cold, snowing, drunk!sex, sex pollen, strip, strong, lick, kiss, stroke, loud, weird, ring!sex, bondage, , tease
Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter/Beatriz Costa, breathing, close, legs, tears
Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter/Kyle Rayner/Soranik Natu, experimentation, watching
Guy Gardner/Vril Dox, magnificent bastards
Guy Gardner/White Lantern!Ice, light
Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, plants, tease, stimulation, satisfaction, job well done, bloodplay, control, roses, tied-up, thorns, vines, Harley/Ivy, evil, fairground, circus
Harley/Joker, violence, card tricks, guns, manical
Hartley Rathaway/Owen Mercer, bad ideas
Hartley Rathaway/Ted Kord, blind date, techies, fashion victims
Hartley Rathaway/Todd Rice, reform, green
Hartley Rathaway/Wally West, any
Helena Bertinelli/Dick Grayson, animosity, understanding, sins, interrupted
Helena Bertinelli/Renee Montoya, drunk, first time, hair-pulling, disheveled, old scars
Helena Bertinelli/Talia al Ghul, badass, wine glass, voyeur, heat wave
Hyppolyta/Phillipus, at last, front line, war, peace, choices, love, sword, battle
Iris West II/Lian Harper, Titans, sparring, first crush
Jaime Reyes/Khaji Da, any, surprise, alien, armor, direction, helpful, beg, friends
Jaime Reyes/Peacemaker, training, aliens
Jaime Reyes/Tim Drake, crushes, mentors, normal, science, mentors, teammates, scarab, high, level, glee, technology
Jaime Reyes/Traci 13, magic, scarab, giggly, flight, virgins, experimenting, magic, bodyswap, candy, homecoming
Jason Todd/Mia Dearden, safe, backgrounds, courtship, joy, away, boots, understanding, explosions, earnest, spar
Jason Todd/Tim Drake, prison, impostor, red, hood, eyes, thrill, spite, burn, grief
Jesse Chambers/Rick Tyler, honeymoon, PDAs, phone sex
Justice League - the current Animated Series!Green Lantern/ Justice League - the current Animated Series!Flash, teamwork, jealousy, speed, costumes, aliens, water
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, on-again-off-again, quick, quiet, handcuffs, tuxedo, backseat
Kate Kane/Selina Kyle, chase, window, rooftop, alley, tight
Kon/Tim, mask, fly
Kon-El/Paco Tejas, bros, awesome, bonding, ice cream, sunscreen
Koriand'r/Tim Drake/Dick Grayson, adoration
Lois Lane/Richard White, hate, married, giving in, settle, second best, cold, mistake
Lois Lane/Superman, miss you, gone, far away from home, stars
Mia Dearden/Kara In-Ze, invulnerable
Michael Carter/Ted Kord, alive, birthday, relief, zombie, terror, Blue-&-Gold, goggles, high-tech, The Bug, soft, tears
Misty Kilgore/Ystina (Shining Knight), chivalry, magic, crossdressing
Nolanverse!Bruce Wayne/Superman Returns!Clark Kent, kryptonite, broken, shadows, voice, interview, identity, vunerable, Matches Malone, clarity
Nolanverse!Bruce Wayne/Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Richard White, heroes, sweat, flight, scars, Wayne Manor, TLC, fire
Reeveverse!Clark Kent/Reeveverse!Lana Lang, [any]
Reeveverse!Clark Kent/Reeveverse!Lois Lane dreams, memories, closet, reveal, smirk, interrupted, surprise
Reeveverse!Lois Lane/Reeveverse!Lana Lang, [any]
Reeveverse!Lois/Reeveverse!Clark/Superman Returns!Richard, [any]
Reeveverse!Lois/Superman Returns!Richard, [any]
Reeveverse!RedKClark/Reeveverse!Lois, concerned, I'm weird-ed out, Clark"
Reeveverse!RedKSuperman/Reeveverse!Lois, concerns, convince
Reeveverse!Richard/Superman Returns!Lana, any
Renee Montoya/Daria, plea, discovery, protective
Renee Montoya/Helena Bertinelli, fast cars
Renee Montoya/Kate Kane, duty, city, costumes, identity
Returnsverse!Clark/Returnsverse!Lois, closet, reveal, memory, time, dreams
Returnsverse!Clark/Returnsverse!Richard/Returnsverse!Lois, Sandwich, dance
Roy Harper/Dick Grayson, hard, fix, friends
Scandal Savage/Jeannette, better friends than lovers, the gulag, blood
Selina Kyle/Stephanie Brown, home, shelter, excuses, history
Stephanie Brown/Barbara Gordan/Cassandra Cain, silence, breathing, weapons, laughter, intercom
Stephanie Brown/Damian Wayne, goth, padded bra, beating, smug
Superman/Robin, initiation
Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Richard White, any
Superman Returns!Clark/Smallville!Lois, know, familiar, want, remember
Talia al Ghul/Jason Todd, mother, revenge, gratitude, smirk, mask, loved, renew
Talia Al Ghul/Lois Lane, informant
Teen Titans!Robin (Dick Grayson)/Teen Titans!Beast Boy, doubt, mask, games, pizza, injury, slade, skates, manners
The 90's Animated Series!Bruce Wayne/The 90's Animated Series!Dick Grayson, batmobile, batsignal, college, woods, Arkham, charity, jealousy, research, school-books, rug, fireplace, piano
Tim Drake/Cassie Sandsmark/Connor Kent, let it go, always wanted
Tim Drake/Lex Luthor, catamite, gunsel, personal assistant, Robin, windows, capes, zippers, assassins
Tim Drake/Owen Mercer, super-speed, dumb grin, waiting, alive, french fries, apologies
Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, acceptance, trust, lies
Tim Drake/Tam Fox, joking, virginity, early mornings, business, wounded, strip, family
Traci 13/Stephanie Brown, daddy issues, smile
Wonder Woman/Artemis, skin

Dead Last
Scotty/Vaughn, crisis, nightmare, jealousy, gravedigger, hush, lemonade, gasoline

Dead Like Me
Daisy/George, pillow mints, purple, pearls, satin, smoke, stall, pearls, job
Daisy/George/Mason, porno, thin walls
Daisy/Mason, fragile, pride, charm, ring pop, type A
Daisy/Roxy, under arrest
George/Daisy, another lifetime
George/Mason, Goodwill, banana, dead man's tux, obnoxious, stink, shower, grumpy, usurp, rhymes with falafel, bribery, moron, reflection
Rube/George, we shouldn't be doing this
Rube/Roxy, old movies, leg warmers, cupcakes

Dead Man on Campus
Josh/Cooper, 4.0, grad school, life-partner, scared, grown-up, impressed, roommate, graduation, break, amused, dating, team

Paquita/Lionel, bittersweet, red, teeth

Deadly Premonition
York/Emily/Zach, compromises, old movies, late, forest, whispers

Swearengen/Bullock, dirt, fear

Death Note
Hal/Gevanni, coffee
Hal/Takada, gun, hate, professional
L/Light, kill, scream, sugar, notes
Light/Takada/Mikami, reverence
Mello/Matt, video games, cigarettes, chocolate
Mello/Near, toys, succession, victory, death

Death Race (2008)
Jensen/Joe, freedom, ride, together

Defying Gravity
Ajay/Arnel, grounded

Degrassi the Next Generation
Declan/Fiona, tabloids, sushi, secrets, comedy, tragedy, costumes
Spinner/Holly J, guilt, revenge, love quadrangle

Alex/Jay, first time, comfort, backseat, fake ID, concert, Ravine, mistake, call, kiss
Ellie/Jay, masked, road trip, co-workers, poker, teach, comfort, oral, oil, candles, honeymoon, speed
Ellie/Spinner, [any]
Emma/Spinner, [any]
Mia/Jay, babysitting, masked, road trip, The Dot, dance, chocolate, romantic
Mia/Lucas, first time, goodbye, Izzy, family, regret, second chance, love

Buscemi/El Mariachi, soul, guitar, touched, wander, disappeared

Desperate Housewives
Andrew/Orson, hit and run
Bree/Andrew, hate
Katherine/Robin, teach, guide, hand, tongue, breast, warm, slick, fingers, virginity, mouth, familiar, strap-on, vibrator

Deb/Dexter, discovery, relief, numb, mistake, love, apocalypse, black
Deb/Doakes, [any]
Deb/Lundy, lesson, patience, ghost, bitter,, mad skills, parka, 1 o'clock, profiling, hostage, agegap, hotel, heat, shower
Deb/Quinn, anytime, cigarette, football, narcolepsy, partner, shower, professional suicide, stakeout, coffee, late night, television, share, secret
Deb/Rita, trauma
Dexter/Brian, [any], memory
Dexter/Doakes, confrontation, golden shower, humiliation, hate, control, coerce, wreck
Dexter/Miguel, secrets, affair, darkness

Die Hard (movies)
John/Matt, injured, blood, spanking, family, radio, porn, online, beer, ink, plugs, belt, loops, action, bruise, huge, muscle, punch, tumble, burnt out, chase, garish, ill-prepared, tawdry, care, gruff, caught, cooking lesson, stars, teach, haircut, exhausted, run, Daddy, pain, tough, lips, sweat, internet porn, party, tied, kink, stunned, email, touch, hand-to-hand, knuckles, gift, teach

Digimon 02
Kaiser/Daisuke, pet, bondage, worship, "You're my most precious slave. How important does that make you feel?" stare, obsess
Ken/Daisuke, tender, obsess, play
Takeru Takaishi/Daisuke Motomiya, sports, friendship, fist fight

Digimon 04: Frontier
Kouji/Takuya, healing, last, temptation, fear, desire, message, honor, growing pains, any, stay with me

Yamato/Taichi, You're not that cool, rivalry

Diplomatic Immunity
Kirsty/Leilani, fo'alafa, impossible, backfire, trapped
Leighton/Kirsty, bored, game, tease, profit, illegal
Leighton/Leilani, kama, espionage, situation, romantic

Dirk Pitt series - Clive Cussler
Al/Dirk, uniform

Discworld series - Terry Pratchett
Adora/Angua, smell, animal, lips, rimming, clay, hours
Adora/Moist, pegging, smoke, fashion, scratch, tea, bite, break, smoke, high heels, smoke, dangerous, publicity, games, letters, riding crop
Angua/Carrot Ironfoundersson, date, tradition
Havelock Vetinari/Leonard of Quirm, free, invention
Havelock Vetinari/Moist von Lipwig, adventure, sly, angels, lie, scale
Havelock Vetinari/Rufus Drumknott, fall, try
Havelock Vetinari/Sam Vimes/Sybil Ramkin, impractical, three
Mal/Polly, gender ambiguity, uniform, hands, sharp
Moist/William de Worde, gold, dignity, ink, pressure, whisper, selfish, Gladys
Mustrum Ridcully/Ponder Stibbons, details, organized
Polly/Maladict(a), bravery, orders, coffee, skin
Sam Vimes/Havelock Vetinari, city, map, wall, terrier,
Tiffany Aching/Granny Weatherwax, winter, fugitive, headology, gift
Vimes/Seamstress Guild, payback

District 13 (AKA Banlieu 13)
Damian Tomaso/Leito, bruises, bribery, threats

Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Billy/Penny, never, last, happenstance, tumble dry low, alternate, freeze ray, rubble
Captain Hammer/Doctor Horrible, bruises

Doctor Who
Ace/Bernice, [any]
Ace/Captain Sorin, unknown.
Ace/Hex, doctors, clothing, overwhelmed, confusion.
Ace/Mel, headaches, doughnut.
Ainley!Master/Five, conscience, destroy, breathe, irrevocable, all tied up, comfort, imagination, cricket, black, velvet, debouched choirboy, surrender, voice, trust, betrayal, time, regeneration, lies, truth, new, cold, dare, feel, soft.
Ainley!Master/Five/Ten, remember when?, the 'pretty' ones
Amy Pond, screwdriver
Amy Pond/Donna Nobel/Martha Jones/Rose Tyler, any, adventures, belief, blue, candles, fun, giddy, golden, laughter, leather, memories, paradox, rain, silk, special, stars, stories, sweet, TARDIS, white
Amy Pond/Eleven, dream, finally, passionate, control, manipulate, blue, sinful, legs, discovery, rockets, alien sex toys, gravity, stars, jacket, compromise, drifting, space florida, seduction, direction, ache, energy, bandaging, remember, infinity, penumbra, flux, entropy, fracture, chronology, intermittent, compass, interstellar, loop, recurrence, ether, abridged, syntax, dust, waves, keeper, is a kiss-o-gram a poorly paid stripper? , not the first, console, forgetfulness, sonic, push, silver, planets, stockings, inevitable, pout, stopping, starting, Antarctica
Amy Pond/Eleven/River Song, spoilers, unexpected, time travel, running, tied up, steady, stars, together, legs
Amy Pond/Eleven/Rory Williams, oral, chlorine, engine room, stars, road trip, celebration, messy, adventure, costumes, ponchos, romantic, braces, combination, lessons, red, story, turns, days gone by, endless, amass, backlog, owe, honeymoon, injury, obedience, ponchos, married, trois, sorted, tentative, gags, double penetration, Amy's choice, voyeurism, blue, trust, the future, time, space, dancing, goodbye, hands, illusion, smiles, sorrow, TARDIS, tea, three, finally, peculiar taste, plastic, Space Florida, wibbly wobbly, home, hum, promise, handcuffs, lost, teasing, third wheel, double date, ocean, tomorrow, top hat, wedding night, hers, unknown, peaceful, memory, ring, capture, dress-up, bodies, this can't last, , inevitable, complicated, tangled, wedding, dancing, weet, whisper, suggestions, intense, music
Amy Pond/Eleven/Rose Tyler, playing favourites, flavours
Amy Pond/Eleven/Vincent Van Gogh, starry sky, hands, paint
Amy Pond/Jenny, laughter, tongues, exhibitionism
Amy Pond/Liz 10, only human
Amy Pond/Martha Jones, coincidence, revolutionary, stamina, pleasure planet, accident, doctors & nurses
Amy Pond/River Song, angels, cell, closed eyes, control, dreams, gunplay, history, light, TARDIS, unexpected, virgin, wedding dress, powder, lipstick, knowing, revisiting, time, answers, spoilers, mystery, garden, remember, Space Florida, tenderness, eyelashes, sonic screwdriver, heels, shiver, theft, good luck, pleasant, spoiler, dark corners of time, kiss, journal, discreet, champagne, extravagant, indulgence
Amy Pond/River Song/Rory Williams, sunshine, rollercoaster, cunnilingus, honeymoon, any
Amy Pond/Rory Williams, library, sleeping in, matched set, play pretend, , possessiveness, loyalty, belief, liar, fantasy, memory, Roman, roleplay, suicide, hope, safety, honeymoon, role-play, favourite, reunited, whipped, Mr. Pond, the Doctor, first, TARDIS, kissogram, sweet, taste, magic, , kisses, high school, h/c
Amy Pond/Rose Tyler, belief, policewoman, strangers, work, red, special
Amy Pond/Sally Sparrow, any, notebook, DVDs, writing, smile, games, gorgeous, escape, entertainment, pleasure, adventurous, angels, comparing experiences, costumes, crossdressing, dancing, handcuffs, mystery, nightclub, night-in, phonesex, presents, quiet, scream, silk, stockings, striptease, TARDIS, teasing, toys, work
Amy Pond/Sarah Jane Smith, teaching, fingers, laughter
Amy Pond/Ten/Rose Tyler, while you were gone
Amy Pond/Vincent van Gogh, stars, sunflowers, travel, planets, aliens, century, Victorian, Gupta, Carthage, colours, eternity, night, sorrow, souls, together-alone, return.
Ancelyn/Bambera, warriors, distance, chivalry
Ancelyn/Winifred Bambera, courtship, another Doctor, resistance, home front, a knight and his lady, forward, Camelot
Blon Fel Fotch Slitheen/Face of Boe, improvising
Brax/Pandora [any]
Brax/Romana I [any]
The Brigadier/Liz Shaw, laboratory, brains vs. brawn, comfort, target.
The Brigadier/Liz Shaw/Three, [any]
The Brigadier/Three, power struggle, drunk, quiet, polarity, opinion, Bessie, stranded, the upper hand, silence, partnership, control, swagger stick, military,
Craig/Eleven, table, normal, football
Delgado!Master/Jack Harkness, apology
Delgado!Master/Six, challenge
Delgado!Master/Ten, across the room, champagne, fairy lights
Delgado!Master/Three, game, understanding, swordplay, familiar, bygones, forgive, fashion, velvet, obedience, chameleon, game, betrayal, banter, swordfight, history, courting gifts, proposal, best enemies
The Doctor/Donna Noble, lasting, remember
The Doctor/River Song, handcuffs, married
The Doctor (any except Eleven)/Rory, differences and similarities
The Doctor/Simm!Master, drunk, mockery, spy, chocolate
The Doctor/The Master, decisions, education, quarrel, obsession, thwarted, secret, underhanded, public, humiliation, fabulous, tribal, journeys, fission, effervescence, past, present, future, re-start, please, jump, kneel, travel, bondage, hunger, virgin, circular, paradox, gameplay, domination, hypnosis, regeneration, role reversal, playful, unpredictable
Donna Noble, travel, destination, Ur, Sumer, Memphis, Knossos, Thebes, Corinth, Athens, Zanzibar, Benin, Egyptian, Minoan, Sumerian, Mycenean, Classical, Roman, empire
Donna Nobel/Ten, trapped, best friend, reunited, wedding, the wild misadventures of spaceboy and earth-girl, bottom, we're not married, Mr and Mrs Smith, still not ginger, most important woman in the universe
Donna/Ten/Ten II, singularity
Donna Noble/Martha Jones, travel, vestige
Donna Nobel/Martha Jones/River Song, music, stars
Donna Noble/River Song, gentle, fierce, mindmeld
Donna Noble/Rose Tyler, comfort
Eight/Fitz, [any]
Eight/Goosnake!Master, care and keeping
Eight/Jacobi!Master, Amnesia, war, snake, beard, auburn, hair, soft, smile, pale, white, black, pocket watch, utopia, Gallifrey, fire, smoke, loneliness, San Francisco, jelly babies, beard, cigarettes, anticipation, clumsy, debutante
Eight/Nine, intolerable
Eight/Rose Tyler, romantic, dirty
Eleven/Donna Nobel, completely different, don't try to be sexy, mystery man, not my type
Eleven/Eight, repentance, forgiveness, please stop talking
Eleven/Eleven, paradox
Eleven/Jack Harkness, memories, life, bar, indefatigable, unconcious, insatiable, new, body
Eleven/Jack Harkness/Rory Williams, locked in, touch, crossing timestreams
Eleven/ Jack Harkness/Ten, sweet talk, meddling, aphrodisiac
Eleven/Liz 10, queen, forgotten, hail to the queen baby, example, paradox.
Eleven/The Master, alone, domestic, feel, giggle, heartbeat, memories, name, nostalgia, psychic, punishment, remainder, rosemary is for rememberance, soundtrack, storm, trapped, voyeur, wife, bondage, chained, memories, wall, finish, battle, apocalypse, childish, memories, struggle, illuminate, green, strike, rise, forgiveness, names, kept, attention, domination, drums, loss, "come with me", centuries, beloved, strange, angry, collar, seduction, pet, brothers, alone, Timelords, together, beard, torture, madness, healing, light, Tardis, embrace, tears, sonic, coat, secrets, whisper, drums, hunger, longing, regeneration, fear, death, closer, time, cure, ceasefire, taste, scent, amnesia, fear, forgive
Eleven/Martha Jones, bow tie, heartache, smile
Eleven/Nine, angst, fully clothed, sonic screw driver
Eleven/Nine/Ten, knees and elbows, self love, gags, TARDIS
Eleven/River Song, sands, spoilers, panacea, travels, first, sweetheart, plateau, frauline, lust, spoilers, blue, bowtie, fez, gifts, secrets, time, highlights, lust, spoilers, life or death, marry, secret, name, first times, manipulate, playful, laughter, firsts, dancing, rearrange, repeat
Eleven/Rory Williams, alien, doctor and nurse, roleplay, dream, nightmare, I could give you away, think of the children, stripper cake, stag party, remember, awkward, strained, Roman, nursing, scrubs, braces, restraint, surrender, suits, tie
Eleven/Rose Tyler, time and time again
Eleven/Sally Sparrow, flicker, first
Eleven/Simm!Master, not alone, ginger, not so impressive, hoodies are cool, bondage chair
Eleven/TARDIS, repairs, alone, memories, true love, mechanical, telepathy
Eleven/Ten, timey-wimey, masterbation, crisis, fallen, oops
Eleven/Three, unexpected, child
Five/Simm!Master, cuddling for warmth
Five/Ten, sparkling, hourglass
Four/Harry Sullivan/Sarah Jane Smith, scarf, creative, kilt
Four/Romana I, [any]
Girl!Doctor/The Master, changes, regeneration, birth, crooked, dress, velvet, ginger, breasts
Ian Chesterton/Barbara Wright [any]
Jack Harkness, travel, destination, Ur, Sumer, Memphis, Knossos, Thebes, Zanzibar, Benin, Egyptian, Minoan, Sumerian, Mycenean, Classical, Roman, empire
Jack Harkness/Liz 10/River Song, reminisce, time agent, shots, bar, guns
Jack Harkness/Martha Jones/Mickey Smith, solace, soldiers
Jack Harkness/Mickey Smith, fisticuffs
Jack Harkness/Nine, alien, control, leather, dark, grin
Jack Harkness/Nine/River Song, retcon, care taking, so much swagger
Jack Harkness/Nine/Rose Tyler, silk, lace, both, picnic, human, fantastic, wounds, adventure, aliens, hangups
Jack Harkness/River Song, missing, uninhibited, timey-wimey, everything changes, sonics, experimental, time agents, university, con artist, force of nature, indescribable, commissary, silence, agent, go ahead and laugh, call me, eyeroll
Jack Harkness/Rory Williams, date, washing, boredom, justice, waiting, WWII, morning
Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler/Ten, reunion, discussion, faith, relief, corners, stolen
Jack Harkness/Ten, apple, box, war, white, future, hard, stroke, waste, forfeit, ice-lolly, kilts, mind-meld, impossible, ring, knowledge, recoil, tentacles, beautiful, hard, close, forever, more, ice cream, red, kiss, salvation
Jack Harkness/Tish Jones, solace, wink, after, hands
Jackie Tyler/Sarah Jane Smith, fame
Jackson Lake/Ten, memory, one, comfort, rescue, secrets, goodbye.
Jake Simmonds/Mickey Smith, memories, resistance
Jake Simmonds/Micky Smith, travel, van, loss, stress, war, not the same
Jason/Bernice [any]
Koschei/Theta, oops, experimentation, studying, walls, crossed wires, failure, games, immortal, admire, hand in the cookie jar, betrayal, innocence, temperamental, binding, alchemy
Jo/Three, [any
Leela/Romana [any]
Liz/Three, [any]
Liz 10/River Song, fierce, adventure, the royal we, guns, mercy, servitude, control, gunplay, sanctuary, kiss, a moment's peace
Martha Jones, travel, destination, Ur, Sumer, Memphis, Knossos, Thebes, Corinth, Athens, Zanzibar, Benin, Egyptian, Minoan, Sumerian, Mycenean, Classical, Roman, empire
Martha Jones/Rose Tyler, chance, run, jealousy
Martha Jones/Ten, mechanism, storytelling
The Master/Lucy, madness, driven, power, destroy, strength
The Master/Rani, payback, history, enforced, shadow, strange bedfellows
The Master/Rose/Ten, exhibitionism, best kind of torture, orgasm denial
The Master/Ten, history, Tardis
Mickey Smith, travel, destination, Ur, Sumer, Memphis, Knossos, Thebes, Corinth, Athens, Zanzibar, Benin, Egyptian, Minoan, Roman, empire
Micky Smith/Ricky Smith, AU, mirror
Nine/River Song, loss, last, renewal
Nine/Rose Tyler, lunch, shattered, intense, wall
Nine/Ten, angry, wall, void, cosmic, fiercely,
Nyssa/Tegan Jovanka, [any]
Nyssa/Tegan Jovanka/Turlough, [any]
One/Two/Three/Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/Nine/Ten, orgy
Peri Brown/Six [any]
Reinette/Rose Tyler, being, petals, loss
River Song, memory, prison, regrets, alive
River Song/Sarah Jane Smith, unknown, secret, explore
Romana/Ten, apocalypse, mythology, homecoming
Rose Tyler, travel, destination, Ur, Knossos, Thebes, Corinth, Athens, Zanzibar, Benin, Egyptian, Minoan, Sumerian, Mycenean, Classical, Roman, empire
Rose Tyler/Sally Sparrow, eyes
Rose Tyler/Sarah Jane, strength, sonic, diary
Rose Tyler/Ten, sleeping, shifty, once, revolve, pyramid, sanity, jail, linger, reunion, fate, hearts, reaching, first time, fireworks, snowflakes, silly, oral, pollen, cure, glasses, laughter, teeth, perilous, past, future, give, take, love
Rose Tyler/Ten/Ten II, consuming, blindfold, mistake, alien
Rose Tyler/Ten II, terrible, inflicting, support, nail, behind, numbers, pills, hotel
Rose Tyler/Simm!Master, desperation, lost, affair, temptation, defiance
Sally Sparrow/Kathy Nightingale, afternoon
Sarah Jane Smith, travel, destination, Ur, Sumer, Memphis, Knossos, Egyptian, Minoan, Sumerian, Mycenean, Classical, Roman, empire, Celt, Britain
Seven/Ace [any]
TARDIS/Zagreus!Eight, betrayal, fear, forgotten
Tegan/Turlough, reflection, disbelief, hope.
Ten/Simm!Master, hear, balance, reciprocal, lost, found, submission, gift, bound, comfort, homecoming, eternity, feast, hurt, kept, orders, names
Ten/Ten II, supernova, flame, fobwatch
Three/Simm!Master, non-smoking, mad, gentle
Two/Jamie McCrimmon, cuddles, danger, shaken, shirt, dragging, sleep, safe, memory,, history, discover, music, clothing, kilt
Two/Jamie McCrimmon/Zoe Heriot, it'll be great fun, silliness

Doctrine of Labyrinths series - Sarah Monette
Mildmay/Felix, forever, healing, gift
Mildmay/Mehitabel, swallow, click, fierce, poisonous green, hair clip, snap, hooks, shameless

Eddie/Rose, homecoming, damaged

Bartleby/Loki, mortal, wings, wait

Adelle/Sierra, sweet, scent, dress, programming, future
Adelle/Topher, accent, negotiation, oops, weakness, mother, suckle, strapping, assistance, lonelyhearts, comfort, reclaim, mistress, leather, whip, puppy, drugged, euphoria, stockings, impatient, obedient, toyboy, heels, under the influence
Alpha/Echo, blade, knowledge, pact, years, group sex, being human, do you want to feel how it feels?, veins, wake me up, your disease
Alpha/Victor, shattered, penance
Bennett/Caroline, college, books, sharing, bedroom, don't leave me
Claire/Topher, blind, Daddy, lipstick, yes, broken, satellites
DeWitt/Dominic, close proximity, inappropriate, apocalypse, chair, vodka, shoes, doll, off-duty
Echo/Boyd, trust, future, secrets, constant, trust, recall
Echo/Paul, happy, inside, stitches, self
Echo/Priya/Tony, alone, one, welcome
Echo/Sierra, alpha
Harding/Adelle, smoking, power play
Mag/Zone, gum, ladder, shotgun, north, bruise , remember me, we are headed north, safehouse, freckles
Tony/Paul, flashback, fighter, there was not a sound, skin, road stories
Tony/Priya, sunset, bohemian, postcard, return, smile, reunion, war, safe
Tony/Priya/Adelle, alliance, atone, lead, help, easier, flip
Tony/Priya/Echo, missed, elope, runaway, stay, slow, bodyswap
Topher/Bennett, love, joy, arm, can't
Topher/Ivy, wanting, satisfaction, credit
Topher/Priya, from it she fled, snow, salty, redemption, that stormy morning, stay
Topher/Sierra, broken, wonderful, play, doll, hold, what if
Victor/Sierra, innocent, secret, temperature, Victor/Sierra, keep, reality, curl, protect, remember, safe, memories, strong

Donnie Darko
Donnie/Gretchen, split, Halloween, playing god
Ms. Pomeroy/Dr. Monnitoff, aftermath

Duke/Sam, lab, protect
John/Sam, dystopia, monster, friction, mirror, trapped, accident, recurring
Sarge/Reaper, sleep, nightmare, cave

Dorian Gray (2009)
Basil Hallward/Dorian Gray, colors, shadows, scars, destruction

Double The Fist
Mephisto/vampires, blood play
Panda/Mime, illicit affair
Rod Foxx/Mephisto, secrets
Rod Foxx/Tara, token girl
Rod Foxx/Womp, pity sex
Steve Foxx/Rod Foxx, loyalty, cameras, blood brothers
Steve Foxx/Womp, punishment
Talon/Steve Foxx, body paint

Sister Aloyious/Sister James, habit, crucify, naming, hush

Dracula - Bram Stoker
Dracula/Jonathan Harker, Possession, blood, bite, castle, London, train, werewolves, bat, coffin, carriage, spanking, knife, claim, graveyard
Lucy/Mina, teach, secrets

Dragon Age: Origins
Alistair/Anora, heirs, fight!sex, first time, Alistair/Anora, comparison, familiar
Alistair/Duncan, guardian
Alistair/Morrigan, ritual, snark
Alistair/Player Character, duty, lamppost
Leliana/Morrigan, walls, theft, skill, crush, words
Player Character/Wynne, ever, time
Player Character/Zevran, knives, massage
Warden (male or female)/Sten, stone, kadan
Wynne/Zevran, offer, manners
Zevran/Leiliana, purity
Zevran/male Warden, blades, scars

Dragon Ball Z
Bulma/Vegeta, passion, baby, King, Queen, warrior, sweet, tender, soft
Goku/Vegeta, yes, idiot, power
Vegeta/Mirai Trunks, instinct

Dragon Quest Swords
Anlace/Blade, swordplay, magic, journey, secret places, fancy dress, in the heat of battle
Blade/Fleurette, corsets, stockings, leather, church, magic, healing, hero

Dragon Quest VIII
Angelo/Hero, camp, comfort
Angelo/Jessica, bedroll, fingers
Hero/Jessica, heat, once

Drop Dead Diva
Fred/Stacy, firsts, tender, eager
Grayson/Jane, familiar, accidental, natural
Jane/Stacy, luscious, cherished
Jane/Tony, stay, invitation, sleepy
Kim/Parker, vulnerable, shark, desk, birthday, bite

Due South
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, heatwave, fire, bedtime stories, water fight, cinema, comfort zone, road trip, ice, breaking, point, poetry, masculinity, expectations, frame, sled, electricity, flight, airless, music, concerts, stars, sweat
Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, steps, cabin, parenthood, camping, club
Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio, email, divorce, secrets, Miami, sexuality, push, reputation, honour, kindness, guns, fathers, tentative
Benton Fraser/Victoria, scratches, flowers, tattoo, claimed, under darkness
Elaine Besbriss/Francesca Vecchio, ropes, coffee, stain, closet
Elaine Besbriss/Meg Thatcher, between, hours, late, whiskey, life-goals, Vancouver
Francesca Vecchio/Maggie Mackenzie, immaculate, legos, hiking
Francesca Vecchio/Meg Thatcher, heels, stockings, slip, red, spoil, clean, bath, dishes
Ray Kowalski/Frannie Vecchio, flowers, surprise, dancing
Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio, heroes, post-Fraser, guns, family, screaming, breakdown
Ray Kowalski/Stella, beg
Ray Vecchio/Meg Thatcher, admiration, antidote

Dune (1984)
Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen/[any], rite of passage

Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President
Al Noah/Kenneth Yamaoka, nine-eleven
Ellery Clydon/Patricia Yamaoka, lounge, campaign, away
Kenneth Yamaoka/Patricia Yamaoka, oval, celebrate

Earth 2
Devon/Danziger, heat, sand, fever, hands

Earth: Final Conflict
Boone/Lili, flying, office

East of Eden (movie)
Abra/Cal, cruel, rifle, shade, sober, weeds

Steve Owen/Matthew Rose, take care

Joanne Frankel/Kat Gardener/Roxanne Torcoletti, party, spells, tired, alone, fingers
Joanna Frankel/Penny Higgins, benefits, easy
Joanne Frankel/Roxanne Torcoletti, slow, hips

Easy Virtue (2008)
Larita/Jim, adventure

Eerie Indiana
Dash-X/Marshall, obvious potential

Egyptian Mythology
Anubis/Bast, worship, wine, death-&-rebirth, journey
Maat/Thoth, feather, knowledge, natural order, written, seed, Nile

Elenium - David Eddings
Berit/Khalad, tent
Kalten/Sparhawk, reunion, novice, spear, bruises, friends

Eleventh Hour (US)
Jacob Hood/Rachel, science, bodyguard, trip

Aroree/Kahvi, comfort, flying, lonely
Cutter/Rayek, turn
Dart/Shushen, names, flower
Dewshine/Scouter/Tyleet, triangle, hunting, winter
Krim/Pike/Skot, vigorous, bond, home
Krim/Shen Shen, warm
Tyleet/Venka, oak, swimming

Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Bess Throckmorton/Walter Raleigh, hidden, secret, unashamed, pregnancy, child, bathing
Queen Elizabeth 1/Bess Throckmorton, discovery, soft, nub, wet, slick, need, tongue, Mistress, bathing, shared bed
Queen Elizabeth 1/Bess Throckmorton/Walter Raleigh, boat, voyage, history, accommodating, history unrecorded, bathing, shared bed
Queen Elizabeth 1/Sir Walter Raleigh, touch, kneel, mouth, tongue, breast, hair, unknown

Emelan series - Tamora Pierce
Briar/Tris, light, sleep, nightmares, technique, education
Daja/Rizu, fixing things
Daja/Sandry, craftwork
Rosethorn/Lark, taking time
Rosethorn/Lark/Crane, sharing, growing
Sandry/Briar, crossing lines

Emma (any)
Emma Woodhouse/Mr. Knightley, [any]
Frank Churchill/Knightley, secret, proposition, wrong, punishment, proper,

Endless Ocean series
Katherine/OFC, destiny
Oceane/OFC, enthusiasm

Archer/Malcolm/Trip, communication, restraint, shuttlepod, archaic, blindfold

Ari Gold/Eric Murphy, bluetooth, late, meeting, coffee, management
Eric Murphy/Vince, character, firsts, flaunt, history, home, jealous, publicity, thrills, leaving, trust, marriage, bond, familiar, cigarette smoke, dance, kiss

Abby/Susan, quarantine, blue
Anna/Maggie, hairstyles
Maggie/Randi, meat

Eternal Poison
Duphaston/Retica, heretic
Logue/Marie, duty
Logue/Olifen, brothers in arms, knights, loyalty

Eternal Sonata
Falsetto/Jazz, finding, jealousy, home
Falsetto/Jazz/Viola, solution
Falsetto/Viola, comfort
Jazz/Viola, first, quiet, charm

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Clementine/Joel, orange, frozen, beach house, second time

Kim Anderson/Henry Deacon, innovation, rediscovery, kiss, collaborate, space, laughter, comfort, genius, pioneer, AU, history, familiar, second chance, survival, hope, remembering
Allison Blake/Jack Carter, role-play, crush, urge, luck, electricity, solace, cherished, matrimonial, timing, emergency, public, smart, different, delivery
Allison Blake/Jack Carter/Nathan Stark, cooperation, experiment gone wrong, sleepy, virtual-reality, universe, origins, protect, difference, science, laughter, friends, brilliant, competence, Canadian-Shack, Sex-Pollen
Allison Blake/Fargo, boss, pressure valve, incident,
Allison Blake/Tess Fontana, pillow-fight, classmates
Allison Blake/Nathan Stark, second time, return, science
Allison Blake/Jack Carter/Tess Fontana/Nathan Stark, [any]
Jack Carter/Henry Deacon, comfort, assurance, lonely
Jack Carter/Tess Fontana, happiness, travel, returning, surprises, holograph
Jack Carter/Jo Lupo, console, skill, surveillance, adrenaline
Jack Carter/Nathan Stark, bittersweet, fantasies, stuck
Zoë Carter/Jo Lupo, sneaking around, over email, sweet
Zoë Carter/Tess Fontana, wrong, SARAH, hide, car, visit, dress, bath, slide, tense,
Fargo/Larry, pray, rivals, run, sing, touch
Fargo/Jo Lupo, lost, mistake, tough
Fargo/S.A.R.A.H, words
Fargo/Zane, anger, hacking, metal, trapped
Tess Fontana/Nathan Stark, [any]
Jo Lupo/Taggart, dream, hunt, remember, weather
Jo Lupo/Zack, alternative, change, cell, handcuffs, gun, warning, denial, want take have, ring, uniform, physics, physical
Jo Lupo/Zane, handcuffs, naughty, secure
S.A.R.A.H./any, breathing, cybersex, inside

Amy/Bright/Ephram, unexpected, sweat
Amy/Ephram, after everything, Ferris wheel, necklace, haircut, wedding
Bright/Hanna, future
Colin/Ephram, ghosts, memories, newness, sensitized

Evil Dead Trilogy
Ash/Linda, Awkward, drunk, loving, first time
Ash/Sheila, Corset strings, another fireplace, wine, passion, commitment (and the fear of it), sugar, chivalry (and lack thereof), surviving death

Evil Dead: The Musical
Scott/Ash, High, pre-ripped Abercrombie, not in the S-Mart Employee handbook

Ex Machina
Mitchell Hundred/Rick Bradbury, loyal, security, safe house, secrets, on the run

Eyes of the Dragon
Thomas/Dennis, loyalty

Eyeshield 21
Hiruma/Mamori, [any], graduation, America, injury, common sense, instinct, touchdown, score, dirty

Fable 2
male!Sparrow/Garth, fire, Will, lonely, Skill, home, ending, choose

Bigby/Snow, peace, animal, need

Fairy Tales
Belle/Snow White, modern woman
Cinderella/the Little Match Girl, poorhouse, glimmer
Disney!Prince/Disney!Aurora, woods, flirt, doe eyes, "once upon a dream"
Lady Mary/Snow White, timing, blood, tradition
Prince/Rapunzel, pregnant, freedom, desperation
Snow White/Huntsman, small, sad, beautiful, save

Falco series (books) - Lindsey Davis
Marcus Didius Falco/Q. Camillus Justinus, desert, Africa
Marcus Didius Falco/Titus Caesar, promise

Eric/Linus, argue, claim, costume, knowledge, reunion, tent

Aeryn Sun/Chiana, annoyance, leather, insomnia, arrested, parole, domination, who's in charge, boredom.
Braca/Scorpius, mine, own, please
Crais/John Crichton/Aeryn Sun, sharing
Chiana/Jool, scream, loss, empathy, hunger, tension
Chiana/Sikozu, understanding
John Crichton/Aeryn Sun, family, alive, surprise, handcuffs, guns, now, cross-dress, shadow, ink, he's learned new tricks since he'd been here, Aurora Chair PTSD, always self sacrifice, truth or dare, inexperience, soldier, family man, translations
John Crichton/Chiana/Aeryn Sun, bargain, tension
John Crichton/Chiana, bored, comfort, forbidden, lost, undercover, mirror
John Crichton/D'Argo, unrealized reality
John Crichton/ Gilina Renaez, joy, promotion, hot showers, alien
John Crichton/Stark, prison, face, light
John Crichton/Zhaan, answers, blue, meditation, the universe

Fast and Furious
Brian/Dom, prisoner
Dom/Rome, teamwork
Letty/Mia, sleep, tag, unusual

Fatal Frame
Akito/Kyouka, hairpin, delicate, curious, seclusion, photograph
Choushiro/You, handcuffs, secret
Itsuki/Mutsuki, despair, hands, purification, forest, breath, Remaining
Itsuki/Yae, absolution, adrift, crimson, incomplete
Kaname/Reika, piercing, voice, twilight, departure
Kei/Mafuyu, ink, studious, beer
Kei/Misaki, teamwork, research, miniskirt
Kei/Rei, hope, comfort, bruise, phone
Madoka/Misaki, toy, friend, special, lighthouse, lies
Madoka/Misaki/Ruka, sleepover, song, memory
Mafuyu/Miku, visions, rope, haunted, orphans, trust
Miku/Rei, snow, nightmares, sweet, camera, lonely
Misaki/Ruka, surviving, sea, celestial, grounded
Rei/Reika, tattoos, cold, sympathy, blue
Ryozo/Yae, memory, leaves, sunlight, married
Sakuya/You, flower, exile, beach, twisted, prisoner

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Cameron/Sloane, absent, slow, September, drive
Cameron/Ferris/Sloane, camping, dorm, inseparable, museum, college, experimentation, destiny

Final Fantasy VI
Terra/Kefka, broken, puppet, magic, blood, insanity

Final Fantasy IV
Cecil/Kain, homecoming, revenge, rivalry, armor, darkness
Ceodore/Kain, so much like your father, apprentice, healing, redemption
Edge/Rydia, distance, together, apart, green, magic, knives
Kain/Cecil, wish, jealousy, jump
Leonora/Palom, student, teacher, magic, hot-blooded

Final Fantasy IX
Amarant/Freya, journey, rain, distraction, light
Beatrix/Freya, bladeplay, fighting, post-battle, respect, rainy days aren't all bad
Beatrix/Garnet, a knight and her lady, jewels, leader, loyalty, necklace, power, protection, respect, royalty
Beatrix/Steiner, dark magics
Garnet/Ruby, acting
Zidane/Dagger, jewels, silk, ribbons, keeping secrets, flight
Zidane/Garnet, liaisons
Zidane/Ruby, nostalgia

Final Fantasy Tactics A2
Adelle/Illua, dubcon, bondage, resist, temptation, hate, any
Cid/Luso, comfort, secrets, forgotten, past, disappear, just out of reach, any

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Marche/Mewt, capture, prisoner, penance, forgiveness, comfort
Ritz/Shara, guidance, weapons, admiration, hair, home

Final Fantasy Tactics
Alma/Agrias, protection, hero worship, any
Alma/Teta, sisters, faith, brave, memory
Agrias/Ovelia, fealty, honor, [any], protection, grace, rose, knight, queen
Agrias/Ramza, forbidden, sinful
Delita/Ovelia, trust, unknown, crossing, sides, bedding
Delita/Ramza, lost, soldier, crusade, valor, love
Delita/Ramza, revenge, bittersweet, snow, falling, aid, battle

Final Fantasy VI
Celes/Edgar, after, end
Celes/Edgar/Locke, party, wine, revelations, past and present, grease, gears, heat, divide, apocalypse
Celes/Leo, cover, fleeting
Celes/Locke, found, wind, music, by the beach, waves, bandanna, broken wings, nightfall, dreams
Celes/Locke/Setzer, rivalry, stolen, bet, poker face
Celes/Setzer, fly, gamble
Celes/Terra, crown, hidden, innocent, touch, magic
Edgar/Terra, flirt, search
Sabin/Shadow, blade, muscle, bite, darkness
Setzer/Terra, flight, ribbons, dangerous, luck, slash, scars
Shadow/Terra, heat, night

Final Fantasy VII
Aeris/Cloud, flowers, laughter, wonder, sweet
Aeris/Reno, caught, smile, shock
Aeris/Sephiroth, benediction, fallacy, revenge, rapture, power
Aeris/Vincent, snowfield, metallic, delicate
Aerith Gainsborough/Cloud Strife/Tifa Lockhart, comatose, fireworks
Aerith/Tifa, flowers, touch, missing, only one
Aerith/Tseng, petals, first, taboo
Aerith/Zack, sweet, flower, surprise
Angel/Genesis, teamwork, apples, precious, dying, Loveless, copy, bright
Cid/Vincent, knife, dessert, howl, siren, peace, stars, transform, Chaos, alien
Cloud/Reno, after, harsh, place, magic, material, strawberry, alone, private
Cloud/Vincent, coffin, beast, claw, blade, silence
Cloud/Yuffie, jump, grab, steal
Cloud/Zack, childish, loving, laughing, practice, purple, Shinra, sword, heroic, training
Elena/Reno, bruised, comfort, dirty, hollow, secrets
Elena/Reno/Rude, comfort, boredom, butting in
Elena/Tseng, sweet
Reno/Rude, solid, explosives, free, beer, agreement
Reno/Rufus, gunplay
Rufus/Scarlet, abused, desks, fallen, gunplay, left, loveless, power
Rude/Tifa, unexpected

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Kadaj/Loz/Yazoo, bitter, caretaker, together
Kadaj/Rufus, benevolent, father-figure

Final Fantasy VIII
Edea/Seifer, control, beg, guilt, kill
Fujin/Quistis, destiny, opposite, scar, bite, neck, patch, any
Irvine/Seifer, unplanned
Irvine/Squall, commander, Girl Next Door, leather, beach, belts, childhood secrets
Kiros/Laguna, travel, bound
Quistis/Rinoa, authority, confusion, electricity, feathers, glasses, whip
Quistis/Seifer, atonement, crash, bound, yielding, disobedient, finally, lesson, settle, bar, forget
Quistis/Seifer/Squall, control, classroom, order
Quistis/Selphie, fantasy, glasses, hair, magic, quaking, respect, teaching, trains, whip
Quistis/Squall, pale, burn, tryst
Rinoa/Quistis, display, whip, hair, spark
Rinoa/Seifer, summer, regret, rebound, train car
Rinoa/Selphie, celebration, dancing, feathers, nails, party, trains
Rinoa/Squall, fear, disassociate, fairytale, tenderness
Seifer/Squall, hate, trust, fire, madness, alone, undercover, cross-dressing, everything
Seifer/Ultimecia, lost
Seifer/Zell, payback, teeth, loud, jealousy
Shiva/Siren, song, calling, cold, any
Squall/Zell, silence, despair, day off

Final Fantasy X
Anima/Shiva, pain, soothing
Auron/Lulu, strength, yearning, serenity
Auron/Tidus, baby
Dona/Lulu, belts, control, gags, penance, punishment, silence
Elma/Lucil, aftermath, Calm, captain, chocobos, Clasko, duty, respect, Yevon
Kimahri/Rikku, free
Lulu/Rikku, belts, confused, electricity, magic, secrets, slow, thunder, toys, prejudice
Lulu/Yuna, belts, Calm, confidence, duty, faith, goodbye, guardian, magic, praying, respect, silence, toys, Yevon, holy
Rikku/Yuna, Calm, darkness, green, machine, magic, protect, rescue, secrets, thunder, lightning
Tidus/Wakka, underwater

Final Fantasy X/X-2
Baralai/Yuna, a new arrangement
Baralai/Yuna/Lenne/Shuyin, the person I remember
Elma/Lucil, a deserved vacation
Gippal/Rikku, tinkering around with machines
Lulu/Auron, fleeting happiness
Lulu/Paine, so this is my replacement?
Lulu/Rikku, elemental
Lulu/Yuna, hurricane
Paine/Rikku, friendship set on fire, a new journey
Paine/Rikku/Yuna, hunting, treasures
Rikku/Yuna, the one I'm here for

Final Fantasy X-2
Baralai/Gippal/Nooj/Paine, crimson, teamwork, faith, adrenaline, forgiveness, reward
Leblanc/Paine, fan, fighting, sphere
Leblanc/Yuna, fan, massage, sphere
Nhadala/Rikku, goggles, Home, hot, machine, sand, serious
Nhadala/Yuna, crush, favours, orders
Nooj/Paine, apologies, lust, nostalgia
Paine/Rikku, airship, AlBhed, begging, blitzball, crush, machines, respect, scarf, thunder, aftermath, flirting, sky, hunt
Paine/Rikku/Yuna, fame, hot spring, privileges, secrets
Paine/Yuna, confusion, falling, quiet, silence, slow, strength
Rikku/Yuna, dancing, gifts, gunplay, music, stealing

Final Fantasy XII
Ashe/Basch, nothing I can say
Ashe/Drace, authority, privileges, respect
Ashe/Fran, collars, fighting, respect, slow, fast, ship
Ashe/Penelo, cleansing, knifeplay, your wish is my command
Balthier/Fran, crime, partners
Balthier/Fran/Penelo, safety in numbers, guidance, trust, denial, crush, wish, dream, status ailments, what is he doing here?
Balthier/Penelo, fairytale
Fran/Penelo, biting, blushing, bubbles, claws, clothes, confusion, dancing, fascination, flying, knifeplay, magic, marking, mist, nature, quiet, slow, silence, sky, skyships, tied-up, ears, comfort, strong, young, teaching, aid, assist, shared kill, battle, lost, fear, healing, crying, distance, [any], pleasure, I learned from you

Final Fantasy XIII
Fang/Lightning, battle, surprise, tease, tousled, break, battle, waves
Fang/Vanille, destiny, marking, secrets, dreaming, crystal, soothing, history, lick, swear, teach, partners, tease, show and tell, guess, betrayed, pet, wound, waterfall, rainbow
Fang/Lightning/Vanille, smirk, sweat, commando, circle, thunder,
Lightning/Hope, tent
Lightning/Snow, hate, scratch
Sazh/Vanille, not just a kid
Snow/Hope, too young, size difference, reunion, first time
Serah/Snow, happiness, honeymoon

Fingersmith (movie)
Maud/Sue, trick, gloves, kiss

Fire Emblem
Caeda/Marth, celebration, darkness

Jayne Cobb/Kaylee Frye, down, Earth, home, visit, carnival, home, flowers, tangled hair, dazed, smile, confusion, open, engines, jealousy, courtin', fella, superb, straw, horse, entrance, booked, hidden, scent
Jayne Cobb/River Tam, guns, weapons of mass destruction, lips, eyes, blue, trust, accents, outside, top, bully, sleepless, shorts, tea, quiet, simmer, candle, hero, soft, heavy, whorish, weird, whisper, syringe, barefoot, pain, brother
Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam, anaesthesia, apples, dignity, foremost, guns, happy, Kaylee, unhinged, yappity, bit of rough, black, boots, cargo, falling, needles, restraints, message, dirt, echo, shadow, books, warning, humidity, rough, bruises, grip, helpless, compromise, exploration, desire, blush, crave, scent, leather, signs, trust, show-off, beg, payback, discrete
Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam/River Tam, voyeurism, first time
Fanty/Malcolm Reynolds/Mingo, exhilaration
Kaylee Frye/Inara Serra, bath, hair, incense, velvet, decadent, green, art, sandalwood, velvet, silk, corset, indulge, barefoot, horse, garter, weeds, frisky, rain, dirty, strap-on, stroke, crystal, bathe, hair, cuddling, payment, curiosity, ribbons, dirt
Kaylee Frye/Malcolm Reynolds, smile, sad, grease, visit, convenience, courage, Serenity, engines, flying, rain, starry, labels
Kaylee Frye/Nandi, curiosity
Kaylee Frye/Petaline, comfort
Kaylee Frye/Malcolm Reynolds/River Tam, compass
Kaylee Frye/River Tam, adventures, games, giggling, stars, smiles, shimmer, shooting stars, rain, water, moon, giggle, dance, swim, clever, sweetness, instinct, silence, laughter, girls, farm, heat, fixed, playful, strawberries, sugar, calligraphy
Kaylee Frye/Inara Serra/River Tam, voyeur
Kaylee Frye/River Tam/Simon Tam, games, voyeur
Kaylee Frye/Zoë Washburn, youth, hope
Shepherd Book/Kaylee Frye, hope
Malcolm Reynolds/Inara Serra, ready, luxury, death, poison, redemption, missing, break, always needed you here, emotions, protect, words, peace
Malcolm Reynolds/Inara Serra/Simon Tam, negotiation, tenderness, need
Malcolm Reynolds/River Tam, battery, knife, wet, fruit, joking, fringe, knife's edge, shaving
Malcolm Reynolds/Saffron, antique, dagger, red
Malcolm Reynolds/Simon Tam, heroes, AU, protection, surprise, obedience, jealousy, book, money, letter, superhero, brandy, honesty, pressure, galley, hands, soldier, sunburn, risky, bored, skim, silence, surrender, doctor's orders
Malcolm Reynolds/River Tam/Simon Tam, scars, witch, emergency
Saffron/Inara Serra, apocalypse, ocean, shuttle, nefarious, chameleon, tricks, sumptuous
Saffron/Any, triumph
Inara Serra/River Tam, guide, comb, fallen angel, streaming, gentle
Inara Serra/Simon Tam, finesse, silk, manners, grace, needs, quiet, dignity
Inara Serra/River Tam/Simon Tam, class
River Tam/Saffron, body
River Tam/Serenity, calculation, cows, quicksand
River Tam/Simon Tam, exhilaration, hope, scent, lethal, bind, ache, rain, hide and seek, bed, hospital, safety, haven, hold, siblings, Ariel, home, medication, writhe, slim, pulse, DNA, above, composition, heritage, invert, matryoshka doll, study, guilt, understanding, hospital, playing cards, sweetness, home
River Tam/Zoë Washburn, bondage
Simon Tam/OMC, tension, experiment

Fisica o Quimica
David/Fer, claim, summer, game, record, drunk, class, shower

Bryce/Nicole/Keiko, destiny, change, restraint
Janis Hawk/Maya, pain, beauty, acceptance, hope, future, pregnancy, hesitate
Demetri Noh/Mark Benford, shadows, time, over, death, games, desperation, faith, gunfire, endings, fear
Demetri Noh/Zoë, holding back, white, fight the future, denial, promises, unrequited, farewell, dream, smile, false, lies, gone, fear, blossom

Jules Callaghan/Donna Sabine, no girls allowed, ice caps, D.I.Y. projects, running in the park, ladders/stairs, morning routine
Spike Scarlatti/Lewis Young, secrets, team, weapons

Forbidden Game
Dee/Jenny, gold, night, warmth
Julian/Jenny, ice

Forever Knight
Nick Knight/Lucien Lacroix, comfort, hurt, jealousy, loneliness, belonging
Nick Knight/Natalie Lambert, temptation, jealousy, fear, darkness, cold

Sean/Nick, trouble, cookies, potential, sheets, mud, Cadillac, backseat, sweat

Four Rooms
Ted/Angela/Siegfried, game

Daphne/Roz, costumes, comfort, tomorrow, hospital
Frasier/Lilith, frosty, revenge, hotels, reunion, mistakes, renaissance, trickery, heels, devotion.
Frasier/Niles, competition, love, odd, wine club, young, tender, broken, afraid

Freaks and Geeks
Daniel/Kim, first, lip gloss, scratches, sort-of
Daniel/Lindsay, backseat, records, library, proximity, car
Ken/Lindsay, unexpected, crush
Kim/Lindsay, giggle, dare, sleeping-bag, first time, van, favorite, exchanging jackets
Older!Kim/Older!Sam, bully, reunion, freak, kitchen
Lindsay/Barry Schweiber, the college experience
Nick/Sara, disco, winning, losing, Lindsay, weed

