Porn Battle X (Ten Big Ones)


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Obnoxious and Disliked by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, John Adams/Thomas Jefferson, ink

Leaves Falling Like Embers by [ profile] adrenalin211, Jack/Renee, cold, grounded, running, healing
Running From Mercy by [ profile] leigh57, Jack Bauer/Renee Walker, tempted, healing

28 Days Later
All Those Bad Thoughts, Just Let Them Go by [personal profile] hamimi_fk, Tammy/Scarlet, aftermath

30 Rock
Of the Irish by [ profile] michellek, Liz/Nancy, freckles
Full Speed Ahead by [ profile] michellek, Jack/Liz, conference call, speaker-phone, desk
The Not End of the Affair by [ profile] michellek, Liz/Pete, roommates

A Knight's Tale
With Gleaming Eyes by [personal profile] catwalksalone, Wat/Chaucer, owl

A Room with a View
The Sacred Lake by [personal profile] jupiter143, George/Lucy, pond

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket
Leaving Breadcrumbs by [personal profile] obsessivemuch, Violet/Klaus, running, home

Ace Attorney
The Heat of the Matter by [profile] jibraillis, Edgeworth/Phoenix, magatama

Who Will You Run To by [personal profile] debirlfan, Michael/Caitlin, bruises, floor, tied

Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Distraction by [personal profile] hereswith, Alice/Mad Hatter, size matters

Alien (movies)
Life Among the Dead by [personal profile] lion_heart, Hicks/Ripley, fast

American Idiot
Unbroken Home by [personal profile] sarahjeanne, Tunny/OFC, future
To lean on by [personal profile] healingmirth, Tunny/Will, aftermath

Angel the Series
Untitled by [personal profile] secondalto, Cordelia/Wesley, afterlife
Cocaine Tongue by [personal profile] tielan, Faith/Wes, gently
Midnight: two years after the end of time by [personal profile] ebonypsyche, Faith/Wes, do-over

Untitled by [ profile] gnosticdiva, Porn Battle/PB Volunteers, prompts
North American Love Story by [personal profile] dariaw, Canada/USA, border, mountains
Great Minds by [personal profile] dariaw, Porn Battle/Kink Bingo, best, kink, vanilla
Battle!Ships! by [personal profile] niceworkifyoucangetit, Bangel/Spuffy, wank
Participation by [personal profile] samuraiter, Porn Battle/All the Porn Battle Volunteers, prompts
Virtuality by [personal profile] doctor_jasley, LiveJournal/DreamWidth, crossposting, code, f-list
Fizzy by [personal profile] doctor_jasley, Coke/Pepsi, bubbles, sweet, respect
Rainy Days by [personal profile] doctor_jasley, Angst/Fluff, any
Intensity by [personal profile] doctor_jasley, DreamWidth/The Porn Battle, favors, publicity

Arthurian Legend
Cuckoldry by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Arthur/Lancelot, witnessed, cuckold, hilt

As the World Turns
How it's done at the Farm by [personal profile] jassanja, Luke Snyder/Reid Oliver, handcuffs

Ashes to Ashes
Get Your Stroll On Baby by [personal profile] d_generate_girl, Alex/Keats, smoke
Abandon by [personal profile] curtana, Alex/Keats, abandon hope all ye who enter
Not a fair cop by [personal profile] petra, Alex Drake/Gene Hunt, forgotten

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Forever Seeking Balm by [personal profile] sohotrightnow, Zhao/Zuko, cold
Some Strange Inversion by [personal profile] lysapadin, Sokka/Suki, crossdressing
As To Matters of Dress by [personal profile] cinaed, Sokka/Suki, experimentation
Night Visit by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Katara/Zuko, bruise
One of a Kind by [personal profile] minviendha, Azula/Ty Lee, any
Work For It by [personal profile] jibrailis, Azula/Ty Lee, make you work for it
Conflagration by [personal profile] carmarthen, Mai/Zuko, command, bondage, awkward, passion, knifeplay, scratching

Babylon 5
Can't Get You Out of My head by [ profile] lyssie, Susan Ivanova/Number One, quickie

Ballad of Mulan
After the Ballad by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Hua Mulan/OMC, saddle, tent, armour, ardour

Band of Brothers
Off the Rails by [personal profile] chiaroscuro, Winters/Nixon, smirk

Fall Out Boy/Cobra Starship, Lucid by [personal profile] inlovewithnight, Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta, insomnia
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance, Airwaves by [personal profile] inlovewithnight, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, Black Cards
My Chemical Romance/Cobra Starship, Little Red Roses by [personal profile] modillian, Mikey Way/Victoria Asher, pretty, party
My Chemical Romance/Cobra Starship, Under the Lights by [personal profile] inlovewithnight, Mikey Way/Victoria Asher, party
My Chemical Romance/Cobra Starship, Saturday People by [personal profile] gala_apples, Gerard/Gabe, basement
My Chemical Romance, by [personal profile] romantical, Mikey/Gerard Way, panic
My Chemical Romance, Trust In Me by [personal profile] turps, Gerard/Mikey, always
My Chemical Romance, curl by [personal profile] pocus, Frank/Gerard, strum, trap
My Chemical Romance, hotel night by [personal profile] pocus, Frank/Gerard, cityscape
My Chemical Romance, see your moves by [personal profile] listedheart, Frank Iero/Mikey Way, laugh, roommates
My Chemical Romance, And the wonders you can do by [personal profile] maryangel, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Wonder Woman, path
My Chemical Romance, Better run for the hills before they burn by [personal profile] maryangel, Frank Iero/Ray Toro, running
The Academy Is..., Afterburn by [personal profile] romantical, Mike Carden/William Beckett, sunburn
The Young Veins, This by [personal profile] cynthia_arrow, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross, sunrise, home, bite, fingers
The Young Veins, Waffle House Blues by [personal profile] slashxmistress, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross, fingers
Wrap You 'Round the World by [ profile] 1st_eggokage, girl!Gabe Saporta/girl!William Beckett, legs, easy

Battlestar Galactica (2004)
Stranger In The Mirror by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Kara/Leoben, shame, force
They'll Write Songs About Us by [ profile] lyssie, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Sam Anders, bodyguard
Gifts by [personal profile] skieswideopen, Kara Thrace/Lee Adama/Sam Anders, reluctance, sharing
What We Want by [personal profile] lizardbeth, Kara/Sam/Lee, tight
The Piano by [ profile] stainofmylove, Kara/Leoben, piano
Stroke of the Brush by [ profile] lyssie, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace/Leoben Conoy, bait, nonviolence, creativity

Beauty and the Beast
Lessons Learned by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Disney!Beast/Disney!Belle, erotic novels
Hold Me Down by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Belle/Beast, held down, size difference, bruises
Learning Humanity by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Belle/Prince Adam, learning all over again

Better Off Ted
What Was That? by [personal profile] innie_darling, Ted/Veronica, hair down, acoustics, all lit up, oneupmanship
Never Again (or, four times Veronica and Ted have sex for the last time ever) by [personal profile] oxoniensis, Ted/Veronica, elevator, office, desk & Lem/Phil, experiment

Once Bitten; Twice Shy by [personal profile] niceworkifyoucangetit, Adam/Eve, first time
Not the Serpent by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Lilith/Eve, temptation, apple
Lilith by [personal profile] minviendha, Lilith/Eve, temptation

Big Love
Good Girls Don't by [personal profile] ladyofspring, Heather/Sarah, Scared
Her Mother's Daughter by [personal profile] ladyofspring, Margene/Ben, Night-Swimming, Grass, Wrong

Big Wolf on Campus
Skill Set by [personal profile] anenko, Tommy/Lori/Merton, awkward

All the Ways You're Wrong and So Right by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Yoruichi/Soi Fon, hot spring, knowledge, sting

Scientific Method by [ profile] kmr2009, Angela/Brennan, hypothesis, investigation
spent so long waiting here by [ profile] hebrew_hernia, Booth/Brennan, waiting

Putting You Down by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Eriko/Reiko, goad, fluster, catty, scratching

Boy Meets World
Artistic Appreciation by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Shawn Hunter/Angela Moore, bond, kiss, hands, smile

Bram Stoker's Dracula
Phantom by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Dracula/Mina, mirror, hands, lick

Buckaroo Banzai
Waking Hope by [personal profile] omorka_fics, Buckaroo/Rawhide, second chance

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pink is My Favorite Color by [personal profile] niceworkifyoucangetit, Tara/Willow, smile, confidence, toys, safe
There’s No Prince by [personal profile] sohotrightnow, Buffy/Giles, hunt
Fashion Forward by [personal profile] secondalto, Buffy/Giles, skirt
Not Harmless by [personal profile] twinsarein, Spike/Riley Finn, addict
Making Amends by [personal profile] r_becca, Faith/Xander, patrol, repairs
And Afterwards I Get a Cookie by [personal profile] xdawnfirex, Buffy/Giles, incorrigible
The Freedom of Slavery by [ profile] kmr2009, Buffy/Spike, submit
Not the Rocket Launcher by [personal profile] spiletta42, Willow/Tara, toys
Normal’s Overrated by [personal profile] secondalto, Willow/Riley, normal

Burn Notice
Anything Goes (Anything Stays) by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sam/Michael/Fi, easy, traditions, teamwork, preference
Explosive Devices by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sam/Fiona, boredom, covert, tease
Do You Trust Me? by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sam/Michael, companionship, trust, release
Cheese and Snow by [personal profile] bring_me_sugar, Sam/Mike/Fi, family, photograph, kittens, drink, equity, relax, snow
Push by [ profile] serafine_fic, Michael/Fiona, violence is really foreplay

A Pause in the Road by [ profile] lyssie, Albert Campion/Amanda Fitton, oaks

The Invitation by [personal profile] xdawnfirex, Beckett/Castle, Hamptons
Close Call by [personal profile] goshdarnheck, Castle/Beckett, handcuffs, poker face, cleavage, close call, Russian, inspire
Predictable by [ profile] kleighanna, Parish/Esposito, whipped cream
Mine by [personal profile] xdawnfirex, Beckett/Esposito, interloper
by [ profile] kleighanna, Esposito/Parish, date night
Them by [ profile] kleighanna, Beckett/Castle, Hamptons, stressed, tension, togetherness
What You Do by [personal profile] xdawnfirex, Castle/Beckett, blind and stupid
Submit by [personal profile] xdawnfirex, Castle/Beckett/Demming, threesome, handcuffs
push and pull (and struggle with the knot) by [personal profile] onomatopoetic, castle/beckett, handcuffs, inspire, muse
New Memories by [personal profile] muselives, Emma Carnes/Jeremy Preswick, memory
Date Night by [personal profile] muselives, Parish/Esposito, date night

Chrono Trigger
Teasing by [personal profile] kunenk, Flea/Lucca, femmeslash

Life Imitates Art by [personal profile] slybrunette, Carina/Sarah, public
rush by [personal profile] ndnickerson, Chuck/Sarah, mile high club, Paris, skirt
Untitled by [personal profile] exbex, Chuck/Casey/Sarah, protect, rules, share, compete
Seduction Training by [ profile] ilthit, Anna Wu/Sarah Walker, seduction training [ART]
Saving Chuck by [ profile] kmr2009, Casey/Sarah, bruise, deal
Adventures in Sex by [ profile] kmr2009, Carina/Sarah, risky
Between a Rock and a Hard Place by [personal profile] misura, Bryce/Chuck/Casey, compare
Sleeping with the Enemy by [ profile] kmr2009, Justin/Ellie, safe, confinement, betrayal, lies
Best Intentions by [ profile] kmr2009, Chuck/Sarah, domination, porn
Sweet Comfort by [personal profile] sabaceanbabe, Chuck/Sarah, grief, nightmares, laughter, courtyard

I Don't Think We've Met by [personal profile] summerstorm, Britta/Slater, catfight
Hung Up and Overdue by [ profile] michellek, Jeff/Annie, Ten years later
Annie can be Sneaky by [personal profile] scoob2222 , Jeff/Annie, dorm room

Criminal Minds
After Hours by [personal profile] helsinkibaby, Hotch/JJ, after hours
More by [personal profile] scoob2222, Morgan/Garcia, abs

Alice/Alice in Wonderland (2010), TeaTime by [personal profile] papryka, Alice/Alice, butterfly, tea [ART]
Alice/Fringe, Shared Dreams by [profile] uselives, Jack Hart/Olivia Dunham, deception
Angel The Series/The West Wing, Party for Two by [personal profile] m7storyteller, Cordelia Chase/Sam Seaborn, party
Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars,, The homeless ones by [personal profile] petra, Alex Drake/Gene Hunt/Sam, subconscious
Big Bang Theory/The Office (US), Mangalsutra by [personal profile] kasuchi, Raj/Kelly, family pressure
Buckaroo Banzai/Firefly, The Paradox Principle by [personal profile] omorka_fics, Buckaroo/Simon, brain, water, alive
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly, Easier to Run by [personal profile] ebonypsyche, Faith/Inara/Mal, balance
Castle/Fringe, All Hearbreak by [personal profile] muselives, Kate Beckett/Nick Lane, empathy
Charlie Jade/Fringe, Let's Go Fucking Mental by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic, Any Olivia/Charlie Jade, universe [VID]
DCU/Smallville, No Doubts by [personal profile] twinsarein, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, rooftop, pursue
Doctor Who/Firefly, Buried Treasure by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Eleven/River Tam, special collections
Firefly/Psych, Little Pieces by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, River Tam/Shawn Spencer, connection, crazy
Firefly/Stargate SG-1, Silent Scars by [personal profile] infinimato, Inara Serra/Jack O'Neill, scars, war, heroes
Firefly/Supernatural, A Trick of the Light by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Dean Winchester/River Tam, shotgun, ballet
Fringe/RPF, More Than Boredom by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Olivia Dunham/Blake Lively, secret agent
Generation Kill/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Don't Ask (Don't Tell) by [personal profile] devilc, Brad Colbert/Savannah Weaver, future, Iceman, watch, darkness, desert
Generation Kill/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Don't Tell (Don't Ask) by [personal profile] devilc, Brad Colb
Glee/High School Musical, Bright Lights, Big City by [personal profile] cinaed, Ryan Evans/Kurt Hummel, Broadway
Glee/High School Musical, i want it all by [personal profile] mushroom, Sharpay Evans/Rachel Berry, best, destroy [ART]
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, Four is Better Than Two by [ profile] flipflop_diva, Addison/Burke/Sam/Cristina, drunk, experimentation
Hustle/NCIS, The Stories On Our Skin by [personal profile] thedeadparrot, Albert Stroller/Ducky, written
James Bond (movies)/Star Trek Reboot, Once You've... by [personal profile] azephirin, Bond/Uhura, bath, language, slick
Leverage/White Collar, Protective Detail Now Extended by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Eliot Spencer/Neal Caffrey, help
RPS/Supernatural, Mistaken Identity by [personal profile] kaylbunny, Misha Collins/Dean Winchester, good
Smallville/Supernatural, Suede by [personal profile] kasuchi, Dean Winchester/Lois Lane, leather, ride, scars, story
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Star Trek: Voyager, Teamwork by [personal profile] alara, Picard/Janeway/Q, ticklish
Starsky and Hutch/The Professionals, Untitled by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Doyle/Hutch, running and Bodie/Starsky, war
Supernatural/Torchwood, Later by [personal profile] sunspot, Gabriel/Jack Harkness, [any]
Veronica Mars/White Collar, Stolen Moments by [personal profile] bessemerprocess, Veronica Mars/Neal Caffrey, thief