Friday Night Lights
Becky/Luke, date, after, breakdown, rewind, locker, valentine's day, truck, do-over, curls, dirt, empty, pretty, welts, whimper
Eric/Tami, lazy, Sunday
Jason/Lyla/Tim, before, Technicolor, understanding
Jason/Tim, bff
Jason/Tim/Tyra, caught, AU, loved, peace
Jason/Tyra, war, Paralympics, Post-Its, Texas, AU
Julie, memories, angry, college
Julie/Matt, Austin, lake, blonde, father, rediscovery, socks, first, hope, art
Julie/Tyra, experiment, kiss, voyeur, mole, tattoo
Landry/Matt, drunk
Landry/Tyra, lessons
Lyla/Matt, comfort, familiar, timing, voyeur, paint, rain, backseat
Lyla/Tim, breakfast, boots, drunk, honey, freckles, gas, green, wires, phone-sex, salt, wrestle, wrong
Lyla/Tyra, facts, ride, lonely
Matt/Tyra, ground, hit, pull, rebound
Tim/Jason, respect, fight, grief, drunk, lies, far, camera
Tim/Jason/Lyla, fate
Tim/Landry, fooling
Tim/Lyla, cards, contest, college, bleachers, beg, pool table, swimming, road trip, wrists
Tim/Tyra, bike, watching porn, familiar, making up, lazy, sofa, truck, bleachers, families, promise, choice, redemption, home, rescue, hunting, skinny dipping, forever, soft, delicious, Indian Summer, ice cream, tequila, sweet, familiar, hips, settling, date night

Joey/Chandler, truth
Ross/Monica, desperate

Alt!Astrid/Alt!Olivia, dark, control, misunderstanding, touch, no touch, gloves, surprise, test, hide, pass, control, skin
Alt!Olivia Dunham/Lincoln Lee, bossy, rules, adrenaline, recovery, surrender, tangled, trip, leader, mess, risk, red, quarantine, innocence, instinct, wine, elevator, countdown, tattoo, boyfriend
alt!Olivia/Frank, massage
August/Christine, comfort, confusion, custom, feelings, rules, survivors, time
Elizabeth Bishop/Walter Bishop, lies
Elizabeth Bishop/Walternate, loss
Peter Bishop/Phillip Broyles, ID badge, scar, shoulder, partner, snitch, fighting fire with fire, innocent, interrogation, lure, shower, temper, secret, lazy, rushed
Peter Bishop/Olivia Dunham, desperate, alternate, forgive, grasp, sweet, flashlight, desk, hospital, early, haunted, indifference, frustration, cell, bowling, welcome, angry, telephone, ice cream, underwear, speed-dial, wall, blonde, teenage, pyrokinesis, virus, sweetheart, elevator, drunk, cards, hair, dress, poker, undercover, the tank, decompressing, silent, buildings, fire, truth, help, private, impossible, distance, return, save you, nightmares, never again, monster, run, secret, strength, walls, cross-dressing, cotton candy, carnival games, backseat, glimmer, intensity, reunion, stoplight, peppermint, paper, carousel, smart, teenagers, bowling, anxiety, maturity, friends with benefits, romance
Peter Bishop/Olivia Dunham/John Scott, ghosts, control, relax
girl!Peter Bishop/boy!Olivia Dunham, science
Peter Bishop/Astrid Farnsworth, rescue, comfort, daddy issues, care
Walter Bishop/Astrid Farnsworth, [any], surprised, taste, name, indulgent, despairing, kind, monopoly, vertebrae, candles, heart beats, dawn, pinky swear, motorcycle, copper, rescue, astride, names, secret, care, drugs, assistance, freedom, madness
Walter Bishop/September ("The Observer"), trains, silver, the future, protect, chili, sugar, home, drugged, ice
Phillip Broyles/Nina Sharp, strong, rely, betrayal, power, control, requite, typing, elevator, instinct, negotiation, tie, gloves, diamonds
Christopher/Loraine, complications, danger, family, secrets
Olivia Dunham/Alt!Olivia, breathplay, handcuffs, bite marks, domination, mirrors, self knowledge, mirror, possessive, different, double
Olivia Dunham/Astrid Farnsworth, baking, worried, relief, bondage, girls night, console, dark, lab, nails, pretty, lips, smile, physics, equations, lies, safety first, any, handcuffs, patience, science, music, quiet, food, cautious
Olivia Dunham/Esther Ficklesworth, case, working late, first aid, tend, lipstick, heels, assistance, phone, music, loyalty, overdue, cigars, black market, satin, pearls, phone calls, photograph, darkness, silver screen, pin curls, trench coat, overcast, raid, warmth, noir
Olivia Dunham/Charlie Francis, [any], cheat, shot, secret, seaside, weight, nape, again, tell them I'll be brave, Pontypool
Olivia Dunham/Nick Lane, partners, trust, roller-coaster, wounds
Olivia Dunham/Lincoln Lee, duty, soldier, burn, alternate, ally, tender, jealousy, partners, bosses, information, comfort
Olivia Dunham/John Scott, tender, memories, dream
Astrid Farnsworth/Alt!Astrid, understand, support, curiosity, eyes
Astrid Farnsworth/Brandon, communication
Charlie Francis/John Scott, love
Charlie Francis/Sonia, truth
Ginger/Nick Lane, change, hope, shadows
Amy Jessup/Nick Lane, strength, faith, alternate, empathy, history, teacher, rules, unexpected, bond, united
Nick Lane/Sally, empathy, temperature play, strawberries
Rachel/Thomas, confession, deception, mission, unexpected, wrong

From Eroica with Love
Dorian/Klaus, beauty, hair, mine, notes, striptease

From Hell
Inspector Abberline/Mary, linen, lock, dream
Inspector Abberline/Netley, repercussions, punishment, making do
Inspector Abberline/Victoria Abberline, sugar, fever

Fruits Basket
Kisa/Tohru, voice, hero worship, safe, heart, whisper, promise
Kyo/Tohru, cooking, leeks, hiding, hot, when the rat's away the cat will play
Saki/Tohru, sleepover, trace, energy, first time, silver lining
Tohru/manga!Akito, surprise, dark, love-hate, heavy, anger, touching, freedom
Tohru/Rin, any

Fugitive Kind – Tennessee Williams
Leo Gwendlebaum/Glory Gwendelbaum, comfort, loss, flophouse, future
Leo Gwendlebaum/OFC, aftermath, newspaper
Leo Gwendlebaum/OMC, rebellion, college

Full House (Korea)
Young Jae/Ji Eun, tent, biting, late, flowers, high heels, wardrobe, promotion, media, rain

Fullmetal Alchemist
Hawkeye/Kimberly, grit, skill, pride
Hughes/Mustang, love, war
King Bradley/Mrs. Bradley, choice, dance, yield
Riza Hawkeye/Roy Mustang, gun, hair, tattoo, paperwork, fire, sir, loyalty
Riza/Winry, metal, copper, field, filed, mistaken, golden, any

Futari wa Pretty Cure
Honoka/Nagisa, mine, teammate, strange relationship

Bender/Flexo, boned, Tijuana, Zuban
Bender/Fry, roommates
Coilette/Flexo, bending, Calculon, surprise
Fry/Leela, First date, holding on, flowers
Leela/Leela, jealous

G1 Transformers
Megatron/Soundwave, loyalty, rhythm
Skyfire/Starscream, betrayal, partner, size kink, trust

Gangs of New York
Amsterdam Vallon/Bill the Butcher, boot, kneel, knife
Amsterdam Vallon/Johnny Sirocco, c’mon, darkness, report
Jenny Everdeane/Johnny Sirocco, dance

Albert/Eugenie, fruit, golden, roses, song
Albert/Eugenie/Franz, car, dance, ghost, picnic, sand, triad
Albert/Franz, fencing, intoxication, Luna, pirate, trust

Garden State
Andrew/Sam, backseat, paisley, pets, unique

Elisa/Goliath, difficulty, touch

Kouga/Rei, Horror, left behind, teeth

General Hospital
Elizabeth/Sam, jealousy
Emily/Jason, adopted, family, sneaking, strip
Ethan/Johnny, aggressive, Kristina, partnership
Ethan/Johnny/Kristina, acceptance, forgiveness, gentle, laughter, love, trust, understanding, want, what if’s
Johnny/Kristina, Claudia, comfort, connection, fallen, gap, reminder, right, selfish, temptation, void, want, wrong, young
Luke/Tracy, bet, card-table, chocolate, home
Lulu/Maxie, alcohol, porn

Generation Kill
Any, gay chicken
Brad Colbert/Evan Wright, ballerina, craving, how it is, sunset
Brad Colbert/Gunny Wynn, loyalty, need, respect
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, [any], adroit, against the wall, alive, ambush, another life, assurance, barefoot, bathroom, beleaguer, bike, bike race, blow job, blush, bookmark, boots, break, breakup, breathe, broken, bruises, callous, cards, carve, charge, civilian, class ring, close call, coffee, cold, college, commitment, competitive, concern, DADT, darkness, dawn, directions, discovery, discretion, distance, dog-tags, dream, drill, drunk, evil, excommunicated, eyes, failures, falling, fight, fix, football (soccer), four in the morning, genderswitch, glasses, goodbye, grip, frames, gun, handcuffs, hands, hinder, heat, here be dragons, history, home, hoodie, hum, ink, internet, jealousy, journey, kit, lake, lips, longing, making do, Mattis, medal, memories, military issue, mine, morning, neck, never giving up, news, notes, open, pacificism, paint, pajamas, pancakes, pedestal, pool, protocol, quiet, rain, rappel, Ray, red, regret, regrets, respect, responsibility, restraint, retirement, reunion, reverse, rimming, rivals, road, rough, sand, scars, scrape, sheets, ship, shower, shudder, silence, sir, Skype, stretch, study, subsist, superpowers, sun, sweat, tattoo/writing on the body, tender, tension, theory, trade-off, training exercise, tremor, upset, utility cover, wave, weary, wind, wrist, years, young
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick/any, bareback, secret, wet
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick/Gunny Wynn, for once Nate is *not* in charge
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick/Ray Person, always, completion, defense, furtive, gun, taking turns, together, travel
Brad Colbert/OFC, home town, leave
Brad Colbert/Ray Person, backseat driver, BBC, best friends, bicker, boredom, breakdown, campfire, cards, cold, Dan Choi, discipline, Dolly Parton, downtime, drunk, favor, fight, follow, frottage, fuck monkey, full moon, General McCrystal, grooming standard, height difference, hold, hoping, hovering, Humvee, inflatable sheep, ink, knees, lick, lost, loyalty, midnight, milkshake, motorbike, mouth, mouthy, music, night vision, ocean, oral fixation, orders, peacetime, peanut butter, pillow, power, promise, rain, road, roadhead, road trip, Rolling Stone, salt, shower, shut UP, silent, singing, skyline, smoke, sunglasses, swear words, sweat, tattoos, tequila, threesome, unspoken, winter, women, wrists
Brad Colbert/Ray Person/Walt Hasser, daddy, power, surprise
Brad Colbert/Walt Hasser, absolution, defense, grass, hunger, laughter, LSA, rain, smile, sunshine, surprise, sweetness, yellow
Eric Kocher/Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Reyes, breath, flying, rush, survive
Evan Wright/any, dead, good intentions, lessons, notes, twisted
Gabe Garza/Walt Hasser, 25% watch, combat jacks
Harold James Trombley/any, awesome, explosion, halo, nightmare, storm, trigger
Nate Fick/Ray Person, blazer, calm, command, concert, debate, dirty, dogtags, domestic, drunk, edge, fantasy, fight, Fight Fiercely Harvard, green, hard, heated argument, high, high school, Ivy League, kiss, laugh, light, Missouri, nightmare, obedience, overpower, ration, road trip, rooftop, shoot, shove, sing-along, sleepy, stay, stories, summer, surprise, talking, teeth, unexpected, visit, wall!sex, wrestle
Nate Fick/Ray Person/Walt Hasser, boys, command, dreaming
Nate Fick/Tim ‘Doc’ Bryan, angry, doctor’s orders, dream, gentle, insubordination
Nate Fick/Walt Hasser, cooking, peace
Ray Person/OFC, Get some
Ray Person/Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Reyes, brother, bruise, water
Ray Person/Walt Hasser, annoying, blue eyes, burnout, country music, crush, dangerous, dirty, first, gossip, grass, heartburn, home, Humvee, iced, memory, mess, mouth, nice guy, pigtails, road trip, roommates, skin, skinny dipping, slut, smiling, Sunday mornings, sunglasses, talking, tattoo, vodka, weapons, young
Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Reyes/any, body-conscious, knitting, salsa, surprise

Gentlemen Bastard Sequence - Scott Lynch
Jean/Locke, brandy, con, knife, poison, ship, stolen, trust, water

Gentlemen of the Road - Michael Chabon
Fliaq/Zelikman, second

Akabane/Ban, bound, snarl, “You’re mine now.”
Akabane/Ginji, pain, possession, unexpected tenderness
Ban/Ginji, bite, coffee, distance, electricity, forever, grind, illusion, partners in everything, tight spaces, topping from below, trust
Himiko/any, knees, poison, rage
Makubex/Sakura, intent, silk, whisper, wired

Ghost in the Shell
Batou/Motoko, cybersex

Ghostbusters (movie)
Dana/Louis, aftermath, possessed
Egon/Janine, eathing, holiday, mitzvah, phones, science
Egon/Janine/Louis, law, motherhood, protection
Peter/Ray, cars, college, firehouse, worst date ever, Zener deck

Gilmore Girls
Dean Forester/Lorelai Gilmore, babble, movie, rosy, warm, wired
Dean Forester/Rory Gilmore, books, cake, car, chance, college, craving, different, dodge, frottage, loquacious, meant-to-be, movie-night, peregrination, smile, stars, sugar-fix, swings, tired
Jess Mariano/Rory Gilmore, about, again, bass, blue, button, campaign, cigar, correspondent, creaky, diner, globe, graded, James Dean, ink, jacket, last row, library, New York, press pass, really, soothe, study, tire, trust, uniform, vinyl
Lane Kim/Rory Gilmore, film, join, music, need, secrecy, smile, sneak, tired
Logan Huntzberger/Paris Geller, dirty rich, private
Lorelai Gilmore/Luke Danes, anew, care, celebrate, chance, climb, coffee, elope, hat, late, paint, this
Lorelai Gilmore/Paris Geller, hug, lust
Louise Grant/Madeline Lynn/Paris Geller, loose
Paris Geller/Rory Gilmore, beach, Boston marriage, diligence, drunk, first time, hymen, insecure, laughter, light, money, plan, quizzical, schedule, surprise, WPM

Ginger Snaps (any)
Brigitte/Ginger, denial, frottage, heat, hell, hope, nourishment, thicker than blood

Giselle (ballet)
Duke Albrecht/Giselle, death, final kiss, lies, love, tragedy

Artie/Brittany, low, on, the way you make me feel
Artie/Brittany/Tina, all together now, hold, smack, turn
Artie/Kurt, oops
Artie/Tina, argument, art, blue, dance, glasses, laugh, nicknames, no hands, objectify, powerful, purple, Valentine
Brittany/Finn, girls who do boys like they’re girls, rainbows, sad face, tutor
Brittany/Puck, [any], amusement park, anatomy, body paint, boobs, carnival, chocolate, comfort, condom balloons, dance, drunk, first, first time, fishing, friendship, honeymoon, kinky, kiss, lust, naive, naughty, oral, pigtails, pinkie, powdered sugar, skin, snow, squeeze, stars
Brittany/Puck/Santana, camp, costumes, dream, elevator, groan, handcuffs, ice cream, kiss, locker room, masturbate, naughty, present, red
Brittany/Quinn/Rachel/Santana, bank robbers, girl group, penance
Brittany/Santana Lopez, after-prom, backseat, breakfast, bubblegum, care, chew, claimed, competition, curtains, dorm, experiment, flake, Friday, hairography, homework, just you and me, kisses, masticate, milkshake, mine, misunderstanding, pet, pillow fight, pinkies, pleated skirts, pop, promise, ratings, road trip, skirt, sneaking around, substitute, telenovellas, touch, umbrella, whisper, winning, yay
Brittany/Tina, gasp, shirt, sound, sweat, tango, taste
Bryan Ryan/Will, ass, competition, lips, slut, Queen, unsatisfied, until
Emma Pillsbury/Sue Sylvester, coaching, grit, innocent, naive, test
Emma/Terri, mischief, oral, sheets
Emma/Will, confession, denial, first, forbidden, go, sing
Finn/Puck, betrayal, comfort, dare, douche, everybody does it, football, forgiveness, hard, kiss, Las Vegas, longing, naive, red, regret, revenge, rough, shower, showers, stoned, video games, wet, whiskey
Finn/Puck/Quinn, fix
Finn/Puck/Quinn/Rachel, adults, commune, domestic, formula
Finn/Quinn, hockey, July, magic, married, orders
Finn/Rachel, candle light, chocolate, dirty talking, dom!Rachel, fluff, food fetish, foreplay, groping, handcuffs, hot tub, lullaby, multiple orgasms, orgasm denial, pale, perfect, protection, sequined leg warmers, shower head, slow, strawberries, sub!Rachel, whipped cream, ‘Push It’
Finn/Santana, again, cry, fumble, soft
Finn/Will, premature, rebound
Glee Club/Will Schuester, slut
Jesse/Kurt, bossy, college, hurt, orange, poetry, theatrical
Jesse/Puck, backstage, desire, first time, jealous, jealousy, nighttime, open, payback, prank, race, revenge, secret, torture, truck, uncomfortable, weed
Jesse/Quinn, blonde, smile, winners
Jesse/Rachel, at school, blame, Broadway, dance, feminism, first time, food, ice, knees, negotiations, New-York, on film, on stage, pain, passion, secret, silent, singing, skating, slap, want, who cares
Jesse/Shelby, boy, experience, impressive, sound
Kurt/Matt/Mike, shapes
Kurt/Mercedes, best friends, bff, butch, embrace, femme, heterosexual life partner, just once, support, surprise, teach
Kurt/Mercedes/Puck, change, equal, future, labels, opposite, ot3, sex shark, stereotypes, submission, tenderness, unexpected
Kurt/Mike, dance, secret, touch
Kurt/Mike/Puck, dream, stuffed
Kurt/OMC, indie, music, stripes
Kurt/Puck, armor, bash, blow, brash, clothes, panties, punch, running, sigh, swagger
Kurt/Santana, dare, experiment, practice
Kurt/Will, favoritism, retribution, slut
Matt/Mercedes, date, first, hold, kiss, Kurt, study, The Mall, Valentine
Mercedes/Puck, baby girl, better with time, blindfold, dress, hickey, impression, jock, lush, public, second chances, shadows, tease, touch
Mercedes/Puck/Quinn, lucky, sharing
Mercedes Jones/Quinn Fabray, bisexual, combative, dancing, driving, embrace, fatherhood, fist, good vibrations, heart, heat, legs, lipstick, melody, moon, motherhood, princess, secrets, sensation, shh, show me your moves, single ladies, surprises, teamwork, tease, waiting, wide open spaces
Mike/Quinn, dance, Ferris Wheel, kiss, Ottawa River, sober, soft, talk, taste, tear, tender, touch
Mike/Tina, stereotypes
Puck/Quinn, bedroom, bump, comfort, cross, ice cream, piano, ponytail, rain, shower, summer, window
Puck/Quinn/Rachel, moonlight
Puck/Rachel Berry, babysitting, back road, Beach Week, bow, choice, chords, Cry Baby, depth, dinner, drunk, duet, Elvis, first apartment, firsts, fishnets, football, HBO, hickey, honeymoon, inside joke, karaoke, legs, lessons, loud, movie night, name fusion, nickname, night, Opera, ovation, panties, phone, photo op, play me like a guitar, pool, possess, pure, quality, react, rebounding, red light, regret, ride, serenade, shock, similarity, slap, smile, star, star power, summer, sweet, the solo, tiny, travel, truck bed, trust, tutor, video games, vintage, vodka, weird, window
Puck/Santana, [any], 69, anal, birth mark, biting, costumes, dare, drunk, exhibitionism, foreplay, handcuffs, hickey, inappropriate, injured, jealousy, leather, loud, park, phone, power struggle, public, revenge, River, roadhead, roleplay, skill, skinny dipping, stability, teasing, tender, text, trip, top, toys, uncomfortable, video, winky face
Puck/Shelby, comfort, fierce, forget, intense, milf
Puck/Will, dirty, nasty, pool, slut, wrong
Quinn/Rachel, cookie dough, hair, hands, help, knee-highs, late-at-night, power suits, sleep
Quinn/Terri, lens
Quinn/Tina, bisexual, charm, duet, fishnets, strip
Quinn/Will, beautiful, bell, blonde, empty, fall, float, hush, insane, kitchen, responsible, role-reversal, wrong
Rachel/Tina, eyeliner, picky, steam-punk, west side
Rachel/Will, “and the award goes to,” bad liar, bend the rules, concessions, control, discovery, “Don’t leave me behind,” failure, fight/make up, golden, goodbye, graduation, guilt-trip, harmony, hug, reward, rush, Spring Awakening
Santana/Tina, linger, momentum, taste
Shelby/Will, experiment
Sue/Will, bad romance, breathplay, phonesex, revenge, rough, voyeur, wrong
Tina/Will, mirror, vulnerable

Shin/Yankumi, bloody knuckles, calm, early, enthusiasm, flip, glasses, graduation, knee-high socks, mutter, pride

Gone With the Wind
Melanie/Scarlett, I hate you, revolver
Rhett/Scarlett, day dreams, grudgingly, honey, love, moon, rejected
Scarlett/Scarlett, Ashley, fantasy

Good Neighbous
Barbara Good/Tom Good, courgette, smudges

Murdoc/Noodle, burn, grown-up, hell, lost, music, rhythm, search

Gosford Park
Elsie/Mary, friendly
Henry/Ivor, substitute
Ivor/Mabel, sweet

Gossip Girl
Blair/Chuck, cane, crazy, forgive, fountain, guilt, lick, limo, Paris, remember, repay, revenge, ring, safe, smoke, stockings, uptight
Blair/Chuck/Dan, fit, future, roommate, surprise
Blair/Dan, [any], apprehension, confession, drunk, last days of magic, limo, novel, Shakespeare, taste, when we meet again
Blair Waldorf/Serena van der Woodsen, balcony, bed, bite, candy, confession, fighting, first, forget, fountain, fury, hotels, overshadow, Paris, restraints, shopping, sigh, together, wounds
Blair Waldorf/Vanessa Abrams, charm, class, drunk, elevator, film, gallery, wit
Chuck/Dan, demonstrate, fraternal, future, home, hotel, journal, malfunction, money, opera-box, secret, winter, words
Chuck/Eric, discovery, observe, safe, scarf, spine, waiting
Chuck/Jenny, [any]
Chuck Bass/Nathaniel Archibald, bed, cheat, choke, conscience, daddy issues, fair, first kiss, forget, friends, hotel, knock, limo, martini, pot
Chuck/Serena, [any]
Chuck/Vanessa, [any]
Dan/Serena, kiss, reminisce
Nate/Vanessa, wearied

Goth (movie)
Kamiyama/Morino, bruised, garden, knife, predatory, rope, secrets

Gray Matters
Charlie/Gray/Sam, drunk, inevitable, open, sempiternal

Greek Mythology
Aphrodite/Ares, [any]
Apollo/Dionysus, clash, music
Ares/Athena, technical virginity
Artemis/Hera, reaction, revenge, secret, selfish
Eros/Psyche, always, blindfolds, candles, feel, heat, mornings, shadows, stimulate, tease, wings

Ashleigh Howard/Beaver, drunk, first time, freshman, games, regret, second chance
Ashleigh Howard/Casey Cartwright, best friends, comfort, goodbye, hello, intimacy, sharing
Ashleigh Howard/Rebecca Logan, comfort, don’t leave me, fashion, library
Ashleigh/Rusty, secret
Cappie/Casey, beach, camping, class, comfort, dreams, Doblers, Evan, forever, fun, games, Greek Week, home, kiss, lazy, lie, love, moon, parents, pool, pretend, shame, sorry, supple
Casey/Evan, dreams, high, inside, law, lemon drop, remember, wrists
Casey Cartwright/Rebecca Logan, bedsharing, bravado, competition, fight sex, politics
Evan/Rebecca, best, dress up, merry-go-round, okay, pulse, promise, timing

Green Wing
Caroline/Guy/Mac, honeymoon
Caroline/Mac, diagnosis, riverbank

Grey’s Anatomy
Addison/Izzie, cancer, C-section, family, lingerie, love, marzipan, salmon, steam, strap-on, teacher, zero
Addison/Izzie/Meredith, eyeroll, fingers, hiccup, midnight
Addison/Lexie, what are we doing?
Addison/Lexie/Mark, so wrong
Addison/Mark, band-aid, beach, experienced, red, the first time, you were meant for me
Addison/Meredith, elevator, green
Alex/Arizona, even, voice, warm beer and cold women
Alex Karev/Cristina Yang, distance, disturb, manscaping, rebound, result, sandpaper
Alex/Cristina/Meredith, coping mechanism
Alex/George, ghost
Alex/Izzie, stay, summer
Alex Karev/Lexie Gray, ass, blank, dark, days, divorce, lotion, macking, quickie, rugburn, scar, tough, trophy, veins
Alex/Meredith, alcohol, caught, cure, hair pulling, hallway, remove, secrecy, sink, spank
Alex/Owen, trauma
April Kepner/Derek Shepared, sin, sunburn, there are no lies
April Kepner/Jackson Avery, aftermath, applejacks, cupcake, songs I’d never learned, stranded, sugar, tattoo
Arizona/Callie, baby
Arizona/Lexie, peds, smile
Burke/Cristina, and if it’s love if it’s not rough it isn’t fun, anger, arch, biting, bruises, buttons, can’t get enough, cheating, doorknob, fist, intense, lab coat and high heels, perfections, pinned to the bed, positions, rigid, save me, scratch, scream, sex in the car, tears, the first time, throw, walls, watch, when it all fades away, writhe
Burke/Cristina/Owen, hurt, push and pull, trapped, you can have it all
Burke/Cristina/Teddy, enchanted, learn, stranger things have happened, teachers, voyeurism
Burke/Hahn, breaking up, medical school misadventures, never good enough, studying
Cristina Yang/Jackson Avery, bond, dirt, drunk, forbidden, forget, idol, nothing hurts like your mouth, postcard, regret
Cristina Yang/Lexie Grey, bra, breakfast, cookies, porn, science, sparkly, spice, swell, toys, vodka
Cristina/Lexie/Meredith, dancing
Cristina Yang/Meredith Grey, besties, bra, comfort, drinks, fun, grab, mri, nickname, quiet, sharing a bed, sleepover, start, tension, thoughts
Cristina Yang/Owen Hunt, enough, forget, hair, recovery, stop, sugar, uncontrollable
Cristina Yang/Owen Hunt/Teddy Altman, army, dirty talk, double team, on call room, surgery high, teaching
Cristina Yang/Teddy Altman, baseball, guiding hands, on-call, scrubs, talent, teasing, trauma
Derek/Lexie, caught, drunk, wrong
Derek/Lexie/Mark/Meredith, brothers, sisters
Derek Sheppard/Mark Sloane, favors, old times, on call room
Derek Sheppard/Owen Hunt, control, explosion, silent
Ellis Grey/Meredith, hands
Izzie/Meredith, Hello Kitty, hey, stealing, sucker, temper, whimper
Jackson Avery/Lexie Grey, barbie, on-call room, pretty eyes
Lexie Grey/Mark Sloane, absence, fight, gun, lockers, make-up sex, ouch, push, relief, soft, swallow, what did you say?, twist
Lexie/Meredith, accidental contact, anger, beg, cool, crazy, envy, fist, float, gasp, grinding, heel, helpless, mirror, scent, sick, soaked, texting
Mark Sloane/Miranda Bailey, arrogant, beauty, drinking, hot, overwhelm, seduce, skills, tame, weekend, whore
Mark/Owen, fist, lighter, stone, teethmarks
Mark/Teddy, bathroom, love

Grosse Pointe
Marcy/Sarah Michelle Gellar, yoga
Johnny/Quentin, dude

Guiding Light
Ava/Natalia, forbidden, reluctance
Doris/Olivia, blackmail, comfort, toys
Natalia/Olivia, ass, first, snow, virginity, wedding

Guilded Age
Byron Hackenslasher/Frigg Akerfeldt, unbowed
Byron Hackenslasher/Syr’Nj, understanding
Frigg Akerfeldt/Syr’Nj, unexpected

Gundam Wing
Dorothy/Hilde, “do you know what you got into”
Dorothy/Relena, break, checkmate, claimed, entertain me, tease
Duo Maxwell/Heero Yuy, bandages, BDSM, center, claim, desperate, drowning, euphoria, fast, frantic, gun, impossible, joke, knife, laughter, learn to love, listless, moxie, outsmart, rough, scarred, shallow, smirk, spunk, sunset, tongue
Duo/Hilde/Relena, let your hair down, strut
Duo Maxwell/Wufei Chang, hair, jabber, pretty, tense
Heero Yui/Relena Peacecraft, jump, queen, safety
Heero Yui/Trowa Barton, detail, food, hole, lions, ring, trailer, two of a kind
Heero/Wufei, chord, conclusion, wealth
Hilde/Quatre, flirt, hair, invitation, protocol
Hilde/Relena, “full of brilliant ideas”
Quatre Winner/Relena Peacecraft, blondes, guns
Quatre/Trowa, bound, focus, gravity, possessed, sweet, transient
Relena/any, ball gown, boots, desk, dress uniform, negotiation, obedience, pilot, power, release
Treize/Zechs, short leash, touch
Trowa/Wufei, defense, invert, time

Corny Collins/Motormouth Maybelle, beach, fixture, artifice, shawl
Link Larkin/Penny Pingleton/Seaweed/Tracy Turnblad, swingers, breakfast, hotel, seaside, city, holiday, Niagara, weddings

Hajime no Ippo
Miyata/Ippo, blush, kiss, crush, win, lose, secret, champion

Hamlet - Shakespeare
Hamlet/Gertrude, insinuation
Hamlet/Ophelia, flowers, last, memory, sanity

Hana Kimi (any)
Nakatsu/Mizuki, shower, wind, hope, confrontation
Sano/Mizuki, lights out, sleepwalking, victory, careless, fierce
Sano/Mizuki/Nakatsu, compromise, messy, reunion, America

Hana Kimi (Taiwan)
Rui Xi/Quan, water, honesty, teasing, tie

Hana Yori Dango
Domyouji/Makino, limo, lick, beg, honeymoon, power play, maid, public
Tsukasa/Tsukushi, safe, indulging, give

Mizuki/Nakatsu, caveat, photograph, trail
Mizuki/Nakatsu/Sano, knocking, glass, junction
Mizuki/Sano, pose, automatic, statistic
Nakatsu/Sano, following, exploit, scheduling

John/Ray, human, serve, triangulation, wheel,substitute, help, proud, domestic, fathers
John/Ray/Mary, loss, regret, joy, share, ancient, young

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
Lee/Veser, again, hope, keep
Zombie/Hanna, manic

Hannibal series - Thomas Harris
Clarice Starling/Hannibal, surrender, laughter
Will Graham/Hannibal, dominance, comfort

Happy Tree Friends
human!Flippy/human!Flaky, blood, knives, hurt, comfort, brush, shiver

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
Harold Lee/Kumar Patel/Maria/Vanessa Fanning, Amsterdam, Paris, mile-high, terrorists, coach, enterprise

Harper's Island
Abby Mills/John Wakefield, fight, behind bars
Henry Dunn/Shane Pierce, hips, vodka
Sully/Shea Allen, scissors, if we had children they'd be lovely and beautiful

Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling
Angelina Johnson/Montague Knightley, duelling, detention, captain war, locker room, wall!sex, unrequited, dirty talk, threats
Angelina Johnson/Fred Weasley/George Weasley, ghost
Bellatrix Lestrange/Lily Evans, wilted
Bellatrix Lestrange/Luna Lovegod, dreams
Bellatrix Lestrange/Molly Weasley, youth
Bellatrix Lestrange/Sybill Trelawney, darkness
Bill Weasley/Charlie Weasley, sun, red, hot, forbidden, delicious, yesterday
Bill Weasley/Draco Malfoy, freckles, ginger, scar, wolf, bite
Bill Weasley/Harry Potter, tall, sweet, summer, Egypt, experience, cursed
Bill Weasley/Neville Longbottom, bloom, smooth
Charlie Wealsey/Draco Malfoy, straps, glint, teach, youth
Charlie Weasley/Harry Potter, dragons, fire, life, death, fling, promise, early
Colin Creevey/Harry Potter, camera
Dean Thomas/Luna Lovegod, sensual
Draco Malfoy/Arthur Weasley, vibrators
Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, blood, teeth, dark, sneak, silver, bonded, success
Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter, jealousy
Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson, voyeur
Draco Malfoy/GregoryGoyle, left behind
Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, safe, plan, talk, you, disguise, party, his, demand, monster
Draco Malfoy/Luna Lovegod, at the wedding
Draco Malfoy/Neville Longbottom, fumbling
Draco Malfoy/Ron Weasley, adultery
Draco Malfoy/Severus Snape, biting, curtains, promise, text, grease
Dudley Dursley/Millicent Bulstrode, blood
Fleur Delacour/Gabrielle Delacour, obliviate
Fleur Delacour/Ginny Weasley, a kiss, bath, summer heat, speaking French, feminine
Fleur Delacour/Luna Lovegod, water, yellow
Fleur Delacour/Nymphadora Tonks, change, irresistible, pink, magic, cream
Gabrielle Delacour/Percy Weasley, lessons, fingernails, denial
Gilderoy Lockheart/Severus Snape, as amazing as advertised
Ginny Weasley/Gabrielle Delacour, ivory
Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter, painting nails, agoraphobia
Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegod/Neville Longbottom/Ron Weasley, any, anniversary, battle, celebration, firewhiskey, heroes, ministry, quiet, recovery, ritual, team, together
Ginny Weasley/Luna Lovegod, boxer shorts, flying, striptease, buttons, cumbersome, dawn, silver, freckles, daydream, knees, rain, feathers, bubbles, sunshine stunning, ill-advised
Ginny Weasley/Minerva McGonagall, freckles, red, blush, winsome, cat
Ginny Weasley/Narcissa Malfoy, bite
Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson, pinstripes, filing cabinets, laddered hose, bloody lip, fist, growl, love-hate
Ginny Weasley/Severus Snape, prostitution
Ginny Weasley/Tom Riddle, mine
Ginny Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks, colour, ending star, half, head down, water, experience, fur
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, guilt, underground
Harry Potter/Kingsley Shacklebolt, PTSD
Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, anonymity, moonstruck, awkwardness, acceptance
Harry Potter/Millicent Bulstrode, soft, curl, stiff
Harry Potter/Neville Longbottom, bond, greenhouse, train, mystery, something muggle this way comes
Harry Potter/Nymphadora Tonks, AU, pink, wand
Harry Potter/Pansy Parkinson, drunken, wicked game
Harry Potter/Remus Lupin, unapproachable, h/c, d/s
Harry Potter/Remus Lupin/Severus Snape, domestic, ticklish, bathrobes, disability
Harry Potter/Severus Snape, protector, punishment, grin, in a public place, portrait!sex, mother
Harry Potter/Severus Snape/Tom Riddle, choices
Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegod, library, studying, sweet
Hermione Granger/Minerva McGonagall, discipline
Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson, dark, unfair, balance, yin and yang, deviant, fun
Hermione Granger/Rita Skeeter, nails
Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, wet, naughty, fright, skip, unplanned
Hermione Granger/Nymphadora Tonks, guide, understanding, alone, playful
Hermione Granger/Delores Umbridge, test
Katie Bell/Marcus Flint, flying, music, writing
Marcus Flint/Percy Wesley, bully, spanking, liquor, ball-gag, blindfold, hardness, prefect, badge, uniform, delayed-orgasm, rimming, deep-throating
Millicent Bulstrode/Neville Longbottom, fist
Minerva McGonagall/Tom Riddle, prefect, library
young!Minerva McGonagall/Tom Riddle, prefect duties, curfew patrol, mind games, manipulation, tension, insinuation, power plays, never
Molly Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks, knitting
Narcissa Malfoy/Nymphadora Tonks, courage
Neville Longbottom/Ron Weasley, first
Neville Longbottom/Pansy Parkinson, delicate, home, incognito, surprise, untouched
Remus Lupin/Severus Snape, dubcon, exasperating, best behaviour, breakfast, inappropriate portraits
Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, leaving feast, escape, runaways, fist fight, jealousy, bite, need, reunion, silent
James Potter/Lily Evans, kissing, forget-me-not, persuasion, throat, jealousy, tease, purity, adrenaline, anger, injustice, what, flirt, hi, outside, before, mine, dance
James Potter/Lily Evans/Sirius Black, home
James Potter/Sirius Black, summer, happy, motorbike, grass, lake, homework, spin the bottle
Lily Evans/Remus Lupin/Severus Snape, empty, friends, difficult, potion, devious, relaxation
Lily Evans/Severus Snape, obsession, different, pure
Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy, fidelity, escape, son
Luna Lovegod/Lily Luna Potter, name
Luna Lovegod/Minerva McGonagall, tongue
Luna Lovegod/Pansy Parkinson, besotted, dazzled, softness
Luna Lovegod/Nymphadora Tonks, colours, moon
Luna Lovegod/Xenophilius Lovegood, nargles
Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape, drinking buddies, try not to laugh, walk of shame, caught, punish, stay, defy
Padfoot/Harry, kinky, animal, lick
Severus Snape/Sirius Black, bottom!Snape, powerplay, hatesex, rough, secret, wrong

Haunting Ground
Fiona/Daniela, noncon, dubcon, Azoth

Havemercy - Danielle Bennett and Jaida Jones
Kalim/Malahide, cold, sand
Rook/Thom, reading
Royston/Hal, tea

Audrey/Nathan, truth, touch, partners, tough exterior, secrets, water, wine

Hawthorne/Tom Wakefield, power outage, slow, secret, hands, burn, underwear

Hazards of Love (The Decemberists' Album)
Margaret/William, fawn, shoreline, firefly, modern world, briar

Jason/Veronica, Gun, Torture, Run, Blackmail, Handcuffs, Croquette, Spoil, Murder, Hearts

Hell Girl
Ai/Hone Onna, river, orders
Ai/Ichimoku Ren, higanbana, water, sunset, straw
Hone Onna/Tsugumi, hell, bones, sin
Ichimoku Ren/Hone Onna, scarlet, midnight, human, steel, playful

John/Chas, old times, demon, Renee, bond, taxicab

Hellbound: Hellraiser 2
Kirsty/Tiffany, incurable, path, warmth, blood, memory, gentle, whisper, decision, admiration, music, game

Hellboy (movie)
Nuada/Nuala, twisted, silver, tear, salt

Hellboy/John Meyers, leaving, sent away, angel, comeback, uncle, past, mpreg, collar, forbidden, cheater, suit, desk, leather, broadcast, running, fisting, snow, double-penetration
Prince Nuada/John Myers, claim, magic, mpreg, warrior, soul-mate, AU

Alucard/Integra, arrogance, fealty
Alucard/Seras, play, catch, scratch, war, gift, mask, purr
Integra/Seras, blood, scent, vigil, red, control, master, command, beast, leisure, fealty, thirst, virgins, safe, unsafe, trust

Hero - Perry Moore
Goran/Thom, first, possessive, voice

Adam/Claire, any, allies, blood, champagne, flame, forever, match, rough, rush, silk, smoke, waterfall
Adam/Elle, experiment, escape, confidant, prince charming, games, playmate, young
Adam/Monica, collar, healing
Adam/Peter, hedonistic, immortal, end of days
Angela/Noah, precedence, proposition
Claire/Gretchen, anatomy, textbook, instinct, hot chocolate, impressive, toys, rough!sex
Claire/Zach, college, ladder, hello
Eden/Mohinder, mental, blow
Elle/Claire, twofold, strap-on, apocalypse, focault, static, grief, liminal,
Elle/Claire/Alex Woolsy, experimentation, pegging, breathless, any
Elle/Luke, bite, fixed, hiding, highway, nope, pegging
Elle/Maya, drunk, fear
Elle/Peter, back, masochist, orphan, smarts, umbrella, cell, favors, fist, yellow, dark, race, stars, last, peaches, burn, fragile, rebound, comparisons, payback, power-play
Elle/Peter/Sylar, trick, lightning, video
Elle/Sylar, blue, reboot, run, sand, sick, spree, healing, undeserving, penitance, backseat, jumper cable, bruises, forgive, get even, sparks
Elle/Zach, camera, David Lynch, handjob, positions, research
Mohinder/Elle , apocalyptic, cotton candy, melancholy, wired, any
Mohinder/Sylar, [any], nostalgia, beginning, undermine, prick, future, companionship, lost, memorial, opaque, relief, haughty, visage, shift,
Nathan/Claire, champagne, black-tie function, dirty, wet, heat, rough
Nathan/Peter, [any], letting go, fault, blame, amoral, family, well dressed man, bound, silk, sirens, flight, necessary, comfort, dreaming, powerless, hero worship, regrets, amends, advantage
Noah/Zach, Daddy, yours, pleas, murmurs, aggression, whore
Peter/Sylar, [any], nail, 10 years, repent, camraderie, immortal, red, paint, AU , favor
Peter/Claire, amnesia, DNA-testing, comfort, forbidden, healing
Peter/Claude, public place, ghosts, guru
Peter/Emma, signal, detuned, breakthrough, trust
Sylar!Nathan/Peter, what happened in that dreamscape, prison, forgiveness, anger, betrayal, disgust with self
Sylar/Claire, dominant, fix, giving, taking

Cassie/Azazeal, possession, blasphemy, voyeur
Cassie/Jo, caning

Hey Arnold
Arnold/Gerald, numbers
Helga/Lila, white
Helga/Phoebe, books
Helga/Rhonda, nails

Hey Dude
Brad/Melody, snobbery
Ted/Danny, dare

High School Musical
Chad/Ryan, college, ice, curtains, dirty, twilight, height, sing, balance, yoga, flexiblity, camera, curl, dorm, flush, locker, spotlight, text, yoga, cursing, game, future, style, have, has
Chad/Taylor, math, chemistry, power, self, confidence, open, tug, study, anatomy

Duncan/Methos, The Cat Who Walks By Himself and All Places Are Alike to Him, terry-cloth monkey,
Methos/Alexa, Marlowe, love
Methos/Joe, discovery, beer, Adam, academy
Methos/OFC, marriage, affair, ice, longing, loneliness

Hikaru no Go
Akira/Hikaru, climb, situation, beauty, bleak, white, hot, dark, secret, depth, indescribable, fear, rue, catastrophic, knowing, blind, maturity, exploration, assumptions
Hikaru/Akira, shove, tease, bad first time sex, accident
Akira/Waya, obsession, prompt, public
Waya/Isumi, lesson one, kitchen, shock
Isumi/Waya, prediction, unseen, commentary

His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
Lyra Belacqua/Mrs Coulter, corrupt

Craig/John Paul, contrasts, distance, fumble, pride, roadtrip, shutter, domestic, quiet, public
John Paul/Kieron, discovery, domestic, engaged, faith, lust, tease

Home and Away
Charlie/Aden, beach, lust, upset, alcohol
Charlie/Joey, love, reunion, bedroom, forgiveness
Charlie/Martha, intrigue, questions, friendship

Karkat/John, spite, cyber, friendship, timelines, disgust

Horatio Hornblower
Horatio/Archie, whipping boy,silent, good wine, first time, Cadiz, ocean, showing him the ropes
Horatio/Lady Barbara, rain, happy, second chances

Hot Fuzz
Nicholas/Danny, cuddle, lather, spin, bashful, cell, ears, recovery, scar, trust, unridiculous

House M.D.
Amber/Cameron, untied
Amber/Cuddy, competition, hard edges, mirror, similar, competition, think, manipulation, pearls
Amber/Kutner, astral, legs, tease, afterlife, yell
Amber/Stacy, coincidence
Amber/Taub, aggressive, short, burn
Amber/Thirteen, ghost, rivals, scare tactics, hate, competition, dead girls, hate, phone, drunk, chance, opportunity, sneak, dying, fantasy, reputation
Cameron/Chase/Thirteen, post-honeymoon
Cameron/Cuddy/Thirteen, threeway
Cameron/Thirteen, countdown, distraction, inappropriate, lab coat, relax, insomnia, insecure, overtime, strapless, buttons, electricity, fake, acid, mysterious, amateur, comfort, replace, save me, night shift, rebound, flowers, consultation, consequences, rough, queen,scent
Chase/Cameron, kiss, sneak, drown, forget, pause, skin
Chase/Foreman, change, eyebrow, contrast, divorce
Chase/Thirteen, itch, destruction, edge, shallow, numb, revenge, lies, too attractive
Cuddy/Cameron, Chicago, conference, friendly, alone
Cuddy/Chase, pay, change, overtime, rebound, careless, midnight
Cuddy/Foreman, on her desk
Cuddy/Lucas, jealousy, quicky, last, simple, sorry, sneaky, their last time
Cuddy/OFC, first, college, cards, giggle, roommate, back, mark, study, book
Cuddy/Stacy, guilt, smoke, friends, drawl, coffee
Cuddy/Thirteen, mountain, punishment, refusal, guidelines, boss, bar, tremor
Cuddy/Wilson, dark, replacement, between, wrong, secret, comfort, tragedy, suit, House, affection, the condo
Cuddy/Wilson/Stacy, memories
Foreman/House, negotiate
House/Rachel Taub, texting, divorce, revenge, blow, trick, blue
House/Amber, forbidden, temptation, piano, motorcycle, betrayal, payback, ego, opportunistic, frustration, hostility, hallucination, empty, rough, red, regret
House/Cameron, airport, letters, chance, Vegas wedding, tease, sigh, slow, deep, imperative, lampshade, lazy, foreplay, different, games, interview, pale, crutch, silence, scrubs, fast, belief, cancer, doubt, no dialogue
House/Cameron/Chase/Foreman/Thirteen/Taub, research
House/Cameron/Cuddy, magic
House/Cameron/Thirteen, birthday, nightclub, body shots, striptease, semi-public, blindfold, exam room, role play, double-penetration, daisy-chain
House/Chase, broken, dominance, tied, silent, punch, admit, bite, ears
House/Cuddy, embrace, college, pillow, rules, freckles, new, mend, yoga, fracture, time, scars, vulnerable, teeth, light, fight, desperate, October, rules, power, puzzle, laughter, hotel, watch, enough, bastard, wink, whisper, videotape, high heels, chess, morning, breakfast, date, hush, fingernails, scratches, scotch, lipstick, glass, hopeful, still, flush, hiss
House/Cuddy/Lucas, compromise, tangy, sigh, pull, hot, persuade, mutual, complication
House/Cuddy/Thirteen, voyeurism, gaze, sweat, first, beg
House/Cuddy/Wilson, double-penetration, rimming, tempt, watching, adjustments, eavesdropping, taste, lines, ordinary, necessary, balance
House/Cuddy/Wilson/Amber, [any]
House/Thirteen, destructive, annoyance, rush
House/Wilson, games, bachelor party, obsession, laugh, peace, tease, green, loyalty, car, leaving, monster trucks, balcony, play, elevator, motorcycle, red light, roommates, domestic, cooking, poker, cigars, piano, need, silver tongue, as god made them, leather jacket, lollipops, possessive, first meeting, in sync, bitchin', drugged, sneaking, prank, telenovelas, love you, in charge, labcoats, pizza, chasing, a couple, mattress, sacrifice, forgiveness, handcuffs, still not boring, forbidden fruit, midnight, clean-shaven, social contract, snacking, subconscious, comfort, memory, manipulative bitch, cooking class, feeding, talking in his sleep, catch, understanding, saving him, bedside, marriage, singing, bathtub, organ, stay, painkiller, rehab, retribution, tie, indifferent, ache, bet, ransom, bitter, gay porn, lazy, trade-off, imperfection, respect, cane, legendary, 'roommates', lies, unexpected, joke, trust, cane, foreign object, ER, hospital shows, bath, house sharing, women, inevitable, denial, desperate, tease, meeting,
House/Wilson/Amber, negotiations, compete, happiness, compromise, Thursday
Taub/Thirteen/Mrs. Taub, habits, compromise
Thirteen/Taub, excuse, biology, late, tests, favor, relief, itch
Wilson/Cameron, Cameron leaves PPTH
Wilson/Chase, aspirin, repent, warning, furtive, smooth
Wilson/Thirteen, secret, careful, mend, fun, secrets

How I Met Your Mother
Barney/Lily, experimentation, miscommunication, fake wife, that thing you do
Barney/Lily/Marshall, worthy
Barney/Robin, scotch, laugh, second try
Barney/Ted, legendary, proof, first-time
Lily/Robin, playing, experiment, backup, fluid-sexuality
Robin/Ted, giggle, closed, window, cry

How To Train Your Dragon (movie),
Astrid Hofferson/Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, co-operation, equal, airborne, fierce, partner
Gobber the Belch/Stoick the Vast, splinters, roar, strategy

Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones
Howl/Sophie, words, fire, movement, air, search, night, wings, argument

Howl's Moving Castle (2004 movie)
Howl/Sophie, heart, blue, quarters, home, turnips, flowers

Human Target
Christopher Chance/Jessica Shaw, scars, date

Ray Drecker/Jessica Haxon, reunite, honey, reminisce, possible, bowling, after
Ray Drecker/male customer, apprehension, open
Tanya Skagle/Lenore Bernard, hate, boss, disappointment, prove

Danny/Mickey, challenge, wine
Danny/Mickey/Stacie, odds, play, stay, disguise, spectacle, balcony, bonus

I Heart Huckabees
Albert Markovski/Tommy Corn, universe

I Kissed A Vampire
Dylan/Sara, bite, blood, coldsore, Facebook, worry, control, blink

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
Chuck/Larry, real

I Robot
Calvin/Spooner, simulation, gasoline, good posture, outlet, snark, slow burn, flirt, power outage, candles

I Spy (film)
Alexander Scott/Kelly Robinson, images, shutup, vintage

I Spy (tv)
Alexander Scott/Kelly Robinson, squeak, roll, impermanence, greedy, vocabulary

Carly/Nevel, hate
Carly/Sam, help, last show, camera, matching, sleep, lust, knee high socks, role play, first time, college, ratings, bachelorette, honey
Carly/Sam/Freddie, first time, pressure, want, teasing, hiding, after the camera goes off
Freddie/Spencer, socks, tie, space, drawing, secret, iWant
Sam/Freddie, don't leave me, attraction, denial, hot-n-heavy, making-out, real, orgasm
Sam/Spencer, bedtime, 18, mascara, video camera, caught, denial, sexting, high
Spencer/Freddie, art
Spencer/Mrs. Benson, naughty, secret, strip

Igby Goes Down (2002)
Igby/Sookie, cons, fingers, lists, sarcasm, ice cream
Oliver/Sookie, confidence, Igby, hair-pulling, high, patience

Imagine Me & You
Heck/Rachel, questions, safe
Luce/Rachel, rush, new, petals

In Plain Sight
Brandi/Raphael, later
Brandi/Peter, class, drunk, heart
Eleanor/Mary, yes
Marshall/Allison, Mary, caught, garters, jeans, casual clothes
Mary/Marshall, gun, rough, angry, vacation, hope, love, anger, bicker, kickass, encyclopedia, jackass, irritable, lingerie, pegging, handcuffs, roleplay, felon, elegant
Mary/Marshall/Bobby D, inevitable, insatiable, voyeur, joining-in
Mary/Marshall/Charlie, surprise, nervous, hesitant, devour
Mary/Shelley, opposite

Inda series - Sherwood Smith
Evred/Fox, banner, blood, enemies, envy, family, fear, lust, rings, swords, traditions, tunic, waves
Evred/Taumad, wishes and commands, deliberate
Hadand/Jeje, drums, hands, keeping secrets, pirates, playing, tears
Inda/Tdor, comfort, force, home, nervous, stitches, reunion, simple
Jeje/Tau, breath, flowers, golden, laugh, knots, rubies,

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Mutt/OMC, leather, comb, motorcycle, artifacts, college, hat, whip, sword, curse, treasure, map

Indiana Jones
Indy/Marion, exasperation, fighting, annoyance, adventure

Inertia Creeps (Massive Attack Music Video)
Man with camera, private, voyeurism

Inglourious Basterds
Aldo/Utivich, folklore, post-war, protégé
Archie/Hellstrom, compromise, boots, walther, twisted, lick, uniform
Archie/Stiglitz, dialect, gentlemen, scars
Archie/Bridget, crimson, Archie/Bridget, scotch, second chance, offended, buttons
Bridget/Donny, [any]
Bridget/Shosanna, fire, red, actress, flee
Donny/Shosanna, [any]
Donny/Stiglitz/Utivich, hidden, muscle
Donny/Stilgitz, bitten
Donny/Utivich, after, bat, before, mighty, river
Donny/Utivich/Wicki, opposites
Donny/Wicki, tongue
Hellstrom/Shosanna, sour, cold, unknown, clockwork, used
Marcel/Shosanna, gloaming, harbor, premonition, technicolor, stealth, salvation, recovery, coda
Shosanna/Stiglitz, slice, heat, stare
Stiglitz/Utivich, shield

Inspector Chen series
Chen/Zhu Irzh, careful, control, tail, divorce
Zhu Ihrz/Jhai, sex drive, hard, scream, claws, rought

Inuyasha/Kagome, passion, sneak, construct
Inuyasha/Sango, intelligence, dripping, breach

It - Stephen King
Henry Bowers/Losers Club, forgotten

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Charlie/Dennis, hangover, wildcard!
Charlie/Mac, sense
Dennis/Mac, altar, brews, buds, plan

Jack of All Trades
Jack/Emilia, Chocolate, amusement, "spank me." "Is this what you want?"