CSI: New York
Marked by [personal profile] paradiseblue, Danny/Lindsay, hickeys, shirt, stubble
Good Morning by [personal profile] scoob2222, Danny/Lindsay, hickey
Magic Hands by [personal profile] paradiseblue, Danny/Lindsay, massage, accent

Dangerous Liaisons
I (Don't) Hate You by [ profile] murderershair, Merteuil/Valmont, angry, cruelty, rough

Dark Blue
Possessive Sense by [personal profile] scoob2222, Dean Bendis/Jaimie Allen, bottle
Know It by [personal profile] scoob2222, Dean Bendis/Jaimie Allen, truth

Dark City
Remembering by [personal profile] zoi_no_miko, Emma (Anna)/May, remembering
A Constant and Necessary Fiction by [personal profile] ponderosa, John/Daniel, godhood

Dawson's Creek
Happily Ever After by [personal profile] scoob2222 , Joey/Pacey, boat

Days of Our Lives
A Thin Line by [ profile] kmr2009, Nicole/Sami, hate!sex, blackmail
Negotiations by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Chloe/Carly/Hope, double penetration

we interwined by [personal profile] mushroom, Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, vines, control [ART]
What Happens At The Sector House... by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Hal Jordan/John Stewart/Kyle Rayner, tangle [ART]
The Buddy System by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/John Stewart, fight
They Say It's Your Birthday by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Mary Marvel, birthday [ART]
But I Never Said Yes by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Soranik Natu, checkup
Wish You Were Here by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner, wish
D.I.Y. by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner, self-help
Tangled in Sheets by [personal profile] saavikam77, Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, entangled
good to be her by [personal profile] jammyjar, Clark/Lois/Bruce, limo, the boys really do share everything, perfect opposites
Not Anymore by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Mary Marvel, good girl
Mouthful by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, suck [ART]
(Un)Leashed by [personal profile] saavikam77, Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, wolf, blue, taboo, mine, collar, lust
Tasty by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, lick, suck [IMAGE]
Harder/Faster/Stronger by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Power Girl, rough, wild [ART]
Ownership by [personal profile] jammyjar, Clark/Lois/Richard, mark, dominance, share
Dum Dum Boys by [personal profile] gloss, Dick/Jason, entangled
Into The Sea Strand by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, sex pollen, bondage
Settling by [personal profile] saavikam77, (Returnsverse!)Lois Lane/(Returnsverse!)Richard White, giving in, settle, [more]
Starlight by [personal profile] kasuchi, Lois Lane/Superman, stars
Grow-op by [personal profile] petra, Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, vines
Seven Minutes in Heaven by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Nightwing, flying fuck
Lift by [personal profile] kasuchi, Clark Kent/Lois Lane, elevator
Chain Reaction by [personal profile] kasuchi, Batman/Wonder Woman, fire, night
One and Only by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Guy Gardner/Tora Olafsdotter, passion, kiss, strong [ART]
The Thickest of Walls by [personal profile] saavikam77, Donna Troy/Jason Todd, power, tension, tears
Worth the Price by [personal profile] saavikam77, Nolanverse!Bruce Wayne/Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Richard White, heroes, flight, scars, Wayne Manor, TLC, fire
Like a crash test car by [personal profile] musesfool, Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, entangled

Death Note
Implicated by [personal profile] minviendha, L/Light, notes

Diplomatic Immunity
Deskjob by [ profile] ilthit, Kirsty/Leilani, trapped [ART]

Not Making a Fuss by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Mustrum Ridcully/Ponder Stibbons, organized
Black Ribbon by [personal profile] lysapadin, Polly/Mal, hands, skin, sharp
Pouncing by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Maladicta/Polly, gender ambiguity, uniform, hands, sharp
Taste Test by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Maladicta/Polly, coffee, skin

Doctor Who
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen by [personal profile] topaz_eyes, Jackson Lake/Ten, comfort, goodbye
Lie Back and Think of Scotland by [ profile] sockoddity,Amy Pond/Rory Williams, roleplay
Learning Curve by [ profile] sockoddity, Amy Pond/Eleven/Rory Williams, oral, lessons, voyeurism
Jealousy Isn't Your Color by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Master/Lucy, madness, driven
asking the wrong question at the right time by [ profile] lyssie, Nine/Rose Tyler, intense
Time Out by [profile] fizzsyblogic, Amy Pond/Martha Jones, coincidence
Never Not Funny by [personal profile] alizarin_nyc, Eleven/Amy, is a kiss-o-gram a poorly paid stripper?
Dictionary Definition by [personal profile] jassanja, Sally Sparrow/Amy Pond, entertainment
What Best Friends Do by [personal profile] topaz_eyes, Donna Noble/Ten, best friend
Expectation vs Reality by [personal profile] snow, Eleven/The Master, together, madness
Tea with two Doctors by [personal profile] ebonypsyche, Eleven/Martha, smile
disconnect and let me drift by [personal profile] madkrazyghetto, Amy Pond/Vincent van Gogh, sorrow

Coming Home at Last by [personal profile] pjvilar, Eddie/Rose, homecoming, damaged

Night Blind by [ profile] kay_obsessive, Claire/Topher, blind, yes
People Never Play the Game by [ profile] kay_obsessive, Claire/Topher, broken
Civil Hands Unclean by [ profile] kay_obsessive, Topher/Priya, from it she fled
We've Almost Made Amends by [ profile] kay_obsessive, Claire/Topher, lipstick
Credit Where Credit Is Due by [personal profile] silver_galaxy, Topher/Ivy, wanting, satisfaction, credit

Dragon Age: Origins
Coming to an understanding by [personal profile] curtana, Alistair/Anora, heirs, first time

Due South
Heat Wave by [personal profile] ria_oaks, Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, heatwave, ice

Goes with the Office by [personal profile] omorka_fics, Allison Blake/Fargo, boss

Fairy Tales
Complication by [personal profile] lion_heart, Prince/Rapunzel, pregnant, desperation

Final Fantasy IX
Summer Heat by [personal profile] zidane, Zidane/Garnet, liaisons

Final Fantasy VIII
On His Knees by [personal profile] shanaqui, Seifer/Ultimecia, lost
Payback's a Bitch by [personal profile] jupiter143, Seifer/Zell, payback
Turned On by [personal profile] jupiter143, Seifer/Squall, trust
Swallowing the Sounds by [personal profile] jupiter143, Squall/Zell, silence, despair

Final Fantasy X/X-2
Boundaries by [personal profile] owlmoose, Baralai/Yuna/Lenne/Shuyin, the person I remember

Final Fantasy X-2
Talk To Me by [personal profile] angelikitten, Paine/Rikku, Al Bhed, thunder
Time by [personal profile] owlmoose, Nooj/Paine, apologies, lust, nostalgia

Final Fantasy XIII
Nothing Like by [personal profile] shanaqui, Snow/Lightning, scratch
Do Not Tread Lightly by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Fang/Lightning, battle, tousled, break

Tangled Hair by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Jayne/Kaylee, tangled hair, dazed, smile, confusion, open
Calligraphy by [ profile] imaginary_golux, River/Kaylee, strawberries, calligraphy
Hopes/Dreams by [ profile] laucus, River/Simon, hope, hide and seek
My Girl by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, River/Serenity, calculation
Learning Curve by [personal profile] w_coffeespoons, Kaylee Frye/River Tam, girls, giggle, games
The Art of Breaking by [personal profile] exbex, Inarra/Mal, break
No More Waiting by [ profile] kmr2009, Kaylee Frye/Inara Serra, strap-on

Forever Knight
What kind of world would it be without you? by [ profile] gnosticdiva, Nick/Lacroix, comfort, hurt, loneliness
Don't they know it's the end of the world? by [ profile] gnosticdiva, Nick/Natalie, cold
With My Hands Tied by [ profile] gnosticdiva, Nick/Natalie, darkness
Good-bye No More by [personal profile] foxy11814, Nick Knight/Natalie Lambert, jealousy

Freaks and Geeks
One for the Road by [personal profile] madkrazyghetto, Daniel/Lindsay, backseat

Friday Night Lights
Colorblind by [ profile] disalae, Lyla/Tim, green

Over Before It's Begun by [personal profile] nomelon, Olivia Dunham/Charlie Francis, cheat, shot, secret
A Secretary Fetish by [personal profile] lo_sequence, Esther/Olivia, assistance, heels, lipstick, pearls, phone calls, satin
The Other Dunham Doesn't Find Peter Attractive by [personal profile] lo_sequence, Astrid/AltOlivia, surprise, skin
Caramel by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Walter Bishop/Astrid Farnsworth, taste
Oscar Lima India Victor India Alpha by [personal profile] scurvyknavery, Olivia/Alt!Olivia, mirror, double
Time, Needs, Wants by [personal profile] lo_sequence, August/Christine, comfort, confusion, custom
Never Let Go by [personal profile] muselives, Olivia Dunham/Esther Ficklesworth, loyalty

Fullmetal Alchemist
Extension by [personal profile] jupiter143, Hughes/Mustang, love

General Hospital
"It's a Guy Thing," by [personal profile] malisita, Johnny/Kristina/Ethan, want

Generation Kill
the second draft of my life by [personal profile] oldfashionedmelody, Brad/Nate, breakup
Strategic Planning by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, college, mine, close call
Banking on Maybe by [personal profile] alethia, Brad/Nate, commitment
Not a goldmine, not a land line, not mine at all by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, longing, sand, hoodie
If you’re feeling sinister by [ profile] bugscript, Nate Fick/Ray Person, debate, dirty, unexpected
Now I'm living in the eye of the storm by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, eyes, ink, college
Feeling better since I've surrendered by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, home, college, break
It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken by [personal profile] oldfashionedmelody, Brad/Nate, regrets
Which Version of Sleeping Beauty Have You Read? by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, morning, rimming
First Impressions, More Often Right Than Wrong by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, college, breakup, drunk
Enough by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, college, jealousy, coffee
Between you, me, and the coffee cup by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, four in the morning, theory, college
And falling is like this by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, discovery, college
9 to 5 by [ profile] bugscript, Brad/Ray, discipline, Dolly Parton, wrists
Out of Nothing at All by [personal profile] noelia_g, Brad/Nate, college, fight, Ray, never giving up

Giselle (ballet)
Untitled by [ profile] murderershair, Duke Albrecht/Giselle, death, final kiss, lies, love, tragedy

Upper Hand by [personal profile] wildseed, Will Schuester/Sue Sylvester, phonesex, revenge
Worship and Adore by [personal profile] tinknevertalks, Quinn/Will, beautiful, empty
Soft Focus by [personal profile] amber, Quinn/Terri, lens
A Good Asian Girl by [ profile] kisforkurama, Mike/Tina, stereotypes
Experimental by [personal profile] mushroom, Brittany/Santana Lopez, experiment, pleated skirts [ART]
A Little Like This by [personal profile] tinknevertalks, Rachel/Will, golden
Go 'Head, Get Down by [ profile] snoopypez, Santana/Kurt; practice, experiment
Guide by [personal profile] athenejen, Jesse/Shelby, boy, experience, sound

Goth (movie)
every little death by [personal profile] anenko, Kamiyama/Morino, knife, rope

Greek Mythology
Long Enough Now by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Eros/Psyche, always, mornings, shadows, candles, blindfolds, wings
Love and War by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Aphrodite/Ares, any

Strange Bedfellows by [ profile] kmr2009, Casey/Rebecca, politics

Grey's Anatomy
Band-Aid for a Broken Heart by [ profile] flipflop_diva, Addison/Mark, band-aid
Take Me Away by [ profile] flipflop_diva, Burke/Cristina, save me
Close Enough to Perfect by [personal profile] somebodysedateme, Alex/Meredith, Remove
Fantastically Wrong by [personal profile] somebodysedateme, Burke/Cristina, Doorknob
The Twist by [personal profile] slybrunette, Lexie/Meridith, accidental contact
Tease by [personal profile] scoob2222, Cristina Yang/Meredith Grey, bra
Replace by [personal profile] scoob2222, Alex Karev/Lexie Gray, ass
It's easier to lie and be safe by [personal profile] slybrunette, Alex/Meredith, remove
The Space Between by [personal profile] somebodysedateme, Alex/Cristina, distance
Making Love Out of Nothing At All by [personal profile] somebodysedateme, Jackson/Cristina, nothing hurts like your mouth
Live to Love You by [personal profile] somebodysedateme, Burke/Cristina, arch
Nothing's Forever by [personal profile] somebodysedateme, Alex/Meredith, sink
Connection by [personal profile] scoob2222, April Kepner/Jackson Avery, tattoo
Sweet by [personal profile] scoob2222, April Kepner/Jackson Avery, cupcake

Intimacy by [personal profile] mynuet, Corny Collins/Motormouth Maybelle, artifice

Hannibal series - Thomas Harris
The Sound of Laughter by [personal profile] she_burns, Clarice Starling/Hannibal, laughter

Harry Potter
At the Wedding by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Draco/Luna, at the wedding
Nothing to Prove by [personal profile] fizzyblogic, James/Sirius, lake
Mine by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Severus Snape/Lily Evans, obsession
anything but delicate by [personal profile] mushroom, Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson, bloody lip, love-hate, pinstripes, [ART]
Gifts by [ profile] chibirenamon, Draco Malfoy/Luna Lovegood, at the wedding