Webb/Harm, DADT, covert, wings, flying

Jake 2.0
Jake/Dumont, public enemies, firesale, endgame, VR rooms, grey side, EMP shelter
Jake/Shinji Makito, two-beer-queer, geeks, sparring, sushi

James Bond (movies)
Bond/Strawberry Fields, oasis, kisses, old scars
Bond/Vesper, left, rifle, transparent
Brosnan!Bond/Moneypenny, [any]
James Bond/M, mind games, sub!James, broken, comfort

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë
Jane/Rochester, blindness, infirmity, sweet
Miss Temple/Jane, learn, gentle, domestic

Jeeves and Wooster – P. G. Wodehouse
Jeeves/Wooster, hiding, the grounds, travel, long island, alcohol, piano

Jennifer's Body
Jennifer/Needy, one more night, blood, heat, catfight, sharp, choking, jealousy, red, strap-ons, pulling, teeth, careful, tomorrow, resurrection, vampire, lesbian, cheerleader

Theo/Markus, Thunder Mountin, Erin, stay, father, water, fighters, war, peace, bravado, vulnerable, quiet

Jake/Eric, gravity, steel, cabin, cigarette, reach, pack only what you can carry
Jake/Jonah, ingenuity, daddy issues, conduct, machinery, solitary

Jesse Stone series - Robert B Parker
Luthor "Suitcase" Simpson/Jesse Stone, mentor, detective, pushy, sail
Molly Crane/Jesse Stone, only, stormy, belt
Sunny Randall/Jesse Stone, apart, drinking, guns

Joan of Arcadia
Adam/Ryan, angel
Grace/Luke, science, first, leather, secret, snark, glasses, physics, menorah, kiss, leather
Joan/Adam, apologies, God, rediscovery, hands, collage
Joan/CuteBoy!God, tangled, prayer, reverie
Joan/Grace, heavenly
Joan/Judith, forgive, memories, God

John Adams (miniseries)
Abigail Adams/Thomas Jefferson, jealousy

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel - Susanna Clarke
Stephen Black/John Uskglas, kings
Arabella/Lady Pole, dance, bells, cold, necklace
Jonathan Strange/Gilbert Norrell, library, candlestick, dagger, ingredients
Lascelles/Drawlight, immaculate, contempt, crawl
the gentleman with thistle-down hair/Arabella, manners, invitation, radiance
Jonathan Strange/Arabella, oral sex, focus, writing on each other with quill and ink, time apart, memento, letters
The Raven King/Childermas, magical sex torture/teasing

Jonny Quest (1964)
Benton/Race, betting on a longshot, mile high club, Rio, masquerade, worth the wait
Hadji/Jonny, graduation

Dan Vasse/Jack Vasser, time travel, disappearing mid act, pain

Jules et Jim
Catherine/Jim/Jules, embark

Junjou Romantica
Akihiko/Misaki, play, tease, touch, possessive, too deep, never let go
Nowaki/Hiroki, blindfold, joy
Usami/Misaki, food, play

Juno/Bleeker, second trimester, last name, part two, floss
Juno/Leah, experimenting, curls, phone, squeeze, in-jokes, kittens
Juno/Mark, ease, heard, paper, pool, record, slip
Juno/Paulie, food!kink, biting, hesitation, condom, shout
Juno/Su Chin, sharpies
Juno/Vanessa, growing
Su-Chin/Leah, rally

Jurassic Park 3
Alan/Billy, scars, student/teacher, montana

Just Friends
Chris/Jamie, stockings, baby, album, Los Angeles, skate

Justice League
Bruce Wayne/Wally West, resist, soft, indulgent, forgive, pledge, always

Ava/Raylan, home-cooking, pedicure, Chihuahua, protection, detail, backseat, dance
Ava/Winona, regrets, excitement, favors
Boyd/Raylan, choir, skinny-dipping, debauchery, white-lightning, repent, hellfire, sympathy, shootout, preacher man, gun
Raylan/Rachel, friction, handcuffs, choices, caress, femme fatale, hostage, exile, stakeout, Kentucky, proximity, impression, vex
Raylan/Rachel/Tim, sharpshooters, pecking order, equals, badge, hotel, strip poker, precision
Raylan/Winona, weakness, slip, begin-again, woods, beer, ruffle, pearl

Kamikaze Girls
Ichigo/Momoko, dream, candy, muddy, scooter, strawberry, Paris

Kate Daniels - Ilona Andrews
Curran/Kate, baths, battles, food, bows, roar, sharing, shivers

Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Bianchi/Gokudera, love
Bianchi/Xanxus, heirs
Enma/Adelheid, history, blood
G./Giotto, pledges
Kyoko/Tsuna/Gokudera, support systems
Lampo/Giotto, brat
Tsuna/Enma, blood
Tsuna/G., calm, crush
Tsuna/Gokudera, crowned, cats, learning
Tsuna/TYL Lambo, heroes
TYL Shoichi/TYL Tsuna, desperation
Xanxus/Squalo, genderswap, tough, control, adrenaline
Yamamoto/Gokudera, buddies, helping hand, cranky, wall, spanking, top, relaxing, leather, belonging
Yamamoto/Hibari, pack, bite, sharp, yukata, tea, moonlight, kimono, sword, tradition, hunger
Yamamoto/Kaoru, wishes
Yamamoto/Tsuna, boss
Hibari/Yamamoto, rehabilitation
Mukuro/Yamamoto, respite
Xanxus/Squalo, older

Keeping Up Appearances
Hyacinth/Richard, directions, impropriety
Onslow/Daisy, bacon, boa

Chris/Dave, cool, secret
David Lizewski/any, adrenaline, lycra, secret

Kill Bill
Budd/Bill, disappointment

Kimi ni Todoke
Chizu/Ayane, mistakes, flowers, hands, awake
Chizu/Ryu, laughter

King Lear – Shakespeare
Cordelia/Edmund, pride, dirt, scratch

Kingdom Hearts
Aerith/Leon, spring, ribbons, petals, crush
Axel/Roxas, memories, slow burn, hurt
Riku/Sora/Kairi, together

Lyle Anderson/any, wet
Peter Kingdom/any, rumpled, solicitous
Sidney Snell/Gloria Millington, bath

David/Jack, compelling, flirting, dazzled, city, royal, promiscuous, changes, forbidden, pleasures, boyfriend, naked, uniform, sir, kiss, shy, hidden, willing, club, pictures, the-wrong-one, shore-leave, betray, betrothal, betrayal, crown, history, coyote, fighter, sour, dawn, suspicious, rough, observe, sneaky, blood of my blood, rescue, candle, return
David/Jack/Michelle, habit, sunglasses, fingering, professional, apathy, crossdressing, uniform, duel, [any]
David/Michelle, piano, naive, paparazzi, nightmares, pegging, soldier, pearls, spoiled
David/Silas, kneel, king, blowjob, thank you, New Serenity, care-taking, courtship, waiting, sign, butterfly, caress, fortune, blessed, touch, beautiful, shine, silence, festival, offering, home, distract
Silas/Thomasina, devotion, sharpshooter, it's in our history, regal, mercy

Kino's Journey
Kino/Nimya, road, sky, freedom

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry/Harmony, disappointment, gallantry, teeth
Harry/Perry, cash, celebration, guns, huge, thirds, vodka, teeth, shock, protective, "apply my methods"
Harry/Perry/Harmony, the perfect solution

Kitchen Confidential
Jack/Stephen, bouillabaisse, chocolate, secret stash, crock pot, sharkfin, rival, pudding, gala, black tie, sold, 4-star review, Michelin stars

Mio/Ritsu, shame, cake, rhythm
Ritsu/Mugi, substitute, sunset, uniform

Kung Fu Hustle
Landlady/Landlord, smoke, 1985
Sing/Ice Cream Vendor Girl, lollipop, sticky, bills

Doman/Seimei, overpower, struggle, humiliation, exile, loathing
Kureha/Utsuki, blood, earth, skin
Sakuya/Seimei, student, indifference, strong, ambition
Sakuya/Utsuki, dream, silk, struggle, rescue

Sebastian/Ciel, submit

Kushiel's Dart - Jacqueline Carey
Delaunay/Alcuin, [any]
Delaunay/Phedre, [any]
Phedre/Alcuin, practice, tease

Kyo Kara Maoh!
Conrad/Yuri, faithful servant
Gwendal/Conrad, comfortable, hair-care
Gwendal/Yuri, adorable
Shouri/Conrad, first-kiss
Wolfram/Yuri, "This engagement is over when I say so!", "So strong for for someone so...feminine!", comfort, tease, crossdress, topping from the bottom
Yozak/Conrad, dresses
Yuuri/Conrad, dancing

L.A. Confidential (movie)
Bud White/Edmund Exley, partner, P.I., NYC, red, hate, drink, 1940, 1960, 1970

La Double Vie de Véronique
Véronique/Weronika, oneirology, paths

La Femme Nikita
Madeline/Operations, AU, reality, second chance, unromantic
Michael/Nikita, field, slow, rustic, past, snow, apparel, undercover, use
Operations/Walter, past, unknown, future, beginning
Seymour Birkoff/Greg Hillinger, top, proven, restraint, hex

Jareth/Grown!Toby, captive
Jareth/Toby, home, dream, stolen, fae, consort, makeover, stalking, choice, naked, power, dark, public-claiming, above ground, fairy ring, called, peach, owl
Jareth/Sarah, choices, lies, point of no return, slow

Lady Daddy
Ji-hyun/Joon-suh, explore, photographs, invitation

Latter Days
Aaron/Christian, bite, joy, role, whisper, clean, wine, smoke, woods, rough

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Bobby Goren/Alex Eames, gloves, rear, stammer, honey honey, screwed over, resign, apocalypse, after, alone, rainy, funeral, uniforms, bruises, stained, espresso, link, hesitate, interrogation, alibi, escalate, stakeout, missing, commiserate, vacation, apocalypse, stranded, stars, chance, reborn, stakeout, cribs, semi-public
Connie/Mike, baby, baseball, conference table, lost, stay, the uses of jack's desk
Danny Ross/Elizabeth Rodgers, role play, kink, morgue
Alex Eames/Megan Wheeler, friction, hopeless
Alex Eames/Megan Wheeler/Bobby Goren, sharing
Bobby Goren/Zach Nichols, psychologist
Mike Logan/Megan Wheeler, [any]
Robert Goren/Alex Eames/Zach Nichols, recovery, hope, lost, grief
Zach Nichols/Danny Ross, insubordination, superior, handcuffs, control

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Elliot/Olivia, AU, gunslingers, outlaws, speechless, different, before, after, sin, repentance, penance, redemption, force, hands, rough, desperate, slow, trust, undercover, control, moving on, pegging, collide, stake-out, risk, territory, restraint, bite, slide, confession, tent, drained, beg, happy, tattoo, nightmare, insecure, silent, breathless, codependent, solo, voyeur, sweat, exhaustion, fingernails, gentle, candle wax, porn
Elliot/Olivia/Casey/Alex, daisy-chain, fantasy, wet dream
Elliot/Olivia/Dean, worship
Elliott Stabler/George Huang, temper, family, guns, cell, profile
Munch/Casey, ginger, oh, lawsuit, captain, return, [any]

Law & Order: UK
Matt Devlin/Alesha Phillips, case, cliché, forget, substitute
Matt Devlin/Ronnie Brooks, partners, sugar craving, rampage, taming, calm, righteous

League of Extraordinary Gentleman (movie)
Dorian/Mina, ache, manipulation, weak
Dr. Jekyll/Nemo, monsters, beach, finery
Dr. Jekyll/Skinner, table manners, voyeurism, leather

Left 4 Dead 2
Nick/Ellis, blood, desperation, fire, hunger, inhuman, safe, silent, stain

Legally Blonde
Elle/Vivien, smart

Legend of the Seeker
Cara/Dahlia, first, power, dark, feeling, tongue, laces, found, secret, whisper, changed, hush, burn, curl, affection, swing, spiral, swirl, riding, rough, chains, blood, sisters, comfort, denial, leather, braid, quiet, desperation, blood, close, bath, tender, agiel, waiting, possibility, pain, bitter, hope, Kahlan, unsafe, rough, love, flowers, heart, possessive, first, last, unforgettable, tender, leather, soldiers, persistence of memory, [any]
Cara/Dahlia/Kahlan, mord'sith, agiel, pain, lavish, torture
Cara/Denna, alpha, needs, patience, control, smart, backhand, armor, submission, command, rebellion, supplication, respect, pain, violence
Cara/Kahlan, Cara sees Kahlan in Mord'Sith Leather, biting, brothel, earthy, protector, fire, temptation, grope, dripping, spastic, thirsty, tongue, injury, muscle, practice, rub, strangers, thrust, groan, swagger, Richard watches, jaw, sigh, Kahlan tops, magic, strap-on, reckless, hair, water, snark, pushing, danger, hard, princess, heat, agiel, nightmare, capture, sound, worship, bold, choice, red, listen, downfall, white, stormcloud, gentle, shadows, after the rain, strength, compassion, education, urgency, need, unbound, wild, sisterhood, waterfall, tomorrow, undressing, soft, sweat, knives, boots, secret, scars, sub!Cara/dom!Kahlan, Brothel, Amnell, snow, leather, lake, summer, wisps, strength, wanting, possibilities, path, sweetness, danger, [any]
Cara/Kahlan/Richard, roleplay, cross-dressing, rescue, AU, cuddle-pile, [any]
Cara/Richard, [any], comfort, loneliness, loyalty, companionship, roadtrip, outlet, diffusion, Agiel, mouth, eyes, devoted
Darken Rahl/Giller, blades, blood, command, rough, venom
Denna/Rahl, [any]
HBIC!Kahlan/Emo!Kahlan/Cara, Agiel
Kahlan, solo
Kahlan/Dahlia, Rahl, bonds, covert, safety
Kahlan/Darken Rahl, wedding night
Kahlan/Nicci, fingertips, forgiveness, hunger, afraid, badass, magic, confessed!Kahlan, vulnerable, tension, hungry
Kahlan/Richard, lilypond, wrist, point, snowfall, family, home, heat, fire, hunting, boots, magic, leaves
Leo/Cara, dress, pounce!
Richard/Darken Rahl, fire, dream, Underworld, blood is thicker than water
Richard/Denna, forgiveness, bittersweet, braid, smooth, curious, strength, ammunition, fingernails, [any]
Richard/Nicci, han, silence, later, darkness, tease, desire, impatient

Legend of Zelda
Ganondorf/Zelda, Sheik, nonconsensual, ruler, absolute
Link/Midna/Zelda, triforce, adrenaline, new, love
Link/Sheik, desert, search, time, sleep, red, death, illusion
Link/Zelda, pursuit, secret, royal, first, fate, crossdressing, pegging, courage, folly
Zelda/Midna, opposites, power, taste, balance, bare
Zelda/Shad, awkward, books, gloves, blush, wine, inappropriate

Legion (2010)
Michael/Gabriel, punish, fly, flagellate, absolution

Les Miserables - Victor Hugo
Enjolras/Grantaire, night
Grantaire/Javert, tangled
Joly/Jean Prouvaire, cold

Alec Hardison/Parker, cover, wired, fun, non-heteronormativity, Comic-Con, apart, mustache, mutual, oops?, scared, taco, tart, chocolate, shifty, rogue, glass, Batgirl, home, dolby surround, watch, pretzels, emotions are so hard, communication, video, lock picks, security, porn, waiting, first time, orphan, pretend, soft, comfortable, unknown, strange, darkness, phone call, apartment, games, money, crush, thief, night, nervous, stay, twirl, relax, reverence, first time, pumpkin, fragile, music, masterpiece, sunshine, whoa, French kiss, pretend, just like that, undercover, lock, time, communication, costume, earpiece, look, orange soda, waiting, hammock, cheater, fearless, carbonation, wide-eyed, promise, late, saturnine, mile-high, sidewalk, shutdown, bypass, reciprocated, sparring, [any]
Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker, ventilation, geek, hardware, fists, harness, dancing, harness, kidding, sweet-tooth, dangerous, costume, music, home, AU, feast, movies night, chocolate, jealous, communication, guitar, earbuds, thief, warehouse, darkness, laugh, voyeurism, spatula, soul, rushing, sloppy, forgotten, loud, feather, hair-pulling, interesting, acrobatic, odd, tired, merciless, saving, comfort, stamina, scene, possession, law, mark, 2:35am, broken glass, deplorable, family, luddite, rope, watch, camera, jump, geek, vuvuzela, silence, competence, trick, hidden, star wars, star trek, hobbit, comics, spoon, puppies, plan, revenge, shape, movies, pegging, teamwork, team, naked, break-in, collaboration, travel, training, lunchtime, compost, most wanted, [any]
Eliot/Hardison, cage, jealousy, rough trade, earbuds, singing, midnight, coffee, training, possessive, friendship, opposites attract, geek, television, sexting
Eliot/Parker, distraction, frustration, alike, conference table, roof, bar, booth, pool, pickup truck, skinny-dipping, phone sex, whipped cream, punch, twirl, tequila, dress, rain, explosives, high heels, training, practice, rope
Eliot/Raquel Dayan, bondage, blood, scars, overpower, lust, strength, handcuffs
Eliot/Tara, respect, slightly unconventional
girl!Alec/girl!Eliot/boy!Parker, backwards, cues,
girl!Alec/girl!Eliot/Parker, bad-ass, leather, defying
girl!Nate/boy!Sophie, telephone, rescue, waiting, love-letters
girl!Nate/Sterling, lipstick, handcuffs, bitter, sweet, mind-games, rooftop, travel, challenge, whiskey
McSweeten/Parker, diamonds, options, boots, moan, gentleman
Nate/Eliot, cheat, disaster, vector, follies, smuggler, vertiginous, vexation, standard-bearer, exits, memories, forgiveness, excitement, truth, ruined, shine, sparkles, wrist, expensive
Nate/Parker, van, stakeout, undercover, surprise, key, quick, night, long
Nate/Sophie, close proximity, darkness, drunk, hush, jealousy, short skirt(s), whisper, don't leave (again), hurt, injured, accent, dance, rooftops, cat, kiss, fidelity, drunk, tuxedo, lipstick, inconvenient, please, dare, crooked, test, competition, criminal, caught, shock, undercover, past, name, run, unknown, wrong, drinking, bruises
Nate/Sophie/Eliot/Parker/Hardison, trust, bet, gamble, teamwork, game, comfort, fight, stakeout, dynamic, jailbreak, wanted-poster, outlaws, thieves, poker, [any]
Nathan Ford/James Sterling, capture, confined, bathtub, tape, messages
Parker, masturbation, fire, noise, dance, pressure, flight
Parker/Jim Sterling, window, cross, plot, outwit, snark, crazy, Sterling always wins
Parker/Maggie, found, ticklish, vanilla, sniff, smell, curious, steal
Parker/Tara, fine, erotic asphyxiation
Sophie/Eliot, acting, trust, manipulation, danger, talent, hidden, lazy, pursuit, fingers, look what you were missing, last night, denim, top!Sophie, mesmerizing, unencumbered, tricky, tether, incognito, [any]
Sophie/Nate/Maggie, unconventional, tangled
Sophie/Parker, diamonds, fantasy, harness, misunderstanding, money, suspension, ticklish, slurpie, language, elementary, falling, miss, advice, family, warmth, enclosed, mission, crawl, dare, car, glass, acting, alone, lock, leap, names, orgasm denial, keening, Egyptian cotton, lavender, secret, [any]
Sophie/Parker/Hardison, mediation
Sophie/Tara, music, Paris, thrill, owe, once, caress, safe
Sophie/Tara/Parker, gentle, purple, temptation

Hathaway/Hobson/Lewis, bossy, sarcasm
Hathaway/Lewis, Latin, Mass, Confiteor, solution, ties, guitar, beer, past, adrenaline, blood, cigarettes, scent, marking, possessive, jealousy, education, glass, contemplation, confession, sacrament, playful, public, tease, trust, undercover, questions, yorkie

Liaden - Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Aelliana/Daav, math, pilot, reflex, learning, adventure, new, lifebond, family, dramliza, Scout
Nova/any, ghosts, freedom, unbalanced, beginnings, choice, tradition, dignity, control, friend, dare, Korval, memory

Liar Game
Akiyama/Fukunaga, worth
Akiyama/Nao, belief
Akiyama/Nao/Fukunaga, negotiations, labyrinth, understanding
Akiyama/Nao/Yokoya, getting to you
Nao/Fukunaga, you are who you are, jewels
Yokoya/Nao, domination, you'll like what I give you

Lie to Me
Cal/Eli, collars, gesture, chair, control, shameless, lie, punishment, fierce, intern
Cal/Eli/Ben, coffee, tie
Cal/Gillian, sunshine, heels, professional, camera, celebration, dinner, negotiation, microexpressions, simple, anticipation, respect, question, legs, accent, funny, exhaustion, rumpled, thick-as-thieves, reversed, roulette, surveillance, kill-time, tempted, true, accent, watched, answer, distrust, cheat, silent, lies, control
Cal/Torres, naughty, antagonism, defensive, fated, wall, push
Foster/Ria, experiment

Life on Mars (UK)
Sam/Annie, brown, frown, kiss, light, linger, memories.
Sam/Gene, broken, car, caring, possessive, trust, whisper.

Life on Mars
Gene/Jackie, release, spanking
Gene/Sam, help

Life Unexpected
Jones/Lux, blindfold, careful

Life with Derek
Casey/Derek, roommates, sneaking around, ribbons, babysitting, new beginnings, smart, breaking the rules

Charlie Crews/Dani Reese, moment, pool, fruit, fingertips, exhale, pointed, one, gun, zen, lose, bar, laugh, prison, pool, threshold, clutter, second chance, fruit, zen, life, confession, vegetable, photo shoot, bribery, truck, operator, Luddite
Charlie Crews/Dani Reese/Ted Earley, family, exasperated, frustration, fruit
Charlie/Dani/Tidwell, share
Charlie/Ted, cell
Charlie/Tidwell, missing
Dani Reese/Kevin Tidwell, handcuffs, first, opening, wary, hands, door, hesitate, skill

Lincoln Rhyme series - Jeffery Deaver
Amelia Sachs/Kathryn Dance, evidence
Amelia/Lincoln/Kathryn, opportunity

Lion King
Scar/Simba, guilt

Little Miss Sunshine
Dwayne/Frank, mistake, temptation
Richard/Frank, loser

Long Love Letter
Asami/Misaki, night, cool, sand
Tadashi/Nishi, ache, beautiful, protect

Lost in Austen
Bingley/Jane, America, new world, breath, soft
Caroline/Amanda, hidden, loss, out of time, mirrors, candles, riding crop, dresses
Darcy/Wickham, Georgiana, lies, jealousy, betrayal, innocence, grief

Alex/Richard, garden, winter, am i asleep? , sunburn, the river's overrun
Ana Lucia/Eko, stability, pride
Ana/Shannon, reaper
Ben/Juliet, acceptance, pegging, anger, femdom
Boone/Charlie, dirty, service
Boone/OFC, before, warmth, faith, ghost, truth, torch, water, lifeguard
Boone/Shannon, aces, cold, school, sugar, tease, zero, afterlife, waiting, mile high, rejection, almost, bondage, drunk, sideways
Charlie/Claire, singing, family, so good, remember, angel, high
Charlie/Desmond, uniform, rough
Charlie/Jack/Sawyer, consent
Charlie/Miles, handiwork, silence
Charlotte/Daniel, hands, safe, piano, science, again, reunited, afterlife, what they missed, desk, pregnant
Charlotte/Miles, desperate, challenge, harsh
Claire/Desmond, protective, gentle, shiver, circumstance
Claire/Jack, splinter, weakness, red, you are wind and devil and god, orange peel, fingertips, november, rotten fruit, ashes, crave, postcard, fireplace
Claire/Jack/Sawyer, exposition, junk yard, infection, ammunition, clandestine, attic, teeth, cotton, coney island, hard was the ground, dog days are over, sour, let me go boys, mirage
Claire/Juliet, toys
Claire/Kate, completion, orange juice, family, bathrobe, Sideways world, home, gentle, comfort, alive, sleepover, strawberry, sweet
Claire/Kate/Sawyer, survivors, tailgate
Claire/Richard, veins, haunted
Claire/Sawyer, pink, honey, bruised, appreciation, pocket, thieves, babes in the wood
Claire/Sayid, zombie love
Daniel/Charlotte/Miles, equilibrium, touch, gamble, fascination, rain
Daniel/Juliet, electric, sleepy
Daniel/Miles, manipulation, sorry, tense, shelter
Desmond/Penny, dancing, painting
Esau/Jacob, voyeur, suspension, tattoo, teasing
Ilana/Richard, betrayed, servants, sand, let go, not yours
Jack/Kate, piano lessons
Jack/Sawyer, anger, sarcasm, stolen, simple, wait, lips, lick, now, later, warmth, angry, over, missed
Jack/Sun, crane wife, foreign, a good team, pills
Jacob/Richard, immortality, loneliness, time
Jacob/Richard/MIB, voyeurism, possession, sharing, jealousy
Jacob/The Man in Black, incest, forgiveness, bitterness, lost, running away, sorrow, confused emotions, lack of empathy, childhood, innocence
Jin/Sawyer, uniforms, time, order
Juliet/Kate, sweet, match, stalemate
Kate/Claire/Charlie, regret, memory
Kate/Sawyer/Jack, conflict resolution
Kate/Sayid, prison, escape, dream world
Kate/Sun, bubble bath, please, trick, parenthood
Kevin/Sawyer, striptease
Locke/Ben, betray
Man in Black/Richard, allegiance, dub-con
Michael/Jin, battle's done, shelter, fog, needle, redemption
Michael/Jin/Sun, carnival, if only we knew how, seasons
Michael/Sun, apples, i ate what was fed me, justified
Miles/Naomi, negotiation, useless
Richard/Miles, learning
Richard/Sawyer, hurt, save
Sawyer/Juliet, big baby blues, kitten, dutch coffee, doctor, cuffs, first-time-for-everything, empty, bored, found, sunrise, beach, dinner, mechanic, morning, Sunday, history
Sawyer/Miles, alone, tired, bed, handcuffs, suggestive, undercover
Sawyer/Miles/Juliet, swingers
Shannon/Sayid, found, the 1970s, playing house in Dharmaville, dancing, gentle, sand, warm, tease

Love and Rockets
Carmen/Heraclio, increase, reach
Chelo/Tonantzin, heatwave
Danita Lincoln/Maggie Chascarillo, babysitting
Israel/Jesús, postcard
Maggie Chascarillo/Alarma, nostalgia
Maricela/Riri, run
Maricela/Terry Downe, pride, growl, dominate
Penny Century/Hopey Glass, costumes

Love Is Where You Find It - Paula Christian
Dee Sanders/Martie Thornton, spy, Edinburgh, training, adventure, legend

Love Shuffle
Kairi/Ojiro, femdom, unexpected, biting, monster, image
Kairi/Reiko, touching, soft
Kei/Airu/Ojiro, sleepy, wine, playful

Lovely Complex
Koizumi/Otani, norm, stall, baggage

Loving Annabelle
Annabelle/Colins, sweetness, sharp, affection, need, first, grief
Annabelle/Simone, jail, journalist, book, poem, uniform, willing, photograph, tides, games
Kat/Kristen, secrets

Lucifer (comics)
Lucifer/Mazikeen, special, scar, heal, surprise, unsafe

Alice/Luther, running, knives, red, sky, stars, captive, first, blood, masturbation, event horizon, etiquette, morals, logic
John Luther/Justin Ripley, trust, proof, rescue, new, help, arrest
Luther/Alice/Mark, aftermath, blood, broken, fix, connection
Zoe/Mark, safe, soft

B.J./Hawkeye, bunk, blanket, kiss, thief, candy, free
Hawkeye/Trapper, nurse, threesome, taste, Tokyo, hope, hilarious
Radar/Nurse Kellye, round, shy, trust, fumble

Macdonald Hall series - Gordon Korman
Bruno/Boots, sharks, homework, thumb, camera
Cathy/Diane, stockings, stalking, private, horseshoes

Mad Men
Annabelle/Roger, Paris, breakup, boxing
Betty/Don, ghost, garage, complications, double-standards, cheating, lying, connected, control, Manhattan
Betty/Glen, 1968, draft, first time, goodbye
Betty/Helen, fingernails, scratch
Betty/Roger, revenge, gift, masquerade
Don/Bobbie, cynical
Don/Joan, impermanent, sense, shine, jewels, solace, need, gifts
Don/Joan/Roger, cold, aggressive, a meeting of the minds, divorced
Don/Peggy, excel, protégé, tied up, unintended
Don/Rachel, lost
Don/Roger, excessive, light, illicit, problem, whiskey
Don/Sal, discretion
Father Gill/Peggy, judgement, guilt, power, snap, harvest, ice, scarlet, ankles, cold, sing
Joan/Betty, warmth
Joan/Carol, plausible deniability
Joan/Lane, restrained
Joan/Peggy, gender roles, costuming, lessons
Joan/Rachel, strength
Joan/Roger, discoveries, vacation, honesty, extravagant, secret, desk, whispering, red, holiday, summer, reunited and it feels so good
Peggy/Pete/Trudy, [any]
Peggy/Trudy, kindred spirits, the same, adopt, business as usual
Pete/Peggy, betray, another, continuing, carpet, submission, reluctant, unsatisfied, secret, desk, after-hours
Smitty/Peggy, creative

Magic Knight Rayearth
Ascot/Caldina, tease, accent, laugh, comfort, predict
Ascot/Umi, awkward, hat, comb, fruit, fingertips, sea
Clef/Presea, retirement, craftmanship, pining, tease, rope, chase, familiar, gift
Eagle/Geo, familiar, war, safety, oil, command
Eagle/Tatra, gentleman, diplomacy, formalities, educated, numbered
Ferio/Fuu, tricks, practical, introductions, forest, manners, guess
Hikaru/Lantis/Eagle, giggle, technology, blackbird, ghost, cookies
Lafarga/Caldina, blush, striptease, confidence, off-duty, Cephiro

Mai/Mikoto, bite, feed, love
Midori/[any], comfort, cold, dust, start over
Midori/Youko, drunk sex, avoidance as therapy, beer pong
Shizuru/Natsuki, cowardice, shatter, slow song, kiss, tea

Make It or Break It
Emily/Sasha, star, control, fall, disruptive, loosen up, borderline, fire, lesson
Kaylee/Sasha, teacher's pet, golden girl, redemption, quiet, special, "convince me"
Lauren/Sasha, earn, attention, training, ego, mutual, clue, greedy, joking, ranking
Payson/Sasha, intimidate, train, on the mats, success, confluence, formalities, fallen, artistry, purity

Mamma Mia!
Donna/Sophie, letting go
Sophie/dads, bonds

Mansfield Park (any)
Fanny/Lord Bertram, knees, slave, chains, money, prayer, tongue
Henry Crawford/Mary Crawford, secret world, country manners, fashion, solitude, sunlight, childhood, their uncles house, naval,
Henry Crawford/OMC, navy, admiralty, rears and vices

Naruse/Shiori, cheek, sinking, daily

Marvel (comic verse)
Dr. Doom/Magneto, will, contest, submit, alliance
Magneto/female Xavier, springtime, not forgotten, broken, mutually assured destruction, forgiveness, rebuild
Magneto/Mystique, alliance, resentment, mission
Mystique/Callisto, veterans
Mystique/Destiny, passion, forever
Storm/Magneto, elemental, regal, drowning
Storm/Mystique, fierce
Wolverine/female Magneto, grief, memory
Xavier/Lilandra, alien, unguarded

Marvel (movieverse)
Toad/Mystique, checkmate, express, bitters, stall

Abigail Brand/Jessica Drew, trust, on-the-job training, undercover, high tech
Amadeus Cho/Cassie Lang, picnic, taste
Amadeus Cho/Delphyne Gorgon, bite, princely, royalty, suit, target, amazon
Amadeus Cho/Hercules, history, reunions, aftertaste
Ben Grimm/Reed Richards, affection, stretch, research, freak, side-effects, touch, hero
Billy Kaplan/Stephen Strange, hands, spell, tutorial
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, begging, adoption, first times, quiet, bedroom, hickeys, cuddles, sleepover, green, magic, out, perception, safe, surge, first, inexperienced, salacious
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman/Eli Bradley, lonesome
Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman/Tommy Shepherd, identical, wrong, eager, sex pollen, doubles, aftercare, accepted
Bob Grayson (The Uranian)/any, tentacles
Bobbi Morse/Clint Barton, date, interruption, awkward, lovers, bar, wall sex
Bobbi Morse/Jessica Drew, espionage, training, spar, sweat
Bobby/John, melt, good guy, bad guy, dream sequence, role reversal
Bobby/Kitty, ice skating, feels like home, blissful, the perfect girlfriend
Bobby/Kitty/Rogue, substitute
Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton/Kate Bishop, loft, dorm, nooner, delight, freedom, truth
Bucky Barnes/Eli Bradley/Sam Wilson, tempted, deny, give, untraditional
Bucky Barnes/Nick Fury/Steve Rogers, gruff, pipe, water
Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson, holding
Bucky Barnes/William Burnside, memories, want, imposters
Cable/Deadpool, apartment, black, hopelessness, time, waiting.
Carol Danvers/Wanda Maximoff, chivalry
Cassie Lang/Jonas, robosexual, settings, fingers, vibrate, explore
Clint Barton/Bobbi Morse/Natasha Romanoff/Bucky Barnes, watching, experimentation, ownership
Clint Barton/Kate Bishop, legacy, vibrator, pegging, anniversary, motorcycle, needy, summer, seasons, rain, mud, honey, butterscotch, luxury, lingerie, candles, scarves, calves, tickle, lick, suck, sharp, kink, vanilla, sandalwood, carpet, knots, costumes, hustle, practice, target
Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, drunk, memories, done
Clint/Pietro, blink, lines.
Cloak/Dagger, need, intangible, voyeur, opposites, meld
Colleen Wing/Danny Rand, mindmeld
Colleen Wing/Misty Knight, lonely, sweet, partners, sweat, massage, domestic, cars, marriage, insurance, anger, back-to-back, got your back, adrenaline, swords, guns, love, binding, rappel, fighting, apologize, quiet, scars
Danny Rand/Luke Cage, friends, easy, smooth, mission, payback, partners, undercover, chains
Danny Rand/Misty Knight/Colleen Wing, pegging, reacquaintance, tattoo
Deadpool/Siryn, indestructible, revenge, forgive
Death/Desire, divided
Destruction/Despair, favorite, reunion, taboo, comfort
Elektra Natchios/Natasha Romanoff, blood, knives, scar
Eli Bradley/Kate Bishop, books, waiting, rushed, undercover, battle, held, libraries, cookbooks, Metropolitan, tuxedo, flag, purple, bathing suit, high heels, Skrulls, hospitals, worry, frustration, relief, desperate, wild, headboard, finally
Eli Bradley/Kate Bishop/Tommy Shepherd, choices, dressing up, dreams, spirit, mansion, camping, smartass, gag, tease, bondage
Eli Bradley/Sam Wilson, hold, faith, guarantees, in
Emma Frost/Jean Grey, mistake, mental, sober, telepathy, queens, fire
Emma Frost/Tony Stark, money, power, domination, heroes, addiction
Gert Yorkes/Chase Stein, love, together again, public sex, interrupted
Gert Yorkes/Victor Mancha, Spanish, vibrator
Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane Watson, crossdressing, lace, pink, blue, maternal, fingernails
Happy/Pepper, boss, exasperation, understanding, Friday
Harry Osborn/Peter Parker, strong, lies, fate, photos
Henry "Hank" McCoy/Abigail Brand, trust, laughter, death, office, colleagues, dirty, spank, role-reversal, furry, kink
Iron Man (movie), Tony/Pepper, control, self-destruction, love, lipgloss, arabesque, photo-shoot, lieu
James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Ororo "Storm" Munroe, minorities, flying, training, kiss, blind date
James Rhodes/Natasha Romanoff, seductive, unexpected, tease
James/Victor, rough, distraction, brothers
Janet Van Dyne/Jennifer Walters/Namora, Her-Oes, school, libraries, sleepover
Jessica Jones/Carol Danvers, comfort, strength, resistance, costumes, sleepover
Jessica Jones/Luke Cage, fluff, adventure, unbreakable, pregnant, fun, roleplay, shower, crime-fighting, babysitting, mending costumes, skin-tight, stupidity, supervillains, detectives, film noir, primary colors
Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Danny Rand, fluff, date, concussion
Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Danny Rand/Matt Murdock, concussion, joke, night, wall
Jimmy Woo/Anyone, threat, suave, attitude, claw, team-up
John Allerdyce/Kitty Pryde, [any]
Johnny Storm/Lyja the Laserfist, stay, shifting, green
Johnny Storm/Peter Parker, support, jokes, hot, sticky
Julian Keller/Cessily Kincaid, molten, telekenesis
Justin Hammer/Tony Stark, lollypop, tanned, handcuffs, gift, drink, suit
Karolina Dean/Xavin, holiday, tender, taut, pleasure, teenage, speechless, reunion, uncertain, ghosts, customs
Kate Bishop/any female character, high heels, blue blood
Kate Bishop/Anya Corazon, smooth, nibble, team-up, careless
Kate Bishop/Anya Corazon/Cassie Lang, noisy, chocolate, sweat, hair, apples, frustration
Kate Bishop/Eli Bradley/Rikki Barnes, rooftops
Kate Bishop/Isaiah Bradley, history, time-travel
Kate Bishop/Sam Wilson, teamwork, feathers, poetry, career
Kate Bishop/Steve Rogers, tradition, unexpected
Laura Kinney/Cessily Kincaid, [any]
Logan/Jessica Drew, trust, bruises, dirty jobs, Madripoor, memories, mistaken identity, toys, laughter, alcohol, drunk, forget, control
Logan/Domino, leather
Logan/Mystique, struggle, scent
Logan/Remy, submissive, bite, burn, smooth
Logan/Scott Summers, competition, forest, doppleganger, key-party, leather, oil, danger-room, camping
Logan/Victor Creed, bite, pressure, unexpected
Lucifer/Mazikeen, surprise, unsafe, throne, love
Luke Cage/Jessica Jones/Scott Lang, pregnancy, cravings, positions, middles, swelling, massages, curl
Marie/Logan, feeling, hover, straight, dark, sneaking, lipstick, fan, heat
Matthew Murdoch/Danny Rand, training, identity, favour, business
Misty Knight/Danny Rand, femdom, costumes, rooftops, parents, tired, femdom, teasing, restraint, blindfold, food, shiver
movieverse!Emil Blonsky/movieverse!Ivan Vanko, ancient history
movieverse!Ivan Vanko/movieverse!Justin Hammer, suits, temper, tattoos
Ms. Marvel/Spiderwoman, flying, hair, sky, smile.
Namor/Bobby "Iceman" Drake, bdsm, control, extinction, pranks, punish
Namora/Venus, bonding, oceans, tides, haute-cuisine
Natasha Romanov/Sharon Carter, spar
Nick Fury/Contessa Valentina Allegra, betrayal, undercover, helicarrier, last time
Nick Fury/Madame Hydra I (Viper), enemies, scars
Nick Fury/Steve Rogers/Contessa Val de Fontaine, forgetful, regret, mystery
Nuala/Nada, wandering
Ororo/Remy, costume, secret, finally, burn
Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanoff, fake identities, undercover, loyalty, married-to-the-job, office politics, competence
Pete Wisdom/Kitty Pryde, once, twice, forever
Peter Parker/Bobby Drake, temperature, bondage, friends-with-benefits, pranks, laughter
Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson-Parker, identity, pining
Phyla-Vell/Heather Douglas, long, bright, scales
Pyro/Magneto, devotion
Pyro/Rogue, burn, detention, mistake, unrequited, roof, sharp, hands, kiss, practice, rules
Remy Lebeau/Jean Grey, fairytale, health
Remy Lebeau/Rogue, harlequin, reunion, undercover, touch, chance, skin-tight, flirt
Rictor/Shatterstar, boundaries, corners, language, incomprehension, rage, trembling.
Rikki Barnes/Anya Sofia Corazón, swept
Rikki Barnes/Kate Bishop, quiet, lavendar, lilacs, cars
Rikki Barnes/Kate Bishop/Anya Corazon, one-blanet, nightmares, warmth, nuzzles, scratch, pinch, wet
Rikki Barnes/Kate Bishop/Cassie Lang, shrink, headquarters, silk, comfort, hunger
Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers, reunited, steam, clouds
Scott Lang/Hank Pym/Janet Van Dyne, tinker, next, skin, ice
Scott Lang/Tony Stark, turns, grease, metal
Sharon Carter/Bobbi Morse, workout, legs, exhaustion
Sharon Carter/Bobbi Morse/Natasha Romanoff, undercover, dreams, beginnings
Stepford Cuckoos, telepathy, fantasy, mutual masturbation, one-of-a-kind
Stephen Strange/Pepper Potts, suspension
Steve Rogers/Pepper Potts, Cheez-its, scream, heels, skirts, restless, swing
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, additionally, forgiveness, strength, unexpected, bare, breathing, computers, life, rebuilding, red, road, winning, old-fashioned, strength, regret
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan/Chase Stein, new
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan/Tony Stark, glorious
Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan/Victor Mancha, comfort
Thor/Loki, chances, forgiveness, recovery.
Tony Stark/Jim Rhodes, flying-lessons
Tony Stark/Obadiah Stane, family ties, gunmetal, bedpost
Tony Stark/Steve Richards, shirt, suit, tie, frantic, lost
Tony Stark/Steve Rogers, powerless, sleepy, tease, uniform, homecoming
Tony/AI!Jarvis, accent, language, phonetics, android, mechanical, obsession, extremis, unity, inappropriate, imagination, smile, UST, virtual, simulation, real, workshop, safety, solace, sanity, ownership, creation, self, voice, sarcastic, hologram, machine, upgrade
Tony/Pepper, drape, light, sheets, running, bruises, begging, need, everything, shoes, indulgence, anorgasmic, power, smartphone, upgrade, beach, warehouse
Tony/Pepper/Jarvis, harmony, puzzle, voice, copper
Tony/Rhodey, gray, house, setup
Tony/Rhodey/Jarvis, fight, flight, play, denial
Valentina Allegro de Fontaine/Nick Fury, laced
Victor Borkowski/Santo Vacarro, sunrock, huge, spikes, PTSD, warmth, idiocy
Victor Creed/Kitty Pryde, mistakes, redemption, claws, powers, laughter
Victor Creed/Scott Summers, mating, chase, mpreg, forest, musk, scent, accident, stranded, injured, restrained, spanking
Victor Mancha/Chase Stein, magic, tools
Victor Mancha/Tony Stark, worship
Warren/Kitty, wings, flight, rebound, freedom
William Burnside/Jack Monroe, roleplay, manipulation, force, rough, uncomfortable, mine, his
Wolverine/Angel, [any]
Wolverine/Nightcrawler, [any]

Mary Poppins
Mary/Bert, night, east, west

Mass Effect
Female Shepard/Kaidan Alenko, naughty, daydream, hard, bunk, space, comfort, duty, changes, mess hall
Garrus Vakarian/Female Shepard, follow
Liara T'Soni/female Shepard, show
Male!Shepard/Kaiden, regret, shore leave, hope, fail, tears, joy, shared, space, command, apologize, forgive

Mean Girls
Cady/Janis, colors, painting, lies, trouble
Cady/Karen, circle
Sharon Norbury/Cady, equation, awkward, smart

Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Rihito/Mei, slippery, suit, stockings, brush, pull, midnight

Melrose Place (2010)
Ella Simms/Lauren Yung, party, playing doctor
Ella Simms/Riley Richmond, not second best

Men with Brooms
Chris/Amy, messes, voices, quarry, cold, wet, leather, sweater, caretaker, comfort, desire, licking

Nami/Ray, public, date, confusion, acceptance

Mercy Thompson series - Patricia Briggs
Mercy/Adam, magnetic, grease, trust, aggravate

Arthur/Gwen, man and maiden, dawn, bathe, silk and steel, peace
Arthur/Gwen/Merlin/Morgana, history, destiny, stars, re-written, magic, skinny-dipping, round-robin, simple, love, fight, risk, dungeon, functional, last hurrah, waiting, together, imperfection, meadow, forever, peace
Arthur/Merlin, absolute, breakfast, hair, massive, saddle, touch, victory, won, apple, bronze, elation, freedom, trophy, sire, stupid, discovery, hands, approval, armour, candle, dragon, dress, flowers, hiding, hunting, stables, throne, trust, deliberate, wanton, dessert, reversal, devotion, caress, caught, fantasy, salve, shut-up, reward, bond, thanks, wet, comfort, stuck, dress, rescue, water, truth, lie, understand, home, life, secrets, magic, the future, dragons, servant, tears, quest, prat & idiot, fight, trust, training, destiny, chalice, chainmail, by the fire, secrets, prize, prisoner, sunrise, movie, fire, winter, tattoo, mark, pierce, battle, world, rule, testify, lightning, danger, curve
Arthur/Morgana, family, sarcasm, mutual respect, lineage, hands, lessons, message, rough, sparring, sister, queen, witch, Avalon, music, shield, sword, journey, forever, boat, val sans retour, Camlann, blood, child, once and future, magic, foretelling, nightmares, evil, avalon, home, banished
Gwen/Lancelot, portrait, virginity, washing, armour, armour, flowers
Gwen/Merlin, servants, dreams, destiny, secrets
Gwen/Morgana, flowers, comfort, sweet, return, candlelight, sunset, sword, meadow, tree, fruit, wistful, dream
Gwen/Uther, future queen, apologies, baby mama, testing
Lancelot/Morgana, skin, moonlight
Merlin/Arthur/Gwen, court of Camelot
Merlin/Arthur/Morgana, ghosts
Merlin/Morgana, magic, gold, silk
Morgana/Gwen/Lancelot, shelter, patient, cold, late, floor
Morgana/Morgause, protection, love, poison, touched, shadows, unknowable, night and day, witchy woman, first and only love
Morgana/Uther, chess, dance, grave, kneel, emerald dress, father figure, power struggle, sultry and seductive, precious, stone, battle, tempted, forbidden, harsh, wine, anger, battle, cloaks, homecoming
Morgana/Uther/Gwen, three is a party
Nimueh/Merlin/Arthur, voyeurism, punishment
Nimueh/Uther, mindfuck
Nimueh/Uther/Ygraine, proxy
Nimueh/Ygraine, stone, earth
Uther/Gorlois, kings, secrets

Nathan Explosion/Charles Foster Offdensen, favor, money, happiness, mistake, dream, innocent, favorite, suit, voyeurism, onstage, makeup, scars, drinking-game
Skwisgaar/Toki, lesson, makeup, proximity, fantasy, nightmare, tactile, competition, drinking-game, scars, fanservice, foreign, metal, copy, Yopo

Meteor Storm
Tom Young/Michelle Young, reunion, comfort, rocks, motorcycle

Michiko e Hatchin
Michiko/Atsuko, history, handcuffs, road, fence, sun, horizon, cigarettes

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Scorpina/Tommy, evil, enchanted, sting, captive

Millennium Trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) - Stieg Larsson
Blomkvist/Lisbeth, trust, infatuation

Helena/Valentine, pen, ruby, tower, darkness

Amy Carson/Angie Carson, affair, confidante, sunshine
Ben Carson/Larry Byrne, uniforms, ugly tie, promotion, oil, nymphomaniac

Misfits (2009)
Kelly/Nathan/Simon, saviour, grip, danger, bruise, destroy
Nathan/Simon, power, option, shadow, fiction, criminal, risk
Simon/Alisha, invisible
Simon/Sally, surprise, melancholy

Miss Congeniality (movie)
Gracie/Sheryl, cute, protect, snuggle, bedtime, curlers

Miss Don't Touch Me
Josephine/Blanche, America, girls, lesbian, London, Madrid

Miss Match
Adam/Kate, pursuit, movie, court, blind, persistent

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Delysia/Guinevere, masks, feathers
Delysia/Michael, virgin, imprisonment
Guinivere/Joe, discover, bloom

Mission: Impossible (1966)
Cinnamon Carter/Barney Collier/Rollin Hand, danger, thrill, capture, escape, surprise

Modern Family
Cam/Mitchell, birds, daddy issues, boots, make up
Gloria/Phil, [any]

Modesty Blaise
Modesty Blaise/any except Willie, discoveries
Sir Gerald Tarrant/any, leisure
Willie Garvin/any except Modesty, well-learned

Mona Lisa Smile
Amanda/Nancy, decorum
Giselle/Katherine, smokescreen

Medicine Seller/Kayo, tease, whisper, voice, beckon
Medicine Seller/Otherself, dance, struggle

Sam/Sam, human, muscle memory, sweat

Josef/Mick, future, noise, sunrise, echo
Mick/Beth, devilish, beast, handcuffs, turning, sun, desert, water, not so different

Moral Orel
(older!)Shapey/Block, storm
Clay/Reverend Putty, apathy
Orel/Clay, belt, commandment
Orel/Doughy, Leviticus

Mortal Kombat
Johnny Cage/Rayden, rainfall, solitude, supernatural

Mrs. Pollifax series - Dorothy Gilman
Carstairs/Bishop, late nights
Emily/Farrell, rogue, tourists, gardening, professional

Much Ado About Nothing – Shakespeare
Beatrice/Benedick, incendiary, last, worth, compliment, dancing

Mulan (2009 movie)
Mulan/Wentai, reunion, widowed, scars, victory, awake

Mulan/Shang, armor, sparring, double-edged, tent, river bathing

Murdoch Mysteries
Murdoch/Brackenreid, bicycle, desk, experiment, temper, guilt
William Murdoch/Julia Ogden, crossdressing, guilt, experimentation, talking, writing

Music Man
Harold Hill/Marion Paroo, library, quiet, Chaucer

My Beautiful Laundrette
Danny/Omar, dinner, mattress, break, streetlamp, quiet, wine, push, car, driver, table, secret, kiss, party, punk, playful, hard, morning, friends, room, side
Danny/Tania, departure, travel, united

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Nick Portokalos/OMC, Greek, virgin, art, family

My Bloody Valentine
Axel/Tom, mistakes

My Boys
Brendan/PJ, benefits, retro, drunk

My Hero
George/Janet, bum, hearts, where?