Wanted by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Ginny/Tom Riddle, mine

Can You Feel Me Now? by [ profile] lyssie, Audrey/Nathan, touch
I Know Him By Heart by [personal profile] scoob2222, Audrey/Nathan, truth
The Sixth Sense by [personal profile] zouzounaki, Audrey/Nathan, touch

Love Hurts by [ profile] kmr2009, Claire/Gretchen, rough sex, toys
Tilted World by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Claire/Zach, college, hello
Co-dependency is dependable by [ profile] bellonablack, Sylar/Claire, dominant
by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Adam/Elle, young

Hikaru no Go
Shifting by [personal profile] hostilecrayon, Hikaru/Akira, shove
Running by [personal profile] hostilecrayon, Akira/Hikaru, fear

House M.D.
Kiss by [ profile] babydolleyez, Cameron/Chase, kiss
Never Wanted Anything from You by [personal profile] 25lively, Cuddy/Chase, rebound, change
Awkward by [ profile] babydolleyez, Chase/Cameron, skin

How to Train Your Dragon
A stout drink is not the answer to every problem by [personal profile] ponderosa , Stoick/Gobber, strategy

In Plain Sight
Might As Well Make It Bleed by [personal profile] amathela, Marshall/Mary, rough

John Adams
Something That Is Mine by [ profile] bibliothekara, Abigail Adams/Thomas Jefferson, jealousy

Redux by [personal profile] innie_darling, Raylan/Winona, weakness
Are You A Sinner? by [personal profile] lorilann, Boyd Crowder/Raylan Givens, repent
Believe Me by [personal profile] scoob2222, Ava/Raylan, backseat
Unexpected by [personal profile] athenejen, Rachel/Raylan/Tim, strip poker

Peaches by [ profile] kristinmachina, Jareth/Toby, peaches
Untitled by [personal profile] wrabbit, Jareth/Grown!Toby, captive
Change of Clothes by [ profile] kristinmachina, Jareth/Toby, consort, naked, makeover, fairy ring

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Beauty and the Beast and Some Other Guy by [ profile] daystarsearcher, Goren/Eames/Nichols, recovery
Grass Stains on Dress Blues by [ profile] daystarsearcher, Goren/Eames, funeral, uniforms, semi-public
Untitled by [personal profile] hargiteam_42 and Untapdtreasure81, Goren/Eames, missing, commiserate, vacation, apocalypse, stranded, stars, chance
Untitled by [personal profile] hargiteam_42, Eames/Goren, apocalypse, after, alone, rainy, funeral, uniforms
Untitled by [personal profile] hargiteam_42, Eames/Wheeler, friction, hopeless
Home by [personal profile] scoob2222, Bobby Goren/Alex Eames, escalate

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
3 by [personal profile] cherry_lips, Elliot/Olivia/Dean, worship
Once by [personal profile] surreallis, Olivia/Elliot, sin
Side Two by [profile] cheery_lips, Elliot/Olivia, hands, slow, silent, bite, before
Reign by [personal profile] surreallis, Elliot/Olivia/Dean, worship

Legend of the Seeker
A Friendly Assist by [personal profile] shimmeryshine, Cara/Kahlan, magic, wanting
Almost Airtight by [personal profile] commoncomitatus, Cara/Richard, mouth, eyes, devoted
The Best of What's Around by [personal profile] commoncomitatus, Cara/Kahlan, groan, rub
With the Lights Still on by [personal profile] shimmeryshine, Cara/Kahlan, brothel, rub
Poker Face by [personal profile] merryk,Kahlan/Dahlia, covert
Over the Line by [personal profile] foibles_fables, Cara/Kahlan, education
Air-Raids In The Afternoon by [personal profile] commoncomitatus, Cara/Denna, alpha, control
Moments by [personal profile] musesmistress, Richard/Kahlan, heat, fire

Pour Some Sugar on Me by [personal profile] sunspot, Alec/Eliot/Parker, sweet tooth
Harry Houdini Had Nothing On Us by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker, [any]
You Go To My Head by [personal profile] sunspot, Alec/Parker, carbonation, french kiss
Naked Break In by [personal profile] sunspot, Alec/Eliot/Parker, naked, break in
Reading is more than Educational by [personal profile] scoob2222, Eliot/Parker, pickup truck

Liar Game
Open to Opportunity by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Akiyama/Fukunaga, worth

Lie to Me
My Own Private Riot by [personal profile] d_generate_girl, Cal/Gillian, control, exhaustion
Gestures by [profile] calmena, Cal Lightman/Eli Loker, gesture

Life on Mars (UK)
Friend is Not a Four Letter Word by [personal profile] loz, Sam/Gene, whisper, caring

Life on Mars
Keep it in Mind by [personal profile] catwalksalone, Gene/Sam, trust

Orange Blossom Honey by [personal profile] musesfool, Dani Reese/Charlie Crews, fruit, fingertips
Interpersonal Hygiene by [personal profile] amathela, Charlie/Dani, moment

Your Cover’s Blown by [ profile] stainofmylove, Boone/Shannon, waiting
Last Dance by [personal profile] lion_heart, Sayid/Shannon, dancing
Claimed by [personal profile] regency, Claire/Sayid, zombie love
Define Person by [personal profile] regency, Jacob/Richard/MIB, voyeurism, possession
Redemption by [personal profile] regency, Jacob/Richard, time
Movie Night by [personal profile] regency, Miles/Sawyer, tired
Just Desserts by [personal profile] regency, Jack/Sun, pills
Of Junk Food, Hair Washing, and Secret Sweets by [ profile] babydolleyez, Kate/Claire, sleepover

Love and Rockets
Holy Bazonkas Batman by [ profile] ilthit, Hopey Glass/Penny Century, costumes [ART]

Lovely Complex
When One Door Closes by [personal profile] littlebutfierce, Koizumi/Otani, baggage

With Everthing by [personal profile] hammerxsword, John Luther/Justin Ripley, trust

Mad Men
This lonely body by [personal profile] orangesparks, father gill/peggy, guilt, judgment
A Man's World by [ profile] kmr2009, Joan/Peggy, gender role, lessons
The Other Woman by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Peggy/Trudy, kindred spirits, the same

Make It or Break It
Crowd Pleaser by [personal profile] freaks, Payson/Sasha, on the mats
Push by [personal profile] malisita, Payson/Sasha, artistry

Mansfield Park
Of songs and silver roses by [personal profile] rusalka_in_waders, Henry Crawford/Mary Crawford, secret world, childhood

Nos chagrins, nos plaisirs by [personal profile] gloss, Nick Fury/Steve Rogers/Contessa Val de Fontaine, regret
Tab A, Slot B by [personal profile] okamioujou, Tony/AI!Jarvis, android, workshop [ART]
Sharp by [personal profile] dazzledfirestar, Clint/Pietro, lines
Brutality by [personal profile] a_q, Emma Frost/Tony Stark, power, domination
Electric by [personal profile] okamioujou, Tony/AI!Jarvis, machine, upgrade, android, UST [ART]
Chances Lost by [personal profile] cyclops_squid, Thor/Loki, chances
TeaseS by [personal profile] a_q, John Allerdyce/Kitty Pryde, [any]

Personal Service by [personal profile] yavannauk, Arthur/Merlin, by the fire, wet
Go-between by [personal profile] curtana, Nimueh/Uther/Ygraine, proxy
Along the Path by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Lancelot/Morgana, skin, moonlight
I'll Drink To That by [personal profile] yavannauk, Arthur/Merlin, chalice
Best seat in the house by [personal profile] ebonyfeather, Merlin/Arthur, throne
breathe in silence by [personal 
profile] mushroom, Morgana/Morgause, touched, [ART]

Different by [personal profile] zoi_no_miko, Angie Carson/Amy Carson, affair

Echopraxia by [personal profile] foolmoonshining, Sam/Sam, muscle memory

5x15 by [personal profile] lemposoi, Mulan/Shang, armor
Karma by [personal profile] kasuchi, Mulan/Shang, armor

Starting Something by [personal profile] taylorgibbs, Gibbs/Abby/Tony , small bed
Happy Birthday by [personal profile] xdawnfirex, Kate/Gibbs, ship, bottle
What Life Is Made Of by [personal profile] catwalksalone, Tim/Tony, jealousy, trigger-happy
Tempus Fugit by [personal profile] thedeadparrot, Anthony DiNozzo/Timothy McGee/Ziva David, bored
So Over This by [personal profile] xdawnfirex, Kate/Tim, WOW Widow
In a Dangerous Time by [personal profile] catwalksalone, Tim/Tony, undercover
Come to Me by [personal profile] taylorgibbs, Gibbs/Abby, power
Abstract Art by [personal profile] taylorgibbs, Tony/Abby, wax, tattoos, comfort, pigtails
A Fine Thing by [personal profile] tielan, Tony/Ziva, tenderness
Fill The Lovin' Cup by [personal profile] catwalksalone, Tim/Tony, hands-on

Ocean's 11 movies
Untitled by [personal profile] wrabbit, Danny/Rusty, espresso

One Tree Hill
Sticky and Sweet by [personal profile] paradiseblue, Haley/Nathan, cupcakes
Tumultuous by [personal profile] paradiseblue, Nathan/Haley, make-up sex, jersey
Some Guys Have All The Luck by [personal profile] paradiseblue, Nathan/Haley, hormones, surprise
Cause and Effect by [personal profile] paradiseblue, Nathan/Haley, foot massage

10 by [personal profile] lemposoi, Miguel Alvarez/Father Ray Mukada, blessing

Parks and Recreation
Awesome by [personal profile] prelives, Andy/April, high five
Gay Icons of Pawnee by [personal profile] lo_sequence, Ann/Leslie, kind of drunk, victory, bffs, happiness

Perfect Girl Evolution
Fever by [personal profile] chronolith, Kyouhei/Sunako, control, bitten
You'll be the light, I'll be the dark by [personal profile] anenko, Sunako/Noi [any]

Pirates of the Caribbean
Wordless by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Jack/Norrington, salt, illegal, wigs

Poltergist: The Legacy
Belong by [personal profile] dameange, Derek/Nick, possession

Pretty Little Liars
Don't Peek by [personal profile] summerstorm, Emily/Ali, secrets, keeping quiet
Like fire from a busted gun by [personal profile] summerstorm, Ezra/Aria, classroom, prevent, explain, silence
Assassins by [ profile] 0penhearts, Aria/Ezra, pretend
(how are you going to) hide until you disappear by [personal profile] summerstorm, Aria/Ezra, rain, found

All dressed up by [personal profile] ebonyfeather, Danny/Lester, designer

Prince of Persia
Trickery by [personal profile] lion_heart, Dastan/Tamina, quick hands

Observation by [personal profile] teaphile, Juliet O'Hara/Carlton Lassiter/Shawn Spencer, watching
Iridescence by [personal profile] kasuchi, girl!Lassiter/O'Hara, genderswap
Amped Up by [personal profile] kasuchi, boy!O'Hara/girl!Lassiter, genderswap
Transience by [personal profile] kasuchi, Carlton Lassiter/Juliet O'Hara, comfort, tough, training

Inevitable by [personal profile] mynuet, Nick/Cassie, underage
Spoilers by [personal profile] medie, Nick/Cassie (grown), seeing

Ranma 1/2
Quickie by [ profile] ilthit, Akane Tendou/Ukyo Kuonji, hands [ART]

Re: Your Brains - Jonathan Coulton
Beware the Ides by [personal profile] paxpinnae, office romance, pining, embarrassment

Repo! The Genetic Opera
Blind by [ profile] gnosticdiva, Mag/Nathan, blindfolds
Is This Wonderland by [personal profile] macabreromansu, Graverobber/Amber Sweet, [any]

Rizzoli & Isles
Distractions by [personal profile] xdawnfirex, Jane/Maura, comfort

Underneath it All by [personal profile] scoob2222, Maria/Michael, high heels

Royal Pains
SPF70 by [personal profile] lo_sequence, Libby/Tucker, sunblock
Giving by [personal profile] scoob2222, Divya Katdare/Evan Lawson, check-up
Pretty Little Boy by [personal profile] dameange, Hank/Tucker, daddy

Claiming by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Emma Watson/Kate Winslet, MILF
Thinking On Stefani by [ profile] ladyofspring, LadyGaga/Taylor Swift, strap-on, cool
Untitled by [personal profile] bitterfig, Robert Downey Jr./Kiefer Sutherland, one last drink
I'm Your Biggest Fan by [personal profile] lo_sequence, Gillian Anderson/Lady Gaga, I like you
Fashion Put It All On Me by [personal profile] lo_sequence, Gillian Anderson/Lady Gaga, I like you
Want to Talk to Her - She's as Hot as Hell by [personal profile] lo_sequence, Lady Gaga/Gillian Anderson, I like you
Hiatus by [personal profile] annundriel, Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins, mouth
Fashion Forward Pretty Corpses by [personal profile] ponderosa, Robert Downey Jr./Kiefer Sutherland, practice, one last drink
Ottawa, Illinois by [personal profile] jamapanama, Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow, roadtrip
Reflections by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock, time, award, lipstick, comfort, always there
Diva Rule Nr. 16 by [ profile] karlamartinova, Lea Michele/Matthew Morrison, pen pals
Cabinet Confidentiality by [personal profile] sashataakheru, Julia Gillard/Tony Abbott, awkward, cabinet, D/s
the trick is to keep breathing by [personal profile] cherry_lips, Chris Meloni/Mariska Hargitay, reality, lights, sweat, heat
Stolen Moments by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, James Spader/Robert Downey Jr, [any]
Bad Vibrations by [personal profile] solarcat, Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden, patience, stage, surprise, watching
Silent Duet by [personal profile] jassanja, Crystal Bowersox/Lee DeWyze, duet
You're The One I Need by [personal profile] sashataakheru, FtM!Bev Bevan/FtM!Ace Kefford, first time
A Working Lunch by [personal profile] endymionic, Arthur Darvill/Matt Smith, learning lines
Never Dreamed by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Tom Felton/Jason Isaacs, father figure
Ordinary Tweeple by [personal profile] pepper, Richard Dean Anderson/Amanda Tapping, Twitter
Ceasefire by [personal profile] sandrine, Erin Andrews/Maksim Chmerkovskiy, arguing, wall sex

Saving Grace
need by [ profile] lyssie, Grace/Rhetta, history

Scott Pilgrim
Serendipity by [personal profile] fizzyblogic, Wallace/Mobile, psychic