My Name Is Bruce
Bruce/Kelly, Hay loft, heroine's reward, sticking around, not shallow

My So-Called Life
Angela/Jordan, alright, first, poetry, quiet, vinyl
Brian/Rayanne, first, nightmare, okay, pencil, seriously, handcuffs
Rayanne/Sharon, marathon, Skittles

My Summer of Love
Tamsin/Sadie, storytelling

Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Crow T. Robot/Tom Servo, experimentation, cookies, frocks, chiffon
Dr. Forrester/TV's Frank, hilarity, princess, skirts
Joel Robinson/Gypsy, off-hours, affection, tentacles, candlelight
Mike Nelson/Brain Guy, lonesome, disguise, anonymity
Mike Nelson/Crow T. Robot/Tom Servo, pyjamas, dress-up
Mike Nelson/Pearl Forrester, femdom, costumes, mask
Pearl Forrester/Gypsy, power-exchange, distrust, telepathy, distance

Nobuo/Hachi, separate, cling, obtuse, need, gravity, time, sick, family, forever, misunderstood, pretenses, dream, scent, juxtaposition, yearning
Ren/Nana, faith, covet, star-crossed lovers, endings, tears, wisdom, premonition, loss, clash, never, again, last, lock, test, madness, insanity, mourning, slipping, falling

Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene
George/Nancy, staircase
Nancy/Ned, duress, wine, asleep, poker, makeshift, backseat, married

Nanny Diaries series - Emma Mclaughlin and Nicola Kraus
Chassie/Ingrid, attention
Grayer/Stilton, blurry, hyper
Nanny/Mrs. X, whore, human, lipstick, boundaries

Naruto Shippuuden
Neji/Hinata, rough
Shino/Ino, [any]

Gaara/Lee, conspiracy, import, explosion
Hatake Kakashi/Might Guy, mask
Hinata/Kankuro, sensible, daylight, imagination
Hinata/seeking, silent, antidote
Ino/Sakura, link, clique, context
Iruka/Kakashi, investigation, better, style
Kakashi/Naruto, crackpot, new, safety, slob, pervert, solo, magic, watch, keepsake, odd couple
Nara Shikamaru/Temari, rematch
Naruto/Sasuke, entertainment, match, movement
Temari/Tenten, fan

Allison Hart/Paloma Reynosa, plan, trap, used, meet.
Anthony DiNozzo/Abby Sciuto, Chastity belt, handcuffs, wax, tattoos, comfort, pigtails
Anthony DiNozzo/Kate Todd, competing, complementing, chocolate, Rule 12, dirty, hungry, desperate
Anthony DiNozzo/Timothy McGee, accident, idiom, terabyte, gaze, greedy, taunt, possess, beg, propose, promise, pretense, probie, my heart in your hands, light, music, love songs, chase me, cherish, sanctuary, home coming, college, beer pong, velvet, partners, love, jealousy, crushes, pretending, rule 12, mystery, books, beer, working, flirt, tattoo, Porsche, elevator, nutter butter, making up, hospital, bomb, Sarah, Christmas, rain, stakeout, rough-housing, trigger-happy, sarcasm, undercover, roleplaying, hands-on, ties, suits, shower
Anthony DiNozzo/Timothy McGee/Abby Sciuto, lockdown, coffin, Marilyn Monroe, movie night, pyjama, geekland, tired, fear
Anthony DiNozzo/Timothy McGee/Ziva David, bored, pranks, Halloween, chocolate, idioms, adrenaline.
Anthony DiNozzo/Ziva David, anger, what do you want from me, blindfolds, pregnancy, honeymoon, movie-night, outside, cars, forgive but not forget, voicemail, leave, cafe, rules, Paris, desk, silence, tenderness, heat, new, shower, chocolate, spark
Anthony DiNozzo/Ziva David/Abby Sciuto, trapped, fingers, shower, hidden
Donald "Ducky" Mallard/Abby Sciuto, gentleman, lace, tie, knees
Jethro Gibbs/Abby Sciuto, power, black, pressure, shiny
Jethro Gibbs/Abigail Borin, alike, cooperating, in-charge, handcuffs
Jethro Gibbs/Abigail Borin/Abby Sciuto, Abbs, lab, redhead, strawberry-blonde, brunette
Jethro Gibbs/Abigail Borin/Anthony DiNozzo/Timothy McGee, overwhelming, submit
Jethro Gibbs/Anthony DiNozzo, AU, war, separation, kiss goodbye, made you, loyalty, royalty, flirt, punishment, stay, leave, boat, moving on, fight, funny, obsolete, commandeered, basement, play, move, undercover, kiss, soft, relax, reassure, impatient, question, when, couch, James Bond, bourbon, heat wave, blizzard, darkness, midnight, dawn, t-shirt, I got you, spanking, riding, rescue, broken, possessive, kindness, insubordination, rumpled, chained, equal, splendor, honey, not drunk enough
Jethro Gibbs/Anthony DiNozzo/Abby Sciuto, small bed, glass toys, fire, leather
Jethro Gibbs/Jenny Shepard, coffee, partners, shut up
Jethro Gibbs/Kate Todd, bittersweet, memory, sawdust, blood, fear, coffee, smile, please, Anthony DiNozzo the Dog, boat, basement, religion, sandpaper, cold-front, under-covers, ship, bottle, unkempt
Jethro Gibbs/Timothy McGee, sawdust, hospital bed, interrogation, rhododendrons, argument, tie, files, coffee, chocolate, games, boat, trees, paint
Jethro Gibbs/Ziva David, [any], trust, sharp, wet, drunk, stage
Timothy McGee/Abby Sciuto, forever, stop, lab, jealousy, act, hug, what, confront, geek talk
Timothy McGee/Kate Todd, sweet, domestic, cherry, WOW widow, duty, anger, helpless
Timothy McGee/Ziva David, forgetting, thrust, sky diving, water bottle, spanking, wild horses, spark plug, shirtless, lingerie, sofa, wrestling, cupboard, defense
Ziva David/Abby Sciuto, fanfiction, science, cosplay, lipstick., hold, stakeout, rough-housing

NCIS: Los Angeles
G/Kensi, domestic disturbance, alliance, once, heat, filing, watch, hospital
Macy/G, Paris, distance, uniform, office
Sam/G, beer, clean shirt, extraction, gunplay, music, initial, initials, records, home, married, domestic, partners, batman, vendetta, surfing, mistake, obvious, careless, nondescript, protect, chrysanthamum, cell, wave, game, set, match, know, solid, trust, faith, love, here, arms, hold, ocean, drunk, scars, submission, spanking, silent, trust, teasing, stretch, home, first time, escape, blindfold
Sam/G/Kensi, patience, handcuffs, tie, relief, toys, discipline, marked, domestic, scratch an itch, smile, boathouse

Donna/Elle, bedroom, friends, fighting, love
Donna/Libby, secret, beginner, school, desire

Lisa/Bill, cigarettes

Night World - L.J. Smith
Ash/Mary-Lynnette, moonlight, return, wait, proof, self-control
Galen/Keller, feline, capitulate

Ninja Assassin
Mika/Raizo, aftermath, heart, skinship, blood, fight, suppress
Raizo/Mika Coretti, rain, coffee

Mireille/Kirika, gunfire, manor, Paris, sand, cocktails

Noises Off!
Belinda/Brooke, sardines, shampoo
Dotty/Freddie, guilt, cougar, confusion, doors

Norse Mythology
Loki/Freya, any

North and South (US)
Ashton/Charles, wise, unbelievable, shameless, fingertips
Ashton/Madeline, improper, thanks, blackmail, pregnancy, boat, disapproval, parasol, hair, scratch
Augusta/Charles, dawn, past, longing, more
Bent/George, rape, dominance
Bent/Orry, rape, dominance
Billy/Brett, alone, mine, snatched moment, together,
Billy/Charles, snatched moment, other side, painful, need, West Point
Billy/Charles/Brett, alone, together, solution, friendly, natural
Brett/Ashton, despoil, revenge, hate!sex, never, surrender, scared
Constance/Brett, family, sweet, kindness, practicality, wanting
Constance/Isabel, allure, accent
George/Constance, adore, remember, pregnant, afternoon, flour
George/Orry, snow, charisma, distraction, uniforms, difference, warmth, kiss, uniform, conflict, friendship, West Point
George/Stanley, hurt, pain, redemption, forgiveness
George/Stanley/Billy, youth, fun, brotherly
Madeline/Constance, unexpected, warm, pale, sweet

Northern Exposure
Joel/Maggie, phobia, couch, repartee, clash, clench, laugh

Alicia/T.R., interlude

Alan Eppes/Amita Ramanujan, family, waiting, father,
Billy Cooper/Don Eppes, arch, slide, freckle, taste
Charlie Eppes/Amita Ramanujan, honeymoon, nervous, watch, quiet, tickle, dressing room, spiral, curve, calculate, rock
Charlie Eppes/Colby Granger, genius
Charlie Eppes/Don Eppes, fear, unexpected, fantasy, loss
Charlie Eppes/Don Eppes/Amita, unexpected, middle, unexpected, guilt, fantasy
Colby Granger/David Sinclair, star, fish, splash, sear, partners, miss, never, stiff, raw, no, ask, gentle, trust, friend, investigate, joke, rapport, banter, know, happiness, unspoken, competent, courage
Colby Granger/Ian Edgerton, fight, handcuffs, Afghanistan, Quantico, training, rifle, dogtags, reunion, camping trip, fishing, shared experiences, espionage is a serious business, eye
Don Eppes/Amita Ramanujan, secret, delicate, candle, sweat
Don Eppes/Ian Edgerton, fast machines, adrenaline, hiking, snow
Gabriel Ruiz/Ian Edgerton, bodyguard, living is an art, first sight
girl!Colby Granger/Ian Edgerton, Quantico, Afghanistan, rifle, water bottle, gun, elevator, apartment, spar, farmgirl, dimples, dogtags, Sibley, covert ops
Larry Fleinhardt/Megan Reeves, [any]
Liz Warner/Nikki Betancourt, hair, shoe, gun, curl

Nurse Jackie
Zoey/O'Hara, beam, chapel, comfort, high, oral, teaching, young

Ocean's movies
Danny/Rusty, cheat, rain, drive, apartment, truth, bandage, apart, game, old, pistachios, espresso, silk, spoon

Okage: Shadow King
Stan/Ari, teasing, in the dark

Once A Thief
Vic/Mac, guns, idiot, stupid antics, competition

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Agent Sands/El Mariachi, violence, impressions, practicality, pleasure, limit, border

One Life To Live
Oliver/Kyle, brotherly, fantasy, home, reunion, hazing, seduction

One Piece
Franky/Nami, bicker, berry, makeup, slave, ship, marriage, wish, amuse, naked
Jyabura/Kaku, fight, annoy, animal, growl, whine, pander, sweet, cute, attract, live, necessary, miss, happy
Luffy/Nami, surfacing, hold, arch, impossible, storm
Luffy/Sanji/Zoro, priority, bridge, confusion
Luffy/Zoro, might, freeing, let
Nami/any, treasure, weather, sandals, juicy, greed, strength
Robin/any, fine literature, linguistics, comfort, scratch, silence
Vivi/any, sand, Miss Wednesday, heat, bravery

One Tree Hill
Brooke/Peyton, betrayal, first, alcohol, why, convince, giggle, accident, touch
Brooke/Rachel, shower, practice, me, pink, innocence, home, comfort, there, caress, deliberate, right
Nathan Scott/Haley James Scott, surprise, jersey
Nathan/Haley, always, alone, still, memories, basketball, smile, gift, rain, picnic, skirt, cupcakes, make-up sex, date night, slow burn, hand-holding, surprise, comfort, hormones, foot massage, summer heat

Abe no Seimei/Minamoto no Hiromasa, demon, embarrassment, haughty, outcast, music, spells, enchantment, butterfly, ink, religion, clever, status

Ookiku Furikabutte
Abe/Mihashi, nervous, fingers, wrist, classes, noise, stammer, dreams
Hanai/Mihashi, impatience, laundry
Hanai/Tajima, pervert, bunnies, glasses
Hatake/Mihashi, bruises, hatred, consequences
Kanou/Mihashi, faithless, hands, tomorrow, dirt
Kanou/Oda, size, farmboy
Momoe/Shinooka, lost, yesterday, revenge, alone, traveling
Oda/Tajima, virginity, convenience, dusk
Riou/Tajima, secrets, restraint, blindfold
Tajima/Abe, jealousy

Order of the Stick
Belkar/anyone, portable
Dorukan/Lirian, together
Hinjo/O-Chul, my lord
Nale/Sabine, polymorph, twisted
Roy/Vaarsuvius, level
Xykon/Tsukiko, fingerbones

Orlando - Virginia Woolf
Orlando/Marmaduke Bonthrop Shelmerdine, pillowtalk, suspension, shoe, underneath
Orlando/Princess Sasha, renascence

Death/Eurydice/Orphee, danse macabre, smoke
Death/Orphée, fade

Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi/Kaoru, regrets, dare, wardrobe
Kyoya/Tamaki, pushing, buttons
Haruhi/Kyouya/Tamaki, understanding, possessive, balance
Haruhi/Tamaki, romance, honesty, secrets
Kasanoda/Tetsuya, umbrella, shy, touch, summer, nekomimi
Kyouya/Tamaki, art, business, belong

Adebisi/Said, passion, belief, destruction, kiss, shameless
Beecher/Keller, clock, diplomacy, fury, golden, heart, itch, nipples, rainbow, rewind, suck, desert island, cake, cheer, smothering, juicy, roll over, nostalgia, pain, trust, misguided, liquid, unstable, fresh, luxury, playful, jealousy, mouth, burn, jizz, exhibitionist, dirty talk, taste, swagger, glasses, against the wall, bunk, tattoo, apology, t-shirt, blood, tender
Beecher/Said, resist, hidden, jackoff, shower, helpless, intelligence, metal, scars
Keller/Alvarez, beast, copper, reaching out, squeeze
McManus/Murphy, sick, thrum, smug, stoned, photography, all eyes on you, background
Miguel/Mukada, blessing, protect, pressure, pretty, apple, crave, outside, confess, friction, scars
Miguel/Ryan, unexpected, power, embrace, rough, desperate, lollypop, justify, shave, shadows, watcher
Ryan O'Reily/Claire Howell, mirror, doorknob, handcuffs, moving on, spicy
Ryan/Toby, never say never, high, comfort, finger fucking, advantage, lick, office, smuggle, laughing, hidden, oblivion
Sean/Tim, uniform, nightstick, loyal, kiss, finally, fuck buddies, beer, spanking, visionary, break room, footsie, frottage

Pandora Hearts
Break/Gil (adult), painplay, power, exchange

Pan's Labyrinth
Ofelia/Faun, blood

Parks and Recreation
Andy/April, high five, serenading, picnic
Ann/April, babysitting, sass, hopeless, hopeful
Ann/Leslie, kind of drunk, victory, bffs, drunk, holding hands, working together, blizzard, happiness, hand-holding, higher office
Leslie/Ben, fumbling, understanding, third date
Leslie/Ron, cohabitation, after hours, corrections, mustache, on a hunting trip, breakfast, bacon, moustache, Duke Silver, essential personnel, harp, teasing, sugar rush
Tom/Justin, crush, beauty

Party Animals
Ashika/Scott, forgiveness
Danny/Matt, election, university

Party Down
Casey/Henry, fumbling, at home, irresistible, fantasy, acting
Casey/Kyle, ice, drum, texting
Casey/Roman, Kafka-esque, PMS, vodka
Henry/Uda, blue-tooth, flexible, hushed, schedules, tv
Kyle/Roman, pity

Peach Girl
Kairi/Momo/Touji, magnitude, judge, weight

Charlie Brown/Sally, doubt
Lucy/Linus, blanket

Pearl Harbor (2001)
Rafe/Danny/Evelyn, forgiveness, shore leave, drunk, shy

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan
Apollo/Artemis, [any]
Athena/Poisidon, water, anger, sky
Nico/Rachael, oral
Percy Jackson/Annabeth, underwater
Percy Jackson/Luke Castellan, magic, old, cold, depths, mean, scars, damaged goods, earthquake, mezzanine
Percy Jackson/Nico di Angelo, blue, coming of age, scent, stab, touch
Silena Beauregard/Clarisse LaRue, dove, hope, frustrations
Thalia/Annabeth, undercover, first time, experimentation

Perfect Girl Evolution (aka The Wallflower)
Sunako/Kyohei, swords, uniform, teeth, rope, horror, exposed, rescue
Kyouhei/Sunako, control, androgyny, right amount of leather, unseeing, knife-edge, glitter, scorch, appetites, speed, bitten, breath
Noi/Sunako, brilliant, darkness, touch, soft, marks, mirrors, binding, lace, desire, thirst, open, hush
Ranmaru/Sunako/Kyouhei, doing me up, need, confusion
Sunako/Noi, dress up, trust, breathless
Sunako/Ranmaru, self-defense
Takenaga/Noi, crystal, weight, gaze, shatter, waking, loss, perfume, cracked

Persona 3
Akihiko Sanada/Shinjiro Aragaki, midnight, remorse, shiver

Persona 4
Kanji Tatsumi/Naoto Shirogane, river, hat

Persons Unknown
Erika/Janet, dibs, on fire, real life, children, hurt/comfort, life or death, any
Moira/Tori, on the other side, meds, bad dream, ghost, wishful thinking, any

Persuasion - Jane Austen
Captain Frederick Wentworth/Anne Elliot, reunion, necessity, relief, separation, ocean, visit, return, London, smoke, gloves

Petshop of Horrors
Count D/Leon, finally, hold tight, date, beauty, bullet wound, lick, possessive, "You're so endearing, Mr. Detective", chocolate, pain, manicure, lively, dress-up, hair cut, pliant, adrenaline, lonely, annoying, injury, breathless, zipper, offer, gift, jeans, game, pet play, vacation

Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo
D/Wu Fei, Triad, bullets, prostitution

Phantom of the Opera
Erik/Christine, sleep, possession, ring, doll, lake
Raoul/Christine, denial, hands, scarf, throat, jealous/jealousy

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
Franziska/Miles, whipped, submission, perfect
Franziska/Miles/Phoenix, threesome, superiority, bound
Franziska/Phoenix, whipped, perfect
Maya/Phoenix, courtroom, desk, office, channeling, examine
Miles/Phoenix, courtroom, past, making up for lost time, trauma, comfort, mine, hard, reunion, lobby, heated debate
Phoenix/Apollo, learning from the master, unorthodox, never again

Phone Booth
Stu Shepard/The Caller, oaths, leather, cabana

Picnic at Hanging Rock
Miranda/Sara, recitation

Pink Carnation - Lauren Willig
Mary/Vaughn, [any]

Pinky and the Brain
Brain/Pinky, domination
Brain/Snowball, cages, pretty

Pinocchio/Lampwick, island

Pirates of the Caribbean
Anamaria/Tia Dalma (Calypso), her, splash, invade, blood, scars, age
Captain Hector Barbossa/Elizabeth Swann, rogues
Captain Jack Sparrow/James Norrington, aye, regret, turn, follow, show, salt, illegal, wigs, undone, shave, ravishing, shackles
Captain Jack Sparrow/Will Turner, compass, slow, Pearl, meaning, wrong, hurt, deeper, stop
Elizabeth Swann/Tia Dalma (Calypso), salt, coral, midnight swim
James Norrington/Anamaria, violence, sword play, ship stealing, pushing buttons, quick hands, rough, unladylike, boot laces
James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann, [any]
James Norrington/Will Turner, restraint, sand
Ragetti/Pintel, company
Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann, home, pregnant, confess, shy, don't, love, sunset, bathtub, eternity, practice

Pitch Black (movie)
Carolyn/Riddick, knife, nightmare, pale, shiver
Jack/Riddick, any

Cpt. Arthur Hastings/Hercule Poirot, stranger, fine, alignment
Hercule Poirot/any, little grey cells, rumpled

Poltergeist: The Legacy
Derek Raine/Nick Boyle, security, boat, ocean, possession, danger, garage, boots, window-seat

Mary Cherry/Sam, uncertain, what

Portrait of Jennie
Eben/Jennie, ripple

Possession (2009 movie)
Jess/Roman, belief, glass, evolution, clay

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Dr. Oliver/Elsa, dark side, leather, alter ego, seduction
Conner/Hayley, visit, lessons, apologies, revelations
Conner/Kira/Ethan, vacation, college, reunion, seduction, car, light, all there ever was, power, celebration, food, phone sex, video sex

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Mack/Tyzonn, breakdown, holiday, joyride, traditions, sex toy

Practical Magic
Sally/Gillian, safe, guardian, care, blood

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action)
Ami/Nephrite, secret, dark, power, innocence, HBIC
Makoto/Motoki, alone, movie, found
Mamoru/Usagi, cape, moonlight, skirt, destruction, dream,
Minako/Rei, camera, memories, future, shoes, uniform, princess, second chance

Pretty Little Liars
Aria/Fitz, college, getaway, pretend
Emily/Alison, goddess, lip gloss, skinny-dipping, past-tense, secrets, keeping quiet, drinking games, secrets
Emily/Maya, frustrated, night on the town, high, spooning, tan lines, sneaking-around, weekend, candle, chlorine
Emily/Spencer/Aria/Hanna/Ali, sleepover
Emily/Toby, mix CD, free, dance, trust, memory, narrow, avoid, consequence, stray
Ezra/Aria, classroom, prevent, explanation, roof, rain, chill, feathers, balance, slow, prom night, innocence, silence, indentity, possession, privacy, cultivate, found, clothes
Ezra/Spencer, accident, discussion, betray, winging it
Hanna Marin/Lucas Gottesman, geek, coffee, photo
Hanna/Wilden, fake, liar, "I win", pretty, proof, consequences, safe, princess, ice cream
Spencer/Wren, sister's keeper, buzz, games, convincing, being bad, escape, fair, control, stumble, ignore, sneak, power games, sin

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
any pairing, church, gloves, riding crop, zombies, swords
Darcy/Elizabeth, exploration, night
Darcy/Wickham, beautiful, Cambridge, bribery, childhood friends, experiment, no words,, betrayal
Jane Bennett/Wickham, any
Lydia/Wickham, virtue, flirt
Mr Collins/Darcy, any

Abby/Connor, trapped, past, warmth, nest, hide, unexpected, home,
Abby/Sarah, harlequins, kickboxing, combat boots
Becker/Abby/Sarah, hands, lipstick
Becker/Connor, machines, off-line, toes, hunger, bath, evidence, documents, friction
Becker/Connor/Abby, middle, smooth
Becker/Danny, boss, showmanship, tea, mud, strength, motorbike
Claudia/Helen, desperation, rocks, predator
Claudia/Jenny, unexpected, fiction, thunder, office, shock, change, wildlife
Connor/Lester, roommates, mess, car-share,
Connor/Tom Ryan, dictionary, enemy, criticism, shotgun, office, late
Danny/Becker/Connor, rewards, innocence,
Danny/Connor, rescue, helplessness, substitution
Danny/Lester, designer, tarnish, photocopier
Lester/Nick/Claudia, desk, fancy
Nick/Claudia, [any]
Nick/Danny/Jenny, image, new
Nick/Helen/Stephen, first, angry, loss, change, together
Nick/Jenny, [any], anomoly
Nick/Stephen/Connor, bed, rain
Nick/Stephen/Helen, breathe, unconventional
Stephen/Connor/Abby, legs, warm, accident, trouble, shorts, hat, lake, fangs, matress

Prince of Persia (2010)
Bis/Dastan, anklet, fool, delicate, dagger, midnight, future
Bis/Dastan/Tus, clean, noise, respect, acceptance
Dastan/Garsiv/Tus, promise, water, young, company, jewellery
Dastan/Tamina, sand, memory, destiny, time, tease, dance, belief, sand, paint, water, quick hands, not yet wise, sword, wedding, protection, sand, fireworks, feast, book, learning, remembering, exotic, rough, gentle
Dastan/Tus/Garvis, blood

Prince of Tennis
Atobe/Kamio, warp, cope, poison
Inui/Kaidoh, refer, current, chosen
Momo/Ryoma, hearing, height, interference

Princess Mononoke
Ashitaka/San, together, understanding, spear, pain, inner demons, hate, fragile, gray, constellations

Princess Protection Program
Carter/Rosie, coronation, secret, locket, college, princess

Prison Break
Lincoln/LJ/Michael, family, bonding
Lincoln/Michael, moments, alone
Lincoln/Sofia, beach
Michael/Sarah, first
Sucre/Michael, [any]

Private Practice
Charlotte, toys, lonely, torture
Charlotte/Addison, good girls, wine, fingers, living, whip
Violet/Cooper/Pete, not friends anymore

Professor Layton
Claire/Nazolene, bees, quirk, pray, travel, pencil
female!Layton/Claire, domesticity, unconventional, tease, sweet, clean
Layton/Claire, undress, glasses, blindfold, puzzle, pleonasm, explanations, last, time
Luke/Flora, roses, cheer, kiss, blue, sing

Roger/Bill Woolcott, levels, haircut, yourself, transformations

any pairing, genderswap
April McCarthur/Juliet O'Hara, water
Burton Guster/Adam Hornstock, fashion, nervous, first date
Burton Guster/Mira Gaffney, dance
Burton Guster/Mira Gaffney/Shawn Spencer, thrill
Burton Guster/Ruby, adrenaline
Burton Guster/Shawn Spencer, lampoon, waterslide, coffee, rollerblades, butterscotch, ferris wheel, sand, venice beach, polo, friendship, rimming, television, roleplay, [any], race, touch, surreal, wacky, pineapple, run, dance, sweet talk, nicknames, hide, costumes, dock, beach, costumes, the jackal switch, tackle, wrestle, teamwork
Carlton Lassiter/Juliet O'Hara, Canadian-Shack, cosplay, cowgirl, seek, senior offiver, blonds have more fun, better than the ex, meaning, kiss, comfort, retired, stakeout, semi-public, sixty-nine, shower
Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer, anticipation, arrest, foresight, tongue, deception, gun, undercover, first time, freakin' weird, I heard you go both ways, tired, it's not you it's me, not in my bed, how'd you get here?, totally awesome, Gus would not approve, cops and robbers and psychics, handcuffs and guns, tea for two, tights, pineapple, family, badge, gun, blind, touch, restrain, gag, blindfold
Juliet O'Hara/Carlton Lassiter, tough, training, unexpected
Juliet O'Hara/Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer, watching, summer, talk
Juliet O'Hara/Morgan Conrad, contact
Shawn Spencer/Carlton Lassiter/Juliet O'Hara, persuasion
Shawn Spencer/Juliet O'Hara, finally, imagination, in dreams

Sasha Nein/Milla Vodello, complex, accents,

Nick/Cassie (grown), normal, argument, knives, seeing, dilemma, aggressive
Nick/Cassie, alone, hurt, surprise, art, underage, wrong, love, lust, tender, dangerous, mission, fight, pain, longing

Pushing Daisies
Charlotte Charles/Olive Snook, touch, food, blind, Ned
Emerson Cod/Olive Snook, case
Ned/Charlotte Charles, satin, disguise, slip, once, scratch, touch, plastic
Ned/Charlotte Charles/Olive Snook, touch, caution, desire, saccharine, peach, ladybug, voyeurism, proxy, cuddling
Ned/Olive Snook, catering, birthday, wedding, funeral, detectives, pining, comfort, funeral, strident, determination, marriage, wishing, height, breath, questions

Quantum Leap
Al Calavicci/Sam Beckett, home, voyeur, tie, liquor, singing, cigars, dress, family, Vietnam

Queer as Folk (US)
Brian/Justin, reunion, orange, time, different
Brian/Justin/Stuart/Nathan, jealous, game, (any)
Brian/Michael, hurt, nightmare, club, lube, consequence
Brian/Michael/Stuart/Vince, sharing, game, (any)

Queer as Folk (UK)
Stuart/Vince, happy-ending, America, fantasy, mile-high
Vince/Stuart/Nathan, bedroom, once, fight, right, care, middle

Raffles The Amateur Cracksman - E.W. Hornung
A.J. Raffles/Bunny Manders, decadent, sack, taken, cigarilloes

Michael/Charlie, ghost, loss, hallucination

Ranma 1/2
Akane/Ranma, ladylike
Akane/Ukyou, care, warmth, hungry, hands, dreams
Konatsu, heat

Rant - Chuck Palahniuk
Echo/Rant, taste, time travel, sorry, coin, crash, deep, strange

Colette Tatou/Alfredo Linguini, firm, busy, telephone

Boyd/Ives, tempt, starve

Re: Your Brains - Jonathan Coulton
Tom/Bob, office romance, pining, embarrassment

Real Drive (anime)
Souta/Holon, make-believe

Real Genius
[any]/Kent, Jell-o, revelation, virgin
Chris/Mitch, balcony, lab, lunatic, roommates
Chris/Mitch/Jordan, beach, modesty, popcorn, road trip
Jordan/Mitch, knitting, snow, underwater

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier
Maxim/Mrs De Winter, embrace, silk, beneath, forget, fear

Red Dead Redemption
[any]/John Marston, honour
Abigail Marston/John Marston, proposal, pistol, tequila

Red Dwarf
Kochanski/Lister/Rimmer, reality
Lister/Rimmer, Jim and Bexley

Mark/Roger, summer
Maureen/Mimi, living, frailty

Repo Men
Beth/Remy, scalpel, itch, danger, dirty, wet, perfect, risk, partners, deep, halo

Repo! The Genetic Opera
Graverobber/Amber Sweet, [any]
Mag/Nathan, blindfolds

Repulsion (1965 film)
Carol/Helen, white

Requiem for a Dream
Harry/Marion, shower, slow

Reservoir Dogs
White/Orange, twist in the tale

Resident Evil (movies)
Alice/Claire, motorcycle, backseat, heart broken, darkness, eyes, reaching out, fascination, cigarette, promise land, running, trust, mercy, desert, sand, water, hellhound, evil, ammunition, adrenaline, apocalypse now, death

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Akio/Touga, business relationship, bad, test
Akio/Touga/Saionji, drive
Anthy/Utena, withdrawing, figure drawing, double entendre, wicked witch, lips, wound
Touga/Saionji, manners, withdrawing, deception

Richard III - Shakespeare
Richard/Anne, seduce, convince, dominate

Rizzoli & Isles
Barry Frost/Jane Rizzoli, new, lick, pain, beer, paperwork
Gabriel Dean/Jane Rizzoli, temper, stubborn, antagonistic, wall
Maura Isles/Jane Rizzoli, high heels, that mangy mutt, best friends, experimentation, something you want to share with the class?, Queen of the Dead, turtle, toothbrush, comfort, shower, old movies, pillows, shopping, Gucci, fling, family, new experiences, boots, clean sheets, dirty talk, doctor's orders, dressing room, first-name basis, one-on-one, piano bench, scars, sleepovers, fix, corrupt, fresh, car, dictionary, sheets, date night, comfortable, photoshoot, keeper, gun, Bass, conversation starter, ringtone, 'Okay, I won't', dress-up, handcuffs, crime scene tape, don't worry, it's just Bass, it's okay now

Robin of Sherwood
Robin/Marion, twig, moss, veil, bees, alone

Rocket Science (movie)
Ben Wekselbaum/Hal Hefner, fear, words

Archy/Johnny, jailbait, junkie, Daddy
Handsome Bob/One Two, long kiss, mouth, dance, bed, tied down, saved, fuck, cock, crush, jealous, backroom, secret, not-gay, desire, scream, moan, acquired taste, blow job, drunk, bar, jealous, Stella, painting, thieves

Roman Holiday
Joe/Anya, curls, water, incandescent

Antony/adult!Octavian, motherfucker
Antony/Brutus, loathing, collar, wine
Atia/Pullo, slumming, trade
Gaia/Irene, betray
Livia/Octavian, pride, pain
Niobe/Vorenus, whisper, unknown, unbridled
Octavia/Octavian, indecent
Pullo/Vorenus, manhood, unsubtle, scars, desert, Mars, Hades, strength

Rookie Blue
McNally/Nash, happy hour, long day, punch
McNally/Peck, competitive, daddy issues, tequila

Brandon/Phillip, charm, piano, Nietzsche, cabin, power

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Alfred/Guildenstern, barter
Rosencrantz/Guildenstern, tails, boundaries, doomed, rude awakening, playing fair, heads

Alex/Isabel, shake, comfort, smile
Ava/Isabel/Lonnie/Tess, mirrors
Ava/Liz, kitten, piercings
Isabel/Kyle, submissive, embarrassed
Isabel/Liz, icy, motel
Isabel/Liz/Maria, relax
Isabel/Michael, dreams, destiny, Las Vegas, on the road, tempt, powers
Isabel/Tess, sugar
Liz/Max, up, strawberries, scent
Liz/Michael, betrayal, flint, over, road
Liz/Tess, stars, heatwave, cherries, clandestine, escape, grip
Maria/Michael, high heels, watching, hurt, temptation, hickey, Tabasco sauce, striptease, eraser room

Royal Pains
Baron Boris/Hank, [any], claim, intrigue, revelation, argue, discrete, delicious, court, naked, close, public, mark, marry, jealous, concubine, spread-eagle, spreader, Cuba, confidential, luxury, hope, temporary paralysis, tongue
Divya Katdare/Evan Lawson, [any],awkward, laughter, caress, breathless, joke, documentary, bachlorette party, schmooze, bagels, wager, beach, fight, check-up, game, cake
Divya Katdare/Evan Lawson/Hank, forbidden, taboo
Divya Katdare/Hank, frustration, stress, relief, quickie
Divya Katdare/Jill Casey, band
Divya Katdare/Raj, compatible
Eddie R/Ms. Newberg, cocktails, confidence, impression, Paris
ns, Hank/Boris
Evan Lawson/Hank, comfort
Hank/Tucker, daddy, issues
Libby/Tucker, slumming, boardwalk, sunblock, banner, wildflowers

Will Travers/[any], paranoia, hiding, secrets, cold, chess

Molly/Karolina, aura

Rurouni Kenshin
Enishi/Kenshin, hair, white plums, snow, revenge, obsession, fine line between love and hate.
Kenshin/Tomoe, snow, sword, mirror, soul, loss, hair, sunset, Otsu, peace, first time, marriage, experimentation, the lion and the lamb.
Saitou/Kenshin, tying him so tightly he won't be able to get away, alley, bridge, swords, genderswap - Kenshin is actually a girl, 'mine now', old enemies, blood, war torn city

Rush (2009)
Lawson/Kerry, drunk, jealous, devious, unorthodox, commander

Linus/Sabrina, forgive, water, champagne

Sailor Moon
Ami/Zoicite, white, age, end
Haruka/Usagi, swift, nibble, nicknames, sweat, pray, fight, balloon, jewel, soar, pretend
Kunzite/Minako, battle, bright, night, garden, between
Michiru/Minako, cursed, influence
Venus/Kunzite, forgive, twice, embrace, tangle, burn, radiance

Saiunkoku Monogatari
Eiki/Enjun/Shou, supernatural, youth, deceit, ally, friend, lover, destiny, history, responsibility, silk, distance
Juusan-hime/Ryuuki/Shuurei, politics, trust, ambition, attraction, learning, future, pond, palace, travel, happiness
Juusan-hime/Shuurei, choice, female, costume, new, peace, place, beauty, truth, dreams, sword,
Kouyuu/Shuuei, choice, future, friendship, guide, learn, family, together, respect, protect, brilliant, confront

Salute Your Shorts
Michael/Budnick, sublimated

Sammy (Belgian comic)
Jack Attaway/Sammy Day, p'tit, stationery, fripperies, roadside

Samurai Champloo
Jin/Mugen, fight, better, sushi, elegance, rudeness

[any]/Nikola Tesla, historical figure, [any]
Ashley Magnus/Helen Magnus, birthday, fallout
Ashley Magnus/Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman, fucked-up
Ashley Magnus/Henry Foss, [any],secret, prom, zombies, superhero, kinship, restless, first time, careful, quiet, running away
Ashley Magnus/Will Zimmerman, [any], indiscretion, aggressive, fortune, garden, stress relief, nubbin, rescue
Helen Magnus/John Watson, treasured, lover, smooth, paris, vacation, dinner, courtship, any
Helen Magnus/Kate Freelander, tropical, elliptic, brash, rebuke, debriefing, kali, rennovation, canopy, symphony, high heels, leather, strap-on, any
Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla, [any], drunk, scarf, claws, magnetism, submission, time, trust, worship, Oxford, incorrigible, experiment, enrapture, cherish, love, pinot noir, opalescent, oxford, facetious, daring, magnet, forever, history, old, wine, mistake, static
Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla/James Watson/John Druitt, family, history, reconnect, discovery
Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman, overdue, surprised, hallowed, remark, bolivia, 2019, irresistble, skinny dipping, romance, safe, karaoke, dancing, silk, guava, UST, any
Henry Foss/Bigfoot, size, fur
Henry Foss/Will Zimmerman, change, flash, forget, avoid, cell, window, fun, rebuild, violated, fingertips, fear, trust, timid, pool, convention, [any]
Kate Freelander/Kali, dream, bath, telepathy, rightful
Kate Freelander/Nikola Tesla, refuge, spunky, repository, violin, heart, determination, exile, miscommunication, cunnilingus, secret, [any]
Kate Freelander/Will Zimmerman, fierce, halter top, battle, fire escape, lockdown, unyielding, orgasm denial, lingerie, any
Nikola Tesla/John Watson, irreverent, bombast, experiment, chicago world fair, envy, helen, automatic, peculiar, emphasis, scientific method, compliment, [any]
Nikola Tesla/Will Zimmerman, snark, wine, trapped, autobiography, egocentric, relentless, frottage, [any]

Save the Last Dance
Derek/Sarah, strength, grace, shake it

Cassandra/Roland, arms, porn, top
Cassandra/Hilary Faye, tough, prejudice
Hilary Faye/Tia, pray

Saving Face
Vivian/Wil, clothes-shopping, dancing, food

Saving Grace
Butch/Ham, jealousy, battle, reassure, warning, partner, jealous
Grace/Ham, first time, stake-out, alley, grudge, early, comfort
Grace/Ham/Butch, bruises, bond, stranded, hostile, protect
Grace/Rhetta, history
Kate Perry/Butch Ada, longing, working relationship, duty, desire, need, touch, tease, 'bennie', clandestine

Scandinavia and the World
Finland/Sister Sweden, bondage, mute

Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Amanda/Lee, newbie, Cold War, retire, adrenaline, rush, kiss, quiet, finally

Scarecrow series - Matthew Reilly
Knight/Scarecrow, mirror

Scooby Doo
Daphne/Velma, girls-night-in, haunted house, mystery, surprise, glasses, costumes, rescue, boys, toys, bag, gag, biting, paddling

Scott Pilgrim - Bryan Lee O'Malley,
Envy/Todd/Lynette, hatesex
Joseph/Stephen, recording
Kim/Ramona/Scott, fond, dress, rain
Knives/Tamara, first, calm
Scott/Wallace, drunk, cuddling, cooking
Wallace/Mobile, psychic, texture, towel

Billy/Stu, before

[any]/Todd, score!, ______ five!
Cox/JD, [any]
Denise/Katie, LUG
Denise/Katie/Sunny, home movie
Denise/Sunny, eager, devoted, chatter
Dr. Cox/Kelso, hate you
Drew/Denise, shutup, hallway, rules
Elliot/Jordan/Perry, sharing
Elliot/Molly, apple thief, bonding, girltalk, lesbian vibe, elevator, yellow, yesterday, bedding
JD/Dr. Cox, Janitor, games, winning, respect
JD/Dr. Cox/Jordan, secret
JD/Janitor, mop, repression, anger, penny
JD/Turk, bathtub, Guy Love, chocolate, excuses, stress, lazy
JD/Turk/Carla/Elliott, 11:59pm
Todd/Doug, thong, morgue, cold, pale, macho, penis, kink, lips

Sea Patrol
Bomber/Buffer, transfer
Bomber/Swain, infidelity

Sealab 2021
Debbie DuPree/Quentin Quinn, cheating, bound, robot, dive

Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Bambi/Belle, practice, imperfection, slow, lazy, eyes, slap
Ben/Hannah, stolen, shower, fix

Elaine/Sidrah, spectacular
George/Bonnie/roommate (from 'The Label Maker"), velvet
Sidrah/Sue Ellen Mishkie, bra

Sense and Sensibility (any)
Brandon/Willoughby, fight, swords, punishment, cold, hunter
Colonel Brandon/Marianne, fingers, buttons, pianoforte
Colonel Brandon/Elinor Dashwood, grief, Alternative, surprise, unexpected, blindfold, cross dressing
Colonel Brandon/Mrs Dashwood, [any]
Mrs Dashwood/Willoughby, lonely, pegging, sin, surprise, lonliness, beach, winter, rain, secret

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
Elinor Dashwood/Lucy Steele, witch, juices, dagger

Serial Experiments Lain
Lain/Alice, human
Lain/Lain of the Wired, shadow, unity

Shadow of a Doubt
Charlie/Charlotte, watching

Shaman King
Hao/Yoh, any
Horohoro/Yoh, any
Tao Ren/Yoh, any

Shaun/Zach, beach, early, believe, sharpie, words, rushed, sleepy, fantasy, age, early, rain

Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Holmes/Watson, "apply my methods," cartography, ink, delirium

Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Henry Blackwood/John Watson, unwanted, forced, taken
Irene Adler/Mary Morstan, crossdressing, scandalous
Moriarty/John Watson, ashamed, unwilling, pawn, leverage
Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler, corset, again, trip, insomnia, research, gag, once upon a time, visit, corsets, trouble, restraints
Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler/John Watson, spying, apricots, mirror
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, "apply my methods," cartography, ink, delirium, abducted, save, protect, betrayal, loyalty, submission, tied up, adoring, beloved, retirement, side-by-side, marked, lies, infidelity, scar, memories, forced, confronting, comfort, spooning, realize, violin, scandalous!, serenade, chase, secret, candles, romance, obvious, gift, grift, imaginary, ghost, case, cocaine, covet, direct, dog, Mary, over, tremendously

Sherlock Holmes
Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes, keys, winning
Henry Blackwood/Sherlock Holmes, cocaine, mage, mind games, judo
Mary Morstan/Sherlock Holmes, waiting for Watson, awkward
Mary Morstan/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, comfort, teasing, sandwich, brandy, sharing John, drunk, happy, crossdressing, living arrangements
Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes, student, maths, attention, pain
Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, capture, drugs
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, come, addict, music, watch, devoted, finally, realize, yours, cooking, washing dishes, responsibilities, quiet, friendship, pipe, mustache, partners, deducing, longing, wild, run, pause, red, smart, rain, obscene, invert, medical, scalpel, impossible, wrestling, tickling, tweed, formal wear, white tie, filthy, Mrs Hudson knows, sodomite, tight squeeze, sleeping together, fingering, crack shot

Shin Angyo Onshi
Mago/Sando/Marlene, silver, teeth, flare, engrave, claws, sinew, ash, intaglio, strength
Marlene/Sando, chain, taste, wind, blade, night, wrist, brittle, iris
Munsu/Sando, phantasm, indelible, severance, unyielding, silence, clay

Shin Seiki Evangelion
Kaworu/Shinji, dream, chance, forgive, faith
Ritsuko Maya, lesson, reversal, thanks, unsafe

Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Juri/Kozue/Nanami, power, trouble, poolside
Juri/Miki, graduation, locker-room, library, reunion, victory
Juri/Nanami, graduation, fashion, strawberry
Juri/Ruka, graduation, rain, wet, dreams, hospital
Juri/Shiori, graduation, roses, happy-ending, mirrors, wedding-night
Keiko/Wakaba, graduation, notice, fencing, ordinary
Kozue/Kanae, untie, dance, alike, cold, clean, unsafe
Kozue/Keiko, better, escape, lipstick, notice
Mikage/Mamiya, dream, confused, darkness, blood
Ruka/Juri/Miki, lesson, careful, uncomfortable
Shiori/Keiko, graduation, color, fragile
Touga/Saionji, graduation, favorite, bound

[any]/Doris, beautiful, bar
Fiona/Shrek, break, seaside, perfect
Sleeping Beauty/Snow White, awake

Silent Hill 2
James/Maria, jail cell, make believe
Mary/Angela, heaven

Silent Hill 3
Douglas Cartland/Heather Morris, night

Silent Hill 4
Henry Townshend/Eileen Galvin, soft

Silver Diamond
Chigusa/Rakan, excuses, touch, need
Rakan/Chigusa, initiative, blossoms, change
The Ayame Prince/Rakan, beauty, possessiveness, rescue, grace

Silver Metal Lover - Tanith Lee
Jane/Silver, real, synthetic, feel, sing, murmur, spirit, photo

Singin' in the Rain
Don Lockwood/Kathy Selden, Morning, projection, movies
Don/Kathy/Cosmo, ours, couch

Six Feet Under
Billy/Brenda, family, alone, dirty
Keith/David, make-up sex
Nate/David, masturbating
Toby/Claire, naked, gazebo, raining, cover

Skies of Arcadia
Vyse/Aika/Fina, plunder, bound, comrades, sky, outdoors

Chris Miles/Effy Stonem, first time, stoned, tongue, caught, remembering
Effy Stonem/Tony Stonem, sinful, wicked, profane, bond
Effy Stonem/Katie Fitch, disaster, control, smoke, mistake, breathe
Emily Fitch/Naomi Campbell, daydream, safety, heights, holiday, future, thunderstorm
Maxxie Oliver/Tony Stonem, older, club, knees

Skip Beat!
Kyoko/Kanae, princess, ice cream, hairbrush, Love Me uniform, team
Kyoko/Ren, collar, high heels, diva, hotel, oblivious, Bo
Kyoko/Sho, obedience, alone, bitter, variety show, fairtale

Sky High
Gwen/Penny, evil, multiple, girl stuff
Layla/Warren, appearances, bite, fortune, jealousy, just friends, never, real
Warren Peace/Will Stronghold, graduation, college, costumes, insurance, mpreg, spanking, restrain

Lina Inverse/Xellos, secret
Lina/Gourry, size difference, not duimb all the time
Zelgadis Greywords/Xellos, unwise
Zelgadis/Amelia, sneak in

Sleep Dealer
Memo/Luz, sand, fence, connected, audience

Sleepy Hollow
Ichabod/Katrina, tease, lace, marble, burgundy

Sliders, Quinn Mallory/Quinn Mallory, doubles, stranded, paranoia

Slings and Arrows
Ellen/Geoffrey, after, split, different, inevitable
Ellen/Kate, reversal, recapture, youth, destruction, Ophelia
Ellen/Oliver, power, misery
Geoffrey/Darren, bitextual
Geoffrey/Oliver, bastard

Adam Knight/Lex Luthor, help
Alicia Baker/Clark Kent, spy
Bart/Chloe Sullivan, seduce, date, wink, nicknames, imply, comfort
Chloe Sullivan/Davis, hiding, heal, dream, long, hospital
Chloe Sullivan/Kara, return, anger, forgive, blind, air, silk, power, hair, gold, dirt, star, metal, rubber
Chloe Sullivan/Lana Lang, coffee, button, wings, pink, long, bright, denial, curious, test, redemption, our little secret, giggle, pink
Chloe Sullivan/Lex Luthor, hate, insist, blue, confuse, desk, revenge
Chloe Sullivan/Oliver Queen, drive, mistake, fortune, smile, want, persistence, deny, costumes, lick, surprise, if, grey, right, argue
Chloe Sullivan/Tess Mercer, patience, drag, club, shock, red, mine, win, past, scars
Clark Kent/Jason Teague, football, jealous, stones, regret, ropes, tender, strawberries, caves
Clark Kent/Lana Lang, beach, laughter, infinity, daydream, field
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, field, forever, cross, basketball, farm, gloves, stare, exhibit, blundering, cafe, buttons, silk, beach, porch swing, fog, plum, water, bottle, butterfly-wings, waffle-iron, corn, Koenigsegg, tie, alpha, fight, jealousy, egg, computer, hook, sparkle, rooftop, secret
Clark Kent/Lex Luthor/Chloe Sullivan, newspaper, ink, games, show, lavender, glass, garage, cough, sheet, bare, cookie, fish, dew
Clark Kent/Lois Lane, [any], fall, whisper, phonebooth, red, help, reward, drunk, strip, ring, holiday, sun, home, fortress, truth, bed, restraint, reversal, bound, sunrise, reunion, farewell, stranded, apocalypse, blaze, refuge, shield, amnesiac, embrace, collision, scarf, phone, monster truck, undress, chalupas, deadline, chores, shower, new to this thing, bliss, home, hold, Superman, new, bright, apartment, balcony, first flight, red, secret, balance air, wind whipped, farmhouse, skyline, night
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Oliver Queen, compromise, content, lazy, hard, blue, convince, sigh, sensitive, frustration
Clark Kent/Oliver Queen, intention, green, vacation, withhold, bondage, almost, look, goal, distract, pretend, cheap, who, lust, bath, dare, so, test, jealous, fight, Kryptonian, soulmates, playful, shiver, bossy, fast, tower, disappoint, learn, sunset, leather, club, sweat, kryptonite, suit, costume, leather, biceps, hands, soar, fever, comm-link
Clark Kent/Rokk Krinn, ring, message
girl!Clark/Oliver Queen, time-travel, Superwoman, GL, League, Doomsday, place, Fortress, barn, penthouse, Lex, answers, truce, judge, fly, last daughter, farmgirl
Jason Teague/Lex Luthor, anger, past, China, cold, poker, trees, couch, elevator, vacation, grass, deck, bar
Jonathan Kent/Whitney Fordman, barn
Jonathan Kent/Martha Kent/Whitney Fordman, games
Kara/Lex Luthor, dragon, ocean, tower, orange, skimpy, hurt, scarf, knob
Kara/Lois Lane, teach, traditions, public, claim, candlelight
Lana Lang/Lex Luthor, can't, addiction, try, laugh, still, experiment
Lana Lang/Lois Lane, why, admire, challenge, could, practice
Lana Lang/Tess Mercer, meet, smirk, give
Lex Luthor/Chloe Sullivan, hidden, milk, fig, intoxicated, talk, flying, lie, fox, towel, binder, kneeling, chair, sometimes, arresting, super, writhing, paper, ink, sense memory, luck
Lois Lane/Oliver Queen, green, exasperation, benefits, trip, costume, Stiletto, story, promise, snow
Lois Lane/Tess Mercer, crossdressing, skirt, reprimand, collaboration, arrangement, stripping, wonder, love/hate, drug, deliberate, stall, work, push, sub/dom
Tess Mercer/Zod, powerplay, domination, BDSM, rough

Sons of Anarchy
Gemma/Tara, gun, on the lam, forehead, car

Sookie Stackhouse novels - Charlaine Harris,
Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse, memory, public places, viking tradition, domestic, afterhours, peace treaty, kingdom, playing politics, roaming hands, possession, renewal, survivors, tempting, stolen, captured, wind, throne, past, run
Pam/Amelia Broadway, myths, fallacy, stereotypes, 'I saw this on Buffy'

Soon I Will Be Invincible - Austin Grossman
Elphin/Fatale, fighting
Lily/Dr. Impossible, invisible

Soul Eater
Kid/Patty/Liz, OCD, even, timed, push, bossy

South of Nowhere
Paula/Ashley, monster

South Park
Butters/Kenny, gentle, dirty, chaos, cross-dressing
Cartman/Jimmy, boner
Cartman/Kyle, strength, defiance, skin
Craig/Tweek, caffeine, addiction
Craig/Tweek, caffeine, addiction, touch, soft, look
Jimmy/Timmy, sucker
Kyle/Stan, boyfriends, kiss, awkward, honesty
Tweek/Thomas (from "Le Petit Tourette"), expletives

Ben Sherman/John Cooper, handcuffs, overwhelming, need, please, slumming, undercover, uniform, good enough, pain, beat, gay, first-time, seatbelt, red-handed, irresistible, backseat, detective, promotion, study, downtown, fancy, murmur, pay phone, steam, frustrated, confession, slut, jailbait, nymphomaniac, manhandle, back, drive, broken, promises, insomnia, mark, plot, training, police car, day off, introductions, sprain, black and blue, stocks, chain, misquoted
Ben Sherman/Bryant, middling, tension, allowance

Space: 1999
Alan Carter/Tony Verdeschi, beer, flight, tied, pants

Daisy Steiner/Tim Bisley, Leia, let, game,
Marsha Klein/Mike Watt, pony, squish
Mike Watt/Tim Bisley, count, pink

Spartacus Blood and Sand
Crixus/Spartacus, brothers, sword, hope, comfort, lost, haste, forever, respect, love, need, bond, rebellion, catharsis, forest, leaders, confidant, future, any
Glaber/Ilithyia, vows, uncut, heated, lie, spartacus, instruct, campaign, bearskin, engorged, glory, any
Ilithyia/Lucretia, bitch please, makeup, skirts, ambrosia, wine, sinister, voluptous, jupiter's cock, fertility, drought, any
Spartacus/Mira, dimple, remarkable, cacophany, riverbed, pure, consumate, spirituality, heal,
Spartacus/Varro, brothers, cell, blowjob, grin, shaving, bathhouse, villa, victory, devious, any

Speed Racer (film)
Royalton/Speed, contract, delectable, ownership
Sparky/Speed, anything, oil, unseen

Speed Racer
Racer X/Speed Racer, discovery, drugged, leather, our secret

Spenser series - Robert B Parker
Hawk/Spenser, boxing gloves, tougher, porn, boobs, shower
Hawk/Spenser/Susan Silverman, hot, O.G., about time, married
Rita Fiore/Spenser, once, martini, tough
Rita Fiore/Susan Silverman/Spenser, key, tease, clothed

Spirou and Fantasio
Spirou/Fantasio, interests

Tom Quinn/Adam Carter, secret, broken, tongues
Tom Quinn/Adam Carter/Lucas North, enthusiastic, hidden, comfort
Tom Quinn/Zoe Reynolds/Danny Hunter, pain, hope, messy

Sports Night
Casey McCall/Dan Rydell, dreams, dirty talk, high, camera, history, soccer, trick, call, misspoke, trust, too easy, moonlight, summer nights, score, caught, fragile, limo, busted, boyfriends, quiet, pining, memory, snark, making plans, symbiosis
Casey McCall/Dan Rydell/Dana Whitaker, big blue drinks, New York Renaissance, soccer
Dan Rydell/Dana Whitaker, suddenly, clear-eyed
Dan Rydell/Natalie, lie, heels, punishment

Spy Kids
Carmen Cortez/Gary Giggles, undercover

St Trinian's (2007)
Andrea/Taylor, heights
Annabelle/Kelly, sure, fierce, muss, hesitant
Chelsea/Bianca, cross-dressing, best girl, tender, bad girls, secrets
Chelsea/Miss Dickinson, secretly clever
JJ French/Kelly Jones, lipstick
Kelly Jones/Annabel Fritton, head girl, torch, late night, spy, MI7, teacher, leader, necklace, ribbons, free, trouble, stilettos
Kelly/OMC, play, one-night-stand, slinky, toy, naughty

Star Trek (any)
any/any, sex pollen, aliens made them do it

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Benjamin Sisko/Julian Bashir, command, naive, age
Benjamin Sisko/Worf, mourning, beards, drunk
Jadzia Dax/Worf, bruises, honor, memory, quiet, star, ridge, struggle
Julian Bashir/Ezri Dax, anger
Julian Bashir/Miles O'Brien, explosions, foxhole, flight, time
Kira/Odo, acceptance, fear, differences, fluid, return, grace, alien, caught, dress, exploration, fear, home, holosuite, shape, shyness, truth, work
Mirror Ezri/Mirror Kira, command, competition, flight, impulse, temptation

Star Trek: Enterprise
Hoshi Sato/Ravis, kisses, translation, words, bed, alien
T'Pol/Charles 'Trip' Tucker III, returning, hopes, shore leave, children

Star Trek: First Contact
Jean-Luc Picard/Lily Sloane, future, fight, encounter, phaser, impressed, mutual

Star Trek: Generations
Tolian Soran/Lursa/B'Etor, blood
Tolian Soran/Leandra Soran, nexus, redemption

Star Trek: Nemesis
Picard/Shinzon, smoke and mirrors

Star Trek: Reboot
Amanda Greyson/Winona Kirk, any
Archer/Scott, sorry, forgiveness, abandoned, genius
Chekov/Gaila, experienced, surprise, dominant, science, lessons, nowhere
Gaila/Chapel, Vegas
Gaila/Uhura, sheet, dress, sparkle, lip, punishment, dress-up, phreomones, share, teach, relax, colours,
girl!Kirk/McCoy, instructor, command decision, Starfleet Command, Iowa, Tarsus, Tycho IV, amused, David, Joanna, ex, last, calm, amazed, Vulcan, brass, stretch, touch, uneven
girl!McCoy/Chekov, cougar, oops
girl!McCoy/girl!Chekov, [any]
Kirk/Chapel, boss, skirt
Kirk/Chapel/Gaila, lucky, name, shout, stress
Kirk/Gaila, different, abandon, culture shock, switch, temper, unread, virgin, hot mess
Kirk/girl!Spock, pair, patience, point, uniforms, gender inequality, boots, flower eater
Kirk/McCoy, annoying, loud, public, bourbon, schmoop, on-off again, voyeurism, tension, lounging, tongue, want, control, cuddle, best, first, flight, trouble, careful, teasing, nightmare, kiss, finally, cranky, planet, dressed, pose, shadow, fix, midnight, Enterprise, friends, pretty, liquor, medical kink, painplay, sensitive, feet, worst coffee ever, push, limits, need, power play, mutinous, Tarsus, Garrovick, dorm, Iowa, bridge, broken, peace, bourbon, defend, command, angry, relieved, the job, hypo, sickbay, Betazed, time, laughter, wife, affair, daughter, grumpy, vacation, must, aphrodisiac, closet, dammit, aced, follow, Ready Room, share, mirror!verse, AU, fireplay, ice, magic, sloppy seconds, fantasy, drunk, lick, bite, bruises, tuxedo, show me your teeth, girls, virginity, delay, hypospray, allergy, frustrated, grumpy, knees
Kirk/McCoy/Gaila, fun, rain, salute
Kirk/McCoy/Scott/Chekov, gangbang
Kirk/OFC, dangle, pierce
Kirk/Spock Prime, understanding, dessert, sunrise, bad idea, rescue
Kirk/Spock, additionally, beauty, cathartic, delicious, effective, finery, generous, healthy, indignation, joking, lick, motion, notion, optional, perspective, queen, refreshing, stop, turned, under, viable, welcome, X, yours, zap, away, bright, illogical, immediate, leaves, confusion, joking, sharing, smile, fate, destiny, mind meld, pon farr, respect, glasses, taste, games, hand-to-hand combat, wrestling, bar fight, make me, mirror!verse, AU, loss, proof, leather, rentboy, roleplay, power, hold, dynamic, meeting, surprise, slap, contact, feel, sport, blood, true, time, unusual, prison, close, change, okay, wall, share, ease, seduce, aromatherapy, forge, c'thia, competition, accident, lies, holos, guessing games, boots
Kirk/Spock/McCoy, biology, atmosphere, camping
Kirk/Spock/McCoy/Uhura, command, away-team, uniform, square, parallelogram, trapazoid, hypospray, balance, landing, leaving, paperwork, insubordinate, warp, nap, career, family
Kirk/Spock/Uhura, chocolate, dare, game, romance, seduction, mirror verse, game, lower, ring, anger, attraction, lips
Kirk/Sulu, adrenaline, crazy, fight, challenge, flight, harness, fencing, subtle, kiss, uniform, race, slow torture, submit, soothe, curve, astonish, luck, flight, trajectory, sword, sweat, adrenaline, ice, massage, orders, uniform
Kirk/Uhura, Academy, overachiever, tactical training, the best, pretense, amazed, home, quiet, matched, fit, determined, Admiral, curse, first, race, telegraph, options, loyalty
McCoy, hot, T.L.C, wall, shower, kinky
McCoy/Chapel, corset, ropes, mouth, open, understanding
McCoy/Chekov, [any], guns, Sickbay, blowjob, accent, warp, vodka, bourbon, darling, AU
McCoy/Gaila, exam, massage, learn, mental, pepper, sex god
McCoy/girl!Chekov, pregnant, gangly, Joanna, AU
McCoy/girl!Chekov/Gaila, threesome
McCoy/OFC, belt, descend, throat
McCoy/OMC, list, park, time
McCoy/Sulu, checkup
McCoy/Uhura, background, net, pillow, comfort, stress, mismatched, call, history, dirty talk, garden, breathe, skirt, sing, music, little black dress, floor
Mirror!Kirk/Mirror!McCoy, please, blood, strength, panting, sigh
Nero/Ayel, subordinate
Pike/Chekov, star, instruct, favorite, storytelling, planetside, silk, reminisce, teach, settle, breeze, ritual, gift, visit, message, angle, sing
Pike/girl!Spock, amazed, quiet, lady, c'thia, Vulcan, determined, cool, Starfleet Command, brass, duty, Shi'kahr, fit, peace, braid, teacher, undone, vengeful
Pike/Kirk, [any], daddy, lesson, orders, sir, waking up in Vegas, glitter, massive hangover, snow, sand, sun, stars
Pike/McCoy, submission, water, butter, paper
Pike/Number One, aftermath, Yorktown, Illyria, awake, business, starship, ranch, Tango, breakfast, Romulans, Klingons, floor, promote, sprawl
Pike/Spock, senior officer, recruitment, subordinate, handcuffs, exploration, undone, forbidden
Pike/Uhura, [any]
Pike/Winona Kirk, spiral, tickle, dance, translate, swear, transcendental, dew, fever, silk, baby, reminisce, history, comparison, stars, breeze, vacation, capture, rescue
Scott/Chekov, nerd, smarts, math, Enterprise, drinking
Scott/Uhura, engine, moonshine, lips, accent, siren song, monkey wrench, metaphor, laughter, tongues
Spock/Chapel, waiting
Spock/Chekov, admiration, Wulcan, youth, curly hair, translate
Spock/McCoy, arguments, seduction, toy, growl, biting, blood, stitches, replicate, daughter
Spock/Uhura, action, untangle, composed, now, hips, Vulcan, lyre, pon farr, quiet, grief, fear, happiness, forbidden, admission, level, name, respect, numb, power struggle, command
Sulu/Chekov, aboard, adoration, controls, young, hair, smile, beg, vampire!Sulu, data, quarters, uniform, calculations
Sulu/Uhura, [any], AU, curve, grade, rapier

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Captain Picard/Captain's Chair, make it so
Data/Tasha Yar, snow, nerves, real, teach
Data/Troi, understanding, skill-set, grief, programming
Geordi/Wesley, learning, experiments, ascended
Guinan/Q, schism, love and hate
Picard/Crusher, inevitable
Picard/Q, space-time, unexpected, gender-change, shapeshift, mortal
Q/Amanda Rogers, hot for teacher
Q/Q2, sharp, reconcile, brotherhood, welcome home
Riker/Troi, holodeck, promise, lift, forbid, siren, child, beloved, bet, destiny, choose

Star Trek: The Original Series
Kirk/Spock, slim, elegant, Pon-Farr, Vulcan, family, farming, car, space-shuttle, stranded, communicators, water, terrain, Romulans, cabin, possession
Mirror Spock/Spock/Uhura, prisoners, cave, anger, role, logic, surrender
Spock/Uhura, love, logic, understanding, stranded, angry, confession, duty, night shift
Stonn/T'Pring, choice, accord, crime
Sulu/Chekov, helm, accent, Russia, plans, cold, uniform
Sulu/Uhura, damsel, distress, normative, longing, roles, see
T'Pring/Uhura, stranded, sand, breathe