All Over Skin by [personal profile] pre, Shaun/Zach, sharpie, sleepy

Untitled by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Kara/Lois Lane, candlelight
Seeking Answers by [personal profile] catheights, Chloe Sullivan/Tess Mercer, scars
Need You by [personal profile] jammyjar, Lois/Clark, fall, sun
Moments Like These by [ profile] sxymami0909, Oliver/Chloe, deny
And So Eager by [personal profile] sinecure, Chloe/Oliver, want, surprise
Likewise by [personal profile] saavikam77, Lois Lane/Tess Mercer, skirt, arrangement, love/hate
Long Drive Home by [ profile] sxymami0909, Oliver/Chloe, Drive
A Reason for Gloves by [personal profile] tallihensia, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, gloves
Nick of Time by [personal profile] sinecure, Chloe/Lex, hidden
Dragon's Claw by [personal profile] tallihensia, Kara/Lex Luthor, dragon

Sookie Stackhouse novels - Charlaine Harris
Sparking Into Life by [personal profile] sinecure, Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse, possession

Passenger Seat by [personal profile] ladyames, John Cooper/Ben Sherman, pain

St Trinian's (2007)
Passing The Torch by [personal profile] chronolith, Kelly Jones/Annabel Fritton, head girl, torch, MI7, teacher, leader, ribb

Star Trek: Reboot
Leave Them On by [personal profile] melayneseahawk, Jim Kirk/Spock, glasses
Everywhere by [personal profile] sullacat, Kirk/Bones, Enterprise, public, bridge, sickbay
Motives by [personal profile] altilis, Pike/Spock, recruitment, undone
Louder Than Words by [personal profile] sullacat, McCoy/Spock, arguments
Laid back by [personal profile] jouissant, Scotty/Uhura, engine, laughter, metaphor
(don't) look before you by [personal profile] mardia, Nyota Uhura/Leonard McCoy, floor
Untitled by [personal profile] wrabbit, Kirk/McCoy, fantasy, nightmare, bourbon
Warm by [personal profile] burnmybridges, kirk/mccoy/gaila, fun, rain
The Worst Sort of Torture by [personal profile] saavikam77, Spock/Chapel, waiting
Methods by [personal profile] altilis, Kirk/Spock/McCoy/Uhura, nap
do I move you, are you willing? by [personal profile] mardia, Pike/McCoy, submission
Lover And Beloved by [personal profile] tielan, Spock/Uhura, hips

Star Trek: The Next Generation
A Study of Human Sexual Variation by [personal profile] alara, Picard/Q, unexpected, gender-change

Stargate Atlantis
Exposed by [personal profile] bironic, Elizabeth Weir/Stephen Caldwell, humiliation, exhibitionism
A Moment of Madness by [ profile] jansma, Jennifer/Todd the Wraith, freezing, serum, boredom, honor, fearless, geeky
Need to Feel by [ profile] lyssie, Elizabeth/John, balcony, home
The Other Man by [personal profile] tielan, John/Teyla, affair

Stargate SG-1
'Compliance' by [personal profile] annerb, Sam/Jack, disobey
My Ship or Yours? by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Aris Boch/Vala Mal Doran, vessel [ART]
Prelude by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Aris Boch/OFC, wild [ART]
One More New Thing by [personal profile] jdjunkie, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, exposure
Confusion by [personal profile] roeskva, Lantash/Martouf/Samantha Carter, netu, blood of sokar, memories, urges
Despite It All by [personal profile] ladytalon1,Baal/Sam, meaningful [ART]
I'll Show You Mine by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Aris Boch/Vala Mal Doran, negotiate
Lightheaded by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Aris Boch/Vala Mal Doran, sore [ART]
I Win by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Aris Boch/Samantha Carter/Baal, prize
Much Ado About Something by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Ba'al/Samantha Carter, hand device
What happens on the Teltac... by [personal profile] roeskva, Lantash/Martouf/Samantha Carter,teltac,first time
Speak No English by [personal profile] campylobacter, Daniel/Vala, words, forbidden, dangerous, offworld, lick
Retribution by [personal profile] merryk, Daniel/Vala, make-up
Seasons by [personal profile] jdjunkie, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, winter
Capturing Malek by [personal profile] roeskva, Janet Fraiser/Malek, surprise, kiss
Repeat from the Start by [personal profile] abyssinia, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, reborn
Misinformation by [personal profile] spiletta42, Daniel/Vala, experience
Across the Universe by [personal profile] campylobacter, Daniel/Vala, starlight [ART]
Playing the Room by [personal profile] jdjunkie, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, retirement
Push Comes To Shove by [personal profile] sid, Daniel Jackson/Jack O’Neill, push
The Moments You Dream Of by [personal profile] ladytalon1, Baal/Sam/Jack, revenge
Three by [personal profile] campylobacter, Jack/Daniel, retirement [ART]
Stuck by [personal profile] roeskva, Lantash/Martouf/Samantha Carter, elevator
Another Trope on the List by [personal profile] merryk, Daniel/Vala, elevator
Holding On by [personal profile] merryk, Sam/Martouf/Lantash, lust

Stonehenge Apocalpyse
From Another Time by [personal profile] catwalksalone, Jacob/Joseph, betrayal

Sunshine - Robin McKinley
A Kiss To Build A Dream On by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Constantine/Sunshine, kiss

Sunblind by [ profile] jeannedecarnin, Dean/Sam, blindfold, summer, teased, toys
Lead Me Astray by [personal profile] shanaqui, Anna/Castiel, fallen, twincest, AU
Tip of the Tongue by [personal profile] annundriel, Sam/Lucifer, dream, body
The Lesser Known Advantages of Enochian by [personal profile] jibrailis, Dean/Castiel, phone sex
Secret Smile by [personal profile] shadow_of_castiel, Castiel/Gabriel, wings
Inopportune by [personal profile] fragmentedspace, Dean/Castiel, cellphone/phone sex
No Storm Warning by [personal profile] mistyzeo, Sam/Dean, dark, thunderstorm
Covenant by [personal profile] medie, Dean Winchester/girl!Castiel, vessel
Once Burned by [personal profile] shanaqui, Sam/Dean/Jess, fire
The Shadows Fall Behind by [personal profile] thegrrrl2002, Dean/Castiel, night
Withheld by [personal profile] shanaqui, Dean/Castiel, asexual
Popcorn by [personal profile] kaylbunny, Dean/Castiel, movies
Communion by [personal profile] shanaqui, Dean/Castiel, sex pollen
What’s Perfection To You? by [personal profile] lion_heart, John/Mary, heaven, reunion
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by [personal profile] shanaqui, Dean/Castiel, curtains
Braid by [personal profile] sunspot, Anna/Jo, hair
Heaven Holds a Sense of Wonder by [personal profile] moonlettuce, Castiel/Dean, sex pollen
When I Feel That Something by [personal profile] annundriel, Dean/Castiel, handholding
Hot and Wet. by [ profile] sxymami0909, Dean/Jo, alone
Sweet and Spicy by [ profile] sxymami0909, Dean/Jo, Heaven
WHISPER IN THE DARK by [ profile] jeannedecarnin, Lucifer/Michael, apocalypse, blood, brothers, heat, love
Blessed by [personal profile] anaraine, Sam/Jess/Gabriel, Stanford, joyful
Might As Well Enjoy It by [personal profile] m7storyteller, Jo/Lucifer, protect, hell

Swan Lake - Matthew Bourne
Want by [personal profile] 888mph, Prince/Swan, strong

Clothing by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Tarzan/Jane, corsets, gloves, bustle, proper, English

Tarzan (Disney)
Knuckles by [personal profile] kasuchi, Tarzan/Jane, proper, English

Temeraire – Naomi Novik
these golden beacons by [personal profile] mardia, Laurence/Tharkay, warmth

Terminator (movie)
Such A Warm Machine by [personal profile] zouzounaki, John Connor/Kate Connor, dust, wounded

The A-Team (2010)
Interludio by [personal profile] dorky, B.A./Murdock, cook
Apply Some Pressure by [personal profile] dorky, B.A./Murdock, hold, grab
Nights Like This by [personal profile] the_wanlorn, B.A./Murdock, comfort
As Seen On TV by [personal profile] the_wanlorn, B.A./Murdock, wall
Your Everlasting Summer by [personal profile] seren_ccd, Charisa Sosa/Templeton "Face" Peck, phone

The Bacchae
Untitled by [personal profile] wrabbit, Dionysus/Pentheus, bruises

The Big Bang Theory
Experimenting by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Dr Beverly Hofstader/Penny, tequila, experiment
earn yourself some trouble by [personal profile] slybrunette, leslie/penny, blow-job barbie

The Chronicles of Narnia
Morningstar by [personal profile] madkrazyghetto, Peter/Susan, archery practice
Shackles by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Edmund/White Witch, chains, bruises, ice
Just Once by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Peter/Susan, teacups, between, crown

The Dark is Rising - Susan Cooper
Just Like This by [personal profile] shanaqui, Will/Bran, slow
No Resistance by [personal profile] shanaqui, Will/Bran, goodbye

The Legend of Zelda
Untitled by [personal profile] fragmentedspace, Zelda/Shad, gloves [ART]

The Long Walk
Show by [personal profile] prelives, McVries/Stebbins, road

The Losers (2010)
Sweat by [personal profile] cyclops_squid, Jensen/Cougar, sweat
Grown-Up Time by [personal profile] katemonkey, Pooch/Jolene, free time

The Mentalist
Recreating the Whole by [personal profile] aphelant, Cho/Jane, understanding

The O.C.
Precipitate by [personal profile] catwalksalone, Ryan/Seth, rain
No Sleep For The Wicked by [personal profile] paradiseblue, Ryan/Taylor, shower, lingerie
You, Me and Tequilla by [personal profile] paradiseblue, Ryan/Taylor, tequila, comfort

The Outsiders - SE Hinton
Bruises by [personal profile] coneyislandbaby, Dallas/Johnny, bruises

The Pacific
Renegade Dreams by [personal profile] them0rgue, Leckie/Hoosier, smoking

The Princess and the Frog
Birthday Munch by [ profile] ilthit, Charlotte/Tiana, pink [ART]

The Privilege of the Sword
Princely Manners by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Katherine/Artemisia, dashing, prince, roleplay

The Professionals
Unfinished #5 by [personal profile] tears_of_nienna, Bodie/Doyle, reflection, charcoal

The Queen
Untitled by [personal profile] ingridmatthews, Queen Elizabeth II/Tony Blair, protocol

The Sandman
Tangentially by [personal profile] lemposoi, Nada/Nuala, wandering

The Sentinel
Pick Up Your Toys by [personal profile] sid, Blair Sandburg/Jim Ellison, visitor

The Stand - Stephen King
Domestic by [personal profile] lion_heart, Larry/Lucy, table
Untitled by [personal profile] zouzounaki, Frannie/Stu, summer heat

The Tudors
Old Friends by [personal profile] jena, Henry VIII/Charles Brandon, trust

The Virgin Suicides
The Pain of Rotting by [personal profile] hamimi_fk, Cecilia/Lux/Mary/Therese/Bonnie, rotting

The West Wing
Connect the Dots by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, CJ/Donna/Josh/Sam/Toby, glitter
Blank Spaces by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl, Sam/Toby, AU, untitled, mute
Swallow #1 by [personal profile] raedbard, Sam Seaborn/Huck Ziegler, neon

The X-Files
Wise Moves by [personal profile] ingridmatthews, Mulder/Scully, copper
You'll Believe Before The Night Is Out by [personal profile] lion_heart, Mulder/Scully, casefile, inexplicable, stone

Tin Man
Untitled by [personal profile] dameange, Cain/DG, age
Shoot First, Ask Later by [personal profile] eustacia_vye28, Cain/DG, wooing

Med Bay by [personal profile] jassanja, Owen Harper/Gwen Cooper, unapologetic

True Blood
By Proxy by [ profile] waxbean, Pam/Eric/Sookie, biting
When Life Gives You Lemons... by [personal profile] ladyofspring, Tara/Franklin, Rush, Fire In The Blood
Girls on Desks by [personal profile] pre, Jessica/Pam, grass stains, instruction
Another Great Love Story by [personal profile] ladyofspring, Franklin/Tara, creepy, human
Enough to Heal You by [ profile] quiet_rebel, Eric/Sookie, simplicity
Saving by [personal profile] pre, Alcide/Bill/Sookie, unexpected

Twelfth Night – Shakespeare
Fencing Lessons by [ profile] imaginary_golux, Orsino/Viola, fencing

Practice Run by [personal profile] prelives, Alice/Bella/Jasper, pretend
And Dreams Were Made And Used And Wasted by [personal profile] without_wings, Bella/Edward/Jacob, heat

Twin Peaks
Playing with Fire by [personal profile] rusalka_in_waders, Bobby/Shelly, trash
Flashes of Light by [ profile] amatara, Albert Rosenfield/Dale Cooper, woods
Miasma by [ profile] la_onza, Laura/Audrey, perfume

Ugly Betty
Give It All You've Got by [personal profile] d_generate_girl, Betty/Daniel, impatience

V (2009)
Nothing of Consequence by [personal profile] lauriestein, Erica/Hobbes, leather
Untitled by [ profile] eternal_moonie, Erica/Lisa, explanation, lying
Black and White by [personal profile] silver_galaxy, Erica/Father Jack, Forbidden

Second Chance by [personal profile] wildseed, John “Scottie” Ferguson/Judy Barton, control

Warehouse 13
In Which Nothing Smells Like Fudge by [personal profile] ijemanja, Myka/Pete, denial
Trust Building Exercise by [personal profile] anenko, Claudia/Leena, make-up
Fantasy by [personal profile] scoob2222, Pete/Myka, high-heeled shoes

White Collar
Things You Learn at a Girls Night In by [personal profile] dameange, Peter/Neal/Elizabeth, friends, jewelry
Wander for Distraction by [personal profile] waldo, Peter/Neal, comfort, out of town, fingers, waiting, quickie
Honeys, I'm Home by [personal profile] wihluta, Peter/El/Neal, home [ART]

Wicked (musical)
Lace by [personal profile] mushroom, Elphaba/Glinda, any [ART]

Wonder Boys
Writerly Gaze by [personal profile] innie_darling, Terry Crabtree/James Leer, literate, wonder, tongue, pillow, sobriety

Y: The Last Man
Glasses by [ profile] ilthit, Agent 311/Dr Alison Mann, fragile [ART]



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