Star Trek: Voyager
Chakotay/Paris, undeserving, back story, control, denial
Chakotay/Tuvok, undercover, rebels, revenge, spiritual
Doctor/Paris, physician heal thyself, teaching, exam,
Janeway/Chakotay, adrenaline, bridge, cliff, pegging, Captaincy, de-stress, bathtub
Janeway/Seven, coffee, nanoprobes, assimilate
Janeway/Tuvok, pon far, stranded, friendship, ropes
Paris/Seven of Nine, adjustment, human,
Q Jr/Icheb, Peter Pan, first, friends
Q/Lady Q, hurt, childhood, forever
Torres/Kim, sly, game
Torres/Neelix , pressure valve, insult, morale officer
Torres/Paris, names, pegging, pregnancy, tradition, painsticks
Tuvok/Seven of Nine, damaged, logical, implants, neurochemical imbalance, year of hell, first time, pon farr, maturity, inhuman, mind meld, blind, control, resistance is futile, shaving, domestic habits, stranded, strength, teaching, shore leave
Vorik/Torres, blood fever, battles, kisses

Star Wars
Anakin/Padme, [any]
Darth Vader/Han Solo, [any]
Han Solo/Leia Organa, knowing, [any], first time, urgent, banter
Han Solo/Luke Skywalker, gravity, seduce, laconic, surprise, sand, Leia, thirst, winner, shy
Han Solo/Luke Skywalker/Leia Organa, escape, drunk
Jaina/Jag, honesty, loyalties, division, wine, dinner-date, stolen kiss, cupboard
Kyp/Jaina, consolation, engagment, saber
Luke Skywalker/Boba Fett, anger, mirror, job
Luke Skywalker/Mara Jade, afterlife, beach, bath, bond
Luke Skywalker/Wedge Antilles, pinned, flyboy, x-wing, force, jedi, comrade
Obi-Wan/Asajj Ventress, darkness, anger, drunk
Obi-Wan/Darth Maul, scarlet, knife-edge, redemption, Tattooine, reluctant, tattoo, calligraphy
Padme/Mon Mothma, politics, ritual
Padme/Sabe, double
Palpatine/Anakin, any
Qui-Gon Jinn/OFC, forbidden, leave, passion, pink, hair
Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, teachers, forgiven, reunited
Wedge Antilles/Iella Wessiri-Antilles, family, whiskey, intelligence, mission, golden, retirement, home,
Wedge Antilles/Tycho Celchu, comrades, fight or flight, frozen, silent, universe, stargazing, flight, prison, stars, rogues, one
Wedge Antilles/Wes Janson, unlimited, escalation
Zekk/Jag, competition
Zekk/Jag/Jaina, joined, force, diplomacy

Star Wars: Clone Wars
Anakin/Padme, aggressive, share, time, secret, diplomatic

Stardust (movie)
Captain Shakespeare/Skinny Pirate, loyal, dress
Tristan/Yvaine, light, ship

Stargate (movie)
Daniel Jackson/Ra, bathing, searing, dominate
Daniel Jackson/Sha'uri, writing, paint, commonplace, watching

Stargate Atlantis
Daniel/John, simmering, Alteran proverbs, waterfall, flight, Ascended AU, kings, steampunk
Daniel/John/Rodney, overkill, princes of the universe, absolute power, geek culture
Daniel/Radek, language kink, secrets, runes, crystals, scenery, geeks
Daniel/Rodney, janitor's closet, soft science
Elizabeth/John, our city, rain, secrets, balcony, home
Elizabeth/Rodney, pebbles, eggnog, going home
Elizabeth/Stephen Caldwell, [any]
Elizabeth/Teyla, plans, reunion, hands, leather, drenched, resurrection, devotion
Elizabeth/Todd, negotiations
Evan Lorne/John, dark, danger, relief, stranded, insubordination, smirk, slink, wet, orders
Evan Lorne/Radek, science
Evan Lorne/Sam, focus, trust
Evan Lorne/Teyla, sunrise, delicate, lick, nutmeg, crystalline, rattle, dead of night, poetry in motion
Jennifer/Rodney, Latex gloves, check up, alone time, cheat, aliens made them do it, first time
Jennifer/Teyla, bantos, understand, hero
Jennifer/Todd the Wraith, freezing, serum, boredom, honor, fearless, geeky
John/Laura Cadman, gene, psychic, dress, citizen
John/Radek, precise, bruises, bondage, trust, contraband
Mensa!John/Rod, return, lies, forgive, nerd, lesson, puzzle, protective, careless, math
John/Rodney, different stars, lost, home, family, tents, off-world, kiss, guns, fear, glory hole, heartbreak, lion's tail, milk, roar, shudder, spanking, tire swing, torment, luscious, glitter, vibrate, kinetic, gamble, drowsy, bend over, boots, nipples, tease, dimples, hairy, immobile, negotiate, cranky, skin hunger, ambush, tickle, vanilla, costume, hammock, wings, flustered, bathtub, wax, blustering, sex pollen
Vegas!John/Vegas!Rodney, agreement, persuasion, incentive, lips, healing, suit, heat, stars, chance, calculate, money, offer, car, reveal, ring, magnetic, break through, up against the wall, frisk, expensive
John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, initiate, control, pudding, ritual, waterfall, puddlejumper, sleepy, exercise, softly, group hug, Athosian ale, the day
after, marks, urgent, embers, rope, choreography, dust, gift, hands, itch, lethal, shock, small space, sparkle
John/Rodney/Teyla, games, trapped, missing, thrill, voyeur, private, training, share, breeze, bold, puddlejumper, tentacles, celebration, pin down, hay loft, pool
John/Ronon, hidden, medicine, biting, orders, comfort, flogger, bruise, joy, suspension, magic, crazed, bar room brawl, wrestle, blanket, rope, sleeping, memory, silence, strip, manhandle, spell, sweat, uniform, whip, retrained, dreadlocks, we were beasts about to burst, crush, voodoo
John/Ronon/Teyla, soldiers, respite, washing, warmth, sparring, tangle, scars
John/Teyla, choices, storm, tenderness, lick, dirty talk, laughter, vegas, bruises, absence, bindings, knowledge, wanton, rough, outside, seed, bind, own, secret, overheard, spar, smoke, Washington, campfire, forgive, popcorn, downtime, story, pegging, kneeling, shower, massage, comfort, steamy, proposal, vegas, frisked, cuffed, hurricane, stranded, under the covers, rehearsal, masquerade, love-nest, affair, summer, captive, enslaved, good clean fun, games, dare, tempted, dance, hesitate, lick, scars, water, running, driving, secret, metamorphosis, bound, silent, reversal, sharp, knife, opposites, hunt, fire, doppelganger
John/Teyla/Kanaan, invitation
John/Todd, hunger, bond, fate
Laura Cadman/Rodney, reality check, pink, shower
Laura Cadman/Teyla, boom
Radek/Rodney, potential, zinger, in the lab, stimulants
Radek/Sam, hypothesis, fractal, integral, circuit, pigeon, elevator, bond, trust, tether
Rod/Rodney, kissing, green, in triplicate, when pigs fly, jackass, bound
Rodney/Ronon, doing time, summertime, timeline, time of my life, take your time mpreg
Rodney/Sam, finally, alternate universe oneupmanship, virtual-sex, command
Rodney/Teyla, hands, joy, quiet, relax lessons, breathe, crimson, belly, giggles, arrangement, casual, straddle, mushy, meadow, getaway, rescue, piercing, toys, massage, sex while pregnant, menstruation, surprising, quiet, mirror, fight, power, science, lover, signs, claim
Rodney/Todd, science, chains
Ronon/everyone, sparring, foreplay
Ronon/Sam, accept, draw, teach, hike, nod, off-world, the benefits of leather
Ronon/Teyla, sword, practice, custom, mourn, galaxy, breathe, share, alone
Todd the Wraith/[any], desperate, lust, wonder, enthusiasm, unexpected, claiming, not forever, tattoos
Todd the Wraith/Teyla, relapse, impulse, sensation

Stargate SG-1
Anise/Freya/Jack O'Neill, mixed feelings, shared pleasure, admissions, kisses
Apophis/Amaunet, love, first time, slave, playing, hand cuffs, power
Aris Boch/Ba'al, trade
Aris Boch/Nirrti, experiment, unwelcome
Aris Boch/OFC, wild
Aris Boch/Qetesh, duty, threat
Aris Boch/Samantha Carter, talkative
Aris Boch/Samantha Carter/Baal, bounty, prize
Aris Boch/Vala Mal Doran, boots, gossamer, negotiate, salvation, vessel, partners, fun, sore
Ba'al/[any], conquer, scheming, smug, irritation,
Ba'al/Adria, Earth, toys, power, telekinesis, converting
Ba'al/Ba'al, balls, captivity
Ba'al/Janet/Sam, escape
Ba'al/Sam, secret, meaningful, sneaky, sleeping, ribbon device, off world, rendezvous, pet, unholy, undercover, frustrating
Ba'al/Sam/Jack, mind control, watching, revenge
Ba'al/Sam/Vala, bored, curious, hot
Cameron/Daniel, argue, hold, overwhelmed, frustration, envy, hero-complex, run, snark, silence, showers, off-planet, unreadable, sharing a sleeping bag, long distance, cold-hearted, caught, hidden, once, wary, tradition, home, date, regrets
Cameron/Daniel/Sam, wrong, newbie, frayed, smile, Atlantis, cold, wings, promotion, initiate, ice, future, submarine, breathe, habit, induction, leather
Cameron/Jack, bullet, gritty, ignition, smooth, volunteer
Cameron/Jolan, spar, show me your world, arms, brothers
Cameron/Sam, fortune cookie, undercover, kitchen, motorcycle, oak, sky, wheat, airplane, skydiving, car, speed, comfortable, scar, bleed, stuck, laugh, whiskey, stargate
Cameron/Teal'c, partners, sparring, movie night, faith
Cameron/Vala, feathers, prank, honesty, theft, dancing, benefits, bodyswap, comb, lubricant, mischief, share, after, comfort, gentle, tease, second-best, recognition, loneliness
Carolyn Lam/Cameron Mitchell, independent, voyeur
Daniel/Anise/Freya, first time, proposal, swimming, moon light
Daniel/Hathor, slave, release, urges, alien pheromones
Daniel/Jack, come-on, drugged, entertain, exposure, flirt, happy, maybe, pleasure, showoff, soothe, sports, truth, vibrator, vision, uniform, beekeeping, retirement, old t-shirt, history, blindfold, hurry, language, mud, winter, marriage, jungle, desert, against the wall, broken in, reborn, ascended, confidential, power, glasses, memory, tongues, languages, alternate universe, P-town, endurance, subsonic, fly, contest, partner, Spanish, covert, subliminal, infiltrate, pressure, push, smile, deflect, fruit, delay, pout, deny, lick, stumble, finally, lost, cake, time, ambush, swim, relief, fog, incandescent, verdant, ascension
Daniel/Jack/Sam, never, alone, always, converge, equation, handcuffs, penultimate, language, return, cabin, pillows, whiskey, breakfast, naked, domesticity, misunderstanding
Daniel/Jack/Sam/Teal'c, custom, novelty, silk, teamwork, easy, reunion, meditation
Daniel/Jack/Teal'c, contrast, downtime, pride, repeat
Daniel/Jack/Vala, commitment, waiting, Washington, Lucian, undercover
Daniel/Janet, exotic, garnet, possibilities, wine
Daniel/Jonas Quinn/Sam Carter, spiral, empty, god, Ori, luck
Daniel/Osiris, prison cell, wine, enemy, cold, pain, pleasure
Daniel/clone!Jack, reeaaaally unimpressed, highschool, prom
Daniel/Sam, science, exploring, ocean, lost, regret, sunset, old, familiar, lifetime, P-90, boonie, symbiote, computer, translate, blue, bindings, trapped, danger, marvel, motel, puzzle, rush
Daniel/Sha're, teasing, lessons, family, morning, quiet
Daniel/Sha're/Vala, inevitable, indulgent
Daniel/Teal'c, absolution, fallen
Daniel/Vala, courage, mirrors, windows, warmth, make-up, regret, necklace, pegging, surveillance, pay-per-view, toes, river, cry, sword, dance, banana, flight, olives, lost, starlight, uniform, elevator, alien, lick, table, forbidden, fantasy, dangerous, offworld, words, tickle, road-trip, flavor, alcohol, would you stop that!, forget, adjusting, history, experience
Delek/Jack O'Neill, anger, lust, stranded, surprise, joy
Garshaw/Yosuuf/Jack O'Neill, oil, slave, ally, attraction
Hathor/Malek, prisoner, slave, whip, forbidden lust
Hathor/Ra, hate, power, roles, jewels
Jack/Daniel/Cameron, fall, capture, chained, hurry, pizza
Jack/Janet, blood, rain, steel
Jack/Frank Cromwell/Sara O'Neill, pre-Iraq
Jack/Sam, camping, cars, soldiers, technology, laughter, telephone, dirty, desperate, silence, rain, trees, moon, tent, sound, sweat, sparring, watch, extinction, dash, kerosene, dive, against all odds, passion, heat, no more alternate realities, retirement party, commendation, pulling rank, 'yes sir', strict orders, role-reversal, pegging, fetish, whumped-Jack, happily-ever-after, ticklish, angry, science, mile high, hotel, disobey, broken, control, whiskey, motorcycles, tattoos, dark!Jack, spanking, slave
Jack/Sam/Janet, pegging
Jack/Sara, hard, memory, flirt, beginning, sunshine, playful
Jack/Teal'c, excite, ritual, solace
Jack/Vala, Major General, Homeworld Security, interrogation, adventure, curiosity, relief, tease, tension, untoward
Jack/Zarin, party time, stranded, surprise, joy
Janet Fraiser/Jacob Carter/Selmak, surprises, restaurant, travel, visiting
Janet Fraiser/Malek, oil, surprise, kiss, drunk, party
Jolinar/Rosha/Lantash/Martouf, memories, happiness, joy, sadness, returns
Jolinar/Samantha Carter/Lantash/Martouf, hosts, wants, desires, desert, meeting
Kelmaa/Malek, friends, sadness, wishes, hope
Lantash/Martouf/Sam, release, elevator, stranded, urges, memories, lust, love, first kiss, captured, alternate realities, craving, realizations, first time, wedding, netu, the blood of sokar, compassion, comfort, teltac,longing,jealousy,desire,alien spores,fertility rites, scars, sand, colors, familiar, waiting, passion
Martouf/Sam, eyes, flashback, sand, hide, return
Nirrti/Qa'tesh, plotting, seduce, ours, betrayal, bedouin, any
O'Neill/Kawalsky, drunk, argue, guns, foxhole
Pierce/Reynolds, promotion, quickie, grimace
Rodney McKay/Samantha Carter, casanova, AU, honeymoon, silicon valley, ancient, trust, genius, any
Sam/Janet, hiding, argument, safe, uniform, roleplay, desperate
Sam/Janet/Vala, paradise, latex, braids
Sam/Jonas, waiting, end of the world, thunderclouds, that one time
Sam/Teal'c, flight, speed, steady, coffee, unexpected, Unending, memory, grass, faith, sparring, entangle, good-bye, grasp, adrenaline, familiar, home, joy, memory, stronger, family
Sam/Vala, mirror, backseat, aggressive, leather, crystals, father, motorcycle, glitter, rainbow, experiment, dress, battle, rock, toy, run
Sha're/Vala, parallel, convergent
Teal'c/Drey'auc, [any]
Teal'c/Ishta, Earth, free
Teal'c/Jonas, smiles, feast, aliens-only, first-time
Teal'c/Vala, alien, joy, fun, concrete, ghosts, past, Earth, climb, comfortable, morality, wry, challenge, casual, locker, car
Teal'c/Va'lar, redemption, warriors
Zipacna/Osiris, power struggle, secrets, exploration, female body

Stargate Universe
Camille Wray/Chloe Armstrong, diplomat, lesson, new path, leader
Camille Wray/Ronald Greer, need, blood
Eli Wallace/Chloe Armstrong, cold, shower, fear, reward
Eli Wallace/Ronald Greer, teacher, fork in the road
Everett Young/Matthew Scott, role-reversal, chain-of-command, games, distraction
Everett Young/Matthew Scott/Ronald Greer, habit, BDSM, AMTDI
Everett Young/Tamara Johansen, comfort, hands, warmth
Matthew Scott/Chloe Armstrong, tired, naked
Matthew Scott/Eli Wallace, planet, friendship
Matthew Scott/Eli Wallace/Chloe Armstrong, end, scared
Matthew Scott/Ronald Greer, negotiations, blindfold, professionalism, partners, stronger
Nicholas Rush/Chloe Armstrong, water, blue, nightmares, need, unexpected, life or death, experiments, any.
Nicholas Rush/Everett Young, trust, hands, follow
Nicholas Rush/Tamara Johansen, cohabiting, heal, different, oath
Senator Armstrong/Chloe Armstrong, comfort, mother, support, campaign, training, politics
Vanessa James/Chloe Armstrong, solace, trust, tomorrow, aftermath, breasts, jealousy, friendship, shower, lonely, bonding, wall!sex

Starsky and Hutch (movie)
Starsky/Hutch, mime, riding

State Of Play (UK)
Cal McCaffrey/Anne Collins, chest groping, fool's gold, uncertainty, red lips, Domme, damaged, caresses, muscles, hotel, red wine, phone!sex, illicit, red/gold, bedlinen
Cal McCaffrey/Anne Collins/Stephen Collins, embarrassment, always, wanting, reconciliation, take him home, seduction, dominatrix, BDSM, strap-on
Cal McCaffrey/Cameron Foster, boss, subordinate, knees, job, journalism, determination, for the story,
Cal McCaffrey/Dan Foster, ropes, investigative, technique, good,` story, fast, hard, rimming
Cal McCaffrey/Dominic Foy, scared, wet shirt, lager, don't know, under an hour
Cal McCaffrey/Helen Preger, journalists, moment, wall
Cal McCaffrey/Stephen Collins, comfort, spare room, mates, dirty talk, rimming, painless affair
Cameron Foster/Dan Foster, Daddy, undercover, for the story, pretence, collar
Dan Foster/Dominic Foy, similarities, fun loving, me?
Della Smith/DCI William Bell, handcuffs, exchange, lips, powerful, hair
Della Smith/Helen Preger, comfort, stay with me, drunk, kisses
Dominic Foy/Sid, anonymous, magazine, half-smile, why not?, game on, he's fit, nine minutes

State Of Play (US)
Cal/Della, danger, rain, blood, sullied, soap, hurt, comfort, older, younger, big, small, tight, spread, need, want, more, imperatives, revelation

Static Shock
Hotstreak (Francis)/Richie Foley, redemption, romance, fire, water, temper, family, jealousy, mpreg, hair-gel, police
Virgil Hawkins/Richie Foley, invention, jealousy, bang-baby, news, costumes, college, family, mpreg, car, Justice-League, future

Stiff Upper Lips
Edward Ivory/any, garter, socks, repeat

Stonehenge Apocalypse
Jacob/Joseph, apocalypse, betrayal, secrets

Brandon King/Michelle, almost, caress, clean, rip, safety, trigger

Stranger to Command - Sherwood Smith
Senrid/Shevraeth, colts, freedom, first time, loyalty, power, silence

Strangers on a Train
Guy/Bruno, killer, honey, snap

Street Kings
Tom/Paul, cigarette, burned out, promise, hope, car, dust, bullet

Strictly Ballroom
Fran/Scott, magic, tango, student

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Matt Albie/Danny Tripp, sketch, protect, beach
Matt Albie/Harriet Hayes/Danny Tripp, power, words, laughter

Sugar Rush
Sugar/Kim, years

Viktor/Flik, voyage, fate, practice

Sunshine - Robin McKinley
Constantine/Sunshine, light, magic, pain, red, predator, kitchen knives, caretaker, conflict, protection, kiss, skin, unglamorous, bask, cinnamon rolls, smell, speed, dreams, artifact, night life

Sunshine (movie)
Capa, math, dreams, warmth
Capa/Mace, dust, bright, sunburnt, Earth, company, cigarettes, snowflakes, void, black, light, red,
Cassie/Capa, eyeblink, after
Cassie/Robert, shimmer

Sunshine Cleaning
Lynn/Norah, candy, blood, veins, veins, freckled, slow
Rose/Norah, forgiveness, need, alone, importance, reconciliation, always

Adam/Michael, self, guilt, flying, burn, books, worship
Alastair/Ruby, tentacles
Anna/Castiel, human, grace, wings, home, fallen, tempt, trace, tremble, fallen twincest AU, telephone booth, some distant shore, nebulae, lost constellations, lost in translation, older than the mountains, do you remember?, second in command, rescue, raised swords, familiar, forgiven, grace, lightning, obedience, kneeling
Anna/Crowley, deal, demon, fledgling, taboo, wings, uneasy, deals, bondage, silk, tattoos
Anna/Dean, leather
Anna/Jo, weapon, hunt, drink, vice, hair, wings, feather, knife, sun
Anna/Lucifer, any, fallen, fire, heaven, hell, loss, lost, rebellion, redemption, regret, seduction, storm, temptation, unspoken, hell, lost, lonely, past
Anna/Pamela, burn, touch, again,
Anna/Ruby, unromantic, grace, burning, sex and chocolate, wings, competition, curiosity, safety, deal, recognition, savior, temptation, pure, human, forgotten memories
Ava/Sam, against, demon, fight, powers, yellow, distraction, nervous
Azazel/Jo, corrupt, whip, non-con
Azazel/John, favorite, human
Bela/Dean, Hell, teeth, eyes, diamonds, Colt, doomed, dance, sucker, suit, any, sleight of hand, storytelling, irises, ambiguous
Bela/Gabriel, raised
Bela/Jo, negotiations, sunset, whiskey, heels, insurance
Bela/Ruby, kindred
Bela/Victor Henriksen, fingerprint, handgun, rest, closet
Bill/Ellen, always, hearth, intense, sweet, wild
blond!Ruby/Sam, want, need, blood
Bobby/Crowley, domestic, tongue, deal, sophisticated
Bobby/John, loyalty, loneliness, comfort, Thebes, blood
Cassie/Dean, again, amazing, first, hide, smile, fidelity, hard, again, reunion, backseat, newspaper
Cassie/Jo, stranger, rest
Castiel/Crowley, ink, undercover, miser
Castiel/Dean, ghost, pewter, voyeur, reincarnation, worship, diner, besotted, strength, handholding, grasp, smile, fire, bright, tie, clothes, guns, slow, healing, adrenaline, discovery, fight, comfort, laughter, firsts, machines, singing, cellphone, languages, prayer, sight, tomorrow, [any], anything, smile, AU, firemen, eyes, asexual, sleep, blood, flying, night, smoke, dark, sleep, blue, hands, possession, break, shine, church, penitent man, confession, breaking, oil, corset, sex pollen, handprint, dependable, new, enjoyable, godsend, wings, dominance, not getting references, Dean being smarter than he lets on, teasing, getting what you want vs getting what you deserve, sigils, tattoo, Dean submitting, faith, return, candles, devotion, virtues, music, car, curtains, handprint, personal space, disobedience, friends, tempt, absynthe, anger, love, marking, pie, birthday, private, thunderstorm, more, try, ascend, struggle, eternity, phone sex, dirty talk, silent, brothel, cupid, shower, grace, cellphone, tie, alter, devotion, movies, unexpected, breath, visit, rope, possessive, ice, tongue, pull, gentle, vocal, trial
Castiel/Dean/Gabriel/Sam, pie, sticky, mess, teamwork, celebration, stars, flying, over, dreams, wishes, left, post-apocalyptic, survivors, free, bonding, relief, indebted, kinky, wings
Castiel/Gabriel, bossy, candy, rebuilding Heaven, earthbound, family, fascination, learn, purpose, candy, beaches, wings, cuddles, duct-tape, blood, angel, family, believe, gag, touch, grooming, halos, trust, sweet tooth, humor, pagan, voice, love, fledgling, lost,guilt, grace, dance
Castiel/Gabriel/Lucifer, humilation, brothers, defeat
Castiel/Jo, tonight, exhibit, stress, window, virgin, kiss, sorrow, cold, heaven
Castiel/Lucifer, guns, bend, bargain, unholy, fire, sword, binding, broken, blood, handcuffs, marking, bruises, dominant, respect
Castiel/Ruby, any, falling
Castiel/Sam, dirty, delicious, hoist, subdue, comfort, rise, lift, water, angel blood, tears, naive, brand, sin, filthy, new, rage, tied hands, need, against the wall, failure, devotion, Armageddon, osmosis
Claire/Castiel, dreamscape, incandescent, fire, six wings and four faces
Claire/Dean, resignation, jigsaw pieces, gray skies, desperation, torn jeans, 5x04verse, stains, hunter, anger, virginity, lost, forgotten
Crowley/Dean/Gabriel/Sam, humans with benefits
Crowley/Dean/Sam, brotherly-my-arse, pizza, buggery, travel, sprinkles
Crowley/Gabriel, expensive, deal, kiss, contract, detatched, cackle, trumpet, Enochian, mess, tricky, exasperating, scare the humans, throat, power, sneaky, rough, wit, boring, years, clash, punishment, bruises, impossible, retaliate
Crowley/Sam, Sasquatch, rebel, moping, tattoo
Dean Smith/Castiel, memories, tie, corner, furtive, stress, lonely, subordinate, relief, caress, paperwork, glasses, lunch date, computers
Dean Smith/Sam Wesson, forgotten, lessons learned, microphone
Dean/Cassie/Jo, summer, haunting
Dean/Castiel/Anna, jealousy
Dean/Castiel/Gabriel, feathers, wings, steamy
Dean/Castiel/Jo, intense, wanted, plentiful, restless, wings, kind, slow, humid, sticky, being alive
Dean/Ellen, find, kiss, taste, slap, grip, bar, table, burn, whisky, rooftop, salt, Latin, back room, beer, shotguns, pregnant
Dean/Gabriel, pranks, table, peace, tide, coming storm
Dean/girl!Castiel, night, vessel, road, iniquity is one of the perks, pregnancy, apocalypse, wings, lost faith
Dean/Impala, miles, engine, home, wrecked, wanderlust, purr, growl, leather, tense, speed
Dean/Jo, any, last chance, heaven, clean, hunt, drawn, blonde, blade, return, unexpected, heaven can wait, crossroads, resentment,
alone, moving on, denial, gun, gritty, lost cause, free will
Dean/Lisa, respite, candle, forget, haunted
Dean/Lucifer, raw, anger, breath, gasp
Dean/Lucifer/Castiel, firelight, heat, stars,
Dean/Lucifer/Michael, blood, moonlight, fire, brothers, bound
Dean/Maggie Zeddmore, video, training
Dean/Michael, seduce, dream, destiny
Dean/OFC, AU, graduate, street
Dean/pie, cherry, sweet, comfort, whipped-cream
Dean/Ruby, any, psychological projection, red, leather, fugue, righteous
Dean/Sam, eyeliner, ripped, alone, lockdown, zombies, wages, witches, poison, addict, picnic, broken, vampire, acceptance, dreams, escape, forever, pretext, costume,
identity, DNA, sulfur, chemistry, heartland, autumn, kindle, blaze, quench, blankets, no, fight, dark, eyes, home, done, together, safe, gun, nasty, rough, careful, run, close, bent over, looking back, smack, hair, fingers buried, ice cream, run, suck me, blindfold, gas station, thunderstorm, Stanford, toys, teased, sweat, summer, watch, backwards, imagine, regret, college, yawn, belief
Dean/Sam or Sam/Dean/John, gloryhole, anonymous, secrets
Dean/Tessa, reunion, crossing, toll
Dean/Victor Henriksen, wrestle, pinned, gun
Demon and Angel, Temporary Shelter from the Storm
Gabriel/Kali, hands, blue, death, resurrection, wings, destruction, worship, Kama Sutra, mine, storm clouds, demon-killer, blood
Gabriel/Lucifer, history, wings, teacher, morning, light, groom, before, wings, one-upmanship, pranks
Gabriel/Sam, bargain, chocolate, fledgling, sticky, wall!sex, left, prankwar, puppy-eyes, blood, scars, ownership, candy, candy, DVD, time, perdition, mark, candy, lips, caged, flight, wings, grounded, amber, precious, jealous, furious, dark, untamed, janitor, illusion, collar, misunderstanding, unexpected, explective, pagan, wings, snark, tease, demand, bind, dirty, handle, marking, rescue, control, candy, play, affection, kidnap, strange, sour, salty, divinity, orgasm, humanity, cleanse, bond, deity, trick, match, unintended, baseball, song
Gabriel/Sam/Kali, blood, hands, sigils, intense, blasphemy, blood, Kama Sutra, alliance, ritual
Gabriel/Sam/Loki, tricky, fun, sweets, shapeshift, share
Gabriel/Sam/Sarah, flexibility, secret, immediate, hours, location, pressure, drunk, sharing, massage, strip
girl!Dean/Castiel, highlights, heaven, thunderstorm, silence, superficial, belief, rainclouds, want
girl!Dean/Jo, return, short, up
girl!Sam/Dean, liar, fireworks, cinnamon, red vines, alchemy, music, ice, tease, paint, promises, summer, shoulders, freckles
girl!Sam/Jess, library, strap on, frat party, shotgunning, teacher's assistant, feather, romance, secrets
Jess/Sam, AU, button, gold, brilliant, laughing, paint, tickle, sky, dream, left, tongue, stretch, bruise, bite, library, bathtub
Jess/Sam/Dean, hellfire, damnation, bed, lounge, stars, lazy, forgiveness, fire, morning, loyalty, happy end, burned, need
Jo/John, december, denial, willpower, laundry, difference, escape, feather, never again, silence, pregnancy, books, motor oil, not so sweet, quiet
Jo/Ruby, hunt, fair, sweat, resistance, smile
Jo/Sam, ropes, wild, bossy, forever, free
Jo/Jess, lipstick, red, hunt, substitute, blonde, heaven, hell, burn, blood, partners, golden, temptation, sweet, shotgun, chap stick, thunderstorm, betting, protector, want, friction
Jo/Lucifer, fallen, grace, dance, claiming, protect, ash, sigil, marking, bruises, feathers, hell, frost, fire, blind, stars
John/Castiel, heaven, hell, car, jacket, time, fate
John/Dean, guilt, fists, curse, working, silent
John/Dean/Sam, [any]
John/girl!Dean, guilt, resignation, manipulation, two shots from the bottle and one from the gun, who's punishing who?, leaving the door open, eye contact in the mirror
John/Mary, blissful, cherish, glow, tragic, unladylike, heaven, dreamland, unexpected, reunion, wings, one crazy night
John/OFC, startle, wrist, yellow
Lilith/Dean, pretty
Lilith/Ruby, fate, Lucifer, power
Lucifer/Michael, brothers, clouds, knowledge, time, war, brothers, heat, love, blood, destiny, mindfuck, apocalypse, sunset, love, hate, heaven, last, fight, apocalypse, please, soulbond, brother
Lucifer/War, hands, servant
Madison/Lisa, black, substitute, cherish, family, help, hold, listen
Madison/Sam, possibilities, change, take, teeth, AU, future, hollow, cage
Maggie Zeddmore/any, camera lens, first, loss
Mary/Ruby, hell, plans
Meg/Jo, revenge, obsession, desperation
Michael!Dean/Castiel, broken, faith, worship, human, gone forever, distaste, soldier, grieving, driven
Michael!John/YED!John, coin, side, time
Original!Ruby/Dean, hell, hair pulling, angry, bite, hate, any
Pam/Sam, touch, quarter
Ruby (season 3)/Castiel, truth, blood, humanity, fear, warm, bright, soft, history, rough
Ruby/Jess, spanking, riding, blood, broken, irresistible, darkness, rough
Ruby/Sam, blood, bound, devious, frantic, rough, lamb, cloud, rain, dash, humid, curl, passion, blood, body, pyrrhic
Ruby/Sam/Gabriel, game, possession, blood
Sam/Anna, blood, history, new
Sam/Brady, followers write their own story, rush, uncontrollable, euphoria, insomnia, fury, exhaustion
Sam/Bela, [any], reciprocity, broken, better, deception
Sam/Ellen, grief
Sam/Gabriel/Lucifer, soul, tug-of-war, covetous, greedy, limits, grab, take, demand
Sam/Jess/Gabriel, Stanford, interlude, experiment, joyful, wings
Sam/Kali, grief, dance
Sam/Lenore, carry, self-sufficiency
Sam/Lucifer, trapped, headspace, lies, cruelty, kindness, fire, heart, blood, pulse, whisper, deception, dream, body, surprise, collapse
Sam/OFC, trail, vellum, watershed
Sam/Sarah, reunion, mirror, painting, hunting
Sam/self, collar, red, seat
Victor Henriksen/Gordon Walker, any

Swan Lake – Matthew Bourne
Prince/Swan, eternity, dance, lake, strong

Janet/Trina, cooking, oral/first time (to Janet)
Tom/Janet/Trina, family, double penetration, lemonade, twister

Sword of Truth series – Goodkind
Richard/Kahlan, lord, remember, trust, honeymoon, peace, drawing-the-target

Swordspoint series - Ellen Kushner
Katherine/Artemisia, chivalry, roleplay

Tam Lin - Pamela Dean
Robin/Molly, gravedigger
Thomas/Janet, education

Tarzan (Disney)
Tarzan/Jane, corsets, gloves, bustle, proper, English

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Donatello/Leonardo, headache, hammock, wrench
Donatello/Michelangelo, smile, careless, explosions, pizza
Leonardo/Raphael, argument, candles, rope, motorcycle
Michelangelo/Raphael, video games, food, hero worship

Telephone - Lady Gaga (video)
Honey B/Gaga, freed

Temeraire Series - Naomi Novik
Granby/Tharkay, drunk, jealousy
Laurence/Granby/Tharkay, first
Laurence/Tharkay, [any], jealousy, hope, warmth, captured, trapped, tied up, first, mark, salt, blue

Temple - Matthew Reilly
Race/Doogie, innocent

Tenchi Muyo!
Tenchi/Washu, sharp, mature, experimental, flirt, red

Terminator (movie)
John Connor/Kate Connor, dust, bunker, wounded
Kyle/Sarah, time, close, picture, warmth, faith, touch
Marcus/Blair, machine, stamina, memories
Marcus/Kyle, lost, timetravel, stamina
Sarah/T100, tears, shower, shelter
Sarah/T-800, understanding

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Allison/John, frustration, not her
Cameron/Derek, mistake
Cameron/John Connor, first time, ballet, scars, belief, bridge, decisions, end, Future!John, learning, nature, please, self-destruct, threat, birthday, bunker, cold, meaning, needs, piano, sensation, soul, strong, disarm, sleep, still, timshel, freedom, eternity, meaning, false, programming, chess, faith, paradox
Derek/Allison, losing you to their mistakes, sacrifice
Derek/Jesse, different, scars, trigger
Derek/Sarah, sweat, nightmares, guns, sweat, curfew, dress, shower, breakfast
Derek/John, reminder, better, human, flesh, soft, hard, luxury, necessity, orders, obey
Kyle/Sarah, dreams, grip, spark

That 70's Show
Donna/Eric/Hyde, any
Donna/Jackie, drugs, humiliation
Jackie/Hyde, phones, mints, snow, Blondie, the 80s, zen, basement, memories, Vegas, stars, circle, bitch, snow, open, prom, drive

The Addams Family (any)
Gomez/Morticia, food, empty nest, sunshine, storms
Joel/Wednesday, slice, daisy, compromise

The Adventures of Lano and Woodley
Colin Lane/Frank Woodley, virgin, wedding, punishment, Christchurch, Osaka

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay - Michael Chabon
Sam Clay/Tracy Bacon, lock-up, queer, wandering, idol, enigma

The A-Team (2010)
B.A. Baracus/H.M. Murdock, annoyance, Bosco, comfort, cook, free, hold, play, run, serenade, shot, sock-puppet, sunglasses, tapenade, threat, van, planes, fist, grab, pranks, jokes, bickering, banter, hidden, soft, scars, shot, exhaustion, fun, fool, alone, bullets, driving, lonely, together, walls, wind, protective, wander, sleep
Charisa Sosa/Lynch, spar
Charisa Sosa/Templeton "Face" Peck, cd, phone
Face/Murdock, crazy (in love), flirty, unexpected, sleight of hand, lick, smile, coffee, silence, shock
Face/Hannibal, careless, duty, leader, learning, trust.
Lynch/Pike, faking, comebacks, fighting, rope

The A-Team (tv)
B.A. Baracus/H.M. Murdock, build, distract, fly, lift, fool, news, offer, promise, road, sing

The Avengers (tv)
Steed/Peel, first time, wall!sex, jealousy, sex serum, masturbation, ties, hands, heat, always, denial, trust, champagne, promises

The Bacchae
Dionysus/Pentheus, resurrection, bruises

The Belgariad and Malloreon series - David Eddings
Polgara/any, virgin, comfort, wrong, spirit, history, ancient, grief, hair, wolf, feathers

The Big Bang Theory
Bernadette/Penny, freezer, tips, tokenism, experience, food, flirt, desire
Dr Beverly Hofstader/Penny, tequila, cheesecake, experiment, win over, dresses, common, smile,
Dr Beverly Hofstader/Sheldon, logical, unexpected, rockstar, worry, MRI, tests, experiment
Howard/Raj, Doctor Who, locked in, sleepover, erstwhile, comic book store, argue, abandon, shoot down, any
Leslie/Penny, blow-job Barbie, rivals, soft, act, play, secret, punishment, love, castaways, furtive
Leslie/Sheldon, grad school, feud
Missy Cooper/Leslie Winkle, Texas, matinee
Missy/Penny, family resemblance, comfort, rough, laughter, drunk, tongue, handcuffs, body shots, substitute
Penny/Sheldon, alien, ponn farr, bond, detatched, halloween, hello kitty, cold, hypothermia, statistical improbability, ill, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, consent, hands, gag, working, shudder, release, frantic, student, teacher, dancing, bazinga, panties, hard, plot, rescue, roommates, plaid, tie, cushion, unmentionables, preposterous, laundry, cherry pie, hello kitty, spaghetti, spare room, Nobel, red carpet, running lines, proper organizational scheme, villain, trope, webcam, online dating, countertop, scientific method, operant conditioning, swamp monster, soft, coffee, warm, song
Penny/Sheldon/Missy, kisses, imbalance, handlers
Penny/Rajesh, body shots, buzzed, silence
Sheldon/Leonard, experiment, curious, nervous, want, tease, control, first time, attention, alpha male, great minds think alike
Sheldon/Wil Wheaton, angry, payback, bowling alley, comic book store, revenge, hot, submission, control, intense, evil

The Boat That Rocked
Carl/Mark, picky

The Bourne Series (movies)
Jason Bourne/Krill, amnesia, running, hiding, anger, past, future, guns, passport, wine, recovery, files, news
Nicky/David, undercover, sigh, touch
Nicky/Jason, Paris, perfume, gloves, gun, on the lam

The Breakfast Club
Allison/Andy, crowd, coffee, club, dress, music, kitchen, lock, wrestle, dance, sunrise
Bender/Brian, future, overcoat, bleachers, floor, lips, blush, caress, pushy, laugh, tackle
Bender/Brian/Claire, aftermath, summer, moving on, winner
Claire/John, tattoo

The Butterfly Effect
Tommy/Evan, path

The Cave
Jack McAllister/Charlie, ropes

The Children's Hour
Karen/Martha, truth

The Chronicles of Narnia (book & movie)
Aslan/Susan/Lucy, healed
Caspian/Edmund, land
Caspian/Peter/Susan, jealousy, voyeurism, pain, fisticuffs, contest
Caspian/Ramandu's Daughter (Lilliandil), bright, happy, night sky, grass
Caspian/Peter, own, return, smile, take, control, seductive, child, pretend, midnight
Caspian/Susan, foreign policy, horseback, throne room, custom, contest
Edmund/Peter, kin, kings, oaths, ruins, wrong, punishment
Edmund/Prince Caspian, lineage, rigging
Edmund/Ramandu's Daughter, magic, silks, knife
Edmund/Susan/Peter, getting lost
Edmund/Susan/Peter/Lucy, goodbyes, sorrow, talking
Edmund/The White Witch, chains, bruises, ice
adult!Lucy/adult!Susan, velvet, fur
Lucy/Susan, archer
Peter/Susan, return, jealousy, punishment, worship, teacups, between, gray, crown, cross, rule the roost, archery practice, wedding jitters, ghosts
Susan Pevensie/any, queen, the royal bed, worship

The Chronicles of Riddick
Riddick/Vaako, armor, hellhounds, mating, throne, harness, fire, biting, mint, overwhelming, swollen, teeth, lithe, pale, strength, force, light, spike, sharp, wit, laugh, concubine, scars, animal, instinct, cold heat, Underverse, armor, shine, spar, bitch, pack, alpha, dominant, courtship, knife, cut, bite, scar, gift

The Covenant
Aaron Abbot/Reid Garwin, swim, head, bite, hold, run, mine, stranger, Power, bruises, slow, caught
Caleb Danvers/Pogue Parry/Reid Garwin/Tyler Simms, sparks, animal, howl, tattoo, wet, dry
Caleb/Chase, smile, chase, sting, connection, stardust, reason, moan
Caleb/Pogue, blur, soundtrack, gravestone, sugar, joke, apology
Pogue Parry/Tyler Simms, ride, races, care, Ascending, leather, trapped, first kiss

The Craft
Nancy/all, control
Sarah/Bonnie, scars, rose

The Crazies (2010)
Judy/Becca, escape
Judy/Deardra, yesterday

The Crying Game
Dil/Fergus, parole, nature, wife, imagination, terms, wait, release, suburbia

The Dark is Rising - Susan Cooper
Bran/Barney, artwork, laughter, bright
Bran/Jane, differences
Bran/Will, need, goodbye, slow, blind, untouchable, curse, sin, justice
Jane/Will, now
Simon/Will, late, missed, romantic

The Dark Tower - Stephen King
Eddie/Susannah, acceptance, heal, different, new, oath, vows, help, joke

The Darkangel Trilogy - Meredith Ann Pierce
Aeriel/Irrylath, pearls, renewed, trust, miracle, change, sheets

The Demon's Lexicon series – Sarah Rees Brennan
Mae/Sin, dancer, respect, firelight
Mae/Nick, want, rainstorm, fighter, clubbing, hands
Mae/Nick/Sin, fever, circle

The Departed
Costigan/Dignam, sleepy, familiar, clean, cinema, headache, gift
Dignam/Sullivan, comedy, winner, wasted, priorities, results, blessed

The Devil Wears Prada (movie)
Andy Sachs/Emily Charlton, dress-up, touch, Paris, adventure, moments sneaked in, standards
Andy Sachs/Miranda Priestly, control, heels, candles, contretemps, bet, ice, closet, dramatic, compromise, efficiency, planning, secrets, access, hurting, vicious, hate, wet, rain, snow, decision, wisdom, serenity, grace, brazen, weakness, hedonism, speak when spoken to
Miranda/Emily, taken for granted

The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher

Carlos Ramirez/Harry Dresden, done, slick

Harry Dresden/John Marcone, antagonize, flirt, cherry, opera, fear, manners, comfort, gift, grief, massive implications, tiger, swift, weak, pop culture, marathon, blackberry, trapped, grave, mourn, balance, gray-scale, united, lockpick

Harry Dresden/Karrin Murphy, angel, battle, need, sacrifice, want

Harry/Jared Kincaid, curiosity, undercover couple, magic handcuffs, Hawaii

Harry/Karrin, soft, wall, hold, now

Harry/Kincaid, sword, training, weapon, history, help, needy, secret, sleeve, commonality, sudden, unexpected

Harry/Michael, steady, faith, bask, glory

Harry/Sanya, strength and beauty, time, leaves, hot water

Harry/Thomas, magic, raised by Raiths, waterslide, camping, leather club, temptation

Jared Kincaid/Karrin Murphy, fun, Hawai'i

Karrin Murphy/Molly Carpenter, magic, sheets

Maeve/Molly Carpenter, sweet, lies, nevernever

The Dresden Files
Donald Morgan/Ancient Mai, sharp teeth, dog collar
Harry Dresden/Donald Morgan, angry, blades, jazz club, relaxation, making dinner, 'this doesn't mean I like you, Dresden', hounded, sword, Lake Michigan
Harry/Kincaid, kiss or kill, blaze, storm
Harry/Karrin, desperate, breathe, wise-cracking, topping, stake-out, scars, shiver, kids
Harry/Lasciel, mind games, angel, illusion, soul, hellfire, genderswap, transformation, marking.
Harry/Marcone, there are benefits to knowing a wizard, 'fuck or die' spell, running water prevents magic, secrets, tiger, soulgaze, understanding, helicopter, 'say please'
Harry/Thomas, choice, shattered, BDSM, 'I'm better at it then Lara', insanity, happy birthday, genderswap
Harry/Thomas/Kincaid, boom, fieldwork
Nicodemus/Harry, arrogance, scripture, bleed, fascination, shadows, bondage, shroud, asphyxiation, rope, noose, weakness, wrath, pride, coin

The Education of Charlie Banks
Mick/Charlie Banks, hope, love, forgiveness, college, poker, rich

The Edukators (Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei)
Jan/Peter/Jules, Barcelona, giddy, oceanic

The Enchantment Emporium--Tanya Huff
Alysha Gale/Charlie Gale, wood, yo-yo, fences, sharing

The Etched City - KJ Bishop
Beth/Gwynn, languor, myth, reptilian
Beth/Tareda Forever, paint, cold, knowing

The Fast and the Furious (2001)
Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto, bodywork, brand new, broken down, Nevada, the end, sacrifice, waiting, rescue, speed, arrive, wrench, truth, disguise, SWAT, uncover
Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto/Roman Pearce, race
Brian O'Conner/Roman Pearce, push
Brian/Dom/Letty, blaze, breeze, fingers, liquid, skirmish

The Fire's Stone
Aaron/Chandra/Darvish, wizard, spell, water
Aaron/Darvish, first, watch, steal, kiss

The Five Find-Outers (and Dog) – Enid Blyton
Fatty/Bets, fond, disguise, recovery

The Forgotten (TV)
Alex/Grace, reckless, salsa, dance, boxing, badge

The Good Wife
Alica/Kalina/Will, celebrations, morning after, coffee, closing time, sweetness, one for the road, lie
Alicia/Kalinda, kiss, 18 times, tequila, boots, divorce, choice, scandal, gossip, champagne, disappointment, popcorn, chocolate, briefs, conference, stairs, car, research, discovery, paper, drunk, surprise, lipstick traces, gun playing, leather, moonlight, azalea, stillness, spyglass, oral, strap-on(Alicia wearing it) , strap-on(Kalinda wearing it) , tradition, drink, help, need, escape, fantasy, phonesex
Alicia/Cary, revenge, bruise, cold, secret, rivalry, collarbone, boundaries, jealous, confused
Alicia/Eli, entangled, challenge
Alicia/Will, college, nostalgia, call, neck, finally, resolved
Diane Lockhart/Kalinda, gun
Diane Lockhart/Kurt McVeigh, gun
Diane Lockhart/Will Gardner, friendship, respect, outlet, desk, argument, celebration, argue, share, law, standoff, hours
Diane/Kalinda, boss, control, older, lesson, favor, champagne, giddy, secrets, car
Diane/Kurt, guns, opposites
Diane/McVeigh, recoil, desk
Cary/Kalinda, boy, use, wait
Kalinda/Lana, handcuffs, restrained, distance

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Nick/Daisy, childhood, sneaky
Gatsby/Nick, believe, future, first, neighbors, swimming pool, beach, escape, booze, party
Tom/Nick, respect, drunk

The Grudge
Karen/Kayako, insomnia, tangled

The Guild
Codex/Fawkes, engagement, insomnia, accidental, ice cream, jacket, reputation
Codex/Riley, affectionate, controller, dream, party, showdown, strap-on, target, teach, technology, violin

The Hard Times of RJ Berger
RJ/Lily, fantasy, rules, dark, pants, sick, locker-room, practice

The Hardy Boys - Franklin W. Dixon
Chet Morton/any, hobby, plump, eager, moan, fright, panting, jalopy
Joe/Iola, first

The Haunting
Eleanor/Theo, sensations

The History Boys (any)
Dakin/Irwin, subjunctive, too long, I'm sorry, on their knees
Dakin/Scripps, burst
Irwin/Scripps, courage
Posner/Scripps, tender, longing, religion, tea

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Arthur/Ford/Zaphod/Trillian, improbability, zero-g, mess, strange, special, comfort

The Host - Stephenie Meyer
Jared/Melanie, pain, violent, want, slave, use
Wanda/Ian, new, breath, soft, rock, dust

The Hours - Michael Cunningham
Virginia/Vanessa, blood, drowning, bird

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Finnick/Joanna, lake, struggle, protest, loud, half-dressed
Gale/Katniss, forest, hunt, rough, first, jealousy, trapped
Gale/Peeta, needs
Gale/Peeta/Katniss, answer
Katniss/Avox Girl, speak
Katniss/Cinna, girding
Katniss/Finnick, desperation
Katniss/Foxface, ghosts
Katniss/Madge, revolutionary

The Hunger Games (any)
Gale/Madge, strawberries, clean dresses, coal, dirty hands, forest, hunting, first, rescue, discovery
Katniss/Cinna, fire

The Illuminatus! Trilogy - Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson
Saul Goodman/Rebecca Murphy Goodman, rubber, shave, perfection, wet

The Incredible Hulk (2008 movie)
Bruce Banner/Betty Ross, control, slipping, heartbeat, muscle
Emil Blonsky/General Ross, [any]

The Incredibles
Helen Parr (Elastigirl)/Mirage, flexible, change, ordinary

The Inside
Karen/Rebecca, lost
Mel/Rebecca, office, missing
Paul/Danny, lies
Paul/Web, deflection, puppet
Rebecca/Karen/Paul, faithful
Rebecca/Web, hunting

The Invention of Lying
Mark/Anna, frustration, rational

The Invisible
Annie/Nick, haunted, wonder

The IT Crowd
Jen/Moss, red door, weekend, dancing, drunk, webcam
Jen/Roy, nerves, annoying, loud, geek, Guitar Hero, games, Taratino, work, office, coffee, internet, break up

The Kane Chronicles - Rick Riordan
Carter Kane/Sadie Kane, alone, adult, kissing, worried, tease, skirts

The L Word
Bette Porter/Helena Peabody, regret, swimming, cocktails, desire

The Lady Vanishes
Gilbert/Iris, explore

The Last Unicorn
Amalthea/Haggard, little death

The Lion in Winter (1968)
Geoffrey/Alais, opportunity
Henry/Alais, honesty
Philip/Richard, apology

The Little Mermaid
Ariel/Ursula, trap, touch, hear

The Long Walk
McVries/Stebbins, road

The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkein
Elladan/Legolas, arrows, woods, lembas, water, orcs, riding, family, Mithril, banquet
Elrond/Haldir/Aragorn, alliances
Eomer/Lothiriel, queen, flowers, new, marriage, adjust, contrast
Rosie Cotton/Samwise Gamgee, blessings, sheets, grass, river, hayloft

The Losers (2010)
Aisha al-Fadhil/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez, hat
Aisha al-Fadhil/Franklin Clay, fire, fever, suck, thunder, rattle, dance, knives, looking, sunset, teeth, walking
Aisha al-Fadhil/Jake Jensen, lipstick, worry, tech
Aisha/Cougar, fire power, crossing borders, the Hat, riding, safety, sweat, stitches, broken bones, silence, trust, adrenaline, against the wall, scratch/itch, knives, sex pollen, stiletto, pretty
Aisha/Cougar/Jensen, cavalry, motorcycle, family, vacation, hickeys, homemaker, porn, kink, rain, strong, bruise
Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez/Jake Jensen, code, heat, secret, hat, sweat, tequila
Clay/Jensen, authority, suit, shirt, technobabble, card, book, camera, addiction, floppy disc, mismatch, gags, distraction, obedience, off-topic, adrenalin, R&R, jukebox
Clay/Roque, revenge, love, Aisha
Cougar, voyeurism
Cougar/Jensen, beds, bombs, calm, desert, laughter, leaving, quiet, sand, sun, sweat, words, gunplay, hacking, hat, insanity, delirium, loss, discretion, pretending, watching, anticipation, playing
Jensen/any female, competition, angle, shy, pierced, scary
Jolene/Pooch, free time

The Lost Boys
David/Michael, wounded, wine, knifeplay,
David/Michael/any, initiation, dinner, drugs
Frog Brothers/Sam, comparison, super heros, smores, growing up
Michael/Sam, clinging, hunger

The Lost Room
Howard/Joe, Mexico, hospital, transparent, rescue, badge, uncomfortable

The Magic of Ordinary Days
Livvy/Ray, Frottage, acclimation

The Magnificent Seven
Chris/Ezra, sweltering, finesse, jagged, storm
JD/Casey, bold, ticklish

The Malazan Book of the Fallen - Steven Erikson
Ben Adaephon Delat/anyone, expediency

The Mentalist
Bosco/Jane, rough, frustration, pretending
Cho/Rigsby, donuts, silent
Cho/Jane, understanding, guess, crazy
Jane/Lisbon, control freak, nicknames, green, revenge, daughter, on the verge, disconnect, heat-wave, content, tired, badge, beginnings, break, captive, childhood, costumes, exhaustion, joke, magic, masochist, tough, gag, gags, hand cuffs, guns
Cho/Lisbon, friends
Cho/Rigsby, want
Jane/ Hightower/Lisbon, overtime
Lisbon/Van Pelt, rules
Rigsby/van Pelt, alone, pizza, back and forth, scent, façade, imagine, solo, wall, lift, protect

The Merchant of Venice – Shakespeare
Antonio/Bassanio, wealth, gifts, friendship, death, marriage, canals, secrets, favors

The Merlin Conspiracy - Diana Wynne Jones
Nick/Romanov, lightning, irresistible force meets immovable object

The Middleman (tv)
alt!Lacey/alt!Middleman, explosives
alt!Middleman/alt!Wendy, any, amnesia, betrayal, black, forbidden, gray, gun, leather, red, temptation, white
Lacey/Noser, protest
Lacey/Noser/Wendy, tease, casual
Lacey/Pip, Pollyanna, good, reinforcement,
Lacey/Wendy, idea, naked, protest,paint, stars, dance, art, costumes, painting, boredom, boss, bondadge, giggling, geekery, college, music, flood
Lacey/Middleman, courtly, uniform, alien tech, art, storybook, sunset, ending, lips, remember
Middleman/Roxy, denial, vaccination
Middleman/Wendy, aliens, buddies, milkshakes, pinky swears, comic books, name, HQ, danger, gadgets, inheritance, mine, restrained, shackled, temptation, corset, forbidden, weak, strong, lush, surrender, please, thank you, paddle, covered in ick, wish, battle, normal, after hours, experiment, genderswitch, secret talents, aliens-made-them-do-it, Roxy Wasserman
parallel!Middleman/parallel!Lacey, resistance, leather, hotwire, partner
Tyler/Wendy, revelations
Wendy (solo), paint

The Mighty Boosh
Vince/Howard, slave, feathers

The Mummy
Ardeth Bay/Evelyn Carnahan, hilarious, heat, water, teaching, lies, impossible, anger, unexpected, forever
Ardeth Bay/Johnathan Carnahan, tribe, mating, curse, tattoo, claim, treasure, sand, water, fish out of water, karma, proof of the pudding, time travel
Evie/Rick, jade, coeur-de-la-mer, charcoal, unexpected

The Net
Angela/Jack, password, virus, calculated move, running, jealousy, carousel

The O.C.
Lindsay/Ryan, Shakespeare, red, sigh, first time
Ryan/Seth, afterthought, owe, plot, ride, smooth, sunlight, twist, quiet, comics, rain, ocean, car, dreams, games
Ryan/Taylor, first time, bad boy, peaches, lip gloss, tequila, wedding night, angry sex, baking, shower, comfort, spooning, lingerie
Ryan/Theresa, first love, last love, smokes, hotel paper, unfamiliar
Ryan/Seth /Summer, graduation, fantasy, play
Ryan/Summer, snooping, grass, midnight, lights
Summer/Theresa, smiling

The Office (US)
Andy/Erin/Kelly, [any]
Andy/Kelly, carnival, popcorn, musical, gold lame
Andy/Oscar, wingmen, first date, awkwardness, alcohol, forget, ties, comfort, drunk, clueless, sigh
Angela/Kelly, fierce
Angela/Pam, God, coffee, secret, sweater, blue, mistake, religion, wood
Creed/anyone, dog
Darryl/Ryan, favor, oops, weights
Dwight/Ryan, cheating
Erin/Kelly, sparkles
Erin/Pam, bright
Jan/Karen, suit
Jan/Pam, smoke
Jim/Karen, copy, hotel, pants
Jim/Karen/Pam, beg, clarity
Jim/Katy/Pam, wine
Jim/Kelly/Ryan, pleeeeease?, threesome
Jim/Pam/Ryan, leisure, kinky
Jim/Ryan, chance, revenge, amends
Katy/Karen, fashionable
Katy/Pam, lipstick, drugs, pink, plastic
Karen/Pam, Cheerios, ballet, emotional, at work, winter, names, sports, side glances, party planning committee, crossdressing, movie night, sugar, written, handy, shampoo, bobby pins, talking dirty, tattoo, silk, cigarettes, vampire, underwater, sneakers, lace, paint, dream, candy, mistletoe, ticklish, couch, bathroom stall, genius, mittens, eggs, eyelet, Central Park, corporate, air conditioning
Michael/Ryan, mistake, unforgotten, insane, chocolate, disco, fire
Oscar/Ryan, cuckold

The Outsiders - SE Hinton
Dallas/Johnny, bruises
Dallas/Ponyboy, smart

The Pacific
Chuckler/Leckie, taste, a well-worn path, at night i pray and clean my gun, alive
Chuckler/Leckie/Stella, freckles, lemonade, a little drop of poison, bless the martyrs, back to Australia
Leckie/Hoosier, smoking
Sledge/Snafu, hard, doubt, tied, education, crazy eyes, sweet dreams

The Pact
Lenny/Spence, practice

The Persian Boy – Mary Renault
Alexander/Hephaistion, hillside

The Philadelphia Story
Macauley Connor/Tracy Lord, bubbly,
Mike Connor/C.K. Dexter Haven, need, champagne, lit from within

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
Basil/Dorian, gold, hope
Dorian/Lord Henry, hedonism, wanton, too far
Dorian/OC, Sibyl, regrets, choices, corruption

The Piglet Files
Peter/Sarah, bugged, secrecy, undercover

The Princess and the Frog
Charlotte la Bouff/Tiana, dress-up, kitchen, energy, charleston, Lindy, bus, blindfold, magnolias, Tulle, Pink
Facilier/Tiana, any
Facilier/Lotte, any
Lotte/Navid/Tiana, any
Lotte/Tiana, any, Tulle, Pink
Prince Naveen/Tiana, first, royalty, interruption, bath, trolley

The Privilege of the Sword - Ellen Kushner
Katherine/Artemisia, dashing, prince, roleplay

The Producers
Leopold Bloom/Max Bialystock, Reno, couch, despoiled, attachments

The Professionals
Bodie/Doyle, reflection, refraction, monochrome, escalation, denim, silk, leather, Capri, Escorts Unlimited, tents, tense, jealousy, charcoal, wings

The Proposal
Andrew/Margaret, coffee, fantasies, control

The Queen
Queen Elizabeth II/Tony Blair, protocol, royalty, hereditary, courtly

The Real Ghostbusters (TV/cartoon)
Egon/Janine, falling, holiday, phone, science, vehicle
Egon/ Peter, burn, hollow, lightning, ocean, psychologist, wind
Ray/any, alone, comics, dungeon, trapped, uniform
Winston/any, classes, drive, home, military, wishing

The Red Pyramid - Rick Riordan
Carter Kane/Horus, breathe, imagine, self gratification, mirror, touch, "trust me"
Sadie Kane/Bast, glomp, lipstick, nails, protector, relief, teacher, yowl

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Columbia/Janet, costumes, touch, corset, naughty
Columbia/Janet/Magenta, voyeuristic intentions
Columbia/Magenta, blood, biting, nails, hairdryer, service, salon

The Rose Tattoo - Tennessee Williams
Jack/Rosa, hotel, end point, wild

The Royal Tenenbaums
Eli/Margot, deplorable, theater, xylophone

The Runaways (2010)
Cherie/Joan, callouses, reunion, shotgunning, farewell
Cherie/Joan/Sandy, unstoppable

The Runaways (comic)
Chase/Gert, reunion, grief, carefree

The Sandman - Neil Gaiman
Barbie/Wanda, warm, cake, free
Dream/Hob Gadling, sporadic, beer, early

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Andrea/Sarah Jane, quantum
Clyde/Luke, [any], adventure, bite, cover, family, layers, learning, playground, precise, uniform, aliens made them do it, blush, "Mr. Smith, I need you", sex pollen, virginity
Maria/Sarah Jane, [any], first, light years, knitting, tea, force

The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett
Dickon/Colin, growing, earth, beauty

The Sentinel
Blair Sandburg/Jim Ellison, heartbeat, rug burn, shaving, spice, eavesdrop, truck, tease, spanking, sensitive, ice cream, warmth, shoulders, boxers, babble, photography, curls, demonstrate, house rules, rain, dress, cook, necking, couch, undeniable, visitor, nipple ring, confess, writing on the body, role play, fingertips, balcony, aroma, whisper, fire
Blair/Jim/Simon, comfort, office, playful, watch, camping, seduction, cram, cuffs, greedy
Jim Ellison/Lee Brackett, zone, coerce, persuade, partners, guide, bound, seduce, lost and found, trap, flight, sensual, better nature, arrest, covert, back seat, forbidden, submit, attack, compliment, frottage, blindfold
Jim/Simon, casual, vice, gamble, fuck buddies, discipline, boss, shave, fantasy, kneel

The Shield
Danny/Lem, alcohol, laugh, cling, want, motorcycle
Danny/Vic, midnight, thunderstorm, quiet, bound, plead
Vic/Shane, faithful

The Shrödinger's Cat Trilogy - Robert Anton Wilson
Markoff Chaney/Mary Margaret, Wildeblood, Ithaca, Athens, Saturn
Mary Margaret Wildeblood/any, oz, frank, simplify, theory, spaces
Polly Esther Doubleknit/any female, virtue, pull, deflect, boardroom, honeymoon

The Silmarillion - JRR Tolkien
Amarie/Finrod, light, people, chance, rebirth, rediscover, conviction, remember, Valinor, trees, leader, life
Celebrimbor/Gil-Galad, ring, sword, trust, know, Noldor, craft, past, dance, ancestors, descent, darkness, light
Nienna/Olorin, grief, hope, help, soft, gleaming, courage, explore, return, joy, sorrow, together

The Simpsons
Bart/Milhouse, wedgie, Fallout Boy, squishee, cross-dressing, scrunchie, prank
Bashir ('Mypods and Boomsticks')/Milhouse, Bart, skin, color
Burns/Smithers, nap, Bobo
Carl/Lenny, marriage, together
Chalmers/Skinner, "SKINNER!"
Dolph/Jimbo/Kearney, ninja
John (from 'Homer's Phobia')/Smithers, rendezvous
Juliet/Lisa, fantasy
Lisa/Nelson, wiser, unchanged, time
Martin/Skinner, permanent record
Ned/Revered Lovejoy, miniature
Rod/Todd, sin

The Slayers
Amelia/Lina, calm down
Amelia/Zelgadis, warming up
Lina/Gourry, how things work
Lina/Xellos, uncovering secrets
Lina/ Zelgadis, pressure

The Song of the Lark - Willa Cather,
Thea/Fred, horizon

The Spirit Binders - Alaya Dawn Johnson
Aoi/Tulo/Parech, what if, beach, beloved, balance, sacrifice

The Stand - Stephen King
Frannie/Stu, hope, stand by me, summer heat, bright, conquer
Larry/Lucy, guitar, song, follow, goodbye, home, first, music, unusual, new, clean, table

The Sting
Henry/Johnny, trick

The Talented Mr Ripley
Dickie Greenleaf/Freddy Miles, convert
Peter Smith-Kingsley/Tom Ripley, Greece, symphony, theater, robe, boat, food, blindfold, gag, water, car, record, piano, grass, key

The Thick of It
Malcolm Tucker/Jamie McDonald, cock-fighting, elocution, measure, alternative, flatgate, office, corridor, power, committee

The Thin Blue Line
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib, defense, sweet
Kevin Goody/Maggie Habib/Frank Gladstone, elephant impression, training exercise, baton
Raymond Fowler/Patricia Dawkins, exasperated
Robert Kray/any, curry

The Third Man
Harry Lime/Holly Martins, sewer, desperation, overcoat

The Three Investigators (Crimebusters)
Bob/Pete/Jupiter, criminal mastermind, salvageable, stunts, props
Jupiter/any, furrowed, plump

The Tomorrow People
Adam/Ami, fever, nexus

The Tudors
Charles Brandon/Henry Tudor, plot, rescue, sword, riding, royalty, trust
Charles Brandon/Princess Margaret, forbidden, chemistry, cocky, desire, wit

The Unusuals
Beaumont/Walsh, food for the soul
Casey/Jason, innuendo, stakeout, handcuffs, secret, any, try, silence, forget, breathe, parents, diner, cook, car, breakfast, respect
Casey/Davis, superiority

The Vampire Diaries - L.J. Smith
Bonnie/Damon, witch, all grown up, expensive, blaze, peeping tom
Bonnie/Elena/Meredith, playing games, summer, trust, level-headed
Damon/Meredith, voyeur, Italy, temptation, seduction, hate, taste
Elena/Stefan, mirror, wallsex, bite, firecrackers,
Matt/Meredith/Stefan, grief, comfort, attic, blood, hands, watching, want

The Vampire Diaries (tv)
Alaric/Damon/Elena, any, biting, blood, grass, sheets, shiver, shoulder, stars
Alaric/Elena, any, candles, classroom, desk, downpour, guilt, lightning, lips, nails, temptation
Anna/Damon, any, biting, blood, history, hunger, lust, red, rough
Anna/Damon/Elena, any, biting, blood, middle, midnight, rough, silky, strike, sweet, tease, tussle, voyeur
Anna/Damon/Elena/Stefan, any, biting, blood, bound, enthusiasm, lips, sharing, taste, tender, wet
Anna/Elena, any, biting, blood, fingers, lips, longing, lust, sleep, sunshine, sweet, tender, water
Damon/Elena/Stefan, date night, cotton candy, pegging
Elena/Katherine, conflict of interests, family, no remorse, teeth, differences, mirror mirror, cat and mouse, end of the world, sunset, challenge, rough

The Vampire Diaries
Alaric/Damon, heal, failure, partners, flirtation, teeth, trust
Bonnie/Damon, augur, war, wall, threats, fires, tease, one dance, power play, feral, hex, basement, undercover roles, hate, bite, heat
Bonnie/Elena, wonders
Damon/Elena, basement, hiding, too much, rough, bite, lick, history, shower, ink, brush, certainty, quiet, secret, sleep, shaking, spine, storm, vanity, vervain, wound, indiscretion, forget myself, hypnotized
Damon/Elena/Stefan, adventure, biting, begging, pegging, morning after, addictions
Damon/Jeremy, memory, hollow, death, car, fake, firsts, dares, watching
Damon/Katherine, beg, corset, kill, kin, proof, skin, sunlight, teeth, wrists, bondage, human, messy, tasks, welts, rough, h/c, submission
Damon/Katherine/Stefan, barn, choice, favors, wrong, bloodplay, sheets, fang, play, candles
Damon/OFC, victim, game, affection, control, pet
Damon/Stefan, justice, different, direction, surprise, enemy, anger
Elena/Stefan, blood, history, recovering, future, peace
Jeremy/Tyler, truth, enemy, together, door, follow, listen, allow, forgive
Matt/Vikki, latchkey kids, let go of me, you don't know me, skinned knees, cigarettes, fuck this shit, just one beer
Pearl/Stefan, old world, taunt, polite, bite

The Venture Bros
Brock/Dr.Venture, glasses, protection, vhildren, robot, whining, yoys, rimming, mpreg, delayed-orgasm, cross-dressing, fisting
Brock/Molotov, smoke, Tangle, blood, chaste, relief
Dr. Venture/Dr. Orpheus, landlord
Dean/Triana, awkward
The Monarch/Dr. Girlfriend, first time

The West Wing
Abbey/Jed/Leo, proportional response
Ainsley/Sam, cupcake, carpet burn
Amy/Donna, hollow laughter, teeth
Andrea/Sam/Toby, fever, symbiosis, experiment
Andrea/Toby, sortes, trilogy, postcard, vibration, saturation, hue, alchemical, etude, apocrypha, merry-go-round, aphonic, beg, pegging, caesura
Andy/Toby, regret, symphony, magnetic, stilettos, lexicon, stumbling, dancing, freedom, recidivism, addiction, lashes, flare
Bonnie/Donna/Ginger/Margaret, support, demands
Charlie/Sam, committee
CJ/Donna, The Jackel, laugh
CJ/Donna/Josh/Sam/Toby, drag, awkward, glitter, follies, foolproof
CJ/Sam/Toby, reductio, disaster, ferocious, causative
CJ/Charlie, weekend
CJ/Josh, myriad, pair, quorum
CJ/Josh/Sam/Toby, reunion, beachside, road
CJ/Sam, CJ's couch
CJ/Simon, alley, laughter, serious, buildup, juxtaposition
CJ/Toby, respect, ask
Danny/Josh, college, bar, insider
Donna/Josh, careful, final, hidden, first, hunger, tight, now, prescience, largess
Donna/Josh/Sam, presidential
Donna/Toby, communiques, bar, quixotic, professor, vertigo, sweet-talk
Ginger/Sam/Toby, quixotic, geometry, quotidian, doctrine, calico, remnants
Jed/Charlie, hidden
Jed/Toby, blues, prism, footpad, fugitive, record, geometry, legend, apocrypha, ceraunomancy, codicil
Josh / Joey Lucas, decoration, hip, locus
Josh/Mandy, hazard, inches, justify
Josh/Sam, dorm, saturation, fever, blues, circumnavigation, ecstatic, paper, rest, years, zenith, tradition, sweaters, Thanksgiving, call girl, leaving, promise, bite
Josh/Sam/Toby, newspapers, lock-in, ineluctable, jeremiad, assignation, comicbooks, cartography
Josh/Toby, joke, punchline, ambient, atlas
Kate/Will, awkward, jealous, tease, war
Margaret/Mrs. Landingham, grief
Huck/Sam, neon, rent, tricks, heliotropism, diptych, prism, CCNY, etude, smuggler, experiment, gauche, untitled, alchemical, portrait, etude
Sam/Toby, boat, summer, ink, inseams, boss, worship, kept, leash, collar, desk, storybook, fairytale, napkin, hotel, edited, AU, smuggler, 4:00AM, ideogram, cocoa, experiment, mile-high, follies, zeugma, motel, untitled, disquiet, etude, interstices, mute, atom, propinquity, quotidian, frottage, illness, professor, bookshop, caesura

The Wizard of Oz
Dorothy/Scarecrow, dirty mind

The X-Files
Detective Kresge/Scully, immediate
Doggett/Skinner, comfort
Krycek/Marita, power play
Krycek/Pendrell, clumsy, confused, protect
Marita/Spender, savior, embrace, destiny
Mulder/clone!Samantha, recursion
Mulder/Krycek, bullet, ghost, faith, death, alien, rebirth, chances, kiss, reflection, doubt, tension, obsession, struggle, handcuffs
Mulder/Scully, casefile, secret, betrayal, shot, slap, run, ditch, fury, copper, gloves, snow-angels, spiral, vacate, loop, faith, inexplicable, stone, self-destructive impulses are contagious
Reyes/Scully, apocalypse

The Yiddish Policemen's Union - Michael Chabon
Bina Gelbfish/Meyer Landsman, definition, memory, speakeasy, serenade

There Will Be Blood
Daniel/Eli, vow

This Is Spinal Tap
David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel, eleven, love-pump

This Life
Miles/Anna, high

Brendan/Freya, silence

Three Evangelists series - Fred Vargas
Lucien/Marc/Matthias, stalker, late, news, cheap, shovel, willing
Lucien/Matthias, drunk, stairs, stains, disgusting, books, help

Tin Man
Azkadellia/DG, evil, redemption, rebuild, quiver, pale, fix, share
Azkadellia/DG/Cain, wrong
Azkadellia/Jeb, redemption, temple, monster, tunnel
Azkadellia/Zero, harness, blades, breath
Cain/DG, age, wooing, princess, magic, explore, trouble, vapours, protect, cop, water, coat, fang, gun

To Kill a Mockingbird
Atticus/Jem, prosecute
Atticus/Scout, whip
Jem/Scout, wire

Top Gun
Iceman/Maverick, ask, count, future

Gwen/John, handcuffs, drugs, kiss
Ianto/John, eye candy, gun, first, scared, trapped, anger, comfort, kiss, devious, benefit, spank, caught
Ianto/Jack, [any], special, cup, early, control, never let go, rooftop, date, alien, letter, future
Ianto/Owen, cold, [any]
Ianto/Tosh, glasses, tie
Jack/Jack, forever in a night, once more, goodbye, passion, touch, dance
Jack/Suzie, [any]
Gwen/Owen, unapologetic, affair, pity
Owen/Suzie, [any]

Tortall series - Tamora Pierce
Alana/Keladry, training, gifts, tent
Alanna/George, genderplay, silk, home
Aly/Dove, fealty, forever, pride, peace, queen
Aly/Kyprioth, unworldly, fierce, blaze, tease
Aly/Nawat, playful, eyes, feathers, gifts
TorAly/Talbur, sneaky
Aly/Taybur, trickery, games, balance, watchful
Buri/Thayet, bath, bed, comfort
Daine/Numair, Alpha female, nuzzle, rain
Diane/Onua, clever, not too young, under the stars
Daine/Ozorne, feather, claws, blood, opals
Gary/Cythera/Raoul/Buri, complicated, Midsummer, friends, warmth
Gary/Raoul, desert, night, Midwinter
Kaddar/Ozorne, Heir, temptation, loyalty, lips
Kel, content
Kel/Neal/Yuki, spar, heal, history, Yamani, pride, friend, home, relax, swim, ship, return, poetry, moon, bright, blossom
Lindhall/Numair, mentor, ink, quills, study
Numair/Onua, friends with benefits
Numair/Ozorne, gold, smudges, terrible and wondrous, jealousy
Numair/Varice, exotic, stern, hidden, lecture
Ozorne/Varice, curiosity, second best, taste
Rubinyan/Mequen/Winna, friendship, politics, trust

Total Eclipse
Mathilde/Rimbaud, jealousy, dig, seduce
Mathilde/Verlaine, corruption, coercion, flesh, happier, Rimbaud, sodomy, breasts, poetry, fantasy
Rimbaud/Verlaine, femmeslash, bite, words, echo, lost, apology

Touching Evil (US)
Branca/Rivers, worn out, opalescent
Creegan/Branca, shine, drop, uncertain
Creegan/Rivers, better friends than partners, stubble

Toy Story 3
Buzz/Jessie/Woody, Buzz's spanish mode, playtime, saviour, welcome back
Barbie/Ken, options, glitter, unique

Toy Story
Andy/Sid, rockets, matches, grass, picnic table, lasso
Buzz/Woody/Jessie, together, forever, comfort

Transformers (movie)
Bee/Sam, human, yoys, speech, touch, race, spark, mpreg, virgin, zombies, unexpected, friendship, washing,
Megatron/Sam, pet, bliss, exhibitionism, fruit, voyeur, masturbation, watersports, stuffing, toys

Transformers Animated
Lockdown/Prowl, revenge, justice, fight, solitude
Megatron/Starscream, flight, opposites, attraction, deceit, hate
Optimus Prime/Sentinel Prime, knight, rivalry, friends, scorn
Prowl/Yoketron, trust, teach, sullen, goodbye, last

Transformers G1
Cyclonus/Galvatron, therapy, confused, awkward, feelings, slavery
Megatron/Shockwave, loyalty, servant, scraps, waiting
Megatron/Starscream, crushed, control, servitude, destruction
Starscream/Skyfire, science, mission, lost, friends, need
Skywarp/Thundercracker, missing, partners, wings, hide-and-seek

Trauma Center
Derek/Tyler, med school
Derek/Victor, skirt

Marisa/Rabbit, battle nerves, conflict, pea-souper, (fog)
Nancy/Rabbit, skyline, urgent, survivor, reckless, Chevelle

Jay/Tyler, hairdye, comfort, stopwatch, campfire, money, hooker, difficult, attention, dirty, milk, difference
Jay/Tyler/Will, angry sex, fire, trust issues, yacht, tent, snow, troublemaker, concern, flirt, enlighten, burn, cheap
Jay/Will, running, mattress, water
Tyler/Will, retribution, paint, attic

Vash/Wolfwood, shot, together, frantic, lusty, once, desert, dry, heat, transportation, found, ransom, reward, strange, rugged, rough, angel, understand, flip, solitary

Trinity Blood
Abel/Cain, blasphemers, keeper
Abel/Vaclav, blood, communion, confession, kneeling

Alan/Flynn/Lora, business, second chances, time
Flynn/RAM, power, user, worship

Tropic Thunder
Kirk /Lincoln, in character, back to the source
Kirk /Tobey, method acting

Troubleshooters - Suzanne Brockmann
Jules/Robin, marriage, danger

True Blood
Alcide/Coot, hate, raw, rough, running, ride
Alcide/Eric, agreement, paid, debt, jealousy
Alcide/Eric/Sookie, unexpected, acrobatic, sandwich, any
Alcide/Franklin, bloodbath, wanted
Alcide/Sam, animosity, dogs, fight, lick, Sookie
Alcide/Sam/Sookie, jealousy, jaded, beers, connection
Alcide/Sookie, comfort, attraction, heat, bare, wax, discovery
Anne, life, melancholy, duty, dreams
Anne/Bill, before, wish, last
Barry/Sookie, awkward
Bill/Jessica, rules, sundress
Bill/Lorena, silk, candle, red wine
Bill/Sam, dreaming, animal, Alabama, blood, water, anger, jealous, lust, bond, taste, choice, dreams, drunk, loyalty, marked, suck, denial, feed, nice, shove, force, once, change, slick, daylight, moonlight, listening, resist, dream
Bill/Sookie, seduction, future, wet, chase, dawn
Bill/Sookie/Tara, comfort
Bill/Tara, disparate
Cooter/Eric, intrigue, addiction, warning
Eric, young, learn, solitary, thirst
Eric/Franklin, bothersome, lonely
Eric/Godric, aftermath, bruises, discovery, morning, music, rules, secret, sleep, tentative, weaknesses, history, more, stain, need, teach, surprise, private, everything, loving, heartbeat, soul, lost, time, dream, touch, loyalty, youth, battle of wills, sword, stone, coffee, inscrutable, blue, Europe, brother, smile, rules, lip, heirloom, war, ventriloquy, favorite, smoking, lullaby
Eric/Godric/Sookie, bitter, copper, fade, grin, honey, too late, warmth
Eric/Jason, temptation
Eric/Jason/Lafayette, dance, pretty, work
Eric/Lafayette,[any],car, fear, desperate, business, friendly, tasty, sire, mentor, spanking, dreams, blood, strip, rope, tattoo, upholstery, money, circus, between, trouble, contract, value, sugar, smooth, giving
Eric/Lafayette/Sam, irresistible
Eric/Pam, share, bound, centuries, bored, fangs, silence, save, coffin, sharp, sharing, mercy, heavy, lipstick, contract, turned, delicious, moonlight, sweater, pegging
Eric/Pam/Sookie, biting
Eric/Sam, special, woods, blood, scent
Eric/Sookie, bikini, graveyard, impulse, summer, known, soar, sea, uninvited, Viking, tied, Bill, watching, dancing, grace, joy, music, pure, rebound, blood bond, jealousy, supernatural powers, bite, immortal, chemistry, attraction, sire, Rorschach, take, flight, teeth, temperament, bait, eternity, recreational, bullet, graveyard, submission, game, taste, fear, overwhelming, appetite, soft, tear, allowed, sunshine, deal breaker, need, want, resilience, wine, winter, leftover, simplicity, trail, bicker, opportunity, removal, checkered dress, Persephone, desire, memory, icy sea, daydream, heartbeat
Eric/Talbot, tempting, deal, anger
Franklin/Jessica, proud
Franklin/Renee, before
Franklin/Sam, found, special
Franklin/Tara, anonymous, creepy, hot, debts, desire, rush, fire in the blood, shadowland, bondage, human
Ginger, necessary
Hoyt/Jason/Jessica, sharing
Hoyt/Jessica, bite, dark, fences, pissed, shovel, swingset, desperation, kisses, roses, smiles, painless, innocence, sting, hair-pulling, jealousy, proof, rough, freckles, flowers
Jason/Amy, beer
Jason/Lafayette, change
Jason/Lafayette/Sam, good, swagger
Jason/Sam, confused
Jason/Sookie, bite, telepathy, grief
Jason/Tara, loyalty, drunk, irresistible, not brother & sister
Jessica/Pam, [any], curls lace, learning the ropes, lemon, lipstick, ginger, grass stains, restraint, roots, scars, whips, yellow, teach, dirt, blood, sink, pale, tutoring, dress, sense, tongue, mirrors, first, ice, instruction, mirror, opposites, pillow, real world, girl talk, pink, teaching, killer pumps, powder, rouge, beauty tips, trainer, problems, teacher, white, cotton, pure, teacher, lipstick, taught
Jessica/Sam, freaks, head, snack, tips, understanding, bartending
Lafayette/Sam, boss, pet
Lafayette/Terry, comfort
Pam/anyone, boredom, willing donor, pastels, vampy
Pam/Sookie, Eric, invited, lesbian-weirdness, sarcasm, latex, lavender splenda, lavender, limb, pink whip, blood sisters
Pam/Sophie-Anne, fealty, Chains, virgin-blood
Sam, scent, changes, free
Sam/Sookie, rendezvous, warm, wistful
Sam/Tara, bad idea, housewarming, something like a happy ending
Sam/Tommy, dogs, running, bond, alcohol, forest, shifting, feral, brothers
Sookie/Tara, here, sisters, after dark, summer, secret, hands, colors, biting, reassurance, blind

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Ashura-ou/Fai, multiverse
Girl!Fai/girl!Kurogane, femininity, fortune, kimono, duty, tsundere
Fai/Sakura, duplicity, sleep, comfort, cuddle, crossdress, laundry, language
Kurogane/Sakura, protect, lie, guide, fur, luck
Syaoran/Sakura, struggle, talk, unravel, hitsuzen, silence

Twelfth Night – Shakespeare
Viola (Cesario)/Orsino, fencing

Alice/Bella, candyland, free sample, marriage, shining, illegal, pets, clean, persistence, papercut, bite, more to see, temptation, sleepover
Alice/Bella/Emmett, equal, play, [any]
Alice/ Bella/Jasper, pretend, [any]
Alice/Bella/Rosalie, cheer camp, role play, mirrors
Alice/Edward, foresight
Alice/Jasper, fate, voice, match, pegging, flitter, blood, time, experience, war, hope, anguish, sparkle, laughter, bright, seer, special, future
Alice/Jacob, taming
Alice/Leah, braiding
Alice/Rosalie, dressing room, manicure, baby, slow, tested, cracked
Bella/Edward, honeymoon, absence, stairs, hunting, nick, feathers, hardwood, brass bed , warm
Bella/Edward/Jacob, compromise, heat, joy, music, peace, traveling, trio, waiting, heat, cold, obvious, camping, puppies, charm
Bella/James, change
Bella/Rosalie, compliment, harsh, too much, tender, comfort, first time Carlisle/Charlie, heat, harmless, flirting, heat, harmless, flirting
Carlisle/Esme, linen, moonlight, camping, nest, moving day
Carlisle/Edward, salvation ,mentor, decent, honor
Charlie/Jacob, favor
Charlie/Riley, bacon, Daddy, mustache, ridiculous, TV
Edward/Jacob, hatesex, trying to leave marks, deafening, slam, hot/cold, dazzle, mpreg, sparkle, puppies
Edward/Leah, impossible, enemies, possession
Edward/James, bloodlust
Emmett/Jasper, attraction, erotic, fight
Eric/Mike, roommates
Esme/Rosalie, blood, beauty, reassurance, motherly love
Jacob/Leah, survive, choice, treehouse, bitter exes, fur
Jasper/Rosalie, siblings, controversy, battle tactics
Leah/any, vampire, heat, temper, bonding, mate, anger
Leah/Rosalie, coal, ginger snap
Renesme/Seth, windowsill, pack rules

Twin Peaks
Albert Rosenfield/Dale Cooper, woods, find, relaxing, argumentive
Audrey/Laura, blood, quiet, perfume
Bobby/Shelly, trash

Two and a Half Men
Alan/Charlie, boat
Candi/Judith, girl talk

Ugly Betty
Amanda, alone, memories
Amanda/Betty, obsession, desire, crazy, warm, friendship, stalker, alcohol, truth, sugar, craving, bite, snuggle
Amanda/Daniel, Betty, jealousy
Amanda/Daniel/Betty/Marc, she had them all,
Amanda/Marc, awkward, pity, Daniel, Betty, inspired
Betty/Bobby, any
Betty/Daniel, [any], sensual, pout, hold, press, ocean, wild mornings, finally, confidence, eagerness, bliss, first-time, curves, London, impatience, quid pro quo, dancing, twenty minutes out of town, i must become a lion-hearted girl, truth doesn't make a sound, cranberries, scratch, dirty, yearning, boobs, art, Amanda
Betty/Marc, any
Betty/Tyler, replacement, winter
Daniel/Wilhelmina, any

Ultimate Force
Alex/Jamie, hate
Alex/Sam, adopted

Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Beatrice/Battler, collar, spread, kneel, erotic asphyxiation, bound, touch yourself, tears, scream for me, heels, blush
Beatrice/Battler/Ronove, entertain me, teasing, pinned
Ronove/Battler, service

Under the Dome - Stephen King
Barbie/Julia, end, beginning, vision, last, cook, smirk

Under the Tuscan Sun
any, ladybugs

Michael/Selene, [any], desire, candles, sunlight, ancient, power, new, pellucid, inform, concrete
Rigel/Nathanial, lost, past, ancient, swords, death dealers

Universal Soldier (1992)
Luc Devereaux/Veronica Roberts, discovery, longing, confused, ice

Unnatural History
Harry/Jasper, [any]

Up in the Air
Ryan/Natalie, on air

Carl Fredricksen/Ellie Fredricksen, house, picnic, joy, toys

Rose/Sarah, twining, ladies, pallor, mistaken

Hotsuma/Shusei, "You're too rough", favorite
Hotsuma/Yuki/Shusei, "We should love him together."
Luka/Yuki, finally, mine, laughter, worship
Reiga/Yuki, "Perhaps I'll keep you", never let go, beg

Urashiman (Rock'n Cop)
Wolf/Ludwig, protection, loyalty, devotion

Urusei Yatsura
Ataru/Mendou, what, struggle, top
Lum/Benten, mercy, sugar, chain
Lum/Ran, sweet, pain, hands, teeth
Ryuunosuke/Shinobu, think, hearts, pink, lipstick, tender, lonely

V (2009)
Erica/Anna, surrender, negotiation, convincing, education, cultural, exploring, grudge, retaliation, domination, mistake, test, lies, secret, false, hate, cruel
Erica/Father Jack, first, angel, left, shotgun, car, forbidden, sinning, renaissance, pure, need, absolution, forgiveness, safe, corruption, truth, inevitable, temptation
Erica/Hobbes, grudge, gamble, apocalypse, traitor, holster, hidden, stupid, pride, stamina, leather, prison
Erica/Jack/Kyle Hobbes, resistance, morally grey, sweat, tear, pressure, stakeout
Erica/Joshua, human, touch, emotion, skin
Erica/Lisa, explanation, claiming, diversion, lying, savior, traitor, information, manipulation, appearance, taste
Erica/Ryan, consolation, prize, defection, resistance
Jack/Kyle Hobbes, comforting, last hope, silence
Joshua/Kyle Hobbes, our side, feelings, lust, grief
Joshua/Unnamed Self-Sacrificing Fifth Column Guy, awakening, boyfriend, new world

Vagrant Story
Sydney/Ashley, blood, curse, darkness, starlight, dawn

Valentine, Danny/Phoebe
myth, remember, arrows, temporary, power, fate, act

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead
Dimitri/Rose, strigoi, submission, bloodlust, captive, intense

Vampire Knight
Kaname/Zero, hate, passion

Verbotene Liebe
Christian/Olli, possessive, liquor, stretching

Veronica Mars
Cassidy/Mac, try
Dick/Veronica, hate, chains, beg
Duncan/Lilly, pills, ghosts, before, after, competition, Logan, Veronica
Duncan/Veronica, orange crush, burnt, damaged, grasp, watching
Logan/Veronica, afterwards, FBI, anytime, history, play, remember, attentive, sleuthing, trapped, booked, injured, comfort, snap, scissors, bad boy, handcuffs, hair, denial, college, backseat, beach, bruises, crawl, drug, muffled, self, skirt, violence, bite, ankle, blink, trust, trust, forgiveness, new, heart, silence, buzzed, fierce, protective, rooftop, sunrise, possibilities, apology, supple, purpose, undercover, Vodka, poker, chair, video, hair, orange, easy, answers, cry, finger-guns, simpler times
Mac/Dick, drunk, party, beach, sorrow, computer, bail, kiss
Mac/Veronica, Cindy
Veronica/Carrie Bishop, vengeance, triumph
Veronica/Lamb, anger, handcuffs, bars, uniform, escort, father, undercover, graduation, FBI, revenge, teasing, tender, comfort, secret, before, mask, leather, party, married, conversation, taste, masturbate, surveillance

Scottie/Judy, control

Andre/Tori, muscles, strong, cuddling, cold, beach, bikini, long legs
Cat/Jade, lollipop, lunchtime, spread, soft, hair, tongue, red, dark, gothic

Virgin Suicides
Cecilia/Lux/Mary/Therese/Bonnie, rotting

Vladimir Tod - Heather Brewer
Henry/Vlad, bite, forever, Freedom Fest, loyal, mindreading, sleepover, unique

W Delta Z (aka The Killing Gene)
Eddie/Danny, get you off

Waking the Dead
Boyd/Frankie, bakery, catharsis, coincidence

Walking and Talking
Amelia/Andrew, leather pants, fruit, explanations, reconciliation, bridesmaid

Arthas/Illidan, surprising commonalities
Bolvar/Onyxia, enthralled, bound, fingertips, flight, frost
Illidan/Kael'thas, allies, betrayal, power, magic, wings
Jaina Proudmoore/Thrall, celebration, difference, green, escape, enemy, freedom, heat, never, storm, strength, tradition, tusks, zeppelin
Kael'thas/Arthas, reluctance, magic, truth
Kael'thas/Illidan, power dynamics, senses
Kael'thas/Jaina, possibility

Warehouse 13
Artie Neilsen/James MacPherson, "Arthur, I'm honored", birthday, footpad, history, reductio, trap, duet, dark, razor, intersticescompetition, handcuffs, knowledge, leave taking, poetry, restrictions, stay, water, waste, ghost, younger, partners, masquerade, artefact, unrequited, watch
Artie Nielsen/Claudia Donovan, running, cocoa, professor, alchemical, chapbook, verdigris
Claudia/Leena, make-up, present, artefact, bed
H.G. Wells/Myka, library, tied, impersonation, bronze, corset, artifact, trapped, banter
Mrs. Frederic/any, authority, keys
Myka/Claudia, spanking, handcuffs.
Phil/Myka, undercover, artefact, comic book, hanging out, making up, disagree, denial, pain, lick, high-heeled shoes,

Comedian/Moloch, magic
Comedian/Rorschach, hero worship
Comedian/Silk Spectre I, [any], pregnant
Comedian/Silk Spectre II, [any]
Dan/Laurie, ship, fly, fight, roleplay, goggles, ride, desperate
Rorschach/Nite Owl, Blood, justice, weapon, face, car, leather, costume, hiding, restraint, dominance, nightmares, comfort

Andy/Yael, strap-on, rough
Nancy/Andy, bathtub, future, pain, bond, dinner, father, high, math, milk
Nancy/Celia, imitation, resentment, desperate, screwed, scars

Weiss Kreuz
Aya/Ken, friction, jealousy, inevitable, fever
Brad Crawford/Ken Hidaka, spanking, toys, restrain, ball-gag, delayed-orgasm, backyard, pool
Farfarello (Jay)/Ken Hidaka, blood, knife, claim, eye-patch, rimming, spanking, water-sports, fisting, double-penetration
Ken/Kase, Reunion
Ken/Kyou, payback, second chances
Ran Fujimiya (Aya)/Ken Hidaka, flowers, scent, leather, blood, floor, motorcycle, scars, shower, quiet, cologne, soccer, sword, mpreg
Schuldig/Ken Hidaka, thoughts, masturbation, toys, blindfold, ball-gag, delayed-orgasm, feathers, food, rimming, headband
Yohji Kudo/Ken Hidaka, liquor, spanking, hair-pulling, bite, overhead-mirror, delayed-orgasm, streetlamp, park, delivery

Whip It
Babe Ruthless/Maggie Mayhem, doubt, home, alone, parent, empty, puppy
Bliss/Pash, jump, pinky-swear, roof, sore, distance, ink, wheels, sarcasm, bed, Austin, hotel, work
Maven/Ruthless, in skates, strap-on, you're speaking my languange, teasing, voice

White Collar
Diana/Elizabeth, tattoo
El/Neal, tumbler, home
Elizabeth/Peter/Neal/Mozzie, secret, conspiracy, caught, friends, love, trust, creative, safe, vacation, bedroom
June/Peter, affair
Neal/Diana, paint, ice
Neal/Elizabeth, sweet, sartorial, button, need, welcome, shiny, glow, tasteful, Paris, gaudy, skin, hat
Neal/June, silk, coffee
Peter/Elizabeth, bake, trust, planning, control, privacy, candlelight, missing, treats, playful, first
Peter/Neal, beer, basketball, wine, dance, hat, obligation, consequence, undercover, kinky, jealous, porn film, partners-in-crime, bruises, nightmares, comfort, out of town, leaving marks, first time since prison, rentboy, chastity device, sketch, fire, need, trust, better man, expectations, obsessed, reverse, staid, fingers, palm, negotiation, capitulate, agree, find, unusual, overlook, help, watch, sly, clock, waiting, dinner, snark, traffic, game, rooftop, coffee, trust, vault, robbers, faith, porn, comfort, panic, limo, hostage, fight, top, reward, dance, initiative, boy-crush, eye-f***ing, tattoo, injury, dare, ethics, show-off, temptation, paint, chase, comfort, coffee, Van Gogh, Paris, marks, his chains broke like thread, sandpaper, sharks, mistletoe, crime, alcohol, dressing-room, suits, wager, trenchcoat, hat, camera, stakeout, roof, quickie, thrill, brillian, voyeurism
Peter/Neal/Elizabeth, foreplay, tequila, condoms, rain, friends, anniversary, crazy, sharp dressed man, lingerie, shopping, matching underwear, tied down, bed, triad, unconventional, love, marriage, home, keep, red, skip, towel, dinner, dancing, hat, tie, MILF, elevator, sharing, permission, bet, game, marriage(s), anniversary, foodfight, 4 years, jewelry, portrait, some days it's like she has two husbands, and other days they don't even notice her, spying, gifts, suit, smile, fun, couch, inevitable, flowers, silk, smirk, tied-up, give, hat, bra, smooth, massage, understanding, breathplay, lipstick, slave, ties, coffee,, tricks, complicated, relax, trickster, fixation, equilateral, return
Peter/Neal/Mozzie, conspiracy, bench, jubilant, trust, interrogation, alcohol, dare, bonding, voyeurism

Whitechapel (tv)
Kent/Chandler, suit, coffee, taste, interrogation, tie, "sir"

Whole Nine Yards
Jimmy/Oz, hidden, oblivious, tied down, find, miss, open, kinky, sexy, lick, danger, passport

Wicked - Gregory Maguire
Boq/Elphaba, studies, future
Boq/Elphaba/Galinda, between, fortune, dream

Wicked (musical)
Elphaba/Glinda, [any]

Wild Things
Duquette/Sam, dirty

Madmartigan/Sorsha, happily ever, rule, passion, playful, fight, sweat

Peter/Lizzie, game, set, rooftops, victory, celebration, tender, bouncy, racquet, soft, sporty, shower

Wing Commander IV
Geoffrey Tolwyn/Tamara Farnsworth, chase, surprise, white hair, accent, kink

Wings of Desire
Damiel/Cassiel, thought
Damiel/Marion, flesh

Wire in the Blood
Tony/Carol, sensory overload

Witch Hunter Robin
Amon/Robin Sena, Europe, hiding, bodyguard, jealousy, homesickness, glasses, precision, Paris, caution, worry

Without a Trace
Danny/Martin, tie, drink, morning
Jack/Sam, distance, caution, cathedral, confession, act, one-of-these-mornings

Wizards of Waverly Place
Alex/Harper, magic, grin, clothes, trust, reluctance, duck, semi-public sex, exhibitionism
Alex/Justin, [any], spanking, beauty, pegging, blindfold, cold, seduction, lights, dream, alone, backseat, college, tournament, wand, together, best, the end of the world as we know it, college, movies, home, gulf, quest, breather, cruel, grounded, bragging rights, forgiven, brush, distraction, cornered, grave, fun, nightlight, cave, fundamental, Italy, crush, "Owe me a Coke", creative, forbidden, magic, closing up, study break, College, Separation, Spell, Discovery, Runaway, Want
Alex/Justin/Harper, [any]

Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel
Thomas Cromwell/Thomas Wolsey, doctrine, devotion, heresy, redefinition

Wolf Lake
Luke/Sophia, any, blood, fire, heat, howl, lips, moon, red, romantic, rough, run, scent, sweet, tree, white, woods

Wonder Boys - Michael Chabon
Terry Crabtree/Antonia Sloviak, gentlemanly, under the influence
Terry Crabtree/James Leer, literate, wonder, tongue, pillow, sobriety

Wonder Boys (movie)
Terry Crabtree/Antonia Sloviak, gentlemanly, under the influence
Terry Crabtree/James Leer, literate, wonder, tongue, pillow, sobriety

Aaron/Mahandra, awkward, breathless, gangly, haircut, round
Jaye/Aaron, peeping tom
Jaye/Mahandra, boredom, understood, commiseration, guarded
Jaye/Sharon, wondering

Working Girl
Tess/Katharine, professional, learning curve

Kyoko/Yachiyo, foodplay, swordplay, after-hours, worship, apron
Takanashi/Inami, firsts
Takanashi/Taneshima, Kotori, crossdress, creative, ponytail, sarcasm

Joxer/Gabrielle, [any]
Mel/Janice, bath, fedora, glasses
Xena/Ares, war, worshipping
Xena/Callisto, domination, revenge, begging
Xena/Gabrielle, role-reversal

any, binary, lace, paradox, reading, wet

Clow/Yuuko, nickname, raven, flash, sand, pause, anger, give, height, gentle, lips, sarcasm, laundry
Doumeki/Himawari, in-between, desperate, happiness, moving, sighing, university, formal
Doumeki/Himawari/Watanuki, sleep-talking, possessive, unorthodox, laugh, kitty, shop, drink
Haruka/Watanuki, demonstration
Haruka/Yuuko, smoke, seals, professional, consultation, substitution
Watanuki/Himawari, hurt, eye, pigtails, crossdress, simple, AU
Yuuko/Himawari, wish, alternate, sundress, girltalk, advice
Yuuko/Watanuki, heir, bite, blood, heterochromia, sick, flail

Y: The Last Man
355/Dr. Mann, affirmation, long road, senseless, want, fragile, falls apart
Agent 311/Allison Mann, not, yes, options, past

Yamada Tarou Monogatari
Takuya/Tarou, fog, leaning, label

Yami no Matsuei
Byakko/Tsuzuki, faithful, overpowered, tease
Tatsumi/Hisoka, "You're always welcome", betrayed
Tatsumi/Tsuzuki, do my best, stay strong, endearing
Tsuzuki/Hisoka, size difference, "Teach me how!", stroke

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
Arachne/Wolf, promotion
Lolth/Wolf, blessing, holiday
Lucas/Cadugan, camping, walls, impatient

You Got Served
Elgin/Wade, all the right moves

Young Americans
Hamilton/Jake, shock
Scout/Will, sleeping, scared

Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Carmela/Nita, languages, turn, closets, names, immaterial, Timeheart
Dairine/Ronan, competition, broken, pages, chase, argue, computations, tall, poke, tickle, dignity
Dairine/Roshaun, sun, power, collaborate, discover, manual, bicker, inevitable, search, jewel, silicon, sacrifice
Darryl MacAllister/Ronan Nolan, perihelion, Icarus,
Kit/Nita, spellcircle, chlorine, silver, after, cling
Lone Power/Nita, words, voice, choices, light, darkness
Ronan/Nita, startled, absence
Winged Power/Lone Power, intangible, descent, Road trip,

Your Scandalous Ways - Loretta Chase
Francesca/Giulietta, quiet, silk, bare, bath, refuge, laughter

You're Beautiful
Tae Kyung/Go Mi Nyu, mysophobia, playful, temper, lace, water, sleeping arrangements
Tae Kyung/Mi Nyu, stars, duet, tie, letters, shy, shower

Yu Yu Hakusho
Kurama [solo], agony
Kurama/Hiei, silence, quick
Yoko Kurama/Yusuke, tease, seduce, wanton, debauchery, steal

Jou/Kaiba, legend, underground, speed
Jou/Yami/Yugi, hint, announcement, fire
Jou/Yugi, high, gift, understanding

Avery/Graysmith, looming, worship, brokenhearted, library
Graysmith/Toschi, Eureka!, restless, loyalty,

Columbus/Talahassee, artful, slang, without, twinkie, twinkie, rimming, shotgun, rules, fisting, backseat, toys, delayed-orgasm, survivors, boots, spanking
Columbus/Tallahassee/Wichita, leather, obvious
Columbus/Wichita, pegging, virginity
Little Rock/Tallahassee, birthday, weapons
Tallahassee/Wichita, experience, fools, lapdance, sting
Wichita/Little Rock, sisterly

Adam Baldwin/Matt Bomer, shortlived, scotch, leather, Daddy, hard, gaze, collar
Adam Hills/Andrew Hansen, kink, leather, domination, collars, caging, bootlicking, restraints
Adam Hills/Tim Minchin, biblical
Adam Hills/Wil Anderson, spanking, dildos, anal beads
Adam Lambert/Jensen Ackles, pretty, eyes, shower, music, sheets, glitter
Adam Lambert/Joe Jonas, boyfriends, sex tape
Adam Lambert/Johnny Weir, clash, ice, stage, routine, costume, nails, adrenaline, idol
Adam Lambert/Kris Allen, color, lead, legal, look, peace, room service, tough, gloves, wait, party, quick, frottage, reunion, phone sex, backstage, celebration, ice cream, blowjob, self-promotion, confidence, flirting, public, unbuttoned, tongue, devious
Adam Lambert/Lady Gaga, [any], pegging, platform shoes, glitter, smirnoff, addiction, superfluous, feathers, disco stick, clubbing, dance off
Adam Lambert/Lady Gaga/Janelle Monae, gender bending, double down, "no more roles to play"
Adam Lambert/Taylor (dancer), jailbait
Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff, feral, looming, tease, exhibitionism, silk
Adam Rippon/Mirai Nagasu, awkward, kittens
Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, burning, passion, friendly touches, set of Heroes, reunited, wife
Alan Brough/Myf Warhurst, buzzers
Alexander Skarsgård/James Ransone, lipstick, Twitter, massive undeniable hickeys
Alexander Skarsgård/Stark Sands, drunk, video, experimentation, fratboys, first, tattoo, broken, desert, Africa, changing-room, travel, vacation, drunk, shout, obnoxious, scar, work, touch
Alyssa Milano/Shannen Doherty, because
Amber Benson/Michelle Trachtenberg, reunion
Amber Tamblyn/Alexis Bledel, poetry, sheets, daylight, hug, sabbatical
Amy Adams/Emily Blunt, raining, professionals, laughing
Ana Marie Cox/Chris Hayes, Blackberry, cocktails, dress-shirt, freckle, tattoo
Anderson Cooper/Ryan Seacrest, New Year's, ties, sleaze, twitter, AU
Anderson Cooper/Shepard Smith, closets
Anderson Cooper/Tim Gunn, silver, fox, suit, blue, "make it work"
Andrew Hansen/Chas Licciardello, confined spaces
Andrew Hansen/Chris Taylor, ballgowns, angst, midnight, roses
Andrew Hansen/Craig Reucassel, dress-ups, cross-dressing, wigs, heels, make-up
Andrew Hansen/Dominic Knight, domination, bisexuality, cages
Andrew Hansen/Matt Bellamy, backstage, disguises, trading places
Andrew Hansen/Steven O'Donnell, favours
Andy Lee/Hamish Blake, bagpipes, league
Andy Lee/Hamish Blake/Megan Gale, videogames
Angelina Jolie/Gwyneth Paltrow, any
Angelina Jolie/Megan Fox, vampires
Angelina Jolie/Olivia Wilde, blood
Ann M Martin/Paula Danziger, superior
Anna Torv/Joshua Jackson, karma, kittens, sofa, spoilers, divorce, hickey, comfort, test, taken, set, subtle, guilt, interruption, kiss, smile, scene, gag reel, unbuttoned
Any Top Chef judge/any person, "I'd want to lick this off you"
Any World Cup Players, [any], over-time, locker room, bad calls
Aphra Behn/Elizabeth Barry, sudden, heat, applause
Aphra Behn/Elizabeth Barry/Rochester, witness, cushion, calm, candle
Apolo Ohno/Johnny Weir, ice, dancing, blades, medals, Twitter, fur, bicoastal
Apolo Ohno/JR Celski, tongue, ride
Arthur Darvill/Karen Gillan, character bleed, temptation, curls, taking charge, lonely
Arthur Darvill/Matt Smith, football, domestic, stage, learning lines, music, hipster, glasses, role-playing, dare, fidgety, memories

Barack Obama/Sarah Palin, apple, wall, hatred, partisanship, hurricanes, tweet
Bastian Schweinsteiger/Lukas Podolski (German NT), athletic, pair, team, hard, competitive, loud
Bessie Smith/Ma Rainey, moonshine
Bev Bevan/any, secret confessions
Bev Bevan/Jimmy Franks, slow dancing, jazz lounge
Bev Bevan/Kelly Groucutt, hiding out
Bev Bevan/Tony Iommi, hurt/comfort, hotel rooms, night cap, bed rest
Beyonce/Lady Gaga, [any]
Billie Piper/David Tennant/Elisabeth Sladen, frozen
Billie Piper/Elisabeth Sladen, youth
Billie Piper/Sophia Myles, corset, dress, unpinning, warmth, firelight
Billie Piper/Sophia Myles/David Tennant, fantasy
BJ Novak/Eli Roth, arms, bear, joke, Quentin, semantics
BJ Novak/Eli Roth/Mindy Kaling, invitation, lucky, once
BJ Novak/Mindy Kaling, fake, script, ex, nostalgia, joke, courtship
Blake Lively/Leighton Meester, paris, photograph, shoes, taste, joke
Bonnie Wright/Daniel Radcliffe, rehearsal, laughing, childish, freckles, stockings, tempting
Bono/Edge, duet, lamp, play
Bradley James/Colin Morgan, allergies, camera, music, photoshoot, sunglasses, Tarrento, fascination, tango
Bradley James/Katie McGrath, Hugo, trailer, games, quest
Bradley James/Misha Collins, alternate universe, a mile in his shoes, bromance, adventure, character bleed, llamas, Nutella, heist movie, they're gaining on us
Brandon Routh/Christian Bale, superheroes, longevity, bad ass, lessons, blood, scenes, harness, jet lag, paparazzi, hands, casting, wounds, fangirls
Brandon Routh/Erica Durance, chance, latte, lines, mistakes, behind-the-scenes
Brandon Routh/Jensen Ackles, chance, hiatus, tangled, freckles, beach, jeans
Brandon Routh/Kate Bosworth, choice, laughter, pinch, squeeze, interview, chemistry, trailer, down time, tickle, costume, almost-kiss
Brandon Routh/Tom Welling, role, cape, shoulders, eyes, lines, super, trailer
Brandon Routh/Zachary Levi, hazing, pranks, behind-the-scenes, running lines, competition, geeking out, Superman, unsettled
Brian Joubert/Brian Joubert, passion
Brian McCann/Jeff Francouer, forge, Hotlanta, separate, sky, broad, eyes, touch, kiss, hole, trade, spite, wish, hang, tree, salty, first
Bridget Regan/Tabrett Bethell, practice, overheated, bruises, secret, laughter
Bruce Springsteen/Steven Van Zandt, hazy

Callum Hann/Matt Preston, tradition
Carl Barât/Pete Doherty, unexpected kiss, reunion
Carl Wayne/Roy Wood, discipline, instruments, falling behind
Caroline Dhavernas/Katie Finneran, protective
Cat Deeley/Sonya Tayeh, sleepover, pillow fight, pajamas, braids, wet, cherry, beautiful
Cate Blanchett/Abbie Cornish, tongue, breast, squeeze, slick, wet, strap-on
Chad Michael Murray/Hilarie Burton, "oh really?", handcuffs, squint, cigarette, stroke
Chad Michael Murray/Jared Padelecki, blowback, haircut, skinny
Chad Michael Murray/Jensen Ackles, Vancouver, L.A. smoking, engagement
Charles Kelly/Hilary Scott, after concert, tour bus
Chas Licciardello/Dominic Knight, best friends
Chas Licciardello/Philip Ruddock, wedding night, mpreg
Cheon Sang Ji Hee/Dong Bang Shin Ki, Junsu/Sunday, rhythm
Chris Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, sweat, blackout, tabloid, Emmy party, lick, Italy, cooking, coping, soulmate
Chris Packham/Kate Humble, wild, call, hair, hide, panda
Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, accident, choke, fist, Noah, savor, sequel, tequila, books, English language, effervescent, luminary, blue, secret, aggressive, scratch, playful, exponentially, mountain, sidewalk, word porn, liquor, laughter, pranks on cast members, reunited, messing with the paparazzi, fanfic
Christian Bale/Erica Durance, coincidence, fans, Kermit Bale, chance, hotel suite, shower, sweet, chemistry, coffee, tongue, wedding dress
Christopher Eccleston/Cillian Murphy, quiet, smile, blue eyes, shy, sweet, not changed, famous
Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant, boys' club, regret, Doctor, TARDIS, ten years, Jude, rimming, grin,
Christopher Eccleston/John Barrowman, kiss, farewell, hello again, smile, rimming, tall, blue eyes, intense, rolling, sailing, running
Christopher Eccleston/John Simm, Doctor, Master, cage dancer, reunion, rimming
Christopher Eccleston/Rachel Nichols/Sienna Miller, fantasy, tongues, eyes, curves, breasts, hands, fisting, voyeur, dreaming, heat, whispers, strap-on, orders, dominatrix.
Christopher Eccleston/Rachel Nichols/Zachary Quinto, acquaintances, reunion, memorable, sharing, dominatrix, submitting.
Christopher Meloni/Lee Tergesen, bed, harness, head, horse, godfather, LeeeeEEEEeeeeeEEEEeee, leaning, torment
Christopher Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, action, camera, lights, awards, beach, time, difficult, wet, heat, share, goodbye, marked, forever, reality, caught
Claire Hooper/Josh Thomas, rumours, sexuality
Clive Owen/Abbie Cornish, better, blonde, hard, need, slick, pegging
Clive Owen/Abbie Cornish/Cate Blanchett, threesome, whose idea, alcohol, dance, tease, flirt, tongue
Clive Owen/Cate Blanchett, swallow, unexpected, hands, pegging, slick
Colin Firth/Rupert Everett, what-it-took, crossdressing, kisses, this, so-many-years,
Courtney Love/Lady Gaga, messy, lipstick
Craig Ferguson/Kristen Bell, any, fuck the Emmy's, engaged, tease, gray, hands

Daisuke Takahashi/Keisuke Honda, ball, photo shoot, Russia, excellence, glitter
Daisuke Takahashi/Stéphane Lambiel, hero worship
Dakota Fanning/Kristen Stewart, fumbling
Dana Delaney/Julie Benz, kiss, feeling, hands, curves, eyes, blonde, slick, wet, strap-on
Danica Patrick/any, attitude
Daniel Agger/Fernando Torres, smirk, tattoos, language
David Bowie/Ace Kefford/Trevor Burton, inspiration, muses
David Bowie/Jeff Lynne, space, eternity, cold comfort
David Cameron/George Osborne/Nick Clegg, ties, handcuffs, wrists, cuff links,
David Cameron/Nick Clegg, ties,
David Collins/Shane Dundas, bend, threatening, bears, pretend
David Henrie/Selena Gomez, genie, Emmy, twitter, Puerto Rico, camera
David Mitchell/Charlie Brooker, drunk, fragile, devotion, winter, quotidian, quixotic, experiment, geometry, record, entanglement, backstage, bicker, Twitter, foolproof
David Mitchell/Robert Webb, solo, guilt, father
David Tennant/Matt Smith, talk, silence, admire
Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez, spy, superpowers, paparazzi, private, AU
Dev Patel/Jackson Rathbone, acting, dance, lessons, mocking, sparkles
Dianna Agron/Matthew Morrison, unspoken, pretty people, new girl, casual, inside joke
Drea De Matteo/Eva Longoria Parker, goodbye, kiss, hug, strap-on, dress, lingerie, girly, sweet, tongue

Eddie McGuire/Karl Stefanovic, boned, mpreg
Edgar Hansen/Mike Rowe, cold, tight, horizon, peril
Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost, prank, twitter, sleep
Eli Roth/Diane Kruger, any
Eli Roth/Quentin Tarantino, direction, fanboy, shirtless, stoned, subtext
Ellen Page/Drew Barrymore, lip-gloss, lollipops, cigarette, hottub
Ellen Page/Jason Bateman, press-junket, careful, secret, lesson
Emily Deschanel/Michaela Conlin, friends
Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel, jealousy, sleep, delicate, hug, first, bondage, roller coaster, dive
Emily Deschanel/Zooey Deschanel/David Boreanaz, games, costume
Emma Watson/Kate Winslet, MILF
Erin Andrews/Evan Lysacek, foot fetish, femdom, erotic humiliation, fingering, foot fetish
Erin Andrews/Maksim Chmerkovskiy, arguing, wall sex
Evan Lysacek/Anna Trebunskaya, [any], medals, Russian revenge, sore spot, friction, partners, cheat, Russians, accent
Evan Lysacek/Jeffrey Buttle, crush, puppyplay, drunken hookup, D/s, good boy
Evan Lysacek/Joannie Rochette, summer fling, red wine and roses
Evan Lysacek/Johnny Weir, cutthroat, sparkle, avatistic, luminal, jealous, rough, voice, apology, silky panties, collar, anal beads, obedience, cock ring, crying, latex gloves, tattoo, subspace, aftercare
Evan Lysacek/Mirai Nagasu, first time, lolita, guilt, trust, seduction

Fefe Dobson/Christina Millian, party, kiss, tattoo
Fergie/Will.I.Am, L'chaim
FtM!Bev Bevan/FtM!Ace Kefford, first time

Gabe Saporta/Matthew Gray Gubler, substitution, punishment, practical, humming
Gabe Saporta/Matthew Gray Gubler/Victoria Asher, vacation, Italy, art, paint, care
Gabe Saporta/Matthew Gray Gubler/William Beckett, double, identical, enough, patience, skirts, hair, genderswap, prettiest
Gary Mehigan/George Calombaris, apprentice
Gary Oldman/Tim Roth, let's do it
George Clooney/Anderson Cooper, phone, tie
George Clooney/Brad Pitt, trick
George Clooney/Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie, tabloids, Mapplethorpe
Gerard Butler/Harry Connick Jr., accent, lips, piano, hair, whisper, rimming, hands
Gerard Butler/Harry Connick Jr/James Marsters/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, wrap party, overwhelmed, sweet, warmth, rimming
Giancarlo Fisichella/Fernando Alonso, bitch, team, ordered, issues
Grant Imahara/Tory Belleci, showers, fumble, drunk
Gwyneth Paltrow/Jude Law, connecting, hookup, maturing, legs, heels, curves, duet
Gwyneth Paltrow/Jude Law/Robert Downey Jr, friends, tease, pegging, double penetration, heels, lingerie, singing
Gwyneth Paltrow/Robert Downey Jr, any
Gwyneth Paltrow/Scarlett Johansson, any

Hadrian/Antinous, marble, taken
Harvey Keitel/Tim Roth, in character
Helen Mirren/Micheal Sheen, courtly, glasses, blonde, pegging
Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison, direction, bitter, consent, fleeting, share, dive, smoky, flight, luck, ride
Hugh Laurie/Lisa Edelstein, gratification, impulse control, (un)innocent dare, method acting, proposition, birthday, intercontinental phone calls, foolhardy, rendezvous, happiness, pranks, divorce, publicity, photoshoot, hotels, location, escape, camera, honesty, band, singing, celebration, disclosure, finale
Hugh Laurie/Olivia Wilde, temptation, forbidden, trailer, makeup chair, accent, quickie
Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Leonard, Shakespeare
Hugh Laurie/Stephen Fry, reminisce

Ian Harding/Lucy Hale, Prom king/queen, texting, roles, art imitating life, good kids, lightweight, shy, sneaky, bad liars
Ian McKellen/any, experience
Ian McKellen/Brendan Fraser, essential
Idina Menzel/Tracie Thoms, reunion

James Dean/Paul Newman, answering, yes, drink, blue, hand tied, screen test, rimming, secret, silence, lost, steal, cigarette, hands, kiss, friends, experimentation, screen-test, young, tentative, blonde, Hollywood, legends, screen test, flirt, drunk, smile, eyes, want
James Dean/Rock Hudson, closet, lavender, without, taken, crying, too soon, rimming
James Dean/Sal Mineo, gentle, like this, full lips, swallow, please, too good, too soon
James Marsters/any celebrity female, any
James Marsters/any celebrity male, any
James Marsters/Julie Benz, catching up, reunion, so long, memories
James May/Jeremy Clarkson, mid-life crisis
James May/Jeremy Clarkson/Richard Hammond, cock
James May/Jeremy Hammond, caretaker, stoic, horizon, drunk,
James May/Jeremy Hammond/Richard Clarkson, triangulate, backstage, internet, jeremiad
James McAvoy/Bill Nighy, Daddy, you didn't!, not old, sexy, kisses, comfort, rimming
James McAvoy/David Morrissey, playful, young, Daddy, fisting, ties, suit, rimming
James McAvoy/John Simm, learning, hands, mentor, sweet kid, completely unexpected, fuck me now!, rimming, fisting
James McAvoy/Keira Knightley, green, happier, pegging
James Ransone/Alexander Skarsgard, cigarette, hands, tattoo, Los Angeles
James Spader/Robert Downey Jr, [any]
Janet Gaynor/Margaret Lindsay, rumors
January Jones/Christina Hendricks, art, top
Jared Padalecki/Jake Abel/Jensen Ackles, tag-team
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, direct, emote, sustain, invade, consent, esteem, lens, capture, objectify, jealousy, anger, need, Jedi, fireworks, potato, musical, sleep, pace, tear, candy, peace, joke, wedding
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris/Genevieve Cortese, certainty, shiver, midnight, tangle
Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins, disheveled, twitter, performers, hungry
Jason Priestley/Luke Perry, reunion, younger, accident, music, tongue, eyes, restraints, crop, kinky?, sometimes, starting anew, strong, needing, more, champagne, joined, commitment, collar, boots, stable, riding, hay, DVDs, memories, nostalgic, relationship, different, blue, ocean, sand, beach, surfing, maybe, too late, right, almost, regret, wrong?, car, backseat, dance, cane
Jeff Lynne/Hugh McDowell, D/s, collars, caning
Jeff Lynne/Roy Wood, erection, magic, stars
Jeff Lynne/Tom Petty/Dhani Harrison, collars, held down, restraints
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/OFC, chain, spoiled, stand
Jenna Fischer/Angela Kinsey, babysitting, hurt/comfort
Jenna Fischer/Rashida Jones, yellow, candy
Jennifer Byrne/Marieke Hardy, intellect.
Jennifer Garner/Ellen Page, sunrise, vodka
Jennifer Garner/Laura Linney, click
Jennifer Garner/Melissa George, accents
Jennifer Garner/Rachel Nichols, horses, wig, paint
Jensen Ackles/Danneel Harris, edge, mirror, groceries, dancing
Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, hands, camera, mouth, compliment, anticipation, hidden, morning, connected, shaving
Jimmy Carr/Paul McDermott, competition, 50s, hosting
Jimmy Carr/Sean Lock, laugh, hands, glasses
Joan Crawford/Marilyn Monroe, tongue, explosive-orgasm, dresses, mentor, teacher, better, tongue, lips, gentle, breathe, curves, hips, wiggle, heels, stockings, lingerie, furs, coat-and-heels, seduction, kiss-you, tragic, memory,
Jodie Foster/Kristen Stewart, scowl
Joe Biden/Hillary Clinton, unwanted
Joe Girardi/Alex Rodriguez, breach, fence, batter's eye, green, ass
Joe Jonas/Nick Jonas, forbidden, echo, sing, piercing, thigh, amaze, smoke, fever, exercise, high
John Barrowman/Burn Gorman, just a game, singing,
John Barrowman/Drea De Matteo, rehearsal, beautiful, scar, unespected, flash, warm, accent, pegging
John Barrowman/Eve Myles, fantasy, naked, once
John Barrowman/Gareth David-Lloyd, rehearsing, not gay, unexpected, rimming, beer
John Barrowman/John Simm, names, camp, fuck, now!, blue eyes, short
John Barrowman/Matt Smith, guide, tour, TARDIS, hands, eyes, kissing, tradition, rimming
John Barrowman/Neil Patrick Harris, big gay battle, gay off
John Cho/Zachary Quinto, silly, body shots, jello shots, Mexican food
John Green/David Levithan, RPF
John Lennon/Paul McCartney, acid, tripping, scared, picnic, sharing a smoke
John-David Duggar/Jana Duggar, side hug
Johnny Weir/Brian Joubert, virgin, train, breathplay
Johnny Weir/Miki Ando, [any]
Johnny Weir/Ryan Bradley, zip, whiskey vs. coke, fencing, quad, lipstick
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert, [any]
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert/Steve Carell, [any]
Jonathan Papelbon/Josh Beckett, stupid, fire, blister, bump, blood, faulty wiring, absconded, slap
Jose Mourinho/Bojan Krkic, deal, sociopath
Josh Hamilton/Ian Kinsler, grace, prayer, breath, curve, wince, jaw, sun, forest, foul, ash, mask
Julia Gillard/Christopher Pyne, fear play, restraints, lapdog
Julia Gillard/Kerri-Anne Kennerly, power
Julia Gillard/Kevin Rudd, shafted
Julia Gillard/Kristina Keneally, haircut
Julia Gillard/Tanya Plibersek, discipline, boots,
Julia Gillard/Tony Abbott, awkward, cabinet, D/s
Julian Morris/Troian Bellisario, problem children, slacking off, bored, miss you, grown ups, giggling
Julian Morrow/Craig Reucassel, tea ceremonies, serving
Julie Benz/any celebrity female, practice, lingerie, slick, strap-on
Justin Verlander/Joe Mauer, dirt, mouth, All-Star, rival, stubborn, sign, slider, V for victory

Karen Gillan/Matt Smith, [any], banter, jumper, skirts, laughter, crush, publicity, vacation, teasing, interview, smile, high heels, secret, redheads, fan-fiction, stare, scotland, ridiculous, music, scarves, filming, bow tie, birthday, bubbly, heartbreaker, tease, nails, dance, red, America, dressing room, bow tie, festival, interview, kissing, music, doorway, absence, tactile
Karen Gillan/Nick Jonas, date, dress, Les Miserables
Kari Byron/Grant Imahara, amuse, sneaky, friction, legendary
Kari Byron/Mythtern Christine, tutelage, power, burn, sweet
Kari Byron/Scottie Chapman, tattoos, pain, smirk
Kari Byron/Tory Belleci/Grant Imahara, a series of escalating dares, flashing, massage, no say, experiment
Karl Urban/Anton Yelchin, [any], Star Trek, beating around the bush, daddy!kink, accents
Karl Urban/Chris Pine, accent, sneaky, sleepy, lazy, poetry, literature, Sci Fi geekery, English
Kate Gosselin/Nadya Suleman, media
Kate Winslet/Leonardo DiCaprio, more, green, divorce, comfort, press, interview, Titanic, set, pretend, rough, please
Katie Cassidy/Adrianne Palicki, sun-warm, handwriting, library, breath
Katie Cassidy/Genevieve Cortese, competition, blue, ice cream, soft
Kaya Scodelario/Nicholas Hoult, in character
Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock, time, award, lipstick, comfort, always there
Keeley Hawes/Montserrat Lombard, heels
Keeley Hawes/Philip Glenister/Daniel Mays, reunion, welcome, rehearsal, character bleed.
Keeley Hawes/Philip Glenister/John Simm, after-party, champagne, sharing.
Keith Olbermann/Ana Marie Cox, longing, bourbon, cherries, wince, hold, crisis
Keith Olbermann/Anderson Cooper, possession, taste, lick, rough, lust, fast, bed,
Keith Olbermann/boy!Rachel Maddow, anxious, miserable, help, suck, heavy, warm, whiskey
Keith Olbermann/Brian Williams, inside, friends, desire, volunteer firefighter, apprehension, uncertainty, trust, heavy, passion,
Keith Olbermann/OMC, jealous!Anderson Cooper, furious, supermodel, voyeur, touch, youth, wine, seduce, straddle, sadness,
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, supernatural, handcuffs, travel, exotic, roadtrip, apron, tease, struggle, drunk!sex, apocalypse, teasing, straight-shooter
Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox, spring-training, rain, Sunday-morning, rope, grass, corrupt, window, seek, pegging, pegging, payback, strip-poker
Keith Olbermann/Shepard Smith, secrecy
Keith Olbermann/Stephen Colbert, sensual, slow, cuddle, laughter, touch, sensitive, moonlight, eyes, linger
Kerry O'Brien/Tony Abbott, apologies
Kerry-Anne Kennerly/Corinne Grant, reruns, heartbreak
Kevin Durand/Paul Bettany, wings, flirt, tease, tempt
Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden, after, bunk, call, chorus, curiosity, frantic, gymnastics, patience, stage, surprise, taste, watching, wet
Kevin Rudd/Julia Gillard, job thief
Kevin Rudd/Malcolm Turnbull, comfort sex, revenge, betrayal
Kiefer Sutherland/Charlie Sheen, fencing, birthday, support
Kris Allen/Katy Allen/Adam Lambert, video, convincing, flirt, tease, stage presence, give and take
Kristen Bell/Matt Bomer, exception, blonde, tiny, pretty, curves, smile, eyes, friends, hug, breasts, pegging
Kristen Bell/Zachary Quinto, familiar, lipstick
Kristen Bell/Zachary Quinto/Milo Ventimiglia, locked up
Kristen Stewart/any 2 (or more) girls, fickle
Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson, smoke, trailer
Kristen Stewart/Taylor Lautner, easy, hug, letters
Kristin Kreuk/Tom Welling, remember, natural
Kristina Keneally/Leigh Sales, book club

Lady Gaga/Emily Deschanel, let's have a little fun
Lady Gaga/Gillian Anderson, I like you
Lady Gaga/Johnny Weir, bet, paparazzi, water
Lady Gaga/Taylor Swift, blonde, slick, wet, strap-on, breast, outrageous, halo 'round her finger around you, juicy, whisper, cool
Lady Murasaki/Sei Shonagon, rivalry, exquisite, ink, ephemeral, ashes
Lauren Bacall/any female celebrity, widow, no-men, strap-on, gone, understanding, play, hiding, press, dresses, lingerie, heels, suit, husky, beauty, glasses, glamour, hair, unpinned, companionship, vibrator, slick, wet, aching, first-time
Lauren Bacall/OFC, after-Bogart, need, companionship, low-pressure, assiatant, organised, surprising, buttoned-up, wild, right, needy, lips, wet, slick, aching, first-time
Lea Michele/Matthew Morrison, trailer!sex, pen pals, New York, old habits, winners, stage kissing, attention-whores, Don't Rain on My Parade, All I Need is the Girl
Lee DeWyze/Casey James, biting, ties
Lee DeWyze/Crystal Bowersox, duet, musical crush, backstage, yours, love, honestly, beautiful, open, duet, tour, song
Lee Miller/Man Ray, darkroom
Leigh Sales/Annabel Crabb, twitter
Leigh Sales/Lisa Millar, election night
Leigh Sales/Stephen Long, wistful gazes
Lewis Hamilton/Jenson Button, roadtrip, camper, magnum, laugh, buddy
Lukas Podolski/Bastian Schweinsteiger, practice, playboy, friends, games, loyalty, consolation, long nights, competition, teammate, media
Lupe Fiasco/Janelle Monae, studio, dressing room, art, driving

Marc Savard/Shawn Thornton, teeth, fingers, fighting, broken, sleep, jealous, wet
Marieke Hardy/Myf Warhurst/Corinne Grant, feminism, bdsm, leather
Marti Noxon/Jane Espenson, erase
Marti Noxon/Sarah Michelle Gellar, fetish
Matsumoto Jun/Inoue Mao, pretending, jealousy, ownership, DoS, secret, marriage, commercial, privacy, dressing room, glasses, new dress, heels, neck, older now
Matt Bomer/Tiffani Thiessen, exception, working-late, smile, chemistry, slick, wet, mouth, pegging
Matt Bomer/Tiffani Thiessen/Tim DeKay, chemistry, on-screen, once, open, try-it-out, sweet, interruption, voyeur
Matt Bomer/Tim DeKay, late-night, open, seduction, longing, blue, strong, held down, sweet, tongue, overtime
Matt Bomer/Zachary Levi, rehearsing, tease, play, surprise, on-set, alone, kiss,
Matt Bomer/Zachary Quinto, college, first, reunion, years, blue, fisting, rimming, commitment, together-so-long, first-and-only, revisiting, open, piercing, bliss, protective
Matt Dallas/Zachary Quinto, pre-fame, small-room, discoveries, sleeping, sweet, eyes, tease, surprise
Matt Smith/Nick Jonas, backstage, jam session, coffee
Matthew Gray Gubler/Shemar Moore, yo yo yo, smile, dance
Matthew Gray Gubler/Victoria Asher, sunsets, spaghetti, waltz, orange
Matthew Morrison/any, Disney, "he's totally the problem child"
Maureen McCormick/Eve Plumb, secret
Meryl Streep/Amanda Seyfried, secrets, inspire, sunkissed
Meryl Streep/Amy Adams, secrets
Michael Cera/Jason Bateman, laugh, trust
Michael Cera/Kieran Culkin, laughter, waking, hula hoop
Michael Guy Chislett/Bryce Avary, taken, fret, rhythm, skin
Michael Shanks/Richard Dean Anderson, airport
Mikey Robins/Paul McDermott, counting, exception
Miki Ando/Daisuke Takahashi, rescue
Misha Collins/Mark Pellegrino, drunk, kisses, laughter, playful, privacy, prank wars,
Misha Collins/Michael Rosenbaum, jokes, pranks, crazy fangirls, sweet, tempting
MtF!Craig Reucassel/Wil Anderson/MtF!Dylan Lewis, satin sheets, handcuffs, blindfolds, flogging

Nathan Fillion/Sean Maher, blushing
Neil Haskell/Kent Boyd, baseball metaphors, first time, stretch, grin, casual touches, intent, seduction
Neil Patrick Harris/David Hyde Pierce, chance encounter
Nemanja Vidic/Fernando Torres, debt, beg
Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts, reminisce, longing
Nina Siemaszko/Richard Schiff, video, assignation, isolation, merry-go-round, reticent

Olivia Wilde/Jennifer Morrison, party girl, permission
Olivia Wilde/Jennifer Morrison/Lisa Edelstein, environment

Patrick Dempsey/James Marsden, piano, music, velvet, tights, rimming, comfort
Patrick Dempsey/Kevin McKidd, blue, fatigues, new, soft, accent, kilt, laugh, breakdown
Patti Scialfa/Soozie Tyrell, youth, city, before
Paul Keating/Bob Hawke, rivalry, hatesex, revenge, bitterness
Paul McDermott/Richard Fidler/Tim Ferguson, revenge
Paul McDermott/Tim Ferguson, Joan, space
Paul Verhoeven/Luke Ryan, shower sex
Pep Guardiola/Bojan Krkic, sweet, thrill, desk
Philip Glenister/John Simm, inevitable, anticipation, longing, need, shouldn't, wine, cage dancer, rimming, voice-over
Philip Glenister/John Simm/Marc Warren, pretty boy, ours, cocksucker, lips, dominance

Quentin Tarantino/Tim Roth, audition, drunk, jail

Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox, college!AU, crush, complementariness, disagreement, kinky, lazy, tie, counter, window, ankle, lose
Rachel Maddow/Anderson Cooper, fisting, smooth, disaster, war, longing, lone
Rachel Maddow/Chris Hayes, pegging, bar, tease, note, breakdown, neck, glasses
Rachel Maddow/Paul Rieckhoff, win, fight, drought, draft
Rachel Maddow/Richard Engel, last night, whiskey, maps, danger, scarf
Rachel Nichols/Ray Park/Zachary Quinto, maybe, first, knees, legs, curves, noticed, eyes, smile, dominatrix, restraints, lingerie, collar, sure, sweet
Rachel Nichols/Sienna Miller, lingerie, exes, modelling, green, hair, vibrator, strap-on, wet, silk, leather, tough, vulnerable, sweetness, first, boots, mine, collar, dominatrix, submissive, yours, slick, needing, crawling, heels, nightgown, pink, girly, chocolate, music, dancing
Richard Dean Anderson/Amanda Tapping, bounce, character, rehearse, Avalon, crack, skiing, Twitter, beach, Saturday, random
Richard Schiff/Bradley Whitford, sophistry, rapprochement, mesmer, glitter, playbill, hue, crush, idolatry
Richard Tandy/Melvyn Gale, duets, fingers, piano, silk
Riki Lindhome/Kate Micucci, screw you
Rob Lowe/Richard Schiff, strangeness-and-charm, autobiography, crush, quotidian, footpad, smuggler, cheat, trailer, postcard, lovestruck, backstage, autograph, illness, etude, cabbie
Robbie Buck/Chris Taylor, bucks night
Robbie Buck/Craig Reucassel, shirt skirts, cupboards, doggie style, flirting
Robert Downey Jr./Eli Roth, allure, Stark
Robert Downey Jr./Hugh Jackman, photoshoot, payback, Oscars
Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law, play acting, kidnap, closet, hidden, lick, Hotson, adultery, movie set
Robert Downey Jr./Kiefer Sutherland, practice, whipped cream, creative, one last drink
Robert Downey Jr./Sam Rockwell, snark, unscripted, premiere, caught, oral, twitchy, competitive, disciplined
Robert Downey Jr./Susan Downey/Zac Efron, Indio, league
Robert Downey Jr./Tina Fey, backstage, hands, chemistry
Robert Downey Jr./Zac Efron, how, off, smoke, rain, limo, movies, past
Robert Kubica/Nick Heidfeld, unresolved, ache, missing, fixated, jealousy
Roy Wood/Rick Price, costumes, roleplay
Rupert Grint/Emma Watson, one-sided, shyness, longing, on a pedestal, Paris, unexpected, jealousy, speaking up, photo shoot, double date, protective, possibilities, rush, linguistics
Ryan Miller/Tuukka Rask, pads, tired, win, handcuffs
Ryan Seacrest/Joel McHale, competition, size matters, obsession, teasing, payback, office antics, green screen, pretend
Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell, auditions, hotel bar, Terri, Mezhgan, Joel McHale, Adam Lambert, backstage, taxi, mile high, x-factor, photo shoot, ears, nestle, well-worn jeans, ice, final, shine, laugh, new, trip, apologise, clue, political, news, AU, trailer, smoke, tender, cue
Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell/Paula Abdul, cue, amateur, shelter, disorder, rumour
Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell/Terri Seymour, understandings, misunderstandings, nickelodeon, rollercoaster, curl, heat

Sasha Cohen/Alissa Czisny, duet, headcase, fall, spiral, flexible, fleeting
Sasha Cohen/Brian Joubert, virgin, breathplay, no-strings
Sasha Cohen/Evan Lysacek, handcuffs, bondage, cunnilingus, fingering, tease
Sasha Cohen/Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek, [any]
Scott Edgar/Steven "Gatesy" Gates, lovesong
Sean Avery/Martin Brodeur, fever, close, torn, body, scar, ice, sliver, cracked, blue
Sharlto Copley/Bradley Cooper, new, soccer/football, jaded, Vancouver, South Africa, fookin', accents, biting
Shaun Micallef/Josh Thomas, superheroes
Shizuka Arakawa/Daisuke Takahashi, medalists, Arakawa-san, crush
Silvio Berlusconi/Vladimir Putin, entertainment
Simon "Yon" Hall/Scott Edgar/Steven "Gatesy" Gates, rpg, dungeons, dragons
Simon Cowell/Paula Abdul, [any]
Sonya Tayeh/Mia Michaels, tattoos, piercing, hair, art, laughter, beauty, struggle, rope, individuality, strength
Stephane Lambiel/Daisuke Takahashi, dancing, radiant, spins, crush
Stephane Lambiel/Johnny Weir, cuddling, too French, nice, diva, jealous, blue, lap, smile
Stephane Lambiel/Shizuka Arakawa, bodied, cold, chocolate, dance, hip-hop, drunk, icy, touchy, language, diva, crush, foodplay, sweet tooth, animals, facade, publicity
Stephane Lambiel/Shizuka Arakawa/Daisuke Takahashi, fanboy, Beyonce
Stephane Lambiel/Shizuka Arakawa/Johnny Weir, tease, cuddle, dress up
Stephen K. Amos/any, [any]
Steven 'Bajo' O'Donnell/Stephanie 'Hex' Bendixsen, awkwardness
Steven Strait/Lynn Collins/Taylor Kitsch, reunion, crush, sights

Tabrett Bethell/Bridget Regan, marked, caught, nightclub, dancing, drunk, kiss, stripping, tattoos, teasing, jealousy
Tabrett Bethell/Bridget Regan/Jessica Marais, public sex
Tanith Belbin/Charlie White, texting, hotel, curls, bus sex, cuddle, sleepy sex
Tanith Belbin/Johnny Weir, comfort, first, cuddling, roommates, sweet
Tanith Belbin/Meryl Davis, necklace, pair, dance, jealous, mentor
Tanith Belbin/Meryl Davis/Charlie White, [any]
Tanith Belbin/Sasha Cohen, teenage, tease, tour, silver, experiment, dressing room, shower
Tanith Belbin/Sasha Cohen/Johnny Weir, conduit, experiment, giggly, teenage, performance high, tour, tease
Taylor Swift/Miley Cyrus, learning, discovery, friends, lips, curves, eyes, warm, toys,
Thom Yorke/Jonny Greenwood, hospital, tremble, idyll, fragile, bloom, unravel, polyrhythm, absences, fragment, wires, library, aposiopesis, tagelied, seaside, oscillate, daybreak, falter, stargazers
Tina Fey/Sarah Palin, doppelganger
Todd Sampson/Russel Howcroft, strangulation
Tom Felton/Jason Isaacs, father figure
Tony Abbott/Christopher Pyne, puppy training
Tuukka Rask/Carey Price, distractions, exhibitionism, alcohol

Vincent D'Onofrio/Kathryn Erbe, movie, rehab, rusty, secret, dependent

Wil Anderson/Corinne Grant, rivalry, jealousy, unrequited love
Wil Anderson/Kelly Clarkson, adorable, drunk, rush, stage, spontaneous
Wil Anderson/Pinky Beecroft, pot
Wil Anderson/Todd Sampson, ties
Wil Anderson/Todd Sampson/Russel Howcroft, begging, restraints
Wilfred Owen/Siegfried Sassoon, letters
Will Forte/Kristin Wigg, night, funny, late

Yu-Na Kim/Adam Rippon, friends, learning, pranks, curls, first

Zac Efron/Jason Statham, action, muscle, unlikely, eager
Zac Efron/Kevin Jonas, beyond, fashion, moving
Zac Efron/Robert Downey Jr., handsome, charm, therapy
Zac Efron/Zachary Quinto, advance, learn, out
Zachary Levi/Yvonne Strahovski, smile, birthday, club, beach, exception, ring, denim
Zachary Quinto/Eli Roth, alike, bats, bonds, denial, dogs, domination, indecent, mirror, muscle, mutilation, paparazzi, scene, smack, venomous, domination, never, seduction, similarities
Zachary Quinto/Karl Urban, salute, accent, midnight, bicker
Zachary Quinto/Milo Ventimiglia, stripe, shave, buzz

24/Eleventh Hour, Jack Bauer/Jacob Hood, case study, bodyguard, cold
24/Eleventh Hour, Renee Walker/Rachel Young, patience, strength, pantsuit
24/Lost, Jack Bauer/Jack Shepard, purgatory, discovery, mystery
24/Lost/Torchwood, Jack Bauer/Jack Shepard/Jack Harkness, control, alpha male, immortality
24/Primeval, Jack Bauer/Danny Quinn, unexpected, bravado, support, quick
30 Rock/Community, Liz/Britta, bragging rights
30 Rock/Parks and Recreation, Liz/Leslie, politics
30 Rock/Party Down, Jenna/Casey, this is going great
30 Rock/Party Down, Liz/Henry, sarcasm, negative outlook, second chance
30 Rock/The West Wing, Liz/Donna, female bonding
30 Rock/Weeds, Jack/Nancy, selfishness

Alias/Burn Notice, Julian Sark/Michael Westen, stand-off
Alias/Burn Notice, Syndey/Fiona, high heels, run, undercover, supplier
Alias/Chuck, Lauren/Casey, cover
Alias/Covert Affairs, Michael Vaughn/Joan Campbell, spygames, circle of trust, handlers, affair, code, key
Alias/Covert Affairs, Sydney Bristow/Annie Walker, neophyte, lessons, handcuff, escape
Alias/Lost, Sark/Shannon, secrets, alcohol, snark
Alias/Lost, Sydney/Sayid, [any]
Alias/The Vampire Diaries (tv), Julian Sark/Elena Gilbert, any
Alias/Veronica Mars, Julian Sark/Veronica Mars, [any], chase, handcuffs, secrets, seduction, surrender
Alice (Syfy)/Alice in Wonderland (2010), Alice/Alice, [any], blue, butterfly, lace, lips, mirror, red, tea, whimsy
Alice (Syfy)/Alice in Wonderland (2010)/Leverage/Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Alice/Alice/Parker/Alice, [any], blue, bunny, mirror, stolen, tea, watch, whimsy
Alice (Syfy)/Alice in Wonderland (2010)/Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Alice/Alice/Alice, [any], blue, future, imagination, lips, mirror, red, sparkle, tea, whimsy, white
Alice (Syfy)/Angel, Fred/Hatter, lost, reality, nightmare, comfort, pain, extraction
Alice (Syfy)/Pretty Little Liars, Hatter/Spencer, accent
Alice in Wonderland (2010)/Discworld, Cheshire Cat/Greebo, free, secret, sharp, ambition, transformation, magic
Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll/Mary Poppins - P.L. Travers, Alice/Mary Poppins, retirement
Alice/Fringe, Jack Hart/Olivia Dunham, deception, order
Alice/Fringe, Jack Hart/alt!Olivia, familiar
Alice/Leverage, Hatter/Nate, water, noise, hangover, expensive, knuckles, scarf, hat
Alice/World War Z - Max Brooks, Alice/Hatter, stench, zombies, hopeless, underground, anger, desperate, blood stains, fairy-tale
Aliens/Terminator, Ripley/Sarah, dark, ammo, downtime, wound
Andromeda/Farscape, John/Andromeda, science, connection, projection, time
Angel The Series/Criminal Minds, Fred Burkle/Emily Prentiss, run, silk, sleep, tequila
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers/Darla, mirror, understanding, sweet
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fred/Jenny, science, computers, discovery, woman, college, might-have-been, watching
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce/Willow Rosenberg
Angel the Series/Death Note, Kate/Hal, apocalypse
Angel the Series/Dexter, Darla/Rita, dark side, blood, fever, doppelganger
Angel the Series/The West Wing, Cordelia Chase/Sam Seaborn, party, devotion, fragile, lock-in, legend
Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lindsey McDonald/Buffy Summers, [any], L.A., lips, spark, talisman, tattoos, truck
Angel/Firefly, Angelus/River, amusement
Angel/Firefly, Fred/Simon, science, care, crazy, quiet
Angel/Watchmen, Angel/Spike/Comedian, World War II
Animorphs/Bandom, Brendon Urie/Marco, lilipops, blood, running, plans
Artemis Fowl/Harry Potter, Artemis/Pansy, bored, playtime
Ashes to Ashes/Doctor Who, Gene/River, losing control, history repeating
Ashes to Ashes/Doctor Who, River/Alex, lost in time, sharing secrets
Ashes to Ashes/Doctor Who, Sharon Granger/Amy Pond, clubbing
Ashes to Ashes/Hellblazer, John Constantine/Alex Drake, ghosts
Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars, Alex Drake/Gene Hunt/Sam Tyler, [any], subconscious
AvP/AvP: Prey, Machiko/Lexa, knife
AvP: Prey/Pitch Black, Machiko/Carolyn, survival instinct
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/DCU, Zuko/Buffy Summers/Dick Grayson, control, petting, firm, muscles, fantasy, demons, sandwiches
Avatar: The Last Airbender/DCU, Toph/Mia Dearden, mend, tear, rip
Avatar: The Last Airbender/DCU, Zuko/Jason Todd, burn, heal, tantalize
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Marvel, Katara/Kate Bishop, over, under, around
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Stargate SG-1, Katara/Daniel Jackson, lean, glow, bright
Axis Powers Hetalia/Discworld, human!Greebo/Greece, lick, warm, between, blowjob, scar

Back To The Future/Ghostbusters, DeLorean/Ecto-1, fly, rescue, speed, witness
Back to the Future/Supernatural, Dean/Marty McFly, car-wash, future, adrenaline
Bad Girls/D.E.B.S., Helen Stewart/Lucy Diamond, first, lust, reckless, kiss
Bad Girls/Holby City, Helen Stewart/Connie Beauchamp, longing, drinks, thanks, beginnings
Bad Girls/Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Helen Stewart/Olivia Benson, help, reactions, friends, wishes
Bad Girls/The L Word, helen stewart/bette porter, meeting,club,sex,holiday
Band of Brothers/Doctor Who, (Time Lord) Winters/Nixon, revelation, completion, journey
Band of Brothers/Inglorious Basterds, Liebgott/Stiglitz, removal, dialect, wolves, rewind
Band of Brothers/Life/Standoff, Matt Flannery/Charlie Crews, memory
Bandom (The Young Veins)/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers/Jon Walker, heat, footware
Bandom (The Young Veins)/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ryan Ross/Spike, accent, fight, life
Bandom (The Young Veins)/RPF, Adam Lambert/Ryan Ross, makeup, glitter
Bandom (The Young Veins)/Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Ryan Ross, death, humble, bar
Bandom/Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid/Victoria Asher, chance, shoes, living, literature, quick, enough, road
Bandom/Criminal Minds, William Beckett/Spencer Reid, unrelated, savior, literature, misguided, terrible, absolute
Bandom/High School Musical, Greta Salpeter/Kelsi Neilsen, tune, bench, hush, piano, keyboard, composure, indulge
Bandom/High School Musical, Ryan Ross/Ryan Evans, makeup, birds, paint, name, rose, waltz, underestimated, sound, last, dictionary
Bandom/Howl's Moving Castle, Pete Wentz/Sophie/Howl, hearts, magic, fallen, black, feathers
Bandom/I Kissed A Vampire, Dylan/16c!Pete, anti-blood, hunted, justice, accident, pretend, midnight
Bandom/RPF, Alison Mosshart/Gerard Way, wind, music, paint, writing
Bandom/RPF, Brendon Urie/Bryce Avary, skin, sugar, moonlight, chopsticks, hands, colors, water
Bandom/RPF, Brendon Urie/Kevin Jonas, laugh, rebel, glasses, scarf, silence, sugar
Bandom/RPF, Brendon Urie/Shia Lebeouf, action, demand, lazy, smoke
Bandom/RPF, Victoria Asher/Leighton Meester, backstage, lipstick, dirty, detectives, toys, New York City
Bandom/RPF, Victoria Asher/Matthew Gray Gubler, pier, concert, tent, sleepover, Italy, legs, tanned
Bandom/Stargate Atlantis, Bob Bryar/Teyla Emmagan, on your knees and begging for it
Bandom/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Gerard Way, ghosts, beer, young, music, pot, diner
Bandom: The Academy Is.../Jonas, Mike Carden/Joe Jonas, ring
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Castle, Kara Thrace/Tom Demming, again, rebound, soulmate, found
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Chuck, Six/Sarah, double agent
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Doctor Who, Kara Thrace/Eleventh Doctor, magnificent, pyramid, fusion, companion, steampunk, victorious, sailors, mint
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Doctor Who, Laura Roslin/River Song, fate, heels, deception, chance, escape
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Doctor Who, Sam Anders/Kara Thrace/Eleventh Doctor, wedding gift, honeymoon, starshine, triad, blazing, steam, New New New Caprica
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Farscape, Lee Adama/Aeryn Sun, adrenaline, escape, grief
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Fight Club, Gaius Baltar/Marla Singer, crazy guys are my thing, [any]
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Fringe, Boomer/Peter, honesty, tequila, fly
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Star Trek: Voyager, Number Six/Seven of Nine, base, arithmetic, observe, conquer
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Stargate Atlantis, Lee Adama/John Sheppard, flight, hope, stars
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Stargate SG-1, Anastasia Dualla/Vala Mal Doran, angry, need, risk
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Stargate SG-1, Kara Thrace/Sam Carter, comfort, reflections, storm
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Kara Thrace, angels, heaven, Impala, leather, understanding, lips, need, liquor
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Supernatural, Leoben/Alistair, creepy
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Sam Anders/Thomas Raith, lust at first sight
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/True Blood, Kara Thrace/Eric Northman, [any], vikings, flying, maelstrom, biting, battle
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/V, Kara Thrace/John May, familiar, again, resistance, breaking, sun
Battlestar Galactica (2004)/Veronica Mars, Kara Thrace/Veronica Mars, bunk, strap-on, investigation
Beauty and the Beast (Disney)/Enchanted, Beast/Giselle, any
Being Human/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, John Mitchell/Dawn Summers, [any], biting, blood, blue, bond, bound, green, heels, lips, red
Being Human/Moonlight, Mick/Mitchell, troublemaker, confusion, George, case, tie, scars, roadside
Being Human/The Chronicles of Narnia (movies), John Mitchell/Susan Pevensie, [any], bite, blood, broken, faith, fragile, grief, laughter, lips, lipstick, loss, morning, mourning, party, sheets, smile, stockings, sun, tomorrow
Being Human/The Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis, John Mitchell/Susan Pevensie, [any], bite, blood, broken, faith, fragile, grief, laughter, lips, lipstick, loss, morning, mourning, party, sheets, smile, stockings, sun, tomorrow
Better Off Ted/House M.D., Veronica Palmer/Lisa Cuddy, boss, charge, power, different, style
Better Off Ted/Legend of the Seeker, Veronica Palmer/[any], power hair, HBIC, heels, Mord'Sith, portals
Big Bang Theory/Eureka, Sheldon/Penny, moving, mad scientists, visionary
Big Wolf on Campus/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lori/Buffy, warriors, rough, patrol, pinned, suck
Black Books/RPS, The Cleaner/Mike Rowe, spectacle
BlackButler/Final Fantasy VII, Undertaker/Sephiroth, death, laughter, mirror, twisted
BlackButler/FinalFantasy VII, Sebastian/Vincent, pain, service, red, passion
Blake's 7/Stargate SG-1, Avon/Vala
Blake's 7/Stargate SG-1, Jenna Stannis/Vala Mal Doran, trade
Blake's 7/Stargate SG-1, Kerr Avon/Vala Mal Doran, currency, ruse, pawn, insanity, stud, mirror, vengeance
Blake's 7/Stargate Universe, Kerr Avon/Nicholas Rush, calculate
Bleach/FinalFantasyVIII, Ichigo/Squall, fight, contempt, hurt, memories
Bleach/FinalFantasyVIII, Laguna/Byakuya, silence, beauty, service, betrayal
Blood Ties/Sherlock Holmes (2009), Vicki Nelson/Sherlock Holmes, [any], case, handcuffs, immortal, modern, mystery, past, time travel, watch
Blood Ties/Stargate Atlantis, Vicki Nelson/Dave Sheppard, [any], case, coffee, holiday, investigation, mistaken identity, scarf, snow, travel, vacation
Bones/Criminal Minds, Angela/Emily, rain, wet, bet, frustration, students, surprise, caught
Bones/House M.D., Cameron/Sweets, "We meet again", grumble, convenient, coincidence, psychobabble, fix you, rebound, cure, fail
Bones/Warehouse 13, Bones/Booth, field, storage, attic
Boston Legal/Chuck, Big Mike Tucker/Denny Crane, salmon
Breaking Bad/Sanctuary, Jesse Pinkman/Ashley Magnus, informant, eyeliner, bridge, high, brassier, agent, toronto, secret, abnormal, repentant, lavish, any
Brimstone/Constantine, Ezekiel/John, leverage, job, strippers, pain, wings
Brimstone/Supernatural, Zeke/Lucifer, hell, tease, escape
Buckaroo Banzai/Firefly, Buckaroo Banzai/Simon Tam, brain, water, alive
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Friday Night Lights, Faith Lehane/Tyra, better
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Rupert Giles/Severus Snape, pasts, demons, darkness, regret
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Spike/Michael, understand, hate
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (comics)/Leverage, Alec Hardison/Andrew Wells, troll, showdown, crew, superheroes, warcraft
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series, Buffy Summers/Spike/Angel, battle, dominance, fire, origins, puzzle, release, spell, trapped, undone, voyeur
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series, Faith Lehane/Angel, admit, demon, hope, key, pain, prisoner, redemption, secret, sword
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Bandom, Buffy Summers/Gerard Way, slaying, teacher, stake, moonlight, graveyard, soft
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Burn Notice, Buffy Summers/Michael Westen, [any], agenda, beach, bikini, fighting, fire, gun, handcuffs, rough, sleep, sparring, sun, target, vacation
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/DCU, Buffy/Tony Stark, appreciation, little black dress, champagne
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dead Like Me, Faith Lehane/Mason, cool, vintage Ts
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Death Note, Drusilla/Misa, sunset, change
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Devil Wears Prada, Faith Lehane/Miranda, heavy,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Buffy Summers/Jayne Cobb, tough, kill, guns, holster, blonde
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Buffy Summers/Malcolm Reynolds, throwdown, heroes, cowboy, action, fast, grip, guns vs. stakes, leather
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Dawn Summers/Simon Tam, [any], blood, broken, eternal, home, lips, lost, mouth, pink, red, scratches, shirt, smile, stranded, time, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Drusilla/River Tam, lullaby, starlight, cold
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Faith Lehane/Inara Serra/Malcolm Reynolds, between, balance
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Faith Lehane/Saffron, girlfight, nail
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Graham/Nandi, coin, highway, shot, charity
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Spike/River Tam, lovely, type, coat, rough
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Glee, Cordelia/Puck/Rachel, vise, high note
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Glee, Faith Lehane/Quinn, manipulation
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Faith Lehane/Draco, authority, snark, tricks
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Faith Lehane/Harry, firewhiskey, run
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter, Giles/Narcissa, comfort, class
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/How I Met Your Mother, Willow/Barney, varsity
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/League of Extraordinary Gentleman (movie)/Supernatural, Dean/Dorian/Faith Lehane/Mina, atonement, blood price
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Leverage, Dawn Summers/Parker, [any], black, blue, book, diamonds, green, museum, red, rope, shiny, skill, time, tomorrow
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel, Faith Lehane/Kate Bishop, sweet, silver, melancholy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Marvel, Faith Lehane/Victor Creed, leather, dirty, sweet
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Merlin, Buffy Summers/Uther, wilderness
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Merlin, Rupert Giles/Morgana, [any], blood, dreams, immortal, magic, portal, potion, reincarnation, ritual, time travel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Primeval, Dawn Summers/Stephen Hart, [any], blood, dragon, fire, green, kiss, knife, leather, lips, magic, message, portal, rescue
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Psych, Buffy Summers/Shawn, truth, pineapple, bizarre
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Psych, Faith Lehane/Lassiter, badge, lies
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Trek: Reboot, Buffy Summers/Jim Kirk, [any], Earth, games, green, history, playful, wonder
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Trek: Reboot, Dawn Summers/Jim Kirk, [any], blue, Earth, Enterprise, flirt, honey, massage, Starfleet
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Wars, Buffy Summers/Obi-Wan, secrets, forbidden, first time
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Buffy Summers/John Sheppard, [any], Atlantis, blue, flirt, green, puddle jumper, rescue, smirk, team, water, whisper
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Buffy Summers/Teyla Emmagan, [any], alien, Atlantis, California, center, clubbing, Earth, gate, meditation, ocean, quiet, red, relief, rescue, secrets, serene, shopping, slaying, sparring, vampires
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Buffybot/replicator!John Sheppard, any
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Faith Lehane/Radek Zelenka, second best, stars, adventure
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Faith Lehane/Rodney McKay, skills, perception, gossip, win
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Vi/Evan Lorne, [any], art, blood, bruises, lips, paint, portrait, red, shadow, sheets, sweet, wine
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis, Wishverse!Buffy Summers/Vegasverse!John Sheppard, [any], alley, bitter, black, blood, bruises, dancing, dark, disillusioned, fire, gun, handcuffs, interrogation, investigation, jaded, Johnny Cash, lips, moon, red, rough, scars, scratches, shadow, shiver, smoke, sun, white, witness, wrists
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Faith Lehane/Rodney McKay/Vala Mal Doran, dare, midnight, bravado
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Buffy Summers/Cameron Mitchell, [any], gate, heels, joy, lips, rain, snow, sun, team, uniform
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Buffy Summers/Jack O'Neill, older men, intelligence, playing hooky
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Buffy Summers/Sam Carter, fling, secret, military, trust
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1, Dawn Summers/Cassie, roommates, lonely,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Anya/Faith Lehane/Sam, cling, wound
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Anya/Sam, carefree, forget, sigh
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Castiel, [any], blue, comfort, complete, heaven, home, silence, voice, warmth, white
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Dawn Summers/Castiel, [any], apocalypse, blood, broken, rust, trust
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Dean Winchester, authority, differences, spirited, public, laughter, highschool, brazen
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Faith Lehane/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, surprise
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Jo, discover, shoulder, stance
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/John Winchester, chance, spanking, bite, loss, silk, teaching, fun, reincarnation, cars, games
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy Summers/Sam Winchester, sparring, slaying, laundry, normal, California, laughter, heart, normal, sweet, pink, whispers, beach, fecund, folly
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Cordelia Chase/Dean Winchester, winner, water, massage, cemetery, convertible
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn Summers/Bela Talbot, thief, diamond, practice, necklace, snark, Paris
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn Summers/Dean Winchester, danger, ingénue, whimper
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Dawn Summers/Sam Winchester, Stanford, experiment, massive, whipped-cream, test, buy, park, Latin
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith Lehane/Dean Winchester, sweat, leather, wildfire, unbelievable, run, escape, prison, crazy, broken, understand, power, coma, kids, prayer, scar, stake, tattoo, bite, bound
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Faith Lehane/Jo, destiny, secrets, shared
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Buffy Summers/Dawn Summers/Derek Reese/Kyle Reese, [any], blood, fight, flames, machines, raid, red, rescue, resistance, survivors, time, trust
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Boondock Saints, Connor MacManus/Murphy MacManus/Buffy Summers/Dawn Summers, [any], bar, black, choice, chosen, church, destiny, duty, faith, fight, fire, grace, graveyard, gray, guns, holy, intense, justice, language, sacred, sacrifice, secrets, slaying, sleep, smoke, run, tattoos, truth, vampires, worship
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Office, Xander/Kelly, mission
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Vampire Diaries, Faith Lehane/Damon Salvatore, bite, dirt, familiar, hurry, mistake, pretty, ride, itch, sunlight, tricky
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Buffy Summers/Eric Northman, biting, blondes, power play, differences, cat and mouse
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Dawn Summers/Eric Northman, green, vital, blood, energy, pure, innocent, need, want, take, desire, unknown, forbidden, forever, magic
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Faith Summers/Eric Northman, fang banger
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood, Spike/Eric Northman, troublesome, submit
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/True Blood/Twilight, Spike/Eric Northman/Bella Swan, potential, needs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight (movie), Buffy Summers/Bella Swan, Slayer, life lessons, stronger
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight (movie), Faith Lehane/Jacob, good boy, ripped, bike, wild
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight (movie), Spike/Bella Swan, tea, books, believe, leather, experiment, snog
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Veronica Mars, Buffy/Veronica, choice, anger, rich, trick
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/due South, Buffy Summers/Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, hands, breath, bruise, honor
Buffy the Vampire slayer/DCU, Xander Harris/Tony Stark, smart, menial, trust
Burn Notice/Casino Royale 2006, Michael Westen/James Bond, accidental, mirror, rough, shelter, release, government, paperwork, beurocracy
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Casey, confident, guns
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Chuck Bartowski, lessons, mentor, collaboration
Burn Notice/Chuck, Michael Westen/Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin, spies-like-us, commands, crash, spent
Burn Notice/Covert Affairs, Michael Westen/Annie Walker, burned, inexperience, lessons, undercover
Burn Notice/Doctor Who, Maddie Westson/Jackie Tyler, earrings
Burn Notice/Generation Kill, Michael Westen/Brad Colbert, work, secrecy, acceptable loss, ties, similar
Burn Notice/In Plain Sight, Michael Westen/Marshall Mann, know-it-all, beg, whimper, whisper
Burn Notice/In Plain Sight, Sam Axe/Mary Shannon, snark, bitter, past, future
Burn Notice/Justified, Michael Westen/Raylan Givens, hat, sunshine, yogurt
Burn Notice/Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Michael Westen/Olivia Benson, undercover, FBI, Miami
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Eliot Spencer, [any]
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Parker, [any], coincidence, past, undercover
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael Westen/Sophie Devereaux, con, distress, femme fatale, accent, poolside
Burn Notice/Leverage/Veronica Mars, Michael Westen/Parker/Veronica Mars, [any], client, collusion, con, crazy, handcuffs, hidden, job, missing piece, nails, puzzle, safe, skills, stolen, surprise, sweat, teamwork, together, undercover
Burn Notice/NCIS, Fiona Glenanne/Ziva David, big guns
Burn Notice/Smallville, Michael Westen/Lex Luthor, wine, bribe
Burn Notice/Stargate SG-1, Michael Westen/Ba'al, [any]
Burn Notice/Stargate SG-1, Michael Westen/Daniel Jackson, familiar, alternate, mirror
Burn Notice/Veronica Mars, Michael Westen/Veronica Mars, [any], assignment, beach, camera, client, deception, handcuffs, silent
Burn Notice/White Collar, Barry/Mozzie, art, marbles
But I'm a Cheerleader/Glee, Graham/Megan/Quinn/Rachel, direction

CSI/CSI: Miami, Warrick Brown/Eric Delko, distance, beaches, players-club, water, nightlife
Casablanca/Inglourious Basterds, Shoshanna/Ilsa, a beautiful friendship, America, survivors, unforgotten
Castle/Fringe, Kate Beckett/Dunham, feeling, bondage, running, schedules
Castle/Fringe, Kate Beckett/Nick Lane, empathy
Castle/Leverage, Alexis Castle/Alec Hardison, 2020, hack, edgar award, unexpected, elevator, research, autograph, page 228, conference, cyberpunk, mark, pumpernickle, heinlein, detective, collaboration, starstruck, any
Castle/Lie To Me, Alexis Castle/Emily Lightman, innocence, liar, shopping, liquor, crime, Nancy Drew, shoes, infomercials, roommates, muddy, shoes, smile
Castle/NCIS, Richard Castle/Jethro Gibbs, big, spank, giggle, vest, socks, big toe
Castle/Supernatural, Alexis Castle/Dean Winchester, [any], apocalypse, clubbing, ghouls, guns, haunted, hitchhiking, hunting, Impala, mirror, road trip, salt, sheets, talisman, undercover
Castle/Supernatural, Rick Castle/Dean Winchester, case, bodies, liquor, amulet, story, 'Supernatural', fling, club, poker, snark, alley
Castle/White Collar, Alexis Castle/Neal Caffrey, [any], charming, cotton, flowers, innocent, pillows, scarves, tender
Charlie Jade/Fringe, any Olivia/Charlie Jade, universe
Charmed/Supernatural, Chris/Dean, snark, witchhunt, retaliate, bar, enough, smaller, accept
Charmed/Supernatural, Chris/Sam, disapproval, eyeroll
Charmed/Supernatural, Wyatt/Sam, brothers, rule, empire, overtake
Chrestomanci series - Dianna Wynne Jones/Howl's Moving Castle - Dianna Wynne Jones, Chrestomanci/Howl, dimensions, closets, magic-touch
Chuck/DCU, Chuck/Clark Kent, disbelief, retribution
Chuck/Die Hard (movies), Bryce/Chuck/Matt, firesale, hacking, Intersects, Klingon passphrase, geek overload, headache, touch-typing
Chuck/Die Hard (movies), Bryce/Matt, firesale, hacking, the new Intersect, artwork, Klingon passphrase
Chuck/Fringe, Sarah/Olivia, grief
Chuck/Jake 2.0, Chuck/Jake, trapped, making do, supergeeks and uberheroes, Star Trek convention
Chuck/Nancy Drew, Sarah Walker/Ned Nickerson, smash
Chuck/Numb3rs, Chuck/Charlie, chalk, keg party, genius-genii
Chuck/Numb3rs, Chuck/Don, substitute, brainy types, bulletproof, gear
Chuck/RPF, Chuck Bartowski/Yvonne Strahovski, surprise, texture, defense
Chuck/Smallville, Sarah/Chloe, nerd, spying
Chuck/Supernatural, Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Sam Winchester, Stanford-pride, all-nighters, spring-break, drunk, beer-pong
Chuck/Supernatural, Bryce Larkin/Sam Winchester, substitute, longing
Chuck/The Big Bang Theory, Devon/Penny, gym
Chuck/The Office, Chuck/Karen, tech support
Chuck/Veronica Mars, Bryce Larkin/Veronica Mars, [any], games, handcuffs, rain, run, secrets, stakeout, tease, undercover
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce/Chuck/Neal, flash, curtains, mastermind
Chuck/White Collar, Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey, desperate, competition, bondage, laughter, mistaken-identity, undercover, charming, flash, fresh start, diamonds, hat tricks
Chuck/White Collar, Diana/Sarah, competition, sweet
Chuck/White Collar, Peter/Sarah, spy games
Claymore/Occult Academy, Clare/Maya
Community/Glee, Britta/Santana, bitches, girl talk, typical, cheerleader
Community/Glee, Brittany/Troy, confused, jersey, moves, bleachers, "That's hot."
Community/Glee, Jeff Winger/Rachel Berry, gold star
Community/Glee, Jeff Winger/Shelby Corcoran, gold star
Community/How I Met Your Mother, Annie Edison/Ted Moseby, virginity, duck
Community/How I Met Your Mother, Britta Perry/Ted Mosby, heaven, architecture 101, AutoCAD, tutor, adjunct, jealous!Jeff, americorps, blind date, green, symbolic, mixer
Constantine/Supernatural, Dean/John Constantine, hell, secrets, devil, sweet, scars
Corpse Bride/Nightmare Before Christmas, Emily/Sally, Halloween, fancy-dress, celebration, quiet, removable
Coupling/Leverage, Jane/Sophie, gorgeous, game, lesson, high, accent, bondage, easy, exception
Criminal Minds/Doctor Who, Spencer Reid/Captain Jack Harkness, cooperation, show-off, car, trick, whisper, rescue
Criminal Minds/Fringe, Emily Prentiss/Olivia Dunham, guns, in-the-field, hero, sunny-day, abandonment, history, knots, mystery, smile
Criminal Minds/In Plain Sight, Prentiss/Mary, secrets, recovery, new, relocate, desert
Criminal Minds/Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Reid/Goren, magic, crazy, genius, textbook, library, catharsis, lexicon, sanatorium, tousled
Criminal Minds/Law & Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Reid/Goren/Ducky, arcane, sons, gloves, circuitous
Criminal Minds/Law & Order: UK, Emily Prentiss/Matt Devlin, confident, dangerous, enthusiastic, safe, tangle
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Penelope Garcia/Abby Scuito, any
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Reid/Ducky, listen, ramble
Criminal Minds/RPF, Emily Prentiss/Rachel Maddow, desk, stories, comfort, truth, suppressed, intense
Criminal Minds/Stargate Atlantis, Emily Prentiss/John Sheppard, adventurous, cynical, hesitant, return
Criminal Minds/The Three Investigators (Crimebusters), Reid/Jupiter Jones, prodigy, awkward
Criminal Minds/Veronica Mars, Aaron Hotchner/Veronica Mars, any

DCU/Doctor Who, Dick Grayson/Amy Pond, types, mad, spandex, costumes, deep
DCU/Doctor Who, Dick Grayson/Eleven/Amy Pond, persistent, sunshine, rain
DCU/Doctor Who/Star Trek: Reboot, Dick Grayson/Amy Pond/Gaila, hair, red, aliens
DCU/Gossip Girl, Tony Stark/Blair Waldorf/Serena Van Der Woodsen, pricey, joyride
DCU/Heroes, Clark Kent/Peter, flight
DCU/Legend of the Seeker, Dinah Laurel Lance/Cara, leather, battle, heat, heels, hair, scars.
DCU/Lost, Dark Knight!Bruce Wayne/Richard Alpert, secrets
DCU/Marvel, Alan Scott/Steve Rogers, rest, compare, rations, artist, news
DCU/Marvel, Amanda Waller/Emma Frost, white queens, power, equals, respect, truce
DCU/Marvel, Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance/Natasha Romanoff, fishnets, suits, shoot, cam
DCU/Marvel, Barry Allen/Clark Kent/Steve Rogers, swift, race, war, red, lightning, ride
DCU/Marvel, Barry Allen/Hal Jordan/Natasha Romanoff, cold, red, snow, detective
DCU/Marvel, Bart Allen/Teddy Altman, speed, slow, time, gold
DCU/Marvel, Billy/Teddy/Tim/Kon, parallels, teamwork
DCU/Marvel, Bucky Barnes/Jason Todd, new life, anger, sarcasm, lost, family
DCU/Marvel, Cassandra Cain/Anya Corazon, outside, voyeurs, cameras
DCU/Marvel, Cassandra Cain/Kate Bishop, snark, blood, comfort
DCU/Marvel, Diana Prince/Ororo Munroe, royalty, responsibility, faith, defiance, battle
DCU/Marvel, Diana Prince/Peggy Carter, lemonade, wine, fierce, glasses
DCU/Marvel, Diana Prince/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, games, dress, soldiers
DCU/Marvel, Dick Grayson/Bucky Barnes, hardworn
DCU/Marvel, Dick Grayson/Eli Bradley, permission, teasing, virginity
DCU/Marvel, Dick Grayson/Kate Bishop, damage, nightlife, cities, gala, fortune, debut
DCU/Marvel, Dick Grayson/Mary Jane Watson, red, flexibility, deal
DCU/Marvel, Dinah Lance/Bobbi Morse, fisting, privacy, recovery, rescue
DCU/Marvel, Dinah Lance/Clint Barton, familiar, candles, bondage, celebrations, competition
DCU/Marvel, Dinah Lance/Clint Barton/Steve Rogers, yellow, dominant, roses, show
DCU/Marvel, Grace Choi/Delphyne Gorgon, flirtation
DCU/Marvel, Hartley Rathaway/Clint Barton, strip, circus, tricks, music, flute
DCU/Marvel, Jaime Reyes/Billy Kaplan, mischievous, wrinkled, dry, lights
DCU/Marvel, Kara In-Ze/Kate Bishop, tip, close, leaves, freeze, tickles
DCU/Marvel, Kara In-Ze/Kate Bishop/Cassie Lang, size, uneasiness, pounce
DCU/Marvel, Kara Zor-El/Anya Corazon, strength, powers, leap
DCU/Marvel, Kon-El/Kate Bishop, fearless, blankets, loft
DCU/Marvel, Lois Lane/Pepper Potts, scoop
DCU/Marvel, Maxine Hunkel/Rikki Barnes, wind, surprise, cuddles, couch, practice
DCU/Marvel, Robin/Winter Soldier, hush, blizzard, ramen
DCU/Marvel, Roy Harper/Bucky Barnes, metal, fake, cold, yesterday
DCU/Marvel, Roy Harper/Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton, circus, cotton, candy, technology
DCU/Marvel, Roy Harper/Clint Barton, carnival, arrows, strings, Freudian
DCU/Marvel, Selina Kyle/Natasha Romanov, sneaky
DCU/Marvel, Ted Grant/Nick Fury, resistance, macho, howling, commando
DCU/Marvel, Ted Kord/Scott Lang, toys, bugs, shrink
DCU/Marvel, Tim Drake/Billy Kaplan, grip, magic, tease
DCU/Occult Academy, Anita Fite/Maya
DCU/Smallville, Clark/Bruce, rooftop, pursue, in, top, sure, games, love, alone, moonlight, complement, pie
DCU/Smallville, Dark Knight!Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane, first trip to Gotham, inquisitor, something else, dark, sensual
DCU/Smallville, Kara Zor-El/Lana Lang
DCU/Smallville, Lois/Bruce, Batmobile, interview, reputation, believe, one, how, silly
DCU/Smallville, Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Smallville!Oliver Queen, mistaken identity, destiny, stay, soothe, glasses, suit, interview, arrows, sheets
DCU/Star Trek: Reboot, Koriand'r/Gaila, abandon, collars, saliva
DCU/Stargate Atlantis, Ronon Dex/Joker, content, scars, fierce
DCU/Stargate SG-1, Guy Gardner/Aris Boch, ego
DCU/Stargate SG-1, Tony Stark/Sam Carter, hot rods, classified, racing
DCU/Supernatural, Bela Talbot/Selina Kyle, thieves, take, rooftop, top-dollar, kindred-spirit, skills, purr
DCU/Supernatural, Tony Stark/Dean Winchester, lies, cons, hustle, cars
DCU/The West Wing, Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson (adult)/Sam Seaborn/Toby Zeigler, heroes
DCU/The West Wing, Bruce Wayne/Sam Seaborn, vector, ideogram, triptych, postcard, crush, remnants, fever
DCU/The West Wing, Bruce Wayne/Toby Ziegler, masculinity, footpad, communiques, quietude, interstices, tricks, white tie, charity, bondage
DCU/The West Wing, Dick Grayson (adult)/Sam Seaborn, idol, hands, rooftop
DCU/The West Wing, Dick Grayson/Toby Ziegler, alchemical, devotion, drunk, fragile, acrobat, trilogy, smuggler, follies
DCU/V for Vendetta (movie), Dick Grayson/Evey Hammond, survivors, damage, choices, trapdoor, atlas, vertigo
DCU/Watchmen, Harvey Dent/Adrian Veidt, truth
DCU/Watchmen, Joker/Comedian, scars
Da Vinci's Inquest/ReGenesis, Dominic Da Vinci/David Sandstrom, yelling, devious, emergency, frustration, justice
Damages/The Devil Wears Prada, Patty Hewes/Miranda Priestly, silk, desk, fashion, loss, victory, entropy
Damages/The Good Wife, Ellen/Kalinda, surveillance
Dark Angel/Supernatural, Castiel/Alec, Castiel/Ben, apocalypse, sorrow, longing, psychotic, disturbed, love, soul, darkness, pain, blood, no future, nothing left but us
Days of Our Lives/Guiding Light, Carly/Natalia, mistaken identity
Days of Our Lives/Guiding Light, Carly/Olivia, twin
Dead Like Me/Lost, Roxy/Ana-Lucia, badge
Dead Like Me/Pushing Daisies, Chuck Charles/George Lass, unfair, perky,
Dead Like Me/Supernatural, George/Sam, ghost, mirror, unseen
Dead Like Me/True Blood, Mason/Lafayette, dealer
Death Note/Dexter, Dexter/Kira, understanding
Death Race/Fast and Furious, Brian/Dom/Jensen/Joe, race
Demons/Merlin, Mina/Morgana, fear, magic, dream, mirror, flaw, unsafe
Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, Hakuba/Kaito(Kid), not all of Kaito's magic is tricks, handcuffs, the one person who can always interrupt my thoughts, Kid is not allowed to be caught by anyone other then him, youko!Kaito, being locked up behind bars, moonlight, time, hanglider, sky, challenge, riddle, prank, grin.
Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, Heiji/Shinichi, werewolf
Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, Kaito/Kid, MPD, two sides of a coin, justice and vengeance, magic, down the rabbit hole, well that was unexpected, gem, heist, moonlight, thief, magician, mirror, shards.
Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, Shinichi/KID(Kaito)/Hakuba, like lovers you never want to meet
Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, Shinichi/Kaito(Kid), petnames, under the moonlight, rooftop, don't you think it's much cuter like this?, crossdressing, equal, rival, control, Youko!Kaito, Shinigami!Shinichi
Dexter series - Jeff Lindsay/Hannibal series - Thomas Harris, Dexter/Hannibal, learning, exploring
Dexter series - Jeff Lindsay/Hannibal series - Thomas Harris, Dexter/Hannibal/Will Graham, troubled
Dexter/Leverage, Deb/Parker, hair clip, footprints, demolished, raw, police car
Dexter/Life, Dani/Deb, nipples, vodka, squeeze, connections, fruits, surrender
Doctor Who/Eureka, TARDIS/S.A.R.A.H., bigger on the inside, contain, kitchen, worry
Doctor Who/Firefly, Eleven/River Tam, taxidermy, special collections
Doctor Who/Firefly, Nine/River Tam, fear, darkness, wolves, size, alone
Doctor Who/Firefly, Ten/River Tam, fascination, crazy, laughing, tea, exploration
Doctor Who/Fringe, River Song/Olivia Dunham, orgasm denial, vortex manipulator, black hole, spoilers, any
Doctor Who/Glee, Amy/Quinn, boys!, unneeded
Doctor Who/Grey's Anatomy, Eleven/Lexie, last.
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Doctor/Albus Dumbledore, second chances, not as easy as it looks
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Eleven/Barty Crouch Jr., any
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Rose Tyler/Remus Lupin, of the wolf
Doctor Who/Highlander, Jack Harkness/Duncan MacLeod/Methos, experience, fine wine, quickening
Doctor Who/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams, Eleventh Doctor/Ford Prefect, ginger!, hoopy frood, towels, tea
Doctor Who/Kings, Rory Williams/Amy Pond/David Shepherd, prophecy, salvation, butterfly, humility, cherish, any
Doctor Who/Legend of the Seeker, River Song/Cara, swagger, space, smirk
Doctor Who/Leverage, Jenny/Eliot Spencer, [any], admiration, fun, journey, mutual, running, soldier, stars, touch
Doctor Who/Leverage, River Song/Sophie Devereaux, smirk, sentence, prison, accents.
Doctor Who/Lewis, Martha Jones/Laura Hobson, procedure, wit
Doctor Who/Life On Mars, Donna/Gene
Doctor Who/Peter Pan, Wee!Amelia Pond/Peter Pan, fairy dust,
Doctor Who/RPF, Eleventh Doctor/Misha Collins, fish custard, aliens, fez, party-crashers
Doctor Who/RPF, Tenth Doctor/Misha Collins, crazy, humans, reality
Doctor Who/RPF, The Master/Misha Collins, overlord, mindgames, minions, partner in crime, any
Doctor Who/Sandman, Martha Jones/Rose Walker, garden, cats, dreaming
Doctor Who/Star Trek: Reboot, Amy Pond/Gaila, wild, time, again
Doctor Who/The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, Jack Harkness/Thomas Raith, life force, time travel, 51st century, lush, lusty, bedroom, immortality
Doctor Who/The Sandman, Tenth Doctor/Morpheus, farewells, four times, night, stars, soft places, nevermore
Doctor Who/The West Wing, Tenth Doctor/Huck Wyatt-Ziegler, experiment, intertextuality, mesmer, vibration, fragile, wild, shoplifters, rubric
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Amy Pond/Jack Harkness, cheeky, memories
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Amy Pond/River Song/Jack Harkness, infidelity, pegging, cunnilingus, fantasy, stun, any
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Amy Pond/Rory Williams/Jack Harkness, pegging, oral, three hours, escape, argulian fields,
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Eleven/Jack Harkness, lust, bowtie, memories, geronimo, capture, restless, breathplay, longing, any
Doctor Who/Torchwood, River Song/Jack Harkness, spoilers, time travel, whimsical, impressive, sleek, elixir, pastoral, john keats, black hole, any
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Rory Williams/Jack Harkness, roman
Doctor Who/Watchmen (movie), Eleventh Doctor/Adrian Veidt, guilt, discovery, fallacy
Doctor Who/White Collar, Captain Jack Harkness/Neal Caffrey, con, mentor, challenge, vain, stalemate, irresistible, bound, standoff, twice, show-off
Dollhouse/Firefly, Echo/River, mind, blue, power
Dollhouse/Firefly, Topher/River, watch, sister, breakdown, fracture, help
Dollhouse/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Echo/John, key, saviour, robot, chair, future
Dong Bang Shin Ki/Koda Kumi, Junsu/Kuu, chairsex, heels
due South/Leverage, RayK/[any], badge, Chicago, warrant, boots, glass

Eleventh Hour/Primeval, Danny Quinn/Jacob Hood, scientists, Sex Pollen, Ginger, mistake, rescue
Entourage/RPF, Eric Murphy/Ryan Seacrest, agency, awards, red-carpet
Entourage/The West Wing, Ari Gold/Sam Seaborn, newspapers, hatreds, assignation, record
Entourage/The West Wing, Ari Gold/Sam Seaborn/Toby Ziegler, apocrypha, mile-high, shoplifters, disaster, awkward,
Entourage/The West Wing, Eric Murphy/Sam Seaborn, manage, beach
Eureka/Firefly, S.A.R.A.H./Serenity, home, over, wanderlust
Eureka/Psych, Carlton Lassiter/Jo Lupo, guns, handcuffs
Eureka/Real Genius, Zane Donovan/Chris Knight, brag, hacking, snark
Everwood/Glee, Amy/Rachel, dance
Everwood/Glee, Ephram/Rachel, duet, Juliard
Evil Dead/Re-Animator, Ash/West, war, skin, sharp

Farscape/Doctor Who, Moya/TARDIS, passing, motherhood
Farscape/Star Trek: Reboot, Chiana/James Kirk, Orion, space oddity
Farscape/Star Trek: Reboot, John Crichton/James Kirk, alcohol, off-world, astronaut
Farscape/Stargate SG-1, John Cricton/Vala Maldoran, unrealized, stolen
Fatal Frame/Kuon, Kunihiko Asou/Abe no Seimei, centuries, inspiration, dream, exorcism
Fatal Frame/Monster, Kirishima/Tenma, case, optimism, hope, shelter, fugitive
Final Fantasy IV/Final Fantasy VIII, Kain/Squall, misery loves company, belts
FinalFantasyVII/FinalFantasyVIII, Laguna/Tseng, question, kindness, advantage, protect
FinalFantasyVII/Loveless, Soubi/Sephiroth, touch, defeat, dominate, tender
Firefly/His Dark Materials, River Tam/Mrs Coulter, good student
Firefly/Leverage, Zoe/Eliot, brute, hitter, soft, hair, smooth, rough, handle
Firefly/Psych, River Tam/Shawn Spencer, [any], boots, connection, crazy, dance, fake, help, graceful, lost, pineapple, real, unknown
Firefly/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Kaylee Frye/Miles O'Brien, [any]
Firefly/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Simon Tam/Julian Bashir, top of class, injured, aliens, drunk
Firefly/Star Trek: Reboot, River Tam/Jim Kirk, [any], black, brawl, dangerous, Earth, graceful, intense, playful, sunshine
Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, [any]/Rodney McKay, genius, war, discovery, fanboy, nostalgia, lesbians
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, Inara Serra/Jack O'Neill, scars, war, heroes
Firefly/Supernatural, River Tam/Dean Winchester, secrets, scars, shotgun, shiver, ballet slippers
Freaks and Geeks/That 70s Show, Jackie Burkhart/Daniel Desario, loser, car, zen, Led Zeppelin,
Friday Night Lights (movie)/Friday Night Lights (tv), Mike Winchell/Tyra Collette, Texas, escape, touch, taste
Friday Night Lights/Glee, Julie/Quinn, sweet, maybe, smooth
Friday Night Lights/Supernatural, Tim/Dean, heat, impala, football, beer, grass, brothers, home, desperate, acceptance
Fringe/Criminal Minds, Olivia Dunham/Emily Prentiss, leather
Fringe/Criminal Minds/RPF, Olivia Dunham/Emily Prentiss/Rachel Maddow, popcorn, weekend, desk, long-distance
Fringe/Human Target, Olivia Dunham/Christopher Chance, déjàvu, memory
Fringe/Minority Report, September/Agatha, future, past
Fringe/Oz, Miguel Alvarez/Olivia Dunham, [any]
Fringe/RPF, Olivia Dunham/Blake Lively, secret agent
Fringe/RPF, Olivia Dunham/Rachel Maddow, heartache, lessons, tie, handcuffs
Fringe/Royal Pains, Peter Bishop/Divya Katdare, exodus, swimming, safe, cloud, whiplash, night, apocalypse, medic, cricket, any
Fringe/Torchwood, Peter Bishop/Jack Harkness, investigate, pennsylvania, tardis, jewel, braces, arrorgant, curry, vacation, mirth, any
Fringe/Twin Peaks, Olivia Dunham/Dale Cooper, blackjack, FBI, secrets, broken, red
Futurama/Torchwood, Philip J Fry/Bender/Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, twist, invent, past, straight

Generation Kill/Gilmore Girls, Ray/Paris, debate, loud, quiet
Generation Kill/Queer as Folk (US), Brad Colbert/Justin Taylor & Nate Fick/Brian Kinney, grocery shopping, domestic, sex life, swap
Generation Kill/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Brad Colbert/Savannah Weaver, future, Iceman, watch, darkness, desert
Generation Kill/The Pacific, Ray/Snafu, jaded, high
Generation Kill/The West Wing, Nate Fick/Sam Seaborn, classics, logophile, office, morning, autumn
Generation Kill/True Blood, Brad/Ray/Eric, blood, doppelganger, limits
Generation Kill/True Blood, Nate/Eric Northman, fingers, dawn, sleep, why, strength, brotherhood, silence
Generation Kill/True Blood, Ray Person/Eric Northman, mouth, dimple, smart, laughter, cigarette, red, dragons, wound
Generation Kill/True Blood, Ray/Eric, adrenaline, surprise, talk
Generation Kill/White Collar, Brad/Neal/Peter, forgery, hackers, breath, war, guns, wine, glasses, computers
Generation Kill/White Collar, Nate/Neal, kate, blue, wind, hard, art, coffee
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Lorelai/Sam, hunted, need, slap, soft
Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Rory/Dean, hunter, leather, strength, taut
Gilmore Girls/The Big Bang Theory, Rory/Sheldon, bookmark
Gilmore Girls/Twilight, Dean/Angela, sock hop
Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars, Rory/Logan, drunk, one-night stand, read, short skirt
Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars, Rory/Veronica, hiding, library, press, sneak
Glee/Gossip Girl, Nate Archibald/Rachel Berry, Broadway, limo, club, bar, New York, encounter, lips, stars
Glee/Grey's Anatomy, Rachel/Arizona, misunderstood
Glee/High School Musical, Ryan Evans/Kurt Hummel, sparkles, recital, Broadway, past, hats, feathers, exhibition, rivals, mentor
Glee/High School Musical, Sharpay Evans/Rachel Berry, diva, best, talent, destroy, spotlight, star
Glee/How I Met Your Mother, Emma/Lily, guidance
Glee/Popular, Sam/Will, high-school
Glee/Pushing Daises, April Rhodes/Olive Snook, similarity, unrequited, self-satisfaction, singing.
Glee/Torchwood, adult!Artie Abrams/Jack Harkness, cardiff, private dancer, consultant, universe, lapdance, fire, crescendo, vertigo, blowjob, rocket, engineer, xenobiology, any
Glee/True Blood, Sue Sylvester/Eric, courtship
Glee/Twilight, Santana/Alice, popular
Gokusen/My Boss My Hero, Yankumi/Minami Yuriko, conference, bar, unlucky
Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett/Supernatural, Crowley/Aziraphale, sauntering vaguely downwards, Team Free Will, the Winchesters, anglophiles, distaste of American "crassness", books, the internet, Lucifer, well off, hands off, apocalypse
Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett/Supernatural, War/War, beauty, blood, wild, smile, sword, chaos
Gorillaz/Marvel, Noodle/Rikki Barnes, secrecy
Gossip Girl/House M.D., Blair Waldorf/Gregory House, older, evil, doppelganger
Gossip Girl/Marvel, Vanessa Abrams/Kate Bishop, delinquents
Gossip Girl/True Blood, Eric/Blair, taste
Gossip Girl/True Blood, Jason/Serena, slumming
Gossip Girl/Twilight, Dan Humphrey/Edward Cullen, beautiful-people
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Addison/Burke/Sam, drunk, experimentation, hearts
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Burke/Cristina/Sam, favors, mindless, the old adage, used
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Cristina/Sam, good taste, old habits, scrubbing in
Grey's Anatomy/Stargate Atlantis, Miranda Bailey/Carson Beckett (clone version), consult, Doctors Without Borders, expertise, domino, try, choose, sunshine, recruit, teaching, attraction, hands, vacation

Hamlet - Shakespeare/Arthurian Legend, Hamlet/Arthur, pressure, daddy issues, stubborn
Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling /Sandman comics, Luna Lovegood/Delirium, losted, dance, wish, Erised, understand, comfort
Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling/Stargate Atlantis, Hermione Granger/John Sheppard, [any], ATA, Atlantis, back, boots, captured, escape, gate, lost, magic, nape, offworld, portal, potion, puddle jumper, rescue, scratches, tent, uniform, wand
Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling/Supernatural, Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, [any], apocalypse, breath, gasp, holiday, Impala, lost, magic, motel, salt, talisman
Harry Potter/Gossip Girl, Pansy Parkinson/Poppy Lifton, hocus-pocus, subjugate
Harry Potter/Labyrinth, Lucius Malfoy/Jareth, flying, stairs, owl
Hellblazer/Constantine/Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Dean=LAPD officer Angela Dodson, Castiel=Constantine, smoking!kink, dreams, dream-walking, hunting, asexual tendencies, androgynous, hips, long fingers, graceful hands, abandoned by God, us vs them
Hellblazer/Lucifer, John Constantine/Lucifer, bored, competition
Hellblazer/The Sandman, John Constantine/Dream, complicate, weave
Hellblazer/The Sandman, John Constantine/The Silk Man, tricks
Heroes/Leverage, Mohinder Suresh/Sophie Devereaux, lead, cherish, escape, rudimentary, special, jaded, ruby, government, any
Heroes/Leverage, Peter Petrelli/Sophie Devereaux, grifter, diamond, telepathy, fearless, impractical, intrigue, lithuania, proverb, france, surprise, ability, partnership, sylar, heroics, stupidity, wherewithal, bureaucracy
Heroes/Lost, Adam/Richard, immortal, memories, recognition, hair
Heroes/Royal Pains, Mohinder Suresh/Divya Katdare, heal, special, memorial day weekend, beach, double helix, affair, breakthrough, building 22
Heroes/Star Trek: Reboot, Mohinder Suresh/Lenoard McCoy, collaboration, mutiny, piracy, genetics, special, any
Heroes/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Claire Bennet/John Connor, [any], apocalypse, blood, fate, fight, future, guns, hidden, intense, lips, memories, metal, mistaken identity, red, rescue, rough, skin, smile, teamwork, tender, time, trust, white, liar, medic, reason
Heroes/True Blood, Elle Bishop/Pam Ravenscroft, new, feral
High School Musical/RPF, Adam Lambert/Ryan Evans, glitter, dance, backup, chance, tango, jeans
High School Musical/Skins, Maxxie Oliver/Ryan Evans, ballet, rivals, leader, mirrors, lights
Highlander/Leverage, Cory Raines/Parker, [any], bank, heist, jewels, partners, rope, sheets, silk, thief
Highlander/Leverage, Methos/Parker, [any], autumn, fog, nose, past, path, quirky, rain, rope, stealth, wander, whimsy
Highlander/Stargate SG-1, Amanda/Vala Mal Doran, education, sisterhood, competition
Highlander/The Three Musketeers (any), Aramis/Methos, fighters-scholars, hypocrisy, church, horsemen
Highlander/The Three Musketeers (any), d'Artagnan/Methos, sparring, duel, misunderstanding, apples
Highlander/Torchwood, Amanda/the other Jack Harkness, [any], anniversary, art, blood, dancing, fling, flirt, heist, immortal, jewels, lessons, new identity, painting, passion, present day, sheets, sparring, student, swords, teacher
House M.D./Law & Order SVU, Greg House/Casey Novak, lawyers, one-night, strangers, airplane, New Jersey, Manhattan, legs, whiteboard, exam room
House M.D./Nurse Jackie, Gregory House/Jackie Peyton, drugs, grumpy, angry, cheating, mistake
House M.D./Nurse Jackie, James Wilson/Zoey Barkow, charm, welcome
House M.D./Royal Pains, Greg House/Divya Katdare, infuriating, condescending, arrogant, accent, control, submissive, Hamptons
House M.D./The O.C., Thirteen/Alex Kelly, Kindred spirits, syncronicity, writhe, lick, medical exam, escape, strong, hard, toys, secret, past,
How I Met Your Mother/The Big Bang Theory/The Office, Lily/Penny/Pam, liberal arts
How I Met Your Mother/The Office, Marshall/Lily/Jim/Pam, honeymoon
How I Met Your Mother/The Office, Ted/Karen, yellow umbrella
How To Train Your Dragon/Ratatouille, Alfredo Linguini/Astrid Hofferson/Colette Tatou/Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, roomy, narrow, chesthair, tangle, knots
How To Train Your Dragon/Ratatouille, Colette Tatou/Ruffnut Thorston, gang
Hustle/Leverage, Elliot/Stacie, poker,
Hustle/Leverage, Sophie/Danny, training, diversion, short con
Hustle/Leverage, Sophie/Mickey, game, rules, mark, reunion, the lure, grift
Hustle/NCIS, Albert Stroller/Ducky, retirement, con, golden years, written, vacation
Hustle/White Collar, Mickey/Jones, different

In Plain Sight/Justified, Marshall Mann/Raylan, history, outsmart, escape, chase, methods, hat, belt, arms
In Plain Sight/Leverage, Marshall Mann/Alec Hardison, know, admit, survive, comfort, violence
In Plain Sight/Leverage, Mary Shannon/Eliot Spencer, bossy, demand, gun, trap, hide
In Plain Sight/RPF, Mary Shannon/Rachel Maddow, cocktails, adapt, encourage, overwhelm, hidden
In Plain Sight/Stargate SG-1, Marshall Mann/Daniel Jackson, slow, fast, speed, wind, air, taste
In Plain Sight/Stargate SG-1, Marshall Mann/Samantha Carter, brain, boot, bike, beach, banana
In Plain Sight/White Collar, Mary Shannon/Neal Caffrey, handcuffs, neck-tie, hat, pretty-boy

James Bond (movies)/Burn Notice, James Bond/Michael Westen, hurt, comfort, slick, alcohol, burn, spank, handcuffs, cars, adrenaline, explosion, bruises
James Bond (movies)/Star Trek: Reboot, Bond/Uhura, bath, language, slick
Jurassic Park (book)/Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/Muldoon, hunted, fences, scent
Justified/Leverage, Raylan/Eliot, heat, dust, bruises, riding, thief, hat, sun, madness, careless, Hardison, Parker, truck, reason
Justified/Southland, Tim Gutterson/Ben Sherman, perfect shot, borrowing, new guy

Katekyou Hitman Reborn/Prince of Tennis, Yamamoto/Yuuta, dedication
Kino's Journey/The Dark Tower, Kino/Jake, journey, firelight, bullet, quick
Kyle XY/Leverage, Foss/Eliot, forgetful, vicious,means, soft

L.A. Confidential (movie)/Love Is Where You Find It - Paula Christian, Lynn Bracken/Martie Thornton, hideout, forget, Brussels, Tijuana
La Femme Nikita/Veronica Mars, Michael/Veronica Mars, [any], betrayal, blood, flirt, guns, handcuffs, hands, lips, manipulation, night, recruit, rough, seduction, undercover, wrists
Las Vegas/CSI, Danny/Mandy, touch, prints, any
Las Vegas/CSI, Mike/Wendy, geeks
Law & Order: Criminal Intent/Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Mike Logan/Olivia Benson, case, disturbing, forget, undercover, shooting range, stakeout, one-night stand
Law & Order: Criminal Intent/NCIS, Robert Goren/Ducky, digression, shirttails, old
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/OZ, Olivia Benson/Toby Beecher, antique, eggshell, ghost, mouse, rope, secret
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/RPF, Elliot Stabler/Mariska Hargitay, celebrity, paparazzi, diamonds, lipgloss
Law & Order: UK/Supernatural, Matt Devlin/Dean Winchester, bar, evade, heat, loud, welcome
Legend of the Seeker/Harry Potter, Hermione/Kahlan, stronger, secrets and lies, power
Leverage/Life, Dani Reese/Parker, alone, leather, lemonade, tension, career, adventure, sand
Leverage/NCIS, Eliot Spencer/Jethro Gibbs, battle, wrestle, fall, dinner, bathtub
Leverage/Sanctuary, Sophie Devereaux/Helen Magnus, zurich, rescue, caught in the act, any
Leverage/Shadow Unit, Alec Hardison/Hafidha Gates, two of a kind
Leverage/Shadow Unit, Parker/Chaz Villette, jumpline
Leverage/Stargate Atlantis, Eliot Spencer/Teyla Emmagan, sparring, skills, close encounters, appreciation
Leverage/Supernatural, Sophie/Bela, shine, trick, silk, loneliness
Leverage/The A-Team (movie)/Leverage, Parker/Templeton "Faceman" Peck, wallet, slap, wrong
Leverage/Millennium Trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) - Stieg Larsson, Parker/Lisbeth Salander, security
Leverage/The Losers (2010), Eliot/Jensen, familiar, first, secure
Leverage/The Losers (2010), Hardison/Jensen, hacker, white hat, seven of nine, strike, binary, prodigy, cylon, luxembourg, goliath, any
Leverage/The Middleman, Hardison/Wendy, comic books, technology, geek, paintbrush, hands
Leverage/Torchwood, Ianto/Nate, sms, holster, hungover, acceptance, painless
Leverage/Veronica Mars, Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker/Veronica Mars, [any], challenge, now, purpose, skin, teamwork, undercover
Leverage/Veronica Mars, Alec Hardison/Veronica Mars, [any], flirting, lips, nails
Leverage/Veronica Mars, Eliot Spencer/Veronica Mars, [any], investigate, subterfuge, surveillance
Leverage/Veronica Mars, Parker/Veronica Mars, [any], flexible, gotcha, lips, mischief, ticklish, chase, genuine, lips
Leverage/Warehouse 13, Parker/Claudia Donovan, find
Leverage/White Collar, Alec Hardison/Neal Caffrey, genius, tech, team-up
Leverage/White Collar, Alec Hardison/Parker/Eliot Spencer/Neal Caffrey, trapped, fun, challenge, diamonds, water, culinary, crazy, hair, skin
Leverage/White Collar, Eliot Spencer/Neal Caffrey, help, work of art, flirt, unexpected
Leverage/White Collar, Eliot Spencer/Peter Burke, difficult, genius, capture
Leverage/White Collar, Parker/Diana, caught, fantasy, handcuffs, backseat
Leverage/White Collar, Parker/Neal Caffrey, shaft, diamonds, ropes, catch, teacher, rivalry, dance, con
Lewis/The Professionals, Bodie/Hathaway/Doyle, investigation, time-travel, hair
Life on Mars/Quantum Leap, Sam Tyler/Sam Beckett, wandering
Life/Middleman, Dani Reese/Wendy Watson, public, adventure, oral fixation, beach
Life/Southland, Charlie/John, work, friendship, glock, visitor, past, problem, passenger, riots
Life/Standoff, Charlie Crews/Matt Flannery, blade, gun, tear, calm, duet
Life/Standoff, Matt Flannery/Charlie Crews, crazy
Little Mermaid/Treasure Planet, Ariel/Jim Hawkins, mischief, sea legs, brine, flight
Lost/RPF, Daniel Faraday/Sarah Palin, physics, find, it worked
Lost/Twilight, Sawyer/Tanya, black widow

Maou/Ryuusei no Kizuna, Naruse Ryou/Ariake Koichi, innocence, washing, charm
Marvel/Kick Ass, Logan aka Wolverine/adult!Mindy McCready aka Hit Girl, violence, history, unexpected, candy, innocence
Marvel/Serial Experiments Lain, Lain/Douglas Ramsey, resurrected, connection, protocol, Pauline dualism, ghost in the machine, remember, reset
Marvel/The Incredibles, Quicksilver/Dash, speed, red, blond, track, team, evil, hero
Marvel/The West Wing, Peter Parker/CJ Cregg, exclusive, coffee, desk
Marvel/The West Wing, Steve Rogers/CJ Cregg, Brooklyn, charcoal
Marvel/The West Wing, Tony Stark/Sam Seaborn, Republicans, hotel, rimming, whisky, Princeton
Merlin/Kings, Arthur/Jack, rage, champagne, cut, battlefield, midnight
Merlin/Primeval, Connor/Merlin, anomaly, guilt, dragon, flames, frills, proof, different, generous, impatient
Merlin/Star Trek: Reboot, Spock/Arthur, incident, spar, bruise, fingers, help
Merlin/Supernatural, Dean/Arthur, looking for someone, daddy issues
Merlin/Supernatural, Dean/Morgana, witches, daddy issues, looking for someone, spells, grimoires, magic
Merlin/Supernatural, Merlin/Castiel, polyglot, spells, sigils, earth
Merlin/White Collar, Neal Caffrey/Morgana, past, blue, magic, unreal, turn, museum, Paris
Mononoke/Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Beatrice/Medicine Seller, butterfly, form, truth, regret, time, sever
Moonlight/Veronica Mars, Josef Kostan/Mick St. John/Veronica Mars, [any], biting, blood, bond, red, sleep, sleuthing
Moonlight/Veronica Mars, Josef Kostan/Veronica Mars, [any], biting, blood, longing, need, not him, power, quiet, smirk
Moonlight/Veronica Mars, Mick St. John/Veronica Mars, [any], amnesia, biting, blood, case, photograph, suspect
Moral Orel/South Park, Orel/Butters, bicurious

NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles, Jethro Gibbs/G Callen, Russia, bullet wounds, soothe, history, coffee, dreams, guilt, loyalty, touch, fix, affection
NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles, Jethro Gibbs/G Callen/Sam Hanna, new and old, comfort, inventive, excel, bandage, dogtags, trust, undercover, nightmare, nerves, cuddle, share, tipsy, tight
NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles, Tony DiNozzo/G Callen, smirk, Gibbs, secrets, empty
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Tony DiNozzo/Ba'al, fashion, pretty, taunt, tease, win
NCIS/Stargate SG-1, Ziva David/Vala Mal Doran, confusion, key, sarcasm, sharp
NCIS/Supernatural, Tim McGee/Dean Winchester, filthy, honest, clean, give, forget,
NCIS/Supernatural, Ziva/Jo, guns
NCIS/The Avengers (tv), Tony DiNozzo/Steed/Peel/, voyeurism, double penetration, heat, lazy afternoon
Narnia/Supernatural, Susan/Castiel, the world at our feet, such great heights, fallen from grace
Never Cry Werewolf/The Vampire Diaries (tv), Loren Hansett/Damon Salvatore, [any], biting, blood, clubbing, hunt, lips, moon, stalk, sun, vervain, wicked, wrists
Never Cry Werewolf/The Vampire Diaries (tv), Loren Hansett/Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert, any
Never Cry Werewolf/The Vampire Diaries (tv), Loren Hansett/Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore, any
Never Cry Werewolf/The Vampire Diaries (tv), Loren Hansett/Damon Salvatore/Stefan Salvatore, any
Never Cry Werewolf/The Vampire Diaries (tv), Loren Hansett/Elena Gilbert, any
Never Cry Werewolf/The Vampire Diaries (tv), Loren Hansett/Stefan Salvatore, any
Never Cry Werewolf/Wolf Lake, Loren Hansett/Luke Cates, [any], blood, bond, bruises, deja vu, hidden, howl, hunt, moon, nibble, red, rough, scent, scratches, secrets

Office Space/The Baker, Peter/Milo, assignation, run away
Oliver Twist/Sweeney Todd (movie), Toby/Dodger, get by
Oz/Supernatural, Chris Keller/Dean Winchester, ache, demon, gun oil
Oz/The Sentinel, Garret Kincaid/Vern Schillinger, power play, dominance, charisma, beat down, bottom bunk, shank, obedience, shower, vocal, admire

Parks and Recreation/The Office, Pam/Ann, familiar
Perfect Girl Evolution/Skip Beat!, Ranmaru/Sho, vanity
Perfect Girl Evolution/Skip Beat!, Sunako/Kyoko, aura, slasher movie, curse dolls, chance
Pirates of the Caribbean/The Princess and the Frog, Mama Odie/Tia Dalma, moist, romp, lesson, power
Portal/Serial Experiments Lain, Lain/GLaDOS, still alive
Primeval/Stargate Atlantis, Becker/Sheppard, mission, sunburnt, Canadians, responsibility, computers, tug
Primeval/Stargate Atlantis, Connor/[any], light, punch, forest, hug, partners, guns, anomaly
Primeval/Torchwood, Abby/Ianto, puppy, tea, sharing
Primeval/Torchwood, Connor/Ianto, conspiracy
Primeval/Torchwood, Jenny/Toshiko, confidence, secrets, pressure
Promethea/Y: The Last Man, Agent 311/Grace Brannagh, evil, accept, token
Promethea/Y: The Last Man, Agent 311/Grace Brannagh/Lucille Ball/Stacia Vanderveer, disclosure, swap, find, missing
Promethea/Y: The Last Man, Agent 311/Lucille Ball, job, strange, apocalypse, club, nail
Promethea/Y: The Last Man, Agent 311/Promethea, transform, star-spangled
Psych/Warehouse 13, Carlton Lassiter/Juliet O'Hara, artifact
Pushing Daisies/Wonderfalls, Ned/Mahandra, mistaken identity, sincerity, quiet.

RPF/Skins, Adam Lambert/Maxxie, dancer, tease
RPF/Stargate SG-1, Rachel Maddow/Sam Carter, post-interview!sex, disclosure, unbelievable
RPF/Supernatural, Misha Collins/Becky Rosen, fourth wall, the internet is for porn
RPF/Supernatural, Misha Collins/Dean Winchester, good intentions, terrible intentions, open road, famous last words, gunslinging 101, don't worry it's not your blood, I get your jokes but they're not funny
RPF/Supernatural, Misha Collins/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, wicked, reality-versus-porn, boundaries, what-fourth-wall
RPF/Supernatural, Sam Winchester/Jensen Ackles, black, unforgiving, hurt
RPF/The Sandman, Lady Gaga/The Fashion Thing
RPF/The West Wing, Ryan Seacrest/Sam Seaborn, blue, Hollywood
RPF/Top Gear, The Stig/Misha Collins, unfathomable
RPF/Torchwood, Adam Lambert/Jack Harkness, stage, public, dance
Ranma 1/2/Urusei Yatsura, Konatsu/Nagisa, mutual, common, silk, panties
Ranma 1/2/Urusei Yatsura, Ukyou/Ryuunosuke, collar
Repo Men/Supernatural, Remy/[any], forgotten, reasonable, heart, bullet, safety
Rescue Me/Stargate SG-1, Tommy Gavin/firemanAU!Sam Carter, competition, booze, ghosts
Rizzoli & Isles/The X-Files, Dana Scully/Maura Isles, passing, science

Sanctuary/Stargate Atlantis, Nikola Tesla/John Sheppard, rakish, ego, brilliant, fascination, vampirism, any
Sanctuary/Stargate Atlantis, Nikola Tesla/Rodney McKay, IQ, delusion, communication, ancient, transferrance, time travel, alternating current, admiration, any
Sanctuary/Stargate SG-1, Helen Magnus/Baal, abnormal
Sanctuary/Stargate SG-1, Helen Magnus/Rodney McKay, hot, sanctuary, abnormal, science, gala, conference, one-uppmanship, quarter, smirk, any
Sanctuary/Torchwood, Helen Magnus/Jack Harkness, history, immortality, epic romance
Sanctuary/Torchwood, Nikola Tesla/Jack Harkness, the great war, innovation, genius, trick, spark, rift, bram stoker, Gershwin, holy water, chicago world fair, any
Sex and the City/White Collar, Anthony/Mozzie, fashion, party, trick
Sherlock Holmes (2009)/The Middleman, Sherlock Holmes/Wendy Watson, [any]
Slings and Arrows/Torchwood, Darren Nichols/Jack Harkness, breathplay, method acting, proscenium, cyberman, scarf, munich, sequins, any
Smallville/Supernatural, Chloe/Dean, Impala, new, different, care, ways, hunger, hot
Smallville/Supernatural, Clark/Dean, unexpected, Impala, hopeful, take down, survive, not alone, silence, lips, floor, entangled, grip, hero
Smallville/Supernatural, Lois Lane/Dean Winchester, ride, leather, handcuffs, story, scars, wild, take, cold, fire, unexpected, rain
Southland/Justified, Ben/Tim, risk, warm, famous, firing range, beach, accent, tie
Southland/Supernatural, Ben/Dean, haunted, nightmare, shotgun, sacred ground, wound
Space: 1999/UFO, John Koenig/Ed Straker, boss, pushy, top, control, battle, alien
St Trinian's (2007)/Gossip Girl, Kelly Jones/Blair Waldorf, devil
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek Voyager, Female Changeling/Borg Queen, power, meld
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: Reboot, Jadzia Dax/Leonard McCoy, tribbles, tricorder, sleek, hands, flirt, bourbon, biobed, fantasy, memories, comfort
Star Trek: Enterprise/Bones, T'Pol/Brennan, science, cold, controlled,
Star Trek: Enterprise/Star Trek: Voyager, T'Pol/Tuvok, biology, stranded
Star Trek: Reboot/Star Trek: The Next Generation, Kirk/Picard, hero worship
Star Trek: Reboot/Star Trek: The Next Generation, Kirk/Q, shiny, fascinate
Star Trek: Reboot/Supernatural, Kirk/Dean, fly, uniform, time-travel
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Star Trek: Voyager, Picard/Janeway/Q, mortality, ticklish, tenderness, Borg
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Stargate SG-1, William Riker/Ba'al, power, amuse, create, disrupt, key, ignite
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Supernatural, Q/Gabriel, the original prankster, humans beware, coffee, sugar, chocolate, spice
Stargate Atlantis/Sliders, Rodney Mckay/Quinn Mallory, babble, physics, theory
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Daniel Jackson, translate, hope, artifact, visit, Atlantis, warm, salt, tongue, Ancient
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Elizabeth Weir/Jack O'Neill, city, glow, step, remember, evaporate, hug, lead, chair, gasp, lose, cry
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Ba'al, pretty, play, poison, parsley, pedantic
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, travel, bubble gum, experiment, knives
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Evan Lorne/Vala Mal Doran, [any]
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Ba'al, [any]
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, El Camino, ghost, 409, Vegas!verse, secret, trade, mercy!fuck, adamant, chain, downpour, speed, academy, flyboys, uniform, parachutes, adrenaline, boredom, idiom, idiot, invisible, ink, cold, fear, honesty, light, reflections, romance, slow, smart, gentle, affection, blowjob, belief, pen, jet, roommates, sitcom, contrivances
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Carolyn Lam/Cameron Mitchell, pilot
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Daniel Jackson, boredom, idiom, idiot, iodine, bite, fireplay, prostitution, threesome, promise, simmering, Alteran proverbs, waterfall, flight, Ascended AU, kings, steampunk
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Daniel Jackson/Cameron Mitchell, alike, alone, apart, sticky, What?
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Jack O'Neill, Vegas!verse, prostitution, Antarctica, AU, powerplay, leather, lost, advantage, kindness, RHIP, tangent, trap, unexpected
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Daniel Jackson, overkill, princes of the universe, absolute power, geek culture
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Sam Carter/Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, pleasure, friendship, alien, waiting, vacation, ice cream
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, John Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran, boredom, idiom, idiot, claustrophobia, great vacation destinations, dirty rumors, asking permission, edge, joy, sceptical, surprise, sexy, wild, needs taming, stealing, tempting, slight of hand, childhood, prison planet
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Laura Cadman/Daniel Jackson, command, surprise, woman
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Radek Zelenka/Daniel Jackson, isolated, lesson, AU, language kink, secrets, runes, crystals, scenery, geeks
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Radek Zelenka/Vala Mal Doran, flight, fear, towel, train
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Daniel Jackson, passion, ingenuity, win, bet, lecture, numbers, words, truth
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Rodney McKay/Vala Mal Doran, shut up, bindings, tea, honey, pressure
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emaggan/Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, ZPM, Ark, Wraith
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Aldwin, first kiss, hand cuffs, shyness, smiles
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Aris Boch, talkative
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell, family, hair, defense, heaven can wait
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1, Teyla Emmangan/John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, assassin, hide, comfort, display, blood, pride, emotion, serpentine, fly boys, triplicate, dubcon
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1/Stargate Universe, Rodney McKay/Daniel Jackson/Nicholas Rush, braingasm, eureka, isolation, toy
Stargate Atlantis/Superman Returns, Clark Kent/John Sheppard, wings, airspace, anger
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, John Sheppard/John Winchester, fire, rifle
Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural, Ronon Dex/Sam Winchester, muscle, shave, language
Stargate Atlantis/The Bourne Series (movie), Teyla Emmagan/Jason, spies, partners, contact, secrets, running
Stargate Atlantis/Warehouse 13, Evan Lorne/Claudia Donovan, invent, catalog, tied, hidden, beyond
Stargate Atlantis/Warehouse 13, Rodney McKay/Myka Bering, discover, surprise, secrets, foolish, alive
Stargate SG-1/Star Trek: Reboot, Janet Frasier/Leonard McCoy, needles, hyposprays, banter
Stargate SG-1/Stargate Universe, Daniel Jackson/Nicholas Rush, brilliance, headfuck, hookup, loss, recruit
Stargate SG-1/Stargate Universe, Vala Mal Doran/Chloe, Kino, stones
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, mirror, possess, protect, Latin, decipher, symmetry, hand-to-hand, orchestrate, soldier, subterfuge, paranormal, paramilitary
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural, Vala Mal Doran/Dean Winchester, distance, pain, pie, rowdy
Stargate SG-1/Torchwood, Vala Mal Doran/Toshiko Sato, space pirate
Starsky & Hutch/The Professionals, Bodie/Doyle/Hutch/Starsky, logistics, confusion, passport, car, guns
Starsky & Hutch/The Professionals, Bodie/Starsky, sarky, hungry, war
Starsky & Hutch/The Professionals, Doyle/Hutch, running, shooting, boots
Stonehenge Apocalypse/Terminator, Jacob/John, robots, body, Latin, hookers, dark, time travels
Supernatural/A Song Of Ice And Fire, Castiel/Daenerys Targaryen, awesomeness, [any]
Supernatural/Battlestar Galactica, Kali/Tori, [any]
Supernatural/Battlestar Galactica, Ruby/Leoben, manipulation, knives, [any]
Supernatural/Fight Club, Lilith/Tyler Durden, [any]
Supernatural/How I Met Your Mother, Gabriel/Robin Scherbatsky, music videos, [any]
Supernatural/Lost, Lucifer/Jacob, vessels, [any]
Supernatural/Mad Men, Dean Winchester/Betty Draper, issues, [any],
Supernatural/Resident Evil, Castiel/Alice, my apocalypse is better than yours, pretty, [any]
Supernatural/Smallville, Dean/Lois, snark, undercover, case, tease, hero, Impala, suggestion
Supernatural/Sons Of Anarchy/Lost, War/Jimmy O/The Man In Black, a horseman a gun-runner and a demi-god walk into a bar, any
Supernatural/The Fast and the Furious (2001), Sam/Dean, Dom/Brian, haunt, collide, fugitive, pursue, strip, spirit, explode, shoot
Supernatural/The Middleman, Wendy Watson/Dean Winchester, vampires, lockdown, shopping, backseat, snow, movies
Supernatural/The Tudors, Sam Winchester/Anne Boleyn, any
Supernatural/The X-Files, Castiel/Scully, reticence, Edward Hopper paintings, Tom Waits songs, flickering lights, faith, safety net, the other side, conversion, lighthouse, smoke, lightning, horizons that disappear in the fog, St. Elmo's fire, dust devils, tumbleweeds, forgotten bibles, theology as mathematics
Supernatural/The X-Files, John/Mulder, grass, investigation, truth, handjob, jeans, moonshine, explosion, nails
Supernatural/Torchwood, Gabriel/Jack Harkness, any
Supernatural/Transformers, Bumblebee/Impala, flesh, helpless, technology, human, research, slick
Supernatural/Transformers, Dean Winchester/Sam Witwicky, emoticons, hot, alone, road, bareback
Supernatural/True Blood, Dean Winchester/Eric Northman, V, shadows, monsters, teeth, hunt, take, blood, Fangtasia, V
Supernatural/True Blood, Dean Winchester/Jason Stackhouse, dirty
Supernatural/True Blood, Ruby(Season 3)/Pam/eric, first, pink, blonde, rough, lips, bite
Supernatural/True Blood, Sam Winchester/Alcide, werewolf, hot, heart, care, bar, leather, lust, scar, hair
Supernatural/True Blood, Sam Winchester/Alcide/Sam Merlotte, tangle
Supernatural/Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars/Dean Winchester, lies, fedora, bowtie, freeway, slipknot, skinny dipping, voicemail
Supernatural/White Collar, Bela Talbot/Neal Caffrey, [any], art, artifact, auction, deal, flirt, incognito, partners, tux
Supernatural/White Collar, Dean Winchester/Neal Caffrey, conmen, wallet, surprise
Terminator(movie)/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, John Connor/Jesse Flores, connection, fighters, order, past

The A-Team (movie)/The Losers (2010), Templeton "Faceman" Peck/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez, grin, blood, camp
The Big Bang Theory/The Office, Raj/Kelly, familial pressure
The Good Wife/Veronica Mars, Kalinda Sharma/Veronica Mars, camera, train, coffee, studying, blue
The Middleman (tv)/Veronica Mars, Middleman/Wendy Watson/Veronica Mars, any
The Middleman (tv)/Veronica Mars, Wendy Watson/Veronica Mars, [any], lips, smirk
The Middleman (tv)/White Collar, Middleman/Wendy Watson/Neal Caffrey, any
The Middleman (tv)/White Collar, Wendy Watson/Neal Caffrey, [any], flirting, hat, scratches, ties
The Middleman/White Collar, Middleman/Cruz, doppelganger, rocket
The Office/True Blood, Pam/Pam, receptionist
The Vampire Diaries (tv)/Wolf Lake, Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert/Luke Cates, any
The Vampire Diaries (tv)/Wolf Lake, Elena Gilbert/Luke Cates, [any], bruises, chase, cloudy, cuddle, forest, howl, moon, rain, rough, scent, scratches, spine, tender
The Vampire Diaries (tv)/Wolf Lake, Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore/Luke Cates, [any], biting, blood, bruises, double penetration, held down, marking, mine, rough, scent, scratches, shiver, taste
The Vampire Diaries/True Blood, Bill Compton/Stefan Salvatore, support group, dreams, history
The Vampire Diaries/True Blood, Eric/Damon, history, share, give, protect, hard
The West Wing/The X-Files, Sam Seaborn/Fox Mulder, Bob, meeting, conspiracy, truth, belief
The West Wing/White Collar, Sam Seaborn/Neal Caffrey, change, bar, blue, admire, wilderness, heliotropism, vector, saturation, intangible
The West Wing/White Collar, Toby Ziegler/Neal Caffrey, zeugma, cheat, foolproof, experiment, vertigo, prism
Torchwood/True Blood, Jack Harkness/Eric Northman, captain, christmas, hunt, immortality, largess, subdue, any
True Blood/Twilight, Sookie/Bella, curse

Umineko no Naku Koro ni/xxxHolic, Beatrice/Yuuko, butterfly, pipe smoke, girl talk, battle of wits, teeth

V (2009)/The X-Files, Erica Evans/Dana Scully, war, choices, leather, sunshine, finality, sacrifice, laughing, tequila
Veronica Mars/White Collar, Lauren Cruz/Veronica Mars, smug, coastal, windbreaker, pencil
Veronica Mars/White Collar, Veronica Mars/Neal Caffrey, [any], agenda, blue, dancing, heels, heist, kisses, lies, nibble, secrets, stakeout, thief, undercover

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